Spoiler The Obsessive Male Leads Want To Eat Me Alive

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    Athy>The blonde hair girl>FL
    Lucas>The black dude>ML
    Ijekiel>The white dude>Second ML
    Don't tell me it will end like this again:blobthinkingsmirk:
    btw, I'm ripping the novel, if someone is interested in translating, feel free to dm me because I'm interested too:blob_plusone:
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    I'll be picking this up ^^ first chapter will be up in a few hours or so! I do have a raw provider and typer though~
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    Oh lol, I just bought the novel until latest chapter:blobfearful: Anyways, thank you for translating:blobparty:
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    Wow, that's lovely, enjoy it! I really like this author (she has another novel that I translate too), I'm sure the story will be fun and written in a lighthearted manner. I'm only going to be uploading this once a week as I have other novels to focus on, but if you do spoil here, i'll totally still read hahaha. This is not a spoiler since the novel is still ongoing, but I do think the black haired guy will be the ML, I could be wrong though!
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    I like the concept and the promo was nice, any body know who the two parental figures(?) are in the promo? (the red head and silver head ones)
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    「Prince El Dorado- The Fris Empire slaughtered and won the victory.

    Who is the ‘Annette’ you are looking for? 」

    As I was reading the newspaper, my pupils shook.

    The headline contained the news of the Crown Prince's victory, but in fact he

    It was not surprising that it was long.

    Because the Crown Prince was such a powerful person with superpowers.

    But the fact that the only reason for the war is to find a woman named Annette

    It was amazing.

    'Isn't it money?'

    In the article it was written:

    The Crown Prince, who was not originally interested in war, passed away Annette in the Fris Empire.

    As soon as he heard the news that he was writing, he wiped out the continent at once.


    I was salivating.


    Because I was the Annette the fearsome prince was looking for!

    But below that was a formidably shocking headline.

    「The next horseman 'Duke Heinri', a bounty 5 for my sister who lost her childhood

    8 trillion gold walk. 」


    This was enough for the one-year budget of the giant empire.

    “Who bets the state budget as a bounty…?”

    Who is it, that's the shit I raised as a younger brother


    It wasn't just that. Below that, I published an even more disturbing article.


    「In the information of death, larva declares war on Delphi」

    I will destroy the three tribes.”

    Are you going to destroy the three legs just by touching a bakery?

    You touched a bakery... ?

    As the owner of that 'bakery', I really want to dry it, Kyle.

    This is really all three

    “I’m not crazy…”

    It was when I was talking to myself as if I was tired. The door slammed the heavy cow

    What opened with Lee.

    The moment I looked back in surprise, I had no choice but to freeze immediately.

    The man who is playing the role of a new 'door leaf' instead of the blown door, the height

    He was about 190 centimeters tall and his shoulders were wide enough to fill the door.

    Even the wide muscular chest under the dark collarbone is nowhere to be seen.

    The road was amazing.

    'Why are you taking your top off again?'

    Regardless of my doubts, he bets me with graceful beast moves

    started to come

    The moonlight slanting in an oblique line illuminated his body unrealistically.

    Armor-like chest, countless scar marks, and clear muscle shapes

    a ship that forked along.

    The atmosphere was raw enough to feel savage.

    The man who came up to my nose lightly supported my chin with his long index finger.

    it went

    "You've been here, Annette."

    The man's face was finally revealed under the moonlight.

    Like a night when no one is there, under my black hair. bitter red


    I muttered his name like a moan.

    “Sis Lane… .”

    He was the Crown Prince of this country, Sislane.

    The one I just saw in the newspaper.

    As if answering my call, Sith Lane rolled his eyes and smiled. obviously madness

    It was a smile I could feel. he whispered

    "I thought you were going back to see me. Annette."

    Excuse me, but it looks like you've gone through enough (?), Your Majesty.


    Then something cold filled my wrist with a metallic sound. crazy, shackles

    it was

    “Now if you want to run away… .”

    His broad shoulders leaned toward me. Inhale, let's breathe in instinctively

    I could feel the strong scent of a man.

    “Cut off my wrist and run away.”

    The cruel red eyes that wore the shackles attached to me gleamed to the fullest.

    thump thump. That was when my heart was beating fast.


    Suddenly, the wind blew and I quickly looked at the window,

    The man was sitting.

    A handsome man with dazzling silver hair while relaxing in the pouring moonlight


    … Henry?”



    He jumped inside. It's been a long time since I've seen the noble purple eyes

    Even though I saw it, it was still beautiful.

    'How did he find me?'

    The last time I saw you, those pretty eyes were full of tears.

    place… .

    Now, Hein-ri had some sullen eyes, smirk and aegyo.

    The many hands were completely men's.

    He comes like a flowing stream and hugs my waist like an 11-year-old boy

    He buried his head in Mie.

    "I missed you."

    A warm whisper pierced my heart.

    ・Why didn't you keep your promise? Sister, you decided not to leave me


    Every time he uttered a painful voice, his skin kept tickling.


    Servant Li, who raised her head, looked down at my cheek diagonally and whispered in my ear.


    “Lies are a bad thing.”

    The long eyes with purple eyes were bent innocently and cruelly.

    “What punishment should be given to a child who has committed a bad deed?”

    Startle! That was the time when I hardened my body. A wet voice came from my feet

    Laon is.



    It's a surprise! As I was surprised for a moment, I looked down and a handsome man stood at my feet.

    was on her knees

    'When did you appear, Kyle!'

    A man with curly brown hair and green eyes

    He was wearing slanted glasses.

    I haven't seen Kyle in a long time. To explain, always look around me

    Was it the little boy who was circling around?

    Kyle was a regular customer of our bakery.

    "Master, please."


    Mr. Kyle, please (bakery) please put in front of the owner. so special

    If you use an abbreviation, people will misunderstand you!

    He grabbed my ankles with his big, pretty hands and put his mouth on the top of my feet.


    “Please stay by my side forever. Please, please."

    He lowered his long eyelashes and whispered with his red lips.

    Like a soft stag, he was infinitely obedient.

    But, you, you... .

    'According to the death information, you are the head of the killer of larva!'

    Everyone knows that if you pretend to be obedient only in front of me, you're a scary person.

    'How can there be no normal person among the three?'

    I suddenly felt a sense of bliss and twitched the corners of my lips.

    “Annette, I can’t unshackle these shackles until I die. No… die.

    I can't even get rid of it."

    "Sister, you know? I love you.

    ·forever… .”

    “Please be with me for the rest of my life, my lord.”

    Among the three obsessive maniacs clinging to me, I live with cloudy eyes

    each was

    ‘How did all three of them go crazy?’

    I started to worry about my future to be associated with these obsessive maniacs, but now

    In fact, I needed to look back from my past.

    The reason why the three obsessive maniacs couldn't eat me made me anxious, for sure

    'Cause it's in the past

    So maybe... It seems that all incidents started from that day.


    'That day.'

    The day I first met Sislin.
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    Omg, I'm getting the vibes too now :blobthinkingsmirk:
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    The trio, just remind me of Athy, Lucas and Ijekiel from WMMAP xD
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    i am super interested in this novel now! <3
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    This looks really interesting!
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    There is the first part:
    * * *​

    The night everyone was asleep, that night I was hiding in the kitchen.

    It was already a week. To meet Sislane, she put the savory cheese bread on the kitchen table and waited.

    ‘Huh? Out!’


    I covered my mouth as I watched the little hand fumble for the bread.

    ‘You finally showed up…. I’m so nervous.’

    As soon as the little hand found the bread, it hid like a busy squirrel.

    And after a while, the sound of eating bread ‘Chop-Chop’ was heard from behind the hidden counter.


    My heart was pounding very hard. It was the moment I finally met the boy for the first time.

    Until now, I was just a character in a novel, a synonym for obsession, madness, and decadence. Of course, he’s only 11 years old now.

    ‘You should approach it as quietly as possible.’

    Although he was still a child, his opponent was a high-level Awakener who had already realized his abilities, so his five senses were as sensitive as a beast.


    When the sound of eating gets pretty close. I cautiously reached out and revealed myself to the child.

    “…Hey, hi?”


    Finally, the boy raised his head.

    Black hair tangled like a chimney sweep brush.

    Frightening red eyes, hidden by bangs, but so pretty.

    He had dark soot all over his clothes and cheeks.

    It was certain.

    That boy was Sislane.

    ‘Ah, more than I expected….’

    You’re really, really….

    ‘So cute!!!’

    I bit my lip to contain the inner scream.

    Black, like a little wolf with a twist.

    I cautiously reached out and opened my mouth, lest the boy be startled.

    “My name is Annette, let’s get to know each other—”


    It was then. The boy turned around like a sensitive wild animal and went into the cabinet under the countertop.

    “Ah! Wait a minute!”

    I stretched out his arm straight away, but my arm was short because I was only a child.

    ‘Damn it.’

    Meanwhile, the little beast went into a small hole in the lower intestine and disappeared.

    In the place where Sislane had left, the bread he had barely eaten was lying around.

    “…Take the bread.”

    I was so upset that I muttered. He’d be hungry.

    It has been three months since Sislane has awakened to his powers and has been buried in his mansion’s den.

    This mansion was called ‘forest’, and in the forest, children who awakened their abilities like Sislane often appeared.

    At the same time as awakening, the characteristics expressed in Sislane are exceptionally sensitive hearing, sight, smell….

    It was from then. The boy hid in the burrow to avoid the noise, the smell, and the scary things in the world.

    This mansion was originally a converted site where a small tribe lived, so there was a cave as an emergency passageway.

    ‘Adults are never allowed in.’

    Not only that, it was easy for children to get lost in the maze of caves when they entered.

    He hid there, so no one could find the boy.

    A sigh leaked out.

    “You barely come out at night and steal food for a living.”

    It’s a much worse environment than expected.

    Even in a little while, the madam will set a trap for beasts at the entrance to catch this guy.

    Then you will seriously injure your ankle.

    ‘I have to rescue you.’

    It must be lonely and scary, but I can’t leave you alone like that anymore.

    When I saw it with my own eyes, it became even clearer.

    “Okay, let’s do our best.”

    But the next day, Sislane did not appear.

    Even though I purposely prepared a sausage that smells awesome.

    The next day too.

    The next day too.

    For several days, I couldn’t even see a single hair of the boy.

    Every day he starves, his stomach burns black for a week.

    ‘Ah, it’s finally here!’

    To my delight, I saw a small hand carefully picking up the oat loaf.

    That hand looked just as sensitive as a snail’s antenna, so I didn’t move and opened my ears this time.

    Fortunately, there was the sound of rustling and eating.

    ‘You should be quiet.’

    Please fill your stomach and go.

    I quietly held my breath and waited to eat.

    It feels like I’ve become an anxious cat mom watching her son pick up a can and secretly eat it.

    In the end, I missed the right time to talk that day. Still, I was relieved that the boy had eaten enough, and my heart was at peace.

    For a week like that, I waited, listening only to the sound of Sislane eating.

    The menu also changed daily.

    Cheese bread, sausage, fruit, stew, salami and so on.

    ‘I have to gain 10g of flesh first.’

    It was too dry like a skewer. It is unbelievable that he will grow up to 190cm tall after such a state.

    Then one day, I accidentally placed barley bread on the edge of the counter.


    As usual, his hand, which had been moving in search of bread, stuttered a little as if he was bewildered.


    The moment I saw it, I laughed without knowing it and was startled. Fortunately, the boy did not run away.

    Reluctantly, I slowly revealed myself.

    If I hadn’t spoken to you in a while, would you have known that I was there?

    It must have smelled like a human.

    Sure enough, Sislane didn’t avoid me even when he saw me. However, unlike usual, he ate a bit of bread.

    Within a week, the boy became even more skinny, and my heart ached.


    I sneaked up to the boy. Like a giant trying to stand next to a very delicate and fragile flower.

    But when we sat next to the boy, we were about the same height.

    Without a word for a while, I waited for the boy to eat.

    The boy looked at me and ate the bread without making a sound, whether he was hungry or not. Still, I couldn’t hide the cute movement of the ball because of the mess.

    ‘Ugh. My heart.’

    I finally carefully asked the boy.

    “Hey, are you Sislane?”

    “Do not talk to me.”

    The boy’s voice was locked because he had not spoken for a long time, but it was a beautiful voice that was enchantingly beautiful.

    I blinked and asked later.

    “…Why can’t I talk to you?”

    “I am a dirty kid.”

    A dark shadow fell on the boy’s red eyes.

    “If you talk to me, you will get dirty too.”



    My heart aches terribly at Sislane’s unexpected response.

    Because what the heck that little boy has been hearing… Are you talking like that?

    You’re at an age where you can only be happy without worrying.

    The world should also say pretty things.

    “No, it’s not dirty at all. Later, you will become a better and higher person than anyone else.”

    I looked at Sislane and smiled brightly on purpose.

    “Don’t you believe so?”


    Sislane forgot to eat the bread for a moment and looked at me blankly.

    Then, his ears became as red as ripe berries.

    ‘Ah, what a pitiful and cute baby.’

    This cute and adorable baby… You mean you grew up to become that terrifying obsessive male lead?

    I can’t believe it at all, Writer.

    Isn’t this too dark blackening?

    When you think of Sislane as an adult, it’s almost at the level of a child’s rot!

    ‘Dangerous. It’s very dangerous.’

    I realized once again the enormous danger of the novel I possessed.

    * * *​

    The novel I possessed is the exhausting BL genre,

    Title: <Dogs in the Mansion>

    It was an extremely spicy novel with all kinds of trigger elements such as coercive sex, confinement, kidnapping, and assault.
    The main characters, Sislane and Heinley meet for the first time at this mansion.

    The mansion was called ‘Forest’.

    A kind of secret nurturing institution that collects orphans of unknown origin and awakens their abilities.

    The worldview set that magic and abilities were very rare, and the nobles were willing to donate huge amounts of money to adopt children with abilities.

    For a child who will become a trophy that will make the name of the family shine.

    In the novel, children raised in the ‘forest’ are called ‘trees’.

    In this forest, an ancient sorcerer gave his life to cast a powerful spell, which unleashed the children’s potential and awakened them.

    However, this powerful and useful witchcraft often had side effects.

    After becoming an adult, the more awakened the greater the ability, the more abruptly lost and runaway.

    It was okay when they were young, but it meant that it would be difficult as an adult.

    ‘That’s why Sislane and Heinley suffered.’

    In that novel, my favorite character was Sue (the main character), Heinley.

    A boy who was born in the body of a lowly Cortisan and inherited the genius and magical talents of his noble father.

    It was the best tree in the forest.

    ‘Even his face was pretty!’

    However, this beautiful, gifted boy with purple eyes and silver hair was arrogant and beaten with a sense of entitlement that he had been abandoned.

    In addition, he was traumatized by his father’s words, ‘You was born from a dirty body’, and he came to pursue his extreme cleanliness.

    Heinley’s father was the one who threw away his cortisan with his childlike piece of tissue in his nose.

    To such a person, Heinley was just a foreign object in his life.

    This boy, who had been abandoned since the time the umbilical cord was attached, drifted to and flowed into the ‘forest’ when his mother who raised him alone died.

    In the process, Heinly’s trauma got progressively worse, and the ‘pursuit of cleanliness’ became even greater.

    ‘By the way, Sislane was acting like a beggar….’

    When Heinly met him for the first time, Sislane’s condition was truly miserable.

    His hair was soot from living in a burrow, he looked like a black dusty ghost. Besides, the feet caught in the trap were rotting from inflammation.

    Heinly felt physiological discomfort the moment he saw Sislane.

    So the first thing he said,


    ―was that.

    Since then, this damn Chihuahua owner has been terribly tormenting Sislane.

    ‘He earned his own ranch.’

    The readers accepted Heinly’s pitiful narrative, saying that it made his personality crooked, but….

    In the eyes of a young obsessive male lead, he was just a cub who needed revenge.

    ‘Heinly was serious.’

    I was surprised by the personality of stepping on a sore foot that was lame, so much that I thought it was acceptable to get hit a few times later with cloudy eyes.

    However, there was a pitfall, so that Sislane was actually ‘the blood of the royal family.’

    Sislane, who later became a member of the royal family, framed Heinry for treason.

    And he puts him by his side, ruthlessly tormenting him viciously, almost to the level of his feet.

    ‘It was really miserable and pitiful….’

    There was not a single peaceful scene, so when a peaceful moment between the two came out, the readers had to juice and read it like licking the lid of Yoplait.

    ‘I was also a giant Hurom.’

    However, no matter how much juice was squeezed, it was difficult to see the journey of Sislane, which gradually evolves into a crazy baby.

    ‘Please stop. Stop…!’

    It was the days when I fell asleep crying, wet my pillowcase with tears because my dearest was pitiful.

    Then all of a sudden I got into the novel!

    “I wonder if it’s too rushed….”

    I muttered to myself.

    “Annette, do you have any questions?”

    Then the teacher who was conducting the class in front of me asked with a smile. Oh, I forgot, it was class time.

    I could see the twinkling eyes of the children looking back at me. From 4 to 12 years old, the age groups of the children participating in the group classes varied, but they had one thing in common.

    All of them are so cute…! It’s like blackened quail eggs.

    I smiled and shook my head.

    “No, teacher.”

    “Then, will the class end here?”


    The children shouted, raising their fists as cute as egg potatoes.

    * * *​

    Lunchtime after class.

    Today’s menu was warm lamb stew, soft cream bread, and colorful strawberries and blueberries.

    “Annette! After all, isn’t group class with kids fun?”

    On the other side, Sasha, who was eating blueberries when her lips turned purple, asked me.

    ‘You are a baby too. Sasha.’

    “Classes by age are difficult. Teach me the difficult things every day….”

    I answered the gloomy Sasha sullenly.

    “I didn’t find it difficult.”

    “Gasp! Because Annette is smart!”

    The forest had a well-planned curriculum to nurture great trees.

    Basic etiquette for adoption by a noble family, as well as history, culture, geography, alchemy, magic formula, etc.

    Fortunately, I was a good student, but….

    ‘I have no awakening ability.’

    Of course, the important thing in the forest is not study, but ability.

    Like me, I can’t even be a ‘tree’, I’m just a ‘weed’.

    Well, I’m just an extra.

    “Instead, you have magical powers, Sasha. If you eat a lot of rice, your magic power will increase. So, let’s eat.”

    “Oh, really? Yes!”

    Persuaded by the nonsense, Sasha began to eat the bread.

    I secretly wrapped the cream bread in her handkerchief in the midst of it and laughed slyly.

    ‘Hehe. We should bring our baby.’

    By now, Sislane will be in a burrow without a single light.

    Thinking of that scene made her heart ache.

    In the novel, he was a terrible maniac, but in reality he was just a lonely and sick boy.

    ‘Besides, it was much cuter than expected!’

    Just like the first time I saw young Heinry in the forest, I fell in love with young Sislane.

    ‘The future should be bright for both of them.’

    So, my current goal can be summarized in two.

    1. Make Sislane comfortable in the forest, just like the other kids.

    2. Get Heinry and Sislane to get along.

    ‘If we get to know each other since we were young, wouldn’t there be no catastrophe in the future?’

    Could this waste turn into sweet water?

    I smiled and had a pleasant imagination.

    * * *​

    That night.

    I sneaked into the kitchen and knocked on the countertop.

    Knock! Tdok-kook, Knock!

    This rhythmic knock was a secret hand signal that I and Sislane recently created.

    To make things like this, we’ve become pretty friendly lately.

    Of course, there was my constant effort. I brings him food every day, and talks to Sislane, who is adamant and avoids, talking all alone… etc.

    ‘It was a time of hardship.’

    But fortunately, it seemed to have opened up a little of his heart. Very little. Like an ant poop.

    Shortly after the hand signal was heard, a young wolf-like boy cautiously emerged from the lower cabinet.

    Through his thick black hair, he gleamed pretty eyes like ruby.



    My face suddenly brightened. I ran quickly and held out a cream bun in my arms.

    “Do you like this? I brought it specially. I wanted to bring two, but there was no bread left today. I’ll definitely bring two of them. Come on, eat it!”

    They chattered with pleasure, but somehow Sislane was strange.

    He could not even eat the bread he had received and was sweating.

    ‘Why are you doing that?’

    When I looked closely, his ankles were all red and the flesh was so dented that I could see the bones.

    For a moment, my heart pounded.

    “…Sre you hurt? What did you hurt?”

    “It’s okay. It’s nothing.”

    Sislane pulled down his short trousers, trying to hide his wounds.

    “How it’s nothing? Doesn’t it hurt?”

    “I’m okay. It doesn’t hurt.”

    You’re lying.

    Even with those legs, did you come crawling because I called you?

    ‘Definitely. You’re caught in a trap set by Mrs. Mimosa.’

    Her heart ached at the thought that he must have suffered alone.

    I don’t want you to get hurt, so I’m hiding in the world… You got hurt again, Sislane.

    ‘It was a hellish fate….’


    As with the protagonists in novels, Sislane had a twisted past as much as Heinry.

    His mother was descended from the Mephisto family with ancient demonic powers.

    His father, the emperor, loved his mother deeply, and they both bore a child.

    Some of Mephisto’s children are born with a ‘black ability’, and it was a rare and powerful ability that could be passed down through several generations.

    However, this ability was also a curse in itself.

    It makes daily life difficult by making the senses agile, and instead of giving him powerful power, the devil plays a prank and throws the child into a mountain hell.

    It was not known whether that statement was true, but for one thing, Sislane’s childhood was unhappy.

    His mother was murdered, and he himself was secretly abandoned.

    After that, he came to the forest through numerous events such as a circus troupe, a child being beaten, a slave auction, and so on.

    ‘The child’s eyes are too deep and dark.’

    You must have lived in an environment where it is impossible to say that a sick person is sick.

    When he thought about it again, alas, power entered his hand.

    “I’m sorry. Annette.”

    Like a boy’s sunset, the red jewels headed towards the floor.

    “I’m mad. I make people angry.”


    I couldn’t answer anything, so I held my breath for a moment.

    It’s not that you’re bad, it’s that only 11-year-olds get so angry that adults are bad.

    “Sislane, I’m not mad.”


    “Yes. I will only tell you pretty things!”

    I smiled brightly.

    Sislane asked as if he did not understand.


    “Umm, ‘cause you’re pretty?”

    Slightly brazenly speaking, Sislane looked at me with red eyes between black hairs.

    Then he let out a soft voice with a faint smile.

    “You are the pretty one, Annette.”
    For a moment, it felt like my face was going red for some reason, so I countered with gibberish.

    “…Yes? I’m not pretty either. Weird.”

    “It’s pretty.”

    “You really have nothing you can’t say.”

    Even a common comment becomes like fluttering when Gong hits. Even at 11 years old!

    Of course, Annette, whom I possessed, was very pretty.

    Blondes shining as sweet as honey,

    A girl with bright green eyes as fresh as a sprout in spring.

    But Sislane didn’t seem to mean simply because she had a pretty face.

    So, what did he mean….

    It sounded very friendly. So heartbreaking.

    Hm! Embarrassed for nothing, I cleared my throat and got up from my seat.


    “I’ll bring you some medicine to fix your leg!”

    Exactly, it’s stealing.

    For making me known as the best schoolboy in the forest a kleptomaniac.

    Look cute.

    But the first time I hit it, it seemed that I had a gift for stealing.

    He really succeeded in stealing the healing potion by sneaking into the infirmary without anyone knowing.

    I rubbed my nose and felt proud of myself for nothing.

    ‘My awakening ability may be tough.’

    Of course, if you get caught by Mrs. Mimosa like this, it will become powder.

    Mrs. Mimosa was a woman in charge of the forest, and although she is usually good-natured, if the trees violated the rules, she became very strict.

    She was also heartless enough that she used traps to catch the Sislane.

    Of course, it must have been a decision made under the judgment that he would die if she left him in the burrow.

    ‘Still, no one can set a trap for a child.’

    It means not an ordinary person.

    I bowed down as small as possible and passed the hallway quietly like a hamster stealing seeds.

    “Sislane, I brought it!”

    Kneeling before the boy who was waiting, I opened a potion without hesitation and dropped it on his ankle.

    Then something amazing happened.

    New flesh quickly sprouted in front of his eyes, the exposed bones were hidden, and the wound healed without a trace.


    ‘I’m so happy… In the original story, I missed the treatment and got my legs limp.’

    Later, when he was restored to the royal family, he was treated by the priests and healed, after having suffered numerous injuries throughout his childhood due to his leg.

    Now that Sislane doesn’t have to go through that… I felt proud because I felt like I was protecting the little boy in front of me.

    I asked with a smile.

    “It doesn’t really hurt, now?”


    Sislane nodded his head calmly, but he seemed a little thrilled.

    “It really doesn’t hurt.”

    When I saw that figure, I felt like my stomach was full for nothing, so a smile came out of my mouth.

    It was good.

    I said, holding the boy’s hands tightly together.

    “Sislane, can’t we just live in a burrow all the time?”

    Originally, it was planned to monitor the movement of Mrs. Mimosa and move the Sislane at a safer time….

    After what happened today, I decided that I could no longer be left alone in danger.

    “Do you want to come with me?”


    I shook the blanket and smiled.

    * * *​

    Sneaking, cat’s steps, we went out into the hallway.

    Sislane, covered in a ghostly white blanket from head to toe, grabbed my hand and followed me.


    “…Shh! Be patient.”

    Walking around this morning is itself a violation of the rules.

    ‘If you catch it, both of we will die.’

    In particular, Sislane had already broken more than 7 rules.

    The stern Mimosa would almost discipline her by lifting her rod without her ruthlessness.

    ‘Now I have barely opened my heart….’

    If you go through something like that, there will be no turning back.

    Maybe he doesn’t want to get out of his burrow forever. Since the trap has already become useless because of me, a more terrifying method will appear next time.

    Such a cruel method that was not even in the original.

    ‘Ugh, I don’t even want to imagine!’

    You should never hear it.

    But Sislane suddenly stopped and stopped her steps.

    I grabbed my hand and whispered urgently.

    “What’s the matter? Let’s go quickly.”

    But it was then.

    A voice that was cold enough to cripple his head flew from behind his back.

    “You two there. Where are you going to sneak around like a mouse in the middle of the night?”


    In an instant, my heart almost exploded.

    I turned around slowly in a cold sweat.

    At the end of the dark hallway, Madame Mimosa stood, holding a sharp stick and a hellfire lamp.

    “It’s Annette.”

    Mrs. Mimosa walked slowly toward us, frozen as ice, and her lamp lit me, then her ghostly blanketed Sislane.

    The golden eyes under the bright red blonde looked down at us coolly. The saliva went over and over.

    “Annette, what’s wrong with a schoolboy like you? You must be well aware that walking around at dawn like this is against the rules.”

    “Hello, madam.”

    I barely greeted him as usual.

    “Who is this child?”

    Madame Mimosa swept her bitter sticks with her palm, and glanced up and down Sislane, covered with a ghostly blanket, once.

    Then he slowly lifted the end of the white blanket with a stick. At that moment, I shouted while hugging Sislane.

    “It’s Heinry!”

    Heinry was a 9-year-old, fearful of ghosts, living together in the forest.

    “Heinry needed a break at dawn, and he couldn’t go to the bathroom. He’s afraid of ghosts, so he’s on the road with me.”


    “If you dress up like a ghost-like this, he’ll pass on the ghost thinking it’s her friend. Right, Heinry?”

    I said to Sislane with a smirk.


    Sislane, wrapped in a blanket, nodded slowly.

    ‘Please eat it.’

    I smiled at Mrs. Mimosa with the face of an innocent, well-spoken schoolboy.

    Mrs. Mimosa looked at me with sharp eyes as if trying to determine her authenticity without saying a word for a moment.

    It felt as if the cold gaze from those golden eyes was stabbed in the back of the head like an arrow.

    Thankfully, the bitter stalks were soon removed. Salang, the blanket came down to Sislane’s ankles again.

    “Next time, make sure you go to the bathroom before bedtime.”

    “Yes! I’ll take care of you, ma’am.”

    Only after hearing my gentle affirmation did Mrs. Mimosa turn back.

    It was only after her figure had completely disappeared that strength slowly drained from her body.


    ‘I almost died.’

    She’d have prepared her excuses just in case she didn’t want Sislane to put a blanket on her, and she’d be in trouble.

    ‘I believed that you were a model student.’

    I wondered again how Mimosa’s wife would react when she found out that I stole the potion and also stole the Sislane.

    It was a look she hadn’t wanted to imagine for very long.

    * * *​

    “Let me stay here for a while.”

    I brought Sislane to an unused room in her mansion. It was originally a bedroom, but as the number of students decreased, it became an empty room.

    There, the bedding I brought and food that can be eaten for a relatively long time (dried meat, dried fruit, bread, etc.) were prepared.

    “…here is.”

    “This is your room, Sislane. No one will come in here.”

    I lit the candles. It wasn’t the right lighting, but there was quite a bit of atmosphere.

    “I’ll bring you some new clothes tomorrow.”

    How pretty would it be if she wore clean clothes, even if she twisted it like this.

    ‘I want to return him to the forest right now.’

    Then there is no need to hide, and you can enjoy quality food and sleep. You can also make friends.

    ‘It’s still too much.’

    The reason was ‘water trauma’.

    Sislane was afraid of water.

    Because I was being bullied so badly in my previous place (to the point that I couldn’t even speak with my own mouth), fear was imprinted to the point that I couldn’t even wash it properly.

    I was afraid that if I put water in the washbasin, someone would grab my head and press it down.

    But Mrs. Mimosa would not understand this pitiful situation.

    ‘I will be beaten harshly for breaking the rules.’

    Because it was like that in the original.

    So at least I had to prepare in advance and join the forest.

    ‘I am still thinking about how to overcome the water trauma, but….’

    Sislane, who was checking the room, quietly asked me, while I was meditating on this and that.

    “Did you prepare all this?”



    Why, Lani? Why?

    “Why are you being nice to a dirty boy, Annette?”

    Sislane was a genuinely incomprehensible expression. Like a child who has never been favored in her life.

    For a moment, the dark shadow of the boy’s red eyes made his heart ache.

    “The person who was so nice to me….”


    “There was none.”

    My heart pounded at Sislane’s belated, very small mumble.

    It was as if I had seen a section of the world this boy lived in, where it was bound to be hell due to the Curse of Mephisto.

    I smiled as I patted Sislane’s head softly.

    “Now only good things will happen.”


    The red eyes flickered quietly. Like a bare branch brushed by the warm spring wind.

    “Go to bed early today, and I have to go back for a while. If I leave for a long time, will I be suspicious?”

    I walked to the door and looked back at him belatedly.

    “Yes! Tomorrow, I will introduce a real ‘important person’.”

    I smiled broadly.

    * * *​

    Alone, Sislane rested her hand on the bed Annette had been sitting on.

    Touch the warmth left by the girl with the tip of the fingerprint.

    It was my first time. To receive such favor and to be kind to him….

    A small star seemed to twinkle and rise in a dark and lonely universe where no one was there.

    Only one star was so bright and pretty.

    When Annette, with her hair sweet as honey, smiled warmly like the spring sun, Sislane kept wanting to be a good person just as she said.

    “Now only good things will happen.”

    That sweet whisper…. Thoughtful touch and smile.

    Everything about the girl remained like a clear fingerprint on his lonely heart.

    Lowering her long eyelashes, her boy tried to pronounce her softly with her red, popped lips.


    It was a name that made the tip of the tongue sweet after calling it for some reason.

    * * *​

    I woke up early in the morning.

    Today is the day Heinry returns to the forest after two weeks of ‘socialization training’.

    I ate dinner and sneaked out, diligently destaining and polishing the Sislane until Heinry returned.

    The picky Chihuahua looked at Sislane and said, “Dirty.” In other words, not to raise the flag of the future fetters, the flag of doom.

    ‘First impression is important, first impression is.’

    I couldn’t wash it off with water, but I was able to brush my teeth, wipe meticulously with a wet towel, and comb my hair.

    ‘…oh my god. Even with that alone, it smells good?!’

    I put my nose on Cislane and sniffed it.

    “Nonsense. This is a light-defying buff.”

    “…What is a light sphere?”

    At Sislane’s pure question, I hurriedly said, “It’s nothing.” and gave me new clothes.

    Sislane changed into new clothes and looked like a soft baby beast.

    ‘Ugh. My heart.’

    Now, I would never, never, ever say something like ‘dirty’!

    After a while.

    Heinry’s eyes scanned Sislane suspiciously.

    I introduced confidently.

    “New friend! Greetings, Heinry.”

    Fufu. Isn’t it dirty?


    Heinry slowly looked at the boy with her characteristic arrogant eyes, and then stood tall in one place—he stopped.

    In the hand that Sislane and I were holding tightly.

    Soon, Heinry contorted her forehead and shook her head.

    “It’s dirty, ***.”

    ‘…It looks like it’s ruined.’
    * * *​

    Socialization training.

    This is training to help trees living only in the ‘forest’ adapt to the outside world, usually starting after awakening their abilities.

    But in fact, it was also a place to showcase products before they were sold to noble families.

    Today, Heinry participated in the salon where the highest nobles of the El Dorado Empire gathered.

    Heinry, who wore a frock coat for children, a luxurious shirt, and had silver hair, had a lovely appearance.

    “You are a very beautiful boy. Isn’t the magical power you possessed too?”

    The Marquis of Hilberg, with a swallow’s mustache, looked at Heinry and said:

    “Heinry is the only special level 1 tree in our forest, Marquis.”

    The socialization of the trees, Julius, responded very politely. But there was a sense of pride that could not be hidden in that tone and expression.

    “The potential magic is so powerful that it is difficult to control it as a young body. That’s why I wear this ‘Magic Suppressor’.”

    Suddenly, Julius put his hand on his earring, and Heinry shook his head in amazement. Annoyance flashed across his face for a moment, but it was only for a moment.

    In the salon, Heinry, strangely, did not frown once. As if faithful to the role of ‘a good and talented child’.

    “Very interesting, very interesting… It’s the perfect age to be the youngest in our family.”

    Heinry seemed to like him so much, so the Marquis Hilberg gently stroked the boy’s head.


    Heinry didn’t answer. Instead, he quietly took his hand and smiled.

    * * *​

    “I have no luck. Damn it!”

    Heinry, who came out of the salon and got into the carriage, burst into anger.

    As if tired, the boy placed the back of his hand on his forehead and closed his eyes.

    “Why are you touching me?”

    He originally hated being touched by anyone.

    Only one hand was allowed by the boy. Annette.

    “I feel tired. Let’s go back to the forest right now.”

    Julius smiled softly as he looked at the boy with deep blue eyes under long blonde hair.

    “There is still one place left, Heinry.”

    “You showed up here and there like a beast in a pet shop for two weeks! I was exhausted.”

    Unlike the other children in the forest, Heinry had a lot of nobles looking for it.

    Trees are classified into 9 levels according to their awakening ability, but Heinry was currently the only level 1 tree.

    It was also a special level 1 with ‘special’ in front of it.

    A higher level means higher potential.

    The nobles, of course, wanted the most talented child to be their trophy.

    “I told you the schedule wasn’t over yet, Heinry.”

    Julius smiled softly, but he felt something alive.

    Heinry’s breathing, who was playing like a watery cat, became quiet.

    Instead, the boy gently lifted his eyelids. The purple eyes shone brightly from the thin ones. The boy whispered softly.

    “Is it okay if I get hurt?”


    Julius’s expression stiffened for a moment.

    What memory did you recall?

    The last socialization training that ended in blood.

    He was the one who felt extremely embarrassed by the ending that ruined the precious special level 1 resources.

    Julius’ face line softened again.

    “…If you don’t like it that much, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

    Then he sat straight ahead and said to the driver.

    “The destination is the forest. Let’s just go back.”


    Then, along with the driver’s roaring answer, the sound of hoofs of horses erupted with ease.

    The boy rolled his eyes from his backseat with his weary face.

    ‘Annette, I miss you.’

    It was the first time I had not seen her in such a long time since I got to know her.

    The last two weeks have been such a terrible time.

    As soon as weary and weary Heinry returned to the forest, he wanted to do only one thing.

    To hold Annette in her arms and smell her.

    It was Heinry’s favorite action.

    By the way-

    Returning to the forest after two weeks, Heinryi witnessed a shocking sight.

    She looked like Annette holding the hand of a kinky boy.

    It wasn’t right.

    He sweats blood and tears, he has been fighting a two-year war, and she feels betrayed, as if his own wife had an affair and was holding another man’s hand.

    Although he was an 11-year-old child. He hadn’t been to war, though he was only half his height compared to a grown man.

    Anyway, Annette laughed so brightly in such a serious situation.

    “New friend! Greetings, Heinry.”

    The inside of Heinry was a face that didn’t know as much.

    …Friend? Who’s your friend?

    ‘What a beast-like bastard.’

    The red eyes under the black hair looked at him, and he just felt bad.

    It must have been dirty in the first place, but it feels bad to just wipe it off and pretend it’s dry.

    Unlike Annette’s bean pods, Sislane did not live up to Heinry’s concept of hygiene.

    But she wasn’t dirty or even unclean…

    Heinry frowned and frowned. I was just jealous of the two of them holding hands.

    “It’s dirty.”

    * * *​


    Suddenly, a loud sound rang in my ear.

    It was the sound of Heinry fluttering her own doom flag.

    ‘It’s worse than dirty!’

    It’s even worse than the original?!

    I can’t believe it.

    ‘How can you say such a thing to such a cute baby?’

    I looked at Sislane with a trembling pupil (probably full of bean pods).

    Then he said to Heinry with a face almost crying.

    “…I can’t use it when you say something bad like that, Heinry.”

    That snout of fear.

    Even in the original work, Heinry’s mannerisms were consistently rude and her demeanor was arrogant, and she always aroused the Sislane and caused her ruin even more.

    When I read it as a novel, to be honest, I really liked the stingy character like that.

    Because he was drawn to the arrogant and arrogant character.


    It was hard to see the main character steadily earning ‘future pain’ right in front of my eyes.

    “I’m not friends with filthy bastards.”

    Ah. Please stop it.

    But that damned Chihuahua didn’t know how to kill his temper.

    Heinryi smirked alone, finally approached and pushed Sislane.

    “Nuna is mine, go away.”


    I became contemplative and stopped him.

    In the meantime, Heinry almost monopolized me in the forest. It was always my responsibility to take care of Heinryi, who is particularly sensitive and picky, and hides his face from everyone.

    Was that so?

    Heinry looked like an angry boss cat with a new cat coming into his territory.

    If it was Sislane who had low self-esteem and was an introvert, it seemed like he would be shocked by Heinry’s appearance like that.

    ‘I can’t….’

    However, my expectations and Sislane’s reaction were completely different.

    Sislane didn’t push too much, and he grabbed my hand stronger and looked at Heinry.

    Then, with ruby-red eyes, he asked quietly.

    “Why is Annette yours?”


    Unlike the glowing self, when Sislane asked too calmly, for a moment, Heinry seemed to be speechless.

    “…That, that!”

    Heinry’s ears turned red.

    “Because I’m going to marry my nuna when I grow up!”

    I was surprised when I heard it.

    It’s not agreed upon!

    Sislane looked at Heinry without moving no matter how much he says nonsense in front of him.

    Then he calmly responded.

    “Usually, you can’t get married between your sister and brother.”


    Heinry’s purple eyes fluttered in shock.

    He blinked as if there had been a brief cognitive dissonance. Then he hurriedly grabbed my sleeve and asked seriously.

    “Nuna, is that true? If I call you nuna, will you be unable to get married?”

    “…Uh, that’s it.”

    I rolled my eyes in embarrassment.

    Do you think that’s the only reason we can’t get married, children?

    When my answer was not clear, Heinry hurriedly pointed at Sislane with her index finger and turned the arrow.

    “But why doesn’t that bastard call you Sister? You must be younger than 12!”

    In the forest, my age, 12, was the oldest.

    He was only ten fingers plus two, but he was the oldest here.

    And Sislane and Heinry were 11 years old each.

    ‘Hmm, that protest is justified.’

    He just called me Annette, so I liked to hear it, so I left it alone… If you insist on such injustice.

    For the sake of peace, this part needs to be sorted out.

    “Heinry is right. It would be better for Sislane to call me ‘nuna’.”

    Sislane looked at me with red eyes under black hair.

    Then, he gently buried his stinky head on my shoulder and closed his eyelids.

    Sislane whispered in a voice sweet as a ripe berry, blushing her face.


    In an instant, my face glowed like cherry candy. You’re crazy, you’re going to seduce all the sisters in the world.

    ‘So cute. Our baby.’

    Heinry, who had been looking at him, finally sat down on his seat and burst into anger.

    “…Ju- just tell me to call you the way you are!!!”

    * * *​

    I managed to appease Heinry, who couldn’t beat her anger, and sent me down to the living room.

    To try hard not to leave me, “I’ll put you to bed today, I promise.” and had to put conditions on it.

    Heinryi especially liked to put me to bed, so she asked over and over again, “Really?” she asked.

    Then he looked back and left the room like a cat leaving behind a delicious fish.


    I think something great has happened.

    I pat Sislane’s shoulder and whisper.

    “He talks like that, but he has a good heart.”

    Even though I acted badly towards you in the original.

    “It’s because there are so many wounds in my heart, like you, Sislane.”

    If I had only received love and grew up, I wouldn’t have become such a jealous personality.

    I understand all of Heinry’s narrative, but from Sislane’s point of view, I’d feel like a very mean child.

    ‘First impressions turned out to be the worst of each other. How do you do this?’

    As I was pondering deeply, Sislane, who was sitting still in her chair, asked me.

    “Annette… Heinry, do you like it?


    In response to my answer without hesitation, Sislane slowly lowered her eyes and spoke with her darkened face.

    “…like that.”

    It was then.


    A shout was heard outside the door.

    Uh, is that weird? The only people who know this room are me, Sislane, and Heinry.

    Has Heinry returned?

    I walked slowly, opened the door, and looked out into the hallway.


    Then I quickly saw a shadow spinning around the corner of the hallway, and I swallowed my saliva.


    There was no reply returned.

    ‘This is not a place to stay for long.’

    No matter how spacious the mansion was, it was surprisingly a small place to hide. There were a lot of children and there was a lot of snow, so if you stayed in one place for a long time, you could be caught at any time.

    It’s only been a few days, but it’s safe to move.

    ‘Until three days later, we have to decide where to hide the Sislane.’

    I thought and quickly shook my head.

    ‘No. The sooner the better…. Yes, we’re moving right tomorrow.’
    But unfortunately, we didn’t have that much time.

    After a while, someone visited our secret hideout.

    Like a raptor before snatching her prey with her claws, she said, with her golden eyes twinkling.

    “Did you hide in such a place like a mouse?”

    一Madame Mimosa!

    A small heart pounded and fell to the floor.

    It felt like all the blood was rushing out of my toes.

    “Annette. It’s really disappointing.”


    Mrs. Mimosa said coolly, holding her sharp stick.

    “I trusted you because you were a student who never caused problems.”


    Dry saliva flowed through the temple at her tension.

    When the worst thing I had only imagined in my head became a reality, I felt like a panic would come.


    Sislane was also frightened, so his exhalation became hot. Because he had already been subjected to harsh corporal punishment by Mrs. Mimosa.

    ‘What? We shouldn’t have been caught now.’

    She hasn’t been able to overcome the ‘water trauma’ yet, and there’s no natural way for her to return to the forest.

    If it goes like this, I’d be beaten…!

    Then it happened.

    Sislane, who barely opened his heart, would be thrown into a den again, and the situation would be much worse.

    Mrs. Mimosa looked around her hideout and plucked her household items with the tip of a stick.

    “You have stolen all the furniture here. Sislane… How dare you do something like this.”

    I was startled by the cool eyes and shouted while hiding the Sislane behind my back.

    “There is nothing wrong with Sislane. I am!”

    “Annette. I know that you care deeply about trees, but you must not unconditionally protect them.”

    “Really, madame. Trust me… please.”

    “Sislane has already broken eight rules. I cannot forgive you.”

    Ahh…. One increased because of me.

    “At first, I complained that I didn’t want to wash and ran away into the burrow. Do you know how worried the teachers were…? How often did I emphasize the need to abide by the rules?”

    In the forest, severe corporal punishment follows a child with a problem.

    “Get away.”

    Not surprisingly, Mrs. Mimosa pushed her on my shoulder and swung her whip sharply towards her Sislane.


    Ouch, that’s right!

    That rod must be really sick…!!!

    For a moment, I hugged Sislane tightly, showing my back instead, and shouting.

    “Sislane isn’t a fuss, it’s afraid of the water!”

    Madame Mimosa’s rod stopped in midair for an instant. However, Geum-an, who was still strict, seemed unwilling to forgive us.

    “Annette, whatever the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that Sislane broke the rules.”


    “If you don’t get out of the way, I will have no choice but to punish you as well.”

    As a young person, an adult with a sharp stick was too frightening.

    However, I couldn’t back down.

    Because of the trauma, Sislane was trembling like a puppy in the rain all day long, and that trembling was felt perfectly in my arms.

    I was trembling and scared too… I held it tight and tightened my eyes to open it up straight.

    “I’ll make it into a see-through that washes well, doesn’t run away, and obeys the rules!”

    I put precipitation.

    “If I fail… I will also receive corporal punishment along with Sislane.”

    As if reading my will, Mrs. Mimosa’s eyebrows rose sharply. The expression on her face showed her cold suspicion and a little interest.

    “Sislane has always been unable to adapt to the forest and caused problems, is that possible?”

    “Yes, Mrs.”

    I nodded with clear eyes.

    “If you see me being scolded now, he’ll be more afraid and hide. Even the madame knows.”

    Suddenly, Madame Mimosa’s cold expression cracked slightly. She knows that she actually knows. That corporal punishment would have to go a very long way.

    “I’ll give three days.”

    3 days is too short….

    However, there did not appear to be any room for negotiation otherwise.

    ‘She will make it unconditional.’

    I stopped worrying and nodded my head with determination.

    “Yes, Mrs. I promise you.”

    Only then did Madame Mimosa gather her rods. She was very fortunate.

    “Clean up this room and return Sislane to her living room.”

    I succeeded in persuasion!

    “But Annette will have to skip dinner for three days as a punishment for breaking the rules. Sislane….”

    Mrs. Mimosa shrugged Sislane’s bare limbs.

    “I’ll give him nutritional supplements.”

    “Yes, madam!”

    I was starving, I could bear it. If only our baby is safe.

    After hearing my powerful reply, my wife finally went out to our hideout.


    Her relaxed body was drooping like a stuffed teddy bear.

    At that moment, Sislane quietly lifted his head from my arms. The boy’s anxiety was etched in his red ruby-like eyes.


    I gently stroked the little head of her head.

    “Do not worry. It’ll turn out okay. Sislane.”

    And she grinned and smiled.

    * * *​

    I stayed with Sislane, who was anxious for a while and then went down to the living room.

    ‘I don’t know if it’s actually better.’

    When you return to the forest, you will be able to sleep and eat delicious food.

    For now, just passing through without getting beaten up today was ten million lines.

    The problem is to overcome the water trauma of Sislane within the tight time of 3 days….

    ‘Let’s study the method.’

    Obviously, you can get over it.

    Let’s do our best!

    Filled with positive energy, I opened the living room door.

    The children, who were lying on the small bed one by one, smiled broadly at me and waved their short arms.


    “Unnie! Ungniiee~”

    “It’s a little cold today. Etch!”

    Juliane, who has fluffy blonde hair and big eyes and blue like a lake, sneeze, and her runny nose came out.

    “Yes? It’s like leaving the window open. Kids, I’m going to catch a cold. Let’s close the window!”


    The children answered brightly and closed the window hard.

    I rubbed my nose. I feel like I have become an undisputed ruler of power. Hmm hmm, 12 years old is thrilling, it’s the best.

    I wiped Juliane’s runny nose and went to Heinly’s bed.


    Heinly sat looking at the wall. With a lot of pouty tea.

    It was an action to take when there was something disappointing about the cost.

    Black, cute little boy!



    “Where did our good Heinly go?”

    I looked for Heinly, pretending not to see it, even though I often see it in front of me.

    I could see Heinly’s cheeks twitching like a soft bean cake.

    Then he opened his mouth sullenly.

    “You said you were punished for not having dinner…? Eat it or not.”

    When they are punished, the content is posted on the bulletin board, and it seems that they read it quickly.

    Where Heinly pointed, there was a soft room.


    Looking at the room, I was very, very hungry. It felt like it melted in your mouth when you took a big bite.

    I said in an uncertain voice, biting my cheeks.

    “It’s so delicious, Heinly.”

    “…If I knew they would like it, I would threaten to kill the guy in charge of the room, and then rip it out more.”

    “Ah. You can’t do something like that!”

    “Let me sleep. Sleepy. ”

    When I tried to scold, but Heinly quickly changed his demeanor and murmured.

    I ate the room metallurgically and covered the sheet up to the chest of Heinly, who was lying on the bed.

    Then she patted his chest.

    Like a cat riding its owner’s touch, Heinly’s purple eyes quickly became docile.

    When you see it like this, it’s like an angel.

    For a moment, my heart flutters like pudding, and I asked what i had been on my mind the whole time.

    “Heinly, be honest with me. Maybe a room with a see-through, did you say…? That hideout, you and me. I only knew about Sislane.”

    “What? It can’t be!”

    Heinly’s eyes went up like a naughty cat.

    “Nuna hate bad kids so much.”

    Obviously, what he saw in the hallway of the hideout was the shadow of a child. If not Heinly, who came?

    ‘Who the hell is that?’

    I looked around the living room with suspicious eyes. But there was no child who could have guessed.

    …There’s no kid who doesn’t like me.

    I hope it won’t keep getting in the way of future plans, right?

    He had to fix Sislane’s water trauma as soon as possible so that he could return to the forest and get along well with Heinly.

    Both of them were necessary for the happy future of my lover, Heinly, and Sislane, who has become precious.

    So the future was important.

    Even if there is someone trying to interfere, I can’t stop it.

    ‘I had a bad first impression, but due to the nature of young children, if we play together often, we will get to know each other.’

    Of course, Heinly was more jealous than I expected, but there was a way.

    I said while poking Heinly’s shoulder with my index finger.

    “Heinly, I like Heinly the best. Know?”

    What a ‘mother gave birth to a younger brother, but she still loves you’ operation!

    When I smiled brightly with clear eyes, Heinly’s cheeks became red like plums in an instant.


    Heinly, whose eyes were brittle with his pain, closed his eyes.


    Then he said sternly.

    “Of course.”

    She should have listened to the story behind it too, but I couldn’t hear it well because of Heinly lying down.

    “I like you the best too.”

    The whispering voice is so small and heartbreaking.

    “…So no one can lose it.”

    * * *​

    Next day.

    I made something in the morning and ran to the place where the sea drain was.

    This is what I prepared for, overcoming the water trauma.


    It was a pink bar with a circle at the end. Sislane asked blankly, looking at the rod.

    “Annette. …Do you want that?”
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    @Akioh thank so you much for the translation , you are the best :love::love::love::love:
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    I just read the first chapter and I loved it! I'm super excited for this, thanks so much for picking it up!

    (btw you can read it on the nu page of this novel)
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    About third ML (I think he is)
    MC met the father of the third in the Socialization training (mentioned in the 4th chapter). MC was helping a girl pick up her toy that got stuck in a tree. She picks it up, but when she is about to go down she falls and that is when his father appears.
    When MC sees him, he wants him to be her dad (According to her he is her ideal dad). The father tells her that he gave her a golden flower (which means that he wants to adopt her) and MC is happy since his feelings were reciprocated.
    MC was waiting for him to propose adoption (as his daughter) but he proposes adoption as his daughter-in-law.
    He said that his son had liked her very much and that he wanted to see her.
    I don't remember much what happened, but MC visited the third ML and they had a good time together. I remember he had a bright and friendly personality.

    About the spirits
    About this, I don't remember much. I just remember that there was something like a test. It were divided by levels depending on the qualifications of each one (with Sislane and Heinrich obviously at the highest). For some reason, MC who was at a low level because he has no abilities, was teleported to the highest level.
    He ran into Sislane and Heinrich and they used something which is to call the teachers when there are problems, but for some reason it didn't work and they went to a cave because someone was injured. At night, she was guided towards the spirits.
    I think there were two spirits. A white haired guy with long hair and a red haired guy.
    They told her about her abilities (I don't remember what's about but it was powerful) and it was told that she is somehow related to the sorcerer who was mentioned in the first chapters that he create a spell to awaken the abilities.
    There was also a scene where it shows that Mrs. Mimosa knows that MC has abilities
    I do not remember more.

    Last chapter.
    The last thing I remember from the last chapter is that MC was adopted but no mention who was. Also, Sislane caused a fuss at the Socialization training.
    He was thinking that when they will adopt him ask they to adopt MC. But then he realizes that it can't be possible and that they wouldn't accept. So in the end he made a fuss so that no one wants to adopt him and can stay by her side.
    There are probably some things that aren't and my mind distorts them
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    Who is the main lead? Please anyone who can know the answer ...
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    So, the manhwa just a promo ? What a pity. The art is very beautiful.
    It looks like the art of "I am the real one" or "I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life", but the scene in their childhood looks like Lucas X Athy x Ijekhiel ver. 2 lol
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    I gave Sislane the stick and smiled.

    “For now, take this. I’m not quite ready yet.”

    I pulled out a cute pink teddy bear-shaped bathroom sink and started pouring water into it.

    Quack, quack—

    ‘It’s not like washing in a bathtub, but a bathroom sink, right?’

    Try washing your hands first.

    And if it’s okay, I’ll be able to take a little bath in the bathtub.

    ‘The ultimate goal is to take a bathtub bath!’

    So it could be said that this was a great step.

    I dissolved soapy water in the sink to minimize the time I was washing my hands. Because the shorter the painful time, the better. Well, it’s complete!

    “Sislane! Wash our hands first….”

    When I looked back with a wide smile.

    …I encountered for the first time. With severely terrified eyes.

    I could be seen at a glance.

    What the boy saw wasn’t just the water in the bathroom sink, but the dirty, crude hands that buried his face in it.

    The monster-like strength that crushed the back of the head….

    The sensation of soapy water pouring into your nose and mouth.

    That the feeling of the lungs tightened and the experience of suffering that went to the point of death.



    The boy trembled and closed his eyes.

    When I saw that, I felt pain as if I had been beaten in the chest.

    ‘More than I thought… The trauma is much worse.’


    The boy barely closed his eyes or rather apologized to me.

    “If I did this, Annette would be scolded too….”

    Even in the face of instinctive fear, the boy thought of me first. It was sad because the heart was beautiful.

    My eyes got wet with the misery, and I quickly wiped away my tears while Sislane was not looking.

    Then he put the stick he had made quietly into the bathroom sink and gently stirred his hand.


    As I exhaled into the pink circle, soft soap bubbles flew through the air.

    Soap bubbles flew near the boy, touched his cheek, and popped.


    It was then that he felt a sensation and carefully opened his eyes.

    “Look at this, Sis.”

    I smiled and put my hand back into the basin and stirred, Hwi—, Whooh.

    Fluff, fluff.

    All of a sudden, Sislane was staring at the soap bubbles in confusion.

    “Isn’t it pretty?”

    A warm spring star shone in through the open window.

    In the dazzling feast of light, the soap bubbles shone brilliantly in five colors.

    The boy’s innocent eyes followed the bubbles slowly. Then, softly licking his dry lips, he whispered softly.

    “Yes. Pretty.”

    The boy said as he reached out his hand slowly with the soap bubble.

    “It’s like a flower made of breath.”


    His expression was so beautiful that my heart fluttered.

    I dipped a stick in soapy water and handed it to Sislane.

    “You do it too.”

    The boy hesitated a little, as if unfamiliar, then he carefully breathed his breath into the circle.

    Like flowers blooming in the air, soap bubbles flew leisurely in the sky.

    ‘I like it. Look at that expression.’

    Hehe, my baby….

    It was the first time I had ever played such a game.

    It was salty and cute, and I liked the way he looked, so I looked at Sislane and smiled.

    Just then, the door opened and the sound of small footsteps was heard.

    “Annette— play with me too!”

    It was Sasha. A cutie with big pink eyes, pink cotton-like hair that wiggles whenever it moves.

    “Sasha, how did you know I was here?”

    “Did Juliane tell you Annette went this way?”

    Sasha, who was originally not shy, naturally squatted down next to me without being aware of Sislane.

    “Soap Bubbles!”

    “Come on.”

    I was fortunate to have made several sticks.

    The three of us sat next to each other and started blowing bubbles.

    It was a peaceful and enjoyable time after a long time.

    Soap bubbles containing the breath of the three children flew around like a dream.

    All of a sudden, the soapy water in the teddy bear’s bathroom sink was almost gone.

    I pointed at Sislane’s hand and spoke softly.

    “Sis, did you wash your hands?”


    The boy raised his hand and looked up at me in amazement.

    Indeed, while he was dipping my hands to get some soapy water left over in the bathroom sink on the stick, his hands were washed clean.

    Not even knowing himself.

    I laughed softly.

    “Isn’t it difficult one or two?”


    Sislane nodded his little head curiously.

    I wished only good things would happen to this boy in the future, I thought. …I hope so.

    * * *​

    Next day.

    I was scribbling in a book in class, drawing Sislane’s dry hands.

    After playing with bubbles, Sislane practiced little by little on his own, and now he can wash his hands without overdoing it.

    When I praised him, he showed me by washing his hands even more fiercely.

    ‘Fufu, it’s cute.’

    However, apart from the fact that Sislane was cute, anger built up inside.

    ‘Pu… What was it? Puralala? I think it was a name like this. The human who brought the trauma to Sislane.’

    Of course, there’s no way a person’s name is ‘Puralala’.

    After all, he was a slave trader and an unscrupulous man who only looked at humans as money.

    So he must have brought that trauma to the child as well.

    ‘It’s a thing of the past, but I’m excited.’

    “Bad guy.”

    I quietly cursed him by myself. Of course, there is no way to get revenge now….

    Regardless of my burning anger, the class was proceeding peacefully.

    It’s class time for ‘Introduction to Summoning Science’, and Sasha was practicing the summoning technique diligently while doing so.

    Finally, the little chick was summoned.

    “Ah! Success!”

    ‘It’s okay.’

    “Annette! Look at this!”

    “Ugh, is that really cool?”

    It was also true that it was really cool. Because I can’t even summon that trivial thing.

    ‘…It’s an extra-down ability.’

    Bip— Bip—

    I looked at the yellow chick with a bit of envy and pretended to practice hard when the teacher came over here.

    “Ap! Pressure!”

    Of course, there was only air on the desk.

    Still, there is no teacher who doesn’t like a hardworking model student.

    Not surprisingly, the teacher gently stroked my hair and left.

    After class was over, I officially announced the start of the ‘Great Operation’.

    “Wait a moment! Pay attention to this!”

    At the dignified voice of a 12-year-old, the little ones blinked their eyes, paying attention to me all at once.

    “The person who is going to have a lot of fun with me, spon!”

    The fists like little steamed ones came up.

    “Woah, me!”

    “Me too me too!”

    It was good, members are enough.

    * * *​

    In the garden in front of the mansion, there was a fountain where angels blew their trumpets and spouted water.

    The little ones resembling that angel statue gathered together.

    I clap my hands and said.

    “Hey, are you all ready for a swim?”

    The children answered loudly.


    “The Raspberry team is a publishing muffler, and the Peanut team is a peanut-colored muffler!”

    ‘I purposely split it into two teams.’

    It was not for nothing that they were split into two teams. Here was my thorough calculation.

    ‘Huhu, we’re on the same team, so we should hold hands and fight, right?’

    I looked at Sislane and Heinry with a happy face.

    The publication mufflers were wrapped around the necks of the two little boys.

    Heinry looked like he was not happy with the situation, and Sislane looked a little puzzled. Just like a baby beast thrown into a chick cage.

    ‘Hmm, Sislane must be unfamiliar with this kind of game.’

    Playing with friends is unfamiliar, even playing with water.

    ‘…Either the best or the worst.’

    Water trauma will be much better if well addressed.

    What scares me will turn into an object of fun.

    ‘But if it’s wrong….’

    In an already unfamiliar environment, the fear of water will only increase.

    If I had more time, I would have used a more moderate method than this. But with only two days left, we had to hurry up a bit.

    ‘Please, help me just once. Hey guys.’

    To help a friend overcome his fear of water.

    And give me strength just once.


    I tensed up inwardly and raised my hand vigorously.

    “Come on, let’s get started!”


    The children laughed and splashed water on each other and started to play.


    Sislane was looking around with a slightly unfamiliar expression.

    ‘Ah, I was too impatient.’

    Just like a lost child, I looked at him with a nervous mind. I wish someone would pour a little water on me!

    It was then. Heinry filled the basin with water and poured it over Sislane.


    ‘Ahh! Heinry!’

    That damn Chihuahua is on the same team!

    “Hey, you idiot. It looks good!”


    What are you going to do if Sislane is scared?

    I hurriedly tried to dry Heinry, who was holding his stomach and smiling.

    Sislane stood still, drenched in water, standing still.

    ‘I must have been surprised. Is it very scary?’

    Clearly, Sislane looked startled, bewildered, and frightened. However, it was only for a while.

    It was an instant when he opened his ax’s eyes toward Heinry.

    ‘Ah, the baby beast is angry.’

    Sislane immediately filled the largest bucket with water and took revenge on Heinry.



    Heinry rolled back and blinked.

    He accidentally had a look as dumb as a drowning cat. Then, slowly, Heinry’s eyes also showed a ‘huge heartbeat’.

    From then on, a war broke out between the two boys.

    Splash, plash!

    Splash! Splash!

    In the water play with great momentum, the kids stopped playing and I opened my mouth and looked.

    After a while.

    First, exhausted, Heinry curled up on the lawn to catch her breath.

    “Huh, heh-heh, that damn child….”


    Sislane also took a deep breath with his tired face. Both boys looked like drowning mice.

    I looked at it and I burst out laughing.

    Then, next to me, Juliane with big blue eyes, smiled.


    From that moment on, all the children burst into laughter. The joyful sound of children’s laughter shattered brightly at the fountain where the rainbow appeared.

    ‘Fortunately, the plan was a success.’

    I heard that there is a way to face the feared object head-on to overcome the trauma.

    It was a success achieved similarly. Of course, Heinry’s help was great (though he probably didn’t mean it at all).

    Whoa, you wonderful little ones.

    ‘If this is the case, I will be able to keep my promise to madame Mimosa tomorrow!’

    I was so sure of it with all my heart.

    Ten minutes later, an uninvited guest appears.

    Life was also the other way around.
    It wasn’t long before I heard the screams of Sislane, who had gone to the mansion to change into wet clothes.


    I was startled and ran after the scream.

    As he turned the corner, he saw the silhouette of an adult who was grabbing the boy’s clothes hard enough to tear them apart and dragging them away.

    “Did you think that if you ran away, I wouldn’t be able to find you? You’re not the only cause of my loss, you filthy bastard!”

    The gray eyes set in the yellowish white gleamed greedily, and he was a very strong man, with hands dry like a branch on his crooked back.

    With that unique appearance and words and deeds, I was able to guess the opponent.

    What was his name? Ah, a lightning bolt struck in my head in an instant.

    ‘Viscount Puterio!’

    It was the slave trader. A vicious human trader who brought water trauma to Sislane.

    Viscount Puterio was pulling and intimidating the Sislane without regard to it as if it were a dog, pig, or livestock.

    “Don’t give up on me, so I won’t run away again. You are my slave. That is my ‘wealth’!”

    Sislane shook his head and shook his head. As if learned fear paralyzed the whole body.

    The moment he met those red eyes, he was unbearably sad and angry.

    “Let go of that hand now!”

    Viscount Puterio looked at me and frowned.

    “You are four years old, but you are disturbing me! Shut it off before you squeeze it.”

    I opened his eyes and looked at him.

    “Let go, now!”

    “…A young crab-catcher dares to be fearless!”

    Just then, a strong hand was raised high to slap me on the cheek.


    With a scream, Viscount Puterio floundered his body. All of a sudden, Heinry had bitten his arm with all his might.

    “Don’t even think about touching my nuna, you filthy bastard!”

    “These wretched bastards…!”

    It was when Viscount Puterio, who was angry, glared at Heinly with the intention of grinding him.

    Tearing through the noisy air, a cold voice flew in like a hawk.

    “What the hell is the fuss?”

    Thoroughly raised blonde hair, strict golden eyes.

    It was madame Mimosa.

    “You’re making loud noises in our forest. This would be unheard of in this mansion where children are growing up. ‘Definitely’.”

    At the sight of Madame Mimosa’s frost-like momentum, Viscount Puterio seemed bewildered for a moment.

    But he soon thought that he could not be pushed, so he straightened his coat collar and straightened his waist.

    “I am Viscount Puterio, who requested an interview with my fugitive slave today. And on the way to see the madame, I found my ‘lost item’!”

    Viscount Puterio pointed to the frightened Sislane.

    “This little guy is mine, so I’ll take it!”

    “…Mrs. Mimosa.”

    I looked at Mrs. Mimosa, holding Sislane in my arms.

    With eyes desperately begging for help.

    Because she was the only guardian we had in this mansion.

    ‘I can’t let it go like this.’

    Moreover, even more so for a naughty person who calls a child a ‘lost item’.

    Mrs. Mimosa looked at us with an unknown cold face, and then she opened her mouth to Viscount Puterio.

    “First, follow me inside.”

    Then she went to the mansion first.

    * * *​

    “He is a slave of mine who was in the ‘Ferdes Slave Shop’! But unfortunately, he ran away during the fire.”

    Viscount Puterio made a strong claim to Sislane.

    Looking at Viscount Puterio, I traced the memory of the original.

    ‘He made money from the slave trade and bought his own family name.’

    Originally, he was just a commoner, but he was a very successful slave trader using his know-how in business and his vicious heart that did not waver while buying and selling humans.

    With that capital, he bought the title of a fallen nobleman and was playing his role as a nobleman.

    But it was clear that he did not even buy dignity.

    “That kid was originally mine, so I’ll take it!”

    Madame Mimosa responded unwaveringly to the reckless utterance.

    “A child who becomes a tree is protected by the forest. You can’t take him away.”

    “…So what about my wealth?! You’re going to eat it raw.”

    Sislane was in pain just to hear Viscount Puterio’s voice and trembled while holding my hand tightly.

    Mrs. Mimosa glanced at the Sislane and opened her mouth.

    “I pay for that child.”

    Oh, I’m glad….

    Giving money to a person who came for money was the cleanest solution.

    It was evident that Mrs. Mimosa felt the same way.

    “I’ll give you 10 million gold.”

    In general, the average price was 3 million gold for young slaves and 10 million for adults.

    There was a price difference according to gender, health status, and origin, but it was a slight difference.

    The amount offered by Mrs. Mimosa was generously higher than the average market price.

    She felt the will to get things done quickly without much fuss.


    “Ha! Who do you know as a head-to-head?”

    Beneath Viscount Puterio’s green hair, his gray eyes glistened with greed. He said, biting his lips.

    “No less than 50 million gold!”



    Like me, Mrs. Mimosa seemed a little perplexed. She had her expressionless expression slightly broken.

    “Looking at you trying to send me away with 10 million gold, it’s clear that this ‘tree’ has a lot of value! It was ‘Awakening ability’?”


    Viscount Puterio seemed to have already known about the forest. This is a secret nurturing institution, but secret stories have been spread among the nobles.

    The vicious human who smelled amazingly of money had a strong momentum to take a part.

    “Didn’t my stuff have that kind of value… If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t know. Now that I know, I can’t pass it on to a cheap price.”

    Viscount Puterio giggled as if in a good mood.

    “That child’s ransom is 50 million gold. I can’t cut you a penny!”

    Mrs. Mimosa said quietly, rolling her eyes down.

    “…Then the negotiations broke down.”

    Viscount Puterio said as if he knew that.

    “This is Corel’s estate, so it would be right to follow the judgment of the lord, the Marquis of Corel. I will request it! I’d love to see you tomorrow.”


    The two agreed to follow the judgment of Lord Corel about the Sislane residence tomorrow.

    Facing Madame Mimosa’s face as cold as a piece of marble, Viscount Puterio smirked with an unknown smile.

    * * *​

    ‘You idiot, you don’t even know what I’m doing with the Marquis Corel.’

    Viscount Puterio was feeling the best. It was because I was confident that I would win the small trial tomorrow.

    During his time as a slave trader, he often sold the finest ‘things’ to the Marquis of Corel cheaply.

    After Corel, he sold the small slaves back to his vassals in his estate and left a mark.

    ‘Of course, the lord is not happy to be on my side.’

    At that time, that expensive slave would become mine again.

    Awakening that precious ability, to whomever you sell it, you will receive only 50 million gold.

    In fact, the children of the forest were worth much more than that, but Viscount Puterio could not know until they’re.

    When Viscount Puterio, who was in a good mood, looked at Sislane and gave his mouth a bite, Annette stopped in front of him.

    “Don’t look at me like that. You’re afraid of Sislane!”

    “It seems like you’re trying really hard to protect your friend. Yes, your friend will be mine.”

    “…That’s something you don’t know.”

    At Annette’s bold remark, Viscount Puterio burst out laughing as if it was absurd.

    He knew this kind of thing well.

    Life is all about being born and wriggling like a bug. At least she’s weak and young.

    “You are the lives that your parents gave up.”



    Two children froze at the same time at his abusive language.

    “Normal children are born with love. But sometimes there are children who are just ‘dung’ of sexual desire.”

    His gray eyes flashed cruelly.

    “Just like you.”

    Annette’s expression darkened.

    “So, whether you care about each other, love each other, or have any human feelings….”


    “You are going to live a life of being sold as a commodity. For a lifetime. Humans like bugs without a support base have no choice but to live like that.”

    Viscount Puterio rolled his eyes and smiled.

    “It’s become very pitiful.”


    Having finished speaking, Viscount Puterio got into the carriage, casting contemptuous glances at the two children embracing each other.

    Annette just stared blankly at the back of Viscount Puterio’s carriage as it left the garden.
    I quietly raised my middle finger before the carriage completely disappeared.

    ‘You’re sounding like X.’

    If I had been really just a child, the words of Viscount Puterio would have left a scar deep enough to be a lifelong trauma.

    But am I not 12 years old with a past life?

    With the shield of my previous life, I was able to deflect such abusive language.

    “Sislane, we need to wash our ears. You met a man who poops with his mouth.”

    I said bravely and wiped Sislane’s ears with my hands. Evie. Gigi, Gigi.

    ‘But it’s a little strange.’

    The appearance of that man itself was strange.

    ‘This was obviously an episode that wasn’t in the original.’

    If it had happened in the original story, I would have been preparing…. No matter how much I looked back on my memories, there was no episode where he came to the forest.

    But what had already happened, it was best to find a solution now.

    ‘…Marquis of Corel.’

    A original extra. He is a pretty unusual setting, so I remember him.

    ‘Thumb Cheongnan. He was a man with health concerns. And even tuberculosis.’

    Concerned about his own health, he always disturbed the doctors, and he suffered from severe tuberculosis in fear of getting sick.

    He was a sensitive human being who, even after shaking hands, would always change his gloves and cause seizures from anxiety.

    ‘How many times did you trade slaves with Viscount Puterio, perhaps?’

    So it would have been Viscount Puterio did not entrust the dispute resolution to the lord of ‘Perdes’ where his business was located, but he dared to call the lord of Corel in this area.

    ‘If it goes like this, there is no chance of winning tomorrow….’

    “…Are you okay?”

    I paused for a moment and asked Sislane.

    Is it wet? Because he felt his body shaking like a tree.

    Just seeing his terrified face broke my heart. Suddenly, the Viscount’s abusive remarks came to mind again.

    “Sometimes there are children who are just ‘dung’ of sexual desire.”

    …How tired of seeing such cruel remarks, Sislane.

    If he had been caught by such a man whose tongue was as sharp as a sharp knife, my self-esteem would have been crushed to the floor.

    When she met Sislane for the first time, she suddenly remembered what the boy had said.

    “I’m a dirty kid.”

    “If you talk to me, you will get dirty too.”

    …Her chest throbbed and throbbed as she predicted what kind of abusive language he might have heard.

    As I stroked the boy’s back, he whispered softly.

    “Is Annette okay?”

    Even in this situation, Sislane was worried about me first.

    Even though he was trembling like this….

    “I’m fine!”

    “I don’t mind, either. Annette.”

    Sislane, you could say you’re scared when you’re scared. Is fine for a child like you.

    I gently touched Sislane as if to appease it. Then, the sullen Sislane spoke unexpectedly.

    “I’d rather go back to the cave.”


    “When I’m there, no one can take me.”

    Then I realized. Why did Sislane enter the burrow?

    That it is not hidden simply because the senses are sensitive.

    He believed it was safe.

    Out of reach of those who bully you. He was rather comfortable in that narrow, dirty, and lonely cave.

    Her chest became heavy.


    I said, sulkingly, with my two hands covering his cheeks…

    “I will never leave you alone in that dark place again.”

    ‘Well, I just spoke like a maniac.’

    “Now you and I are together, Sis.”

    His pretty ruby-like red eyes fluttered. He asked in a tiny voice.



    As I smiled broadly, Sislane’s ears developed. cow

    He quietly lowers his head as if hiding his handsome face and answered.


    ‘Ugh, it’s cute.’

    I squinted my eyes confidently.

    “Yeah, so just trust me!”

    * * *​

    That afternoon, I went to the incinerator with Heinrich.

    This is a place where garbage from the forest is burned, so it was a place that trees could not normally even come close to.

    “…Nuna, do you really have to do this?”

    Heinrich couldn’t erase his disapproving expression and said while clapping his hands and putting them on the back of my head.

    “You can just send that cub to the Viscount.”

    “Heinrich, you can’t say such a bad thing.”


    “He is our friend.”

    “Hey, since when did we become friends…?”

    Heinrich muttered a little while his purple eyes were shining.

    “I don’t want to be friends with a dog. …And Nuna likes him so much.”

    I grabbed Heinrich’s hand and smiled.

    “Anyway, thank you for coming with me, Heinrich.”


    Heinrich’s soft, bean-cake-like cheeks twitched and moved.

    Then it quickly turned red like a deliciously ripe peach.

    “Tsk, there’s no need to thank you for something, of course.”

    Heinrich easily climbed on a barbed wire that was twice his height and jumped off.

    “Oh, watch out!”


    Landing nicely, he wiped his hand and unlocked the latch from the inside.

    As I went inside, I didn’t forget the little boy’s compliment.

    “After all, there is only Heinrich, right?”

    Heinrich groaned as the shoulder rods were loaded like a kitten that caught a mouse for the first time.

    ‘My god, as expected, a cute crybaby…!’

    I smiled and entered the incinerator, immediately gathered the last month’s worth of morning papers one by one, sat down, and started reading.

    What I was looking for was an article about Viscount Puterio or an article about the Perdes region.

    Viscount Puterio was quite a celebrity in the community, and he was the man who ran a large slave trade. If something happened recently, it had a ripple effect enough to be published in a newspaper.

    ‘It’s very strange that you came to the forest all of a sudden. Also to pick up a little kid.’

    Although 50 million gold is a large sum, his slave trader was making huge sales.

    Whether it’s worth coming a long way, dealing with the Mimosa in the forest, who is reputed to be picky, and calling even the lord to make a fuss… Well, something was vague.


    Then a headline caught my eye.

    「Perdes death plague ‘Marel’ outbreak. Is it the devil’s curse?」

    ‘There is an epidemic going around.’

    There was an article in the newspaper that the lord of Perdes sealed off the border and prevented commoners from moving between regions.

    ‘If an epidemic spreads… The slave traders must have been hit hard.’

    Who would buy a ‘human’ from an epidemic-prone area?

    Just as expected.

    「Ferdes Slavery Bankruptcy Crisis, Viscount Puterio “Calling the Community for Help”」

    ‘Bankruptcy Crisis!’

    Now I understand the situation.

    So that’s it. He came all the way to this country to find a little boy and threatened to give only 50 million gold.

    A business, once a hole in its financial power, goes bankrupt.


    I smiled lightly and raised the corners of my lips.

    “I finally remembered. How to avoid sending Sislane.”

    “Yes? Really?”

    Heinrich raised his eyebrows as if he was really curious and tilted his head.

    I crossed my arms proudly on the paper box and smiled.

    “Yeah, it reminded me of something very naughty.”

    “‘Very naughty’….”

    “We can’t give our Sislane to anyone.”

    My eyes gleamed like a waste-obsessed maniac.

    If all goes according to my plan, the Marquis of Corell will raise the hand of Mrs. Mimosa tomorrow.

    If that’s the point….

    * * *​

    Next day.

    The smell of the room wafted from the morning.

    In the kitchen, little children were sitting and kneading the dough.

    “Annette, look at this! I’m going to make it.”

    Julien held out the room dough to me, shining bright blue eyes like lakes.

    “Ah, well done.”

    I said with a smile.

    “Did you create a monster? Julien?”

    The big eyes under the fluffy blonde hair were gloomy.

    “…Hey, this is Annette….”

    ‘The world of art is profound.’

    “Ah! Come to think of it, you really look like me~”

    Juliane, who had been gloomy, was attentive to my words and smiled like the sun.

    It has been a long tradition in the forest for children to cook food together whenever a distinguished guest comes.

    Today was the day of the summary trial requested by Viscount Puterio, claiming ownership of the Sislane.

    In the summary trial, the point was on ‘information’.

    Normally, you would have to go to Marquis Castle to cover up what went wrong, but since the existence of the forest is a secret from the outside, the Marquis of Corell directly agreed to come.

    So from the morning, the secretary of Marquis Corel and the secretary of the Viscount Puterio stopped by the forest to tell the taste and taste of my superior.

    The menu was prepared without shortage, from roast duck and clam chowder to seasonal fruits in a soft room.

    And finally, just before the trial begins.

    I met Sislane.

    “Sis, you are very nervous….”

    With his red eyes on the floor, the boy hardly looked up.

    ‘I couldn’t even make eye contact with Viscount Puterio.’

    For Sislane, the Viscount must be a monster.

    He used terrifying remarks, tortured them to death, and even that was not enough, making them afraid of evens the water.

    Of course, even making eye contact would require a lot of courage.

    However, in a room with that monstrous man who treated him mercilessly, he had to participate in the trial.

    Moreover, depending on the outcome of the trial, it is possible to be dragged into the monster.

    ‘Don’t even be afraid.’

    It was fortunate that he kept his head up throughout the trial.

    I covered his cheek with the most gentle voice I could and said.

    “Sis, look at me.”


    Seven ruby-colored eyes gazed at me meekly through thick black hair.

    ‘Oh my god, you look like a scared dog.’

    It was salty and cute, so I spoke boldly on purpose so as not to frighten Sislane.

    “You know, let’s go inside and make sure! I will come back victorious.”


    The boy licked his dry lips.

    “I will go in alone. Annette is outside.”


    I thought you said you wanted to go in together because you were scared.

    A shadow deepened in the ruby-colored eyes.

    “Viscount Puterio is a vicious human being. I don’t want Annette to get involved because of me.”

    I’m willing to meet the monster alone, that’s what I’m worried about….

    I felt it the last time I met Viscount Puterio, but in matters related to me, it was a strangely courageous Sislane.

    Then I have to be brave

    I lowered my eyebrows and smiled brightly.

    “Am I not afraid at all?”


    With both hands, he carefully clasped Sislane’s hand.

    “Sis, from now on we will go in and prove the Viscount wrong.”


    “Don’t continue to suffer from the trauma that such a bad person gave you.”


    “So, if the Viscount collapses within me today… The fear of water also collapses. Understand?”

    The boy’s eyes, which had been shaken as if swept away by a typhoon, had calmly subsided. For a moment, there was a glimpse of will in his eyes.


    Sislane nodded his head.


    Now is the time to carry out the prepared operation.

    Today’s operation is so-called ‘exterminating dog dung with bugs’. It was about defeating the naughty guy with something naughty.

    Will the Marquis really do what I want?

    My heart was pounding, and my heart was trembling with tension and excitement.

    I grabbed Sislane’s hand and vigorously opened the door to the judge’s office and entered.
    Finally, a summary trial began.

    Participants were Marquis Corel, Madame Mimosa, Viscount Puterio.

    And it was Sislane and me, and the five children, who prepared food together.

    ‘That man is the Marquis of Corel.’

    He was a chubby man with a very sensitive impression, and he was wearing the white horsehair wig worn by judges.

    And as soon as he arrived, he did something very unusual.

    His secretary had been diligently pouring something into the poo pump bottle and pouring it on the chair.

    The smell of alcohol…!’

    Then he carefully wiped the chair on which the marquis would sit with a silk handkerchief.

    Marquis Corel asked for forgiveness, perhaps reading the puzzled faces of the people.

    “Excuse me, I’m sensitive to cleanliness.”

    ‘As expected, I have severe tuberculosis.’

    I can’t even sit on a bare chair. I narrowed my eyes and looked at the scene.

    It was like a person who suffered from severe ‘health anxiety’ and ‘conjunctivitis’ at the same time.

    As soon as he arrived, the Marquis, who was troubled, shook hands with Madame Mimosa and Viscount Puterio in turn.

    “Oh my gosh, Marquis… I am sorry to have such a busy and honorable person on such a small task!”

    “No, Viscount.”

    Leaving a somewhat cold reply, he raised his little hand and the secretary changed his gloves.

    ‘Oh My God. Seeing that scene in real life.’

    Maybe it looked funny even to the little ones, so everyone covered their mouths with their small hands, uh-huh! laughed

    But soon, everyone was startled by the cold eyes of Mrs. Mimosa and bit her mouth.

    “These are the children who helped prepare the food for today’s VIP guests.”

    “It’s Shasa!”

    “It’s Juliane! I use it to make a room.”

    Then, in turn, the five children greeted each other.

    The girls held up their skirts and waved cutely and fluttered in the traditional greeting of ‘forest’, while the boys held their hands tightly and made eye contact with the adults.

    “This is Annette.”

    It was my last turn, and I was about to say a traditional greeting and leave.


    Viscount Puterio grabbed my hand and pulled me away, and I was dragged away without a hitch. He whispered In a voice that only I can hear.

    “I knew you were going to throw me out, but you’ve come all the way here, you brat girl. The greeting was pretty cute, but anyway, I don’t think I’m cute as a child.”

    A horrendous scare ensued. Against a 12-year-old child.

    “A bastard who has no money is not cute. In particular, I hate a house that goes out of nowhere like you the most.”

    I tried to fold my wrist, but instead, he ignorantly gave strength to his hand.


    “Be careful. I heard that there are many children who are abducted while leaving the forest. Wouldn’t it be possible to become a slave for four years of being naive? Cluck.”

    It was then.

    Sislane pushed the Viscount hard and brought me into his arms and hugged me tightly.

    The boy’s rosy red eyes fluttered dangerously as he stared straight at the Viscount.

    With a cold, expressionless expression, Sislane shuddered.

    “If you touch Annette, I will kill you.”

    The Viscount was startled by the feeling of living.

    “… This, this, this slave!”

    I suddenly buried my head in Sislane’s arms and closed my eyes.

    Aww, he’s such a powerful kid. If Sislane had been 12 years older, I would have been thrilled….

    ‘I’m scared myself, but you’re trying to protect me, my baby is so special.’

    I wrinkled my nose.

    “You will have to be careful, Viscount. As you know, that child is an ‘Awakening of Ability’.”

    Mrs. Mimosa warned appropriately.

    His face looked like Viscount wanted to swear, but, looking at Marquis Corel, who was still trembling, he bit his mouth tightly.

    Because I don’t want to look hateful at all.

    Sure enough, today was an important day in his life.

    If only were 50 million gold, it would not be a disappointing amount from the point of view of a well-known slave trader, but it was enough money to provide money for money in the moment of bankruptcy and life falling into chaos.

    So, like moving raw geran, this court will be cautious.

    I will do my best not to offend the sensitive spirit of the Marquis.

    After contemplating the situation, he opened his mouth as if insignificant.

    “Let’s go volley. Who’s going to tell you about the case that’s going to go to trial today?”

    “I will tell you!”

    Viscount Puterio shrewdly stepped forward.

    He had a sad expression on his face that was anxious to say what he had to say.


    Mrs. Mimosa seemed to be one step behind. The Marquis gave Viscount Puterio the right to speak.

    “Yes, tell me.”

    Viscount Puterio smiled and stood up and said.

    “Marquis, today’s case is about a young slave named Sislane, who belonged to my ‘Ferdes Slave Dealer,’ Puetzwi!” (Imagine it’s a sneeze)


    The Marquis Corel looked at the Viscount with contemptuous eyes, as if he was annoyed by the sudden sneeze.

    “What was that unsanitary sneeze just now, Viscount?”

    Viscount Puterio wiped the corners of his mouth and gave a sympathetic smile.

    “Oh, I’m sorry. You must have been sneezing for a while. I’ll say it again. Today’s… Fueichi! Sorry, Eichi!” (Imagine it’s a sneeze)

    The Marquis Corel exclaimed in displeasure.

    “What the hell are you doing in the Tribunal?!”

    At that moment, I interrupted, blinking my eyes seriously.

    “Is this a symptom of an infectious disease?”



    In an instant, the atmosphere became as cold as if it had been hit by a bomb, and Marquis Corel’s face turned pale blue.

    Blood rushed out of the Viscount’s face.

    Seeing the reaction of those two, I laughed inside like a baby devil.

    ‘Is the effect of male and female peaches good?’

    * * *​

    3 hours ago.

    Viscount Puterio’s secretary came to the forest first to convey the taste and taste of his superior.

    “The Viscount enjoys meat dishes very much. You especially like a duck.”

    “At the same time, the Marquis also said that he enjoys cooking meat. Then it would be better to do it with whole duck!”

    “You’re very smart, young.”

    I answered again and again with the clever and bright attitude characteristic of a typical schoolboy.

    “Thank you. Secretary!”

    The secretary smiled happily.

    “Oh, and is there any food that the Viscount can’t eat because of ‘allergies’?”

    I asked with a smile on my face. Usually, the nobles of this country strictly avoided allergic foods from an early age, and had no chance to overcome them.

    Therefore, it was very common for noble lilies to have at least one allergy.

    “I want to tell the chef that the food is a pear.”

    “You are very meticulous. Let’s see… Aha!”

    The secretary, who had been stroking his chin, raised his index finger as if he had remembered it, and explained step by step.

    “The Viscount is allergic to peach. But anything stewed or stuffed in a bottle is fine.”

    After a while.

    I gathered the kids who will cook today and said,

    “Sislane is a ‘tree’ just like us. But it looks like you’re being dragged into slavery. You don’t mean to just leave it alone, do you?”

    The friendship between the little ones is strong.

    I said to the children who looked at me with their twinkling eyes.

    “My friend, can anyone help Sislane?”

    Caroline pursed her ferocious little lips and said.

    “If you’re Annette’s friend, you’re also my friend! I’ll help you!”

    Julien said with his big eyes twinkling.

    “Would you like to help?”

    Said the judge.

    “Sislane is really good at making soap bubbles, so you have to help!”

    …Well, for a strange reason, Sasha. Thanks.

    Then the other children jumped up and raised their hands.

    It seemed that everyone was more familiar with Sislane just because they played in the water together.

    It was a good thing.

    “But how can we help?

    Sasha tilted her pink hair as if curiously.


    I smiled and pulled out the basket. There were piles of sweet, fluffy peaches from the grocery store.

    “Everyone, enjoy eating these peaches now!”

    “Wow, it’s delicious and easy!”

    The little ones sat around and ate the ‘Yam Yum’ peaches with their little hands.

    And when the summary trial began, he fluttered his skirt full of peach, or greeted the Viscount by holding hands.

    It was just a cute greeting, but it was enough to catch the Viscount.

    * * *​

    “Is it a contagious disease?”

    The Marquis Corel asked as if raising a match. I explained calmly, pretending not to know anything.

    “When I got the Perdes epidemic, I would sneeze or cough a lot. Then, as the fever develops, the skin of the whole body rots away….”


    The Marquis Corel looked as if her skin had really rotted.

    Naturally, Viscount Puterio jumped up and denied it.

    “Hey, not me! Kollock, Kolok!” (Now, Imagine he’s coughing)

    He desperately covered his mouth, but the sneeze turned into this stinging cough. To make matters worse, snow

    Water and runny nose were leaking.

    I smiled softly (an angle only visible to Viscount Puterio) and pretended to be concerned.

    “But, Viscount, is your fever a fireball? I need to bring you some antipyretics.”

    Surprised, Viscount Puterio pushed me and opened my eyes.

    “It’s completely false! Cole, cole. This wicked bitch is trying to frame me..!”

    However, the Marquis already had a tired expression on his face as if he was terrified.

    “Stop that filthy cough right now! Command!”

    “Marquis, look at my forehead! I don’t even have a fever!”

    It was then that the Viscount fiercely approached the Marquis to prove his innocence.


    Being hit by the thick palm of the Marquis, who wielded it with all his might in disgust, Viscount Puterio’s skinny body was shriveled and wrinkled.


    He was hit so hard that his front teeth came out like popcorn.

    “Where are you coming from, get out of here, back away!”

    After Corel, with a little arrogance, he dragged his chair to the wall to avoid it. His horsehair was trembling.

    Viscount Puterio was unable to stand up easily and moaned from his seat, but he did not raise anyone.

    With his face blazing like an active volcano, the little hurriedly told Mrs. Mimosa later.

    “It would be better if the trial proceeded in Bali as much as possible. What happened today?”

    Mrs. Mimosa spoke without showing much embarrassment despite the sudden situation.

    “The Viscount claims ownership of the child named Sislane in our forest. He was originally a slave to the Perdes slave trader, but it is said that he lost his child due to negligence.”

    As soon as I heard it, the impression of Marquis Corel was crumpled.

    “You claim ownership of a subject that lost a child through your own negligence.


    Viscount Puterio, who, of course, knew he would be on his side, for a moment gave a look as if his iron skewer had pierced his whole body.


    His bloody lips contorted badly.
    But it was what I expected.

    After Corel, his little health anxiety was so severe that he couldn’t stand the threat to his health.

    Because he was a man who feared every day that he would seriously fall ill and die.

    Even in the original story, if an employee collided with him while carrying garbage, he tried to kill himself and the road went wild.

    The logic was that if a mouse had to eat the garbage, he could transmit the germs of the mouse to himself and die.

    In a word, it was ‘ill’.

    But human coughing from an area where an epidemic has spread….

    “Of course, the child belongs to the forest! I really don’t care. The trial is over today!”

    A deep frustration crept over Viscount Puterio’s face.

    It was a situation in which the outcome of this trial would determine whether his life would be reborn or fall into hell.

    Besides, how confident was he that he would win with confidence?

    As if hearing a death sentence, Viscount Puterio, who had been completely contemplated, exclaimed.

    “Who, Marquis, please reconsider!”

    Viscount Puterio clung to the bottom of his crotch and crotch gear and grabbed the hem of his trousers.

    The Marquis was astonished, as if he had seen even a cockroach.

    “Leave this! I can’t let go!”

    “How are you so arrogant? The relationship we’ve been dealing with is Cough, isn’t it… … !”

    “The deal with the Viscount is forever over. I was reluctant to meet him from the beginning because he is from an epidemic area, but he is carrying this disease!”

    Marquis Corel’s face turned red. I could feel the anger running through his head.

    “If this is not an intention to kill me, what is it! For trying to kill the Viscount, I will be deported and fined give you one billion gold!”

    “A billion gold?!”

    “If you don’t pay the fine, you will be tortured and toil for the rest of your life until you pay it back!”

    Viscount Puterio cried out in despair.

    “Marquis! You cannot do this to me!!!”

    Marquis Corel cried out in disgust.

    “Hey, get the Viscount out of here!”

    The Marquis’ guards came rushing in and dragged Viscount Puterio out of the vagina.

    “Marquis, please…! Please save me! Aaaah!”

    * * *​

    ‘You succeeded.’

    I hummed and left the scene.

    Marquis Corel will probably suffer from trauma for a few months due to her personality. Viscount Puterio will pay the price for the crimes committed with his sharp tongue and cruel hands.

    Most of all, he was most glad that he didn’t have to send the Sislane.

    Now it was his turn to keep his promise to Mrs. Mimosa with a fresh heart.

    That evening.

    At the end of the three-day time when Mrs. Mimosa put her limits.

    I visited her room with Sislane.

    “I’m here to keep her promise, ma’am.”

    Mrs. Mimosa glanced at Sislane with her sharp golden eyes.

    I got nervous and swallowed a spit.

    By my standards, the Sislane is now in a very neat condition.

    “Sis, the Viscount who tormented you will never come here again. So now you have only one person to overcome.”

    “…Who is that?”


    You are afraid of water.

    It was no longer a problem with the Viscount, but a problem with the boy himself.

    Sislane understood what I was saying and had a determined expression on his face.

    After a while.

    When he came out of the bathroom, Sislane was really soft and shiny. He is so impressive.

    Black hair that smelled good, smooth, lower skin, and small hands and feet were neat.

    It’s said to be the blood of the imperial family, so if the dignity flows through the baby, is it my mistake…?

    ‘It’s clear that the light-gap buff is there.’

    In my eyes, Sislane is too good to be true, but what about Mrs. Mimosa’s?

    After Madame Mimosa finished her emotionless and sharp scan, she quickly removed her rod, she said.


    Ouch, I did it!

    An indescribable joy flashed across my face.

    “As promised, I will pretend there was no corporal punishment.”

    “Yes, madam!”

    “But if you break the rules again….”

    Golden eyes shone sternly.

    “At that time, keep in mind that I will never look after the situation.”

    As soon as I left Mrs. Mimosa’s room, I grabbed her Sislane and rolled her feet.

    I like it so much.

    “Sis, you don’t have to hide anywhere anymore! Let’s make friends, eat delicious food and get along well!”


    Sislane’s ears turned red for some reason.

    “Thank you, Annette.”

    I laughed softly.

    “You don’t have to thank me. It would have been impossible without the courage of the Sis!”

    I liked the clean and soft sheath, so I kept getting my hands on the hair.

    Her chest was full of tenderness.

    ‘Do you feel like you have finally achieved your first goal?’

    I initially set two goals.

    First, let Sislane live comfortably in the forest like other children.

    The second is to make Heinrich and Sislane get along well.

    Now that Sislane is living in the forest to his heart’s content, I’ll just focus on improving the relationship between the little ones.

    ‘After that, the extras should leave.’

    I just wished them a happy ending from afar and had fun.

    Fufu, just thinking about it makes me feel comfortable and cool.

    But, before that….

    “Sis, your hair is too long, so I need to cut it. You keep pricking your eyes I’ll cut it for you!”


    “I’m going to borrow scissors. Sis goes to the hideout first.”

    Annette left those words and ran out into the hallway all alone, not knowing what to do.

    Sislane, who was left alone, looked into the hallway where she had disappeared, and then placed his hand on his chest.

    I felt a strong heartbeat.

    …What is this unknown feeling?

    The scent of the girl lingered on the tip of his nose. A soft and warm fragrance resembling the fragrance of lilac. Even when she wasn’t there, it felt like his body odor permeated his lungs.


    As I glanced through the window, where the light suddenly poured in, a tickling spring breeze passed by, shaking the boy’s long hair.

    It was the first time. Such excitement.

    As he recalled her round, bright eyes, her youthful voice seemed to be carried in the wind.

    “You’re still with me now, Sis.”

    The boy licked his lips and looked back at those precious words.

    “Continue… together.”

    All of a sudden, my ears are ripe as red as summer apricots.

    I promise you too, Annette.

    Wherever you are in the future, I will always return to your side….

    The boy tried calling her name. The tip of his tongue touches the roof of his mouth twice as long, and the name falls.

    When she sang, the whole inside his mouth becomes sweet,


    * * *​

    “Come on, guests, please sit down. How would you like to cut it?”

    I asked Sislane with the silver scissors.

    Don’t close your eyes and answer me, sir.

    “Yes? First, do you want me to cut off these bangs that pierce my eyes? You want a handsome and cute hairstyle!”

    “…I’m just.”

    “Yeah, it’s just so cute, I’ll make you handsome!”

    In front of me, possessed by the hair salon manager, Heinrich said while sitting on a high railing.

    “Cut it roughly. No matter how you cut it, it would look like a baby beast.”


    When I opened my eyes slightly and narrowed my eyes, he looked away, as if he didn’t like Heinrich’s purple eyes.

    “Nuna only needs to cut my hair.”

    “Hmm, I did cut both Juliane and Sasha during that time?”

    His arrogant, unflinching eyes narrowed beneath his silvery hair.

    “It’s not like that.”

    I nodded my head as if to understand roughly.

    ‘What’s different?’

    What is the jealousy of the little ones?

    Then, he licked his left upper lip with his tongue, concentrating on cutting his hair.

    I really wanted to cut these bushy bangs once.

    In the silence, only the sound of breathing and hair being cut could be heard.

    I just felt better. The black bangs are also excellent and falling.

    Seeing the face of a boy with black eyelashes spread out like a fan.

    “Open your eyes.”

    Whispering softly, the boy opened his eyes.

    The eyelashes are raised slowly, and the red eyes are looking at me.

    It was the first time I’d seen blindfolded eyes so close.

    My face reflected in the boy’s eyes.


    At that moment, Sislane whispered. Then he smiled faintly and covered my cheek.


    I stared blankly at Sislane.

    …Oh my God, look at that smiling face If you grow up just a little bit, you’ll seduce everyone in the world.

    At a spoonful of surprise and a spoonful of bewilderment, I gibberish a little.

    “…Yes? Because it’s not pretty at all to me.”


    Kudangtangtang, just then, Heinrich appeared with her buttocks in the chair Sislane was sitting on.

    With Sislane beside him, who was suddenly thrown out, Heinrich arrogantly folded his arms and rolled his eyes.

    “Move away, it’s my turn now.”

    “…Heinrich just cut his hair.”

    “No, look! I have long hair, so it’s messy.”

    It doesn’t look like that at all.

    Still, I had to treat this Chihuahua, a species of limited interest to me, first.

    “Okay, Heinrich.”

    Sislane made a puzzled face when he saw me scissoring in the air, but I silently said ‘shh’ and asked him to pretend not to know.

    Then I made a scissoring sound in every nook and cranny.

    “Okay, that’s it. Our Heinrich.”

    I looked in the mirror and smiled.


    In the mirror, a boy with silver hair and purple eyes looked at his face.

    Did you ever notice?

    Heinrich raised the corners of her lips satisfactorily, even though she was feeling a little nervous.

    “…Now I just need to take a look.”

    ‘Heh heh, you idiot.’