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    ‘Winter’ had come to the hill where Heinrich stood.

    The grass was a white snowfield, and the green trees were covered with snow.

    A lot of beautiful snowflakes fell.

    The wind was gentle, but the snow was real.

    It was a mysterious landscape that went against nature.

    —I couldn't believe it.

    ‘… Wow, it’s so pretty and amazing.’

    The moment she witnessed the great magic that changed the seasons, a great emotion arose in her heart.

    Heinrich stood clearly in the unrealistic landscape.

    The silver hair shining coldly against the white snow, and the mysterious amethyst eyes beneath it.

    His closed red lips were as beautiful as an arrogant nobleman who had never collapsed.

    ‘You are so handsome that I am amazed again.’

    It was like a delicate glass flower blooming in the snow.

    “Sister, are you here?”

    Heinrich laughed without a rebuke. It was a clear and beautiful smile that only I could show.

    “Yes… What is all this?”

    “Come on.”

    Heinrich grabbed my hand tightly.

    We stepped on a soft snowy field and went under a beautiful tree, which had a pretty unique set of ‘winter picnics’.

    A lace rattan basket decorated with flowers, a cute cup on a wooden tray, and a cozy blanket with a cute pattern (it was small for two people).

    There was a colorful wreath made of pretty flowers on a small chair that doubled as a table.

    This is a bit inspiring.

    “Heinrich… When did you prepare all this?”

    “I want to have a party with only the two of us. There are too many disturbers out there, annoying.”

    As he shook his head as if tired, I burst into a small laugh.

    To have a picnic in the winter like this, it was unexpected.

    “Thank you, Heinrich!”

    Impressed by his sincerity, I quickly sat down on the mat next to Heinrich. The floor was warm and next to it was a portable stove burning like a bonfire.

    “Come on, sister.”

    Heinrich poured cocoa into her mug. Marshmallows are also floating around.


    When I took a sip of hot cocoa, sweetness and tiredness flooded me at the same time.

    ‘Oh, that’s great.’

    We put on a warm blanket together and watched the peaceful snowfall.

    'I think I'll live a little. I've been tormented by three crazy guys all evening.'

    Whoa, is it like a break now?

    Heinrich prepared it on purpose.

    He knew I'll be tired.

    ‘Because it’s really delicate.’

    Heinrich doesn't seem to have any interest in other people, but the consideration he sometimes shows to me was surprisingly appropriate.

    I smiled at Heinrich, and Heinrich came closer to me with a blanket over her.

    Then whispered in her ear.

    “Even if you do something gruesome here, no one will see you.”

    “… Heinrich!”

    As I tried to get out of the blanket, Heinrich giggled and laughed and wrapped me in the blanket.

    Thanks to this, I was trapped in a blanket except for my face like a dumpling.

    “I’ll give you all my marshmallows.”

    Heinrich, who acted like a wolf (could be a fox) before, and suddenly became a version of ‘Our Baby’ again, brought marshmallows to my glass.

    I melted the fluffy marshmallows to the fullest and ate them.

    The snow was still falling beautifully in the sky.

    Just as if we moved the winter one block away from where we are.

    “Heinrich, do you remember?”


    “It was before. Before I leave the forest… We were supposed to go to the winter forest together on your birthday.”


    A few days before leaving the forest, I had an appointment with Heinrich.


    “On my birthday, let’s go out to the winter forest and light a warm bonfire and drink cocoa.”

    “You put on a blanket and watch it snow all day long.”

    There was that promise, always tingling like a thorn in the side of my heart.

    When winter comes, it's Heinrich's birthday.

    Years after year, year after year, I kept reminding myself of that promise.

    I'm afraid Heinrich will be upset on his birthday.

    “Still, I’m glad we came. Right?”

    It was when I suddenly asked and looked to the side.


    With his trembling eyes lowered, Heinrich had a face that looked like he was about to cry.

    “You remembered.”

    He said, barely breathing.

    “You don’t forget, your sister also remembered….”

    That voice sounded somewhat painful.

    … A lot.

    * * *​

    After Annette left.

    Heinrich is completely back to the way it used to be. No, he became even more angular, spiky, and a lone boy hitting the wall at everyone.

    It got much worse than before.

    At least he didn't do anything self-destructive before.

    He went through days when he couldn't eat, sleep, or even breathe properly, and the boy was ruined.

    “Why did you make me love you?”

    It felt like he returned to the time when he had been abandoned by his father and his mother had left him.

    He made only the rule that if he liked him, his opponent would always throw him away.

    Annette left him like an unbelievable lie.

    “If you're going to leave, I'll treat you well in the first place….”

    Now you made it so it couldn't be.

    You taught me what warmth is.

    After teaching him what love was, I resented her for leaving like this.

    ―The light was more dazzling for a short time,

    The darkness was terribly deep.


    My light, my world, my soul.

    It felt like an absurd mistake to dare to lose you.

    Even breathing itself was sinful.

    “It would be better to send him to Marquis Hyacinth for adoption as soon as possible. If I stay like that any longer, Heinrich will be ruined forever.”

    That was the reason the adoption process was quickly completed for the Marquis, who had just announced his intention to adopt.

    Even after becoming ‘Heinrich Hyacinth’, the boy hardly improved.

    The symptoms got worse in the winter, and when it came to his birthday, he had been standing in the 'winter forest' he had promised with Annette all day since dawn.

    Maybe she will come.

    But her promise was never kept.

    —Actually, I knew.

    That you are not coming.

    But if I don't do this, I feel like I'm losing you forever….

    If I alone do not keep the promise we made together,

    I’m afraid because ‘we’ seems to disappear.

    “Heinrich! It's cold, but you wear it so thinly all day…!”

    By the time Duncan ran to take care of Heinrich, his body was already cold as a corpse.

    It was the same year after year.

    The longing deepened like a disease.

    Every day he breathes, he goes crazy.

    In the end, Heinrich devised a way to make 'Annette' after careful research.

    Since then, he has come all the way here by immersing himself in research.


    One of his will to get her back.

    * * *​

    “… Of course, I remember. Every winter, I think of you on your birthday.”

    I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise.

    I gently stroked Heinrich's hair. Don't look so sad, Heinrich. 'Cause my heart hurts more when you're sick.

    Heinrich then looked at me and smiled.

    “Sister, I had something to say to you before I came to Bayonaire.”

    “What is?”

    Heinrich smiled delicately with a handsome face and placed the pretty wreath on my head from his chair.

    Then he sat me in a chair.

    Heinrich sat affectionately in front of me, raised his head quietly, and said:

    “Sister, you used to only read fairy tale books with happy endings to me.”

    “That's right. Because I wanted you to be happy.”

    After hearing the happy stories of the main characters, I hoped that you would be like that in the future.

    … I lived only for your happiness.

    Back then, that was my life.

    Heinrich stared at her eyes filled with emotions for a moment, and then he answered softly.

    “My happiness has always been with you, Annette.”


    His purple eyes that captured her, darkened like the full moon.

    “My world is always complete with you.”

    Heinrich slowly knelt down on one knee in front of Annette.

    A mystical hill with a lot of snow.

    A magical moment that came against nature.

    In front of her, wearing a pretty wreath, the man slowly pulled out something.

    It was a ring case.


    The ring Heinrich had prepared shone with a deep, calming purple color.

    As if it was made by waking up in a corner of the quiet dawn of one winter.


    Her heart, foreshadowing something, began to race.

    “Will you marry me?”

    Boom, my heart fell to the floor.

    Annette looked surprised for a moment and didn't reply.

    —Because this is something I never imagined.

    Of course, from a very young age, Heinrich has foretold it today.

    “Because I’m going to marry my sister when I grow up!”

    He also told Sislane.

    Even his own future hopes in the class,

    “I’ll marry to my sister.”

    —The boy who said.

    “Sister, you have to marry me later.”

    But, I thought he was just saying it when he was young. Hasn't it changed since 10 years have passed?

    She spoke with difficulty.

    “… Heinrich, why did you want to marry me? You’ve been like that since you were little.”

    We were too young back then to know love.

    Heinrich lowered his dark ruler and buried his head in the back of her hand.

    Hot breaths were scattered fondly.

    “Only that way, we can be together forever.”


    Annette, the whispering name was as deep as a sigh, as thick as his despair.

    “If death was the way to be with you forever….”

    Breathing in, he whispered.

    “My only dream would have been death.”
    * * *​

    “If death was the way to be with you forever….”

    “My only dream would have been death.”

    Heinrich, when did your heart grow so big?

    I came down from the hill where the magic had happened, a little dazed.

    “I don’t want an answer now, sister.”

    “… Okay.”

    “But I hope you give me an answer before it is too late.”

    Heinrich covered my embarrassed face with his hands and made eye contact. With his beautiful eyes wide open, he said kindly.

    “Now, I want to call you ‘wife’ instead of ‘sister’.”



    I covered my mouth and entered the party with a slightly shocked face.

    The party hall was relatively quiet.

    Most of them were drunk and asleep (a genius wizard did my favor, so the party was warm even at night), and some seemed to have already gone home.

    Those who returned first left a thank-you note in the host's mailbox.

    Seeing that it was quite crowded, it seemed that the party was almost over today, except for a few drunkards.

    As soon as I entered the bakery, I poured cool water first.

    “… After all, you got the ring.”

    Wedding ring.

    I opened the ring case, looked at the dazzlingly shining ring, and was immersed in thought.

    I've never thought about marrying Heinrich as much as marrying Kyle.

    If I could imagine it even now—

    Without realizing it, I covered my mouth and whispered.

    “… Does your husband look so lewd?”

    That was the original setting.

    Because it was a beauty that was enchanting whether it was a man or a woman.

    If I thought of him as a ‘brother’, it was okay, but if I became a husband, it would be detrimental to my heart day and night.

    I remembered my marriage to Heinrich.

    “Wife, what are you doing until late?”

    “Ah… I was reading a book.”

    “Are you not hungry?”

    Heinrich, wearing a strange silk robe (I don't know why she's wearing it in her imagination), came up behind me and whispered.

    “It’s late at night, so I’m going out a bit, honey. Shall we have dinner together?”

    Heinrich (Honey) said kindly to me, with my eyes shining.

    “I’ll bring something to eat.”

    After a while.

    Heinrich whispered to me as he set the tray down in her bedroom.

    “Would you like some scones? Would you like some milk tea? … or not.”

    Suddenly, Heinrich grabbed my waist with his strong arms and looked down at me.

    Narrowing his sultry eyes—

    He licked it all night long and whispered in his ear with a strange voice as if he was going to chew it and swallow it.

    “Can you feed me first, wife?”


    I spit out water without realizing it.

    'Crazy. What are you imagining…!’

    It must have been that something like an impure demon was in her brain.

    Darkness, my God. I repent! Please forgive me for my sins.

    I have a very bad imagination against my brother.


    After almost a week of frenzy fluttering (?), I guess I'm getting weird too.

    … Why did this happen?

    Obviously, until recently, I was just a peaceful baker running a <Little Bakery>.

    But I met three crazy guys and everything changed.

    “It would be great if all three were neatly organized.”

    Then the shackles on this wrist and the two wedding rings will all be cleaned up.

    I mumbled and picked up Heinrich's ring case and the ring case that Kyle had given me, and went up to my room on the second floor.

    Then I opened the drawer next to the side table.

    Druck, click.

    It was a ‘double drawer’ with another drawer inside the drawer.

    It was a place to put some pretty important things.

    It was the moment when I was about to put the ring cases in there and close it.



    A light leaked from within the shabby cloth pocket.

    As if there were fireflies in it, something was self-illuminating.

    ‘What was this?’

    Curious, I opened the pocket and found something very old.

    Even me, it was the first thing I saw in 10 years.

    ―Empty locket necklace.

    The only thing my parents left with me when they left me in the cradle.

    That locket pendant without a single picture.


    As soon as I took out the necklace, the light from the locket went out.


    “There is nothing to shine.”

    The locket was wood, and the necklace strap was a leather strap that had run out and was about to fall off.

    Have you ever had a firefly trapped in your pocket? I tried to shake the inside, but there was nothing.

    There was no way I could get in there in the first place.


    I was inadvertently trying to put it back in, but I took the necklace off and hung it where I could see it.

    —Let's see for a few days.

    ‘It’s kind of weird.’

    Do you know?

    … Do I even have a real ‘family’?

    By now, Mom or Dad may be desperately looking for me.

    “It’s absurd, though.”

    A little bitter laugh leaked out.

    Because from my previous life, there was no such thing as parental luck or family luck.

    So I know it's a dream that won't come true, but it's okay to have hope in lockets, right? It might shine one more time.

    “If it’s just an ordinary wooden locket, it would be difficult to find the owner because there are no photos.”

    If this is a special locket.

    “If it’s not common, you might find the owner.”

    I lay in bed with a little hope.


    It's been a long day today….

    There was only one party, but there were so many unconventional things throughout the day.

    I first fell into a dark dream, hearing the sounds of small parties still being enjoyed outside.

    —While I'm sleeping.

    Without knowing what was going on.

    * * *​

    Thick smoke was scattered in the air.

    “Do you believe what he says?”

    Avilus reacted a bit furiously towards Gerard, who was smoking a cigarette.

    “Never, anyone who has no reason to tell you where Annette is in the first place.”


    Last night.

    The man Gerard met deep in the forest was a very unexpected person.

    Contrary to expectations, he was not a commoner, but an aristocrat. So, of course, he wasn't a street bully, and he didn't even ask Gerard for anything.

    The beggar child who delivered the letter, and the cheap paper used by commoners, were merely proof that he was good at camouflage.

    A man who overcame all expectations and appeared leisurely.

    He just said,

    “I don't want anything. I’m just here to tell you where she is.”

    He had been searching like a dog for over 10 years, but couldn't find the location.

    —And that, too, at no cost.

    “She is now on the 'Bayonaire Island' of the destroyed Fris Empire.”


    But it was true. The man just said so and left.

    Of course, I still didn't know if Annette was really there or whether it was authentic or not….

    But Gerard had a strong intuition.

    What the man said was the truth.

    His fingertips trembled, and his lips were dry.

    “That girl was hiding on the island… He was determined to go far away and ran away. Wicked thing.”

    “… It is clear that he is trying to take advantage of the prince.”

    “I know.”

    Gerard bit his cigarette with his leather-gloved hand and sucked crudely.

    With the bright red light rising from the end of the rod, the pupils in an instant formed a shape.

    “You’re trying to get some profit through me.”

    The reason she doesn't want anything in return is probably that she benefits from 'announcing her position' itself.

    What advantage is that?

    —No matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't figure it out.

    The only thing he can know is Annette, that ferocious girl.

    The girl who drove him almost crazy for 10 years.

    His only hope was that he was on 'Bayonaire Island'.

    Avilus said to his master.

    “Prince, then, before finding the girl, we took some time and carefully planned….”


    Patience is long gone.

    “If you want to use it, be willing to use it.”

    In the end, he and he only move for mutual benefit.

    “—She will eventually fall into my hands.”

    If there was a storm, it was enough to head to the center and grab what you wanted.

    It was clear what he wanted, no matter what the other person was trying to take advantage of.

    Gerard's red eyes blazed with madness.

    “I’ll bring that girl from Bayonaire. Right now."

    Avilus, who read the strong will of his master, bowed his head obediently and bowed his head.

    “If so, shall I send you an official summons order? Or will you release the wild dogs?”

    Choice is a luxury when you are desperate. It was a good law to catch a rabbit when it was driven from several directions.

    He ordered briefly.

    “Whatever you can do, do it all.”

    * * *​

    Meanwhile, Annette's room.

    In front of Annette's bed, who was sleeping soundly. An ‘empty locket’ hanging from a ring began to move.


    It's like a lie or an unreasonable hope, but beautifully—

    It was glistening, shining, and spinning smoothly.
    * * *

    I was reading the newspaper while drinking wine.

    「Prince of El Dorado- The Fris Empire was slaughtered and won the victory. Who is the ‘Annette’ he is looking for? 」

    Yes? Isn't this an article you've read before?

    「The next Matapju, ‘Grand Duke Heinri’, put a bounty of 5.8 trillion gold on the older sister he lost when he was young. 」

    Excuse me. Again, the price is ridiculous.

    「According to the death information, Larva declares war on Delphi, saying “You touched the bakery, so I’ll destroy the three tribes.”

    Just touching a bakery doesn't mean you're going to destroy the three tribes… carnivorous deer.

    It was then. Bang!

    The door was blown up and a man appeared.

    His face was obscured by the fog, but he seemed to know who he was.

    “You are here, Annette.”

    That terrifyingly low voice was deeply ingrained in his deep obsession.

    As his backache, he said.

    “… I thought you were really going back to see me.”

    Excuse me, but it looks like you've gone through enough (?), Your Majesty.

    Soon, Sislane moved towards me slowly, but in a big way.


    His sharp eyes looked straight at me, and he slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

    Aww, why are you taking it off!

    ‘This is a dream. Let’s wake up quickly.’

    I was conscious of being a lucid dream, and I tried for a moment, but I couldn't wake up from this <hell> dream.

    Eventually, Sislane took off his thin shirt with a large hand and threw it.

    His jaw muscles tremble from biting his molars,

    It looked like he couldn't stand it.


    ‘Cancel Hell. This is spicy <Fire Hell>….'

    Under the moonlight, nakedness was suffocating revealed.

    Broad shoulders and chest perfectly muscled like a detailed sculpture.

    Thick forearms with blue tendons stretched out like streams of water, and a belly that looks strong like a beast.

    Uniform trousers were barely draped across the long bones, which were set in a thick diagonal line.


    Exactly what we saw at the party.


    A low voice fell.


    Sislane, who came close to my nose in an instant, filled my wrist with something.


    Unbelievably, it was ‘shackles’.

    “Now if you want to run away….”

    His broad shoulders leaned toward me. Inhaling, instinctively breathing in, I felt a thick body scent that made me dizzy.

    “Cut off my wrist and run away.”

    The man wearing the chains attached to me, his cruel red eyes flashed to the fullest.

    Thump-thump. That was when my heart was beating fast.


    Heinrich, who appeared from the window, jumped down and approached me.

    ‘Heinrich’s condition….'

    Heinrich's purple eyes had turned black like poison. As if possessed by madness.

    He narrowed his eyes and whispered.

    “You promised not to leave me.”


    Tak, panicked and hurriedly stretched out his hand, the wine bottle was hit hard and ripped apart.


    Wine splashed like blood in his face.

    The wine, as thick as red tears, passed through his brow bones and flowed down his cheeks.

    “What kind of punishment should I give… to a naughty child that breaks her promises?”

    In Heinrich's eyes and voice, I could feel the concentration of obsession that was suffocating.

    Whoa, the arm that embraced me from behind was like a prison that bound me forever and would never let me go.

    ‘Heinrich… I got really scared.’

    That was when I was trembling.



    When I looked down in surprise, I saw a man kneeling in front of me.

    The man's eyes were covered with a wide black cloth, and his curls, soft as wheat fields, were draped in wet black cloth.

    … Kyle Winston.

    Having lost his sight, he licked his thick lips under his cool nose.

    “Master, please.”

    Sadly, the neck was trembling.

    He grabbed my ankles with his big, pretty hands and kissed the top of my feet warmly.

    “Please stay by my side forever. Please, please.”


    I swallowed my saliva and gently loosened the black silk cloth.

    Then, the usual soft green eyes disappeared, and the crazy ones that were boiling with obsession under the long eyelashes appeared.


    Why did you even go back to the deer?

    ‘You have to wake up. This is not the case.’

    This dream is dangerous. It was too dangerous.

    Moreover, the fact that it felt like a kind of predictive dream was even more dangerous.

    “Annette, I can’t unshackle these shackles until I die. No… I can’t even let it go, even if I die.”

    “Sister, you know? I love you. … forever….”

    “Please be with me for the rest of my life, master.”

    Surrounded by madmen, I held my breath as I felt a black hand grab my ankle and pull me into the deep swamp.

    Just then, I cried to myself.

    ―Wake up, Annette!

    * * *​


    When I opened my eyes, I saw a familiar ceiling.

    ‘What is this ominous dream?’

    It's a dog dream.

    I got up from the bed with a groan.

    “Haa, I must have been through a lot the past few days.”

    Seeing that the dream state is almost rotten, it seems that the fatigue of the past has accumulated.

    I poured cold water from the jug on the side table and sighed for a moment.

    But it was then.


    An unbelievable spectacle was unfolding before my eyes.

    The locket was shining by itself, twinkling and twinkling.


    I lowered my legs under the bed and walked slowly on the locket.

    Then, with both hands, let the light go out, very carefully (Whooo— it was a soft light as if it would go out if blown) and picked up the necklace.

    “… It really shines.”

    It wasn't an ordinary locket.

    ‘Why now?

    To be honest, I didn't take this locket out often while running <Little Bakery> in earnest.

    —It wasn't before.

    I thought it was a locket my parents gave me, and there were times when I wore it around my neck… When I was young, I took it out and looked at it whenever I had free time.

    It was also because there was nothing like this locket to endure loneliness.

    Although I didn't have a single photo, I thought it was the only trace of my family.

    Perhaps, even in the novel that I possessed, there was hope that I could be happy with my family unlike in my previous life.

    But I've never been so shiny before!

    ‘… I’m so excited.’

    Really maybe, maybe I can find my parents with this.

    I quickly put the locket in place, holding up a piece of paper and a pen.

    I know the only one who can track this locket.

    Best Information Award in El Dorado.

    —Kyle Winston.

    「 Mr. Kyle.

    I would like to make a formal request to Larva Information Officer.

    Can you tell me about a special locket that glows alone?

    It's what my parents left me.

    If you take on this task, I will give you enough examples.

    I'd love to see you and tell you more details. 」

    I whistled to the squirrel and cherished the letter.

    “Please, squirrel. Please tell me!”

    The squirrel who greeted me looked at me with a chubby cheek, twitched and then walked out of the window waving its plump tail.

    It was when I turned around after seeing the squirrel-like that.


    Because of the man standing without a face, for a moment, I was startled.

    ‘When did you appear?’

    Under the black hair, the red eyes were looking at me indifferently.

    There was only one Sislane, and it felt like the room was cramped.

    “… His Majesty the Crown Prince, knocking is basic!”

    “Is that so?”

    He playfully narrowed his eyes.

    “Squirrels just came in and out, so I thought I could come in too.”

    Sislane, a squirrel is the size of my fist, and you are bigger than 100 squirrels combined….

    They are surprised when they appear suddenly.


    Soon, Sislane's head tilted slowly. An unfamiliar gaze pierced my bare shoulders and defenseless arms.

    Without realizing it, I put my clothes on.


    ―At this point, the content of the dream comes to mind.

    Sislane stared straight at me with a subtle, thirsty expression.

    “I want to see.”


    “I thought I would die if I didn’t see it right away, so I didn’t even knock and came in… Be careful going forward.”

    The corners of his lips rose smoothly.

    It was strange to hear 'sincerely' while making such a crazy sound.

    But it can't be true. It's probably just like the fun point of a common 'obsession maniac'.

    I deliberately accepted it as a joke.

    “Then you think you will live a little longer.”

    He quietly moved forward. His hot fingers wrapped around my wrist.

    The power of the artifact he had planted remained red on my wrist.

    The feeling of a fingerprint slowly rubbing the inside of the wrist… For a moment, I felt my chest tingling and hot enough to catch my breath.

    The pulse that was being sensed on my wrist quickly accelerated.

    Sislane looked at every minute change in my expression and said, thoroughly.


    A terribly low, resonant voice rang in his ears.

    “I think I will live now.”


    ‘Oh my God, it’s getting dangerous again.’

    I opened my eyes clearly, and slowly removed his hand.

    Then calmly asked Sislane.

    “What did you come here for, Your Majesty?”

    "I do not remember?"

    He replied with a smile.

    “You promised. Where are we going together today?”

    Come to think of it, I made an appointment yesterday.

    … To Sislane.

    “Did you come to Bayonaire just to find me?”

    “I didn’t just come to find you. I didn't just come to pick you up."

    “… Then?”

    "Well. After today's party, I'll tell you where to go tomorrow with me."

    Sislane whispered as if seducing.

    "Let's go."


    —Can I really follow you?

    To follow, I was so moved by the dream that the crazy guys ran wild even more.

    The feeling of the shackles that had been clenched on my wrist was as vivid as reality, so I touched my wrist.

    'You're not going to be really trapped this time after you've followed me.'

    I felt a bit anxious, but,

    A promise was a promise.

    I finally left the room with Sislane.


    The ominous foreboding was always right.
    Little by little.

    I sat quietly, listening to the sound of hoofs pulling the carriage.

    Where the hell are we going?

    Seeing the wagon running down the unfamiliar forest road slowly made me anxious.

    Besides, the state of the Sislane is….

    ‘Today, it really looks like it came out of R-19 novel.’

    The man sitting next to me with a body like a giant beast had his red, cloudy eyes somehow blurred.

    Like a person who just poured some medicine,

    Or as one who endures any pain or impulse.

    I asked carefully.

    “Your Majesty the Crown Prince, are you okay?”


    His eyes, which had been deeply buried in the black sheet, moved briefly to Annette.


    It was only after he captured her that his hazy eyes were clearly focused. He was always like this when he saw her. In any pain.

    So he.

    "It's okay."

    —No, actually, it's not okay.

    This morning.

    Owen secretly summoned a doctor from afar for the sake of his master, the Crown Prince.

    He was a doctor specializing in treating 'Mephisto's bloodline', including Sislane's mother.

    The heirs of the family who awakened Mephisto's strong powers often suffered seizures, which they called 'blood disease'.

    Even Sislane, who awakened his abilities in the forest as a child and forcibly strengthened his abilities in Krevas, could not avoid the disease.

    The power called ‘the devil’s power’ grew stronger as if it grew up using the body as a host.

    The stronger he got, the more he corroded his mind and his senses became more sensitive.

    ―His maternal grandfather, who suffered from a blood disease, eventually lost his powers and went wild, killing his wife, whom he treasured like gold.

    And after his spirit returned, he suffered from an extreme sense of shame and ended his own life.

    The attending physician, who was familiar with the history, looked worried.

    “Recently, your symptoms have gotten worse. He was definitely getting better, but I don't know why….”

    Owen asked.

    “Do you have anything to point out?”

    “You are stronger than ever. After coming to this 'Bayonaire Island'. It’s a bizarre phenomenon.”

    Because there is something here in Bayonaire. The doctor's wrinkles deepened.

    At that time, Sislane, who had not been able to get out of bed since morning, opened his mouth.

    With a cracked voice like iron.

    “If your abilities exceed the limit… I was told that this damn symptom could be contained.”


    Said the attending physician.

    “A long time ago, some of Mephisto’s ancestors were successful.”


    “Mephisto’s ability is called ‘Raging Demon’.”

    The doctor's voice deepened.

    “We are swayed by that power, and eventually we all lose our senses. However, if you ‘complete’ a more powerful force… Eventually, you will reach the level of behaving like a servant to the devil.”

    Completion of more powerful power.

    The state of wielding the power of the devil as one's own servant.

    It meant that the disease could be suppressed once it reached its peak.

    ―Sislane was well aware of how to perfect a more powerful force.

    “I should go to Krevas.”


    Owen was startled.

    “Absolutely not! His Majesty the Crown Prince, have you forgotten all of your last experience?”

    The last time he went to Krevas, Sislane was a very miserable mourner.

    The sight of my master coming out of that dreadful pit of hell was terrifying. Even now, a long time later, that figure often appeared in Owen's Nightmare.

    ―The pain was not something humans could tolerate.

    “Crown Prince.”

    The attending physician said, looking at him quietly with the wrinkled eyes behind the glasses.

    “If you go to ‘Crevas’ this time, you will definitely run into a runaway. No, actually….”


    “I cannot guarantee that you will come back alive.”

    Others were a hell of a pain in which they completely lost their minds, even if they visited only once.

    It was already unusual to have been there several times.

    Usually, he went crazy or died in it.

    So Sislane was the only 'survivor'.

    “Even going through a similar suffering could be a great danger to the present Crown Prince.”


    In front of the silent prince, an old and worried loyal subject bowed down.

    “Please be careful.”

    * * *​

    Gerard's Palace in El Dorado.

    Gerard sat still in the wing chair for hours.

    like a lifeless still life.

    Avilus, who stood by his side and pondered, asked a thoughtful owner, perhaps like me, about the biggest 'problem' they were facing right now.

    “Prince, even if I were to find a girl, would Prince Sislane leave her alone?”

    “… He will go crazy.”

    He was a man who started a war to find that woman.

    He was also a human being who had been on a ferocious pursuit for over 10 years.

    What would happen if he tried to take Annette from such a prince.

    Even without thinking deeply, I could guess how the ‘Monster of Krevas’ would come out.

    Gerrard finally opened his mouth.

    “Even here, if you don’t do your best, you won’t get it.”


    “Do ‘activation’.”


    Gerrard headed to his private palace. It was as black as the devil's den, the a private palace where no one was there.

    It had been a long time since the door of a space where even the vines withered and withered to brown, where there was no feeling of life, only the old stone statues were placed in a gloomy way.

    Gerard stretched his arms into the air. He swallowed his saliva painfully as his veins moved like separate living creatures.



    Soon after, to the sound of the contractor calling me, the 'Cursed Sorcerer’ immediately responded.

    The soul that had been parasitic from Gerard's body quickly slipped out and took the form of a black snake with a thick torso.

    The snake with its dark red tongue was smiling for some reason.

    [Gerard, you are stupid. Are you still not strong enough to deal with me? ]


    The snake's eyes narrowed.

    [ Did I not tell you? You can deal with me only if you use that girl's power to strengthen your power. … Otherwise. ]

    “It will crumble like it is now.”

    After signing a contract with a cursed shaman that Gerard could not afford, he was rotting from the inside out.

    With only a brilliant plan in mind that one day he will be able to wield that power.

    Indeed, when he discovered Annette, the plan was on the brink of success.

    Gerard's future seemed plausible until he put the child in the 'forest' and raised her safely in his own cradle.

    ―Until that girl disappears like smoke in the middle and drives him crazy.

    [ Now you are so weak. So I can't use my power. Gerard. ]

    The snake sneered, as if sneering at the 'Cursed Venenum'.

    However, there was a certain determination in Gerard's eyes.

    The determination to always possess the long-awaited Annette, and to pay any price for it.

    “If I burn my life for fuel.”

    [ …… ]

    “You said you could use your power.”


    Although the snake had no expression at all, it looked surprisingly happy.

    The vertically drawn gold pupils grew sharply.

    [ Then you will die soon? Unless the rotting body can't be rebuilt with the power of 'Exordium'. ]

    “Anyway, I’m still dying.”

    Gerrard was holding his last leash at the entrance to Hell.

    “I will bet my life and death on this.”

    [ Hahah well thought! In fact, she has awakened the power of a sorcerer! ]


    Gerrard's eyes widened.

    “Why, now… Why didn't you tell me?"

    The snake responded by jumping up and down the entire body of the moss-covered statue of the goddess with disgustingly suppleness.

    [ Is it fun? ]

    You alone are desperately struggling, conflicting, obsessed, and falling apart.

    —My foolish human contractor.


    Gerard's teeth were cracked and ripped. But at the same time, a strange excitement arose.

    It was the thrill that he made the right choice.

    [ Yeah, what's the first curse that gnaws at your life? ]

    Venenum's curse was largely divided into two categories.

    ‘Mind control’, and ‘time.’

    Gerard chose….

    “Sislane, I will make that bastard go back to ‘the most painful time’.”

    —You'll end up in the Krevas.

    Go crazy and die in it forever.

    I will bring back the 'mine' that I should have.

    * * *​

    “Are we still far away?”

    It seems like we've come a long way, but our destination is still there.

    I asked Sislane, constantly looking at the outside scenery of the carriage through the forest.

    “The perfect place is far away.”


    ‘Perfect place?’

    What are you looking for the perfect place for?

    I said with a smile.

    “I am even more curious about this. Why did you bring me here?”

    At that moment, Sislane quietly grabbed my hand.

    ‘My body temperature is like a ball of fire.’

    His red eyes met, he whispered.

    “Can you tell me in advance?”


    "We are….”

    Just as I was about to speak, Sislane's expression hardened for a moment, and he hugged me tightly in his arms.

    “Close your eyes.”


    The impact was strong enough to destroy the carriage.
    For a moment, my vision was greatly shaken. She closed her eyes belatedly, but the shaking was so great that she felt dizzy.

    I could feel Sislane's body, holding me in tight arms, bluntly bumping into it.

    If he hadn't hugged and protected me, I'd have broken a bone.

    And then, the sound of shouts like the screams of men.


    As I raised my head with difficulty, I saw an arm holding a sword above the roof of the broken carriage.

    The man who raided the carriage was adorned with a bizarre pattern on his face. Just like a person living in the forest painted a protective color.

    Damn, the smiling teeth were white. It was a terrible smile that a man from hell would make.

    “… Ah."

    At that moment, the sword of Sislane cut through the arm of the man he was threatening without hesitation.

    Blood was splattered unrealistically in the air, like petals falling in the spring breeze, or just like a dream.

    ―But, it was reality.

    A cold and urgent reality.

    “Stay here, Annette.”

    At the same time as the horse, he jumped off the carriage running Sislane.

    When he pulled himself out and looked behind him, dozens of pursuers were desperately chasing the wagon.

    Like a flock of hungry wild dogs chasing after a pound of poisoned meat.


    Hick, please save me.

    Wouldn't it be better to just run away, Sislane?

    ‘With what confidence are you going through that road?’

    ―As he thought, he saw Sislane slashing three people at the same time.

    … You deserve to be confident.

    “Your Majesty the Crown Prince, be careful!”

    All the monsters had their faces decorated with the same pattern.

    ‘I know that pattern.’

    ―The Belkans!

    They were literally a tribal people (relatively less civilized) living in the Belkain Peninsula, known to be cannibals.

    It specializes in battles, so it was hired by the nobles of the Empire to fight dirty battles.

    … Why would the average bakery owner know this?

    Yes, this is something that any model student in ‘Forest’ can understand. I remember what I learned in class.

    Sis, you probably didn't study well in class.

    “… Majesty! They are the Belkans!”

    There were two important things to emphasize when learning the Belkans.

    First, run away unconditionally when you meet them.

    Second, it has strong aggression, but it is weak in defense from the back, so attack from the back (I don't know why I taught this to a 12-year-old. It even came out as a test-written question number 3).

    —Anyway, it's helpful.

    “Attack from behind!”


    At the same time as the words, the new Sislane jumped high backwards. Landing behind them, he crossed the pursuers and slashed them.

    “Good job, Sis!”

    At that moment, his red eyes glanced at me, and he smiled.

    It felt like we had become partners (though I only played the role of a reminder).

    'That's interesting.'

    Normally, I would have been trembling with fear in a situation like this.

    After knowing that if caught, I would die, I became extremely calm even if someone was cut and died right in front of my eyes.

    ―Or maybe because there is a Sislane.

    ‘Did the Belkans come after Sislane?’

    Because if you are a prince, there are bound to be many enemies in your empire.

    ‘… No.'

    You can tell by the look of the fight.

    They crossed Sislane and were trying to approach me.


    ‘Treaters sent by Gerard!’

    In the meantime, under the protection of Circe and Larva, it was the first time it had happened, so there was no sense of reality.

    ‘Can’t I be of any help?’

    I reached out and tried to use fire or light, but it felt more difficult than usual because of the urgent situation.

    —That was then.



    It must have been that they had been hiding in the forest in advance, or the Belkain tribe had come up on the wagon.


    — The very moment I thought.

    A bright light flashed in front of me.

    Just like when he inherited the soul of 'Exordium'.

    * * *​

    “You have no mind, where did all these wild dogs come from?”

    Number 19 said while scratching my temple with a shotgun.

    This is the outskirts of the Fris Empire, which stopped the pursuit of Gerard.

    It was from this morning that the chasers suddenly poured out in crazy numbers.

    Originally, personnel on standby alone were sufficient to stop them, but calls for reinforcements were received from various bases in Larva.

    It had been a long time since Kyle and the other Larva had come to the outskirts.

    The big man shows his golden teeth and smiles, Tang! He blew off the head of the guy who was attacking from afar.

    “Well, I guess Prince Gerard paid a good price for the meat today.”

    “I’m afraid I’m going to die. I roll my eyes very close and rub my eyes. They all die like this, you guys.”

    He grumbled while shooting nonstop at the mercenary who was attacking No. 19.

    The montage of the troops attacking from the outskirts was very diverse.

    Since Gerard's original personal troops from El Dorado had long since been exhausted in the long chase, the fortress mainly sends paid mercenaries.

    All of them were lethal and suitable weapons for slaughter.

    Kyle was fighting an expressionless battle in the middle of the battlefield.

    The sloppy corpses of the enemy were piled up like a mountain next to him.


    “… You fight as if today is your last.”

    This was seen as a waste of troops.


    Kyle pondered as he looked at the blood-stained battlefield.

    Why did they send wild dogs to the various strongholds they were defending?

    What is the reason for such a meaningless consumption battle?

    At first, I focused on defense, but after a long battle, I changed my mind.

    Are you suddenly competing with quantity?

    This was literally just a war of attrition, and this method was not like Gerrard, who usually acted meticulously.


    It was then. A thought flashed through Kyle's mind like a lightning bolt.

    ―You act as if today is your last.

    If that's the answer.

    If this useless attrition is not the purpose itself, but other purposes.

    If the purpose was to bring in the core forces of Bayonaire Island to protect Annette by making them request troops from various bases.

    “… Damn it."

    His dark eyes, like green leaves, fell down coldly.

    “The core troops follow me back!”

    "Yes? Master, where are going?”

    In response to the question of the size, Kyle said as he ran as hard as he could.

    “To Miss Annette’s side!”

    Larva gathered on the outskirts of the city and moved as if they were one body at the Master's command.

    —They turned like the wind. By the side of those who really need to protect.

    * * *​


    When I woke up, something amazing had happened.

    The flames gathered from my hands were consuming the terrible tooth.


    It was the first time I used the power of um. It was also the use of a terrible offensive ability.

    '―I'm doing this?'

    This is kinda cool.


    Will there finally be a new title other than the pot-wielding master?

    It was Sordi and Um, who had not returned yet, but the voice of the 'gay couple who gave birth to a late child' seemed to be heard in my ears.

    “My baby, I knew you could do it! You’re the best~”

    “Glutinous rice, to use my power properly. Hahaha! That's great, that's great! I can finally escape from <Little Bakery> and conquer the world!”

    ―I'm sorry about conquering the world, um.

    I'm sorry for what has happened.

    I couldn't believe what I had just done, so I looked into my hands.

    It was then.

    Another Belkain clinging to the wagon.

    'Let's try again.'

    I stretched out my hand forward.



    And nothing happened. ‘… What is this guy doing?’ There was only one person who looked at me with eyes like, and one who was more sarcastic in response.

    —Sorry, I think we've come this far.


    At that very moment, Sislane's black powers soared and flew away and threw the Belkains outside.

    “… … !”


    Then, along with the sound of a horse wailing, the carriage, which had been running without a coach, suddenly began to lean sideways.

    “… Huh?"

    This is an ominous foreboding.

    Just as expected.

    The horse, whose leather cord was cut off, was running all alone, and the wagon with the roof blown away was ferociously rolling its wheels by herself.

    ―That too in a very strange and ominous direction.

    ‘… It's a cliff ahead!'

    My heart thumped to the floor.

    I got up on the carriage while my hair was flying like crazy.



    Red eyes and mine met head-on.

    As if recognizing the running wagon and the cliff, Sislane frantically slashed the few remaining Belkain tribes and ran to the wagon with all his might.

    “… Ah."

    And that moment.

    The carriage, which had reached the cliff, staggered, tilted, and poured down.

    My vision flipped once, and my body floated in the air, and everything felt like slow motion.

    The sky looks straight ahead.

    The last thing I saw was Sislane that flew away.
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    ‘Ah, it was a good life though.’

    I tried to become a bakery owner, got a wedding proposal, and met a lot of precious people.

    It was much better than the last life I had, when I was hit by a drunk driving motorcycle as soon as I made up my mind to leave the orphanage and start a new life.


    ‘… I wanted to have a family.’

    In the end, it was a little regrettable that I died alone, like a loner in this life.

    In addition to the conviction that I would die if I fell from such a cliff, I wondered if I would somehow survive if I had a body as strong as Sislane.

    I'm glad Sis is still alive.

    … You have to be happy.

    I closed my eyes as if resigning, remembering the faces of those left behind.

    At that moment, flash!

    I remembered taking orders for the new menu, Fresh Cream Cake.

    ‘―I can’t die like this.’

    The self-employed fireworks self-employed who had awakened in anticipation of high sales opened their eyes and reached out with all their might.

    At that moment, I felt the body that was about to fall to stop in the air.


    ―It was Sis Lane.

    With one hand he held the broken leather cord of the wagon, which was barely hanging on the rock on the cliff, and with the other he held my wrist.

    Just like a thick and tough rope.


    Red eyes looked at me and chewed on my teeth.

    Below us, we could see broken wagons and sword-clad Belkains falling. It was terrifyingly high.

    I had goosebumps in my spine.

    ‘It’s a great reflex, this one.’

    By cutting down the Belkains at the moment they fell, did you catch me too?

    He also grabbed the leather cord with one hand.


    “Be careful not to miss it, Annette.”

    Chi― iick.

    At that moment, I could see the leather strap that Sislane was holding stretched as if it were about to break.

    Oh, that's the limit.

    “Sis! Let me go. You will fall for me.”

    “Don’t say nonsense.”

    “Think sober. At least one must live!”

    The veins on the forearms that were holding the weight of the two of them sprung up as if they were about to burst.

    Even at this moment, the leather strap was growing helplessly. It was wild, and my stomach was burning.

    “Sis! Please let go...!”

    Red eyes stared straight at me.

    “I won’t let you go to hell with this hand, Annette.”


    Why are you enduring like that?

    ‘I haven’t done anything good.’

    Even if it was for Heinrich, I left you and ran away from the forest.

    So, I have lived happily alone, letting you endure those long years alone, not knowing what you are doing in Krevas, and vaguely believing that you will be happy.

    … Idiot.

    Even now, when I was young, I was the only one in Sislane's eyes.

    Touk, tuk.

    The leather cord was on the verge of breaking, and the strong wind blew my skirt and hair in a mess.

    At the bottom of the cliff, there were only sharp rocks and a black sea, and the black waves were rushing down and begging for food.

    It was a time for sober judgment.

    In the end, I took out the dagger I always carried for Gerrard.

    “Sislane, I’m sorry.”

    ―This is the dagger I carried to protect me.

    I didn't know I'd be using it to protect you.

    And with all his might, he cut Sislane's wrist with a dagger.


    However, I did not fall.

    Even though there was quite a bit of blood running from my wrist, that large hand was desperately holding me.

    Let me go,

    Like someone taking my life.


    Touk, tuk

    Red blood dripped down my cheek.

    Sislane's sharp eyes narrowed. He looked down at me and smiled faintly.

    “I said. Even if I go to hell, I won’t let you go.”

    “… Sis.”

    Strangely, tears welled up. Tears that were not shed even when Heinrich and Sislane separated and left the forest.


    That was when Sislane was about to say something.

    Chi― iiick! Tuk!

    The leather strap was completely broken.

    * * *​

    “Sibang, there has been a complete uproar!”

    Larva, who arrived near Bayonaire's <Little Bakery>, could sense the commotion from afar.

    Kyle looked down at the sword that had fallen on the floor.

    It was a sword breaker (a dagger that had distinctive grooves in its blade, and its flesh was torn off when it was slashed) adorned with unique patterns and decorations.

    ―It is the sword of the Belkain tribe.

    As he expected, the dogs sent to the outskirts were for attention only, and the truly wild dogs were sent to Annette's village.

    In the distance, the tearing screams of the villagers could be heard.


    A fire erupted from Kyle's eyes.

    “I’m going to town right now!”


    Larva all ran to the village. Not only Annette, but also the villagers became close, but they all said they were in danger, so they walked faster than usual.

    However, upon arriving in the village, an unexpected sight was unfolding.

    Thousands of Belkain people were on their knees at once, with their heads down on the floor, and trembling.

    In front of him, an off-white man with beautiful purple eyes, with a creepy smile, was trampling on the back of the hand of a certain Belkain.

    “… Tsk, why are the bugs so twisted?”

    His reddish-red lips twisted in annoyance.


    Although the Belkain moaned painfully, they could not avoid their hands.

    I felt like my whole body was overpowered by a certain surreal pressure.

    “Look who smelled sweet. … I'm sorry, but I'm going to lick that honey."

    The eyes beneath the silver hair were curved softly.

    At the same time, Kyle's expression frowned.

    'Crazy bastard.'

    But for once, I was happy.

    ―Because the villagers were unharmed.

    Thanks to that bib.

    “Sa, save me….”

    Heinri smiled and whispered sweetly to the desperately begging Belkain.



    Then there was the sound of breaking their necks all at once from the five who were on their knees.

    The villagers screamed behind their backs.

    It was the same kind I heard from afar.

    … The screams of the villagers, not because of the Belkains.

    It was because of that.

    Anyway, there was no time to delay. Annette probably wasn't here (if she was, she was more likely to be with Heinrich), but Kyle searched the bakery.

    As expected, Annette was not here.

    ‘… You should be safe.’

    Kyle quickly traced the traces left by the Belkain tribe and began to search with the Larva.

    Hot sweat ran down his white skin.

    ‘Miss Annette.’

    Please stay safe. Please!

    Kyle pushed down his nervousness and moved his body again to clear the situation.

    ‘I sent wild dogs to the stronghold, and the Belkains were sent to Annette’s side.’

    It meant that Gerard knew exactly where Annette was.

    What the hell….

    He thought he had protected her recruits without a leak.

    Where did the information come from?

    Kyle was determined to find the traitor who leaked the information.

    'This must be Gerard's warning.'

    Gerard would have no intention of taking Annette right away.

    Because, if you already know Annette's location, there is a high probability that you can guess where 'Heinrich' and the 'Crown Prince' will be.

    If the two, who had been looking for Annette eagerly, disappeared from the capital at the same time….

    Gerard would already know.

    He knew that Heinrich and Sislane could not be stopped by the Belkains.

    So this was a kind of 'warning' or 'message'.

    It means waking up from your dreams of a peaceful and normal life in Bayonaire.

    ‘I’m going to officially summon Miss Annette soon.’

    ―As the capital of El Dorado.

    “Move faster!”

    I can only hope that the warning will not be fatal to Miss Annette.

    * * *​


    The moment the cord broke, Sislane grabbed the boulder protruding from his quick reflexes.

    He began to lift Annette's little body upwards, supporting his weight and Annette's weight with one arm.

    With a low moan, his jaw muscles trembled as he chewed his molars.

    The joints of the neck stood in unison.

    Broken leather cords and rocks from the cliff, drops of blood from the flesh torn from his wrists and Belkain swords flew into the air.


    Sislane raised Annette on top of his body.

    With overwhelming stamina and strength, as well as a tenacious will.

    Annette also desperately cooperated. If this happened, even the life of the Sislane would be at stake.

    Sislane made sure Annette was hanging on him well, and grabbed the cliff with his hand that had grabbed her straight away, using his strength to climb over her.

    Soon Annette was fully pulled up, and Sislane lay flat on the cliff.

    In the meantime, Annette was on top of his body without getting hurt. Lest the rough dirt floors of the cliffs leave her with even a small scar on her.

    "Ha. Ha….”


    Tears welled up in her pale blue eyes.

    “Then what would have happened if we both fell?”


    “You look really stupid.”

    I could feel his breath running along the rocking, hard ribcage. A heart that beats like it's about to explode.

    Their breathing and heart were beating at the same beat.

    Annette caressed her wrist. The wounds I made were clear.

    Coincidentally, a pattern similar to her wrist has appeared.

    “… It must have been a big deal.”


    His sharp eyes narrowed playfully.

    “I almost died.”

    Sislane smiled and hugged her waist as she climbed onto his body.

    Were you aware of your posture then?

    Annette's cheeks flushed red.


    Annette, if I said something like this, I'd say I'm crazy or hate it and run away.

    It's crazy to see those light blue eyes looking at me and crying.

    I want to kiss you all over your reddened skin in my arms.

    The moment their lives were caught in a deadly line, and they managed to survive.

    Sislane thought.

    Perhaps this is the most perfect place.

    Hhe could not have predicted her time with her even an inch ahead of him.

    One morning, when I believed that I could be with you forever, you went away.

    When I was sure that we would never part again, we hung up on a cliff side by side.

    If it was an unpredictable time, I wanted to hold on to it now.



    As Annette looked at him with tears in her eyes, he stroked the stained tears on her reddish cheeks and the soft blade of grass with his thumb.

    Then Sislane whispered. Extremely low, but with a clearer voice than ever.

    "Will you marry me?"


    Annette stopped breathing.

    The tears that had remained in her pale blue eyes flowed down her cheeks like glass grains.

    Hot tears and heavy breathing. It was a proposal made on a cliff with scars that had not stopped bleeding yet, and a heart that was about to burst.

    Him holding her in his arms.

    ―It was perfect.

    “Be my wife, whom I will love for the rest of my life.”
    After the moment, I thought I was dead,

    The first thing I did when I came back alive from the entrance to hell was a proposal.


    Thump, Thump―

    The sound of black waves crashing down the cliff was heard. Is it because of my mood that it doesn't sound as scary as before? Facing the cliff, even the strong wind felt cool for some reason.

    I looked down at Sislane. With a slightly bruised face, I was mesmerized.

    ‘It’s out of control.’

    What is your mind? Sislane.

    In fact, when Sislane first came to Bayonaire, I had only read intense 'obsession' and 'possession' from him.

    ―The red strap on my wrist was proof of that.

    ‘I just thought that you grew up as an obsessive maniac like in the novel.’

    The only thing that has changed is that he's obsessed with me instead of Heinrich.


    ‘Sometimes I think it’s more than that.’

    In those eyes that looked down at me from the cliff earlier, I could feel a kind of hot heart that I couldn't read in the original novel.

    ―Is it all my misunderstanding?

    "I am….”

    I have to answer.

    Since the other person proposed to me, I would have to give an answer, but I kept getting my eyes on Sislane.

    What I saw so close―

    ‘It’s the first time.’

    The black eyes were sharp as if they had been torn with a knife. But it was really weird. What I feel is the sensitive eyes.

    It was noon in summer, and his eyes were like the scorching sun.

    I want to touch you.

    But, can't you touch it?


    It was a heart that could not be suppressed by reason. Without realizing it, I took his hand. As if possessed….

    From his handsome forehead with his black hair dripping down, while he carefully sweeps the high and cool back of his nose with his index finger,

    His eyes reacted little by little and contained me.


    There was a sense of tight tension.

    Pretending to be gentle in front of me, but like touching a wild beast that will never change.

    Soon he laughed. When the lips with clear boundaries are stretched beautifully, the white teeth are revealed.



    He grabbed the hand that had been touching him erratically.

    “… !!!”

    Annette's eyes widened like a rabbit caught in a trap.

    Her face reddened with anger, alas, as his blatant gaze stared down at her small, irritated lips.


    As he tilted his head, his nose was at an angle dangerous enough to cross each other.

    The corners of his mouth, wrapped in his sharpened jawline, slowly rose.

    It was a dizzying distance where lips would touch if they moved even a little. At that moment, Sislane got up without hesitation.


    Annette, startled, quickly grabbed his shoulder and managed to keep the distance.

    Just the slightest touch— it felt like a ball of fire had touched her lips, and her heart was burning.

    ‘You’re sitting on Sislane.’

    The body temperature was so hot that Annette immediately tried to get up.


    His forearms gripped her waist tightly, as if catching a raging rabbit with a snare, and pulled her closer to the seat.

    “You can’t go anywhere.”


    “You have to answer and stand up.”

    Red eyes tenaciously entangled her gaze as she tried to run away.

    “… Right now, answer...?”

    That's too much of a conscience, Sislane.

    Aren't you too impatient?

    Both Heinrich and Kyle said they would give them time and wait for them!

    Annette barely screamed and called to him.

    “… Your Majesty the Crown Prince.”

    Sislane narrowed his eyes as if pierced deeply for a moment.

    “Only when you are at a disadvantage, you only say ‘Your Majesty the Crown Prince’.”

    Annette's eyes widened a little. It was a face that said, 'Oh, you found out.' He leaned his forehead on her shoulder and whispered as he grumbled.

    “Still, I don’t hate it at all. Tell me how to hate it, Annette.”

    That voice sounded very sweet. Annette's cheeks turned a little red.

    His large hand wrapped around Annette's. Suddenly, she came to her senses and found a ring on his finger.

    It was a pretty ring. Resembling the color of his eyes.

    It was a beautiful pale pink jewel, like the essence of early spring.

    It was such a delicate and elegant ring that it was hard to imagine that this crude and scary man had prepared it.

    ―It shone just like a fairy, and the size was exactly as if he had measured it beforehand.

    But in front of this perfect ring, I had no choice but to say:

    “… I never thought of marriage.”


    Sislane wrapped his arms around Annette's wrist and pressed his hot lips to the white finger that was holding his ring.

    —It was an affectionate kiss.

    “Then you can think about it now.”

    “It will take a lot of time.”

    —A lot.

    The truth is, I have absolutely no intention of getting married right now, Sislane.

    Besides, her husband will be an obsessive maniac.

    … It is difficult to even imagine such a newlywed.

    ‘It’s different from when Heinrich and Kyle were.’

    Their marriage with them was abstract (albeit a very distorted imagination), but not with Sislane at all.

    If she even married, her husband who was such a wild and dangerous man,

    Will my heart burst and die soon?

    Even for my peaceful life, it will take a lot of deliberation.

    “It takes a lot of time.”

    “… Yes, I think it will be if you want to make up your own mind.”


    Sislane's clean lips rose nicely.

    “I think you will decide soon.”

    … Why? Why are those ominous words?

    Not knowing what it mean, I opened my eyes.

    But I could quickly understand the meaning of what Sislane said.

    ―That too,

    As soon as I return to town

    * * *​

    “… This."

    As soon as I returned to the village, I was confronted with a messy reality.

    Broken fences, messed up crops, wagons cut in half and wounded and fallen cattle.

    In the midst of the chaos, the old man sat blankly on the dirt floor, and the little children were crying.

    For a moment, my eyes became dizzy, and I ran frantically to the people and asked.

    “What is all this?”


    Noah, who had been sitting in disbelief on the broken cart, looked at me and stood up.


    Then he ran to me and hugged me tight.

    “Noah… What is all this? These swords... Those people!”

    Swords that looked scary were scattered all over the floor. There were injured villagers everywhere.

    Noah looked at me, wiping the tears from his big eyes.

    “People came looking for Annette. They destroyed the village and threatened the people.”


    At that moment, a man who had stood alone in the chaos came out.

    It was Heinrich. The beautiful eyes under his silver hair looked at me and raised.

    “Annette, don’t worry. Those cheeky bastards have already gone to hell.”

    “… Heinrich.”

    “Now all the chasers are—”

    Heinrich pretended to cut his neck cleanly with his thumb.

    Even so....

    This mess.

    It was a peaceful and beautiful island where good people lived. If it were not for me, today would have been peaceful, and I would not have known this fear.

    Everyone got hurt like this because of me. People who are dear to me….

    For the first time, I deeply regretted it. I didn't come here in the first place.

    ‘It’s all messed up because of me.’

    This island of Bayonaire, which I love, has become a mess.


    Gerard, I won't let you go.

    I clenched my fists and swallowed my anger inwardly.

    For the first time, I felt intense anger. I didn't want to run away because I was afraid, I wanted to destroy him.

    Resolving my broken heart, I slowly supported the old man and comforted the little ones.

    “… Master. Are you okay?”

    Belatedly, Kyle and Larva arrived. I knew it without even thinking deeply about it. How long have they been looking for me?

    I earnestly asked Kyle and Larva. They also seemed to have a crush on Bayonaire. There was sadness in the eyes that looked around.

    "Help they. Please."

    “… Yes."

    We slowly cleared the broken fence, put the cart back up, and healed the cattle. And then, I felt like a corner of my heart was slowly falling apart.

    Only then did I realize.

    —This was my hometown.

    These people were like beings of my family.

    If Gerard found out about the location, this probably wouldn't be the end of it.

    This will happen again.

    Even the villagers would have noticed the fact that the monsters looking for me had come.

    ―If I were there, something like this would happen again.

    Is that so?

    Each of them had their own parents, and from the villagers who embraced their children, I felt a strange gaze that I had never received before.

    ‘… I can't stay in Bayonaire any longer.’

    After steadfastly cleaning up, I bowed to the people.

    "I'm really sorry!"

    I shut my eyes tight.

    “It happened because of me. Really… I'm sorry!"

    “… Annette.”

    Tears welled up in Noah's eyes.

    It was then.

    An unexpected voice, very different from what I expected, came out.

    "From those damn bastards, we'll protect you from now on!"

    A voice as loud as thunder.

    “Okay, Annette. I'll be vigilant for the next 24 hours! If someone comes again, you hide in my house! We'll beat them all."


    When I raised my head in surprise, all of a sudden, the people of the village were children and adults, and everyone in the village was holding their arms.

    Of course, most of them were farm implements, but they were all genuinely fighting spirits.


    I stared blankly at each one of them, as if in a dream.

    Mr. Genji was carrying a hoe on his shoulder, and Aunt Marilyn rolled up her arms. The twins were also holding small slingshots.

    Mr. Jake of the Greengrocer's Market, Miss Muslin who helped with the party. Everyone, without exception, raised a weapon.

    "I can't hand over Annette to those vicious bastards. Are you all the same mind?”

    “Right! Right, right!”

    Loud voices of agreement erupted from here and there. Not everyone could completely erase their fears, but the will to protect them seemed much stronger than that.

    “… everyone."

    Suddenly, my vision blurred and tears welled up.

    —Because they are such good people.

    My throat was choked, and I couldn't keep up with the back words.

    A word of sincere thanks.

    Seeing me like that, Genji quietly wiped away his tears. It was then.

    “Is everyone trying to make a mockery? … Dare."

    A sarcastic voice pierced through.

    The uninvited guest appeared casually in the chaotic village.

    —Reptile turquoise eyes with black hair like a crow. Colorful ears with colorful feathers.

    It was Gerard's lieutenant, Avilus Theses.
    “… Did you say ‘dare’?”

    Annette came first. The villagers seemed to be frightened by the sudden appearance of Avilus, who had a peculiar appearance.

    However, that girl, Annette, whom he met after 10 years, did not appear to be intimidated at all.

    “Sir Avilus Theses.”

    It was hard to be called a little girl now that her eyes were raised brightly without seeing it, and she had a ladylike feeling.

    There was power in the light blue eyes.

    —About that, she said that she was nothing, Avilus smirked and twisted his lips.

    She said with her cold sunken eyes.

    “Sir Theses, be polite. It is the seat of the Crown Prince of El Dorado and His Majesty the Grand Duke. Not only that, but even Marquis Winston is here.”

    As she looked around her, calling her one by one, Sislane, Heinrich, and Kyle, who were mixed with the villagers, appeared.



    Avilus's eyes wrinkled slightly.

    “Ah, that’s me… .”

    Shortly after cutting Avilus' words, who was about to change his attitude, Annette pronounced it one syllable, one syllable.



    Suddenly, Avilus's mouth shut.

    “You have no manners in front of noble people and talk freely.”

    She lowered her eyes and said scornfully.

    “This is an act that belongs not only to ‘insulting the nobility’, but furthermore to ‘contempt of the imperial family’.”

    “Miss Annette! An, an insult to the imperial family! Such a conspiracy!”

    Avilus was so embarrassed that he used a salute to the little Annette. It was too late to miss him, so his teeth were ripped apart.

    ‘This wicked girl.’

    It's even worse than before.

    Avilus, of course, was not a commoner either, but it was clear that he was rude in the presence of high-ranking nobles and royalty.

    Annette, who had seized the momentum, said, looking back, not paying attention.

    “… Isn't that right, His Majesty the Crown Prince?"


    The red-eyed man with eerie eyes, pretending to be covered in blood, gently stroked his ear.

    “I certainly feel a bit insulted.”

    “… !!!”

    It was a look that would eat the opponent alive. Sislane smiled, revealing her white teeth.

    “If I cut off one of those unique ears, the insult would be comforting.”

    “Your, Your Highness, I―!”

    At that time, Heinrich said with a frown as if seeing something unclean.

    “Then I’ll do it with both arms.”

    Vivantum shrugged his shoulders.

    “I just don’t like the way it hangs.”


    You, you crazy.

    Among the dogs, Marquis Kyle Winston, who looked normal, wanted to remain still, but he later opened his mouth with his characteristic noble accent.

    “I will do it with both ankles. Seeing him standing upright, it seems that he does not know obedience.”


    The carnivorous deer laughed softly.

    “It is better to adopt a posture of obedience for the rest of your life.”

    ―It was the craziest thing ever.

    In addition, the expressions of the <Winston's Shields> standing behind the Marquis of Winston looked as if they were drinking Avilus (they were already vicious, so the effect of a 'horrible bouquet' was appearing).

    “… Save, please save me!”

    Avilus fell flat on his seat.

    "Sorry! I did not recognize His Highness the Crown Prince, His Grace Grand Duke Hyacinth, and the Marquis of Winston.”

    It was a place where there was no owner to protect me. Even if you die here, there is no one to stop you.

    Then, Annette opened his mouth.

    “—Stop it.”




    To my surprise, the three madmen stayed silent.

    Avilus couldn't believe it even when he was lying down, so his eyes widened.

    What just happened?

    All three of them were listening to the words of a little woman, as if a keeper who skillfully handled wild beasts appeared.

    It was impossible to know what kind of power the little girl had.

    Annette looked down on him without hesitation and said:

    “Why did you come here, Sir Theses?”

    Avilus, who raised his head slightly, as the Crown Prince had not yet ordered him to rise, forced him to put his forehead at her feet and said.

    “―Prince Gerard has sent a formal summons.”

    It is to deliver the summons on behalf of Prince Gerard, so it should have been delivered standing upright.

    At this rate, it's like asking Gerard to bow his head and offer the summons.

    However, Sislane simply chewed and spit on Avilus, who was wondering if he would allow him to get up from his seat.

    “Not allowed.”


    Avilus, who represented Gerard's power everywhere, was unfamiliar with this insult.

    Shaking his body, he handed the summons to Annette.

    Annette looked down at the scroll for a moment.

    ‘What will be written?’

    In fact, he had a guess when he returned to town after being attacked by the Belkains. That Gerard would come under pressure not only by force but also formally.

    So I wasn't upset.

    Finally, having received the scroll, she opened the summons and checked its contents.



    The corners of Annette's lips were filled with arsenic.

    Not a single thing on the vile hasn't changed in ten years, Gerard.

    Yeah, I'm sorry if it changed.

    * * *

    「 ‘Annette von Axylperion’ orders that El Dorado return to the Imperial Palace immediately.

    The deadline is three days.

    If he does not voluntarily comply with the order, he will implement the compulsory return measures in three days.

    —Gerard von Axilperion

    I sat down at the table and looked through the summons alone.

    'This is a really mean phrase.'

    —Forced return after two days.

    If the subpoena came without any incident, it wouldn't be considered mean, but....

    Today Gerard showed Annette himself.

    What will happen to this small island of Bayonaire when the 'forced return measures' are implemented.

    He probably has no intention of dragging her away quietly.

    Even to break my spirit for disobeying orders.

    Seeing this summons, Kyle said:

    “Master, you’re not officially registered with Gerard at the time, but he can complete the process even after he becomes an adult.”

    “Does Nuna already know? Because you are smarter about the adoption laws of the Empire than we are.”

    —Heinrich was right. Especially after escaping from Gerard, when I got bored, I rummaged through adoption laws.

    I wanted to avoid it if such a day came (though there was no way to do it right away).

    ‘According to the imperial law, there are only two cases of stopping the enrollment process.’

    One is when you have already formed a family and your own family exists.

    The other was the succession of 'titles'.

    It was only possible when both of them were leading their own families.

    It is rare for an adopted child to disappear without being registered during the adoption process, but it was a provision made a long time ago by an orphanage child who had been abducted.

    When he found the child again, he had already established a family on a distant continent.

    Eventually, the adoption process was canceled.

    “… This is what Sislane meant.”

    When I told him it would take time to answer the proposal, he replied:

    “I think you will decide soon.”

    I whispered quietly.

    “This is what I expected.”

    As a way to avoid being formally accepted by Gerard, it might be a situation where, in fact, there is no other option but marriage.

    Alas, this is like a mouse cornered with three totally expensive rings?

    ―Isn't the mouse so luxurious?

    I shrugged and looked down at the table.

    “… Is marriage really the only way?”

    I took out the three ring cases and put them side by side.

    You have to marry one of the three madmen to escape the demon Gerard.

    Sob, my God. Why is the difficulty of my life so continuous in hard mode?

    I wonder if this is really too much.

    “… Or not. As usual, we can come up with other methods.”

    I shifted my gaze to the locket on one side of the table.

    It was spinning, twinkling, next to the three rings.

    ―Still, the light had not stopped.

    It was not enough, so I felt like the light was getting brighter and brighter. It wasn't an illusion.

    A locket left by my parents.

    'It's obviously a magical item. Looking at this, there is a high probability that my parents are not ordinary commoners.’

    Or even an ordinary commoner, if I find my real parents, I might be able to have an exception in the Imperial Law.

    It is impossible to be enrolled in another family even though you have parents.

    I immediately requested a meeting with Kyle.

    This meeting was between the ‘master of Larva’ and the ‘client’.

    The story progressed very quickly, as I had already sent it in a letter last time saying there was something to request.

    “It sure is amazing.”

    “If we do some research on this locket, we might be able to find my parents. The problem is."

    “Time is running out.”

    “—That’s right, it’s a summons in three days. Is it possible?”

    The leader of the Dark Guild, one of the best on the continent, smiled with his gentle eyes. Attractive Indian dimples dented.

    “I will investigate within three days.”


    I sweated a little at that.

    ―Oh my God, Kyle. Is that possible?

    I think you will be satisfied if you come to investigate within a week.

    In fact, I thought it would be impossible in three days.

    Even if he is the world's best dark guild award.

    But it would be a little rude to show distrust, so Annette lowered her eyebrows and smiled.

    "Then, I'll trust only Kyle!"

    Then he gently grabbed his hand and let it go.


    She hadn't seen. At those small gestures and words of trust—

    The carnivorous deer's cheeks turned red, and their eyes filled with strong will.

    The ‘smile and trust’ that the master gave me came back with great results.

    * * *​

    The next day.

    Kyle Winston, the world's most diligent investigative man, appeared and said with a twinkle in his eyes.

    “I have found the source of the ‘locket’ you mentioned.”


    Yes? Already?
    ‘You said it would be within three days, but you brought it the next day.’

    It's a speed commensurate with the national character of the impatient mother country.

    I snorted, rubbed my nose happily, and smiled. Then he asked quickly.

    “What locket is this?”


    A wooden locket shone from Kyle's large hand. With a brighter light than yesterday.

    “This is an ancient artifact brought from Ghost Island by the Southern Pirate King.”

    “Ancient relics… ?”

    “Yes, the two lockets are ‘a pair’, and when the two lockets meet, each owner’s image appears as a photo on the empty locket.”


    “When the pirate king was executed by the admiral, the pair of lockets he shared with his lover was put up for auction. The winning bidder was a secret, but she was said to be a noble young lady.”

    The winning bidder was an aristocratic woman?

    ―Could she be my mother?

    Kyle smiled warmly with her dark green eyes.

    “Perhaps her mother put her in the cradle, desperately wanting to get her master back.”


    “It’s a locket that you give to your lover for the rest of your life.”

    Lifelong lover.

    She once read in the book that her mother regards her children as her lifelong lover.

    Her daughter, born of her own, cherished ten months in her womb.

    What was her mother thinking when she put her lover's necklace in the gore?

    ‘I didn’t throw it away because it was useless.’

    Mom is….

    You always wanted to get me back.

    In fact, either in my past life or in the present, I didn't think I would be a useful family member.

    ―Every child,

    'Cause I'm not born out of love.

    “Normal children are born with love. But sometimes there are children who are just ‘dung’ of sexual desire.”


    “Just like you.”

    The atrocities of a slave trader were actually contained in his unconscious.

    Like a large needle that appears suddenly and pierces my heart deeply, even if I usually forget it.

    “… The mother who gave birth to me, she wanted to find me.”

    “She must have been so eager.”

    Kyle wrapped his warm hand around my shoulder as if comforting me.

    I could feel it. That the big needle that pierced my heart suddenly disappeared without a trace.

    The words of such a wicked man were still only foolish.

    “Master, the successful bidder of such an auction was originally kept secret, but the facilitator who conducted the auction at the time was recruited to find out the successful bidder.”


    I almost fell in love with Kyle in an instant. This quick and clever, the world's most capable leader of the Dark Guild.

    "The winning bidder is the 'Duke of Valienne'."

    “… !!!”

    In an instant, his mouth opened in shock. How could my mother be a duke?

    ‘You weren’t an ordinary person.’

    Kyle revealed the duke's full name.

    "Derkis Valienne"

    The famous daughter of the Duke of Valienne. It is said that she fell in love with a certain soldier without a title, married and had a child.

    However, during her pregnancy, her husband died on the battlefield.

    “It is said that the child of the Duke of Valienne was stillborn.”

    “It’s stillborn…?”

    I'm alive like this- Could it not be me?

    What the hell was that?

    'She said that she died of a child, and the circumstances are enough to secretly take it away.'

    About the Duke of Valienne, she had learned in the forest class.

    She was one of the venerable grand families.

    In the fertile and expansive estates, they have accumulated enormous wealth through crops and magic stone mines that have been passed down from my ancestors.

    In addition, the family was famous for having blonde hair like honey for generations. I glanced at my hair.

    A princess from such a family was abandoned in the orphanage?

    “… Will the Duke be safe?”

    If the circumstances were to the point of abandoning her daughter, he might be in trouble too.

    Kyle said with slightly sad eyes.

    "The Duke of Valienne says that since her birth she has been lying unconscious."


    Ah, so it was.

    “Master, this locket will only shine under certain conditions.”


    Received some premonition, and when I broke my luck, Kyle was right at her word.

    "When the life of one of the locket's owners is in jeopardy."

    “… !”

    The light of the rocket was a signal that one of the lovers was calling out before they died.

    “I don’t have much time.”

    Kyle immediately stood up at my words and said.

    “Yes, you must leave now.”

    * * *​

    Jannen Street in El Dorado.

    Among the lowest-born people, a street where the extremely poor, sick and abandoned are gathered.

    aka the human trash can.

    ―Or, ‘living hell’.

    On this street, where even ordinary people do not even come close to, a high-ranking person came today.

    He was the First Prince of El Dorado, with long gray hair, red eyes, and dignity and benevolence.

    Gerard looked at the woman kneeling in front of him and said.

    “The situation has gotten worse.”

    It has been more than 20 years since Gerard von Axilperion came to Jannen Street and cared for the dirtiest, least, and lowly.

    The woman kneeling at Gerard's feet had dirty bandages wrapped around her body.

    She was a woman suffering from a terrible skin disease, in which her flesh rots, rots, and eventually falls off.

    “Prince, prince… It is an incurable disease that causes death and is even contagious. You are not allowed to approach me with that noble body or touch my skin.”

    Gerard's eyes were still.


    His large hands raised the sick and touched the rotten and stinky shoulders.

    ―To a woman, she was the first touch of another person after suffering from an illness.

    Her body trembled with joy and emotion that it was the prince's hand.

    A dignified voice flowed low.

    “You are also a citizen of El Dorado, you are mine.”

    “… Ugh, cough... Prince!”

    “I will send a doctor to receive regular treatment. Get well soon and take care of your child.”

    Gerard's red eyes moved. To the little boy kneeling next to my mother.

    The child was trembling.

    “As a mother, you shouldn’t die leaving your children behind.”

    “… Prince, how should I repay this favor? Thank you… .”

    The skin disease patient shed hot tears.

    The poor and the sick surrounded them and wept.

    Loyalty to Gerard grew today.

    This was the reason why the First Prince was most admired in the Empire.

    He found the lowest, most filthy places of El Dorado and cared for the people of the Empire—

    He embraced all his people like his father.

    His perfect and benevolent personality was called the perfect 'next emperor' until Sislane became the prince.

    So, when Sislane, known for being cruel and ruthless, became the 'Crown Prince', the public mind fluctuated at its worst.

    “The ‘Monster of Krevas’ pushes Prince Gerard out and takes his place by force!”

    “We must stand up!”

    The will of the people of the Empire is strong.

    Sometimes they overthrow a dynasty, cross leaders, or even destroy an empire.

    This was the reason Sislane kept Gerard alive.

    —Sislane was skilled.

    By not having an affair with Gerard, he kept his own people's hearts and minds intact.

    Even if he secretly assassinated Gerard now, the people of the Empire would have been suspicious of Sislane.

    The emperor who did not win the hearts of the people of the empire was only a half emperor. So, Sislane saved his life for the time being.


    If public opinion changes, Gerard will be executed.

    So it was.

    After Sislane became the crown prince, he tripled the time he spent caring for his people.

    All of this was a politically calculated action.

    As Gerard took care of all the patients, his escort came.

    “Prince, it is time to move.”

    “… Pri, Prince. There is something to be desired!”

    At that time, the child of the skin disease patient put his forehead on the floor and said:

    “Will I be able to become a good person later on…? Just like the prince.”

    The surroundings were noisy and dried up his child. How dare you become like the prince in the future!


    But Gerrard looked down at the child calmly. There was no unpleasant expression at all. He was just like a calm river.

    His dated lips moved slowly.

    “Even if I was born lowly.”

    Even if he is a human born from a lowly body.

    “Die noble.”

    If you die in a noble position when you die.

    “—If that happens, that life will be wonderful and perfect.”


    The child stared blankly at Gerard with a realizing expression on his face.

    Gerard left the child and slowly left the place.

    A very long time ago.

    He had someone say the same thing to Gerard.

    It was when he was still a boy.

    Gerard's mother, the Empress, was fond of young Gerard, but he sometimes sounded crazy as if he was crazy.

    “That child is not mine! Slave swapped my son for you! My child can't do that!”

    “… Mother….”

    It was a wound for young Gerard.

    Everyone thought the Empress was crazy. She got a nervous breakdown from childbirth, and she’s out of mind.

    Every time she did her lullaby, she was in a lot of pain, and she thought her mood even more so because she was always in her mood.

    ―Besides, the Emperor and Gerard were rich people who looked exactly alike.

    Whenever he was hurt by the Empress's words, Gerard would repeat himself.

    “I am of the noblest bloodline than anyone else.”

    Born to the Emperor and Empress,

    The first son of a perfect lineage.

    He would become the Crown Prince in the future, and when he grew up, he would become the emperor of El Dorado in name and reality.

    Gerard, who was born with arrogance and dignity, could not stand the empress's mad voice. But, he persevered.

    —Because I loved my mother.

    Then one day.

    A slave woman dressed like a beggar hid in the Imperial Palace and approached Gerard.

    Before even questioning how the heck did she get in here, Gerard was enveloped in a strange feeling.

    The moment he saw the slave woman's face, his heart beat ominously.

    She was as dry as her thorn bushes, and her rough hands clasped Gerard's cheeks.

    “My baby, my son….”

    “… What the hell are you talking about!”

    Gerard trembled and shook off the lady. She backed away and raised the corners of her lips. It was obvious arsenic.

    “You don’t even recognize Amy? There's a half-moon-shaped dot around your waist. Giggle! It has been there since birth!”

    The woman said. That's a characteristic of the 'Morserks', and she has the same thing.

    Normally, Gerard lived his life knowing that it was his “illness”.

    The dot appeared every fortnight and disappeared in an instant the next day.

    So I kept it a secret without revealing it to anyone.

    That day was just a full moon.

    “Look, my son!”

    The lady showed her own divination. She said it was characterized by the appearance of dots of the same shape between parents and children.


    The boy, who confirmed her dot, was instantly dizzy.

    He asked, trembling.

    “… All, it's ridiculous that you're my mother. Then how did you sleep with the Emperor?”

    “What do you mean? My son.”

    A woman with a shabby appearance smiled, revealing her yellow teeth.

    “Your father is not an emperor.”


    “He was a street drunk with silver-gray hair and red eyes.”

    Gerard's breath stopped for a moment.

    “I bought my night for 50,000 gold.”
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    Ow still ongoing
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    The art looks so beautiful...there is no translated manhwa for this is there? :(
    I see the promo all over tik-tok.
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    its from "who made me a princess", the ML is Lucas, Fl is Athy and 2nd ML is Ijekiel
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    I just read the last chapter at a glance
    The ML is Sislin
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    So it’s not a harem ending?
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    I thought its still ongoing?