Spoiler The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen Who Will Become the Source of Tragedy...thread

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    Ok, this just got translated, and the Arthur Stayle bonding was just so sweet blobmelt_thumbs
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    I wonder who is gonna end up as Pryde's consort?
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    What's up with these long Paras you guys just tell us who the ml is ????:blobpopcorn_two::blobpopcorn_two:
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    I don't know what you want me to say. The novel is still ongoing, and Pryde hasn't declared herself in love with anyone. Ergo, there is no known ML.

    Yes, I am aware that the novel has more than 1300 chapters by now. Pryde is still not in love. Yes, there are multitudes of people in love with Pryde. She only sees them as friends (and in one case, family).

    Believe me, you are not the only person waiting impatiently for a kissy-face scene. I've been reading this novel for over a year now. :notlikeblob:

    Do you want an odds sheet?
    For reference, Pryde is currently 19 years old. Also, men are able to get married at 17 years old in this setting.
    • Stayle: 17 years old. Capture Target. Fiancé candidate.
    • Arthur: 20 years old. Capture Target. Fiancé candidate. Does not want to marry Pryde.
    • Colm: 28 years old. Fiancé candidate. Does not want to marry Pryde.
    • Alain: 28 years old. Does not want to marry Pryde.
    • Eric: between 21 and 27 years old. Does not want to marry Pryde.
    • Val: 25 years old. Has a standing offer to elope with Pryde.
    • Leon: 19 years old. Capture Target. Future King of the Anemone Kingdom (therefore ineligible for marriage).
    • Dios: 14 years old. Capture Target. In love with Pryde's alter ego, Jeanne.
    • Curi: 14 years old.

    If it was merely a case of screen time, then Stayle and Arthur are both strong competitors for Pryde's heart. And they did finally (after ten years) get it into her head that they like her in that way. And she's mindful of that, but...not really interested??

    I mean, in the middle school arc, Pryde describes her type as "like a knight or a prince," but she deliberately chose that answer because it sounded like a child's preference. It's complete lip service (that still affects Stayle and Arthur in a frankly embarrassing way).
    Pryde first chose her fiancé candidates a few months before the brainwash arc. She knew that she was going to be killed soon, so her selection only included people she wanted to spend her last days with.

    She was given a chance to change fiancé candidates later, as Tiara's promotion meant that her future husband would only receive the title of Prince Consort without the power. Pryde judged that this would not matter to Stayle, Arthur or Colm, and her selection remained unchanged with their permission.

    Now if the question was, Who gets Pryde's heart racing? Then in chronological order, it's Leon, Val, and Powell.
    In Leon's case, it's an unavoidable condition due to sex appeal being part of his character design. He makes all the ladies (and even some men) swoon. When he keeps his pheromones under control, Pryde treats him as a dear friend and ally. Leon has offered to take her in as his future Queen if Pryde loses her right of succession, which will never happen.

    For Val, Pryde just really loves his voice. Val is very aware of this, but he doesn't take advantage of it as often as you'd think he would, what with him being a complete troll. Val is still in deep denial over his feelings for Pryde, in large part because of the seven-year age difference between them. Val is also a cynic who has no soft feelings like compassion or patriotism, but Pryde routinely inspires him to be a better person even when she's not there. Similarly, Val gives Pryde courage to do what she has to do. Val is also not a capture target, which is a major plus for him.

    Powell was Pryde's favorite character from the third game (technically she fell for him in the anime adaptation before she even started playing the game series), and she replayed his character route several times because she wanted to make him happy. Meeting Powell in the flesh is like meeting a celebrity for Pryde, but he only sees "Jeanne" as a kid. (And I suspect Powell might end up with Amulet instead.)

    I will conclude that something I find fascinating about the novel is whenever I locate references to light. As you may be aware, I translate the game's title as "You Are My Ray of Light" (though I have also seen it translated as "To a Beam of Light With You", which just sounds aggressive to me). But I digress.

    Pryde says that in the game the "light" is Tiara, who brings light and hope to the capture targets, who are lost in despair. In the novel, our Pryde takes Tiara's place as the "light" that saves the capture targets, and numerous other people. This is something not explicitly stated, but there are scenes from various character's point of view where Pryde is haloed by light when she saves them, whether physically or emotionally.

    But that's not what I find fascinating. What intrigues me is when Pryde associates another character with "light." The most explicit example of this is in chapter 676.2 (which I translated here).

    Does the light indicate the novel's male lead? Who knows. Again, the novel is not actually categorized as a romance. Pryde "should" marry someone in a year (her time), but I fully expect Adam to abduct her before then. I just don't think we're done with "game Pryde" yet.

    As an aside to those of you waiting for spoiler scenes: The Rosa drop is huge. (The better part of twelve chapters long.) I'm hoping to finish it by the end of the month. Or at least half of it. :blobdizzy:
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    Ohh so it's like that there were so many Paras to read so I just skipped past them btw thanks alot :blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    I know they said the manga release this month was going to be short but I didn't think it was going to be that short lol :blob_teary:
    it's cute seeing modern AU Pryde & Tiara though! I love Tiara's tiger hoodie for the new year :blobmelt:

    honestly though I'm happy they're spacing the release schedule out, what with the manga artist just having recovered & getting things ready for the 3rd manga volume release. I'm tempted to order it from Japan bc the Animate bonus goods are cute!
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    So the trouble with compiling a Rosa drop is how rarely she actually shows up in the novel. Which, you know, is great early on, when you just hate this lady and want her gone, but when you're curious and want actual answers...it's just a little inconvenient.

    Which means that I'm going to have to depend upon my memory of the series, and what I managed to include in my arc summaries, for these scenes. (I might add more to this when I go back to reread the novel again, but that won't be any time soon.)

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Takes place in the Family Arc:

    (Albert POV) 18.1 Her Majesty the Queen and His Highness the Prince Consort
    "I awakened to my precognitive ability when I was sixteen ..."

    "On the day you met me," Albert whispered in her ear.

    Her cheeks burned.

    Rosa had seen various things with her precognitive special ability over the years. She had foreseen both Pryde and Tiara before becoming pregnant with them.

    Precognition was rarely an ability that could be controlled at will. For Rosa, it was something that came suddenly, the future projected in her head without warning. There were times when the future she saw was something crucial for the future of the country, and there were other times when she predicted rain, so the range of importance was varied. In the past, very few people have been able to control the time, place or person they wished to see visions of. The frequency of those visions also varied depending on one's ability. Some Queens, like Rosa, had visions several times a month, while others had visions several times a week, or once every ten years.

    "I've foreseen it many times before. That child will grow up to be a terrible person in the future ..."

    Rosa didn't know if it would only happen if Pryde became Queen. She couldn't tell Albert, but Rosa knew from many visions of the future that Pryde derived pleasure from hurting those weaker than herself. And no matter how much they loved her or tried to guide her, the future would not change.

    "Still ... Ever since you told me that her precognitive ability blossomed ... suddenly I couldn't see her future ..."

    It wasn't that those with the precognitive ability couldn't see the future of those with the same ability, and Rosa's special ability didn't decline.

    However, it was a fact that Rosa could no longer predict Pryde's future. It was as though her future was changing right that moment.

    Rumours spread in the palace at Pryde's sudden change in attitude. People began to say that Princess Pryde was just as kind as Her Majesty the Queen and His Highness the Prince Consort.

    And today at Tiara's birthday celebration.

    Rosa thought at first that Pryde was once again playing the part of a good Princess, as she always did. But she soon realized that was not the case.

    It was obvious from the presence of Pryde's adopted younger brother ... Stayle.

    Rosa had predicted Stayle's existence three months before. However, she did not know who he was when he appeared in her vision. The vision was of Tiara holding an emotionless Stayle's hand.

    The composition of the scene was the same from when Stayle greeted Tiara during the celebration. However, Stayle had changed.

    In the vision, Stayle only gave a brief, formal greeting. But in reality, it was different. Stayle introduced himself with confidence.

    "It's been less than a month ... It's hard to believe Stayle would go that far for Pryde."

    But for him, Pryde was worth it ... And the future changed from what Rosa had foreseen. Rosa wondered if Pryde's sudden change was why she could no longer see Pryde's future.

    "The future ... has changed ... That girl is shaping up to become a good Queen ... How is this happening?"

    Rosa sighed loudly.

    Albert smiled without thinking.

    "Does it bother you?"

    "Of course it does. I thought that I couldn't let Pryde become Queen ... because the future Queen would be Tiara. That's why I stayed away from Pryde ... I wasn't anything like a mother to that child."

    Rosa held her head as she squeezed the words out from between her teeth.

    "In other words, it's exactly as I told you."

    Albert laughed with satisfaction.

    Rosa glared at her husband, and spit out, "Fine, then! You were right!" If anyone heard the venom in her words, they would have been shocked.

    "You always said, 'The future is not set in stone. Pryde is still young. There's a possibility that Pryde may grow to become a good Queen.'"

    Her husband, who smiled gently with only his eyes, felt a little hateful.

    "I'm ... ... a failure as a mother ... and a failure as a Queen ..."

    Rosa sank depressed over the top of the dressing table and did not move.

    Albert rested his hands on her shoulders and bent to whisper in her ear.

    "You always become so uncertain when it comes to your family ... Even though you are such a proud Queen in front of the people."

    Rosa turned her face away.

    "Your attitude towards Pryde ... I can't say that it doesn't bother me as her father. But as the Prince Consort, and as your husband, I ask you ... Show her your love from now on."

    Rosa sighed loudly at her husband's words.

    "Up until now ... I only ever interacted with that child as a dignified Queen ... To suddenly treat her the same way I do Tiara is too embarrassing ..."

    Albert sighed quietly.

    Words escaped from Rosa's mouth like an avalanche.

    "Do you know how hard it was to keep such an adorable little girl at a distance ... Just seeing her eyes that are similar to mine makes me love her so much I can't stand it. And her hair!! I love that beautiful crimson hair color she inherited from you so much ... Even today, did you see her standing beside Tiara? When they line up together, doesn't she look even more like our daughter? The sight of her standing beside Tiara was so precious. This is why I never wanted to meet Pryde directly. I know that I'll only start to spoil her again as I used to. That's why even with Tiara, I leave raising her to the nanny and keep some distance. I educated her as the future Queen and was careful about showing my love. I thought that Pryde's behavior was a cross I had to bear for spoiling her too much as a child, but she changed so suddenly. It was like a nightmare to know that our beloved daughter could hurt someone, and will never grow into a worthy Queen, when she looks so much like us. It's unfair to think that she's become a girl so loved by her cute younger brother and sister! When I heard that Pryde asked to allow Stayle and his mother to exchange letters, I was surprised at what a good girl she was. As Queen, it was hard to decide whether I should give permission! But if you tell me to show her my love again, I will only spoil her again. And I, I ..."

    "Your voice is too loud, Rosa. What if the guards come in?"

    Albert poked Rosa lightly.

    It was originally Rosa, not him, who spoiled Pryde when she was born. Rosa had no relationship with the former Queen and Prince Consort ... she was raised by her nanny in the palace, and only met her parents during official ceremonies. That was why ... Rosa insisted on raising her child rather than hiring a nanny, and due to her daughter's cuteness, Rosa never got angry no matter what Pryde did, and only spoiled her. As a result, Pryde grew up to be a selfish daughter who abused her position as First Princess from a young age. And that continued until Rosa foresaw Pryde's future, just before Tiara was born.

    When Rosa foresaw that Pryde was not suitable to become Queen, she was unable to attend to her official duties and cried for three days straight.

    "I'm sure that everything will go well this time. I'm here with you, aren't I? Don't shoulder all this weight alone."

    Rosa's shoulders quivered. "Albert ..." she called his name in a small voice.

    As always, Albert knelt there beside her and took her hand. Rosa fell on him like a collapsed wall, and he held her tightly.

    "I love you, Albert-sama ... I don't know what I would do without you ... I wouldn't be able to live if I lost you ..."

    Takes place in the Fiancé Arc:

    (Pryde POV) 159. The Violent Princess Notices
    "...In conclusion, the folly of the Second and Third Princes of the Anemone Kingdom was uncovered, as you predicted."

    "Yes. The King learned it and named Prince Leon the successor to the throne, and decided the punishment of the Second and Third Princes. As a result, it is their hope that the engagement with Prince Leon will be annulled," I continued.

    It was only when they heard the word "punishment" that Chancellor Gilbert, who had been observing, and Uncle Wes, who had a wrinkle between his brows, lost their black aura. It was an unforgivable crime for those who support the monarch ... ... I also understood that feeling very well.

    "Pryde ... a week ago, you told me. 'Without First Prince Leon, the Anemone Kingdom will fall into decline.'"

    At my mother's question, I answered "Yes" without hesitation.

    That's right, I said that when I persuaded my mother a week ago.

    On behalf of the Anemone Kingdom and it's citizens.

    It was discovered that they were the ones spreading Leon's notoriety. When the King learned that, he wanted to being Leon back to Anemone as the foremost successor to the throne. Were Leon was unable to succeed to the throne, the Anemone Kingdom will fall into decline.

    In the end, I was able to receive permission from my mother to make a confidential to the Anemone Kingdom, to dissolve the engagement and conclude the treaty on behalf of the Queen.

    It was not only a crisis for our important ally. Even were Leon and I to marry and strengthen the alliance between our two countries, the alliance had no meaning if the Anemone Kingdom fell into decline because of it.

    When I first told them about it, my mother and father were surprised, and my Uncle Wes, who was usually calm, was wide-eyed. Chancellor Gilbert was so astonished that he didn't notice that he dropped documents on the floor.

    "... It's unbelievable, for the Second and Third Princes to be so stupid ..."

    My mother sighed over and over again. It strangely felt as though her usual dignity was gradually diminished.

    My mother, father and Uncle Wes had interviewed princes other than Leon when they were deciding on my fiancé. They had decided that Leon was the only one suitable ... well, that was the case. However, it was unexpected that the First Prince's brothers were doing various things to get rid of him.

    ... Leon's suitability for "King" was limited to the Anemone Kingdom.

    "What we predict is an uncertain future ... I know that myself. That's why I permitted you to visit incognito, so as not to upset things ... ... In the end, it seems that it was useless to hope that it was only anxiety."

    My mother muttered, hanging her head.

    The future that we predict is undecided. Even if I or my mother talk about precognition, it is difficult for people from foreign countries to believe it. Special abilities such as precognition are not considered grounds or evidence outside of the Freesia Kingdom.

    That was why even if I had my mother's help, I had no choice but to move behind the scenes. Even if I advised the King with my mother's mouth and prevented this trap, it would only be temporary. If Leon's younger brothers moved on another day, or used a different method, I will not be able to take any corrective measures.

    "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... I'm so sorry, Pryde."


    It was a small sound like a drop of falling water.

    I was so surprised that I doubted my ears for a moment. When I looked at her, my mother was slouching more than before, her head held in both hands. My father looked impatient as he hugged my mother's shoulders from behind, and Uncle Wes closed his eyes as he waited in silence for her to speak. Chancellor Gilbert bowed low as he retreated a few steps.

    "... Hahaue ...?"

    I wondered what happened. I have never seen my mother so depressed. I'm sure that was the case for both Stayle and myself. As proof of that, Stayle, who was standing behind me, stared at our mother with wide eyes.

    "No matter the reason, for your engagement to be broken in such a short period if time ... I will properly ... quickly find the right fiancé for you."

    "No, no ... Hahaue. Please do not mind it. My knowledge is still lacking in too many areas to become Queen. So even if you don't hurry ..."

    "No, I will immediately ...!!"

    My mother's voice rose to overwrite my words. She put her hands together, fingers laced together, and tightened her grip as if she was enduring something. Even from a distance, I could see that my mother's shoulders, which my father held down, were trembling. After watching her for a while, my mother's mouth, which always spun graceful words, opened painfully.

    "... At last ... I ... I thought that ... I was finally able to do something like a mother for you ...!!"

    It was a high-pitched scream that I couldn't imagine coming from my mother. She touched my father's hand, which rested gently on her shoulders, but her other hand made a fist that she hit against the throne.

    "You see ... I made another mistake ... !! !!"

    The mother who was always proud and majestic in front of me and Stayle, shed tears for the first time.

    Drip drip, pearly drops fell to the floor, and my mother covered her face with both hands to hold them back.

    What did she mean, "again"?

    What was it that my mother, who has always been a shining example of a Queen to me and Tiara, made a mistake on in the past? I had no idea.

    While we were speechless with our mouths gaping, my mother held onto the hand resting on her shoulder, and continued to speak, as if a thread had been cut.

    "Why ... does nothing work ...!? No matter how much I love and guide my country, my people ... Even though you're my own daughter ... Why can't I make you happy ...!! Why, why ...!!"

    My mother clenched her fist so strongly that her long, well-manicured nails pierced her skin deeply.

    My father held my mother's shoulders and called out, "Calm down, Rosa," he said, but my mother was so busy mourning that she didn't hear his words.

    "Why ... ... I want to love you ... I want to love you ...!! Properly ... like a mother ...!!"

    My mother's voice slowly began to blur with tears. I couldn't believe my eyes, seeing how my mother looked, the words she said, even ger voice. The way she mourned without being able to hear my father's restraint was puzzling to me. As expected, Stayle was unable to mask his confusion over our mother's sudden change, so he gently stepped around me and said, "Ane-kun ..."

    ... I have seen scenes with lines like this in TV shows and movies in my previous life.

    It really felt as though I was watching a scene from a TV show or movie, rather than the reality in front of me, and I opened my mouth.

    What was it that happened in that TV show or movie? I think it was "a parent suffering from abuse" or something like that. I thought it was a normal, exaggerated production many times before ... No, it was only a scene that resembled a TV show or movie, and it might be my fault. However, no matter how I looked at my mother, who was upset in front of me, it looked exactly the same as the scene I saw in my previous life. Were it not for my memory of my previous life, I wouldn't understand the scene in front of me. The proof of that was how stunned Stayle looked, despite being smarter than me.

    In the world of my previous life, thanks to both television and the Internet, where in the past it had been dismissed as "lack of effort," "lack of motivation," "lack of affection" and so on, it was now possible to see it and think about it from a different angle and gain understanding.

    ... So, if that was the case.

    The reason my mother was suffering so much.

    From the bottom of my heart, I thought that it didn't matter if I was jumping to conclusions, and I took a step forward.

    "Hahaue, Chichiue ... Please forgive me if I'm being rude."

    My father finally hugged my mother, who kept crying. Uncle Wes opened his closed eyes into narrow slits and looked towards me. I heard Stayle's voice behind me, calling my name in a worried voice.

    Why was it that I called this person "Hahaue," without ever expecting her to be a mother?

    Have I ever wanted something from my mother as a parent before I remembered those memories of my previous life?

    For me, my mother was the "Queen."

    A wonderful Queen who was perfect and without flaw.

    ... She was just a human being.

    I took one step, then another step closer to my mother. When I tried to climb the small stairs to the throne, Chancellor Gilbert came down to help me. I was a little relieved to see his gentle smile.


    When I looked up and called to her, my mother got off the throne without a word, and crouched down on the spot.

    ... How long has my mother been suffering like this?

    I hated myself for being unable to notice for such a long time.

    My father crouched down as well, wrinkling his gorgeous outfit, and gently touched my mother's shoulders.

    I was sure that my father has always supported my mother. In places where we couldn't see ... all this time.

    Before this, I thought that my mother actually hated me.

    Because I rarely met her before Tiara's birthday celebration.

    And even after the birthday celebration, she didn't meet or speak with me alone, unlike Tiara or Stayle.

    I have never had a personal conversation with my mother in my memory.

    She gave me the position and authority to handle public affairs on behalf of the Queen, but we did not talk or interact like I did with my mother in my previous life ... I never questioned it.

    There were many reasons for my mother to hate me, who was a terribly selfish princess at the time, and want to avoid me.

    ... That was why, I told myself.

    In my own words.

    It was only now that I, not as someone who had memories of her previous life, but as the daughter of this person, spoke these words.

    "Hahaue ... You love me."


    My mother's shoulders trembled as she cried, but suddenly grew still. Her two hands that were covering her face slowly came down.

    "I love you, too. Hahaue, Chichiue ... you gave me a lot of happiness."

    I continued to climb the stairs, and stopped just before the very last step. My mother looked like a girl crying with swollen eyes as she turned towards me.

    "My life as the First Princess started to move when I was eight years old. Not because I gained precognition. I knew Chichiue's love, met Stayle, met Tiara ... Hahaue. You acknowledged me."

    My memory of eight years ago was in fragments now.

    Still, there were many things that I properly engraved in my heart. I saved my father from the carriage, noticed Lotte, Marie and Jack, met Stayle, and met Tiara. I still vividly remember everything from that time.

    As well as the words I received from my mother at Tiara's birthday celebration.

    "As the First Princess of the Freesia Kingdom, I love our people. Since a long time ago."

    I climbed up the last step.

    My mother, whose figure I often gazed up at sitting on her throne, was now sitting at my feet. It was a strange feeling. I sat down as well and slowly, gently lifted my mother's hands away from her covered face. I stared straight at her as large tears continued to overflow from her damp eyes.

    "Hahaue, you ... taught me something important then."

    I remembered.

    It was Tiara's first birthday celebration. Stayle supported me before the people, and Tiara agreed.

    The crowd cheered and my mother told me.

    'Pryde, this represents everyone's expectations towards you. Never let yourself forget it.'

    "Hahaue, you told me never to forget that moment."

    I grasped my mother's hand between both of mine and squeezed it firmly. My mother's hand was incredibly thin ... and smaller than I remembered.

    My mother's lips trembled as she cried. Tears ran down her beautiful skin that showed no sign of age. Her tightly wrinkled expression made her look closer to my age.

    "The knowledge, the trials, the preparedness, and the authority, everything necessary to become Queen, I received it from you, my mother."

    My mother gave me numerous things.

    She has always shown me what I should know, and what I should learn as Queen.

    "I love you, and I am loved by you. I will be proud to say it as many times as you like."

    I looked straight into my mother's eyes. I have never looked at my mother so strongly.

    My mother slowly stretched her quivering arms to me, wrapped it around my back, and hugged me ... My mother has never hugged me in my memory. I slowly hugged my mother's slender body.

    ... Please, I want you to know.

    I know that there was almost nothing that was like a mother.

    The Queen and the First Princess. It was only a conversation based on that relationship.

    Still, she taught me a lot as the First Princess, and she gave me

    "Nn ... Prediction ... I did ...!!"

    ... Everyone took a breath.

    At the words of my mother, who squeezed out in a trembling voice.

    No way, and while I was surprised that my mother foresaw something with this timing, and lifted my head, my mother clung to me even harder.

    "More than ten years ago ... I predicted ...!! ... You are someone who prefers to hurt those weaker than yourself ... You hurt them, again and again ... nn ...!! Many times, I predicted that ...!"

    ... The inside of my head turned white.

    My hands shook and grew weak while my mother's grip strengthened. My blood visibly drained from my face. Excited, my mother reached up to hug my neck so that no one would notice.

    "I'm sorry ... Pryde ...!! I was scared ... The future where you hurt those people ... You might hurt them more with the blade of authority as the Queen ... that's why ... until I stopped seeing your future when you were eight years old ... always ... I was ...!"

    "You have grown to become such a wonderful princess. Back then, I didn't believe in your future, I never tried to change it ..." the words of my mother, who cried as she apologized, passed through my ears.

    ... My mother knew. My true future.

    So she stayed away from me. Until that time, when I was eight years old.

    No way, the terrible Queen Pryde ... I didn't know that I had been making my mother suffer since I was eight years old.

    It was not a mistake.

    I was supposed to be that way.

    The Last Boss Queen Pryde, who did not regain memories of her previous life, hurt so many people.

    She enslaved Stayle, caused unnecessary destruction to the Knight Order, enslaved or executed numerous special ability people, broke Leon's heart, and even harmed other nations.

    Did you stop seeing my future when I was eight years old? Was it because I regained my memories from my previous life??

    ... ... I have no right to feel angry with Leon's younger brothers.

    Just as Leon's brothers brought ruin to their country in the game, so did I.

    Rather, their level was cute compared to Pryde. Whether it was the number of people they killed, the number of people they hurt for fun, the depth of the wounds they inflicted, everything.

    That was why Pryde was hated, resented, and condemned by everyone.

    I realized again as I listened to my mother's words.

    What sort of person I would have become if I hadn't remembered the memories of my previous life.

    I hugged my mother as she cried, only vaguely conscious of what I did.

    My mother's voice as she continued to apologize gradually returned to my conscious mind.

    ... It was me who needed to apologize.

    "... Still, thank you for loving me now ... ... I'm sorry for scaring you ..."

    My mother shook her head and denied it. Even though she knew me as a terrible person in the future ... She loved who I am now.

    How scared my mother had been before I turned eight years old. In that uncertain future, she knew what that person would do, and that ... it was her daughter.

    But now, she loved me like this.

    It want to respond to this person's feelings.

    The future that my mother foresaw has changed.

    It's already okay ... I want her to be able to think that someday, and smile.

    "Don't be impatient, Hahaue. Whether it's my fiancé, or the Queen's succession ... Me and Hahaue, too. I'm sure that there is plenty of time."

    I spoke slowly to calm her down, and my mother nodded and, "Thank you." She whispered and burst into tears.

    So I pretended not to notice.

    The words that I gave my mother made me feel

    ... A small twinge of discomfort.

    (Gilbert POV) 163. The Chancellor Grasps the Situation
    "... Don't spoil her too much, or let things go too far. That is all the advice I can give as someone who has made mistakes in the past."

    I felt the weight of the words that Albert-sama spoke like a soliloquy.

    I did not know the details, but it seemed that Pryde-sama and Rosa-sama had an extremely different relationship when they were younger. I only met Pryde-sama a few times during that period, and most of the time she was taken care of by Rosa-sama without depending on a nanny.

    By the time I noticed, Rosa-sama avoided Pryde-sama, and instead it was Albert-sama who oversaw Pryde-sama.

    I had very little interest in Pryde-sama at that time. As Chancellor, I never thought about going to observe the problematic behavior of the future Queen ... Well, there were various reasons for that as well.

    "... Do you feel regretful?"

    "I was greatly lacking as a parent. Pryde was a victim. Rosa's 'prediction' will always come true. That was something Rosa believed due to her experience, and she did not doubt it."

    The weight of precognition was not something that could be understood by me or Albert-sama, who did not have that ability. Rosa-sama believed that the future was inevitable, and no how much Albert-sama argued that the future was still uncertain, she wouldn't nod.

    "... That's why this engagement between Pryde and Leon was Rosa's last chance to act like a mother to Pryde."

    I remembered how depressed Rosa-sama looked after she gave Pryde-sama permission to act on the Queen's behalf.

    Although Albert-sama and Regent Wes said that it was still uncertain, Rosa-sama's expression was cloudy. "I've done something unforgivable to that child again," "I even made a mistake with her important fiancé," and "I thought I could finally act like a mother." She lamented it many times.

    Although she completed her official duties as usual during the week, her expression grew darker every day. When I asked Albert-sama, he said that the dissolution of Pryde's engagement and the crisis inside the Anemone Kingdom had her so worried that she couldn't sleep ... She looked very weak by the time Pryde-sama returned home early.

    And Pryde-sama was resolute as she reported that she had ended the engagement and concluded the treaty. Pryde-sama showed no sign of sadness or self-deprecation, only appearing as the First Princess who had played her part. But instead of feeling relieved, that behavior hurt my heart. It was probably the same with Regent Wes, Albert-sama and Rosa-sama.

    "... But in the end, didn't they grow closer as parent and child?"

    "That is due to Pryde's own strength. I wasn't able to do anything. It was none other than that child who was able to give Rosa the words she has long wanted to hear."

    Sadly, it was Rosa-sama who was most upset by Pryde-sama's broken engagement.

    Regent Wes and I, who had already predicted the situation, resigned ourselves to silence ... That was a command from none other than Rosa-sama herself. "Please forgive me for showing such an ugly appearance in front of the children after owning up to my mistakes." It was unexpected for both Regent Wes and I that Rosa-sama would be so upset.

    And Pryde-sama stepped forward. To Rosa-sama, her real mother, who was frustrated and upset.

    At that moment, I immediately guessed what she was going to do ... No, should I say that I knew?

    I knew it because at that time, it was none other than Pryde-sama who saved everyone.

    She took her noble and sublime hands and led her down the path. At that time, I was convinced that was what I saw.

    "... I also heard that prediction of Rosa's for the first time. Before that time eight years ago, I only heard that Pryde will become a hopeless person in the future. I heard that many times. I don't know why she couldn't tell me," Albert-sama muttered heavily.

    To distract himself, Albert-sama sorted through the documents Rosa-sama had signed.

    I was also surprised by what Rosa said.

    (Gilbert POV) 163.1 And Comes Closer to the Heart
    A future where Pryde-sama liked to hurt those weaker than herself.

    It was an impossible future for me, knowing the current Pryde-sama.

    I couldn't imagine her doing such a foolish thing. However, if I recalled her selfish behavior up until eight years ago, it was understandable that the Rosa-sama from that time was troubled by that prediction she believed inevitable.

    For her, precognition was absolute. That was not a valid reason to abandon Pryde-sama when she was young ... Of course, I was in no position to say that, as a sinner who continued to fall while making use of that Pryde-sama.

    If I thought about it, there were many factors that contributed to the Pryde-sama before eight years ago.

    She was rejected by Rosa-sama, who had foreseen her future, and her selfish behavior caused the people in the castle to turn away from her ... She was exposed to my malicious intent, and suddenly had an adopted brother named Stayle-sama. Furthermore, she learned of the existence of Tiara-sama, her younger sister who was hidden away. And then she awakened her precognitive special ability, which was proof that she was chosen among all others, at a young age.

    Pryde-sama's selfish behavior was a problem at the time, but she was only eight years old. In actuality, now that she has grown, she has become a magnificent First Princess.

    ... But that was why I thought.

    If Pryde-sama had not outgrown that selfish behavior.

    Pryde-sama was the one who predicted that Albert-sama's carriage had a defect that day. If it was discovered just a little later, and Albert-sama, who was the only one caring for Pryde-sama and bridging the gap with Rosa-sama, died in a carriage accident.

    That girl, how would she have grown up?

    A sudden chill of fear went through my body. I hugged myself, unable to think past the chill that lingered inside, and rubbed my arms.

    The future that Rosa-sama foresaw.

    Where Pryde-sama liked to harm those weaker than herself.

    Maybe before eight years ago, a Pryde-sama like that was a realistic future. And Rosa-sama didn't even realize that she bore half the responsibility for it, as the one who pushed Pryde-sama away.

    Rosa-sama could lead her country, but she can't even guide her child down the right path.

    Rosa-sama could change the future of her kingdom for the better, but Rosa-sama did not even think about changing the future of her child.

    If Pryde-sama had grown into a horrible person like in the vision that Rosa-sama feared.

    From my perspective, was it Pryde-sama or us who cut off the relationship, believing it unnecessary ... who did it first?

    With that in mind, it seemed even more miraculous that Pryde-sama was now maturing as a good princess.

    It was impossible for Pryde-sama to become the sort of person that Rosa-sama predicted.

    However, all of the factors surrounding Pryde-sama eight years ago would have made it happen.

    So was it the prediction or now that was odd?

    ... It doesn't change no matter how I think about it. The Pryde-sama now has certainly grown into a wonderful human being, and Rosa-sama's prediction only lasted until eight years ago.

    The future has changed, and she is purer and more noble than anyone else.

    That fact should be certain now.

    Albert-sama frowned and asked me, "What are you laughing at?"

    Reflecting on why I laughed when Albert-sama was talking seriously, I replied to him.

    "... It's okay, Albert. If it's Pryde-sama now, then she can change the future."

    Takes place in the Small Party Arc:

    (Rosa POV) 173.1 And the Night Goes On
    "Did Pryde have this made ... Where on earth did she come up with such a dish?"

    Albert muttered in astonishment, and began to take other sweets from Wes.

    I wonder while lifting my own portion to my mouth.

    Really, all these various sweets

    ... did Pryde make them?

    This morning, I had a precognition.

    I saw Pryde cooking with Tiara in the kitchen.

    It appeared in a dream this time. So at first I couldn't judge whether it was only a dream or precognition. There was no way that a princess ... a member of the Royal Family cook for themselves. Furthermore, it was impossible to act like that. Cooking was done by the royal chef, and other than that ... It was out of the question to eat anything made by someone other than the royal chef. However, the confectionery that the two of them made in my dream had the exact same appearance as the confectionery in front of us. I can't think that the appearance of the mysterious sweets in front of me was merely a dream.

    ... One day eight years ago, I suddenly stopped seeing Pryde's future.

    My precognitive ability itself has not changed since then, and I still have visions several times a month. However, I no longer saw Pryde's future.

    I saw it this morning for the first time in years. It was a very short vision. Pryde and Tiara disregarded Royal protocol by cooking together, that was all. And now we were unknowingly being fed dishes made by amateurs who were not cooks.

    ... But I don't feel like blaming them.

    I brought the baked bread that Albert gave me to my mouth. The sweetness of the outside and the fluffy dough inside made me cry out, "It's delicious ...!" My voice came out inadvertently in front of Albert and Wes.

    But it was really delicious. When I thought that it was made by my daughter ... even moreso.

    Albert gave me another taste of the sweet I liked. I picked it up and bit the bread again with the wine that Wes had opened.

    It had a sweet and gentle flavor.

    ... Is this the taste of family, I wonder.

    I thought that the Royal Family would have no connection with that all our lives.

    "... Really. I wonder what happened to Pryde ...?"

    There were no guards around to see, so I put one hand on my forehead and slouched weakly. Both Wes and Albert were accustomed to this appearance, and picked and sampled the sweets again without worrying about it.

    "They really are all sweets I've never seen before."

    "I wonder why she suddenly wanted to make such confectionery before this," the other responded. Neither one stopped eating.

    When Wes soon finished sampling everything, he wiped his mouth and hands with a cloth. Albert continued to recommend sweets for me to try, one after another.

    How to create wondrous confectionery such as this was not included in the lessons of the Royal Family. I believe there was a time when I was in the library while Stayle and Tiara werethere as well, but I do not recall seeing any books related to cooking in that library.

    Not only that, but Pryde has changed.

    Until eight years ago, that child was certainly a child who could not be helped. The future that I have foreseen has always been absolutely certain. When that time comes, the events will occur as predicted. Albert told me that the future is vague and undetermined.

    ... But if there is an undetermined future, there is also a future that will end as predicted no matter how much you fight.

    The futures that I have foreseen so far have always been the latter.

    No matter how sunny the day before, a big storm will occur. Even if an executive avoided an assassination attempt on the foretold day, the executive was killed on another day as if it was inevitable.

    Precognition was a special ability to foresee the future. It was by no means the ability to change the future ... but she changed. And not only did she change her own future, but also ...

    "The future of Prince Leon ... has also changed."

    The two turned around at my muttered words. Albert asked if I had foreseen something, and Wes took out his pen to write my words on paper. When I shook my head and told them that I was talking about Pryde, they both exhaled at the same time.

    I had not foreseen Prince Leon's future myself. However, the future that Pryde had come to inform me of, that child changed it with her own hands.

    In place of damage to my career, the future of our allies ... and our country.

    She returned to Anemone a potential King for the Anemone Kingdom, who could have been a good Prince Consort for our country.

    That child who was only sixteen years old.

    When I was sixteen, I was only bewildered when I met Albert and awoke to my precognitive special ability, and the environment around me changed.

    "Regarding the engagement cancellation ... I also lacked understanding. I'm sorry." Wes bowed to me and Albert.

    "You do not need to apologize," Albert said with a nod.

    ... I wanted to give Pryde something like a mother would, just once.

    But in the end, this time I only hurt my child's reputation. I really thought that I couldn't give her anything as a mother. But that wasn't the case ... she told me.

    Far from helping her as a mother, she saved me.

    I have never been hugged by my own parents, but for the first time I was hugged by a family member related by blood.

    Will I still be in time?

    Will a chance come someday ...?

    Not as the Queen, I am desperate for that child as a mother ... Such a future.

    This time, the small vision of Pryde that I foresaw for the first time in eight years.

    The current gentle Pryde who laughed while cooking with Tiara.

    Please, do not change.

    I hope that the smiles of those children will never change in the future ... that was my sincere wish.

    "... For that reason, I must find a fiancé for her this time."

    "Are you talking about Pryde?" Albert asked me, and I nodded while selecting a candy.

    Wes looked at me and Albert and said, "There will be many candidates."

    "... And if it's a political engagement, there have been many countries who have already offered. Furthermore, if Pryde herself already has a specific person in mind ..."

    ... A specific person.

    There have been Queens in the past who chose their own fiancé to be joined with. My grandmother was one of them.

    How good would it be if such a person appeared before Pryde? There was no end to invitations to socialize and date for that child. I truly wish that child will meet her destined partner this time.

    And that that person will have a personality suitable to become Prince Consort.

    Just like when I met Albert as my fiancé during my birthday celebration.

    "... I wish I had."

    When I noticed, I closed my eyes and laughed.

    And that's the emotional half of the Rosa drop. The second half (which I'm working on now) will have my favorite Rosa scenes in it. Depending on what the forum is doing, it will either be a new post (which I hope it is), or the forum will hiccup and just edit it onto this post--which is what it did to my last spoiler scene drop. Which is why that post is so freakishly huge.

    I'll aim for getting the next half up by my birthday (the 10th), since it has a lot of fun moments. Rosa is just cool in the Alliance Negotiation/War Arcs.
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    Okay, part two of the Rosa drop. Otherwise known as Rosa's coolest scenes. Which doesn't really say much, now that I think about it, but oh well.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Takes place in the Alliance Negotiation Arc:

    (Pryde POV) 218. The Outrageous Princess Remains
    "... That's why, I think it's sly, Hahaue."

    I spoke at a volume that was inaudible to the people nearby.

    Now that Stayle and Cedric had teleported away with Captain Colm, Tiara and I moved from our position across from my mother to our designated seats when welcoming guests. I whispered to my mother from my seat diagonally behind her. Only the Royal Family and Chancellor Gilbert, the guardian knights, and the Knight Commander and Vice Commander were present here. I knew that if I wanted to complain, I only had until Stayle returned to pick up our mother.

    From my spot beside my mother, I moved only my mouth to complain. My mother answered only with her mouth, careful to speak as low as possible so that Tiara wouldn't hear.

    "I don't want to send the weak Tiara with you, but I cannot refuse Tiara when I have allowed the weak Pryde to go."

    "That's why it's shameful to throw everything at them. Normally, both heirs to the throne do not go to war."

    I replied to my mother, and sighed in amazement. Even my mother knew I was vulnerable to Tiara. When I said what I wanted to say, my mother had a small, sharp smile.

    "You complain because I accepted, but if I refused, I will receive complaints from Tiara. I cannot favor one over the other."

    Just like a child!!

    I turned involuntarily toward my mother. My mother looked at me and laughed, almost happy. She definitely said that on purpose!!

    Since last year, my mother has been giving me more attention ... It's a good thing, but as a result, I noticed that my mother is unexpectedly childish. It's as if she turns a switch on and off. When it's on, my mother is a really amazing, perfect Queen, but when it's off, she's very youthful and childish.

    My father said "She's been like this since long ago," but even then, there is too much of a gap. The majestic image from the past has broken down with a clatter.

    "... Furthermore ... it's safer ... I can't."

    "...? Did you say something?"

    I turned my head to my mother, who suddenly started to mutter to herself. My mother turned her head a little to the side, saying "No?"

    I thought for a moment that I heard the word safer, but if I thought about it, Tiara alone should remain in the castle. If something should happen to me ... ... that. I felt that something was wrong. I wonder if I should have Tiara stay behind because of this uncomfortable feeling?

    Yes, the battle between my mother and I continued calmly and quietly even though I felt sick.

    "Besides, didn't you allow it after all? Or aren't you weak to Tiara?"

    "... Tiara is an excellent child and Second Princess. I just decided that it was a necessary experience."

    "Then there should be no problem."

    "But it's dangerous ... I don't want her to be in danger. And if Hahaue decides as Queen that it's too dangerous and refuses Tiara's proposal ..."

    "I don't want any of my children to be in danger. Whether Stayle, Tiara ... ... ... Pryde. For you, too."

    "Tiara isn't even an adult yet, though?"

    "It's a pity that Onee-sama says that."

    ... The person herself sudden intruded between them.

    The conversation between me and my mother was supposed to be quiet, but the conversation grew heated before I noticed and I was talking in a normal low voice. Of course, it seemed that Tiara heard it as well from beside me.

    Grr ... Tiara had a slight furrow between her eyebrows as she grabbed the hem of my dress and made a statement. Tiara couldn't hide her upset at the story she overheard, and threw out a counterargument in a cute voice.

    "Sure, I'm not an adult yet, but ..."

    Tiara used me as a shield, she lowered her face so that our mother could not see, and looked at me pointedly. I had nothing to say in response to the argument she continued to make.

    "I'm older than Onee-sama was at eleven years old, and I'm almost the same age now as my sixteen-year-old Onee-sama."

    Takes place in the War Arc:

    (Rosa POV) 313. The Queen Laughs Invincibly
    "... Is that so, Her Royal Highness Princess Pryde is absent. How regretful."

    Adam replied with a smile that twisted his fox-like features.

    It was a suggestion from him, who was supposed to return home after signing the peace treaty. "I want to meet Her Royal Highness Princess Pryde."

    "Yes, our people are fighting in defense of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo this time. We may have already won or lost by this time, who can say."

    "If the Freesia Kingdom is involved, then it is likely a victory for the United Kingdom of Hanazuo ... Still, it's a pity I cannot meet her."

    Adam deliberately let his shoulders fall, and he swept his hair to the right with his palm as he continued without hesitation.

    "Then, can you introduce me to Princess Tiara, as a gesture of peace?"

    "I apologize, Tiara is in the United Kingdom of Hanazuo together with Pryde."

    There was no inflection in Rosa's tone as she closed the window of opportunity. It was a quick turnaround as if Rosa had expected Adam's request. As if mocking her, Adam asked, "Is that true?"

    "Of course," Rosa replied briefly. "There is no reason for me to lie or hide things from Your Highness the First Imperial Prince who has signed a peace treaty with our kingdom. Tiara strongly desired to stand with Pryde on the battlefield, and I have lent her my full support. Even if you search the castle, you will not find her here."

    Rosa's voice that cut off Adam's hope was slightly hostile.

    "I'm sorry ... But, please consider. Regarding the letters we have been sending from my country for some time."

    To Rosa's words, Adam smiled as if he had no concerns at all. Adam continued to tell Rosa, who looked back at him silently while raising one thin eyebrow.

    "We are serious. If an alliance is impossible, then all the moreso, won't a marriage between Princess Tiara and myself be necessary for the Freesia Kingdom as well as my country?"

    Adam's unpleasant smile did not fade. He smiled as if he wanted to burst into laughter at Queen Rosa, Regent Wes, and Prince Consort Albert in turn.

    "... Certainly, the selection of Tiara's fiancé is also being considered now by my Regent and Prince Consort. I am aware that you, Crown Prince Adam, have put yourself forward."

    Rosa hasn't told Pryde about it before, but Rosa had been sent a request for an alliance as well as a offer of marriage to Adam to promote peace.

    If an alliance wasn't possible, they at least wanted to secure peace in the form of an engagement. And for Adam, who would turn twenty-one that year, Tiara was a perfect match.

    "However, I still cannot give you an answer. Like Pryde, there are a number of people who wish to become engaged with Tiara."

    "Well, then I'll be patient. I do not think there is anyone better than me, and Tiara is more suitable than anyone else to be Princess of my Rajah Empire."

    His eyes narrowed into slits, and the sight of his creepy smile resembled a reptile.

    Adam's smile made Rosa glad that she sent Tiara to the United Kingdom of Hanazuo. If Tiara had remained in the castle, then she would have to allow them to meet if it was desired by someone the Freesia Kingdom desired to have peace with. If she pretended that Tiara was absent, then it would be an accountability issue for both parties were it discovered. It wasn't something that would be okay so long as no one found out; it was courtesy to those they made peace with.

    But Rosa still didn't want her two daughters to meet someone from the Rajah Empire.

    Rosa was convinced that they absolutely should not meet.

    Rosa has received missives about peace and consultations about an engagement with Tiara from the Rajah Empire for some time. It was clear that the Rajah Empire was trying to tie up the Freesia Kingdom with an engagement with Tiara ... Most likely to develop their domestic industry.

    Certainly, the Rajah Empire was one of the largest powers in the world, with a wide range of control. However, they were too incompatible. Furthermore, meeting him face to face like this, Rosa found it impossible to trust the person named Adam in front of her.

    Moreover, although the letter had led her to believe that the Rajah Empire was aiming for Tiara, the first person that Adam wanted to meet was not Tiara, whom he wanted an engagement with, but Pryde. Pryde, the foremost successor to the throne, cannot become engaged to Adam, who was the foremost successor of the Rajah Empire.

    Unless the Freesia Kingdom was integrated into the Rajah Empire as a subordinate state.

    The Rajah Empire ... was Adam aiming for Tiara or Pryde?

    In the end, Rosa was relieved that sending Tiara out of the country was the correct answer to limit the amount of contact they had as much as necessary. Meeting in a setting like a public ceremony, or being introduced by the Queen personally with few people around had very different connotations. It was enough for Pryde and Tiara to meet him for the first time as one of the many guests in attendance at a public event. Adam was still only one of many candidates for an engagement.

    "... ... You do not need to sign this unless necessary."

    Wes whispered in her ear, looking at Rosa's complexion. Adam didn't look good in Wes' eyes, either.

    Rosa shook her head at Wes' words without a change in expression, which sharpened her stern impression.

    Only peace was connected. No matter what Adam said, or how powerful the Rajah Empire as, only the Freesia Kingdom had the right to choose the fiancé for Pryde and Tiara. Furthermore, peaceful relations have now been reached. The Rajah Empire was now unable to use threats to promote an engagement between the two.

    "Well, we have heard stories about Her Royal Highness First Princess Pryde and Her Royal Highness Second Princess Tiara in our country. They are both intelligent and beautiful."

    As he spoke about the rumors and reputation of Pryde and Tiara, the back of Adam's eyes were still shining.

    "I am honored to accept such a compliment," Rosa replied without pause, listening to his story with a graceful smile.

    "I have often heard that Her Royal Highness First Princess Pryde still does not have a fiancé. It's a shame. For such a famous successor as Her Royal Highness First Princess Pryde, that is her only drawback. I wonder if Your Majesty the Queen and His Highness the Prince Consort are concerned that she has no spouse to rule alongside her, even though she is already seventeen years old ... ... Oh? What did I say, Your Majesty the Queen?"

    Adam continued to harp on the details with a smile, only to stop, mocking the Queen with a frivolous smile.

    No matter who saw it, Rosa's expression did not change in the face of the sarcastic remarks that sounded like insults about Pryde, but her eyes burned with anger. In the face of that overwhelming aura that could not be masked by a gentle expression, Adam smiled happily.

    "Your Highness First Prince Adam ... you have come to have peace with our country. Now that it has been signed, if you have anything else to ask, please do so."

    The vassals behind Adam instinctively straightened their shoulders at the aura that came from Rosa even as she spoke lightly. They put strength into their hand that reached for a weapon, only to realize that all weapons gave been confiscated down to the pen.

    "I apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable, Your Majesty. I overspoke."

    Rosa paid careful attention not to clench her thin hands into fists, and smiled back at Adam, whose frivolous smile had yet to fade.

    "Not at all." Rosa signaled to the guards to prepare to see off Adam and his group.

    "Crown Prince Adam, when would you like us to meet next time? Let us take advantage of the opportunity here as well. Please tell me when it will be most convenient for you."

    "The sooner, the better. If possible, before Her Highness Princess Tiara turns sixteen years old. I am usually available, but there are days when it is unavoidable ..."

    Adam replied to Rosa's soft smile without hesitation.

    Adam gestured with one hand and his Chief of Staff opened his notebook to read out Adam's schedule for the year. Wes, who was beside Rosa, wrote everything down, and the Chief of Staff returned his notes to his pocket.

    "Thank you very much. We will keep it in mind."

    "Thank you for making the effort to be here today," Rosa said, and stood. Together with Albert, Wes, and the knights escorting them that included Vice Commander Clark, she urged Adam to shake hands before he left.

    "By all means. As I said, I believe that Your Majesty the Queen, who respects courtesy, will grant my wish."

    Gleam, Adam shook hands with Rosa with a smile that was not charming in the least, and continued on to shake hands with Albert and Wes. Wes looked back at Adam with a strained expression, and only smiled a little when they shook hands.

    After that, Rosa and Wes continued to shake hands with Adam's vassals and guards, one after the other. No one could refuse to shake Rosa's hand if she asked, and everyone shook Wes' hand right after ... only his eyes were cold.

    "I look forward to seeing you again. Please be sure to send me an invitation."

    With one last greeting to Rosa, Adam and the rest were escorted out by the Freesia Knights, the door quietly locked behind them.

    Once the door slammed shut behind them, Rosa exhaled.

    "... Should I say that I am relieved nothing happened? Wes."

    "There's no damage to our country. We also learned that the Rajah Empire is still vigilant. We established peaceful relations, and the alliance prevented Crown Prince Adam from meeting our princesses. And we learned the unavoidable days on Crown Prince Adam's schedule for the next year ... I think it's enough."

    Wes sighed and answered Rosa, who had asked in a whisper. Wes took out the notebook he had in his pocket, and said again that it was wonderful.

    "... Then, shall we plan a night party on that date?"

    At Rosa's words, Wes bowed. "Certainly."

    Vice Commander Clark and the escort knights all bowed deeply on the spot at the same time.

    To Queen Rosa, who smiled invincibly.

    (Pryde POV) 327. The Blasphemous Princess Asks
    "Postpone your return ... was it, Pryde?"

    I nodded to my mother, who was connected via video from the Freesia Kingdom by a communication soldier.

    I was very nervous about our first conversation after the war. Last night, Tiara and I had left reporting to our mother to Stayle, so I began with "I apologize for making contact so late."

    Once she heard my report, my mother had slightly furrowed eyebrows rather than her usual clear expression as she listened to me.

    "Yes, Hahaue. I apologize, everything is because of me ... Actually, I was hurt slightly. Thanks to the guardian knights, the amount is negligible, but I was wounded. The two kings said that they could not return me, the First Princess, while I am still injured."

    My mother's eyes widened when she heard I was injured. I did not know who was watching the video in my country; there may have been knights and escort guardsmen in addition to my father and Uncle Wes. My mother, who maintained her public expression, expressed concern in a calm voice, "What sort of injury is it ...?"

    "It is not serious," I continued. "I only twisted my leg slightly. I have been treated by a special ability person, so it will soon heal, but I want to wait until it's completely healed just to be safe. If I may, I would like to stand before the people of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo and greet them on behalf of our people before I return to the Freesia Kingdom, preferably after I have completely recovered ... If Hahaue will grant me permission."

    In fact, it was also possible for me to recuperate in the Freesia Kingdom regardless of whether my legs were fully healed by using Stayle's teleportation ability. However, it was the request of our two allied Kings that I remain. Even my mother could not do anything about it.

    "... Understand. Pryde, let's acknowledge your stay. I would like to greet the King."

    The words that sounded like a mother when I went to visit a friend's house in my previous life somehow felt itchy and out of place. While I was relieved that I got permission to extend my stay, my mother immediately cut in with the word, "However"

    "Be sure to return within the week. At that time, be sure to have Stayle bring you and Tiara back to our castle directly by teleportation, rather than come by land."

    One week. I received a surprisingly long grace period. I thought it would only be two or three days. While it relieved my heart, in contrast, I wonder why it was one week. Furthermore, why should Tiara and I just teleport to the Freesia Kingdom?

    I think it would be fine to move with the advance unit once again after I was completely recovered. But my mother's eyes were serious, and I was surprised to see her so worried.

    Like that, with my mother's permission, I had Captain Colm carry me, and I surrendered my spot, which was the focus of the image conveyed to my mother, to King Lance and King Joan, who had been listening to the conversation from beside me. The two of them immediately exchanged words of greeting with my mother, and talked about me and their outlook on future trade.

    With this, there was nothing else big to worry about.

    Sorry this drop is so short. The next one will be longer (since it covers the brainwash arc and aftermath). The next Rosa drop should be the last one. I'll try to finish it by next week, but February really is a birthday-heavy month in my family.
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    Idk if I missed it but does anyone have a spoiler on Rosa and Alberts pov(Queen and King) of evil pryde(the arc where she goes crazy).
  10. DarkeAOU

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    Rosa and Albert don't get much screentime in the novel in general, and only rarely do interesting stuff that warrants a scene from their POV (same with Wes and Roderick and Clark).

    We get a little of what they're up to in the brainwash arc in Gilbert's scenes, and then Stayle's scenes. Before Pryde started self-harming, Rosa, Albert, Wes and Gilbert all had shifts attempting to rehabilitate Pryde. It was explicitly stated that Rosa decided to make up for her mistake in abandoning Pryde by trying to teach her right from wrong directly this time.

    Unfortunately, that was only mentioned in passing, in very little detail, in the scene leading up to Pryde self-harming, and then again in a later arc--again, there was no detail given. ::blobcatsad::

    Gilbert's scenes were mostly Pryde-focused, but Stayle's showed that whenever Rosa wasn't with Pryde, she was busy ruling the kingdom and trying to outmaneuver Adam. Rosa bent the law by imprisoning Adam without evidence, and then spying on him in the cell, just to find out definitively that Adam was involved in Pryde's mental break, and even ordered a contract to be written that would force Adam to make a full confession (which Adam tore up instead of signing). She also ordered Tiara to evacuate to Hanazuo with Cedric, and was in the process of removing Pryde as her successor before Adam took her out at the end of the Villain Arc.

    So Rosa did a lot in the brainwash arc, but a lot of it is off-screen, boring, or frustrating to read. Which is mostly Stayle's fault. He really needs Arthur to be palatable as a character, and his depression had him avoiding Arthur for the majority of the brainwash arc. :notlikeblob:

    I can't remember what Albert and Wes did when they weren't with Pryde, other than their jobs. Gilbert was exhausted from everything he had to do, so I can only assume that Albert and Wes were similarly overwhelmed. :hmm:
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    In case you were unaware, the novelization of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villain to Savior was released in English on March 3rd, so if you haven't bought it yet, please consider doing so!

    There are two bonus stories included in the digital version, as an added incentive. I don't know about the physical copy yet; I haven't purchased it yet. The digital version was an excellent late birthday present to myself, though.

    So you are aware, volume one covers the first five story arcs of the series: the Castle People Arc, the Brother Arc, the Family Arc, the Knights Arc, and the Accused Arc. Volume two will be released April 28th, and is expected to cover the next four story arcs: the Sword Arc, the Sick Person Arc, the House Party Arc, and the Sinner Arc.

    I have already edited my master list to show which arcs appear in which novel, and how these story arcs' names have been translated. At some point, I will also edit my character list in the same post to reflect the characters' official names. This does not mean that I ever intend to refer to Uncle Wes as "Uncle Vest," because Vest is a terrible name and I categorically refuse to refer to him in such a manner. I may list the correct spelling, but actually using it is a different story.

    Game Series Title
    To a Beam of Light with You/You Are My Ray of Light > Our Ray of Light

    Freesia Royal Family
    Queen Rosa Royale Ivy > Queen Rosa Royal Ivy
    Prince Consort Albert Royale Ivy > Prince Consort Albert Royal Ivy
    Regent Wes Royale Ivy > Seneschal, Prince Vest Royal Ivy
    First Princess Pryde Royale Ivy > Firstborn Princess Pride Royal Ivy
    First Prince Stayle Royale Ivy > Eldest Prince Stale Royal Ivy
    Second Princess Tiara Royale Ivy > Second-born Princess Tiara Royal Ivy

    Freesia Castle Employees
    Chancellor Gilbert Butler > Prime Minister Gilbert (surname unmentioned)
    Maid Marie > Mary
    Maid Lotte - no change
    Guardsman Jack Douglas > Jack (surname unmentioned)
    Instructor Karl > Instructor, Mister Carl

    Freesia Knight Order
    Knight Commander Roderick, (title The Unscathed Knight) > Commander Roderick Beresford, (title The Unwounded Knight)
    Deputy Commander Clark Darwin > Vice Commander Clark (surname unmentioned)
    Captain Alain Berners > Captain Alan (surname unmentioned)

    Freesia Citizens
    Arthur Beresford - no change
    Clarissa Beresford - no change

    To be honest, I cannot understand why they changed Marie to Mary ... did they not know that we already have a Marie, a Mary, and a Marianne (who goes by Maria)? Yeah, Mary is only mentioned by name, like, once ... but why change it!?

    I'm also not satisfied with them going with Seneschal instead of Regent for Wes. "Prince Regent" is an actual title and flows great, as opposed to "The Seneschal, Prince Vest" which just feels clunky. And Stayle is always referred to as the "next generation's steward" for some reason, which is, again, weird.

    Other things of note: special abilities are referred to as special powers, and special ability people are simply called those with special powers. There's no catch-all term like psychics or specialists. And the enslavement contract is now called the "fealty" contract, but the people who sign it are still referred to as slaves. How curious.

    Anyway, about the Rosa drop. I'm still working on it, but I haven't made much progress yet. There's only four scenes, but I'm only about a third of the way through with it. I'll try to finish it as soon as I can, but it'll probably still be at least a week.
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    It's now officially released in English?! Where can i buy it???
  13. DarkeAOU

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    You can find all of that information on Seven Seas Entertainment's product page. Just scroll down and pick a retailer most convenient to you.

    Also for those interested, the first volume of the manga will be released March 29th. So look forward to it!
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    [​IMG]:blobparty: Chapter 18 is out in the manga! [​IMG] (If you've forgotten, I put the link to the raws at the top of my Master List.) :blobparty:

    So is it really any surprise that the manga basically skipped the early chapters of the Sinner Arc, where Pryde and Arthur name Stella?

    I would complain, however, skipping that means that Val is in 90% of the panels in this entire chapter, which you know I'm a big fan of. The replacement clothes he's wearing doesn't really suit him, but...he's really just gorgeous. Even if he does look too old to only be 22 here (which was always a character trait of his even in the novel). I do wish he was just slightly taller, though. He doesn't look tall enough to be the tallest person in the novel. :blobunsure:

    Other complaints are, What is Arthur even wearing, I hate it. And I really wish that they had Tiara bow, too, like they did in the novel. :blobcry:

    That aside, the next chapter should hopefully include the Pryde-helping-Val-with-his-feelings scene, because if the mangaka excludes that scene from this arc...then what is even the point of drawing it. It is literally the first step towards character development that the character with the most character development in the entire novel has. :blobflag:

    Stayle, Gilbert, Leon and Cedric do not get character development. They have a before-Pryde phase, and an after-Pryde phase. Stayle does get an after-Powell character upgrade to remind him that there are things other than his sister (namely an entire kingdom full of people that he has a responsibility to serve), and Gilbert gets repeated nudges to remind us that he's still not in a good place that is never actually resolved. :derpyblob:

    Arthur and Tiara are basically static characters who never actually develop as characters. You might think that Arthur changed a little after the Knights Arc, but honestly he's just under less stress after Pryde prophesied for him. He probably still gardens in his spare time; we do know that he still helps out at his mom's restaurant, and none of the customers are even aware that he's a knight now. That famous paladin? Nah, that's probably someone else named Arthur Beresford.:notlikeblob:

    Pryde gets very little character development, it's slow, and it's subtle. It's easy to misunderstand that she doesn't even get character development, but in truth, she's just taking baby steps towards valuing herself as a person. :blobhighfive:

    Compared to that, Val does get character development in every single arc that he appears in. The way Val grew up, he never had anything. His dad was a traveling salesman and his mother neglected him until she kicked him out to live on the streets at only seven years old. He was discriminated against for looking different and attacked for being weak. It should be no surprise to anyone that he grew up to have no concept of family, friendship, or national pride and patriotism.

    The Knights Arc showed us Val, who had fully adapted to the scavenger use-or-be-used lifestyle, and the Accused Arc showed us how Val hit rock bottom. But between the Accused Arc and the Sinner Arc, he met Sefek and Kemet, and during the Sinner Arc, he came to understand that Sefek and Kemet were his family.

    The next few arcs gave us development on how he perceives Pryde. In the Fiancé Arc, her even having a fiancé is a shock and changes how he looks at her. He used to see her as a child, and then suddenly she was about to get married. Then in the Alliance Negotiation Arc, he saw that Pryde had limits, that she couldn't forgive everything, that she was capable of hatred... Pryde wasn't a saint. And when the War Arc happened and Pryde got hurt, Val saw that Pryde wasn't invincible, either. She could get hurt. She could cry. She could lament being unable to do anything.

    Which was enough of a shock to him that he deliberately chose not to depend on Pryde to protect Sefek in the Unknown Story Arc, and ended up going to Leon for help instead. Which is how he both learned what friendship was, and made his first real friend ever.

    And then the brainwash arc happened, and Val learned that Pryde could be gone for good. Which also started him on his current thing, which is coming to value what Pryde values. He's doing so many genuinely good things because it's what Pryde would want, and so long as everyone pretends to ignore that he actually did something good, he's fine with it.

    Honestly, the only thing I'm waiting for now regarding Val's character development is for someone to give a name to his feelings for Pryde. They exist, and they make him a better person, but so long as they remain unnamed, he will never know what they actually are.

    But we're still only in the middle school arc in Part Two. Val's got time. And, you know, he's already made two official proposals, so there's that. None of the other guys have proposed to her yet...though at least two of them have preemptively rejected her, despite having feelings.

    So I think that the Disappearance Arc should finish sometime next week maybe. Ray has finally located Lyre/Thomas, we've had the flashback chapters, so now all that's left should be a game flashback? And then we can move on to locating the last capture target from the second game. And hopefully get out of middle school! That would be nice. :blobcozy:
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    I'm hoping Leon or Arthur or Stayle as her love interest, I just find the others boring and not male lead material(?) and the ones that have a big age gap with her makes me uncomfortable for some reason but I really wouldn't mind if she ends up rejecting all of her lovers interest because I kind of want that ending too.
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    So volume 5 of the light novel was released in Japan on April 11th. From the novel summary, it looks like it will cover the War Arc. Which makes sense, given that Pryde is in her armor, with Arthur and Knight Commander Roderick on the cover.

    Anyways, the Disappearance Arc is finally over. (How exhausting.) Lyre was basically the only redeeming feature in this entire arc, as expected. Ray is awful except for when Lyre's around, and then he's a cute kid.:notlikeblob:

    35 Disappearance Arc (chapters 244-314.3)
    Pryde visits Ray at his mansion to offer her assistance in locating Lyre, but instead ignites his suspicion. Stayle and Gilbert drive Ray into a corner by imprisoning Anchorson, which cuts off Ray's funding. No longer able to pay for informants, Ray has no choice but to depend on Pryde's help to find Lyre. Ray spreads a rumor that Pryde is his lover to disguise their interactions. Pryde takes remedial sewing lessons with Amulet, and gets an idea about creating a lace business in the Freesia Kingdom. Gilbert identifies Lyre as one of the special ability slaves liberated from the Rajah Empire. Nate sells his inventions to Leon, who uses the trade negotiation to make Nate attend school seriously until graduation. Pryde takes Ray to meet Lyre, however Lyre only has memories of the past two months, and therefore does not remember Ray. Gilbert introduces Pryde to a special ability person who can restore Lyre's lost memories: her Uncle Wes. Once his memories return, Lyre is properly reunited with Ray.

    So Uncle Wes' special ability has been officially confirmed! :blobparty: As expected, his special ability is memory erasure. And like Stayle, he doesn't advertise his ability at all. Pryde didn't even know what it was.

    Now there's only one capture target from the second game left to meet, and less than one week (their time) left to meet him. We haven't officially met the last boss of the second game, either. :hmm:

    The next arc will be called the Reconciliation Arc, and it looks like it might be filler. We're only one chapter in, though, so I guess we'll see. Please be more interesting than Stayle's birthday, please be more interesting than Stayle's birthday....

    EDIT: Latest update is an "if" chapter, but it reads very legit for the game timeline. It's how 'Pryde' and Val met, and afterwards (Val never signs an enslavement contract, that was my misunderstanding). I might share it later, because it's really something.
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    I punched through the English version of LN 2 last night/this morning! I'm kinda sad about the Sinner Arc, I prefer the WN version. The LN version ended up feeling rushed IMO.
    • The planning session w/ Gilbert & Gilbert paying Bale a visit
    • The knights standing around & traffickers start getting teleported into cages
    • Kemet & Sefek scenes like Gil tagging after them
    • A lot of the flashbacks to Val, Kemet, & Sefek becoming family -- Sefek revealing her powers, Val telling them a bit about his past, Val teaching them about money, Sefek wanting to meet Pryde etc.
    • Stayle & Val interactions
    • Arthur's "my hero" moment re: Pryde
    • Pryde properly revealing herself to the knights
    • Callum & Eric's big moments
    • Buildup to Adam's bombing
    • The party chapter & VKS fighting bandits and eating at Bale's
    Basically the knights & VKS got shafted :cry: and I think LN only readers miss out on emotional payoff and just some big moments.

    I am kinda curious how much of that is from the WN -> LN editing process and how much is from the English translation process pipeline. Either way, I do think the Sinner Arc suffered from having to be in the same volume as the Sick Person Arc. I think I would've preferred the Sick Person Arc be its own volume plus side-stories and have the Sinner Arc be its own volume. But again that's all just my opinion, I'm very happy to have the opportunity to officially support the series in English. I can just MTL the WN for the content that got left out (y)
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    Are you serious? Okay, now I'm sad. The Sinner Arc is my favorite. Though I guess I'm not surprised that the flashbacks got cut, looking at the last one. Just really, really disappointed.

    Sigh. Thanks for the heads up. I still plan to get the 2nd volume on the 1st, but I'm going in with low expectations.
  19. preciousbots

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    I'm happy you shared your translations, without them I wouldn't have ended up MTL'ing the WN version and wouldn't know what the LN was missing.

    I think what I'm most disappointed about (besides less Val content) is the Sinner Arc is where we really start to see the impact Pryde & her actions have had and the LN version loses a lot of that. :(

    It was nice getting some Val illustrations though, since the manga seems to be on break again. Hope the artist is doing okay.
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    Omg please please post the next longer part
    I'm eager to know everything about rosa scenes and pov so please continue .
    Please don’t forget us
    We need part 3 of rosa scenes aftermath of brainwash arc
    So please continue with telling us about rosa scenes .