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    Anyway, now back to the Stayle and Arthur scenes in the (first) Celebration Arc.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    (Arthur POV) 352. The Knight is Amazed
    When Prince Cedric went out, he quietly looked around to check that there was no one else.

    I wondered if something was wrong, and when I was a little cautious, Prince Cedric called me again. I turned around and involuntarily both I and Stayle corrected their posture. Then Prince Cedric bowed to us ...

    "For my repeated rudeness ... I'm really sorry ..."

    Suddenly, I and Stayle were speechless.

    Perhaps because his nose was crushed, even Stayle couldn't say anything about it, and I was also stuck with my mouth open.

    It's true that I was suddenly apologized to, but it's also because Prince Cedric's face turned brighter than before. I don't understand why the blush for Pryde-sama is still bright red even for me and Stayle.

    Yet, Prince Cedric continued to apologize and thank us for a long time without stopping.

    He gave apologies and gratitude to me who protected Pryde twice, thank you for the warning from Stayle, and nevertheless still help in the defense battle, all from one to one thousand. It was a feeling like being broken. It's a big deal just to be bowed to by the Second Prince, but if he apologizes so politely, I won't know what to do.

    "... hey, is this the same story with my sister and Tiara ...?"

    Stayle, who remains stunned, just moves his mouth and asks.

    Then, Prince Cedric explained by covering his bright red face with one hand, saying, "It includes this content, but not all."

    As a result of studying various things in the past month, he seems to have noticed how much he disrespected Pryde. ... Rather, I was wondering why a member of the royal family didn't know until now, and conversely, why he had only started studying now, but for the time being, I was surprised that Prince Cedric would change.

    "It's unsightly ... I'm very sorry, but when I remember my ugliness, I'm overwhelmed with shame ... I know it's a shame to ask with such a complexion as a member of the royal family ..."

    No, it's not a big deal compared to his actions one month ago.

    Though I thought so, I couldn't say it, and when he looked back at Prince Cedric, Stayle replied, "No ... Thank you for your kindness ...". I'm not sure about the evaluation of Prince Cedric again.

    Prince Cedric quietly asked Stayle to shake hands with a blazing face. When Stayle responds, he asks me to shake hands. I thought it would be rude to wear my armor over my hand, but he clasped my hand without worrying about it at all.

    "His Highness Prince Stayle, I know for the first time a wise man like you, and Deputy Captain Arthur, for the first time a brave and strong man like you .... I sincerely respect you. It's no wonder that Pryde is proud and wants to be with you. "

    … Somehow, I was praised very much.

    Moreover, Prince Cedric's red-burning eyes were straight toward me and Stayle. It was the same when I tried to persuade Pryde and when I cured King Lance's illness, but I think it's amazing that this person can really say that without hesitation or embarrassment. I mean, what is this person whose face isn't red now?

    When I was embarrassed and my face got hot, Prince Cedric thanked me, "Thank you for your continued support," and I hurriedly returned to it. I finally understand that it meant that I could understand it by talking about Pryde.

    "... What do you think of my sister?"

    Stayle opened his mouth. Prince Cedric made two big blinks at the word ... then softly laughed.

    "She is a great benefactor. For the rest of my life, I will not be able to raise my head to her. And ... she is a precious person who is superior to anything else."

    … For some reason, I am strangely convinced by the word.

    After replying a word to me and Stayle, I was stuck in words. Then, Prince Cedric led us into the hall, saying, "I'm sorry to have kept you outside for a long time, let's get inside."

    "Thank you for taking the time to spare. Please keep in touch with my brothers for a long time."

    He is also gracious and polite, and I and Stayle respond accordingly. Somehow, I really saw a different person from a month ago.

    Greetings to the other knights, Prince Cedric turns his back on us. The moment when I suddenly lost my mind and tried to exhale quietly. … And as I remembered, Prince Cedric turned to us again. "That's the story," he said, and looking back, Prince Cedric hid in me and Stayle to care about his surroundings.

    "Someday I want to be closer to you, Princess Pryde ... and Prince Stayle. Perhaps it will cause trouble. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you. "

    He thanked not only Stayle but also me deeply, and this time he went to say hello to the other knights. ………that. What do you mean? Now.

    To be closer to Pride and Stayle ... Does that mean that the alliance has been strengthened? No, it seems that it was strangely meaningful, such as annoyance or the occasion.

    After thinking so much, I felt unpleasant and looked back, and Stayle was screaming again.

    I hide him with my body in a hurry so that it can't be seen by other knights, but some knights noticed and turned to me. My father and Clark are also very impatient to see this.

    "Hey, Stayle! What's wrong?"

    "He wants to be close to my sister ...?"

    The voice that I suppressed and the voice that echoed from Stayle overlapped.

    I couldn't hear it well, and I listened back, but it wasn't the second time. Instead, the glass Stayle held was cracked because it was gripped too tight. Gradually, Stayle was mixed with murder, and while there were a lot of knights, this became dangerous without a joke, so when I half yelled in my ear, "I'll listen later, stop now!", he finally noticed it. ..

    Even after calming down, he said "No ... but the other party is the Second Prince ...!" "There's no problem with his identity ..." "But the disrespect at that time ..." "Mostly, he ... no, but now ..." I was worried about his muttering when he was in conflict. I don't know what he didn't like, but if I need to, I'll ask after the celebration. If I hear it now, I'm sure he'll get angry again.

    I couldn't hit his back in an official place, so I collected the glass that couldn't be drunk from anymore from Stayle. When I had it replaced by a maid nearby, I was compared with the glass. ... the criminal who broke it is completely being blamed on me.

    (Pryde POV) 360. The High-Flying Princess Comes True
    "Congratulations on the promotion to Knight Captain, Arthur‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Immediately after Stayle teleported, I and Tiara jumped at Arthur.

    Four days ago.

    After being told by Captain Alain about the duel between Arthur and Captain Harrison, Stayle rushed into our room before noon that day.

    Immediately after visiting the room, the reaction was just like three months ago, and both I and Tiara were amazed.

    What's more, I was even more surprised when I said to Captain Alain and Captain Colm behind us, "Did you know?"

    Arthur's promotion to Knight Captain of the 8th Division.

    Arthur has renewed his reputation as the youngest in history twice in the Knights. This time, he was promoted to the Knight Captain, surpassing even the record of the elite Colm Colm. There is no doubt that Captain Karam himself said that Arthur would be the first to become a captain in his teens.

    Both I and Stayle immediately decided to go to Arthur to congratulate him ... but Tiara suggested it there.

    "Let's make a surprise this time! "

    A surprise that had been a disaster when Arthur was promoted to Deputy Captain. Both I and Stayle were in great agreement with Tiara's proposal. Of course, Captain Alain and Captain Colm. ...... Well, it was conditional.

    "Really, really congratulations Arthur! It's amazing to be promoted to Captain in only three months!"

    "Congratulations! My sister and brother were very happy! I'm very happy!"

    Congratulations again while hugging Arthur together with me and Tiara.

    I imitated Tiara's waistline so that Arthur wouldn't suffer like last time, and jumped into Arthur's chest. Two people can put their strength into the arm that has been turned tightly. When I saw Arthur's rounded expression at the moment of jumping in, I thought it was a surprise success, and I was happy. Finally, I was able to congratulate Arthur properly.

    Thinking so, gently loosen your arms

    Gyu, ...

    When I thought about it, Arthur hugged me and Tiara as we were.

    I was hugged strongly with his strong arms like a knight and held my breath for a while. When I looked up with my chin raised a little, Arthur closed his eyes strongly, burying his face in our hair.

    "... Wow ... I wanted to meet ..."

    The arms that hugged us were even stronger.

    Arthur's expression, which seems to be a little tired, has returned and I think he's still in good shape. Captain Alain told me that the Captain's duties are starting today, and he'll be stuck for a day, but I think he was busy with the equivalent paperwork.

    Looking up at Arthur, who looks into my face at a close distance, I lifts my hand around his arm and gently trace under his closed eyes with my fingertips. ... Yeah, it was good. I don't have a bear it.

    "We also wanted to meet, Arthur."

    I laugh at Arthur, saying I'm sorry I couldn't go to see you. Arthur's eyes, traced under his eyes, slowly opened. And

    He turned bright red as if boiled suddenly.

    At a stretch so that you can hear the sound.

    When he let out a voice I didn't understand, "Oh! Oh! Oh ... ⁉︎", He let go of my hands at a speed that I couldn't even see. ... what should I do, he's really upset. Arthur stepped back while wandering his gaze, and made an excuse while quivering his lips, saying, "Sorry, I'm sorry ... I don't think about it now ...!".

    It's true that he hugged Tiara with all his might, but it's natural to panic because he hugged two royals himself. Both I and Tiara laughed at Arthur's dismay, and after looking at each other, I finally turned to Arthur.

    "It's okay. It's not between us and Arthur."

    "I, my sister, and my brother love Arthur!"

    Arthur, whose face was bright red, said, "No, but ... Princess ... I'm old, too ...", but it seems that he is still worried about the year before Tiara's engagement.

    With a bitter smile at Arthur, who is still polite, he looks back at Stayle, who has teleported everyone and the food behind us. The surprise was successful and he laughed happily, but as soon as he met me, his gaze shone at Arthur.

    "There isn't a knight's room that's been visited by three royals, isn't it? Thank you, Arthur."

    "That's right! Pryde-sama! Why in my room ⁉︎"

    Arthur looked up at Stayle's words. Stayle shakes his shoulders and begins to laugh.

    (Stayle POV) The Adopted Brother Gets It
    ... I thought the mystery was finally solved.

    At that time, I felt that there was something about Pryde being made to cry. And the remark of Pryde and the rushing Tiara changed it to conviction.

    "No! She's not talking about Brother's cookies right now! ︎ ”

    The fact that she says now means that I had a lot to do with it.

    Since it was Pryde, she probably made sweets in the extra time after cooking for Arthur. I can guess that much lightly. … At the same time, I get angry about being unable to eat it. However, it was when I tried to regain my mind that I shouldn't carry over such annoyance forever to celebrate Arthur's promotion.

    "... Hmm, actually ... I was planning to give this to you at the end ..."

    For some reason, I'm nervous about Pryde who laughs as if she was a little shy. The feminine gestures and smiles made the palpitations faster. From the flow of the story, the contents of the package can be guessed. Still

    “……… Regent work, thank you for everything. From me and Tiara.”

    The Pryde that gently laughs makes me wonder at the item that she personally offered.

    Neither Pryde nor Tiara know that I have begun to work in parallel. No, there shouldn't really be any reason for them to celebrate me that she wanted to give this to me at the time of Prince Cedric's picking.

    I refused Pryde and opened the package on the spot without being able to stand it. I don't want to be seen upset, and I'm desperately trying to fix it, but I'm sure Pryde, Tiara, and Arthur are out of luck.

    When I opened the package, a soft and slightly sweet scent drifted. With that alone, the smiles of the two people who were supposed to be in front of me passed through my mind, and I was excited to expect. Lightly put my finger in the mouth of the package and open it so that I can easily see the inside.

    ... there was a cookie that imitated a cute, smiling boy.

    Many of them.

    How much trouble was it just to make one? What's more, if I take one and take it out of the package ..., ... No. It may just be my oversight or self-esteem. However, the more I see it, the more it

    "Isn't it your face?"

    Arthur's words suddenly made me enthusiastic.

    When I turned around, Arthur was sticking his face right next to me and looking into the cookie. Does it look like that to Arthur? I couldn't say much about it, and when I looked back at Arthur silently, he looked at my face and laughed happily, saying, "It looks a lot like that."

    As my face gets hotter, I put the cookie back in the wrap and pick another one. My face changed a little, but it was my face that laughed. Even the glasses are reproduced in detail.

    "I had a lot of time, so I tried baking a lot. I'm sorry if it's too much, but I'm glad if you can eat it while it's delicious."

    No, it's impossible to eat⁈

    Tiara nods with a cheerful Pryde and a smile, desperately suppressing the words she wants to say in the back of her throat.

    I don't feel like eating sweets that are so cute and shaped like my face. Not knowing how to answer, Tiara laughed next to Pryde, saying, "There are so many, so it's okay to eat one or two."

    That's plausible, but I still hesitate. However, if I continued to be confused as it was, I was just wondering if Tiara would make the same proposal as the previous sweet bread, so I had no choice but to pick one. A crispy, good sound is transmitted to the teeth, and the more I chew, the sweeter it spreads in my mouth. When it passed through my throat and I soaked in the afterglow, there was still a tickling sweetness in my mouth.

    "... It's very delicious .... Thank you very much."

    ... I'm so happy to receive a gift on a day when nothing is happening.

    The moment I thought about it, I suddenly remembered nine years ago. When I put my strength into the back of my throat, I suddenly hit my back and retracted at once. Looking back, I'm laughing at this as Arthur understands. As soon as I met my eyes, I smiled happily.

    "It's a waste to eat everything."

    Arthur, who shows his teeth and laughs, understands that it is completely read. A little frustrated, I picked up another cookie from the package and threw it into Arthur's mouth. Arthur, who makes a funny voice saying "Nga⁈", becomes silent as soon as he puts a cookie in his mouth. It kept making a crunchy noise, and when I looked into Arthur's face, his round blue eyes were shining.

    "Isn't it delicious?"

    I'll be proud to say it. My mouth is pulled up without being aware of it. When I laughed at Arthur, he screamed and then said, "It's delicious."

    (Pryde POV) 365.1 And Hands it Over
    "Eh ... I have something to do ...⁈"

    Arthur was standing like a stick lined up beside Stayle, with his eyes rounded.

    He was surprised that he had already received such a treat, and I'm glad I prepared Arthur's part.

    Tiara unwrapped it from my basket and handed the last one to Arthur. Arthur smiled and received the package from Tiara who shouted "Please!".

    I'm really happy with the eyes that return words to Tiara, thank you. He reached for Tiara to stroke her head, but soon after he noticed that the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander were watching, he silently withdrew. Tiara also noticed it and laughed funny.

    After that, Arthur stares at the package he received, and ... notices.

    "... that. My stuff ... only the address ... what?"

    Arthur muttered with his eyes fluttering only once, and Stayle, who had been standing up until a while ago, responded, "What?"

    He looked into the package in Arthur's hand and, astonishingly, picked up a card with only the address and confirmed it. … Maybe it was a shock that he was left out without a message.

    Tiara laughed mischievously at Stayle and Arthur looking at the card with only the address side by side. After laughing happily with giggles, she turns that smile on me.

    In response to Tiara's reaction, Stayle and Arthur looked up at the same time and stared at me and Tiara. Then, Stayle opened his mouth while suppressing his voice as if hesitating a little.

    "My sister ..., ... that, if you like ... why only me and Arthur ..., ... can you tell me ...?"

    No, I'm happy enough with that gift ...! Arthur silently nodded to Stayle, who squeezed it out so hard to say.

    Somehow the reaction of the two was cute, and I also laughed side by side with the tiara. Tiara whispered to me, "Please come from my sister," and I understand. As it was, when I put my hand in the basket again, I gently picked up the remaining two with my fingertips.

    "Because you have this."

    At the same time, I laughed at the two people who had their eyes rounded, but when I said it, I suddenly became nervous.

    With a slight quivering mouth, I presented what I took out of the basket to Arthur and Stayle, respectively.

    A letter to them.

    (Arthur POV) 366. The Adopted Brother Falls in Love, and the Knight Ends
    "I thought I'd really rewrite it, but ... I couldn't stop thinking about you."

    For a moment, my head blew away seriously.

    To that smile that makes my face so red about us.

    My head shook and I thought it was an earthquake.

    When she wrote this letter, I wondered if Pryde thought only about me. … Even though I knew I was in love, my heart made a loud noise and vibrated my whole body.

    When I thought that it was Stayle and I who made such a cute face like Pryde, I was too happy and went out to the face. Reflexively cover my mouth with my arm and look down. ... Still, I can't take my eyes off Pryde-sama as if the stake had stuck.

    Stayle screamed as it reached my ears. With a daring voice, he asked, "That ... what on earth did you write ...".

    Though I thought I heard something amazing, I was also worried, and I lifted my arm from my face, squeezed my mouth, and stared at Pryde. Then, Pryde-sama turned her gaze away from us for some reason after her expression had settled a little. She opened her mouth and the answer came back from Pryde, whose face became reddish, at a volume about breathing on the way.

    "... Ku ... it's embarrassing to say ..."

    ⁈⁈‼ ︎‼ ︎

    That, Pryde-sama is⁈‼ ︎

    I was so surprised that I couldn't speak. The blood in my body suddenly rises and it gets hot. Stayle has settled again as I did.

    Even if I want to think about what it's like to be embarrassed by Pryde who has given me various words, I can't think of anything anymore.

    Looking over here, as Pryde, who noticed our reaction, hurriedly said, "Hey, I didn't write anything strange! It's embarrassing to show it to people ... but at least I just want you to stop reading and speaking in front of me ...! " No, I can't show it to anyone, and I'll never read it in front of Pryde because it's something I'll do.

    I got stuck in a mess, and I couldn't say any words this time. Pryde hung her eyebrows as if she was in trouble with her face red.

    I have to return something quickly, but my head is white and nothing comes out. When I thought that nitrogen would die as it was, Tiara said, "I'm sure that since it's Sister, you wrote something very nice!"

    She continued, "I'm looking forward to reading. Arthur, brother!", So I nodded with Stayle.

    Thank you for finally being able to speak a little. Pryde laughed happily. With that smile, she was cut off once, saying "But," and when we waited for the rest, Pryde shook her cheeks with her fingertips as if she was shy again.

    "That dish and cookies are as special as they are."

    … A very dazzling smile hit me directly.

    This person was so dazzling that I wondered how many times she would take my breath away. Hey, Pryde who smiled at Tiara and laughed at each other was really beautiful and cute.

    "Because that was the one that Tiara made with me. For the two of us, it's full of twice the feelings this time."

    Two doses. ... I was very happy with Pryde's smile, but I was a little disappointed because I thought it was partly the work of Prince Cedric that she failed once. Pride laughs as if she doesn't care anymore, but next to me, Stayle is so angry ..., ...? ….

    … Somehow, an extraordinary ambition has exuded.


    The mutter leaked with a voice volume that only I could hear. After all, he's angry that Pryde-sama was bothered to make it ..., ......... that.

    "Two people" isn't just my cooking, but maybe Stayle ...

    … Yeah.

    When I noticed, Tiara looked at Stayle next to Pryde. Tiara also seemed to notice why Stayle was angry, and when she looked at Stayle, she nodded silently. … Immediately.

    The pitch black ambition overflowed at once.

    Pryde also noticed and called out "Stayle⁇", but soon after that, he turned into a surprised face and swam his eyes. Apparently he finally noticed it now.

    Perhaps he was convinced of Pryde's reaction, Stayle made a low voice from the bottom of the earth.

    "Not only Arthur's food, but also mine ...⁇"

    Stayle's eyes are burning black. ... yes, that means Prince Cedric ate not only the food for me but the cookies for Stayle. I already knew it because I was a little while ago, but now that I know about Stayle's cookies, it's natural to be sharp.

    It's bad, and at this rate, it seems like he's going to teleport to hit Prince Cedric. Pryde said, "But! That's why I prepared a lot of cookies this time!", But Stayle's anger hasn't healed yet. I had no choice but to hit his back while shouting "Calm down!". After leaning forward, he was suddenly hit and suffocated, so Stayle felt a little off.

    His eyes were still angry, but Stayle, who was more courageous than before, glared at me and then folded his arms without saying anything. ... I think it will take root inside.

    When I suddenly noticed and looked around, my father's progress was also rounded. It's more of a reward for Stayle than a cookie. If the opponent was not the First Prince, absolutely everyone would hold the sword. I never know what we're talking about with my dad and Clark.

    "That's why Pryde-sama got angry enough to cry ..."

    To calm down, I speaks to Pryde while turning his arm around Stayle's shoulder.

    When he noticed, he finally returned to be able to speak like Pryde normally. Tiara nodded silently to my words many times. … Apparently Tiara also had an unexpected root.

    Pryde laughed bitterly at me and Stayle, returning "Yes ... I'm sorry that the reason was like a child," and Pride continued her words before trying to return that it wasn't the case.

    "But I'm okay."

    Thank you for being angry. Not only me but also Stayle and Tiara were eye-opened by the words of Pryde that said lightly. Suspecting that it was forgiving Prince Cedric or something like that, Pryde gently put her hands on the shoulders of Tiara next to her.

    "Because today. Thanks to Tiara, I was able to send all the special gifts to my special people in a nicer way. I am very happy."


    The body that has settled down gets hot again at her words.

    I could see that Stayle by my shoulders waa getting hot, not only with the touched arms but also with the eyes. Pryde, who laughs happily from the bottom of her heart, is fascinated again.

    I doubt my ears because I can't believe that I was "special" to such a special person. I was so afraid to listen back, and my throat was clogged with my mouth open.

    Pryde keeps smiling at us who lose words.

    I tell myself in my head that it's a misunderstanding, but when I see the smiles of Pryde and Tiara, and when I see the reaction of Stayle, it doesn't seem like a misunderstanding.
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    Harrison's special power was..? It seems it has given him some sort of direction or impression when he awakened it before even joining the knights, so Im curious.
    Thank you for the spoilers!
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    So you didn't read the character sheet on page 7? You'll find Harrison in the Knights section. I noted all special abilities for each major character.

    Anyway, Harrison is a super-speed special ability person. He can run (or just move) very fast, but he doesn't have superhuman endurance to match, which is why he feels that he gets left behind a lot. The Knights Arc was especially trying for him because even if he could run there in time, he'd be too exhausted to hold his sword...so the Deputy Commander wouldn't let him go.

    And it wasn't his special ability that gave him direction. It was watching knights being chivalrous and helping people/fighting criminals when he was a street kid that made an impression. For someone who only knew violence, it was a way of life that he admired.
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    Sorry, I didn't, I jumped into the story spoilers.. thank you for answering.
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    Spent the past couple days reading Beware of the Brothers instead of editing this, sorry. I did add more Val/Pryde scenes to page 6, though, so it's not complete neglect. (NEW and EXTENDED scenes are marked in red.)

    It's the Birthday Festival Arc next...to be honest, there isn't many Stayle and Arthur scenes in this arc either, unless we count the jealousy over Cedric. They're actually kind of bland until the brainwash arc, really.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    And here's the Birthday Festival Arc! :blobhero:

    (Arthur POV) 369. The Knight is Upset
    "But ... it's really amazing. It's been less than two years since I first met him, and first he's a Deputy Captain, and now he's a Knight Captain."

    "Thank you. I'm still alive, but I'm sorry to hear that from His Highness Prince Leon."

    Prince Leon smiled at me as I bowed down.

    Prince Leon, who is one year younger me, is far more mature than I am. I know him as the foremost successor to the throne of the Anemone Kingdom, but I also know that even such a person has been cornered.

    While I didn't hear about Pryde's fiancé or Prince Leon's engagement, I heard rumors that they wouldn't be reunited. ... I was happy that there was absolutely no chance for Pryde and Prince Leon. However, when Prince Leon was talking to Pryde, it was a wonderful picture, and above all, the appearance of the two attracted the attention of many guests.

    "Pryde, Prince Stayle, and Tiara all boasted that you were a very good knight .... In their absence, the other guardian knights also boasted."

    At the end, I was struck by the words of Prince Leon, who said with a small voice. By all means, it's not a way of mocking ot flattery, and when I think it's true, I'm happy and I turn my eyes down.

    "Was Arthur aspiring to be a knight for a long time?"

    "Ah ... no. I wanted to be, but I really wanted to be when I was thirteen .... It's an embarrassing story."

    It's a story that has been heard several times in social situations. It's just a topic, and I think it's okay to avoid it, but ... I didn't want to hide it.

    When Prince Leon opened his eyes a little unexpectedly to my answer, he muttered, "Hey ..." as if he was impressed.

    "... then your efforts wouldn't have been trivial .... I respect you from the bottom of my heart."

    The smooth smile gradually became soft and loose. His mouth opens unintentionally with a warm smile that looks like a different person than when we first met.

    I've been praised and deceived as a "great talent" until now, but ... I haven't been told that much.

    When I said thank you, Prince Leon said, "It's true," and he tilted the glass toward me. I was afraid that when I raised the glass to Prince Leon, he said, "Cheers," and rang it.

    When I thought that I was afraid of being with the First Prince, I remember that Stayle was also the First Prince. ...... Why am I talking to such amazing people?

    Prince Leon laughed at me again, saying, "Oh, that's right," after swallowing a bite of the contents of the glass.

    "Only here .... How many times has Arthur celebrated Pryde's birthday?"

    "I was invited to the birthday festival after I became a guardian knight ..."

    No, not that. I was cut off on the way. When I wondered if I made a mistake, Prince Leon raised his shoulders with a funny smile. After that, he looked around and laughed, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake in the question," and gently brought his face close to my ear.

    "... After all, do you give Pryde a birthday present every year?"

    "You're telling me ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    The face turns red this time at once. What are you saying suddenly? ︎‼ ︎

    When I turned my body involuntarily, Prince Leon's eyes unexpectedly curled up astonishingly.

    "... Isn't it a gift?"

    On the contrary, he's confused by the expression that he can't believe it. I didn't feel like lying to the Prince, and when I asked, "Why are you asking such a thing?", Prince Leon laughed as if he was shy.

    "Because of my position, I have never given Pryde personal gifts on her birthday .... Actually, I have something I'm thinking about. So when I consulted with Val, I was told to share that story Prince Stayle and Arthur. "

    Is that the cause? ︎‼ ︎

    The anger at Val suddenly rises. I know that he's been interacting with Prince Leon for two years, but more than that, he threw this at Stayle and me! ︎ It's normal for us ⁉︎ I'm not used to giving gifts to women, and even if I'm used to socializing, why am I still ...‼ ︎

    I will exhale while thinking that I will complain when I meet him next time. … Generally, why did Prince Leon also give Val a gift consultation? At that point it's a little mysterious.

    When I answered, "I'm sorry, I don't know that either ...", He was a little disappointed. ... I think I did something wrong and it was bad. I thought this was the only thing I could do, and continued to say, "But ..." and Prince Leon tilted his neck.

    "If it's Pryde ... I'm sure she will be happy."

    When I added anything, Prince Leon rounded his jade-colored eyes and immediately laughed.

    I feel like I've given a terrible answer, so I look away again. ... But I thought it was true for Pryde.

    Then suddenly he put his hand on my shoulder. When I turned around in amazement, Prince Leon turned a smooth smile straight at me. I was told "Thank you" and his eyes glowed bewitchingly for some reason.

    "I'll give it to her soon .......... to you too."

    "Well, no! That's me ... to myself ..."

    When I was wondering why I couldn't stand it and was confused, Prince Leon said with his hand on my shoulder, "It's a late promotion celebration." When I asked him what he was going to give, he smiled happily, saying, "For everyone." Somehow, it's different from the previous one, and I'm struck by the childlike laugh.

    "Because I'm sure you guys will be happy too."

    ... He's really different from two years ago.

    (Arthur POV) 374. The Knights Nod
    “……… I'm really worried….”

    Colm and Eric slammed Arthur on his back as he moaned and screamed. He shouldn't have exceeded the allowance yet, but Alain poured water into another glass and offered it to Arthur, who was acting as if he was drunk.

    "Tiara will probably be married to a royal family abroad, but ... Pryde's husband is either domestic or a prince who has lost the right to succeed to the throne like Prince Leon."

    After seeing Arthur's crushing, Alain regained his composure and looked at the faces of the three people in the opposite seats with his cheeks.


    At Alain's words, Arthur ponders Tiara.

    Arthur met her at the same time as Stayle and Pryde, and she is familiar to Arthur. Arthur knew, of course, that the Second Princess, Tiara, would eventually leave the country. However, the time that Tiara married her fiancé candidate has actually been delayed by one year. Arthur was a little relieved, but at the same time he felt lonely.

    Tiara, the sister of Pryde and my partner Stayle, is like an important sister to Arthur.

    ...... I hope it's not a country so far away.

    If she gets married, they won't be able to meet easily. If it is still close, they can exchange letters. It's possible to meet by teleporting with Stayle, but officially it's difficult.

    Since the announcement about their fiancé candidates, Arthur has become more and more uncomfortable with Tiara's smile. The candidates are probably not the worst people because Tiara herself chose them, but Arthur thinks that Tiara has a lot to think about.

    ... That's right, Pryde-sama and Stayle's younger sister.

    She carries everything on her back alone and hides it with a smile. Arthur wants to help, but this is all he can do. Arthur knew very well that it was imperative for Tiara to marry a royal family in another country in order to ensure that she would "lose" the right to succeed to the throne. That's why she has as much interaction with the Kingdoms outside of Freesia as possible ... he thinks it would be good if Tiara could at least marry into a country nearby. Tiara has two older siblings who feel more sad and lonely having to say goodbye than he is. ... Arthur thinks so, recognizing that he is also quite lonely.

    Thinking so far, Arthur noticed that Colm and Eric were thinking about Alain's words by raising his face a little. Arthur immediately suspects that the three are probably thinking about Pryde.

    As guardian knights, they often attended ceremonies and parties where Pryde was invited not only in Japan but also abroad. Many people like Pryde, but ...

    "I can't think of a man that Pryde seems to like, especially this one."
    *Not a shipping scene. Arthur just realized Tiara is leaving.

    (Pryde POV) 376. The Estranged Princess Hands Over
    "Here, Arthur."

    Call Arthur, who is stuck side by side with Stayle, and stretch my arm with the rose in hand.

    After being named, Arthur shook his shoulders for a moment and then rushed to look at me with his eyes. His face is a little red because he's already nervous for some reason. As was the case earlier, is the rose so scary? Even when he stood in front of me, I leaned toward Arthur, who was stubborn. I offered the rose again, thinking that he would be the type of person who would be sucked by the camera in the previous life.

    Arthur, who trembles his hand and brings his hand closer to the rose, is kind of cute, and I gently touch it with my hand.

    "Pr, Pryde-sama⁈"

    Tremble! Arthur, who raised and lowered his body more violently than when I named him ︎, raised his voice. Even if Arthur wasn't so surprised, I would laugh thinking that the flowers wouldn't bite.

    "It's okay, the color will change very beautifully."

    Eh, eh, eh⁈ and somehow, like a hiccup, he gently picks the rose together with Arthur, who repeatedly makes his voice squeak. As I slowly approach with the rose, I put it in Arthur's hand, and I let go of the rose with the other hand. As the temperature of the touched part changed, the blue rose turned into a beautiful red color.

    "Hey, it's beautiful⁇"

    After seeing the bright red rose, gently let go of Arthur and look up with a smile. Then Arthur

    … It was dyed a brighter red than the rose.

    Arthur was staring at me and the rose with a bright red face while holding his mouth with one hand. Was it so scary, or was it not good to force him to touch the roses?

    Arthur? When I called him, he shook his whole body and answered "Yes⁈". I can tell just by looking at the strength of his body that he's worried that the rose he's holding will break.

    "Ah ... no. That ... it's so beautiful ... see ... I'm fascinated ..., ... it was ..."

    Arthur gradually intensified as the glow of his face burned, and even his voice withered while returning his words. At the end, it makes me happy again to think that Arthur, who looks away, liked the change of the rose so much.

    "I would be happy if you liked it."

    With a smile on my face, Arthur turned to me with his wide open eyes and nodded silently, with his lips tied.

    If Arthur liked it so much, I suggested that I could send the plants to his house, but I was refused. "I'm afraid that such a royal family will be sent home directly!" But it's also from Leon to Arthur ... but in the end, Arthur will bring the plants back with him when he returned to the Knights Training Ground.

    I thought it was quite big and heavy, but he'll carry it home tonight as it is! I laughed and nodded because he said so vigorously. As expected, a knight. It seems that this weight is okay. He said that he would carry it with him because Stayle would contribute to the Knights' training ground anyway, but he boasted, "I will carry my own." I think it's really like Arthur.

    Laughing at the interaction between the two, I finally cut another rose.

    "Here, Stayle."

    When I reached out to Stayle with the rose in my hand, Stayle, who had been interacting with Arthur a while ago, he opened his eyes and looked at me.

    For some reason, Stayle's shoulders are slightly rounded, as he walks up to me. By the way, I remember that Stayle was the same as Arthur and was very surprised at the change in the color of the roses.

    When I waited for Stayle to reach out to the roses I picked like a robot that wasn't oiled, he picked the roses slowly but as it was. He's not as nervous as Arthur, but it's a little unusual for Stayle to keep his eyes open, his mouth shut and silent. Moreover, the other party is a plant. Involuntarily, I just look at Stayle with the rose.

    The rose that I picked for Stayle was still blue. Speaking of which, it was said that it would turn red when the first picked part was separated, but I still think that it will not turn red as the other parts are picked and the temperature changes. After all, it's an item derived from the otome game, and I wonder if it's designed to do so well.

    "... Ah ... Ah, Sister ...?"

    When I was absent, I heard the voice of Stayle, who was very confused. Hmm? When I looked up, Stayle, whose cheeks were slightly blushing, turned his black eyes from the back of his glasses toward me.

    "Well, how did you ...? You never let go of my hand ..."

    ... Apparently, I never let go of his hand, and since the color of the rose didn't change, Stayle was very impatient. I've done something wrong to Stayle, who is already nervous about the rose itself. I apologize and gently release my finger. Immediately after that, the rose was dyed bright red.

    I can't say anything childish like I wanted to try to see if the roses would turn red even after waiting for a long time. It makes me embarrassed to act like a younger sister when I'm Stayle's older sister. I wondered if this was my sister's sweetness, but I moved my mouth without thinking "a little ...".

    "Somehow ... I didn't want to let go."

    Flush. … Suddenly, Stayles face was boiled red.

    I screamed "Stayle⁈" without thinking as Stayle turned red faster than the rose in an instant as if he had caught a cold.

    Stayle, whose upper body shook, shook his upper body, holding down the black edge of his glasses so that he could pick it up immediately, and returned, "Sorry ... I'm sorry. I'm just a little short of sleep." Is he tired from last night's birthday festival? By the way, I remember that he had seen off Uncle Wes and the guests from early this morning.

    "It's okay⁇ It's better to take a rest. Have all the guests returned? Then talk to Uncle Wes and take a rest early."

    "Oh, it's okay ...‼ ︎ It's just a coincidence for a moment, so‼ ︎ And the guests are still ...!"

    Take a step back from me who chased after Stayle, who takes a step back with a rose in one hand so as not to worry about me. The face is redder while saying that it is okay. I thought that if it was fever, I would hit Arthur with my hand on the bright red neck, and Stayle jumped up with great momentum, probably because my hand was cold. At the same time, the words I said stop. … After all it is hot.

    Perhaps he didn't shake my hand, Stayle stopped moving like a robot. It's bad to be surprised, but if my hands are cold, I keep pressing my hands against the neck of the stale that doesn't move if I keep it cold. However, there is no sign of high temperature of Stayle whose mouth is squeezed shut. I wondered if he was dizzy again because of the heat. Stayle, who shook his mouth with "Pry ..., uh ...", closed his eyes once immediately after he turned bright red. As soon as I tried to tell Arthur that he was suddenly ill

    "But ... the rose will br crushed ...‼ ︎"

    I was surprised at the squeezing voice of Stayle.

    Involuntarily, I take a step away from the hand attached to his neck and look at the rose in Stayle's hand. I didn't think about roses at all at a close distance. sorry! While apologizing, I check the rose Stayle holds, but at least I am relieved that even one petal has not collapsed at all.

    Stayle briefly answered "No" and pulled back about three steps at a tremendous speed. Perhaps he wanted to protect the rose so much, Stayle, who covers his mouth with the back of his hand while desperately holding his breath with his shoulders, is still pale. However, it seems that it is much better than before, so I feel a little relieved. Are you okay again? After nodding, he apologized, saying, "I'm sorry for this."

    "... Later, when I finish seeing off the last guest, I will decorate the room immediately. I would like to thank Prince Leon when I see him next time."

    (Stayle POV) 382. The Adopted Brother Approaches
    There are three fiancé candidates for Pride and Tiara. And they will be given the opportunity to meet their fiancé candidates at many ceremonies and parties in the future so that the selection can be further narrowed down. In other words, the more someone is invited to a ceremony or party, the more likely they are to be a fiancé. Of course, there are cases where engagement candidates are absent due to unavoidable reasons like King Joan and King Lance this time. Still, they will almost certainly be invited every time.

    And Prince Cedric is invited again this time. It is natural to be invited because it is a newly formed ally. But, but! ︎ …… I doubt the reason beyond that.

    "... Well ... Prince Cedric is now a decent one, right?"

    I know you can't forgive him. Arthur, who calms me down, wondered if he would come to celebrate while saying that, contrary to his words, his eyes swam. Maybe he's aware of Prince Cedric's favor? As soon as I thought so, my mouth slipped. … By all means, the real intention spills in front of Arthur.

    "That's right. I don't forgive the profane behavior, or stolen food and cookies, and violence that Prince Cedric committed to my sister. Moreover, he has never been beaten me, and I haven't seen you be beaten."

    However, if Cedric was a candidate for the king as it is, neither I nor Arthur would be able to repeat it for the rest of my life. ... I'm sure that's the only reason for irritation. I can't think of anything else.

    Arthur was a little terrified at my remarks, but muttered, "I understand." Then, next, I asked a question without any connection, as if I had read what I was thinking.

    "......... um ... Do you remember when I asked you what kind of guy was good for Pryde's fiancé three years ago?"

    It's hard to say while looking away from me, and I fold my arms with a sword in one hand to the words that can be taken as if he's saying something in a roundabout way.

    Of course, I remember that time. After the engagement between Prince Leon and Pryde was broken, Arthur asked me, holding his head.

    "... What kind of guy would you approve of when the next fiancé comes out? "

    And my answer is ... sure. While remembering, I will show Arthur the words at that time without making any changes.

    "... Innocent, with no criminal record, no history of betrayal, no play with women, love my sister from the bottom of his heart, and think of your own country like your sister and Prince Leon. A man who is smarter than me and Gilbert, and stronger than you. .... I said so. "

    "... So, how much ... If they can meet that condition, you will accept⁇"

    The question continues from Arthur, who still hasn't looked up at my words.

    What the hell does this guy want to say? Does that mean that Prince Cedric is almost the same? However, Prince Cedric is too disrespectful of Pryde to be innocent. The intelligence seems to be a genius who has been nicknamed "Miko", but Arthur is far superior in terms of combat ability. In terms of ratio, it's about 60%.

    When I insisted, "At least 90%," Arthur still swam, muttering, "Oh ...". What the hell happened? I understand that it is a strict condition, but it is my personal condition. And whether or not Pryde chooses Prince Cedric as a fiancé candidates, there's no chance that other fiancé candidates are below that ...

    ...... Other fiancé candidates?

    "... Arthur. What the hell are you hiding?"

    Arthur's shoulders jumped up and down in my conviction.

    He barked, "No, no," and cramped his face. ... Yes, this guy is sensitive to human faces, but he is not good at lying or faking himself. Only Arthur, Tiara, and Pryde can notice my secrets, but Arthur is open to everyone. It's easy to get rid of his facial expression if I poke it a little.

    "Hmm ... I see. When did you know that?"

    "No, did you get informed ... did you just guess at first?"

    "I see, you also have some information."

    This time, if I lightly poke it, it will get caught. Arthur was upset by my words this time and held his mouth.

    It was fun to be catch Arthur after a long time, and when I approached him with a smile, Arthur stepped back on his legs.

    "What's wrong with Arthur? Is this a secret even to me?"

    "Even Temee can't tell me about the contents of the letter between Pryde and Prince Cedric!"

    Arthur tells me to resist being cornered.

    Sure, I didn't tell Arthur or Tiara the contents of the letter I heard from Pryde. This is because the content is confidential and could cause Arthur to worry more.

    "I'm being stopped by my sister. Have you ever asked me?"

    "If you say that, I'm ... ~~~"

    … This time Arthur said and stopped. Is this guy also being stopped? Well, I can almost imagine from anyone. That if it's this guy, he'll keep his mouth shut. Then, let's check only one first.

    "Congratulations Arthur. I didn't know you were one of my sister's fiancé candidates."

    "That's‼ ︎‼ ︎ Bah ... Don't say it!

    Arthur, whose face turned bright red to my question, shook his sword roughly and shook his voice. ... I see, it seems like it's different. If so, it means that he have powerful information. One, two, or all of the fiancé candidates? Watching Arthur's distraught figure, I nod many times. It's a big mistake if he thinks he can keep it a secret from me.

    "I understand .... Then, let's settle the game like a man."

    I re-hold my sword at Arthur, who continues to be upset. Arthur, who was still blushing and couldn't handle it, still reflexively holds his sword at me with a stunned face. Arthur was late and asked, "What do you mean?" So I will answer with a heartfelt smile.

    "There is only me and you here. The game is won by the one who puts the opponent on the ground. If I win, I will tell you about the secret that you are hiding. If you win, I will inform you about the contents of the letter. "

    If I told him quickly and unilaterally, Arthur screamed, "Are you serious?" Well, the reaction is natural, as I said that I was stopped by Pryde, but before that, this game was overwhelmingly in favor of the Knight, Arthur.

    "If you beat me, you can either ask or not. I won't ask you again. But if I win, I'll definitely ask. Whether you hate me later or not, I'll definitely make you tell ... Is that okay? "

    Perhaps it was the only escape, Arthur snorted and nodded. …that's fine. Arthur isn't the one who wants to break his promise.

    (Wes POV) 389. The Regent Ponders
    Pick up the documents and put them together on your desk, including the list of invited guests this time.

    The Emperor and Crown Prince of the Rajya Empire are also included. If they were present this time ... even the dangers to Colm had to be considered more seriously. No, when the rumors came up about this time, it became necessary to take action.

    ─ The existence of the Rajya Empire, that was aiming for Pryde and Tiara.

    To express that intention, at Pryde's birthday festival, he declared that "there are six fiancé candidates here" because the Rajya Empire was not invited there because they were not an ally. To implicitly declare that the Rajya Empire is not included in the candidates.

    ─ And a fiancé candidate who can be targeted for assassination. Among them, Pryde's "candidates" were ... a little different.

    I picked up one of the documents and put it on top.

    It's a list of fiancé candidates given to Pryde and Tiara at the time. Each list is marked in only three places. Wes expanded on Pryde's list and reaffirmed the details of her fiancé candidates.

    Rosa, Albert, and West had selected the fiancée candidates for Pryde and Tiara. Who was Pryde's choice?

    ─ Colm Bordeaux

    The second son of a Count family. The family consists of one father, one mother, and one brother. The Bordeaux family title is inherited by the eldest son.

    He has the special ability <superhuman strength> and joined the Knights at the minimum age of fourteen. In addition, he joined the Knights' main corps in just two years from the recruitment period. At that time, he was appointed as the youngest Knight Captain at that time due to the lack of a Knight Captain and a Deputy Captain in the 3rd Division. After accumulating many achievements, he was selected as the best knight every year.

    The Guardian Knight of the First Princess Pryde Royale Ivy.

    ─ Stayle Royale Ivy

    The First Prince of the Kingdom of Freesia. The family consists of one father, one mother, one sister, and one sister. (In his original household, there was only one mother)

    Although he was born as a commoner, he has excellent special ability <teleportation> and was adopted by the royal family at the age of seven.

    He will study hard as the next Regent and stand out with his excellent brains. At this point, he has already reached out to learn the Prince Consort business and will make a further leap forward.

    The adopted brother and assistant of the First Princess Pryde Royale Ivy.

    ─ Arthur Beresford

    Knight Captain of the 8th Division of the Knights of Freesia.

    Family composition is father and mother only.

    His father is also the leader of the Knights, but both are born to the common people.

    With the special ability <plant growth assistance>, he joined the Knights at the minimum age of fourteen, and joined the Knights' main corps in just one year from the recruits. At the age of nineteen, he became the Deputy Captain of the 8th Division, and in just one month he became the Knight Captain, breaking the previous record for the youngest Knight Captain held by Colm Bordeaux.

    The guardian knight of the First Princess Pryde Royale Ivy.

    Although he is from the common people, he has had a close friendship with the next Regent, the First Prince Stayle Royale Ivy, since he was thirteen years old. Although there are concerns about knowledge and culture, I think that it is possible with the assistance from Stayle who will acquire the Prince Consort work at this time, so I will add him to the list of fiancé candidates for Pryde Royale Ivy specially.

    … Except for Colm Bordeaux, both relatives and former relatives are ordinary people.

    A home with a status that can be easily targeted if known.

    In the past, when the fiancé's identity was leaked before it was announced, there were cases where more powerful aristocrats and royal families from other countries put pressure on the houses of less powerful aristocrats, and threatened and leveraged both their relatives' positions and themselves.

    Regarding Stayle, Vest, who has been entrusted with Stayle by Rosa and Albert with Regent, decided not to tell him.

    It can't be helped at that time if it is transmitted from Pryde, but I decided that it should not be transmitted at least until then, or until Pryde has narrowed down to only one person.

    It was obvious that he, who was studying the Prince Consort work in parallel with the Regent work, would surely be upset if he knew it, and would subsequently hinder his learning.

    ... Well, at least Stayle wouldn't hate it.

    With that conviction from the bottom of his heart, Wes puts the papers back in place.

    Originally, it was Wes who put the names of Stayle and Arthur on the list. This time, in order not to make a mistake, it was the result of including not only political factors and status, but also the selection of people that Pryde herself truly wanted. And it was a perfect hit.

    "... Please let me confirm this. This fiancé candidate is ────… ”

    I don't know why Pryde made such a confirmation to Rosa at the end when she chose these three. But in any case, Wes thinks it would have been impossible without Stayle.

    Exhale quietly and close my eyes to remain silent for a few seconds.

    It was also possible because Stayle was involved in the Prince Consort business and was in parallel with the Regent business without delay.

    Rosa and Albert said it was a drastic selection, but if they persuaded them, they both agreed. I thought it would be the person I wanted to give Pryde, and above all

    Wes himself, who will have the most painful feelings. ... because I recommended Stayle to one of them.

    … The important thing is the country and the people. And it's Pryde's engagement.

    Even if the result is the most painful for me, then it can't be helped.

    On top of that, when Pryde, and my nephew Stayle, wants it, there is nothing to hesitate about as Regent. Rather, if Stayle, who became a royal family as an adopted child, becomes Prince Consort, and if he wants to stand next to me, I am only fortunate as an uncle.

    "... I'm still alive .... there's no problem."

    My wife, daughter, and son have long been out of my hands. And as Regent, I am proud that I can work for at least ten years.

    … So there is no problem. Everything is a choice for Pryde.

    You don't have to think about me.

    Fortunately, Chancellor Gilbert does not have to worry about aging. The only problem is myself, the Regent.

    There is only one thing I should do, living as a Regent and abandoning my past. … Until the time I decay, I will only fulfill my destiny.

    "... It's common for an uncle to be swung around by his nephew."

    Looking at my office, I smile, which is unusual for me.

    Originally it was my own room, but now there are some traces of Stayle. This is the result of Stayle's enthusiastic learning for nearly three years.

    To succeed me.

    To become the Regent of the Kingdom of Freesia.

    For that reason, Wes has also generously poured everything he has into Stayle. ... and Wes was prepared that if Pryde chose him, there would be blisters. At that time, all of my current hardships will be almost meaningless.

    "... You're already seventeen, you can choose it by your own will."

    I think it's not a bad idea for Stayle, who has grown up, to choose his future, a choice that Wes himself never thought of in the past.

    That is why I should think about the safety of the fiancé and his relatives.

    For that reason, the identity of the fiancé candidates must be hidden.

    "For that reason, managing physical condition is also part of my job ..."

    If something happens, there will be fewer options for both Stayle and Pryde. Stayle is the only successor for Wes. In the unlikely event that I collapse and let Stayle, who has not studied enough, take charge of Regent work, I cannot die even if I am killed.

    Wes looked around the room, checked with his own eyes from the door lock to the placement of things, and then turned off the lights.

    I slowly touched the door, greeted the guards, and then left the room.

    ... you can choose anyone.

    Whether it's Colm Bordeaux, Arthur Beresford, or Stayle.

    Even if I am injured, it doesn't matter so long as my nephew is happy.

    It's time for Pryde to decide only one of the three, for that day. And

    ………… For the sake of the future.

    ... I still can't get old.

    (Roderick POV) 390.1 And the Knight Commander Worries Also
    "What's wrong, my friend. I've been in that condition since I came back from off duty .... What happened to Clarissa?"

    Sit next to me and look into myself while looking up for sake.

    Clark, like the knights, naturally noticed that Roderick had been crazy since this morning. Furthermore, the appearance of Arthur from this morning is strange. That is why he was forced to bring Roderick to the tavern in this way. The name of Roderick's wife, Clarissa, made Roderick's face cloudy. No way, when Clark leaned forward, Roderick shook his head silently.

    "No, Clarissa and her relatives are all alive .... There is no problem with the store."

    While saying that, he emptied the mug again, and this time he poured sake on his own initiative.

    Clark swallowed two sip of sake, saying that it would be fine. That's what Roderick doesn't want to say in detail to himself at this bar. Finally, in a light tone, he said, "Then, did you have a lovers spat?" Roderick slammed the forehead on the counter in an easy-to-understand manner.

    A low-pitched sound echoed, and Clark looked surprised this time and said, "Was that it?"

    "No ... I was just unilaterally scolded ..."

    Clark laughed a little at the low Roderick's voice. So, while saying that, Clark put his arm around Roderick's shoulder and tapped it lightly to comfort him. While saying, "Clarissa is scary when she get angry," and lined up a few bottles in front of Roderick.

    Returning to Clark in one word, Roderick poured the mug in his mouth many times and emptied it, like a burnout.

    "Did she find out about something secret again?"

    Roderick bitterly replied, "That's it," to Clark, who was cheerfully drinking. Clark also asks for sake, laughing. While chewing on the dried meat that was served, Clark decided to look at Roderick, who makes his head heavier, for a while.

    Roderick swallowed bitterly with his words, feeling itchy that he couldn't speak honestly to his best friend Clark. I
    He sighed for a long time, thinking that it had been a while since they had been drinking so bitterly.

    ... not a lie.

    In fact, Roderick rushed to his wife, Clarissa, as soon as he got home.

    Roderick was surprised at what happened at first, but this time Clarissa's heart was stopped by what she was holding in his hand. ... in the envelope with the royal coat of arms.

    While Roderick was away at home, it was not uncommon for his wife to check the letters and envelopes delivered on his behalf. If it's an obituary or emergency, it's also Clarissa's job to come to the Knights Training Ground.

    And that backfired this time.

    A letter delivered by the castle guard two days ago. It was not uncommon for the Knight Commander's wife to receive mail from the castle. Furthermore, this time it is a letter to the Beresford family, not to Roderick. Clarissa opened without hesitation, and ...

    The letter states that her son, Arthur, is a candidate for the fiancé of the First Princess.

    Furthermore, it was written that it should not leak it to the outside.

    Reluctantly, Roderick revealed everything to his wife.

    A few days after Pryde's birthday festival.

    Roderick, who was called by the Queen over Colm, was not only convinced there that his subordinate Colm was a candidate for Pride's fiancé.

    What the Queen and the Regent told him was the incredible fact that his son, Arthur, was chosen as one of Pryde's fiancé candidates.

    As a Knight Commander, the fact that two of his subordinates are candidates for fiancé is a rare situation to witness, and one of the candidates is his own son.

    In such a situation, the capacity was not enough for a while after the audience, and even after returning to the Knights Training Ground, his feet were fluttering. Roderick couldn't come up with an answer even if he wondered what was going on and why it happened.

    Clarissa asked the same question as Roderick immediately after Roderick talked about it, but of course Roderick could only answer that it was Pryde's will.

    Roderick has a certain position and medal as a Knight Commander, but both he and his wife are born to the common people. Moreover, Arthur is not as well-educated as a lower aristocrat, let alone a Prince Consort. He was selected as a candidate for the next Queen's companion in this country.

    The Queen and the Regent were also explained how they were originally included as candidates. It was also told that the Prince Consort had a system in place to support "any person". Besides, it is just a candidate. It doesn't matter if Arthur is really chosen from the three. However, just because he was selected as one of the three, how much an honor it is as a citizen of the Kingdom of Freesia.

    With the honor that even senior aristocrats and other royalty could not be obtained, why their son, who only has the blood of the common people, is flowing. Far beyond surprise and joy, only doubts remained.

    Clarissa, who heard the story to the end, asked, "Does Arthur know?", But Roderick naturally shook his head.

    They can't say that. Even Roderick, who was notified directly by the Queen, still can't hide his confusion or organize his head. It was obvious that if Roderick told Arthur, who met Pryde every day as a guardian knight, Arthur would be more confused than him. In addition, the same fiancé candidate is Colm, who Arthur both respects and admires. There is only one element that Arthur is upset about.

    Neither Roderick nor Clarissa could imagine what Pryde was thinking about. Even if there is a favorite fiancé candidate, they can't find a reason to make the other one Arthur. Colm is from a Count family, but they shouldn't even meet the standards of their family.

    "... are Arthur and Pryde are really just guardian knight and First Princess ...? "

    Clarissa, who had been silent for a while to clear her head, asked Roderick to squeeze out.

    Roderick replied to Clarissa that it was definitely the only thing in the sense that there was nothing wrong with it. …But. Actually, it's not just that relationship, but he has a friendship with Stayle, the First Prince, and he has been acquainted with Pryde herself for about seven years.

    Clarissa knows that Arthur loves Pryde as a princess, but doesn't know the real reason. … If Roderick explains it, he will have to explain it from the cliff collapse incident seven years ago.

    The couple's discussion took a whole day, and Clarissa kept the small restaurant closed the whole time.

    In the end, Roderick asked her not to talk to anyone, not to Arthur, and not to let it be noticed. Roderick took the letter and there was no evidence at home.

    By the time Roderick returned to the Knights Training Ground, Clarissa was a little more organized, muttering, "I thought Arthur was the same as you, but I was absolutely ignorant of that ...".

    Roderick was worried that his wife, who had dyed her cheeks a little hot, might have been thinking too much and had a fever, but in the end she was pushed him out from the back saying, "It's okay."

    They talked to each other and told Arthur not to go home for a while. In a few days, Clarissa will be completely different. … Conversely, Roderick was reminded of the magnitude of the fact that even “that” Clarissa needed a few days.

    … How many years has it been since Clarissa had such a headache?

    With a sigh, Roderick unknowingly saw his right hand as he continued to pour alcohol into the mug.

    Some of the bottles that Clark had lined up are already empty. Roderick finally understood that he drank without knowing it.

    "Did you make her so angry, Roderick. Did you apologize properly?"

    "... I apologized, but ... it's not enough."

    Is it better just because Clarissa wasn't crying because she was worried like before?

    Even so, when he remembered his wife, who had dyed her cheeks to the point of being crowded, Roderick felt a little guilty about hiding it from her. But that's why he didn't want his wife to face such a big situation. There is no way they can refuse a marriage proposal from the royal family on their own.

    Roderick himself couldn't imagine what would happen if Arthur knew this and was chosen as the last one.

    Rejoice, refuse, be afraid, or even that. However, Roderick was convinced that Arthur would definitely be upset. Roderick understands that Arthur loves Pryde. But engagement ... when it comes to marriage, that's another thing. To be honest, Roderick is not good at capturing such subtleties, and he is aware of it.

    ...... Clark is better suited to this than I am.

    A glance, and while preparing a new bottle, Roderick turned to Clark. Clark, who tilts his mug while laughing, "You have to show your sincerity," is still on the second cup.

    He would have given a more informative opinion if Roderick told this story, but he can't tell Clark, who is only a friend of the family.

    Roderick wanted to hide it from his wife, but at the same time, he was relieved to be was able to share his worries.

    ... and Arthur's ... feelings ...

    After thinking so much, his consciousness finally faded.

    Ugh, you can definitely see where my motivation dropped during editing... I didn't even try to adjust the 3rd/1st person POV in the Uncle Wes scene.:facepalm: But it's up now. I don't care anymore. It's only Wes in the room anyway, so it's not as confusing.

    And that's the end of the Birthday Festival Arc. Anyway, there's only like two Stayle and Arthur scenes in the Unknown Story Arc, so the next drop is going to be like 70% the Sefek storyline from that arc. (Sorry, I need the Val panacea.) The rest is Cedric's proposal and the resulting fallout.
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    I don't know if anyone has noticed yet, but I edited my story arc summary post on page two into a Master List of all the content I've shared. You will still find the story arcs summarized there, but I've added the character list, and links to the scenes I've already shared (divided by story arc). I'll add more to it as I go.

    Anyway, the only thing worth remembering about the Unknown Story Arc is the whole Sefek/family storyline. Though Cedric's proposal wasn't bad, either. So I'm just going to share those! (Therefore only the last two scenes or so are Stayle and Arthur scenes.)

    *Changing the name of Sefek's relatives to Bastier, because while "Bastard" really does fit them... It's just not classy enough.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    (Sefek POV) 127.1 Intermission: Three and Seven

    It's the name given to me by my most important person.

    Every day I was trapped in a pitch-black room and listened to conversations and rumors behind the door.

    Beyond that inaccessible door, I was very envious of the party every day.

    My father and mother struck me every day and said that I wasn't good at speaking. So every day, I listened to the other side of the door and learned the words of the customers.

    I've never been called by name ...

    They didn't like my face, and my hair was pulled like it was garbage. Therefore, I desperately turned off the sound by making it smaller so that it wouldn't stand out.

    A mother who tells me every day words that she never says in front of customers because of her blood, dirty blood, and that woman.

    Poorly, she told me to forgive her because it was painful, but she didn't ever let me out of the room, and my father sometimes did something scarier than my mother.

    ... so I ran away.

    I ran away, ran away, and at last I arrived at the lower class.

    I was used to not eating, so it was okay for a while. I was used to hiding without making noise, so no one could find me.

    ... until that time.

    "Ah ... uh ... ah ...!"

    A boy was lying on the side of the road.

    A boy smaller than me. I looked around but he had no parents.

    A boy crying with bruises all over his body is like me.

    "... Hey ... can you be my family ...?"

    That was my encounter with the boy who became "Kemet".

    Consider that background from the Sinner Arc.

    The rest is the Unknown Story Arc! :blobhero:

    (Sefek POV) 392. Seven Encounters
    ─ Bang.

    Suddenly I bumped into a person.

    I didn't notice the shadows crossing in front because I had my head down with the hood on. I bumped into them, staggered, and fell to the ground. I wasn't injured, but I was more confused about the collision.

    The person that I collided with just staggered and asked, "Are you okay?" At the same time, when I saw the hand and his voice

    I was struck by indescribable disgust and fear.


    I don't even know why such feelings suddenly came up. I've been hit by people many times. Often the other person is an adult man rather than a child. In the olden days, I was spit at, stoned, and kicked. Even so, I got up as soon as I fell, and recently I was able to return a word like "I'm sorry". And yet, I can say nothing at all now.

    Mysteriously, my gaze was drawn to the outstretched hand while I sat sunken on the ground as if I was loose. When asked, "What's wrong?", I raised my face and the disordered hood fell down on my back.

    The brown-haired girl was revealed, and my bloodless face looked up at the man in front of me. I can't take my eyes off the man who seems to be familiar to me.

    "What's wrong? Even though you're in good physical condition ...?"

    The man, who was kindly worried about me, turned his eyes to my pale face.

    Suspecting that I was suddenly ill, he gently put his hand on my back. When asked if I would like to stand, I finally squeeze out only a faint voice from my throat saying "It's okay ...".

    Stand up on my own will using all my strength in my limbs so that I can escape from the assistance of men. When I tried to leave the place while dusting my clothes, the man first dusted my clothes with his familiar hands. Suddenly touched, and mysteriously, I body solidified like ice.

    "I wasn't looking where I was going ... I'm sorry. Are you really not injured, or in poor physical condition?"

    I replied with hollow eyes to a man who bent down to the same level to make eye contact with me.

    Even so, the man recommends that I, who doesn't look good, take a rest somewhere away from the market, but I shake my head. The well-dressed man worriedly peeks at me many times, but my answer remains the same. The man never left, and my legs were stiff, and I spoke words with my quivering lips.

    "It's okay ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...

    I don't even know why such a word came out.

    However, I felt that I had to reflexively say so to the person in front of me. The man also twisted his head as if he was confused by the sudden apology, and his eyes ... rounded.

    "………You are."

    Involuntarily, the man leaks a different low voice.

    He kept staring at my face, which he should have been looking at for a while, with a completely different expression.

    No, no ... but this is. Looking at me from top to bottom as if suspicious while muttering alone. The man traces his memory to the color of my hair and eyes and grabs my shoulders with his hands.


    … On the verge of trying, a lower voice was released to cut them off.

    The two turn around at the same time to the hostile and familiar voice. In sight, Val was glaring at the man, apparently in a bad mood, and Kemet, who grabbed his arm. Both of them are wearing hoods and their eyes underneath are still directed at the man and Sefek.

    "Do you have something for my kid?"

    He glared but since he was not allowed to extort by contract, he put pressure on the man with the bare minimum of words.

    While approaching the man with a heavy weight, only his sharp eyes are fixed so as to pierce the man. The man who muttered "Yours ...⁇" in response to Val's words and retreated, unable to endure Val's vicious appearance.

    When they got close to me, Kemet rushed out before Val and touched my shoulder, saying "Are you okay?"

    While swaying back and forth, Val, who stepped between me and the man, asked again, "Do you have something?" And stared at the man. The man squeaks his throat, but stops moving like a frog stared at by a snake.

    "... you are ... that child's ... parent ...?"

    "Does it look like there is such a kid?"

    Val's appearance is atrocious, but the age difference between him and me and Kemet was half like parent and child. Still, wondering if he was seen at that age, the man replied "No ..." to Val, who glared at him with his tongue.

    Disgusted by the crisp man, Val once looks back at me and Kemet. When Kemet, who noticed it, replied, "Sefek seems to be okay!", Val finally relaxed. Huh ... he sighed tiredly and turned his back to the man. Calling the names of me and Kemet, we turn our faces lightly.

    "…let's go."

    With Val's words as a signal, Kemet took my hand. If I reflexively grasp back, my limbs will move normally.

    Yeah, I was pulled by Kemet and ran past the man to Val. Then, in a hurry, the man shouted, "Wait." Val looked back lightly, at the volume so loud that many people in the market couldn't help but look back.

    "That child is yours ... what? Sefek ...⁇"

    Val doesn't understand the meaning of the question from the man who asks without blinking, and he looks closer.

    Rather, he wanted to ask what the man means by that question, but when he ignored it and tried to leave, the same question was shouted out again. It was a cry so loud that the guards and knights who heard the noise seemed to run.

    Unable to stand out anymore, Val cursed while pulling the hood with his fingertips. If it was possible, he would like to hit the man here to silence him, but Val can't do that either. Val had no choice but to stop and stare at the man.

    "... Sefek. Do you know him?"

    Suspecting that the man in front of him is strangely inquisitive, he asks me.

    After a quick glance, I squeezed Kemet's hand and opened my mouth, hiding a little behind Val's back.

    "…Do not know him."

    With just that one word, Val confirmed me shaking my head and looked at the man.

    Astonished at her words, the man who opens his eyes seems to be a one-sided acquaintance or a stranger. Val tried to turn his back again, but he thought it would be troublesome to be called out and opened his mouth.

    "It's a mistake. This kid's name is Sefek, and she has nothing to do with Temee."

    While continuing to be satisfied with this, this time Val grabs Sefek's other hand.

    Sefek, who touched Val's hand with the opposite hand to the one connecting with Kemet, squeezed back with great force. However, the man still doesn't back down. He shouts that Val hasn't answered the first question, and even a kidnapper will get into trouble. Val thinks seriously how to silence the man who shouts with a momentum that seems to really call the guards.

    It's hard to stand out, but if he gets stopped by the guards, it can't be helped that he'd get accused of kidnapping two kids. Rather, even if the real kidnapper's appearance is different, it has happened several times because of his bad physiognomy. Even though he thinks so, the man's cry does not stop. Val wonders whether to use his special abilities to escape from him in public.

    "I'm from the Bastier family! Depending on the situation, I can detain you! Answer me if you don't like it! How do you get that child ..."

    "We're a family!"

    Kemet's still high boyish voice echoed as if blocking the man's words.

    Kemet, who turned his face straight, said, while being a little wary of the man. When the man stopped his words at such a clear affirmation, Kemet opened his mouth and laughed to continue.

    "Sefek is my sister and Val is our family! So we have nothing to do with this uncle. We don't know you at all."

    Let's go, as Kemet pulled forward with me and Val.

    I, who holds hands with Kemet, starts walking next, and Val starts walking as if pulled. Val turned his back to the man again, but this time he didn't return any words.

    When Val looked around to see if we'd get caught, the man was still staring at me. Next, when Val looked at me, I was staring at Kemet, who kept pulling us strongly as if he was no longer interested in the man, with my mouth open. For the first time, Val saw Kemet speaking words so clearly and head-on to anyone other than the people around him.

    As he noticed Val and my gaze, Kemet turned around and laughed shyly.

    "... Did I protect Sefek as cool as Val just now?"

    Val and I blinked at the same time as Kemet, who naturally loosened his legs and fell behind to usual position instead of pulling us.

    "……Thank you."

    I strongly held back Kemet's hand and replied.

    Already in the crowd, the man was no longer visible. After confirming that, Val once let go of me and bought two apples at a nearby store. As it is, hand it over to them without saying anything.

    When Kemet happily shouted, "Thank you!", Val handed the apples over to us.

    At the moment when I bit the apple alongside Kemet, I finally remember that I was hungry. After a brief thank you to the sweet juice moisturizing my throat, Val turned his back and started walking again. I continued to bite the apple without saying anything for a while, following along with Kemet behind his back. I don't know where to go, I don't even know if Val decided.

    Now, I don't care about the destination.

    (Val POV) 392.1 And Chooses
    Kemet utters a voice saying "Good night" and returns appropriately. However, as usual, he was not released from Sefek. As Val turned his back on them, wondering if she had already gone to sleep or if she was still sick, Val suddenly heard someone getting out of bed behind me. The sound of rubbing cloth and the sound of footsteps landing lightly. Furthermore, even the footsteps that have been hidden are approaching.

    Despite noticing the sound, Val did not look back and exhaled low. With his back to them, he listened without moving, and the source of the footsteps sneaked into his bed without hesitation.

    "... That's not where Temee sleeps, Sefek."

    Speak with a disgusted voice without looking back. At the same time, Kemet seems to have got up from the bed, and Val heard the sound of the cloth rubbing from the other side.

    Still, Sefek rolled, sticking to Val's back. She got in between the blankets and pulled the cloth on Val's back.

    "………because it's cold."

    Val, who was still and convinced of her stubbornness, replied, "Where?"

    This season is summer. Furthermore, this is a well-ventilated, high-class room. At least it wasn't colder than the usual sleeping areas and inns.

    Val gives up and closes his eyes to Sefek, who is silently wrapped in Val's words. While doing so, a small shadow cast from the bed over there, and this time Kemet rushed into the bed without any signs of hiding.

    When Val moaned aloud at the expected development, Kemet sneaked into the bed with Sefek sandwiched in between him and Val, saying, "I'm cold too!" Since it was originally a huge bed, it wouldn't be too small for three people to lie down, and Val gives up, thinking that the bedding will all be stolen by Sefek come morning.

    He said they should at least take the blankets from Temee's bed, but neither of them seemed to move.

    Val closed his eyes while cursing himself. Anyway, this room is more comfortable than a field inn to sleep on the floor. However, when Val thinks of the beds he rented for three people and sees the two empty beds, Val thinks it's just stupid.

    "......... That man .... You might have noticed."

    Sefek threw a small word in the darkness of silence. It was more than enough time since the three of them were silent. An unthinkably quiet voice from the usual Sefek voice was heard enough by Val and Kemet, who were at close range. Kemet gently stroked her brown hair from behind Sefek as Val curled up to the point of being annoyed.

    "... that person ......... my ..."

    When Sefek said that, her body suddenly trembled.

    Just as the whole body refused to put it into words, Sefek couldn't put it into words. Already seven years ago, almost like a nightmare, Sefek can't remember in detail. Even so, the scars and facts remained vividly in both her mind and body.

    Sefek couldn't help but squeeze her teeth as if they were ticking. At that time, she pulled her body away from Val's back, which she had clung to so that Val wouldn't notice her trembling.

    Val turned over and turned his body toward Sefek.

    e. Unexpectedly, Sefek eyes are round.

    For a moment Sefek wondered if Val was sick and wanted to get out of bed. Instead of going out, Val, who had only turned his back until now, turned his front to them for the first time.

    In front of Sefek, who lay down on Val's back, there was now Val's chest. When Sefek raised her face slightly, Val, who was moody and wrinkled between his eyebrows, looked down at her. Perhaps Kemet, who was behind Sefek, was also surprised, and once he stopped stroking Sefek's hair.

    Then Val silently reached out from Sefek to Kemet's back and pulled them together. A large palm caught Kemet's back, and his powerful arms surrounded them as if he was hugging Sefek. Being strongly sandwiched between Kemet and Val, Sefek felt far more secure than oppressed. Kemet screamed happily behind her ears and clung to Sefek's back more firmly than before. Gripping Val's clothes with both hands rather than the bedding, Sefek put her forehead on his chest. Exhale with an incredible sense of security. Only then did another word come out of her mouth.

    "... that person ......... knows my previous name."

    After Sefek noticed it at the time, she felt uncomfortable and the feelings that swirled around the back of her chest finally became words.

    Sefek had never been called by name until she received her name from Val. Did a name really exist that she didn't know about before throwing it away? Or was she never even given a name? If there was a name, for whatever reason, in what sense, and why never ...

    “……… But I wasn't called.”

    In addition, a fading voice was emitted from Sefek's mouth, which seemed to look down.

    Or she's been called, and Sefek just can't remember. Or was it a name that isn't even worth calling, or were they hesitant to call it? The more Sefek thought about it, the more the question remained.

    The hand that Kemet grabbed became even more gentle. Kemet, who was three years old at the time they met, may have been named before even if he didn't remember. But he didn't have any memory of his parents. Today Sefek seems to envy him.

    Then Val's chest swelled as he took a deep breath. And then a slow and deep breath is released. Perhaps tired of being sloppy, Val briefly called her "Sefek." Sefek didn't reply, wondering if he would tell them to go to sleep. Then, the same words are emitted again with a quieter voice than before.

    "... Sefek."

    Clearly, Sefek raises her face to the voice that seems to call her.

    Then, even Sefek, who was accustomed to the darkness, clearly saw Val's sharp eyes on her. Val opens his mouth again to Sefek, who takes a breath and looks straight back.

    "Sefek .... Do you need another name?"

    If you want it, I'll take it away. Val's voice, which continued to say so, seemed to separate somewhere ... and was terribly kind.

    As soon as she heard the words, Sefek shook her little lips. She shook his head many times, rubbing her forehead against Val, and clung to him again without hiding her trembling limbs. The natural answer that Sefek had from the beginning rushes out with tears.

    "... I don't need it ...!"

    I don't need it.

    The words that Sefek thought from the bottom of her heart finally came out of her mouth.

    From the beginning, there could be nothing more than this name called by two of the most irreplaceable beings in the world, no one else.

    Even at that time, even if that man called her name and cried, Sefek would definitely choose Val and Kemet.

    ... She's always been happy here.

    Sefek doesn't want to go back to the previous mansion and that man, and she doesn't want to see him again. This is where she am now. ... Sefek was relieved thinking that she didn't need anything else.

    Sefek doesn't care about the past. That moment when she met Kemet and was given a name by Val, that was when she began to exist in this world.

    The place where she could escape is here.

    If she notices it, she finds herself screaming strongly. While burying her face in Val's chest and being hugged by Kemet.

    If she repeated to squeeze out that this name was good, Sefek was good, and this was good all the time, Val wiped Sefek's tears only once with the opposite hand to the one that was holding them.

    Relieved, surrounded by their presence, Sefek fell asleep for the night without any movement.

    Val finally closes his eyes when he sees the girl who begins to sigh with tears flowing.

    Kemet, with his palm on her back, noticed it and put his hand on Val's arm. He laughed happily, burying his face on Sefek's back, and closed his eyes to follow Val.

    ─ There was a family of three.

    (Leon POV) 394. The Trader Prince Hears
    "How was your vacation? Did you spend your time slowly?"

    A month's vacation. For those who were always busy, it would have been a long time since they were able to stretch their wings.

    Despite this, he gave me a live reply to my question, and he made an unusually stagnant look. When Val takes his eyes off of me, Val tilts his face back to look at the sofa past the table. When I turned my face so that I could catch it, Kemet and Sefek were sleeping close to each other.

    They used to stare next to him until the talk between Val and I was over, but nowadays they seem to have more free time and after meals they can relax on the sofa in the room. I'm glad that they got used to my room a little.

    But now Val's gaze on them looks a little different and I tilted my head. Then, probably because he noticed my gaze, when he moved his gaze to the bottle again, he snorted and began to look for sake.

    "... I was crushed by my pride."

    His eyes, muttering abominably, seem to be mixed with hatred, and his heart is strangely disturbed.

    What happened? After clicking his tongue a few times, he talked surprisingly easily. He spoke quietly, visually checking to see if the kids were sleeping, and seemed to be dozens of times more careful than he was during the usual chats.

    He was frustrated by the story of Sefek and her "related people" who they encountered in the royal capital of the Freesia Kingdom about a month ago.

    "... I see. That was a disaster."

    I don't know the circumstances of Sefek and Kemet, but his tone of speech made me feel unfavorable.

    I don't remember much about the name Bastier, but it's probably a nobleman from the Kingdom of Freesia. Is it a Viscount or Baron family that I don't remember?

    "It would have been easier if I could have killed him with my hands like in the old days ..."

    While talking, he was a little slower than usual to empty the bottle.

    He didn't even talk about his impressions, but he seems to be somewhat depressed.

    I think that is probably the reason why Val did not even approach Freesia and its neighboring country, Anemone, for a while. If I were in his position, I would move my location as far as possible so that I wouldn't have to meet the man. As far as I can tell, it seems that he's still obsessed with Sefek.

    If the man tries to regain Sefek by wielding his authority, or to trap Val and his friends, it will be difficult for him, who is a former sinner and has a contract of servitude, to protect them. ...... No, but.

    "Did you talk to Pryde or Chancellor Gilbert?"

    Val is now a purveyor to the royal family. Even though he has stronger connections than the aristocrats in that area.

    He dismissed my question, "I can't say it." When I asked him why, he said, "They don't have a relationship." Apparently he doesn't want to involve Pryde. It seems he thinks that she will take action as soon as she hears the story. ………… Well, is that okay?

    I replied and got up from my seat. I picked up a slightly higher quality liquor than usual and put it in front of him.

    "I see. In other words, it's confidential from Pryde."



    I made a voice at Val who didn't understand the meaning of my words. The response was unexpected, and I also replied with a dumb voice.

    He raised his eyebrows as if to understand my words, and after a few beats he asked again with a suspicious look, "What are you saying?" His question is so surprising that I honestly ask him a question.

    "... Is it different?"

    "What is it?"

    ... I just can't communicate. It's usual for him to give me a casual reply, but this time around I can't get it. Because, no matter what he thinks about him now ...

    "Maybe ... are you unaware?"

    "Temee's head is just boiling."

    I replied that it was so and tilted my head. When I thought about it with my arms crossed, Val glared at me and scratched his head with frustration. The appearance of exposing his sharp teeth and glaring at me is as if he were fooling himself.

    But well, if he doesn't understand it, it might be better. It may be the result that he doesn't want to admit his judgment.

    I tilted the contents of the glass at a stretch while muttering alone this time, saying nothing. "Would you like to drink more?" He poured the liquor into a glass he had never used before, and I swallowed it all at once before he finished pouring it into his glass.

    It seems that the high frequency was a surprise hit, and for a moment he made his face terrible and steep. But maybe he liked it as it was, after I finished pouring my portion into the glass, Val took the rest with the bottle and started drinking directly with a sip.

    "For the time being, it may be better to avoid the area for another half a month. The three of you will stand out if he tries to find you."

    "... I think so."

    Without knowing my intention, he quietly agreed. The easy acceptance was a little more surprising than usual.

    I had a little bad expectation that I could see him drunk tonight, but it didn't change. After emptying nearly seven bottles of sake with a higher alcohol content than usual, Val woke up the kids on the sofa and went home before the sun rose.

    On the verge of leaving, Val, who usually silently or curses, said in a muttering voice, "Don't involve us." Val's not completely unaware, and he may be conscious enough to complain. See you again, after waving off to the three who turned their backs, I also started preparing to sleep for tomorrow.

    ... he may not have noticed.

    Wasn't there such a relationship? Or was it just comfortable?

    Until now, he hasn't tried to show the inside out of stubbornness, but he told me for the first time. And above all, he came to me, even if he was unaware.

    I'm sorry for him who is seriously worried about Sefek, but I was simply happy about this.

    He told me, who should also be unrelated to the situation, saying that he couldn't say anything to Pryde. It was just a little thing that I put it inside him.

    "For the time being, tomorrow, I will immediately investigate the Bastier family and consult with the Regent ... Well, in my name, I think it's okay to report to Chancellor Gilbert."

    It's just a story if you hit it and dust comes out. While muttering, I finished getting dressed and went to bed. I vaguely remember them with my eyes closed.

    Worried, pondering alone, but still calm. It was as if Val hadn't even noticed what he was worried about.

    He relaxes his hand, talks, and continues to spit out facts without any conclusions ...

    "... Then I have to live up to those expectations."

    I laugh unscrupulously. ... Yeah, let's move immediately starting tomorrow morning. Because he who wanted to be my best friend

    Because it was the first time for me to be "consulted".

    (Leon POV) 395. The Trader Prince Extends
    "Sir Bastier's story is very informative. I can't often go to the rural areas of the Kingdom of Freesia. All the people are friendly and the women are beautiful .... It's really nice."

    The man, waving humbly to Leon's words, laughed sadly at his wife, who had died ahead of him six years ago.

    Leon hung his eyebrows and smiled back, and as he remembered, he said, "Oh, that's right."

    "Recently, I heard from a sailor of a trading partner how to fortune-telling with cards. If you like, can I do it?"

    Oh, is that okay! Happily, the man showed both palms and was surprised.

    By all means, he praised Leon, saying, "so it's true that you know such things." And

    That smile can easily freeze.

    After cutting the cards several times, showing them, dividing them into several pieces, arranging them, and putting a few more in a circle on the table.

    Fli, Leon picked up the cards left in his hand one by one and showed them side by side.

    "... One. You seem to be in love."

    Only the man's heart jumped up while hiding his expression on the surface.

    He laughs brightly and says he's nostalgic for such times until he meets his dead wife. However, Leon put another card on it.

    "Two .... Every day you're surrounded by people. Amazing, isn't it rare for a baron to have parties so often every day."

    The man's spine froze as if he was peeking there.

    Not only in the village, but also with many aristocrats. That's why he said in a gentle tone that he had a place to relax.

    "Three .... You have a big secret. There are many secrets when it comes to the Baron family, but this doesn't seem to be a very gentle secret."

    At last, even the friendly laughter disappeared from the man.

    It is drunk as if it was pushed into the air as if a trial was being held in front of him.

    "Four ... Unjustified redemption. The tax rate is too high. The tax rate should have dropped in the Freesia Kingdom these past several years, but here it has even risen slightly, not even slightly. None of your people seems to know it. . "

    The intonation of Leon's gentle voice disappears.

    Leon feels nothing but disdain for the man in front of him who was only fattening himself, deceiving
    the people, and betraying their trust in him.

    "Five. ………………………… An erased woman."

    The last words were quietly cast in a cold space.

    A man can't even look into his small face. The voice that Leon made sounded painful which made him wonder if the women he had worked on and their bereaved familirs were related to Leon. However, he can't remember a woman who had a relationship with the Kingdom of Anemone. There were many women who only stayed overnight.

    However, he couldn't move in front of the Prince in front of him who knew all his bad karma. There are many ways to seal the mouths of the people in that area. However, the opponent is the First Prince of the Anemone Kingdom. There is no reason to think it's an enemy he can scratch with his feet.

    Leon stands up silently in front of a man who trembles rattlingly and is about to spill out of his chair.

    "Around this time, the knights of the Freesia Kingdom will be visiting your village. With the Countess who controls the territory .... You already know Chancellor Gilbert. And now outside this room, the knights of the Freesia Kingdom are waiting. The reason is ... you already know. "

    The brightness disappeared from Leon's neat face, which should have been laughing at first.

    His eyes, which were cold and just looked down on the separated being, were shining like jade. Leon put the unnecessary cards together and left them on the table as the man settled with sweat without words.

    "One of the women you erased is living happily now. After finding someone who she cares for ... and someone who cares for her ... There is no need for her to think of you again."

    Leon says, holding down his chest full of a little anger and more sadness with one hand.

    He was so traumatized by what the man had done that he felt guilty of what he knew.

    From here he will be punished as a sinner by the law of the Freesia Kingdom. From this point on, it is the territory of the Kingdom of Freesia. All Leon can do is expose this man's crimes to the sun and leave the rest to Chancellor Gilbert. Gilbert had already responded promptly to the information provided by Leon.

    Leon suddenly condemns himself as a stranger, and the man is suddenly skeptical. He doesn't know how much time Leon spent investigating, and above all, the existence and personal connections of the First Prince of the Anemone Kingdom.

    It is possible for Leon to kill the man alone in an empty guest room. If he says the man resisted and attacked, no one will accuse First Prince Leon of killing one sinner.

    When he thought about it, the man rattled and trembled, and finally spilled from the chair and collapsed. Leon turned his eyes straight to the man who looked up with a deep blue face while keeping his legs like a backrest, not even thinking of sitting back.

    "Never again ... No, don't get involved with women. Any women, relatives, unrelated, married, single, and all ages. If you do the same thing again. …………… I'm sure I can't forgive you. ”

    The man felt with his skin that it was a true word.

    And how terrifying the "forgiveness" from him, who is famous as the next King of the Anemone Kingdom. Now is the time to be convinced that if anger and attachment are added to his emotions that are restrained by sadness, he will be punished in an unimaginable way.

    Leon quietly rings his finger when he sees the man nodding many times. The door opened vigorously with a clicking sound.

    Along with the knights of the Anemone Kingdom, the knights of the Freesia Kingdom are lined up to capture the man as if surrounding them. The man whose will to resist has already been broken is taken away by the knights.

    After seeing off the knights and exchanging greetings. Leon immediately moved to the next public service.

    “……… Sefek was… lucky.”

    Because she was able to get away from those hellish days and met Val and Kemet.

    With that in mind, Leon muttered in his mouth and laughed a little.

    A life in a dark closed room, cut off from the outside, and a place filled with anger and greed. Overcoming it, she seized the present happiness. Leon would be happy if he could protect that happiness as much as possible. ... and a little proud.

    "Help me".

    To the screams of her past self, who had no voice and cried out only in her heart ... I wish I could reach out with just one fingertip.

    (Leon POV) 395.1 And is Recognized
    "Oh, by the way ... I don't think you need to avoid the royal capital anymore."

    Three weeks after my last visit.

    Val, Sefek and Kemet were visiting the Kingdom of Anemone again.

    Two days ago yesterday, they spent time with Pryde in Freesia, and now they have sake and food in the Kingdom of Anemone. However, unlike Val, Sefek and Kemet were so tired that they were sleeping early now.

    After confirming their deep sleep, Leon threw his first words at Val as if he had remembered it by chance.

    "…? What do you mean."

    Val raises his eyebrows and stares at Leon as if he doesn't understand the meaning of those words.

    Val had emptied a few bottles of liquor, and as far as I could see, it seemed that he had forgotten about Sefek and that man. I returned with a smooth smile and placed two bottles of alcohol on the table, which Val was familiar with, as if to recreate the previous time.

    "I happened to hear it when I met Prince Stayle the other day. It was Bastier, wasn't it ... I heard that he was caught recently."

    Val shouted, "Ah⁈," to my light-hearted words.

    Immediately after, check the sofa where Sefek and Kemet are sleeping. After confirming that they were moaning but sleeping soundly, this time he asked in a low voice as if to hide.

    "... What did you do?"

    "It was the knights of the Freesia Kingdom who caught him, and it seems that Chancellor Gilbert denounced him? At least no one but me knows the connection between you and the man."

    Absolutely. Val still turned his suspicious eye to me, who laughed.

    You worry too much. I continued with a cool face as Val continued to stare at me looking for words.

    "It seems that the tax collected was being exploited in the middle. I heard that various other problems were discovered on the way, and all his territories, titles and assets were taken away and he was severely punished .... Do you want to hear more? "

    "I'm not interested."

    Val refused in one word to me, who asked while pouring the contents of the bottle into a glass.

    A thoughtful face is certainly facing me, staring strongly at the glass being poured. I laugh and exhale from the bottom of my heart at the prompt answer from Val. A light reply patted the surface of the glass.

    In addition, pour sake into my own glass. Suddenly, I remembered and said, "By the way, it's the same strong sake as last time," and he said "It's too late." ... I think that he may have the last time unexpectedly. This time he hadn't spoken yet, and Val kept staring at the glass as if he was suspicious of poison.

    "... Even if it's about Sefek?"

    After pouring my own portion, put the rest of the jar on the table and ask at the end.

    To make sure that's what he's not interested in that, either. Then Val lightly said with the same words, "I'm not interested."

    "Does Temee think that I want to know that?"

    "I don't know. I just asked people .... But I think this is no longer the area where you can't protect them."

    I responded to Val's low voice, with a smooth smile and a gentle voice.

    Shaking my blue hair lightly and laughing, I suddenly doubt that Val hasn't touched the glass yet. He seemed to like it last time, but I wondered if he would drink this time, so I picked up my own glass. Then Val picked up his glass heavily, as if to match me.


    ...... Lightly hit it against my glass.

    When he turned away from me, who turned my eyes in surprise, Val swallowed the contents of the glass with a moody face again. It makes a squeak, swallows the second mouth, and finally turns only the sitting eyes toward me.

    I was more shocked than I thought to be toasted by Val for the first time. For that exchange that was like a friend.

    “……… What is it now?”

    "Who knows."

    The question that finally came up was mercilessly knocked down by Val.

    In addition, after turning away from me with his body, he tilted the glass so that he couldn't be caught by me, who tilted the glass many times, and ... I inadvertently tilted it too much, and I, who was like a stone, choked on the high volume.

    I hurriedly put it on the table so as not to spill the contents of the glass, even though my throat was a little burnt. Upon seeing me, Val looked back at my unusual and stupid appearance, pointing his finger and laughing. A high-pitched laughter echoes in the room of the First Prince.

    "... Hmm ... well, I swallowed this all at once ..."

    "Where are you different from a boy?"

    I breathed while holding my mouth in my hand as Val ridiculed me. My face blushes a little because I tried to swallow too much at once.

    I hurriedly poured more wine into another glass and swallowed it vigorously because I was still coughing. Val continued to gaze happily at my unusual throat-clearing appearance. A glass calmed my throat, but with another glass, I poured more wine into a glass and drank it.

    I sit in a chair, finally weakening in front of Val, who laughs too much and shakes his shoulders.

    I tilted the glass terrifyingly, whispering, "I know ..." when Val pointed to my high-seed drinking with his chin, saying that it was still there.

    "... Yeah. After all, the sake itself is delicious ..."

    Instead of words, Val still can't stop laughing at me, who looks a little sloppy. He burned my ugliness into his eyes while drinking a little bit.

    Depressed by the fact that I have revealed such a merciless appearance, I casts his eyes on Val, who continues to laugh. And for a moment, when I opened my eyes.

    At his appearance laughing more carelessly than usual.

    The moment he noticed my round gaze, he returned to his usual suspicious face, but I did see it.

    Val, who disgustedly distorted his face, lightly deflected his upper body from me.

    "... I wonder if I got closer to my friend again."

    While looking straight at Val, I suddenly said something I thought.

    Val raised his eyebrows to the word and swallowed the rest of the glass at once. My throat was a little burnt, but it was better than last time.


    For some reason, Val, who did not return a proper denial as usual, swallowed the strong liquor with his mouth directly on the bottle.

    I incline my head to the fact that I doesn't get a reply, and finally drinks a glass of sake in several sis.

    When Val turned away from me, he naturally turned to Sefek and Kemet, who slept on the sofa. Perhaps Sefek's sleep has become too deep, and Kemet is about to be crushed by half during the sleeping phase.

    I wonder if he will say something again. I silently stare at Val, who looks at them, and waits for a reply.

    Then his mouth, separated from the bottle, became soft and loose this time.

    Even though Val knew that he was receiving my gaze, I felt that his eyes had softened. I who saw it wondered if Val was seriously drunk for a moment

    “……………………………… It ’s not bad.”


    A low, soliloquy-like mutter spilled from Val.

    I suspiciously asked, but Val doesn't say it again. Instead, this time I ask him quickly.

    "Is it the taste of alcohol?"

    "Who knows."

    I love this storyline so much...On a different note though, here's Cedric's proposal to Tiara. He's checking all the boxes...too bad he's an idiot.

    (Pryde POV) 398.1 Witnesses
    "Tiara Royale Ivy .... I want you to add me to your list of fiancé candidates."

    Stayle was the first to speak out.

    Open his eyes and compare Cedric, Pryde, and Tiara as if to ask what he means. Just like Tiara, who turns bright red at once when confessed to in public, Pryde behind her also turns bright red. However, immediately after that, when Stayle opened his mouth unbearably, "What was that?", Pryde reached out and covered Stayle's mouth as if in a hurry. She jumps out from behind the rigid Tiara to behind Stayle. Mugu⁈ and Stayle is more surprised and stiff by Pryde's hand touching him than by his mouth being sealed.

    Cedric continued his words, though he was a little confused by the rigid Tiara.

    "Now, Queen Rosa has given permission ... and public announcement. From now on, the United Kingdom of Hanazuo and the Freesia Kingdom will jointly establish an international postal institution in each other's country."

    Cedric held up a copy of the just-established consent form to Tiara. Of course, the headquarters will continue to be in the Freesia Kingdom, and he waits for a reaction.

    The contract did say so, and the two Kings, as well as Queen Rosa signed their consent.

    Arthur and Eric, who learned about it for the first time, also unintentionally let out their voices. The international postal agency, its name and proposal, has been known for three years, but no concrete progress has been made. … Except for the “delivery person” who works exclusively for the royal family.

    Of course, Pryde and Stayle also know the attempt with the United Kingdom of Hanazuo. They were the ones who exchanged letters with Cedric, consulted, and even bridged the matter to Queen Rosa. …But,

    … Why is he talking about that in the current flow…⁈

    Pryde finds it incomprehensible.

    She was wondering why⁈ many times, but now she can't help but get in the way of the brink of Cedric's proposal. And Stayle, who was listening to the story while being silenced by Pryde

    He understood everything.

    To his surprise, Stayle, who couldn't speak, couldn't say anything even if Pryde released him. He was doing his best to catch up with the situation that was too diagonally above his expectations.

    "...? ... That's ... what ...⁈"

    Tiara asks as she becomes confused.

    Like Pryde, Tiara doesn't understand why Cedric is talking about that now. Why did he suddenly confess again? She even thinks that Pryde should have left the room. But Cedric replied without even being confused by Tiara's reaction.

    "I will be involved in this international postal institution as a postal director .... The United Kingdom of Hanazuo and the Kingdom of Freesia. To connect many countries in the wider world."

    He's not kidding or lightly prepared. It was understood by everyone in front of Cedric.

    The flame of his eyes that shimmered red was exactly the same as the one shown in the defense battle.

    A joint agency of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo and the Kingdom of Freesia. Then, it was inevitable that the chief supervisor would be one of the upper ranks. And Cedric, the Prince of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo, is more than adequately qualified.

    But Tiara still don't know. Why is it a story of putting himself forward as a fiancé candidate? Does hr want to say that it is appropriate now that he has become the representative of the joint organization of both countries? However, Cedric, the younger brother of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo, already has that qualification. She even thought that Tiara would ask what would change just because he got a job title. But before that, Cedric

    "That's why I'm rooted in this country for the rest of my life."

    Said and let go.

    Tiara was also suffocated by the words.

    Tiara tried to understand Cedric's words, but couldn't understand them. She also doubted that he understood what he was saying. However, Cedric is unwavering. When he rolled up the consent form again and put it in his clothes, Cedric caught Tiara with his eyes. While everyone was astonished and rested without words, only Cedric moved slowly ... and finally reached for Tiara.

    Everyone on the spot gives her unimaginable words, for that reason.

    "... Now you can stay in this country even if you get married."

    It was a quiet and gentle voice.

    Starting with that word, Tiara trembles in small steps. Shaking her thin white limbs, her lips moved to say something, but her head couldn't think of any words and just breathed.

    "If you marry me, the younger brother of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo, you will fulfill your mission as the Second Princess, but you will not be separated from your loved ones. With Pryde ... with Prince Stayle, with your beloved family ”.

    Tiara's shoulders went up and down as the words were released straight.

    Hold her chest with both hands and clench her lower lip tightly. As the tremors get worse, Tiara can't take her eyes off Cedric's burning eyes as if she was trapped.

    "You don't have to love me ... I just want to give you everything I can. Even if you're Leo ..., ... if you've already decided the man you love, If you don't mind, please refuse. "

    Pryde took her hand off Stayle and held her chest down, thinking it was as if Cedric was just saying that Tiara could use him conveniently.

    Cedric has already been decided as the postal manager. In other words, he intends to continue to fulfill his duties even if Tiara refuses.

    "But if that's not the case .... I want you to choose me. If you don't know and decide to be a wallflower ............... Then next to me , I want to watch you bloom. "

    The eyes captured by Cedric sway.

    Tiara knew without wiping that her cheeks were hot and not just because of the heat. Still, keep an eye on Cedric. Cedric, who noticed the drops in Tiara's eyes, was confused first and shook for the first time.

    Tiara's lips slowly start to move.

    "Why". She was short of breath, and the word shook in the air without making a sound.

    Cedric's rooting in the Kingdom of Freesia also means leaving the United Kingdom of Hanazuo. From the important brothers and the country who saved him, he himself.

    Only Cedric, who caught the unvoiced Tiara's question from the front, understood the word only by the movement of her mouth. However, he could not understand the question itself, and he frowned a little and returned to her with a further question.

    "Do I need a reason to give everything to the woman I love ?"

    Only the question that was too pure cut through even the air there.

    Cedric was upset by the tears of Tiara that overflowed as soon as he spoke, rather than his own words. Still, he spins his thoughts until at least he can stop.

    "I want to see you laughing from the bottom of you heart beside the people you want to be with. I want you to keep laughing with your important people ... and I want to be with you."

    The overflowing tears finally ran down her thin neck from her cheeks, wetting her chest.

    She kept her eyes on him, and when Tiara blinked repeatedly, the dripping teardrops were sucked into the carpet. Tiara finally covered her mouth with both hands and looked down, crying and crying.

    Cedric lifted his outstretched hand to wipe her tears ... and hesitated. Without waiting for Tiara's reply, he feel like he doesn't even have the right to wipe the tears.

    He held his fist in his hand as he tried to stretch it out, and endured it, and then gently extended his hand in front of Tiara.

    "... Tiara. Let me say that word again when I said goodbye."

    Cedric simply speaks to the speechless Tiara.

    He thinks that his feelings are one-sided to Tiara that speaks no words, more than anyone else.

    "Tiara Royale Ivy .... I was fascinated by you."

    He has absolute memory ability.

    He won't make a mistake in the words of the oath Cedric gave her nine months ago.

    Tiara's throat is already squeezed, and her hands holding her mouth shed tears and wet her sleeves. She can't stop her tears even if she wants to stop them, and she can't stand even if she closes her eyes.

    "As I said before, next to you ... I want that to be the place I spend my life. "

    As soon as she heard the words, Tiara cleared her throat again.

    Then, with her trembling fingertips, she gently touched his right hand. Hold his hand and gently pull it to her cheek. Touched by Tiara's thin fingers, Cedric's hand was slammed. Still, the fingertips of his hands, stretched to her face at the invitation of Tiara, finally got a little wet with her tears.

    "... I will choose ..."

    The answer that was like water overflowed from her lips and spilled.

    (Pryde POV) 398.2 And Answers
    "Oh ... Pryde-sama."

    After returning to the room saying that Tiara was tired, Arthur returned to my room with Stayle and opened his mouth for the first time in a while.

    He was worried about how to say the words, and was very hesitant, but when I asked, "What happened?"

    Arthur turned down and then stared at me to make a decision.

    "Pryde-sama ..., ... that ... Prince Cedric proposed to Tiara ... what did you think ... ⁉︎"

    I tilt my neck to Arthur, who says so seriously.

    Maybe he's worried that I'm depressed because my cute little sister Tiara has been taken away. With a little warmth to the gentle Arthur, I smile back.

    "I'm sure I was surprised at the suddenness of the thing ... but I'd be happy if I could see a lot of Cedric and Tiara after their engagement, and I've known about Cedric's unrequited love for a long time."

    Well, the next moment, not only Arthur but also Stayle and Deputy Captain Eric raised their voices.

    I laugh at the reaction that is too easy to understand. Stayle's eyes are rounded and he asks, "Well, when ...⁈", so I made them promise that it was a secret only for here, and said that Cedric confessed at the time of our farewell in the United Kingdom of Hanazuo, and then we often talked about romance. I told them a little about what he was riding.

    Deputy Captain Eric nodded a lot, as he was a little convinced, but Arthur and Stayle didn't seem to be able to close their open mouths.

    When I finally thought that their mouth had moved, the one who was laughing at that time was⁈ and that was⁈, and the two of them asked questions. I remembered and laughed and answered, but the two were weakened in proportion to it.

    It seems that the two got tired because they learned about the love situation of Tiara that they didn't know about. At the end, Arthur holding his head with both hands squeezed out and asked, "Only the last one ... is it okay ...⁈".

    When I agreed, he turned to me with a bright red face, perhaps because he was embarrassed by Cedric's love affairs. While holding it with one arm so that it hides from the mouth, it looks closely at my eyes and throws it.

    "For Pryde, what do you think about Prince Cedric ...?"

    "? ... cute ... friend ...⁇ I wonder. It's kind of like a younger brother."

    Although he has the potential to be a brother-in-law, it may be rude to say it in front of my real younger brother. While continuing to do so, I smiled and answered honestly, and the next moment Arthur and Stayle fluttered at the same time. In particular, Arthur also had a fever or steam from his head.

    Perhaps they were surprised that I treat him as a younger brother, but I complained that Cedric is now growing well and that he can be trusted as a postal manager. Neither of them seemed to hear it though.

    Deputy Captain Eric was laughing and working hard on Arthur, but he seemed to be exhausted. Once Stayle crouched down on the spot, he rubbed his face against his knees and hardened.

    I thought that something similar had happened in the past, and when I apologized as I was worried about them, they both shook their heads at the same time, saying "No ..." and "That's not it ...". If so, does it mean that they were amazed?

    For some reason, with Stayle still stuck and Arthur appearing to be completely burned out, by the time Captain Alain and Captain Colm came to the room, my room was so hot that you couldn't believe it was midwinter.

    (Unknown POV) 400. The Knights Are Bitter
    "Pryde-sama didn't feel anything ...‼ ︎ That's really ... something‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Arthur, who took his hand off the mug and held his head in both hands, shook his hair in agony. The long hair is disturbed, and the tied part suddenly rises and becomes messed up. When Stayle looked at it sideways, he untied Arthur's hair cord without permission. All the swelling hair falls cleanly according to gravity.

    "It went diagonally above my expectations ... I didn't think his aim was another party."

    Stayle, who felt even more humiliated, looked a little complicated and asked for sake again.

    He swallowed it and slammed it on the table a little wildly. Perhaps he is trying to settle down on the surface alone, his eyes are completely sitting while playing with Arthur's hair strap with the fingertips of one hand.

    The words of Arthur and Stayle, who were blushing and covering with both hands as Eric remembered something. Looking at it, Alain and Colm looked at each other again. Alain's mouth was cramped, and Colm nodded silently, trimming his bangs with his fingertips.

    ... Oh, I heard that Prince Cedric and Tiara were out of control.

    That was enough information for the two who had already known that Cedric was in love with Tiara. Above all, the answer is Arthur's distraught appearance, apparently concerned about the relationship between Pryde and Cedric.

    As the three tried to hide, Alain and Colm recommended sake and water, respectively, without being able to comfort them properly. In particular, Arthur is troublesome when he gets drunk, so Colm strictly manages him with water.

    Water was poured by Colm, and Arthur looked back at the table, saying thank you.

    ...... Pryde ... She didn't care at all ...

    Ever since that smile and laughter of Pryde was directed at Cedric at the celebration, Arthur has never doubted that Pryde's heart leans towards Cedric. For Arthur, this was a shock.

    At first, Arthur was surprised when Cedric confessed to Tiara, and he couldn't hide his turmoil because he was worried about the feelings of Pryde as well as the development. As a result, it turned out that Pryde did not see Cedric as a member of the the opposite sex at all. On the contrary, she even got in on the love affair.

    He blamed Stayle for questions, and the more he solved the mystery, the more Arthur realized that the Pryde who had in him in mind was just a product of his misunderstanding.

    ... Really ... I'm glad I didn't tell Stayle ... ︎‼ ︎

    He thinks it was about to be the same dance as when Leon came as a fiancé.

    The more Arthur thinks that he would upset Stayle with his uncertain beliefs like that time, the more shame he felt would kill him. It was a miracle that when he realized that it was a misunderstanding, he was really confused and did not lose my mind. At the end, Arthur was convinced of his mistake as soon as he saw that Pryde was carefree and gave a true smile saying that Cedric was like a younger brother.

    Just knowing that, Arthur was urged to drink enough to drink tonight. Besides, even more

    "... Tee ......... or ...‼ ︎"

    Colm stops Arthur, who hits the table with his head for a short time, halfway through.

    Don't forget that there will be exercises tomorrow, and gently lift Arthur's silver hair with his hand on his head. Arthur's forehead, which he raised quietly from himself, was redder than his face, as he was prompted by Colm to raise his face. I'm sorry, but my eyes are still falling on the table.

    Water was again offered from Colm and swallowed all at once. Then Arthur notices that his hair is still loose. He looked around to see if the hair strap had fallen somewhere, and noticed that it was being played with between Stayle's fingers, and took it back roughly. When Arthur retrieves the string, Stayle opens his mouth as he tries to tilt the glass again.

    "... I also misunderstood."

    Arthur replied, "Ah?" To Stayle, who muttered slowly.

    After all, Stayle thought that he had misunderstood that Pryde had a feeling for Cedric, and looked into her face. However, when Stayle thought about something distant, he stopped drinking and shut up.

    ... He wondered if he tried to get close to the Kingdom of Freesia as one of Pryde's fiancé candidates.

    Stayle also knew that Cedric would be the postal manager.

    He passed the exam without any complaints and was recognized by the Regent Wes. He also expected that he would probably base himself in the Kingdom of Freesia instead of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo, and even establish his position within Freesia. To be one of Pryde's fiancé candidates, or to be selected as a fiancé from there. Stayle thought it was a stepping stone to gaining a track record as the next Prince Consort.

    ... No way, he was prepared to fill his bones for the rest of his life, not just a foothold.

    Stayle is ashamed of himself for completely mistaking Cedric.

    Although Stayle knew that Cedric was a good younger brother now, he thought that it was because of his behavior towards Pryde. However, in reality, Cedric wasn't interested in being Prince Consort ... next to Pryde, and he was seriously planning to take on the postal role to line up next to Tiara. Moreover, the reason is to leave Tiara here in the Kingdom of Freesia. Once he thinks about it, Cedric once said at the celebration, "Someday I want to be closer to you, Princess Pryde ... and Prince Stayle." If he marries Tiara, they will be brother-in-laws.

    From Cedric's confession, dozens of repeated understandings come to Stayle's head with alcohol. And this time Stayle remembers the last words he said at his birthday festival.

    "Prince Stayle, I ... wish I could be one of the people of this wonderful Kingdom of Freesia. Yes, I hope. "

    Because of that, Stayle could have predicted that Cedric was trying to move into the Kingdom of Freesia because of the international postal service. … But he thought it's for Pryde, not Tiara.

    ... Separately, Stayle does not forgive Prince Cedric for his behavior towards Pryde. Stayle has no intention of forgiving him ever, just like he will never forgive Gilbert and Val. ……………… But.

    But with.

    Stayle drank the thought that had passed once with the sake of the mug this time.

    It ’s frustrating. While overflowing with complex feelings for Cedric.

    “……… It ’s really annoying.”

    The words that muttered again certainly reached the ears of the guard knights.

    Alain and Colm desperately smiled when they saw it head-on with their angry, rather unfaithful expression and their voice. If they notice, Stayle is lined up with the same look as Arthur.

    And the expression is like

    "... Well good."

    Stayle finally laughed as he got drunk and his tone was strangely disturbed.

    Both Arthur and Eric turn to the disturbing voice. He pulled up one end of his mouth, and Stayle, who had a bad smile, turned his face to Arthur to match. Face each other head-on, and put himself on the shelf and think that the other person is getting drunk from the blushing face.

    Stayle, who had a hollow eye with Arthur, roughly placed the mug on the table and put his arm around Arthur's shoulder with his hand. Arthur turned to his sloppy shoulders and looked back at Stayle again. From the bad face of Stayle to the laughter due to sickness. After enjoying Arthur's embarrassed expression at close range until he is satisfied, Stayle finally opens his mouth.

    "Now ... I have a reason to hit Prince Cedric in both name and reality."

    His face was blushing with drunkenness, and his voice was clearly emitted against his sitting eyes.

    Arthur once opened his eyes to Stayle's bomb remarks, but soon returned the same bad smile to Stayle.

    "... That's right."

    Arthur also put his arm around Stiyl's shoulder in the same way.

    The two men, with their shoulders tightly crossed, rang the mugs silently and drank the contents all at once.

    While watching the two drunk, Alain and Colm smiled without hiding this time.

    No matter how you look at the facial expressions of Stayle and Arthur up to that point, and at the end, the two who shook their shoulders with the remarks that hit the other party.

    It was the appearance of an older brother who had his cute little sister taken away.
    *So Arthur has basically adopted Tiara by this point.

    I would like to say that if you read Cedric's confession and think "oh, the boy got game," please keep in mind that less than five minutes after this scene Tiara hits him because Cedric is still convinced that Tiara's in love with Leon. And decides to talk to her about it. He's useless. I love him, but he's useless. Sometimes he shows flashes of potential, but give him five minutes. It will all go away. :facepalm:

    The brainwash arc is next...
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    Thought that I'd try to finish summarizing the Happy Ending Arc. Part Three is the last of it and isn't as long as the other two parts. And since we finally get around to cornering Adam instead of crying at Pryde's bedside, it's not as dragging or repetitive...but I am so bored. Where is my Val oasis. Right now Croy is my only emotional support in the Brothers Arc, but... he's fourteen. And a bigger tsundere than Tiara. I want my Val...or at least give me Harrison... :blobReach:

    Adam is four years older than Pryde, so he's 22 in the brainwash arc. But the backstory takes place 13 years ago, so he's 9 years old there.

    Prince Adam is enjoying his usual daily lessons, beating a slave with a whip as his instructor looks on. (This day is special, because the Emperor is supposed to be observing his son's progress.) Each time the chained human-shaped object was hit, it screamed and begged for forgiveness, and the Prince would kick it's empty stomach and laugh harder.

    Watching him, the instructor thinks that Prince Adam doesn't have much talent. He's become obsessed with hurting slaves and has already killed several before finishing their training. Anyone can kill a person restrained by a chain. There's no point if you can't train the slave. Prince Adam was the firstborn of the Emperor's thirteen children, but no one expects much from him. Of all the children born, he was only born slightly earlier. There are no expectations for the next Emperor, because the entire royal family is abominably cruel.

    The instructor sighs and warns the Prince that he's about to overdo it and kill the slave instead of training it (again).

    (Backstory continued in the Villain Arc.)

    Adam watches the other guests leave in their cages and thinks they were slow to leave. He thinks that Pryde is probably still screaming in her room, and thinks she doesn't matter because Freesia still has a second princess. He looks forward to his return in half a year, thinking that Pryde will already be dead by then.

    Someone knocks on the door. Adam wonders if it's a reminder to leave the Freesia Kingdom quickly, but it's Gilbert and Stayle. Adam is very uncomfortable thinking that the two are more frightening than Queen Rosa (when he met her during the War Arc), even though they're both smiling. Stayle asks Adam to tell him about his movements during the celebration where Pryde collapsed. Adam regrets that he didn't already leave Freesia and fantasizes about killing everyone in the room and running away. (I would just like to remind everyone here that Adam was one-hit KO'd in the game in every single route, so good luck with that, Drooly.)

    Half an hour before, Stayle hears when Gilbert and Cedric narrowed the two missing guests to the Rajya Empire's Adam and Tippett. He thinks it makes sense because though they signed a peace treaty one year before, the Rajya Empire has been aiming to turn Freesia into a slave-producing country for a long time. (More specifically, they've been aiming to turn the people of Freesia into slaves.) Stayle thinks that it's no surprise that Cedric didn't know Adam's face, since this is the first time since the treaty was signed that Adam came to Freesia, and he only greeted the Queen and Tiara. Furthermore, it was suspected that the Rajya Empire was involved in the invasion of the United Kingdom of Hanazuo, and only used the Coperandi Kingdom as a scapegoat.

    Cedric is enraged, thinking that this time the Rajya Empire is targeting Pryde. No one informed him that the Rajya Empire was in the same hall. He thinks that a person who not only threatened his country but was likely involved in hurting Pryde is worthy of his hatred.

    Gilbert asks Cedric about King Lance's sudden illness before the defense war, wondering if the symptoms were similar to what Pryde is experiencing. Cedric thinks that Pryde, who sleeps calmly, is different from Lance, who talked and groaned in his sleep. But he wonders if how the illness first manifested was the same, since both apparently collapsed the same way (screaming, holding the head, seizure-like symptoms).

    While they're thinking, Regent Wes brings up the fact that the Rajya Empire delegation should still be in the palace. However, all of their guests should be preparing to leave that day. The delegation has already put in the request for their carriage to be prepared to return them to the Rajya Empire.

    Stayle wants to command the knights to stop them and detain them in Freesia, but Regent Wes points out that there is no physical evidence, only Cedric's testimony based on his memory. It might be that Pryde's collapse was the result of a seizure or illness. In addition, the other party is someone they signed a peace treaty with. Detaining them as a criminal would not only create a rift between their countries, but also effect their alliances with other nations. If they incite a war with the Rajya Empire, it's possible that the United Kingdom of Hanazuo would be invaded again. Cedric is upset thinking that his country has turned into a shackle for the Freesia Kingdom.

    Gilbert follows Regent Wes' thoughts, thinking that Pryde isn't suffering from a disease, and he neither doubts Cedric's memory or believes he's deliberately trying to condemn the Rajya Empire. However, it's a matter of perception to the other nations, who would want more physical evidence.

    Regent Wes delivers orders to Stayle and Gilbert not to capture the Rajya Empire delegation, but to prevent them from leaving. Regent Wes apologizes to Cedric when Stayle and Gilbert leave immediately, thinking that it's uncharacteristic of them to behave rudely like that (since they only said goodbye to Wes and ignored Cedric). Cedric dismisses the rudeness saying that he's only grateful to be able to help Pryde, which gives Wes a better impression of Cedric, and Wes gives Cedric permission to visit Pryde and cautions him to keep his actions here secret.

    Wes apologizes to Cedric repeatedly for Stayle's rudeness, but Cedric remembers his (Cedric's) treatment of Pryde before and thinks that rudeness of this degree doesn't seem like a big deal, and asks that Wes forgive Stayle and Gilbert. Of course, Cedric doesn't confess his crimes towards Pryde to Regent Wes, because he doesn't want to make him mad. (Glad to see that your survival instincts work now, Cedric. Upgrade!)

    Adam makes time to visit with Stayle and Gilbert, but claims that Pryde's collapse happened too quickly for him to remember in detail. Adam says that he didn't expect to see Pryde like that, and that his heart aches with sympathy. Seeing Adam laughing at he says that confirms Gilbert's suspicions that Adam really is responsible for Pryde's condition, and Gilbert thinks that he wants to rip Adam's mask off now. Gilbert asks Adam where he was when Pryde collapsed, and Adam claims that he some distance away on the other side of the crowd. Gilbert thinks that his testimony isn't as reliable as Cedric's memory, but it's not surprising that Adam didn't confess to the crime.

    Gilbert tells Adam that there were many guests in attendance who wanted to greet Adam during the celebration, and were upset that they couldn't find him. Though given the large number of people in attendance, it's natural that Adam would be hard to locate. Especially since many of their allies don't know what Adam looks like. (Not a problem, I shall describe him for you! Adam smells like blood and alcohol, he has very little facial control--lots of twitching, and his clothes are always wet because he drools. Constantly. Also, he's not housebroken. Just look for the most disgusting "handsome" man in the room, and that's him.)

    Stayle watches Adam closely and thinks that Adam's expression looks like he's preparing to escape. Stayle stops him by saying that there will be a problem if Adam leaves Freesia, because many of their allies deny slavery and find it difficult to believe that the relationship between the Freesia Kingdom and the Rajya Empire is peaceful. Stayle says that they are even more suspicious of the Rajya Empire because Pryde has become like this.

    Gilbert invites Adam and the Rajya delegation to remain in Freesia until Pryde wakes up, or if that's impossible, at least for three more days. Stayle encourages Adam to stay, saying that it will stop the rumors that the Rajya Empire is aiming at the Freesia Kingdom to destroy their alliances similar to how they attempted to break up the United Kingdom of Hanazuo. (A little uncertain here, the translation doesn't make much sense.)

    Gilbert scolds Stayle for talking about something that should remain confidential, and Adam asks where that rumor came from. Gilbert apologizes for letting Adam hear something that's just an empty theory with no facts backing it. They (no idea if it's Gilbert or Stayle talking) apologize again saying that Stayle is grateful Adam for cooperating with Freesia to stop the Coperandi Kingdom from going out of control (during the defense war). Stayle says that if Adam stays in the Freesia Kingdom after this, their allies will know that they have every faith in the Rajya Empire and that the peaceful relationship between their countries is stable. Stayle bows his head as he asks, thinking that he doesn't mind letting Adam think he's a stupid Prince if it will keep him there.

    Adam agrees to stay, but he can only remain for three days because he's busy. Adam asks what Pryde's condition is like. Stayle asks Adam to keep the story confidential and says that Pryde has yet to awaken, although the doctors are doing their best. There have been no cases like it before in Freesia, so Stayle asks if there have been similar cases in the Rajya Empire. Adam promises to look into it when he returns to the Rajya Empire, but since it will take a month to reach the Rajya Empire it will be some time before they receive the results of his investigation. Stayle and Gilbert thank Adam again for his cooperation and leave him in the guest apartment, promising to arrange for a new room because the old one is now dirty thanks to Adam's companions. (No one in the Rajya Empire is housebroken, I swear.)

    Gilbert and Stayle leave the guest castle by carriage. Stayle is so disgusted with having to shake Adam's hand that he wipes his hands off on Gilbert's clothes. (At least he didn't teleport directly into a lake somewhere to wash off. He'd contaminate the water.) Gilbert congratulates Stayle for enduring the situation so well, and Stayle shrugs it off, saying that it's for Pryde. They both think back on their visit with Adam and feel murderous, something that surprises Stayle because he thought he was the only one angry.

    Gilbert remembers that Adam acted like he knew that Pryde wouldn't wake up for at least a month. Gilbert thinks that is more proof that Adam knows what happened to Pryde, and wonders what he intends to bargain for using Pryde for leverage. If it's about slavery, does he want Freesia to become a slave-producing country, or just accept slaves? He wonders if Adam intends to leave Pryde like this for more than a month because of that hope. Doing this to Pryde is unforgivable.

    Stayle thinks that it's ridiculous for Adam to let Pryde suffer like this for even three more days, much less a month. He thinks again that he will do anything to save Pryde, no matter what it is.

    Suddenly Stayle realizes that this is what Gilbert was feeling for seven years while Marianne was sick. Stayle thinks that he was aware that he would be just like Gilbert then if something happened to Pryde. And how that Pryde has collapsed, he feels upset that he's being affected by the same thoughts Gilbert had then. Stayle still can't forgive Gilbert's actions then, but now that he's experienced this, he can't blame him either. Gilbert confesses that he couldn't stand losing Marianne, which is why he fell so far, and asks Stayle not to be like him in the future. Stayle says that he won't become like Gilbert, and that he still doesn't forgive Gilbert for that time, which makes Gilbert smile.

    When the carriage returns to the main palace, Stayle thinks that he should report to Regent Wes. He thinks that he wants to see Pryde, and wonders if Arthur is still by her side. Stayle hasn't been able to see her since the night before (make up your mind, this stupid timeline!!!!). Stayle thinks that it would be great if Pryde woke up, but Adam makes him think it's unlikely. Stayle thinks that if Adam's really the culprit than he will never forgive him. Surely they will be able to corner Adam within three days. Stayle thinks that Regent Wes might have already informed Queen Rosa and Prince Consort Albert about the witness statement made by Cedric.

    Stayle thinks again that Pryde might remain like this for more than a month, and then remembers the mad and bedridden King Lance and Marianne who was on the verge of dying. Stayle vows to never let Pryde look like that, and thinks that he is looking forward to watching Adam's execution from the front row.

    Back in his room, Adam thinks that waiting for three more days is a waste of time. He thinks that Stayle is an idiot for believing that the Freesia Kingdom and the Rajya Empire have a relationship just because they signed a peace treaty. Adam thinks that he wants to see Pryde's ugly appearance now, but despite many people asking to see her, only her former fiancé Leon received permission. He thinks that he's also heard that the delegation from the United Kingdom of Hanazuo has asked to remain longer, and wonders if it's okay for such a small country to be this free.

    Adam thinks that it's boring in Freesia without slaves to kick until they scream. Freesia doesn't allow any slaves within it's borders, and only employs servants to serve him. He thinks that it's okay to beat the servants, but it could spread bad rumors about him.

    He thinks that the only troublesome aspects remaining is Queen Rosa and Gilbert. He tried to shake Queen Rosa the year before, and even insulted her daughter then, but Queen Rosa didn't move. Adam thinks that Gilbert is a monster. Adam wants to get Gilbert on his side, but thinks that Gilbert won't easily move the way he wants. Adam thinks that if it was only Gilbert asking him to remain, he would have left immediately. Adam can't read Gilbert's true intentions at all, whether Gilbert liked, hated, or was indifferent toward him. Adam thinks that he wants to break Gilbert's head open and see how it compares to an average person.

    Compared to Gilbert, Adam thinks that Stayle is stupid. If that's the next Regent then it's not a problem if his plan is postponed. Adam thinks it might be nice to wait until the Chancellor is old and retires and the Second Princess is crowned as Queen. Then he won't have to take advantage of Pryde's situation, and whenever he is invited to Freesia in the future, he can drink alcohol with Stayle and use the princess who became only bones and skin as a drinking topic. Adam laughs at the idiot prince and thinks that he could easily make Stayle into a handpiece, unlike Gilbert. He thinks that he wants to see the Prince who looked at him with respect with a face colored by despair.

    Adam remembers the meeting with Stayle and Gilbert before and is reassured thinking that Gilbert only brought them at Stayle's request. Adam thinks that he's listened to the selfishness of the First Prince, and if he offers to research Pryde's illness then the Freesia Kingdom will be closer to the product shelves.

    Back in Pryde's room, it's time for Arthur to rotate off guard duty and rest. Arthur looks at Pryde again and thinks that he doesn't want to leave, because Pryde hasn't woken up yet. Tiara tells him that she will inform Stayle. Arthur is afraid after letting go of Pryde's hand because he can no longer feel her body temperature.

    Stayle knocks on Pryde's door in a hurry and then goes straight to Pryde's bedside. Looking at him, Arthur thinks that Stayle has a stronger expression than before. Stayle listens to the doctor's prognosis which hasn't changed from before, and when Tiara gives him a worried look Stayle pats her head and thanks her for remaining with Pryde but says that she should rest now. Stayle gives Tiara a hug and sends her back to her room. (No! Don't go!) Arthur is relieved to see Tiara leave, thinking that unlike him, Tiara isn't used to pushing her body.

    Cedric looks from Pryde to the door, and thinks that it's only been a few hours since he's come to visit Pryde. He couldn't even look at her like that and grabbed his chest (his cross necklace) like King Joan. Cedric felt that he couldn't come near her and instead sat with King Lance, who asked him what Stayle needed. Cedric told Lance that he only told them what he could remember. Now that Tiara leaves the room, Cedric tells Lance that he will be back, and Cedric leaves the room to chase after Tiara.

    Stayle thanks everyone who was sitting with Pryde, and asks if he can borrow Arthur. After hearing that there's been a shift change, Stayle brings Arthur to Stayle's bedroom. Arthur thinks that it's a room he's never been to, since both Stayle and Tiara always come to Pryde's room. He thinks that Pryde really is the center of their world.

    Stayle sits on the sofa in his room and tells Arthur that he has something important to tell him. Stayle tells Arthur that they were able to confirm that Pryde's collapse was inflicted on her, and that they have a clue about the perpetrator. Arthur asks who did it, and Stayle reminds him that it's confidential before telling him that it Adam and the Rajya Empire. Arthur remembers how the enemy general during the defense war in Hanazuo said that they would regret turning the Rajya Empire into an enemy.

    Stayle explains to Arthur that they convinced Adam to remain in the Freesia Kingdom for three days without letting Adam know that they suspect him. Stayle also tells Arthur what else they talked about, and Arthur is enraged thinking that Pryde is going to be like that for a month. (Kids. Mathematics. Learn some. It takes one month to go one way. It also takes one month to return. You are looking at three months, at least.) Arthur wonders if Adam plans to use Pryde for a bargaining tool to push slavery in Freesia, and is more enraged thinking that Adam is toying with them.

    Stayle assures Arthur that they won't forgive Adam's actions towards Pryde. Queen Rosa has already declared that if Pryde doesn't wake up after three days, they will question Adam under contract. (Having Adam sign the contract will force him to truthfully answer any question given to him, to the fullest extent that he knows it.) Stayle says that normally it takes ten days to make one, and five days if they rush it, but there should be no problem if they wait three days and then formally detain Adam.

    Arthur is relieved. He thinks that waiting ten days will be hard, but if they can learn the cause and cure from Adam, Pryde might be saved. Stayle tells Arthur that Gilbert is rushing the order with Queen Rosa's permission, while others are investigating poisons and diseases and the other guests at the same time. They can't relax yet, but now there's hope. Arthur thinks that Stayle did his best to help Pryde these past few hours, and Stayle apologizes for taking so long. Arthur laughs and says that it's only been one day and Stayle's already gotten this much done. (One day!? Fix this stupid timeline already, I'm gonna kill someone!!!)

    Arthur thinks that Stayle is pretty cool, thinking that Arthur was only able to hang over Pryde. Arthur feels sorry for being useless. Stayle tells Arthur that Uncle Wes, Cedric, and Gilbert, helped and Stayle was only able to go because he knew Arthur was with Pryde. Arthur argues that Stayle could do it even without him, thinking that he still can't compete with Stayle. Arthur thinks that Stayle is much smarter than he is, and Arthur is only helped by him. Arthur thinks that Stayle is a lot like Pryde. Stayle asks Arthur to continue to watch over Pryde for him while Stayle finds a way to wake Pryde up.

    Arthur wonders how much time is left before the next shift change for Pryde's guardian knights, and if Stayle is good for rest time. Stayle tells Arthur to wake him up in thirty minutes and goes to sleep on the sofa. Arthur sits on the sofa across from Stayle's and thinks that it's the first time for him to see Stayle sleeping. Arthur thinks that like him, Stayle hasn't slept since the day before the celebration. Arthur thinks that he wanted to sleep by Pryde's bedside. Arthur takes Stayle's glasses off and thinks that Stayle gives a weaker impression without them.

    Arthur looks at the clock again and thinks that he won't be able to sleep if he has to wake Stayle in thirty minutes. Arthur thinks it's fine since he's used to going without sleep, and relaxes on the other sofa, resting only his body. Arthur thinks that Stayle's room is very calming...and falls asleep twenty minutes later.

    Back in Pryde's room, Pryde feels like someone is calling her. She wonders if she's asleep because she can't think clearly, and her eyes don't open. Pryde tries to remember what happened, but doesn't remember past coming up to announce the international postal institution. Pryde opens her eyes in bed but she doesn't notice when the maids and knights get excited and go outside to inform someone.

    Pryde thinks that it's already been ten years and feels deeply moved. The doctor comes in to inspect Pryde, but Pryde is distracted wondering what she was doing these past ten years. Pryde thinks about everything she's done during that time and feels that it was wasteful and unnecessary. Pryde thinks that she was really stupid. If Pryde does that then everything will be ruined. She wonders why she didn't spend the past decade more meaningfully.

    Lotte is worried about Pryde not responding and reaches out to her, but Pryde slaps her hand away. Pryde sits up on her own, and avoids Marie who tries to help. Pryde wonders why she thought there was a future for herself. Pryde thinks that she ignored her role, established a new system, strengthened Freesia's ties with their allies, and surrounded herself with all of her important people. What a delusion Pryde was trapped in. Pryde starts laughing hysterically, thinking about how funny it is. She's the last boss, the arrogant Queen who must be defeated. There's no such thing as a future for her.

    Stayle and Arthur come running into Pryde's room, joining the others in calling to Pryde, but Pryde doesn't stop laughing. Tiara and Cedric come into the room, and Tiara looks scared as she comes closer to Pryde. Pryde grabs the water pitcher beside her bed to throw it at Tiara, but can't lift it. Pryde splashes the water at Tiara instead, but Arthur jumps in between them and gets hit instead. Cedric stands in front of Tiara too, and Pryde thinks that it's like the heroine to be protected by two capture targets. Stayle asks Pryde what she's doing.

    Pryde thinks that she loves all of them unbearably. Pryde tells Stayle to talk more formally and call her "Pryde-sama" or "Princess Pryde." Pryde laughs again, thinking that she's not someone who should be called "sister" by the heroine and capture targets because she's the last boss. Then again, it might be fun to be hated by people who still refer to her as their elder sister. So it doesn't matter how they call her. Pryde glares at Lotte and Marie and tells them to clean up the water on the floor.

    Pryde throws the empty pitcher on the floor and tries to get out of bed, but the doctor stops her and asks about Pryde's physical condition. Pryde tells the doctor that he's in the way and orders him to leave before going to her closet to change out of her nightclothes. Pryde takes out her dress for the day while thinking that everyone would leave, but when she turns they're still there. Leon asks Pryde what happened and says that everyone is worried about her. Pryde looks at the men in the room and goes to Leon and starts to unbutton his shirt. Pryde asks Leon what he would do if the First Princess of the Freesia Kingdom accused him of rape, and laughs.

    Pryde says again that she wants everyone to get out of her room. Everyone leaves, but Stayle and the guardian knights are reluctant and Pryde wonders if they want to see the First Princess naked or if they just resent being kicked out. Eventually everyone including the maids are kicked out and Pryde is able to relax.

    Pryde thinks that her mission now is simple. To be hated by as many people as possible, tilt the economy, collapse the country, and finally be condemned by Tiara and the capture targets. Then when she is killed, the whole country will be delighted and Tiara will have a happy ending. Pryde thinks that she can't miss anything: she can't only collapse the country, and she can't only die. She has to create that happy ending by accomplishing both. That is the reason for her existence.

    Pryde thinks that she only has a bit longer to live, but she's more excited than sad. There are so many things she wants to do that she doesn't know where to start. Pryde wonders which route will kill her and laughs happily. Pryde thinks of how much fun it will be to make everyone hate her, and she wants to see their distorted faces.

    ─ Let's get started. The best happy ending.

    "My death will make it beautiful."

    And that's the end of the Happy Ending Arc. Am I the only one who's a little disappointed that this isn't an attempted murder mystery arc? Pryde being in a coma for a couple weeks while the boys sit at her bedside in between hunting the perpetrator would absolutely be my jam.

    Anyway, I'm starting the Villain Arc next. Someone grab a mop, we're gonna be seeing a lot of Adam. Just, uh. Don't expect it in a hurry. It takes me an hour to summarize one chapter, and did I mention it drags? So it's hard to work straight through. It took me over two days to get the last three and a half chapters here. :blobsalt:

    And you people better be feeling the love, because I'm about to crawl back into this blighted cesspool they call the Happy Ending Arc to give you more Stayle and Arthur scenes. Though if you've read all three summaries, you can probably guess the contents of those scenes. :blobthinkingsmirk: Anyway, that won't take as long to finish (since it only requires light editing), so expect that in a day or two.
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    Hello, thank you for the spoilers.. do you also mind to spoil us the characters, when realizing that essentially Pryde has predicted her bad ending? ...if its not too much of a trouble.
    Really, thank you for the spoilers, I appreciate it. You feed(?) us good here, Im still backtracking and reading things more carefully a few pages back but still getting new notificafion on spoilers.. thank you uwu
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    I was planning on making the realization scenes a drop all it's own, so I'll definitely do that! It comes up in the Villain Arc, though, so I plan to drop the Stayle and Arthur scenes from the Happy Ending Arc first. But it will be the drop after that one, promise!:blobsmilehappy:

    Just finished pulling together the Stayle and Arthur scenes for editing, and the first nine chapters of the Villain Arc for summarizing. But when I wake up, I'll dive back in again and pick out the best scenes in the Villain Arc. :blobhug: (Frankly, the Stayle and Arthur scenes in the Villain Arc could use some pruning; their codependent relationship really shines in this arc.)
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    Feel the love, because here's the Stayle and Arthur scenes in the Happy Ending Arc. :blobsalt: This arc has me so burned out I have even less an idea than usual if any of this reads like shipping. Except for the Stayle and Arthur sleepover at the end, I would count that. It was practically fluff.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    And here's the Happy Ending Arc! :blobhero:

    (Stayle POV) 410. The Adopted Brother Takes Her Hand
    "Thank you, Stayle."

    Willingly. ... even that word desperately stopped rubbing over.

    With Pryde, head shining under the most brilliant lighting. I walked with the best woman in the world who I the right to dance with first, raising up in front of the guests. Tap, tap, her women's shoes ring the floor small,

    When Pryde thanked me, countless eyes were drawn to us.

    When the music was played, I softly faced Pryde. The Pryde who laughed as soon as she met me in center of the light looked like she was shining.

    Place my hand around her waist and overlap the other hand.

    Until now, I have danced with Pryde many times as an adopted brother. However, only now am I allowed to take her hand while receiving a lot of attention in such a space of only two groups.

    I even felt like I was a special person.

    Move with Pryde.

    Every time I took a step and approached the guest's eyes, I heard a lot of sighs. The touching skin tingles as if it was struck by lightning. With a little effort, my shoulders quivered at the soft feel of Pryde.

    "Stayle .... Are you nervous?"

    Asked Pryde in a whisper.

    I looked up at her and saw her face right there. I instinctively look away at the distance that even her sigh can reach.

    "No ... I'm sorry .... a little."

    This is my first attempt. As soon as I continued to deceive her, she laughed and laughed.

    When I was surprised and turned to her again, the soft smile was returned as "Me too". The smile that laughed mischievously struck me from the inside.

    "So I'm glad to dance with Stayle first. I might have been more nervous with a different partner."

    Different partner. ... the words hurt my heart.

    The people she will dance with may include fiancé candidates. The person who will be next to Pryde. I know he's not Prince Cedric, but I'm sure they exist. One is Captain Colm, but the other two remain. If all goes well, will it be a Duke's family or the Prince of an intimate allied nation?

    Thinking about that, I shake it off on the way. It's no use thinking about other things even though I'm dancing with Pryde. I have to burn this moment into my eyes now.

    I'm honored to laugh while returning the words. And Pryde laughed happily, and that alone filled my heart again. That is why I also put this joy into words.

    "... I'm glad to be your brother. In this way, I have the privilege of being able to take your hand."

    It's a place that I, who was formerly an ordinary person, never realized existed.

    I still love my birth mother and deceased father. My birthday when I can send a letter to my mother is still the most special day to me. But now ... I'm glad I was adopted by the royal family and allowed to meet Pryde.

    This position beside her is something I am more proud of than anything else.

    For some reason, Pryde opened her eyes with joy at my words. Pull her arm and draw an arc with her delicately around my body.

    At the same time as the cheers rise, Pryde raises her mouth slightly and spins words with a funny laugh.

    "I would dance with Stayle, even if you weren't my brother?"

    Take a breath.

    Involuntarily at her words.

    Just thinking about what her intention was, my face got hot. When I think that it is in front of the guest, the heat increases and I desperately try to calm down.

    Pryde whispered and worriedly said to me, "Stayle?" Telling her that it's okay, I ask her to confuse her.

    "... Will you dance with me?"

    Even if I'm not your adopted brother.

    When asked with that meaning, she laughed like it was funny again and gently re-grasped my hand with just her fingers.

    "It's natural, because Stayle is also an important person to me."

    Her smile, which laughs as though it's a matter of course, makes me want to cry.

    Swallow the inside of the mouth and push back what has been pushed up to the back of the throat.

    Even if my position as her adopted brother disappears and I become someone she doesn't have to dance with. ... I'm sure she will take my hand as a matter of course.

    Even if I was hidden among a large number of guests and the conditions were the same as them. ... I'm sure she will find me.

    Now that I have been recognized as "Stayle" rather than a "adopted brother", I am ... indescribably happy.

    Stepping on, her light body leans towards me and helps me to shed it.

    When I said thank you, her purple eyes reflected me. In the back of Pryde's eyes, I see my face crumbled and squeeze my lips unintentionally.

    Many men were paying attention to Pryde now as she turned her eyes away from me. Now someone else will take Pryde's hand, and the many people who aim for it make me feel cold at once.

    "Pryde, be sure to call me or Arthur if anything happens."

    e? Astonishingly, Pryde leaks her voice. When I looked at her again with calm eyes, there was the most beautiful woman there.

    She is a woman dressed in a fiery red dress with brilliant decorations. The passionate colors and flowing crimson hair adorned her and accentuated her white skin. Furthermore, her chest, which is inevitably in sight when going to a close distance, emphasizes that she is a "woman". Even if she waa not the First Princess, Pryde stands with a figure that will easily captivate men.

    However, I chose a word to tell her clearly ... I pretended to concentrate on dancing for a while and shut up. And finally, at the end of the dance, I found only one suitable word.

    "Tonight ... you're too attractive."

    After finishing the final steps in the choreography and chanting just before the end of the song, Pryde compared his appearance with the guest, and ... gently looked at her chest and squeezed her lips shut, slightly ashamed. Apparently, about 10% was transmitted.

    (Arthur POV) 413. The Knight Matches
    "Well, let's dance."

    Pryde-sama ... took my hand.

    She gave me a soft smile head-on, and that alone stole my breath. I can see that my eyes are wide open as the surroundings make a noise at once.

    I didn't understand what I was told, and my legs didn't move at first when she held my hand. Pryde laughs and pulls me after with both hands.

    "It's okay! Leave it to me."

    I can't resist this person.

    Pryde's hands, words, smiles. I'm drawn to all of it and my legs move. I couldn't afford to look around and stretched out under the bright lights. The sound of the shoes and the floor echoing strangely in my head. From the middle, I just looked at the hands held by Pryde, and my face was hot and my thoughts burned.

    When we went to the center, both hands holding my hand were released, and one hand held my palm. Just by putting the palms together and feeling Pryde's body temperature clearly, my heart is about to pop out. There was no voice, and in the meantime, Pryde put her hand on my back. Just because her soft arm touches me, the blood in my whole body circulates and I almost die.

    "Match me," Pryde chanted to me in a small voice. The voice alone turned my head white, and I also held Pryde's back and touched her waist, driven only by the fact that I didn't want this person to be embarrassed because of me.

    I can feel the slippery texture of the dress and Pryde's body underneath. Also, my heart jumped up.

    Music plays and I take steps with Pryde. I managed to remember the dance I had learned so far and danced like that, but it's not as good as the people who've danced with Pryde so far. When I thought about it that much and was depressed, at the same time my head got a little cold and I finally raised my face.

    Stayle is finally dancing with a nobleman's daughter somewhere. Tiara was dancing with Captain Alain. I was with him a while ago, but I didn't notice it at all. Captain Alain is also a little nervous, but he is still good.

    "Arthur, you're very good. Have you ever danced before?"

    Pryde gently calls out to me and I wake up.

    No, that's right. I explained that I was obliged to have a little dance education after joining the knight's main corps.

    "... But this is the first time I've danced with someone ..."

    Moreover, the other party is Pryde. This is too luxurious.

    When I practiced dancing, I thought I wouldn't actually dance. But I'm glad I practiced for now.

    Pryde praises me, "It's amazing for your first time." I raise my hand and she dives inside. The appearance of Pryde dancing in front of me is very beautiful, and I think she's too close to me and it's dazzling and my eyes burn. The sound of the heart that echoes to my ears seems loud enough to be heard by Pryde, and ... I'm too embarrassed to die. Calm down in my head and desperately keep screaming repeatedly.

    You see, well. I laugh so much even though Pryde is leading me no matter what. Such a beautiful Pryde touches my body at a close distance and dances in my hands. I was so happy that I could die for a moment.

    When I was fascinated, I remember inadvertently forgetting to return the words to Pryde. Pryde stared at me as I turned my face in a hurry and went along with me. Yeah, if you think it's rude

    "You look good, Arthur."

    Pryde laughs as the flowers bloom.

    My heart explodes, my fingertips become tense, my legs seem to stop inadvertently, ... my whole body gets hot.

    I want you to stop in such a place. My head seems to be foolish, and I move my legs and twist my body just by reflexes. If I was told that way in a world where I was only allowed to touch this person because they were so close and stuck together, I wouldn't even have a strange desire.

    But I don't feel like it, and this person gives me more and more happy words.

    "When Tiara decided on the event, I definitely decided to dance with Arthur."

    With a big smile, she tell me something I can't believe.

    I really wonder if my body will burn to death just by this person's words.

    I managed to put it into words while mumbling about why, and Pryde turned around in my hands. When she cut it with the word "because", and it fits neatly in my hand the next moment.

    "I want to brag about my Knight to everyone in the world."

    The mischievous laughter was so dazzling that I was suffocating.

    I stepped on my feet and endured the fact that it was about to collapse and fall down here. I'm dizzy and I can't see Pryde's expression.

    Even if it's flattering that this person thinks I have become a knight worth bragging about, I'm so happy. I'm so happy that I'm this person's knight that I want to cry.

    The existence of this person is so big that I want to hug her.

    "... I'm also proud of ..."

    That was the word I managed to squeeze out.

    Being a knight of this person is something I'm indescribably proud of. What I was proud of in this way was so exciting for the rest of my life.

    Pryde, who laughed happily at my words, held my hand back with just her fingertips. The fingertips that are gripped are hot like sparks and burn to the shoulders.

    The music begins to end and our bodies move together. If this is a dream then I sincerely hope that Pryde, who smiles happily in my arms, will be a sight I never wake up from.

    The music stops and I thank Pryde. Wrapped in applause, I vaguely think that I'm still in a dream.

    "Thank you, Arthur."

    (Stayle POV) 416. The Adopted Brother Steps Forward
    ………… I have to wake up.

    The moment I thought so, anxiety and fear struck my whole body.

    The inside of the stomach shakes violently, causing nausea. Even with all my strength, my hands and arms trembled from my fingertips. I became suffocated and desperately consciously adjusted my breathing deeply.

    I don't like it, if Pryde doesn't wake up and ... ︎ She disappears like this ...!

    Clench my fist to hold down the emotions that have stuck in your throat. No, I can't reveal this face, which stimulates the lacrimal glands. I made a promise with Arthur! ︎ Above all, it's like saying that if I expose it now, Pryde will never wake up. I will not forgive such a thing more than anyone else ... ︎

    Breathing was repeated so much that it made a sound, and I resisted my emotions.

    The doctor said he didn't even know if she wake up.

    She didn't move at all so much that I couldn't tell if she was asleep or dead, and her breath was so shallow that I wonder if she stopped breathing.

    Doctors check her pulse over and over again, check breathing, and look at the complexion. No matter how many times they call, there is no response and they do not know the cause. There was no other way but to wait for her to wake up.

    knock Knock…

    "... Stayle. Regent Wes is calling."

    Jack, the guard who opened the door, calls out to me.

    Even he, who was always calm, now has a dark and gloomy look. I'll go now, I replied, and once I lined up with the Tiara beside Pryde.

    Tiara noticed that I was standing next to her and called "Brother ...". Stroke Tiara's head, which looks like she's about to cry again, and squeeze Pryde's hand, which is held in Tiara's little hand, from above.

    I felt the temperature of Pryde slightly through the gap between Tiara's fingers.

    She has become like a doll, and she doesn't even make a noise when she sleeps.

    "... I'm going, Pryde. You can always wake up."

    The voice is so dull that it makes me laugh.

    Give her a word with only a wish. Gently stroke her crimson hair with the other hand and it spread out on the sheets.

    Tell the people in the room to report to me as soon as Pryde wakes up, and leave her bed sparingly for her temperature.

    Finally, by the bed, I walk up to the guard knights who are standing without losing their posture. Unlike Tiara who sits by Pryde, when I looked into their faces, which were just one step away, they all remained tense as if they were biting.

    Captain Alain and Captain Colm had life in their eyes, but their facial expressions were full of anger at themselves who couldn't keep Pryde safe, like me. Deputy Captain Eric is also very pale. He was desperately tightening his mind, but I could see that he was biting his mouth many times. And

    "Captain ... Arthur."

    This guy is the worst.

    He keeps his consciousness, but his eyes are hollow. His complexion became dull and he stared at her palm many times. Itching and full of remorse that he couldn't save Pryde with his special ability overflowed from his whole body.

    Arthur, who raised his face to my words, tightened his face a little. I'm sorry ... He apologizes to me for being down. If I say, "I'm going to join Regent Wes from now on," I get a short reply. It seems that the situation in the room has reached his head.

    Therefore, if I connect the words, the mouth was tightened.

    "Until I come back ... please accompany Tiara and my Sister by their side .......... I can only ask you."

    I can only trust you.

    Deputy Captain Eric gently pushed Arthur, whose eyes were wide open as he doubted his ears. I took the lead and urged him next to Tiara's chair.

    Arthur walks up to the immediate vicinity of Pryde, slowly and step by step. Folds his knees and line up in Tiara's line of sight.

    Tiara, who turned to Arthur, put Arthur's hand on top of hers and Pryde's hand. Perhaps he felt the temperature of my sister with a slight fever, Arthur's tense shoulders quietly descended.

    He meditated hard once, and his newly opened deep blue eyes stared firmly at Pryde's face, and his other hand gently stroked Tiara's back.

    After seeing the three of them, I finally withdrew from Pryde's room.

    The moment I passed through the door without sound and I couldn't feel a sign of her, my chest squeezed. Clench my fist and clench my mouth to the point of blood.

    "... Pryde ..."

    It's okay, it's okay.

    I'm sure she will wake up tomorrow. She will laugh as usual and hang her eyebrows, saying I'm sorry to worry.

    Uncle Wes may have made some progress in calling me. Does he know the solution or do we wait for Pryde to wake up first? I'm sure it's just that. Arthur is also attached to Pryde. ……Should be fine.

    Desperately tell myself and put effort into my legs trying to leave Pryde's room. I couldn't move a step as it was without my will. Without Arthur, I might not have been able to get out of the room.

    Step by step, step by step and hurry to Uncle Wes.

    I sincerely hope that this nightmare will end soon.

    (Arthur POV) 417. The Knight Wishes
    Immediately after he noticed my presence, Stayle moved back and let me support Pryde-sama together, but ... it didn't work. The expression of Stayle, who was desperate for Pryde who wouldn't wake up, still sticks in my head.

    Even if I held her hand, touched her neck, or touched her head, Pryde didn't wake up, and I didn't feel that I was using any special abilities.

    "Why ..."

    Words leak and tie up my mouth before it comes out anymore. That's something I shouldn't say right now.

    Until now, all sick people have been cured by my special ability.

    I was proud to be able to do it myself, and I was happy that I was able to save them. But ... I want to curse myself, wondering why this person couldn't be healed.

    Even though I've been so close to Pryde, I can't feel at ease and I'm not happy. Rather, it's so painful to see my chest squeezed, and I imagine all the unpleasant things.

    If this person wakes up, I think that everything will clear up like a lie.

    Gently trace the contours of Pryde's hands with my thumb through the gaps between Tiara's hands. I felt the temperature of the person slightly along with the smooth texture of the skin, and I was relieved that she was still alive.


    Chills ran all over my body.

    I don't even know the cause or when Pryde wake up. Pryde might not wake up like this ... When the doctor said it, it became pitch black in front of me.

    The face of this person suffering and that scream are still emblazoned in my head. No way, when I thought about this continuing even for a moment, it became so cold that my whole body felt like ice, and I was so thirsty that I felt uncomfortable. In addition, the trembling of the body does not stop weakly, and I can't put my strength into my hands.

    Tiara noticed and tilted her head gently over my shoulder.

    Stayle was also behaving gracefully, but even the smile he gave Pryde was so distorted that he was suffocating just by looking at it. It was the first time for him to expose his emotions and make his voice angry in front of the guests.

    It was the first time I saw Captain Alain look so blue, Deputy Captain Eric so screaming, and Captain Colm shook his hands so badly, not just Stayle.

    The expression of my father who gave instructions to us as guardian knights was also steep, and even Clark saw us off with a serious face.

    All the knights who were ordered to guard the castle and Pryde who was in danger of being attacked or assassinated were all angry.

    When I see Pryde's face, which has no strength and has lost even the complexion, my stomach is distorted as if it was heavily pressured.

    ...... Wake up quickly, quickly, ...

    (Stayle POV) 426. The Adopted Brother Sharpens His Murderous Intention
    "I will check it as soon as I return to my country. It will take a month to go one way. It will take some time."

    Did he really say that?

    After repeating the words that I was convinced of it and thank you for your kindness, I and Gilbert decided to put it off for the time being.

    I sent him back to the room where he was staying, and he asked me to prepare another room because the current room was dirty because of his companion.

    Thank you very much. And the door of his room is closed. After leaving the guest palace with Gilbert, we boarded a carriage to return to the royal palace.

    Silence flows for a while, and after the carriage starts to move slowly, I finally relax. The hand that touched him was so uncomfortable that I couldn't stand it and rubbed it against the hem of Gilbert's clothes as he sat in the opposite seat.

    Knowing my intentions, Gilbert gave up his shoulders with a bitter smile, and he himself slammed his palms against each other.

    "... You was able to endure it well."

    "It's for my sister, it's not a big deal."

    Turn away from Gilbert, who works for me, and poke my cheeks by the window.

    Immediately, the discomfort and anger at Adam re-emerged. I was struck by the sensation that my whole body was wrapped in fire, and I inadvertently scratched my chin with my fingertips. I grit my teeth, shook my chin, and stared out the window, and I was overwhelmed by the murderous aura that was different from mine. When I turned my eyes to it, Gilbert was slamming his knuckles, looking in a different direction from me. Every time there was a snapping sound, Gilbert's mouth cramped, and his light blue eyes were burning red with anger.

    "That man ..., ... he seemed to know that Pryde wouldn't wake up for at least a month."

    I can't take it as a mere word. After a long time, I also tighten the thread of tension with Gilbert's voice that seems to echo from the ground.

    Above all, as soon as it was pointed out, the murderous intent increased again. With the conviction that he might have done something to Pryde.

    "I will check it as soon as I return to my country. It will take a month to go one way. It will take some time."

    It was as if the words spoken were based on the premise that there was no limit to the grace.

    Due to the nature of that man, he would normally say, "I wish I could make it in time," or "I want to find out, but the Rajya Empire is a distant place."

    He knows why Pryde has become like this, surely that's the cause. If he didn't know it, he dared to imply that he was going to negotiate with the Freesia Kingdom in exchange for Pryde.

    Is it slavery, the production of slaves, or only slave acceptance?

    Either way, don't be silly.

    Can he say that Pryde was given such an experience because of that unrelenting hope?

    Moreover, a month⁈ Does he mean to say that he intends to leave Pryde like this for a month⁈?

    Do not forgive, do not forgive, do not forgive, do not forgive, do not forgive, I will absolutely not forgive it? ︎‼ ︎

    Make a fist by the window and hold it tight enough to pierce my nails. We just put a sickle on it. It's too thin to be a confirmation. However, this thin confirmation will be close to the fact if the numbers are piled up.

    I clenched my teeth too much and the back of my teeth echoed. Even so, I will bite it tightly. Pryde suffered because of that man ...! She's still in danger for her life! ︎ Don't be silly, what month! Even though three days is already too long! ︎

    I will be sure to save my Pryde. With any hand.

    "! ..."

    ...... When I think about it, I suddenly realize that I don't like it.

    The teeth that grind together loosen a little, and I look sideways at Gilbert. Like me, he looks sick, angry, cramping various muscles on his face, and smiling horribly. When he noticed that I was looking, Gilbert blinked once and then turned to me and asked, "What's wrong?"

    Feeling a little defeated by myself, I can't help but say a word to Gilbert.

    "... You have endured this for seven years."

    At my words, Gilbert opened his eyes wide and settled with a completely different expression.

    I was frustrated, and above all, I turned away from Gilbert and shut up, as if to distract myself from my pathetic self.

    ...... Gilbert has been suffering for seven years. He had to witness his wife Maria suffering from illness.

    I was aware of it from that time. From the moment I learned of his deadly sin, I was sure I would commit the same thing if Pryde fell ill.

    Five years have passed since then. … After all, now that Pryde has collaped, I feel sad when I realize that I have been affected by the same thoughts as this guy. Of course, I still don't forgive Gilbert for his actions. But ... I realized that I didn't have the right to blame him.

    "I couldn't stand it."

    … Suddenly, I was given words that block my thoughts.

    I turned around reflexively and saw Gilbert who laughed at me with a sad look as if he was confessing his sins. The sharp eyes hang down without force and catch me straight on.

    "I couldn't stand it ... so I fell that far."

    Gilbert shook his head with his rounded shoulders, laughing bitterly, saying that he was not in a position to receive such words.

    "Stayle, please don't be like that in the future. "

    I haven't done that yet. Gilbert's words that assert that way ... save me a lot.

    He laughs at me with a melancholy smile, and I turns my face away from Gilbert again. It's frustrating, but I realized that he was far more mature than I was.

    "... Of course."

    Of course, when I dared to say that I still didn't forgive his sin from that time, I was returned with a voice that made me realize that Gilbert was definitely smiling, even if I couldn't see "Is that so?"

    The sway of the carriage subsided, and finally we reached the royal palace again. I thought I had to report to Uncle Wes, but ... suddenly I wanted to see Pryde, and there was something like nostalgia.

    … Is Arthur still by her side?

    I haven't been able to visit her since last night when I went to help Uncle Wes. Tiara will surely not feel comfortable leaving.

    There's nothing better if Pryde is awake, but according to Adam's words, it's probably less hopeful.

    "... Adam ..."

    If that man is the cause of everything, I will never forgive him.

    Gilbert successfully caught him for three days. Three days is enough, that's enough

    "Surely" he can be cornered.

    Probably around this time Uncle Wes is talking to my mother and father.

    Uncle Wes, Gilbert, and Prince Cedric are also witnesses, but although we may have made a decisive move, there is a possibility that Pryde will remain the same for more than a month. It's better than getting sick, but it's impossible to stay awake that long.

    At the edge of my head, I shook my head unintentionally, remembering the mad and bedridden King Lance and Maria who was on the verge of death.

    Never let Pryde look like that.

    The Rajya Empire, Crown Prince Adam.

    At best, immerse yourself in pleasure now. ... until the moment you recognize the rope tied around your neck.

    When the lever at you feet is pulled, this time I will cross my legs in the front row ……‼

    (Arthur POV) 428. The Knight Looks
    "... Can I borrow Captain Arthur?"

    When Captain Colm nodded, "It's just a shift change," he muttered that it was good and urged me with just his eyes. I also follow Stayle while being dragged by my feelings. ...... Leave Pryde in the room.

    Walk down the hallway and go downstairs to be invited to Stayle's room.

    For some reason, it's a place I've never been to. It was always Pryde's room during the escort, and both Stayle and Tiara came to see Pryde there. … When I think about it, I realize again that she was really the center for Stayle and Tiara.

    The guards and knights of the escort attached to Stayle were kept waiting in front of the room, and only me and Stayle entered the room. The knights felt bad leaving me alone with Stayle, but before I could greet them, I was told to "hurry up" and not be bothered by the gesture.

    When I closed the door, I smelled books and paper before I could look around the room. If I think it smells like a library, books are lined up like a mountain in the room, and they are piled up next to the desk. The colors were uniform throughout, and the bookshelves were lined up many times more than in Pryde's room.

    All the shelves and desk drawers other than the clothes are locked, so I thought it was like this guy. There were some familiar things on the desk and on the high shelves, and I quickly realized that they were the things he got from Pryde and Tiara.

    "I called you .... Because I have an important story."

    Immediately after that, I felt a little uncomfortable with Stayle sitting on the sofa opposite me.

    Is he suppressing his anger or another emotion? It seemed like he was desperately trying to calm himself and me.

    When I sat down on the sofa surrounded by fabric that was too glossy, my body sank at once. I'm not feeling well, so I step on the floor with both feet and lean my back forward. In the same way, when Stayle was leaning forward, he leaned down with his palms together and his hands straight in front of his mouth.

    As he was wondering where to speak, I waited while looking at him for a while, and then suddenly said, "Say it straight." With a little preparedness and snorting, Stayle's eyes looked down at me with his upper eyes.

    "It was determined that the cause of my sister's condition was artificially induced, and we have a clue about the man who committed it."

    I couldn't make a voice at first.

    My mouth opens, my open eyes gradually widen, and the words I want to hear from Stayle come to my mind one after another. Then I finally managed to say, "When is it ...⁈". Stayle raised his index finger to his mouth once and pointed to the door with his eyes, saying, "It's confidential, so suppress your voice." When I forcibly closed my mouth with force, Stayle put both hands on his mouth to see it change again.

    "... Rajya Empire's Prince, First Prince Adam."


    I know the name.

    It is a country that originally tried to invade the United Kingdom of Hanazuo. He claimed irrelevance, and it was the runaway of the Kingdom of Coperandi, and made peace with Freesia on the condition of Hanazuo's security. that…

    "You will die while continuing to begrudge the stupid monarch who turned the Rajya Empire into an enemy!" ︎ ”

    Suddenly, I remember the defense battle a year ago. This is the word that the general of the enemy army said.

    ...... Rajya becomes an enemy. When I think about it, I notice that my body is getting hotter. My breath is rough and painful, and my mouth is distorted without permission. The flow of blood stopped just before, and it became faster and my heart made a bang. My fingertips tremble and yell at me here, and I desperately endure my feelings. The field of vision became red, and I thought it was dangerous.

    "He's already agreed to stay for three more days. He doesn't realize we suspect him yet .... We don't even know how he did it."

    Slowly, slowly, so that I can swallow, and Stayle himself suppresses his emotions, and the story continues. When the explanation was poured in and I listened silently while holding my fist ... This time, the blood in my body boiled.

    Pryde-sama ... Won't wake up for a month?

    Maybe he's trying to use Pryde as a bargaining tool⁇ Slavery, slave production, slave toleration ... I wonder. I imagine a man who shouldn't have a face yet, groaning in a distorted manner, and my head turned bright red.

    It's a game for him.

    "Of course, we won't forgive that. Uncle Wes talked to my mother. If my sister doesn't wake up within the next three days ..."

    Stayle, who once cut the word, waits until I settle down.

    Waiting for the words from me, I looked into Stayle's black eyes and Stayle laughed for the first time since I came here.

    "My mother promised to question him under our contract."


    I found that the words finally opened my eyes to the limit.

    Inquiries about the Kingdom of Freesia, and the accompanying "contract" ... I know only the contents. It is a cross-examination using a contract that can never be broken once you write your signature, like a subordinate contract or a slave contract.

    For example, if they say that Adam should tell the cause of Pryde's fall and tell them how to cure it, the person who wrote their signature will always answer it. That's the contract.

    It's really the last resort and most special means that it is rarely used even against sinners. Stayle says, "It will take a week to place an order now, and even if they hurry, it will definitely take five days, but if we decide three days later to formally detain him, there will be no problem." I knew that the royal family was really moving.

    To do it against the royal family of the Rajya Empire means that the Queen is also serious about it. If Rajya is really the criminal and the decision comes down three days later

    If Pryde doesn't wakes up.

    If Adam knows how to cure Pryde and the cause, surely.

    As soon as I was relieved by that fact, the tension in my body suddenly relaxed and my face sank on my knees. It was good, it will be hard to wait for three days and a week, but I thought that Pryde would be saved, so I was a little overwhelmed.

    I hit my cheeks with both hands to endure it. Smack! A pretty good sound echoed and I woke up at once.

    "Only a very few people can know to prevent leaks. In parallel with investigating other diseases, poisons, and possible guests, my father and Gilbert are rushing to prepare the order with my mother's permission. . "

    Stayle, who continued to say that he would go to help Gilbert after his rest time, said so far, and then came here for the first time to relax his shoulders.

    "... Of course, we can't let my guard down yet, but there is some hope."

    "That's right ..."

    I look at Stayle after returning the words that I wasn't sure about.

    I think he really did his best in the last few hours. ...... To help Pryde.

    Stayle leaned a little on the back of the sofa and exhaled at once. The word that Stayle spilled after a long sigh, which was unusual enough to make me think that all the air in his body had been exhausted, was "I'm sorry it took a long time."

    I laughed strangely when I thought that it was the word, and trembled my shoulders while I was down. Stayle, who immediately noticed it, asked me moodily, "What?" So I

    "... Wow, you."

    I laughed too much and my voice quivered, and nothing came back from Stayle.

    When I looked up at Stayle's face, his eyes were curled up on the plate and he was looking at me.

    "It's only been one day, and it's possible to reach this point .... you're really cool."

    I could only hang down in the face of Pryde.

    In the meantime, Stayle even found a way to help her, doing what he could really do and perhaps using all the means he could. To be honest, I feel sorry for myself.

    In my words, after a while, Stayle blinked and turned away to swell.

    "I'm not alone. Uncle Wes, Prince Cedric, and ... I'm sorry, but thanks to Gilbert."

    "I wouldn't have made progress without them."

    He said that he called Prince Cedric because it was originally Stayle. I don't know the details, but I don't think he was just watching.

    "... I was able to leave with peace of mind because you were with my sister and Tiara."

    "No, you could do it without me .... I understand that."

    To be honest, I often think that I still can't compete with this guy. He's much smarter than I am and I'm just helped. I'm really glad that this guy was like Pryde.

    In my words, Stayle rubbed his lips with the back of his hand. When I put wrinkles between my eyebrows, Stayle turned his face to me.

    "... I'll ask you to stay with my sister for a while. I'll definitely find a way to wake her up."

    "Oh, leave it to me."

    I think Tiara was the last person to tell me that it was still a secret and she really told me only.

    When the talk was over and I was about to stand up, I stopped saying, "There will still be time, slow down to the time." Certainly, if you look at the clock, there is still time. But if I wonder if Stayle is also good for rest time

    "I'll take a nap for thirty minutes from now. Wake me up when it's time."

    ...... I was ordered unilaterally.

    While I was stuck in reply, Stayle didn't go to bed and just put his cheek on the sofa and started sleeping.

    I thought it was a joke, and when I was standing in front of the sofa and looking at it, Stayle really started to sleep in a few seconds. Well, it's the first time I've seen him go to bed.

    I had no choice but to sit back on the sofa and look at Stayle from the front. This guy is the same as me and I think he hasn't been able to sleep since yesterday. I could see a little tired color from my sullen face.

    "... I wish I could sleep beside Pryde anyway."

    When I noticed unconsciously, I also put my cheek on the sofa.

    Even Stayle has decided that he wanted to stay with her for as little as a second longer. In the previous story, I think it would be okay for me and the Tiara to leave because we no longer have to worry about Pryde's symptoms getting worse ...

    Only after thinking so much in agony, I notice.

    He wasn't the kind of guy who showed a chance in public because he was near Pryde. Perhaps even now, I've finally grasped the clues and clues and finally loosened the tension.

    "Wow ..."

    Also, a soliloquy mutter spilled and spread thinly and small in the air of the room.

    When I looked at Stayle, the glasses he was wearing with his cheeks stuck were misaligned and tilted. At the very least, I thought Stayle should take it off and go to bed, so I had no choice but to raise my hips and take off his glasses without permission. Place it on the side shelf and then sit back on the original sofa. When I looked at Stayle with his glasses from the front, it looked like a weaker face than before. Looking at the second hand of the clock again, I now realize that I can't sleep if I have to wake him up.

    Well, all right. I'm used to not sleeping to some extent, and ... above all, I'm much better now than before.

    After stretching with my arms on the sofa, I suddenly sinks onto my back. I think I will really fall asleep in a chair that is too comfortable to sit on. Still, I managed to fight sleep and spend some time looking around the Stayle's room while resting only my body.

    That person will wake up in just a little more. ……definitely.

    With that in mind, take a deep breath in this strangely cozy room. It's my first time to enter, and even though it's a royal room, it's so calming.

    Waiting for time to pass while looking at the inside of the room or the spine of a book I had never seen, and then about 20 minutes later.

    …………………………………… Pryde-sama.

    Thought seriously about including the Gilbert dance, Gilbert and Albert scene, and the Harrison angst. I might still add it in a later drop. Let me know if you want it.

    Anyway, the realization scenes from the Villain Arc is next, and it's long. (More than ten scenes?) So look forward to that.
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    All right, so as promised here's some of the saddest (and best) scenes in the Villain Arc. Be prepared to cry, because virtually all of these are tear-jerker scenes. (Gilbert still has me bawling like a little girl.)

    In addition to showing when the guys figure out Pryde foresaw her downfall, there's also some confirmation scenes, which is why it's more than only six scenes. (Kind of disappointing that none of Pryde's guardian knights notice, to be honest.)

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    Anyway, the Villain Arc! :blobhero:

    (Gilbert POV) 441. The Chancellor Notices
    "... If so .... Pryde's appearance may be a punishment for us, because no one but you could do anything for Pride at the time."

    Including me. When I continued to the muttering Albert, I didn't get a reply again.

    At that time, even though he might have been swayed by Pryde-sama's selfishness, no one blamed or gave any guidance to Pryde except for Albert and Wes, who would visit occasionally to see the situation. Despite this, I was out of the question, but as soon as Pride became a good princess and awakened her precognition ability, many of the other upper management personnel began to support her as if she had returned their palm.

    As if they hadn't been lazy and indifferent for the last eight years.

    The change in Pryde ten years ago was by no means the result of our education. It was a miraculous sudden change.

    Anyone could see then how much we were spoiled, entrusted, and saved by Pride. Without that person, I would have lost everything, and Marianne wouldn't be in the world at this time.

    "I forgive you and your fiancée."

    ... I've thought this many times.

    How different would it be if she wasn't there?

    "Please guide us to your fiancée."

    As a great sinner at the time, I didn't even think about her reason for doing so. Because it's natural that I would be branded a criminal and executed for my crimes.

    In this way, Pryde is reminiscent of ten years ago ... Now she has changed even more. If that miracle-like change hadn't happened to Pryde at that time in the past.

    What kind of punishment did I receive?

    At least, if the Pryde-sama now predicted my mistakes at that time, she would have punished me immediately.

    That's just a matter of course. And even if she foresaw Arthur's special ability to heal illnesses ... I'm sure she wouldn't save Maria. Rather, I feel like Pryde would look happily at me mourning Maria's death. With a strange conviction ... I think so.

    I was punished for my deadly sins, lost Maria, betrayed my friends' trust, and lost pride in my duties. It's too easy for me to imagine. Rather, is there anything more like hell?

    If Pryde wasn't like that ... the happiness of now wouldn't have happened. It is a fact that I have recollected many times every time I am satisfied with happiness.

    "Until this happened ... I'm sorry that I didn't notice."

    ...... If the mercy and kindness at that time were only for these ten years. Should it really be said that God dwelled inside of her? Should it be said that it was not the original appearance of that person? ... No, no.

    That person was certainly Pryde-sama.

    "... I'm sorry, Albert. Let's continue with the paperwork."

    Encouraging him to keep quiet, I put together the paperwork.

    A plan to resume the school system that was suspended due to Pryde. The start was almost just around the corner, but after this, only the part that can proceed even while Pryde is absent will be advanced. And based on the worst case situation, it is necessary to think about Pryde's replacement and how they can take over. Furthermore, the isolation tower and the gag order about Pryde. There are tons of other jobs.

    Albert threw a small word at me, moving his pen again, as he piled up the work on his desk.

    "... How about you, Gilbert. The Pryde now is ... even worse than the Pryde we had when you first started hitting hard. Do you still want her to be Queen?"

    As usual, Albert, who can't put silk on his teeth, gives up his shoulders.

    In fact, that's another factor is likely to have hit him badly. And it was none other than Pryde who rescued me from that situation.

    In response to his question, this time I shake my head. When I said, "It doesn't change," Albert's face turned to me with his hands moving. I raised my eyebrows with a dark expression, and I returned with a heartfelt smile.

    "... Even if Pryde changes, I won't change anymore, Albert .......... I decided that long ago."

    No matter how the current Pryde changes. No matter who the Queen will be 100 or 1000 years from now.

    For Pryde at that time ... I swore that I would be there for my atonement, and mission that she gave me at that time.

    "For the rest of your life, no matter how long, work for the people of this country as long as the King desires, as the Prime Minister of our country"

    "The will to serve Pryde remains the same .... Sincerely, I will do everything I can. May Pryde be a good Queen again ... no, even if she is different from before."

    If it benefits the people. I told him that and put my hand on his shoulder. Feeling a little less tense from Albert, I hits his back and undertakes the finished documents with the other hand.

    Yes, as long as Pryde is the foremost successor to the throne, that will not change. As long as she is the next Queen, it is my original role to support and nurture her to be the right person. ...... As long as Pryde is "the foremost successor to the throne".

    Suddenly, after thinking so much, an indescribable fear ran all over my body from my spine. ...... No. That's the last thing I should think about right now. That is no different from the mistakes I made ten years ago.

    Right now, I'm just the one who wanted it in the past. …… Yes, she said to me at the time of our last discussion.

    "Even after I'm gone ... Chancellor Gilbert will protect the country and the people. Just because I think so, I think the future that we don't know is very bright."



    I dropped the document on the floor without the force of my hand due to the shock. My hands stiffen and my breath becomes shallow while holding the documents.

    Albert asks, "What's wrong?" He hurries and acts because of his tiredness, but now I can't even face him. Pretend to clean up the papers, turn my back on him and cover my mouth with one hand. Hold my breath and think again, paying attention not to move my shoulders.

    "Even after I'm gone" ...

    Pryde definitely said that at that time.

    At that time, I thought that Pryde meant when she had reached the end of her life 100 years in the future.

    Not when "they" were gone, but when "she". That person certainly said it. And, regarding the future after that, she changed the word "we".

    "Oh ... I'm sorry Albert. I left something in my room and I'll be back soon."

    Deceive the quivering fingertips, put the papers on my desk and leave the room quickly.

    I shut off my thoughts once, clenched my mouth, and locked the door shortly after returning to my office.

    "..., ... yes, wasn't it?"

    It may be a mere oversight or a mistake. However, I couldn't help but smile at Pryde's words at that time. ...... Now they have a completely different color and it disturbs my heart.

    ... I'm sure she knew.

    I don't know if it was unconscious or if she deliberately hid it.

    However, when I thought that she was carrying a burden without letting anyone know it, my heart was unbearably disturbed.

    With the door locked behind me, I couldn't move any further and leaned against the door. When I looked up at the window in the back, my view was blurred and only the sunlight was reflected.

    "At the end, you knew ..."

    She must have foreseen it somewhere. A future in which Pryde can't keep her heart for a long time.

    What kind of future was foreseen and when ... The more I thought about it, the harder it was for me to breathe and the more my throat began to cramp. Covering my dripping face with both hands, I finally collapse on the spot without any force.

    "......... I'm, ... sorry ...‼ ︎"

    Involuntarily, I spit out the confession into an empty room.

    ...... I noticed that I couldn't give it to her.

    If I had noticed it earlier, something might have changed. I might have done something had I noticed that person was in despair over the future.

    Five years ago, she noticed my despair and saved me. ...... but I didn't notice anything ... ︎

    I was satisfied just because I was forgiven and helped. Even though she was also in despair.

    "... Pryde-sama ...!"

    Drops spilled through the gaps between my fingers and wet the floor.

    … What kind of future did she see?

    Is it the death of her heart, the ruin of her body, or the right to succeed to the throne ...!


    As soon as I understood, my whole body was weakened, and I looked up at the sky from the window with my hands hanging down from my wet face.

    After all, she is Pryde. … And if that behavior that tries to turn everyone into an enemy is not just because of selfishness or pleasure.

    Pryde wants them to stop her, who is out of control. The last thing she wanted was that.

    "......... You wanted it .... At the end of your life, you want to ruin yourself."

    To protect us ... from herself who is out of control.

    Recalling Stayle's earlier words, I couldn't stand it anymore and covered my mouth strongly with both hands, killing my voice and continuing to groan in my throat.

    I never thought that the day would come when I would cry like this again.

    "Pryde taught me and Tiara that knowledge long ago, to the extent that I can speak about both law and Queen business ."

    ...... Pryde wanted to be ruined.

    To hand over the Queen's crown to Tiara.

    (Arthur POV) 443. The Knight Decides
    "... Harrison-san, did you eat properly?"

    That person really won't eat if left alone. Since we started eating together, he's eaten at least one meal a day, and he's a person who will eat all the food served. Still, I don't think it's enough for that amount of exercise.

    Thinking so far, I remember his reaction when my father announced that the guardian knights system was suspended. He was almost unresponsive. Well, if it's the decision of my father and Clark, he will definitely obey. It was when he heard, "It's just a pause."

    Harrison knows about Pryde-sama's sudden change, and may have already been aware of it. When I later apologized to him for inviting him only for the guardian knights to pause, he said, "Do not apologize" and disappeared. ...... I wonder if hes angry.

    “………… ....... Guardian, Knight.”

    ...... It stopped. Really suddenly.

    Forever ... I decided to protect Pryde-sama. It was easily torn away.

    I was brought back to reality at once so much that I thought it was funny like a dream. Now, instead of protecting that person, I can't even get closer ..., ………… No.

    That person is no longer there.

    "Is it okay to see this change as normal? If the current appearance is how my sister was originally ..."

    Stayle's words never get out of my head.

    As soon as I remembered it, my head fluttered and memories of Pryde-sama filled my head one after another. I sat down and held my head and drooped.

    ...... If that person is the original person now, it's really the worst.

    Hurts people for fun, treat them roughly, and ridicule them.

    If such a person becomes a Queen like this, it will not be possible to hide it. I can understand that. …… But that person is Pryde.

    She was kind, strong, cool, reaching out to everyone, she helped my father with all her might, and saved me.

    No matter how many times I think about it and think back, I still want to assume that this person is not the same person as Pryde. This Princess, who was the exact opposite of that person, seemed to laugh while speaking with the same face and voice as that person.

    A miracle of only ten years.

    Was that really the case?

    Everything about the Pryde we longed for was fake. Did we just have a really convenient dream?

    If I close my eyes, that person's smile will come to mind again. She called my name many times and laughed kindly and heartily.

    ...... What would have happened to me if that person had remained the same without the miracle of the last decade?

    If I look up and out over the familiar fields, I will see a scene similar to that of seven years ago.

    I don't know what Pryde was like ten years ago. However, at least the person now would never have saved my father. Rather, I even feel like she would laugh while watching the footage of the Knights.

    I didn't want to imagine it, but I could imagine Pryde looking at the image of my father and knights swallowed by the cliff that collapsed in y head. With that scary smile and laughter.

    Ahahahaha! The laughter of that person echoed in my head, and even though I couldn't hear it now, I inadvertently closed my ears with my palm. The sound of my blood rushed directly to my ears instead, covering my hearing.

    "......... Where ... Did you go ..... Pryde ..."

    Pryde hasn't gone anywhere. She's still in the castle, and I'm sure she's still fine in the room. ...... But the heart that was more beautiful than anyone else, was lost.

    No, I didn't lose it. The heart that is no longer there bloomed for only ten years.

    Shake my head and desperately tell myself. I don't think that person has "returned" but "changed". ...... I don't want to think it.

    I'm sure she wouldn't save anyone seven years ago, neither my father nor I. Before that, I wouldn't have thought of exposing my heart to much a person.

    The more I think about it, the more scary it becomes.

    I lost my father and I'm sure I couldn't get out of this field all the time.

    While yelling inside that I wanted to be a knight, I would continue to curse myself, who couldn't do anything.

    I couldn't meet Stayle, Tiara, Captain Colm, Captain Alain, Deputy Captain Eric, Harrison-san, or the knights ... I couldn't tell my father what he really meant to me, nor could I know his feelings. And I would not and die in this field.

    When I looked at my palm, which was supposed to be heading toward the life of a farmer seven years ago, I was trembling. This hand, now trained to hold the sword, overlapped with seven years ago.

    Seven years ago, my future, which I could never have avoided without that Pryde, was too real. When I notice it, my whole body trembled instead of my hands. Even though it's not cold, I inadvertently grab my shoulders alternately and curl up.

    No, I don't want to think of a life without that person.

    "If you're the only one who is removed from the guardian knights, or all of the guardian knights are abolished. ... which one do you hate more?"

    I can't answer. ...... I could only answer that.

    I feel that no matter how I answers, what she will do will not change. I wanted to stop it, but I could only make a slight resistance ... it didn't work.

    If it had been this person for the past decade, I would never be now.

    Really, if she wasn't a being like a miracle, there wouldn't be such a happy life. It was none other than that person who made me laugh and be proud of even the worst 13 years of my life.

    I could do anything for that person, I could endure anything for that person. ……Nevertheless.

    "... Hmm ... Hey ...‼ ︎"

    My emotions didn't fit in my chest and spilled from my mouth.

    Desperately endure with the fingers that grab my shoulders. At the same time, I will do my best to suppress the emotions that have become overwhelming.

    I know that the one who saved and changed me doesn't exist anymore. Rather, when I thought that she didn't exist from the beginning, my body was messed up and I felt that I was suffocating.

    "If you want to decline the position of guardian knight even after it is resumed, please contact me. ...... I hope it will happen."

    That words Stayle gave is for all the guardian knights. ... In other words, it was also a word for me.

    Do you really want to protect Pryde, who is the exact opposite of that person we know, or can you still protect her with your pride as a knight? ...... That person who the Pryde we know will never forgive.

    "......... Ku, hey ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    It's already messed up.

    I want that kind person who wasn't really Pryde to come back. It has nothing to do with whether she's real thing or a fake. I'm good for that person who saved me all and gave me everything. But the worst Princess now is definitely Pryde, and there is no doubt that Pryde saved me seven years ago. However, that person is different from the Pryde-sama from these past ten years, but still.

    I feel nausea in my head.

    Stayle got angry so quickly, but it's a pity that I'm the only one thinking.

    "... Hmm ... Hmm ... hey ...,"

    Do I want to protect the worst Princess Pryde now? It's decided that I will protect it! ︎ There is no way to decline. No matter how different she is now, that person is still Pryde. I can put up with anything if it's for the person who saved me seven years ago and gave me this life now

    "I don't want to kill you ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    I couldn't stand it, and finally my emotions burst from my mouth.

    Spit words toward the ground and rub my forehead against my knees. Hot tears rush to the back of my eyes, and I put my nails on my shoulders and endured it. The trembling doesn't stop, and I squeeze my teeth to hide it.

    I'm afraid to continue the guardian knights.

    I don't know what Captain Alain, Captain Colm, Deputy Captain Eric, and Harrison-san will do in the end. Will they continue to be a Pride-sama's guardian knight, or will they decline because of their pride as a knight and the people? ...... Maybe the latter is the correct answer.

    I don't know how long it will take for Stayle, Regent Wes, the Prince Consort, and Chancellor Gilbert to re-educate the current Pryde into a decent Princess. However, that person who became different from the Pryde we know from the root ... I didn't feel like she'll become a Princess at all. At least, she won't be able to surpass the Pryde we know.

    Compared to what is completely different from what Pryde is now, one in the past was much better and shining, and I chase after the last vestiges of her through my face. ...... Seven years ago, I tried to become more for Pryde, who was in pain. The worst human being. And that terrible and worst person

    I might kill Pryde with this hand.

    "When you judge that I am the enemy of the people of this country, decapitate me first."

    ... She said it seven years ago.

    At that time I vowed to protect Pryde.

    Even though she is the foremost successor to the throne, Pryde is still a Princess. The worst of her out of control behavior can be stopped if the Queen and the Prince Consort do it properly. The current suspension of the guardian knights, exclusive maids, and guards is also to prevent other humans from becoming targets for the current Pryde. Even the delivery system ... I think it's because they thought they couldn't leave it to the current Pryde. However

    Still, if that person now goes out of control someday.

    Something creepy ran up my spine.

    If the current Pryde goes out of control and injures her teacher, if she attacks and injures various people, and if she does something terrible with her authority as a Princess, that person should just be

    If she becomes Queen.

    "... the people's, enemy "..."

    No doubt, she knew. Already seven years ago.

    A future in which Pryde will one day become such a human being.

    It was a lie that it wasn't foreknowledge. That person was always scared of herself.

    "... You couldn't change it ... You didn't ...?"

    I will ask without guessing. There's no way I'll get an answer, but ... above all, it's decided.

    I'm sure that that person's power couldn't help.

    It has been decided that the person who has predicted many times and changed the lives of many people has definitely changed. Not doing anything ... means it was really something that couldn't be helped.

    Even though she's so desperate to bet on other people, Pryde easily give up on herself. I couldn't take my eyes off her because Pryde was such a person.

    "... I don't like it ............... That's why ... I don't think I was a knight ..."

    I know, that person is not that kind of person.

    She's not the kind of person who will use others for herself. ...... But that person wished for me.

    "First of all, that neck".

    Pryde really couldn't help herself, so she hoped that I would stop her.

    Frightened by the fear of not knowing when it would come, she gave up and lived while thinking of us until the very end.

    And finally, Pryde wanted to be killed.

    No matter how cruel the wish was, she still wished for it. That's how serious Pryde was ... I want to stop her now.

    It cannot be said that she is an enemy of the people yet. The top layer is desperately trying to stop the current Pryde and make her into a person suitable to become Queen. I'm sure the future that frightened that person is a little further ahead than it is now.

    But ... Even if I decapitate the Pryde now, I feel like the Pryde from ten years ago will laugh, "I'm glad." But even if I stop her now, it's like, "If you kill me now, Arthur will be accused!"

    "... That's the kind of person .... You are."

    Say to myself and laugh. At the same time, the tremors finally stopped, and the arms holding my shoulders were loosened and lowered.

    When I look up at the sky, I think it's been a long time and I've been here for a long time.

    The sun is still dazzling as it begins to set, so I open my hands and cover it up. It looked like my hands were shining with the leaked light.

    "......... Finally ... it arrived."

    I didn't do anything because I was mourning, but now that I've become a knight, I can be near her as a guardian knight, and I can feel her so close.

    I was so happy I felt like soaring every time she laughed, and when she called me by name, my heart beat, and when I asked her to rely on me, I was so proud that I could die.

    But now, I'm afraid to come close.

    If the guardian knights resume and I stand next to her again. ...... It means that I am always in a place where I can kill that person.

    If I decline the guardian knight position, I will not have the opportunity to kill her. I'm a knight and she's a Princess. If this sword can't reach her easily ... I won't kill that person.

    If I return to the resumed guardian knights next time, I'm sure that every time I see Pryde-sama's back, I will continue to think about whether to kill her. Every day, I'll think about doing something about it next time.

    If I leave, I can pretend to have forgotten.

    Recalling only the kind Pryde of the past, I mourned the "changed" Pryde of the present, and as time went by, I will have to swing my sword at the "different" Pryde as a Knight. I think it's for the best that I can take that sword.


    "Pryde ..."

    The setting sun, which began to set, was dyed the same color as that person's hair.

    Everything that caught my eye was filled with that person's color, and for a moment I even felt like that person was really here.

    The country she loved was illuminated by her color.

    "... The oath of that day ... Can I keep it ...?"

    After all I will keep an eye on her.

    The final answer I arrived at was too simple and selfish.

    Knowing that person's last wishes, fears, and suffering, there was really little I could do for her.

    "For that reason ... please forgive me."

    She changed everything about me and saved me.

    She gave me everything I wanted and dreamed of until I couldn't bear it.

    She gave me happiness that changed my world.

    A benefactor of my father, a person who is longed for by the Knights.

    I cannot regret the live I lived for that person.

    Even if everything except her figure changes, ... I can't separate it from my past with that person.

    Because the current Pryde is who "that person" was without any help.

    The sun sets.

    The sky changes color from red to black and slowly falls at night. The cold wind rubbed my cheeks and shook my hair.

    Get up from the spot and pull out the sword. When I looked up at the sky, I could see the moon floating. The end of the crescent moon looks like the end of the mouth that the person now laughs at.

    "When that time comes .... I will point this sword at you."

    Raise the blade toward the moon.

    I will never hesitate when that time comes someday.

    No matter who the other person is, I will never stop.

    I will keep my vow to that person. That's why I

    "My sword is to protect my loved ones"

    Really, it doesn't matter what I lose.

    (Gilbert POV) 458.1 Approaches
    "Then, let's start with your question .... Pryde, what do you think of your treatment towards the delivery person at that time?"

    "It was fun."

    "Do you reflect on it?"

    "Huh? I won't. That's my right."

    "... The covenant of servitude does not permit you to toy with sinners. It is so they can atone and again as a person ..."

    After all, no skill is returned today.

    What was violated at that time, treatment of maids and teachers, policies and systems so far, future policies. No matter what I ask and look back on that day and urge her to reflect on it, Pride will not change anything. Usually you would think that you can get out by performing well, even if it is ostensibly, but Pryde did not seem to intend to do so. Even if there is a desire to get out of the distant tower, she will not change. Albert and Rosa are wondering, but ... Pryde just seemed to be trying to tie a noose around her neck.

    At the very least, she who became the shell of that person is left to me now as a Princess ... no, I will do my best to improve her as a person.

    It seemed terribly cruel and irresponsible to let others hear my speculation. I can't say everything, and there is no confirmation. I can't deny that I'm alone. But if I said it, I could foresee that everyone would mourn and feel helpless like me.

    Hopefully I'm the only one who gets hurt.

    "Hey? ... Rather than that, I want to go outside ...?"

    Suddenly, Pryde-sama spoke in a licking and sticky way.

    What is that? Pryde raises her smile even more. You see, that's it. As if told to dare to imply again. For a moment, the possibilities passed, and when I closed my mouth, Pryde spit out the words as if she had planned it.

    "Next week's bill council."

    ...... After all?

    Certainly, Pryde also participated in the bill council as the First Princess every year. However, it will also be rejected. The Pryde who is in this state cannot be exposed to the eyes of the upper layer. It's because the eyes of the upper ranks who have already entered and exited the castle are swirling with unrest and distrust.

    Return the words to Pryde, "It's about time," and open the book again. When I urged her to continue her studies, I was surprised to find her sitting at her desk. Then, she said the other day's review, opened the book on the desk, and Pryde looked at me standing next to her from below.

    "I ... I've been thinking about it for a long time since I was moved to this tower."

    She talks with a suspicious smile.

    Until now, she has often tried to shake our emotions in this way. Rosa-sama, and even Albert, who should have had a good relationship with Pryde-sama ten years ago, are also poisoned by her mouth that is never exhausted.

    Even before, she said to try me, "Shall I accuse you of your sins?" "What would your daughter Stella think if you knew it?" ...... I was already prepared to be accused of my crime and to be despised, but when I lightly replied, "Is the current Pryde worthy of trust?", At that time, her face was immediately distorted. ..

    "I was thinking ... what do you say?"

    Place the pen where she opened the book and Pryde turns to me.

    Suddenly the intonation of the voice is raised and "You know" is said with an air of innocence like a girl who talks about her dreams.

    "Special ability application obligation order .......... Wow, isn't it nice?"

    Nitaaaaa ... and a tearing smile oozes out.

    The smile of that person, which I couldn't even imagine until just a month ago, made my body tense.

    Why is she now talking about that decree.

    I was surprised that the name of the abominable bill was spoken here, and when I screamed ... Pryde continued to reply happily to my reaction.

    "Chancellor Gilbert? ... Please look forward to it when I become Queen. Your old wishes, I will fulfill them all."

    Lean out of the chair, reach out and stroke my outline with her fingertips.

    If I close my eyes, the glamorous movement would have seemed different.

    My old wishes? Why is Pryde-sama saying this now, to me who was a bad idiot?

    "For example .... For example? Wouldn't it be nice if I became Queen, enacted this bill, and tied up everyone with a rare and amazing special ability, with a contract of slavery?"


    Even if I put my thoughts on it, I'm scared just by imagining it.

    Slave contract ……⁈ Is it just a rare special ability? Do you mean that you're going to tease even the innocent people like Val?

    As I gradually opened up, I was aware of my eyes and held my breath, and Pryde laughed again with a suspicious laugh, "Aha!".

    "It's wonderful⁈ Then my power will not be shaken, isn't it? No one can go against me. Well, Chancellor Gilbert, Stayle, Arthur, Uncle Wes, Kemet, and the Knight Commander ..."

    "Seriously ... are you telling me ...⁈"

    Involuntarily, I asked her with a smoldering voice.

    I know that she dares to choose her words so to make people uncomfortable. That's her purpose. But why did she come up with such a terrifying thing?

    If Pryde becomes a Queen as it is, even that delusion will not come true. The power of the Queen of our country is that absolute. However, if such an enactment is made, Freesia will not be able to just lean at once.

    "Well, are you so serious? Ah .... No, it's a parable story. Isn't it?"

    The terrifying smile is full of pleasure.

    Perhaps she intends to enact the law seriously when she becomes Queen.

    On the other hand, the Pryde at that time ... How terrifying was the future she foresaw? How bad was the future that you want your own ruin ...

    "You prefer to hurt the people weaker than you ... hurt them again and again ... ︎ Many times, that prediction ...!"

    Suddenly, I remember the words of two years ago.

    Rosa was also said it. She predicted the future of Pryde at that time. The appearance of Pryde who hurt the weak many times.

    "That's why? If I can't go out, please tell me. A dreamlike picture of the future of the wonderful and wonderful Queen I want .... Mother, too."

    Pryde continues to talk regardless of me being solidified.

    She stood up from the chair as if my reaction was boring, and this time my cheeks were traced with her palm.

    ...... Does it mean that the future hasn't changed?

    "Pryde ..... Why do you purposefully try to undermine your own position? Are you even aware of it?"

    The hand that fits around my words perfectly stops.

    When I saw it, Pryde-sama's face was unnaturally stiff with a raised smile.

    I can understand it if Pryde wants to keep it in her heart. However, let's have her say it and I can tell Rosa and the others from my mouth. No matter how I think about it, it's just unnatural. She who reveals her plan to the enemy never succeeds. After all, this person seems to be devoting herself only to making her position worse.

    Is she aware or unaware? Just knowing that ... I can tell that the one we loved may remain in the person in front of me. If she is aware of it, she can't be there anymore. It means that she has an idea that is beyond my reach in her now. If she is unaware, then that person is surely ... ︎

    Gently lower Pride's hand and wait for her to look down. A small laugh leaked from Pryde's lips, which had been stiff for a while, and ... burst.

    "Ahahahahaha‼ ︎ As expected, Chancellor Gilbert⁈ Wow!"

    Ahaha! ︎Hahahahahahaha! ︎ and a terrifying laugh echo again.

    Looking at her laughing with a devilish smile, holding her belly like a child with a successful mischief, I urged her to say, "Well then."

    After a while, Pryde, who kept laughing earnestly, stopped laughing and turned her cramped smile to me again.

    "Half correct and half incorrect .... Isn't the purpose just to break this position of mine?"

    Pryde, who lightly said that her behavior was intentional, looked around the room.

    Then she reached for a vase with flowers and dropped it on the floor.

    The treble peculiar to pottery echoes and debris is scattered. I heard that the water pitcher was splashed at Tiara when Pryde first woke up, but this time it was a vase. If I think that she intends to intimidate me

    "Don't ⁉︎ Pryde-sama‼ ︎‼ ︎ Don't the with your hand!"

    "Dont come."

    Pryde turns to me with a sharp, raised look, cutting off my words to stop her. Hold the pieces of pottery she picked up in her hand.

    When I come, she'll die, and Pryde, who speaks of herself as a hostage, gives me an incredibly creepy smile and takes a few steps down. She gradually recedes to the edge of the room from a distance that can be grasped by reaching out.

    "Hey, I thought a lot .... how can I get ...?"

    I couldn't hear it faintly, muttered like a soliloquy.

    But rather than that, I just wonder how I can make her let go of that weapon without stimulating her.

    "Chancellor Gilbert .... Do you remember what you said to me at that time?"

    Pryde hums as if she's starting her revenge from now on.

    Thinking about what time it was and what she was referring to, Pryde looked at me who was confused and spun words.

    "I was happy ... really? I regretted it at that time, and I was told by the Knight Commander, so it remains in my heart .... Ah? Yes, I wanted to show this to the Knight Commander, too. Ahahaha! Sorry. "

    She talks happily while playing with the weapons of her hands.

    When I thought about taking this opportunity to render Pryde unconsciousness at once, her right hand holding the weapon I was watching was slowly turned to her left arm. This movement is about to stop my heart. Pryde keeps moving her mouth without stopping talking

    "Did you say that I'm important?"

    With a bright, floating voice, the weapon was swung down on her left arm without hesitation.

    Please stop! At the same time as a scream tore from my throat, fresh blood spilled from Pryde's thin left arm. The guard who heard my scream jumped in from the outside of the room door. I tried to run up to Pryde, whose left arm was dyed red in the room, but this time I was stopped by the weapon by her neck, saying, "Don't come."

    "Ah! ... It hurts after all. Hey? Look, I'm bleeding so much."

    "Let's stop bleeding quickly ...! Pryde, please throw away the fragments."

    Pryde's smile just spread while her face was slightly distorted by the pain. After glancing at the wound, Pryde kept looking at me instead of the dripping arm.

    "Ah ... nice face. Chancellor Gilbert? Look at me more."

    While saying that, Pryde puts the tip of the weapon on her chest that is not covered by her clothes as if drawing a line, and makes a wound. The figure makes me hold my breath, and it feels that my own blood is drawn. My fingertips trembled, it was so cold that I felt numb, and the sweat on my forehead drips. I said Pryde-sama, but I already know that she won't like it anymore.

    Words can't reach her now.

    Why has she changed so far?

    What happened to her?

    Do you mean to say that God really came down for ten years?

    Blood gradually dyes Pryde's clothes red. Still, she doesn't stop hurting his body. Suffering from pain, sweating and hurting herself happily, and when we try to approach, she slams the weapon to her neck again. Even if she doesn't really intend to commit suicide, she could tear her head too much. Having made a scar on her chest, she wondered where to cut this time, and this time on her leg.

    It's already the limit.

    Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! ︎‼

    Pryde makes her eyes round with the whistle that rang in a breath. It was confirmed that I had rang, and her eyes were chilled as if Pryde was a little awake.

    "My sister‼ ︎ This time, I'm one ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Stayle, who appeared with teleportation, shook his voice, opened his eyes to the appearance of Pryde, who was dyed red, and became rigid.

    As soon as I shouted "Pryde-sama's weapon!", Stayle instantly moved to Pryde-sama's side and teleported the weapon away. The moment Pryde smiled at Stayle to say something, the two disappeared at the same time. From another direction, a cloudy sound was yelling "What are you doing?"

    Looking back, Stayle pushed her down on Price's bed and held her hands down to prevent further scratches.

    "Gilbert‼ ︎ Stop the bleeding quickly‼ ︎"

    The guards should call a doctor and a person with the special ability to treat injuries! I hurried up to Stayle who shouted ︎.

    I was afraid that she would be teleported directly to the doctor, but he seemed to stop here. It's too dangerous to let Pryde out of the tower now.

    I rush to Pryde, who is pressed down by Stayle, and tie up the wound on her left arm with a cloth. Pryde was a little reluctant to let go, but she couldn't compete with Stayles power and just struggled to shake her shoulders.

    After stopping the bleeding on her left arm and pressing down on the cut on her chest, Pryde was able to laugh again from the spot. She was laughed, "Ahahahahaha!", And when she looked at me and Stayle's face, she was ecstatic and shining. When Stayle shouted, "What's wrong?", Pryde distorted her mouth as if she had lifted it again.

    "Hey ...? Look at my right hand. It's full of blood."

    At the same time, Stayle and I look at the words while being laughed at.

    Weapon ... The palm of her hand, which was holding a piece of pottery with no handle, was literally bloody. Some of her fingertips were cut off, and it was a miserable appearance. Gilbert‼ Stayle shouted and he asked to hold down the wound on her chest instead, and Stayle moved to the right hand side. When he began the stop the bleeding in the right hand, Staylel's voice suddenly leaked, "Sister ... you ...⁈".

    When I turned my face to something, Pryde-sama's chest was held with his right hand, and Stayle-sama, who was holding Pryde-sama's right hand with his left hand, and Pryde-sama was gently stretching her left hand, which was free.

    The bleeding was stopped with a cloth, but the blood was still stained, and after dripping, the arms and hands, which were dyed red to the fingertips, she gently stroked Stayle's cheeks in front of me. It was a compassionate move, not a harmful move. Touched with her bloody hands, undried red sticks to Stayle's cheeks.

    Pryde with an ecstatic smile moves her mouth with her eyes shining.

    "You're getting stronger ...?"

    Huh ... Ahahaha, laughing and stroking with a lustrous voice.

    When I turned my eyes to Stayle while stopping the bleeding, his open eyes trembled, his eyelids were cramped, and his face was distorted in pain.

    "Didn't I say that you're stronger than me .... Stayle is a boy."

    Contrary to her cruel smile, her voice is terribly gentle.

    Even the words were patted, and Stayle's hand trembled violently. Contrary to the ecstatic and shining smile of Pryde, Stayle's face becomes more distorted with pain. Stayle was barely able to bite his teeth to endure words and something.

    "Remember ...? I can't beat you with my strength."

    The words spoken gently were like the one we longed for.

    When I saw her face, she was ugly and distorted, but only those words belonged to hee. Stayle's chin, which turns away from Pryde's hand, squeezes too much and begins to tremble. However, Pryde reached out again with her bloody hand to follow the outline of Stayle. She touches it gently again by tracing the cheeks that already have blood marks.

    "Look, you have to turn your face properly .... Look at me?"

    Stayle-sama muttered, "Stop ..." in a lustrous voice that was released again. However, Pryde still calls the name "Stayle". The joyful smile ... wasn't from kindness by any means.

    After stopping the bleeding of her right hand, when I pressed down Pryde's right hand instead, Stayle instantly pushed aside Pryde's stretched left hand. There was a light noise, and Stayle again said in a clear voice, "Stop ...‼ ︎".

    "That's my Pryde‼ ︎ Don't get her dirty anymore‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    With a voice echoing throughout the room, Pryde was told.

    Pryde, whose eyes were rounded as if she was surprised by Stayle's voice, lost her eerie smile for a moment. However, the moment I looked down at Pryde, she exhaled wildly and looked into Stayle's face, as he raised and lowered to his shoulders, and laughed at him again.

    "What are you talking about? I am me?"

    "No, you're not Pryde."

    "You say terrible things ... Have you forgotten about me already?"

    "I will never forget someone, and I will never forget her."

    "Then who am I?"

    "Shut up, don't speak any more with a mouth similar to that person."

    Pryde's voice that seems to be stroked is rejected with a cold voice that is almost nothing.

    The plain voice ... sounded terribly painful. I can no longer see the expression towards Pryde's wounds, holding down her left arm and looking down as if she was being rejected. However, if I look at it, I can see Pryde who can lift her mouth and spread a smile.

    I could imagine what kind of expression it was so painful.

    Until the doctor climbed the tower, Stayle, who kept declining Pryde's words, revealed a complete refusal.

    Immediately after the doctor reached the room with his breath and began to use the special abilities of healing and injury healing, Stayle entrusted me and the guards with Pryde's restraint and headed to Rosa and the others to report.

    "Come again? Stayle."
    *Warning: Pryde starts doing self-harm here.

    EXTENDED (Gilbert POV) 458.2 And Tells
    "……Is it fun."

    "Yes, very much."

    Pryde, who could answer my question with a smile, continued to giggle. While lying on her back, her long crimson hair spread on the bed with a blood stain.

    She is having fun.

    It's not just abandonment. She makes us uncomfortable and afflicts ... it is done with pleasure.

    "Chancellor Gilbert .... Please show me your face closer."

    An enchanting and elegant voice invites me.

    After the treatment, the shallow wounds on her chest and palm were closed. The wound on the arm is still thin and the doctor rewinds the bandage. Give instructions to the other guard and the maid to clean up the broken pottery. As I approached step by step, Pryde broke out the smile that was raised each time.

    At my signal, the doctor pulled back, and the guard who was holding Pryde slowly let go and took turns, stepping down step by step. Even after her body was free, Pride fell on the bed and did not try to move. Pryde tilted her laughing face toward me, and her face was half buried in the bed. When I stood by her side, Pryde finally raised her buried face and turned to me.

    Pryde silently reaches out with her bloody hand and laughs. It was wiped off during the treatment to some extent, but the stain on the clothes did not change. Furthermore, blood clots had entered between the well-arranged nails.

    "Hey .... what if I say I'll do the same thing every day from now on?"

    It's like being asked to try her.

    My heart hurts again just by imagining the appearance of Pryde, who is stained with her own blood again and creates scratches on her skin. I tied up only the back of my teeth so that she wouldn't notice it, and if I endured it, I couldn't overlook the subtleties and Pryde laughed again. Before waiting for my reply, she declared "I'll do it?"

    "There are so many weapons. Well, it doesn't matter. There are excellent special abilities in Japan. No matter how many times I get injured ..."

    "Stop it, please ...‼ ︎"

    The laughing appearance of Pryde is so painful.

    Even if I pretend to be calm, my words get stuck and I tremble. Hold my fist down so strongly that my claws bite into it, and hold my breath as it begins to get rough. I know that the more I express pain and the more emotional I am, the more pleased she will be.

    Pryde has no hesitation about hurting herself. And it makes us uncomfortable as if she dares to make an enemy of us, and ... enjoys it. The woman in front of me, mixed with the distortion, makes me keenly aware that she has gone to a distant place where I can't reach.

    "... Can't you feel the pain ...⁈"

    "Yes, but it's worth being hurt if I think that you're taking good care of me .... You're in much more pain than I am."

    Pryde strokes my hair with an ecstatic smile that doesn't feel kind at all. Understanding that we are worried about Pryde, and that's why she's turned a weapon to herself.

    "You are our most important ... the one person who is more important than anything else."

    I remember the words I told her in the defense battle. No, I never wanted to tell her something like this.

    I just wanted her to look after herself more. Because she was a person who exposed himself to danger many times and tried to give salvation to those who she could reach, I wanted her to think about herself first.

    "Please understand that if you put yourself in danger, there will always be someone whose heart will be hurt."

    However, the lesson is used in the opposite way.

    At that time, I'm just resentful that my words had arrived to the current Pryde. Because she understood that, Pryde is now running into such a violence. Pryde is treated roughly just to afflict us who care about Pryde-sama. And as she aimed, Stayle was upset, and ... Pryde also pierced my whole body with severe pain.

    I can't find a word to give her now.

    Even if I say something with passion, she will just rejoice.

    Even if I look at the stupidity of that behavior and preach it, it will only encourage her behavior. Who will suffer when she gets hurt? ...... Pryde now understands that and "has understood it".

    I don't think Pryde doesn't care about herself or thinks that no one cares. She is attacking us by pointing her blade at herself, like a cursed doll.

    More than the pain of the wound, she now feels more uncomfortable with us ... no, the she feels pleasure at our suffering. At this rate, she will continue to harm herself every day. Even if the wound is healed with special ability, too many times. Someday ... there may be scars left that won't go away. If that happens, not only as a member of the royal family but also as a woman ... oh ... yes, that doesn't matter. Because this person wants to be ruined.

    No matter what words I say here, she will surely feel pleasure. In the future, she will surely wield herself as a weapon in this way every time a visitor appears. Yeah, really this

    It's the same as feeling touched.

    We're fucked.

    Pryde no longer has any resistance to hurt herself. Rather, now that Pryde is happy to hurt herself, there is only one recourse left. I'm sure the doctor and Regent Wes would make the same decision without my suggestion. This is beyond the scope of mere education and guidance.

    In order to protect Pryde-sama's body and prevent her victimization so that she can pick up her life

    The only way is to restrain and block the movement of her body.

    If the attacker is someone else, you can avoid contact. However, to live without touching herself ... it is impossible for others to monitor it.

    Pryde-sama. The fact that this is the only way to protect this person who continues to go on a different path, even if my head desperately refuses.

    Why is this person, who saved me and Maria, who is loved and desired by so many people? ︎ Why is she so ugly that she has to be treated like that? Even if I understand it in my head, I can't understand it. Somehow I desperately try to think of a different interpretation and how to prevent it.

    I'm suffocating and my jaw trembles. The Pryde reflected in front of me looks like just a sad doll. Her intention is only her own ruin. Then, I realized that I should fulfill her wishes right now with this hand and cut the thread given to me.

    "... Nice."

    Suddenly, Pryde's eyes were shining again.

    The hand stretched out from my hair slowly moves from my cheeks ... and her fingers scooped below my eyes.

    To catch the teardrops that overflowed endlessly.

    The tears touched by Pryde hit my cheeks this time. As I noticed, I wiped the drops myself and laughed aloud happily. The expression that makes her laugh innocently is more cruel to me now. Sadness rushes like a tsunami at the fact that she has really gone to a place where I can't reach.

    "Pryde .... My words won't reach you anymore ..."

    There is no shadow anymore. The only thing left was her desire for self-destruction to stop her out of control self, and everything else was murky and distorted. She can't even protect herself with reason because she isn't shaken by the emotions of others, either good or bad.

    Now that Stayle has reported her behavior, the next time we meet, we will only be able to meet her on the bed.

    "No matter how I appeal ... I know that I can't even brush against the surface of your heart."

    I kept crying on Pryde, and when I shook my throat, I even screamed, and it didn't seem to be my own voice. It's like an old man.

    "But ... let me tell you this."

    I grabbed her outstretched hand this time with one hand, as she tried to touch my tears again.

    This time I laugh at her who has been transformed into something completely different. When I squinted my eyes, the tears that had accumulated around my eyes narrowed the place and spilled further. The large drops that fell from my eyes fell into Pride's mouth.

    "I was ... happy to know you. No matter what happens in the future. Thousands of years from now ... it will never change."

    Pryde's facial expression changes at my words to something other than pleasure.

    It looks strange and suspicious. I weakened my hand, and only her eyes were turned to my mouth.

    "I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have left enough to us .... Please take a rest."

    It's been almost five years since I, a great sinner, was rescued by Pryde.

    It was a moment that really passed by in the blink of an eye.

    Without Pryde, my life would have been overwhelmed by despair. I'm sure this person ... has left us a lifetime of happiness in just ten years.

    After wiping her mouth, gently stroke the crimson hair. Her shiny hair shook and was entwined between my fingers.

    May this person who loves many people and is loved for that reason remain loved by as many people as possible until the end.

    To that end, I must not waste any of her efforts.

    Give a bow, and when I withdraw, Pryde gets up from bed. I instructed the guards to give her temporary detention. Pryde, who was immediately overwhelmed by the moving guards, laughed again, but I couldn't look with my back turned.

    "You have already lost sight of what you were ten years ago."

    She longed for her father, Albert, and was loved by him.

    If Pryde does this, then the people who loved her from ten years ago. Pryde hurt herself and laughed. ...... Don't look so sad.

    I can't forgive that I can only give this much back to the person who pulled me out of the deepest darkness.

    Collect the two books and head to the door to leave the room. I can't stop crying just at the sight of that person.

    Today's Pryde has ... even lost sight of sanity. In this situation, even a human life will eventually become difficult. By the time I return to the royal residence, I'm sure ... that the upper management has already made a decision. And at the same time, cruel judgment will not be late.

    "See you again? Chancellor Gilbert."

    "... Good night, Pryde."

    Someday, even that person will become only a single character in a string of history after hundreds of years.

    Even the one who has been left with unspeakable achievements and mercy will end up in just a few lines in historical writing. ...... Not even a queen, a successor to the throne for only ten years.

    Then I have to make use of the last decade that she left behind. What Pryde left behind this past decade is neither an illusion nor meaningless.

    Let's engrave in the history of this country the truth that Pryde certainly existed in the Freesia Kingdom as a good princess that shattered herself for the sake of our people and the future of this country.

    Even if it's not left in the book, I'll tell you. The existence of the First Princess, who has been loved by everyone for only ten years, dazzlingly and wonderfully.

    The proof that she existed for ten years, the beloved memory, the fact that he loved her, this enormous heritage, and the tens of thousands of years he will pass on to in his life.

    That's what I, who was given the opportunity to live on as the Chancellor, can do for that person.

    “…………………………………… Thank you, thank you …….”

    With my back, close the door.

    Even if I talk to her now, it won't reach her. The words that I want to give to her are just gratitude.

    Wipe my wet face with my hands and fingers and breathe down the spiral staircase. When I checked my wet hands, her blood was still there.

    ...... If I and that person can change places now, I want to change.

    I don't care how much I suffer. If I can take her place and go crazy myself, for my friend and loved one. I won't hesitate to give my breath for the one I owe great gratitude ... No, this is the same as Maria's time.

    I should no longer be able to burden others with my sin or burden my important people because of my suffering. All I can do is ... really just.

    "That person ... a living proof."

    I can only give back to the people, to the country, to history.

    Live for the people, for the royal family, for the country. No matter how hard it is and whether I am torn apart in the future, that is the salvation that beloved person left to me.

    "Keep working for this country that I was using and trying to betray."

    ...... Because it is a heavy punishment.

    (Arthur POV) 461. The Knight Realizes
    "... Is it okay for me to ask ...?"

    Cedric slowly opened his mouth, quietly asking in response to Arthur's complexion raging inside.

    Arthur, who exhales at once to distract himself, replied to Cedric, holding his fist, "Please."

    "... This is just my assumption. It's just my idea that can't even be called a guess. But I would like to hear your opinion based on that premise."

    Arthur instinctively frowns at Cedric, who still hesitates to say it.

    Arthur can't imagine what it is, but if it's about Pryde or Stayle, he really wanted information, whether it's a guess or imagination.

    Cedric swallowed only once as he had decided, and then shook his burning eyes straight toward Arthur and let it go.

    "Pryde ... might she have predicted that this would happen ...?"

    Immediately after his shoulders shook, Arthur's eyes were wide open to the limit. The whole body was was dizzy, and Cedric's words made his whole body tense.

    "I'm sorry to say something strange," he apologized for the reaction from Arthur, but Cedric continued.

    "I know that Pryde has the special ability of precognition, so it wouldn't be strange if Pryde had foreseen the future in advance."

    "Why ... Does His Highness Cedric think so ...⁈"

    Whether he believes it or not, Arthur repeats his words before he finishes listening.

    No way, I didn't think that there was a person who had the same idea as me ... who knew the same thing as me. At Arthur's question, which seemed to suppress his desperate voice, Cedric stopped his words and bit his lips once.

    "...'Because Chancellor Gilbert will protect the country and the people even after I'm gone.' ... She said that at Tiara's birthday festival. "

    e……? And the momentum disappears from Arthur.

    Arthur clenched the clothes covering his heart with a shock that felt as if he was suddenly shot by an arrow and the unpleasant pulsation of the heart. Arthur's facial expression was still disbelieving, and he said, "When ... when ...", but Cedric dared not answer. Instead, ask he asked Arthur by repeating the following words:

    "And Prince Leon certainly said to you ... The dance party seems to think that this is the only Pryde. "

    Arthur takes a breath at Cedric's words.

    When Arthur searched for the memory about that word, it certainly was. After the dance party, I was chatting with the knights and Leon. At that time, Arthur nodded before replying in words that Leon was speaking exactly as Cedric said. But it's too mysterious to wonder why Cedric, who wasn't there, knew it. Arthur, who did not know about Cedric's lip reading, had no idea of the source.

    "I don't know why Prince Leon thought so, but ... I'm wondering if she was the only one to think of such a successful dance party. It's as if she knew she wouldn't be involved anymore. "

    Arthur screams at Cedric's quietly unfolded reasoning.

    At the same time, he swallows the words that it is certainly the case.

    "Furthermore, the words Pryde mentioned earlier to Chancellor Gilbert .... I can read it as if Pryde was looking at the end."

    Arthur now understands that it was a statement for Chancellor Gilbert. Then why did Prince Cedric say it ... and stopped.

    "The ten years that Pryde was a good Princess .... If she knew the about this end, could she be convinced?"

    Of course, everything is just my delusion ... Arthur looked down silently at Cedric, who painfully concludes. Arthur let go of the hand holding his clothes and put his strength in the hand placed on his lap so as to hold down his trembling body. Silenced and hesitated, Cedric spun the words, "... I'm sorry, my delusions have passed."

    "... I think Pryde knew ... at least seven years ago ... from before."

    Cedric took a breath at the confession, which was said in an unsteady voice.

    Arthur nodded a little while he looked down to Cedric, who opened his eyes and said, "Seven years ...⁈" and leaned forward slightly. It's irresistible to just talk about the conversation at that time, which is too irreplaceable for Arthur and is his most important memory. With that voice, Arthur spoke briefly.

    "I can't tell you the details. However, Pryde-sama already knew that she would change ... and be stolen from us seven years ago ..."

    I don't want to say what kind of words were entrusted to me at that time.

    However, it was only a small guess for me, and I thought I should return it to Cedric who confirmed it.

    With Arthur's words out in the open, he couldn't blink with eyes wide open. Cedric didn't even think that his guess would be confirmed here. Cedric couldn't ask Arthur any more, and after a few tens of seconds of silence, he squeezed a small word, "Is that so ..." from the back of his throat.

    Arthur turned to Cedric so that he could only look down and look down, and found that the flames of his eyes gradually shook. He didn't make unnatural movements with his words, and only his lips were sharply distorted with a sunken expression. Arthur sighed in his thoughts and distressed appearance, staring at his hands on his knees and clenching his fists.

    ...... After all ... Pryde knew ...

    Arthur slammed into the depths of his chest without confirming his name because of the feelings and desires he had already prepared.

    Now, Arthur knew better than anyone that it would be irreparable if he exposed it.

    There was a long silence that could be heard by the outside sounds, and Cedric's head sank quietly over time. Cedric's hands, holding his head with his hair and down so that he couldn't see his face, quivered slightly. When Arthur noticed it, he terrifiedly called out, "Prince Cedric ...?"

    "... I'm sorry. I've used a lot of time ..... Thank you."

    Cedric, who raised his face, blinked many times as if he woke up, and finally laughed powerlessly.

    Cedric laughs so sadly that Arthur feels something squeeze inside. Cedric, who knocked on the door and let the outside guards open it, urged Arthur out.

    "... I'm glad I was able to talk to you, Captain Arthur. Also, thank you for your cooperation."

    Cedric's expression, which he laughed while talking softly, was painfully distorted in Arthur's eyes while the fake expression was uncomfortable, and hurt his chest. Thank you very much, and shake hands. Arthur saw off Cedric, who returned to the carriage with his escort, until he could no longer hear the sound of the horses hoofs.

    In addition, the number of people who are prepared to separate from the Pryde they know has increased.

    ...... Quietly alone, enlightening.

    Looks like this drop is growing bigger than expected. Splitting it in half. Next half in a couple hours.
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    The other half of the realization scenes in the Villain Arc.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    (Cedric POV) 462. The Younger Brother Laments
    After delivering the message to Captain Arthur and returning to my room, my thoughts continued to circulate. Stunned, I remember the words that had already repeated in my head hundreds of times.

    "... I think Pryde knew ... at least seven years ago ... from before."

    Seven years.

    It's been quite a long time, if not ten years.

    I was wondering if Pryde had predicted it more recently. That's right before that dance party. But if it's been seven years already.

    How long has she been in despair?

    "Well ... then why ... Why didn't you ask anyone for help ...⁈"

    Place my palm on the table and stare at it.

    If Pryde knew about this for seven years, why didn't she work to avoid it? With that many years, it would have been easy for her to save herself. Why didn't she, who was able to save my country in only 11 days, do anything even after seven years? Why didn't she do anything? If Rajya was involved, we should have been able to do something if Pryde made it known. Or does she know only the end and not how it happened? Or what if Pryde had already accepted the end,⁇ Pryde couldn't keep her heart, and ... Pryde knew that one day she would continue to collapse as a person, and she gave up.

    "It's not your fault. ... I'm sure I would have jumped out even without you. "

    "......... Pryde .... Is that why?"

    There is no place for the words to go, just ask the void.

    If I hold my fist with both hands on the table, my arms will start to rattle. Close my eyebrows and drown in the sensation of a gentle, slow flow of blood throughout your body.

    I was always wondering. Why was she able to do so much for us at that time? Why didn't she care more about herself? Why is she, who is loved, loved, sought after, and recognized by everyone for her value?

    Sometimes Pryde will jump out for a soldier she doesn't know, doesn't even care about her injured leg, and forgive me for my blasphemous behavior

    "And I will line up next to him and be roasted together."

    She hung herself like bait and inspired the people.

    If she knew about the end of her will and her falling body.

    If she ... saw herself. What if Pryde knew what the future looked like, and foresaw a factor that made her feel poor towards herself?

    "That's why ... you always ... could you imitate that ...⁈"

    If I mourn and complain, my whole body will finally tremble from your arms. Something got stuck in my throat and I couldn't exhale while inhaling as if pulling.

    Beloved by so many! I love her a lot! She saved me! ︎

    Does it mean that Pryde couldn't love only herself?

    "...! ... No ... No, no ... No way ... that's why ..."

    The question that I kept thinking in the carriage was just my head again, and I desperately try to shake it off.

    The line of sight wanders while blinking repeatedly. I shook my head as hard as I could, bowed down, and lifted my drooping hair.

    No, that's not true. This must be the work of the Rajya Empire, it is decided that they are involved, those who aimed to invade my country decided to aim for the Kingdom of Freesia and Pryde in resentment

    ─ What if it was only this limited time that she couldn't really do anything about?

    "That ...‼ ︎"

    I bite my lips until blood comes out and I can't breathe.

    No, there is no such thing, there is no reason why Pryde will not return. While telling myself that, I remember the time when the Regent Wes was talking to me and my brothers. He can't tell if the Pryde now has "returned" or "changed".

    But in any case, there must be an artificial factor, and I kept wondering if the Rajya Empire had done something. Even if I took root and absorbed my knowledge of medicine and pharmacy, I could not find anything that could be confirmed. Then the rest is the Rajya Empire

    ─ Is that really the case?

    There is no doubt that the Rajya Empire made a disturbing move.

    There is a great possibility that something has happened to the Pryde. But what? What could they have done to her that is not sickness or poison when they are not a citizen of the Freesia Kingdom ... ...... No, the things that I should have confirmed until now collapse, and I can't believe it myself. I don't know which is right or wrong, true or false.

    "... I think Pryde knew ... at least seven years ago ... from before."

    "Hmm ... give me ...‼ ︎ ………… Why ...!"

    Captain Arthur's words come back to life again.

    Did Pryde say that this was fate? Certainly, it seemed unexpected that the Rajya Empire would awaken this Pryde. In that case, the Rajya Empire aimed at her life, and she died in nine deaths, and ... it was all destined to be traced back to this moment. It wasn't anyone's plan, it was only the end point where everything was decided to flow.

    "Why‼ ︎ ………………… You were holding it alone…⁈"

    For Pryde, many would have dedicated themselves and snarled at this fate together.

    For Pryde, many would have done their best to change her destiny.

    The death of Pryde's heart ... we could have wept together.

    Why did she accept this destiny without doing anything?

    Whether we believe it or not, she knew of this destiny for the past seven years ... she was like a God, but she still couldn't help herself and just gave in. Did Pryde really do nothing? Why was it so easy for her to accept? A world like this, without any salvation.

    Without Pryde, this world would have been far more unhelpful to me.

    She ... Without the Pryde of these past ten years, I could only mourn.

    With the current Pryde, she would never reached out to me. Rather, if I had tried to ask her like at that time, she would definitely have let the stupid me fall like a criminal at that time.

    Betrayed by the reinforcements I sought, my country ruled by the Freesia Kingdom ... or we might have been sold to Rajya Empire for a scrap. A stupid prince who can do nothing and just hangs like bait in the face of crisis is a good prey when I think about it now. Besides, I committed enough profanity to get Pryde to proclamation to our country.

    ...... If "Pryde" was not the Pryde then.

    After I was saved, I've been thinking repeatedly. Without her, by this time I would push the country into further trouble, either in prison because of my own stupidity. My brother didn't wake up, the kingdom of Cersis couldn't even stand up, and I was cut off from my brother ... Perhaps I was struck by my folly and died myself.

    I, my brothers, and the people of the country who were saved because Pryde was there. She saved me, reached out, saved my brother from the abyss of his illness, connected with my brother, connected the country, protected me, unleashed the power I had abandoned, and saved our country.

    She has become an absolute existence for me, and now ... she is being restrained in a remote tower.

    Why should she, who was such a noble, gentle and beautiful Queen's vessel, be dropped to such a place?

    Why does she have to hurt herself, who everyone loves and wants to protect?

    If she continues to be ill, her right to succeed to the throne will be threatened. Even if she has the ability to predict that allows her succession of the throne, it is not a job that her mind can do even in such a state.

    She was like a God who descended to the ground.

    "... Hmm ... again ...‼ ︎ ... I can't do anything ...⁈"

    As soon as I squeezed my jaw so much that it trembled, teardrops dripped from my eyes staring at the table.

    I can only mourn the big drops that fell as if it was starting to rain, and I feel sorry for myself, and I lie down on the table and collapse. Kneel on the carpet and sink my forehead with my fists slamming on the table without force. No matter how much my claws bite into my fist that ring my anger at the table, nothing changes.

    I desperately smothered my voice, endured it, continued to endure it, and still moaned with regret and helplessness.

    ...... the Pryde that I wanted to help.

    I wanted to give something back to her who saved us.

    It's not enough to just contribute to it, I wanted to be a force to save her.

    I wanted to somehow regain the Pryde we loved with the power I gained in the time I was moved by her. It's not romance, fraternity, or longing. I wanted to show the feeling of worship that I couldn't even express with a vow.

    I should be able to do something, there is a criminal, there is a way, I just haven't found it yet, I can get her back, this time I can save her, I can help her, I can give back even a little of the favor she gave me at that time. I desperately told myself, ………… yes …… I wanted to think.

    "... I think Pryde knew ... at least seven years ago ... from before."

    ...... It was decided. Seven years have passed since her vision.

    It's seven years, not just a few days or months ago.

    If she knew that she could only hold onto her heart for at least seven years, and ... she had decided that her life was good.

    Really, our beloved girl is dead.

    Pryde had abandoned the future that can't be avoided ... It just means that she has dedicated everything to the decade she lived.

    ... and I couldn't do anything after all.

    I thought I was doing something, snarling and resisting and doinh what I could do for her. But in the end, I was only blessed by Pryde until the very end.

    Future international postal institution, postal supervision. Even if I thought I could contribute to her even a little, I was only given this role and worth in life. ...... Before I can return anything.

    "......... Pryde .... How can I return it to you ...?"

    From now on.

    Put my strength in my arms and look out the window with a blurred view. For now, I really wanted to pray for the faint sunlight.

    I slams his forehead on the table as if to deflect it, and squeezes my teeth with the urge. The only thing I can do is to absorb and provide knowledge. Other than that, I'm afraid. ...... It's the only thought.

    ─ What was her last wish?

    What did Pryde desire in her fading consciousness and heart just before she left?

    Country, people, family, friends, lovers? Please tell me. I've been saved since I knew you ………………

    I wanted to make it come true.

    "... I didn't do anything ...‼ ︎"

    I wanted to be on the side that would accomplish it.

    Like you at that time, who made all of this possible.

    (Leon POV) 465. The Trader Prince Tells
    "... Hi, Pryde."

    The voice that calls out is small to not wake her up. I put a light on the table next to her, pulls a chair nearby and sits beside her.

    She sleeps quietly ... she didn't move as if she were dead. A slightly breathing chest goes up and down, proving that she is real, not a doll, with a well-organized face.

    The crimson hair that flowed on the sheets spread and spilled from the pillow. I picked a bunch with my fingers and pulled it in to smell her sweet scent.

    "………I wanted to see you."

    For all this time.

    I've been thinking about her all this month. I wonder if Prince Stayle, who would be shining at this moment he comes to report good news about Pryde. ...... I envisioned that moment over and over again.

    The current Pryde is not suitable for the throne. I can understand that. Still ... I still don't want to believe that a future will come when she won't be Queen. Pryde who worked so hard to become such a Queen. ...... No, no. In addition, it gets overwhelming without help.


    The field of vision was blurred, and when I blinked, water droplets wet my hands.

    I want to burn this moment final moment with Pryde into my eyes, but I can't see her well with a blurred view.

    I don't think I'll never see Pryde again.

    It's a nightmare.

    I always thought I could meet her as an ally. The girl I loved has gone to a distant place. Suddenly without any warning. It's been ten years for Pryde's family, but it's only been two years for me. It's too short. But it was during these two years that I was given so much.

    If I couldn't meet her ... I was in despair.

    If I had met Pryde then the way she is now, I wouldn't have been considered a candidate. On the contrary, I may have been treated more like Val had. ……… No, that's not the only story.

    If she wasn't her, I would definitely have lost everything.

    Not realizing this love, I would lose the trust of my beloved country and my father, and fell to my brothers' plot. Really, I would have lost everything without knowing it.

    All my happiness is what she gave me and protected.

    I'm so happy now ... I'm so happy. I wonder why she must meet such an fate because she made me happy. I wonder why it has changed so much after only 10 years have passed. What robbed us of her?

    The more I think about it, the more I can't stop the tears.

    My throat was cramping and thirsty, I couldn't hold my eyes, and I couldn't take my eyes off her as I picked her crimson hair. I keep chasing only her blurry silhouette that is reflected in the blurred view.

    "... uh ..., ... yes ... uh ... uh ... uh ... uh ..."

    If I try to say something, it's thank you for being ahead of me.

    I wouldn't have been so happy if she hadn't appeared in my heart as the First Princess ... as my fiancée.

    Because of Pryde, the Anemone Kingdom is still rich. Trade is going well, and everyone seems happy.

    Pryde, I went down to the castle town today as well. The time with the people was ... very happy.

    Pryde, I'm doing well in public affairs. My father told me that if this is the case, my coronation will be near.

    Pryde, I should have had nothing like that, but now I have friends. ... and Prince Stayle also relies on me, and Colm keeps up with the topic of books. Tiara is also a good girl, and Prince Cedric and the two kings are very good guys to talk to.

    It's all thanks to you.

    I couldn't even imagine two years ago that I could get so much happiness. I'm so happy and satisfied ... if Pryde was not here now.

    I want to touch her more as it is, I want to feel her heat alone. I don't want to leave memories with you, the past ... only in memory. It's okay for her now, so I want to leave a scar.

    Every time I see the scar, I will think that she really existed, not as my illusion.

    "My sister's right to succeed to the throne ... will be stripped."

    Suddenly, I remember the words of Prince Stayle.

    Pryde's deprivation of succession to the throne. If so, her fiancé will probably be a royal family in another country. ...... In that case

    Marriage with me is also possible.

    Re-engagement between the Kingdom of Anemone and the Kingdom of Freesia.

    Cancellation of the engagement cancellation. …… It's not bad as a format. It's not a distant country but a neighboring country, but if you persuade them, I can do something about it.

    If she is married to another person in a distant country, I will have a wave goodbye, but if we are re-engaged, I will be blessed. The Kingdom of Anemone can keep her tied to the bed and put her to sleep in the same room as me. In my country, the king is in charge of politics in most cases. The Queen has only public affairs to the extent that she appears in the official arena. If I say she's sick I can keep her body in my room all the time.

    I can keep her in a box called my room, tied up in my bed, and never expose her to anyone's eyes. Only I can love her and continue to shower her with love. I will continue to be close to her who has lost sight of herself as a person, and will continue to love and return the happiness she gave me throughout my lifetime.

    I'm sure it will be reflected as a good story for those who do not know anything. It's a future that's not impossible if I formally ask through my father after she loses the right to succeed to the throne. ………However.

    "... You are ......... I'm sure you won't want it ..."

    If you love me, I'm sure.

    The blurred voice became a tearful voice and spilled. Release the bundle of hair once picked and gently stroke her hair from her head. "Me too." With the same murky voice, if I shook only my throat without words, my shoulders began to tremble. I bend my neck back so that she doesn't shed tears.

    "... Pryde. I'm a citizen of the Kingdom of Anemone until I die. "

    "Yes, Leon. I'm a Freesia man until I die. "

    During the last dance. Pryde ... said that.

    Pryde love the Kingdom of Freesia, just as I loved the Kingdom of Anemone. I don't want to pull her away from the Kingdom of Freesia at my will.

    "Leon. ... I'm glad I could dance with you. "

    ...... Did she know?

    The words at that time passed my head, and as soon as I thought, my tears stopped only once. Only the overflowing tears fell off, some traced the cheeks, and the rest wet my knees.

    At the end of the dance, she told me that last. With me. I was so happy that the words were deceived by the throbbing of my heart and I didn't really care about them, but ... I certainly thought it was a little strange that she didn't say those words.

    She always promised me "See you again", but she didn't say that only then.

    It's like it was the last time. As if Pryde knew there wouldn't be a second time. ...... As if Pryde thought that happy moment was only for this time.

    "Predictive ability" ... If she knew something as a harbinger. If Pryde had predicted it even if it was not concrete, but abstract. ... I'm sure she didn't want to make promises she can't keep.

    I don't know if Pryde was aware of it and kept it in the back of her mind, or if she was unaware of it, because I am not familiar with her predictive ability. However, if she had already noticed somewhere at that time, it would make sense. My conversation with her ended, leaving only a happy smile until the very end.

    "... Say goodbye ... I can't let you."

    Stroke her beloved hair with her finger many times to make sure.

    I gently scraped off a few long hairs that were still on her face, and when I put it behind my ears, I felt her warm body temperature. Immediately after that, the desire to touch more overflowed, and I cried before taking action.

    Now wipe with your finger and press down. As it was, I brought my face close to the exposed little ears. Then, I whispers softly to her with a suppressed voice.

    "... I ... I'm love ..., ......... I ... you, ... Love ... you ..., ..., I ... you ... love ... I'm love ......... You, I love you ...! "

    Preaching love to her with the urge over and over again. ...... Pryde don't have to hear it, my words don't have to reach her. Please stay asleep until tomorrow. I want her to know nothing about me coming or whispering.

    I kills his voice, whispers many times, and finally clenches my teeth.

    ... if she could be engaged to another Prince outside of the Kingdom of Anemone. Should she still want to get married because she has to leave the country anyway? Even if Pryde leand sideways, my position as a former fiancé is superior. ...... No, no. Then, after all, I will pull her out of the country as a result. Above all, I myself

    I don't want to marry her.

    I just ... loved her. Pryde.

    I would be happier if I could get her. If I can be forgiven for standing by her side and monopolize her, I will continue to love her every day. Even if it looks strange, I will love her for the rest of my life and be confident that I can continue to love her for the rest of my life. But, but ... I am.

    "No ...! ......... I don't want ... I don't ...‼ ︎"

    The words that bite are overflowing.

    It screams and spills with tears while stuttering. Cover my face with both hands and wrap your bangs with too much force to raise my nails. It doesn't stop just by sucking up with sobbing and getting my hands wet. I bury my face in her bed and desperately kill my voice.

    ... I don't want to monopolize her.

    I don't even want her to be tied up.

    I just wanted to continue to love her, who looks happy.

    I wanted to partner with each other someday, share our happiness, and bless each other.

    If I got her, tied her up, and kept her where only I could love her ... I wouldn't be satisfied with that. I want to love her who is laughing in the crowd. Surrounded by a lot of love, I wanted to continue with love for her who laughs happily.

    I didn't have to get her, I just loved her and her happiness. ... because I received the countless happiness she helped me regain.

    Anemone Kingdom. My dear and beloved living country.

    Already really filled with love for them. I love these days that continue to be filled. It is my pleasure to live and die for them.

    Even if I don't monopolize her, who I loved as a woman, my heart is full of love and happiness.

    That's why I wanted her to be happy too. In her country that she loved.

    "... I love you ..."

    Bite again with a breathless voice.

    I can't touch it. Don't mix. I can't leave it. …. Still, this feeling of mine is genuine.

    I couldn't stop crying so much that I was about to die, my throat was dry, and I just took in the air with my mouth and got stuck. When I open it, the sobbing like a child is bigger, so I hold my mouth and close my eyes while burying it in the bed.

    I couldn't stand it anymore, and as I just shook my shoulders and remained silent, the footsteps gradually approached from behind. "Prince Leon" is called by Prince Stayle with a small voice. I slowly raise my face while holding my mouth down.


    Time has passed.

    When I noticed, I heard the sound of rain from outside the window. The number of fluttering sounds of knocking on the windows gradually increases and becomes stronger. Desperately enduring the cramping throat, I nodded to him without looking back, holding down the tears in turn with my fingers.

    ...... I understand it many times already. I'm sure the Pryde I know will never come back.

    And after this time today, maybe I won't see her forever.

    There is no proof that she remained in any shape. Even if I visit the Freesia Kingdom, she will no longer be Pryde.

    Ten years from now ... Fifty years later, she will be part of the past in no time. If I continue to be surrounded by the beloved people of the Anemone Kingdom, the happiness of just two years may seem like a moment. Time with her that is only memorable and has little evidence other than that. I'm sure that every time I remember the future, the thorns will pierce this chest with love.

    An unhealing pain that never disappears. ...... But still.

    Pryde, and. I whisper to her sleeping in a small voice again, and finally look at her face from above. The beautifully arranged face of the woman I loved. As soon as I burned it into my eyes, it seemed to be overwhelming again. I swallowed it in my mouth and endured it. And

    "... I'm glad I met you ... I'm really, really glad ..."

    No matter how many times I thank you.

    I'm glad I met her. No matter how painful this feeling may be and tears never stop, this feeling will never change.

    Even if I'm with another woman and love that person ... this fact alone doesn't go away and remains immutable.

    Gently stroke her hair from her head only once again. I left this soft feel on my fingers and pulled my hand.

    Say thanks to Prince Stayle and take his hand. Prince Stayle, who stared at my crying and swollen face only once, nodded a little and bowed his head with a short greeting, "See you again."

    When I smiled back, the field of vision changed the next moment. I was in my bright room with lights again.
    * Warning: Leon has yandere impulses.

    (Val POV) 466. The Delivery Person Asks

    (Stayle POV) 482. The Adopted Brother is Exposed
    ...... I've been aware of it for a long time. From that day that Pryde changed suddenly.

    "... Hmm ... Pryde ...‼ ︎"

    She loved the people, loved the country, and always thought of us.

    Pryde kindly welcomed our sister Tiara, who Pryde met for the first time, and me, who has no blood connection.

    I was prepared to do anything to protect that person, and I really thought that I could spend my whole life to reward the grace given to me at that time. But …………‼ ︎

    "What can I do ...‼ ︎"

    Hit the floor again.

    The vibration caused the glasses to fall from my face, and I kept staring at them without even feeling like picking them up. The visibility becomes clearer because it is no longer cloudy. Hit the floor eight times so the pain heats my hands.

    I wondered why Pryde knew about this time for ten years and never talked to me about it. Feelings similar to anger boil in the back of my stomach, and ... my chest hurts.

    "... Were you scared all the time? ... You were"

    Ask the other person without receiving an answer. Only a voice that seems to disappear like bubbles comes out of my throat.

    Laughing in front of us, joyfully relaxing her cheeks, thinking about the future ... Did she ever say that she was scared of this future somewhere inside? Or had she already given up?

    Was it really just a miracle?

    Pryde has been my family for ten years ...

    Ten years ago, she was kind to me, who shared no blood connection with her. She gave me a place to stay when I was so desperate because of my mother. ...... and she filled my heart.

    If Pryde had been such a Princess when I met her, I wouldn't have been so happy.

    I left my mother alone. ...... I kept staying inside that shell, believing that I was alone for the rest of my life.

    Far from being saved by Pryde, if it was the current Pryde, I might have been hurt. Such a me would have been a great toy for her, still in a weak position with no knowledge and strength.

    The more I think about it, the more I realize that it is a miracle that I am like this.

    Even if she didn't have such an outrageous personality, it wasn't necessary for Pryde, the First Princess, to pay so much attention to me as a commoner.

    Even if I meet Tiara, I don't know if I could have loved her as brother and sister like this. Perhaps I would want to use the gentle Tiara instead of Pryde. ...... I was that kind of person. Besides, I can't think of anything other than Pryde, who allowed me to exchange letters with my mother ...

    (Stayle POV) 483.1 And Leaves
    "Kill ...? ... Pryde-sama ...?"

    you……? I nodded slowly to Arthur's words.

    The dripping tears fell to the floor as soon as I lowered my head. I cried too much and my eyelids are swollen with tears, and my vision was only half as clear as usual. Even the glasses are slightly cloudy, making it more difficult to see. Still, I knew that Arthur was looking astonished with wide open eyes.

    Arthur's voice urging me to explain what it was was low as I desperately tried to calm myself down.

    "Ten years ago ... uh ... my sister wanted me ..."

    I didn't really intend to tell anyone about the past when I first spit it out.

    It was such an important promise with Pryde ... and one of my irreplaceable memories with her.

    I will never forget that time.

    How much did she give me when I was adopted by the royal family?

    She gave me a lot and gave me a place to stay, as I should have taken everything up. For me, the Princess ... cried for me, who should have been almost unknown. And I promised, I wanted ...

    "If Pryde becomes a bad queen! ... I ... kill her ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    "If ... I ... become the worst Queen ... then ... properly ... kill me ..."

    Yes, Pryde hoped.

    Hugging me with that heat, she wished for it.

    ... I knew that Pryde was scared of something. I couldn't even grasp the outline.

    But now I know.

    "Pryde ... Pryde knew ...‼ ︎10 years ago ... from then ... I'm sure ... Pryde knew ... this day will come ...‼ ︎"

    Grab the wounded chest as it is.

    It hurts so much that my chest feels like it is about to tear, and even if I grab it and hold it down, I can't hide it. I feel helpless and nauseous. I already had a bloody taste from my clenched teeth, and I still chewed my mouth.

    I couldn't do anything. She must have been frightened of such a future for ten years and I never even noticed the scale.

    "I don't like it ...‼ ︎ She's Pryde no matter how much she changes ...‼ ︎ I've come this far to protect Pryde! I can't stand losing that person‼ ︎ Even if it seems like her wishes at that time changed, ... That's ... That's ...‼ ︎ "

    And, my hands and arms start to tremble unnaturally.

    I hold it down with my left hand and dig my nails, but I can't get enough power anymore. Sink and both knees also lose power and drop my knees on the floor.

    Arthur knelt on one knee and grabbed my shoulders again when I collapsed. To Arthur, who saw what happened, I stretched out my right hand, which still trembled unnaturally, to the tip of my nose.

    "Subordinate ... It's a contract ...‼ ︎"

    Arthur turns slightly and takes a breath.

    My wide-eyed eyes sway and focus on my right hand. With no words yet, Arthur grabbed my quivering right hand from the side. Pressed by Arthur, who has a strong grip, the tremor subsided.

    "... I can't betray my sister ..... I don't have the coercion to obey her orders like a servitude contract, but ... if I think it's a betrayal to that person, I can't do anything anymore."

    Thanks to the warmth of another human, the temperature of Arthur's hands, which has a higher amount of heat than me, saves me a lot.

    While dripping tears with the lacrimal glands broken, I was able to spin words more properly than before.

    "Since my sister ... has changed. I've always thought that what Pryde was afraid of ten years ago had happened .... And that person wished. If Pryde became a bad queen. For me to kill her. "

    The current Pryde will be the same no matter how I think about it.

    I can understand without thinking. How much tragedy will happen to our country if the Pryde now becomes Queen? And until the end, that person wanted to protect us from such a future.

    "Still ... Pryde is a Princess ..... not Queen ... yet."

    While Pride is a Princess, it is not considered a betrayal if it is only on the surface.

    Apart from that, I'm not suffering now. At this moment, Pryde's right to succeed the throne is now in jeopardy. …… But! ︎

    Bang! When I noticed, I slammed my grasped arm against Arthur's armor as much as I could. My arm lost to the armor and hurt, and even the bones echoed. Even so, if I try to hit him again with anger, Arthur will stop me with all his might.

    "But it's different! It's different ... That's what she wanted ... it's not ...‼ ︎"

    I scream enough to vomit blood and makes my voice rattle with my thirsty throat.

    I lose to the power of Arthur who grabs my arm and instead hit my left hand against his armor. Bang bang bang! It echoes in the bones and beyond the shoulders.

    "Pryde is ...‼ ︎ What she wanted was not to kill her when she became a bad Queen ...‼ ︎ When she goes out of control and can't keep her innocent heart ...‼ ︎ End it before she hurts someone,‼ ︎‼ ︎ ……… Pryde wants me to stop it …… Pryde wanted it…‼ ︎ ”

    ……I know.

    That person is that kind of person.

    If she becomes a Queen, she will be the most powerful person in the country. Surely if that Pryde tries to hurt someone with that power, it could unfortunately affect tens of millions ... and more. That's why Pryde wanted it. ...... What did she want me to stop her from doing?

    I don't like it, but I can understand it.

    "Pryde's ... she was already afraid ten years ago ...! I don't know when and what to do ...! If she wants to hurt others, she won't hesitate to slash herself ……‼ ︎ That Pryde… I can't see it ……‼ ︎‼ ︎ ”

    Bang, bang, pounding pounding! ︎ and hit the armor to dispel the creaking of my chest.

    I can't see anymore because my tears are overflowing and my vision is hazy. It was just a touch of my hand, and I knew that my left arm was also grabbed by Arthur. Even if both arms are blocked and I put my strength into it, I can't beat a knight's strength. I groaned and swallowed it, but I couldn't stand it. I shook my head and my glasses fell off. As soon as the cloudy view opened with a clicking noise, I slammed my forehead against his armor with an impulse. Bang! ︎ and the armor made a loud noise and echoed in my head, but ... I cried again and it had nothing to do with the pain. I hid it in the back of my chest with a large teardrop that fell from my eyes, and what I was pushing in finally overflowed from my mouth.

    "... Already ... Hmm ... I'm gonna have to kill her as it is ... if I can't kill her as my Pryde wants ... I'm betraying the Pryde in the past ... I'm sorry ...‼ ︎ "

    As soon as I put it into words, I had a severe pain like a seizure in my heart.

    ...... I told him.

    Fear hit the shoulder, and my forehead still banged endlessly against the armor.

    What Pryde wanted to end everything. It must be ... her kindness that she doesn't want to hurt us or the people.

    To put it in my mouth, I was scared to define it as true. Even now, my right arm keeps groaning to kill her as soon as possible, and to finish it. This is already a curse.

    Desperately different. Pryde hasn't become a Queen yet, and I continued to deceive myself by saying that it had nothing to do with the contract because she would lose the right to succeed to the throne.

    I said that it was not Pryde, but another person, and tried to pretend I was unaware of the betrayal.

    But ... I don't her true desire is that I shouldn't kill her until Pryde becomes Queen. The more I try to think of her as a different person, the more I realize that she is Pryde.

    If she's not Pryde, she loses the right to succeed to the throne, it's her, not Pryde, who loses the right to succeed to the throne, if she loses the right to succeed to the throne, then Pryde still has the right to succeed to the throne. Pryde cannot be a queen if she loses the right to succeed to the throne. She is Pryde. … The thoughts I was trying to convince myself of were contradictory, mixed, and crazy many times.

    "Because of Tiara ... it's scattered ... it's gone ..."

    While making a breathing sound like pulling a string, I vomit my confession. Tears dripping from the tip of my nose to the armor.

    I said that I wanted to take away the right to succeed to the throne from Pryde.

    If Tiara gains the right to succeed the throne, Pride will no longer be able to become Queen. However, if she becomes a Princess ... she will not hurt anyone if I hides and imprisons all the changed issues. Then I

    I won't have to kill the current Pryde.

    "I don't want to kill her ... that person is everything to me ..."

    No matter what she wants ... I don't want to kill her.

    Any shape is fine, I just want her to survive. It doesn't matter if it's only my self-satisfaction or ego. I can't stand a life without her ...

    "I've always been ... scared to see Pryde ...! When I can't stand this betrayal and with this hand! ... I don't know if I'll kill her ...!"

    If I accept this even for a moment ... I'm sure I will kill my Pryde right away.

    It will take less than a minute with one weapon. Even if she doesn't want it, because of teleportation, I can go to Pryde wherever she is.

    I should have been proud of myself, but now I'm only cursed.

    "It's the limit ...! I'm witnessing that person now ... I'm not confident that I can't kill him ...! Because of this, ... I'm not stronger ... "

    She's crying and screaming wants me to stop her. She mourns under a crazy mask that she doesn't want to hurt her loved ones anymore. The more I think about it, the more painful and unbearable it is.

    I mix words while sobbing with my partner and keeps whining. It's the most pathetic ... I'm a complete weak person.

    "Just a little more ... I might find it this time ... I know ... Anyway, my Pryde has to come back ...‼ ︎ Even if I make Adam vomit ... I can't find a way to get her back. Not always ... but ... "

    I can't even put my strength into the pressed fist anymore.

    I can't stand my unnaturally trembling arms and even my burning heart. I hang down from Arthur's arms as if I was caught.

    "Hmm ... I can't give up ...‼ ︎ If even one thing could bring that person back ... And I don't want to lose Pryde without swearing! ...... If there are people who made her experience such a fate, can you forgive them? I'll definitely expose all of them and kill them! "

    Adam's nauseating smile and Pryde's raised smile that accepted it are all in my mind.

    With that alone, the inside of the stomach is boiled, and it is boiled to the extent that it is empty, withered and burned. There is no more murderous intent and my body heats up and my breath becomes rough. Forgive or forgive or forgive or forgive! ︎‼ ︎

    "I will never forgive them! I'll peel the skin, scrape the meat and feed it to the dog! I'll drain all the blood and throw it into the ditch! I'll sink it alive in the soil or at the bottom of the sea. I'll keep roasting it on the fire, I'll use the tied whip as bait for the mouse, I'll kill them, I'll kill them, I'll kill them, I'll kill them‼ ︎‼ ︎ "

    The emotions that have been suppressed until now overflow without the murderous intent rushing like a wave.

    I forget where this is and scream as much as I can. Ah ah ah! At the end, only grudges were released from the mouth in order to exhale severe pain and fever. Arthur called me with a voice that broke my ears, and pulled the arm he grabbed.

    With that voice, the black-painted consciousness is finally transparent. When I noticed, Arthur's arms were terribly stressed. Huh ... huh, huh ... huh ... I'm holding my breath with my whole body and wondering what I was talking about.

    Following consciousness, I speak again in a weak voice.

    "... I can't stop Pryde ... I can't stop her ... I can't ... I've taken measures ... but ... next time ... but if Pryde escapes ... I will send a knight ... "

    Probably one of the guardian knights. As I continued, I heard Arthur breathe a little.

    If this happens, I regret that Arthur should have done it before the knight's name was taken up.

    However, if it becomes a formal edict, it will surely be understood not only by the guardian knights but also by the knights. At least I wanted to do something until I knew everything. I wanted to hide this background until Pryde was healed, or to confirm that Pryde wasn't healed and to determine the cause before processing. I didn't want to spread the turmoil before I even polluted her, who had been pure white until now. Did I try it after exhausting even the slightest possibility?

    "It will be fine."


    When I thought my arms were released, Arthur wrapped them around my back and hugged me.

    From the arm around my back, Arthur hit my shoulder hard and said a word. ...... The forehead buried in the armor cools down while feeling déjà vu as if it were a line that I had heard somewhere.

    "Next is my turn."

    As Arthur put strength into both arms, the shoulders around which his arms were wrapped narrowed.

    Before I ask his thoughts about the meaning of the word ... I think it's strangely really okay. The fear, anxiety, impatience, and despair that I had just mentioned faded away as if nothing had happened.

    "... You had it hard."

    His arm was gently loosened, and his hand was struck on my shoulder.

    The straight blue gaze reflects me in a clear state without any hesitation or fear. Arthur, who found the sword on his waist with only his hands, stood up slowly and walked to the door in his armor.

    "I will protect Pryde, you, and Tiara all together."

    He said exactly the same line as that time five years ago, turned his back and touched the door.

    It's still late at night, but Arthur doesn't hesitate to step out into the darkness without light.

    "Leave it to me."

    (Stayle POV POV) 517.1 And Reveals
    Gilbert, who explained so far, said, "This is my speculation." Look at Arthur and then Stayle, and then open his mouth with a quiet voice.

    "... The Crown Prince may be able to manipulate things like the direction that the person goes crazy."

    Direction? Stayle replied before Arthur, who couldn't speak. And Gilbert nodded, and continued his words.

    "Of course, crazy behavior would still be crazy. However, the Crown Prince originally intended to abandon Pryde. The purpose was to bring our country under the control of a slave-producing nation like the Rajya Empire. That's why ..... If the Crown Prince's wishes were directly reflected in the madness given to Pryde. "

    A creepy feeling went up their backs.

    Stayle took a breath, his shoulders were tense, and his mouth was dry. It was clear to his two eyes that Gilbert's light blue eyes were slightly angry. A number of words emerge in Stayle's head from when Pryde attacked the top layer.

    "It's not decided. Because I'm the Queen?"

    "I just got to know the Rajya Empire even more. The wealth of the country now is even better than it was. "

    If all had already been madly dyed in Adam's desired color.

    One of the words and actions of Pryde that seemed to be meaningless was resolved.

    Gilbert continues his words at the same time as the two snort as if they had understood. "And," he lowered his voice and made a clear voice, which beat the hearts of the two as if the main subject was from here.

    "Pryde is resisting. Perhaps unconsciously. She always desires her own ruin in order to disappoint the Crown Prince's wishes .... otherwise it's a contradiction. She's made too many actions. "

    "If ... I ... become the worst Queen ... then ... properly ... kill me ..."

    "When you judge that I am an enemy to the people of this country, decapitate me first."

    In the minds of Stayle and Arthur, the words that they had pondered many times were revived.

    They are well aware that Pryde has long wanted to ruin herself. And they knew that Pryde was such a human being.

    Gilbert opens his mouth to ask a number of questions to the two who are breathtakingly absent-minded. The words and deeds of Pryde that cannot be explained simply by being dyed in the madness as Adam wanted.

    "She is aware of her desire for ruin."

    At times, she did not just push Arthur's blade to herself, but repeatedly acted as if it was a disappointment. She even exposed it in front of Queen Rosa and Prince Consort Albert. If the words and actions that seem to be meaningless are only to make one's position worse, and the meaning of doing so is "to make herself their enemy" and "to punish herself".

    "Pryde said to me, who had previously pointed out that she would take actions that would jeopardize her position in the remote tower."

    "Half correct and half incorrect .... Isn't the purpose just to break this position of mine?"

    "And if I poke it again right after the rebellion with the Crown Prince, Pryde still said it."

    Stayle vividly remembers the other day from Gilbert's words. When Gilbert bent his knee to Pryde and Adam, and their interaction.

    "In order to fulfill Pride's desires, it would be better to keep me in her pocket."

    "Well, you ... you know me so well ...?"

    Stayle now finally understands what Gilbert was meant at that time he said "desire."

    He wanted to ask, "Why didn't you say that earlier?", But he swallowed it before that. At that time, I had no way to save Pryde, lost my place to rely on, and was suffering under a subordination contract, but what would have happened if Gilbert said that? It was easy to imagine.

    The story of Gilbert draws the blood from Arthur's face. Terrifyingly again, the words of Pryde from seven years ago are repeated many times in his head.

    "Pryde is an excellent person. You know her qualities and ability as a Princess, but ... after being obsessed with madness, Pryde has left too many holes in her actions and rebellion plans."

    Next, the words draw blood from Stayle's face.

    That's right, if he thinks about it. Until now, Stayle couldn't afford to think because of the contract of subordination, but when he thinks back with a normal mind, the current rebellion is too sloppy. If Pryde really want to get rid of the rebels, she should do the same to Stayle and Gilbert or kill the entire top layer instead of only preventing them from using their special abilities. All she has to do is expel the Knights from the country on a nonsensical mission. If Pryde plans to sell her country to the Rajya Empire, she can sign a contract without waiting for soldiers. But Pryde does nothing at all. She does not arrange public affairs, nor does she take such countermeasures. Furthermore, from Arthur's point of view, leaving the brains of Stayle and Gilbert alone is strange for Pryde who knows their excellence.

    Moreover, she hints too openly about their plans. Far from showing her superiority, she is revealing too much in their hands. From the beginning, Pryde exposed herself to everyone without hiding her malicious intent, and she pushes forward with force and behavior that is too messy, like she is saying "I can lose"

    ……Wrong. Pryde wants to lose ... ︎

    If Stayle thinks so, he will be satisfied.

    Correcting his thoughts, Stayle cleared his throat and took a thin breath. Gilbert nodded to the change in Stayle's facial expression, saying, "She is working to fail the rebellion."

    Her own defeat and ruin. It is Pryde's plan to be defeated and ruined while moving to collapse the country as Adam wishes. If Gilbert put it into words, Arthur's view became dark. Right now, the Knights are moving under water exactly as planned by Pryde, to meet the upcoming Rajya army. If he wasn't able to find out the truth from Adam and the Chief of Staff, he would end up killing Pryde. And that is the desire and aim of Pryde now.

    It can't be stopped. If the Knights, and Pryde herself, want it, there is only one result.

    Unless they know the truth.

    "You need to be very careful to save Pryde, because she's probably going to die."

    Pryde's unconsciously trying to provide a reason so that we can understand what she wished for.

    Pryde is now is moving only to "ruin the Freesia Kingdom" and "die." Gilbert affirmed that, and everyone on the spot snorted.

    "It's strange that Pryde hasn't asked about Tiara-sama since the start of the rebellion until now. It's as if she's been denied involvement."

    Of course, I was thinking of an excuse to use when asked.

    While listening to Gilbert's words, Arthur also pondered, "Sure ...". He's heard that Tiara was evacuating abroad, but he hasn't heard that Pryde is looking for Tiara. If Pryde is really aimed at defeating the Kingdom of Freesia, there is no reason not to erase Tiara, the secondmost successor to the throne. On the contrary, it feels strange for her not to ask Stayle or Gilbert where she is.

    As Stayle remembers, he looks down with his face alone. It was as if Pryde was thinking about "afterwards" when she died even if unconsciously.

    Gilbert refused, "Of course, it's just my question and guess," but is the Pryde that loved Tiara now ignoring Tiara, or is she unconsciously trying to protect her? Or for another reason, there is no confirmation at this stage.

    "I'll tell all this speculation to the Knight Commander later .... Anyway, now the only thing we need to do to regain Pryde is to capture the Crown Prince."

    Capturing Adam is the only way to regain Pryde. They can't help her unless we catch him.

    The order given to the Knights is to capture Adam and Pryde alive. And don't let anyone die on their side. However, in the words of Gilbert, even then Pryde is still likely to die.

    I was going to leave it at this, but we get the last confirmation scene at the beginning of the Rebellion Arc. And since I wouldn't share it any other time...

    Have a Rebellion Arc scene! :blobhero:

    NEW (Unknown POV) 534.1 And Solidifies
    "Tiara-sama. I will take responsibility for this situation. So please accept the request from us for the reinforcements from the Anemone Kingdom and the delivery person .... on behalf of Pryde and the Freesia Kingdom."

    Tiara turned to Leon and Val in response to Gilbert's quiet words.

    Leon nods to Tiara, who tries to confirm their intentions, and Val says "de?" Before answering.

    "Is the Lord really trying to take over Freesia?"

    Not only the knights around him, but also Roderick and others who were listening to the video frowned slightly at Val's direct question.

    He talks like Pryde's a villain, and Stayle raises his face with a vigorous turn. He wondered if Val had heard the story from one of the knights halfway, but when Stayle stared at Val in the video, even Tiara had a pale face. Along with Tiara who screams "Va ... Val‼ ︎", Cedric also screams "Val, such a phrase ...‼ ︎", but Val himself has no intention of crying off.

    "What does Temee say about the Lord ? Do you want to rub everything out? Or as the princess says."

    "Please don't speak anymore!"

    Tiara seals Val who keeps moving his mouth without choosing words.

    Val, who closed his mouth unnaturally at the command, glared at Tiara dissatisfied, but she had no longer looked at Val. While breathing on his small shoulder, she hurriedly apologized instead of Val, saying, "I'm sorry for Val!"

    Gilbert opens his mouth with a hard expression while watching the scene.

    "... Tiara-sama .... Is it okay to say what I think?"

    Tiara, who bounced like a small animal at Gilbert's words, turned her eyes down with her mouth shut.

    As Stayle asks when he sees it, he silently looks at Gilbert and once says "No ...". Then he slowly spun, "In other words, Tiara doesn't know everything about the situation yet."

    And when Tiara nods silently, Cedric, who was behind her, enters the flow. Excuse me, he questioned, refusing to say a word.

    "Does the fact that the Rajya Empire has invaded mean that Crown Prince Adam is involved? ...... Awesome, I still suspect that the Rajya Empire might have done something to Her Royal Highness Princess Pryde."

    Gilbert bowed deeply to Cedric, who was unforgiving towards the Rajya Empire.

    As a result, he was right. Adam had attacked, transformed, and was manipulating Pryde as Cedric talked. Gilbert slowly raises his head, thinking that it would have been beyond his expectations that Adam was a special ability person.

    Looking back at the footage, Leon of the footage went one step further and lined up with Tiara, urging him to follow Cedric, without waiting for Gilbert's reply.

    "I also ask, Chancellor Gilbert. Why is Pryde like this ... And what is the Freesia Kingdom going to do with her?"

    Jade-colored eyes shook with an uneasy expression. Leon, who had only come on Pryde's behalf, needed to see what happened to the eccentric girl and whether the Freesia Kingdom was now an enemy of Pryde's, or an ally.

    At Leon's words, Gilbert looked at Stayle for confirmation and adjusted his breathing. After confirming Stayle's intention, he briefly returned "I am afraid" and turned his eyes straight to Tiara's in the video.

    "There may be some unbelievable parts, but please accept that everything I say here is true."

    In Gilbert's words, Tiara makes a small sound.

    Val also distorted his face in a bad mood and kept his eyes on Gilbert in the video. After Leon and Cedric replied, "I promise," Gilbert finally begins.

    The truth regarding Pryde.

    In a story that made Tiara and everyone there lose their words.

    One squeezed his teeth with his eyes wide open to the limit and his facial expressions stiff, one grabbed his chest through his armor with his hands and took a breath, and one swayed with his eyes burning violently and clenched his fists. Tiara trembled, and said, "Sister ..." and covered her lips with both hands soaked with tears. Gilbert continued talking to the end, as Sefek and Kemet kept their mouths open and forgot about blinking.

    The existence of Adam's special ability, and Tippet.

    He explained in detail that Pryde was being manipulated and that at this moment, Pryde is missing with the both of them.

    Adam's power is needed at this stage to restore Pryde to her normal self. For that purpose, it is desirable to catch him alive, and Gilbert finished his explaination with the speculation that the current Pryde is also aiming to be killed herself. To those who are stunned and speechless, Gilbert fluently talks about the future.

    "So please, I would like to ask for your help .... to save Pryde and regain everything in our country. For that purpose."

    No one disagreed.

    Everyone waits silently for Gilbert's instructions.

    After confirming that they all have the same purpose, they finally start to move together. To sweep away the Rajya Empire, squeeze the inside of the castle, find them, capture Adam, and stop Pryde.

    To recapture everything, for that reason.
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    I asked for it, but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Thank you for the spoilers .. ; w ;
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    Do you like them? :blobuwu: I would also like to assure you that Pryde gets sat down and scolded at least three times for not talking about her visions before once the brainwash arc is finished. (Once by Gilbert, once by Rosa, and once by all the capture targets together. Roderick probably yells at her too, eventually, but it's not shown. Though I can't blame him if it slipped his mind for a while--Arthur getting hurt messed with him.)

    Anyway, right now I'm collecting the game flashback scenes for a later drop, but feel free to ask for more spoilers, or scenes that you want to see. Still putting off summarizing the Villain Arc, if you can't tell. :blobsweat_2:
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    Yeah, like.. its angst, but its the bitter part to the otherwise sweet story. It gives the story depth. Pryde and her supposed role as the villainess was the overarching plot from the start and reading this was kinda making me choked up, but give the sense that 'ah... Its happening huh'

    Rosa scolded her? Woah...
    Saying that she is not a parent enough to do that is wrong, but honestly, her off-handed way of facing Pryde, if we can even call it that, was kind of telling of her character.

    Nah, for now I'm quite satisfied.. thank you! Stay safe in this trying time!
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    In her case, Rosa doesn't know how to do anything but be Queen. Everything else, she's still learning how to do it.

    Which is exactly why Rosa was able to scold Pryde in this one instance, because what she was scolding Pryde for was in relation to the succession. Pryde hiding information about her visions, or predictive ability, is a liability and makes Rosa's job (in this case, deciding who to make heir) even harder.

    Of course, given the people there, Pryde was still more scared of Tiara and Stayle than Rosa. :blob_grin: Pryde's reaction to Rosa scolding her was more, "oops, gave Mom more work."

    I will say that regarding Rosa, she gets a lot more bearable during and after the brainwash arc. It really helps that she at least attempts to rehabilitate Pryde this time, and she's very present in the aftermath of the brainwash arc. I still don't like her, at all, but I don't feel like hitting her every time she shows up, either.
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    I wonder if anyone is still interested in the events of the game? Because I feel like sharing the game flashback scenes.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    So we're starting with Stayle. :blobhero:

    EDITED (Pryde POV) 4. The Princess Colors Her Castle Life
    "I won't forgive you ... I won't forgive you ... I'm going to kill you ...!!"

    A boy cried, his eyes burning with hatred.

    There's a girl standing in front of him.

    She laughs at the boy while holding her stomach.

    "Ahaha! Are you an idiot? Do you really think you can? Because just now, you ..."

    I know them both. The boy, and the girl. Though rather than knowing

    The girl is me.

    Pryde Royale Ivy.

    She is ... No, it's me who makes indelible wounds on the capture targets' hearts. Wounds that can only be healed by the heroine, my sister, Tiara. It's Tiara who will replace me as Queen in the end, and lead the country towards peace together with the capture targets.

    I saw this scene in the game.

    It's the reminiscence scene of one of the capture targets.

    His name is ... Stayle. Stayle Royale Ivy.

    Pryde's adopted brother.

    Someone. Someone help him.

    He's done nothing wrong.

    But I can't help him, as I'm responsible for his pain.

    The only one who can save him was ... the only source of solace in his life here in the palace, his adopted younger sister ...

    "Tiara ..."

    EDITED (Pryde POV) 8. The Evil Princess Makes a Wish
    Pryde came to visit him who was fast asleep with a cold.

    "Harrumph. Isn't it shameful to get sick when you're only my slave?"

    Pryde glared down at him from the same chair she was sitting in now.

    "What a shameless child was born from that shameless commoner woman. Hey, I wonder. If I ordered you to run in circles around the garden until you die, would you? Ahaha!"

    She laughed while she wiped the sweat off his brow with a handkerchief.

    "Hey? The contract is still in effect, you know? So your life is mine. Get better quickly so that we can play again ...? My one and only slave."

    Stayle's breathing became more turbulent, and he muttered something in his sleep. Pryde laughed when she heard it.

    "Ahahaha! How pitiful. Are you a baby? How shameful, unsightly and ugly you are, my toy, my slave. No one else needs a baby like you. Not Hahaue, Oji-sama, not even Chichiue if he was still alive! Even your mother! They don't need something like you! You will only bother everyone if you're like this."

    Like that, she kept whispering to Stayle.

    "But since you're so pitiful, I'll do you a favor and want you. Because you're my exclusive slave, right? For the rest of your life ..."

    EDITED (Stayle POV) 14. The Adopted Brother Surpasses the Previous Night
    "... Uwa ah ah ah ah ..."

    - Who was it? Someone was crying.

    In the pitch black darkness, the person moaning in pain was ... me.

    "Oh my? Stayle, you've returned already. Quick, aren't you?"

    A person came closer.

    It was too dark to see her face, but it was a young woman.

    I killed Haha-san and came back, just as she ordered me to.

    Haha-san looked surprised but very happy when I teleported back to our house.

    "Run away." I told her, but she didn't understand. And just like that, I killed her with the knife in my hand.

    "Stayle ... why ...?" Her last words refused to leave my ears. There were tears in her eyes as she hit the floor as blood poured from her body.

    I couldn't look at my mother's face as she died. I was the one who put her there, I did that to her, I did!

    "As ordered, you returned immediately after doing it so that no one would notice. Good boy, good boy."

    She stroked my hair in a good mood. I felt my murderous intent break out.

    I roar like a beast and swing the knife I used to stab my mother. But the blade stops before it can touch the woman's throat.

    Even though I wanted to stab her ... my hand won't move. I'm not conflicted, but my body won't move the way I want.

    "Ahaha! Are you an idiot? There's no way you can kill your master once you sign an enslavement contract."

    The woman laughed. Even her voice was nauseating.

    "Why!! Why did you make me kill Haha-san!? What did I or Haha-san ever do to you!?"

    Even if I yell as loudly as I can, it doesn't reach her.

    "What? I only thought it would make for a little bit of fun. Oh, my cute slave Stayle. I've been enjoying myself a lot lately thanks to you."

    The woman smiled a cruel smile that did not belong on a child's face.

    "... Kill me! If you like to torment me so much, then why don't you just kill me?"

    There was nothing left for me in a world without Haha-san. It didn't matter if I die.

    "What? Didn't you say that you would kill me when you signed the enslavement contract? You don't want to kill me anymore? Do you want to die and return to your mother's side??"

    The knife shook in my hand. If she moved a little closer, it would cut her throat.

    "All right, then ... This is an order. You must not take your own life. And you must not tell anyone about our promise, and what happened today."

    "Now ..."

    I'm not even allowed to die.

    "Oh, that's a nice face. Keep that expression for a while, okay? See you. Good night, Stayle. Make sure you wash off that filthy commoner blood by tomorrow."

    The woman snorted and began to laugh again.

    My knees gave out and I hit the ground with my fists.

    I howled like a miserable creature that no longer remembered being human. I wished that I could stab myself with that knife and feel more comfortable.

    But I can't die anymore. Because she ordered me.

    I won't forgive her.

    That demon wearing human skin.

    I will be sure to exact revenge for Haha-san.

    For that alone, I will ...

    (Pryde POV) 87. The Cruel Princess Takes a Nap
    "... Okay, Tiara .... If I ..., do this ...!"


    It's a man. I don't know who he is because his face seems to be painted black. But ... I know this voice, this person ...

    "That ... I'm sure there must be another way ..."


    The main character, Tiara.

    She is taller than she is now, has a feminine body, and has tears in her eyes.

    Desperately shaking her head no while holding something in her hand.


    ... my dear sister ...

    Why are you crying ...?

    She shakes her head at the words of a man, but still accepts what is handed over and puts it in her clothes.

    At the end, he nodded with a strong will and determination, and ... began to cry.

    "I wish you could escape ..., ... just ..."

    "... Those words is enough, but I can't do it to protect you. And ..."

    The Tiara nods many times while crying at the man's words.

    While muttering, I know, I know.

    At the end it's okay ...! Said Tiara.

    "I will definitely protect you! I won't let you die ...!"

    Ah ... this is ... towards the end of the game.

    Before the final battle, he ... to Tiara ...

    From Pryde ... The only route in which the main character, Tiara, stands up to protect the people from me and him.

    Tiara ... I'm sorry.

    Pryde ... You made a tough decision.

    So kind

    Even if it's not a big deal, if someone kindly asks me to laugh happily

    You can't leave the injured person alone

    You hate to hurt people

    For you who are more sensitive to the trauma of others than anyone else.

    At the end, I, the worst princess, who stands in your way, will hurt your heart even more.

    I'm dead.


    A shock runs to the heart and holds down the chest.

    The feet are fluttering, and expensive shoes ring on the cobblestones.

    Blood drips and I can't stand it and spit out fresh blood from my mouth.

    While hatefully glaring at the other person, at the end I collapse into a puddle of blood on the spot with my words of resentment. Dye my bright red hair even redder with my own blood.

    ... oh ... me.

    It's the final scene of the worst boss.

    This will save the country ...

    "... ku ... hi ... ku ...! ... u, ... uu ..."

    ……. …Whimpering.

    Tiara is crying, covering her face with both hands.

    Yes, Tiara is on this route ...


    ... I'm sorry, Tiara.

    Because of me, you ...

    (Stayle POV) 370. The Adopted Brother Sincerely Hopes
    "Ah ... it was a boring party."

    … A woman walks. While fingering her rippling crimson hair, she seemed to be bored from the bottom of her heart.

    Luxurious decorations, colorful flowers, fine liquor and food.

    A party in a large hall that was unthinkable from the lives of the people of the castle. It was all as requested by her, who is also the main character this time. But she is not stupid either. She understood that the number of guests was decreasing year by year, and that there was nothing floating in the hall and it was quiet.

    While sitting on the throne during the party, she ate a little food and wine, and the woman just crossed her legs in a boring way. She herself had no intention of thanking or entertaining the guests.

    "Oh, you don't have to follow me anymore, Stayle."

    She rang her shoes and walked without looking back, waving at the Regent behind her with just her fingertips. For the first time, he speaks to the Queen, who walks in a different direction from her private room.

    "... Where are you going? Her Majesty."

    A low, expressionless voice is emitted with no expression.

    The jet-black eyes in the back of the glasses became muddy, and the muscles of the face did not move at all except the mouth like a doll.

    The Queen stopped at his words. She kept her head straight, and after a beat, slowly turned her body toward him.

    With an ugly smile as if cramped.

    "It's decided. I think I'll go see my dear and beloved fiancée."

    Stayle looked back without fear at the Queen who laughed while raising her mouth in a distorted smile. With his eyes, which didn't show any emotion at all, he briefly answered, "I'm sorry," and the Queen laughed as she remembered, and this time she left the place. Stayle didn't change his complexion even when she walked out in a good mood while taking small steps instead of hitting him earlier.

    … Prince Leon is so pitiful.

    Raising his head, Stayle exhales a little while standing there until the Queen's back disappears.

    He was well aware that the Queen occasionally visited his room on her own after she became engaged to Leon, after he was transformed into a different person and retired to that room. ... what is going on there?

    Stayle also know that the Queen killed the people from the Anemone Kingdom in the torture room inside the castle. It was Stayle's job to arrange the room, which had not been used until that time, and to accommodate all the people who "tainted Leon" as the Queen desired.

    Stayle also knows that Leon became sick and useless after that day, and that the Queen continued to deepen his wounds whenever she found time. … But.

    ... Well, so long as she doesn't pay attention to Tiara, then that's fine.

    It doesn't matter to Stayle.

    What does worry him is when the Queen points her spear at her sister, Tiara. That's why Stayle wondered if the Queen was going to do something to Tiara, and asked her. And when it was confirmed that the Queen's purpose was not Tiara, Stayle's interest had disappeared.

    ... Stayle thinks that Leon is pitiful. He also understands that he is experiencing a living hell that is more painful than death.

    Every night his screams flooded the room, the horrifying rumors about the Queen were whispered by those who heard it in the royal palace.

    Furthermore, the guards and maids in the royal palace who knew that Leon was secluded in that room saw the Queen as she entered Prince Leon's room with a beautiful look. Is he being kept like a pet by the Queen, or is he turned into a living doll to relieve her anger ... Or was the screaming just a rumor, and what was overheard was the sound if both of them panting due to spending a comfortable time with the Queen. Various rumors and speculations were circulating.

    But Stayle nevertheless did not want to correct the rumor or spread his true treatment. On the contrary, he sternly stopped the maids who took care of the surroundings, and took steps to prevent the truth from leaking out at the will of the Queen.

    Stayle also moved when the Queen disappeared completely in the long corridor. Turn his heels back and proceed in the opposite direction of the Queen.

    … After all, it's a reward for that woman.

    The incident that triggered the Queen's displeasure.

    It was said that Prince Leon, the First Prince, was drowning in women and sake in the castle town the night before he was to return to the Freesia Kingdom.

    Stayle knew the rumor that he was originally a womanizer Prince. Did you want to enjoy your last night of freedom before marrying the Queen, or was it the result of continuing to seek pleasure without thinking ahead?

    Conflict and war with the Anemone Kingdom, which can be said to be useless. Marriage was required to make a bridge. A trash like prince and a devilish foreign queen would look good together.

    The Anemone Kingdom could get rid of the troubles, and the Freesia Kingdom could sacrifice someone to the devil's lust, and both countries were supposed to have benefitted from the marriage. ... that trash.

    The two countries, which had been joining together, were about to fall apart again because he went out for extra comfort. Stayle's glad that the Queen was satisfied with "only" killing the people involved from the Anemone Kingdom. If things went poorly, even the people of Freesia would be involved in the war again.

    The royal mess that gives priority only to his own desires, waving only the privileges of the royal family. If he thinks that this is the payment for making many women cry because of that desire, then this is also the natural result.

    Stayle returned to his room and locks the door. Stayle checked the curtains and windows that were already closed and turned off the lights.

    Only in the darkness, Stayle exhaled as if calm. He holds the black-rimmed glasses with his fingers and remembers thinking along the way. Then, a familiar scream leaked out of nowhere, as if the timing had been measured.


    The scream that was initially disgusting to him is now only a jarring noise.

    Perhaps because they're in the same royal palace, it leaked through the window and occasionally the Queen's laughter was heard. At the beginning, Stayle went to teleport to see if he was accompanying the Queen or if he was really being tortured, but she only messed around with words without raising her hand.

    Rather, she seemed to enjoy the pleasure of making the Prince Consort squirm and suffer with words alone, without getting her hands dirty.

    "... I'm not uncomfortable listening now."

    He laughs, hiding his voice and lifting his mouth. The black smile melted into the darkness.

    At least while Leon's screams are echoing, it's a proof that his precious presence isn't in the hands of the Queen.

    Stayle, who took a deep breath only once at the end, used teleportation. His field of vision changes, changing from darkness to a lit space. Stayle opens his mouth before he can see her. With a gentle voice that never appears before the Queen.

    "Really ... Did you stay up late reading a book again? Tiara."

    A woman sitting on the sofa stands up at Stayle's words. "Brother!", she rushed to him happily.

    A unique existence for Stayle. The only family left for him.

    "Were you a good girl? I'm sorry I was late to come to see you today."

    He laughs gently and strokes Tiara's head. Every time his finger slipped through her soft golden hair, Stayle felt the extra tension in his body melt away. "That's not it, I'm glad that Brother comes to visit me every day," her voice, like the sound of a bell, washed away the remaining traces of the ugly screaming.

    "Isn't Brother tired? It must have been ────'s birthday festival today. I'm sure you was busy."

    "It's okay, it's finished successfully ... I wanted to see you soon."

    When Stayle looked into her face, which was lower than his, from above, a soft smile came back. Hugging the slender body that was like the sun, she said, "Thank you for your work every day," and gently wrapped her arms around his back.

    ... my only light.

    While confirming her existence with this arm, Stayle thinks so.

    Only his sister ... Stayle will definitely protect only Tiara.

    Eight months left until Tiara's sixteenth birthday. Then she will marry and leave this country.

    To a distant place out of the reach of the Queen.

    It hurts his chest to leave Tiara.

    If it's a neighboring country, Stayle can teleport to see her even after Tiara gets married, but if it's farther away, he can't leave the Queen without permission. Sending her away from his hands is a great loss. But it's much safer than having her stay in this country with the Queen. … Above all, Tiara will be freed from the isolation tower. For her happiness, Stayle doesn't care what happens to himself.

    The only grief is that the Queen has the right to decide on Tiara's fiancé ... that woman.

    It is unlikely that the Queen, who trapped Tiara inside the isolation tower, will choose a good partner for Tiara. Stayle will have to protect Tiara somehow.

    It's okay if the Queen's choice is good by some luck. Otherwise, he will use any hand to pull the man off Tiara. … Be sure to do everything he can with this enslaved body.

    When Stayle noticed, the arms he used to hug Tiara were full of strength. When asked, "Brother ...?", he holds her for a while longer, using fatigue as an excuse. With a vow to protect her.

    … Prince Consort, Leon Adonis Coronaria.

    The target of the Queen's wrath.

    Since taking him, the Queen has increased the number of pleasures that have been dividing the people until now.

    If the Queen loses interest in Tiara as is, the troublesome fiancé selection may be left to Stayle, the Regent. Even if not, Tiara is probably too far for the Queen to play with. Because she has much better toys in a place much closer to her than this isolation tower.

    After their invasion of the Chinensis Kingdom and claiming rulership of the Cersis Kingdom, she is in a good mood. Thanks to her new toys, the former King Joan and Prince Cedric.

    Please, like this, be the Queen's sacrifice, Leon.

    Your misfortune will lead to Tiara's happiness.

    The more you suffer, the more peace is promised to Tiara. The people are also less likely to be targeted by the Queen.

    It's your reward for desiring only pleasure, making women cry, and forgoing royal discipline. It is appropriate for the tainted prince to rotate like this on behalf of the pure Tiara.

    And stay like this as long as you can, without dying, until the Queen grows bored or exhausted.

    In that prison, which was given to the Prince Consort who was widely blessed with luxury.

    Suffer forever, survive only to please that woman.

    All for the people and the precious Tiara.

    (Wes POV) 383. The Regent Has a Dream
    "... Hey? Still⁇ ... Huh, ... Ah ... sad ..."

    There is a devil's roaring voice. It's a voice I know very well.

    Leaning on a cold floor and simple walls, in this place where the light doesn't reach ... just wait for the time.

    The more I forget the passage of time ... for a long time, earnestly.

    …where is this…?

    If you open your eyes, there is only darkness.

    ... Oh ... I see ... I am. … Far from the passage of time, it seems that even my existence has faded. It's awkward, but ... I think it's an end that suits me.

    "Hey? ... Isn't it about time you become obedient⁇ Hey .... Stayle is now 17 years old, right? At last, your place and the meaning of your existence are really gone. Hey ... "

    Think while listening to the devil's high-pitched voice. ... I ... my name is. Think and try to remember. ...... Call me, a little more ... I'm here ...


    Cold water is suddenly flung over the cage. I stopped breathing for a moment, and when I shook my face, I heard a childish laughter that didn't sound like it belonged to a human body.

    "Good morning, did you wake up now? Huh ... hey?"

    The devil screams. Raise her mouth as if cramped, and make her eyes glow mysteriously with purple flames. Mocking me with absolute dominance and control, and ... calling my forgotten name.

    "Uncle Wes."

    ... Wes. … Call me, yes, that's my name.

    It's the name of a person that made an irreparable mistake.

    When I called the name of the daughter in front of me, her smile rose even higher. While taking light steps on the spot, she bounced, "Good, you can still speak."

    "Hey, Uncle Wes. Didn't your niece come to see you after Stayle's birthday to whip this tired body? Please be more pleased."

    The Queen of this country laughs. While looking at me from the outside of the cage, I was only the former Regent who seemed to have changed like a straitjacket.

    "Uncle Wes. Won't you please listen to your cute niece's request? Otherwise, your wife will also ..."

    "It's useless, ──── .... I have already told you many years ago that that threat wouldn't work."

    Clearly tell her about her superiority.

    She shook her eyebrows a little at my words and she raised her mouth again. "That's right," she said lightly, but continued to regain his mind.

    Yes, she threatened me by saying so shortly after I was imprisoned in this cage. ... but the threat is no longer effective for me, even if my wife and friends are murdered in front of me ... I'm sure there won't be much fluctuation.

    "Hey? Is my request ... so difficult⁇ I'm only saying that I want to spend time with my uncle."

    "In exchange for a contract of slavery ... my answer hasn't changed over the years. You will not own my special abilities."

    Albert died, Rosa died ... and afterwards, she became Queen. With that authority she dragged me out of my place as Regent and imprisoned me here. Even after her coronation, I alone pointed out all her words and actions and continued to deny them. I wasn't executed like the others and continued to be imprisoned here, not because she longed for me as an uncle. ... She was hoping to gain my special ability.

    A few more years later she wanted me to sign a contract of servitude, but ... I kept refusing. If I sign a contract of servitude, I will be able to live a more humane life and breathe in the outside air. But that is not permitted.

    "You're wrong."

    Clearly, I tell the Queen of this country.

    Her eyebrows shook again in my words, and only the raised mouth remained in place by force.

    "Again, forever, I'll never surrender. What Rosa and Albert were unable to do ... that is my final role."

    I alone will not forgive her.

    It is said that Gilbert still covers the Prince Consort's work in addition to his official duties as Chancellor. If he can avoid succumbing to her and instead save the people as much as he can, I too will not succumb to her and will continue to show my refusal in this life as long as possible.

    I tell her and she finally shuts her mouth to my words. Until now, every time she came to me, I repeatedly said those same words.

    "You are wrong. Such a reign will not last long. It will collapse faster than your life .... You have come to a stage where you can't go back."

    Gan! ︎, she kicks my cage with her heel. But I followed her no matter what.

    "I won't use this special ability for you. I will gladly rot here if it will stop you from hurting someone else. That's my pride as a member of the royal family."

    At last she shouted, "I'm not stupid."

    "I'm telling you now, but a lesser aristocrat like you! Don't mistake that your blood is the same royal blood as mine!"

    Close my eyes to her frustrated screaming voice. …Oh, I see. I wondered if I was born to a lower aristocrat.

    "Are you going to give up and kill me first, or will you already be annihilated by the time I come out of here .... Either way, as long both as you and I are alive."

    "Fine, Uncle Wes .... I'm the only one who knows you're still alive. Still, you won't be bored."

    She stuck her finger in her mouth. Once it was between her teeth, she took a breath and blew. The sound echoes and shakes my eardrums. And the next moment I saw my nephew ... Stayle.

    His gaze has always been dead since he was adopted. Stayle, who looked at me and her with no expression, asked, "Did you want to call me?" ... I and he know what she intends to order.

    "As usual. Make my uncle be honest. Don't kill him? Because he's my dear and beloved uncle."

    Isn't it ... she tells me with a smile on her face. She tells Stayle that she will come again and leaves. While ringing her shoes with a hum.

    The old door is closed and returned to the enclosed space. As the Queen ordered, Stayle, who went to the sword and whip yard beside him, saw me and ... stopped.

    I dare to ask a look that makes me feel hesitant.

    "What's wrong, Stayle. Is it difficult not to kill me now?"

    "... I've only received abstract orders this time. If I leave, the Queen will come back to find you a few weeks later, without any injuries."

    "The Queen said, 'as usual.' What if she should come to see ... the sparks will fly at you then."

    I scold him for his affection. His shoulders were a little tense and he looked straight at me.

    Reassemble the restrained arms and legs, and the chains make a rattling noise.

    "You don't have to show compassionate to me. You're our victim ... because I've robbed you of everything."

    Like I used to be. … He was also adopted because of his special abilities. Albert had heard how much he refused at the time. Still I couldn't do anything for him. I alone have abandoned the past and escaped from nostalgia, loneliness, and retrospectives, but he ... is still suffering.

    At my words he silently picked up the blade. That's fine, but for the first time his empty expression became dark and cloudy.

    "... I wanted you to be happy. Like me when I met Rosa and Albert in the past."

    I look up at him straight. Rosa welcomed me, who should have had no place in the royal residence at that time. And Albert. ... So I devoted everything to the people of Freesia and them.

    The cage is unlocked. Stayle steps in through a door that opens only when food is carried in. Stayle held a sharp blade in his hand and approached me step by step.

    "... How is Tiara doing?"

    "... Yes, she's still living in the isolation tower without knowing the filth of the outside world .... The Queen isn't interested in her yet."

    I am truly relieved at the words that answered my question. Good, Tiara is still safe. That alone will save him.

    Stayle's hand quivered when I exhaled. The tip of the sword slightly hits the floor and makes a clicking noise. I know what happened, he's already used to hurting and killing ...

    Even if I raise my face, I can't see well in the dark, probably because my eyes are already weakened. Ask, "What's wrong?" While shaking the handcuffs. The handcuffs and legcuffs are not connected just because they are blocked. I take one step closer to Stayle with feet that can't move much anymore ... Surely his voice reached my ears before.

    "..., ... you are ..., ... if you stay ..."

    It was an enduring voice.

    I don't know what he looks like when he was expressionless. I was imprisoned without being able to teach him to take over anything. After that, he must have been groping along as the current Regent.

    "What's up with Gilbert .... Is he still alive?"

    He nodded silently to my repeated questions. When asked if he was working properly, he answered, "I'm sure he's doinh better than anyone else in Freesia." …that's good. Apparently Gilbert is also helping Stayle.

    After checking that far, I suddenly realize that time has passed.

    "Stayle .... Hurry up. I think there is still a lot of work left."

    He shouldn't have time to worry about me forever. I know more than anyone else the amount of difficult work given as Regent. I told him that and I heard a clenching sound. Now, he hesitates to wield his blade like this, and I'm relieved that he still has a human heart.

    When I thought Stayle had taken a deep breath, he slowly swung his blade up this time. As the Queen ordered, to hurt me. ... and I will receive this blade many times.

    But just before he swings his blade down, I remember something important. If I call to Stayle, he stopped moving in a swinging position.

    "…Happy Birthday."

    I heard the loudest sound of clenching teeth I've ever heard.

    At the same time, a reply "... Thank you ..." is returned with a voice that seems to disappear. ... I only regret polluting him with my blood on his birthday. And finally the blade runs toward me ─…
    *Warning: implied torture scene.

    (Stayle POV) 477. The Adopted Brother Counts
    "... Sama, ... Bro ..., ... Brother ...!"

    When I woke up, it was midnight outside.


    In the dark world, she was snuggling up beside me and looked at me with a worried look. ...... Apparently, she was always with me.

    Tiara gently rubbed against me, who was suffocating and breathing violently over and over again.

    "Are you okay ...⁈ You were really sick, and ...!"

    She holds the handkerchief in her other hand and wipe the sweat off my forehead. That alone made my breathing easier.

    I wondered if I had a dream about something sickening, and ... I remember.

    When I tried to open my mouth, it closed unnaturally. Yes, I can't say it, but she looks worriedly into my face and my heart hurts. While muttering "Oh ...", I choose a word.

    "Tiara. I am ..."

    This time my mouth moves.

    Tiara wiped my forehead many times and offered me a glass of water. Before continuing, I received water in spite of Tiara's concern and moistened my throat. After swallowing all the contents with a breath, I look back at her with a breath. After saying that, I will say the words this time. ...... I want to talk about it now.

    Why she's been forced to escape from the Queen.

    "I'm ... a sinner."

    Tiara looked confused, her golden eyes black and white as I said while standing up from a poor bed that was incomparable to the palace.

    It's been days since Prince Cedric revealed the Queen's plot and secretly let Tiara hide in this house where I lived with my mother in the past.

    While I was in the castle, I didn't have a moment of relief, wondering if Tiara would found in the pursuit and when I would be ordered by the Queen to bring Tiara back. I have a contract of enslavement, I can't resist if the Queen clearly orders me. I can lie, but you can't betray. If I was told to find and kill Tiara ... I would have to take my beloved girl's life with this hand.

    Thanks to that, my spirit is eroded day by day, and fatigue is no longer the same as before. I've been forced to work beyond my body's limits because of the Queen many times, but mentally it was much easier than it is now. ...... It's far better to get a merciless partner.

    Immediately after teleporting to Tiara, I fainted. Tiara rounds her eyes and shakes her eyes as if to ask my confession when she wakes up and speaks. I refused to her, "I can't say for sure," and continued her words.

    "... Actually, I'm not the kind brother that you think and love. I've taken a lot of people ... with this hand. Countless lives."

    I have killed many people, including my mother.

    At first, the act of fear and disgust died, and as the number increased, the senses and emotions died. Now I don't feel any resistance to killing people. Still ... I wanted to be a good, innocent and kind brother only in front of Tiara.

    However, when I saw Prince Cedric and Tiara ... as soon as I was informed by his mouth that the Queen was aiming for Tiara's life, everything became irrelevant.

    Even if Tiara survives, she may learn about my ugliness and filth. Still, I wanted to protect her ... I don't want to let her go.

    "You took it ... my brother ...? That's a lie ..."

    Tiara, who began to be incredibly upset, reached out to me with a quivering hand.

    Gently put my little hands on my shoulders to accompany me, and turn my forgotten eyes toward me.

    "For some reason ...! ... for my gentle brother ... to kill people ..."

    ……I want to say.

    Talk to her about my accursed commandments that I couldn't tell anyone.

    But I can't say. Any words about the contract of enslavement to the Queen remain forbidden. I can't even confess it myself. ...... I can't even get punished or blamed for my sins.

    She still appealed to me incredibly, and I shut my lips to Tiara who came closer.

    ...... Do you think I'm filthy?

    She who can't even kill insects won't accept a murderer for a brother. It's only natural that she'll run away and leave me behind, or she'll denounce me as a "murderer." I shut my mouth to her who desperately tries to hear an explanation and declares that I can't say it. She made a breathtaking sound at that, bleeding tears as she refused to believe.

    "... No way ......... Slavery, contract ...⁈"

    This time, my breath stopped.

    I don't know why she, who has a pure heart, came up with an answer in such a terrifying way. However, when I was given the correct answer, I found that my eyes were gradually opened while holding my breath.

    Tiara confidently responded to my reaction with a blue face, holding my hand saying "That's right ...⁈ ... That's right ...⁈" and desperately approaching my face to the point of breathing me in.

    I can't confirm. It's unanswerable. I can't nod or put it into words. Tiara was convinced again, "You can't say it because you was forbidden to speak, like ───," while only my mouth moved as if the words had been robbed from me. Only the mouth moves like a doll that can not express affirmative intention, and instead

    Tears overflowed.

    Endlessly, the amount of tears overflowing was incredible even to myself.

    What I thought was dead, which shouldn't have flowed for years, overflowed incredibly and never stopped. As if Tiara already understood, she couldn't speak while shedding tears and screaming, "Brother ...". My chin trembles and my body trembles like a spasm, but it doesn't move.

    She understood, she guessed. For the first time, she noticed the existence of the chain that kept me tied up.

    Just because it is known does not mean that the contract can be canceled. However, I still trembled as if I have been released.

    "My brother ... I'm sorry, I didn't noticed it for such a long time ... To think that you were suffering so much alone ...!"

    Tiara hugged me with her hands, shedding tears.

    I grab her with my bent arm, crying and crying for the first time in many years. Her warmth, like the sunlight, is so lovely and warm that I can die. Tiara accepted everything and shed tears for me, who was panting without words. Only the moon was peeking through the yellow curtains at me, who screamed, "Ah ..." and Tiara, who kept hugging me like a goddess.

    "My brother ... I decided. I'll go back to the castle again. I'll meet and talk to Sister again .... I won't let the Freesia Kingdom become a slave-producing country. And I don't want my favorite brother to do anything worse. "

    That's impossible.

    I'm cursed by the Queen. If you meet her, I'll kill you. It doesn't matter, whether the country or the people. It doesn't matter what happens to me. But ... if only you can be protected.

    No matter how much my thoughts were solicited, I couldn't refine my words now. Pant, moan, moan, and desperately shake my head, but Tiara only strengthened her hands to hug me.

    "It's okay .... I'm the Second Princess of this country. I'm sure if I can convey our people's feelings, ──── will reconsider."

    No, that's not possible.

    That devil is not the kind of person who you can communicate with that kind of heart. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you appeal, you can't reach the woman. Such a Ruthless person feels nothing! ︎ …… I know that more than anyone else.

    "Yeah, let's talk to the Knight Commander? Brother said he's a man who is hard to use, but he's a very nice person. I'm sure he will help. And talk to Prince Leon ..."

    It is useless. You can't trust them.

    No matter how I cheated or chose my words, the Knight Commander, who couldn't be taken in like the other guys, always looked at me in disbelief. No matter what words you choose, he will never be put it in my pocket.

    Besides, for a womanizer like Prince Leon, I don't want to depend on such an outlier even if I die, let alone allow him to breathe the same air as the pure Tiara.

    "It's okay. I'll definitely protect Brother .... The older brother who has protected me all the time ......... This time, I will."

    I can't resist the gentle voice that's like the sound of a bell.

    Stop it, I just can't stand losing you. I hope Tiara can survive as it is. ...... I wanted to say that, but I could only speak a pant that wasn't even a word.

    If I could teleport to another country with her as it is. …… But I can't. I can't leave beyond a certain distance without the Queen's permission. At best, the neighboring Anemone Kingdom is as far as I can go. Even if I send Tiara to that country where the Queen's fangs are already hanging, I can see that she will be caught. And above all

    I don't want to let her go.

    If I are selfish, you can use a selfish ego. Now that I've noticed that her feelings are more than that of a sister's, I can't let go. I want Tiara to stay with me until I die. I can't live without her anymore.

    "... a ... a ... ah ... sorry, no ...! ... no ... Tiar, ra ...‼ ︎"

    I can't stop her anymore.

    I know I can't protect her from the Queen, and like this she's only waiting for death, but I can't let her go. I want to stay with Tiara until the end. End this hell of mine with her hands. ...... Hmm ... Stop it.

    With this heart that keeps ringing an ugly beat, my life as a sinner.

    (Stayle POV) 520. The Adopted Brother Pursues
    "I deprive you of all permission"

    Just before the last slash was swung down, the words were released with a mocking laugh by the Queen.

    It was after pushing with force and flicking his sword. The ugly and distraught Queen who proclaimed, "Let's play for the last time," and even gave me permission to kill her. It was a never-ending opportunity to kill her with this hand. …… But ……‼ ︎

    He stopped listening to what his hands, which should have put his strength into it, and stiffened while being mocked by the Queen.

    The Queen laughed at him, and Tiara's scream echoed from behind, "Brother!". ...... Finally, even though they have come this far ... ︎ Drive away the Rajya Empire that stood in front of us from the Queen's room, and eliminate Leon and Prince Cedric! Let the Knight Commander also open the way! ︎ He was able to condemn this woman this time in a little more time ... ︎

    "Ahahahahaha! Are you stupid⁈ I won't be killed quietly!"

    The Queen who was hit by me laughs.

    She holds her belly with her free hands, curls her back, shakes her shoulders and mocks me. Now, even now! If Stayle only moves his arm, he can kill this woman. This ugly evil that tried to kill his mother, enslave him, sell the people, and even threaten the life of his beloved Tiara! ︎ …… But.

    "Come on, Stayle. Throw away your sword and lie down here."

    To this person, the Queen orders.

    Immediately after that, Stayle let go of the sword Ihrwas holding. Immediately after the screaming, inorganic sound, Stayle put his limbs on the cobblestones and prostrated himself before the Queen.

    Stayle knows it's no use trying to resist. Still, in front of this woman, he can't stand exposing this awkward appearance in front of his beloved Tiara and he clenches his teeth. Stayle put too much effort into his whole body, and at the end he put my forehead down like a rattling and broken windmill. Shame and humiliation make him want to die. Stayle couldn't stand the Queen's loud laughter and closed his eyes strongly. His glasses slip off and hit the stone pavement.

    "Ahaha! My cute and precious slave Stayle. Let your beloved Tiara know who you really are?"

    Rippling so high that it couldn't be called intonation, a voice that was lowered as if crawling on the ground was cast on him.

    To such a devil covered in the skin of a human, he ...! ︎

    Speaks the words that the Queen has commanded, and plead guilty as asked. Stayle honestly spits out his sins, which have killed dozens and hundreds of innocent people.

    She tramples his head beneath her shoes. Tiara complained in tears, "Please stop!", But Stayle didn't want her to look at him like this anymore, and said, "Don't look! Run away now!" Shout as long as possible.

    The Queen's laughter echoes terribly and defiles his ears. After trampling on him and playing with him, the Queen finally puts an end to it.

    "Look there, you can't do it."

    His head was kicked enthusiasm and his glasses fell.

    Words are thrown at the pure Tiara with the queen's filthy tongue.

    How ugly the Queen is smiling, which he can see without looking. How much is Tiara ... she's scared and has a painful expression.

    "Dear Slave Stayle .... As a reward for you who have come this far, I'll release you. Forever."

    Huh ... hahaha! The unbearable laughter is spilled from the Queen.

    A sad voice squeezes out of Tiara, who seems to have noticed "No ...", reached my ears. The regret of not being able to protect her, the anger and hatred at himself who did not avenge his mother's death, and the relief at being finally released are mixed.

    ... Stayle feels saved because he wasn't told to kill Tiara with this hand.

    Even if Stayle has killed hundreds, he didn't want to hurt a loved one again. Stayle wants her to be killed by her most beloved hand in the world, rather than dyeing this hand with her blood.

    ─ ……………… I loved you, …… people ……?

    "Look there, you can't do it. The moment your beloved sinner kills himself!"

    Hahahahaha! An ugly laughter echoes.

    She rolls the sword on the cobblestone beneath her foot and ordered him to pick it up. Finally, Stayle raised his face and pick up the sword with all his strength. It's his sword that was supposed to be dyed with her blood.

    "Stayle. Make Tiara look better with that sword."

    Stop, Brother, please, no, don't and Tiara screams over and over again. Don't look, Stayle tells her to run away again, but she doesn't move from there. She moved only her eyes, and if she managed to catch him, she moistened her eyes, and her white skin became paler, and she was holding her chest. ...... If possible, Stayle sincerely hopes that she will survive alone.

    "Your heart"

    After all, Stayle should have sent her away by teleportation at that time.

    If he could do so when all the upper management is killed. ...... Stayle made a mistake.

    "Cut it"

    Understand the Queen's will and move his body freely.

    Hold the sword and point the tip of the sword at his heart. Stayle quietly thinks that it will not be not easy to die.

    The intention to oppose the Queen had already been cut off.


    Perhaps the Queen now prioritizes afflicting Tiara rather than me.

    The Queen has been more upset than ever since Tiara confessed and showed her miraculous vision. Thanks to this, the sword meeting even hunted him down. …… And to one step.


    It's scarier if Stayle resists strangely and the Queen's interest goes further towards Tiara.

    If Stayle dies quietly, at least he won't have to pollute his hands with her pure blood.


    The blade slowly penetrates the clothes and advances to the skin.

    Stayle hesitates only to stain the pure white Tiara's eyes with this appearance. Don't look at Tiara while staring at the blade that sticks to his heart, just keep spinning with his throat


    The Queen's words stopped with a piercing sound.

    Only the last syllable was left, and Stayle wondered if she was going to rush to the very end. However, what was released instead was a withered moan, "Ah ... ah ...". If the order is interrupted, the body will gradually move, and if the whole body is turned toward the Queen

    There was Queen whose heart was pierced, holding her chest with her trembling hands.

    "Ah ... a, a, a ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    The Queen gazed at the handle of the knife in her heart as if she could see something incredible, and after a few beats, she screamed like a beast as if my brain understood it.

    The Queen, who couldn't stand it and spit out fresh blood from her mouth, moistened and dripping blood from the root of the knife, hatefully stared at one point. Looking at it, there was Tiara at the end of her line of sight.

    The whole body stiffened so as to be tense in the form of swinging the arm with a strong gaze. Tears were shed from her crystal-like eyes, and her soft golden hair shook in the wind and swam in the air. ... Stayle soon realized that she was the one who released the knife.

    The knife he left behind that stabbed his mother in the past. She used it to save me.

    ─ Who has fallen now ... who?

    At the end of the grudge, the Queen collapsed as if sinking into a pool of blood.

    Blood bounces and the knife buried in her chest is pushed further into his body. However, she didn't react to it, and the Queen who dyed her crimson hair with her blood and wet it seemed to be dead.

    ─ …………………… Pryde ……?

    Stayle was so stunned by the moment that he could barely breathe at first.

    Stayle dropped the sword he was holding and looked at the Queen's corpse while listening to the rustling and inorganic sounds. It's a scene he's dreamed of, hoped for hundreds of millions of times. Stayle wanted to see her dying, crawling on the ground, and being stained with blood. How many times ... Stayle would have wanted to crush this head until her face was messed up beneath his feet. How many times has he wanted to tear this body apart so that you couldn't recognize its original form.

    ─ Why ⁉︎ …… Why …… Why Pryde ……⁈ I would have decided to save⁈ Why did you kill her in front of me ……


    Stayle wakes up at that dear voice.

    Before trampling on the Queen's head, he was called to Tiara. Stayle catches her with his whole body and hugs her as she rushes to him with her arms open while shedding tears. When Stayle called her name and confirmed it, it filled his heart.

    Stayle also replied to Tiara, who was crying that it was good, he was safe, and no longer in danger. That's his line.

    Without Tiara's help, Stayle would definitely have been killed by the Queen. On the contrary, after he died, she would have killed his beloved Tiara.

    ─ Why was it Tiara⁈ How was Pryde different⁈ you! You didn't hone your skills for that ... ︎

    After confirming each other's safety and joy once and for all, Tiara slowly raised the face buried in his chest.

    The line of sight was directed at the Queen's corpse behind him, peeking over his shoulders. Away from him, she loosens her arms and turns to the Queen's corpse. She sat down on the spot and muttered a word from her bud-like lips.

    ─ Pryde is dead ……⁈ What is this ⁉︎ No way, this is …… Is this the future ……⁈

    "......... Ku ... Hi ... Ku ...! ... Uh ... Uh ... Ahhh ...‼ ︎"

    Tiara cries.

    Tiara sheds tears for such a devil. She cried because of inflicting such harm, and even told him how strong her wish was. It's a natural wish. And ......... it was a wish that couldn't come true. She is kinder than anyone else and continues to cry.

    "... you don't have to hurt your heart .... it's okay, I'll be by your side all the time."

    Stayle lays her smaller body next to him and gently hugs her.

    Gently spinning the words, Stayle was discouraged from leaving the corpse in front of them as a wreckage, as if he noticed it was washed away by her tears. His heart was washed, and only the joy of being free now and the happiness of being with his loved ones forever filled his heart.

    ─ Stop it ...! Why am I laughing⁈ Don't be silly‼ ︎ That's ... Don't laugh so happily like that ...! ︎‼ ︎

    Put his strength in the arm that holds her crying and hang his head more.

    Her little head hit his cheek. Dear Tiara. From now on, he will be with her all the time, without being blamed or afraid of anyone.

    The freedom Stayle had dreamed of was certainly there.

    ─ Don't laugh Don't laugh Don't laugh Don't laugh Don't laugh Don't laugh Don't laugh ……‼ ︎‼ ︎ …… Pride ……! Pride ……‼ ︎

    Only one thing. It's only regretful that her beloved hand got dirty because of me and the Queen.

    More than anything else, it has been dyed with the blood of the most filthy creature in the world. In order to repay her for the rest of my life, I will definitely leave her in the future

    ─ If you protect ... I swore to protect Pryde! ︎ Why ... Why couldn't I protect⁈ Why did Pryde die⁈ And more than that, at Tiara's hand ……‼ ︎

    Stayle swear to be happy.

    With his hands, spend his whole life. This time, all of this body that has been freed is just for her.

    Now that the filthy Queen has passed away, this time his life is his own. And all his life is dedicated to Tiara

    ─ What do you want? ︎ I won't bow to such a playful future! ︎ I will not forgive a future where I can not save Pryde and she dies! ︎

    I'm ... ︎‼

    (Tiara POV) 590. The Successor Had a Dream
    "... Whaa, ah ah ah ah ..."

    …………Who……? Who is crying ...?

    "Oh? Stayle, you come back so quickly. You came back so that they wouldn't discover it right away just as ordered, good job, good job."

    ...... A boy crying and a girl laughing with a scary face.

    The boy seems to be in so much pain that just looking at him makes my chest painful. The girl is very, very scary just to look at. …… But I don't know what kind of face it is. It's dark as if it was painted black.

    The girl laughs at a boy who cries and points a knife at her.

    I can't help being scared and stupid, as she says incredible things, saying a lot of scary things.

    "See you, good night Stayle. Make sure to wash off the blood of that dirty common woman by my birthday festival tomorrow."

    I'm scared.

    Why does she say such a terrible thing? Even though the boy is crying so much.

    The boy was crying all the time after the girl was gone. He hit the ground with his fist and cried like barking. It's so painful and sad that I want to reach out but I can't reach out.

    I couldn't even call out just by looking at it.

    ─ …… I'm sorry.

    The crying boy is like a wounded beast.

    Lying down on the ground, crying aloud. The whole body trembled, and even the tears were like a growl.

    ─ I'm sorry I couldn't do anything.

    I want to hug that back.

    Even if I can't help, I want to cry together.

    I want to hear his story and suffer together.

    I want to tell him that he is not alone, as he cries and gets smaller like he was left alone in the world. I want to be with him, I want to help, I want to help.

    But I can't reach, neither my voice or my hands.

    The boy, who was left forever, just cried aloud until his throat died.

    ─ I'm sorry I couldn't help you ...

    If it's a dream, I think I'll wake up early.

    I don't want to have such a scary and sad dream.

    May such sadness not be the reality.

    Please don't let this happen to him who is crying.

    Please tell him.

    Before such a painful and sad thing happens.

    Before he is forced to make such a sad choice.

    Please, please ... Please, someone, to that child

    Tell him and give

    Regarding the Wes scene, Regent Wes' special ability has yet to be revealed in the story thus far. From this and the Body Arc, though, I wonder if it's memory erasure.

    The last Tiara POV scene is also one reason why I suspect that the dreams the boys have been having are because Tiara's been sharing her Vanishing Future visions with them unconsciously, while she's asleep. (For anyone who doesn't know what I mean by "Vanishing Futures," please read the post I wrote about that.)

    And I'm screaming. If you're going to make the next story update an Extra Chapter, at least make it an Extra Chapter where Val and Pryde actually interact!!!! Val spending time in Anemone not talking about Pryde is not enough. I'm dying over here! :blobtired:

    "If you can remember the contents of that picture book, you probably have a favorite line, right?"

    "I don't remember, I'm saying it now."

    Leon slides a new bottle from the table, and he clicks his tongue while receiving it with one hand.

    Even now, Val only got it into his head because Sefek and Kemet simply repeat reading the book many times. Val thinks he will forget it in a few days anyway. Val spit it out, and while unplugging the bottle with one hand, his ears picked up Sefek's voice again.

    Subsequent developments and dialogues are in his mind only now that the story has been repeated endlessly for a long time. Val hated the scenes the most when they just returned the sweet lines with sweet lines. Even if it's one of the highlights of a picture book, it stinks for him. Especially the words he hates to hear from Sefek and Kemet's mouths

    "Of course, princess. If you are determined to disappear in just seven years, I will not swear from the beginning."


    In response to Kemet's voice, that reads on behalf of Sefek, Val shut his mouth with the bottle.

    Val feels like throwing the bottle in his hand here, but he can't intentionally destroy someone else's belongings by contract. He cleared his throat again, clicking his tongue quietly with his liquor-laden mouth.

    As soon as they finish reading at Gilbert's mansion, Val decided to return the picture book to Tiara on the spot.

    And again...it happened two days in a row. Val doesn't even appear this time... :blobdead::blobconfounded::blobsalt:
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    The author is currently starving me for Val content, so I'm going to share an Extra Chapter. :blobhug: I decided to share this one for a few reasons: It happened to be the first one I came across during my current re-read, it's absolutely adorable (it's arguably my favorite Extra) and an image of this Extra Chapter was also illustrated by the manga artist.

    IF Story: "If there was Japanese Halloween culture in the Freesia Kingdom." (Theoretically set somewhere between the Fiancé Arc and the Alliance Negotiation Arc.)

    200. Special Story: The Mischievous Princess Extorts
    "Sister! Would you like to celebrate Halloween this year too?"

    It started with a word from Tiara.

    A few days before the Halloween festival in the Freesia Kingdom. After breakfast, after Stayle heads to join Uncle Wes. Tiara who followed me to my room as usual made a suggestion with shining eyes.

    "Um ... what?"

    While receiving Tiara's glittering eyes, I, Captain Alain, and Deputy Captain Eric, the guardian knights, each tilted our heads.

    Every year, during Halloween, festivals are held the whole day in the Freesia Kingdom. The whole country is in festive mode, and children wearing their favorite costumes are running around to collect sweets with their baskets. Any child in costume can get sweets from the shop people with the words "trick or treat". It seems that children are competing every year to see how much they can collect in a day. However, it's only a festival for the people; the royal family hosts it but doesn't participate much. Of course, I like to see the festive scenery from the castle, and the castle chef prepares various treats for the holiday, so I and Tiara look forward to it every year.

    "The other day, when I asked Sefek and Kemet about it, I was so jealous!"

    Ever since I heard it! Tiara laughs unintentionally.

    Certainly, it's an enviable event for Tiara, who like sweets and festivals. In my previous life, when I was a kid, I dressed as a princess and received sweets, so I can understand her feelings. ... I never thought that I would be a real Princess in my next.

    But we, the royal family, can't disguise ourselves like normal people and join them. In a sense, it might be closer to the original root of Halloween in terms of hiding your identity and interacting with people.

    "That's why I also want to disguise myself with my sister and walk around and get sweets!"

    Tiara, who holds my hands and looks at me, is completely serious. When I replied, "But we can't leave of the castle, and easily eat what the people give us ...", Tiara shook her head. Tiara laughed with a smile, "It's okay!", And confidently hit her chest with a small fist.

    "Let's surprise Brother and Arthur in secret!"

    Then, pushed by Tiara's momentum, I nodded to her words.
    "Hey Arthur! Colm‼ ︎ Will you go join Pryde-sama from now on?"

    Early morning on the day of the Halloween festival.

    Captain Alain, who was guarding the castle and going around, noticed me and Captain Colm and called out to me. Next to Captain Alain, Deputy Captain Eric is lined up with a bitter smile for some reason. Captain Alain also happily raised his mouth and rushed to me and Captain Colm. Yes, that's right ... When I returned, Captain Alain slammed his hand into his pocket.

    "Then, I'll give this."

    Captain Alain grabbed something from his clothes pocket and let me hold it in my hand. If I look at it, it's a few small candies. Looking at Captain Colm, he was handed a ball of candy from Deputy Captain Eric, just like I did. ... I feel nostalgic. I ate a lot when I was a kid, but I haven't eaten at all since this year.

    "Well ... thank you ...?"

    "... Is this Halloween candy ...?"

    Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric laugh meaningfully at me and Captain Colm, who stiffly held the sweets they gave us in our palms. ... They didn't tell us why. I didn't understand well, so I thanked them so that I wouldn't be late for work as a guardian knight, and hurriedly left the training ground with Captain Colm.

    "... Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric. Why did they have candy in a chest of drawers ...?"

    "I've never seen Alain buy sweets, apart from snacks to go with liquor."

    I trimmed my bangs with my fingertips as Captain Colm thought to my question. I've never seen Deputy Captain Eric carry sweets with him. I've always met Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric at this time of Halloween, but it was my first time to get some sweets. When I was a kid, I used to get sweets from customers in my neighborhood and shops, but ... this is the first time since joining the Knights.

    "Has Arthur ever attended the Halloween festival as a kid?"

    Perhaps he remembered the same thing as me, Captain Colm threw a gaze at me with a candy in his pocket. That's right ... I somehow remember the old days.

    When I was a kid, I also liked festivals quite a bit. Especially on Halloween, I got sweets from adults, many customers came to my mother's shop, and if I was lucky, I could meet my father who came out to guard in the castle town. My mother was so busy at the store that we couldn't go to the festival together, but she was happy when I bought some sweets from the town as a souvenir. in addition….

    "Then, maybe in costume?"

    "... Well ... ~ ... Yes."

    When I nodded to Captain Colm without telling a lie, I suddenly remembered the past and my face became hot. I bit my mouth and endured it, but I was hit on the shoulder to care for Captain Colm.

    "... Should I ask what you dressed up as?"

    "~~~ ... Maybe ... I think it's as you imagined ..."

    Captain Colm, who dared to turn his face forward without looking at me, turned his face and covered his mouth as much as he could. I was silent for a while, and when I glanced at Captain Colm, he smiled a little. ... I'm really embarrassed.

    … Knight costume.

    I just wore white clothes and a cloth, and although it was completely different, I liked going to show it to my dad.

    The more I remembered, the more embarrassing I was, and to distract the story, I asked, "How was Captain Colm?", And Captain Column looked up at the sky as he remembered with his arms folded.

    "I ... didn't attend the Halloween festival."

    Captain Colm continued to say that it was a tough house, and I remember again that this person came from a good family.

    "Speaking of that, it's better to compare with me, but the royal family is probably not much different from this."

    While saying that, Captain Colm points to the candy ball in my hand. Before arriving at the royal residence, he was told to do it, and he thrust it into his pocket like Captain Colm.

    …sure. I've never seen Pryde, Tiara, or Stayle doing anything during Halloween.

    "Ah! Good morning, Arthur, Captain Colm!"

    ... I wanted to say.

    When I arrived in front of Pryde's room and was waiting for the door to open. Tiara came out in front of Pryde's room first.

    For some reason, Tiara has cat ears on her head.

    "... Tiara ... sama ...⁇"

    Before me, Captain Colm rounds his eyes and calls out to Tiara. When asked, "What's with that look ...?", Tiara laughed happily with the basket in one hand.

    "It's a Halloween costume! I want to feel like it's Halloween even inside the castle!"

    How is it? When Tiara turned her back to us, a white tail was protruding from the back of the dress. When Tiara explained that she had the maids sew it, Tiara took out a pair if fluffy white gloves from the basket. Apparently it's a cat's paws. Even the dress is white to match the look. Tiara said she wanted to draw whiskers on her face, but the maids refused, and she laughed a little unfortunately.

    I nodded to Captain Colm's words, saying that it suits her ... Suddenly, I was worried about the other side of the door.

    "I think it's about time my sister is ready ..."

    After reading my heart, Tiara looks at the door to Pryde's room. It shouldn't take that long, but when I noticed Tiara's muttering words, my heart was shocked. "Sister! Arthur and Captain Colm are here!" Tiara shouted, and from the other side of the door, I heard the screaming voice of Pryde, "I can't do it! I can't do it!" Immediately afterwards, even the encouraging voices of the exclusive maids leaked from the door. It was unusual for Pryde-sama, and after a long wait, the door finally opened slowly.

    "... and ... Trick or Treat ..."

    Look into the bright red face.
    "... and ... Trick or Treat ..."

    Ah ah ah embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing embarrassing! ︎

    Desperately trying to calm down just by looking, I chanted the words I had promised to say with Tiara, to Arthur.

    The door was opened as it was, and I couldn't hide my burning face, and I looked down and clenched the basket in my hand. Tiara immediately shouted, "It's cute!", But Arthur and Captain Colm are reluctant to react. It's no good, it's not worth it, and I'm definitely forced to look like this! ︎

    I understand if it's Tiara! She's cute, she's an angel, she's a goddess, it's a white cat, it's too cute, and it looks great on her! But I'm a villainess Princess like this! Such a thing‼ ︎

    This witch costume is too embarrassing!

    Even in my previous life, there was costumes and cosplay, and I liked to see them. But I never dressed up except when I was a kid! I enjoyed just looking at it, but I wouldn't be seen in such a costume! ︎

    I was worried when I was asked to dress up, but I couldn't refuse Tiara's request. Uncle Wes is probably the only person who can refuse when begged by those glittering eyes.

    At first, Tiara was planning to make me a black cat, so I would be a different color from Tiara's white cat, but I asked Tiara to compromise and decided on a witch. Cat ears are just too high a hurdle for me.

    Even after having my maids Lotte and Marie help me with the costume, I didn't even want to leave my room because of embarrassment about my appearance. It's okay, it suits you! Even so, a purple dress, witch hat and a cane are more than enough to embarrass me! I have crimson hair and purple eyes originally, so I look even more like a witch! ︎

    Already, the fact that I is seen by Arthur and Captain Colm makes my field of vision blurry and round. Tiara happily pulls me out, but I don't know what to say other than trick or treat, so I can't help myself.

    When I turned my eyes to them in a hurry, they both had bright red faces in my blurred view. Did they get crushed by Tiara's white cat costume, or was seeing the First Princess in costume too shameful ... Either way, both of them are completely frozen.

    … But thanks to the two's reaction, I felt a little calmer. However, when I thought that my mouth had moved, I could only say "Trick or Treat ..." like a broken toy. Then, as Tiara responded, we continued, "Trick or Treat!"

    After blinking a few times, I look up at Arthur and Captain Colm with just my eyes. I presented the basket alongside Tiara, and the two men with bright red faces began to search their pockets in a hurry. "Is this okay with this ...⁈" "Ah ... candy, but ...!", Captain Colm and Arthur put one candy each in mine and Tiara's baskets, respectively. Two candies rolled in an otherwise empty basket.

    "Thank you!"

    "Thank you…."

    Following Tiara says so happily, I also say thank you. We did it! Tiara already looks happy. ... I'm about to die.

    "Today I'm going around Halloween in the castle with my sister!"

    After breakfast, it's my brother and Uncle Wes! Tiara is still motivated. By the way, her goal seems to be to fill the basket. Captain Colm, who seems to have regained his mind, laughs at Tiara.

    "... Um, Arthur ..."

    I sneak up to Arthur while Captain Colm and Tiara are talking. After all, I was dressed like this, and Arthur's shoulders shook with just that.

    "... I'm sorry, I was embarrassed ..."

    This look ... I desperately appeal to Arthur that I realize that I don't look good. If I don't clarify it at least, I'll be considered a pitiful person in her cute little sister's costume.

    "Well, that's not the case! That's not it! That's not it at all! You're cute, uh, anyway ..."

    Arthur screams and follows up desperately. Arthur made his mouth crisp so that words would not come out from the middle, and I wondered if Arthur could not think of words to respond well, and the words were released again to squeeze out after the face blushed further.

    "... I think it suits you ..."

    At the end, Arthur, who looked away, whispered while holding his mouth with the back of his hand. ... he's really kind.

    "Ah ... Thank you ..."

    When I thank you again, I feel embarrassed again for some reason, and even I look down. I'm embarrassed just to stand in front of Arthur in this look, and when I get complimented, my face gets even hotter.

    "I'm looking forward to showing it to Brother!"

    Then, let's go to breakfast, and Tiara pulls me out again. I was so embarrassed that my body stiffened and I couldn't move, so I was honestly pulled and saved.

    Stayle has been learning about dealing with visitors to our castle and the country and letters from Uncle Wes since early in the morning before the Halloween festival. To be honest, it's embarrassing to have breakfast dressed like this, but I'll try not to think about it.

    Stayle ... Please, show more reaction than that absolute zero.
    "Oh, Stayle .... Have you seen Pryde yet this morning?"

    When Uncle Wes finished replying to each country's letter, Gilbert came into the room carrying a report in his hand. As soon as Gilbert sees my face, he laugh at something meaningful. Even though I haven't seen Pryde this morning, I get angry when Gilbert points out it.

    "... No, unfortunately."

    When I glared at him while returning briefly, Gilbert smiled and replied, "Is that so?" He places the package in one hand on the table, separate from the documents, as if nothing had happened.

    "Actually, I just happened to get some sweets that are popular in the city .... I'm sorry for the surplus, but if you like, please take them."

    Rest assured that they have already been tested for toxins, Gilbert continued and left as soon as he submitted the report to Uncle Wes.

    As soon as I saw the candy wraps lined up on the table, I remember when I was a kid I went to a castle festival with my mother and friends in the neighborhood.

    My mother sewed a costume for me and baked some sweets. To be honest, I wasn't interested in costumrd, but I was happy to think that my mother had prepared it for me. ... I still remember that the pumpkin pie that was baked every year was a treat for once a year.

    "... Why did Gilbert leave so many sweets ...⁇"

    Uncle Wes looked at the pile of sweets as he read the report from Gilbert. No matter how I think about it, there are more than enough for me and Uncle Wes to eat. Did Gilbert buy it for his wife, Maria, or for Stella, who is already a year old?

    ... Well, in any case, the Chancellor of this country said that it was too fun at Halloween.


    Suddenly I heard a knock from the door. When I and Uncle Wes reply at the same time, and the guard opens the door.

    "Trick or Treat! Brother! Uncle Wes!"

    "... and Trick or Treat ..."

    … A witch was pulled by the cat who jumped into the room.
    "Trick or Treat! Brother! Uncle Wes!"

    "... and Trick or Treat ..."

    ... I want to run away.

    However, it is not possible in front of Tiara, who is full of tension.

    After breakfast, before we went to Uncle Wes' room, both mine and Tiara's baskets were already more than half full. To the maids and guards we passed, and eventually the upper management, we also said "Trick or Treat" and repeatedly begged for sweets.

    To be honest, I was worried because I didn't think everyone would conveniently have sweets only because it was Halloween. At this rate, I thought it was inevitable that people in the castle would receive "mischief". … But for some reason, everyone brought sweets. It was strange that I even asked a guard, and when I tilted my head, Tiara laughed mischievously, "Chancellor Gilbert cooperated!" Chancellor Gilbert.

    When I met Chancellor Gilbert here a while ago, when I said Trick or Treat, he smiled with a very loving expression. He said, "It suits you very well," and gave me a whole bag of sweets in one arm.

    According to the story, Tiara asked Chancellor Gilbert to order the costume materials. When I thanked him, he said, "Maria also helped me select them." Well, after choosing it, it seems that they ordered it from another company at once.

    It's very funny just to imagine Chancellor Gilbert choosing costume materials for children with Maria.

    After this, when Tiara said that we would go to Uncle Wes, Chancellor Gilbert laughed a little and said, "Good luck." ... Yeah, I know what you mean. I told Tiara, but I couldn't stop her motivation.

    And ...

    "Pride, Tiara .... sit here for a moment."

    … After all, Uncle Wes was unforgiving.

    Even though it is inside the castle, the people in the castle are too busy with the festival to humor the princesses dressing up in costume and asking for sweets. "Especially Pryde, you're already a 16-year-old adult," he said, and I couldn't make any noise.

    After receiving a sermon for about thirty minutes, I closed my eyes until this afternoon, but was stabbed with a nail to refrain from doing so. ... It was very embarrassing to be preached to in front of the guardian knights and Stayle while in costume. Captain Colm and Arthur also look a little uncomfortable.

    After apologizing, Uncle Wes said, "I think this candy was prepared by Gilbert for you anyway," and gave me a bag of candy placed on the table with a sigh. .. As expected, Tiara was upset with Uncle Wes and sank at once. The cat ears on her head also seem to be wilted.

    "... Stayle, let's take a quick rest. Keep up with them until the afternoon."

    We'll be busy in the afternoon. He replied with a screaming voice. ... Everyone's face is bright red, whether the sister who was angry with Uncle Wes, me who was embarrassed, or Stayle who was crushed by Tiara's white cat costume. Uncle Wes gave the stiff Stayle the three bags of sweets and told him, "Since it's a Trick or Treat, I'll give one to you too." Probably one of the three bags was for Stayle.

    Before Stayle can give us the sweets, he was kicked out of the room by Uncle Wes.

    "For that ... I'm sorry, Stayle. We got you involved."

    When I apologized after the door was closed, Tiara also apologized to Stayle. It seems that the cat ears hang down in synch with the head and it is cute.

    "No, no! It suits you very well, and I understand how you envy the people out in the castle town! I was a kid too ...!"

    Stayle follows up in a hurry. When Stayle was a kid, I'm sure he was under seven years old when Stayle was adopted by the royal family family. ... Yeah, let's just accept his kindness.

    Stayle handed me and Tiara one by one the candy bags that he was holding. I thanked him while putting it in the basket, and Stayle, who looked at me, shut his lips tightly and for some reason turned away. … After all, this appearance seems to be embarrassing for him as his sister.

    "Then, where should we go ...?"

    After all it seems that Tiara has calmed down quite a bit since Uncle Wes got angry. Tiara gently called out to us, looking at our complexions.

    Inside the castle ... By the time we came here, most people had sweets, so the rest ...

    "Then, the knights training ground, or ...?"

    "No! I think you should stop!"

    "It will definitely cause a big fuss!"

    No way, Captain Colm and Arthur stopped us with great momentum. Looking back, Captain Colm was already very calm, but Arthur had a bright red face again. No way, with that heat ... No. Is it possible Arthur wants to be the only one to see?

    "Yeah ... I think it's better to give up, too. The royal family can shows the knights this appearance, but ... that ... there's also a Knight Commander ..."


    I correct my posture without thinking at the word Knight Commander. Certainly, if the Knight Commander sees me with this appearance, he will definitely sigh and get angry! Even after being scolded by Uncle Wes, if the Knight Commander also gets angry, then mental death will occur! Arthur and Captain Colm waited on edge.

    Tiara seemed to notice, and nodded many times when she muttered, "That's right ...!". Apparently Tiara wants to avoid getting scolded anymore. Seeing that, Arthur and Captain Colm exhaled, apparently relieved.

    It was when I was trying to suggest that we should go say hello to the cooks. The guards rushed in with heavy footsteps that seemed to be in a hurry, "Pryde!"

    When I replied, he talked like it was a little hard to say, and then reported again.

    "Actually, just now ..."
    "... Why did I have to come back on festival day for some reason."

    As he repeatedly hits his tongue, he breaks his leg on the floor of the guest room as usual, and he exhales annoyingly. Immediately from both sides of him, Kemet and Sefek grabbed his hem and shoulders alternately.

    "It's a festival day, not by more!"

    "Val, I want to go to the store later! Very glittering sweets ..."

    "Oh! Sly Kemet! I want some sweets too! And throw the ball at the target and hit it."

    "! I want to play that game too! And the meat on my way here ..."

    Ah ah ah ah ︎ and Val made a barking loud voice. He yells, "Once we get the money, it would be okay to go from one end to the other, but don't make any more noise!", Apparently he intends to go out with them.

    Watching the three of them with a smile, Val's sharp gaze turned to me this time.

    "... What are you laughing at, Leon."

    "No, it looks fun. I'm new to Halloween in the Freesia Kingdom, but was that the case for Val too?"

    I heard that all three were from the Freesia Kingdom, but Val sighed and scratched his head.

    "If you don't have money, then you can't enjoy the festival."

    In response to his reply, I wonder if his income was not very stable before he became a delivery person.

    Then, Sefek and Kemet again clung to Val, saying, "You can buy what you like now⁈" and "Oh ... can we buy toys?" Val also shouts at them, who ask him with shining eyes, saying, "I'll buy it, so shut up!"

    It's impossible for me and Pryde who are members of the royal family, but I think it's good for the citizens to be able to enjoy annual events and festivals in each country. It might be good to hold a Halloween festival in my country as well. When I visit various countries for trade, I occasionally encountered festivals held in each country, but I never get tired of seeing any of them.

    I think about how to incorporate this festival into the Anemone Kingdom. As an introduction, if a festival is too difficult, it may only be a Halloween party at first. In that case, the scale will be small, and it will be easier to convey what kind of event it is. It was when I started thinking about concrete ideas in my head.

    "I can't! I can't do it! I'm ..."

    "It's okay, sister! Kemet and Sefek will surely praise you!"

    A knocking sounded with a screaming voice, and the door was opened. Kemet and Sefek mysteriously tilt their heads, and Val raises one eyebrow and turns only his eyes toward the door. Then there

    … An unexpected sight was spreading.
    "No, ahhh ...‼ ︎I can't, after all ...‼ ︎"

    I'm so embarrassed that I inadvertently grab onto Stayle and Arthur's backs. I curl up and hide behind two people who are taller than me. The two screamed as if they were surprised, "Oh ... Sister⁈" and "Pry ... Pryde-sama⁈ that, so close ...", but it's not the case.

    It ’s so embarrassing! ︎ By my side, Captain Colm, who carried my basket instead, said, "Are you okay ...⁈". I'm sorry but I don't have the energy to reply.

    The report from the guard was that Leon and Val had come to the castle together.

    Perhaps Leon came along with Val, who made a detour to the Anemone Kingdom again. I told him that I was worried about the Halloween festival when Leon came to visit me before! But! But why, with this timing! ︎

    Tiara was very pleased to hear that Kemet and Sefek were coming, but I was completely dying. It's definitely not a good idea to show off your appearance in costume to your ex-fiancé or employee!

    However, I came to the guest room where the two people were as if drawn by Tiara with her glittering eyes.

    ... I was so embarrassed that my face became hot again.

    I couldn't move away from behind Arthur and Stayle while the door opened and Tiara greeted Leon and the others.

    From inside the room, I can hear the voices of Kemet and Sefek bouncing, "Is the Lord dressed up too?" "I want to see her!" I was embarrassed, and when I put strength into the hands that grabbed Arthur and Stayle's clothes and stuck them to hide my faces, the movements of the two who tried to turn around stopped completely.

    They may have become a wall with my will. Finally, a pair of small footsteps approached me from inside the room, and I heard a voice right next to me, "Lord!" And "The hat is cute!" I'm happy to be praised by you, but I'm embarrassed and can't raise my face. When I thought about how to escape in this state, I suddenly felt my hat floating up in the air. I was so surprised that I looked up and

    Val, who looked down at me with a suspicious face, met my face perfectly.


    Before I knew it⁈

    Looking down at me, who was getting smaller behind Arthur and Stayle, Val lightly picked up the tip of my witch's hat with his fingertips. When I raised my face, Kemet and Sefek happily said, "Cute!" "It looks like a real wizard!"

    With my face hot and embarrassed, I was completely stiff with my mouth closed, and Val said nothing with his eyes rounded and his mouth open.

    After an unpleasant silence, Leon's voice is heard from inside the room, "... Pryde?" It seems that he's concerned because I never entered the room. I can hear the sound of Leon's footsteps. I hurriedly takes back the hat that Val lifted off my head and wears it deeply to hide my face.

    "... Pryde ...?"

    Leon calls me terrifyingly as I stand with my head down while holding my hat. When I returned a small "Yes ...", he said "... that stick is cute" as if careful to choose the right words. ... I feel like I was treated as a child, and I feel even more embarrassed.

    I couldn't avoid the First Prince forever, and when I raised my face while saying thank you

    A very bewitching smile was directed at me.


    It makes me more embarrassed to think that the smile, which is close to breaking his face in two, was directed at me all the time while I was looking down. Not only me, but Sefek, who was hit with the same bewitching smile as me, has a slightly red face. It seems that Sefek, who is always hostile to Leon, is losing to Leon's sex appeal.

    "... I heard from Tiara a while ago. This is for a Halloween event? Even if it's only in the castle town, it won't be that small .... Yes, it was bad to visit so suddenly. Actually, I came to tour your country because today is the Halloween festival. I have all day, so together ... "

    Wow ah ah Leon is kind! ︎ He was very enthusiastic! With a service that diverts to the topic! ︎ When I looked back while being frightened by the bewitching smile I had just mentioned, it was already just the usual smooth smile. Great normal correspondence is saved!

    As it was, Leon said, "It's bad to talk out here, so shall we enter the guest room for the time being?" And finally urged me to lead the way into the guest room. Stayle and Arthur also guided me by my side, and thanks to that, my face stopped burning. Behind me, Captain Colm, Leon, and Val walked in with Kemet and Sefek pulling his hands.

    Click. After the door was closed, Tiara explained to everyone that she couldn't stand to see me dying with embarrassment, or said that we were going out in costume at her suggestion. I'm so sorry for making my sister follow me.

    Leon smiled at Tiara's words, "That's right," and Stayle added a word, "Tiara, don't bother Sister with anything."

    After that, after receiving the letter from Val and explaining to Leon about the Halloween event held in the Freesia Kingdom, I finally settled down.

    Looking at Tiara, she spread the contents of her basket on the table in front of Sefek and Kemet and shared the sweets with a big smile, "Are there any sweets you want to eat?"

    After a while, I feel at ease with the scene and take a breather. The maids brewed tea as it was, and it was a light tea party with the sweets that I and Tiara were given.

    There were many sweets that I wouldn't normally eat at the castle, and they were all very delicious. I really think that Halloween is good if I can eat this much.

    When the afternoon was approaching and I thought it was time for Stayle to return. Leon also raised a voice as if he had expected that "I shouldn't be rude."

    "I'm just going home by carriage, but Kemet and Sefek are going to a festival with Val."

    Leon laughed at Val, saying that it would be a problem if he was late to the store, and Val bared his teeth, saying, "Don't say anything extra!"

    Then, Tiara divided the sweets for two baskets into those for Kemet and Sefek and those for us, and shouted as if she remembered something like "Oh! That's right!".

    When she stood up from the spot, Tiara took an empty basket.

    "Trick or Treat!"

    … and pointed it at Val.

    No way.

    When Val turned his eyebrows and replied "Ah?", She said with a big smile, "I'm getting it from everyone else!"

    "... Does it look like I'm carrying some sweets? Princess-sama."

    Val, who answered in a slightly disgusted manner, replied, "Why don't you ask Leon?" And Tiara said, "We're always indebted to Prince Leon with the ingredients!"

    Immediately after that, the air of the worst mood drifted from Val, who was rather quiet. Of course, I don't think Val has sweets. The tongue was clicked repeated, and when he briefly returned "Hey," Tiara returned a smile to him without hesitation.

    "Then it's a prank!"

    Tiara just laughs at him. Wait, my sister! ︎ So merciless‼ ︎

    As expected, Stayle and Arthur also looked to see what Tiara was going to do and compared the two. No way, that kind of punishment game against this strong Val opponent ... not! I wonder if she's going to play a prank. Tiara reaches for her head while everyone is nervous

    Tiara put her cat-eared band on Sefek's head.

    Sefek makes her eyes round at the gentle prank. Sefek blinked and shouted as if she couldn't understand "Eh? Eh⁈".

    "Val didn't give me sweets, so it's a prank for both of you! Please wear this and enjoy the festival after this!"

    Please use this basket as well! Tiara handed her a basket filled with sweets for two people as if to push it on Sefek.

    Sefek, whose eyes are originally sharp, looks good in Tiara's cat ears. As it was, Tiara took off the cat's gloves and gave them to Sefek. Tiara's gloves, which were originally made to fit her small hands, fit Sefek's hands well. Next to her, Kemet shouted, "Sefek, it's cute!" I look at him

    I was really convinced.

    "Well, then I wonder if it's a prank."

    Knowing what Tiara wanted to do, I took a piggyback ride on Tiara's momentum and walked up to Kemet. I took off my hat, put it on Kemet's head, and handed him a cane with the basket. Perhaps he didn't think he could get it, Kemet looked up at me with his eyes rounded while holding the hat on his head.

    "We can't go to the castle town, but I hope you both enjoy it."

    When I said that and stroked Kemet's head through his hat, his eyes flashed again.

    "" Thank you! ""

    It makes me very happy that they thanked me at the same time.

    ... Maybe Tiara wanted to do this for them from the beginning and decided to celebrate Halloween.

    She said she heard about Halloween from them, so feel free to give them to them. A tiara with only a cat's tail sticking from her dress laughed as if she was shy, and she was so dear that I stroked her head.

    When Stayle saw it, he nodded slowly with his arms crossed, and Arthur and Captain Colm also opened their mouths and nodded. Leon also looks happy with Kemet and Sefek's frolic.

    ... Val had a slightly painful look. Well, because it's him, he probably thinks he owes a favor to the royal family, Tiara, and Val doesn't like it.

    As if to say no decisively, he was glaring at Tiara and me and called out to Sefek and Kemet, "I'm going."

    Both of them replied with a basket in one hand and rushed to Val, saying, "Look! I'm a cat! Cat!" "I'm a witch! I got a stick!" Val, who was annoyed to see it, walked out while pulling their hands. Behind them, Leon chased after Val, saying, "Then, this is it."


    At the same time as the door closed, our short Halloween was over.
    "... Are you sorry?"

    While dragging Sefek and Kemet, who keep making noise without getting tired of it, I head for the castle gate quickly. On the way, I was called out from behind, and I didn't understand the meaning, so I groaned and replied, "Ah⁈".

    When I turned around, Leon, who was following me, turned his usual warm smile.

    "Mischief .... I wish I had been to you."

    "... Ah? It's not even a command, but I'm not going to accept anything."

    From that Princess-sama. When I said so, he immediately returned, "Then what about Pryde?" It's troublesome. If I ignore it, he might be convinced as it is, but I mutter and shut up, saying "Oh ...". As soon as I thought that the story was over and returned with a clicking tongue

    "... Huh."

    His laughter rubbed against my ears.

    "... What's that laugh. You feel good?"

    When I saw it, Leon was shaking his shoulders while holding his mouth. I can't see the expression when I look down, but I can almost imagine it. "No, I'm sorry ...." I thought it was totally bad, and when Leon returned with a voice, his mouth wasn't dry, and a series of laughs were leaking from his mouth. I thought Leon was crazy in my head, but Leon was looking up at the sky as if to check the weather. The soliloquy mixed with sighs floats in the air as it is.

    "... Pryde. She was cute ..."

    Being shy like that with a bright red face. Leon keeps loosening his face completely. Hand away Leon's face, which was slightly lit. He said he didn't have a slight face, but he didn't seem to be able to apologize with just his mouth. Tired of groaning, this time Leon looked at me.

    "Didn't Val think so?"

    "... She was just like usual."

    I glared at him, and said, "Shut up." Leon pulls back smoothly, but still follows me.

    … When a Princess dressed as a cat comes in to greet guests.

    Upon hearing from the Princess, Kemet and Sefek rushed to the Lord, who was hiding behind the Prince and the knight's kid.

    When I saw it, both the Prince and the knight's kid, who were stuck together, were stiff and had bright red faces. At first I think they tried to turn to the Lord, but soon they turned to the front and their faces turned red. To be honest, I was amazed that the kid was as easy to understand as ever.

    Even if I look at the Princess's disguise, it's only at play level for kid, no big deal.

    When I went around behind the knight's kid and the Prince, there was no sex appeal as expected, only a witch's hat and a cane. Lift the small hat up off the Lord behind the kids and look into her face to make fun of her ...


    "... Val .... You're hot, aren't you?⁇ Maybe it's a cold ..."

    Suddenly I was called out, and when I saw it, Kemet, who grabbed my hand, was looking up at me. After Kemet, who continued to say that my hands suddenly became hot, Sefek took care of me, saying, "If you have a fever, you have to go to bed!"

    "... It's nothing."

    Shit, I stopped thinking again.

    Even at that time, when I saw the Lord's mercilessly red face, my mind blew away probably because I was amazed.

    When I turned around with a disgusted sigh, Leon turned to me with a warm smile again. I'm angry and think I can't beat him.

    "... I'm going to open a store quickly."

    After passing through the gate, Leon waved at us to have fun. I slammed it back, but he still grinned.

    "... What would you do if someone other than me didn't have any sweets, Princess?"

    The Princess, the Lord, the Prince, Leon ... I thought that the royal family was really annoying.
    "Hey, Pryde-sama's witch costume. Did she look good? Eric, I'm sorry we couldn't see it."

    Alain tapped Eric's shoulder to comfort him, saying she wasn't dressed up anymore during their shift as guardian knights.

    As the night went on, the guardian knights and Stayle gathered in Alain's room talking with a glass in one hand.

    Yeah, well. Eric nods to Alain with a bitter smile. It's a pity that we couldn't see it, but if we saw it, Eric felt that he'd lose his heart, so it wasn't enough to make Eric drop his shoulders.

    "... But it was fun to talk about Halloween costumes with Pryde and Tiara a few days ago. Pryde, who was begged by Tiara to decide on a witch's costume, was so cute."

    If he remembers her smiling and that time, his cheeks will loosen. Only Alain and Eric knew about Pryde who was panicked and shy when told that they would dress in different colors.

    "Isn't it a pity, Captain Alan?"

    Even when they changed the shifts in the afternoon, even though it was still quite light, Pryde wasn't in costume. Alain turned his neck with a stern look to Eric.

    "No? It's enough for me to spend time with Pryde as a guardian knight for half a day. Even if she's dressed up, it's only a hat and a cane? I think she still looks great."

    Apart from that. Alain whispered lightly, and Colm, who was tilting his glass next to him muttered, "It's still extreme ...".

    For Colm, Pryde was certainly very cute, and above all, her shy appearance alongside Tiara made her look like a girl. However, if he looks calmly, it's only a hat and a walking stick. With that in mind, after that, the appearance of her walking with her sister Tiara in costume was only met with a smile in Colm's eyes.

    "... It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    It is Arthur who returns to Alain's words to sigh. The glass is tilted at almost the same timing as Stayle beside him, and the face that looks down is already red. When he asked Stayle, "Right?", He nodded silently.

    "My sister ... I was surprised at her costume ..."

    The knights smile at Stayle, who mutters the word as if overflowing. Perhaps because he remembered, Stayle's face was flushing gradually.

    Neither Arthur nor Stayle got used to Pryde's appearance until Pryde eventually handed over her hat to Kemet.

    The childish Pryde that Stayle had never seen before and the appearance of her being shy and dyeing her cheeks were bad for his heart no matter how many times Stayle saw it.

    Furthermore, in front of Leon and others, she clung to their backs, so her heart palpitation struck their bodies. When he turned around, her face had turned red and her eyes were moistened as if Pryde was crying at a close distance, and his thoughts stopped completely.

    As Val and Leon passed by their side, they were completely deprived of their movements, as if their hearts were grabbed by the sensation of their backs being squeezed by Pryde.

    Because they had been watching Pryde for a long time, the appearance and behavior of Pryde who was like a child was so cute and young.

    "... It was bad for my heart."

    Stayle muttered in my mouth, and Arthur, who heard it from next to him, nodded loudly.

    "I don't know why Captain Alain and Deputy Captain Eric knew about the candy ..."

    Thank you. Alain laughs and waves to Arthur who bows his head.

    "No, I was told that Tiara would be mischievous to those who didn't give her sweets. It's a good idea to know it so she'll leave you alone."

    "It was the correct answer to buy some to protect ourselves."

    "? ... By the way, what were Tiara and Pryde going to do if someone didn't have any sweets."

    Suddenly, Stayle twisted his neck towards Colm, who moistened his throat with the contents of the glass.

    After all, Tiara's mischief was only Val ... rather than Sefek and Kemet.

    At the question of Colm, Alain mysteriously rounds his eyes. Eric seemed to guess immediately, and happily raised his face with a wide smile.

    "? You guys saw it⁇"

    "That's what they did for Sefek and Kemet."

    At the words of the two, the three snorted at almost the same time. No way ... Stayle urged Alain and the others to explain with just a glance at the unpleasant premonition, and finally Alain seemed to notice and turned a grinning and happy smile to the three people.

    "Mischief. If you don't give me sweets, let's have you dress up like us, Tiara-sama."

    "I'm sure she said they'd be asking for a lot of orders .... Tiara wanted Arthur and Stayle to look the same as her and Pryde."

    Sir ... At a stretch, the faces of Colm, Arthur, and Stayle are sick and blazing.

    In other words, if they didn't give the sweets to them at that time, they would definitely have to wear those hats together.

    ... with that hat, working as a guardian knight.

    … That hat, during regent work.

    "Thank you very much!"

    "I'm grateful ...‼ ︎"

    "No way to make a loan to Gilbert ...‼ ︎ No ... that was Uncle Wes ...!"

    Arthur bows to Alain many times.

    Colm that puts his hands on Eric's shoulders and gives him a heated look.

    Stayle hangs down while holding his head regretfully.

    There were three people and two people laughing bitterly.

    Tiara is also Pryde and Stayle's sister. Everyone nodded heavily to Alain who said it with a laugh.

    See, this is the Tiara that I know and love. Compare her with literally any of the game heroine!Tiara scenes, and you won't recognize that person, either. (And Uncle Wes is a wet blanket, as usual. I don't like you~ :blob_pout:)

    Anyway, there are two more cultural extras (Tanabata and Fireworks), a fortune-telling extra, two card game tournaments, and two modern-day extras (complete with Covid). And those are the IF extras.

    I realize that the Tanabata chapter is more appropriate for this time of year, but I don't want to; the Tanabata extra is set before the Sinner Arc, so Val's not in it. He appears in all the rest, though--with the exception of that modern-day extra that was published last night (on the 18th), where he was only mentioned. I do have the Tanabata chapter mostly edited though, so I'll post it in a couple days.
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    I'll say this now, Arthur's game scenes are brutal...or more like, the knight scenes are brutal. Arthur just spends a lot of time searching for answers to his father's death. Which isn't to say that Arthur's scenes are light, by any means.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    And next is Arthur! :blobhero:

    (Pryde POV) 30. The Lawless Princess Goes Back
    "... Is it okay to ask one question, Your Majesty Queen Pryde?"

    There is a knight.

    Is it an escort? Standing next to a woman sitting on the throne, who gropes her hair in a boring way.

    He can see a little tension, and he is quietly looking straight ahead, but he is conscious of her relaxing sideways.

    "The collapse of the cliff seven years ago ... was that really an accident?"

    In response to the knight's words, the woman replied, "I wonder if that happened?"

    This was a scene from the middle of the game.

    Arthur finally became Knight Commander. His short cut hair resembled that of the Knight Commander Roderick.

    Having reached this long-sought-after opportunity where they are the only two people, he tries to find out the truth of the incident seven years ago.

    Yeah ... I remember.

    Such a cruel scene.

    "Ah ... ... yes, wasn't it an accident? I predicted it at that time."

    Naturally, she speaks like this.

    I can't feel any emotion there.

    "Foreknowledge ...⁈ In other words, Your Majesty knew everything at that time ... Then why did you not issue a withdrawal order and put the leading unit on a cliff ..."

    "Because those bandits ... wouldn't they attack my escort, that is, me? I can't forgive that. That's why I let them die quickly when the cliff collapsed. If I ordered the knights to withdraw, maybe the bandits would survive, too."

    Arthur shook his fist at her words, which she spoke with laughter rather than fear. Enduring anger and hatred.

    As Knight Commander, he is responsible for all the knights, so he cannot even swing his fist down on the Queen.

    And surely she knows that too.


    She ... I'm the worst criminal.

    Yes, Pryde said that during a flashback in the game.

    To Arthur, who witnessed his father's crisis.

    And heard just one word before the cliff's collapse

    "I'm sorry".

    Pryde knew it by precognition.

    Tthe collapse of the cliff.

    On top of that, she still sent the advance troops to the top of the cliff.

    … The scene has changed.

    "... uh ... uh ... uu ... uh uu ..."

    After doing his job as Pryde's escort until Stayle returned, Arthur alone was hit by the rain.

    Looking up at the heavens, moaning to hide his tears ... crying.

    She killed his father and knights.

    Arthur couldn't do anything, he could only see himself in the past.

    She talked happily about the horrific events of the past as if it was not a big deal.

    He is unable to remove his hands and feet from the position of Knight Commander, even to avenge his father's death.

    Now he hates everything.

    Someone help him.

    He is not guilty.

    Come quickly, come quickly.

    The only one who can save him is ... the kind-hearted Second Princess who will gradually come to communicate with him ...


    (Arthur POV) 31. The Future Knight is Trapped in Despair
    "Stop! Don't touch my father, Temee!"

    My throat ... tears.

    …where is this?

    In front of me, my father is surrounded by bandits on the other side of the video.

    He shouted that he couldn't go to the recruits, and he pointed his sword at many men by himself.

    ... yes, I came to the Knights' Operations Conference Room ...

    How many times have I shouted?

    Cheering never comes.

    The advance unit is slow.

    Clark said that my father had been fighting alone for tens of minutes with his weapons exhausted.

    By the time I came, my dad was already in a melee with the bandits and the communication from our side was cut off.

    My father is already tattered.

    There were too many holes in his body, and the white uniform of the Knights was bright red. The favorite outfit that he's always been proud to wear.

    "A little more, a little more until the advance troops ..."

    "Oh, it's a Queen's order. Deploy all advance troops to the cliff."

    A woman's voice is heard from the other side of the video.

    Who…? Her face is blurry and I can't see it well.

    "Then Roderick and the recruits ..."

    "It's okay to kill those guys on the cliff. Or are you going against your Queen's orders? Deputy Commander."

    Don't be silly, my dad is already dying ⁉︎ Even though it's such a mess, I wonder if he's got a lot of attention⁈ My dad can't even speak properly ...!

    Clark holds me down, who seems to scream unintentionally. His hand was trembling, saying that he was afraid.

    Still, when the leading troops arrived on the cliff, I was relieved to hear that the battle had begun. Quickly, quickly, defeat them and help my father ...

    "Now⁈ The cliff ..."

    Suddenly, my father screams in a murky voice.

    The image is blurred. No, the area around that cliff was swaying due to the sound of the earth.

    Advance troops, bandits, everyone falls from the cliffs with the rubble.

    The guys around my dad also ran away, but soon they were buried under the rubble.

    "But ... run away, Father!"

    I screamed, screaming too much and blood came out of my throat.

    I know I'm disconnected and my voice doesn't reach me. Still, I couldn't help screaming.

    However, my father cannot move and cannot escape.

    As the rubble fell, he desperately shouted to the recruits who would be behind him to withdraw, but the sound of the rubble and the screams and screams echoed at a louder volume.

    Recruits are also dead, crushed by rubble.

    Still, my father shouts.

    Even though he's barely able to make a loud voice, he's screaming at them to run away all the time.


    "Roderick‼ ︎"

    Clark shouts.

    The father of the video was shrouded in the shadow. Something is coming down.

    Looking up, my father, who looks like he noticed, finally reaches for the screen.

    "Clark! Tell Arthur ”


    Just before the screen went black, I saw my father's outline collapse and something bright red splashed.

    Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

    A voice rises from the throat before the brain understands the situation. I don't even know whose voice it is.

    I heard Roderick, the Knight Commander, and the knights screaming. Yes, my dad was a killed.

    Right in front of me.

    "Was that really the Knight without scratches? Did he die because of this? I feel sorry for the Knight Commander's bad habit."

    The woman in the video speaks funny.

    I want to look at it, but I'm crazy and can't move. I can only scream like I'm crazy.

    "He is ... Roderick ... The Knight Commander fought to the end to let the recruits escape!"

    Clark screams.

    Clark was crying when he entered the corner of my field of vision.

    He clenches his teeth and still desperately endures his father's death.

    "Hmm, but he can't be proud of how he died. All the recruits were dead anyway."

    The woman's voice makes my head bright red.

    I want to sto the breath of this woman right now.

    "Well, it's still okay. Most of the damage was to the new recruits, so you can just recruit new knights again, and if the Knight Commander is dead, then you should become the Knight Commander?"

    I doubt my ears at the words of a woman who says it like it's simple.

    The Knight that was my father, who I was proud of ... can something like this be swept away so easily?

    As it is, the woman said, "This time it's okay to say that it's the responsibility of the stupid Knight Commander. Stayle, please cut off the communication. I unilaterally cut off the communication at the end.

    "what a pity."

    Yes, I remembered what the woman in the video said when she first saw me.

    Did that guy know?

    Already my father is dying like this.

    Do not be silly

    My dad, the Knight Commander is dead⁈

    Why, why does nothing come out⁈

    He fought so desperately for his subordinates

    Why does my father have to die like that? ︎ Why are you saying that ...

    I remember my father's words that I heard many times, that I can be a knight.

    I can't be ... I'm !! ︎

    The whole body is weakened and looks around swayingly.

    Weeping, everyone.

    The name of my father, and the name of a recruit I don't even know.

    Screaming, muttering, mourning, screaming, crying.

    I can't do anything.


    Only he is crying and desperately yelling at the Knights as if struggling.

    Don't waste my father's death, help him right now, make sure he doesn't survive alone.

    I couldn't say anything to my dad.

    Nothing was told and I could only be discouraged until the end.

    There's nothing I can do for my dad anymore.

    Is it okay as it is?

    Father, the Knight Commander is dead

    That woman doesn't feel anything ...!

    But I'm not a Knight, I won't be able to see that woman even from a distance.

    Do not be silly…! ︎

    What did my father do?

    How can I ask that woman?

    what should I do…!

    There's no way a shitty person like me can be a Knight.

    But ... if it was my father, not me ...! ︎

    I'll be ... a Knight ...! ︎

    My father's remorse, his soul ... ︎

    I will be my father!

    Kill myself, kill the individual

    Kill all remnants of myself

    Become my father ... ︎

    If I can do it like my father, I will surely be able to become.

    It's impossible to be a Knight like my father, but I can imitate him.

    I've been looking at that back all this time.

    I'll get up ... to be a Knight! ︎

    It doesn't matter if I'm a fake ... If I train and act like my father, I'm sure I can reach there ...!

    That woman ...

    That woman who defiled my father's death as a Knight ...

    I'll definitely judge her with this hand ...!

    That's why I ...

    (Clark POV) 50.2 Intermission: The Deputy Commander has a Dream
    -Bang, bang bang! ︎

    …here…? …I…?

    Someone ... is knocking on the door. Is it someone in the Knights?

    ... I ... Oh, yes.

    I ... Clark Darwin ...

    Since I became the Knight Commander ... I've been working hard without sleep ...

    At last I can't even remember my name right away ...

    I open the door to the room.

    The door of the Knight Commander's room.

    It's the door of my ... friend's room.

    "... Arthur⁈"

    I screamed in front of the young man who is standing behind the door.

    Arthur Beresford. How many months ago was it since I last met him?

    ... I forgot to even count the days.

    "Hey ... Clark ..."

    "What's wrong, Arthur! How did you get past the gatekeepers here ...! That ... hair ..."

    I'm terribly surprised by Arthur's hair.

    He had such long hair cut, and his appearance now was just like my late friend.

    … But the shadows around his eyes and his thin cheeks were completely different from my late friend.

    Arthur looks away from me, lightly holding down the short hair that seems to have just been cut.

    "... Ma ... Finally, even if she looks at this face that's like my father ... she don't cry anymore."

    It's a small, unrelenting voice.

    The voice, telling me nothing, seemed terribly sad to me.

    "Arthur ..."

    I can't speak when I see him.

    It's the usual field work style. However, his body now was even more tattered than the muddy clothes that had finished his field work. Abrasion and cuts were seen all over the body, and the struck marks or limbs were swollen blue. I heard from his mother, Clarissa, that since Roderick died in the collapse of a cliff, he has been training alone to become a Knight.

    I don't know exactly why he suddenly set out to become a Knight. However, it is the wish that my friend had hoped for until his death. I would like to cooperate with him if possible.

    However, even after becoming a Knight Commander from Deputy Commander and losing many recruits and Knights, the current situation is that I have no time to spare even to sleep in order to rebuild the system as soon as possible. ..

    "Clark ... ask ..."

    With that said, he grabs my shoulders.

    Arthur put all his strength into his grip, and his fingers were strong and bite into my shoulder. I can't even read his expression with him looking down.

    "Ask ... you ... a Knight ... tell me how to speak ..."

    "Knight ...?"

    Involuntarily I answer back. Why suddenly ...

    "To be a Knight. I can't speak ... my dad ... hey, my dad doesn't talk!"

    I am terribly confused by his desperate plea.

    Knights need some honorifics and wording. But why is he who hasn't even taken the recruitment test yet ...

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! You knew my father in the Knights ... Someone I can rely on ..., ask you ... Tell me what my father ... how he talks as a knight ..."

    He doesn't look up. The word doesn't sound like a joke.

    "What are you talking about? Arthur! Why do you need to imitate Roderick's words? And if you use the wording, it's not too late to remember slowly after becoming a Knight ..."

    "I'm ... I have to be a Knight ... I have to be my father ...!"

    I lose my breath in the face of of his incomprehensible words.

    "I ... I can't do it ...! Damn me, I can't be a Knight ... I can't even be a recruit ... Father, ... I'm not my father ..."

    Only when his words began to quiver, I noticed a drop of water dripping beneath him.

    I can only listen to Arthur crying.

    "I ... I can't be my dad, my dad ... I made my hair look like his ... I'm gonna fix this shit, sword and gestures like my dad, and I shouldn't be with my dad!"

    His words, which seem to hunt me down, pierce my heart deeply.

    I quietly understood that he was about to kill himself now.

    "Arthur ... stop doing that"

    "I'm asking Clark! It's a lifelong wish ...! If that's not the case, I ... I can't reach that woman ...‼ ︎"

    At the end, a hateful voice echoes clearly.

    That woman ... I immediately understood the meaning. Unlike me, who is the current Knight Commander, Arthur, who is not a recruit, will never have a chance to meet her again. I'm sure Arthur ... was trapped by that Queen's curse.

    It seemed that the boy who just asked me, and when he asked, had already worn his body and soul to the limit.

    … My friend, please don't forgive me.

    "... Okay, Arthur."

    I slowly put my hands on his shoulders.

    Arthur looked up and stared at me with tear-soaked eyes.

    "I don't have time to help you practice the sword, but ... at least if it's just wording, I'll cooperate as long as time permits."

    Like Roderick. In addition, his eyes begin to harbor light. However, tears from his eyes continued to overflowing endlessly contrary to it.

    I'm sorry, he thanked me over and over again saying that he was grateful.

    Friend ... I can only help your dear son by helping him kill himself.

    I fluttered and stared at his back as he left home until I couldn't see it anymore.

    … How long has it been since I went home? ... my wife ... how are you ...?

    The country has been ruined since that woman became Queen. Even though it is the bereaved family of the former Knight Commander, it has never been possible to pass through the gate soldiers at midnight like this.

    I'm sure this country will not last long.

    I also sent a letter to my sister who left the country not to return to our country for a while ... I don't want to see my relatives driven into the fire.

    I see Arthur off and lean against the wall.

    And ... I'm sure I'm not long for here either.

    For two years, I continued to work sleeplessly, but the country was still rough, and the people were still suffering.

    Even if I keep whipping my body, it won't come true, and recently my body and head don't worked well.

    … But I still can't die.

    At least ... at least Arthur's wishes must be fulfilled.

    You may take my life.

    If Arthur can only rely on me.

    At least the wishes of my friend's son ...

    If that can be some small atonement for failing to save my friend and his son at that time.

    I ...

    (Alain POV) 127.2 The Knight Captain Dreams
    "It's crazy‼ ︎"

    Turn over the table in front of me and make my voice roar.

    …that? ... I ... what am I doing ...?

    "Calm down, Alain. No matter how much you make noise ... nothing changes."

    "Can you calm down! Colm‼ ︎"

    I put my foot on the overturned table and yells. My shoulders go up and down just by breathing out of anger.

    ... I ..., ... Alain Berners ...

    Ah ... yes, I'm so angry right now ...

    "Isn't it because of that devil? The number of Knights is decreasing year by year! It's not just that the number of applicants is decreasing! They're dead!"

    My anger doesn't subside, and I hit another nearby table this time.

    "Quiet down, Alain. The sentence for misrepresentating the Queen is the death penalty, even for a child."

    "Colm‼ ︎ What do you think?⁈ Knight Commander Roderick is dead ... All the recruits are dead, and Knight Commander Clark who desperately rebuilt the Knights is also dead ...‼ ︎ Are you satisfied with the Knights getting more and more vacant⁈ You are not such a guy‼ ︎Knight Commander Colm ⁉︎"

    Grab his chest and shout. Colm didn't even try to get rid of my hand, but stared at me to endure.

    "Deputy Commander Alain .... Do you think I'm not angry?"

    The words of Colm makes my hands loosen. Take a step back and keep a distance. ... It's been a while since I saw this guy look like this.

    "Knights ......... My proud Knights are now a horror to the people. Sometimes they fight meaningless battles with neighboring countries, all in the name of the Queen. Sometimes pulling an innocent person with rare and excellent special abilities in front of the Queen ... sometimes purging those who exercise their abilities, and restraining innocent people in this hand to protect the Queen ... many times ...‼"

    Colm stared at his hand and squeezed his fist.

    "... Hmm ... I didn't become a Knight to do this ...‼ ︎"

    A biting, sorrowful voice leaked from the down Colm.

    "But ... Still, we can't abandon the Knights ...‼ ︎ Now we have knights who share our ambitions ...‼ ︎ Only you and I can protect them!"

    I also understand what Colm wants to say. Even for me, it's important for those guys who share our ambitions despite this situation. And I know that's not the only reason Colm is so desperate to protect his men.

    Arthur Beresford.

    The son of the Knight Commander Roderick is now in the Knights as a recruit. He is a mass of talent. I'm sure there id no doubt that he will join the main team and advance in the next few years. When we lost Knight Commander Roderick, Colm apparently saw Arthur beside him mourning his father's death. At the very least, I want to protect his son alone. … If he hit the Knight's gate, please support him on his behalf, which was also the hope of the Knight Commander Clark just before his death.

    I also want to protect him and the other Knights. However! ︎

    "But! Think about it⁈ I and you are now overwhelmingly supported by the Knights over the Queen‼ ︎ Let's hold a revolution with the Knights"

    "I don't like it ... I didn't think there would be a rebellion in such a place."

    A woman's voice is heard with an unpleasant laugh.

    Looking back at the door, a girl stood there. Bringing a number of guards behind her.

    "Queen ... Your Majesty ...! Why are you here ...⁈"

    "I have excellent slaves. Don't you think a revolution is useless? I'm a special ability person chosen by God."

    The Queen replies with a voice that clings to Colm's words, pulling up her mouth as if cramped.

    "What should I do ...? Both of you need to be executed, but it's the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander. The number of Knights will decrease again."

    The face that laughs while saying so is not troubled at all. Rather, it looked like she thought it was fun and exciting to see what was to come.

    If I am to be killed, then at least, even if I miss ...! Thinking so, Colm stops me from gripping my sword. What I thought was that Colm came out in front of me and knelt to the Queen.

    "Please wait, Her Majesty. Everything is because of my poor supervision. If you must punish us, punish only me, the Knight Commander."

    "Now ... ⁉︎ What are you stupid ..."


    As soon as the Queen snapped her finger, a strong shock and vibration ran behind me. Someone pushes me down from behind where no one should have been. I hit the floor from my chin and looked back with just my neck, and there was a boy on my back. He thrust a sword around my neck with dead eyes.

    Alain! After Colm shouted, he took a breath at the boy on top of me.

    "Regent Stayle ...‼ ︎ For you ...!"

    Regent Stayle ... ⁉︎ He is the First Prince of this country who was always next to the Queen. Other guards take control over me so that I can't fight back as it is.

    After all it is useless. This country is fundamentally rotten.

    "Well ... all the responsibility lies with you. Is that okay? That's what makes the rest interesting."

    The Queen orders the guards and receives a sword. His eyes were clearly looking at me, saying that it looked interesting.

    "Knight Commander, hang down here."

    And dragginh the sword, the Queen walks up. It's as easy as going to pick up something nearby.

    Colm bends down.

    Accept everything that will be waiting for him.

    "... Alain. I ask for Arthur ... And the rest of the Knights. I can only ask you."

    Close his eyes and say a word without looking at me.

    Don't be foolish, stop, kill me, I'll tell you everything, even if I shouted for him to run away because it's okay, Coom wouldn't run away, and the Queen won't stop and walk up with a cramping smile. Occasionally, I heard a creepy laugh.

    Stand next to Colm and swing up the sword casually.

    I shout. With contempt and anger for the Queen. Stop it, kill me. Escape, Colm


    … It was at that moment.

    Bright red blood spewed out and my friend's head rolled in front of me.

    "Aha ... haha ... ahahahahaha!"

    The Queen laughs while bathing in Colm's blood, perhaps because she was excited by the fresh blood. Oh, this laughter. How many innocent people were killed by this laugh? Why did Colm die⁈ I was the one who planned the rebellion! ︎ Colm tried to stop me! But why, why why why

    "Yes .... next."

    "Huh ... ⁉︎"

    The Queen's gaze moves from the body of Colm, which spews blood, to me.

    "What? No. You're a rebel. Or I thought I'd listen to the sinner's request obediently⁇ Ahaha! You really thought it would help⁈"

    Hey, stupid, and turn a cramped laugh at me again. Even if it goes wild, it's already suppressed and I can't move.

    "Give me your Knight Commander."

    The Queen laughs and swings her sword up at me.

    Do not be silly! ︎ For what purpose was it that Colm not move ... I was entrusted with it! ︎ For Colm! The Knights! Arthur! ︎

    The previous words of Colm echo in my mind while I snarl desperately.

    We have to protect the Knights, only we can protect them.

    Yeah, I knew it. Those guys are people we have to protect! ︎ But it's my fault ...

    "... Alain. I ask for Arthur ... And the rest of the Knights. I can only ask you."

    I was asked! ︎ Colm asked me to protect Arthur! And the Knights! He could only ask me! ︎ But I'm !! ︎

    I'm frustrated, and now I feel nothing but regret and tears overflow. The Queen ridicules me as I desperately try to escape from the Queen's sword. "I'm glad I put it off," she said happily.

    Shit, shit, shit! ︎

    I'm sorry.

    After all, I couldn't do anything.

    I couldn't support Colm as Deputy Commander

    I couldn't see Arthur entrusted to the three Knight Captains

    I can't protect the recruits, the Knights, or even the important people

    I can't die in such an awkward appearance ...

    ... I wanted to protect it.

    I wanted to protect I wanted to protect I wanted to protect I wanted to protect I wanted to protect I wanted to protect I wanted to protect !! ︎

    Nevertheless! ︎

    The moment I knew the sword was about to be swung down, I stared at the Prince until the end

    Slash ...

    (Harrison POV) 358. The Ineligible Person Looks Back
    ... I lost my pride as a Knight and the future I wanted.

    "It's okay to kill those guys on the cliff. Or are you going against your Queen's orders? Deputy Commander."

    That Queen trampled all of us ... of me.

    "Now⁈ The cliff ..."

    The sound of the earth and the sound of rubble shook our eardrums through the images. The moment the Knight Commander was crushed beneath the rubble was certainly burned into my eyes.

    The voice of a young man who roared and shouted as if he was mad, the sound of rubble falling, the mourning of the Knights, and the instructions from the Deputy Commander swirled around, like it's own hell.

    If the Knight Commander is dead, then you should become the Knight Commander?

    She insulted our pride and downplayed its existence.

    I decided at that time that I would definitely kill that Queen someday.

    "Even one ... Hurry up to see if there are any survivors! Roderick's death ... Don't waste it! ︎‼ ︎ ”

    Only the Deputy Commander gives us instructions in a loud voice.

    At the death of the Knight Commander, who was supposed to be his friend, the Deputy Commander wept and led us while enduring mourning. I myself was desperate and angry ... I couldn't even move because of the horrifying sense of loss.

    "I'm going to be firm, Beresford! ︎ ... Please ... Please be careful ...‼ ︎ ”

    Colm Bordeaux desperately shakes the shoulders of the Knight Commander's son while getting wet with tears. After raising his voice, mourning, and opening his pupils, his son ... was completely out of the ordinary. Colm Bordeaux hugged him unbearably, but his heart, which occasionally screamed, "Father ..., ... that woman," wouldn't have been here anymore.

    "I will go to the cliff now! I will take command as Deputy Captain! ︎ Please let me go ... ︎ ”

    Alain Berners, who had called the Knight Commander many times and was angry, volunteered to be made Captain of the First Division while clenching his teeth. With his eyes red, he endured and jumped out of the strategy meeting room with the other Knights.

    … It was a happy day.

    But my happiness lasted ... less than a year.

    "......... Roderick ...! ︎ ”

    … After skipping all the instructions and sweeping away many Knights who were left as rearguard. The Deputy Commander slammed his fist against the wall.

    After a few seconds, the Deputy Commander slowly walked up to Colm Bordeaux and the Knight Commander's son.

    "... Thank you, Colm. I will take over with him."

    Having said that, he took over the son from Colm Bordeaux. The Deputy Commander, who clenched his teeth and hugged him with his shoulders shaking violently ... was also weeping.

    "Sorry, Arthur. ……… Really… I ’m sorry… ”

    It was the first time I saw him mourning so much.

    It was the first time I saw him suffering and getting angry.

    And I saw the Deputy Commander shed tears ... for the first time.

    Six years have passed since then.

    The Knights have lost a large pillar. It was none other than the Deputy Commander who supported and guided us.

    He shattered himself to rebuild the lost Knights little by little with his ability, lead us to victory in the useless battle that the Queen wanted, and ... at the end, everything was exhausted, both his breath and his life. And I picked it up.

    What the Deputy Commander, who took care of many Knights, wanted at the end.

    (Harrison POV) 358.1 Dreams

    "... Knight Commander. Why did you become the same Knight as us?"

    … Arthur Beresford.

    He joined the main unit last year and was promoted to the Deputy Captain of the First Division in just one year. … It's not unusual now. The number of Knights has decreased, and the rules of each Division no longer make sense in the current Knights who have degraded since ancient times. It was just promotion for the strong.

    If it decreases, it will be replenished, because the existence of the Knights has fallen to that extent.

    It would be easy for him, who has a certain talent for swords, to climb up within the current Knights. ...... Because it's his son.

    He blames me again. It seems that it is due to the fact that I hurt another young Knight while calling it a duel.

    "... If you defame the Queen, the entire Knight Division will be crushed."

    … If you go against the Queen, you will be killed.

    The folly of one person kills the whole clan.

    The protest of one Knight threatens the entire order.

    But ... I look away from Arthur Beresford, who is choked, and I have no choice but to return to the Knights' Office. I remember the old days again while returning quickly without using special abilities.

    "... haha ... you guys are still crying. I'm the one who wants to cry, you know? ...... Actually, I wanted to leave more for you and then die."

    For Roderick, too. He who said that lived as a Knight until the very end, and served for us.

    “……… Harrison, don't look like that."

    I couldn't say anything to the person who said that.

    I ... couldn't do anything.

    I couldn't participate in the crisis of the Knight Commander who I felt great gratitude, I couldn't help the Deputy Commander who supported the Knight Division, and ... I just kept hiding so as not to burden him. It was all I could do.

    "... At the end, I have a request for you. Not as a knight, just my own selfishness."

    That person, who literally continued to shave himself to nothing for the Knights, for the people, for the country ... What he desired at the end.

    "Arthur ... Beresford. ... Roderick's son."

    He told me before that he was like a younger brother to him. At that time, I finally realized that it was the son of the Knight Commander.

    The Deputy Commander, who spoke in his throat that began to die, entrusted Arthur Beresford to us at the very end and died.

    If he hits the Knight's gate, please support him instead. Only that word was left.

    There is no day when I mourn like that day.

    No other day I cried until I died like that day.

    I have never kept refusing the death in front of me so much.

    Weeping, screaming, screaming ... nevertheless, he never woke up.

    And I'm the only one who knows that day.

    "... Former Knight Commander Colm Bordeaux and Former Deputy Commander of Alain Berners were executed for rebelling against the Queen."

    When I noticed, I was answering Arthur Beresford aloud. ... Yes, all the Knights who heard the Deputy Commander's last wish at that time and saw their death died.

    Some for going against the Queen

    Some were driven into unnecessary battles

    Some died due to hard labor

    Some killed themselves before desecrating their name as a Knight anymore.

    Leave her alone.

    "... After all, even if I became a Knight, my way of life did not change."

    The appointment to Knight Commander was simply because after the death of Colm Bordeaux and Alain Berners, I was the strongest among the Knights. That is now the promotion standard for the entire Knight Division. I only stand on top of people.

    If ordered to kill, as ordered by the Queen, kill. If you are ordered to crush a country, crush it. If I warn that I would never forgive the Knight's rebellion ... even if I tried my best, I would get rid of all the disturbing factors. It's okay if I kill one of them before the Queen erases the entire Knight Division. ... I still can't let the Knights be crushed.

    "Arthur Beresford .... You shouldn't be like me."

    Talk to him without turning my head to look behind me. ... I can't see his face. I'm sure that the living copy of that person's face blames me terribly.

    I heard his voice, "Knight Commander ...?", But pretended not to hear it.

    ... I'm sure the Deputy Commander won't praise me now.

    The Knights who were proud of the Knight Commander and we're rebuilt by the Deputy Commander ... I dropped the Knights that they loved to the worst end and tried to protect them by turning the Knights into an army for the Queen's play and slaughter.

    I'm different from Colm Bordeaux. I don't have the noble blood, the wide view of the whole, the mind to devote myself to each person, and the excellent brain.

    I'm not Alain Berners. I don't have the leadership or the impetus to lead, guide and pull people like him.

    Deputy Commander Kenneth Aldridge would be far more suitable to stand on top of people than I am.

    I'm just power ... no, "violence", because I'm not a vessel to lead the people.

    But not yet. Still ... I can't stop being a Knight. I can't give up this position. I can't even end the Knights.

    No matter how many Knights hurt the innocent people, fall and mourn.

    It doesn't matter if no one praises me or resents me. The people who will save me, acknowledge me, praise me. They can't be in this world anymore. But still I

    Can't let go yet for those people.

    (Arthur POV) 369.1 And Exits

    At midnight, when the date has passed, the Knights talk.
    They have nothing to do while a regal party is being held at the royal residence. At the aging training ground, instead of treats, only a large amount of bandages, disinfectants, and medicines were spread out in front of me.
    Some Knights could see fatigue on everyone's face, and even bandaged the still unhealed wounds. The current situation is that there are not enough people with special abilities to treat injuries, and even first aid is often not in time for doctors and the 7th corps.
    The Knights who completed the mission returned to the Knights Training Ground in a small number of platoons without a decent welcome. In the relief building, seriously injured people are treated by special abilities, and those with minor injuries gather in one place and are covered in the bandages and medicine distributed to each of them.
    "Oh, it's just a rumor .... It seems that you can hear a man's death scream from the royal palace at night. Rumor has it that the Queen has a hobby of torturing the people kidnapped and presented to her. "
    "I've heard that, too, the man is used up overnight and thrown away somewhere."
    "I heard that she keeps them for a month .... once they've been tortured by the Queen for a month, and everyone begs her to kill them at the end."
    "I heard that it wasn't a kidnapped man ..."

    "Keep it to yourself. Even if you hear bad rumors about the royal family, don't be blasphemous .... If the Knight Commander hears about it, it will be a big deal."
    A Knight stops the spreading rumors.
    Some Knights naturally muttered at the heavy words he spoke while revealing his hostility to the Queen, and even at his appearance. While exchanging words with each other, "I'm sorry" and "Let's go to bed early for tomorrow," he leaves the place from the Knight who has finished bandaging. The Knight who stopped talking was left, and another Knight put his hand on his shoulder. He bowed back to the effort of the senior knight, and he put his armor back on his bandaged body. Then, another Knight who was looking at it moved his mouth, remembering another person of the day.
    "... you are always strict and correct, Arthur."

    "I thought it was because I'm getting old for a senior Knight, but ... I think you looked like your father."
    I'm sorry, I bowed again, and the Knight struck my shoulder, saying, "You were the top Deputy Captain there." After receiving it, I quickly puts on my clothes over his armor. I covered the red stains that remained in spots and stood up.

    "I heard from the Knight Commander before that the former Knight Commander and the former Deputy Commander were punished for rebelling against the Queen."
    Arthur reviewed the Knight with a calm expression, shaking his short-cut silver hair. The Knight looked down at the words. For him at the time, the two were also colleagues.

    "Did Kenneth ... know the former Knight Commander and Deputy Commander as well as the Knight Commander?"
    "Oh .... Both were excellent Knights. The Knights lined up with them then weren't like the current Knights ... no, even in their heyday."
    I ponder a little to the Deputy Commander who says he was such a Knight. As a recruit at the time, I had little to do with them. However, even from a distance, I remember only the dignified figures of the two Knights.
    … Did even such fine Knights question what a Queen should be?
    When the former Knight Commander and former Deputy Commander were punished, many Knights couldn't accept the fact and mourned. Even after they died, no Knight spoke badly about them.
    Shortly thereafter, the new Knight Commander and Deputy Commander, Harrison and Kenneth, were appointed, but the Queen told the Knights that the next time they allowed a rebellion, there would be appropriate punishment for all the Knights.

    "... Of course, your father too."
    I was thrilled by the words of the Deputy Commander, saying he was a fine Knight. Although I returned thank you, in my memory only my stupidity, which I could only repel at that time, was scratched.
    Arthur shakes himself to change the topic to "by the way." Work for the Deputy Commander who would have played a far more painful role than this mission.

    "How was it? The Queen's birthday festival."

    At midnight, Kenneth, the Deputy Commander who attended the party with the Knight Commander Harrison, visited the relief building to work for them on their way home from the mission with their tired feet.
    Kenneth, with a vague smile at Arthur's words, said, "I'm sure it's exactly what you imagined."
    The number of guests has clearly declined since the current Queen came to dominate the Freesia Kingdom. Of course, there are many people who are afraid to anger the Queen, but even so, the size and decor of the party is more uselessly flashy than during the reign of the former Queen, but the number of guests themselves was declining. It's clear to everyone how unpopular the Queen is now.
    Arthur, who knew that fact, immediately noticed it in Kenneth's words. Every year, the seniors and aristocrats of their own country continue to be frightened not to buy the Queen's opposition, and few of the royal aristocrats of other countries want a close relationship.

    "... And again this year, Princess Tiara and Prince Leon were not in attendance."
    Kenneth takes the key to close this room. Arthur responded and pondered the word "Prince Leon".

    ... Prince Leon.
    The Queen's fiancé. They haven't been married yet, but he's actually the Prince Consort. He is a former prince of the Anemone Kingdom who has lived in the royal residence for two years.
    However, few have seen Prince Leon since he moved to the Freesia Kingdom after their engagement was announced.
    For unknown reasons, people all over the country whispered that he was a Prince who was just hungry for the people's tax without even trying to engage in public affairs as the next Prince Consort.
    It is natural that he was a day late when he was scheduled to move to the Freesia Kingdom, and when he finally came to the castle, he did not even try to fulfill his responsibilities as the next Prince Consort, and he was withdrawn. Rumor has it that it he is treated as the Queen's pet so she can take advantage of his natural beauty, that behind the scenes that he is the one in control of the country, and even rumors that he may have already died. It was on the market.
    ... I wish Prince Leon had really died.

    That would be better for the country. I didn't say it, just in my chest, I stopped thinking. As one of the Knights who continue to work for the people, Prince Leon, who refuses to fulfill his role as a member of the royal family, is also an object of contempt.
    I hear that Princess Tiara has been trapped in the isolation tower for a long time due to the Queen's mischief. Regardless of her will, I have sympathy for her being separated from the outside world. But Prince Leon is different.
    The royal family, who live on national taxes, do nothing and just enjoy a rich life. From the bottom of my heart, I thought that he was a foolish Prince Consort suitable for that Queen even if I can't say it.

    The surprise attack on the Knights seven years ago.
    At that time, the Anemone Kingdom, which was scheduled for joint exercises by recruits, did not arrive to meet the Freesia Kingdom at the scheduled time. Therefore, my father the Knight Commander led the recruits to confirm and report on the scene, and ... and did not return.
    However, the Anemone Kingdom of that time did not admit its own blame, but rather blamed the Freesia Kingdom for the annihilation of the Knights of the Anemone Kingdom heading to Freesia, and as a result, it caused a futile conflict.
    I do not have a good impression of the Anemone Kingdom, which has since made a new peace and arranged an engagement as a proof of this, but lost his father and many knights, and also caused the decline of the Knights. The same goes for Leon, the First Prince. Furthermore, he's the abominable Queen's companion. Only contempt and disgust cling to my body like mud. … It won't disappear for the rest of my life.
    Finally, I, after returning the medical supplies to storage and locking up, greeted Kenneth in front of the rescue building.
    Unlike Kenneth, who returned to the Deputy Commander's office, I was planning to return to my parents' house. To help my mother who continues to work in the small restaurant alone.
    Kenneth put his hand on my shoulder before the words, saying thank you for your hard work. Then, gently paying attention to his eyes, he approached my ear and whispered.

    "... Don't be afraid, you don't know where in the country someone is listening. You're the only one ... don't be like Colm or Alain."
    Also for you father. Kenneth, who said so with a voice hidden to the limit, returned with a complicated expression to me, whose eyes were rounded when he took his face away.
    Without saying anything further, he pushed my back and saw me off to the gate of the training ground.

    “……… Is the Deputy Commander also concerned about my father?”
    Along the way, my thoughts overflow from my mouth.
    From the very beginning when I joined the main corps, there were a number of Knights who occasionally looked after me and Knights who gave me secret advice and cared for me. Thinking of me as the son of the Knight Commander who had died, I understood that it was probably because of the guilt that they could not save my father at that time.

    "I have no blame for the Knights .... I understand."

    … After all, no matter how far I go, am I only the son of the late former Knight Commander?
    No matter how many achievements I make, no matter how much I raise my arm, it doesn't change. Every Knight sees me from a distance, not "Arthur" but the "former Knight Commander's son." All the fake smiles they turned to me while calling calling my name. I was too accustomed to it and was paralyzed, but the gaze toward me was, of course, not for a "Knight" but a "bereaved family".

    Thinking so far, I shook my head. … Scolding myself for what I wanted.

    ... Short hair, wording, and gestures all made to imitate my father.
    This is because I understood that I could never be a Knight if I was only weak until then. And it was worth the effort to become a Knight. I belonged to the same First Division as my father at the time, and was appointed as the Deputy Captain of the Division, whose number was decreasing.
    "... and a little more."

    Deputy Captain, next is Knight Captain. And if I leave the best achievements in the Captain's rank, I will be allowed to attend the royal ceremony with the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander. Unfortunately, I missed the president in the main corps enlistment test, and there are only a few methods left. At the Investiture and celebrations, the eyes of the other Knights ... especially the eyes of Knight Commander Harrison, were always focused on me, and I was not allowed to easily approach the Queen except for the first greeting.

    "My father's ... remorse. Be sure to know the true meaning of that day."

    …I know. As a Knight, I shouldn't keep holding onto my grudge. I became disqualified as a Knight when I was obsessed with my father's death and shadow. But ... still.

    I'm like this.

    (Harrison POV) 402. The Deputy Captain Fades
    "Please wait!"

    Sudden voice stops me.
    I look at the shadows that are out of breath and chasing. … Call me again?

    …he…? …………Who.

    He looked straight at me as he stopped, and he desperately held his breath. If I keep silent and wait for him to speak, he shakes his blue eyes slightly and opens his mouth.

    ... why is he like that ... … Call me… Is that so?

    Was he absent-minded because he was too light? ... or in the future ... have you thought too much about it in the past?
    With this emptiness, I turn to him ... to the forgotten keepsakes of those people.

    "Please explain ...! Knight Commander Harrison, I am."
    "Now you are the Knight Commander, Arthur Beresford."
    Correcting his words without hesitation, Arthur Beresford snarled and shut his mouth tightly. Wrinkle between his eyebrows as he stares at me in a humorous manner. The short silver hair shook in the wind.

    "Huh ... Harrison, ... Sir. I just took office as Knight Captain the other day. Why did I, who is still immature as a Captain, become Knight Commander?"
    "It meets the regulations."

    Inauguration as a Knight Commander is a nomination system if the former Knight Commander is alive.
    As long as you are a Captain, it doesn't matter how long it's been since you took office or which unit you belong to. If I, who was the Knight Commander, retire as a Knight, I can appoint the next Knight Commander from the Knight Captains.
    Besides, he is already more popular than I am. When I nominated him as the Knight Commander, none of the Knights argued it. I can't deny that he's inexperienced, but I think it's far better than me. Or did no one say anything to him that they left behind? ...... Or did you dream of regenerating the Knights in his appearance, which is a living copy of the Knights of the past?
    He still shakes his head quietly to my words and opens his mouth again. A more suitable Knight, such as me, should then retire as a Deputy Commander, why retire as a Knight. He desperately questions me.
    In one word, I was not obliged to answer, his face became steeper and wrinkles between his eyebrows were carved. …… Hey, when he makes that expression, there is an extra impression of that person.

    "... Arthur Beresford. You are ... like the Knight Commander."
    He opened his eyes to my words. He replied, "Do you mean to my father ...⁈" and withdrew in a confused manner. I folded my arms, looked at him from head to toe, and nodded.
    "It's similar to the way he talks. Not only his appearance, but his words and gestures are all a living copy of the Knight Commander. The dignity of his standing ... makes me wonder if he has revived in front of me."
    ... Thank you. Contrary to his words, he bowed his head, and his expression with a quiet smile cast a shadow. Called similar, it casts a shadow with joy. ...... What does he want?

    "Furthermore, you belonged to the First Corps that he had been enrolled in in the past. It's as if you were tracing his time."
    Besides, he has mastered the sword. He has a great talent. Every time I thought that the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander would be pleased if they saw it ... I was suffocating.

    "Everything is the same as the Knight Commander .... That's why I ..."
    He laughed at my words again. It's an honor, but a dark shadow casts again. And I put this feeling into words for the first time and give it to him.

    "For you ... my chest hurts."

    ... I remember those people from the past.
    The time when we had the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander ... That moment that was satisfying.
    The more he resembles the Knight Commander, the more I am reminded of the loss of the Deputy Commander. Although there is a shadow of the Knight Commander, there is no Deputy Commander. The discomfort made me sick, and I realized many times that both of them are now dead.
    I said that there was no voice of the Deputy Commander in the Knights.
    If he laughs, there will be no Deputy Commander next to him.
    If he blames me ... I wonder why the Knight Commander and Deputy Commander don't blame me.
    He bows to me with the appearance and voice of the Knight Commander that I admire. Commanded by me in that form, and obey me with that voice.
    His appearance just tightens my chest. How many times have I wished that he would be completely different from the Knight Commander?
    His appearance is too cruel for me to live in reality while thinking about the past days.

    He shuts his mouth to my words and makes his face tense and looks away from me.
    The clenched jaw was shaking slightly. Even the fist he lowered was trembling, as if he was feeling guilty. The words, which were squeezed out as "I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ...‼ ︎", sounded more painful than I was.

    "... If you become Knight Commander, your wishes will come true."

    He looked up at my words.
    He opens his deep blue eyes to the limit and stares at me to confirm the meaning.
    … He had a purposeful eye from the time he joined the Knights. I don't even know what that is. However, I can be confident that he is desperately making achievements and accumulating experience for promotion to the top every day. ...... To me who has been watching him all the time.
    To become a Knight Commander like his father, or to regenerate the Knights. In any case, he who has reached the top of the Knights will be able to do so easily.
    I don't have to be a Knight anymore if Arthur Beresford stands at the top of the Knights and his wishes come true.

    … That's why I stayed in the Knights.
    I kept waiting for the time when he was promoted to Captain in the Knights, with the thought of leaving every day.
    I still can't crush the Knights he's in, and I can't leave this position until he takes the position of Knight Commander. I have lost the meaning of being a Knight and have been immersed in the Knight Commander's seat forever.
    I just kept waiting for his growth.
    "Well, Arthur Beresford."
    Telling him everything, I turn my back on him.
    I returned the Knight's name and title. There is no place to go home to. But ... I have one more thing left to do as myself.
    I put a lot of words on his back for Arthur Beresford to carry. However, he dares to listen to everything. ... even things he doesn't need to know. He doesn't have to worry about it. I'm just that kind of person

    "I'm‼ ︎‼ ︎ …… I joined the Knights to find out the truth about my father Roderick Beresford's accident ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    He raised his voice to me. With a voice very similar to the Knight Commander ... with a voice that was somehow mixed with youth.
    I suddenly stopped and looked back at him again. He squeezed his sword so strongly that it shook, and he stabbed me with a strong gaze that made me think he was glaring.
    If I listen briefly, he raises another word. This time, suppress the volume of voice and make it clear while paying attention to the eyes.

    "... And if .... If my father was deliberately trapped, I would like to avenge him. Clearing my father's regrets is ... my real reason for becoming a Knight."
    He won't give me a name, but I can tell without even thinking about it who the villain is. ... he too had remained trapped in the memory of seven years ago.

    "... I'm not the kind of person you would expect from a Knight, Harrison ... I'm not a good Knight like my father. I'm a shameful person who pretends to be a good Knight while imitating my father ... There is no such thing as me."
    His words, with his face down and bitter, were not mere humility.
    The words that came from the bottom of his heart were full of hatred and shame towards himself. The sound of his clenching teeth and rubbing iron reaches my ears.
    I see. Only that word came out. I wonder if the Deputy Commander and Colm Bordeaux would have been able to come closer to his feelings ... I can't.
    I don't know why he has revealed the true meaning of his presence here that no Knight would have known until now. Did he think it's okay to tell me now that I'm not a knight? Talking like a confession, he was already trapped in the role of a villain.
    He is in the Knights, knowing all his mistakes, shame, sin, and filth. ...... Just like me.

    "... Arthur Beresford."
    Turn my back on him again.
    Now that the Knights' clothes have been returned, the body without a jacket was blown by the cold wind and echoed on the skin.
    I can't find any words to snuggle up to him. I don't even know how to do that. Because I'm different from other Knights.
    I hope someone else will give him kind words instead of me. But if he wants someone like me for some reason. If he wants to be given a role, a precious reason, instead of a filthy, wrong, or potentially sinful true intention.
    Don't look back at him, just give the words at the end. The wind blows, and I calls out not to be drowned out by the sound of the air that blows in my ears, and ... tells him.

    "Ask for the Knights."

    ...... I didn't get a reply.
    He never replied with a tense voice. However, I have no courage to look back, and this time I will leave this place with my special ability.
    “……………… Deputy Commander.”
    I think while running.
    I don't know if the words I gave Arthur Beresford were correct for the reason and the role.
    Just like the words that kept me moving, the only thing that stopped me from losing my reason to live as a Knight. ... that should be his driving force.
    Looking up at the sky while running at high speed. I peeked through the clouds where the setting sun was flowing.

    "......... I've done it. I'm sick of it. The mission you entrusted to me ... Certainly."
    Even though there is no reason to be there, one population plays. As soon as I put it into words, something hot rushed into my throat and clenched my lips.
    Yes, I've done it. Fulfilled the wishes of the Deputy Commander at the end.

    If he hits the Knight's gate, please support him instead. Certainly the wish at that time.
    "So, the future ..."
    There is no Knight's name, no title, no dress, no backing. I only have this body and sword. That's why

    "I will end up as I wish."

    I am renewed with the same determination from that day.
    Meaningful life and death. Because that is the end I want.

    As I thought, this is getting long. Splitting it in half. Late as it is, you'll probably get it tomorrow.

    At this point, I would also like to tell you one of the reasons why I dislike Uncle Wes.
    During the Accused Arc, Wes was of the opinion that Pryde interfered with the Knights too much during the bandits surprise ambush. At this point, both Wes and the Queen only knew that Pryde had Stayle resupply the Knights, and after foreseeing the cliff collapse, ordered the Knights to evacuate the danger zone. Wes thought that was too much interference from the royal family, and Pryde should have just left the Knights to handle the situation on their own and just watch (he specifically says this).

    You'll have to excuse me if I don't feel any sympathy for this man's fate in the game. He survived "Pryde." Hundreds of Knights didn't.

    Now how the <censored> do you isekai, I have to save Harrison. "Pryde" kills him in the next game scene. :blob_teary::blob_teary::blob_teary:
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    The other half of Arthur's game route. Sorry it took so long; was both physically and emotionally exhausted.

    Again, naming the scenes according to chapter. The following excerpts do not contain the entire chapter. (You'll have to wait until the translator reaches this point to read the whole chapter, or TL it yourself.)

    (Harrison POV) 402.1 And Obeys
    "No ... to crawl into the Queen's room at night. I wonder where the mouse is."

    In the darkness only broken by moonlight, the Queen woke up in her luxurious bed, laughing happily.

    She greets me with a sneaky laugh, getting wet with the blood of the guards and polluting the floor. … The existence in front of her overflows without her knowledge with murderous intent and a grudge will stop.

    While playing with her self-defense gun in one hand, the Queen gave me no words, huh ... ahaha! She gave only an unpleasant laugh like a drizzle.

    "... you don't need to know."

    I've met her several times as Knight Commander leader, but it seems that she can't even recognize me now that I've abandoned the Knight's clothes. I wore a black coat and covered my face with a deep hood so that I could be lost in the darkness, but if she remembers me, it should be enough from only hearing my voice. Even I, who was once Knight Commander, was only to that extent for the Queen.

    I hold my sword again, staring at the Queen who laughs like a devil.

    "That's no good, tell me. You're the first man to break into my room .... Hey, how many guards did you kill?"

    "I don't remember more than thirteen."

    Ahahaha! The Queen who clapped her hands wasn't scared at all.

    I thought it was a trap and looked around the room. There is nothing other than the skeleton of a guard who had fallen into the Queen's hands.

    Today, the Regent is supposed to be sent to a foreign country. I decided the day in this way so that the Queen wouldn't escape with that troublesome special ability.

    "... Answer my question before I kill you."

    All the guards in sight we're slashed before making a sound.

    The Knights are stupid after a short prolongation, and there is still time before this is noticed by the other guards. By then, I can ask a question and behead the Queen.

    At my words, the Queen looked at her claws while holding her gun and told me in a singing voice, "It's not great to command the Queen." Is she already giving up on life or is she stalling for time? Enduring the desire to condemn her now, I continue to ask.

    "The cliff collapse seven years ago ... and Roderick Beresford's death, was that your work?"

    "Seven years ago⁇ Who is that. Such a long time ago"

    "At that time ... The Knight Commander‼ ︎‼ ︎ Recruits ... And all the bandits were killed along with the advance troops!"

    Block out the harassing voice.

    Breathing enough to suffocate, I glare at the Queen while distorting my mouth. She covered one ear annoyingly at my words and wrinkled her eyebrows. Her eyes swam as she remembers, and suddenly she let out a voice, "Ah."

    "Ah ..., ... at that time .... Maybe you survived that time⁇ or a relative or friend of a dead knight⁇ Aha! By the way, I've seen it."

    "Answer only the question‼ ︎ Do you want to be decapitated right now?"

    Grind my teeth while restraining myself from being heard by outside guards.

    Even though I held my sword and faced the Queen, she still looked at me with a cool face. Look at me and slowly point the gun at me. To test my reaction rather than intimidate.

    "I will tell you? If you can avoid this gun"

    Bang! ︎

    "... I wish you would .... haha! Isn't it terrible to aim for behind me before I finish talking?"

    "...‼ ︎ ... ga ... ha, ... a!"

    …Why is it so…⁈

    Holds my belly and reflexively crawl.

    Blood spilled from the place where I was shot in a blink of an eye, and the poor coat was stained red. Even if I put a lot of effort into my palm to stop the blood, it overflows through the gaps between my fingers. This time, the taste of iron rushed from my throat and I spit it out.

    …why? I am now! ︎ Certainly, before the Queen finished talking, I attacked the back of this woman with my special ability! ︎ I intended to cut off her right arm before sticking the blade to the neck! ︎ But why does this woman ...! ︎

    Why does she "know where to move" ...⁈

    It's as if she knew where to aim at him with his fast legs ... ︎

    Thinking that far, my thoughts stops. I gave up holding down the stain that overflowed from my abdomen, and this time I did not hesitate to go for the Queen's neck

    Bang! ︎Bang! ︎

    "Gua‼ ︎ ... Ah ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Ahahahahahahahahaha! The Queen laughs loudly against me, who moans.

    ... again. The Queen shot through my right arm and leg before I re-grasped this sword. The pain becomes a fever, and my arms and legs become so hot that the whole body burns. I could bear the voice, but the sword fell instead.

    The wound was about a bullet, but when I could still grab it, I tried to move my right arm, but ... it didn't move. Apparently the joint was damaged.

    The pain just burns, and the immobile arm turns into a useless accessory. My legs move slightly, but my arms are already in the way. I just had a severe pain in my shoulder.

    Instead, put my strength in my left arm and hold the sword. "Are you still standing?" The Queen looked at me happily and laughed. Hold the gun to show me, and

    Bang! ︎

    "... Wow! You can come this far with that leg. Maybe it's the same special ability as Stayle?"

    … This time, I could endure it without raising my voice.

    However, before reaching the Queen, I took a shot in my left leg and collapsed like a suit of armor with missing parts. Both legs were almost useless and I lay down on the floor. I gave up my sword, crawled with the power of only my left arm, and headed for the Queen. Every time I rubbed my abdomen on the floor, I ran into severe pain.

    I gaze at the Queen who happily bounces and holds her fist. She twirled her gun to taunt me.

    "... Hey? Which is better, the head or the heart?"

    The Queen, who dared to walk up to me who could do nothing, points the muzzle of the gun at me.

    She laughed while waiting for my reaction while hitting my head and heart alternately. ...... A monster.

    I extend my only free left arm to the Queen. If I can reach out a little more! Even the legs are free! ︎ This devil's thin throat can easily be crushed with one hand! ︎ Then! I can kill it ...! ︎‼ ︎

    A hand cuts the air. It didn't reach her throat, and instead I grabbed the arm that was pointing a gun at me. The Queen's face was distorted in pain as I put all my strength into my hands before it could be forced away.

    "Answer‼ ︎ Seven years ago ...‼ ︎ What did you do⁈‼ ︎"

    Roar while spitting blood.

    If I scream, blood will flow from my abdomen, and my life will be further reduced. Contrary to the wounds that continue to generate heat due to pain, the temperature of the body decreases.

    The Queen looked like she was licking my face and smiled ecstatically. What should I do ...? While mocking me, she kept turning that grinning and dirty mouth toward me.

    "Tell me ...‼ ︎ You ... Did you kill the Knight Commander ...⁈"

    Pour everything into the hand I grab and put my strength into it.

    I wish I could break the woman's arm ... but as soon as I spit blood, I coughed and I couldn't get as much strength as I wanted. Furthermore, the trembling does not stop probably because I shed too much blood. At the very least, the force of my grip squeezes like teeth.

    "... That's not .........?"

    The Queen's mouth was opened.

    It slowly pulled up and a tearing smile swallowed me.

    After all, the Knight Commander waited for the Queen's words with confidence before she killed him.

    "I won't say."

    ‼ ︎ ... This woman is ...

    "It's not something to hide, but ... won't you die harder? Ahaha‼ ︎ Hey? When you die, properly look at my eyes while you die⁇ It's a shame for such a nice expression to hide in the dark. "

    With the gun in her hand, the Queen lightly pushed away the hands on her arm, which had lost it's grip strength and only trembled. And ... she crouches down on the spot while stepping on my left hand. With the weight of one woman, my left arm is suppressed.

    I glared at the Queen from a close distance while squeezing my teeth with humiliation. The Queen put her finger on my cheek, which I couldn't use my limbs to stop, and tilted it toward her. ... I feel nauseous as if I were a Queen's doll.

    At least I spit out the blood that had accumulated in my mouth, and her face was dyed the same red as his hair.

    The Queen rubbed her bloody face, screaming as if it had gotten in her eyes, kicking my left arm as if trampling many times. She stumbled on her heels and my right arm was shot in the same way, and I was struck. Severe pain ran to the right, but instead the left side that was being stepped on became free. Pretending to struggle with severe pain, put my hand in my pocket and turn my gun on the Queen

    Bang! ︎

    "... It's useless. Ahaha! There's no way I can avoid knowing where to shoot."

    … No?

    The entire time, did the Queen know not only my sword but also the tip of the bullet?

    As long as the remaining number of bullets are left, I keep shooting at the Queen with my left arm. However, in each case, the Queen lightly dodges and ridicules my struggling appearance.

    As soon as the bullets ran out, the Queen, a few steps away, picked up the spear from the guard's corpse and stabbed it from above into my back, while she stood in front of me.

    Gua, a! ︎, I held my breath to the sensation of tearing the flesh and the pain, and when my abdomen was stressed, fresh blood spouted from the wound again.

    Ahahahahahahaha! The Queen, who opens her mouth and laughs, probably has no intention of calling a guard. She kept poking my back with a spear as if she wanted to see my reaction over and over again. Severe pain is widespread and the sensation dies first. The heat of the body just spills, and the body is immersed in death.

    Perhaps tired of the weakening reaction, I move my left arm again to the Queen who loosened the spear.

    I don't have enough power to crawl anymore, and the tremors are terrible probably because I don't have enough blood. Reach out ... Grab the blade of the spear that points at me, raise my face as much as possible, stare at the Queen's ugly face again, and squeeze out the last of my power while spitting blood.

    "... surely ... your ... world is over ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    If I can't reach it, I'll spit it out with just words.

    Perhaps she was surprised that I continued to resist, the Queen looked at me again with an ecstatic smile.

    I spit blood, kills the rest of my life, and devote everything to this voice only.

    "Be sure ... you will be condemned ...‼ ︎ With that life ... there is a truly righteous person ... He will kill you ...‼ ︎"

    The expression of the Queen changes.

    The mouth is unpleasantly distorted as if she is reminded of something unpleasant, and the ecstatic and shining gaze darkens and cools down.

    I will laugh at that expression this time. For that reason I keep spitting out words that seem unpleasant for as long as I lives.

    "Your death ... the whole country will rejoice ...‼ ︎‼ ︎ praise the hero‼ ︎ the new king"

    Pan ...

    ………… Arthur Beresford.

    ... I'm sorry. I couldn't ask.

    At least I wanted to kill her before your hands could be stained with her dirty blood.

    Dirty the death of our proud Knight Commander

    Steal the friend of the Deputy Commander, rob me of the Deputy Commander

    That Queen who destroyed my meaningful life and death, and even the way of a Knight that I loved. ... I've always wanted to kill her with this hand.

    ... I'm sure he will do it.

    He who tries to make use of the blood of the Knight Commander he's proud of.

    He who has received the will of the Deputy Commander to the end.

    He who has received the love of the people and holds the trust of many Knights.

    He who has a talent far superior to me and a great sword arm.

    There is no problem. He is already the most proud and superior Knight of all.

    ...... I understand because I've been watching his back for a long time.

    "... Yeah? Is that right⁇ That's right. Anyway, it's a mouse from that area."

    …………… Hey, yeah….

    "Please throw it away at the usual dust dump."

    ... Yes, I should say ... I'm glad ...

    (Arthur POV) 443. The Knight Decides
    "I've been waiting for you, Your Royal Highness Princess Tiara."

    ...... There is a beautiful woman in front of me.

    She remains innocent, but she has a completely different purity than the Queen ... Oh, that's right.

    "Thank you for taking the time to visit us, even though it was a sudden visit! Sir Arthur."

    No, it's ridiculous. I return the words.

    Her Royal Highness, Princess Tiara Royale Ivy, gave a one-time greeting when she was invited to the birthday festival the other day.

    Yesterday, I was informed that the Second Princess would occasionally visit the Knights training grounds from now on. I think as I look at Tiara that she really doesn't look like her sister or her adopted brother, Regent Stayle.

    It's a pure smile that doesn't look like those two. I haven't seen such a clean smile for a long time. It was very different from both the Queen and that creepy Regent.

    "But it's not something I can show to Tiara. Please take a look as much as you like."

    thank you! She shines her eyes and looks at the Knights' practice scene from the hill that I guided her to, and my face relaxes unintentionally.

    ...... There was a time when I also thought the Knight's shined.

    When I longed to be a Knight, longed for my father, and ... and wanted to aim for it purely. Now that motive has become dirty, and I've been smeared with hate and grudges.

    However, I was finally able to become the same Knight Commander as my father. Thanks to the Knights who have supported me so far ... and to Knight Commander Harrison, who may have been where I am now.

    I haven't been called as Knight Commander yet, but if I wait a little longer, I should be appointed as a Queen's escort. Then I will ask her the truth about that incident ...

    "It's amazing ...! It's thanks to the Knights working hard every day that we and the people are able to spend our time in peace!"

    I look back and smile at Tiara who laughs. After all, it is a pure smile without any stagnation.

    "Because that is the role of a Knight .......... Originally."

    At the end, Tiara tilts her head to the words I muttered unintentionally.

    No, when I smiled back, don't worry about it, and then I turned to the exercise again.

    …… Yes, that is the role of a Knight.

    However, my father died, and Clark, who succeeded him, died, and the Queen's oppression gradually strengthened, and the role of the Knight also accumulated stagnation there.

    The Knights are dyed in the blood of many people, purging those who oppose the Queen and fighting against whatever country she wants. ... The Knight Division that my father dreamed of was probably not like this.

    The betrayal of the Cersis Kingdom and the former Chinensis Kingdom was about a year ago. At that time, I was left behind in the Freesia Kingdom without being ordered by the Knight Commander, but all the Knights who returned had hollow eyes. There are many who resigned as Knights or died on their own as a result of that. Thanks to that, the Knights are still suffering from a shortage of personnel. ...... It can be said that one of the tasks of this role I was assigned is to do something about it.

    "Knight Commander .... what happened?"

    Suddenly, Tiara looks into my face again with anxiety.

    It seems that I have indulged in thought too much. When Regent Stayle brought Tiara out, he told me to keep an eye on her, but ... honestly, with the current situation, even this moment is regrettable.

    "No, nothing."

    "Maybe you're tired ...? I heard you've just become Knight Commander, so if I'm in the way."

    "Don't worry .... Thank you for your concern."

    A sharp woman.

    She gives the impression of a soft flower, but is she sharp when it comes to others? It may be because of her purity.

    "... It is encouraging for the Knights to see Tiara in this way. Please come again anytime."

    He smiles back and bows to the royal family without rudeness.

    Tiara, who broke her face as if she was shy in my words, shouted, "Hello!" ...... If she looks like this, it seems that Tiara will come here very often.

    ...... If you know that we are busy, don't come.

    Words like that ...... I can't say it.

    No matter how busy my time is, no matter how tired the Knights' bodies become, it doesn't matter to the royal family.

    "May I bring something next time?"

    "No, there are many factors ... though I'm sure the knights will be happy with your feelings."

    I answer to Tiara, who is pleased with her eyes shining.

    She might think of it as flattery, but I don't think she'll actually bring anything. I've never heard of the royal family giving anything to a knight. ...... No, there is no royal family who will care about the Knights before that.

    Even the death of my father, who was the Knight Commander, didn't receive anything.

    Even now ... I vividly remember those days.

    A Knight who mourns my father's death and me, who could only despair. And the Queen who treated his death as if it didn't matter. If I remember, my anger and hatred will rise again and again. Even this innocent princess in front of me ... seems filthy when I think that she shares the same blood.

    "... Tiara-sama."

    When I noticed, I spoke to Tiara to suppress my hatred and murderous feeling.

    I don't even know what I expect from the royal family.

    She looks back, tilting her neck at my call. Tiara waited for words with her golden eyes straight toward me.

    "What does a Knight look like to you ...?"

    It's an unscrupulous question. Tiara blinked when I asked her with a bitter smile. What ... She repeated in a small voice, and the next moment Tiara turned with a big smile on her face.

    "Of course, they are the pride of our country! I think that the Knight Commander Arthur and the Knights are all wonderful!"

    ... a really beautiful woman.

    She gave me the answer I wanted immediately.

    Moreover, the smile that spun the words held no deceit. I am deeply grateful for Tiara's words from the bottom of my heart. How much would we be saved if she was the Queen instead of the current Queen? ……Disagreeable.

    "... Thank you. That word is the most rewarding thing for us."

    That's something I can't help thinking about.

    When I laughed from the bottom of my heart with gratitude, Tiara's face lit up. I was a little worried whether it was a fever, but I understand that she just felt praised from the smile she gave me.

    The Second Princess, Her Highness Tiara Royale Ivy.

    Only the other day, her fiancé was announced, and she will move to the Cersis Kingdom a month from now.

    Please, I hope that she can be happy in that foreign country ... I wonder if I can be forgiven.

    To this person who had acknowledged the existence of the Knights that I and my father loved.

    (Arthur POV) 460. The Knight Hurries
    "Ah ... ... yes, wasn't it an accident? I predicted it at that time."

    ……? …what's this…. ...... This voice is ...

    "Foreknowledge ...⁈ In other words, Your Majesty knew everything at that time ... Then why did you not issue a withdrawal order and put the leading unit on a cliff ..."

    Two voices familiar to me are talking. One is my voice.

    The woman's voice should be a very nostalgic voice I am happy to hear. But right now ......... I hate it the most ... ︎

    ……… Call me, yes… I remembered.

    How could I forget it? Until this moment, I've never forgotten it.

    Seven years ago, this woman ... my father ...! ︎

    "Because those bandits ... wouldn't they attack my escort, that is, me? I can't forgive that. That's why I let them die quickly when the cliff collapsed. If I ordered the knights to withdraw, maybe the bandits would survive, too."

    The murderous intention froze.

    Whether or not she knew about the murderous intent aimed toward her, that I held it in desperately so as not to be perceived, the Queen laughed loudly.

    Why is it so easy for her to say? The fact that my father was killed in her prediction, along with Knights and the recruits at that time! ︎

    The absence of Regent Stayle was a great opportunity. I became Knight Commander and was finally able to hear the truth about my father

    This woman said it like a laugh.

    Do not be silly……! ︎‼ ︎

    So many dead! ︎ Even my father was foresaken! ︎ After all, the true meaning of the words spoken at that time was not mistaken.

    This woman said to me seven years ago, "I'm sorry" because she had predicted my father's death! Moreover, she didn't even remember me when I stand up close to her. On the contrary, even if she sees this figure that resembles my father, even if I speak, she does not realize that I am the son of Roderick Beresford. No! This woman doesn't even remember my father ... ︎‼ ︎

    I can't forgive her ... ︎‼ ︎

    "...‼ ︎"

    The hands folded behind me are silently attached to the sword on the waist. The Queen was still laughing so that she wouldn't notice it at all.

    Now, just pull out the sword here.

    The only guard is me, the Knight Commander. The other Knights and guards are now outside the door. Now I don't have to worry about anyone stopping me. It's just a matter of decapitating the Queen before she can call for help.

    Because such a woman should die.

    "By the way, I feel like I've been asked something similar not very long ago ... Ahaha! What? Why are you worried about such a long time ago?"

    I decided it seven years ago! ︎ Be sure to ask this woman the truth! ︎ And if my thoughts are true, even if I am taken to the decapitation stand, I will avenge my father's death! ︎‼ ︎

    Finally, that time has finally come ...! ︎ I finally heard it! ︎ The moment has finally arrived! ︎‼ ︎ If I can kill this person here, it doesn't matter even if I'm executed after that

    "Ask for the Knights"

    "------ ...‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Knight Commander Harrison ...

    Suddenly, the words were too strong for me to pull out my sword.

    Now, if I kill the Queen here, I will relieve my resentment.

    But what about the Knights⁈ I'm no longer the only one. The recruits, and the many Knights who support and rely on me. If I am unable to kill the Queen here, I would be found guilty as the Knight Commander, and not only me but the entire Knight Division would be punished ... It's already decided that everyone will be killed ... ︎

    Even if I can kill the Queen ... I don't mind being executed alone for treason. But what about the Knights? If I get my hands dirty, not only me, but all the Knights and recruits may be strung up as rebels ... ︎

    The Knights that my father loved.

    The Knights that Clark continued to protect on behalf of my father.

    The Knights entrusted by the Knight Commander Harrison ... ︎

    Can I sacrifice them just for my own revenge ...⁈

    That's why my father, Clark, and Knight Commander Harrison won't be pleased. It is not permissible to destroy the Knights that the successive Knight Commanders have protected for my own desires! ︎‼ ︎

    Clark must have had the opportunity! ︎ Even then, he didn't kill the Queen who mocked the death of my father, who was his friend ... No! It's just because he didn't know the truth! ︎ Clark would have done the same if he knew the Queen had killed his father

    ………… Did you do it? ...... Clark.

    There is no reason for him to do it.

    There is no reason for Clark to rebuild the Knight Division that my father loved and took pride in from it's state seven years ago.

    Then Knight Commander Harrison⁈ I'm sure that person can't forgive her ...

    "Ask for the Knights"

    That's why that person entrusted it to me! ︎‼ ︎

    The Knights. That's why that person played that role, so that the Queen would not crush the Knights, even if he became feared and hated by the Knights! ︎‼ ︎

    He trusted me, I was entrusted with the Knights, but I'll crush it⁈ I‼ ︎ I am! ︎⁈

    I wanted revenge because she killed my father ... is that the reason⁈‼ ︎ Already just over a thousand knights have died in the last seven years! ︎‼ ︎ However, will the Knights entrusted to me by Knight Commander Harrison be crushed in my generation?⁈ Will they be branded as a group of rebels who tried to kill the Queen?⁈ I don't even know if the Knights have the intention of revolutionizing! Despite this, at my own discretion! ︎ I am the Knight Commander! ︎ As my father's son! ︎‼ ︎

    "Hey? ... Why do you want to hear such a boring thing?"

    I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill I want to kill! ︎ This woman is here right now! ︎‼ ︎ Father's killer! I wish I could regret that I didn't remember his face! ︎‼ ︎But ... but! I'm ... ︎

    "Ask for the Knights"

    "Wow ..., ......... No. It's not a big deal .... I'm very sorry."

    Bow to the Queen and arrange my words.

    Release the hand attached to the sword behind me and correct my posture. I grabbed the armor of my hand as much as I could, and when I put all my strength into it, the armor screamed.

    It was easy to bite off by clenching the inside of my mouth, and blood filled my mouth. If I squeezed my teeth short of it, my back teeth broke. "Hmm," the queen muttered boringly, playing with her hair again and abandoning her interest as if she was already bored.

    ...... The time to face the Queen that I have been waiting for for so long these last seven years.

    It was the reason why I became a Knight, to ask this woman the truth and avenge my father. I thought that I was able to become the Knight my father wanted me to be, but when I realized it, I only imitated him and became the most ashamed of myself, who was just a sham made of hatred. However, only I, who continues to imitate my father with shame, and this way of life as a Knight covered in falsehood, are left to me now.

    ...... Well, should I abandon this uniform and my position as Knight Commander, and throw myself headlong into revenge?

    That way, the Knights will not be bothered by my actions.

    If I treat myself as a mere demon for revenge and die as an individual, whether or not I achieve revenge. The Knights, my father's misfortune ... die as an empty idol.

    "Ask for the Knights"

    Hmm ... it's no good. There is no way I can abandon the Knights entrusted to me by Knight Commander Harrison.

    Isn't what my dad and Clark really wanted from me was for me to protect the Knights that my dad loved, that Clark rebuilt and protected?

    I don't have a father anymore. Even if I killed the Queen, he can't come back. Rather than that, my father left the Knights, I, I ... ………….

    What am I ...⁇

    For what reason did I become a Knight, and even imitate my father?

    Is it because I wanted to become my father, who was my idol? Was it for my country, my people, or the Knights⁇ No, I aimed to be a Knight only to learn the truth of seven years ago and avenge my father's death. There is no pride or ideal. I have lived only to kill this woman. But why can't I kill her⁇

    "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Your Majesty .... I've finished the cleanup as you said."

    "It was late, Stayle .... Then it's good, Knight Commander."

    Regent Stayle has returned. ...... What a creepy man. Every time I see that face, I think so.

    The dead eyes behind the glasses do not reflect his facial expressions. There were no wrinkles on the clothes, but the smell of blood clearly permeated from his whole body. What the hell was he doing now ... This mysterious man is also as guilty as the Queen. I will never forget seeing him on the other side of the video with the Queen seven years ago. ...... If I swing my sword right now, right here.

    "Thank you for your hard work, Knight Commander. Please go down."

    Regent Stayle again, I just silently thank him.

    ...... I feel sick just looking at that face. He is a man who hold only grudges behind a doll-like face.

    Open the door myself and leave the room.

    We greet the Knights and guards posted outside the room and walk down the corridor. It was raining outside the windows. But ... I don't feel like waiting for it to stop.

    ...... Father. ...... For what reason have I lived so far?

    Walk, earnestly in the building.

    ...... Father. Why did you have to die like that?

    walk. Go down the stairs and head down.

    Father, why am I ... at that time. ...... for you! ︎ Why couldn't I do anything ...⁈

    walk. Keeping that step, proceed in the rain regardless.

    Father ... ︎ Why am I like this now! ︎‼ ︎ Why did I hang down and leave without doing anything, despite my hatred ……⁈‼ ︎

    I can walk no further. My legs stop.

    I had to go back to the Knights Training Ground, but my emotions clung to me like lead and robbed me of my physical freedom.

    The more I think about it, the more I ask my father, the more my emotions become muddy.

    I know in my head, I shouldn't think about revenge anymore. I should live for what I have now, rather than what I have lost. That's right as a Knight, and my father, Clark, and Knight Commander Harrison also want it! ︎‼ ︎ But‼ ︎


    I just can't escape this hatred.

    That woman who killed my father and many recruits and Knights.

    My past self who couldn't do anything and could only watch.

    The incident that left the biggest scar on the Knights, which I had been haunted by for seven years! ︎ …… That woman talked happily about it !! ︎‼ ︎

    I myself couldn't even claim to be Roderick's son, let alone relieve my resentment towards the Queen! ︎‼ ︎

    I hate it, I hate it, I can't stand it ...

    "... uh ... uh ... uh ... uh uh ..., ………… tsu."

    I couldn't do anything ...

    I'm sorry, Father. I ... nothing came true ...

    If I avenge your death, I will defile your beloved Knights

    If I want to protect the Knights, I can only bow to that hateful queen.

    Even though I've reached this point, ... there's nothing. I can't do anything, I can only mourn.

    In the end, I could only live as your disappointment until the very end. It discouraged you ... and even if you died, I can only be a Knight who shamed your name ...

    "..., ..., ... uh, ... a ... uh ..."

    Wet in the rain, the short hair that resembled my father got wet, and the clothes sucked up water and became heavier.

    It runs down the hair, down the forehead, down the cheeks, and ... blurs my field of vision. I don't know if it's tears or rain that block my view. Groan, covering my eyes to grasp my face in my palm, and droplets overflow endlessly from between my fingers.

    I ... what did I live for?

    For my father, I couldn't even stand up, hoping for death.

    Didn't I just run away to protect my life, using the Knights as an excuse?

    I imitated my father, acted like my father, became a Knight while remaining empty, and ... did nothing. I was captured by the Knights, which was only one step in the process.

    I became my father's ghost, who died seven years ago.

    With this face that resembled my father, I continued to live in shame, killing myself, and ... after all ... I couldn't do anything ...

    I ......... I am.

    For what.

    "... Knight Commander Arthur ...?"

    ……. ……she is.

    (Arthur POV) 467. The Knight Looks
    "... Tiara. What's wrong, why does your face look like that? Is something wrong?"

    ……what's this……?

    "No, Cedric-sama! That's not true!"

    ……Tiara…. ... why ..., ... why. ...... Do you have such a sad face ...?

    "... Tiara. After all, your heart was ... I didn't have it ..."


    The next moment, he reaches for her beautiful shoulders.

    The stiff movements of his hands, as if tightening around her neck, filled me will strength as I watched. She screams and a big noise echoes in my chest. Blood raced to my head in an instant, and I instinctively

    "Release your hand from Tiara-sama!"

    "‼ ︎ Arthur⁈"

    Tiara screamed for the second time to me who jumped out unintentionally.

    His eyes were rounded and his lips muttered, "Why are you here ...?" At the same time, Prince Cedric turned to me a little. However, he grabbed Tiara around the shoulders and hugged her as it was, and pulled her.

    I was so surprised that I wondered if Cedric planned to take her even if it was violent.

    Called to escort the guest and the Queen, I saw Tiara and Prince Cedric's backs disappearing into the garden and chased them desperately. I sent the Knights to the Queen first, and I was the only one ... I chased her unskillfully.

    Her Royal Highness Princess Tiara Royale Ivy.

    She's so pure that I can't think of her as that Queen's sister, ... she's kind.

    Even though I was Knight Commander, she was very close to someone like me.

    "Please do not touch me. I don't want to be touched by a person who shares the blood with that woman."

    Forgive me for showing such a rude and profane attitude even to you

    "Just let me stay by your side. And if possible, please share your pain with me."

    Both shed tears.

    Her words mysteriously unraveled this stubborn heart.

    I was able to vomit all the stagnation and hatred that was stuck in my chest. I couldn't tell anyone other than Knight Commander Harrison, but she listened to my father's story, which was really saved me.

    Furthermore, Tiara knew my true special ability, shared my secret, and ... I even felt like I was accustomed to this special relationship, and I fell in love with her.

    She has a good fiancé.

    "... Tiara. It was a lot of fun to spend every day with you. Times like this ... I haven't had it for a long time."

    Prince Cedric holds Tiara in his hand and preaches love.

    Tiara, who bends her arms forward and prepares to make a gap between herself and Prince Cedric, shook her eyes in a confusing manner.

    I wondered if I should leave this place, but ... I couldn't move until I apologized for making such a rude remark toward Prince Cedric. My stomach is burned by the sight of Prince Cedric, who holds Tiara in a strong and lovable way as if to show off.

    "So run away Tiara ...‼ ︎‼ ︎ with your beloved man ... run away from the Queen's hands right now ...‼ ︎"

    Nah ……⁈

    Suddenly, Prince Cedric, who had a flame in his eyes, clasped his fist while hugging Tiara.

    Tiara opened her eyes as if she she couldn't understand the meaning. Immediately after that, Prince Cedric, who grabbed Tiara's shoulder again, stared straight at her and uttered words.

    "The Queen ... she called me here to kill you ...‼ ︎ You'll be killed whether you're here or with me! Get down to the castle town right now and hide yourself!"

    While the Queen is dealing with guests from abroad! Cedric shouted in a lurking voice and turned to me for the first time.

    "You're the one that Tiara really cares about .... Ask Tiara."

    He stared at me with a stern look and pushed Tiara's back toward me as if praying.

    As Tiara was surprised, she said, "Why did you give it to me ...⁈" and looked back, and Prince Cedric sadly shook his eyes and laughed.

    "I knew it anyway ... The Queen wouldn't keep that promise. Tiara, you're a pure-hearted person. That's probably why ... you chose that man without being deceived by a human like me. "

    That's ... Tiara murmured.

    But Prince Cedric shook his head quietly. As I was prompted, I hugged Tiara's shoulders and looked back, and Prince Cedric looked around and looked back at me with his burning eyes.

    "I thought love was an illusion, but ... thanks to that, I now want to believe it a little. Do you love her? If so, protect her."

    I just nodded to the sincere look of Prince Cedric. ...... Yes, I love Tiara. She healed my wounds. She cried with me in the rain.

    Pull her hand out of confusion. She hesitated, but when I said "Tiara-sama!", She clenched her lips and ran while holding my hand. "Thank you!" She turned to Prince Cedric only once and squeezed my hand back.

    I put her on a horse and I take the bridle and ride with her. I still can't think of a safe place to escape to. However, if his story is true, she will eventually be killed. The face at that time was not false at all. And above all

    I don't want to lose anything important to me anymore.

    never again.

    (Arthur POV) 544. The Knight Chooses
    "I can't ...‼ ︎ I can't do this ... This ...‼ ︎"


    “…… .…… ──────── ……. …………, …… haha ……. …… a …… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    After chanting a small grudge against her, the Queen begins to laugh like crazy.

    The appearance of swaying red hair like blood, eyes widening to the limit, opening the mouth wide and laughing is ugly ... No, it is suitable to call it confusion. Now that the Rajah Empire has fled, there is no one to protect the Queen anymore. It's her reward for not paying attention to anyone.

    The Queen, who saw the miracle, looked up at the heavens, laughed, laughed, laughed ... and stopped as if the thread had broken. I hide my beloved woman behind my back and hold my sword. "Please go down," once she retreats to the other side of the bridge. From there, step by step, I approached the Queen, who was standing down like a hanging doll. At that time I thought it would be easy to defeat this devil now.

    Bang! ︎

    "Arthur‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    Immediately after the gunshot, a scream from Tiara echoes.

    I avoided it on the verge, but the Queen's bullet shook my arm. The armor flicked and didn't hurt. "It's okay ...!" I just return to her. When I saw it, the hand that the Queen lowered with her face down was holding the gun. On the contrary, I decided that it was disadvantageous to open the distance any more, and I rushed to her at once. The moment when the sword reaches the Queen with her face down. ...... A ferocious smile like a carnivorous beast and a wide-open purple look were sharply directed.

    "That's the future ... you told me⁈"

    The Queen wields her sword, making a high-pitched laugh that echoes to the bottom of the earth.

    The sound of metal roars loudly, and I prevent the Queen's sword. Ahahahahaha! The Queen, who wields a sword at me while laughing like crazy, raised the end of her mouth further.

    Special ability person of precognition.

    All of the Queen's sword swings are released as if she knew my intentions. If I try to corner her from the right, she will turn to the left, and the moment I try to take a step, she will jump into my pocket. She is the most troublesome and terrifying opponent when compared to the Rajah Empire, Prince Leon, Prince Cedric, and Regent Stayle, each of whom have faced us by the time we reached this point. …… But!

    Clang! The familiar sound of swords screaming as they clash against each other echoes many times.

    Just swing the sword faster than the Queen can move, and hit another one before repositioning. Whether a Prince or a soldier, there is no reason for me, the Knight Commander, to lose to a Queen with a sword.

    If I play the sword and release the blade towards her body, the Queen will turn away and step back step by step to escape. Even so, although she couldn't keep up with my sword technique and escaped from my body, the fabric of the dress that covers the Queen was torn and torn, and the decorative chain on her neck was torn off with each blow. By the time the Queen continued to fall and finally had no foothold behind her, her dress had already turned into just a lump of fine cloth. She holds the torn sleeves and chest with one hand, the other holding a gun, and the Queen's eyes are pointed at me.

    "... The remorse of my father and the Knights seven years ago, let me clear it up here."

    I will condemn her here. ...... Like I couldn't do at that time.

    With my will, I thrusts the tip of my sword in front of me. The Queen turned her face back and clenched her white teeth. She stares at the tip of my sword and makes a sound. This is the end. All my too long hell and nightmares.

    ─ …… What are you doing ……? Why do you aim a sword at Pride?

    “………… Is it that easy?”

    The Queen laughs.

    Over this period, she gave me a fearless smile, even though it's forced as she refuses to admit to losing. Is there something hidden still? Despite the fact that there was no escape, the Queen lowered her shoe heels to the point of falling and gently grasped the gun. If she can't compete with a sword, does she intend to fight with a gun? But it's useless. There is no problem from this close distance where the sword can reach. Hit the gun of that hand with a sword before being shot


    With a bang.

    The Queen suddenly jumped back, still facing me.

    Jump down without hesitation into a space where there should be no foothold. When I looked at her, wondering if she was going to die on her own without allowing me to take revenge, the Queen was still in the air, with a creepy smile on me.

    The blood-colored hair was blown up by the wind pressure, and the gun was held so that it would be lost in the long hair. At the end, does she think that I will die together, the muzzle of the gun aimed straight at me ...? is not. This is ...

    "Oh! Arthur, get away from there!"

    Tiara's voice is emitted from behind.

    For some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off the Queen's distorted smile and muzzle, and I looked back and rushed, relying only on those words. Immediately after that, the dry sound of the gun rang once, and immediately after the terrible explosion, the scaffolding began to collapse. ...... Apparently a bomb was set up.

    "Arthur‼ ︎"

    Ahahahahahahahahahahaha answered Tiara's cry. The Queen's laughter pierces my ears at the same time, mixed with the sound of tower's collapse.

    Looking back, she was still laughing. While falling before the scaffolding, her smile was distorted as if she was dyed in pleasure. It's a relief that the collapse hasn't reached Tiara-sama over the bridge, but I'm unlikely to be in time for the collapse. ...... If so!

    "... Is it something you miss?"

    Defeat that woman. Definitely with my hands, even if I die.

    I gave up running back and twisted my body, kicking the crumbled scaffolding. Down, down, to that Queen who keeps falling with a big smile. Until this sword arrives ... ︎‼ ︎

    Repeatedly kicking the rubble with my legs, I flies further down with this own momentum. The Queen also noticed it and laughed and fired a gun at me. Bangbang! I used my sword as a shield and avoided fatal injuries. Ahahahahaha! ︎‼ The laughter echoes from the Queen as our distance grows closer.

    "The best Knight Commander‼ ︎ Coming to such a place‼ ︎"

    Perhaps the number of bullets has run out, throwing away the gun that can no longer be shot, the Queen laughs with her arms open as if to welcome me. Raising a loud voice, the sword in her right hand glows mysteriously in the moonlight. She spreads a smile of joy that I couldn't have imagined during the fall, before shr was stabbed at the end, and her eyes shined brilliantly.

    "Welcome! Do it! Will you be killed by me and expose your neck as an ugly rebel! Will you kill me and become a hero who will make a name for himself in history?"


    What is this woman saying?

    I'm already finished as a Knight. I aimed to be a Knight to learn the truth and avenge the death of my father, and even betrayed that I was appointed by Knight Commander Harrison to protect Tiara at the end! There is no way a person like me can be a hero.

    It doesn't matter if anyone approves of it. Will the world be willing to swear at me who lives as a ghost of my father, a Knight without pride, and a rebel?

    Tiara made me realize ...! No matter how much I imitate my father, how many mistakes I make, no matter how dirty I am, I am "myself"! ︎‼ That's why ... ︎

    "It's ridiculous ...‼ ︎"

    Squeeze from the bottom of my abdomen and clenched my teeth.

    Close to the Queen and close to the ground. Keep an eye on me, she laughs with a raised mouth, and holds her sword. Will I kill this woman before I die, or will I die! ︎ No matter which one, I will not stop the sword that I raised up.

    "I don't care about heroes ...‼ ︎ I ... I've lived to this day and became a Knight! To judge Temee with this hand ... and‼ ︎"

    Yes, I have lived that way.

    There is no pride as a Knight. I have lived only for revenge.

    Taking advantage of my father's existence, I killed himself and became a ghost. If I kill this woman, there's no point in living anymore. There is no reason for the Knights to forgive me for betraying the Knights. …… But now! ︎

    "Now‼ ︎ …… The reason why I will continue to live on in the future is‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    I remember her beloved voice that I heard before jumping in.

    The Queen laughs quietly at my cry. Hold her sword at my heart to pierce me before being swung down. The Queen's sword that easily tears through even the armor of a soldier. If I receive it, it will definitely penetrate my heart through my armor. My back teeth are clenched with crushing force, and I am prepared for the last opportunity. The Queen's thrust is quick and I can't avoid it in the air. But that's the same thing for her! ︎ This is my swing! my! ︎ Everything! ︎‼ ︎

    "To protect Tiara-sama!"


    Bone and flesh rupture at the same time.

    My sword ran a flash before the Queen's sword. After the silver afterimage, the Queen's body, which opened her eyes across the line, shifted vertically and spewed blood.

    The Queen's face, which was stiff with an ecstatic smile and no screams, split into two and was covered with the blood that she spewed out. Blood is sprinkled on the surface as if the silk was spread, and the wind pressure dyes my clothes.


    The relief that it's finally over, rather than being close to the ground, fills me.

    Without returning the sword to its scabbard, I laugh quietly alone in the shape of a swing down. My father's remorse is cleared, and Tiara is saved. If she becomes Queen, the Freesia Kingdom will surely regain its old beauty.

    Regain my posture in the air and land. Immediately after, a pile of rubble pouring down robbed me of my sight. A series of roars and shocks hit me.

    If crushed as it is, there will be no corpse left with the Queen. I think it's an end that is suitable for me as a ghost, to die crushed under rubble just like my father. ……However.


    ...... I will live.

    Is my death something that gives Tiara the same feeling of despair I felt when I lost my father?

    For that person who gave me the will to live, I thought it would be okay to die as long as I killed him ...

    ─ …………………………………… I. What have you done now?

    ...... The sound stopped.

    Grab the consciousness that seems far away and roll away from the rubble that falls. If I shift my position by one, the rubble will also be out of balance and collapse. ………… I seem to be still alive.

    The lump of rubble overhead is too big. Thanks to that, I was able to protect myself in the shadow, but it seems that I will have a hard time getting out.

    ─ …… I cut it. That person. That person who I wanted to protect and had no choice but to protect. ……… I did it.

    The whole body is hit and it hurts. The air is thin, and even a little movement makes me breathless. I think it would be easier to die as it is, but I still aim for the crawling light. ...... Believing that there is a future with the person I love.

    ─ …… Wait, it ’s crazy! ︎ Why, why am I ... Pryde-sama ...⁈

    The rubble that passes through the narrow space and is moved by force is pushed away.

    I think I lived well while being blocked by the huge rubble many times to reach the moonlight. ……… Is my father protecting me?

    ─ Why! ︎Ah ... I slashed that person without hesitation⁈ I decided to get her back⁈ To help her absolutely, to pick her up ...‼ ︎

    Arthur, and. ... I felt like I could hear her voice.

    The body that tries to exhaust itself seeks and desires her. Reach for the moonlight that overflows through the rubble. The rubble collapses again, and only one arm touches the air on the ground.

    I hear someone's thick voice this time. There are many. The familiar voice makes me wonder if my father is calling with the Knights who have been martyred.

    ─ ………… If this is how it is ……, it was good that I couldn't move. Since I killed her. ...... I should die as it is.

    The rubble is removed little by little. Be careful, the light gets bigger while talking to each other not to break it. There wasn't much rubble, and ... I could remove the rest with my own hands.

    When I crawl out of the rubble myself, the noise spreads. If I look, there are many Knights gathered there. Shine your eyes and call me "Knight Commander!" ...... Why are they?

    ─ Excuse me, Pryde-sama ... I tried to find you with all my might ...! ...... Shit! What about Stayle and Tiara?

    "Arthur‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    ...... Tiara-sama.

    I look back on the sound of the bell and the bouncy intonation.

    There was Tiara-sama, who I couldn't mistake for anyone else. Heading to me, Tiara ran through the poor footing with her unfamiliar feet. I reached out before Tiara fell, and at the end I caught Tiara, who jumped in with her small body, with both my arms and hugged her.

    While crying, I also return to Tiara-sama, who continues to say that she's glad that I was safe. I thought I would live for her. I was able to live this way because she were there. Definitely the best truth.

    I hugged her body and put her a little further away to look straight into her tear-soaked face. Her beautiful golden eyes were moistened with tears, and her face after crying was dyed red like a rose. No more love is infused.

    I stroked Tiara's hair as she looked up at me, and when I noticed ... I was pressing myself on her bud-like lips.

    The soft lips quivered tensely and accepted me as they gradually unraveled. When they overlapped each other and put their strength into the hands that hugged her, Tiara also hugged me back as if holding my head with her thin arms.

    Her palm gently strokes the same short silver hair as my father, and I also confirm her presence with this arm.

    ─ …………………….

    I protected her.

    And I was able to hold her in this hand again. As if I was drowning in the utmost love, I hear someone called out in a small voice "Knight Commander Arthur ...".

    When I lifted my lips from her, loosened my arms and turned my eyes, a Knight was terrifyingly looking into me. When asked, "The Queen is ...⁈", I answer clearly. Definitely I killed her with this hand. And now she's probably under the rubble.

    I was able to keep my sins silent while I was wondering if the corpse remains. But I didn't want to lie to others or myself anymore. ...... Even if I am punished with the stigma of rebellion.

    All the Knights who listened to me closed their mouths once, looked at each other to confirm each other, and

    They were delighted.

    Oh oh oh oh! ︎ and all the Knights raise their hands, clench their fists, and rejoice in tears.

    When it was over, it was released, we were free, screaming and hugging that it would not hurt the people anymore. None of the Knights tried to blame me, but rather gathered at me as if they were happy. Release Tiara from my hands and accept them this time. To me ... they were pleased with the safety of "Arthur Beresford".

    ─ …… I don't know why ……. Everything is crazy ... ︎

    Suddenly, Tiara was walking up to the rubble pile again.

    When I tried to stop her because it was still dangerous, Tiara slowly crouched on her knees in front of me. When I walked towards her gently from behind, one of the shoes the Queen was wearing was lying there. Huge rubble piled up around it, and ... with this, no corpse would come out.

    It must be difficult to pick up the debris from the removal. But I definitely slashed her neck with this hand, needless to say.

    She looked at the shoes in mourning, covered her face, shook her shoulders and began to shed tears. Tiara talks to me in an unbearable voice. The feelings and sorrow that she has hidden in her heart.

    Doesn't resent such a devil, but instead care about her. After all this person is too kind.

    ─ What is this world ... What is it?

    I tremble and hug her smaller body from behind.

    From now on, I will be with you, and I will continue to protect you forever. ...... Put it in words and swear to her.

    She nodded a little, shedding tears. Surrounded by uninterrupted voices of joy, we gently overlap each other's hands. Her hands, which shook her chin, were still trembling.

    ─ That person died, why ... why is everyone ... ...... you can laugh that happily ...⁈

    Father, ... it's finally over.

    There is no point in continuing to be a Knight anymore. Defeat the ghost of the past and become the true Knight my father wanted at the very end.

    From now on ... If allowed, I'll only be her Knight. I will try to live beside the woman I finally found to protect

    ─ Oh shit ... this world is like

    Father. ...... Clark, a knight of an unknown ancestor, a recruit. And Harrison, who will be able to live on somewhere. ……Thank you. Thanks to you, I have come this far.

    As a peasant, I was supposed to decay, but I overcame the hard times, took the position of the Knight Commander I longed for, and obtained a loved one. And the long nightmare of this country has just come to an end. All the Knights were still proud as Knights and had not abandoned the people.

    This country will surely recover.

    Now that we are free from everything and full of hope for the future. I think from the bottom of my heart

    With happiness

    ─ It looks like hell.

    And a few more scenes from the Knights Arc, released to celebrate the manga serialization.

    (Eric POV) II 67.1 7th Episode Comic Update / Thanks Story: The Weak Knight Stands Up
    "I'm out of ammunition! Please replenish here!"

    "No! I can't shoot anymore‼ ︎‼ ︎"

    ……it's awful.

    "Gunpowder is⁈"

    "Hold the sword! Hold it until the advance unit gets here!"

    "It's about time for them to come down the cliff!"

    In a confusing voice, I hide behind shields and rocks and shoots through.

    The enemy is not an enemy country, it is just a bandit. All the Knights have no choice but to be passive against it, even though they are Knight recruits.

    At first, I lurked in the shadows and triggered a counterattack, but as soon as the ammunition ran out, the formation suddenly turned to a disadvantage. Even though it's only a few hours into an expedition to our neighboring country, I just regret that we don't have more weapons.

    The advance troops never come and we have no escape. No matter how much blood I wipe from my cheeks, it doesn't stop. As the wounds on my legs got wet from the inside, I desperately adjusted my breathing. I used up all the bandages and hemostatic tools on my companions who desperately kept their lives in the last row. There is nothing we can use to evacuate them yet.

    At least I want us to escape from here, even if only the seriously injured people. Even if we escape from the rain of bullets, it's over if we get caught up in falling rocks. The Knight Commander also said earlier that the ground was loose here after being hit by a big rockfall.

    There must have been a side road somewhere back from the original road, but we can't go back that far. It's a beehive the moment it comes out of the shadow of the shield. The last Knights are advancing just by riding the horses that survived at the direction of the Knight Commander and preparing to run and avoid the enemy. Now my injured leg is the only transportation.

    "I don't remember the command⁈ When they come down, everyone should retreat as much as possible! Just think about protecting the injured until the advance troops arrive!"

    As soon as the check can no longer be heard from here, instructions fly from the Knight Commander.

    We have been told before that the Knight Commander was stuck, but I was as suffocated as the first time. There is no Knight Commander included in that "everyone".

    "I will reduce the number as much as possible and hold back! Keep the rest of the bullets to the end."

    I think we've run out of bullets. While all the recruits who could move to the Knight Commander holding the sword decided to return a voice while continuing to retreat, he was the only one who kept biting. The eyes of the dignified Knight Commander are inevitable. ...... Buried in the rubble, one leg sandwiched beneath a rock.

    ─ If I was able to move.

    The moment I thought so, my body began to rattle.

    If I think that this time has finally come, I will be more immobile than when I were surprised. At that time, I was the closest to the Knight Commander. At that time, if I was holding the Knight Commander, I might have been the one who had one leg buried. The meaning of being targeted by a surprise attack that I cannot escape, cannot avoided, is different between the Knight Commander and me as a recruit.

    I didn't know how to breathe, and my throat was dry and rough. A recruit heading backwards with the Knight Commander calling me, but I can't afford to react. My eyes stay on the feet of the Knight Commander as if they were struck by a stake. I want to stay here because I can just die in vain. Why should I leave the Knight Commander who was stuck here due to my lack of power?

    "Don't think about it now! Just think about following the orders of the Knight Commander!"

    One person who joined the group at the same time said so and pulled my arm.

    The trembling and weak leg fell backwards, even though it wasn't injured. Another senior catches my other arm and drags me, saying "Hurry up!". Even if I think about what I'm doing to get my feet tangled up in such a place, my body with shallow breathing doesn't listen to me.

    "It's okay! That's Knight Commander Roderick⁈ Can a bandit kill him easily?"

    Can I not move with one foot?

    Even the words that were said to inspire me now pass through my ears. Even though I thought that the advance troops hadn't arrived yet, it took me a while to hold on to the gun.

    Many of the supplies, weapons and supplies are buried under the rubble, and we, who are thinly equipped, have no power to resist a surprise attack from the cliff. Even if you are a special ability person, even if you can climb on the cliff, it will be over if you are shot by a bandit, and long-distance attacks will not reach the cliff. Even so, when I went to the support of the Knight Commander, when I saw the recruits with special abilities who appeared in the rear guard, I regret thinking that it was a mistake to join the team because I had no special abilities.

    Even though I became a Knight, what I can do is almost the same as a seriously injured person. Just grab my weapon and wait for the Knights to come to our rescue.

    Even after a number of bandits came down here, we recruits did little. At the forefront, the Knight Commander, who attracts enemies in the most unfavorable situation, neutralized most of the enemies alone. After they told me to shoot at a distance, a special ability person counterattacked instead of the gun, but only a half-hearted attack was made so as not to involve the Knight Commander. The closer they are to the Knight Commander, the less likely they are to be aimed at. In the corner of my head, I remember being instructed in the exercise that the existence of an inevitable ally also affects the rearguard. Therefore, the skills to avoid, the rules of withdrawal, and the setup were engraved in us as recruits. It was the Knight Commander who taught us how to protect ourselves.

    "Come on! Look! The advance troops are on the cliff!"

    "It's true! They came in time!"

    "No one will come here⁈ Why⁈"

    "This situation should have been relayed to the strategy meeting room⁈ Why does no one come to help the Knight Commander or the injured⁈"

    It was after a while, watching the Knight Commander get bloody.

    The recruits around me look up to the cliff before I lost my sense of time. The appearance of the Knights of the main corps was mixed with cheers and at the same time noisy. I know it's important to wipe out the enemy. But why is the Knight Commander who can't move here fighting, what is the advance unit, the Deputy Commander, and the Headquarters thinking?

    Blood freezes as if the Knight Commander had been abandoned. Even if I try to confirm it, the communication from the other side has already been cut off when the bandits came down.

    Watching the advance troops wipe out the surprise attackers on the cliff in the blink of an eye like a tsunami, those who were attacking the Knight Commander under the cliff turned around and changed their faces. The Knight Commander slashes another person at the moment when he is at a loss as to whether to run away or fight. I don't know why the advance troops didn't help, but when I saw a line of hope that everyone might be rescued.

    Gagagagagagagagagagagagaka! ︎‼ ︎

    The view shook the world.

    What⁈ this is‼ ︎ It will collapse! ︎ the advance troops! Everyone shouts, pointing overhead or on the cliff, and everything begins to collapse. The advance unit, which had been a mass of hope until a while ago, falls with the bandits.

    It was also a moment when I was raised by it. Fragments of collapse fall from there, like priming water, to where we are. This time it wasn't dropped on purpose, it's a real landslide.

    Withdraw, everyone get off the cliff, retreat with the injured, I can hear the Knight Commander screaming from the side. Rather than that, almost at the same time

    A rubble sound and an auspicious scream rang.

    I felt like I heard a crushing sound.

    The sync that was lined up next to me shouted earlier than I, who was slow to respond. Looking back, it was after the rubble fell to the place where the recruits were seriously injured and unable to move.

    With absent-minded eyes without knowing what had happened, I could see the limbs that had failed to collapse through the gaps in the rocks. The people around me, who had completely seen the moment when our companions were crushed, sat down. ... again, I failed to help without realizing it.

    Ben, who is my senior, pulls me with his arm, but the shock is so big that I can't even scream. Run away! At the moment when I tried to reach out to the others, which I just sat down, the eyes were drunk on the rubble in front of my seniors. Ben, who jumped out just before, shouted his name. The nightmare has passed and I still can't understand because my emotions can't keep up.

    As Ben, who has a large body, pulls my arm and runs away, my eyes shift to the Knight Commander from the traces of my crushed companions. The foot stops at the figure of the Knight Commander who is growing distant. I quickly realized that he wasn't screaming "don't leave" or "help me" but was screaming at us running away.

    While thinking so, Ben's leg suddenly stops pulling me. It was the moment when my senior fell down that I looked back and saw the rubble that had fallen hit his head directly. Even Ben⁈ finally catches up with my head and I scream, Ben who collapses bleeds from his head and does not move. The neck is pointing in a strange direction. I wasn't confident that I could carry a big senior by myself and asked for help. Immediately after the screaming of annoyance and the death cries, rubble fell there again, and a large amount of blood droplets flew to me. I'm the only recruit standing.

    The body looks back at the Knight Commander, who I should have left behind for no apparent reason, asking for help. Now that the retreat is blocked, I don't know where to escape. And

    The Knight Commander was also crushed.

    The Knight Commander, who was unable to escape, reached out to convey something from his point of view, was crushed beneath the rubble in the next moment.

    The sound of a person crushed beneath the rubble that I heard many times seemed to echo only in my head.

    I'm the only one left behind. The Knight Commander, the Knight's of the main corps, my seniors, the special abilities people, and all the recruits died. The moment I witnessed the death of the Knight Commander, something collapsed and faded in me.

    If the Knight Commander could move his legs, he could have avoided the rubble alone. If the Knight Commander was able to take command, the thought that there would be many recruits standing here now begins to turn at high speed.

    Suddenly there was a shadow above where I was, and when I looked up, it was rubble falling again. It wasn't a rubble avalanche like before, and I noticed it before it fell. The art of protecting oneself is carved by repeated drills. I'm in time now, my legs aren't injured, but even if I know it with my head

    ─ Crush

    I couldn't move anymore.

    (Clark POV) II 81.1 8th Episode Comic Update / Thanks Story: The Deputy Commander Thinks
    "I just secured a road that can be passed by a carriage. However, everyone ... "

    I understand.

    So I blocked the report from the Knight. I can understand without being told any more.

    While watching the video sent from the correspondent, I constantly sends instructions to the Knights. Most Knights, not just me, have been unable to sleep since yesterday's accident. Even now, a large number of Knights come and go in the strategy meeting room, and many Knights staying at the scene return after "collecting". Images from the correspondents continued to confirm that many Knights were still working on the excavation and maintenance overnight.

    Searching for the bodies of the recruits and Knights and collecting information on the bandits. And ... it's a maintenance to secure a return trip for the Queen of Freesia.

    "Please secure a way for the carriage to pass by the time I return, all right? A detour is not a joke. "

    After the cliff collapse accident ... that was the only command sent again by the Queen, who unilaterally disconnected.

    Creating a way through for the Queen, who is currently staying in a neighboring country, to return home. That was the first job I was assigned as the "Knight Commander".

    The Queen, who is staying in the neighboring country, will soon be returning by carriage. Clean up the rubble so that there's no need to detour.

    Originally, it was not a job for the Knights in the current situation. If it's not urgent, we can hire a subcontractor in the name of the royal family instead of the Knights. Of course, it's work for the reconstruction of the country, but we, the Knights, do not move to shorten the travel time by carriage.

    I hope the Queen doesn't make it back to Freesia in her carriage. ...... How many times have I wondered what it would be like for that Queen to become buried beneath the rubble?

    Still, I accepted the order because it was convenient. The bodies of recruits and advance troops have not been found since the cliff collapsed. Survival is hopeless now, but I wanted to at least return part of their bodies to the bereaved families.

    I haven't got any information about the bandits who attacked Roderick and the others. I have a clue that they are against our alliance with the neighboring country, but there is no clear evidence of it. For that reason, it was necessary to remove the cliff area.

    For us, it's only maintenance of the carriage road, which is the order of the Queen. Otherwise, the stupid Queen would not have allowed the Knights to go to the cliffs. It is possible that none of the troops would receive permission to leave the castle they were supposed to protect.

    "Dep ..., Knight Commander Clark. Now, the Knights have returned from the scene with a cart."

    "Oh, let's meet now .......... Continue to carry here."

    The Knight who returned to the strategy meeting room reports with gratitude.

    I have already moved to the second report.

    Looking back, many "parts" of the Knights who have already been brought back are lined up there. These are our "Knights" who were dug up overnight from yesterday.

    I would have been happy if I could recover the torso with the head. One arm, a part of the body including the leg. For some "Knights" we could only collect their personal belongings, not their bodies. …… Yes, they are “Knights” who have been martyred and promoted, not only the advance troops.

    Now that the advance troops have been wiped out, it took time to bring back the bodies. Only the advance forces that created it can move the machine that pulls that cart. Therefore, I had no choice but to use horses and wagons to carry them little by little.

    I'm out of the Knight Commander's seat and wait for them in front of the opened door. Knights who have been returned to Freesia with care are carried one by one from the wagon. Those who can fit in both hands were wrapped in cloth, and those whose shape remained larger than that were carefully lined up on the floor while being packed in corpse bags.

    I instructed anyone who could be identified as a Knight of Freesia, whether from clothing or armor, be taken to this operational meeting room in front of the morgue. All the corpses of the bandits were taken to another facility to collect information, but at least I wanted the Knights to rest here. ...... The fine Knights who desperately tried to survive with Roderick.

    "... You had a hard time with this mission."

    I spoke the same words again to those who couldn't answer and were just lined up on the floor.

    No one has been found alive since then. Even after the cliff collapse, several Knights including the 7th corps were dispatched, including the Knights who jumped out before and after the cliff collapse. The first act was to search for survivors, and the second is to search for bodies. Next is the debris removal work.

    The number of Knights was originally small, as several Knights were taken to thr neighboring country as the Queen's escort. I couldn't even send the rest of the army to the cliffs. If they are attacked by another country here, that could be the worst situation in history.

    "Thank you, Knight Commander Clark. At this point, I have found 70% of the Knights. The number of bandits is unknown, but I have recovered the body of a man who seems to be the leader and brought it with me."

    "Oh, I heard from the correspondents. You had a hard time, Colm .... I'm sorry to leave the scene to you who just became a Knight Captain."

    No, and. He returned a word and distorted his face slightly.

    The clothes that are always neatly arranged are no longer clean. Mud is sticking to his face and hair, and his hands are dirty with traces of dried blood. Although he has just become a Knight of the main corps, he was also heading to the scene with half of the third corps. In collaboration with other Captains, he also gave instructions on the scene. Since the Captain was included in the advance units that lost their lives, it was valuable to have a position to give accurate instructions.

    According to a report from a correspondent, Colm was willing to take advantage of his ability to remove rubble while continuing to instruct his subordinates. To be honest, I have relied heavily not only on his leadership but also on the application of his special ability of superhuman strength. I thought that his personality would make him help with the removal work without my saying it. And as a result ... he was probably the one who burned the most horrific sights into his eyes.

    Even if he lifts rubble, it is not to the cheers of survivors but the bodies of those who do not keep their original shape.

    He's witnessed the deaths of his friends before, but this number should be the first time.

    Not just him. It was unusual for this number to die all at once in the Knight Division whose death rate had been declining in recent years. Moreover, one of those killed is Roderick, the Knight Commander of the Knights.

    Many Knights are still burying their thoughts on what to do in front of them. Not just Colm. No Knight tried to leave the scene even if ordered a rest.

    Alain, the Deputy Captain who ran a horse with the First Corps immediately after the cliff collapsed, also dug up a number of Knights crushed by rubble after rushing to the scene. He, who is the Deputy Captain, is also one of the Captains who takes the initiative in instructing his subordinates. He may be the same age as Colm and may have just been promoted, but even if his knighthood is removed, his humanity is great. I heard from the video of the correspondent that he shouted, "Maybe there's one person still alive." He may be the only one who arrived at the scene who continued to believe in survival. ...... In the Knights who have just lost a big pillar.

    "Order the Knights on the scene to rest without overdoing it. You too ... don't overdo it."

    When I put my hand on his shoulder, the expression Colm returned a word became even steeper.

    While returning words to thank me, I try to urge him to tell me "what's wrong" as he bites his lips as if hesitatinh. There are a lot of things that are hard to say. Now I can keep it in my chest.

    For him, who has been working sleeplessly like any other Knight since yesterday, all I can do now is to bear the burden of my heart. He went all the way from the scene to the Knights Training Ground for a report, but he will return to the scene again. I still need both his leadership and special abilities.

    To tell the truth, he once cut his words and hid his voice further. I also listen to him, paying attention not to be heard by the Knights who line up the bodies around him. He once apologized for letting me hear it ... whispered ... it was supposed to be.

    "Harrison .... he's not even going to move from that place even if we ordered it. I'm sorry to trouble you, but if possible, Knight Commander Clark should order him to return. I wonder ...? "

    I think he often sees his juniors again, saying he is sorry and apologizing.

    After the safety of the site was confirmed, Harrison volunteered as one of the teams to go to the site late, but now it seems that he is like a shell. Shortly after he arrived at the scene, his purpose was fulfilled.

    Column explained that he wouldn't move his knees from the spot, even as the reporting and transportation work went on. The other Knights haven't been to Harrison for a long time, and even if he talks to him, he's ignored and Harrison turns his blade on them when he tries to lend his shoulders. He's like a ghost ... I bite in my mouth that I should have noticed earlier. I could have imagined that he would do that.

    "... Okay. Thank you Colm. Let's get Harrison back here right away. Don't bother yourself."

    I hit him on the shoulder again, asking him to continue.

    I had just finished arranging the piled up bodies. Colm also left the strategy meeting room with the Knights who were carrying the remains as it was. After seeing them leave the door again to the most horrific battlefield, I returned to command.

    Command the correspondent to call Harrison in my name. After waiting a few minutes, he rushed to the point of view of the video in an instant. I'm a little relieved that the situation still left him with the capacity to use his high-speed legs.

    Thank you for your hard work, he bows deeply to call me, and the traces of tears still remain clearly with the mud. He has no animation in his eyes and I remember my friend's son who had collapsed here yesterday.

    Currently, he is kept as a "bereaved family" in the Knights Exercise Area, but he is still not in a state where he can speak properly. Harrison would be close to that.

    "Harrison, I want you to come back now. As a force, I want to keep you a little separate .... If you don't rest, the Knights won't rest either."

    Harrison opened his eyes slightly when I asked him to take the role of reporting immediately if something happened.

    He, who had eyes like the bottom of a swamp, shakes his purple eyes. When I smiled at him who showed me that he could still move if he had a role, I could see that his stiff facial muscles were also strengthened.

    It's bad to have quoted myself, but otherwise he would probably judge the order to return as an dismissal notification.

    "I understand, I'll be back soon. I'll be back soon."

    He returned with a tense voice and disappeared in an instant.

    After he disappeared without waiting for my reply, the horse roared and I heard the sound of a hoof.

    I understood that he had already jumped in.
    "Really ... I did it."

    Huh, exhale and sit on a chair.

    When something happened after Harrison arrived, I asked him to come to me immediately, and I decided to take a rest before anyone in the Knights.

    There is time before the next cart and carriage arrive. It's short to call it a nap, but it's still enough for me. I was accustomed to the dead smell, but once I got out of the strategy meeting room, I realized that my nose was too accustomed to it. Even though I myself haven't been bathed in blood, the smell of them lined up on the floor doesn't leave my clothes.

    "I took a break, but when I went to see Arthur, he said he would go home."

    As for the clothes, I take off the clothes that are still the Deputy Commander uniform and hang them on the chair.

    Arthur also waited until I visited.

    He was sitting in the corner of the room, holding his knees instead of sitting in a bed or chair, and he didn't talk to anyone until I came. As soon as I called out, he said, "I'm going home," and his long silver-haired eyes remained stagnant.

    I wanted to go home with him who just said, "Ma is waiting," but I didn't think he could hide her husband's death from Clarissa-san.

    Originally Arthur is not good at lying. What's more, his complexion, which he can't hide, is enough to be noticed by her. I explained it over and over again and managed to keep him here. Arthur can't tell her yet.

    "If you show such a figure, Clarissa-san will not be able to stay calm ..........

    Raise my body from the seat that I sat on and turn your body.

    I lowered the angle of the neck that seems to be raised reflexively. I understand that the person who spoke to me as a matter of course after entering the room is no longer in that position. He has been blessed with both body and back since he was a recruit, but now he is far lower than me.


    Knights' room.

    Like the clothes, I throw at the corpse of a friend lying on the bed in a room that hasn't become mine yet.

    If I had a surprisingly calm voice, I was naturally caught in it. It's probably the worst smile of my life that spills naturally for the first time since I knew his death.

    Roderick's corpse was ... found relatively early by the Knights. I was fortunate that the special abilities of the correspondents continued even after they died.

    Thanks to the fact that the viewpoint was fixed to the rubble that fixed Roderick's legs in place, I had some idea. The removal work done by the Knights took time, but the discovery happened shortly after Harrison arrived. Most of his body was crushed by rubble, and only his right arm remained in its original shape. The only material that could be judged to be Roderick is the decoration of the clothes. ...... At the last moment, that arm he was stretching towards our point of view is now alone there.

    There are some other "parts" of Roderick that the Knights have at least picked up and laid on the bed, but Clarissa can't be sure that it belongs to Roderick.

    It's just a chunk of meat. No matter how many parts are arranged, he cannot be recognized. Arthur was still unable to reunite with him.

    Even the Knights who weren't relatives collapsed to their knees, lost their voice in despair, and couldn't help crying. Harrison wasn't the only one who got stuck in the place where Roderick was. The presence of the Knight Commander was that great.

    "... What am I going to do, Roderick? It should it have been you."

    It was supposed to be from now on. Nurture the Knights of the main corps, and promote them through a large-scale recruitment of recruits, the Knights were supposed to grow more from now on. That's what he said before he established his current position with me.

    However, all the recruits died, the advance troops were wiped out, and the Knights who lost him, the Knight Commander, could not reach that height ... until long after.

    I am also with the Knights. I have believed in the Knights because of him. There is no way I can find a replacement for him. In the name of the youngest Knight Commander in history, there were too many reasons he couldn't die.

    It's tempting to say ironically that he should at least wear the appearance of dying on the battlefield, but the smile naturally withers. The mouth I tried to speak with remained open and did not move. No matter what I say, no one is here to respond.

    "Arthur is still thirteen .... I think you said that you wanted to drink with him at that bar someday."

    He doesn't answer, let alone a mouth.

    Roderick, who was delighted to have a boy shortly after Arthur was born, said so many times. It wasn't natural after Arthur gave up trying to be a Knight, but he would have wanted to do so someday, even if he chose a path other than a Knight.

    The flat voice echoed humorously in my ears. I shouldn't have felt anything even if I kept standing in front of the Knights a while ago, but now my hands and feet are as heavy as lead.

    If I tried to say that I would drink with Arthur instead, I felt squeezed. In fact, I think it's time to do so.

    It was when I thought it that the drops fell on the back of my hand. While raising the corner of my mouth, I talk to the pieces which cannot be called the corpse of my friend. Such a figure cannot be shown to the Knights.

    I'm glad I moved his body here. There is no way other Knights can see him like this, who was the cornerstone of the Knights, over and over again.

    Cover my eyes with one palm to hold down the drops that spill from my eyes. Immediately after that, instead of stopping, it increased more. It seems like my voice going to lift in my throat, and I think with the calm part of my head that a few hours isn't enough. But I can't stop it anymore.

    "... It's a really time-consuming man."

    Until the end.

    I couldn't say that word, and I just killed my voice so that it wouldn't leak beyond the wall.

    (Roderick POV) II 96.2 And Runs
    ─ I wanted to tell you at the end.

    "Now⁈ Cliff ..."

    It's a chain of sounds like tinnitus and the sound of the earth.

    Even though the advance troops were finally in time, they were hit by an unexpected situation again. ...... No, it was something I could have expected. I knew that the ground in this area was loose.

    Is it Clark's instruction or something else unexpected? There is no way to confirm now that the communication from the other side has already been cut off. Compare the recruits, who are still not in time for relief, with the cliffs that collapse with the bandits and the advance forces. The bandits who were holding weapons at me are now even sickened by their escape from the collapse.

    Run away, keep those who can't move away from the cliffs, and be careful overhead. Now that rubble has taken my foot, I can only give instructions to the recruits by voice. The throat that has already been overworked in battle does not reach the recruits who are far away, no matter how much it is raised. Even if I want to hurry the evacuation route, everything is crushed by the sound of collapse.

    Recruits are swallowed by rubble one after another out of my reach.

    In a desperate situation, the moment I realized I was dead, the last thing I saw was my son's face.

    I couldn't express my feelings for him every day like my wife. I can't immediately remember how many months ago it's been since we had our last decent conversation.

    I wanted to tell my wife that I love my son. But now I regret that I wanted to convey my feelings to Arthur correctly.

    Arthur longed to be a Knight because of me and gave up because of me.

    I couldn't be the proud father of my son, who said he was ashamed to be a Knight.

    At the end, I wanted to practice with him again ... I think that's just my selfishness.

    I also wanted my subordinates to understand the way of life of a Knight. Everything that I wanted to tell them not to give up on their dreams.

    I don't tell Arthur to be a Knight. If he doesn't really want it, if he finds something else he wants to do, that's fine.

    I wasn't happy that Arthur were born that day to make him a Knight. I didn't keep asking Arthur because I wanted him to be a Knight. Arthur was never born just to be a Knight! ︎

    The Knight was the way of life I was most proud of. I'm proud of Arthur, so I wanted him to know this way of life. However, for that reason, I taught Arthur how to live as a Knight from an early age, and from the time Arthur wanted it, I didn't cut corners in training. I didn't want him to give up because of me. No matter how he lives, if he can be proud of himself, that's fine. But I just

    "Clark! Tell Arthur ”

    Raise my voice to the place I was looking at.

    Even if he can't hear my voice, please reach out to read just the movement of my mouth or just one scale.

    ─ I wish Arthur could choose the way of life that he truly wanted.

    I couldn't even save the lives of any of the future recruits, advance troops, or my important son, and I left behind all my friends, subordinates, friends, and family.

    A small observation while sharing these. I don't think this game would interest me much, as someone who plays otome games. I think my ranking for the game routes are Stayle > Cedric > Gilbert > Leon > Arthur. Leon taking a big hit over the yandere angle, and Arthur just being flat and boring... the only thing I like about reading Arthur's route is learning what happened to the knights. Even though reading about Harrison just shatters me.

    That said, the latest story update was fairly eventful! We see the first non-Tiara dream of the second game, learn the Farnum sister's name (Helen), and get the source of Dios and Croy's name. They're named for Castor and Pollux, or "Dioscuri" (sons of Zeus). So I guess that means the proper spelling for Croy's name is the Latin "Kouroi" ... or is Curi better? :hmm:

    Other than that... I've located the proper spellings (and sources) of most of the countries that appear in the series. I'm still researching two (Beaglee and Corkhorn), but haven't found the source yet.
    Main Settings
    Freesia Kingdom
    source: Freesia

    Anemone Kingdom
    source: Poppy Anemone, genus name Anemone Coronaria

    United Kingdom of Hanazuo
    source: Chinese Redbud, genus name Cersis Chinensis

    Other Allied Kingdoms
    Clematis Kingdom
    source: Clematis

    Hawthorn Kingdom
    source: Hawthorn

    Veronica Kingdom
    source: Veronica (also called Speedwell)

    Lilac Kingdom (formerly Shion)
    source: Lilac (also called Syringa)

    Lilyturf Kingdom (formerly Yabran)
    source: Lily Turf, genus name Liriope Muscari

    Hyacinth Kingdom (formerly Muscari)
    source: Muscari (also called Grape Hyacinth)

    Orchid Kingdom (formerly Misumi)
    source: Phalaenopsis Venus (also called Phalaenopsis Orchid, binomial name Misumi)

    Negotiating With
    source: unknown

    source: unknown
    *Still researching these two.

    Enemy Countries
    Rajah Empire (formerly Rajya)
    source: Nepenthes Rajah

    Empire's Subordinate Countries
    Copelandii Kingdom (formerly Coperandi)
    source: Nepenthes Copelandii

    Alata Kingdom (formerly Arata)
    source: Nepenthes Alata

    Rafflesiana Kingdom (formerly Rafflesia)
    source: Raffles Pitcher-Plant, genus name Nepenthes Rafflesiana
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