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    Hands down, the best part about rereading the Sinner Arc is having Pryde take up the sword for the second time. Plus a lot of cool things happen here, which is why some of the following excerpts are not, strictly speaking, shipping scenes.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.

    Next is the Home Party Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 71. The Rude Princess Cooks
    I quietly understood as I stood in front with Stayle and Tiara on either side, my so that I couldn't speak.

    At least the selfish Queen, Pryde Royale Ivy, can't cook.

    No, perhaps it's household chores rather than cooking that are devastating.

    There is no reason for Pryde, who had been free to do whatever she wanted to do as a princess since childhood, to be involved with such a thing. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to cook without this time. Pryde, who I thought was a perfect cheat, had such a weakness ... It was a time when I was stunned by the wreckage of an apple and was wondering what to say to Stayle and Tiara.

    "Boo! ..."

    I heard a sudden burst of sound.

    Looking back reflexively, Arthur, who had been standing behind me without saying anything, covered his mouth with one hand, his shoulders shaking while he turned his face away from me, and laughed with his ears bright red.


    When I yelled involuntarily, Arthur seemed to be unable to stop laughing, and he burst out loudly again, saying "Soo ..., ... I'm sorry ...‼ ︎".

    terrible! ︎ It's true it's such a terrible situation you can't help yourself, but you don't have to laugh so much! ︎

    I wondered if I should pull his ears as much as I could, and put the knife down, and proceeded to walk up to Arthur. But the next moment, I heard another smothered laugh behind me as I turned to Arthur. When I was surprised and looked back, this time it Tiara and Stayle. As soon as they realized that I had noticed it, they stopped enduring and started to laugh aloud.

    "... I'm sorry ...! ... I'm sorry ... my sister ... ..."

    "... A lie ..., ... This weaknesses ... What is ... ~~~~"

    I tell them not to laugh too much and make them laugh. It was the first time I saw Tiara laughing this much and Stayle laughing so much that his face turned red.

    I feel more and more embarrassed and my face gets hot.

    Looking at the cooks who have a bad feeling and are waiting in a remote place, it is clear that they are all doing their best, but they are all laughing.

    My lips trembled, and I was so frustrated that my tears began to ooze.

    No, this is just because of the game settings. I still remember various recipes from my previous life, and I could cook quite a bit in that lifetime. I want to them that, but there's no way I can.

    "~~~~ ... Wow ... there are so many things I can't do!"

    Screaming so painfully, I sit in the corner of the kitchen with my knees in front of my face to hide my tears and acted betrayed.

    After that, it was a secret until my death that I cried until Tiara, Stayle, and Arthur apologized and comforted me.

    (Arthur POV) 73. The Knight Looks for Alcohol
    Then, Pryde turned a soft smile on me. For some reason, the dark mood that I had just before cleared up like a lie.

    Suddenly, when Pryde returned to Marianne's story, I remember today.

    ... I didn't think Pryde was unable to cook to that extent.

    I thought she could do anything, so I thought she would be able to cook perfectly even the first time. However, for some reason, everything was muddy, charred, and it was worse than my cooking when I was a kid. Moreover, she seems to have been shocked, and her stunned back view is tremendous because such a dignified and elegant Pryde, who cannot even peel an apple.

    Was cute.

    She's just like a normal girl. She was so good at swords, and when I thought that one knife was so different, I laughed more. After that, she gets angry and cried ... No one would believe that she is the same person as the usual Pryde.

    "Wow ... there are so many things I can't do!" ︎ ”

    Pride who made her face bright red with teary eyes.

    Oh, I was so relieved to think that she was a human being.

    Only then, I wanted to be with this person with a different feeling than before.

    … My feelings for Pryde may not be much different from the knights here. The beginning and the distance to that person who is the first princess. And I may not be a special knight for that person either.

    But for now.

    I'm the only knight who knows that person, who can't cook and cries mercilessly.

    Let's be proud of that and be a little proud now.

    Recalling Pryde's face, my mouth loosens unintentionally. Immediately after that, Captain Alain asked me what had happened and I drank the contents of the glass at once to deceive him.

    (Stayle POV) 76. The Sister Understands the Adopted Brother
    "... I didn't want to notice ..."

    Stayle muttered and moaned quietly while looking down. When Tiara reached out to stroke his head again, looking at her brother.

    "Stayle? What's wrong, are you feeling sick?"

    Looking back, Pryde was rushing to Stayle with Chancellor Gilbert. I didn't want them to notice that I was blushing, and when I covered my face with both hands, Tiara lied, "It's okay, my brother seems to be a little drunk."

    Chancellor Gilbert immediately had a nearby servant prepare water, and Pryde worriedly snuggled up to Stayle. Suddenly, when I felt someone looking and turned my eyes toward the Knights, Arthur looked worried about me from among the knights.

    ... I'm still a kid.

    Someone Pryde and the others just worry about, and the discomfort in my chest becomes lighter like a lie.

    Stayle unknowingly touched the smooth hand of Pryde and squeezed it with just the power of his fingers. Pryde looked a little surprised, but happily held Stayle's hand back gently.

    How many times have he wanted to bury himself in this warmth?

    Nobility, kindness, honesty, beauty, strength, ... and unexpected weaknesses. He loves all of it.

    He don't want to let anyone other than the person he acknowledges even touch her toes.

    With that in mind, at the end, he exhale deeply, deeply, and raises his face. With gratitude, he patted Tiara's head strongly and swallowed the water presented by Chancellor Gilbert with the opposite hand to the one holding Pryde's hand.

    "... But after all, I don't forgive you ... I hate it."

    He tells Chancellor Gilbert, who is worried about him, and adjusts the position of his glasses.

    Chancellor Gilbert raised his eyebrows as if he was a little surprised at such a Stayle, and finally smiled, saying "Is that so?"

    "If so, let's continue to accept and stand with the words of Stayle."

    With that said, Chancellor Gilbert bowed deeply. It was a word that took in as much of the intent of Stayle's words as possible, who was similar to his childhood self.

    And the Sinner Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 79. The Cruel Princess Names
    "What do you think, Pryde ...?"

    It becomes Arthur's eyes. I can't say that I haven't come up with anything even though I've done plenty of research. Desperately, I try to find a good idea from the 18 years of memory from my previous life.

    "Um ... I wonder if it's okay if we mix the names of the two parents ...?"

    "Mixed ...?⁇"

    In this world, the names are basically written with horizontal letters, but in the previous life, people used to take a few letters from the parents' names. It's like Hanako and Taro's son, Hanatarou-kun. When I explained it to Arthur, Stayle, and Tiara, without mentioning my memories of my previous life, they nodded for the time being.

    "When that happens ... Marianne and Gilbert ..., ... Maribert⁇"

    Tiara tilts her head. It's a name like a delicious candy.

    "Tiara, it doesn't mean you should just mix it."

    "If so, Gilanne⁇"

    It's like playing word games. As expected, the Tiara that is corrected by Stayle is cute

    "... Oh, then what about Jeanne?"

    Arthur suddenly says the name he came up with. What, that's so good! ︎

    "Good! Arthur, let's name it that!"

    I can't help but stand up in the carriage. Jeanne! It's the perfect name for Marianne's beautiful daughter. It feels like a holy girl, and it's really good! ︎

    Tiara and Stayle nod.

    "I think it's a very beautiful name!"

    "I think it's pretty good for Arthur. It's my sister's idea, and Arthur thought about it, so it meets the request from Gilbert."

    Arthur had a slightly surprised reaction, but was relieved and stroked his chest when the name was decided. I agree.

    Now that the name was decided safely, my feelings became brighter. Suddenly, I came up with the idea and asked, "What kind of name would you like to give if you three had children?"

    "I like the same name as my sister for girls! The same name as my brother for boys!"

    What should I do, my younger sister gave an answer worth 100 points. When I was inadvertently shy, Tiara smiled and continued, "If there was another boy, then Arthur's name," and Stayle and Arthur seemed to be shy.

    "I also want to give my sister's name if it's a woman. If it's a man ... I'd name it anything but Gilbert."

    Tiara pulls his cheeks at Stayle's curse. Arthur also responded, "I don't know what to do."

    "... Then Arthur. Your name is fine."

    The Stayle swelled while painfully holding down the cheek pulled by Tiara. Arthur laughed with a nose in a good mood and replied, "Well, I'll give my child your name." By the way, Arthur also seems to want to usr my name if it's a girl for some reason. I don't think we should mass-produce more arrogant names.

    "How about Sister?"

    I'm surprised at Tiara's question. If I look at them, both Stayle and Arthur seem to be curious, too. Yeah ... I think desperately while connecting the words.

    "If it's a girl ... I wonder if I should name her Tiara. I want a girl with a kind heart like Tiara to grow up."

    When I said that and laughed, Tiara's eyes shined happily. Yeah, I want a cute child like Tiara to be my daughter.

    "How about a boy?"

    Then, Tiara asks for something exciting.

    "Well ..."

    What should I do if I name Stayle or Arthur and affect Tiara's capture route strangely? Then to be as comfortable as possible ...

    “……… Jack… I wonder⁇”

    ... after this answer. For some reason Stayle and Arthur were quiet. All the while, Tiara was comforting them ... what happened? Jack, the guard, is quiet but relatively handsome and a good person, and I think he's pretty good property. Stayle might get angry if I said Chancellor Gilbert, so I wonder if I should have named him Roderick or Clark.

    While thinking so, the carriage arrives at the castle.

    I got a lot of attention from the people in the castle, but I got off the carriage without incident. Sometimes there are screams for Stayle, Tiara, and me when we get off. Two years ago, my bad reputation disappeared and at the same time I became more and more popular with the people. Maybe Chancellor Gilbert did something about it for me.

    "Sister, are you sure you want to go into this bookstore?"

    "Wait Tiara. If you want to enter, first let the soldiers check the safety of the store."

    After seeing the signboard of the bookstore, Stayle stopped Tiara, who was about to enter. Recently, Tiara is reading more books than ever before. Originally she loved reading, and she used to read books in the castle, especially love and adventure stories, but recently she's been buying more books from the castle town every time there's a chance. Even in the game, I think there was a scene in a remote tower where Tiara was thinking about the outside world with a book in her hand.

    "... Pryde."

    Suddenly, Arthur lined up next to me. He's looking at Stayle, who takes care of Tiara with a humor that makes me wonder. What's wrong? I asked, and he moved his mouth slowly.

    "I ... I said I'd use Stayle's name when I had a child in a fairly appropriate way ... but I actually thought so seriously."

    I turned my eyes from Tiara and Stayle so that I could catch Arthur's eyes. Stayle holds Tiara's hand firmly so that she doesn't go anywhere.

    "He's three years below me, but he's smarter than the adults around him, and ... since he was a kid, his family ... trying to get stronger to protect his loved ones ... He can actually move for that reason ... it's awesome. I think. "

    I don't know if the age of "that" refers to the current 14-year-old Stayle, the 10-year-old Stayle that Arthur first met, or an older Stayle. But maybe Arthur, who started aiming to become a knight at the age of thirteen, has a lot to think about.

    "So, I think the name Jeanne was good, but ... how about something like this?"

    While saying that, Arthur continued his words with a slight embarrassment while looking away.
    "... I also like Stayle."

    Suddenly, when I held Stayle's hand, which refused to approach Stella, the child of Chancellor Gilbert, my thoughts came out of my mouth. The Stayle who is now taller than me mysteriously looks into my face.

    "For a child's name. If I had a boy ... then Stayle .... I want to use your name."

    He's a little different from the game's adopted brother Stayle, but he's strong, smart, and respected by both his older friends and his family.

    "I want my child to grow into a nice man like Stayle ... I think so."

    I'm a little embarrassed. Stayle's face suddenly turned bright red like a boiled octopus when he laughed and cheated while smiling. I see, I was also embarrassed when Tiara, Stayle, and Arthur said my name. I didn't say it in front of Tiara, so it's okay to just tell Stayle, right?

    I managed to escape Stayle's hand and rushed to Arthur who holding Stella. To hold a small Stella with this hand for both me and Stayle.

    Anyway, I'm really glad that I solved one problem safely.

    (Pryde POV) 95. The Cruel Princess Goes into the Cage
    Gantz! The sound of kicking the cage and the metal sound echoed vigorously. The children screamed, stiffened and shrunk back.

    ... I understand why there are so many children but few adults are with them. Perhaps as a result of the children crying and making noise in this way, they will be noticed when they are nearby. The proof is that the man who kicked the cage from the other side of the cage is now staring at me.

    "Hey, kid. If you don't want to get hurt before you're sold, stay quiet. If you make more noise, I'll shut your mouth."

    I haven't said anything yet. As soon as the man added with a vulgar smile, laughter echoed from Gahahahaha and other men. He was told that such a kid was good for you, and that I had no sex appeal, and I knew that he was insulting me for the time being. Well, after Val told me a lot of rude things yesterday, I don't mind it. However, the facial expressions of Arthur and Chancellor Gilbert at that time were so scary that I was more concerned about them. While both of them looked back at the men, Arthur was slamming his knuckles with both hands and Chancellor Gilbert with only one hand. Sure, it's just rudeness to the royal family, but I don't think you need to get so angry because I'm only eleven years old now.

    The laughter and noise of the men echoed, while the children in my arms closed their mouths tightly with atrophy.

    Gahahahahahahaha! The screaming sounds of the children around me reached my ears despite in the slavers laughter. It was at that time.

    "... Val."
    *If you thought the high schoolers targeting middle school Pryde was bad.

    (Stayle POV) 98. The Adopted Brother Meets
    Suddenly, when I see Val's face, I remember four years ago.

    "Val ... why did you want a servitude contract four years ago?"

    When asked by me, Val wrinkled his eyebrows, apparently finding the topic unpleasant, "Ah?" I didn't have time, so when I ordered him to tell me briefly, Val opened his mouth to throw it away, as the enslavement contract worked.

    "... If you die, everything is over."

    Val, who answered while looking away from me, fired two bullets to the ceiling again to dispel frustration. As if to mutter as it is, he continues, "I regret it now." As I pondered that intention, Val again looked down at me, showing his teeth and laughing.

    "It's not something that the royal family-sama, who promises the future, can understand."

    … For some reason, only then did Val's smile feel like something other than irony, hostility, and discomfort, and looked something like sadness.

    "... I'll go again. You should keep an eye on the entrance."

    Val, in my words, cursed me as if he was still doing it, and went to the entrance, which was blocked by a rubble wall.

    "I didn't think the princess-sama, who just abandoned everyone, would let herself get caught."

    After saying that, I turned to Val, who threw it away, and I said to his back.

    "If it's a betrayal to my sister, I can't do it.... I'm the same as you."

    Huh? Val tilts his head and looks back at my words. If it is true, it is impossible for me to bother to talk to such a sinner. But

    "It's not something that the royal family-sama, who promises the future, can understand."

    I'm not a legitimate royal family like Pryde, Tiara, or Mother. Maybe I wanted to reward Val, who told me about the royal family he knows.

    "I signed a subordination contract with my sister when I was adopted at the age of seven."

    When I say it so clearly, Val's expression is surprised. He's staring at me with his eyes and mouth wide open. I was a little happy about it, and added one last word.

    "But even without that, everything about me belongs to my sister."

    (Stayle POV) 98.1 And Grabs it
    "Philip ...! Were you safe ..."

    He raises his face and breathes as if hr was truly relieved. The tears at the corners of his eyes vibrate and evaporate repeatedly.

    "I'm sorry ... you helped me, but I ... I'm like you, even a kid ..."

    Perhaps Powell and I haven't changed that much. However, he seemed to be lamenting that he had attacked me, who is now eleven years old. Don't worry, I walk up to him again, saying so.

    "Powell, you're going home. To the Kingdom of Freesia."

    Powell shook his shoulders at my words and stared at me again from his raised face. It's a gaze that speaks so loudly that anyone can understand it.

    ... I think I used to look at Pryde like this.

    Suddenly, I remember seven years ago. It was the night the day I first met Pryde.

    She repeated words to me who was shrinking on the bed alone. She noticed my sadness. How much was I saved at that time.

    "I am! ︎ I don't want this special ability!"

    I also resented it.

    From that day when I was separated from my mother, I resented and cursed that I was born with this special ability.

    He too has suffered, probably because of his innate special abilities. Regardless of his will, the environment probably didn't allow him "normal".

    There was a stinging pain in my skin about a meter from Powell. Once I stopped, I heard a voice from Powell's mouth saying, "Don't come."

    Yes, I was still deeply rejecting Pryde at that time.

    "Believe me, you're only going back home. I'm not going to lock you up somewhere or reveal that you were caught here."

    The light gets stronger at my words. Same as before. The ability is out of control in proportion to his upset.

    "Powell. For you now, the Kingdom of Freesia is a difficult place to live."

    I know. Our country is still imperfect. Even after deepening friendships with neighboring countries, the understanding of special abilities has not yet been fully developed. In Val's words, everyone with special abilities are like monsters. Moreover, human trafficking victims are still being sent abroad. Even with all of Gilbert's skill. And the poverty of lower-level citizens has not been resolved. Over the last two years, a bill has been made to improve information management, security, and reign, but there are still a lot of problems.

    "But wait a little longer. In the next few years, Freesia will surely be a place where you can live better than anywhere else in the world."

    "Why can you say so ... ⁉︎"

    He glared at me with a vengeance, and I wondered if his emotions were high and the surroundings made an explosive sound. However, I do not move and answer "I understand." Then I inhale and speak clearly to him.

    "The Kingdom of Freesia has the First Princess Pryde."

    Powell opens his eyes to my words. It's a face that doesn't understand what I'm talking about. However, instead, the explosive sound that had just been heard subsided.

    "First Princess Pryde ... If she becomes a queen ... No, by the time she becomes a queen, the country will surely change. It will definitely be better than it is now."

    Take one step towards him. I felt the heat of burning my fingertips, but I didn't hesitate.

    Pryde asked Val four years ago. Which do you want, a contract of slavery or execution?

    When I heard the story from Tiara, I didn't understand why Pryde asked that. And finally, she said when she released Val. Come to me when you want help. And now, four years later ... Pryde is throwing herself into danger again to save Val. Aside from the captive children and the people, I didn't know why she would do that for that sinner ... or if it was worth it.

    But now.

    "I just want to stay alive! What's wrong⁈"

    "... When you die, everything is over."

    I understand now.

    That's why Pryde reached out to Val.

    Even if he hurt someone by the time he came here.

    Even if he dislikes and hates our country.

    To him, who was born in the same place as us and has the same blood!

    If he can be given the opportunity to be happy even once more! ︎

    Like her, I will grab this hand without hesitation.

    My arms are hot. If I dare to reach out to the stunned Powell, my arms will be scorched and hot, and my body will cramp. It's dazzling and my eyes are about to collapse. Still, I reach out a little more and grab his shining arm. He was surprised at me who grabbed him and opened his mouth to say something, and I looked straight at him.

    "There is a place to go home!" ︎

    I remember his words that lamented so. He said there was no place to go home. Then I dare to answer like this.

    "There is a place to go home!"

    Enduring the pain and heat, instead of screaming, I scream at him. I saw him take in my words.

    "The Kingdom of Freesia! Our country is the place where you will return to! Absolutely, that will happen when our Pryde becomes Queen!"

    The crackling sounds around my ears are annoying. I just scream so as not to be interrupted by the sound.


    Suddenly, I hear a voice that seems to disappear. I feel that the amount of light and heat have stopped for a long time. I squint at him, dragging the burning pain.

    He was red with tears and turned his distorted face toward me.

    I am familiar with this look. This expression that was full of despair and a single hope.

    "... I can protect ... I wonder if ... I ... I ..."


    My best friend. Like me, a human being rescued by Pryde. And an important friend who saved me.

    "It's true!"

    I make a loud voice. Maybe the oxygen is thin, I'm out of breath and my head hurts. I stares strongly and holds his arm in my hand.

    If I could save him like the Pryde of that time!

    "I'm for that!"

    If I can lighten his heart with just one word like Arthur at that time! ︎

    "Wait in our country until Pryde becomes Queen, Powell! If by any chance you still mourn that you don't have a place in our country!"

    Hold your breath and look up at Powell, I squeeze my last power. Yes, if even that Pryde couldn't save him! When Pryde becomes Queen, I will become Regent! ︎

    "I will locate your whereabouts!"

    Suddenly his body glowed strongly. The next moment when I took a breath to see if his ability would run away again

    ... the light stopped.

    His arm, which was so hot, made a swooshing noise and the heat went away. The light emitted from his body flashes slowly, and he looks up at me without blinking.

    Somehow, I feel that it's easier to breathe than before. Breathe with my shoulders and use my slightly burnt arms to keep my hands on his arms.

    He didn't say anything for a while. He was staring at me as if he was thinking about the true meaning of my words. And when I was getting oxygen all over my body, he finally opened his mouth.

    "... Why ... To me, that much ... I, huh ..."

    At that point, once he grabbed his face as if he remembered something, and clenched his teeth painfully.

    ... Oh ... I know this look too.


    It's the expression when he confessed his sin to Pryde. … It's no wonder Powell is confused. We just met, and most of the time I've been attacked by this guy. But if I am asked why.

    "... I know. Someone who will help and reach out, regardless of status, betrayal, or criminal record."

    I tried to touch the edge of my glasses and realized that I wasn't wearing them now.

    "I am the same as that person."

    I took my hand off his arm and reached out in front of him again. He followed every move of my hand and finally stared at the palm of my hand.

    "When you return to our country, you will be able to see that person someday."

    He slowly lifts his hand. And at his own will, Powell put that hand on me. Tears ran down his open eyes, this time down his cheeks without evaporating.

    "It are the people of my beloved country."

    "Still he is my beloved nation."

    While taking that hand, I suddenly remember the words of Pryde. She loved and gave mercy to Val, the sinner she judged, and even Gilbert, who betrayed the country. When I noticed, I opened my mouth again to Powell.

    "You are also our beloved nation."

    The words spilled, and Powell's eyes looking up at me were wide open. The amount of tears running down the cheeks increases, and the tears overflow from the eyes.

    "I promise. I hope that your special abilities will not hurt you, and let you and your loved ones laugh together .... as long as you have life."

    The moment his open eyes changed color astonishingly and his mouth tried to ask me the intent of my words again

    He disappeared by teleportation.

    Not under the Knights, but on the outskirts of my familiar town. It's safe over there, and I'm sure it will calm your mind.

    Weakness at a stretch and sit down on the spot. It hurts a little because my arm was burned, but it's probably okay. If this is the case, no trace will be left if treated by a person with special healing ability.

    "... But ... to think I would borrow Pryde's words until the very end ..."

    While exhaling a long sigh like Arthur, one hand involuntarily floats to the place where the edge of my glasses would rest, and it is embarrassing to hold my head lightly.

    "I promise ... I will never hurt you anymore ...! ︎ I will make it so everyone can laugh, both you and this country where your mother is ...! As long as I have life ... ︎ ”

    It's been seven years since Pryde made me that promise.

    It's a promise I've never forgotten. She swore to me, a commoner who hadn't become a member of the royal family yet.

    Until now it was for Pryde, everything was for Pryde to become Queen. To protect the heart of Pryde. I continued to study hard, and for that reason I continued to polish myself as the next Regent.

    But now I think. For people like him who were hurt and suffering without my knowledge.

    I want to devote myself as a Regent to people like me and Arthur before we met Pryde ... for people like Powell, like Gilbert and Val.

    In Freesia, where Pryde will become Queen, for her and for the people.

    Like she promised me that day.

    "... for the sake of ... I have to go to Pryde soon ..."

    Put my strength on my legs to get up and dust my body before teleporting.

    (Arthur POV) 103.1 And Entrusts

    A dignified voice echoes in my ears. At the same time, the chains that tightened around my entire body

    Shatter into fine dust.

    Baliin! A chain that was crushed in half by a sword with a peculiar destructive sound shattered with its momentum and danced to the ground.

    Suddenly I was able to take in oxygen, and I knelt on the spot while drooling and coughing. In the corner of his field of vision, the chain that was tightening around Val's neck was similarly smashed with a sword, and he held his neck, exhaling and inhaling.

    Yes, it was crushed.

    A thick, sturdy chain made of iron. With only a sword.

    There is only one person who can do such a trick.

    Chancellor Gilbert rushed to me asking, "Are you okay?" While hugging Stayle.

    … After all, that was good.

    Rather than the pain of coughing, I was relieved that my choice was correct and I laughed.

    As a knight, I became a wall to hide Chancellor Gilbert. That's right ...

    "No one in my country will be made unhappy"

    That person will definitely stand up.

    The words of that person, that came to mind just before I was released from the chain, are recollected and make me laugh like a kid.

    "What have you done to my people?"

    I suddenly raised my face to the words that gave off a tremendous amount of courage.

    Crimson long hair. The person who has long and supple limbs that stick out of the lower class children's clothing is different from a child's appearance.

    She brought up the heavy sword used by knights and glared at the man.

    Her Royal Highness Pryde Royale Ivy.

    She stands up again with sword in hand.

    My hero.
    *Not a shipping scene either, but Pryde is epic here.

    (Pryde POV) 117. The Cruel Princess Laughs
    "Stayle‼ ︎"

    I extend my arm to the hand extended by Stayle. The moment he grabbed it and squeezed back, my vision changed in an instant.


    Perhaps because we were in the air, we teleported while floating a little and landed a few centimeters down.

    Val lay on his back on the ground below us, and I fell on top of him with my arm wrapped around his neck and Stayle overlapped.

    ... Good, Val is safe. It was really good to have a signal.

    I took a breath, slowly loosening my arm from around Val's neck, who was stunned as if he hadn't fully grasped the reality.

    After Stayle became able to teleport to a specific person like me, Arthur, or Tiara, we decided create a signal to call Stayle.

    That is the finger whistle.

    It was used when Pryde called Stayle in the game, and I suggested it was the most reliable. Perhaps this is also an in-game setting, but Stayle was extremely sensitive to the sound of the whistle. Even when Arthur whistled from a place far away from the castle, he could reach Stayle's ears. ... Well, basically, I, Stayle, and Tiara and Arthur have been together all the time, so it is a signal that is rarely used. But yesterday, it was quite popular with Chancellor Gilbert, who was taught by Stayle and began to use it immediately.

    "... Why were you in such a place? Pryde⁈"

    Stayle screams at me and gets up at once. I laughed bitterly at Stayle, who looked into my face, and my mouth cramped.

    "Um ... that ... Val fell off a cliff ..."

    Honestly, without any excuses, Stayle tilted his head back and slammed his palm against his forehead, as if he had been disappointed for a moment. In a small voice, he muttered, "That's why you jumped in ..." and hung his head.

    "... What would you do if I didn't notice the signal ...?"

    According to Stayle, he woke up at the sound of my finger whistle and teleported before he got up. Looking at the Stayle that covers his face with one hand and hangs his head, I feel it's a little funny and laughs because of how unusual it is. Sure, as Stayle says, if he didn't notice the whistle at that time, I would have fallen down the cliff with Val, but ... still.

    "Well, that's true, but ..."

    With a bitter smile, I put my other hand on the hand that was still connected to Stayle, and wrapped his hand tightly with both hands.

    "Stayle will definitely come ... I thought so."

    I thought so because it was Stayle who supported and helped me many times. I'm sure he will come if he hears the signal. He didn't wake up a while ago and didn't even respond to the sound of my voice, but he would definitely come when I am in a pinch ... Yes, I can say I'm sure.

    When I laughed with that in mind, Stayle turned his face away from me, his face a little red after his eyes were rounded. I thought he was angry, but when he turned to me again after a while, he gave me a gentle smile that seemed a little shy. I was so happy that I hugged Stayle as it was.

    "Stayle is my prince!"

    He's always by my side, sometimes rushing to me in an instant. It may be spoiled, but I really thought it was like a prince in a picture book. ... But I wonder if it was rude to say this to the First Prince of the country.

    Suddenly, I'm worried that Stayle, who doesn't react to my words this time, was surprised this time. When I loosen my hugged arm and look into Stayle's face ...

    His face turned bright red like a boiled octopus.

    I was surprised at Stayle who stiffened in an absent-minded state with no expression, and Stayle moved in a hurry, while I wondered if I hugged too strongly or said something that made him angry. What should I do, maybe because he moved suddenly, his fever went up, or he was feeling sick ...

    "... Hey, can these siblings stop flirting on top of me."

    A low, sighing, sullen voice was heard from below. When I look, Val was staring at me from underneath us as if Val had finally accepted the situation. I'd completely forgotten to move.

    (Arthur POV) 123. The Knight is Proud
    "It's just right. I was planning to come tonight, but now my sister is sleeping. If you have something to say, just say it."

    I looked up at Stayle, who was still a little angry, and nodded silently. After all, not only Captain Colm, but also this guy. Naturally, this guy is involved. My head was refreshed because I slept a little, but when I remembered what I wanted to say, my head seemed to get blurry again. Get off the sofa and put my feet on the floor. From behind the back of the sofa, I slowly turned to face Stayle, who moved in front of me,

    Put my head on the floor and bow down.

    "It was bad."

    Clearly, I apologize to Stayle in words. There is no reply from Stayle. I think so from the bottom of my heart.

    "Without you, Pryde would have been dead."

    When the bomb fell in the cave and was blown away, Pryde-sama couldn't be seen because of the smoke. Still, I searched around immediately, and when the smoke broke, Pryde was no longer there. Sefek and Kemet said that Val had fallen down the cliff, and I wondered if Pryde had blown away with him. On the way, I felt like I heard a whistling sound from somewhere, so it's superfluous. ... If I stayed close to Pryde and protected her at that time, at least she wouldn't have faced such a dangerous situation. If Stayle hadn't noticed the sound of the Pryde's whistle, then ...

    The more I think about it, the more I regret it.

    "I will protect Pryde, you, and Tiara all at once."

    That was the promise I made two years ago. But in the end, I ended up changing nothing

    "Raise your face, Arthur. If nothing else, you don't bow to me."

    An angry voice echoed from Stayle, and I raised my face unintentionally. When I look, he stared at me with no expression while holding down his glasses.

    "It's natural for me to protect my sister. It's me who should apologize for that."

    Stayle's words make me speechless for a moment. Why should Stayle apologize?

    "Because I fainted, I put both my sister and you in danger. As a result, it was revealed that we were involved with the knights."

    "No ... you couldn't help it. You helped that special ability person because of that."

    I heard that Stayle pushed his body to persuade a special ability person who was caught in a special cage. Stayle didn't tell me what happened in detail, but it's enough for him to be alive.

    "Then you can't help it. You couldn't see anything in the smoke, and my sister jumped off the cliff after Val herself."

    "That's why I should have been by Pryde when the bomb fell ..."

    "Don't lick me, too."

    Stayle declares.

    "You and I will protect my sister. It was my turn that time, that's all."

    He crouch down in front of me who was sitting on the floor and makes eye contact.

    "I heard from my sister. While I was wasn't there, my sister and Arthur ... what were you doing?"

    As it is, he is told, "Stop that position, get angry" and sit down with your legs crossed.

    "I heard that you held my sister and protected her, swung your sword to help me and Gilbert, and even stretched your back to hide her behind you .... I think both she and I were protected by you."

    Look straight into my eyes. After silent for a few seconds ... He laughed a little.

    "I was relieved to think that you were there, even when I was on the verge of fainting ... because I believed that you would protect my sister."

    "I believed" ... It feels strange to be told that face to face by this guy. Somehow I became shy and I turned my eyes away.

    "This time, it just happened that I was the last person to rush to my sister's aid."

    While saying that, Stayle stands up slowly again. Looking up, Stayle kept his eyes on me, holding down the edges of his glasses and grinning and looking down.

    "How about Arthur. Are you glad I was there?"

    With a heartfelt laugh, Stayle extended his other hand to me.

    "... buha!"

    I laughed aloud involuntarily.

    To that villainous smile. And in the current position, which is the exact opposite of two years ago.

    "Oh, that's good!"

    With that said, I grabbed Stayle's hand and squeezed it tightly. My arm is pulled as it is, and I stand up on the spot. We draw our bodies together and hit each other with our arms close to each other.

    "We're not falling down this time?"

    "What if I say we should protect my sister together this time?"

    When we glared while provoking each other, the smiles full of fighting spirit naturally overflowed. I'm really glad that this guy was there. It is none other than this guy who protects Pryde with me.

    "I will protect my sister as a shield, and you will protect her as a sword .... It hasn't changed since long ago."

    (Stayle POV) 124. The Adopted Brother Sleeps
    "... Rather, it's better to prepare now to carry out what my sister has proposed earlier."

    Reposition the glasses and turn to Pryde again. She said "Thank you" and laughed, and I decided to put together a concrete plan on paper.

    "But there are times when something else takes precedence over that."

    e? For some reason, my arm was pulled toward the garden, not to the Pryde's room or the hall, before I could ask. I noticed that Tiara was pushing my back. Pryde, what? Pryde turned around to me asking the question, and said clearly.

    "Let's take a nap."

    While I couldn't understand the meaning of Pryde's words, they dragged me and finally reached the garden.

    "Stayle, aren't you sleeping properly? When we and Arthur were sleeping, you stayed up instead and didn't rest properly."

    ... it was noticed.

    Certainly I didn't sleep much last night either. However, there were times during the annihilation war when I was unconscious, so I was a little better than Pryde and Arthur.

    Certainly, fatigue remains. I was treated by the Knights while he was unconscious, so there were few burns left on his body, but the exhaustion still accumulated inside. ... I thought I could hide it from Pryde because Arthur wasn't aware of it. It seems that Arthur didn't noticed only because of his upset.

    I concede my loss and sigh. Then Pryde leaned against the shade of the garden before me, and sat down and relaxed. Tiara sat next to her and stretched her legs, and beckoned. … When this happens, I can't compete. I gave up and walked up to them and sat next to them with Pryde in the middle as usual.

    -As soon as I tried, I was grabbed by my shoulder and pulled down.


    I was surprised that the other party was Pryde, and I fell down as it was without resistance. I felt a soft touch on the back of my head, and when I looked up, I saw Pryde's face in front of me.

    "... Thank you very much, Stayle. Thanks to you, I was able to help many people."

    With that said, Pryde strokes my bangs while providing a knee pillow. Tiara was looking into my face from beside Pryde.

    The soft touch, the scent of Pryde, and above all, the close smile, I can feel my face flushing. Pryde took off my glasses with her thin fingers and my heart pulsated violently. After that, she stroked my hair over and over again as if she were unraveling it by hand. I closed my eyes in comfort and embarrassment. ... I feel like she has one extra hand. Perhaps Tiara is stroking my head with Pryde.

    If I keep your eyes closed, only the comfort will gradually increase and the beating sound will slow down.

    "... Pryde, ... I."

    While my consciousness is distant and distant, I suddenly say what I remembered.

    "... I want to be Regent ... not just because of Pryde ..."

    Like Powell ... to protect those who are crying somewhere and those who are still suffering and being beaten up. To eliminate the existence of people who mourn their destiny like I used to.

    … Like Pryde did for Arthur and me when we were young.

    "... for the people .... better than Uncle Wes ... more ... better ..."

    I want to be Regent.

    I tried to spin that word, but I was half drowsy and couldn't move my mouth. Consciousness is fluffy and uncertain. The moment I thought I would fall asleep, I felt soft hair and regained consciousness a little. Pryde's hair. When I noticed and opened my eyes thinly

    Pryde's lips are right in front of me.

    The moment I was surprised and opened my eyes completely, Pryde's soft lips hit my forehead.

    Forget blinking with a soft, slightly moist feel.

    "... You can do it, I'm sure. Because you're the brother I'm proud of."

    The Pryde who kissed my forehead said so and smiled happily.

    Coupled with the sunlight through the trees, the smile itself looks as if it is shining. The heat, which should have calmed down a while ago, rose again, and this time I couldn't stand it, and my arms covered my quivering lips, and I couldn't speak. I woke up completely.

    Without knowing my feelings, Pryde hits me with a shining smile while stroking my head again. The face is close, the forehead touched by the lips is hot and aching. The soft touch of the back of my head made me realize what I was doing, and my heart pulsated.

    "~~~~~~ ..."

    I want to die. In this situation where there is no escape, I die with shame and happiness. Keep an eye on Pryde while hiding my mouth with my arms.

    "That's nice, sister. Please give it to me too."

    That said, Tiara who glanced at me laughed mischievously. She's completely enjoying watching my reaction. Pryde, who received Tiara's words, first kissed Tiara's forehead and then approached my forehead again. I closed my eyes without thinking "Huh ...!", And as soon as I felt her lips, I heard an embarrassing and strange voice.

    When I opened my eyes, Tiara kissed me in the same way next to the place where Pride touched. When she lifted her small lips away from my forehead, she looked at Pryde and laughed happily. Only I have a fever in my face, and I'm left alone.

    Really, Pryde is crazy.

    And Tiara is ... just a little mean to me.

    I'm sure I can't beat these two for the rest of my life.

    "……Thank you."

    With a blazing face, I managed to return to them, hiding my still loose mouth.

    My dear sisters.

    Surrounded by them, I close my eyes again, almost suffocating with a feeling of drowning happiness.

    When I wake up, I think it's time to start moving again for the sake of Pryde and this country.
    *This is the Tiara we stan, don't give me that boring game version. :blobcat_knife:

    Anyway, the Sinner Arc is basically just baby fever and protective instinct on the shipping front here. And a little family bonding.

    In the Sinner Arc, Arthur is 17 and Stayle is 14.

    Also on the subject of the Sinner Arc, there's a short Val snippet that I'm still snickering over.
    Despite being treated by a special ability that can heal injuries, it will still take one night of rest for the healing to be fully effective and his own physical exhaustion was significant. But that doesn't mean that Val can stay overnight in the rescue building ... At first I thought I'd have him stay in my room overnight, but everyone, including Val, strongly opposed me. Val has a slavery contract with me, so I think it's safe.
    Who could imagine that Pryde was the first one to invite Val to her bed? :blobjoy:
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    Does that mean that you read the Val/Pryde scenes after all? I thought that you weren't interested in them. :blobsleepless:

    And I wouldn't worry too much about Stayle and Arthur. They're definitely together for life. :blobsmilehappy: (Game Stayle and his glasses appear in chapter 9 of the manga, but our Stayle gets the same kind, so you only have a bit more to wait!)
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    Excuse me but where do you get the raws for chapter 9? I tried looking it up but the only place I could find was pixiv and they only have 4 chapters
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    Picking up more Val/Pryde scenes as I'm writing this, so if you're interested in those, check pages 6&7. Added scenes are marked with "NEW" in front of the name. I'll also mark any scenes I decide to extend.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.

    And now the Fiancé Arc! :blobhero:

    (Arthur POV) 129. The Knight is Informed
    "If you have something to say, say it!"

    Isn't that the way it's been all this time? Stayle was shouted at in succession, and he involuntarily screamed. After all, I was aware of it. Stayle has no choice but to answer my question while picking up the sword that was once flipped.

    "... Tomorrow is my sister's birthday festival."

    "Oh, I know. I'm also called a guard knight."

    Nodding to my words, Stayle first gave a message from his sister, saying, "My sister told you about tomorrow." As it is, lightly swing the sword at me this time. I received it with a sword with a clicking sound, and lightly turned the sword back to Stayle to match it further. Rhythmic metallic sounds reverberate irregularly, unlike the intensity of the previous episode.

    "My sister will turn sixteen tomorrow."

    Stayle says while lightly hitting the sword many times. I nodded, lightening the sword, receiving it almost unconsciously, playing with it, and shaking it.

    "Well, Pryde is already a good woman."

    "And my sister's fiancé will also be announced by my mother's at tomorrow's birthday festival."


    My sword dulls rapidly. Although it was a light meeting, I couldn't handle Stayle's sword well this time.

    "My sister has probably forgotten about it now. She's too serious thinking about the school system ... I, Tiara, and Gilbert don't want to distract her too much, so I didn't talk about it. "

    "... But ... it's decided, isn't it? For generations, women of the royal family are introduced to their fiancé by the Queen on their 16th birthday festival. That's true of her Majesty now."

    The sword was hit with no force, and at the end they pulled the sword out of nowhere.

    "... I, you, and Tiara. We knew it."

    Take a small look away from Stayle with a full-blown look.

    Yes, I knew. It's been obvious since I learned that she was the princess of this country. She's a person in a world different from myself, someone I normally can't exchange words with on a daily basis.

    While understanding it in my head, a hazy feeling swirled. Is it painful for him to become farther away, or is he just lonely? I don't even know that.

    Even the Knights have already talked about it. Pryde turns 16 years old. The fiancé is finally decided. Neither the fiancé nor the princess are informed until that day. And that person is the fiancé of the foremost successor to the throne, Pryde, that is, he's the future Prince Consort.

    The Knights flew around with various speculations as to which country the prince would be chosen, probably the better one. In particular, Captain Alain has been impatient lately, probably because of that, and Captain Colm isn't doing well either. Also the recently promoted Deputy Captain Eric. My father and Deputy Commander Clark were also worried about the morale of the knights as a whole. I was also worried about by Clark, "Is Arthur okay ...?", But I said, "She's not going to leave the country."

    ... Yes, Pryde is not going to marry him separately. Rather, the fiancé will come here. I can still be with Pryde. ... Nevertheless.

    For some reason my chest hurts.

    "Yes, I knew it. My sister would get engaged. I'm prepared to do my best as the next Regent for my sister and her fiancé."

    Stayle continues while lightly swinging the sword that he stopped holding in his hand. It was when I thought that it would be complicated for Pryde to get engaged because he was the same as Captain Alain.

    "... But. That's if I recognize the person for Pryde."

    Clang, and Stayle thrust their swords to the ground. It's probably the first time this guy doesn't call Pryde "sister" in her absence. Suddenly, when I noticed, a huge bloodthirsty aura emanated from Stayle. It feels like the amount that has been accumulated up to now has spurted out at once. The sword stuck in the ground vibrates in synchronization with the shaking of the hand and makes a rattling sound. "Hey, Stayle ..." I say, but I don't get a reply.

    "I used a little hand to find out about my Pryde's ... my sister's fiancé."

    Stayle's words, which trembled with a little anger, made me cry out without thinking "What⁈". Only the Queen, Prince Consort, and Regent should know Pryde's fiancé until the birthday festival. It's information that even Chancellor Gilbert couldn't know. Thinking so far, I suddenly remember the special ability of this guy. If it's this guy, he can sneak in by teleporting. And even if he gets caught, it won't be a big deal.

    "The fiancé is the First Prince of our ally, the Anemone Kingdom. The country has three princes, but in the Anemone Kingdom, where the throne is a nomination system, he is by far the best choice. The First Prince, who was rumored to be the next King of Anemone, is my sister's fiancé. "

    I wanted to ask what he were doing, the First Prince of my country, but the only thing I could say when I was pushed by Stayle's supremacy was "Isn't that good then?"

    An excellent prince who is rumored to be the First Prince and the next King. It's a perfect partner for Pride.

    "Oh. He's close in age to my sister, 17 years old. I haven't actually met him, but for some reason, it seems that his appearance is so beautiful that everyone in Anemone knows it. "

    I have a bad feeling about Stayle, who emphasizes the word "for some reason". While clenching the sword in my hand and waiting for Stayle's next words, he said, "I used Gilbert to gather information about Anemone." For a moment I doubt the words that he relied on Chancellor Gilbert. But in the face of Stayle's next words, I don't even care about it.

    "The First Prince is rumoured to be a serious lover of women."

    Clang. The sword slipped out of my hand at Stayle's words.

    "There are rumors he has twenty women in the castle, there are five five unofficial concubine maids, and since he's a man who persuades women as soon as he sees them, they have been brought to used for meetings and ceremonies with allies ...! "

    As it was, Stayle groaned, "I was saying that Gilbert has information that is beyond the scope of rumors ..." and further inflated his murder.

    "At least it's true that the First Prince frequently visited the castle."

    The sword Stayle stabbed rattled as if effected by a tremendous tremor.

    "Prince Leon Adonis Coronaria. An infamous womanizer from the Kingdom of Anemone is my sister's fiancé ...!"

    (Stayle POV) 134. The Adopted Brother Decides
    "Arthur, Prince Leon"

    "I am."

    At the moment when I began to admit that Leon was a different person from the rumor and tried to apologize, Arthur opened his mouth with a clear voice as if to overwrite my voice.

    When I listen to Arthur's words, I scream first. Then Arthur opened his mouth again as if he had drawn it.

    "I don't want Pryde to marry Prince Leon."

    I don't know how to say a word to that voice that was shaking slightly. Meanwhile, Arthur continues.

    "If Prince Leon becomes Pryde's companion, Stayle, you and the senior knights ... Stayle, you are ten thousand times better."

    I replied "Stop flattering me" to a line I remember from somewhere, but I didn't get a reply.

    "I know the importance of marriage for the royal family. It doesn't matter if she fell in love with him ... I know that there's a strong political meaning. For Pryde, it's about her future role as Queen."

    I'm speechless as Arthur's words spill out. After all, Arthur can't stand it either. At the very least, let's not tell him that Pryde entered Prince Leon's room tonight. Arthur's words continued while I decided to do so.

    "But that guy is no good. That Prince Leon is ... he can't make Pryde happy."

    Did you not accept the facts, or did you still believe in the rumors of Prince Leon that I spoke of? … After all, I have to say it from my mouth, which is the cause.

    "... Arthur, listen to me. I'm sorry, I was wrong. Prince Leon is fine."

    "I'm not!"

    Suddenly, there was an angry voice that completely drowned out my voice.

    "I won't admit it ..."

    Arthur's shoulders began to shake. It was at the moment when I saw he was crying and tried to put my hand on that shoulder. With the terrible supremacy emanating from his whole body, I involuntarily withdrew my hand and retreated as if jumping away.

    "Now, she can't get married to that guy ... Absolutely ...!"

    Crackcrack and the backrest of the chair that Arthur was holding was destroyed with the power of only his fingers. I was suddenly exposed to the murderous aura that I hadn't felt for a long time from the gentle Arthur. I knew it wasn't for me, but I was surprised at the extraordinary amount of murder.

    The moment I tried to call out to him, ask what made Arthur so angry, Arthur's words covered mine again, and those words really stole my breath for a moment.

    "... that ... creepy laughing face, this is the first time I wanted to run ... ︎ "

    Arthur's blue eyes, which slowly raised his face, were burning bright red with anger.

    "Creepy laughter" ... I instantly understood exactly what Arthur meant

    (Stayle POV) 137. The Adopted Brother Prepares
    ... I knew.

    From the time I advised my mother that I wanted to study with my Uncle Wes, I knew that I would have almost no time with Pryde.

    I thought it was still okay. If it is for the sake of the future Pryde and for the people.

    It's not a complete break, I can live in the same castle and eat together as before. It's normal to meet even during rest time.

    However, now there is always Prince Leon next to Pryde.

    He'll be by Pryde's side all the time, like the past three days. At mealtime, they will whisper words of love, hug their shoulders, and bring their shoulders together to take a rest. Already ... I am not needed next to her.


    The voice leaked out unintentionally.

    The lacrimal glands are stimulated and tears are already there. If I blink one more time, my tears will overflow all at once.

    No, I promised Arthur. I still can't cry.

    I clench his teeth, scratch my neck and endures desperately.

    It's okay, it's okay. Everything is for Pryde and for the people. I decided to devote myself to that. It's okay, she has Arthur and Tiara even if I'm not next to her. In the long run, I'm still able to stay by my Pryde. It's okay, in order to be a good Regent, I ...

    "Oh! Brother‼ ︎ Have you finished talking with Mother?"

    When Tiara raised her face with a bright voice, I came to the garden before I knew it. I don't remember using teleportation, but it seems that I was walking unconsciously.

    Looking at my face, Tiara's expression changes. Only Tiara, Pryde, and Arthur have come to fully understand my emotions from my facial expressions. "What's wrong?" I said that I was just a little tired, touching the edge of my glasses without worrying about the Tiara who opened her eyes. I regained my mind and looked at Tiara again, and finally I noticed the situation in front of me and was surprised.

    "My sister ... is she sleeping ...?"

    Pride was sleeping in the shade of the garden.

    She hugs the Tiara sitting in the shade of a tree and sleeps while using Tiara's knees as a pillow. Normally Tiara is always leaning against Pryde. The position is completely reversed.

    "She couldn't sleep much last night."

    Tiara laughed innocently, but I read the meaning of her words, and my stomach hurts again. I wonder if she stayed in Prince Leon's bedroom last night ... Tiara twists her head and turns her worried expression on me, "Did you do it?" When I told her I was just tired again, Tiara patted the grass next to Pryde with a worried look.

    "Let my brother sleep too."

    Tiara's words, and her mischievous laugh, make my face hot. Why do you bother to specify next to Pryde? What does it mean to sleep?

    Perhaps because my facial expression has returned to life, Tiara laughs happily and gently strokes Pryde's hair.

    "... I've been very lonely for the last three days. I feel like Prince Leon has taken my sister. So I was very happy that she invited me to the garden."

    Tiara smiles with a soft smile. Stroking Pryde's soft crimson hair over and over again. I feel a little calm as I catch Tiara's smile. I sat next to Pryde, who slept as I was invited. Pryde's sleeping face, with Tiara's knees as a pillow, is facing us. Pryde's expression, which I am familiar with, made my chest feel a little lighter.

    "That's why my sister invited me so far ... she hugged me with all her might. I was sure she realized that I was lonely and comforted me ... but then Sister "

    "I'm ...?"

    Tiara's words are cut off in the middle. The Pryde that I couldn't take my eyes off for a long time opened her eyes thinly and vaguely. Look at my face as it is and call my name. Perhaps she's still asleep, her eyes are hollow and her point of view isn't fixed. When she saw my face, which was surprised when Pryde woke up suddenly, Pryde stretched out her arm to me with that expression as she fell asleep.

    "Eh ...⁈, ...! Wait ... P ... Pryde ...⁈"

    Pryde's arms were slowly wrapped around my waist so that I couldn't even hear my confused voice, and I stiffened. She buried her face in my knees as if hugging me. It's almost the same as with Tiara.

    Tiara looks happily at me, whose fever rises to the tip of my head, and Pryde, who is falling asleep.

    Even though she's falling asleep, it's like this. I've taken a nap with three people many times, but I've never seen a Pryde that fell asleep like this.

    My heart slams from the inside and my body trembles in an unbearable attempt to dislodge Pryde, but she never wakes up. Rather, she moans, and her arms that hug me are full of strength, so my heart is about to break.

    Call out to Pryde with a tense and quivering voice. Then, while moaning as if she fell asleep again, my shoulders trembled unintentionally at the sound of Pryde muttering "I'm ...". And the words of Pryde that continued further stopped me thoughts this time.

    "... I was lonely ..."

    It was like a sweet voice ... a crying voice.

    Surprise exceeds all emotions, and at the same time as that thought, the movement of the body stops completely. Meanwhile, Pryde buried her face in my lap and began to sigh.

    "To me ... she said so."

    Tiara looked shyly at her sleeping pride and smiled happily.

    ... I was lonely.

    I thought I was the only one who thought so.

    I finally regained consciousness in Tiara's words, and I turned my attention to the Pryde that sleeps on my lap.

    Her beautiful face is so close and she sleeps with a reassuring expression. Like Tiara, try stroking Pryde's hair with this hand. Soft, long crimson hair slips between my fingers. At the same time, a sweet scent slipped through the tip of the nose. No matter how many times I stroke it, I don't seem to get bored. I stopped before I became addicted, and cautiously held it in my hands this time, hugging her head as if covering it. A pulsing heartbeat touches Pryde's forehead, and her long hair sticks to her mouth and nose.

    Then I quietly replied to her sleeping face.

    "... I am too."

    … It's okay, I'll be here forever.

    Even if I'm away, my heart is by your side.

    Even if I'm not next to you

    Even if you love that man

    Because my body and mind are all yours.

    (Arthur POV) 138. The Knight is Prepared
    "... are you happy ...? ...?"

    My face is hot because I am nervous and take the plunge.

    But that thought never left my mind.

    Pryde looked a little surprised at the sudden question. Behind Pride, both Stayle and Tiara silently compare me with Pryde. I was so nervous that I wanted to look away, but I didn't want to miss Pryde's hesitation or stagnation even for a moment, so I bit my mouth and endured it.

    After swallowing my words, Pryde tilted her head a little ... laughed.

    "I'm happy, because Arthur and everyone are here."

    It was a heartfelt smile. It was so dazzling that my eyes were dazzling for a moment.

    Just seeing that smile makes me feel relieved and lose power at once. Tiara and Stayle standing behind her also smiled as if they were relieved.

    Good, if Pryde is happy, then that's fine.

    Exhale for a long time as if I exhale all the croaking in my chest. Close my eyes and focus on breathing.

    I still don't know what that is with Prince Leon, but if Pryde is happy now, I don't need anything more.

    Pryde, who worriedly calls my name again, makes me relax and unintentionally leak my words.

    "That's good ... Then it wasn't impossible ..."



    Unpalatable! ︎ I inadvertently got the real intention. I open my eyes to apologize for saying something rude. "I'm sorry, I'm an idiot." It was when I tried to say that.

    ... Pride's smile was stiff.

    It's as if she were hit by a star ... When she noticed my gaze, she said, "That's not the case," and ... she faked a smile again.


    At a stretch, the relief I had just before sank heavily in my stomach like a lie. It's too heavy, and I'm weakened to be dragged by it and crouch down on the spot.

    "Ah ... Arthur⁈ I'm okay⁈ I'm sorry, don't be worried. It's okay, I'm okay! There's just a few thingsbI'm worried about."

    She worried about me, guessed the cause, and gently touched my rounded shoulders.

    Even that is painful now, and I unconsciously extend my arm to Pryde. Stop Pryde, who is also trying to crouch down to see my face.

    Hook two of your fingers around that thin hand and grab it.

    "Worry ... let me ..."

    I couldn't even make eye contact, and I talked down while crouching. I can't choose words well because my head is messed up. As Pryde was surprised at my remarks, her words and movements stopped.

    "Why ... why did you look like that in the carriage ... why did you ... what is Prince Leon holding against you even weakly ... for the country ... ... I, Stayle, Tiara ... Everyone is worried about Pryde, so much, ………… so much. ”

    Yeah ... I said everything.

    I hold my breath and endure that I don't want to cry because my voice is strangely weak. It's not a good time to cry yet.

    Pryde says "I'm sorry" and touches my hand. Worst of all, I'm worried about Pryde, who says she's worried.

    "Thank you, Arthur, Stayle, Tiara. I'm glad you worried, but it's really okay."

    Ah ... that's right.

    No matter how much pain this person feels, she tries to hold it by herself until the last minute.

    It's as if I'm going to let her do that.

    It's as if she was originally determined to be someone who fights alone.

    ... I want to protect this person's smile.

    If Pryde herself is happy, I will welcome any man. That person's happiness is also my happiness.

    However, it would be terrible if the Pryde I was worried about, couldn't open her heart to Prince Leon for some reason and made herself accept their engagement for the sake of the country. It's a Pryde-like marriage that I don't want the most.

    … Still, if Pryde chooses that path on her own initiative, I will.

    "Beside you ... I'm here. Forever ... Forever."

    Words overflow.

    I raise my face and look straight up at Pryde, who has a surprised expression.

    Pray that this alone will reach that person.

    Pryde nods slowly and softly, returning a heartfelt smile. Thank you, in return to me.

    Let's be near this person.

    I swear so many times.

    If the other man is a good partner for Pryde, I will stay by her side and protect the happiness of the two of them.

    If the other man isn't ... I'll keep protecting Pryde from that man on her behalf.

    Nothing has changed, nothing.

    A long time ago, all of me was dedicated to Pryde.

    (Stayle POV) 161. The Adopted Brother Accepts It
    "... Pryde. I'm not as sensitive to emotional subtleties as Tiara and Arthur."

    I repeat these words to Pryde who has yet to change her pale complexion and has become rigid. The surface of the teacup she held was rippling.

    "But when it comes to Pryde ... I think I understand you ... and I want to understand more."

    During the three days that Prince Leon and Pride spent together, Arthur noticed Pryde's fake smile, and eventually Tiara helped us understand Pride's true intentions.

    Furthermore, it was also known that Pryde was not in love with Prince Leon, thanks to the straightforward rant delivered to Val in the carriage. ... I haven't been able to get inside her heart by myself yet.

    That's why I want to face Pryde from the front now.

    "Please tell me a little about your heart. I will accept all your thoughts."

    I willingly tell Pryde that I want her to deliver the words this time. Pryde took a breath at my words and bit her lips lightly. I placed the shaking cup on the surface of the table and covered her quivering hand with mine and pressed it down.

    … Her eyes were shaking terribly.

    "... I ... I am ..."

    I closed my eyes tightly and opened them again, keeping my eyes on her so as not to look away. And quietly, the voice quivered.

    "... Huh ... Huh ... Oh ... That ..."

    The words float in the air. I couldn't hear it clearly, and when I asked "Pryde?", She raised her face once and turned her eyes to me, which seemed about to cry at any moment.

    Pryde apologized to me first, grabbed the tablecloth and squeezed it tightly.

    "... I couldn't forgive them ...!"

    At the same time as the biting words, teardrops finally overflowed from the corners of Pryde's eyes.

    "Hmm ... I know the future ...! ... That wasn't the only thing ...! ... Because of those two people, the innocent people in the bar and Leon ...! But ... they ... , ... without being judged ...! ... that, that ... "

    As if the thread had been cut, the passionate voice of Pryde fell like the snow.

    Drip drip and tears showed how much she endured that feeling. Pryde covered her face with both hands like her mother, and still a lot of tears fell from the gap between her fingers.

    My chest hurts because of the Pryde that tries to suck it up. I got up from my chair, moved to Pryde's side, and patted her back. When Pryde started to speak slowly, I held my hand on her back and nodded.

    ... She has always been a person who keeps killing and accumulating only her own discomfort. Ever since eight years ago.

    Pride told me in a few words.

    The future that those two princes would have originally created.

    An innocent tavern man seen with Prince Leon was accused by two princes who knew his innocence ... and all were executed as a result.

    Prince Leon became deeply ill and sick.

    Eventually, the kingdom of Anemone was devastated, and the two princes just gave up ruling the country and remained on the throne without any blame.

    I was surprised that Pryde had made so many predictions, but more than that, the feelings towards the princes in the future went beyond anger and became murderous.

    What is considered lower than that stupidity?

    As a member of the same royal family, it is unforgivable.

    It's not an exaggeration, it's the worst future for the Kingdom of Anemone.

    Did Pride endure that anger all the time?

    "... Hmm ... I can't forgive ... I can't forgive ... It hasn't happened yet ...! ... But ... I hate them ... I hate them ... It was ... "

    The sleeves that covered the face of Pryde, who cried too much, were damp.

    It was as if Pryde couldn't forgive not only those two princes but also herself, who hated them.

    I don't know the power of precognition in detail.

    I haven't heard in detail how the future looks from Pryde.

    But if Pryde sees so much of the future in this much detail ... her suffering must be immeasurable.

    Just as my mother foresaw the bad future of Pryde and then distanced herself from her.

    Pryde also cannot know what they are doing and take it lightly as a "mere possibility".

    What happens in the future cannot be judged until it happens.

    A mortal sin that she cannot forgive, even though she can forgive sinners and traitors.

    Even that, she can't judge.

    Everyone has a wound in their hearts that no one knows about

    However, they can only endure it.

    Pryde, ... and my mother.

    "... I can't forgive ... even if it's undecided ... but ... hurt, the future ... that destroys the country ... the future ...! ... the people, my important people ... hurt ... the future ...‼"

    The words of Pryde, mixed with sobs and tears and words, seemed to spring up from the bottom of her heart.

    … Is this really just Erwin and Homer?

    She continued to sob for a while, and the crying Pryde raised her voice to spit everything out at the very end.

    "I ...! Compared to those two ... I've piled up ...‼ ︎"

    I doubt my ears.

    The words that were screamed clearly stopped me from thinking.

    What is it? Why does Pryde put herself on top of those two who could have been the worst kings?

    Even though she saw the same prediction as Mother, why has it come so far from the future of becoming a human being who "hurts the weak"?

    Why do you overlap with those two who could overthrow the country, hurt innocent people, and become kings that would make an irreparable wound in someone's heart?

    Why does she despise herself so much?

    … Or did Pryde foresee a worse future?

    A strange figure of herself that even our mother did not predict.

    impossible. There is no way that Pryde will become such a human being. There must be something wrong.

    However, even if I want to pursue it further, I hesitated because of Pryde who strongly blamed herself in front of me and cried. … It feels like pushing a knife against an old wound.

    ... So I.

    Raise my outstretched hand to rub her back.

    I turned the hand held in her soft hand further in the opposite direction and hugged her from behind.

    Suddenly I hugged her and she spilled a small breath from her mouth. Stretch my arms around as far as I can and hug her with my whole body.

    I buried my face in her delicate shoulders, and her soft crimson hair hung on my face, and her little ears reached my mouth.

    Astonishingly, the sobbing stopped from her mouth. My name was spun as "Stay ... le ...?", And I was excited by the sound that I should have been accustomed to hearing.

    "It's okay, Pryde. You will never be like them."

    Pryde raises her face from his arms. She was red to her ears and stopped wiping her eyes, and she listened to my words.

    "Even if I bet my life, I'll prove it."

    Only the squeaking, squeaking, and squeaking sounds are emitted from her throat.

    I'm strange. Even the painful crying face of Pryde makes me happy to monopolize it.

    "You are more beautiful, noble, and benevolent than anyone else .... and kind."

    Because of that Pryde, we believe and want to protect her.

    "I ... we are with you. If you should fall, we will definitely stop you."

    Yes, the people who protect our Pryde ... There are many people who want to protect it. There are nothing but people who are attracted by her charm.

    "It's natural that you can't forgive those two, because now you are a vessel that should be a queen, so you can't forgive their folly and get angry from the bottom of your heart."

    I grabbed my thin finger on my arm that the Pryde gently turned. The squeeze is settled little by little. His ears are listening to me as he looks straight away.

    "Please, don't blame yourself, and don't hold yourself back. Look at yourself more and believe in us."

    ... Hmm, Pryde replied with just her throat. Even this voice feels lovely, and my mouth just loosens.

    "... I'm here. Absolutely, I'm on your side."


    You can hear a cute snorting sound. Pryde returned with a small tear from my throat. The Pryde that moistened her eyes in bright red slowly turned to me

    The eyes met at a close distance, and our noses collided with each other.

    "That's ⁉︎"

    Involuntarily, the soft touch of the nose shook, and I took my hand off my Pryde and jumped.

    It was too close It was too close !! ︎ Pryde's eyes, nose, and lips were right there ...! ︎

    Blood suddenly races violently throughout my body, as if I had been paralyzed a while ago. I can see that my face gets hot. As if Pryde was surprised, she opened her eyes and turned her head toward me.

    What, what, what, what was I doing now⁈

    Both arms holding the hurting Pryde. Her body temperature was still all over my clothes. That's right, I, to Pryde, with this hand ...

    "I'm sorry, Pryde!

    I hugged her from behind like you would hold a woman, even though she was a sibling. ︎ I can't complain no matter how misunderstood it is, such as doing something like this to Pryde who has lost her engagement. If I'm not careful, it has the potential to grow bigger than Prince Leon's notoriety.

    "... Fufu .... Thank you, Stayle."

    … Suddenly, her smile, soft like a flower, spread.

    She hid her small mouth with the tip of her hand and squinted her moist eyes and laughed. The cheeks that were flushed because of crying gave off a faint scent.

    My heart hurts.

    I can feel the vibration from inside my body as if someone was hitting it with their fist. My body temperature is too high and my head is wobbly. When I noticed unconsciously, I grabbed my chest as if I was holding it with my right hand.

    "I'm glad you asked Stayle ... I will continue to count on you."

    She laughs as she wipes the tears around her eyes with her fingertips. A dazzling smile hit me from the front, and my heart screamed again.

    "No way, to think you would say the same thing as Arthur."

    "With Arthur ...?"

    I was surprised at Arthur's name. What kind of word is the same thing ...? Pryde nodded with all his might, "Yes." She tilted her head and laughed as if she was shy at the same time.

    "Stayle is strong and smart, so you're absolutely safe with him on your side."


    I don't know why but for some reason, I feel like I lost to Arthur. I don't know how he could compliment me like that. I don't know if the redness of my face now is due to Pryde or Arthur.
    *I can't tell if the mood is killed at the end or not.

    (Arthur POV) 165. The Knights Drink
    "This looks like fun. Can I join you?"

    Suddenly, another voice came from the room where there should be only four people. At the same time, Alain, Colm, and Eric turned around and gripped their swords, and Arthur raised his hand.

    "Hey, Stayle ..."

    Arthur murmured when he saw someone with only his voice and waved while he was lying down on the table. The senior knights also looked back and turned their eyes.

    At the moment when he tried to raise his voice, Stayle raised his index finger to his mouth and said, "It's bad if I'm noticed by the other knights."

    Stayle, the country's First Prince, sits gracefully in a chair in the corner of Alain's room, smiling in front of the four knights. It was clearly an unusual sight for the three knights.

    "Why ... why is Stayle in such a dirty place ...⁈"

    "Hey Colm! It's too much to call it dirty⁈"

    "No, why not in Arthur's room, but in Captain Alain's room ...⁈"

    In the words of the three, Stayle looked around, "Oh, was this the room of Captain Alain?" And slowly stood up.

    "I waited in Arthur's room for a while, but he was absent. On the way, I remembered that Arthur was invited to drink after we returned from the Kingdom of Anemone."

    So I teleported directly to Arthur and came here. The three looked at each other and at Stayle, who laughed. At the same time, they remember that Stayle said that he wanted to join.

    "It was just right. I definitely wanted to participate in this discussion."

    Can I sit next to you? He asked Captain Colm, and in a hurry, Captain Colm recommended a seat between Arthur and himself to Stayle.

    "It's a shame, Arthur."

    Stayle calls out to Arthur, who is drunk for the first time, with a nasty smile. Then Arthur turned only his face and looked at the Stayle. Eric saw it and said, "Ah ... Stayle. Arthur is now?", But it was too late. Arthur muttered a little, Stayle ... and opened his mouth as it was.

    "Stayle is ... this guy is really strong ... smart ... He's really thinking about Pryde-sama ... well ... he's a hard worker, he's got a serious sword."

    "Wait Arthur! What are you saying suddenly?"

    Involuntarily, Stayle, who was in a hurry, covered Arthur's mouth with his hand. The three knights bite and smother their laughter as Arthur's mouth is sealed by the First Prince's hand.

    "When Arthur gets drunk, it's always like this."

    Stayle's eyes are rounded by Eric's words. As it was, Eric offered Arthur the water he had poured into the mug.

    "Ah, but don't worry, it's the first time he's talked about Stayle.

    He heard Arthur talking that night ... laughing and pouring more water into the mug that Arthur had just finished drinking.

    "That night, Arthur told Pryde about Captain Alain, Captain Colm, ... myself, and Stayle. Please be assured that there are so many allies. It seems that he wanted to tell Pryde. . "

    "So ..."

    Stayle nodded to Eric's explanation as he had guessed. In the meantime, Arthur, who had finished drinking water, fell down on the table again and began to open his mouth even though he had not been asked.

    Immediately, the offense and defense with Arthur begins again.

    "Captain Alain is so strong and rewarding ..."

    "Stop Arthur! Don't let Stayle hear it!"

    "Captain Colm is kind and smart ..."

    "In front of Stayle, who is as famous as Arthur‼ ︎ Honestly, the compliment only makes me ashamed!"

    "Deputy Captain Eric is a great hard worker ... he can do anything ..."

    "Arthur, should I make you drink another glass of water?"

    "Stayle is ..."

    "Arthur. For the time being, you should wake up from this sickness."

    For some reason, Arthur is completely swayed by the Knight Captain, Deputy Captain, and First Prince.

    Finally, when Stayle grabbed the back of Arthur's neck as he sank to the table, the First Prince himself opened the door and threw Arthur out to cool his head outside.

    (Stayle POV) 165.1 And Quarrels
    "Arthur. I got permission from my mother today. I will be learning from Uncle Wes from tomorrow ... I will be with the Regent Wes. To learn everything as the next Regent .... I will not always be with my sister like I used to be."

    I said it clearly and without hesitation.

    At my words, Arthur opened his eyes silently, whispered a little, and then slowly opened his mouth.

    ".......... At that time one week before the top secret visit .... is that what you meant about your part?"

    "I ask Arthur. ... up to my part."

    Arthur remembers my words on the day the Knights were ordered to escort Pryde on that top secret visit. Arthur himself was something he had always been concerned about.

    I nods to Arthur's question. While touching the edge of my glasses, I answered "yes".

    "Originally, I was planning to do it at the same time as my sister's engagement, so I was planning to postpone it at the same time the engagement was canceled. However, I directly requested my mother to let me do it. Even if that person appears ... "

    While talking to him, Arthur grabbed my shoulders and closed his mouth. While standing down, only the power of the hand that grabbed my shoulder became stronger. Arthur, who said nothing, took a breather as Alain and his friends were watching over them. And the next moment.

    Bam! ︎‼ ︎, Arthur's headbutt hit me directly.

    "Well, did you hold it by yourself? Stayle‼ ︎ Temee is every time ... That's why I'm with Pride-sama."

    Arthur yells at me, who holds my struck head and curls my back to endure. Arthur's forehead that he swung at the me is also slightly red. Arthur continued his words to me, who was in too much pain to speak.

    "There is no one who is more suitable to be Regent than Temee, so it can't be helped. If that's the practice of the royal family, it's natural to follow it.

    Do not be silly! When he tried to grab my head, I moved behind Arthur by teleportation. At the same time as Arthur turns around, I puts in a roundhouse kick.

    "So, I wonder if you came to report this way!"

    Arthur grabbed the kick and blocked it. There was no sound of clenching my teeth.

    "It's not after it's decided anyway, but I'm complaining sooner!"

    "I can't tell you when you were sick because of Prince Leon⁈ My sister said there was nothing at that time ..."

    "I knew that after Pryde talked to me, but for the time being, apologize 100 times!"

    Even though I didn't know what happened at night, Temee! Arthur threw my leg that he grabbed ︎. Then, I appeared at Arthur's back from the air by teleportation, grabbed his arm and threw Arthur on his back.

    "If so, could you say it if you were me?"

    My sister is spending the night in her fiancé's room! While staring at me, who yelled at ︎him, Arthur twisted his body in the air and landed cleanly.

    "I can't say it!"

    Arthur yells, either because he has moved and got drunk, or for some other reason, his face has turned slightly red. I immediately yell at the answer, "Yes, that's right."

    Huh ... huh ... breathe on each other's shoulders and stare at each other. The room was filled with the feeling that the fighting would resume if either one rushed out.

    "... I did a secret thing ... it was ... bad."

    The first one that broke was me. Only the mouth was moved intermittently while staring at Arthur as usual.

    "... Honestly, I was confused when I first heard the story from my mother .... Above all, I felt like I had broken my vow with you, and I hesitated to confess."

    Protect Pryde together. … But as Regent, I will not be able to defend Pryde by her side like I used to. Arthur understood it the moment he heard from me. But

    "... Ah? You're protecting it properly. You want to be Regent to protect Pryde and the people."

    Saying something difficult again. I finally lifted his stance at Arthur's words. As it is, he sighed and walked up to me.

    "What's wrong with studying to be Regent from now on to protect Pryde and the people for the years and decades to come?"

    Arthur talks smoothly, and I opens my eyes in surprise. Even though I hadn't talked about why I wanted to be Regent yet, it was a pretense that Arthur already knew.

    Arthur stands in front of me again, and this time he grabs my head.

    "Wha ... at! I'm annoyed that Temee himself was so worried and held back everything, including Prince Leon's night!"

    Then the Small Party Arc! :blobhero:

    (Multiple POV) 169.1 The Knight Opens His Mouth and the Adopted Brother Tastes
    "Sister. It's a good idea, why don't you feed your brother and Arthur?"

    Stayle and Arthur screamed at the same time. Arthur's face is redder than before. Arthur was worried that even the dumplings would get stuck in his throat for a moment.

    "Because it's a sweet that my sister worked hard to make. I'm sure it's much nicer and and more special!"

    Tiara laughs at them, completely ignoring their eyes.

    Sure, it's a melon bread that I have a lot of special feelings about, but from the perspective of two people, it's one of the amateur's creative sweets that is no different from other people. If you want to appeal specially with the meaning of gratitude, that may be enough.

    Nod lightly and return to Tiara. Pick up one of the dishes that was on the plate, and gently hold it out to Arthur in front of me.

    "Yes, Arthur."

    I bring bread to his mouth with a smile.

    Eh, eh⁈ and his face gets so hot that Arthur can't believe it without hiding his confusion.

    He's happy enough to die just because Pryde made it for them. Furthermore, Arthur still can't swallow the situation where Pryde is trying to feed him with her own hands.

    Arthur was so confused that Stayle and Tiara swim in front of his eyes, and Tiara laughed, "If Arthur doesn't eat, I'll eat."

    That's a problem! ︎, Arthur thinks reflexively and opens his mouth terrifyingly, but Arthur can't open his mouth well because of the tension.

    The sweets that Pryde gave him were put in his mouth with Pryde's fingers.

    Gab, and bite lightly. The sweetness of the hard surface spread throughout the mouth.

    Arthur swallowed it, but the sweetness still remains in his mouth.

    "... Wow ... it's delicious."

    Arthur can't express his impressions well, and he desperately tightens the mouth that seems to be loose. When Arthur thought that it was all over with that bite, Pryde laughed, "I'm glad," and picked up the remaining few bites and brought them back to his mouth.

    … Is going to continue until it's eaten up…?

    Arthur felt embarrassed to finish eating, and he had some strange desire, and his face became hot again while swallowing the bite that should have disappeared. The moment Arthur chewed the bread at once with a bigger bite so as to deceive it

    I felt Pryde's finger in his mouth with the bread.

    A smooth touch was transmitted to my lips, and when Arthur opened his eyes, Pryde looked a little surprised. I ate Pryde-sama's fingers along with the bread with too much momentum, ... ~ ~ ~! ︎


    Swallow it all at once and go down unintentionally. The sweetness spread in my mouth, but I don't know how it tastes or feels.

    Pryde smiled a little embarrassedly and returned, "It's fine if you don't chew," as if nothing had happened. It ’s different! ︎ Yes, it's not such a problem ... ︎

    Pride apologized and gave him a little thoughtful expression, and suddenly the hand was eaten by Arthur slowly extended toward him.


    At the same time as the sullen voice, Pride-sama's fingers lightly touched his cheeks. My thin, white fingers catch my cheeks and I hold my breath for a moment.

    "Now, I'm happy."

    With that said, Arthur's heart is shot through by Pryde, who laughs mischievously at close range. The smile he's never seen before is so cute.

    "Thank you Arthur for worrying about me .... It was really encouraging."

    Pryde chases him as the fire is about to come out of his face. No, Arthur can't get his head around anymore.

    Arthur forgot to cover his face, which would definitely be red, and nodded without saying anything. The sound of his heart was annoying, and Arthur wondered if he would die as it is now.

    "Yes, Stayle."

    Pride offered bread to Stayle this time.

    Stayle, who witnessed Arthur's misery, gently opened his mouth with his face already slightly red.

    When Stayle let his sister Pride feed him, it makes him feel embarrassed like he returned to childhood again.

    A sweet crusted bread was pressed into the mouth and slowly chewed it off. The firm and hard dough tickles the mouth. Stayle chewed it further in his mouth and swallowed it. The soft dough patted the throat, leaving the sweetness of the surface on the tongue.

    "... I ate this delicious bread for the first time ..."

    Stayle tried to say some nifty words, but at Pryde's smile, only one sentence came out.

    When Stayle tried to smile at least, Pryde returned with a smile that made Stayle twice as happy, and he tried to hide it and bite into the bread further.

    Taste a bite and bite so that it doesn't look like Arthur. As he continued to eat, Pryde's fingers approached me, and Stayle remembered the moment before and his heart burst. Involuntarily, at the end, he hurried into a gab, a gab, and ate up to the last bite safely. When he tasted it in his mouth, swallow it, and thanks Pryde again

    "! Stil, ... here."

    Pryde's fingers were stretched back to his mouth.

    For a moment, Stayle remembered Arthur's appearance. If he involuntarily stretched himself, Pryde's supple fingers stretched out ... And gently stroked his lips.

    Her smooth fingers touch his cheeks as they flow from his lips. Then she said, "Because there was a piece of cake," and Pryde laughed like a flower.

    "... I'm sorry ...!"

    A few seconds later, shame rushes in at once. Stayle's face suddenly gets hot and he can't even make eye contact. He had a lot of meals with Pryde, but like this, she got crumbs with her hands! ︎ Pride's fingers touch his lips ... ︎‼ ︎

    Stayle couldn't hide his feverish face and kept looking away, and he heard a pretty Pryde laugh.

    "Stayle, thank you for listening to me a lot .... I was very happy."

    The pursuit of Pryde makes him hold his breath.

    Stayle can't even move because of the desire to see the smile that is being directed at him with his own eyes and the danger that his heart will break if he's hit by it directly. Stayle managed to nod in answer, but no words came out.

    "Tiara, you too .... Thank you for getting angry at that time."

    When he noticed that Pryde's eyes were off, he glanced at her and saw Pryde stroking Tiara's head and the appearance of Tiara happily smiling.

    Tiara pulled Pryde as it was, and handed the maid with two empty plates in one hand, saying, "Let's go get what Sister wants to eat."

    They left for the dessert table again.

    "... Hey, Stayle."

    Arthur suddenly calls out to him, who hides his mouth with his arms to desperately suppress his blushing complexion.

    When Stayle turned around, Arthur was crouching down, holding his face with both hands. It is clear that the glow of the face has not yet been pulled from the gaps between the fingers and ears.

    After a long sigh, words leaked through the gap between his hands.

    "... I'm so happy now that I'm crying."

    "Stop. I want to cry."
    *Why isn't this chapter called "Tiara incites Pryde to kill two people"?

    (Roderick POV) 173. The Unreasonable Princess Distributes
    It is inevitable that the knights who yearn for Pryde dream that still not belong to anyone. But I ...

    "... I wanted you to be happy ..."

    I sigh for a long time without thinking. Clark laughed in his throat and hit me on the shoulder.

    "Engagement has a strong political factor. It's a different matter whether she's happy just because she's married to Prince Leon."

    Don't you know that much? Clark picked up another snack on the table.

    "And ... maybe there's someone else who makes Pryde happy?"

    Yeah, this is also delicious. Looking back at Clark, who whispers. When I couldn't understand his intention and wrinkled my eyebrows, I just said, "Well, honestly, I'm one of the people who stood out to cancel Pride's engagement."

    "I understand your feelings, Roderick. I've seen Pryde since I was little .... and Arthur."

    Why are we talking about Arthur here? If I ask that, Clark will arrange my sweets in order of sweetness from the right without answering my question.

    "If I think Arthur will have another chance, I think it's okay to think that this engagement cancellation is also fortunate."

    "... Clark. What are you talking about?"

    "... Arthur's definitely inherited his dullness from you."

    Clark laughed in his throat and replied to me, who uttered the less sweet ones for the time being.

    "Pryde-sama seems to be able to do that much out of common sense."

    I have no idea what he is saying, but I give up pursuing Clark who seems to be in a good mood. That's probably what it means to not explain to me.

    I handed over the sweets in half to a friend who laughed that sweetness was the limit, thinking that he just wanted to eat this sweet.

    This engagement had a disappointing result, but I hope that Pryde will be happy this time.

    Tomorrow you finally get to see Cedric when he was still an idiot. Look forward to it.

    Looking at the excited white-haired knight getting up in Pryde's face in chapter 9 of the manga...please be Alain. Please, please be Alain. Let the dark-haired knight be Harrison, and the light-haired knight be Alain. Please, just get their hair color right! It is my only wish for this manga! I don't care about anything else! :blob_teary:
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    Someone shared a link to them on a different site. Here you go. (Chapter 9 came out only a day or two ago, so 10 should hit sometime in December.)

    EDIT: The author has since confirmed that the next manga chapter will be released sometime in January. (And thus ruining the monthly release schedule.)
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    i just realized i wasn’t getting the notifications anymore so i am still catching up but... wait what? I feel like I missed something HUGE cause i did not see that coming.
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    Ps: the one true ship is Pryde x Stayle x Arthur x Val shhhhhh.

    Thank you for all the new spoilers! Haven’t read all of the scenes yet but yayyy my pryde worshipper heart is happy
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    Okay, Gilbert being half in love with Pryde is probably like a leftover artifact from him being the hidden Capture Target in the game. Nothing really happens with it, it's just something that gets mentioned by Pryde's dad. Because there was a major shift in how Gilbert started to treat Pryde after Marianne was healed, from being passive-aggressive to affectionate and overprotective of her. And Dad noticed.

    Gilbert ends up being more loyal to Pryde than to his best friend, the Prince Consort. So Albert warns Gilbert more than once not to fall in love with his daughter, in a "I'm not giving her to you" way. Gilbert, by this time, is married and Stella's already been born, so he's not even entertaining the idea. But every time Albert shows up after the Gilbert Arc, he's watching Gilbert like a hawk. :blobjoy:
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    that's must be tough to be Pryde's dad tho. Especially after looking at the character cheat you shared!
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    Taking a short break from Stayle and Arthur's scenes for some fluff, so enjoy some extra chapters about Pryde's birthday. It's a little funny (in a sad way) seeing how scared Pryde gets in the Stayle and Arthur chapters (that was a full-blown panic attack in the Stayle chapter), and how she's still a little nervous in the Gilbert one. Val's chapter was perfection, though.

    Split into parts because it's long. (Since I'm including the whole chapter.)

    401. Special Story: The Adopted Brother Gave it
    "Brother, what is a consultation for two people ...?"

    Tiara tilts her head and looks at me.

    Immediately after my study time, I hurriedly ambushed Tiara in front of her door before she could head to Pryde's room. Tiara, who seemed a little surprised that I was waiting without going to Pryde's room, responded to me as soon as I stopped and put my index finger in front of my mouth.

    When I told her that we would have a consultation alone, she nodded and invited me to her room. When I entered Tiara's room with the maid and escort, the size was not much different from Pryde's room, but the atmosphere was different and there was a space studded with cute decorations and lace.

    When I sat on the sofa as recommended, Tiara immediately brought up the topic.

    To Tiara, who was mysteriously told that this consultation is a secret, I look away only once.

    I really wanted to act for a long time. But the more I thought about it, the more embarrassing it was. But I can't help myself. There are many things I don't understand when I'm still immature as a member of the royal family, and ... I thought it was best to do this after all.

    I squeeze out the words. Just trying to talk made my face feel strangely hot and I closed my mouth once. I have to secure my position as a brother to Tiara.

    Make a fist with my hands on my knees, and take the plunge, and say it to Tiara this time.

    "Ah ..., uh ... oh, hey ... what's your birthday ... that ..."

    It's useless. The voice turned inside out more than I expected.

    Tiara, who managed to hear it, tilted her head again, saying, "Our sister's birthday ...⁇". That alone makes my lips tremble, and it's even more embarrassing. I haven't talked about the main subject yet.

    I've already spoken, tell myself I have to say, and I keep saying.

    "... on her birthday next week ... what about a gift ......... Tiara is going to give her ... a gift ...?"

    Tiara rounded her golden eyes at my question, which was more verbal than before.

    Pryde's birthday.

    It's Pryde's first birthday since I was adopted. The oldest child of the royal family, Pryde, will finally be nine next month. ...... It's an important day for me too.

    My first time meeting my sister Tiara was on her birthday, and neither Pryde nor I had a personal celebration. But Pryde's next birthday will be different. It's been a few months since I and Tiara became Pryde's siblings, and we're not stranger.

    When I lived in town, everyone celebrated my friend's birthday.

    The girls made homemade things and I spent money little by little with everyone. I'm an only child, but all the children in other houses were celebrating their birthdays with their brothers and sisters. So I, as Pryde's brother, want to celebrate with a gift that will remain in shape.

    However, when I asked the teachers and maids, it was said that there was no official agreement between the royal family. It has not been decided, nor has it been banned. If it was recommended, I would normally have given it without any problems! ︎

    Besides, I'm not Pryde's only sibling. Tiara is, too. Then, I felt that it was a little difficult for me to give a gift. Tiara is also Pryde's younger sister, and unlike me, she is connected to Pryde by blood. I thought I should invite Tiara to celebrate Pride's birthday. ………… Besides, if it was a girl like Tiara from the same royal family, I can get a gift consultation.

    To be honest, I just became a member of the royal family, and I don't know how to prepare gifts that are suitable for the royal family.

    I'm used to giving gifts to girls, but handmade items may seem like a poor gift to give to royalty, and I can't imagine how expensive it should be. If it is a custom-made item, it will not be in time unless it is prepared early.

    I thought about such a thing and shut up, and when I noticed, I turned my eyes away from Tiara. Even though it wasn't hot, sweat was dripping down my forehead and I didn't have the energy to wipe it. Then, after a short while, the words "Brother ..." came back from Tiara.

    "I think it's a very nice idea. I want to give a gift to Sister like Brother!"

    When I raised my face at the energetic voice, Tiara had happily glittering eyes and gave me a big smile over her joined hands.

    She gave me a look similar to respect, saying, "That's my brother!", And I breathed out involuntarily. I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and relax my shoulders. I feel relieved from the bottom of my heart. It doesn't seem to be bad or pitiful.

    I thanked Tiara for her cooperation and started to talk about what to give as a gift to Pryde, and the maids nearby side gave us a very warm look. ... it's a little embarrassing. However, I managed to calm myself down by thinking this was the appearance of a good younger brother.

    When I listened to Tiara's idea, although the sense of money was different, the way of thinking about the gift itself was not so different from mine. As I consulted with her about how this was good, but it was too simple, Tiara decided what to give as a gift.

    After all, I think it's okay for siblings of the same gender to have less hesitation at such times. I'd like to give it as well, but somehow the embarrassment won when I thought that the recipient was Pryde.

    Even after Tiara decided, she came up with ideas one after another, but I was hesitant to take them. I don't want to just give something, rather I want to give it. But the wall is too high for me now.

    Almost an hour had passed by the time I finally managed to squeeze out the nod.

    Tiara, who was relieved that I finally decided, said, "I think Sister will be happy with any gift Brother gives," and finally tilted her head again. ... I'm sure she will be happy. But I don't want to give half-finished or big-sized items. As an ideal brother, I want to give something that is suitable for royalty but not too ambitious.

    With that in mind, Tiara suddenly put her hand on my lap. A smaller and thinner hand than Pryde's gently wraps around my hands.

    "Let's make Sister happy. I want to tell her that we love her a lot."

    Tiara, who smiled after saying that, was not only like her mother but also a little like Pryde.

    I nodded to those words, thinking that they were people with a really gentle smile. I stroked her head and she laughed as if she was shy. It's been less than half a year since we became brother and sister, but my sister, who is one year younger, is a really cute and kind child.

    When I thought about having such kind sisters, I felt a little proud.
    "Ah ... Pryde, can I borrow a little time after this ...?"

    It was after my birthday was over that Stayle asked me alongside Tiara.

    The expressionless Stayle that stopped me from going up the stairs to my room had a red face, probably because of the heat from the birthday festival.

    Yes, I returned while tilting my head, and Stayle thanked me, saying that if it was all right that he would be there soon so please wait in the room without changing clothes. I wonder if it's a consultation ... What if I point out something that won't happen at the birthday festival tonight or give a sermon? I thought it would have been as easy as Tiara's last birthday festival! ︎ No, what if they decided that I wasn't family anymore? I don't think the kind-hearted Stayle and Tiara would do that on my birthday, but I'm still worried.

    As Stayle said, when I returned to my room, I didn't change into my sleeping clothes and sat in a chair and waited. Hold my chest alone and wait for them, convinced that this suffocation and shallowness of breathing is not solely due to the corset. ...... When I thought it was like the time of condemnation had come, I felt more nervous. What should I do, I really want to run away.

    The maids waiting to change my clothes are laughing at me with warm eyes, but I don't mind anymore. Stayles face looked red a while ago, so what should I do if he's really angry? Recently Stayle has been meeting with Tiara alone, even after my study time is over. When I think that sometimes they didn't come to the room, I felt that everything was a condemnation flag and I couldn't stop sweating. I pretended not to care because I thought that they were deepening the relationship between the two of them without telling me, but I'm really worried now! ︎

    The maid wiped the sweat on my forehead with a handkerchief and asked if I wanted to open the window, but I was already squeezing the hem of the dress and screaming inside.

    As soon as the knocking sound was heard, I gave permission with a voice turned inside out.

    I impulsively wanted to jump out of the window, but I managed to endure it just by putting my strength into the hand holding the dress.

    If it's only a consultation, I won't do anything bad. I have to help my sister as much as possible.

    Excuse me, Stayle and Tiara both had their hands on their backs. It seemed like something had changed, but when I thought they came to report that they were dating at 7 and 6 years of age, I felt shocked and nervous again. I released my hands from my dress and smile at them with my hands on my lap so that I look graceful. I can tell that my mouth is quite squeaky.

    "I'm sorry for the late hour. Thank you for your time."

    Tiara follows Stayle's example as they bow their heads.

    I return it to the two who walked up to me as I rose from the chair. I can't help but feel like Stayle is seriously dating Tiara, who laughs as if she's shy, and Stayle, whose face is red, has no expression as if he can't afford to smile as usual. Tiara hasn't met the other capture targets yet, but I think that the Stayle route will be confirmed very quickly.

    "Congratulations on your birthday again ... from me and Tiara."

    ... Suddenly, each of them held a cute wrap in their hands that they brought out from behind their backs.

    While Tiara laughed and said, "I and my brother chose them," I was surprised and silent.

    With my mouth open, I reflexively receive the packages they offered. A lovely pink ribbon from Tiara and a bright red ribbon from Stayle. There is no word from Stayle who seems reluctant while I received the wrap one at a time.

    Tiara pulled the hem of Stayle's clothes with her fingertips, saying, "Older brother," and the expressionless Stayle began to speak with only his lips shaking slightly.

    "Pr ... Ryde's birthday. I wanted us to celebrate it personally as your brother and sister ... My present is not really a big deal, but I'm glad if it makes you happy. . "

    Stayle, who was so imposing at the birthday festival, gradually looks like a child his age.

    Stayle, who spoke with his head lowered, seemed stiff and was red to his ears. After all, I wonder if boys are embarrassed to give gifts to their sister. ...... Still, when I thought that he had prepared it, I suddenly felt a knot in my throat.

    "We love Sister. Brother thought that we would like to give you a congratulatory gift on your special day. I am very happy to be able to congratulate Sister in this way. . "

    Tiara's golden eyes shine joyfully.

    The appearance of dyeing her cheeks and laughing as if she was shy is really lovely. As Stayle suddenly panicked, he raised his face and said, "No, no ... I just ...!"

    Stiyl purposely planned a birthday celebration for me. When I think so, I'm even more happy, and the hands that grab the package I got from them tremble.

    What should I do, I want to cry and to hug them right now. However, I had to check the contents of my presents properly first, so I managed to swallow the urge and endured it.

    "Thank you ... I'm so happy .... Can I open it now ...?"

    Please, the two replied together.

    Holding the two gifts to my chest, three people sit in a chair around the table to open it properly.

    Even though the birthday festival is over, I and Tiara sit in a chair without a backrest, being careful not to wrinkle the dress. With the help of the maids, I finally settled down and put the wrap on the table between the two sitting in the opposite seat.

    When I was wondering which one to open first, they gave up at the same time, saying "the one from Tiara" and "the one from Brother".

    When I laugh thinking that it's kind of cute, Stayle and Tiara don't give in to each other at all. In the end, it was decided to open Tiara's gift because it was "ladies first."

    Carefully untie the pink ribbon and gently peel it up without breaking the packaging.

    While handling with a sense of tension at the level of handling dangerous goods, I finally reach the box that was wrapped. After swallowing the mouth once, when I opened the lid of the box, I found a cute hair accessory.

    It is a gorgeous decoration in the shape of a flower. The jewels of different colors were embedded in each petal and it was very beautiful. Wow ... I suddenly heard a voice of admiration, and I was afraid to pick it up directly like glass work, so I picked up the box and stared at it so much I could leave a hole.

    "I thought it would look good on my sister's beautiful hair. I hope you can use it someday."

    Tiara, who says so with a soft voice, gives me a dazzling smile.

    What should I do? It's a really feminine and cute hair accessory that can only have been chosen by Tiara. Rather, I think it would suit Tiara better, but I'm happy because I don't have a lot of cute things like this.

    What I had was a lot of flashy decorations that could be called more intimidating and authoritative, and after remembering my previous life, I wonder if the Last Boss Queen Pryde would be embarrassed if I started collecting cute things. ..

    "Wow ... it's so cute ... Thank you, Tiara. I'll take good care of it."

    To be honest, I'm not confident that I can use it frequently, so I'm sorry! ︎

    But just looking at it makes me feel happy. I held the box with both hands and thanked her, and Tiara returned with a big smile. This child is really an angel.

    As it is, I was pushed by the tiara who said with a sweet voice that she wanted to see me wear it, so I picked up the hair ornament with my fingertips and put it on my head.

    Then Lotte, my maid, kindly said, "If you would like ...", and immediately put it on my head. She quickly put on Tiara's hair accessory while dexterously squeezing and arranging my wavy hair.

    While another maid brought me a mirror, Tiara, who saw my hair accessory, said, "It's wonderful ...!" With her hands on her mouth and her eyes shining. While the mouth is loosened by Tiara whose praise continues after that, I also looks at Stayle. I wonder if Stayle, who hasn't said anything, wants me to open his present as soon as possible.

    ...... He was bright red.

    The expressionless face is slightly rounded.

    Am I embarrassingly disappointing to look at at nine years old⁈, I screamed inside, as my heart squeezed. Stayle was silent for about three beats and said, "It suits you ... very much," with a voice that seems to disappear, moving only his mouth. ... Yeah, he's really kind.

    Immediately after that, when I looked in the mirror that the maid brought to me, I saw a cute hair ornament like a small crown on the crimson hair. Yeah, it's so cute. I thought it was a little ... for me as the Last Boss Queen, but at least it suits my crimson hair very well. Above all, I personally like this hair accessory very much.

    After thanking Tiara again, I decided to open Stayle's present this time.

    Loosen the bright red ribbon and unwrap it as carefully as you did with Tiara's. I'm worried about Stayle who looks stiff like a mannequin.

    Finally, when I opened the box gently and carefully, inside was a fountain pen.

    It's a very feminine and mature design.

    Jewels are also studded in the decoration, and you can tell at a glance that it is a really special item. Perhaps it was supposed to match my hair color, because the fountain pen was crimson, and it fits nicely in my hand. It's nice! Tiara puts her hands together and makes an excited voice. When I said that it was very beautiful, Stayle opened his mouth again.

    "Pryde is ... excellent, but I think it's hard to study to be a Queen, so I hope that I can help you as much as possible."

    Stayle, who spoke in a quiet voice, still only glances at me. "I wanted to make it more girlish, but ..." I wondered if it was the first time for Stayle to give such a gift to a girl. I'm didn't expect that he would prepare such a wonderful item.

    Stayle, who looks a little sloppy, seemed cute, and the smile I returned was comfortable.

    "Thank you, Stayle. Very ... I'm really very happy. When I use this, I will definitely remember Stayle and do my best."

    But like Tiara's present, I don't know if it is something that I can use normally.

    Still I was happy and in return, Stiyl finally turned his face straight to me. Immediately after his rounded eyes were turned down again, he had a soft smile on his face.

    At Tiara's birthday festival, Stayle said he wasn't good at expressing himself, but now I feel like he's really happy. Both Stayle, who laughed with a blushing face with his mouth closed, and Tiara, who gave me a big smile, were cute and adorable. Once I gently put the fountain pen back in the box, I crossed the table and hugged them with both hands.

    I bury my face while hugging Tiara, who leaks a small voice, and Stayle, who calls me "Pry, de ...⁈".

    "Thank you very much Stayle, Tiara. It's my best birthday ever .... I love it."

    I'm really happy to have such a kind brother and sister.

    I close my eyes once while spoiling for a while with Tiara, who softly hugs me back and Stayle, whose neck feels warmer, probably because it is hot.

    Except for my father and Uncle Wes, I've only received formal gifts until now, but ... after all, the items that are chosen for me are special. I decided to cherish them until I died.

    For the first time, my birthday was more special than the usual ceremony.
    "Pryde .... You're still using that fountain pen."

    I saw it over Pryde's back bent over the desk, and I instinctively mention it.

    I think that decoration was almost ten years old. This is the first present that I gave.

    Pryde, whose hand stopped at my words, responded briefly, "Yes," and then looked back at me.

    After being told to rest by Uncle Wes, I visited Pryde's room as usual, where we had tea with Tiara and the table in between. When I was looking at Pryde who was waiting to break into public affairs, I noticed that fountain pen. As Tiara shouted, "It's always nice to see," Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric turned to Pryde, a little worried.

    "It's a waste that I can't use it easily, but ... I thought it would be good to have for such important documents."

    A crimson fountain pen that hadn't faded at all since that first time was held in the hands of Pryde, who laughed as if she was shy.

    Every year since I celebrated Pryde's birthday that first time, I give Pryde a new fountain pen, so I'm telling you that it's okay to use the old ones for everyday use, but ... it's not easy for her to use. Even if people say it's "regrettable" or "special", I'd be happy if you loved it because it can be damaged or broken. I can't say anything because it's Pryde's decision to use it or not.

    Tiara whispered, "She's cherishing it because it's from Brother," but I still have a stronger desire for her to use it.

    "But if I write important documents with this, I will get excited. It's very easy to use .... Ah. But ..."

    The Pryde that praised me for the presents eyes swam as she remembered.

    What's wrong? I wondered if the fountain pen was awkward or inadequate, and Pryde slowly continued her words.

    "Isn't it unsuitable for anything other than a letter addressed to Stayle? I can't use it while exchanging letters with Cedric."

    "⁇ ... Why is that ...⁈"

    For some reason, Pryde's leisurely way of talking makes me nervous.

    I've never heard that a pen becomes difficult to use depending on the recipient. My throat dries strangely, and I tilt the cup and moisturize my throat with tea

    "If I use this, I can only think about Stayle."

    ⁈‼ ︎

    Just before I could swallow, the tea entered the trachea instead of the throat and was spit out.

    Goho, Gohogoho! While coughing many times, I desperately put the cup on the table so as not to spill it. Tiara shouted, "Brother⁈," calling my name and Pryde ran up from the front of the desk.

    "Are you okay⁈ did something happened to the tea⁈"

    Pryde made a blue face and compared tea with me because I coughed so loudly.

    My face became hot regardless of his suffocation, and I hid it while wiping my mouth with a handkerchief presented by the maid. It's okay…! Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric, who answer and turned their eyes to me with a half laugh, came into view.

    While being rubbed by Pryde and Tiara, I managed to calm my cough and straighten my curled back. I finally raise my face while saying again that it's okay.

    "That ... Pryde, do you just think about me ...?"

    Ask about the content that is too difficult to hear, lowering my voice while covering my mouth with a handkerchief.

    Then Pryde blinked and looked at me. When she muttered, "What? ...", Tiara put her index finger on her lips and looked at Pryde. Pryde nodded once, as she knew, and then hid her voice like I did.

    "Didn't I say it when you gave it to me for the first time? When using this, I will definitely remember Stayle and do my best."

    So with that habit. Finally, Pryde, who laughed shyly, scratched her cheek with her fingertips. ...... Really, this person.

    I couldn't control the heat that had soared, so I scraped up my bangs with both hands and held my head down. Exhale, paying attention only to prevent the slipped glasses from falling.

    I closed my eyes, sandwiched between the panicked Pryde who calls Stayle⁇, and Tiara who giggle next to me happily.

    "It's fine ... As always, use it as you like..."

    If it's difficult for her to use, it's not bad.

    500. Special Story: The Knight Gave it
    "Are you going home today? Arthur."

    Pride calls out to me.

    At the rehearsal hall of the royal residence, I had just finished the usual arrangement with Stayle early. Pryde-sama came to see the situation with Tiara-sama.

    Since I started to work with Stayle, my shoulders are strengthened by Pryde who comes to watch almost every day. I'm still not used to being watched. Stayle waved his hand lightly and greeted Pryde and Tiara, but I could only bow my head. ...... It's the worst, like coming back to see it again.

    "Sorry ... No. That ... I have something to do today ..."

    "He's going with the Knight Commander to buy a new practice sword."

    It is Stayle who explains the situation instead of me. ...... I didn't want to say that it's because I'm going shopping with my dad.

    I glared lightly, but Stayle just smiled at me. His happy smile makes me feel sick to my stomach. Pryde looks at me with brilliant eyes saying "Sword⁈". Even Tiara shouted, "Is it a new sword?" And I completely lost the chance to escape. Their eyes are focused on the package I'm carrying. It was wrapped in cloth, but the shape of the sword was obvious.

    "Yes .......... I accidentally broke it the other day ............... In addition to trying again, my parents ... my father bought another spare."

    When I opened the cloth and showed it, Pryde and Tiara, who were side by side in front of me, looked at it.

    I'm really nervous at this distance. Both of them have long eyelashes, beautiful hair, no wrinkles in their dresses, and when I inadvertently get rid of my mud and sweat, I step back.

    In the wrapped cloth, the wreckage of the broken sword was gathered up. Early morning two days ago, while practicing with my father, I broke my sword. ...... It was broken by my father. Originally it was a practice sword, so it's unavoidable that it's not as strong as my father's sword, but it's impossible to fold it while making adjustments. Thanks to that, I couldn't swing my sword at home yesterday or this morning.

    My dad was finally on holiday today, so I decided to go back to the blacksmith. I was also told that he would buy a new one as a spare, and I was looking forward to it. It's been a while since I was a kid, going to the smithy with my father.

    "Are you throwing this sword away?"

    Tiara stared at the debris while asking me.

    Be careful not to let her touch the steel because it is dangerous, and take a step away from Tiara. Pryde leaned forward to match the distance.

    "No, because I'll just break it again ..., um ... the smith will just put it back to the original ..."

    It will take some time, but I will briefly explain.

    If I think about it, the princess probably doesn't know anything about reforging swords. I don't think I can imagine Tiara-sama, who twists her head mysteriously.

    Pryde looks at the sword fragment again. I'm getting nervous because she's watching it so silently. Pryde muttered a little as I swallowed my dry mouth and stiffened, holding my spirit in my quivering hands.

    "……I see."

    "?……What is it……?"

    When asked with poor words, Pryde raised her face and shook her head.

    Pryde, who laughs as if shy and says "Yeah," is still anxious and keeps staring at me. Stayle and Tiara also turned to Pryde, "What's wrong?" In response, Pryde scratched her cheek with one finger, but the only answer was "nothing."

    "It would be nice to find a better sword than that. Arthur. I'd be happy if you could show me a new one."

    Pryde, who changes the subject, happily joins hands and smiles at me.

    That alone turned my head white. I think that the day I get used to this person who laughs with a dazzling smile will never come. Instead of not being able to speak well, I shook my head many times. Then, Pryde-sama, who smiled happily, said "Thank you." I still don't know why such a beautiful person talks to me like it's a matter of course.

    "I think I'll be busy tomorrow and the day after, but I look forward to seeing you next time."

    Yes ... I managed to return a word.

    I rubbed my loose mouth with the back of my hand to hide it. After Pryde said "see you again", I rewound the broken sword with the cloth. Following Pryde, I greeted Tiara and Stayle, and ran to the castle gate at once.

    Tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. Pryde is busy.

    The day after tomorrow will be Pryde's 12-year-old birthday festival. Stayle will go out with me for training tomorrow, but he won't be able to do it the day after tomorrow. I probably won't even be able to enter the castle.

    My father the Knight Commander would have been invited to the birthday festival, but ... I can't reach it at all. It's natural for me, who hasn't even taken the entrance exam yet.

    "Damn it ……‼ ︎"

    While running, I suddenly feel frustrated and clench my teeth.

    Every day closer to the ceremony, reminded me of the distance separating me from Pryde and Stayle, and it made me feel sick.

    I still know that I'm far away.
    “………… What?”

    The day after my father and I had the sword repaired.

    Stayle said to me, who came to the rehearsal hall as usual, at the beginning. Pryde wasn't there, but Tiara came with him and both brother and sister welcomed me. I was told that, but I don't understand what it means.

    "I'm asking if you'd like to celebrate Sister's birthday together with us."

    What are you talking about?

    The open mouth does not close. Stayle continued to talk to me, who couldn't understand what he meant. Tiara laughs happily next to Stayle, who crosses his arms and turns his black eyes straight toward me.

    "Of course, I can't invite you to the birthday festival, but if you like, why don't you celebrate with us the next day? If you want to celebrate with us, Tiara and I plan to give Pryde our gifts then."

    "I'm sure Sister will be happy to get something from three people!"

    Tiara also raises her voice at Stayle's words.

    I never thought I would receive such an invitation from them. It's not surprising that they celebrate not only at the birthday festival but also have an event for the three of them, but that they want to invite me.

    ...... Pryde's birthday. If I think it's an important day for that person, I can't help celebrating it. However, even though only royalty and aristocrats are allowed to celebrate directly, I can't even take the enrollment test, let alone the test for recruits. I wonder if I have the right to attend. Even if I don't know what they're doing, but ... if they're celebrating.

    "... If it's a celebration, I'll celebrate it ..."

    "That's the rule."

    ...... It was decided forcibly.

    Following the expressionless Stayle, Tiara clapped her hands and jumped up, saying "I'm glad!" I don't know why they both dragged me in. But I'm happy to say congratulations to Pryde. I'm sure she will be happy with Stayle and Tiara. Besides, if it's Stayle and Tiara, it's a great gift ..., …………………?

    "The day after tomorrow, I'll call my sister at this time. I want you to have something ready by then."

    "Wait a minute,⁈ ready ... well, no way ... I'm also supposed to give Pry, Pryde-sama ..."

    A gift. Stayle made a clear statement.
    Hey, definitely! ︎‼ ︎

    I don't want to give a gift to Pryde. The other person is the First Princess of this country, who already has everything. She have money, I don't know how many years of my pocket money she's wearing with just one dress. Unlike the royal Stayle and Tiara, I don't earn much as a 13 year old kid !! ︎ No matter what kind of gift I give, it will only get in the way and it will be inferior to the gifts given at the birthday festival! ︎ It would be a nuisance to give anything.

    "It's okay. It's okay if you tell Sister that you didn't have time to prepare anything because we invited you only today. Giving something like flowers will make her happy enough."

    "How many tons of flowers are displayed in the castle every year at the birthday festival! What kind of wildflowers are there?"

    Involuntarily scream at Stayle's words.
    It's Stayle, so maybe he intentionally didn't invite me until today so I could use that excuse, but I'm still in trouble. I know that Pryde isn't the kind of person who would blame him for his gift. But ……………… I would like to give her something that she will be happy to receive.

    More than that, I didn't want to ruin that person's important day with a half-hearted gift.

    At my words, Stayle has a slight frown on his expressionless face. He's silent with his arms crossed, but it's probably a thinking face. I can't read his facial expressions as well as Pryde and Tiara, but I can tell when he's masking his real thoughts. Besides, he's a sharp guy like this. Thinking that way, he looked back and muttered, "If flowers are useless ..." after a few tens of seconds. After all it seems that he was thinking.

    "If so, do you want to give something with me?"

    "Isn't that a burden for Temee? Isn't it impossible to piggyback off it!"

    If it's an item that Stayle choose, it will be strange to attach my name.

    Even though Stayle chose it for Pryde-sama, I was distracted by the idea that I would get half the credit. When we were discussing other ideas, and Stayle suggested that I buy something at a general store in the city that the royal family wouldn't buy from.

    "! That's it!"

    Tiara, who was silent while thinking about it, clapping her hands and screamed.

    When I turned around, Tiara, who had a sparkling eye, shouted to us again, "That's it!"

    "I know what my sister really wants!"

    Tiara, who angles her heaf and laughs happily, shakes her golden hair.

    It seems that she just remembered it, and was glad that she noticed it, and bounced to her feet. Stayle asks "Do you remember something?" To Tiara, who closes her mouth and smiles. Then she nods her small head with all her might, and Tiara proudly stretches her chest. The proud appearance of Tiara who was talking is cute, and I think that even the princess is still nine years old. When I walked up to the bouncing Tiara, she put her hands together and looked at me with shining eyes.

    "I'm sure Sister will be very happy!"

    With that said, she's happy and relaxes her face. The smile was a bit like Pryde.
    When I heard what Pryde wanted from Tiara who spoke in a bouncy voice, I decided to jump out of the rehearsal hall again.

    I thought it was bad for two days in a row, and even though I hadn't practiced at all today, but Stayle sent me out with a big push, saying, "It's okay!" I thanked Tiara-sama and ran as hard as I could, but I was a little worried if Pride wanted such a thing.
    "Sister. Happy birthday the other day."

    It was the day after the birthday festival and Tiara screamed "Congratulations" after Stayle and gave me a birthday greeting.

    I will greet them one by one while returning thank you. Every year, they gave me a gift after the birthday festival, but last night there was nothing and I honestly gave up, so I'm very happy. I was worried about the Knights' surprise attack and Val's trial, and made them feel painful, so I wondered if they were already finished. No way, for them to celebrate today! Moreover, this year

    "Congratulations on your birthday ... It's not a big deal from me ... but ..."

    If you like ..., Arthur is reluctant to give me a small package.

    As usual, I came just to see Arthur and Stayle's practice, but I never thought I would be able to celebrate here. Moreover, this year I can celebrate with Arthur! ︎

    I was so happy when I received it, and I covered my mouth with the gifts that I received from Tiara and Stayle in my arms. I wondered if they chose this time to celebrate with the three of us, and I was so happy that I wanted to cry inadvertently.

    Arthur offered me a tense face with a slight red glow. Once I received the gifts from two people that Stayle gave me, and left them to my maid. With both hands free, I politely receive the package presented by Arthur. The moment he touched my hand, Arthur's hand tremor was transmitted through the package. … Maybe he thinks I'm going to make a complaint about the gift?

    If he was wondering what to do for a princess, I was happy and itchy even before I opened the package. Still, Arthur is really kind to give me a gift. Stayle and the cute Tiara who have become friends still celebrate my birthday in this way.

    The wrapping that Arthur gave me was a cute decoration that fits in the palm of my hands. When I asked, "Can I open it?", He nodded with a burning face and said painfully, "It's not really a big deal, but ...!" with a forehead moistened with sweat. I took the wrapping ribbon and opened it and moved my shoulders up and down. He gaze at me and the wrap alternately without blinking and squeeze my lips tightly. I don't think it's a box or something that explodes in terms of weight ...

    Stayle and Tiara peek at the packagr from both sides of me, so I think they're also worried. I untie the ribbons one by one and roll them carefully so as not to break the wrapper. In the meantime, I'm sorry that Arthur who screams seems to be impatient. However, I wanted to open it neatly because it was a gift from Arthur. He seemed to bother to buy the wrapping at the store, and it was a very cute cloth. The ribbon is also a beautiful lace, and I can see that it was very elaborate.

    When I opened the last crease of the package, the contents finally came out and I could see ...

    It was a bookmark.

    The cute, sandwiched part is a card-shaped shiori.

    It seems that it was woven, and when I traced it with the pad of my finger, I felt the fine layers of thread. It has a red flower pattern on a yellow background, which is very nice. While I was fascinated by the fine workmanship and patterns, Arthur told me that it was a product that was recently released at a popular general store in the castle with a voice that seemed to disappear.

    He heard that it's popular among girls of similar age to me at his mother's small restaurant. Yeah, this will definitely be popular. Although it has a cute pattern, the color scheme is mature, so I think it's popular with people of all ages. I would love to go there when I can visit the castle. When I think that Arthur went to a grocery store that is popular with girls and chose it, I understand that he really worked hard to find it.

    "Thank you, Arthur. I really like it. I'll start using it today!"

    Did you hear from Stayle or Tiara that I was reading a book before?

    Many of the books in the castle are thick, and any number of such bookmarks will help. There are no sticky notes in this world, so bookmarks are an essential tool for reading books. You can put it in your favorite part and read it again, or you can put it in the part you need for study and review it, not to mention the book you are reading.

    When I got back to my room, I picked up the bookmark from the package so that I could use it for today's book. Then

    Clatter ...


    Something is hanging at the end of the string connected to the head of the bookmark.

    It's a little heavy like a paperweight, but I didn't notice it because it was under the card part. Lift the card part and look at the end of the connected string. Then, a coin-shaped silver ornament was tied to the end of the string. It was several times smaller than a silver coin, and was about the size and thickness of a 100-yen coin in the previous life. But at least it's not the money of this world. Pick up the coin-shaped weight and look into the pattern. Letters were engraved there instead of a coats of arms or engraving. The year and yesterday's date was printed on one side, and on the other

    “Arthur Beresford”

    "Eh⁈ Arthur made this⁈"

    It's a lie! ︎Wow! ︎

    When I looked at Arthur with a loud voice, Arthur's face turned bright red and his mouth was squeezed shut. He clenched his left fist, scratched his head with his right hand, and said "Yes ..." with a slightly muffled voice, but I was so surprised that I couldn't make a sound.

    It's great! No way, Arthur's handicraft! ︎ Even in the game, Tiara didn't get such a wonderful gift! ︎‼ ︎ It may be a practice gift for Tiara's next birthday, but it's just amazing! ︎ Handmade with Arthur's name engraved! ︎ I got a really unique item in the world.

    Stayle and Tiara seemed surprised and stared as they were reluctant to open their mouths. Tiara screamed, "It's wonderful!" To Stayle, who muttered his impressions of "It's amazing ..." and raised his face to Arthur.

    "This is ...?"

    With that said, I also turned my gaze back from the bookmark to Arthur at Tiara's words that had some implication. ...... What is "that"?

    Arthur nodded silently, grabbing his squeezed silver hair, opening his mouth as prompted.

    "The last time ... I just melted a piece of the broken sword and put it in a mold ..."

    ⁈‼ ︎⁈⁈ Sword? !! that⁈

    In Arthur's words, I remember the sword that Arthur showed me three days ago.
    When I wondered why it was so precious, I suddenly remembered it and turned to Tiara this time. Immediately after our eyes met, Tiara gave me with a happy smile. After all, it was her! ︎

    "I heard from Tiara that Pryde wanted ... a piece of my sword ... but it would be dangerous if it was left as it was, so I asked at the smithy ..."

    He melted it, took a mold, carved it, and attached it to the bookmark⁈

    It takes a lot of time and effort! ︎ No matter how you think about it, it's not just "only"!

    "Well, but that sword should have been reforged ... No way!"

    "! No, it's okay! ... That's just the crushed small pieces, so there's no problem in retouching ... and I told my dad later."
    Arthur, who hurriedly said that in a hurry, raised his palms and made an excuse. It's good, it seems that Arthur's important sword hasn't been completely ruined because of this. At that time, I didn't say anything because I thought Arthur would really give it up to the First Princess.

    However, after parting from Arthur three days ago, while waiting for Stayle to change clothes from his training armor, Tiara asked, "What did you want to say at that time?" And talked to me. I thought. If Arthur was going to throw away his broken sword, I wanted to ask for a piece of it. Arthur is kind and serious, so I didn't dare to say that I wanted it, because I thought he would really give me to the First Princess. …… And he sent it in a nice form that really exceeded my expectations.

    As I exhaled, I was a little stunned and looked at the bookmark in my hand again. The card part is also really elaborate and nice. But now I'm much more interested in the silver ornament.
    When I traced the carved mark with my finger, only the engraved part was sharp and rough. Written in Arthur's letters, I stare at it enough to leave a hole.

    "………………I'm happy."

    The biggest emotion came out in words.
    I heard Arthur listen back in one sound, and when I raised my face, my eyes met with his deep blue eyes. Faced with his rounded eyes, I raised my voice with a heartfelt smile.

    "I'm so happy! Thank you very much Arthur!"

    Arthur opened his round eyes further to me, who thanked him as if I were a child.
    Arthur, whose mouth was slightly open, bowed his head with his face turned away, scratching the back of his neck and returning a small "Yes ...". Arthur's face, which looks down, stiff, but for now, I'm definitely glad! I got such a wonderful item from Arthur!

    "It's really nice! I'll definitely take care of it!"

    "......... I hope it will be similar next year, so I'll make it again ..."

    Really⁈, Arthur's words, which may only be flattery, are eaten up.

    I jump in front of Arthur, who says with his face turned away, and still looks into his bright red face. Perhaps it was the first time that someone gave me a handmade item.

    I will do my best to ask Arthur, who answers with a rubbing voice, "If you like this ...". Then Arthur, who turned his head away from me, shook his head repeatedly and finely. ...... This Last Boss face of mine came in front of him, and maybe it looked like a threat.

    I hurriedly followed Arthur, who nodded with his lips shut tightly, saying, "If it's difficult, you don't have to do it!" However, Arthur, who made a strong voice saying "No!", Said "I'll give you ...!" With a passionate voice.

    "Until next year ... I'll train again ... to become a knight."

    With that said, he laughed a little at the end from the front.

    My birthday next year. I don't know if Arthur will pass the entrance exam at that time. But definitely, he'll be much stronger than he is now.

    I nodded this time, stroking his silver hair, which was a little disturbed from when he grabbed it, along the flow.

    I thanked him for giving me a wonderful gift that is unique in the world.

    "I'll be waiting, Arthur."
    "Pryde, about that .... Is it okay for me to ask ...?"

    A patterned bookmark was closed inside a thick book.

    Pryde, who raised her face with her hands closed, answered immediately. On the desk is a freshly opened present and a new hair accessory and pen. Pryde, who immediately puts the gifts in the usual storage place after receiving it, smiles all the while.

    In the old days, the day after Pryde's birthday, Stayle and Tiara celebrated with three people, but after the guardian knight became a multi-person system, we began to celebrate the night before so that it would not be seen by the senior knights. .. And on the eve of Pryde's birthday, I was secretly teleported to Pryde's room by Stayle.

    "Is it really okay to do that ...? I'm a knight now, so I was planning to give a better item ..."

    Six years ago I was still a kid and I didn't have any money, but now I'm making some money.

    I felt bad that the item given to Pryde, who will turn 18 tomorrow, is a decoration made by melting blade scraps to decorate the bookmark I bought, just like when I was a kid. I said that when I joined the Knights and when I became a Knight of the main corps.

    Pride turned to me with a laugh, "What are you talking about!" To my question.

    "I like this, because it was made by Arthur."

    With that said, she happily held the book with the bookmark I gave earlier in her hands.

    The silver decoration hung on the string from the sandwiched bookmark sways. This is the one I gave to Pride. With tomorrow's date on one side, and my name on the other. Only that hasn't changed since long ago. Only the shape of the decoration is different because the blacksmith lends me a new mold every year.

    My dad kept it a secret, but the people at the smithy completely remembered me because I was taken care of every year. This year as well, when I greeted him with a piece of blade, he was greeted as a matter of course, saying "You came" or "I made a new mold." It's helpful, but every year he playfully recommends a heart shape, so that's really a problem.

    ...... When I was a kid, when I first went to ask, I was laughed at.

    After hearing from Tiara that Pryde wanted a piece of my broken sword, I ran to the smithy and jumped in still short of breath. It was a pretty popular smithy, so I'm glad he didn't have to reforge the sword I ordered because of the waiting list. But when I talked about the situation and said that I wanted to give away the debris, I was laughed at, "What kind of thing do you like?" They said that if it was touched as it was, the person would get hurt, and they helped me out with suggestions for reshaping, lending molds, and melting work, so the smith is a really good person.

    "... Is there anything else I can give you that you would want more?"

    Hmm ... she thinks of it quite seriously.
    Pryde frowned with difficulty as he carefully put the hair ornament and pen in the drawers. Stayle and Tiara say, "It's good enough" and "It's very nice!", But I still want to give her something better. Then, Pryde, who leaked her voice as if she had thought of something with an "Ah", stopped moving. When I asked if she had any idea, she opened his mouth while carrying the book with the bookmark to the bookshelf.

    "A pendant?"

    While saying that, Pryde tries to put the book on the top of the shelf.

    Stayle said, "I'll do it," touched Pryde's book, and teleported it to the very end of the lined up books. The decoration sways as soon as it lands.

    "Do you want a pendant?"

    I was a little surprised when I was suddenly told something orthodox.

    Pryde-sama would have a lot better than I could buy. While Stayle and Tiara also unexpectedly rounded their eyes, Pryde pointed to the top of the bookshelf, returning a word to it.

    It was a well-organized bookshelf, and various books such as literature and history books were lined up there regardless of the system. The only thing they have in common is that there is a silver ornament that spills from the pages.

    Every year since I gave it, Pryde seems to put it in the book that she finished reading at that time to decorate it. When I first noticed it, she said, "I will know that I was studying this when Arthur was working hard."

    Since it's the top row, I can't even read the characters I engraved, and at first glance it looks like a mere decoration, but when I learned that it was all my work decorated there, I was so happy and embarrassed enough to die. .. What's more, even though he's not aware of it, when I'm in the sight of Captain Colm, it burns my whole body.

    "See. These broken sword shards are the proof that Arthur has worked hard to become stronger, right?"

    I also nod a little at Pryde's words.

    At the beginning, my sword was smashed by my father and Stayle, and I broke it during training by myself, but after the sword was handled on the board, I broke less. Instead, the number of swords used for practice has increased since joining the Knights, such as the practice swords at Stayle's rehearsal hall. After joining the main corps, rather than having the sword broken by a senior knight, on the contrary, it was theirs that broke. The swords I own did not break, but the practice swords broke the opponent's sword quite often.

    When I said that to Pryde at the time, I was told that it didn't matter if I broke it. "Both are proof that Arthur worked hard and became stronger," she said at that time. So I tried to collect the unnecessary debris whenever I broke it.

    "So, I was happy to think that Arthur is getting stronger year by year when I look at it like this ..."

    When I was told that, the top of the bookshelf really looked like my trajectory. As the number of swords broken increased, the amount of debris collected increased, and I thought that I could make it in any shape and thickness without worrying about the remaining amount of debris. I never thought about it that way. When I think that Pryde-sama thought that way every year and decorated it. ...... I think that if the gift becomes a pendant that I bought, it would be regrettable to think that the decorations on the bookshelf will run out. I'm still like a kid.

    "But if you have a pendant, it can be kept on your body, right?"


    ...... I feel like I've heard a great remark now. No, wait, that's what it is ...

    "That decoration that Arthur makes. It's good that you can decorate a bookmark in this way, but if you make a pendant, I can wear it on my clothes ..."

    Is it me !!!!

    I thought that she wanted a pendant that was sold at a store. I didn't think it meant that she wanted something I made to be a pendant instead of a shiori.

    When my face got hot and I used my arms to cover my mouth, Tiara's eyes shined as she shouted, "That's a wonderful idea!" Beside that, Stayle was bowing his shoulders. A quiet laugh is leaking a little. Moreover, I was overwhelmed with "I think it's a good idea ..."

    I can't give you a handmade pendant. There is no reason to hang a lump of iron on Pryde, who always wears decorations that can be used to buyone house. Above all, if she keeps my handmade pendant on her skin, if that happens, I die every time I remember.

    "If I wear it, I'll feel like Arthur is protecting me, so it could be a substitute for a protective charm."

    "I will protect you for the rest of my life even if you don't have something like that!"

    Raise the voice that came out unintentionally.

    When I hit my chest with my hand and leaned forward, I realized that this was Pryde-sama's room. I thought it was bad and closed my mouth tightly, but for the time being, there was no call from the outside guards. ...... I don't know, maybe he's just pretending not to notice.

    "... So, after all, it's a bookmark ... Is that okay ..."

    After saying that next year, I apologized for saying that I made a loud voice and refused, and Pryde giggled while holding her mouth with a bent finger. If I think that I've shown a pathetic side again

    "Yeah, Arthur."

    Pryde opens her mouth while laughing like a flower.

    She fluttered her face and walked up to me, dyeing her cheeks a little as if she was shy. She bounced happily, and when she stopped, she gently reached out to my hands.

    "There are more and more encouraging people here than protective charms."

    While saying that, she holds my right hand like she's wrapping it.

    It felt soft and warm to the fingertips. It's a woman's hand that I can picture even if I close my eyes. The heat on my face rises as soon as I see it, and I stop breathing. Even though I'm about to die, Pryde still looks up at my face and smiles.

    "Rather than a pendant, I'm much more happy to be with Arthur himself. "

    While holding my hand, I gaze at the top of the bookshelf.

    The "proof" that Pryde said was lined up there. The decorations, which were unsuccessful at the beginning, are now fairly decent. And maybe the line will continue to grow. …… One each year.

    "... I will make it more elaborate next year."

    If you want it.

    Splitting it up more, so Gilbert and Val after this.
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    600. Special Story: The Chancellor Gave it
    "What's wrong, Gilbert? It's unusual for your pen to stop."


    While doing my work as Chancellor, I realized something difficult.

    Having compiled this week's court records, I was helping out with paperwork as Prince Consort Albert's assistant, while also summarizing the progress of preparations for the next ceremony.

    For the preparation of the ceremony itself, upper management has every subordinate coordinating with traders all over the country for more than half a year.

    And now it's the first ceremony this year. Now that it's approaching next month, it was also the job of Albert and I, who are in charge of making detailed checks, to see if the preparations are being made.

    Pointed out by the Prince Consort Albert, I grip my pen and hold my head in the other hand. He was quick to notice, when I stopped before I knew it. Recently, I have little time to spare with new bills, kangaroo courts, and the crackdowns on back-office work, so I think it caught his eye.

    "No ..." I deny the words. I hesitated to say that my oversight was fatal. However, it was impossible to say nothing with Albert glaring at me with his sharp eyes. Just the other day, I was able to walk up to him again, but I can't make another mistake here.

    After taking a big breath, I confessed honestly, choosing my words.

    "... Pryde's birthday next month .... I just noticed that I haven't finished making arrangements for a gift yet."

    Huh ... and exhale again at my words.

    Albert muttered, convinced, "Oh!" In a low and lazy voice. He doesn't seem to be surprised. Naturally, he's known me well for a long time.

    Next month, Pryde is celebrating her fourteenth birthday. For that purpose, I, the Chancellor, have been involved in the preparations and instructions for the birthday festival as usual. There are six members of the royal families who hold a birthday festival, including Stayle, who was adopted. I'm used to it because they hold the birthday festival every year. Naturally, apart from the preparation and management of the birthday festival, I, who is a senior member, also give gifts to the royal family who are celebrating their birthday "personally" on the day. There is no excuse in itself. There are also enough connections to acquire something even a month beforehand. ……However.

    "Every year, Gilbert seemed strangely against Pryde, so I wonder if you've decided to remove the strange items. "

    "......... Yes, that's right."

    I hit the desk with my head, which slipped off my hand.

    I can only affirm the words of Albert, which grab me at the root. It's natural that he can't forgive me. Until just a month ago, I had been doing all those things to his beloved daughter, Pryde.

    No matter how many fists are dropped, it's not enough to make up for bad things that even I don't know. On the contrary, capital punishment is justified.

    "Well, the last two years have been relatively decent."

    Gifts to the royal family are basically presented after confirming the safety of the contents. The Prince Consort was aware of my gifts, which I gave at the birthday festival like any other guest, and he knew the content from the list every year.

    For the past two years, I have been choosing good gifts as well in order to obtain Pryde. …… As a bribe to make Pryde nod the special ability application obligation order. Of course, even before that, I chose items that were not rude to the royal family. To be honest, at that time, I wanted to refuse even giving a gift, but I still chose a product that would not be considered rude. ...... Yes, I just didn't want to be rude ...

    "Or will you send her ornaments in bad taste or a wastefully strong perfume?"

    To words that are more painful than dropping my fist, I again drop the forehead that was emerging back onto my desk.

    Yes, until just two years ago, I continued to give Pryde-sama items that would only take up storage space even if I bothered to give them. I even thought that it would be a good topic to spread Pride's notoriety to the upper management if it was disposed of at some point. Even though the items were distasteful, if I spread rumors that she has destroyed the decorations including high-class jewels given by the upper management, I can manipulate the evaluation of not only the upper management but also by the people. It's a horrible folly when I think about it now. If I could go back to the past, I want to twist my neck.

    "I won't give her ... I won't commit such a stupid act anymore ..."

    I tell him with a shaking voice, and bite my fingertips into my scalp with my hand.

    Really, the more I remember the folly I've committed up to now, the more my head hurts. It's not limited to the old days either. I've been doing something outrageous to her for five years, until only a month ago.

    A month ago, she saved my fiancée Maria, and I am still working as the Chancellor. To continue to serve the royal family and the people as Chancellor was the atonement and punishment that Pryde gave me.

    Even if I make a mistake, I can't send the same kind of goods to Pride, who gave me such a calm day I could only dream of and a way of life that continues to serve the country as the Chancellor.

    I thought it would be good to have a simple item that Pryde could accept this year as well, but I haven't even thought of a birthday gift for her. It's simple to get a gorgeous luxury item within a week. However! now! Already! ︎ Such a small gift won't do for that person ... ︎‼ ︎

    "Albert .... I'm sorry, but I'll have to take a day off the day after tomorrow ..."

    "That's fine. Rather, I'm only saying that I can get it. It's you who insisted that you stay in the castle until the holidays because you want to proceed with the new policy bill next year and the investigation of back-office workers."

    Albert, saying that it was good for Maria to be in the castle, dropped his fist lightly on my drooping head with a sigh.

    Maria's illness has been cured by Arthur's miraculous special ability, but she still borrows a hidden room in the castle while she recovers from her long bedridden life until she feels well. Maria, who is visibly getting better as the days go by, has recently started laugh with her maids about her lonely story. It is not enough to thank the maids who have taken care of Maria for a long time and the guards who have escorted her. If Maria recovers enough that she can return to the mansion, it would be best if she could hire them at home.

    And the day after tomorrow, I was thinking of immersing myself in the work at the castle while listening to Maria, but ... this had the highest priority. It's an important day that only happens once a year for minr and Maria's benefactor, Pryde. I have to prepare a product that is suitable for that person.

    I think while getting up and running the pen to get back to work. What kind of product would please Pryde?

    I'm used to choosing gifts. Gifts for the royal family and gifts for women are prepared in their own way. However, if I want to give a special item to Pryde, who is also a woman around that age, I have to scrutinize it. Now that there is only one month left, should we choose the messenger? It may be good to consult Maria once. She will definitely want to celebrate Pryde's birthday.

    It's embarrassing, but I don't know much about her, as I was only thinking about my jealousy or how to make use of Pryde just a month ago. I have all the information I need on her as a person, but I haven't been deeply involved with her since she was born until this year. Tiara, who was born two years later, I still understand her hobbies and tastes. In fact, she is still pleased with the books, accessories, dresses, etc. that I have given so far, and thanks me when we meet. …… Compared to that, Pryde.

    When I recall, there was a low sigh that reached the bottom of the earth again. Not exactly forever. Before Maria collapsed and my relationship with Albert and others broke, I was giving a decent gift to that young girl.

    The items I sent from two years ago are also thin items that are generally appreciated or envied within the royal aristocrats. Before that, it can only be said that there is a difference between Tiara and Pryde.

    There is no way to make up for it, but this time I would like to give that person a gift. If I consult, is there only Tiara-sama?

    Stayle ... will definitely not cooperate with me. When I considered consulting with him, I could easily imagine that he would glare with his arms folded, saying, "I'm troubled. Consider it a reward for giving such items to my sister before." The day after Pride's birthday festival, he almost always had a sharp look at me passing by in the castle.

    Arthur seems to be close to Pryde, but he may not be accustomed to giving gifts to women. I probably know Pryde's hobbies and tastes better than he does.

    Considering that he is a friend of Stayle, who can teleport, it can be imagined that he would give something to Pryde. For example, yes, the books that were lined up at the top of the bookshelf when I visited Pryde's room. Only that, unlike other books, something like a decoration was hanging. For a princess's room, it looks handmade even from a distance ... No, let's stop thinking here. It is unacceptable for me to uncover the exchanges of those people.

    Rosa, her mother, remains separate from Pryde. They've been interacting with each other more than before, but it's still not much different from me. Regent Wes is a close friend of Pryde's, but I wonder if he can grasp her hobbies and thoughts. Certainly, the annual gifts are also those who donate academic-related items as a royal family. The only thing left is to explore the Pryde-sama's maids, or ...

    "... By the way, Your Royal Highness. What was your most recent gift to Pryde?"

    "I thought the address was different outside of public, Gilbert."

    He scolds me before I finish saying it. ...... I've done it again.

    The way I addressed him after breaking our relationship was obvious as soon as it changed. After I realized that I was stupid, I changed my way of speaking to re-establish my relationship with him, but when I was nervous, I reverted to the way I was used to. I had betrayed him until recently, so I stopped calling him by name and speaking in the casual way I used to.

    When I was two people from that miracle day, I tried return to speaking the previous way little by little, but gradually, when I used honorifics and His Highness, he began to point out. Albert didn't say anything when I changed my speech before, but I didn't think it would be pointed out every time I spoke in honorifics. I wish the day when I could talk without being conscious of it like in the past would come again as soon as possible.

    I apologize again as usual, saying I'm sorry, and he wrinkled his eyebrows and once gave me the line of sight he had dropped on the paperwork.

    "Is there something you want to give Pryde? She's been studying books and royalty for a long time, but nowadays she often reads in the garden instead of the library. Perhaps because of that, she's been reading books related to plants and flowers these days. She also likes to read."

    As expected, he is a good father.

    For a long time, instead of Rosa, he often went to Pryde as a father. In this way, I have a firm grasp of Pryde.

    He even added advice, "Be careful when giving a gift because you are unfamiliar with flower language." I realize that I would have sent a bunch of meaningful flower words to her before.

    But flowers ...?

    I thank him for giving me valuable information and think about it. I thought about a bouquet, but that was monotonous. Most of the royal family members are accustomed to seeing flowers. If so, should I order something that she haven't seen yet? For example, what about the "rare rose" that is rumored in the neighboring country ... the Kingdom of Anemone? I've only heard about it yet, but I hear that there are a few roses that are in the process of mass cultivation. It's still so rare now that it's hard to get it even for royalty in other countries. Rumors are so complicated that it becomes an aphrodisiac, it has magical power, it changes color, it withers if it is touched by someone other than a pure person, and it can predict your fated person. It's only a rose.

    The Kingdom of Anemone, which is the closest neighbor to the royal capital of Freesia, has a lot of information that cannot be grasped even at ceremonies and social circles. Despite being a trading nation, the king rarely goes out even for diplomacy, and despite the fact that there are three princes, he refuses to invite foreigners for any prince's birthday festival. Even for the birthday festival of the king and queen, only to a very limited number of people are invited. If it's a rumor that has no roots or leaves, I've only heard lightly that the first prince, who celebrated his fifteenth birthday last month, likes women.

    ………… Let's stop. The Kingdom of Anemone is an old friend of Freesia and is now an ally, but the mysterious roses of such a suspicious country cannot be given to Pryde. Unless it is a product that will surely please her.

    If it is something that is definitely useful, should I give some kind of writing utensil or a personal taste-related item? If she's are interested in flowers, shr may want to use something with that motif. Let's ask Tiara about the flowers that Pryde likes.

    "Gilbert .... I'm glad you've changed concerning Pryde, but don't think about it deeply. Like Tiara, she's happy enough with what you think is good for her."

    His words for me were soft this time.

    In a word, I give up my shoulders alone. He is one of the few people who understands that I care about my attitude toward Pryde.

    But he doesn't know exactly what happened between Pryde and me. Even now, he might think that I changed my attitude just because Maria's illness was cured. But that's not all. Pryde is a big benefactor to me and Maria.

    I want to give shape to my gratitude and atonement, which is not enough to change my attitude. This is a problem only for me and Maria that I can't tell him.

    "Thank you Albert. I'll talk to Maria."

    "Then it's work now. Don't neglect your main business again."

    Of course.

    Thanking him for still treating me as a friend, I finally refocused on my desk work.
    "... So what did Tiara say?"

    During the rest time granted by Albert.

    I waited in front of Tiara's room for her study time to finish, and immediately took a little time to consult with her, and I visited my beloved Maria with my feet.

    Maria, who has a good complexion, has recently regained to her normal appetite. Her thin body has now regained its skin tension. With her soft hands on my cheeks and her sitting beside me, Maria gives me a beautiful silky smile.

    After consulting about a gift for Pryde, I told Maria that I had visited Tiara, and she asked mr to continue. She also consults with me on how to make Pryde happy.

    In response to her, I talked about the interaction with Tiara.

    "If Chancellor Gilbert puts his heart into it, I'm sure Sister will be happy! "

    Tiara, who was leaning forward for my consultation, shined her eyes and invited me into the room rather than standing in the hallway.

    Perhaps to keep Stayle from finding out that I was asking about Pryde, she made the time on the spot with just one word, "About Pryde's birthday".

    "My sister likes all the flowers in the garden. She loves every flower, every scent, every color. So, for now, there is no specific ... ”

    Following Albert, Pryde's younger sister is the best.

    It wasn't just "she like everything", it was a judgment based on observing Pryde closely. She apologized for not being able to say her favorite, but it was good to know that there are no flowers that she dislike. Moreover

    "Also! Writing utensils ... I think it's better to avoid them. I'm sure Sister will be happy, but ... "

    I am deeply grateful to Tiara-sama's advice, which was spoken from there. It's really easy to guess everything with just that one word.

    Like the gift from Arthur, she gave me information that I didn't have the right to know. I was thinking about writing utensils as a possible plan, so I didn't have to worry about Stayle getting angry with me. I can imagine what he's giving, but if I wear it, it's not enough to hurt Stayle. I'm willing to accept the sarcasm and anger from him, but I don't want to hurt him. It is obvious that if the items prepared for Pryde with all his heart are similar to mine, Stayle himself will be hurt even if Pryde is pleased. ... Even for free, he has some similarities to me, so there is a good chance that his taste will be similar. In fact, it has already overlapped in terms of the kind of writing utensils.

    "The rest ... I think it's difficult, but I'm sure my sister will be very happy if it's a product given by Chancellor Gilbert. It doesn't have to be expensive, handmade, or my sister's hobby. "

    Tiara really understands Pryde.

    That word can be said to be the truth. Certainly, that is the kind of Pryde that we admire. She is not someone who would be displeased unless it was an expensive or rare item.

    "Yeah .... Then you have to think of something that is unique to you."

    "Oh, it's very difficult."

    I also return to Maria, who laughs while stroking my hair from the side after talking.

    At the end, Tiara also held both fists and encouraged me with all her might, saying "Please do your best!". I have to respond to the kindness of Tiara-sama, who spared that time for me.

    I continued to consult with Maria until the end of the rest time given by Albert. It was really fun to have time to come up with ideas and talk about what would make Pryde happy.

    And finally, with the advice of Maria, I decided to go to the royal capital on the rest day the day after tomorrow. It was a pity that Maria, who wasn't physically fit yet, couldn't go with me, but she promised to go to the store together next year.

    With my shoulders lightened, I was able to proceed with the subsequent Chancellor duties.
    "Eh ...⁈ Wow, for me ...⁈"

    Two days before the birthday festival.

    We were coming to see Maria. Maria was still resting in the castle, but Chancellor Gilbert invited me to visit to celebrate my birthday because it is difficult for Maria to attend my birthday festival. We also wanted to see Maria, and we'll be busy from tomorrow, so we consulted with Chancellor Gilbert, who adjusted the schedule to accommodate Arthur's rest time.

    ...... No way, I never dreamed of receiving a birthday present here.

    "It's a celebration two days early, but it's from me and Maria. She also wanted to give it directly to Pryde."

    With that said, Chancellor Gilbert handed me a brightly decorated box with a sense of luxury. A box that is about the size of a whole cake for four people is heavy even if I receive it with both hands, and the contents are definitely not cake.

    The eyes are still open and do not move due to a sudden surprise. Tiara screamed happily beside me as I received it with my mouth open, and Arthur also screamed at the sight of the box, recognizing the luxury. Only Stayle has wrinkles between his eyebrows and looks at the box with a frown.

    "If Maria is involved, it should be a good product .... Gilbert's bad taste and Sister's likes are different."

    Stayle glared at Chancellor Gilbert and spoke in a low voice.

    When I looked back in a hurry with Stayle⁈, Tiara also swelled her cheeks as if scolding "Brother!" And struck the back of Stayle's hand with her thin fingers. Arthur tilted his head as if he couldn't understand it, and Chancellor Gilbert himself had a bitter smile, but I was covered in cold sweat at once. Maria looks at Gilbert with an embarrassed look, so maybe she's heard or guessed to some extent.

    Until now, Chancellor Gilbert has been giving me a gift every year on the day of the birthday festival, just like any other aristocrat. But ... there were many items that I couldn't say I remembered them. The jewels themselves are very nice, but they are too rugged and difficult for me to wear, such as necklaces and accessories with unusual designs, and rare perfumes that are very difficult to obtain, but the scent is quite unique, and hair ornaments that require a lot of ingenuity to wear. ...... After the adopted Stayle wanted to actively see "By the way, the item from Chancellor Gilbert", I made an effort to check it, but it was like that every time. The black aura when Stayle first saw it when he was young is still unforgettable. But for the past year or two, Gilbert has given me dramatic furniture and other items! ︎

    However, when I recall what he confessed to Maria, maybe that gift was meant as sarcasm or irony to me, who he felt hostile to, and ... I think it wasn't something to worry about now. I know that.

    But then, this item that was just handed over may be a memorable item with no bad feelings from Chancellor Gilbert. With that in mind, I was excited to see the box in my hand in front of me, and my heart swelled.

    "Thank you ...! I wonder if I can open it immediately ...⁈"

    Of course, Chancellor Gilbert and Maria laugh together.

    When I looked to put it down to open the box, there was only a mini table for Maria, so I put it there. Carefully place the box, which was just small enough to fit on it, so as not to drop it.

    Untie the ribbon and remove the packaging one by one. Tiara also received and helped with the ribbon after it was unraveled, and Stayle and Arthur looked on from both sides with interest, and helped prevent the box from falling.

    Finally, all the beautiful packaging is removed, and the lid of the box is gently lifted. The contents of the box that I can't imagine at all

    "This is perfume……?"

    Insife are four cute vials that glitter in the sunlight. One is a very small bottle as if it were a trial size, but the other three are regular perfume-sized bottles.

    Encouraged by the voice of Chancellor Gilbert, who seemed to be in a good mood, "Yes," I first picked up the smallest perfume. A bottle with a deep color like a ruby is cute by itself. When I pushed the spray several times, a very elegant scent spread from the center. The scents of many kinds of flowers are beautifully combined at once, and in the sense of music, rather than a trio or quartet it's at the orchestra level. The majestic scent seemed to condense the flower garden. It's a wonderful scent that is very different from the unique perfume that I received before. I definitely want to use it. It's a pity that this is such a small bottle.

    "I added this to try the scent first. If there is no problem, I will give you the same size as the other three at your birthday festival as usual. But. "

    eh! ?? Is there? !!

    I turns my head in response to the gentle voice of Chancellor Gilbert.

    No way, it was prepared for the birthday festival! It's true that Chancellor Gilbert had to give me an official present at the birthday festival, but I never thought I would get two presents on one birthday.

    I was just hoping for it, so I forgot to arrange the words and shouted, "Bring it!" Immediately after that, Chancellor Gilbert thanked me with a reverent and graceful movement after a smiling smile. I was told, "Leave it to me," and it made me embarrassed that I wasn't happy with my age.

    "Sister! Try opening the other vials!"

    Pushed by Tiara's bouncy voice, I try to pick up another vial. It is easy to understand because each is a color-coded small bottle. First, take a small bottle with a golden decoration in my hand, open the lid again, and try to smell it in the same way. This time it has a sweet floral scent.

    However, it's different from the previous one, it's rather sweet. It has a feminine scent like honey, not a neat sweetness. The sweetness may be noticeable because it was so elegant. Yeah, I really like this one. It has a scent that is packed with girlishness.

    It seemed like Tiara, who is the incarnation of girlishness, and as soon as she smelled it, she sounded mesmerized.

    "It has a really cute scent! I like it very much!"

    Tiara that wrinkles her nose is cute like a baby rabbit. Arthur rubbed his nose a little for the sweet scent twice in a row, but he still said, "This smells good too."

    Continue to pick up the next vial. The black vial has the same design but reminds a little of a witch. As soon as he saw it, Stiyl literally vomited poison to Chancellor Gilbert, saying, "It looks like it's poison." I was worried that Maria would get angry, but she was actually laughing.

    Don't worry, I felt sorry for Chancellor Gilbert, who returned with a smile, but I pushed him again.

    This time it had a different citrus scent. The refreshing citrus scent spreads, and the sensation after the scent is refreshing and comfortable, probably because it is mixed with mint. I heard Arthur taking a deeper breath than before. Yeah, this is probably more familiar to men.

    "... It's good .......... In spite of Gilbert's taste."

    After a straightforward mutter, I heard a slightly abominable voice.

    I think he liked it when Stayle said so. If it wasn't a gift from Chancellor Gilbert, he might have wanted the same thing. Is it a pity that Stayle can't say what he wants, or is it just regrettable because he can't complain? Either way, I think it's cute, and I lightly put it on Stayle out of mischief.

    I was a little surprised that Stayle had rounded eyes, but when I laughed softly, he blinked back. I have already used my favorite perfume, as did Tiara and Stayle, but today Stayle's colognr will not give off a strange scent even if it is mixed with a little perfume.

    "It has a nice scent," said Tiara, who brought her nose closer to Stayle, and Stayle, who tightened his mouth as if he was a little shy, was also smiling. When both of them grow up to the age of a game, I think they will be so close to each other that they'll look like a picture of a wife and husband. After all, it is difficult to ignore the Stayle route when I look at them like this.

    And finally, pick up a silver vial.

    I wanted to make it fluffy immediately, but my nose is getting paralyzed because I have already released three different kinds of scents. When I thought about stopping and changing places, Chancellor Gilbert opened the small window in a flowing motion. Thanks to the fact that it was a windy day, the wind was vigorous and grabbed my ears like a flood and took the scent.

    I use the last perfume again when the aroma concentration of the whole room has faded, although it still lingered. The scent that blew after pressing a few times was like a forest. I think it's green, or it's mixed with herbs. A refreshing scent with a calm depth. It's more of a gentleman's perfume that what I and Tiara wear, but it's a harmonious scent for an adult woman, thanks to the well-finished elegance. It also contains citrus fruits, but while the one I tried earlier is lime, this one is orange. It's also a good accent.

    "I like this smell the best."

    Arthur seems to like it too.

    I like Arthur, who may not be very interested in perfumes, so it's nice to have a scent that isn't too addictive. Is it really good to get such a wonderful perfume set at once? All of them have a very nice scent, and it's a waste to use.

    "It's so nice ... Thank you, Chancellor Gilbert, Maria. I'll use it carefully."

    After enjoying the last scent, this time I miss the first scent. I liked all of them so much that I thought I would enjoy them until I got drunk with the scent. While holding my bouncy chest with both hands, I thanked them again, and both Maria and Chancellor Gilbert returned a warm smile like sunlight through the trees. I'm really really happy. It's definitely the best gift I've ever received from Chancellor Gilbert.

    All of them are perfumes that I have never dealt with before, so how did he get four of them? Even after withdrawing from the back-office business, Chancellor Gilbert's information network and skill are uncertain. I'm so interested that I want to ask where he bought it, like it was a magic trick I wanted to unravel. I want to make it a purveyor.

    Then, as if looking through my heart, Chancellor Gilbert said, "It's good you like it."

    "It was worth visiting a good perfumer in the royal capital. All of these items were requested by me."

    I can't say anything to Chancellor Gilbert, who continues on to explain that he chose the scents that were mixed.

    Eh, request⁈! Moreover, from what he says, the scent and the blend were chosen by Chancellor Gilbert⁈ The fine adjustment of the amount and the blending itself would have been a showcase of the perfumer's skill, but in other words, it's the original blend of Chancellor Gilbert. Doesn't it mean that! ︎

    Chancellor Gilbert is scary.

    Not only a Chancellor and genius plotter, but he also has such a sense. If you try to mix the scent of perfume, there are many different types, and you can make such a wonderful perfume.

    No one was speaking, not just me, while my open mouth wasn't blocked and hardened. Everyone probably has the same impression as me. As we read our consensus, Chancellor Gilbert humbly said, "No, just choosing the scent, the formulation and distribution of the scent is up to you," but it's still too great.

    "It was Maria's idea. Each of these four types was mixed with the image of everyone. I am glad that you liked it."


    This time I heard an upset voice.

    ...... Did you say our image now?

    Tiara breathes next to me comparing Chancellor Gilbert with the set of four perfumes in front of me. In addition, Stayle muttered in a scary voice, "No way ..." and suppressed it. If I turn to Arthur, who makes no sound, his eyes are rolling. Finally, when I slowly looked back at Chancellor Gilbert, I saw an elegant smile.

    "Yes. The first sample was Pryde, the next was Tiara, the next was Stayle, and the last was Arthur."

    Image perfume⁈‼ ︎‼ ︎

    featuring Kimihika's perfume and other goods that weren't available in the previous life! ︎‼ ︎

    I open my mouth so wide that it threatened to come off and cover it with both hands. It can only be said that the sense of Chancellor Gilbert is overwhelming. Certainly Tiara, Stayle, and Arthur have the perfect image, and they look great! ︎ I think it's better to have each of the three people use it instead of me. ...... No, but ... Yeah, I can't let go. I have to make such a wonderful perfume a treasure for the rest of my life.

    "I think it's really nice ... Chancellor Gilbert, Maria, thank you so much for such a nice thing ..."

    I will take care of it for the rest of my life, and I pick up the vial from the box again. Yeah, when I say it, it really seems like those three people. In other words, when I understood that my birthday festival would give me a perfume with the image of myself, I was looking forward to the birthday festival. It's a scent that I really liked even in the free sample, but when I think that Chancellor Gilbert imagined me, I like it more. ...... I'm sorry that the scent of the Last Boss doesn't match very well. Is it okay for a perfume made in the image of the Last Boss Queen to have such a wonderful and beautiful scent? No, the remaining three are just right! Tiara, Stayle and Arthur are really as you imagined and are wonderful! ︎

    The more I look at the vial, the more my face becomes fluffy. I'm really happy it's unbearable. I have to use it carefully.

    "Pryde-sama's and the other perfumes were really perfect, but ... my image ...⁇"

    I turned my face at Arthur's voice. Arthur is a knight, so he doesn't use cologne, and he's unfamiliar with scents, so it's hard for him to say that on his own. However, I mentioned earlier that the perfume based on him was my favorite scent, so he shouldn't be dissatisfied.

    Tiara said, "It's a perfect fit!", But Stayle keeps his mouth closed in a straight linr and keeps silent. I think he's probably hesitating to praise Chancellor Gilbert's goods. I picked up the silver vial again and sprayed it lightly on Arthur, just as I did with Stayle.

    Arthur, who seemed to be quite surprised and raised and lowered his shoulders while yelling, "⁈, Hey!", Stepped into the scent of the forest. The reaction is so big that I laughs with a feeling of mischief.

    "Tiara, Stayle, and Arthur's scents are perfect. I love every scent. When I think it's a perfume based on three people, I love it more."

    Putting my thoughts into words, Stayle and Arthur's faces lit up like hot water.

    It may have been nice to hear that Tiara was also included in the group of three perfumes. Even though it's a perfume, it must feels special to br treated as a set with the cute Tiara.

    Immediately afterwards, Stayle and Arthur screamed at me, raising their fists, as if to deny the shyness of the three-person set.

    "Pryde's perfume! ... I think it smells great and is wonderful ...!"

    "I think so too ... I think it's a beautiful, cute scent that's perfect for Pryde ..."

    It makes me sick of the gentle follow-up that says they haven't forgotten about me in the set. Both of them are really kind. For that reason, Stayle praises the perfume in front of Chancellor Gilbert, and even Arthur uses the word cute, which doesn't suit me, with care. But I hope they really like my perfume. The one that I liked the most.

    "Thank you. I'm glad you said that. Thank you Chancellor Gilbert and Maria for giving me such a wonderful gift. I wonder if I can use one of them right away."

    With a laugh, I compare the silver vial in my hand with the other two. I only used a little bit to check the scent, but of the remaining three

    "! No, I'm‼ ︎"

    "! I think Tiara's perfume is good!"

    ...... I was pushed by something.

    I was surprised at the two people who screamed more than twice as much as before and stopped breathing. I wonder if both of them haven't testing yet, and their faces are ... I think they're redder than before. I can't help but look at the two people who wait for me in a desperate manner. Can neither of them forget the Tiara perfume?

    Then, when I turned the golden perfume to the two of them to split between, they both shouted, "No!".

    "Me! And Arthur!! Because you already sprayed us with perfume, so!! !! If you mix both male and female on one person, that's ..."

    Stayle screams as if he were trying to get a criminal to drop his gun, but from the middle he closes his mouth tightly.

    Arthur also nodded with tremendous momentum in agreement with Stayle. Arthur seems to have the same problem. By the way, this was already after I had mischievously applied perfume to them.

    Certainly if they say so. Matching perfumes for men and women is too meaningful. It's the one and only perfume, and it may be immediately noticed by people with a good nose. Arthur may be thinking that perfume is rare in the Knights, and Stayle may not have wanted to smell the same as his sister around this age. Although I wasn't offended when I thought so, I regret it thinking that I had done something wrong. The scent of perfume is hard to remove in one day.

    When I apologized to them, I'm sorry, they both shook their heads and forgave me. I understand that the two of them were so desperate that they hated it for some reason, saying, "If you can understand ...!". And right now, I'm trying to sprinkle Tiara's strongest women's perfume on them. I was so happy with the perfume from Chancellor Gilbert, but I was a little too flirty. ...... It's a little disappointing that the perfume that matches the two of us is useless, but it can't be helped.

    After all, I decided to add Tiara's perfume today. The soft and sweet scent wraps around my body, and the benefits of it being Tiara makes me feel a little more feminine.

    "Sister! Are you sure I am ...?"

    When I tried to put the vial back in the box again. Tiara gently peeked at me with a thin hand.

    e? I don't know what it means, and when I ask back, it seems that Tiara wants the golden perfume as well. Of course, when I sprinkled this perfume on Tiara that surely suits her better, she happily inflated her cheeks and laughed, "Thank you!"

    "I'm so happy to be like my sister!"

    Tiara, who made an angelic remark as if she had perceived my sorrow, jumped into my chest with a bouncy voice as the vial was returned to the box.

    When I caught her with both hands, the sweet scent that I should have applied to myself shook my nose. Yeah, it smells great on Tiara.

    It didn't come true with Stayle or Arthur, but it's like a dream to have a matching scent with my cute little sister.

    While returning the words, I was so happy that I couldn't stand it and hugged Tiara tightly. I think again that women and sisters are good.

    In the meantime, Chancellor Gilbert politely put the perfume back in the box and returned it to its original packaging with vivid hands.

    "From now on .... I would like to send Pryde-sama's perfume every year at your birthday festival."

    Chancellor Gilbert smiled quietly, saying that the word "from now on" with a slight weight.

    I'm happy. If I can get the perfume based on my image every year at my birthday festival, then I can use it forever. The only perfume in the world made by Chancellor Gilbert for me is too special.

    By all means, I suppress the bouncy voice and receive the words again with both hands. Then Chancellor Gilbert continued his surprising proposal, loosening his sharp eyes with "and".

    "If Pride wants ..."
    "Oh, Stayle. Is it okay if you don't go to Pryde even though it's your rest time?"

    Mmm, Stayle, whose eyes narrowed at my words, was now relaxing in my room.

    To be precise, he crossed his legs on the sofa in the Chancellor's office, and read the law book he held in one hand. It was just when the hands of the clock had passed the rest time allowed by Regent Wes five minutes after I had finished the Prince Consort work.

    Stayle, who normally leaves the room the moment the needle moves, does not get up today. At first, I thought he was selecting law books to borrow from my room, but soon after I stood there, I bent my leg on the sofa.

    It wouldn't be an argument or a quarrel, but when I asked while thinking, what Stayle returned was a low voice that echoed to the bottom of the earth.

    "... It's because of your perfume."

    After being affirmed in a moody voice, Stayle went back to the law book.

    Ah ... I can guess the cause with that word and drop my voice. I wonder why Stayle is looking at the book meaninglessly even though he should have already memorized it.

    Once I knew it, laughter threatened to came up, but it seems that if my shoulders start to shake here, Stayle's fuse would catch fire. I managed to hold it in with a bitter smile, raised my shoulders and returned to Stayle.

    "Is it Stayle's perfume today? It's an honor to remember it once or twice a year."

    "It is something I want to forget ...!"

    Words of gratitude are also burned by the heat source before the explosion.

    Stayle, whose eyes behind the black-rimmed glasses were sharp, had a deeper glow to his complexion than before. After closing the thick book vigorously like an explosive, this time his face is dyed red with anger.

    It's already been four years since I started giving the usual gifts to Pryde. Since then, Pryde has been using my perfume frequently.

    Perfume based on Pryde's image is used several times a week. She doesn't hesitate to use it because I give a new one every year. The other perfumes are used about once or twice a year, respectively. Pryde is reluctant to use the other perfumes as she wants to use them carefully because she is not good wearing it yet. However, it seems that it is bad for their hearts because the perfume used that day depends on Pryde's mood.

    "Would it be better if I suggest, for example, to try wearing on the perfume on each birthday."

    "Are you going to make my birthday festival a big disaster?‼ ︎‼ ︎ I can't keep calm‼ ︎ I've already refused the attempted by my sister‼ ︎"

    I thought it was a good idea, but on the contrary.

    It seems that idea has already been suggested is by Pryde. Thinking so, Stayle continued to speak to me as if to hide his shame. He completely let go of the book and turned to me with his whole body. After hearing him repeat like a curse, "every year, every year, every year ..."

    "It's a completely dangerous thing now, such as the birthday celebration for my sister three months ago. What if your perfume causes a disaster with my sister's escort and the First Princess is injured?"

    "Oh, that was a problem. Pride was pleased with it."

    "Actually a month ago, she wore Captain Alain's perfume. And then three days ago, she wore Captain Colm's perfume. They were clearly out of form, but they can't avoid my Sister's scent. Even Arthur isn't used to it yet."

    "Then it's unfortunate, but should this year's perfume be the last one?"

    "Don't be silly. How much do you think your sister is looking forward to your products every year?"

    Stayle, who sounds like a contradiction in what he says, says shit! and opened the book again.

    In the end, there is some dissatisfaction, but the perfume gift itself may continue. If I tell Stayle, "I'm looking forward to it," it's worth preparing every year.

    Perfume associated with Pryde-sama's desired person.

    "If Pryde wishes, let's make it again every year with a person who meets Pryde's wishes."

    I still can't forget that I made her eyes shine when I proposed it to Pryde four years ago.

    Since then, every year I receive a request from Pryde, and on the next birthday, I will give her the perfume based on the person she desired directly from my hand.

    On the eighteenth birthday of this year, the perfume of "Prince Leon", "Captain Alain", "Captain Colm", and "Deputy Captain Eric", which Pride himself requested on her 17th birthday a year ago.

    On the 17th birthday of last year, the perfume of "Val", "Sefek", and "Kemet" was given as desired on the 16th birthday.

    On the 16th birthday, the desired "Lotte" "Marie" "Jack" asked for on the 15th birthday

    And on the 15th birthday ..., ...

    "Then, come next year with Chancellor Gilbert and Maria's perfume! Because you are also important to me! "

    Four years ago. After saying that, she smiled like a flower.

    It had only been two months since I revealed my deadly sins to her.

    And this year as well ... If I give the perfume she wanted, Pryde showed her joy with the same smile as that time. And in a cheerful voice, she talked about her hopes for next year's perfume again. I'm happy at that time when she cheerfully talks about her wishes. As long as that person wants, I want to continue to live up to that expectation. No matter how many years, decades, ... no matter how many years have passed.

    Every time, if I can receive the smile of that person who is more brilliant than any perfume.

    700. Special Story: The Delivery Person Gave it
    "This is the next delivery. There will be another delivery in a week, so it would be great if you could finish this by then."

    I return a lively reply, and as usual, I receive the price of this delivery and a new letter from the Lord.

    It's been a while since I started working as a delivery person, but recently I haven't had much time. When I heard that the next delivery was for a week later, I think I'll be called again in the near future. Moreover, when I confirmed the address of the letter I received, I was tired to death.

    "It's this country again ... If you really want a reply, why don't you just sneak into the country?"

    "It's fine. I understand how you feel, but that country is a country that my mother has long wanted to interact with. I'm sorry to trouble you, but this is the only way."

    I throw it away in response to the Lord's reply, and show only the address to the kids who try to look at the address of the letter and puts it in my pocket.

    I don't care about other countries, but two of them, the "Cersis Kingdom" and the "Chinensis Kingdom" are the most troublesome and wasteful. If I receive only the letter unilaterally, I cannot even enter the country and pay in advance. I think it is doubtful that the letter received by the gatekeeper has reached the royal family.

    "By the way, the Lord's birthday is just around the corner, right ?! Congratulations!"

    "Kemet! That's something we'll say the next time we meet! ... But! Congratulations!"

    "Thank you Kemet, Sefek. I'm glad you said it many times."

    Perhaps because they were listening to the conversation between me and the Lord, they wanted to say something extra, as Kemet immediately considered in the "delivery one week later". I'm annoyed.

    While correcting Kemet's words, the Lord replied with a smile as usual to Sefek, who bowed her head to continue.

    Congratulations, I'm sure you'll get tired of hearing them every year. The Prince next to the Lord was also in a bad mood a while ago, but he relaxed his shoulders while holding the black edge of his glasses at the words of congratulations from the kids. The Princess, who stands next to her, says in a cheerful voice, "I'm looking forward to it."

    "It's a festival in the castle again! Please come and see Kemet and Sefek with Val!"

    It's easy to say that there are a lot of deliveries before that.

    Anyway, the request one week later will be about collecting the replies to the invitation letter to the Lord's birthday festival that I delivered earlier. From now on, I think it will be troublesome having to carry things for the royal family who sometimes pushes huge gifts in vain.

    Perhaps because the great power of the Kingdom of Freesia is feared as a monster, there are quite a lot of allies and peaceful nations that are inferior to Freesia. After I started working as a delivery person, I learned that even the same royal family has a hierarchy depending on the country.

    It was troublesome to carry extra large luxury items because it is forbidden to damage them. If it's about a letter, I can go to the next country as it is, but once I receive a luxury item, I have to deliver it back to Freesia. Moreover, if I take a rest while abroad, the back-office workers will spring up to get the easy-to-understand gold items. After learning that there is no limit to the weight of things that can be carried with my special abilities, I have been entrusted with such large luggage.

    Just thinking about it makes everything bothersome and turns my shoulders and arms. By the time four days later, I'll just have to go to Hanazuo for the time being. When I thought that I should head at the fastest speed from now on, Sefek and Kemet, who both yawned together, flickered in my sight. By the way, I remember that I haven't taken an inn since I returned to Freesia.

    "... Princess. Do you want to play with the kids?"

    "! Yes! Come on"

    The Princess's room is just right for entertaining the kids.

    The Princess, who shined her eyes at the invitation to throw a knife, put her hands together and rushed to Sefek and Kemet. If I take Sefek's hand to go, Kemet will follow. The Prince, who is on the lookout next to the Lord, widens his eyes while holding down the black edges of his glasses, which is also a complaint to me. It's like this every time the Princess invites us into her room. Not only the Lord but also this Princess is a kid.

    "Do you want to disturb us? Prince-sama"

    If I dare to wave my hand and laugh like a joker, he visibly loses that black aura.

    Still, I wonder if the Princess firmly persuaded them, there was no order to keep us here, they just let us go. The Lord looks back with a stupid face only at this time.

    Just before going to the Princess's room, if I look back lightly, the Lord will call "Val".

    "Is it okay to take it easy from now on? The journey to Hanazuo takes ten days in a royal carriage, so if it seems difficult this time, the two countries will be on the next delivery ..."

    "If I can't afford it, I wonder how much the kid's board will go up. Why don't I sleep with you tonight and save up?"

    I laugh at the Lord, who is uselessly distracted, and looks back at my body.

    Even a kid seems to understand the meaning of such words, and she opened her eyes with her mouth shut.

    I also stopped trying to climb the stairs and walked backwards about three steps while turning around. Immediately after that, not only the Prince but also the guards behind him threatened. After a light glance, look at the Lord again.

    "How about it, Lord? What if I make you a woman before you turn sixteen?"

    "Do not be silly!!"

    The Prince roars in place of the Lord.

    He clenches his teeth at the last minute and changes from a black aura to a murderous one. He didn't deliver one shot this time because the distance is wide, but when I see the hand holding his fist trembling, it seems that he's going to endure it.

    I dare to laugh with a grin to make him realize that I'm aware of it, but I slowly turn my heels without taking another step. Recently, especially when it comes to the Lord, it has become easier to incite him.

    Then I'll disturb you, this time I step on the stairs and follow the Princess. Kemet, who was climbing earlier, pulled my arm and shouted, "Let's go!", And Sefek shouted, "You're late!"

    From behind, the Lord's voice said, "Don't overdo it !!", and instead of looking back, I just shook my hand lightly.

    "I'll prepare the tea first. Thank you again for after that!"

    I entered the Princess's room, and since it was sweets and tea at first, I was immediately urged to throw a knife after filling my stomach.

    The Princess, who had said it was her first time when we started, was strangely good at it. When I first started teaching her, I thought that it would end up as only self-defense, but the princess's wish was, "Please ensure I can defeat the enemy!"

    When I was asked, I suspected that she was trying to assassinate the Lord, but it seems the opposite was true.

    She wants to protect the Lord, she doesn't want to pull her legs. It wasn't the thought of a Princess who was in the position to be protected by a knight. I thought that if the Lord was the Princess's sister, then the Princess was also the Lord's sister.

    Like the Lord, I think I should take a look when the man married to this Princess learns that his wife can throw a knife. It'll be ridiculous enough to make me point and laugh.

    While I was teaching the Princess to throw a knife, Sefek and Kemet tumbled to the floor instead of climbing on the sofa as if they had died after rowing the boat several times as expected. When they wake up, they'll watch the princess's practice and relax on their own, but recently they've become accustomed to the Princess, and have come to sleep here as well.

    Even though I can sleep on the mud in the lower layers, they care about other people and are not accustomed to it, probably because they are sensitive to the presence of people. This is often the case with kids who throw stones in the lower layers.

    After that, I taught the Princess some knife throwing and yawned several times. A Princess who is originally good at learning has no trouble being taught. ...... If she gets out of the place where she is weak because she has no physical strength.

    By the time Sefek woke up to the sound of the knife and got up, she was almost out of breath.

    The maid wipes the sweaty Princess's forehead and intervenes, saying, "It's just the right time, so let's take a break." If you're more worried, you should make her stop throwing the knife, but it seems that the Princess will not give it up. She was bothered and said, "Let's do that for today," and nodded quietly with a turbulent breath.

    Kemet also rubs his eyes and raises his body so that he can be caught by the awakened Sefek and his voice. Even in the morning, "Good morning" and "Good morning", the two kids started to reach for the sweets on the table that were left as they were.

    When the Princess returns after having her sweat wiped, she drinks the remade tea in her cup and takes a breather. Then, Kemet, who was eating the baked goods, opened his mouth to the Princess as if he had thought of something with his head tilted like a sleeping habit.

    "... Do Tiara know if there is something the Lord is pleased with?"

    "? What makes my sister happy ??"

    The Princess's eyes are rounded by Kemet's question. As soon as he woke up, he said something surprising.

    Maybe the Princess thought so, or she just couldn't think of anything, and when she looked back at Kemet with a big blink, Sefek shouted, "Oh!".

    "Maybe the Lord's birthday present ?! What are you thinking about?"

    "! Is that so !? If that's the case, I'll consult with you ... !!"

    Kemet laughed and scratched his head as Sefek screamed and the Princess smiled. Look down once and then open your mouth again.

    "I want to congratulate the Lord because I, Val, and Sefek are indebted to her. I want to give it to the Lord as well as to Tiara."

    "Me too! I want to give it too! And the Lord said that she would also celebrate our birthday!"

    He raises his hand so that he can catch Sefek as he says with a shy smile.

    At the Princess's birthday festival four months ago, the kids tore the flowers in the middle of delivery and gave them. Recalling the Princess who was overjoyed despite the disgusting flowers decorating the castle, I wondered if this would be the same. While leaning against the wall and poking the cheeks, the kid's roaring voice echoes in his ears.

    "My sister loves flowers so she was so happy to receive them, and I'm sure she will be happy in the future. If something else is good, since you often go abroad, How about something that you can only see there? I'm sure that she'll be pleased."

    "Is there a bug that you can only see there?"

    "Oh, there was a huge centipede along the border last time ..."

    "⁈ No! I think other than living things are good‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    At least with butterflies ... ︎ and the Princess stops them in a hurry at the remarks of both Sefek and Kemet.

    I don't know about the Lord, but Princess-sama seems to be not good at insects. It is a weakness that seems to fit a member of the royal family who was carefully raised in a tidy building.

    Perhaps because Sefek, who was in the lower class, is accustomed to insects, Kemet doesn't even think that women might not be good with insects. If they hadn't consulted with the Princess today, I could have seen the Lord's funny face after receiving a cloth bag full of insects from the kids.

    Sefek and Kemet, who tilted their heads to the left and right many times as the Princess stopped them desperately, turned their eyes to me this time. What do I know about gifts for women and children?

    When I glanced back at him before being asked, Kemet opens his mouth after blinking repeatedly.

    "What does Val give to the Lord?"

    "Ah? ... I'll give you something, but I'm not going to give anything to the royal family-sama who has everything."

    Fucking kid. Don't be silly.

    Why do I have to spend money on a kid who has a much better life than us and has money. Moreover, originally speaking, all of our money comes from the Lord. From the bottom of my stomach, I think it's a stupid thing to give something to the Lord bought with the money I received from her

    Sefek replies with a shrill voice, "That's why you're listening to what the Lord is pleased with from Tiara!", But I pretend not to hear it. I don't really care about what the kids give to the Lord. After all, the payment I receive from the Lord is also for three people. I can't even touch the kids' money by contract. So for me, it doesn't matter what they want to buy with that money.

    While the Princess and the kids talk about what to give to the Lord, I will go to bed this time. Once they're satisfied with talking properly, we can begin the delivery work immediately.

    They're worried about what to give, what she'll be happy with, and how surprised she'll be. Moreover, the other party is a royal family who can get whatever they want.

    "It's crap ..."

    When I didn't listen to the topic anymore, I leaned against the wall to express my intention and sat down, folded my arms and closed my eyes so that the kids could understand.

    After scratching the back of my neck, exhaling from my belly, and clicking my tongue twice, my thoughts are swayed by the voice of the Princess, "Which country are you going to next?" And melted into sleep.
    "That's ... fucking kids. Wasting my time."

    Kingdom of Shion.

    It was after the delivery to the Allied Kingdom of Hanazuo was completed and we came to make a delivery to the royal family of Freesia's allies.

    After this, I was thinking that I would eat rice and look for an inn, but I ended up going on a date with the kids. If this happens, he curses the sweetness of Temee's claws, saying that he shouldn't show them the next delivery destination.

    As soon as I got out of the castle after delivery, I was dragged out by Kemet and Sefek saying that there was a place they wanted to go beyond the market. Moreover, even though they don't know the way, thry just pull me behind. In the end, I was dragging to the place where the fucking kids wanted to go.

    According to the kids, it seems to be for the Lord's birthday celebration. In other words, if I think that it is the Lord's money, I will feel murderous. Moreover, when I thought that it would be over soon after we arrived, I had to wait for the kids for about an hour without being able to drink alcohol.

    I regretted that if I had to wait this long to eat, I should have bought sake at the market from the beginning. What's more, I ended up getting involved. I couldn't take my eyes off the kids who got into twice as much danger as usual until the end.

    "I'm sorry Val ... But I found so many!"

    "Yeah! It's good because we've successfully prepared a birthday present for the Lord!"

    Just glance at the contents of the bag they show off, and return their words with a clicking tongue.

    I don't think it's much different from garbage, but I give up on words. Even if it's less than garbage, I can tell that the Lord would be happy with what the kids brought. Anyway, since she was someone happy with anything, you could pull out the grass around you and hand it over without going to this much trouble.

    My legs are heavy and my whole body is heavy and covered in sweat. As I walked with both Sefek and Kemet dripping, walking with such a heavy gift for the Lord. They're even slower than I am because their steps are less a stride than a stagger. I had no choice but to reach out with a "Hand it over" and take the cloth bag.

    "Thank you!!"

    "Be careful! It's a gift for the Lord!"

    "I know. Clothes before that. Buy something appropriate in the market."

    Then it's rice, and while holding the bag with one arm, I pulled the Kemet with the other hand.

    In addition to the increased luggage, I have to bend my back for the short Kemet, which makes it harder to walk. I want food and an inn, but for the time being, I'll manage the annoyance of these wet clothes. The hood I was wearing is now annoying, so I lower it and look at the surroundings.

    I want to use special abilities to move, but there are too many watching eyes. I decided to quickly change my clothes and eat rice and go to bed today. Hanazuo makes me twice as tired.

    "Oh, Val !! Over there! Is it good over there⁈"

    Shortly after entering the market, a clothing store was found.

    I thought that it might have strange traditional clothes that gives the impression of a souvenir shop rather than clothes for the common people, but they also sell ordinary clothes apart from the souvenirs.

    If I try to go inside the store that looks like a shack, I'm stopped at once. The wet cloth bag didn't look particularly good.

    After ordering the same clothes that I'm wearing from top to bottom, I wait for them to be brought to the front of the store. Because the store just across the street was a fruit store, the hungry kids went there. ...... It's troublesome.

    "Sefek, Kemet. Buy it there first."

    Give only a few pieces of money from your pocket and point to the store with your chin.

    Immediately after that, the kids shined their eyes forgot about the clothes and jumped straight to the store in front of them. It seems that the belly is more important for the kid than wet clothes.

    Click the tongue many times while keeping an eye on the kids at the fruit store. Even when the shopkeeper came holding the clothes, I felt frustrated and glared at him, and his shoulders went up and down in an easy-to-understand manner.

    Snatch the clothes I've been given, saying shit many times in his stomach. For the time being, I took off my jacket and put on thr new coat, and finally I felt a little better. When I tried to take out the cloth bag that I had put back in my pocket and pay the shopkeeper who asked for the price.


    Suddenly, I noticed the display shelves that I didn't care about earlier.

    It's lined up on the shelves, and I think I've seen it multiple times every time I traveled around the country.

    It's not unusual and I'm not interested. There is always something similar in every country if you go to the royal capital. However, I myself have never thought about buying it. For me, Sefek and Kemet, it is something unnecessary in our lives.

    I think it's stupid to pay for something like this. It's just a waste of money to pay that much for annoying and troublesome things. If it's me, I wouldn't care and just throw it away. But ...

    “……………… .…… And also, owner. About this "
    "" Lord! Happy Birthday !! ""

    Four days before my birthday.

    The meeting with Chancellor Gilbert was a little prolonged, and when I headed to Val and others who had been waiting in the guest room, Sefek and Kemet celebrated loudly.

    As soon as I opened the door, I forgot to breathe and opened my eyes at the snappy voice and dazzling smile. When I said "Thank you" one beat later, Tiara who was waiting in the guest room earlier and Stayle who was behind me happily laughed "I'm glad". Only Val is staring at me with a troublesome look by the wall of the room.

    Both of them congratulated me before leaving for the delivery last time, but I'm really happy that they celebrated again like this. Moreover, as soon as I opened the door, I felt surprised and was twice as happy.

    "Lord, this is a present from us!"

    "We collected it! We consulted with Tiara and decided on this!"

    Eh, for me? !! I suddenly raised my voice.

    This time the congratulations comes with a gift. I didn't think they would celebrate not only their good friend Tiara but also me.

    What they gave me was a cloth bag with a tied mouth. It swells greatly, and the string at the mouth is cutely tied with a ribbon. If I think it's a ribbon I've seen somewhere, it looks like the ribbon that Tiara wore today.

    Perhaps, when I turned my face, Tiara who was no longer wearing the ribbon from this morning looked at me with an embarrassed laugh. Apparently, she helped with the decoration.

    When I received the bag carefully with both hands, it was heavier than I expected. I shook a little, but Stayle immediately supported me from the side.

    If I hold it firmly, I can carry it with one hand, but Stayle helped me anyway. While returning that it's okay, I put it on the table in the guest room to check the contents immediately.

    As soon as I put it on the table, I heard a lot of hard sounds overlapping. My spine trembled and I wondered if I had broken it for a moment, but when I saw Sefek and Kemet who were watching with shining eyes, it seemed to be okay.

    I terrifiedly let go, and after carefully removing the ribbon, I looked into the mouth of the cloth bag in surprise.

    I open my mouth and take a breath when I see something. What was tightly packed in the cloth bag was


    It was a pile of cute seashells that shined brightly.

    So much ...⁈ I can't help but speak out. I now understand why it was so heavy. It is natural that it is heavy if it's this number. They are packed from snail shells to cute pink shells, from baby claws to conch shells.

    Furthermore, it was literally a treasure trove of beautiful horned sea glass. I'm happy to pick up each one and my eyes are busy. Amazing, beautiful and cute! In front of Sefek and Kemet, I frolic like a child.

    Stayle also looked in from the side and let out a sound of admiration. Tiara screamed with all her might, "It's so wonderful !!" It's the first time I've seen so many shellfish in this world.

    "I'm so happy ...! And shellfish are rarely seen in Freesia ..."

    The Kingdom of Freesia does not face the sea. So including the royal capital, there are no ports or beaches anywhere in the country. That's why I have never seen such a beautiful shellfish. I'm just impressed to receive so many of them.

    I'd like to display everything from now on, but it's definitely more than an amount that can be lined up on the table due to its weight. Let's take the time to thoroughly enjoy them after returning to my room.

    I couldn't hide my joy and emotion, and Sefek and Kemet gladly looked at each other with flushed faces. How long did it take to collect this amount?

    Kemet and Sefek tell us that they collected it at a country by the sea that was a delivery destination. For Hanazuo there's a sea by the Cersis Kingdom, but since they're still closed, maybe it was the Shion Kingdom.

    Was it hard? While scooping up the shellfish in both hands, Kemet said, "Val also helped!"

    I doubted my ears when I heard that information, but Val immediately said, "I didn't help." He said he was not a shellfish collector, but rescued Sefek when shr fell or Kemet was kidnapped by the waves. The two of them rushed into the water above their knees rather than look for beautiful shellfish on the beach, so it was difficult to collect them afterwards. ……Yup. I can really imagine. At this age, even if they just fall, it's possible drown if the waves cover their head, and if it's Kemet's physique, he could get knocked off his feet by the waves. If Val had to go lend a hand each time, I wonder if he got hit by the waves too. When I think that all three of them got soaked, I feel more gratitude for these seashells. Let's store every single one carefully.

    Did all three catch a cold? After confirming their health condition, I thank them again for the wonderful gift. When I politely asked, "But don't overdo it next time," the two responded cheerfully. Val said with a tongue-in-cheek, "I'm sick of seashells," but ... I think it's going to be a pain next year when this happens again. I'm really sorry.

    "... Sefek, Kemet, let's go if we're done. Lord, send money and the next request."

    As he stood up from the wall, Val opened his palm to me with absolutely zero party mood.

    When he received the reward from Stayle as prompted and I made the next delivery request, Val picked up the bag again. He pulls Kemet's hand that's connected to Sefek and goes out the door. It's a little disappointing. It couldn't be helped because he was entrusted with a lot of work, but I wanted to take a little more time to talk with Kemet and Sefek.

    Sefek and Kemet shouted, "I'm going," but when Val opened the door, he waved with a nice smile, "Lord! Congratulations!" I'm sorry, I'm a little embarrassed.

    I waved to them, wondering if the next time we met will be after my birthday.
    "Good night, Pryde"

    Good night.

    Saying goodbye to my maids Marie and Lotte, I waited in bed for the door to close. After making minimal noise, I get out of bed, being careful not to make a soft footstep.

    The birthday festival is near, and I can't overdo it, but there was something I really wanted to do today.

    "Two people gathered it ..."

    Muttering like an excuse, I gently move the cloth bag I had left on my desk to a large table.

    I really wanted to do it during the day, but I avoided it because Lotte and Marie as well as Stayle and Tiara would definitely help. There are a lot of them, but I want to sort them out personally since they're gifts for me. Sefek and Kemet picked it up on a wide beach while getting wet with seawater.

    I'd like to sort everything out tonight, pack it in a box, and show it to Tiara and the others tomorrow. When they come back to the castle before long, I would like to show Kemet and Sefek my gratitude and say, "I saved it all beautifully!"

    Lotte and others prepared the cases that would be used as containers, and all I had to do was divide them neatly and put them in each. With the small lights lit on the side of the table, I start by roughly checking the proportions of each shell. Spread the contents of the bag with great care so as not to break the contents on the table.


    "……that is?"

    Suddenly, my eyes catch on something with an unusual shape that rolls out of the cloth bag.

    I thought it was a snail or something that was too big to compare with other shells, but it seems that it is different. Even if I squint and bring the light closer, it does not look like a seashells.

    It seems that it was hidden at the bottom of the bag that was packed with shells, where sand and small shells are sticking a little. I wonder if they picked up a drifting object, but I picked it up and found that it was different. It was buried under the shells and had some small scratches, but it's not old. Above all, this is ...

    "... Pocket watch ...?"

    It's moving.

    Tick, tick, tick. I can't find any broken gears or rusted parts. It shouldn't work if it's been soaked with seawater, but it's working fine, and if I open it, the time is right. No matter how I look at it, it's definitely a brand new pocket watch.

    Small watches that can be carried by hand are common in Freesia. From seniors to the common people, checking time is equally important. For me and the royal family, I often leave it to my maids and escorts, but the importance of keeping time is the same.

    When I closed the lid once it was opened, there was a coat of arms of the Kingdom of Shion on the surface. Certainly, when I went down to the castle town, I saw something similar in Freesia. It is a souvenir that seems to be quite common in the market of the royal capital. In this country, it's the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Freesia.

    People often buy it as a proof of their own country, but it is a popular souvenir for people who visit that country. You can tell at a glance which country the product is from.

    As an adult, I'm not easily invited to a foreign country, and even more rare to go down to a foreign castle town. I can't buy souvenirs from these markets, so it's very valuable.

    "... It's beautiful"

    I inadvertently trace the carved part with my finger.

    The silver pocket watches, which are crafted by carvers one by one, are all warm, unlike their predecessors. When I wonder who would have thought of such a good thing, immediately conclude that I can only think of one person.

    I think Sefek and Kemet would have told me if there was such a surprise, and it's just like that person to put it under the seashells. I've never seen Val wear a watch, and it's unlikely that his personal belongings were mixed in. If so, is this a souvenir or a birthday present for me?

    Even though I'm the employer who introduced him to this job, it's a little surprising that he would go through this know and of thing. But I'm twice as happy about that.

    I thought I should thank him the next time I met him, and get confirmation, but stopped immediately. The fact that he didn't tell me there and Sefek and Kemet didn't know meant that he probably wanted to hide the fact that he gave a gift to me, a member of the royal family he hated. And ......... this is confirmation.

    I pinch the chain extending from the pocket watch with my fingers.

    A chain is attached to the silver watch so that it can be worn. How it is worn depends on the length of the chain and the person who uses it, such as attaching it to clothes or a belt, or putting it in a pocket or hanging it around the neck. However, this chain's length is extremely short. ... or rather, it was clearly torn off.

    The fact that the chain is broken along with the fastener so that it cannot be worn is an implicit order to "not carry around." Well, it would be a storm of gossip if it was noticed that I, a member of the royal family, was wearing a pocket watch from another country. Such a thing is really like them.

    I don't know if it's something incidental or one of his whims. Still, the fact that he gave it warmed me from the bottom of my heart. That Val, who hates royalty, gave it to me makes it a precious item that may only happen once in my lifetime.

    I release the short chain and lightly grab the silver clock. I opened the lid, watched the ticking clock hands for a while, and then placed it on the table so that I could see the time.

    Pick up the shells collected by Sefek and Kemet again and start sorting them into cases while comparing their sizes.

    "... It seems to be three people"

    The scent of sea sand and tide on shellfish here and there.

    A pocket watch with a torn chain.

    In a dimly lit room with a thin moonlight, it seems as if I can hear the sound of small waves at any moment.

    The watch kept ticking as I realized that I was spending the night with them.
    "Well ... it's no good, Sefek. What would you do before you wake up Val?"

    When the morning sun was still rising.

    They returned to the Freesia Kingdom after the delivery and took a room at the inn as usual, but not everyone had awakened yet. Sefek woke me up after waking first, but Val was still asleep at the morning sun.

    Val is late to sleep, but it is not uncommon for him to wake up the slowest of the three in the morning. Sometimes I sleeps just as much. It was also the custom for Sefek to wake us up.

    Unlike Val, who rarely does anything that seems like dressing up, Sefek takes care of her appearance as a woman and then wakes Val. At the very least, I also wipes my face, cleans up the room, and organizes the luggage, but it was Sefek that took the longest time to get ready.

    And now, after finishing her dressing, she hasn't tried to wake up Val yet. Sometimes it's just that she doesn't want to wake him up earlier than usual, but before that, she wanted to do it.

    "It's not good. It's a gift we've collected. Let's count how many shells we've collected before giving it to the Lord."

    With that said, Sefek reaches for the cloth bag on the table, which is soaked with the scent of the tide.

    The two of us who collect a lot of seashells in a cloth bag every year as a gift for Pryde, were particularly enthusiastic this year.

    Even while picking them up, we spent a lot of time selecting beautiful shells one by one. I think it's the best number and quality ever.

    After all, it's the day before Pryde's first birthday after the recapture battle.

    We wanted to give something really good, including the feeling of celebrating things other than her birthday.

    I wanted to count the number, but Sefek once again wanted to see if all the seashells they picked up were satisfactory. If it has cracks or isn't beautiful when looked at closely.

    From the time we gave it to Pryde for the first time, I were even more worried after seeing the many shells that were beautifully displayed in the case she showed us after her engagement with Leon was broken. I also know that Sefek isn't saying that just for fun, and she wants to look at the contents. However

    "No! Because ..."

    I was about to raise my voice and covered my mouth there.

    I look back to see if I woke up Val, who was sleeping, and confirm that he is still sleeping soundly.

    When we stroked our chests in relief, Sefek once again tilted her head, "Why?" And I lower the hands covering my mouth and say in a quiet voice.

    "... Because. Once you take out the contents, it may break. It will be sad if even one breaks before we can give it to the Lord. We'll give it to the Lord when today's delivery is over, so let's put up with it. ? "

    I'm sure they are all beautiful. I laugh at Sefek while hanging my eyebrows slightly.

    If that might be the case, I think it would be sad to divide it by myself, even though I was in a hurry. "... I understand," she was a little disappointed, but she turned her back to the cloth bag and put up with it. I laugh as I stretch out my arms and stroke her head as Sefek is convinced.

    "If the Lord decorates the case again, let's count it together."

    I know.

    The night before we gave Pryde the seashells for the first time, I was too excited to sleep and noticed it without opening my eyes or moving. Val, who was supposed to be sleeping with them, got out of bed with almost no sound.

    Something was hidden in the bottom of the shell-filled cloth bag on the table.

    And every year, at that time, Val visits a souvenir shop only once in a different country.

    And this year. Yesterday, near Pryde's nineteenth birthday, he went to a souvenir shop in the Freesia Kingdom before we came to the inn.

    And last night, I saw Val, who was lying in the same blanket as if he was sleeping. Just before being thrust into a cloth bag in the moonlight.

    A pocket watch with a torn chain.

    "I hope the Lord will be happy again this year!"

    Sefek nodded at me with her face down, who smiled and smiled.

    Yeah! When I scream with all my might, Val finally wakes up to the high-pitched voice. Frustratedly uttering the first, "Shut up", the next moment we jump into his bed.

    Let's go to the castle soon, I want to give the Lord a gift as soon as possible! Alternately shouted near his ears, and after waking up completely, Val yelled in a voice echoing in the room.


    Confirmation of attendance from each country for Pryde's birthday festival, which was entrusted with the restart of the delivery business.

    It wasn't until they had done it all that they handed the gift to Pryde.

    I don't know what Pryde is doing with the pocket watch I push on her.

    And I don't care. At least it was enough that she didn't bother to ask me about it, or do something stupid like wearing such a cheap item. If I was asked, I was thinking of using the excuse that it was a cheap item I saw while buying clothes, but at that time I thought I wouldn't give it again.

    Every year I think it's a good idea to mistake it for a drifting object and throw it away as a gift of self-satisfaction. Every time Kemet and Sefek handed over the cloth bag to her, I regretted deciding to give it to her for just a moment, and after handing it over, I became frustrated because I wanted to leave as soon as possible. Every year I seriously thought that I should stop giving it. …… Except this year.


    "Sister, are you really okay? I'd like to help you with the gifts from Sefek and Kemet just in case."

    "I'll help you too. It's hard for Pryde to do it alone every year. Why don't you at least have Lotte and Marie help?"

    "Yeah, I'm good. I'm sorry, thank you for worrying, Tiara, Stayle."

    "But this is something just for me."

    By the way, on the topic of the Brothers Arc, we've just hit the flashback section of the arc so it should be done soon! Maybe in a week or two we'll be ready to start the next arc. Definitely by Christmas.
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    You know, as I continue to read spoilers, I have a feeling that Tiara is more aware of how everyone might have romantic feelings for Pryde. Its like she is both encouraging them, sometimes, even.
    ...Is it just me? Thank you for the spoilers
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    You're not wrong. Tiara's been convinced that everyone's in love with Pryde from the start (and it's even true). That's one of the reasons she has so much trouble with Cedric, because she expected him to be in love with Pryde, too...but instead he ends up proposing to Tiara. :blobjoy:

    Luckily, Tiara never really gets jealous... probably because she knows that at this point, Pryde loves Tiara most. Anyway, Tiara has a huge mischievous streak, so sometimes she pushes one of the guys at Pryde. Especially if that person will have a minor heart attack over the negligible amount of ship tease. Which means it's usually Stayle or Arthur, because the others aren't as fun to tease. (You can really tell how she became friends with Val, because the teasing personality is the same.)

    I think that Tiara is probably like Gilbert in that she'll be happy and support whoever it is that Pryde chooses. And they earn points automatically just for seeing Pryde's good sides and loving her.
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    I'm really excited at my timing for the birthday extras. The latest chapter released just last night is another birthday one! We get the full story of Leon's roses. :blobparty:

    It's very short compared to the last four, but I'm glad that you can finally see Val and Leon's friendship here. :blobpopcorn:

    II 100. Special Story: The Trader Prince Gave it
    "... I'm nervous"

    Hold my chest with one hand while exhaling.

    I breathed deeply, thinking that it might have been a while since I was so nervous. It's the last time I can show my tension in this way, while I'm being swayed by the carriage.

    While my father smiled in front of me, I also returned a smile with my eyebrows hanging down. My dad knows why I'm nervous. Rather, my father may be as nervous as I am.

    When the carriage slowly slows down and finally stops in place, the coachman opens the door. I got off the carriage first, and then my dad. As soon as the guards welcome us with a bow, they guide us inside.

    To the hall, the venue for Pryde's birthday festival.

    "Happy Birthday, Princess Pryde"

    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. My father was the first to say hello.

    While staring at my father's back at a distance, I also see the opportunity to say hello to Pryde. It's the same as a year ago. However, the relationship between the Pryde and me of that time is completely different. It's a little lonely, but I'm so proud and happy that it goes far beyond that.

    I am the foremost successor to the throne, and Pryde is not my fiancée but my ally. Over the past year, that fact has been beautifully transmitted to both the Freesia Kingdom and the Anemone Kingdom.

    As we visited each other regularly, my people loved Pryde, and the people of the Freesia Kingdom accepted me as her "allied friend". Really surprisingly, everything is going well. Only a year ago, at this time, I had already given up on being able to stand as the First Prince of the Anemone Kingdom in such a calm manner.

    I can't take my eyes off Pryde while watching her, who has finished greeting my father, talk to the next guest. I've met her several times at ceremonies, but I think she's really beautiful every time we meet.

    Even now, the Second Prince of the Veronica Kingdom speaking to her, works hard to spin a story to her. I'm sure he's trying to get along with her, but my cheeks naturally loosen. I'm relieved every time I confirm that her reputation as a woman hasn't been hurt because of the dissolution of her engagement with me. It's only a matter of time before she finds her next fiancé. I'm sure they can find a person who is suitable for her.

    I envy them who can ask for her love obediently, but there is no heat or cold. Because I can live with a more beloved country and people. I would like to learn the feeling of "jealousy", but unfortunately it is still far from me. It's just filled.

    Prince Stayle gently walks up to Pryde who is exchanging greetings from several men while being asked for love.

    He is also popular with the noble daughters, but at this young age he is more eager to play his role as Pryde's assistant. He seems to have returned a word and smile from Pryde, and after instructing a nearby maid to do something, he returned to greet the daughters as if nothing had happened. I'm sure it's an instruction to change Pryde's glass.

    However, before the maid could bring it, Chancellor Gilbert gave her a new glass and left with a flowing movement. Prince Stayle sharpened his eyes for a moment as he noticed Pryde staring at Chancellor Gilbert's back with her eyes rounded when the glass were replaced silently. Chancellor Gilbert, who seems to be accustomed to even serving as a waiter. I really think that all the upper management of the Freesia Kingdom are talented people. Anemone cannot be defeated either.

    Suddenly I noticed that the noble daughters were approaching me, and I also lined up to greet Pryde, wondering if it was time to do so. I want to say hello to Pryde before spending time talking to them.

    I'm happy to be able to appear in foreign ceremonies under the name of the Anemone Kingdom, and I also like to deepen relationships with foreigners. For Anemone, a trading country, increasing the number of business partners in each country will be beneficial in future trade. However, when it comes to talking about "love" like in the past, I still don't want to step into it.

    It's also true that I don't want to get a fiancée before Pryde, once I knew true love. But at the same time, I don't feel scared of this feeling anymore. I just love her.

    I'm purely happy that they're giving me the same feelings that I have for the Anemone Kingdom Pryde. ... But at the same time, I think I've done something really regrettable to the women of the past. It was my younger brothers who spread those bad rumors about me, but they would have been hurt too. Even for me, if the people if the Anemone Kingdom and Pryde reject this feeling, my heart will be torn.

    Over the past year, I have been able to apologize and greet them again at ceremonies and social circles in Japan. Everyone responded with a smile at the end, but I'm glad I apologized again. Even the same apology between me in the past and me in the present will surely have different meanings. in addition……

    "Somehow ... I feel that Leon-sama now is much closer than he was back then."

    Yes, I remember the words of the noble daughter who said that while squinting.

    She wanted to get engaged a few years ago, but now she seems to have decided to have a relationship with another man. I'm glad that she forgave me, but I'm glad that I was told that she feels closer with our current relationship than as my lover.

    I say that I want to celebrate at the wedding if it wasn't annoying, and she shined her eyes and was pleased. I want to do whatever I can do for her, the daughter of the Duke of Anemone, as the First Prince. Attendance alone will be enough to decorate her wedding as the First Prince. Please be happy.

    "Thank you for coming, Leon. I'm very happy."

    "It's natural for you. Happy birthday, Pryde."

    When it's finally my turn, I return her flower-like smile.

    I really want to talk about everything as it is, but I try to keep it as short as possible. Other ceremonies are fine, but a long talk at this birthday festival can still be meaningful. Even at my birthday festival, which was earlier this year, Pryde rounded things up so that it wouldn't be long. From now on, I think that we should slowly celebrate each other's birthdays starting next year.

    "I heard from His Majesty the King earlier ... Thank you very much. I'm sorry to have received such a thing at once."

    "That's not the case, because what you give us is incomparable."

    It's a consensus from my father, my mother, and me.

    This time, the quality and quantity of the gifts I collected in Anemone to celebrate Pryde's birthday were higher than usual. At the birthday festival of the Freesia royal family, we do our best every time, but this time it was just the first year, so I was careful. Not surprisingly, it also includes an apology and gratitude for a year ago.

    I'd really like to give it personally, but ... I still can't forgive that. We have a good relationship as allies, but it's been less than a year since our engagement was broken and if a personal gift is given, it will be noticed by the people around us. At the same time as being an ally, I am not allowed to act lightly as a representative of the country. Also, if there is a misunderstanding that it is a reconciliation, it is even more necessary to create a distance between each other.

    Next year, I think it will be a time when there will be no waves even if I give a personal gift, but ... I'm a little worried about what to do with that. Of course, I would like to give a gift to her, who is important to me. However, I think that a gift from me, her ex-fiancé, would bother Pryde.

    "Thank you very much, but I think my best gift is to see you laugh as a Prince of the Anemone Kingdom."

    The words that were released immediately after I shook my head suddenly made my cheeks hot.

    She laughs like a flower, and my chest gets hot. I don't think any gift she can give will match her smile. As much as that, her smile is dazzlingly worth it.

    "... Yeah," I responded with a smile full of love for her, and this time Pryde's face flushed. The round open purple eyes are also lovely.

    It was supposed to end in a little while, but I realized that I had spoken more than planned, so I rounded up the story again with a greeting. Then, Prince Stayle went to call out to her who was flushed while waving her hand.

    ...... After all, I don't need a personal gift.

    I'm sure it's better for me to be an ally she won't be ashamed of without making a mistake. It's much better than inadvertently closing the distance and risking misunderstandings.

    After Prince Stayle, I reconsidered as I watched Pryde who was smiling at the next guest.
    "... Yes, I thought ..."

    Hmm ... I hang down on the table with a glass of wine in one hand.

    I'm not drunk. I've tried to get drunk, but I've never been drunk. Of course that is still the case.

    I am deeply moved when I think that one more year will pass in only two months. But now I just crush myself on the table. Then he opened his mouth from the seat opposite to the unaddressed sigh.

    "Wow. If I'm more confused, I'll go back."

    "You just got here ..."

    I'm used to saying that I'm pushing it away, but I think in the corner of my head that it endured longer than I thought.

    Val, who had come to my room to drink tonight, had been slamming his tongue with a bottle of sake all the time. Even now, with his legs crossed on the chair and his whole body turned away from me, only his eyes are staring at me from the side. Sefek and Kemet were also looking at me with their eyebrows, which seemed unusual, while chewing on the sweets.

    I was sighing naturally in front of them, and I raise my face from the table with my arms down. I repeat what I was confused about when they first came.

    "I never thought I would get a birthday present from Pryde ..."

    Hmm ... and I exhale the same.

    Immediately after that, Val's tongue echoed even more on the topic that he probably got tired of hearing twice.

    It's strange, even though she's not here, my face gets hot as if I'm drunk just by saying it. I knew he would be bothered by such a story, and I didn't want him to comfort me, but I just wanted to get rid of it. To celebrate my nineteenth birthday, I received a "personal" gift from Pryde.

    "Because Leon is my ally, isn't he?"

    At the end, I could only say thank you to her who laughed like a flower.

    Of course I'm happy. The Kingdom of Freesia gives me some goods every year, but it's the first time I've received something personally from Pryde. The day I received it, thinking about the world, was shifted by two days from my birthday, and I was so happy that I was thrilled. I was happy that she just thought about me and prepared it, but the reason she gave it was more than that.

    However, I was a little confused because I didn't prepare any personal gifts for her birthday last year. Of course we are allies, but the public has a strong idea of how a former fiancée should be. However, if we exchange gifts, it seems like a different intention. So even though I didn't give anything last year, she gave a gift to me as a matter of course.

    I honestly asked, "Is it okay?" However, Prince Stayle and Tiara said she gave it to me just because I was an ally. I'm really really happy, it seems better than anything I've ever been given, and it warms my heart.

    I thought it was a little sly.

    "I wanted to give something too ..."

    While spilling, I finally moan only a little.

    In the corner of my head, I wonder if this is the kind of sake that I hear.

    Immediately after that, Val, who had been moody until a while ago, shouted, "Ah?" As Sefek, who had finished eating the sweets on the plate, took more sweets from the center of the table, I saw Kemet turning his gaze toward me. It seems that not only Val but also Kemet listened to me.

    "? To the Lord ... Is it a problem to give it in return?"

    Furthermore, he talked to me.

    Compared to the past, I think there are more people who do more than just answer. One eyebrow was suspiciously distorted, probably because Val was thinking the same thing if he looked up.

    While moving my mouth, "That's not the case ...", I regret having made them misunderstand. Raise my body from the table, scrub my cheeks and grab the glass around. Hmmm, after I exhale again, I once again put into words the true identity of this chest.

    "Of course, I want to give a gift to Pryde on this birthday, but now ... she's taken the initiative."

    "Are you joining the game?"

    Huh? Val stops liquor.

    I can tell what he is saying just by looking.

    There is no win or loss in gifts. I know that too. However, in my case, I didn't dare to give anything to Pryde last time. That's because my relationship with her seemed a little complicated.

    Definitely an "alliance" for me and for Pryde, it can be seen by others as reconciliation for a former fiancé. So I put up with it. I don't think the decision I made a year ago is wrong.

    In fact, even with Pryde, I didn't receive any personal gifts on my birthday last year. I didn't doubt that it was the correct answer. But as soon as I opened it after a year, it was this. Certainly, as a courtesy, after a year, it will not be rude or sarcastic. But because of our position, I thought it would be annoying just to make a rumor about a personal gift from me, and I thought she would think the same to me.

    "I'm glad she's happy"

    "... I wanted to give a gift to Pryde ..."

    Squeeze tightly. If I notice it, my fingers will get stronger when I pick the glass.

    I think it's a pitiful voice for me. The muscles of my face are also strong. If I look in the mirror, it will look like a child I saw in the castle.

    With that in mind, Val and Kemet, whose eyes are rounded together, naturally divert their eyes. Did I feel so embarrassed about myself that I got drunk on alcohol? I know it's shameful to be depressed by this. It is wrong for the royal family that steers the country. However, I still think about it.

    If it was good within a year, I would have taken the initiative.

    The engagement with Pryde ended only ten days after her birthday.

    Then, I should have given it ten days after last year. If I gave it on that day, one year after we became allies, it would be after her birthday. Then I could have given her a gift last year.

    I wanted to give it if it would be good for her to refrain from doing it for a year. I wanted to give her as much joy as she gave me on my birthday. I wanted to wonder what to give her to make her happy. I'm glad she was born, and I'm glad I met her, I wanted to celebrate as much as I could, not just as Anemone.

    On my first birthday as an ally, the feeling of guilt as if I had cut corners now makes more wounds on my chest. I thought I was doing my best for her at that time, but I didn't think I would realize on my birthday that it wasn't like that at all.

    "In other words, what? You don't like the fact that Temee only gets things from the Lord?"

    A joyful voice different from the previous one can be heard.

    If I look, a grinning and nasty smile is directed at me. It was a lie that he was tired of drinking alcohol, and now he's leaning forward over the table.

    Moreover, I honestly hang my eyebrows at the words that are quite painful. In the next moment, hahahahahahahaha! !! I was laughed at. While saying, "I thought it was the usual ecstasy," Val pours sake into his raised mouth. After snorting as if looking up at the bottle, I tapped the table with my fingers.

    "It's a funny story about the man who captivated women all over the country, who has been beat by his former fiancée who took care of him, isn't it?"

    "... I'm an ally now, Val"

    "Well, publicly, the fact that the engagement is canceled from the Freesia Kingdom means that it's frustrating? It doesn't matter that you're pulled around by the Lord."


    His usual bad humor now weighs heavily.

    When I noticed it, I hung my head. If you ask me, I think I've just been pulled by Pryde. Although I was able to help her in Hanazuo's defense with the help of Prince Stayle, she is always the one who takes our relationship one step further. I'm not a fiancé now but an ally, but as a man, I think it's a little painful now. ...... In the old days, it was unlikely that I would be depressed by such a thing.

    Val laughed at me as I was depressed, and opened a new bottle. In the end, I secretly think that he's good at digging at the wound to clean it out. This kind of mercilessness is also part of what makes me want to be friends.

    "What are you doing, Prince-sama. Will you be satisfied with sweet words this year as well?"

    "No, I'll give it next time ... absolutely"

    "I tell you, at the moment Temee is less than Kemet and Sefek."

    His words, laughing and laughing, take my breath away.

    I turned my gaze from the table to Sefek and Kemet, where after eating sweets, they were just starting to move to the sofa as usual.

    Val, who looks at the backs of the two with a grinning laugh as it is, and sips from the bottle again.

    I understand the meaning of his words. They have been close to Pryde for a long time before me. I'm sure that they're giving some kind of gift on her birthday.

    Of course, both I and they are in different positions and situations. Still, the fact that I'm behind the small bodies of Sefek and Kemet weigh in my head. When I think that I, who will be a King in the future, am less mature than the nine-year-old Kemet, my back is rounded.

    As Val enjoyed the change in my depressed facial expression, I suddenly noticed something else. Val's face, which looked to be in a good mood in my eyes, was slightly suspicious.

    "Then, are you giving something to Pryde?"

    "Ah? Why should I give something to the Lord?"

    Val, who distorts his face all at once, strips his fang-like teeth and glares at me. I thought it was a joint present with Kemet and Sefek, but it seems that it is different.

    Well, I think that is like him, but I also feel a little relieved somewhere in my heart. I knew it wasn't a win or loss, but now I feel like I'm not the only one left behind.

    Val, who throws away the sake before he puts it in his mouth, returns to me with a low voice, "That's it."

    "It's only two months until the Lord's birthday. It will be a sight to see what Prince-sama, the largest trader, will give to the woman he loves."

    "I'm more interested in what you'll give to Pryde ..."

    Immediately afterwards, Val's face was clearly disciplined.

    Even though I realized that I had returned the meanness, I gave up my shoulders and returned with a smile. I'm convinced that he wouldn't give something to Pryde if it's him, but I also think it's no surprise if something is given. It seems that they do not jointly name Kemet and Sefek.

    I recovered my feelings after being able to retaliate a little, and I corrected my posture from atop the chair again.

    "I already have an idea if it's a gift for Pryde. A special rose will bloom in the near future."

    After saying that, empty the glass at once.

    While pouring the wine again with my own hands, I looked through the glass and saw Val's face balanced on his palm staring at me. Seeing that he hasn't gotten angry yet, he may be a little worried.

    I thought it would be a story that Sefek and Kemet would enjoy, but when I looked, they had already fallen asleep. Given that it was an opportunity to add a excitement the conversation, I wish I had told this story a little earlier.

    Blue rose.

    The very precious rose was originally cultivated very little even in the Anemone Kingdom.

    Although the distribution to foreign countries was severely restricted, there are many requests from foreign countries due to its characteristics and the effects of anecdotes. It was said that they have finally succeeded in mass cultivation recently and are growing steadily. Eventually, I would like to give Pryde a memorable rose that will be actively sold overseas.

    The characteristic of changing from blue to red and the anecdote traced from it. When I began talking about the market value, Val exhaled tiredly along the way. I thought it was a love story full of emotion, but he didn't like it.

    "It's a big story about a flower that changes color depending on the temperature. Even if you can make a small amount of money with such a myth, it's a terrible business."

    "Isn't it a good example of people not only looking at it, but also finding value in its history and content?"

    "Huh, that's something that only someone who can afford it can say."

    He tells me to throw it away, and he puts his mouth directly on the bottle and looks up again.

    I tried to answer, but I don't know what to say because I was born and raised as a member of the royal family. He was neither an aristocrat nor royalty, so his thoughts are always really informative.

    ...... In other words, he thought it was unsuitable for a gift, but Pryde is born to the same royal rank as me. Then, I think that the same inertia as I should be good. Besides, the bouquet that colors beautiful women is a royal road for both royal aristocrats and gifts. ...... Or does that mean that the royal road is generally dull? I've never given a woman a personal gift before, so I'm not sure.

    "No, I thought women would be happy. I think it would suit Pryde because she's familiar with flowers ... or is it just that women like flowers?"

    "Do you know? This kind of story is more suitable for a prince or a knight than me."

    Val cuts me off when my anxiety begins to swell.

    He drained more than half of the remaining liquor as if it was a hindrance, and picked up a new liquor bottle again, saying, "I don't like such a sweet story." ... Sure, Prince Stayle and Arthur are more familiar with Pryde's likes. Prince Stayle is Pride's adopted brother, and Arthur was her guardian knight even before I met her.

    I change my mind, giving thanks to him for advising me on choosing a useful person. First of all, let's proceed only with the preparation of the rose, and in parallel, let's add start making preparations for another option. My next opportunity to talk to Arthur and Stayle without Pryde noticing is the next ceremony ... Is it Pryde's birthday festival? It's just barely in time, but it can't be helped. Considering his busy schedule, I think Arthur will be easier to talk to than Prince Stayle of the royal family.

    "If it's a rose, what do you think makes it feel good when you give it?"

    "Ah? I'm not interested. Get on one knee and spit out the same line as the story of Temee's Goddess."

    I also smiled back to him, who made a gesture of paying by hand while raising one eyebrow.

    Certainly, if it's a normal woman, she will be pleased with such an overblown production. Let's write down the details about the anecdotes and the ecology of flowers. With a heartfelt smile, I replied to Val, who said, "Don't ask me any more."

    "Then, when I'm ready to deliver the rose to Pride, I'll ask you for it."

    "Ah ?!"

    Clatter! !! At the next moment, the shock of a fist hitting the table sent the liquor bottle falling and rolling.

    Thanks to raising only my glass to ensure safety, I never spilled alcohol. Instead, Sefek and Kemet, who were sleeping on the sofa, got up because of the sudden noise.

    "Why should I do it⁈ Temee can do it without permission !!"

    "Because it would be too meaningful for me to deliver such an storied rose after the birthday festival. I just want to deliver it as an ally."

    "Do you know? It would be nice if you could just give it to a knight who is a messenger of Temee!"

    "It's a large amount of plants that don't take much time to wilt, so it's safest to have them delivered by you. It's addressed to none other than Pryde, so I'd like to give it in a beautiful state."

    Do not be silly! ︎‼ Immediately after, he was angry with a voice echoing throughout the room.

    If I promise to give a reward before entrusting the delivery to him, he finally stands up while holding the freshly opened bottle.

    He called out to the two who had just woken up, carried a bag on his back, and looked down at me with his teeth exposed. I think he looks bigger if I sit down.

    I put the glass to my mouth and laughed at him as he was about to leave.

    "Let's drink together on the night of the birthday festival. We will order good sake and delicious sweets for meals."

    I would be happy to celebrate with you, and Val went away to the door, straddling the floor with a stride.

    It seems that he is angry, but if there is no denial, it means that he will consider it for the time being, considering that he did not even tell him to change the gift from a rose. Let's ask for it several times when he comes to drink again.

    If I have any trouble, please talk about the blue rose in detail and remember it. It may be slow to explain just by giving details in the letter, and above all, Pryde may be even more surprised if such a story is explained from his mouth.

    Thinking about the means of transportation if he doesn't come and the amount of roses to be transported, I pour the contents left in the glass over the window.

    "Spit out the same line as the story of Temee's Goddess"

    "... Isn't that impossible?"

    Recalling the words Val left behind, I answered to no one.

    I can't imagine him doing that with Pryde, and it's impossible for me.

    If possible, I would like to do what he says. Kneel before her and give her everything and beg for her love. How exciting this heart would be if I sang to her the love that is told of in stories and anecdotes. But

    "......... Because my life is dedicated to my dear, irreplaceable Anemone."

    "Please let me share my life with them"

    I raised a glass to the cloudless moon and drank it all at once. Toast the sky of the beloved Anemone Kingdom and end the night with a full heart.

    I fell asleep, looking forward to the birthday festival two months later.

    It feels a little sparse without Pryde's POV, but since this storyline continues in chapter 375 (which I already shared here), and that is Pryde's POV... I guess it works out. :hmm:
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    Okay, back to the Stayle and Arthur scenes. There's a few of them in the Alliance Negotiation Arc, but can they really be considered shipping scenes is what I want to know...eh, let me know what you think.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    So here's the Alliance Negotiation Arc! :blobhero:

    (Arthur POV) 181. The Knights Argue
    "... Ah. By the way, would Stayle be satisfied with how much Arthur was promoted?"

    Suddenly, Alain screamed as he had come up with. This is a question because it is Stayle's partner who looks a little drunk. At Alain's words, Stayle turned his face lightly, replied, "That's right," and grinned at Arthur.

    "Well, if you go as far as the Knight Commander, you can be satisfied."

    Boo! ︎ and Arthur spit out the liquor in his mouth. The senior knights seemed to be able to predict it a little, and looked at each other with a bitter smile at Stayle's challenge and Arthur's reaction.

    "But ...‼ ︎ How can! What are you saying in front of the Captains ...‼ ︎"

    Implicitly, Arthur looked back at Stayle and his seniors, and raised his voice when he said that he should surpass even the Captains and Deputy Captain in front of them.

    "Why don't you have the confidence to beat the Knight Commander?"

    "The 8th corps and the Knights are different! It's obvious that the Knight Commander isn't sweet enough to accept you only with the ability of the sword!"

    At last, Alain couldn't stop laughing at Arthur's words, which seemed to be confident that he could beat even the Knight Commander with only a sword, depending on how he heard it. Recognizing that, Eric and Colm also look at each other while biting their laughter, saying, "It's like Arthur." Meanwhile, Stayle mercilessly hunted down Arthur, saying, "If you know, then improve your overall strength."

    "... Well, it's certainly not easy to become a Knight Commander."

    Eric first called out to help Arthur. Colm continues, nodding and laughing.

    "Of course, ability is also required, but unlike the Captain and Deputy Captain who can be replaced at any time depending on the regulations of each unit and the will of the current Captain, in the case of a Knight Commander and Deputy Commander, it won't change unless the person is killed in the line of duty, retired, or dismissed. There is no such thing. "

    "Because both Knight Commander Roderick and Deputy Commander Clark are still active!"

    Alain laughs and tunes in with his cheek braced on one hand. In the eyes of the Knight Captains, those two, who hardly feel old, will probably remain active for at least ten years, and at most twenty years.

    Arthur took a breather and tilted the mug at the words of the Captains.

    "Then, it's still a long way to satisfy me."

    Stayle laughed ironically and put his hand on Arthur's shoulder. Arthur then glanced lightly and turned his face, which was slightly lit by sake, toward Stayle.

    "Wow, I'm good because I'll do what I can .... It's my role as a Guardian Knight to protect Pryde."

    Contrary to the words, all the senior knights on the spot laughed at Arthur, who said that he was unfaithful. Arthur, who is said to be difficult for himself now, bends his waist, and the senior knights somehow understand his true intentions.

    “…………………… I can't lose with a sword.”

    Everyone laughs at Arthur's words, muttering while sledding and turning away. The slightly childish remarks Arthur made reminded them that he was still a teenager. Alain stood up with a bottle of liquor still in his hand and stood behind Arthur, who was unfaithful. As it was, the roots of his silver hair that was tied up were violently rubbed from above.

    "What? That's right ~⁈ Even with bare hands, you've been playing a good game against me these days⁈"

    Arthur turned to the sudden attack from Alain and said in a hurry, "No, please stop!"

    "Then, the other issues are sniper and operational command ability. Future Knight Commander."

    Colm nods unnoticed by Eric, who makes fun of Arthur while laughing as if he were riding Alain.

    "The sniper's performance is not as good as Eric's, but Arthur is also good. He has good judgment on the spot. The rest is operational command .... I will teach you next time."

    "Oh! It's good! You have to grow it even more within 10 to 20 years! Otherwise, won't you be overtaken by the elite Colm? Future Knight Commander."

    Arthur can't even resist Alain, who pours a lot of sake into the mugs. The face that covered the mouth with one hand was flushed even more than before, probably because of alcohol or because it was shy.

    "Please forgive me ..."

    However, please give us guidance on the operation command. When Arthur connected with a muffled voice, Colm nodded and said, "Alain, it's time to stop making Arthur drink."

    "It's different from a Knight, but if it's a plan, I'll solve it. I wish you could follow my brain. Future Knight Commander."

    Stop it! Arthur finally head-butted at ︎ and Stayle's words. The long silver hair that was disturbed and thawed by Alain was disturbed with a rattling sound.

    "... Well, if you have free time at night, ask."

    Arthur replies with a little blaze. He completely untied the string that tied my hair, and then re-tied it and looked away.

    "... Leave it to me. I'll teach you rigorously so that even a fool can understand."

    After confirming that his glasses were not broken, Stayle stared at Arthur, holding down the struck forehead. He grabbed Arthur's silver hair, which was tied up in the original style, and pulled it in revenge.

    "Stayle⁈, what's going on?"

    Stayle shouted, "What if my glasses break?" To Arthur, who was pulled and his head bent. Originally speaking, Temee! Arthur desperately resists and replies so as not to spill from the chair.

    "... Really, Arthur is the only non-royal who can do that much to the First Prince."

    In a quarrel between the two, Alain, who has evacuated behind Arthur and Colm and Eric, calls out to them.

    Recently, Arthur has begun to speak naturally to Stayle in front of them.

    "It's true. Moreover, it seems like it's been like that for a long time."

    "To put it the other way around, as far as we know, Stayle-sama is the only person Arthur speaks to like that."

    (Pryde POV) 185. The Outrageous Princess Gets Caught
    "! You received the item from Prince Leon."

    It was easy to guess, and when he saw the wooden box next to Val, Stayle's mouth became loose. When I answer, I quickly read the documents I received from Val and ask, "Well, can I get started tonight?" Stayle will also participate in the celebration of Arthur after his regent work.

    "Yeah. I wonder if Arthur has a plan tonight ...?"

    "Oh, maybe it's okay! I'll catch you if anything happens!"

    Captain Alain raises his hand with confidence. For the surprise for Arthur, I plan to borrow a kitchen in the castle again. All I have to do is treat Arthur ...

    "By the way, where should the important place be ...?"

    To Tiara who tilted her head, I also muddled the words, "Yes ...". I thought it would be okay in my room, but if I make too much noise, the people in the castle would notice. Moreover, there is now a guest named Second Prince Cedric. Even in the middle of the night, parties in the castle will be difficult.

    "How about Captain Alain's room? I heard that he frequently invites knights over, and if it's a Captain's room, about seven people can fit inside."

    Stayle, who teleported the documents to Chancellor Gilbert, advises. Certainly, it may be okay to make a little noise there.

    "Eh⁈ No! That's‼ ︎"

    Captain Alain screamed in a rare panic. Sefek and Kemet, who are not yet accustomed to Captain Alain, were surprised and hid behind Val.

    "No! My room is so cluttered that I can't invite royalty ...!"

    Really! Really! Captain Alain, who desperately refuses, is in a hurry and his face is slightly red. After all, is it nerve-racking to invite royalty to your room? My room in the previous life was also quite cluttered during the test period and long vacations, so I don't care.

    "That's it ... Ah, Colm! Let's make it Colm's room⁈ In his room, it's definitely tidy all the time!"

    "Captain Alain, why are you deciding while someone isn't there?"

    "Then Eric! How about your room⁈ Can you have this many people in the room of the Deputy Captain⁈"

    "Well, no, I'm ..."

    This time, Deputy Captain Eric's face is blushing. I'm sorry that it seems that they are pushing each other completely. Should I just serve the meal and have the four guard knights celebrate alonr?

    "Oh! Then what about Arthur's room⁈ He was promoted to Deputy Captain and the room has just changed to a large place!"

    "Oh good! Arthur's room is definitely tidy up!"

    Of course Arthur hasn't given permission, but ... is that okay? However, I was relieved that the story had begun to come together. By the way, it's my first time to see Arthur's room.

    "I'm looking forward to seeing what Arthur's room looks like! Older sister!"

    Tiara happily grabbed my arm with both hands. The moment I answered yes, I turned around at a banging noise. Then

    Val struck the wooden box many times and laughed.

    Hyahahahahaha! It was a big laugh while saying. Kemet and Sefek are mysteriously tilting their heads because he laughs many times, saying, "That's good! I can see that kid's face when the Lord appears!" I'm not sure, but when I think back on the way Arthur is being ridiculed, I'm worried that not only I but also Stayle is angry.

    Stayle was also laughing.

    He doesn't speak out like Val, but he shook his shoulders and laughed, looking away from us. Laughter was bleeding from the voice that managed to call me, "The best ... I think it's a surprise ...!".

    I wonder ... for some reason, Arthur feels pitiful.

    (Unknown POV) 188. The Knights Receive the Report

    Stayle calls out to Arthur, who is surprised and opens his eyes, without a break. Stayle, who had been silent until a while ago, finally opened his mouth and revealed his emotions.

    Not only Arthur, but also Alain, who had a little understanding of the situation, shuts his mouth strongly to the strange sign of Stayle.

    Tan, Tan, and Stayle slowly approach Arthur. An angry look was directed at Arthur.

    “……… He was able to do it.”

    Arthur replied lightly, "Ah?", Because he couldn't understand the small voice too suddenly.

    Still, Stayle kept walking slowly, without changing his facial expression or walking speed, and stopped after reaching just in front of Arthur. Stayle, slightly shorter than the tall Arthur, kept an eye out as he looked straight up at Arthur.

    "He made my sister cry."

    At the moment when Stayle announced in a clear tone, not only Arthur but also the surrounding guardian knights were surprised and breathless.

    "... Ah?"

    Gradually, Arthur's expression is distorted. From Staylel's speech and this timing, it was easy to imagine who the culprit was without asking. The blue eyes burn as if they were glaring and Stayle.

    "Second Prince Cedric made my sister cry."

    All of the Guardian Knights who knew about the daytime incident wondered if something had happened, and thought that there might have been something like that incident, which drew blood. Arthur replied, "Explain," in a quiet, low-pitched voice, but Stayle paused for a moment.

    "I'll tell you now, I can't talk in detail due to various reasons ...."

    It cannot be revealed from Stayle's mouth that Pryde and Tiara were making a surprise dish for Arthur. After this, even if Stayle talks about the situation, only Arthur will be able to blur the content.

    As it is, he stares into Arthur's eyes as if reflecting himself, and slowly opens his mouth.

    "Me as well. I hate him. "

    "Isn't it strange, me too."

    Arthur answers Stayle's words without a break. The three Guardian Knights, who were listening to the stories by their side, nodded quietly without fear, to the voice that resembled a murderous intention.

    (Arthur POV) 189. The Outrageous Princess Hangs Down
    ... I'm really angry.

    Even after waking up in the morning, the bottom of my abdomen was still simmering.

    When I was called to Captain Colm's room last night for some reason, Stayle was there. Unusual for Stiyl, who was clearly sharp, Captain Colm was confused, and I wondered what happened.

    Pryde was made to cry by Prince Cedric.

    I remember the appearance of Prince Cedric who suddenly tried to kiss Pryde during the day. At that time, Pryde was very confused, and I'm glad I was in time. The Second Prince Cedric suddenly tried to kiss Pride, and when I noticed, I couldn't say anything and just stared at the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Cersis.

    According to Stayle, Second Prince Cedric ate the food that Pryde worked hard to cook with Tiara last night, and Pryde cried.

    To be honest, I was relieved because I was worried that he might have done something more serious. However, Stayle said, "The dish was made by my sister for a special reason," and I wondered if he ate something that Pryde cooked with all her heart, and the dish was at the beginning. I remembered the appearance of Pryde who was tearful because she couldn't cook, and the appearance of Pryde who laughed that she was able to do it a year ago. I was so angry when I imagined it, and I was restless.

    Immediately after that, Captain Alain grabbed my shoulders from the front, and when I thought that I wouldn't get angry at all, he said, "Arthur! Not only you are angry!" With angry eyes. On the contrary, I calmed down a little, but I still don't understand why he said that.

    But for whatever reason, I just can't forgive him for making Pryde cry

    "Arthur Beresford."

    (Stayle POV) 195. The Adopted Brother Goes
    "... Today, Arthur and Deputy Captain Eric will come from the morning as guardian knights."

    "Yes, I know. Thanks to Arthur."

    Nod and laugh at Pride's words. The schedule of Arthur and the Guardian Knights are in my head. If Arthur is by Pryde's side, I can rest assured at least for the first half of the day today. Already, Arthur has twice defended Pryde from the evil hands of Prince Cedric.

    "Yes, so I wanted to talk to Prince Cedric in the meantime. I had Arthur help me yesterday, and ... I'm relieved to have Arthur."

    Of course, I also agree with it. No, I would rather do that. It's safer when something happens, and I can concentrate on Regent work with confidence.

    "... Well, ... that ... if it's difficult, it's okay to decline."

    Both I and Tiara tilt our heads to a Pryde that is unusually crisp. She's a little embarrassed and looks away from me, scratching her cheek with her fingertips, and I think that the gesture is cute and out of place.

    However, in the next words of Pryde, even that thought disappeared into blisters in an instant.

    "I'm going to talk to Prince Cedric ... I wonder if Stayle will come with me ...?"

    Of course, it's okay to just take a break. The Pryde that tells me looks so embarrassed my head is white. I can understand that my facial expression is solidified. In the meantime, Pryde continued her words without noticing.

    "I'm sorry, I said such a boorish thing .... But it's very encouraging to be by your side. If it's difficult, then."

    "I'll go."

    If he noticed before Pride continued her words, he would say them. Pryde is blinking with her eyes rounded and crackling. However, regardless of that, I slip my tongue twister quickly.

    "I'm going. I'll ask Uncle Wes to arrange a rest time while Arthur is there. Please wait until then Pryde. I'll be sure to pick you up."

    I can understand what I'm saying in front of her. However, I didn't intend to suppress it. I just tell Pryde as my heart beats faster. Tiara next to Pryde was happily comparing me with Pryde as if she had read my heart.

    Pryde kept her eyes rounded for a while, but when it was over, she gave me a soft smile.

    "Thank you, Stayle. I'm very happy."

    The words alone made my heart scream. Involuntarily hold the chest with one hand and return the greeting to Pryde as it is. I asked if Pryde would be with Tiara, and when Tiara agreed, I gently stroked Tiara's head.

    "Then, I'll do this then. I'll come to Pryde's room as soon as the break comes."

    Okay, don't overdo it. Was sent off by Pryde and Tiara, and I quickly headed to Uncle Wes.


    I know, it's unscrupulous.

    The fact that Pryde wants me, Arthur, and Tiara to be with her means that she feels so threatened by Prince Cedric.

    -No, no, no ...!

    Continue walking fast and desperately until I turn the corner of the straight corridor.

    … Prince Cedric has committed so many things that Pryde feels threatened. Not only kissing her hair, he tried to take her lips away, and according Tiara's story, he threatened Pryde and pushed her into a tree. It's no wonder that Pryde doesn't want to be alone.

    -... Calm down ...!

    At the end of the corner, I turn around briefly. All right, I can't be seen by Pryde or Tiara anymore.

    ... yes, now I should get angry. To that man who scared my Pryde so much. To that Second Prince who did so much to Pryde!


    "~~~~~ ..."


    When I turn the corner, lean against the wall and hold my loose mouth with one hand to keep your breath. It's no good, I can't help but notice that the whole body is burning hot as soon as I get rid of it. If I look in the mirror, my ears will be dyed red.

    happy. That Pryde. She needed me.

    Until now, I have been relied on for the use of this special ability many times. Every time I was glad that I had this special ability, I was proud of it. However, especially after making predictions, Pryde was trying to solve everything on her own. She doesn't want to bother us as much as possible, she doesn't want to worry us. Even a year ago, it felt like I was alienated.

    That Pryde finally relied on me, "Stayle", regardless of my special abilities.

    As an older sister, ashamed of her position as the First Princess Pryde. Still, she turned to me.

    She was always thinking about me when I was busy with Uncle Wes. Now, in the castle, there are always two guardian knights as well as guards. Arthur is the same this time. Nevertheless.

    Still, she asked for me ...! ︎

    Knowing that it would bother me and that she already has enough escorts if it's against Prince Cedric! Still, she wanted it! ︎ She wants me to be with her !! ︎

    No, I'm so happy that my mouth doesn't stop loosening. At this rate, I won't be able to ask Uncle Wes. It's generally unscrupulous, even though Pryde was so scared. I tighten my mind properly

    "But it's very encouraging to be by your side."


    No, my face got hot again.

    I couldn't hide it with just my mouth, so I covered my face with both hands and sat down. The maids and guards around you will notice and call out, but it's okay. One word was the limit.

    To that embarrassing smile and voice of Pryde. Just by remembering, it overflows without knowing that love will stay.

    Just being by her side.

    My existence is encouraging.

    We haven't been together for a year now, and I've often been worried while I'm away from Pryde.

    She probably doesn't know how much that word from Pryde meant to me.

    “…………… Yes.”

    I'm by her side.

    This feeling that I decided many times is engraved in this body again with those words.

    (Pryde POV) 199. The Outrageous Princess is Scolded
    "You don't have to forgive him, Pryde."

    As soon as the door was closed, Stayle shook me strongly. When I unintentionally asked "Eh⁈", he folded my arms alternately and cast his eyes on me with a sigh.

    "I understand the circumstances of Prince Cedric. It's true that Pryde foresaw and even defended his story. I agree with the alliance with the United Kingdom of Hanazuo ... But I cannot forgive the rudeness committed by the Second Prince Cedric. "

    Tiara, Arthur, and Deputy Captain Eric nod many times to Stayle's words. ... I feel like they're angry.

    "I can't forgive what Prince Cedric did to Pryde. If he tried to use Pryde and it didn't work, and then he used violence ... it's the worst thing to do."

    Perhaps because it's in my room, Arthur agrees with Stayle without hiding. I just looked at him and asked Deputy Captain Eric next.

    "I think so too. I'm very aware that this kind of phrase is disrespectful to the royal family, but ... I wonder if he's just omitting his actions because it's convenient for him. Is disrespect so easy to forgive? "

    From Arthur to Deputy Captain Eric, they're surprisingly tough. Still, Stayle nodded loudly to Deputy Captain Eric's words and said, "That's right."

    "Yes! Your sister can get angry even more! I'm angry with Prince Cedric!"

    To the hero! ︎ The grudge over food is enormous to make the kind-hearted Tiara angry. No, it would have been rather ruined as a gift to Arthur and Stayle. I still have it in my roots.

    "Pryde. At this time, I'll say it clearly."

    Again, the strong words of Stayle unintentionally put a force on my shoulders. Is it my fault that his facial expression looks angry?

    "Sweetness and kindness are different. It's your kindness to reach out to Prince Cedric, but it's another thing to forgive him for what he's done so far. Rather! Don't forgive him even if he apologizes. "

    Stayle looks back toward Arthur as if to throw it as it is. Arthur turns to me, opening his eyes a little to what he has shaken.

    "I think Stayle is right ... I don't want him to be forgiven even if he regrets and apologizes for any disrespect or anything done to Pryde ... You are our ... important to the country. Because you are. "

    I can't say anything to Arthur's words, which look straight into my eyes. Somehow, I feel like I'm really sorry and I turn my eyes down.

    "Pryde. You are the First Princess of seventeen years old. Please ... keep in mind that it is necessary not to forgive. Do not forgive him at least for half-heartedness. Hmm."

    I was struck by Stayle and completely dropped my shoulders. Somehow I'm terribly pathetic. Certainly, as everyone says. I should have been angry, but when I think about his circumstances and settings ...

    "... I understand .... I'm sorry."

    It's a good year and I'm sure I'll be scolded like this. Stayle seemed to be in a hurry when he sighed involuntarily with a leaning forward posture, and he said, "No, I'm not blaming Pryde ...".

    210. The Knight and the Adopted Brother Do Not Forgive
    "My sister is that kind of person, I knew it ... I knew it, six years ago."

    Six years ago.

    From that time on, she put the sinner Val under a contract of enslavement and ordered him to come to her when he needed help.

    Whatever she does, she reaches out.

    "Still ... it's not that there's nothing my sister can't forgive."

    Stayle uttered as if to tell himself, and unknowingly brushed his black hair.

    He knows that Pryde did not forgive his Leon's two younger brothers, and suffered a year ago.

    "Ah ... I just didn't want her to forgive."

    He used violence against her and made his kind-hearted Pryde cry. Only that fact is still swirling in Arthur.

    Stayle also saw it from Arthur's words and replied with just his eyes. Stayle himself still has that in his roots.

    "You don't have to forgive him ... especially you."


    Arthur twisted his head at Stayle's words. He drank up the contents of the glass with a swallow while returning, "Why me especially?"

    However, Stayle did not answer the question and continued to say "more than that."

    Arthur still doesn't know that Cedric picked and ate his food. If he said that to Arthur now, Stayle was convinced that he wouldn't be able to hide his murderous aura towards Cedric.

    "My sister welcomed Prince Cedric with the utmost care of Captain Colm, right?"

    Arthur affirms Stiyl's words.

    "... But Captain Colm never stopped .... I too."

    Floating his gaze into the air, Arthur muttered at the end like a soliloquy.

    At that time, if I tried to stop my Pryde, it was stopped. I could do it if I tried to pull her off when Cedric was pushed down by Pryde. Still

    I didn't think I would stop it.

    When I saw Cedric and Pryde, I certainly thought.

    I want to help him.

    I can't forgive what he did. And it shouldn't be forgiven. He was rude to someone important to them and used her power.

    Still, apart from that.

    There was a different dimension to forgive and not forgive.

    He just suffered in front of my eyes and I wanted to reach out to those who were beaten up.

    "That person's ... Pryde-sama's influence."

    Sadly, I shouldn't forgive him, but Arthur muttered, looking up at the ceiling as if to weaken, and turned his back. Stayle thought while watching the situation silently, and returned a word to Arthur.

    "No, you've always been that kind of person .... for a long time."

    Stayle, who chanted only in his mouth, unlike me, laughed a little. Arthur asks the smile, "Is that so?" Stayle's smile itself was quite familiar to Arthur.

    When Stayle stood up from his chair in a stretched manner, he made a clear statement in a sneak peek.

    "It's okay, you and Tiara ... my sister. No matter who you forgive, I won't forgive them. That's it."

    As he exhaled to relax from his stretched back, Stayle sat back in his chair. He crossed his legs and looked much easier than before.

    "My intentions haven't changed since long ago. I'll show my sister many times that she shouldn't forgive them ... but the final decision is her."

    Of course, you too. He pointed his index finger at Arthur's brain and pointed at it as if shooting.

    "My sister, Tiara, and you are that kind of person .... That kind of person isn't what you're trying to be."

    To be honest, it's not a lie to say that I'm envious of these three people.

    However, I decided. Nine years ago, for sure.

    Even if I'm dyed black, I won't let the pure white Pryde be stained.

    "Neither Gilbert nor Val, nor Prince Cedric, I won't forgive their sins for the rest of my life. That's my role for a long time."

    I fixed the position of the glasses with my fingertips and made a clicking noise. There is no self-deprecation. Rather, I'm a little proud to think that it's a role that only I can do.

    "... Wow, you."

    When I noticed the appearance of such a stale, I heard a voice. It's a pure, true impression. Just as Stayle envies Arthur who is straight and kind to everywhere, Arthur also envy the core strength of Stayle.

    I put one elbow on the desk next to me and put on my cheeks and looked at the stale. In a sudden compliment, Stayle pressed the black edge of his glasses with his finger to hide his shyness.

    "The next Regent that supports Pryde."

    Arthur, noticing that Stayle was shy, tells his true intentions to make fun of him. However, he didn't seem to be shy about it, and replied, "Don't say the obvious," and Stayle conversely spoke to Arthur.

    "You are the guardian knight who protects my sister."

    Arthur waved lightly to Stayle's words. He said it wasn't as good as you.

    "I'm not the only guardian knight right now, there are four of them. You're the one and only one."

    I'm not disrespecting the knights, and I'm not dissatisfied with the increase in the number of guardian knights. Rather, it is proud and encouraging. Still, the way Stayle was for Arthur was also dazzling.

    "Two days ago, when we went to Second Prince Cedric, Pride was waiting for your rest time."

    Arthur spilled, saying that he needed that much, and looked at Stayle with a little pride. Arthur is proud that Pryde relies on Stayle, although he has spent time away for his Regent work.

    "What? You don't know?"

    Suddenly, Stayle's eyes became round. Unable to understand the words, Arthur picked up the jug in the foreground while tilting his neck. Tilt the jug into the empty glass to regain your mind. Stayle, who saw Arthur waiting for an answer, reopened with a little sigh.

    "At that time, I took a rest in the morning because it was the time when you were the guardian knight ... I hope from my sister."

    Zabaa ...

    The contents of Arthur's tilted jug filled the glass vigorously and then overflowed as it was.

    Hey, Stayle calls out that it's overflowing, but Arthur even forgets to blink with his hands stopped. I couldn't keep up with my thoughts, and my eyes were nailed to the stale with my mouth open.

    "... Ah?"

    "I'm saying that you're also special and necessary for my sister."

    I had no choice but to stand up and teleport to the side of Arthur, who was still pokan. The jug was recovered from Arthur with the jug still tilted.

    Arthur, who finally regained consciousness, noticed that water was overflowing from the desk to his feet while spilling Stayle. Arthur suddenly remembers today's words from Pryde as he hurriedly wipes off the water that has accumulated under his feet with a cloth at hand.

    "Please stay by my side"

    "That ~~~~~‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    I'm happy.

    The joy of that time burst out as if the switch had been switched.

    I couldn't control the heat of my face, which was tinged with red, with my face down while wiping the water off the floor.

    She asked me to stay by her side.

    Not only can I protect it, but I can help that person just by being there.

    And, in the presence of excellent guardian knights such as Captain Colm, Captain Alain, and Deputy Captain Eric, she took the trouble to choose me.

    Not only that, but also "that" request.

    The more I thought about it, the more happy and unbearable Arthur thought it was.

    After wiping it off, Arthur stands up with a cloth soaked in water in one hand. He hid his mouth and tried to deceive him with a slight downturn, but his face was completely red.

    "... Well, Pryde-sama ... that is."

    "I know."

    Stayle laughed and replied to Arthur's unreliable mourning.

    Arthur, who opened the window and squeezed the cloth, smiled with satisfaction. "It's about time I'm back. Keep an eye out for Prince Cedric for the time being," he said to Arthur and looked around to see if he had anything left behind. Then Arthur, who suddenly closed the window, lightly called out, "Stayle." When he turned his face to look back, there was Arthur who showed his teeth and laughed at himself without losing the redness.

    "I'm counting on you too."

    Partner. Laughed to add at the end, Stayle involuntarily hid his smiling mouth.

    "... I know that too."

    He pressed the edge of his glasses with his fingers and turned to the front so as to hide his face, and Stayle teleported as it was.

    He returned to his familiar room, stood there for a while without resting, and looked up out the window.

    The moon was leaking light just as it came out of the clouds.

    "... I'll protect you."

    … Forgiving people is not a trivial matter.

    And I can stay without forgiveness ... Sometimes it's terrible and heavy.

    But I'm still.

    To protect Pryde.

    I'll do what Arthur can't do.

    Like Arthur is doing what I can't do.

    It hasn't changed since the promise six years ago.

    If the Pryde is still pure white, I'll dye myself black.

    I will not forgive anyone she forgives, believes in, or reaches out to.

    She is "kindness" and I am "severity".

    "... For the time being, I will give you guidance only for making Pryde cry."

    I finally sit down on the bed while exhaling. I made a noise and left my body as if I fell down.

    "After all, you did try to kiss and commit violent acts to Pryde ..."

    (Pryde POV) 223. The Outrageous Princess Prepares for Tomorrow
    "If you don't like it, you can sell it? It's worth a lot of money. It's a product of the Kingdom of Cersis.

    "I can't sell the things I get from people!"

    As expected, Arthur is extremely reasonable. It seems that he doesn't really know what to do. Men will find it difficult to wear these accessories in particular. Moreover, Arthur is a knight. Never wear a ring or the like.

    "If you're so distracted, would you be a knight in the Kingdom of Cersis as Prince Cedric requested? I tell you, your value is not that level."

    "Well, no, Arthur is my knight."

    It would be a problem if he could easily change jobs to the Kingdom of Cersis.

    Even without his special abilities, there are many situations where I've been helped by Arthur's presence. Above all, he is an important person for me, Tiara, and Stayle. If you have the special ability of Stayle, you may meet often, but it is still too far away to visit since it's more than 10 days by carriage. If he is dissatisfied with his salary, I would like to consult with Chancellor Gilbert and my father.

    After thinking so, I realized that I had inadvertently caught my mouth in Stayle's joke.

    Perhaps he was surprised that Arthur suddenly entered the story, and he suddenly trembled and stopped moving. Stayle is laughing at me comparing Arthur.

    ... I've completely destroyed the atmosphere of chatting.

    "Ah ... no, I'm sorry."

    I apologize for having entered the conversation between the two in a hurry. However, there was no reply from Arthur, and for some reason he was silently wearing the hood that he had taken off. Did you get so angry?

    Only Stayle happily looked into Arthur in the hood and smiled badly, "... yes, yes. How do you feel?" What should I do if he thinks I'm a princess who can't make a joke?

    While holding down the hood that Arthur suffered, he still remains silent. I didn't think it would make him so angry. Reaching for Arthur's shoulders, terrifyingly wondering what to do. As soon as I touched the shoulder with my fingertips

    He sat down on the spot so fast he collapsed.

    "Eh⁈ Ah ... Arthur⁈"

    He was so angry that he didn't want to be touched⁈

    Involuntarily take a step back and call out to Arthur. Stayle held his mouth and started laughing as if he couldn't bear it.

    Arthur is standing down and pulling the hood to the limit so that I can't even see his mouth.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't think it was so offensive ..."

    "~~ ... No, it's not! This is ..."

    This time Arthur called out to counteract my words.

    "... Uh ... I was happy ... just why ..."

    I tilt my head to Arthur, who muttered softly. What made him happy? Perhaps when Stayle tried to tell Arthur, "Your value is not that level." Certainly, I would be happy if I was told that I was worth more than such a luxury ring, and I understand that he is shy. But, in fact, Arthur's value is far superior to us, both as a Knight and as a person. I think he's still humble.

    Relieved that Arthur wasn't angry, I tried to get back to the topic for the time being, and when I said, "So Arthur, why don't you just take the ring and leave it?", He nodded strongly many times while pulling the hood.

    "No ... I got a much better reward than a ring ... It's okay ... Yes .... Wow, I'll take good care of it ..."

    Every time I see this, I'll remember ...! He answered by gently raising his hand while holding the ring. Was he that glad Cedric thanked him? Well, he's the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Cersis, so I understand his feelings. Anyway, I'm glad that he managed to accept the ring because I said "it's okay".

    Stayle, who is still laughing and shaking his shoulders, cuts out, asking if he should prepare for tomorrow. I nodded to it and thanked them today.

    Arthur stood up after being told by Stiyl, and when he took off the hood to greet me at the end, his face was bright red like a boiled octopus. It must have been hot because he was wearing the hood so deeply.

    After exchanging greetings with Arthur as it was, Arthur disappeared from my eyes due to the teleportation of Stayle. After Arthur disappeared and only Stayle and I remained, "Well, I'm sorry," Stayle greets me. I reach out

    Hold back.

    "Ah ... wait a minute, Stayle."

    When I called out, Stayle stopped moving with his eyes rounded. When asked what happened, it makes me embarrassed. Still, thinking that he had already stopped, I rushed to Stayle and took the plunge and hugged him.

    "...⁈ Pry ... Pryde⁈"

    "I'm sorry, let me do this for a moment."

    There are too many things, and the war is waiting for us. I couldn't help myself because my head was spinning. The last few days have passed so quickly. Even before the two of us came, I had a lot of things in my head.

    But ... I was very relieved as soon as Stayle and Arthur came.

    When they were right by my side ... the two people said that.

    Whether I went to Cedric or witnessed King Lance's illness, I thought I could be resolute as a Princess if I had them.

    I have to leave the country tomorrow. For that purpose to throw myself into the battlefield. So

    "Only now ... let me spoil you."

    From tomorrow, I hope I can stand as the First Princess again.

    With that in mind, I buried my forehead on the shoulder of Stayle, who was taller than me, and Stayle gently put my hand on my back. I was so happy that when I put my strength into the arms that hugged Stayle, Stayle's shoulders quivered slightly, probably because it was too strong. … But after that, he strengthened the hand that he put on my back. The strong and gentle warmth of Stayle, who is more like an older brother than a younger brother, reassured me very much.

    After a while, I slowly relaxed my arm and let go of my hand around his back to match Stayle. When I took my face off his shoulder and looked into the face of Stayle, who was close to me, he turned his face red and looked back at me, probably because my arm was weak.

    "Thank you Stayle, I'm fine."

    I couldn't point out that a boy couldn't put up with the pressure of a girl's arm and was suffocating. And hid it.

    When he turned his eyes away from me, he asked, "Is it okay to ask ...?" While holding down the edges of the glasses. If I answer, he will finally look at me.

    "Why ... to me ... suddenly."

    Not Arthur or Tiara. It was so small that it was followed by Stayle, and I became a little shy and unconsciously scratched my cheeks with my fingertips. Sure, Tiara was my sister, and Arthur was there for me. However…

    "Stayle ... knows my worst and most pitiful part."

    A year ago, I hated Leon's younger brothers and he accepted me who cried because he was Stayle. I thought that I, who is so weak now, would be accepted by him.

    When I thought so and laughed unintentionally, Stayle's face turned red, probably because of my thoughts. Perhaps he's angry with his sister who suddenly gave up without notice. But I couldn't say "just this once!" Because it was more embarrassing.

    "I'm really sorry suddenly, I'll refrain from it next time. I only wanted a little more energy today."

    "It's good, ... don't refrain."

    To me who apologizes in a hurry, Stayle suddenly says words to cancel.

    I was surprised, and when I stopped the words while being countered, Stayle kept his bright red face and his distracted gaze, and opened his eyes a little as if he was surprised at what he said.

    Even so, when I waited for the continuation of the words, they kept me tidy and tied up in my head.

    "I ... I'm glad that Pryde can rely on me, so ......... whenever Pryde has ..."

    For some reason, the last one was a small, faint voice. I could barely hear it, but maybe I could hear Stayle or I wasn't confident, he glanced at me for a moment, and then immediately turned away. But I'm very happy about that kindness.

    "Thank you, Stayle ....! Ah. I can always spoil Stayle, right?"

    When I told him that I heard it and that I wanted him to rely on me as an older sister, he stopped immediately after a little muddy, "No, I am ...", and finally nodded silently with his mouth hidden. ..

    "... After all, it's sly ..."

    e? When I asked Stayle, who muttered a little bit, "Nothing", I was cut off quickly. With a slightly lit face as if he had regained my mind, when he finally turned to me saying, "Then, I'm sorry for this," he politely greeted me and this time disappeared by teleportation.
    *Is that...a legitimate shipping scene? :blob_tilt:

    (Pryde POV) 230. The Outrageous Princess Delivers
    After leaving King Joan and leaving the stage a little earlier.

    Somehow, Stayle, Tiara, Arthur, and Captain Colm and the knights all rush to me with a bloodless look. Furthermore, Cedric and others came to follow them. Everyone has been watching from the edge even after I went up to the stage with King Joan.

    "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but the people of Chinensis will fight together."

    "Why did you do that kind of crazy⁈"

    ... I was yelled at by Stayle at the very beginning. It's a rare experience to be yelled at by Stayle, so I'm stunned. Then, maybe Tiara borrowed it from the castle man, she hurriedly wrapped the bandage around my fingertips. Well, I cut my fingertips with a dagger when I made a blood vow. To be honest, I forgot because the wound is small and it doesn't hurt.

    "It's okay, it's not a big injury. The blood will stop tomorrow."

    "It's not such a problem!"

    … This time, Tiara got angry. She wrapped the bandages dexterously and tied them up with wet eyes. What should I do, I wonder if she was worried about me using such a knife. I already have a sword on my waist, not a dagger.

    "Do you know? My sister⁈ A blood vow is the original ritual of faith‼ ︎ If you can't protect the United Kingdom of Hanazuo ..."

    "Yes, I vowed to be burned alive at the stake with His Majesty."

    I wonder what that is. I smiled and returned to Stayle, hoping that it wasn't even dangerous to have a dagger.

    Perhaps my reaction was unexpected, Stayle settled with his mouth open so that it couldn't be put into words. It seems that the complexion with Tiara is a little bloody, and I'm more worried.

    "Because I thought that the people wouldn't believe in the Kingdom of Freesia without that much."

    Even if I tell them with a bitter smile, there is no sign that their blood color will return.

    As they worry, I certainly won't be able to break a blood vow. It was performed in front of many people, so even if it was a ritual of another country, if Freesia broke it, it would not be shown to neighboring countries. At the end, I wrote a contract in blood and gave my signature, so I can't escape by saying "I didn't know." But

    "If we win properly, Pryde will never meet such an fate ...?"

    As soon as I tried to say, Arthur opened his mouth first.

    Arthur's horribly low voice looked back astonishingly to Stayle, Tiara, and Captain Colm, who had been bleeding a while ago.

    Not only the voice, but for some reason, Arthur's whole body gave off a tremendous amount of courage that made my skin tingle. The blue eyes, which are sharply opened like a wolf, are perfectly directed at me.

    I wonder if he is angry, and the smile that I returns is uncomfortable.

    "Yeah ... yeah, of course. There's nothing wrong with protecting the United Kingdom of Hanazuo and King Joan. It's a vow for that."

    Even the other knights of the 9th corps were a little terrified by the terrible supremacy that Arthur gave off from his whole body. It was when Stayle shouted, "Hey, Arthur," and Captain Colm put his hand on his shoulder.

    "... it's okay. I'll protect you ...‼ ︎"

    What? Rather than muttering, I looked at Stayle with Arthur by his side. Arthur, who looks like a battle champion, is stuffed with words so that Stayle is pushed a little, which is unusual. Even so, he immediately answered, "It's natural," in a whisper that couldn't be heard around him, and struck Arthur's belly through his armor. Captain Colm saw it and exhaled with a little relief and tapped Arthur's shoulder again.


    Tiara that moistened her eyes looked at me with anxiety. I'm sorry to make you worried, and when I stroked her head, Tiara shook her head quietly.

    "It's okay, because I believe. Everyone will definitely win. I'm not afraid of anything."

    When I said that and laughed, Stayle finally breathed out from his shoulders as if he was relaxed.

    "... I will report this to the Knight Commander from my mouth."


    Involuntarily, I hurriedly shouted, "Well, no, that's it!" Even so, Stayle mercilessly talks to Captain Colm, saying, "Captain Colm I ask that you share information with Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric." Wait Wait! ︎ If I get caught by the Knight Commander, he will definitely get angry! ︎

    When I grabbed the hem of Stayle like a sword, he said with a smile, "I can't choose the means to boost morale." Somehow, Stayle is becoming more like Chancellor Gilbert!

    Also, this isn't a shipping scene, but the Knight Commander when he finds out about Pryde's blood vow to be burned alive at the stake is... :blobpopcorn_cool:

    (Pryde POV) 231. The Outrageous Princess Bears in Mind
    Shortly after crossing the border with Cedric and the others and returning to the Kingdom of Cersis, Stayle briefly reported to Chancellor Gilbert and the Knights that we were able to persuade King Joan. … And later he called the Knight Commander to us and reported that I had made a blood contract.

    I was able to completely enjoy the feeling of sickness of "a student whose parents were called to school", which I had never experienced before during my previous life.

    Of course I desperately argued that I had no choice but to get the people to trust me and that I thought the Knights could win, but still

    It's sooooooo ... He was angry.

    Well, as expected, it's really amazing.

    When he heard that I had broke into King Joan's speech, the Knight Commander was still holding his head in one hand. But after that, the moment he heard that if I couldn't protect the United Kingdom of Hanazuo, I would be burned at the stake, he compared Stayle with me and opened his eyes to the limit. When he heard that I had made a blood vow to this effect, the Knight Commander finally held his head in both hands and screamed, "Seeing this again ...!".

    As soon as Stayle gave permission to the Knight Commander, "Please do not hesitate to ask her. I will responsibly approve it." "Why can you weigh your life so easily?" "War is not a game, it can never be!" "This is the Queen and the King." It is beyond the scope of what I can report to Her Imperial Highness! ”“ The meaning of this defense battle for our army will change completely! ”, And he was angry like a terrible swordsman.

    I inadvertently bowed my head down and my shoulders became smaller, and by the end of the Knight Commander's sermon, I was completely like a turtle.

    In the corner of his field of vision, Stayle nodded in sync, and Cedric was awkwardly holding his throat and wrinkling his eyebrows.

    … The ghost skin was completely peeled off and the Princess was exposed. Arthur and Captain Colm, who were together as guardian knights, also stretched their backs to the knight's terrific swordsman, and shut their mouths to reflect on the fact that I could not be stopped.

    Finally, after apologizing again and again, I said, "Still, I wanted to be so prepared," and I got a sigh that was a bit like giving up.

    "Originally, this defense battle ... We have no intention of losing. … But ”

    When I thought that the Knight Commander opened his mouth heavily, at the end, a profound voice and tremendous courage that could not be compared with before blew like a blast. Not only me, but also Tiara and Cedric, who were by my side, stretched our spines like Arthur.

    "In other words, this defense battle. Not just the survival of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo ... "

    At that point, the Knight Commander slowly pulled down to the only calm Stayle. As it was, this time Stayle smiled and laughed with no laughing eyes, and finally told me to declare.

    "It means that the future of the Kingdom of Freesia is also at stake. My sister, ... the next Queen, First Princess Pryde."

    I could only answer "yes ..." with my mouth squeezed at the words that pierced my heart with the seriousness of the situation.

    At the same time that Stayle's wording became similar to Chancellor Gilbert, his unforgivingness, which was sharpened more than before, also overlapped with Uncle Wes.

    Even though the Knight Commander alone was so scary, I'm glad that Chancellor Gilbert and the knights kept silent. … The knight captain said, "I will report to them when it's time to raise their morale just before tomorrow's placement."

    Next time is the War Arc. Gilbert gets a lecture scene, too (which I will include), which he will come to regret come the brainwash arc. But isn't it funny how Pryde is more afraid of Roderick and Gilbert than her own parents? :blobxd:
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    Well, her parents.. her mom wasn't involved much to form a stronger emotional attachment than the people around her. Thank you for spoilers! Eager to read the war arc! Especially, will the other knights be informed of what was at stake? (No, I wasn't putting a pun there-it kinda happened.)
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    Of course the knights all know about Pryde swearing to die with Joan! Didn't they already call it something to raise morale? The knights all love Pryde, so they're upping the willpower to win from 100% to 1000%. They'll never let her die.

    As far as authority figures go, by this point Pryde has already reconnected with the Queen, so I don't think it's lack of emotional connection that's the problem. Instead, I think it's more that there's less exposure. Because Pryde gets into all this trouble away from her parents' eyes, and gets everyone to keep her actions confidential, so her parents don't know what she's doing. Gilbert and Roderick have more weight in that they're the only ones who have ever scolded Pryde. Albert just went behind Pryde cancelling any of her orders that he considered "too much;" there was never any attempt to correct her. Just a frowny face every once in a while. (But I personally think that Albert was as bad a parent as Rosa, if not worse, so don't mind me.)

    Anyway, Gilbert and Knight Commander Roderick are special in that they've been involved in virtually all of Pryde's recklessness thus far. (Gilbert only missed the Knight Arc, while Roderick missed the Gilbert Arc.) So they've had first row seats to all of Pryde's dangerous behavior. And they take note of it--in fact, those two are the only ones who notice Pryde's passively suicidal tendencies...before the brainwash arc makes her rather less passive about it.

    Rosa, Albert and Wes, of course, don't notice anything--about Pryde's relationship with Gilbert, Val, or the Knights as a whole. Even what's going on in Pryde's head, before or after. They're also the ones who started speculating that Pryde "reverted" during the brainwash arc, while Gilbert noticed that Pryde was doing her best to self-destruct like someone had left him an instruction booklet beforehand. And of course, Roderick predicted her actions months beforehand, and had the foresight to warn Colm and Alain in advance.
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    There are fewer Stayle and Arthur scenes in the War Arc, since Stayle, Arthur and Pryde are all stationed in different locations. But my main complaint is that they drained the epicness of Pryde fighting by making her encourage Cedric the entire time. Maybe it will be a cooler scene in the manga.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Anyway, here's the War Arc! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 237. The Blasphemous Princess and Everyone Together
    ... I can't lose.

    "Sister .... Is it okay to do one thing before the fight?"

    As I renewed my determination, Stayle turned his gaze straight at me. To that gaze that is too strong, this time I turn around firmly with my body and reply.

    It was still a little dim outside, and the jet-black eyes of Stayle reflected in the light in the tower with only the lights of the lights. I was fascinated by the serious look.

    "I'm not a knight. I may be weaker than anyone else here."

    Captain Colm and Captain Alain opened their eyes in astonishment at Stayle's words and gazed at Stayle's back. ... I also understand why.

    Stayle is not weak.

    Because he has been honing his sword with Arthur all the time. He did it almost every day until it was time to begin Regent work, and he still does it on a regular basis.

    He is a warrior who is much stronger than the game Stayle.

    "Still, let's swear to you."

    The straight words of Stayle made me hesitate to close my mouth.

    I absorb his words and wait silently for Stayle's next words. The dim outside became brighter and brighter. I thought that the sun was starting to rise when I saw Stayle starting to be illuminated by the rising sun.

    "My sister, I will protect you."

    Clatter, and Stayle knelt on the spot. Captain Alain and the others, who were behind him, also knelt down to tune in to his back. Clatter, clatter and even the other knights there knelt down, and looked up at me like Stayle.

    As soon as it started to rise, the gradual and gentle sun shined on my back. Only Stayle in front of me was hidden in my shadow, and the silver armor of the other knights reflected the sun's rays and shined brightly.

    "I. And we bet this life."

    Stayle, who speaks plainly, really looked like the same knight as them.

    The jet-black knight knelt before me and swore to the sun.

    (Pryde POV) 245. The Blasphemous Princess Sent
    "The castle and eastern tower of the Kingdom of Chinensis are normal. His Royal Highness Lance will head to support the Kingdom of Cersis as soon as he sees the replenished weapons. It may change, but ... "

    … After all, Arthur's appearance is a little strange.

    Arthur's appearance is strangely worrisome while he talks about the situation.

    The report is also detailed and solid enough that Chancellor Gilbert does not need to supplement it. The line of sight is also facing me ... It should have. Even so, there was a mysterious feeling of strangeness that made me feel a chill in my head. With that in mind, I was listening to each of Arthur's reports at that time.


    While listening to Arthur's report, I inadvertently raise my voice in the middle of the word. For the first time, there was a supplement from Chancellor Gilbert. After finishing the supplement, Chancellor Gilbert added, "And now I am bringing important witnesses to the guards to grasp the current situation," before prompting the continuation of the report from Arthur again. .. Arthur continued to report on the current situation, and after finishing everything, Arthur called me with a calm voice, "Pryde-sama." When I turned my eyes, his clear blue eyes reflected me like a mirror.

    "I will protect Pryde. I will wield this sword to protect you. So ..."

    After cutting the word once, Arthur put his hand on the sword on his waist. It was gripped slowly, and there was a quiet metallic sound. And the mouth is opened again without any confusion.

    "I'm going."

    It was a very gentle voice. The calm and mature atmosphere makes me realize that he is a nineteen-year-old young man older than myself.

    When I silently nodded, Arthur loosened his mouth slightly and looked back with a serious look.

    "To end this war."

    That word was enough.

    Arthur squeezed his lips and shut up as if to ask me for permission, but on the contrary, his eyes were dyed with determination that no one could stop.

    So I also answer him.

    "Go on, Arthur."

    I approached him one step further, gently stroking his bundled silver hair and touching his cheeks.

    He is a knight.

    And now he is not a Guardian Knight but the Deputy Captain of the Eighth Corps.

    So I can proudly see him off.

    "I'm sure you can do it."

    I know.

    How long Arthur has continued to work and become stronger.

    ... I've been watching it all the time.

    Arthur's eyes are wide open to stiffen himself. The clear eyes harbored more light and shined.

    Gently hold his cheeks with both hands. Slowly look into Arthur, who is taller than me, from below. I even said, "Because Arthur ..." and realized that the words I was trying to say were uncut words in this world, and he screamed on the verge.

    … But if I say it in the language of this world.

    He who kept me and Stayle safe all the time.

    He rushed with his sword every time we were in trouble.

    He who has shown himself over and over again and has continued to protect us.

    "Because Arthur is my hero !"

    For a long time. Then I make my voice bounce involuntarily. Then Arthur's eyes were finally wide open to the limit.

    With "hero". It's itchy that I can't say that word, but I give him the most appropriate name so that it can be conveyed. With a little force on his hands across his cheeks, he draws towards me. At the same time, raise the heel of your heavy armor and stand on your toes,

    Kiss the forehead.

    "It's magic so that you can come back safely .... to me, Tiara and Stayle."

    All three of us are waiting for the return of the knight Arthur. And "blessing" to him who rushes to the place where he continued to thirst six years ago with his own will. ... with a testimony.

    Are you surprised that you were suddenly pulled in the face, or were you afraid of the act of kissing the First Princess? Arthur slightly dyed his cheeks out of tension, leaving his eyes open as if his eyelids had finally disappeared.

    Suddenly, he laughed.

    His eyelids slowly came down, with a soft smile that gradually spread.

    And the figure of Arthur who reverently thanked me was definitely a proud knight.

    Finally, Captain Alain and Captain Colm, who are in charge of the guardian knight, ask me again from his mouth.

    The sword was pulled out of the scabbard, and the silver blade shined over the long hair.

    "…I'm going."

    Put your foot through the window and mutter a little. Without hesitation, Arthur threw himself out of the tower.

    Rush to the north front line as fast as a second ... for that.

    "Look up ... that idiot."

    Stayle muttered with a fearless smile, but at the same time disappeared for a few seconds the next moment.

    (Pryde POV) 269. The Blasphemous Princess Stops
    "... Hmm ... Stayle."

    Stayle, who rushed in immediately with a signal, saw me and made his complexion terrible.

    Stayle, who opened his eyes and shook his hands violently, walked up step by step with his expression stunned.

    "... Stayle, I'm sorry. To use this signal in public."

    First of all, I apologize for showing Stayle's signal and teleportation to me in public. It shouldn't really have been used lightly in front of Cedric and other knights. … But now I have only this.

    My apology still seemed unspeakable, and Stayle's gaze remained stuck in my leg.

    "... Sister, you ..., ... this is ... why ...!"

    A voice leaked from the open mouth as if desperately squeezing. It looks like he's confused because he can't organize his mind yet. ...... For a moment, I felt that Captain Colm and Captain Alain received a stern look, and he was so passionate that my spine froze. It was then that I tried to open my mouth in a hurry to explain.

    "Oh my ... it's because."

    Cedric uttered first.

    Stayle responded with great momentum to the words that he squeezed his eyes with his tears and squeezed them with his fists.

    Turn your face toward Cedric, turn your face bright red and stare at it. Captain Colm and Captain Alain screamed at the same time, "No, Stayle! It's all our fault as guardian knights ...", but it didn't seem to be understood anymore. I have a terrible memory of his eyes, which seem to be a mixture of passion and hatred. Stayle's hands roughly grabbed Prince Cedric's collar and pulled him to himself.

    "Stayle‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Before that, I raised my voice as much as I could.

    As Captain Alain was surprised by my sudden loud voice, he shook his hand up and down.

    Stayle loosened his hand from the collar of Prince Cedric and let him go. Now that I can't walk even if I want to run up, I can only show my hands to Stayle who turned around.

    "My sister ...‼ ︎"

    As if he just noticed, Stayle rushed to my side this time. Put my arm around his neck and stroke his head to calm Stayle. When I repeated many times, "It's okay, I'm okay," only the color of his eyes finally settled down, and he blinked several times. I repeat words to tell Stayle, who is still breathless.

    "Please, listen carefully, Stayle. Cedric isn't bad, I jumped out and was injured. Captain Colm and Captain Alain were also at risk ... Really, I made a decision to give up my life, and they had a hard time. And they still helped me. It wouldn't have been only this much without them, I'm sure I would be dead by now, so no one is really bad except me. "

    Put your hand on Stayle's face, which seems to be upset. After the lips of Stayle, who swallowed my words desperately, trembled, I was squeezed strongly at the end.

    Stayle, who nodded only once, looked down as if staring at the ground. His mouth was small and he shouted, "Arthur ..." and hesitated from there. Instead, it makes a creaking noise and clenches the teeth.

    "If you protect ... I told them ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Words leaked from the mouth that was tied up again. ... the words, which were so strong that he couldn't tell anyone, made his voice ... much more painful than I was.

    A shadow cast on Captain Colm's expression, and Captain Alain's hand, which was holding me up, trembled as if he was full of power.

    As an assistant to my injury ... Stayle, who feels responsible as a younger brother, hurts my chest far more than my legs. I really regret that I thought only about myself.

    The truth is, I was trying to hide my injuries from Stayle.

    "... Stayle, I have a request."

    From his face, gently loosen my arms and grab Stayle's quivering fist. Both fists were held so tightly that they could be seen through the armor.

    A small Stayle raises his face in my words. His eyes, which briefly returned "anything," were crying to the point of death.

    "... My feet won't move for the rest of the day. I'm sure I'll be a burden. Still, please. Don't send me back to Freesia yet. I want to share my fate with the Allied Kingdom of Hanazuo. I can't escape here ...! "

    I also squeeze Stayle's fist and appeal. If Stayle now uses his special abilities, I will be forcibly repatriated to the Freesia Kingdom. But it's Stayle that has taken a lot of measures and steps for me and Hanazuo.

    Because it's Stayle that I've been relying on many times.

    In my complaint, Stayle painfully distorted his face with a tightly closed mouth. There was silence for a while after I said it to the end.

    Perhaps it's been a while since the collapse was over, the anger of the enemy army, which had stopped until a while ago, gradually increased. Also, it may be attacking from the south again. While waiting for Stayle's reply, my heart pulsated unpleasantly. If you don't hurry, the enemy soldiers who should have suppressed it will attack the castle again. When I tried to ask Stayle again

    "... Pryde. As you wish."

    (Stayle POV) 270. The Adopted Brother Changes
    ... really ... I don't learn.

    While teleporting the knights sent to Pryde one after another, desperately suppress the desire to wrinkle between the eyebrows.

    As soon as I saw the wounded Pryde, I was upset.

    Her injured figure choked my chest, darkened my vision, flashed, and distorted. The first thing that passed my head was an irrelevant resentment, "Why is there a guardian knight?"

    I should have sent Pryde to a doctor in the Freesia Kingdom as soon as possible, but I left Pryde to the guardian knights because Arthur wasn't there because of me, why and who did this? Negative ugly emotions were mixed and it was difficult to even breathe.

    In addition, he truly received the words of Prince Cedric and even tried to hit his anger with his emotions. No way, to expose the same ugliness as Gilbert in front of Pryde and knights in such a place.

    ... I told you to protect it.

    I don't know who the words were for.

    I, Arthur, ... Captain Colm, Captain Alain, and Deputy Captain Eric vowed to keep Pryde safe ... and many knights in our country would have vowed to do so.

    But I couldn't protect it.

    If the scratches left a scar. … That alone is a big deal. Originally, no one would blame me for forcing her to return to the Freesia Kingdom with my special ability right now.

    But I can't distort her desired path with my ego.

    "... Pryde. As you wish."

    Also, when I noticed it, it overflowed from my mouth.

    Fortunately, the words that were exhaled like a small breath did not reach the knight. He smiles back at the knight who asks me, and he also teleports to the castle.

    Pryde trusted me, this me.

    When I get her as an assistant. That's why she called me there.

    I'm sure she knew that if I was Pryde, I would want to return to the Kingdom of Freesia as mother intended ... and I couldn't resist it.

    Still, she called me and told me first thing after that happened to her.

    She informed me of the danger that her legs wouldn't move.

    I'll do whatever she wants.

    If she wishes, I will do whatever she wants.

    For that

    I will move many times.

    (Pryde POV) 278. The Blasphemous Princess Answers
    "... Pryde-sama. You really need to recognize the value of your life, and above all. How many people will mourn if we lose you."

    Of course, I am one of them. I take a breath involuntarily to Chancellor Gilbert who tells me in a soft whisper. I realize that he was also worried.

    "I'm really, really sorry, Chancellor Gilbert .... In the end, I've caused so much trouble."

    "No, you don't have to apologize to me .... The only thing that can replace the pain is itching."

    While saying that, Chancellor Gilbert, who looks at my painfully bandaged leg, jokingly says, "I can substitute any number of legs." … But the eyes were serious.

    "After this, please be at ease .... I will surely bring in the results you desire."

    Then, Chancellor Gilbert, who smiled with a smile, suddenly felt a dark ambition and my skin stood up.

    "We are not going to let them touch one finger anymore."

    It's everyone's consensus. Even if I was told, I still couldn't release the tension on my shoulders. When I answered with a cramped smile, he laughed again, saying "Relax." He stroked it without touching my feet, with the gesture of sandwiching a piece of air as it was. Only the smoldering air touched my bandage.

    "You are our important ... the one who will be more important than anything else .... There are many who have already decided. The number of people who cannot live without you ... I'm sure there are not a few."

    The exaggerated words of Chancellor Gilbert were chanted so heavily that no light denial was allowed. Chancellor Gilbert, who raised his face to me, whose mouth was shut to the point if being choked, and laughed as if he was a little troubled at the end.

    "Maybe because I've already made some suggestions to Stayle ... I can't say it any better. But ︎ ... I think that there will always be someone whose heart will be hurt if you expose yourself to danger. Please understand. "

    Yes ..., Chancellor Gilbert apologizes to me, "I'm sorry, I'm saying too much." When I told him that wasn't the case, he exhaled a little.

    "... Pryde is important to us. Just as Pryde thinks of others, we also think of Pryde .... And we look forward to the day you are aware of it."

    Chancellor Gilbert, who spoke calmly as if singing, left with his head deeply lowered at the end.

    Then Stayle walked up in front of me as if that was a signal to each other. Called "Sister," I raise my face to switch my mind and respond to that voice.

    "Please be sure to call me if anything happens. It doesn't matter where you are or if you're in front of anyone."

    From now on, Stayle will head to the south of the Kingdom of Cersis with the knights for reinforcements. ... injured, instead of me. I said, "I understand," to Stayle's words, which would have come to his final greeting before his departure. Stayle turned his eyes down for a moment and then quietly opened his mouth again.

    "Thank you for calling me right away at that time. If ... You was hesitant."

    Say thank you to Stayle, who is choking on words, and laugh. Still, the shadow around Stayle didn't go, and he smiled only with the mouth as if to respond to me.

    Gently put my hands on my lap and put a little force on my fingertips.

    "... I still don't want to leave."

    My chest hurts a little with a muttering voice. I understand that he is really worried again. When I tried to say I'm sorry, I overlapped the words with Stayle.

    "So ... I think it was really good. That this is my special ability."

    With a sudden, bright voice.

    I blink back to the unexpected words. After blinking three times in a row, not only his mouth but also Stayle's eyes were laughing gently.

    "No matter how far you are, I can rush to you. No matter how far away you are ... I can be proud of being closer to you than anyone else."

    Stayle, who smiled softly, grabbed my hand. The shadow had disappeared from his face, which flushed his cheeks with a little embarrassment.

    "I'm by your side, so call me anytime, because even if you can't see me, I'm always next to you."

    The Stayle that says a little brightly warms my heart to the core. When I looked back at Stayle with my mouth open, he returned with a smile. A gentle and masculine smile.

    Stayle said, "I want you to call me," over and over again, and with that smile ... words leaked before I even thought about it.


    There was a man there, not my brother.

    Suddenly, with a stunned head, I remember that he was not my younger brother but a "adopted brother".

    I'm worried and annoyed ... he's no longer just mourning.

    From that time on, I had to protect Stayle as his sister. I should have thought not to make him feel sad.

    If I notice, I'm here, protected by him in front of me.

    How many people have helped me in just one day today, not just Stayle?

    Stayle laughs again at me, who is stunned. He said, "Don't worry about me," and when he let go of me, he puts his hand on the sword at his waist.

    The man in armor, dressed in jet-black clothing and laughing vigorously was a different person from the game's Stayle Royale Ivy.

    "I'm strong too .... I've been polishing my sword with my buddy for years."

    Even now. He holds the edge of his glasses and gracefully reaches out as if inviting me to dance. I took that hand as I was invited, and gently extended my other hand to the two guard knights on either side of me. He said, "Thank you for my sister," with a gesture like shaking hands. As it is, the posture is turned to me again.

    "So rest assured. We will give you victory."
    * Half Gilbert, half Stayle...

    (Pryde POV) 309. The Blasphemous Princess Leaves it to Others
    "My sister! Are you safe?"

    The first person to come was Stayle.

    He suddenly appeared in a teleportation, and he seemed to be in a hurry, and he was quite out of breath. I moistened the sweat on my forehead and took a breather as soon as I met my eyes.

    "Stayle! ... Good, you were safe."

    I also take a breath at the appearance of Stayle who seems to be fine.

    He didn't seem to be injured and it was really good. When asked about the knights who accompanied him, they were with him until he entered the castle, but he seemed to rush to me a little earlier. All the knights told me that no one was dead, and I sank on the sofa. I don't know the whole damage yet, but I'm still happy.

    Thinking so far, when I looked up at Stayle, he had a somewhat talkative expression. I'm sure he is worried about Tiara and Arthur who haven't returned yet. When I asked, "Are you injured?", He said, "Yes, I'm ... okay."

    "... Stayle, hey."

    I can understand the feeling of worrying about Tiara being injured. When I beckoned Stayle with my fingertips, Stayle bent over and brought himself closer to me, perhaps because he thought he was going to hear something. I leaned a little off the sofa and stayed as it was

    I hugged Stayle.

    Turn my arm, grab Stayle and deposit my weight on the sofa so that it will land on the sofa. Perhaps because Stayle was also surprised, he collapsed toward me without resistance. The sofa fell down due to the weight of two people from one direction, and Captain Alain and Captain Colm in the back hurriedly supported me. As if Stayle was in a hurry, I heard a voice saying "Pry ... Oh, sister⁈", but I couldn't stand and just put my strength into my arm.

    "I'm glad you were safe ...!"

    The voice leaks unintentionally. As soon as I hugged Stayle's body, I was happy to think that Stayle had really returned safely to the touch through the armor. I couldn't bear it if Stayle, who went to the southern part of the Kingdom of Cersis on my behalf, was injured.

    Place my forehead on the armored chest and take a deep breath again. Then my hair was gently shaken softly. The touch of a finger made me realize that Stayle was stroking my hair. Stiffening to an unexpected sensation, I finally put a lot of effort into my palm to gently hold his head down.

    "…………it's good."

    I heard a faint, exhaling voice.

    I wonder what it is and relax my hands. Then Stayle slowly got up from the sofa and left me. When I looked into the face of Stayle, who was far away, his arms were weak, and the eyes of his blushing face were laughing gently.

    "... I'm relieved that my sister hasn't changed."

    Stayle, who laughed, thanked the two guardian knights who were behind me for protecting me. They didn't reply to him, but I could tell that they had bowed their heads over my back.

    After slowly looking away from them, Stayle turned to me. Before I knew it, I received the familiar soft expression in front of me, and when I smiled back, he reached out and gently stroked my leg.

    He avoided my bandaged calf and pointed at the thigh over the armor. It was a subtle way of touching it, and it was very kind.

    "... Now you can finally take a rest."

    While touching it, he asks me if it hurt here. At all, I shook my head and laughed relieved this time. That alone made me feel that Stayle had been thinking about me all the time, and my chest was tightened. As it is, Stayle puts his hand on my back

    "I won't hesitate anymore."

    … Suddenly, he smiled a little badly.

    e. Stayle took a breath and lifted his arm around my knees and back, holding me in his arms, before trying to return.

    Eh, he⁈ Stayle! I wanted to raise my voice, but I was surprised and my mouth was open and I couldn't move. Captain Alain and Captain Colm were surprised when they looked around without understanding the situation. They couldn't forcibly recover me from the First Prince, and it seemed that I was desperately choosing words. Meanwhile, Stayle was talking to a nearby guard asking if there was a private room to rest.

    "Wait, Stayle! Everyone hasn't come back yet! I have some greetings and hard work, so I can't go to my own room yet."

    "I'll do the rest for you. Just removing your armor will make you tired. Take it off early and rest comfortably in bed."

    Relentless. Stayle walks while being guided by the guards, holding me who can't go wild in his arms and just makes a noise. Captain Alain and Captain Coom follow behind him, but they still seem to be stunned by Stayle's actions. "No, but!" When I raised my voice again, it was perfect. Stayle stopped and looked at me. I wondered if he understood it, and when I looked back at Stayle, he looked at me with powerful eyes that seemed a little angry.

    "If my sister really asks, I'm your younger brother, but I'd be happy to help you change clothes."

    It's faster if you use teleportation. It is said that the blood is drawn at once. I don't want my younger brother to teleport only my armor.

    Seeing me apparently stopped, Stayle spewed out small laugh. He laughs and I feel very sad and embarrassed.

    "I'll bring Lotte and Marie as soon as I get to the room. It's safer for my sister to have a maid do it."

    No, I thought it would be a bit of a hassle to bring them from Freesia to change my clothes, but if I say any more, I'm likely to be deported to Freesia, so I stay silent.

    We're guided to a guest room, and when we enter, I'm seated in a chair. I'm embarrassed and I'm about to die. I hold my hand as much as I can and look down, but I can see that my face is already hot. I can't speak, so I can only look back at Stayle, who will continue to work after getting Lotte and Marie. Then ... for some reason, as soon as I met his eyes, Stayle's face turned bright red.

    "~~~~~ ... no, there's no reason ... Hmm ... I got a fever and passed ..."

    It is deflected as it is to Stayle that stiffened as if hiding his face while holding the glasses. Of course, there are few princesses in history who are carried by their younger brother. After all, Stayle kept calm, but it must have been embarrassing. After turning away from me, he was muttering, "What am I doing?" "Change clothes ...". I can't hear it well, but he may be confused even though he's been in the greedy tactician mode in front of my bad sister.

    "... Stayle."

    When I see Stayle, who is somewhat upset, I feel calm. When I called his name while hanging on my chair, he hurriedly said, "Pryde! I'm sorry, I made a mistake."

    "Thank you."
    *I'll give you half a point there, Stayle.

    (Pryde POV) 315. The Blasphemous Princess Welcomes You
    "The Knight Commander and the Knights are all ... my dear people .... Thank you for protecting them."

    When I thanked him from the bottom of my heart, Arthur, who came by me to the point where I could reach him, clenched his teeth. With his rugged expression, his fist in armor was squeezed.

    "Still ...! I wanted to protect you ...‼ ︎"

    The voice was fierce, probably because he shook his shoulders to endure crying and desperately suppressed it.

    Tiara woke up with a small moan at Arthur's choking cry. The hand that was clenching my left hand was naturally loosened and separated.

    Tiara, who noticed Arthur and Stayle with a surprised expression, stood up softly and took a few steps toward Stayle as if to give up her place to Arthur.

    Arthur, who repeated "I'm sorry ...!", Made a further noise with his clenched teeth, and looked down again so that he couldn't bear it.

    Arthur, who has a strong sense of responsibility, cares about my injury as a guardian knight to the First Princess, because he is a very kind person.

    …A few hours ago, I would have thought that was the case.


    Once again, I apologize to Arthur and reach for his head. Surprised by the sudden touch, he shook his shoulders and then raised his face. I could see the blue eyes shining for a moment, and I hugged his head.

    "I'm sorry for making you feel painful, thank you for your pain."

    I thought I had to put it into words.

    Arthur's hands were shaken and gradually attached to my shoulders. When I thought he wanted to pull it apart, I put a lot of effort into my shoulders so that I could pull it gently and tightly.

    ... I understand now.

    Arthur thinks of me and is hurt.

    "I'm glad Arthur and the others are safe. Did you fight a lot? ... Six years ago ... it finally arrived."

    Yes, yes, each reply was given with meaning. Many times I heard something swallowing from the back of his throat.

    Six years ago, Arthur, who was crying to help the Knight Commander, was happy to be able to fight with the Knight Commander himself at the northern front line.

    "Even if I knew this would happen in my prediction ... I wanted Arthur to go to the forefront ... I believe Arthur would do that too."

    I still don't know how well Arthur has done at the forefront. But if there was a knight who had died because Arthur was absent, I and Arthur would regret it. Because ...

    "Body wounds heal .... Thanks to Arthur's hard work, the war is over. I'm very happy now. Thank you very much."

    Loosen the hand that hugs Arthur and put it on the hand that holds my shoulder.

    This time, the overlapping fingers moved with a jerk. Take his hand as if wrapping his slightly quivering fingers, and squeeze each of the left and right. Then Arthur slowly raised his face to me.

    His face, which was about to cry, was turned to endure with his lips clenched. I responded with a smile to that gaze, which was much stronger than before.

    "I'll always rely on you from now on."

    At the same time as his eyes were opened, his lips, which had been tightly closed, opened slightly. The complexion that should have turned pale when I came here is now flushing red. As soon as I wondered what happened, Arthur clenched me firmly.

    "... Next ... I'll definitely make it in time ...‼ ︎"

    Arthur's quiet screams echoing throughout the room made me stiff. Like that time six years ago, I gazed at Arthur, who took my hand and raised his voice, without saying anything.

    Arthur, who was flushing his face probably because of tension, did not show tears like he used to. But he who declared to me with the same strong will as that time ... was a man who was two years older than me.

    His eyes, which should have been hot until a while ago, regain the tranquility. He relaxed my grip on both hands, counted the number of fingers, and gently stroked with the pad of my fingers many times.

    "......... Please take a rest. Just because Pryde stays healthy ... We are so happy."

    The gentler words make me want to cry again. Arthur laughed softly with his eyes on my hand, and finally wrapped it in his big hand with his armor removed. The warmth of the amount of heat made me feel relieved.

    And that's all the Stayle and Arthur scenes in the War Arc. :cookie:

    Anyway, I think that Pryde getting scolded was more interesting. So have a bit of authority figure Roderick and Gilbert. :blobpopcorn:

    (Pryde POV) 272. The Blasphemous Princess is Confused
    "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Sister."

    Stayle appeared at the same time as all the knights were gathered. I am relieved to see the calm and usual Stayle. After calling me Stayle laughed at me and then looked around and urged everyone to "organize the current situation first."

    Captain Colm tried to explain my injury, but I asked him to let me explain it. Even if you asked Captain Colm, Captain Alain, and Cedric for an explanation, I felt that everyone would be responsible for it.

    As much as possible, I also objectively explained the flow from the collapse of the South Building. I tried to evacuate, the guards collapsed, Cedric tried to help, I stopped, and Captain Colm held me down ... Stayle and Chancellor Gilbert nodded a few times to my story, explaining that it should be as clear as possible, and Tiara's face turned deep blue. It would hurt your ears just to hear that an enemy soldier grabbed my leg or that rubble hit my foot.

    I was a little scared to hear in detail that Chancellor Gilbert mercilessly asked, "At that time, Captain Alain" and "Captain Colm during that time." However, Captain Alain and Captain Colm answered it clearly without hesitation. I think that it is like the Captain who can report at such times. Chancellor Gilbert, who finished the talk, muttered like a soliloquy, "I see, there seemed to be no problem," and finally my shoulders were relaxed. ... I was a little worried that only Captain Alain and Captain Colm seemed to be at fault.

    The knight who treated me this time will explain the condition of my legs. Although the special ability prevented pain and deterioration, it takes time to heal, so it seems that absolute rest is still necessary. If I move it forcibly, it will naturally cause pain, and if I do it poorly, healing will be delayed. As expected, I troubled everyone.

    " First Princess Pryde ...! Please leave the front line ... ︎ ”

    From the other side of the video, King Joan, who had a pale face like Tiara, screamed. It seems that King Joan, who listened to our conversation through the video, is also worried about me. "Why ... why in such a state ...!" King Joan, who repeatedly choked on the words, seemed to be terribly upset.

    "No, I'm not leaving this country."

    I uttered a clear look at the perspective of the footage being sent to King Joan. why…! I reiterate my intentions to King Joan, who painfully distorts his beautiful face, and to Chancellor Gilbert and Tiara, who are breathless at my remarks.

    "I have decided to share my destiny with you, my ally. I will stay here in this country until the end."

    When I turned my eyes to the point of view, King Joan screamed, wondering if my resolution had been conveyed. As soon as I called out to Chancellor Gilbert, "What is the state of the northern front line?" To end this story once.

    "... Pryde. Was that all my misunderstanding now? "

    Uh ... ah ah.

    This time I held my breath in a low voice that was much heavier than lead.

    Looking at the footage, there was the Knight Commander who held his head painfully with one hand in the footage that should have only shown the smoke and the signal soldiers after the bombing. ……… I was asked.

    For a moment, I regret that I should have seriously cut off the communication with the Knights. I'm glad that the Knight Commander seems to be fine, but I could see the scary aura overflowing from his body through the video.

    When Stayle said, "No, you've probably heard everything," instead of me, who lost my words and settled, a low roar leaked from the Knight Commander. Unpalatable! Absolutely angry! ︎ He's angry! At me! ︎‼ ︎

    The Knight Commander whispered, "Six years ago ... my words are already ... forgotten ...", and I can see that I am getting pale and bloodless. I really want to apologize to the Knight Commander! ︎

    No, when I shook my lips with a trap, I felt that I met the Knight Commander through the video for a moment. My shoulders go up and down unintentionally.

    Then, Captain Colm and Captain Alain, who were behind me, bowed vigorously, saying "I'm sorry!".

    After hearing the two apologies and closing their eyes for the first time, the Knight Commander ended with a single word, "Once we have returned to the country we will settle that matter." Tell him to continue to tighten his mind and continue in a low voice again.

    "My Knights are still in a stalemate. Since some people were seriously injured, we are preparing the treatment of special abilities and the system of each unit until the enemy moves. ... By the way, please be assured that only the correspondent and I were listening to the story. "

    (Pryde POV) 330. The Blasphemous Princess Confesses
    Suddenly, I remember having something to say to the Knight Commander.

    "... That, the Knight Commander."

    Stop the Knight Commander who tried to move his legs to contact the knights immediately. To the Knight Commander who turned to me again, "What?" I faced him and ... bowed.

    "... Six years ago .... I'm sorry."

    Is it the second time to bow to the Knight Commander in this way? There was no response from the Knight Commander while staring at my knees while standing down. Slowly raising my face from there, the Knight Commander stared at me with his mouth shut and his eyes open. It's no wonder he's surprised by the sudden apology. If I don't say it properly, I won't will open my mouth again.

    "For me ... it's really painful to be involved in a situation where someone might die ..."

    As I talked, I remembered the horror of that time and my fingertips holding the cloth in the bed trembled.

    It was very scary and painful when Captain Alain and Captain Colm jumped in just below the collapse for me, and when I thought that Captain Colm might have died after that.

    When I jumped off the cliff six years ago, I wondered if the Knight Commander felt like this ... I'm sorry it was too painful.

    After a brief period of silence, the Knight Commander quietly exhaled. I was surprised to see his open eyelids loosen ... and laughed a little.

    "... You have grown up."

    When I turned my eyes to the unexpected words, the Knight Commander kneeled down and looked at my face.

    "Pryde-sama's actions at that time ... I also told you all the words I should have said at that time. However, if there is something I can say now ..."

    He cuts the words once and gives a quiet smile to me who grabs the cloth. With that alone, something gets crowded, and if I bite my mouth and endure it, the Knight Commander's mouth will open again.

    "Pryde now has become an irreplaceable existence for us since then. So ... the vow of blood and the matter of your feet. All of it hurts our hearts and makes us suffer. Don't forget. "

    The gentle words of the Knight Commander hurts.

    I'm always afraid to make him angry, and the gentle smiles and words of the strict Knight Commander make me want to cry.

    In addition, the lacrimal glands loosen and I hold my breath to endure. Even so, every time I blink, tears fell from both eyes.

    "Please take good care of yourself."

    The last words of the Knight Commander made me groan because I couldn't stand it.

    … How many times do I hurt people?

    I didn't even know that they were worried or even had such an objection.

    I wonder how many times I have made such kind, innocent people suffer.

    Don't even notice the kindness of the people who think of me or love me.

    I treat myself, who they cares for so much, more carelessly than anyone else.

    "......... haha ..., ..."

    I made a fist tightly and endured it, but managed to return only that one word.

    ... I want to take good care of myself.

    While everyone is thinking about me.
    *Where is the option to hug the Knight Commander? :blobhug:

    (Pryde POV) 332.The Blasphemous Princess is Attacked
    “……… Pryde, this is Gilbert.”

    Hii Ii Ii Ii Ii⁈

    The low voice that echoes at the bottom of the earth has already stiffened me. When my face cramped unintentionally, Tiara staring at my face gave a half laugh.

    The knights, who use their special ability to heal injuries, have turned to me asking if they can remain while Chancellor Gilbert is there. Please stay by all means! ︎ Even before I reply, there is only a scary sign behind the door. Furthermore, the horror and shark-approaching themes I heard in my previous life flowed into my head, making me even more scared! ︎

    What, please ...! I rubbed my voice back, and when I corrected my posture, Chancellor Gilbert entered the room through the slowly opened door. … Make his eyes sharp.

    It's even more scary that only the face is smiling. Yeah I know! ︎ I really know what Chancellor Gilbert is here for! That's why I really want to escape! ︎

    While welcoming Chancellor Gilbert with a cramped smile, I can now really understand the feelings of Val who escaped from the window. I might have jumped if it wasn't for needing to rest my feet.

    "Good morning, Pryde. Sorry for the sudden visit .... Are you sure you have time?"

    Now that I have a little free time, I can't help Chancellor Gilbert, who came under the busyness of every minute. Look at the knights, even in front of them? Nodding to Chancellor Gilbert asking, I recommended a chair by the bed. The knight pulled the chair in a hurry as Chancellor Gilbert moved, and even when he sat there, his sharp eyes didn't leave me for a moment.

    "I'm sorry to come during the treatment. Well, that's it. What I'd like to ask ..., ... do you know?"

    After all! ︎

    While thinking⁈, I couldn't stand the fear and I screamed "I'm sorry!" From the top of the bed. The knights at my feet turned their eyes to the sudden cry of the First Princess.

    "Blood! ... I'm sorry I kept silent about the blood vow. I did something really really crazy ...‼ ︎ But I didn't talk about it."

    "I don't want to worry about it ... I know."

    The wording is polite, but my body gets cold in spite of the words at absolute zero. I squeeze my lips and shut up while my shoulders quiver. As I stared at Chancellor Gilbert with my body stiff, some of the knights raised their faces in response to unusual signs.

    “……… Pryde. I told you all the words I wanted to say when you were injured, but… I don't mean that you shouldn't be injured.”

    Thank you.

    When he nodded while swallowing his mouth, Chancellor Gilbert exhaled a thin sigh and closed his eyes once to calm himself down. As it is, only the mouth is opened this time. "I know I'm confused about what I say in public," said Chancellor Gilbert in a quiet tone, pouring words into my ears the next moment.

    "I don't need to explain what the blood vow looks like, because it's already been done. What if, in the unlikely event of a breach of contract with King Joan, what would we do? If something really unexpected happens, even if we can save the Kingdom of Chinensis, we cannot be proud of losing you at all. Because you believed is not good enough. Is it a judgment of the result in consideration? Furthermore, if there is a conflict and Pryde burns at the stake as promised. Do you think we can see you off with a smile? Yes, that's good? Even if you are fine with it, the Freesia Kingdom is not. In the worst case, won't the result will be a futile war between the Kingdom of Chinensis and the Freesia Kingdom over you? Apart from that, I'm not angry that I wasn't informed by one person. Yes, of course, I, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Freesia, didn't realize that I knew the knights and even the soldiers of the Kingdom of Chinensis, because of my lack of competence and vice. "

    The words of Chancellor Gilbert are ugly and stab me accurately. This is exactly what it means that there is no rumbling sound. In front of the knights, I act as hard as I can, but if I take it easy, I almost end up saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Looking back on the story of yesterday's Knight Commander, I feel sorry for Chancellor Gilbert. Chancellor Gilbert's onslaught continues while the cold sweat cools my neck.

    "If this country loses even one million people, Pryde will be held responsible for the vow! ... The first time I heard it, I would be responsible for it."

    Chancellor Gilbert's words are occasionally tingling and feverish, like a low-temperature burn. That's really true. If we really lost, Chancellor Gilbert would know afterwards. I'm sure he was the one who felt very responsible. If that happened, my chest hurts like it vibrates.

    "But don't forget to keep this in mind as a reflection. Even if we lost this defense and suffered a great deal of damage, and everyone in the world admitted that your stake was justified. Even then! "

    I tie my lips while squeezing the cloth on my knees. I was about to cry a little and endured it desperately

    "We ... I'm sure we were desperate and struggling to protect you."

    And the words that seemed to have cooled down at once were released without power.

    The most calm and gentle words from the previous words ... For some reason, they stuck in my chest the most.

    "I, the knights, the royal family, the citizens ... everyone. It may have caused a historic tragedy. Still, we don't want to let go of you. No matter what Pryde wants, ... absolutely. "

    I'm sure they too, and Chancellor Gilbert points to the knights with his eyes in a soft tone. If I look at it, there are those who are a little scared of the angry Chancellor Gilbert but who treat my feet hard. The knights, who noticed my gaze, rounded his eyes and still nodded and bowed his head.

    I wondered if I was inviting more unnecessary conflicts to them, and this time my heart hurts many times. I bit my quivering lips and endured, and this time I replied aloud the words I sang in my heart many times.


    Chancellor Gilbert, who closed his eyes to my words and made a slight nod, looked forward and shot clearly from a close distance, as if to tell me at the end.

    "I already said at that time. Pryde-sama, you are important. And what is important ... I can't let go of it easily. Don't let Pryde-sama take care of everything yourself. I'm sure we will ...

    I silently nodded to Chancellor Gilbert's words like a commandment. ... I've realized that I don't like the sin of not really looking after myself anymore.

    "... Please don't forget your dream."

    At the end, Chancellor Gilbert, who kindly said so, stands up quietly as if nothing had happened.

    He bowed to me and Tiara and thanked each of the knights, saying, "Thank you for taking care of Pryde," and left without saying anything further.

    Like the Knight Commander, I really appreciate the people who get really angry at this age. The face of Chancellor Gilbert, who complained with a painful expression, still remains in my head.

    … Don't hurt them like this anymore.

    As if praying to someone, I chanted in my heart and closed my eyes.

    And if you were curious about Knight Commander Roderick's instructions for Captain Alain and Captain Colm afterward...

    (Unknown POV) 345. The Knight Captain Receives
    "I am willing to accept the punishment, but ... do you really think that the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander should just do that?"

    Even if there is a judgment from the Queen, the Knight Commander can give a disposition from there.

    Alain nodded to Colm who dared to ask about demotion, rejection from the guardian knights, and withdrawal of knight qualification. Roderick then exhaled with a large shoulder and opened his mouth again. … This time, bitterly.

    "Before answering that question, I also have a question."

    In Roderick's words, Alain and Colm looked up at once and stretched their backs again. Tension to the tip of your foot and wait for the continuation. Clark, who knew what Roderick was asking, stared at him with a slight brow.

    "Alan, Karam .... When do you intend to hand your badges to me and Clark? "

    It was a heavy word.

    Involuntarily, they got stuck in words without looking away from Roderick and clenched their lips strongly.

    Understand. In other words, it does not mean "punishment" but "voluntarily resigning" at the request of the person. Depending on how they receive it, it sounds like Roderick is urging them to retire.

    And in fact, both Alain and Colm intended to do so.

    Until that time.

    "Hmm ... I'm sorry! There is no intention! ︎ "

    "I am ... the same."

    Alain bowed deeply again vigorously, followed by Colm. They stared at their feet, trying not to raise their heads until Roderick replied.

    With that strong intention, "I have no intention of retiring".

    As Roderick and Clark went through silence out of sight, they heard a breathing sound out of nowhere. Was it bad or annoying? The regret for the two who are in a position of responsibility as the Knight Commander and the Deputy Commander is heartbreaking

    "... then good."

    Relieved. Calm and warm words were hung from Roderick's mouth. It was a heartfelt relief voice, not a throwing word.

    Surprised, when they looked up slowly, Roderick and Clark changed their minds, looking at Alain and Karam with a gentle expression.

    "If you want to retire, there are different things to remind you ... otherwise it's okay."

    Alain blinked many times at Roderick's expression, which seemed to be a little weak, and Colm did not close his open mouth.

    Looking at these three people, Clark quietly said, "I'm glad you chose to stay."

    Both Roderick and Clark knew from Pryde, the knights around him, and their story that the injury was inevitable due to Pryde's actions and the circumstances. Alain and Colm did their best and avoided the worst results.

    However, at the same time, they felt responsible for it and were wondering if they would offer to resign themselves regardless of the disposition. He also knew that once they decided on it, they would be forced to leave the Knights.

    That is why it was necessary to ask their intention first.

    But they chose not to abandon the knight and continue to fulfill their role. Relieved at the end of his misery, Roderick began answering Colm's earlier question again, ignoring the two's surprise.

    "This time ... I'm sure it's nothing more than a knight's blunder to let Pryde be injured for whatever reason."

    The two of them tightened their facial expressions again from astonishment at Roderick's words. They themselves understand it in their own right. Roderick continued to say "But" to the two who were about to lose their eyes.

    "... You all learned this time painfully. That person ... Pryde-sama's extraordinary danger."

    Badum. The hearts of the two pulsated strongly. Roderick nodded a little, receiving the two facial expressions as a reply, with his eyes wide open and his faces stiff.

    "Since six years ago ... her actions have sometimes been terribly self-sacrificing."

    The surprise attack on the Knights six years ago and the cliff collapse.

    Among the knights who know the time, it is a legendary action of Pryde. And the annihilation battle and this defense battle. If thet recall, it can be taken bravely, but at the same time, Roderick's word "self-sacrifice" was strongly applied to them.

    "It seems that she's only thinking of her value as that much."

    Alain was snorting when he noticed. Colm also felt his hands damp through his armor.

    While listening to Roderick's words, they remembered this defense battle. The blood vow that inspires the people in exchange for her life, and the injury this time is also the result of Pryde's choice to prioritize Cedric and the guards over herself.

    "Thoughts of others" "Gentle" "Brave" ... There are many analogies. However, what they remembered at the same time was the words that were released when the south wing collapsed and they rushed to rescue Pryde.

    "Don't come!" ︎

    Indeed, she shouted so.

    Needless to say, this is because she thought she should not involve them who came to the rescue. However, only at that time, she was beyond the limits of what she could do. If they weren't lucky enough to find her there, she would definitely have died. In other words, at that time she

    It means that she thought she would die.

    A terrifyingly cold chill ran on their spines.

    Of course, it's quite possible that she didn't think too deeply. She was kind and benevolent, and she just screamed for fear of involving others. But ...


    Why is she.

    Why is she, who is loved and trusted by many people, act with no consciousness that she is the foremost successor to the throne?

    "Neither I nor Clark know if she is aware of it herself. Despite her awareness as the First Princess ... she treats herself too poorly."

    Roderick's words continued, as if she was looking for a place to die, and Alain and Colm were sweating from their foreheads. It invades the whole body so that indescribable anxiety and fear infiltrate.

    “……… But .... Finally, she started to look after herself.”

    Roderick's words, which were a little relaxed, finally exhaled. Breathing naturally repeats as if the compressed lungs were released.

    "For her ... it's really painful to be involved in a situation where someone might die . ”

    The words he spoke while shaking his fingertips were undoubtedly the true feelings of Pryde.

    At last, Roderick was relieved from the bottom of his heart that she had reflected on her actions and decided to take care of herself.

    "It is not permissible to endanger Pryde-sama's body, but ... because of this case, Pryde-sama finally realized it. In exchange for the pain of her own sacrifice of others. "

    It's not something that can be lightly called a cure. But it was the fact that Pryde's injury was undoubtedly the catalyst for her reflection, and their involvement.

    Both Alain and Colm clenched their mouths to the fact that they caused so much pain in Pryde's mind. In the end, it led to a better understanding, which in turn hurt her.

    "I still have a little understanding if her character. If she keeps going, she'll risk herself and reach out many times, even after being crowned the Queen. And someday ... there may be a day when she will really sacrifice herself."

    It was easy to imagine for them and Clark.

    It was close to conviction that she wouldn't hesitate to die as a shield for an unrelated person. As soon as Roderick said, "It's easy to kill the escort knight," as if he had read the thoughts of the three, it became even more realistic. Only the discomfort that made the whole body rough after the fear remained.

    "... and maybe ..... If you were to resign as a knight this time, Pryde would have felt responsible again and lost any value in herself."

    If they said thet had to quit the knight because of that sin. This time, they remember the words that Pryde gave them.

    Immediately after leaving a proof of "praise", what words did she leave for them ... and how painful she was. They know it better than anyone. On the contrary, there is a possibility that she will restrain her actions and never throw herself in danger again, but thet felt that it was more likely that she would not ask anyone for help this time. ..

    For example, when she is about to become buried under rubble in the same way. … This time, she may dare to refuse help without speaking out, or she may refuse to attach an escort in the future so that no one will get involved from the beginning.

    That was the core of her, which cannot be explained by mercy and kindness alone.

    Everyone in the Knights knows that if Pryde is within reach, she is a person who will reach out without hesitation. And she always prioritizes others over herself.

    "But that's not allowed. She's the next-generation queen. Above all, she's an integral part of the country."

    Clearly, Roderick screamed to blow away the confusion between the two. Alain and Colm nod strongly to respond to it.

    "That's why I tell you two of you. This can be a taken as the Knight Commander's order .... If something goes wrong, give my name."

    Roderick's eyes become stronger. At the same time, a tremendous amount of courage that they didn't feel a while ago rushed in, and the two responded to him with a voice as if they were pushed by it.

    Roderick points his index finger at Colm, Alain in turn, and quietly commands them in a low voice.

    "Don't forgive her sacrifice."

    The short order had many meanings.

    When they swallowed one after another, his throat made a vivid sound.

    "It's not just about protecting her, sometimes it's blocking her. Before she's sacrificed, stop her forcibly. And to her ... Her Royal Highness Pryde Royale Ivy. Don't let her put it out."

    It even gives the illusion that this place is the center of the battlefield. To that extent, Roderick was overflowing with an extraordinary sense of tension. The two also scream, saying that they are scared of his supremacy.

    It's not easy.

    They must stop the actions of the first princess, Pryde, while they are only knights. And it's not just Pryde that they must protect. They must protect everything around her so that she does not undermine her value again.

    They must solve it with their own hands. They responded without hesitation.

    To protect Pryde this time without fail.

    "I and Clark are careful, but ... the most reliable in this case are the guardian knights."

    Roderick's ambition finally settled down in response to the two. When he sigh with huh ..., He put both hands on his lap.

    "Because you guys have changed our Pryde a little, for better or for worse, I will ask you .... Keep an eye out."
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    It's been so long since I read the Rest Arc that I completely forgot the contents...how could I forget Arthur's promotion? Harrison is so cute!!! :blobmelt:

    Anyway, there's no Arthur or Stayle shipping scenes in the Rest Arc, so have some Harrison. (In fact, this is just a Harrison drop, so enjoy that. I'll drop the Stayle and Arthur scenes from the Celebration Arc in the next post.)

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    So here's the Rest Arc! :blobhero:

    (Arthur POV) 346. The Knight Approaches
    "I don't know why ... There should be no reason for Captain Harrison to be demoted to Deputy Captain."

    "You became the Captain, so of course I will."

    It's as if I'm waving my fist in the air. The words just don't connect.

    "I don't know what it means to be a Captain! I just participated in the defense battle ..."

    "And you saved the Knight Commander and ended the predicament on the northern front."

    "Captain Harrison also helped the King at the castle of the Kingdom of Chinensis, right? And I heard that you annihilated the enemy in the south alone."

    At the end, Captain Harrison looked dissatisfied with my words for the first time.

    Yes, I'm not the only one. Even Captain Harrison has made great achievements, so it is too strange to be demoted to Deputy Captain.

    “……… I haven't done much.”

    "I haven't done much."

    In other words, Captain Harrison's face became dark again. It looks a little frustrating. Only my fingertips were hitting my elbows with my arms folded.

    "... Arthur Beresford. You are ... like the Knight Commander."

    … Why did the story suddenly change?

    He replies, "Don't be fooled," asking if he intends to keep it as it is. But Captain Harrison continues talking.

    "But it's not similar. You're immature in both words and gestures, and above all, there's no part that's dignified."

    Suddenly I was beaten with words.

    I know my dad isn't a rival yet, but when I get hit like that, I feel a little dented. ... I mean, none of that are essential items to become Knight Commander.

    Captain Harrison, looking away from me, still continues.

    "I'm not as intelligent as the Deputy Commander. I don't even look like him, but you chose my Eighth Corps."

    Gradually, Captain Harrison's words became fluent. Why? I'm not in battle right now, even though my father and Clark aren't. … And Clark has nothing to do with my choosing the 8th corps.

    I wonder if he got angry after all with a strangely cold head.

    "And you won the position of Her Royal Highness Royale Ivy's Guard Knight with that ability. That's why I ..."

    I don't know what he was talking about anymore. I'm sure I should have come to protest that the positions of Captain Harrison and I would change. What the hell should this person answer?

    "I like you like that."


    I feel like I was told something that I don't really understand.

    I wanted to hear it again, and I looked back at Captain Harrison, blinking many times, but he didn't say it again.

    (Pryde POV) 347. The Causative Princess Knows the Truth
    "Harrison ... Because he loves Arthur ..."


    Captain Alain's unexpected words not only make me look, but also Tiara and Stayle. Both Stayle and Tiara know Captain Harrison from the defense battle and have heard a little about him from Arthur. But ...

    "... I heard from Arthur that he was a tough person."

    Stayle wraps it in oblate and asks them. To be exact, Arthur said, "He's really scary." For the time being, it seems that he chose those words because he was a Captain like the others.

    Captain Alain and Captain Colm laugh at Stayle's words again.

    "Of course, Harrison is a tough person. Even if he is the Captain of the 8th Division that is a complete meritocracy, he can only measure his opponent with his arm for a long time."

    "In other words, did Captain Harrison like Arthur because of his sword?"

    Stayle asks questions about Captain Colm's explanation.

    Certainly then I'm convinced. Arthur's sword arm is certain, and I've heard from Captain Colm that Captain Harrison appreciated Arthur at my birthday festival last year.

    However, Captain Colm muddled the question, "There is that too ..." and looked at Captain Alain. It looks like he's wondering where to start. … Is it such a deep story? Then Captain Alain looked cheerful this time, and he was left to continue with a laugh.

    "Harrison is very fond of the Knight Commander and the Deputy Commander. Well, he's just a lump of loyalty to them."

    We all know that the Knight Commander and the Deputy Commander are very much loved by the knights. Even if Captain Harrison is said to be one of them, I'm not surprised at that.

    As each of us nodded and asked for more, Captain Alain cast his gaze asking Captain Colm if he could speak, saying, "That's what ..." and continued.

    "Harrison is from the same generation as us."

    What⁈ Amazing generation! It seems that all three are close to each other when they are lined up, but I think it was a great golden generation for these three to join the Knights at the same time.

    "So, Colm and Harrison joined the Knights at the same time."

    I failed in the first year. I was a little surprised by Captain Alain who confessed about his career. It's too surprising that Captain Alain failed the Knights Admissions exam once.

    "But I was the one who joined the main force at the same time as Colm."


    "And in the year Colm was inaugurated as Captain, I was inaugurated as the Deputy Captain of the first unit, and Harrison joined the main unit that year."


    Strange. It does not fit the calculation.

    Stayle is desperately trying to match the information in his head, and his expression is solid, and Tiara is also struggling to close her eyebrows.

    "Well, the following year Harrison lightly surpassed the Knight Captain at the time and became Captain before me."

    When it comes to skipping promotion, it's the same as the elite Colm. Captain Alain continues without worrying about our reaction, so I don't understand any more. What I can understand now is ...

    "That is ... Captain Harrison had a long recruitment period ...?"

    In Tiara's words, I and Stayle nod and see Captain Alain and Captain Colm. Both of them answered with a voice saying, "That's right."

    Captain Harrison, who is now recognized for his ability, is no wonder! I haven't seen Captain Harrison's skills in person, but I know he's still incredibly strong. I ask Captain Alain for an answer.

    "Harrison ... has that kind of personality, so he was disqualified in the first round for violating the main unit enlistment test every time ..."


    Certainly, the main corps enlistment test must have been a tournament match. I wonder what the violation was.

    I twisted my head at Captain Colm's words, and Captain Alain continued, scratching his head.

    "He made his opponent unnecessarily injured every time. They were injured so much that they couldn't swing a sword for a while, whether they gave up, dropped their sword, or made a decision not to compete. So he missed the enlistment even though he had the ability ... At the end, Harrison was on the verge of expulsion. "

    ... what should I do, I can imagine a little.

    I remember Arthur's frightened smile about Captain Harrison, who was so scary.

    I shook my head vertically as I was very convinced that I remember something about it. Captain Karam said, "The only recruits who did not get seriously injured from Harrison hitting them with a sword at that time would be Alain." Captain Alain laughs and replies, "No, I thought I'd be killed seriously."

    "At that time, the Deputy Commander who had heard about his ability for a long time talked to the Knight Commander, suppressed the Knight Captains at that time that were opposed, and specially allowed Harrison to join. The Deputy Commander took care of him, enlisted Harrison in the Eighth Corps, and even bought an educator. "

    "Harrison also lost to him with a sword and started listening to what he said completely."

    … As expected, the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander. In addition to being good at taking care of him, he was able to defeat Captain Harrison with his own abilities.

    Captain Alain, following Captain Colm's words, looked nostalgic. Captain Colm also confirms that we have a convinced look before continuing.

    "So Harrison has absolute loyalty to the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander, so he admires Pryde, who saved the Knight Commander at the time, and Arthur ... he ... well. , ... so. "

    … For some reason my topic suddenly came. No, wait a minute, I've never heard that Captain Harrison admired me, and we haven't had much eye contact until now⁈

    Moreover, only the last part was unclear by Captain Colm. …… But I understand. Arthur is the real son of the Knight Commander. Furthermore, he is loved by the Deputy Commander who is close to the Knight Commander. There is no reason why Captain Harrison shouldn't care about Arthur, who is loved by his two benefactors.

    Stayle and Tiara are also screaming as they reached the same conclusion. No, Arthur doesn't seem to be able to understand the love of Captain Harrison at all.

    With that in mind, Stayle first asked, "Does Arthur know that?" Then, they returned at the same time as "No ..." and "No ...?".

    "Harrison is rarely the kind of man who says things clearly ... but I think any knight who knew Harrison from that time would know that he was looking after Arthur."

    "Sometimes he's extremely easy to understand."

    Captain Colm rushed into Captain Alain's words, saying, "I don't want to hear that from you." But ... what is it easy to understand? Stayle mysteriously murmured, "I don't think even Arthur knows?"

    "Honestly, he's so cute that you can't say that Harrison is the only knight who favors Arthur."

    so much⁈

    Finally the open mouth does not close. Looking back at Captain Alain, thinking that it was splendidly spoiled, Captain Colm agreed and said, "Sure." ... I've never heard of such a story from Arthur. Basically, his main topic of discussion is Captain Colm, and Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric.

    "For the time being, it seems that he was in a good mood and in great shape during his first combat mission with Arthur."

    He told me that he had heard from Arthur at that time that it shouldn't have been a big deal. It would be nice if the opponent was a small villain like a bandit, but Captain Harrison seems to have laughed and eliminated everyone. ... Captain Harrison in a good mood is very scary.

    "Usually, unless it's an important command from the Knight Commander or Deputy Commander, he wouldn't laugh."

    …that. Is it normally like that?

    Captain Alain, who speaks calmly, can't stop squeezing in his head. Without knowing my confusion, Captain Alain said, "Oh, he's in a good mood even with Pryde's orders," but I wasn't happy at all.

    "Harrison was in a good mood when Arthur joined the Knights, and when Arthur joined Harrison's Eighth Corps, he was very happy."

    "That, how do you know that he is in a good mood other than during combat missions ...?"

    Stayle makes a difficult face at the words of Captain Alain. I am also very worried. If it was visible and easy to understand, Arthur is likely to notice its relevance.

    "" The number of slashes on his subordinates will increase. ""

    …… Somehow, I heard a very noisy word again.

    First of all, what does it mean to slash your subordinates? Both Tiara and Stayle joined their voices.

    Perhaps our reaction was surprising, Captain Alain looked back in a surprised manner, saying, "Huh? Haven't you heard from Arthur?" According to the story that Captain Colm explained while holding his bangs, Captain Harrison launches a surprise attack every time he sees a member of the 8th Division. It seems that he has added some care under the education of the Deputy Commander. ... I found another reason why Arthur was scared of him. When I think about it, one question suddenly comes to my mind.

    "... that? ... that ... what is his favor ...?"

    In the previous story, Captain Harrison thinks that Arthur is cute, but the word "favorite" doesn't quite fit.

    No way that Arthur was appointed by the Captain Harrison because of the Deputy Commander's favor. That's right. Above all, Arthur is a powerful knight. I don't think it's just favortism.

    Stayle also frowned a little as if wondering. Perhaps he thought the same thing as me, Arthur's ability wasn't that kind of thing to discount. Tiara also tilts her head to the left and right twice.

    Captain Alain laughed, scratching his cheeks at our reaction. There is still a bit of a bitter smile. Captain Colm looked at us with a laugh as if he was wondering what to say, and after a little hesitation, he finally opened his mouth.

    “……… Harrison… had short hair until six years ago.”


    In addition, Captain Harrison's mysterious information was briefly answered by not only me but also Stayle and Tiara. Immediately, Stayle's mouth was distorted while muttering, "No way ...". Captain Colm nodded and continued his words.

    "At that time, when Arthur declared to Pryde that he wanted to be a knight ... Well, there was a lot of talk about Arthur joining the Knights as well as Pryde."

    As expected, he was refraining from his father, the Knight Commander, but ...

    "At that time ... It's a story the knights who refused to go down told over drinks, but it became a topic about what happened to Arthur's long hair."

    "Long hair is just a hindrance in battle, so while the Knights don't have hair rules, the Knights at that time simply didn't have long-haired knights ..."

    ... I can imagine it a little. As it was, when I listened to the story of the two while my mouth was raised strangely, I could only laugh bitterly.

    At that time, Arthur appeared in front of the knights six years ago.

    And all the knights at that time saw when he swore to become a knight. Furthermore, at a later date, many knights saw Arthur's face when the Knight Commander delivered the forgotten sword to his house. ... Arthur's face, similar to the Knight Commander.

    "I'm looking forward to his return as a knight."

    "I was surprised at that long hair, but his face looked a lot like the Knight Commander."

    "When he becomes a knight, do you think he'll cut his hair in the same way as the Knight Commander? "

    "Right? That long hair would be a hindrance. Above all, it is disadvantageous for battle. "

    "No, but wouldn't he be completely mixed up with the Knight Commander?"

    The knights weren't offended, but rather were worried if Arthur, who resembled the Knight Commander, would resemble the Knight Commander even more, and worried he would be treated as "the Knight Commander's son" instead of "Arthur." ... It seems that it was Captain Harrison who broke into the conversation at that time, less than a year after joining the main unit at that time. He threw a knife at his fellow knights and told them who had barely avoided it.

    "I don't care about the length of his hair. I can beat you with any head just as easily. Can the same be said about you?"

    It's a hindrance, it's a disadvantage in battle. It seems that Captain Harrison, who is always silent, rarely spoke more than one word in public and threatened the knights.

    At that time, many knights knew the strength of Captain Harrison, who showed tremendous ability even though he was defeated by the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander about half a year ago, and even before that, Captain Harrison's horrific ability was famous within the Knights. Captain Harrison, who has already been known as a high-ranking soldier since he was a recruit, in terms of his ability ... It seems that he was barely murderous.

    "If you have any complaints about Arthur Beresford, then defeat me."

    Immediately after that, the Deputy Commander got angry and it didn't devolve into a brawl, but ... after that, Captain Harrison seems to have begun to grow out his hair. And less than a year later, he defeated the Captain of the 8th Division and became a knight captain.

    What's more, he didn't bundle his hair like Arthur, but kept his hair loose to show off.

    What a lot of doting.

    Rather, in the words of the previous life, it might be a little monster parent class.

    Certainly, Arthur's tied hair doesn't seem like a big deal if Captain Harrison wears his long hair. Maybe it's because Arthur doesn't float in the Knights, or maybe it's because he wants to tell the knight who talked about Arthur's hair at the time, "If you complain, I'll beat you up this time." Either way, it would have been a check.

    Arthur's long hair has been around for a long time, but even after joining the group, he would have cut it immediately if it had been pointed out by the senior knights. … But still with long hair. In other words, it has not been pointed out until now. No way, there was such a background.

    "Basically, Harrison, who has nothing to do with others, had Arthur's back as much as he could, and all the knights at that time were surprised."

    I wonder if it was so cute ... I laughed as Captain Alain muttered. Suddenly, when I heard laughter from another direction and turned around, Stayle shook his shoulders and bit back his laughter. Captain Coom adds a word so as not to notice it.

    "By the way, it's only Arthur that Harrison calls you."

    … Somehow, it's even more refreshing to this point. The explanation made me realize how much Captain Harrison was concerned with Arthur.

    "Because the son of the Knight Commander had a similar face and was loved by the Deputy Commander, and even made a statement to protect Pryde ... Arthur already had all the elements that Harrison liked before joining the Knights. "

    It's kind of pitiful that Arthur doesn't feel any affection from Captain Harrison. When I said that, Captain Colm told me that Captain Harrison wouldn't say it either.

    "He has that kind of personality. I've said before that he's happy if he can do it, even if it's a one-way street. The only person he asks for compliments is the Deputy Commander. "

    ... It seems that he still wants to be praised by the Deputy Commander who was in charge of his education. I am relieved to know that Captain Harrison is a little human.

    "In a sense, Harrison isn't the only one, but he was a patron."

    ... I think Captain Colm's words really show his love. Is it okay to favor him over his real father? Well, it hasn't been communicated to him.

    It would be great if Arthur came to Harrison's 8th Division and became the Deputy Captain. It was when Captain Alain said, "Of course, the appointment to Deputy Captain was not at Harrison's discretion, but the general consensus of the Knights."

    (Unknown POV) 349.2 And Gives it
    "No, wouldn't Arthur be happy with a gift from Pryde?"

    Even though Alain and Colm were in the carriage, they thought that the destination was an ordinary clothing store, despite the strangeness and cultural differences.

    However, when they arrive, it's a shop that looks like frilly sugar candy. First of all, they doubted that there was men's clothing there. The store was so unrelated to them, and above all, Alain, who had proposed to buy Arthur's clothes here, was overwhelmed by the responsibility just by looking at the store.

    "No way, it was such a store ... I wasn't expecting it either."

    "It looked great on Pryde and Tiara."

    Alain laughs at Colm muttering while holding the bangs. It's too unknown to them, but Tiara who shines in a world of frills was also smiling, and Pryde wearing a rabbit eared hat and blushing was also pretty lovely. Because it's a feminine shop, every dress suits them. Even the dresses and ribbons that Leon jokingly recommended would look good if Pryde actually wore them.

    "But that is ... it's a stone's throw."

    "Really ... I'm glad you stopped it."

    At the same time, they remember the belt covered outfit that Tiara and Pryde were trying to choose for Arthur.

    Sure, it's pretty weird, but it might look cool. Arthur doesn't wear gorgeous clothes at all, but he has the same neat appearance as Roderick, the Knight Commander. If he tries to wear it, it will look good on him. But ...

    "Arthur ... would definitely struggle to wear it."

    "If it's a gift from two people, he can't help but wear it .... That's his character."

    Arthur will definitely wear the item given by Pryde and Tiara. With that conviction, I could easily predict that the clothes would be embarrassing to Arthur, and that rumors would surely spread if seen by someone in the Knights.

    The clothes with belts wrapped around them looked like restraints to the eyes of the two of them. Moreover, when it comes to clothes, Arthur, who emphasizes cheapness and functionality, will be wondering "Why do you need to tighten the belt like this ...⁈".

    If they imagine Arthur wearing it, it looks good. But at the same time it looks like a complete punishment game.

    "In the unlikely event that rumors spread that Arthur's clothing hobby ..."

    “……… Harrison could rise with real restraints this time.”

    Yeah, Alain nodded with his arms crossed to the words of Colm. Harrison, who has grown his hair for Arthur, will surely do the same if he hears the trend to Arthur's clothes this time.

    He is often feared for his long hair and horrifying fighting appearance, but if he wears restraints himself, it will look like an murderer escaped from confinement instead of a Knight. Harrison isn't as particular about clothes as Arthur.

    If that happens, there is a possibility that the 8th Division, which stands out among the Knights, will stick out further due to the Captain and Deputy Captain, and the number of applicants will decrease. Imagine the two, Knight Commander Roderick holding his head, and Deputy Commander Clark laughing out loud.

    "After all, the usual clothes are the best ..."

    "If you have the same sense as Prince Leon, it would be a good gift ..."

    The two sighed at the same time this time.

    It's a pity that the gift from Pryde won't happen, but they're really glad they were able to avoid a tragedy among the Knights.

    The two walked home, talking about taking Arthur and Eric to that store next time on holiday.

    And that's the end of the Rest Arc. It's really short, right? Harrison is literally the only highlight. :blobokhand:

    So next is the (first) Celebration Arc! :blobhero:

    (Harrison POV) 356. The Ineligible Person was Sentenced
    "Actually, you were on the agenda at the last Captains' meeting .... Would you like to be removed from the recruits?"

    … When I noticed, my thoughts turned white as my face raised.

    Suddenly I can't find any anger or even a counterargument.

    It is not uncommon for recruits to be there long-term. Many have been recruits for more than 10 or 20 years. It's not about my recruitment period, it's about ...

    "It's a problem to have someone who seriously injured others with violence every year join the Knights."

    The words that were released without any stagnation pierced my heart like a death sentence.

    "As a result, if you can't join the main team again this year ... and if someone is seriously injured again, it was decided to remove you."

    I hate it, I refuse.

    I have lived since that day just to become a knight. There is no other way of life for me now.

    Clark Darwin turned his face and laughed at me, who was shocked and unspeakable.

    “……… You can make such a face.”

    ... I don't know what kind of face I had. However, the feeling of despair and chest tightness hurt me more than I had ever felt.

    "... Do you hate it?

    "Of course ......... I do."

    Only that.

    The truth is ... I'm also dissatisfied with being a recruit. I was confident that I was superior to any of the recruits in terms of ability alone. ... that's why I can't forgive them. An person who is far inferior to me wants to become a knight with that half-hearted will.

    "Well ... then come with me."

    Roderick gave permission. That said, Clark Darwin took me out to a corner of the Knights Training Ground.

    "If you win, I'll stop this year's expulsion. If you lose, you'll do everything I say."

    Clark Darwin, who lightly tells me that I can use my special abilities, held his sword without asking me if I was prepared.

    I also won against the main knight at that time in the enrollment test. I don't know about the power of Deputy Leader Clark Darwin, but ... I thought this was my last chance.

    Perhaps it's to prevent me, who refuses to be expelled, from rampaging in the Knights and causing any further damage. But if I beat him here, I can be a recruit for at least one more year.

    "... Will either drop the sword or kneel?"

    "It doesn't matter if you accept the loss or you can't fight .... Think it's the last and come at me with all your might."

    Before I knew it, many knights had already gathered around to watch the game. Did you come to laugh at my end, or did you come to see Clark Darwin's prowess? But it's convenient for me. This does not eliminate my remarks no matter what I do with Clark Darwin. If I win, my expulsion will be canceled and there are so many living witnesses. And, I

    … was beaten to the point it was my complete defeat.

    "... this is my win .... is it okay?"

    Clark Darwin called out to care for me, who had collapsed to the ground and couldn't move with my sword dropped, and put his hand on my back.

    But I can't even afford to return words.

    Complete defeat, this is the Knights' ... Is it the power of the Deputy Commander of the Knights? I could only give him my sword, but I

    It was the only time after waking up to this special ability that I seriously prepared for death.

    "I'm sorry. I knew you were strong, so I had to do it seriously."

    Clark Darwin, who gently says that he would br dead if he held back his hand ... The Deputy Commander helped me and took me to the relief building with his own feet.

    The Deputy Commander spoke to me, who was treated by a special ability person and was absent-minded in bed.

    "Do you remember your promise? ... Can you keep it properly?"


    I really thought it was over.

    However, he said that he was happy just to receive my ability at the end. … It was when I was about to think so.

    The Deputy Commander, nodding and laughing calmly, continued to tell me:

    "Harrison Dirk, I'll have you join the Eighth Corps, and follow my instructions."

    "... ⁉︎"

    I doubted my ears. The dazzling smile wasn't a joke when I forcibly moved my body, which was in pain without words, and turned it toward the Deputy Commander.

    "I'll take care of you. The Eighth Corps is a combat unit that allows individual judgment. I'm sure it will suit you .... And I hope you can act as a good knight at the very least. Let's educate you. "

    I will never forget the trembling joy of that time.

    My gratitude to the Deputy Commander will never disappear.

    When I can become a knight.

    I was supposed to be dismissed, but I was able to change everything.

    All the pain in my wounds disappeared. The feeling of defeat and despair were all filled with hope.

    The Deputy Commander laughed at me, who couldn't believe it and couldn't ask or thank him.

    "... Do you want to be a knight? You have talent and ability. And ... you have an important ambition as a knight."

    He put his hand on my head with my short hair, which was messed up with a knife, and stroked it once. Already twenty years old, but I was treated like a child.

    "I'll teach you how to turn violence into power. So follow me .... is it okay?"

    There is only one answer.

    The way I want to live, be, and die.

    Give me that only has "violence" real "power".

    This is what the one who defeated me completely will give me.

    Become a knight.

    When I swallowed the fact again, my vision suddenly blurred. The Deputy Commander looked at me and laughed, said, "You will only cry today. Tomorrow will be your investiture ceremony."

    "Rest slowly. After the celebration, you will be hit more rarely than today."

    With a screaming laugh, the Deputy Commander's presence went away. I couldn't return any words, and in the covered field of vision, my tears continued to overflow without knowing if that joy and gratitude would stop.

    Deputy Leader Clark Darwin.

    My savior.
    *Note that this makes Harrison the only Knight other than Arthur with a known age (though fellow recruits Alain and Colm are probably the same age). The Knights Arc was one year after this, making Harrison 3 years older than Val, or 10 years older than Pryde.

    (Harrison POV) 358.1 Dream
    "Did you enjoy it? The duel with Arthur."

    "Yes ... it was my defeat."

    The Deputy Commander laughed at by me who answered immediately. The Deputy Commander, who laughed aloud as to what was wrong, replied brightly to me that it was good.

    "I didn't think the day would come when I could see you losing and happy."

    At the words of the Deputy Commander, I twist my head a little.

    I'm happy ... I don't know why myself. But I'm satisfied. I fought Arthur Beresford seriously as if to kill ... and as expected he defeated me. After all there was no madness in my eyes.

    I was able to prove it to many knights. Now no one doubts his promotion. … If so, then until I deal with it.

    "... Harrison. Are you thinking of something noisy again?"

    The Deputy Commander looked at my head and I turned my eyes away. Only one year after he undertook my education, he understood my thoughts as if I was playing in his hands. Then the Deputy Commander exhaled again to change the story.

    "... Isn't it because of me or Roderick that you appointed Arthur as captain?"

    ...... Why do you say that?

    I frown at the words that are suddenly spoken in a hidden voice. Even if he asks again, he should already know if it's the Deputy Commander.

    While wondering, I moved myself to answer the question.

    "... Arthur Beresford is a fine knight .... far better than I am."


    The Deputy Commander nodded at my words. He usually gets it in one word, but for some reason I was urged to continue, "So?" Desired by the Deputy Commander, I spins the words exactly as they are.

    "You should give him a legitimate evaluation."

    "... That's right."

    Arthur Beresford is young. … But I don't think it's too early. The Eighth Corps is a complete meritocracy. And above all ...

    "I became the Captain ... a year after joining the army."

    "Oh, I was surprised at that time."

    For me, who is short of words, the Deputy Commander will continue to answer me. The Deputy Commander, laughing and crossing his arms, looked nostalgic at the distance.

    “…………… Deputy Commander .... Arthur Beresford was at the forefront of the defense.”

    "Oh, I heard the report too."

    … It was a wonderful success.

    He saved the Knight Commander many times, and even knocked down the bullets that were fired with his sword.

    When I heard that he saved the Knight Commander after the defense war, I was thrilled by the story. Every knight who knew about six years ago was delighted by the fact that he had finally saved the Knight Commander with his own hands.

    Six years ago.

    He wasn't even a recruit, let alone a knight, and suddenly appeared in front of us. … As the son of the Knight Commander.

    Still weak and losing sight of his way of life, he decided to stand up and swore to him.

    To continue to protect Her Royal Highness Princess Pryde Royale Ivy for the rest of his life.

    I understand.

    He vowed to give everything at that time.

    Because I vowed to devote myself to the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander.

    Our proud Princess, Princess Pryde Royale Ivy, who saved the Knight Commander.

    Her Royal Highness Princess Pryde Royale Ivy, the great benefactor of my dear Deputy Commander.

    He will continue to protect her even if he trades his life.

    "Power" is necessary to protect.

    Without it, no matter how much you wish, you cannot protect those you should protect by hand.

    And no matter how much power you have, nothing will come true if they are beyond your reach. … Like when I couldn't do anything in the knighthood crisis and could only watch the footage.

    Until he hit the gates of the Knights and gained power as soon as possible.

    May he, who has to aim for the top from the recruit, be with her as soon as possible.

    The power to protect that person and the day to reach a place where it is enough.

    Before I knew it, I was waiting for his growth.

    This defense battle.

    He wielded his blade to ... save the Knight Commander.

    Like six years ago, I wasn't allowed to rush to the front line ... and I couldn't even know the crisis.

    But he rushed to the Knight Commander's side earlier than anyone else and certainly saved many knights as well as the Knight Commander. And ...

    "... And I also protected the Imperial Highness First Princess Pryde Royale Ivy with this hand."

    "What, do you want to be complimented?"

    The Deputy Commander smiled laughingly at my words and looked at me as it was. I looked up at the Deputy Commander's face from the bed without denying it, and the Deputy Commander nodded only once after a little thought.

    "... Oh. Well done, Harrison. I'm glad I left you in the defense. I'm proud too."

    Hahaha, the words of the Deputy Commander who laughs lightly and hangs on me ... That alone rewards everything.

    I was able to help this person who picked me up, rescued me, and even took responsibility for me.

    Six years have passed since then.

    I ... can also be a knight.

    The more missions were carried out, the better the Deputy Commander who took charge of my education was evaluated by many knights. Responsible duties were sometimes left to me, and after I got the position of Knight Captain, I was able to receive duties directly from the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander.

    Furthermore, the son of the Knight Commander, a beloved existence for the Deputy Commander, Arthur Beresford, who vowed to protect him, joined the group ... and joined my Eighth Corps.

    What a happy day.

    That's the end of this Harrison Intermission, and now back to our regularly scheduled Stayle and Arthur scenes...in the next post. (Gimme like an hour or two for editing.)

    Anyway, tell me that Harrison isn't adorable!!! He's so cute...where can I get one?

    (Also if you want an absolute tearjerker in this story, the absolute worst was game Harrison's story. It gave a very palpable feeling of despair. Even coming off the dream, Harrison was in tears seeing Clark because he thought he was dead.)

    After the Knight Commander died in the landslide, Arthur emotionally blackmailed Clark to teach Arthur how to "become" Roderick...to the point that it was Clark's only reason for living. Less than a year after Arthur joined the main knights, Clark committed suicide.

    There were three separate uprisings among the knights who resented Pryde. Alain and Colm were killed together, along with all the older knights, to the point that Harrison was the Knight with the most experience (being accepted less than one year before Roderick's death).

    Harrison became the Knight Commander because there was no one else, and felt like he was disappointing Clark every day. The only reason he still lived was because he wanted to protect Arthur on behalf of Clark, and Harrison advised Arthur to kill his heart and do whatever Pryde wanted if he wanted to survive...no matter what it was.

    One year before the game, Arthur told Harrison of his suspicions that Pryde was involved in the cliff collapse. So to protect him and the surviving knights, Harrison confronted Pryde about it only to be killed himself. But he wasn't in uniform and the knights hid his identity, so Pryde didn't know who Harrison was and didn't purge the knights again. No one talked about what happened to Harrison, and Arthur thought that he just left the knights.

    And that's how Arthur became the Knight Commander in the game.
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