Spoiler The Grand Duchess of the North Was Secretly a Villainess

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    Hiii can you please post it again prettyyy pleaseee
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    Thought she was 4 years older 'cause he's 15 and she's 19 or am I mistaken?
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    “I mean, it’s strange.”
    Jayden wandered around the drawing room frantically. No matter how much I thought about it, Prince Caien was the winner. The way he gave his hard gaze only to himself, and the way he gently smiled at the Grand Duchess. It was bizarre.
    “A 15-year-old saying he can’t sleep because he’s afraid of sleeping alone at night?”
    I don't know if it's commoners' children, but the Crown Prince was a person who had been educated in the Imperial Palace since childhood. It was difficult in many ways to think of ordinary people as a standard.
    ‘Even at that age, I never couldn’t sleep because I was scared.’
    It was a bit disloyal, but to Jayden, it looked like a revamp. I also remembered Prince Helisis pulling his clothes on purpose to get the Grand Duke's attention.
    “Hah… that’s suspicious.”
    The problem was that his master didn't seem to notice the oddity.
    ‘But I can’t just say to Your Excellency, Your Majesty the Crown Prince is strange.’
    If you ask me specifically what's weird, I have nothing to say. “At times like this, it would be nice to have Eloin-sama.”
    Jayden sighed deeply.
    Recently, I was enjoying the feeling of playing a training game. Since the other person is a man, I am not raising a daughter, but should I say that it is more like raising a son?
    'He's only four years younger to be called a son.'
    A very old classic game came to mind. Come to think of it, even in that game, the player wasn't his real parent.
    ‘If you think about it, taking care of children seems to fit my aptitude. When I went to the teaching practice, it was better than I expected. Are I good at teaching children?’
    I checked Caien's wounds and pressed lightly on top of it. “Your majesty, are you okay?”
    “I told you to call me Caien, Eloise.” This is what Caien has been saying to me for days.
    ‘Every time this happens, I feel embarrassed.’
    It's more convenient for me to call my name than to use my first name, but is it okay?
    ‘I think he would have said absolutely no if it was Eloise.’
    It seemed that he had to reject the position of the Grand Duchess. Because the Crown Prince and I have a direct relationship between a master and a subject.

    “It is difficult.”
    “Are you going to call me that in front of other people?”
    What I heard was right.
    It's a habit to call someone, so I didn't know that the wrong name might come out.
    ‘It’s convenient to call my name.’
    But I think it would be strange to accept it right away, so I hesitated for a moment.
    Caien shut his mouth.
    “Then call me by name.”
    Caien lowered his eyelids and blushed as if she was a little embarrassed.
    ‘If you say something like that with that face, I’ll pass it on.’
    I deliberately slurp my steam and call out Caien's name as if I can't help it.
    Caien closed his eyes and smiled. The morning sunlight coming in through the window, shiny blonde hair, and the clear walls that gently curved like a crescent moon looked so pure that I felt hopeful.
    ‘It’s not like acting. If I do well, will I be able to raise him according to his personality?’ I watched him for a few days, taking care of Caien. And I think Caien was leaning towards this really lost memory.

    I swore allegiance and had never done anything to harm him. In a situation like this, does Caien need to pretend to have lost his memory? I thought
    ‘Maybe you don’t believe me. If it is true that he lost his memory, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to raise him like his current personality.’
    But I soon changed my mind.
    ‘No, you should be kind to me and be a tyrant to others.
    It is not a limited affectionate man, but a woman and a loyal only man for me to live.
    It seemed that the keyword ‘loyalty-only’ should also be added to ‘Limited to Da-kyung.’
    "Wound. Doesn't it hurt?"
    I quietly let go of my words, and one last time I looked at Caien's wounds one more time.
    "Yes. it's okay." "Yes? I'm glad."
    “I guess he’s not sick because Eloise is taking care of him.”
    Caien replied with her eyelashes hanging down. It was a neat smile.
    Originally, to the nobles, an employee was nothing but air. Anna was also used to being treated like air by the guests in the castle. Still, she was somehow suspicious of that prince.
    ‘How can people be so different?’
    Precious Crown Prince Caien is shy like a boy who fell in love in front of the Grand Duke.

    ‘I mean, it’s very different.’
    It wasn't that the Crown Prince was abusive to the maids. But it was only in front of Her Excellency Eloise that he smiled so beautifully.
    ‘Your Majesty doesn’t have to laugh at the maids. It's not such a simple matter... I mean, it's kind of weird. It feels different from the air?’
    Anna remembered a few days ago. On the day the legislator came to see the wound, the Crown Prince refused.
    ‘I don’t like other people touching me.’
    Then he whispered to the Grand Duchess with a sad face like a puppy in the rain. ‘If it’s not Eloise, I can’t do it.’
    The wound was not deep enough to require the hands of a lawmaker. The Crown Prince said that he would apply the medicine himself, and the Grand Duchess nodded his head in contemplation. Instead, he promised to be by his side whenever he saw the progress of his wounds.
    ‘It seems like you did it on purpose to get that promise.’
    However, she was unable to report her guess to the Grand Duchess as it is. Anna was quick-witted, and he knew immediately about Eloise's plan.
    ‘The Grand Duchess must be thinking of raising his majesty to be emperor.’
    You couldn't say to such a person, 'Your master is strange'.
    “Yes, sir.”
    “I’m going to the parlor in thirty minutes, so I’ll get you some wine.”
    "all right."
    Anna, who left the room to follow Eloise's orders, took a deep breath as she went to get wine.

    “It would be nice if there was even Sir Eloin.”
    He was from a duke family, and he was the older brother of the Grand Duchess, so he would have been able to say something like, ‘Your Majesty the Crown Prince is strange’. It was when Anna, with her wine, entered the drawing room with a pouty lip.
    "Long time no see?"
    Soon her eyes opened wide.


    After examining Caien's wounds, we chatted for a bit and went outside.
    'It seemed that almost all the wounds were healed. thank God.'
    I was worried that the senator couldn't handle it, but fortunately, the wound was healing well.
    'I think I'll have to do swordsmanship training soon. Shall we attack Jayden first?’
    It was the moment when I opened the drawing room door while thinking about how to nurture the Caien. As usual, I entered the drawing room without any boundaries when someone grabbed my arm.
    I am about to swing my elbow reflexively to hit the opponent's neck.
    “It’s been a while, Ellie.”
    The other's eyes met. Whether the body instinctively stopped first
    I couldn't tell if the room was the first to gently block my arm. When I saw his face, I opened my eyes wide in surprise. ‘Why are you here?’

    The dark black hair and white skin typical of the northern regions matched the man very well. His softly curved eyes were red like a high-purity ruby.
    The man with a cold, cool image raised the corners of his mouth and smiled slyly.
    It was an unconscious call. Eloin will appear here now.
    Because I never even dreamed of it. “Hey, Ellie.”
    “No matter how nice I am, can I just call you by your name?”
    Eloin let go of my arm that was holding me, and whispered playfully.
    “No, wait……why are you here?”
    I frowned and turned to Eloin. At my question, he raised one eyebrow slightly.
    'Oh, it's messed up. Did I have to write a tribute? If it was Eloise, it might have been a respectful word.’
    So, the sudden visitor standing opposite me was the only blood relative of Eloise. Eloin Wayana, the commander of the Holy Knights, who is the enemy of the previous duke who suddenly disappeared one day and protects the saint.
    “My little brother…”
    I caught my breath at the sound of a slow voice. Eloin is dangerous.

    Although the proportion in the novel was not large, like Eloise, it had a large impact despite its small appearance. Contrary to the image of the commander of the Holy Knights, he was a cold-blooded man.
    He was also a famous man.
    ‘People in this family have beast instincts. I hope you think it's strange
    Isn't it?'
    The moment he hesitated and was about to take a vigilant posture, Eloin continued to speak slowly.
    “Why are you so cute?”
    “It’s nice to meet you, but you’re just saying that because you’re embarrassed to see your face after a long time, aren’t you?”
    “Our Ellie is too shy, so it’s a mask.”
    “Okay, how about quitting the Grand Duchess? It's too tough for you, weak."
    Eloin followed my words and chuckled. Raising only one corner of his mouth, he smiled with a smirk.
    ‘Is that man smiling?’
    The facial expressions that followed Eloin were very limited.
    An expressionless face, a cold face, a cold face.
    'I was surprised to laugh like that. Cold-blooded but warm to my sister, what is it?’
    It's a rule in a romance fantasy novel, but I didn't know that it also applied to the black screen. I almost got goosebumps at such an obvious setting.
    ‘It is better to have more allies than enemies.’
    Then one day, it wouldn't be strange if the peacock who disappeared suddenly appeared.
    “I have to tell you, Ellie.”
    When there were no more words, Eloin tilted her head and rushed to answer. “Don't be kidding. What's going on in the North?"
    I was embarrassed by the sudden appearance of my older brother, but I asked about the dragon. Being the only daughter, I didn't know how to react to Eloin's joked greetings. I couldn't show embarrassment, so it was easy to change the topic of conversation.
    “I miss my one and only brother.”
    When he frowned openly, Eloin laughed out loud as if he was having fun. Judging from his reaction, it seems that Eloise reacted similarly to me.
    “Sit down and talk.”
    The story seemed to be getting longer to see someone who should have been in the Imperial Palace came here.

    Eloin, who sat on the sofa, wiggled his feet.
    'I can't help but be nervous.
    It wasn't Eloise's subordinate, it was blood. She did not know the details of how special a brother and sister relationship was with Eloise.
    ‘Then you should be more careful.’
    I didn't know if I would look at my behavior and think something was strange.
    ‘Looking at the reactions of my subordinates, I don’t think my personality is very different from that of Eloise. Let’s be careful though.’
    Eloin drank the wine without saying a word.
    'What should I say about luck? What's going on here? The commander of the Holy Knights...'
    “Is it a quiet enough place to come all the way to the north?”
    I was so nervous that the thoughts just flowed out of my mouth. It was a sarcastic tone even to anyone who heard it.
    “It hurts me, sister, if you say it so coldly.”
    Eloin turned the wine glass and gave an exaggeratedly gloomy tone, giving an upset tea. The problem was that the face was not hurt at all. On the contrary, the corners of his lips were full of laughter.
    Thanks to that, I was able to infer the relationship between Eloin and Eloise without difficulty.
    ‘It was nice.’

    Seeing that they answered insignificantly, it seems that the conversation pattern between the two of them was like this. Eloin smirked, and Eloise answered bluntly.
    'Thank God.'
    Although there is a difference in expression, it seems that the two were good brothers and sisters. but,
    If they had been in a really bad relationship, they wouldn't even have been able to get through the gates.
    ‘I didn’t even help when Eloise revolted against Caien.'
    “I mean, the emperor’s seat is vacant, so can brother be here?”
    Instead of answering, Eloin drank the wine slowly, wiggling her tail.
    ‘Something suspicious.’
    It was a questionable attitude. No matter what I ask, it doesn't seem like he'll give me a docile answer, so I decided to stop talking first.
    ‘I’d rather ask about the situation of the imperial palace.’
    By now, public opinion must have arisen that the Duke of Illusian should be seated on the throne. It was not difficult to guess because we knew the contents of the original story, but it seemed better to hear the situation in the capital from the mouth of a person who was in the Imperial Palace.
    ‘By the way, did Eloin see Caien? No, we never met on the way here. I don’t know yet.’
    The existence of Caien had to be announced as well.
    “How is the situation in the Imperial Palace?”

    I asked calmly, pouring my share of wine.
    “I didn’t know you would be interested in the news of the disappearance of the Crown Prince, Ellie.”
    “No matter how much I stay in the North, it’s a case of the Crown Prince disappearing, brother.”
    At my words, Eloin gasped and laughed.
    “The Crown Prince is gone, but he’s running smoothly. Duke of Ilysian
    Thanks to you.”
    I narrowed my eyes at that subtle nuance. ‘Does Eloin know something? Or a sense.’
    Perhaps the reason he came to the North was because he needed my strength. Because a seal with my name on it would be more effective than recruiting several nobles.
    ‘It sounds like the influence of Eloise is that great.’ “So.”
    I stretched my tail and crossed my legs. “Is that why you came to the North?”
    "No way."
    “You think I’m going to put my hands on something that puts you in danger?”
    I shut my mouth at the unexpected words. In the original story, Eloin was opposed to the rebellion of Eloise. I thought it was simply opposition for the survival of the family...
    'Certainly, you really loved your sister. It’s because I was the only daughter, so it’s a strange feeling.’
    It was the first time I felt family love after coming here, so it felt strange. “Then why did you come to the North? A person who has enough free time for the commander of the Holy Knights to come here."
    “Recently, the forest has been strange.”
    “The demons are running rampant. The number of people trying to cross the border has increased.”
    Eloin was a northerner who lived here until the age of fifteen. He was also a man who would have inherited the status of a duke if he had not become a paladin.
    ‘In a word, you know the situation here better than I do.’
    Of course, nearly 10 years have passed since he left for the capital, so now the situation in the north
    A person who knows better would be Eloise.
    'But I'm not the real Eloise. Unfortunately.’
    Except for what was written in the journal, she didn't know much about the situation in the north.
    "Hmm. Did you send a scout?”
    "no. Because I don't want to make a dog die for nothing. Are you talking now?”
    “Are you tired?”
    As I clenched my fists, Eloin glanced at my hand and laughed while letting out a rustling sound.
    “You probably didn’t come all the way here to talk about that.”
    I felt like I was being caught up in that snarky attitude.
    'It's completely stupid. No matter how old-fashioned I am, I must not get involved. I don’t like the feeling of being involved in others.’

    Besides, Eloin said the same things to me about being cute and weak. The reason why the employees and the knights flirt with me may be because of that man.
    I frowned slightly, meaning to answer quickly. "that's right. Actually, it's not because of that..."
    It was only after I frowned that Eloin brought up the main point. “It was cut.”
    Did I hear it wrong?
    “Isn’t that what I meant?”
    There was no way that the knights protecting the saints would have been dismissed during this time. Could it be that it was cut in a different way?
    ‘For example, a very important body part…’
    Perhaps he noticed that his gaze was about to fall, Eloin smiled exaggeratedly this time.
    sounded off
    "You don't have to worry about your brother's male role, Ellie.
    How do thoughts bounce that way?”
    A little embarrassed, he looked away and took a sip of wine.
    “When did my younger sister, who cried and clung to me not to go to the capital, grow so big? Did you become like this because you were hanging out with the Knights Templars?”
    I'm glad I didn't have to worry though. Yes, leaving no descendants with that face is a national loss.

    “Then do you really mean you got fired?”
    You dared to resign Eloin? The eldest son of the Wayana family and the commander of the Holy Knights?
    Eloin's words did not stop there. Unexplained uneasiness prevailed. It was as if Eloise's intuition was calling for him to leave this place right now.
    “It’s been a long time since I’ve been resting in my hometown to assist the Grand Duchess, what do you think?”
    no, go back
    The sudden announcement brought a headache, and I frowned on my own. between the eyebrows
    The door to the drawing room swung open as I pressed my finger between them.
    "Lady! It’s a big deal!”

    Yeah, no. you go back
    Jayden trembled and stepped into the drawing room. Instead of reacting urgently, I just rolled my eyes and looked at Jayden.
    ‘I don’t think anything really big happened.’
    If a really 'big thing' had happened in the North, I wouldn't have made such a fuss.
    am. He must have come in with a hardened face.
    “Holy Eloin, ah, no, the Holy Knight Commander...
    “Did the big deal happen to be me?”

    Jayden, who discovered the existence of Eloin only later, swallowed his breath in a hurry. Not to mention that he didn't knock, he seemed to think he was the only one in the drawing room.
    “Oh, that’s Ira……”
    It seems that the pronunciation is unclear and even the tongue was chewed.
    “Isn’t that?”
    Eloin looked at Jaden and asked. It was a smiling face
    But his eyes were cold.
    ‘You look like that to other people. The original description is perfect. Chilly as ice.'
    “It’s not that… hic!”
    Surprised enough, Jayden even started hiccups. It was an incomprehensible situation for me. Eloin didn't even have a sword, so why should she be so scared?
    ‘Actually, he’s a brother to Eloise, but to other people, it must be a scary existence. He was also the heir to the original duke.’
    I looked at Jayden a bit pathetic, then opened my mouth reluctantly. Anyway, it was the boss's job to save his subordinates from evil.
    “Don’t pressure my aide for nothing, brother.”
    “How dare I press the Grand Duchess’ aide?”

    From what you're talking about, this person seems to be really coveting my aide's title.
    “I did it.”
    “When your brother enters the castle, you should be the first to know.”
    Eloin took his gaze away from Jayden at that time. Jayden remained seated without being able to enter or leave, perhaps because of Eloin's momentum. spirit
    It was a stiff posture full of this.
    "Why? Do you want to see your brother's face first?"
    Eloin put her chin on her palm and grinned. If it's Heloise for some reason, it's like, 'No. I thought he would reply, ‘I don’t want to see that smiling face,’ but I chose to ignore it.
    ‘If you answer me, I think I’ll get caught up in that person again.’
    I'm getting a headache because of a man who has suddenly come forward to become my counselor.
    It was really sticky. I sighed and called Jayden.
    “Yes, sir.”
    Jayden answered quickly. It was an expression that wanted me to issue a congratulatory order.
    “My brother will be staying in the castle for a while, so tell everyone.”
    I can't just give you a congratulatory order right now. If you both tell me to leave, I won't again

    "For now?"
    Jayden and Eloin's voices overlapped.
    It was my duty to answer their questions.
    ‘Anyway, Jayden is my aide, so I should explain why Eloin came here. Including the reason for staying in the North for the time being.’
    As they bit their lips, their eyes focused on me.
    ‘Eloin must be curious as to why I had to draw the line for the time being.’
    In their head, they knew they had to give them the answers they wanted.
    'The problem is that I'm too lazy to talk about it, I.'
    I got up from my seat and said.
    “Let’s talk about the details tomorrow, brother.”
    First of all, after dropping Eloin, it seemed like he had to think about how to announce Caien's existence.
    ‘I slept well today.’
    As she stood up, Eloin's gaze followed.
    “Your brother won’t be tired either. We’ll talk tomorrow. I have a lot to say.” Really, there was a lot of dirty work to do.

    Let me know if anyone wants me to continue. This is a long novel and I don't want to translate and edit if anyone isn't reading. I can also just post the MTL without editing too. Just let me know if you want me to a) MTL and edit, B)MTL, C) not post anymore.
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    tyvm !!

    thank youuu

    wait yeah
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    Yeah the webcomic version mentioned this. She's 19 years old. Maybe the novel is different?
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    Please continue posting the mtl of the novel. I am really loving it. And you can either post MTL or MTL with edit as you see fit and as you feel like it. Thank you so much
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    Thank you for MTL and editing, i know its hard, but keep fighting, i love reading this novel. :aww:
    If you tired, dont push yourself. Just take it slow..:blobowoevil::blobReach:
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    He's actually four years younger than our FL
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    Oooh, so that's interesting! As soon as I heard in one of the spoilers (I cannot remember exactly which one) something TOLD me that Eloise IS Eloise. What I mean is that she never transmigrated into the novel, she just returned to her original world. I think the novel appeared in her world so that she would know about it when she returned. Perhaps the reason why she was "killed" in that world before the release of Season 3 was because at that moment it wasn't a future set in stone.

    Even though we now know why the Prince pretended to have amnesia and why he is possessive of the FL (we don't have to make a difference between the FL and the "Villainess" since they are one and the same person), something still doesn't add up for him. I can't explain it. I guess even if he was trying to determine whether or not he could trust Eloise and why go to the North in the first place? He was gambling with that decision. I wonder if despite not returning to the past as we all expected originally if he was given some memories about the future? That at any time he was ever in danger to go to the North? I dunno. It's a shame that he didn't return to the past to right his wrong, that would have been an awesome moment, cliche and predictable but sometimes it's okay to have a cliche/predictable plot point. It doesn't ruin the overall story.

    even if he fell in love with Eloise this time around, who's to say that he doesn't also fall in love with the fake Saintess at first sight and repeat what happened in the first place?
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    Thats the reason why i dont like ML
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    Yes, it was mentioned here that this is MCs 3rd life. She lost her memories as a price if the spoilers here were right, but I still don't get the factor of her "mother sending her to her future" in the early spoilers, so I assume in this scenario, the book knowledge was her mother's doing

    Request for emphasis:
    As of ch.11 of manhwa, we got one rat, one of the knights, a man named Hans. Does the novel dwell why he betrayed the Duchy? MC mentioned it was a surprise he'd betray them considering his family was from the north AND if he is to be believed, they don't know the actions of sir Hans
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    Well, no matter where it is, betrayal means death, so that idiot got it coming... And her aide face was so gold when the prince held her hand tightly lmao
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    I really don't like ML. What right does he have to be obsessive over FL? He's so immature and weird. Also he might fall for saintess at first sight again like in the other timeline, FL deserves so much better than him.
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    Well, it seemed that at ss2 ending she was executed by the prince himself but later on he found out the truth or something, likely the og Eloise was aware of the saint's plot and moved first to remove the saint but get trapped and framed instead.
    Then the prince somehow do the time reverse shenanigans and go back to find her which coincide with the time our fl got reincarnated as Eloise.
    Then things happens like we read from ch1 till now, she locked down the North to avoid getting involved with the power struggle, but the prince end up go find her there anyway... And the prince, just my guess but he felt guilty and regret killed her, and somehow that regret turns into possession/obsession over her which I find kinda illogical and irritating....
    Tbh, the obsessive ml trope is already overused as it is and it getting bland and tasteless..

    And why don't they just leave our Eloise alone, she already fine on her own, no man or prince needed...
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    I’m having a hard time trying to tell apart what is theory and what is spoiler.

    MC really died by MLs hands, went to another word (where she read the novel) and then went back to her original world way before her death? Or she saw that she would die and then went to the other world?

    ML reversed time? I was sure this one was a theory since ML seems to really just be him from his POV novel chapter

    Is the current timeline different from the first one? I mean, originally (I’m talking about the 1st timeline, the one MC read as novel) ML went missing for 5 years before he went back to claim the throne. Did he also went to north? If yes, did he killed Mc even though he loved her? Or he never falled in love with her at all?

    And why he killed MC?? He really didn’t trust her at all?

    As for why ML went to north, that’s because of power. He don’t trust people because he is from royal family and all, but he still needs power.
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    Currently I think there's just too little information to based on which one is true, either he somehow turn back time or someone else did it... So just theories I guess?
    The og Eloise was executed for treason and harming the saintess(?), she refused to admit it though which leads me to think she knows more about the situation and what's going on behind the scene.
    And yeah the prince don't know crap going on either and probably found out the truth late and regret executed her.
    The current tl already moved away from the original plot since the fl possessed Eloise. She just wanted nothing to do with the fight for the throne going on in the capital, thus the lock down order, but trouble comes find her instead (the prince).
    The og tl, literally nothing was known more than he gone missing for 5y, maybe the og Eloise also help him? But that was under different circumstances than the current tl. Not sure if he gone to the north in the og tl either, but from what we known so far, Eloise did help him, then after twists and turns, get executed and that's the end of ss2 in the og novel our fl read.
    He trust her or not is a questionable thing, cuz he not hesitate executed her on the spot in the og tl, which made me think what kind of trust is that? But it also kind of make sense that he thought an old comrade suddenly betray him(???) , though Eloise probably has her own plans and reasons for secretly maneuvers behind his back. The saintess seemed very sus for now imo. The og Eloise is not someone who betray others easily so I guess she discovered something and it related to the saintess, then things kinda happened so she also think the prince also on the enemy side, which is why I said she was trapped and framed. It may also explain why he faked amnesia to test her , but idk, just my opinion.
    These are all what I think though, not fact cuz the story not progress far enough and too little information to rely on to establish solid facts.
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    there are so much theories on this thread that i sometimes confuse them as spoilers :blobdizzy:
  19. Astellar

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    But it's fun to discuss these till we have the whole picture cleared up don't u think? :blobshh:
    The situation the og Eloise was in kinda like she don't know who's the true enemy either , so it better to keep information and details to oneself and decide when and how to move on but too bad she was busted and the rest is history lmao :blobsmirk:
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    Camping here for spoilers