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    I understand all of your frustrations my dear fellow readers but this is not a revenge story.

    Her main goal is just to REST. that's all.

    I get all of your frustrations because I am also frustrated that she just let them go and not kick their asses.

    Thanks for the spoilers everyone :aww:
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    I love transmigrated Rubia's fuck-all attitude. Consequently, I feel this story also brings up the other side of the "completely different person means completely divorced relationships" reincarnation or transmigration, though not particularly well-done style storytelling-wise. Current Rubia does have OG-Rubia's memories and she still does empathize with people. But it's been shown that (understandably), after living over 50 lifetimes of trauma, she's kind of super casual about people's more "minor" suffering in front of her (ex. all the bullying she witnesses and intervenes in because either Marie wanted her to or on the basis that her conscience might disturb her sleep). It doesn't really phase her at all, telling Marie that "the nobility's behavior isn't particularly worth reading". Really, the way she's been interacting with everyone has been with this kind of divorced, separate feeling, like a veteran among newbs but if the veteran was also a minor god (in that there's an associated loss of personal empathy with "mortals"). Basically, everyone is a child to her and she's too much of a big-picture person because "you only have one life and you ain't getting out of it alive, except for me I have all the lives unfortunately" to care about small things anymore. And thanks to all those lives, her idea of "small things" is extremely skewed.

    So in some ways, I can see the point of current Rubia "forgiving" the Luxen family because she doesn't take their actions personally and seems to kind of view them like children? I seriously wonder at her capacity to actually care about the complexities of the individuals' emotions so much as just arranging things so that things will be less troublesome for herself. For example, I feel like her reasoning to help the Duchess get in good with the Duke would be along the lines of "if they become a loving couple, they'll be more involved with each other and stop bothering me". There's no point in her forgiving them, and there's no point in them acting familial to her. She isn't the one they wronged and them being familial with her only matters in the balance she can use them without them actually interfering with her stuff. Completely different person, completely divorced relationships without the associated emotional baggage and trauma. She feels like OG Rubia's a pitiful child, but she's dead and how many dead people have current Rubia had to deal with? A huge point of this story is that current Rubia is tired and grieving and trying to take this lifetime as a chance to rest and recover.

    Which was just a lot of rambling to lead up to me asking if anybody knows if current-Rubia actually gets live her life? Or does she end up getting dragged into whatever the hell is going on with the politics of the kingdom and the princes?
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    Well currently she married the crown prince* and is in line to be the next empress. Since there is no empress she has to do the job of the empress. On the plus side the crown prince had special carriage with a big bed built for her so she can rest when traveling.

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    Ooooo, daaaahhh... Well, at least she gets her naps even if she's got more work foisted off on her.

    Thank you very much for answer! I'm sorry, the only thing I can offer you is sushi. :sushi_chubby::sushi_chubby::sushi_chubby::sushi_chubby:

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    Whoa. Thank you for the spoiler.
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    Here are some of my favourite moments:blobsmilehappyeyes:(novel)

    I looked up at him with a playful look. What do you mean to punish me?

    “If you can punish me, try to punish me.”

    There was an unknown conflict in his eyes that was looking at me. As soon as he made a curious expression as if he was trying to suppress an impulse, he smiled.

    “I refuse for now. You’re still very drunk. You’d better refrain from drinking from now on.”

    “Why? How am I doing now?”


    The Fourth Prince frowned and said,

    “Don’t you look completely defenseless? It’s the first time I’ve seen you in such a loose state.”

    I felt a little embarrassed. I was doing that?

    He sighed deeply.

    “It doesn’t matter what kind of appearance you show me. But… I hope you won’t show this kind of appearance to other guys right now.”


    “Don’t you know?”

    The Fourth Prince spoke in a voice with no playfulness.

    “Because I don’t want to show this pretty and cute look to other guys.”


    “So even if you get drunk, get drunk only in front of me.”

    Ah, damn.

    It was an embarrassing story, but I couldn’t say anything because the Fourth Prince’s face was so serious. He sincerely regards my drunk look as adorable, hoping that no one else will see it.

    “Then let’s go ahead.”

    I nodded silently and followed him.

    The Fourth Prince looked at the shops lined up on the festival street and said,

    “Is there anything you’d like to have?”


    “Isn’t it still a festival? If you want anything, I’ll buy it for you as a gift.”

    And the Fourth Prince added a word.

    “Of course, if it’s what you want, I’ll get you anything even if it’s not in the festival.”

    He talked casually, but he really seemed to be thinking of looking for anything and giving it to me if I said it. Of course, I wasn’t looking for a grand present, so I roughly looked around the shops.

    It’s a gift. It’s not really necessary, but should I take one as a remembrance?

    Yes, because today’s a festival. It would be all right to feel this way.

    The right thing came into my eyes.

    “Buy me that.”

    “You mean that? Let’s choose a better one…”

    “No, that would be fine.”

    The Fourth Prince looked a little displeased at the object I had chosen. Still, it was my first gift, but he thought it was a little too tacky.

    But I was satisfied enough with this.

    ‘The type of gift doesn’t matter.’

    I could feel his heart for me, and most of all, this is a must-have item for me.

    “Thank you. I’ll use it well in bed.”

    The gift I chose was a pillow doll to play with when I was laying around in bed!

    To be exact, it was a tiger pillow doll, which looked chic and sullen.

    “Do you like it?”

    “Yes, I like it. Look at this.”

    I said, pointing to the tiger’s face.

    “Doesn’t this look like someone?”

    “…I don’t know.”

    “I can see it. There is one person around me. He goes around with a cold face while catching shit bluntly.”

    I smiled and said to the doll.

    “Your name will be Orleans. From now on, I’ll give you lots of love. So don’t be silly and be cute.”

    “…What are you saying now?”

    I said it naturally, as if not to misunderstand.

    “Oh, whatever I name the doll, it’s up to me. It’s a completely different name from Your Majesty’s, so don’t get me wrong.”

    Yes, Orleans and Oleunleyang. A completely different name.

    “Oh, my Orleans. I’ll love you a lot in the future. Shouldn’t you obey your master?”

    I purposely played around with the doll around excitedly, to tease the Fourth Prince.

    Then I looked at the Fourth Prince’s countenance, and I was surprised that he had an expression that I had never thought of.


    He was staring at me with an open smile. Rather than feeling bad, it was a smile full of warmth.

    “…Why are you looking at me like that?”


    Orlean smiled and gently stroked my head before responding.

    “Because you’re cute.”


    “You’re so cute and lovely, aren’t you?”

    Being treated like a cute puppy, I tried to get angry. But his behavior was one step faster.

    He wrapped my shoulders with the hand he was stroking my head with, and gently pulled me into his arms.


    I momentarily panicked and my whole body stiffened.

    Thump. Thump

    The pounding that would soon burst took over my whole body. The feeling of being touched all over made me delirious.

    A firm embrace, a clear and delicate body, an enviable touch.

    As if my head was overloaded, my whole body was frantically conscious of him, and in response to that, my whole body was like a fireball.

    My heart shook as if it had been broken.

    That´s in Ch 97 if you want to read the full version
    “I’ll do it. Do I have to play as your partner?”

    He responded calmly and took off his jacket and hung it on a hanger. A slightly tight white shirt reveals a firm upper body curve. It was like a sculptural body without a shred of flesh.

    Perhaps that body was acquired through hard training. I recalled again that he was a transcendental knight who reached the level of a Master.

    “No, you don’t have to force yourself…”

    “Isn’t this your first request? So, unless you have a specific reason, I should listen to it.”

    He lifted the corners of his mouth.

    It’s something that I always felt, but it was a beautiful smile that’s difficult for other women to see properly.

    His blunt impression made him feel cold, but he was so handsome that even I felt fascinated.

    “I won’t accept it if you make difficult demands instead of doing it as a favor.”

    “I won’t mean to. There’s just one thing to check.”


    “It’s your acting skills. You’ll be my partner, but if your skills are too short, it’ll be difficult. If it’s not enough, I’ll give you special tutoring.”

    I snorted at his words. Who’s worrying about who?

    “You don’t have to worry about that.”

    “Really? Then let’s check it out.”


    It was at that moment when I didn’t understand what he meant so I asked back.

    The Fourth Prince walked towards my seat.

    One step, two steps.

    Our distance quickly narrowed and his shadow covered my face.

    Uh? He’s getting too close.

    “Your Majesty?”

    At that moment, I got up from my seat in embarrassment.

    His hand slipped through my hair.

    ‘What’s this?’

    I was so surprised that my body stiffened and my heart was pounding and beating in an instant.

    Was it because his hand was unexpectedly warm and it was a sweet caress?

    A slightly different energy just from simply being surprised spread all over my body.

    ‘What are you doing all of a sudden?’

    That wasn’t the end of the shock.

    His hand, which was touching my head, pulled me towards his shoulders and he held me in his arms.

    It’s a very sweet move that’s completely different from his cold eyes.

    Then, he whispered this in my ear,

    “Why are you pretending not to know my heart?”


    I frowned.

    He was acting now. What he said was a line from Two Ladies.

    ‘You want to try me?’

    I burst out into giggles. As if I had received a duel, the spirit of victory rose within me.

    I lifted my heel slightly, taking a step closer to his arms, and hugged him.

    Then I spoke seductively in his ear, “You mean your humble heart? I don’t want to know the heart of the other person who thinks lightly of me.”

    It was also a major event in the Two Ladies.

    Orlean wriggled his eyebrows. My breath touched his ear because I spoke closely to him.

    I looked at him with a seductive and provocative look. Like in the script, there was a contradictory look in my eyes, which seemed to reject him and at the same time desire to approach him.


    But Orlean’s reaction was strange.

    Instead of saying the next line, he just looked at me.

    It was a sunken gaze that had no idea what was going on in my mind.

    I faced that gaze without avoiding it.

    His body scent was felt because we’re sticking to each other. Unlike his cold impression, he smells surprisingly transparent and clear. I had a good feeling.

    Just as I feel him in my arms, he must feel me too. But there was no change in his expression as if he was wearing a mask.

    He just looked at me for a long time. Like I’m going to be pierced.

    It was such a momentary silence, short, but not very short. The air around him has subsided strangely.

    ‘Why are you doing that without saying anything?’

    I said bluntly with a smile in my face, “….If you’re done checking, stop looking and let go.”

    Orlean nodded and freed me from his embrace.

    “How is it? Is there a place for my acting?”

    Orlean didn’t answer as he seems to be thinking. I called him back again because he looked unbecoming to me as if he had been cut with a knife.

    “Your Majesty?”

    Only then did Orlean shook his head.

    “No, no. That’s not bad. We can proceed as it is.”

    I thought it was roughly finished, so I raised the corners of my mouth.

    “Then, how are we going to practice acting? Should I go to the club room?”

    “No. You don’t have to come, you won’t need to.”

    If we practice, he had to go in and out of my dorm. That was a no-no.

    But that doesn’t mean he can stop practicing, so I’ve come up with a different method.

    “Here’s a gift. You can practice with this.”

    “…Is this possible?”

    The Fourth Prince looked puzzled at the present I had given him.

    “This is Cutie Rubia.”

    “…Cutie Rubia?”

    “Yes, Cutie Rubia will help you practice.”

    The present I gave him was a scarecrow in a dress. For the sake of details, the Scarecrow’s eyes were painted with red paint, and even wears a silver wig.

    ‘I can’t practice every day because I’m so expensive.’

    I smiled softly and asked him, “Please consider it not just a scarecrow but a cutie Rubia and treat it with sincerity. Then please take good care of it.”

    The Fourth Prince looked at the scarecrow without a word for a moment.

    It was a look of absurdity.
    But, I decided not to kiss him because I thought it was just wrong.

    I continued my acting like a professional. The person in front of me is just my acting partner. So it didn’t matter if I hugged him or said something.

    Thinking that way made me feel at ease.

    “Why do you make me so tired?”

    I looked at him with desperate eyes as I delivered the lines.

    The Fourth Prince clasped my hand.

    “Don’t you see why?”

    The cold, sunken golden eyes turned to me.

    “Let me go, please.” I pushed him away in a quivering voice.

    And several lines came and went. It was a situation where emotions are elevated enough to rise.

    Now the long-awaited last scene was the hugging scene. I couldn’t overcome my emotions, and I had to hold him strongly.

    ‘Because it was acting.’

    I hugged him with an emotionless expression inside and an emotional expression outside.


    The Fourth Prince trapped me in his hard arms. My face was buried in his arms. I could feel the audience’s admiration for the romantic scene.

    ‘It’s over now. I won’t get out of my bed for a while.’

    I thought as he held me in his arms.

    But, Orlean looked down at my face and spat out something as if he didn’t like it.

    “It’s the finale scene, but I don’t think you’re focusing too much. It’s plain. What are you thinking about when you’re acting with me?”


    “You’re the one who ruined the climax scene because you’re not focused, so don’t blame me. I’m telling you in advance, but this is inevitable for the perfection of the play.”

    I blinked my eyes as I couldn’t understand what he meant.

    But I immediately understand what it was.

    He looked still at my face in his arms, and with one hand he held my chin up!


    When I naturally met his eyes, my body became stiff. The distance between our faces was close. His breath touched my face.

    “We’re acting anyway, and you and I are engaged, so this should be okay.”

    His face got a little closer to my face. Realizing his intentions, I opened my eyes wide.

    …Hold on? This isn’t right, is it?

    ‘No, no, kisses.’

    As I tried to push him down, I hesitated, and think for a while. If I push him away now, the play will be ruined. It will show on the outside.

    ‘Goddamn it.’

    Instead, I warned lowly.

    “Just try and kiss me. I won’t stand still.”

    Why? The eyes of the Fourth Prince, who heard me, sank deeper and deeper.

    I bit my lips gently and glared at him as he gradually got closer.

    Little by little, our distance narrowed.

    A hot breath tickled my lips, and his seductive scent irritated my nose. It was a dizzying situation, but I kept staring at him, undaunted.

    Soon, just before his lips touched mine, and when our breath was tickling each other’s lips,

    He stopped.

    It was a very close distance that out lips might have touched faintly.


    My heart was pounding.

    The heart I’ve been suppressing so far, throb once.

    He didn’t come any closer, however, neither did he step down.

    Our breaths were densely mixed, and there was a sense of tension as if lying on a diagonal line. It was a sense of tension that seemed like I would be swallowed up if he ever came forward

    ‘What are you gonna do now….’

    I gulped down my saliva.

    My heart shook like crazy in this breathtaking situation. I wouldn’t have been so nervous if we had actually kissed. But, I could instinctively sense it. He didn’t just stop. He is barely holding back his desire to come closer.

    My instinct sounded like a warning. But for now, there was no way to respond like an animal captured by a predator. The moment he moves even a little, the tight diagonal line will break.


    A low voice leaked out.

    It was the first time I heard my name from him. He always used the title Princess when he called me.

    A husky low voice whispered in my ear that sent chills down my spine.

    As he called my name, his lips moved, faintly brushing with my lips. I felt his breath mixed with mine.

    My body hardened like ice, while my heart beats like crazy.

    ‘Oh my God.’

    Eventually, I couldn’t stand it anymore and clenched my fist.

    When I tried to push him away, whether the play was ruined or not, he sighed lowly and stepped back.


    At that moment, he was back to the usual Orlean.

    “At this point. It will look like we have kissed enough.”


    He spoke in a calm voice.

    “I’m sorry if you were offended. I did it for a high-quality play, so I’d appreciate it if you could understand.”

    I bit my lips.

    But I couldn’t say anything because, at the last moment, I remembered the look he was giving me.

    It was the eyes of a predator.

    Deep down in his eyes were the eyes of the predator, who was barely holding back his desires.

    ‘What the hell is going on…’

    Now he was still as polite and cold as usual. The eyes he just showed were nowhere to be found.


    It was at the moment when I stared at him, biting my lips gently.

    “Wow! It’s the best!”

    “Bravo! It’s the best performance!”


    Ch 34

    With a sense of crisis that he might get hit harder, Izakiel bowed his head and disappeared. The Fourth Prince who was left alone shook his head as if he was tired.


    He thought, gently pressing his eyes.

    ‘The pain of a broken heart. It’s not entirely wrong.’

    As Izakiel said, Rubia was building a strong wall against him. A few days ago, she even brought up the topic of breaking off the engagement.

    It would be a lie to say that her coldness didn’t matter.

    ‘But I’m not doing this right now for that reason.’

    The eyes of the Fourth Prince sank deeply.

    ‘Rubia…what on earth are you?’

    Her image came to his mind. A beautiful, sour face with a lazy look. But she still has a good heart for others. This was the general view of her, and the Fourth Prince agreed.

    However, what the Fourth Prince was curious about was not such an external appearance or internal character. It was something more essential than that, the essence of the soul. That’s what in his mind.

    ‘Rubia, why on earth can’t I see anything about you?’

    He, who has the power of the Eyes of the Beholder, can see through the essence of man’s spirit and soul just by looking at it.

    A man with a soul full of greed is in the shape of an ugly pig, and a man with a noble soul is in the same shape. But in Rubia’s case, there was nothing to be seen, nothing at all.

    It was unbelievable considering that any Sword Master, Mage, or transcendental being could not escape the Eyes of the Beholder.

    Or does she have a soul that can ignore even the power of the Eyes of the Beholder?

    What is her true identity?

    ‘Rubia…who the hell are you?’

    In fact, the first time the Fourth Prince approached Rubia was because he had a certain intentional purpose. He had a “goal” to achieve on rising to the throne, and he was worried that she might have some effect on what he wanted to accomplish.

    ‘As long as it doesn’t affect the accomplishment of my goal, there’s no reason for me to care about what kind of existence she is.’

    Though he thought so, Orlean smiled bitterly.

    ‘But it keeps bothering me.’

    Perhaps there’s only one reason why he cares about her existence.

    Because she’s already gone deep in his heart. That’s why he’s constantly thinking about her and getting nervous.


    He called out her name in a sigh.

    What on earth is she?

    Like his feelings toward her, which is becoming more and more difficult to suppress, he was constantly bothered and worried about what she was.

    Ch 47

    Marie followed me out. As I walked on the street without saying anything, Marie noticed and said.

    “Are you offended, My Lady?”

    “Huh? No.”

    “You don’t look well…Are you sure nothing’s really wrong?”

    When I kept my mouth shut, Marie blocked my way with a hard expression.

    “My Lady, if you have any worries, please tell me.”

    “I’m fine.”

    “Don’t lie. If nothing’s really going on, then why are you so upset? I just want to be a little bit useful to My Lady.”

    I looked at Marie’s face quietly. Her eyes were fluttering with worries about me.

    “I may not be able to give you any real help, but if you tell me, you might feel a little better. So please tell me.”

    When I heard Marie, I felt a sudden impulse. The urge to tell her everything. Of course, I know it’s all useless, but,

    “Marie, do you believe in me?”

    “Yes, of course, I do.”

    “Everything that I’m going to tell you now are all truths.”

    Marie had a curious look on her face. Then, I told her my truth.

    “I’ve been reincarnated. I have lived a thousand years of life, and in my previous life, I was the leader of the Cross Alliance in the Central Region. I was Catherine.”


    “I loved a lot of people, and they all died in front of me on my behalf. It’s only been a few months, so I’m still in pain.”

    Marie’s eyes grew as big as if they would be torn apart. She gave an unbelievable expression.


    I watched Marie’s reaction quietly.

    “Do you believe what I said just now?”

    Marie stayed quiet for a long time, then she nodded.

    “Yes, I do. No, I don’t really believe it, but…This is what My Lady said, so I’ll believe it.”

    I was grateful. She believed what I said.

    But it was the moment she decided to “believe” my truth. Immediately, the laws of the world began to intervene.

    “Then Milady, what made you feel bad about being in the gallery…?”

    As soon as Marie said so, her movements stopped. Her eyes were blank as if the passage of time had stopped only for her.

    I looked at it bitterly. The phenomenon that’s happening with Marie now was the additional punishment I received in my previous life, 1,000 years ago, when I choose my punishment.

    -The curse of forbidden words

    It was a curse that prevents me from sharing my identity with anyone.

    One of the curses that form the core of the punishment given to me, along with the curse of ‘invariant’ and ‘inability to forget’. I couldn’t tell anyone the truth about me because of this curse.

    “What did you just say, Milady?”

    Soon Marie came to her senses and asked with a confused face. The story she heard a while ago was cleanly erased in her mind.

    I nonchalantly shook my head.

    “I didn’t say much. Let’s go back now.”


    When I returned to the academy, I went to the Grade Representative’s office instead of heading to my quarters.

    I just wanted to be alone.

    Since today was a holiday, following yesterday, so no one will come to the office.

    I was lying on the bed I had set up in the office.


    Ch 64

    I didn’t have to worry about Sophien’s gaze because of the ‘Curse of the Forbidden Words’, anyway. Sophien won’t be able to remember the scene where I’m using power.

    Looking at the burning flames, I faintly opened my mouth.

    [I command you, die down.]

    It was the moment when the words were uttered.


    An amazing sight appeared. The blazing fire began to fade in a straight line. Ignoring all laws of physics, as if it should be.

    It wasn’t just magic. This was the result of the world’s compliance with my will of words and decrees.


    Sophien seemed to be in a daze when she saw the miracle that happened before her eyes.

    I said calmly.

    “What are you doing? Why aren’t you getting out of here?”


    “You’ll die if you stay there?”

    It was only then that Sophien began to run away.

    But she was almost on the aisle of the stairs when she turned her head to see as if she had realized something.

    “Ru-Rubia, what about you?”

    I had stood still on the spot.

    “What are you doing? Hurry up and come this way!”

    But I shook my head quietly.

    “I can’t help it.”

    “What’s with that?”

    It was at that moment when Sophien’s eyes grew bigger.


    The flames engulfed the place where Sophien had passed.

    “Ackk! Rubia!”

    “Oh, it’s all right. It’s unavoidable. You should go down quickly.”

    I said in a calm voice, as expected. The range allowed by the causality was to the rescue of the Rectifier, Sophien. Saving my own life didn’t apply.

    ‘I can’t help it. This is death. Phew, this life ends in vain.’

    I looked at the flames surrounding me. There seemed to be no way to survive. In other words, this was the end of my life.

    “Rubia! Rubia!”

    I heard Sophie scream outside beyond the fire.

    ‘I told you to go down.’

    I clicked my tongue.

    Well, even if she took some time, the fire will not harm her because of the will of my word to protect her remains.

    ‘It’s a little sudden, but I can’t help it.’

    I was faced with death, but my heart was calm.

    In fact, it wasn’t the first time I had died so suddenly. No, death came when we didn’t expect it. So, there was no need to make a fuss.

    ‘Let’s see. I don’t want to burn myself to death, so let’s go to a place where there’s no fire.’

    I stepped as far as I could where there’s no fire. I was better off suffocating rather than being burned to death.

    ‘I wish to be born in my next life as a lazy daughter of a rich family in the countryside.’

    I flopped down on the floor and thought blankly.

    I thought it was fortunate that there weren’t many people who have stepped in my life before I die. Death is really difficult when there are many precious people.

    There is only one person that bothers me the most.

    ‘Marie, you’re gonna be sad, right? I’m sorry.’

    I’m sure you’ll cry a lot. I felt sorry for taking her out of the Duchy of Luxen without treating her well.

    There were other figures that reminded me of a few more.

    A typical example is the Russacle children.

    ‘Oh, they were all cute and nice.’

    I laughed at the thought.

    The oxygen became thin and my mind gradually blurred.

    I didn’t really want to be lazy.

    Thinking that this was the end of my life, I remembered my true feelings.

    Yes, I didn’t actually want to be lazy.

    I just didn’t want to get deeply involved with people. Deep entanglement inevitably leads to affection. I didn’t want to be heartbroken in the future because of that affection.

    ‘Yes, this isn’t bad enough.’

    At this moment, it didn’t hurt that much, so I closed my eyes thinking it was a good final moment.

    But it was the last moment. A voice that could faintly be heard came into my ears.

    “This…What the hell are you doing? Are you out of your mind?”

    A voice that is cold and somehow filled with anger.

    I opened my eyes heavily. An unexpected figure was seen in my hazy vision like fog.

    An unrealistically beautiful face in the blazing flames. Black hair, and golden eyes that shines coldly.

    “Your Majesty…Orlean?”

    I asked in a dubious voice.

    Clearly, it was Orlean, but his expression was strange. Whether it was anger or another emotion, it was a completely distorted expression.

    ‘Did I get drunk on the smoke and started seeing things?’

    I thought faintly.

    But it wasn’t anything.


    He approached and held me lightly in his arms.


    Orlean took a deep breath as he looked at my condition. There was an atmosphere where he seemed to be suppressing a lot of emotions.

    “…Never do this reckless thing again. Do you understand?”

    He looked as if he was angry.

    “Why are you angry?”


    Orlean lowered his golden eyes and looked straight at me. His eyes sank so deep to the extent that even I could flinch as I was lying down.

    “…Are you asking because you don’t know?”

    Having said so, Orlean hugged me deeply into his arms. It felt strange because it was a move that seemed to protect me from the fire.

    Contrary to his angry attitude, his hands that were hugging me were very delicate and intense.

    He wrapped me in his arms as much as possible to avoid the fire, and at the same time fixed his posture to minimize the discomfort. It was a gesture as if he was dealing with a fragile treasure.

    “I’m going out right away. Don’t be surprised,”

    His breath tickled my ears because we’re stuck together.

    Soon, pitch-black mana spewed out from Orlean’s body and surrounded us. It was a mana shield. In this way, the fire would not harm us.

    He moved on as it was. Not in the passageway, but towards the window.

    If you go down the aisle, you’ll run out of oxygen. He may not know, but I knew he chose a different path because it’s hard for me to hold out.

    “Hold on tight.”

    “Yes, don’t worry about me.”

    Did I sound too calm even in this situation? He looked at me with strange eyes, so I hurried him.

    “I’m fine, so run quickly.”

    My mind was hazy due to the lack of oxygen.

    My voice was about to tremble, but I didn’t want to show any weakness to him, so I talked without shaking as much as possible.


    He hugged me more tightly, then rolled his feet out the window. He jumped off from the fourth floor, so it’s a dizzying situation.

    But I closed my eyes without any worries. Rather, other people watching from below screamed.


    “Ahh! It’s dangerous!”

    Orlean is at the height of being a Sword Master.

    The speed of the fall, which had been increasing in acceleration, faltered. No, not only did it faltered, but rather it slowed down. It was a phenomenon that seemed to ignore the law of gravity.

    Orlean slowly landed on the ground as if stepping down in the air.

    Ch 68 and 69

    Rubia blinked to see if she was seeing things right.

    But she was certain.

    A face as beautiful as a jewel, pitch-black hair, and cold golden eyes that sunk deeply. A neat suit and an old iron sword that doesn’t go well with this grotesque space.

    It was really the Fourth Prince Orlean!

    ‘When did you get in here again? Were you hiding?’

    Rubia exclaimed in bewilderment, “Stay back! It’s not a monster you can deal with!”

    No matter how much the Fourth Prince was a knight who had reached the level of a master, he was not the opponent for that monster.

    It was as if the Fourth Prince was giving up his llife.

    “Stay back?”

    The Fourth Prince looked at her with a frown. He did not seem to hide his anger unlike the usual.

    “My fiancee seems to be dedicating an eye, a wrist, and an ankle to that monster, and you want me to stay back? Is that what you’re saying?”

    Rubia was speechless.

    ‘No, I’m going to break up with you…’

    But Orlean’s eyes were sinking too deep to say such a thing.

    ‘Why is he coming out like that? You’ll die if you intervene.’

    Eventually, she became impatient and unleashed her magic. It was a magic that would return the Fourth Prince to the original world.

    Anyway, everything that happened now will disappear from his memory through the intervention of causality.

    She used her power without worrying about revealing her identity.


    A white block wrapped around the Fourth Prince’s body. But something amazing happened. The Fourth Prince pulled out an iron sword and cut it off.


    Rubia was confused and looked at the Fourth Prince. He cut down her magic with a sword?

    The Fourth Prince also looked at Rubia. There was a deep look of anger, as he did in the last fire incident.

    He soon turned his eyes and glared at ‘Sin’. His eyes sank even deeper.

    [You’re an unexpected guest. How long have you been here? I am ‘Sin’…]

    “Shut up.”

    The Fourth Prince cut off his words for a short pause.

    “You want Rubia’s eye, wrist and ankle?”

    He aimed the old iron sword at ‘Sin’.

    “There’s no need to talk further. I’ll kill you.”

    “Your Majesty!” Rubia cried in a hurry.

    Looking at the situation, it seems that the Fourth Prince was hiding around with some sort of secret method. Then he must have seen how powerful ‘Sin’ is, but why is he still saying that?

    Now the Fourth Prince’s behavior was like a suicide.

    “Stay back! What the hell are you doing?”

    “Why am I doing this?”

    The Fourth Prince approached one step at a time towards ‘Sin.’

    “Are you asking because you really don’t know?”


    She gulped when she heard his voice with intense anger.

    ‘No! You’re going to die!’

    It was at that moment when she tried to conjure up some magic to save the Fourth Prince somehow. ‘Sin’ moved one step faster.

    [Haha! Great! This is a fun game, too. If you wish so, you must die first!]

    ‘Sin’ raised his thumb as if trying to crush an insect. Then, the Fourth Prince drew his sword in the air.


    It was an ordinary attack that didn’t even raise the use of aura.

    But something unbelievable happened.


    The thumb of ‘Sin’ was cut and a fountain of blood spewed out. The neatly amputated finger fell to the floor.


    That wasn’t the end. The Fourth Prince took a step and drew the sword to the side again. It was the wrist this time. Black blood poured out and the wrist was cut off.



    Rubia, who heard that painful scream, raised her eyes.

    ‘What’s going on?’

    ‘Sin’ was not just a monster. It was created by human greed and was like a part of the world. But how could he hurt him like that?

    The Fourth Prince swung the sword repeatedly with an indifferent face as if he was wearing a mask.

    Slash, slash. Every time his sword was directed, blood poured out from the body of ‘Sin’ and he fell off.

    [Guaakk! What the hell?!]

    In the end, ‘Sin’ moved far into space when he couldn’t endure it anymore. For a moment the body of ‘Sin’ had turned into a wreck of teeth.

    [Geee…How did this happen?]

    The fact that the Fourth Prince could hurt him seemed more shocking than the condition of his body.

    [How can you wound me?]

    The Fourth Prince replied as he walked toward the distant ‘Sin.’

    “Well, I was just cutting? Did you say you’re ‘Sin’? Maybe I had lived nice enough to cut you off, a sinner?”

    Rubia looked at the Fourth Prince with absurd eyes. Now he’s making fun of ‘Sin’.

    [Eekk! Shut up!]

    ‘Sin’ gave out an angry cry. The body of the wounded ‘Sin’ quickly returned to its original state.

    [I am immortal, so it is no use for you no matter how much you wound me.]

    Massive pressure tried to crush the Fourth Prince, but at that moment the Fourth Prince disappeared.


    And the place where the Fourth Prince appeared was right behind of ‘Sin’.

    Orlean murmured.

    “An immortal being?”

    It was an eerie voice that made me feel goosebumps.

    “Then you’ll die forever and die again.”

    At that moment, a stormy aura popped out of the old iron sword. Unlike his words that he had lived nicely, it was a pitch-black aura that glowed with the light of destruction.


    His sword cut the neck of ‘Sin’. The aura’s destructive power was added and his throat burst the same way.


    Before his neck was restored again, his sword pierced elsewhere.

    Chest, wrists, and legs.

    In the blink of an eye, a total of five body parts were cut, and then the neck of ‘Sin’ was restored. But as soon as he recovered, the aura flew back and burst his neck and face at once.

    The scene was repeated endlessly. When ‘Sin’ recovered three parts of his body, the Fourth Prince would cut five at a time.

    Despite his endless recovery, the body of ‘Sin’ was no longer in human form. Even before he could even have a shape, the Fourth Prince’s aura would explode.

    It was a terrible scene, but what was even more scary was the face of the Fourth Prince. He was so expressionless as if he had no emotions.

    ‘I was wrong about the Fourth Prince. That’s not just the level of a Master.’

    Rubia thought with heavy sunken eyes. She figured out how the Fourth Prince could injure ‘Sin.’

    It was simple.

    This is because his swordmanship has reached a level high enough to be able to cut off ‘Sin’, which is a part of the world.

    ‘I didn’t think that the Fourth Prince would reached that level.’

    How long has it been after that? Eventually, ‘Sin’ screamed.

    [Argh! How dare you!]

    The pressure of an enormous force raged like a whirlpool. The Fourth Prince did not counter the pressure of the force, but spilled it sideways and drew the sword again.

    The chest of ‘Sin’ exploded like he was hit by a bomb.


    The eyes of ‘Sin’ were covered in purple. ‘Sin’ glared at the Fourth Prince as if he was desperate.

    [As much as you did…!]

    A great force of pressure that is incomparable to the present has gathered. The Fourth Prince’s expression hardened as if he felt something unusual.

    It was the moment. Rubia, who had been watching closely, stepped forward.

    “Stop, that’s enough.”


    “You haven’t forgotten me, have you, kid? If you try to do more, I’m not going to stand still either?”

    She lifted the corners of her mouth.

    “I don’t think it’ll be easy for you to fight both of us at once? So how about doing just that much now?”


    The boy, ‘Sin’, glared at her with bleak eyes. It looked like his anger did not subside. However, he couldn’t move easily, no matter how immortal he was, he couldn’t belittle ‘her’ true power. It could be a big disaster.

    At that time, Rubia shrugged her shoulders and acted unexpectedly.

    “I want you to be satisfied with this much.”

    She took out a dagger and cut her left arm deeply!


    Blood poured out of her arm and spilled on the floor. It was bleeding quite a lot. The Fourth Prince’s face hardened again.

    She spoke with a grim face.

    “Can’t you be satisfied with this?”

    ‘Sin’ said after a moment of silence.

    [I’ll accept the deal. Take him out right now.]

    Her blood that had been scattered all over the floor has disappeared. It was absorbed by ‘Sin’.

    At the same time, the symbol of ‘Sin’ disappeared, and instead, a bright light burst out. It was the ‘door’ to the original world.

    ‘Hoo, fortunately it ended well,’

    She sighed. The ‘door’ was opened and no one died. She was really fortunate to have this plan.

    ‘What’s with this trouble. When I return, I will never get up in bed for a while.’

    She looked at the Crown Prince, who was unconscious, as if she didn’t like him.

    But then, a heavy voice came in.


    It was the Fourth Prince.

    She looked at him with a troubled face.

    ‘What are you going to say?’

    I’m sure you’ll be asking about my identity.

    ‘Of course, it doesn’t matter what happened today because of the intervention of the law of causality.’

    The curse of the forbidden words on her, everything that has happened will disappear from the memory of others. No matter how much the Fourth Prince has the King’s Eyes, and even a Master at a high level, there was no exception.

    So it was the moment when she decided to cover it up roughly. Instead of asking who she was, the Fourth Prince did something unexpected.

    “Is your arm all right?”


    The Fourth Prince snatched her arm. The cut was so deep that blood was still flowing from her arms. The Fourth Prince saw it and bit his lips.

    He cut a long part of his clothes and tied them tightly at the top of her wound. He pressured them to stop the blood from flowing further. As the blood continued to flow, he removed a clean cloth from his arms and pressed the wound.

    Naturally he came into a state where he held her arm.

    Rubia looked at him with curious eyes.

    ‘Why don’t you ask me who I am?’

    The Fourth Prince was just biting his lips as he looked at her wound. Emotions and worries were evident on his face.

    After pressing down on the wound for a long time, he sighed deeply.

    “I guess this is fine for now. But you’ll have to be treated properly.”


    Rubia looked at him with confused eyes.

    The Fourth Prince pointed to a group of white light, the door.

    “Let’s go back now.”


    Rubia hesitated for a moment. After exiting that door, the Fourth Prince will forget about her here due to the intervention of causality.

    Because of the curse of the forbidden words, the world doesn’t want the identity of the child to be known to another.

    That’s why she offered her thanks before he lost all his memory, before he left through that door.

    “Thank you for today.”


    The Fourth Prince looked at her in silence. A deep passion in his indifferent golden eyes fluttered. It was the light she had seen many times with a burning longing for her.



    It was an impulse as she had remembered him standing before ‘Sin’ for her.

    For a thousand years, she was always the one sacrificing. She was always fighting in front for others.

    Perhaps that’s why her heart was fluttering when she saw the Fourth Prince fighting for her behalf instead of her.

    ‘All of his memories will be gone anyway.’

    Actions she wouldn’t have done at ordinary times.

    As she approached him, she lifted her heel slightly.

    Her lips touched against his lips.


    The Fourth Prince’s eyes grew bigger.

    She opened her mouth with him in her eyes.

    “Thank you very much…for today. Even if you lose your memory, I will never forget what happened today.”

    Her lips once again overlapped with his.

    “Once again… Thank you very much.”

    Ch 74 (full)

    “…Let go.”

    The Fourth Prince was silent for a moment and said as he embraced me.

    “And if I don’t?”


    “What if…I don’t want to? What would you do?”

    He spoke in a low voice.

    “If I don’t want to let you go like this, what would you do if I wanted you so much?”

    His low-pitched sweet voice made me dizzy as if I was drunk and made me lost my mind. In an instant, I felt like I wanted to be in his arms.

    Yes, I admitted my feelings. He had already come deep into my heart. The way my heart tremble like this. But sadly, I had a reason why I couldn’t be in his arms.

    I clenched my teeth and took a hold of my shaking heart.

    “….Still, let me go.”

    Orlean sighed.

    “I understand. I seem to have committed a discourtesy without being able to hold my feelings back. Please forgive me.”

    I moved on without saying anything.

    Orlean followed behind me like that.

    For a moment we walked on the streets of the festival without saying a word. As we walked like that, I saw a familiar sight.

    It was the vast Great Hostia River as wide as the sea.

    “We’re on the riverside.”

    I nodded at what he said. The ships lined up were lighting up, because of the Naval Port Festival, and the riverside was shining brilliantly in the dark.

    ‘In the end, we’re here together.’

    I wanted to see the riverside with him whether it was dusk or not, but in the end, we came together like this.

    ‘I had a good time today.’

    I thought to myself. The evening festival with the Fourth Prince was more enjoyable than I thought.

    We didn’t do much, we just walked, but I had a lot of fun.

    When I thought of it, my heart became complicated again. I had a heavy heart.

    What Marie said came to mind.

    [You said you like that person. It’s good, but what can you do? You’ll have to date for now, no matter what happens later.]

    I know that Marie is right. The feelings that had already deepened couldn’t be forcibly ripped. The more you try to rip it, the more your feelings deepened.

    I would have accepted his heart without hesitation if it were not for the harsh circumstances given to me.


    At that time, a place came into my eyes. There was an observatory deck overlooking the river. Trees with numerous white flowers surrounded the observatory deck.

    Looking at the beautiful observatory deck, I felt an unknown impulse and said to Orlean.

    “Why don’t we go over there for a while?”

    Orlean nodded at where I pointed.

    “That’s a nice place. Alright.”

    Soon we arrived at the observatory deck.

    It was like a scene in a fairy tale because of the white flowers surrounding it.


    I agreed with that remark when I looked down at the river from here. The white flowers, the colorful street scenes, and the night view of the vast Great Hostia River. It was such beautiful scenery.

    I and the Fourth Prince looked at the river for a long time. No, our eyes were on the river, but we were conscious of each other.

    Even without saying anything, our emotions flowed to each other more than saying a hundred words.

    “Princess, do you still dislike me?”

    No, not really. But I kept my mouth shut without saying anything.

    “I want you to believe in one thing. I sincerely want you with all my heart.”

    I know. Now, he was looking at me sincerely. Without any suspicious intentions.

    Listening to him made my heart feel more stuffy.

    [I still like that person, what else can I do.]

    Marie’s words came to mind again.

    Then, just in time, the wind blew. The trees around the observatory deck shook, and the white flowers in full bloom fell. The white flowers surrounded me and him.

    I stared blankly at the figure of Orlean surrounded by white flowers. It was unrealistically beautiful.

    His dark hair, as if containing the night sky, shook. His golden eyes that were more beautiful than any other jewel, turned to my face. As I stared at him blankly, he also looked at me as I was covered with the flowers.

    He slowly lifted his hand. Gently removing a petal sitting on my face, he hesitated and caressed my cheek. It was a gentle, soft touch. Our eyes met. We couldn’t take our eyes off each other as if we were possessed.

    Thump. My heart throbbed with a loud sound. His hand, caressing my cheek, rubbed open my lips. I felt the tension and trembling in his hands touching me. And slowly, his face came closer to me.

    As the distance narrowed, I can feel his breath, and my heart fell as if it had been broken down. I’ve been breathing hard and my body stiffened. I knew what he was going to do, but why? I didn’t avoid it.

    Soon his lips touched my lips. The first contact was very cautious. His soft lips rubbed against mine.

    The moment I breathed in, I felt our distance, and he covered my lips again. His lips gently caressed my lips.

    I groaned as I couldn’t stand his precious, careful, and yet earnest care as if he was dealing with the world’s most precious treasure. My whole body trembled as if being penetrated by electricity.

    It’s no use running away. I’ll follow you wherever you go. I’ll make sure I’m the only one in your heart. I’m gonna make you look only at me.

    His kiss seemed to whisper like that. That sweet yet intense feeling covered me.

    I closed my eyes tight and held his hand.

    “You don’t know. How intensely I’m longing for you.”

    His eyes turned to me.

    A deep, deep longing pierced my heart.

    “So don’t think about running away. Do you understand?”

    But why?

    Tears suddenly welled up as I faced his sincere heart towards me.


    The eyes of the Fourth Prince, who saw my tears, grew bigger. He was taken aback by my sudden tears.

    “How come you’re crying? Are you all right?”

    “I like you.”


    “I like Your Majesty too.”

    The Fourth Prince’s eyes widened. However, I’m not done talking yet.

    I smiled.

    “But I can’t accept Your Majesty’s heart.”

    “…What do you mean?”

    I took a deep breath.

    Is it because I was so emotional? I had the urge to confide everything to him. I couldn’t resist the urge to confess my feelings to him.

    ‘He’ll forget everything the moment he hears it, anyway.’

    “I have a secret I’m keeping from Your Majesty.”

    “What is it?”

    The moment I confess this truth, the world’s causality will work.

    Just as Marie heard my story last time and immediately got her memories erased, the intervention of Causality will make the Fourth Prince cleanly forget what he heard from me.

    It was because of the curse of the forbidden words on me. But… even if he won’t remember, I still wanted to tell him everything.

    “I am a cursed reincarnated being, so I cannot accept your heart.”

    I smiled bitterly.

    “The moment I accept your heart, I will fall into another pain.”


    ‘I wasn’t trying to leave people to be lazy in the first place.’

    I confessed the truth to the Fourth Prince and thought.

    I was afraid.

    To have an affectionate relationship with people and suffer from it.

    Human life is short. The time I spend with my loved ones was short, and after breaking up with them by death, I had to endlessly struggle with it. Such pain has been repeated for a thousand years.

    [You said you like that person. It’s good, but what can you do? You’ll have to date for now, no matter what happens later.]

    Yes, I know Marie is right. It’s foolish not to start a relationship for fear of parting. However, If you were repeatedly separated from those who are precious to you for a thousand years, you’ll never have the courage to start a relationship again if you suffer from pain every time.

    How much have I suffered from my previous life and the deaths of my loved ones?

    Leopold, Lou, Penan, Charlotte, Eileen.

    Even now, I still felt hurt by their deaths. It wasn’t just from my previous life. Before that, and even before that. In my thousand years of life, there has never been a time when parting with an important person was not painful.

    Parting with my loved ones seemed to drive a nail in my life, and forever tormented me.

    -You, noble and honorable one, will suffer for everlasting years.

    A thousand years ago, when I chose the punishment from my previous life, a decree was engraved in the world. By that decree, I was given three additional curses

    —Curse of the Invariant

    —Curse of the Inability to Forget

    —Curse of the Forbidden Words

    The ‘invariant curse’ that does not let my emotions wear out even after living for endless years. No matter how much pain I suffer from this curse, I won’t go crazy and my feelings won’t become dull. And because of the ‘curse of inability to forget’, even after a long time, I could not forget the relationship with my loved ones. As if nailed to my heart, the longing and pain were imprinted in my soul forever.

    And the ‘curse of forbidden words’ that won’t let anyone know the truth about me.

    The gist of these curses was simple.

    It’s that I would repeat my life and suffer endlessly in my relationships with other people.

    -It is your own choice and you will never be saved.

    Therefore, my relationship with a new person was a curse to me. Because their time is short, and I have to miss them forever and suffer from it.

    ‘It would be a little better if I could share this pain with someone.’

    I thought with a troubled heart.

    Cruelly, the world didn’t even allow me to share my pain. They only hoped for me to suffer alone endlessly in loneliness. Because that was the ‘deal’ between me and the world.

    ‘I do not regret the choice I made a thousand years ago. There was no other way except to sacrifice myself, but I want to stop hurting now.’

    So I made up my mind after my last life was over. I won’t make a deep relationship with anyone in this life. I will never suffer. But I knew. That’s impossible.

    Living life is the act of creating relationships. Precious ties had already been created, and the Fourth Prince’s heart could no longer be denied.

    ‘But what if I accept his heart? My emotions will deepen even more. Then I will only suffer deeply again.’

    So I couldn’t accept his heart.

    The moment I accepted his heart, I was afraid of the pain that will come after the short happiness. I’m running away, but I was already exhausted. I didn’t want to suffer anymore.

    “…That’s what it is.”

    The Fourth Prince, who heard my story, was silent for a long time.

    Under the curse of the forbidden words, I confessed all the threads of the matter without hiding anything, as he would forget them anyway. However, the Fourth Prince, who had been silent for a while, said something unexpected.

    “If I could break your curse, what would you do then?”

    My eyes widened.

    “Why are you talking about that?”

    “I can’t imagine the pain you’ve suffered for a thousand years.”


    Orlean bit his lips and looked at me. His eyes shook with a tingling and firm determination toward me.

    “Do you know what I was thinking after hearing your story? I can’t even imagine the pain you’ve been through… How did you live with that pain?

    The moment I heard it, my heart throbbed. It was the first time I heard it while living a thousand years of life. So far, no one has been able to sympathize with my pain.

    “I… don’t want you to suffer anymore. I’ll break your curse. By all means. Even if I should cut down the fate of the world.”

    I smiled gently.

    It was impossible to solve my pain. He doesn’t know what my nature is or what kind of deal I had with the world that has led me to be punished. So he can talk nonsense like this.


    Gratitude showed on my face. He was the first one to tell such a thing in a thousand years. Even if it was impossible, I was overjoyed and grateful for his feelings alone.

    “Thank you.”

    I said again.

    “Thank you for your words, really.”

    I was so happy and grateful for the heart he had just shown, so I decided to give him a hint.

    Of course, after this conversation, he will forget everything, so I know it doesn’t mean anything, but I wanted to give him a hint.

    “If you really want me, there’s one way to do it. Try to shake my heart a little more. Even if I run away, hold on to it. So,”

    I looked him in the eye.

    “Please shake my heart strong enough that I can happily endure any pain that follows after I part with you.”

    Actually, this wasn’t the first time I had such worries.

    Because I’ve always been afraid of making new relationships.

    However, there was only one reason why I couldn’t refuse to deepen my relationship with people and fell into it every time.

    “If I love you so deeply that I feel like it doesn’t matter what kind of pain will follow, then I’ll accept and let you in.”

    Because I loved them so deeply.

    “I don’t know if it’s right to let it go like this. Aren’t you bothered?”

    “Perhaps… it’s okay because he was deeply regretting it. Also, we have several devices in place.”

    “Yes, the Jeonmyeonghwan. It was the first time I learned that there was such a medicine.”

    “Oh, it’s a lie.”


    I spoke in a nonchalant tone.

    “It’s just a bunch of shit I made up. It’s ridiculous to say that a pill can track the condition of the mind that can trigger death. But it doesn’t matter. Anyway, Sven believed it with all his heart, so it’ll be enough to restrict him. Even if we don’t have that pill, there’s also the recording.”

    The Fourth Prince had an absurd look on his face.

    It’s just like you too. The look on his face made me feel proud of myself.

    “Anyway, it’s your family’s private matter, so I’m not authorized to interfere. But are you okay?”

    I understood the meaning behind the Fourth Prince’s words and kept my mouth shut.

    He was worried since I was not shocked by my brother’s betrayal.

    “It’s okay. You don’t have to worry.”

    “You don’t have to pretend to be okay. Especially in front of me.”

    I smiled at that remark.

    I wasn’t particularly shocked by Sven’s betrayal, but I didn’t hate the Fourth Prince’s concern for me.

    “It’s late at night, so let’s go back.”

    I said with a sudden impulse.

    “Shall we sit down for a while?”


    “The moonlight is pretty and the river is also pretty. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a calm river.”

    The river seen from the castle was somewhat noisy and crowded, but coming out like this, it was very quiet.

    For some reason, I felt like my mind was being purified, so I wanted to stay for a little longer before I go back.

    “Yes, alright. Please have a seat here.”

    The Fourth Prince took off his jacket and spread it out on a flat rock. But I shook my head because I was flustered with his consideration.

    “Is it okay? It doesn’t matter where I sit.”

    “It’s because I care. I can’t let my fiancee sit anywhere on the street. My honor is at stake, so please sit down.”

    I had no choice but to smile and sit down.

    The Fourth Prince also came to my side and sat down to watch the flowing river.

    A moment of silence flowed in the dark. It wasn’t awkward, it was a calm feeling for some reason.

    Is it because of the rattling of the river? Or is it because of Orlean, who’s sitting quietly by my side?

    I opened my mouth, feeling calm.

    “Thank you very much for this time.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Everything. If it weren’t for Your Majesty, we wouldn’t have been able to solve this problem.”

    I meant what I said.

    Because there weren’t just one or two things that the Fourth Prince did to help solve this problem.

    Even being able to point out Sven as the culprit was due to the help of the Fourth Prince. He had seen through Sven’s twisted soul with the power of the Eyes of the Beholder.

    ‘Didn’t he say that the leaves were in the form of rotten orchids?’

    Because of his great help, I thanked him repeatedly.

    “Thank you again.”

    The Fourth Prince smiled openly.

    “Are you just saying thank you? How dare you be pampered by a person from the Royal family like this. Shouldn’t I get something in return?”

    With a grin, I brought my body closer towards him, as if seducing him. Then I stared into his eyes and said playfully.

    “In return, would you like me to give you a kiss, from the world’s prettiest Princess Rubia?”

    Huh? I was joking, but there was something wrong with his reaction.

    He glanced at me silently without answering, and his eyes were sinking deeply.

    I felt that I had made a mistake.

    “I-I’m just kidding. Don’t be so serious. “

    I turned my head away, feeling my face burning.

    “I-I think it’s better to go back now. Don’t mind what I said…”

    It was at that moment.

    I felt a heat in my right hand. Orlean grabbed my hand!

    “Your Majesty?”

    I saw his eyes sinking lowly in the dark. It was sinking, but it was hot. I clearly felt his feelings for me.


    I said it with an awkward face on purpose.

    “It really was a joke. I’m sorry if you were offended.”

    “I wasn’t offended.”

    He still looked straight at me, then he opened his mouth.

    “In fact, I have something to tell you. Can you listen?”

    Thump. Why? Is it because of his fascinating low-pitched voice? Or is it because of his gaze towards me? Without any reason, my heart thumped faster.

    “…What are you gonna say to me?”

    In a moment, determinism passed by his golden eyes. Then, as if a knight in some story made a lifetime promise to a lady, he opened his mouth with a reverent, unshakeable voice.

    “Princess Rubia, will you marry me?”


    At the moment, I had no choice but to open my eyes wide.

    What are you saying?

    I thought I misheard him, but I didn’t.

    He continued with an endlessly sincere voice.

    “You know, I’m eagerly hoping for you. I’m already in a state where I couldn’t imagine my life without you.”

    As I heard those words, my heart began to tremble again. His gaze on me was more intense than the contents of his words. His feelings towards me so strong that I even felt nauseous.

    “Your Majesty.”

    “I’m sorry to say it like this to you, though I should have asked you more formally. I’m not asking you this just because we’re engaged, but because I really want to take you as my partner in the future. Will you accept my proposal?”

    After a moment of silence, I looked straight into his eyes. Then I slowly opened my mouth.

    “Why did you think you wanted me to be your partner? Please be honest with me.”

    I asked in a shrill voice.

    “Do you really want me, or do you have other intentions?”

    Other intentions. It means the innermost feelings that the Fourth Prince is hiding from me. The Fourth Prince stood still for a while and then he opened his mouth.

    “It wasn’t because I like you that I first showed interest in you.”

    It was a familiar story.

    The Fourth Prince approached me with hidden innermost thoughts, and even now he was not revealing what they were.

    “If you really love me, then please tell me. I cannot accept a proposal from someone who has some hidden intentions to hide from me.”

    The Fourth Prince’s face was filled with agony. However, he did not evade answering like before.

    “I will tell you. Rubia, to become the Emperor, there are certain things that I must do. It’s the same mission that I’ve been given, more important than anything else. That’s why I was initially trying to see how your existence would affect that mission.”

    I had a puzzled look on my face.

    There is something you must do to become the Emperor?

    “What do you mean by a mission?”

    “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that. But believe me in one thing. I’m never going to do anything bad to others. It’s something I must do for the whole world.”

    It was hard to understand.

    After becoming the Emperor, this must be done for the whole world?

    The Fourth Prince looked right at me again and said,

    “I’m proposing to you right now, which has nothing to do with that mission. I’m proposing to you only because I sincerely want you. Will you accept my heart?”

    Why? As I was staring into his eyes, my heart pounded again. The longing in his eyes grew, and the trembling of my heart increased.

    My heart throbbed violently. It shook like a ship that met the waves. I deliberately spoke in a cold tone to avoid showing my agitation.

    “Why are you proposing so suddenly? Didn’t Your Majesty not want to think about marriage at all?”

    “Far from it. I’ve been determined to marry you before. Fortunately, you don’t want to go to the academy anymore, so we don’t have to prolong it anymore, do we?”

    When I heard that, I realized one thing.

    ‘Did he meant marriage when he said that he was letting me quit the academy?’

    As I noticed, it really seems like that. If I marry the Fourth Prince, of course, I will be able to quit the Academy naturally.

    But I couldn’t say anything, because his eyes were so serious.

    He was anxiously waiting for my answer.

    I felt a tingling sensation at the moment.

    Why? As I felt his feelings, my heart ached and hurt.

    I suppressed my heart and opened my mouth in a voice as calm as possible.

    “I’ll answer. I’m rejecting it.”


    The Fourth Prince’s face became heavy.


    I swallowed a sigh.

    “I don’t like Your Majesty very much.”


    “Of course, I do have some feelings for Your Majesty, but I don’t love you enough that I want to marry you. I still think that it seems too early to think about getting married.”

    In fact, it wasn’t just for this reason.

    ‘To accept the proposal means to accept him into my heart sincerely.’

    In other words, it meant that I would endure the pain I would suffer after parting with him by death. But I’m not ready to accept him yet.

    Because of the ‘Curse of the Inability to Forget’, I could never forget the memories of my precious person. If I accept the Fourth Prince, I will have to miss him and suffer for eternity after separation.

    So far, countless relationships have been imprinted on my soul, and I have to feel the pain that comes after the short happiness endlessly in solitude. It was as if I was constantly in agony as if my soul had been nailed, so I couldn’t easily muster up the courage

    “It’s better to talk about marriage after our feelings become deeper.”

    However, the reaction of the Fourth Prince was strange. He neither frowned nor was he displeased by what I said. Rather, it was a very strange face, but I was puzzled because he seemed to be suppressing an unknown feeling.

    “Rubia, may I ask you one thing?”

    The Fourth Prince asked in a deeper voice than before.

    “If you come to love me more in the future, will you accept my proposal?”

    I hesitated for a moment and then I nodded.

    “Yes, at that time, I will.”

    I was thinking of accepting him if I loved him deeply enough to happily accept even the eternal pain I have to suffer after separation, as I have done in all of my previous lives.

    “Okay, I’ll try harder until you accept me deeply in your heart.”

    I was grateful for what he said.

    He must be upset and hurt because his sincere proposal was rejected, but he’s not showing it at all, rather he was saying that he will try harder for me.

    I was grateful for that, so I opened my mouth.

    “…Thank you.”

    Did he understand what I mean?

    He smiled openly.

    “You’re welcome. This kind of effort would be natural to get a lovely woman like you. Rather, I’m sorry for proposing too hastily without considering your feelings.”

    As I heard that, I looked up at the night sky.

    The moon was floating in the dark. It was a bright moonlight as if blessing our future.

    ‘It might come sooner than I thought.’

    I suddenly thought that way.

    It won’t take longer than I thought and I might open my whole heart to him. No, it may already have been to some extent.

    Thinking so, I walked with him toward the castle.

    It was at that moment when I thought like that.

    A sudden change occurred.


    Suddenly, Fildeheim screamed, pulled out a dagger, and cut off his arm.[1]

    Blood gushed out and the people were stunned by his madness.


    I hardened when I realized the meaning behind Fildeheim’s action.

    ‘No way?’

    Now Fildeheim has given his blood to the fruit of the World Tree! To finish the flowering quickly in seconds!

    I cried palely.

    “Get him right now! We don’t have time!”

    But it was too late.

    Fildeheim revealed his white teeth when a light poured out.

    “It’s over! Now, the power of the Emperor is mine! Haha!”

    The moment his shout burst out, the fruit of the World Tree held in the Crown Prince’s hand, emitted a dazzling brilliance. It was such an intense light that makes our eyes feel a tingling sensation.

    In the end, the fruit of the World Tree has bloomed!


    A tremendous amount of energy came out, and with a roar, the people around Fildheim stood back for a while.



    A thunderous sound reverberated from the sky.

    Intense radiance emanated from the fruit of the World Tree and covered the whole place. It was a glow that felt somewhat ominous.

    Grngg! Grnggg!

    Is the sky angry or something? It wasn’t really a thunderbolt, but the sound of something hitting rang endlessly in the air.

    I clenched my fist.

    ‘Damn it. The causalities around here are shaking.’

    The people looked at each other with restless faces.

    They weren’t the only ones who were anxious. The ominous brilliance exploded from the fruit spread to the corners of the Kairman Kingdom.

    It was obvious that everyone in the Kingdom was trembling with anxiety.

    “T-The light is fading.”

    “…Is it over?”

    Soon the radiance that had been bursting out as if it would blind everyone began to gradually fade out.

    After the light completely disappeared, a small fruit the size of a cherry fell into the Crown Prince’s hand.

    It was the fruit of the World Tree flower, also called the decision of blessing or decision of power!

    “That’s the fruit of the World Tree?”

    “But why does it look like that?”

    As people questioned, the fruit of the World Tree has a dubious appearance, rather than the heavenly fruit from the story.

    But what matters right now wasn’t the appearance of the fruit of the World Tree.

    Finally, the extraordinary thing we feared happened.

    The roots of the stems of the world tree that protruded from the ground began to turn dry and twist.

    As if it had been under a strong curse. The stem, which was so large that the end could not be seen, dried up in an instant.

    People swallowed their saliva at the gruesome sight, but the disaster was only beginning.

    The surrounding land turned black. The grass and trees on the ground began to dry out and die in an instant.

    “D-Damn it. No!”

    Visner spoke in a desperate tone.

    As if a spot of ink was dropped on the water, the cursed quickly spread out.

    In the blink of an eye, the entire land of the surrounding states turned black, and all the plants that lived on it dried up. Not only the crops that were about to be harvested but also the trees and grass along the road turned the same. It was clear that everyone would not be able to hold out for today.

    ‘The fruit of temptation.’

    I spat out curses.

    The fruit of temptation

    That’s how the fruit of the World Tree during the Magic era was called.

    At that time, many people were blinded by power and tried to take the fruit of the World Tree by offering blood as Fildeheim did.

    When you think of the disaster that will follow, you know that offering blood shouldn’t be done, but you cannot stand the temptation in front of you.

    Therefore, the wise men of the Magic era called the fruit of the World Tree the fruit of temptation given to man by heaven.

    A fruit that tests whether they can endure the greed in front of them.

    If you endure it, it becomes a fruit that gives you a brilliant blessing, but if you don’t overcome your greed, a terrible disaster occurs.

    Of course, the result of the test has always ended in the human’s defeat. There were always people who tried to take the fruit of the World Tree in an unclean way, and I punished several such Mages during my reign as the King.

    “That’s terrible. What a disaster.”

    At that time, the Fourth Prince Orlean came to me with a stiff face. For some reason, Shen’s avatar had already disappeared.

    He lifted his gaze and looked beyond the horizon.

    “The land near the Palace is also losing its fertility. I can’t believe this happened because of a single fruit.”

    I closed my eyes tightly.

    There was a huge distance from here to the Imperial Palace. Perhaps the land beyond that will also not be safe, and there will be millions of people who will suffer from this.

    ‘No, we have to stop him.’

    But it was already over.

    Like how you can’t return the spilled water from a glass, there was no other way than to create a miracle.

    But then, one way came to my mind.

    ‘No, it’s not like there is no other way. I can do miracles.’

    Water spilled on the ground cannot be collected in the usual way. So what? We just have to create a miracle to put the water back in.

    And ‘I’ was a great being called the King of the World, so I had the ability to make miracles.

    ‘I will bless the earth by a decree. Then I can restore the land that turned barren.’

    It’s possible if I wanted to.

    However, there was one problem.

    ‘If I do that…I’ll die right away.’

    My use of power is constrained by causality.

    If I violate the restriction, there will be a huge reaction.

    In particular, it was obvious even without seeing the result if such a big force was used. I will face death with countless heinous curses.

    ‘Ha. Damn it. What should I do?’

    I thought in agony.

    No matter how familiar I am with death, it was not an easy decision to make.

    I was afraid of the pain that I would suffer under countless curses, but the most frightening thing was that I had to cut ties with everyone who became a part of my life at this time.

    Even if I return to them after I reincarnated, no one will recognize me because of the curse of the forbidden words.

    ‘What about the Fourth Prince? Won’t he recognize me?’

    Others were fine though.

    However, the fact that I had to part with the Fourth Prince, whom I had just begun to open my heart with, made me feel uncomfortable.

    No, honestly, it wasn’t to the point of getting caught. Thinking that I might have to part with him forever, a piercing pain went like a nail in my chest.

    Thinking so, I honestly didn’t want to die.

    ‘I will just pretend to be ignorant. This is Fildeheim’s fault. Why do I have to take responsibility by using my life?’

    I compelled myself to mutter strongly.


    What if I ignore them? What about the people who live here?

    ‘Damn it.’

    I uttered a curse inside.

    I’ve had a lot of thoughts, but what should I do in this situation?

    I don’t want to die. But there’s no other way, is there?

    ‘I guess I was destined to die like this.’

    I made myself determined and looked at the Fourth Prince with a smile. It was the last time, so I tried to force myself to smile, but it didn’t go well and turned into an awkward smile.

    “Your Majesty.”


    “I love you.”


    Although I tried my best to confess my feelings, the face of the Fourth Prince hardened.

    “What do you mean…all of a sudden?”

    “I’m just confessing my feelings. I love you. Really. I mean it.”

    I felt some regret at that moment.

    I wish I had accepted his heart earlier. Then there would have been a long happy time.

    ‘I can’t help it.’

    I smiled gently and memorize his face in my eyes.

    If I die now, chances are high that I will never see him again.

    So I memorize everything, one by one, inscribing them in my soul as if it was my last.

    “What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

    Did he have a hunch? An ominous glow filled his golden eyes.

    “Tell me you love me too.”

    “Rubia? Why the hell?”

    “Please, quickly.”

    Oh, damn it. I tried to part ways in a chic and cool way, but in the end, a drop of tears fell in my eyes.

    Orlean’s eyes grew wide when he saw my tears.

    “No way? Rubia, you?”

    I tiptoed and kissed him.

    My lips touched his lips, as I broke away, I spoke.

    “Thank you for loving me. When I come back to life… I will try to return to you.”

    Of course, I am not sure if he will recognize me even after I come back to life because of the curse of forbidden words.

    I thought I’d be very sad if he didn’t recognize me when I managed to come back.

    “Rubia? No!”

    As if he realized what I was going to do, Orlean hurriedly tried to catch me.

    But it was too late.

    Words flowed from my lips.

    -I am the King of the World.

    The causality vibrated rapidly due to the use of unauthorized power.

    The law of the world intervened and tried to thwart my magic.

    But I forced myself to ignore the laws of the world as if forcing to loosen the chains that bound my wings.

    Then I issued a command all over the world.

    -Bless and be blessed.

    It was at that moment when I uttered the words. All things complied with my command.

    The invisible spiritual light spread around me.

    At the same time, life began to shine on the land that had turned black.

    “W-What’s going on here?”

    People mumbled in disbelief even after they saw it with their own eyes.

    Someone said in a daze.

    “Did heaven pitied our Kingdom and give us miracles?”

    Yes, it was a scene that couldn’t be explained except by the word miracle.

    The green light of blessings lingered in the land that turned black. It was a deeper light of life than before.

    The dried and dying plants became fresh green again.

    With strong blessing, as well as breaking the curse of the World Tree, the land around here will be rich for decades to come.

    ‘Good, we’ll be able to support the people of the Southern Ten Kingdoms with extra foods. Visner would do that.’

    I thought comfortably and smiled.

    Everyone screamed with joy at the incredible miracle, but there was only one person who looked at me with trembling eyes.

    “R-Rubia? You…?”

    It was Orlean.

    His golden eyes were shaking as if he had encountered a strong storm.

    “W-Why would you do this? How are you going to handle the consequences of causality?”

    I smiled.

    Countermeasures? There’s no such thing.

    I had a lot to say, but I only said one thing because I knew I had no time left.

    “Hug me.”


    “Come on. We don’t have time.”

    I couldn’t tell whether he hugged me or not.

    “No! Rubia! No!”

    The last time I heard the miserable cry of the Fourth Prince, my vision turned dark.

    I can’t see anything, I can’t hear anything. I’m stuck in a dark place where I can’t feel anything.

    Curses fell on me one after another in the darkness.

    I couldn’t stand it and scream.

    Countless curses fell upon my suffering soul without mercy.


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    He was captured for what he did.
    And on the wedding day of Rubia and The fouth Prince they will distract the guard to help the crown prince to escape with his mother
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    I am really looking forward to see this in next chapters of the manwha adaption:aww:

    But ignoring the cries in my heart, Marie rolled up her arms. It looked as if there was just a certain amount of determinism.

    “Look forward to it. I’ve been a master of cosmetics since then.”

    “How are you a master of cosmetics?” I asked hesitantly.

    “I don’t know. Don’t ask me in detail.”

    Marie’s burning with the will to transform me and started putting cosmetics on.

    Grace Hall, where the Welcome Party is in full swing, was not located in the Academy, but in the downtown of Lynette.

    It was the largest and most spectacular banquet hall in the city of Lynette, and the entire Academy had been involved for this Welcome Party for the freshmen.

    This is because this Welcome Party is an important event and a large-scale banquet that was rarely found. Not only freshmen, students, but also people from prestigious families are sponsoring the Academy.

    “Oh my! Your Highness, you’re so beautiful today.”

    “That’s right. It’s like Your Highness is shining.”

    And at the seat in the center of the banquet hall, among the countless adorned ladies, there was a girl who shined especially. It was Princess Sophien of the Duke of Haines.

    Dressed in a sky-blue dress that matched with her brilliant blonde hair and blue eyes, she was a delighting beauty as if she came out of a painting.

    The Young Ladies smiled and praised Princess Sophien’s beauty as if she were the main character of this welcoming banquet.

    “I envy you. You are so beautiful that I can only see Your Highness in the banquet hall.”

    “Yes, all the young people are looking at the Princess.”

    Princess Sophien smiled softly and shook her head.

    “No, if you praise me like that, they will think that it’s real. Even so, thank you for your kind words.”

    The Young Ladies around Princess Sophien admired her humility and praised her even more.

    “Even if an angel from heaven comes down, it won’t be as beautiful as Your Highness.”

    “Thank you. Lady Janet is also very beautiful today. I think you curled up your pink hair well.”

    So Sophien and her followers praised each other for a long time. It was embarrassing, but it was originally a classy way of conversation in the social world.

    ‘Yes, if you are a person, you should have a conversation like this in an elegant manner.’

    Princess Sophien frowned in her heart.

    ‘Not like that vulgar thing.’

    The vulgar thing that she thought of was Rubia.

    ‘How dare you insult me.’

    Princess Sophien, who remembered the tragedy of the tea party, clenched her fist.

    Never. I could never forgive you.

    ‘Something so lowly. You said your birth mother was from a commoner, right? They said that blood can’t be fooled.’

    Sophien recalled the secret story of Rubia’s birth.

    The birth mother of Rubia, a Princess of the Duchy of Luxen, was a commoner. She must have committed such a frivolous thing because she was born with low blood.

    No matter how much you hold the position of a Princess, what can you do? Her pedigree and character are very poor.

    Sophien thought as she looked around her admirers, Rubia is nothing but an insignificant existence that cannot be compared with herself.

    At that time, the pink girl who was an ardent follower of Sophien, Janet of Marquis Hansen, opened her mouth.

    “By the way, Princess Rubia will not come to this banquet, right?”

    As soon as she brought out the name Rubia, the air around them became cold. The pink girl was embarrassed to realize that she had mentioned a taboo word.

    Rubia was a Princess and a compatible being among them.

    “Oh, no. I’m sorry for bringing up a bad name. I’m feeling so unpleasant that she might come.”

    The Queen bee Sophien smiled gracefully and said,

    “It’s okay. We can talk. Whether Princess Rubia will ever come…I don’t know.”

    Sophien slowly looked around the banquet hall.

    “If she ever came, no one would deal with her,”

    At those words, her followers burst into laughter.

    “That’s right. Who would deal with such a frivolous Princess?”

    “If she comes, it’s worth seeing. She wouldn’t be able to get along with anyone and she’ll have to stay alone.”

    “Do you feel so sorry for that, do you want us to trade?”

    “Oh, I don’t want that. The frivolous will get on me.”

    So they laughed at Rubia for a long time.

    Sophien, the queen bee, was pleased to hear the story and said in a voice of unceasing calm.

    “No matter how shallow she behaves, it’s not right to say that. We are educated so we need to be understanding.”

    “Oh my! The Princess Sophien is not just an angel on her face, but even her heart is that of an angel.”

    The followers looked moved. It’s something over-the-top and comic, but this is how society’s elegant conversation goes.

    Then, a girl said while frowning,

    “Do you know the story that Princess Rubia passed the entrance exam without taking the test properly?”

    “Oh, is that true?”

    “Yes. All the other student’s test scores had been made public, and only Princess Rubia’s grades were kept private. That’s also under the president’s special order. It’s clear that there was something wrong behind the entrance exam.”

    When she said that, her followers gave out a disgusting cry.

    “How does that happen?”

    “It’s not just an insult to the Lynette Academy, but also to us who passed fairly.”

    “We can’t let that happen.”

    They’ve been cursing Rubia for a long time again.

    Sophien pretended to side with Rubia,

    “I’m not sure yet, but it’s not right to say that. I don’t think the shallow Princess Rubia can pass the entrance exam, but it’s not certain yet.”

    So, Sophien used her fan to cover her mouth.

    “I’m actually worried about Princess Rubia, today.”

    “What do you mean, Your Highness?”

    “As far as I know, Princess Rubia received the wrath of Duke Luxen, and was in a very poor condition. I wonder if she has the money to get a banquet dress. I’m worried about what kind of dress she’ll wear if she comes to the banquet. She’s not going to wear the old dress she wore last time, is she?”

    The followers burst into laughter again.

    At the tea party, Rubia wore a casual and modest dress different from the gorgeous Young Ladies.

    This time again, all of the Young Ladies were dressed up like peacocks and attended the welcome banquet, and if she comes alone wearing that plain dress, it would be a sight to see.

    “If Princess Rubia comes in that outfit again, I won’t go near her.”

    “So will I. Who would want to go near her?”

    “Then the Princess Rubia can enjoy the feast in a pleasant way. No one’s going to try to get near her.”

    Again, they burst into laughter.

    But it was then, suddenly the entrance began to become noisy.

    No, it wasn’t a fuss, to be exact. The lively noise suddenly quieted down. It’s as if they’ve witnessed something incredible.

    The people near the entrance stopped talking and stared somewhere blankly. The silence and surprise soon began to spread throughout the banquet hall.

    ‘What is it?’

    Princess Sophien and her followers frowned and turned their eyes to the commotion.

    Who the hell came to the banquet?

    The moment they saw the main character who stole everyone’s attention, their eyes grew teary.


    It was a girl who seemed to have white innocence.

    Soft silver hair that looks like silk woven by a master craftsman, transparent and clear skin like white jade, and neat and beautiful face line like a fairy.

    She was as beautiful as an angel that came down with broken wings.

    The girl was wearing a sky-blue dress that resembled that of Princess Sophien, but her innocence stood out even more.

    A beauty that seems to suck in your mind just by looking at it.

    Especially, it was the dark red eyes that were particularly eye-catching. In contrast to the innocence, it had a seductiveness like a rose, but the drowsy boredom that appeared in her eyes made their fascination deepened.

    Everyone looked at her at the contradictory beauty of the coexistence of nobility that could not be touched and the charm that seemed to take their souls away.


    So, there was a moment of silence in the banquet hall, and someone muttered the girl’s name without knowing it.

    “Princess Rubia…”

    Yes. The girl’s identity is none other than Rubia.

    With a face full of annoyance, she finally arrived at the banquet hall after being late for a long time because of Marie’s transformation.

    ‘What, why are they looking at me like this? Are they seeing a person for the first time?’

    I stared at the people who looked at me bleakly. When I met with other people’s gaze, they were startled and avoided looking at me. Some of the young men were slightly blushing.


    I frowned.

    “Marie, is there something on my face?”

    “Yes, it’s buried with beauty,”

    Marie replied with a hazy look.


    Did she eat something wrong yesterday?

    I had a wry look on my face.

    Of course, my make-up was good today. Marie’s make-up was really amazing. So I was prettier than usual without any decoration. To the extent that I am surprised to see myself in the mirror.

    As I stared at them, people turned to awkward faces and began to talk.

    “So, the twenty-year-old war in the Central Region that has led to the victory of the Kairman Kingdom…”

    “After the legacy of the Sword King, the second leader of the cross alliance, Catherine, the iron-blooded woman, have also died, and the central part is now ….”

    So the banquet hall was crowded again. But, I could feel people glancing at me.

    “Marie, why do people keep looking at me?”

    “That’s because My Lady is so beautiful! You’re so pretty!”

    I had a wry look on my face.

    Of course, I’m pretty today, but is that why?

    I thought when I saw my face reflected in the glass of water.

    ‘Well, you’re pretty. A sinful face.”

    Anyway, I was just thinking about greeting Visner, so it was difficult to get too much attention.

    “Marie, let’s go over there.”

    “What? Isn’t this the best seat?”

    “I don’t know. Let’s go eat something delicious.”

    At that moment, someone called for me.

    “Princess Your Highness, may I ask for a dance?”

    Who is it?

    Turning my head, a familiar face stood. It was Mule, one of the bad students

    Mule, who was wearing a tasteful tailcoat, was asking me for a dance.

    I played a joke when I saw Mule’s cheeks slightly red.

    “Why dance with me all of a sudden? Do you have a crush on me? Well, I’m pretty today.”


    What, I was just kidding. Why aren’t you answering?

    As he blushed more silently, I felt awkward. Oh, don’t be so serious! I’m just kidding!

    “Yes. Let’s dance.”

    Mule nodded. I held hands with him and went up to the platform and danced.

    ‘He’s not a very good dancer.’

    After asking for a dance, Mule’s body was hardened.

    Originally, a Knight would learn more than a certain level of dance in culture, but he was too rigid for that

    ‘I have to match it properly.’

    I have lived countless lives. There were so many opportunities to dance, so when it comes to dancing, I did well regardless of the type. I will not fall short even if compared to a professional dancer.

    ‘No, actually, I had lived as a professional dancer for a while.’

    If I danced as if I was excited, it was obvious that Mule wouldn’t follow at all, so I matched my feet with his movements.

    On the other hand, there was silence between the Queen bee Sophien and her followers.

    Rubia’s spectacular appearance in the public eye made them feel uncomfortable. Their Queen Bee Sophien did not receive such attention.


    Sophien grinds her teeth and glared at Rubia.

    Of all things, Rubia wore a sky-blue dress that looked exactly like Sophien’s. However, whoever sees it will think that it suits Rubia better than Sophien.

    It was a humiliation to bear for Sophien, who should be the best anywhere in the world.

    Someone said with a grin on her face,

    “The inside is more important than the appearance. Don’t you think so?”

    “That’s right. People are fascinated only by their appearance.”

    Just then, Rubia began to dance with Mule of the Ministry of Knights. The Queen Bee and her group gossiped at the sight.

    “I guess it’s because of the blood in her veins that’s why she’s so bad at dancing. It’s not classy.”

    “That’s right. I wouldn’t be doing such a terrible dance if I had been properly educated.”

    Of course, if someone with a good eye saw her, they would never say that Rubia’s skills were terrible. She was just trying to match Mule’s ability, and the basic dance movements were nothing to blame. But the queen bee and her flock did not have a good eye.

    Soon Rubia and Mule’s dance was over. Mule disappeared with a red face, and Sophien covered her mouth with a fan.

    “Who will she be dancing with next? No matter who it is, you can’t just fall.”

    “That’s right.”

    They were waiting for Rubia to be humiliated by making a mistake by doing the next dance quickly. Perhaps because of their earnest wishes, Rubia soon received a dance request from a second party.

    It was the deer boy, Visner, who brought Rubia to the banquet hall.

    “Who’s that young man?”

    “Visner, a sophomore in the Ministry of Knights. They say he’s from the common people of the Kingdom of Kairman.”

    And they laughed at them,

    “The ugly Princess and the commoner. It suits them very well.”

    “Yes, I can’t wait to see what kind of dance they’ll do.”

    Sophien and her followers looked forward to the dance of Rubia and Visner.

    And the moment they started dancing, they had no choice but to open their eyes wide as big as a glass of fire.

    It was an extremely beautiful dance, like a painting, which was performed at the banquet hall.

    ‘He’s good?’

    I was surprised.

    Now I was dancing with the deer boy, Visner. As soon as the dance with Mule was over, Visner came up and asked for a dance.

    ‘How can he dance so well?’

    I looked at Visner with a puzzled look on my face.

    His dancing skills were not at the level of being taught simply by the refinement of a Knight. It was as if the children of aristocrats were being trained before they came into society.

    He’s a good swordsman, and likewise, he’s surprisingly versatile.

    Visner also had swordsmanship that was well above the Official Knight. Unexpectedly, the deer boy didn’t even know he was a talent.

    “What do you think?”

    “You’re a good dancer,” I answered frankly.

    Visner smiled at the remark, and he held my hand and began to lead me gently.

    “The same goes for Your Highness. I’ve never seen a Lady with such great dancing skills.”

    Is it thanks to the soft lead? I thought it was fun to dance with him. In fact, I often enjoyed dancing. It gave me a pleasant vitality to move along with the melody while working with the partner.

    The dance with Visner reminded me of the joyous hardships of the past.

    Visner and I joined each other in dancing. Sometimes he led softly, and sometimes I moved with a flamboyant lead over him.

    We became one in line with the melody, forgetting other complications, and gradually, a pleasant feeling filled the air and he said,

    “Actually, I was a little upset.”


    I danced and looked at his face.

    Visner said with a slightly ashamed look at my gaze,

    “I wanted to be your first dance partner,”

    I laughed.

    Everything is upsetting.

    “What’s important about your first dance partner? All we have to do is dance well together.”

    “Will we be able to dance together next time other than today?” Visner asked me carefully.

    Well, I don’t know when I’ll come back to the banquet hall, but I nodded.

    “Are you sure?” Visner asked me delightedly.


    It’s just a dance, I guess.

    It would be nice to dance again if I had the chance to meet someone who is in good harmony.

    Visner said with a smile,

    “The melody has changed to Adagio. Then, at the pace.”

    I fell in love with the home-back dance so much as to fit his lead. It was an annoying and bothersome banquet, but I thought it wasn’t bad at this moment.

    Sophien and the Young Ladies become dumbfounded as they watched Rubia and Visner dance.


    Sometimes gracefully like a butterfly, and passionately like waves when quivering, the two painted a picture with dancing in the banquet hall.

    Sophien wasn’t the only one who watched as the two dances. The eyes of those who enjoyed the banquet began to turn to Rubia and Visner.

    The dance between the two was so beautiful that they were immersed in it. It felt like the banquet hall was set up for them.

    Besides Rubia and Visner, there were others dancing in the hall, but they just seemed like a background for them.

    “That’s great. That’s such a beautiful dance…”

    “Right. Princess Rubia, I didn’t know that she had such great dancing skills.”

    “Elegance and grace, moderation and finesse, beautiful. It’s a perfect dance where nothing is missing.”

    The Queen Bee Sophien clenched her fist when she heard the murmurs around her.

    Everyone in the banquet hall was looking at the vulgar Princess Rubia.

    It has not been long since they arrived, but they are drawing attention as if they were the main characters of this banquet. It was something that she would never accept.

    “A commoner is the only one who suits her. He’s like Princess Rubia.”

    One Young Lady said whether she noticed Sophien’s feelings.

    “That’s right. Sir Mule is also a former Count, but he doesn’t have a good reputation, and Visner is a commoner from another country. Everyone around her is so frivolous like herself.”

    “It can’t be helped, because no one who is educated will deal with Princess Rubia.”

    Her followers became wary of Sophien’s countenance and gossiped about Rubia.

    Sophien soothed her agitated heart by listening to their stories.

    ‘That vulgar Princess and I are totally different bodies, so I can only tell by the people we hang out with. Who else would hang out with that shallow princess?’

    Sophien looked at Rubia’s dance with a superior look.

    Yes, I admit her dancing skills are excellent. But that’s it. No one will deal with her unless they are commoners like that.

    Then their dance was over, and Visner left his seat after the greeting.

    Seeing Rubia alone at the banquet hall, Sophien laughed at who would take her at this time.

    “A commoner again? Or maybe you’ll ask for this dance from a fallen aristocrat.”

    “I’m afraid no one’s going to deal with her.”

    And that was the moment when they laughed pleasantly, a figure that was small enough came to approach Rubia.

    The moment they saw the face of the figure, Sophien, and her followers were forced to open their mouths in astonishment.

    The golden-haired, blue-eyed, bright-looking, and famous Crown Prince Fildeheim Hostia.

    He asked her to dance as the noblest man in the Western Empire.

    I looked ahead with distant eyes. A hand in white gloves, made of the finest materials, reached out to me.

    “My hand hurts. Will you just look at it?”

    A beautiful face that seemed to be likable to anyone stood in front of me. It was the fraudulent gambler, the Crown Prince Fildeheim. He was asking me for a dance.

    ‘What? I was about to go back to the dorm.’

    I frowned.

    I said with a deliberate air of annoyance so that he could see.


    “Is there any other reason for asking a Lady to dance? I’m just asking because I’m attracted.”

    I raised the corners of my mouth.

    You’re simply asking because you like me?

    ‘Is it? Really?’

    Well, the Imperial Palace’s noble tactician, the Crown Prince, is looking for me with a pure heart? This is a story that even a fool would doubt.

    The political reasons why the Crown Prince approached me came to my head.

    The political gains he would acquire by approaching me were considerable. It would typically shake the relationship between the Duke and the Fourth Prince.

    “I refuse to do so,”

    “How come?”

    “I’m sick,”

    His picturesque face was cracked.

    “Because you’re sick”

    “Yes,” I answered sullenly.

    Yeah, it was annoying. No matter what the Crown Prince thinks, what does it have to do with me? Whatever his intention is, I didn’t want to get involved with him in the first place.

    ‘Don’t try to associate me with the Imperial struggle and political play.’

    Now that I’ve said hello to Visner who gave me the dress, I wanted to go and become a sloth.

    “Princess, I’m not speaking lightly.”

    Are you serious? Really? Alright, let’s believe he is.

    “Your Highness is not very attractive,” I said.


    “I’m sorry, but you’re not attractive enough for me to take the trouble and dance. So just dance with someone else.”

    But the Crown Prince’s reaction was strange. It was a straight line that must have hurt his feelings, but he burst into laughter.

    “Haha. I see I’m not attractive. This is a shock. I thought I was an attractive man.” It was a rather funny voice.

    I looked at him with my arms folded, wondering what was on his mind.The Crown Prince said with a relaxed smile,

    “But what should I do? After hearing such a story, I don’t want to give up anymore.”

    I felt anxious when I heard it. It was a light tone, but the blue eyes were definitely not light.

    ‘He’s serious.’

    The Crown Prince was trying to approach me with all his heart.

    It was very difficult for me to hope for a sloth life

    “You should work hard without me. I’ll be going now.”

    That was the moment I was about to go back when the Crown Prince said with a smile,

    “You sold the gift I gave you to a clothing store?”


    “Do you know it’s illegal to sell gifts given by the Imperial Family without permission? You’re caught above under the charge of defaming the Imperial Family.”

    You cheap.

    I frowned and turned my head, “Do you know that a man who clings too much is not attractive?”

    “It doesn’t matter if lose more, I’m not attractive, anyway. I think it would be better if I could just hang on and get the Princess’s heart?”

    “I am the fiance of His Majesty’s brother, His Highness the Fourth Prince.”

    But the Crown Prince spoke calmly as if he had nothing to do with it,

    “You haven’t got married yet. And didn’t you want to break it off, anyway?”

    I was momentarily speechless when he hit the nail on the head. He reached out his hand to me again with a polite gesture,

    “So why don’t you give me the honor of dancing with the beautiful you?”

    So I ended up dancing with Fildeheim.

    ‘What am I doing?’

    I sighed.

    If the number one person I should avoid was the Fourth Prince, then the second was the Crown Prince. The more I got involved with them, the more I could say that this life was like riding a carriage directly heading to a spectacle.

    “Don’t hate me so much. I’m a fine man, too,” I stared at him with a puzzled look.

    You’re cheating in the casino, you reported me from behind the scenes when you’re gambling with me, and this time you’re even threatening me for contempt of the Imperial Family.

    Who’s a good guy? Don’t you have any conscience?

    But the Crown Prince only smiled as I looked at him quietly.

    “If you look at me like that with a pretty face, won’t I fall in love with you more?”


    You Crown Prince! I’ve been feeling it since last time, but he really means it!

    I was upset that I was dancing for no reason, so I deliberately tried to step on his feet with my heels. But, as expected, the nasty Crown Prince, he didn’t easily give up his feet.

    He’s a Prince, he had great dancing skills, so he avoided them well. He even used magic at the moment I stepped on his feet.

    The moment I was about to step on him again, I saw him use shield magic on his foot, so I said in an absurd tone,

    “Can’t you give up a step for the Lady that you like?”

    “You’re precious, but my feet are also precious,”

    I sighed.

    Oh, I want to quit everything and go back to the dorm. But why is this song so long?

    Then, the Crown Prince asked, “You don’t like me that much?”

    I looked him in the eye.

    “Yes, I don’t like you.”

    “How come? Because I’m not attractive?”

    I shook my head.

    Frankly, the Crown Prince was not without charm. If that beautiful appearance is not attractive, it would be ridiculous.

    The reason I turned him down was simple,

    “I don’t like being untruthful.”

    “What does that mean?”

    “I don’t like someone who has hidden intentions.”

    His face hardened slightly. I hugged him in his arms to the dance moves and said,

    “If I had not been the Princess of Luxen, the fiance of the Fourth Prince, would your Majesty have been so interested in me?”

    I smiled.

    Yes, if his heart was only sincere without any other plot, I wouldn’t ignore him like this either. No matter how annoying and bothersome it is to get involved with him, I would have at least dealt with him a little sincerely.

    Of course, I don’t have any space left in my heart to accept other people’s hearts, but I wouldn’t have ignored him like this way. I am not the type to trample on others’ true feelings.

    But there was a mixture of his own political gains in his mind towards me. Why should I treat such a heart seriously? It’s a busy time just to lie in bed.

    “That’s not the only reason.”

    “That doesn’t mean there’s no other reason.”

    “Is it bad that there is another reason?”

    I looked into the eyes of the Crown Prince. His deep, blue eyes were filled with unknown confusion.

    A keen longing? Anger?

    What is the longing for, the anger? About me who hit the nail on the head? Or toward something he desperately wants?

    Well, why should I know?

    “No, it’s not bad. That’s how the world works.” I answered him gently.

    It was understandable that the Crown Prince only approach me for political reasons.

    But, I spoke in a nonchalant way, “

    As I said earlier, I’m too lazy to deal with a heart that’s not even sincere.”

    That’s how the dance with the Crown Prince ended. Coming down from the hall, Crown Prince Fildeheim looked at me without a word for a moment.

    Unlike before, his eyes were mixed with confusion and conflict.

    I spat out, “Now that we’ve danced according to your wishes, I’m going back. Because I’m busy too.”

    I starved from lunch to eat something delicious at the banquet hall. But I couldn’t even drink a glass of water and danced three times in a row, let alone taste good food, so I was about to faint from hunger.

    ‘I’m thirsty, but they don’t have any beer, do they? I’d like a glass of cold champagne and a well-done chicken dish. Where is the food?’

    As I turned my gaze, I saw a place with food in the distance. And there, I saw my lovely maid, Marie, already eating hard.

    “Well then,”

    I bowed my head down at the Crown Prince, who was still looking at me. Let’s hurry up and eat. No one will talk to me anymore. After I eat, I’m going to go to the dorm and sleep.

    But then, the Crown Prince who was facing my back, said,

    “Can I ask you one question, Princess Rubia?”

    It was a serious voice.

    “If my heart is sincere, then will you accept it?”

    I turned my head and looked at him quietly,

    “But I’m afraid I can’t take it.”

    “Why is it?”

    His blue eyes, asking so, was still as deep as the sea. Unlike the usual, I could not feel any lightness at all. I felt that those eyes were the true face of a person named Fildeheim. It’s not a false appearance that is covered with playfulness and casualties.

    So I told him my true feelings,

    “It’s still hard to accept anyone’s feelings. It’s not just because of that.”

    The Crown Prince stopped holding me back anymore because he felt the sincerity in my voice. I turned my back on him and walked towards the pile of food.

    ‘Why do you keep asking me? It makes me feel bad.’

    Perhaps because I danced with the Crown Prince, I could feel people paying attention to me. Most of the people at the banquet seemed to be looking at me as if I was the main character of the performance.

    But I didn’t care. I felt too tired to care about that. At times like this, it was best to just eat delicious food and sleep well.

    “Lady?! I saw you dance with the Crown Prince. It was so cool.”

    Marie who found me came running. As she spoke excitedly, she looked surprised at my stiff face.

    “Lady? What’s with your expression?”

    “Oh. I’m hungry.”

    “Is there anything you like….?” I smiled at Marie’s worried expression.

    “What is there? I’m hungry. What, is there anything delicious?”

    Marie looked at me and said in a bright tone,

    “I tried the food for you in advance. There’s plenty of food that you’d like!”

    “For me? Wasn’t it just because you wanted to eat?”

    “Ugh. Well, that’s true. Anyway, eat fast!”

    I began to eat the food Marie recommended in a bowl. As expected, eating was the best when stressed.

    Of course, a cultured lady doesn’t eat too much at a feast like this, but who cares about it? I didn’t have any speck of reason to look good to the people here anyway.

    It was when I was eating for a long time, maybe it was because I swallowed the meat in such a hurry, but I choked up and looked for water.

    “Marie, water…”

    However, a glass of water was pushed out with a voice that I had heard from somewhere else.

    “You seem to be eating too urgently. How about eating a little slower?”


    I looked surprised at the owner of the voice.

    The golden eyes that only one person on this continent has. My fiance, Fourth Prince Orlean, he was holding a glass of water.

    “Won’t you drink?”

    “….Thank you.”

    I received the glass of water and gave him a suspicious look.

    “But, do you have any business with me?”

    You didn’t show much interest, but what made you approach me?

    “Do I need to have a special reason to approach my fiancee? I just came to see the Princess.”

    I looked at him with a suspicious look.

    ‘What’s your plan?’

    The golden eyes of the Fourth Prince that I couldn’t see through at all.

    “If you came here, then you must be hungry, so don’t waste your precious time on me and have a delicious meal,” I said in a voice asking for him to disappear quickly.

    The Fourth Prince nodded, went to the place where the food was prepared and began to put the food in the bowl.

    I sighed out of relief and started eating again.

    When the Fourth Prince came, it felt like I couldn’t digest well, but it was good that it was gone now.

    As soon as I was about to put smoked pork in my mouth, I heard an uncomfortable voice again.

    “Can I eat next to you?”


    It was the Fourth Prince.

    I looked at him, wondering what he was up to.

    “I’ll be honest with you. Are you interested in me?”

    The Fourth Prince smiled. It was a beautiful smile like a jewel came up nicely.

    “What if I am?”


    “I don’t think it’s a bad thing to show interest in my fiancee.”

    The moment I was about to open my mouth, he said first,

    “But, I don’t mean anything special this time. I came here because there was only an available seat here.”

    I looked around. The other table was really full.

    The Fourth Prince spoke in a passing voice, “Well, even if there was another seat open, I think I would still have asked to sit next to the Princess.”

    “….What does that mean?”

    Orlean shrugged.

    “Literally. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to use this opportunity to get a little closer to each other since you’ll be my companion in the future?”

    I frowned.

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    After many twists and turns, I returned to my quarters and immediately started doing my club activity.


    ….which is lying down on the bed and recalling words.

    Still, since club activities are club activities, I tried to cultivate words that are appropriate for meditation.

    ‘Love & Peace. Peace, love, peace, love.’

    But my heart was far from love and peace.

    ‘….The Fourth Prince joined.’

    At the last moment, I remembered the face of the Fourth Prince.

    [Was the club room 307 your accommodation? I can’t go there often because I’m busy, but I’ll try to find it whenever I have time.]

    When I told him that he didn’t need to come, the Fourth Prince cut me off and said,

    [I’m going because I want to go.]

    ‘It was a perfect plan, but it failed like this.’

    A sigh came out of my mouth. I had no intention of getting involved with the Fourth Prince. But I made myself an excuse.

    ‘What feelings does the Fourth Prince have to me?’

    I had no choice but to ask questions again.

    The Crown Prince was clear. He certainly had a good feeling for me as a man of reason.

    But the Fourth Prince? It was ambiguous to say that he did, and it was also hard to say that he didn’t.

    It is certain that he is hiding something unknown and suspicious, but it was unclear to show me that there is only such suspicion.

    ‘….I’m not interested anyway, so just leave me alone.’

    As I was sighing like that, I heard a knock at the door.

    ‘….Who else.’

    I got out of bed and opened the door. Then there stood a face as detestable as the Fourth Prince.

    “Is this the poor club room of the Rubia-Loving Club? I’m here to sign up.”

    A bright smiling face.

    It was the Crown Prince Fildeheim!

    I said politely with my head down,

    “I’m sorry. You’ve come to the wrong place.”


    Then I shut the door right away.

    ‘Oh, I’m going to sleep. It’s best to sleep at times like this.’

    I heard something outside, but at the same time, I couldn’t. Yeah, I can’t hear you.

    “You said you’d get a new member? I’m here to apply.”

    “…Only students are accepted. The elderly Professor can go to a mountain climbing meeting for his health.”

    (T/N: I think shes’s talking about his life and beauty club.) *T

    “You’re a new student, aren’t you? And won’t you need an advisor? How about I do it for free? This is the least expensive payment for the Crown Prince of the Empire.”

    Fildeheim was whispering outside the door.

    Oh, I don’t know. I can’t hear you.

    I just ignored it and lay in bed and closed my eyes.

    ‘Love and Peace. Peace, love, peace, love….’

    Still, meditation is great. Mumbling love and peace over and over again, my complicated mind has calmed down a little.

    ‘Yes, let’s not just think too badly. The only weird people who would join this crazy club are the Fourth Prince and the Crown Prince, right?’

    Now, who else would want to join such a crazy club like this? If they were sane, they would never have joined.

    ‘The Fourth Prince joined, but he’s so busy that he won’t come very often. So I just have to enjoy the life of a sloth as I do now.’

    That conclusion made me feel better.

    I decided to start meditating in earnest and I slept slowly.


    How long after I take a nap like that? I think I slept for about three hours, then I opened my eyes wide.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    There was another knock on the door of the dorm.

    ‘What else is it?’

    I was afraid. I can’t believe it’s so hard to rest. Now, I felt like I could get a neurosis just by hearing the knock on the door.

    (Note: Neurosis is a mental illness associated with anxiety, etc.)

    I opened the door with a nervous heart and gave out a surprised look. An unexpected figure was standing there.

    “Why are you here?”

    It was no other than Mule, one of the bad students who had been fighting with the deer boy!

    “I see the Your Highness the Princess.”

    “Oh, yes. What’s the matter?”

    I asked in a curious voice because there was no reason for Mule to come to visit me.


    But Mule hesitated, unable to answer immediately. It was a habit of being embarrassed unlikely of a bad student, so I grew even more curious. Why would he do that?

    “What’s going on? It’s all right, talk to me,”

    Mule then handed out something to me with a hardened face.

    “What is this? Are you asking me for a duel?”

    Mule’s face was determined as if in battle, so I laughed and murmured playfully. Then, the moment I saw the contents of the document inside the envelope, I was more surprised than I had seen an invitation for a duel.

    -Application form for membership.


    I stared at him because I thought he was out of his mind.

    Mule turned red at my gaze.

    “Oh, why do you look like that?”

    “…I thought you were out of your mind.”

    “I’m sane, you’re out of your mind, aren’t you? Anyway, it’s an application form, President,”

    I opened my mouth to that grand tone of voice.

    “Excuse me, young man? There seems to be a misunderstanding? This is not a Knight’s club here? It’s not the Power club? So this club is…”

    I was trying to say the name of the club myself, but my face heated up.

    Oh, I’m going crazy. I’m embarrassed to mention it like this. I feel like I’m going to escape the universe, and there’s someone who actually wants to join me?

    Then, another voice came in,

    “Oh, I’m a step behind. I was going to apply for the first time.”

    A soft voice, clear brown eyes, and a look that makes you feel refreshed just by looking at it.

    It was the deer boy, Visner!

    “….Why are you here?”

    I asked with an uneasy look. I’m sure it would be nice to meet you normally, but not today. Maybe, you too?

    ‘No, I don’t think so. He’s a normal kid, though.’

    I looked at the envelope in Visner’s hand. It was clear, that’s from the Academy. Yes, it will. No, it had to be!

    But my earnest wish failed. Visner showed me a classy attitude and handed out the envelope.

    Of course, it was a club application.


    I laughed blankly, holding two application forms. I don’t know what the hell is going on here.

    ‘Wasn’t this the best academy on the continent? I can’t believe there are so many children that are out of their minds.’

    Anyway, it wasn’t time to be like this. I seized on my broken spirit and began to fix the situation.

    “Well, guys. I think it’s because you want to deviate now, but would you like to calm down for a while?”


    “You’re applying because you want to get out of your boring Academy routine, isn’t that right?”

    But in my words, Mule, of course, frowned.

    Mule grumbled, “I’ve been looking at the terms and conditions of your membership. What kind of deviation is that?”


    I thought of the terms of membership.

    -People who like Rubia!

    No, I mean, why are you signing up?

    Then, Visner shook his head and said, “I don’t know about anyone else, but I applied because I like the Princess.”

    The one cried in a fit of rage, “You’re not the only one, me too? Oh, don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that I like the Princess but I regard Your Highness with high respect….”

    I sighed and said as much as I could with respect to my seniors,

    “Thank you for thinking good of me, anyway. But club activities are a very important part of our Academy career, aren’t you being too hasty in deciding? I think we’d better make the decision a little more calmly so that there’s no regret.”

    I tried to send them back somehow. If they were sent back, it was clear that no one would join this crazy club anymore. But then, Visner tilted his head and said,

    “I don’t think it’s going to be easy to think about, Your Highness.”


    “Looking at the atmosphere outside, I think the club members will be full soon.”

    What do you mean?

    I couldn’t understand what he meant and my eyes were blinking, but another voice came in.

    “Your Highness the Princess!”

    This time it was a totally strange voice.

    When I turned my head in surprise, a girl who seemed to have seen something was jumping.

    “Long time no see! It’s me Milia!”


    The girl who introduced herself as Milia said with an expression of awe,

    “I’ve been helped by Your Highness when I was in trouble with Meina, the Young Lady from before.”

    Only then did I remember who that girl was. Before going to the casino to gamble, she was a commoner girl who was struggling with a noble girl!

    “Yes, but what’s your business with me…?”

    At that moment, I gulped down my saliva as I asked in a strange voice. No way, this kid?

    As expected, Milia gave me a broad document. It was a club application form that I’m afraid of appearing in my dream!

    “Oh, no…Milia, why would you…” I continued my stuttering words.

    I lost my words in this absurd situation where I hit the nail in the head in a row. In particular, I was shocked because Milia was a quiet and well-looking girl.

    Milia said in a calm voice,

    “I haven’t forgotten about the Princess’s help since the last time. I wanted to pay back the help I received at that time somehow, but when I saw the club recruitment notice, I thought, this was my chance”

    Then, Milia breathed a sigh of relief, “I was worried if I was late because there were so many kids who were thinking about signing up, but I’m glad. I’ll do whatever it takes, so please let me join in, Your Highness.”

    Milia looked at me with a determined expression.

    I screamed inside, feeling the willingness to repay the help of that time by joining my club activities.

    ‘….I’m not going to do anything. Please just go back.’

    But, what do you mean, there are many children who are worried about joining?

    As if to have noticed my question, Visner said with a smile,

    “You didn’t know, Your Highness.”

    “Don’t know what?”

    “Your Highness is quite popular in the Academy.”

    “…Me? No way.”

    I frowned as if it were nonsense. I always slept in bed. What do you mean popular?

    Visner said while still smiling, “It’s because of the Tea Party.”

    “Tea Party?”

    It’s the case of the Tea Party where I made a fuss with Princess Sophien. It was such a very raging case, so if I’ve been criticized, I’ll have it. Why is it so popular?

    “There were a lot of people who disapproved of the actions of Princess Sophien and the Lady of Marquis Hansen. There are many people who are not only from the common people, but also among the aristocrats, but they are all just looking at the situation because they don’t want to go against the mood. But after the incident in which Your Highness brought them out, the number of people cheering for you has increased a lot,”

    Milia said, who was listening next to me, “Not only that, but there are also many people who fall in love with the dignified appearance of Your Highness. Would you say that it’s because you have a lot of majestic habits as if you are not bound anywhere?”

    Then, Milia glistened her eyes, “In fact, I’m one of those people who’s so enamored of you.”
    Lol:blobxd: She thought nobody would want to join her club (She had to join a club in the academy but she didnt want to do anything so she create a new club where she could relax :blobxd:)

    I only read until ch 191 so I only know some

    so here are some more :blob_pompom:

    Anyway, I’m glad it worked out.”

    I nodded and asked.

    “Why did you help me?”

    “You’re my fiancee. Do I need any other special reason for that?”

    He answered casually, adding a few more words.

    “I’m saying this in case you misunderstand me, it’s an action without any hidden intentions that you hate. You don’t have to worry about it because I just purely want to help.”

    I shut my mouth. What he just said to Sven came to mind.

    [Because I want to be with her more.]

    It wasn’t just that. He also said that we’ll be each other’s companion in the near future. Was it just to escape the situation, or was he sincere?

    I asked straightforwardly.

    “Why did you force yourself to tell such lies?”


    The Fourth Prince tilted his head. He was calm and beautiful as a jewel, no matter what action he took, he still looked like a canvas.

    “I didn’t lie about anything in particular. Why did you think that I lied?”


    I frowned and shot him a glare. I tried to see through his real intentions, but still, I couldn’t guess his innermost thoughts as if they were shrouded in mist.

    ‘Ha. What the hell is wrong with you?’

    I sighed with frustrations in my heart.

    Why did the Fourth Prince approach me?

    “What I said to Viscount Sven was not to be taken lightly. So, I hope you won’t misunderstand it.”

    As soon as I looked at the Fourth Prince’s eyes, I remembered one thing in my head.

    ‘The look at that time.’

    At the last moment of the play, the look I saw right before the kissing scene. An intense craving for a captured animal.

    The predator’s eyes flashed in my mind, and I clenched my fist.

    ‘Yes, it’s not a lie. Like the Crown Prince, he is yearning for me, too.’

    There was definitely an unknown general interest in the Fourth Prince’s heart. But apart from the suspicious plot, his desire for me doesn’t seem to be a lie.

    ‘It’s already difficult as it is.’

    I hardened my face. Whether it was the Crown Prince or the Fourth prince, it was difficult in this way. I have no intention of accepting anyone’s heart.

    “Your Majesty, I actually have something to tell you.”

    “Please speak.”

    I took a deep breath. It’s not a topic suitable in the situation, but I felt that I shouldn’t delay it any longer. I had to draw the line before his feelings got deeper.

    “Please break off your engagement with me,”


    At that moment, the Fourth Prince’s face hardened. He originally has a cold expression, but it turned even more icy as if it could cut through flesh.

    “…What do you mean by that? Even the Princess knows that breaking off an engagement is not an easy matter to talk about, right?”

    It was still a polite tone, but it was different from before. There was a chill that seemed to be freezing the surroundings.

    “I know. I’m not saying this lightly.”

    “Let’s hear the reason. You wouldn’t have asked to break off the engagement for no reason.”

    At that remark, I looked at the Fourth Prince again. In fact, he has the right to be angry because he just heard the story of breaking off the engagement. However, he suppressed his displeasure and asked for my reasons.

    “It’s for Your Majesty’s sake that I brought up the story of breaking off the engagement.”

    “What do you mean?”

    I told him the reason I had thought about before.

    “My body cannot bear a child. So, it is not appropriate to be married with your noble Imperial Family, Your Majesty.”

    The Fourth Prince’s face has hardened once again. If the previous one had been hardened by coldness, now, it was a very shocked face.

    I felt bitter at the sight of his shocked expression.

    ‘It’s not a lie.’

    I was different from the normal people and the regulars in the world. Being beyond the laws of the world, my childbirth is strongly constrained by the causality.

    ‘That’s why I didn’t have a child even though I had lived a thousand years of life.’

    I have lived countless lives, but the only thing that I couldn’t do was giving birth to a child, so I suddenly felt envious whenever I saw women holding their children.

    What does it feel like to hold a child in my belly? How precious will it be? It was an emotion that I would never feel forever.

    ‘No, it might be better not to know.’

    I live the punishment of my previous life. Every time I live and die, I break up from many precious people and suffer.

    But what if I become separated from the child I gave birth to? I’ll never be able to see them again. I can’t even imagine the pain of being separated from a child who shares my blood. So, not being able to give birth to a child might even be a blessing for me.

    Trying to hide my bitterness, I told the Fourth Prince.

    “I’m sorry, Your Majesty. I came across this fact by chance not long ago. So, it’s not me, but…”

    However, before I could finish my words, Orlean did something unthinkable. He came up to me with big strides.

    “….Your Majesty?”

    I looked at the shadows that towered over me with a puzzled expression.

    He was too close. And his expression was strange. It was frozen like ice, but an unknown passion was flowing within.


    At that moment, his hands wrapped around my shoulders. Before I could react, he held me tightly in his arms.


    I opened my eyes wide to something I never thought. Why so suddenly?

    Then, his voice reached my ear. It was a low-sounding voice, but strangely, it didn’t sound cold. It was soft as if touching my heart.

    “I don’t know how to comfort you.”


    “I understand why you’re discouraged. To think that it’s impossible for you to bear a child. I’m sure you’ve been greatly shocked.”

    I realized that he had a great misunderstanding about my words.

    Orlean saw my grim expression and misunderstood that I was depressed by the fact that I’m infertile!

    ‘No, man. It’s not like that…’

    Then, Orlean spoke in a blunt but comforting tone.

    “Don’t worry too much. There are many excellent doctors and mages in the Imperial Palace. I don’t know what the cause is, but we might be able to cure infertility.”

    “….It will be impossible.”

    I said assertively.

    It’s impossible to cure my infertility unless you turn the world’s law of causality upside down.

    “What of it if it’s impossible?”


    He spoke with a look of indifference.

    “Originally, I don’t like children. No, since you confessed the truth, I’ll say just one thing. I honestly don’t want to have children. If you need my heirs, there are many people who have inherited the Royal blood. You just need to find a suitable adopted child.”

    He doesn’t want to have children.

    Is he just trying to comfort me with those words because I seem depressed now, or was he sincere? I was only confused.

    At that time, the arms holding me strengthened and pulled me deeper in his arms.

    “That’s why you don’t have to suffer so much.”

    I bit my lips.

    I wasn’t very depressed about my infertility. But, is it because the arms that embrace me are unexpectedly strong and warm? I felt my heart melting a little.

    It’s unexpectedly warm. The blood flowing through his heart seemed cold.

    A giggle came out of my mouth. I shook my head and took off his embrace.

    “That’s enough, I’m not depressed. Please accept my proposal of breaking off the engagement for your sake, Your Majesty,”

    At my words, Orlean looks clearly into my eyes. Then he spoke in a firm voice like a declaration.

    “Never. I will never break off our engagement because of infertility.”

    That strong voice made me speechless.

    ‘It seemed like…I’ll has to try and break off our engagement next time.’

    I think I shouldn’t talk about it anymore for now. Then, he looked like he has a different reaction for some reason. He looks calm, but it feels as if he was hiding something that’s about to burst inside.

    ‘But you still talk like that. That’s commendable in its own way.’

    I thought to myself.

    Putting aside his feelings toward me, if the Crown Prince crashes in front of the store like this, the other children will be so nervous that they might not be able to do anything.

    ‘But I’m a little sorry to chase you away like this.’

    I decided to be a little more skilled in making his dessert than what was originally sold.

    I mixed milk, powder, and sugar then baked it in a portable oven lit with the fire magic that I borrowed from the Academy. Soon the bread swelled with a savory smell.

    I began to work properly on it. I sprinkled vanilla-scented syrup and decorated it with blueberries. Then, put a chocolate sauce as a finishing touch.

    “It’s the dessert you’ve been waiting for.”

    The Crown Prince looked surprised at the dessert I had served. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting much, but just by looking at it, one can tell that it’s a very delicious dessert.

    The Crown Prince, who tasted it, expressed admiration.

    “This is…great. The taste can compare to the desserts made by the patissier of the Imperial Palace.”

    “I usually do a little.”

    As I spoke with my head held high, the Crown Prince Fildeheim laughed.

    He quickly emptied his plate and said, “Can I have a little more?”

    “…Didn’t you just eat?”

    “It’s not enough. I can eat ten or twenty plates of food if you make it.”

    “I”ll take all your money. Your Honorable Majesty, please take into account how much money you’ve got.”

    I demanded five times the full price, but the Crown Prince readily agreed.

    He quickly devoured every plate I served, his appetite was out of proportion to his slender frame.

    “Aren’t you eating too fast?”

    “Because it was delicious,” Fildeheim said, with a pleasant glow around his eyes.

    “The taste of the dessert is delicious, but I think it’s more delicious to eat it alone with you. I feel like I want to be alone like this every day by kidnapping someone.”


    It was not a joke. It was a serious joke. No, was it just the plain truth?

    “If you keep saying that, I’ll run away to a place that’s out of your sight.”

    “It doesn’t matter?”

    The Crown Prince answered as if it weren’t a big deal, “I’ll follow you wherever you go on the continent.”


    I frowned.

    That remark was really true. Unlike the smile that appeared on Crown Prince’s lips, his eyes—were persistently directed at me. The light in his eyes was of an intense longing that would not give up no matter where I ran.

    “Your Majesty…”

    At that moment, when I sighed and tried to open my mouth, a low voice cut between the two of us.

    “Can I have a dessert?”

    A man with black hair that seems to contain the deep darkness. Cool-golden eyes, and cold like a blade but beautiful like a jewel.

    It was my fiance, the Fourth Prince Orlean!

    He sat across from me, sitting right next to the Crown Prince, and looked at me. As Orlean intervened between us, an awkward silence settled in the store.

    He watched me as I kept my mouth shut. Then he asked, “What are you doing? Are you not taking orders?”

    “… Business hours haven’t started yet?”

    The Fourth Prince spoke so confidently that I replied in an absurd tone.

    But the Fourth Prince spoke calmly.

    “Then I’ll use this chance as your fiance. May I have the honor of seeing the Princess’ skill?”

    Am I mistaken? For some reason, it feels like he put a stronger accent to the word ‘fiance’.

    Perhaps that’s why the Crown Prince, who has a slight tone of temperament, tap the Fourth Prince’s shoulder.

    “Leon, how about pretending to know me a little too?”

    At the remark, the Fourth Prince glanced at Fildeheim with his golden-colored eyes.

    “I have an older brother. I didn’t know.”


    “I didn’t think of someone flirting with my fiancée as my older brother.”

    Crown Prince Fildeheim’s face was stiff. The air around him froze coldly.

    “I can’t believe you’re teasing me. That sounds a little harsh. Just because you’re engaged for political reasons, you can’t mistake Rubia for being yours already,” Fildeheim said in a cold voice.

    It was a cold voice as if it would make my heart drop. But my fiancé calmly received the cold voice.

    “I think I said it last time, but I guess you’ve forgotten it already. Engagement does not mean that it hasn’t been done yet, it means that it will happen soon.”


    “I hope brother can keep that in mind. But, I’m not saying that I wasn’t offended by the situation right now.”

    The Crown Prince’s eyes sank endlessly at the words of the Fourth Prince. I felt like I was going to age just by looking in his eyes.

    The Fourth Prince looked at me without caring about the gaze directed at him.

    “What kind of dessert can you make? You can just make anything that the Princess can do well.”

    The atmosphere around the Crown Prince worsened at the attitude of the Fourth Prince, who seemed to be ignoring him.

    I sighed inwardly. I don’t care what happen right now because it wasn’t a pleasant atmosphere.

    ‘…I don’t need anything, so go away and listen. What are you doing in front of someone else’s store?’

    After I came to my senses, it was the midst of final exam period. Now if I just take this exam, this semester will be over, and I’m going to leave the academy and live in seclusion.

    ‘The Fourth Prince should keep his promise. Well, I’m sure he’ll do well on his own, right?’

    I thought as I got out of bed.

    ‘So I haven’t seen the Fourth Prince lately. What are you doing?’

    I thought of the Fourth Prince that day.

    [Why am I coming forward? Are you asking because you really don’t know it now?]

    When I recalled that voice, my feelings became complex.

    On that day, the Fourth Prince stood up to ‘Sin’ for me, even though he knew that he would face death if he stepped forward.

    No matter how much I made up my mind to push him away, but seeing him standing ready to die for me, I couldn’t help but feel shaken.

    No, to be honest, I was a little emotional at the time.

    ‘…But why did I kiss him back then?’

    I thought with a wry face.

    At that moment, we kissed on the spot, but it was a very impulsive act.

    ‘Well, the Fourth Prince won’t remember I kissed him that day anyway, so it doesn’t matter.’

    I thought so and left the dorm. The destination was the test site, and the final exams were in full swing.

    “Good luck on your exams, Milady! Fighting!”

    I waved my hand at Marie.

    But there was something I didn’t expect at all. Surprisingly, the Fourth Prince did not forget the memories of that day.

    Every single moment, he remembered them vividly.


    “Brother, why do you keep touching your lips?”


    On Izakiel’s question, Orlean frowned.

    “What the hell happened in the door that day?”

    At that time, Izakiel didn’t know the situation inside the door. This is because the Fourth Prince did not explain in detail.

    “When I entered the door, His Majesty the Crown Prince was lying down. There was nothing special about it.”

    “….Is that so.”

    Izakiel had a suspicious look on his face. Something must have happened, but he won’t talk about it.

    ‘Well, anyway, it’s a good thing that neither His Majesty the Crown Prince nor my brother died.’

    Eventually, Izakiel, who gave up asking more questions, got up from his seat.

    “Brother don’t look well either, so take a rest. I’ll get going.”

    “Yes, thank you.”

    After Izakiel went out, the Fourth Prince sighed deeply.

    “Haaa. I’m confused,”

    He leaned back into the chair, unbuttoning his shirt, feeling stuffy.

    He seemed to have lost his mind somewhere, looking completely different from his usual self.

    ‘It’s sin. That’s not really surprising. It’s to be expected that there is a monster inside the door.’

    He shook his head.

    Yes, he’s doing this not because of the other side of the world, but because of her, Rubia.

    “Rubia, you.”

    Not knowing whether it was a groan or sigh, a voice leaked out of his mouth.

    ‘I already knew you weren’t normal.’

    So even when she appeared in the other side of the world, he was not much surprised. For some reason, he even thought she might show up.

    The reason why he was so confused, was because of something else.

    ‘What is your essence…what is it?’

    He raised his eyes heavily.

    Golden eyes. The Eyes of the Beholder, who was said to have an ability to see through the truth of things scattered in the world.

    He recalled the day he first met Rubia at the Academy. There was one reason why he showed interest in her.

    -I didn’t see it.

    In his eyes, the essence of everyone seems to be embodied.

    The person who looks solemn but actually likes bribes is like a greedy pig, and the person who looks bright but has a deep scar looks like a ragged tattered silk.

    Numerous other information came through the Eyes of the Beholder. People won’t know how foolish it is to lie in front of him or to show pretentiousness.

    ‘But I couldn’t see it. Nothing at all.’

    To be exact, no information came in because it was covered by something like a curtain. Sometimes information flows in, but even that is false information.

    As if to tell him It was impossible. So he wanted to find out more about it. To see if she has any influence on what he is trying to achieve.

    ‘I didn’t know I would be sincere in the process.’

    A momentary feeling of bitterness flashed to the Fourth Prince’s face.

    He don’t know when he himself became serious to her.

    Anyway, no matter how hard I tried to see through her true self, I couldn’t quite see it. But that day I finally saw her truth from the door.

    It was shortly after she kissed him.


    The Fourth Prince groaned when he recalled her reflection in his eyes at that moment.

    An unbelievable sight. No, he couldn’t even interpret what his eyes saw and what it meant.

    It was pitch darkness.

    The wicked and ominous darkness lay everywhere, just like the depraved darkness seen in the ‘door.’

    In that darkness, thousands of people were reaching out to the sky with their black hands.

    Pride, greed and envy, jealousy, anger, willingness to kill…countless malice of evil turned to the top. There was an altar for offering sacrifices on the high place to which the malice was directed.

    A beautiful woman in white walked toward the altar. Her face was not visible because it was surrounded by light, but he could see at once that it was Rubia.

    The innocent and pure woman lay on the altar herself. Her lips trembled as if she had guessed what was about to happen. But even though she was afraid, she did not run away from the altar.

    Soon people crawled up to the altar one by one from the darkness. Everyone had a knife in one hand.


    The first man put a knife on the woman’s body. Blood poured down. Pain flowed from her tightly sealed mouth.

    The second man put another knife. Blood flowed again. Countless people put knives in the woman’s body. The woman’s body was covered in blood so it was impossible to see it.

    It was after a total of 99 stabbing sessions. A solemn voice rang out in the air.

    [You, noble and honorable one, will suffer for everlasting years.]

    He’s words were engraved in the world.

    [It is your own choice, and you will never be saved.]


    As he thought that far, Orlean frowned.

    That was the end of it.

    ‘What the hell is that…’

    He bit his lips. How would he interpret the truth he saw?

    Here she realized that she likes him (Ch 94)
    Visbaden was the real name of the deer boy Visner.

    Suddenly, his clear eyes that I had seen at the academy came to mind, and I felt happy.

    “What’s the message about?”

    “It’s nothing special. He just asked if I was doing well. And send me his regards…”

    Count Jint glanced at the Fourth Prince for some reason and said.

    “He wants to see you. He asked if you would like to visit the Kingdom of Kairman at least once. And what he told you last time would always be valid. He asked for you to remember that story if you ever encountered some problems.”

    I smiled at that remark.

    The story that Visner said. It was to go with him to the Central Region of the continent. I was grateful for his heart toward me, but that was an offer that I couldn’t accept.

    “Thank you. Please send my regards to His Majesty Visbaden.”

    After Count Jint backed down, I thought for a moment. After hearing from Visner after a long time, I felt like I wanted to see him at least once.

    ‘If I have a chance later, I should visit the Central Region. I don’t know if there will be an opportunity though.’

    Then, the Fourth Prince asked me.

    “What is the story that Visner told you?”


    I shut my mouth.

    It was something that could be misunderstood by the people around us when they hear it.

    What Visner told me was actually a confession of love to go to the Central Region together, so it was a story that could be unpleasant enough from the perspective of the Fourth Prince, my fiance.


    When I didn’t say anything, the air around the Fourth Prince slightly subsided, perhaps he roughly guessed what it was.

    Fortunately, he didn’t express any displeasure. He just helped me in greeting the nobilities the same way as before. But it was obvious to anyone that he felt uncomfortable, so I asked carefully.

    “Did you feel displeased? If you misunderstood…”

    The Fourth Prince shook his head while I was talking.

    “I know. You and Visner are not in any relationship.”

    Then he smiled bitterly.

    “But maybe it’s because you’re too deep in my heart. I’m displeased by this little thing.”

    Then Orlean looked straight into my eyes. His hand came up slowly and caress the side of my eyes.

    “I wish these eyes were only directed at me… but I would still have to wait for a little while longer.”

    He spoke slowly, with a sad voice.

    “I wish I could get into your heart. I hope the day comes when your eyes are only looking at me.”

    He smiled openly at me. I could feel the longing that swayed deep in his heart. It was a gentle smile, but I could feel his will to never let me go.

    “I think it’ll happen one day. Because I’m going to make it that way.”


    “I’ll be waiting for that moment to come.”

    I couldn’t say anything and just bit my lips.

    Thump. Thump.

    The moment I looked at his intense heart, my heart was pounding loudly once again, and it was a tremendous tremor that I was afraid, I would be caught by him.


    “Milady, you did a good job today.”

    Late at night, after finishing all the official schedules, I returned to my room, exhausted.

    I was so exhausted that I fell flat on the bed while still wearing the dress.

    “Isn’t it difficult? But you’re acting on behalf of the Duchess! I’m so proud of my Young Lady!”

    Marie recalled that I had been condemned in the castle before, and was excited about the new feelings.

    I wanted to laugh in response and match her energy, but I was so tired that I only nodded.

    “…Well, Milady, you’re having a lot of trouble. I’m sorry, I didn’t notice. I’ve prepared the bathwater. Today, I’ll give you all the bathing services!”

    I nodded silently.

    I usually didn’t take the maids help from bathing because it was a hassle, but today I didn’t have the energy to raise a single finger, so I thought I needed to get their help in bathing.

    After washing myself with Marie’s help, I lay down in bed.

    Then, Marie asked carefully.

    “Well, Lady. Did something bad happened at the banquet hall?”

    Maybe because we’ve been together for a long time, Marie was sensitive to the changes in my heart.

    “Nothing bad happened.”

    “Really? I don’t think so…Who is it? To make Milady feel bad!”

    I grinned with my face in my pillow.

    “Really, nothing bad happened.”

    Yeah, nothing bad really happened, but that was the problem.

    ‘Yes, that’s the problem.’

    I had a bitter look on my face.

    No matter what the Fourth Prince does, I don’t feel bad at all. No, rather, it shakes my heart.

    That was why I’m sinking like this right now.

    ‘Since when did this happen?’

    I searched my memory.

    Not from the beginning. Because I only thought of him as an unlucky cold guy with a dream.

    When did my emotions begin to move further?

    Ever since I was consoled in his arms at the festival? When I was saved in the fire? Or when I saw him risked his life for me at the door?

    ‘It doesn’t matter when.’

    I sighed.

    Yes, when it started didn’t matter. What was important was the feelings I currently have.

    I admitted with a bitter smile.

    ‘…Maybe it’s too late to push it out.’

    Marie gave a worried look.

    “Milady, what’s wrong?”

    I asked in a feeble voice.

    “Marie, have you experienced romantic feelings?”

    “Why? I’ve dated a lot. I’m popular.”

    “…Weren’t you just thirteen?”

    “These days, kids are very precocious. Thirteen years old knows everything. But why?”

    I said in a passing tone.

    “If you have someone you like, but you must break up with him later. Then, will you still love him?”

    Marie had a puzzled look on her face.

    “Why? Anyway, Milady is engaged to His Majesty the Fourth Prince. Could it be, His Majesty the Fourth Prince wants to break up with you later? No, Your Majesty the Fourth Prince, I didn’t see you like that…!”

    I shook my head in a hurry when Marie was about to get angry.

    “No, it’s not like that. I’m just curious. There are cases where you have no choice but to break up even if you like that person. What do you think you’ll do when that happens?”

    “We have to date. Isn’t that natural?”



    Marie nodded as if she was wondering why I was asking something like that.

    “You said you like that person. It’s good, but what can you do? You’ll have to date for now, no matter what happens later.”

    I asked another question this time.

    “So what if that person has a short life span that’s going to die soon?”

    Marie’s face stiffened at my sudden heavy question.

    She looked as if she was asking why I asked such a question.

    “Just. I’m just asking. What are you going to do in that situation?”


    Marie thought for a long time as it wasn’t easy. Then she opened her mouth carefully.

    “…I still feel like I would date that person.”


    “Because I like that person. I’m sad that we have to break up soon, but I still like that person, what else can I do.”

    [I still like that person, what else can I do.]

    Those words fell upon my heart.

    I laughed and stroked Marie’s head.


    “Just, I thought you were right.”

    I closed my eyes.

    An innocent yet enchanting figure that would make one hesitate to reach out.

    He wanted to protect it like a flower on the side of the road, but at the same time, he felt the temptation to break it.

    “Are you ready?”

    When Marie went out to prepare something else, the Fourth Prince arrived as my escort.

    He looked at me and suddenly shut his mouth.

    “Why? I’m so pretty that you think you’re going to fall in love again?”

    I smiled brightly.

    “But what should I do? I’m attending as the representative of the Duchy of Luxen, so I don’t think I’ll be able to spend time with Your Majesty today.”

    I continued talking playfully.

    “Don’t get me wrong If I happen to spend time with other noblemen, it’s all just because of the social activities for the Duchy of Luxen and the Western Empire. I don’t believe you will be jealous of that.”

    After hearing all that, he sighed.


    Then he approached me, hugged me at the waist, and pulled me closer to him.


    The moment I was surprised at the sudden hug, he said with his lowly sunken eyes.

    “Don’t play with other assholes. Do you understand?”

    “…Are you jealous?”

    “Yes, I’m jealous. Of course, I’m jealous because you are my woman. Isn’t that right?”

    I was speechless by his confident way of speaking.

    He was genuinely displeased that other men would get tangled by my beautiful appearance.

    ‘At this banquet, he has to meet with King Kainetel as the representative of the Western Empire, so he can’t be with me. That makes him feel worse.’

    I had a strange feeling.

    He who seemed cold-blooded was being jealous. It was unexpected, but I didn’t hate it. Ah, honestly, I felt a little good.

    ‘But I’m gonna have to let it go today.’

    I was a little worried about how he would react to what I was going to do today.

    ‘There’s no way that His Majesty the Fourth Prince will explode with jealousy.’

    Still, I opened my mouth because I thought it was necessary to give him a word in advance.

    “I’m here as a representative of the Duchy of Luxen, so I can’t just push people away. I need to have some social relationships.”

    “Social relationships?”

    “Yes, please understand.”

    The Fourth Prince shut his mouth tightly. His displeased look made me laughed.

    ‘What, why are you so cute?’

    Then he sighed quietly.

    “Yes, socializing is good. It’s necessary. But don’t forget one thing.”

    When he said so, he suddenly did something unexpected.

    He hugged me even closer, then smoothly grabbed my chin.

    It was so natural and smooth, that I wasn’t able to react to anything and looked up at him in a daze.

    As his face drew closer, he gently bit my lips.


    It was at that moment when my body stiffened. His tongue came in through my slightly opened mouth.


    And I felt an intense stimulation. A shock as if electricity was running across my spine.

    ‘What does it feel like?’

    It was an irresistibly intense feeling.

    ‘I’ve felt it from before, but why is this body so weak to such stimulation?’

    I thought so inwardly, but when I looked at his burning eyes, I realized it.

    It wasn’t just because I was sensitive. His desire was so intense that it felt so unbearable.

    Unconsciously, my feet felt weak and loosened, so I grabbed the collar of the Fourth Prince.

    I tried to back down for fear of losing my mind, but he wouldn’t let go. Rather, he continued to kiss me more strongly by pulling me even deeper in his arms.

    Too much stimulation made me dizzy, and my legs were completely relaxed, I was almost clinging to his arm.

    Soon after the kiss was over, he stared at me with his low sunken eyes and said,

    “You are my woman. Don’t forget that.”


    I couldn’t get myself together because of the lingering kisses, so he clenched his teeth and said.

    “So just socialize. I won’t allow you to play with those bastards.”

    With those words, his lips once again overlapped with mine.

    Eventually, I was late for the banquet because of the kiss.

    “Let’s go.”

    I stared at the Fourth Prince, who was reaching out his hand for the escort.

    But he has a calm face as if nothing had happened.

    “A sudden kiss. Don’t you have anything to say? I’m sorry, I’m crazy, or I’m guilty of death.”

    Surprisingly, he made a gentle apology.

    “I apologize if you were unhappy. I’ve been rude because I couldn’t overcome my feelings for you. Did you feel very unpleasant?”


    I couldn’t say anything when he asked like that.

    It wasn’t unpleasant.

    No, rather.

    ‘What kind of kiss is so intense.’

    I had nothing to say, as my face turned red when I remembered how I reacted to the kiss.

    ‘Of course, I feel this way because I have feelings for him. I’m in trouble.’

    Then, he held my hand gently and said,

    “The next kiss will be sweeter, not unpleasant.”

    I laughed at his words as if to wake him up, I wasn’t really sure if there would be a next time.

    When I arrived at the hall, the banquet was already in full swing with the sound of music.

    The Fourth Prince sighed in front of the door.

    “I’m going to be present after seeing King Kainetel and doing business separately. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

    “You can come slowly. You don’t really like banquets, do you? You can just go back and relax.”

    “I’ll deal with it in a blink of an eye and come back, so please wait. Keep in mind what I said earlier.”

    I laughed.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t help it today
    She's sorry because she is going to seduce Carlos
    He’s the one who betrayed the alliance in her past life
    After that
    “I-I…This is a misunderstanding…”

    “Stop. I don’t want to hear from you anymore. The rest of the story will be told in the court.”

    “Y-Your Majesty the Crown Prince!”

    Carlos begged with a sad voice.

    But he didn’t know. That the real scary opponent is not Visner.

    I couldn’t even feel the coldness in it, there’s no emotion at all. A terrifying voice fell into the hall.

    “…What have you done to my fiancee now?”

    Darker hair than the night sky, and cold golden eyes that see through the world.

    A terrifyingly beautiful man with a coldness like a sword.

    It was my fiance, the Fourth Prince Orlean!

    Of course, this was not the Western Empire, so many people did not know his face.

    Carlos asked in bewilderment.


    “I am known as Orlean of the Western Empire of Hostia.”

    He spoke with contempt. He even took away the honorifics he had always used.

    “The Fourth Prince of the Western Empire!”

    “The owner of the Emperor’s Eyes!”

    Orlean’s name was also famous in the Central Region of the continent. Because he is one of the next most powerful emperors.

    And there was one more reason why he was famous.

    “The Western’s First Sword!”

    The most powerful Sword Master in all continents! That’s the Fourth Prince.

    Orlean added a word.

    “I’m also the fiancé of that woman you tried to insult.”

    The Fourth Prince’s eyes still had no emotion, but that’s why it felt even eerier.

    “I-It’s a misunderstanding. I…”

    “Misunderstanding? Are you saying that my fiancée seduced you as you said, and is now insulting you?”

    Carlos swallowed his saliva and backed away.

    Others would have feared his power, but not the Fourth Prince.

    The Western Empire, which dominated the entire Western continent, far surpasses the power of the Kairman Kingdom.

    In fact, the Western Empire was the most powerful Empire on the entire continent.

    The Fourth Prince is one of the next powerful Emperor of such a great empire.

    “I don’t want to hear any more of your dirty stories. Let’s settle this quickly.”

    The Fourth Prince took off his white gloves and threw them on Carlos’ face.

    Slap! Carlos’ cheeks flushed red as it was struck by his gloves when he threw it quite hard.

    However, Carlos could not complain about the pain because of the words of the Fourth Prince that followed.

    “I, Orlean Ron Hortia of the Western Empire, ask you for a duel. I don’t need to tell you the reason why, don’t I? Raise your sword right now.”

    “C-Calm down…”

    “Leave the guy who insulted my fiancee and calm down?”

    Carlos trembled when he found out that the Fourth Prince was serious.

    The Fourth Prince is a famous Master even here in the Central Region.

    He’s the best in the West, or I think, maybe even the strongest Master in the whole continent, there’s no way that that pathetic guy can handle him.

    Moreover, the Fourth Prince does not have to worry about the political aftermath here in the Central Region. There was a justifiable reason, so it doesn’t matter if he killed a Grand Duke of a small Duchy.

    Who would dare to protest even if the Fourth Prince would kill Carlos in this situation?

    The Kairman Kingdom, whose relations with the Western Empire are important? The Duchy of Foldien, with the size of a bean, compared to the Western Empire?

    In a word, it could be said that Carlos has met his opponent properly.

    “C-Calm down…”

    “Raise your sword.”

    Carlos looked around in a hurry but was frustrated to see Visner’s cold eyes. Visner was as angry as the Fourth Prince.

    Eventually, Carlos fell flat on the ground.

    “I-I’m sorry! Please forgive me just once! I made a mistake against the beauty of the Princess!”


    “Please forgive me! I’ll go to jail and pay for this sin!”

    But the Fourth Prince said nothing about it and remained silent. He only looked quietly at Carlos, who’s lying face down, with emotionless eyes.

    Everyone held their breath and looked at the Fourth Prince and Carlos. At this moment, Carlos’ fate in life and death was in the hands of the Fourth Prince.

    Then, the eyes of the Fourth Prince met mine.

    At that moment, the emotionless eyes of the Fourth Prince were filled with explosive anger.

    ‘Rubia, why did you follow this guy?’

    I had an awkward look on my face.

    Anyway, it was true that I followed him to the patronage late at night, so the Fourth Prince deserved to be angry.

    I mouthed.

    ‘I’m sorry.’

    The Fourth Prince bit his lips gently. He looked very angry with me, so I broke out in cold sweat.

    Anyway, being sensible is being sensible, and I can’t let go of this great opportunity, so I mouthed to him.

    ‘Don’t kill him, just inflict a serious injury, so he wouldn’t be able to move for a while.’

    The Fourth Prince wriggled his eyebrows.

    But fortunately, he followed me.

    “Get up.”

    “T-Thank you.”

    Carlos got up with an expression that he had barely escaped death.

    But it was too early to be relieved.

    At that moment, the Fourth Prince’s feet moved. He kicked a stone that was rolling on the floor, and the stone landed exactly at the center of Carlos’ thing.


    The faces of all men in the hall turned sullen.

    His thing that I hit once before was just hit by a stone.

    Of course, the power of my kick, a fragile lady, and the kick of the Fourth Prince, a Knight who may be the strongest of all humans, was at a different level.

    Carlos’ precious thing, where a little hope remained, was now forever lost.

    Carlos wasn’t even able to scream and just passed out.

    The Fourth Prince spoke in a voice full of contempt.

    “It won’t be enough if I take his head in the first place, but I can’t make a big fuss as I was coming as an envoy, so I’ll finish it like this. But this is just my personal punishment, and I believe that the Kairman’s law will punish him severely for the crime of trying to molest a Lady.”
    a little skip... here she found out that the curse didn't work on Orlean

    This is in Ch 124

    His warm embrace soothed me. A low voice came through my ear.

    “Rubia, I’m not angry because you had a secret meeting with another man. I’m angry because you tried to do something dangerous on your own without telling me anything.”


    The Fourth Prince bit his lips for a moment and said,

    “What if that dirty bastard did something bad to you? If he had hurt even a strand of your hair, I might have destroyed not only his neck but also the entire Duchy of Foldien”


    I shut my mouth.

    I felt his calm but clear anger. Orlean’s words were not empty threats, it was enough to give me goosebumps at the back of my spine.



    “If this happens in the future, be sure to tell me.”

    Orlean was quiet for a moment and then he continued to talk.

    “Anything. I’ll take care of anything, even if it has to do with your unspeakable secret. I’ll solve them all. Do you understand?”

    His eyes looked straight at mine.

    “You are not alone. I will always be with you from now on.”

    My heart trembled when I heard that. I don’t know why the curse of forbidden words doesn’t work on him.

    As long as you are a person of this world, intervention by causality is inevitable. At any rate, I don’t know the exact reason, but the overwhelming emotion filled my heart. It was an undeniable pleasure.

    I asked him in a subdued voice.

    “I’ve lived countless lives. Don’t I feel like a monster?”

    The Fourth Prince sighed lowly, then hugged me again.

    “Not at all, you’re just a pitiful and precious being to me.”

    The moment I heard that tears fell from my eyes. He hugged me more and more strongly.

    I was choked up with my emotions and couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t do anything but shed tears in his arms. I couldn’t even lift a finger in the raging storm of my emotions.

    “Rubia. Rubia. My pitiful woman.”

    He called me over and over again. It was a call full of sadness and sorrow.

    “How much have you suffered so far?”


    The question made my heart trembled.

    The pain of a thousand years came to my mind.

    It was a terribly painful time.

    And the most painful of all was that I had to suffer alone for hundreds of thousands of years. Not being consoled by anyone. Alone. Forever.

    It was a very painful and hopeless time. But now, for the first time, I met someone who can sympathize with my pain.

    “I can’t…even dare to imagine your deep, deep pain. From what I can guess, it’s not even a penny of the suffering you’ve actually suffered.”

    Orlean, who talked that far, bit his lips hard.

    “Still…my heart aches so much just by thinking about it. Just imagining the pain you have suffered… it feels like my heart was being cut by a knife.”

    Tears flowed endlessly from my eyes as I heard him. I couldn’t control my feelings, so I cried silently in his arms.

    “Rubia. Rubia.”

    When I heard his sad call, I felt comforted by the pain I went through.

    Yes, so far what I was hoping for wasn’t something big. If at least one person in the world knows the pain I’m going through, I thought I would have nothing more to wish for if only I could be comforted.


    He stared at my face covered with tears. Slowly his lips touched my forehead.

    He said with a sigh.

    “The pain you went through. If only I could do something to erase them.”

    He kept kissing me as if he wanted to erase the pain that had accumulated in my soul.

    From my forehead to my cheeks, to my lips, to my neck, and to the back of my hands, he continued to kiss endlessly with his eager eyes.

    I shook my head with a smile as if it were okay. I forced myself to hold back my tears so I wouldn’t show him any more of my unsightly appearance.

    “…That’s enough. I’m satisfied that you recognized me.”


    “Yes. I’m happy and satisfied enough. Thank you for comforting me.

    But why?

    Orlean’s face hardened when he heard me. Then he spat out his words in a reserved manner.

    “I will never be satisfied with this much at all.”


    “I can’t be satisfied until we got rid of the curses you are suffering from. So, I’ll surely break your curse.”

    I laughed in vain at his words.

    It’s something I’ve heard from him before.

    “…That’s impossible.”

    “No, it’s not impossible.”

    The Fourth Prince lowered his head and looked straight at me. His golden eyes burned with firm determination.

    “I will search the whole world and find a way. I swear I’ll make sure to get you out of the clutches of pain.”

    He continued his words as if he was very determined.

    “Even if I have to devote my whole life to it, you have already become the purpose of my life.”

    I closed my eyes tightly.

    It’s impossible to resolve my curse like what he had pledged.

    Still, with his feelings for me, my heart shook like crazy, and I was filled with unbearable joy.

    “…Yes, thank you.”

    Once again, his lips slowly touched my lips. Tears flowed from my eyes again with his gentle kiss.
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    After the rebellion of the Crown Prince (Ch 146) That's before the event with the world tree)
    I threw my sword next to Carlos. I didn’t even want to be near him, so I went away and sat down.

    All of a sudden, fatigue came over to me, and I wanted to rest.

    I leaned against the wall of the underground passage and closed my eyes. The coldness of the wall chilled me. I opened my mouth to the empty air.

    “Don’t just stare at me like that. Come out. I know you’re there.”

    It was at that moment when I finished speaking.

    The air shook like a wave, and a person’s shadow appeared. It was the Fourth Prince Orlean!

    “How did you know I was here? Did you detect my concealment?”

    “I didn’t detect it.”

    He was puzzled, so I explained it casually.

    “I thought that Your Majesty might have followed me. Wasn’t it that you were watching me with the intention of stepping out when I was in danger?”

    The Fourth Prince was silent in affirmation.

    Perhaps, even though he can come forward, it seemed that he just decided to watch in consideration for me so I can directly resolve my grudges in my previous life.

    ‘You don’t have to worry about that.’

    I laughed and said.

    “What are you doing? Don’t stand so far. Come here.”


    “It’s cold. Come and give me a hug.”

    At my words, his eyes widened slightly. I pouted my lips and said with a frown.

    “If you don’t like it, then don’t.”

    “No way.”

    Orlean denied what I said in a strong tone.

    “There’s no way I won’t like it.”

    He sat next to me and wrapped my shoulder with his hand. Then he gently hugged me in his arms.

    Surrounded by his firm and warm arms, the tension that I had felt seemed to ease a little. I could feel both drowsiness and my heart pounding.

    “Is it warm now?”

    “Hmm, I don’t know. I’m not sure yet.”

    I answered playfully.

    At that moment, he touched my chin with one hand and gently lifted it up. Naturally, our eyes met in front of my nose.

    “…Your Majesty?”

    “Then we need to warm you up a little bit.”


    My heart thumped as I felt his scent close to me. The surrounding air stopped as I hold my breath, and a sense of tension ran through my back.


    My name came out of his lips. His husky voice seemed to be tingling my ears.

    He stroked my lips with his fingers. Carefully, gently.

    A burning sensation stimulated my lips whenever his fingers brushed by.


    Eventually, it was at that moment when his name came out of my mouth.

    His lips suddenly came over my lips.


    It was an intense kiss, unlike before, which was soft.

    His lips sucked my lips. As I opened my mouth due to the pain and more stimulation, his tongue came in like a rough wave.


    I dissuaded him because my head went blank after such a rough kiss. But he didn’t stop. Rather, he pushed me harder.

    “Rubia, forever…I won’t let you go forever.”

    Even when I stepped back, he persistently followed. His tongue wrapped around my tongue, and he sucked it up to the base as if pulling it out.

    It was a ferocity that seemed to devour all of me.

    It seemed like an intense current was flowing all over my body, and I couldn’t even lift a finger. He kissed me like that for a long time and let me go with a deep sigh.

    “Haa, Haa.”

    I stared at him with a red face, breathing heavily. His kiss was so intense that I couldn’t even breathe properly. But I couldn’t say anything because his eyes were still filled with desire. His eyes weren’t even a little cold.

    When I had a hard time after a rough kiss, I could tell that he had barely suppressed his feelings. It felt like he would explode if I touched him the wrong way.

    He was always calm as if he had measured himself, so I wondered where he had hidden such aspirations.


    Orlean sighed deeply again, then he lifted his fingers and run them through his disheveled hair.

    “I’m sorry for my sudden actions. Were you very surprised?”

    “…I was surprised, but you don’t have to be sorry.”


    “You don’t have to be sorry. What’s to be sorry about this…”

    I answered without thinking and realized that I had made a slip of the tongue. His golden eyes began to shake rapidly again.

    “No, that’s not what I meant. You don’t have to be sorry…ump…”

    I tried to back away, but it was too late.

    His lips overlapped with my lips again. More intense and fiercer than before. When he was relieved of his uncontrollable self-restraint, I felt a stronger desire took over the place.

    ‘No, I wasn’t asking you to kiss me as much as you want. I was just saying it!’

    But the words only lingered in my mind. He was already kissing me as if he was swallowing me, so I couldn’t make any noise other than a short breath.

    And that thought quickly disappeared from my mind.

    ‘Oh, this is cheating. Really.’

    The intense stimulus that seemed to sweep like the waves, relaxed my whole body.

    My mind was blank, and I couldn’t think of anything.

    I had no choice but to be helpless as he hugged me strongly as if he was restraining me. Then he continued to kiss me, invading and conquering my lips.

    “Rubia, my Rubia. Haah.”

    He called me several times as if imprinting me in his memories.

    “You have already become more important to me than my life, so I will relieve you of the pain you’re suffering. No matter what happens.”

    It was at that moment I heard his resolution.

    My heart pounded.

    ‘It’s impossible.’

    I know well that his resolutions are impossible.

    But even though I know it’s impossible, and I know it’s a foolish commitment.

    ‘If you keep doing that, it’ll be shaken.’

    I couldn’t help being swayed by his feelings toward me.

    I gently closed my eyes and received his kisses. The overwhelming feeling filled my heart.

    I raised my hands and hugged his neck. I held him for so long like I wouldn’t let him go.


    After a long kiss, we sat side by side in the secret passage. No, I sat next to him, to be exact, I was in his arms.


    How should I put it? I was in his arms and it feels weird.

    Nothing has changed at all, but does he feel different?

    Somehow I was more conscious and bothered.

    I deliberately spoke lightly to shake off the awkwardness.

    “I know I’m attractive, but isn’t it too much? My lips hurt.”

    “Is that so?”

    At my words, he lowered his head and glanced at my lips while I was still in his arms.

    As he looked at my lips as if it was going to be pierced, my face suddenly heated up, and I turned my head away.

    “So what else do you see? Just reflect on yourself.”

    “I’m not going to reflect.”


    “Didn’t you say that I don’t have to be sorry? So I won’t be sorry anymore.”

    Talking like that, His eyes were filled with such intense longing that I could feel my heart shake to the mere sight of them, so I shut my mouth.

    I felt the ominous feeling that if I say something wrong, I would be in trouble again.

    ‘No, why is this body so sensitive to these kinds of stimulus? I can’t pull myself together.’

    I complained.

    I feel this every time, but it was really uncomfortable.

    I hurried up to another topic.

    “It’s crazy out there, isn’t it?”

    “Crown Prince Visbaden is doing a good job. There ware sacrifices, but now that they’ve cleaned out the parasites at once, it seemed that he would use this opportunity to rebuild the Kingdom.”

    I nodded my head.

    Certainly, if this is done well, the Kingdom will have another chance to leap forward.

    The Carlos faction will be ousted, so the lives of the Cross Alliance will be much better.

    Visner was safe, and Rou’s involvement would not be revealed, and this was not a bad result either.

    ‘I can’t wait to go back to bed.’

    I pledged to become a sloth that won’t get out of bed once everything’s done here.

    “Thank you so much this time. Thanks to Your Majesty, we were able to resolve everything safely.”

    I felt truly grateful.

    It wasn’t just this time. If it wasn’t for his help, I would have a hard time resolving Shen’s curse in the Duchy of Luxen.

    ‘Thinking about it, it seems like I’m only getting his help all the time.’

    When I was with the Fourth Prince, I felt strangely protected. And that feeling was very unfamiliar to me.

    This is because I always stood in front of others, and rarely being protected by someone.

    “Don’t mention it. You’re my woman, so this is a given. Spoil yourself if you need it. I will be a sword that fights for you, and at the same time, a shield that protects you.”

    When I heard that, my heart throbbed again.

    A tickling sensation spread through my heart.

    “You know what? You’ve changed a lot, Your Majesty.”

    “Is that so?”

    I nodded my head in his arms.

    “Yes, you used to look like an unlucky cold-blooded person.”

    The Fourth Prince looked perplexed at my words.

    “How am I now?”

    “It seems like you’re a little warm-blooded right now.”

    It’s a lie.

    He’s not just a little warm, but it felt like my heart would burn with his hot longing and passion. It feels like a flame hidden in the ice. I didn’t know when he had changed.

    “Of course. I couldn’t help but change when I met you.”

    “What does that mean?”

    However, the Fourth Prince did not give an exact explanation.

    “I’ll stand in front of you no matter what happens in the future, so just watch me from behind.”

    I laughed after I got out of his arms.

    “I’m sorry to indulge in your kindness for free, but aren’t you one of the most expensive people in all continents?”

    The Fourth Prince smiled smoothly at my joke.

    He said as I gazed blankly at his bewitching smile.

    “Of course, it’s not free.”

    His lips, which came before I knew it, lightly sucked my lips. It was a sweet and thrilling bud kiss.

    “I’ll take it with all the interest later.”


    I stared at him with a red face.

    ‘No, what interest?’

    I couldn’t ask because it seemed like a fearful answer would come back.

    He grinned and kissed my forehead again.

    “Don’t look so pretty. It’s hard to resist, I’ll be in trouble.”

    “…You know that you’re very perverted right now, right?

    “Really? What should I do if you are that lovely?”

    I shook my head. The more we talked, the more I felt like I’ll get involved.

    Then, he pulled me and held me tightly in his arms.

    “…What are you doing again?”

    “You’ve been through a lot, so close your eyes for a while and take a rest.”

    “Do I have to rest in Your Majesty’s arms?”

    “Yes, just rest like this.”

    I sighed.

    I was thinking about getting away, but I just stayed still because I felt warm and cozy.

    ‘It’s nice.’

    This is in Ch 155

    With the Eyes of the Beholder, he cleared Visner’s name from the false accusations, overpowered the Duke of Millan’s rebellion, and made the greatest contribution during the Fruit of the World Tree disaster.

    “…Therefore, no matter what happens, our Kairman Kingdom will support and honor the Fourth Prince of the Western Empire as a friend and benefactor.”

    Unlike what was given to me, it was a reward that seemed like nothing.

    However, I noticed that the reward was really meaningful for the Fourth Prince.

    ‘The Fourth Prince got the Kairman Kingdom as an ally. Not only will it have a positive impact on the Imperial struggle, but it will also be of great help on becoming the Emperor in the future.’

    Thus, the awarding has ended, and a full-scale banquet began.

    The Fourth Prince and I held hands as we went up to the floor. As the main character of the day, I wanted to show off my dancing skills.

    Bright and subtle music that matches the atmosphere of the banquet circulated in the banquet hall.

    I enjoyed dancing leisurely in the arms of the Fourth Prince.

    “But why did you look at King Kainetel so sharply earlier?”

    I asked as if I didn’t know even though I knew everything.

    The Fourth Prince sighed softly and hugged my waist. Then he pulled me in his arms.

    “You’re my woman, and I didn’t like the way he tried to look at you.”

    Oh, I must have finally gone crazy. Seeing that tickled my heart and made me feel good with such a small word like that.

    “I’m not your woman yet.”

    It was a moment when I intentionally spoke bluntly.

    He grabbed my chin and lifted it up towards him.

    Then before I knew it, he has already stolen my lips. It was soft and short, but that’s why it was a more intense kiss.


    I glared at him with a flushed face.

    But I couldn’t say anything because his eyes were burning as if he would devour me.

    “You’re not my woman?”

    “…We’re not married yet.”

    The Fourth Prince raised the corner of his mouth.

    It was a mesmerizing, fresh smile.

    “That’s good, then. Because I’m going to marry you soon.”


    “I’ve been waiting for you with great consideration, but not anymore. I won’t wait any longer. As soon as we get back to the West, we’ll start preparing for our wedding. That’s what you should know.”

    It was like a notice.

    I tried to say something, but in the end, I just shut my mouth.

    ‘I am marrying him? Soon?’

    Of course, I’ve already decided to accept his heart. However, when I suddenly faced it, I didn’t know what to say.

    At that time, he put his face close to my ear. And as if talking to a child, he whispered soothingly.

    “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything so that you won’t be bothered. You just need to lie in bed and come over. But if that’s troublesome for you, I can come to bed instead.”

    I made an absurd look on my face.

    No, what do you think I am? How can you seduce me in such a ridiculous way?

    He continued talking with his mouth still in my ear. Slowly. With a deep voice as if entrapping me.

    “It’s no use even if you refuse. Because I’ve decided to never let you go.”

    “…Isn’t that too much?”

    When I asked him with a puzzled look, he hugged me in his arms.

    “That’s true. I’m sorry for doing whatever I want. It’s up to you.”

    Then he kissed me gently on the forehead.

    “I’ll make you happy for the rest of your life.”

    I burst out laughing.

    “Isn’t that the most common lie a man tells before he gets married?”

    “I’m not lying. No matter what. With my everything…I will make you happy, even if I have to give you my life and soul.”

    He spoke in a calm voice.

    I realized that he wasn’t just saying those conventional things.

    He was saying that he would break the curse on my soul. Even if he has to offer everything that he has.

    I felt complicated.

    It’s impossible to break my curse anyway. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but felt my heart be shaken when I faced his sincerity for me.

    I just want to be in his arms without thinking about anything else.

    But I suddenly thought of one thing and said, raising my head.

    “I refuse.”

    “…I beg your pardon?”

    “If you’re going to propose, shouldn’t you be doing it right?”

    The Fourth Prince’s picturesque face became confused.

    I poked my lips and moved my mana.

    ‘Grease, slide.’

    The Fourth Prince’s feet became slippery like ice.

    He was startled but maintained a slow waltz step without any difficulties as he was a high-level Sword Master.

    But I overlapped the slip magic three more times.

    ‘Grease. Grease. Grease.’

    I unfolded slippery magic. Wherever he moves his feet, a kind of slippery that would make someone quickly fall off just by touching it a bit, spread out.

    The Fourth Prince tried to avoid staggering by raising his sense of balance to the limit.

    “What are you doing?”

    “It’s a punishment. A punishment for trying to propose half-heartedly. You’re trying to propose to an attractive woman like me with this?”

    At my words, the Fourth Prince was silent for a moment and nodded.

    “I see. I’m definitely at fault.”

    He gave strength to the hand that was wrapped around my waist.

    Naturally, I was in his arms. Then the Fourth Prince trapped me with his body.

    His arms around my waist, and his chest in contact with my face. Then he hugged me tightly, and slowly opened his mouth, confining me completely.

    “Then wait a little bit, because I’ll make a proposal that will surely satisfy you.”

    My heart fluttered once again with the feeling of his cozy embrace and his whispers that tickled my ears.

    “I don’t think it’ll be easy to satisfy me? My standards are high too.”

    “It doesn’t matter.”

    The Fourth Prince grinned and said,

    “If you refuse, I’ll try again and again until you say yes. Until you let me in.”

    He lowered his head and slightly stole a kiss on my lips.

    It was only a light kiss, but my heart shook as if it had been electrocuted again.

    “To get you, I’ll propose to you over and over again. That’s how precious you are to me.”

    Ah, damn it.

    My face turned red again.

    It’s something really trivial, but I couldn’t figure out why my heart kept pounding.

    Orlean stared at my face like that and said.

    “It’s all good, but don’t turn red.”

    I slightly frowned, but he continued.

    “As I said before, you’re so cute and lovely that I don’t want to show it to other guys. Be careful because I want to keep you in my arms and monopolize it by myself.”


    What is he saying now? Even if it’s not, I’m embarrassed to death.

    I glanced at him, but his eyes were as serious as they could be.

    “…You know you just sound like a pervert, right?”

    “What can I do? I love you so much that I can’t control my heart either.”

    It was an answer that made me speechless.

    I raised my palm in front of him and waved it.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I’m peeling it off if you’re blinded by love. I’ve been trying to put up with it, but I think your condition is very serious.”

    The Fourth Prince chuckled.

    At that time, the song that was flowing to the banquet hall stopped for a while.

    The dance is over.

    The Fourth Prince let me go from his arms with a sad expression.

    As I got out of his arms, I could feel the people at the banquet glancing at us.

    ‘Ah, how embarrassing.’

    I made a difficult expression.

    The reason they were looking at us was simple.

    It may be because we looked so affectionate and friendly when we danced.

    ‘Oh, I don’t know. We’ll never gonna see each other again anyway.’

    It was the moment I shook my head thinking that way.

    A familiar figure approached me.

    A handsome face with a clear impression, deep and soft eyes like a lake. It was Visner!

    Visner came up to me and slightly bent one of his knees. Then he held out his hand in white gloves.

    “Dear noble Lady, will you grant me the honor of dancing with you?”

    As soon as my dance with the Fourth Prince was over, Visner asked me to dance with him.


    I went back to the dance floor with Visner.

    When I turned my head, Orlean was looking at my hand holding Visner’s with a sulky face.

    It seemed like he didn’t like something, so I was puzzled.

    ‘Is he jealous? Hm, he unexpectedly looks so cool even though it shouldn’t be cool.:

    Well, I didn’t hate it when he was being jealous.

    ‘Should I tease him a little bit?’

    That thought popped into my mind, but I shook my head soon.

    I didn’t think I should provoke him too much. I have no basis. It was just a hunch.

    Then Visner, who was gently leading me, opened his mouth.

    “Dancing like this reminds me of the past.”


    “I danced with Your Highness at the Academy’s previous welcome banquet.”

    I nodded my head.

    Come to think of it, I once did.

    For me, that day was just like a blur that was just passing by, but it didn’t seem like that for Visner.

    “I’ve been thinking since then. I wished I could dance with Your Highness again. But now that we’re dancing like this, it feels like a dream.”

    At those words, I looked at him with a strange gaze.

    Visner had a subtle smile. But I noticed that there was stinginess spreading deep in his eyes.

    It was obvious. I didn’t have to ask why he has that painful look in his eyes.

    He wants me. But he knows that he can’t get me, that’s why he’s in pain.


    I shut my mouth.

    I didn’t have anything to say.

    As long as I can’t accept his feelings, anything I say will be meaningless.

    So there was silence between him and me. He led me softly without a word, and I danced to his lead.

    Then at one point, Visner said.

    “Does Your Highness loves His Majesty Orlean?”


    I was slightly flustered with his sudden question.

    Before I could even say anything, Visner opened his mouth first.

    “I’m in love with you, Your Highness.”

    Surprised, I looked at him, but Visner was smiling calmly.


    “Of course, I know the answer. But I wanted to tell you, anyway.”

    As if to hide his pain, he forced himself to smile brightly and continued.

    “I was able to live a new life thanks to meeting Your Highness at the academy. Having met Your Highness was the greatest blessing in my life.”

    I looked at him quietly.

    “Maybe it was only natural that I was taken away by the gorgeous Your Highness that shines brighter than anyone else. Of course, I knew well enough that I wasn’t the one in Your Highness’s heart. But I couldn’t really let go of my feelings.”

    Visner confessed his feelings calmly.

    “Although it has not been fulfilled, I do not regret the feelings that I have for you. I will live a life for the people of the Kairman Kingdom and the people of the Southern Ten Kingdoms, but I wish you eternal happiness.”

    Just in time, the dance was over.

    Visner knelt in one knee in front of me and kissed the back of my hand.

    “So be happy, my beloved one.”

    I sighed quietly.

    I felt grateful and sorry for his feelings toward me at the same time.

    “Yes, I will live happily, so you must be happy, too.”
    The 3rd proposal is one Chapter later:blobmelt:
    And a man appeared through the candlelight.

    It was Orlean.

    He was wearing a neat navy suit, and in one hand he was holding a rich bouquet of red roses.

    His figure fluttered beautifully in the subtle light of the candles.

    “What are you doing now? No way?”

    I opened my eyes wide.

    Orlean looked at me silently for a moment. It was a deep look that makes my heart beats fast without realizing it.

    A romantic atmosphere flowed through the candlelight, bouquet of roses, and his beautiful appearance.

    He walked up to me like that, then he knelt on one knee and held out the bouquet.

    “I, Orlean, propose to you, Rubia. Will you accept my heart?”

    I was so flustered by the sudden situation that I couldn’t speak for a moment.

    ‘Are you proposing right now because I told you to propose properly?’

    Orlean looked up at me and opened his mouth. His jewel-like face fluttered beautifully under the shadow of the candles.

    “I don’t know about anything else. I just want to dedicate my whole life to you. I want to make you happy forever.”

    I looked at him for a long time without saying a word. Perhaps he thought of my silence as a rejection, so Orlean spoke with a slightly stiff face.

    “I’m sorry if you didn’t like the proposal. I was wondering what kind of proposal would be the best, and I remembered that you hated something bothersome.”

    “…That’s why you chose to propose in my bedroom?”

    “Yes. But… it’s a little tacky. I admit. I guess I was in a hurry.”

    Orlean sighed and got up from kneeling.

    “I’ll make a proper proposal again tomorrow. I won’t let you down this time, so please wait.”

    I shook my head in absurdity.

    ‘No. Do you think proposing is like taking an academy exam? I can’t believe you’re going to try and repeat it indefinitely until you pass.’

    “It’s okay, that’s enough.”

    “What? But?”

    “I’ll marry Your Majesty, so you can stop now.”

    He looked at me with his eyes wide open.

    “Rubia? What did you say just now?”

    “Let’s get married…Let’s do it.”

    Orlean’s eyes shook.

    When he tried to hug me, I hurriedly raised my hand to stop him and said.

    “Instead, there are conditions for getting married.”

    “Conditions you say?”

    The Fourth Prince laughed as if he knew what I’m gonna say even without listening.

    “You want to ask me if you could be lazy, right? But, if you’re going to ask me to get a separate house for the Empress, don’t even bring it up. I’m going to be really mad.”

    I kept my mouth shut.

    He got exactly right what I was gonna ask for.

    ‘Oh, I don’t want to be the Empress.’

    It was clear that he would become the Emperor due to the current political situation.

    In other words, if I marry him, I have to become an Empress. It was a terrible thing to even imagine. If compared to the East, it could be said to be a far worse situation than entering as the eldest daughter-in-law of the 18th generation head of a house.[1]

    So I was going to say that I would play in the palace after setting up a separate place for the Empress, but I didn’t think I should bring it up now.

    He was looking at me coldly with a smile on his mouth. As soon as I told him that I would still visit his home office, he seemed to be really angry.

    He hugged me and patted me on the back of my head soothingly.

    “Don’t worry. I will not let you move your fingertips even if you become Empress. The Imperial Household’s business? I’ll take care of everything.”

    “..How are you going to explain it to other people?”

    “Let’s say you’re suffering from a serious illness. Um…migraine and panic disorder should be fine.”

    I made an absurd face.

    Migraine and panic disorder. It was the excuse I made when I was at the Academy before.

    “You’re an Empress, but you’re an unlucky empress who can’t get out of the bedroom due to poor health. Of course, if you do nothing too much in the bedroom, there may be controversy. So I will try to make achievements in the field of art and culture promotion. Sponsorship of artists or policymaking would be enough. Of course, I’ll borrow your name and take care of everything.”

    Then, Orlean explained his plan for my lazy Empress life, which was very specific.

    Not only the Imperial affairs but also in the reception of diplomatic envoys, etc. Everything is perfect enough that it can go well without me having to lift a single fingertip. I opened my mouth in surprise.

    It was a thorough and meticulous plan, almost like any detailed military operation or administrative reformation.

    “…When did you start thinking about this?”

    “I keep thinking.”

    Orlean grinned at me.

    “I was worried that you might run away because you were too lazy to be the Empress. I thought a lot about it so that you wouldn’t be bothered.”

    He added a word.

    “And you deserve enough rest. I’ll let you rest without lifting a finger.”

    Those words made me feel sad for a moment.

    I deserve to rest.

    That remark was referring to my previous thousand years of life.

    His strong feelings for me fluttered in his eyes. As I was running my gaze through that intense feeling, my heart shook, so I spoke playfully.

    “I can’t believe you even had such a grand plan in mind. You want me that badly? Aren’t you too clingy?”

    The Fourth Prince smirked.

    It was a smile that felt dangerous somehow.

    “Clingy…That’s right.”

    It was at that moment.

    The Fourth Prince acted unexpectedly. He lifted me up and laid me on the bed next to me.


    The bed swayed, and my field of view shook. I was not aware of what had happened to me for a while, and then I looked up at the Fourth Prince in surprise.

    ‘What are you doing now…!’

    I tried to say something, but the Fourth Prince’s action was one step faster.

    He cast a shadow over my head, then he lowered his head and covered my lips.


    I tried to turn my head in surprise, but it was too late.

    As soon as his lips were right on mine, my body hardened. His tongue penetrated through my blankly open lips. A soft, hot tongue wrapped around my tongue with intense desire. I couldn’t stand it and groan.

    ‘Ah, damn it. Why is this body so sensitive?!’

    No, it wasn’t just because my body was sensitive.

    As I always felt, his kisses were so intense.

    I felt a desire and ferocity as if he was trying to swallow my everything in one bite, and my head was turning blank. I couldn’t resist the intense stimulation, so I tried to pull my head back, but I was blocked by the floor of the bed.

    He wrapped his arms around my head as if he wouldn’t allow me to run away at all. And he locked me in his arms and coveted my lips like a hungry predator.


    After a kiss that seemed unlikely to end, he slowly broke away. Saliva ran long between his tongue and mine.

    I stared at him with red eyes. But I couldn’t say anything, because his eyes were still flashing dangerously.

    -Not enough.

    His eyes seemed to be shouting like that.

    As I struggled with the long kiss, his action of barely repressing his desire was remarkable.

    “Haa. Rubia.”

    He sighed lowly and kissed me lightly.

    Maybe it was because of the lingering feeling of our kiss just now, but even though it was just a light contact, it was as if I was electrocuted.

    “Didn’t you say earlier? I’m clinging on you too much? Well, that’s right. I’m clinging on you. And will do so in the future, I’ll cling to you forever. So,”

    Orlean looked down at me while I’m still locked in his arms. Just looking at each other face to face made my heart tremble, and his eyes sink lowly.

    Even though I tried to avoid his gaze, I couldn’t even turn my head because I was tightly wrapped in his arms.

    I felt like I had become prey caught by a predator.

    “So don’t think about running away. It’s no use refusing to marry me”

    He lifted his finger and gently touched my face. Every time he brushed his finger, I had goosebumps all over me and shuddered.

    “You are mine, so I won’t accept rejection.”

    It was a firm voice.

    I bit my lips.

    I hate to admit it, but I was already a prey caught by him.

    My heart has already been caught by a beast like him.

    In the end, I admitted that I had no choice but to lift the white flag. But for some reason, I was a bit sulky, so I said on purpose.

    “Okay, I can’t help it if you’re clinging on me like that. I’ll marry you, but keep your promise that I wouldn’t be bothered. If I was bothered even a little bit, contrary to your word, we’ll get divorced.”

    He wriggled his eyebrows at my words.


    I raised my chin and said.

    “Yes, I’m not the one who’s gonna be regretful anyway, Your Majesty is the one who’s clinging on me. So, be good if you don’t want to see me leave.”

    “I think you’re mistaken.”

    Orleans raised the corners of his mouth. Then he murmured like a growl and slowly brought his face closer to me.

    “You can’t get out of my arms. I’m not going to let you go. You’re already mine.”

    He bit my earlobe gently with his teeth.

    It hurts as if he’s scolding me.

    A little pain and unbearable stimulation spread out from my earlobe to my whole body, so I inhaled and swallowed my groans.

    “Of course you’ll never be bothered, but don’t joke about leaving me. I’ll get angry.”

    This time, his lips covered my lips.

    It was a more intense kiss than before.

    My head went blank again, and I clenched my fist.

    At that time, his hand carefully touched my clothes. The moment I realized the meaning of that touch, I was stunned.

    When I was surprised, Orlean paused.

    He seemed upset and his body fell from me.

    For a while, he seemed to have gritted his teeth, then he apologized to me.

    “I’m sorry, I almost made a mistake unknowingly because I couldn’t hold back my feelings for you. I’ll wait until you can accept more than this.”

    Perhaps he took my surprise as a rejection.

    “I’m sorry again, but I’ll leave you alone today.”

    I grabbed his hand as he was about to get up.


    Orlean’s eyes shook.

    I said with a sigh.

    “There’s nothing to be sorry about.”


    “Didn’t I already told you the other day? There is nothing to be sorry about.”

    Did he understand what I meant? His golden eyes began to burn like flames. Just by looking at it, I could tell that it was a passionate desire.

    ‘Oh, should I never have told him?’

    I felt regret for a moment. Seeing his eyes burning like he was about to swallow me, I was nervous about what was going to happen soon. I made up my mind and shook my head. I want him the same way.

    But unexpectedly, he didn’t come to me. He clenched his fist tightly.

    “No. I think it would be better to go back today.”


    “I’m not confident that I can hold my feelings back today. Maybe…you won’t be able to handle it.”

    I smirked and approached him while I was on my knees on the bed.

    Then I stretched out my arms and wrapped them around his neck as I pulled him toward me.

    Looking closely at his eyes, I said seductively.

    “Still, it’s fine though?”


    I could feel him clenching his teeth.

    I playfully touched his lips and kissed him.

    Once, twice, and thrice.

    At the third time, I slightly bit his lower lip, and eventually, his thin string of patience snapped

    After that...yeah...you know:blobmelt:

    I think that should be enough for first:blobsmilehappyeyes:

    If you want to read when Orlean find out her true identity it’s in Ch 129
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    ‘Unlike before, I can now use my mana so I can destroy the magic of the tower masters.’

    Of course, I could only use a minimal amount of magic, but I could do enough to destroy the tracking magic.

    This kind of magical competition is not based on the amount of our mana, but what determines the game is our ability to use the mana.

    “I see. I understand. Then I’ll do whatever it takes to get my brother out of the palace.”

    But I shook my head.

    “There is no need for Your Majesty to overdo it. I have figured out how to get His Majesty the Crown Prince out of the Imperial Palace.”

    “How? For reference, the border of the Imperial Palace is heavily guarded, that not even a single cub of ant can escape.”

    Of course, I know that the borders of the Imperial Palace are tight.

    But I smiled and said,

    “If the borders are tight, we can shake them.”


    “It’s all about creating such a big mess that they won’t even be able to care about the Crown Prince’s escape.”

    Orlean’s eyes grew bigger.


    ‘What are you trying to do this time?’ I made a mischievous expression because he looked at me like that.

    ‘It’s been a long time since we’ve had a lively dog operation.’

    Those who have known me so far will know.

    I’m so good at causing a big mess.

    “There will be a big event in the near future. I think we can make a big mess then.”

    “No way…the big event?”

    “Yes, that’s right.”

    Orlean, who understood what I meant, shut his mouth.

    He had a personality that wouldn’t budge even if the whole world collapsed. However, he couldn’t hide his perplexity this time.

    It was a natural reaction.

    Because the plan I’m trying to carry out now is…

    “I’m going to make a big event at my wedding with Your Majesty. To the point where everyone will lose their soul.”

    It was the ‘wedding ceremony’ operation!

    I spoke confidently.

    “All eyes will be on the Imperial Palace as it will be our wedding, the next Emperor and Empress of the Empire. If we let go of the big event, we’ll be able to make enough room for His Majesty the Crown Prince to escape.”

    Thus, the wedding ceremony operation, which will go down in the history of the Imperial family, was decided.

    Right by my hands, the new bride.


    I immediately began to prepare for the wedding ceremony.

    ‘The day of the wedding is two months from now. We have plenty of time to prepare.’

    Fildeheim will not be executed before the wedding. Originally, it was a principle to avoid extreme punishment before a national celebration.

    I started to make the necessary arrangements with ease.

    The first was the wedding venue.

    “We should hold a wedding as luxurious and grand as possible.”

    Originally, I was thinking of having a small wedding under the pretext of chronic disease because of my annoyance.

    But things have changed now. In order to create the noisiest mess, the wedding had to be luxurious and grand.

    “Okay, considering our status, it’s right to have a grand wedding. We will prepare a grander and more spectacular ceremony than any other wedding in the world.”

    Orlean, who quietly nodded, suddenly asked about my thoughts.

    “But would that be okay?”

    “Yes? What?”

    “To carry out this operation, our wedding must be ruined…”

    I smiled at his concern.

    “It’s just a wedding ceremony. It doesn’t matter.”

    That’s right. It wasn’t just once or twice have I been married, anyway.

    To be honest, I’ve done it until I got tired of it, so I didn’t feel that bad at all.

    “…I see.”

    But why?

    Orlean’s voice became a bit heavy after hearing my answer.

    Not only his voice but also the surrounding atmosphere seems to have subsided.

    ‘Oh, I made a mistake.’

    I immediately realized what I had done wrong.

    For me, there’s nothing special about this wedding. But that’s not the case for Orlean, because it will be his first and last wedding.

    It’s very meaningful, but I’ve only thought about it and decided everything from my standpoint.

    I acknowledged my mistake and expressed my apologies to him.

    “I’m sorry. I don’t think I’ve been considerate of Your Majesty’s feelings. If you don’t want to cause any problems with our wedding, I’ll think about another way.”

    But he shook his head.

    “It’s not that I feel bad because of the wedding. Of course, I’m not very happy to cause trouble at the wedding ceremony where I will share my lifetime covenant with you, but the wedding itself will not be canceled. It’s for my brother. So I can bear that much.”


    Why would you feel bad if it wasn’t for the wedding?

    Orlean just shut his mouth and wouldn’t say the reason.

    I had a strange look on my face because it wasn’t his usual self.

    “Your Majesty? Please tell me why you’re offended. I apologize if I did anything wrong.”

    In the end, Orlean sighed deeply.

    “It’s not that you’re in the wrong, and I don’t feel offended. Actually, the problem lies with me.”

    “What do you mean?”

    Orlean smiled bitterly.

    “Thinking that this marriage is not your first, it suddenly reminded me of your previous relationships.”

    I shut my mouth when I realized why he felt down.

    This is not my first marriage. In other words, it means that I had been married to many people before.

    “Yes, I know this is petty jealousy. I know that you’re only looking at me right now.”

    “Your Majesty.”

    “But is it because my feelings for you are so deep? I can’t help but feel upset. I’m sorry.”

    I shook my head and approached him.

    Then I reached out my arms, grabbed his neck, and made him look straight at me.

    “I’m telling you. Your Majesty is different from the people I’ve met before. You’re the most special person I’ve ever met. “

    Orlean smiled openly at my words.

    “I see. Thank you.”

    “For real, those are not empty words. Look into my eyes.”

    His golden eyes looked straight at my bright red eyes.

    Looking directly into the Eyes of the Beholder, I spoke with all my heart again.

    “Your Majesty is special to me. More than anyone else in the world. No matter how many relationships I’ve had, nothing’s more as special as Your Majesty.”

    Those weren’t empty words.

    Orlean is more special and precious to me than any other of my past relationships.

    It seems that Orlean realized through the Eyes of the Beholder that my words were not false.

    The bitterness disappeared from his eyes, and it was filled with warmth again.

    “Thank you, but you know what? You’re not something that I can express with only the word “special.” You’re the only one in my world.”

    The word ‘special’ means to be the most precious one among any other objects.

    However, Orlean is confessing that there’s no other existence in his heart. Nothing but me.


    His lips covered mine.

    The kiss that seemed to devour everything about me.

    After giving up myself to his kisses, suddenly I found myself already lying on the bed.

    Under him, trapped in both of his arms.

    “Your Majesty?”

    ‘What? It shouldn’t be like this?’ The thought passed in my mind, but it was already too late.

    As if he had no intention of running away, he gently stimulated my neck with his lips.

    The moment I breathed in at the intense stimulus as if I had burned myself, he whispered.

    “Actually, it doesn’t matter if you have those past relationships.”

    His eyes were filled with deep longing and desire to monopolize.

    “In the future, I will make sure you’ll only think of me.”

    Again, his lips began to reach all over my lips.

    “To do that, I will imprint myself on everything about you.”

    As if making a mark, an intense kiss continued again.

    The kiss, which began like that, soon became a fierce fire and started to burn me.

    As he said, he would imprint himself on everything about me. Hotly and intensely.

    A deep and long night followed.


    The next day, I thought after waking up blankly from the bed.

    ‘…I’m sure last night was revenge.’

    Last night, I remembered making love with him.

    He tormented me even worse than usual.

    He was meticulous and persistent as if he was going to make even the tips of my hair that belong to him.

    It was so intense that it was hard to bear. Also, it was clear that he was trying to avenge his feelings that had been hurt by jealousy.

    “Why are you looking at me like that?”

    However, Orlean had a nonchalant face as if he had never done anything.

    “… It’s nothing.”

    I sighed and shook my head.

    From now on, I thought I should be careful not to disturb his jealousy as much as possible. If I provoked him twice, I don’t think I’d be left with a body.

    Anyway, that’s how it went, and I prepared for the next step.

    I’m going to look for an actor who can mess with me at my wedding.

    Of course, it wasn’t easy, but fortunately, there was a perfect person around us.

    “Ackk! You want me to do that?”

    A blue-haired young man jumped up after hearing our story.

    The Sixth Prince Izakiel, I chose him as the main character of my wedding operation.

    There was only one reason.

    ‘Because he’s from the same royal family, he won’t be punished for an accident.’

    It was a simple reason, but it was very important.

    It was the wedding of the prior Emperor and Empress of the Empire, so if an ordinary person did the disturbance, he could have been executed.

    Therefore, it should be someone who can be safe even after causing a disruption. And the only person around us who fits that role perfectly was the Sixth Prince, Izakiel.

    But Izakiel shook his head as if he would never agree to it.

    “What kind of nonsense is that? I would never!”

    At his firm rejection, I crossed my arms and worried.

    ‘How can I convince him?’

    It wasn’t easy.

    Because even if it were me, I would also never do it.

    Then Orlean spoke lowly.

    “Please help me for my older brother.”


    Izakiel kept his mouth shut when he heard the word ‘older brother.’

    Countless conflicting emotions passed by in his eyes.

    For Izakiel, Fildeheim was an enemy. But it was hard to hate him.

    After a long silence, he finally opened his mouth.

    “…One year.”


    “I have to commit such a terrible accident, so please guarantee me a vacation for at least one year after graduation. Not less than half a year. It’s definitely more than a year!”

    Orlean lifted the corners of his mouth.

    “I understand, I guarantee you exactly one year.”

    “You can’t say anything else after you said you’d guarantee a year! I’ll take a year off no matter what!”

    “Yes. Have you ever seen me lie?”

    “…Didn’t you do it a lot? You’ve done it a few times when you said you’d let me have a vacation.”

    Izakiel grumbled endlessly.

    “No, it’s not just the assurance of my vacation. Please do me a favor, too.”

    “What is it?”

    Izakiel looked at me earnestly.

    “Please introduce me to a Lady!”

    “Uh-huh. What will I do when I go on a vacation? I don’t even have a lady to spend my time together. Please introduce me to a lady!”

    From the side, the Fourth Prince added a word.

    “For reference, Izakiel’s single since birth.”

    I nodded with a puzzled look.

    “…I will try my best.”

    Anyway, just like that, he succeeded in recruiting Izakiel.

    Of course, Izakiel alone wasn’t enough, so I also sought other actors.

    The next target for recruitment was the people in the far Central Region.


    The Kairman Kingdom in the Central Region.

    Among them, in a place that was formerly the Southern Ten Kingdoms, a beautiful man with a restrained impression was confused.

    “…Have you received the letter, Your Majesty?”

    Likewise, a handsome man nodded with a puzzled look.

    “I did receive it. But what is this…”

    The two were Visner and Rou.

    They looked confused when they saw the letter delivered to them.

    “…Can you help ruin the wedding?”

    They looked suspicious whether what they read was correct.

    However, no matter how many times he checked, it was Rubia’s handwriting.

    “Just in case, I contacted Princess Rubia through the magic communication circle. She said that it was the correct letter.”

    “…I see.”

    “What are you going to do, Your Majesty?”

    Visner, who was appointed as the new Governor of the Southern Ten Kingdoms and was working hard for the people, stroked his chin.

    “It’s an absurd request…but it’s something that Princess Rubia herself asked. She wouldn’t have made this request for no reason.”

    Rou nodded at those words.


    Like a fairy that came out of a painting, she is extremely beautiful and indescribable, yet she possesses a deeper mind and soul than anyone else.

    There must be a reason why she asked for this kind of favor.

    “And it’s also a slightly tempting request.”

    Visner smiled softly.

    In fact, he was greatly discouraged when he heard of her wedding.

    It’s because he still hasn’t been able to let her go from his heart.

    But he can’t believe she wants to ruin the wedding like this. To be honest, he kind of wanted it.

    When you hear the news of your loved one’s marriage, aren’t there some times when you feel upset and want to ruin the wedding?

    Of course, it just a light idea that pops up in his mind, and he did not take it seriously. But the story changes when the person concerned asks for it herself.

    ‘I’ve never imagined that a day would come when I’ll attend my love one’s wedding and play a game.’

    Anyway, this would be helpful for her. She asked for this herself.

    Visner accepted her request and decided to help her create a mess.


    As I prepared each of the necessary things for the operation, I did the most important thing.

    ‘I need to complete the blessing spell to hide the Crown Prince from the pursuit of the tower.’

    Among the blessing magic, what I’m trying to unfold is the “Spell of the Refuge.”


    In the past, it was a place that existed in ancient times where people who committed deadly crimes, such as murder, escapes without it inquiring about their crimes.

    There were several reasons why such a bizarre purposeful place existed. To save those who had unintentionally committed crimes, and give the wicked a last chance to atone.

    And now, the “Spell of the Refuge” I am trying to unfold was blessing magic that, as its name suggests, allows the guilty to escape from the pursuit and completely hide from the world.

    It’s a spell that is several times higher than the magic of simply hiding the trace, but once activated, the subject can completely hide from the pursuit of the world.

    However, as much as its great effects, the requirements to unleash this magic was also great. One of which is that it can only be used for those who have committed a great sin and are repentant, and the other one was the mana requirement.

    ‘This is one of the ultimate spells of the Magic era. The same as Wish.’

    That’s why I had to put all my energy into completing this spell.

    If it were me during my reign as the King, I could have unfolded it in a heartbeat. But now I can only use the magic of a beginner wizard, so I had no choice but to gather my mana day by day to complete the spell.

    For almost two months, I worked hard to gather sand and build a castle.

    ‘Oh…it’s really hard.’

    I was exhausted and drooped on the bed.

    It was difficult to complete the ultimate spell with mana as big as a bean. I felt like I was going to die.

    Because of that, I really ended up becoming a sickly princess, lying in bed all day.

    Time went by quickly, and unbelievably, the wedding day was just around the corner.

    Having barely completed the spell in time, I pulled out a brilliant green necklace.

    With this artifact engraved with the Spell of the Refuge, I immediately went to the Crown Prince to hand over the necklace.


    “It’s the Spell…of the Refuge? There was an artifact with such a legendary blessing spell?”

    As a Mage, the ninth-ranked in the hierarchy of the tower, the Crown Prince seemed to know about the Spell of the Refuge.

    “Yes, it was secretly handed down to our Luxen family. It’s an artifact that Hostia made herself.”

    Well, I’m not lying at all.

    It’s true that Hostia made it.

    “At my wedding, you’ll have a chance to escape from this place. Then, you can wear this necklace around your neck and escape from the Palace.”

    Then I gave him a rough idea about the plan.

    The Crown Prince remained silent for a long time and spoke in a heavy voice.

    “…How come?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Why are you doing this for me?”

    His voice shook faintly.

    “If this is because I saved your life, then you don’t have to worry about it. I told you before, but I just did it because I wanted to.”

    “It wasn’t because of what happened then.”

    I spoke casually.

    “Didn’t I say that last time? I don’t want to see Your Majesty die.”


    “That’s why I’m stepping forward. I’m just doing it because I want to, so don’t worry.”

    Fildeheim clenched his teeth.

    His eyes filled with shame.

    It was not enough that he had fallen miserably, he seemed to be in pain thinking that he had to survive from the sacrifice of the woman he loves.

    “Don’t do that. I’d rather…”

    I shook my head firmly when he tried to say something to change his mind again.

    For the past two months, Filldeheim tried to change his mind several times, so I struggled to persuade him.

    “Isn’t this topic already over? You said you’d follow my will, so please keep your promise.”

    I sighed and held out the necklace to him.

    “Hold this necklace. When the operation begins, you can hang it around your neck and escape out of the Palace with Empress Estelle.”

    In the middle of the chaos, he planned to escape with his mother, Empress Estelle.

    Probably, unless something unexpected happens, it will not be difficult to leave the Imperial Palace.

    However, there was one thing to be careful about.

    “Like with most blessing magic, it takes one condition to fully invoke this Spell of the Refuge.”

    It’s that triggering the condition is necessary.

    It wasn’t that difficult.

    “What is it?”

    “Don’t look back until you’re out of the Imperial Palace.”

    The Crown Prince looked puzzled.

    “Don’t look back?”

    “Yes, that’s it. You should never turn around and look at the Imperial Palace until you are completely out of it.”

    Not looking back meant trying to quit what he had been obsessed with.

    That’s why you should never look back while running away. That was the condition of the spell.

    “Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.”

    I got up from my seat after talking.

    “Then I’ll be on my way.”

    Then before I left the room, the Crown Prince said.

    “…Thank you.”

    I glanced at him.

    “Don’t mention it. I’m telling you, I’m doing it because I want to. So, don’t worry about it.”

    “…How can I not care when it’s you who are trying so hard for me, not just anyone else?”

    I had a bitter smile.

    “If it bothers you, live a happy life after escaping.”

    He kept his mouth shut at my words.

    I stared at him and said slowly.

    “If Your Majesty is happy in the future, I think that alone will satisfy me.”

    Yes, if I could see Fildeheim smiling happily in the future, even if he’s far away.

    I think I’ll be happy enough.


    Finally, the day before the wedding is near.

    There was a lot of work to do, and the most important thing among them was to greet the guests in advance.

    Wedding ceremonies of high-ranking nobles and Royal families were attended by so many guests, that’s why it was impossible to greet each other on the day of the wedding.

    Therefore, it was customary to greet each other the day before the wedding. However, the number of guests was endless because it was our wedding ceremony, considered to be the next emperor and empress.

    Aside from the nobles of the Western Empire, guests came from other small kingdoms of the West, the Southern Empire, the Central Region, and even the Eastern Zhou Empire.

    “…This is tough.”

    I looked as tired as a wet cotton pad at the greeting procession of guests that never ends no matter how many times I receive it.

    ‘Oh, I wouldn’t have had this trouble if it were just an informal wedding.’

    I had some regrets, but it was inevitable because of the wedding ceremony operation.

    “Is it too hard?”

    The Fourth Prince beside me asked anxiously.

    Just when we’re finally alone, I nodded with an exhausted face.

    “Yes, I think I’m going to die. Isn’t it difficult for Your Majesty?”

    “For me, it’s alright.”

    Rather than being exhausted, the Fourth Prince smiled enthusiastically.

    Unlike his usual cold appearance, he looked a little bit excited, so I was puzzled.

    “Even if it’s like that, I can’t feel bad because I’ll be married to you tomorrow.”

    “…Is it that good?”

    “Of course. Aren’t you finally going to be my woman?”

    I felt a little sorry when I heard that.

    Since I was hardly focusing on the wedding because of what was about to happen.

    When things are done, I thought I’d be a little nicer to him.

    “I’m happy that I’ll get married, too.”


    “Yes, I like Your Majesty, too. Hmm… I will try to be a little nicer to Your Majesty after marriage. Of course, I’m lazy so I’m not that confident.”

    In my words, a smile spread on the face of the Fourth Prince.

    It was a smile that felt deep happiness.

    “You don’t have to try to be nice. Just lie down on the bed, eat the delicious food I bring, get the presents I give. Fool around in the bed with me, and sometimes go out for a date. All you have to do is have such a happy time.”

    I smiled.
    “Isn’t it too good of a marriage for me?”

    “Not at all. This is good for me, too.”

    “How come?”

    The Fourth Prince looked at me.

    An infinitely warm and deep feeling flowed through his golden eyes.

    “Whenever I see you happy, I’ll feel as many times happier. So it’s a good thing for me too.”

    He raised his hand and swept my hair flowing down my forehead.

    “As long as you’re with me, I want you to be happy forever. If you can be happy like that, I have nothing more to wish for.”

    Then his lips touched my forehead.

    It was a light, but deeply warm kiss.

    Rather than being provocative, the ticklish feeling of happiness filled my heart.

    ‘This marriage. It might be better than I thought.’

    It suddenly occurred to me.

    Yes, my marriage with him will surely be happy. I was convinced.

    I wanted to finish everything quickly and have a lazy marriage life with him.

    “But do I have a tantalizing forehead?”


    “If you’re going to kiss me, do it right. Is my forehead the end of it?”

    Orlean’s eyes slightly widened.

    Soon, he smiled deeply. I regretted that I have provoked him because it was a somewhat dangerous smile unlike before.

    But it was true that the kiss on the forehead was tantalizing, so I waited for his kiss.


    His lips slowly approached mine, and I closed my eyes gently.

    Right before the kiss.

    In the distance where our breath mixes. When my nerves were on the verge of an unknown tension, suddenly, guests came in!

    “I see Your Majesty the Fourth Prince. Rubia, are you preparing well for the wedding…!”

    The guests who suddenly came in were surprised by the sight of our kissing scene and stopped talking as they stiffened.

    They were the Grand Duke Zodiac, Viscount Sven, and the other family members!

    The embarrassing situation happened when they suddenly came when the Fourth Prince and I are about to kiss!

    “…You are here, Your Majesty the Grand Duke Zodiac.”



    There was a moment of silence.

    I wondered if it was because they saw such a hot scene that their faces flushed red, but I quickly noticed that that wasn’t the case.

    Rather than understanding, they were looking at the Fourth Prince with the gaze of seeing something like a thief… In other words, it was a gaze of disapproval and that they have judged him wrongly.

    The Fourth Prince also noticed and coughed awkwardly.

    “Thank you for coming from such a long way, Your Majesty the Grand Duke”

    “… It’s nothing.”

    The Grand Duke only answered briefly.

    Originally, he was a Duke with a cold personality, but for some reason, it seems that a colder atmosphere was circulating around him today.

    Seeing the Grand Duke’s appearance reminded me of what he said in the Duchy not long ago.

    [Rubia, if you are not willing, it doesn’t matter if you postpone the marriage. You don’t have to proceed so abruptly.]

    In the eyes of the Grand Duke, who had said so, there were complex emotions that were hard to explain.

    Surprisingly, the Grand Duke was disappointed that I will be married soon. He seemed to want me to stay in his arms more if possible.

    I don’t feel bad for some reason, so I smiled calmly.

    “Will you come here often even if I get married, father?”

    The Grand Duke Zodiac looked slightly surprised when I called him ‘Father.’

    Because I always addressed him with his title as ‘Your Majesty,’ I don’t call him ‘Father.’

    A ray of warm breeze penetrated his cold mouth.

    “I’ll come to visit you often. If you’re sick and tired of living in the Palace, you can always come to rest in our family. Never forget that there’s this father, and the Luxen family behind you.”

    Even after the Grand Duke Zodiac and Viscount Sven left, several people visited us.

    There were so many people who visited that I couldn’t tell who was who. There were also people whom I glad to see.

    “Congratulations, Your Highness the Princess!”

    The children from ‘Rusacle’ who stayed with me when I attended the Lynette Academy.

    It was the bad knight Mule, Millia of the theater ministry, Mevie the bookworm, and Janet the pink girl!

    Everyone came in full force to congratulate me.

    “Yes, thank you for coming. How are you all doing in the Academy?”

    I asked with a smile because I was happy.

    Maybe it’s because I’ve had such a spectacular time? My days at the Academy felt like a very distant past.

    “Kuhukk, Your Highness! You’re getting married! Congratulations!”

    Mule even cried out in tears.

    He looked emotional as if his ex-lover was getting married.

    ‘No, why is he overreacting at someone else’s wedding?’

    I thought with a puzzled mind.

    Mule spoke with a grim expression.

    “Your Highness, I have made up my mind when I heard about your marriage.”

    “What is it?”

    “After graduating from the Academy, I will definitely join the Imperial Guard and stand by Your Highness’s side!”

    “No, you don’t have to do that…”

    I shook my head in perplexity.

    However, not only Mule but the other children also expressed their aspirations.

    “I will also try my best to get in the Imperial Opera Company.”

    “I’m thinking of applying to the Imperial Administration.”

    Milia, who dreams of becoming an actress, and Mevie, who dreams of succeeding in life, said so.

    “E-Ehem! If you need me, I’ll be Your Highness’s exclusive lady-in-waiting! Of course, I don’t care if you don’t want to.”

    Even the pink girl, Janet, said she could be my lady-in-waiting.

    For reference, a lady-in-waiting is completely different from a maid who does chores. It refers to those who act as a secretary and companion, that takes care of other tasks.

    Therefore, the ladies-in-waiting were likewise aristocrats. In particular, all of the ladies-in-wairing of Royalties comprised of high-ranking nobles.

    Janet, who has helped me as the former student’s Vice Representative, would be the best-dedicated lady-in-waiting for me.

    “You guys, really?”

    I expressed my doubts while listening to them.

    Milia nodded as if representing all of them.

    “Yes, Your Highness. We’re thinking of rebuilding the Rusacle in the Imperial Palace later.”


    These kids are thinking of recreating that ridiculous club again at the Imperial Palace!

    “N-No…you don’t have to.”

    I shook my head in embarrassment, but they were excited and chatted about the recreation of Rusacle in the Imperial Palace.

    ‘The Imperial Palace is not a playground. Don’t be like that.’

    I was nervous after the children left.

    With the formation of a new Rusacle in the Imperial Palace, a large number of members will be added, and… Such a terrible thing will not happen. Never

    Then Orlean said.

    “Everyone likes you a lot.”

    I agreed.

    “Yes, they’re good children.”

    I feel much better because I met the children. Being congratulated loudly made me feel like a new bride.

    Time went by, and soon after, the long-awaited wedding came.


    The people of the Western Empire saw the dawn rising with a fluttering face.

    “Today’s finally the wedding day.”

    “I know right. I hope the wedding will be over soon, and the Crown Prince will be rebuked.”

    “Since His Majesty, the Fourth Prince has the Emperor’s Eyes, he will surely be an outstanding ruler.”

    Orlean was surprisingly well supported by the people.

    Because there has never been a time in history when an Emperor, who possesses the Emperor’s Eyes, failed to exert superior governance.

    The people had no doubt that Orlean will be a great ruler.

    “I heard his marriage partner, Princess Rubia, is also an outstanding person?”


    “Yeah, I heard that she has the highest score in the history of Lynette Academy, and they made a huge contribution to the Kairman Kingdom last time.”

    The people were happy when they said that.

    “Well, they’re a blessing to our Empire. I hope today’s wedding will end well, and I wish for them to have a happy marriage.”

    “It starts at noon, right?”

    “Yes, they say it’ll take place in the Emerald Garden at the outskirts of the Imperial Palace.”

    The Emerald Garden was a royal garden located on the outskirts of the Imperial Palace.

    It is as spacious as the square and beautifully decorated as if it were from heaven, making it a suitable place for an outdoor event. It is often used by the Royal family for large events.

    “I think most of the nobles are already in the garden.”

    “Then let’s go to Royal Road and stand by.”

    Royal Road.

    It was the street between the Imperial Palace and the Emerald Garden, where the main characters walked if there were big events in the Emerald Garden, such as coronations and weddings.

    Today, the new bride, Princess Rubia, is going to ride a carriage through that road.

    “Let’s go and take a look. We won’t have a place to stand if we’re late.”

    The people who were talking flocked in the Royal Road to pray for blessings to the new bride.

    There was already a large crowd on both sides of the Royal Road.

    “Will the carriage pass soon?”

    “Yes, let’s wait a little bit more.”

    The people waited with anticipation for the golden carriage carrying the bride to arrive.

    Everyone was holding a basket full of flowers in their hands, and when the carriage passed, they were supposed to sprinkle them on the road as a sign of blessing.

    “I can’t wait to see her.”

    “I know. It was said that she’s as beautiful as a fairy in a painting.”

    So the people were waiting for the new bride’s carriage.

    Then, one strange thing happened.

    No matter how long they waited, the carriage carrying the bride doesn’t seem to appear!

    At first, they waited to see if it was just a little late, but when the ceremony came at noon, people were confused and chattered.

    “What? It’s almost noon.”

    “Have it arrived at the Emerald Garden in advance?”

    But they didn’t think so.

    The knights of the Imperial Guard, who controlled the crowds on both sides of the street, were also confused.

    “Did you contact the Imperial Palace? Why hasn’t the carriage arrived yet?”


    “Come on, check it! The ceremony will begin soon.”

    If the bride did not arrive by noon, it will be a major incident.

    They didn’t know, but it will go down in the history of the Imperial Family. The first Empress in history to be late for a wedding.

    “V-Vice Captain!”

    At that time, a knight rushed urgently while shouting.

    His pale face made them feel that something big had happened.

    “There’s a big problem!”

    The knight shouted in a voice that seemed to burst.

    “Princess Rubia has been kidnapped!”


    The Vice-Captain was in a daze.

    What did he just say?

    “A mysterious man appeared in the palace and kidnapped Princess Rubia!”


    The Imperial Guard’s face turned pale.

    “What nonsense!”

    On the day of the wedding, the bride, which is supposed to be the next Empress, was kidnapped!

    Something that should never happen has happened.

    “This is not the time to stand guard. All the Imperial Guards will follow me! We must save Her Highness the Princess!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    The entire palace was covered with confusion due to the sudden abduction.

    All soldiers, including the Imperial Guards, as well as the Guards defending the capital, and the security zone, ran around to save the kidnapped princess.

    But what a clever move the kidnapper has, no matter how hard they search, they couldn’t even find the tip of his nose.

    At the kidnapping scene, only one memo, presumed to have been left by the kidnapper, could be found.

    -I’m against this marriage! Princess Rubia will be Izakiel’s woman!



    The Knights of the Imperial Guard saw the memo and fell into silence.

    “…To think that His Majesty the Fourth Prince and the Sixth Prince were in a love triangle. I didn’t know.”

    The head of the Imperial Guard, Count Gilhelm, said.

    “Then, is this kidnapping caused by being blinded by love?”

    “…I think so.”

    They were flustered, but they couldn’t let go of the fact that the kidnapper was the Sixth Prince, Izakiel.

    “Anyway, it’s not too late. He couldn’t have gone far. We have to catch him as soon as possible and stop the wedding from being canceled.”

    The Knights nodded firmly at the words of their commander.

    “Yes, sir!”

    Just then, a knight discovered the traces of Izakiel and shouted.

    “Here it is! The traces of His Majesty Izakiel are leading to the basement of the Imperial Palace!”

    At those words, the knights’ eyes sparkled.

    “The Imperial Palace’s basement. It will be a little hard, but we’ll find it soon.”

    The Imperial Palace had numerous underground facilities.

    It was a facility that has existed since the Magic era, connected like a maze, and is suitable for hiding. But in the end, those who hide there were only rats in a jar.

    If the Imperial Guards have decided and started to search, it will only take an hour for them to catch the tail.

    “The Imperial Guards will enter the basement of the Imperial Palace! Everyone, leave only the minimum number of people to stand on guard! Before the wedding is canceled, we must save the princess!”

    As such, the Imperial guards rushed into the basement of the Imperial Palace.

    With the absence of such a large number of knights, there was a temporary space at the border of the Imperial Palace. However, it was inevitable.

    “Hurry as fast as possible! We have to find him in an hour!”

    “Yes, sir!”

    While everyone was looking for Princess Rubia, the target of the search was…

    Drinking comfortably in the basement of the Imperial Palace.


    “Ahhhhh! Shit! I’m screwed!”

    The blue-haired young man, Izakiel, was jumping around with his hand wrapped around his head.

    “Why did I fall for my brother’s trick and did this crazy thing! Arghhh!”

    He cried out in agony as if what he had done was not acceptable.

    Wasn’t it too much?

    To kidnap someone out of love in broad daylight. And it was his sister-in-law, too.

    It won’t just go down as a dark history of the Empire. It will be talked about as an Imperial secret.

    I felt a little sorry, so I said in a mixed voice.

    “Um…you won’t get much punishment, though. You didn’t mean anything bad. It’s just that you couldn’t control your overflowing love, so I’m sure they’ll take it into consideration.”

    “Ahhhh! What are you saying now?!”

    “Well, honestly, don’t I look pretty? This kind of beauty is enough to cause the downfall of a country. So the people will understand.”

    I said it in a way the will comfort him, but he didn’t seem comforted at all.

    “Ahhhh! I’m not even interested in my sister-in-law!”

    “I hate my sister-in-law! I hate my brother too! I will hate you both forever!”

    Izakiel suffered endlessly as if burrowing the ground.

    ‘Well, I’m sorry. I should be nice to you later. I’ll make sure to look for your blind date.’

    In fact, it’s natural for Izakiel to react like this.

    It leaves a much worse dark history than being drunk at the top of the Imperial Palace and creating a big mess.

    Izakiel only calmed down after a long time of tearing his head off.

    “…I even did this, so big brother will be able to escape well, right?”

    “Yes, I’m sure he’s getting out of the palace now, taking advantage of the commotion.”

    I nodded my head.

    There will be a gap in the security of the border, so he will be able to escape in the Imperial Palace without difficulty. Orlean will also help him secretly.

    “But, getting out of the Imperial Palace is not the end of it, right? To get to the Warp Gate, they have to go through the city. Will they be okay? They have to avoid the eyes of the Imperial Guards and knights.”

    I grinned at his concern.

    “The Imperial Guards and knights will not care about His Majesty the Crown Prince.”

    “What? What do you mean?”

    Izakiel’s eyes widened.

    ‘What kind of conspiracy is sister-in-law planning?’ That’s what his expression says.

    “The knights guarding the city will soon be extremely busy.”

    I spoke meaningfully.

    It was the beginning of the second phase of the wedding ceremony operation.


    As she said, another major accident was happening in the Imperial City.

    Whing! Pang!

    Whing! Pang pang!

    “What is this?”

    “Magic fireworks! The fireworks went off!”

    Suddenly, fireworks exploded into the air.

    “What’s with the sudden fireworks? Did they fired it by mistake?”

    Viscount Lexington, the captain of the knights guarding the Imperial City, frowned.

    “Maybe they accidentally fired the fireworks that were going to be used for the evening festival.”

    “Anyway, those wizard jerks. Going around pretending to be smart, then making such a stupid mistake.”

    He clicked his tongue like that, but it quickly turned out that it wasn’t a mistake. This phrase was drawn in the air where the fireworks exploded:

    —I’m against this marriage!


    Viscount Lexington fell into silence.

    He was busy thinking that he might have seen it wrong.

    But it wasn’t.

    The magic fluorescent text was drawn in the air even though it was broad daylight.

    “…What are you against with?”

    Even when he looked closely, there was this writing on the bottom:

    —The man who loves Princess Rubia

    “…Am I looking at the right thing?”

    Viscount Lexington murmured blankly.

    It was so ridiculous. He felt like looking at nothing.

    Then, the sound of fireworks rang out again.

    This was the phrase this time:

    —Your Highness Princess Rubia, I love you!

    Only then did Viscount Lexington come to his senses and shouted.

    “This crazy! What kind of man is he? Get him! Right now!”

    But that wasn’t the end.

    Soon, magic fireworks exploded in succession all over the city.

    Crazy phrases such as; “I’m against this Marriage!” And, “Your Highness Princess Rubia, please marry me!” They were all embroidered in the sky of the Imperial city.

    Naturally, the entire city was turned upside down. The knights and the Imperial Guards went out to catch the man behind the scenes.

    However, contrary to their expectations that they would be able to arrest him soon, it was hard to even grasp the suspect’s tail. The reason was simple.

    This is because the culprit was a superhuman Sword Master who went beyond human limits.


    The strongest knight in the Central Region, also nicknamed ‘Rou,’ was blowing the fireworks all over the Imperial City.

    With his lord, Crown Prince Visbaden.


    “…Are you sure you don’t mind doing this, Your Majesty?”

    Rou looked up at the sky with a shaky face.

    The air was dyed red with the fireworks containing the phrase, “Your Highness Princess Rubia, I love you!”

    “Umm…to be honest, this is a little bit…”

    Visbaden also had a slightly perplexed look on his face. He did the job at Rubia’s request, but it seemed that he had caused a very serious incident.

    Soon he shook his head with a stiff face.

    “But it’s still a request from Her Highness Rubia herself. I can do anything if it will help her.”

    Rou sighed at his answer.

    When it comes to her, Visbaden often seems to lose his usual intelligence.

    ‘Well, I also have the same desire to help her.’

    Rubia was a benefactor of the Kingdom of Kairman. She also helped changed Rou’s mind. It allowed him to live a life for the Southern Ten Kingdoms.

    Considering the grace she had given to the Kairman Kingdom, this request was actually not a big deal. And Rou was just beyond grateful. Without realizing it, he felt like Rubia somehow became a special existence to him.

    It’s impossible, but when he saw her, he thought that Catherine—whom he valued more than his life—came back to life. So Rou had no complaints about doing things for her.

    However, this request was so strange that he felt reluctant to do it.

    “The knights and Imperial Guards will be here soon. Let’s go.”


    If they stay in one place, their tail will be caught in no time.

    Robinson and Visner hid in a complex alleyway.

    Fortunately, the Imperial City is an ancient capital city with a thousand-year history, so it was not difficult to hide, as the alleys stretched like spider webs.

    They fired magic fireworks endlessly into the air, flashing here and there while they run in the maze-like alleyway.

    —I love you, Your Highness the Princess!

    —I’m against this marriage!

    —Orlean is a woman stealer!

    —Orlean, you bastard!

    “Hold him! Hold him down!”

    The Imperial City was in a complete state of panic at the insane phrases in the air. The knights and Imperial Guards roamed their gazes all over and chased after them.


    Robinson glanced at Visbaden when he saw the phrase ‘Olean, you bastard!’

    “Your Majesty.”

    “What’s the matter, Count?”

    “Are you perhaps, enjoying this situation?”

    “N-No, I have no choice but to do this for Her Highness Princess Rubia.”


    Robinson looked at him suspiciously.

    Wasn’t the phrase swearing at Orlean not included in the plan? When did he put it in? For some reason, Visbaden’s face has a hint of self-interest.

    “…Anyway, let’s move on to the next location.”

    What Rubia asked them to do was to make a fuss for about an hour.

    After causing as much chaos as possible during that time, they planned to flee using the space movement magic with the wizards of the Kairman Kingdom, who were waiting for them in advance.

    With so many fireworks embroidered in the air, the Imperial City fell into an ordeal of chaos.


    At that time when the Imperial Palace and City were in chaos.

    Something surprising was happening at the prison tower deep inside the Palace.

    “Come on out, brother.”

    The door opened to the room where the Crown Prince Fildeheim was imprisoned. At the hands of the Fourth Prince Orlean, who were silent.


    Fildeheim looked at Orlean with complex emotions in his eyes. He seemed to be feeling a flurry of indescribable emotions. It was the same for Orlean that felt complicated.

    Memories of fighting for the throne passed through their minds.

    Eventually, one was defeated and forced to flee, while the other was helping the loser escape. It was an alarming situation.
    “Head straight to the library dedicated to the Imperial Family, the Void Records. I’ve written the map down in advance, so if you go through the route I gave you, you won’t get caught.”

    “…After going to the void?”

    “In the Void, there’s a secret passage that leads to the east of the city. Use that passage.”

    Fildeheim looked slightly surprised. It was the first time that the Crown Prince heard of the secret passage in the Void.

    It was the same for Orlean. He didn’t know at first. He just learned about it from Rubia, the original owner of the palace.

    “As you may know, the moment you leave this tower, the wizards will immediately notice brother’s escape.”

    “Of course, I do. I have all kinds of tracking spells on my body right now.”

    Fildeheim nodded.

    “Still, they won’t be able to track down your specific location because of the spell brother has on your necklace.”

    At those words, Fildeheim looked at the brilliant green necklace.

    When he saw the necklace that Rubia had handed him, Fildeheim’s heart ached unknowingly.

    If he escaped from the palace now, it would result in eternal separation from her. When he thought so, Fildeheim felt stuffy, but he couldn’t help it.

    Because she desperately wants him to survive. He must escape this palace alive for her sake.

    “With that necklace, you won’t be caught by the guards.”

    After a brief conversation, they came down to the entrance of the tower.

    A woman, wrapped in a robe, was waiting for him.

    “Your Majesty.”

    It was Empress Estelle.

    She came here to escape with her son.

    Feeling nervous, she bit her lips with a pale face.

    “I-I’m all set, Your Majesty.”

    Fildeheim sighed deeply.

    As an empress, she was a mother who had lived upright without committing any crimes. But because of him, she will become a fugitive. A feeling of shame and sadness arose within him.

    “I’m sorry, Mother.”

    “No, Your Majesty. Don’t say that.”

    Estelle shook her head and grabbed her son’s hand with her skinny hands.

    “I’ve never had the slightest lingering attachment to this cursed palace. All I need is Your Majesty. So let’s get out of this scary Imperial Palace.”

    He looked into his mother’s eyes for a moment. Blue eyes, resembling Fildeheim’s, were shaking with worries for him.

    She didn’t care about being a fugitive at all, she was just thinking about saving her son’s life.


    Fildeheim clenched his fist.

    In fact, he still didn’t want to run away.

    However, he was struggling to make up his mind because of his mother and Rubia who thought about him.

    ‘Now the battle for the throne is over. I lost. Admit it already.’

    Fildeheim forced himself to mumbled inside and bit his lips.


    When Orlean called him with a curious look, Fildeheim shook his head.


    Then he looked at Orlean just before leaving the prison tower with Estelle.



    “…Thank you for taking care of me in many ways.”

    Orlean was silent for a while, then he shook his head.

    “It’s nothing. As brother said, aren’t we brothers?”


    Fildeheim and Estelle moved along the path that Orlean told them.

    Due to the sudden kidnapping of the future Empress, the palace’s boundaries were full of gaps, unlike the usual.

    Moreover, since Orleans had them hidden from sight, they were able to reach their destination without being noticed by anyone.

    -At the Void


    Fildeheim gulped as he looked at the large iron gate in the underground corner of the palace.

    It was a plain iron door with no decorations, but he could feel enormous pressure when he saw it.

    He couldn’t help feeling like that.

    Because this place was a mysterious secret where many truths of the world were recorded.

    “T-This place is the Void.”

    Empress Estelle also looked very nervous.

    There was a magic spell around the entrance to the Void Records, allowing only those named under the family tree of the Imperial Family to enter.

    Even if she is not necessarily a blood relative, the Empress officially becomes a member of the Royal family, so she is eligible to enter.

    However, she has never visited the Void Records before.

    This is because it was not a place you can simply visit out of curiosity as it consumes a considerable amount of energy just by getting close to it.

    “Yes, let’s go. Hold my hand.”

    Empress Estelle held onto Fildeheim’s hand as if she would never let go.

    Soon, their bodies moved into the Void as if they were being sucked in.

    After experiencing a little dizziness, they blinked their eyes, and the mysterious appearance of the Void came into their sight.

    It was a white space.

    Unlike what they saw outside the door, there was an infinitely wide space distortion, and the books that emitted a transparent light were floating in the air.

    ‘It’s been a while.’

    Fildeheim looked at the books floating in the air as if he was possessed.

    He’s been here a lot in the past. Just because he liked this mysterious library.

    ‘Search, royal studies.’

    Fildeheim thought about the royal studies.

    Then something unexpected happened. Transparent books were listed in front of him. Those were books on the study of Imperialism.

    Surprisingly, the Void Records had a system that automatically searches for related content when a person thinks of a certain topic in his mind.

    Of course, most of them were written in unknown codes, so they could not be interpreted except for a very few books. There were also many cases where the search was not possible for various reasons.

    ‘I thought one day this library would be mine.’

    Fildeheim looked bitter at that thought for a moment.

    Was it only the Void Records?

    He loved the Imperial Palace.

    He has cherished and hoped for this beautiful palace called the Garden of Light. He also loved the Imperial City and desperately wanted the entire Empire.

    ‘Damn it.’

    At that time, Estelle called him with an uneasy look on her face.

    “Your Majesty?’

    “It’s nothing. Let’s go on our way.”

    Fildeheim moved on and found the secret passage that Orlean told him.

    It was a secret passage that has a short-distance space movement magic.

    Now they could escape from the palace if they passed through here.

    Fildeheim grabbed his mother’s hand and stepped towards the door.

    But what could he be thinking?

    Before he passed through the door, he captured the image of the Void Records in his eyes for the last time.


    It was for a long time.

    Is it because he has been longing for it so much? He couldn’t take a step away.

    Fildeheim clenched his teeth and shook his head strongly.

    “…We’re gonna go. Hold on tight.”


    Their bodies were covered in light and soon moved to another place.

    ‘Is it the back alley on the eastern side of the Imperial City?’

    Fildeheim quickly identified the surroundings.

    Fortunately, it was not far from the warp gate heading towards the northern provinces.

    ‘What about the guards?’

    Fildeheim carefully examined the atmosphere in the alley.

    By now, they would have discovered that he had escaped from the prison. The pursuit of the wizards can be prevented with the ‘Spell of the Refuge’ embedded on his necklace, but it’s a different story for the guards. They couldn’t help being spotted if they run into them.

    ‘Fortunately, it’s quiet.’

    Originally, the guards would be crawling on every road to catch him, who had escaped from prison, but surprisingly, no guards were on sight.

    This was because a large number of them flocked to the fireworks set off by Rou and Visner.

    ‘We can escape without a big problem.’

    Of course, the chaos will be cleared up shortly, but that brief gap in the security was enough for them to escape. However, Fildeheim soon found out that the real hindrance to their escape was not the presence or absence of the guards.

    It was his regrets that he couldn’t let go.

    The lingering attachments caught his steps endlessly.

    ‘Come to your senses. Look back, and everything will be over.’

    You should never look back if you want to complete the spell.

    He considered that condition insignificant but realized that it wasn’t easy.

    Every step away, the urge to look back captivated him.

    He couldn’t help feeling so.

    When he escapes from the Imperial Palace like this, the throne will disappear from his hands forever.

    He couldn’t help but feel regretful for losing the goal he had longed for his whole life.

    Even now, the urge to return to the Imperial palace and make any reckless attempts soared within him.

    If you lose everything, wouldn’t it be better to struggle for the last time and die instead of living like a soulless doll? That thought haunted him endlessly.

    ‘What are you regretting for? It’s already over!’

    Fildeheim screamed in his heart.

    He knows in his mind. There are many valuable things in the world besides being crowned as the Emperor.

    If he survives somehow, he might find something else that’s meaningful for him in the future.

    However, even though he thought like that, he couldn’t suppress his lingering feelings. The more he tried to restrain it, the more it leaks out, like grabbing water with his bare hands.

    ‘Fuck it.’

    Eventually, Fildeheim shed a tear. It was a hot tear.

    He thought that it would be better to die than to run away after losing everything.

    At that moment, Fildeheim tightly clenched his fist as he recalled her face.


    [So do it for my sake too! Live!]

    Her image passed through his head. Her desperate cry reached his heart again.


    He had a deranged look on his face.

    When her cry came into his mind, he couldn’t give up his life in vain.

    When he dies, she will surely be sad.

    ‘You want me to live for you?’

    His clenched fist trembled.

    Regrets like a ghost dragged him into the pit, but Fildeheim forced himself to move forward. For Rubia.

    Soon after, he succeeded in suppressing his terrible regrets and arrived at the warp gate.

    Thanks to Orlean’s planned efforts, no knights were guarding the area.


    Fildeheim stared blankly at the warp gate.

    It was over.

    If he takes one step forward, he will live a life without any connection to the throne.

    “Ha, ha.”

    He looked up at the sky with empty eyes.


    Why is it? At this moment, he missed her so much.

    He bit his lips and made up his mind firmly. Then he took the Empress by the hand and passed through the warp gate.


    At the last minute, when the mana of the warp gate activated, and the lights poured out, he turned his head.

    Not towards the Imperial Palace, but towards the Emerald garden where Rubia should be right now.

    And he left his last words.

    “…I love you. Really.”

    The two of them disappeared with the light, and only the feelings that he had left were wandering alone.
    (That was a lttle sad:blob_teary:)
    I arrived at the Emerald Garden with Orlean.

    After the kidnapping and fireworks incidents were cleared up, I finally came to marry him.

    “What the hell happened?”

    “The fireworks have stopped now. Was the culprit caught?”

    At the hectic events, the guests murmured with their energy drained.

    To think that there are a kidnapping and chaotic mess on the wedding day. It is also the wedding of the next emperor and empress.

    Everyone was beyond confused and was in a state of panic.

    ‘But it’s all over now.’

    For reference, Izakiel was imprisoned in the prison tower as a punishment for causing a disturbance. Considering that he is a Royalty, he will not be punished very much. Orlean will also use his hands behind the scenes.

    Visner and Rou, who caused the fireworks incident, seemed to have escaped without any problems.

    ‘And…Fildeheim escaped safely.’

    I breathed a sigh of relief in my mind.

    Honestly, I was worried.

    I wondered if he can’t overcome his lingering attachments and decided to look back. Because then, everything will be over.

    In fact, it was not easy not to look back throughout the escape. In particular, those with such aspirations were apt to look back when they couldn’t overcome their regrets.

    Nevertheless, Fildeheim succeeded in suppressing his regrets until the end and escaped safely.

    I thought he had done a great job because I knew how much his desire for the throne had been.

    ‘Well done. Really.’

    Of course, Fildeheim may think that it would be better to die than to give up the throne and live an empty life. Still, I didn’t want to see him die.

    I wanted to see him survive somehow. And even if he is frustrated right now, he will find another precious thing that he will cherish in life in the future and he will become happy.

    “So what happens to the wedding now?”

    “Will it proceed like this?”

    I heard people muttering.

    I turned my head and looked at Knox III, who was sitting high-up in the distance.

    He was frowning heavily under his ornate crown, seemingly displeased to hear that Fildeheim had escaped. I could feel it in his harsh voice, issuing an order to chase after Fildeheim.

    ‘Anyway, he’s so unlikable.’

    I clicked my tongue inside.

    Of course, I couldn’t blame his desire to pursue the evil sinners, but Knox III was not trying to chase Fildeheim with the intention of realizing justice.

    Surefire extermination.

    He was trying to kill Fildeheim so as not to create an unnecessary element of anxiety in the power struggle.

    ‘Well, even if I get married, Knox III won’t be wary of me. I’ll only be lying in bed.’

    I shook my head.

    Anyway, I’m only thinking of lying down after this wedding, and use the chronic illness as an excuse. So I’ll have little interaction with Knox III.

    ‘Yes, it’s finally time to rest. I can’t believe this is happening to me.’

    I was momentarily moved.

    It was over after this wedding.

    I will be able to live the life of the sloth I wanted in my dream.

    From my days at the Lynette Academy to the civil war in the Kairman Kingdom. I remembered that I had gone through all sorts of hardships.

    If Marie knew what I was thinking, she would say, “But you rested a lot in the middle, right?” However, it was still hard work, anyway.

    Now that we’ve managed to make Fildeheim escaped safely, it’s finally time to rest.

    Of course, Shen is still alive, and we should watch over Fildeheim as he lives a new life, but it was a problem that can be solved gradually while taking a rest.

    ‘I’ll be the laziest empress in history.’

    I promise so, but the Minister of the Imperial City approached me.

    “Your Highness, do you mind proceeding with the wedding?”

    He was worried that I might have been shocked by the kidnapping and chaotic incidents.

    “If it’s too much for Your Highness to take, it’s okay to postpone the wedding to another day.”

    If I was a normal lady, I might postpone the wedding. But that does not apply to me. In the first place, all this mess was caused by my conspiracy.

    “No, I’m alright. I want to proceed as it is.”

    “Okay, then we’ll proceed.”

    As soon as the Minister stepped away, Orlean looked at me and said.

    “There’s been a lot of trouble, so if it’s too much, we can postpone it for another day.”

    “…Are you serious? Can I postpone it for about 10 years?”

    I smiled playfully.

    He also smiled.

    “No, you can’t. I just pretended to be considerate. I really want to have you as my woman today.”

    I laughed, then I crossed my arms.

    I leaned forward on his shoulder, then I looked up at him and whispered.

    “So do I. I want to be one with you today. I don’t want to put it off for a single day.”

    Orlean’s eyes were slightly shaken due to my confession.


    He raised his hand and stroked my face.

    It was a soft and warm touch as if touching something precious.


    My name flowed out of his mouth again.

    It seemed to be a mix of deep, hot, and intense call. As if he would never let go of a single moment in the future, the look in his eyes moved me.

    Slowly, his face got closer to mine.

    As if possessed, I watched his lips approaching mine. Then I quickly came to my senses and got away from him.

    “Stop! More than this is after the wedding!”

    Orlean clicked his tongue in regret.

    But what shouldn’t be done, shouldn’t be done. I have to stand at the wedding soon, but a kiss!

    “Okay, then I’ll wait until tonight.”

    Then he lifted the corners of his mouth, a terrifyingly fascinating smile.

    “Finally, today, I can fall asleep looking into your eyes.”

    I was nervous at his words.

    No, man, it’s been a while since we already became one. Of course, it’s the first time today to formally become a couple and become one. But to smile like that, how much does he plan to bully me at night?

    At that time, the Minister came to us again.

    “Let me begin the ceremony, Your Majesty. Please come forward.”

    Orlean nodded and headed for the platform across the colorful carpet. On top of the carpet was an arched bridge crafted from crystals.

    Glistening under the bright sunlight, Orlean seemed to walk through the lights.

    Then, it was my turn.

    “Her Highness Princess Rubia!”

    I held onto the wedding dress and proceeded to the platform.

    The people’s eyes turned towards me. I saw countless people. Those people whose faces I don’t know, and those who are close and familiar to me. They all looked at me with congratulatory eyes.

    But I couldn’t care less about those gazes at all. Only one gaze caught my eyes.


    He was watching me approach that platform.

    It was as if he was asking me to come quickly.

    With eyes as if he was saying that he really wanted to become one with me.

    I tightened my grip on the dress.

    My heart pounded.

    I even felt as if my vision was getting blurry because of the overwhelming emotions.

    A bright light fell on us. Under the brilliant light, we looked at each other as the sparkling radiance surrounded us like blessings.

    -I love you.

    His eyes said so.

    I bit my lips as I saw his clearly conveyed feelings.

    It was so overwhelming that I was afraid to take a step.

    But I didn’t stop and went to him.

    He took my hand.

    Soon, we faced each other and held a ceremony to become one.

    There were numerous procedures as it was a Royal ceremony, but that was not important.

    There’s only one thing that’s important.

    “I now pronounce that the two of you are eternally united.”

    That he and I are finally married.

    So I became one with Orlean.


    Act 5: The Prince’s wife who wants to be lazy


    Some time has passed since then.

    ‘I’ll be the laziest sloth in the world, the Prince’s wife.’

    With this pledge, I tried to stick to my bed right away, but I couldn’t do that.

    This is because there were things that must be done as the Prince’s wife.

    It was to show my face at various celebrations and to greet the elders of the Royal family. In addition, there were many other gatherings I need to attend as the Prince’s wife.

    ‘Oh, it’s annoying.’

    I frowned as I put on my dress, dressing up to the fullest.

    I don’t know how many times have I attended a banquet and a meeting. I thought I was going to die of annoyance.

    “Are you exhausted, My Lady… Ah, no, Your Majesty?”

    Marie, who called me like that as a habit, hurriedly changed her words.

    Well, I didn’t care about the title, so I nodded roughly.

    “Yes, I’m tired.”

    Originally, when a young lady of a noble family moved to the Imperial Palace after getting married, an entourage maid moves in with them.

    That’s how Marie came in as one of my ladies-in-waiting. But because of her status, I decided to take the chance and give her a proper title later on.

    ‘I’ll be fine if it’s at least above Yejak.’[1]

    Yejak was an honorary title that ordinary people could receive. Usually, it was given to commoners favored by the royal family or high-ranking nobles.

    “But I’m so proud of you My Lady, I mean, Your Majesty. Your Majesty has finally become the noblest woman in the Empire. I was so thrilled to see Your Majesty standing in front of the people at the banquet hall!”

    Marie cried out with a red face.

    Her face was so red, so I laughed.

    ‘What do you mean the Prince’s wife?’

    Of course, in general, being the Prince’s wife is a very honorable and noble seat. Moreover, I’m not just the Prince’s wife, I will be the empress in the future.

    Nevertheless, it only felt something insignificant to me.

    I can’t help thinking so.

    There were so many great seats that I’ve sat in my previous life. Wasn’t I the deputy of the King, the Prime Minister, and even the leader of the Cross Alliance in my previous life?

    Besides all that, I was the King of this world.

    There was no way that these things like the Imperial palaces could feel great. It was just annoying.

    ‘It’s like this because I met my husband the wrong way.’

    It was at that moment when I sighed deeply, I heard a familiar voice.

    “What makes you sigh, my wife?”

    It was Orlean!

    As soon as he came in, he was looking at me with eyes full of love.

    I grumbled with a long face.

    “I was sighing because I felt like I was subjected to a fraudulent marriage. How can this be? You said you would allow me to be very lazy.”

    Apologetic expression spread on Orlean’s face. He knew that I was having a hard time recently.

    “That’s why I said, you shouldn’t believe what a man said before marriage. How did I fall for such an obvious lie?”

    I grumbled with a face that shouted ‘I’m annoyed’ about a hundred times.

    Of course, I knew that, as long as I became the Prince’s wife, I had an obligation to at least do this much.

    As Orlean said, it was impossible to do absolutely nothing. I know everything, but still…

    ‘It’s annoying!’

    I felt like I would feel better if I had to rip off my husband like this.

    I don’t know, I have to relieve stress on my husband.


    It was just half a prank, but Orlean’s reaction was strange.

    He had a serious look on his face, then he told the servant who followed him.

    “Can you cancel today’s meeting?”

    “Your Majesty?”

    “I don’t think I’ll be able to attend because I feel sick all of a sudden. I’m sorry, but tell them that I ask for their understanding.”

    The servant was confused, and he had an absurd looked on his face.

    You’re the strongest person in the world, and you’re not feeling well all of a sudden? Even if you pretend to be sick, you should at least say something believable.

    “No, who would believe that now…”

    “It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe it.”

    Orlean looked at me with a serious gaze.

    “Because it’s much more important to let you rest than to be a liar. I’m sorry. I should have paid attention to you so you wouldn’t have such a hard time.”
    I had a look of disapproval.

    If you take it so seriously, I feel like I’m becoming a bad person.

    In fact, the things I’m doing right now weren’t things that Orlean could do something about even if he tried so much.

    How can I miss the wedding celebration and gatherings where I am the main character?

    Eventually, I sighed and shook my head.

    “It’s okay. Let’s just go today.”

    “No, I’ll cancel it somehow, so you just…”

    “Oh, that’s enough. I know how Your Majesty feels, so I’ll make a big concession this time. I don’t want to cause any inconvenience to everyone.”

    I crossed my arms.

    “It’s inevitable, so I’ll understand this time. Instead.”


    “When this is over, please do your best.”

    Orlean nodded seriously.

    “Yes, I’ll keep that in mind. And from now on, there won’t be anything that will make you so tired.”

    I smiled and talked half-jokingly and half-seriously.

    “I’ll keep an eye on you. Who knows, if you don’t do it well, I might run away?”

    “…You might run away?”

    It was a playful way of speaking, but Orlean’s face hardened. He looked as if he had heard something that shouldn’t be said, so I made a provocative expression.

    “Yes, run. You know there’s a lot of places I can go, right? So please keep that in mind and do well.”

    Instead of answering, Orlean shut his mouth for a while.

    Was that a little too much of a prank? As soon as I thought like that, he did something unexpected.

    He gently pulled me into his arms.


    My heart pounded at the unexpected hug. His firm arms wrapped around me, and his clear body scent tickled the tip of my nose.

    “I will keep it in mind. I will make you the happiest bride in the world.”

    His arms around me become a little firmer.

    As if he would never let go.

    Like that, he whispered in my ears.

    “So please don’t say you’re going to run away. I can’t live without you anymore. Please, I beg you.”

    The moment I heard his deep, sincere voice, my heart trembled once more. A ticklish feeling spread throughout my whole body.

    I couldn’t say anything and just slowly closed my eyes in his arms.

    ‘I’m happy right now.’

    I was complaining, but there was one thing I didn’t tell him.

    It’s that I’m happy right now.

    Although numerous things were annoying and bothersome, I am happy enough just to be with him.

    Just in time, the sound of his heart beating reached me in his arms.

    A pleasant feeling of happiness wrapped around me as if it was tickling my heart.


    Orlean tried as hard as he could to reduce my work, perhaps because he took my threat of running away seriously.

    First of all, he drastically reduced the banquets, gatherings, and events that were scheduled in a row.

    “No, Your Majesty? Why?”

    Naturally, the head of the Imperial Palace jumped and opposed.

    “I think I’ve already received a lot of congratulations. I believe that’s enough now.”

    “But according to the Imperial Court’s etiquette, it’s…”

    The head of the Imperial Palace blurted out the end of his words with a troubled face.

    Like the Imperial family with a history of a thousand years, the Western Empire had numerous traditional events and rituals.

    According to the etiquette, half of the wedding celebration had not even been done yet.

    But Orlean said firmly.

    “Those were just meaningless pretense. Cancel everything except for the most important events.”

    Since the people wouldn’t be convinced if he just pushed them with determinism, Orlean added a very plausible reason.

    “I heard that the crops in the Central Region are not in good condition. As someone from the Imperial family, I think we shouldn’t ignore the suffering of the people and cling to unnecessary banquets and events. I would rather save the hungry people with the money that will be spent on our celebration.”

    Those who opposed it had no choice but to shut their mouths.

    What could they say if he would do it for the people? Besides, as he said, it was true that every time a banquet was held, a huge amount of money went into it.

    “But… would Her Majesty the Prince’s wife be all right?”

    Someone said carefully.

    He was worried that the main character of the event would feel bad if they cut down on the wedding banquet and the events.

    Of course, Orlean, who knew that I wouldn’t be offended, replied like this.

    “Not at all. It’s not my opinion. It’s hers.”


    The people looked surprised and impressed.

    “To think that she will cancel her wedding celebrations for the people.”


    Everyone showed a reaction that they can’t believe the Prince’s wife has such a wise and caring heart for the people!

    “Not only beautiful in appearance, but even her heart is so compassionate. I’m impressed.”

    “Our empire has come to host a really good person.”

    That’s how praises for me spread all over the Imperial Palace.

    No, it wasn’t just in the Imperial Palace. I don’t know who spread it, but the rumor quickly spread throughout the Imperial City, and praises of me rang out among the people.

    “I can’t believe Her Majesty the Prince’s wife thought of us and canceled the wedding banquet…”

    “That’s right. I never imagined there would be someone like that.”

    “The one who became Her Majesty the Prince’s wife was truly merciful…”

    “It’s clear that His Majesty Orlean, who will take over the throne, will be a wise ruler, and Her Majesty Rubia will be a great Empress.”

    The praises continued, and I heard all of it.


    I kept my mouth shut with an absurd look on my face.

    ‘No, I asked you to cancel the wedding banquet because it was annoying, but why did things get so big?’

    It was just my intention of being lazy, but I became a benevolent Prince’s wife for the people without knowing it.

    Orlean spoke calmly, whether he knew my uncomfortable feelings or not.

    “Now that we have canceled all useless events, you can rest comfortably. You have suffered so far.”

    “…Why did you work to this extent? Can’t you just cancel it quietly?”

    You didn’t have to use this method to cancel the wedding banquet and events.

    “I was afraid that some people would say bad things about you behind the scenes if I canceled the events without justification.”

    “I don’t care if they speak ill of me as much as they want.”

    That’s right, so what if they speak I’ll of me or not? It doesn’t matter to me.

    However, Orlean shook his head while frowning.

    “I care about it.”


    “Even if it’s something trivial, I don’t want anything to happen to you, who are the most important and most precious than anyone else in the world. If I hear someone gossiping about you, I’m not confident in holding back my anger.”

    Umm. I scratched my head with an awkward face.

    There was a feeling that things had become too big, but I was ambiguous to condemn it, as it was for me.

    Orlean’s expression relaxed, and he approached me, who was sitting on the bed.


    Wife. It was a title that he often uses to me these days.

    He said that as if he was pleased for me to be his wife and that he liked to use such a title.


    He stroked my hair slowly. It was like touching a cat, so I squinted my eyes and glanced at him.

    “I’m sorry if it’s inconvenient. But don’t worry. These things won’t bother you anymore.”

    I ended up sighing.

    ‘Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like there’s a bad rumor going around.’

    Since they were just rumors, I didn’t think it would cause too much trouble, as he said.

    Still, with a mischievous feeling that I should be grumpy, I pouted my lips.

    “You’re not only apologizing with words, right?”

    “What do you want? Just tell me. I’ll get you everything.”

    “Then…a kiss?”

    His eyes grew wide as if he was saying, ‘Did I hear it wrong?’

    But before he could say anything, I quickly stole a kiss from his lips and slipped under the blanket.

    “I’m going to bed now, so go to work!”

    He was briefly dazed by the lingering feeling of my kiss.


    As he reached for my shoulders, I wrapped the blanket around me even more.

    “I’m going to bed! Good luck.”

    Eventually, he smiled as if he thought of something and lowed his head towards my face, where only my eyes were sticking out of the blanket.

    When his lips touched around my eyes, I felt a hot feeling.

    “I’ll be right back. I’ll see you again tonight.”

    “No, you don’t have to come. I’m going to sleep for 72 hours, so Your Majesty can sleep in your own room.”

    Under the Imperial Court’s etiquette, even couples are required to use separate rooms. But he stayed in my room like it was his own, so the rules were overshadowed.

    “No, I’ll be back later. I’ll see you at night.”

    Seeing him say that and disappear, I felt somewhat ominous.

    I think he put emphasis on the word night several times. It’s probably just an illusion, right?


    That’s how the sweet honeymoon continued.

    It was a happy time.

    I was worried that the Prince’s wife’s works would cause a lot of trouble, but nothing bothered me more than I thought.

    Of course, it was thanks to Orlean’s concern.

    He used one excuse or another to drastically reduce my work and urged me to lie in bed because of my chronic illness.

    Thanks to him, I was able to stay in bed for almost 72 hours.

    ‘How long has it been since I’ve had a break? It’s so nice to be lying down.’

    I thought with a dreamy face.

    They might ask if I’m sick of lying down for so long, but I’m welcome for more.

    I can’t get enough of such laziness!

    However, due to the nature of being the Prince’s wife, I couldn’t rest perfectly. As if I was always on alert, one person and another visited and bothered me.

    Among them, the most annoying person is from the palace.

    “Your Majesty, are you all right? How’s the pain?”

    “…It’s still very…”

    “Kheuk. It’s because of my lack of ability. Please kill me!”

    I gazed at the old man who was grabbing his head with a quivering face.

    He is Viscount Halverson. He is considered as one of the best figures in the Western Empire, and he is in charge of the medical treatment for the Imperial family.

    When I couldn’t get out of bed because of my chronic illness, he tried to treat me, feeling as if he had done something wrong.

    ‘…Just leave me alone. It’s a fake illness.’

    However, it seems like the thought that I was pretending to be ill never passed in Viscount Halverson’s mind.

    The migraine I claimed could not be revealed by examination except for the symptoms that the patient complained about. In other words, it was a disease that was optimized for faking illness, so it was not easy to notice even for a great person like him.

    “Kheuk, this precious Your Majesty has a terrible disease. Your Majesty is the one who will become the noblest woman of the empire in the future. I will do my best, so Your Majesty can take care of many people soon!”

    No, it’s okay.

    Just leave it alone!

    I shouted so inwardly, but Viscount Halverson bowed his head with a burning will and disappeared. He was an old man but a passionate doctor.

    “Your Majesty, what will you do with the pills here?”

    “…Throw it away.”

    Regardless of her will, Marie—who had become part of this lie—dumped the medicine in the sewer with a shaky face.

    I felt annoyed too.

    ‘No, why are you so needlessly passionate? If it doesn’t heal, just pretend that you don’t know.’

    It wasn’t just Viscount Halverson who bothered me.

    Another person of interest visited me.

    “Your Majesty, Lady Hannah is here.”



    Marie said with a lot of tact.

    She couldn’t help so.

    Lady Hannah was the chief maid of the Imperial Palace!

    It was also the highest position among the maids and was in-charged in overseeing the maids of the Imperial Palace.

    In fact, she has the highest position among the court officials along with the court minister.

    I nodded, feeling tired before I could even meet her.

    “Tell her to come in.”

    Soon, a middle-aged woman with a soft impression appeared.

    It was Hannah who has a feminine name as much as ‘Marie.’

    “I see Your Majesty.”

    Hannah bowed politely to me.

    She was a beautiful woman who seemed likable to anyone but I felt uncomfortable whenever I see her.

    The reason was simple.

    “Your Majesty, are you feeling better?”

    Because her eyes were full of worries for me!

    “It’s just the same as usual.”

    At my words, Hannah’s face was filled with anxiety.

    “They’ve been treating you, but you’re still not getting any better. How could this be? I will ask the court physician again. Marie, you should take good care of Her Majesty, too. You should always take care of Her Majesty because her body is weak.”

    “Yes, I’ll keep that in mind.”

    Marie nodded with an expression that says, ‘I have a lot to say, but I can’t.’ She looked as if she would go to a deserted bamboo forest and shout, “The King has donkey ears!”[1]

    “I’m being treated, so I’ll be better soon. Don’t worry too much.”

    I just said that out of panic, but Hannah looked very impressed.

    “You’re so resolute in the midst of your pain. Your Majesty must be like Empress Dacia, the greatest empress in history.”

    “No, I’m not good enough. Hannah, you misunderstand…”

    “No. None of the people I’ve ever seen is as great as Your Majesty.”

    As I look at her blindly shining eyes, I wanted to shout, ‘No. That’s not it!’ But it was just a late regret.

    In fact, Hannah did not show this attitude to me from the beginning. There was a reason why she looked up to me like this.

    It was because I caused an accident in the education that the Prince’s wife receives.

    ‘Damn it. How could I make a mistake like that? I’d rather pretend to be a fool.’

    It was an education to learn the etiquette, culture, and knowledge that the Royal family should have, but it was so annoying that I suggested to the teachers to replace it with a test instead.

    [You mean a test, Your Majesty?]

    [Yes, I have sufficient literacy knowledge. Don’t I need to be educated separately? I can do this since I am a genius.]

    They showed signs of disapproval, but they didn’t reject my offer. It seems like they were thinking of discouraging me through the exam.

    They only put the most difficult questions, but of course, I got perfect scores in all fields.

    Whether it was etiquette, art culture, professional knowledge, dancing, or playing musical instruments, I did not miss a single point in all of them and no points were deducted.

    The teachers, who confirmed my skills that go far beyond their level, were shocked and I was able to be exempted from education, which led to other problems.

    Hannah recognized me as a genius!

    [H-How could this be…?]

    Hannah couldn’t keep her mouth shut and looked at me with sparkling eyes.

    Such a wonderful person has become Her Majesty the Prince’s Wife! With her eyes lost in admiration, I realized that I had made a mistake.

    In fact, it was inevitable. I couldn’t have done all that bothersome education just to avoid standing out.

    The problem was that Hannah’s gaze at me was unusual. It wasn’t just a gaze looking at a genius.

    “I have always prayed to the heavens. I hope that a wonderful person will be the Prince’s wife. Then my wish came true. I am so happy to serve such wonderful a person like Your Majesty.”

    Seeing Hannah, who even shed tears, made me feel uncomfortable.

    “No, there seems to be a misunderstanding, but I…”

    “No. Even if you don’t tell me, I know everything. I know that Your Majesty is extremely excellent and possesses a beautiful personality. You are even so humble like this.”

    I frowned.

    ‘Damn it, that’s not it!’

    There was one more reason why Hannah thought like this so far.

    It was because of the incident that Orlean caused. “Rubia, the Prince’s wife, cancels a lavish banquet for the people!” Thanks to this, Hannah regarded me as a perfect Prince’s wife, who was a genius of the century and has a beautiful heart.

    ‘I just want to be lazy. Please ignore me.’

    I shouted in my mind like that, but I knew it intuitively.

    Those eyes. It’s a gaze that they will never change their minds once they fall into it.

    Somehow, I felt like I was looking at the grandfather, the president of Lynette Academy.

    Moreover, the bad thing wasn’t just Hannah’s misunderstanding (?). There was another worst news.

    Hannah came up with this story.

    “Your Majesty the Prince’s Wife must quickly restore your health so that you can lead the Imperial Household. Day and night, I am praying earnestly that Your Majesty will recover soon.”


    I suddenly had a sore throat and coughed.

    It was because of the phrase “the Imperial Household” that Hannah uttered.

    I made a deep impression inwardly.

    ‘Damn it. Why should I lead the Imperial Household? This is a different story!’

    The Imperial Household.

    It is a special department unique to the Western Empire, which corresponds to the Eastern imperial family’s inner working of the court ladies.

    Examining the issues in the Imperial Family and the Imperial Palace, and also involved in supporting culture and caring for the public sentiment in the name of the Imperial Family. It was also the responsibility of the one leading the Imperial Household to receive diplomatic envoys and distinguished guests.

    In other words, it is the department in charge of various tasks under the name of the Imperial family. But why do I, the Prince’s wife, have to take such an important task?

    It was simple.

    Because we have no one to take over.

    ‘Come to think of it, Empress Estelle has escaped with Fildeheim, so now there’s no one in charge of the Imperial Household.’

    I was devastated.

    Other than Empress Estelle, other empresses were once purged in the hands of Knox III. So, I was the only woman left in the Imperial Palace right now. Even if I don’t want to believe it.

    ‘…Why did I have to let her escape with Fildeheim?’

    It was such a pitiful situation that I thought like that.

    Being in charge of the Imperial Household was something neither Orlean nor I had ever thought of.

    ‘If I knew this would happen when he proposed to me… No, I would still have accepted it, but it was bothersome anyway!’

    I exclaimed with a desire to cry.

    After I got married, my handsome and talented husband turned out to be a 32nd-generation leader.[2]

    ‘I don’t know. I’ll just take a break, so take care of it.’

    While I was avoiding reality, Hannah spoke passionately.

    “Your Majesty, I will somehow be acting on behalf of the Imperial Household department until you recover. I’m not enough, but leave it to me!”

    It was good to hear.

    I nodded strongly.

    “Yes, please. I just arrived in the palace, so I’ll rely on you a lot. I’d appreciate it if you could do your best to help me.”

    Hannah looked emotional at my words.

    “Yes, I will do my best in the future! I’ll tell the court physician again so that you can relax and get well soon!”

    “No, the court physician is…”

    But Hannah didn’t listen to what I was saying and went outside full of energy.

    I felt like a storm had swept through, so I was in a daze.

    “The chief maid Hannah resembles President Kruzen.”

    “…Do you think so, too?”


    I felt an ominousness rising up on my spine.

    President Kruzen.

    He was the main culprit that tweaked my happy sloth life at the Lynette Academy. Hannah strongly smelled like the same kind.

    “Oh, I don’t know. I’m going to sleep, so don’t let anyone in from now on.”

    “…No one?”

    “Yes, say I’m really sick. No, say I’m in a coma.

    “What about His Majesty the Fourth Prince? He’ll be here at night.”

    I frowned.

    “Tell him to sleep in his room.”

    So I declared the Battle of the Eagles.[3]

    Until this situation is resolved, we will be living in separate rooms.


    That night, Orlean could not enter Rubia’s room.

    She really kicked him out. To be precise, she blocked them from coming in.

    “H-Here’s a letter from Her Majesty.”

    Marie, who played the role of kicking out Orlean, looked at his eyes and held out the paper.

    -Let’s use our own rooms for the time being!

    Orlean silently looked at the letter for a moment.

    ‘Yea, she hasn’t had a proper rest in a while.’

    He reflected on himself. Although he tried his best as much as possible, there were many things that did not satisfy Rubia due to the nature of the Imperial Palace.

    ‘I’ll have to work a little harder.’

    Then, Marie said,

    “It’s okay, just go inside. You know Her Majesty’s personality. If you soothe her a little, you’ll be free soon.”

    Orlean smiled. Marie was right. Rubia didn’t have the personality that would sulk for something like this for a long time.

    But Orlean shook his head.

    It just happened that he had some work to do, so he thought it would be better to take care of it today.

    Orlean moved out of Rubia’s palace. Where he headed was unexpectedly the prison tower.

    Not long ago, it was a place where the Crown Prince was locked up, and now a new royalty.

    As he entered the tower, a person locked up inside spoke in a fuss.

    “No, brother! When on earth are you going to send me back to my palace?”

    It was Izakiel, the Sixth Prince.

    He was confined in the prison as punishment for kidnapping Rubia during the wedding.

    “Isn’t this different from the original arrangement? You said you’d take care of it as probation!”

    Probation and the confinement, that Izakiel is now facing, was a punishment of great difference between heaven and earth.

    Confinement is being trapped in a prison-like place here, and probation is a honey-like break where you can be idle in a comfortable room.

    “Please hurry up and change it to probation!”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it soon. Instead, I have a favor to ask of you, Izakiel.”

    Izakiel looked disgusted at the word “favor.”

    “You want me to do something again? I don’t want to! What are you trying to do? I’m taking a break!”

    “If you do me a favor, I’ll extend your vacation by one year.”

    “Just tell me what it is. I’ll do whatever you ask me to do.”

    With the addition of a year off, Izakiel showed a rapid shift in his stance.

    Orlean looked appalled for a moment, then he opened his mouth.

    “Please go to the void and investigate one thing during your stay there.”

    It was a library dedicated to the Imperial family, where all the truths of the world were hidden.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Hostia, about the curse she received.”


    Izakiel has a puzzled look on his face.

    The other day, Orlean asked Izakiel a similar favor.

    “Why do you keep asking for such a thing? Hostia-nim isn’t brother’s hidden lover, is she?”

    Orlean kept his mouth shut.

    It was natural why he asked for such a favor.

    He’s trying to catch straws to somehow relieve the pain that Rubia is suffering under the curse.
    Lol:blobsweat: she kicked him out
    “Anything related to her curse is fine. Please investigate all of them.”

    Izakiel nodded his head vaguely.

    “Okay, I’ll look into it.”

    Then Izakiel tilted his head.

    “But, how would I go to the void when I’m on probation? I won’t be able to get out of that place once I get a probationary sentence.”

    At those words, Orlean smiled gently. It was a suspicious smile.

    “Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it so there will be no problem.”

    “…Do you know that you just looked suspicious, brother? You’re not plotting something weird, are you?”

    “No. Izakiel, you will be given the probation that you want soon, so please wait.”

    That’s how Orlean finished the conversation and left the prison tower.

    He turned to the direction of the palace where Rubia was. His golden eyes sank lowly.

    ‘I’m still happy to be with her now, but I can’t be satisfied with this much.’

    Orlean had not forgotten.

    The pain of the curse nailed to her soul. The pain that will last forever.

    ‘Rubia, I will release you from the clutch of pain no matter what. Even at the risk of my soul.’

    Orlean swears firmly.

    With that determination, he stepped towards Rubia’s palace. He couldn’t wait to see her again.

    But he was forced to stop and standstill.

    ‘I’ve been sentenced to use a separate room.’

    Orlean frowned.

    He can’t see her tonight.

    “There’s something else I urgently need to do before I get rid of her curse.”

    He spoke with a firm will.

    “I have to work harder so that she can rest a little more comfortably.”

    He vowed to try harder to make her rest more comfortable from tomorrow onwards.

    So that the word “separate room” doesn’t come out of her mouth again.


    Some time has passed since then.

    Unlike what I was very worried about, fortunately, nothing that bothered me happened.

    First of all, Orlean did his best so that I wouldn’t be bothered.

    Since I declared us using a separate room, as if it stimulated him, he cared about my affairs much more than before.

    Originally, I solved everything I had to deal with on my own.

    I was a little relieved because I could see him trying his best to take care of it like this. He was really trying hard not to interrupt my rest.

    I was a little sorry about how he was so considerate that I didn’t even need to lift a finger.

    “Isn’t it hard to do my job?”

    But he shook his head firmly.

    “Don’t worry, it’s not hard at all. This is something I should do for you. You’ve already done a lot of stuff for me just by being my wife. I should make you comfortable, but I’m sorry to bother you with a lot of works.”

    I felt even more sorry to hear that.

    He seemed to take it for granted that he would work for me so I could rest. No, he was sorry for not making me feel completely comfortable beyond that.

    ‘Oh, this makes me feel weak.’

    I sighed.

    In fact, as long as I married him, who is considered as the next emperor, it was right that I had to bear other works to some extent.

    But he was somehow trying to keep the promise he had made with me. No, it wasn’t just because of the promise, but I felt that he was desperately thinking about me.

    “Rubia, don’t worry. It’s okay.”

    Then, he gently embraced me.

    “I want you to be happy. I would like to give you unlimited rest, but I am sorry that there are some inconveniences to you because I have to succeed the throne.”

    Orlean continued in a warm voice.

    “Just make yourself at home. You just don’t have to tell me to use my own room.”


    There was one more person who helped me enjoy a comfortable life.

    Surprisingly, it was Hannah, the chief maid.

    Contrary to what I expected that she would bother me a lot, she helped me with my work with all her might instead. To be exact, she took charge of what I had to do.

    Since the time of Empress Estelle, there have been many cases in which she acted on behalf of the Imperial Household.

    I was reminded of Hannah’s career again.

    Hannah de Becca.

    She was a noble. Of course, it was not surprising that most of the maids in the Imperial Palace were of nobility, but the peculiar thing was that she was a Countess.

    She is not just a noble-born woman, but a woman with a title of her own.

    She started working as a Lady-in-waiting in the Imperial Palace when she was young and became the chief maid at an early age. After that, she served Empress Estelle.

    ‘The problem is that Empress Estelle’s condition wasn’t very good.’

    Staying with the cruel Knox III, Empress Estelle suffered from various mental disorders and nervous breakdowns.

    As she was like that, the Empress could not have taken care of political affairs properly, so Hannah filled the gap.

    In fact, Hannah could be said to be the hidden figure who led the Imperial Household for the past 10 years on behalf of Empress Estelle. She was such a great person.

    “How’s your headache, Your Majesty?”

    Today, Hannah asked me about my body condition with worried eyes.

    “…Just so so.”

    Since she was always worried about me, something stabbed my conscience and my voice became heavy, then the look on Hannah’s face also became heavy.

    “I see. You’re going to be better soon, but I’m really worried.”

    Those weren’t empty words. When I rarely showed any signs of my condition being well, she looked genuinely worried.

    I sighed inwardly.

    ‘This is difficult.’

    I was originally weaker to these kinds of people than to those who came out strongly. This girl unintentionally stabbed my weak point.

    “Here’s a summary of the events I mentioned last time. If you don’t have any disagreements, we will proceed as it is.”

    I skimmed through the documents. There seems to be no other problem, so I think we can proceed as it is.

    I brought up another topic to Hannah.

    “Isn’t it hard for you to oversee the Imperial affairs when I should be doing that?”

    Hannah shook her head.

    “It’s an honor to take on such a task, no matter how difficult it might be. But,”


    “I’m afraid I’m going to make a mistake by taking an undue heavy responsibility because I’m not good enough.”

    I looked at her.

    She was over 40, but she still had a beautiful appearance. There was a soft and gentle atmosphere around her as if her personality had just appeared on her face. There was a smile on her lips that made anyone who sees it feel comfortable.

    “Still, I’m hoping that Your Majesty will lead me well when you restore your health. I believe that Your Majesty will succeed Her Majesty Dacia, the greatest empress of the empire.”

    “…I see. You may go now.”

    I shook my head with a sigh.

    After she stepped out, Marie asked carefully.

    “What do we do, Your Majesty? I think the Chief Maid Hannah is really looking forward to it.”

    “I don’t know.”

    I flopped down on the bed.

    I just wanted to dismiss everything and go to bed, but I couldn’t sleep.

    ‘What should I do?’

    In fact, it doesn’t matter if I continue to be lazy and ignore everything like this.

    Orlean and Hannah will take care of my works.

    The problem is that I feel uncomfortable.

    I smiled bitterly.

    I don’t care about someone whispering behind my back.

    But I was weak against this kind of good people.

    ‘Oh, it would have been better if she was full of desire for power. Why did I meet such a nice person as the chief maid?’

    If Hannah was a person who was driven by her desire for power, I would have been comfortable. I don’t have to feel sorry, I can just use her roughly. But Hannah wasn’t all that eager for power.

    Rather, it was the opposite. She was working hard because of her sense of responsibility.

    ‘That’s why she was so happy to see my talent. She would have thought that a proper hostess of the Imperial Household had finally appeared.’

    Thinking that far, I frowned.

    At this rate, I can’t do it like this.

    I felt uncomfortable and didn’t feel like I was resting.

    “I don’t know what to do.”

    “Yes, Your Majesty?”

    I was deeply troubled.

    I have no intentions of giving up my lazy life. I absolutely refuse to become a slave to the Imperial Palace’s affairs and live a hard life.

    So I had to come up with an idea.

    As the Prince’s wife, I can fulfill my responsibilities and still be lazy at the same time.

    Fortunately, I came up with the method quickly.

    ‘That’s right, I can do that. As expected, I’m a genius.’

    It was truly a genius plan that seemed like I can do a lot of work but could also live like a sloth.


    I named this great plan the Sloth Prince’s wife Project.

    If I successfully finish this project, I will be able to lie down and roll around in bed for the rest of my life.


    It will seem like I am doing my job, but I am being lazy. There was only one way to do that.

    Leave it to others!

    …It’s very irresponsible to talk like this, and it’s the same as before. But it’s not like that.

    What I’m talking about is ‘personnel,’ in which talents are assigned in the right place.

    ‘Instead of leaving it to Hannah like it is now, we should create a systematic organization. An organization that has the best efficiency in which I can roll around in bed at my own will even if I don’t lift a finger.’

    Once such a system is in place, I, the person in the highest authority, only need to receive reports and be seen from time to time.

    I will be able to be as lazy as I am now without any problems.

    The problem is, it’s not easy to create an organization like that, but who am I again?

    No one was better at this kind of work than I was. There’s no need to go so far. Just by looking at my past life, I was the leader of the Cross Alliance.

    Finding reliable talent was the problem, but I had a powerful detector. It was Orlean.

    Using the Eyes of the Beholder, he could see at once whether the other person was reliable or not.

    “…You seem to treat the power of the Eyes of the Beholder as a lie detector.”

    “Isn’t that roughly right?”

    Orlean smirked.

    “Well, that’s true. Anyway, among the senior maids I met today, these are the ones who should be appointed and the ones that should be kept away.”

    Orlean circled and crossed out names in the list.

    I had tea time with the ladies and gentlemen with Orlean to determine who I could trust.

    The result was very satisfactory.

    “Maid Reina, contrary to the rumors, has a very greedy nature. It’s clear that problems will arise if you leave heavy responsibilities to her. And so does Maid Susan…”

    Orlean carefully explained the aspects of the maids he met.

    In fact, it is not very difficult to determine if the other person is competent because there are objective indicators.

    However, figuring out if you can trust that person is extremely difficult. Even people who look so good on the outside can’t hide their rotten smell inside.

    Orlean’s power allowed to filter such people. As expected, it deserved to be called the power of the Emperor.

    Thanks to this, I effectively reorganized the organization within the Imperial Palace to make it easier to manage, and at the same time, I assigned reliable people in the right places. Then, I let Hannah take charge of them.

    “H-How can I take on such an important responsibility…?”

    Hannah shook her head as if she couldn’t accept such a thing, but I said strongly.

    “Are you saying you won’t follow my orders?”

    Hannah shook her head in surprise.

    “How could that be? What does the ‘Best Maid’ even mean? It’s just too heavy of a responsibility to follow.”

    The best maid was a new position that I created this time.

    Although the name seemed a bit insincere, it was a position of a senior officer with a heavy responsibility to oversee all the maids of the Imperial Palace on behalf of me, the head of the Imperial Household Department.

    In other words, it was a position of a worker who will do all the chores in the Imperial family on behalf of me… No, it was the position of an aide.

    “Hannah, don’t you trust me?”

    I spoke in a serious tone.

    With a heavy voice full of authority, as when leading the Cross Alliance as Catherine in my previous life.

    Unlike my usual image, Hannah flinched at my dignified appearance.

    “It’s not like that, Your Majesty! The former Her Majesty Empress Dacia’s successor…!”

    Well, Empress Dacia, if I hear it once more, it’ll be the 100th time.

    ‘I’m going to be the laziest Prince wife and empress in history.’

    With such thoughts in my head, I opened my mouth calmly.

    “Why aren’t you confident when you trust me?”

    Hannah kept her mouth shut.

    I looked straight into her eyes and continued.

    “I trust you more than anyone else in this palace. What are you afraid of when I trust you so much?”
    That day, Rubia was thinking of grumbling to Orlean about what happened today, but she couldn’t do so.

    Orlean arrived too late. When Orlean didn’t come back at almost midnight, she eventually fell asleep, exhausted from waiting.

    “Ummgg, this is a fraudulent marriage. It’s a fraudulent marriage.”

    When she was talking in her sleep like that, what Orlean was doing right now was…

    He was doing something unexpected.

    He was in the Void!

    To be exact, he was meeting someone who was in the Void.

    “Ahhh! I hate you, brother! I can’t believe you’re keeping me in the Void!”

    Izakiel clung to Orlean with a face full of resentment. He was so emotional that he looked like he was about to burst into tears.

    Izakiel was sentenced to three months’ probation as he wanted.

    Originally, it was a serious matter that he could have received the death penalty, but he was just confined because Orlean, who was from the Royal family, moved to the extent that he needs to use his strength.

    “Isn’t that what you hoped for? I’m sure that’s what I heard.”

    Izakiel shut his mouth.

    How can you be so shameless! He looked like that. His red-colored face seemed that he would try to grab Orlean’s collar and fight back right away.

    “There’s no such thing as probation in the Void!”

    Yes, that was the problem.

    He will spend his probation in the Void.

    ‘I was trying to be quiet and lazy in a cozy palace, not to be thrown into the Void!’

    It was even Orlean who determined his probationary place. He himself put Izakiel in the Void.


    He’s going to make him work.

    If he stays at the Palace, he won’t be able to come to the Void, so Orlean has decided to place him in the Void.

    “So have you looked up the information I asked for?”

    “Ahhh! I hate you!”

    Izakiel shouted as if he were going to explode. But even if he protested, nothing changed, anyway.

    Izakiel calmed down after complaining for a long time.

    “After my probation is over, you have to set me up on a blind date. Do you understand?”

    “Yes, I remember that.”

    “You must!”

    Orlean nodded silently.

    Then he thought to himself.

    ‘It’s a blind date. I can arrange it for you as much as I want, but I don’t know if the results will be good.’

    Now, Izakiel is famous for being the Romanticist of the Century of the Imperial Palace.

    A romanticist who has a forbidden love for his sister-in-law.

    He wondered what kind of Young Lady would accept him, the owner of the fiery love who even kidnapped his sister-in-law on her wedding day because he could not love her.

    Perhaps Izakiel was likely to remain single for the time being, but Orlean deliberately did not bring up that fact.

    “Don’t worry, I’ve told all of the young ladies you talked about.”

    “A-And the Young Lady of Marquis Hansen?”

    “…Yes, but was she your type?”

    The Young Lady of Marquis Hansen, was Janet, the pink girl from Lynnette Academy.

    “Isn’t she cute? And she’s even a little daunting and fierce! Perfect!”

    “…I see. Anyway.”

    Orlean stopped chatting and brought up the main point.

    “What did you find out about the curse that Hostia received?”

    The question made Izakiel’s expression hardened.



    “Yes, I’ve been searching everywhere for three months, except when I’m sleeping, but there’s no information about Hostia.”

    Orlean’s complexion dimmed.

    In the Void, there are two ways to find a book.

    The first is to call for a book using the search system. However, there is only a limited number of books you can check.

    The second way is to go around the endless open space and find the book you want.

    ‘Perhaps, is it not here?’

    Orlean lamented inwardly.

    If a magic scholar as good as Izakiel has been searching for months but couldn’t find it, then it would be impossible to find it.

    ‘What the hell should I do?’

    Orlean clenched his fist. Rubia’s face came to mind.

    The more that he was with her and the happier he grew, the more Orlean felt his heartache.

    Both he and she were avoiding talking about it on purpose, but their happiness was only for a temporary moment.

    After more time, she will be left alone again. And she has to walk through the pain for another billion years.

    He wanted to save her from that. He didn’t want her to suffer anymore.

    ‘I will surely get you out of your misery at all costs.’

    It was at that moment when he tried to leave the Void as he clenches his teeth and make a pledge.

    Orlean turned his head in an unknown lingering feeling.

    Is there really no clue in this Void to relieve her pain? This is the place where all the truths in the world are recorded.

    Orlean sadly activated the search system in the Void.

    ‘Search, Hostia.’

    He didn’t do it expecting something to happen.

    This is because he searched with the same term countless times so far, but nothing has been found.

    But at that moment, an incredible miracle happened.

    [Search results, 1 case. Would you like to read it?]


    Orlean’s eyes shook.

    It has never happened before.

    He muttered with a trembling heart.

    ‘I’m going to read it.’

    [Confirmed. The title of the book is ‘Revelation’. Due to the strong constraints of the causality, only some contents of the book can be checked.]

    The parchment covered in light came to Orlean’s sight.

    Orlean opened the parchment with trembling hands and began to read it down. Soon, he stiffened.

    “What is this…?”

    -As man’s sin has pierced the sky, the time has come for the new king to come, and the former king will suffer for countless years. He will shed endless tears alone in the agony of the abyss.

    A new King.

    That was the name for Orlean. He was chosen to save the world from future destruction, and become the new King of the world.

    But the former King will suffer forever?

    Orlean read the following passage with trembling eyes.

    -If there is someone who wants to stop the poor King from suffering, be the light of the world. Only then can the King be saved from suffering.

    That’s how the phrase ended, and the Book of Revelation disappeared with the light.

    “Brother, what’s are you doing all of a sudden?”

    Izakiel approached him with a curious look.

    It was as if Orlean was the only one allowed to see it, Izakiel seemed to have no idea that a parchment had just appeared and disappeared.

    “Are you alright? Why do you suddenly look so pale?”

    Izakiel was surprised as he looked at Orlean.

    Not just pale white, Orlean’s complexion now seems like a corpse. Izakiel was greatly surprised because it was the first time he showed such a figure, for he was someone who wasn’t shaken no matter what he faced.

    However, Orlean was not interested in Izakiel. The contents of the phrase he just read weighed down on his chest.

    ‘She’s destined to suffer forever?’

    Orlean clenched his fist with his trembling hands. His fingernails dug in his palm. Blood trickled down.

    He gritted his teeth.

    ‘Never. I will never let it happen.’

    Fortunately, the phrase he just saw was written with clues.

    “Be the light of the world?”

    Orlean spoke oddly.

    “Alright, I’ll be.”

    In fact, it was not yet clear what it meant to be the light of the world. Whether it’s a figurative expression, or it is really meant to be the light in the world.

    Anyway, he swore to make it happen.

    For Rubia.

    Since then, nothing special has happened.

    I kept lying in bed, and people kept bothering me like that.

    “Your Highness, this is the report!”

    “Your Highness, I’ve started a new job…!”

    “Your Highness!”

    “Your Highness!”

    I felt like I wanted to shout “Stop looking for me!” It felt almost the same as before when the Russacle kids visited me at my quarters in the Academy.

    It was so bothersome I felt like I was going to die!

    ‘I can’t do this. I have to figure something out.’

    However, no matter how hard I thought about it, I couldn’t think of a clear way.

    All of this was because I dug my own grave, so Orlean couldn’t help either.

    “Your Highness, what are you thinking?”

    “I want to become a concubine.”


    Marie looked like she was saying it was absurd, but I was serious.

    There is a separate Prince’s Wife, and if I quietly retreat to the Palace, I wouldn’t have to do anything.

    Of course, there’s no possibility that Orlean would allow it, so I put it aside. Even if I said this, I wondered how he would feel if he got hit by another woman.

    ‘…Maybe he’ll want to divorce.’

    I squinted my eyes.

    Anyway, I have to figure out a suitable method but it seemed a long way off unless I leave the Imperial Palace.

    “Oh, I want to run away.”


    “I want to run away. I want to run away.”

    Marie just dropped my words in one ear.

    Soon after, however, there was actually a chance to leave the Imperial Palace.

    Orlean decided to go on a business trip.


    Members of the Imperial family gathered for dinner.

    It was a simple place because the only remaining members of the Imperial family now are just Knox III, Orlean, me, and Izakiel. Then, Orlean brought up an unexpected topic.

    “You want to visit the Central region?”

    “Yes, Your Majesty.”

    Wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, Knox III asked.


    “The crops in the Central region were especially bad during the last harvest. The winter is getting deeper, so I’d like to see if the people are doing well.”

    I thought it was a bit surprising.

    It was the first time that Orlean has been so active.

    He was basically heartless and indifferent to others. It was only to me that he was warm.

    However, although it doesn’t show much that he is competent and has a strong sense of responsibility, it was surprising that he said he would take direct action in this cold winter with consideration to the people.


    Anyway, it was for a great purpose that left no room for opposition. However, Knox III tapped his finger on the table as to what he was thinking.

    He looked somewhat uncertain.

    “The Imperial family has already finished giving reliefs for the people’s livelihoods because of the poor harvest. If you go, you know that you don’t have enough additional financial resources to support them, do you?”

    “Yes, I do.”

    Orlean nodded.

    Knox III spoke with genuine regret.

    “I want to give them to the people endlessly, but there is no end to where the money is needed, and the resources are limited, so I can’t help it. However, it’s not bad to go and comfort the people, so go and come back.”

    I don’t have enough money to support you. It means to go comfort the people and come back empty-handed.

    ‘Anyway, who doesn’t know Knox III, he’s just saying a hateful story.’

    I frowned inwardly.

    In any case, that’s how Orlean’s business trip was decided, and of course, I decided to follow him.

    The Imperial Palace was full of people who bothered me anyway.

    It was much better to follow him, grab a hotel room somewhere nice, and roll back in bed.

    “The Central region is not a very developed city, and it may be more inconvenient for you to stay than the Imperial Palace, is that okay?”

    “What if it’s not okay? Is it irrelevant to you if I don’t follow you?”

    When I pout my lips, Orlean looked troubled.

    “No, of course, it’s definitely nice if you go with me. It’s hard to imagine being away from you for a long time. But I’m worried that you might feel uncomfortable.”

    I smirked.

    “You must have forgotten who I am. I experienced being homeless a lot of times, so it doesn’t matter as long as I have a bed that I can be lazy with.”

    It was after I mentioned that I was not just a lady, but a reincarnated being.

    Orlean showed an unexpected reaction. His face suddenly darkened.

    “Your Highness?”

    I made a curious expression.

    Did I say something wrong? But I’ve been talking about this a lot, though?

    “What’s wrong?”

    “It’s nothing. It seems like I’m just a little tired all of a sudden.”

    The strongest Swordmaster in the world is tired?

    What really happened?

    Then, he said something unexpected.

    “Rubia, can I hold you for a moment?”

    What’s wrong with this guy?

    “…What are you asking again? You don’t usually hug me all of sudden.”

    I leaned slightly against him.

    “I’ll give you special permission, so give me a warm hug.”

    He held me tightly in his arms.

    It was an endlessly soft and warm hug as usual, but I felt that he was strangely down.



    “I love you.”

    His whisper touched my ear.

    Why? It was a confession that was not different from usual, but it felt more sorrowful.

    He continued to whisper like that. It was a declaration that sounded like an oath.

    “I love you so much… so I will make you happy forever.”

    I spoke while nodding my head.

    “I’m happy right now.”


    That’s how we left for the Central region.

    Since it was far from the northern side of the Imperial Palace, the warp gate had to be used. However, the gate connected to the Central region was quite far away from the Imperial Palace, so we rode a carriage and moved.

    There were almost two days left for us to get to the gate, so Orlean was fully prepared not to make me feel uncomfortable.

    “…Is this all right?”

    I was perplexed when I saw the carriage.

    It was a large carriage with the emblem of the Imperial Family engraved on it, but the problem was inside.

    There was a bed in the carriage! Even at a glance, the bed seemed soft and comfortable!

    “We’ve prepared for you to lie down and rest while we go. We’ve put on anti-shaking magic, so you can lie down without any discomfort.”


    I shut my mouth in absurdity.

    No, no matter how much I like lying down, I can’t believe they put a bed in the carriage.

    This is too…

    ‘It’s nice.’

    I wanted to deny it, but it was totally right up my alley.

    I can travel and go anywhere with a carriage like this!
    It´s really nice how he try to find more about the curse to break it:blobsmilehappyeyes:


    The horse started running, and I enjoyed the luxury of moving while lying in bed.

    It was my first time lying back in a running carriage, so I felt fresh.

    Should I say it feels like I’m enjoying a different kind of laziness? Anyway, it was nice.

    “Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

    “No, it’s nice.”

    Orlean smiled happily when he saw me rolling around in the back.

    He was reviewing the documents from a portable table across the bed. He then took something out of the package he had prepared in the corner.

    “Take a rest while eating this, too.”

    I had a slight look of surprise.

    Those were my favorite sweet desserts! Macaroons, strawberry pies, Eclair, and so on.

    “How did you prepare this?”

    “While leaving together, I want you to be happy as much as possible.”

    I was slightly moved. I couldn’t help but feel grateful for his consideration.

    “Stop that, let’s eat together. Put the papers there.”

    I put the desserts on the portable table in front of him. He even prepared black tea, and he showed me the trick of boiling water using an aura as he served the tea.


    I thought while looking at the scenery outside the window.

    It was a complete winter, so white snow has piled up.

    When I looked at the snowy scenery from inside a cozy carriage due to various auxiliary magic, I felt as if I was in a fairy tale.

    “What are you thinking?”

    “That this is nice.”

    Orlean’s lips drew a line.

    With such a beautiful smile, I felt my heart beating.

    I see him every day, but he’s still so handsome. I wondered if a man could be so beautiful.

    Sometimes when he smiled gently, I felt like my eyes were being cleansed.


    Wondering why I was staring at him, Orlean looked at me curiously.

    “… It’s nothing.”


    He tilted his head and suddenly bent down toward me.

    Then he wiped my mouth with his fingers.

    “There’s whipped cream on it. Please eat carefully.”


    Is it because of embarrassment? Or is it for another reason? I felt my face burning up. The mouth he touched was burning hot.

    “You could have told me. You don’t need to do something like that.”

    As I grumbled, he laughed. It was a different smile than before.

    “If you get it on your lips like that, won’t that make me want to kiss you?”


    He spoke with real difficulty.

    “Even so, it’s hard to control my feelings towards you. So please don’t seduce me.”

    This guy! What are you thinking in your head?!

    As I stared at him with absurdity, an idea came to mind.

    ‘Wait. Today, I’m going to sleep in another room anyway.’

    We’re going to stop by a small village along the way, but I was going to share a room with Marie because we didn’t have enough accommodation. Orlean will share a room with other knights.

    So he can never bother me!

    The moment that such a fact came to mind, I had a mischievous thought. I’m going to tease him a lot.

    “Hmm, Orlean.”

    When I made a husky voice that wasn’t like me, he opened up his eyes suspiciously.

    “Would you please give me a cookie over there?”

    “Here you go.”

    I shook my head when he tried to put it on the plate in front of me.

    “No, feed me yourself.”

    He frowned slightly. As the owner of the Eyes of the Beholder, he seems to notice that I was up to something.

    “Come on.”


    The moment he picked up the cookies with his fingers and put them in my mouth.

    I brushed his fingertips with my tongue.


    I ate the cookie, pretending that I didn’t see him, who stretched out his fingers as it stiffened. It’s delicious. It tasted sweet


    He called me in a deep voice.

    “Hm, what’s wrong? Oh, feed me the chocolate over there, too.”

    He gave no answer.

    I said again with sparkling eyes like a cat looking up at its owner.

    “I thought it would taste better if Your Highness feeds me.”

    Orlean sighed as he picked up a chocolate and brought it to my mouth.

    “If you do that again…”

    Ignoring what he said, I acted more boldly this time. I sucked his finger lightly through my lips.


    Beyond being stiff, his whole body hardened like a stone. On the other hand, unlike his hardened body, his face was red.

    I smiled lightly.

    “It was a mistake, a mistake. The chocolate is delicious.”


    Orlean exhaled a hot breath. The carriage seems to be burning with the heat he emanated.

    “Don’t do this. It’s difficult.”

    He closed his mouth as if to suppress his agitation.

    If it were the usual, I would have felt scared by the burning longing in those eyes, but not now.

    Instead, I raised the corners of my mouth and bent down toward him.

    “Why is it difficult?”

    The distance between him and I became closer. His breath tickled my lips. Perhaps because of his intense feelings, his breath felt hotter than usual.

    I swiped Orlean’s red cheeks with my fingers and grazed the corner of his mouth with my tongue.


    His face turned to one as if he’s going to explode. The golden eyes flashed as if they are going to swallow me up. But at that moment, I quickly stepped back.

    “You have cream on your mouth. That’s why I wiped it.”


    “Don’t get me wrong. Then I’ll take a nap because I’m sleepy.”

    I left his bewildered eyes behind and slipped under the covers. Hmm, it’s soft and comfortable.

    I could feel his gaze stabbing over the blanket, but I just grinned.

    ‘Kukuk. Deal with it.’

    What would you do even if you looked so scary?

    We have separate rooms tonight. So I don’t have to be scared at all!

    “Rubia… I’ll see you later.”

    I fell asleep with a happy heart, spilling his threats from one ear out of the other.

    But that night, when I arrived at the village, I realized that something was wrong.

    “Welcome to the village, Your Highness. This is where both of Your Highness will be staying.”

    There was an accommodation!

    “N-No. Why is there an accommodation?”

    I opened my mouth wide. The village chief spoke in a bright voice.

    “When I heard of Your highness’s visit, I quickly built a new accommodation.”

    “Why go this far?”

    Why are you making such a useless effort?!

    Unaware of what I was thinking, the village chief laughed and said.

    “It’s actually because of Your Highness, the Prince’s wife.”

    “Because of me?”

    “Yes, I don’t think we should let Your Highness be uncomfortable when you are thinking about the people so much. So all the villagers joined forces to build an accommodation for Your Highness.”

    So, in short, they built it with respect for me.

    “You didn’t have to do that at all…Why are you so eager to do such a useless thing…”

    “Haha, you’re definitely Your Highness! You don’t have to worry about us. We are happy to do it!”

    No, that’s not it! I’m in trouble!

    “Please rest comfortably!”

    When I entered the accommodation, I felt the efforts of the villagers. The brightly decorated interior was like a shrine.


    Orlean slowly smiled and called me. He was laughing, but it sounds strangely low.

    I had a cold sweat. I felt like I was the main character in a horror story.

    ‘Oh, damn it. I’m screwed.’

    I learned my lesson that day.

    That you shouldn’t play bad jokes.


    So we went on our way with a murmur.

    It was not a business trip, but it felt like a couple had come on a trip.

    However, the happy mood ended as soon as we passed the warp gate.


    The situation in the Central region was more serious than expected.

    Orlean looked around with his mouth shut.

    Arriving in the Central region via the Warp Gate, we were guided to the castle by Count Abnormal, the nearby Lord, who realized that the situation was serious just by a quick look in the carriage.

    “…The situation is worse than I thought.”

    I used honorifics to Count Abnormal. It was because he was not only the master of the title but also the Lord of the territory.

    “Yes, Your Highness. Compared to other regions, the crops in the central region are not particularly good. In addition, there is insufficient food for this winter due to the drought.”

    I turned my gaze out of the window again.

    People who had lost their energy due to malnutrition were looking at the carriage. Maybe it’s because they were starving, but their eyes were blank.

    It was much more serious than I had heard before.

    “But since Your Highness the Fourth Prince and Your Highness the Prince’s wife personally came to visit us, the people will also regard it joyfully.”

    I shut my mouth at those words.

    No, what the people need now was not mere comfort but food to fill their stomachs.

    ‘Why is the food situation so bad? No matter how bad the harvest was, this is too serious. We also gave relief, so why?’

    Unlike the hungry people, I looked at the face of an oily Count.

    Something chilly rose on the spine of my back. Then a stinky smell passed by.

    Then, Orlean, who had never said anything, opened his mouth.

    “I’ll have to go to the castle and discuss what’s going to happen.”

    Count Abnormal laughed brightly, which was not suitable for this situation.

    “Yes, I told them to prepare for a party and a banquet.”

    “…A party and a banquet?

    Orlean wriggled his eyebrows.

    “Yes, two noble people who will lead the Empire have visited our territory. We can’t just prepare lightly, can we? I’m not good enough, but I’ve done my best to prepare it…”



    “I said stop.”

    In the cold tone, the Count shut his mouth.

    Orlean looked out the window with a low, sinking gaze.

    “I’m not in the mood for a big dinner or banquet. A simple dinner is fine, so please prepare it. If you have any food prepared, please share it with the people.”

    Only then did Count Abnormal seemed to realize his mistakes.

    The people are starving. But his thinking of parties and banquet.

    ‘No, it’s not a mistake. He must have come up with such an idea thinking that it was someone else’s business.’

    No matter how bad the harvest is, no nobles starved. It was only the people who’s suffering.

    As if watching the rain falling outside the window in a warm room, I thought that ‘the people did have a hard time.’
    Of course, it is not like there are no noble families who truly care for the people, but they were rare. If they existed because it was rare, their good reputation would have spread far and wide.

    ‘I’ve lived a lot of lives, but I’ve never seen a noble who truly sympathizes with the suffering of the people.’

    I smiled bitterly.

    Count Abnormal spoke carefully while looking at Orlean, whose mood sank coldly.

    “Yes, I’ll prepare as you say.”


    He was told to prepare it simply, but it was quite a feast.

    The warm fire, the band’s music that flows softly, seafood caught in the far Hostia River, and young calf steaks.

    Looking around this large restaurant, you can hardly imagine that this place is suffering from a poor harvest.

    “Haha, I was so excited to hear that both of Your Highness is visiting our estate. This Abnormal couldn’t sleep at night!”

    The Count raised his voice with a face inflamed by champagne.

    The splendidly dressed Countess also stood beside him and spoke.

    “You don’t know how honored I am to see the famous Your Highness the Prince’s wife, whom I only heard through rumors. You are more beautiful than I’ve ever heard, and it’s as if my eyes are blinded.”

    I smirked as I held a glass of champagne in my mouth.

    Blinded, what am I? A sun?

    Anyway, it seems that both of them were trying to look good to us, who are considered the next emperor and empress.

    ‘That kind of flattery would be counterproductive. Don’t you know why the Eyes of the Beholder are called the Emperor’s Eye?’

    The power of the Eyes of the Beholder can determine whether the other person’s words are false.

    If they weren’t really making heartfelt compliments right now, it was like a waste of time. In Orlean’s eyes, their ugly hearts will clearly be seen.

    Indeed, as time passed, the air around Orlean sank. The Count and his wife didn’t seem to notice because Orlean didn’t show it on his face, but I could tell exactly.

    Now Orlean is in a very unpleasant mood.

    “I’d like to discuss saving the people from famine.”

    When he brought it up, the Count’s expression changed like a lie.

    The smile disappeared from his mouth, where he was smiling nicely, and a very complex expression emerged.

    “Yes, I’m really worried. How could we get through this winter? I wish spring would come soon.”

    “Is that it?”


    “I’m asking if there’s anything else you can do but wait for spring to come.”

    The Count could not answer anything and only sweated.

    “Can’t you get any additional food for the people?”

    “I’m sending them out, but I don’t think it’s going to be enough.”

    The Count replied in a voice that was filled with regret.

    “They’re young people like my own children, and I want to give them anything. But circumstances aren’t good.”

    Hmm, I turned my gaze and looked around.

    I think he can prepare a lot of food just by selling those interior ornaments, jewelry, and fine arts.

    However, there’s no possibility that the Count would do such a thing.

    “I’ll think about a way.”

    That’s what the Count said, and with that, Orlean didn’t talk anymore.


    We entered the room provided by the Count and Countess couple.

    I sat on the bed and looked at the absentminded Orlean.

    He was lost in deep thoughts without saying a word. I decided to do something that I usually don’t do since he doesn’t feel good because of someone.

    I put both of my fists at the side of my cheeks and acted cutely.

    “Bbooing bbooing.”

    Orlean looked at me with an appalled look.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Acting cute.”

    “…Acting cute, you say?”

    Um, aren’t I cute? It’s been decades since I acted cutely. I’m very embarrassed because he doesn’t like it that much.

    I let go of my unbecoming cuteness and sighed.

    “Yes, don’t be offended by a nobody.”

    Orlean lifted the corners of his mouth.

    “What’s there to be offended? It wasn’t just once or twice that I’ve seen those behaviors. I’m used to them.”

    It was a voice filled with cynicism.

    I’m not saying this in a moment of anger, but I felt a deep-rooted contempt for people.

    I suddenly wondered how Orlean saw the world.

    The world in the Eyes of the Beholder will be all dirty and contemptuous. There are far more ugly and corrupt people than those who have upright and glowing souls.

    What does he think when he sees them?

    It’s because his humble attitude overshadows it, but I knew he basically had a cynical view towards humans.

    “Then what will you do from now on? Are you going to wait for the Lords around you to come up with a support plan?”

    “No. Wait and see, they can’t come up with a proper support plan. Even if they do, they’ll end up with a speck of food to make themselves look better. They won’t do things that won’t benefit them.”

    It doesn’t benefit them—!

    It was contradictory.

    It’s about saving one’s people from hunger, but it doesn’t benefit them.

    “They can’t use their property for others. And for the Lords, the situation is not necessarily bad.”

    Orlean received my words with a cold voice.

    “That’s right. It’s a great opportunity to buy the land of the hungry people at a low price, and they don’t want to waste their money and provide them food.”

    There are two kinds of farmers in this territory.

    A farmer with his own land, and peasants who work in the land of the Lord.

    When such a great hit comes, some are forced to give up their land to avoid starving to death.

    Then the Lord buys the land for a low price.

    It was a real money-making experience to swim on the ground.


    I clicked my tongue in disappointment.

    But it wasn’t new.

    Not only in the Western Empire but also in the Central region, in the East, in the South, and even in the barren North.

    I was witnessed it countless times over a thousand years of life.

    It was easy to see everywhere in the world, those who did not care about other people’s suffering for their own greed.

    “Are you going to ask the Imperial Palace for help?”

    “No, His Majesty won’t accept such a request.”

    The money of the Imperial family was the same as Knox III’s, and Knox III wouldn’t let himself use his property for the struggling people.

    In terms of greed, Knox III was greedier than the Lord’s here.


    Orlean kept his mouth shut for a moment and was lost in thought.

    It seemed to me that he was worried about how to solve this situation.

    I looked at him like that and said,

    “Why don’t you just ask the Lords to give you the money?”

    Orlean shook his head as if it were nonsense.

    “There’s no way that they will obediently follow.”

    But I grinned.

    “If they won’t follow voluntarily, you have to force them to follow.”


    Orlean looked a little surprised.

    It’s because I had an evil smile.

    “What are you thinking?”

    “Aah, I’m going to eat off the bad guys.”

    I explained to him the plan I came up with.

    His eyes grew bigger when he heard my story. He said with a look of absurdity.

    “Isn’t that a crime?”

    A surprising word popped out of Orlean’s mouth. What crime.

    I didn’t deny it. Because it’s a crime. It is also a very petty crime for the Prince and his wife of the Great Empire to commit.

    “They’re bad guys, anyway. So what if it’s a crime? It’s usually the most enjoyable thing to do with bad guys.”

    Orlean could not answer immediately.

    However, it seemed that he hesitated to do such a thing with the body of a royal family.

    But after a moment, he burst out laughing.

    “You’re right. That’s also true. I think it’s going to be fun.”

    Yeah, it’s really fun.

    You will never know the fun of hitting the backs of bad guys in a bad way unless you try it.

    “By the way, Rubia, can I ask you a favor?”

    “What is it?”

    “Can you do that one more time?”

    What are you talking about?

    I frowned while I tilted my head. This guy wants me to do another deadly aegyo!

    “You didn’t even think it was cute?”

    “No, that’s not it. Rather, it was so cute and lovely that I couldn’t react.”

    That’s good! When they say that…!

    “Bbooing bbooing.”

    …I give them a special kind of aegyo only once.

    I lowered my hand from both cheeks and watched his reaction.

    I did it with a big heart, but this time, there’s no difference in his reaction.

    No, if I’m the prettiest person in the world, I don’t need to have a cute and die-hard visual!

    The moment I tried to raise my voice in embarrassment, he hugged me in his arms.

    Suddenly I was caught in his arms and I was flustered. For a moment, my heart pounded as I felt his body.

    The pleasant warmth overwhelmed me.

    He whispered in my ear like that.

    “Very, very lovely.”

    “Don’t lie to me. Even though I weren’t cute at all?”

    He lowered his head and looked down at me with softly folded eyes.

    It was a deep look of love.

    It was so thick that it seemed to overflow. And the moment I met that sweet and hot feeling, I felt a sense of fullness and harmony in my heart. It was a warm, unbearable ticklish feeling.

    “It was so lovely that I couldn’t react. Never look like that in front of anyone else.”

    His face slowly drew closer to me.

    A hot breath tickled my lips.

    Thump. My heart was pounding.

    Right before our lips touch. At that moment, when the tension dominated my whole body, I whispered in a slightly trembling voice.

    “…Don’t worry. I’ll only show you.”

    And that’s the last thing I said.

    His lips covered mine.

    A sweet kiss ensued.


    Since then, we have moved in earnest for the relief efforts.

    I did not meet the people and comfort them directly. What they needed was not empty words but food to fill their stomachs.

    So we carried out my plan to peel off the bad guys to provide food for the people.

    As the first step, we visited nearby territories one by one.

    “I see Your Highness the Fourth Prince and Your Highness the Prince’s wife!”

    All the Lords welcomed our visit.

    We were greeted by their hospitality and discussed the food issues.

    “That’s a little… but I’ll think about it.”

    Most of them responded similarly to Count Abnormal. He was in trouble and promised to give food only for his own sake.

    Of course, not all Lords had a disappointing reaction. There aren’t only bad people in the world. There were also good Lords for the people. They promised a full-scale food aid package.

    “I think they can be excluded from the list.”

    Orlean nodded.

    I grinned and continued.

    “Then we have chosen an angel to pay for it through the Eyes of the Beholder, so now we can take the second step.”

    We met each Lords as the first step to choose the ones to peel off.

    You can’t do anything wrong to anyone.

    The Eyes of the Beholder played a big role again this time. Even without a deep conversation, Orlean saw the ugly nature of his opponent one after another.

    “Then I’ll be back.”

    I lay back in my hotel bed. Orlean left and went outside to implement the second step.

    I shouted with support for my husband, who was going to work.

    “Orlomon, fighting!”
    They are really cute together:blobxd: