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    Ah I forgot about this book. I got engrossed into another novel and it went in the bottom of my reading list. I'll try to pick it up again and read till the end.
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    The recent chapter is on 48 and Im totally hooked. I wanna give it a 100 stars. I dont know why but I really love the plot, the characters and the translation is good too. I wish someone can continue translating it. I cried when fl cries and ml too. Ml's experience is really out of this world. But still he has sane. He is still sane and really loves our fl. ❤

    By the way, due to this novel, I created this acct and posted this msg
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    The Gap Between You and Me


    The gap between you and me Episode 1.

    Autumn was passing and winter was coming. The fallen leaves hanging from the branches fell one by one, and white frost fell early in the morning. Accordingly, the villagers were worried that this winter would be unusually cold compared to other times. They started preparing for winter in their own way.

    Herietta and Edwin were no different from them. Food, Edwin, was not very worried because he could easily get it at any time through hunting. However, fighting against the bitter cold in the middle of winter was another problem.

    The house they lived in was enough for two adult men and women, but the durability of the building was not very good. Heating and insulation. He thought he had to catch both of these. Herietta began knitting hard, and Edwin was enthusiastic about chopping firewood.

    And the same was true of that day. Edwin, who woke up early and had a simple breakfast, went out to the front yard of his house and began to cut firewood. Bickering. Bickering. Every time he hit the axe, the firewood split in half and a cheerful sound rang out.

    How long did I work like that? Edwin's gaze, which was stealing sweat from his forehead with his ax head on the ground, headed to one place. Kkii- The opening and closing doors of the fence surrounding the yard opened.

    "Hey, I'm here".

    A boy with red hair and freckles entered the yard. The boy, named Delan, was the only son of a couple living next door to them and occasionally came by like this.

    Edwin was a little bothered by his presence, but he persevered to know that Herrietta cared a lot for him. Of course, if he thought he came too often, he would put some unspoken pressure on him.

    "What about Herietta?"

    Delan, who approached Edwin's side with a quick step, looked around and asked. His voice, which had not yet met his voice, was a pleasant aesthetic to hear.

    "I had something to do, so I went outside."

    Edwin replied.

    "Did you find her?"

    "No. It's not like that."

    Delan shrugged and said. He seemed to want to ask something more, but Edwin ignored it. He had a friendly side, but it was only in front of Herietta, and when interacting with others other than her, he was blunt.

    Edwin picked up the ax he had placed next to him again and began to cut firewood. Bickering. Bickering. Whenever he swung the ax, the firewood was neatly split in half.

    "Can I ask you something?"

    Delan, sitting nearby and watching Edwin chop firewood, quietly opened his mouth. As if passing by, he said little, but that's probably why he came here. Edwin expressed his acceptance in silence.

    "Why did you come to this village?"

    Delan asked carefully.

    "As you know, this is just such a rural village. There is nothing special, but an old-fashioned village that is behind the times."

    Delan's voice, which refers to the word old-fashioned, was filled with emotions. Frowned eyes and a sullen voice. Just by looking at his expression and tone, I could guess how undesirable he was about this village.

    "I heard everyone in the city is incredibly sophisticated. The house is magnificent, and there are a lot of different kinds of food."


    "Isn't it much better to go out and live in a bigger city than to live in a rural village like this?"

    "Why do you think that's better?"

    Edwin asked without stopping what he was doing.

    "You can't believe rumors. In particular, such a one-sided praise is even more."

    "Of course, I don't think everything will be true. But it's probably a groundless rumor to some extent."

    Delan mumbled and made excuses at Edwin's rather serious advice.

    "In addition, it's clear that if you go out to the city, you'll get more opportunities than here."


    "A chance to succeed. To win wealth and honor."

    Things that everyone would be happy to do.

    "Even if that's not the case with Herietta, Edwin would definitely be able to do it...."

    Even in the eyes of Delan, who is still young, Edwin looked great. Delan was the one who could not succeed even if he was left in the middle of the wasteland with no money.

    Appearance, intelligence, physique, behavior, etc. Edwin was so perfect that he thought that GOD was unfair. In addition, he felt an aura that was not easily accessible to him. It seems elegant even with simple speech, and even with simple labor, it looks somewhat well-defined. In a way, it was natural for many boys and girls, including Delan, to admire him inside.

    Edwin, who read Delan's thoughts, snorted.

    "Well, there's only one thing I want."

    "What's that?"

    "I'm sure you know."

    Edwin said something meaningful. Edwin McKenzie, the most perfect man in the village, the only thing he wants everyone knows. Delan, who was blinking and reflecting on his words, frowned.

    “Don't tell me...you are talking about Herietta noona again? That you want to make her happy while staying with her?”

    When Delan asked, Edwin laughed silently. Another way of expressing positivity. Delan's guess was not wrong.

    "However, brother. But that's too easy. Hereitta is already into you."

    Delan, who was very disappointed, complained.

    "Besides, it's not a big deal at all."

    "Who defines whether it's amazing or not?"

    "Is it only great to accumulate wealth and become a wealthy person that everyone recognizes? Is it great only when you conquer the country and become a powerful person that no one can ignore? Do you mean that you have to make a reputation on the continent and leave your name in history to say that you have accomplished the great work you say?"


    "It is certainly difficult to win wealth and honor and to be recognized by people. But winning a person's heart is harder than that. No one can predict what the consequences of a person's mind will be, unlike the first case where one can see any fruit if one tries."

    It was an obligation and belief that even if I tried throughout my life, I could not do it. That's why he would devote all of his life to the last minute of his breathlessness. Only for Herrietta, for her.

    “Gee...You speak like a person who is experiencing love. Yes, even hyung doesn’t know that well."

    Delan, who doesn't know Edwin's past, pouted.

    "I know what you're talking about. My dad said that. My brother is an outstanding character, smart, and talented person, but he is disappointed in only one thing."

    " One thing?"

    "I can't even talk to sister because you're always holding her tight. They say how tightly you live, that even a mouse in front of a cat won't tremble that much."

    When I look at it like that, hyung says he doesn't have a lot of money. As if Delan was putting up a pill, he gently added a backstory.

    Whatever the intention was, it was a speech that would offend the listener. Especially if you are far superior to others like Edwin.

    Contrary to Delan's expectations, however, Edwin was not offended at all. Upon hearing Delan's answer, he seemed to raise one eyebrow and soon smiled quietly.

    "I'm glad I look like that."


    "Yes. So, be sure to tell your father. Thank you for taking care of me so far, so please don't change your mind in the future."

    Edwin said. He wasn't being sarcastic, but he looked really happy.

    Delan, looking at Edwin with a puzzled face, soon understood what he meant. Delan shook his head as if he was discouraged.

    "....What my dad said was right."

    Delan sighed loudly and muttered to the man who was his idol.

    "Edwin hyung is the best playerr in the world."

    Edwin, who simply washed himself, checked the time by lightly shaking off his wet hair with a towel. Tick tick. The hour hand needle on the wall clock pointed to the number 11. It's 11 in the morning. Soon it was time for Herieta to return home.

    Edwin put a wet towel in a laundry basket, poured water into a teapot, and placed it on the stove. Then, waiting for the water to boil, he took out a container containing dried tea leaves from the kitchen shelf.

    Black Rotieng. It was a tea that Herrietta, who likes milk tea, enjoyed recently.

    It was Edwin who knew Herrietta's taste better than his own. He took an appropriate amount of tea leaves out of the container and put them in a teacup. Then, the water, which was just starting to boil, was slightly cooled and poured on top of it. Hwaaa. The tea leaves are feared, and the unique fragrant scent of black rotien spread subtly into the air.

    Edwin checked the concentration with his eyes. He thought he could filter out the tea leaves a little more, but he heard footsteps from outside. A familiar walk that is light and cheerful and feels like bouncy somewhere. Looking out of the window, he saw a woman pushing the fence door and entering the yard.

    'You got back on time?'

    The moment he caught Herieta in his eyes, a soft smile naturally spread around Edwin's mouth.

    The gap between you and me Episode 2.


    Edwin stayed still and looked at Herietta's wits. This is because she looked strange when she returned home. Sitting in front of the table without taking off her outdoor cape, she was deeply thoughtful, as if she were receiving his greetings.

    What happened outside? Eventually, Edwin, who couldn't stand his curiosity, quietly spoke to Herrietta, putting down a teacup in front of her.

    "Do you have any concerns?"



    " Huh? "

    Herieta, who was sitting in a daze, looked up and looked at him. Blinking. Blinking. As she closed and opened her eyes several times, she looked awkward.

    "Sorry, Edwin. What did you say?"

    "I asked if you had any concerns. Because you're too quiet, unlike usual."

    "Ah. Never mind. I just have something to think about."

    Thank you for the tea. Herieta, who belatedly realized that he had made milk tea for him, sends a small thank-you note. Then, he scooped a spoon of sugar from a sugar container he had prepared in advance and put it in a warm tea cup.

    A teaspoon made of metal lightly touched a teacup made of rattles, rattles, and corrugated porcelain and made a small sound.

    "Did you.... go through something bad outside?"

    Edwin, who was glancing at Herieta, sat opposite her and asked carefully.

    "You look dark. I'm sure something happened outside."

    "No, nothing happened."

    "......Even a seven-year-old child will not be fooled by such clumsy lies."

    Edwin smiled in vain as if he was dumbfounded. I can't believe nothing happened while looking at all the worries of the world. The passing dog was laughing.

    "What's wrong with you? Please tell me because I can help you."


    "Ms. Herietta?"

    "What about Edwin?"

    The clatter of dishes stopped. Herietta stopped the act of stirring the cup and saw Edwin.

    "You seem to be in a good mood for some reason. Did something good happen without me?"

    "I looked happy?"

    "Yes, you, were smiling. very brightly."

    Herieta said, pretending to pull the corners of her mouth up with one hand.

    "I think something good happened. No?"

    "Well, Delan went for a while in the morning, but nothing else happened."

    "Delan here?What's wrong?"

    "It's not a child who comes only when there's a special reason, right? I think he just came because he was bored. We didn't talk much and he went back quickly."

    "Oh no. I wish he'd waited a little longer and met me."

    Herieta picked up the teacup with a disappointed look. Unlike Edwin, who was bothered by Delan's visit, the affectionate Herieta welcomed his visit very much. Knowing that, Edwin has not given him a hint so far, even if his existence is annoying.

    But it would be nice if you'd be less happy. I can't believe I'm jealous of a baby cowling who is only 14 years old now. Edwin, who realized his wish, felt complicated.

    "Anyway, it's weird.You, you definitely looked like you were in a good mood."

    Herieta snooped her head and sipped a sip of milk tea. Ah, it's very delicious today. The woman who smiles brightly. Edwin, who was looking at her and thinking about something, tilted his upper body forward and put his right elbow on the table.

    "Come to think of it, there's one reason why I feel good."

    "Really? What's that?"

    Herieta took another sip of milk tea and asked. Edwin held her chin obliquely with his right hand. Then, he quietly looked at Herieta sitting in front of him and said.

    "It's Herietta."

    " yes?"

    "Herieta is with me, right?"

    Soft and stable low voice.

    "If I look good right now, that's probably because Herieta is sitting in front of me."

    Edwin's mouth, whispering a word with a secret feeling, bent strangely upward. Herieta, who was looking at him, swallowed a dry saliva without realizing it.

    Is it because of that posture with the chin raised a little? The way he looked at her drowsy with his eyes slightly lowered was breathtakingly fascinating.

    A beautiful and perfect man who makes me think that God is unfair. It's been a while since I've been with him, so I thought I've developed my immunity to some extent, but I think I was wrong.

    'I fell in love with that appearance at first sight.'

    Fifteen years old. I didn't understand the meaning of loving someone yet, and I was clumsy with my feelings ahead.

    'The appearance was just a small part of him.'

    At that time, there were things I didn't know.

    Like the perfect appearance, Edwin also thought that every aspect would be perfect without flaw. smart, cool-headed, gentlemanly, and elegant

    However, he was a little different from the image she had in her imagination.

    Although smart, sometimes swayed by emotions other than reason, and cold-headed, he was infinitely dedicated to the people, gentle, but he would swing his fist when needed, and collapsed endlessly in front of his desires, although elegant.

    For a man who seemed perfect, there were numerous imperfections that she had not known before. Nevertheless, it was very strange.

    That those imperfections make him even more perfect. The more you know him, the more complicated it becomes to explain why you love him.

    Herieta, who was locked in thought, opened her mouth as she looked at Edwin.


    "Yes, Herietta."

    "What kind of relationship do we have?"

    ".... What? "

    At Herietta's outrageous question, the relaxed look on Edwin's face was erased. He looked at her expression to see if he had heard it wrong, but she was just staring at him quietly. Noticing that her mood was strange, he straightened his body.

    "What...are you talking about?"

    "I met Lauren and Marianne on the way here. You know them, right? I mean the two daughters of Minne, who sell miscellaneous goods on the main street over there."

    Herieta began talking in a calm tone.

    "I heard Lauren is pregnant this time. It's only been a little over half a year since she got married, and everyone had children much faster than expected. She, the person involved, seems quite surprised, too."


    “Still, she says she is so happy right now. To have a child for the person she loves. And to be able to raise children and start a family with that person in the future. She said."

    Vibrant eyes and apple-red cheeks. She was a woman of the same age who smiled shyly while stroking her belly, which she had just begun to call. Herietta, who remembered that woman, smiled bitterly.

    "When I heard that, I suddenly wondered. What's the relationship between you and me?"


    "What's the relationship between Edwin and Herietta?"

    "....Why are you suddenly thinking about that?"

    Edwin, who was silently listening to her, asked.

    "Do we really need to define what it is?"


    "Can't we just accept it as it is?"

    As we've done so far, like that.

    Edwin's voice was filled with faint anxiety. It was more of a petition than a question. Herieta, who was looking at him, soon shook her head helplessly.

    "It's easy to turn your eyes away as if you don't know anything. But that doesn't mean the truth will disappear. No matter how much you wish, you can't cover the sky with your palm."


    "Edwin, don't get me wrong. I'm not doing this all of a sudden. I've just postponed it so far because I don't want to lose you. But I don't think I should do that anymore. It's not right to force you to stand by me for any reason."

    "What do you mean forcefully?"

    Edwin, who couldn't stand it anymore, jumped up from his seat. The chair he was sitting on fell back and made a loud noise, but he didn't blink. He turned around the table and approached her in a step. Then, he bent down and sat on one knee to meet her eye level.

    "Ms. Herieta, I'm not by your side by force. I wanted to be by Herietta's side, so that's why."


    "Didn't I tell you before?"

    'Please restrain and suppress me more. If it's by you, I'll happily accept it.'

    "My heart is no different from then."

    Edwin held Herrietta's hand, which was on the table.

    'You, you are the only lord and the breath of my life that I have recognized, so please do not hesitate to wield me, your faithful sword and faithful servant.'

    His eyes containing her were as sincere and robust as they were when he delivered her the pledge of article. To the point where I wonder who can doubt his sincerity like this.

    Herietta sighed slowly. A complex and subtle expression that intersects various emotions. She turned and faced him.

    "Do you... love me?"


    "Tell me, Edwin. Do you really love me?"

    "How can you ask me that question?"

    Edwin asked, breathing briefly. Perhaps shocked by Herietta's words, his blue eyes shook violently.

    "When I lost everything, when I got them again, even when I was at the crossroads between life and death, I wanted only you. I was eager to be with you only. I think it's better to die than to live in a world without you, seriously....."

    Edwin groaned low. Emotions that had been suppressed have risen. When he remembered the days when he believed he had lost her, there was an indescribable pain in his eyes.

    "Don't you think Herieta knows the best how I feel about Herieta? But how, how could you ask me such a question..."

    "But Edwin, it's already been nearly a year since we came here together. It's been almost a year since we've lived pretending to be a good couple in front of others."

    Confused by Edwin's distress, Herieta hurriedly said.

    "You've always been sweet to me and cared for me enough to overflow. It's not that I don't know that."

    "Then what's the problem?"

    "That's all, Edwin. That's the problem."

    Herieta raised her voice a little as if she was frustrated.

    "On the outside, we're a perfect couple. But there is an invisible line between us. And you've never tried to cross that line."


    "I'm already 21 years old. I'm not too young to know nothing, and I'm not just a flower in a greenhouse that needs to be protected."

    Herieta struggled to continue.

    "If nothing happens even though grown-up men and women are together all day long, there must be a good reason."


    "If you haven't had the slightest desire to do that for over a year, you can get a rough idea of what that means."

    Edwin slowly organized his mind.

    "Do you mean... the desire for physical relationships?"

    "I'm not blaming you. What would you do? I can't force you to feel that way."

    Herieta blushed at Edwin's straightforward expression. She crumpled her skirt with the other hand that was not caught by him.

    "So be honest with me even now, Edwin. If the reason you stay with me is not because of love as a reason, but because of sympathy, responsibility, or guilt."

    Herieta couldn't finish her speech. This is because Edwin stood up and pulled her with strong power. She thought her body was floating up like a paper doll, but she was already in his arms. Without hesitation to ask what he was doing doing, he bit her lips.

    The gap between you and me Episode 3.


    Surprised by Edwin's sudden kiss, Herieta crunched in his arms.But he had no intention of letting her go. Knowing that she was trying to push herself away, he just hugged her waist more firmly and stuck to her. As if at this moment, he couldn't allow her to move away from him even a little.


    Herietta's hand, which was trying to push Edwin down, gradually lost strength. The body that heated up. The hot breaths of the two were intertwined with an unfamiliar feeling of lips.

    A strange heat that could not be easily explained in words spread throughout the body. Herieta trembled, trapped in the heat.

    Wouldn't she be completely swallowed by him like this? Whenever she faltered and hesitated, he immediately chased her. He was always soft and friendly to her, but not now. Every single act he did toward her was breathtakingly persistent and passionate.

    How long has it been? Edwin, who had been secretly revealing his desire for Herietta for quite a long time, finally let her go.

    "I can't believe you think I don't feel that way about Herieta. A passing dog would laugh."

    Edwin, looking down at Herietta gasping and breathing, smiled coldly.

    "I'm not as pure as you think. Did you believe that I would really have no desire in front of my beloved woman?"

    "E, Edwin ····?"

    "Herietta doesn't know. What I think every time I see Herietta. How to hold you in my head and how to make you mine ... you really don't know anything."

    Edwin slowly confessed his mind. His long fingers caressed her cheeks.

    "If you know how dark and lewd my mind is, you'll certainly freak out. You may hate me and despise me."

    A desire that is too dirty and stinky to the point of even thinking about it. And his suffocating possessiveness towards her, who likes her without her knowing anything.

    "I was scared."

    I'm afraid you'll be disappointed in me like that.

    "I had no choice but to hesitate."

    I'm afraid you'll try to run away from me because you're afraid of me.

    "I didn't want to lose you after pushing you hard because of my greed. No, I don't want to lose you again in any form. I know how terrible it is to live a life without you, and now I know it to the bone."


    "I know it sounds like an excuse, but trust me this much. It's never because you're unattractive that I've restrained myself from acting."

    Edwin's neck, which was talking, was pulled down. Herieta lifted her heel, put her arm around his neck, and dragged him down to herself.

    Once again, the lips of the two collided. Edwin opened his eyes wide. It was a clumsy kiss that was different from what he did a while ago. Nevertheless, he could not resist her. The fact that she had kissed him first made his mind white and his whole body stiff.

    A fragrant smell. A sweet feeling.

    Are you dreaming Or are you delusional in broad daylight?

    It was as long as eternity, and as soon as it came out, a short time passed. Herieta slowly removed her lips from him. Surprised by her surprise action, she could see his face hardened like a stone.


    Herieta gave Edwin a hard time, glancing.

    "I hate you? I despise you? How can you have such a silly thought?"


    Edwin looked down at her with a puzzled face. As she saw him, she laughed.

    “It’s been since I was 15, Edwin. From the day I first met you at the ball in Labant when I was 15, to this moment, I have never not loved you even for a second·······"

    Herietta furrowed her tail. How long have you been mixed up? The two came back a long way because they did not fully understand each other.

    "I guess you really didn't know." How much my heart for you is."


    "You'll have to be prepared from now on. Now, even if you push me because you don't like it, I'll never let you go."

    Edwin's eyes turned red as he listened to Herrietta. His arm held her was tense, and the breathing he breathed in and out through his slightly open lips was gone.


    The man who managed to courageously confide in his beloved woman was saved as her love. With a sense of relief, tears filled up. His wet eyes twinkled like a lake in the sun.

    "You've been there."

    Herieta whispered as she looked into Edwin's clear eyes.

    "You've been there for a long time."

    Just as she had been waiting for him, he too had been waiting for her in the same place. May the opponent approach, and the gap between the two will close.

    Herieta dug into Edwin's arms. Then she gently closed her eyes listening to the sound of his heart beating from his chest.

    "It finally reached you."

    My knight, my lover.

    "I love you, Edwin."

    My only beautiful star in the world.


    Berlin McKenzie was a girl rumored to be the prettiest child in the village. Tender brown hair that comes up to the waist and blue eyes like sapphire. Not only white and fine skin, but also excellent body proportions that are flawless anywhere. Berlin used to evoke many people's admiration, even though she was only 12 years old.

    It wasn't just that. Berlin was a smart kid right up to her head. They said that if you teach one thing, people who know ten are called geniuses. People looked at Berlin, who was much smarter and more mature than children of her age, and praised her to the fullest that she was a gift from heaven.

    There were only two reactions from children of her age to her extraordinaryness, which was overwhelming beyond such a dare.

    'Berlin, you are so lucky. Even if you don't make any effort, you're already born with everything.'

    'Berlin, ordinary people like us would just look pathetic in the eyes of a perfect child like you, right?'

    Half of the children were jealous of her.

    'Berlin, you're amazing." I wonder how the world you see will be different from the world I see.'

    'Berlin, I want to be like you. A pretty and smart person like you, and so loved by everyone.'

    The rest of the children recklessly admired and envied her.

    It was a reaction that ran oppositely. However, Berlin had only one impression of them.

    'Anyway, they are childish.'

    Seeing the children arguing and arguing with each other even if they were left alone, Berlin shuddered. She couldn't quite understand why they cared so much about such a useless thing. She said she couldn't say anything like that anyway, but after all, this is just her life.

    Berlin, who was bothered by causing a feud, deliberately acted alone while keeping a distance from the village children. Still, her name continued to come and go in the mouths of her children.

    Berlin McKenzie was a special and unrivaled girl enough to receive people's attention whether she wanted or not.


    "I'm back."

    Berlin greeted as she entered the house. Herieta, who was making something in the kitchen, peeked up.

    "You're here? You're here earlier than other times."

    "The class ended quickly."

    Berlin replied with a shrug. She had left school much faster than other children because she solved the test questions too quickly, but she didn't bother to tell that.

    "What about dad?"

    "He left a while ago. He'll be here soon."

    After briefly exchanging stories with Berlin, Herieta began to concentrate on what was in front of her again.

    'What is this smell?'

    Blowing her nose, Berlin shook her head.

    'It smells really sweet...?'

    Berlin approached Herieta with a quick step. Then she checked what she was making over her shoulder and hardened as it was.

    "What's.... this?"

    "Yeah. Your dad likes Rubappi. The next door gave me a rubab today, so I'm trying to make it with it."

    "Is this.... Rubavapai?"

    Berlin asked with a disheartened look. Wasn't it just a stack of thin pies and rubab pies, and in the meantime, a purple rubab cream was put in between.

    The appearance of the food Herieta was far from the appearance of Rubapi that Berlin knew.

    "Why is this brown?"

    "I poured more sugar than the standard amount to catch the sour taste, so it must have burned a little while cooking."


    "But I think it still tastes okay. I checked every once in a while while making it."

    Now, you should try it, too. Herieta cut the end of the pie with a fork and handed it to Berlin. Berlin was not very willing, but she couldn't refuse the food her mother gave her. She bit off a little pie on a fork.


    "What do you think? Isn't it better than it looks?"

    At the moment, Herieta, who did not see Berlin's face distorted, asked innocently.

    'Are you okay?'

    Berlin couldn't even chew the food in her mouth properly.

    'This isn't a pie, it's just a lump of sugar!'

    No matter how much Herietta likes sweetness. It's too sweet for a human being. She felt like the floor is tingling. Herrietta looked at her, tilting her head at an angle, wondering how strange her daughter's sudden silence was.


    "Mom, honestly, this is really..."

    Berlin, who swallowed almost no food, tried to explain with a tearful face. But even before she could get to the point, the front door opened.

    "I'm here."

    The man, who had just arrived home, announced his return with a soft and polite voice. At the same time, the two mothers and daughters turned and saw a man entering the house.

    The gap between you and me. Episode 4.



    Herieta and Berlin welcomed Edwin with a bright smile.

    Edwin took off his cape and hung it on a hanger and approached them. Then, as if it was natural, he first kissed Herietta's forehead lightly.

    "Dad, what about me?"

    Berlin, who was standing next to the couple, whined with a sulky face. Edwin smiled and stroked her hair.

    "You came early."

    "Today's class ended early."

    "The class didn't end quickly, but you finished it quickly."

    Edwin, who knows Berlin well, quietly corrected her words. There were so many similarities between the two that they could notice a lot about each other without talking about this or that.

    "By the way, what are you making?"

    "Ruba pie. Edwin, you like this."

    Herieta said with a face, "Don't you know when you see it?" Berlin glanced at Edwin's expression. The two had quite similar tastes. Just as she didn't like sweet food, Edwin didn't like sweet food very much either. In addition, food in such an unidentifiable shape is even more so.


    "Oh, somehow it smelled good, and it was the smell of this pie."

    Edwin smiled softly and nodded. As expected, Berlin rolled her eyes. As she expected, Edwin lavished praise on Herrietta's unidentified food.

    "If it's a hassle, you could have waited for me to come."

    "That's true, but sometimes I want to make something for you and Berlin."

    Herieta smiled shyly and said.

    "It doesn't look good, but I think it tastes okay. Right, Berlin?"

    Their eyes turned to Berlin. Berlin, who accidentally tested the taste, was a little perplexed. Herietta's eyes shining brightly with anticipation and Edwin's eyes filled with unspoken pressure to choose words carefully.

    'But this isn't a pie, it's literally just a lump of sugar....'

    " · · · · · Yes, it's very delicious."

    However, the words that came out of her mouth were different from what she had thought in her head. Herieta smiled broadly when she heard her answer, and Edwin winked at her that she did a good job.

    In fact, it was a question with a fixed answer from the beginning.


    "It's a big deal. Berlin drank so much milk."

    Towards the end of a small tea time in the yard, Herietta muttered in wonder as she saw her daughter sitting at the table.

    "You don't usually drink a single cup, but you drank three today."

    Does it mean that you want to grow taller? Herietta snooped her head. Berlin, who had emptied the third glass, smiled in vain.

    Did I drink milk to grow taller? No. You're welcome. There was another reason why she poured so much milk into her mouth.

    'If I don't drink anything, I can't swallow it!'

    She was distracted by the sweet scent of the pie even before she put it in her mouth, whether it was pouring out the whole sugar. She was proud that she ate all the pie that Herietta cut for her somehow.

    This should be enough. She rinsed her mouth with the leftover milk and breathed a sigh of relief, and Herietta took her empty plate.

    "If I knew you'd eat this well, I'd cut it bigger for you. Berlin, do you want some more?"


    At Herietta's sudden words, Berlin managed to prevent it from spewing milk.

    "It's okay, mom!" I'm already full!"

    "Are you worried about gaining weight? It's okay if you gain some weight."

    "No, it's not! It's really okay!"

    Berlin refused, shaking her hands away.

    "One piece is enough! I don't have to eat anymore".

    "If you're so worried, eat this and go out with your mom. The other day, your dad made a new bow and arrow for you to practice."

    "Mom, I can't."

    "Then Herieta, can I have some more?"

    Edwin, who was quietly listening to the mother and daughter's conversation, asked.

    "I thought one piece wasn't enough."

    "Shall we? Then I'll bring a particularly large piece for you. Oh, and since you're up, I'll make some more tea."

    So you sit still here. Excited Herieta got up humming. She goes inside the house with Edwin's plate. Berlin, who was watching her from behind, swept away her surprised heart only after her appearance completely disappeared.

    "Are you okay?"

    Edwin, who was observing Berlin's reaction, hinted. The question, which seemed simple to hear, actually contained several meanings.

    "Yes, thanks to my dad."

    "You endured it well."

    Berlin shrugged.

    "But will you be okay?"

    "What are you talking about?"

    "I'm talking about my dad. I think my mom would bring the biggest piece because she is excited."

    Berlin was genuinely worried about her father's safety. She drank three cups of milk and roughly chewed the pie over, but he only drank a cup of tea. Furthermore, throughout the tea time, he didn't even change his eyes, let alone his expression.

    Edwin raised his eyebrows. Then he sat leaning against the back of the chair and crossed his arms.

    "Then that's not good. I really like the pie your mom made for me "

    " ······I really can't beat my dad."

    At Edwin's calm response, Berlin shook her head, disgusted. She forgot for a moment. What kind of character the man sitting in front of her was, and he was also a person who would be willing to lie on the floor and die if his wife, Herrietta, wanted to. His unusual love for his wife, who is as blunt as a rock cut, was already famous in this village.

    "Dad, I have a question for you."

    Berlin said with a straight posture.

    "Why do you always lose to mom?"

    "When did I lose?"

    "It's the same with what happened a while ago, and sometimes when you two give different opinions, you always follow mom's opinion in the end. Honestly, I've never seen my dad say anything bad to my mom."

    Not because he was her father, but in Berlin's eyes, Edwin was a very good person. His appearance, of course, the knowledge he possessed, the extraordinary ability to turn his head, and the physical ability, etc., were markedly different from the people of this village in many aspects. Sometimes she wondered why he, with such outstanding abilities, was living in such a small town rotting his talents.

    Edwin, who was still listening to Berlin, shrugged.

    "Of course, it's just because your mom is right?"

    "It's not just once or twice. It's always like that".

    "Then I guess your mom is always right."

    Edwin gave a simple and clear answer without thinking deeply.

    "It's not just that. My dad always speaks formally to my mom."

    "That's the same for your mom."

    "That's true, but Dad uses a very honorable name for mom. Sometimes he calls her 'Herietta-sama'."

    She can't believe he put "nim" after his wife's name. It was a strange situation for anyone to see. Especially, Edwin is older than Herietta.

    "There are strange rumors going around in the village."

    "Strange rumors?"

    "It's rumored that my mom and dad are actually noble ladies and servants who have fled from far away countries."

    Edwin laughed out loud when he heard his daughter.

    "Well, I don't think it's a very wrong rumor."

    "Dad, please!"

    Berlin, who thought Edwin didn't take her words seriously, looked at him.

    "I'm really curious!"

    "Berlin, no matter what others say, no matter what your mother and my past are, those things don't matter."

    "It's not important?"

    "Yes. What's important to us right now is the present."

    Edwin nodded and said.

    "Look, Berlin. You, me, and your mom are living happily together. Is there anything more important to us than that?"

    When asked by Edwin, Berlin glanced inside the house. Beyond the window, she saw Herieta, who was busy making something. Did she feel her gaze? Herieta looked up and looked out. Then she smiled when she found her daughter looking at her.

    "Life is like traveling. It's an endless trip that deals with the process of knowing what's important and important to you. Through the trip, you will gain a lot of experience in the future and accumulate various opinions and judgments. But make sure to keep that in mind. If you care too much about useless things, you'll miss the things you have to cherish at a really important moment."


    "So always remember. What's the most important thing in your life? And what things you want to cherish."

    "What's the most precious thing to you?"

    Conscious of the feeling of blooming in the heart, Berlin asked.

    "Yes. Not only your mom, but you too Berlin."

    Edwin turned his head and saw Herieta over the window. She sends out a signal, saying she's almost ready. An indescribable affection permeated his eyes as he looked at her.

    "Berlin, your mother is a person who deserves respect."

    Edwin said without taking his eyes off Herietta.

    "I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for your mother. That's Berlin, and so are you."


    "She's everything in my life."

    Edwin's expression adding the last word was extremely serious. 100% sincere words that can't be found even in a joke.

    Berlin, who was staring at him, laughed silently.

    "I heard couples resemble each other, but I guess that's true."

    Upon hearing her murmur, Edwin looked at what it meant. She put her elbow obliquely on the table and held her chin.

    "My mom said that, too. My dad is everything in my mom's life. "

    Herieta, who shyly replied, "I can't pick just one," to her daughter's question about why she likes her father so much. Even though they had been together for more than a decade, the two were still passionate and pure towards each other.

    “You two look so alike that anyone would mistake you for twins.”

    To the point where I'm jealous as a child.

    He grumbled as if he were complaining for no reason, but a loving smile spread on Berlin's face.

    I hope one day I can have the same love as my parents.

    The girl, who turned 12 this year, sincerely hoped that her wish would come true.

    The gap between you and me. Episode 5

    Nine out of ten would have picked Bernard Cencilla Shane Pascourt, the 17th king, as the greatest king of all time. Having become king at the young age of 31, he was a person who greatly contributed to Velicia's development as one of the greatest empires on the continent.

    To list Bernard's achievements during his reign, the list was endless, making it difficult to examine one by one. However, his life, revered for being so great, was not always smooth.

    For one example, he had a history of causing a lot of controversy in his childhood by living an overconsumption and dissipating life. As a result, even though he was born as the only enemy of the royal family, he was taken away by his brother, Sior Violeta Shane Pascourt.

    In addition, the creation of a successor as the head of the royal family, which values the succession of the younger generation above all else, was one of the essential obligations he had to fulfill. However, he was also the only king in Velician history who insisted on being single until his death.

    Numerous ministers protested Bernard's decision and tried to persuade him. However, his stubbornness was like a bull's stubbornness, and in the end, no one could defeat it.

    Eventually, after many years of debate, the crown returned to Bernard's nephew, Ubillian Lesid Shane Pascourt. In 4766 of Hermann, the Ubillian succeeded Bernard as the 18th king of Bellicia.

    - Excerpt from "The Beginning, History, and Destruction of the Belician Empire".


    The year of Hermann's reign.

    It was the fifteenth year since Bernard Cencilla Shane Pascourt, the 17th king of Velicia, became king.

    One day when green leaves began to sprout on the thin branches. An unknown young woman came to the castle to the king without any surprise. Having a beautiful appearance, she dared to see the king, claiming that the king's old friend had sent her here.

    It was an unstable period not long after the Western continent was integrated. In order to lay the foundation for an under-polished empire, the king stayed up all night and was having a hectic time. No matter how busy the schedule was, even the aristocrats of prestigious families were hardly able to see the king's face once.

    How could you meet the king in such a situation? The sentry guarding the gate laughed, saying that the woman was out of her mind. But she didn't give in to him. She took a dagger out of the product and handed it over to him. It was a Bogum with the sentences of the Bellician royal family engraved.

    Upon noticing at a glance that Bogum was genuine, the sentry was surprised. Having such a precious thing must mean that it is not an ordinary person. He ran hastily to the place where the king was with the dagger given by the woman.

    The king was discussing political affairs with several ministers in the office of the main building. He showed signs of being disturbed by the meeting, but that was also for a while. When he saw the dagger shown by the sentry, he showed signs of it again. Were you surprised? It was a reaction as if a ghost had seen it in the middle of the night.

    The king jumped up straight from his seat. Then he ran outside as he was, and ran to the front of the gate .

    A woman appeared in front of the king who reached the gate breathing heavily. The king who saw her had not spoken for a while. He just stared at her with a lot of emotions that he couldn't pin down.

    Nevertheless, the woman was not embarrassed. As if she had already expected things to happen, she remained calm.

    'Nice to meet you. The great king of Bellicia'

    The woman bent toward the king and looked somewhat polite.

    'A long time ago, the king made a bet with my mother. It's a little late, but my mother sent me here instead to determine the outcome of the bet.'


    'My king, is it okay if I stay here for just one night?'

    The king seemed confused by the woman's bold request. However, he soon grasped the situation and his confused expression changed. Then he nodded at her and readily accepted the request.

    It was a day when the energy of spring was felt very deep.

    During the short period of time the woman stayed in the castle, the king focused on spending time hanging out with her, leaving all the political affairs behind. The two walked through beautiful gardens and wandered around as if exploring every corner of the castle. After that, they headed to the sunny drawing room and had a long conversation until sunset, holding refreshments there.

    Laughter bloomed in the king's face after a very long time. Whenever the woman said something, the king burst into laughter, and he listened to her story with a happy smile all the time.

    I can't believe the king, known as the tiger of the West, smiles so softly.

    Everyone who witnessed the scene was greatly surprised inside.

    'Is your mother doing well?'

    The king showed great interest in the life of the woman, especially her mother.

    'When she laugh, does she still tilt her head back and laugh out loud.'

    'When she is thinking, does she still frown and touch her hair?'

    'Still, she complained that I was the best archer in the world.'

    'Your mother is······.'

    'Your mother is still······.'

    What were you so curious about, the king would ask questions about her mother whenever he had time. The woman also sincerely answered all the questions whether she hated the king's interest.

    'Isn't it really ruthless? She said that she would never see it again if I went there, but I could pretend to be a coincidence and come to see her at least once.'

    The king, sitting on the terrace and looking at the scenery at sunset, spoke to the woman as if he were lining up a muduri.

    'Usually, like a tree frog, she doesn't listen to what someone says, but she keeps her words like that.'

    'Your Majesty has said that you have high respect for all the achievements you have made. She also said that hse considers it an infinite honor to have been acquainted with a noble person who will go down in history.'

    'She must have said hse doesn't want to come see me.'

    'Even though she is far away, she always said she would wish His Majesty peace and happiness.'

    In response to the woman's answer, the king seemed to be deeply lost in thought. He had been smiling since she arrived, but at that moment, she couldn't find any laughter. Above the noble face where the twilight fell, there was only an unexpected longing and sadness.

    'There is a distant gap between her and me. A gap that will never be closed even if I wait all my life.'

    Soon after, the king, who was silent, sighed deeply and said.

    'In the meantime, I've achieved a lot and got my hands on it, but in the end, everything was useless. Even though it's been quite a long time since I let her go, a corner of my heart is still empty and poor.'

    Shade built in the king's face. The fan wrinkles around the eyes looked much deeper than usual.

    'I envy your parents for being able to give up everything to get their only one.'

    The next morning, the woman hoped to go on the road as previously announced. Despite the king's recommendation to stay a little longer because it was too bad to let her go like this, she did not break her stubbornness. The reason was that there was someone waiting at home, so she couldn't.

    Under the clear sky without a single cloud, the king personally led the woman to the front of the city gate. He was so gracious to her that the he ordered his subordinates to give her the best horse of his royal family, and, despite her refusal, the king took care of her numerous treasures of gold and silver. .

    The king expressed great regret that the woman left his side. Even after saying goodbye, the king, who was hesitant to let her go, eventually showed tears. This is because he already knew that the last connection between him and his friend would be broken after this visit.

    'Please deliver it to her. The bet we made that day , I won.'

    The king said,

    'Ten years before the expiry date of the bet, now and ten years from now. It's always like I won this bet.'

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    can anyone spoil volumes 3 & 4?? :aww::aww::aww:
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    Does anyone know spoilers for this?
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    Can somebody spoil how our leads meet again??? I've read up to the latest translated chaps, and it's so frustrating that
    still haven't recognized each other!!! Come on!!? Just when do they find out that the other is alive? How does FL react about the fact that ML defected to the enemy country?

    Wow. Its incredibly refreshing that
    ended up as commoners in some village. Usually they remain nobility or even become king/queen. Considering the two leads' personalities though, it's very understandable. They just want nothing to do with that politics stuff and live peacefully.

    Also, the author did the 2nd ML dirty. I hate how some authors make 2nd ML forever alone/pining for FL just to show how "special" the FL is. It's just sad, man. At the very least,even if 2nd ML has not remarried, he should have lived a happy life and moved on from FL. Leaving him pining is just cruel and unnecessary imo....
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    I haven't read this yet, but I noticed that the manhwa adaptation will be released in English through Pocket Comics. It's being released under the title The Distance Between Us. No link yet, but apparently it'll be released in 13 days. You can read the sample chapter (aka the first chapter) if you go to "New" to check out the new and upcoming releases.
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    Can someone tell me if this is a sad story? From what I'm seeing from the comments, it looks like it, and if it is.....I think I'll avoid it. Cause my heart can't take it...
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    I feel like it's a bittersweet story of loss and finding hope to still survive it all. Usually with stories like these I let them pile up and binge read it cause I can't take in sad parts.
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    I just don`t wanna cry :blobdead::notlikeblob:
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    While I agree that the main leads ending up as commoners is something new and not cliche, I don’t think they would have made such unwise decision in real life.

    It feels like in the side stories the author compared a commoner’s life to the modern times middle class, but it’s not even relatively comparable. Commoners had to work from sunrise to sunset to have food on their tables, usually doing hard labor and work in field. They had no power against any whims of the lords, so taking a man from a family and sending him to any local war conflict would have been a common occurrence. Women aged rapidly because of the harsh workings conditions and many pregnancies. Also a commoner’s access to medicine and education was very limited, they often died young and were educated only to write their names.

    A commoner village girl going to school at the age of 12 is rare. The public schools usually related to churches were giving only basic education (writing, arithmetic) and in many countries were allowed only for boys for the limited time, around 2-6 years. In rural villages children didn’t really have access to any education.

    A commoner woman using sugar in her pie is probably plausible depending on the era, but all other spices were extremely expensive even for nobles because they where brought by merchants from faraway countries, so cooking would have been plain at best.

    What I’m trying to say is that unless main leads were in hiding for any reason they realistically would have never agreed to live as commoners for the rest of their lives at those times. And being unprepared for such life as former nobles they wouldn’t have been very successful and well fed.
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    The side stories were beautiful. I am curious what was the bet? I felt refreshed after reading it. It's so different from other endings yet beautiful. I can't wait for the webtoon.

    Hmm I have to disagree.

    They were commoners not beggars. Who says, they cannot achieve happiness just because they don't have wealth or power?

    If you are referring - happiness is only for nobles and kings during any era, this is cliche.

    They do physical labor to earn their bread, their children will get normal education, during changing times - even in a rural village.

    The author gave them a quiet life, just with each other in peaceful times.

    Unlike other story endings, where they have their share of difficulty regarding nobel duties or to keep their title, wealth and power in changing times where the values are decreasing. There life does not end in fairytale either with no difficulty. It's just we are more prone to those kind of endings.

    That's why I found it refreshing and satisfying.
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    Thanks for all the spoilers. Will still camp here for more. :aww::blobcozy:
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    Ohmg this was my favourite novel. The spoilers given from the now-deleted ID are mine.

    Special thanks to user @Eccedentesiastdisha for posting the side stories and others.

    I would love to read it again from the beginning.

    Well, I was hoping the art to be more like that of Rosalyn Bogarte or The Problematic Prince. When I imagined them, I always imagined them in pastel colours and soft-hazy art like (idk how to explain it lol) but kind of like Mystical Webtoon.

    It's different but I'm eager to see how it will suit the story.
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    Because at this point he's already catching feelings for her and when fl broke the news that she had to go to lavant to look for marriage prospects, he didn't like that and so he followed her (without anyone knowing) because he didnt want to lose her. It was quite funny how when there were men interested in her and visited fl for some tea to get to know each other, Edwin(ml) will always find an excuse to interrupt their meetings resulting in fl getting so distracted that she couldn't give much attention to those men. So the men gave up because they realized she was never interested in them lol

    it was very gradual, he already knew fl has a crush on him but he was initially indifferent about it because he knows he's attractive and everything and that a lot of women always hits him up so fl crushing on him was not any different at that point so he didnt give it much thought. He just slowly started appreciating her presence and gradually noticed her beauty and charm.

    for fl there wasn't really much of a rival, unless you count the ml's ex fiancee but they never really had a relationship to begin with. The engagement was purely business although it was implied that the ex fiancee had feelings for ml, it wasn't the same with ml. They never had time to even spend together bc ml was immediately sent to battle to defend the border for like a year right after he got engaged. But during the time that the ex fiancee finally met the ml again she hugged ml and told him she missed him so much bc she never met him again after they got engaged and he was sent to war because right after that, his family got executed and he was reduced to a slave, fl got jealous bc the ex fiancee is the most beautiful woman she's ever seen and she felt inferior.

    for ml, the most notable rival is of course the second prince of velicia, Bernard.

    In a nutshell, Hugo's death was a result of FL's actions essentially. The day she crossed paths with Sean was the day everything went downhill for her, her family and ml.

    The day she first bumped to Sean was in a masquerade ball held by vivian's family, he already started the bully mode on and fl stood up for herself and ended up insulting and humiliating him in public. Sean is the heir of the Rowani duchy, so he's ur typical spoiled rich bully, who gets what he wants and act like he owns the world. And fl, apart from the fact that her personality is the type that doesn't want to get trampled on no matter who it is, she doesn't know etiquette, social hierarchies, and standards.

    She didn't know anything about the social world. So she ended up angering Sean which led him to do some background check on her, and got him to find out that Edwin(ml) is living with her as a slave and proceeded to threaten them (exposing the fact that ml as a slave escaped from his master; bc he followed herietta to lavant without permission). And bc he hated ml bc he was always number 1, in looks, in skills, in social standing etc (also bc he's a simp for ml's ex fiancee (vivian) and he got so jealous bc he tried proposing to vivian several times and got rejected each time and then ml proposed once and got approved lol),

    First they (ml and fl) got away with just bowing to Sean (he made ml bow to him and slamming his head to the floor). The next thing happened was that Sean was warned by vivian not to touch ml and in exchange she will accept his proposal which didnt sit well with him because he wanted to make ml suffer. So the news about the marriage business of the royal family of brimdel with velicia came up in respect of their peace treaty, brimdel has to send their princess to marry the 2nd prince. Because 2nd ml was known to have a very bad reputation (alcoholic, drug addict, womanizer, etc), the king of brimdel didnt want to marry off his beloved daughter.

    So Sean presented the idea to offer FL (pretend she's some illegitimate daughter of the king so she'd be the one to be married off to bernard the 2nd prince). But ofc FL wouldn't just agree to that ordeal, so Sean planned for the king to have Hugo be sent to war and use him as bait so fl will abide by his conditions.

    When the mackenzie house received the letter of conscription, they were devastated (it was sad because Hugo cried and told her sister he didnt want to die) and so fl turned to ml for help. ML eventually ended up meeting his old friend (the crown prince) and asked him to save Hugo. CP agreed, bc he found it suspicious to send a 12y/o and un-knighted to the battlefield. But Sean intercepted the CP's letter of investigation and used it to threaten fl that he has eyes and ears everywhere and he can do anything he wants at a snap of a finger.

    So fl agreed to be the fake princess in exchange for her brother's life (she was told not to tell anybody about it or the deal is off). But Sean was never a man of his word, he has this twisted psycho persona that just wants to see ppl suffer. FL asked ML to bring back Hugo (this was their last meeting before the long separation) but ML arrived too late, because few days earlier his arrival, there was an attack and Hugo got caught up in that battle and died. FL left home leaving only a letter to her parents stating she went to find her aunt in Lavant but she was actually sent to cross the border (with a maid and a few knights) to meet the velician delegation only to be ambushed by assassins (hired by Sean). Everyone died except Sean's men and FL escaped death (2nd ml saved her).

    FL's father later found out that the letter she left was a lie and tried to find her but ended up in a mysterious death (havent finished reading the novel so im not sure if it was explained in the end what really happened to her father). Mother was devasted to find out that her husband and son died, and her daughter went missing, so she unalived herself due to severe depression.

    I love this novel, but Sean's retribution I felt was not enough for all the pain and suffering he caused for his own greed.

    Yes and no. Yes because he found out that his family was innocent and the culprit was the prophet who prophesied that the Duke of Redford will be the downfall of the royal family and the foolish king who believed the prophecy against his better judgment. No because there's no one left to prove that his family was innocent as ML was the one who wiped out the entire royal family of brimdel.
    It was a gradual change, the more they spent time together, the more he learned about her and that she was different from the other nobles who only wanted him for his body and submission.
    He already knew from the start that fl had a crush on him, but he was indifferent about it at first because it wasn't any different from all the other girls who felt attracted to him so he brushed it off. FL still regards ml as this unreachable star that she can only view from afar, although they gradually became friends, she couldn't cross the line because at the end of the day, he was a slave and she knew one day she had to be married off to someone as her mother always wanted to.

    Another thing was that ml hardly showed much of his emotions for fl to confirm his feelings. Because ml know he's a slave and that he couldn't covet the daughter of his master, so he convinced himself that he's content by just being by her side which something he heavily regret later on.

    Point of the matter is, they were both scared of rejection so they didnt directly confess to each other even though later on they realize they liked each other but never crossed that line until it was too late and got separated.

    Yeah there's a lot of sweet potatoes because apart from the fact that the separation was so long, they already met several times but never recognized each other. FL wore a hooded cloak and hung her head so low so her face wont be much visible because she doesn't want to be recognized as someone from Brimdel and ml never bothered looking at her because if it aint his herietta, they are not worth looking at (accdg to his pov lol). And ml wore his armor mask most of the time (unless he's with high ranking knights) so not a lot of people recognize his real identity, if not a mask then it's a hooded cloak as well which was so darn frustrating because they've already met at an arms reach, even talked to each other but never once looked at each other's face which was so stupid lol

    Edwin considers Herietta his whole world and his only reason to live. He found his peace with her. Before he met her he was living like a doll with no purpose and just running through life as it was planned for him. He didn't care about anyone, didn't even care about questioning the king's decision to annihilate his whole family even after he knew the truth behind that. When he became a slave and was tortured by his previous masters, he never retaliated or escaped either because he found no reason to because he was taught not to wield emotions from a very young age. When he found out about Herietta's "death" he went batsh*t crazy. And for the first time, he wanted to blame someone, punish anyone who took her away from him. He made it possible by making a deal with the King of Kustan (the enemy country invading Brimdel) and that's how he became their commander who helped conquer Brimdel.

    So in a way, his actions were justified, his bottled up feelings just exploded and went out of control.
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    It was around the time when fl fully recovered her health and had to go back to Brimdel to exact her revenge against Sean. The bet was kind of like their goodbye to each other. Basically fl told prince Bernard that he will eventually forget her as time pass and the prince told fl that he bet he'll still remember her after 10 or even 20 years has passed.
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    How the main character met again?
  20. slainwolc

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    They first met at a banquet (iirc it was a coming of age banquet) and she fell in love with edwin at first sight but couldn't approach him because he was too handsome and noble and she was basically just a country bumpkin. Girl literally fainted because edwin was too pretty lol
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