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    Official Novel Raws: Author: 미래나비
    (The same author who wrote, "The Rebirth of a Tyrannical Empress", "I'm Deleting Them From My Life", and "It's My First Time Being Loved")

    남주가 돈으로 나를 조련한다


    When I was born again, I possessed the heroine from the novel I read before.

    That's why this work, the female lead rolls and rolls and rolls again, so it's a very famous ruin.

    She was a no-brainer to living such a life. A hero's life! Is it fun when it's someone else's life, or my life?

    In particular, the biggest trigger for the female lead to roll was when she got involved with the male lead in her childhood... !

    What is her love for, and she couldn't turn away from her affection for her male lead, so she set foot on all kinds of thorny roads and chose to live a happy life with the last three episodes and a few side stories of hers.

    So I decided to work hard and live the life of an ordinary rural aristocrat, not the life of a female lead.


    At the age of 18, the year of her debutante ball, her house was destroyed.


    You can't sit down in an absurd situation!

    I have to pay off my family debt, and I have to lead a peaceful and happy life.

    However, the best paid job I could do was to be an aide to the ‘male lead’.

    I really didn't want to get involved, but I couldn't help it if I had to make a living. I put up with it and became the male lead's aide.

    However, he was so noble and obedient to the female lead...

    As a boss, it's a complete vice, isn't it?!

    If she pays off all his debts, she immediately goes back to the countryside and lives a life of comfort.

    But this southern state.

    “Three times the allowance, everything that is embraced by you is yours.”

    It's not enough to seduce me with money.

    “No, you are my fiancé.”

    Even though it's a contractual engagement, he doesn't think about letting me go.

    I really want to strike the main character!
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    Angst novels be like...:blob_grin:
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    True kekekeke
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    This sound was the sound effect of documents being placed in front of me in all sorts of ways.


    "Your hand has stopped, Rose."

    You crazy rogue boss.

    "You must be quite relaxed?"

    I glared at the provider of crazy work and protested, then with a shallow sigh, replaced the answer and moved my hand again.

    My hands were all covered with ink. The first knuckle of the middle finger was more agonizing than it was in the past life, when I was an examine!

    I really missed the laptop keyboard that I used to curse and beat in my previous life.

    I spit out dozens of complaints in my heart, but I couldn't deny the reality, so I continued to process an insane amount of paperwork, focusing on the sound of the nib snapping.

    Really, how did this happen?

    I must have been possessed as the heroine of this story.

    A bit of a twist of fate

    But, isn't it too much for a family to go bankrupt, my God...!


    Roselita Salice, the precious only daughter of Baron Salice.

    That was the name and status of my second life.

    A second life, I never thought it would be my job, even though I had seen it a lot in the novels I read as a hobby.

    If I had known this future, I would have read only soft and healing story instead of these stories.

    Then if so, I had been born as the youngest one who is full of love or a maid who serves the youngest one next to me.

    However, there were so many novels that I picked up in order to forget the pain of my past life and reality for a while, and the genres were also very diverse.

    So, I should have realized it when I was born in the midst of waste, picking and choosing among those various books.

    'There's no way that I'm out of luck.'

    But there was a reason why it didn't.

    Even if the genre is a bloody thing, the target I possessed was not a villain or a one-two-string extra, but a protagonist.

    'Even though it was a life of being in danger of death seven times and getting caught up in kidnapping and intimidation, the last one is definitely a happy ending.'

    That's why, when I realized that I was born as a protagonist in the midst of waste story, I honestly wanted to change my fate.

    Even in my previous life, I was an extremely ordinary person who relieved stress through novels and entertainment programs.

    I can't believe I'm the main character who overcomes all kinds of hardships.

    No way.

    'God, I don't know why you brought me into this life, but I don't deserve it.'

    At the age of eight, when I realized that this world was in that trashy novel, I confessed my abilities to God in my heart.

    Therefore, I was willing to give up my role to a motivated villain or extra-binger who might have appeared in this world.

    I never wanted to be the main character in a grandiose work.

    If it's just a normal, comfortable main character in my life, I'll be satisfied with that.

    The Baron Salice family I was born in was moderately sound, and my parents were also kind and didn't do anything stupid.

    Just as they always worried and supported the heroine in the work, there was nothing different about my parents.

    So I just changed my fate a little bit.

    The life of Roselita, the main character who is involved and caught up in saving the male lead in her childhood, is transformed into the life of an ordinary country aristocratic young lady.

    Until then, I really didn't expect it.

    I just wanted to live a normal life.

    'I'm sorry, Roselita.'

    'My dear daughter, in the year before the debutante ball...'

    I didn't know I had to pay for my family's collapse.


    If I had known it would be like this, I would have been doing the same business that Roselita did in her stroty.

    Even though I sold all the expensive things, I was able to keep only my estate and mansion, and I regretted it very much.

    Even there was still debt left to pay.

    But it was already in the past.

    'If I touched the main character's share, I really thought I would have to live the main character's life...'

    However, now was not the time to take a chance

    Business? That should have a foundation, too.

    There's no way they'll go backwards if you wave at the train that's already left.

    'But don't worry too much, Roselita. We'll be sure to protect you.'

    My parents, who are kind and affectionate, said that, but I couldn't just believe that one word and stay still.

    I'm not the one who lived hard to keep myself healthy in my past life.

    It was absurd to think that I, with all my limbs intact and growing up in good health, would only rely on my parents to stay still.

    Unlike other girls my age, I jumped into the job market instead of preparing for a debutante.

    However, it was not easy to find a job for the status of the baron's daughter, so I had to search all over the place and inquire.

    In the first place, it is only a place where people are rejected based on their status or where they do illegal things.

    After a lot of hard work, I managed to find a job that was just, legal, and even fairly well paid.

    <Looking for an assistant in the second prince's office>

    Although it was the male lead's assistant position....

    What do you mean the male lead? I wasn't going to get involved with him, but this happened.

    However, humans were weak, and in the end I put in an application.

    It looks like I'm going to starve to death right now, but is it time to discuss the fate in the book or something? People cannot live without rice.

    He was the male lead and I didn't want to get too entangled with him, but right now I was so desperate.

    Less than two weeks after I put in my application, an interview notice was sent to me.

    In the winter when I was 19 years old.

    I, Roselita Salice, chose to go to the capital to watch the family somehow.

    Coincidentally, Roselita in the original story was the same age as the male leead when she entered the capital.


    Come to think of it, the red alert was ringing very loudly from that interview.

    "Come in, Miss Salice."

    For some reason, I was the only one who arrived at the interview location by myself.

    "I've waited so long, Miss Salice. If the Salice's estate had been a little closer, the imperial carriage would have been sent."

    In the original story, the male lead, who was harsh with anyone other than the female lead, or even sometimes even towards the female lead, greeted me with a very kind and bright attitude.

    "Ah, thank you. You flatter me immensely. Your Highness the Prince."

    Looking at the embarrassing words of the prince and my attitude, which I replied in a hazy manner thinking that he could be my boss, he also made a pretty cheeky smile —I only realized it now after working next to him.

    "What do you mean, miss Salice's resume and attached documents were so impressive that I thought I would regret it if I missed it."

    And, looking back, it was full of doubts, including the fact that the prince, who was arrogant towards others, was, for some reason, overly polite to me, who was a young lady of a country aristocrat.

    "The interview was only a formality and I called you to discuss Ms. Salice's working conditions. Since it is far from the territory, it will be convenient to enter work immediately."

    Truly, the male lead, very cunningly, offered only one condition that I could never refuse.

    "The terms of work I'm going to present to Miss Salice are as written in this document."

    The contract he held out was much more unconventional than the world where labor laws were enacted in previous lives and much better than public notices.

    [500 gold monthly basic salary, double pay per hour for overtime work

    *Working hours are 8 hours per day, plus 1 hour break time.

    10-minute carriage ride to work, 30-minute walk from two-story house, maid service, 3 meals or meals a day.

    50 Gold Coverage Support per Month

    20 days of vacation a year and 4 days a week.

    Alternative vacation or double pay for extra work.

    Separation of severance pay upon retirement.]

    Not realizing that there was a trap hidden in overly good conditions, I signed it as it was.

    The name Roselita Salice was clearly spelled out.

    And I, Rosalita Salice, I'm thinking now.


    "Yes, Your Highness."

    "It's six o'clock in the evening, You love it very much."


    I chewed my molars as I heard those words.

    "You're happy, aren't you?"


    The male lead showed an annoying smile as he placed another stack of papers on my desk.

    "Because it's the double pay overtime you love."

    The salary exceptionally high for a 19-year-old noble lady to receive.

    Why did it say alternative vacation or 'double allowance' written on it.

    "This evening, I heard that your favorite eastern region's finest beef was grilled in medium rare and seasonal vegetables were prepared for garnish. We also prepared low-alcohol wine."

    I should have noticed why 'three meals' or meals were provided.

    It meant that overtime and weekend work are frequent.

    "You don't have a job like this, do you, Rose?"

    He cheered in newspaper articles and spoke with a beautiful smile that admired whenever young ladies of his social circle saw him.

    Seeing that smile, I forcibly pulled the corners of my mouth and smiled.

    You demon.



    I really shouldn't have gotten involved with the male lead...
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    I want to know what the og novel was about...
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    Today, my boss was relentless, and as he said, there was a severe overtime work instead of a very delicious dinner.

    Thanks to that, I was able to enter my sweet home, which is only 10 minutes away, at midnight.

    'You're such a spiteful, crazy man...'

    I was scammed for a job.

    Tired of exhaustion both physically and mentally due to heavy work today, I quickly dug into the blanket after enjoying the bath water and warm stew prepared by the maid.

    A pleasant rustle and the scent of clear sunlight melted in the thick blanket.

    '...The weather was nice today.'

    Realizing today's weather under the blanket, isn't my life really so sad...?

    What's different from my previous life?

    It's a little bit bitter.

    I possessed the main character at best, but the result is a salary slave that is no different from my previous life


    I couldn't tell whether it was a sigh or a yawn, a breath came out of my mouth.

    Nevertheless, on the other hand, I felt really fortunate.

    When I just came to the capital, I was afraid that I would not have such a normal time.

    Have I ever been as nervous as I was when I got off at the capital train station about a year ago?

    It's like the time when Roselita came to capital in the original story, and the purpose is to meet the main character, Cassian Artez.

    Like the main character Roselita in the original story, I had nightmares and scared whether I would wait for all kinds of devastating events.

    'It wasn't a devastating incident that I waited for, it was a vicious boss who turned my day-to-day into work.'

    It wasn't just that I was the only applicant in those favorable conditions for no reason.

    'Miss Salice, you can go home after finishing all these documents today.'

    I don't hate you if you can't talk.

    You want me to go home after finishing all these papers?

    In the beginning, I wasn't aware of the generous salary and the same nightmare every day.

    But humans are adaptable animals.

    As I got used to the reality of being rolled and rolled by work, I cursed at the workload that the vicious Cassian gave me.

    He always began to give me a mountain of work, as if he would not allow me to become a salary thief for even a few seconds.

    'This should be easy for you, Miss Salice?'

    Even if you make a little bit of space with your hands far away with the determination to quit, it's not some kind of step-by-step learning.

    'Okay, Rose. Thanks to you, this job ended quickly. So please do this, too, until I get off work.'

    As if he waited for me to adapt, I would have more and more work.

    Still, I can't give up.

    'The salary is so good.'

    The basic salary of 500 gold is about 5 million won in terms of my previous life, but this alone was difficult for a new employee with no experience to receive.

    Just like in a previous life.

    But Cassian grinds people up.

    And he pays as much as they work.

    In the past year or so, my salary has exceeded 1,500 gold.

    Although! there were few holidays in the month.

    Since there was no food and rent there, the money was collected intact, and it seemed that the family's debts, which I wondered if I would be able to pay off for the rest of my life, would be able to see the end.

    In about...

    20 years?

    Isn't this less stuffy enough? To buy a house in my previous life, I had to repay the bank more than that.

    'And my parents are doing their best too.'

    Since the territory was protected, it might be a little faster if there is a good harvest, a hot spring sprang up somewhere, or even a magic stone is suddenly discovered.

    And if I earn money like I do now, I can start a business with the money I saved!

    At that time, I will definitely enjoy the privilege of being the main character without hesitation!

    You can't roll for 20 years under Cassian.

    If that were the case, death from overwork would undoubtedly be faster.

    'But it's really peaceful.'

    I continued my thoughts, resisting my nodding eyes.

    I don't have a smartphone to hold in my hand, but it's a waste to sleep early because it's a trait that office workers can't help.


    A chuckle, a chuckle of laughter leaked out.

    It's fortunate that I can throw out these everyday complaints, and the reason I can curse Cassian is because he's just my boss at work

    After becoming Roselita, I avoided being involved with Cassian, but I didn't hate him.

    He was the male lead in the novel that I enjoyed reading regardless of this or that, and he used to show a warm side to the female lead, not a vicious boss.

    It wasn't just my hardships, but there was also a part where I didn't want to get involved because it was obvious that I would suffer.

    Cassian Artez, 2nd Prince of the Empire.

    He has a splendid appearance, excellent work ability, and no one can win against him in wielding the sword.

    He really had the high specs of a male lead.

    And like a male lead in a bloody mess, his life was just as difficult.

    It wasn't enough that he lost his mother when he was born, and he didn't even have the blue eyes he should have been born with if he was a direct descendant of the imperial family.

    Naturally, the imperial family was upset. It's a big deal that he wasn't born with blue eyes, but the color of the prince's eyes was purple.

    'He was hated by God!'

    As soon as the empress, who was the mother of the first prince, found out about it, she screamed in fright and criticized him.

    The emperor also found it difficult to bear his son. Beautiful blonde hair and purple eyes. None of them were inherited from the emperor.

    'Well, thanks to him, Cassian had a hard time. When he was a child, he almost died of hunger, assassination, and poison. When he grew up, he was sent only to a rough battlefield.'

    Getting involved with Rosellita in the original story was one of those life-and-death crises.

    Cassian, who had always overcome it alone, began to live for Rosalita with preciousness and affection for the first touch he received from others.

    'Is it because Roselita ran away?'

    Instead of escaping from the threat, the current Cassian has become a cold-blooded man without blood or tears.

    Should I say that because he became a crazy person at work and did so much, the emperor couldn't touch him hastily?

    Thanks to that, I, the subordinate, are also crazy, haha.

    I let out Cassian's swear words and closed my eyes.

    I'm going to sleep now.

    If you want to survive the overwork that your boss gives you tomorrow.


    'I'm not saying this from the point of view of hiring you, but why is a noble lady trying to work?'

    Casian, who had been very friendly and kind throughout the interview, asked me in a soft, downy tone toward the end

    'Besides, you should have participated in the debutante ball.'

    He had a very sad face.

    Sympathy, that was too pleasant for me at the time.

    So I answered very frankly.

    'It's not the time to take care of things like that at home.'

    I should never have mistook the slight change in expression on his face for pity.

    Why didn't I know at the time that it was the joy of a man who got a subordinate who would not be able to run away in the slightest.


    "······You must not sign..."

    I opened my eyes with a groaning sleep-talk and sighed loudly.

    It was a dream.

    'I need a return...'

    I'm not pretending to be the main character.

    I can't believe I can see my boss's face in pain even in a dream just by looking at him for 14 hours a day...

    It must be a precognitive dream that today will be tough and unlucky.

    The intuition was convinced when I looked at the clock on the desk.

    'My morning sleep..... I lost 5 minutes...'

    Cassian Artez, like this enemy who is really of no help except for his salary.

    I wanted to sleep a little longer, but I was unable to sleep because I had a painful dream.

    I grabbed my head and started getting ready for work.

    Today was supposed to be a very busy day as I had to work outside from the first schedule. The end of the year was busy, both in my previous life and here.

    I asked the maid to make heavy coffee to wake me up, and when I headed to the office, I saw Cassian, who was not much different from when he asked me to go in first yesterday.

    'Did you get off work, that demon?'

    Of course, he's dressed differently than yesterday, and looking at his undisturbed appearance, it seems like he's been to his room.

    "Are you relaxed, Rose? You've got time to observe me from the morning."

    The worries I heard for a moment disappeared in a flash of his unlucky voice.

    "No way, Your Highness. I have an external schedule today, so I just checked if your highness' shirt collar was turned inside out."

    "Rose, neither you nor I, can make that mistake."

    Cassian laughed low, saying so.

    Normally, if you say this, you would at least touch the collar of your shirt once, but he didn't even suspect it, and he took care of the papers he was looking at without even looking at them.

    I was also able to do it without forgetting to take the necessary materials for working outside today before he finished what he was doing.

    If you're even a little late, you'll have to listen to his sarcastic remarks.

    Carrying a bag containing precious materials, I opened the office door wide in time for him to come.

    I wasn't trying to brag about it myself, but it was a perfect timing.

    By the way.


    Cassian Artez stopped for a moment and stared at me, not going straight out as usual.

    "What's the matter, Your Highness?"

    He reached out to my ear, his mouth curled cheekily.

    "Excuse me, Your Highness?"

    When I called out in embarrassment, the smile around his mouth deepened.

    He gave me a hiss and then climbed up as if tickling between my ear lobe and chin with his fingers.

    "Your hair is sticking out. Poorly."

    He said, putting the hair sticking out over my ear as if teasing.

    "I'll wait for you, so make sure to tidy up and come out. Of course, there will be no deduction from your salary."


    "I can't make a perfect aide sad about anything other than having her hair go astray like this."

    While saying that, Cassian didn't even forget the manner of closing the office door so that it made a loud noise.

    I stared blankly at the door full of useeless consideration and struggled silently inside.

    'You're so annoying, Cassian Artez!'
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