Spoiler The male leads were taken away by the extra / 엑스트라에게 남주들을 빼앗겼다

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    I hate it, i hate these type of fckng male leads once they meet someone new they'll treated the orig female lead like a trash.

    ( I kinda wish they where just under spell/manipulated by 'extra grace' and if not, they do not deserve the tittle of "male lead" ) better call them just an extra.

    ( I might like 'extra grace' if she wasn't that type of an extra who feel jealous towards the orig fl and wants to steal everything from her. )

    Btw Good Art But These fake three male leads doesn't deserve to be in a same cover with the orig Female lead and i hope this black hair dude (Demon King) kill those bug's and 'extra grace'.
    Sorry not good in English:sushi_sigh:
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    Camping for Spoilers too!

    Tbh I'm curious how this Grace Extra could charmed 3 men in 3 months only! What a hardworker!

    Usually "bond" made during emergency/crucial times cannot easily broken. Ppl tend to fallen in love easily tho (and fallen out love later, probably). So I'm really curious... Two possible answers are probably magic, an answer very common in Isekai JP but I dislike it; The other maybe because the three ori!MLs are originally unrecyleable trash.
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    Can anyone access the Kakao page and give us some quick spoilers? Like 2-3 bulletpoints regarding the ex ML’s motivations or something like that?
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    I need more
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    <Episode 2>
    If someone asked her if she loved lan Chervil,
    the answer was no.

    He was the male protagonist in the original
    story, but Selonia, who possessed her, did not
    love him unlike the original female lead.

    There have been many times when I almost
    died because of a forced adventure, and living
    in the dangerous wild had no choice but to
    develop a relationship.

    But it was human affection and camaraderie,
    not feelings for the opposite sex.

    Because lan Chervyl had an aspect that
    anyone could not help but like.

    "Okay. I hope you have a little less trouble."
    "Because it's better for me to be sick than for
    Young-ae to be sick."

    Even in an environment where he could not
    eat proper food, he was always a gentleman.
    He didn't share a single bean and gave all of
    them to her.

    Who wouldn't have a crush on such a friendly
    attitude and lines?

    It wasn't just this.

    As a male protagonist, lan had the qualities
    of a hero, and gave Selonia a strong and
    unbreakable image and instilled faith in him.

    So, although Celonia did not love him, she
    was not dissatisfied with the ending of
    marrying him.

    After all, I personally experienced all the big
    events that happened in the same way as in the

    Even if it was avoided in the first place, it was

    So, of course, the demon king must have
    dies after hard work, and I thought it would be
    okay to end it with the original story, I made a
    contract with him for a hundred years, ate well
    and lived well.

    I never dreamed that I would suddenly
    collapse for several months, or that Namjoo
    would have an affair.

    That's not enough, even the sub male.......

    "I'm sorry, Selonia."

    Reyev's heartfelt apology caught Selonia's
    lost spirit.

    'Is this a surprise camera now?'

    Or is it a dream? If not, it's a terrible

    "I believe that if you are Selonia sama, you
    will understand me."

    However, Selonia had no cho8ce but to face
    the reality of Reev's continued words.
    Paladin Reev Hetzel, who used to be a sub-man, as a lady who wants to swear forever,
    not herself.

    Her name is Grace Bennett.

    Not long ago, he was the affair of lan Chervil,
    my fiance.

    "Reyev, Grace Bennett will soon be the
    fiancée of lan Cherville. It will be."

    She didn't want to talk about their
    relationship with her mouth, but Reyev

    Because he was the person who always gave
    me unrequited affection by my side.

    As I am going to go down the thorny road
    again, I have no choice but to stop him as a

    "I know."

    "that yes yes? Do you know?"

    But at the unexpected answer, Selania's
    mouth widened.

    you... know? Knowing....

    "But I can't stop my feelings for Grace. Just
    looking at it from behind is fine. I just want to
    protect Grace-sama."

    Selonia's mouth shut at the words she had
    heard many times.

    This confession was exactly the same as the
    confession that Reev had made to me, without
    making a single mistake.

    His heartbreaking confession to me, who ate
    the wrong poison and had a high fever.

    Wow... Are you taking it this way?

    "I'm so sorry, Selonia-sama."

    Reyev, who was shyly confessing with a
    blushing face, captured his expression as if he
    wanted to miss it.

    Selonia had a throbbing headache. She
    wasn't hurt.

    It's just absurd and sad.

    There's no way we can argue about people's
    changing minds.

    The heart is a very personal realm and it
    belongs only to him, so whoever he loves was
    his choice.

    However, Reyev was a sub-boyfriend and the
    first friend she made after possessing Selonia.
    A precious person who cried and laughed
    together for 6 months.

    There was only one reason why he
    deliberately came to him and confessed his
    change of heart.

    The declaration that our relationship ends.

    You probably won't be able to see him after
    this time for personal reasons.

    "No, Reev. It's your heart, there's nothing to
    be sorry about."

    Why the hell is it Grace? Is this simply a

    Selonia couldn't ask Reyev Chama despite
    the curiosity that filled her throat.

    I was afraid that if I asked, I would get the
    same answer as the reason why you liked me.
    Because it seemed like it would hurt a bit.

    "I'm sorry."

    "Thank you for that. The heart that Reyev
    gave for me and all the times we spent

    Concealing her disappointment, she reached
    out to Reyev first. For the first time, she was
    sincere to Reyev.

    She could not respond to his heart, who had
    always given him wide and deep affection like
    the sea.

    Because he had a fiancee, lan.
    He never properly expressed his gratitude
    that if he did even the slightest bit of goodwill
    Reyev, that would become hopeful adviser to him.
    Sorry about that all the time.

    So I can show this level of sincerity.
    Today will be the last day I can face him.
    Reyev is a straight-forward man, so from now
    on, he won't even look at anyone other than

    even if it's you.

    Reev's eyes fluttered wildly.
    For the first time, she reached out her hand.
    After all, today will be the last day for each

    Reyev was moved, but with a determined.
    attitude, he took Selonia's hand.
    I'm afraid my weakly trembling fingertips will
    be detected.

    "...... Stay in good health."

    "yes. Reev too."

    Handshakes exchanging warmth with each
    other continued for quite some time.

    Selonia let go of Reyev's hand before she
    looked down at her for the first time.

    "Then stop."

    Reyev bent down, clasping her cool hands,
    which had lost their warmth.

    As usual until the end, he turned away with
    an unobtrusive greeting.

    A constant sound of footsteps left the
    drawing room.

    Selonia looked around the drawing room
    where the silence fell, and then she flopped.
    down on the sofa.

    "Oh, lady......."

    Watching her eyes, the servant Ella
    approached cautiously.

    "Ella, what the hell happened while I was

    He murmured like a sigh.
    There were times when I wondered what
    would happen after I got married to lan.
    Return to the original world? Or will I be able
    to continue living as Selonia?

    In that thought, her wish was decided.
    I just want to live in Celonia.
    Before the possession, she lived a lonely life
    with no parents or friends, and died of an
    illness at an early age.

    There is no body to return to in the first
    She didn't have any memories of the past
    that Selonia originally had, but she thought
    that she would forget about the cheating man
    and live happily ever after.

    In any case, even if you don't remember
    Selonia's past, it won't be too much of a
    problem for you to live because you've read
    the original story, and since she was the
    daughter of a duke before becoming a female
    protagonist, she had enough money to spend
    her whole life lovingly.

    However, unlike the original, lan did not
    change, and even Reyev likes Grace Young-ae,
    not me.

    'No, why are you doing this all of a sudden?'
    Is something wrong?
    Or did they really simply change their
    minds... ... ?

    "... Are you okay?"

    Ella looked at Selonia's eyes, who seemed to
    have lost her soul. Like a person who was very
    nervous for fear that she would make a sharp
    shout or hysteria by any chance.


    That was then.
    A loud voice echoed through the hallway of
    the mansion along with the loud sound of

    There was only one person who would show
    up so loudly, so Selonia turned her head
    towards the door with her eyes wide open.
    Why, at this moment.... no way... ... ?
    Fluffy hair stood up in an unusual situation.

    "Sally! Here it is?"


    The man who came in with the door
    smashed open looked at Selonia sitting on the
    sofa and approached him about a month later.

    The man's name is McLion.
    He is a blood relative of the last dragon and,
    like Reyev, a sub-man in the original story.

    “Give back the heart | gave you before.”

    McLion proudly stretched out his hand
    towards Selonia without saying goodbye.

    Sometimes he gave her the heart of a dragon
    as a gift, saying it was his heart, and he was
    asking her to return it as if he had left it now.


    For Selonia, this reality itself was more
    creepy than McLion's brazen attitude.

    Because he seemed to know who the heart of
    the dragon he asked for back was going to.

    And soon her thoughts came true.

    “| have someone | want to give to other than

    “...Grace Bennett.”

    “Yeah, right...! uh? how did you know?"

    When Selonia spoke the name first, McLion's
    eyes widened in surprise.

    "Ha ha ha ha ha."
    At the same name that came out of the
    mouths of the three male protagonists, Selonia
    eventually laughed like a madman.

    The men fell in love with another woman.

    Also, the extras that did not appear even a
    single line in the original.
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    hOLY mOLy-:blobnosebleed:
    alright I am interested in this novel
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    Aye ML has black hair, of course he's the superior one
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    These types of comments, until when are they supposed to be said?
    I say this because I think they are starting to be tiresome.
    Always the same, entering a thread,novel or manwha with them as male protagonists, and the comment always appears, it is very frustrating.
    It's starting to be an almost stalker trend with people who can't live without mentioning them.
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    ......did you made a account to say that?? LMAO DAMN Respect :blobrofl:
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    Right, it doesn't change that you'll keep saying the same bullshit in other threads.
    Really, people cannot stop without mentioning the hair of the protagonists, all the protagonists have black hair, the hair of this character is this way, they all have to be this hair color because it's my favorite, they do look like siblings...
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    oh boi we have a angry head here. It's okay just chill, it's just a comment. Eat an ice-cream to calm yourself.
    Also, it wasn't me who said that LOL check again
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    My apologies
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    Its fine! :D
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    <Episode 3>

    “Are you sure you investigated me?”

    McLion, who was looking at her strange smile
    as if strangely, suddenly raised his voice.

    It was very suspicious that Selonia knew of
    Grace, whom she had never spoken of before.

    "No way. Did you forget that I just woke up?”

    "Ah, yes....••• Mom, are you okay?"

    When Selonia, who suddenly stopped
    laughing, said the right words, McLion
    scratched the back of her head and asked.

    It seemed that he was sorry for scolding
    someone who had collapsed not so long ago.

    “Thank you for your concern.”

    Selonia's head was clearer than ever,
    answering his belated worries without a soul.

    Is this what it feels like to be cold to the
    opposite sex?

    When unexpected things happened all at
    once, my mind calmed down and my
    perspective on the situation broadened.

    “Did you ask for your heart back?”

    "uh? uh, uh...•••.”

    Selonia's expression was so calm that I
    thought it was the person who was smiling like
    a person who had just lost heart.

    Rather, it was McLion who was embarrassed.

    Perhaps this wasn't the expected scenario he
    had been drawing in his head, his eyes were
    shaking helplessly in confusion.

    “Ella, could you get me some black pockets
    from my room safe?”

    Celonia handed the key she had in her arms
    to Ella.

    When Ella, who took the key, left the drawing
    room with a quick movement, there were only
    two people in the space.

    “Sit down and wait.”

    Selonia invited McLion to sit across from her,
    and calmly picked up the teacup in front of her.

    What do you do when you ask for it back? I
    have to return it.

    McLion was the last remaining dragon in this

    The dragon's heart disappears together with
    the dragon's extinction.

    In other words, the heart he gave as a gift
    was the last and only heart of a dragon that
    could no longer be obtained.

    Since ancient times, the heart that dragons
    have only given to Jeong-in has the power to
    protect its owner no matter what the threat is.

    Because the heart was the source of the
    dragon's power.

    Dragons were spirit creatures that could live
    without a heart.

    But when he had a heart and when he didn't,
    there was a difference.

    Without a heart, you couldn't even use one-
    tenth of your original strength. Even his
    strength was several times that of ordinary

    Thanks to this, Selonia hasn't been hurt
    since she received the heart.

    | wish | had gotten it sooner.

    However, even though she had the heart of a
    dragon, she fell down and couldn't wake up for
    three months, perhaps because she had an
    internal problem rather than a physical attack
    or external factors.

    When he had a heart, he was able to avoid
    the attacks of monsters, but he suffered an
    upset stomach or minor illness.

    As she drank the cold tea, she remembered
    the day she gave him a heart.



    In order to save her from the cliff, McLion,
    who was transformed into a dragon, hurriedly
    flew up.

    Even though he knew very well that
    becoming a body in the forest of monsters
    called the nest of the fallen would devour one's
    own life.

    There was no calculation. His eyes could only
    see the falling Selonia.

    Transformed into a giant dragon, McLion
    quickly glided down to catch the falling

    ‘iced coffee••• •••. You die like this. '

    The moment Selonia, who had fallen, gave
    up, a shadow larger than the sun fell over the

    At that moment, she looked intently.

    McLion flew to save himself with all his
    might. The dragon's yellow eyes, which were
    shaking more desperately than ever before.

    McLion safely caught Selonia and put her on
    her back, landing safely on the ground.

    With his quick judgment, she was able to
    survive without a single hair injury.

    "Are you crazy? Are you excited to die?”

    He immediately humanized and confirmed
    that Selonia was safe, then threatened.

    She understood that he was angry.

    I found a silkia flower blooming on a cliff.

    The flower was especially useful for healing
    wounds, so it was a necessary flower for

    Of course it was necessary, so I went to pick
    the flower by myself.

    I never dreamed that the ground on which I
    was standing would suddenly collapse, and
    that I would fall to the edge of a cliff.

    Because in the original story, he succeeded
    in saving the flower without any problems.

    "Sorry••• •••. ”

    "you really! ha••• •••.”

    McLion couldn't help but let out a deep sigh
    toward Selonia, apologizing sombly.

    He ruffled his hair roughly with a look of
    anger and not knowing what to do.

    “Humans are too weak.”

    "••• •••."

    “Those frail lives crumble for no reason.”

    “Mac, I’m sorry. I'm just••• •••.”

    “So I’m more concerned, you.”

    Selonia looked up at his confession with a
    surprised look on her face.

    Then suddenly, dark yellow eyes were
    staring at me.

    “1 don’t know when or for what reason you
    will leave me.”

    McLion seemed to realize something.

    His expression was different from before, so
    he looked terribly sad.

    Unlike herself, who Is a transcendent being,
    Selonia was a human being, and human life
    was fleetingly short and fragile.

    “Even if I’m not by your side, this will protect
    you for the rest of your life.”

    McLion brought his blue-lighted hand to my

    The large hand pierced the flesh without
    hesitation and went inside.

    Under his silver hair fluttering in the wind,
    his eyes twisted in pain.

    He frowned at the severe pain and slowly
    pulled out his hand as he swallowed the pain.

    Suddenly, he could hear a beating heart in
    his hand.

    The heart is beating very fast, as if to express
    that you are alive with your whole body.

    The heart pounded out of his grasp, then
    gradually dwindled and turned into a red, hard
    stone in an instant.

    Selonia was completely frozen by the eerie,
    yet unbelievably beautiful sight.

    McLion stepped closer to her. And he
    immediately grabbed her hand and placed my
    heart on it.

    “Please, let me live with you a little longer.”

    Please don't let your time stop.

    With that in mind, McLion folded Selonia's
    fingers and squeezed her heart.


    “Why don’t you ask?”

    “If people change their minds, what is the

    After finishing the reminiscence, Selonia put
    down the teacup, smirking at McLion.

    The man who cut out his heart and gave it to
    us saying that we could be together a little bit
    longer, now he wants to return it because he
    likes another woman.

    Was the heart that this man in front of me
    showed me was just a soulless shell for the
    story to proceed as in the original story?

    She was so confused that all of the things she
    had experienced for half a year really did exist.

    “It was kept in the safe••• •••?”

    It was McLion who was perplexed by her
    uncomfortably unsympathetic attitude.

    He looked bewildered at Selonia's bluntness.

    “I’m afraid I will lose it. It’s precious.”

    “Precious••• •••.”

    At the word ‘precious’, McLion's heart
    fluttered and resounded.

    He wiggled his fingers like a criminal and
    glanced at Selonia. Like a man who hesitates,
    as if he has something to say.

    “I, so I••• •••"


    After hesitating for a long time, McLion
    opened his mouth with difficulty, but was
    startled by the knocking sound he heard and
    then closed his lips.

    Like someone who was trying to say
    something that shouldn't be said.

    “Mac, thank you for always protecting me.”

    Selonia held out the pouch Ella had given
    him to him, who no longer opened his mouth.

    "••• ••• okay."

    McLion, looking at the black pocket on her hand,
    stretched out a helpless hand.

    His heart returned to him. He had no reason
    to be here anymore.

    "Go carefully. I will not see you off."

    Selonia first said goodbye and looked away
    from him.

    I got used to the breakup that went on several times,
    but my heart wasn't like that. I was sad, sad, and angry.

    So I had to let him go before I showed him

    "••• ••• you also. I will go see you."

    McLion looked at Selonia, who had turned
    away from him, and turned to look dead.

    He walked out of the drawing room with a stuttering gait.

    Celonia just bit her lip, not paying attention
    until he closed the parlor door.

    "miss••• ••• ."

    Ella gave a worried expression on Selonia's expression
    as if she was holding back her tears.

    “How can everyone be like this? My little girl
    has just woken up... ••• . | really love it!”

    Seeing her so shocked that she seemed to
    have forgotten how to get angry, Ella wheezes
    in anger instead.

    Selonia was silently watching McLion's back
    as she climbed the horse through the window.

    lan, Reyev, and even McLion all left him. He
    said he fell in love with another woman.


    "Yes Yes! If you need anything, just tell me! I
    will never leave her side!”

    Ella responded coldly and tried to cheer her

    “If you made a dish with the ingredients you
    worked hard to get while climbing a mountain
    and getting over the edge of a cliff, what would
    it be like if someone devoured it?”

    Selonia's eyes were burning with blazing fire
    when she took her eyes off the window.

    "yes? Uh, um... •••. Would you be very angry?
    sad and annoying | don't think I'll let the
    person who stole it from me... •••.”

    "right. how I feel right now Isn't it funny?"

    She clenched her fists.


    Celonia wasn't upset and wanted to cry, but
    she was boiling with fever.

    It's been 9 months since he possessed this

    While everyone was waiting for the demon
    king to die in the comfort of his own home, she
    went through the forest, climbed the castle,
    took a sword and saw the blood, contributing
    to the peace of the empire.

    As a duke girl, I didn't enjoy the haha-ho-ho
    tea party elegantly, but I came back after
    filming a survivor in hell and now I'm living like
    a human.

    Do you love Grace Bennett?

    These ignorant bastards.

    “Oh, lady •••?”

    Ella shuddered at the bloody life she felt for

    It was difficult to get close to Selonia's whole
    body, as it seemed like an invisible flame was


    "Yes Yes! miss!"

    “Ask the Finnest Guild for information about
    Grace Bennett.”

    Celonia's sharp eyes flashed.

    What the hell happened during the three
    months he passed away so that all three men
    were in love with the same woman?

    Can this be dismissed as a simple change of
    heart, just a coincidence?

    Captivating the male lords as if they were
    waiting as soon as the demon king died and
    peace came?

    Could such a coincidence exist?

    “Your Grace?”

    "okay. She's very detailed about what she's
    been up to lately, if she's ever been alive, and if
    she's not suddenly changed her behavior or
    tone of voice."

    So I had to find out.

    Is this just a coincidence or something else?