Japanese The old man discovered his natural talent at the age of 60

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    Publisher: Syosetsu, Kadokawa

    Raw Link: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n2787fc/

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    In a world where special abilities called skills appear, the old man Dill suddenly gained power one day. Unfortunately, it was a combat-specific ability that would be difficult for older people to handle. "I'm at a good age now ..." The second life, which came too late for an old man over 60 years old, is about to begin.

    Why It Should Get Picked Up:

    In most fantasy stories the MC is very young, usually a teenager. There are very few where the MC is an experienced old man. This is even rarer because it's an old man who's awakened a great power and technically a 'rookie'.

    Also from the spoilers I've seen it seems the old man recognises his limitations and uses his abilities to serve as a helper and mentor to others.
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    i havent check yet but suppose he is a 60 year old man, will that be something or anything not to get wrapped up, literally being dragged around by girls, being a doormat, or such a generic isekai protag?
    cause if the things or only thing unique about this series is one of which what i said above, this series is no different from others.
    and most importantly does it have a 'plot'?