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    Yes, the novel is still ongoing (it updates Monday-Friday). We are currently six arcs into Part Two of the novel. Part Two seems to be focused on the second game in the series, and the current arc is dealing with Nate, who is the second capture target introduced from the second game. He's an inventor. :blobpats:

    The ML has not been decided yet. At the moment, Stayle, Arthur and Val are all possible candidates. Stayle and Arthur get the most screentime, but thus far, Val is the one who gets her heart racing (Leon does as well, but he's a special case). There are a lot of people who like Pryde, though, so it's within the realm of possibility that the ML may end up being someone else.

    I would like to remind you, however, that this novel isn't categorized as a Romance (I wouldn't really call it a harem, either, despite 75% of the male characters crushing on Pryde). The closest Pryde has come to having a crush on anybody is probably her fangirling over Powell (who was her favorite character in the third game). :hmm:
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    :blobparty:Chapter 15 is out in the manga! :blobparty:(If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.)

    Sorry it's been so long since my last update. In between me being depressed over the lack of Val lately, there's been some life stuff that has since been resolved. So not only did I miss chapter 14 of the manga, but chapter 15 has been out for a while, too.:blobwhistle:

    On the bright side, though, chapter 15 looks like it will close out the Sick Person Arc. Which means that I can expect to see Val again in the Sinner Arc, either at the end of chapter 16, or chapter 17 if the manga-ka decides to draw the House Party Arc.:blob_pompom:

    In regards to the novel, my break from the series means that I am currently more than 100 chapters behind. So despite the Devouring Demon Arc being concluded (along with another short story arc), I have yet to compile a summary for them. I'll try to get that out as soon as possible, but it may end up being next week (given that my primary focus in November is NaNoWriMo). :blobtired:

    As always, I am always up for procrastination, so if you have questions about the series--ask! Interested in the guys from the second game? Curious about Pryde's "crush" on Powell? Want to know how Sefek and Kemet are dealing with middle school? You can also ask about Part One of the novel, too. :blobuwu:
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    Okay, so here's the summaries for the 33rd and 34th arcs. Regarding the 35th arc, I'm a little stuck on the title translation for now. This time around, Pryde's called "Ambassador Girl," but what's "Shoushitsu" (ショウシツ)? :hmm:

    Hmmm...for now, I guess I'll just list it as the Ray arc (like how the Sick Person Arc was first referred to as the Gilbert Arc).

    Anyway. The summaries.

    33 Devouring Demon Arc (chapters 155-237)
    Dios and Curi help Pryde tutor Amulet. Arthur's athleticism gains him popularity among the male students. Pryde and Arthur are introduced to Amulet's brother, Phillip, while Stayle hides in Cedric's carriage. Stayle and Gilbert receive reports about child trafficking originating in Proudest. Pryde asks Leon for help to save the next capture target, Nate. Pryde threatens Nate into becoming "friends" with her. Val digs a pit to catch the troublemaker students inside Proudest. Pryde hires Nate to create something with his invention special ability. Curi lends Nate his dorm room to invent in, while Colm oversees his work. Pryde reveals Nate as a victim of home abuse, and Nate doesn't return to school the next day. Val takes Pryde to rescue Nate, and Colm arrests Nate's abusive uncle. Pryde skips home economics class and enlists Val to hide her. Nate delivers his invention to Pryde.

    34 Direct Connection Arc - Filler (chapters 238-243.2)
    Queen Rosa has a vision of a person letting his fire special ability run wild until he is the only one left alive, and Regent Wes records the prediction. Pryde is depressed to find out that she has to take supplementary lessons for home economics with Amulet. Gilbert informs Pryde that the school chairman, Anchorson, will soon be brought before a jury. Val delivers a report that the troublemaking students he's been catching were actually criminals hired to enroll in Proudest in order to locate a person named Lyre, and their employer is the next capture target, Ray Karin.

    As long as I was putting off rereading this arc, you'd think that I disliked Nate, but he's actually a little cute. :blob_patpat:

    Regarding possible love interests, I feel a bit sorry for Pryde's crush on Powell, but I really think Powell and Amulet are going to be a thing. :blobpats: From Powell saying that he already had a person he cared about in the Brothers Arc, and Amulet describing her ideal man as "a kind person who always protects women and children," which is practically Powell's catchphrase. I'm sorry, Pryde, but I think you've lost this one. :hmm:

    Also: I'm crying. As long as the middle school arc's been going on, there's been no Pryde/Val scenes until near the end of the Devouring Demon Arc. The first scene's just light flirtation, but the second!!! Three whole chapters!!! And they're completely alone together!!! And the author censored it, but Val called Pryde by name (finally)!!! Oh, my heart. :bloblove:

    I'll share the Pryde/Val moments from the Devouring Demon Arc as soon as I can, but it'll definitely be a couple days. But it's worth it!!
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    I'm curious if the tl team for the manga is still translating this or is it dropped? I've noticed in the raws that they skipped a lot of vital scenes that were part of the novel which made me sad because the pacing was already good. When they removed those parts, it made some of the motivations of the characters become flat and boring during those chapters.
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    :blobparty:Chapter 16 is out in the manga! :blobparty:(If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.)

    I thought this was coming up. Hm, if I knew this chapter updated today, I'd have dropped the announcement with the story arc summaries. :blobpats:

    Anyways, this chapter is literally the tail end of the Sick Person Arc. Arthur coming out to his dad and Deputy Commander Clark about his special ability, and then the rest is Stayle and Arthur bonding.

    Looking forward to next month's chapter. :cookie:
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    Just bringing this up now, but if you see any new names appear in my summaries and want to know who these characters are, I have updated my character list. All characters from the second game who have been revealed thus far are in the Civilian section.

    Okay, and now on to sharing the first Pryde and Val scenes since the Brothers Arc. (I missed Val so much, you have no idea.)

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Here's the Devouring Demon Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) II 227. The Selfish Girl Thinks
    Val looked at him with a grin, agitating the frustration that he couldn't be heard here, but suddenly the person next to him caught his eye. After thanking him, Val turns his face towards Pryde, who says little and only looks at him.

    "... ...what"

    "Nothing. I'm just relieved because you look okay."

    Huh? Val raises an eyebrow at her reply.

    Val even wondered what it was for a moment, but when he saw Pryde looking at his face, Val wondered if Pryde was worried about something else.

    All Val did was just transport. Moreover, Val wasn't interested because he had nothing to do with Nate. No matter how much Pryde worried about Nate, no matter how unreasonable she is, he only thinks "again." It was impossible for Pryde to be calm even though it was someone else's problems. Val even thought that the Pryde who intruded like this was strange, more than anything.

    However, even if he didn't hear the situation from Pryde, she wondered afterwards if Val was uncomfortable when he saw the man who used violence against Nate. Val didn't know Nate's circumstances, and Pryde thinks she would have done something wrong if she showed him something unpleasant after having called him unilaterally.

    In reality, Val speaks in the usual tone as if he hadn't seen anything. She thinks that he couldn't feel so good to see it when he cares about Sefek and Kemet.

    "Even though it was an emergency, you got involved unexpectedly. I'm sorry if it made you feel unpleasant."

    "What are you saying when you know my criminal record?"

    I wonder if you're sleeptalking. Val returns his honest impressions in words.

    Val understood Nate's situation from the other side of the door, but Val himself didn't think much about it. It wasn't unusual for him either.

    And when it comes to Nate's uncle, Val's often even worse off. Rather, if he thinks that man had a good year and earned a small amount of money to that extent, he was more amazed. The value of a person with invention special abilities is not detailed, but Val was tired of the lower class adults who rob children. Rather, humans who do not do so are rare. For Val, the only difference is between it happening in a house or in a back alley.

    When asked if Val hates it, Val thinks he hates children more than Nate's uncle, who was the same kind as himself.

    Val was half skeptical about what the person who sentenced him in the trial herself was saying. However, Pryde only tilted her head.

    Of course Pryde remember his criminal record. Everything, including the sins he himself admits. But still, Val thought that he didn't want to see such a person.

    To Pryde who stared at him, Val looked sick.

    "... I can't do it' and 'I don't want to do it' are different things. I don't care which kid gets messed up. "

    "Would you be able to forgive them if the opponent was Sefek and Kemet? Of course you don't have to answer."

    "... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

    Val tried to laugh with his nose at the end, but he closed his mouth unintentionally at the words that changed the situation.

    Val looked beyond the door with his eyes as he quietly remembered. Val couldn't see it from his current position, but when Pryde jumped in, he caught a glimpse. Recalling that it was a kid about thirteen, he was certainly not far from Sefek and Kemet.

    In that sense, Val finally understand what Pryde wanted to say. However, just because they are close in age does not change his feelings about other children. To be honest, Val doesn't care about children other than Kemet and Sefek.

    When Val suddenly closed his mouth, Pryde regretted that she didn't think and said something unnecessary.

    No matter the reason, she didn't need to remind him if he really didn't care. However, Val's words, that described himself as the same kind of person as Nate's uncle, bothered her a little.

    In response to Val's silence, she apologized, "I'm sorry, it was a trivial thing."

    Val distorts his mouth, annoyed that Pryde has to bow her head. Val doesn't want to talk about it anymore while Stayle, Arthur, and even Leon are listening. However, it was more unpleasant for him to have Pryde make that clouded facial expression, as if Pryde had intruded too far. Val's not hurt, but apart from that, Val still doesn't care about Nate.

    Val has no regrets or remorse for what he has done in the past, and Val doesn't feel disturbed even if he's confronted with it. If he has to say

    "... ... If you want someone who thinks like that, look in the mirror rather than at me."

    E? Pryde replied with a loud blink to the words muttered like a soliloquy in a low voice.

    Pryde wondered what that meant, but Val didn't want to say any more. Stayle and Arthur nod silently to his words, but Pryde is unaware of the actions of the two behind them. Leon immediately understood the meaning, but turned away rather than let it show on his face, saying that he didn't want to be glared at by Val. Certainly ..., Leon sincerely agreed with Val's words silently.

    "... ... Isn't it messy?"

    As Pryde moved her lips to ask what he meant, Val turned his gaze from her to her outfit, as if overcoating.

    Pryde shrank when he suddenly points it out, and she looks at her clothes. When Pryde hugged Nate, she absorbed his tears and the water from his clothes, and now her front was wet and discolored.

    If you look at it in the sun, Pryde think it's quite dirty again. It's not transparent, but it also has blood stains. In any case, Pryde couldn't go back to school, and Pryde folded her arms in front of her and roughly concealed her grief.

    "It may be quite noticeable ... ... I wonder if it's so dirty that I can't go in the doctor's place."

    "I don't think it's a problem, but if you're worried, go home first."

    "It looks good on a kid"

    Contrary to the caring Stayle, Pryde hid with both arms and looked back at Val, who was laughing and smirking.

    Her lips are sharp and her raised eyes shout, "You know my real age!" She is now 14 years old, but she is actually an adult woman. But now that Stayle and Arthur aren't wearing a jacket that can be worn by her, there's nothing to hide her appearance.

    While Stayle and Arthur suggested that they return once or borrow something from Nate's house that could cover her, Val's provocative grin did not fade. Seeing him grinning with that unpleasant smile, she was tempted to tell him not to laugh that much. From Pryde's point of view, it's better not to expose it this time. Pryde wondered if she should say it again, but before that, Leon moved from his spot.

    "... ...It seems that Nate is almost finished changing his clothes. Shall I go back first?"

    (Pryde POV) II 234. The Selfish Girl Escapes
    Looking up, there was an odd spot on the side of the school building on the other side of the tree. There between the windows of the second and third floors was a protuberance that for certain did not exist in the design. I didn't notice it yesterday, but it blends in so well that ordinary students who just entered the school must think that it is part of the original design.

    I can't really see the top from here on the ground, but I'm sure. I rushed to the bottom and I softly called out.

    "Val! Val!! Is it a little better? Please help me a little!"

    I call out to Val, whose base is at the back of the school building to ambush bad students.

    When I thought that he should be around here, it was a hit. It was good I came to the back of the high school building. I checked here first because it was the closest to the mobile classroom, but in the worst case, I would have to go back to behind the middle school building.

    At first, there was no reaction from the protuberance when I called, but after a few seconds of silence, someone rose up from the shadow. I heard a low muttering voice from the top, "Ah? ... ..." so maybe Val was sleeping.

    "Val! I'm sorry to disturb you when you're busy, but can you hide me too!!"

    "... ... ... ... ... ... Ah?"

    When I called him again, I could see the face that woke up completely this time.

    Val, who looked down from above with his head tilted, looked down at me with his sharp eyes for about two seconds and then blinked rapidly. His eyes were asking me what I was doing.

    No wonder he is surprised. Normally, all students are in class at this time. Even though he was on duty here, I never thought I would ask Val, who is in the position of Bancho behind the school, for help in this way.

    Anyway, hurry, hurry! When I beckoned, Val raised one eyebrow and slowly descended from the wall using his special ability. For the time being, I was relieved that I didn't have to work to advance here. I may be able to reach if I do my best to leap, but at that height, the only way to be sure is to climb a tree and jump, or jump off the third floor.

    "... ... ... ... Jeanne. What are you planning to do in a place like this?"

    He stopped unnaturally for a moment when he tried to say something, so maybe he tried to call me "Lord."

    I banned him from calling me Lord on the first day of school, so he called me Jeanne safely. It was good I said it then, after all.

    Val was descending, but his eyes paid more attention to the surroundings than me. It may be more suspicious because neither Stayle, Arthur or the Knight Captains are there like yesterday. I'm really sorry to call you for such a bad thing.

    When Val landed on the ground, there was a sound like a descending escalator, and the earth that made up that protuberance dissipated cleanly. As usual, his special ability is perfect enough to make you speechless with Kemet's help.

    Even if it is restored in this way, I don't think that the protuberance from before looked strange. It would be noticeable if it had a clearly unsuccessful form like a swallow's nest, but it was really solid like a structural part of the building from the start.

    While I thought about that, Val stands in front of me and looks down with a suspicious expression from directly above. Val had been set at the age of 18 so that he wouldn't need to return to Chancellor Gilbert, but I was 14 years old, so I think it's been a while since I was under this much pressure. Thinking that it's okay for him to be in a bad mood this time, I look straight up to ask him.

    "... ... Only for second period, I don't want teachers or students to find me, so I want you to hide me secretly. I knew you were hiding outside the school building."

    As I say it, my voice gradually becomes quieter.

    That's why I'm not making sense. But I knew it from before that Val was hunting bad students and lurking outside the school building. If Val, who had been ordered not to enter prohibited areas, were to lurk, there was no choice but to use his special ability to blend into the surroundings. At this point, Val was the only one I could depend on, as not even teachers or bad students have been able to find him until today.

    Val shouted "Huh?" to my response and looked at me seriously. It's a face that said he wasn't convinced at all. I can forcefully make him hide me with an order, but I'm the one asking for a favor, so let's get him to agree. Even while doing this, at least the fact that time is passing by is a relief.

    "Is it something related to the kid from yesterday again?"

    "No. Nate's not involved."

    "What happened to the usual kid? Why doesn't he take you with him?"

    "... ... Phillip and Jack are absent now, since the elective classes are separate for men and women. They don't even know I'm doing this. Alain, I think ... ... is maybe somewhere."

    "Then what's the secret? Why don't you ask the knight?"

    "I don't need to hide because I'm being chased by a specific person, but ... ... I don't want to be found by a teacher on patrol."

    "... ... ... ... ... ... Huh?"

    (Pryde POV) II 234.1 Goes Overboard
    "... ... ... ... ... ... Huh?"

    I didn't expect that strengthening the patrol to crack down on troublemakers would catch me in a situation like this. No, it was meant to crack down on bad students like me right now, so the patrol itself is correct!

    I become less hesitant the more I say. Before I noticed, I grabbed Val's arm with all my strength, even though I didn't turn away from Val's face. I already made the request, so any excuse is fine, only hide me somewhere! I shout in my heart.

    Even as I do this, I'm uncomfortable thinking I might be found by teachers or students. I shift my feet from side to side meaninglessly while standing, rubbing dents in the ground.

    "In other words, do you mean you're skipping class?"


    My shoulders jump honestly when Val asks that fastball jackpot. I swallowed several times, pursed my lips, and nodded.

    That's right, this is definitely skipping.
    For even the First Princess of this country to skip class, shame fills my heart. Still not responding to Val, I make a conscious effort to move my mouth without turning away, and admit the most embarrassing reason.

    "... ... There was a class I don't want to attend, no matter what... ... ... ... ... ... So, I snuck out. I know it's really rude to the teacher. Please keep this a secret from Phillip and Jack, as well ... ..."

    I told him.

    I finish with a thin, unreliable thread-like voice. To be honest, with Stayle, I can't help but receive a sermon. I took my classes seriously as the First Princess, and I studied Chancellor Gilbert and Stayle's thoughts on the school curriculum. It would be terrible for me to make a single recommendation on what Chancellor Gilbert and Stayle and the senior management worked hard to put together. Above all, it's rude to the teacher to avoid the valuable elective lessons they came all this way to teach, and more than anything else, the teacher today ... ...

    The more I think about it, the narrower my shoulders become. My shoulders come up to my neck, and I have mixed desires to eeturn to class, and to escape from class. Then

    "~~Hyahahahahahahahahahah!!!! You're afraid of being caught because you don't like the class!? You're becoming more like a kid!!"

    Hyahahahahahahahahahah!! Val's laughter broke out in front of me.
    Your voice is too loud!! I wanted to yell at him, but I clenched my teeth and endured it. I'm an adult here, be calm, be calm. I'm still the one making the request.

    After chanting the word "adult" in my head more than ten times, I raise my head to face him. When I looked up, Val was holding his stomach and pointing at me with his index finger, laughing from the bottom of his heart. For a moment, I think about biting that finger. I hate being the height of a 14-year-old.

    Val's laughter does not stop even if I try to repeat the request again while clenching both fists and enduring, "So, I want you to hide me... ..." It seems that the fact that I ran away from class was a key point he never got tired of, and he kept laughing out loud. It was really good that this was behind the school building.

    The windows on the back wall of the school building are all either the library or windows of unused storerooms, so you don't have to worry about being noticed. And if not, you can be sure

    "Ah! Hello, you're a teacher on patrol!? Thank you for your hard work!!"


    I look back at Captain Alain's loud voice, which warns me. It definitely warns me!!

    I cling to Val in front of me, grateful to Captain Alain for talking to the teacher nearby with a loud voice that echoes to reach us.

    On the wall!! On the wall!! and I desperately push Val, who has stopped laughing, to the wall to hide me. Val responded to this immediately and used his special abilities as soon as his back hit the wall on my order. The walls of the school building move to cover and hide us. It's a pitch-black space on the inside, but it must have become a seamless section of the wall as before.

    Perhaps he noticed that we were hiding, Captain Alain's voice couldn't be heard any longer, though other people's voices could be heard faintly through the wall. For now, I stroked my chest in relief to be able to hide safely ... ... I feel like Captain Alain is also having a great deal of trouble.

    When I think that this time, phew ... ... ... I exhaled, feeling something other than relief. I bowed my head, and my forehead hit Val, who was standing in front of me.

    "... ... It's not my hobby to be pushed into walls."

    A voice far lower than mine came from above.

    When I noticed and lifted my head, Val was looking down at me from above with furrowed brows.

    It wasn't stuffy or dark, and when I looked up I noticed a number of small holes in the ceiling. Thanks to that, I could clearly see his moody face.

    I was relieved that I was hidden from the teachers, and if I look around, I can see that he build a good place at once. The height was around two meters, and the length of the covered space was about two tatami mats wide. It's a very comfortable space. He said that it was not uncommon for him as a delivery person, but I still wonder if he really sleeps in such a place.

    When I opened my mouth and looked around without saying a word, Val complained to me, "How long will you grab me?" When I looked, I was clinging to him tight enough to wrinkle his clothes while pressing him against the wall.

    I'm sorry, and I let go hurriedly and took half a step back without hitting the formed wall. I took another two steps and finally stopped with my back to the wall.

    "What kind of hobby is this? Is this the 'invitation method' of the Royal Family-sama now?"

    "That's wrong. Please stop calling me that at school!"

    Of course, for Phillip as well! I got angry as I hid my voice.

    Why do you speak such misleading words even when there are only two people here? Moreover, even if you don't have to worry about being questioned by others, I want you to stop referring to the Royal Family in such a place.

    As soon as I retreated, Val was released from the position of being pushed into the wall. In a better mood now, Val grinned at me with an unpleasant smile. He probably thinks it's interesting to see me angry but unable to yell with all my might.

    Although I was in a hurry, it might have been bad to push him so hard until his back hit the wall. However, there was nothing else that mimicked the walls of the school building, and I was in a hurry, so it can't be helped.

    "This isn't bad, though."

    Smiling, Val didn't even try to smooth out the wrinkles of his clothes, but stepped closer, stretching his neck out to approach my face with a grin.

    Val might have leaned too far forward, he put his hands on the wall on both the left and right side of me. As soon as I tried to apologize, Val did exactly the same thing as me. Though thanks to the contract, he couldn't push me into the wall. Instead, his face is so close that he almost hits his nose against my forehead.

    "And? What's next?"

    "I would be grateful if you could keep me hidden for the time being. Until the class is over."

    "Huh. Leave it to me."

    Val looks at me with a grin like he enjoys my reaction, and when I made my request obediently, "Hyahahah!" he laughed briefly and straightened his back.

    It seems the revenge is over when he lowered his arms and released me, and sat down with his back against the wall of the school building. Certainly, it must be uncomfortable to stand like this, so I sit down, too.

    I crouch down to keep the skirt clean out of habit, but if I think about it, it's not a gown but a commoner's dress. I wonder if it's okay to get it a little dirty, then sit down and wrap my arms around my knees.

    Then Val, who had his elbows on his knees, sighed and changed the ground under our feet at the same time.

    The uncomfortable rubble went away, and now the ground felt like flooring. When I stroked it with my hand, it almost felt clean, so I gave him a word of thanks and folded my legs comfortably. I'm grateful that he let me feel at home.

    There was no sign of a teacher approaching, and I relaxed my shoulders with a sigh. "So," Val threw out in a low voice.

    "What kind of class was it that you had to run away from?"

    "... ... ... ... It's forbidden to snoop on that topic alone."

    It's an order. I wield my privilege and close my eyes in refusal.

    Then a happy voice said, "I see?" The face looking at me was distorted happily. I don't want to admit this even if my mouth is torn, so I forbid him to ask not only me, but also Stayle and Arthur.

    "Isn't it something that a monster like Temee is bad at? It's worth taking this request just to know that."

    "... ... What about you, what were you doing until a while ago? I thought you were working, but it looked like you were asleep."

    "More deliveries last night. And in the daytime, there were those round trips to that kid's house."

    I screamed unintentionally at the reply.

    I had intended to get back at him, but the blame was completely returned. That's right, yesterday I called him suddenly and got an emergency taxi to Nate's house.

    Furthermore, while we were listening to Nate and the doctor, we left Val to work overtime. I was the one who forced the already-busy Val to do extra work when he could only do his delivery work one day a week after school.

    I think I should apologize here, but while I was stuck on the words, Val gave a big yawn. The light coming in through the ceiling let me see his fang-like teeth.

    "The bad guys haven't come out these last three days. I don't know if they're all gone or if they're just hiding."

    Thanks to that, I'm still free. Val said, and rolled over on the side of his folded knee. It seems that he's still tired after all.

    Val's tired from lack of sleep, and no matter how wide he spreads the net, if no trouble appears then he can't help being attacked by drowsiness ... Rather, I have no qualifications to blame him because I am currently in the process of skipping class.

    I'm sorry ... ... I hang my head and apologize in a quiet voice, and Val said, "I don't remember asking for an apology" with a yawn.

    "Anyway, rather than that appearance with no sex appeal, your normal body would be more than welcome."

    "Take extra care!"

    Even though I just apologized, I snap back sharply in my usual tone.

    Because of my appearance as a 14-year-old member of the common people, I am now dressed normally and sadly aware of my figure. I glared at Val with downturned eyes, covering my figure with both hands. Val only grinned back with a silly smile.

    "If you're staying, do whatever you want. I'll do as I like, too. If I don't get up in time for lunch, Temee will wake me up."

    After declaring that he would sleep, Val turned his back on me and really closed his eyes.

    For now, I was relieved that I was given permission to wait here, and breathed out silently. Though it's a little disappointing that the only person I can talk to is gone. No, I know I can't be spoiled and demand to have my way.

    Lunch break ... I heard that and remembered that Stayle and them will come back in a hurry once the class was over. My classroom is not too far from here on the first floor of the high school building, so I think there will be enough time even after the bell rings. However, if the class rounds up early before I have time to get there ... ... When I think about it, it seems best to run and get back quickly once the warning bell rings. Val doesn't have a watch and I'm not carrying one now.

    I thought that I'd watch outside ... ... unfortunately, there are only holes in the ceiling. I wonder how this person can detect trouble in this state, but maybe he can tell from hearing voices or other sounds since the walls are thin.

    Since there are no people, the only sound I can hear outside is the wind. I try to listen through the wall, but I can't hear any footsteps. If there is trouble, will I have to wake him up then?

    It's quite possible that the sky will be empty during class, so for now, let's think about him in the special classroom. Since Nate's situation has calmed down, all I have to do is remember the other capture target. That way there is no limit to what I can do even after the top secret inspection is over.

    Before Chancellor Gilbert and them, who are moving secretly, can grab that neck, at least Lyre ... ...

    "... ... ... ...?"

    As I was pondering, I suddenly heard a sound that I hadn't heard before.

    If I raise my head which naturally hung down as I thought, it was Val ... ... it looks like he's sleeping. Val fell asleep really quickly.

    Thinking that Val was tired after all, I feel sorry for waking him up for such a personal reason. If he was this tired, he should have taken his time to rest on the protuberance from before. The stair landing was also a possibility, but at least no one comes here. This certainly makes you sleepy.

    In front of the sleeping Val, I suddenly became worried about sleep and stopped thinking.

    I gently lifted my body from the wall and approached him on all fours, but Val didn't notice at all. I've seen him sleeping many times, but I didn't think he really wouldn't wake up. I'm a little jealous that he can sleep soundly anywhere.

    Approaching him step by step, I finally came close enough to look down at him from above without being noticed. Not smiling and without a wrinkle between his eyebrows, it's a defenseless face. I forget about it, but it feels strange to think that he's currently younger than me at my actual age. It honestly doesn't occur to me.

    After a lot of thought, suddenly I realized that this was a violation of manners and raised my head. I felt used to looking at him somehow, so I didn't feel any resistance.

    Normally when I see his sleeping face, it's an unavoidable situation, so I apologize. I was about to leave my seat beside him and return to my side


    "... ...?"

    Something suddenly bumped into my knee almost as soon as I turned my eyes to the wall where I should return.

    My shoulders jumped a moment at the feeling, but looking back, it's Val. Val was sleeping with his body facing the school building a minute ago, but now he was lying on his back, probably because he had trouble sleeping. Because my knees were right next to him, the temporal region of his head bumped into them. As a result, his head was tilted to one side instead of facing straight up. I think I'll have to apologize when Val wakes up.

    But I'm glad Val didn't wake up now. I don't want to disturb his sleep twice. For now, I gently shift the knee that was in the way to secure his airway. Put my hands on his head and carefully lift it from below so as not to wake him up.

    Put his head in my lap.

    "... ... ... ..."

    Safe. He didn't wake up after all.

    It seems that giving him a lap pillow was the correct answer after all, as the snoring disappeared and it became quiet. No matter how well it's paved, it's on hard ground, but I think he can sleep better now.

    I've been receiving his help for a while, so I'd like him to take his time as sleep for at least a few tens of minutes after this ... ... that said, I'm sorry that my knees have no sex appeal.

    Grr, when I remember that, I want to pull on his cheeks right then, but I put up with it. Val is the landlord now!

    Through the cloth of my clothes, the texture of his hard hair and the weight of his head were indirectly transmitted. My knees grew warm due to his body temperature seeping in slowly. His head is heavy. After all, he's now an 18-year-old.

    Even though Chancellor Gilbert manipulated both our ages, it's natural since there is a difference of four years. I'm sorry that I ended up seeing his sleeping face again, but I'm relieved to see that he's sleeping soundly.

    Today Val was planning to come to the castle after school to report on various things, but that's not all.

    There is still a lot of work for the delivery person to do over the two-day holiday from school that starts tomorrow. Val already has some of the items from my mother, but I wonder if I can extend the grace period a little. It may be better to order him to take a rest without overdoing it. Also, I should have Arthur touch him just in case ... ...

    I thought vaguely about it while looking at his weak face, mu thoughts gradually becoming blurry.

    Oh, bad, lunch break, I thought, but now that I can't move, and there is no external stimulus, it's hard not to get drowsy.

    By the time I realized I was nodding off, my eyelids were closed.

    (Val POV) II 234.2 And Hurries
    ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Why is this happening?

    Val, who woke up quietly, thinks with his sharp eyes open.

    After sheltering Pryde and taking a proper nap, when he woke up, he wondered if he was still dreaming. When Val went to sleep, Pryde was by the wall opposite, and Val slept with his back to her. And his sleeping position itself hasn't changed much.

    But for some reason, Val has his head on Pryde's knees. Furthermore, directly in front of him when he opened his eyes, there was Pryde with her head bowed while sleeping, completely defenseless. Val can't take his eyes off her, even though he really thinks it's harassment.

    Moreover, because she was asleep, her face came really close as her back curled up. Val looked at her with furrowed eyebrows, wondering if he would be held responsible if she made a mistake even if Val didn't do anything.

    Like this, Val can't easily raise his head. Pryde's sleeping so deeply that she's likely to fall forward if given the right stimulus. And Val didn't feel like doing it.

    Looking up at Pryde's sleeping face, Val calmly organizes the current situation once his eyes have begun to adjust.

    Val didn't think he got into this position by accident. Then, the cause was definitely the Lord in front of him. Val was convinced that Pryde, who seemed reluctant to attend class when she appeared and instead asked him to hide her, might have lended her knees in atonement when she learned that he lacked sleep.

    Haa ... ... sighing, Val turned his gaze upwards once more, and soon noticed something else. A completely different shame rises.

    ... ... Why didn't I wake up ... ...!?

    Gah. When Val thought about it, he brought one hand through the narrow gap and smack it against his face.

    It was embarrassingly more humiliating to wonder why he hadn't woken up before now, far more than his current position.

    Val grew up among the lower class, so he can sleep almost anywhere. Val was used to being able to sleep with barely any movement, no matter how loud it was around him. Normal things wouldn't wake him up, however he was very sensitive to changes in the surroundings.

    Even if he was asleep, if he felt something was wrong, he will wake up immediately. Even if Val slept soundly, he often woke up after a short period of time, like now. He didn't sleep for long periods all at once. He woke up after a short period, and went back to sleep, over and over again. Val has always been in a position where he didn't know when he'll be attacked in his sleep.

    But this time, despite being put in this position, Val never woke up.

    Val knew he was tired as mud, but he still can't understand. It's understandable if the other person was Sefek or Kemet, but when Val wondered why he didn't wake up because of Pryde, Val felt dizzy.

    Shit, he muttered, and covered his tightly closed eyes. He realized that he couldn't complain about his current sleeping comfort.

    Her warmth, and the scent of flowers that he can faintly smell from a close distance. Val knew that if he decided to go back to sleep, he will definitely be able to do it.

    Why isn't she awake yet? Val wondered, annoyed. If this was how it was, Val decided to wake her up, so that he could see her reaction to their current position and relieve his anxiety.

    "... ... ... ... Oi ... ..."

    When Val tried to say 'Lord' out of habit, the effect of the enslavement contract stopped his mouth unnaturally.

    Since she has forbidden him from calling her Lord while in this guise, Val can't call her that way. He clucks his tongue and calls her by her tentative name.

    By the way, Val can't remember calling her Jeanne during the annihilation war four years ago. In the world of back alley business, there are so many street names and pseudonyms that they're overflowing, but it still feels strange for Val to call Pryde, Stayle and Arthur by their aliases.

    Val glared up at that dumb face, but there was no other way to call her. He opened his mouth to call with a hidden voice.

    "Jeanne. Hey, get up ... ... Jeanne ... ... ... ... ... ... ..."

    It doesn't work at all.

    Sleeping comfortably with a relaxed face, no matter where he looks, she's a 14-year-old girl.

    So why does she only show him this childish appearance with no sex appeal, Val wonders again. Pryde looked even younger when he thought she was drooling.

    Val didn't sense any signs of people nearby, but thinking that it will be troublesome if the teachers find them again, Val suppressed his voice and called her. However, Pryde, who was still sleeping comfortably, stays there like a doll and does not wake up. Val was the one who told her to wake him up, so why was he trying so hard to wake Pryde up?

    When he thought about it, Val exhaled tiredly. Furthermore, the bell that marks the end of second period finally begins to ring. In this place with thin walls, the sound of the bell clearly echoed in his ears.

    Pryde also reacted, her facial muscles growing slightly tense. Watching her thin, well-groomed eyebrows twitch, Val peels his teeth and wonders if she will wake up if he calls her one more time, opens his mouth, and ... ... hesitated for a few seconds. He thought, and thought again, and called her only once more before the sound of the bell cut off.


    The whispered voice that chafed inside him to the point that he was amazed was naturally swallowed by the sound of the bell.

    And Val realized that he dared to do that. He watched her awaken little by little to the sound of the bell, regardless of his voice, and her eyes finally opened once the outside grew silent again ... ...


    "Ah ... ... Jeanne? And Val. Second period is over!"

    A voice that sounds like the speaker is smiling bitterly came with the knock. It's Alain.

    Suddenly, the raised wall was hit, and "Fwah!?" Pryde's whole body jolted with surprise, and she raised her head. Her eyes opened to look straight ahead, then she looked around to see where she was.

    Pryde fluttered her freshly opened eyes at the sudden stimulation, and Val sighed in refusal. "Okay." While she was confused, he raised his head from her soft knees. Val yawned and scratched his head as he raised his upper body.

    Pryde noticed that she lost the weight of his head on her knees, but finally understands the situation.

    When Pryde remembered that she had fallen asleep while lending her knees to Val, she hurriedly wiped her mouth with her hands, wondering if Val had seen her sleeping face or if she drooled in her sleep. Then, taking a deep breath, she spoke to Val with a hidden voice.

    "I, just now, someone called me ... ...!?"

    "Temee's knight. He's hitting outside the wall."

    Val cut her off with one word, and the knocking sound made her jump again.

    Ah! Pryde raised her voice and fluttered, standing up, and called through the wall near her.

    "Oh, Captain Alain ... ...! Excuse me, is there no one outside now ... ...?"
    "Val! Thank you so much for your help!! I'm sorry to disturb you when you were taking a nap!"

    When Pryde waved her hand as she called out with momentum, Val only waved his hand at her as if telling her to leave.

    Even after standing up, he slouched his back so that she could only see his profile, and he climbed up the wall of the school building again, without calling out to Pryde or Alain, who chased her once more.

    Feeling a sense of defeat that he had slept better than expected, Val returned to his usual position. When he formed the protuberance once again and curled up there, he felt uncomfortable with the hard ground once he lowered his head. Val gave up on his expression because he felt uncomfortable.

    "Oh! Jeanne!"

    Pryde took the shortest route to the middle school building, and when she hurried up the stairs, her classmates called out to her.

    When they try to go down the stairs, she realized that they have already returned to the classroom. The Pryde who rushed to their classroom with a pale face didn't feel like living.

    It was an accident Pryde fell asleep like that! And looked at her nails innocently. And

    ... ... By the way, was that really Captain Alain ... ...?

    The memory of just before she woke up suddenly revived.

    She was certainly called. By someone. But her drowsy head didn't know whose voice, or whether it was reality or a dream. But if it happened as she remembered, Pryde seriously doubted that Alain, nor Val, who was there, would call her that way.


    Then, Pryde wondered if it was a dream.
    After concluding that, Pryde changed her mind and hurried to her classroom.

    I know that Val's on a two-day break from school at the start of the Ray Arc, which he's definitely going to use to make some progress on his backed up deliveries, and Pryde wants him to get some rest after that, but I don't want to wait another 4+ months until the next Val scene. :sweating_profusely:

    Hopefully he comes back before it's time to meet the fourth and last capture target of the second game. :blobsneeze:
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