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    So the ML cheated on her!? Ok, I’m out.
    I have high standards when it comes to MLs.

    ,,Yeah, he loves me so much that instead of trying to talk to me and win my heart, he goes around doing sexual things with other women … but hey, they look like me, so it’s ok. This just proves how much he loves me. ☺️“

    And like always the woman is a pure virgin, but the guy a F-boy.
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    Lmao is this perhaps a joke? This can't be a real novel that's selling out there.... This is a joke lmaooo. We have a Guy who is in a sexual relationship with other women while having a wife. Idgaf if it's only BDSM/SM relationship, it's still a fucking sexual relationship.And what's this??? He is the ML. Wow clap your hands people. This is sooo good:aww:. And the wife doesn't even know this hahahahahhaha pure gold I love this so much. Very Good.
    And plussss the FL is..... A VIRGIN! Yayyy to the ML, he gets to learn all sex stuff and even went to orgys but gets a women who hasn't been touched by any man. How delightful:blobrofl:
    what a BS story. I'm out.
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    Can anyone post the MTL for the novel?
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    Mtl of spicy scenes pls
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    This remind me again that novels are not just fantasies ,they contain this real part too,thanks for sharing :blobokhand:,let’s pray the real life ML will overcome his suffering,habits and will have his own happy ending :blobmelt:
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    Wait so your telling me this guy had a whole 13 years to figure out how to approach the situation and this was the best solution he could come up with…this guys a dumbass.
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    Is there a link on where to read the novel or the manhwa raws?
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    Yep agree, one of my teacher once told me she got a friend/neighbor. Her husband cheated on her with her sister while she was away for work (she went away to another city for a month or so)…. She asked for a divorce but her family/parents actually asked her to stay in the marriage and told her that the sister should also marry her husband……….. they said its for the sake of the children….. like im sorry, im so shocked that such parent exist in real life…
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    So the ML really didn't have sexual intercourse with other women after he's married to the FL, he only came to the BDSM club and watched the other men and women perform that activity because he didn't know how to make a noble lady like FL fall for that weird sexual innuendo that he had "inherited" from his father. Then he came with a crazy idea that he would orchestra fake footage of him getting BDSM just to lure FL out of her "safe zone" (sound crazy but it r19 novel) and snu snu with him. I'm not entirely against discussing in the spoiler subforum and sometimes I could rant when I feel angry or frustrated but I don't think we should spread false spoilers just to spill the hate on the MLs we don't like. MLs in r19 novels are usually bad boys with strong sexual desire for the sake of r19 novels but I believe the Korean don't like cheating MLs either.

    And personally, I don't think we should take novels for granted or take them at face values, they're fiction, most of them have close to nonsense logic for entertainment purposes only. It's not like they're trying to brainwash women and girls into believing in cults or anything. And this novel is just one of many silly r19 novels.
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    Btw, I decided to mtl the novel because it seems interesting and i love BDSM (I also already bought it), but i need some time to copy paste the hangul > word > english because Ridi has limit characters to copy each day.

    I plan to mtl all of them, not just the spicy scenes lol.

    Ooh, if someone can use "Riberty" or something that can download ridibooks epub (to make it easier for me to mtl the book), please do message me. It would be really really helpful if someone can do it for me
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    Thank you so much . Really appreciate that
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    Thanks for AkimiLj who help me downloaded the book from Ridi, yay:blobparty::blobparty:
    By the way, because this is a smut novel, make sure you are alone when reading this:blobsmirk:

    "Lastly, I have one more question, Duchess. "I think this will be a personal question."

    Duchess Lillian Astrid smiled softly at the interviewer's words.

    "I'll listen for now, but I don't know if I can answer it. "If it's too private a question, I don't think my secretary Sarah will accept it even if I want to answer it."

    The interviewer looked back. Sarah Seble, who had eye contact with her, and the general secretary of the Duchess of Astrid looked broadly smiling. The battle was a smile of many battles. The interviewer looked back at Lillian with a shrug.

    "Your wife is not your secretary's boss. Can't you just order them to accept it?"

    "Of course I'm her boss, but we're equally for the Astrid family. When she advises, I mostly follow her."

    "It's not a bad question..."….”

    The interviewer muttered and looked down at the questionnaire. In the meantime, Sarah was looking at Lillian. Feel free to let me know if you feel uncomfortable. The eyes were talking like that. In other words, it meant that if Lillian took an uncomfortable attitude, he would cut off the interview unconditionally. Lillian shook his head small and turned back toward the interviewer. I looked at Lillian with an upright look, as if the interviewer had made up his mind.

    "Is it true that the Duchess of Astrid's Excellency loves his wife so much that he limits her social life?"

    "Let's stop!"

    Sarah Seble shouted right away. Where do you talk about Duke Astrid? The flames of hostility flared up in her eyes. She quickly approached Lillian, and Lillian got up from her seat. She smiled brightly and apologized politely, saying, "I'm sorry, I can't answer such a question."

    "If you don't say anything, it's no different from what you mean, Duchess."

    The interviewer grabbed Lillian's wrist.

    "You don't have to say anything, Duchess. "Reporter, it's a mistake to think that I can just let this go."

    Sarah got angry. She approached Lillian and the interviewer looked up at Lillian with a face longing for an answer. Both women were looking at her with big eyes. Lillian thought for a while about which way to follow with a drowsy body and mind. But soon the end of the concern came.


    There was only one person in the world who called her Lily. As she turned her head, her husband, Duke Arthur Astrid, was smiling behind the light.

    "Come on."

    When Lillian called him, he strode as if he were allowed. Coming to the front of the interviewer and Lillian, he lightly put his arm around Lillian's shoulder and pulled him into his arms.

    "Are you still not feeling well?"

    At Arthur's words, Lillian nodded. I was really not feeling well. Being drowsy and tired, she actually wanted to quit this interview. If it was not for the purpose of promoting an organization for abused children, it would have been canceled immediately. However, support for abused children was the part she has been working hard on recently. That's why she dragged her drowsy body out all the way here.

    "My wife is not feeling well these days. As you all know, she's eager to do charity work, but she's weaker than I thought. No matter how good it is to do because you quickly overdo it even if you leave it for a little while, as a husband, I want my wife to take care of her body. Did it answer you?"

    The interviewer stared blankly at Arthur Astrid. 34 years old this year. He was always considered one of the most beautiful male nobles among European nobles. He was narrowing his forehead slightly while hugging his wife. He didn't seem to like his wife was sick. Even that figure was a picture-like man.

    "Yes, yes, answer, yes, enough..."….”

    The interviewer stuttered.

    "Then excuse me."

    Duke Arthur Astrid hugged his wife and left. The interviewer watched it blankly.

    Lillian struggled to move his body in Arthur's arms. The husband held her shoulder firmly. When Lillian's legs were loosened, he was almost half-drawn with the force of entering and moving to the car.

    "You're really good at talking."

    Arthur laughed as Lillian muttered. It happened to be in front of the car. Arthur let Lillian in first, followed by and asked.

    "Was it hard?"

    "It's a horse."

    After confirming Arthur's closure, Lillian muttered, leaning against the seat back. Then, suddenly, he rolled up and sobbed, "Gasp."

    "Ha, don't do it, ahhhhhhhhhh Please, please!

    The car began to move. The front seat does not know the situation of the rear seat. No, to be exact, you may have guessed. However, it is not known exactly what happened. Arthur liked to bully Lillian, but hated seeing her in pain. As a result, there are many times when only couples ride in the back seat.

    Arthur hugged Lillian's back. Patted her back and asked her in the ear.

    "I barely held back what I wanted to turn on throughout the interview. Because it's so racy inside you that you can't stand it.”

    Lillian grabbed Arthur's thigh. Even if he grabbed the suit pants and wrinkles were caught, Arthur only glanced and did not take her hand off. Far from that, he gently pressed Lillian's dry back and slowly turned his hand downward. She caressed her soft chest over her shirt and whispered.

    "It's an object that's only about a finger. Do you like it this much?”

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Please, oh, yes, please. Turn it off, give it to me, oh.”

    "No, it's a punishment I didn't get last night.”

    Last night, Lillian attended the party after a long time. She attended in a dress that looked stuffy because she was not very quiet, but her husband complained from the moment he saw her at the party. Lillian was lightly excited to see her upset husband, who said she could see her body line too well. This was because the eyes of her husband, who was savage in bed, but usually stuck to his stoic appearance, were infested with hidden lust. It was her husband who peeped at her body line the most. And in her husband's head, she will already be crying with her legs spread out. Knowing that well, Lillian became more difficult to bear as the party progressed. When she drank a few glasses of alcohol to hide her reminded cheeks, her husband took the glass from her hand.

    "Your eyes are wet."’

    In the corner, the husband whispered, hugging her shoulder.

    "You're at a party like this with your husband's eyes on things. How much do you want to make me angry?"

    "Oh, no."

    'No way. I can see your hips flinching. He's probably tightening it and loosening it. There must be a lot of stuff in there. Do you want me to go wash it for you?’

    Lillian was fed up.

    "No, no. Don't say that."

    'I'm already groaning. Who knew he would listen to it?’

    Her husband's rough and profane gossip poured into her ear without hesitation. Even if she tried to get out of his grasp, he wouldn't let go.

    "I know I'll get in trouble when I go home." I can't believe you're shaking your butt in this outfit. I'm going to get hit by the butt like a child and make him cry.’

    He kept the sentence. Lillian was hit on the buttocks and cried, but she was not sick.

    "Hmm! Don't just hit me!" Put it in! Put it in!

    'No. You have to know how tantalizing I was. That way, you won't be able to wear that kind of clothes.’

    He would always insert it into Lillian and hit his butt. But that day, I hit it without putting it in. I didn't hit my butt until it hurt. She would just hit her to the point where she fell into shameful pleasures. The problem was that the more he got hit on the buttocks, the hotter the inside gets, and his genitals become more desperate. Eventually, Lillian decided to receive the rest of the punishment during the day and was able to receive Arthur's penis.

    And now, she was being punished for the rest.

    "Please..."… Oh, yeah!"

    "Make me want to take it out."

    When Lillian begged Arthur, he spoke affectionately. Lillian looked up at Arthur and distorted his beautiful eyebrows. Then Arthur kissed her face.

    "Come on, huh? I want to do it, too.”

    Arthur's voice was boiling Jeongyeom.

    It wasn't like this before...…, how did this happen?

    Lillian recalled a time when things became like this while looking at Arthur's beautiful face. When her body was not yet aware of pleasure, everything began with seven pictures in her hands.

    Chapter 1. A faint smile.

    The moment I saw the picture, Lillian Astrid's life passed by.

    Born as a daughter of a count, she was called a lady, and after attending a boarding school, he entered a prestigious university. After graduating from college, she was educated to become a duchess, married a duke, and became a duchess. Her life, born in an upper-class family and bound to the world for the rest of her life.

    Even if I blinked slowly, the picture did not change. The man in the picture was kneeling and closing his eyes. His mournful face was as beautiful as usual, so just looking at it made my heart race.

    Duchess. Someone called her. The voice swam slowly in a foggy head. Lillian could only recognize the voice after some time. When I raised my head, I saw her secretary Sarah with a very absurd face.

    "Why is your face like that?"

    When Lillian asked, Sarah swallowed a dry saliva. When I saw that face, I felt like I was coming back to my senses. Lillian smiled like a habit.

    "It's not like this has happened once or twice in the upper class."

    Marriage is just a business in the upper class. Lillian's becoming a duchess was also part of such a marriage business. The still young Duke Astrid needed the protection of Count Esteban, the powerful man of the political world, and on the contrary, the Count coveted the status, legitimacy, and wealth of the duke. For that reason, it was a political marriage.

    "But it's a little unique."

    My voice trembled for a while. After seeing a few photos, Lillian covered the first photo he saw. It was a picture of a beautiful man, Duke Arthur Astrid, kneeling down and closing his eyes. The picture was the most moderate.

    But being the most moderate doesn't mean being really moderate, so Lillian turned the picture upside down.

    "Great job, Sarah."

    As Lillian stood up, Sarah caught up with her apologetic face.

    They used unfamiliar and inexpensive hotels, not favorite hotels, and even disguised themselves. It was just to get some dirty photos. There was no need to come this far. I could have just received it through Sarah. Normally, I would have done that.


    -I pretend to be normal, but it's not normal now.

    Lillian put the picture in her handbag and stood up. The soles of my feet stung like a mermaid on land. In the danger of walking in the middle of the cliff, she pretended to be fine. That was the only defense she could make now.


    It was around the age of fifteen that Lillian Esteban met Arthur Astrid. It was spring. In May, when the buds were in full bloom, a man came to the garden of Count Esteban when he didn't even know that the man's name was Arthur. Lillian was 15 years old and the man was 21 years old. My eyes met. Lillian still remembers those clear, cool blue eyes. Blue eyes like fire that I couldn't swallow.

    "Lily, we're back."

    It was a habit to throw things at John, a brother called Lily, like a habit. Puck, with the sound, John fell behind, and only then Lillian realized what he had done in front of anyone. And soon I didn't know again. It doesn't matter who the man is or what he does. He didn't do anything wrong. I don't like the name Lily. The flower of the count family, the lily of the Esteban family. I'm sick and tired of the sound. What's wrong with punishing Yohan, who knows that clearly and is grumpyly calling her Lily? The same is true of saying that you are in front of a man you don't He is living the way his parents want him to live. So, you can say not to call me a flower.

    What's wrong with him?

    It's okay, Lillian. You didn't do anything wrong.

    The man was very tall and had a small face. The features were clear and refreshing. The most eye-catching thing was snow. The blue snow seemed to contain flames, not the sky. Blue fire. The cool, fearful man was staring at Lillian.

    "Lily, Inga."

    The man muttered. My eyes met one more time.

    "Lily Esteban."

    The man called her. No, I put her name in my mouth. I savored it once as if rolling a candy. The man's cool eyes were looking at her. The moment I thought I might be laughing at her for throwing things at my brother for nothing.

    When she came to her senses, she was running. My heart pounded while I was running until I was out of breath. The sky was blue and the wind was running with her on it. I couldn't pull myself together.

    The type of man I've never seen in my life was looking at her. It seemed to laugh at me, it seemed like I just laughed, and maybe I didn't laugh, but I remembered those eyes clearly. And I remembered what the wind of the day was like, the feeling of the grass being stepped on in shoes, and the blue sky looking down at her.

    Everything was such a beautiful day.


    When I opened my eyes, it was the elegant ceiling. The Duchess' Room, which was built 300 years ago and has been carefully managed for a long time. That was Lillian's room now. The room, which seemed to live with numerous duchess ghosts, was full of fresh rose scents. The world seemed to change but did not change, so the mansion was still maintained by numerous maids and servants. Gardens would cut roses with early morning dew and trim thorns and hand them over to the maid, and they would enter the room with silent steps and put roses in them.

    Before she got married, she was called Lily of Esteban Street, but now she is the duchess of roses. Treating flowers for life. Lillian kicked her tongue and tried to press the bell, but laughed.

    It's a flower, right?

    Lillian took the picture from under the pillow. There are a total of seven pictures. At first, I could only see the first picture properly. Every time I saw the other photos, I got goosebumps and suffocated, so I had to flip them again. It was fortunate to use a different room from Arthur for the first time since I got married. What would it have been like to use the same room in this mood? It was difficult to imagine the misery and anger.

    In the first picture, Arthur was kneeling and closing his eyes. In the second picture, he was wearing a leather dog necklace and his eyes were down. Blue eyes were about to be seen through the long eyelashes. In the third picture, he took off his clothes and there was a whip mark on his back. Two days ago, this was the limit. It was hard to see more than this. The next day, I could see the fifth picture. In the fourth picture, Arthur was trampled by someone and in the fifth picture, he was eating something like a dog on his knees. In the sixth picture, he was being whipped, and in the seventh picture, he was smiling faintly with a full body.

    The most difficult picture for Lillian to see was the seventh picture.

    Arthur Astrid was smiling. It was an honest smile that I rarely showed Lillian.

    Lillian put the photos in a handbag and pressed the bell. Then, the maids who were waiting in advance came in, opened the window at once, and helped her. Excellent maids serving the duchess. She, who used to be and still is an elite, assisted Lillian thoroughly. They are not simply on the side of a woman. It is to ensure that there is no stain left on the brand that has lasted more than 300 years, Duchess Astrid. In front of the brand, Lillian is only one accessory.

    Unlike others, it's still an engine.

    Lillian moved mechanically with a cynical idea. Everything goes smoothly. Washing, wearing, dressing up, eating. If the secretary comes, the schedule goes on, and the most important thing to do in everything is to smile quietly, literally like a flower, not to have feelings, not to make a voice, but to be fully assimilated around and exist as a duchess.

    By noon, I had become a perfect duchess.

    "We have an embassy dinner today."

    Sarah said carefully. She has always been cautious since she became my secretary, but recently, for three or four days, she has acted like a person walking on thin ice. Except for me, he is the second person to know my husband's dirty appearance.


    Feeling suddenly incompatible with the word, Lillian quietly lowered her eyes. Was her husband Arthur dirty in the seven pictures? Was his neck in a leather necklace ugly, his face smiling faintly, and his back with red marks?

    I was embarrassed by my husband's dirty appearance for three days, but suddenly today I have a different thought, no, question.

    Was it really ugly?

    "The duke's wife?"

    When I raised my head to Sarah's voice, the sun was setting. How many hours have I been like this? Lillian was embarrassed, but stood up as if nothing had happened.

    "Should I leave now?"”

    "Yes, ma'am. "But you haven't eaten yet. Wouldn't it be better to eat something?"

    It is impossible to go to a dinner and eat full. From a tight dress to a mission to look elegant. Lillian thought for a moment, but soon shook his head. These days, I was so nervous that I couldn't swallow anything. It is difficult to stand upright unless it is a tight dress.

    "That's enough. What should I be careful about today?"

    "It's the same as usual." Oh, there's one. Susan Linson, no, Susan Hamstent, appears to be at the dinner."

    Lillian thought of Susan for a moment. She was an alumni of her boarding school.

    "Suzanne? How long have you been divorced from Count Linson?" A year?

    "It's been a year and eight months."

    Is it already like that?

    The reason Susan Linson divorced her husband Count Robert Linson was simple. It was because Susan Linson caused a scandal. Oedo is a world where it is taken for granted, but what is more important is that it should never be revealed. It was the elegant ceiling that I saw when I opened my eyes only when the image was kept. The Duchess' Room, which was built 300 years ago and has been carefully managed for a long time. That was Lillian's room now. The room, which seemed to live with numerous duchess ghosts, was full of fresh rose scents. The world seemed to change but did not change, so the mansion was still maintained by numerous maids and servants. Gardens would cut roses with early morning dew and trim thorns and hand them over to the maid, and they would enter the room with silent steps and put roses in them.

    Before she got married, she was called Lily of Esteban Street, but now she is the duchess of roses. Treating flowers for life. Lillian kicked her tongue and tried to press the bell, but laughed.

    It's a flower, right?

    Lillian took the picture from under the pillow. There are a total of seven pictures. At first, I could only see the first picture properly. Every time I saw the other photos, I got goosebumps and suffocated, so I had to flip them again. It was fortunate to use a different room from Arthur for the first time since I got married. What would it have been like to use the same room in this mood? It was difficult to imagine the misery and anger.

    In the first picture, Arthur was kneeling and closing his eyes. In the second picture, he was wearing a leather dog necklace and his eyes were down. Blue eyes were about to be seen through the long eyelashes. In the third picture, he took off his clothes and there was a whip mark on his back. Two days ago, this was the limit. It was hard to see more than this. The next day, I could see the fifth picture. In the fourth picture, Arthur was trampled by someone and in the fifth picture, he was eating something like a dog on his knees. In the sixth picture, he was being whipped, and in the seventh picture, he was smiling faintly with a full body.

    The most difficult picture for Lillian to see was the seventh picture.

    Arthur Astrid was smiling. It was an honest smile that I rarely showed Lillian.

    Lillian put the photos in a handbag and pressed the bell. Then, the maids who were waiting in advance came in, opened the window at once, and helped her. Excellent maids serving the duchess. She, who used to be and still is an elite, assisted Lillian thoroughly. They are not simply on the side of a woman. It is to ensure that there is no stain left on the brand that has lasted more than 300 years, Duchess Astrid. In front of the brand, Lillian is only one accessory.

    Unlike others, it's still an engine.

    Lillian moved mechanically with a cynical idea. Everything goes smoothly. Washing, wearing, dressing up, eating. If the secretary comes, the schedule goes on, and the most important thing to do in everything is to smile quietly, literally like a flower, not to have feelings, not to make a voice, but to be fully assimilated around and exist as a duchess.

    By noon, I had become a perfect duchess.

    "We have an embassy dinner today."

    Sarah said carefully. She has always been cautious since she became my secretary, but recently, for three or four days, she has acted like a person walking on thin ice. Except for me, he is the second person to know my husband's dirty appearance.


    Feeling suddenly incompatible with the word, Lillian quietly lowered her eyes. Was her husband Arthur dirty in the seven pictures? Was his neck in a leather necklace ugly, his face smiling faintly, and his back with red marks?

    I was embarrassed by my husband's dirty appearance for three days, but suddenly today I have a different thought, no, question.

    Was it really ugly?

    "The duke's wife?"

    When I raised my head to Sarah's voice, the sun was setting. How many hours have I been like this? Lillian was embarrassed, but stood up as if nothing had happened.

    "Should I leave now?"”

    "Yes, ma'am. "But you haven't eaten yet. Wouldn't it be better to eat something?"

    It is impossible to go to a dinner and eat full. From a tight dress to a mission to look elegant. Lillian thought for a moment, but soon shook his head. These days, I was so nervous that I couldn't swallow anything. It is difficult to stand upright unless it is a tight dress.

    "That's enough. What should I be careful about today?"

    "It's the same as usual." Oh, there's one. Susan Linson, no, Susan Hamstent, appears to be at the dinner."

    Lillian thought of Susan for a moment. She was an alumni of her boarding school.

    "Suzanne? How long have you been divorced from Count Linson?" A year?

    "It's been a year and eight months."

    Is it already like that?

    The reason Susan Linson divorced her husband Count Robert Linson was simple. It was because Susan Linson caused a scandal.

    I had a lot of eyes to talk to Susan. Above all, Susan was uncomfortable. Susan still loves her new husband, but as a war reporter, she said she was lonely when she went on a business trip. For Susan, who always lived surrounded by socialites, a quiet life was awkward and lonely. Moreover, he was not rich, and Susan also did not receive much alimony, so it was difficult to have a marketer. Susan said she missed the social community and asked if she could meet outside. When Lillian did not answer, Susan secretly handed over a small folded note as if she had written it down in advance.

    "Call me when you feel like it, Lian." Anytime is fine for me. He is in Afghanistan now.’

    Lillian thought throughout the dinner. What if Arthur was a war reporter? He is always on a business trip and he is always left in the capital city of Anton. I thought it would be too lonely. But I was still lonely now. Arthur doesn't love her at all. I felt miserable and lost my appetite.


    Arthur whispered quietly from the side. Lillian was lost in thought and looked around with a soft gaze, thinking he had missed something. However, everyone was talking separately, and there was no one with a strange face looking at her.

    "Yes, Arthur."

    "Shouldn't you eat a little bit?" We won't be out of here until midnight.”

    Arthur was a man who had never shown a faint smile to Lillian, but he was not a bad husband. No, he was actually a perfect husband. He had never even shown himself cheating. He looked as if in the upper class woman that blatantly reveals an extramarital affair only acted as a man who loved me. There were so many married women who were worn out by such a stoic charm.

    "I don't have an appetite..."….”

    Lillian doesn't know much about SM. Being excited by hitting a person or enjoying being hit does not consist of a mechanism she can understand. However, in the last picture, I could only see that it was what Arthur wanted.

    "I'm so lonely." We're a couple, but I think we spend 200 days a year separately. What kind of couple is this?’

    Susan, whom I met earlier, muttered like that. Lillian smirked. She meets her husband every day, but she doesn't even know her husband's sexual preference. But since we meet every day, is this like a married couple?

    It was after midnight when I went up to the limousine after the dinner. Arthur, who picked her up first, followed and blocked the secretaries who were trying to accompany her.

    "Let's go together".

    The secretaries seemed embarrassed by Arthur's words, but soon looked bent down.

    "I'll see you tomorrow, sir."

    When John took the lead and spoke, Arthur's other secretaries and Lillian's secretary Sarah gave silent salutes at the same time. Lillian closed her eyes as she looked at her tired body leaning against the car seat. After replacing greeting with it, she did not open her eyes even if the door closed and the car began to move.

    It was quiet in the car for a while.

    Arthur said nothing, and Lillian was also thinking of Susan with her eyes closed. Her loneliness and joy. She said she still loved her husband and was happy as if she had the whole world when she was with him. Lillian imagined what it would be like if Arthur was a war reporter, but when he was with him, he was happily loved as if he had passed away. If I receive such love, can I overcome loneliness? Or will I be more lonely? I have never experienced it, so I don't know.


    At Arthur's call, Lillian replied with his eyes closed.


    "I don't eat a lot these days."

    Arthur is not a bad husband. He was looking at Lillian properly. It's just that I don't love you. And that's not something to apologize for in the upper class.

    Rather, Lillian, who wants love, is childish and foolish.

    "I'm eating well."

    "You're a little thin."

    At Arthur's words, Lillian finished his answer by shaking his head lightly. It's a strange thing. Until recently, I was happy when Arthur talked to me. Even though he knew he didn't like him, he tried hard to talk to him one more time. At the same time, I couldn't hold him strongly because I was afraid he would get tired of it. It's been like that all along, but now I don't want to talk to you.

    "Lillian, talk to me."

    Arthur caught Lillian, who was about to return to the mansion and enter the room. He held Lillian's arm gently, but unable to move.




    Lillian pulled his arm out of Arthur's hand. She entered the Duchess' room. I needed a little more time. In fact, the situation was not very complicated. Husband has a preference to study, that's all. Even if I couldn't understand the inside, I could know the superficial situation itself. It's a little more minor than her husband being gay, but it's no different in that he has a specificity in his sexual orientation.

    Emotionally similar. It didn't matter whether Arthur was a gay or a sexist. As soon as she saw the picture of him smiling faintly, her insides would have been completely turned upside down.

    Who is it?

    A woman? A man? Or an intangible object? What did you send such a smile to?

    Lillian was Arthur's married woman. Since I married at the age of 18, I got married for 7 years and married for 3 years. The two were a 10-year-old couple. But Arthur had never sincerely handed her even that little smile.

    As soon as Lillian tried to slam the door, the door opened with a bang. As Lillian looked back, Arthur was entering with an expressionless face.


    The butler, who was standing with him in the hallway, called him urgently as if surprised by Arthur's harsh behavior. However, Arthur replaced the answer by closing the door in front of his eyes.

    The sound of the door closing was quieter than before. However, Arthur's eyes were burning greener than before.

    Master, master. The knock, which had been repeated several times, soon disappeared. Lillian looked up at Arthur. He was nearly 30 centimeters taller than her and was always looking at her except when she was sitting. I didn't hate it. He looked strong, and Lillian loved his husband and first love.

    This is because it has never seemed as threatening as it is now.

    Arthur was slowly approaching. Arthur, who I've seen for a long time, was unfamiliar. Lillian stared at Arthur, forcibly pressing down her desire to step back. Arthur's face, which received her attention, eased a little. People may still think Arthur is expressing the same expression as before, but Lillian could tell. He was a little relieved. It's very small.


    Arthur's voice was very low.

    He was not a man who would be this angry for shaking off his arm only once or twice. Even in the midst of thirsty anger, Lillian thought coldly. It wasn't a pathetic man.

    Lillian blinked quickly. I regretted and worried about making Arthur angry. But it was a handful. Other than that, it was full of anger. It was burning in my head. Seven pictures burn in a burning reason. It was the seventh picture that could not be ashes until the end.

    Arthur stops trying to hold Lillian's shoulder. He returned his hand as if he had come up with Lillian's rejection. And I asked with my arms folded.

    "Lillian, what's going on today?"

    "Isn't it a normal evening.

    Lillian pretended to be nothing. However, I could feel my voice shaking myself. When it became just two, patience was quickly running out. Arthur bowed his head and said, looking at Lillian's eyes.

    "Eat as much as a bird's nest, get a hamstent,"

    "It doesn't matter who I talk to, right?”

    Lillian couldn't stand it and shouted sharply.

    Arthur had rarely been alone with her. I could tell he was avoiding her. I guess I've seen my ex-marriage partner for too long, so I always thought so. I wanted to pretend to be cool, but my heart was always pounding. It was unbearable for him to avoid and dislike him, who was always beautiful. Still, she has endured it. I endured three years like that. But he created a place for only the two, who had been avoiding him for three years because she did something annoying. Are you saying that it's okay to complain even if you don't like it? Anger was infested like lava inside the neck.

    "Lilian, I don't know why you're so angry. Were you close to Hamstent?”

    "We were close!"

    Lillian shouted. Susan and this situation have nothing to do with each other. However, the anger that has already risen is just soaring.

    "You were close?

    Arthur frowned. And he asked, "With that woman?" It was a gentle way of speaking with such a woman.

    "What's wrong with him?"”

    "You know what I'm talking about, Lillian. She's a deportation."

    The social deportation refers to those who dare to escape the comfort of society and move toward things that are love, dream, or justice. The upper class rejects individual pursuits.

    "I didn't do anything wrong enough to be deported.”

    "It's not a matter of doing something wrong." Lillian, why are you acting like a child who doesn't know reality today?


    Lillian had a bitter day in her eyes. Arthur, who looked into the eyes, messed up his hair that was slicked back all the time as if he was going crazy. His hair was messy and half covered Arthur's face. The face was similar to the seventh picture. Except that there is a mixture of irritation instead of a faint smile.

    Now, who... Should I be angry?

    Lillian's eyes flashed white. Red fires burned in my head and spread in all directions. When reason was completely ashes, Lillian took a picture from his handbag and threw it into his face.

    "Who doesn't know the reality?"

    Anger erupted from his throat. An angry heart thumped in my ears like the drum sound of the battlefield. Senses disappear from the fingertips.

    "Child? You don't know the reality?" Isn't it better than role-playing?"

    The Duchess' room would have kept only the quiet air for 300 years. And now Lillian tore the air apart.

    Arthur hit himself in the face and glanced at the scattered photos. The picture fell in an instant, but the moment felt slow to him for some reason. Time passed slowly as if it were submerged in water, and suddenly a sense of reality came back. He looked down at seven pictures that fell on the floor. Most of the photos were upside down, so there was only one picture he could check.

    The man in the picture was showing his back full of whip marks, arm-by-arm restrained by a chain from the ceiling. It's blatant. I felt dizzy as if the ground was swinging, so I closed my eyes for a while and opened them.

    Lillian has been staring at Arthur's face. He opened his eyes so wide that he felt cold that he desperately checked how his expression changed. I couldn't stand the seconds and tried to find clues, even though I'd know in just a few seconds what he was going to say.

    Arthur opened his eyes and looked at Lillian's face. His wife, who has been compared to lilies and roses all her life, was still as beautiful as flowers. The white cheeks, which were usually quiet, heated up red with excitement, and the eyes burning with anger sparkled with water. Arthur smiled faintly as he saw his slightly smaller, thicker lips and pointed jaws tremble compared to his eyes and nose.

    "Yeah, I got to know this."

    Until a while ago, there was no energy to blame Lillian. Arthur sighed lightly and looked down at Lillian with soft eyes. It was the appearance of a caring husband as it was throughout his three-year marriage.

    At that moment, Lillian expected a little.

    Maybe something is wrong. While there is very solid evidence, Lillian has actually repeated "maybe" over the past few days. Maybe something. Something. Either he was caught weaknesses (as the Duke of Astrid?), or he was just a very similar person (but Lillian was confident in distinguishing him even if he was a twin). When I came up with an excuse, the disproof came to my mind. But still, maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

    "I'm sorry, Lillian.

    Arthur apologized quietly.

    The word "maybe" was shattered in Lillian's head.

    "What are you sorry about?"

    I wasn't being sarcastic. Lillian sincerely wanted to know. Does he know why he is angry?

    Arthur chose a horse for a while. He carefully chose his horse and said in a long time.

    "For having a shameful husband."

    At that moment, Lillian laughed.

    This was the difference between him and his own feelings. A goal of emotion that is clearly revealed. He believed she was shocked and angry at his shameful appearance. There was no doubt in his eyes.

    Lillian bowed his head. The lump of tears and anger filled up to the neck and could not be swallowed well. The tip of my nose was so acrid that it was difficult to speak.

    Tears that I endured and endured finally fell down.

    You haven't given me a faint smile, no 10 years, or three years, to someone who smacked me. Do you know how it feels?

    Tell him to screw up on anything, whether it's an off-school love. You put me, you put me, where am I? I've only liked you, and you've always been the only one shining in my life, and you've been...….

    Tears kept falling. What the heck. Lillian clenched his teeth, talking about unfamiliar swear words. I didn't want to cry, but I couldn't hold back my tears. I felt like my past life was being trampled on like trash.


    Arthur called, but Lillian did not answer. I had to squeeze out all my energy to hold back my tears, so I couldn't afford to answer. Arthur knelt in front of her as she shook and swallowed tears.


    Arthur initially knew Lillian's name as Lillian. Lily Esteban. It wasn't until quite later that he found out that it wasn't, but he apologized politely, saying, "I didn't know you didn't like it, Miss Esteban. I apologize." After that, I had never called her Lily.

    Lillian bit her lips. At this moment, I don't know why he calls her Lily. She really hates the nickname, but she didn't hate it as much as "Lily" from Arthur's mouth. But she had never expressed to Arthur that she didn't hate Arthur's "Lily," but he was acting as if he knew.

    "Lily, I'm sorry."”

    Arthur apologized once again. Lily, I'm sorry. As if you know everything. Like someone who knows her mind.

    How far does this man intend to make her miserable? She turned her head away from Arthur. During a long time, neither of them opened their mouths. It was not long before tears fell out of Lillian's eyes, and Arthur said.

    "Lillian, let's get divorced."

    Lillian's eyes with her head up grew bigger. Tears, which had been held in her enlarged eyes, flowed down her cheek. Arthur held Lillian's hand. I couldn't resist this time. Lillian was frozen like a man who witnessed the collapse of the world while holding his hand to Arthur.

    "I'll do whatever you want." Whether it's alimony or anything. I'll make it a divorce that doesn't bother you.”


    "Or if you like living as a duchess, do it. It's nothing. I'll do everything for you. Lillian, I'm so sorry.”

    Lillian's face was distorted. She eventually burst into tears. He doesn't know what he's done to her, and he doesn't even know what he's doing to her now. He was saying that he would let her go of his life after not giving her a tiny piece of smile. It's been a long time since I gave up being loved by him. Still, I tried so hard to be by his side, not knowing how hard it was for her to continue this tedious duchess position. Let's finish it easily.

    "I'll think about it."

    Lillian said so and clenched his hand tightly. I was angry with him, but now I'm completely exhausted. I just wanted to lie down. I didn't want to say anything or think anything.

    "Please leave now." "I want to be alone."


    Arthur nodded at Lillian's words. He stopped for a while holding the doorknob before leaving. It wasn't like Arthur. But Lillian soon laughed spontaneously.

    Doesn't it sound like Arthur? What do you know about him?

    Tears fell again.

    "I'm sorry, Lillian.

    Lastly, Arthur left the house. The door closed quietly.

    Chapter 2. Unknown World.

    The next day, Lillian received a call from Sarah.

    'Your Majesty told me to cancel all the schedules. I heard that you are not in good health.’

    She didn't even say she was getting a divorce, but Arthur was already canceling the schedule. Lillian bit her lips and shook her head.

    Don't get crooked for no reason. Maybe they're just giving you time to organize your mind. Maybe he's sorry.

    It reminds me of last night. It was a night when everything became clear. The secret Arthur had been hiding was revealed, and the difference between him and himself was clearly felt. It could also be seen that he knew her feelings. You may not know how much she likes him or when she liked him. But he knew to some extent. Maybe because I know her feelings, I didn't even smile once more. It might have been his consideration not to torture hope,

    Don't make me laugh.

    Lillian raised her body.

    She woke up on her own today instead of ringing the bell to call the maid. The snake took off its pajamas as if it were tearing down. While she was walking in the bathroom, her hairband, pajamas, underwear, socks, and so on gradually fell.

    After a long time, she filled the bathtub with water herself. I stayed in the bathtub for a long time as if my body was about to melt, and then I got up and wiped myself. I dried my hair and put on makeup. It was impossible to do it like usual perfect makeup. Instead of putting on moderate light makeup and setting up my hair, I tied it tightly into one. I opened the closet and wore jeans, leather sneakers, and picked up my cell phone.

    After two calls, she looked in the mirror. The woman in the mirror was strange even to her. The only thing left after removing all the water from the upper class is a woman named Lillian. The woman is pretty but normal. But all women in the world say they are 'pretty', so maybe it's just normal. A human woman, neither Lily of Estebanga nor the Duchess of Rose, has a pale face in the mirror.

    Knock, knock, knock sound rang. Upon hearing the urgent sound, she could notice that the car she was waiting for came. Holding only her wallet lightly, she walked slowly and opened the door herself. The maid, who was waiting for her to come in, was surprised and took a step back. And I opened my eyes wide once more to her Molgol.

    "Go, Duchess?"


    "Really? Did you call a taxi?"”

    The maid suddenly asked.


    Lillian passed by the maid. The maids followed Lillian around and looked at her.

    "Where are you going by taxi?"…, and if you're going somewhere, we're going to cut it.

    "It's okay. I'm just trying to meet my old friend."

    "Duchess' wife."

    The maid followed her with a troubled face, but Lillian did not look back on them. Protecting the Duchess' brand. That's their mission and work. They are hired for it and get paid. But Lillian is their boss and the face of a brand that should never be scratched. So they couldn't go against Lillian's mood and were just chasing her.

    "Duchess, what do you mean taxi?" Henry and Joe are waiting. Wherever you want."

    Knowing that last night was unusual, the butler soothed Lillian.

    "Taxi is enough."

    Lillian said that and approached the taxi. Then the butler nodded with a face that he couldn't help, and a servant hurriedly opened the taxi door.

    Even when Lillian got on, the servant hesitated without closing the door. As she stared at him, he glanced at the old butler. When the butler sighed and lowered his eyes, the servant closed the door, saying, "Have a safe trip, Duchess."

    The taxi started quietly. The knight glanced at Lillian as if curious about the grand mansion and the title of the duchess, but did not talk to him. Lillian looked out the window, ignoring his gaze felt over the room mirror.

    Taxi. This is taxi.

    Lillian carefully checked the taxi without moving his head. Except once or twice when I was young, I had never taken a taxi. It was because both Esteban and Astrid treated Lillian as if he would fly away if he blew because he was determined to be the hostess of the Astrid family early on. It was always accompanied by limousines, secretaries, and bodyguards. She certainly today by the three would not call a taxi and had to move.

    I wouldn't have had time to call the bodyguard.

    Heung and Lillian snorted. She felt like she was in a new period of rebellion.

    "Excuse me, I'm looking for a place called Starbucks."

    However, it was a challenge to go to Starbucks, the meeting place. The appointment partner said, "See you at Starbucks at Anton Train Station," but Lillian was the first to play Anton Station itself. What would Lillian have to take the train when he comes to Anton? She used airplanes or helicopters to travel distance by train. She would be more familiar with helicopters than with trains.

    "I don't know either."”

    The woman passed by with a bright face. It was a busy walk. Come to think of it, everyone looked busy. High ceilings, countless people. Train departure and arrival guidance seen here and there. billboards. It was such a dizzy place that my head was spinning.

    In the end, Lillian had to call his appointment partner and confess that he was in the region but could not find Starbucks.

    "Oh, that's right." Lian, I'm so sorry. I'll pick you up. "What do you see?"

    The opponent apologized and asked as if he had noticed Lillian's situation quickly.

    "There are so many people and the ceiling of the glass dome..."…. There are long lines of ticket offices on the left and shops on the right. The store says well, Steve's Fry. The next store is Baskin Robbins."

    "Oh, I know where it is." Wait there, I'll be there now.’

    And the phone was cut off. Lillian looked around while his opponent came to find him.

    She's a deported person.

    Arthur said so last night about Susan, but now at this train station, the stranger was Lillian himself. Lillian's relative was a famous architect and a train station designed by him. Lillian felt lonely and dizzy at a place that was revered as the most beautiful train station in Europe.

    "Excuse me."

    When someone called and turned his head, a man stood. I think I'm in my mid-30s. He is a handsome man who looks cool.


    "Where are you going?"

    It was the first time a stranger talked to himself for no reason. It was even a man. Lillian attended a boarding school, and all the schools she attended were girls' schools. Lillian did not understand this situation and smiled habitually.

    "I'm not going anywhere."”

    "Who are you waiting for?"”


    How do you know? Lillian realized only after looking around once. The train station was a place to wait for someone unless you were going somewhere.

    "I'm John Osborne. Call me Johnny."

    The man reached out his hand. It was a relentless attitude, but Lillian only looked down at the man's hand. The man raised his hand in embarrassment. When Lillian turned his head and looked elsewhere, the man spoke again.

    "Won't you tell me your name?"

    "Do I have to tell you"?

    The man smiled sly.

    "You know my name."

    Then someone called out, "Ryan!" As I turned my head, Lillian's promise partner, Susan, was approaching quickly. She frowned when she saw Lillian standing in front of a man with a strange face.

    "She's married."

    Susan said, pulling Lillian's arm. Then the man grumbled, "Oh, I shouldn't have done anything," and soon disappeared into the crowd.

    "Did you get hunted in the meantime?" "That's amazing, really."

    "Oh, is this hunting?"”

    Lillian opened her eyes wide and asked back. Susan said, "I used to be like that, but you're a real lady, Lillian. "Let's hurry up and go," he said, crossing Lillian's arm crossed. Listening to Susan giggling, Lillian also took a step.

    Starbucks. Starbucks. I've only heard of it, Lillian was the first place I've been to. As Lillian looked inside curiously, Susan shook her head, bringing coffee.

    "I remember your nickname when I was in school".

    Lillian frowned at Susan's words. Don't. Susan continued to talk regardless of Lillian's warning.

    "Princess Lily". Who was the first person to say that? Was it Elizabeth?

    Lillian kicked her tongue at Susan's words.

    "Rosemary. And I never talked to her again."

    "Oh, that's right. I did. I remember Rosemary writing to you later and apologizing, but she tore it apart. "You were kind of bad then."

    "He's bad because he knows people don't like him.”

    "I'm not sure if Princess Lily's nickname is bad enough to tear up an apology letter in front of all the students.”

    Back then and now. Susan shrugged. Lillian stared at Susan and said coldly.

    "Even if everyone likes God, I may not like it. I hate that nickname. Very. The nickname was something I hated and Rosemary knew well. Nevertheless, he called that nickname. I just want to do something I don't like."

    "It was just a joke." There's something like that. Kind of a mischievous joke."

    "Are you kidding if I call Rosemary fatty?"”

    Rosemary was quite overweight. And she was very concerned about her weight. Susan shut up at Lillian's parable and carefully tried to continue her speech, saying, "It's not that much, Lian." Lillian shook his head.

    "It was that much for me."

    Susan shrugged at Lillian's words. I knew it, so I meant to stop. When we started talking about this, Susan and Lillian always had friction. Well, we didn't get along well from the beginning. Human relationships, values, and hobbies were not in good harmony. We just got close to each other because we kept bumping into each other in the same school and sharing a dormitory building, but when we came out to society, "Oh, that's right. He was the perfect opponent to think, "He didn't fit me."

    Nevertheless, it is true that we were close. We talked about a lot of things.

    "My husband is in Afghanistan now. He's a good person. You love me a lot. To the point where I always think about how to contact me in Afghanistan."

    Lillian looked at Susan's face, telling her husband's story. Susan looked happy, but the light of happiness seemed to have faded compared to her days in society. It was ironic that the time I met the man while being the spouse of another man seemed to have shone more.

    "I don't make it obvious to my husband..."…, and it's good to be with my husband. I always miss the social world when I don't have a husband. There are always people and parties there. Everyone talks to each other, drinks champagne, and the case is endless, but everyone secretly understands like an accomplice. And really, if I press the bell every morning, I think it would be nice if a merchant came in and helped me. You can press the bell. You may be much more luxurious than I am, but I was fine, too. When I woke up, two maids came in, one cleaned up the room, and the other took a bath. In the meantime, I just had to chat with the maid cleaning my room and take a bath while drinking coffee that suits my taste. When you go into the bath, the maid asks. What scent should I put in today? "Oh, I miss you so much."

    Susan's eyes were sentimental. Lillian looked into the eyes and recalled Arthur. As Susan said, Lillian's life is more luxurious than Susan described. But what if Arthur wasn't there?

    Lillian poured cold water on Susan's ecstatic voice.

    "You got a husband instead.”

    "My husband who can't be with me for a hundred days a year."

    Susan grumbled. She looked around, grabbed Lillian's arm, pulled her close, and whispered.

    "And Robert is actually better at that."

    Susan let Lillian go. Lillian looked at Susan's face quietly. Sex? Are you comparing the sex of the man you loved so much with the sex of your ex-husband? Lillian smiled faintly, hiding her embarrassment, and lifted her cup of coffee. When she was in need of something to say, it was her habit to drink coffee as slowly as possible with a cup of coffee.

    "Because we have different experiences." "Robert, you're so amazing."

    But you can't drink coffee forever.

    "Compared to that, this guy's sex is passionate..."… out of monotony. Sex like a soldier. I'm always impatient. It's not bad, though."

    Lillian listened to Susan's sex life with frowns. Are we this kind of relationship? It wasn't even a second thought, but Susan was talking as if they had been talking about secrets for many years.

    Am I lonely?

    There was no one to talk to, so I just wanted to talk about it just by meeting an old friend.

    Maybe I shouldn't have come. Susan continued as Lillian regretted a little inside.

    "But my husband gives me much more feeling of being loved now. Sex with Robert is fun, but I don't think I'm the type to do sex for fun. Lian, what about you?"

    "I don'

    "Well, handcuffs were fun."

    Handcuffs? When Lillian opened her eyes wide and looked at Susan, Susan burst into laughter.

    "I don't have that kind of taste. It's just a sex toy."


    Susan saw Lillian's embarrassing face and shook her hand.

    "It's just a joke." Does the noble duchess not know sex toys at all? Do you want me to show you around?”

    Lillian shook his head in surprise. What if you go to a place like that and take a picture? That was dizzying.

    "It's nothing, Lian."

    "Wednesday, if there's an article,

    "Where? Here?"

    Susan grabbed her cell phone and shook it. She smiled brightly when Lillian gave her eyes strength without understanding.

    "Who buys things like this offline these days?" "It's the internet world, Lian."

    Susan used her cell phone skillfully. Lillian looked at the figure with a faintly. What she did on her cell phone was to send and receive calls and messages. People buy a lot of things online and know that online markets have already swallowed up offline markets, but she has never bought anything online.

    "Come closer."

    Susan grabbed Lillian and Lillian stuck close to her with a chair.

    Several products were displayed on the cell phone screen. Lillian blinked quickly. Handcuffs, horse whip, leather gloves, leather necklaces, chains, ropes, syringes……. She checked the surroundings by moving her eyes without raising her head.

    It was too bright. The sunlight entering the ceiling of the glass dome was dazzling. The lights were bright, and everyone was neatly dressed and drinking coffee, calling, or reading newspapers. It wasn't something to see in this kind of place. Susan, who saw Lillian's face, said, "Oh my, what's up? It's really nothing, Lian. "Other people would think I showed you some IS recruitment announcement, dude," he said with a smile.

    The story went by again. Lillian talked about the old days with Susan with her usual face. And I also heard a complaint about Susan's lonely daily life. Lillian himself confessed some personal history. Even if it was a personal history, it was enough to find out right away by googling.

    On the surface, the conversation went smoothly, but only handcuffs and sticks came to Lillian's mind. I never thought it was such an easy problem to mention. I only thought it was a fatal secret.

    Lillian looked around one more time, drinking coffee slowly. The world was bright and everyone seemed to have no interest except for their own work. And there is a site in the cell phone that Susan flipped over that sells handcuffs and sticks, as a matter of course. Buyers rated me, "It's tough." "There's not enough recoil."Reviews and horoscopes consisting of healthy words such as this were outlined.

    I felt like I became Alice in Wonderland.

    As soon as she returned home that day, Lillian had to lie in bed and fight her cell phone for a long time. It was not easy for her to enter a site selling SM supplies, which is mostly contacted by her secretary. After overcoming one crisis, the next crisis came. When I barely opened the Internet app, I couldn't figure out what word to search with on Google, and when I searched for a long time to find a site I liked, a terrifying thorny path called membership was waiting for her. Still, the thorny path was worthwhile compared to the monster of adult certification waiting for her at the end. Lillian logged in while covered with wounds, wandered through a long maze called a product list, and picked up several items and put them in a shopping basket. God, the payment was the final boss.

    After two hours of adventure, Lillian drank three cups of alcohol in a row. It was hard to stay sane. He couldn't even tell himself what he was trying to do now. The urge outpaced reason. From the perspective of reason, the back of the impulse was not seen. It is difficult for reason to know where that crazy impulse is going.

    After Arthur left last night, Lillian picked up seven pictures he had thrown into his face again. I looked at the pictures one by one again. I realized one fact. The fact that I bought the goods but I don't know how this act begins or how it works.

    I was annoyed. She poured her fourth drink and stared at the laptop she threw onto the bed. After pouring in a glass of alcohol at once, she sat in bed, put her laptop on her lap, and started googling. I had to study to know how to do it. Fortunately, there was no information in the Internet world. If it were 20 years ago, Lillian's situation would have been even worse.

    And for two days, Lillian went around SM sites holding back dozens of wasted nausea. After studying desperately taking notes in her notebook, she found that the information in the Internet world is very diverse and has a lot of conflicting content. I thought I'd found out to some extent, but now I had to verify what information was right. On the third day, she completely fell out. I closed my laptop and read the notes I took. As many as 12 pages of memo were written, but it didn't come into my head as if I were reading with my soul out.

    "What am I doing?"

    Lillian sighed heavily as he looked at the ceiling. I felt like I was going crazy. Is this necessary? I asked myself. And she took out the picture she was looking at every day and looked into it. It is a picture she calls the seventh picture, that is, a picture of Arthur smiling faintly. A relaxed, lonely, twisted smile. Lillian smiled and talked to herself while watching it.

    "You have an extraordinary talent for making me crazy, Arthur."

    It was like that from the moment we first met. I couldn't pull myself together. I was obsessed from the beginning. From that day on, Lillian was out of his mind if only Arthur was caught.

    Divorce without seeing that smile.

    I couldn't do that. Lillian clenched his teeth.


    Arthur, whom Lillian met after four days, was soft and still overwhelming. He was like a man born as a ruler. The confident physique was like that, and so was the attitude of being polite but not being able to please anyone. Tall, he looked down at almost everyone, and the expressions on his face looked good like elaborate masks, but he just didn't feel the emotions.

    "I'll answer today."’

    Arthur, who replied to Lillian's message, "Let's go at midnight," knocked on the Duchess' room at exactly 11:50 p.m. When Lillian opened the door, Arthur stopped trying to come in and stopped. This was because Lillian, who decided to talk to Arthur, was in a night gown.

    "Did I disturb you?"

    Lillian shook his head to Arthur, who asked if he had fallen asleep.

    "You said you were waiting."

    "I did."

    Lillian had never faced Arthur in a night gown. Arthur points out that point, but Lillian pretended not to know.

    "Come on in."

    Lillian stepped aside a little from the doorstep. Then Arthur came in. Lillian locked the door while he approached the sofa on one side of the room. Arthur looked back at the clicking sound.


    He had a strange face. Lillian looked at the face anew. A face that has changed little by little for 13 years but has always been beautiful and had no choice but to love. Lillian once thought when he gave up on him. There was a time when I thought that I had to give up my mind and live the life of the duchess while sleeping every night, and if not, I would divorce and go to another country. However, when I woke up the next morning or saw Arthur returning from a business trip a few days later, I fell in love again. There was no way out.

    Maybe I can get away with it this time.

    Lillian walked slowly to Arthur and squeezed out a smile. The beating sound of the heart in my ear thumped like thunder accompanied by lightning. She opened her mouth, catching her breath thinly.

    "Oh, I've been thinking about it.”

    "Are you not going to get divorced?"

    Arthur asked. Lillian opened his eyes a little wide. How did he know that? Arthur, who read Lillian's expression, replied.

    "If I had decided to divorce, I would have been accompanied by a lawyer. Or did he think about getting a divorce but not a lawyer?

    "I didn't think about it."

    Arthur laughed bitterly.

    "I think Branston is probably enough, but if you want, I'll tell Sarah to want divorce lawyers."

    Michael Branston was the CEO of the Branston Law Firm and Arthur's advisor. There are a total of five law firms used by Arthur, one of which was in charge of Arthur's personal litigation. Lillian shook his head.

    "I didn't think about it, but I'm not going to get divorced. So, I won't accept that kindness.”

    Arthur paused at Lillian's words.

    "You won't get divorced?"

    He muttered low. His profile was as wonderful as a sculpture. Lillian looked straight at him, fiddling with the stuff in the nightgown's pocket.

    "Yes. But I need to get a reward from you."

    "Of course."

    It was a sample conversation of an upper-class couple. Lillian swallowed Arthur's dry saliva secretly. For what she has to do from now on, she has already emptied five scotchs. Since what you have to do from now on was not something you can do sober.

    "First, sit on the bed."

    Arthur looked down at the sofa in front of him and gave her a look. When asked if the sofa would work, Lillian firmly replied.

    "No, the bed."

    He looked incomprehensible, but moved silently to the bed. He was the perpetrator and the sinner. He decided to do whatever Lillian wanted.

    As Arthur sat in bed, Lillian stood in front of him and said.

    "Close your eyes. You should never float until I tell you to float."


    "You said you were sorry to me, Arthur."

    Arthur sighed deeply at Lillian's words. He closed his eyes in an unwilling manner.

    "Promise me you won't float until I tell you.”

    "I promise."

    Arthur replied.

    Lillian threw the pillow next to Arthur to the floor. There was a chain-connected handcuff. She heard it. Arthur moved his head a little at the sound of a bumping chain, but he did not open his eyes as promised.

    "Stretch your hands back."

    Arthur's forehead was frowned. He stayed still for a while without moving. Like asking for an answer. When Lillian didn't answer, Arthur eventually sighed one more time and stretched his arms back. Clank, clank. Both wrists were handcuffed. Arthur's body flinched, but he still didn't open his eyes.

    "You can open it now."

    As soon as Arthur opened his eyes, he turned his head to check his wrist. As soon as he was handcuffed, Arthur crumpled his face as if he had predicted his existence.

    "Lilian, what the hell do you want to do?"

    "It's nothing."

    Lillian sincerely thought so. Whatever she does, it will look like a child's joke to Arthur. Well, he kept seeing her as a child. In his eyes, Lillian would have been only a friend's brother, an uncle's daughter, and a girl he had seen since childhood.

    "What do you mean it's nothing special? Where did you get this?”

    "I bought it."

    "Sara bought you something like this?"

    "No, I bought it."

    "... What?"

    He doubted his ears. Lillian had no intention of telling him how long he was able to buy the item after suffering. She said her business.

    "Today, you are my slave."

    Arthur's eyes got bigger and thinner. He asked with a face like a person who really heard the most incredible thing in life.


    "Yes, this is what I want."”

    Arthur opened his eyes wide as if he realized what Lillian was thinking. After the shock, he began to think about something. And he called her with a soft voice, "Lilian."

    It was obvious. I'm trying to soothe it. Lillian shook his head.

    "You said you'd do anything."

    Arthur looked at her for a moment. My eyes met. An unknown gaze lightly swept Lillian's face. It was not long before Arthur asked.

    "Do you really want to play that game?"

    It was a low voice.

    Arthur's gaze had changed. He was slowly looking through Lillian's face. While waiting for her answer, I was looking at her as an object. It wasn't the usual plain gaze.

    I'm thirsty. Lillian wanted to have another scotch. Arthur was tied up and she stood. Nevertheless, for some reason, it seemed that she was the one in the corner. Arthur is just looking at her. My knees trembled even though I couldn't touch any fingertips. Arthur's eyes were explicitly filled with the light of passion. A man who was like a holy place a while ago was now part of Sodom.

    "Woah, originally..."

    Why is your voice shaking? Lillian swallowed his dry saliva for a moment. Once again, I missed Scotch, but drinking here was no different from revealing that I was scared.

    "There should be safe words, but I won't decide today. This is compensation for damages...…that is, because it's a bee."

    In SM Play, it is basic to choose a safe word. It's a matter of course. SM Play has a horribly wide spectrum. Some people enjoy it to the point of lightly shame, but some people strangle or use knives. If a safe word that says "no more limits" is not set in advance, it can lead to a fatal situation.

    "Safe? How much do you want to play?"

    Arthur laughed in a split voice. She is a husband who has lived with her for three years, but in a sensual voice like an unknown man. Her husband's unfamiliar gaze wandered over Lillian's body.

    Lillian tried to take off his night gown, but failed.

    Arthur was a man with quite a few scandals. And all the opponents were beautiful women. Model, actor...…. Lillian didn't think her appearance was bad, but she could beat women whose job was to grind and live the love of many people every day. I was anxious to think that my body might be compared.

    She walked to bed in a gown. Arthur was already sitting on the bed. Lillian sat on top of him, stretching his legs, and paused. Standing on my knees, I tried to sit with Arthur's legs in between, but the legs felt empty. I had to wear underwear after taking a shower, but Lillian didn't even wear underwear at the thought of having sex. Arthur's wrist is bound, so he would have to take off his underwear with his own hands, and the atmosphere would be awkward.

    Engagement with a man he loved at the age of 15 at the age of 18. Marry at 25.

    And first kiss at 28.

    Lillian wrapped Arthur's cheeks with strength in his convulsing hands.

    She bowed her head and slowly approached him. My lips touched and fell off. Arthur was looking at her when he opened his closed eyes. Arthur was looking at her close enough to hear the sound of her eyelids moving.

    "You don't even know how to kiss but you want to play?"”

    It was a very polite tone. It was not common for aristocrat Arthur to use such a polite tone. Lillian blinked quickly as he saw Arthur using the honorifics used only for the royal family or for the king.

    It was a strange thing. From a distance, Arthur was so familiar, but when he came close enough to reach the tip of his nose, his face was terribly unfamiliar. When Lillian thought it was like an unknown man, Arthur asked.

    "Open your mouth."

    When Lillian opened her mouth after hesitation, something squishy touched her lips. Lillian was able to realize a little later that it was the tongue.

    Arthur's tongue slowly overlapped Lillian's lips and lightly sucked her lower lip. Arthur smiled softly as Lillian's eyes shook. And he closed his eyes.

    Arthur's tongue penetrated further. The tongue and tongue touched. The parts that have never come out spy on each other. No, Lillian was running away without realizing it. It was Arthur's side to hold her tight and caress her. Arthur didn't stop even if Lillian tried to stop kissing because he was suffocated. My head was dizzy. The muddy sound resonated from the inside of the ear to the outside.

    When Lillian barely escaped from Arthur and bit back, Arthur looked at her with thin eyes. They were eyes that seemed to covet prey. He smacked his lips and said.

    "It tastes like jasmine."

    "Well, I had tea at night."

    I drank it because I thought it would relax a little. Arthur smiled softly as Lillian stammered and replied. However, the laughter was, unlike usual, full of explicit passion.

    "Come here, Lillian."

    In a languid voice that Arthur could hardly hear, Lillian grabbed the bedcloth. I was scared because I thought I didn't know him. I have no intention of running away.

    She approached him again with a shaky knee. I was able to climb on his body in just two or three steps.

    "You said you wanted to punish me, right?”

    Arthur asked in a voice with a deep voice.

    This isn't it. Lillian was embarrassed. According to the video she watched, as soon as she saw the female owner, the male slave knelt down. When the female owner ordered and scolded and abused a male slave, the slave felt sexual excitement with it. I thought it was something like that.


    "What punishment are you going to give?"

    Among SM plays, there is something called numerical play. Who is giving shame to whom? Lillian said, 'The owner should not be deprived of the initiative. The slave settled down by recalling an article that said, "If the owner loses the initiative, he loses interest in this relationship."

    "Why should I tell you that?"

    "I see. There's definitely no reason to tell me."

    Arthur kissed Lillian on the cheek as he said so. Kisses were scattered on the lips and on the back of the nose. He was unbelievably active as a man who had not touched her for a decade. Lillian, who even tried to have a marital relationship with him by doing this, stepped back. When she stepped down for the second time, I heard a chal-kang sound. Arthur instinctively moved his arm to attract her.It was the sound of chains hitting each other.

    Lillian put her hand in the pocket of the night gown. I hesitated whether to use what was in it to him or not. If Arthur had been his usual self, he would have written it right away, but Arthur now seemed somewhat dangerous.

    "I don't know what's inside, but why do you hesitate?" You're the one who tied me up like this."

    Arthur seemed to have been aware of it since earlier. He moved his arm as if to see Lillian. The sound of chal- chal- chal- chal- chal- chal rang nervously.

    He's right. Arthur is tied up. Lillian took the pink medicine out of her gown pocket.

    "This is the punishment."”

    "Did your noble duchess buy this?"

    Pick Arthur laughed. He seemed to know the identity of this drug.

    This medicine was a phonetic drug. However, it was not known whether the site was really a phonetic system, only claiming so. According to the site review, it seemed to be quite popular. The owners seemed to enjoy feeding the slaves this medicine and seeing them helplessly in excitement, but Lillian did not buy it for that purpose.

    Arthur may not be excited about himself. It was an item for that time. Lillian was 28 years old but had never kissed before. I don't like it if it's not Arthur, but Arthur didn't seem to want to do it with her, so it was inevitable. And now there's even a divorce story.

    If it goes to catastrophe, it will be in an instant. Before that, I wanted to do something like a married couple at least once. I just didn't want to be forgotten.

    "Are you scared of taking medicine like this, too?"”

    At the end of the site, quite a few people were suspicious of the drug's ingredients. I don't see any dependence, but it was quite suspicious that it worked too well.

    I think it'll be okay once.

    Lillian had purchased this drug with that mind. Lillian spoke lightly.

    "If you're scared, stop it."

    initiative, initiative Lillian said, repeating to himself. Arthur smiled softly when he saw her eyes. It was a smile that Arthur usually smiles.

    "I'm scared."

    It was an unexpected answer. He thought there would be nothing scary. I was fine even after I was caught being an idealist, and I'm a man who doesn't give her the initiative even at this moment.

    SM Play is a role-playing game after all. Role play like master and slave. One is ruled and one is ruled. SM is not limited to sex. It is a human psychological game about domination and subjectivity, sadism and learning. - Introduction to SM! I remembered reading in a book called 'A new Orgass awaits you!' Is this also a psychological game? It was when Lillian looked down suspiciously at Arthur.

    "Because I don't know what switch you pressed."

    Even before Lillian asked what it meant, Arthur stuck out his tongue. The red tongue took the pink medicine from her hand. Arthur slowly chewed the medicine while looking at Lillian's eyes. Inside his cheek, there is a sound of something hard breaking. It may have been the sound of a relationship collapsing that had been firmly fixed for more than a decade.

    After taking the medicine, Arthur was watching Lillian with scary eyes. He didn't seem to want to miss even a strand of her hair. There were few blinking eyes. In the illusion of being peeled off by the gaze, Lillian grabbed the hem of the nightgown without realizing it. Arthur, who saw the back of his white hand, asked.

    "Is not being able to wash your breast also a punishment?"

    Surprised by the explicitness of the word breast, Lillian opened his eyes wide. When Arthur saw her eyes, he licked his lips himself.

    "If not, I want to wash it."


    "If it's not him, it'll be okay to smell it, right?"

    Knowing that it was Arthur's provocation, Lillian had no choice but to move. The word initiative has already broken white in my head. It was best not to run away.

    She approached Arthur's top with a knee step and lowered one side of the night gown a little. The shoulders were exposed and then the chest came out. It was embarrassing to release my chest while receiving Arthur's attention. It was a time when I desperately endured what I wanted to shrink.

    "Please stick it out."

    Arthur asked for it. As Lillian swallowed his dry saliva, Arthur waved his arm and made a chattering sound.

    "I can't go there".

    He had rarely spoken formally to her. But there was never a time when it was as threatening as it is now.

    "Close your eyes."”

    Arthur closed his eyes at Lillian's order. Looking at Arthur's long eyelashes, Lillian supported one chest by himself and put it near his face.

    "It smells good".

    Arthur muttered. His voice was much lower than before.

    "I took a shower".

    And Lillian's voice became thinner. I was nervous. Fear of the unknown world was driving her.

    Arthur put his lips on Lillian's chest.

    "Not yet, I didn't say I could wash it..."…!”

    "I didn't wash it." I just put it on."

    Arthur said with his lips on Lillian's chest. The movement of my lips made my heart ache. Just a couple of indifferent touches of my tongue made my heart weird. I felt a small electricity at the end of my chest.

    "Can't you wash your hair?"

    I'm ashamed to allow that. I know I have to allow it. That way, we can move forward with this action. However, the words of permission did not know that they would come out with Lillian's neck.

    "Uh, yes!"

    I bit the nipples. Surprised by the numbness and pain, Lillian hugged Arthur's head in a trance.

    "Not yet. I didn't allow it".

    "I didn't wash it. But I get angry when I tell them to hold back the sweet smell."

    Arthur whispered, chewing Lillian's left papilla.

    "You're a slave, heik, I'm the owner, oh, yeah."

    "I think I'm more of a dog than a slave myself. There are some disagreements.”

    "Let's coordinate," Arthur licked and bit Lillian's nipples. I just didn't wash it. The fetus was already throbbing with a low sense. It felt completely different from when I mastered.

    "It hurts, it hurts, yo. Stop."

    Arthur said as Lillian shook his head and whispered in his ear.

    "Can I wash it?"”

    "...Hmm! Yes! Oh, okay, okay.”

    "Lillian is a good owner."

    And Arthur sucked it in hard. Lillian licked gently the moment she was surprised by the pain. As if it were comforting She was a little relieved and lost strength from her stiff shoulders. I was fast again then.

    "Oh, PEN, please! Hehe..."…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

    It's painfully fast and gently licked. Not only the nipples, but also the entire left chest was filled with caresses that seemed to go back and forth between the cold and hot baths. Lillian screamed sharply and moaned as if melting, not even having the room to relax his arm holding Arthur's head.

    "Look at this."

    Lillian was sitting on Arthur's leg when he came to his senses after suffering for a long time. I couldn't even remember when I sat on my butt. Her gasping left chest was long licked by Arthur. With his head down, Lillian opened his eyes in a circle. Her white chest was full of red and blue marks. The heart with the marks was devastated as if it had been assaulted.

    "The top of the milk is swollen."”

    Arthur rubbed his cheek against her nipples.

    "Do you really need to use words like that?"

    He waved his arm when Lillian asked, trying to control his short breath.

    "You tied your arms to make your husband a slave and fed him a fever reducer, but you don't want to hear the nipples?”

    The chal-chal-chal-chal-chal-sori was tying Lillian, not Arthur. When she didn't answer anything, he stoked. It was the first time Arthur heard that it was a touchy laugh.

    "Your chest is prettier than I thought."

    "You talk like you thought of me."

    "Of course I did."

    Lie. You've never kissed in your three-year marriage.


    Arthur replied, "That's right," to Lillian's criticism.

    "But you're also a liar, Lillian. "You're now pretending to be noble after being abused and enjoying your breast so much that it's worn out."

    "When did I pretend to be noble?"

    "Then, you can put out your right breast, right?"”

    Lillian paused. She looked down at her chest. Everything he said was a mess. You should be careful when wearing a dress for the time being. Far from the upper chest, it seemed that the lower part of the collarbone could not be exposed anywhere.

    "I'll serve you as much as you like."

    The word service was catchy. No. She tried to leave her mark on him, not to be served.

    It was only then that I came to my senses. Lillian realized what he was trying to do. The expression that she tied her arms and fed her husband with a fever reducer to commit a slave was excessive, but it was not wrong. She was angry at the unfair treatment and tried to revenge. He didn't do anything wrong. Wouldn't it be again if she was in trouble because of her who brought emotions to the marriage business?

    Still, I thought you were dealing with me sincerely.

    "Let's stop."

    Lillian was bitten back.

    "Why should I tell you that?"

    "I see. There's definitely no reason to tell me."

    Arthur kissed Lillian on the cheek as he said so. Kisses were scattered on the lips and on the back of the nose. He was unbelievably active as a man who had not touched her for a decade. Lillian, who even tried to have a marital relationship with him, rather than Lillian, washed his face dry and raised his head. Arthur was frowning. You'd think it's fickle. Maybe you think she's a crazy woman. I was actually crazy. I've been pretending to be fine since I saw the picture, but I don't know if my feelings were going crazy.

    Where did I put the key?

    Lillian stood up and looked around. I think I put it in the side table. When she thought so, there was a sound of something breaking. When I turned my head toward the sound, I grabbed my wrist tightly.

    Lillian looked down at the hand of the man holding his wrist and fumbled up the arm with gaze. Arthur had an unpleasant face.

    "Oh, how..."….”

    "Did you really think you could trap your husband in plastic handcuffs?”

    Just once more, the sound came out, and Lillian was pushed and fell to bed. Before I knew it, Arthur was occupying her stomach.

    "You're the one who pressed the switch, Lillian."

    His shoulders shrank at the sound of his teeth grinding. Lillian looked up at Arthur's face. He seemed angry.

    "Come on."

    Arthur's blue eyes are thicker than usual. Lillian had seen snow like this before. When she first met him, she looked at these eyes and thought they seemed to contain fire that she could not swallow. But now it just seemed to be burning.

    "It's irresponsible to press the switch and run away.”

    The voice was light, but the shadow of anger hidden in it was not hidden. Lillian shook his head without realizing it and tried to explain.

    "Ah, I..."

    Shh. Arthur whispered softly. When Lillian shut her mouth in a trance, he kissed her forehead.

    "I've been punished, so it's time for you to be punished, Lillian."

    Chapter 3. Take it.

    I can't open my eyes. Light and darkness mix arbitrarily inside the closed eyes and become a mess.

    "Don't do that. Please". "Yes, please".

    It was an instant. Arthur turned Lillian toward the head of the bed, loosened the string of the night gown, and crossed her wrists and tied them. There was no room for recognition, let alone rebellion. Then he rushed into the right chest.

    They bit nipples, pulled them with their teeth, sucked and licked their chests, and mixed pain and pleasure. Lillian screamed. It wasn't because I was sick or happy. It was because I was embarrassed by my senses. Senses passed by quickly like a flashlight, so there was no time to see their identity. It's just that both arms are bound and beaten by an unknown sense.

    Arthur looked down at Lillian and raised his lips. His beautiful and elegant wife was mesmerized. The night gown has been ruined for a long time. Far from the top, the bottom was unprotected.

    "Hmm. Don't touch me..."…, ah!"

    Lillian shook his head in a hurry and closed his legs, but Arthur's long, hard fingers dug right between her legs. Only then did she know that her gown had fallen off. I was struggling to hide my body somehow, but I didn't know my tied arms would untie.

    Arthur's finger, which was climbing up his thigh, stopped at a point. Lillian's thighs were stiff as if they were convulsing because it was near the genitals.

    "It's wet all the way to where my fingers touched."

    Arthur said, casting his body over Lillian's body. When Lillian opened her eyes, I could see Arthur smiling. In front of a man who was truly enjoying himself, Lillian was breathless with tension. Looking closely at the face, Arthur bent his eyes. And his fingers came up a little bit.

    "I didn't know you liked to relax your chest so much. I'll do it for you earlier."

    "Oh, no. Hoot!"

    Arthur's finger touched the gap in the flesh between the legs. It was the first time a man's hand touched a place where it could be opened just by pressing with force. The heart is racing like a crazy festival drum. Arthur's finger rubbed over the gap. It doesn't open as if it's going to happen.

    "I'm getting wet again."

    "No, it's not." Oh, yeah!


    Arthur's finger finally came in. The moment he pressed what popped out, Lillian stiffened his body as if he had been whipped. My eyes were flying for a moment with the pleasure of electricity rising in my body.

    "This is your switch."

    Now, he added. His hand crushed her switch. It didn't hurt, but Lillian closed her eyes as the numbness in the fetus got worse. The light inside was dazzling. My senses were becoming so sensitive that I couldn't open my eyes.

    I don't want to make a sound. He called this a service. No, after that, you said punishment. Is this volunteer work or punishment? Who is the owner and slave, and I can't think of his gender taste, no, nothing.

    Argh! Argh! Argh! Yes! Please, please, please, Arthur, Argh! No, I can't. Arthur! Arthur!

    His voice was heard too far away.

    "You're cute because you're so manly." Open your legs. I've always wondered if your switch is as pretty as your milk.”

    Arthur's voice feels a little excited because she's out of her mind.

    When Lillian didn't spread his legs, he muttered, "You'll regret it." And she was pushed up because she didn't have enough time to open both legs. Her thighs touched the ruined chest and her hips floated into the air. In exchange for not being able to spread his legs on his own, Lillian exposed all parts of the legs in front of Arthur.

    I don't want to.

    Lillian screamed. It was the first time I saw a man. Even if it was her husband, Arthur, it was quite a shock. When Lillian twisted his body, Arthur said, "Lillian, it's okay. Lillian" and began to soothe him. I heard the voice, but I couldn't stop struggling. Lillian! Even if Arthur's voice grew louder, Lillian did not stop struggling.

    Arthur's teeth touched a small chunk of flesh. At that moment, I got chills and Lillian forgot to breathe. I couldn't move because I was under the illusion of biting. However, it only gently scratched the surface.

    "It smells racy."

    Arthur muttered as if he were drunk. I'm scared. Lillian whispered. The voice was so small that it was not known whether it touched Arthur's ear or not.

    Arthur's tongue touched. The movement of the tongue was sexy. A place where you pee. It was a part of the body that had lived without having to remember unless it was a physiological phenomenon, but now it felt as if the nerves of the whole body were focused on it.

    Lillian trembled his legs in the air in the illusion that his whole body was licking with the giant's tongue. Arthur persistently caressed her.

    At first, it was fear. I was scared to be in front of my favorite man with my legs spread out and see all the places where I see Bae Seol. The strange senses were strange and creepy. It was a strange act that gave me goosebumps.

    Fear suddenly disappeared and pleasure rushed. Lillian clenched his teeth. It was embarrassing and weird. It was much more shameful than I felt with my heart.

    "Lillian, open your mouth."

    Arthur ordered when he saw Lillian biting his lips. She shook her head to refuse. A very strange sound, different from before, seemed to burst out.

    "The more you endure, the worse it will get." You don't know, but your cute ball is already hard. If you hold back the sound, you become more sensitive."

    Arthur pretended to be kind, but Lillian was not fooled. No, maybe that word is true. Still, Lillian couldn't open her mouth.

    "If you can endure it, it's okay to endure it. It would feel pretty good to hold it in and go.”

    After saying that, Arthur stuck to her ball again. He changes the angle of his head several times as if he were kissing and entwines his tongue. Lillian clenched her teeth and cried. The sounds of huong, huong, and huong came out of the neck.

    It smells weird. The hand of the man who grabbed her leg and pushed it with his chest is as hard as a ball of restraint. Below the waist is not like one's body. It seemed that the penis would have been swollen. Arthur cleverly pushed her, and she couldn't pull herself together.


    Arthur sang it. Only then did Lillian know that his legs were free. The thigh was throbbing. And the genitals were wet as if they had peed. Lillian opened her eyes as she sobbed.

    Arthur was on top of her. Realizing immediately what the liquid soaked in his lips was, Lillian's face heated up red.

    "If you endure it and go, you'll fall into a very bad Orgassum."

    Arthur stroked Lillian's cheek as if teasing him. In the meantime, he moved his back lightly. Her wet penis touched a damp, hot chunk of flesh.

    "If you feel it too much, you might get something cheap.”

    "I'm not a man. What should I do?"

    "Like urinating."

    Arthur gulped as Lillian's eyes couldn't get any bigger.

    "You're lying, aren't you"?

    "I don'

    "Ah, wait a minute."

    He lifted Lillian's leg again. More than before, in a position that seems to show all her genitals in the sky.

    My body was almost folded in half, so I was uncomfortable, but my mind was more anxious than that.

    "Come on"?

    Even if Lillian asked for an answer, Arthur did not answer. Instead, he lightly pressed Lillian's entrance to the end of his penis.

    "It would have been nice if you went to the ball a few times, Lillian." As with everything, sex also requires honesty."

    "Wait, Arthur, wait."

    Lillian turned blue. She tried to push Arthur away, but it was impossible with her limbs bound. Arthur's finger gently swept the inside of Lillian's thigh.

    "Do you want me to tame you with my fingers, Lillian?" Or should I put it in like this right now?"

    In Arthur's choice, Lillian immediately replied, "Ji, put it in now." I heard that the pain of the breakdown was considerable. So this desire could also be quenched. She judged that way.

    The sex she thought was more beautiful and moderate than this. It wasn't this explicit, anxious, and scary. She wanted it to be over sooner.

    "Do you want it?"”

    Arthur asked. Even though he knew he was being mischievous, Lillian couldn't afford to push and pull with him. I'm nervous and scared, and I'm still shaking with excitement. I hope my body calms down with the pain soon.

    She nodded right away.

    "Say you want it."”

    "Go, I want it."



    Lillian looked up at Arthur. Arthur like this doesn't know. A mean man. A ferocious follower. Arthur like this has never seen or heard of it. I don't even know who this is. I suddenly got scared.

    "Are you Arthur Astrid?"

    When Lillian asked, Arthur asked back, "What?"

    "You're really Arthur, aren't you?" It's not like twins, is it?

    Even if Arthur was a twin, she had thought she would recognize him. But I don't know anymore. Do you happen to be a hidden twin?


    "I don't like it if it's not Arthur." If it's not him, I'll die. I will kill you”

    My head keeps blanking white because of strange excitement and fear. Lillian looked up straight at Arthur's face and said. The reason why he is showing such a shameful and shameful appearance is because his opponent is Arthur. If it's another man, if it's not Arthur.

    Then suddenly Arthur kissed her in the mouth. The violent kiss was rough as if it would take away everything from her. He was pushed with a kiss and his body was buried in the bed. Arthur extorted all her breath, sucked saliva, and violated it, like a suffocating person. Even after the kiss, it didn't stop. He pressed her lips frantically all over her face. Pretty. Lillian, pretty. He muttered. Like a person who only knows that word. And Lillian remains the same.

    I got it.

    Was it painful at first?

    "Yeah, yeah! No, no, no. - Oh, no!"

    I can't swallow the communion. Lillian has already let go of everything. Tears came out. The saliva is also flowing. I even forgot to swallow my saliva. I think I was sick for a while earlier, but pleasure quickly filled up.

    Arthur shook his back like a beast. He had no forgiveness from the moment he penetrated Lillian. It just ran like a train with a broken brake.

    "Ha, I think I'm going to do it." Yeah! Ah! Ah! Please, wait, ah!"

    Perhaps because I heard Arthur's words, I felt a sense of urination. I don't want to. I really don't want to. Even if you stop teaching and regain your reason, you don't know whether Arthur will let you go or not. Tears filled Lillian's eyes.

    His penis, who came inside, seemed to have taken control of the whole body. I felt like my stomach was twisting and then got hot. It seemed to hold a fire. The inside was itchy and numb as if I had been burned. Because of the tightly filled genitals, the bottom seems to be torn, but maybe it was torn, and all the pain was just another person's business.

    It may be because of Arthur's expression. He was moving his back with Lillian in his eyes. Just as the world could not be stopped even if it was destroyed, he was completely immersed.

    When he tried to pull back because he thought it would affect his senses, Arthur couldn't stand it even at the moment when there was only one gap. He pulled her in and pushed herself even harder. Oh! Oh! My ears were deafened by the self-cultivation. The world is blocked like listening to music with earphones on. Lillian grabbed Arthur's cheek and kissed him, which was moving violently. After kissing him over and over again, he pushed her through stronger.

    "Did you want to have your husband's?"”

    Arthur asked. Lillian looked up at him with eyes blurred by tears. In a blurry view, he looked like a carnivore flashing his eyes in the fog.

    "Lilian, I'm tightening it. Do you know? She was a girl. You've never kissed a man, but you're tightening it well. Jill, who didn't even know what a man's taste was, is now sticking to mine as if he were angry. Do you like this item that much?”

    The growling sound was unfamiliar, but it was good for him to have eyes that coveted him. He didn't get along with him endlessly, so Lillian even thought he was crazy. He had a face that he had never imagined in a long time of liking him.


    Lillian stroked Arthur's cheek. Because I've never seen you like this in my dream. She tightened the bottom. I was not confident in moving that muscle, so I just put strength on my lower abdomen, but that alone made his beautiful forehead frown. Uh. He groaned with his eyes down at the direct stimulus of his penis.

    "Okay, really. Really-- I like you."

    I was afraid it would be burdensome, so I couldn't say anything about marriage of the upper class because it was all business. But now I'm having sex. He can let go of it. So she can talk as if it were a verbal play of sex.

    Arthur opened his eyes wide. My eyes met. And he suddenly moved. As I kissed her, I dug into the innermost part. To the inside of what he can do, the genitals that have come to the end that she can accept swell more in his body. I'm suffocating. I feel like crying. It swelled and swelled, and the inside heated up when I felt like I was full.

    I like you, I like you, I like you...….

    Lillian muttered like a crazy woman. As he sank in pleasure, he looked up at Arthur, who was hanging over him. Looking at the beautiful and lovely face as the sky viewed from the water - far away and far away, she slowly closed her eyes. He was carried away by the waves to the sea of sleep.


    Someone was wiping her body. Lillian thought in his head where he is now. Is it Lucy who waxes every week? Or Marissa, a skin care specialist? When she opened her eyes, wondering if she had fallen asleep while receiving care, she met cold blue eyes like the winter sky.


    The moment he called the owner of those eyes, all the memories came back to Lillian's head.

    Lillian pulled the sheet without realizing it and raised it to his chest. Arthur's hand, which was wiping her body with a towel, stopped.

    Oh. Lillian groaned inside, thinking he had done something wrong. They were a couple and mixed bodies, but they did something to cover their chest, making the atmosphere awkward. I'm 28 years old.

    "Doesn't your head hurt?"

    Arthur supported Lillian's pillow on her back and asked, helping her sit comfortably. It was awkward for him to be in his room, so it was difficult for Lillian to make eye contact for no reason. You could pretend to be nothing, but I thought you could. She nodded silently with her mouth closed.

    "I was surprised because I thought you fell down."”

    Arthur began to talk as if nothing had happened between the two.

    "I never thought I'd fall asleep in the middle of sex. Your pride as a man was hurt a lot. If I get a sexual disorder, you'll have to take responsibility for me for the rest of your life."

    Arthur said. It was the most private thing Lillian had ever heard and the length was long.

    "Since we're a married couple, we'll be responsible for it for the rest of”

    When Lillian indirectly expressed that he didn't want to break up, he laughed.

    "I thought you'd ask me to break up with you."

    His heart rattled at what he said. As Lillian looked at him, Arthur shrugged.

    "It's a mess, your husband."


    Arthur grabbed a sheet covering Lillian's chest. Lillian looked down at the slowly lowered sheet with a nervous face. He did not lower all the sheets, but only until the upper part of her chest was exposed. My chest was worse than I thought. It was full of black and white bruises as if it had been beaten, and there were even marks on the hand.

    "It got worse than before."”

    When Lillian muttered, Arthur replied, "Because it's a bruise." His eyes were lonely, so Lillian put up the sheet again to cover his chest. As long as her chest came out, he seemed to keep looking at those eyes.

    "It doesn't hurt that much."

    It was throbbing, but it didn't hurt. It might hurt if I press it. She looked at Arthur and asked.

    "But weren't you the type to enjoy studying?" Today, for some reason...….”

    "Not really"?

    Arthur shrugged.

    "But the picture..."….”

    "When I'm stressed, it's a habit to relieve stress by doing that. "Being sadistic is a labor that requires you to use your brain and raise the mood, but it's annoying to pay and do that."

    It was absurd to hear that it was annoying to be sadistic. As Lillian looked at him with absurd eyes, Arthur opened his mouth, removing the hair from her face.

    "I'm sure you've heard of the rumors of the previous Duke of Astrid."

    "I've heard that your late father is a little strict.”

    Arthur firmly said when Lillian responded in a cautious tone.

    "It's psycho."


    "He was a human who couldn't stand it if it didn't go his way. My mother was able to divorce my father, but unfortunately I couldn't, so I had a pretty tight childhood."

    Arthur began to unbutton his shirt. Soon he took off his shirt and showed his back. At that moment, Lillian inhaled and inhaled. It was full of wounds.

    "The abuse was pretty severe. When my mother knew, my father had already passed away. Anyway, after that, I consulted psychiatrists who said it was famous. The consultation went well and there was no problem living."

    No way. What on earth should I do to permanently leave these wounds on a person's back? Lillian raised his trembling hand and swept his back. Thinking of the fear he had to go through as a child, blood rose upside down.

    "If your father was alive, I would have killed him.”

    As he managed to swallow his anger and spoke, Arthur turned his head and looked at her. It would be nice to act like it was nothing, but at that moment, a drop of tears fell. She clenched her teeth and swallowed her emotions.

    "I was a scary person."”

    Arthur pretended not to know how she felt and said mischievously.

    "Even so, people are all going to die if they are shot."

    Lillian replied with hostile eyes. She meant it. If you give me money, I can get a gun somehow. She would have shot her. The hand that hit Arthur, the head that abused him, would have crushed everything. Arthur laughed quietly.

    "It's reliable."

    After saying that, he grabbed Lillian's naked shoulders. And asked in a very soft voice.

    "Do you love me?"

    Lillian forgot his anger and tears and looked up at him. It was a story that was forbidden for her. Love is a momentary and incomplete emotion. In the upper class, the feeling is similar to an unstable bomb. What you should avoid if possible. The same is true of the other person's husband. It's okay only when it's good, but love is an emotion that can destroy each other at any time. Humans do incredible things once they are crazy. Didn't Lillian herself do that today?

    Lillian turned his head and turned away from Arthur.

    "Isn't it better not to talk about it between us?"

    "I think so, but you started it.”

    At Arthur's words, Lillian looked at him.


    "Yeah, you." You dug into my privacy, pushed it in, and asked me for sex."

    It's all right, but I couldn't help feeling emotional. When Lillian tried to say, "You too me," he intercepted her.

    "I pushed you into me who wanted you."

    You want me?

    Lillian blinked pathologically. He said he wanted her. No way. He's never shown such a thing. Marriage between a young duke who lacks a background and Count Esteban Youngae, a big adult in politics. It's just that he's been sticking to a thorough nailing attitude in every way.

    When distrust rose on Lillian's face, Arthur moved his hand holding her shoulder. A finger caressed her shoulder. It seemed like nothing, but I felt strange about the subtle movement. Lillian shook his head to remove his hand, but he wouldn't let her go.

    "Lillian, I'm not normal."

    Arthur whispered affectionately. Lillian looked into his eyes. He was truly saying that he was abnormal. And she could now understand why he said so.

    She smiled lightly as if she had heard a funny sound.

    "Why? Because you're so handsome?" Because he's the highest aristocrat except for his highness? Or is it because it's considered one of the best in this country?

    "Because it's broken."

    Arthur didn't accept Lillian's useless joke. His serious words eventually filled Lillian's eyes with tears and dropped a drop.

    "Don't say that."

    A favorite person says he or she is broken. There is no exaggeration in that word. It was clear that he had thought so for a very long time. It was unbearable for Lillian, who loved him. When Lillian shook his head, Arthur wrapped her cheek with one hand and made her see him.

    "I was 21 years old when I met you. It was already ruined."

    Arthur quietly began to talk, looking at Lillian's face.

    "Three years later, when my father died and I needed a guardian, all I could think of was Count Esteban. Only your face, his daughter, came to mind."


    Lillian shook his head. That can't be true. He's never shown such a thing.

    "You, the daughter of the count, will marry someone."

    At Arthur's words, Lillian nodded. It would have been. For her, the count's woman, the story of marriage always followed like a tag. Someday, you will get married, and the marriage partner is decided by the family. It was a matter of course. As she has lived a luxurious life, it was an obligation to keep.

    When Arthur and his marriage was established, it was the year she turned 18. At the age of 18, aristocratic women are generally married. Of course, it is not known who to marry in the future as an engagement stage. Surprisingly, the upper class watches the engagement period for a long time. It was common to marry after closely examining whether the other person was a suitable person for the family or whether they would get along well as a life partner. That's why there were often times when they exchanged their marriage partners.

    "It's a marriage anyway." Literally business. As long as it benefits the family, it doesn't matter who sits there. Then I will."

    Arthur said so and shut up for a moment. While searching for memories, he looked at Lillian again.

    "That's what happened."

    Lillian suddenly remembered what happened before.

    "The Duke of Astrid wants you, Lillian." Very, very aggressively.'

    I remember Henry, Arthur's friend and her brother, saying that. He spoke of Arthur as the Duke of Astrid with a very good face. I thought it was strange, but I was excited and just let it go. Arthur wants himself. Just that alone seemed to have the whole world.

    Come to think of it, Count Esteban and Duke Astrid were somewhat distant at that time. Lillian thought Henry and Arthur were close, but were they really close? There are several groups in the upper-class society, so it is rare to get close even if the groups are different.

    "And now I'm waiting for your answer.”

    The majority opinion of her and Arthur's marriage is that the young Duke found a political partner using Henry's sister and Count Esteban's only daughter as a medium. But Arthur says it wasn't like that now.

    "You know how I feel."

    Arthur laughed when Lillian bit his lips and said. He put his forehead against Lillian's forehead. She whispered in an unbearable voice because she was lovely.

    "Will you be mine?"”

    Pick and Lillian burst into small laughter. It was quite childish for Duke Astrid to say. And surprised by the sudden pain, I swallowed my breath.

    Arthur's hand was twisting her nipples.

    "Ah... Let's dig, Arthur."

    "I'm a violent human being. If you really don't like it, I won't do it, but if I see a little gap, I'll do it my way. Just like now."

    He gave more strength to his hand. It wasn't a pain that seemed to fall off the papilla, but it wasn't as painful as it could be ignored. Lillian bit her lips and endured the pain. It hurts, but I felt a little good even though it hurt. It might be a mental joy. Arthur wants her. It is said that he wanted it for a very long time. It was a sweet horse that seemed to melt my head. It's hard to tell whether it's a dream or reality.

    "Your life will get tired. There will be no stability and you will be confused whether my feelings are love or obsession. If you want my love more than the peace of life, it will be love, but when you want stability, it will be a cumbersome obsession."

    Arthur spoke as if he would confine her. But the voice was soft. Even the touch that bothered her chest was bringing pleasure. Lillian smiled slowly as she looked up at him.

    "Everything in the world has two sides, so making a choice means taking something." If you're on one side of the scale, whatever goes on the other side is meaningless. At least for me. If you really only like me."

    A person who has everything. A man who was always standing in the form of a strong ruler and hiding his vulnerability. Lillian always wanted this man to have. Not touching enough, she stood with strength at the tip of her toes and reached out her hand. Even if it was hard, I couldn't give up. If only I could have him. I thought it would be nice if I could not use my feet for life if I could reach his heart for a moment, but the man who didn't know that heart was being obsessed and caring for her.

    You don't even know which side you're obsessed with.

    Arthur grabbed her chest strongly at Lillian's words.

    "In return, I have to be tamed in my arms?" "Even if this whole body doesn't belong to you?"

    Arthur's eyes are scary and serious. Lillian smiled a little more at the eyes. He wants her. As a man, he was looking at her as a woman with longing eyes. Arthur lay her down right away and looked like he wanted to see through his, waiting for an answer.

    "It's good as long as it's a counter benefit to having you as your own for the rest of your life. Pay as much as you want."

    I swallowed my breath. He was kissed while being held by Arthur. Lillian opened her eyes wide, made eye contact with Arthur, and laughed. She opened her mouth and accepted his tongue. He stings violently in his mouth. It got softer slowly. Fastening his tongue, Lillian groaned with his neck. The fever rising directly to sexual intercourse isolated her from the world, and the fever rising to the kiss melted her into space.


    The next morning, the world was a little different.

    Lillian greeted the morning with her husband's naked chest. When he opened his eyes, he wasn't up yet. It was amazing that he seemed tired and had a very satisfying face. She carefully fiddled Arthur's cheek.

    You sleep with a face like this.

    I've never seen him sleeping. The sleeping face was more normal than I thought. The beautiful features are still there, but the expression was somewhat comfortable.

    "Is your sleeping face amazing?"

    Arthur asked the face as it was.

    "Are you awake?"”

    Lillian carefully pressed his cheek once and asked, and he opened his eyes.

    "You woke me up."”

    "You've been blaming me since yesterday. It's my fault that I pressed the switch, and it's my fault that you broke it."

    "Because it's true."

    Arthur raised himself up. He came to his senses by blinking a couple of times and reached out to Lillian. After lightly brushing her hair, she kissed her cheek and said, "It's a completely new morning. Did you sleep well, Lillian?" Lillian nodded and he smiled brightly. It was such a bright smile that Lillian was embarrassed at the moment.

    "Okay, let's start our new morning. I'm looking forward to it."

    Isn't the morning the same for everyone? Lillian became suspicious, but nodded with joy. If he says it's a new morning, it must be a new morning. She was just good. Woke up in his arms and he promised to love only her. He later warned that his love could turn into obsession, but even the words stuck in his ears.

    Arthur said, "Don't wake up, stay here," kissed Lillian on the cheek, and disappeared into the bathroom. Lillian, ashamed of the man alone, tried to get up with a sheet wrapped around her body. Then she realized that the place where she woke up was not the duchess' room. It's a peacock's room. A place she'd barely even entered.

    Trying to take a step forward, she felt pain and collapsed in bed. There was no place below the waist that didn't hurt. While accepting him, the crotch that had been spreading all the time was throbbing, and the legs that had been folded in half and pressed down on the chest hurt both thighs and calves. In addition, I had a stomachache. When I accepted his genitals, I didn't know because I was so busy, but now I can tell that he was swollen just by putting his legs together. There was a strong sense of foreign matter as if he was still inside.

    "I told you not to wake up".

    Arthur from the bathroom approached her with something in one hand. He put her back in bed and covered her well.

    "Why am I here?"

    Obviously they were in Lillian's room. Arthur replied, stroking Lillian's face with a lovely touch.

    "The sheet got dirty."

    "Why is the sheet..."… Oh."

    She realized one step later why the sheet became dirty. Arthur laughed as she blushed awkwardly. Then he spread out the things he brought to the bed.

    The first thing I saw was women's underwear. Bra, camisole, and white dress. Lillian opened her eyes wide. Nothing was his or her thing.

    "I bought it even though I thought I couldn't be in this relationship with you."

    "You're like a perv."

    "Maybe a little bit."

    Arthur, who said so, sat next to Lillian and swept her hair.

    "But you don't have the right to veto. You gave you to me yesterday."

    "There's nothing you can't wear if you're told to, but the size of your underwear"

    "It's exactly your size."

    It is meaningless to say how you knew. He is the one who pays Sarah, and Sarah knows everything about Lillian.

    A pure white lace underwear set. It has a similar design to when wearing a wedding dress. Thinking about the first night when nothing happened, Lillian swept the race of underwear.

    "I'm going to sleep with you every day and wake up." I'll wash you, and I'll choose your underwear and put on your underwear."

    "It's like a doll game."

    "Do I look like a person who will play with dolls?"

    Arthur asked. Lillian looked up at his face and laughed, "No."

    Arthur was a man who wouldn't touch the doll company, let alone play dolls. His business was largely traditional and masculine.

    After Lillian became the duchess, she had to learn a lot about the work of Duke Astrid. For now, it took more than a month to figure out the size of the property. The Peacock family, which lasted 300 years, had tremendous wealth. From the shiny gold mine to some garbage island, he owned a variety of property. He had only one department store if it was a feminine property.

    "You didn't buy this yourself, did you?"

    "Of course," replied Arthur, "at Lillian's words. When Lillian was relieved, he continued.

    "I bought it myself."

    Lillian's eyes got bigger.

    "If it gets known to the media..."…!”

    "What if the media tells you that I'm buying underwear for my wife?" The Duke family will benefit from the image of a pro-working citizen.”

    "The public may think that, but the social community may think so".

    "The social community is a bigger group than you think. There's this kind of person and that. But don't worry. I chose it by myself after the closing time.”

    "Oh, really..."….”

    Lillian looked up in relief.

    "Wait. Did you buy a department store at the time?"”


    "It was weird to start a department store business that had nothing to do with other businesses, but that can't be..."….”

    I hope you didn't spend a lot of money to buy something like this.

    Lillian couldn't bring it out of his mouth and asked with his eyes.

    Arthur took over the department store a couple of months before Lillian became the duchess. Arthur took over the department store when the traditional department store was closed due to financial difficulties. People noted that the Astrid family's businesses had nothing to do with department stores. As various conspiracy theories circulated, Arthur eventually explained them himself. Lillian said on television, "My father and grandfather used this department store." Same goes for me too. I watched Arthur say, "It's a place where the past and the present lurk." He likes that department store. That's what I thought back then.

    "It's something I couldn't even give you, but I didn't want to upset you because rumors circulated."

    "I thought you liked the department store."

    "I like you."

    Arthur said so and put a white dress on Lillian's body.

    "I enjoy shopping for clothes for you."

    He smiled with a very satisfied face. When Lillian pushed out the dress, saying, "I think this is a little weird," Arthur kissed her lips.

    "I warned you in advance that my obsession would become cumbersome. You're the one who allowed me to do that."

    "But this is..."….”

    "I think you'll have more fun now, so don't think about stealing my hobby."

    "You're having more fun?"”

    "I got to know your body, which I've always imagined."”

    Arthur answered with long and thin eyes. When Lillian frowned and asked, "Do you know you're only talking like a perv right now?" he burst into laughter.

    "The bathtub must be filled with water, so let's go." I wiped it with a towel, but it's better to wash it properly.”

    And he gave her a big hug. Yikes! Lillian screamed without realizing it and hung on his neck. The sheet fell off her body, and she became a nag.

    "Poetry, sheet please."

    "I'm getting used to it." It's your husband.”

    "You're wearing a shirt and pants right now."

    "If you have flawless milky skin like your body, I'll be naked."

    Lillian shut up awkwardly at the words. I remembered his back that I saw last night. Old wounds and new wounds are covered, etc. He was born as a successor to a precious family and shows the weight he had to carry.

    Lillian felt his back with his finger. The bumpy feeling touched under the shirt was pathetic.

    "Am I pathetic?"

    Arthur asked, putting Lillian into the bathtub. I was surprised by the water that felt quite hot, but soon became drowsy. As Lillian leaned down, Arthur poked her shoulder.

    "Answer me, Lillian."

    I wanted to avoid it because it was a difficult question, but Arthur seems to want to hear an answer.

    "A little bit".

    I could have lied, but I didn't. Lillian spoke frankly and looked up at Arthur.

    "Did my compassion hurt your feelings?"”

    "It wasn't a pleasant childhood, but I gained a lot." As you said, I'm handsome and rich, and I'm a duke.”


    "And if it weren't for Duke Astrid, luck wouldn't have come to have you. Rather, if you have any complaints, your compassion is lighter than I thought. I definitely want to be a poor man for you."

    To the point where I want to accept anything if possible. Arthur fiddled with Lillian's lips, adding so.

    Since yesterday, he has been persistently touching her body. Like someone you want to keep in touch with. I liked the changed attitude. Lillian leaned her head against Arthur's arm. When covered by a shirt, it only looked slim, but when I leaned back on my head, I could see how hard the arm was.

    "I would have liked it even if you weren't the Duke of Astrid.”

    Arthur laughed at Lillian's words.

    "I would have liked you even if you weren't the daughter of Count Esteban. ……It would be fortunate that you were born into the Esteban family. Otherwise, I would have committed a crime the moment I first met him."


    Oh, Lillian burst into laughter. She was fifteen at that time. A perfect minor. Even though they are at an age when they have the right to vote for sexual suicide, sexual behavior with minors is a legally controversial issue. Even as he is a duke, it is clear that quite a serious sound has come and gone over the cost.

    "You wouldn't have done that. You didn't do anything to me until I handcuffed you.”

    Arthur didn't answer anything and just smiled. Lillian raised his head and kissed his lips. He closed his eyes when his lips were lightly attached and dropped. Little by little, I pressed my lips longer. When hesitation put in a little tongue, he suddenly rushed to her. The initiative was quickly taken away. I felt like I was going to fall into the water. Lillian was kissed by Arthur, sticking to him. I learned how to kiss him. Even if you fall into the water, he will definitely save you.

    The kiss was just tight. Like a dream.

    Chapter 4. The Man of the Past

    Since that day, Lillian has mixed up with Arthur every night.

    "Don't tighten it."

    Slap, got hit on the butt. It doesn't hurt, but my face got hot. Lillian sat on top of Arthur and was facing him. His was pulsing hot inside her. It was his that made her sick on the first day. I didn't know because of fear, embarrassment, joy, and numerous emotions, but Arthur's penis was quite great. Lillian had no one to compare with, so he didn't know if his genitals were smaller or larger than other men, but he could tell that the genitals were too large to put inside him. Arthur did not feel pain when he entered the barrel of removing her soul every time he inserted it, but when he returned to his senses after the act, he was very angry. As walking got harder and harder, Lillian said, "We need to reduce our sleep a little, we," and he replied, "You must have said something wrong that you should learn more."

    And this was the first time to learn.

    "Oh, I didn't do that. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

    Slap and hit again, Lillian gave Arthur strength to his arm.

    "Don't hit me. Oh, yeah. Ugh!"

    "But if you don't learn like this, you'll reject me again.”

    "No, no!" I won't do that.… Ah!"

    I got slapped again. Lillian rubbed his forehead roughly against Arthur's shoulder. I was anxious because I couldn't know what to do with the itchy heat burning inside my body. I even had the illusion that all the mucous membranes in the vagina would be red.

    "I won't tighten it, so yeah."

    I didn't get hit sick, but I got a fever on my butt because I kept getting hit. The numbness spread through the buttocks. When my butt flinched, I felt more crazy. Arthur was slowly pushing her up, but she actually wanted him to shake her crazy.

    "It hurts because you keep acting like a maiden."”

    He said meanly. He complained that men like women of narrow quality, but she was too narrow.

    "I've never been in the military like a maid..."…!”

    He suddenly threw it up. Punch, punch, punch. It was a movement strong enough to be hallucinated. Oh, oh, oh! When Lillian shouted, a hawk suddenly fell on his buttocks. No, the hot temperature dropped. The whole body was tightened. The inside trembled and the front of my eyes blurred. Lillian clenched her teeth and tried to put up with it. It was because her husband was a pretty mischievous person.

    However, Arthur began to raise his back quickly as if he had already noticed.

    "It's no use holding it in." I would've said that.”

    Eut, Eut, and Lillian shook their heads, but he was not fooled. He liked to bully her at her peak. Knowing that he would act like a person in a frenzy, Lillian tried to hide his or her heart from Arthur if possible.

    "Hiding, no." The inside of the vagina trembles and sticks, and I can't hide it."

    Arthur hated her hiding her reaction to sex. If so, it would be nice to be a little gentleman, but unfortunately, he on the bed had no savage. If she didn't follow his will, he became even worse for any reason.

    "Yeah! Yeah! Sleep! Yeah!" Ah! Ah! Ah!

    From a certain point on, Lillian's lips only came out of communion, not language. I forgot to swallow with my eyes closed and shook. It was hot, suffocating, and my eyes were dim as if I were in a desert. It was a pleasure like a drug. Reason was melting down like a midsummer jelly. The Orgassum continues. At the peak close to coercion, she couldn't stand it and radiated. I put my nails on Arthur's back. A new wound was engraved on his wound-covered back. Every time, he was more and more flooded.

    At the end of the end, he begged at the moment when he thought his head was about to burst. Lillian blinked slowly because he felt something hot and muddy gathering into the fetus.

    "Focused face."

    Arthur muttered.

    "You can't imagine how much this idiot-like face drives people."

    His voice was low and dark. Sometimes he is scary even though he has a friendly face. Some parts of him were broken by childhood abuse. The more she shuffled with him, the more he showed his true self, the more afraid she became.

    He rubbed lightly inside her. Even when the firmness was released, his still filled her insides thoroughly. It was stimulating by rubbing the place that was pickled in the afterglow of the old Orgassum. Arthur didn't stop even if she shook her head helplessly. He looked straight down at her face, wandering inside her.

    It must be an ugly face. Arthur had never let Lillian have sex with a fine face. I heated my cheeks until they turned red with tears and saliva, and then patted them to get rid of their blood color. In addition, I couldn't imagine what my face would look like as I was being stimulated again in a sensitive place.


    However, he sees Lillian as the most beautiful woman in the world. Seeing the ecstasy cast over his gorgeous face, Lillian had nothing to do with it.

    "I love you."

    At what he said, she was willing to give herself up to a wave of love.


    "Duchess of Astrid, it's been a while."

    The person who greeted with a big smile was a sensual middle-aged woman with a mole around her mouth.

    "Long time no see, Mrs. Splin."

    Lillian smiled brightly at her and kicked her tongue inside.

    One butt hit by Arthur last night was throbbing. There is still residual heat inside the vagina. And the fever spread to the hips, and I kept tightening the inside.

    Arthur on the bed was definitely like a beast, so Lillian's body was a mess. He left a mark all over her body when he had sex. In particular, the upper part of the chest or the inside of the thigh is covered with the kiss marks he left behind, so she has never worn a dress that reveals her chest since mixing her body with him. Even now, she was wearing a china dress with a collar up to her chin. The body shape was revealed, but the skin was exposed at most a little below the face, arms, and knees.

    "Are you still here?"”

    "He'll come."

    "Are you coming by helicopter again today?"”

    Splin asked with mischievous eyes.

    These days, Arthur appeared at the place where Lillian attended, roughly said hello, and then took her with him. It was the same yesterday. Arthur kept kissing Lillian in the helicopter. After a chaotic kiss of licking lips and tongue and swallowing each other's saliva, the helicopter was already on the ground.


    "It's a golden seed that many people can learn from."

    Splin smiled and praised. But Lillian knew well that it was a reprimand to be unusual.

    "I'm not feeling well, and your Excellency is worried about my body."

    Lillian responded kindly. At first glance, it seems to be the same story as the story that Geumseul is good, but the content was completely different. It was so close to appealing that Duke Astrid was a major figure in the Duke's family that he was worried about her body.

    "Oh, are you not feeling well?"

    "I'm a little tired these days." I have a lot to care about."

    "You're still young, so you can't do that."

    Mrs. Splin and her husband were close to their predecessor, Duke Astrid, Arthur's father. While drinking a punch, Lillian thought about whether the couple would have known Arthur's abuse or how far they would have known if they had.

    "How about..."

    That's why I missed Mrs. Splin's words.

    "Oh, excuse me." My ears were ringing. What did you say?”

    Lillian's words expressed concern over Mrs. Splin's face. Mrs. Splin was as much a woman as Arthur had seen Lillian since she was young.

    "Are you really not feeling well?"”

    "It's not enough for your Excellency to bring a helicopter. Really. What did you say?”

    "I told you that Edward wanted to see your wife."

    Edward Splin.

    Lillian recalled her college senior. He was a very popular man because he was handsome and friendly. And he was also a person who almost became Lillian's regular marriage. When the two couldn't meet, they almost got married, but they failed, and Lillian later went to college and faced him. He used to take good care of her because he was a sociable person.

    "Is Eddy in Oson?"

    Oson was a traditional European country. It was a small country, but it was also a powerful country that had never been dominated by many powers. But Edward was always frustrated with Oson. For him as an actor, this country was too small.

    "It's been about three hours since I got off at Anton Airport. "I'll be there soon. Oh, my. I'm there."

    When I saw where Mrs. Splin was pointing, it was the car Edward was just coming in. Edward, who moved to the U.S., recently starred in a quite famous franchise movie as a supporting role. Thanks to this, many people's curiosity and affectionate eyes were focused on him.

    Receiving many people's attention, he lightly greeted and turned toward Lillian as he entered the banquet hall. When his eyes met, Edward opened his eyes wide. And he approached with a quick step full of laughter. He opened his arms and said, "Oh, my God, Lillian. "How many years has it been?" he welcomed. Lillian was about to approach him.

    "Your Majesty is here.”

    Mrs. Splin whispered quietly.

    Lillian looked at the door where Edward came in a while ago.

    It was a completely different atmosphere than before. Indoor that's a ton deeper. People were looking at the man as he entered with a hint of shrinking. A confident and beautiful man. The appearance of wearing a black lotus suit is sensual like a vampire and somewhat heterogeneous. He glanced around once. That alone made many people bend their knees or bow to greet him. It wasn't long before he discovered Lillian.

    He smiled softly. Walking slowly toward Lillian, he kissed her cheek in a relaxed manner.

    "How have you been?"”

    "Yes, what about you?"

    "I was buried in work."”

    It was neither more nor less a greeting from an upper-class couple. But Mrs. Splin squinted.

    "Your highness, can't you see this godmother?"

    "No way, Mrs. Splin. It's just that my wife came into my eyes first. "How have you been?"

    "If your Excellency didn't use a helicopter today, I think we'll get along well."

    "Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that. Please set up a private airfield next time. If you do that, I'll be happy to come by jet."

    When Mrs. Splin shut up, Arthur's gaze naturally moved to Edward Splin.

    "What about this person?"

    "Oh, I'll introduce it to you." This is Edward Splin. He's my college senior."

    Edward said, "I'm not just a college senior. Nice to meet you, Duke Astrid." For Edward, there seemed to be some thorn in the greeting, so Lillian narrowed his forehead, looked at him once, and turned to Arthur again. As soon as she was about to introduce him, he reached out to Edward first.

    "Arthur Astrid". I'm Lillian's normal husband."

    "Ordinary, husband." "It can't be because you came to the duke."

    It was sarcastic that the show window was only a couple anyway. Lillian rebuked Edward for his enemy's young attitude, "Eddy!" However, far from being offended, Arthur smiled softly and responded.

    "It's more normal than I thought."

    Arthur has openly shown off that they are a romantic relationship since Lillian allowed it. It was Lillian who denied it. He had no hesitation even though he knew that the social community did not have a good view of "a couple who truly loved each other."

    "It's very normal, day and night."

    In Arthur's hand, Lillian barely endured shaking. Arthur was just holding onto her. She kept shaking even though he did nothing. When there were no people, he never let her go. Kissed her and caressed her whole body. Even if it wasn't such a time, it was the same. He moved while hugging her and taking care of her whole body. Often, she was like a puppy cared for by him or a queen supported by him. Queen and female character. In the meantime, somewhere he was binding her.

    "Lilian, I haven't seen you in a while, but unfortunately, we have to go.”

    Arthur whispered as if to others. Mrs. Splin hated it, saying, "The party is in full swing, sir."

    "My wife hasn't been feeling well lately." As Godmother knows."

    He lowered his voice a little.

    "We don't have children yet. I'm trying these days.… So my wife is a little under the weather."

    High-class society is no different from the Middle Ages. They strive to defend the family and continue their privileges. The most important of them is also the existence of the family. Therefore, Lillian was obligated to give birth. But you're not feeling well because it's "I'm trying"? Isn't it too explicit? It was when Lillian's face was white.

    "Oh, my. Duchess." "That must be really hard."

    Mrs. Splin whispered, holding Lillian's hand.

    "That, that."

    "You're still young." Examiner? You're still young to try that."


    It was only then that Lillian could see how Mrs. Splin interpreted Arthur's efforts.

    "But you're the original descendant of the Astrid family."

    Arthur is the only child. Arthur's father was also like that. The Astrid family's 300-year history incorporated desperate attempts to leave offspring. Sometimes an illegitimate child connected the family and sometimes adopted a nephew.

    It was fortunate that Mrs. Splin misunderstood. Lillian glared at Arthur while talking that he would do his best as the side dish of the Astrid family.

    "Your wife is still young to make such an attempt."

    Mrs. Splin stared at Arthur to see if Lillian wasn't available. Lillian thought Arthur would smile and move on. Arthur hugged Lillian from behind. He smiled and kissed her on the cheek and replied to Mrs. Splin.

    "It's a matter of couples.

    It was a cold voice, completely different from the sound of laughter. When Lillian turned his head, Arthur was smiling as if something had happened.

    "Come on"?


    "It's not..."

    I think I heard the wrong voice. Lillian turned his head again and looked at Mrs. Splin and Edward. Both of them stood in an upset mood. I didn't think I heard it very wrong. Lillian smiled, hiding her difficulties.

    "I'm just..."… It's just…… It's because I'm not feeling well these days and I've been doing hard work, so I've become sensitive. Of course, it's a matter of succession."

    Lillian smiled brightly, surrounding the words, "It's not because you love me, but because you've become sensitive to your successor." Oh, I guess so. As soon as Mrs. Splin and Edward were about to nod at her blooming smile.


    Arthur smiled and asked. Not enough, he lifted Lillian's chin and made him see himself, and whispered very quietly in his ear.

    "I'm not interested in a child who will be born with your stomach." My wife is a liar.’

    This guy is really!

    "Oh my, that kind of thing." I didn't know. Everyone, excuse me for a moment."

    Lillian opened her eyes wide as if she had heard a great story from her husband and walked naturally toward the balcony. Arthur was forced to escort her and walk together.

    The balcony is usually a place where men and women who want to spend time touching each other go out. It was very rare for couples to go out there, so I could feel people's eyes glancing. As if there was an important story, Lillian covered his mouth and lifted his heel and whispered to Arthur.

    "What's wrong with you?"

    Arthur smiled when asked angrily.


    "Why are you so..."

    "We're a married couple and we love each other. What's the problem?"

    "Don't pretend to be a normal person." You all know that I'm going to laugh at you."

    "There's no one to laugh at us.”

    Arthur doesn't have it. Arthur is only 34 years old, but he has been a duke since he was 24. It's been a long time since I took off my new scab. As a natural competitor, he was leading the business well overall. However, Lillian was now in her third year as a duchess. There are only four Duchess in Oson, except for Lillian, the youngest woman was 58. When going down to the countess, the youngest woman was 35 years old, but her opponent got married as soon as she graduated from boarding school and was 17 years old as the countess. In short, Lillian was completely treated as a rookie. Of course, no one treated me like that explicitly, but the implicit attitude was also quite worrisome.

    When Lillian refused to answer, Arthur asked, "Who bothers you?"

    "It's not like that, but if you keep making it obvious,"

    It was already a balcony. Seeing the curtains open, it must have been an empty balcony. Lillian dragged Arthur into the balcony. As soon as I went out to the balcony, a pleasant night breeze brushed my cheek. Lillian kept his mouth shut while Arthur was closing the door, and as soon as he closed the door, he complained, "I'm in trouble."

    "There will be so many rumors going around".

    "The Duchess of Astrid is not an exemplary high-class human being. That's all. "Are you afraid of being treated like a bully?"

    Arthur came close. When Lillian's back touched the door of the balcony, Arthur put his hand between her back and the door. There was a click from my back.

    "It may not be a big deal for you, but it's an important issue for me. And"

    "Yes, and?

    Arthur's lips approached his neck and Lillian tried to push him away. But he wasn't pushed back. Far from being pushed back, it stuck closer to her. His fingers unfastened the buttons on her back one by one. Arthur's hand, unpacked three or four buttons around the bra line, came into the dress and touched her bare body. His hand slipped on her back like a snake and touched her buttocks.

    "Aren't you ashamed of being loved by your husband and wearing underwear like this?"

    Arthur's hand slipped between Lillian's hips. There was only one string that could not cover anything. Arthur's hand pulled and let go of her underwear strap. Slap. Lillian was so ashamed to get hit between his hips with an underwear strap that he dug into Arthur without realizing it.

    "Don't do it."

    Arthur's hand came forward. He touched the front of Lillian's underwear. No, it was not the front of the underwear, but the front of the underwear. As if touching, Lillian's underwear consisted of only strings. Underwear with a design that seems to be pushed out rather than covering the place that should be cherished and protected. Of course, this was not chosen by Lillian, but by Arthur. He liked to wear shameful underwear under Lillian's quiet clothes.

    "I can't believe you twisted a man into a balcony wearing something that even prostitutes don't wear. It's too racy.”

    And I enjoyed pretending like this. Lillian stared at him and closed his eyes. His finger came into her gate and was caressing a small bump.

    "Ha, j, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Lillian gasped while hanging from Arthur. He bowed his head to cover his face, but there was no way to hold back his groan. The bumps Arthur touches every day now reacted sensitively just by touching his finger.

    "Oh, no. Arthur." Ah, Seo, come on! I'm coming out. I think I'm going to spill it.”

    Arthur made her body his, not hers, as he said. Lillian now cried as he played.

    "You can tighten it tightly." You can't untie it, but you're good at tightening it, right?"

    "However, however. Oh, yeah!

    "Or you can leave some shameful marks here. But will it be okay? You can't stop once you spill.”

    "Who's to blame?"

    "Of course, it's my fault." "It's an honor."

    Arthur gave Lillyan a soft kiss on his cheek. But his fingers were severely bothering her bumps. Rubbing and twisting made it difficult for her to hold back. No, you have to give strength. Lillian clenched his teeth and gave him strength underneath. But she herself already knew that the inside was wet. It wasn't just wet, but there was a lot of pain. I felt like I was going to cry even if I let go of a little bit of a little. But she didn't even have a cloth to cover her front, let alone a pad. If you spill it, it will fall on the floor and flow along the bridge. If you think that every place you pass by, you will want to die.

    "If you ask for help, I'll help you."

    Arthur said in a benevolent tone. When Lillian shook his head, he called "Lillian" affectionately. The snake's tone of seducing Hawaii to eat good and evil fruit continues in such a smooth voice that it seems like this.

    "You know that. How quickly your lower mouth loses its mind. When it opens soon, it will have to flow down. In addition, if you don't scratch me with my stuff, the inside heats up and drives me crazy. My lower abdomen is going to be whining right now. How are you going to hold it in?"

    Lillian shook her head. I know what Arthur is trying to do. But I didn't like that. Arthur sighed after she refused strongly.

    "Then walk up to there." "If you walk well, I'll give up today."

    Arthur pointed to Lillian on the railing on the balcony. It was only five or six steps away.

    Only after taking a step did Lillian find it frustrating. No matter how hard she pressed down, it seemed that walking as usual would pour out a lot of sorrow. So she eventually had to walk loosely from her thighs to her knees. Like a woman who missed the opportunity to go to the bathroom, it was difficult to take six steps even if she walked slowly. Lillian arrived at the railing and gasped and looked back at Arthur, holding the railing with both hands.

    Arthur grabbed her hand and tucked it inside her pants. The genitals that stand firmly face each night. But I didn't think I'd get used to it forever.

    "It's hot...".”

    "I want to put it in you."

    "I don't like it here."

    When Lillian shook her head, Arthur said, "I know," and sucked her earlobes. Because of the clingy sound, it seemed that the strength below would be released immediately. Arthur rolled up her skirt. It was only for a moment that I flinched by the cold air.

    "Let me kiss your lower mouth. I'll wash it all and eat it all.”

    Arthur whispered, rubbing his penis between her hips. Her heated voice soaked her ears hot.

    "I don't like..."

    "Then how are you going back home?" Even if you want to take a helicopter, you have to cross the party hall. How are you going to get there like this?”

    "Ahhhhh..." Ahhhhh! Yes!

    "Oh, I think I'll put it in if it slides wrong."”

    His slipped. The genitals buried between the crotchs moved blatantly. Lillian shook his head.

    "Don't do that".

    It was not enough to cool down the heated body even if I bit the back of my hand and endured the groan. As Lillian endured the throbbing, throbbing, and moaning, Arthur stuck closely behind her. He rubbed his hardened alter ego between Lillian's legs and licked her neck long.

    "Which one?"

    Arthur asked in a tone of confidence in victory.

    Arthur took off his jacket and laid it down where Lillian would lie down. Her sorrow will be buried, and he will have to wear it. Nevertheless, he had no hesitation.

    "Lillian, open yourself up."

    When Lillian blinked, Arthur kissed her cheek. Kissman was as clean as a boy. But his eyes were looking between her legs, full of deep lust.

    Lillian bit her lips and spread her legs on her own. When I spread my legs against a same-sex doctor at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic, I was embarrassed, but even if I was a husband, I was completely rational. No, it was almost the only and absolute reason in her life. The shame heated me up to my neck. Still, she was forced to spread her legs. Very explicitly, until the two overlapping outer flesh open.


    At Arthur's words, Lillian folded his legs and lifted them. And slowly lowered his hand between his legs and leaned the two flesh on his own.

    "When my whole body turns red,"

    Arthur pretended to be pitiful and kissed Lillian's fingertips. The fingers tilting the flesh were shaking. Looking at her husband enjoying shame stretched out to the tip of his finger, Lillian chewed his lips well. Before she knew it, she was corrupted to this point. Arthur was covering it, but the direction she was opening her genitals was in front of the balcony door heading to the party. She was done when the door opened.

    "Poor thing. You're giving me a lot of strength."”

    Arthur muttered as he looked at Lillian's dense wrinkles.


    I felt like I was going to lose strength now. Lillian eagerly called Arthur. Arthur, who noticed the petition in the voice, kicked his tongue.

    "It's too bad that I'm watching." It would feel great if I put it in now. I miss you throwing away the elegant duchess' shell and sticking to me and crying.”

    With that said, Arthur used his. Lillian shook his head. Saying no, she trembled her flat stomach. I was confused whether it was to make sure I didn't get wet or to want his.

    Arthur's had already grown. It's incredibly big to believe that he put that in his body, but he always drove her crazy and then penetrated it without difficulty. It's probably possible because it's a place to give birth, but even though she thought so, she looked at Arthur's with fear. Looking at it with my eyes alone, it was nothing to put in a person's body. Arthur approached with a smile, perhaps noticing her fear.

    "You held it in for a long time." I can't stand it anymore.”

    "Don't, don't, don't, don't."

    "The bottom lip was sweet." Because you get more excited by tightening yourself."

    Arthur came up saying that and looked down at the entrance where Lillian was opening. While my heart was pounding in the snow, chilling expectations also climbed up the spine.

    "Do you know?" You've been saying that you're going to hold it in."

    Arthur rubbed the end of his alter ego in Lillian's forced closed area.

    "He's flinching his butt."”

    "Lie..." (Sighs)

    Arthur came in. The scream was quickly swallowed into Arthur's mouth. Arthur's thick tongue fell into her mouth. He kissed her as if he were sucking under her. The clingy sound gets me into my head. The scream that couldn't come out turned into a throbbing sound in her throat.

    As soon as the kiss was over, Arthur moved his back slowly and pulled down his tie. He clumped his tie with one hand and stuffed it into Lillian's mouth.

    "I'm in trouble if there's a human being who listens to your moaning."

    More than half of his had already come in. Lillian stared blankly at Arthur between shame and pleasure. I don't know what Arthur's saying. If you had a perception that it was difficult to be caught by others, you wouldn't have done it from the beginning. Arthur, who saw Lillian's face, said, "It's not like that."

    "I'm busy these days." "It's work, but it's a secret place for my wife."

    Cook, more of his came in.


    Lillian opened her eyes wide. Arthur's filled the inside. Arthur gasped lightly. He was frowning his forehead to see if outdoor sex was quite stimulating. Even in that state, he made eye contact with Lillian and spoke in a smiling voice.

    "I'm busy exploring." I can't afford to hurt people."

    Lillian hit him on the shoulder at Arthur's joke. I meant not to say that. Then he said, "Okay," and moved his back. Lillian laughed as he made a sound and hit Arthur.

    "Do you like mine that much?"”

    Lillian shook his head. I didn't want to be honest. At last, the rebellious sentiment against Arthur, who dragged a person to the balcony and had sex, raised his head. Then Arthur laughed and quickly stepped back. Unknowingly, Lillian's waist followed. Arthur said in a state of being narrowly immersed only at the end.

    "I poked my waist out because I was sad that I lost weight."

    And he came in slowly. Gasp, Lillian trembled.

    "I'm chewing and pulling because I'm sad to go in slowly."”

    Arthur will definitely take care of himself. Lillian knew. Arthur has never used a condom since he mixed his body with her. They are a couple, and Lillian has to have children, so it's natural, but this situation was difficult. It was terrible to think that every time I walked, I dropped dirty water mixed with semen and pain.

    Nevertheless, I can't come to my senses. I should have told him to stop, but Lillian was biting Arthur's tie and drooling saliva and concentrating all his attention under his waist. A sense of pleasure comes up from the crotch to the brain. It was cloudy in front of my eyes. Only the man who was pushing himself into her like a crazy cow was becoming important. Reason has already put down the shutter. All that's left is the crazy night.

    Forgetting where this is, Lillian wrapped his limbs around Arthur's body. He lifted himself up hugging Lillian. When his posture changed, Lillian swallowed a scream because he was stabbed strangely inside. Arthur sat leaning against the railing and placed Lillian on top of him. And I pulled it up.

    It was his favorite position. And she was also in a position that she didn' This made me feel like I was being stuck deeper, perhaps because of her weight. The male genitals seemed to reach the forbidden place located deep in the fetus. In addition

    Arthur's hand grabbed Lillian's chest. He wouldn't let go of her chest at this time. I bit it, washed it, grabbed it with my hand, and crushed it. Lillian was always afraid of this position because the rougher he was treated, the crazier he was, and it seemed to be becoming a perv. It was the position where I could feel myself going crazy the most clearly.

    "I'll do it, Lily."

    Arthur whispered. Lily, Lily. That's what he called Lillian. The name Lily he calls didn't feel bad. Rather, Lillian's heart beat even more whenever she was called Lillian because it was like a nickname for the two. Instead of nodding, Lillian gave strength to the limbs that hugged him. As soon as he tightened as if to break him, he swelled further inside. And soon the hot thing wetted inside hard. She was hugging Arthur tightly while Arthur shook and poured the last drop into her.

    This is when Lillian confuses Arthur's disposition. As soon as Arthur finished sex, he laid Lillian down and cleaned her down. In other words, it meant that she drank not only her sorrow but also her own semen. She had to struggle with Arthur's tie in her mouth because she was already sensitive and poked with her tongue. Even if a new fluid flowed out of her penis, he continued to drink them.

    When she was completely exhausted, he stopped caressing. And raised her up. She carefully removed the tie from her mouth and dressed her right away. And casually put on a wet jacket and escorted her.
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    You’re an angel
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    The continuation of PART 1 - LILIAN
    Arthur paid too much attention to Lillian to be called a dominant tendency. However, he is too bound to her to be called a sub-mischievous personally,

    By the time she got off the helicopter, she was exhausted and half asleep. Then my body sounded as if it were natural. Arthur strode with Lillian in his arms. No matter how slim she is, she is an adult woman. Arthur's weight is never this easy to lift, but he acts as if she were a paper doll.

    "Your highness, I mean Splin".


    Arthur cut John's words firmly. Despite his sleep with his eyes closed to his waist, Lillian somehow felt confident that Arthur cut off his horse, wary of him.

    After moving for a long time, Arthur arrived at the room and put Lillian down. Naturally, he was watered in the bathtub and undressed Lillian. Washing, wiping, and drying Lillian didn't bother him at all. As for Lillian, she was bothered to take care of herself, let alone wash Arthur. In particular, it was even more so after having sex so that the whole body was exhausted.

    "I thought it would be like this."”

    Arthur kicked his tongue. I thought about what would happen, but Lillian didn't open his eyes. If she had completely woken up, Arthur would have recognized her right away even if she pretended to be asleep. But sleep was still holding her ankle.

    Arthur put something on her back. Arthur whispered, "I'm sorry," when she frowned at the sting. I think I got hurt on the balcony. Only then did Lillian realize why Arthur changed his position in the middle. She fell into pleasure and was unaware of the pain, but he seemed to have thought she would get hurt.

    knock, knock

    Someone knocks on the door. Then Arthur covered Lillian's body with a sheet well.

    "Good night, Lily."

    His kiss on the cheek was sweet. Sleep spread smoothly throughout her body with a kiss. I heard the sound of the door and it soon became quiet.

    In the dark and still room, Lillian opened her eyes. I fell asleep, but I don't know how long I slept. I think I fell asleep. I'm leaving my body to sleep. I think I just woke up. When it was hard to tell how long it had passed, she sat in bed alone.

    When I reached out to the side table, my cell phone was caught. Looking at the time, it was a little before 2 o'clock. Arthur is later than usual.

    -Your highness, I mean split.

    There are several people in the Splin family. Although not a noble, it was the same as a modern noble because it was a traditional chaebol family. From Grace Splin to Edward Splin, who I met yesterday, there are quite a few people in the Splin family. Which splin will it be?

    Lillian stared at the darkness and thought. Arthur was then wary of Lillian. It is clear that he judged that Lillian should not be included. Why? The Splin family and the Astrid family have never been in business conflict. Politically, it is close to allies. What on earth is there to hide from her?

    Usually, he would have thought that it was something he shouldn't intervene in. But Lillian kept thinking about what happened earlier. Mrs. Splin was Arthur's godmother. Nevertheless, she was looking at Arthur with a generous face. The atmosphere was strange.

    Oson's upper-class society did not recommend a marital alliance. The more emotions are mixed, the more dangerous the family's solidarity becomes. This is why Mrs. Splin gave a hint. Arthur also knows this fact.

    What happened to the splin and what made him stop talking? Arthur thought Lillian was sleeping. Nevertheless, no report was received. It means that she should completely rule out the possibility of hearing it.

    What kind of story is there?

    Lillian became curious.


    It was at a hospital that Lillian met Edward Splin for the second time. To donate for cancer patients, Lillian entered the hospital dressed a little casual. Duchess of Astrid, please look this way. As reporters said, she turned her head that way. As soon as I was about to enter the hospital after giving each reporter an eye greeting, smiling, and taking care of them to make it easier to take pictures.

    It's Edward Splin!

    Reporters' murmur grew. Eddie? When Lillian turned his head, Edward, who was approaching, greeted reporters and shouted, "Lillian!" In front of the reporters, he opened his arms without hesitation. She was forced to approach and hug him. Unlike her, who only put her arms around her back, he hugged her tightly and let her go. Kissing both cheeks, he lightly put his arms around Lillian's shoulders and stood toward reporters.

    "Do you know each other"?

    Edward smiled broadly when the reporter asked.

    "We used to have a romantic relationship."

    "We're seniors and juniors in college." "Eddy has a humorous charm since a long time ago, so I followed along with women."

    Lillian corrected Edward's vague words. More than anything else, I was worried that Arthur would read this article. Arthur seemed grumpy and quite jealous. I didn't want to make a trouble. In addition, the husband must have given her a racy punishment to the point where her mind went out. He was a person who bullied her by blaming her for not kissing her to go safely in the morning.

    "But I've always been single-minded to you."”

    Edward drooped the end of his eyebrows, saying he was disappointed. Lillian laughed at the pick.

    "There are only four cases of passion that are passing through my head."

    Edward opened his eyes wide.

    "What about yours?" Oh, my. Lillian. You really weren't interested in me. Only yours?

    Reporters burst into laughter.

    It is a famous story that Edward Splin is a playboy. Even when he went to Hollywood, he couldn't get rid of his habits and was spreading rumors with various female celebrities. Every time he heard the story, Lillian laughed at the fact that he almost became his husband.

    The atmosphere is good. Lillian lightly silent on reporters and passed by them and entered the hospital. Edward followed after her.

    "Oh, I'm hurt, Lillian."

    "Oh, my. I'm at the hospital, so I can get treatment."”

    Ugh at Lillian's words, Edward groaned exaggeratedly. It was when Lillian snorted.

    "You said you were doing well with your husband."

    Edward said. His voice had no laughter. Lillian stopped walking and turned his head to look at Edward.

    -Your highness, I mean split.

    Which Splin did he talk about? The split includes Edward.


    "I thought you'd get divorced soon.”

    Divorce? When Lillian opened her eyes wide and looked at him, Edward took a cigarette out of the jacket.

    "Eddy, I'm at the hospital!"

    When Lillian rebuked him, Edward shook a cigarette, saying, "Oh, is it going to be difficult to get a single cigarette?" Two children without heads were passing by them right away. When Lillian strongly said, "Of course!" he put the cigarette back in the cigarette case.

    "I like your face like that."


    "Firm face."

    I don't know what you mean. When Lillian didn't hide his displeasure, Edward, who said, "Okay, I won't smoke," hugged Lillian's shoulder. Lillian shook Edward's hand gently, but surely.

    "Don't do anything weird."

    "What do you mean it's weird?"”

    "You're testing me right now.”

    A senior I haven't met in a long time acts strangely in everything, but he can't feel good. As Lillian walked fast again, Edward chased him.

    "I'll acknowledge that. But."

    But? When Lillian stopped again, he shrugged.

    "I was wondering if you were out of your mind."

    Lillian crossed her arms and stared at him. Sarah, who was walking with Lillian in a chilly atmosphere, felt embarrassed. However, as a top secretary, she quickly walked toward the staff approaching Lillian from the other side. And asked for their understanding, asking them to wait for a while. Lillian glanced at it and turned to Edward again.

    "If you have something to say, make it clear, Eddie."

    "Break up with your husband."

    When Lillian looked at Edward with eyes as if he were looking at a crazy person, he scratched his head. He starts talking as if he doesn't know where to start talking. I lowered my voice.

    "There's a story going around that he's abusing you.”

    Lillian's eyes have grown to the point where they cannot be bigger.

    "No way!"

    "My mother called me herself. You're weird."

    I laughed in vain that Edward's return was the only reason. Edward continued, looking at Lillian's astonishing eyes.

    "There are more than one or two people who have seen you being dragged by your husband. I knew your personality, so I didn't believe it.…, last time I saw it, it was true."

    Lillian looked around and bit her lips. I felt like I wanted to shout at the whole world not to say nonsense. She said, pressing down her boiling stomach.

    "Never. Never".

    "That's what all abused women say.”

    "It's not!" Do you know how rude I am to my husband right now? It's a sense of defamation!

    "Tell them to sue you." Either way, I'll never see you being beaten by a man like that."

    "Who do you think you are?" And Arthur never did that to me! Not at all!

    She calmed down her anger by mobilizing all her patience. However, no matter how low the voice was, it was inevitable that the voice became sharp. In her anger, Edward questioned, "Really not?"

    Lillian shook with her fist clenched. They stood in the middle of the hallway. On the outside of the door, reporters were still popping flash, and on the other side, hospital staff were waiting for Lillian with their employee cards hanging around their necks. I couldn't beat Edward here.

    "I swear, no."

    "Really? But why are you getting weaker and wearing a dress that covers your whole body, and your husband appears wherever you are and steals you?" Did you see the eyes of your husband looking at me? Eyes that want to kill me!"

    Edward's voice rose a little.

    "You must have noticed that you're having such rude thoughts!"

    Lillian responded fiercely.

    The two stared at each other in a confrontation. After a long time, Edward stepped down first. He said, "Okay, I got it," and fell a step away from Lillian. He took a glance at Lillian's whole body. And he apologized, "I'm sorry."

    "What am I sorry about?" You still think he abused me."

    When Lillian pointed out, Edward shrugged.

    "I apologize for hurting your feelings.”

    "I don't even want to see the last one."”

    Lillian covered his face for a moment. She visited this hospital as the Duchess of Astrid. It was to donate a large amount of money and to empower the foundation for cancer patients. It was a place where I shouldn't get angry. She took a long breath from the inside of her hand. Perhaps because it was an angry and difficult moment, I missed Arthur a lot. He grumbled and wanted to be comforted, saying Edward said something strange. But it's something Arthur can't say. The mere mention of this story will insult and hurt him. So she had no choice but to kill this story alone.

    Barely controlling her emotions, she lowered her hand.

    With a bright look, Lillian looked up at Edward. He frowned.

    "Excuse me."

    Lillian said coldly and passed by him.

    The hospital staff awkwardly looked at her to see if the atmosphere between her and Edward was strange. She smiled broadly and turned to Sarah. Then Sarah came to her senses and introduced Lillian, saying, "This is Duchess Lillian Astrid."


    For a few days, Lillian fell into thought. Is Arthur abusing her? She gave it a close. No, this is not abuse. Rather, he was courting her. He had never used violence against her. She had never done anything against her will. His love was certainly abnormal. He arrested her. She wanted to check her whole body. She chose her clothes every day, and especially her underwear, she asked not to wear it unless he dressed her. The traces he left behind made her skin red. The body was always heated up. He was definitely dominating her, to the point where every time he made eye contact with him, he tightened inside. But all of that was done with her permission.

    Lillian looked down at her cell phone while sitting in a chair.

    Susan Hamstent.

    Susan said she was lonely. He said he couldn't stand being lonely because he didn't have a husband who was a war reporter. She, who missed her upper-class life so much that she came to the party in preparation for everyone to laugh at her, was invisible for a while. I thought I would contact you right away, but there was no contact.

    She was the only one who talked about sexuality in Lillian's life. It is absurd to tell her a story with Arthur, but I thought I would feel a little lighter if I met her.

    "This phone number doesn't exist..."

    Lillian blinked. She checked the liquid crystal of her cell phone. Susan Hamstent. My friend's contact information was correct. I walked one more time just in case, but the answer was the same.

    I have an ominous hunch.

    When I turned my head around, I was obsessed with a strange feeling as if something was following me even though there was no shadow. Delusion. Paranoia. The dizziness that seems to shake under the feet does not disappear even though you know.

    You said you were lonely and you wanted me to call you anytime, but you changed your phone number?

    Lillian paused to call Sarah. Instead of calling Sarah, she searched through her graduation album. Looking at the pictures one by one, I recalled the memories of that time. Who was Susan's best friend? Who would be good to contact even after Susan's divorce?

    "I found it."

    Lillian found Susan and her best friend. She was a woman married to the count's son. He was in a position where it would be clear that Lillian would do everything if asked. Lillian called his opponent. Sure enough, the opponent smiled broadly and answered Lillian's call with a very happy attitude.

    And slowly, Lillian's face turned white.

    Chapter 5. The whole story.

    "Are you sick?"

    Arthur frowned and asked. As if he was genuinely worried, he touched Lillian's forehead and measured his fever. Lillian grabbed Arthur's wrist because he was about to call a doctor. Instead of getting off his forehead, he kissed the back of his hand. I could see Arthur smiling happily. Lillian kissed him one more time and replied, "I'm not sick anywhere."

    "But I haven't been in good condition since yesterday."

    After saying that, he bowed his head to Lillian's ear.

    "I'm not as sensitive as usual."

    At that, Lillian tapped Arthur on the shoulder.

    "Why is everything going in that direction?"”

    "I'm so into it".

    "With sex"?

    "For the sex I'm with you."

    Lillian shut her mouth.

    One of the few things I learned while sincerely sharing my feelings with Arthur was that he had no respect for the title of duke. Compared to acting elegantly with the face of an ascetic ruler, he actually paid no attention to what the society thought of him. He wanted to hug Lillian and engrave himself in her body. It was always the case when I was with her. The reason for refraining from it was not for his own image, but because she refused.

    Abuse doesn't make sense.

    Lillian reached out to Arthur. They kissed each other while hanging from their necks. He enjoyed it for a while as soon as she kissed, and quickly rushed in. It was a completely different kiss from what she did. It's pushed and taken away. Even saliva and breath. The extortion was not over until Lillian gasped. Arthur kissed Lillian on both cheeks like a boy and left the room, saying, "I'll be back."

    After confirming that Arthur had left completely, Lillian got out of bed. Arthur had only dressed her in underwear. You probably thought she wasn't going anywhere. But she had an important business today.

    These days, she used to stay in the Duke's Room, but she wasn't in the mood today. She opened the connected door and crossed over to the Duchess' room. I called a taxi after wearing jeans and a white shirt and light makeup.

    A little later, there was a urgent knock on the door. Lillian finally checked himself in the mirror and stood up with a handbag and opened the door.

    "Madam, the taxi has arrived. Do you happen to..."….”

    While talking, the butler closed his mouth when he saw Lillian.

    Lillian rarely stayed modest. Even in modest attire, the appearance was completely calculated. She didn't go out unless the stylist and others coordinated it perfectly. Since becoming a duchess, it has been like that all along. Except once, last time I went to see Susan.

    "I sang it."

    "You can't go out without a bodyguard."

    "It's not an official schedule, and it's a crowded place, so there won't be a problem."”

    "But ma'am."

    The butler wanted to stop him anxiously, but Lillian walked out without pretending to hear it. Inevitably, another servant opened the taxi door for me again.

    "Have a safe trip."

    As the butler bent down, some servants and maids bent down together.

    "Anyways, please go to the university hospital."

    Lillian said the name of the university where he came from. Anton University was the most prestigious university in Oson. In particular, medical care was recognized in Europe. Lillian stared blankly at the window and recalled Susan Hamstent.

    Who was it?

    I asked a very fundamental question. Susan Hamstent. At that time, Susan Lopine. One of the four sisters of the Lopine family. Was it the second? No, it was the third. In general, this is not confusing, but Susanman is bound to be confused because the daughters of the Lopine family were generally sent to boarding schools other than her school. There were two famous boarding girls' schools in Oson, which were rival schools that could not be distinguished. The school Lillian attended and the school where the daughters of the Lopine family attended were different. But Susanman had entered Lillian's school. When I think about it, it was strange.

    Lillian, who arrived at Anton University Hospital, wandered a little, but eventually found the hospital room he wanted. The patient's name was written in front of the hospital room.

    "James Hamstent."

    Lillian knocked and entered the hospital room. It was a luxurious VVIP single room. Susan definitely said she didn't have money, but who would have held a single room like this? VVIP single room at Anton University Hospital. Who in the world is in a hospital room where money is money, but you need to know the hospital to catch it?

    "Yes, come on in..."….”

    A man was lying in bed. And the woman standing in front of him looks back. She stopped telling her to come in and hardened as if she were a stone.

    "Hi, Soo."

    Lillian smiled brightly.

    Susan alternated between her husband and Lillian with a puzzled face. The face was telling Lillian a lot.

    Lillian smirked. Come to think of it, it was an amazing timing. A sudden visit from a friend who was out of society. And her sex life story. I didn't think I was in that relationship, but I didn't think deeply.


    The man welcomed Susan's absurd call and woke up.

    "You're the Duke of Astrid. Nice to meet you, my name is James Hamstent."

    "I'm Lillian Astrid."

    James Hamstent was a mess all over. As if he had a problem with his limbs, he was wearing a bandage all over his body and looked like a mummy. Even in that state, he somehow got up and tried to thank Lillian.

    "Thanks to your Excellency, I was able to be safe. Really,"

    As soon as James tried to connect more words, Susan shut her husband's mouth, saying, "Jim!" James asked back, "Huh?" Seeing that he had a strange face, he didn't seem to know the situation now. Lillian laughed in vain.

    "I think it's a dangerous job to be a war reporter." You never thought you'd be caught by guerrillas.’

    Last night, Lillian spoke to Susan's best friend. Sure enough, she knew the exact situation. I also knew Susan's changed phone number. The day Susan contacted her, saying her phone number had changed, was the day after Lillian first mixed up with her husband.

    "But it's a relief." Since the Duke of Astrid worked hard...….’

    After that, my hair became white. While listening to the story, Lillian tried to organize his thoughts after hanging up.

    War reporter James Hamstent suffered from being kidnapped by guerrillas while covering Afghanistan. He became a hostage, but Susan had no way of saving him. In this situation, she suddenly appears in society and confesses to Lillian that she is lonely. Then, we meet privately and talk about sex life and inform them of information about SM. And the next day, her husband was released with the help of Arthur, and Susan changed her phone number.

    - What does this mean?

    "Lilian, go out and talk.”

    Susan blocked Lillian's front. It looked like a mother dog trying to protect her young. When Lillian didn't want to move, Susan stomped. She said, "Please, Lillian. "You and I talk," he said one more time. Only then did James notice that something was wrong, so he called his wife in a doubtful voice, "Sue?"

    "Good. This room has a drawing room."

    This hospital room, "which my husband would have held for me," also has a drawing room.

    Susan seemed to understand what Lillian swallowed in her mouth. Susan's face turned white.

    The drawing room was full of red sunset. It was like predicting the end of something. Lillian sat upright on the sofa and waited for Susan to sit across. Susan has been talking to her more carefully with a restless face.


    "It's fine.

    Lillian firmly refused. I thought I wanted to slap Susan on the cheek. There was only one reason why I couldn't do that, because I knew Susan's desperation at the time. If it weren't for that, she wouldn't have sat in this drawing room. I would have slapped Susan on the cheek, poured abusive language, and left, but I couldn't.

    "I don't know how to talk.”

    Susan put a glass of water in front of Lillian. Susan sat across while Lillian stared at the cup.

    "I'm a dominant."


    "I'm also a sadist, but dominants and sadists are different concepts. Simply put, it's Sadist who enjoys hitting and dominating, and Dominant who enjoys it. Some of the dominants have Sadist tendencies and some do not. In my case, I have both."

    "Do you think I want to hear this kind of explanation?"”

    Susan sighed after Lillian's question.

    "You're probably sitting down because you want to hear Arthur' Otherwise, I would have torn myself apart in front of my luggage like in Rosemary.”

    "Why is Rosemary here?"

    As soon as Lillian was about to tell Arthur's story, Susan stopped her and said.

    "He just wanted to get your attention. You were really as bright as a princess to him. He really likes you and wanted to be your friend. You were the only one who didn't know that. And you humiliated him in front of the whole school. Did you know that Rosemary eventually studied abroad?”

    I didn't know. Lillian thought of Rosemary. My face was blurry.

    "I don't know. I don't want to know."

    Susan's eyes were flared by Lillian's words. At that moment, Lillian realized.

    "What's going on between you two?"

    No matter how close a friend was, the name would not appear at this moment. Susan sighed after Lillian's question.

    "It was my first slave."”

    "Oh my god."

    Lillian frowned. Susan said with a teary face, "Don't look at me like that. "Because I feel despised," he raised his voice. Lillian was dumbfounded and crossed her arms.

    "I don't want to. I really despise you."

    Susan bit her lips at Lillian's words. Lillian looked straight at the face and continued.

    "To save your husband, you cooperated in deceiving me. My husband's life is at stake, so just forget about the face that deceiving me was nothing. There were many other ways to fool me into your husband's grasp. You know, right? You could have told me. You could have told me even once in the midst of deceiving me. But you didn't do that. The government was also negotiating. It wasn't just your husband. Oh, let me tell you exactly. What became a problem this time was your husband's behavior. Other staff members objected, but your husband insisted on entering the guerrilla den. So what happened? All the other staff members suffered together. In the meantime, you deceived me with my husband and took out only your husband in return. Don't despise me? Can't you even stand being despised, in this situation? How shameless should you be?”

    James Hamstent's other staff were still in the hands of the guerrilla. Negotiations were smooth, but guerrillas were being picky about setting the exchange location in case of possible mobilization of troops.

    Susan's gaze fell down at Lillian's words. He seems to have come to his senses. Lillian unknowingly reached out to the glass and collected it again.

    Silence crawled slowly between them. Lillian held her chin and recalled Susan and Rosemary. I've never thought we were in that kind of relationship. They were two people who didn't show anything. But the two were roommates. If I had decided to do so, it would have been possible. However, how much effort did it take not to show that in the dormitory?

    "I met Arthur a few years ago. We met at a club like that. Arthur was wearing a mask, but as you know, Arthur is quite noticeable."

    Susan remained silent for a moment, as if she were fumbling over her memory. In the meantime, Lillian imagined Arthur wearing a mask. It was not a difficult scene to imagine because I had seen him several times at the masquerade. Big height, restrained movement, low voice. Everything would have been noticeable.

    "You didn't seem to recognize me."

    Susan said so and lifted the glass of water in front of her. She continued after drinking water as if she was thirsty.

    "I recognized it. Rich man who only deals with white women with green eyes and blonde hair. Who is the man who always calls his opponent "Lilly" thinking about?"


    "The only play he plays is spanking. Other plays are only to observe. "I usually observe the play of female dominants, but there is only one spell, and during the play, her name will be Lily."


    "I couldn't help but recognize you." Because his eyes were just like my first slave."

    Lillian couldn't speak and only looked into Susan's eyes. Susan smiled at the face.

    "James was originally a normal person. I'm the one who tamed him with a submiss. Of course, it was possible because he loved me. Of course, he must have had some of that talent. I fall in love quickly. And it's over there so I can't take it out. So if it doesn't work, I've given up and loved someone else. So I'm used to attracting people in this way."


    "On the other hand, your husband only liked you, so he couldn't dare to reach out to anyone else. ……That's weird. The more precious things are, the more difficult life becomes."

    The more precious it is.

    Lillian felt like she had a glimpse into Susan's mind in that word. She said she would fall in love soon, but James probably became the only one different from such a person. So she would have had to save him no matter what. Not for him, but for herself. For herself, who has to spend an unbearable time every second.

    There was a long way to go back. Lillian walked blankly. I didn't even feel like taking a taxi. Eventually, I had to take a taxi, but I wanted to walk a little right now.

    I just trudged around without knowing the direction. It was hard to walk because I lost strength all over my body. But I didn't want to go back home.

    Arthur teamed up with Susan and deceived himself. But he loves himself. That was the only truth. More than you think.

    The ideal wall is not his fault. And the wall itself is not wrong. It's not illegal, but it's wrong to drag unwanted people in. It would have been better if I had been honest. He had to say exactly. Then she could have accepted anything.

    But she knows how she feels about not being able to talk because she is afraid of losing her loved one. She also never told her husband that she loved him. In the end, it was Arthur's side who took courage. She couldn't even have the courage to cheat on him.

    Whether to get angry or just let it go.

    Emotions went back and forth. One thing I was sure about was that I didn't want to go home.


    That I don't want to meet Arthur right now. One of the feelings was very clear.

    But the man standing in front of him was Arthur Astrid, her husband. Is it an illusion that the clear features look somewhat haggard? Lillian looked at her husband standing a few steps away.

    Her husband was still beautiful under the dim streetlight. He was a much more beautiful man than he was when he was fifteen. Lily. He called her that. When she mixed up even though she knew she hated the nickname Lily, she often called her name when she was excited as if she were about to lose her mind. When Rosemary put the name in her mouth, it was unforgivable, but the name from Arthur's mouth was just sweet like candy.

    What human simplicity is.

    People suspect that she may be being abused. It was only a few days ago that she was furious, and now she doesn't even know what she's going through. Victims of abuse say they don't know what they've been through. Only after getting out of abuse do you realize that what you've been through is abuse.

    What should I do when I don't know exactly where I'm standing? Which direction should I walk? What should I use as a guideline?

    Arthur said with a pale face.

    "Lilian, I love you."

    Tired of what?

    Lillian watched Arthur approach. step by step He approached carefully as if Lillian were standing on a rooftop railing. Lillian blinked slowly and watched Arthur approach.


    "Is it still valid to divorce someone?"

    Lillian asked when there were only a couple of steps left. The voice was very gloomy to hear herself.

    I didn't think I should divorce clearly. However, I was not sure if I could live well without getting divorced. Arthur cheated on her. She was unable to know what to believe in Arthur's words. How can we promote our lives together in this mood?

    Arthur hugged Lillian. He shook his head.

    "No, never!"

    He was hugging her as if to break her down. It has become difficult to even breathe in tight arms. Arthur murmured, "Please," hugging Lillian.

    Please, please. Arthur prayed. The prayer was directed at Lillian, neither heaven nor God. It was a desperate plea. Lillian tried to push Arthur away. But Arthur was not pushed out. He hugged and hugged Lillian. Eventually, it became a physical fight. Push it out, hold it in your arms. With Lillian's power, Arthur could not be pushed. At one point, Lillian was beating Arthur.

    A sense of betrayal soared. He cheated on her. She was doing everything with her heart, but he was cheating. The moments when she thought everything worked were actually the moments when she was being deceived. Without knowing that she was trapped, she was just being beaten.

    Tears flowed out after hitting for a long time. She cried like a child. When she covered her face with both hands and cried, Arthur relaxed a little in her arms.


    He whispered and called her.


    He sang one more time and kissed her forehead. Having paused as if it was okay, he kissed Lillian on the cheek when he refused. He kissed all over his face and whispered "Lily" several times.


    He knows she doesn't like the name. And I know that he doesn't hate it as much as he sings.

    "Lily, look at me."

    He held her hand carefully. And he took the hand off her face little by little. When he took off his last finger, Lillian challenged his head. I didn't hide my teary face because I was hurt. When he saw the face, Arthur whispered without knowing what to do.


    It was before the mounds in my heart hardened. Even before it became hard, he poured a hot apple into the clot.

    "Sorry, Lily."

    Tears soon stopped, too. Lillian looked up at Arthur. He was desperately looking at Lillian's face. Come to think of it, he is the owner of a special wall. How much he would have thought about attracting Lillian. He had confessed that he loved her even before he got married. Then he's been thinking about it for at least a decade.

    Ten years.

    She knew well how long the period was and how heartbreaking it was. So I couldn't get angry anymore.

    Lillian pats Arthur on the cheek. Slowly pulled him in. He bowed his head to her guidance. The kiss tasted like tears, unlike usual.


    Throughout the car, Lillian turned away from Arthur. Arthur's gaze was felt, but she had no intention of making eye contact with Arthur now.

    The bridge was heating up. Is it because I'm nervous? Lillian wanted to hug Arthur. I thought it would be reassuring to become one with him and blow away this complicated mind. Arthur quickly noticed Lillian's desires, so she deliberately did not look at him.

    Get away from reality.

    This is hard to forget. Arthur cheated on her. And tamed her body. If I was as anxious and tired as I am now, I longed for him and encouraged him to forget. The power of pleasure once engraved on the body was great, so once obsessed with pleasure, it didn't hurt or bother. All I had to do was cry under the terrifying pleasure. What's the difference with drug addicts? Lillian volunteered himself. But whether she self-help or not, the bottom was already dripping honey. She tightened the bottom and tried to bear it somehow, looking only forward.

    "Welcome, Duchess."

    All the servants greeted Lillian in unison. As if she had run away from home and returned.

    Lillian walked slowly down the hallway with Arthur. I'm thirsty. And the bottom kept getting wet. I was worried that it would spill on the floor. Arthur held her hand as she tried to enter the Duchess' room. With his fingers folded, he took a step toward his room and looked back at her. They were eyes asking if I didn't like it.

    He must be as anxious as she is. He may be hoping to mix up as much as she does. Lillian smiled. It is true that he deceived her, but there must have been moments when the two felt the same way as now.

    She walked slowly after her husband. My husband's big hand was hot. When the servant opened the door, Lillian was dragged into the room by Arthur. Listening to the door closing, Lillian walked to the bed as Arthur led her.


    Lillian said quietly. Then Arthur looked back at Lillian holding his hand.

    "Mazoist." Dominance. Sub-mittal. I don't know, these things."

    Arthur laughed a little at Lillian's words. After meeting with me at the hospital, he, who showed a smile for the first time, sat Lillian on his thigh.

    "I don't know either."

    "Do you like to be beaten up?" Do you want me to hit you?”

    "Can I be honest?"”

    Arthur asked. Lillian nodded.

    "If you lie again, I'll break up with you.”

    Arthur was scared of her bluff, but she smiled helplessly and fiddled with Lillian's hair. After closing his mouth for a while as if he was in trouble, he soon opened his mouth.

    "That's the first time I've been beaten. I wanted to buy your compassion.”

    Lillian jumped up.

    "I can't even speak..."…! Does that mean you were abused when you were young?

    "That's really..."

    Arthur said so and put Lillian back on my thigh. Ugh. Lillian was furious again.

    "If that was a lie, I wouldn't forgive you."”

    Fortunately, Arthur opened his mouth at Lillian's side.

    "That's true."

    "What about pictures?"

    "It was filmed on purpose."”

    Ugh, Lillian groaned into her throat and muttered, "I just slapped your cheek in my head." Arthur raised her hand and put it on my cheek.

    "You can actually do it."”

    "I don'

    "You're nice."

    Arthur kissed Lillian on the cheek. He stroked Lillian's back and spoke slowly.

    "I like being sadistic to you. It's a lot of fun to bully you, make you cry, and change your body. But I don't really want to do that to others. It's annoying to put that much effort into others."

    He had said he was bothered once before. Yeah, not everything was a lie. Lillian was a little relieved. At the same time, he tried to pay attention to Arthur's fingers fumbling his back. It's an important story, but small pleasures are slowly bursting under the skin. I had to try not to show it.

    "I bought people and whipped them from time to time. As I started liking you, I couldn't stand up well as time went by."

    Lillian opened her eyes wide and looked at Arthur in surprise. You didn't stand up well? Even when I first slept with her, Arthur was incredibly desperate.

    "I won't say you're the first, but it's true that it didn't work out as time went by. When I was dissatisfied with my desire, I bought a woman similar to you, whipped her, and imagined you looking at her face. In my imagination, you were crying in my penis, not because you were whipped. Then I could've begged.”

    It's such a strange story that I can't imagine. Arthur was definitely strange. However, Lillian was a little happy in the meantime. He was saying that she must be. I can't even set it up properly against a woman other than her.

    Suddenly Arthur grabbed Lillian's chest. I was careless, so Lillian groaned.

    "What did you do?" Have you ever slept thinking about me?”

    Lillian bit her lips. Silence was the answer. Arthur slowly licked Lillian's ears up.

    "I'm happy..."How did you do that? Did I put my finger inside? But you, when you slept with me, blood came out.”

    "H, ah, yeah." "No, I don't want to. I won't tell you, I won't, I won't."

    "How did I soothe my sexy body?" I've always imagined you crying, but the reality is always beyond my imagination."

    Arthur took off Lillian's clothes. The shirt quickly fell off and the camisole came off. And the obscene underwear worn by Arthur appeared. It was a design in which a small triangular cloth barely covered only the nipples. Arthur raised his fingernail on it and pressed Lillian's nipples. Heik. Lillian swallowed his breath.

    "Just by sucking a little, you quickly get bigger and sensitive."

    "Come on, please. Yes, hhhhhh!"

    Arthur quickly undressed Lillian. Lillian's jeans were also down like underwear, and he lay Lillian down and appreciated the body for a while. Arthur's blue eyes deepened with lust. Lillian looked up at the face and covered his chest and bottom with his hands. I couldn't help being ashamed even though I shuffled my body several times. That's probably why his eyes are so explicit, but there were other reasons.

    "Come on, you take it off too."

    Arthur has never taken it off properly in front of Lillian. Of course, it's not that I've never taken it off, but I quickly covered my body. Lillian was the only one who revealed everything.

    Arthur's eyes shook. The eyes we met contained each other. It wasn't long before he nodded quietly, saying yes.

    He took off his clothes from the top of Lillian's stomach. Until now, Lillian had been looking at Arthur's body properly. Arthur was covered with hard muscles as he exercised regularly. Except for the wound on his back, there was no special wound on his body. All I could see from the front was his good-looking body and huge genitals. His penis had already stood firm enough to stick to his belly. When her eyes did not know that they would fall from his penis, he slowly began to caress his penis as if to look.

    "Let me tell you how racy you are.”

    With that said, he put his own in front of Lillian's eyes. She started rubbing her lips. The strange smell was a little dirty and very obscene. Lillian swallowed her dry saliva with her mouth closed.

    "Your inside is very narrow and it doesn't open well. Unlike your intelligence, your place is completely white. Because I don't know how to learn."

    Arthur made a circle with his fingers and pushed his ears in. The circle was narrow, so he couldn't even accept his ears properly. Lillian watched it with his eyes wide open.

    "You have to wash the milk and touch the ball to open this much. It's cute to open only this much and spill the baby liquid like urine. In the end, you have to let go of your mind and force yourself."

    It was shocking to see him tuck his pier into the circle. Lillian couldn't breathe properly and watched it.

    Arthur lifted Lillian's leg. Then, he rubbed his pier at Lillian's entrance. Lillian endured the sense. Suddenly, I remembered his penis. The genitals that I saw properly were terrifying. And the bitter liquid buried in the penis was still on her lips.

    I was curious about the taste. Lillian licked his lips in front of Arthur with his legs wide open. At that moment, Arthur dug into Lillian. Arthur did not stop even if Lillian screamed. Far from that, she pinched and twisted both nipples.

    "It hurts!" Oh, no. Yes, there. Like that. No!"

    "So don't tighten it. I did it." You don't even know how to relax. Do you provoke your husband?

    "I didn't... Ah, ah!"

    Arthur suddenly moved. He pushed Lillian up too quickly and strongly. It was not enough for her to tie him up with both legs to block his waist. Rather than stopping him, I became closer to him. Bang, bang, bang. The inside was beaten. Arthur's power was so strong that she kept being pushed up. At one point Arthur grabbed her waist. He repeatedly grabbed her and lowered her, raising her back up.

    When the swelling pleasure burst at once, Arthur was begging inside her. It was hot inside, so Lillian hugged his stomach without realizing it. Maybe you'll have a child. I suddenly thought of that.


    After that night, Lillian reduced the attendance of the party as much as possible. Instead, I preferred a place where I could go out in a hard costume. Arthur is a duke, a rich man, and a socially beneficial class. However, he is busy protecting the family's property and location. It was Lillian's mission to fulfill his social obligations. Originally, by attending several parties, she used to engage in several charity works while hanging out with the upper-class society. However, now it has only donated to major organizations and discussed various projects with practitioners, but has distanced itself from the social community. Of course, it was because of Arthur.

    "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."… Yes, yes!"

    Lillian groaned, holding the sheet while lying down. She was lying down like a dog and being inserted by Arthur. The shame unique to the junior committee always bothered her, but shame was not a problem now.

    "It's going in well now."”

    Arthur smiled and slapped Lillian on the buttocks. Lillian twisted her back and tried to relax from the bottom. Arthur hates Lillian tightening. To be exact, Lillian hated it so narrow that it was difficult to accept Arthur's.

    "Other, hmm, guys like, more, tighten, tighten".

    "I can enjoy it if you're fully adapted to me."

    Arthur pressed on Lillian's anus with his finger. Every time, Lillian's body splashed.

    "Ha, ha, don't do it." "It's really scary. Yeah, it's scary."

    I've never heard of anal sex, but I've never imagined it. However, these days, Arthur is threatening Lillian to buy toys for anus if he can't open his bottom properly, so Lillian was nervous every time he had sex. If she really doesn't like it, he'll stop. However, he was good at taking out her soul and obtaining permission. To allow it. Shaking by pleasure and then answering "yes" in fear. That was the scariest thing.

    "It's because you keep trying to tighten it." If you open it up, it'll be hard to tighten the bottom."

    Arthur whispered quietly.

    "No, no, no, no, no, no".

    "Do you want me to hit your butt?"”

    "Yeah, yeah!"

    "Then move."

    It was inserted. Lillian slowly pulled Arthur's out and pushed his hip back to insert it.

    "Haha...""You're good."

    It was a moment of relief at Arthur's praise. Slap, and the smack fell on my butt a little more painful than before.

    "Move more."

    Lillian moved again. Arthur is not satisfied with this anyway. In the end, he had a habit of hitting like a bull that took the wrong medicine. Nevertheless, he made Lillian do this shameful thing. It seemed to be enjoyable.

    If I wanted to refuse, I could refuse. However, it was a little difficult for Lillian to reject Arthur's sexual demands. It was because he was doing much more to her than she was to Arthur. She still had never spoken a word to him. But he always used his mouth to clean her inside. She had never properly caressed his body, but he almost completely changed her body. Of course, she was willing to do one thing or another to him, but unfortunately, he was the type of person who didn't let go of the lead in sex, and she often fell asleep if she quickly fell and shook by him. Even when he woke up, he washed her clean and dressed her. As a result, she was in a position to accept everything Arthur asked for without disliking it.

    "You're looking through mine. "I feel good because I feel like I'm acting cute."

    Arthur kissed Lillian on the back. I engraved and licked the kiss mark. Lillian became a little bolder. Arthur burst into laughter when she pushed her butt back and poked his inside.

    He grabbed Lillian's shaking chest. He seemed to squeeze out his chest, which was always messed up with a kiss mark, and then began to move his back. Lillian screamed while repeatedly being pulled away after being caught in the chest. I was heartbroken by the violent treatment. But what was more important than that was pleasure. Obviously, the chest hurts, but the pleasure of exceeding it makes you ignore the pain in your chest.

    "Oh, yeah! Go, my heart hurts, yeah!" It hurts, Arthur. Arthur, yes!"

    "My heart hurts, it's refreshing." And here."

    Arthur slammed somewhere inside Lillian. My eyes are spreading white. Lillian screamed, "Wow!" Arthur had no forgiveness even though she cried. He weighed down the place where Lillian cried with his penis.

    "Isn't it nice? I told you not to do that".

    The chest was squeezed out like a cow. The sharp pain seemed to make me forget the pleasure below for a while, but I was covered with pleasure again.

    Lillian couldn't stand it and trembled her hips. The force keeps escaping from the arm.

    Before she knew it, she was having sex like a dog with only her hips raised. Arthur took his hand off her chest and held her hips with both hands. He continued to move, splitting the flesh of his butt into both sides and collecting it as if it would burst.

    Lillian shook with his face buried between his arms. The junior committee was a little difficult for her because her genitals came in a different direction from the top. My stomach was aching and hot.

    "No, you can't, you can't, you can' This posture is like, "Huh, yeah, yeah!"

    "Already? Did he leave?" Ani, shivering, shivering."

    "Yes! Yes! I'm going to do this!" Oh, no. Again...…!”

    Lillian screamed. It was a little insufficient to call it Orgum, but it was being pushed by a sense close to it. The question moved arbitrarily. It just didn't work out.

    "Go, you can go." "Ha, your face right now. It'll be so pretty."

    "If you press it, bam! No! No!"

    A lot. Arthur said that and kept bumping it into Lillian, who was shaking in his or her chest. When Lillian began to flounder with a fraternity, Arthur came all the way in. Then he shook his back in that state and began to spill semen.

    Ugh. Lillian sobbed. Arthur is making excuses by beating the place she feels with her head. For some reason, Arthur's semen felt hotter as time went by. Perhaps the quality is becoming sensitive.

    Arthur cast himself on Lillian's back. Holding her head in one arm, she asked her neck without stopping kissing her cheek.

    "Today, is it hot?"”


    Lillian trembled and sobbed. Arthur, who was deliberately weighing on the place she felt a lot, sobbed at pleasure while being cheeky. Arthur didn't move any more. As if he was tired of begging, he slowly washed the back of her neck.

    "I love you, Lily."

    Arthur said. The voice was soft and hot. Lillian closed his eyes and Arthur slipped away little by little. Arthur's penis was a tight size for her even if she lost strength. The body was rather heated when putting it in, but the inside of Lillian was as dry as Arthur, who lost his hardness when escaping. So Arthur used to be more careful when he went out than when he came in.

    After leaving completely, Lillian managed to drop his butt on the sheet. Lying down, she gasped. It was good to feel pleasure, but then I lost my strength all over my body. I didn't want to lift a finger.

    Arthur lied down next to him, laid her face down, and hugged her from behind.

    "Stop now..."….”

    "You only did it once."”

    Arthur soothed Lillian by covering her with a sheet over her body. Lillian closed her eyes pretending not to hear Arthur. Then Arthur touched Lillian's chest and slipped his tongue along her earwheel.

    "Come on."

    Lillian turned his head and looked at Arthur. Arthur, whose name was called, replied, "Yes."

    "I love you."

    Arthur opened his eyes wide for a moment at Lillian's words. Even though he said it several times, he had a face as if he had never heard of it. It wasn't long before he smiled very brightly. Looking at him smiling like a man with everything in the world, Lillian closed his eyes happily.

    It's been a long time since Lillian and Arthur danced.

    While dancing in front of many people, people's curious gazes looked over them. It's always happened. Whenever I danced in front of those gazes, I had to reflect on my bitter heart. A relationship that looks like a perfect couple but never shares anything. It was hard to endure the cold pain and smile gracefully.

    "Don't be annoyed, please".

    Lillian soothed Arthur whenever he was in his arms. He moves away and approaches, holds him in his arms, holds his hand, and keeps his distance again. Dance resembles love. When it touches, it's happy, and when it's far away, it's sad. However, I am glad to meet you because I miss you.

    "It's King's birthday party." Knowing that I can't be absent."

    Arthur hated Lillian coming to the party. For this party, he had to refrain from even leaving traces on Lillian's body. Of course, he relieved his anger inside Lillian's thighs with a story limited to the upper chest and arm. Nevertheless, he was frowning.

    He didn't think he would feel better even if he danced a few songs, and he had to greet several people. In the end, Lillian had to give up on relieving Arthur's mood.

    "Lillian, what's that necklace?"

    Lillian smiled awkwardly when her aunt, whom she hadn't seen in a long time, squinted and asked.

    "He gave it to me as a present." I guess I was a little worried because I wasn't feeling well."

    Lillian's neck was decorated with a colorful necklace hanging over the top of the chest. The two aunts burst into exclamations when they saw a necklace made of emerald and diamond.

    "That's an amazing necklace."

    Lillian's mother, Count Esteban, said. She sighed as she looked still at the necklace that matched her daughter's white skin, but looked very heavy to fill her fragile body.

    "Mother, it's been a while."

    Arthur, who greeted several people, approached and greeted Count Esteban. And after greeting the two aunts who were with her, she naturally hugged Lillian's shoulder. Count Esteban looked disapproving at such a son-in-law and said a word.

    "Why didn't you put it on your ankle?"

    Lillian did not understand his mother's words and slowly drank champagne with his lips on the champagne glass. The two aunts behind their mother grabbed their mother's arm with uncomfortable faces and whispered, "Stop, sister." Is something going on? Arthur kissed her cheek and replied when Lillian blinked slowly.

    "Isn't it uncomfortable?"

    Arthur asked back. Lillian smiled softly as she took turns between her mother and husband.

    "Mom, whatever happens..."….”

    "It's nothing." It's because my mom isn't feeling well either."

    "What's wrong with you?"

    Lillian escaped Arthur's hand and looked into his mother. My mother has always been under the weather because she has been diabetic since she was young. Did he get sick or something? I was worried.

    "It's always a little bad." You don't have to worry.”


    "How are you doing?" "Is it okay to live as a duchess?"

    "Yes, I'm always doing well."

    "The rumor wasn't like that."

    "No, it's because I cut back on attending parties, but I'm working harder on other things."

    Lillian glanced at his mother, Count Esteban. Did you do something wrong? Or Arthur? Her mother, who received her strange gaze and said nothing, sighed and gently swept her cheek.

    "But come to the party often. Exchange is always important."

    Lillian smiled broadly, saying, "Yes, I will."

    "Lilian, eggplant." Your Highness is waiting for you."

    Arthur pulled Lillian back into his arms and whispered. Ah. Lillian glanced toward the king and smiled at his mother for understanding. My mother clapped her mouth as if she were going to say something, and then shook her hand as if to go, muttering, "As long as you like it."

    Lillian tilted his head as he walked toward Arthur and the king.

    "Wasn't it weird today, mother?"”

    "You're not feeling well, but you seemed to have overworked yourself." It's too crowded for my mother.”

    Arthur replied anxiously. Lillian sighed.

    "No way. That's true. "He usually doesn't come out to parties, but I guess he came out because he's sitting today."

    As Lillian kept looking back, Arthur pressed her lips on her temple.

    "I should have paid more attention to it. I'm sorry."

    "No, it's not." "I know you're taking care of me, thank you."

    "No, really..."… I should have paid more attention.”

    Arthur's eyes glanced at Count Esteban. Lillian pulled him and kissed him on the cheek. It was rare for her to express sincere affection to Arthur in front of many people. The spring breeze wrapped around Arthur's face, which was like a sculpture. Lillian put a magical keyword in her mouth today to soothe her husband, who seemed to be offended in many ways.

    "I love you."

    Today, magic did not fail. Under the luxurious chandelier light, Arthur whispered to Lillian.

    "Me too..."…forever."

    Lillian smiled brightly.

    - Part 1. Lillian, the end.

    One morning at the age of 21, his life changed.


    He dreamed of listening to a drowsy song in a hazy fog that day.

    It's a weird dream.

    It was 10 a.m. when I woke up frowning. He walked out of the scattered women and took a shower. I didn't find clothes. I knew I wouldn't be able to wear it if I looked for it anyway. After contacting him to bring his clothes to his frequently used shop, he drank a cup of coffee.

    "You woke up early".”

    It was Henry Esteban who spoke to him. the third son of Count Esteban There was nothing in common except that they attended the same boarding school as me in the same university. It was just a coincidence that he participated in the school last night.

    "I usually don't sleep well." You woke up early.”

    "Laura woke me up". She said she had to go early because of her husband. "Thanks to you, I worked hard since the morning."

    Well, I have to go home, too.

    Henry added. I said home and made a long face. Then another man appeared.

    "Wow. Are you going home?"”

    Lawrence list. He was the one standing in the middle of Henry and Arthur. Arthur's college senior and Henry's high school senior, he was also the one who attracted Henry and Laura to the school last night.

    "Yes. I came here as soon as I came to Anton, so they'll be worried at home.”

    Henry Esteban attended a university abroad. It was possible because I had no intention of inheriting Esteban Baek's writing. If I was going to succeed, I had to go to Anton University.

    "Then take me with you." Show me the lily of Estebana."

    Lilies from Estebanga?

    Ah, Arthur snorted inside. If it is the lily of the Esteban family, it would mean the garnish daughter that Count Esteban adores. It was a nickname like a five-handed social community that often gives flower names to noble women, such as lily or rose.

    "You're going too, aren't”

    Lawrence hugged Arthur's shoulder and smiled broadly. Arthur smiled lightly at me.


    The List family did quite a lot of work with the Astrid family. And Lawrence was the successor to Count List. Arthur Lawrence has also been appropriately tailored to each other and promoting friendship because the family was closely intertwined.

    Henry, his older brother, looked unwilling. It seems that Lawrence didn't want to show Arthur his sister because he might not know. Arthur was actually not curious about the lilies of the Esteban family at all. He only went out of his way to suit Lawrence.

    As usual, it was a boring day.

    Lawrence told a useless story. He was a man interested in many things. Whenever we talked about one thing or another, Arthur roughly answered.

    But Henry was different. He replied with sparkling eyes as if he was truly impressed by Lawrence's story. Perhaps Lawrence had some admiration. Lawrence also began to talk, turning completely toward Henry, as if he liked Henry's attitude. It was rather a good thing. Looking at the scenery passing through the window, Arthur thought about putting Henry Esteban in when meeting Lawrence next time. Lawrence was such a talkative man, and Arthur was always bothered by that.

    Esteban Street's garden was beautiful, but that was all. Astrid Mansion had a very famous rose garden. Even the garden, which had been in the gardening book, had no excitement for Arthur.

    "It's a very beautiful garden."

    Arthur walked with appropriate and soulless praise. Henry's steps accelerated as he reached the center of the garden. I felt at a glance that I was on my way to meet a welcome person. Lawrence whispered to Arthur.

    "He adores his sister a lot.”

    "It looks like it."

    Arthur's father called Arthur a "defective product." Arthur's mother ran away behind Arthur. So Arthur didn't know what a close family was like. I didn't even want to know.

    I was just tired of it. When I thought I should have gone home and slept.

    "Lily, I'm back-".

    Cuck. Henry went back. This was because Esteban's lilies threw their own watering dogs. Unable to find what was wrong with the greeting that he had returned, Arthur stared blankly at the little girl with Lawrence.

    And our eyes met.

    When I think about it, it was only that. We just made eye contact.

    Lillian stood still with her hair down that day. Her blonde hair was shaken by the strong wind. Rare light green eyes were shooting at him. Small, thick lips resembling cherries clapped.

    A young girl was facing him, who was always living a rough life with a false attitude. The rotting inside was dissected and the shock that seemed to show the whole thing gave me chills. Even though I knew it was an illusion, I felt strange and my heart fluttered.

    "Lily, Inga."

    I muttered without realizing it. The name Lily looked good on her. A white and arrogant flower. The flower, which reveals its presence with just one flower, was completely like her. There was a reason why people called her the lilies of Esteban.

    "Lily Esteban."

    Arthur once again said her name. The name was engraved on his heart without being scattered in the air.

    She had a strange face. I felt angry and dizzy. Arthur suddenly thought that he might have that face. Just as I met Alice in Wonderland, he was confused now.

    She ran past him. He almost caught her and turned her around, but barely endured it. Her physique tickled him and disappeared. That was unfortunate. He deliberately didn't look back at her. The moment I looked back, I thought I would run and grab it.

    What happens next?

    After that, I couldn't know what I was going to do. Arthur looked at Henry Esteban, who stood up from the floor and frowned. Henry, who received Arthur's attention, shrugged.

    "Lillian doesn't like to be called Lily. But I can't stop because it's fun.”

    "Oh, I know that feeling." I end up doing what my sister hates for no reason."

    Lawrence grew tall.

    While Henry and Lawrence were talking, Arthur called Lily, and inside, the nickname she hated. A nickname she hates so much that she throws things at her brother. I hope one day she will only allow herself the nickname. I hope you smile only at yourself and pay attention to yourself. In an instant, emotions run to extremes.

    Arthur held his hand still and opened it. Lillian Esteban. What would it take to have her? My brain began to roll complicatedly.

    At first, it's definitely there.

    Arthur smiled at Henry. We'd better start from there. Unlike before, he began to participate in the conversation in earnest.


    Henry was a bright and pleasant man. Arthur was a proper friend to the man. Being tailored to someone and being a person who fits well with that person was one of Arthur's best jobs. The opponent who had a hard time with the job was Matt, his biological wife. Matt, who had seen Arthur's growth process, was never deceived by Arthur.

    Arthur was taken by Matt when he was young and whipped. Matt was a sadist and a control freak. And Arthur was an uncontrollable child. Arthur had no moral view. He felt little fear. Matt's whipping just caused Arthur pain and discomfort. However, Arthur was bothered by the inconvenience, so he tried to live as the child Matt wanted. In other words, he postponed his life.

    As he grew up, Matt did not hit Arthur. No, I couldn't hit him. Arthur grabbed Matt's whip and slapped his father's body. Arthur did not show his sadist temperament against his father, but Matt, who realized that he could whip him as much as he wanted, crept away from him. Matt had no means to control 18-year-old Arthur. Arthur's inheritance from his grandfather, grandmother, maternal grandfather, and maternal grandmother was considerable, so there was no problem in making ends meet. If he was interested in the position, he might not know, but he was not very interested in becoming a duke. It was like that until at least 24 years old.

    Twenty-four, Arthur held his father's funeral. The funeral of Duke Astrid was held in a very grand manner and caused many people's sadness. Of course, Arthur was not sad. For him, this funeral was just one of the procedures to go for a purpose.

    "Will you propose to Lillian?"

    Many people were already paying attention to the husband of 18-year-old Lillian Esteban. Arthur put in a marriage neither too fast nor too slow. In the meantime, he informed Henry, who had been close for this moment. Contrary to what he thought would help, Henry frowned. Arthur wondered and asked.

    "Why? Am I not good enough to go to Esteban?"”

    "It's overflowing."

    Henry continued pleasantly, biting the cigar.

    "We don't want Lillian to go to a place like the Duke of Astrid family. I'm satisfied if Lillian is a moderately comfortable family. Besides, you've only been Duke Astrid for a month. "I think it's going to be too much pressure for Lillian."

    "I don't get married right away just because I'm engaged, but it's going to be a lot of pressure." You'll only get married after she graduates from college."

    It takes a long time even after graduating from college. To become a duchess, Lillian had to receive one education or another. She would do well because she was intelligent, but she still needed two or three years. It was quite difficult to be the hostess of a 300-year-old family.

    Arthur sometimes met Lillian as Henry's friend. A meeting that passes by. Every time Arthur had to clench his fist. He had to endure it with all his might because he thought he would hug her if he did something wrong and kidnap her as she was. I was aware that it was strange for me. But that was all. It's weird. What do you want me to do? He wanted her anyway.

    Whenever I saw her growing more beautifully, I just wanted to lock her up. However, each time, I remembered the face of my father and my divorced mother. Arthur hardly remembers his mother's face, but in some of the memories left in his head, he was in despair. Arthur didn't want to see Lillian's face like that.

    He wanted to see Lillian who wanted him. In the occasional encounter, she looks at him with confused eyes. Others didn't seem to know, but he could recognize it. She had a certain liking for him. I liked the confused eyes. So Arthur could not despair Lillian. What he ultimately wanted was not desperate Lillian. That made Arthur uncomfortable. Arthur was not a person who endured discomfort well, but he couldn't help it if Lillian was at stake. He wanted her, but not like him, he wanted her with very delicate conditions. I won't be in despair. Your limbs will be fine. Her beautiful light green eyes will shake as she looks at him.

    "Anyway, we're a little..."….”

    Henry kicked his tongue and shrugged at him.

    "I hope Lillian is happy."

    At that moment, the happy sight of Lillian and a man passed by in Arthur's head.

    "With a man like Edward Splin?"”

    Edward Splin. He was handsome, attractive, and a senior at Lillian's university. The two looked so good that there was a scandal. Then Arthur tore the newspaper apart.

    The Esteban family has not officially decided on Lillian's marriage. However, Arthur already knew that Lillian's marriage had been decided. The Esteban family was very close to the Splin family. The Splin family is a rare type in the upper class, and Arthur named it the "Nosyap family." That much, she was close to all kinds of people, and Mrs. Splin was also Arthur's godmother. She was Arthur's godmother because her father's old mistress. Arthur knew clearly, but he had treated Mrs. Splin as a godmother. ……so far.

    "Well, it's the most likely."

    Henry's eyes were wary for the first time since he became close to Arthur. He would never have thought Arthur was interested in Lillian. If he had thought so, he would have pushed Arthur away. The family overprotected Lillian, especially Henry because he was very wary of his sister.

    "How did you know?"”

    "The Astrid family originally has fast information. It's a little different from Esteban in that respect."

    "What are you talking about?"

    Arthur walked over to Henry with a soft smile. I could see Henry's face hardening. I'm sorry. Arthur kicked his tongue.

    I wanted to be a good son-in-law.

    I thought I should be satisfied enough to be a good husband.


    Whenever Arthur revealed his true nature, people had a similar face to Henry. I get tired of the complexion and my eyes tremble with fear. It looked familiar.

    Arthur grabbed Henry by the hair. Henry was caught by Arthur and convulsed like a captured animal. Arthur whispered in his ear.

    "Ask your father about the North Line. And tell them. The Duke of Astrid has everything. Everything."

    "No, North line?" "What's that?"

    Henry was shaking pitifully. No, in fact, Arthur was not poor for Henry. He had never felt sorry for anyone.

    "You have nothing to know, tell Count Esteban. Lillian will be the Duchess of Astrid, and then as a family, I will take this secret to the grave. But if I'm not a family member, I have no choice but to disclose the North Line from the standpoint of being loyal to the country."

    "...What are you talking about..."….”

    "You like cigar." But when it's revealed, you'll have to just pick up the bags of cigars, Henry."

    Arthur let Henry's hair go smoothly. Henry opened his eyes wide and looked up at Arthur. Henry, who had never been threatened, seemed to be unable to believe the reality.

    And as Arthur guaranteed, Lillian became Astrid.

    Chapter 1. Rose garden.

    The garden was built for Lillian Astrid.


    Lillian sat on Arthur's stomach and struggled to gasp. Arthur was in a bad mood throughout his visit to the king's birthday party. Lillian eventually sat on top of him after making one or another efforts to relieve his mood. Her face was red because it was hard for her to sit down holding his own.

    "Your milk tap got bigger."

    Arthur looked at Lillian's chest and said. His hands grabbed Lillian's nipples with two fingers and rubbed them.

    "Oh, yeah! Don't do that".

    "I think it's nice". The inside is already shaking. Are you going to just go with the ones you put in?”

    Lillian's quality was not very narrow, but he was so sensitive that he often went just by putting Arthur's. It was Arthur who made it so. He made delicate efforts for Lillian to get used to sexual intercourse.

    "You're not going to tighten it again, are you?" "I'm going to bother here this time."

    Arthur pulled Lillian's nipples hard. Lillian trembles her back and says, "It hurts, ah!" I don't like it, my chest, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Arthur assisted Lillian's body, but her body was still naive. I'm sure the nipples hurt, but when he bounced what was inserted a couple of times, he shook his head like a woman crazy about color.

    "No, it's not." "I won't give you strength."

    Lillian relaxes the inner force. Rather than relaxing, it's a movement that's close to pushing away. A woman who had been overprotected since childhood and knew nothing about sex now knows how to tighten and solve the bottom. He seems to have learned the trick when he yelled at him to harass the anus. It was quite cute to expand the quality in the shape of inflating the stomach and defecating. Arthur kissed his wife on the cheek.

    "It feels like it's well-matched to mine.

    "Yeah, yeah. So, don't bother me, okay."

    Lillian looked at Arthur as if anxious. Arthur is the one who can free her from suffering if it is Arthur who bothers her. Lillian looked completely different from usual in bed. She tried to relax Arthur by sweeping his chest and moving his hips little by little. Become sex slaves was a brave princess. Arthur was the only one who knew that. It further encouraged Arthur's composition.

    "Don't you like getting hit on the butt?"”

    "I don't want to..."

    "Why does it feel so cheap every time I get hit on the butt?"”

    Lillian's inside is very sensitive and Arthur only hit her on the butt when inserted into Lillian. If she hits her butt while hitting her favorite place, she will be distracted. The reason for the sorrow was that he was excited while accepting the man's genitals, not getting hit by the buttocks.

    "I didn't, hehe!"

    As Arthur lifted it, Lillian's inside tightened. The mucous membranes attached to his genitals were lovely. Lillian was saying with his whole body that he was good. He gasped as he stood the nipples close and tightened the inside.

    Lillian's inside was hot and Arthur was naturally excited. There were times when my eyes were hot from excitement to the end of my head. However, it was difficult for him to be mentally satisfied unless Lillian cried. Lillian was satisfied only when he trembled, drooled, opened his eyes, and cried. There is only one neat woman who shows this appearance. As he hugged Lillian, he realized that his physical and mental organs were different.

    Lillian cried when Arthur started to throw it up. She often cried while having sex. I cried not to the extent that my eyes were wet.

    "Oh, no. Please. Please". "Arthur. Hey".

    Arthur's hand pulled Lillian's ball. Lillian covered her face to see if she was going crazy because of the pleasure. Arthur pulled the hand down and interlocked his fingers. Lillian cried in a hoarse voice as he put his hands together. It's a completely mesmerized face. I like that face. The face of a female who cannot name a flower, whether it is a lily or a rose.

    At the last minute, Arthur let go of Lillian's one hand and grabbed her waist and slammed it up. It was an insertion deep enough to feel the wall from the inside. When I relaxed my strength while looking at her mesmerized face, I begged. She leaned over him, fed up.

    "It hurts..."

    "Where? Inside?"

    Arthur frowned. He intended to drive Lillian crazy. Later, I wanted to make her peak just by getting hit on the buttocks. But I didn't mean to hurt her. In fact, if she had cooled down when she first hit her butt, Arthur would never have tried spanking on her again.

    "My side hurts."

    Lillian's words became a little polite. She only talked to him when she had sex. It is not to let go of its obligations as a duchess. That was lovely, too. Lillian was a completely different figure from Arthur. She was an extinct figure in high society. He is moral and sincere, following Noblesse Oblige thoroughly. Arthur had no intention of giving it back to society just because he had a lot of money. In many ways, he only did the least he had to do. However, Lillian is sincerely engaged in several charity works. She had a love for humanity. Try to save someone you don't even know or live a better life. In the mud where one comes out when one is fixed, she is beautiful alone like a lily blooming in the mud.

    "Lie down."

    Lillian tried to get up at Arthur's words. Arthur whispered, "Don't leave her out," preventing her from waking up. Lillian distorted her pretty eyebrows.

    "Are you going to do it again?"”

    "I want you to have more fun."

    "Not you?"

    "You have to go crazy because you're having fun so I'm having fun, too. You prefer to lie down and do it."

    Arthur lay Lillian down and said. Lillian felt more comfortable at the top. And Arthur was comfortable at the top to make Lillian really crazy. Inside her, the place where she went crazy was a difficult position to stimulate for juniors or women.

    "I think I can do it today."

    At Arthur's murmur, Lillian moved his eyes anxiously. When Arthur was happy, she would generally be severely treated. Of course, she was also floundering in pleasure, but she was always afraid of unfamiliar experiences.

    "I don't like it when it's too much."

    Lillian said quietly. When Arthur said that, he kissed her lips, saying, "Then sincerely refuse."

    Arthur slowly poked inside Lillian. The quality, which once reached its peak significantly, was more relaxed than the beginning. Lillian doesn't seem to know, but Arthur's genitals were very large and experienced women were struggling. When he gets used to Arthur's, Lillian will feel an unfilled hunger every time he receives another man's genitals.

    "Yes, yes..."….”

    Lillian looked up at Arthur with a moaning but anxious face. When Arthur stabbed inside her, she felt a lot but seemed scared.

    "It's okay."

    Arthur soothed Lillian with a smiley voice.

    Arthur touched Lillian's cheek and moved smoothly. She licked her chest and licked her neck, inducing her texture to slowly rise. Lillian quickly got tired of sex. The more sensitive I became, the worse it got, and if I did something wrong, I often fell asleep as if I were collapsing. Arthur smiled at Lillian's face. Then Lillian raised his white and fine hand and touched Arthur's cheek.

    "Do you like this face?"”

    "Yes..." Do you like my face, too?”

    Will it be expressed as liking it?

    "I like you a lot."

    This is not expressed in this way. Arthur was overwhelmed the moment he saw Lillian. When I saw a young girl who had not yet lost all her baby fat on her cheek, my breathing and head stopped. Still, sometimes Arthur was mesmerized whenever he saw Lillian. Is Lillian's facial features the most beautiful in the world? Objectively, it would not be. She is a very beautiful beauty, but Arthur has met several women as beautiful as her. But in his eyes, she was a goddess.

    Lillian smiled brightly. I was moaning as if I was a little relieved.

    "Yes... Yes, I like it..."….”

    "Do you know that you're applying the semen inside?" It's full of semen."

    "Don't say things like that."

    "It's true."

    Arthur lifted Lillian's leg. He had her grab her legs up herself and looked at the joint.

    "Not a single drop of semen comes out. He packed so much for me, but it's a bit too much for me to be an idiot."

    "Speak, please, hah!"

    "It's hard to stand."

    Arthur smiled satisfactorily as he touched Lillian's Clitoris. He had yet to relieve his excitement properly. The pleasure was boiling in my head. Unless he had been controlling himself well since he was young, he must have already been in Lillian's shoes. But he bothered Lillian pretending to be relaxed. When I saw Lillian's face losing strength and his eyes getting wet, Penis reached the point of numbness.

    However, Arthur deliberately removed his penis. Then Lillian shouted, "No!"

    "No? Do you want to hold your husband's penis longer?"”

    When Arthur made fun of him, Lillian shook his head.

    "Well, no, no.

    Arthur lightly twisted his wife's ball, who lied out of shame. Lillian screams like a scream. It's a place we washed together every day. Now it used to be hard just by touching it. It is a place where you feel pleasure with pain even if you twist or pull it.

    "Do you want to get semen because it poked the innermost part?" "You cry because it's hot every time".

    "No, no..."….”

    "It's still full of semen. Is it not enough?

    "Don't say that, okay!"

    When Arthur put his finger in, Lillian enlarged the inside. Arthur stirred the inside of her. The hot interior was slippery due to semen.

    Lillian didn't let go of his leg even though he looked like he was going to go crazy for shame. He reveals everything in front of Arthur. The genitals swollen to accept her husband's, the clitoris that continues to be harassed and hardened. It exposes everything from biting a man's finger. I don't avoid being shy.

    Arthur touched somewhere inside Lillian. Then Lillian opened her eyes wide and floundered her hands.

    "That, there, that".

    "It's not weird. Rather, it's a great place."

    "Okay, wait a minute. Arthur, wait, Ahn, Ugh, Heu, Ahn...…!”

    Lillian shook his head. Arthur narrowed his forehead as he saw a face going crazy about pleasure. I want to hit it. I want to move my waist recklessly. Inside her, I want to beg as one. Arthur controls himself with a gasping smile even though his head is about to go crazy. He wanted to see something.

    At the fingertip, it begins to stand out that it was not felt at first. I heard there were some women who didn't have it, but Lillian was particularly sensitive and seemed to be. Sure enough, Lillian was shaking her limbs. Don't, don't. Lillian begged, but Arthur refused her plea.

    Lillian placed his legs and grabbed Arthur's wrists with both hands. The desperate gesture to stop somehow was pathetic. Raising his nails and scratching Arthur's wrist was like a young cat. Tears filled Lillian's eyes.

    "Please, don't do that. Yes! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! No, please. Stop, hoot!

    "Do you think you're going to pee?"”

    Lillian opened her eyes wide. Tears fell from her eyes. She shook her head. At times like this, I know my husband's awfulness well, but he seems scary.

    "It's okay, that's not a pee."

    "Hey, don't do that. Oh, no. No! No!"

    "Really, no." Lily, go ahead and wrap it. "Oh, come on, I'm going crazy."

    "No, no, no, no, no, please..."….”

    Lillian tries to remove Arthur's hand somehow. However, I could see an abnormal sensation coming from her face. Desperately, she was somehow trying to block the senses. I felt bad for her, trying to put up with Arthur's fingers while tightening them, while making him more elevated. Soon, you can see her most shameful appearance.

    "No, no."

    Lily muttered because she turned white. As soon as she felt that she was almost there, Arthur spread her legs wide. The elegant duchess' legs were spread out like frogs, and he tucked them all the way at once. At that moment, she screamed desperately.

    "I don't want to..."

    He was bitten back and watched her clitoris. A slightly larger penis than when I first hugged him fired something.

    Lillian was covering her face with both hands after a long time, perhaps she couldn't stand it. Huong lowered her hand, shaking like a child and crying, and Arthur finally looked down at the face. He said he was going crazy in shame, but he couldn't shake off the remnants of pleasure.

    "Good job."

    Arthur praised her.

    "Very pretty."

    Wipe her cheek with her lips, filling her eyes with snow, and he whispered sweetly.

    "I have a sensitive body." I'm really happy."

    Lillian couldn't stop crying easily. Arthur looked down at her penis again. There was only one shot enough to draw a parabola. After that, I was spilling little by little. Still, Lillian will be in agony.

    "...You, sometimes, seem crazy..."….”

    Lillian, who stopped crying after a long time, muttered. Arthur washed her earlobes lightly.

    "But you felt good." I've never felt this convulsing inside you."

    "That kind of thing".

    "Don't lie to me. Lily, you have to be honest. This is a good thing no matter who gets hit, and there is no reason to hate it. I just can't do it because my body is not this sensitive."


    "If you're shy, should I be shy when you're begging me?"

    It's a ulcer. Lillian is familiar with that. Nevertheless, she couldn't find a word to say and mouthed. Lillian's resentful eyes are still wet, making Arthur unbearable. It's corrupting her. Nevertheless, she still loves him. Emotions as hot as lust were encouraging him.

    Arthur moved on his own. It was finally time to have her. In her arms, hugging him with a slender body, he ran wild to his heart's content. She crushed her chest and bit her as she could. He moved like crazy, leaving a kiss mark on his red skin with shame. She spilled her seeds into her body. In the meantime, she felt the illusion of flowing into her and mixing.


    Arthur repaired the mansion as soon as he was engaged to Lillian. Originally, Astrid Mansion was famous for its rose garden. The Astrid family's sentences were roses and the mansion's rose garden was also famous, so duchess used to be called the duchess of roses. This cringe-worthy nickname has not been heard for a while since Arthur's mother became an expatriate.

    However, it was also a clear nickname to hear again when Lillian took the position of Duchess. Arthur completely changed the rose garden into a maze. And after marrying Lillian, she instructed her to decorate the room with roses every time she woke up. Arthur hoped that Lillian would transform from the lily of Esteban to the rose of Astrid. It made Lillian's body smell like roses. Estebana no longer has any effect on Lillian. She had to belong entirely to him.

    Lillian sometimes got lost while taking a walk. She called and then the butler came to her. She was ashamed every time, but in fact, it was natural. Arthur made it impossible for her to walk out of this house. During the seven years she was Arthur's fiancee, this garden became a massive maze. Wherever you go, you're just beautiful, but it's hard to find an exit. There is a trick to find the exit, but only a few people, including Arthur, knew it. That's why when she gets lost, the butler comes to find her. It was because he was included in some of the tricks.

    Today, Lillian is lost again. Arthur was next to the butler when she gave up and called the butler. After leaving work early today, he moved to find Lillian himself.

    Lillian sat on the bench and sighed. He had instructed Lillian to put benches everywhere because he knew he would get lost.


    When Arthur called her, Lillian happily looked back at him.

    "Ah, you came in early today."”

    As Arthur approached her, she stood up.

    "A schedule has been canceled." And when I came back, I found you here.”

    In fact, if you only walk around the mansion, there is no reason to wander around the maze garden. Lillian has trails and glass greenhouses. The maze garden was a little far for Lillian to walk out. Nevertheless, Lillian often wandered through this garden.

    "I came all the way here while walking, and it looks like this again."

    The wind in the evening was cool. Seeing Lillian's blonde hair fluttering, Arthur smiled when he first met her.

    "Why are you laughing?"

    "I remembered the first time I met you."

    At that time, Arthur had lost his soul when he saw Lillian. There was no scene in Arthur's life that impressive. But it's only funny to look back at that time now. He was more into Lillian now than he was then. At that time, Arthur was overwhelmed and didn't know anything about Lillian.

    If I think about it now, it's a relief. If Arthur had known Lillian's true face at that time, he would have used tough means instead of choosing patience in having her.

    "I'm reminded me of it reminds me. He came with Henry.”

    "I did."

    "It was unexpected." I didn't think the two would have much to do with each other.”

    "That was the first day we met. Both were close to Lawrence and joined forces.”

    Lillian smiled brightly. She knew Lawrence, too. Lawrence was still an ally of Astrid.

    "Lorence is very social."

    Lillian carefully chose what to say. She didn't really like Lawrence. I felt uncomfortable somewhere, but I didn't know why.

    "That sociability has its rhythm.”

    Lawrence was the type to abuse and enjoy others like Arthur. I was close to Arthur as there were many parts that were shared sexually. And he often reported Lillian with coveted eyes.

    He knew how much Arthur wanted Lillian. And it was clear that Arthur would have noticed that he finally had Lillian. And he seemed to have an idea that he shouldn't dare to do. Of course, the liver is not big enough to put it into practice. Knowing that, Arthur often felt the urge to pull out Lawrence's eyes. And Arthur could have a strong patience against Lillian, but he was not good at holding back his urge to work on Lillian.

    "I sometimes feel uncomfortable with Lawrence."

    Lillian whispered as if telling a secret. The breath touched his ears and seduced Arthur.

    "Me too."

    It's more of a nuisance than uncomfortable, but Arthur just responds to Lillian. Lillian smiled with a happy face.

    "We connected."

    To see this face, you can respond to any sound. Arthur hugged Lillian's shoulder and rubbed his groin.

    "This too?"

    "You're still outside."

    Lillian fell from Arthur's side. The red cheeks were cute. Arthur was thinking of knocking Lillian down like this, but quit when he saw her skinny wrist. She was losing weight being bullied by Arthur. At this rate, only bones and muscles are likely to remain.

    "What about a meal?"

    "Not yet." We'll be able to eat together today."

    Lillian is happy just to have a meal together. Arthur grabbed her waist and pulled it back. And I took a step toward the exit.

    "What happened to the charity bazaar for abused children?"”

    Arthur was always thirsty just by looking at Lillian. She was good at howling in pleasure. How should I drop it today? Just in time, Lillian has no schedule tomorrow.

    "Well, it's half a success."…. The bazaar itself went well and raised a lot of funds, but there was some money left.…. I think there's going to be a lot of noise.”

    Lillian said, frowning her eyebrows as beautiful as a picture. It would be quite annoying to ask for money from a perfectionist.

    "Tell me if you need anything.”

    "You can do it yourself."

    Lillian firmly refused.

    "You work too much. If you're going to work that much, it's better to have a little more staff. Three secretaries are not enough."

    "It's enough." It's not like I'm in any business."

    "The charity business is also a business." And don't step too deep. It's hard to get caught up in a scandal."

    In fact, no matter what scandal Lillian was involved in, Arthur was not in trouble at all. I just didn't like her to pay attention to other things in earnest. If I get caught up in a scandal and don't go outside the door again, wouldn't it be possible? If not, I wanted you to do it moderately. She tended to overdo her duties as a duchess. In addition, once things didn't go well, she couldn't eat. While he couldn't do this or that, Lillian stepped into a huge amount of work. And if things didn't go well, I refused to eat and hung on to my work.

    "Yes, I'm being careful."

    Lillian nodded. She must be really careful about the honor of the Astrid family.

    "I won't make any scratches on you.”

    Lillian spoke strongly. She meant it. But at that moment, Arthur kicked his tongue and laughed.

    "Oh, I'm in trouble."”

    "Why are you in trouble?"”

    "I stood up."

    Arthur began to pull down because Lillian's face, which said he would protect him, was naive and pretty.

    "Come on!"

    Lillian called him in a critical tone. And she looked around. There is no one in this rose garden. The gardeners left work and the working people rarely stepped into the garden. If you get lost for no reason, you have to ask for help from the butler, the general manager of the mansion, who will enter this garden?

    Lillian sat Arthur on the bench with a bright red face and whispered.

    "Yeah, let's calm down."

    "You're not going to allow me to put it in you, are you?"”

    "That doesn't make sense!" If you do it here, it flows."

    Arthur dressed Lillian in racy underwear. The top is quiet, but the bottom is messy. Lillian often wore underwear that neither prostitutes would wear. Lillian's maid knew well that her underwear was Arthur's taste. The maids became better at Lillian with compassion.

    Lillian was always ashamed but followed Arthur's will. So she was wearing shameful underwear today as well. The underwear she wore was a design with an open bottom. When she walks her skirt, Arthur can insert it right into her. Knowing that, Lillian stepped back.

    "What about your chest?" "Your bra is okay today."

    It's not okay. Lillian frowned. Her shameful underwear and bra, a set, were just plain designs. However, there was a hole in the middle to put nipples. Lillian had to dress with her nipples standing up. Of course, she wore a camisole on top to prevent it from standing out, but she must have been in pain all day because the soft camisole continued to stimulate the nipples.

    "You get stuck in your bra."”

    Lillian shook his head as if he wanted to refuse. Arthur slowly took out his penis in front of her. The genitals standing up as if they were sticking to the stomach have uneven veins.

    "Come on!"

    "It's something that makes you feel good, right?"


    Lillian's plea mixed a slight but low cry. It is not a cry accompanied by tears, but a cry soaked in pleasure.

    "You're not asking me to wash it, Lily."

    Arthur has yet to teach Lillian Oral sex. It was very tempting to dirty Lillian's face and put it in his mouth. But that's why his penis was too large. I wasn't confident of having oral sex without hurting Lillian. And he preferred to caress Lillian rather than caress her. It was much better for Lillian to twitch his whole body, cry like a child, and call his name like crazy.

    But Lillian always seemed sorry that he didn't ask her for Oralsex. Because Arthur always washed her away. She was really naive to think that it was his service rather than his pleasure.

    "I always suck you up. Do you remember a few days ago? I put my tongue in, so I tightened my tongue."

    "Don't say that in places like this, but put it in. Please, Arthur."

    "No, you're standing this much."

    Arthur deliberately touched his genitals slowly. Lillian's face was distorted when he looked like he was poking Lillian's inside.

    "Come here."

    Arthur tried spreading his legs wide.

    Lillian seemed to be agonizing, but eventually staggered and came to him. A face that bites its lips as if it wants to end quickly. However, the eyes that could not hide the desire were lovely.

    She knelt down in front of him and looked up at him. It seemed awkward because it was extremely rare. Arthur also frowned slightly. Her face was still pretty when she looked up, but he was not the type to be excited about her obedience.

    Sadist, masochist, dominant, and submittal. Arthur did not belong well to either of those four categories. Obviously, sex tastes are not ordinary, but it was ambiguous to say where they belong. If I have to say, is it sadist? Even right now, Arthur wanted to bully Lillian.

    "Take it off."

    At Arthur's words, Lillian slowly unbuttoned. Shirt-type dresses could reveal their chests just by loosening their buttons. She loosened her shirt, pulled her arm out of her sleeve, and hesitated for a moment.

    "What are you going to do when it's dinner time and the butler comes to look for you?"

    Arthur urged her to do it. Of course, the butler will not come. But she doesn't know the fact.

    Eventually, she lowered the string of the camisole and pulled out her arm. And he showed his chest in shameful underwear. Arthur buried his own in Lillian's chest.

    "Tighten it."

    "Oh, how?

    Lillian asked. Having never done it with her heart, she didn't seem to have thought of using her hands. Arthur smiled joyfully and held her both hands. And pressed against her chest.

    "Like this."

    "It's hotter than usual."”

    "Your flesh is colder than usual."

    Unlike the flesh, the cool feeling was mysterious. Arthur looked down at Lillian and swept her face. With a red face, she looked up at him. The trust and love reflected in those eyes. Some too much for him to receive. She forgave him even though she knew she had been deceived by him. She pretended not to know such a wound, even though she must have left a scar on her mind. He couldn't imagine how much affection it was based on forgiveness.

    "I barely learned how to untie the bottom by getting hit by the butt, but where should I learn to tighten the top?"”

    Nevertheless, he wanted to abuse her even more. I wanted to make her go away crying just because she was hit. No, to be exact, whether you're beaten or holding hands, you want to get angry just by touching him. That way, it was fair. He feels sick just by looking at her, but she's just calm. It was hard to bear.

    "Do you want me to hit you here?" "You like to tease me here."

    "No, you can't."

    When Arthur scratched Lillian's nipples, Lillian hurriedly shook his head and tightened his chest. He tries to squeeze his buried in the valley. The rich and soft feeling gave him a different excitement than usual, so Arthur looked down at Lillian with a frown.

    I'm definitely feeling it physically. I think I can do things, but I am mentally lacking. Lillian felt a little, but was completely sober. That was unpleasant. And I hated Lillian a little. If he were her, he would have climbed up to his mental ordeal. But she is just serving now.

    He didn't put up with it and begged. If you couldn't satisfy your mental needs anyway, it would have been better to finish the act quickly.

    Oh, oh, oh! Lillian leaned back and received Arthur's semen. I closed my eyes tightly to see if I thought of a sense of circumstances in the vagina. Seeing that face made my hair a little drowsy. Arthur grabbed Lillian's hair and poured the last drop into her soft valley.

    Lillian was very shy. Arthur's semen will be stuck in her bra. Returning dressed full of semen, she tried to wash right away. I grabbed her and made her eat.

    "If I smell something..."….”

    Lillian clung to Arthur as if stamping her feet.

    "It's not an affair. Why are you worried?" It's natural for me to sleep with you.”


    "Now, eat first." After that, I'll wash it for you."

    Arthur was so powerful that Lillian had no choice but to eat. Worried that the camisole and the dress might get wet, she gave Arthur satisfaction. He dragged Lillian to the whole chair, sat him next to him, and whispered in his ear.

    "Why do you keep twisting your back?"”

    "I didn't..."….”

    "Did your husband get mad at semen?"

    "Please cover your mouth".

    "You didn't make a puddle on the chair, did you?"

    Lillian, who couldn't stand it, slapped Arthur for the first time. It was a weak touch, but Arthur laughed happily. He liked it when Lillian took off the mask of the elegant duchess.

    Eventually, Arthur made Lillian cry a lot that day and washed him away. He hugged her, who couldn't even raise her knees properly, put her in a bathtub with warm water, and he came into it. It was because she looked unstable being in the bathtub alone.

    Lillian leaned against Arthur's body and stretched drowsy. It was longer than usual sex. Lillian reached Orgassum all the time, and Arthur poured it into her four times. It was so much semen that it was white foam. Lillian muttered, leaning on Arthur.

    "I do it every day..."…, the child isn't coming in."

    I could see her hand caressing her lower abdomen. Arthur slowly sucked Lillian's earwheels. It was her favorite Hu-hee.

    "Because I couldn't eat enough semen."”

    "You keep scamming me because I don't know much about these places, but I know that's not true. It's not that I didn't get sex education at all."

    Lillian protested. But Arthur put his tongue in Lillian's ear. I took it out and whispered.

    "I'm telling you. My lewd body loves my semen."


    "If you eat as much as today every day, you will be able to have children soon.”

    "I'm going to die."

    At the same time, Lillian kept fiddling with his lower abdomen. It's only been a few months since she hugged him, but it's been more than three years since she became a duchess It was natural for people to put pressure on the successors of the craftsman.

    "I don't need kids.”

    At Arthur's words, Lillian looked back at him in surprise.

    "What did you just say?"…?”

    "I don't need a kid." Do you think I want to be a father?”

    Among Lillian's charity works, there is an area where the proportion has suddenly increased in recent years. It's child abuse. And it won't have anything to do with Arthur's childhood experience. She was heartbroken by the pain Arthur would have suffered.

    However, Arthur, the person in charge, was fine. It's just an old habit for him not to take off his clothes. His father, who abused him, forced him not to take off his clothes anywhere to hide the mark, and it became a habit. Once, it was only when he took it off in front of Lillian that this mark caused him to feel strange. She valued his wound marks. Arthur recognized for the first time that the mark on his back was a wound in front of his eyes trying to accept everything. And the moment his wife covered the wound, the wound he perceived as a mark disappeared.

    However, it is a mysterious experience given by Lillian, not a re-recognition of the wounds left by his father. Arthur was not as interested in his father as a hair in the first place.

    "I'm not..." You don't need it?”

    Oh no, I made a mistake.

    Lillian must have wanted a child. She looked genuinely shocked.

    "To be exact, it would be nice if you had a child, but it's better not to be stressed out about having a child.”

    Arthur hurriedly corrected the words. Lillian's light green eyes were looking at Arthur's face. He tries to gauge whether his words are sincere or trying to soothe himself. Arthur spoke very seriously to the face.

    "You're enough for me."

    That's the truth without a single lie.

    Lillian smiled softly as she looked at Arthur's face for a moment. How should I say it, for a moment she seemed to be agonizing. Then he hugged Arthur's head and kissed him on the cheek. Her kiss was different from what he did. It was a soft, fragile kiss that would break if held incorrectly.

    "I want to have children."


    "I have a child who resembles you and live with you."

    Arthur smiled sweetly. In front of Lillian most of the time, he acted truthfully, but sometimes wore a very false mask. It was the latter now.

    A child who looks like himself?

    If so, he would have to die because he couldn't even rest, but it was a nonsense. If Lillian were abandoned, he might not know again, but Lillian was smiling next to him intact, and he couldn't help but die.

    "I like any child who looks like you.”

    At Arthur's words, Lillian laughed, saying, "I'm in trouble because their wishes are different."

    Early in the day, Arthur opened his eyes to the ringtone while hugging Lillian. Lillian opened her eyes dimly and said, "Yeah..."…?" he murmured. Before she woke up, Arthur grew up, hugged her, and picked up her cell phone. And as soon as he was connected, he ordered, "Wait a minute."

    "Come on"?

    "I think it's urgent. You sleep."


    Lillian tried to raise herself with a dreamy face. Then he put her back in bed, covered her with a sheet, kissed her forehead, and Arthur waited for a while for her to fall asleep. Patting. When I patted him regularly, Lillian, who was tired, fell asleep again. Arthur got out of bed and came out to the balcony. And outside the door, Lillian opened his mouth, staring at the bed lying down.

    "What's going on"?

    "I'm an intruder."’

    Darkness permeated Arthur's blue eyes.

    "Did you catch it?"

    Should I grab it?’

    It was impossible to get out of the rose garden on a dark night. The trick to find the exit to the rose garden is simple. You can call the security office and get directions through hidden CCTVs everywhere.

    The security office was asking Arthur's opinion whether to send him away now, catch him, or do something worse. Arthur looked at the room with dim lights on. His lovely wife was soundly asleep. Since he had sex with Arthur, Lillian has not been able to wake up well even if he hugs him or puts him in the bathtub. This may be because Arthur wants to squeeze Lillian's energy. Arthur was often confused whether Lillian fainted or was sleeping. If you breathe well regularly, you sleep, and Arthur was thinking about it as comfortable to sleep.

    "Catch him and ask him what he's up to".

    "If it's about the duchess..."….’

    Arthur's mouth was filled with a cold smile.

    "Then you did something wrong."

    A total of two attempts to kidnap Lillian. Both were due to resentment against Arthur. To be exact, Arthur had a grudge, but it was difficult to approach him, so he chose Lillian, who was well exposed through charity work. However, Arthur planted Lillian's noticeable bodyguards and invisible bodyguards at the same time. Those who tried to kidnap Lillian were dragged by Lillian's hidden bodyguards and suffered. Arthur divided Lillian's bodyguards into two types, and the notable bodyguards were literally bodyguards. Although they were A-class bodyguards, they had a career as bodyguards, and they were people who had thorough consideration for the bodyguard and a service spirit. The proportion of women and men was properly mixed, so female bodyguards could enter immediately when they had to enter the changing room.

    However, the hidden bodyguards were mercenaries rolled in Africa and elsewhere. They were people who did everything for their purposes. The person who is on the phone with Arthur was one of those characters.

    "I think last time was enough warning, but if not, I'll show you a clearer warning.’

    The gang of kidnappers who aimed for Lillian last time had to die in a bad way. And rumors of their very painful and ugly deaths spread rapidly throughout the world. Arthur wanted to show clearly what would happen if he touched Lillian Astrid, and the mercenary who received a large weekly salary from him did what he intended.

    "If it's a useless paparazzi, solve the dog, and if it's someone who has something to do with me, grab it, ask the business, and find out who the owner is. But if he's interested in Lillian, I don't care what kind of interest he is."

    Lillian tossed and turned in the room. It's a movement that seems uncomfortable while sleeping. Soon she grabbed Arthur's pillow and buried her face there. Like looking for his smell.

    Arthur smiled as he looked at her. The smile was ashy, but the voice from his lips was cold.

    "Don't leave any flesh".


    Arthur hung up and went into the room. When she carefully entered the sheet and hugged Lillian, she smiled brightly even in her sleep. Lillian dug into whether he was glad to see Arthur.


    Even if Arthur whispers, Lillian cannot hear.

    "It's because you're so pretty."

    I can't hear anything, but Arthur still whispers.

    "So keep sleeping."

    My sleeping beauty. You don't have to wake up from a castle covered with thorns. Just live the life you want in this rose garden. If it's inside, you can do anything.

    A dreamy life like a dream.

    --I'm already living like that.

    Arthur kissed Lillian.

    Chapter 2. External world.

    The Duke of Arthur Astrid and Count Esteban often encountered. They were officially family members and were supporting each other. However, unofficially, there was always a chill between the two. Count Esteban seemed to be unpleasant for his precious daughter, who would not hurt if put in his eyes, to become the Duke of Astrid and do numerous things. He hated Arthur very much for threatening him and stealing his daughter away. And Arthur could not understand Count Esteban's feelings for his daughter. Lillian was just born as his daughter. Lillian didn't choose him, and he didn't choose Lillian either. It's just a gene trick, but it's annoying to see Lillian pretend to be his.

    "Long time no see, duke."

    Count Esteban greeted me. Whenever he had to say hello first, he clenched his molars. It was obvious, so Arthur always smiled leisurely and accepted the greeting. However, there was a fishy smile flowing around Arthur's mouth today rather than being relaxed.

    "It's been a long time since we've met each other, Count." "I received the gift you sent me."

    "It was close to lending it to you."

    I thought I would pretend, but surprisingly, the count gently admitted.

    "Oh man, I'm sorry that my life span is over. If I had known you lent it, I could have returned it, but it was my fault."

    The intruder who came in a few days ago stated that he had come in "to escape Lillian." The client was Count Esteban. Even though rumors have already spread widely that Lillian Astrid should not be touched in the rest of the world, he seems to have attempted because he was blinded by money. And the price was paid well. It was when Arthur's cold eyes were about to pass through Count Esteban.

    "How's Lillian doing?"

    asked Count Esteban. It was a face full of anxiety. Arthur's mood was twisted. But he replied without expressing it.

    "Of course I'm doing well."

    "Is he healthy these days?"

    "If you're curious about Lillian, go to the organization she works for. It's an organization with a good meaning, so the count will be very happy to stop by."

    However, Lillian is not the type to stop working just because his father came. You'll look like you're lazy when you go. In addition, Lillian is not abused, so his father, Count Esteban, would be angry at a similar question. It was a bit disappointing to think that way. The light green eyes, which were burning anger for themselves, made my heart ache just thinking about it.

    "Your highness, I'm a precious daughter."

    Count Esteban said sternly. The warning that she would not stay still on days that harm her was annoying. He can't protect her. Arthur Astrid was the only one in the world who could protect her.

    "The Count."

    You earn it preciously?

    A great change in front of someone.

    "The count knows how precious my wife is."

    The North Line, if released, will be a fatal blow to the Esteban family. A secret operation under his permission when Count Estevan was Secretary of State. It is an incident in which four people, including a reporter, were assassinated to prevent his scandal. The operation was carried out with thorough security, and neither the National Assembly nor the royal family knew the existence of the operation.

    Count Esteban clenched his teeth. He shot Arthur with eyes he wanted to kill, but Arthur smiled and shrugged.

    Arthur, who passed the count, blossomed business stories with several people. It was generally boring stories, but it was essential to talk to people who encompass power and wealth. While talking about the prospects for the low-cost aviation industry, Arthur saw Edward Splin approaching Count Esteban.

    "Your highness, aren't you smoking?"”

    The person next to him recommended Arthur a cigar. It was an IT conglomerate from the United States. Even before Arthur could answer, another man said.

    "Your Majesty is a non-smoker."

    "Oh, my. Cigar is a great hobby."

    Arthur didn't hate the cigar, but Lillian hated the smell of cigarettes. It is okay now, but it seems that he suffered from asthma when he was young. So Arthur cut off all the tobacco. Neither cigarettes nor cannabis nor anything else was touched.

    "You don't know the taste of poetry, you don't know the taste of life."

    The American conglomerate spoke provocatively of Arthur. Often from the United States, they looked down on the nobles of Oson, a small European country. As if we were trying to fight for rank.

    Arthur smiled lightly.

    "You're discussing life with the taste of being scattered by the air, so you must be comfortable because it's a light life. I'm glad I have a more enjoyable hobby than him."

    The face of the American chaebol was distorted, but the faces of the nobles of Oson had a faint smile. One of them asked with a curious face.

    "What kind of hobbies do you have?"

    Arthur didn't answer. When he was just smiling, he tapped the nobleman who was asked by a nobleman.

    "Your noble hobby is well known, right?" Watching opera, collecting old books, etc."

    Arthur smiled softly after a moment of memory. He smiled similarly as usual, but people looked at him with a lost look at the moment. Since it contains sincerity, it seems to have been a little different from usual.

    Arthur replied back without hiding.

    "That's right."


    In the car, Lillian looked around with an anxious face. Her period ended two days ago. Her menstrual cycle was very impure and arbitrary, but the doctor said it was because her weight was far below the standard weight. Arthur didn't care if she became fat, but she was not a gourmet and a person who was active, so it seemed difficult to gain weight.

    When her period began, she said she started with Arthur's red face. Only then did Arthur not take care of her underwear. For Lillian, the only time she had her period was when she wore proper underwear. And Arthur complained throughout Lillian's menstrual week. Because he was always a man who wanted to hug Lillian.

    Arthur's dissatisfaction has reached the sky as his recent period has been long. In the end, Lillian had to appease Arthur, saying he would do what he wanted. Lillian's face was good looking at Arthur's expression and soothing him. It was lovely and sentimental. A canary that sings for its owner without knowing that he is trapped in a cage. That was Lillian.

    Today, Lillian came to the opera theater with Arthur. Her dress was a long dress with one shoulder exposed today. A design in which soft silk sticks to her body and flows. And she didn't wear underwear today. Arthur asked her to go on a date without underwear. Lillian, who offered to listen to anything, was forced to wear underwear.

    "How do you feel now?"

    Arthur, who got out of the car first, escorted Lillian and asked. It was in the midst of reporters popping flash recklessly.

    "I'm not going to answer you."”

    "Then I'll bother Clitoris when I watch the opera."

    Arthur said mischievously. Lillian showed a bright face to the people around him. When she didn't answer, Arthur grabbed her waist and asked, sticking close to her.

    "I don't want to spit out while watching the opera.”

    When Arthur said so, Lillian put his nails on the back of Arthur's hand holding his waist. But her face was still beautiful.

    Strangely enough, Arthur always wanted to break Lillian down every time he saw him. She is terribly fine. No matter how dirty it is, the next day he becomes the woman he first saw. Even if her underwear is taken away and stained with shame, she still shines brightly.

    "Lillian, is it okay to pack it in this theater?"”

    When Arthur asked in a vulgar tone, Lillian sighed. She looked up at Arthur with eyes as if she were looking at her playful son and replied.

    "It's cold and weird." "Don't talk about that here, as others might see."

    "I touched Clitoris in the car. Isn't it uncomfortable to walk?"

    "It's not uncomfortable..."… It's a little weird."

    Lillian muttered. Her cheeks were a little red ripened.

    Arthur grabbed Lillian's butt tightly in an elevator going up to the third floor with a VIP room. Lillian opened her eyes wide in surprise.


    With that said, Arthur let go of Lillian's butt and stroked it slowly. For Lillian, the buttocks were not just skin, but the vocal cords. Having been having sex with Arthur for months, she often got hit on the buttocks, and now just getting hit on the buttocks is shaking inside. Sensitive places react as if they were touching Clitoris.

    Arthur whispered as he got off the elevator and entered the room.

    "I want to hit you, but I'm sorry." "You're going to go with the one that's right".


    Lillian's fist heated up Arthur's chest. It was a pretty painful fist. Arthur kicked his tongue inside. I almost avoided it. He liked being beaten up by Lillian.

    "Do you know you're so mean?"

    Lillian looked around and was angry with Arthur. Her angry eyes wetter stimulated Arthur more, but she probably won't know.

    I felt like a little boy. A young boy who keeps poking her because he wants to see the reaction of his favorite girl. --In general, the ending of such a relationship is set to hate a girl if she is the boy because the boy is too harsh, but Lillian is different. Because she truly loves Arthur.

    "It's because you keep treating me like a trophy husband."

    They were a couple. What else is it like if the upper-class society hates couples tied up with affection? He had power and wealth, and he didn't have to look at anyone. Even if the opponent was the king, the same was true.

    But Lillian wanted to hide it. I understood her mind to some extent. She is a woman, and the female group is more relational than men. As a young duchess, she will have a hard time in many parts and will not want to be caught in vain. Knowing the heart, Arthur has done as she wants. No, in fact, even if she couldn't understand her mind at all, he would have done what she wanted. Arthur liked doing what Lillian wanted. Even if her wishes are very unfavorable or unreasonable for Arthur. Every time she listened to what she wanted, I felt mentally full.

    "Who treats who as a trophy husband?" It's not like that."

    It was also nice to comfort Lillian. Come to think of it, he had beaten a woman who looked like Lillian at an SM club or watched a woman who looked like Lillian play as a dominant. Both were his taste.

    Sadist sub-missive...… Inga. Arthur frowned inwardly. It's a very minor taste to see who's not a broken person.

    "It's not that, but everyone has their own group, and that group has its own meaning, and we don't have to stand out so much that we don't have to find fault."

    Lillian whispered desperately with Arthur's arms folded. Arthur got out of the elevator holding Lillian's waist because he felt good about the whispering voice.

    "Why are you doing this to me when you know it' "We're just a little bit...

    "I'm not bad either. I like to bother you for this reason."

    "Why do you like such things?"

    "People have different tastes."”

    "What kind of ulcer is that?"

    Duchess. As soon as someone called Lillian, she looked back with a bright face.

    "It's been a while, Duchess. I don't know if you remember...….”

    A man hesitated to say hello. Arthur knew the number of people Lillian met. She met more people than him. There's no way that I can't remember.

    "Oh my, I remember." It's been a year, Mr. Santwa. "What's up with your bad hands?"

    Lillian smiled brightly and accepted the opponent's words.

    "I joined the forest campaign in Oson."

    "Oh, I see. Arthur, let me introduce you. This is Eugene Santwa, a forest education expert."

    Arthur smiled softly at Lillian's words. His wife, who is not even wearing underwear, is showing a sweet attitude toward another man. Arthur's mood was twisted.

    "I'm Arthur Astrid."

    Anyway, Lillian is the one who introduced me. Arthur reached out his hand in a polite manner.

    "Oh, oh, the Duke of Astrid. It's an honor to meet you."

    Sante shook and held Arthur's hand. Arthur squinted at the moment, not knowing whether the man was nervous when he met Duke Astrid or because he knew what he was different from him. Santwa's hands were wet.

    "Nice to meet you." I knew that my wife was paying a lot of attention to nature, but I ask for your understanding that it was difficult to see experts because of her busy work."

    "Oh, never mind. It's not."

    "By the way, have we met somewhere before?"”



    Definitely not a familiar person. However, the attitude was suspicious.

    "Are you here to see the opera?"”

    What would a forest education expert do to the VIP floor of the opera theater? When Arthur asked, Santwa said, "Yes, yes..."I blurted out my words by saying …" A drop of cold sweat fell off Santwa's forehead.

    "Come on"?

    The moment Lillian called Arthur, he did not hesitate to push Santwa. Santwa, who was pushed in an instant, rolled to the floor, and Arthur showed his back to Santwa, pulling Lillian into his arms. At the same time, Arthur and Lillian's bodyguards rushed to Santwa. Someone stepped on Sant's wrist and someone attacked him. And the rest pulled out guns all at once.

    The scream grew, but none of the bodyguards moved. The gun that flocked to Santwa was brutal. Lillian hugged Arthur tightly and dug into his arms in the midst of embarrassment.

    "It's a gun."

    A bodyguard reported.

    "I can't believe it' Mr. Santwa?

    Lillian looked up at Arthur and asked. A face asking if Santwa tried to shoot against him. Arthur stroked Lillian's cheek still.

    "It's okay."

    "However, Mr. Santwa"

    "It's okay. You're safe and we're going back home. It's okay."

    Arthur didn't turn his back on purpose. I didn't want to show Lillian a gun. She was embarrassed and scared. It must be scary because the other person I met while doing something good greeted her with a gun.

    Arthur looked at John standing behind her, hugging Lillian tightly. Pointing at Santwa with a wink, John nodded his head still and approached it.

    "You tried to hurt me?"

    Arthur frowned. He had put Lillian to sleep and came out to the balcony. Arthur had a very soft sex for her. It was sex that was not enough for him. He was saying that just by hugging Lillian, his genitals stood up firmly and he could do circumstances, but he lacked a corner of his head.

    "Yes, sir. It is believed to be the Duchess' stalker.’

    He was in a very bad mood today.

    First, he has not been able to hug Lillian. Second, I was only going to try to date her today, but some crazy guy interrupted me. Third, as a result, Lillian was very scared. While Lillian was sad and pitiful to see her scared, it was annoying that someone else had caused her a big emotional change.

    I was this upset, but the crazy guy turned out to be Lillian's stalker. Arthur was feeling what the sensation of blood pressure rising for the first time in his life was.

    "Lillian's stalker."

    I was dumbfounded and thought through one word, and John, the telephone partner, only looked at Arthur's feelings without saying anything, whether he realized that he was feeling dirty.

    "Last year, the Duchess participated in a forest protection campaign. It was because of the issue of Eastin Forest.’

    "I remember saying that there are loggers who are illegally damaging the thousand-year-old forest. And Lillian participated in the forest protection campaign. Did they meet there?”

    "Yes, sir. As you know, this often happens to the Duchess.’

    Lillian is popular. And those who liked her had a grit that did not give up easily. There were also a couple of students in boarding girls' school. One of them was quite serious, so Arthur put pressure on the school and forced him to transfer.

    In college, its popularity began in earnest. Some men fell in love with her, persistent is basic, and there were some stalking men. Every time, Arthur took proper care of his hands. Of course, it is Arthur's standard that it is appropriate.

    In Arthur's head, John continued while Lillian's stalkers were passing by.

    "And there are many humans on that side who are fascinated by the duchess.’

    Humans on that side.

    Arthur ended up laughing.

    "Like me?"

    Arthur knew that he was no different from Lillian's followers. The difference is that he is rich, powerful, and above all, he won Lillian's affection.

    'Your Majesty, I didn't mean that. I apologize if it was unpleasant.’

    "It doesn't matter."

    "To keep you posted, while collecting articles about the Duchess, it seems that he heard rumors that his Excellency was arresting the Duchess. Actually, there are rumors of abuse. I think I lost my reason after hearing such rumors.’

    "Did you reserve VIP seats in the opera thinking you're going to kill me?"

    "I knew that your Majesty liked opera, so I think he has been booking VIP seats for the opening performance of major operas. On the third floor of the opera theater, there are so many bodyguards coming and going, so I think they aimed for a loose point in checking guns.’

    "Have you talked to Branston?"

    "Yes, it's the weekend, so I'll try to contact the prosecution on Monday." However, it is expected that he will be able to easily receive a 10-year sentence based on attempted murder.’

    Lillian was raising herself inside the balcony door. I think I fell asleep first. Usually, she would have fallen asleep without knowing the world after sex. When I saw him looking around as if he was anxious, I was once again twisted.

    "Call Rowe."

    After ordering like that, Arthur unilaterally hung up the phone. When he opened the balcony door, hiding his cell phone in a night pocket, Lillian looked this way with anxious eyes. My eyes didn't seem to be ripe for darkness yet.


    Lillian stuttered. It was pitiful and annoying, but Arthur smiled without expressing either emotion.

    "I think it would be weird if a man other than me was here."

    "Oh, I was surprised."

    "Why? Because you're afraid it's your lover?"

    As Arthur came up to bed, Lillian grumbled as he dug into his arms.

    "You're saying nonsense again."

    As Arthur continued to tease, Lillian became a little violent these days. It was her who would normally have hit his forearm with a fluffy fist. But today, he came into his arms calmly and breathed out a long, thin breath.

    "Why were you out there?"”

    It was the voice of resentment. Arthur replied, lying in bed hugging Lillian.

    "I was talking to John on the phone.”

    "...about Mr. Santwa?"

    Lillian's voice subsided low.

    "Right. He said he tried to hurt me.”


    "She's your fan."

    "My fan?"

    Lillian raised his head curiously. Arthur kissed the face affectionately, saying, "Yes." Lillian, who was closing her eyes for a kiss, asked again.

    "What kind of fan do you have"?

    "I must have thought I was abusing you. I think he wanted to get it."

    Lillian, who opened her eyes to the words, jumped up.

    "What nonsense!" Where is that person right now? I'll explain."

    "It's already attempted murder."

    Arthur grabbed Lillian by the arm. He never intended to show Lillian in front of him. Lillian looked down at Arthur. She nodded her head slowly.

    "I see."

    Lillian understood.

    This is not something that can just end up as a misunderstanding. Santwa is arrested and cannot get out of prison for at least 10 years. No, he will never get out of prison. Arthur picked Lillian up on his body. Then he patted Lillian's thigh and brought it up.

    "Santwa stalked you. And you tried to kill me. I got information that I didn't miss my favorite opera's opening performance, and I used my installment savings to book VIP seats for all opening performances. The VIP seats are connected to the hallway, and the gun check is loose because it is a place where bodyguards of key figures frequently come and go. So it's too bad, but it's better to draw attention to Santwa.”

    Lillian tilted his head as if wondering about Arthur's soft explanation. Soon she asked with her eyes, "No way."

    "Do you think I'm sympathetic to Santa?"”

    "Isn't it?"

    "What are you talking about?" I don't know him well, and you almost died!"

    Lillian shouted. Arthur was rarely embarrassed to see her face heating up with anger. Naturally, I thought she had compassion for Santwa.

    Lillian said, weighing strongly on both shoulders above Arthur.

    "You almost died, Arthur. At that time, I didn't feel anything wrong with Santw. If you hadn't felt the ideal and pushed him away, you could have died if it had been a little late for you to feel the ideal. But right now, I...…!”

    Lillian gasped without being able to speak. His wide open eyes were unbelievable, while he was genuinely angry. My heart was throbbing. Arthur thought he was a perv. He was really excited right now. And it seemed to have been delivered to Lillian, who climbed him. Lillian turned his head and looked back, and asked with a face like a person who witnessed something weird.

    "Now, what are you doing..."…?”

    "It's gone." I'm sorry. Don't worry about it, I'll listen."

    Lillian looked back once again and turned to Arthur. Seeing that the bottom was pulling so hard that it seemed to stand until the end. However, Arthur was very patient in this way. Anyway, eventually, Lillian is supposed to release it.

    ……I'm not confident today.

    "How can you not care?"

    Nervousness escaped from Lillian's voice. He seemed to have lost his energy to get angry because he was embarrassed. Arthur smiled softly and caressed her thigh.

    "Then, will you pay attention to it?"

    Arthur's words rekindled Lillian's eyes.

    "Do you think I'm joking?"”


    If he doesn't seem to be joking, what is this, Lillian glanced behind him.

    "You're kind of hot when you're angry."

    "Are you a pervert?"


    Lillian bit her lips. Her white teeth crushed lips were sensual, so Arthur licked my lips as if he were smacking his lips.

    At that moment, Lillian's brain nerve seemed to be cut off.

    "Okay, let's take care of it."

    Lillian's face came close to Arthur.

    To my surprise, the face was really pretty. Arthur looked at Lillian's face with a mesmerizing look. It was hard to answer if someone asked me where the face was the most beautiful. Nothing was not perfect. The eyes must be crazy. However, she is so beautiful with crazy eyes that the world where she exists is ecstatic, and Arthur will rip off his neck if someone says he will fix it.

    "Instead, I'm taking care of you." Don't do anything without my permission."

    And, Lillian's eyes were cool.

    "You'll regret it."

    Lillian guaranteed it. Arthur smiled pleasantly, chilling at the sad eyes.

    "As the duke wishes."

    Lillian's eyes got colder by his words.

    Lillian slowly approached him. Her long hair hung over his body. The kiss she gave was sweet. A small tongue came into his mouth and swam slowly. It was a short time to laugh, saying, "Your kiss has improved a lot." Whenever he tried to move his tongue, she pulled his nipples. For him, his heart was not a vocal cords. But it was quite thrilling for her to twist her nipples the way she usually does.

    She is kissed with her mouth open. It was a different kiss from what he did. The soft kiss was ticklish. I wanted to grab her hair and press it as it is. But when he tried to move a little, she tore his chest mercilessly.

    If you move your hand a little, you can do whatever you want. But she warned not to do anything without permission.


    Lillian took her lips off and looked down at Arthur. She rubbed his wet lips with her finger. That alone made my spine chilling and Arthur called her in a murky voice.

    "I don't want to."

    Lillian was short-answered without even listening to the matter. Her firm rejection dried her lips. Arthur frowned at Lillian's hair tickling his cheeks. My body felt much more sensitive than usual. The irritation was too severe today. It didn't matter that he almost died, but there was a sense of crisis that he could miss her due to death. If you die, you will never see her again. She's going to marry someone else. But he didn't die and she still belongs to him. That alone was enough stimulation, and she even got angry, angry, and arrogant. It was a stimulus for him as if he had drunk a high-purity hypoeum.

    Lillian's hand caressed Arthur's. A soft hand caressed and wrapped his ear. Her voice was very awkward because she had never asked her to. But her hand alone was enough. Arthur clenched his teeth and grabbed the sheet. If I did something wrong, I thought I would pull it and lay it on the bed. And if she hits him all night, she will hate him very much.

    "Hold on".

    Arthur begged as if moaning with a series of evil words. But Lillian did not answer.

    "--- Lily, please."

    You can just put your hand up and lay her down. Then it was over, but Arthur was stuck. He couldn't go against Lillian's orders.

    "I don't want to."

    "Rel... uh."

    Lillian tried to sit up on his. However, the body that has not been caressed by him cannot be loosened so easily. She has a sensitive body, but on the contrary, she must have lacked stimulation.

    "Please, Lillian." "I won't go in like that, go away."

    Talking from time to time, Arthur closed his eyes and opened them. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh His Madonna, who usually gave him a crazy sex, seemed to be determined to kill him today.

    While treating him like a slave, Lillian opened his eyes wide to hear that he would not go in. Then what should I do? I looked down at Arthur's for a moment. And slowly starts rubbing his at his entrance.

    Arthur grabbed the sheet so that the tendon protrudes from the back of his hand. He was already holding back the situation. The irritation was severe, so the blood was flowing like semen. In the meantime, Lillian was doing something he didn't know about.

    "Come on up, come on up, give it to me. Wash, string, crab."

    At Arthur's words, Lillian hesitated for a while and sighed. She came up to his face as if she thought it was too much to put in like this. She stopped once around his chest. It would not have been easy to climb onto a man's face on his own. Arthur expected her to stop this punishment at this point. I was slowly running out of patience.

    But Lillian came up to Arthur to see if he was really angry. Just before she came up, she covered Arthur's eyes. At that moment, Arthur put strength all over his body and endured what he wanted to move.

    "Oh, come on."

    I couldn't resist swearing. After a long time, I sincerely cursed.

    "Did you just curse at me?"”

    Lillian's voice was pointed.

    "No, to me, to me, to curse, to me, to me."

    Lillian fell down. When she stuck out her tongue, she rubbed her penis there. The mind spread to white light. He thought of turning Lillian upside down for a moment. She wanted to tear her sensitive and fragile flesh with her own penis. At this moment, he seemed to be able to write his lifelong wish there.

    But she said she wouldn't allow it.

    "Yeah..." Hmm, yeah, you, tongue, good, yeah...….”

    "A little more, just a little more, come down more." Wash it more. I'll give it to you."

    Even if the view was blocked, the sense of hearing and smell was intact. The clingy sound and her physique were felt clearly, or closer than usual. I could see her getting wet little by little. And something dropped with my lips.

    Arthur stuck out his tongue and licked the droplets. It was a racy taste.

    "Lily, Je, Feet."

    I was more anxious because I didn't know what Lillian was looking like. If you know what kind of face it is, it's worth persuading.

    Her entrance touched her lips. At that moment, Arthur penetrated violently. She kissed her sensitive lower mouth by changing the angle of her head over and over again. I poked it with my tongue. Her hand fell from his eyes as he jumped around.

    Lillian was panting with one hand covering his mouth. Her chest fluttered up and down. The flat belly was more inward than usual. The appearance of holding back pleasure with a lot of strength all over the body became an excessive stimulus to the eyes. Arthur closed his eyes and dug further into Lillian.

    Lillian couldn't stand it and began to tighten his tongue. She was as sensitive inside as the penis. As she tightened her husband's tongue, she twisted her back. Her favorite place cannot be reached with her tongue. It is difficult even with a thick penis. Stimulating with a finger and then crushing with genitals was the most driving thing she could do.

    He was able to do so. As long as Lillian allows it.

    Lillian struggled to get up. The lewd lips have become distant. Arthur glared at her without realizing it. Lillian looked down at him with wet eyes.

    "I didn't know."

    Lillian whispered very quietly.

    "This isn't bad either."

    Arthur didn't answer. No, I couldn't answer. If I didn't clench my teeth, I thought a harsh sound would come out. Not because I was angry with her, but because I was crazy about having to endure this crazy stimulus.

    Lillian swept Arthur's cheek.

    "Your face, it's not bad."

    Lillian spoke in a smiling voice and slowly sank over Arthur's genitals.

    The feeling of a wet entrance opening with Arthur's saliva and her sorrow was vivid. Arthur clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. As soon as his tongue touches the open part, the completely engaged part splits.

    Arthur opened his eyes. Lillian smiled dimly above him and looked down at him. I liked the queen-like pose, but Arthur's patience remained as little as a grain of wheat to continue this game.

    "Lily, Lilyan."

    His voice didn't even feel like his own. Lillian said with a face blurred with pleasure, "Yeah..."I muttered…" It was unclear whether she was listening to him properly or groaning to pleasure.

    "…... Forgive me."

    Arthur begged. I'm thirsty. I was out of breath. I felt like I was going to die because of her. I felt like I was under the sun in the desert. It was drying up.

    "Really, I feel like I'm going to die."

    Even if Arthur said it, Lillian only laughed drunk with pleasure.

    "Every time, I'm out of it, I don't know..."… Yeah, I said, "You, pulse."

    Lillian moved slowly. She was smiling enchanted as she stabbed herself in a good place. I felt as if I had become her masturbation organization. Arthur murmured to himself, "Darn it." It's a very annoying yet stimulating feeling.

    "Rel... Lee."

    "It's gotten bigger." Yeah, I didn't know it would get bigger. My stomach, it's completely full."

    "Lillian, please, at least your mouth."

    "I'm going to meet you, even if I tell you not to".

    Arthur couldn't stand it and raised his back. At that moment, Lillian hit Arthur in the chest. It didn't hurt, but Arthur had no choice but to stop. As he forced himself to endure, Lillian began to move again.

    "You, very explicit eyes, you're doing it."”

    Lillian said.

    "That's right."

    "Do you want to do whatever you want?"

    Arthur shined his eyes unknowingly. Lillian laughed at those desperate eyes. Every time, I felt a vibration inside, and Arthur clenched his fist and shook and endured the urge.

    "Please, please, Lily." I think I'm going to die.”

    "I, you, yeah..."Do you know how worried I am?

    "So, so desperately."”

    "Then, what should I do?"

    Lillian muttered, lowering Arthur's chest with his fingernails. Arthur raised his chin and endured the stimulus.

    "If you make me angry next time, it won't end like this."

    Lillian warned. Arthur nodded. Please, please. When Arthur gasped and begged, Lillian allowed, "Okay." At that moment, Arthur rushed to Lillian.

    "Please, 1,000, um! Yes! Haha!"

    Arthur couldn't even afford to say a word. He just committed the crime by biting Lillian. There was nothing in my head. I could only hear Lillian's interaction with a buzzing sound in my ear. Scream, communion, and the voice in the middle of it encouraged Arthur.

    The situation was in an instant. After the assessment, Lillian sighed in relief for a long time. However, Arthur moved again even before he could breathe out. The semen continued to flow. Perhaps because I was holding it too much, the peak overlapped. The ends of my hair were burnt to the ground.

    Lillian's physique was getting stronger.

    "Arthur, Arthur!" Bite! Hold on. Yes, yes. Oh, yeah!

    Arthur randomly rubbed Lillian's penis. Being violated by a hard man's hands, a small ball vomited water. Lillian shook her body.

    "I don't want to!"

    Arthur hit her lips before Lillian said he didn't like it. I washed it as much as I wanted. Lillian's saliva was sweet if Lillian's sorrow was obscene. In fact, I didn't even feel the taste of the tongue. It was a taste that made my whole body stand on edge.

    Unlike usual, I couldn't control myself at all. No, I didn't even have the will to control it. Lillian was also attached to Arthur at some point. She was crazy, too. It was too peripheral to be called human sex.

    Arthur barely came to his senses after four circumstances. He bit his lips, begging inside Lillian. My head was still boiling, but I could barely see it. He blinked lightly and focused properly.

    Lillian was lying under him completely exhausted. The whole body was full of traces. He was gasping and disorganized. When her eyes met, she looked up at him with a tired face.

    "Wake up, do you hear that?

    "Where did you get hurt?"

    I've come to my senses, but the gastritis that stuck to my body has not been resolved yet. Arthur looked down at Lillian's body and licked his lips. It was a body that made me smack my lips. As soon as Lillian saw the snow, he pulled the sheet and raised it to his chest.

    "I'm really bad at this."

    Lillian shook his head.

    "Because I don't even have the energy to be ashamed today."”

    At that, Arthur looked between Lillian's legs. Rarely, her lower mouth was showing inside without closing. There was a white bubble in it, and the sheets were soaked around her lower body. The semen he spilled into her would also be semen, but what she spewed out at its peak would have played a part.

    She says it's too much.

    Normally, Arthur would have stepped down at this point. He didn't want her to get hard. The content of sex was only somewhat radical, but the number of sexes itself was tailored to her as much as possible.

    Arthur grabbed Lillian's ankle as he looked at Lillian's legs, which were open helplessly. He laughed as he saw fear in her eyes. Lillian's foot was brought to her mouth and set it up on her toenail. Lillian blinked severely.

    "I can't do it today either."

    Lillian shook his head with anxious eyes. Arthur laughed at the face of pleading for worse. Memories that seemed to die came to mind.

    "You said you'd take care of it, so you have to take care of it until the end."

    Arthur pulled Lillian's ankle and rubbed it on his straight penis. Rubbing her soles in the concave area of her feet multiplied her toes.

    "From toe to head, with your whole body."

    Arthur said so and spread Lillian's legs.

    Arthur easily woke up the next day, but Lillian couldn't come to his senses. After waking up for a while in the morning, she realized that she was still shaking and floundered her arms.

    "You're going to die, yeah, yeah!" "Really, at this rate, porridge, heut."

    "Just this time. I'll stop here."

    You're nice, my wife. Arthur whispered in a smiling voice and grabbed Lillian's arms and made him wear them around his neck.

    Arthur was now the limit. Mentally, I don't feel like it's over yet, but I didn't think I'd get more semen. He kissed Lillian on the neck. I pressed my lips all over my face, all over my body, and everywhere I could kiss her. I couldn't stand it because it was lovely.

    The last situation didn't even seem to have come out properly. Arthur laid Lillian straight and slowly pulled his body out. Lillian trembled as he escaped. As soon as he completely escaped, she drooped down.

    "Thank you for taking responsibility, honey."

    When Arthur kissed Lillian on the cheek, she pulled Arthur's ear. Ouch. When Arthur deliberately made a big fuss, he said, "I hate you," and raised the sheet to the top of his head.

    She fell asleep again. Perhaps the sleep he heard during sex was not sleep, but fainted, but Arthur decided to shamelessly fall asleep.

    He moved busily. I got water in the bathtub while washing. And I hugged Lillian and washed him lying in the bathtub. The bed in his room was a mess, so he took her to the Duchess' room after a long time. As soon as she laid her bed well, she dug into the sheet. Like running away from him. But her body was a mess with his traces.

    "Good night, Lillian". I love you."

    Even if Arthur whispered, Lillian could not wake up. He swept Lillian's blonde hair still.

    Before she decided to accept his inclination, he sometimes put Lillian to sleep and sat in front of her all night. I thought about whether I could be an ordinary husband. I wanted to lie next to her if I could be sure. Aside from feeling the soft body, I wanted to know what the feeling of sleeping and waking up next to her was. I was wondering how bright the first sun was when I opened my eyes next to her.

    As long as I can be sure.

    As long as she is convinced that she doesn't hate him, that he can always be important to her.

    The conviction that the calculator in her head is always impossible, even if she calculates all night in front of her. An answer that does not come out in any equation. In longing for the wrong answer in the first place.

    Arthur carefully brushed Lillian's hair with a finger comb.

    I thought it was okay not to touch her when I couldn't hug her. You can be hungry forever. But as long as she allowed, she was his. So he will continue her permission for a long time. For as long as possible.

    But now it's impossible.

    He got to know her and tasted it. I didn't want to go back to hungry again and I don't think I could bear it. Now there is no choice but to move forward.

    Arthur left Lillian's room and entered his room. The maids were already organizing his room. He picked up his cell phone and called John.

    "It's me."

    The servants helped Arthur's good faith. Arthur continued his call while he was in perfect shape as the Duke of Astrid.

    "Roy, did you hear about it?"

    "Yes, sir."

    "Can you handle it right away?"

    'It's a little difficult because I'm currently in a detention center. But if you're transferred to prison, it's easy because there are gangsters everywhere in the prison. Sir, I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait a little longer.’

    "I was going to wait, too. It doesn't matter."

    If Santwa dies right away, everyone will doubt himself. It doesn't matter if other humans doubt it or not, but it was difficult for Lillian to doubt it. Everyone in the world was already trying to extort Lillian from him. Lillian's parents, friends, the one who almost became a fiance, and the loser he met at a charity.

    "Then as soon as I'm transferred to prison, I'll contact your gang. What do you want?’

    "Necktie would be nice".

    "Then I'll do it like that's what I'll do.’

    Arthur shared a few more words with Roy and hung up the phone. He turned his head, handing over his cell phone to the butler.

    Lillian was leaning against the door leading to the Duchess' room. Wearing a night gown, she looked very exhausted. However, Lillian's face, which had been in sexual pleasure a while ago, has yet to shake off its sensuality. Arthur smiled while enjoying the face.

    "Why aren't you sleeping?"

    "I'm going to sleep after watching you go." What does necktie mean?”

    Lillian asked. Her interest was welcome, but it was something she should never know. Arthur approached Lillian and looked down at her, holding the door frame with both hands.

    "It's a gift story."”

    "Isn't necktie a bit cliche?"”

    Lillian caressed Arthur's tie.

    "It's better to be boring." We're cliche."

    Arthur kissed her with affection.


    Half a year later, a dark-colored man visited Arthur one day and showed him a picture. Arthur shook his hand after glancing at the picture while processing the documents. Then the man bowed down to Arthur and disappeared. The man took the picture home, lit it at the end of the picture, and threw it away in a stainless steel trash can.

    The picture is burning. The flames swallow a man's feet, legs in prison suits, his upper body, and his neck bent like a setting flower. A tie-like strap was attached to the man's neck, and the end of the strap was fixed to a pipe.

    Soon the picture became a black ash and everything had never happened.
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    The continuation of PART 2 - ARTHUR

    Chapter 3. A beautiful woman who opened her eyes.

    Lillian sometimes lives a busier life than Arthur. In particular, as she paid attention to child abuse, her schedule became very tight. Naturally, Arthur doesn't like Lillian's tight schedule, so Sarah, Lillian's general secretary, secretly took Lillian's schedule one by one. Still, Lillian was still busy.

    Arthur quit picking up Lillian. After the last attack, he accepted Lillian's opinion and began to get along as much as possible as the Showwindo couple. Then the harsh rumors about Arthur diminished, and Lillian was very relieved. And the men who subtly seduced Lillian reappeared.

    Fortunately, Lillian had no interest in that. She was a woman who only liked Arthur. I didn't even understand the subtle temptation and frowned at the active courtship. Lillian Astrid was famous for her social difficulties, so Arthur was relieved.

    "Your Highness, I'm calling from Sarah."

    Lillian's secretary Sarah Seble makes all reports to John. But sometimes she reported directly to Arthur. When Lillian did something unexpected, for example, when she went to see Susan, she had received Sarah Seble's report herself. In other words, it was not a good sign.

    "It's Astrid."

    As soon as Arthur answered the phone, Sarah Seble slowly took a breath and said.

    'I'm sorry, sir. The duchess became aware of Santwa's work.’

    Sant and...

    Arthur frowned. The work with Sant was already over a year ago. He was attacked a year and a half ago and lost his life a year and a half ago. How did the story of a man who was supposed to have chosen to commit suicide after being bullied by a prison gang fall into Lillian's ear?

    "Santwa's mother is here." He wailed that his child was never a child to commit suicide.…,’

    "Did you think you were shocked?"

    "Yes. And you said you'd recognize her, but the duchess said,"

    "I'm the type to not say empty words. I got it."

    Arthur hung up and was lost in thought for a moment. If Lillian said he would find out, he would really find out. Who will she call first about Santwa's death?

    "If you get a call from Branston, let me know."

    Naturally, it would be the Branston Law Firm, where the Astrid family's advisory lawyers are located. Arthur would choose a different way, but Lillian has only lived in light. Arthur has arranged so that she can only live in the light. She doesn't know the means of darkness.

    Sure enough, ten minutes later, I got a call from Michael Branston, CEO of Branston Law Firm. He took things out of his hands.

    'I've been contacted by the duke's wife. You're asking about Santa. How should I answer that?’

    "Can't you just answer as you are?"”

    Santwa committed suicide.

    -That's the official record.

    "Yes, then like that." ……But the atmosphere of the duchess was a little different from usual.’


    "He hung up after asking just one question."’

    A word? Branston said while Arthur frowned.

    "Is that what happened?"….’

    It's a subtle remark. My head got cold. He glanced at himself in the mirror located far away. It was a cold-hearted eye that Lillian could not show. Arthur lowered his eyes for a while and checked again.

    "Is that what happened?"….”

    "Yes, if it's nothing, it's nothing much."’

    Arthur did not tell Branston that he had harmed Santwa. But Branston was noticing. He was a lawyer who went through all sorts of hardships. Answer with your feet out as if nothing had happened.

    Is that what happened?

    If I could hear Lillian's voice, I could guess more. Arthur kicked his tongue.

    "Tell John and Sarah to contact you."

    After finishing the call with Branston, Arthur ordered John again. This means to call Lillian when he is not around. When John messaged Sarah, Sarah called two hours later. Sarah was similar to Branston. She also guessed the authenticity of this work, but she had left her feet out. She doesn't know anything officially.

    But there were no people around Arthur who didn't know his obsession with Lillian. Looking at what is happening around Lillian, you will naturally know who is behind the events. The doubt hardened with conviction, and everyone around Arthur was taking a very cautious and cautious attitude toward Lillian.

    "Your Highness, it's Seble."

    "Make sure to check how far Lillian approaches Santwa."

    "Well, sir..."… Santwa's mother handed over the relics to the duchess.’

    "An artifact?"

    'Yes. I think there was something like a diary.’

    Diary? Did it say delusion about Lillian? If so, there is no problem. Lillian will not read the diary in shock. But if there was something else.

    And Sir, it seems that Santwa was not actually an expert in forest education.’

    Arthur put down the documents he was holding. Sarah said.

    "I was a reporter."’

    Ominous signs melted into the air like no visible fog. Arthur hung up and tapped the desk for a while. In a space where no one could breathe properly, only the sound of him hitting the desk rang the space.

    It wasn't long before Arthur looked up.

    "John. Santwa was a reporter.”

    John's eyes got bigger. He couldn't speak out and mouthed. Naturally, he barely opened his mouth with a face that he had only thought he was a human in charge of forest education.

    "Your Highness, that can't be..."…. He had a real license and his career was real. And besides,

    "Since Sarah is saying that, if you were a real reporter after hearing the details from her."”

    Then what he left for Lillian would be more of a report note. What did it say there?

    Arthur opened his mouth by searching Roy's number on his cell phone.

    "Go through everything." "I need to know what a broken dog is playing tricks on my wife."

    Yes. Sir. Everyone in the room answered in unison.

    It was that evening. Arthur attended a charity party attended by Lillian for the first time in a long time without a word. The organizer of the party did not send an invitation to Arthur, but after hearing that Arthur was coming, he waited for Arthur in front of the building. As soon as he got out of the car, he hugged the organizer, held his wife's hand, and kissed her politely.

    "It's been a while, sir. I'm sorry I couldn't contact you."

    Arthur was the one who did not contact him, but Jajak apologized silently. It was a kind of etiquette. Arthur responded smoothly, saying, "We were busy with each other," and then turned to his wife.

    "You're still beautiful, your wife."

    "Oh, my. Even the words." ……The Duchess is inside, I'll guide you."

    His wife turned her face red and volunteered to guide. Arthur knew how easily his face bought favor from others. He smiled slightly and bowed his head slightly.

    "Thank you."

    There was a proper conversation throughout the walk. Arthur led the conversation. Jajak and his wife didn't seem to notice, but Arthur was actually leading the conversation mechanically.

    Arthur's head was running complicatedly. According to the first report, Santwa was a forest education expert. To be exact, that was the main job. And his side job was a reporter for an Internet newspaper. I mainly wrote trivial articles. There was nothing like a scoop. Among the articles written so far, the article that received some support was that loggers were illegally damaging the thousand-year-old forest. It was the article that Lillian joined the forest protection campaign.

    A man who was only a reporter became an attempted murder. It was clear that he was missing the middle part. If he's not Lillian's stalker, what's the reason?


    When Arthur called, she, who was talking to someone, looked back. When she saw Arthur, she looked subtle at the moment. In an instant, the expression disappeared, but Arthur already saw it. It was difficult for Arthur to gauge what the expression meant because Lillian had never made a face.

    Patience is about to wear out. Arthur kicked his tongue inside.

    "Arthur, what's up?"

    Lillian's attitude is similar to usual. But it was not the same. Arthur hugged her shoulder. Kissing her both cheeks, she whispered.

    "Because I miss you."


    "Yes, things got messed up."

    Lillian raised her head. There must be something change in her mind, but at this moment she was looking up at him with a worried face. While it was fortunate, it bothered me that it wasn't all her heart.

    "What's going on"?

    Lillian asked in a voice full of concern.

    "It's a business."

    Arthur kissed her cheek one more time.

    "Which business"?

    "My schedule is a little twisted. It's not enough for you to worry about. It was a unlucky day.”

    "Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that's too bad.

    "Oh, really."

    Sarah found out if she could intercept Lillian's data with Sant, but it was useless. Instead of leaving the items to Sarah, Lillian put them in the vault of a charity for abused children, which has recently been devoted to the most. Sarah, who said it was impossible to access the documents of abused children, expressed her difficulty, saying she seemed to be suspected.

    "What brings you here?"

    "I know you hate it, but if you have a bad day, you want to be comforted by someone you like."

    Lillian nodded. And she turned her head away, saying, "Oh."

    Firecrackers were exploding outside the window. Wow- People were shouting, opening the balcony door, and going out to the lawn garden. Arthur stood behind him and wrapped his arms around Lillian's waist.

    "Should we set off firecrackers at home"?

    "I didn't think you liked firecrackers.”

    "But you like it."

    Lillian turned his head and looked up at Arthur.

    "How do you know that?"

    "You told me.”


    Lillian opened her eyes wide as if wondering.

    It was during the engagement party. The people of Esteban Street were staring at Arthur as if they were going to kill him, and Lillian just blinked at his face. The party was ripe, but there was no way for the strange atmosphere to be resolved. Lillian was the only one in the Count Esteban family who did not hate Arthur.

    On that day, firecrackers broke out like this, and people went out to seats prepared outdoors. Lillian stood by Arthur's side and hesitated whether to go out or not. It was because he didn't move. The hesitation was passed down from ancient times, so Arthur deliberately stood by her side looking far away.

    It was impossible to be alone. However, when the two stood behind the people who went out, it felt like only the two of them existed. Arthur looked out and slowly held her hand. Then she suddenly hardened. But he didn't take out his hand.

    "If you like fireworks, should we go out?"’

    At that time, Arthur was seducing Lillian. If she said no, he was going to take her in and move inside. She can't match his sexual orientation. Even though I knew that, my brain didn't work properly at the engagement ceremony. I wanted to bite and wash her thick lips and drink saliva in them.

    "Oh, yes, yes." Joe, I like you.’

    However, Lillian only nodded with a blank face. So Arthur did nothing but hold Lillian's hand that day.

    "You said you liked it at the engagement ceremony."”

    At Arthur's words, Lillian tilted his head.

    "I don't like it that much. Did I say that at the engagement ceremony?”

    I did. Staring at the fireworks with a red-hot face. No, you can't even look at Arthur properly.

    A summer night she can't even remember. Arthur still remembers. The smell of grass, the clear night sky, the murmur of people, and the path she walked holding her hands. I walked slowly because I felt sorry for the short road to the garden. She wanted to walk quickly, but Arthur walked slowly on purpose.

    "I did."

    "Is that so...""I didn't really like firecrackers when I was young, but it's surprising."

    "I think you would have liked it, but it's surprising." You like beautiful things."

    "I don't like the sound of fireworks."”

    Tang, taang.

    The sound of firecrackers rang out. Arthur kissed Lillian on the lips. Lillian received a kiss for a moment and soon pushed him away.

    "I told you not to."

    Her hair fluttered in the night breeze. Gold thread-like hair, which used to be beautiful, felt uneasy today. Arthur looked at Lillian's back walking forward leaving him behind.

    Obviously she got to know something.

    Things change depending on how deadly it is that she finds out. I had to find out as soon as possible.


    Reports continued to come in.

    Some things have become clear. Santwa approached Lillian aiming for Arthur from the beginning. Lillian's charity found traces of a part-time job under a pseudonym. He chased Lillian's charities and finally got acquainted with her and brought up stories about illegal logging in the Eastin Forest.

    He approached Lillian and suddenly stopped contacting him for a year. In the meantime, he was looking for a way to approach Arthur. Now that I think about it, he was not Lillian's stalker. He was looking for a way to approach Arthur through Lillian.

    Then he saved a gun due to a change of heart, and began wandering around the opera theater to kill Arthur.

    Why did the method change?

    Arthur read the report on Santwa again. A fairly thick report contained most of his life. Born as the son of a single mother, he grew up in Harlem Street, and after graduating from high school, he entered an ecological park employee. And I built a career in that industry. It's quite difficult to grow up in Harlem and have a decent career. He did it. Nevertheless, he eventually suffered a catastrophe for his foolish behavior. Why?

    What did Sante's mother ask Lillian to do? Why was it Lillian? Lillian was deeply angry with Santwa. Why did she listen to the story of Sant and her mother, who was angry that she was not interested in Sant and her mother? What's going on between the two?

    Arthur recalled his face. As I was thinking about the face without thinking, I thought that his face was somewhat familiar. He took out photos, not reports. Photos of Santwa were lined up in bamboo chronological order.

    Then he stood up and took out some photo albums. And he took out his picture roughly and put it down under Sante's picture. After starting by placing his three-year-old photo under Sante's three-year-old photo, he lined up the photos until he was 20, and laughed in disbelief.

    The person Sante resembles was not anyone else, but himself. I didn't notice this stark fact because he approached Lillian.

    Arthur called John.

    "John, find Sant and his mother. Find out what that mother has to do with Matt Astrid."

    "Previous Crafts major?"’

    "Don't you think you look like me?"

    John couldn't answer for a moment, so now that I think about it...I murmured, …

    "There's a possibility that it's a mixture of me and blood."

    "In other words, I'd like to recommend"

    "But I was still a person to stay with."”

    Then it makes sense. Lillian would not have been able to refuse to talk about her husband's half-brother and would have heard quite serious stories.

    Maybe that's why. Lillian had been avoiding Arthur for the past few days. I have deliberately refused to have a relationship by falling asleep first or lying that I am sick.

    No, it's not.

    If it's Lillian, it's more like her to comfort Arthur, who lost his half-brother, with her body. She doesn't want to face Arthur now. The relics that Sant and his mother gave to Lillian must have contained something worth it.

    It is hard to imagine what Lillian would reject him. It's not because there's nothing I can guess, but because there's too much I can guess.

    I spend every day as if I were walking on thin ice. Arthur sat in a chair and slowly leaned back. I was tired.


    It was the next afternoon that Roy found Santwa's mother, Christina Santwa, and dragged her forward.

    Christina Santwa had a very small body. Over the years, the back was curved and the skin was black. It was difficult to say that the features were also beautiful. Arthur looked at her expressionless.

    Christina didn't say hello to Arthur. She was staring at Arthur, holding onto the bodyguards. Only a big glance told her how she felt toward Arthur. It was a very blatant hatred.

    After a long silence, Christina asked in a split voice.

    "You killed my son, didn't you?"”

    Arthur looked at her for a moment and opened his mouth.

    "Arthur Astrid, Mr. Santwa". Nice to meet you."

    Even with Arthur's dull director, Christina's anger did not subside at all. She yelled.

    "You killed my son!"”

    "I'm sorry to see you like this."

    "You, how dare, killed my son!"

    "I need to know what's going on with my father."

    "I killed the son of the Duke of Astrid".

    Hate was boiling in Christina's scream.

    Having met many people who wanted to kill him, Arthur could not feel any emotional agitation from Christina's hatred. Whether it is hatred, contempt, or love or affection, it cannot cause any stir in his feelings.

    It's just Lillian. She was the only one who could shake his feelings.

    And she was currently avoiding him. Just thinking about it, Arthur could feel his patience disappear. He opened his mouth trying not to think about Lillian.

    "Mr. Santwa"? I'm outside and he's in prison. How can I do that?

    When asked calmly, Christina screamed.

    "Don't make me laugh." I know that there's nothing Astrid can't do! I'm sure they made you do it! Because you don't get your hands dirty!"

    Tears ran from her eyes. His face is full of grief, but Arthur found traces of his broken ambition in that face.

    "My son, Duke Astrid's son."

    This woman gave birth to her son because he was the son of the Duke of Astrid. It must be a decision to think about the future.

    "I know I'm your son, but I can't accept that I'm part of the Astrid family..."…. Do you have any evidence?"

    It would be simple to check the paternity, but Santwa died. His body has already been put on makeup and turned into ashes. Christina stood up in spite of evil and built a vein.

    "I'm the proof." Because I gave birth to her!

    Arthur crossed his arms without answering. I didn't mean to respond to each sound of insisting like a child.

    Christina Santwa continued to yell, but Arthur did not change his attitude. She is a woman who was going to give birth to a son and use it as future insurance. It was an obvious story anyway. It just took a while, but in the end, this was supposed to flow in the direction he wanted.

    No one moved even when they shouted and emitted light. Not only Arthur but also the bodyguards stand firm like stone walls and look down coldly at the woman rolling on the floor. After a long time, the woman raised her body like a child who gave up after whining.


    Christina Santwa finally gave evidence. The butler of Astrid's mansion. It was the name of an old butler who had worked hard since his predecessor.

    "It's a name you can find out with a little effort.”

    Arthur pointed out in a low voice.

    "You were whipped by Matt when you were young. Every night."

    Christina shook her body as she opened her mouth as if she had intended. Arthur could imagine what kind of face he would have. But I had no intention of changing my expression.

    "So what?"

    "The man then came back to the room and hugged me. "No, I raped you!"

    Arthur briefly recalled his father, Matt. The face was already blurry. He is a man who whips his son, hugs a prostitute, and relieves lust. There was no other perv. I think he looks like his father. Arthur once again failed to recall his father's face. I can't even think of it because I'm not interested.

    "I know my father, but he's not a person to rape. He's a man who can pay money to play rape."

    I'm not interested, but I know what the man is like. Arthur had been abused by him for quite some time. As a sadist, he is a man who filled his lust by abusing his son, but there were other reasons for the abuse. Arthur has definitely been a strange child since he was young. Now he got the hang of it as he got older, but when he was young, he didn't know how to adapt himself to the environment. My father really thought Arthur was a defective product and was going to fix it somehow. The bad luck here is that Arthur's father, he, is also a broken human being, but he himself did not know that.

    "Let's say you went into my father's room because you were poor at money and got hurt." So? Did you get pregnant in one try?

    As Arthur continued, Christina bit her lips. Arthur leaned slowly against the back and crossed his legs.

    "Or did Duke Astrid force you to be imprisoned?"

    Matt Astrid was similar to Arthur. Born as a duke, he was raised like that and became a duke.

    Christina Santwa was an ordinary call girl. No, to be exact, it was an unusual call girl. She was a call girl for 'customers with special tastes'. As a prostitute at the SM club, it was a product for analog sex, binding, and spanking. It was understandable why Matt found her.

    Of course, prostitutes can also be raped. If you had sex in an uncontracted way, you could be treated as rape. Let's say you've been beaten like that once, and then it's natural not to respond.

    Matt Astrid, who has lived as a duke, was obsessed with the entrepreneur of the SM club? It was a story with no possibility. And even if Matt had sincerely been obsessed with her, she could never have left the duke.

    Arthur could be sure. As he did to Lillian, Matt was also a human being who would have loved him.

    "Go, although it's not imprisonment,"

    "He paid you a large sum of money. You were paid to do volunteer work."

    Christina's face turned muddy with the word service. Arthur calmly continued to talk even as he saw her insulted.

    "And I gave birth without contacting the customer after taking care of him secretly. I wanted to raise him like that and make him a member of the Astrid family.

    The calculation with Christina Sant was roughly like this, but the problem was her son. Her son seems to have hated this calculation of his mother, Christina. He grew up on his own without contacting the Astrid family. He suddenly began to obsess over the Astrid family when he was a reporter.

    "But he's still the child of the Duke of Astrid!" I gave birth to a duke's child!"

    "The child you claim has already become an ashfall. "Do you have a certificate of paternity?"


    "You told my wife this story. "How much did you want to do this?"

    When Arthur got up from his seat, Christina shrank her shoulder. Her eyes shook. The eyes missed their son, but on the other hand, they wanted money greedily. Arthur slowly walked toward Christina. She tried to step back, but the bodyguards held her back and bound her.

    "Tell me exactly what you said to my wife. I might pay you some money.”

    "Don't come close to me".

    "Now I don't have a son who can't sell his body and make money. Oh, right. The son hasn't brought you any money recently, has he? You spent all your money entering the VIP floor of the opera theater because you wanted to kill me. So you didn't have money, so you even wandered around the homeless shelter."

    "Don't come. I told you not to come."”

    Christina shook her head desperately.

    Arthur stopped in front of a few steps. Thinking of Lillian avoiding him, he wanted to tear this dwarf woman apart. However, as long as Lillian found out about the woman's existence, she could not.

    Right now, no.

    Arthur's eyes sank deep blue. When he winked, the bodyguard began to twist Christina Sant's arm back expressionless. Christina looked up at Arthur. Arthur smiled softly at the face. Christina's eyes grew when she showed a soft smile that she could smile at any time.

    "To my wife."

    I could see my arm bent back little by little.

    "What did you say?"”

    The arm is leaning back like a rusty door. Christina screamed, but no one stopped. Just before being completely bent back, she screamed.

    "You said you're a murderer!" You killed Matt!

    At the same time, bodyguards let go of her arm and she collapsed to the floor. Arthur raised his eyebrows.

    Christina seemed scared, so she wrapped her arms around Arthur and stared. Arthur looked down at the woman's face and asked back.

    "Did I say that to my father? Are you out of your mind?

    "John has proof".

    Evidence? John Sante couldn't have had such a thing. It was when Arthur laughed at her. Christina shouted.

    "So I gave it to your wife!"

    The smile disappeared from Arthur's face.

    There can't be any evidence.

    "Oh, don't come."

    Arthur thought in his silent head.

    There can never be there. Never. Never. Never

    "Don't come."


    -But Arthur was very impulsive 'that day'. It was different from usual. He may have left evidence.

    "Your Highness."

    Someone was calling himself.

    "Your Highness, are you okay?"

    Arthur came to his senses at the sound of calling him. Christina was turning her eyes upside down with a corpse-like face in front of her eyes. Only then did Arthur realize that his hand was grasping Christina's wrinkled neck.

    Arthur threw her away roughly. He recalled the "day" in his head.

    That day was Wednesday.

    For Arthur, the day remains only an image. It was Wednesday and it rained. It was dark inside the mansion, and my father was sitting in the study as usual.

    "I'll marry Lillian Esteban."’

    "I want to get married." Not that? Do you think you're in a position where you can decide on your own marriage?’

    My father laughed at me. Arthur replied expressionless.

    'Marry me. I'll do it.’

    'I can never allow it. You probably know that Esteban is not our ally."

    Tinnitus was heard in my ears.

    The shadow hidden in his mind crawled out of the gap and quickly occupied Arthur. Arthur moved his body.

    Someone screamed. But I wasn't interested in who it was. I didn't think of anything. Arthur was just strangling him expressionless until the person who was screaming was unable to scream. Until eventually he couldn't breathe.

    At that time, Arthur was a machine. If only the purpose could be achieved, the means became such an insignificant being and took care of the work.

    The familiar face collapsed with an unfamiliar look. Arthur looked down at the face that resembles him for a while and called the butler with the phone of the mansion.

    The day when there was a storm, when it was dark from daylight.

    Arthur Astrid became a duke.

    It was when Arthur took off the gloves he was wearing and threw them into her face. John said, "Your Majesty, it's Sarah Sheble," with a troubled face.

    'Your Majesty, I'm sorry.’

    It was the most difficult voice Arthur had ever heard. Arthur turned his back on Christina. I had to find out what evidence Lillian had. How to figure it out. It was time for him to think complicatedly.

    "The duke's wife called out a taxi..."….’

    Arthur was still listening to Sarah Seble's report. It wasn't long before he laughed. It's a strange thing. I didn't get angry or want to cry in front of the ruin, but I laughed.

    It felt like I was looking at a burning mountain.

    Arthur was listening to Sarah's voice as if watching the world disappear.


    Arthur ate with Lillian in a few days. Lillian was doing her best as the Duchess of Astrid with a bright face. For the first time since he knew her, she had never revealed herself to him. He was enduring the meal time in perfect shape as a duchess, as if dealing with strangers at a dinner.

    Arthur ate slowly. Both of them were educated to draw attention and talk at any time, so they could lead the story without difficulty. However, sharp emotions overflowed in the tranquil topic. The air that's pulled tightly. Lillian's emotions that seem to be seen over foggy glass. All of that stimulated Arthur.

    Lillian's expression became subtle as he was barely covering up the tension with small talk while eating. She looked embarrassed, and while trying to smile, she wiggled her hands or twisted her body slightly. Arthur put down the fork and asked.

    "Did you get wet?"

    At that one word, Lillian opened her eyes wide. She blinked and asked, stuttering in a low voice.

    "What did you do to me..."….”

    "I just put a small present in your champagne."

    Arthur woke up. Lillian also stumbled while trying to get up. As she hurriedly grabbed the table and pulled the tablecloth, the tableware on the table moved and fell.

    Feeling dizzy, she closed her eyes several times and opened them again. I felt sorry for the effort to focus. Arthur approached Lillian and she tried to step back. But instead of stepping down, she sank into a chair.


    Lillian sang it. Even though I knew who caused this situation, it sounded like I was asking for help.

    Arthur stood in front of Lillian and grabbed the tablecloth and pushed it away. Unlike when Lillian pulled, loud and tableware fell under the table. He sat in an empty seat and looked down at Lillian. She was seen frowning because of her blurred vision. She was lovely to see Arthur somehow.

    Arthur recalled a dark day. He remembers the last thing he said when his face suffocated and died. 'You're, completely, broken.' Arthur looked at Lillian and thought that was right.

    "Ah, Me, Lee Sang".

    "It's nothing, Lily." They're all normal. Getting wet, spreading, and showing only my things because I want to get stuck. "That's how it's supposed to be."

    Arthur said so and swept Lillian's cheek. Lillian was fed up with the feeling.

    "It's not very dependent, but it depends on how much you spend. Don't worry, Lily. I didn't use it much today."

    Arthur threw away his good face and said. Lillian's light green eyes showed himself. You didn't even show your expression, but you must look like a crazy person. I knew it without looking at it. Lillian almost fell over to the chair while trying to move back. Arthur grabbed her lightly. Then she hugged her body and raised it. When she held her butt with one hand, she screamed and shook in surprise.

    "You have sensitive hips".

    Arthur moved to his seat, caressing Lillian's butt. Lillian put a nail on his shoulder. (Sighs. (Sigh) She swallowed and swallowed the moan. It was probably like biting the back of my hand and holding it in.

    "In fact, I wanted to make my back sensitive, but I didn't think I could.”

    Arthur whispered in Lillian's ear. She didn't feel well with her back. That was the only time I looked up at the sensitivity by engraving or spinning a kiss mark. Rather, she felt more as she put her nails on Arthur's back and hurt him.

    Lillian flinched his back. Holding back her gasping, she was hanging on to Arthur. Arthur said in a sweet voice, patting her butt.

    "But it's okay." Instead, nipples are very racy."

    My feet... Arthur...

    Lillian prayed with an ant-like voice.

    "Who would think that the elegant duchess would have nipples like a prostitute? Huh?"

    (Sigh. Lillian cried. Already, the pleasure seemed to be out of hand.

    "You can look forward to it today." You'll be cheap with balls just by biting it. You won't need to insert it this time.”

    There are many people who are scared when their senses open due to excessive pleasure. This is all the more so for people who have grown up beautifully all their lives like Lillian. She began to shake and cry while breathing heavily. Arthur, please. She muttered.

    "Don't make me hate you more, please..."….”

    Arthur smiled as he entered his room with Lillian in his arms. "More". You don't want to hate me? What's the difference if you've already started to hate him? She doesn't love him anymore. But what's the difference?

    Arthur put Lillian down on the bed. She twisted her body. I didn't know what to do if it was stimulated just by touching my clothes. Arthur sat in the armchair next to the bed and ordered, "Take off your clothes." Lillian looked at him. I felt like I was glaring and resentful. Maybe he's hanging on, but Arthur already didn't care about anything.

    She knew he was a murderer.

    The days of being loved by her were over.

    Arthur slowly took off his clothes in front of Lillian. I felt like I was doing a strip.

    "You were my everything, Lillian."

    He took off his shirt and muttered. It wasn't exactly what Lillian said to hear.

    "I don't know if I want you to be my slave or my master."

    I loosened the buckle of my pants and zipped them down. And when he took out his penis, Lillian's eyes became blurred. Her face, which she couldn't stand because she wanted, and a look of hatred toward herself hoping for a man's genitals in this situation, rose above her face at the same time.

    Arthur explicitly revealed to Lillian that his genitals were standing up. Lillian's eyes were blurred as he swept down like a show off. She gasped with a crying face.

    "I can be your slave."

    Arthur beckoned Lillian. She shook her head, cried, and eventually began to crawl little by little. Arthur laughed at the sad face. He grabbed Lillian's armpits that came all the way in front of him as he watched Lillian crawling.

    "It's okay if you don't have one. Then I'm like a king."

    "Come on, me".

    "Try washing it."

    Arthur grabbed Lillian's hair and rubbed her cheek against her penis.

    "Please..."…, this medicine, neutralization, my kind of...….”

    "I washed it a lot for you." Your love is very sweet, but you can't eat my sperm in your right mind, right?”


    "Did you think I'd be a stranger to you?"”

    You're treated like someone else. The elegant duchess brings up the topic that suits the position and continues smoothly. Arthur continued to be rejected by Lillian as he continued to have a meaningless conversation for days that he couldn't feel anything inside.

    "Try it, you'll feel very delicious."

    "Come on."

    "I don't need words. Stick out your tongue, Lily. I'll wash it all, swallow my semen, and put it in your loose place. It's always been tight, but today will be different.”

    I guarantee it. At Arthur's words, Lillian looked up at him with wet eyes. Arthur shook his head slowly.

    Lillian eventually stuck out her tongue. She trembled and licked Arthur's penis. Then, he swallowed his tears. As if she didn't want to cry in front of Arthur, she bowed her head and licked Arthur's. She seems to be licking little by little, but she is getting drunk little by little.

    Feeling her small tongue, Arthur leaned back. I remembered kissing her. I've always kissed here and there. She didn't even know how to kiss at first, but now she's pretty good at teaching. And kissed exactly his way. He would lick all his teeth, suck his tongue, and wheeze like a little puppy.

    "You're good."

    Arthur swept down Lillian's blonde hair.

    "You look like a woman born to lick a man's. If you were a prostitute, you would have made a lot of money.”

    It hurts her with a sweet voice. If she were a prostitute, how comfortable would work be? Arthur recalled Lillian, a prostitute. If one night, the call girl he called Lillian. I'll give her a huge amount of money to become her sponsor and monopolize her.…, just being a duchess would have satisfied her. I wouldn't have prepared for a divorce from him for this.

    "Now put it in your mouth and wash it."

    However, Lillian was thinking of divorceing him. She called a taxi out, and she seemed to think Arthur wouldn't know her whereabouts. However, Arthur was able to find out her track record immediately. This is because you can find out right away by contacting the taxi company.

    She had gone to see the best divorce lawyer in Oson. It means you can't live with the murderer.

    Lillian forced his own into his mouth. It was too big for her small mouth. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A sweet moan flows from Lillian's throat. Even a bitter dose would be just sweet for her.

    It was certainly special for Lillian to lose her genitals. It was a sensation in which genitals were pickled in sugar water. The outside was pickled in sugar water and melted down, and the wick inside became harder. It was a narrow, warm, and soft mouth. The mouth, which had only kissed so far, was biting its penis. Arthur breathed slowly.

    "Oh, he's really good." Turn your tongue around. Yeah, like that."

    Following that, Lillian suddenly tightened his mouth hard. Arthur immediately raised himself and raised Lillian's head. Her eyes were completely relaxed. What do you mean, hanging on to a man's object without knowing that he was suffocating? It should be funny, but she was like a lost herbivore. I forgot to even swallow my saliva, so even if my swollen lips were wet, it was just beautiful.

    "Come here, Lily."

    Arthur put her on the bridge. Then she kissed Arthur on the face. The begging kiss explicitly wanted his body.

    "Ah, my body, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Crying and sticking like a child.

    "Yeah, do you feel itchy in your lower lip?”

    Arthur caressed Lillian's Clitoris. That alone screamed Lillian.

    "Ah! I think I'm going to do it!"

    "Let's wrap it here." "You're not even a man, but you're cheap. You're not like a woman,

    "Da, you, poet, In, you, you!"

    Lillian's body fell backwards. Arthur grabbed her waist tightly and muttered, "Right, I made it like this." Then, he twisted the Clitoris. She couldn't stand it and spilled something. It was a habit recently.

    "You, do you know?" It's no different from urine after all.”

    Lillian opened her eyes wide.

    "That, that, hmm, no, that's not it?"

    Lillian gasped and asked.

    "It was a lie." When you feel it, your body has become an unfamiliar body that urinates.”

    Lie- Lillian cried denying reality, but gasped when Arthur bothered him.

    "Ah, it's wet." You, my pants were wet enough to wet them. "Which man will like this body?"


    "Do you think I'll be watching a man who's not me take your husband's place?" I'll let him know myself. How shallow this body is. Or will you tell your new husband? If you get hit on the butt."

    Pang-, a cheerful sound rang from her hips. She swallowed her breath.

    "You like it so much". How are you going to confess that you are a woman who gets hit on the butt and urinates if you bother the inside? What about nipples? Are you going to show me your stretched nipples?

    Arthur grabbed Lillian's chest.

    "You have to tell your new husband this, too. You have to squeeze your chest. They like milking like cows the most. Huh?

    I want to hurt her, but Arthur wants to be hurt now. Jealousy boiled up. She wants a divorce. The lily of the Esteban family, the rose of the Astrid family. There are more than one or two men who want a woman who has been revered as a flower throughout her life. And Arthur can't be her man.

    Should I kill him?

    Arthur thought for a moment. She put her hand on her white neck. He impulsively strangled one person and became Duke Astrid. With the same, or more intense emotions as then, he tried to press down his white neck.

    "Ah, ang, really, really, me, like that..."…?”

    Half out of his mind, Lillian asked. His eyes were naive to ask if he was really so vulgar or vulgar. It was lovely. The white neck and wet eyes are just pretty, so I loved them like crazy, and I couldn't find a corner to hate.

    Arthur hugged Lillian. Except for Lillian, he was a man who didn't even know what he felt like crying. But in front of her, he became humble.


    The majesty is pushed away by affection. Arthur collapsed helplessly.

    "The most in the world."

    He cries with his penis up. How ungodly it is. Arthur couldn't resist crying at the same time. I didn't want to show him crying, so he hugged her hard as if he would break her. I wanted to have sex, but I didn't want to. I just wanted this night to last forever, just that.

    Lillian was good at taking medicine and the effect of the medicine did not go away easily.

    "Ha, uh, ah, ang!" Stop. Oh, my god!

    Lillian chanted. It's a cry like a female beast. Arthur faithfully responded to the sound of calling her own male. He made Lillian lie back and spread her hips to suck the perineum and the notes below it. Whenever she tried to run away, she grabbed her waist and pulled it. She cried and cried with only her butt up like a female character. Even Arthur couldn't tell if he was crying because he was crazy about pleasure or because he was about to go crazy like himself.

    Even though sadness was shining in the heart, the bottom stood well. I couldn't stand it more because it was the last time. She wanted to engrave herself in her body. She wanted to be stuffed on her skin forever. Knowing that it was an impossible wish, Arthur pulled Lillian's body. I kept tasting her.

    Arthur turned her body upside down and grabbed her leg and looked down at her penis. The place that had already received semen several times was spitting out semen so that it was clumsy. He couldn't overcome the convulsions, fluttering, showing flesh, and white bubbles formed. Clitoris, which is a little bigger than the first sex. When he rubbed it with his penis, Lillian cried in incomprehensible words.

    Arthur felt an urge to hold Lillian's ankle and beat him. Even though he knew he couldn't, he held her ankle for a while and held her toes one by one. After setting it up, he soothed it with his tongue and caressed it from the tip of her toes.

    "It's even more lovely. Yeah, yeah".

    After caressing both legs, Arthur inserted them back into her. Her body jumped up and down.

    "Finally, it's not tightened."”

    Even if Arthur smiled and said it, Lillian was only shaking like a doll possessed by pleasure. Her body was forcibly relaxed because of the stimulant. I kept hurting the inner wall, which was shaking without tightening it properly.

    The body is hot, but the head is cold, and the heart is overflowing with loveliness. Arthur doesn't know what to do. Arthur begged and laughed inside Lillian.

    He knew from the beginning that he was a slave to this woman. In the end, I knew from the moment my eyes met that I would not be able to do anything.

    As soon as Arthur begged, Lillian opened his eyes wide and closed them as they were. Finally, the drug has lost its effectiveness. Looking at Lillian, who passed away, Arthur removed his genitals.

    He washed her away. Then I hugged her and laid her on the bed. Was she happy in this room where there was always a rose scent? Happy time had not been long. Other than that, she has always been a lonely and difficult duchess.

    If I had liked her a little less, I would have held her in custody.

    Arthur stroked Lillian's cheek. She rubbed her cheek lightly against his hand. Even if I came to my senses, I was heartbroken to think whether she would do this. Imagining that she would do this to someone else made me upset.

    Still, she was still pretty, so he couldn't possibly harm her. At that point, he had already lost his destiny.

    Arthur picked up his phone and ordered, "Tell him to bring it." Soon, Cloud, the butler, supported the tray and brought the documents. Arthur wrote down a few things on the document, read them once, and folded them in half.

    "I can't give it to you starting this year."

    Arthur threw the pen away. He washed his face dry with one hand and finally looked down at Lillian. This was the last one.

    "It's still too early."

    It was still midsummer when the vegetation was green. Arthur looked down at Lillian's blonde hair. Blonde shining in the sun will now never be seen again.

    "Merry Christmas."

    Arthur put the documents next to her for Christmas and kissed her forehead. On the cheek and lips. After a long, thick kiss, he let go of her. After Christmas, a new year unfolds. I'm sure it will be for her.

    When I came out, the world was unexpectedly bright.

    Surprisingly, the world remained the same. Arthur was so blind that he closed his eyes for a while. The future she will live in will be so brilliant. Arthur knew.

    He got into the car.

    "Let's go to Ruth."

    Arthur said so and buried himself in the sheet. A terrible fatigue came. It was heavy as if I had a weight on my limbs. My ears were deaf and dull as if I were falling into the water. I just wanted to sleep. I didn't want to wake up forever. Arthur closed his eyes again. This time he hasn't opened his eyes for a long time.

    - Part 2. Arthur end.

    Arthur was not there when Lillian opened his eyes. She woke up and was looking for Arthur when she found a document lying next to the empty seat. After unfolding the folded document, she opened her eyes wide to the title of "Agreement Divorce Report."

    How... How did you know?

    Lillian got up from his seat and collapsed. It hurt between my legs. The stinging pain was considerable, so she frowned. Come to think of it, not only there but also my whole body was sore and sore. She sat weakly leaning against the pillow with muscle pain that seemed to have been beaten by someone.

    "Arthur Astrid".』

    It was Arthur's autograph. Arthur wrote down all the items he had to write down himself. And his advisory lawyer Michael Branston's business card was placed together. She was well aware of the Branston Law Firm, but in the case of divorce in the upper class, more often than not torture lawyers, but divorce lawyers. However, Arthur left Branston's business card.

    I don't know what you're thinking.

    Lillian sat still and recalled last night. It was a terrible night. She took strange medicine, and she became an animal, not a human being. Arthur insulted her and raped her. Really, terrible...….

    Tears dropped from Lillian's eyes.

    Arthur's voice is the only thing that comes to mind strangely even though it was painful and terrible. He, who insulted her, muttered, "Pretty at the end. Like the confession that came after torture, he eventually couldn't resist and spit it out. The most in the world. His words hurt the most. It is still more painful than any other pain.

    Throughout the sex, he muttered, "He's pretty." Like someone who knows I'll never say it again. I love you, he said endlessly. She didn't answer. He held her laughing, just spreading her legs and nagging the man's, and whispered love over and over again. Holding her radiant unhurt, she continued to satisfy her thirst. He was completely out of his mind. She, who lost her mind with medicine, and who was in her right mind. Who was more painful at night?

    "I'm Lillian Astrid. Long time no see."

    When I called Michael Branston, he said, "It's been a while, Duchess. I heard you're getting divorced, right?" he asked as if he were asking after him. Realizing that divorce is such an easy task for someone, Lillian replied.


    No, I haven't decided yet. Rather, on one side of the other side.

    "Arthur Astrid".』

    It was Arthur who signed the autograph. Lillian stared blankly down at the document and listened to her cell phone.

    "Your Excellency has asked the Duchess to match what she wants. ……Well, if you want all your property, that's a little difficult.’

    My voice was very cheerful when someone else said they were getting a divorce. Lillian muttered, "I see."

    He asked me to meet him as I wanted, signed the divorce report of the agreement, and Arthur left. There was no such thing as why. She didn't even beg while looking into her eyes. She had something to ask him, but she couldn't, and he didn't listen to her, but eventually gave her an answer as an action.

    He would have killed his predecessor, Duke Astrid. He is a murderer. That's why he didn't listen to her question. Because all she wants is an answer he can't give.

    "I'll give you my lawyer's phone number..."….”

    While talking, Lillian closed her eyes. My head was dizzy. I didn't know if it was the aftereffect of last night's medicine or if the world was spinning now.

    'Oh, I know who it is. I meet him often.’

    "Do you see each other often?"”

    "I see you a lot because of divorce."’

    Michael Branston's voice was full of laughter, but Lillian felt a sharp thorn in his voice. She ignored the thorn. She was the Duchess of Astrid. They were all on the same boat. In that state, she is about to get off the boat. Treating a traitor was a natural consequence.

    "Then you'll be close, so I don't have to introduce you to each other.”

    "Will you be able to do that to the duke's wife?"’

    "Then please take good care of me."

    "But the Duchess."

    For the first time, Michael Branston's voice was lowered.

    "Will you be deported?"’


    Or will you be the flower of another family?’

    Lillian's eyes became fierce. She woke up nervously.

    "Isn't it none of your business?"”

    Her voice also became sharp. Then Michael Branston replied, unfortunately.

    "It's part-time job." Unfortunately, you are our biggest customer.'

    "So what?"

    "How many people don't know how obsessed they are with their wife when they come to your Excellency?" He seemed to give all his wealth to his wife, so what do we eat to live on?’

    Michael Branston sarcastically. Lillian was dumbfounded and called his name.

    "Mr. Branston."

    The moment she snorted and poured out harsh words, he whispered.

    His Majesty has gone to Ruth. It's where the predecessor died.’

    The harsh comments that came out to the tip of the tongue lost their strength and disappeared. Lillian lowered her eyes with her phone up.

    Ruth. A resort with a historic summer villa by Duke Astrid. There, Matt Astrid died of suicide. So Arthur has never been to Ruth's villa since he became a duke. So Lillian had never been there either.

    'I've been seeing him for a long time. It was my first time hearing his voice and his first decision. Branston, as a lawyer under the Duke of Astrid, has a duty to protect his rights and interests, but he seems to have already given up all of them.’

    Michael Branston, CEO of Branston Law Firm, said. His voice was bitter. Only then did Lillian realize that the cheerful tone he used at first was actually angry. But soon the fact that he was angry was forgotten in Lillian's head. The only thing that lingered in his head was that Arthur seemed to have given up both rights and interests.

    Lillian hung up and looked down at her body. As if it were the last time, Arthur left a severe trace on her body. The whole body was plastered with his traces. But she was kept in a soft sheet, washed clean. He couldn't beat her in the end.

    You're a murderer.

    Tears fell out of Lillian's eyes again.

    Lillian first left the Peacock's book. Many people dissuaded her, but she didn't change her decision. Lillian had to call her mother while the maid unpacked in the suite of her usual hotel. This was because parents had to let others know before they knew through their mouths.

    "Something else?"

    Lillian, who felt sorry for her mother, who asked back in surprise, replied in a hurry.

    "Hold on. I'm going to do that." There are things I want to think about."

    It was difficult for me to understand why I couldn't say anything about divorce. Arthur is a murderer. Even the murder that survives murder. He killed his father. And maybe he killed his half-brother.

    It is impossible to continue to marry a murderer. Knowing that, Lillian couldn't even say a word.

    "Why didn't you come back home when you were doing something else?"

    Lillian whispered quietly to his mother's curious voice.

    "It's noticeable that you're going back to your home.

    'Were you worried about what's wrong with coming back to your house? "Come in right now."

    "No, I want to be alone."

    When you return to your home, others intervene in this situation. I didn't like that. Lillian wanted to think alone completely.

    You can get divorced. Arthur has already signed. He said he would give everything to her. So you just have to get divorced.

    It's pretty.

    HJ: The most in the world.

    The voice stuck to my eardrums and did not fall off.

    Lillian was left alone when the maid arranged her luggage in the suite and left. She sat on the sofa and looked down at her cell phone. I looked up Arthur's phone number. In fact, she memorized the phone number even if she didn't look it up, but she still called up Arthur's contact information.

    Phone number, his company address, and his shortcut number are 0.

    I looked for the message I shared with him. There were many little things.

    "I go home after midnight, so go to bed first."』

    "You must be sick because you did it badly yesterday, so put on ointment."』

    "Don't skip your meal."』

    "You're going to go to your wife's party today, right?" I'll stop by, too.』

    His message was roughly like this and her message was simpler than that.

    "Yes, come home safely."』

    "I will."』

    "Yes, then we'll go in together."』

    It was realistic. There was no trace of sharing such love with him that broke each other. If it were usual, Arthur's message would have definitely come after having such severe sex. In a calm tone, there would have been messages such as sick or applying ointment, but today he said nothing.

    What was at the end of the breakup was not a grand sadness, but a calm feeling. Despair and pain were only light. There was no stimulating taste, so I felt confined in a quiet monastery.

    Lillian threw her cell phone away. There was a sound of falling somewhere, but I didn't want to know where it was. She took off her clothes and crawled into bed. First, I wanted to sleep.

    Arthur raped himself.

    Arthur broke his body.

    Arthur killed a man.

    Arthur, the first love she doesn't hesitate to love.

    The opponent she had never doubted pushed her into the abyss.

    You can't live with a murderer.

    Lillian closed her eyes. I tried to empty my complicated head by force, tossing and turning. After trying to sleep for a long time, she got back up. And I took out a small note from my handbag.

    When I opened the folded page of the note, it was written like this.

    Gillian Rom, 1782 Hanten Street, Oson Ruth. Matt Astrid murder case is mentioned in Astrid's summer villa will. The culprit is Arthur Astrid.』

    And there were two photos that seemed to be part of the will.

    "I repent to God." I saw what I shouldn't have seen, heard what I shouldn't have heard, and received the price without courage.』

    "The man killed him. The man followed. I pretended not to see this work after receiving money. God, please forgive me.』

    It is common to confess your sins just before you die. However, Gilean Rom could not help but think of the rest of his family. Thus, he left a will very bluntly. And his family hid this will in fear. The reason why Santwa obtained this will was really simple, but the family's wild grandson stole it for a few pennies and showed it to him. When Santwa took a picture and kept the will, the grandson must have put the will back in place.

    Lillian, who discovered this part, immediately checked Astrid's books. The time when Gilean Rom quit being Ruth's villa coincides with the death of Arthur's father. And Gillian took care of other real estate. So at first, Lillian didn't believe this either.

    However, when I looked closely, it was spinning strangely.

    The real estate that Gillian was taking care of turned out to be Gillian's house. The house was not in front of Gillian, but the entire property was occupied by Gillian's family. And Gilean was paying twice as much as when he built the villa while using the house intact. It wasn't just that. All of his children went to school with scholarships from the Astrid Foundation. The suspicion was sufficient.

    Lillian put his notebook down on the side of the bed and went back into the bed. First of all, I thought I had to sleep. Or it was about to explode due to overload on the head.

    Is it still valid to divorce him?

    She once asked Arthur like that. It was when Arthur deceived her. It was absurd at that time. Arthur felt very much at the time that he was not picky about means for his purpose, and he doubted whether he could continue to live with such a man.

    HJ: No way!

    His answer was firm. Please, please...…. I still remember his pleading voice at that time. He said he had loved her consistently. Lillian knew how hard it was and eventually couldn't divorce him.

    I wish I had been divorced then.

    If he had, he wouldn't have to look at the bottom. Lillian shook his head recklessly. I shouldn't think about it. Let's just empty our heads without thinking about anything. And let's jump into sleep.

    However, it took a long time for Lillian to fall asleep. She could barely fall asleep only after the sky darkened.

    Lillian, who had been stuck in a hotel for a few days, tried to leave the hotel one day without checking out the hotel. However, the bodyguards blocked her all at once.

    "I'm sorry, but your wife is still the Duchess of Astrid. Even if you live separately, this point will not change. As you know, the Astrid family,

    "There are a lot of enemies."

    It's natural to live like Arthur. At Lillian's words, a man, the team leader of the bodyguard, soothed her, saying, "I was just trying to tell you that I was noticed by many people because I was a prestigious man." Lillian covered his face for a moment. I had to regain my reason.

    "I'm going to go to Ruth. Get ready."

    "I'll call a helicopter."

    Lillian shut up as he tried to say that he would rather go by train than by the Astrid family's helicopter. When she goes by train, the bodyguards have to suffer more. Moreover, the money she is spending now is eventually from the Astrid family, and Arthur is likely to give it to her without saying a word if she asks for a helicopter.

    How did this happen?

    Lillian closed her eyes while waiting in the room. I heard a knock and knock, so I turned my head and it was Sarah Seble, the general secretary. When Sarah saw Lillian's face, she asked in a soft voice, "Duchess, if you have a headache, would you like to take a medicine?" Only then could Lillian realize that his head was pounding.

    "It's okay."

    But now I didn't want to take any medicine. The moment I saw the medicine, I only remembered taking it and giving it to Arthur. It was complete rape because it was committed while taking medicine. Nevertheless, Lillian was more distressed because she couldn't hate him completely. The man she knew was not the true face of a man named Arthur Astrid. Even though it was the night she told her, she was heartbroken at the thought of that night. Because of that voice. It was hard for her to recognize the situation properly because of her desperate voice saying, "Pretty."

    As the helicopter was ready, Lillian boarded the helicopter. Arthur purchased this helicopter solely for her. It was only after she got married that she learned about it. I only thought he was a good husband. Now that I think about it, he must have loved her and bought a helicopter like this. She wasn't uncomfortable at all when she got married and moved to the Astrid mansion. A great expenditure on careful consideration. At that time, I only thought he was a good husband, but now that I think about it, it was a ridiculous idea. Who does this only to be a good husband?

    Sorrowing that he does not love himself, resenting that he just wants to live as a good husband, and being foolish that he has never thought properly.

    Lillian looked forward as he landed at the heliport of Ruth's summer villa and tried to get off.

    The strong wind and the sound of tearing the eardrums away. Forgetting to reach out to the bodyguard who was trying to hold her, she looked at Arthur standing a few meters away. He stood with the same face as usual. A man with a beautiful face with a perfect appearance that can't find any gaps. Straightened waist, friendly face, and staff behind.

    It was as if time had stopped.

    His face was still the one she loved. Pretty. The most beautiful in the world. It didn't seem like a murderer. It didn't look like a rapist. The voice of despair that he said so did not seem to belong to him either. Nothing seemed to have changed.

    I wanted to believe that. I just wanted to be fooled. If he deceives himself.

    If she calls him once, he will come right away. I'll hug her and drop her off the helicopter and make everything seem to have never happened.

    Lillian bit his lips and forced his gaze away from Arthur. I was scared. I was more afraid because I didn't know what was at the root of this emotion. What is she afraid of? That Arthur, your first love and husband, was a psycho with two faces? I hope it's something like that. I wished it was something like that.

    When she began to walk, the bodyguards and Sarah began to walk together. Arthur is getting closer. Lillian didn't see the face. It seemed that her whole life would be shaken. I was scared that all the things she cherished, the values she had accumulated throughout her life, were about to collapse.

    Arthur neither grabbed nor called her while passing by.

    I became sad even though it was a matter of course. Lillian took the elevator biting her lips. Arthur's back was seen in the distance. He stood with his back showing. Because you don't know what face he's wearing, and you don't have to show him what face he's wearing.

    I thought it was a relief, but I thought I was going to cry. My head was burning more.

    As soon as she came down from the heliport, she got into the car. As soon as I got into the car, I realized that it was a limousine that Arthur often rides. He sat in the seat where he was riding, and Sarah sat in the seat where she was riding. Thinking, "Will I ever ride this car with him again?" Lillian closed her eyes.


    "It's 1782 street."


    Sarah looked at Lillian with a strange face. She can't help but wonder. Lillian's radius of action can't be anywhere she might not know. Lillian didn't say it twice, and all the bodyguards and drivers looked at Sarah. Eventually, Sarah nodded and the car started.

    Gilean Rom.

    Lillian came up with the name in her head. His son Sebastian Rom is now the "manager" of the house. And it was Justin, Sebastian's son, who provided a will to Santwa.

    Justin Rom.

    Sebastian's only son and the only jerk of his three children. Lillian tried to think of Justin in her head, but failed. The only thing that came to mind was Arthur, whom I met earlier. I couldn't get out of the devastating feeling of looking at my lover who became another person.

    "I'm here".

    At Sera's words, Lillian came to his senses. She looked out the window at the building. It wasn't enough to say it was a mansion, but it was a pretty nice house. She looked at the house quietly and turned to the team leader in charge of her guard.

    "There must be a man named Justin Rom. I'm 21 years old this year. Please offer to pay for it and bring it."

    The team leader frowned for a while, but it was really short. He said, "Please wait," and left the car. Lillian thought for a moment about what to do if Justin wasn't in that house. Finding Justin is simple, but she wanted to meet the young and immature boy right away and make sure of this story.

    Soon, the security team leader was coming out with someone. Lillian immediately recognized that the man who accompanied her was Justin Rom. When the team leader opened the car door, Justin seemed to be wary for a while and eventually got into the car.

    "Are you sure you're giving me 1,000 euros?"

    Lillian thought about what he was like at that age. Was he that young at that time? I learned that I should be mature, so I would have been better off than that, but in terms of innocence, I was as good as this boy. No, it was worse than that.

    "That's right."

    "Who are you?"”

    Justin glanced at Lillian. Even though he thought this atmosphere was strange, Justin kept looking over Lillian's face. Lillian responded with no response to the gaze.

    "He's the one who'll give you 1,000 euros.”

    "Why are you giving me 1,000 euros?"”

    "I want to know only one thing."

    Lillian presented a photo that was not specified in detail among the photos that had been opened in advance from Sant's notebook.

    "I repent to God." I saw what I shouldn't have seen, heard what I shouldn't have heard, and received the price without courage.』

    As soon as I saw the picture, Justin's face turned white. He suddenly tried to leave the limousine. But of course, the bodyguards stopped him, and he shouted while being caught by the bodyguards.

    "I, I don't know!" Let go of me! Let go of me, you punks!"

    Lillian frowned without realizing it. She had never met anyone who cursed so harshly in front of her eyes.

    "Watch your mouth."

    The team leader shouted in a low voice. He didn't swear at all, but his words contained strength, and Justin Rom crouched his shoulders as if he were discouraged and looked at the surrounding atmosphere.

    "It's a simple question." Is this will real?


    "Rom, I'm not the one trying to harm you. He's the one who gives you 1,000 euros and won't see you forever.”

    "Ha, but that man"

    "That guy?"

    "The man who took the will told me to run away if anyone comes to ask me about it next time. I'm going to die."

    Lillian's eyes got bigger. It's Santwada. He warned his informant. If Arthur finds out about this, he will shut up.

    "Not at all." I just want to know a little bit about this will."


    "It's 1,000 euros."

    When Lillian winked at Sarah, she took 1,000 euros out of her wallet and offered it to Justin. Justin seemed to be agonizing for a while, looking at the money with a coveted face. However, for Justin, who lives doing nothing, an additional income of 1,000 euros seemed to be an irreversible offer. He eventually shook off the guards' arms, saying, "Good, good." When Lillian nodded slightly, the bodyguards let Justin go. He snatched 1,000 euros from Sarah's hand.

    "That's true. It's exactly what was taken in the picture says.

    "Who took this picture?"”

    Justin didn't seem to be interested in who the person was. Suddenly, Justin's eyes moved around. From the moment he received the money, he suddenly became strange. Nervous and rolling his eyes, he said, "I have something to do. "If you have something to say, hurry up and do it," he urged Lillian.

    "Who else knows about this?"

    "Like my father?" "Who's interested in this kind of thing?"

    Can I go now? Justin asked, stamping his feet. When Lillian looked at the car door, the bodyguard opened the door, and Justin jumped and disappeared in an instant. I didn't think I was running because I was scared.

    "What's wrong with such an addict?"”

    The head of the security team asked with a frown as if he didn't like it.

    "Are you addicted to drugs?"

    "I tattooed my arm to hide the injection mark, but I can't hide it."

    As soon as he had money, the team leader said he wanted to go buy medicine. Lillian closed his eyes as he looked at the direction Justin disappeared. The will is real. Then 'the man killed him. It should have been considered true that "the man followed." In terms of pictures, the two pictures had the same handwriting and paper.

    Lillian looked out the window still. Where Arthur's sins are locked. Sebastian Rom will be paid for this secret, but Justin Rom will probably be forgotten. Still, he didn't kill the witness. He was abused by his father, so maybe it was the end of the stress. I might have been in a state of mental and physical loss.….

    Lillian laughed. It was funny that he wanted to bury Arthur's sins somehow. She said with her tired eyes closed.

    "Let's go back to Anton."

    The car was filled with silence for a moment.

    "Let's move."

    As always, it was Sarah Sheble who broke the silence. At Sarah's words, the limousine began to move. And Arthur was not there when Lillian returned to the heliport. As soon as I learned that Arthur was not there, I was relieved and disappointed. Lillian thought about calling a psychiatrist throughout the helicopter. I felt like I was going crazy.

    Returning to Anton's hotel, Lillian stayed blank. Lillian's lawyer has said she doesn't have to attend. As if Arthur's words, "Give me everything you ask for," were not empty words, Lillian's lawyer was very excited. As his fees vary depending on the alimony Lillian received, the lawyer was bent on stealing even one more penny. However, while responding to Arthur's wishes as much as possible, Branston Law Firm was also coming out formidable. Branston's head, Michael Branston, teamed up himself and attacked Lillian's lawyer, saying he could not meet unfair demands. Lawyers were biting each other, but Lillian, the person in charge, was not interested in the matter. In the first place, Lillian met the lawyer not because of alimony, but just went for counseling in case there was no divorce by agreement. Somehow he was appointed as her lawyer, but in fact, she had not been able to solidify her intention to appoint a lawyer.

    Arthur also seemed not interested in divorce. He didn't come out of Ruth's villa and all the business he was doing was currently running without him.

    Eventually, rumors of divorce broke out in the media. Stocks began to fluctuate. How much alimony will Arthur Astrid offer to Lillian Astrid? What is the bond between Astrid and Esteban? Those were reflected in stock prices.

    "Father, I'm sorry."

    Lillian eventually called his father, Count Esteban. This was because the Esteban family's business was much more damaged than the Astrid family's business. I called you thinking you would be angry, but the result was unexpected.

    "Staying home is always moving." Don't worry about it.’


    When are you planning to come back?’

    Lillian became curious. My mother also said that, and my father takes it for granted that he goes back to his home. Of course, when divorced, they often return to their parents' home. Although it is a common process to take a few years off and remarry.

    "I don't intend to go back yet." I don't know what's going to happen to my divorce yet.….”

    "Of course I have to!" That's what happened.’

    "But I haven't decided yet.”

    'I'm saying this now, but I didn't like your husband. I'm glad your mind turned around. Take this opportunity to clean up and come back. It's okay not to see anything like thanks to your husband.’

    I felt a strong will from his father's voice, so Lillian asked after a moment of silence.

    "Arthur..." You didn't like it?

    'In the first place, your opponent was not the man. We tried to get you married to Eddie.’

    I knew that. Edward Splin was the most likely candidate. Lillian also gave up on Arthur, thinking that his first love would not come true. Then, he suddenly became engaged to Arthur.

    The day I found out that I was engaged to Arthur, I felt like I had the whole world.

    Count Estevan continued when Lillian smiled bitterly.

    'I knew I shouldn't know him. I probably heard it from my dad.’


    'It's a political problem. Matt Astrid was originally a human being who was good at catching other people's weaknesses. I'm sure his son had what he had. So it was difficult for us to refuse. If you don't like him, I'll give you an excuse, but you explicitly liked Arthur, and we also wanted to send him if you like him. But he hasn't been rumored well for a long time.’

    "What do you mean rumors?"

    "I pretend not to, but your husband is famous for being quite dirty in the means. We worried about you a lot, too.’

    I've never heard of such a thing as dirty means. Count Estevan sighed when Lillian remained silent without denying or affirming the words.

    'It's not something I can say to you. Just come back. Abby will take care of the rest.’


    "Let's calm down a bit. Come back right away, okay?’

    Lillian didn't answer to the end.

    After hanging up the phone with her father, she approached the window and looked out the window. The world was in the sunset. It may be because of her heart that she looks sad somehow even though it is a beautiful skyline.

    Her father was threatened, and Arthur threatened, so she married Arthur. It was never a beautiful result of first love. Everything she knew was a lie. She didn't know anything right.

    "Should I really see a doctor?"….”

    I had a headache every day. I didn't have an appetite. I couldn't think of anything other than mandatory meals. I just wanted to run. Will the frustration of going crazy be relieved if we run somewhere? She sighed.

    And it was three days later that she faced the "Summary of the Duke of Astrid."


    When he left Lillian and came to Ruth's villa, Arthur thought it was surprisingly bearable. There was not much damage than I thought, considering breaking up with a woman who had been obsessed for such a long time. I ate well and slept well. It was worth working on.

    And it changed little by little. Every day, he couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, and lived in a condition where it was impossible to make accurate judgments. According to the opinion of the doctor, a psychiatrist immediately came to see him at the villa.

    There wasn't much I could say. Arthur didn't trust anyone. It is said that confidentiality is maintained between doctors and patients, but it is also maintained only when the doctor does not give up his license. It was a problem that could be published as an essay the moment the license was given up. No, even if it wasn't, he didn't mean to tell anyone about Lillian's feelings. This was his. When Lillian also left, all he had left was emotions. This alone could not be shared with anyone. So Arthur chose to be prescribed medicine instead of expressing his feelings.

    "Your Majesty, you have to say something."

    The psychiatrist said the same thing like a parrot whenever he came to him.

    "I just can't sleep and have no appetite, but I don't know what to talk about.”

    "I can give you tranquilizers and sleeping pills, of course. But this way, we can't do fundamental treatment."

    Fundamental treatment?

    Arthur laughed. What is fundamental treatment? Lillian coming back to his side or inventing a time machine and living again? No, rather than not meeting Lillian?

    Arthur sent out a psychiatrist and lay in bed looking out the window. It would have been quite comfortable if I hadn't met Lillian. There was no way to be swayed by emotions and no reason to commit a crime. If it wasn't Lillian, the risk wouldn't have been a big deal, a simple impulse.

    However, Lillian's fiance's seat was at stake.

    Arthur closed his eyes. Lillian's various faces passed by clearly. Fundamental treatment? You're making me laugh. Laughing came out. He laughed at himself, not at the doctor, but at himself, who could not be treated fundamentally.

    Reports of Lillian poured out every day. When I heard Lillian came to Ruth's villa, I went out to the heliport with anticipation for the last time. He was quite concerned at the time. I didn't want to show you anything thin. She used to look at him with eyes possessed by something. Even if I couldn't see the snow again, I wanted to maintain the outer shell she liked.

    And I ran into her.

    As soon as she saw him, she looked like she was about to cry. She passed by without clenching her teeth, strengthening her resolution, and giving her eyes. I could feel her physique. Her collar rubbed against his collar. Her will was well-prepared like a sword that built me.

    an end

    A simple word at the end of the movie was branded on his chest. And he really let go of everything. I didn't want to do anything. Unlike people who regarded him as a meticulous human being, he was always impulsive in the most important things. Without strong power, a lot of money, or Lillian, it was not tempting. I felt like it was going to work out.

    The sleeping pills have increased. He slept as if he were dead. I didn't dream well from a long time ago. Death-like sleep. When I woke up, Lillian was gone. Then I took sleeping pills again and slept. Then, eventually, he went wrong and was taken to the hospital and washed his stomach.

    The sleeping pills have decreased again. There were not many ways to sleep, so Arthur began to overwork his body. I was able to sleep well if I exercised like crazy and took sleeping pills without any strength left over my body. As I continued to exercise, I didn't have to think about anything at some point. It was hard and painful. As I hung on to pain, Lillian's thoughts were a little forgotten. As long as you don't rest. He didn't eat, exercised, and slept.

    I was thinking about taking drugs, but Arthur couldn't because he was afraid of dying. If it wasn't for taking the wrong sleeping pills and being taken to the hospital, I would have thought about drugs. However, sleeping pills alone almost killed me, but I didn't even want to imagine dying while taking drugs. It wouldn't matter because everything was already over, but Arthur thought of Lillian's face when he died after drug addiction. I didn't want to die in contempt of her.

    "You'll be in big trouble, sir."

    The only person I met was a psychiatrist. No, I sometimes met my doctor. Whenever he saw Arthur's Molgol, he put down an IV. What's the use of this? Even though he thought so, Arthur quietly watched the doctors' work. It was annoying to say yes or no.

    The same was true when he heard rumors of his serious illness began to circulate in the stock market. I didn't even laugh. It was none of my business what others said.

    I lost a few kilograms.Moreover, these words were all other people's stories. It was empty. Come to think of it, I thought I lived with a very young boy-like fresh love. I wanted to look good to Lillian. I wanted to make Lillian cry. I wanted to make her cry and then comfort her affectionately to make her laugh. Money and power seem to have wanted to have her in the end, so I only looked at the tower that locked her up as a means of building higher.

    Arthur himself knew it. That divorce is divorce and life is life. Didn't someone say, the show should go on.

    How can I maintain the show when the main character of the monodrama leaves? Arthur smirked. These days, I think alone and laugh alone more. He also stopped trying not to think of Lillian. Now it's impossible to exercise. The time to lie down under the IV has become longer.

    Who is Lillian going to remarry?

    Divorce in the upper class is generally divided into two paths. Case of marrying a person other than an upper-class person. Like Susan Hamstent, she is called an expatriate and is left out. Or remarry with an upper-class person. Lillian will, of course, be the latter.

    Edward Splin, is that him?

    Mrs. Splin knew him as Arthur's godmother and Arthur's father, Matt. Matt's funeral, she looked at Arthur with a white face and asked.

    "Mat wasn't someone who would commit suicide or anything."…?’

    Arthur replied, 'I know.' Then Mrs. Splin stepped back. Since then, she has never expressed herself to Arthur, but she was probably solidifying her doubts. Splin Street and Esteban Street have a good relationship and have good business synergy. Edward Splin has long been interested in Lillian.

    As Lillian's body came to mind, Arthur grew helplessly. I coordinated my innocent body who knew nothing. The body was his instrument. An instrument that cries with a beautiful sound when his hand touches it. No man can fully understand the instrument. It's impossible forever.

    I just laughed when I thought of her covering him up in a man's arms. Arthur learned this time that when the world ends, he only laughs emptyly. She looks at another man with those possessed eyes. And he appears at a party with him and eventually encounters him. How dirty is this hell of a high-class society? You'll encounter it every time.

    It's a relief if you don't stalk.

    Even when she was his wife, he had been stalking her steadily. She would attend the parties she attended and find out the contents of her charity work. Even when he wasn't fully connected with her, he often recognized her work like that. It was good even if it couldn't be concluded forever. Her husband was nothing but a bluff, but for him, it was a sparkling crown. A crown that I don't want to hand over to anyone or want to wear forever even if my neck is broken.

    "I'm sorry."

    John came in apologizing. As Arthur preserved his seat, he went to work in the bedroom every day, but he always apologized and opened the door. As Arthur glanced at him, John hesitated with a troubled face and opened his mouth.

    "The duke's wife is coming this way."

    "Don't let me come."

    I didn't want to show you this.

    "You've already been on a helicopter..."….”

    "Tell me to turn it around."

    "Your Majesty, the Duchess is still the wife of the Astrid family. If you try to come here, you know there's no way to stop it, right?

    To be exact, John, who knew well that Arthur would not do so, carefully asked back. Arthur raised himself by kicking his tongue. I couldn't think just by getting up, but I didn't care and asked John.

    "How long do we have left?"

    "About 20 minutes..."….”

    Arthur pulled out an IV.

    "Thank you!"

    John came running in disbelief, but Arthur raised his hand and made a gesture not to come to him.

    "I'll be outside, so tell me you're not there and call me when you go back."

    "Oh, where are you going to be?"”

    John, who is familiar with Arthur's current condition, asked anxiously.

    "Why don't you take a walk?"

    "Your Highness, with that body..."….”

    "What's wrong with my body?"

    Arthur gave John a cold look, although he may be close to a skull. John couldn't say anything and only looked at him.

    "Bring your clothes."

    The servants, who were as conscious of Arthur as John, hurriedly brought his clothes. Most of the clothes were loose, so I had to wear sportswear. Band pants and a short-sleeved T-shirt. Arthur, wearing pants and a set of hooded jumpers, trudged out in sneakers.

    I didn't want to show this to Lillian. It wasn't that I didn't want to be sympathized with her to leave. I wanted to receive sympathy. It didn't matter if I kneeled down in front of her and crawled as long as I could prevent her from leaving. But if she falls down here, his condition will improve and she will want to leave again. And he will fall into deeper despair. Arthur was really not confident of enduring in a worse hell than this.

    While walking along the promenade, he looked up at the sky. The sky seems to have set the day today. Raindrops were falling. He turned away from the promenade leading to the cliff by the sea to the forest with a cabin and sat roughly on the rock. Avoiding Lillian was enough. I didn't want to avoid this rain.

    This is how it feels.

    Arthur looked up at the sky in the pouring rain. I couldn't tell if everyone was in the rain if they had a broken heart, but when I got hit, I thought I would know. You want to abuse yourself. Everyone seems to have been rained on as if they didn't want to give them an umbrella because they couldn' themselves.

    I miss you.

    I wanted to see how Lillian was. Just in case, if he's a little disappointed or if he's willing to forgive again. ……Of course there isn'

    Whether she is still beautiful, lovely as if she would melt down, her voice, body scent, or just a cold gaze.

    But I didn't want it to ring. Looking at this, I felt like she was going to cry. She had a hard time because of him. It was a difficult marriage for her all the time. She wanted him, but he didn't reach out to her because of his unusual wall. Then she let her reach out, and then pushed her wall. She fitted everything together.

    "Come on!"

    Arthur stopped thinking and turned his head at the familiar and missed voice. Lillian was standing. In the heavy rain, she was looking at him without an umbrella. With his eyes wide open, an incredible face, and thick lips wide open.

    This is why I didn't want to show you.

    This is why I didn't want to see it.

    She was still beautiful. The sparkling light green eyes are wet with despair, and the fluttering blonde is wet with rain and sticks to the white cheeks.

    Still, she was his love. It drove him crazy. Just in the moment he faced her, he felt his obsession with her and madness inflating again. He turned away from her. In fact, I wanted to keep looking at it, but I thought I would want to do something I shouldn't do.

    "Ah, what the heck...….”

    Lillian was speechless as if shocked by Arthur's appearance.

    "Go back, Lillian."

    He spoke in the coldest voice he could.

    "Wait, let me do it properly".

    "Go back."

    Arthur started walking. He had never walked on this trail properly, so he didn't even know what was at the end. I just walked. Looking forward to Lillian's turn.

    "Come on, look at me."

    But Lillian approached and grabbed his arm. As she turned it around strongly, he was forced to look at her. Lillian's eyes hurriedly looked at Arthur's face and body. Because of the rain, his thin body was exposed to her gaze.

    "What the heck is this is...""Why? Why do you look like this?"

    "It's nothing."

    "Are you really sick?" You said it's cancer. Is it really?

    "I was fine and just a little sick. Go back."

    "Where does it hurt?" When something hurts, it looks like this.”

    Lillian asked. Her shout was almost a scream. At that moment, Arthur shouted.

    "It's not related to you!"

    At that moment, tears filled Lillian's eyes. Arthur clenched his teeth because he could clearly see that she was hurt.

    It was the first time I saw her soaked in rain. She had nothing to get wet in the rain. Born as the spirituality of a precious family and until she became a duchess, she was perfectly protected. Her family protected her, and he protected her, too. No, he was much worse. To the extent that her family was angry at him if he was a righteous woman, he arranged everything about her without a break.

    But now she is in the rain. Everything is over.

    Arthur reached out as he looked at her. Lillian closed her eyes as she looked at the hand. Her closed eyelashes were also hung with drops of water, whether they were tears or rain. Arthur touched Lillian's cheek and swept over her wet eyes with his finger.

    I've never seen her so fragile and heartbroken. In the midst of that, Arthur was at a loss what to do with himself who was going crazy because this woman was lovely. I liked this woman even though my heart was pounding. It has always been lovely.

    He couldn't stand the loveliness and hugged her. She didn't refuse. Her body was hot. Arthur separated her like she was burned. With her eyes closed, she opened them wide.

    Arthur took off his jumper and put it on her head. Her usual suit and sports jumper were somewhat ridiculous. However, on the one hand, she also looked like an innocent nun. Arthur kissed her forehead.

    "Stop it."

    She was so lovely and he was going crazy. Rather than giving it to another man, I wanted to push it off the cliff. I would rather hug them and fall under the sea.

    But I didn't want to.

    He was always hers. There were times when she belonged to him and times when she didn't. She often forgot about him while working, and while loving him, she was afraid to fully assimilate with him. But he wasn't. He had never forgotten her for a moment, and he was willing to take any risks if he could have her. No, I wasn't sure I could have her, but if there was even a 1% chance, he was willing to walk.

    So he couldn't kill her. For him, she was a goddess, not a slave. No matter how much you love it, no matter how crazy you are to own it, it is impossible for a believer to kill the goddess in the first place.

    Arthur turned around over Lillian. He stumbled to a place where he didn't know where. The rain was strong and he had a headache. I've had enough of all this.

    "To me...".”

    Lillian talked to him from behind. He stopped even though he thought he shouldn't listen.

    "Don't you have anything to say to me?"”


    "I want to hear it from you." I know you've already answered. But I want to hear it exactly. Really? Really? Really...."


    Arthur didn't look back. I didn't want to see what Lillian would look like. I'm sure she's in shock.

    I heard Lillian approaching. Lillian, who came all the way behind his back, grabbed Arthur's arm again. But she couldn't turn it around.

    "Why did you do that?"…? I don't know no matter how much I think about it. I thought about whether he was abused and killed with that resentment, but the timing was still too "

    "I was going to marry you."

    I didn't want to hurt you.

    Arthur laughed. Lillian had to go when he was told to go. In order not to be poisoned by a abandoned man, he had to fly far away without looking back when he let go, but this weak-hearted woman eventually came all the way here and suffered a harsh look.

    "What did you just say?"….”

    "To be exact, it's engagement. My father was against you. But I had to be you from the beginning."

    "Are you calling that a horse?"”

    Lillian gasped. Arthur smiled. Lillian can't understand him. And he can't have Lillian completely either. Because he is a broken, crazy human being and Lillian is a lily and rose in the greenhouse. The two married but lived face to face, but they are actually like others. After all, something in it cannot be combined with each other.

    "Really, for that reason, really..."….”

    Lillian spaced out. Like someone who saw the world turn upside down, her voice contained astonishment.

    "You don't understand.”

    "Come on."

    "My father is right." Actually, I knew it from the beginning. As a human being, I'm a broken monster. My father was a sadist and was excited to hit me, but on the other hand, he wanted to make me a proper human being. "If I hit him, wouldn't the monster become a human being?"

    I think of a vague face already. I had never felt affection for my father. I've never had a very small liking for anyone other than Lillian. That's how I was born.

    "You pretend you're not a monster."

    And it grew like that. Arthur's father, Matt Astrid, wanted to prove to himself that he was not a monster. If the feelings for Lillian were the only human part of Arthur, that was the human part for Matt. Wants to be human.

    "It's a psycho family story." It has nothing to do with you who will leave the family anyway. Go now."

    Don't make me want to hold onto you.

    "Don't come back."

    Don't make me want to beg on my knees. In the end, the ending is decided.

    It was when Arthur took a couple of steps away from Lillian's hand. Suddenly, Lillian screamed behind his back.

    "Then live like a psycho!" Don't be so pathetic!

    Arthur stopped walking.

    That's right. It's just pathetic. He was tall. If it was possible, he would have lived like that. I think he's doing this because it's impossible.

    But there is no reason for her to understand that. Arthur began to walk again. Then Lillian followed. Not knowing what to say, she kept following him. Arthur stopped walking again because he felt her body temperature.


    He looked back at Lillian with a tired voice.

    "I destroy Estebanga and go back before I seize you and detain you."

    He could have done that enough. Actually, I wanted to if I could. What's there to know about the Esteban family? Lillian's desire to pray for happiness is as good as nails. Why should he wish her happiness when he is in such terrible pain? Her happiness contains the premise of forgetting him.

    "Are you threatening me?"”

    Lillian asked. Her eyes were red. She seems to have been crying in the rain.

    "Lilian, I'm a psycho."

    Arthur tapped his head with his finger.

    "It's spinning weirdly here."


    "I don't care about killing people. If only I could have you. I want to confine myself, too. I want to break my leg. I want to break your face. So that no one exists in the world that wants you. I love you no matter what you do. Whether you're fat, your face is half gone, your limbs or not."

    Lillian flinched and stepped back. Arthur deserved to know the expression he was making. I'll look like a crazy person. I'm talking like a crazy person, but would my expression seem normal?

    "……But I'm overdoing it because I don't want to be hated by you. So please wake up and go back."

    "Your body is like this. How can I..."

    Lillian said with a face that he was going to go crazy and jump. Arthur looked at her and approached her. She stepped back in surprise. Smirk, he laughed. He took a few steps forward and she took a few steps back, too. The distance between the two has not narrowed.

    "I'm still killing people these days.”

    Lillian's eyes got bigger. Arthur smiled softly. I didn't want to say such a lame thing. It's all because of Lillian that I said this. She had to go back when he warned.

    "I'm holding a knife and cutting off the human head alive. One every day."


    "I'm doing that to myself. I keep cutting my hair that wants you. I'm a psycho and a crazy killer, but this situation is harsh to me, too.”

    Arthur turned his head and looked under the cliff. The waves were strong. Suddenly, I thought, "Is this pain over if it falls?" and laughed. Suicide is a complete end. You can do that anytime. So he was going to hang in there a little longer. I've never loved anyone except Lillian, but I don't know life again, and even if it's not as much as her, there might be something to put a little interest in. Even if I think it's impossible now.

    Because it once seemed impossible for her to accept his walls. There was a time when it was considered a possibilityless thing, even to dream of something completely connected.

    It would be nice to hang in there a little longer.

    "Go. Don't come back."

    Arthur looked at Lillian. The woman he really loved. A woman who's never been used to it. He smiled at his wife, who gave him the illusion of falling into a bottomless place. It's not bad to break up with the innocent. It was really Lillian compared to meeting with a lawyer and biting him through property division. The sky was pouring rain with the spirit of destroying the world, and Lillian forgot his umbrella and cried, and he engraves her in his eyes and mind.

    "I'll be watching from here, so go now."

    Lillian looked at Arthur. He was like a skeleton. Only blue eyes emit colorful light, but the body was weak. It was obviously the patient's appearance. She also confirmed that he was not cancerous. As a result of checking with the doctor, only the story of depression came back. However, she was just stunned to hear that everything had happened, such as overdosing sleeping pills and being taken to the hospital. I knew it wasn't a disease, but I was surprised as soon as I saw him. He was so weak that he couldn't help but ask if it was really cancer or disease.

    And now he was standing on a cliff.

    "Are you going to die?"”

    Arthur smiled when asked about the fear that came suddenly.

    "No way."

    He seemed to deny it sincerely, but in her eyes, he looked close. If the wind blew a little wrong, he seemed to just fall down the cliff.

    "It's a mistake to think that you're going to change my mind by saying that. I've been tricked by you, but I'm not an idiot to the point where I feel compassion for my crazy killer husband and destroy my life."

    Even if Lillian spoke harshly, Arthur only laughed. The gentle smile was full of madness and scared. He looked like he was going to die and kill her. But he was eventually asking her to go back. Let her go over and over again.

    "I know."

    I was dizzy. This is because I was rained on too much. No, this is because the anger that was warming up the body has disappeared. It's raining so hard. I couldn't hear anything because of the sound of rain and waves. The shout of reason in your head is also completely erased.

    Darkness is accompanied by cold. Lillian looked at Arthur. One day, he once said this.

    Your life will get tired. There will be no stability and you will be confused whether my feelings are love or obsession. If you want my love more than the peace of life, it will be love, but when you want stability, it will be a cumbersome obsession.

    "Come on."


    Arthur had the face of a serial killer waiting for the judge's sentence. The face of the man waiting for the death penalty was just smiling sweetly. If you turn around like this, it's completely over. I will never dream of anything with him again.

    Is his emotion love or obsession?

    What she wants is peace or love.

    Both values and morality were swept away by rainwater and disappeared somewhere. All that was left was her heart. You can't live as much as you're a human being as you are a human being. There are things to keep. The line that divides humans and beasts is reason after all. Lillian learned that way and has lived that way.

    How simple is it to say goodbye? A good breakup. If that's possible.

    "Come on."


    Many people's faces passed by Lillian's head. Father, mother, brothers, Justin Rom, Santwa's mother, Christina. And gradually, the faces are swept away by the rain.

    "It's cold."


    "Without you, it's so hard."

    Lillian knew what he was doing right now. He is trying to hold the hand of a psycho man who murdered. Even if you live bound by that sin for the rest of your life.

    -If you want my love more than the comfort of life, it will be love, but when you want stability, it will be a cumbersome obsession.

    His feelings must be a crazy obsession, but they seem to be love to her. I know it's silly. I also know that no one will admit it. But it's like love to her only.

    Lillian reached out her hand.

    "Go back."

    Together, Arthur looked at her hand with wide open eyes when he said. It was raining like Noah's great flood. Arthur looked down at his white, fine hands and asked.

    "I'll let you go if you hold my hand. You'll still be sick".

    Lillian looked at Arthur. I nodded at the man who was dying without her.


    Arthur is one step closer. Lillian did not back down. Arthur looked pale and took a step closer. He was as scared as she was.

    Arthur is a dangerous human being. At this moment, Lillian put two things on the scale in his mind. He put all the morality and values he had to protect on one side, and Arthur's life and his love on the other side. The scale moved and her choice was confirmed.

    While Arthur approached little by little, Lillian closed her eyes. My body got hot. It was not known whether it was because of fever or guilt. But she has already chosen.

    Arthur hugged her urgently. Lillian, who hugged him, breathed out a long breath. Arthur's arms were only calm in the rain. Ah. Lillian realized. Only this pum was bringing her peace of mind. What he said was half right and half wrong. Only this man, this arms, brings her the comfort and love of life. She couldn't leave because both were in this man.

    She really did her best, but she forced herself to leave, but was dragged into this arms like a magnet. And I felt truly relieved at this moment when everything was over. It was much better to bear the weight of sin than Arthur died, sick, or broke up with him.

    Arthur approached her. The urgent kiss was begging. He was kissing her as if he would eat her up. She, who had been accepting it for a while, also tangled her tongue while hanging from his neck. He sucked his tongue and moved it with his tongue in his mouth.

    Did I miss you so much?

    Cells all over the body wanted him. It's okay to be guilty or something like that. If I could have this man, I'd take anything. It's just this guy. What she wanted was eventually this man. There was no need for a large amount of alimony he gave or for family support. Only this man could fully embrace her soul.

    "I want to be sexy."”

    Lillian whispered. It was far away the whole time. I wanted to feel his body now. I wanted to cry in his arms and be loved affectionately by him and fall asleep in his arms when everything was over. Then I thought I could throw away all the virtues I had as a human being.

    "Let's go back and do it."

    Arthur said so and hugged her tightly. It hurts like it's going to break. Lillian sincerely hoped that it would break at this moment.

    The rain got warmer. Arthur and Lillian shook their tongues violently under the hot-water rain shower. Arthur caressed her chest and Lillian hugged him on the back. I can't get enough of kissing. I kept mixing my tongue. Instead of each other's pain, they sucked saliva.

    Arthur's fingers came inside, cutting through Lillian's thick and small chunks of flesh. When she lightly bounced her ball, she hmmm and turned back. Arthur pushed her body against the wall. When her back touched the cold tile wall, she hardened. Arthur washed Lillian's neck, soothing her.

    "H, uh, Arthur, Ah, down, hand, take it off, okay!"


    Arthur asked. He seemed really curious. Lillian pushed the wall with his back and tried to remove his hand somehow.

    "But, ah, me, already..."

    "Hurry up and do it."

    Arthur put his tongue in Lillian's ear. My tongue is committing an ear. When Lillian tried to shake her head, Arthur grabbed her chin and put her tongue into her mouth. It was too greedy to say kiss. Lillian shook his head because of the pleasure rising from the bottom. I wanted to ask him not to touch it, but he didn't come out of her mouth. When she grabbed him by the wrist, he laughed with his neck. He let go of her lips and put her forehead together.

    "Why? You like this."

    He whispered.


    Lillian closed her mouth while talking. Arthur frowned when he closed his mouth because he was uncomfortable talking with his mouth.

    "Lily, I'm in a hurry right now."

    He was really in a hurry. I had never thought I could hug Lillian's body again. I wanted to hug this lovely body again. It felt like someone put a gun into my head. Reason seems to fly away right away, but Lillian was holding his wrist for some reason and not letting go.


    Oh, I'm going crazy. Reason was close. I'm full of senses because I want to have a woman in front of me. Arthur called for an answer in a low voice, "Lilian." Then Lillian muttered quietly.

    "You're dirty."

    Lillian also knows that he doesn't mean it. I know it was evil, but I was worried when I mixed my body.


    "Lastly, you..."… You did."


    Arthur finally came up with the incident while trying to deny it, narrowing his forehead that it was nonsense. It was the last time I hugged her. He stuck out his tongue and licked his lips and looked down at Lillian. She didn't make eye contact with him, even if she knew this story didn't make sense. But I'm sure she wants to make sure.

    It was cute. Arthur endured the desire to the point where his head was pounding and whispered softly to her.

    "I'm the one who made you do that."


    "There's no way it's dirty."”

    Lillian did not let go of Arthur's wrist, perhaps it was not enough. Arthur washed Lillian's lips lightly.

    "I'm just crazy about jealousy for a second.”

    Arthur became anxious about Lillian not saying anything. As much as she said let's have sex, or more than she did, he wanted her.

    "Show us, please". Crying, dragging, and raising the nipples...… Show us everything. I want to see you show only to me.”

    Arthur's whisper was hot. Lillian looked up at Arthur, trapped in his arms.

    He always had a beautiful face as a man, but he lost too much weight and looked like a sick person. His features were too clear and his eyes deepened. When his eyes met, he smiled with sweet eyes. It is the first pathological beauty I see from Arthur.

    Arthur's hand rubbed Lillian's Clitoris. Lillian held Arthur's arms, which were supporting the wall, with both hands, but his knees kept bending. It was the first long tissue I had ever experienced since I mixed my body with Arthur. Lillian's body was also as hot as Arthur.

    "Uh, yes! Yes! Oh, yes!"

    Lillian grabbed Arthur's arm and closed his eyes. Arthur kissed her forehead all over her face. The fluttering kiss also meant that she could reach the peak as much as she wanted. Lillian twisted his body feeling his fetus burning. It didn't work out well.

    "Go ahead and do it. I'll put it in next time.

    Lillian's inside is narrow. It has been a long time since she did it, so it will be difficult for her to accept Arthur's.

    "Oh, no. Still, I... Yes!"

    Arthur's finger came into Lillian's. It's tightening with just one finger. It was too narrow to accept Arthur's. He came in rubbing inside and rubbed her favorite thick spot.

    "Come on."

    Arthur urged Lillian to wash her earlobes.

    "Lily, it's too narrow." Hurry up and do it. I miss you.”

    "Standing up"?

    "Yeah, I think it'll be cute."”

    "Don't say that".

    Lillian shook his head, saying no with a bright red face.

    "Are you ashamed of being cute?" Cute, pretty. Come on, try standing up. "Show us your cute side."

    "I do, ah, yes, um, uh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Transparent water burst out of Lillian's thick cleatoris. Arthur watched it with licking eyes. Lillian's appearance of shaking her slim legs and spitting out a shameful liquid was terribly stimulating. This was especially the case with Lillian's face, who was not seeing anything with his eyes open. After pouring it out once, the water was flowing little by little, but Arthur pressed Lillian's body with his body. The soft body is pressed against his body. When her voluptuous chest was squeezed, she murmured, "It hurts, yup." Her Orgassum was quite long. In particular, it was quite long when it bothered G-Spot and sprayed water. Arthur wrapped one of Lillian's legs around his waist and pushed his genitals in.

    "But I still didn't forget."”

    Arthur whispered. Lillian lifted his biting eyes and looked up at him. The ecstasy still lingers in my eyes. But she preferred to see through Arthur rather than women's circumstances. This is probably because the mental orgum comes with it.

    "Here you go." He's spreading it.”

    Arthur tucked his pier into Lillian's. Sex after a long time. Arthur was well aware of how huge his penis was. I was worried that Lillian would be in pain, but Lillian trembled, "Huah!" I could feel the water she poured out on her knees. At that moment, Arthur couldn't stand his lust and grabbed Lillian's chin.

    "Do you still feel the pain when only your ears go in?" Huh?

    "Oh my god!" Me, me!"

    "What do I do about this racy, my wife?" How did you endure it? Did I get sleep paralysis?

    Arthur licked Lillian's hand. She put her middle finger in her mouth and wiped it.

    "Oh, I didn't..."…, yes!"

    Arthur bit the root of his finger. Lillian gasped and trembled again, even though he had set his teeth lightly. Arthur pulled out her finger, wrapped her tongue around her fingernail, caressed her, and finally kissed her fingertips. Among them, Lillian was twisting her back. It was a anxious movement to keep only Arthur's huge piercings accepted.

    "You can't do it." This is mine.”

    "Yeah! Yeah! I won't!"

    "If I get caught doing it, I'll fill up Jeongjo. Urine and excrement will also make me have to beg. Got it?

    Lillian hit Arthur on the shoulder. Even though I hit him several times, I had no strengthless.

    "I don't know if you're telling me not to say that or to put it in quickly.”

    Arthur laughed grumpyly. He slowly advanced into Lillian. The flesh that was attached was pushed by Arthur's and opened helplessly, and soon stuck to his. Lillian's inner flesh, born and raised noble, sticks to Arthur's penis like the prostitutes of the brothel and acts coyly. I hope for a fixed amount.

    "Sigh, ah, ah!"

    "Hmm, already, begging..."….”

    Arthur couldn't stand it and groaned while Lillian was singing in a bird's voice. I thought I would never do this again. This body, this inner body, this body, this body scent, this voice, was considered to have nothing. But she reached out to him again. The world chose him, not her or herself. I was grateful, but the loveliness was greater than that. She was not lovely, but a woman who drove a man crazy.

    "Oh my god! My legs..."…!”

    Lillian hung from Arthur and screamed. One leg was wrapped around his waist and stood only on the other toe. Whenever he raised it roughly and hit it, the tip of his toes floated narrowly. I was scared but couldn't wake up to the pleasure of dominating the whole body. Arthur's penis was crushing the whole inside of her. He completely changed her. Whenever he was stabbed by genitals and sewed like a skewer, Lillian forgot everything and screamed. Arthur also lifted her opposite leg. Fully in the air, he accepted his genitals.

    "Scary, scary, ah-huh, yeah, me, scary, uh-huh!"

    "I'm scared. Are you crying like this?" Scary? Lily, your nipples are full.”

    "I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm on the bed, ah!"

    "Then act more cute." Skin, soft, sticky. Calm down, your man. Look."

    Lillian hung on Arthur's neck at that moment. He hugged him tightly and shook his butt. Rather than shaking it because it was floating in the air, it was a little twisted around the waist, but Arthur gasped and swallowed his breath.

    "Me, bed, huh? "Arthur, this is so hard."

    "... This is crazy."

    Arthur kicked his tongue. Lillian stuck out his tongue and licked Arthur's ear. Ugh. Arthur groaned again.

    "Arthur, go, and..." Huh? Go, I'll do well. Huh?

    "How did my duchess end up like this?" Since when did you start training your body and man?

    Lillian looked at Arthur's face, wondering if he didn't like it. Arthur smiled at her worried face. Although she lost weight, her Arthur was still beautiful. Still, she was disappointed, so she ended both eyebrows without realizing it. Arthur kissed her on her tear. Lillian, who was responding to the sweet kiss, soon screamed. Arthur began to move to bed.

    "Ah, ah!" Ah, no! You'll poke me there! Ahhhhhhhhhh!

    "Senior, he begged me to give it to him, but now he's hanging on because he's scared of his flesh." Cute, huh?"

    "Argh! Scary, wow, oh, me, me, there, yeah, it's tearing up, oh!"

    "Do you think it touched your uterus?"”

    "I don't know...""Oh, no. I can't do this".

    Lillian leaned back. Arthur held back his feelings and laid her on the bed. She screamed when she lay it down without taking it out. She must have been sick because the inside was pressed, but her eyes were already out of focus.

    Arthur lightly patted Lillian on the cheek. Then the focus barely returned to her eyes.

    "Hold your leg."

    At Arthur's words, Lillian hugged and spread his legs on his own without saying anything. Clittoris, who had sprayed several times in front of the man, and the entrance to the man's genitals were revealed.

    "You promised me you'd do well, didn't Don't let go."

    Arthur whispered. He was also the limit. I've been holding back what I wanted to do since earlier because I wanted to bother her. Her inside was already melted like a midsummer ice cream. There was no power left to climb up to the Orgum again and again to push out the man's genitals Like Lillian, who is following Arthur's words like a doll with her mouth open, her inside was also waiting for the man's rape.

    Arthur moved his back recklessly. Lillian shook and shouted while hugging his legs. I tighten the bottom because I want to receive semen on a weak topic. It was a great tightening.

    "Yeah! Yeah!"

    "Do you want a semen?" I want to eat it. Try it. Huh?"

    When he talked to Lillian like teasing, Lillian's eyes resented.

    "Whoa, Nu, Nuga, Yes!"

    "Okay, I do it." I like it, too. You, Ahn, I really like it. It's hot and chewy. Huh? The semen. Give it to me. Try it. You want me to spray it on the uterus? Huh? Hoo, come on."

    "Who, yes! You're the one!"


    Arthur asked without stopping his back. Lillian gasped and said.

    "All, you, you, you, to me, you want to do it, yup!" Tell me, let me do it!"

    "Do you want me to do this?"

    "I, yes!" I took it, I gave it to you, so you're, now, mine. You need to get permission from me. Argh! You! Hey!

    At that moment, Arthur plunged into Lillian. My head is boiling hot. Things have begun. The situation was long as I endured it for a long time. Lillian hugged him. While he shook his back by squeezing a little more into her, she pulled him too and received a little more of his semen.

    After things were over, he looked down at Lillian. Her eyes were also full of lust. But she didn't avoid her eyes.

    "Am I yours?"”

    "Of course."

    "Am I? Am I being raised by you?"

    Arthur asked. Lillian looked straight up at Arthur's face. If he is not confident, he is broken. He can die or get sick. I'm running to the catastrophe. And she loves him. Neither he dies nor gets sick can be overlooked, and above all, he cannot break up. Everything was decided from the day of 15. She had a crush on him at a glance. And I just loved him for over a decade. Love grew bigger and became everything about her.

    "That's right. I'm going to raise it.”

    Arthur's father did not raise Arthur. Arthur's mother also did not raise him. He was broken lonely. He became a murderer.

    Whatever Arthur needs, she will give him everything.

    Lillian stroked Arthur's cheek.

    "So you shouldn't be sick. I won't forgive you for shaking your body like this.”

    Arthur closed his eyes without saying a word.

    "If you listen carefully, I will never throw you away."

    At that moment, Arthur smiled brightly. All the darkness disappeared, leaving nothing but brilliance. Lillian was once again mesmerized by the face, captivated by him. Arthur whispered.

    "Maybe I've been waiting for this all my life.”

    At what he said, Lillian pulled him in still. He hugged his head and snuggled.

    "I can hear your heart, Lily."

    Arthur muttered. When I looked out the window, it was still raining. It seemed that it would never stop. There were only two in the world. That was enough.

    - Part 3. Arthur and Lillian, the end.
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    "You have to be in a proper posture."

    Arthur whispered in his ear. Lillian wanted to cry with a friendly voice. When Arthur stepped down from the top, she raised her back more and hugged her legs and stuck them on her chest. No matter how husband or Arthur was, it was embarrassing to spread his legs naked in front of him.

    "Spread your legs out more."

    At Arthur's words, Lillian endured shame and spread his legs. All the places I wanted to cover were exposed. Arthur stroked Lillian's butt. Sensitive hips flinched just by touching them. When he was slapped on the buttocks, Lillian tried not to move by applying force to his buttocks.

    "Today is a practice not to show that I'm angry. "If you do this well, you can go on a business trip for a week."

    Lillian has to go abroad for a week with the queen next week. It wasn't a business trip she could refuse. Arthur was grumpy even though he knew it clearly.

    "The back hole."

    Arthur pressed Lillian's anus hard. Every time, Lillian shivered her shoulders. Arthur had many tastes, but he had never had anal sex. If I had to say, hitting the anus was more suitable for his taste than inserting it into the anus. Either way, I didn't mean to do it to Lillian, but it was fun to see her afraid.

    "I told you we should look at the ceiling.”

    Lillian pulled his leg more toward his chest. Arthur taught all the exposed postures from genitals to anus. Whenever the posture went wrong, Arthur crushed Lillian to fully understand this posture. It has always been special to see a wife soaked in shame with her excrement exposed.

    Arthur slowly put his finger in Lillian's mouth. As soon as the finger approached, Lillian stuck out her tongue and hit the finger. Arthur's finger slowly rubbed Lillian's red tongue. Lillian endured the caress with a sound.

    "Unlike your lower lip, your upper lip is loose".

    At Arthur's teasing, Lillian stared at him with wet eyes. At the same time, she closed her lips and made her cheeks slimmer to suck his fingers.

    "I feel good." You're good."

    Yeah. Lillian moved his head little by little and sucked in Arthur's finger. Bite your fingers while moving your lips without raising your teeth. I accept my finger to the point where I can feel nauseous.

    "If you practice like this, you'll be able to wash my penis properly, Lily. There's a good place in your mouth, too.”

    Unable to deny Arthur's words, Lillian closed his eyes. As I kissed Arthur and was caressed by his fingers, I found out that there was also a vocal cord in my mouth. When Arthur's finger was bitten, he unknowingly rubbed the tip of his finger toward it.

    "Yeah, like that." Rub your favorite place."

    Yes, yes.... Lillian bit his finger deeply in pleasure. Arthur smacked his lips when he saw it. Lillian's caressing the man's fingers while enduring the nausea made him even more excited. As soon as he raised his hand and tried to grab Lillian's hair, Lillian suddenly spat out Arthur's finger.


    Arthur quickly grabbed Lillian's head and put him up. I must have poked it wrong. Arthur frowned. (Screams) Lillian kept nauseating and folded his body in a round shape.


    Lillian couldn't straighten her back. The moment he thought something was wrong, Arthur forcibly hugged Lillian. Lillian was throbbing and distressed.

    "Just a little bit, Lily, just a little bit."

    Arthur Lillian strode to the bathroom while hugging. When she put her down in front of the toilet, she suffered with the cover up and her face stuck up. It was when Arthur tried to pat Lillian's naked back due to the continued nausea.

    "Get out."

    Lillian pushed him away. Arthur was more worried because he didn't stop pushing him away even though he wanted to vomit. He held her wrist strong enough not to hurt and asked, "What's wrong?" I was worried.

    "Oh no, I don't want to show you, so get out."

    Woohoo-. Lillian said with tearful eyes, perhaps in pain. Still, Arthur frowned because his voice was quite firm. Since returning from Ruth, he has been her slave. He's been doing whatever she wants, but this is...….

    "Get out!"

    Lillian got angry and said, "Okay, okay," and Arthur let Lillian go. He went out of the bathroom and stood against the wall. Lillian doesn't seem to be able to throw up anything, but she couldn't stop nauseating. Crazy. He frowned and listened to the sound, then picked up the intercom in the bathroom and called John, his secretary.

    "Call Rayston, right now."

    It was only when Lillian managed to get out of the bathroom that the Astrid family's doctor, McCullin Rayston, arrived. She chased her husband outside and vomited only gastric juice for a long time before stepping down from the toilet. As soon as that happened, Arthur approached and helped her. Arthur kicked his tongue because of her stubbornness, saying she wanted to brush her teeth.

    "Are you going to drive me crazy today?"”

    Arthur rarely says this except on the bed. Even if he says this, Lillian tends to soothe him well and end up in a good mood, but today it was different. She stared coldly at him and retorted, "What did you say to me now?"

    "It's sexy."

    Arthur sighed and turned the words around. However, Lillian, who was offended, shook off Arthur and walked to the sink. Less than two steps away, Arthur, who hugged her, eventually put her on the sink. Sitting on the sink, she reached out and snatched a towel and covered herself. In the meantime, Arthur put toothpaste on Lillian's toothbrush and handed it over.

    When Lillian struggled to brush his teeth, Arthur wrapped Lillian's body in a shower gown and hugged him.

    Lillian closed her eyes, leaning her head against Arthur's arms. I still didn't feel well. Arthur took her to her bed instead of taking her to her room. She forced herself to get up, changed into a night gown, and lay in bed.

    "I'll be back in my clothes. Stay a little longer".

    By the time Arthur touched Lillian's hair and changed his clothes, his doctor Rayston arrived.

    Lillian was really surprised because he didn't know Arthur had called a doctor. As soon as she saw Rayston, she asked with a embarrassing face.

    "What's going on"?

    "I heard you were sick, so I came to see you. "Do you have any other symptoms besides nausea?"

    Instead of answering, Lillian looked at Arthur. She looked back at Rayston with a troubled face, but Arthur knew what her gaze was saying. She was reluctant to talk about her condition in front of him. In other words, she knew from the beginning that she had a problem with her body.

    You hid that you were sick?

    At that moment, my eyes flew black. Arthur waited for a moment for his sight to return. Soon after, the vision returned, and he was able to act as Arthur Astrid. He slowly approached Lillian's bed and sat down. Then she lowered her eyes.



    "What's the problem?"

    Lillian looked at Arthur and Rayston once and then sighed. As long as the doctor came, it was difficult to deny. I didn't mean to hide it, but it was true that I was looking at the timing to talk. I didn't mean to say this after making you worry a lot.

    As Lillian glanced at Rayston, he quickly left the room, saying, "I'll call him for a moment." Then Lillian became alone with Arthur.

    She looked at Arthur's face. Not knowing how to start this story, she has hesitated for weeks. His face was full of only concern and affection. Since returning from Ruth, he has done everything to her. For her, she acted sweetly in an attitude that she would pick even the stars in the sky. In front of others, the show window acted perfectly like a couple, and when there were only two of them, she was looking at her with eyes that seemed to melt away.

    So I couldn't say it. I thought it would be hard to endure the moment when his expression changed.

    "I'm pregnant."

    Arthur opened his eyes wide at Lillian's words.

    "Test machine, I did it." I should go to the hospital and get a confirmation.… I'm sure it'sure.”

    Lillian knew what the predecessor Duke Astrid had done to Arthur. He didn't seem to want a child.

    I don't need kids.

    Arthur said so.

    I don't need anything like that. Do you think I want to be a father?

    Lillian looked at Arthur with calm eyes. I just looked at what he would say, what face he would make.

    Arthur opened his eyes wide and soon became expressionless. He was actually not looking at Lillian's face. The eyes that were out of focus seemed to be thinking about something. Lillian couldn't gauge what he thought.

    A few seconds passed like eternity. It wasn't long before Arthur smiled softly.

    "That's great."

    Like talking about someone else. He himself hugged Lillian's body as if he noticed the mistake only after spitting it out like that.

    "I'm happy."

    "Lie. You said you wouldn't do it anymore."

    Lillian muttered in Arthur's arms. Unlike usual, Arthur's arms felt cold and dark. With his pregnant wife, he congratulated her on "good for you." As if nothing had happened to him.

    "I'm not lying, I'm really happy."


    "How can you not be happy that our alter ego grows in your body? It's true."


    Arthur licked his lips while hugging Lillian. He cleaned her head by sweeping her back. It was not long before he buried his lips in Lillian's head and whispered.

    "I didn't want to leave my alter ego behind. I'm sure you know why. But I don't hate it when you say you have children. It's just that I don't know what to do. My father was like this, and so am I, but what about my child?”

    Lillian blinked in Arthur's arms. Arthur muttered without seeing her expression.

    "I'm afraid you'll get hurt.”

    Lillian slowly looked up and looked up at Arthur. He was really confused.

    I never dreamed of thinking like that. Lillian looked into Arthur's eyes. Arthur's blue eyes are always warm sea color. He felt as if he were protected by everything.

    He had never said this. Husband who regarded himself as a monster because of his father. At the moment when the strongest man became the most regrettable, Lillian smiled as brightly as she could.

    "I'm such a fool." What's wrong with you, what's wrong with your father. At least you, your father, and at the moment you were born, you were just an angel. People are always at the crossroads of choice, and they have repeated choices and choices to become who you are today. And I really like you right now."

    "However, Lillian."

    "I'm relieved if I'm a child just like you. "You're smart and your face is very beautiful, so his life must be very comfortable."

    And even if it wasn't, Lillian raised Arthur's hand and put it on his cheek.

    "It's not that abstract that you have to worry about. "Worry about whether he has two eyes or ten fingers."

    Arthur frowned at Lillian's words.

    "I'm sure you'll be born healthy because you're my child.”

    It was a struggle that he had never thought of such a possibility. Lillian snorted.

    "You don't know because you're my baby." I was weak when I was young.”

    "How much?"

    "I was in the incubator for two months."

    Arthur looked down at Lillian seriously. She was smiling. She was smaller and weaker than him, but often felt stronger and more like a huge being. It reassured him. She's not weak.

    But the baby in her stomach...….

    He had never thought that a baby would be weak even if he had thought it would be evil. She's right. A child may not be born properly.

    "Please pray for this child to be healthy and born safely."

    Arthur grinned at Lillian's words.

    "Okay. Let's tell the father-in-law and mother-in-law and pray together."

    Lillian found out that her mother didn't like her husband because of the incident where she almost broke up with Arthur. She looked up at Arthur's face. He had a mischievous boy face.


    And time flew by until Lillian became 30 weeks pregnant. Estevan thought that Lillian might be able to divorce Arthur, but he became depressed as if he had been struck by a surprise when he heard that he even had a child, and on the contrary, Astrid was full of vitality. Arthur, who didn't want a child, wanted a child little by little as he saw Lillian's stomach gradually filling up. A child born with Lillian's own genes. Arthur was relieved when he was convinced that Lillian's blessed gene would be stronger than his cursed gene.

    Lillian's morning sickness was severe in the early stages, but after that, he entered a stable period. She ate as usual and moved as usual. As always, he was active and actively participated in various programs.

    "You don't have to send it to Lanster, do you?"”

    Lillian muttered unwillingly.

    The first son of the duke Astrid was the son. As soon as he learned that he was a son, Arthur and other secretaries of the Duke of Astrid were creating an educational curriculum for small works. From the moment he was born, Lillian was reluctant to talk about the path of fate for the child, that is, the path to the duke.

    "I have to choose between Lanster and Owen, but Lanster will be better if I think about many things.”

    Lanster and Owen were both famous boarding schools in Oson. Most aristocrats and chaebol children, including the royal family, will go to the school. A strong group is formed because the same faces meet until entering college at the age of seven.

    "He could be angry or want to be an athlete."

    Lillian seemed to want to do what the child wanted.

    "I'll do whatever you want."

    Arthur knelt in front of Lillian and stroked her stomach. For the first time since he got to know Lillian, her belly had popped out. It didn't pop out as much as I thought, but there is definitely a child growing up in here. This is not a cursed child. I want to stop the curse. Lillian's light will drive out all darkness and inject new blood into Astrid's street.

    But if it doesn't become a duke, our child won't be able to have the legacy I left behind. The family businesses will be divided into small pieces and fall into the hands of many people."

    "That's true."

    Lillian sighed. I want to open up infinite possibilities to my child as much as possible, but in fact, I don't think there will be many options for the child. Those who have a lot have a lot to protect.

    Seeing Lillian's depressed face, Arthur kissed her cheek as if comforting.

    "Let's see when the child shows up. If he doesn't want to be a duke, he can have another child.”

    "You said you didn't like children."”

    Lillian often referred to Arthur's defensive attitude when he confessed his pregnancy. I thought I would probably be scolded for the rest of my life. As far as Arthur knew, this was the only thing Lillian persistently mentions. Arthur was willing to soothe her whenever she was in the rain because it was a fresh thing that was hard to see.

    "It was just silly. As you know, I often become silly."

    Heung and Lillian turned away from Arthur, kissing her neck and whispering Arthur.

    "I really like both you and your children."

    Arthur's hand came into Lillian's shirt. Lim Bu-yong's hands inside her loose clothes grabbed Lillian's chest. Yeah! Lillian leaned back.

    "It's time to milk it.”

    Arthur whispered. He looked genuinely joyful.

    Lillian suffered from a baby's illness shortly after morning sickness stepped down. It was hard because my chest grew and my nipples hurt. Arthur, who couldn't see her struggling, massaged her chest a little one night, and at that moment the yellow liquid burst on her chest and the pain subsided. If it is sound, it was a sound act, but if you do this with Arthur, it will be unhealthy.

    Arthur took off Lillian's clothes and made him come up above him to face him.

    Lillian sat on top of Arthur, dressed neatly. I was more embarrassed for some reason because my chest and stomach popped out. She barely put up with wanting to hide herself. Whenever he tried to hide himself, Arthur bothered her as if he were punishing her.

    "You're waiting for this moment everyday, right?

    "When did I do that?"

    "I was just waiting for this time, not you." Oh, you've been waiting, too.

    Lillian shed his eyes at Arthur's natural teasing.

    "Come here."

    Arthur said.

    Lillian held out his upper body himself. Arthur gave her a massage only when she held both hands behind her back and stretched out her chest. His massage was very clever. She was originally sensitive at heart, but he drew her pleasure and massaged her to bury her pain in pleasure. Obviously, I felt cool and good even though I was sick. Especially by the time the yellow milk came out, the pain in the chest almost subsided.

    "Oh, yeah, yeah! Oh, good.

    "Do you like squeezing milk?"”

    "I don't like that kind of thing". Yes, yes, yes! Oh, don't crave it, ah!

    "Lie. You like it." Do you want me to put tongs on you after you have a baby and weep?”

    Arthur pulled Lillian's nipples. Lillian likes to be twisted and pinched, but at some point Lillian likes to be pulled the most. Arthur heated Lillian's chest to the fullest and finally pulled her nipples, and she raised her chin and trembled.

    "Yes, yes, I think I'm going to do it now. Ugh!"

    Arthur looked up still as Lillian reached his peak. She peaked faster and faster as she went on. I spilled saliva on my blind eyes like a baby.

    Lillian, who came to his senses, looked down at Arthur. Her long hair flowed down her chest and reached her belly.

    "I think there's more milk coming out little by little.”

    Liquid dropped from Lillian's papilla and flowed down over Arthur's cheek. Arthur, who was licking the juice on his finger, licked his cheek with his finger and put it in Lillian's mouth.

    "This is not milk."

    "Juicy? It's more racy."”

    "Silly, what's this racy about?" It's because I'm pregnant.

    "Then, are you coming out of this place is also pregnant?"”

    Arthur's finger dug between Lillian's legs. I caressed the wet and muddy place.

    Lillian shook his head. The fingers that came through the phonemes are too sneaky. Her husband already knew her body inside out. How she can't stand it, or how she can endure it with difficulty. And Arthur was holding her back now. While touching the penis, he didn't bother me enough to go completely, and his fingers flapping at the entrance came only briefly near his fingernails. He stepped down soon.

    "Uh, Uh, uh, ah, deeper, yeah.

    The child was sweet. The inside was already hot and ticklish. I could feel the mucous membrane wriggling arbitrarily. Come on, I wanted it. I wanted Arthur's to come in and calm the inside.

    "Deeply, what?" Do you want me to do it with my fingers?”

    "Put it in the inside, inside, yes, yes! Put it says.

    Lillian hugged Arthur's neck and washed his lips. Yes, yes. Arthur kicked his tongue when a sweet petition leaked from the inside of his neck like a coy. When his wife, who was full, acted cute while shedding juice, even he, a natural sadist, would feel weak.

    "Next time, let's talk properly."”

    When Arthur spoke firmly, Lillian nodded. Arthur zipped it down. When his genitals appeared, Lillian moved above him. Arthur laughed at Lillian, who was in position.

    "You're impatient to do it." "The baby will look at you."

    "Don't say things like that, ah."

    "If you say things like this, I'll get wetter." "Can you see my shirt getting wet?"

    Lillian looked down without realizing it. Arthur's shirt was actually a little wet. When his face turned red with shame, Arthur held Lillian's hands and interlocked his fingers.

    "You may want to be stuck in your head, but I'm holding it in because I'm your mom, okay?"

    Arthur held Lillian's both hands while saying mean things. Lillian settled down slowly. As soon as Arthur's genitals came in, he seemed to have hit his head with pleasure. It was difficult to hold back even though I only held the end a little. Lillian twisted her body. I rubbed the inside with Arthur's.

    Arthur said Lillian's inner feeling changed a little after she became pregnant. It is said to be more watery, softer, and a little less tight. However, he was very careful, saying that the inner wall came down further and felt something blocked. Lillian couldn't be satisfied, and Arthur eventually made Lillian move on his own.

    "You were supposed to say it."”

    Arthur rebuked Lillian by putting his nails on the back of her hand. This sex method is tailored to Lillian rather than Arthur. As such, Lillian decided to tell Arthur how happy he was. Lillian licked her dry lips and opened her mouth.

    "Inside, yes, Bibi, Go."”


    "Can I tighten it?" "I want to tighten it, hmm."

    Arthur doesn't like to tighten. To the point where Lillian likes to tighten a little less when she's pregnant.

    "I want to tighten..."… Huh? Arthur? Huh?"

    Lillian twisted her back and begged. Watching that, Arthur bit his lips. Lillian was not the only one who enjoyed rough sexual intercourse and refrained from it. No, rather, she climbed up to her heart in other ways. Arthur himself made sensitive body. Arthur made himself sensitive. Lillian peaked several times after shedding juice, pouring out the lower water, or crying against the inner wall of his penis as it is now. However, it was difficult for Arthur to be completely satisfied. I felt like I had to eat only one spoon of cake that I had finished every day. I was hungry due to lack of quantity.

    "Oh, my. Huh? I, come on, allow me, give me. Tightening, huh?"

    It was Arthur who asked Lillian to get permission if he wanted to tighten it. And Lillian showed a dizzyingly decadent appearance every day.

    "If I show you what's in it..."

    Arthur drops the whispering Lillian further into the abyss. Lillian looked back at Arthur with blurry eyes. And the legs were spread out to show the insertion. Arthur, who seemed sufficient but complained of desire, demanded more. He brought Lillian's right hand to his mouth and politely kissed the back of his hand and let go. Lillian hesitated and headed his hand to his penis. The half-covered flesh insignia looked open on its own.

    "You got a promoter." Up and down. Did you like her husband Penis that much?”

    Arthur tapped Lillian's penis with his free left hand. I could feel Lillian shaking his head as if he hated it, but tightening his genitals. He twisted his back to the point of raising the penis, and at some point, he put it in and out by himself.

    This is driving me crazy.

    Arthur was barely holding back his desire to grab Lillian's waist and snap it down. I was sick to the point of my genitals. Lillian was coveting Arthur's genitals at will. He moved his back only for his own pleasure, squeezing recklessly. It was a relentless movement as if using a dildo fixed on the floor. Arthur was more excited to feel like a Norigae for Lillian. Arthur carefully raised Lillian's inside when he thought he could not stand it anymore. Hhh! Lillian leaned back like a bow.

    Lillian and her right hand, interlocking fingers, left them as they were, and swept her clitoris with her left hand. When he twisted, pinched, and swept up with his two fingers, Lillian couldn't hold back his excitement and shed tears. The mucous membrane attached to Arthur's penis convulsed. It was a sign that she was about to peak. Arthur raised his right hand with Lillian and grabbed her chest. She didn't loosen her fingers, so she grabbed her chest together. In that state, I kneaded it violently. She, who would normally be sick, just cried in ecstasy.

    "Me, it keeps coming out, yu-jeup, yu-jeup, yu-jeup, yu-jeup, ah-ah, Arthur, me, what should I do? Yes, yu-eu, ah-ang."

    "You're going up and down, wrapping yourself up and down.

    "However!" Wait, yeah, uh, ah, ah, ah!

    Lillian stopped while being religious. It hardened hard with strength all over its body as if it were frozen. At the peak, she forgot to even scream. The only place that moved in her body was inside her. The vaginal wall attached to Arthur's penis trembled, signaling its peak.

    Arthur looked at her like that. The juice made a puddle in her stomach, and her vaginal fluid and sap were soaking Arthur's pants. It was the peak of the female, with no elegance.

    In the height of his head's hotness, Lillian looked down at Arthur. The view, which was invisible, slowly cleared up. Arthur's eyes were also blurred. The always relaxed and ascetic Duke of Astrid was nowhere to be seen. It wasn't even the appearance of a man who had been acting mean to her all along and assisting her body. It was her admirer who was there. The appearance of a man delaying his sexual desire for her peak. Lillian slowly lowered his head and kissed Arthur's lips. After sucking the lower and upper lips alternately, he whispered, "Good boy."

    Lillian pulled Arthur's out and went down under the bed. Arthur sat down in the bed as she knelt down. His dark red penis was as if his veins were bursting.

    Lillian caressed his solid. The body was still deeply lingering. Arthur was strongly excited. I could feel his gaze crawling like licking his whole body. Something leaked from the inside. Running down the bridge felt like a snake was sliding down.


    Arthur muttered. Just by Lillian's gesture, he was flinching his back. It was clear that he endured a lot.

    Arthur's smelled obscene. Lillian looked up at Arthur and kissed his penis lightly. Arthur was looking down at her. Eyes that seem to commit her right away by moistening her dry lips with her own tongue over and over again. I got chills down my spine.

    Lillian rubbed his cheek against Arthur's. Pregnant, she was too much to suck Arthur's, which was covered with all kinds of liquid. So she caressed his with her cheeks, lips, and chest. He frowned as he moved his body while touching his hard and thick thighs with both hands.

    "I want to be criminal."

    Arthur muttered.

    "You, I want to join the army." I want to spread it out, hit it to the end, and put it in.

    Arthur's voice was floating excitedly. He was committing Lillian roughly in his head. Lillian flinched and heard his voice. Although he wants to commit her blatantly, he quietly tries to be satisfied with the pleasure she gives, grabbing the sheet with both hands.

    "I want to commit you, crying one after another." I want to develop your sexual instinct in my mouth. I want to make it cheap just by biting my husband's."

    Lillian's heart pounded. I imagined him doing that. Arthur and she are in the same imagination now. In the imagination, Arthur was rough, and Lillian was passively crying with his mouth open.

    "I want to mess up my mouth, quality, and mess up. Anus, I want to develop it for you. I miss you, who can't scream or scream while being stuck in the back hole.”

    Lillian was scared. Anus is excretion, not insertion. But Arthur will make her do that as soon as she allows. How many times has he already pressed and threatened you?

    "It's for other women, but I regret not developing your back hole these days. If I had done it, I would have committed it backwards. I miss you, shaking your big belly, sprinkling juice in all directions, and going through the back hole.”

    "Shi, I don't like that kind of saying."

    "Don't worry, I'll rub it with my finger in the front, too. Or, where you feel it, rotor, I'll put it in. I can make it cheaper in the future. "You, it's okay, when the time comes to lose."

    Arthur gasped. Having already limited to Lillian's caress and rough imagination, he seemed to be soon to assess. Lillian closed her eyes.

    "Tongue, stick it out."

    Arthur asked for it. Lillian raised his head and stick out his tongue. Toduduk, a sticky liquid fell on my tongue. Head, face, neck, and chest and stomach. Arthur's semen defiled Lillian's whole body. Lillian trembled with semen sprayed all over her body. A feeling came to mind when I was being questioned. The feeling that her body is pickled in semen of another person. It's been a long time since Lillian felt it, too.

    Arthur looked at Lillian. Even the face covered with semen was lovely. It was the moment Arthur tried to reach out to Lillian's face.

    "Ah, Arthur, I think I'm going to come out."”

    Lillian whispered. She seemed to have heated up quickly, being well-finded by obscene rumors during sex.

    "Spread your legs."

    At Arthur's order, Lillian spread his legs. As if it were natural, she put her hand on the floor and leaned back to show her precious place. In her enlarged chest, the juicy and swollen stomach still fell and it didn't fit her body, so it was more revealing. The bottom, which was loved so much, was swollen no matter where. In particular, her penis was trembling as if she were preparing to heat up and release a shameful liquid.

    "You're nice."

    As Lillian said earlier, Arthur whispered.

    "Me, me, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Arthur, give me permission. Huh?

    "Are you going to do it?" I'm sure it'll make a sound.

    "But still." Oh, hurry up."

    Lillian suffered. As a woman, it is a figure that cannot be seen by others. In particular, this cannot happen to anyone who has been educated to be elegant and noble for life like Lillian. But she is not as humiliated as Arthur.

    Arthur thought maybe it was her determination. From the moment she returned from Ruth, she became very honest with Arthur. I told Arthur everything I wanted and interfered with him very much. Meanwhile, in bed, Arthur did what he wanted. No matter how shy she was, she bit her lips and clenched both hands to endure shame.

    "Try it."

    (Sighs) Lillian leaned back a lot and poured it. At this point, it's habit. Lillian became a perv. It's only Arthur's responsibility. But Lillian was willing to dedicate his body to Arthur and instead had his life.

    "Oh, my. Not yet. Yes!"

    He forced her to pour out, and Arthur kissed her affectionately. How far does this woman intend to capture him? He is already unable to live without this woman, but she is tying him up with a stronger noose.

    Fastening his tongue, Lillian went all the way. I could see my eyes shaking with pleasure. Arthur whispered after Lillian's peak.

    "Do you know what you're doing to me?"

    Lillian smiled. She raised her trembling arm and hugged Arthur's neck.

    "I'm giving you my love."”

    It was a foolish question and a wise answer. Arthur didn't say more. He kissed again. He poured his love into Lillian's lips. Taking all her saliva away, he grabbed Lillian's chest. It wasn't enough yet. I felt like I couldn't be satisfied forever.


    The child was a son. The child was just like Lillian from the moment he was born, and as he grew up, he became more like Lillian. It was not that there was no place that resembled Arthur, but he had long limbs, a good proportion of body, and a significantly taller height than his peers, and a manly nose. Both families were willing to have light green eyes, soft honey blonde, and gentle attitude.

    Fortunately, the child wanted to be a duke. Once the purpose was set, he also had the tenacity and perseverance to achieve it at the expense of many things. The child declared that he would enter Lanster by the age of seven.

    "Lanster is even." The world will change."

    Lillian was the type to do what the child wanted, but not Arthur. Arthur hated this child, who looked like Lillian, leaving his hands and entering boarding school. Lillian asked back, "Is Lanster even?" but Arthur looked straight at the child without answering her question. Not a chance. It was written strongly in his blue eyes.

    "But my friends are going to Daranster."

    "Everyone is stupid."

    "Father, I have to go to Lanster." "Nobles go to Daranster!"

    "It's an old story." "What are all aristocrats in this world?"

    When Arthur didn't even pretend to have heard, the child looked at his maternal grandfather, Count Esteban.

    Lillian knew that her mother hated her husband, so she sent her son Winston to Esteban Street every weekend. So Estevan also cared and cherished Winston like a grandson, or a late child. When you enter a boarding school, you will only see the count once a half year, but the count was so into the pretty grandson that he didn't even want to think about his life without a grandson.

    "Parents know their children the best. "Listen to your father."

    Lillian looked at his father as absurdly as Winston. She felt like she had never seen her father side with her husband in her life. It's probably the first time.

    "Grandpa! Everyone is going to Lanster!"

    Then Henry Esteban, who was sitting next to Count Esteban, soothed Winston.

    "Lanster is just an old school. And Winston, think about it. In a polarized world like these days, there's nothing good about going to such a school. It was beneficial to come to noble school in the past, but these days, I only hear that rich and powerful people form a privileged class. My father is right. When you enter a public school, it will be a great help when you grow up."

    Duke who ignored the privileged school and attended a public school. It definitely seemed okay. But Lillian knew well that Winston didn't say he would go to Lanster because he wanted to be a duke. This child wants to go to Lanster because most of Winston's friends go to Lanster.

    "Oh, or Owen!"

    Winston cried and begged.

    "What's the difference between Owen and Lanster?"

    Arthur drank tea gracefully and cut it firmly. Lillian recalled last night. It was hard to think that the man in front of her with tongs on her nipples and the man in front of her was the same person. Arthur looked more like a pope than a duke. He photographed and pressed his son with charisma that he couldn't resist and couldn't reach.


    When everything didn't work, Winston hung on to his mother. Lillian looked down at Winston with a troubled face. Even if she didn't, she had been bullied by Arthur all night, saying not to side with Winston today. Clitoris, which was persistently rubbed with nipples that had been bitten by tongs, showed off its strong presence, unlike usual. If I side with Winston here, I have to soothe Arthur all night again, but she didn't want to let Winston go so far that she wanted to live with it. In fact, I wanted Winston to be near her. And she was in favor of Henry's opinion that Winston would be better off going to public than private. At least when I was young, I wished I could go into the public and see many people in this country called Oson. Since boarding schools are dominated by people of similar environments, it was easy to have a narrow view. Lillian, who is working on charity work, didn't want his son to grow up that much.

    "What my father said is not very wrong. You said you wanted to be a duke."

    "Charlie, Bill, and Daranster".

    Winston was about to bawl. The whole family knew that he was weak in his tears, but this time it was different.

    "It's just that you get foolish when you're with the same kids."

    "Lie! You're Lanster, too!"

    Winston criticized strongly. But Arthur shrugged and said.

    "My dad would have been much smarter if he hadn't been to Lanster."

    "I'm okay as long as you're smart".

    "My dad isn't okay. You can't imagine how upset my mom was because my dad did something silly. Dad doesn't want you to do such a silly thing to your loved one. It's all for you."

    Count Esteban and Henry Esteban glanced at Arthur at the same time. Considering Lillian's marriage process, the anger that had been left silent soared, but thanks to him, such a beautiful, intelligent, and not painful grandson (or nephew) was born. Looking at Winston, the hatred toward Arthur definitely subsided.

    "I hope this grandmother will also have my grandson by her side. Winston, if you're far away, your grandmother may get sick because she misses you.”

    Count Estevan grabbed Winston's left hand with tears in his eyes. Except for Winston, no one can be fooled, but it still worked for his grandson. Winston looked up at his grandmother's face and cried. Lillian, who was looking at Winston's face that seemed to cry right away, grabbed Winston's right hand.

    "Your brother will be born soon. Are you really going to boarding school?"”

    Lillian has yet to tell anyone that she is pregnant. Everyone looked back at her with a wide face. However, she was only looking at Winston's face without responding to anyone else's gaze. Light green eyes resembling Lillian sparkled, forgetting that they had just cried.

    "Your younger brother? Really?"

    "WINSTON, you said you wanted your sister".

    Yes, yes, yes! Winston nodded intensely. Lillian snatched the back of Winston's hand.

    "Is this your younger sister or younger brother?"

    "Little sister, little sister!" Mom, are you really younger than me? Do I have a younger sister?

    The child was a child. As if he had forgotten about his trip to Lanster with his friends, Winston came and jumped. Younger sister! Younger sister! Winston ran around the reception room like a hooligan facing the World Cup title.

    "Are you pregnant?"”

    "Really a girl? When? How many months are you?"

    "Lilian, how can you say this?" Arthur, you too...… I didn't know."

    Count Esteban, who was trying to criticize Arthur, said, "Oh no," and shut up. Arthur attracted her, saying, "Lilian, look at me," with a look of embarrassment. Arthur, who took her all the way to the corner, said...…Ai?" he asked straightforwardly.


    When Lillian looked in trouble, Arthur spoke in a fast tone as if he were appeasing her.

    "Lily, I'm not reacting like this because I don't like my child. I'm really happy about your pregnancy. I'm so happy that you're a girl. But, you're pregnant?

    "I found out after doing the tester this morning."

    "Oh my God."

    Arthur covered his face with his hands. He looked for God as if he remembered Lillian's performance when he had Winston. Lillian looked up at him for a moment and wrapped his arm around his waist. Aing. Lillian rarely acted cute and looked at Arthur's face.

    "We'll be able to overcome it well."”

    "I'm going to dry up to death."”

    "You can't just die because you couldn't control your sex."

    Come on, we're going to do well. Lillian comforted him one more time. Arthur recalled Lillian's pregnancy. The unfortunate path that I can't hit properly while looking at Lillian, who is very racy and cute.

    Wow, it's my younger sister. Arthur wanted to cry this time while his younger sister-sister, Manse-Winston shouted Manse.

    "You're still happy, right?" I know everything."

    Lillian asked.

    Arthur looked down at Lillian. A little older Lillian was more lovely than Lillian when he was young. She believed in him and the expression she showed only to him increased. Looking at her with a naughty face rather than elegant, he confessed, kissing her round forehead.

    "I'm happy."

    Lillian was tall. Arthur hugged Lillian tightly. I've never dreamed of a normal family. But when I think about it, I don't think I dare to dream. Because he was brainwashed for being broken. But when I suddenly looked up while living with Lillian, he was just a normal person. A man who meets a woman he loves, has children, and raises her.

    "I love you."

    Arthur's whisper made Lillian's cheeks a little red. It was as if the sunset outside the window was stained on her cheek. I love you so much. Arthur whispered one more time. Lillian kissed his lips like that.

    "I know it well."

    Lillian knows Arthur is twisted. But I also know that a man named Arthur Astrid was created, including that part. You can't have just one. Either have the whole or give up the whole, at that crossroads Lillian chose to have the whole. Even if she reached the wall after being chased by an invisible shadow in a dark and dark tunnel, she had no choice but to choose Arthur.

    But there was no shadow or tunnel there. It was just a bright light and a brilliant love for her. Lillian really loved Arthur. I had never loved anyone other than this man since I fell in love at first sight and decided to be with him for the rest of my life. However, Arthur's love certainly had a fanatical aspect. The love was enough to burn all of Arthur's self. Lillian couldn't seem to love Arthur that much.

    It seems to be the same emotion, but somewhere different.

    Even if only two remain in the world, you will eventually realize that the two are others.

    However, that's why you don't want to let go while hugging and loving.

    Lillian hugged the only person who could not be himself but could reach the nearest place of the soul as strongly as he could. It was weak compared to Arthur's power, but it was the best Lillian could do.

    "I love you." I hope you know that.”

    At Lillian's words, Arthur looked down at her for a moment. Soon he whispered, "I know," with her favorite smile.

    HOME, the end.


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    He is neither a masochist nor was playing with anyone else ! He faked the pictures

    He didn’t ! He staged the pictures. He’s loved his wife sins before and always have. He used to go to orgies and stuff but completely stopped after her got with her.
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    He hated that he was leaving for boarding school, not the child.
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    So we are near the end and I'm just too impatient to wait for chapter 29,30 and the prologue,does somebody knows how this story ends up?
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