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    책빙의는 이제 지겹다, I'm Sick of Being Transmigrated Into Books, Novel Transmigration Fatigue
    Novel Link: Official Novel Raws: Author: 하이마이디어 | Hi My Dear (The same author who wrote, "I’m a Villainess, Can I Die?")
    Artist: 양개 | Yanggae
    Year: 2021
    Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Drama
    Status: 190 Chapters + 2 Side Stories (Complete)


    I’ve had enough of being transmigrated into books.

    You would be tired of it too, especially if it was already your fourth time getting reincarnated. This time, I became the female lead’s villainous older sister.

    ‘Oh, I’m so sick of this.’

    Yet again, I was sure this life wouldn’t be exciting either. I had led long, straightforward lives before, and then I died and moved on to the next.

    But why was it that this reincarnation was a tad different?

    ‘Why can I use the abilities I had in my second life?’
    ‘Why is the female lead bothering me so much?’

    Alicia, the novel’s protagonist, was fated to have a poor, emaciated life. However, considering that she was this novel’s true heroine, I couldn’t just let her roll through the mud like this. I would do everything in my power to change her fate.

    ‘My younger sister, don’t become the heroine this time.’

    To achieve my goal through a project hereby dubbed as the [Mob-Alicia Project], I’ve recruited the male lead’s older brother, Cassion Carter.

    He was the villain who was almost killed—no, was fated to be killed—by the male lead.


    “If you want to live, promise me one thing.”

    As if he was a wild beast that had been hunted and left to die alone, he breathed with incredible difficulty. I reached toward the poor man’s face to caress his cheek, leaning down to whisper softly.

    “If I save you . . .”

    Lay your own life on the line to protect my sister.
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    Camping~ so MC finally gets bored after a fourth reincarnation, huh? Well... changing the plot is a bit late, but eh. Cover looks good
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    Ooh the female lead and the male lead be looking like their tired of life.
    The art is pretty btw.
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    from what i've read through reviews on naver and from reading until chapter 10-ish, here's a few spoilers:
    0. Original life - died via truck-kun
    1. Webnovel - modern setting, her character is the studious type in high school, but she gets involved in gang fights or turf wars after school // died via truck-kun 2.0
    2. Martial Arts/Cultivtion - she trained hard and managed to learn sword arts since her father is a master and her older brothers are transcendents // tripped on a flat surface and bonked her head
    3. Tragic novel where she was the heroine (Rita Vernand) and her ML was an obsessive yandere who locked her up in a dungeon // died getting stabbed by a knife that was supposed to go towards ML--not because she wanted to sacrifice herself for him, but because she really really really wants to get away from him
    4. Current transmigration where she's Rosetta

    she doesn't want to go back to Korea or her original life anymore, she just really wants to find a way to die because, you guessed it, she's tired of transmigrating
    - She'll be able to use the abilities she developed during her second transmigration
    - Since the nature of powers in cultivation novels is that internal organs are sometimes ruptured, she'll cough up blood a lot
    - This will cause some misunderstandings with the ML and he'll be protective of her because he thinks she's weak or sickly lol
    Because she herself lived a life as the female lead in yandere novel, she really feels sympathetic towards her sister now. Alicia's ML here is equally (or probably more) obsessive, so Rosetta doesn't want what she experienced in her third transmigration to happen to Alicia.
    - previously the Duchess’s trusted maid
    - drugged the couple one banquet night; gave sleeping pills to the duchess and hallucinogens to the duke; immediately fled the estate after taking advantage of the duke
    - returned after four years with rosetta in tow; demanded to become second wife
    - beheaded on the spot
    He'll appear around chapter 13 to 15, not sure when exactly because I only skimmed that part
    i like the novel so far because the author's writing style is good and i just love how tired our FL sounds. it's refreshing too because she knows what's the deal with transmigrations and she knows exactly how to play the game (since she's been through this 3 times already)
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    Thank you for spoilers
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    Man, Rosetta's mom only got as far as she did because Alicia's mom was so trusting of the servants and her dad followed suit, so what does she do? Trust this bitch Katie, WHO ENDED UP BEING ANOTHER SERVANT ABUSING HER POSITION AS THE GIRLS' NANNY, with both Rosetta and Alicia on her deathbed. sigh. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other corrupt servants in this household. And honestly with how soft the mom is, I'm a little glad the Duke survived in her place because he seems like the reasonable one out of the two of them. Kinda curious about Damien, Rosetta's half-brother and Alicia's full brother, and if Rosetta will get him on her side too. And, of course, what's up with Cassian the ML.
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    So I try to mtl some chapter that can be opened by daily ticket here it is

    She is a former maid who has been Rosetta's side for a long time, and a woman who is also Katie's Sioux.

    I knew right away that Marie and Katie were a match.

    From the first day I possessed this world.

    Isn't it strange that a dedicated maid who knows every move of her maiden does not notice the abuse.

    In addition, in the original work, it was mentioned that when Katie was punished, some of the users who helped her were also punished.

    Still, the reason I left her was because I believed that there would be a corner of her that she would use someday.

    Sometimes, a small tile would shake her board.

    I leaned back deep into the backrest and looked at the mirror on the edge of the desk.

    The shallow cuts were still clearly set over my face.

    It's a good thing I have to apply some medicine.

    I stretched out my hand and pulled the string.

    It was a line to call my dedicated maid, Marie.

    "Can you prepare some bath water?"

    "A bath water ..? Do you want to take a bath today?"

    Marie, who ran to Rosetta's call, blinked her eyes and asked.

    Bath water, because it was an unexpected errand.

    "Why, it can't?"

    When asked the question, Marie shook her head and replied that she would prepare.

    However, the questions that arose and they did not know what to do.

    Originally, on Katie's class day, the lady does not bathe.

    It will be difficult to wash your body on the day of the wound.

    What a young girl from the age of 12 until now.

    It was a rule that lasted for 7 years.

    But, suddenly you break that rule.

    Marie tilted her head and headed to her bathroom.

    That was then.


    Rosetta's call was heard from behind.

    Marie looked back at her, carrying her towel.


    "Would you like to attend my bath today?"


    There was a muffled voice in the question.
    Marie postponed the answer to a very embarrassing expression.

    She had no choice but to do so.

    It's bath time.

    She have never done anything like that.

    Seven years ago, Katie hired her to be Rosetta's direct maid and put her to watch over Rosetta.

    However, in order to more completely hide the abuse, Katie educated young Rosetta and Elisha, 'From now on, you have to take a bath and change clothes by yourself.'

    If the day comes when you have to wear clothes that need someone's help, at least wear underwear that covers your arms before calling someone.

    By the way, what kind of wind blows, I mean, she was waiting for a bath.

    "I think I'll be an adult soon, and I'll have to take a bath like other nobles. Why you want to?"

    "No, it's not like that..."

    I just hate it.

    As you attend the bath, you will naturally see the scars left on the girl's body.

    Even looking at the wounds, I can not help but report to the duke and young duke.

    However, if Katie-sama was accused, it was a problem because her name would follow one after another like a sausage.

    Even if Katie-sama was not suspected, it was a problem that Katie-sama would not let herself go after reporting the facts to her superiors.

    In many ways, she was in a situation where she had no choice but to be at a disadvantage the moment he saw that wound.

    Marie swallowed her dry saliva and shook her head.

    'The lady has a slightly naive corner. If you look around it, it might pass.'

    Marie, clutching her sweaty palms, did her best to draw a soft smile on her lips.

    “It’s not that, Katie… Katie-nim told me never to attend the bath. Still, I'm the baby girl's nanny, but I'm worried about breaking the word. I'll get proper permission later, so how about doing that?“

    The corners of my lips that had been forcibly twisted and raised trembled.

    The moment without an answer felt like an eternity.

    However, that too for a while.

    "Is that true? Is that so?"

    "Yes! If you disobey your nanny, you'll feel bad. Put it off for today, do it next time."

    As Rosetta nodded her head in response, Marie wiped her chest.

    "Then i'm going to prepare a bath water..."

    And that was the end of the smile.

    The face, which had an awkward smile on it, hardened in response to Rosetta's subsequent actions.

    “Lady. What…”

    Rosetta unbuttoned her clothes with a gentle face.

    The one-piece, made for easy removal alone, had a button attached to the front of the chest.

    One, two, three.

    Rosetta's bare skin was exposed through a gap in the button being loosened.

    Marie was very confused and did not know what to do.


    Enough to drop the towel she was holding.

    “Lady, why… why…”

    Marie hurriedly bowed her head and closed her eyes.

    She hadn't taken off all of her clothes yet, so she couldn't see the wounds on her arm.

    It was then.

    She never raises her head, and if she somehow gets out of this situation... .

    But Marie's wish did not come true.

    Rosetta's slender fingers grabbed Marie's chin and lifted her face, grabbing her.

    It was close enough to feel the breath.

    Rosetta, a span taller than Marie, bowed her head as if pressing down and whispered in a friendly tone.

    "You have to look at it, Marie."

    The sound of buttons being ripped apart was heard at the end of the words.

    Rosetta pulled down the clothes with one hand, rubbed her shoulder and pushed the fallen clothes away with her feet.


    The only thing that moved at the brief call was her black eyes. A glimpse of Rosetta could be seen above it.

    “This wound is also the one you made.”

    Rosetta smiled coldly in her eyes.

    'What the hell is this? What the hell is this?...'

    The head, frozen in shock, rolled slowly.

    “Your spectacle, deception, deception.”

    Just now, her head went blank compared to when she thought of an excuse.

    A long line of white and red scars appeared on the white, thin naked body.

    Without any escape, clearly.

    “How long did you think I would be fooled, Marie?”

    Then she realized.

    When Rosetta asked her to attend bath, she was giving herself her last chance to tell the truth.

    It was too late for her to realize.


    "How much did Katie give you?"


    "She should have given you a lot, but it's the price of your life."

    The whispering voice was so sweet that at first glance it seemed like a really worried person.

    However, it can't be.

    'price of life...'

    The word life's worth swirled around in the little barrel of his head.

    I couldn't put into words the horror that a short word gave.

    From the moment she found out everything had been uncovered, Marie immediately wanted to get down on her knees.

    Had it not been for her whole body to freeze, she would have done it right away.

    The only thing she could move in her body now was her heart beating so hard that she couldn't hide her fear.


    Grasping her chin, the force slowly released from her clenched hand.

    Her cold fingertips gently ran down the trunk of her neck and settled over her neck.

    The golden eyes that had been looking into my eyes all along followed her fingers and went down.

    If her eyes had the power, I would most likely have already been mutilated.

    "It's been seven years since you've been my maid. That means you've been watching me for seven years already."

    "Ah... Ah..."

    "Look carefully. These are the records I have accumulated in my body for 7 years. Your silence and your greed created wounds. How is it, are you proud?"

    “No… no. My lady. Please…”

    “It must have been difficult to act kindly. You must have been tired of serving a master you did not want to serve."

    "Oh, no... Miss, only life..."

    As Rosetta continued speaking, Marie's fear grew as well.

    What is inevitable is that Rosetta deliberately put a shallow flesh on each time her words flowed.

    It is still unstable to use inner strength, but it was not difficult to accomplish this level of work.

    Little by little, her flesh, which had grown her body little by little, sat down on her shoulder of her metallurgical marie and crushed her.

    Rosetta looked at Marie with a smile at her face, then turned her head to look out the window.

    Contrary to the precarious scenery inside like a thin ice sheet, the round moon was just peaceful.

    "Sav, save me.. Miss. My Breath, breathe..."

    The energy that had wrapped around her shoulders reached the end of Marie's neck.

    Her heart was pounding hard.

    Like screaming that I want to live.

    Tears flowed constantly from her eyes, engulfed by her fear.

    I think I'm going to die.

    My body, drooping and cooling, seemed to be reflected through my blurred vision.

    Rosetta turned to Marie again, and a smile had already faded from her face.

    Just for a second.

    The way she slowly stretched out her hand and cleaned the hair that had flowed down Marie's face looked as relaxed as in the middle of the day in the daytime.

    "Well, what should I do?"

    Marie bit her lip in response to the indifferent question.

    She bit so hard that her red blood burst out and ran past her chin.

    Rosetta wiped the bloodstains with her hand, stroking her cheek.

    The blood was wiped, leaving a red mark.

    "I'll do whatever I ask you to. Miss. Please... Save me... If you save me, anything..."

    "Really? You'll do everything I ask?"

    Marie's head moved up and down helplessly.

    The corners of Rosetta's lips rose up to the top in the slow but desperate movement.

    "Then let's believe it."

    It was a sweet voice that melted her ears.

    Rosetta's hand that had grabbed her slender neck slowly moved away.

    The hand slid down and rested on Marie's shoulder again.

    Marie, who was about to sit down due to the strength in her legs, was caught by Rosetta's arms and stopped in an ambiguous position, unable to sit or stand.

    Marie looked in front of her with her eyes wide open.

    Rosetta's silver hair shimmered in the light.

    Above the shadowed face, the eerie gleaming golden eyes.

    A faint smile built as if painted.


    "Remember, Marie. It wasn't Katie that took/has your life, it was Valentine."


    The claws that gripped her shoulders tore her clothes and pierced her flesh.

    It was the same position as Elisha and Rosetta, where there were countless scars of the two of them.

    Red drops of blood rose up and quickly dyed her clothes red.

    Marie rolled her wet eyes and nodded her head.

    There was no pain in the wound that had dug into her shoulder.

    She had no doubts how an ordinary lady could have such power.


    From the moment she entered this room, maybe she had stepped into the jaws of a monster.

    Only such fears silently bloomed and cried.

    I'm so sorry if it's hard to read or understand. Well, English is not my first language and I don't really understand Korean language at all *Korean word I know literally just oppa and unnie*

    Beyond the long hallway, the weather outside the window was cloudy.

    It was still around noon, and not a single ray of sunlight was shining.

    Soon after, raindrops began to pour over the dark cloudy sky.

    A loud noise, loud enough to swallow my footsteps, filled the quiet hallway.

    It was the perfect weather for anything to happen.

    I paused for a moment and stared at the scenery outside the window pouring like a waterfall.

    "Miss, are you really okay?"

    asked Marie nervously, who stopped following me.

    Her complexion was bright blue like a person who had been pretending since morning, and it seemed that she was worried.

    Haha, it's the day she hit the back of the owner she have been serving for 7 years.

    You must be afraid to trust me as if you have been following me since yesterday.

    However, that was not my case.

    "Why? If I'am not okay, you're going to stick with Katie again?"

    "No, no, I can't."

    When I asked with a smile, Marie, who shook her hands violently, politely put her hands together and bowed her head.

    After that, silence continued.

    The rain hits the ground loudly, and footsteps are heard over the empty hallway.

    The sword had already been drawn.

    “It’s like a dream when sister comes to my room.”

    The place the two of them walked towards was Elisha’s room.

    Elisha, who was drinking tea in the room, welcomed the two with a happy heart despite the unexpected visit.

    Specifically, Rosetta.

    In fact, the time right before class was always a difficult time for her.

    The tension of having to endure alone, the fear of what will happen later.

    If she didn't drink her tea, she couldn't breathe.

    Today was no different.

    Her heart was beating so hard that her heart was beating uncontrollably.

    Strangely, the moment she saw Rosetta's face, her heart was strangely calmed.

    "What's going on in my room, Sister?"

    The gaze that had been slowly examining the room went to Elisha and pierced it.

    Rosetta, who looked at Elisha without saying a word, then threw out a random question instead of an answer.

    "Do you hate dark places?"

    what is this.

    Her big eyes widened at the outrageous question.

    "Yes? I don't really like it...."

    "Are you extremely afraid of a small place or in a dark place?"

    "No, to that extent..."

    Rosetta quietly listened to Elisha's answer and stood in front of the door attached to the room.

    The structure was similar to her own room, so even if you didn't open it, you could roughly guess beyond the door.

    'Probably the dressing room.'

    Her prediction was right. The clothes that filled the wall caught my eye through the gap in the gently opened door.

    One or two rooms are the perfect size.

    There are windows... but they aren't that big, because it's on the second floor.


    Elisha, who was following Rosetta and looking beyond the dressing room, glanced at her.

    Since she came to the room, she only asks strange questions and then goes straight to the dressing room.

    It was an act that could never be caught.

    'Oh, maybe?'

    Elisha's eyes, who had guessed the incomprehensible behavior of Rosetta, shone in an instant.


    At her small call, the gaze that had been examining her dressing room turned to her again.

    When their eyes met, Elisha's face flashed brightly.

    Her hesitant Elisha clenched her fists and crept open her mouth.

    “Sister, are you… are you going to borrow your clothes from me?”

    To be honest, Rosetta was a bit outrageous.

    The difference in height between the two was about an inch.

    There could be clothes that fit.

    However, there seemed to be no such question for Elisha who asked with blushing cheeks and twinkling eyes.

    “…Yes, I can borrow some clothes…”


    She pretended to be deceived, but before the words were even finished, Elisha's answer came back.

    After expressing a passionate affirmation, Elisha opened the door of the dressing room wide open on the way, and then she ran into it first.

    Rosetta stood beyond the doorway and looked at her back, with her golden hair fluttering in a flash.

    "I'll pick the prettiest clothes for you!"

    The excited and squeamish back didn't seem to notice that no one was following her.


    Behind her back, until she hear the door close.


    Startled by the sudden sound, Elisha closed her eyes tightly and screamed.

    Her body, which had been trembling, looked back at the door only when the echo of the scream had subsided.


    A small call was made, but there was no answer.

    I looked around, and all I could see was the clothes hanging on the wall.

    No way.

    At that moment, Elisha ran quickly and grabbed the doorknob.

    rattle, rattle.

    No matter how many times I turned the doorknob, the door to the dressing room did not move.

    Elisha was terribly shocked.

    She don't know what the situation is, but it doesn't look like she is locked up in a room.

    That too, by her own sister.

    But what really made her uneasy was not her reality that she was trapped.

    A teacup that was clattering on the floor.

    'I'll do it instead of Elisha,'

    A voice that whispered quietly.

    The hand that stroked my cheek, saying that I cried a lot, fading a smile in the middle of the day.

    My fingertips trembled coldly.

    It feels strange to have my hair stand up.

    Lately, sister has been blocking the situation for me.

    Today was a class day, and there were only 10 minutes left until class.

    Can I say that all of this is just crafty?

    'Sister... What else are you going to do?'

    For me too.

    It may be an arrogant delusion, but an unknown uneasiness stirred through my head like a storm.

    All of the excitement I felt was soon forgotten.

    bang bang.

    Elisha's fist knocked on the door that couldn't be opened.

    With her back blocking her door, Rosetta grabbed her doorknob and felt as if her fist was knocking on her back.

    "Open it, Sister! Sister!"

    "I'll open it after class. Stay calm until then."

    "What is that... Please open the door, sister."

    "Don't cry."

    "Sister! Sister!"

    That was the end of the conversation.

    There was a persistent knock on the door from inside, and a persistent silence from the outside.

    How much time has passed.

    In the end, it was Elisha who stopped first.

    Even after the silence beyond the door had passed, Rosetta stood with her back against the door for a moment.

    Suddenly, I had a strange feeling.

    Perhaps, today will be the last to welcome me here.

    As in the original story, if the family learns that Elisha has been abused and begins to pay attention to her, Elisha's attention will also turn to them.

    Not yourself.

    Strangely, my back throbbed.

    No, maybe it's throbbing somewhere else.

    It was stupid.

    Eventually, as I hoped, I would be able to live alone, away from the heroine.

    I looked at my toes for a moment, then slowly turned my back and tucked the chair Marie had brought under the doorknob.

    "Do you remember what I did, Marie?"

    “…Of course, miss.”

    That was it.

    Rosetta looked at the closed door for a moment and then turned her back without regret.

    The time has come.

    Cloudy raindrops hit the window.

    The raindrops got thicker and thicker, and the cloudy clouds grew black.

    Thunder is coming.

    I leaned my back on the sofa and looked out the window in the distance.

    Hot steam rose from the top of the teacup filled with black tea.

    It was just a quiet time, like the stillness before the storm.

    How long has it been like that?

    Tick tock, tick tock.

    When the sound of the second hand moved more than a hundred times, the sound of someone's shoes broke through the sound of rain.

    Click, the doorknob turned and the door opened immediately.

    The door opened and some eyes scanned the surroundings.

    As if noticing the absence of one person in the place where the two should be, anger slowly seeped into her eyes.

    Frosty eyes stared at me.

    “Lady Rosetta.”

    I lifted the mug towards Katie.

    "Welcome, nanny."

    Of course, I don't know if I like that.

    Entering the room, Katie, in a natural motion, took out a stick from the vase on the shelf next to the door.

    As if loosening her wrist lightly, the hoechori split the air a few times.

    "Where's Lady Elisha?"

    "Elisha won't be able to come because she's sick."

    "I haven't heard of any sick."

    "Now that you hear it, it's all right."

    I said with a light smile as if I didn't care about anything else, as a wrinkle crept up on Katie's forehead.

    A bloody vein spurted out of her hand as she gripped her rod.

    If Elisha had seen it, it would probably have been blackened.


    My name scrambled and flowed out in sullen teeth.

    As if responding to her words, I stretched out my hand and set the overturned teacup upright in front of the empty seat.

    As I poured tea into an empty teacup, the sweet scent of flower tea quickly filled the surroundings.

    Without notice.

    "Sit down, nanny. Elisha isn't here... Let's talk."


    As the last drop of tea fell on the tea, their gazes crossed in the air.

    At first glance, it seemed that thunder had come from outside the window.

    We drank tea without a word.

    They didn't raise their eyes to look at each other's eyes, nor did they deliberately open their mouths to see the other.

    Perhaps, Katie also thought of today as a day.

    Just as I thought the day I would break her down, maybe she also thought that the day she suddenly revived will break my spirit again.

    An earthworm that thinks it's a snake.

    The last meeting must have been quite a shock to her.

    So, she must have thought she had to break her foot that stepped on me to go back to her snake.

    "Lady Rosetta."

    Katie was the first to speak.

    She raised her chin with her back straight and her chin raised, looking at me with a subtly looking down gaze.

    I stopped my fingers gliding over the teacup and lifted my back.

    "Yes, nanny."

    "I don't know what the wind was blowing, but now, please stop your useless rebellion."

    Oh, it's more straightforward than I thought.

    I shed a little admiration inside.

    I didn't expect Katie to come out so directly, so I felt a little strange.

    Moments later, she drenched her throat with her tea, lowered her cup with a clatter and continued to open her mouth.

    "No matter how much you try to please Lady Elisha, you can't be a real family member."
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    i also mtled some. the whole thing was a setup. she locked elisha in a closet so that Marie could report it to the brother. When he discovered that, he would barge in on Rosetta's lesson w katie to scold her - only to find the injuries and marks on her face after 1) she got katie worked up and angry at not submitting like a good victim, and 2) deliberately injured herself so there could be almost no question from the brother about who hurt her. Sure, Katie had cred where she convinced the brother Rosetta was just The Worst™ but when Elisha unexpectedly busted in (when Rosetta had planned to go get her after seeing Katie locked away in the dungeon) and ran to Rosetta, crying about Rosetta's injuries, the blood, and eventually revealing that Katie was the one that hurt her? Katie's case about Rosetta's self-injury and deliberate malice towards Elisha got a whole lot less convincing.

    Edit: YO ELISHA IS LEGIT SO BADASS, SHE GOT MARIE TO LET HER OUT OF THE CLOSET (and she TOLD Rosetta she was scared of being trapped in enclosed spaces before) BY OPENING A WINDOW AND THREATENING TO JUMP OUT OF IT. :aww:
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    The yuri vibes

    The yuri vibes
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    Yeah, too bad it's all blackmail based on Marie being an accomplice to that bitch Katie, so unless she gets some real Emily (from "death is the only ending for the villainess")-style character development (a.k.a sucking up to her master the mc and generally being a way better support than the scum around the mc), I'm not gonna ship her w Rosetta lmao.
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    Caution the spoilers are 100% MTL
    A crooked smile hung over her (Katie's)red lips.

    As if she had anticipated how I would be hurt, there was even a strange sense of anticipation in her dark blue eyes.

    Hey, that's not going to happen.

    The inability to be a perfect family was inherently an eternal repulsion for Rosetta.

    Knowing that I can't, I want more and more desperately...

    Tragic weakness.

    Katie couldn't have noticed it.

    It was a story that, when Rosetta was still young, she heard Katie's cunning words she uttered to grab her and shake her.

    'Lady Rosetta, if you don't listen to me, you'll get kicked out of this house. Because, you weren't supposed to be born in the first place.'

    Perhaps if it was Rosetta, not me, sitting here, salty tears would have fallen over the tea.

    Unfortunately, though, it wasn't Rosetta who was sitting right in front of Katie now.

    I can't even remember my real name anymore.

    Right, me.

    "Yeah, I can't be the real one. So I want to know what's up now."

    I said calmly as my lips that had been riddled with sneer twisted for a moment.


    "It's true. If you don't believe it, why don't we get kicked out together?"

    "...What? "

    "I'm still itching in my mouth. Lately, wearing clothes by myself has become a bit annoying."


    “I got kicked out because I’m a fake, and you got kicked out of jail for abusing the real thing, how about? I, like a good one…”


    Before I could finish speaking, an uncontrollable palm slapped my cheek.

    I could have avoided it enough, but I didn't do it on purpose.

    The more evidence, the better.

    Soon, a tingling sensation, accompanied by a tingling sensation, warmed my cheeks.

    Katie... Are your hands hot?

    I patted my cheeks and turned my head away.

    The light in the dark blue eyes that I faced was dazzling.

    Standing up from the sofa, exhaled, exhaled shoulders swayed up and down incessantly.

    "You dare do what you did to me, you dare to do it to me."

    "Isn't it not hitting the place you can see? I've been patient so far, but what if it hurts like this?"

    As I stroked my cheek, Katie snorted at me.

    Tendons were protruding above her temples.

    But for a while.

    “It’s about Elisha, anyway… nobody cares about you, right?”

    Ha. A mischievous laugh leaked out of her closed teeth.

    At the same time, a smirk appeared on her twisted face.

    "That scar on your face. Has anyone ever asked you properly? Is there anyone who will hold onto you and tell you? No. There probably won't be. That's your position. That's your place, no matter how drunk you feel about your good sister, in the end you're lowly Let's say you're half-breed!"

    The words mixed with laughter grew louder and louder.

    By the end, it almost sounded like a scream.

    Anyway, my neck hurts.

    This time it didn't hurt me too much.

    Again, because I'm not the real Rosetta.

    I looked at her blushing face as she raised her voice, then rolled my squinting eyes to look at the clock behind her back.

    A few minutes left.

    I got up slowly.

    Urleung, Gwang.

    From far away came the sound of thunder and lightning. A fleeting flash of light illuminated the room and then disappeared.

    "Then let's try it."


    I casually picked up the mug.

    Tea water was dripping from the still teacup.

    Tea water dripped down the table and fell to my toes, and scarlet water marks appeared on my white dress.

    The moment I picked up the glass, Katie's shoulders trembled.

    Maybe that's what I was thinking of last time.

    It rolled the ground quite nicely that day, so it would not be surprising if the teacup was traumatized.

    I followed her gaze and looked down at the teacup.

    Pink flowers blooming intertwined on green vines. A teacup that looks like a pretty pricey mug.

    But, what do it do anyway?

    When broken, it's just a piece.

    The teacup, which was barely held in my hand, plummeted to the floor as soon as the power was released from my hand.


    The teacup shattered with a sharp sound.


    Before Katie could open her mouth further, I raised my hand and swept all the dishes on the table to the floor.


    Katie let out a short scream in an incomparably louder voice than before.

    A black silence descended in the place where the loud noises had swept through.

    The still unpolished gaze looked at the broken teacup and me alternately.

    "Rosetta, you..."

    "What if I win?"

    "... What?“

    I smiled without answering and reached out with a broken teacup.

    I clenched my fists as the large pieces came into my hands.

    Hot pain cut through my hands, and then red blood flowed from the crevices of my hands.

    When I opened my clenched fist, a pile of blood poured out, along with the broken pieces that turned red.

    The carpet on the floor was gradually turning red.

    "You, you..."

    Another large flash of light split between us.

    Whether lightning struck nearby, a huge sound followed immediately behind the flashing light.

    It's like...

    "Now, what do you think? Nanny. Now... Can anyone ask me?"

    Like the cry of a crumbling world.

    Katie's eyes moved constantly.

    'she was beaten, but I can't see the blood well. It's like this.'

    It's ridiculous.

    I looked at the clock again, and the promised time was running out.

    I slowly walked towards the broken pieces.

    Then I squatted down in front of it and picked up the broken teapot pieces.

    Endless drops of blood dripped from my hands, and the hem of the skirt dragged to the ground gradually became wet with red.

    “You… you. Really, you’re crazy.”

    It was a voice that seemed to be terrified at first.

    That was then.

    The unlocked door suddenly swung open without knocking.

    He opened it so hard that the door hit the wall with the recoil of the opening and closed again with a bang.

    All eyes in the room turned to the person who opened the door and appeared.

    Two pairs of eyes, one person.

    Due to the particularly overcast sky, the man appeared to be walking out of darkness.

    Like dust floating in the dark, his golden eyes frantically scan the surroundings.

    And then, our eyes met.

    Both eyes widened as they found their destination.

    "Rosetta, you left Elisha somewhere..."

    But the man's words were unfinished.

    His gaze, which was only on my face, slowly turned toward my hand.

    As I sat down with my clothes soaked in tea, my hands were dripping with blood as I collected the pieces I couldn't get rid of.

    His face, which had been boiling with anger, turned cold in an instant.

    I dropped the pieces of teacup I had been pulling up on to the floor, and hurriedly hid my hands behind my back.


    At the call that I muttered, the gaze that was still in the air returned to my face again.

    I covered my swollen, bare cheeks as if he was going to miss it.

    The slimy blood from my hands soaked my face.

    "...What is this?..."

    The sound that leaked out with the air was vain.

    Soon, his dazed face turned as stiff as a rusty machine.

    It was the direction Katie was.

    Eventually, a reddish anger slowly filled his eyes as he found his destination.

    Slowly, but surely.


    “… young, young master (esteemed Duke)..., it’s not like that.”



    Thunder crashing like the world is collapsing.

    I stared blankly out the window and smiled coldly.

    I guess I won the test, Katie.

    It thundered again.

    The moment a thunderous voice called my name, Katie froze all over.

    Beyond the hardened brain, Rosetta's face, which seemed to laugh at me, was drawn.

    It was all planned.

    Demian didn't usually stop by the annex.

    When he return to the mansion after a long absence, he occasionally stop by to say hello to Elisha.

    She even avoided class, so he never worried that he would be witnessed.

    But today, Demian came to visit.

    Without a single knock, with an angry face.

    'Rosetta, she said you left Elisha somewhere...'

    Judging by the shouting, it seems that Rosetta has locked Elisha somewhere.

    Demian learned of this and immediately ran to Rosetta.

    'Rosetta damn bitch... '

    She locked Elisha from coming, made me slap her in the face and smashed her glass, bleeding.

    Maybe that's all, as if I had asked her to, she squatted down and put away the pieces of the glass.

    At the same time, the Demian came to visit Rosetta.

    How could all this be a coincidence?

    Katie grinded her teeth in her mind.

    Fooled by this ignorant plan, 13 years of hard work crumble like a sandcastle.

    But Katie couldn't let go and give up everything.

    If I gave up now, it would be like giving up my life.

    Besides, she hasn't made any preparations on her own until now.

    That too, for 13 years.

    From time to time, she tried to undermine Rosetta's reputation.

    Behind him, she teases others, and Rosetta, unable to bear it, cuts off an innocent user.

    Katie knelt down to Demian for Rosetta and for them.

    _'It's my fault for teaching Lady Rosetta. Please, please forgive me.'_

    Lately, Demian couldn't stand it and called Rosetta directly to get angry.

    Katie went straight, slammed her knees hard on the floor, and shook her head.

    “It’s a misunderstanding. Young Duke! It’s unfair!”

    “A misunderstanding?”

    There is a landscape that I can see, but where are you looking for misunderstandings?

    But Katie was more desperate than anyone in this space.

    It's a moment when your life is at stake, so that's the only way.

    Swallowing her saliva, she made an unhappy expression on her face as much as possible and raised her head.

    “Yes, misunderstood! Actually… I heard that Lady Rosetta had imprisoned Elisha, and I asked her to release her immediately..."

    Tears flowed down her cheeks in fear.

    She closed her mouth for a moment and took her breath, then she shook her head violently and spoke again. She said.

    "Then, she said she didn't like hitting herself and said she would cut me off... Suddenly slapped herself on the cheek and smashed all the teacups. Even then, she took a piece of glass and threatened to kill me. I dried it all the way, but she didn't listen. In the end, she even cut her hand into a piece of glass...“

    She stuttered her words because she was telling lies, but on the contrary, it strengthened the unfairness of the side.
    Rosetta looked at Katie like that, and sent a small admiration to her inside.

    'It's pretty plausible.'

    To Demian, Katie was a person who had been steadily building trust for over 10 years.

    On the other hand, Rosetta has been as brittle as sand stuck in his throat for 15 years.

    Besides, he recently scolded Rosetta for similar reasons...

    It was a great excuse to use our relationship well.

    Rosetta watched Demian's expression, closing her blood-flowing hand with the other.

    The two eyes that set their gazes on Katie still had a piercing glow in them, but on the other hand, their bitten lips showed no sign of opening.

    'Now, what are you going to do?'

    I and Katie did the best we could.

    Now all that was left was Demian's choice. Really, who will he believe?

    Will he trust the situation or will he trust the trust?


    After a while, the clenched lips slowly opened.

    Following the lips that vomited out only a few words, their gaze flew towards Rosetta and then pierced them.

    Golden eyes that resemble each other turned towards each other.

    "Yes, brother."

    Rosetta caught the man's gaze with a sullen look on her face, and then stood up from her stumble.

    The hand that had stepped on the sofa to stand up slid down, leaving bloodstains.

    Thanks to this, the legs that supported the body also swayed greatly.

    She had shed so much blood that her face was pale.

    Demian's brow furrowed.

    Just like when he saw the scar on Rosetta's face a few days ago.

    The pupils under the distorted forehead fell to the ground and then slowly returned to their original positions.


    One step at a time, the stiff body stepped forward.

    And then.


    With the sound of the door opening, an uninvited visitor came in again.

    The sound of raindrops echoed.

    To match the dark sky, no matter how much the light was turned on, the dark energy did not go away.

    Broken pieces are scattered, blood dripping onto the floor, and one kneeling person.

    One person standing staggering.

    One person with his mouth closed and his hand outstretched in the air.

    And, there was one person that ran across the gap.

    Long golden hair fluttered in the air.

    Thin ankles smashed to the ground, and the fluttering hem of the dress flew like flowers.


    A name leaked out of someone's mouth blankly.

    Elisha ran straight to Rosetta.

    It was because there was only one person in the first place that had a straight gaze.

    At this moment, Rosetta, who was making the most stupid expression in the room, opened her arms involuntarily.

    Elisha jumped into her arms without hesitation. The bodies of the two of them plummeted onto the sofa together.

    “Elisha? You, how…”

    A murmur leaked out without me knowing.

    The person in my arms was definitely Elisha.

    But didn't I leave Elisha in the dressing room with my hands?

    A rough scene was essential to beat Katie.

    The more she hurts me, the more provocative the scene, the less hole she can get out of.

    But Elisha couldn't stand such a scene.

    Maybe she just can't stand it.

    To be honest, I hoped it was a hindrance to my work, but I didn't think it would help.

    In addition, it could be used as a device for summoning Demian.

    'I think Miss Rosetta left Elisha-sama, but I don't know where she put it. I think the Young Duke should go to Rosetta right away.'

    At the appointed hour, Marie went to Demian and said this, and lured him here...

    Locking Elisha in the dressing room in many ways was the best option for me.

    Moderately wide, moderately high.

    A place you can't get out of alone.

    Elisha's dedicated maid said that Marie had already bought it from her, so there was no one to take Elisha out.

    If my plan goes, I'll get Elisha out of the room after Katie is taken to the dungeon... .

    Elisha buried her face in my arms without saying a word and took a deep breath.

    She seems like run from her room to here.

    I raised my hand to stroke her golden hair, then realized that my hand was soaked in blood and lowered it.

    Instead of stroking her hair, I opened my mouth towards the golden hair.

    “How are you here…”

    “Oh my God! Miss, are you alright!”

    My words were cut off due to Katie screaming loudly.

    Katie jumped up from her seat and flashed her hands exaggeratedly.

    It's like my boss who holds a thanksgiving ceremony to heaven.

    Elisha, who was still in my arms, shuddered.

    Her slender body, which had trembled and trembled, slowly raised her upper body.

    Strangely, it felt like her chest was flat.

    Her dazed gaze met me from close.

    I felt some sort of guilt.

    It's like a sinner who has sinned.

    Well, it's wrong to lock her up...

    In a strange feeling of unknown reason, I slowly turned my eyes away from Elisha's gaze.

    Tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, she had a very sad face.

    "Milady, come here."

    Katie's voice whispered, and Elisha's body trembled.

    A face with an anxious expression, like a pendulum swinging soon, turned toward Katie, then back to me again and again.

    Then, the closed lips slowly opened.



    It was for a moment that her eyes, which had been shaking anxiously as if she could not find a way out, stood tall somewhere.

    With a murmur.


    Her gaze turned to my face beneath Elisha.

    Oh, come to think of it, I rubbed my cheek with bloody hands to create an extreme situation earlier.

    I have to say that Elisha, who found this now, is awesome.

    I forgot to say that she should be great.

    "Sister... Blood...."

    Elisha spit out as if she was suffocating her breath, hastily came down from my body and looked around.

    "It's because of me..."

    Broken mug set, blood soaking the floor.

    Brother and Katie.

    and I'm hurt

    "Because of me. Also, because of me..."

    “No, that’s.”

    I coldly dismissed Elisha's stuttering words.

    Because she seems to know more clearly than anyone else what Elisha is making her mistake.

    But, isn't that the truth?

    okay. Wasn't that the truth?


    It was the voice of the late that called Elisha in shock.

    Alone, Demian rose like a tower.


    Her head, lost in chaos, turned towards Demian.

    "Katy Marlowe said she was threatened against while trying to rescue you from Rosetta."


    There was no answer right away.

    That was the way it was.

    Elisha said she had been subjected to near-indoctrination violence for a long time.

    Even hearing Katie's name makes it hard to tell, but it wouldn't be easier to expose the truth.

    When I glanced back at Katie, she glanced at Katie to see that she also had the same thoughts as me, and her hidden smile kept coming out of her teeth.

    I looked at Elisha's small back, with long hair hanging down, and reached out and grabbed her hand.

    A surprised face turned to me.

    Like me a while ago, she had a face like a criminal who committed a mistake.

    I shook my head toward the face where their eyes met.

    'You don't have to. There's no need to overdo it on purpose.'

    After a while, her red lips trembled, and her blank face slowly began to contort.

    Tears quickly welled up on her reddened eyes.

    However, instead of shedding her tears, Elisha pressed her lips together.

    Elisha looked at me like that for a long time, and for a moment, she smiled and smiled.


    A momentary smile passed me, and I looked forward again.

    Oddly enough, her back figure, which had only just been slender, looked as big as Taesan *mountain name.

    "No. That's… not true, brother."


    Katie called out to Elisha in amazement at the resolutely uttered words in a determined voice.

    "Me and sister have been abused by the nanny for a long time. The bad thing is the nanny. The sister is trying to save me, save me..."


    "It's not sister's fault. Katie teased us. We still have the marks from Katie. If you want, I can show you. So, bro, bro, bro, brother..."

    A cry rose over the words that had begun resolutely.

    I don't want to cry, but as if tears were flowing, Elisha wiped my eyes with the tip of her open sleeve.

    "miss! Why lie like that! No, young duke. no. You have to trust me, me!"

    "No! Brother, that's the truth. Until now, I couldn't say anything because I was scared. Because the nanny was so scary. But, my sister… Because of me, my sister… ah… Ah."

    Elisha, who was talking in a very excited voice, suddenly grabbed her chest and staggered.


    Demian made a stride, but her body had already begun to crumble.

    I was holding Elisha's hand the whole time, and it was enough that I could barely get her body blown away.


    I fell to the floor while supporting Elisha's body, but apparently there was glass there.

    It felt like a large piece of glass had dug into my calf.

    I'll see you even if you get tired of blood today.

    Fortunately, there were no glass fragments near Elisha's body.

    "Elisha. Elisha, open your eyes."

    I slowly shook her body with her eyes closed and called out Elisha's name.

    However, the tightly closed eyelids did not open again.

    As she hurriedly closed her eyes and spilled her water, it seemed as if something was wrong and she had simply fainted.

    Come to think of it, Elisha in the original story used to collapse when she was stressed.

    "I'm glad... I'm glad."

    It seemed like a choked breath came out. I guess I was holding my breath without realizing it.

    As I let out a cloudy breath and looked at the blackened face, I was kicked from a place where I couldn't see any emotions.

    I, who had put my eyes on Elisha's face, slowly raised my head.

    Passing through Katie's sharpening teeth, her gaze reached the wide-open gold eyes as if in great surprise.


    At the small call, his body stiff like a plaster statue moved.

    “Rosetta, are you okay…”

    “Brother, brother, whom did you trust?”

    The sound of rain knocked on the window.

    “No, who will you trust?”

    Loudly, bitterly.

    like the world is falling apart.
    The next thing went smoothly.

    The maids rushed in to support Elisha, and the knights rushed in and bound Katie.

    "Take her."

    “Young Duke, it’s unfair! It’s unfair!”

    As the cold name fell, she shouted, but Katie’s words were meaningless and scattered in the air.

    The knights silently grabbed her arms and started walking.

    Katie pulled her hips behind her and tried not to be dragged, but her body was caught by the two strong men, and her body was dragged like a sack to the ground.

    Tears flowed continuously from the dark blue eyes that contained excitement the whole time.

    no matter what

    "Oh, no! No! Miss Rosetta! Rosetta-sama! Please come to me! I have something to tell you, miss! Me.. you must come see me! miss! You will regret it if you don't come. You will regret it!“

    Her desperate cry echoed from beyond the door.

    It was background music that suited the words of a badly leaving villain.

    I stood still and stared out the door, then walked towards the hallway when Katie's voice was no longer heard.


    a call came from behind.

    A large, firm hand grabbed my wrist.

    With a gentle touch as if holding an egg.

    I stopped in my seat halfway through the chair, then rolled my eyes for a moment and then turned my head.

    “Why are you doing this, brother?”

    My eyes met with Demian, a pale-faced, unsightly expression.

    “…You hurt your hand. Besides, it seems that you were injured somewhere when you fell, so it would be better not to move too hard and wait here until a member of the council arrives.”

    His eyes twitched slowly a couple of times at the dry voice. My eyelids were heavy and I was very tired.

    First of all, I wanted to bury myself somewhere.

    Not in this mess, but in a quiet and quiet place.

    "I'll just be treated in my room. I am tired and want to rest quickly.“

    I pulled out the arm that was secretly caught with the horse, and De Mian’s hand quickly fell away from me.

    ”Please take care of Elisha more than me. Well, I guess I was very surprised."

    The hand holding the air paused there for a moment, then returned to its place.


    I shook my head and turned my back to the brief affirmation. My body was heavy.

    The calf that had been stabbed in the glass was hot as if on fire.

    The blood dripping from my torn hands was engraved next to my steps.

    "I'm sorry."

    A short voice came from behind my back. I paused for a moment, but did not look back.

    'I'm sorry.'

    Wouldn't it be better not to apologize like that?

    It was a random apology thrown at a random timing, but I knew what it was for.

    Unanswered question.

    _'Brother, brother, who did you trust?'_

    'No, who will you trust?'

    The latter question was answered by Katie being dragged away.

    So, this would be an apology to the former.

    Instead of answering 'It's okay', I resumed the stopped step.

    If it was Rosetta, obviously, I wouldn't want to say it's okay.

    'Sometimes you have to adjust the mood of the owner.'

    teobeog. teog.

    teobeog. teog.

    The sound of footsteps echoing through the hallway subtly staggered due to limping on one leg.

    It sounded precarious, like today's precarious one.


    As I turned the corner of the hallway to my room, someone quickly followed me.

    Marie had a very tense face.

    I glanced at Marie's hard expression and opened my mouth, looking ahead again.

    "What happened to Elisha?"

    flinch. Even without looking at her, I could feel her shoulders trembling.

    "I'm sorry, miss. I went to Elisha again after calling young Duke, and she said she would jump out of the window if I didn't open it. I heard the sound of the window opening from the dressing room... I couldn't help it, Miss."

    With a trembling voice, Marie confessed her innocence.

    Unlike Katie, I thought this was the truth.

    However, this was more difficult to believe than the excuses Katie had always made for Demian.

    'You said she were going to jump? That Elisha... ?'

    In the midst of unbelievable doubts, the image of Elisha, who was smiling faintly, came to mind, and her head was pounding.

    “Okay, go ahead.”

    "Yes? But, Lady's clothes...“

    "Why, have you added any fun to the clothes market in the last few days?”


    "The lawmaker decided to come to the room, and I'll leave the clothes to another maid. So, stop following me. If you keep looking..."

    Because it seems like you'll want to do something that is not a promise or anything.

    The footsteps following me stopped at the small warning words that followed.

    I left Marie standing alone in the hallway and diligently walked towards my room.

    Eventually, the rain stopped.

    Black clouds A new faint ray of sunlight appeared.

    I watched the sunlight piercing through the dark clouds for a moment, then sat down as if squatting.

    Red blood dripped from the spot where I stayed.

    My face seemed to be reflected on the bright red traces.

    I didn't even know what my expression was.

    "Oh, I'm tired to die."

    My head was spinning.

    It's because I bleed too much.

    Or, for some other reason.

    Elisha's gaze continued to glimmer in front of her.

    The voice of Demian, who mumbled sorry, echoed in my ears.

    This world is truly ridiculous.

    It was a tiring day in many ways.

    There were several reasons why I decided to continue living in Rosetta's body.

    First, she is not the protagonist.

    The main character was fed up, so I liked the situation as a supporting role.

    Even though I was a little concerned about being a 'villain' supporting role, it didn't matter as it would be resolved if I didn't do anything.

    Second, possession is random roulette.

    Random roulette was literally not knowing where to stop.

    In this life, I was lucky enough to be a supporting actor, possessed by a person with a pretty face and a large family, but I don't know who the next possession will be.

    The first episode was a high school student, so it was okay to buy it, but being thrown back into the second and third rounds was an extreme specification.

    And lastly.

    'I am not close with my family.'

    In fact, it was this part that struck me the most.

    Before I possessed the duke and the young duke, the duke and young duke went outside, and Rosetta and Elisha were terribly confused.

    According to the few memories that remain on her body, she didn't even talk much with Marie, who was her maid.

    She was virtually free even if there was no one in her mansion that she knew very well about Rosetta.

    And I really liked that.

    What I've felt while possessing someone's child, someone's brother or sister, was the harsh reality that I couldn't be real.

    After possessing someone, I couldn't live like myself.

    I had to constantly analyze my memories so as not to be found out by the character's family and people around me, and I had to act according to the character.

    Sometimes lively, sometimes bold and sometimes timid.

    'Who am I really?'

    That was long forgotten.

    It was enough for me to just play Bing-in Hani.

    However, no matter how much I acted, there was always something lacking.

    Cause I'm not real.

    I really lost myself, and it was ironic that I couldn't be a real 'other'.

    'why are you like this?'

    'Not answering.'

    These questions have always made me nervous.

    I lived as if I was holding on to the end of a string that was pulled so tight.

    She always was.

    Still, the moment came when I finally missed the line.

    'You are not my daughter.'

    The kind eyes that had been friendly until a few days ago looked at me with astonishment.

    Embarrassment, astonishment, anxiety, fear, anger.

    'You're... not my daughter!'

    A piercing scream shook me.

    Yes, she actually thought it could be.

    She've always thought.

    My child suddenly behaves strangely, her familiar tone of voice changes awkwardly, and she uses words she doesn't use.

    Is there really no one who doubts?

    But the gap between imagination and reality was bigger than I thought.

    The glistening eyes and the screams of agony were far more terrifying than I thought.

    Obviously, it was my mother.

    Even though it was acting, I tried to love.

    I tried to be loved. I wanted to be a good daughter.

    No matter how hard I try, my body's family can't be my family.

    'Rita, where's my daughter Rita?!'

    Oh, I'm now... What do you call Moore?

    What is the name of a person who is neither real nor fake?

    "Ter· sis .. R...· Ter..."

    I woke up to a strange sound. My head was dizzy.

    The world seen through the gaps in his vision seemed distorted.

    Where am I now, who am I now?

    Rosetta. Rita. if not....


    It was a familiar voice that pulled me into reality.

    I lifted my eyelids that had been heavily lowered, and searched through the darkness to find the owner of the voice.

    "...Elisha? How are you…?"

    My voice cracked as if my throat was swollen.

    It wasn't just that.

    Dizzy, hot out of breath...

    'Is the wound giving me a fever?'

    "I was worried, so I went to the front door for a while, but I heard a squeak from inside. I knew I shouldn't come in without permission... but I was so worried... I just came in. I'm sorry, sister."

    A glance at Elisha's expressionless expression came through the eyes that had become accustomed to the darkness.

    I slowly raised my upper body.

    Unknowingly, while supporting my body with my injured hand, I made a squeak, and Elisha hurriedly supported me.

    I leaned back against the head of my bed, then breathed my pale breath over and over again through the simmering heat and the gap in my hazy mind.

    "Unnie, you sweat a lot. Maybe, see a doctor..."

    Elisha, who was feeling my forehead with the hem of her sleeve, shook her hip as if she was about to get up.

    I reached out and stopped such Elisha.

    "do not go."

    The feverish spirit was not completely dissipated.

    It's like having one side of your brain ripped off in a dream.

    I was Rosetta and Rita at the same time, and Rita and nobody at the same time.

    Just like a lost child, lonely, lonely, and tired.


    “You, you… why did you do that before?”


    The question that I stuttered and spat out came back to me saying that I did not understand the meaning of that question.

    I lifted my gaze from the corner of the bed and looked at Elisha's blurry seal.

    "Why, why did you leave that room? Why, why did you run to me? Why… Why, Katie, she said it was my fault. On the subject of weakness. On the subject of crying frequently. In the end, you even fainted… What the hell…."


    There was no word for a moment.

    It was a silence as silent as darkness.

    With a face as still as silence, Elisha fell into thought.

    It was after a long time that she returned the answer.

    No, actually, it might be after a fleeting moment.

    "My sister, you always protected me. Because you continued to protect me. That's why I wanted to protect you too. It's scary, but... I got courage because I have an older sister. It's just, that's all."

    She said with trembled lips.

    A sensation of heat all over my body rushed to somewhere on my face in an instant.

    “…I feel stupid.”

    It felt like something was choking in my throat.

    An unbearably hot energy brushed the corners of my eyes, and tears dripped down my cheeks.

    tuk, tuk.

    Once the tears started to flow, they began to pour like a waterfall.

    I couldn't stop it like water was leaking from a broken faucet.

    "Sister...? Sister. Sister, why are you doing this? Where does it hurt?"

    The bewildered Elisha shook my body and she was at a loss for what to do.

    Even this is so messy.

    With what I cried once, I was so embarrassed and embarrassed again.

    There was not much difference between Elisha in the original work.

    In the original story, Elisha was a character who was always crying and weak until her mind was worn out.

    unable to do anything.

    After Katie's crimes were revealed, her family tried to take care of her, but their time together didn't last very long as this was after the start of her original work.

    She was still suffering from a lack of affection, and because of that, she was often dragged by a man.

    A person who is always shy.

    It's said that she was the original Elisha of hers, and now the Elisha.

    However, such a Elisha came running.

    She threatened to jump out of the window and ran towards me through the rough landscape.

    She came to me, doing things that ordinary people would not be able to do easily.

    try to save me.

    Because I helped you, I became your courage, and you, who gained courage, tried to save me with that courage.

    You have changed.

    You opened the door of the cage you had been locked in, and you freed yourself from the shackles that were bound.

    Not a big deal, just a part of my interest.

    Suddenly, a thought occurred to me.

    'Someday for me... If only there had been someone like salvation. If only I had someone to make a small change.'

    From afar, I felt like someone with long blonde hair was looking at me with sad eyes.

    A woman with no family or anything.

    All she has is a woman with a living, breathing body.

    She lives as 'Rita', but she's not the real Rita...


    Or someone.

    I reached out a trembling hand and embraced the shadow in the darkness.


    A bewildered voice came in my ear, but instead of answering, I buried my face deeper on her slender shoulder.

    'Maybe, I...'

    Yeah, maybe I... from the moment I woke up in this world.

    So from the moment I saw you who resembled me.

    From the moment I stood up saying that I would be beaten instead of you.


    You may have already foreseen that this would happen.

    As long as I breathe here, I will never be able to break my nerves towards you.

    That i can't leave you.

    I couldn't afford to see you walking into the abyss of the thorny road, the back of you walking down the road I had already walked.

    I didn't have the confidence to see you who resembled my past.

    Death, life, and suffering.

    I am not afraid of anything, but I am not confident enough to watch over your misfortune.

    To me, you were another me, and you were not all that different from the future.

    Because I was the one could save you.

    I cried endlessly and hugged Elisha tightly in her arms.

    This little girl who jumped fearlessly for me on the subject she fell in love with.

    "I... I will protect you... So... So..."

    Don't worry. Elisha.


    The unsuccessful comments fell into tears.

    i will save you.

    You will eventually be rescued.

    My little sister don't let it be.

    A silent will burned in my heart.
    The time I woke up was a little past dawn.

    Yet, just before the sky turns blue.

    With the back of my head buried in a soft pillow and my eyes twitching, I covered my face with both hands at last night's ugliness rushing in in an instant.

    'What did I do, the hell... .'

    I hold on to Elisha and cry like a child.

    It must have been that I was out of my mind.

    Why, sometimes, when your fever rises too high, you don't get dazed like a drunken person.

    Instead of drinking yesterday, I was drunk with heat. If possible, I wish I hadn't gotten drunk on anything.

    Concentrating on rationalizing myself amidst my shame, I closed my eyes at the question that suddenly ran through my head.

    'Come to think of it, it's been a while since I've cried like that in front of someone.'

    I'm sure I've never cried like this in years.

    No, maybe it's the first time?

    I do not know. The correct answer was 'at least not in my memory.'

    Once again, I felt that I was adjusting well to my new life.

    It hasn't been long since I've been here, so I'm repeating things that aren't like me.

    I don't know if this is a green light or a red light, though.

    I slowly got up from the bed. However, as time passed, I felt less shy.

    "Yeah... let's forget it. Forget it,"

    I muttered briefly and stretched out.

    There was no need to keep reminiscing about shameful memories. The past never comes back.

    Besides, I now had more important things to do than swim in the waves of indigo.

    After turning his head lightly, I slowly sat down near the desk

    Relying on Rosetta's memory, I pulled out a white, clean piece of paper, picked up a quill, and smeared it with ink.

    And, I wrote on the top of the white paper.

    'Don't let Elisha go.'

    This was the name of the plan for the future I will lead.

    Yesterday, I regretted showing my shameful shame in front of Elisha, but at least my decision in front of her was sincere.

    I decided not to let that child walk the same path as me.

    When I thought about having to play the original because I couldn't interfere with the original, I was already tired and bothered enough to have hives all over my body, but what should I do?

    I've already made up my mind to save Elisha.

    I tapped a blank piece of paper under the title with my pen tip and retraced the original.

    Just like I have to go into the forest to find a tree, I had to find a keyword to change the original.

    I closed my eyes and then opened it.

    A few thick books popped into my mind. And before long, it made a para-lock sound and automatically turned the bookshelf.

    'It started with the funeral of the Carter family...'

    In the original story, the place where Leo and Elisha met and had their first conversation was at the funeral home of the Carter family.

    The funeral will be held around the summer of this year due to the timing.

    It was also there that Leo became interested in Elisha.

    'Then, if I make hee unable to attend the funeral...'

    No, that wouldn't work.

    Because I can't even change the fate of the novel by hiding my eyes like that.

    Events that the two could meet were the hunting system and the coming-of-age ceremony.

    Noble men and women who were approaching the age of majority had an obligation to participate in events hosted by the imperial family.

    Let's take comfort in the fact that there are only a few months left until the funeral.

    After I erased the first method from my head, I even skimmed the original.

    Leo becomes interested in Elisha, and as their accidental encounters are repeated several more times, he begins to fall in love with her.

    What started out as a subtle interest and obsession, has grown in size with the coming-of-age ball.

    After his father died and he became a duke at a young age, it was a feast of 'crazy obsession' without a break.

    Elisha felt burdened by his undisclosed affection and obsession, but she could not easily push him away.

    There were two main reasons for that...

    First, it was Elisha's personality.

    She had been abused by Katie for a long time, and her older sister, Rosetta, who was not close to her family, and who saw her face often, hated her.

    All of these circumstances made Elisha a very passive, timid, and hard-to-reject person.

    For such a Elisha, it was the first time in her life that she had a strong appeal to her like Leo, and unfortunately, she grew up too weak to deal with such a person.

    The second was the title of Leo.

    Valentine's Duke.

    Duchess of Fresia.

    Duke Carter.

    Each of the three families was a family that protected the sword, divine power, and magic, and were the three pillars that supported the Kham Empire.

    It is a strong pillar supporting the Kham Empire, and at the same time, a relationship that checks each other in the face of equal power.

    Leo was, among other things, the heir to the duke of Carter, and the duke who succeeded the duke at an early age.

    Among the families that keep each other in check, a young duke and a princess.

    It must have been unreasonable for the timid Elisha to reject him.

    At least she tried to avoid him when he was staying as the heir, but when he became a duke and started to put pressure on her, Elisha was like a doll being dragged around.

    Because Leo was a person who used Elisha's lack and anxiety terribly well.

    Her trauma, her relationship with the Elisha family, and her political position.

    all of that.

    _'What if my family suffers damage because of me?... If there is a war... .'_

    In fact, Elisha was always caught up in such anxiety.

    And the anxiety became a reality.

    No matter how hard she tried to escape, her cruel fate did not keep her happy.

    At the end of the book, Leo wanted to bring down the Valentine's family in order to completely take over Elisha, and as is the result of a devastating novel, the Valentine's family eventually collapsed.

    The only survivor of Valentine's is Elisha.

    In fact, Elisha had always been gripped with such anxiety.

    And the anxiety became a reality.

    No matter how hard she tried to escape, her cruel fate did not keep her happy.

    The ending of the novel is that Leo finally takes the woman who is left alone and possesses it forever.

    'It's always unlucky.'

    How could I not like the content so much?

    In particular, I didn't like the fact that 'Leo' had to be ruined with 'Elisha' without any difficulties even though the genre was a devastating novel.

    ....Because that's the way I used to be.

    'Stop it, please. Don't touch my family! just. Rather, me...'

    An empty cry echoed in my mind.

    It wasn't Elisha, it wasn't Rosetta either.

    It hasn't even been a month yet... A voice that somehow feels awkward.


    As I mumbled my name, I closed my eyes as if surprised by my voice.

    When I checked the paper, the name ‘Rita’ was written on it.

    It was the result of unconsciousness.

    While looking at the name 'Rita', I repeatedly drew a dark circle over the letter 'Ta'.

    Beneath the black marks, until the letters are invisible.

    And I wrote 'L' in front of 'Lee' and 'Sha' next to the black mark.


    After stroking the heavily written characters once, I continued the thought that had been interrupted for a while.

    'First, the trauma of being abused by Katie... It's hard to touch.'

    Too much time has already passed.

    Katie is gone, but the memories she's already built up won't go away easily.

    Elisha ran to save me, but it seemed difficult to have that kind of courage every time.

    'actually, the most certain thing is... .'

    It's about getting rid of the main character.

    But without a male protagonist, romance novels wouldn't exist.

    '… just kill him '

    Actually, there has never been a more perfect way.

    If you just let it exist, the story won't progress.

    However, it was not feasible.

    I found out too.

    It was just like saying I didn't want to go down the stairs and I'd jump out the window.

    It would not be easy to approach and kill Leo with my body now, and even if I succeeds in killing him, the aftermath will be enormous.

    Maybe, Elisha and her family will be harmed.

    If I could deal with it in one line, I would have to die and move on to the next world... .

    How could the case of a princess killing Confucius be simply resolved as a personal versus individual problem?

    Perhaps at least a huge monetary compensation, perhaps the greatest war.

    Amidst the pouring of swords and magic, Elisha, covered in blood and trembling, could only be imagined.

    'This is dismissed.'

    I came to a quick conclusion and considered the next option.

    However, I still couldn't get rid of the thought in my head that what to do with 'Leo' was the best way.'

    'If I can't kill it, I want to at least take away his power.'

    Tuk, tuk, tuk.

    The tip of the pen, which was in agony, left countless dots on the paper, and then stopped.

    Suddenly, something ran through my head.

    'By the way, there is a way. Isn't it?'

    Come to think of it, Leo became a duke a few months after the coming-of-age ball.

    The present Prince Carter passed away from a sudden deterioration of his condition, around the time of the transition from winter to spring.

    It meant that he still had several months to go before he took power.

    'At that time, what if someone other than Leo takes over the title?'

    Ah, it was a family I really liked.

    If that happens, it will take away the most powerful weapon, 'power', from Leo's hand.

    How does a toothless tiger chew its prey?

    At the same time, Leo had a half-brother.

    That's the main character of 'The Carter Funeral'.

    His name is Casion Carter.

    His fictional roles were short-lived villains.

    Just like Rosetta.

    ‘How come the main characters here are half-brothers, All the siblings are villains.'

    However, in fact, Cassion was a villain, so there was a bit of a pity.

    He was almost killed by Leo, then barely escaped and dreamed of revenge, but in the end, he was a pitiful character who was killed by Leo.

    Even at the time of the 'Funeral', which is like the first scene in the original, 'Casion' was actually alive.

    After almost being killed by Leo, a funeral was held without a body.

    After he really died, he met a tragic end without a single grave.

    'I am a poor, lonely villain... .'

    I soon picked up the calendar and looked up the date of Casion's accident.

    The day that Leo was on the brink of death in a carriage accident that he intentionally caused, and he dramatically survived and hid himself.

    To make Casion on my side, I had to approach it before the accident happened.

    After the accident, if Casion hid, it would be very difficult.

    'Let's see.. Casion gets into an accident... The evening before the Academy's graduation ceremony... .'

    And, one week before the Academy Graduation Ceremony, ..

    Three days later.

    It was only 3 days from today.


    I opened my eyes to the vibration that shook my head lightly.

    After riding the carriage for a long time, it seemed that I fell asleep without my knowledge.

    The vibration that shook my head continued without stopping. It was proof that I was running on a dirt road away from the paved road.

    I tilted the spear that was leaning my head.

    The sky, which was bright when we left, suddenly turned yellow.

    The vast nature stretched out under the yellow-tinted sky.

    Tree branches swaying in the wind, grass swaying like waves, and flowers.

    A world similar to Episode 3 at first glance, but clearly not the same, as if several landscape paintings were lined up in a row.

    It's been a while since I've seen a landscape like this.

    'Oh, I thought of this again.'

    After entering the 4th round, I often had these thoughts.

    Where the feet touch, where the eyes go, the scent, the touch, the sound.

    The admiration of 'how much is this?' was always followed by everything.

    Once again, the thought occurred to me that I had been imprisoned for a very long time in the 3rd episode.

    However, there will come a moment when one day I will get used to everything, just as I was used to beyond the dark grate.

    Rumbling, the carriage running towards somewhere shook shallowly again.

    "Miss, are you okay?!"

    "I'm Okay."

    As I gazed at the scenery outside the window, I woke up to the voice of the coachman coming through the window.

    "How much is left?"

    “Coming soon!”

    I turned my back on the window I was looking at and went to the opposite window and rolled the curtains.

    Through the small window, I could see the mountain, which was neither too high nor too low.

    Seven days before the Academy's Summer Graduation Ceremony.

    Today, there, Casion's wagon rolls over the cliff.
    Thank you so much for the summarize ☺️
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    After Rosetta saves Cassion, puts him up in the recovery room of the hotel owned by the info broker/black market merchant that originally helped the trashy male protagonist Leo bc Rosetta negotiated well enough to get what she wanted out of the boredom-prone lady.

    Cassion (has totally FORGOTTEN the epic moment where she saved him in return for him doing what she wanted, bc he hit his head ig): "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME, VALENTINE [their families are enemies btw, Leo/Alicia was like Romeo and Juliet if Romeo was a psychotic blackmailer who forced Juliet to be w him bc he was a Duke with better resources than her]?! Why did you save me?!"
    Rosetta (annoyed that this amnesic idiot apparently FORGOT his promise, what was the point of approaching a wary guy like Cassion if she can't even take advantage of the life-saving grace): "bc i need u. i want you to be the Duke."
    Cassion (already thinking up a whole NOVEL bc apparently dukes of the Carter line need magic which he doesn't have or whatever): that's bull, I've never thought about being Duke, just surviving was enough to prove that I'm strong and defying Leo and his mother, and our families are enemies so... "I got it! You're just trying to make me Duke to sow discord in the Carter family!! This is all an evil Valentine plot!!"
    me and the commenters on the raw: SHE JUST WANTS YOU TO KEEP YOUR PSYCHO BROTHER AWAY FROM HER SISTER YOU IDIOT!!! Rosetta you should just put him back AND LET HIM DIE.

    Just, ugh, things have been going pretty well up until this point. Rosetta managed to negotiate with the shady hotel owner and get cosmetics to help change how Cassion looks when she takes him back home to help him lay low from his shitty family, he literally dreamed of drowning in a swamp before Rosetta's voice helped him wake up, and now he has a headache and is being all grumpy after veering away from the "she couldn't be helping Leo and Leo's mom bc what would be the point" thought so now... I guess being good at acting the pragmatic villainess who framed an innocent carriage driver for the accident that cassion's carriage driver caused (bc he was paid off by the evil duo) has its downsides BUT THIS IS SO ANNOYING. I'd be more appreciative of Cassion being a vulnerable, meeker male version of Penelope from "death is the only ending for the villainess" instead of an overbearing CEO male lead like his brother if he didn't make me so angry at how realistically he was written. He doesn't fight back, just kind of runs away and prides himself on surviving (which he WOULDN'T HAVE if not for Rosetta) even tho he's low-key suicidal (which i guess makes him a perfect match for Rosetta!) but right now I'm just too annoyed at him being the human version of the ungrateful stray that bites you after you help it out of a trap. Rosetta is really going to have to train him into being some kind of useful. SIGH i hope he's less annoying in chapter 21.
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    I got a nickname for him, its Cat. Im gonna call him cat from now on.

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    Thank you for this!!

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    Welp he WASN'T less annoying in chapter 21.
    so cassion REALLY doesn't trust Rosetta. He's CONVINCED she has no other use for him than making him "bring chaos to his family w inadequate heir" yadda ya. So bc he doesn't trust this shady woman and she recognizes she can't really make him, especially since HE DOESN'T FUCKING REMEMBER HIS PROMISE, she's like "ok fine give me your answer tomorrow." And leaves her cloak.

    Bc guess what? She KNOWS he's gonna try to book it bc he's a feral cat that TRUSTS NO ONE. Blah blah blah enclosed spaces Bad, who cares that he's fucking injured af w nowhere to go? MUST GET AWAY, bc APPARENTLY the woman who actively saved u from being killed is way more dangerous than the random ppl around u that regularly try to kill you w a smile. (I mean i get his point about trustworthy ppl not being trustworthy BUT ROSETTA ISN'T TRYING TO GET YOU TO LET DOWN YOUR GUARD TO KILL YOU?? she literally tried to bargain w him as an equal unlike the ppl who are just nice to your face and then try to kill u without saying anything- ah whatever.) So Rosetta left the cloak bc if he's gonna try to escape AT LEAST he can COVER HIS FACE.

    so outside the door where she stopped to eavesdrop, she heard him moving around instead of RESTING LIKE SHE TOLD HIM TO, and was like "i knew it, I'm gonna have to bring him back, but i don't wanna play tag." and decides to leave Cassion to it. Bc there's no stopping idiots ig.

    So cassion is wearing the cloak, putting up a tough front being all "IT HURTS A FUCKTON but... I'm USED TO the pain, i can walk even if I'm clutching my stomach and shit from injury, even tho I'm not recovered I CAN'T TRUST ANYONE, it's better to just live instead of being used as a tool" blah blah blah, i may have made him sound a little more self-aware than he actually is but you get the gist. So he staggers out of the hotel INSTEAD OF BEING PRAGMATIC ABOUT HIS INJURIES AND MAYBE HOLING UP WHERE HIS FAMILY DEFINITELY CAN'T FIND HIM he spares a moment to thank Rosetta in his head but it's all "I'm sorry but my life is too heavy to repay" or whatever AND OF COURSE he sees a TONS OF PEOPLE COMBING THE STREETS FOR HIM. And that's where the chapter ends.

    This is super realistic for an abuse victim and all i guess BUT I WISH WE COULD JUST SKIP TO THE PART WHERE HE'S LIKE "I've been stupid, Rosetta i will finally realize you're more trustworthy than my shitty family" but i have a feeling it's going to take a while.
    So chapter 22 was basically Cassion running into some thugs who thought he was an easy target (and i mean, he WAS recovering from an fatal injuries and all), and him trying to talk his way out of things peacefully. Didn't work, and Rosetta popped up and was like "you want my help?"
    Chapter 23: Cassion refuses Rosetta's help bc she looks like a weakling and braces himself to get beat up, she's like "lmao fine, forget me saving u, from now on I'll be nice to u so don't forget" and while the dudes are surrounding Cassion and making crude comments about Rosetta, she jumps down from a building like a badass and beats them all up with martial arts. And it turns out Cassion left bc he didn't want Rosetta to get hurt more than he really thought she was a threat. Like he was trying to spare her, the way he tried to use Alicia against Leo in the original novel but then showed her compassion. Apparently he has a soft heart that made him fail to strangle Leo twice(?) and then have assassination attempts enacted on him in return.

    So, i guess he's okay?
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    He better get a character development soon or this journey is going to be TORTURE