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    LOL!! Only Lan Jingyi doesn't mind doing this :blobjoy:

    WWX : Prepare for trouble!
    LJY : And make it double!
    LSZ : T-to... protect the world from devastation! :blobsweat_2:
    JL : .................... To unite all peoples within our nation! (If anyone see me like this especially uncle, I would kill myself) :notlikeblob:
    LJY : To denounce the evils of truth and love!
    WWX : To extend our reach to the stars above!
    S-shizui! :blobtired:
    Rrrrghh...... RULAN!! (JUST KILL ME ALREADY!!) :blobangery:
    WWX : Team Whatever blasts off at the speed of light!
    LSZ & JL : ...... *sigh* Surrender now or prepare to fight! :facepalm::blobcry:

    LJY : YEEAAH!! THAT'S RIGHT!! :blobhero:
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    Gotta love how embarrassed Jin Ling is but he does it anyways.
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    Well, for 13 or so years JC was under the impression that WWX just willfully took the Wen's side for (relatively) trivial reasons, sort of abandoning the Jiang clan and him personally. He didn't know about his core being granted to him by WWX with the help of the Wens. :blobReach:

    In my opinion, he will probably calm down after a few years. It's just that the story actually happens over a span of a few days only so JC hasn't had enough time to process everything.

    Isn't that because poor, poor JZX was killed by Wen Ning? I mean, it would be kinda heartless to blame the dead guy when he already got murdered and is presumably lamenting his tragic fate in the afterlife already. Or perhaps JC could tell that WWX liked LWJ a lot more than JZX.
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    Ahh does jin ling noe lan sizhui is wen yuan n related to wen ning? Since wen ning night hunt with the lan children tat mean sometimes he will met jin ling? i noe that jin ling hates wen ning did his feeling towards him get resolve?:blobsad:
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    Since we are discussing Jiang Cheng and WWX, I just want to add my two cent. There are several character in GDC that I do have a love-hate relationship with in due to the complexity of their character. At some point, I feel them at some point I'm frustrated or angry with them.

    One is the complex relationship between Jiang Cheng and WWX. I love the relationship he had with WWX and sadden that it ended but their relationship do remind me of friendship that went sour (sometime even best friends goes separate ways and not all friendship are meant to last forever). WWX was his best friend, his bethren, and he even see him as his brother but sadly some do not see the bond they have. Such as his mother hence she becomes his source to his inferiority complex against WWX. To have the comparison by others but to have your mother fuel that more can definitely leads to strong insecurity and when insecurity develop, it becomes your weakness. Whether he and WWX remain friends, as long as he has that seed of insecurity, it would eventually in the future leads their friendship towards the same path of destruction. It is just like Jin Guangyao insecurity of his roots that lead him to his own destructive path and downfall.

    I also for part feel Jiang Cheng character as one with blind judgment in that he hate all Wen clan regardless if there are truly kind people in the clan. It's like once his mind is made up, it's made him - just like him hunting all the people who he believed to be WWX for 13 years and no one knows for sure what truly happen to those people.

    To side with a clan who had causes his family downfall regardless if there are people who are innocent from it, but because they bear that clan, they're just as guilty and for WWX to side and protect them was act of betrayal.

    Aside from that, there has been so much happening between them (from parent's death to Wen Clan to his sister's death), it is truly hard for them to mend their relationship at the end of the novel. And I mean just like friendship that went different direction, even if you come back to it, it will never be the same again. For them, I think at the end they come to term and understanding of each other stance and who knows, maybe time will eventually heal and they can be friends again (not the same as before but still friend - letting go of those anger, insecurity, and blame in their heart). I feel like Jin Ling could forgive (assuming) so I think Jiang Cheng could as well.

    I mean since there is a JC and LXC ship, I am just going into the shipper mode belief that one day, LXC will help mend his heart and he eventually becomes their sister in law *giggle* and they all becomes peaceful, living their happy life in GDC world :)

    Side question: Is LSZ the last living Wen clan?
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    I'm sure JC knew that had it simply been JZX standing there hiding the girl, WWX would have just watched. haha "Huh, he's braver than I thought." - His general thinking in that scene anyway.

    Notice in the animation, WWX wants to run to her defense but JC stops him... and WWX stops. It's only when LWJ is in danger that he can't be held back and attacks with his best weapon... his mouth. lol (And then uses the chance to snag WC)

    I agree with your earlier thoughts that JC probably felt that LWJ and JZX weren't in need of WWX's help. Also they made their own choice and would have to deal with the consequences. JC had other concerns. He could see the bigger picture. He's the cautious type and wouldn't run into a fight he wasn't sure he could win. He heard what WC said about the price anyone who interferes would pay and was acting as a true clan leader's son. He had to weigh MianMian's life against the lives of the Jiang Clan members who were down there with them. He had to decide what was "trivial" and what was important. (To him, at least) WWX doesn't think like JC. His thinking is a bit simpler, more impulsive. He tends to act on instinct. In this case... his instinct was to protect LWJ. He'd been concerned for LWJ ever since he'd noticed him limping, had gone out of his way to try and help him when he saw him struggling. He definitely didn't think it was trivial. (He was actually looking at the long game here) And I don't think there was any way he'd have stood by watching while LWJ was in mortal danger, no matter who was trying to stop him.

    JC definitely took note of this and remembered it as a pivotal moment in their eventual conflict with the Wen Clan.
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    Agreed this was JC's thought process, though I'm not sure about the LWJ bit (IIRC, WWX just acts when the Wen clan attacks them). Interestingly the other sect leader heir JZX has a totally different way of thinking. This directly reflects their statements at the end of episode 4 - JC tells WWX not to speak up, but JZX remarks that if no one is willing to speak up and everyone wants to save their own skins, then the Wen clan would quash them all. Really would have liked to see those two interact more.

    JZX (and WWX's) thought process here is - what happens if they let MianMian die? Next time when Wen Chao demands someone become live bait, if it's from the Jin or Jiang clan, why would the other cultivators help, since both JZX and JC would have gladly stood back and not helped them if they were in need. Better to make a stand now at their fullest strength while maintaining their (and their sects') honor. IMO this is also the same line of thinking as Madame Yu and her husband's later on...

    Sorry for the late response, ran out of time earlier! Mm, the Wen survivors died no less miserably and JC's hatred for them didn't fade at all, if anything it got worse... During the Sunshot Campaign JC already knew the Wen siblings saved his life and his parents' dignity, then during the Second Siege the Wen survivors saved him again, but his attitude towards them didn't change, so I'm not sure the golden core truth will help. Hey, at least it makes for an amusing scenario regarding the LSZ/JL ship!

    Haha, after you read the novel you may very well disagree with my explanations!
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    :. DIRECTORY.:
    Alrighty, to make things simpler for everyone, these links below are from pages 100-onwards. If your looking for novel spoilers or extra after stories of the novel then head on to pg 1 of the forum it's in @alexfilia 's summary link or click here.

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  9. Fiorisi

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    Broooo!! Dude!! Omg sorry! I totally misinformed you :blobsob::blobsob: @Stmoon7777777 was the one who translated this video. Here's the original post & the link to the extra voice acting for the WangXian scene is here
  10. YaoiMom22

    YaoiMom22 Madam Lan (XiChen) ... for reasons.

    Jul 23, 2018
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    Absolutely could not agree more!

    Whoa! This took some srs work to put together! Thank you!!
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  11. nezushion

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    waa thank you for the audio and translation link! :aww::aww::aww:also thanks for putting together the directory ahhh! :blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt:
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  12. StarSaber

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    Aug 20, 2018
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    I found this funny song parody about Wei Wuxian and I had to share it. It's really catchy.

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  13. Attica

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    My youtube account was suspended after a flurry of copyright strikes this morning--I'm working on disputing the strikes, but until then, the audio drama subs are offline.
    Thanks for all your support so far--I'm not sure where this will end up going, but I'm going to persevere.
  14. miximmaxim

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  15. StarSaber

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    Wow, that's really sad. I really enjoyed your subs of the audio drama's and can't understand them without your subs since I only speak english. Do you happen to know if there was a way to at least get english transcripts of the audio cds somewhere? And thank you for your hard work.
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  16. Devy_chuu

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    Oh no..:blobfearful:
    So sad...:blobwoah:
    I hope you are okay...
    Thank you for your hard work and dedication to translate the audio :blobmelt:
    If don't mind, I want to know if there's a way to at least get english sub of the audio cds?
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  17. nezushion

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    :blobcry::blobcry: thank you so much for your hard work. i discover your chanel by your translation of the funny extra short audio story. i hope you get to have your chanel back soon
  18. Yukkie

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    Oh no! I can't save some of your substitles. a few weeks ago I do download your subs from ep 4 to 8 and some from extras..
    its sad to hear that. You have already work hard. :))
  19. Yukkie

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    Well I know it. there's a time your youtube may got take down. from what I know... I think its when your subscriber reached 1000. The youtube take action on it. that what I got in past when I also an youtuber... :facepalm::facepalm:
  20. Yukkie

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    I can recommend you how to make an substitle on easy way.
    You only need to download "Media Subtitler" look like this [​IMG]
    It kinda easy to make. You don't need to only make it on youtube.