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    The manhwa chapter paused at episode 150. From reading the comments on the Kakao page, it seems that the artist is sick so the manhwa will be on hold for a while.
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    Yes I just saw as every Thursday at 10pm local french time there was a new episode, so I have to wait now
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    Is it screenshots or text? I wonder if I can put it through google translate and work from that?
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    I responded to you with the links :)! I am honestly not sure
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    So it took a bit of playing with, but I think it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. There were some parts that didn't come out too clearly, so I did my best to piece together what I could using different translation tools.

    Kate continued to speak.

    “Jane said he wanted to stay at the house, and she said she wants to stay at the house, and she wants to keep on hiring Jane, so I think she'd be okay with selling it to Ms. Cote.”

    A small, stable amount comes in when you get rent, but when you sell it, you get a large amount at once. Kate was wondering which would be better for her.

    “I'll give you more than the price Josephine called.”

    This. Kate grabbed Ian's hand and clicked her tongue. It probably doesn't matter who buys the house right now. She wondered how she was with Ian and her friend, but now it turns out that Jade had a similar part to this An. She opened her mouth again.

    “If Mr. Killian buys the house, will Ms. Cot move to another house?”

    Jade's mouth opened. He never thought Josephine would do that much. But when she hears the news from Kate, she might.

    “I honestly want to sell the house to someone who manages it well. Mr. Killian doesn't need the house, he needs it to catch Ms. Coat. So, wouldn't it be important for him to buy a house, but to convince Ms. Coat?

    He couldn't argue with anything, so Jade bit his lip. She saw his shoulder sagging, and Kate clicked her tongue again.


    “The magic must have failed.” Caesar said in the investigator's room. Sitting face to face with Rico, he was reviewing the Dale case. Not only witnesses, but also victims' statements were collected. Dale wasn't saying a word, but it wasn't difficult to see the situation.

    “It looks like there was a hidden magic book.”

    Last year, Ian and Jade completed a thorough investigation, so it would not have been hidden in Alandale.

    “It is highly likely to have it.”

    Caesar recalled a broken magic book. This pattern was used to commit crime. Stupid guy. It was a mystery how he could have been hiding alone for a year, but he used magic.

    “Okay, here.”

    Then something fell in front of them. Rico and Caesar reflexively reached out and realized that it was an invitation.

    When they raised their heads, they saw Jade standing with a proud expression. It's an invitation to a party that Miss Smith said. What are you so proud of now that you're giving it to me? Rico was dumbfounded and asked.

    "If you hadn't told me, I would have forgotten."

    "I would have remembered one day."

    "That's funny. After it's over?"

    "Will you remember it after it's over? I would have told you as I was leaving."

    “If you were a poor speaker, you would be less hateful.”

    Caesar and Rico laughed only at Jade's pompous response. Then Rico suddenly remembered something and asked.

    “By the way, are the rumors about the two real?”

    What rumors? Caesar was curious, but tried not to show it. Jade's expression hardened. Rico didn’t think he would be the only one who knew. He shivered.


    “Hey, Loen wouldn’t do that.”

    He was really curious now. Caesar couldn’t stand it anymore and asked.


    An evasive atmosphere surrounded Ricoh and Jade. Not pleasant rumors. No, a story worth gossiping between the rich. They were made worse because of the people involved. If Ian and Kate weren’t the subject of the rumor, Jade would be indulging in it himself.

    “They’re saying Ian bedded Miss Smith in Alandale.”

    Caesar’s expression hardened. That's a plausible rumor. Anyone who knows both Ian and Kate knows that it can't be. Ah really. What to do with Jade

    He didn't know, so he shook his head. Rumors like this are not good for both Kate and Ian. Even if they're going to get married anyway, these rumors hurt them both.

    “Wait a minute, from Alandale?” Caesar pointed out the inconsistency in the story.

    "Indeed. Rumors of a pregnancy marriage.”

    “That doesn't make sense.” Caesar was confused, so he spoke with a blank expression.

    "Wasn’t the Alanadale incident over a year ago? In the time after giving birth, wouldn’t the two rather delay the marriage?"

    “The rumors don’t come out so rationally.”

    Rico shrugs his shoulders with her bitter look. He felt guilty for frivolously talking about rumors involving Kate.

    “It's annoying.” The other two detectives nodded at Caesar's words. The rumors did not represent Ian properly.

    The three hoped that the rumors would die quickly, but they knew it would not be easy.

    For better or for worse, Kate was still unaware of the rumors. Even if she knew, she had no time to care when she could be labelled a witch at any moment.

    "That's what Miss Smith said."

    Laura was slightly impressed. One of Kate’s greatest obstacles was being resolved.

    In the workshops where they were tested, the workshops that read the current newspaper, as well as the workshops where rumors were being spread, Kate and the three witches have been contacted.

    “Did they really offer more?”

    Susan was also doubtful. She couldn’t believe the amount of money that was being offered. The amount, which could buy a cup of tea in a tea house at first, jumped in a few days and went up to half a month's rent in a small room.

    How did it happen? Kate smiled with confidence.

    “I think people raised the money.”

    There were times when the workshop staff collected money to offer more. The amount of money was significant because of the contribution of many, rather than relying on the sole owner.

    “What should I do now? Should I just pretend not to know if this is enough?”

    At Laura's words, Kate looked at Gwinevere. Huh? Why? As Guinevere opened her eyes wide, Kate turned to the other women, she said.

    "If the person contacts me, and then I shall speak frankly."

    Currently, the women reading newspapers in the workshops were under Kate’s care.

    In order for them to leave Kate and work for the workshop, they must be able to live off the wage. Monthly rent, and living expenses.

    She discussed with the three witches what the minimum required amount would be. The opinions of the three witches were quite helpful as to how much rent in a town where women could live alone and how much it would cost to live.

    “Thank you for coming.”

    When the meeting was over, Kate brought her hands together. Because she had continued to work as a maid, she had never had to consider what it cost to live in a decent neighbourhood. After she was no longer a maid, her standard of living rose beyond what was normally reasonable for a young woman.

    "You even sent a wagon, so we had to come."

    Laura woke up saying so: Kate has refrained from going out since the last incident, for her safety. People were looking for her even before there were suspicions of her being a witch.

    At least it's safe inside the house. Susan said to Kate, who thought so and sighed.

    “I can't miss the opportunity to see this house.”

    She's absolutely right. What other chance would you get to visit Hogan's mansion? At Susan's words, Kate laughed and she gave the three witches a tour of the ground floor.

    The three witches followed with eyes wide to the spectacular wealth of Hogan mansion. Some of the statues and paintings would have been very well known to a different audience, but unfortunately no one recognized them.

    Instead, Guinevere caught her breath when she saw her magical items displayed as trinkets.

    “Miss Smith, do you know what this is?” She pointed to something shiny encased in large glass beads.

    Kate, puzzled, responded, “I thought it was just a pretty piece of glass.”

    Guinevere whispered quietly. “This is a magic tool.”


    "Shh." It is a tool used by wizards to use magic. Guinevere told her it was used to see things far away. Sometimes to see the past or the future.

    “But Muiella's wizards are gone. Few people can use this. So it will remain here.”

    “Investigators came to this house a while ago. But no one knew what this was.”

    “There are two types of magic tools.” Guinevere looked around and whispered quickly.

    “Some have magical power, and you always feel it. Because you are a conduit, the magic will flow into you. When there is a lot of mana, it is easy to detect. Investigators wear rings that respond to mana."

    Kate remembered the ring Ian had hidden Alandale. Does he always wear it? Out of curiosity, Kate asked.

    “What about the latter?”

    “It's like this crystal ball. Because it reacts only when you inject mana, if you leave it alone, those who have never studied magical tools will never know.

    Oh, I see. So, can I leave this as it is? When Kate tried to ask. Guinevere Looked around again and whispered.

    “The same goes for a mana absorber like Lord Loen. Unlike a witch like Miss Smith, unless someone has mana to give, they would never know.”

    Right. Kate nodded her head. That's why the witches were caught and monsters run free.


    "Why didn't you tell me?"

    Enoch said as soon as he saw Kate. Her godfather came running as fast as he could as soon as he heard that Kate had almost been attacked by Mike.

    'It wasn't a big deal,' Kate said with a casual look as she put down the teacup. On this occasion it was certainly difficult for her to feel a sense of crisis. Mike was seriously injured in the attack by mercenaries, so he had to go to the hospital rather than jail. Moreover, she was able to get out of the building thanks to Maria before he attacked in earnest.

    'Not a big deal!' Enoch rebuked with disapproval. But what an interesting sight they were. A man, who looked only a few years older than Kate, scolding her in a grandfatherly way.

    She said, trying not to laugh. "Besides, I didn't want to worry you for nothing.”

    Enoch's expression softened at the gentle words. He took Kate by the hands, comforting her and putting something in them.

    "I made it just in case. Take it with you."

    "What's this?"

    "I heard the building collapsed yesterday. But it froze for a while."

    Oops. Kate had a caught expression on her face. Enoch looked stern again and sighed.

    "I don't mean to scold you. I can't help it if you use it unconsciously."

    It hadn’t been long since he sealed it, but it's already weakened.

    It was amazing. It's probably because of that monster. He sighed, recalling Ian.

    He and Kate resonate with each other. If the wishes of the two are aligned, Ian's ability as a mana absorber and Kate's ability as a mana holder create synergy.

    'I never should have allowed it,' Kate opened her eyes wide at Enoch's murmur.


    "No, it's nothing."

    He hurriedly glossed over the words and hung the necklace around Kate's neck. At the end of the thin line was a finely crafted shell.

    "There's a magic that temporarily stops the magic from working. If anyone doubts you,"

    Kate felt the medal with her fingertips. If anyone doubts her, she can make the excuse that it was because of this necklace Enoch gave her. She was thrilled and didn't know what to say.

    "But then you could be in danger."

    "It's okay. I can handle that much."

    He is Kate's godfather. Nicholas asked Enoch to watch over his wife and Kate if anything happened to him. Enoch was going to do anything for Kate.

    It was risky, but not very dangerous. He comforted Kate like that.

    "More than that, I hear from Guinevere that you're doing something interesting?"

    He quickly changed the subject for Kate, who was at a loss. Not long ago, he had a quick chat with Guinevere. Then he heard Kate was about to start a decent business.

    That's not a bad idea. Enoch thought. Like Edward, he thought it was also a good business as a long term investment. It did not need to make money, but could be considered successful if it didn’t lose money.

    But now it was necessary for Muiella and for women like Kate and the Three Witches.

    He wondered how far Kate had already gotten with it.

    "So, how much have you already planned?"

    “Not that big,” Kate blushed and said what she thought. There are already people who want to hire a great reader. The salary is still insufficient, but it would grow if word spread about the benefits of having a reader. "And in the long run, we can show everyone the importance of writing in Muella."

    Enoch nodded, stroking his chin.

    "In the longer term, we could be trying to revive the magic at Muella."

    Surprised, Kate raised her head. She didn't think that far. No, more accurately she thought about it but did not expect anything.

    “It’s still dangerous.” Enoch's expression became serious as Kate's voice got smaller. It is dangerous for her to try to resurrect magic. Muiella has a great fear of sorcerers, so much more for the stories told to children of evil sorcerers as villians.

    "Yeah, it's important to pretend you're not thinking that far."


    Looking at his goddaughter nodding her head, Enoch asked after thinking for a moment.

    “I'm glad your mother is Hogan. It's a business that needs to be invested for quite a long time.”

    “Oh, about that,” Kate's expression darkened. She said with a little embarrassment. "I'll proceed regardless of my grandfather."

    "How come?"

    "I just thought it would be better if I did it alone."

    Enoch looked incomprehensible. Such social work is socially good for wealthy families such as Hogan in the long run. And the fact that Kate, a Hogan, started it would be good for Hogan to build an image.

    Rather, if the Hogan family were nobles, they would have been criticized by other fighters, but it was perfect because the Hogan family was not noble. Even considering that Hogan has grown its wealth with weapons and munitions projects, this would be an excuse to balance it.

    “Did your grandfather refuse to invest?”

    Kate's face heated up in embarrassment. Enoch opened his mouth because he couldn't believe it. When Geoffrey died, he poured money into a useless business, but Kate was refused?

    “Stupid old man.”


    Despite Kate's protests, Enoch responded casually.

    "Isn't it true?"

    “But it’s my grandfather.”

    "Well, you're going through a lot under your stupid grandfather."

    Not really. Kate reflexively started defending her grandfather.

    “It’s a little stubborn, but he’s a good person.”

    "And my hair is stiff."


    "Yes, yes, I see." Eventually Enoch looked up his hands. Bismarck thinks nothing else because the Hogan project started with munitions. Rather, Kate's business side would be a much better idea.

    He looked at Kate, clicking his tongue, and suddenly asked.

    "So, how do you plan to raise the money?"

    "Half of the money is being invested by someone who will be anonymous."


    "Yes, but he's reliable."


    “Not a witch.”

    So who is it? Enoch stroked his chin again because he couldn't think of anyone who could invest in Kate's business. He would never dream of the unnamed investor being Edward.

    "The other half, we have to keep looking. I’m thinking about a loan."


    “Or I can sell the Cubine house.”

    She could, with Josephine and Jade already bidding against each other. Kate didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the ever-increasing price.

    "Will selling the house solve it?"

    “Well, a little bit. It’s still lacking a little,”

    Enoch suddenly spoke to her, unable to forget her words.

    “I’ll invest the rest.”

    "What? You?"

    "Yeah, you're not saying you can't take my money, are you?"

    "Not really, but I'm sorry."

    “Nothing to be sorry for.” Enoch grinned. The young man's face reminded her of an old smile.

    "As a wizard, and as the founder of Muella, I want to invest. Not bad. It's necessary for Muiella, which is focused on power."

    A shy yet proud smile came to Kate's face. After being rejected by Bismarck her pride had been hurt, but this encouraged her. Kate hugged Enoch.

    “Thank you, uncle.”

    What? Enoch tilted her head, not understanding Kate's attitude. He said he would invest because her business was needed in the country, not because she was his goddaughter, so this was not something Kate would thank him for. But Kate was grateful for that. Telling her what she's going to do was what Muella needs.

    “Yes, let’s talk about the business in detail.”

    This time not as a godfather but as an investor. Kate sat away from him with a burst of laughter. Her green eyes began to sparkle. Enoch listened to Kate with a smile.


    None of Mike's sisters asked the king to spare him. Mike knew that too well.

    The sisters had already cut off their relationship with the Dale family in search of their own way of life when the Baron couple was captured by Ian and Jade and brought to the capital. They claimed that it had been years since they met their father and mother and did not contact them, so they did not know about the magic.

    "Thanks to the men who took their dowries."

    Mike sat on the cold, dirty prison floor and cursed his sisters. But if Mike had a way to escape like his sisters, he would have already run. He cursed because he couldn't. Mike Dale. He was the only son to inherit the title and family business of the Baron Dale and lived together just days before the Baron was caught by the investigators.

    He had wanted to live in the capital like everyone else. Mike recalled being rejected two years ago when he begged his mother to let him live in a townhouse in the capital. He resented the mother who was already dead. If she had agreed, he wouldn't be here right now.

    'I should have killed her.' Naturally, his anger directed at Kate. A noble man who grew up comfortable, now like this, while his only maid was lucky to meet her rich grandfather and live happily ever after. In addition, he heard that she was also a witness to the crime committed by the Baron couple. All that was waiting for him on his return from a few days of hunting was a collapsed house and the police officers looking around it. Before the police found him, Mike noticed the magical items piled up in front of the collapsed house..

    The moment he saw the magic items, Mike ran away without looking back. It was alarming to see that the house collapsed and the hidden magic items in the open. He went to a man he might call a friend nearby and entrusted himself for a while.

    Fortunately, for a while, there were no rumors about the crimes of the Baron Dale and his wife, so Mike was able to live a relatively normal life.

    He drank expensive liquor, played card games, and bought prostitutes. At the same time, he looked into what had happened to the house. Investigators came to see if it was someone's report and tried to capture the baron couple. The Baron and his wife fought back to avoid being caught, and the house collapsed as a result.

    "Stop going out."

    The last of acquaintances whose homes he lived in told him angrily. He couldn't understand what he was angry about.

    Bring the house back up and I'll knock your asses down.

    The first rumor he heard from the Hogan family who came up to the capital with gritted teeth was the heiress of the Hogan family.

    It was said she had appeared.

    He had confidence in his face. It’s even easier to seduce a woman with an empty head. If she had money, he could offer his title. He had forgotten the title was already gone when he visited the Hogan mansion.

    And he found Kate. She's a petite redhead bitch. Was she a kitty or a cat? He doesn't remember very well. That girl is the successor to the Hogan family? Embarrassed, he was overcome with betrayal when he saw the man who was said to be engaged to this heiress.

    “I had already been stabbed in the back.”

    Mike heard that the two had met in Alandale, after Kate had reported his family and broken down.

    He was sure.

    “Dirty girl.”

    She always went out of her way to avoid him. She dared reject his kindness to her while she was a maid. He should have killed her. If her face iwas in front of him right now, he would cut it with a knife.

    While he thought so, Kate’s face appeared in front of his eyes.

    “What, what?”

    Kate's face was dimly floating in the air. He can't see below her shoulder. Ghost? Mike was surprised and backed away. The opaque and smooth skin of Kate’s face was suddenly slashed, scattering before reappearing whole again.


    He could hear faint sounds. Mike looked around and stared at Kate's face floating in the air.

    " Do you want to..."

    “What are you talking about?”

    “... Do you want revenge?”

    His mind flashed. Mike looked at Kate's face. Kate's face scattered with pain, fell away and gathered. The voice asked again.

    "Do you want revenge on this woman?"

    "Yes, I want revenge."

    Kate's lips opened widely. Like she was laughing. Her eyes narrowed and the tail of her mouth tore to her ears. Mike stepped back in surprise, but it was too late. He already saw what he was talking to, and it was not Kate.


    The first thing Ian saw when he visited Hogan's mansion to meet Kate was Gideon. He was smoking with the drawing room window open.

    Ian would usually go out and smoke because it would be cold if the window was left open. It was not for the consideration of the servants but his mother, Scilla. However, since Gideon already was in place, Ian pulled out a cigarette.

    "Huh? What is that?”

    Gideon's reaction to seeing Ian's cigarette prompted him to hold out the rest. Gideon produced a pipe from his jacket. The man and dwarf exchanged cigarettes, lit them, and brought them to their mouths.

    "I heard you caught the witch," asked Gideon, who enjoyed a moment of silence. Ian nodded his head, frowning at the cigarette that was stronger than he expected.

    "Yes, that's right."

    “What did it look like?”

    Ian recalled the appearance of the witch. It would look like a nightmare to anyone else. A skinny, skin-covered voice that didn’t look male or female.

    “It looked like death.”

    Gideon's eyes widened. "Skeleton?"


    He looked at Ian's face for a moment. The witch is dead. He couldn't believe it. Gideon asked again.

    "Are you sure she's dead? I mean, how did you kill her?"

    "I stabbed him with a sword."

    "What kind of sword was it?"

    Which sword was it? As Ian raised one eyebrow as if what he was talking about, Gideon took a deep drag of the cigarette. Slowly puffing out smoke, Dwarf said again.

    “If the witch you killed was the one I knew, she wouldn't have died easily.”

    Ian was about to say she didn't die easily. Gideon didn’t see how it happened.

    “Witches are also humans. Are there special conditions for dying?”

    "A witch I know has lived for hundreds of years. A monster that lived that long could not have easily died."

    “When I was stabbed her with my sword, it looked dead.”

    “The body was gone, right?”

    Ian nodded. No body was left. There was a strong wind. It was wind enough for Kate to fly away. Gideon said while smoking.

    “Such beings don't die so easily. It looks like the witch you killed isn't the witch I know.”

    I guess so. Ian took a drag of his pipe in a complicated mood. The witch is dead. He stabbed her. He recalled the feeling of it. It felt like piercing hollow leather. As soon as the sword entered, there was no mistaking the small rupture sound.

    “If she wasn't not dead, where do you think she would be?”


    The biggest reason to think the witch was dead was that Josephine regained her youth. And so far, the witch had not appeared.

    Kate. His thoughts flowed to Kate. She's okay. Even if the witch appears again. The witch is afraid of him. Because he is a mana absorber.

    But not Kate. Rather, she would be aiming for her.


    The door opened with a light knock. Kate came in with a smile. He hugged her when he saw her shiver lightly.

    “Is it cold?”

    "It's okay."

    She looked over to Gideon, waving her hands. Even with the window open, the drawing room was full of cigarette smell. Ian held the pipe out to Gideon and left the drawing room holding Kate in his arms. Gideon waved behind the two.

    Walking slowly to the greenhouse, Ian found a thread attached to Kate's head. He asked, pulling it off with his finger.

    “I guess the dress is not finished yet.”

    Kate blushed when she saw the thread Ian pulled off. Janet said she wasn't done yet, but Ian came down in a hurry in case she waited. She said, quickly taking the thread out of his hand.

    "Yeah. Almost done though.”

    Kate's dress was completely destroyed in the last incident. She rushed to the clothing store because she needed something for the party in Hogan mansion. Of course, she didn't forget to compensate the clothing store where the building collapsed.

    She recalled a dead shop employee and sighed. Someone died. Money is not enough to pay for it. Kate asked Ian.

    “But Mike, what happened to Dale?"

    It did not take much resistance to call Mike, who she had known as young master, by name or last name. His attempt to kill her and Baron Dale's downfall also played a part.

    “He is trapped in a dungeon. He will be executed in a few months.”

    Disclaimer: I don't speak a lick of Korean, this is all through translation tools and Googling, so there *are* mistakes. But hopefully good enough to give you an idea!
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    Lucky me when I just wonder about this. This event happened on chapter 24 of the webtoon. Could you please help me clarify this detail? Thank you so much for all of your spoilers :blobsmilehappy::blobsmilehappy:
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    I'm not a pro at translating. So please, forgive any mistakes. Did my best

    Kate bowed her head in a strange mood. Why did you try to kill her? For her Kate, her mic was an immature and sometimes stiff bum, but it was amazing that he hated her enough to want to kill her.

    "Why did you try to kill me?"

    Ian looked down at Kate's face. He knew she was hurting her, but how I don't know what to do.

    "There's no reason why people kill someone as big as you think," Ian said comfortingly.

    “On the high-rise streets, one cigarette kills, so don’t mind.”

    Because of one cigarette Kate's eyes widened. She said with a bloody smile, recalling Gideon and Ian, whom she saw in her parlor.

    She said, "I'm glad Mr. Gideon didn't kill you in the parlor."

    "Does that mean that too?"

    Kate burst into laughter.

    She unintentionally turned to believe in her Ian. After walking through the greenhouse for a while, the two soon moved to a different parlor from where Gideon is. As soon as I entered the parlor without anybody, Ian bowed.

    Kate lifted her head as it darkened above her head, and then retreated her. She had her Ian's arms wrapped around her waist.

    “Wait a minute,” Kate touched her mouth before she could speak.

    Ian grabbed her Kate's lips and swallowed them.

    Her small body, which had been poking for a while in her arms, quickly became quiet, and she hung on him.

    A long time.

    He hugged him or held his hand a few times, but kissed him.

    Ian raised Kate's body. As his feet fell off the ground, Kate wrapped her arms around Ian's neck. It's embarrassing that her chest touches. It wasn't just because her kiss was long that her kate's face blushed when her lips fell.

    “I don’t know who is there, but where’s it all of a sudden?”

    Her body was still in his arms. As her feet fell off the ground and swayed for long, Kate tried not to lose her dignity, but not her Ian. He said, raising one eyebrow.

    "I did everything after making sure that no one was there."

    “But there is still something called an atmosphere.”

    Atmosphere? Ian quietly stared at Kate's face.



    “Is it an atmosphere that I can kiss?”

    Kate's face burned. She cried, slapping his chest.

    “Never! Get it down!”

    Ian grinned and dropped Kate down. It was a joke. When she saw him smiling, she pricked her lips, but soon grinned.

    It's a change you can't even imagine when you think about the time.

    The two sat side by side on the chairs in the drawing room. In a more intimate position than sitting face to face, Kate said nothing for a moment.

    "Kate, do you know how to handle swords?"

    "Swords? No. I don't know."

    But I know how to make swords and what kinds of them. Because of Bismarck's education. When Kate said that, her Ian nodded her head.

    "Give me your hand."

    Kate's hand went over Ian's hand. It is a rougher hand than the young ladies who grew up precious because of her working as a maid.

    Ahn smiled and swept Kate's hand. She wasn't very fine with her hands, but she was so good.

    “Next time, I'll bring you a nice sword.”

    Kate bit her mouth as she tried to say she didn't need it. Even if she doesn't, she thinks that she should carry her dagger in her arms for self-defense. She regretted that she was going to have a sword when she last traveled.

    “Shall I learn some of her sword?” she raised one eyebrow of her Ian to Kate's question.

    "Want to learn?"

    "You better know how to handle it I think. "

    "Okay. Then I will tell you how to catch it next time. "

    There are a lot of women among knights and mercenaries. Just by looking at one of the five mercenaries protecting Kate is a woman. Ian held Kate's little hand firmly.

    "Is she sure she was aiming for the child?"

    Bismarck was talking with Carl in the room. A low voice went between Bismarck sitting on the sofa and the sword standing next to him.

    "It is said that he saw mercenaries following the lady. Breathe in the girl's throat, take a chance to hurt her girl looks like a glimpse."

    Carl tried to say he was trying to take the girl's life, but he quickly corrected it. He was worried that using too radical words would shock Bismarck. Fortunately, Bismarck wasn't shocked for that reason.

    "There wasn't much like this." Bismarck lamented.

    There are some people who tried to kill my Frie, but most of them were drunk or grim. The purpose of using magic was to get my Frie's favor for marriage or business, even with magic. I was part.

    No one tried to kill a person in the Hogan family until the building was destroyed using magic.

    "My lady is said to be someone I knew when she was in Alana Dale."

    "Did you lose any grudges?"

    "It doesn't seem like that. It's the son of Baron Dale, the lord of Alana Dale. The lady was working,"

    "I know, I know."

    "You mean a fallen male writer. Didn't you say that all the people in the family were executed?"

    "With daughters married to other families, there is a ruined son left. The person who attacked the girl this time is the son who ran away.

    "Why did the guy who ran away attacked Kate?"

    Well. Carl didn't know what to say, so he bit all his mouth. I don't know why. There's also some gossiping, but he didn't know what to say to Bismarck.

    "Did he do what he did to die?"

    "That's absolutely not!" Carl said in a reflexive manner.

    It's absolutely not true that Kate did something mortal. Even so, Mike's behavior is unforgivable.

    It's an act, but before that, Kate isn't someone who's doing something that deserves the threat of murder by someone.

    He sighed and talked. “I think I was jealous, because in an instant, the positions of the lady and the killer changed.”

    Mike, a nobleman, quickly became a fugitive from the fallen family, and Kate, his maid, became the successor of the Hogan.

    Bismarck asked as he stroked his chin with blemishes. "What do you think. Wouldn't it be better not to have Kate as her successor?"

    "That's what I will decide,"

    "Oh, I know. I know. You're just asking."

    Carl was also grim and thoughtful. As he said, this is not a matter for him to judge.

    The future of the Hogan family is up to Bismarck, but he said cautiously. “I think Lady Kate is okay as a successor.”


    "He's sincere and trying to learn. He's also smart. But,"


    "Hmm, I am weak in mind." Oh, right.

    Bismarck nodded his head. Kate is weak in her heart.

    To be precise, it is weak against strong. People you know, friends, and family. I am attracted to those things. Even if he remained in the capital saying he would meet Bismarck. And even though they do not want the property of the Hogan family, they remain there because of Bismarck. So too did she start her social work to rehabilitate the women she saved.

    “I trust people so much,” Bismarck said in an unpleasant tone.

    What if you are smart and sincere I believe in people so easily. He was judging his granddaughter quite objectively. I don’t have Kate as her successor.

    It would be nice, but he was reluctant to tell her that he would not take her as a successor. If he says he won't make it her successor, maybe she's leaving Kate. She said she wasn't Kate, but she can't believe it.

    She said, "If I don't make it her successor, will she leave?"

    She wants the wealth of the dead Geoffrey and the insane Esmeral Dado Hoguna, but she spit in her mouth and she lied. Of course, I said it because I knew that there was only one heir to Jeffrey, so even if I said so, I knew that Bismarck would make him the successor. Then Kate is like that too would it be?

    Beyond wanting to have her Kate by her side, Bismarck had a fear that she might leave if he didn't make it her successor.

    "It won't be," Carl said seriously to Bismarck's true intentions popping out.

    "He likes the master. He's a good man."

    Kate became a good man just because she liked Bismarck. Carl quickly coughed and said again when he looked at what Bismarck was talking about.

    "Besides, if you marry Sir En, the capital will stay on. Because there is a separate count of Roen."

    I didn't tell anyone, but Bismarck was afraid to be left alone. The memory of being locked up in a small room, the fear that no one knows if he dies as it is. The hogan business is different for Muella and Kate.

    Thought it might be better for someone to take over, the fear kept Kate tied up under the name of a successor.

    Ian Roen. Bismarck asked about Ian, who was reminded of the knife. "How about Sir Roen?"

    "He doesn't really believe in people. They'll be a good match."

    "Not that, that, that. What's that."

    When Bismarck beckoned to see if he couldn't remember the word, Carl spoke instead.

    "If it's a fake, it's still being talked about."

    "Ah, you're good."

    I'll give it to you quickly. Bismarck, who grumbled so much, thought that he would rather lobby himself. How about making a noble wife instead of handing over the hogan business? Granddaughter and people who trust people too much unbelieving grandfather. Carl thought that Kate and Bismarck would fit as well as Ian and Kate. And I hoped that Kate could melt Bismarck's heart.


    “Hey,” someone woke him up by kicking the dormant guard's foot.

    The guard, who got up in amazement at the fact that the boss had come down, was confused when he realized that the man in front of him was not the boss. It's a familiar face, but I can't remember who it is. At least he must be involved. He bowed and thought.

    No one can enter the dungeon. To come in here means to be involved.

    "Well, what's going on? The prisoners are watching."

    "That's okay, more than that," the man reached out.

    The guard naturally thought that he was one of the new bosses at the man's looking down.

    "Send this to Hogan's mansion."

    "What? Hogan's mansion?"

    It was the cufflinks. It got old and dirty, but I would have bought it pretty expensive.

    "Why do this,"

    "It's a memento. Send it to Hogan's mansion."

    You mean a memento, who? The moment he thought so, the guard opened his eyes. He realized he was sitting in a chair and jumped up.


    What have I been doing so far? Did you ever have a dream? But it was too vivid to be called a dream. Looking around, he soon noticed a pair of shiny cufflinks on the table. It wasn't a dream.

    “What is it?” the guard tilted his head and looked at the exit door, but the door was still firmly closed.

    It looks like it wasn't a dream. He thought so and returned to his place.

    “Is it a memento?” he asked to be sent to Hogan's mansion.

    It is clear that someone has died when it comes to keepsakes. The guard headed into the prison.

    Few people have been imprisoned. He confirms that each one is alive and stops in front of the most recent prisoner's prison.

    "Damn it."

    The most recent prisoner was lying down. I don’t have to go in and check, he could see that he was dead from his empty eyes.

    The guard ran out as it was.

    "Dale is dead?" asked Kate, the guard nodded.

    It was two days after the discovery of Mike Dale's body that he came to Hogan mansion with cufflinks.

    “Has the sentence been executed already?”

    He heard that Ian was going to be executed, but he did not know that the sentence would be decided and executed so quickly. The guard said cautiously, curling his head.

    "Oh, no. I was not the death penalty, I died suddenly."

    "Are you serious? Could it be because of a wound?"

    Was the wound aggravated by the attack of the mercenaries and died? It was the first thought that came to Kate's mind, but the guard shook his head.

    "It's not because of the wounds. Sometimes that's the case. The prisoner who used magic without fear is also dead in the prison the next day."

    I see. Kate nodded her head and looked at the cufflinks the guard had placed on the table.

    "By the way, why are you giving me this?"

    "It's a memento. When the prisoner dies, the leftovers are sent to the family. Dale told me to send it to Hogan's mansion."

    To this house? Kate's eyes were round.

    "I am not Dale and his family."

    “Suspicious, that. There are cases where prisoners without family leave what they are left over to acquaintances, and yes.”

    As the jailer said, it is not unusual. But Kate is neither a loved one nor a friend.

    He is a person who resents and hates him. Is it a feeling of guilt? Kate tilted her head.

    “Okay, thank you for bringing me.”

    Kate laughed bitterly as she saw the jailer not going out.

    I've brought it all the way here, so I guess you're asking for the errand price. In fact, they aim for this and deliver mementos.

    She's not very useless to her, but Kate told Carl to give her some money.
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    Hi, anyone can tell me..what are they doing at manhwa chp 162 ?do they do "that"? because I can't read it

    Sorry i mean chp 138
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    do u have the last ch of the novel ?
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    "What should we do with this?"

    Carl asked when the guard left. Kate's gaze again turned to the cufflinks on the table. They had been expensive when they were bought, but were now worn and dirty. Why on earth did I send this to her?

    There's nothing memorable. Kate didn't like Mike very much in Alanadale. Having gained popularity among women for being the son of a rural baron and being rich and likable in appearance, he was condescending and frivolous.

    He would always go around and gamble or drink with people, and then come back late in the morning and wake up in the afternoon.

    There weren’t any good memories left between Mike and the cufflinks.

    "If it's a keepsake of someone who you have no good memories of, why don't you just throw it away?"

    Kate nodded slowly at Carl's suggestion. She didn't know why he gave it to her, but she didn't want to have it or give it to anyone. She said, standing up without touching the cuff button.

    “It would be better to burn it.”

    "I see"

    Carl picked up the cufflinks and threw them into the stove. The flames, which had briefly risen, returned to their original state. But the cufflinks had already completed its mission.

    "What are we going to do today?"

    At Carl's question, Kate recalled her plans for the day. In the morning she had agreed to meet with Evaniel's West Shopping Street representative. The goal of the meeting was to determine the price of goods such as weapons and spices brought into trade. And for lunch,

    “Duke Evans said he was coming, right?”

    "Yeah. The master invited him.”

    “Do you know why my grandfather invited the Duke?”

    Carl hesitated for a moment at Kate's question. He knew why Bismarck invited Duke Evans to a meal. He was actually invited to dinner, but the Duke Evans cleverly refused, saying he would be busy over dinner, and suggested that he would like to have lunch instead.

    If you have lunch, you can escape by saying you have appointments in the afternoon. If Bismarck is going to ask a difficult favor, he would run away.

    Carl pondered for a moment, then he said frank.

    "I think the Lord will ask for you and Lord Roen."

    “Me and Ian? To the Duke Evans?”

    “Did you know that there is a rumor that the royal palace will give a title to Lord Loen, right?”

    She knew. Kate nodded. Because he killed the witch and caught Jeffrey's illegal prostitution and gambling.

    “I think the master will tell him it is okay to give the title to Lord Loen.”

    Kate tilted her head for a moment and asked because she couldn't understand.

    “Carl, are you saying that Ian was not given the title because the palace out of concern for House Hogan?"

    Carl nodded without answering. Yes, could it be? Ian's capture of the witch and finding Geoffrey's illegal activities is certainly to be rewarded, but Geoffrey was the heir of the Hogan family.

    Even in the first gambling case, Ian was deprived of his position as an investigator because of powerful people involved. It wasn’t hard to imagine that there may be some in the royal palace who are wary of Hogan who would hesitate to award Ian for deeply digging into Hogan’s successor's faults.


    “Doesn’t the royal palace know of the relationship between me and Ian?”

    "They do."

    Carl nodded and said.

    "But you're not the heir. In the palace, they’re considering which side to stand on, the lady or the master."

    Ah. A light moan emanated from Kate's mouth. It can look like that. She is a woman who has not yet been decided as a successor, and a seemingly healthy family. If you are not a member of the Hogan family, it is natural to think about which side to stand on.

    If you simply think about it, Kate is the only person who could succeed the Hogan family, so they may want to be on her side, but Bismarck does not recognize her as her successor, even after acknowledging Kate as his granddaughter. He continued to teach her as a substitute, but there was still time to name another successor and teach them. Why doesn't he just let her work without recognizing her as his successor? She had no choice but to ask.


    Even Bismarck was polite to the Duke of Evans. He was the first in line to the throne. If the current king dies, he is most likely to become the next king. And the current king was weak and had no heirs.

    Edward bowed his head lightly to Bismarck and turned to Kate. Kate was greeting him on behalf of the sitting Bismarck.

    "Long time no see."

    "Long time no see."

    Edward sat down with a smile. He thought it was fun. He whispered to Kate.

    "It's all the more nice to meet you here."

    What did he mean? Kate's eyes are round. Recognizing that her expression did not understand what she was saying, Edwards added with a grin.

    “I remember when Sir Rainforest asked me to recognize Miss Smith as a person from the Hogan family. I wished it would go well, but I’m glad it did.”

    Kate's face became soft. She grinned and thanked him then said her late greetings. She knew that Enoch pressured Esmeralda to recognize her as a part of the Hogan family. He was also told that he had to obtain consent from many aristocrats. Edward was obliquely telling her that he consented.

    "I heard there's no food you don't like, so I prepared what my chef does best."

    Bismarck intervened, glum and vainly. Contrary to his belief, Kate and Edward knew each other and even seemed close.

    What? Bismarck was lost in thought, alternating between Edward and Kate as the meal began to appear. Edward seems to have interest in Kate, and Kate doesn't seem to hate Edward either. Then wouldn't the Duke of Evans be better than Lord Roen?

    No, no. Bismarck shook his head. Although the Duke Evans is coveted, the Duchess position will be difficult for Kate. His granddaughter, who is too trusting of people, will likely find it difficult to endure such a political position. At least if Edward loved Kate, she would endure with love, but in his opinion, Edward's feelings were the kind for a pretty woman, and it was likely that he was polite towards the woman who would become her cousin's wife.

    “Is your meal okay?”

    Bismarck, having finished calculating quickly, asked Edward, who was talking to Kate about Ian. He wished Lord Roen were a Count.

    "Yeah. It's very delicious. You have a great cook.”

    "Haha. Come visit often. If she gets married soon, I'll be the only one."

    “Oh, is Miss Smith going to Loen Street?”

    Kate's eyes were round again. She quickly returned to her original expression, but Edward realized it was the first time she had heard of it.

    “Wouldn’t it be good. Even to that child.”

    What did he mean? Kate quickly tore the bread and put it in her mouth to resist screaming. Did he think it would be good for her to marry and leave this house, when the successor had not been decided?

    She has a lot to question, but she endured. It was no good telling her grandfather in front of Edward what she was thinking. Instead, asked Edward.

    "Is that right? I thought differently because I heard rumors that Miss Smith was acting as a substitute."

    Edward's gaze was on Kate. He continued as he saw her chewing slowly on the food to keep from needing to respond.

    “Other people would have thought similarly to me.”

    At this rate, he was suggesting that Kate is not capable and rumors will circulate that Bismarck has abandoned her and found another successor. Bismarck did not change his countenance, but Kate quickly bowed her head quickly.

    “Do you think she can lead House Hogan?”

    "I do not know."

    There was a tension that would crackle if touched. Kate put down the tableware because she felt sick. She was having lunch with the Duke of Evans and her grandfather. She was worried that Duke Evans and his grandfather's lunch would be awkward, but she didn't know this would happen. She thought she needed to break the tension, but she didn’t know how.

    Edward took a sip of water and spoke again.

    “I think Miss Smith is capable. Because she is a smart and sincere person.”

    “But she still has a young and naive side.”

    Bismarck and Edward were talking as if Kate wasn't here. Eventually Kate, who couldn't stand it, opened her mouth.

    "I'm sorry, both of you, but I'm still breathing here."

    She's going to suffocate soon. As she muttered her words that wouldn’t come out any louder, she held up a glass of water to quench her burning throat.

    “This is a great excuse. Of course, I know Miss Smith is there.”

    Edward smiled and changed the subject pleasantly.

    "If you don't mind, please come to see Rosemary sometime. She's very bored these days because Miss Smith is busy."

    "Oh, of course. Of course."

    She was so busy that she forgot about Rosemary. Kate nodded quickly. She also got some help from Rosemary. She is a little peculiar, but a good friend.

    Then Bismarck intervened.

    "Are you Miss Rosemary's brother?"

    "Oh, no. Miss Rosemary is the Duke's,"

    Edward blurted out before Kate could say they were engaged.

    “She is a distant cousin.”

    What? Kate looked at Edward unconsciously. Cousin? You said she was your fiancee? A distant cousin and fiancee? Maybe he hasn't announced his engagement yet. Like her relationship with Ian. Kate kept her mouth shut.

    "You're a distant relative, but you care so much, so you must be a caring cousin."

    Edward grinned at Bismarck's words.

    "Yes. She is very cherished.”

    “I envy that girl. She’ll be sure to be married into a good family, right?"

    Kate directed her surprised look at the salad in front of her to keep her eyes from turning toward Edward. Rosemary will marry a very nice family. Duke Evans.

    "Yeah. I really hope so.”

    At Edward's words, Bismarck said with a bleak and serious look.

    Our Kate? Kate opened her eyes wide, amazed at her title Bismarck referred to her, and Edward opened his eyes wide, amazed at the words of marriage to a good family.

    “I know Miss Smith is promised to marry Sir Loen. Wasn't it?”

    “Oh, of course I'm not going to marry her to Sir Loen. Sir Loen has no title as the bastard of Count Loen, right? I'm worried about my one and only granddaughter.”

    Lies. Kate fell into tears. Maybe Bismarck is serious, too. Maybe he's just saying that out of concern.

    She recalled a story with Carl this morning. Ian said he wanted to talk to Duke Evans about being titled.

    Not only does he want to be in-laws with at least a Count, but he may be genuinely concerned about Kate. Bismarck's expression of Ian is harsh but true. Kate breathed out and calmed herself down.

    "I see. I understand that concern."

    Edward nodded and lifted the glass of water. As he expected, Bismarck had something to ask of him for dinner. The request was about Ian's title.

    He smiled. He seems a little greedy, but it's okay.

    "You don't have to worry. Lord Loen will soon be titled. Your Majesty has made his decision."

    “Really?”' asked Kate before Bismarck could respond. She was looking at Edward in surprise. He continued with a grin.

    "Yes, Ian's title and estate have decided. Of course, if Miss Smith stays in House Hogan, she'll have a relationship with me too. I can see about bettering Ian’s position as appropriate.”

    At Edward's words, Bismarck was struck, and then quickly fixed his expression. Edwards said he would push for Ian to receive a better title if he were to hand over the Hogan to Kate.

    However, he had already told Kate earlier that he might not hand over the family to her. To now change his mind, Bismarck would look ridiculous.

    Looking at him, unable to respond and speak, Edward smiled inwardly and opened his mouth again.

    "Oh, even the titles prepared right now won't be awarded right away, because a little bit of trouble has arisen."

    "What do you mean, trouble?"

    “Oh, it has nothing to do with Ian or Hogan. No, maybe there is.”

    He cleared his throat and spoke again.

    “Because a saint has appeared.”

    Saint? There was a moment of silence in the restaurant. Saint, it was such a surprise that both Bismarck and Kate were speechless.

    “A saint, a confirmed saint?”

    Bismarck broke the silence and asked. That can't be right. Edward shook his head and said.

    “No, I have to check.”

    So he was saying maybe not. No, it is highly likely not. Kate opened her mouth in surprise and Edward grinned. Muella, the country of power, was also known as the country of saints. As it is named after Saint Muella, a founding warrior, the number of saints is higher than that of other countries.

    However, it was tricky as there are many fake appearances that call themselves saints. There is even a separate committee to verify saints.
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    either a saint...or a very good witch!
    ...or maybe some of those magical artifacts again
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    I'm glad everyone's enjoying it!

    Edward gets weirder and Gideon comes out in Kate's defense.

    “What if she is a real saint?”

    Edward responded calmly to Kate's question.

    “If she is identified as a saint, that saint must marry into the royal family. Naturally, the family of the saint will have a lot of power.”

    You say it as if marrying a royal family is a bad thing. As if he read Bismarck's thoughts, Edward said.

    “There are people who only see the advantages and try to pass themselves off as saints. Not surprising. They appear every few years.”

    Every few years? Kate opened her mouth in surprise. She didn't know because she hadn’t been in the capital long, but a fake saint appeared a few years ago. She admitted to being fake before they had to brand her.

    But even just because she admitted to being fake did not mean the entire situation was dropped. Even if she wasn't a saint, they had to investigate any incidents that led to her nomination. It is also the investigator who conducts the investigation at this time.

    "How has he been lately, His Majesty? I couldn't even come to see him because of my health."

    Thanks to Bismarck's turn, the story took a different turn. Edward talked lightly about how his cousin, the king, was doing.

    “We met and had lunch a few days ago, and as always, he seemed to be busy.”

    Ian probably knows about the saint, but he probably hasn't told Kate. Edward thought it was a wise decision. There was little cause to scare Kate by telling her such a story. He also wouldn't have told Kate this if he didn't need to.

    “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

    After eating, Edward stood up and asked Kate quietly. She looked at Edward and turned to Bismarck, wondering what was going on.

    “Grandfather, I will return after seeing Duke Evans off.”

    After Bismarck nodded, Kate left the restaurant with Edward. She asked the butler to see to her grandfather. In the hallway, with only the two of them, Edward walked slowly along Kate and asked quietly.

    “Have you heard what punishment would be if she was found out not to be a saint?”

    Yes. Kate nodded with a grim look, not knowing what he was going to say. She was told the fake saint will be deported to the periphery with a brand on their forehead.

    Edward looked around to make sure no one was listening, and he lowered his voice even further.

    "But on the contrary, if you're recognized as a saint, there’s a lot of benefits. The right to speak cannot be ignored in the palace because she is supported by the people. The power of her family will also be stronger."

    By the way? Kate tilted her head as she couldn't figure out why he was telling her this. At her expression, Edward bent to look at her eye to eye and asked.

    "Miss Smith, let me ask you this once."


    "Do you have any thoughts of becoming a saint?"

    There was silence. Kate remained stiff as she had been waiting for Edward's words. What did she hear? Soon after, a confused expression appeared on her face.

    "What? What, what are you thinking?"

    Her, thinking of becoming a saint Is that what he thought? Kate opened her mouth because she couldn't understand. What is this man talking about?

    Edward was staring at Kate's surprised face. Obviously, as Bismarck said, she is naive. He asked just in case, but she's too naive to be mobilized for something like this.

    But it would be better than Rosemary. He said with a sigh.

    “I told you that a woman identified as a saint marries a royal family, right?”


    "It's not much of an advantage or treatment. It's just an excuse to keep her tied up with the royal family."

    In the land of magic and in the kingdom of power, the reason why the king did not lose the people's support to the archmage or sword master was because the saint was on the king's side. Edward, the founding king, who loved St. Murella, released her, but his successors did not.

    Worried that the support of the people would be divided into a saint and the king, they eventually came up with a shackles that seemed like a reward to marry the saint to they royal family.

    "But on the contrary, what about a married saint?"

    Kate's eyes widened. She’d never even thought about it. Has the married saint ever existed?

    "I do not know. Until now, all the saints,”

    "Yeah, they were single.”

    Even if she was married, she became single. He smiled bitterly at the thought of a story he couldn't bring himself to tell.

    “However, there have been constant attempts to make married women a saint. Like now.”

    That means that the woman this new saint is a married woman. Kate bit her lip, not knowing what Edward was trying to say.

    “The opposition of His Majesty the king is honoring the saint. In order to bring the forces to their side. The current king's health is poor and he has no heirs.”

    The people love the saints. The opposition were happy to make use of her until she turned out to be fake. She then cuts off her tail when it turns out she's a fake. Edward figured he could play the same game.

    “Of course, I am not trying to make Miss Smith a real saint. If the saint over there is a saint, I would argue that Miss Smith is also a saint. So you're not going to be identified as a saint, and you're not going to be branded and deported for being fake."


    "Yeah. But you will have to move politically.”

    Kate bit her mouth not knowing what to say. She understood Edward's will. He must be asking for her help. She hesitated, then she asked.

    “But why are you asking me for such a ploy?”

    “Behind Miss Smith, there is Hogan. Besides, Sir Loen will be married soon.”

    Because she has wealth and is the woman who will marry into Loen, close to Edward. Kate nodded, understanding why he had asked her.

    “If it goes well, I will pay a high price for your help. However,"

    Edward bite his lip for a while and then again.

    “I'm not going to lie. You have to move politically and it can be dangerous. In the worst case, I cannot say that there is no possibility of being branded and deported from the capital.”

    But if she succeeds, Kate becomes a real saint. In that sense, she looked at Edward for a moment and shook her head.

    "I'm sorry. I will refuse.”

    “Is it rejection?”

    "Yeah. I can't.”

    "For Ian or for House Hogan? Or is it for yourself, Miss Smith?"


    In the event of failure, it is impossible to imagine the damage to House Loen and House Hogan. Not only if she's found out to be a witch.

    Kate opened her mouth again.

    “Does my refusal damage this house or House Loen?”

    "No, it doesn’t. I was actually going to try to make Rosemary the saint.”

    Edward made a smile of unknown meaning. Rosemary? Kate tried to ask if she was okay. Other than that, it was Rosemary’s decision. It's not her job to intervene.

    “But Rosemary doesn't have a base. I wondered if Miss Smith, who was more firm, would be better.”

    It's not much, but it's also quite an important reason. Kate took a step back thinking Edward was a scarier person than she thought.

    Edward smiled bitterly at the sight and raised his hand. He knew what she's thinking now. But it can't be helped.


    "Hey, is the guest gone?"

    In the hallway returning from seeing Edward off, Kate encountered Gideon. There aren't many men who were her height. Kate realized she didn't have to raise her head and smiled.

    "Yeah. It would have been nice if we had eaten together.”

    “Oh, it’s fine. You said this one was royalty? You get indigestion while eating with such troublesome creatures.”

    No way. Kate said nothing about this morning, where she had seen Gideon devouring a huge amount of scrambled eggs and bacon. And beer.

    Thanks to Gideon, who drinks beer at every meal, the Hogan house bought a huge amount of beer for the first time. There were only one or two servants that drank beer in this house. They had to buy it at their own expense.

    “Do you need anything?”

    Edward, Kate and Bismarck ate on the same menu as Gideon during lunch. She didn't think he was running around because of hunger, and Kate asked what was going on.

    "I need to talk to Bismarck."

    It means waiting for the guest to go. Kate nodded her head and walked ahead into Bismarck's room.

    "I'll have him bring the car. Beer, too."

    Kate knocked on the door in front of Bismarck's door and said. Gideon said with a look of awkwardness.

    "It's nothing much, but I think I'm going back."


    Kate's head swung back as soon as the door opened. Go back. Go? She cried out to Bismarck, forgetting to tell him Gideon had something to say for a moment.

    "What do you mean, go?"

    Bismarck also held out his head at the sound. Gideon was embarrassed by Kate's reaction and wiped his head.

    “I was able to see him after such a long time, and I met the young lady, so I’m going to go now.”

    "What? Are you just going to go?"

    Bismarck was more surprised than Kate was. Kate scurried up to Bismarck when he almost fell while trying to get up in an uncomfortable state.

    "Are you all right, Grandpa?"

    “Oh, put it away.”

    It's embarrassing to show off your uncomfortable body in front of someone. Bismarck was furious with Kate, the innocent. He ignored her, tapping the hand Kate was using to prop him up.

    Kate's face glowed with embarrassment.. Gideon, seeing it, approached her, clicking his tongue.

    "How much more time do I need to spend watching you scold your granddaughter?"

    What? Bismarck's face distorted. Gideon took Kate's hand and said, pulling her behind him.

    “You are old.”

    "My age,"

    Gideon stretched out his thick hand, how old you are! Then how old am I! He stopped himself from shouting at Bismarck. He knew how old he was, and how old Gideon was.There was no use talking about it.

    “I saw it all the time while coming here. Now what the hell are you doing? Are you senile?”


    At Gideon's sudden cry, Bismarck was amazed and opened his eyes wide. What is this dwarf trying to say?

    “What are you going to get from bothering your only granddaughter, and if you're going to give it to her, give it to her quickly. You make her work without giving her anything. Is there anything that gives you the right to be the grandfather to push her around?”

    “What a thing to say! She eats and sleeps in this house! She is my granddaughter and she will listen to me, what rights does she have,”

    “Oh, I know!”

    The table whacked by Gideon collapsed with a loud bang. Oh dear. Servants ran from the lower floors while Kate hurriedly grabbed the table so that it wouldn't roll towards Bismarck.

    "Yeah. Let me be frank with you. Did your granddaughter come here because she was starving on the street? This girl doesn’t even need you, no, wouldn’t she be better off without you?”

    “Did that dress fall from the sky?”

    "Oh, a nobleman waited for his second son hanging on his neck!" [t/n: This seems to refer to Ian’s situation waiting for his title, but I can’t figure out how]

    Bismarck closed his mouth with a disapproving look and Kate's face heated up again.

    Hanging on and waiting, that's the least fitting metaphor for Ian, but it's also true. Kate stopped the servants from coming in. She didn’t know how much more dirty laundry would be aired now.

    “A man must have a conscience! Pamper your granddaughter and fulfil her one request?”

    “What favor? Wait, did she tell you?”

    “You don't have to say it! Everyone in this house knows! When did you become so petty?”

    "When did you get soft?"

    The fight between the two has become a fire, but it seems to be personal. Kate went outside and closed the door.

    “You’ve used up her goodwill with the excuse of being her grandfather, how about giving her some money? Can't you do that for a granddaughter as a man who only has lots of money?”

    “I have to see if any more show up.”

    "Oh, yeah, you didn’t know she existed, so who knows how many more may be out there? So, since you have several friends, you threw them away when you didn't need them, and now you're in touch?"

    Look, look at this. Kate sighed as she put her ear to the door and looked inside. Finally, the story went to the relationship between Gideon and Bismarck. The two need to talk a little more. She waved her hand at the servants and mercenaries asking what was going on.

    “There are some disputes between these two. I think we need to give them time to talk.”

    “Then we will go down. Call me when it’s time for tea.”

    As the servants went down, the mercenaries looked at Eugene to ask if they would be needed. I don't think that's going to happen. Eugene looked at Kate and looked at her men, then she sighed, she said.

    “You go down. I will be here.”

    "It's okay. If I need someone I will call,”

    “It takes time for someone to run.”
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    Because it was winter, the day quickly asked me. Under the gray sky, the rest of the earth was bare. A woman's blonde hair fluttered along the narrow mound road.

    She, who was closer to a girl than a woman, moved as fast as a squirrel and arrived in front of a small building made of blackish stone.

    The pattern of the Hogan family was engraved in large door which was firmly closed. It is the tomb of Hogan family. In the tomb of a wealthy family, the clothes and accessories that were worn are put inside the coffin with the dead. The door to the tomb was sturdy and difficult to open to prevent the robbers who were aiming for it.

    It's almost impossible to open a woman alone, but fortunately she wasn't interested in the tomb. Her interest is the tombstone standing outside the tomb. When a person in the Hogan family dies, the body is placed in the tomb and a tombstone is erected outside the tomb. She strides toward the side where the two tombstones stand side by side.

    "I'm here.”

    The woman muttered quietly as she stroked the tombstone with her hand. As a monument to the state of head, it is a little bigger and more colorful than other monuments. The monument to the right of that is that of head's spouse.

    Someday if I die too, I will build a tombstone alongside my husband. The girl thought so and laughed. Because of the cold weather, there were no flowers. No matter how Hogan goes, we are young to put abundant flowers in this cold every day. Just having a few flowers every day is great, but it's a shame. She is her favorite. The girl looked around and put her hands on her tombstone.

    Slowly, the air began to sway around the woman. The cool air heated up lukewarm, then hooked and warmed. Seemed to be with him, a sprout popped out over the cold tombstone.

    The man waiting for the woman at the entrance to the tomb downstairs felt the warm air and raised his head.

    "No way."

    As soon as the man started running, a flower blossomed from the stone monument that the woman was wearing. Flowers began to surround the tombstone, as if exploding. When he was good too, the tombstone was already filled with flowers, so that the carved letters were not visible

    “Katya!” shouted the man.

    Katya looked back in amazement and, then looked at the man and laughed bashfully.

    In an instant, the warm air cooled down, but the flowers that filled the tombstone still remained. “It's dangerous,” said the man, and Katya shrugged her shoulders.

    She looked around and said. "No one has seen it."

    "I saw it."

    “You're okay,” Katya's eyes curled.

    She's okay. At the very least, the man complained, but his anger subsided.

    "Don't do that again," he said, "don't use magic."

    Since I was young, I've heard such stories countless times. She said she knew every time, but she wrote if she wanted to. So, again, Katya said without feeling guilty.

    “I knew it.”

    Over the past few decades, the country's attitude toward magic has eased a lot. The number of sorcerers in the royal palace increased, and although the level was low, some people called themselves as sorcerers. The knowledge of magic is also high for the private sector.

    It wasn't the standard, but it was spreading to other countries, but that's the commonal period. Nobles acknowledge the existence of sorcerers and are learning magical knowledge, but they are only at the level of liberal arts.

    It wasn't eager to see a professional wizard between them.

    If it turns out that Katya Hogan is a witch in that state, it would never make good rumors. The man thought so and looked around.

    Because it is the site of the Hogan family, no outsiders are allowed to enter. In particular, this is a family grave. He made sure that no one else was there and sighed.

    I heard that there is one more witch of the Hogan family besides Katya. She said that she is an atypical hereditary. He looked at the tombstone of the man who gave her the temperament of her witch.

    “I did it because I went inside.”

    Even with a light bruise, Katya didn't mind.

    She said, frowning her nose. "What are you doing? There's nothing there."

    She thought, "Oh."

    Did she say she had no body inside the tomb. He ran through the flowers with his hand and read the veiled letters.

    "Kate Hogan. Hogan is the 2nd head."

    There were several head candidates between Bismarck and Kate, the 1st head. But in the end, a woman named Kate became the head.

    The man mumbled, recalling the story that she was able to do it because Hogan was not in an unmanned family. "There must have been a lot of opposition in that era."

    “Well, I heard that.”

    Most of the noble families are headed by a man who can receive the title. However, even though there are men who receive the title, Kate Hogan became the house. The story of the nobles protesting the news that Kate, not Count Hogan, Ian, became a state is still an exciting story.

    “There was an idiot who asked for a duel because he couldn’t understand.”

    The man laughed as if he was absurd.

    “No way could have accepted a duel in Hogan.”

    "No, I accepted it.”

    "The Countess?”

    “No, no.”

    Katiya raised her index finger and shook, then smiled and said, “Grandfather did.”

    "Count Ian Hogan?”

    The man's eyes widened. No one else and Count Ian Hogan responded to the duel?

    "Wait, isn't that strange?”

    “Yes,” Katya was still smiling.

    The nobles filed a duel to hand over the house of Hogan to Count Ian Hogan, but Ian Hogan was the one who fought that Count Ian Hogan couldn't give it, so it's a funny house.

    "It's not what the Countess ordered.”

    The man fainted, recalling Kate in his memory. Countess Kate Hogan, who remained in his memory, was a small, always smiling woman. His gaze turned to Katya.

    She looks like… No, she doesn't. They don’t look alike, but if you choose the closest descendant, you will choose Katya.

    "They were caught in a duel while secretly fighting with her grandmother, and she was taken to King Peha and scolded.”

    That's really, it's hard to say. Katya laughed instead of the man who couldn't laugh. She screamed.

    "Do you know what's more interesting? It's a fight of nobles, so the investigator should investigate? But the chief of the investigator is,”

    "It's Count Hogan.”

    The man's expression was distorted. I know the story. He heard him too. He expressed condolences to his grandfather, who had to interrogate his boss for his swearing. No, maybe his grandfather had fun.

    Count Ian Hogan is by no means a comfortable opponent. Even with age, his sturdy physique and coercive atmosphere were still there.

    However, it is a secret that Evaniel does not know that such a man was sick of such a small countess. Everyone said that Kate Hogan was actually hiding her tremendous sword skills.

    "Your beauty is inherited from her grandmother.”

    "What? Beautiful?"

    The man didn't raise a single eyebrow while watching Katya put her hands under her chin to make a calyx.

    "Yes. He said you inherited her beauty.”

    "Ah, really.”

    I said let's laugh, but I heard this kind of reaction. Katya's face turned red. She said with a sulky expression to hide her shame.

    "It's a lie. Grandmother was a great beauty. She said that the men she wooed were endless.”

    There's a lot of fishy things about her being a great beauty. However, there are rumors among people that Countess Kate Hogan said she was a great beauty when she was young. This is because there were testimonies that Count Hogan loved so much that they never ceased to follow after marriage. People who see her portrait or actually meet her are the modifiers to tilt her head, but it is rumored to be the countess of Kate Hogan and the housekeeper of the Hogan family as a tremendous beauty.

    Katya, who grew up being told that she was similar to her grandmother from a young age, thought that one day she would be a great beauty too. But she was a little pretty.

    "You are popular too."

    The man who had said so far made a strange expression. Yesterday, several flowers arrived from the investigation department.

    "It's because of the family.”

    Katya again took a sulky look.

    Hogan, who had accumulated wealth through the military business, worked on other businesses at Kate Hogan University. It took over all three newspapers in Muela and started a business that is a great reader for people.

    Those who initially said they were doing useless things realized what Hoganga had been dealing with after a few years. All the information going around in Muela was in the hands of the Hogan family.

    "No way. “

    The man stopped trying to reach out to Katya without knowing it.

    Katya is a beautiful woman. She tends to be a little more confident, like a rich lady, but he thought it was more lovely. Unfortunately, however, many of her strengths are overshadowed by the wealth of her family.

    As soon as he got into the ranks of nobles, the Hogan family became a tycoon that no one could touch. There wasn't even that common trend. The reason was the same reason Katya Hogan, only 17 years old, couldn't touch anyone in the social world. It is in the hands of the Hogan family how all the scandals in the social world break out.

    As Kate Hogan became the head, the Hogan family, which was supposed to collapse, became a more solid kingdom.

    "Come on, Jeremy.”

    Katya turned away from the man, she said. She has to go back. The tomb of the Hogan family is slightly off the Hogan mansion. The man asked as he walked toward the carriage that was stopped at the entrance of the way up.

    "But why is the coffin empty?”

    "Huh? Didn't you hear the story?"

    Her way was slippery, Jeremy nodded his head and reached out his hand. Count Hogan had a funeral at one o'clock one day. It was an enormous funeral. There were also many people who were sad.

    "Because she didn’t die.”

    Katya said with a smile. Didn't she die? Jeremy looked confused because he couldn't understand.

    "You attended the funeral, right?”

    As she said, Katya sat with him at the funeral of the Count Hogans.

    "Because people believe they are dead.”

    Jeremy's face was distorted at more and more incomprehensible words. Katya grinned and she said. "Grandmother was sick, so she called the doctor?”

    The man nodded. I remember. It was when rumors spread that Countess Kate Hogan wasn't in good shape. She had already stepped back from the front line and her son was leading the Hogan business. Her sons were in charge of the four newspapers.

    It wasn't really any disease. The original Countess Hogan sometimes said she wasn't feeling well, and she said she wasn't feeling well for a few days, but she soon showed up after a few days.

    But she was different then. She was visited by the doctors she wanted, but they had no way other than prescribing good food and medicine. Eventually, with the saying that tonight is the day, Hogan's mansion quickly became a portrait house.

    "Because until then, grandfather didn't leave grandmother.”

    Ian didn't leave Kate either day or night. He attended not only during meals but also bathing. Nothing was left in the hands of her maid.

    When they heard that tonight was the day, everyone in the family said hello to Kate. I also remember Katya. The appearance of her young grandmother to the point that you won't think she has mature sons.

    Kate, with a faint smile, nodded at the people's greeting. She was held in Ian's arms, holding his hand tightly.

    She said, "In the morning, the butler and the doctor opened the door to say hello and no one was there.”

    "No one?”

    "No one.”

    Wait, that means. The man asked, tilting his head. "Even Count Hogan?”

    "Yes. even Grandpa.”

    The Counts' bedroom was empty. The bed was as cold as the two were lying down, and there was no sign of anyone going in or out. The man's expression was distorted.

    "It's my first time hearing this story.”

    "Yes. It's not worth talking about.”

    "Then do you think you two have gone somewhere?”

    "Yeah. After that, I looked around for a few days and couldn't find their whereabouts.”

    "There is no one who saw the appearance?”

    "No, there's no way no one can't find it while leaving the house with the money that you might not know if you were alone.”

    Right. The man nodded his head. There is no way that such a story can be published outside. Dangerous rumors will spread. That's why the Hogan family buried an empty coffin.
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    wait granma ?
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    Ikr. We're wayyy into the future here. Still earlier than Doctor Elise though
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    Thank you for posting the side story. Then is chapter 241 the last one?
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    Doctor Elise is the same universe?

    Anyways, here's the next chapter
    Kate looked at Eugene's face for a moment, wondering if Eugene was trying to stay to eavesdrop on Gideon and Bismarck's fight. But it doesn't look like it. She nodded her head. Eugene leaned against the wall of the corridor and Kate leaned against the door.

    “I don’t know if I can ask something like this,”

    Eugene hesitated and asked, laying down Gideon and Bismarck's shouting as background noise.

    “Is it true that Miss Smith may not inherit House Hogan?”

    It was only an hour ago that Edward left. Kate had a look on her face asking at how the hell he knew, then she remembered the servants. Many owners forget the existence of servants who serve meals and talk. But they also have ears and mouths.

    The problem is that it didn't end with murmurs among the servants, but flowed to the mercenary, Eugene. Kate sighed and thought that there was someone among the maids who liked Eugene.

    “It spread so quickly.”

    “Only I know right now.”

    Eugene quickly added to Kate's worries. She only knew the mercenaries. There were others employed in the mansion who could know. Kate sighed once again.

    "Yes, that's possible."

    "That's too bad."


    "Yeah. Of course, I cannot say that Miss Smith is an easy person to protect, but yes.”

    Kate burst into laughter at his words. Witches and men using magic items. There wasn’t often this much magical fighting in Mueilla.

    “You must have been surprised.”

    At Kate's words, Eugene realized that she was talking about magic. He stroked his chin and said honestly.

    “Actually, I am not from Mueilla.”


    She didn't know that. No, there was no way for her to know. Because Mueilla spoke the common language, and there are no countries and races on this continent that do not speak the common language.

    Eugene grinned at her expression.

    "Mercenaries are prone to border crossings."

    She didn't know that either. If you think about it, it's natural. If not, how will the continent's leading warriors gather at Mueilla? Having only remembered that witches were forced to move, she was surprised that immigration was free.

    “There will be quite a few of the mercenaries who are not from Mueilla. I came to Mueilla ten years ago. It's been ten years since I was attacked by magic.”

    Eugene offered as an explanation, not an excuse, to why he struggled.

    As Kate listened to Eugene, she thought of Bismarck's second son, a man who was her uncle. She didn't know his face or his name, but she knew he was gone, too.

    Unlike Elizabeth, who fled love with a man and was disowned by her father, her uncle declared that he would sever ties with Hogan and then left. Maybe he had Mueilla entirely.

    And it occurred to her that her grandfather might be looking for his younger son. Maybe he wanted to pass House Hogan to his son or grandson and send her to House Loen.

    "No, you did a good job of blocking it."

    Kate was quick to dismiss the idea. If it weren't for Maria, she might be in a collapsing building, too. And she must have had her magic still sealed, and she couldn't have stopped it because she couldn't meet Ian.

    "Thanks to you, I'm here in one piece."

    At her response, Eugene scratched his cheek. He could have done better, but it is embarrassing and embarrassing to be praised for luck. He was embarrassed and recalled what he was trying to ask.

    “If you leave House Hogan, will you go to House Loen?”

    "I don't think so.”

    Kate shook her head and continued.

    “My grandfather wants to send me to House Loen, but there is already Ian's older brother, Count Loen. I and Ian will live separately.”

    “If you inherit House Hogan, did you think that Sir Loen would live in this house?”

    She didn't think of that. There are wrinkles on Kate's forehead. The reason she didn't want to go to House Loen was that Argo, Count Loen, wasn't married yet. It gets complicated when she enters the house before Argo's wife.

    She didn't like getting complicated, and Ian is a bastard, so she thought it was good to step back.

    “I haven't thought about it. But what does it matter now? My father would not pass it on to me anyway.”

    “You sound very cool.”

    Eugene admired Kate, who didn’t seem too upset. The only successor to the Hogan family is Kate. But Hogan said he wouldn’t hand it over to her. If he were Kate, he would have felt angry beyond disappointment with his grandfather.

    “Cool?” Kate said, tilting her head.

    "It's my grandfather's money, it's his business. There's no obvious reason he should pass it on to me."

    At Kate's words, Eugene opened his mouth wide. She’s such a pushover. She saw only a man well within his rights. He was dumbfounded and looked at Kate for a moment before asking.

    “Are you serious? What does Miss Smith lack? Mr. Hogan took Jeffrey Hogan as his successor, right?”

    “Jeffrey lived with his grandfather. I just entered this house.”

    “That was not Miss Smith’s choice.”

    “In that regard, no one was born into this House Hogan of their own free will.”

    What kind of woman is this? Eugene stared blankly at Kate and asked again.

    “Then, why have you done everything Hogan asked you to do so far?”

    "Because he's my grandfather."

    "You do everything he asks for, even though he won’t give you anything. What is the point?"

    She didn't know what he’s talking about. Kate again tilted her head and said.

    “I do not help my grandfather out of expectation of receiving anything in return.”

    It's not wrong. Eugene couldn't find anything to say again. It was true that she was helping him even though Bismarck never promised her a thing.

    With a better home, good food, and good clothes, she became Bismarck's only granddaughter, from Kate Smith, an orphan.

    With everything she had already gained, Kate felt it would be greedy to ask for more. But that doesn't mean that she doesn’t understand Eugene’s way of thinking. She continued her words in a low voice.

    "I know what you're trying to say. You want me to take what is mine, right?

    Eugene nodded her silently. Kate jumped up and sighed, startled by a bang from the inside.

    Don't tell me Gideon would kill her grandfather. She opened the door slightly, looked inside, returned to her seat, and opened her mouth.

    "Money comes and goes. Just like with my mother, it could disappear with a moment's choice."

    Mother? Eugene remembered who Kate's mother was. Elizabeth. A woman who gave up her tremendous wealth and escaped to elope with a man. Kate spoke again when it looked like he understood.

    “One day I could suddenly die.”

    That's something Eugene is always thinking about. It was more likely for him than Kate. Mercenaries don't know when and where to die. He silently listened to Kate's story.

    “I have so much. Who would let me stay without a word if I had no home to go to, and I have someone, who will not let me go even if I run away."

    Kate's face turned red as she thought of her lover, but Eugene pretended not to know.

    “There are grandfathers and godfathers who I thought didn't exist. It's enough to live without worrying about rent for the rest of your life. I only have two hands. I don't want to forget what I already have and try to grab something else and then lose what I have.

    He knew what she was talking about. Eugene nodded he head. He half understood, half did not understand, but roughly understood.

    The most important thing when you are on a protective mission is the safety of the client. After blocking an attack, it might be your instinct to pursue the attacker. But then the client would be left alone, where they could be killed, injured or attacked again.

    If the criminal is caught, the reward and recognition is greater, but it is dangerous. Kate was saying that she will not expose what she has to risk in order to get more money.

    Eugene saw many people who lost their friends and family because of money even though they were not blinded by money. But it's never easy to give up the possibility of reward.

    "Still, I think Miss Smith should be more assertive."

    Eugene said quietly. It wasn’t just anything, it was House Hogan. If it is such a big reward, it is a waste to give up.

    “But maybe that's wiser.”

    Kate smiled without showing offense or shyness. She is about to have a peaceful life that she had always dreamed of; being comfortable and safe and marrying Ian to start a normal family. Eugene blurted out that she wasn't greedy, but she thought differently.

    “Of course I am greedy. Just as each person wants a different life, the direction of their greed is different.”

    Eugene’s and Bismarck’s greed is the kind of thing that takes Edward's suggestion and becomes a fake saint. Greed of wealth and power.

    Kate thought so and bit her mouth. She has a great desire not to be caught as a witch until she dies. But she can't even tell Eugene this.

    Eugene was out of sorts and leaned back against the wall. He thought she was a little peculiar girl. Sometimes she said things that were difficult to understand without using difficult words.

    From the beginning of the long business of gathering women to teach them to write and find jobs, mercenaries joked that she was imitating the saint Muiella. She even saw to Bismarck's curses and whims, serving without saying anything, and some seriously joked that she was the real incarnation of Saint Muiella.

    “Miss Smith is a little unique.”


    Kate asked back in a calm tone. She never thought she was unique.

    But yes, it could be. Considering the reactions of Bismarck, Edward and Eugene, her greed seems to be in a different direction than others.

    When the conversation between the two subsided, the shouting that was heard from the inside of the room also subsided. Kate realized she could no longer hear Bismarck's voice and put her ears back to the wall. Could she go in?

    "Oh yeah. I can apologize, if you apologize.”

    Bismarck grumbled and turned his head. The dwarf persisted.

    "Apologize to your granddaughter too!"

    She should stop it here. It was time for Kate to step inside quickly. Gideon shouted again.

    “If you get older, you should be more relaxed. Does it make sense to be so hard on your child?"

    And Kate and Bismarck both stopped. Kate quickly approached Gideon and said.

    "I'm fine, so stop it."

    But it's already late. For a moment Gideon noticed the two staring at each other like ghosts. He asked what was going on when he saw Bismarck looking away and Kate trying to change the subject.

    "What? What's going on?"

    "It's nothing.

    "What do you mean nothing? Say something."

    The air became stuffy. Knowing the situation, Eugene slipped out of the room quickly. Kate hesitated, not knowing what to say, and spoke closely.

    "He's my grandfather, regardless of this home. It's only natural I'm helping him with his work."


    Bismarck shouted that Kate was right. She was his granddaughter! He, her grandfather! Her obligation had nothing to do with the property! Such self-justification has begun.

    “What's wrong with having your family do some work, huh? If you give the house over, and if you don’t, then that’s the other’s family?”

    Look at this? Gideon quickly grasped the situation. He was dumbfounded and shouted at his friend.

    “This old man is very senile!”

    The sound of Gideon banging down the table resonated. Then the table split in half. As Kate flinched and stepped back, Eugene looked into what was going on and came in when he saw the table split in half.

    "Are you out of your mind?"

    The sound of Eugene asking Kate if she was okay was buried by the screaming. Gideon shouted at Bismarck as if he were grass.

    “Because it’s a family, it’s okay to do that? So, why did you turn down the chance to help your granddaughter's business? You're old man, you can be kind hearted and live a long life or you can be bitter and senile and go quickly!”

    Ugh. Kate stepped back in surprise and hit Eugene's arm. Bismarck was surprised by his friend's abusive language and shouted with a flushed face.

    “Go away! You talk too much!”

    “Can I tell you something worse? You call yourself grandfather yet you’ve never helped her in her life, yet you treat her worse than a slave!”

    Wow, this is not his job. Eugene took turns looking at Bismarck and Gideon's faces and whispered to Kate.

    “Shall we run away?”

    She was thinking the same thing! They were about to leave when Bismarck shouted.

    “She does it because she likes it”

    What? Kate just turned to Bismarck. He says because she likes it? When had she ever said that? Kate forced her to lift the corners of her mouth. This grandfather is, really.
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