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    obviously, the confession and the second kiss!!!!!!!
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    Thank you so much for your hard work and all lovely spoiler!!!:aww: For me i actually enjoy most of the fluffy scene ever time they are together It just so dam cute.
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    E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G:blob_catflip::blob_catflip::blob_catflip: every moment is fluffiness. And tbh, this is a story that makes me no stress at all. :bloblove:
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    Ugh obviously their every :bloblove: single:blob_plusone: moments :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed: XD
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    Thank you so much for the spoilers:blobsmilehappy: You should be a novel translator at this rate:blobokhand: I ended up reading all of your spoilers instead of the translated work lol:blobpopcorn_cool:
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    @limulimu you sweetheart, thank you for the spoilers ^_^
    Looking forward to the ending now :)
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    You know, I didn’t think one could laugh anymore with this novel but...geez….

    Mar answers Lydia’s question about the 11th Maid Mariana and tells her she was helping to clean up the dungeon before he brings Lydia down.

    Seeing a serious expression on Mar’s face, Lydia gently rubs Mar’s lower lip which turns his attention to her and he quickly relaxes. :blobmelt:Lydia tells him she’s ready and Mar nods. He tells her, “Never, Never stay away from me." and Lydia agrees as he gently lifts Lydia into his arms and they jump out the window. :blobowoevil:

    (T/N: I don’t know why he doesn’t use the door..LOL)


    They both enter the dungeon to be greeted by very loud and excitable guards. Lydia is taken aback backtracking into Mar’s chest wondering why they’re so loud when Mar coldly commands “Get away”. :blobunsure:

    The two guards jump, bow vigorously, and scramble as if running away like they’re escaping some dangerous beast.

    Lydia thinks that’s a strange reaction and looks at Mar asking him, aren't they his men. Mar nods. :blobwoah:

    Lydia assures Mar that she’ll change their reactions as they must have misunderstood and were taken in by the rumors of him being a tyrant. Mar just smiles.:blob_pout:

    As they are heading down, Mar is very attentive to Lydia by telling her to watch her step, holding her hand while guiding her down each stone steps as he feels it getting dark, and he doesn’t want her to trip and fall. :blobmelt:

    Lydia, seeing how kind and loving he is, vows she will change his soldier's perception of Mar and that he is NOT a tyrant when they see THIS side of him. :blobReach: (T/N: Fight on Lydia!)

    Mar stops for a second and calls her name to ask her something when Lydia stops him and reminds him tell him hey, what’s my nickname? :blob_grin:

    Mar stops and corrects himself saying, “Master, you better take that animal’s necklace off.” :blobrofl: (T/N: LMAO)

    Lydia is confused as the maids told her it was the latest fashion trend. She tries to explain that it isn’t something worn by animals but humans. :blobneutral:

    When they reach the bottom of the stairs, Lydia notices the dungeon is meticulously clean. No rotten or stale smells. She looks at Mar and recalls that’s why he said he asked the maid to help clean.

    She tells him he’s so nice and amazing he is to take such good care of the prison. :blobamused: Mar’s like, “really?” seeing Lydia so pleased with him. :blob_pout:

    She thinks it’s wonderful thinking he’s so considerate for even his prisoners. She thinks to herself she’s got to make a list of all the sweet things she’s witnessed and it reinforces to her what a wonderful ruler he is for treating his prisoners in such a humane way and that this will help people change their minds about him being a tyrant. :blob_pout:

    They enter a brightly lit area and Lydia quickly leans into Mar. He puts his arms around her shoulders to hold her tight as he recalls she is afraid of fire. :aww:

    They finally approach the prison cell and Lydia sees the unconscious Lumel and the Alchemist who are laying on a pile of straw, chained to the wall.

    Lydia tells Mar she wants to see them up close as now appearing in front of her, it triggers her memory of the words that were yelled at her, “Lycan”, “Stolen Ability”, “Astra juice”.

    Mar is hesitant at first but guides her up close to the bars to examine them. Bending down she notices they look alright and then...wait a minute...what happened to the Alchemist’s scar on his face? :blobsleepless:...wait...do they have …? (T/N: Lydia notices they have make-up on)

    She looks at Mar. “Um..isn’t that being too nice?” :blobunsure:
    Lydia expected bad people to have wounds and injury because that’s what you see in movies, and TV dramas.

    Now Lydia worries that people will think the Emperor’s ‘weak-minded’ by being so kind by even covering up their bruises and scars on people who do bad things. :blobsweat_2: She starts to get angry at who started the rumors of Mar being a tyrant as she wants to make them pay.

    In her excitement and observation of the prisoners, Lydia’s lace necklace strings gets caught in the bars, choking her and Mar quickly helps her. Looking down at Lydia, a frowning Mar reminds her that he told her it was dangerous. :blobowoevil:

    Lydia, embarrassed, grins because Mar was right as he’s holding the laces that make up the animal necklace. They have a cute moment when a cough is heard and both turn to see the Alchemist and Lumel awake looking at them.

    A frightened Lydia moves behind Mar who coldly tells them how comfortable they must have been sleeping.

    The two viciously glare at Lydia telling her they are blaming her for their predicament and suddenly the air in the prison goes sharply cold :blobangery: as Mar threatens them both if they really understand who should be the one talking right now.

    The strong energy presses down on both make them tremble and cower violently at the command in his words.

    Lydia is witnessing this in awe. :aww: No wonder he has a reputation as the “God of War”. She wonders if this ability is what caused the misunderstanding of being a tyrant.

    Mar then commands both to answer him as to why they wanted to harm Lydia.

    Both still cowering, they look between Mar and Lydia in confusion and shock.

    An impatient Mar pulls out a blade pointing them at the two telling him he doesn’t need to keep them alive if they don’t answer him. He asks Lydia to back away from him. :blobhero:

    Realizing what he’s going to do, Lydia disobeys as she doesn’t want Mar to kill them as they are the only ones who know what’s going on and she needs to ask them a few things that she had told Mar earlier. Also she doesn’t want this to add to Mar’s tyrant reputation.

    Suddenly the Alchemist asks if Mar is Heron’s emperor.

    Lumel looks at Mar and starts to laugh. Lumel asks if Mar is Lydia's Master as he heard Mar mention that word and he points to the “leash” around Lydia’s neck that Mar was holding. :blobsweat:

    A shocked Lydia thinks, ‘Leash? What leash?! ...This necklace?!’ :blobastonished:

    Mar snaps telling Lumel didn’t command him to ask questions, he told him to answer. A Lumel tells Mar to calm down and Mar snaps telling him he'll calm down after he cuts off that finger that pointed at Lydia. :blobjoy:

    A worried Lydia wondering about Mar’s menacing behavior backs away from him slightly, which makes Mar turn his head to look at her and mouth tenderly and sweetly…’I’m lying.’

    Seeing a relieved Lydia, Mar turns back and asks who wants to die first.:blob_pout:

    A happy Lydia thinks he’s such a good actor, she wants to take acting lessons too, AND she wants to clap at his performance. (T/N: lmao) :blobrofl:

    As Mar approaches with his threat, the Alchemist quickly claims that Mar has no need to point his sword at them as they are brothers! :blobfearful:
    A stunned Lydia is thinking, is that figuratively or literally? :hmm:

    Then she sees Mar continuing to reach them as if he ignored that statement and idea hits her. She rushes to Mar and grabs his sleeve. He looks at her wide-eyed as she takes his free hand and places laces of the necklace in his palm. Mar has no clue what she’s doing as he stares at her but keeps the lace still in his hand and sheaths his blade. :blobneutral:

    She gives him a desperate wink and declares in front of everyone, “Er..Master! Master! No listen.” :blobowoevil:

    Like a pet on a leash, a mortified and blushing Lydia swears to herself she will never do this again after this, turns to Lumel and the Alchemist to ask them to elaborate on what they mean.

    They snap at her demanding how dare she cut into their conversation and calling her a b****. :blobcurse:

    Lydia thinks Mar will go threatening again but instead he frowns at the unpleasant title and clicks his tongue and tells them how slow-witted they are. Lydia questionably:blobsleepless: looks up at Mar who with one hand holding her lace string and the other starts to caresses Lydia’s cheek tenderly and then uses his thumb to rub Lydia’s lower lip saying arrogantly , “The Emperor’s favorite concubine”. :blobnosebleed:

    A stunned and blushing Lydia starts to back away but Mar pulls on the leash forcing Lydia to press very close to him. :blobdizzy:

    Both Lumel and the Alchemist protest in astonishment and horror of how can that be!?

    Eh? Lydia is confused. What is she some femme fatale or something?! She doesn’t understand their statement and starts to say “No--” but Mar cuts her off saying “That’s right.” and nods and affirms Lydia’s status. Then he gently closes Lydia’s open mouth affectionately. :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed:

    A conflicted Lydia is torn between either getting angry, laughing in vain, or what can she coordinate in their impromptu ‘acting’. :sweating_profusely:

    Suddenly Mar pulls Lydia around her waist so it looks like she’s completely clinging to him so she has to go with option 3. :blobmelt:

    Both the Alchemist and Lumel groan and express their disappointment. :blobcheeky:

    Lydia tries to poke Mar asking him what the heck is wrong with him!? But instead Mar ignores her and doesn’t budge, acting as if he’s holding onto his favorite woman. Every time Lydia tries to wiggle away, he pulls her in tighter to his body as if he won’t let her lose her affection for him. (T/N: LOL!) :blobxd:

    Lumel yells at Mar how can she be his favorite woman/girlfriend (the literal translation is ‘baby bird’) when she betrayed him and joined Periland?!

    Mar laughs looking still and Lydia tells them to “Pick” between the titles they just called her. He then says arrogantly, “So I went back to pick up my baby bird (girlfriend) and you men tried to hurt it.”

    A dazed Lydia is thinking wait what?!..now I’m a baby bird (girlfriend) ? And where the heck did you learn to talk like that?! :blobfrowning:

    Both the Alchemist and Lumel look down nervously. :sweating_profusely:

    Mar then says coldly, “Now that you’ve noticed, you can crawl on your own.” and unsheathed his blade once more. “Or Die.” Then he pulls Lydia in front of him pulling her close to his chest. A still confused Lydia instinctively puts her hand on his sword arm and then Mar guides his arms to swing the blade back and forth menacingly (like some ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe) between the two men. :blobrofl:

    Then Mar whispers softly in Lydia’s ear, “Ask them what you wanted to ask them.”

    Elated to finally understand what Mar was trying to do, she looks up to Mar and gives him a slight wink. He nods slightly affirming her reaction.

    Lydia is now excited as she gets to be the threatening bad guy. She wants to pat Mar’s head for doing such a good job! :blobsweat_2:

    She aims the blade at Lumel who called her the bad name. She questions Lumel what he means by saying Mar is the same as them. Lumel won’t answer Lydia at first, so Mar guides the blade with Lydia holding on to poke and open Lumel’s mouth.

    Lumel responds, Mar is of the same clan as them. Lydia still not catching on asks does that mean they are not human?

    Lumel snarky tells Lydia that she’s the slow-witted one and points at Mar, "The Emperor of Heron you are holding onto now. He's a mixed-race Lycan blood." :blobsleepless: :blobdizzy:
    A stunned Lydia drops her hand to look at Mar. He feels cold and very distant right now. Mar stonily asks the Alchemist about the blood of their race.

    The Alchemist gets excited and joyfully exclaims that Mar must already know! Mar turns to swing his sword and a recovered Lydia grabs him quickly indicating that she doesn’t want him to do that. :blobtriumph:

    The panic Alchemist quickly reminds Mar that they are not enemies, in fact, he had been waiting for someone like Mar for the longest time. Their tribe had been experimenting and waiting hundreds of years to create the most powerful half-blood lycan and after so many unsuccessful trials it is Mar who represents the final culmination of all their efforts.

    Lydia holding onto Mar and listening to this thinks about everything Mar has gone through from drinking blood, his blood rage, his biologically father, etc. This all leads to the story the Alchemist revealed about the Astra flower and the betrayed lover. The war between the Lycans and man is not over yet. :blobfrowning:

    Then the Alchemist claims that Mar must have felt the desire for destruction and revenge against enemies and proclaims that Mar can help them get rid of man forever.

    Lumel adds that man has been calling him the blood tyrant and that humans have been using him to battle their wars so the Alchemists asks Mar to join them and complete their revenge and to stop being used by men. :blobexpressionless:

    Lydia, still gripping Mar, calls his name but he doesn’t answer her. Instead he looks at the Alchemist asking him what the plan is.

    An excited Alchemist tells Mar that the clan has been planning for years, spreading the Astra weapon in various kingdoms starting with Periland to help humans destroy each other and also recently sent the poison to the kingdom of Tekerion (타케리온) who showed interest in the poison. :blobfrowning:

    Lydia realizes something with the original war between Periland and Heron. Lydia asks the Alchemist if they were the ones that provided the poison to Periland. She wonders if that elongated the war for years which increase the loss of human lives on both sides.

    He tells her yes, it was all according to their plan to turn humans against humans. He then turns to Mar telling him to take his revenge as he is one of them. :blobangery:

    Mar comments, “Revenge.” as if he’s thinking.

    A Panic Lydia hearing them try to seduce Mar, yells at them to stop.:blobastonished:

    Both start to accuse Lydia again of stealing an ability that rightfully belongs to their clan. They tell Mar they should take Lydia to Vitraro (Vittra where Ella is) and they can extract her abilities out of her. :blobunsure:

    “Interesting….” says Mar as he looks at Lydia, “Explain to me in detail.” as he encourages the Alchemist to continue.

    A gleeful Alchemist goes on to describe how the spirit of Astrea (Moon God) has always given them their destiny. Every 30 years during a full moon, one of the surviving Lycan descendants is given a fragment of Astrea’s soul and is marked as the successor of Astrea. But for this cycle that ability has disappeared and he points at Lydia saying she has their ability and she must have used some experiment to steal it.

    Lydia recalls her uncanny ability to tame or calm any kind of beast.

    Lumel urgently pleads to Mar to send Lydia to Vittra as soon as possible as they’re running out of time. :blobtriumph:
    Lydia tells them to stop and they start yelling again. Mar has had enough so he turns to Lydia telling her to close her eyes and lifts her up in his arms. In a matter of seconds, Mar leaves the prisoners behind chained to the wall in their cell and escapes out into the open air. :blobsmilehappyeyes:


    It is a few hours later, Lydia has cleaned herself up from the ordeal and opens to find Mar sitting in the Emperor’s bedroom in a chair.

    Lydia ask Mar based his expression what is wrong. He informs Lydia that he’s commanded his CAC to send the message across the entire continent to cease all military actions and disputes in all kingdoms. He plans to dispatch and split the military troops to all of them as well to start to investigate how far the Lycans have infiltrated all the kingdoms on the continent as they need to be dealt with now.

    Since there is only the single Alchemist that can create the poison Astra juice and they have that person locked up, they have a control to prevent more production of the weapon.

    Lydia sits down and finally asks Mar. Since when has he known he was a part Lycan? :blobwoah:

    Mar explains 8 years ago when he was sent out to War by the previous emperor as he holds onto Lydia’s hand. :blobcry:

    Knowing how tough his life has been with having to hide and consume blood, knowing this has given him the reputation of a bloodthirsty tyrant, Lydia comforts Mar commenting how hard it must have been for him.

    Then she quips, “No wonder you're so handsome”, like more handsome than normal men. :blob_pout: Which makes Mar laugh. :blobmelt:

    Both smile and then Lydia quickly remembers about blood. She asks Mar why didn’t he go crazy when she bleed during the trowel incident where she cut herself and Mar in the garden?

    Lydia wonders was it because he had consume some blood earlier that time when she found out about it.

    He answers her no, it wasn’t that and Lydia realizes Mar is confirming to her, it’s because of her ability. In possessing the piece of Astera’s soul/spirit in her body, her blood does not trigger this bloodlust. :hmm:

    Lydia wonders, why and if is this okay?
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    I'm lying :blobxd: oh my goodness
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    Can we have a Squeeeee? :blob_pout:.....:blobowoevil:

    Lydia’s mind is spinning over and over bout her ability. Is it because she is not human either? Is she half Lycan? Is that why she has the ability? What is she? :blobsad:

    Filled with worry, she looks at Mar and starts sputtering all kinds of statements like maybe it’s a good thing that she is the Lycan’s successor/heir as she has this ability and because of it if she fell and bled, she wouldn’t be in trouble because it doesn’t affect Mar. Tears are starting to form and Mar quickly pulls her face into his hands. She then tells him how animals resonate with her and then about how the Alchemist mentioned that she has the rare ability to raise the Astra flowers because of this spirit in her.

    :blob_teary: By now tears are falling and Mar pulls Lydia into his arms. Lydia asks Mar, “Who am I?”

    She remembers her real name from Korea but now she’s Lydia Odette in a novel. Did she do something wrong? Is that why she’s not human? :blobconfounded:

    Lydia mentions she didn’t even know the flower was an Astra flower, she just thought it was a regular plant. But then if she hadn’t discovered this flower, if she hadn’t started to grow it, she would have never met Mar or Yurishina. She thought she was just a supporting character.
    L: "I'm scared. I don't know why I have this weird ability, ... am I really human?”
    M: “Lydia...”
    L: “Is it my fault?” “ I've been so presumptuous in trying to avoid fate that I've become like this---."
    M: "If it wasn't for you, we would have played into their hands without knowing their tricks. The humans who got the Astra would have set up a war, and I would slaughter countless human lives, and it would have been the way they wanted it."​

    Lydia wonders if she did something wrong in the flow of this story that maybe her mistakes will cause another war as she was so easily lured in by Lumel and the Alchemist.
    M: "There's nothing wrong with you." :aww:
    M: “I won’t let anyone tell you that you’re at fault.”
    M: "Order me. If you tell me to go to war, I'll do it, and if I tell you to kill all of the Lycans, whether they’re inhuman or human, I'll sweep a cub of ants out of existence.” Mar pressed back in an arrogant voice that matched very well. Without a moment's hesitation, with the will to carry out whatever it is right away as long as I open my mouth. :blobmelt:
    M: "If I get rid of all those who blame you, your fault will not exist," whispered a cool but sweet voice. Mar mumbled, petting me dearly with a dainty touch. :blobmelt:
    M: "Do whatever you want. I'll protect you.” The reliable remark melted away the fears that had piled up like a wet sand castle collapsing. I cried and leaned into his chest. Marr gave me a warm hug as always.​

    Lydia mumbles asking him what he plans to do now? Mar tells her, whatever she wishes for him to do. This makes Lydia laugh affectionately as mar stroke her hair.:blobpats:

    She asks Mar if he still hates humans? Mar questions why she would ask him that. Lydia can’t tell him because she wonders if the Lycans will drive another war that hits the continent and he has to be called to battle again. :blobawkward:

    Getting no response from her, he teases Lydia not to worry he would never harm her even though she is human. Lydia tells him she doesn’t want him to bear the burdens on himself but Mar tells her, just give him the orders and he’ll eliminate every Lycan that existed. :blobmelt:

    Lydis protests that Lycans are a part of him and that maybe Mar might like being with his own kind. Mar chuckles informing Lydia that they would use him as well as the humans using him so it would be the same.
    M: "It doesn't matter because humans and lycans are the same." :blobexpressionless:

    As Lydia is still pondering, Mar asks, “Then can I kill them both?” L: “No!” :blob_pout:

    Lydia doesn’t want a war. As she’s thinking she snuggles closer into Mar.

    Feeling guilty because Mar has chosen her above all else, she tells Mar, thank you.
    Mar informs Lydia that the Periland army is retreating back home and they will pass this villa area as they failed to build a united front with other kingdoms. The surprising news Mar tells her that there is a Lycan spy in the Periland army and that he must find them.

    Still in Mar’s arms, Lydia starts to think out loud if it’s Galen? or oh no, she hopes it’s not Yusis.

    Mar asks who that is. She tells him he's the Marquis and leader of the Terrains.

    Lydia notices the mood has changed and she asks Mar what’s the problem? :blobawkward: He tells her there’s a big problem. She pushes him away accusing him if he’s thinking about being a Lycan spy.

    Mar grins and caresses Lydia’s face. It’s because she mentioned another man’s name and he doesn’t like that. :blobnosebleed:

    Stunned for a moment, Lydia burst out laughing. :blobsweat_2: She teases him, how can he joke like this. He tells her he’s serious. She smiles and walks back into his arms commenting alright she’s got that he’s jealous as Mar wraps his arms around her waist to pull her in even more closely to him. :blobmelt:

    Lydia finally asks if Mar is bothered that she has a fragment of the Lycan’s heir/successor in her. :blobwoah:

    Mar tells her no just like she doesn’t care that he is part Lycan. :aww:

    L: My heart was filled with emotions and I was at a loss.
    L: "------."
    L: If I hadn't met you. If I didn't know you. Would I have been able to live in this world if I had? I twisted myself, so deep that I could hardly express my feelings.
    Mar releases Lydia but she stops him mid way and she puts her arms around his neck to pull him closer to her. She puts her lips on his neck and begins to mark Mar. :aww:

    (Sorry to future translators if my MTLs + edit are slightly off :blobcry:)

    L: “I want to be with you till the end,” I whispered with my eyes closed. I laughed a little because I liked the touch of the cool skin that touched my lips. I'd like to bite it, but I don't think he’d like it.

    L: "So, stay by my side."
    M: "Ly----- Dia." :blobdizzy:
    L: “I told you not to call me that," I said to Mar. :blob_pout:
    L: And, on a good impulse, bit Mar's smooth skin. "My nickname....". It felt good too.

    L: I’m not a vampire as I laughed internally. Anyway, I liked it because it seemed that the red spots on his white skin were marked as mine.

    M: "-----Master." Slowly descending red eyes and my gaze met. That's a relief, I guess it didn't hurt much. You don't look bad at all. I smiled pleasantly, and looked at Marr's neck, which was satisfactorily marked. :blobnosebleed:

    L: “You’ll stay with me until the end?” Can I bite one more time? :blob_pout: It's pretty to be reddish. Maybe it's because his hair is silver, but I can see the sign that it's mine. I hastened to ask the question with greedy eyes, I watched as if I wanted to eat Mar. :blobowoevil:

    Then Marr looked at me with red eyes, which had grown a little, without blinking. I touched the red mark on the neck I had broken, and pressed for an answer without a word. With a desire to possess, a sense of elation rose to me. I'm sure I'm touching Mar.

    M: “Of course,” finally Mar gave me the answer I wanted. A subdued, deep voice, as if holding something back, gave me a bright smile. Then, he pulled up his upper body and approached me, the coveted target. :blobnosebleed:

    L: "You, I promised. I'll never let you go." :blobmelt: I whispered in his ear like blowing on the wind and sank my teeth slightly on Mar’s earlobe. The tender but thick flesh was bitten gently. When I took my lips off and looked at them, there were traces of my brand again. It was a moment when I smiled contentedly at the sight and touch I felt.​

    "Oh." In the blink of an eye, I was pushed back and seated in an open chair.​

    As soon as I settled down, the chair leaned towards the wall and in no time Mar's thick shadow dipped over me.​

    When I looked up, Marr's face was slightly red, with his lower jaw fluttered as if he had bit his molar. "You----- Now." :blob_pout:

    It was strange. I couldn't understand why Marr's face made me laugh.

    I stretched out my arms as if attracted to something and whispered. "Come here." I wanted to capture all the unique facial expressions.

    I wrapped my arm around the neck of the hard-tied Marr. I thought I'd pull it towards me like bringing an animal under the cover, but I didn't have to. Because as soon as my arm touched, Marr had covered me up like a rush. :blob_pout:

    "Yes----." The lips engaged without a moment's break. Rough and hasty kisses followed. It seemed that Marr was trying to restrain himself to the fullest, but he became increasingly furious that he could not control it. With the sound of kisses, the chair became cramped. :blobnosebleed:

    I dropped my arm around Mar's neck feeling light headed. It was not known whether it was due to insufficient breathing or the movement that penetrated mercilessly. :blobowoevil:

    While digging like a thirsty beast, Marr wriggled his eyebrows. He seemed to have noticed that I had pinched his arm. I leaned back more. Then Marr leaned more towards me. :blobnosebleed:

    One arm that held my waist naturally touched the wall. I smiled faintly and put my arms around again. Then, he pressed his lips closer, which had become loose due to the tilt of his posture. Naturally the warmth was tangled stronger with a clunky sound.

    My senses kept getting more sensitive and my whole body heated up. It was when the sound of a waspy voice came out and I scratched Marr's neck with my fingertips. "----I love you," groaned his tongue so violently that he was frightened by the confession he whispered. :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed:

    Finally, Marr lifted me up.​
    It is the next morning, a sleeping Lydia is aroused awake by a gentle touch brushing away her hair that is covering her face. :blobsmilehappyeyes: Lydia's bare body is covered by a bed sheet and there is a very warm body lying next to her. She protests that she’s still sleepy.

    As she moves, Lydia groans because her whole body is sore. :blobowoevil: A gentle hand pulls up the sheet to cover her shoulders as Lydia opens her eyes.

    She is greeted by a very happy and loving Mar who asks if she’s feeling alright and worried if she’s cold. Lydia is a bit jealous; he looks fine while she’s all sore and her throat is hoarse. Mar leaves the bed and hands her a glass of honey water to drink. When she’s done, he then lays on top of the covers next to Lydia. :aww:

    Looking up, Lydia blushes as she sees a nicely chiseled and muscular chest. Mar leans down to kiss her forehead asking her to rest more this morning. Then he proceeds to wrap his bare arms around Lydia to hug her close over the blanket. :blobnosebleed:

    Lydia’s heart is aflutter as she tries to divert Mar’s attention, stuttering that he’s probably busy now with Periland’s army coming their way.

    It doesn’t help that Mar is slightly grazing and kissing Lydia’s neck. :blobmelt: Mar informs Lydia as he kisses her shoulder that she shouldn’t worry. They are the ones in trouble not her.

    Lydia thinks that’s right as the war is coming to an end. The lycan plot has been uncovered and their leader is currently held in a cell down in the dungeon. They’ll probably capture the Lycan spies within the Periland army. Lydia starts to change her perception that Yurishina was always the main character and not her. Now this is her story not the story in a book. Content, she leans into Mar’s chest and tells Mar she really likes him.

    She can feel Mar’s heart beat and she starts to blubber against his chest. Lydia tells Mar how she wouldn’t have been happy without Mar and that she wouldn’t have felt this warm if it hadn’t been for him. How he’s given her so much happiness and finally she tells him.

    L: “I love you so much.”
    M: "----Such words." Stroke. In an instant my body was turned over and placed straight on the bed. The aches of my muscles were shallow, but a soft bed absorbed the shock and fortunately swallowed the painful groan. No, in fact, I didn't even have time to groan.​

    Lydia realizes the blanket is being pulled away as cold air brushes her skin. She starts to laugh trying to pull the blanket back up but it’s late as Mar captures her lips and starts to kiss her repeatedly. :blobnosebleed:

    Mar, who closely kissed along the jawline, raised his head and found her lips. I stroked Marr's hard muscles, which drew a complete wall contour, and froze with ecstasy. "Really, you look like a wolf---" You told me to take a good rest.

    Mar burst into a short laugh at my slightly unfair voice and whispered, biting my lower lip with natural virtue. "You didn't know? I am a wolf." With a sweet and deep voice, my reason disappeared. I thought muscle pain would probably get worse.

    Lydia sleeps until noon and the maids in the villa help attend to her needs. The maids make comments about how beautiful and radiant she looks. They want to know her secret. :blob_pout:

    Lydia blushes and doesn’t say anything. :blobowoevil:

    Mar and Lydia spend two whole days alone in the main bedroom later before finally emerging to go outside and explore as a couple the next few days.

    While Mar is out preparing for the coming of the Periland army, Lydia invites Mariana to tea but the maid declines telling her how busy she is. Lydia thinks she will need to make Marian’s days easier so she isn’t so busy.

    Mar appears behind Lydia and brings in raspberry pancakes like the ones they use to eat at Lilly castle. Excited Lydia cuts a piece and starts to feed Mar. :blobnom:

    As they’re being lovey-dovey, Lydia asks Mar why there is no one around to converse with as Lydia wants to meet other people.

    Mar confesses that he told others to not come as they get in the way.

    :blobexpressionless: An exasperated Lydia lectures Mar that he should visit his soldiers because she wants them to see that it will show how friendly and warm he is. This will start to help erase the unsavory reputation he has.

    Mar isn’t very receptive to her idea but as Lydia starts hand feeding him bites of food, Mar finally agrees to her suggestion. :blobsmirk:

    Out in the garden, Lydia is planning on knitting another sweater for Mar. As she’s starting to measure Mar outside, she notes he seems to have shrunk a little because being away from her for the past few weeks he hasn’t been eating very well.

    Mar grumbles but doesn’t deny it. While wrapping cloth strips like measuring tape, Lydia starts to become flushed as she’s trying to tie the strip around his chest to get the right measurement. Mar sees this and whispers into her ear if she’d like for him to take off his shirt so that she can get a more accurate measurement. :blobnosebleed: Lydia blushes even more.

    Later they’re now sitting in the garden as Lydia uses Mar to hold up the wrapped yarn with his hands to make it easier for her to knit the sweater. Chuckling, Lydia comments that her man is very good with his hands. :bloblove:

    Suddenly Mar drops the yarn and looks to Lydia asking have they finally moved to “Fiance?” :blobsweat:

    Lydia looks up at Mar, noting he’s still thinking about that, huh. She then says boyfriend, fiance, he’s still the same as she drops her knitting and caresses his cheek.

    Mar rubs against her hand murmuring, I prefer to be your fiance or even better your husband. :blob_pout: Mar is using his face to seduce Lydia and she drops her hands admonishing him to stop using his pretty face to change her mind.

    A sulking Mar grumbles that he brought her her favorite pancake and how hard it is to bring a chef all the way from sun castle...DOH! :blobfrowning:

    Lydia goes wait a minute, did you just say you brought in a chef?! :blobneutral: She jumps onto his lap confronting him about the food he’s brought to her in the past and now. A nervous Mar confesses that he did lie about making the food and that it was from Sun castle’s chef because he was afraid she would be disappointed in his cooking skills. Though he did confess he did try. He had commanded the chef to teach him how to make her favorite foods, it just didn’t work out. :blobowoevil:

    Mar looks at Lydia anxiously and she sighs reminding Mar that they had agreed to discuss his faults. :blob_patpat: She forgives him because it probably was a lot of pressure at the time of what she thought he could do as her servant. Then she tells him okay let’s drop the husband, fiance talk which makes Mar pout again asking Why? :blob_pout:

    Lydia is trying to think how she does explain to Mar what a proposal means. Mar wraps his arms around her waist to pull her deeper into his lap asking what does she want him to do, ‘master’. :blobpats:

    Lydia s decides she’ll just propose marriage to Mar instead so she begins to stutter out the proposal...when they are both interrupted by one of Mar’s soldier informing them Periland’s army has arrived. :blobexpressionless:

    Mar is irritated and looks fierce when hearing the news as he is working over his plan as to how he will improve their relationship with the Periland kingdom. Lydia smiles and encourages Mar that he will be able to overcome the reputation of him being cruel by diplomatically reaching out to them. They will change when they see him in a different light.

    Later, Lydia sees Mar off with his soldiers before he confronts the Periland army.

    Lydia notices Mar’s military forces are standing stiffly looking straight ahead as Mar slyly asks that Lydia kiss him in front of everyone. :blobnosebleed:

    Mar is wearing a white knitted sweater as part of his uniform that Lydia spent the night making for him. :blob_pout:

    Blushing furiously, Lydia comments why in front of all these people and Mar bends over and they kiss. She tells him to be careful and not get into any fights as she doesn’t want dirt getting on the sweater she made him.:blobrofl:

    Mar pulls Lydia into a quick hug grinning as he kisses her forehead before he mounts his horse and marches the army away to meet with Periland’s army. :blobmelt:

    Lydia watches as they disappear into the forest.
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    Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!!! Im dying from their sweetness:blobnosebleed: This is the best couple ever. Every chapter just so cute and funny. I really hope the author could give us more of the snu snu scene:blob_grin::blob_blush:
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    Since Mar is gone, Lydia walks back with the maids. One comment it’s the first time they’ve seen her husband and how handsome he is, but is reprimanded for her impropriety by a head maid.

    Lydia thinks...hmm..this is a great opportunity to use the maids to spread positive gossip about Mar and since they don’t know he’s the emperor of heron, let’s paint him in a kind and considerate light. ;) She invites all of the maids to have tea with her to encourage gossiping.

    She helps the maids to be comfortable talking about her 'husband' and they talk about how they’ve noticed he’s so considerate. Lydia nods and agrees. They agree a handsome man must be more considerate. Lydia is encouraging the positive feedback loop. :blobsmilehappyeyes: By the time Lydia’s done, they’re all singing praises of him. Praying to God to find a man just like Mar. :blob_pout:

    A bit later, a sentry approaches Lydia and calls her the “Great Madam” as she is considered as the highest ranked person in the soldier eyes with Mar gone.

    The maids laugh at the title noting with the husband away, the soldiers obey her command thanks to her husband. It reinforces what a wonderful man. Lydia is embarrassed at the awkward title. :blobsweat_2:

    Lydia asks what brings him here and he tells her a woman riding a horse has appeared at their villa telling the soldier that she got lost and is asking to rest for a few hours at their villa. :blobwoah:

    Both the sentry and Lydia are a bit skeptical at this excuse because though the villa looks like a recreational lodging, it’s location is well hidden so for someone to be lost did not sit well with them. :blobunsure:

    Lydia is about to tell the sentry to give the woman some supplies but dismisses the stranger when the soldier mentions the horse that the woman was riding was large and sort of wild. Lydia asks to describe the horse and woman.

    He mentions the horse is fierce and the woman has pink hair. :blobsleepless: Suddenly Lydia jumps up and tells him she wants to see this stranger.

    Both the maids and soldiers are startled as Lydia rushes to the front of the villa with all of them trailing behind her.

    As soon as Lydia sees the woman she exclaims, “Yurishina”. A Yurishina sitting on Hugo with her hood covering most of her head.

    Lydia thinks wait a minute. Mar went to confront the Perliand army but if the spiritual leader of Periland escapes that would cause problems for Mar’s peace treaty so she tells the soldier, we have to capture her and Lydia forms a plan. :blobthinkingsmirk:

    She quickly turns to her maids commenting to Tina, didn’t she want to capture a handsome man? Suddenly all the other maids gang to Lydia saying ‘me too’, I want to also capture a handsome man! :blobrofl:

    Lydia tells the maids if you help her, she’ll make sure to introduce handsome men to them. :blobokhand:
    With her plan in place, Lydia slowly opens the villa door and whispers to Hugo (the horse) to come closer. Obeying her command, the horse approaches Lydia and a shocked Yurishina seeing her, calls out Lydia’s name in joy.

    Yurishina asks if Lydia is alright and how did she get to this villa. Lydia tells Yurishina it’s her house and to come in. As Yurishina dismounts and she is greeted by the 11 maids welcoming her to the villa. :blobsweat_2:

    Everyone leads Yurishina inside. Lydia trying to distract Yurishina asks how did she end up coming to the villa and where are the others.

    Yurishina awkwardly tells that the Periland army were confronted by the Heron army on their return home and she was the one to escape.

    Pretending to be surprised, :blobowoevil_horns: Lydia nods and guides Yurishina for refreshments and a conversation. Lydia tells Yurishina she’ll be fine staying with her for the time being.

    Yurishina is curious how Lydia ended up at the villa when Lydia makes a signal and 6 maids start to help Yurishina freshen up. While they are assisting a very distracted Yurishina from leaving, she asks Lydia what happened since they last met.

    Lydia tells Yurishina while wandering around she ran into her servant, Mar. She doesn’t tell Yurishina that Lumel and the alchemists are Lycans yet.

    Yurishina is very happy that Lydia has found her servant and asks where he’s at. Lydia tells her, he’s out hunting.:blobsmirk:

    After a bath and new clothing, Lydia invites Yurishina to join her for dinner and an elaborate meal is placed in front of her. Taking up her offer, Yurishina sits down and informs Lydia how none of the kingdoms would unite with Periland and how suddenly Heron soldiers were everywhere all over the continent and Lydia went missing too.

    Yurishina is saddened because all military actions were banned by the Heron empire and all her alliances are broken. Lydia does not feel empathy for Yurishina anymore as she knows Mar is doing all this to stop the war as well as the Lycans and since learning about everything and no longer feeling like a side character she doesn’t see Yurishina in the same light anymore. :blobawkward:

    As they are drinking wine, Yurishina asks Lydia about the Astra weapon. Lydia awkwardly indicates it’s gone. Internally Lydia is irked because Jamie and her tried to use Lydai to hurt Mar. :blobupset: (With the chemical weapon)

    Dessert is now being served and Yurishina asks Lydia if she is now married to the nobleman, her servant. Lydia chokes on her wine. Yurishina exclaims congratulations as she is very happy for Lydia. :blobsweat_2:

    Lydia trying to clean-up from the split wine, sputters, well there isn’t a wedding yet but suddenly all the maids quickly rush to Yurishina telling her what a wonderful man he is, and how handsome, how considerate. :blobrofl: (T/N: LOL)

    Yurishina listens to all of this smiling for her friend. Lydia promises Yurishina she will introduce them when he returns to the villa. :blobcheeky:Yurishina tells Lydia that she needs to leave now and asks for a map from Lydia.

    A panic Lydia is thinking of another excuse when the sound of dozens of horses can be heard approaching. :blobhero:
    A gleeful Lydia rushes outside with Yurishina who is surrounded by the 11 maids to stop in front of the approaching army.

    Mar dismounts from his giant black horse to smile at Lydia who jumps into his arms in front of everyone.:aww:

    The lovey dovey couple embrace and Lydia asks him how he is, ignoring everyone’s shocked reaction. Lydia is determined to show a kind side of Mar in front of his men. :blobmelt:

    Hugging him tightly, Lydia tells him she misses him. He whispers he does too and she kisses his chest. :blobowoevil:

    Lydia looks up and Mar’s eyes are burning hot and she winks at him to let her go. :blob_pout: He doesn’t release her instead loosens his arms as she pushes slightly back so that she can examine his chest. She quickly notes that he did a good job because his knitwear isn’t dirty. :blobrofl:

    Mar comments someone almost got dirty and Lydia asks who did? Still wrapped in Mar’s arms Lydia turns her head to see Jamie, Yusis, and a few other commanding Periland soldiers tied up staring at Mar and Lydia speechless with their jaws dropped in stunned shock. :blob_pout:

    L: "That's a relief. You brought them back safe and sound, didn't you?" :blobsmilehappyeyes:
    M: "Yes." Mar answered my praiseworthy words with a gentle reply, and smiled deeply.
    L: Our Marr is so nice. I hugged and let go of Marr's waist. Mar seemed to be disappointed, but we're in front of the crowd, so that's enough.​

    Behind them is a sputtering and shocked voice of Yurishina. She is confused as she stares at Lydia. Quickly she let’s go of Mar and turns to smiles at Yurishina, “Let me introduce you two. This is Mar.”

    Yurishina can’t believe the Mar Lydia is talking about is the Emperor of Heron. Lydia tells Yurishina it’s a long story and wonders how to explain it all when Mar arrogantly pulls Lydia into another embrace raising his arm to signal his men. Quickly Yurishina is surrounded by armed soldiers holding both her arms to prevent her escape.:blobowoevil: He tells Yurishina they will talk later.

    Lydia notes for Mar to be nice and he tells her “okay”. She grins and begins to stroke his hair as he bows his head as usual. :aww:Meanwhile Mar’s men bow gracefully to the lovey dovey couple and escort a still sputtering Yurishina who feels betrayed with the rest of the prisoners away.

    Yurishina exclaims as she’s being walked away, I thought you said he was nice!:blob_pout:
    Later that evening, Mar joins Lydia who is sitting at the table in their bedroom asking if she misses them (Yurishina, etc.) much? Lydia shakes her head saying she was more curious and anything. :blobawkward:

    She praises Mar for a job well done. He was able to capture the entire Periland army without shedding a drop of blood. She tells Mar they both should get some rest early tonight.

    Mar slowly smiles asking Lydia if there is a prize. Lydia is like, huh? :blobwoah:

    Mar tells Lydia for a job well done, doesn’t that mean he deserves a reward? :blobowoevil_horns:

    (MTL + Edits)
    M: “You’ll give it to me right?” :blob_pout:
    L: “Oh...is there something you want? :blob_tilt: As soon as I asked Marr half- thinking, the long chair I sat on leaned back and touched the wall.
    M: “I don't want to sleep early.” :blobnosebleed:
    L: "Oh."​

    The chair that seemed to fall at any moment was dizzying. I held on to the hem of Mar's shirt, which cast a shadow on my right.

    After changing his clothes, Mar was wearing a black shirt, and the buttons that had been loosely fastened by the wind that I had been pinching were pulled open.

    L: "Uh..." The tight muscles, seen through the loose ends of the opening, caught her eye. As she slowly blinked as if I had been mesmerized, Mar chuckled and bowed his head as if he had waited. :blobmelt:

    M: “Shall we go?”​

    The delicate lips pressed against the nape of my neck fell with a moist sound. The warmth delivered from the contact area spread all over the body in no time. My body trembled shakily and I panicked and made useless excuses. :blobmelt:

    L: "...Well you haven't had dinner yet..." :blob_pout:

    M: “I don’t need to eat..” :blobnosebleed: Mar turned his head and pulled the top of my dress and his lips grazed the collarbone below it.​

    Every time his drowsy breath flowed over my skin, my fingertips and toes were tingling. It was as if the flames I had seen outside the Imperial city were preparing to fly inside my body.​

    M: “I thought I’d go crazy...I missed you.”​

    L: “Well it’s only been one day.” The intensity increased little by little to the point where it was burning. Weakly I raised my arm and hung it around Mar's neck, a short laughter sounded and my clavicle was slightly bitten.

    L: "Ah."

    M: "Then am I the only one who craves, Master?" :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed: Marquez whispered as he licked the marks left on the light skin with a strong possession. The flesh touched by his breath began to burn as on fire.

    (T/N: Um..is it hot in here…?:blob_pout:)

    M: "You mean you didn't think about me because you were playing with the princess."

    L: "Huh?"

    M: "I've thought about it before, but you seem to like Princess of Periland more than me."

    L: "Oh well, it's not like that..."

    M: "Then just think of me from now on. Don't think of others." It was always sweet, but somehow it was a growling voice. :blobowoevil:

    L: In a dizzying sensation as if the body was ringing, I reflexively nodded and hugged Mar's neck slightly. Then Mar, who kissed me in the middle of my collarbone, put his arm under my knee. And the moment he started to lift me up gently.

    (Heavy knocking on the door!)

    I looked up at Marr with a dazed, burning eyes, and then I came to my senses by the knocking sound. I opened my eyes wide and pushed away against the hard chest. :blobsweat_2:

    L: Crazy, oh, crazy! What did I do from early evening? Flushed red in both cheeks, I was about to get up in a flustered hurry.

    But pushed back, Marr twisted up his mouth and curled up.

    CAC: "Your Majesty, Your Majesty! "

    L: “Mar, they’re looking for you--”

    M: “Ignore them.” Marr, with a coquettish smile, kissed me thickly on the back of my hand. As he hesitated, the man outside the door knocked on the door again, raising his voice. :blob_pout:

    CAC: "Your Majesty, we have it! We found them!"

    L: "...I really think you should go out?" :blobxd:

    Marr gritted his teeth and let me go. It was a touch of regret that could not be hidden.​

    Lydia smiles at Mar and hopes he doesn’t scold the soldier later so she tells Mar that she will give him his prize later. Then she pulls his shirt closed and reaches up and kisses him under his jaw line as a promise and teasingly drags him to the door to answer the door. :blobmelt:

    They are greeted by the CAC. In his hands is a list of the Lycan spies they discovered hidden in the Periland army. As Lydia reads down the names of the list with Mar, she sees Galen as one of the top leader names.

    They were able to flush them about by triggering their Lycan traits with human blood.

    The CAC faces is nervous so he turns away to face the wall as if he is in trouble and Lydia taps Mar’s shoulder indicating to Mar to not intimidate his commander. Mar kisses the back of her hand as she whispers to him, “I like a generous man.” :blobowoevil:

    Mar quickly wipes the angry look off his face and tells the commander to face him calmly. Lydia almost laughs to the see the command sign in relief.

    Mar tells the commander they should start their negotiations now.
    Three prisoners (Jamie, Yusis, and Yurishina) are escorted to a formal platform where there are 3 chairs set aside for each of them. Lydia is sitting next to Mar. Mar asks for them to sit.

    Yurishina distrustful tells Mar to just get it over with and kill them now instead of drawing out the torture. :blobexpressionless:

    An irritated Lydia informs Yurishina that if Mar wanted to kill them, he would have done it way long ago. Yurishina doesn’t believe Mar who is still sitting there silent and patient giving her space to rant against him. Jamie and Yusis rally behind Yurishina. (T/N: She is very annoying at this part.)

    Finally Yurishina tells Mar to release Lydia as she doesn’t know what lies he’s told her. Which finally gets Mar angry at the mention of Lydia’s name. :blobupset:

    Angry Lydia jumps up and yells at them. Tell them she is with Mar of her choice and what Yurishina thinks is not true at all. She finally beckons to all three of them that the need to sit as they all must talk. Noticing Lydia upset, Mar claims Lydia by holding on her hand and gently pulling her down to sit again. :blobxd:

    Yurishina opens her mouth to comment when Mar coldly tells her to sit down unless she wants to bloodshed of war to flow again. :blob_pout:

    All 3 of them stop talking for a moment and finally Yushina wants to know what Mar means by that.

    Mar coolly tells all 3 of them, “Let us sign a new peace agreement. There will be no war from this forth on.” :blobfrowning:

    All 3 gape at Mar and then each begin to protest in disbelief as if they don’t believe his intentions. :blobwoah:

    Mar silences them saying the Lycans have appeared. :blobfrowning:

    Yurishina tells Mar that’s ancient superstition but Mar tells her it’s true. :blobastonished: All three turn to Lydia and she nods telling them, it’s true.

    Yurishina still does not believe it is cut off by Mar who comments why a true friend of Lydia would send her into danger. A shocked Yurishina asks what do you mean, she says that Lydia was sent with a trusted knight. Mar snaps that the knight was a Lycan. :blobangery:

    A shaken Yurishina collapsed in her chair. Mar goes on to explaining Lumel and The alchemist’s schemes. With each new information Yurishina’s face turns deathly pale. :sweating_profusely: Mar informs them he has captured their spies and they can head down to the dungeon to see them and how they react to human blood.

    Then Mar coldly looks at Yusis and notes “Sadness is the only way to understand their scent.” :blobwoah:

    Yurishina notes that it's a Periland proverb when Mar suddenly stands points knife at Yusis’s neck. He accuses Yusis that Lycans hiding with the Terrains are famous for their variety of perfumes. Isn’t that suspicious?

    Lydia is wondering if Yusis is a lycan. Yusis denies this telling, Mar that saying has been part of Periland for a long time and did not come from Terrains. Also he can prove it as he’s been to battle many times and seen human blood and never reacted to it. Jamie and Yurishina nod and are his witnesses.

    Mar then asks if not the Terrians, then who started to spread the word of Astra perfume in Periland? :hmm:

    It hits all three that Terrians who were famous for their perfume suddenly were able introduced to deadly perfume using Astra. They realized they were introduced to it by a Lycan hiding as part of their people because none of them know how to grow the flower or produce the liquid until the original war with Heron. It dawns on them that they were manipulated by them like Mar said. :blobupset:

    Jamie clasps Yurishina’s hand telling her he believes Mar.

    Yurishina turns to Mar, asking what this peace agreement will do for him? She doesn’t believe he is sincere since he’s been trampling on small kingdoms like Periland in the past. She is hostile to Mar questing what other hobbies he has besides killing which makes Lydia snap. :blobangery:

    Lydia gets defensive of Mar remembering how he was forced to do this, not that he wanted to. She questions what about you, Yurishina? She tells an embarrassed Yurshina, Jamie, and Yusis that they used her too. But Lydia know Yurishina had her reasons, like Mar and that Lydia believed her and doesn’t doubt her sincerity nor does Lydia doubt her friendship. :blobReach:

    She also tells Yurishina, she stopped her because she wanted to bring her and the Periland army so they wouldn't have to sacrifice her people anymore. She doesn’t want to see a war anymore than Yurishina does.

    Mar looks at Lydia surprised as she continues. She tells them that she's not asking them to forgive but to listen as what Mar is saying as it is not a lie. She asks all three to return her sincerely by listening like she has done for Yurishina. :blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blobmelt::blobmelt:
    mar really would've killed CAC if lydia didn't calm him down!!:blobhero::blobjoy:
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    Titles: The Planned First Kiss, The First Kiss Was Intentional, 1st Kiss Was Intentional,첫 키스는 계획적으로

    Raw Link: https://page.kakao.com/home?seriesId=51824917

    Promo Manhwa: https://mangadex.org/title/50316/the-planned-first-kiss


    When she came back to life, she became an extra in a novel. Living in the palace of the cruel emperor’s as a villainess concubine, her throat was cut because she tormented the heroine!

    What should I do at this moment?

    Get close to the heroine? No.

    Get close to the male lead? No, not that either.

    Survive to have long and fine life? All of it!

    Three years have passed since she lived peacefully as an outsider of the Imperial City. As long as the novel ends with a happy ending, she thought she could be free.

    “Who are you…”

    “All this time…”


    “I’ll listen to you.”


    “I’ll listen to whatever you say. Can we live together then?”

    The servant who came into my easy life.

    I live a happy life with him. Sometimes he’s a kind servant, and other times, a dear friend…The problem is, I can’t seem to take my eyes off him when he smiles saucily and flirtatiously with those red eyes.

    …Is it because of my feelings?

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    It seems like the “servant” is actually the ML which is emperor but I’m not sure , just what I got from the promo manhwa and description
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    This couple….:blobuwu::blobuwu::blobuwu:....honestly...I just can't.....:blob_pout::blob_pout::blob_pout:

    Lydia is balancing a large tray carrying tea and a variety of small dishes. The peace conference continues and she didn’t want the maids to go in and out disrupting everyone, so she decides to do the work herself. :blobhug:

    When Yurishina was arrested it dawned on the Maids that Mar is the Emperor of Heron. Lydia was nervous at their reactions to the news but she is surprised as they exclaimed how rumors are so unreliable and that the emperor is such a gentle man and telling others the rumors so badly exaggerated. (T/N: Good job, Lydia :blobhighfive: )

    Yurishina along with Jamie, Yusis, Mar, and the CAC are going over details of the maps, the terms, etc.

    Mar comments that they don’t know how far the Lycan infiltration has spread. Yurishina tells him there are still kingdoms that don’t trust the Heron Emperor so they won’t be as cooperative to help with investigating Lycan spies.

    Yurishina expresses a new agreement between all the kingdoms must be signed to align everyone. She comments concerned to Mar, won’t everyone trust Periland over Heron if this happens?

    Mar responds that it doesn’t matter as long as there is peace. :blobsmilehappyeyes: This shocks all Periland commanders including Mar’s CAC and Yurishina. :blobxd:

    She looks at Mar and shakily agrees but then tells Mar however that she has lost succession of her throne when her kingdom signed the treaty with her as a concubine. Due to that, her cousin took over rights so she doesn’t believe she would be a good representative --- Mar interrupts her tell that the previous treaty of her being a concubine was previously broken and therefore it is null and void.

    Jamie and Yusis are incredulous and Lydia is beaming at Mar. Yurishina looks at Mar strangely. Then she informs him that due to Periland law, a princess removed from succession will have a difficult time regaining her succession. Her only way out is to get married before her cousin and then the throne will return to the princess’s spouse and again states that she doesn’t have the right to be the Periland representative.

    Mar calmly looks at Yurishina and asks her what’s the problem? The princess is more qualified than the princess’s spouse. He tells her to be the peace representative now and the empire of Heron will support her succession to the throne. :blobokhand:

    A stunned Yurishina looks at Mar and then she looks at a beaming Jamie who smiles at her. He tells her that he’s already given up the throne of Genovia to be with her and will support her. :aww:

    They continue and it’s agreed that Periland and Heron will cease fire which will allow Periland to negotiate with other kingdoms and unite them to stymie the Lycan infiltration. At the end, Yurishina also wants compensation from Heron for the war that has devastated her kingdom. Everyone is freaked out at her demand but Mar nods in allowing that to be added to the treaty.

    Lydia is witnessing this and is very pleased at Mar. :blobuwu: At the conclusion of the conference, Yurishina and company decide they will depart the next morning to start the peace treaty with other Kingdoms as well as investigation of the Periland Lycans.

    After everything is signed, Yurishina walks up to Lydia telling her thank you and how grateful she is as everyone departs behind them. :blobhug: She tells Lydia if it wasn’t for her, Yurishina wouldn’t have seen the truth nor correct her own mistakes and they wouldn’t have a peace agreement. When all is settled, Yurishina asks Lydia if she could return again and be given a chance to humbly apologize to Lydia when all is done.

    Lydia nods and Yurishina smiles and hugs Lydia telling her she now understands why Lydia chose the emperor and leaves the room.:blobsmilehappyeyes:
    An excited Lydia wants to find Mar who’s disappeared. She heads back to the main building and as she opens the door she is confronted by clouds and clouds of flowers. They are thousands of bouquets stretching all the way to the stairs to the bedroom. :aww::aww:

    Lydia is amazed at how beautiful and fragrant everything is. She takes a large bouquet of flowers in her hands as she follows the path that leads to the bedroom. In opening the door, she calls out for Mar to come see the amazing and fragrant flowers she’s holding.

    A soft voice behind her asks Lydia, “Do you like it?” :blob_pout:

    Gasping, Lydia turns around and is greeted by Mar who’s wearing a dazzling smile. :blobnosebleed:

    (MTL+ Edits)
    L: "M--Mar... What's all this? Wasn't it done up by the maids? Oh, my God, how can I have so many pretty flowers ..."
    M: “I’m glad you like it.”
    M: “I think I like it.” Mar whispered gently and sweetly, his red eyes smiling. Surrounded by a group of dreamlike flowers, Mar, who was dazzlingly attractive, felt very strange at the moment.​

    When I nodded in a daze, Mar, standing still, smiled smoothly at his lips. I was surprised when my left hand was gently pulled into Mar's firm hands. A careful touch and soon something was inserted into my fourth finger. A snow-pure platinum ring with a sunset red gem.

    (T/N: YES!!!! :aww::aww: )

    L: “This is…”

    The ring wrapped around my finger as if it was always mine. I glanced at how beautiful it was and... it reminded me of Mar. I was captivated by the ring as I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

    Mar kisses me and asked, “Will you marry me?”

    ( T/N: :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed: !!!)

    L: "......."

    The bouquet I held in my arms dropped to the floor. When I didn't answer, Mar sprayed kisses on the tips of my fingers. :blobmelt:

    M: "Be my empress."

    L: "......."

    My eyes started to blur and I couldn't say anything. I started to shiver slightly as I felt my delicate lips being kissing dearly.

    Soon a sweet voice whispered gently, "Allow me to be your husband."

    The warm water, which was gradually filling my heart, overflowed to the outside. Feeling tears cascade down my cheeks, I smiled broadly and hugged Mar. He was firm and comforting, it was beyond my imagination.

    A man who is tightly bound to me and my soul, so I will never fall again, and the only one who will be with me until the end of the world. My man, my Mar. :blobsob:

    I rose up to the tips of my toes and kissed Mar’s cheek and finally I whispered in his ear the answer he had craved.

    L: "Yes."

    Then, I grabbed onto Mar's collar and kissed him. The red eyes seemed to widen for a moment, but soon he bent down like a half moon.

    I lifted my hands to wipe away my tears. I smiled brightly when I realized that the ring finger of the hand that held mine had a ring shaped like mine with a purple jewel that resembled my eyes. :blobmelt:

    It was the moment when Mar wrapped my face with his hands and his thumb brushed my lips.

    M: “I love you.” It was a bit of a quivering voice, so it was the most shining and pure-heart moment in the world.

    I smiled brightly and returned the same heart, “I love you.”

    (T/N: :blobsob::blobsob::blobsob: )

    As soon as I finished speaking, our lips became engaged. To share a soft, warm feeling, soon became hot and short breaths mingled. I turned my head to the side enraptured by the burning breath as our kiss deepens.

    It was the happiest night of my life.​
    It is the next day. Early morning sunlight is shining through the windows as Lydia and Mar are making out in the hallway. :blob_pout:

    Mar has his arms around Lydia’s waist holding her. She is arched slightly back and is dizzy against his passionate kiss. She can barely catch her breath. Lydia asks him to give her a moment as she places her hands on his chest. :blobmelt:

    Mar releases her lips but instead of letting her go, he bends lower and starts to graze her neck. :blobnosebleed:

    Lydia shakily laughs commenting “Somebody...I think it’s a wolf.” Admitting Lycans are very talented at seducing since the dawn of time.

    Mar looks up and grins at Lydia for a moment before descending again for another hungry kiss. :blob_pout:

    Lydia is heated up herself, starts to unfasten all the buttons on the Emperor’s formal jacket and then his shirt exposing his chest. :blobnosebleed: She starts to spread her hands against his chest moving lower. Mar flinches and suddenly moves his arms to the top of Lydia’s back, fidgeting with the strings that hold up her dress.

    Suddenly Lydia’s name is called from down far down the stairway. :blobfearful:

    Lydia tears her lips away and hears Yurishina ascending the steps. She starts to move out of Mar’s arms but he instead holds her indicating he wants to continue. :blob_pout:

    A frantic Lydia is thinking ‘OMG how can you!! And she’s getting closer!!’ is now beating at Mar’s chest to release her. :blobrofl:

    Mar is still grinning slyly trying to seduce when Lydia freaks, frees herself, opens the broom closet right behind them in the hallway, shoves a shock and exposed chested Mar into the closet, and quickly slams the door shut!

    (T/N: I’m dying… :blobrofl: :blobrofl: )

    Just in time as Yurishina appears around the corner and sees Lydia. Yurishina tells Lydia she is glad to catcher before she departs. :blobjoy:

    Flushed and erratic, Lydia rushes to Yurishina telling her, that’s great, she was just about to head downstairs to find her too. :sweating_profusely:

    Not wanting to to linger, Lydia mentions that she was just cleaning up and pulls Yurishina to descend the steps. :blobsweat_2:

    Both ladies are half way down when Yurishina stops Lydia to tell her she has a very pretty lipstick color on.

    Lydia giggles nervously thanking Yurishina for the compliment and also panicking at the same time, wondering if Mar will emerge from the closet and be seen at any moment now. So she is trying to get Yurishina further down the steps.

    But Yurishina grins knowingly and pulls out a handkerchief to give to Lydia telling her that lipstick is all smudged around her lips. (DOH! :blob_pout: )

    A very red-faced and embarrassed Lydia can’t say a word and accepts the handkerchief to wipe her lips using a mirror. :blobtired: As she’s doing so, Yurishina comments that she’s glad at what the maids said about Mar is true as she was concerned that he would be mean to her. She’s pleased that she was wrong which makes Lydia blush even further.

    They are now outside saying good-bye to the Periland Army. As Lydia is saying her good-byes to Jamie and Yusis, Marquez finally appears to send off the guests. :blob_pout:

    Lydia is so relieved he looks neatly dressed again while Yurishina smiles at her with a knowing look. :blobwink:

    Yurishina then shakes Mar’s hands. As part of the agreement, Mar tells the guards to bring Galan and Lumel back and hand them over as prisoners to the Perliand Army.

    Suddenly everyone looks up as a bird descends down upon them. It is a large eagle. It is Lord Alpensia's hunting eagle. He is Yurishina’s uncle.

    They notice there is a message tied to the eagle’s legs. Yurishina tries to grab the bird but it refuses to listen.:blobastonished: Jamie orders the Perliand soldiers to capture the bird but to no avail.

    Suddenly Lydia commands the bird to come to her. Everyone watches in awe as the eagle easily obeys and descends to land on Lydia’s arms. Mar especially is surprised and Lydia grins as she realizes this is the first time he’s seen her ability. :blobhug:

    The eagle is so heavy that Lydia almost loses her balance but Mar is there to hold her up her arm. Just then another commotion happens.

    Mar’s guards who were down in the dungeon rush to Mar. He informs him that the Alchemist has escaped and that the others are dead. :sweating_profusely:

    Mar takes the news grimly and remembers the bird. So he detaches the note attached to the bird and passes it over to Yurishina.

    In even worse news, Yurishina tells everyone it is news from her uncle. Apparently her cousin, the current Periland successor has staged a revolt, aligning with the kingdom of Takerion to begin their conquest of the continent. They plan to start another drawn out human war. Mar speciulates it probably because they are being manipulated by the Lycans like during the Heron and Periland war. They are probably seduced by the power of the Astra weapon. :blobfearful:

    Mar commands his CAC to take his main army and aid Yurishina as she heads back to help her quell rebellion. Everyone is surprised and also relieved by Mar’s command.

    Yurishina is grateful and thanks Mar for his support. Knowing they don’t have much time, she mounts Hugo and they march off quickly back to Periland.
    Mar orders his other commanders to go back to Heron to protect its borders as well as send word to other troops stationed in other countries to guard the borders as well.

    Mar turns to Lydia telling her he wants her to return safety to Heron. If Mar can quell them in Periland and capture the Alchemist then he would be able to stop the spread of the Lycan manipulation across the continent.

    A surprised Lydia asks Mar if he’s going to Vittra to follow the Alchemist. Mar nods then Lydia instead tells Mar she’s going with him to Vittra as well. :blobwoah:

    Mar wants to deny her request when she interrupts him arguing the Alchemist probably anticipated that he would send her to Heron for her safety. The best route was for her to join him in going to Vittra. Else if he captures her in Heron, he will use her as a hostage against him.

    She laughs at Mar’s expression of concern telling him to not worry because she’ll be the safest by being with the strongest man on the continent, which is Mar. Also she tells him she knows he will protect her no matter what as she kisses his cheeks promising him that she will stick to his side. Mar still looks unconvinced and Lydia looks very confident. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    An hour later she is mounted on his horse with him mounted behind her as they ride for Vittra. :blobrofl:

    They are at the border of Vittra and the plan is to sneak in as regular visitors to the kingdom. They cannot go as themselves as it would signal their quarry to escape. So Mar decides that he and Lydia will infiltrate as a couple to get inside while his guards will disguise themselves as merchants and/or mercenaries and infiltrate on their own by tomorrow.

    They are discussing how to signal each and worried they haven’t trained the message bird yet for this impromptu mission when Lydia goes “ahem”, grins and points to herself. She can command the birds to coordinate messages between Mar’s men once inside.

    As Lydia is riding away with Mar she asks what their plan is to get through as she can’t buy an identity right now. Mar whispers to her ear that they can buy people.

    Lydia says, Huh? Mar shows Lydia he’s holding a very large bag of gold. She wonders when he prepared this and complements by reaching up to brush his head like a puppy.

    He chuckles and starts to nuzzle Lydia’s ears. :blobmelt: Blushing she jostles with Mar thinking ‘Hey not outside!’ :blobangery:

    In their distraction they are already at heavily guarded sentry at the kingdom gates. Apparently everyone is on high alert due to Heron’s latest actions of dispatching troops to guard their borders.
    A surly guard asks for their identification. :blobangery:

    Mar shows gold but unfortunately they are on high alert and they can’t accept it as they are more scared of their superiors than aristocrats trying to get through. Mar is getting agitated and Lydia thinking she needs to salvage this situation tells them they are on their honeymoon and will the guards take responsibility if they miss their hotel reservation.

    Both guards still can’t let them in and by this time, so a fed up Mar whispers to Lydia that he’s going to knock them out.

    Panic that Mar’s plan will be ruined she then remembers something she’s been holding on to since she knew they were going to Vittra. She grabs Mar’s arm to stop and looks down saying “Master?” :blob_pout:

    Lydia chokes telling Mar he needs to stop calling her nickname and just call her name as they are in disguise.

    She then unbuttons her shirt and a panicked Mar is embarrassed that he hugs her so the guards don’t see what she’s doing as he thinks she’s exposing herself. :blobrofl:

    Finishing from underneath Mar’s arms, Lydia pulls out Ella's (aka Daliah’s) ring. She flashes the ring to the guards.

    Mar comments ...so that nasty girl can be useful.. Lydia glances at him perplexed. (T/N: He still doesn’t like her.) :blobsweat_2:

    The guard is surprised at the ring and suddenly screams out for the Captain.

    Startled both Lydia and Mar are confused at his reaction and Lydia gets nervous. The plan is beginning to crumble and Mar is preparing to knock out all witnesses.

    The captain appears and sees Lydia. He suddenly exclaims, “OMG, the angel! How do you get here?”

    :blobwoah::blobwoah: Mar and Lydia are like, “Huh?”

    The young captain who is also an aristocrat asks Lydia if she remembers him as his name is Kevin!

    Lydia can’t remember who this is and he quickly tells her it was she that saved him when he was a donkey with Pinot (Pinocchio) in that small inn on the outskirts of the kingdom. :blobsmilehappy:

    Captain Kevin goes on how he was able to come home safely from the curse and swore one day he would pay back the grace she gave him and he feels today is a miracle. He also is surprised Lydia is carrying the Princess’s seal and that she is the one the Princess has been talking about.

    Lydia asks, “...Princess?” :blobsleepless:

    He goes on to explain that Lydia is carrying the seal of her royal highness the Princess of Vittra and the princess had informed all guards that if there was someone who presented that seal they were to treat them with utmost care!

    Lydia is beaming because Ella (aka Dahlia) has met her charming prince just like in the story of Cinderella. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Mar indicates this means they may pass inside. Kevin nods, dismisses the sentry and escorts them into Vittra. While inside Kevin wants to inform the princess that Lydia has arrived. Lydia quickly tells him they are on their honeymoon and they want to surprise her so please don’t inform anyone they are here yet and Kevin nods at her plan.

    He takes them to one of their best hotels mentioning also that the kingdom is also on high alert as the princess is pregnant with their child. Before he departs back to his duties he once again thanks Lydia for saving him and he would like to see her before she departs the kingdom as he still wants to repay her. Lydia agrees. :blobxd:

    After he leaves, Lydia can’t believe all that’s happened, all the stories, the connections. As she leans against Mar’s chest still on the horse, Lydia tells him everything about Geppetto, if she wasn’t close to Ella, and how she met Pinot, Kevin, etc.

    Mar kisses her on her forehead as he listens. Lydia comments it’s a good thing that Ella is a princess right now even though she doesn’t like Mar either.

    Mar tells Lydia he doesn’t care or think about any other woman but her which makes Lydia burst into laughter. :blob_pout:
    Both Lydia and Mar have checked into the hotel that Captain Kevin recommended. Lydia whistles and a pigeon appears on her window with a message. She informs Mar that everyone is now successfully inside. Lydia then sends back the message of where they are located.

    Mar pulls Lydia into his arms and kisses her for head. He now has to head out and meet with his men and will return later that evening. He asks that she take a break and relax until his return. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Lydia decides to explore the hotel areas. She does notice Mar's men are around her pretending to be strangers to each other or lodging guests when in truth they are acting as guards while Mar is away. :blob_pout:

    She smiles and settles with a book and a cup of tea and sits down at a table in the lodgings outdoor cafe.

    Watching the bustling city, Lydia hears a commotion. Glancing up, she sees it is a little girl trying to corral a few sheep that were not listening and scattering here and there at a nearby vendor stall. :blobowoevil:

    The girl shouts out “Mary!” but the lamb doesn’t listen and jumps away. Lydia starts to laugh watching the little girl chase the little lamb around. Finally feeling bad for her, Lydia commands the lamb to stop.

    The lamb jumps and hides under Lydia’s chair. The little girl is in awe and then thanks Lydia for catching the lamb. Smiling Lydia invites the child for tea. A waitress brings juice to the table for the little girl.

    The little girl is hesitant at first but approaches to sit at the table. Lydia has to secretly signal to all of Mar’s security men to calm down around her as they are starting to treat the little girl as a threat. :blobsweat_2:

    The lamb is now on Lydia’s lap and the little girl asks if Lydia commanded the lamp to not run away. Surprised Lydia says she did, wondering how she knows.

    Then the little girl says Lydia the sheep have never obeyed her but they will always obey her grandfather like the lamb is doing now.

    A voice calls out, “Lena, why are you there?”

    Both turn to see an elderly man walk toward the table. He asks if Lena caught the lamb and she indicates it was Lydia. The old man thanks her and then Lydia thinking it’s time to depart and return the child and lamb to her guardian whispers a command for the lamb to depart with them. The lamb does not listen. :blobsleepless: A surprised Lydia who’s never failed at commanding any animals in the past tries again to no avail.

    Then Lena comments how the lamb is also docile when grandfather is around and seems to obey the grandfather. :hmm: Lydia looks at the grandfather for a moment and quickly she invites both Lena and her grandfather for dinner. They both accept.

    Lydia orders an elaborate meal for the both of them and brings more alcoholic drinks for grandfather. She is now suspicious of the Grandfather’s ability as well and if it is similar to her own.

    Note the author made these upcoming final chapters longer than normal so there’s a bit going on. :blobdizzy:

    Is it wrong for me to assume as you're reading all these chapters you're squealing like me too IRL? :blob_pout:
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