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    That moment when you stay up to 4am for the next chapter update, only to realize that it's Friday night and the author doesn't update during the weekend.

    Oh well. Accidentally deleted my list of game flashback chapters, so I gotta recompile that (cue my... sixth? reread this week). So enjoy another Extra chapter in time for New Year's.

    IF Story: "If there was Tanabata culture in the Freesia Kingdom." (Theoretically set between the House Party Arc and Sinner Arc.)

    100. Special Story: The Distrustful Princess Wishes
    "Sister! What wish will you write on a paper strip this year?"

    With a strip of paper in one hand, Tiara gives me a happy smile. It makes me happy to see a glittering smile as if that wish would come true from now on.

    "Well, I'm still worried ... it's difficult to narrow it down to one."

    With that said, I shrug my shoulders with a blank strip of paper in one hand. Since there is no bamboo in the Kingdom of Freesia, it is basically the custom to hang strips on tall trees regardless of the type. We also have strips hung from the tallest tree in the garden every year.

    "As a rule, there is only one wish per paper strip."

    Stayle is looking forward to seeing me and Tiara. Stayle said that, but his strip was still blank.

    "Stayle, haven't you decided this year yet?"

    It's surprising because he always finishes writing immediately every year. When asked with that in mind, Stayle laughed a bit bitterly, saying, "I'm still worried because I have two this year." When I was wondering what kind of wish it was, Tiara came to show me and Stayle a strip of paper that she was happy to write, saying "I was able to write it!" Receive the strip from Tiara and look at it with Stayle.

    "May I stay with my sister and brother forever"

    cute! ︎

    As soon as I and Stayle finished reading, we looked at each other and laughed. As it is, we stroke the happy Tiara's head.

    Tiara asks us to do almost the same thing every year. Can you wish for a cuter younger sister? As the main character of the game, "I hope you can meet your destined person" is the correct answer, but this is enough for girls.

    "What kind of request is Brother worried about?"

    Stayle gets stuck on words when Tiara returns her strip and tilts her head. Without saying anything, when I glanced at him, he was immediately distracted. That's right ..., when he muttered something, Stayle returned to his usual expressionless expression.

    "One is to be with my sister as an assistant, as usual. The other is ..."

    At that point, Stayle was a little silent again, this time screaming and muttering.

    "... Want to punish Gilbert?"

    The next moment, Stayle was struck by Tiara. Tiara, who gets angry with "This older brother of mine!", is already like Stayle's wife.

    "If you write that, I'll write on a paper strip, 'May my brother and Chancellor Gilbert get along with each other', okay? "

    "Stop, don't make me burn my sister's strips."

    The two who play with each other and say that are kind of cute. watching the two of them, I endure an involuntary laugh secretly.

    "... Well, you can rewrite as many times as you want until night, and think about it slowly?"

    When I said that, the two people who were playing with each other stopped their hands and answered "yes".

    While smiling at those two people, I suddenly think.

    Every year we make a wish on a strip of paper in the garden of the castle, but what kind of wishes are other people writing?

    Arthur is the only person who knows our wishes outside of family.

    Stopped by Captain Alain, I listen back to the words that hung in the air.

    "Yes, you should write it down. Do you know that the Knights' main corps hangs them together in the same place every year?"

    While saying that, Captain Alain beckons me. I have practice with Stayle and a lesson from now on, so I have to hurry to write. When I headed to a corner of the training ground while being called by Captain Alain, there were a large number of strips in the box that I thought had already been written. Deputy Captain Eric and Captain Colm, who are about to write, noticed me, so I say hello.

    "Well, this was the first time Arthur wrote."

    "When I was a recruit, I mainly hung this pile of strips."

    Eric laughed at Captain Colm's words as he remembered.

    "Yes, I forgot to write it when I noticed that I was just hanging the strips of the Knights from the main corps last year."

    I remembered and hurriedly hung it on a nearby tree, but I remember my wish last year while saying that. Was it "joining the main corps"? I'm glad it came true in this way.

    "I miss that ... When I was a recruit, for a while, when I saw the wishes while hanging the strips of the Knights from the main corps, the wishes about Pryde-sama were amazing. Most of the Knights were filled with Pryde-related wishes, you know. "

    In Eric's words, I thought that the moment was probably after the cliff collapse incident.

    "Seniors, what do you write as your wishes this year?"

    While receiving the strips from Captain Alain, ask the senior Knights. Captain Alain looked into the strips for me, Captain Colm, and Eric, as if he had already finished writing.

    "I haven't changed it since that time. I wrote 'I hope I can meet Pryde more'."

    This person is amazing! He made a statement without any embarrassment! ︎

    I'm more embarrassed to hear why I was told without hesitation. Captain Alain didn't mind as it was, saying, "I really wanted to write that again, but if by any chance someone other than us in the Knights, or the royal family should read it."

    "Alain. You should be a little more shameful."

    At the words of Captain Colm, Captain Alain pulled a strip from Captain Colm saying, "What! You can write a more honest wish!" The strip Captain Alain holds says "Health and Prosperity of the Knights". It seems to be a tremendous Captain Colm.

    "It's an honest wish no more."

    "Isn't it just embarrassing to write Pryde's name?"

    I felt that Captain Colm's face was burning with the accusation of Captain Alain. He steals the strip back from Captain Alain and asks, "Eric, what did you write?"

    "Since I joined the main corps, I wanted to become a Knight who would be recognized by Pryde. Because I was able to join the main corps before that."

    I nod to Eric, who laughs shyly. After all, every recruit has only one wish. When I just said, "I wrote that last year," he returned with a happy smile.

    "What does Arthur write this year?"

    Eric, who listens with interest, makes me a little confused. After I met Pryde, I was just " enlist with the Knights" and "enlist in the main corps". It's come true now, and if I wish for more ...

    "... I'm worried because there are two this year."

    My seniors tilt their heads to my words. Eric asks, "What is it?" And I reply, "The first one is I hope to become stronger." I was asked for the second one as it was, and ... I was confused.

    "Um ... Don't be drowned by alcohol ...?"

    Buff! At the next moment, Eric spouted out. When I wondered if the lie I had thought about was noticed, Eric burst into laughter, saying, "Arthur ...! Certainly, that's a good wish ...!". Captain Alain and Captain Colm laughed and sighed, "How often did you get drunk?" Oh, I ... Did I ever tell the Captains that I got drunk?

    "... Well, we are not a royal family. If you want to write without worrying about the manners, you can write multiple sheets. If you have something to do, just bring a paper strip with you and come back later."

    Captain Colm still smiles a little funny and gives me two more strips as a spare. Recalling the practice with Stayle, I wrote only a strip of paper and excused myself as it was. I'll write the other later.

    …by the way.

    Suddenly, I think about the strips while putting them in my clothes. When I was a recruit, I hung a lot of strips with people from the Knights, but I didn't see my father or Clark hang any. Many of the Knight's strips are hung, but those two would have been recognized just by looking at the letters. Maybe another recruit other than me hung it ... I was a little curious about what they wrote this year.
    "By the way, Arthur will also hang strips from this year, Roderick."

    Roderick, the Knight Commander, briefly replied, "Yes," to Deputy Commander Clark, who speaks as he remembers.

    "How many years has it been for parent and child to hang a wish on the same tree?"

    "... I forgot to count."

    Roderick responds obediently to Clark laughing in the back of his throat, exhaling for a long time. When Arthur was a kid, they used to hang their wishes on a tree near their house as three family members, but after they started fighting, he naturally stopped doing it. Furthermore ...

    "Your wish couldn't be seen by Arthur."

    Roderick glares at Clark, who says so happily.

    Until Pryde and Arthur met, "the destination of my son". I was hoping for that. After Arthur began to aim for a future as a Knight, his son kept asking the Knight.

    Since last year, Arthur will hang a strip of paper as a recruit, so I hoped that he would be a Knight Commander and devote himself to the Knights.

    "Do you want to hang it on a tree at my house this year?"

    Roderick simply replied, "I don't need it," to Clark with a nasty smile. Arthur became a Knight on his own, even if he didn't wish it.

    "Clark, you don't have to worry about Arthur this year, just your wife and sister."

    Clark hung two strips each year. One was the happiness of his wife and sister, and the other was the same as Roderick every year.

    Clark, who gave up his shoulders, showed off a strip of paper from the two-piece dress, saying, "It's become an annual event." One was the happiness of his wife and sister as usual, and as soon as he read the other, Roderick still sighed.

    "... Is it the same as I think?"

    I'm going to put it out in the box from now on, but Roderick silently entrusted his strip to Clark, who asked if he should let him go. Clark, who received it, checked the contents of his own strip and his friend's strip, and laughed alone.

    "May the happiness of my friend's family continue"

    "May my family, friends and their wives and sisters' happiness continue"

    Clark went to a corner of the Knights Training Ground, thinking that Roderick's way of writing would be enough.

    "Well ... the castle town is about to get excited for the festival."
    "It's okay, Maria. Don't overdo it."

    While paying attention to Maria who is getting a little hungry, we slowly walk through the busy square. It is also an important task as the Chancellor to check the state of the castle town diligently. My friend, Prince Consort Albert, advised me, "If you're going down to the castle town today, take Marianne with you." She was bedridden for a while, so it's been a while since she saw the festival in the castle town. He must have been taking care of me in his own way. Maria looking up at the various decorations in the city looked very happy, and I'm really glad to receive Albert's words. Strips were distributed throughout the city, and I received two of them from the people. There are already strips of wishes hanging all over the trees in the city. Sit with her in the shade of a nearby tree and hand her a strip of paper. It was when I picked it up and tried to put it side by side.

    "... Oh."

    The woman who just crossed in front of me exclaimed as the strips in her hand was blown by the wind. I reached out and caught it reflexively as it was swept away by the wind.

    "Thank you, I'm sorry."

    I rushed to her and handed the strip to her while replying to the woman who politely thanked me. The woman who bowed her head raised her face and laughed. And as soon as I saw that face, I lost my words.


    "Eh? ... What did you do?"

    Fortunately, the words I muttered in my mouth didn't reach her, and I hurriedly smiled and returned. A woman who is above a certain age with black hair and jet-black eyes. Above all, her face resembled that person.

    "... No, it's that you look a lot like my acquaintance. May I ask you for your name if it's not too rude?"

    I nod to her answer, "Are you sure?" No doubt, when he was adopted by the royal family, I saw all the information except her face once in the paperwork.

    "It seems that I was wrong. I'm sorry."

    Don't get deeply involved. I bowed to her with a smile and turned the strip I handed to her. I remember what I happened to see when I handed it over.

    "I hope that my only son will continue to be happy and loved by many people in the castle."

    On leaving, I saw off the woman who bowed to me again, turned her back completely toward me, and then bowed deeply back to her.

    "... Gilles."

    Suddenly, I look back in Maria's voice. She tilted her head a little and worried about me, "What's wrong?"

    "I'm sorry, I was greeting her because I knew her a little."

    When I returned to her and thought that Maria had finished writing the strips, it was still blank. When asked if she was still thinking, she shook her head and smiled.

    "I was just writing a wish for a child in the city because they didn't have a pen and can't write."

    Maria stroked her belly to remember that she would soon have a very cute child.

    "I wonder if it's a sibling or a friend ...? Two children. They were holding hands and getting along well ... Both of their requests were the same."

    Maria picked up her strip while wondering whether her child who was yet to be born was a boy or a girl. When asked what kind of wish she had written, she turned to me and smiled as if she was pumping up.

    "I hope to stay together forever."

    Is not it cute? I agree with her humming.

    "... What kind of wish do you write?"

    Kneel in front of her sitting down and take a pen.

    "May the child in my stomach be born safely' ... That's enough for me. "

    I kiss her forehead, laughing like a sun, and I continue to write on my strips as she writes. "You should wish for the happiness of the people of this country, right?", And I laugh unintentionally.

    "I know."

    "Happiness for the people of this country forever"

    … All other wishes were granted by Pryde that day. I received the strip of paper I had written from her and looked around to hang it as high as possible.

    I have to hang this and go back to the castle as soon as we finish going around the castle town. Furthermore, at dusk, I already promised to make arrangements with Arthur. By then, I have to finish all of the work I'm currently accumulating.
    "By the way, Arthur. Have you written your wish on a paper strip yet?"

    After finishing the practice with Arthur, I call out with the sword on my waist.

    "No, not yet. I'll write it later. What about you?"

    Arthur's words shook my head. After all, I couldn't narrow down to one yet. When I told him I was worried about which of the two to choose, Arthur replied, "Me too."

    "Well, I'm different from royalty, and my senior knight told me that I could write as many as I wanted."

    Arthur put on a coat and took out three strips from the inside and showed them to mr.

    "So what are you going to write?"

    "One is to be stronger, and the other is ..."

    When he said that, he closed his mouth as if it was too hard to say anything else. When he thought about it, Arthur asked me, "What about Temee?"

    "One is to be with my sister, as usual. The other is ... ..."

    I also close my mouth unintentionally. There, I met Arthur, and I felt that we were thinking about the same thing, and I said "Pryde-sama ..." and "Sister ..." in order to confirm without any signal.


    … At the same time, our words overlapped.

    I feel uncomfortable and at the same time sigh. Arthur, who should have been sighing longer than I was, said, "... at Chancellor Gilbert's party ... because I was really worried ...". I nod to that too.

    For some reason, Pryde's cooking skills were devastating. Beyond clumsiness, I was so shocked that when she left it to us, she even made a rather exaggerated phrase, "My cursed arm will kill the ingredients ...". From the eyes of me, Arthur, and Tiara, the cause was unknown. At that time, I was happy to know that my sister had an unexpected weakness and laughed, but Pryde herself was quite concerned. It was her first time and I said that she only had to practice, but after that Pryde stopped trying to cook herself. Occasionally she recommended items for Tiara to cook, but she didn't try herself.

    It's a pity to ask God, but honestly, it's the most difficult task I can reach at the moment.

    Of course, the food itself does not have to be made by the First Princess Pryde. The opportunity to cook as a member of the royal family was rare. Besides, Pryde is a Princess who is so good as a woman that it doesn't matter if she can't cook. There is no problem as it is. However, that was not the case for her. in addition….

    "No, Pryde is a Princess and I don't think she can cook as much ..."

    However, I thought before Arthur, who breaks ofg the words there, said that he had the same opinion as me.

    "......... Pryde-sama's food ... I want to try it."

    That's it.

    Arthur's words made me feel as if he had pointed out my feelings, and I covered my flushed face with one hand. The real intention overflows without thinking "I understand" as it is.

    Pryde does not cook. In other words, she won't even make a failure. The food she cooked at Gilbert's home was liquefied or charcoal, and all she had to do was slice the apples into pieces. However, for some reason, my sister had a lot of ideas about cooking, and when I ate the rolled egg that she taught Tiara to make for the first time, it was very delicious. No, it doesn't have to be a rare creative dish. But ... honestly, the desire for a dish made by Pryde has never disappeared.

    What's more, it's also true that I want to see Pryde happy that she was able to cook with a big smile.

    "Pryde-sama ... She didn't want to make it herself from that point on ..." I can't say "I want to eat even her failures" even if my mouth is torn ...‼

    When I noticed, Arthur, whose face was boiled bright red, was sitting there. I understand his feelings.

    "Tiara also tried to persuade her several times, but she kept refusing to try it."

    Arthur began to feel depressed, saying, "Because I laughed there ..." as if to groan at my words. I'm a little remorseful about that, but I'm still wondering if I should write about Pryde cooking in the paper strips. However, in the unlikely event that the content is read with Pryde, she will be depressed again or feel pressure from it. I and Pryde hang a strip of paper on the same tree, and there is a good chance that it will be seen.

    While thinking that way, Arthur also muttered, "I wonder if I could make a wish ..." whether he came up with the same idea as me. "But my sister could see the strips ..." and I immediately got an unexpected reply.

    "... Then, write two for you too. I'll hang one at my house."

    Two⁇ When I explained that according to the law I as a royal person could only have one, he said, "Half of Temee is a commoner."

    "It can't even be seen by the Knights ... I'm going home tonight, and I'll hang your part as well."

    Saying that, he gave me one of the strips he brought and I received it. ... Well, even though it's tradition, it's just an event, and while deceiving myself that there should be no problem with this.

    To be honest, I couldn't help but want to ask God through the paper strips as I said it. Receive it silently from Arthur and move the pen.

    One to entrust to the castle garden and one to Arthur.

    "To be with my sister as an assistant"

    "May my sister be able to cook"

    When I was about to give Arthur a strip of paper that I had finished writing, Arthur was about to finish writing his wish. There was no pretense to hide it, so when I looked into it, I found two pens running, one for hanging by the Knights and one for hanging at home.

    "To be a strong Knight like my father who can protect Pryde"

    "I want to eat that person's food"

    After writing, Arthur, looking back at me, reached out and received my strip.

    Then hang it. Arthur, who was in his clothes, began to get dressed once he returned to the Knights Training Ground.

    "... But ... I've come up with a method that leaves it to others ..."

    Suddenly, I'm embarrassed to say it. When I instinctively said it to Arthur, Arthur turned away from me and said, "Don't say it."

    "I can't help it because it's just my efforts."

    I nod to Arthur's words. Rather, all the wishes I have made so far have been managed by my own efforts, but in that sense, this wish can be said to be the most difficult wish in history.

    "Oh! Arthur, Stayle!"

    Suddenly, when I heard a voice from the entrance and looked back, Pryde came hand in hand with Tiara. While smiling back at Pryde who laughed, I was glad I didn't go wrong, and I just looked to see if Arthur had already hidden the strip in his clothes.

    "Brother, it's about time to hang the strips."

    Tiara looks into my face and asks, "Have you decided yet?" When I showed them the strip of paper that I wrote my usual wishes for, they said, "It's the same as usual," but they laughed alongside me as if they were happy.

    "What kind of wish did Arthur write?"

    After seeing me, Tiara noticed Arthur picking a strip of paper as it was, and called out with interest. Arthur showed the strips to the two of them in a reluctant manner in the same way. It seems a little embarrassing because he named his father and Pryde. "Thank you" and "It's a very nice wish" were said by the two with a laugh, and Arthur's face lit up.

    "By the way, did Sister decide on your wish?"

    I haven't seen the wish of Pryde yet this year. Until now, there have been many changes depending on the time, such as "May Stayle and Tiara be happy this year", "May I become a lady sooner" and "May Arthur pass this year's main exam".

    Pryde showed us the paper strip in her hands with a little grin. Tiara seems to already know and has a big smile on her face.

    "May everyone's wishes come true"

    "That's what I really want when I thought about it ...? May Stayle's efforts continue to bear fruit, or May Tiara keep smiling, or May Arthur continue to be a good Knight, or May Chancellor Gilbert and Maria continue to be happy. "

    Also, Knights, the people, fathers and mothers make wishes one after another. As it was, Pryde noticed us on the way and made my face red.

    "Why are you all laughing like that?"

    As expected, this can't be helped.

    As it is, I managed to put it into words first while enduring the laughter that was even more crowded when I saw the impatient Pryde that said "I was too greedy after all".

    "... Hmm ... No, no ... I thought it was like my sister ..."

    The Pryde that makes her eyes sparkle and wishes for us is so cute. My face is a little hot probably because it was up to my name. When I saw Arthur, he covered his mouth with a slight glow on his face, and my shoulders shook to endure laughter. The muffled voice, "Ah ... Thank you ...", managed to reach Pryde.

    At the end, Pryde desperately complained, "So, I thought it would be like this if I put everything together!" While turning her face red, so I managed to nod with Arthur and reply.

    "I think it's very nice, Sister! If she wants, I'm sure everyone's wish will come true."

    Tiara, who pulled Pryde's arm and laughed, looked really happy. From the Pryde that bites to hang on it, the blaze finally pulls out.

    Let's go home as it is. With Tiara's words, we and Arthur each headed home.

    Looking up at the darkening sky, I hope her wish will reach the stars tonight.
    "... Um, Captain Alain ... It's about time for the recruits to come to collect the strips ... What are you doing ...?"

    It was around the time when the sky was getting dark and the stars were about to appear. Suddenly, as he passed by, Eric found Alain hunting through the box of paperstrips.

    "Ah, I wonder how many strips there are related to Pryde this year."

    Alain replies, "It's a joke, a joke," with his back turned to Eric, who tries hard to say that it is abad to see people's wishes.

    "Well, I don't have a good memory for you and Colm, but ... uh! ..... Well, I know the character of that guy ... Well, is this it?"

    Perhaps he found something he was looking for, he picked up a few strips and beckoned Eric with a mischievous smile. Called by the Captain, he looks into the strip together with half interest.

    "... Is this ... maybe all Captain Colm's?"

    "He's writing a lot unexpectedly. You can only show one of them in public."

    If Eric look at it, it's true that they all have the same characters and are familiar to him.

    In addition to the "health and prosperity of the Knights" that he showed himself, "by name of the knights" "so that Arthur can devote himself as a Knight from now on" and "may Alain refrain from a little more unreasonable behavior" In order to prevent Eric from hurting his stomach with Alain's actions, he writes a large number of individual wishes in a single strip. Several strips are black with lots of small letters. Furthermore

    Pryde-related wishes were also written in strips, such as "I hope that Pryde-sama's heart will continue to be pure" and "I wish I had the opportunity to meet Pryde-sama."

    “… Ah ………………… Captain Colm….”

    "Isn't it honest?"

    Even though I just told you that. When Alain received the strip from Eric, who laughed as it was, he mixed it into pieces and mixed it with other strips.

    "Oh, this is a secret to anyone?"

    "Yes .... But Captain Alain ...?"

    After all it is bad to see it without permission. Alain laughed and laughed, "This is the only time."

    This person who probably does it every year. Eric wondered if he would propose a box with a key for the paper strips next year.

    In case you missed it (though I don't know how)...the woman in Gilbert's scene is Stayle's mother. It's still her most recent appearance. And the two kids are probably Sefek and Kemet.
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    All right, I was overly optimistic. The Brothers Arc didn't finish before Christmas. We got the last chapter on Christmas Day. But now that we've moved on to the Student Life Arc, I can finally drop the Brothers Arc summary and the Val scenes.

    30 *Brothers Arc (chapters 26-113.1)
    Pryde holds a strategy meeting on how to prevent three siblings' tragedy. Pryde threatens Kouroi into taking a job. Pryde causes a lot of problems and misunderstandings trying to keep her cover. Pryde stops Dios and Kouroi from abusing Dios' special ability. Pryde and Stayle tutor Dios and Kouroi for the upcoming scholarship exam. Val collects rumors about Pryde. Gilbert takes Dios and Kouroi under his wing. Pryde is taken hostage to prevent her from taking the scholarship exam. Dios and Kouroi pass the exam and become scholarship students.
    *Called this for simplicity. Originally named "Kyodai Arc"

    The Val scenes are less sweet than cringe, because the main focus is how 3rd-year high school boys can lust after a 2nd-year middle school girl (ie, Pryde). But, um. I like my guys protective and bloodthirsty. :blobxd:

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    And here's the Brothers Arc! :blobhero:

    (Val POV) II 39. The Dominant Girl Scolds
    "I'm sure there was a red-haired beauty in the second year of middle school. She has two boys with her, but if we surround them, they'll run away."

    "Second year would make her fourteen? Well, if it's a beautiful woman, you'll notice it early."


    Another voice was emitted as if to interrupt suddenly.

    The low, complaining voice clearly reached their ears, distracting them from the frustration of the schoolgirls who turned them down.

    They turn to someone who complained to them with a low voice peculiar to men, not women. When they saw it, a man sitting in the corner seat by the window was staring at them.

    Everyone understood that it was his voice without having to confirm that he said it.

    It was the first time for any of the students to hear his voice as he usually lay down on his desk and slept without even speaking a word of self-introduction for the teacher. Originally, he was more prominent than anyone else in the class because of his skin color, but he didn't do anything no matter what they did.

    He is now staring at them as if he were baring his fangs for the first time. With dark brown hair tied up like a short tail, they were frightened for a moment by the vicious face and drooping bangs that showed off his sharp eyes, but they can't shut up here. Armed only with the sword and the number of people, they walked up to the young man.

    what? I heard that, is it a complaint? The young man slowly stands up in front of them gathering with ordinary lines. When he got up from a sitting position, he was taller than them without having to correct his posture. The young man who changed his position and reached a height to look down at the the first male student who had the loudest voice from earlier. Like that he suddenly grabbed him by the throat and threw him into the window with one hand.

    The back of one person hits the window frame. The windows, which were fully open for ventilation, were large, but there were no railings. The boy leaned back so suddenly that he was pushed by the momentum and opened his hands to the left and right and managed to stop it, but the cold sweat was transmitted to his forehead. He never thought he would be suddenly blown away without having time to argue.

    Moreover, because it was a window instead of a wall, he almost fell down from the window. Not only himself but also the other boys around him took a breath and stiffened due to the sudden crisis, and he was pushed away and regained his posture from a state of rebellion so as not to realize that he was frightened. As it is, the boy student screams, "Isn't that dangerous?"

    ...... Before.

    He was kicked in the belly without hesitation.

    Rather than hitting, the power pushed him backwards.

    There is no chance to grab with both hands this time. His large body fell out of the window and was thrown head-long.

    The screams of men and women echo from the window where he was thrown out. With that voice, the boy student who realized too late that he had been dropped from the fourth floor screams while being fanned by a feeling of floating.

    When he looked up at the sky and shouted, knowing he would die, he could only see the grinning and unpleasant smile of the person who dropped him from the window.

    The window moves away at a tremendous speed as questions arise one after another in an instant wondering why he was dropped, what happened, and what he did to deserve being killed.

    The moment he thought he was dead, he hit his head against something from begind. Thump, thump, thump. He hit his back again and again at short intervals, and he thinks it was after a moment of falling, but he still hasn't died. It is a part of the wall that jumped out with the special ability of the young man "to help him". He was slowed down by a number of shields, but when he really fell to the ground at the very end, he just smashed his body with a painful sound. Far from bleeding, there are no fractures, just pain in the body.

    This time the fall was over, and while he was stunned to lie on his back and rolled to face the sky, he was in front of the second year of high school from the window of the dedicated classroom used for elective classes on the second and third floors and the first floor. The students of the year looked at him with their eyes rounded.

    He is alive⁈ What happened⁈ Where did he fall from⁈ and the noise gradually increased, but he could not get up due to the pain of being hit, and he was convinced only of his own survival. Aside from that

    "Hyahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!"

    Like a nightmare, laughter was heard from far above.

    There is only one person he can think of who would be laughing in such a situation. When he squinted and looked at the 4th floor where he should have fallen, the students on the 1st to 3rd floors looked up in the same way.

    The man who dropped him is laughing calmly without remorse or fear. The fact that the man definitely kicked him with the intention of dropping him coldly ran through his spine.

    He doesn't know why he was saved. However, he couldn't stop trembling and sweating that the man who looked down with a high laugh tried to kill him without hesitation. It was repeatedly engraved in his brain that he was about to be killed and that person was about to kill him.

    When the body finally moved from absentmindedness, the teacher who heard the noise asked the medical office to confirm the safety of the person and what happened, but he rattled and shook his head from side to side, squeezed his mouth and kept silent. ..

    Convinced that he would be killed if he did something wrong, he stood up with the help of his teacher and ran away to the school gate at a glance with a bloodless complexion. The teacher who raised a voice about detention looked up at the school building, but at that time there were only students who were looking at it with interest.

    In the classroom, Val, who pushed the boy down, returned to his seat in a good mood. He laughs at the back of the person as he runs away from there to the school gate, and the classroom freezes.

    The other schoolboys didn't even have the courage to look down at the window, let alone retaliate against Val, who pushed one of their friends down. All of them, who were breathing like the boy who ran away, the girls who were suffering from the damage, and the students who were concerned about the long-distance winding, all remained pale and could not speak. Naturally. Even though they are adults, they are just "ordinary people".

    They can threaten to drop someone from the window, hit them in groups, or even point a knife at them. However, without hesitation and for no great reason, dropping a human from the fourth floor is not something that can be done. It's not a matter of strength or surprise, it's ethically impossible. Their thoughts held only "fear" for Val, who kept laughing loudly even after calmly pushing someone down.

    He who was dropped and escaped had problems, but he is not a villain. However, everyone understood that Val, who did something outrageous now without worrying about their eyes, was definitely a kind of "bad guy", and that he was a "race that they should not be involved with". ..

    Those who have been annoying until now are also people who were originally allowed to live a lukewarm life in the middle class. They're not used to being exposed to such genuine "maliciousness". Rather, they don't want to step into the world when they've been lucky enough to live outside. Now, there are several students in this class who look bad, if not as much as Val. However, although they do not listen to classes, they are basically quiet. They disappear somewhere at break time, and even in the classroom, they don't make a mess with the schoolgirls. Until now, all the students had thought that Val was in the same classification as them, but that perception changed significantly at this moment.

    After laughing for a moment, Val turned to the students who stared at him with a blue face, as if he had noticed their eyes. He feels nostalgic for them, who are frightened, rejected, and look at him as an object of fear and contempt. When he was about their age, "this" was a daily routine for him.

    Val, who looked at them, just grinned, snorted and moistened the tips of their noses with sweat.

    (Pryde POV) II 72. The Dominant Girl is Impatient
    Immediately after that, as Val was convinced, he sighed, "Is it Temee?" It's rumored that it's counted around, but the escort by my side is Arthur, and Val probably had a prediction. Captain Colm slaps his shoulder comfortably to Stayle, who crosses his arms with me, who has become flustered, and Arthur, who holds his head and is depressed. I change the topic to a story so as not to bother Arthur anymore.

    "Well, I wonder if you've noticed anything else⁈ That, even for us, the school turmoil ..."

    "There is .... it's a hassle."

    Val, who answered my question immediately, shook his tongue again.

    Troublesome⁇ And there, not only me but Arthur and others stopped moving and turned their eyes. It doesn't seem to be calm even from Val's words.

    When Val noticed his gaze, he looked annoyed, then turned away and opened his mouth in a very disgusting manner.

    "... I didn't like the guys sniffing around Jeanne in the high school."

    Stayle and Arthur screamed "What⁈" and "Ah⁈" to Val's words, that were muttering like a soliloquy.

    Captain Colm also asked him to give details, and Val held his ears with both hands as if he had expected the reaction.

    They're sniffing ... Is that for retaliation? Or maybe my true identity was seriously about to be found out. My spine got cold. What should I do, this body is too suspicious even though it's only been a week!

    At last, Stayle shouted, "Speak in detail!" To Val, who distorted his face annoyingly with his ears closed. It seems that he can hear it even if he closes his ears, and Val opens his mouth as instructed.

    "I can't figure out what it is, but I don't really need it. There are too many rumors."

    According to Val, who spoke unpleasantly, it seems that he has been receiving various information about us in his classes and corridors alone since my rumors spread. "I'm sure it suits me with red hair⁈" "I was asked a while ago ..." Moreover, I heard that quite a few students were discussing that someone else had asked them, and it seems that you could easily pick up our rumors even for Val, who does not directly mix with the conversation even if he listens.

    Stayle asked there, "Did you not hear in detail?", But it seems that Val couldn't ask in detail because most of the students escaped when Val came within a certain distance.

    Well, no wonder, not only did he drop a student downstairs, but he also had his own physiognomy. To be honest, some students may wonder why he is in school when he is not interested in interacting with others or studying. Even so, I am grateful that he collected various information with just his ears. As expected, it's a former back-office worker ... I think that kind of skill was essential for a long life in that neighborhood.

    "Three kids who speak only in honorifics. The silver-haired kid is too strong, the red-haired boss is walking around the middle school, and is called to the staff room. I'm going to get into ... I wonder if such a kid exists other than Temee and others. "

    Val, who threw it away, said, "Do you understand the meaning of reconnaissance?" …… It's really wonderful to collect various information. If that's the case, I'm sure I'll conclude.

    Originally he became involved as an escort in case something happened to me, but I'm glad I asked Val to help me collect information on the high school. Fortunately, my targets was the middle school, but there is a possibility that some may be in the high school.

    But I also found out why Val was so angry. If we were making such a fuss, it's natural he would be sick of it. We said we wouldn't stand out on the first day, but we're twice as prominent as Val on the first day.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, and when I curled up with my shoulders dropped, Val clicked his tongue and then stared at me, saying, "I don't know how honest that is."

    "Hey? Lord. What are you actually doing. What kind of man did you pick up this time? Do you bother to catch a man in high school?"

    wrong. This time I replied clearly.

    As a side note, regarding the Student Life Arc (of which there are already two chapters out). Pryde is baiting the boys again.
    "I just thought that Cedric-sama would be ideal for ordinary girls. Jeanne also likes that kind of person."

    "No, I ... I think people have different tastes. The first person I thought was cool outside of my family was a completely different person from Cedric."

    I'm sorry, I've given up when it comes to Pryde; the answer's probably going to be something like Knight Commander Roderick. The odds of this actually counting towards romantic development is like -10%. :facepalm: (EDIT: rereading chapter 18. Pryde just spent 3+ paragraphs waxing poetic on how hot Roderick is. I think the mystery's solved.)

    And as a further side note, I was finally able to find the translation for "Yamelcht" (the original MTL title for Gilbert's Arc). It's "yameru hito," or "sick person." So the Arc title has been corrected.

    EDIT: I also managed to find a better translation for "Shusoku." According to the translation for the kanji, it means "ending, conclusion, resolution," so...the Body Arc's name had been changed to the Resolution Arc. (Decided to go for that because, while some things were concluded in that arc, it was also where everyone reaffirmed their resolve to protect Pryde in the future.)
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    Next chapter of the manga's out, people! :blobparty: (If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.) Chapter Ten clears the total of the Accused Arc (chapters 40-43).

    Speaking of cute, did you see Sefek on the last page!! I love her. Even if she does look unreasonably tall for a 7-year-old in that last panel. I just wish I didn't have to wait four arcs to see Kemet in the manga, too. :blobsweat_2:

    I've been so Val-starved lately I'm not even going to complain that today's novel update was totally a flashback episode. It was Val's POV and there was a Val/Pryde scene, I'm good! :blobpopcorn: I would share it here but I'm hoping for more Val/Pryde interaction in the School Life Arc, so I'll share it then. (It's Val's POV of Pryde yelling at him in the School Arc.)

    In case anyone's interested, quick (incomplete) height chart for the guys:
    Stayle: shorter than Arthur, taller than Gilbert
    Arthur: shorter than Val, taller than Stayle
    Gilbert: shorter than Stayle, taller than Adam
    Val: taller than EVERYONE
    Leon: shorter than Val
    Cedric: shorter than Lance, taller than Joan

    Arthur is just short of Val's height by the time Part Two starts, but his growth should have basically stopped by then (he'd be turning 21 that year). But unfortunately, that's the most detailed height comparison the novel gives anybody. :blobcry: Anyway, the only people who are officially taller than Val are described as giants. (So that's like...the chain guy slaver from the Sinner Arc, and the metal special ability slave from the Rebellion Arc. Everyone else is shorter.)
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    If you've looked at my Master List lately, you might have noticed that I finally got around to calculating the ages of Rosa, Albert, Wes and Gilbert. (I also calculated Marianne, so I may include her in the character list at some point.)

    Calculating Rosa, Albert and Wes was easy with the information from the early arcs. (Using Albert as the key.) In the Brother Arc, Albert's age was given as "under 30." Take his age when he became engaged to Rosa (he was 19 to her 16), add the one-year engagement period, another year for a pregnancy, add that Pryde is 8 years old then, and he's 29 at the beginning of the Brother Arc (19+1+1+8=29). Rosa is three years younger than him, making her 26, and Wes is two years below Rosa, or 24.

    Gilbert was more complicated to figure out because either the person translating the novel got it wrong, or the author changed Gilbert's age in less than 100 chapters. It was translated as (paraphrased) "Gilbert was 5 years older than Albert," which isn't actually possible in the timeline given.

    When Albert first came to Freesia, Gilbert got a job working with him straight away (or rather, he got a job in the palace with Albert as his end goal), and a couple years later he came to pick Marianne up (read: elope) on her sixteenth birthday as a newly-minted palace official. Perfectly normal. Except Marianne is two years younger than Gilbert, which would make her three years older than Albert? Who would therefore be 13, and thus, nowhere near Freesia? Make Gilbert Wes' age instead, he works for the palace three or four years (which matches the timeline in Marianne's chapter), and Marianne moves into the palace when Pryde is 2, and then she's sick four years after that.

    Happily, the manga scanlation team translated the Albert/Gilbert age line by saying that "there was only five years between them," without speculating who was older. So at least there's no misinformation there.

    I'm also going to include a rough timeline of the story before Pryde was born through novel events into Part Two. (I will come back to add Cedric and Leon to this later; this is just what I can remember off the top of my head.)

    EDIT: Might add more if I find anything I forgot, but I think I've got everything now.
    (using Rosa's age as a guide because we don't have a calendar)

    9 - Gilbert (7) is orphaned

    15 - Gilbert (13) meets Marianne (11)

    16 - Rosa (16) is engaged to Albert (19)
    16 - Rosa (16) gets precognitive ability
    16 - Wes (14) is adopted
    16 - Gilbert (14) gets job in palace

    17 - Rosa (17) marries Albert (20)
    17 - Rosa (17) gets pregnant with Pryde

    18 - Rosa (18) gives birth to Pryde (0)
    18 - Val (7) is abandoned

    19 - Rosa (19) gets pregnant with Tiara

    19/20 - Rosa (19/20) has vision about Pryde (1/2)

    somewhere between 17 and 20 - Rosa is crowned Queen of Freesia Kingdom

    20 - Gilbert (18) elopes with Marianne (16)
    20 - Rosa (20) gives birth to Tiara (0)
    20 - Rosa (20) begins to avoid Pryde (2)

    22 - Wes (20) is married
    22 - Lance (8) takes custody of Cedric (4)
    22 - Alain (14), Colm (14), and Harrison (14) become Knight recruits

    23 - Adam (9) is abducted by slavers
    23 - Adam (9) is made First Prince of Rajah Empire
    23 - Colm (15) joins 3rd Knight Division

    24 - Marianne (20) gets sick
    24 - ordered search for miracle cure
    24 - Lance (10) befriends Joan (10)
    24 - Gilbert (22) writes special ability registration bill
    24 - Alain (16) joins 1st Knight Division
    24 - bill fails to pass

    25 - bill fails to pass

    25/26 - Colm (17/18) is promoted to Knight Captain

    somewhere between 23 and 26 - Wes has two children (boy and girl)

    somewhere between 24 and 26 - Gilbert spreads rumors about Pryde

    26 - Pryde (8) gets precognitive ability
    26 - Stayle (7) is adopted
    26 - Stayle (7) begins PR for Pryde (8)
    26 - bill fails to pass
    26 - Tiara (6) makes her debut
    26 - Val (15) joins bandits

    27 - Cedric (9) adopts Joan (13)
    27 - bill fails to pass

    28 - Harrison (20) joins 8th Knight Division
    28 - Harrison (20) is promoted to Knight Captain
    28 - bill fails to pass

    29 - Pryde (11) saves Roderick
    29 - Stayle (10) begins training with Arthur (13)
    29 - Pryde (11) judges Val (18)
    29 - Gilbert (27) starts to flatter Pryde (11)
    29 - Helen (9), Dios (6) and Kouroi (6) are orphaned
    29 - bill fails to pass

    30 - Arthur (14) becomes a Knight recruit
    30 - Eric joins 2nd Knight Division
    30 - bill fails to pass

    31 - Arthur (15) joins 8th Knight Division
    31 - bill fails to pass
    31 - Arthur (15) cures Marianne (27)
    31 - Arthur is made first guardian knight

    31/32 - Gilbert (29/30) marries Marianne (27/28)

    32/33 - Joan (18/19) is crowned King of Chinensis Kingdom

    somewhere between 29 and 33 - Alain is promoted to Knight Captain

    somewhere between 31 and 33 - Eric is promoted to Deputy Captain

    33 - Marianne (29) gives birth to Stella (0)
    33 - knights eradicate human traffickers
    33 - Pryde (15) establishes mail service
    33 - Pryde (15) writes bill to establish a school

    33/34 - Lance (19/20) is crowned King of Cersis Kingdom

    34 - Pryde (16) is engaged to Leon (17)
    34 - Pryde (16) ends engagement
    34 - Leon (17) is reinstated as Crown Prince of Anemone Kingdom
    34 - Alain (26), Colm (26) and Eric elected as guardian knights

    35 - Arthur (19) is promoted to Deputy Captain
    35 - alliance is formed between Freesia and Hanazuo
    35 - knights win defensive war in Hanazuo
    35 - Rosa (35) signs treaty with Adam (21)
    35 - Arthur (19) is promoted to Knight Captain
    35 - Helen (15) ruins her health

    35/36 - Harrison (27/28) elected as guardian knight

    36 - Adam (22) breaks treaty with Freesia
    36 - knights win recapture war in Freesia

    37 - Pryde (19) is confirmed as Crown Princess of Freesia Kingdom
    37 - Pryde (19) opens the school

    I would also like to add to this that Rosa's precognitive ability is much more frequent than Pryde and Tiara's. She has several visions a month.

    So if you ever feel like giving Rosa grief over avoiding Pryde, I would like to tell you that she saw a minimum of three visions a year of "Pryde" outright torturing people for six years. (And the more often you have visions of something, the more likely it is to occur...plus Rosa's already predisposed to seeing Unavoidable Futures.) Add in that as Queen, Rosa might one day be called to execute her own daughter (or at best imprison her for life), and having mother-daughter nights may be considered inadvisable. Also Pryde turning into that is still an Unavoidable Future; otherwise the brainwash arc wouldn't exist.
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    Who is sitting on the third throne?... there is the queen in the middle to her right is the father of tiara and pyrde and the prince consort..... but to the left who is that.. male concubine? uncle? i know she has an uncle but why would he be sitting on a throne we would be given a rank like duke or something.... and he resemble the prince consort more than the queen so if anything he would be related to the dad which make him sitting there even more impossible if he was the uncle on the dad side... Prince? but thats also impossible because they adopted stayle because there was no prince and pryde is the first princess and stayle is the first prince.
    i have a feeling its another consort because the sitting by the queen on a throne while the princesses and prince is standing, means they have the same power as the prince consort and the chair they sit on is similar as well
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    Woah, thank you @DarkeAOU for the spoilers, you really spoiled us rotten :aww:
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    Is this your way of saying that you completely missed the third chapter of the manga, not to mention the entire reason Stayle was adopted into the Royal Family?

    Freesia is ruled by three people: The Queen, the Prince Consort, and the Regent (the Queen's adopted younger brother). The Regent and the Prince Consort are equal in power, thus their thrones are equal in size. The Queen's throne is most impressive, because she is the ruling Monarch.

    This is literally covered within the first five chapters of the manga, and first twenty chapters in the novel. It is not a big mystery. The third person is Pryde's Uncle Wes (or Vesto, depending on your translation), who is the Queen's adopted younger brother and assistant, the Regent of the Freesia Kingdom. (And the person standing by the Prince Consort is his assistant, the Chancellor, Gilbert.)

    Concubines are not kept in the Freesia Kingdom. This is why Tippett, who was introduced as Adam's concubine during the brainwash arc, is treated as Adam's legal wife while visiting Freesia.
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    So many spoilers :aww::aww::aww::aww::aww::aww: I’ll spend all day reading it tomorrow :blobmelt: thank you!! However, the question of whose the ml for Pryde is still unanswered, right? :blobsweat: I’m lack of patience. But from the bit of spoilers I read earlier, Val seems like the perfect candidate :blob_pompom::blob_blush:
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    Yes, Pryde's ML still hasn't been decided yet. Though to be honest, I don't think she was in the right headspace to love anyone during Part One.
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    Well for an otome based game, the romance for the mc sure is lacking:blob_blush:
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    My birthday's tomorrow (February 10th), so I'm going to share some more dramatic extra stories as a gift to me. :blobgift: Dropping Stayle and Arthur today, and Gilbert and Val tomorrow. Maybe Leon tomorrow, too...dunno about him. These are shorter than the birthday extras, so maybe...:hmm:

    Only roughly edited for readability. I think I'm getting rusty...:blobcry:

    388.2 Special Story: What Did the Adopted Brother Dream?
    “…………. ...... Hmm ... I ... I ..."

    ...... Where is this?

    I stand in a white space.

    I don't even know where I am. Why am I in such a place ...? I am ...

    "... ...... No ... uh ..."

    ...... I can hear a voice that seems to disappear.

    Looking around, a small boy is curled up, holding his knees. When I walked up to see if it was a child, the boy seemed to cry while shaking his shoulders. I can't read the expression from the face buried in his knees, but his trembling shoulders move up and down as if he's screaming silently.

    I asked him what happened, but he didn't reply. The boy kept crying alone as if he didn't notice my existence.

    I felt the boy's distrust, as he didn't react even if I stood in front of him, but I couldn't leave it alone. When I tried to ask again what happened, the boy's cries came first.

    "... I don't want to ... I don't ... ……………… Mother…."

    At that moment, I finally understand who the boy in front of me is.

    I held my breath and couldn't take my eyes off the boy.

    The boy, who grows smaller in front of me and cries, mourns as if he was talking to me.

    "No ... ...... Who wants to go to the castle ...! I don't want to leave my mother alone ... I don't want to ... ︎ ”

    ...... I think I was like this, at the tense, painfully young and high voice.

    No matter how much I cried, it didn't help.

    No matter how much I mourn or refuse, I, a child born to a common household, could not refuse the decision of the castle.

    In those days when my mother endured crying in front of me ... I wondered if I could cry like this.

    When I think about it now, I think I was a child who wasn't like a child.

    "Mom ...! ………… I ’m already…"

    For some reason, I hesitated to touch him.

    I wondered if I should reach out to the figure that shook his shoulders.

    I don't want to go to the castle, I don't want to be adopted, I don't want to leave my mother ... I don't want to make her sad. I knew his heart better than anyone, but I thought I shouldn't touch it.

    I'm sure I would have thought, "What do you know?" No matter what I said at this time.

    "Already ... I am ...! ︎ ”

    … It was so small and weak.

    Too brittle. Thin, short, ... I'm sure he can't do anything yet.

    I was a weak person who could only think about whether to mourn or endure.

    Looking at it like this, I often think that I was adopted by the royal family. … And I think I became a lot stronger. I reflexively pressed the edges of my glasses ... By the way, I remember that I hadn't started to wear them yet.

    If I think that the crying boy isn't real, I wonder if there is a way to get out of here soon

    "I'll be all alone ...!"

    Move, and.

    I noticed that I was touching the boy's hand.

    Place it on his hand that holds his knee, grab it, and squeeze it.

    Only then did the boy look up as he noticed me. An expressionless boy with black eyes swollen red looks back at me astonishingly.

    "There is no such thing ... !! !! ︎"

    For the first time, make a voice.

    If I appeal to him with force, his eyes open even wider. He opened his mouth slightly but it seemed that he couldn't speak yet. The tears that keep overflowing drip from his chin.

    "That's not the case, it's definitely different. You'll never be alone .... There will definitely be people who won't let you be alone."

    Speak as if I was in a hurry.

    The boy's little hand, which I thought shouldn't be touched, is now clenched tightly. The boy didn't even try to shake off my hand, with his round eyes staring at me.

    "There's an important person .... that person will surely save us. Not only us, but also my mother ..."

    I don't know if it's okay to talk about it.

    Is it okay to say so much to the boy in front of me? If this is the past ... I can't talk about that. Even now, being connected with my mother, everything.

    The truth is a dreamlike story.

    "It's okay .... You can meet your family properly. You won't be alone. That person ... she won't let you ...!! ︎"

    I can say so with certainty.

    No matter how much I suffer or mourn, Pryde will always reach out. Whether you try to use or avoid her, it doesn't work.

    Even if you hide inside a shell, that person will embrace you along with the shell.

    "You have two sisters ...! You have a mother and a father. You have an uncle. Much more than you are now ... There is another family waiting to love you."

    Not just my mother. Now I have another family. There are many people whom I can call "family" with all my heart.

    "My friend is ..."

    There is Arthur.

    Not only my family, there are men who line up next to me to protect Pryde. I can meet a friend I can talk to and laugh with from the bottom of my stomach.

    "If you feel alone, you will be surrounded by so many people that you will not be able to talk about it. That person will surely lead you to such a world .......... It's absolutely okay."

    When I noticed, the boy was holding my hand back.

    With an expressionless face, he was staring at me as if he had a hole for a mouth. The dripping tears stopped and he wiped his tears from his eyes with a free hand. ... The small face that can fit in my palms laughs like a child with soft cheeks.

    Then the boy's mouth moved slowly. Hold my hand tight and generate an immature voice as he asks.

    "…I won't be lonely?"

    "Oh, now ... I know that I can stay with my loved ones all the time."

    "What about my mother?"

    "... it's okay. Much more than you think ... we have hope."

    “……………………………… Are you happy?"

    "Oh, very. I'm incredibly happy. I want to brag to you."

    Answer the boy's question. It's the honest truth.

    The boy blinked in response to me and then nodded only once at the end.

    Release the hand holding his knee and grab my hand with both hands.

    The words weren't returned so he couldn't believe my words yet. But instead, the little hand that grabbed my hand was the strongest I've ever felt.

    I also stroke the boy's black hair with the other hand so that I can return it. With a thin, silky sensation and a small head that is easy to stroke ... I wonder if Pryde and Arthur felt like this.

    The boy's hand loses power, and I let go of it. Then, the boy disappeared so as to gradually adapt to the white scenery.

    Surprisingly, when I reached out, my hands were white and familiar with my vision.

    Look at the scenery that fills in white and fades. ...... I said I could say what I wanted to say.

    For some reason I was a little satisfied.
    “………… Huh….”

    I sigh involuntarily.

    It is useless. I don't feel like sleeping at all. I pressed down on the edges of my glasses, but I still didn't feel like it fit comfortably and this time I felt the wrinkles between my eyebrows.

    "What's wrong? Stayle."

    After breakfast, Pryde noticed my sigh worriedly called out. Furthermore, Tiara looks into my face. I noticed that the Arthur and the maids behind me could see my slouching back, so I hurriedly straightened my back.

    "No, I had a strange dream today ... I'm a little short of sleep."

    My dream is when I sleep lightly, but ... it's really too light. I don't know how many times I've bitten back a yawn. Even today I have work with Uncle Wes and Prince Consort work with Gilbert.

    What kind of dream? I was asked by Tiara, but I can only remember it vaguely. I remembered it right after I woke up, but ... it was hidden in a white mist and now it doesn't come out very clearly. in addition…

    "I don't remember much, but ... well. It's a dream I just tried to persuade someone."

    Tiara and Pryde shook their heads in response to me. Pryde said with a bitter smile, "You're definitely tired," and I responded.

    ... I can't say the truth because it's embarrassing.

    Generally speaking, both of the people in my dream were me. When I think about it, I don't even know if I was a child or at my age now. ... or rather, it seems that I was asking myself, and that alone makes me unwilling to remember.

    Anyway, I'll forget it in three more days. Even now, I can hardly remember what kind of conversation I had.

    "Then my sister, Tiara. I'm here."

    Yeah, see you. Pryde and Tiara return the words. I have to go to Uncle Wes from now on.

    When he greeted me during the rest time, Arthur looked at me from behind Pryde alongside Deputy Captain Eric. When I think he has something to say, he complains just by moving his mouth. ...... Maybe he's saying "sleep!" I rubbed my eyes to see if there were shadows under them, but I can't confirm it because there is no mirror. I should be okay even if I had some sleep deprivation. ... Well, Arthur would tell me to sleep without it.

    "Shall we all go to the garden when my brother has a rest time?"

    As soon as I turned my back, I heard Tiara's voice. ...... I have a feeling that she might be thinking about the same thing. I want to avoid it in front of Arthur.

    From the Pryde came a voice of agreement, "Yes," I feel unpleasant. If it's Pryde, she'll lend me her knees in public.

    “……… Sister. Today, I will come after a short break during the rest time.”

    Stop once and look back and tell the whole body.

    Tiara laughed a little from beside Pryde to say they understood. … It seems that she intended to do that. Arthur nodded as if he was a little relieved at my words.

    After making eye contact, I turned my back again and headed for Uncle Wes this time. As I walked down the hallway, I vaguely tried to remember what my dream was about, but it was still unclear.

    "Are you happy?"

    ... I feel like I was asked who it was.

    Who on earth said such a thing? If it's in a dream, he might be someone I've never met. ... I think it raises a lot of troublesome questions. If I'm not careful, it might be someone who twisted me or Gilbert. If I was told that it was a deep psychology at the time of my dream, I couldn't help it anymore.

    I can't even remember if I answered that question. …Just now.

    If I answer that question, definitely

    422.1 Special Story: What Did the Knight Dream?
    "……I…! ︎ ……,… wanted to ……, ……! 』\

    ………… Where is this?

    White in front of me and all around.

    I vaguely think that I was here before I knew it.

    Well, I ... what time is it now ...? Today, from the morning, the guards ...

    “……………………………… To be a knight! ︎ ……."

    ... I heard a bloody voice.

    I wondered what it was, and when I looked around, I saw a kid hitting the ground and grabbing it in a white space.

    He grabbed his fist covered with dirt and slammed it so that blood oozes on the ground ... he was crying.

    Crawl on all fours like a beast, scratching the ground and hitting it. Just looking at it hurts, hitting his fist and roaring.

    Weeping, crying, creating a puddle on the ground that is absorbed there, but still screaming.

    His hands get ridiculous, and even if he hits something wrong it just hurt his body, but he can't stop. Hey, I called out to stop him, but I didn't get a reply. He just keeps slamming his bloody fist on the ground. As soon as I reached out and tried to touch him, I felt a strange feeling of incongruity.

    Withdraw my hand once and crouch down to look at the kid. Even if I call out, I still don't get a reply. instead of

    "I wanted to be a knight ......... ︎ …… Knight ……! Why ……. 』\

    As soon as I heard those words, I held my breath.

    I am convinced who the kid in front of me is and look at him this time.

    I put my face on the ground, and when I looked up, his blue eyes were wet behind his long silver hair.

    From time to time, he meditate with all his strength in his eyes and clench his teeth.

    no doubt. When I think so, I don't even know what to say.

    "To be a knight! ︎ …… I wanted to be ……!! ︎ Shit ... Already, I'm ... I don't know, faster ... ︎ ”

    The appearance of crying and mourning and howling, and the words. ...... I vaguely think that time.

    I wanted to be a knight, I wanted to give up, I couldn't give up.

    I quarreled with my father and before I noticed, I was screaming alone in the field.

    I should have killed my voice because I didn't want anyone to know, especially my father or mother. ...... There was no place where I could spit out and cry like this.

    I didn't like being seen by anyone who saw this face that looked like my father.

    "Uh ... me ... ...... Well, I'm ... I'm ...! ︎!! ︎ ”

    Stop it.

    If you hit it hard, your hands will really get damaged.

    If you become a knight but your hands are ruined, you won't live long enough to have children.

    Though I thought so, I hesitated to touch him.

    He didn't want to be touched. Even if he heard such kind words, he knew that it was just a joke and false comfort that he couldn't avoid with this face.

    In the old days, all the words were painful.

    I can't face my father. It can't be helped. I didn't want to be told that.

    Throw away and crush his dreams. No matter what happens to him, no one will help him.

    “………… It was late ……!! ︎ …… I …… I ’m ...!! ︎ ”

    It's really tattered.

    I don't want to show anyone my father's face, so I messed up my hair, smeared it wity dirt from the field, hit my fist, and blood was bleeding between my nails.

    If I look into it, my father's face is steeply distorted and looks more like me. Looking at it like this, I think I looked really similar to my father. I think it looks like he's in the lower class than the field, with tears overflowing and shaking his shoulders.

    He slams his fists on the ground again and cry. I think it's hard to see for myself the appearance of shaking his hair and shaking his chin. I wondered how I could wake up from this unpleasant dream and looked around again

    “……… To be a knight! ︎ …… I couldn't be one ..."

    "You can be a great knight."

    ... I grabbed that hand before it can hit the ground.

    The hand I grabbed easily is much thinner than I am now.

    The kid, who was grabbed by his arm and looked surprised, raised his face as if he had finally noticed me.

    Look at me with a messy face with tears. Blue eyes can be glimpsed through the gaps in the long hair, and the other hand squeezes left and right.

    "... I'm sorry. But you can. Absolutely."

    The kid shook his head from side to side at my words.

    He squeezes his teeth while shedding tears. If that's not the case, the eyes alone are enough to appeal.

    Put my strength into the hand held by the kid and pour my feelings into it. It's thin, brittle, and full of dirt. The hands that look like worn-out rags are soaked in blood ... I think that person held such a hand.

    "You can definitely be .... You're really blessed."

    I say and laugh.

    I felt like I was complimenting myself, I was proud of myself, and my whole body was tickled.

    ...... Still, I wanted to convey it.

    "Someday you'll notice it .... you'll meet someone who will make you aware. Then the world will change at once ... I think I'm happy."

    "I don't know ... ︎ I'm ... I'm like this ...! "

    In my words, the kid holds out his other hand and shakes.

    With his teeth exposed, his blue eyes burned in anger.

    Show the hand that was supposed to have no choice but to grow plants. It's a shame for me, it doesn't help anything, it all broke.

    I catch the other hand and grab it. I vaguely think that if I put my strength into it, I would break it now.

    "... It has nothing to do with special abilities. There are many knights who don't have any."

    "My father is! ︎ What about my dad⁈ …… ‥ My special ability is shame for my dad ……!! ︎ ”

    He said it and hurt himself again.

    Immediately after the kid who clenched his teeth and cried, he shook his head and snorted as if he couldn't make a voice.

    It makes me embarrassed to realize that the words I said and the words my father used to say overlapped. However, I still can't turn my eyes away from the kid in front of me.

    "... There are many knights who are strong and amazing, even without special abilities. Some knights are praised and recognized by my father and Clark."

    Strong knights like Captain Alain, Deputy Captain Eric who can do anything with.

    "And after all ... that's not the only knight with special abilities."

    Captain Colm is by far the best commander of operations, and Harrison is not only a high-speed knight, but a powerful knight.

    "I'm still getting used to it. And ... there are people who will grow stronger with me."

    He's not a knight, and he has a special ability that's better than his father.

    As I laughed while saying that, the kid opened his mouth. I can easily understand the words I want to say, whether such a person is there. Connect with each other with both hands, entangle your fingers and hold firmly.

    It's smaller than I am now and it's a pitiful hand, but ... there are people who need such a hand.

    "Our companion. He's ambitious and has a bad mouth .... but he'll protect our important person together with me. It's a great guy to rely on."

    I'm glad he was there ... I think so many times.

    Stayle, ... the First Prince is my friend, I'm sure he wouldn't believe me.

    Even so, it's no lie I think he's my best friend who will definitely protect that person together with me.

    "I can meet the person I want to protect .... that person also believes that we can be a knight. I can't believe that person can exist ... because she gives me so many things."

    So it's okay. When I say so, big tears overflow from the eyes of the kid again.

    It overflows with rags, and the whole body begins to tremble.

    I took my breath, and then I finally moved my mouth.

    "... Isn't that a convenient story ...?"

    The hand that grabs me back is weak. He was trembling and frightened, and ... he was crying because he was afraid of having expectations.

    His shoulders were round and his eyes were hollow, though he spoke with a steady voice. His eyelids are swollen with tears and his breath is rough. His back was curled up and his arm hung down from my hand. If I let go of his hand here, I think he'll fall to the ground again.

    His mouth was distorted as he was suspicious of me. Hollow eyes look up at me and stare at me. If I fake my expression even a little, I'm sure he won't listen to me anymore. So I

    "That's right ..."


    ...... I can't believe it. I think so myself.

    I don't think I'm angry or amazed, I just convince myself.

    Perhaps he was surprised at my response, breathing out and laughing, and the kid looked at me in astonishment. He's staring at my face and suspecting that I'm lying. Even so, when I laughed, I said to the kid, "I can't believe it," and tapped his shoulder with one hand. Like that

    I hugged him.

    While holding only one hand, pull the thin body with the other hand and hug it.

    The kid, who seemed surprised at the sudden thing, remained stiff and did not move. Regardless of that, I hugged him and put my hand on his back and tapped it. The kid who came out of my shoulder didn't say anything with his chin on.

    "Well then, wait."

    If you can't believe it, you can't help it.

    Even I ... sometimes I still can't believe it. It was a miracle to meet that person. Some days when I woke up, I thought it was all a dream.

    "Now ... I know it's so hard and painful enough to die, but still endure, endure and wait."

    It was painful, but I also thought that I would die.

    From this point onward, it was painful and I cried many times

    I hurt myself many times and killed my heart.

    I felt so shattered that I can't even see around me ... I regret it so much I could die.


    "If you meet that person, everything will be rewarded."

    That person will save you.

    She scoops up everything that hurts you and tells you everything.

    The kid's sobbing stops. The kid said nothing in the empty silence. However, the hand that grabbed me had a slight force from my fingertips.

    Hit his back, hug it again, and then look into his face from the front again.

    Also, my long hair hung down on my face and was hidden. Gently squeeze it and let it flow behind this time.

    "The hair and the face that look like my father .......... I'm sure you'll love it."

    He can't believe it, his eyes are still screaming.

    He squeezed his teeth, snort, and still hold my hand back stronger than before. He cried too much and his red face shined blue eyes.

    "Now, you can like us too."

    Wipe the kid's eyes with my fingers.

    No matter how much I wiped it, his tears didn't stop, so I gave up on the way and stroked his head instead.

    Every time I stroked it from side to side, his long hair shook.

    "... So, until then, take good care of your body. Our important things, ... you have to protect it, right?"

    Release his hands and wrap them together with both hands.

    His hands are soaked with blood and mud ... I hope he doesn't hurt them anymore.

    For the first time, the kid nodded loudly to the last word. The kid with wide open eyes and still painfully breathing on his shoulders opens his quivering mouth.

    "Hmm ... I can ... what can I do ...⁈"

    "Oh, you can."

    "Knight! ︎ …… My father's shame …… Look at the knight or me ”

    "There is no one who is crazy .... She's just a really good person."

    “……………………………… To my father”

    "He's thrilled .... Isn't my father and the knights our pride?"

    In addition, tears overflowed from the kid.

    Instead of nodding to my question, he looked down and ... he grabbed me with all his might.

    Even if it's bent or distorted, I think it's me.

    Stand up while holding the kid's hand. When I pulled it up and pulled it with my arm, the kid stood up flutteringly.

    He's still short and I think it's light again.

    The kid looked up at me with his hand and opened his mouth again. It's okay to open it, but I don't know what to say, so I kept waiting until I talked for a while.

    Then, hesitated, he closed his mouth once and rubbed his eyes with my arm. He wrinkled his nose, looked up with his swollen eyes, red face and nose, and pulled my hand. Ask me, "Hey," with a much better voice than before.

    "... Is it really possible for me to see you too ...? "

    ...... I suddenly stopped breathing.

    I can see that my heart makes a loud noise and my eyes are rounded.

    The blue eyes that can be clearly seen from the face that squeezed the hair ... Somehow, it shines as if I longed for it.

    I'm so shy and happy that I show my teeth and laugh. Now, I'm so happy and itchy that I want to jump up when he says so.

    "Of course."

    While laughing, I stroked his head with my free hand to deceive. Even if it became unkempt, I stroked it without worrying about it, and the kid waved his hand and held his head as if he was angry. "Don't touch!" I was yelled at and laughed aloud even after my hands were separated from the kid.

    The kid who grabbed his head with a hand comb and put it back ... gradually melted into white.

    It's so thin and white that it mixes with the background. The kid also raised his face when he noticed it, but he stared at me and didn't say anything.

    Finally, I wave my hand lightly.

    Before I said that, the kid disappeared white, but I think it's okay.

    He stopped crying properly and said something happy. And above all

    I know this is not a farewell.
    "Arthur. You've been yawning a lot since a while ago."

    Is it lack of sleep? Stayle throws at me.

    Stayle, who came to Pryde's room during the rest time, moved only his mouth to me while reading a law-related book on the sofa. …… Yeah, yawning leaked into my voice.

    Even Pryde and Tiara look at me and tilt their heads, so I'm sorry I hurriedly bow my head. Harrison, who is in the place of the off-duty Captain Colm, is glaring next to me.

    "Did you sleep too much last night?"

    No, that kind of thing ... I swear in spite of Pryde's words.

    I can't say I had such a dream. It's really embarrassing to think about it now, and I feel like I'm flattering myself, and I wonder if I'm complimented like that.

    After closing my mouth once, I managed to choose a word.

    "A little ... I had a strange dream. I don't remember it at all!"

    Refuse first before being asked.

    On the contrary, Stayle looked up at the voice that rubbed up unintentionally. I laugh a little badly and I'm sure I'll dig deeper. For some reason, even Harrison is worried about me, and there is no escape.

    "Arthur, if you're tired ..."

    "No! I'm not tired! I'm fine! I didn't have any problems with the early morning exercises!"

    I'm in a hurry and cut off Pryde's words on the way. I asked Harrison for his agreement by saying "Isn't it⁈" to escape as it is. I couldn't turn back anymore, thinking that Captain Colm would help me well. He seemed surprised to be suddenly asked by me, and Harrison, who raised his eyebrows slightly, opened his mouth after a few seconds.

    "……There were no problems."

    ……that's good.

    Somehow he became an ally. Relieved and easy to understand, I stroke my chest. I don't want to worry Pryde anymore.

    With that in mind, this time Tiara asks, "Don't you remember at all?" Somehow, I feel bad to lie, and I'm worried.

    "... Ah ..., ......... I'm so proud of someone in my dream."

    not a lie.

    When I think about it now, both of them were me, and I have a vague memory, and I'm not sure which one was my consciousness.

    Then Pryde laughed and hid her mouth. Tiara looks at her face and laughs with Pryde as if caught. Since Stayle asked who the other person was, I lied that I didn't know. I can never say that I was proud of myself. When I said that, Stayle shrugged and looked back at the law book after he lost interest.

    "I'm pretty confident there is much to be proud of you for."

    ...... What does that mean?

    When I twisted my head without understanding the meaning, Pryde and Tiara nodded to agree. Well, I think too, laughing and looking at me.

    "Next, if that person appears in your dream, give him a boastful revenge. Arthur is a very good knight."

    With that said, my heart was inadvertently shot by Pryde, who laughed mischievously.

    My feet floated for a moment, and I managed to return a word and it was full. I didn't think I would be complimented here.

    Tiara nods and laughs proudly at Stayle for some reason, which makes me very embarrassed.


    I managed to tighten the looseness of my mouth and return the words.

    Next, I don't remember who I was proud of. It was a dream, and I have less memory than this morning. It's unclear whether I was proud or what happened.

    Did I dream about a person I know? I don't think there are many people around me who are proud of me. I can't even grasp the outline of the person I was talking to. ……However.

    "... Is it really possible for me to see you too ...? "

    Certainly, I feel like that was said.

    I think it's a strange return for the person I was proud of. ...... Then, was it me who was proud of it? If so, it's really embarrassing.

    I don't remember why I was asked that or how I returned it. ……However,

    The only thing I was so proud of is still in my heart.
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    Recently the author has let Val start appearing in the School Life arc, so I've been looking forward to the morning updates. I think I'm being baited, though, since Val and Pryde still haven't said a word to each other in two weeks of updates. Even when they're in the same scene! Even when he goes to the palace specifically to report! Val hasn't said a word! :blobpopcorn_two:

    Hopefully we get a POV other than Dios' soon, because while I love what's happening in the story now, I'm sick and tired of Val being called a criminal based entirely on his skin tone. It's the third time it's happened in this arc. :blob_thor:

    Anyway, Gilbert and Val's dreams are More Drama compared to Stayle and Arthur's (and Leon's) fluff.

    Still only roughly edited. (I'll fix it at some point, maybe.)

    620.1 Special Story: What Did the Chancellor Dream?
    "... Ah ..., ... ria ..., ... ria ...! ︎ ”


    When I notice, my field of vision is white. The field of vision was filled with such a deep white I thought it was fog.

    In a tremendously white world, there is nothing ahead or obstruction. I was standing alone in a space that was almost nothing.

    "... Ria, ... I'm sorry, ... I! ︎ …… Mari ………. "

    ...... No, it seems that I am not alone.

    A rough mourning voice catches my ears. When I looked around lightly, a small shadow was half concealed in the white. If there was no voice, it would have been overlooked.

    I mute the footsteps and walk up, thinking that the voice is familiar to me. Like anywhere here, if it's a special ability, it's possible that the person with that ability is there.

    With that in mind, the shadow gradually became clearer as I approached it by erasing not only the footsteps but also the sign of my presence.

    The smaller shadow is an adult. He bends his knees to the ground, covers his face with both hands, and looks like he's tied up ... I understand that this is not the reality.

    "Maria ...! ︎ ”

    It's not the illusion of a special ability person. Yes, I was convinced without reason.

    He doesn't notice me at all when I walk up to his eyes. Drops overflow from the gaps between the fingers that cover the face and are sucked into the ground. Even the sound of his endless tears are not powerful.

    He hangs his light blue hair, stains even his clothes as the Chancellor, and wonders how many years he had no choice but to mourn.

    Because the face is covered, it is not possible to measure the exact age. Five years ago, six years ago, seven years ago, ... twelve years ago?

    I remember too much about the man who can only cry and mourn with his small shoulders shaking his whole body. There are countless days when I cried alone in this way after Maria got sick. There was nothing I could do for her, who was deteriorating day by day as her condition worsened. I could only dig in my feet, get dirty, kick, ... and mourn again.

    "Maria ... I'm sorry ......... I can't find it ...!" ︎
    He's already mourning too much and his throat is hoarse.

    Still, I could hear his words because I myself kept voicing these words many times. His voice leaks many times as he continues to call her beloved name. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" he can only confess to her. I couldn't talk in front of her, and only when I was alone, I kept crying and confessing. I didn't want to show her my anxiety. And ... I didn't want her to forgive my uselessness above all else.

    "... I'm sure... I'll find it ...! ︎ I'll find it ... ”

    I couldn't give up.

    I didn't want to say goodbye at the end when it didn't work. I wanted to save her in any way. The only one who loved me and saved me. ... I didn't want to give up on my only loved one in the world. I wanted to regain my precious days with her.

    He mourns, bends like an old man, and I want to close my eyes to him, who can only moan with his sore throat. I must have looked so weak in her eyes, tied down without mercy.

    When I think about it now, I'm the one who made her pretend not to notice as I cared for her, as if she was acting gracefully. She has always looked at me.

    No matter how calm I was, how I smiled at her, how I erased my tears, and how I whispered my love in her ears, she knew my weakness more than anyone else.

    "Maria ... Maria, Maria ... Maria ...! ︎ ”

    ...... I think how my friend kept me as an assistant without abandoning me like this.

    If I were Albert, I would cut off such a man quickly no matter how much work he did. A man who was soaked in his own feeling, who writes selfish bills for years and years, and drowns in a single purpose.

    Maria was having difficulty talking, and while the maids and guards who knew the situation were humming, he was the only one who kept me accountable all the time.

    The only one who didn't give up on me, and he liked me even if I committed folly, stopped me, and urged me forward for Maria. He's a good friend of mine.

    In comparison, I was just a fool who could only say the same words under his eyes, as I remember.

    Only the amount of tears that overflow from the gaps between the fingers of the hands that cover the face increases. I can't find a word for him who is unaware of my existence. It's not that I don't know what to say. ... I can't find the value in saying anything.

    To this small man who is ugly and stupid.

    "Maria ..., I haven't found it yet ..... but ...! ︎ ”

    How many years ago was this?

    Even with that alone, there are a lot of words that I want to give even if there are no words to say.

    Weeping, mourning, seeing only her, I seriously wonder what would happen if I killed the man in front of me who made countless mistakes and sins first.

    I don't know if this is a dream, a hallucination, or the past. But now all I feel for him is contempt. What if I could at least get rid of him before he can commit more folly to that young girl?

    This man who betrays my friends, betrays the people, and pushes only his ego without thinking about the means that Maria wants, it would benefit the country if I get rid of him now. And at the same time ... I don't want to touch this guy. Something this filthy gives rise to feelings similar to hatred.

    "Maria ... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, ......... Please, please bear with me a little more, a little more ..."

    He can only swear on her life.

    Is he just a fool or already a sinner who tried to sacrifice that person for fear of losing Maria? I tried to ask, but I couldn't make a voice. ...... I don't feel like putting it out.

    Stepping back, I finally move away from him. Now, all he deserves is to cry and mourn alone here. No matter how much he mourns or spends sleepless nights, he shouldn't reach out to anyone.

    Even if I could stop the sins he committed here earlier, even in the past, my own mortal sins and atonement would not go away.

    "Why ... I can't find it ...⁈"

    Take a few more steps down.

    To his vomiting, lamentingly, I think it's been a few years since I started looking for it. At first I searched for various treatments for Maria. All of that was off, and the last method left was the beginning of sin.

    Fear, mourn, drown, never give up, and I sank.

    "Someone ... ask ...! ︎ Anyone is fine ...! Please show me ... ︎ If you can help her, I'll ... ”

    Dirty hands, guilty, rolling, falling, and mourning.

    His mourning voice grows stronger. Make his throat rattle like screaming out of the water with a sobbing voice. He calls on the savior who cannot be here and prays for a miracle while spitting on God.

    Turn my back about two meters away. I just have to go unnoticed. I will neither save him nor judge him

    "For that reason, I ... I will never hesitate, no matter what the cost."

    "Keep quiet and keep drowning there, you great sinner !! !! !! ︎"

    Dive in and grab the man's wrist with the urge.

    I lost my passion and lifted his wrist, and the man with his sharp eyes looked up at me to see something incredible without resistance. I grabbed the wrist of the man I refused to touch until my nails bite into him, and breathed out roughly through the gaps in my clenched teeth.

    I stare at the man in front of me, thinking that I may have a terrible appearance.

    "...⁈ ...? "

    The man seemed to speak no words.

    He stared at me like a phantom, and turned his face, which he had covered with both hands, from the front. Looking down at that figure again, there was no shadow to see.

    The arms I picked up are as thin as bones and skin. If I didn't control my strength, it would have broken without twisting.

    I don't feel the flesh in the palm of my hand. His face changed from the contour, and his tear-wet cheeks were thin. It was as if the flesh had been scraped from under my clothes to the exposed throat to look up at me. Far from being younger than I am now, he even seems to be older. I can't even look straight at him, and my stomach burns with my vision.

    "Repent ...!! ︎ Regret, hate yourself, be ashamed, be crushed by sin ...!! ︎"

    While holding the hand of the absent-minded man, I scream at him.

    More than anyone else, I stab him with contempt and hatred. Say it to him and the two men who were drunk by the passion reflected in his light blue eyes.

    "Suffer ...!! !! ︎ Work to repay everything you tried to sacrifice for Maria alone ...!! ︎ Never make mistakes again ...!! ︎"

    It's as if lava is boiling in my body.

    The man who responds little to my words forgets to blink. Only his wide-eyed eyes shook and he was holding my breath.

    If he doesn't even react in this way, it's like a corpse. I can't believe the fact that Albert and Pryde touched the ugly me like this and took my hand. This man who is suitable for the lower class, who is almost like trash was picked up.

    The opposite hand that grabbed him makes a fist and begins to tremble. No matter how many times I raise and lower my chest and breathe, it will not cool my fever, hatred, or shame. Above all, even if the man in front of me says something, I am simmering with anger that he is not aware of his shame and mistakes. "This fool," the words are repeated in my head many times.

    The man who is absent-minded tells me to say something, and I lift him higher with the intention of catching him in order to react with force. Then the kneeling man stretched his curled back by that amount. Perhaps the words were finally found, the lips began to quiver slightly.

    "You are ...⁈ ..., ..., Maria is ...⁈ Maria, my beloved person, she is ...⁈"

    It's abominable.

    Even if I say something, it will not reach him. Expectations shine in his eyes, which only saw my face. The fool, who is only good at guessing, has held back my hand in the opposite direction, grabbing what I would have done if I kept silent.

    He confidently understands how many years ago he was in the appearance of snarling on the hanging thread with all his might. Begging me to "answer" and "tell me".

    I really think this is hell. If it were hell, I would never let this guy escape from here.

    "Maria ... How did you save her ...⁈ How⁈ The cure is⁈ Special ability ... Can I find a special ability to heal the disease?⁈ I wonder if there is⁈ How many years should I wait? The bill"

    "She can't be save."

    The moment I told him that, the animation disappeared from the man's face.

    With the mouth fully open, the complexion that was originally close to earth-colored turns pale. The open eyes lose light in an instant and become muddy.

    The power of the fingers is strengthened as if only the hand that grabbed me back complained that it was a lie. It was okay to shake it off as it was, but if I dared to look down at him with contempt so as not to feel anything, he was so desperate that even tears stopped dripping from his eyes.

    "Maria grows cold in your hands, you can't make her happy, you lose your loved one, your friends, your pride, everything you have built up, and fall into hell."

    I pour further despair into him as if I had become a god.

    It's more painful, sinking, and cursing not to come up. The pain he should experience is not this much.

    He shook his head after a brief silence to me. I dare not give an answer to him who rejects everything that is pointed out as "a lie". Only silence drowns out his faint lights.

    Certainly it's a lie. But it is also true.

    Without Pryde's mercy, it would have been reality. However, it is not my achievement that changed the future. I couldn't save her or even reach Arthur. And ... I'm glad that's it now.

    I don't want to think about how foolish I would be if I knew Arthur's secret.

    "I'm asking ... tell me it's a lie ...! Maria is like that ... then why are you alive⁈ for what purpose⁇ why so ... how can you be so calm⁈ you said that Maria was that important to you, but”

    "That's not the case!"

    The fool's delusion breaks my calm with burning heat.

    Pull in the grabbed arm and twist the man's head up toward me, this time with the other hand. It was too easy to conquer a man who was much thinner, lighter and weaker than I am now. Tighten his throat with one hand and hit his head against the ground.

    Like a sinner at the same time as the response, press him against the marble where he leaked a voice as "gu, kaa!!", but nothing more came out.

    Tighten it so that it allows only a slight breath, then take my hand back with both hands and scrape the filth off. His eyes wandering between life and death swayed from side to side, and his sharp, sharp eyes pierced me straight. When I came here, my most lively gaze was deeply colored with murderous intent. I tell the sinner, who is lightly conquered by me with one hand, with the utmost care not to let go of my consciousness.

    "Repent, feel torment, shame, you are only allowed to live with that sin for the rest of your life."

    The appearance of my claws on my arms and my free legs flapping was ugly, past humorous.

    This is a beast that only imitates my shape. It is not an obsession with life to raise a voice with a crushed throat, "Ga, aa, aa !!". His eyes are telling me to withdraw the sentence that Maria could not be saved. I think thinly about twisting his neck and killing him as it is.

    "It's useless. It won't come true. It's your turn to be ridiculed by everyone, just as you despised everything but her."

    I lower my voice and pretend not to hear the criminal's complaint.

    I relax my grip on his throat, which does not stop its useless resistance, for a moment, and immediately after that, I slams his head against the ground again and tightens it again. Still, my fever never cools down. ……I know it. Nothing else but myself. He struggles until I withdraw. He'll struggle forever untilhe has a way to save Maria.

    "I tell you now. You can't save Maria."

    As I say so, I squeeze his throat so that it will resonate with his groaning ears. ...... Tears began to ooze from his eyes, which were still open.

    For him, who didn't care about his future, shame, and words, there was no more despair than hearing I couldn't save her. ...... I know it well.

    "Until the day the judgment comes, you should continue to drown here. Do nothing in vain. Everything is useless. No matter what method or means you rely on, no matter how dirty your hands will become. She can't be saved. "

    The sinner's eyes gradually become dull, and the light blue eyes only show the abyss.

    All the teeth that were clenched shut and the facial muscles that kept putting effort into it relaxed. He's not unconscious or dazed by the lack of oxygen. He's just losing the will to live with just one word. I tried loosening my hold, but he didn't even show signs of a counterattack.

    Absentminded with tears overflowing endlessly from his eyes, I think it's would be easy to kill him and if left alone in this state.

    "Don't do anything, don't move, stay with her until the end, don't leave her, love, accept, and obey her words. That's all that you can do for her. And surely ..."

    It is foolish to lose the will to live even though Maria is still alive in bed.

    If you raise her presence, that alone gives him a ray of vitality. Even if I didn't say "Maria", his lips muttered again.

    Why didn't you think it was important to help her in the way she wanted? Why didn't you try to hear the words she was trying to give you at that time? Why did she call you her ......... the great sinner in front of me was so crazy just to remember

    "Be sure to reach out to that person ... !!!!"

    It's pathetic and miserable.

    With my throat twisted, I approached him so close that my noses touched each other.

    Just like my hatred, I strips my eyes, bare my teeth teeth, and control him in my hands to the point of killing him. The wide-eyed eyes overlap, and as soon as he breathes, I spit out loud enough to spit.

    "Follow that person ... !! Never doubt her! And never hurt her again !! ............... Without that person, our happiness cannot be possible. "

    My angry face wouldn't be right in his tear-blown field of vision.

    Still, my voice roared in his head, and he quivered his lips and lifted his hanging arm. He grabbed my throat-tightening hand again to ask me, and his mouth began to move to derive my voice. I finished spitting all the thoughts that had stuck to my chest to the man in front of me, and I thought that I had no use for him anymore, so I pushed him away and let go.

    The man slammed the back of his head against the ground with momentum wakes up with no time to hurt. "Wait!", Crouching and crushing his throat, forcing himself to move in front of me.

    "What is that person ...,⁈"

    He snarls in the middle of the word.

    I turned my back and was about to leave this place, but I stopped halfway. When I turned my eyes to such a half-hearted complaint, the man's body disappeared as if it blended into the white world.

    Looking at my body, I stretch my arm that disappears to find out the answer to that question rather than disappearing. The mouth I tried to rephrase disappears in white, and I can't speak any words. Just before he disappears, I say the last and last words.

    "...My daughter's benefactor ... "

    The man who let my words dwell in the light for a moment disappeared without a trace at the end.

    The man who disappeared so smoothly left no feelings. Thinking that the existence had disappeared or it was just a dream, I suddenly felt a sense of discomfort, and I traced my eyes with my finger and dropped my eyes.

    Another great sinner's tears, not mine, was shining on the pad of my finger.
    "Chancellor Gilbert .... Are you okay ...?"

    ...... I chanted in my heart that I was terrified by the words that were hung in a terrifying manner.

    I intended to endure yawning, but it seems that I noticed that my face was strong. It's unfortunate that I was more concerned about the fact that I had some time to discuss the announcement at Tiara's birthday festival, which is coming up next week. The moment I thought I had finished the meeting, I seemed to have lost my mind.

    Pryde, who sat down on the sofa in front of me, lowered her eyebrows and tilted her head. I raised my shoulders to show.

    "I'm sorry .... I'm a little drowsy this morning since I'm lacking in sleep. That's all, so don't worry."

    I'm sorry to worry you, I smiled, and Pryde looked back at me with a slightly surprising look.

    Not only Pryde-sama, but also Arthur and Eric, who were reserved as guard knights behind them, had their eyes slightly rounded. When I think about my lack of sleep, I wonder if I've made a mistake, and I get unexpected words.

    "Dream ... Is it that you were taken away ?? Even if you have any troubles ...?"

    "It's unusual for Chancellor Gilbert to have a bad dream."

    This time, following Pryde-sama, Tiara-sama, who sits next to me, looked into my face.

    If they are lined up with interest, they will smile. I tilted my face lightly, answering vaguely, "Is that so?"

    "It's not a big dream .... Really, it's just ... a dream that just makes me tired. It's a dream that I can't help but keep preaching to young people."

    "That ... I'm sure you're tired."

    Her words made me laugh bitterly as Pryde guessed correctly.

    When I said, "I'm already old," in line with the idea that she had suggested, this time, she and Tiara laughed brightly.

    ...... It's not a lie.

    I don't remember much now, but it was definitely me when I was young. Looking back on my own resentment at that time, I was probably preaching to me when I was stupid. Even though I was in a dream, it was quite impressive that I had tightened my neck as if it was an opportunity.

    When I remember that it was quite difficult in my dreams, I wondered if I was getting older and shorter. Albert, who is older than me, is that calm.

    But right after I woke up, I had a clear sensation, but when I recall now, it's ambiguous even if I was either. Even if I don't remember what I was preaching, I can usually guess.

    "Maybe Maria was worried too? Please take a rest today after this."

    "That's right! Even Stella is sad if her father isn't doing well!"

    If Pryde and Tiara cite my beloved wife and daughter, I can't say anything anymore.

    In fact, it was pointed out that neither Maria nor Stella were in good shape this morning. Immediately after waking up, I felt exhausted from the morning because I was too angry, which is probably the reason. ...... What kind of young person really makes me angry like this?

    Is it someone I knew in the past that I dreamed about, and that I'm embarrassed? Unfortunately, I can't narrow it down at all because I have a lot of interaction with people on the job. In the past, I have often met with frustrating opponents. Most recently, one of the guys who threatened me in the Battle of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo a year ago. Well, in any case, it's a human being who isn't worth remembering.

    "Thank you for your concern, but I only need a little rest. It's not that I'm feeling sick."

    Behind Pryde-sama, I affirm the person who is trying to touch me for some reason, so that I can reach Arthur, who keeps holding his hand restlessly.

    Even if I am not feeling well, I cannot afford to borrow Arthur's special abilities to this extent. At this level, it is enough to take a rest or take nutritional supplements.

    Finally, the meeting with Pryde has just come to an end. From here, I returned to the office of Albert, the Prince Consort, and resumed reporting and business assistance.


    It was just after I finished putting together the paperwork on the table.

    When Pryde replied to the knocking sound heard from the direction of the door, the person stepped into the room with Pryde's permission after a word.

    He slammed the bottom of his leather shoes a little harder and looked at me while holding down the black edges of his glasses. After greeting Pryde and Tiara with a smile, my greeting was returned with an absolute zero look.

    "Gilbert. It's a message from my dad. He said for you to take a rest a little early after the meeting with my sister. You don't have to go back to my dad's office. I was entrusted to pick up the documents."

    Please move in. Stayle randomly recovered the materials from me, who was stuck in the hands of the documents.

    "No, at least the documents are from me," I request to report to Albert, but after all, Stayle's words overpaint mine immediately.

    According to Stayle, Regent Wes is just urgently visiting him to convey Rosa's intentions to Albert. Therefore, Stayle, who was attached to Regent Wes, can also assist Albert, so I should take a rest now. ...... It's Albert. Perhaps he actually consulted with Regent Wes and Stayle, who had just visited hom. Maybe because of what happened before, sometimes he's worried about me ... the effort is too perfect. Even if I use it a little more, I won't be punished.

    "What's wrong, can't you move? Then I'll send you to the mansion where Maria and the others are waiting."

    "No, I will take a rest in the nap room of my private room immediately."

    If I don't agree to take a rest in a roundabout way, I will break quietly before Stayle, who says that I will be deported.

    Albert alone is a difficult enemy, but it is extremely difficult to win if Regent Wes and Stayle join in. Furthermore, if Pryde laughed with Tiara as if they were relieved from the bottom of their hearts and said "good" to my reply, there is no way I can resist it.

    I had no choice but to entrust the documents to Stayle and head empty-handed to my room right next to the office of Prince Consort, who I was supposed to deliver them to. If I am told that Stayle will return as it is, I will blame myself for having the First Prince carry my luggage. ……But.

    "Chancellor Gilbert"

    A dignified voice is spoken to my back as I try to leave.

    Excuse me, when I immediately look back at the voice that was hung in front of me, a woman with crimson hair was smiling softly at me.

    "Thank you for today. Please take a rest. It's not only the body of Chancellor Gilbert anymore."

    To the gentlest words and her smile.

    When I noticed, I felt that even the fatigue I had before was fading from my body. The soft sun shines in my chest and the fog seems to clear up.

    "... Yes, of course I know."

    If I return the words and laugh, Pryde will be relieved.

    Tiara waved and bowed to see off Arthur and Deputy Captain Eric. And finally, after Stayle finished greeting Pryde saying "I'm going", I was hit on my back.

    Immediately after that, the words of the dream I had this morning passed through my head, as if they had been thrown into my hands.

    "Why are you alive⁈ for what purpose⁇"

    ...... Who was the young man who really disturbed my sleep?

    I think it was something that he proclaimed very well. Where on earth is a fool, such as asking me such an obvious question?

    The radiant mood was ruined, and I look back toward her only once again. Even though I turned my back once, she still smiled at me to see me off. With that flower-like smile, I finally say the obvious declaration.

    "This life and path are not all my own."

    The miracle and salvation of that day.

    And for atonement ... for the nation, the people, and the royal family.

    The meaning of my life is more than enough.

    637.6 Special Story: What Did the Deliveryman Dream?
    “………… hmm ……!! ︎ ………… ha ………… ”

    ……Ah…? ......

    What is it here?

    It's not just a large space, it's white. If it's hell, why am I still in such a white place?

    I looked around properly, but no one was there. Even if I call out, no reply will come from anywhere. I scratched my head and tried to remember, but I couldn't remember at all.

    "... This sorry ...! ︎ ……… this is ……! 』\

    I thought I was dead, but I don't remember it.

    I remember being half-killed before, but I don't remember dying. Did I get sick during the delivery, and leave them alone?

    If I turn my head, I hear a popping sound. Even if I'm is dead, the feeling of the body is good. Then was I trapped somewhere? It's a bad hobby to lock people up in such a nice place.

    I try to use special abilities, but nothing happens. Even the earthen wall that should be usable without Kemet will not be activated. Only the white ground can be seen, but apparently it's different. It is certain that this ground is something other than soil.


    Exhale through the nose and click the tongue.

    For the time being, I decided to walk around and look for an exit. As far as the eye can see, there are no obstacles, let alone walls, but if I walk straight, I will hit somewhere. I don't know what's going on with the kids, but I can't sleep.

    Walk properly, walk, walk, walk. I can't find it no matter where I go. I walk too much in white and can't see the other colors. Look down at your hand and make sure that I'm not closing my eyes. Even on the ground, I don't know the feel of my feet and what is white. I feel nauseous in the space. Even the sense of time goes crazy.

    I've been through many areas where the scenery hasn't changed, but it's the first time I've seen nothing so far. I got tired of walking and finally stopped, but I don't know if it's already been an hour, two hours, half a day, or a day. At this point, I even think that hell is such a place. If so, no matter where I go, nothing will happen.

    ...... It's troublesome.

    Sit there and cross my legs. Hey, think with my head while putting my elbows on my knees, sticking my cheek on my palm and looking only at the white. If there is nothing to walk to here, the rest

    "This shit is …………"

    ………… Ah?

    Grab my mouth and make sure it's not a soliloquy.

    I've seen an idiot with a crazy head mumbling alone, but have I gone that far? However, while I was touching my mouth, I heard a similar line muttering. Who is it if it's not me?

    I call, but I don't get a reply. But this time, if I listen carefully, I can hear another voice.

    Hey, answer, I shouted where he was, but only heard a low voice mumbling. I stood up thinking that it was a hallucination, and when I squinted at the voice, there was only one thing that crawls on the ground in the white space. Is it a fall, then an idiot trapped like me? It's much better than not asking either way.

    Move my legs and walk up to the point. Far from running away, it remained lying on the ground so that I wouldn't even notice it. At the very least, I called out again thinking that he wouldn't die until I heard the story, and ... I stopped before I heard.

    "Hmm ... Gah ... Guh ..."

    A well-known man was there.

    I can understand without looking at his face. If I look at the brown skin that comes out of my clothes, I don't like it. To a man who crawls on the ground with a ragged, torn hood over his head ... I definitely think this is hell again.

    I wanted to not see it at all, but there's nothing else. Looking down at it on the ground, I couldn't see the face under the hood. I didn't even notice it, I exhaled with my constant throat as if I couldn't see it, I couldn't even hear what he said, he shook his arms and grabbed the ground.

    I wonder if there is any power left, but the distance to move forward is only a few millimeters. I think it's only a matter of time until it runs out like other people. It's smeared with rags and mud, crawls on the ground, and can't talk satisfactorily. It's a low-ranking resident no matter how you look at it.

    Take a step away and sit in front of it. At a distance of only a few tens of centimeters, the turtle will still be able to reach it earlier at this slowness. Even if I can hear the rustling sound of the ground, it doesn't make much progress. If he doesn't even notice me in front of him, he's basically lost consciousness. Stick my cheek on the arm on my knee and watch it like a killing time.

    I can't see his face even from this angle because he's wearing a hood with his face rubbed against the ground. Well, it's natural because I was wearing a hood to hide it.

    It looks like it used to be just the clothes, but the figure is not much different from now. At the very least, if I look only at his face, I can make a good guess at his age, but I don't feel like taking off the hood. I want to try when he comes to this point.

    If I think that it's unlikely the kids were caught in this unrealistic scene, I can take it easy.

    I listened to the muttering man's words, but none of it provided much information. Apparently, I won't know my age as long as I don't see my face.

    When I was in trouble with money, I used to wear clothes properly and throw them away. I don't have any attachment toward them. The hood was the same as it is now, when I was hiding. Thinking about that, when I was abroad, I felt most comfortable. The cliff area is a hangout only for the back-office workers. It always looks like it's on this side at a glance, and I don't care about my skin color.

    Then, is this before or after that? It may be later from the height, but ... I don't know which one because I haven't bothered to keep track after my height has grown to some extent.

    No matter how much he stretched his arms, he can't move forward. When he mumble, he can only say "stop", "foolish", and "fucking", and I wonder if there is anything else to say.

    It's so rotten that I've been crawling around on the ground like this. There are countless times where I have been spit at, had stones thrown at me, been stripped, and teased. When I was the one who was robbed, there were few things that didn't happen. Then, I conclude that this guy in front of me is before working in the cliff area.

    "... stop ...! ………… 」

    He's still a few centimeters away from me, but it wasn't long before he started to run out of energy.

    The arm trying to stretch forward trembles like a spasm, and the fingertips can't stand on the ground and collapse and exhaust. I think a little about what would happen to me now if he died like this.

    His hell is yet to come.

    He hasn't been caught by the Knights yet, he hasn't been tortured, he hasn't gone on trial, he hasn't signed a contract, and ... If I hadn't met that troublesome kid, I would have much more freedom at this time. I can choose where and how to get involved and die without being bound by a contract of servitude. No matter how much I lick the ground, eat the sand, or trample, I have nothing to do with anything other than my life and money. If I think that I should just talk about the Knights' surprise attack here, I'm wondering if I can change it now.

    I could pick up only the breathtaking sound in a silent space without moving one fingertip. I wait while yawning, thinking that this is just before my consciousness flies. It's a hassle to die, but if I lose my mind, I can check various things in the meantime, so it's convenient.

    "... Sefek ......... Kemet ..."

    "Hmm ...!!"

    Is it me?

    The moment I notice it, I know when this guy is. I was not like that around fifteen, definitely this is me after becoming "inconvenient".

    Grab the head under the hood and force him to raise his face with his dark brown hair. Due to the change in the angle of the face, the hood of the head went up and came off.

    The face, which was full of bruises, was slightly opened to me. No mistake, this year and this bruise can't happen except at that time.

    The man who was about to close his eyes was forced to open and cramped, and I bared my teeth and growled.

    "Don't sleep ...!! !! ︎"

    Understand where this guy, who was crawling on the ground, was going to go.

    Then is the Lord over there? But now, above all, I provoke the guy who was trying to faint. Put my strength in the fingers that grab his head and hurt him.

    "Get up, don't slow down here, keep crawling to the front of the castle !!"

    So the Lord can find you.

    I yell and spits. He doesn't even blink when I notice it. This time I just hit the shit on the ground. I don't know why, can he sleep in a place?

    A man grabs my hand, which keeps twisting with force in his fingers even after hitting the ground. I struck him again, thinking that he still had the energy to grab it, and he put more power in his hand to grab my arm.

    "... !! What's going on ...?!"

    Seeing my face, he seems to have realized the age.

    Maybe it's because of me that he's hurt, or maybe this isn't the reality, we glare at each other while hurting each other. Peel it off with a bloody mouth and grab a bruised fist. I'm sorry, I look into this me while returning that it doesn't matter.

    "Your hell is about to begin. Even if you die, get those two kids back together."

    I wish I could die.

    When I glared while thinking so, I spit on him. Hit the face again before wiping it with blood.

    I can already see the match between this tattered guy and me. After hitting it twice with force, he'll slap me in a mess. When I grinned and raised my mouth on purpose, his rag face was distorted as I expected. It's easy to provoke since it's me. I'm sorry, I have to bite the ground and throw it into a rag.

    "You're going to have the same experience as me? You'll be exposed to all the shame you can hear, and you'll be robbed of everything. It's better used people other than us. You'll see. "

    Ah? !! He barks.

    When I saw it and laughed at him, I heard the sound of his teeth breaking. If I think it's been after being hurt and trampled by the traffickers, he's probably enduring some anger. However, he's not willing to be beaten.

    "Be prepared? You'll only be used by the royalty and knights we hate. I can't live just for yourself anymore .... It's a life full of clinging."

    I want to see what this guy does, so I dare to tell the truth.

    As I expected, his bloody eyes were wide open and his chin was open enough to come off. If I smile at the pleasant appearance, he will be suspicious or raise his eyebrows from the middle. He can't believe it. Especially if it's me.

    "Crawl. Crawl and experience the same pain as I do. In the same way I was picked up, prostrated, surrounded, exposed and shamed .... It suits you now."

    "I wonder if you are prepared ...⁈"

    I stare at him like a rag with a bloody voice and a feverish breath as if I were a companion.

    I'm all prepared and I'm done. Or does he say that he intend to change it now he knows it? Then I shut my mouth saying that I couldn't tell him more.

    I could hear the sound of squeezing his back teeth. Just like the bloody mouth and the power to grab my arm ... I don't want to know anything Temee wants to know right now. I dare to pretend not to notice and connect with "And".

    When I think of the hell in the future, I can only laugh at the low-ranking residents who crawl in front of me. Without knowing his greed, he sought and lost. I think it would have been a humorous life if I had died like this. It's the best side dish for sake if you're talking to the people in the back-alley business.

    None of this is a lie. Compared to the old days, many inconvenient chains are tied around me and this guy's neck. If I crawl to the lower class quietly and live in a corner, I wouldn't be forced to bow or prostrate to the royal family under the contract of slavery.

    Far from being just me, even the kids are involved. I'm commanded, asked, protected, taught, escorted, helped, run, carry.

    A knight who I didn't want to be in sight. Now, every time I returns to the Lord, I can see it even if I don't like it. Delivery destinations are all to royalty. So far, the work that involved only the other party hasn't happened. I am involved in the worst work, which is inconvenient, troublesome, and unpleasant. It was much easier when I was waiting for prey on the cliff. I didn't have any trouble with my minions, and I didn't have a kid to talk to. But now ...

    "Recover them even if you die"

    In other words, the battered eyes lose the eyelids.

    He doesn't need to hear "what" or "who". He knew only that from this time.

    "Think only about that. I don't care about the rest."

    When I noticed, I noticed that the end of the mouth I was fishing was distorted.

    I don't need understanding or conviction, I'm not going to explain it. That's all I do for this guy. You don't have to know. After being picked up, I ignored my intention and proceeded. No matter how much I poke or yell, no one in the Royal Family listens to my opinion. On the contrary, I don't want to open it by order, and my stomach is exposed to the bottom. I don't want to say what I don't want to know or admit. That's all

    You should ask the Lord.

    "Follow me. Don't choose a different path from me."

    If even one thing goes wrong, I'll kill you.

    If he doesn't meet the Lord, everything will end. I can't throw away even one thing that exposes me to this life. If Sefek, Kemet, my current earnings, way of life, and connections are all taken away because of Temee.

    Whether his consciousness is stunned again, or he just don't understand what it means, he can't return anything to my words. I don't understand this meaning, I'll crush one of his eyes if he lies down in this place. Anyway, it's already broken.

    Seeing him covered in mud and dust, I think she brought the wanderer in this state back to the castle. I can't even sigh past your dismay. Moreover, the people are a sinner and members of the royal family, not to mention the connection between them. Even though it's been four years, the Lord often remembered me.

    With the hand holding his head, grab his chest with the other hand. Raise your knees, step on him, and force him to lift the rags while standing. Bring the tip of my nose close to the same face as mine, and exhale through the gaps between my teeth. Don't go to sleep, get up, get them back, get stuck and growl over and over, and I'm angry that he can't return anything.

    When I woke him up again, this time I just knocked him down and threw him to the ground. The sound of the huge figure colliding against the ground remained, and the rags rolled without being passive. Apparently it's really the limit.

    I wondered if there was no other way to wake him up, but I can't think of one. When I had no choice but to walk up to the rolled rag and try to grab it again, it suddenly disappeared into white.

    When I looked at it, wondering if it was dead or if it would return to its original place, his hand was about to disappear, and he turned only his neck and looked back. It makes a glare at me through the gaps in his sandy hair, and I think he's still fine. ...... If.

    "Sefek and Kemet are beyond that."

    At the end, the color of his eyes changed to make it easier to understand, and finally it disappeared to white without leaving any hair tips.

    Even if he approached the trial, nothing was as I expected. I think it's all just a phantom or my head is crazy. At that time, I've come to the point where I can't turn back anymore. If it was before I was caught by the Knights, I'd like to change various things beyond that ..., ... No.

    Can I change it?
    "... You seem sleepy today, Val"

    Ah? And, I throw my eyes at the Lord's remarks in the middle of yawning.

    It's nice to be able to join immediately after arriving at the castle, but I ended up waiting in the guest room when I didn't have the reward. If I put my back against the wall and cross my legs to sleep again, the Lord, the Princess, and the guardian knights will all look at me.

    "If you're tired, why not use the sofa?"

    "I don't need it"

    Pay the sighing Lord by hand. If I glance back at the Lord who hangs on the sofa opposite, yawning will come up again. Sleepy.

    When Kemet said, "It's been a long day today," he complained to Sefek, "I just yawned from the morning!" A high-pitched voice pierces my ears on both the right and left because I sit on the left and right of the person and say.

    I'll grab my face while saying "Noisy", but they're still talking. They wonder if I couldn't sleep or if something happened.

    "It's just a dream. If I get the money, I'll sleep at the inn."

    "Did you have any bad dreams?"

    "It's a bad dream"

    Shit. I said it to the Lord.

    The question from the Lord cannot be avoided by the contract of slavery, and I refuse, "I won't say any more" before they can dig any deeper. I don't want to talk about such a silly dream. Thanks to that, I feel sick from the morning and I feel sick in my stomach.

    Some of my memory has faded since this morning, but when I recall it, I still feel like vomiting. I don't want to think back to myself from four years ago, but why do we have to face each other? Now I don't know which one was me.

    When I woke up and realized that it was a dream, I was relieved to the extent that my head was glaring. I asked Sefek and Kemet as if I had said anything in my sleep, but neither of them seems to remember. ...... Instead, I was blamed for the question "Are you tired?" And "Cold⁇" after waking up.

    "Are you tired of the dream of being guided by a guy?"

    Don't say it.

    I click my tongue back to Sefek, who speaks about it in front of the Lord.

    She's been asking many times since I said that I had a bad dream, so if I answer, that's why she's a kid.

    Thanks to that, the Lord and the Princess tilted their heads and looked at me. Still, when I glanced back, they didn't poke there. I can't say that I was guiding myself.

    The one in my dream was definitely me from four years ago. I still remember that. Moreover, it was just after the kids were kidnapped. I didn't want to see it anymore, but I was shown the worst time. I can hardly remember what I was talking about now, but I wonder if that was the "direction guidance". I'm annoyed.

    Scratch his head, shake his legs and click his tongue. Even though I'm asleep, the more I remember, the more frustrated and drowsy I get.

    "If you're so tired, you can rest here after the delivery ..."

    When she saw it, the Lord approached me slowly with lowered eyebrows.

    Are you okay? While asking, she rolled up her dress, bent her knees, and crouched down to look at me. Even if she didn't bother to get close, I can hear her voice on the spot.

    As it is, "If you are not in good physical condition, use a pharmacist" and turn to an extra feeling like Sefek. I'm just sleepy, but I don't always listen to it. In the end, the Lord touched my forehead with her hand as if she were measuring the heat. The heat of the Lord's hand is higher than that of me who just came from the outside. "I don't have a fever," I laugh as if I dares to hit the Lord back.

    "... I can sleep well in the Lord's bed? With the Lord, even all day long."

    "... If you're tired enough to fall asleep for a day, you can postpone delivery, so take a break."

    If you lower your voice, the Lord will exhale as if she were amazed again.

    She just lowered her hand from my forehead and stood up and looked down at me. When I raised my mouth and provoked her with her thin eyebrows slightly pulled and her shoulders dropped, she asked again "Are you really okay?" If I return it in one word while thinking that it is disciplined, it will end easily.

    Well, the Lord who exhales a short breath still keeps an eye on me.

    A knock sounds as if you were in a conversation. The maid is back with a reward. It seems that this time it was left in the Lord's room. The Lord picked it up and gave me, "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I don't have a letter from here, so come back in three days," while leaning against the wall. When I stretched out one hand and received it, it weighed as expected.

    Sefek asked, "Are we going in Tiara's room today?", But before I answered, the princess bounced, "It's okay! Please rest slowly." I raised my eyebrows and looked back, but the Princess, who spread her palms in front of her chest, returned only a smile. ...... I was going to decline it anyway. With my current glaring head, my hands go crazy.

    I stood up as if I was awakened by a kid pulling my hand and hem to find an inn. I don't know where the shit is, but I can't forgive the guy who came out in my dream. I can't remember the conversation or anyone, but I'll kill him if I meet him again in my dreams.

    "Then, when you arrive at the inn, please rest in bed properly. If you are not feeling well, please buy some medicine."

    Leaving the guest room while shaking the body. The Lord tried to see them off to the front door, so I said it was okay here.

    She treats me like a sick person until the very end. I turn my face away and returns with a single sound, while being disgusted by the Lord. Then, the Princess infused extra things with the kid, saying, "Thank you, please take care of Val!"

    Both the kids who uselessly harmonize their voices hurt my heads. At this point, I think I'll fall asleep on the roadside.

    "Thank you for your hard work in delivery and directions."


    Well then, the Lord finally said to me trying to return my heels.

    The sighing voice passed from my ears to my head in vain. If I pretend I couldn't hear it and walk with all my strength in the hand that scratches my head, the words I don't want to think about will suddenly come back to my head.

    "I wonder if Temee is prepared ...⁈"

    I'm annoyed.

    What do you know about me? First of all, tell me what I should be prepared for.

    Even the voice has disappeared from my head, but at least from the tone, it was certain that it wasn't even Sefek, Kemet, the Lord or Leon. I thought it was the knight's kid, but I don't think I would bother to guide that kid. After that, I don't even hear that Bale or that bastard who stepped on me. ………… No, I can't remember at all.

    Why did he give me directions, where did he want me to go, where did I want to go?

    I wonder if I could have killed him with this hand at least in my dreams. ...... It's too faint, and all I remember is the annoyance and the bad feeling in my chest.

    I just wanted to get out of there.

    I have to say, after reading the earlier arcs again, Gilbert's Dream extra is really cathartic.

    Val's dream, too. I really love him. I'm happy to spend my birthday with Val like this.

    Leon's chapter later...sometime. Might be tonight or tomorrow.
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    Reading List:
    :blobparty: Chapter 11 is out in the manga! :blobparty: (If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.)

    This chapter covers the Sword Arc, and kicks off the Sick Person Arc (ie, the Gilbert Arc). It takes place two years after the last chapter (so Arthur's 15, Pryde's 13, Stayle's 12, and Tiara's 11), which is why Arthur and Pryde look like they've been stretched out. You can also see Harrison with long hair at the knighting ceremony. And Stayle finally starts wearing his trademark glasses.

    EDIT: It's a little disappointing that they cut out Arthur running the gauntlet, though. (ie, him having a practice bout with Stayle, then with Pryde, and then a bout with both Pryde and Stayle at once. It was cute.) We see Pryde and Stayle's custom armour again later in the Gilbert Arc, but still. :blob_tilt:

    Anyway, the colored pages at the beginning are gorgeous! (It's a flashback of Marianne sneaking out with Gilbert as a kid, so they're 11 and 13 here.) Maria looks so cute, but not at all how I pictured her... :blobmelt:
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    So the Student Life Arc ended before I expected it to. They spent a lot of time winding up for what looks like another exciting fight with human traffickers in school. Does this technically make the Student Life Arc a filler arc, since nothing concrete happens in it?

    Anyway, here's the summary from the Student Life Arc.

    31 Student Life Arc (chapters 114-145)
    Pryde tutors Amulet on the questions she couldn't answer from the exam. Leon and Tiara tour the school. Pryde receives a report. Val repairs the Farnum siblings' home. Cedric offers Dios and Curi a job after graduation.

    Pryde is also one proposal richer, and we can add Dios and Curi to Pryde's harem on a provisional basis, though Dios is in the "Jeanne" camp and Curi has devoted his heart to Pryde and is grumpy at "Jeanne" using Pryde's lines. That explains why Curi is such a tsundere. :blobxd:

    No real Val scenes worth sharing so far, but I am especially fascinated with the umbrella kid Captain Colm discovered trying to jump out of a fifth floor window to escape him. I adore him already. Think he's another capture target from the second game?

    (Colm POV) II 143.1 And Catches
    Colm heard noise from a different direction than the special classroom.

    From the volume, it's just like something has fallen. It sounds like a violent act, but it's strange that it happened in a classroom where no one was supposed to be.

    Colm's intention changed and he searches for the sound source. He could check from end to end, but in some cases the person may be able to escape. There is also a data room where there is a great possibility of a thief, and if those hiding there were high-class people such as aristocrats, there was a high possibility of an incident inside or outside.

    Step by step, step by step, mute the footsteps and search for signs. The sound was from a classroom closer to the stairs than a special classroom. Unlike the student classroom, the door without windows cannot be seen. Just pay attention, stick his back to the wall, and change the angle of his neck to focus his attention on the inside.

    Colm killed even the sound of his breathing and waited, and after a while, the noise and noise spilled from the back. At that moment, Colm could easily twist the doorknob by putting his hand on the door.

    Relieved that he didn't have to break it because it wasn't locked, Colm quickly opened the door. Beyond the door that was opened almost silently except for the sound of the metal fittings on the door

    “………… Eh. Oh ?! Aw, man !!!!”

    A boy who raised and lowered his shoulders was sitting about two beats behind the appearance of Colm.

    The boy, who didn't notice immediately when Colm entered, stood up in confusion. Colm was able to use his strength a little earlier, but he didn't move immediately to the boy's appearance.

    There was only one boy in the library.

    What's more, it doesn't look like he's capturing or confining someone like what happened to Pryde, and he doesn't have any friends. And the boy himself was sitting there as if he was relaxing. He was messing around with his goggles, but those weren't school equipment.

    At least the only other offense, other than using the empty classroom, was that the boy picked the key or stole it from the staff room if he hadn't forgotten to close it. And speaking of problem behavior as a school student

    "You. What are you doing there. You should be in class right now. You look like an elementary or middle school student ... what's your name?"

    The act of digging in class.

    Colm calls, wondering if he's a missing student during the class the teacher was talking about. The boy, who was more afraid of the knight appearing in front of him than a teacher, closed his cramped mouth at first.

    Keeping his round eyes open on Colm, he moved his hands that he had been moving until now, relying only on his senses, and put together his personal belongings that had been scattered on the floor in a backpack. While the noise was heard even though I didn't like it, when Colm finally closed the door behind him and came in, sweat fell from the boy's face. As his heart beats faster, the boy uselessly spins words like "Ah, this is that ..." to save time.

    Colm quickly walks up to the boy to see if it's really his personal belongings or school equipment

    A flash burst.

    Silence, and even suddenly.

    Suddenly, Colm, whose field of vision was painted white, held his breath and closed his eyes. Colm thought it was a blast, but there is nothing more than light.

    The amount of light is reminiscent of the flash bullets of the Anemone kingdom that Colm heard about in the defense battle two years ago. Colm wondered how the boy got it, since it was not distributed anywhere, but at the same time Colm was worried that there was no sound of pulling out the pin.

    Wait, what, if he moves his mouth with his field of vision blocked, in the meantime, he can hear the sound of the boy's hand. Colm sharpened his nerves as to whether he will be shot, but after all there is no firing sound.

    On the contrary, there were signs in front of him that the boy didn't try to do anything to him while the light was blinding him and went away toward the window with a rattling noise, not toward Colm with the door.

    Colm chases the boy who can move in the light, thinking that the goggles on his eyes are for this reason.

    With his eyes closed, he follows only the signs to position the boy, and he does not let the target escape with a flash bullet. When Colm rushed to the boy's trace without hesitation, the boy who did not expect him to move screamed, "Gee ?!".

    I'm sure in the future this will be funny. Colm, who remembers the arrangement of the classroom before his vision disappeared, grasps the sense of distance from the voice and reaches out.

    Grab! Colm was able to secure the boy's thin upper arm and grabbed it the moment his fingertips touched. Immediately, the boy groaned exaggeratedly even though Colm didn't hold him too hard with "It hurts!". Immediately after, "Let go!" the boy screamed in confusion, "Why could you move?"

    The boy who tries to pull free his grasped arm does, but Colm does not loosen his grip. Realizing that his eyes, which were gradually closed, had regained his sight, he put his hand on the wall in front of him, opposite to the one who grabbed the boy.

    Colm has a new question when he thinks there was a wall there.

    "Is it okay for a knight to grab a student ?! It's no different from an incompetent guard who just turns around and walks! I'm a student and you're a knight, knights go back to the castle !!!!"

    "Why didn't you go to class if you were a student and lurked in such a place? Let me explain from there. And what on earth are you doing now ..."

    A boy who twists his body and rampages is held down with one hand.

    The field of view Colm has gradually becomes clearer while calmly responding to the rant.

    The scenery in front of him convinced Colm that it was the same.

    Colm was convinced when the wind brushed his cheeks, but at last the blurred vision returned to normal so that Colm could see the boy's face. At the same time, questions arise again.

    It wasn't the door that the caught boy was trying to escape to, but the window of the classroom. Moreover, by the time Colm grabbed his arm, the boy had already put his foot on the window sill.

    As long as there was a knight on the door side, it wouldn't be strange to escape from the window. However, this is not the first floor, but the fifth floor, which is the top floor.

    It is difficult for ordinary people to jump from here and be safe, even for a Knight Captain like Colm. As far as he knows, the only ones that can jump from this height are Pryde or Arthur, except for those with special abilities.

    Maybe the boy forgot that this is the 5th floor, but he's still making a noise to be released. Colm can't feel the intention of suicide even if he thinks about the situation.

    If so, how did you intend to escape from here? After two blinks, Colm confirmed with a clear view that he had not prepared a rope for escape, and ... Colm doubted his eyes.

    “……………… What?”

    Involuntarily a stupid voice leaks out.

    Beyond the clear return of sight is the boy Colm mentioned earlier. He was about to throw himself out of the window, staring at Colm with his sharp eyes.

    The boy who carried a backpack that swelled more than the capacity and wore goggles that even overpainted the impression of his own face was holding it in the opposite hand to the one who was grasped

    It was an umbrella.

    It wasn't a rainy day, but it was wide open.

    Rather than the boy's rant trying to throw himself while screaming to strip his teeth, Colm couldn't say anything, wondering if the boy was inexperienced or sane.

    The next arc is the Ceremony Arc, which is Stayle's birthday celebration. It's boring so far, though I guess finding out Tiara's annual present to Stayle is cute (she gives him a corsage that matches the hairpin she gives Pryde every year). Probably explains why Stayle is so obsessive about "matching" with Pryde.

    EDIT: What the heck, I take it back, I take it back! Arthur gives Stayle a new pair of glasses every year on his birthday. I've never seen anything so cute. And Stayle puts them on immediately. :blobpopcorn:
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    :blobparty: Chapter 12 is out in the manga! :blobparty: (If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.)

    This month's chapter feels a little short. The first half is mostly game flashback (back to eight-year-old Pryde), and then a strategy meeting between the siblings in present day...which is depicted all wrong in the manga, since they held that strategy meeting through writing because they couldn't trust any of the guards not to listen in. :blobpensive:

    You might have noticed a new blue mark in front of some of my previously shared scenes. I've started to edit my MTL'd copy of the story for readability, and have replaced the rough scenes I've already shared with a neater translation. Currently at the beginning of the Sword Arc, so there's not much to see yet.

    By the way, I'm still available to answer questions about the series if anyone's curious. :blobphone:

    EDIT: Huuh, so Uncle Wes' daughter may be named Cecile...still waiting for confirmation. And also his wife and son's names.
    If I invite Captain Alain and Tiara invites Cedric, Stiyl definitely invites Uncle Wes's wife to dance every time. He didn't dance with her daughter Cecile this time.
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    And now the Ceremony Arc is over. I'll admit, I knew it was going to be filler when I saw the full translation for the arc name was "The Selfish Girl and the Ceremony." This is because the Student Life Arc was "The Selfish Girl and her Student Life." The author doesn't usually use the same name to refer to Pryde two arcs in a row, so it was kinda a dead giveaway.

    32 Ceremony Arc - Filler (chapters 146-154.2)
    Pryde, Tiara and Arthur give Stayle birthday presents. They attend Stayle's birthday celebration in the palace.

    Anyway, the Ceremony Arc was a really bland filler where nothing actually happened. We had flashbacks of Stayle's mom's final words to him...but no new information on her, and no new letters to or from. Pryde woke Stayle up first thing to give him her present...but at no point are we actually told what it is, only that she gives him the same thing every year.

    The biggest info drop is about Eric's family. Eric is the oldest brother. His next brother is a tutor named Robert, who either married a lady from a knight family or married the first ever female knight mentioned in this story, and they have three kids--two boys, and they just had a baby girl. Eric's youngest brother is Keith, who became a reporter after the Knights Arc when Eric started asking his family for Pryde gossip.

    So the next arc is called the Devil Arc, but since Pryde's still referred to as the "Selfish Girl" it probably won't be a long one. Maybe we should consider it a continuation of the Student Life Arc...(looks like we're focusing on the umbrella kid this time...bonus!)
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    :blobparty: The manga has updated again! :blobparty: (If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.)

    This time it's an extra chapter to close up volume two of the manga, detailing the events from this extra story. Pryde is such an adorable toddler. :blobmelt:

    And you get to see Rosa have visions about game "Pryde," try to reassure herself that she can change that future, and then continue to see progressively worse visions about "Pryde" as time goes by. Which, yeah, makes the manga kinder to Rosa than the novel, since this information comes up early in the Sick Person/Gilbert Arc, as opposed to the end of the Fiancé Arc and post-brainwash arcs (which is where it comes up in the novel).

    Anyway, don't ask about today's novel update. :blobsad: It was the Rosa-dies-of-heartbreak scene. "Pryde's" POV was especially painful...You guys sure I can't isekai into this game and adopt "Pryde?" :blob_teary:
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    :blobparty:Chapter 13 is out in the manga! :blobparty:(If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.)

    It took me a couple days to get around to reading it, but I want that time of my life back. This chapter is terrible. The beginning follows the novel up until Stayle's arrival, but in the novel, Pryde was there during Stayle's confrontation with Gilbert -- she's the one who pulls him off Gilbert (since saving Marianne was time-sensitive). And Pryde's fetching Arthur afterward was all wrong, too.

    I sincerely don't understand why the manga-ka did this. There was enough pages to get everything right without changing things for no reason. Why make Pryde talking Stayle down a flashback when it was supposed to happen right there in that alley? I'm so disappointed. :notlikeblob:

    That aside, I honestly did not picture Bale being that young. (Bale is the one with the bandana) I actually pictured him as more of a greasy, shady uncle type than a punk like this, so...it's weird. :hmm:
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    So you guys probably noticed that I haven't been very active these past couple months, beyond the obligatory manga updates. Part of that is because of burnout from lack of new Val content (he's hopefully going to be more active in the Devil Arc), but I also decided last December to edit my MTL'd copy of this novel for better readability. So I've been real busy with that.

    No plans to post it online (sorry). There's already a group translating, and I don't want to snipe. Honestly, my real goal is to edit everything so it's readable and then record myself reading it so that I have something to listen to while I'm doing chores at home. Yeah, real big brain moment here.:blobjoy:

    Anyway, so chapter 11 of the manga absolutely gutted the Sword Arc. The only scene they kept was the investiture ceremony, so you were completely ripped off. And as I finished editing this arc not that long ago, I wanted to share my favorite part that didn't make it into the manga...the Pryde and Stayle versus Arthur match.

    It's the Sword Arc! :blobhero:

    EDITED 48. The Merciless Princess Dresses


    The familiar sound of voices and the impact of swords echoed.

    Over the past two years, it became part of their daily routine for Pryde and Tiara to have tea while they watched Stayle and Arthur spar inside Stayle's practice hall.

    Arthur was knighted one week before.

    Although it was less often than before, Arthur still came whenever it was time for a break, and he trained with Stayle as usual.

    At first, they shared their knowledge about different sword styles, but eventually they began to put more effort into making use of that knowledge.

    The swordmanship and martial arts taught to the Royal Family for self defense, and the swordsmanship and martial arts used by the Knight Order were both used in full. Furthermore, Stayle sometimes used teleportation when he fought, so it was a terrifying spectacle.

    Arthur won the majority of the time, though that might have been due to the difference in their age. However, on the occasions where Stayle used teleportation, Stayle was sometimes able to close that gap.

    Honestly, Arthur was someone who was able to win against an opponent with special abilities with only his sword and physical ability, but despite the difference in age and physique, Stayle spent an hour each day sparring with Arthur, who was chief among the recruits. Pryde thought that Stayle, who was sometimes able to surpass and win against this opponent, was already monster-class with a sword.

    As a result, Arthur now had the speed and skill to respond instantly whenever Stayle teleported during their matches, and Stayle now had the ability to deliver a powerful blow and respond to Arthur's reflexive counterattack.

    Pryde had asked before why Stayle wanted to get so strong, and he smiled as he told her, "Because there are people I really want to protect."

    So it's to protect Tiara. Still, Pryde didn't expect that it was a blade honed to defeat her. No, I'm really scared now.

    "Oh! By the way, Onee-sama," Tiara said as she suddenly remembered. She signaled to the maids Marie and Lotte, who were waiting behind them.

    The two immediately took something out of a cloth bag that Lotte had brought.

    "I actually asked Marie and Lotte to make a new one, in secret."

    Tiara accepted the combat uniform from Lotte and smiled as she offered it to Pryde ... Simply put, it was an athletic suit.

    Two years before, Pryde went wild and ruined her dress. It was embarrassing, so Pryde asked her maids Marie and Lotte to make clothes that were easy for her to move around in in secret. Normally, Pryde should place an official request to the royal tailor, but she couldn't disclose why she needed such clothes. It would be a problem if it became a rumor inside the palace. However, it seemed like the veteran maid Marie used to want to make clothes. Both of them were thrilled to cooperate when Pryde asked them, since they were especially good at sewing clothing, and she was willing to pay for their time.

    Pryde didn't have an opportunity to wear it seriously, since it was only something made in case of an emergency, but they said it was still fun to make. They continued to make a new set every six months, although it went unused.

    It must have been time for the next athletic suit to be finished ... Pryde thought, and unfolded the clothes she received from Tiara. The uniform was made from bright red fabric, as usual. Marie and Lotte seemed to match Pryde's hair color.

    "Hurry, hurry," Tiara urged her and stood up on the spot to spread the uniform out herself.

    "... This is ..."

    It was a bright crimson red combat uniform, as usual. Included were tights, long gloves, and a belt to wear with it. However, until now the combat uniform was feminine ... Pryde liked it because it was lacy and looked like a dress with slits. However, this time the uniform included length shorts that she would wear over the tights and a uniform jacket that covered her knees.

    It resembled a knight uniform.

    "Now that Arthur has been appointed as a knight, I thought it would be a good idea. Though if we use the Knight Order uniform as a guide, you might look too much like a knight, so we changed the embellishments. The jacket length is the same as the recruits," Tiara explained with sparkling eyes.

    How cute.

    Marie and Lotte were also smiling, greatly satisfied.

    "Thank you very much ... It looks very nice."

    It was really cool. It was within Pryde's taste.

    "Try it on!" Tiara urged.

    Lotte and Marie pushed Pryde into the changing room off the back of the practice hall.

    Coincidentally, the dress Pryde had been given to wear that morning was a rare, easy-to-change outfit. To think that this was the reason.

    Lotte and Marie helped Pryde change her clothes with an experienced hand. In only a few minutes, Pryde came out of the changing room with Marie and Lotte after changing her clothes.

    Tiara greeted Pryde with a smile.

    "Nii-sama! Arthur!! Please look over here!!" Tiara called out to the two who had been concentrating on their sword fight.

    At the sound of Tiara's yell, the two stopped their match and turned around. And

    Went still.

    Pryde couldn't make out their facial expressions from this distance, but they were completely stiff. Personally, she liked the uniform very much, but she wondered if it was something the First Princess could wear. There wasn't any more exposure than with a dress.

    "... It's a ... sudden hit ..."

    "I want to tear off your matching clothes right now."

    The two flushed individuals were only able to speak after fifteen seconds.

    Arthur went completely red when he heard Stayle's words, and he turned away with one gand covering his mouth. "Match ... matching ..." Arthur repeated, as if dying a little.

    Stayle pursed his mouth and pretended not to notice it.

    ... They started talking a few seconds after they saw Pryde's outfit, but they were in a hurry and Pryde couldn't hear what they said. Arthur turned away when Pryde noticed him looking at her. Was it that unsightly?

    "Hey, Arthur! Nii-sama!! Is it not wonderful!?"

    The two nodded several times as if forced by Tiara, who was behind Pryde. The kindness of the three of them was sobering.

    "Oh! That's right, Ane-kun. It's been a while since you changed your uniform ... What do you think?" Stayle asked gently, looking at Pryde's face. It was a question that gave consideration of her opinion, so if she disliked it, he would reject it as well.

    Normally Pryde wouldn't say anything, but it was the first time in a long time that she found herself wearing clothes that were easy to move in, where no one could see her except for these five people.

    Besides, as the Last Boss Queen Pryde, she felt a little restless watching Arthur and Stayle, who had grown stronger than before.

    Pryde turned back to Arthur and Stayle and smiled as she asked, "If you do not mind, may I try my hand as well?"

    They both looked surprised and glanced at each other.

    Arthur seemed to tell Stayle something with a heated look. Pushed by the pressure of that gaze, Stayle sighed and bowed out in favor of Arthur.

    "Well ... Arthur is better at pulling his blows and keeping calm under pressure," Stayle said and lent Pryde the sword he was using.

    Arthur shouted in protest. "Hold on!? You're joking, do you really think I can do it with a real blade!?"

    "Don't worry, you'll be using a practice sword. Ane-kun, feel free to crush Arthur."

    "You bastard!" Arthur grumbled angrily. He slid his sword into the sheath at his waist and took up a practice sword.

    Pryde and Arthur kept some distance between each other as they held their swords and waited until Stayle joined Tiara.

    It was Arthur who moved first.

    He jumped inside the range of Pryde's sword with one quick movement.

    But Pryde was quicker, and twisted out of the way. She pushed Arthur back with the sword hilt as it passed, but when she swung the sword to hit him, Arthur disappeared from sight.

    For an instant, Pryde thought it was teleportation. But that wasn't it. Pryde looked up to see Arthur backflip over her head to land behind her.

    She turned around and swung her sword to fight back, but Arthur easily blocked her.

    ... He's strong. It was a completely different feeling watching over his training with Stayle alongside Tiara, and facing him directly.

    Arthur was likely stronger than Instructor Karl, who taught Stayle swordsmanship. Pryde was sure of it.
    "Is it alright? Nii-sama doesn't want to try, too?"

    Tiara looked at Stayle's face as she handed him a towel. Tiara only recently started speaking less formally to her brother Stayle.

    Her mischievous smile was very cute.

    Stayle took the towel and sat in a chair.

    He used the towel to wipe off his sweat and then picked up the glasses he had left on the table. They were a gift Arthur gave him the other day. He put them on and looked at Pryde and Arthur again.

    "Arthur is better with a sword than I am. I want him to understand the strength of the people he should protect."

    Figures clad in red and white clashed in front of him, and the sound of swords exchanging blows echoed.

    As expected, Pryde was still extraordinarily strong.

    Her crimson uniform rippled like a cloak. When Pryde first appeared in this uniform, the sight felt very refreshing to him, as he only ever saw her wearing dresses before. Stayle always thought that the knight uniform looked good, but when it was Pryde wearing it her femininity bled through, giving the uniform a different sort of charm. It felt like a woman's sex appeal. Do all women stand out so much when they wear men's clothing? ... No, it might be that it only looked so good because it was Pryde.

    Honestly, Stayle couldn't deny that he wanted to try a match against Pryde, but he didn't feel like pointing a sword at her when she was dressed like that.

    "... Still, I envy him. To wear the same clothes as Onee-sama."

    Stayle turned to the happily smiling Tiara, a little disturbed. It was as though she'd read his thoughts.

    "Actually, I have something for Nii-sama," Tiara said innocently with a heartfelt smile. Before he knew it, she spread out a jet-black uniform for him to see.

    "The style is the same as Onee-sama and the recruits', but the embellishments are slightly different. And since Onee-sama's uniform is the same red color as her hair, I asked for Nii-sama's uniform to be made the same black as your hair ..." Stayle's beloved younger sister Tiara explained excitedly.

    Did Lotte and Marie also tailor this? Stayle glanced at them. Looking at their gently smiling faces, he thought there was no doubt.

    "... Thank you very much." Stayle thanked both the maids and Tiara smiling shyly in front of him.

    Stayle accepted the uniform from Tiara right there and pet her hair in thanks. Stayle thought that he would ask his maid, who was waiting outside, to help him change clothes. However, he didn't want to let other people see Pryde and Arthur's match, so he asked Lotte and Marie to help him change clothes instead.

    Stayle remembered saying that Pryde's uniform matched Arthur's earlier. But as soon as he thought that his clothes were made to match, he smiled unconsciously.

    Too bad, Arthur. The one who matches is me. Stayle muttered in his heart, and stepped into the changing room.
    EDITED 49. The Merciless Princess Loses
    Have twenty minutes passed already?

    Pryde wasn't able to stand against Arthur at all. It was just like in the game. Arthur was the only capture target in the game who was able to overwhelm Pryde with his swordsmanship.

    And in the end, Pryde was defeated by his overwhelming strength.

    Just as she was was now.

    "... Ku ..."

    Their swords pressed against each other at the last moment. Arthur pushed against the sword that Pryde held at an angle from above. It was a battle of strength instead of swordsmanship. And it was Arthur who drove them into this situation that she wanted to avoid the most.

    Pryde tried to bear the pressure with both her hands and feet, but it was impossible. She was unable to hold for even two seconds. And at the second she lost against his strength, Arthur suddenly struck with his sword.

    The metallic crash of her sword echoed as it was cast aside, and rolled several times across the ground.

    "... I surrender ... You are very strong, Arthur."

    "Thank you very much ... But no ... I still have far to go."

    Although Arthur had won, he look stunned for some reason as he looked at Pryde, who had collapsed right there, her arm thrumming. She wondered if Arthur felt disillusioned that the Pryde who had talked so big two years ago was defeated now without even being able to touch Arthur.

    Pryde felt a little worried as she looked up at Arthur. However, he reached out to her kindly, no hint of disillusionment in his eyes.

    Arthur pulled her up by the hand.

    "Even though I trained so much ... I had a hard time ..." Arthur said in a small voice, as if the words were escaping.

    ... Yeah. I had a hard time, too. It was all Pryde could do to avoid his attack as she waited for an opportunity to launch a counterattack.

    Even then, she wasn't able to hit Arthur with a single blow. Even when she got a chance to swing her sword, he was able to block it with his sword or avoid it completely. It was her complete defeat.

    Arthur was the only opponent whom Pryde failed to defeat with a sword. He was strong. In truth, his swordarm will soon become the strongest in all the world.

    Pryde had the Last Boss cheat, so she was already formidable from the start. Even without making an effort, she will become the strongest Last Boss in only five years. In fact, she could tell when she swung her sword that it was even stronger than two years before. Even though nothing had changed in these past two years. She hasn't trained at all.

    And the Arthur right now was strong as well.

    Well, that was only natural. In this world, Arthur was fully entrenched with his father, and even had a rival in Stayle to train with. Instead, Pryde thought that in five years Arthur would become much stronger than Knight Commander Arthur, who had neither father nor rival in the game.

    ... Will I even be able to put up a fight in five years? It feels like I'll be killed instantly.

    Her dignity as the Last Boss made her wonder, anxiety taking hold. No, Pryde was the strongest because not only her swordsmanship but her overall fighting ability, including martial arts and marksmanship, were all overpowered.

    Suddenly, Pryde realized that her inner Queen Pryde had come out after being defeated by Arthur.

    No, no, no! I can't win!

    ... Well, it didn'tmatter. Pryde cannot defeat anyone with her strength, so the ending will not change.
    Arthur took Pryde-sama's hand as she sat there on the ground, and pulled her up.

    Pryde-sama came to her feet without trouble, only to collapse against his body with the force of his pull. Pryde-sama clung to his armor with both hands. "Please excuse me," she said.

    Arthur's face burned. Pryde-sama was so close to him that he was worried about how he smelled, the length of his eyelashes, as well as a dozen other things that hadn't bothered him at all during their match.

    Pryde-sama slowly straightened up, but she remained close, so Arthur took the opportunity to admire her appearance from top to bottom once more.

    ... Amazing, she looks good.

    It might be rude to say that the knight uniform looked good on a woman, but in all honesty, the crimson red uniform was a perfect match with her hair color.

    Her appearance in that knight uniform reminded him of Pryde-sama, who fought in a ragged dress beneath the cliffs two years before. Arthur felt like his heart stopped the instant he saw her wearing it. Furthermore, when Stayle said that they matched, Arthur was afraid his heart would burst just like that.

    And then on top of that, the match with Pryde-sama. Arthur wanted to see how much he had changed from his useless self who couldn't do anything two years ago, and whether he was a little closer to the Pryde-sama of that time.

    Stayle told him once, "Ane-san's ability is extraordinary." It was just her natural aptitude. And it was true that during these past two years, although Arthur and Stayle trained together almost every day, Arthur never once saw Pryde-sama train.

    Yet she was strong.

    At first he held back to observe, but Arthur became serious quickly. Arthur used his whole body to to dodge Pryde-sama's attack, and return it ... However, Arthur had a hard time. Furthermore, Pryde-sama was a top-class marksman. In terms of overall ability, Pryde-sama was far stronger than him.

    ... It still wasn't enough.

    Arthur had to grow much stronger than he was now.

    Arthur joined the main body of the Knight Order. Arthur will train more from now more. And then he'll train even more. Until he grows strong enough to defeat the opponents that Pryde struggles with in the future.

    ... As expected, he shouldn't ask about "that."

    Arthur suddenly found himself thinking back to when he decided to join the Knight Order.

    Though even if he is able to change by then ...

    It will be difficult if he doesn't have an opportunity.

    Arthur didn't have the leisure to stop now. Two years ago, Arthur swore that he would move forward, step by step.

    "Just like I told you, Arthur. You really can beat Ane-kun," Stayle called out to him cheerfully while Arthur was preoccupied by his thoughts.
    EDITED 50. The Merciless Princess Gets Ready
    "Just like I told you, Arthur. You really can beat Ane-kun." Stayle's voice echoed.

    Arthur raised his head and felt dismayed taking in Stayle's appearance.

    Pryde looked back at the same time and screamed her surprise. "Stayle! That outfit is ..."

    It was natural she was surprised. Like Pryde, Stayle was now clad in a similar uniform, although his was jet-black. It suited him well.

    "... Hey, isn't that a nice look? It goes well with your glasses, and shows off your bad attitude," Arthur said. He looked at Stayle dressed entirely in black and laughed. "Are you a bad guy?"

    "You're the one who gave them to me. I only forgot to take them off," Stayle muttered. He removed his glasses and teleported them to the table.

    Pryde smiled, a little bitter.

    ... Just the other day, Stayle received those glasses from Arthur. Why was it that Arthur gave something to Stayle, instead of Stayle preparing a gift for Arthur, who became a knight? Pryde wondered.

    "If it doesn't suit you, then just lose it," Arthur had told Stayle.

    Pryde didn't understand, but Stayle looked happy. "I don't mind how it looks," Stayle said.

    Stayle proved that by wearing those black-framed glasses every day since, only taking them off for training.

    ... Yes, it was just like "You Are My Ray of Light."

    The Stayle in the game also wore glasses with black frames. Stayle didn't seem to have bad eyes, so Pryde forgot about it until now ... She never expected that the glasses would be given by Arthur. It was never mentioned in the game, so Pryde didn't know if the setting was that Stayle wore glasses for style. However, the glasses-wearing Stayle looked completely like the capture target in the game. He might have really poor eyesight in the game, but Pryde thought it was impossible for him to get glasses from Arthur in the game.

    However, the Stayle in front of her now had the same appearance as in the game.

    ... Well, his personality and speech was different compared to the game, but although he had a dark side, he was a very good child who not only cared for Tiara, but also his elder sister, Pryde.

    "... Well, Ane-kun. Now that I have also changed clothes, I want to gave a match, too. What do you think about a cooperative round?"

    Stayle walked up to the two of them with a dark smile.

    "Cooperative ...?" Pryde repeated.

    Stayle selected another sword and pulled it from the scabbard.

    "Yes. Between me and Ane-kun, we can make that knight over there a ragged mess." He pointed his sword straight at Arthur and grinned.

    "Hold on a minute, why am I alone?" Arthur protested immediately.

    But Stayle didn't care.

    ... He might resemble the Stayle from the game a little.

    She felt like Stayle had such a wicked smile whenever Pryde gave him the order to execute one of the corrupt, high-ranking individuals who hid in the shadows, indulging in their wealth and power.

    "Then why! You've got the most energy when compared to how exhausted our physical strength is ..."

    "It's because you're the strongest out of the three of us, obviously."

    "You already saw that I was only barely able to beat Pryde-sama just now!"

    "Unfortunately, I was busy changing clothes at the time."

    "You still know who won and who lost just now!"

    "It's only one more round. If you're a knight, shut your mouth and pick up your sword."

    ... Yeah. Still, Pryde thought that he was much brighter and more energetic than the Stayle from the game. And Arthur was a completely different person when compared to the Arthur in the game.

    "In that case, we should all use practice swords this time," Pryde said. She picked up two practice swords and handed one to Stayle.

    Stayle accepted it with a smile. "If that is what Ane-kun wants."

    Arthur wiped his sweat and nodded, although he was slightly out of breath, saying, "If Pryde-sama says so ... please do."

    Tiara squealed from her seat at the other side of the practice hall, and cheered. "Please do your best!"

    Behind her, the maids Lotte and Marie watched over them with a smile.

    Pryde felt a little happy and rushed in, while Stayle kept some distance away from Arthur. Stayle saw Arthur grip his sword and attacked at the same time.

    ... Really, it felt wrong for Pryde to have so many kind people around her.
    EDITED 50.1 And Laughs
    It was tens of minutes later.

    The two-on-one match between Pryde and Stayle versus Arthur continued until the very last minute, when Arthur had to return to the Knight Order training grounds ... It was definitely several rounds rather than a single match.

    Although it was two-on-one, most of their victories came from Stayle striking at Arthur, who was exhausted. Arthur's tenacity was palpable. Even exhausted, his swordsmanship did not dull in the slightest.

    In the end, when Arthur was just as ragged and worn out as Stayle had declared, Stayle sent Arthur back to the Knight Order training grounds with his special special ability as a final favor.

    Can Arthur participate in the knights' training in that state? Pryde wondered, a little worried.

    "By the way, Stayle," Pryde called out to Stayle once he had teleported Arthur.

    Stayle stopped on his way to the changing room and turned. He tilted his head. "Yes? What is it, Ane-kun?"

    "That uniform looks great on you."

    Pryde was too surprised, so she missed the opportunity to tell him before, but Stayle looked very cool in his jet-black knight uniform. It was a shame that it was something that didn't exist in the game.

    "I think this is the first time the two of us siblings match. I feel so happy. I will have to thank Tiara for such a wonderful gift," Pryde said and smiled.

    Stayle's face sliwly grew flushed. Was he happy to think it was a gift from Tiara?

    "... Yes," he replied modestly after a long moment, his face bright red. "... Ane-kun, too ... it suits you as well ... very nicely."

    Stayle bowed to Pryde and went swiftly towards Tiara. Stayle pet Tiara's head in passing and then grabbed his glasses from off the table, only to literally disappear. Did he teleport to the changing room?

    Lotte and Marie went with Pryde to help her change her clothes.

    Was it that Stayle wanted to quickly thank his cute younger sister Tiara for the gift? Tiara looked quite satisfied after being petted and smiled happily.

    Oh, I should change my clothes, too.

    Pryde headed towards the changing room with Lotte and Marie. Following Stayle's example, she paused briefly to pet Tiara's head. "Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift."
    "... ... Huh ... hey ..."

    ... Tired. Arthur was really tired.

    Stayle had teleported him to his room, a private room assigned to him as a knight of the Order, so that it wouldn't be noticed by the other knights.

    Honestly ... it was a huge help to be teleported this time. Arthur honestly didn't think he'd be able to move until it was time for training to start, and Stayle sending him back eliminated the need to come back on his own.

    Arthur hung his uniform jacket over a nearby chair and laid there on the floor, still in his armor.

    ... Stayle and Pryde-sama were too strong.

    Well, Arthur only just joined the Knight Order. His dad the Knight Commander and the knights who had years of experience under their belts would surely be able to defeat the two of them.

    But still

    "... Nn ... Me ... I'm a knight ... shit ..."

    Arthur spread his arms wide and looked up at the ceiling.


    Honestly, Arthur thought his role would be lost if those two grew any stronger than they were now.

    Arthur held his breath and clung to the floor, waiting for it to be time to get up.

    ... Still

    Arthur did not intend to give up.

    I already made it this far. I'll definitely get stronger than I am now.

    Arthur will never lose against Stayle, even if he used teleportation.

    And the enemies that Pryde-sama can't defeat, he'll beat them with a single blow.

    When Arthur finally looked at the clock, it was time to move.

    Arthur manage to pull himself to his feet. He poured water from a jug into a glass, and drained the glass in one swallow.

    ... Alright, it's fine. I can still move.

    Arthur pulled on his jacket, which was part of his uniform as a knight of the Order, and reached for the door.

    The door opened with the rattle of old metal hinges.

    "! ... Arthur. Did you not join Stayle-sama today?"

    His dad, the Knight Commander, was just about to walk past his room when the door opened.

    "Oh ... ... Stayle ... There's nothing planned today."

    It was a common area, and Stayle's ability was confidential. Even so, Arthur's meaning got across.

    "I see," the Knight Commander replied.

    "... Is Vice Commander Clark off-duty today?" Arthur changed the subject. He glanced around to see if there was anyone else nearby.

    "Yes, he is ... Arthur. You look more tired than usual today."

    "... Yes, well, various things happened ... ..."

    "... ... Why are you so concerned about the surroundings? You should hurry and leave, or you will be late for today's exercise." His dad wondered, and moved to leave first.

    "Please wait!" Arthur automatically called out to stop him, not thinking.

    Arthur still hasn't told him properly.

    He wanted to get stronger and stronger.

    His dad turned back, his eyebrows furrowed.

    The look on his face said that he didn't understand why Arthur stopped him. That was no surprise.

    Arthur closed his door with one hand and turned to face his dad properly.

    If he didn't say it quickly, both he and his dad would be late for today's exercise.

    "I joined the main knight division, so ... once again ... like before ... train with me again ... please ... ... ... ... ... Chichiue," Arthur finished, unable to look him in the eye.

    His dad went silent after Arthur made his request. Arthur looked at his dad, and saw that his mouth was agape.

    In fact, Arthur had thought for a while now that he wanted to resume training with his dad if he was able to join the main Knight Order division. He also wanted to change the way he called his dad, and not use the habitual title from when he found his dad so loathsome.

    That was why, now that he was a full knight, Arthur wanted to say both ... that was what he decided.

    Today demonstrated it to Arthur once more.

    Arthur was still weak. That was why he had to ask his sad now, before his head cooled down.

    His dad ... His father's expression was blank as he stood there stiffly, but after a moment's wait, his mouth moved. "... I understand."

    "Thank you very much," Arthur said for the time being. He bowed and ran for the training grounds. He felt shy, but more than that, as a newly elected knight, it was bad to arrive after the Knight Commander.

    Arthur thought while he ran.

    Chichiue said he understood.

    I can ...! Train with Chichiue the Knight Commander!!

    I can get stronger, much stronger!!

    Arthur ran happily, and pumped his clenched fist.

    I still have a long way to go.

    So, have you people heard? Supposedly both this novel and the manga are getting licensed. I'm absolutely going to buy the novel when it comes out! :blobparty:

    Honestly, I can't wait to see the localization team having heart-murmurs over the worldbuilding in the first couple arcs. If you people think I put the novel down to rant about the Queen, you should have seen me go off about the worldbuilding. There are so many things that strain credulity. :notlikeblob:
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