Spoiler The Nerd Turned Into A Tyrant /너드남이 알고 보니 폭군이라 합니다

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    Name : The Nerd Turned Into A Tyrant /너드남이 알고 보니 폭군이라 합니다
    Raw link: https://page.kakao.com/home/너드남이-알고-보니-폭군이라-합니다/58239321
    NU link:

    Author: 황흰

    MTL Description:

    The tyrant goes mad and kills all the characters.

    That's the summary of the rated-19 novel.

    The problem is that I only looked at the scenes and didn't know the contents properly!

    In any case, there is only one person I need to avoid. The Emperor.

    But, as a commoner, will I even ever meet the emperor?

    Living in a village on the far end of the continent, far away from the Imperial Palace, my only interest is one!

    “I am Lucette. You can call me Luce.”

    "Hello… … you can call me Rev.”

    One day, a mysterious boy, Rev, suddenly appeared in the village.

    “What are you really going to do without me?”

    "Yeah. How am I supposed to live without you?”

    I'm worried because he's so kind and naive, I have to take care of him and protect him!
    … … That's what I thought.

    “… … Other places are fine, but please don't come to the second floor.”

    "Please. You must not drink this.”

    "It's nothing."

    Why do you have so many secrets?

    “Report immediately who she meets, what she does, and who she smiles at.”

    My friend who disappeared for a while, came back became even more suspicious.

    “I told you, Luce. I cannot live without you.”

    Who are you?

    The description got me hooked. Has anyone read this? I need spoilers:blob_plusone:
    I tried to upload image but i couldn't
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    This looks interesting
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    ''This work is a work served as an epub viewer.
    You can adjust [Font], [Text Size], [Line Spacing], [Left and Right Margins] through the viewer settings, and all settings are initialized by clicking [Reset Settings] in the viewer settings.

    Readers, please use it as a reference.''


    “Open the door, Rev!”

    Even after knocking on the door for a while, the owner doesn't even think about coming out.

    Maybe it's because I'm concentrating on reading a book again and I can't hear anything?

    “Even if a real nuclear bomb goes off, he’ll die just reading a book.”

    It's stupid.

    After knocking on the door for a while, I heard footsteps from behind the door. Soon the door swung open.

    A man in thin-rimmed glasses was rubbing his half-closed eyes. Maybe my eyes are a little red... … .


    “Rev, didn’t you hear the knock while reading the book again?”

    Without even hearing an answer, Luce swung the door open.

    A small candle was illuminating the room, and unorganized books were spread out on the table.

    Looking at Luce coming in as if it were his own home, a man called Levra scratched the back of his neck as if he was in a hurry.

    “There, that.”

    Seeing him smile a little shyly, I could understand the situation.

    “Have you been reading all night again? What do you want to know so much?”

    “It’s fun to read and read.”

    “I don’t know if it’s a novel or a collection of poems, but I don’t know what makes these hard books so interesting… … .”

    Luce, who was listening to <The King>, put down the book.

    “You should see some sunlight. It is said that if you rely on a candle like this every day and look at a book, your eyes will get worse.”

    “Are you worried about me?”

    “Then are you not worried? Have you eaten?”


    As Luce with her hand on her waist approached, Rev took a step back.

    'He's seen me for years, but why can't we make eye contact yet? Is it because you feel like you're getting mad? Or do you think that if my eyes met, I would want to go to the second floor?'

    Even now, Rev's spacious body seemed to be blocking the stairs to the second floor. He had previously advised not to go to the second floor.

    'Well, it looks like you have a collection of precious books, don't you? I'm not interested in books.'

    His earlobe was red right in front of him. It seems that the breathing is a little steep.

    I'm not even a kid and I'm so embarrassed that my ears are all red with just one word. It is the type that takes a lot of work. Should I comfort you?

    placed his hand on his shoulder. Even Luce, who is tall and short, had a hard time even putting her hands on it.


    I was a little surprised that his shoulders were unexpectedly hard, but considering his body type, I thought it was worth it.

    Rather, it is strange that it is soft at this size at this height. Rev needs to be grateful for his natural body.

    If I had been thin and fragile, I would have been bullied much more by this soft and shy personality.

    Luce whispered to him.

    “It’s good to read, copy, and study, but I still eat meals and sleep in between. Understand?"

    “… … .”

    “I brought some bread because I thought there would be some leftovers. Eat this for dinner.”

    His body was warm with his hands on it.

    "let's eat together."

    “No, I have an appointment.”

    Luce, wondering if it was simply a high body temperature, was about to turn around, but suddenly, his arm was grabbed.

    “… … with who?"

    Has he ever held me so tightly?

    As he looked down at his white, strong hands, Rev quickly released his hand, perhaps because he had done it unintentionally.

    Luce, thinking nothing of it, wrapped the shawl around her shoulder and went to the door.

    “You don’t know. Anyway, eat your meal! I go!”

    Without leaking water, Luce closed the door and left. The light footsteps gradually fade away.

    Behind Rev, who was standing there, several footsteps were heard. The men in black came down from the second floor and looked into his eyes.

    Where did the harmless and shy smile he had shown Luce go, his expression hardened.

    The tallest of the men who hesitated asked cautiously.

    “Your Majesty, it is disgraceful, but you must decide what to do with Count Ignice on the border… … .”

    “What do you do?”

    With his glasses off, Rev said he was tired.

    “Kill them all and set fire to them. The count is filial and hangs it outside the castle.”

    “… … .”

    “If you say that I am planning a new bill while I am not in the Imperial Palace, I need to cut the buds. Isn't it?"

    Count Ignice was a distant bloodline of the imperial family.

    Even if they are distant relatives, harming blood is like an unwritten rule that the emperor cannot readily do. He is the emperor who survived because of the taboo, so he knows better than anyone.

    Even so, the words that Ignice would blow his throat at once, as if he did not even consider the public opinion that would become noisy after his death, were terrifying.

    The bodyguards trembled in surprise, but soon nodded their heads to comply with the order.

    If he hesitated even a little at the command of the young emperor, who was so cold-hearted as if he had carved ice with a knife, he might hang himself with the count.


    As I was about to go out slowly, a voice as cold as frost called the bodyguard.

    Is there something wrong with it? Did he do something that was not pleasing to the emperor? One of the bodyguards, who was rolling their eyes, suddenly fell to their knees.

    “Lungs, Your Majesty. If you've ever made a mistake... … .”

    The enemy's eyes looking down at him narrowed narrowly.

    “One of you, go to the next town.”

    “Are you talking about the next town?”

    The bodyguard, who made eye contact, asked, bewildered. The emperor nodded briefly.

    After thinking for a moment, the guards seemed to know what the emperor was saying.

    “Report in minutes who she meets, what she does, and what she smiles at.”

    “… … .”

    “If that 'someone' is rude to Lucete.”

    The sharp possessiveness flowed out unpredictably.

    “Put up the report and his head together.”

    “… … I will take your name.”

    * * *

    “Does this strawberry jam rev like it? The last time I picked strawberries, I think they liked it!”

    Luce, who was smiling brightly at the market, was unaware of it.

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    Omg thank you so much:aww::aww:
    Your an :blobangel:
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    [fhvksrhkddls: Writer, I was curious about that ending, so I read the last volume... … 19 Is it because gold is cruel? … ? No... … ?] (Like 311)

    ┖ Evil me too

    ┖ If you want to watch the scene mainly because it is 19 gold, be sure to buy only 2 books... … Volume 1 is a background description, and volume 3 is about the male protagonist going crazy and killing everyone. …

    ┖ At the end, the tyrant Namjoo **** and **** seems to come out in a dream... … I want to go back in time to before I saw volume 3 (Comments have been filtered due to spoiler reports)

    ┖┖ Huh, is that something like that? crazy

    ┖┖ In the preview, he still looked like a sweet man, but the back story is like that… … ? It's probably not my taste... … thank you for saving money

    ┖┖ Oh, I stepped on a spoiler ㅠㅠ

    If there are a lot of reviews like this when purchasing a book, of course you should click the back button.

    '… … I'm curious as to how much?'

    But it was curiosity that killed the cat. I impulsively pressed the pay button.

    Still, I was a little hesitant to purchase the entire volume as other people would rip it off like this. So I only bought two.

    19 It was a feast of flesh color that made my mouth shut from the first scene, as the first review said, that the gold level is this high.

    'Wow, it's a scene even if you turn it over. It's crazy, it's not a joke.'

    There were scenes that made me feel obligated to cover the screen when no one was watching.

    I bought it because I was curious about the scene, but it wasn't something to see on the way to work in the morning, so I flipped through the pages and found some words.

    Thanks, I was able to get an overview.

    'Um, I was abandoned by my parents when I was young. Do you look like a bastard? My younger brother, who was the right person to inherit the throne, was so kind and gentle, that actually triggered a sense of inferiority. My name is uh... … oh what? Anyway, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Aha, I think it is a love-hate relationship that is hateful, good, and hateful because the woman who gets married by arrangement looks so much like her mother who abandoned her.'

    Apparently, the process of the content flow just felt like a sad ending.

    'If you see all the people's comments are astonished in the 3rd volume, is it possible to kill Yeoju with your own hands... … ? Is that too cruel? Ugh, no matter what, it's sad that I can't see it. I don't like to suffer too. Yeoju didn't know anything and only loved her, but she's dying, it's pitiful.'

    Thank you to those who left anonymous reviews. Thanks to you, I saved 3,000 won.

    I lifted my head while leaving a prayer for anonymous commenters in my heart.



    I saw a truck running over the center line to the bus stop.

    People say that when they are in danger of dying, the past passes by. But just before being hit by a truck, only one thing came to mind.

    'Oh, please.'

    A phone with a poisonous illustration of the 19 gold novel <The Cruelty of the Empire of Vladin> floating on it.

    'Please don't let anyone see my phone.'

    * * *

    “Lucy, why are you doing this?”

    It was obviously hit by a truck, but it didn't hurt.

    The clothes he was wearing were also strange. Obviously, the clothes he wore to work were black, but he was wearing a yellow chick-colored suit.

    I woke up abruptly and saw a small hand. what is this

    But without panicking, the collar was grabbed and the body stood up. Who is the woman who is wiping off her muddy legs... … ?

    “He asked me to dig some mushrooms, but what if he sleeps here?”

    “Bur, mushroom?”

    Confused, I asked, but a clear voice came out. With her mouth shut, she fell from the woman who was wiping her legs.

    “Where are you going, you bastard?”

    When I reflected my face in the spring water, I saw a 13-year-old child in it.

    Red hair and green eyes? The embarrassment was brief. It was more accurate to say that there was no panic when the woman who followed was slamming her on the back saying, 'Hey, this is it'.

    Seeing that she grinds her back like this is familiar, this woman must have been.

    “… … mom?"

    “Luce, are you still not awake? I have to go pick mushrooms for dinner tonight, so please follow me soon.”

    "mom? mama right? yo. This?"

    “Take the basket!”

    Luce rolled his eyes as he picked up the mushroom basket and followed the handsome woman.

    The question was quickly resolved. Picking mushrooms as instructed, and asking about this and that, the woman explained with a look that seemed to ask why she was asking such a natural thing.

    'So that woman is my mother, Chelsea. Instead of his father, who died early from an illness, he alone raised his only daughter, Lucete, up to the age of 13.'

    This is a peaceful Xenon village located in a small hillside. And that Xenon village… … .

    “The Vladin Empire?”

    “Yes, Vladin Empire. Wait, Luce, what if I pick moss!”

    A village that exists in the 'Vladin Empire', the background of <The Cruelty of the Vladin Empire>.

    Hey, it's like being possessed by 19 gold waste. I thought he was going to die, but somehow he was still alive.

    However, as he was plagued by Chelsea who chased and urged him to follow the mushrooms without a moment's notice, Luce had a good night's sleep from the first day of Bing.

    * * *

    Since then, Luce has not been able to sleep.

    Unlike the past when I was always busy, life in the book was quite comfortable, and it felt like my wish to live a rural life after retirement came true in a strange way.

    My mother, who is a bit picky and impatient, made me do this and that, but that's about it.

    “It’s good to see you eating well these days.”

    Most of all, she was a good person who grumbled and filled her with mushroom soup.

    To Luce, who had never felt the affection of a family in her previous life, the new family meant a lot to her.

    "Chelsea! Even if my husband apologizes, he picks up a lot. eat this. Dominic, should I say hi to Aunt Chelsea and Luce?”

    Neighbors were all good people.

    In addition to sharing food, if the Chelsea family, who live alone, experienced any inconvenience, such as a broken roof, he would come out and help as if it was his job.

    If I had to pick a neighbor with the most exchanges among them, it was definitely the Dominic's family.

    Dominic's mother, Dahlia, paid a lot of attention to Luce, probably because she had a son the same age as Luce.

    “… … Hi."

    "Yes, bye."

    Maybe there is another reason?

    The little boy with a small scar on his face said hello with his ears red and hid behind his mother's skirt.

    Dahlia, who squinted her eyes at Luce smiling, had something to talk about with Chelsea, so the kids went out in surprise.

    As soon as they came out together, Dominic, who was next to Luce, licked his lips over and over again.

    "Why? Do you have anything to say to me?”

    "no! does not exist!"

    'It's mean. Still, small things are cute.'

    “Do you think I have something to say?”

    “Oh, you said no! What do you keep asking!?”

    He gets angry and slaps him on the shoulder and runs away. Where Dominic ran to, there was a ribbon tied around the corner.

    I want to give it to you, but it seems like you're embarrassed to ask me over and over again?

    'Oh, but if you act like that, you should know that women don't like it.'

    Dominic or not, Luce walked without picking up the ribbon. The sunset sky was beautiful, so the reason I wanted to see it from a high hill was even greater.

    As expected, sitting on the hill, I could see the sunset scenery of the village at a glance. Smoke rose from the chimney and scattered through the sunset.

    The pinwheel of the windmill in the distance turned, and the laughter of people preparing dinner could be heard. It was a picturesque landscape that was very peaceful. my heart became green


    I was scared at first to be in a 19-gold novel notorious for its brutality, but there was no need to be intimidated at all. After all, isn't that a story about dying and killing each other in the imperial family?

    Here, according to Chelsea, the town of Xenon was the farthest edge of the border from the capital, where the Imperial Palace was located.

    It was said that the owner of the estate was also a musician who had nothing to do with power struggles and only received a low title because he was good at composing. He's so soft that he hasn't been paying taxes for decades.

    So, it was safe to say that the village of Xenon had no chance of getting involved with the mad emperor, the main character.

    'If I had possessed a member of the imperial family, it would have been a disaster. I'm so glad you're here.'

    I don't know anything about the back and forth, but anyway, in terms of people, this town is probably just an extra.

    It's such a small town, and it's not even on the map, so what would the emperor care about this place?

    It reminded me that people around me were worried that you were living too comfortably, but this place was really nothing to worry about.

    'I have to tell my mom to plant tomatoes in an empty space in the garden. I want to eat ketchup.'

    A place where you can think about what to eat every day, what to play and what to do.

    I smiled comfortably and looked at the clouds when I suddenly heard a noise. It was at the bottom of the hill on the side of the stream.

    "stop it… … .”

    “Stop it, hahaha. Hey, glasses holder, can’t you see anything when you take your glasses off?”

    “Oh, don’t do that… … .”

    “So, who is playing while reading a book?”


    Among the children of the village, Vincent, who was particularly playful and large, and several children who followed him surrounded a certain boy.

    Embarrassed, Luce stood up, and Dominic appeared out of nowhere and explained in a snarky voice characteristic of a young boy.

    “He’s been wandering around here for a few days. They spoke and looked at the book without answering.”

    Clearly, the boy with dark hair and glasses was a face he had never seen. But for Luce, that didn't matter.

    “Why are you bothering me? Did you do anything wrong?”

    "Well? I hadn't heard of such a thing. There must be a reason, I just hated Vincent.”


    'Why are you bothering a child because these things don't really matter!'

    The body that was imprisoned may be a child, but in any case, Luce was an adult inside.

    I was always angry when I saw the news of grabbing, harassing, and ostracizing an easy-going child. I also promised myself that I would never condone if I found someone going through such a thing around me.

    But what do you do in this peaceful and happy town?

    “Do, give it back!”

    Vincent eventually took the boy's glasses.

    The boy, who was swinging his arms, stumbled and fell, stepping on a stone. Pointing to the boy who had drowned in a puddle, a brook, and turned into a mouse, Vincent laughed out loud.

    “Look at that, did I say I can't do anything if I take her glasses off? So who… … .”


    At that moment, Luce screamed.

    The boy's wet eyes, trembling with shame, turned to Vincent and the little girl running down the hill.

    “Stop it, you naughty bastard!”

    Luce, who kicked Vincent's cheeks with full strength, squealed.



    Kicking behind the knee, Vincent was nicely rounded.

    He groaned as he slumped over.

    “What is it, Luce?!”

    “Yeah, it’s me!”

    “Why are you kicking me all of a sudden!”

    “Suddenly what! Why are you harassing an innocent child and making a fuss?”

    Vincent stood up, snorting like a bull in a bullring, and strode towards him.

    He was taller than his peers and had a rough appearance, and he was quite frightened when he made an impression.

    “If there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re being annoying! That's wrong too!”

    But Luce was not at all discouraged.

    “Huh, if that’s wrong, you get life in prison, Vincent. Your thumping steps and all your ugly faces are offensive to me!”

    “Just kidding me!”

    “It’s a joke that I kicked you, why? How many more kicks? How about a joke with friends?”

    'You're making the very typical excuses of a bully, pathetic. Everywhere I go, these guys are a problem!'

    Luce snorted at Vincent, who started a childish quarrel.

    When Luce didn't lose, Vincent spat at his feet as if a goal had been scored.

    'Ugh, where did he get such a dirty habit? The little crab is already mimicking the neighborhood bastard. Vincent's uncle was really nice.'

    Vincent, not knowing what Luce was thinking, stretched out his hand with a face much more wrinkled than ever before.

    It was the hand holding the stolen glasses.

    His hand was pointing at the boy who owned the glasses.

    “I don’t know because you are dull and blind, but look at that bastard’s eyes. It’s a red color.”

    red color?

    Luce looked at the boy with his head bowed. He couldn't see the color of his eyes, but seeing the children around Vincent nodded, he seemed right.

    Why are your eyes red? Luche, who had lost his absurdity, frowned.

    “What is red?”

    At Luce's answer, Vincent had a rather excited expression on his face.

    “It’s bloody. It's an ominous and cursed color. It's only natural that a guy like that doesn't want to mess around with our town. What the hell do you know?”

    'What is this... … .'

    What are you talking about, this guy?

    I heard it from my mother Chelsea.

    In the Vladin Empire, from a long time ago, when wars were frequent, red, which reminds of blood, was regarded as an ominous color.

    That's why they were nobles and commoners, and didn't even wear red clothes at all.

    There are superstitions and taboos in any society, so I could understand it even if I didn't understand it.

    'It's also a story I've seen somewhere.'

    But it was very annoying that he was just harassing him because he didn't like it, and attached it as if it was a legitimate reason.

    Vincent shrugged as if he had given him a big lesson. It was very disgusting to have a mouth that spoke blatantly.

    “Hey, do you understand now?”

    Luce crossed her arms when she saw Vincent once, and once when she saw the boy standing still, even if it was a mistake.

    “No, I don’t know.”

    At that, the boy raised his head.

    He stared blankly at Luce's very determined and determined expression.

    "what? Luce, you don't seem to understand... … .”

    “If blood is an ominous color, what about my hair? My hair is red too. Have you ever thought that this is also an ominous color? It's a color I inherited from my parents, but can you say that in front of my mother? Did you think that while watching my dead father? no way?"

    Vincent took a step back, bewildered by Luce, who pushed him like a rapid-fire gun.

    “Hey, that’s not it. Your eyes and hair are different colors!”

    He looked at the children around him as if asking for consent. But they were all shaking their heads.

    Lucene's dead father will also curse, right? Hey, then you are a really irreversible bad guy. It's the worst, no matter what.

    Their eyes staring at Vincent silently seemed to say that. Luce raised her eyebrows and took a step closer to Vincent, who was overbearing.

    “Well, if red is really an ominous color, what would it be? It's the same color on the eyes and on the head, but they must all be cursed. Dad, we're in trouble. Vincent said my hair was cursed.”

    Luce raised her hair to the sky and pretended to cry.

    “It’s not… … !”

    “Or what? You're actually a color, doesn't it matter?"

    Vincent's mouth shut.

    “I was just cursed because I wanted to grab that little girl, don’t you think that talking about anything is crossing the line? How would you feel if I made a legend from today and spread rumors that the name Vincent is all ominous?”

    The children whispered that Luce beat Vincent with her words.

    Seeing the murmuring children, Luce turned around.

    “You are all the same. If Vincent is like this, you should think about stopping him, is it a friend to leave him alone or not?”

    “… … uh... … .”

    The children, who whispered that we were also beaten, averted their eyes.

    Luce strode closer to Vincent and nailed it.

    “Before I really gossip, don’t be mean and give me those glasses.”

    "profit… … .”


    Did he talk like this?

    Half resentful and half bewildered, Vincent grunted and threw his glasses away.

    “Chi. it's annoying. A little crab is making a lot of noise... … .”

    This guy, he only counted his pride, so he hasn't reflected on it yet.

    Luce, who was contemplating while looking at the glasses rolling on the grass, motioned to Vincent. It was a gesture to bow down a little.

    Normally, I would have ignored it and turned around, but today's Luce somehow felt an irresistible power.

    For example, it's like my older sister who went to work in the city a long time ago... … .

    Luce approached Vincent's ear, pretending not to win, pretending to lose, and bowing his back.

    “… … .”

    "uh? what did you say now... … .”

    Vincent's expression turned pale as he listened to Luce's words.

    “… … .”

    “Hey, Mi, I’m sorry. Wrong! Ahh!"

    “… … .”

    "Sorry! Sorry! I'll turn it off quickly!"

    The children gave Luce the glasses and stared blankly at Vincent's back as he ran away from his tail.

    “What did you do, Luce? What did Vincent do that way?”

    “Well, I guess I was swearing? I didn't even say a word."

    “Then what did you do?”

    "curious? Can you hear me?”

    Even the children who were frightened by the approaching Luce moved away from each other. Luce chuckled.

    'Ah, the experience of hard work while working is useful at times like this.'

    In a previous life, Luce worked for a health food company.

    Since it was such a small company, I also occasionally served as customer service, and I was able to confidently say that I met all kinds of black consumers, from those who swear by the manufacturing date as the expiration date, to those who gossip about whether you have parents or not.

    'You know better than anyone how to shake people's mentality. Because I heard a lot. Well, they lowered the water level drastically for children, but you must have been a little scared?'

    He said harsh words and ostracized an innocent child, and instead of reflecting on it, he threw his glasses, too, so a guy like that needed to be disciplined.

    'Vincent is a latecomer and the son of a local Yuji, so there must have been someone who didn't like it? I'll have to kill some of the flags in advance.'

    At Luce's words that it should have been stopped, Dominic, who was a bystander, noticed that he had noticed, and slowly walked away from the scene.

    All those who had been disturbed had left, leaving only the two of them by the stream.

    Luce and an unknown boy.

    'I'm still doing that.'

    Luce, with her glasses on her collar, approached the boy who was still standing in the water, as if stuck.

    “Come on, this one.”

    Even though he reached out his hand, the child was staring blankly at Luce's face. In the blink of an eye, Luce also faced him.

    The boy's eyes, barely visible through his wet hair, were as red as Vincent said.

    But, far from being ominous, I only thought that it was bright and pretty like a ruby.

    By the way, why are you staring at people's faces like this?

    As the silence of the child looking at him as if possessed by something grew longer, Luce tilted his head.

    'Is his eyes very bad? Can't you see I gave you my glasses?'

    Luce waved her glasses in a slightly friendly tone.

    “Hey, here are the glasses. I cleaned it.”


    Suddenly, the boy rolled his eyes.

    The boy took the glasses from Luce's hand and went. The boy's hand trembled slightly as he touched it.

    Luce, who was thinking about the reason for the tremor, made a 'huh' sound.

    “Are you doing this because it’s cold? Because I was still in the water. Do you have any clothes to change into? Where is your home?”

    As I lowered my eyes, the child's thin, bloodless lips twitched.

    Luce waited patiently for the boy who hesitated to speak.

    “Over there… … there is. Go up the hill to the side of the mountain.”

    'Wow, his voice is so good.'

    It was a low, watery voice, as if it were a little submerged. But there was no time to fall in love.

    “Going up the hill to the mountain? Was there a house there... … Anyway, come out soon. I will take you.”

    “… … Take me?”


    'Then how do you leave a drenched child alone? If you get hypothermia, it's a big deal.'

    The boy hesitated whether he knew Luce's heart or not.

    It seems that Chelsea's impatient personality has shifted. Or maybe he's worried about this innocent looking kid.

    Luce picked up a thick book lying on the grass and gently grabbed the boy's wrist, the owner of the book.

    'Oh, it's cold.'

    “Let’s go. If you stay like this, you catch a cold.”

    Luce said so and went ahead.

    Luce's warmth spread slowly over the boy's pale wrist.

    The boy's cheeks were also slowly reddening like that warmth when he saw the clutched wrist once and Luce's small back as he walked away.

    “… … thanks."

    He spoke very little, but the girl named Luce seemed to understand everything.

    A cheerful and pleasant laughter sounded like a song. It was nice to hear, and the boy smiled involuntarily.

    It was a first for the boy.


    No problem, it's a rough translation and I only have free chapters and English isn't my first language so... sorry anything.


    Luce, who was walking up the hills and ridges gaspingly, asked blankly.

    “Is that your house over there?”

    I could feel the boy standing behind me slowly nodding his head at that question.

    There was one reason why Luce was perplexed.

    'I came here with my mother a week ago to pick raspberries... … .'

    When was this house built, the hell?

    Of course, due to the nature of the mountainous area, it was not a huge mansion or castle-like scale.

    But what about a prosperous two-story house in a place where just a week ago there were only trees and raspberries?

    'Aren't I looking at something in vain?'

    Are the people here really good at building? Is it a blow job? Or have I been possessed?

    Unbelievable even seeing it with his own eyes, Luce looked at the boy once around the house and once around the house.

    As soon as Luce's gaze met, the boy averted his eyes.

    It was as if he had been watching Luce's back all the time.

    'Well, I don't think this kid is a fairy or a spirit. It's big for a fairy and tangible for a spirit. I don't even know if there is such a thing in this worldview in the first place. huh, then what? Didn't you see this house because I was picking raspberries on my mother's urging? What's wrong with my eyesight, do I have to wear glasses too?'

    Luce was distracted thinking about when this great joint house appeared.

    However, the boy, who had no way of knowing what Luce was thinking as he looked at him, turned his ears a little red.

    He bowed his head, rummaging through his wet pockets. I wondered what he was doing, but he seemed to be looking for the key.

    Somehow, as I watched it with a nervous heart, I heard a pleasant sound.


    Fortunately, he didn't seem to have lost his key at the water's edge.

    'By the way, I just need to carry the key to the gate, and I carry the whole set of keys. Isn't it heavy?'

    There was only one lock on the door, and four or five keys hung from the boy's key pack.

    Where do you use all that?

    I see the boy with half curiosity and half worry, but he is supposed to open the door, but he keeps messing around with it.

    'Looking at it, that looks like the key to the gate... … .'

    The biggest silver key. Isn't that a normal door key?

    Judging by the thickness of the book he has on his side, he looks smart, but he probably doesn't even know what his house key is.

    Luce's eyebrows went down as she thought.

    'Well, while reading a book, I suddenly fell into the water and was harassed.

    … … Maybe it's because the body temperature has dropped and my hands are shaking, right?

    Either way, it's a worrying situation.

    Luce took a step closer to figuring out why the boy was nervous with a valid reason.

    "excuse me."

    When I called carefully, a bundle of keys fell from the boy's hand.

    Luce, who picked up the key and held it in her hand, tilted her head.

    “Can I help you?”

    Luce asked with a smile that was as harmless and friendly as possible.

    The red corners of her eyes that she could see through the glasses were a little reddish.

    The boy nodded after seeing Luce's smile for a long time. very slowly.

    "okay. Would you like to stay out of the way for a moment?”

    As Luce thought, the front door opened easily with the biggest key.

    Possibly mistaken for a thief, Luce, who handed the key again, opened her mouth to the view of the house at first glance.

    “… … Wow."

    What kind of library is your house?

    One wall was really dense with very thick books. On the other wall were a bunch of globe-shaped marbles and hourglasses.

    When I turned my eyes, a piece of paper was lying on the table, probably from writing, and the smell of ink and the slightly bitter grass from the book caught my eye.

    Looking at cancer, it was more like a professor's laboratory than a family home. Luce, who had been lost in his eyes, asked vaguely.

    “Can I take a look around the house?”

    “… … There won’t be much to see.”

    What followed was the longest of the boy's words.

    “It’s also a Korean-American place. And I'm not at all ready to welcome guests... … .”

    Contrary to his calm and neat tone, the boy, who spoke a little urgently, saw Luce's face turned and slowly shut his mouth.

    “It’s Korean! It’s so cool!”

    Luce's green eyes twinkled.

    The boy thought.

    If you are willing to fellowship with me, if the words are sincere.

    I've been of great help to you, so I'll have to go through the next steps and make an appointment and say that I'm going to formally invite you.

    You shouldn't greet guests in the same way they're wet and messed up like they are now.

    No, it would be difficult to let other people into this house in the first place.

    Those were the manners, rules, and rules the boy learned.

    However, the moment he saw Luce's bright expression, the words tickled in his throat were somehow swallowed down.

    “I won’t touch anything. I'll just keep quiet and watch. do you hate it If you don't like it... … .”


    So the boy responded impulsively.

    "Fine… … Ah. If you are okay.”

    “Of course I’m fine! Then excuse me!”

    It was also the first time he had an impulsive answer.

    The boy looked at Luce, wondering whether the pounding heartbeat was guilt from breaking the rules or some other reason.

    It was irresistible to look at her.

    As promised, Luce sat quietly in the chair and looked around with her eyes shining.

    “Wow, that’s a lot of books. have you read all of this Whoa, what's that shiny marble-like thing over there? Oh no. I'll ask you later."

    At the same time, Luce smiled and gestured as if he was shy.

    A gesture that rustles like a fan is probably saying come. It is not polite to leave a customer sitting alone.

    Now that you remember

    I sat across from her, hoping she would forgive my rudeness, and Luce opened her eyes like a startled rabbit and then smiled hahaha.

    “Why are you sitting here?”

    The boy became puzzled.

    “Since a guest has arrived, if you leave the front seat empty… … .”

    "no no. You have to change clothes! you're wet right now Are you doing this because you're afraid I'll touch this or that?"

    face became hot with anger.

    “I didn’t mean that.”

    “I know, I was joking. I'll quickly change my clothes and come out, and I'll just sit here without touching anything. They are very precious things.”

    It's not like that. I wasn't worried about you breaking it.

    It's against etiquette to just leave an invited guest and leave.

    “It was a real joke. Catch a cold, get dressed quickly. There are so many things I want to ask you.”

    It's a joke.

    A joke is something you say to stab others as if you hid a blade under a pretty, warm velvet. That's how I learned

    However, the girl's jokes sounded as smooth as a knife, and the boy went to his room, feeling a little dazed.

    'Look at the color of the book. It looks like a very old book, but it is well maintained. Would it be expensive?'

    Without seeing the face of the boy who went to change clothes, Luce looked at the bookshelf.

    Just looking at the titles of the books on the bookshelves, such as the introduction of what kind of introduction, the development process of blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah development, gives me a headache, but the back of the book is swollen.

    I mean read it all. Many times enough to be bound.

    Did that kid read all of this?

    He looked like his age, and I thought he was great.

    I took a peek at the papers on the table.

    Papers with incomprehensible words were believed to have been printed. There wasn't a single letter that came out.

    Luce admired and thought deeply.

    'He's a very smart kid. It's not that I pretended not to hear Dominic even when he talked to me, it's that I didn't really hear it. Because I'm obsessed with books.'

    From what I've heard before, if you talk to me, I can only reply well. It's a bit slow though.

    Luce shrugged. For some reason, I thought I might know a little bit about that unknown boy.

    I think there was a word to describe such a person... … .

    Luce, who was looking back on her memories, clapped.

    'that's right. He's such a nerd type. If you focus on one thing, you may not be able to pay attention to other things. You're too focused on other people.'

    Thinking of the boy's face that turned red and white, Luce smiled slightly and opened his book.

    Even if I did, Luce, who had covered it without any regrets, turned away because of the incomprehensible tone of speech.

    'After all, the house is very quiet.'

    Dinner time approached and no one was there. It doesn't even feel popular.

    It didn't seem like he just went out and the house was empty. That was the realm of intuition.

    It is a house where the warmth of people is hardly felt.

    And in a normal household, what to study in your own room or study, what would you put it in the living room?

    'It's a two-story house, are you living alone? No family?'

    But it would be rude to ask that.

    'In my previous life, I was stressed a lot because of people who looked down on me when I said I didn't have a family. I was depressed at the thought of whether I was the one to be sympathized with. I shouldn't.'

    There are circumstances that no one can talk about.

    Luce, who had once again vowed not to ask questions, stopped at a certain place.

    'What is that?'

    In one corner of the table was a water bottle with some traces of drinking.

    Of course, the fact that there was a water bottle was no surprise.

    'Why is the color like that?'

    What was in the water bottle was a gooey green liquid that bubbled up.

    'Does this kid always drink this?'

    Luce, who had her eyes fixed on the mysterious liquid that looked like a bad drink or poison from a good point of view, didn't even feel popular.

    “I apologize. I can't afford to treat you right now."

    Suddenly, a boy who had changed clothes was approaching the water bottle.

    over there, please

    … … No matter how little you treat me, are you going to treat me like that? … ?

    When I rescued a drowning man, I had to risk my life instead of a bundle.



    “Come on, wait a minute.”

    At Luce's urgent words, the boy stopped.

    “Hey, hey, I’m okay with not eating anything… … .”


    Before the words could even be finished, an overly honest body rhythm interrupted Luce's words.

    I tried holding my breath, but the rumble sounded louder and longer. It was evening time, so it was inevitable.

    'Still, I'm terribly embarrassed!'

    Luce, who was rolling her eyes, glanced at the boy.

    The boy stood still and blinked as if he had not heard anything.

    You must have heard the squeak, but are you pretending not to know? Or are you doing it out of embarrassment?

    It was when Luce smiled shyly, thinking that he didn't know whether the boy's manners were good or bad.

    “If you are worried that it may not suit your taste, you can taste a little and leave it all.”


    'It was good manners!'

    You pretend you don't know this magnificent rumble!

    He added other reasons to it so that he wouldn't be embarrassed, and he made it justified to satisfy his hunger!

    you are a good kid Luce was moved and the tip of her nose wrinkled.

    'Yeah, no matter what that green liquid is, you've been so considerate, so let's try it. Can you give me something you can't eat? Even if it looks a little weird and the taste is not good, you have to be patient with it. can do!'

    So Luce burns his resolve, but somehow, the boy is passing by the water bottle.

    what? Didn't you give me that?

    As he tilted his head, the boy came back with a plate, tableware, and a small basket.

    What the boy neatly laid down on the table and took out of the basket were breads and cookies that even looked like they were going to make you hungry.


    How many are these?

    It was a snack that I had never even seen in a small grocery store in Xenon.

    While admiring the cookies baked in the shape of lilies and roses, the boy muttered as he put the cookies on the plate in front of him.

    “I wanted to offer something a little better, but right now, I only have these as refreshments.”

    At what level is he good by his standards?

    Luce, who looked at the snowflake-shaped cookie as if possessed, shrugged.

    “No, this is enough! It's not good enough, isn't it too good?"

    “I’m glad you said that.”

    “I’m not saying it as a greeting! I love sweet cookies and bread like this. Thank you, I will eat well.”

    Luce smiled brightly as he met the eyes and gazes through the boy's still-dry, moist hair.

    Luce, who was about to grab a cookie and eat it with her hands, without seeing the boy's ears turned red, stopped for a moment when he saw the knife and fork set.

    'Are you sure you eat this bite?'

    As I glanced ahead, the boy was slowly slicing the cookies, which were less than half a span, with a knife, as if they were all too familiar.

    'Should I cut myself?'

    Luce's troubles didn't last long.

    He was hungry, and he had a comfortable personality.

    'Well, I guess he doesn't like to get his hands dirty.'

    Luce picked up the cookie with her hand and put it in one bite, closing her eyes at the sweet taste that spreads in her mouth.

    It was so beautiful to look at with the naked eye, but the taste was even better.

    “So delicious… … .”

    It was a cookie with the refreshing scent of orange peeling and the nutty flavor of macadamia nuts.

    It was not overly sweet, so I thought I could eat it endlessly.

    Luce, happy to eat the sixth cookie, finds out that the boy is still eating the first one.

    It's not even a lark, it's like pecking at food.

    Luce, who was feeling better, somehow felt a little cute. So I smiled and spoke.

    “When did you move here?”


    The boy who put the dishes down answered slowly.

    “I came four days ago.”

    “Four days ago? Wow, there was definitely no house until a week ago, so the house was built in three days... … .”

    Luce, who was muttering insignificantly, did not notice the boy whose white skin had already become paler at the words 'there was no home'.

    There were too many questions to pay attention to the boy's complexion.

    “Where are you from?”

    The boy seemed to think for a moment at the strange question.

    “It's an easy place to get to. … … It’s a long way to go.”

    It was a rather vague answer, but Luce had a talent for persuasion.

    'Ah, to go to the nearby cities, you have to take a mountain road, so you're talking about that, don't you think? When you come, you can come quickly because it's downhill, and when you go, you have to go hard because it's uphill.'

    "I see."

    The boy seemed a little surprised at Luce's cool reply.

    “But I have a question.”

    “… … Huh."

    “Have you read all the books over there?”

    The boy's face, which had stiffened with a look of nervousness when he said he had a question, loosened up at the question.

    At first glance, a smile crossed over whether it was a relief or whether it was good to ask questions about the book.

    "Huh. I have read it all.”

    “It looks difficult at first glance, but is that fun?”

    “I enjoyed reading it.”

    “Did you like to read books since you were little?”

    “As far as I can remember, it has always been that way.”

    “What are those books over there?”

    The boy's eyes twinkled as he explained the contents in detail, saying they were books about philosophy.

    Luce looked at the dark hair that was not yet dry and ungroomed, the white skin that barely saw the sunlight, and the red eyes with a slightly raised eyebrow that could be seen through the glasses.

    I didn't know it at first because it was covered by glasses, but when I looked at it, it was a beautiful and handsome face. He looked a little sick, though.

    'I don't know what it is, but it's nice to hear it because I like her voice. I think it's good that he asks questions about his interests, and he speaks well.'

    The boy, who was in the midst of talking about his favorite philosopher, coughed when his eyes met Luce.

    “Collock, ah… … sorry. You kept talking to yourself, Cologne.”

    “No, it’s okay. nice to hear Anyway, you should drink something. Can I give you this?”

    Pointing to the green liquid, he nodded while choking.

    It was a suspicious liquid. It was thick and sticky and had a strange herbal smell.

    Luce asked cautiously, waiting for the boy, who was drinking the strange liquid, to stop coughing.

    “Hey, I’ve been wondering for a while, what is this?”

    “… … Ah. This is the medicine I take.”


    Luce, who had been reflexively asking what was wrong, stopped.

    'Mom said that, while taking care of my dad, the things I hated the most were where did he get sick and did he get any treatment?

    What do you do if you know where it hurts, it's not something I can fix.

    Luce kept her mouth shut, thinking that it might be a matter of remembering her wounds if she asked for nothing.

    Instead, Luce thought about what he could do.

    'No matter what disease you eat, you can get better.'

    When I looked outside, it was already dark.

    Determined, Luce got up from his seat.

    “I’m going home for a moment!”

    Without the boy to dry it, Luce ran out.

    * * *

    'I wonder if I made a mistake.'

    The boy sat quietly in the house where Luce had left.

    It was familiar to the boy to be left alone. Even so, it was a little difficult for him to see an empty seat today.

    The boy who looked at Luce's cookie plate, which she had not finished eating, and the seat where she was sitting, recalled the memory.

    'Are you telling me a lot of uninteresting stories? Coughing while eating?'

    No matter how much I thought about it, only mistakes came to mind.

    The boy's eyebrows went down. The most erroneous among them is probably.

    'He knows that there was no home in this location a week ago. Could the magician's magic to manipulate memories had no effect on that child? So I may have left as soon as I realized the truth. … … Anyone would find it suspicious.'

    The villagers of Xenon had doubts about the boy who suddenly appeared, but they did not have any doubts about the house that suddenly appeared.

    Because the wizard has touched people's memories.

    The wizard said that manipulating the memory of a person has many variables and many settings, so he manipulated the memory of the house.

    “It wouldn't seem strange for someone to move into a house that had been vacant for a long time. However, manipulating the memories of the Prince, regardless of the difficulty, is problematic for His Majesty. You have to pretend to be someone who has lived in that town from the beginning, but that is possible.”

    The emperor, who was seen behind the scornful imperial magician, cut it off as if it was bothersome.

    “Can he do it? it's obvious you can't Anyway, there is something that manipulates the memories of the house, something that could have been just thrown away. Isn't that right?"

    The empress, who was beside the emperor, answered without looking at the prince.

    “Yes, Your Majesty is generously granting you a favor.”

    and added.

    “Please take away Aurelio, Your Majesty. This place is really uncomfortable for me.”

    So four days ago, the boy came to Xenon Village.

    When I closed my eyes and opened it, I was standing on the 2nd floor of this house on top of the magic circle. It was easy to get here, but I couldn't go back to the Imperial Palace.

    Being scorned was familiar, so the bullying of the children was tolerable.

    He was used to being pointed at because he had red eyes, so he could stand seeing people whispering.

    However, he could not understand why the boy felt so lonely four days after being abandoned.

    It was the first time the boy, who was not good at figuring out his emotions, could not find an answer.


    A knock broke the silence.

    “Hey, open the door!”

    It was Luke's voice.

    The boy hurriedly opened the door.

    “This is a mushroom stew that my mother makes very well. Very tasty. It would be perfect for dinner. Eat this and take your medicine.”

    His answer was smiling brightly in front of his eyes.

    A girl with a bowl of savory milk-scented stew stood in front of the table.

    It was a moment when I felt that the house I didn't know was empty was full.

    “By the way, you keep calling me over there. What is your name?"

    The boy had never introduced himself.

    Everyone knew his name, but no one called him.

    The boy slowly opened his mouth to Luce, who was laughing hehehe, wondering if it was embarrassing to ask him for his name just now.

    “… … Levinas.”

    Aurelio Levinas Hadassa.

    “Levinas? i'm lucette You can call me Luce.”

    "me too… … .”

    The boy decided to discard the abandoned name.

    “Call me Rev.”

    “Yeah, Lev. It’s a pretty name.”

    The new name that the bright voice calls out for the first time was absolutely perfect.

    Maybe it was the voice that called out the name, not the name, that he liked, Levi thought.


    Those are the only chapters that. That I have if I can buy it I'll post it here!
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    remember the fact the ML is a tyrant. Who in his right mind will oppose that bloody tyrant ?:)
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    Episode 5


    Chelsea, who was making the pie, opened the door to a welcome voice.

    Outside the door, Dahlia was waving her hand with a basket of limes.

    “What rhyme?”

    “He brought it because you like it. Let's talk side by side. Wow, the pie smells so good.”

    "okay? Thank you, I'll eat well. I baked a lot of pie, so take a plate.”

    “I am so good! By the way, where did Luce go?”

    Receiving the lime basket, Chelsea shrugged.

    “They sent me to pick some herbs from the mountains, but I don’t want to come. It's been like that all these days. It must have been somewhere else, taking a nap.”

    “Ummm, okay? I had something to ask Luce.”

    “To Luce? What?"

    Chelsea, who was taking out Dahlia's share of the pie and wrapping it, tilted her head and then smiled cheerfully.

    “Are you going to ask if Dominic is interested?”

    It was an open secret between the two that Dominic had a crush on Luce.

    Looking at Dominic, who starts to get angry, and Luce, who looks like a cow and chicken, he says, 'Someone else will take it.' Sharing the same conversation was a small pleasure shared by two friends before being mothers.

    Dominic Looks like he's finally decided to admit his heart, right?

    Chelsea, who was tying the ribbon of the pie box with a smile, looked up at Dahlia's words.

    “If that’s the case, what am I going to ask you to do? It's up to Dominic to figure it out. Other than that, haven't you heard from Luce?"

    “What story?”

    “Well, there is an empty house on the hillside. A wooden mansion near the raspberry field.”

    Chelsea and Dahlia knew about the long vacant house.

    The mansion was an empty house that no one lived in since they were little.

    “Anyway, Luce asked a question a while ago. How long have you been in that house? I don't really remember, but it was a long time ago. But why that house?”

    “As Dominic says, a boy has just moved into the house… … .”

    As if telling a big secret, Dahlia muttered a little.

    At the same time, Chelsea's eyebrows, who listened to her, narrowed down every moment as the story continued.


    “Because it is.”

    “Then I hope this guy, Luce, doesn’t come in… … .”

    Chelsea's eyes, looking around, moved to the watch.

    It was ten in the morning when Luce went out to pick up herbs, and now it is two in the afternoon.

    It was more than enough time to pick herbs from the mountain in front of me 20 times.

    Chelsea thought for a moment, then stood up with a firm expression on her face.

    * * *

    “How the hell did you do that?”

    At that time, Rev's house has become Luce's hideout.

    Luce was looking at Rev's hand with a blank expression on his face.

    “… … how?"

    Rev, who turned the cube that Luce had been wrestling with for two hours, was also puzzled at the question.

    Rev seems to have understood Luce's admiration and surprise as a methodological question.

    He explained slowly, pointing his long finger at the cube.

    "like this… … Align the center of the bottom face first, then color the adjacent faces. Like this."

    Of course, Luce wasn't curious about how to match the cubes.

    “Are you going to keep counting while turning the cube?”

    Originally, the cube was a toy that was just turned around and played with fun to match.

    If one side fits by chance, ah, you're in luck today. A toy that is satisfied with that fact.

    'Cubes, you should have met a smarter owner.'

    However, seeing Rev, who quickly put together a 5x5x5 cube, which is not a common 3x3x3 cube, Luce mourned for the cubes that had passed through his hands.

    "Yes. But it's not that great.”

    “It’s not great, it’s really strange. Are you a genius?”

    When I saw Rev talking or reading a book, he had excellent language skills, and when I saw him putting together puzzles and cubes, he seemed to have a lot of spatial perception, aside from his amazing speed.

    His memory was good enough to answer any questions he had while looking through his books.

    As long as there are such talented people, the future of the empire is bright!

    He seemed to be able to understand the feelings of a mother who has a gifted son. Lev's neck burned red as he looked at Luce with his twinkling eyes.

    “No, that’s… … There are many things that are lacking.”

    Of course, Levi was right in some ways.

    He was a human too, so he had some shortcomings.

    The first is sleep time.

    “What time do you sleep?”

    “About four o’clock.”

    “Uh, is it time to sleep then?”

    "Ah. four in the morning.”

    Unlike Luce, who almost fell behind when he said that he slept for three hours a day, Rev was blinking as if he was wondering what the problem was.

    The second is a lie. More precisely, how to hide intentions.

    “Hmm, let’s see. Rev, the card you are holding in your left hand, the Joker!”

    “… … .”

    “I answered with a look, you now.”

    “… … Yes. Joker is right. So, did you know that this card is also a 7 heart?”

    “Great, why say… … no. Very well done, thanks for the good info. I won!”

    I can't bluff, so I can't hide or inflate the deck at all.

    I wondered if what I was thinking could be seen so transparently. They even tell you straight up.

    Thanks to this, Luce struck down one card five times and won.

    the third?


    Aside from not being able to defile one card, why is a kid who is so good at everything he is so extremely humble?

    It would be nice to brag a little and be proud of it. Luce thought for a moment, and then made a gloomy expression on her face.

    “If you say you lack a lot, what do people like me do? There are so many things I don't know. It will be difficult to play with me.”

    “I didn’t mean that, Luce. I just.”

    know. Of course I know.

    The fact that Rev, who is now showing a sign of embarrassment, never meant to ignore or downplay himself.

    However, Luce wanted to gradually increase Rev's self-esteem, even if it was a bit mischievous.

    'Language governs thought. Even if I stab you in the side, I'm smart, if you say the same thing often, you'll get better.'

    Looking at Luce with his eyebrows lowered, Rev put down the cube.

    Okay, then let me be smart. Luce, who was expecting a decent answer, looked up at Rev's words that followed.

    “I’m not used to people giving compliments like that… … I didn't know how to respond."

    It is a serious and low voice.

    When he frankly asks for forgiveness from the man who can't hide his true feelings, Luce's heart aches for some reason.

    Looking at Luce's face, Rev continued to speak softly.

    “And I am not playing.”


    “You keep coming to me and spending time with me. I am very grateful and happy to share everyday stories with you. I'm a little clumsy and not used to that kind of thing... … Maybe, I don't know if you don't like it. If you are not comfortable.”

    His ears were stained red.

    “In the future… … Can we live like this?”

    Even eating a cookie was polite and Rev was bringing all the dishes.

    So, this subtly crafted question right now is probably its own courtesy and something I've been thinking about for a long time.

    Luce, who looked at Rev, who was resolutely clenching his fists as if confessing, smiled slightly.

    “Rev too.”

    Luce gently grabbed his hand and put a finger on it.

    "Of course! Let's have fun like this for the rest of our lives. There is no change of words.”


    As he slowly recited the word 'lifetime' that Luce had lightly spoken, Rev looked at the hand he was holding.

    He smiled softly as he saw the little little finger hanging vigorously.

    “Well then, Luce.”

    Seeing his melting smile, Luce added one to the list of <Things that Rev is good at>.

    'It's against the law to smile like this.'

    This guy has a good face. It seems that I am not conscious of it at all.

    When you smile like that with a handsome face, your heart becomes softer.

    'I wondered if it would interfere with his studies, but thank you for telling me that's not the case.'

    It was at that time when Luce, who was smiling at the same time, was about to let go of his hand.


    “Is anyone coming today?”

    A knock was heard.

    Luce had vaguely guessed his identity because of Rev's attitude, tone, and many expensive books.

    I don't know, but isn't Lev the master of a very wealthy family?

    Seeing that I was taking medicine, my body was a little weak, so I wondered if it would be a quiet place to study and recuperate in Xenon Village, where the air and water are clean.

    So, Luce asked, wondering if the person who knocked on the door first was a servant or a drug delivery man from his hometown.

    “No, nothing but you.”

    However, looking back, Rev's expression hardened.

    So who is the owner of that knock? I don't think Rev doesn't know either.

    As soon as I opened the door, I was about to leave, but Rev stopped me.

    "who are you?"

    It was a cold, sharp tone I had never heard of him.

    Luce, who was rolling her eyes not knowing what the English language was, heard a welcome voice.

    “Is there any Luce there?”

    “It’s my mom!”

    Luce nodded and opened the door.

    Although I opened the door with confidence that I was not an unidentified guest,

    'Ah, it's too late to say that I'll be picking herbs for dinner. Sorry.'

    It was then that he remembered that it was too late and Luce rolled his lips and glanced at Chelsea.

    But Chelsea's eyes were not on Luce.

    'I'm watching Rev... … ?'

    Confused, Luce turned around.

    Under the glasses of Rev, who met Chelsea's eyes, at first glance, his red eyes could be seen.

    'I wonder if your mother believes in the nonsensical saying that red eyes are ominous, right?'

    Luce, who suddenly raised her head, blocked Lev's front this time.

    Luce shook her head with a determined expression and hit the player first.

    “Mom, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not!”

    “You know what you’re thinking, right?”

    Chelsea let out a long sigh.

    “Did I teach you that way?”

    She reached out and grabbed Luce's arm.
    Episode 6

    Chelsea's grip was incredible.

    Even though he was being dragged by his arm without a pulse, Luce scrambled as hard as he could.

    Mom, please don't tell me what your eye color is!

    Rev, who turned his face away, seemed calm at first, but Luce was rather saddened by the sight.

    'How the hell do you have to live by hearing stories like this?

    As if resigning was accustomed to, Rev was nodding his head gently.

    As if to listen to your mother no matter what.

    There must be a reason why he laughed so much when he said that he would play with him for the rest of his life.

    Either he was accustomed to a lot of setbacks, or he grew up in a strict environment in which even pleadings and pleas were not allowed.

    I don't know if it was a guess, but suddenly someone came to me that I don't know why. Luce bit her lip.

    'He may be used to that kind of thing, but I'm not. I can stop you!'

    “He really is!”


    Luce, who was about to cut Chelsea's horse, stopped.


    Chelsea's hand hitting the back was not too spicy.

    He was just that robber, disciplining his only daughter who had a lot of accidents. no way?

    “Luce, how many times have I told you not to go empty-handed when you go to someone’s house?”

    Luce looked up at Chelsea with a bewildered face and rolled her eyes.

    “… … empty-handed?”

    “Yeah, I told you you shouldn’t be living with your bare mouth! Anyway, I don't really listen to my mother."

    Oh so?

    Chelsea looked at Rev, perhaps to see if this shrewd daughter had caused any nuisance.

    Luce, who had been fiddling with the beaten back, pursed her lips and smiled.

    “Yeah, my mom did. I'm sorry."

    It was the joy that came from the fact that my mother wasn't the type of person who judged people based only on appearances, which preceded the shyness of mistaking it for a long time, or the shame of being scolded. It was fortunate.

    “Why is he like this?”

    The daughter, who had been surprised and frozen until just a moment ago, suddenly smiles and acts aegyo.

    Chelsea, who had been dismayed at Luce's sudden change of expression, paid attention to the boy's movement a few steps away.

    “Hello, Mrs. Nice to meet you."

    “… … Uh, yes.”

    It was Chelsea who were rather embarrassed by the very polite greeting.

    Even the title of wife rather than titles like 'Auntie' or 'Lucene's mother' is embarrassing in many ways.

    The alarming voice I heard before I opened the door of the house must have belonged to this child.

    Contrary to what I had thought for sure that he had come to a place he couldn't come, or that Luce had caused a lot of trouble, when he saw his face, he was polite and polite.

    A house full of books, but somewhat empty. A very polite boy.

    After thinking for a moment, Chelsea spoke up.

    “Luce, I wondered why this guy is so distracted these days that he doesn’t come home, but he seems to have been here all along? As a tomboy, he only knows his own good things, he doesn't know the hard things about others. It was hard for you to play.”

    “My mom really knows what a five-year-old I am. I've never had a hard time with Rev... … girl… … ?”

    Then, Luce glanced at Rev's gaze. Blinking his eyes, he nodded immediately.

    "Yes. It's never been hard. It was rather enjoyable.”

    It sounded quite sincere for a match-up.

    Chelsea looked at the two in turn.

    "so? Aren't you the one who agrees?"

    “Yes, no.”

    It was a fight that he couldn't really understand why he thought that way.

    Rather, he started explaining in a small voice, saying that Luce was playing with me.

    “… … And I know there is a custom to bring a gift when visiting someone else's house, but that's given the frequency of your daughter's visits and the size of my house... … .”

    'Rev must have been embarrassed, so I have to end my mother's investigation at this point.'

    “We are friends, Mom. We decided to play together often.”

    With a very confident expression, Luce placed her hand on her waist.

    “We’ll see it all the time, but every time you bring a gift, there might be empty space in Rev’s house. Right, Rev?”

    look at these

    At Luce's words, the boy's ears turn red. His lips moved slightly.

    “… … friend."

    The child, who had been thinking about the word friend, smiled mischievously.

    "That's right."

    “Rev is right, Mom.”

    The two little boys looking at each other with proud faces and smiling were pretty cute.

    A smirk spread across Chelsea's lips.

    “Ugh, yes. do what you like By the way, how is your hub?”

    "here! I picked it all up and played a little. Don’t say too much.”

    “Hey, this burn.”

    Chelsea, who had received a pile of baskets of herbs, held out a small box that was hidden behind him.

    “Give it to your friend because your mother brought it for you.”

    “Wow, Pie!”

    It was still a hot pumpkin pie.

    Luce, who smiled mischievously, ran to her and held out a box of pie.

    “Are you surprised? sorry. I should have told my mom in advance.”

    "no. are you okay. … … He is a good man.”

    As you.

    Lev, who muttered a little, looked a little tired.

    He seemed quite nervous. Even Lev's hair, who was slowly taking the pie, was droopy.

    It looked just like a sleepy puppy, so Luce raised her hand impulsively.

    “Eat a good dinner and take your medicine.”

    He gently brushed his black, shiny hair.

    Lev's eyes widened in surprise, then slowly released.

    It just looks like a cat. A cat that usually stands up straight, but only becomes gentle in front of its owner.

    His pale cheeks visible under the glasses slowly turned red like flower water.

    “… … Yes, I will. Say thank you to your wife too.”

    “I will come again!”

    "Yes. come again.”

    The hand that was stroking his hair left.

    Rev, who was chasing the warmth with his eyes, made a sad face for a moment.

    Luce, who was impatient at the thought that her mother was waiting, did not see it.

    “You said you had a fight with Vincent because of him?”

    It was on the way home.

    At Chelsea's thrown words, Luce humbly scratched the back of his neck.

    I've already heard the tomboy sound, what are you going to say?

    “Oh, well, it wasn’t a big fight, it was just an argument… … .”

    “What did you fight for?”

    “Even if we didn’t fight! It was just a little arguing, Mom.”

    “So what were you arguing about?”

    “No, well, just… … Vincent looked at Rev and said that red eyes are unlucky... … .”

    What, who said it?

    Vincent This child is clear. What did you say you did well?!

    'Just try to catch it.' The words that followed Luce clenching her fists were quite surprising.

    "Well done. Then you have to fight.”

    Chelsea smiled happily.

    I thought I'd be scolded for arguing.


    “Yeah, Dominic said that to Dahlia. You said you were brave.”


    “You were so cool. That’s why Dominic was so shy.”

    Chelsea stopped and smiled happily, pinching her daughter's cheek without hurting her.

    “When did you get so big, my daughter? I thought it was just an accident.”

    “I am all grown up now. And what did you learn from your mother?”

    “There’s nothing I can’t say about the little things.”

    “When did you grow up like this?”

    Chelsea's voice could be heard in Luce's ear playfully held in her arms.

    “If something unfair happens, we will continue to fight it like that. Don't be swayed by people's prejudices. got it?"

    "Yes. Mother and daughter fight well.”

    “Don’t be afraid, don’t be shy. … … Because Mom is always behind you.”

    Luce, who smiled proudly, licked his lips at Chelsea's words.

    'Don't be swayed by people's prejudices.'

    Raising her daughter alone without a husband, Chelsea must have been very worried.

    Maybe I'll listen to the backstory, or maybe there are some guys who ignore me because I don't have a father.

    I thought that maybe the gift talk at Rev's house was an effort to teach more strict manners in fear that my daughter would be scolded.

    Instead of the countless words that came to mind, Luce hugged Chelsea tightly. And he spoke brightly like a thirteen-year-old ignorant child.

    “Of course not, Mom. I'm going to win!"

    “Ugh, really.”

    He patted his back while saying he was tired.

    'our mom. Even though I got it from a book, my precious family for the first time.'

    I was snoring because my nose was wrinkling for nothing, but Chelsea said.

    “Come down now. It’s heavy, this one.”

    No matter how much I think about my mother, she's not too moody... … .

    Luce, who had her nose blown out, glanced at her with distaste, and she said in a passing tone.

    “By the way, only Dominic is new.”

    “Dominic? Why?"

    Chelsea shrugged the question, not knowing the English language.

    “There’s going to be a festival in the neighboring town soon.”


    “Yeah, it’s held once every three years. It’s a festival hosted by the lord himself.”

    It was the first time he had heard this story, but it seems that Luce in the past was very much looking forward to the festival.

    There was no chin, but Luce nodded her head as she matched the beat.

    “Ah, that! But why the festival?”

    “He has to go in pairs to participate there.”

    “Is that so?”

    “I think Dominic was really looking forward to going with you.”

    Chelsea chin on the back.

    It was in the direction of Rev's house.

    “Aren’t the odds of going with a kid named Lebra more likely?”

    “… … multiplication… … ?”

    Do you have a higher chance of going with him? What about a cube matching contest?

    It was the next day that Luce, who had been nodding her head in confusion, learned about the 'festival' properly.
    Episode 7

    “So the main event of that 'Rodante' festival is to take a quiz, Mom?”

    Luce, who was looking at the crumpled flyer, muttered quite seriously.

    Chelsea, who was slicing the potatoes, responded indifferently.

    “Yeah, only 13 years old and older can participate, so you waited for this year to come, didn’t you?”

    "I? Hmm... … .”

    Luce glanced at my room and thought.

    'There weren't many books in my room, so it was clear that Luce wasn't particularly eager to study. But nevertheless, he wanted to participate in the quiz competition, perhaps?'

    “What was the product, Mom? I think it was pretty awesome.”

    Chelsea thought as she looked at her daughter inquiring bluntly.

    The rev or what kind of poker kid seemed a little smart, but apparently, the prize was crossed out because of Luce.

    The kid who had been waiting for the festival so much forgot even the prizes?

    'Yeah, it's okay to be a little stupid. Only grow up healthy.'

    Chelsea responded by throwing a potato into the saucepan, determined to be meaningful in gaining experience.

    “It’s a metropolitan tourist area. The cost is paid by the Lord.”

    “… … Capital tourism area?”

    “Yeah, how many times will the people of the territory live here and go to the capital? It’s a product I put out to broaden the knowledge and encourage the children of Youngji who won the quiz.”

    I thought that Luce would run around cheering and cheering, but surprisingly, the child was quiet.

    Looking at the leaflet, Luce was deep in thought.

    'I think it's a concept that sends language training to excellent children... … It sounds pretty good to hear that, but the problem is, I don't really like to see the capital.'

    Some wondered if there was anything special about being the capital of the empire, and partly because they were used to living in a small Xenon village.

    However, the thing that bothered me the most was that the contents of Volume 2 of <The Cruelty of the Vladin Empire>, which I had just seen, were all developed in the capital.

    What if, by any chance, at least one of them went to the capital to play and got entangled in an unexpected accident with the royal palace for nothing?

    If you do something that people normally don't do, you will get a mask.

    In a ghost story or horror movie, the first person to die is the first to set foot in a mysterious place.

    I'm not sure where this is in the time zone of the original, but I don't think it's necessary to scrape it and make it crumble.

    'Wow, I guess I'm a little smart.'

    Luce, shrugged at his own wisdom, took a calyx and looked at Chelsea.

    “Then what’s the second prize, Mom?”

    “You sang first place, first place, and then you ask what second place? You don't think you'll be number one, do you?"

    “No, when I receive the first prize, I have to go to the capital, but I don’t want to be away from my mother even for a day.”

    “… … chit. Where did the little crab learn such sensible words? Are you going to resemble your father?”


    With a grunt and a happy smile inside, Chelsea scooped out a ladle full of potato stew.

    “I think the second prize was the prize money.”

    "reward? Wow, that's so much better!”

    “What will you do if you win the prize?”

    “I have to buy pretty clothes and pretty shoes that go well with my mom!”

    “Hey, damn it.”

    Chelsea smirked when I answered with a more smirk on purpose.

    Still, the smiling mother didn't seem to hate her daughter's answer.

    'It seems that your deceased father left some legacy, but the more money you have, the better. Prize hitter, prize money! If you go with Rev., you'll be second. Well, it'll be a breeze.'

    Luce smiled softly and glanced at the clock. It was ten in the morning.

    Time to go to Rev's house after receiving Chelsea's errand to pick herbs and tomatoes.

    Chelsea shrugged as if noticing Luce's gaze.

    “Bring me a basket of raspberries, and bring this stew to your friend. before it cools down.”

    “Then why don’t we give the stew first and then bring strawberries?”

    “Come only before two o’clock.”

    'After all, my mother is kind.'

    After hugging Chelsea tightly, Luce waved empty hands with a shiny stew bowl.

    “That stew, call it a bribe. If I turned down the quiz partner application, my mother would not let me go.”


    Luce's back face drifted away through the sunlight.

    It seems like yesterday that my daughter, who I thought was immature, now knows how to take care of her friends, and cried saying that 1st place is always good, but now it feels strange to show a bright side in her calculations.

    If my husband had seen it, he would have loved it very much.

    After thinking of her husband, Lawrence, who left early because of weakness, she closed her eyes for a moment and then looked up in favor of her husband.


    It was Dominic.

    Dominic with a leaflet was sneaking around as if looking for someone.

    “Is there Luce?”


    “The Rodante Festival is just around the corner… … I was going to ask Luce.”

    Chelsea, who managed to hold back a laugh, answered seriously.



    “The original request for a date is timing, Dominic.”


    It's a date request, nonsense!

    With a blush in her face, she chuckled as she watched Dominic jump and jump, slowly wiping away the now faded portrait of her husband.

    * * *

    “Rev? Rev?”

    I think I knocked on the door six or seven times, but Rev's voice was not heard.

    Are you concentrating on reading a book and can't hear the knock? Or were you going to buy something?

    'No, I knew I was going to come around this time, so I couldn't have been away... … Is there?'

    Well, I didn't have an exact appointment, but he may have been absent.

    I understand it in my head, but somehow I feel sad.

    'Really, how many times have I played?'

    Luce, who had become embarrassed by herself, looked around the house with a smile as if falling into the wind.

    He looked around to see if he was basking in the sun or picking raspberries, but again, Rev was nowhere to be seen.

    I wondered if I was being bullied by Vincent's group, so I looked at it from quite a distance, step by step, but after all, Rev was nowhere to be seen.

    After waiting for quite a while, Luce lifted her claws and looked into the house through the window.

    The candle was lit.

    Since it's dangerous to go outside, he always followed the rules after nagging him to put out the candle and leave.

    'I think I'm at home.'

    Are you even taking a nap?

    It was when Luce, who had become pale from the cooling potato stew, raised her head.


    A bright blue beam of light flashed from the small window on the second floor.

    'What is that?'

    It looked similar to the goblin fire we heard in fairy tales.

    The blue light was clear even under sunlight. I knew instinctively.

    It's not like a reflected light, but an artificial light source.

    'What is Rev doing on the second floor... … ? Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen him go up to the second floor.'

    Rev was always going to and from the rooms on the first floor when changing clothes and bringing toys such as chess and cubes.

    I wondered where the second floor was used, but I didn't bother to ask.

    It could be a warehouse, or it could be a space left unattended since the house is too big for a boy alone.

    'But the light leaked from there.'

    After thinking for a moment, Luce gently pulled the door open.

    The front door was open.

    Luce, who looked at the cooled potato stew and the quiet house alternately, proceeded cautiously.

    * * *

    “… … .”

    “Do I have to tell you not to panic, my lord.”

    Lev stared intently at the person standing in front of the magic circle with his teeth clenched.

    It was a wizard belonging to the imperial family, which had a neutral voice, whether it was a man or a woman.

    Radanum, the wizard of the North Tower, is leading a comfortable life in exchange for selling off his companions.

    A person who takes care of the troublesome affairs of the imperial family and is guaranteed gold, jewels, and life in return, and lives as the only wizard in the continent.

    He is here for one reason.

    “You don’t feel dizzy just because you draw this much blood, do you? I'm sure you're taking your medications well. Because you know better than anyone what will happen if you don’t drink.”

    Because of 'the troublesome work of the imperial family'.

    To monitor the imprisoned prince he sent to Xenon Village.

    Blood beads formed on the wizard's fingertips, as thin as a branch. It was blood drawn from Rev's forearm.

    The wizard, who was looking at the marble under the blue light as if to confirm something, nodded.

    “If you have a foolish heart, do you know that everything is reflected in this blood?”

    The wound on his forearm, which was dripping with blood, was closed with a single gesture of his.

    All knowledge is powerless in front of his magical powers that can injure or erase wounds.

    The prince, who kept his mouth shut except for a moan, was well aware of that fact.

    The wizard looked at him for a while.

    “I believe you are a wise man, and you will know.”

    “… … .”

    “Are there any inconveniences in your stay? People who annoy you, or people who annoy you.”

    “Go back, Rathanum.”

    Fear or displeasure of a wizard who draws blood.

    Or the feeling of resentment and revenge for why he is doing this to himself, who has done nothing wrong.

    The prince's answer does not reveal the emotions that ordinary people would have.

    All they see is a deep sense of helplessness and a bit of emptiness, as always.

    The wizard shrugged his shoulders with a flawless, hard, smooth blood ball in his pocket.

    “Yeah, what. If so.”

    It was the moment when the smiling wizard was about to activate the return magic circle.

    A faint voice came from the first floor.

    “-B, Rev?”

    The wizard's hand stopped, and Rev's expression hardened.

    The wizard, who was looking at Rev, asked.

    “It sounds like the voice of a little girl, Your Majesty. You made friends unexpectedly quickly. It’s amazing.”

    “I told you to go back.”

    “Your Majesty’s orders are to be respected.”

    The wizard, who took one step from the shining blue circle of return, tilted his head.

    “I’m a little curious about what kind of person you met for the first time?”


    “You know, you have to report every move you make.”

    It was the moment when the wizard with the corners of his mouth raised was about to touch the door.

    “This is the third order, Rathanum.”

    Lev, who grabbed the wizard's wrist, spoke in a low, sharp tone he had never heard before.

    He never vomited, even when full of blood was drawn, and even when he was evicted from the palace.

    “Your protest also means the third. Go back.”

    Rev's red eyes lit up.

    'The prince is the prince, right?'

    It was a moment, but there was a sense of intimidation felt from that cold, unfamiliar tone of voice.

    Radhanum, who looked at it for a moment, smirked and gave an exaggerated greeting.

    “Yes, I will turn it off.”

    “… … .”

    “But you know, Your Majesty… … That no one should know anything about His Majesty.”

    The light of the blue return magic circle enveloped him.

    Just before disappearing, Ladanum murmured.

    “Think about why you were sent to this town. Even if some of the residents of this small town disappear, no one knows.”

    Lev looked at the place where Ladanum had disappeared and squeezed his trembling hands.

    After holding his breath for a while, he opened the door.

    “… … Rev?”

    I saw Luce with a narrowed brow.

    Poor at reading emotions, he didn't know what Luce was going to say, standing under the stairs.
    Episode 8

    Did you hear them talking on the second floor?

    If you hear it, what should you do?

    'Luce also knows that the house suddenly appeared, so it's over. It's all over now. You must order Ladanum to erase Luce's memory. … … memories of me.'

    “But, Your Majesty, it is a pretentious thing, but I have a few questions. He understood the command to send His Majesty the Prince to Xenon alone. Because he knows better than anyone that he is a servant to members of the imperial family who have been ordered to be exiled, that escort is a luxury, and that the more people moving, the more lies the Prince will tell.”

    I remembered the words that Ladanum had added, who blinked at him.

    “However, in spite of these efforts, if someone gets to know a little bit about the Prince, or if his identity is exposed due to an unexpected accident, what should we do then?”

    The emperor spoke briefly.

    “I will have to rub my memory as much as I can so that I can forget even the fact that I forgot. Isn't it special?"

    'After all, for someone like me, this was a luxury.'

    An imprisoned prince awaits, and the only thing he can expect is a command, not a person.

    The answer is fixed. I know better than anyone.

    However, Rev did not readily substitute Luce for the answer.

    It was the time when Rev, who had only swallowed a heavy breath in his gloomy heart, was the first to open his mouth.

    “What are your clothes like?”


    Luce, with her round eyes as if surprised, strode up the stairs and grabbed his hand.

    Lev, who was about to retreat unconsciously, blocked the stairs to the second floor with his own body.

    However, Luce didn't seem to be curious about the second floor.

    “Ah, surprise.”

    Luce, who looked up at Rev's sleeve, sighed in relief.

    “You knew you were hurt because your sleeves were bright red! I was surprised.”

    Rather surprised by Luce's reaction was Rev.

    gaze fell. As she said, the wounds Rathanum had inflicted had disappeared, but there was red blood on the ends of her sleeves.

    Rev, who was hastily trying to hide his hand, stopped at Luce's words.

    “Indeed, it’s the color, so I thought you cut it anywhere. Did you even draw a picture? When you paint, you should roll up your sleeves like this, Rev.”

    Many of Luce's words as she folded her sleeves were wrong.

    The red marks were blood, not paint, and they were really cut.

    But Rev wanted one of her errors to be sincere.



    The green eyes looking up at me from under the two steps were kind.

    “If it wasn’t for paint, wouldn’t you be more surprised if it was blood?”

    Contrary to Lev's slow question, Luce's answer was very quick.

    “Are you just surprised? How long does it have to hurt to bleed like this?”

    Luce, who looked disgusted and waved her red sleeve, shook her head.

    “Don’t say that because it scares you just thinking about it, Rev.”

    “You don’t like me getting hurt?”

    “He’s too. Then, of course not. Don't get hurt."

    “Even if it gets better soon?”

    “What are you going to do when you get better? It hurts until it gets better.”

    As if to ask something like that, Luce passed the words lightly. He didn't know that those words came heavy to the listener.

    “Come down quickly, Mom said you made something delicious today.”

    Lev, who had been standing stunned, went down the stairs one step at a time at Luce's urging.

    Even though he was just going down the stairs, it was as if he could breathe.

    After the conversation with Radanum, Rev's breath, which had been bouncing on his own, calmed down as if he had found his way.

    “I wanted to give it to you while it was warm, but it got a little cold.”

    “It’s okay to be cold.”

    “Oh, right. You can't eat hot things."

    Was it?

    Luce knows herself well.

    Luce praised her for being smart and wise, but Rev found her attention to detail even more remarkable and special.

    It's like recognizing that you can't eat hot things, and noticing your red-stained sleeves.

    because no one knew

    'I'm glad you know me. … … but.'

    I hope you don't know some part of me. for a very long time.

    Reb asked, knowing the meaning of my words.



    “… … Other places are fine, but please don’t come to the second floor.”

    Somehow, I was wondering if Luce would listen to this ridiculous request.


    Where is the spoon? Luce, who was overturning the cupboard, did not betray his tender faith.

    “Aren’t you asking why?”

    “When did you say no to me?”


    Luce found the large table spoon and turned around with a smile.

    “It’s the first rule you made, so you can listen to that.”

    'Isn't it supposed to be a space for hobbies? I don't know, but I think it's very expensive.'

    The strangely flashing blue light must have been craftwork or lighting.

    Convinced that much, Luce said playfully.

    “But don't ignore my knock for too long. I'll knock on the second floor door if it doesn't come out after knocking for a while."

    “… … I didn't ignore it... … I waited. sorry. How many times do you knock for a long time?”

    “Um, I tapped eight times today, so 16 times, just double?”

    “Sixteen times. okay. I will protect you.”

    Luce thought as he saw Rev who made a serious commitment to a trivial joke today.

    He's a friend you can make fun of, he said.

    A friend to tease, Rev was a friend to feed.

    I don't know if it suits my taste or if it's because Luce is watching, but I ate Chelsea's food well, unlike when I cut a cookie the size of a span and ate it.

    It was a bit slow though.

    Luce smiled warmly as he saw his polite friend who always politely thanked him and returned a cookie in return with a bowl he ate.

    'That's why it's said that wherever you go, if you say hello well, you'll go somewhere in the middle. Just looking at it makes me feel special.'

    After finishing the meal, Lev, who had been pouring the green medicine, stayed in Luce's hand for quite some time.

    "Oh right! I'm here to talk about this."

    Luce holding the leaflet coughed in vain.

    “Rev, the time has come.”

    Rev tilted his head at the tone of his tone that felt even tragic.

    “Is it time?”

    “It means that the time has come to show off your wonderful side to this Rodante estate.”

    “My great look… … ?”

    Rev, who had an expression on his face that he did not understand the English language, was cute.

    Luce smiled and unfolded the paper.

    “The Rodante Festival held once every three years! Let's go to the competition together."

    Luce grabbed and opened the leaflet, and Rev, who took the half-wrapped leaflet, began to read it carefully.

    Rodante Festival, the venue is next door, the date is two days later.

    Anyone can enjoy, but the main event of the festival is age-limited to 13-17 years old.

    Lev's eyes, as he was reading the flyer, stopped at the theme of the contest.

    “… … Luce, it’s a competition that suits you well, but I think it’s not for me.”

    At this point, humility seemed to be more than just a habit, it was an instinct.

    Luce waved her hand. If this smart kid doesn't make it to the quiz contest, who will?

    “Aren’t you under the age of 12 or over 18?”

    "it is not so."

    “Okay then! I can assure you, there is no one better than you in this territory.”

    Reb seemed to think for a long time at that resolute answer.

    As Lev's silence grew longer, Luce fell into thought at the same time.

    'Are you doing this because you're afraid you won't get first place? For smart kids, it can be difficult to take exams. But my goal is not to be number one.'

    The prize money is also a prize, but it seemed like it would be fun to watch the festival together.

    Somehow, if you go with Rev, I think Chelsea will extend the curfew a little more.

    Luche leaned slightly and whispered.

    “I actually want to watch the festival with you, Rev.”

    Lev brought the leaflet he was staring at and saw his expression.

    Rev's ears were red as he blinked when he said he wanted to go with you.

    “I mean, it looks like fun. Buy and eat delicious things, and visit Rodante’s estate.”

    “… … .”

    “Well, it would be nice to participate in the competition and win the prize!”

    Rev, who was looking at Luce with a smile, lowered his gaze.

    “If it’s you, Luce, it won’t be difficult to win the prize. But I.”

    “Hey, where is that word?”

    Lev, who had been fiddling with the nape of his neck, looked up at Luce's subsequent words.

    “If you don’t like it, you can say no. I can go with Dominic.”

    Dominic. A boy with scars on his face.

    I could tell that Luce was speaking with consideration for me.

    He said it was okay, but his face was full of regrets.

    But somehow, when I imagined Luce laughing happily while eating delicious food with the boy and looking around the town, my stomach churned.

    Rev opened his mouth.



    “Let’s go together, Luce.”

    Luce, who was folding the leaflet, was happy.

    "really? Will you come with me?”

    "Yes. … … I will work hard to prepare.”

    “What are you ready for? You just need to come naked!”

    Flyers fell in the bin waving his hand, glad that Rev had granted it.

    Lucy didn't know.

    The letters left on the leaflet, which had been folded and unfolded repeatedly, were the 《Rodante Lordship-Z Contest》 and the 《Mr & Miss Rodante Contest》.

    Needless to say, what Rev saw was the latter.

    '… … Luce said I was the coolest person. Luce knows me well, but do I have such a thing?'

    Due to the "Mr & Miss Rodante Contest", Lev's mind suddenly became complicated, but Luce was excited and waving my hand, and then he laughed a little too.
    Episode 9

    On the day of the Rodante Festival.

    Luce, who opened her eyes as soon as dawn, looked in the mirror with a little excitement.

    “Don’t you think I look cute today, Mom?”

    A girl with red hair in a green dress and a little straw hat with a light green ribbon was smiling.

    “Don’t go anywhere and talk like that. Of course, in my eyes.”

    That said, they were the clothes Chelsea had personally picked out.

    Chelsea, who had been wrinkling her skirt by hand, asked with a yawn.

    “Then why do you drop the repairs in the morning like this? The festival starts at two in the afternoon, but it is now nine in the morning. It doesn't take long to get to the village next door, even on foot, so go out so early for something."

    “I’m going to do some prep lessons at Rev’s house.”

    “Aren’t you just going to trust him anyway? Is it because it’s not hot enough?”

    “No, my conscience is pierced. We're participating in the same team, so we can't just make him suffer. I have to do my part.”

    Seeing her daughter making a rather strange noise, Chelsea smirked and tapped her knee.

    Chelsea muttered as she braided Luce's hair, which had just sat up, in a single braid.

    “While we are gone, we buy and eat delicious things, and we also buy them for our friends. If you go to the bookstore, buy one book at a time.”

    “Well, I don’t have enough pocket money, so I don’t know if we can eat together?”

    Chelsea, who had put honey on the chestnuts so as not to get sick at Luce's smirk, took out a few more silver coins.

    It was when Luce, who took the silver coin and grabbed it, nodded and was about to leave.

    Chelsea, who was rummaging through the closet, pulled out another little straw hat.

    It was the same hat that Luce wore, but without the ribbon.

    “My mom made one for her friend. I don't know if your friend will use it, but take one. The sun will be stinging during the day.”

    “Wow, how can Mom not do something like this? It's so pretty, I'm sure you'll like it."

    “You’ll like it because you give it to me, then.”


    "never mind. If you have time in between, say hello to Grandma Marie at the general store. You will know when I see your face.”

    "yea, I got it!"

    Chelsea saw the back of their daughter running away excitedly.

    It was still a secret from Luce, but Chelsea and their friend Dahlia were planning to take over a grocery store in the neighboring town.

    I had put it off until Luce had grown up to a certain extent, but I thought that now would be the right time.

    'Now that Luce has grown enough to participate in the festival, it is time to start working. … … The years have already passed.'

    So, seeing off your daughter on a leisurely morning like this will be a moment you will miss.

    Chelsea had their eyes full.

    “Hey, Auntie, is there Luce?”

    “How many times have I told you that timing is important when it comes to dating, Dominic?”

    “Oh, I’m not asking for a date!”

    Seeing Dominic rushing out of nowhere, Chelsea laughed out loud.

    * * *

    There must be a present for Rev, I must have received a lot of pocket money, and the weather was clear.

    Luce was in a very good mood today. Luce, who hummed and ran as if flying on a mountain road, knocked on the door.

    “I’m here, Rev!”

    He never forgot his promise to knock. As soon as I knocked once, I heard a voice in a flash.


    It seems that Rev's statement that he sleeps three hours a day was not in vain.

    Even though it was morning, Luce opened the door abruptly at the sound of an unanswered voice.

    “Wait a minute… … .”

    It was before Lev's words were finished.

    Luce, who had grown accustomed to it and walked into the house as if it were her own, put down her straw hat and turned her head.

    “Why are you doing this, Rev?”

    With his hand resting on the collar of his shirt, Rev was as stiff as a kokeshi doll.

    Luce, who still asked, burst into laughter at the answer that came back.

    “I was still putting on, uh, clothes.”

    “Isn’t it too late to answer that? More than that, you're already wearing clothes. A t-shirt and a shirt over it.”

    “A button, um.”

    The nape of Lev's neck, who had finished squeezing the buttons in vain, was red.

    Luce, who turned around with a big smile, thought.

    'You haven't locked the top button yet, did you mean something like that?'

    In retrospect, Rev would always button up his shirt all the way to the end of his neck.

    Other than that, I didn't say anything about it because it looks comfortable, but to think of one less button closure as less dressed!

    Luce asked, holding back a laugh.

    “Is that also a courtesy for guests, Rev? Locking the button all the way to greet me?”

    I felt a sign of nodding my head.

    What if he turns around and nods his head to express his intentions?

    But I don't know if it's because of a good mood or something, but that messy look just seemed pure and cute.

    'You shouldn't tease me too much, but even if you want to, you want to tease me more for some reason. Anyway, I have a strange feeling.'

    “Are you all dressed?”

    “… … Yes."

    I turned around and saw the clothes he was wearing.

    Unlike his usual white, unpatterned shirt, today Rev was wearing a black shirt with fine, luxurious embroidery.

    Luce, who was looking at Rev to find the source of the alienation, naturally gave his body an eye.

    Up until now, there was no reason to worry about Rev's body.

    It's not like I'm dating friends, it's Hani. By the way?

    'I thought I was skinny because of my short mouth, but my shoulders are wider than I thought. That's right, did you have big hands? Even now, I'm not short, but when I grow up, I'll get bigger.'

    It seems that he misunderstood Luce's gaze, looking closely.

    Lev pulled up his sleeve and covered the back of his hand, hesitatingly asked.

    “… … Does it look weird?”

    “No, it suits you so well! That shirt is pretty, and it matches your hair color. But rev.”


    Looking at Rev with his lips raised softly at the words that it suits him well, Luce said seriously.

    “If you wear black today, you will die from the heat.”


    It seemed that he did not know that the sunlight outside the window was too hot because he was only inside the house.

    Luce, who took the hand of Rev, who had an enlightened expression on his face, said resolutely.

    “Then let’s go.”


    “To change clothes.”

    “Why didn’t you want to wear a checkered shirt, but you were all here?”


    “No, Rev.”

    Luce smiled at the checked shirts that filled half of Rev's closet and pulled out a few clothes.

    Luce, who had put this and that under his chin, gave him an outfit, and then Levi repeated the same thing.

    Although he changed clothes as instructed, Rev was tilting his head. Luce asked with a small smile.

    “You all have the same white shirt now, so I wonder why you keep asking me to change?”

    “I was a little curious.”

    “It has different button details, it has a wide collar, it looks white, but it's called ivory. They all feel different.”

    "Oh, I see."

    When I explained it, it was fun in its own way to pick out Rev's clothes that he quickly understood.

    The second problem was that he had a fair skin and good skeleton, and that the shirt suited him amazingly, and it seemed to me that he could understand why he chose a black shirt he had never worn before.

    'Lev, it seems like it's good to go to the festival with me. That's why I chose black to make me feel good and look pretty!'

    Luce, who could not even dream that Rev had misunderstood the theme of the competition, made a rational decision of her own.

    But her guess was not entirely wrong.

    Because Rev's standard was Luce.

    “This is it, Rev! This suits you best. The color is just right and the width of the body is pretty and it will be comfortable to move around. The material is thin, so it will be good for the current weather.”

    He liked to hear that they were a good match, so Lev smiled incessantly.

    “Would you like me to touch your head?”

    "Ah… … If you need it.”

    If you need?

    Although the words were a bit strange, Luce passed it on without a hitch, and brought a mirror and sat Rev in front of him.

    “Close your eyes.”

    Luce, who had her hands wet with water, handed over her bangs first.

    Touching her fine black hair gave me a calming feeling even though there was nothing particularly difficult.

    As I was flipping my hair back and forth, Rev's glasses, with his eyes tightly closed, got in the way.

    Luce whispered 'Hold on a minute' to him, who was still, gently took off his glasses and looked at him in the mirror.


    I've seen Rev take his glasses off before. The first day we met when we were drowning in the creek.

    At that time, I couldn't see my bare face properly because I thought I had to take him home quickly.

    I didn't consciously look at his face because I knew he was hurt by the guys talking about the color of his eyes. I'm afraid I might misunderstand the intention of the gaze.

    But now I see Rev, who is quietly surrendering his body to my hand.

    'You're very handsome... … .'

    It was an admirable look.

    The closed eyes were dark and deep, and the face line was sharp under the shade created by the long eyelashes.

    Had there been even a slight smile on his youthful face at the same time as the boy's innocence and the coolness of a young man, he would have made many girls cry.

    Her pale-blooded lips were slightly open.

    Recalling that the words that flowed out of those cold, sensitive-looking thin lips were always kind to me, Luce looked at him quietly as if possessed.

    If it hadn't been for his warm ear rubbing against his fingertips, Luce would have been just admiring Rev's face like a masterpiece.


    “Ah, uh, yes.”

    Luce lifted her hands in surprise and looked into his red eyes.

    “Are you done?”

    "Yes! it's over."


    Looking at Rev's smiling face, Luce thought blankly.

    'Look, even one guy made fun of his eyes.'

    This is a national treasure. This face with those bright red eyes is a property that the country should protect!

    But when you look at those pretty eyes, how can you say things like being unclean or mean?

    Without knowing why, Luce, who was stomping on her feet with anger, hurriedly put on her glasses and came out of the room.

    For some reason, after taking a few deep breaths as his heart was pounding, Luce suddenly tilted his head.

    'Oh, I see.'

    I guess those glasses didn't have a prescription? Did I see it wrong?

    Luce, who had been tilting her head until Rev came out, was suddenly awakened by the sound of a horse crying from afar.

    It seemed that the carriage to the next village had arrived.
    Episode 10

    The two of them headed to the empty lot where the carriage was, not forgetting to bring snacks, straw hats, and even small amounts of medicine to eat on the way.

    The two of them stopped walking while talking about hats and the weather.

    “Luce! … … and that guy.”


    It was because Dominic, who was about to get on the carriage that had arrived earlier, found the two of them.

    Despite Dahlia's insistence, he jumped and strode closer to him.

    “What, are you two going together?”

    There was a look on his face that was somewhat distressed.

    Unlike Vincent, Dominic was mischievous, but he wasn't a bad kid, so Luce didn't ignore him.

    “Yeah, we decided to go together.”

    “When did you not go with me?”

    “Well, was it? I can’t remember.”

    “Heh, okay. I'm not going with you either. I will go with my mother.”

    “Okay, I have someone to go with. I was worried that I might be playing alone without me.”

    “Chi… … Worry is bullshit.”

    Dominic's gaze, who had been smirking at Luce, who was flirting with humor, turned to Lev, who was next to him.

    A child with pure white skin and an intellectual atmosphere, unlike himself, who got burned a little from playing in the sunlight.

    If it had been Dominic before, he would have teased him for being a bookworm or a spectacled man, but not now.

    It was because I realized something with Luce's words.

    Dominic chuckled and held out his hand.

    “You mean, if Luce bothers you, you can stick with me.”

    It was his own request for reconciliation and an apology.

    It was a very gentle gesture for Dominic. At least he thought so.

    Lev looked at Dominic's hand and thought for a moment before answering briefly.

    “It won’t happen.”

    Unlike Luce, who smirked at Rev's answer and bowed down, Dominic's expression was wrinkled.

    “What do you think is missing?!”

    “I'm not going to bother him, I mean. So, for Rev, it is a proposition for which no premise holds at all. right?"


    Since when did we get along really well? Dominic's expression grew even more wrinkled.

    “What are you making it so difficult to say… … I'm annoyed, you guys."

    “So you say it again, Dominic. Apologizing is not like that.”

    Luce, whose face was blushing from holding back her laughter, nodded and explained.

    Hearing that, it seemed right. Dominic, who wiped his hands in the pants dance, reached out again, avoiding his gaze.

    “… … I was sorry then. Playing with you with the kids.”

    My self-esteem was hurt a little, but when I spit it out, I didn't feel bad.

    This time, Rev accepted the handshake. It was a cold hand.

    "it's okay. I understand."

    “I am Dominic.”

    “I know, Dominic. I heard from Luce.”



    “Levinas? Luce, did he call you Rev?”

    Rev cut off his words with an expressionless face.

    “Call me Levinas.”

    “What is it? I don’t even have any intention of calling it ticklishly abbreviated.”

    It was a strange sense of distance.

    In any case, Dominic, who achieved his goal of apologizing, thought that smart kids were a bit uncomfortable, and he moved away from it.

    But Lucy didn't.

    “Rev, are you still mad at Dominic?”

    “No, I’m not mad.”

    Dominic looked at me indifferently, but when he saw me, he smiled.

    Is it because of the feeling? Somehow a cold wind blows.

    Besides, why did he act like he didn't allow the nickname Rebra to Dominic?

    Luce thought and shrugged.

    'Ah, it seems like he hasn't gone through his friend procedure yet, right? Well, later, when we get to know each other, we'll sort out our names.'

    The scorching sun was stinging for me to think deeply.

    The two got on the carriage and shared a cookie with each other.

    Lev watched Luce eating and carefully grabbed the cookie with his bare hands.

    “Can I not have a plate today?”

    At Luce's playful question, Rev smiled slightly.

    “Because the way you eat looks good.”

    “Are you comfortable?”

    “Yeah, good.”

    Luce, who had almost heard Saree, croaked.

    After saying, “If you can, please give me an object,” she looked out the window.

    'By the way, it's the first time I've seen it outside this town.'

    Luce yawned while looking out the window while waving her legs in an overtly excited feeling.

    I slept late yesterday, and today I woke up like dawn, so it was natural to feel sleepy.

    'Oh, I didn't study at all, but I'm sleepy. It's a big deal.'

    I thought I was yawning a little bit, but it seems that Rev has seen it all.

    “Get some sleep, Luce.”

    "but… … I didn’t study at all.”

    Rev was puzzled by the word "study", but decided to check Luce's condition first, thinking that there might be a common sense quiz at the beauty pageant.

    “I can help you in any field I know, so why don’t you close your eyes for a while?”

    “Of course you will help, but Ha-am, I’m sorry to leave you alone.”

    “… … I don't know what you mean, but you don't have to be sorry, Luce. I'd be happy if I could be of any help to you. And if you are worried about the competition.”

    Rev, who was looking at Luce in outdoor clothes, spoke softly. It was a fight for sure.

    “It’s okay with you.”

    “How do you talk like this?”

    "I'm serious. If my sincerity had sounded pretty to you, I would probably have learned from you.”

    I have to add one more to the <What Rev is good at> list.

    This little boy has a talent for making a face that he doesn't know anything and choosing only words that blow his heart.

    Luce, who glanced at Rev, rubbed his eyes. That being said, it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep an eye on your condition as well.

    “Then I’ll sleep for a moment… … .”


    With her eyes closed, Luce quickly fell asleep.

    Gororong, Luce's body, breathing a little, swayed to and fro, and leaned against something. It was Levi's shoulder.

    Lev, who was supporting Luce's head while stiff, gently took off her straw hat.

    The corners of his mouth, which had been looking at his curly red hair, a round forehead, and his delicate and cute features one after another, went up without realizing it.

    It was irresistible.

    “If you want to be friends with a kid named Dominic, I will.”

    The whispered words were out of his will.

    “If you want to go to a competition, I will, too.”

    There was some anxiety. Maybe someone will recognize you.

    However, life in the imperial palace, which was heavily oppressed, ironically gave him freedom outside the imperial palace.

    Because no one other than the people in the imperial palace even knew the existence of the imprisoned prince.

    It took a whole week by carriage from the capital where the imperial palace was located to the land of Rodante.

    Even the lord who could be said to be related was a low-ranking aristocrat, and he had not been to the Imperial Palace for a long time, so it was impossible to recognize him.

    'That's why you must have chosen this town.'

    Leb leaned over and muttered as he slowly ruffled Luce's hair.

    “But Luce.”

    “Call me Rev.”

    “The name is… … I just want you to call me.”

    Is it the one who has the name, or the one who calls it?

    Lev thought it was the latter. Just as an apple cannot call itself an apple, just as a carriage cannot call itself a carriage.

    A name has meaning only when someone calls it.

    “Because it’s yours.”

    Lev, who was babbling in silence, did not realize that my words of handing over the ownership of the name were, ironically, an expression of the possessiveness that he had buried throughout his life.

    * * *


    Although it was a surprise visit, it was the first time the prince was not at home.

    While looking around the house, the imperial wizard Rathanum found a clue in the wardrobe.

    As he looked at the shirts arranged in a different order than usual, he smiled unexpectedly.


    It was when he returned to the Imperial Palace through the return magic circle.

    Frowning his brow at the familiar voice, he soon found his composure.

    He turned around with a clean face and bowed his head.

    “Yes, His Majesty Prince Delmar.”

    He was the only remaining prince in the palace without Aurelio, and he was the heir to the current emperor, Delmar.

    The young prince's big blue eyes wept.

    It was a harbinger of trouble, but the able and long-lived sorceress did not show signs of boredom.

    “What did you come here for?”

    “Where did Aurelio go? no one tells me... … .”

    The sorcerer looked at Delmar who was sniffing indifferently.

    You're whining like that, so I won't tell you. Silenced the words, the wizard laughed.

    “Don’t you know that that name is taboo?”

    “I know, but… … I miss you, but what do you do?”

    “If Her Majesty Delmar goes to see Her Majesty the First Prince, it must be the First Prince who will be punished. If you really care about your brother, you should hide your heart.

    The wizard, with his arms crossed, imagined the thought of rolling around in his tiny head.

    The words that came out of the mouth of Delmar who was biting his nails did not escape his imagination.

    “I can sneak a look. Really."

    “Even if the First Prince is being punished?”

    “You can use Ladanum’s magic circle. All I know is that if you keep Ladanum a secret, you can come and see it without getting caught.”

    “I would like to ask you one more thing. Does the 1st Prince want to see His Majesty Delmar?”

    "Of course! I am your brother's younger brother You must miss me as much as I miss you.”

    "okay… … ?”

    Oh, what a dignified and innocent malice.

    Resisting the laugh that was about to burst out, Ladanum gestured.

    Delmar, who was following me, chimed in.

    “The etiquette class was canceled today. So today is your chance. I have two hours.”

    “Yeah, because one of the marquis, who served in the founding of the country, died, and all the nobles, including the etiquette teachers, must have gone to mourn. You see someone else’s death as an opportunity.”

    “Did I say something wrong?”


    “It’s good that Ladanum didn’t say no. I didn't want to say that Ladanum had to obey the imperial court."

    “I’m not going to say what I said now.”

    Radanum, who closed the door of the tower on the side of the Imperial Palace with a reckless gesture, summoned a cloak.

    It was a black cloak with a blue luster.

    “You have to wear this all the time. No matter where you are, if it senses danger to the wearer, there is a spell that summons you to the Imperial Palace. Never take it off.”

    "Huh… … Am I going alone?”

    “I have a cloak, what are you worried about? It's not that you don't believe in the magic of this Radanum."

    “Well, it’s not… … .”

    "and I."

    I don't want to punish Prince Aurelio.

    Swallowing the back words, he raised his eyebrows. A blue light enveloped the little prince's body.

    Ladanum, who was beckoning to the air as if counting the stars, nodded.

    “The destination you arrive at is the village where the festival is held. Please note that congestion is expected.”

    "Huh? Town? Wait, Ladanum! for a moment-."

    “Then please come back safely.”

    The figure of Delmar, who had been struggling as if in bewilderment, disappeared in an instant.

    As if nothing had happened, Ladanum, who was holding a teacup, swallowed the Horok tea.

    “Poor prince.”

    He just said that.
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