Novel The Demon King's Seventeenth Wife is Scary [Ch.8&9 is up]

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    Book 1 Chapter 7: The First Meeting of Jinghua and The Demon King
    The next morning, Jinghua woke up way earlier than usual. She was the type that wakes up at the softest noise, which made her wakes up far too early for her liking.

    In other words, Junghua wasn't in a very good mood because she didn't get enough sleep.

    Which explains why the mood and aura surrounding Jinghua's room make both Qingshan and Mi Ling shivering in cold, not even knowing why.

    Jinghua didn't participate in this world's spiritual martial arts that let out spirit Qi but her internal martial arts was more than enough to cause the instinct of men to shivers in fear.

    Jinghua, in terms of strength and stamina, Jinghua wasn't that strong compared to Mi Ling and Qingshan. However, comparing their control over their 'muscles' and Jinghua's control, you can see that her control was far more proficiency and easier. In fact, the control of her internal arts allows her to control her muscle to a degree that will make the modern 25th century Chinese Martial Arts and gymnast professional jaw drops in admiration.

    In her time, the so-called Olympic record was so far on her target that she didn't bother paying attention to it.

    However, here, she was so weak that she didn't even know how to do Spiritual Martia Arts. Well, dude, since she doesn't even know what Spiritual Qi was formed from! She tried it by copying Mi Ling's training method that he teaches their siblings but it wasn't working. She knew it instinctually the first time that she tried.

    What Jinghua didn't know was that it wasn't that she can't participate in Spiritual Martial Arts. It was that something else is preventing her body from gaining the spirits in the air from entering her body. Right, it was the Pearl inside her that was preventing her from gaining Spirits Qi.

    However, Jinghua doesn't care.

    Why? Jinghua doesn't plan on involving with this world's politic community. By that, she means that she doesn't care about political powers. Jinghua doesn't plan on involving people who are involved with politic powerful people. It was a pain in the ass trying to hide your identity afterward so Jinghua just decided to not involved in them. She's fine not being rich in this world.

    She had enough experiences of what being riches did to her in her old life to last her another thousand years... if she lived that long in the first place.

    Well, whatever. For now, Jinghua doesn't care much about anything else asides from the fact that her mood was getting very dark from the noises outside her room. Her sensitive ears don't help her much right now.

    Jinghua doesn't know what is going on in this Inn but the noise was going to make her flips the table out of her room.

    Her mood darkens as the noise got even louder.

    A knock sounded through her room.

    "Hua'er?" Qingshan's voice called.

    "Yes, Big brother?" Jinghua answered, curious as to why her brother was calling her.

    "Can I come in?" He asked, with a somewhat tired voice.

    Jinghua blinks in confusion as she opened the door. In front of the door was Mi Ling and Qingshan, looking very tired but with a somewhat wane look. Did something happen?

    "Hua'er, how's your sleep?" Mi Ling, who noticed the somewhat dark mood around Jinghua asked, with a somewhat worried tone on his cold face.

    "... Not very good." She answered honestly. Her mood wasn't getting any better as her sensitive ears were meet with a countless amount of noises from the dining room, which was a floor directly below theirs.

    The looks in the two brothers' eyes were of curiosity. They wonder what caused their younger sister's mood to be that bad.

    "Ah, right. Please, come in, big brothers," Jinghua opened the door for the two brothers and invited them in.

    Both brothers sit in the guest chairs in the room that was all the way to the wall.

    They both signs out loud with a somewhat tired face.

    It seems like they didn't get much sleep last night.

    "Big brothers?" Jinghua asked, somewhat curious about their visit.

    "Hua'er, there's a big shot that wanted to buy all the snow ferret that we gathered from the kills two nights ago," Mi Ling said as his usually cold face turned solemn with a somewhat tired look in his eyes.

    "..." She looks at her brother. What?

    "Sorry, Hua'er... I know that you wanted to save the furs of the snow ferret to make a set of clothing for yourself... but... this big shot was too powerful for normal people like us to rejects." Mi Ling looks very guilty as he closed his eyes.

    "... huh..." Jinghua didn't care that someone wanted to buy the furs from her but what she doesn't understand was how did that big shot know that she have the furs in the first place? True, she had skinned all the snow ferret off their fur, separating the meats and everything else from the furs the very next day from that night. However, how did that big shot knew that she have it?

    "Big brother, how did that person knew that I have the furs?" Jinghua asked with a tilt of her head, in a somewhat cute way that makes both Mi Ling and Qingshan's brotherly protective instinct shouted out "Very adorable, Hua'er~!". For some reason, both Mi Ling and Qingshan found that ever since a couple of months ago, they were finding Jinghua to be very adorable lately.

    Both brothers don't know what to make of this. They didn't interact with this sister of theirs before so was Jinghua always been like this? Both brothers can't comprehend why Jinghua was so... cute as of late. Is this why Tang Beifeng was so crazy about their sister ever since she was little? Because Tang Beifeng knew that Jinghua was always very cute and adorable?

    Both brothers started to feel hatred toward Tang Beifeng. To think that in a couple of years, when she reaches 16 years old, she would be married to the Tang family. Both brothers don't know why but they don't like that.

    Mi Ling snaps out of his thinking at Jinghua's question.

    "Ah, the snow ferret Xue Qi told him," Mi Ling answered with a sweat drop on his cold face.

    "What happens to Xue Qi?" She noticed that the snow ferret's presence wasn't with her brother.

    "The government is looking after him now since he is a living witness to the... Abyss beast. They need him to guides the immortal that will be coming today toward the location where those Abyss Beasts are. After that, I think that Xue Qi will have to go with the immortal to their sect." Mi Ling answered, not caring at all whatsoever about the snow ferret.

    "... so the big shot wanted to buy the furs..." Jinghua concluded after a couple seconds of silence in the room.

    "Yes. They will come to this Inn today. In fact, in a couple of hours. Which was why all the workers in the Inn are running all over the place trying to clean everything as clean as possible." Mi Ling answer anxiously.

    "Hmm. Then, big brother Mi Ling, you can trade it with them. I don't want to be anywhere near those big shot." Jinghua said as her voice turned timid... of course, this was all an act.

    Both Qingshan and Mi Ling knew that Jinghua was very introverted so they didn't want to make her show herself but this time, they don't have a choice.

    "Sorry, Hua'er... Xue Qi told them that the one that killed all the ferret wasn't me nor Qingshan but it was you so... he was very interested in meeting you." Mi Ling closed his eyes as he internally signs out loud.

    "Huh?" Jinghua stupidly gawked at her brother, before assuming her so-called timid personality of what is to expect from an introvert.

    She hyperventilation from the nervous breakdown. Her acting was so real that it sends her brothers into panics.

    "Hua'er?!" Both Mi Ling and Qingshan's expression turn pale as they heard the hyperventilating from their younger sister.

    Qingshan, the ever doting brother, was more than afraid that his sister might fainted. He didn't know why Jinghua had always hidden her faces away from them but he did know that aside from Tang Beifeng, no one else has ever seen their sister full expression. They didn't even know how their sister's personality got to be like this in the first place.

    Back when she was still only four years old, Qingshan swore that Jinghua wasn't this timid. Truth, Jinghua had always been shy of strangers but she wasn't this timid. Qingshan wondered what caused her personality to turned this way. Was it because of Tang Beifeng? If so, Qingshan was so going to kill that man, regardless of his status as her fiancee.

    Truth, Jinghua and Qingshan's personality are pretty alike but unlike Jinghua who don't even like to meet her own family, Qingshan was quiet but he's a doting brother. He spoils on all his younger sisters so much that he got the nickname "Dotest Brother" in their hometown.

    Jinghua takes a deep breath to calm herself. Since she's already sitting down, she didn't need to act like she's going to faint to scared her brother.

    The room was so quiet that Jinghua can hear the heartbeats of her brothers. Jinghua didn't say anything as she chews her lips in worries and clenches her fist in nervously. Both brothers look at each other in worried.

    "Ahh..." Jinghua sighs out loud, making both her brothers look at her with worry in their eyes.

    "Damn it," Jinghua cussed, surprising her brothers since she had never cussed before.

    Both Qingshan and Mi Ling exchanges look with sweats on their forehead.

    "Hua'er?" Qingshan was getting worries that his sister's going to go crazy from fear of interacting with strangers.

    "Fine... I will... come with you both. But, I won't talk to them so you both will have to talk with them instead," Jinghua said with a somewhat of a pout in her voice, making both brothers sign out loud in relief.

    They nodded. That's fine. They could do the talking.

    A couple of hours later, right after Jinghua passed out the boys their breakfast since they refuse to eat the breakfast that the Inn prepared, Jinghua and Mi Ling were sitting on a table, waiting for the so-called big shot to show up. Qingshan also wanted to wait with them but Mi Ling ordered him to take the kids to the outer city to trains. So, Qingshan left hesitatingly. Leaving Jinghua and Mi Ling to meet with the big shot.

    The workers had brought them their wines and a plate of snacks to go along with the wine but Jinghua didn't even touch the wine since she didn't like it. The taste wasn't refined and it had a very roughed taste to it.

    Mi Ling, however, like it very much. The first jar was free so he didn't let this chance go, after all, Mi Ling was one of the biggest drinkers in their family. However, since they're just a commoner that was a bit better off than everyone else, Mi Ling was sensitive enough to know that he can't waste their hard earned money just because he likes to drink.

    Which was why he's pretty damn happy that he got free wine. Mi Ling slowly savors the wine with a somewhat a happy face. Jinghua didn't know whether she should sigh out loud or should she laugh at him. The wine doesn't even taste that good. The refined taste like raw egg mixed with beer and sugar cane but with a bitter taste.

    It tastes disguisting. Very disguisting.

    Which was why Jinghua's fermenting her own rice wine at home right now at home.

    A commotion from the door draws both Jinghua and Mi Ling's attention.

    The manager of the Inn was being very respectful toward someone that was coming inside.

    "Your Highness, this way please," An old man said with a small smile and slowly walked in a very respectfully way as he guides the guest toward the second floor's dining table, where most of the rich people are. Jinghua didn't even bother looking at them as she continues to slowly savor their snacks dish. The snack was a kind of nuts of some kind that tastes like walnut and peanut at the same time. A weird combination but a great one nevertheless.

    In another world, this snack, Jinghua had never seen it before. It looks like a premature strawberry but tastes like walnut and peanut. She's very interesting in this world's food.

    "Oh my, it was you," A somewhat familiar voices called from behind Jinghua since she was sitting facing away from the door.

    Jinghua turned to see an elderly man in a dark blue robe. Jinghua blinked.

    Why is this old man here? This old man was the one that gave Jinghua the three abnormal universe bags.

    Jinghua blinked with a tilted of her head. Totally staying silence.

    "Hua'er?" Mi Ling asked, somewhat surprised that Jinghua knew this Immortal, because, clearly, that robe was from the Largest Sect in Wuzhi, the Long Wu Sect. The only sect that has interaction with mortals daily since it belongs to the loyal of this very nation.

    How did his little sister get to know someone from the Long Wu Sect?

    "Oh? So, your name is Hua," The old man grinned with a smile that is almost looked insane.

    "..." Jinghua looks at her brother with a look that said, why do you have to call my name?! Mi Ling's cold face sweat drops as he blinked with a somewhat a guilty look in his eyes.

    "Hahahahaha!" The old man laughed out loud with a very happy face. Although, the happiness might be a bit screwed and insane.

    "..." Jinghua ignored the old man. The last time she went against her instinct of living the old man alone, she had to cook for a total of 5 hours worth of food. Although, she totally use the Oldman as her first 'victim' for her food recipes.

    What? Well... it was because Jinghua didn't have anyone to test all the sauces that she made so the old man was her first victim. After all, she didn't want to accidentally poison her own brothers.

    [A/N: ... Don't blame me. This is her personality.]

    "Grandfather? What are you doing? Let's go," A very low and deep voice asked. For some reason, this voice reminded Jinghua of that Korean singer from Immortal Song ... season 2? What was his name again? JK... JK... What was it again? JK Kim? That singer from the 21st century that has that deep voice of his.

    The one that sings that one song called Family Portrait, The one in that one group of a three singer that sings the song Sin and Punishment.... What was his name again? Jinghua tilted her head as her memories traveled backward toward all the songs that she had listened to.

    Ah, Kim Jo Ho. Right. His name was Kim Jo Ho. The only singers from the 21st century that Jinghua can remember.

    The person's voice reminds Jinghua of Kim Jo Ho... Only, Kim Jo Ho's voice doesn't have the menacing feeling in it. And besides, Kim Jo Ho was a singer while the voice behind Jinghua sounded like someone who was used to order people around.

    Speaking of Kim Jo Ho, Jinghua recalled that he was in a band called SG Wannabe, right? Their songs were so popular that it had been remastered and remade a lot of times. Even when the original was converted into a data desk and make a Music Discovery about it.

    Jinghua especially like Sin and Punishment, Lived, Timeless, and a lot other songs from that group. What? Of course, Jinghua can speak Korean. She's fluences in more than 10 languages so she has no trouble understanding Korean.

    This aura, Jinghua was very familiar with it since Shiny had used a lot. The voice of someone that has the power to command.

    Jinghua didn't bother turning around but she can see the shock look in her brother's eyes. What? Is the man that scary?

    Well, whatever. Jinghua wasn't interested in him so she didn't bother turning to see who it was that was behind her.

    "Ah, Yang'er, This is the girl that I told you last week. Come here, she's very interesting." The old man laughed as he grins in that near insane look of his. The interests in the old man's eyes make Mi Ling frown as his eyes turned cold.

    "Grandpa, we don't have time for that. We have an appointment already," The man called Yang'er sigh out loud. However, his eyes land on the sitting girl and raise his eyebrows. There was this distinct aura around the girl that perked his interest a bit.

    Maybe it was because of Jinghua indifference manner or maybe it was because of the aura that he feels from the girl. There was no spiritual qi from the girl at all but for some reason, there was a very sharp yet muted aura of coldness surrounding her that reminded him of his teacher when he's in a very bad mood.

    In a mood that will result in the other party's dead by thousands of lives.

    This was the aura that Changyang had long ago learned to recognize.

    The aura of an ultimate killer.

    Yet, there is no smell of blood on this girl at all.

    All people that had killed before will have a smell of human blood regardless of the time that had passed by. This girl's aura was so distinct but there was no smell...

    Who is this girl?

    "Hey, Hua girl, this is my grandson. His very handsome right? Wanna be his wife?" The old man suddenly asked, causing both Mi Ling and Shangyang to nearly draw their mouth.

    "No," Jinghua answered clearly. Not too loud but not soft either.

    "Eh? You haven't even take a look at him yet. Don't be so fast to reject it," The old man looks like he was pouting. What the hell? How old are you old man?

    Shangyang narrowed his eyes at his grandfather. The chill of spirit qi that Changyang let out raise the goosebumps on Jinghua's neck. She had a feeling that a gun was pointing at her back. However, Jinghua had lived for 20 years of her life living with death itself as an assassin. She long ago learns to accept the death that could come anytime for her so she wasn't afraid of dying.

    Jinghua froze for a split second as her body reacts to the chill but after that, she continues to play with the snack on her plate. However, she can't say the same for Mi Ling.

    The fear and terror in Mi Ling's eyes were as clear as day. Jinghua takes a look at him and nearly sigh out loud. Instead, Jinghua picks one nuts of the snack and throw it to Mi Ling's face, causing him to jerk back to awareness.

    Jinghua tilted her head to the said as she looks at her brother. Mi Ling was still very much shivering in fear but his awareness and the girl in front of him made him slowly come down.

    "Hua'er already engaged." Mi Ling answered as he clenches his fist.

    "Eh? Then cancel it," The old man wave as if it was something like a play needed to be terminated. A vein pop up in Mi Ling's forehead as his eyes turned cold. He glared at the old man but didn't have the strength to do anything else.

    "Old man," Jinghua narrowed her eyes as her body postural turned lethal in a way that makes Mi Ling's eyes widen in fear. And this time, it wasn't because of cold spiritual qi. It was because of the dark distinctive tone from his sister.

    "Even if your grandson is the King of God or the Son of God, I couldn't care less. Now, what exactly do you want?" The coldness from Jinghua caused the old man's pupil to dilated in astonishment.

    When his eyes meet with the coldness and the promise of something far more sinister than anything that he had ever seen before was reflected from her eyes, the old man didn't know how to respond to that.

    Behind Jinghua, the subject of Jinghua's rejection eyes was clearly looking at Jinghua now with even more interest than before. There were surprises in his eyes as he looks at the girl who faces he hasn't even seen.

    Okay, Shangyang really shouldn't be feeling like this. This feeling wasn't a feeling that Shangyang should feel just from this one small meeting. The feeling that a black hole was opening somewhere in his heart and soul, was making Shangyang don't know how to act.

    "Well?" The girl asked again, this time with annoying lacing her voice.

    "..." The old man looks at Jinghua and blinks in awkwardness. He doesn't know how to answer that question himself. If he changes the subjects then it means that he loses to the girl's willpower. However, if he keeps going then he will make Yang'er madder asides from being embarrassed and rejected.

    The old man looks at Shangyang, only to see a strange expression on his face that made alert sounded in his mind.

    "Don't you have an appointment to meet? Why are you still here?" Annoyance was lace into her voice, carrying the weight that was more than enough to snaps both the old man and Shangyang out of their awkwardness. Shangyang blinks as he remembers why he was here in the first place.

    Shangyang was here to catch some Snow Ferret for his brother's 3rd wife, who was now pregnant and will soon give birth. The snow ferret's fur was supposed to make the newborn's cloth this year since there aren't any extra material left in the palace.

    When he got to Snow Mountain, there was no sight of any snow ferret to be found. For a whole 4 days, he and his men search the top of the mountain to the bottom of the mountain for any sight of a snow ferret.

    There was none that can be found.

    Having no choice, he called his grandfather and have the old man searches with himself, after all, it is for his great-grandson after all. No matter how lazy and insane he is, the old man was the previous Emperor of this nation.

    When his grandfather got there, they searched and found traces of fighting between dozens of snow ferrets and traces of Abyss beast. Once they found the trace of the Abyss beast, Shangyang totally forgets about why he was looking for the snow ferret and concentrate on finding it, to kill it once found. It was his responsibility as one of the Princes toward this nation.

    However, all they found were dozens of mutating corpses of other animals and smaller beasts that didn't make it through the mind manipulation from the Abyss Beast. There was no corpse of any Abyss Beasts of any kind to indicate that the beast was dead. Which can only mean that the Abyss beast was getting stronger and stronger as days gone by!

    As each day goes by, the beast will only get stronger while the spiritual beast in this region will only get weaker. This has caused both Shangyang and the old man to concentrated more and more efforts on finding it.

    Yet, the traces of the Abyss vanished into thin air when a couple of hours passed by after the found those corpses.

    Seeing no other opinion left, Shangyang decides to ask the government in this small town for more information concerning disappearing cases of animals and humans alike in this region of the mountain.

    However, fate must have been on their sides as they met face-to-face with one of the Elders of the Snow Ferret that just happen to know human languages and was cultivating in Immortal way alongside with a human who survived the calamity of being chased by an Abyss Beast.

    Imagine his surprise when he learned that they were mere humans who not only survived the chase of the beast but also happens to save the last survival of the Snow Queen Ferret's bloodline. Tao Mi Ling, a mere mortal human who wasn’t even a phase two warrior was able to save a snow ferret that even immortal cultivators of phrase two or three can't do much against.

    However, Shangyang was more impressed with the girl in front of him now than when he was when he first met Tao Qingshan. This girl who was called "Hua'er" by Tao Mi Ling.

    Well damn, this was very interesting. In a way that shouldn't be.

    His instinct and intuition were telling him that this girl was very important...
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    you mean men instead of man right? i doubt two guys are enough for hunting

    when did he meet qingshan?
    isn't it suppose to be mi ling who said hua'er?
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    signs to sighs
    sorry lunnear
    the last quote above, sill confused. when did shangyang meet qingshan?
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    At the Government's office since he have to go there to get more information about the missing snow ferrets in the Snow Mountain. I thought that I implied that pretty okay but I guess not. I will edit it later.
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    I see. Thanks. It was mi ling who talked about the big shot. I didn't think qingshan also went.
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    Nope.Qingshan was watching the kids.
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    Book 1 Chapter 8: Dead? Who is?
    Jinghua had wished that she could just screw the meeting with the Big shot and go back to her room to sleep. Her mood wasn't good. Her lacks of sleep were making her lethargic in both her mood swags and her personality. She feels like a pregnant woman in her mood swags, it is unpredictable as hell. There was no telling what kind of aura she would emit as it changes nearly constantly.

    She really has a hard time keeping up the former Jinghua's personality acting when she's this sleepy. This was proven to be very badly percepts too since a lot of people near her now are very sensitive toward changes. Especially that old man and the man behind her.

    Tao Mi Ling looks at the man behind his little sister's back. Who at the moment, was looking at her with a complicated expression in his eyes, and immediately, a somewhat dread feeling started to emerge from the deep of his heart. The man's expression was totally expressionless, like a block of wood. But his eyes say more than needed.

    He hopes that this man wasn't interested in his sister. With the man's background, there was no way that they can afford to annoy him. Just by looking at the garment that he was wearing, Mi Ling knew right away that this man wasn't someone that they can afford to offend!

    Tao Mi Ling has never seen a garment of that design before, but he can tell that the materials use to make it was expensive.

    The man behind his sister looks way younger than he should be. If judging by his looks alone, Mi Ling would reckon that the man looks like he's a boy, not a man.

    The man looks like he was in his 15th years, not older. However, Tao Mi Ling wasn't so ignorant that he would believe that the man was merely a boy. The aura that he gave out along with his very presence demanded respects and awe! This is the presence of someone who had already experienced what life was like out in the world! There was no way that someone like that would be called a boy!

    Tao Jinghua didn't see the man behind her but judging by her brother's expression, the man must be very young or incredible. She didn't care either way.

    Hmm? What is this? Jinghua turned her head toward the window. Not even knowing when the light outside had already darkened and the wind started to pick up. There were signs of snowing falling down, as the wind blows harder and harder.

    "It's snowing?" Jinghua whispered with a confused voice. Her voice was so small that Tao Mi Ling nearly didn't hear it. However, the old man and the man behind her can hear her clearly. They turned to the window and both their eyes narrowed dangerously as they saw the flash snow.

    This isn't a joke!

    It was now in the middle of the summer! How could it snow? Something must've happened deep in the Mountain Xue for it to snow this far away.

    Mountain Xue from Xue Chengsi wasn't that far away but it wasn't near either. Flying with the Nine Wings Bird was faster than foot traveling and yet, it still took a while. If view in distance using miles, there are more than 250 miles between the two of them.

    Xue Chengsi was called Snow City because of being the nearest city within the velocity of Mountain Xue. Asides from that, it was because the first City Lord was called Xue Fanghua. Other than that, there wasn't much connection.

    This town had never snowed in the summer before. This was the first time. So, it was imaginable that people will panic when situations that never happened before happens.

    "Snow?" Tao Mi Ling was also shocked. He had seen snow before. However, this was the first time that he had seen snow in the summer. And of this color.

    A thought suddenly enters Jinghua's mind. There was no way that this snow is normal. Asides from how it looks, there was another thing that caused Tao Jinghua to tense slightly.

    A thought entered her minds as consequences, causes and effected flashed by. One word inter her mind; The Abyss Beast.

    "Big brother, where are Qingshan and the boys?" Jinghua asked, making Mi Ling jump in realization.

    "Shit!" Mi Ling cussed without a care as he jumped up from his seat and ran toward the door.

    "Hua'er, go back to your room!" He ordered before he vanished with a movement martial arts, the Vanish Step. The only martial arts manual that the Tao family has.

    Jinghua blinked. Well... She hasn’t thought that Tao Mi Ling would be this panic...

    She closed her eyes for a second as she put the snack into her mouth and chew, tasting the after effects that come out from the fruit? Nut? No idea if this was a fruit or a nut. Well, whatever.

    Finishing her snacks, Jinghua stands up from her chair and walk toward her room, totally ignoring the two men behind her. Their eyesight never left the girl as she made her way to her room, even when she totally ignoring them. In fact, she had already forgotten that the old man and his grandson haven't left and was watching her.

    No, that's a lie. She knows that they are still here but she couldn't care less. However, no matter how much she didn't care about the two men, the way that the man called Yang'er was looking at her make her make her back shivers in coldness. Not cold as in fear or intimidated but cold as in heated cold. The kind of cold that made people sweats in heat. The kind that she doesn’t want to know about.

    The heat from his eyes made Tao Jinghua scared for the first time since she comes to this world. The way that he looks at her made her mind numbs. It reminds her of a certain someone. And that caused her heart to ache in a way that makes Tao Jinghua wanted to just stabs it and take it out.

    It would have been less painful that way.

    She didn't want to stay near this man any longer than necessary.

    Both Jinghua and Shangyang haven't even seen each other fully yet and Jinghua had already instinctually decided that she didn't want to be anywhere near the man. She didn't know why either. Neither does Shangyang. Shangyang knew that he was very interested in this girl, who look like she's only 13 years old. He knew that she’s important but to who? Himself?

    For reasons unknown, her very presences made his heart beats with life.

    What is this? What is this feeling? Shangyang wondered as his fist tightened to himself with every step that the girl took away. Each step that she took synch with his heartbeat, making it strangely hurts.

    Just before the girl vanishes from his sight, a blast of cold wind knock the windows opens. Sending lanterns on the ceiling to come down.


    “Look out!” Shangyang vanished from his spot as pulled Jinghua into his arm just as a large lantern drops right where she used to be.

    A sharp electric sensation shoots up Shangyang’s body as he touched Jinghua, sending his heart to a near stop for a second. Shangyang’s eyes widen in that split second, making his body cold and his lips trembled slightly.

    Jinghua didn’t notice the trembling of Shangyang’s body but the old man’s eyesight was far too good to let that passed by. No matter how small that trembles of Shangyang’s body was, the fact was that the spiritual forces coming out of Shangyang’s body at that very moment were caused by this girl, was already enough to cause the Oldman to gasped in shock.

    It wasn’t a small thing either. The amount of spiritual qi that got cast off from his body wasn’t a joke. The old man’s eyes widen in both happiness and hope.

    He had been looking for artifacts all over the world to help his grandson’s body for the past 18 years of his life. Yet, no matter how far he travels to, no matter what kind of forbidden land it was, all he found was useless treasures. He, along with his son and daughter-in-law, have to watch as their brightest and smartest grandchild/child slowly turned into a demon.

    The child’s teacher did all that he could to slow down the intake of spiritual qi that Yang’er involuntarily take into his body but there was only so much that he could do.

    The only two ways to make sure that his body was able to take in all those pureness of spiritual qi was to have exchanges energy from sex and combats. However, that has its own dangerous aspects too.

    The pureness of the spiritual qi from Yang’er was far too pure for a normal human and normal cultivator. Their body cannot handle that amount of pureness. The only one that hadn’t had any problem when sharing and exchanging spiritual qi was Yang’er’s older brother and mother. Even his own father cannot share energy or exchanges it with him.

    Although sharing spiritual qi or exchanging spiritual qi with someone else won't be that dangerous, it was still being something that shouldn’t be constantly in use, especially when it comes to sex. In fact, if done once in a month, it would help both parties with their cultivations progress and stabilize the foundations for their cultivations. However, the thing was that Yang'er's body need to exchange it with once a week at the least, otherwise, the pain that he would feel would be... unimaginable.

    Shangyang was pretty used to pain already but the pain of the soul wasn’t something that anyone could be used to. Especially when the pain from the soul and the pain from the physical body both happens at the same time.

    So, imagine his surprise when he saw that just by touching that little girl, Yang'er's pure spirit qi was repelled from his body out without a consequence. He was so damn happy that he feels like he's going to cry!

    Someone tell him that this isn’t a dream!

    “Thank you, you can let me go now,” Tao Jinghua’s cold voice said with an indifference that it makes Shangyang let go of the girl instinctively. The girl did a small bow in thanks before turning to see what kind of damages the stairs suffered from due to the lantern.

    There was no damage done to the wood at all.

    Tao Jinghua nodded in satisfied that the stairs aren't damaged. She’ll hate to pay for it if the owner thinks it was her fault.

    Tao Jinghua totally ignored the fact that this world, every building such as this inn was built using semi-spiritual woods so it was far more sturdier than concrete. This was a precaution toward fights between cultivators, because, otherwise, such building won’t last a second before it was destroyed.

    Shangyang’s eyes haven’t left the little girl at all. No, that’s not right. It wasn’t that his eyes haven’t left the girl but rather that his eyes can’t leave the girl.

    Already, Shangyang had already started to feel the effect of having liberated a large amount of spiritual qi instantly.

    He feels less heavy, less stressful, and less burden on his soul and body already.

    Just in that one split second, the amount of spiritual qi that he lost that was enough to nearly killed low-grade cultivators, but yet- that girl who has no spiritual qi of any kind actually wasn’t harm at all.

    What the hell?

    While Shangyang and the old man was still shockingly frozen in their spots, Tao Li

    Not caring at all that they were still looking at her, Jinghua left behind the two men as she closed the door to her room.

    Her hands were shaking slightly. She sighs out loud as she clenches her chest.

    Too similar. Too familiar. Their glazes was far too alike.

    They are so similar to the point that Jinghua was afraid to look at the man called Shangyang.

    A name came into her mind and heart instantly; Chen Huafei. A very girly name but was, in fact, a true male.

    An image of a thin, tall, and yet very handsome and firm face appeared in her heart. Hair the colored of platinum blonde, eyes as cold as ice, and an equally expressionless face.

    No- stop thinking about him. Don’t think about him!

    Jinghua clenches her heart as she bites her lips hard enough to bleed.

    “Jinghua, remember that the dead do not come back alive, the soul which has left will never return!” She told herself as she clinches her hand hard enough to bleed. Tears blurred her vision as her memories nearly awaked.

    While this was taking place within her room, the two men from before were already gone.

    “Chang’er,” The old man started only to stop once he seems the looks within his grandson’s eyes.

    “Grandfather... that girl... I know her... I... her soul feels so familiar...” Shang Changyang, whose real name was Shang Yangli, was so lost that he didn’t notice his soul reacting to his mentality.

    They were flying toward the Snow Mountain to stop whatever it was that’s causing the Dark Snow to form. However, with the man’s current mentality, will he be able to fight? The old man worries.

    However, he soon found that his worries were not needed.

    Three hours passed by so fast that Tao Jinghua totally forgot about her lack of sleep.

    Tao Qingshan and Mi Ling came back with everyone presences. However, the dark snow was oddly cold so both Tao Baiyu and Honghui catches a cold. Lucky for them, Tao Jinghua was prepared so they only got sick for a night before they were already better.

    Due to Tao Baiyu and Honghui’s fever, they stay inside the inn for one more night. While that was happening, the City’s people were making plans for war.


    Because of the odd Black Snow. Due to the black snow, hoards of beasts were running away from the Snow Mountain. Or not; it was due to the Abyss Beasts that waves of beasts are running away from their homes.

    So, now, the majority of the families in this city was preparing for war against those beasts.

    Lucky for them, such things as beast hoards happens once every two to three years. So, the majority of the humans in this worlds was already pretty used to this kind of things happening. Although, this belief was for towns and cities that are near to beast’s habitable like the Mountain Snow. After all, Wuzhi Kingdom was already a kingdom full of poisonous beasts- other beast type don’t have much opportunity to live here before they were pretty much snacked on by those poisonous beasts.

    Three days later, after the city went through its beasts hoard- with little to no damage since this hoard was pretty small- Tao Jinghua and the rest of her brothers left Xue Chengsi behind and flew on the Nine Wings Bird and went to the location that was on her elder sister’s letter.

    It was a small forest called the “Purple Blazed Bamboo Mountain”- about 150 miles away from Mountain Xue, to the northwestern. This mountain was famous to both mortal and cultivators alike since the laws of this place put a restriction on cultivators and mortals.

    Purple Blazed Bamboo Mountain was called so because of the large, thick, and abnormally fire-glazing looking bamboo forest. This mountain was known to be the only mountain that have successfully planted herbs that both cultivators and mortals needs; The Morning Dew Mysterious Grass, Overlord Fire Branch, Nine-Yang Scarlet Bamboo, Hundred- Years Red Ginseng, Snow Wolfberry, Rising Sun Mayfire Grass, Maiden’s Fragrance Fruits, and Spirit Grass.

    According to Tao Suyi’s letter, all of these herbs were needed to make a Body Tempering Pills. She said that the woman whom control this region was looking for a mortal girl who knows how to created porcelain chest for storing the herbs listed above. However, she must be under 13 years old, must be a virgin, and must have a Yin-Body constitution type.

    Tao Jinghua doesn’t have a Yin-Body Constitution type but she wasn’t looking for such opportunity anyway. She was here because this town has a Mechanic Guild. And because she was bored and wanted to learn more about this world.

    A Rank 1 Mechanic Master. His name was Jin He. He was sister Tao Suyi’s subordinate. Tao Suyi left something for Tao Jinghua with Jin He.

    This was the real reason why Jinghua wanted to come here. According to her knowledge of her sister- it seems like the older woman left behind a lot of books for them before she went on her seclusion.

    It was also likely that this action of hers was the equivalent of exchanges +for her action of leaving the Tao Family behind. After all- she’s going to be a immortal cultivator and immortal cultivators lives a long life. Who knows if the Tao family would still be existing a hundred more years. Which was why she wanted to forms and train the foundation of the family even more with those things that she left for her.

    Out of all the girls and boys in the family, Tao Suyi doted on her the most. Although, that might be because they have the same mother.

    Regardless of the reason, Tao Suyi had trusted the future of the Tao Family to Jinghua- at least this was until Jinghua got engaged to Tang Beifeng.

    So, Jinghua’s here to get the things that Suyi left behind for the family. While she’s here, she’s also experiencing this world for the first times and learning things about this cultivation world that she’s currently living in.

    When they met with Jin He, the man was very respectful toward them.

    Reading both this man’s intention and his eyes, Jinghua knew right away that this man wasn’t one of those two-faces man out there in the cultivation world. Maybe it was because in the 25th Century, it was just the beginning of the Martial Arts Information Age- but there was a lot of information and sources for Jinghua to study and trains in.

    There was one Arts that Jinghua specialized in; Intentions Arts.

    Or better known as “Heart, Soul, and Spiritual Intention Arts of Humans.”

    In this Arts, more like Skills, Jinghua had trained both her mentality sensitivity and her Sensing sensitivity towards such thing as men’s and women’s intention to the point that her Grandmasters had chosen for her to interact with the normal human society. Something that was never heard of for an assassin her grade.

    Why? To train her reaction, interactions, and mentality towards human intentions. She even went to Middle School, High School, and College just to trains those Skills of hers.

    So, you can say that her ability in reading human’s mind and intention was top notch.

    Which was why she knew right away that this cultivator named Jin He was a pure-man. As in pure in intention, pure in feelings, and pure in body.

    A virgin.

    A 50 years old virgin. Whom have no intention for ever getting out of his virginity status.

    “Young Lady and Young Masters, please, this way,” the old man- who doesn’t even look like it, lead them away toward a two story house to the west of Purple Blazed Town.

    Purple Blazed Town was the town closest to the Purple Blazed Bamboo Forest. It was the only town that the woman who control this region of the world had allowed men to enter. Passed this town, no men could enter without permission- of course, unless the so call man himself doesn’t want his family jewels anymore.

    The house that Jin He lead them to was a normal family size courtyard house with a small pond in the middle of the yard and a couple flower brushes.

    He lead them to the quest-hall as he served us tea while we waited. It seems like this guy doesn’t even have a maid to help him out. Weird but acceptable.

    The boys were curious but they all knew that they shouldn’t be naughty so they behave themselves. They talks in low voices as they brainstorms on what kind of things does Suyi left for Jinghua.

    Ten minutes later, he came back with 12 Universe Bags.

    Only, this kind of bags was different from the ones that they are used to.

    It was made with purple colored fabrics that have gold threads stitches to form some kind of talisman on it.

    Just by the appearance of the Universe Bags, anyone could tell that it wasn’t a simple bags.

    And Jinghua was proven right again.

    Turns out that these bags was called Primal Universal Bags- not just universe bag. Each Primal Universal Bags cost 5 Mid-Tier Jingshi- that’s about 5000 Low-Grade Jingshi right there. Enough to fee a mid-sizes clan of cultivator for five months at least.

    This caused Jinghua to be suspicious. Where did Tao Suyi get all the money to buy these bags from? Or does she made it herself?

    Within these bags were 50 million mortal Gold Coins, 200 Low Grade Jingshi Stone, and 300 Foundation level manuals for bodybuilding, swordsplay, spear arts, and other weapons arts. All of these resources was enough for a rich young master to live his whole life care freely. And yet, Tao Suyi gave them to Jinghua? If Jinghua doesn’t suspected Tao Suyi’s intention then she’s a moron. And Tao Jinghua was not a moron.

    Even though all of these were all low level at the grade of a 1, they were still all priceless treasure for the Tao Family.

    With these much items from Suyi, Jinghua knew right away that something was going to happen to her. Or did it happened already?

    Just what was Tao Suyi’s plans?

    Jinghua’s eyes gleamer underneath her bang, as her mind went through a hundred different kind of reasons, causes and effects, details and suspicious that she could think of.

    No matter what happen, Jinghua was going to be calm about this. Her sister trusted her with these items for a reason, she wasn’t going to make her hard work turns to nothing due to Jinghua’s own action.

    “Young Lady, Master told me to give these bags to you and also inform you that in the Gold-Purple bag, there is a book on Alchemy for you to study on. She hope that with this book, you won’t be bored.” Jin He said with a small smile on his face.

    Jinghua could hear this man’s heart beats and understand why he was secretly shocked at his master’s action toward her mortal family.

    Jinghua nodded her heads while Qingshan and Mi Ling was secretly shocked at her actions. They don’t know what happen or what was inside these bags, but they were shocked that Suyi had left Jinghua an Alchemy Book.

    After all, an alchemy book of low level would already cost more than ten thousand gold coins- something which the Tao Family cannot afford.

    Everyone from the Tao family was so shocked that they didn’t even notice how they left Jin He’s house or how they made it to the inn for the rest of the day.

    When they left that night, they had brought three Talisman for the Nine-Wings Bird.

    It costed 3 Gold Coin each but it was worth it. Because with the materials on Jinghua right now, no one wanted to risk anything so they secured their traveling safely first and foremost.

    The Talisman was a speed flight Talisman for Bird Creature like the Nine-Wings Bird. Increasing the speeds which the bird can travel by 500%, making the distance that they had covered within three days into a 3 hours traveling. The speed was so fast that Jinghua couldn’t even see anything, just a blurred of things for 3 whole hours. While Jinghua was slightly sulking because she couldn’t see anything passed by, all the boys were so intense that their bodies postures look even more awkward than a newborn deer.

    When they finally stopped to rest at Xue Chengsi, all the boys were so grateful that they kissed the earth underneath their feets. All Mi Ling and Qingshan did was shakes their heads with fond smiles before they left to bring buy some presents and gifts for the people at home.

    Jinghua brought a lot of fabric brocades and all sorts of materials for making and creating different kind of accessory, along with books on Pottery techniques for everyone at home. The boys brought weapons, armours, and talisman protection for everyone.

    Jinghua pretended that she didn’t see Qingshan and Mi Ling buying a lot of cooking wares and different kind of ingredients, even seeds.

    With the money that Suyi give Jinghua, she gave the boys three gold coins each to buy whatever they wanted. In the end, Tengyu was the only person to have brought a lot of leather.

    “Teng’er, why are you buying so much leather for?” Tao Jinghua asked, curiously at her younger brother.

    The so called brother blushed bright red as he stretches his cheeks nervously. “Big-sis, I want you to help me make a set of clothes for me....” He said as he look down on his feet, his whole body radiated nervousness. Jinghua had to blinked her eyes a couple of times in surprised before nodding.

    “Sure, however, you have to get to the Martial Artist Tier 3 first before I make you a set of clothes,” Jinghua said with a glim in her eyes. The boy’s eyes widen as he look at his sister.

    “Okay! It's a promise!” Tengyu shouted excitedly as he skipped toward Qingshan. Mi Ling and Qingshan both rolled their eyes at the boy’s tacit. So easy to read.

    They rest for two hours before going back to their little home town, Xichang Town.

    On the way, the bird’s speed was slow down due to the Talisman running out of spiritual energy, making it easier for Jinghua to notice something that she had missed before.

    As they got nearer and nearer toward Xichang Town, all of them notice signs of battle. With the height that this bird can travel at, they couldn’t even see anything from the ground. However, the smell of blood that was carried by the wind wasn’t that easy to dismissed for Jinghua.

    Jinghua’s expression was unchanged but her eyes was already gleaming with lights in them.

    “Lil’Nine, go closer to the ground,” Jinghua suddenly instructed the bird, causing the bird to cry out loud in reply.
    Mi Ling and Qingshan looks at her questionably but she ignored their looks as she foc on what was going on in the ground.

    Bodies of large beasts was literally loitering all over the forests. Trees were burning, freezing, wet with water and some even bear no leaves at all for no reason. The earth cracked in odd places. Jinghua’s vision was not normal. She can see far more better than normal people but she wasn’t an immortal cultivator. Once the distance between the sky and the earth lessen enough, both Mi Ling and Qingshan was so shocked that their body literally freeze in fear.

    Jinghua ignored them for now as the Nine-Wings Bird got closer to the ground.

    She could see a lot more smaller beast still fighting. Jinghua took out her bows and arrows. She silently and steadily smeared poison to the tips of the arrows before knocking them to her bows.

    Within a split second, five piercings arrows flies out of her hand towards the beasts that was on the ground. Even though the poison doesn’t have much effects against poisonous beasts, it still slow down the beasts enough that the cultivators who was fighting them had a chances to critically injured them or even killed them.

    With Jinghua’s helping from the sky, the cultivators who were fighting against the beast on ground had some times to breathe. Mi Ling and Qingshan wasn’t normal either as they both come back to their senses earlier than normal. Their helps with distracting beasts by sending killing intend at a critical moment distracted the beasts enough to injuries any cultivators.

    As times slowly passed by, the small beasts slowly stopped showing up as more and more was killed. Once Jinghua judges that the cultivators won’t die from overwhelming beasts waves, she told the Nine-Wings birds to go nearer to their hometown.

    It was not a pretty sight that they see upon coming closer.

    The wall surrounding Xichang town was literally ruined. Cracks were all over the places. Some places doesn’t even have any rocks to tells them that this was once a wall.

    Jinghua’s eyes dimmed with a chilling lights within. Mi Ling didn’t even wait for Jinghua’s instructions when he commanded the bird to go straight toward their house.

    Luckily, only the store was wracked. Their house was safe and sounded. Everyone was safe- if not mentally scared. Her mothers and father was so worried about them that they cries literally when they seen them.

    “My babies!” Both Jinghua’s mother and her stepmothers ran toward the boys as they hugs each and everyone of them with a hold that could crack bones. Jinghua steps back slightly so that she wasn’t in their direct sight. As the results, both Mi Ling and Qingshan was hug until their faces pale and turned green.

    If Jinghua used her assassin abilities to hide her presence for a while longer because of this than no one can blamed her.

    Two hours later, Jinghua found out that due to the Abyss Beast driving out all the beast in Mountain Xue, the surrounding regions was also affected too. As the results, clans and sects all over the country sends their students and members to help out. Luckily for Xichang town, it wasn’t in the direct path of the beast hoards so only the wall and couple of building were destroyed.

    The amount of mortals that die could be could on one hand this times around, unlike every other times that a beast hoard happens.

    “Tao Jinghua! Tao Jinghua! Are you in there! Please! Please! Open the door!” Suddenly, a piecing yelled from outside the Tao Family home yelled out. The door was bangs on loudly and a presence of a normal person was right outside.

    As sudden as the presence was, a bad feeling surface within Jinghua’s heart.

    Her eyes gleamed darkly. Because that voice, it was the voice of Tang Beifeng’s second wife, Liu Ying.

    The maid that has been behind her father went to opened the door. Stumble in was a young girl about 16 years old with bloody outfit and teary eyes filled with heartache, disbelief and a looked near insane in her eyes.

    “Ying’er?” Jinghua asked the second wife’s of Tang Beifeng, feeling slightly confused.

    Once she seen Tao Jinghua, Liu Ying broke into tears and throw herself into Jinghua’s arms. Her body shakes as grief clouded her faces and she cries her eyes and heart out.

    “Hua’er, Hua’er... Beifeng.... Beifeng is.... Waaaaa,” She cries as her words started to not make any senses.

    “Ying’er, calm down. Why are you crying? Where Mei’er and Beifeng? Why aren’t they with you?” Jinghua asked as she patted the older girls in her arms.

    At that question, the girl cries even more harder as she collapsed to the ground. “Wuuuwuu, Hua’er, wuwuwu. They-they’re dead!” She cries out loud as her voice shook with emotions and her facial expression turned near insane.

    Jinghua blinked her eyes for a couple seconds as she let the words enter her mind.

    What? Did I just heard that Tang Beifeng was dead?

    “Ying’er... what... what did you said?” Jinghua’s expression was completely expressionless and her voice was completely calm but for some reason, everyone’s eyes widen as they look at Jinghua with a worried expression.

    “Dead! His dead! Sister Mei’er is dead too! Everyone is dead!” The girl shouted out with her eyes in fear and a look of near insanity enter her face.

    “W-wait, Liu Ying, what do you mean by that?” Mi Ling asked with a pale face as he put his hand behind Jinghua to steady her, just in case.

    “B-beast, a pitch black beast- it kills everyone!” Liu Ying’s hands was holding onto Jinghua like its her lifeline as she shivered in fear and her eyes deluded in fright.

    Jinghua’s knees give out- due to disappointment and from Liu Ying’s hold, causing both girls to collapsed into the ground. While she was at it, Jinghua faked fainted, too.

    “Hua’er!” Both Liu Ying and Mi Ling called out as they tried to prevent her head from hitting the floor. The floor was a stone floor, so they did anything to prevent Jinghua’s head from hitting the floor.

    The situation turns instantly chaotic but for some reason, Jinghua feels someone or something watching her every move. She can’t tell where or which direction it was from but with her sensitivity at her current range, she could tell that whoever it was, it was very curious about her.

    And she had a feeling that whoever this being is, it wasn’t a beast nor a human.

    So, something else got interested in her?

    First, her so-called Fiancé was dead. Now, something or whatever it was- was looking and watching her?

    What the hell was going on?

    Something does not feel right.

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    Book One Chapter 9: The Weiqi Grandmaster Who Reign the World of Assassin

    Tao Jinghua was the youngest person to had ever been granted the title “Airless Grandmaster” by all of those that knew her. Her teachers, which was a lot, all acknowledge that their experiences can’t be compared to her when it comes to things that she found interesting in.

    Acting, singing, cooking, anything- if she found it interesting, she would use 100% plus 50% of her efforts to learn, knows, trains, practices, and use it as a killing technique.

    There was that one time that she went into the Intertainment industrial to kill a “pervert” old man who has a lot of influences in the entertainment-industrial and the politic world.

    She went in as a young orphan girl who came from a small village to the south of China. At first, Jinghua had made the plan to go in as a temp worker- but, a well-known male actor at that time seen how Jinghua acted one time and he pulled her into his circle so fast that everyone thoughted that she was his lover or daughter.

    Jinghua was only 12 years old then but she was pretty tall for girls her age- and very mature too. So, everyone thoughted that the male actor, Wei Xing, was a big pervert who was eying her- only to found out that the male actor was gay and was already married to his childhood friend- privately, of course. So, it was impossible that Jinghua was his kid, much less his lover.

    The drama that they were filming at that time was a Historical-Mixed Time Traveling-Modern time action drama full of drama, dog-eat-dog themes, love, sacrifices, and a lot of martial artist killing each other for an object called the Pearl of Pandora.

    One of the main characters was played by Wei Xing, going by the nickname A’Xie. Jinghua’s character was a character that was added to the list because of the Screenwriter’s new motivation. Once the producer, the screenwriter, and the sore sponsor see Jinghua, they agree to the add-on with no problem. They even paid her way more than they should. Yet, no one complained at all.

    Why? Because at that time, Jinghua had just come out from the Forest of Death with 50 other kids and her aura was... deadly. So, the role that she got was an Immortal-Cultivator Assassin who control the Realm of the Dead, only to die from over-eating poison, and reincarnated as the sister of the main character- Wei Xing’s A’Xie.

    That film was very interesting- because the creator actually researches proper materials before-hand. So, Jinghua was actually interested in acting in that film. Which was why- by the end of the first week- no one could tell that Jinghua has never actually acted before.

    It was to the point that the producers search for her still even after she had completed her mission and killed that ‘old’ pervert. Using his own bad habit, of course.

    If even the director of the Top Five Films in the World couldn’t tell that Jinghua was acting, what chances that people of this world would be able to tell?



    Not even the being that was watching Jinghua notices that she was faking it.

    When Jinghua had fainted, the only thing that she left behind to shows that she’s hurting was a drop of tears.

    In red.

    A pure drop of blood tear.

    Her face was totally expressionless but the drop of blood on her face caused everyone to pale rapidly.

    “Blood tear!” Mi Ling hissed out as he picked up Tao Jinghua softly and took her back into the house. Everyone rapidly followed behind her as their faces pale in worries.

    Anyone in this world knew that anything that has to do with blood essence was not a joke.

    For Tao Jinghua to cries tears of blood was the same as suicide in their mind. After all, they are only mortals, they aren’t immortal practitioners who could recover from things like losing their blood essence.

    Lossing a drop of blood essence was pretty much the same as killing them for mortals.

    Unknowingly, when Tao Mi Ling moved Jinghua away, a drop of her blood essence from her tears dropped to the floor, causing the being that was watching her to twitches in a rare show of aggressiveness.

    Dark pitch-black animal of some kind appeared right where the drop of blood from Tao Jinghua was at. It sniffed at the drop of blood and tilted its head slightly to the side.

    “That girl... was a human girl, right? Why does her soul smell different?” The being asked softly with a voice like that of a small bird. It seems like a woman’s voice but it could also be a male.

    He licked the drop of blood from the floor and suddenly freeze... His eyes was wide opened and suddenly, his figure started to condense into an even more smaller shape. Before it could even make a sound, it has already vanished from its spot.

    Back in the house, Jinghua was pale and unconscious- or so it seem. Liu Ying was right beside her holding her hands and crying softly.

    Jinghua’s mother was also right beside her, and the room which she was in was already fully packed. Her sisters, brothers, stepmothers, and even the servants were peeping out from the door.

    Once her father explains to them why their little/big sister was in this state, they all solemnly sit in their chairs and clenches their hands together as if praying for her recovery. Every one of their intentions was with good will. Even the servants were all solemnly clenching their teeth as they work. It was a miracle that they didn’t make a mistake while working when they are all worried about their 29th young lady.

    As each day passed by, the towns quiet down from the invasion of the beast and people started to repairs what needs to repairs, build what needs to be rebuilt, and before they knew it, Jinghua actually fall asleep for real.

    She didn’t know when she actually feels asleep for real when she was just faking it. But- she truly did fell asleep without noticing.

    When she noticed it, she was in a space filled with fogs and pitch black trees. Trees that have left in the color of darkness, it’s trunks are black, everything was black all the way to the soil.

    Tao Jinghua looks around and notices right away that this place was a dream landscape.

    ‘Weird, why does this place seem similar to my dreamscape before meeting him?’ Jinghua asked herself.

    “This ain’t your dreamscape, girl,” A young and yet annoyed voice called out from behind her. Jinghua nearly twitches when she heard that voice but because of the lack of presence and ill-intention, she didn’t back-knee the guy-because clearly it was a male- in the stomach. Or worse, his family jewel.

    “Who are you?” Jinghua asked.

    “... The Nether Realm’s 12 Wings Watcher, Ming Ming Ming.”

    ... Oi, what kind of name was that? Ming from Destiny, Rank, and Bright? {明命名}... This guys' name was very Ming... alright.

    And what is with the Nether Realm’s 12 Wings Watcher?

    “...” Jinghua didn’t answer man, who looked like he just swallowed a lemon. Hmm? Don’t tell me...

    “Why are you here?” Jinghua asked with a glint in her eyes. An idea was already forming in her mind.

    “My soul got sealed in here because I licked your blood essence,” The man answered honestly before his eyes widen and he started to curse as he kicked the ground in irritation. A thick tick marked appeared on his forehead.

    ...Ah- I see. He can’t lie to me when I asked him a question.

    Still, where are we?

    “Where am I?”

    “My Soulscape,”



    Twenty minutes later, Jinghua has asked more than 50 questions which the man, who was now being nicknamed [MingMing], had to answer it all. He even has to explain things that he shouldn’t be explaining due to the nature of such a thing.

    MingMing looked so haggle and tired out but his mouth was speaking nonstop; as long as Jinghua asked him a question that he knew the answer to or have a inkling of, his mouth would automatically answer back. Secrets that he would take to his grave was literally given out without any hesitation whatsoever. By the time that he finished his answered, his awareness would catch up to him and he would once again start to cursed.

    Turns out that Ming Ming was a large Nether Bird- or what this world would call the Nine Hell Nether Blazed Bird. He was the previous Emperor of Nether’s soul partner before they went their separate way. However, as of now, he’s the servant of Jinghua... or Soul Puppet; since MingMing was just a soul now. He had died long ago, way before this continent was even established.

    Jinghua had MingMing draw out the map of this whole world to her and... to her surprise, it was very huge.

    The World of the Dragon’s Gate has three different realms. The Human Realm, the Nether Realm, and the Sacred Realm.

    In this human realms, asides from the Dragon Tails Continent, there’s still the Dragon Head Continent, Dragon Horn Continent, Dragon Ears Continent, Dragon Eyes Continent, Dragon Wings Continent, Dragon Toes Continent, and all kind of Dragon anatomy Continents. Literally, this world was created from the body of an Ancient 9 Elements Dragons that was Nine Million Years old.

    First, the world was created as a ball of chaos. Then, the Creator divided all the elements into their individual elements, and each element give births to billions of ancients creatures. The creatures then turned into what we today know as Mountain, Land, Sea, Lake, etc.etc.

    This Continent was called the Dragon Tails continent because it literally was formed from one the tails of the dragons. Histories hinted that underneath this continent, there’s another continent underneath due to the other tails of the Dragon. What? This whole continent was created from only ONE tail, okay? What happens to the other 98 tails?

    The Nether Realms was created from the Sentiments and bones of the Dragons- all of the feelings and emotions that it has- especially Wrath and Hatred- was used to create the Nether Realm.

    While the Sacred Realm was created from the Soul and Dreamscape of the Dragon. This was why, humans believed that once you died, your soul would either go to Hell or Heaven.

    So far in history, there has been Five Historical Events that had shapes the world to what it is today. The First one was when this world was first created within the Dimension of this Reality. The Second one was when the Nether Realm, the Sacred Realm, and Human Realm first Separated. The Third Historical Events was when this Human Realm’s Dimension got its conscious- meaning that the world itself has awakened to the power of Spiritual and Magic.

    The Dragon Tails Continent was one of the top 50 Continents in the Human Realm. Out of the known 99 Realms, the Dragon Tails Continent placed in the top 20 at rank 16. This was because this continent was literally the 16 piece of the whole body.

    Ming Ming was one of the Descendent of that Dragon- the 999 Lives Dragon- who has lived for 9 Million Years before it was killed and refined into this world.

    As a matter of fact- he just happened to be the youngest great-grandson of that dragon. He has lived for 3 million years already and already has more than 10 children. So, when he died from overestimating himself, his soul was drawn to the Human world.

    In other words, he was the reason why the Abyss Beast came to the human world earlier than usual. They were looking for him. Well, for his soul, to be more specific. After all, in their world, the Abyss Beast was nothing more than ants. Whenever some beings with the Royal Family bloodline passed away, the ones that suffered the most are those Abyss Beast since they feed on the spiritual qi from the Royal Family bloodline. With one of the Dragon Royal Family Bloodline dying, and his soul nowhere to be found, you can say that this was literally a existence crisis for them. The Abyss Beasts don’t have a choice but to come to the Mortal Realm to search for his soul.

    And yet, the so-called soul that they are searching desperately for was now the servant of a human girl who wasn’t even a practitioner.

    Yeah- talk about ironic or fuck-over.

    MingMing was so depressed that he has no control over himself. He literally was a puppet now. Any wills that he has was easily collapsible when Jinghua opened her mouth. He can’t even have any intention of harming hers- much less act on it.

    In other words, he was totally a puppet. He can joke and threatened her all he wants but once he actually has any ill intention toward this human girl, his very soul feels like it has been cut into billions of pieces and each piece was going through fires quenching. He felt like he was being cooked alive from the deep of his soul.

    So, whatever it was that he does, Jinghua would always knows right away.

    This dreamscape that they are currently in was MingMing's dreamscape. However, after about 10 minutes of questioning MingMing, the dreamscape changed from a foggy cemetery into a paradise of heaven. With each question that was asked, something would change within the dreamscape.

    The surrounding area of 100 km. around them has already changed into something else.

    The pitch black earth stays the same but there was a feeling of ... something else within it. The trees have already changed from barrenly looking into the large forest looking kind of trees. The leaves on the trees were so thick that it was more like a stack of leaves instead of just one individual leaf.

    A large pond of Red and Purple Lotus was formed from the middle of nowhere. As suddenly as the pond was formed, a very tall- 49 level- pagoda was suddenly revealed surfacing from the pond, causing waves of waters to surge up. Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, white, and all sorts of trees- crystal trees- started to grows surrounding the 49 Level Pagoda. Just the 49 level pagoda itself was large enough to house a whole mid-size town.

    Flowers that Jinghua has never seen before started to appear and animals that are straight out of fairy tales and fantasy started to appear one after another on those crystals trees.

    A pair of foxes with 12 tails, three blue eyes, and two horns appeared next to the pagoda. They looks straight at Jinghua and bows in servitude.

    A couple fish-like-mermaid creatures with two tails and four large horn that glows appeared from the lotus pond. They too took one look at Jinghua and it too bows low in servitude.

    A horse- no, that’s a unicorn, isn’t it- although, it looks completely different from what a fantasy unicorn should look like. Hmm? Don’t tell me that’s a Qilin. Well- It might be a Qilin rather than a unicorn; three long flame tails, four long horns, and its body was completely white. Everything- except for the eyes which was pure purple- was white. The horn was not straight- no, it was like a tree branch as it breaches out from the base of the horn and outward, wistfully. Truthfully, the horns look like thunder... Ah- don’t tell me, this is ... A Thunder Qilin?

    A large turtle- what the fuck?! Jinghua’s eyes started to twitch once the shape of the turtle came out- a large gigantic turtle beast that has three horns on its heads- yes- HEADS- it has three HEADS, each. The shapes of the shield were greenish blue- Azure colour and it looks like it was made or created out of gems or some kind of green metals. Hell, Jinghua even doubts that it might actually be some kind of green metal. It was about 1500 meters tall and could have weight more than 60,000,000 tons. It could host a whole fucking damn city! The damn beast took one look at Jinghua and it... starts crying... literally.

    “Mama~!” It whines tearfully as its hands' shields over its three pairs of eyes... What the hell, Jinghua just notice that it has more than just a pair of hands... If both MingMing and Jinghua jump in fright when that voice entered their minds than no-one can call them weakling.

    Such a huge beast but what a cry-baby...

    If that wasn’t enough, more and more even gigantic-er beasts started to appears.

    ... What the hell? Jinghua’s head was start to hurts because some of these beasts that came out of the Lotus Pond looks like it came straight out from “Toriko’s World”; just with a twist of gaming elements and a lot of radiation coloring.

    Although, some looks like they are suffering from a very long time of illness and malnourishment. Jinghua can feel something deep within her twist uncomfortably when she sees the near-dead appearance of those wane looking beast.

    Without caring whatsoever, she started to walk toward one of those wane looking beasts. For some reason, she knew that she would be safe in this world- or dimension or whatever this place is- because clearly, this wasn’t MingMing’s Dreamscape anymore. When she got to a horse creature that looks like it got its spot from a leopard, the creature’s eyes widen in surprise, happiness, delightfulness, and something else in its soul appeared within his eyes. The horse-like creature’s eyes started to shine like it wanted to cry but its pride and personality stopped it. Still, it lowers its head toward Jinghua happily.

    Jinghua’s hand automatically went to pet the horse creature and suddenly, she knew what this creature is.

    A Dark Phantom Fire Horse from the bloodline of the Heracles Phantom Beast. This child was an immortal beast. Born from the bloodline of a Heaven Spear Qilin and the Dragon that this World was created from. This Immortal Qilin has the ability of his father and mother- making it possible for him to stay alive anywhere possible- even in an empty space.

    Suddenly, a memoried appeared from the deep of Jinghua’s soul. It was the memory and understanding of how she met this Immortal Qilin.

    Its name was Hong Fenglong; Rainbow Phoenix Dragon- a very mighty name. This was the name that Jinghua gave him.

    However, it has been a very long time already since they last seen each other. Jinghua doesn’t know how that was possible but it seems like her previous life before she was Tao Jinghua, she was some kind of Goddess... And this baby Dark Phantom Fire Horse was one of her pets.

    Her heads hurt.... From the memories and from something else.

    Sweats started to appear on her forehead as her whole body started to gleam with something.

    “Master!” Hong Fenglong’s voice was that of a young boy, but its majesty was not lost.

    “Mama!” The gigantic turtle from before, whose name was Gui LingYing- with the meaning of Tortoise Spirit Baby- cried out loud as he attempts to come over. But, whatever he does, it wasn’t possible. Something divine and unearthly was keeping him in place above the lotus pond water.

    All of the other beasts also started to tense aggressively as they started to fight against whatever it was that was forcing them in place.

    “I’m fine, stop moving. You guys are starting to hurt my head even more.” Jinghua said as MingMing helped her up. Hong Fenglong poke out his tongue- which he had condensed it into spirit form so that its clean of saliva- and licked Jinghua’s forehead sweat off. All of the beasts stop their aggressiveness as they breathe out in relief once they seen that their master was safe and unharmed.

    Their breath of relief causes more than tens of storms and tornado to form within the space of the dreamscape. Oddly enough, the dreamscape space was only getting larger and larger. So, even if all of those beasts started to come out of the lotus pond, Jinghua still didn’t know how that was possible or what that pond was called, it wasn’t crowded at all. Just slightly overwhelming large.

    Very Overwhelming Large.

    “Master, your heads are starting to hurts because your human body cannot hold on to the large amounts of memories that are starting to awake from your soul due to the Pearl World Gem. You will have to wake up in the real world soon or you will really die,” Hong Fenglong’s voice was filled with reluctance but there was also determination within too.

    Jinghua’s eyebrows twitch as she messages her forehead in pain. She nodded her head as started to breathe out in a pattern. Her headaches start to lessen slightly but for some reason, her normal breathing technique wasn’t working really well.

    “Master... Please hold on for a second.” Hong Fenglong turned to one of the large beast, a gigantic Firebirds creature that was not one bit lessen mystic comparing to a phoenix, called Tian Feifei. The Firebird in purple fires blaze, Tian Feifei, look at Jinghua with a tendered mothering looks in her eyes.

    Her glace was deep and mystery but it was kind and sincere. One of her feathers started to shine as it separated from her forehead. It flew toward Jinghua and landed on her hand. Jinghua took one look at the shining yellow feather and a name popped up on her mind; Thunderbirds Lightning Feather!

    How in the world did she know this name, she doesn’t know nor does she cares. Without hesitation, she places the feather on her forehead. The feather shines brightly for a split second before it vanished.

    Jinghua’s body starts to turn transparent and then vanished from the spot, leaving behind a bunches of large and in various sizes of beasts and MingMing.

    Once Jinghua was gone, all of the beasts turns to stare down on MingMing. Their stares aren’t kind. Some was with intense jealousy while other was with killing intents. They were jealous that MingMing was able to transform to his human body and stay with their masters while others just don’t like the Nether being due to their natural disposition.

    For someone of MingMing’s age and bloodline, such stares shouldn’t even bother him but none of the beast in that space was normal. MingMing might be a Godly beast with bloodline of the Strongest Dragon ever to existed but all of the beasts that are currently facing him weren’t normal either. Just one of them was strong enough to destroyed a planet by itself. Comparing MingMing’s bloodline to these beasts and MingMing wasn’t event a competitor for them.

    “A Dragon bloodline phantom beast, huh. Master did it again,” the firebird Tian Feifei said with a nonchalant smile on her bird face.

    “Why are you surprised, Feifei. If master could even tamed you, a Chaos Blazed Origin Phoenix, who has lived for more than 90 Million years, with nothing but a look, what make you think that she couldn’t tame a mere youngster like this boy?” A older male voice said from the left. It was from a large pitch black snake with golden horns and pure white wings.

    “I’m not surprised, Maoyi. I just don’t think that there’s actually someone stupid enough to licked Master’s blood without thinking.” Tian Feifei answered back.

    MingMing started to twitch in aggression. He have never being the receiving ends of a mockery before. His a Nether beast who have more than enough power to destroy a continent and yet- he couldn’t even make a sound when face with the nonchalant face of the firebird in front of him. The bird was easily a hundred times larger than himself and he could feel the dense bloodline in her feather when it came close to his new master. MingMing was totally frozen in fear so he didn’t took a good look at the bloodline spiritual makeup but he knew for sure that this bird was easily 10 times stronger than him.

    Just what was with these beasts that suddenly show up in his dreamscape! Master should be the only one able to come to this place!!!

    “Idiot. You licked Master’s Essence Blood without thinking so your soul was bond to hers as a servant but we’re her tame beasts! If she can come to your dreamscape and force it into her dreamscape, what make you think that it wasn’t possible for us to come here too when we’re far stronger than you?” The cry-baby tortoise sneer at MingMing as he turned away with dismay.

    “Lingying, don’t take out your anger on the poor soul. He doesn’t know master, nor has he ever met anyone like master before. This Dragon Dimension was only a grade B-Dimension, don’t expect too much from him.” A new voice called back with equally power.

    “Feihua... You said that but you had already secretly poisoned the idiot, didn’t you?” Tian Feifei asked with a sweat drop on her face.

    MingMing watches as a flower demon spirit appeared from behind the large spider. MingMing started to twitch in fear as his expression pale.

    Why is his fate so poor!

    While the beasts are arguing and teasing/testing the poor nether bird, outside in the real world, JInghua wake up to the face of a pale teenage girl, who was sleeping with her hands on her chin as she sleep.


    “Arg, hurts..” Jinghua hissed as a big migraine headache hit her straight to the mind.

    “Hm? Hua’er! You’re awake!” Liu Ying called out excitedly as she stood up so fast that she nearly fainted from blood rush to the head.

    “Ying’er? Where am I?” Jinghua asked the older teenage girl.

    “You’re in your room. Its has been 5 days since you went into a coma, already. I was so worry that you would leave me behind too!” Liu Ying started to cries as she hugs Tao Jinghua.

    So, it was already five days since I fell asleep for real... If they knew that I was just asleep, they would be so mad. But before that, my stomach need foods.

    “Jing’er... I’m hungry.” Jinghua didn’t wait for the older girl to stop crying as she asked for food. Liu Ying was so happy that Jinghua feels like eating she literally vanished from her spot using martial arts movement and reappeared at the door to call for a maid.

    Ten minutes later, the maid brought in a pot of rice porridge with some herbal leaves. Jinghua had to controlled her muscles to shakes slightly as she held on the spoon, causing Liu Ying’s eyes to redden.

    “Hua’er, you have to live on for a long time. Now that the Tang Family is gone, I don’t have anyone else to relied on. You can’t leave me behind, okay?” Liu Ying was crying as she said this.

    It has already been 2 years since she knew Tang Beifeng; they were schoolmate that went to the same Reading and Writing school in Xicheng Town here. It was her who fell for Beifeng first even thought she knew that he already have a fiance. At first, she hated Tao Jinghua for being so lucky but once she meet the younger girl, she knew right away that her feeling was only due to petty jealousy.

    The younger girl was not a petty person who would jealousy control Tang Beifeng like very other women did to their husband. Even thought, in this Kingdom, having more than one wife and or husband at a time was normal, people’s heart was still very narrow and small. The internal fighting within a family might not be much- if at all- but the emotional stress that each member went thought was still not little.

    Scheming against each other might be very limited toward certain things in the household but they are scheming against each other nonetheless.

    When their husband wanted to marry another woman into the house, the Main Wife’s permission is a must. This has caused countless amount of grief and broken hearted within a lot of families. Afterall, no women would like to see their husband holding someone else in his arms that was not them.

    Liu Ying had the same thoughts; until she met Tao Jinghua. The girl was only 13 years old but she has the deposition of a well experiences elder woman.

    Tao Jinghua took a long look at her and told Tang Beifeng that if he doesn’t marry her within a month then she won’t talk to him ever again.

    You have to know- this was the first meeting that Liu Ying meet Tao Jinghua face to face- and it wasn’t as someone close to Tang Beifeng. Rather, she was there as his classmate along with countless other people who wanted to meet Tang Beifeng’s first wife.

    At that point, Tao Jinghua had already know that she likes her soon-to-be-husband, and yet not only does she not took ill intention into her heart, she also ‘demand’ Tang Beifeng to marry her.

    Liu Ying was so shocked at Tao Jinghua’s words that she was literally frozen in her place for a couple minutes.

    She don’t know what happened while she was frozen in surprised but later on, one of her classmate told her that Tang Beifeng literally kneel down and beg Tao Jinghua to retreats her words because he only wanted her as his wife. According to that classmate’s words, Tao Jinghua had said that she was still too young to marry into the Tang House, during that time that Tang Beifeng used to waste waiting for her to grow up, he could had marry one or two concubines to help out the house already. Tao Jinghua wanted a household full of happiness and a lot of sons and daughters to dotes on like her own family.

    She had even said that she was already looking forward to spoiling the first kids that Tang Beifeng will ever have- whether or not it was hers. Tang Beifeng knew that Tao Jinghua likes kids. So, he agree to marry Liu Ying. After all, it wasn’t like Tang Beifeng hates Liu Ying.

    After marrying into the Tang house, she knew exactly why Tao Jinghua wanted her to marry him and help out the house.

    The Tang Family have a couple restaurant in this town and they are a pretty large family. But- they lack more women around the house. The financial within the house was in the control of Tang Beifeng’s mother, the Main Wife of the current Head of the house. But- that woman didn’t have much times to help out in other area because all her times was being used in keeping their Financial Book in the green. So, with the additional of Liu Ying, it made everything easier in the household.

    However, it still wasn’t enough because Tang Beifeng’s stepmothers were all pregnant that years too. As a result, the Tang Household hire another batch of maids.

    One of the maid was Tang Beifeng third wife.

    Guang Meimei, a older woman who had married once already but her husband was killed by a wild beast.

    Mei’er had only been married to Tang Beifeng not even three months ago; and now, she’s dead, too.

    Liu Ying’s family were already gone a couple of years back when the 10 Years Beast Horde occur. Now, she only have Tao Jinghua left as a fellow wife fiancee to the same man.

    If Jinghua die too than there’s no reason for Liu Ying to live anymore.

    “...” Jinghua stopped eating as she watch the crying girls. This girl have a pure heart and intentions. Her aura was very pure and if not for her mentality, she’s very suit to practice in one of those Pure Yin Heart manual for refining qi. Only, this girl was far too naive, she doesn’t suit the world of the immortal practitioners where they fight against resources and against the heaven.

    “I won’t. Feng’er won’t like it if I don’t live on,” Drops of tears trail down Jinghua’s cheeks but her voice was steady and calm. Seeing the calm look on Jinghua’s body language, Liu Ying only cries louder.

    Half an hour later, Jinghua meet with everyone from the family and decided to change her last name to be Tang Jinghua for 3 years as a sign that she’s already a wife to someone else.

    Since the whole Tang families was gone already, the elder from the Tao Family was against her changing her name, no matter how temporally it was. Even Liu Ying was against it but Tao Jinghua was not listening to them. It was only for three years but the responsibility and burden that it comes with the Tang Family last name was not small.

    A public government agent have to be there to witness the ceremony and have to approve her decision. As a result, everyone in the Xichang Town knew that the Tao Family 29th Daughter was taking on such a huge burden so very young. Not only that- she was only a Fiance! Not a full wife yet!

    Maybe it was because everyone in the town knew that the Tao Family’s daughters were all very sincere in their actions, everyone was willing to help out.

    The Restaurants in the town blooms so fast that Jinghua had to hired more than 10 batches of workers and maids. Not only that, she trains them herself, each them manner fit for royal, teach the cooks how to cook to her taste- which admittedly was the reason why the restaurants all got famous.

    Within a mere year, everyone in town knew that this girl was pushing herself over her own limits due to heartache. They can’t stop her but at least, they can try to make her wife easier.

    As a result, Jinghua was pretty much free a lot of times. All that she have to do was do her weekly routine of checking the Financial Booklet, pay the workers and maid, continue training the cooks, make new menu for special occasion, and make her quota of the porcelain bottles that the Tao family assign.

    All in all, her life was very carefree in her opinion- not knowing that everyone in Town has already given the opinion that she’s a heartbroken girl who used work to compensate for her sadness.

    The first year of taking the Tang Family name was the most busiest time for Jinghua. However, once every in town had a taste of Jinghua’s skills, they can’t eat what they usually eat anymore. As a result, a lot of the other restaurant in town was closed down or turned into something else.

    Shops such as game shop started to appeared in Xichang town. Why? Because of Jinghua.

    She introduce them to the so called RPG Card games, Chess, poker, go/weiqi, mahjong, dominoes, shogi, monopoly, scrabble words, crossword games, table ping pong, and all sorts of games.

    There will be tournaments that give out Coupons for free foods and money to whoever win it; so, everyone in town was very competitive. Why? Because it was that good.

    The games that were the most famous was weiqi- which was already a known game in this world, Jinghua just made it even more fun to play.

    Only- the difference between the weiqi that this world has and the one that Jinghua introduce them to play was that there’s an additional color stone. The Purple Stone.

    In normal weiqi, or go game, there’s only black and white stone available. However, with the additional of the purple stone, the games got even more harder and harder. A game between two beginner would go from 90 minutes to 240 minutes, easily.

    This was because the board game that was called Weiqi was changed into something else.

    It was no longer a two player games. It was a three Player Games; Black, White, and Purple. Each playing times was no longer 10 minutes but rather, 20 minutes. The traditional board of 19X19 turns into 49X49 lines.

    Before anyone knew it, Purple Weiqi become the game of the weiqi game that everyone in Xichang Town plays. Even 3 years old kids.

    As a result, within only three years, kis who have mid-level strategy, tactics, and observation skills was abundant in Xichang town. This creates a natural cycle of training for everyone in town. Kids are more calmer, smarter, more diligent, more determine, and they learn how to be patience.

    Before Jinghua knew it, three years has already passed by.

    Jinghua change her last name back to Tao and held a Grand Tournament for all mortal and immortal practitioner alike.

    The top 2 will get 5 Low Grade Jingshi, 200 Free Diner Token or coupon, and get to play against her.

    When news of this tournament came out, everyone in town was shocked and excited.

    5 Low Grade Jingshi!

    5 Low Grade Jingshi! That was 500 Gold Coins! If that wasn’t enough, the free Diner token was enough to cost countless people to drool over it.

    Especial the kids in this town.

    Nearly everyone started to prepare for the incoming Grand Tournament.

    Jinghua didn’t know that due to her action of putting out 5 Low Grade Jingshi as price, a lot of immortal practitioner also think of coming to join in the fun too.

    In Xichang town

    All of the inn are booked full, private house was being rented left and right, creating a business blooming period and caused countless people to join in the fun.

    In the middle of Xichang town was the First and Main Tang Family Restaurant that Jinghua had created. The Restaurant was called [Pavillion of Dance].

    The Pavillion of Dance was where Jinghua cooked at the majority of the time.

    It have 10 floor, capable of holding up to 900 customers.

    In the surrounding of the restaurant, there was countless chairs and table out in the open with shaded [large umbrella] over the customer’s head.

    In the back of the restaurant, a large open space was created to look like a football field.

    Wooden benches was surrounding a 9 by 9 roll of tables for the weiqi games.

    Each table have four chair, a large wood board, three large bowl of stones created from who know what. The wood board itself was lined up with 49 by 49 black lines. On the side was the label; North, South, East, and West.

    Aside from the listed item above, there was also a large sheet of paper that was label with “Purple Weiqi Kifu”.

    When the news of the weiqi tournament made it to one of the large sect near Xichang town, one of the elder there came by to watch the show.

    His name was Wang Chen. He loves to play weiqi but he have no opponent within his sect anymore. So, when the new of such a tournament made it to his ears, his interest was poke at.

    As a result, he volunteer to watch over the tournament for any cheater.

    However, Wang Chen didn’t know that this whole town was used to playing Purple Weiqi now. Not only that, they are used to playing against two people in the same board game.

    When Wang Chen first seen the scene of three people playing against each other, he was shocked.

    So, he wanted to join in the tournament too.

    However, he can’t.

    Why? Because of the age limit.

    This tournament was called the Young Early Bird Tournament. Meaning that Jinghua place a restriction to who can play.

    First, the participant have to be younger than 30 years old for mortal and less than 100 years old for immortal practitioners.

    Second, they must be at least a yellow belt player.

    That’s right, the Purple Weiqi game have rank too. Like how rank in Go was; there’s a Dan rank for professional and Kyu rank for amateur players.

    In this case, The Kyu rank have 9 Tiers under it; Tier 1-3 was Red Belt, 4-6 was Blue Belt, and 7-9 was Green Belt. For Dan Rank, There are 12 Tier under; Red, Red Orange, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Violet, White, Brown, and Black.

    From lowest to highest. You will have to be a yellow tier or higher to join this tournament.

    Third rule; a fee of 3 Silver Coin.

    All of these rule has to be meet to participant in this tournament.

    Wang Chen have never join the mini-tournament in this town before. So, his rank and tier was not determine, which made it impossible for him to participate in this tournament. As a result, he sulk for a couple minute before he brightened up and watch the other players play with interest.

    In this Tournament; there are 6 Group of players.

    Lilac Flower Group; where all the female are.

    Metal Rose Group; Where all the kids who are at least a yellow tier rank are.

    Three Pine Tree group; randomized players base on rank.

    Fish Soup Group: Where all the elderly men who have already known each other for a while now play.

    Orchid Flower Group; where outsider from other towns and cities are.

    And lastly, Fruits and Wine Group; for immortal practitioners.

    Each group have 81 players. 3 players to each table, for the nine tables.

    The schedule for this tournament was for three days from 9am in the morning to 9pm at night.

    Each table have 3 hours per game. Overtime limited to only 45 minutes per game. In total, you have 3 hours and 45 minutes to bring your games to a close. There is a game in the morning and one in the afternoon, a couple hours after lunch. This was to give the people sometimes to think of strategies and tactics and to rest the player’s mind.

    As Wang Chan continue to watches the players play their game, he notice right away that the people who was native to Xichang town was far better at this three player games of weiqi than even the immortal cultivator. However, this didn’t last long either as cultivator started to get used to playing against two player at a time.

    Due to the size of the board and the extra color stone, this weiqi game was even harder than ever before.

    All of the people who came from outside notice right away that playing this three colored weiqi game was very mentally draining and a good way to train their mind. As a result, the atmosphere surrounding the players from outside changed consistently.

    At the beginning, for people who have never play the three color weiqi, or the Purple Weiqi, the game was a total messed. Nothing seems to make any sense for them. However, soon enough, they started to get use to pushing their minds to the limit to understand each move of the game. As a result, countless people who came to watch the tournament was turned into a fan of the game.

    Within the crowd of watchers, there was a old man go by the name of Guang Yi. He was an old scholar from one of the government agent in this town. He was also the one that witness the change of Tao Jinghua accepting the Tang Last name for three years.

    Guang Yi have been one of the government in this town for 10 years already. But- this was the first time that he had seen his town prosper this much. He was very grateful toward the Tao girl.

    However, he was also worried about the immortal practitioners that are showing up in this small town. If there’s a fight here due to the tournament, then this town will be destroy!

    He was both glad and worried at the same time.

    Jinghua was watching the games progress from each table as she walk around.

    There was a reason why she created this grand tournament after all. In fact, this three color weiqi game wasn’t even a three color weiqi game.

    In truthfulness, it is a four colour weiqi game.

    Aside from the new color of purple stone, there was suppose to be another one; the gold stone.

    Due to the size of the board, 49x49 grids, each player was suppose to have 800 stones in their bowl if this game was a three player game. However, in those stone bowls, there was only 600 stones each. It was missing 200 stones.

    This was because the size of this board was created for a 4-player game, with each player having 600 Stones of each color; Black, White, Purple, and Gold.

    However, this world have never play or heard of such a game before. They only knew of the traditional Black and White Weiqi game on the 19x19 board grids.

    As a result, Tao Jinghua had to make due with only the Three Colored Weiqi for now. Once the people of this world was strong enough, the Gold color will be added as a Special Style.

    Back on Earth, the game Weiqi/go/baduk have already evolved into a 4 player-board game. It was no longer a two-player game. However, in this world, weiqi was still just the traditional weiqi. Jinghua was used to fighting against three people when playing weiqi. So, now that she’s here in this world, she would like to play with three other people too.

    Which was why she created this game in this town and even make it into a Profession.

    What? Jinghua was bored, okay? Ever since she met the beasts within that dreamscape, her mind and mentality strength has increased so much that playing the traditional weiqi game became far too easy. It wasn’t fun, anymore.

    Yes, she could had play against the beasts in that dreamscape but for some odd reason- they always ended up losing do badly that the refused to play her anymore.

    As a result, Jinghua created this situation and introduce the third color stone to the board game.

    Of course, this was not without trouble; a lot of people were against it because it is not traditional. However, once she introduce this kind of game in not as a new game but rather a Style- it got people interesting in it fast.

    That was because in Xichang Town; Weiqi Rank player was a Profession. You got pay to play. Of course, if you lose then you got to play a small price but if you win, then you get 3 times as much as you pay.

    For Kyu rank player; those that are still under a belt, they have to pay 5 copper coin to 1 lead coin to use the salon within this town to play. However, if they win, then depending on how much they pay, the payback was three times of that. In a day, some people made from 3 lead coins to 4 lead coins easily.

    This made it easier for the citizen in this town to make a living. As a result, the three colored weiqi spread fast and very aggressive into the mind of everyone. Even the maids in the Tao Family knows how to play now. Even her sisters and brothers love it.

    Three days later, two player was crowd as the winner of the tournament; Li Guan and Wu Xi.

    Li Guan was an elder from the Fish Soup Group and Wu Xi was from the Fruits and Wine Group, his an immortal practitioner.

    The person after those two was another cultivator by the name of Bei Liyi.

    In the game that they had played on the third day of the tournament, Bei Liyi was very aggressive but he wasn’t careful so Wu Xi sprung a lot of traps on his White Stone. While Wu Xi spread traps for the other cultivator, old man Li Guan was securing his territory. As a result, Li Guan won by 3 komi due to secured territory.

    After the ceremony of giving Li Guan and Wu Xi their price, both of them choose to play against Jinghua.... Only to get their ass kicked so badly that they couldn’t even think of a way to come back.

    After all, Jinghua was already a Grandmaster Weiqi player ever since she was 15 years old. She play against countless people in the 25th Century who was also in similar position to hers.

    There’s no way that she would lost to people who have only started to play not even two years ago.

    MingMing laughed out loud in Jinghua’s mind as he saw the faces of the two winner.

    Hah! There’s always a Mountain higher than the one you standing on!

    Jinghua continue to congratulate the two winner and told them to continue work hard for the next Grade Tournament, which was in another 5 years.

    She left the tournament behind for the maids and servant to clean up. Today was the last day of the tournament so it would still take some times for news of the three coloured weiqi to hit even more people. Jinghua was already making plans on creating more events for gathering weiqi players.

    The more players knows about the Three Player weiqi game, the better.

    What Jinghua didn’t know was that due to this action of hers, she will have to leave this town behind soon. The inns was still fully pack as people discuss about the games that were played. They didn’t stop even until midnight.

    Currently, she doesn’t know that such thing will happen.

    She was living in the Tang Resident now- which has already change into her name with her as the sore owner. Although the resident was the Tang Family’s resident, right now, it belongs to Jinghua completely.

    However, the courtyard house was really too big and not modern enough. So, Jinghua was slowly changing it into a more modern looking courtyard houses.

    She sit down on the chair in her room as she took out a pile of kifu papers that the game administrators had recorded.

    Jinghua also took out some blank kifu sheets. In a blink of an eye, a dark red weiqi board appeared from nowhere. Four large bowl of stones was place next to Jinghua.

    She took the first game record from the tournament and started to replay them; only, she put herself into the game and play it like she was playing against those three players on the kifu as she recreate the game.

    Soon enough, a large and complex game of Black, White, Purple and Gold Stone was weavened on the board.

    Two hours later, Jinghua place her last stone and watches as the whole game collapsed.

    Black stone’s territory was reduce by 1/3 of its amount. White’s stone was trapped within a maze of trickery and tactics. Purple’s stone was block off completely with no path to take. Counting the score; Gold stone won by 35 Komi.

    Jinghua recorded her wins into a new kifu paper.

    As the night progress, more and more new kifu games started to appears within Jinghua’s room as she continues to reviews more and more games.

    Before Jinghua notices it, the morning sun has already raised above the horizon.

    In a location long away from Xichang town, a court order was being given. Soon enough, 7 soldiers left the wall of the city and went toward the south. Their destination?

    Xichang Town!

    Beware of grammars and error. This chapter has not been edited.
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