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    Yes, the next chapter is a long conversation about Grandfather's sad past and Lydia will discover it connects with hers.

    8 chapters left for the main story to end.
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    Thanks a lot for the spoiler:blobtaco: Btw is that 'Mary and the little lamb':hmm: Its interesting how the author added the stories from other fairytales in this novel because it is so fun to read it plus it has connections with the main plot:blobokhand: Now I am imagining the grandfather to be from another fairytale as well :blobdizzy:
    yhhhhhh I am excited that we are not far from the end of the mainstory:blobpopcorn_cool:And you're not alone because I can't stop squealing as well:blob_pout::blobcatblush:
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    omg thank you so @limulimu for all spoilers
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    hello @vierseason you're welcome lol but i didn't give spoilers on this novel ;) i'm enjoying this story like you thanks to LimuLimu !
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    lol, i mentioned the wrong person actually =))
    i tried to mention manually but it didn't work so i pick the html by quoting
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    The proposal was soooo good!!!!
    Thank you @limulimu !!!
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    Thank you for the spoiler.
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    Lydia orders wine as the clerk brings them two glasses of wine. Lydia has to wink to the guards that are around her that it’s okay for her new guest to meet with her at the table.

    She suspects the elderly man is also an Astera heir and has the same power as she. She wonders if he is a lycan. :blobwoah: Her plan is to bring the man as much alcohol as possible hoping it will relax him to talk to her more and reveal his secret.

    It’s getting colder as the clerk asks if she would like a fire. The elderly man nods but Lydia turns deathly pale and he asks her what’s wrong. Lydia indicates she’s afraid of fire so the elderly man quickly tells the clerk no fire.

    She notices the elderly man is a ‘good drinker’. She only takes a few sips and when he isn’t looking she’s dumping it into this flower bed when he’s not looking. She starts to order more drinks for them while Lena is eating her meal taking again only a few sips and dumping the rest. :blobowoevil:

    Lydia asks the elderly man if he comes from somewhere.

    He indicates that he comes from a hill behind the mountain where you can see a large moon and it’s very scenic there. He proceeds to tell her that it’s a popular place for travelers to stop by. But then tells her there is a cave in front of it and to ‘never go there’. People have been disappearing there. The rumor is they are being taken by beasts and the guards have been investigating and have yet to solve the mystery. :blobfrowning:

    Lydia then asks that Lena must be his granddaughter. He tells her no. He takes care of children whose parents have disappeared, she is one of the orphans. :blobsleepless:

    The elderly man further explains, in the past he could not protect his own son from the disease that he himself possessed. He had some condition (an illness) that made him lose his mind (control). When finally came through his son was gone. He discovered that his wife's sister had adopted his son. By then it was too late and to pay for his sin, so now he takes care of children that have lost their parents. :blobwoah:

    Lydia mentions that Lena told her the sheep seem to only listen to him. He tells her that is correct. Since his wife died giving birth to his son he has no family left but this talent. They his smiles slightly drunk, “Do you want to know how I got this trick?” L: “Yes.”

    (Disclaimer -- took me a bit to understand, I hope I have the gist of it.)

    The elderly man tells Lydia the “beast that takes people is not really a beast”. The ‘beast’ was one of his family members that hated humans and wanted to kill them all. Four years ago the elderly man came to stop this family member. At the time, the elderly man was atoning for abandoning his son. But when he discovered the family member had murdered someone, he could not let that go. He had tried to stop this family member so many times but he wouldn’t listen. As more humans disappeared the elderly man had to figure out a way to stop them. He discovered a book on alchemy. In the book is a passage claiming with the flame of sacrifice, you can drive out the soul and banish them completely every 30 years.

    Lydia knows he’s talking about lycans. She asks does that mean if you start a fire you can drive the soul out? :blob_tilt:

    He tells her yes. Originally his plan was to put a good soul in the empty body. Then the family member would no longer do any more evil.

    Lydia is listening to him feeling incredulous.

    Sadly the elderly man tells her, he failed. Instead of expelling the evil soul completely, it was scattered and fragmented. Some pieces of that soul was absorbed into his body others lost to the world. Hence his current “trick/ability” where animals listen to him. He tried to kill this evil family member but instead weakened them, who now resides in that cave. He tells her fewer people have disappeared but he still had failed to stop the family member. :blobupset:

    By now it’s late. Lydia who is in shock from this discovery thinking it was around the same time she entered this world and is thinking if that fragment is what is in her now as well but she’s not a lycan, human yet not human due to this ability. The elderly man rouses a sleeping Lena who’s holding Mary the lamb in her arms, telling Lydia they have to leave now.

    As they are leaving, Lydia and the elderly man try to give Mary the lamb orders. Lydia watches fascinated as if two commands were butting heads with the poor little lamb is all confused. :blobdizzy: Finally the lamb obeys the elderly man.

    As he carries the sleeping child, Lydia asks why he shared her such a story. The elderly man tells her it’s because she had the same ability as him and therefore would believe him. His final words are please enjoy your life.

    As she is pondering the conversation she recalls the appearance of the elderly man. She knows that lycans who don’t drink blood in a long time, start to look aged.

    The son he left behind must be younger than 30 years old. She notes the elderly man had wrinkly skin like an old man but he had such a distinguished face for his age with silver hair and red eyes. :blobscream:
    Mar finally comes back and is stunned to find a very drunk looking Lydia who calls out his name at the cafe table. :blob_pout:

    He coldly looks to one of his commanders who quickly explains about the old man and child that visited her. After they left, Lydia started just drinking by herself and became like this. He apologizes to Marquez profusely telling him he wanted to stop her but Marquez’s order was not to approach her unless it was dangerous. :sweating_profusely:

    Marquez can’t reprimand his men at this time so he heads over to the table and sits across Lydia apologizing to her that he is late. She grins with her face completely flush. Mar quickly caresses her cheek and Lydia spews out quickly about the suspected lycan that’s been kidnapping humans for human trafficking and she needs to make sure that she checks if this lycan has the signs of the successor/hair because it’s scattered across the continent. :blobmelt:

    Mar is listening and tells her that is ‘suspicious’ but has difficulty concentrating because he’s never seen a drunk Lydia who is acting very adorable like an affectionate cat. He tries to release his hand but Lydia pulls his hand between her hand not letting him go.

    Mar offers to take her to the room but instead, Lydia hops onto his lap and wraps her arms around his neck. :blobowoevil_horns:

    A surprised Mar tells Lydia she should be drinking in front of anyone anymore. Lydia asks why. Mar tells her because he doesn’t want her to hug anyone else but him. :blob_pout:

    Lydia giggles telling Mar she was purposely wanting to sit with him. Then she springs a surprise question to Mar asking what he thinks of his father.

    Mar is surprised thinking that Lydia is talking about her father and tells her he wanted to put her father in jail. :blob_pout: When she corrects Mar that she’s asking about Mar’s biological father, Mar is surprised as he tells her he’s never thought about him as he only knew him through gossip. :blobexpressionless:

    Mar thinks there was a time that he resents his biological father for passing the lycan blood to him but truly he could never really hate someone he’s never met so he really didn’t think about him much which he tells her so.

    Lydia then asks him, “What do you think about being a father?” and she pushes away to look Mar in the eyes. :blobastonished:

    A studded Mar can’t answer and Lydia continues telling mar that she doesn’t remember her parents but she wanted to be a good mother if she got married and make a happy family. She asks him what about Mar? :blob_tilt:

    Mar is nervous, wondering if Lydia is really drunk as she is very coherent in her serious question. Lydia then asks him if he doesn’t want children.

    Mar quickly tells Lydia it’s not that he’s saying no---.

    He’s never thought about children. Being married to Lydia was all he could think about and that was enough for him. He worries seeing so many children being abandoned by their parents due to the war that bothers him like his parents. More importantly he read in a book that a woman giving birth can be dangerous and he doesn’t want to make the woman that he loves take any risks or suffer. :blobconfounded:

    Right now looking at Lydia, Mar believed she was more precious to him than any child. He finally tells Lydia that he really has never thought about children so he doesn’t know. :blobupset:

    What he doesn’t tell Lydia is that he’s been taking a contraception potion that he carries to prevent her from getting pregnant in order to protect her.

    Lydia then changes her sitting position and turns around and straddles Mar’s thighs facing him and puts her forehead to his and tells him then he should start thinking about it now. Then she asks him if he prefers a girl or a boy? :blobowoevil_horns:

    Mar is enjoying how cute Lydia is, pulls her waist close to him and hedges “Well…” thinking though he doesn’t want any children but if he had to choose he wants a daughter like Lydia. :blob_pout:

    Not hearing his answer Lydia pulls back looking at him and then leans forward and bites his neck telling him that she likes either and for him to start thinking about it now. She begins to unbutton his shirt one by one and then tells him, “...or I’ll bully you..” :blobnosebleed:

    Mar is trying to control himself as Lydia moves her finger over Mar’s exposed chest and asks “Daughter? Son?” :blob_pout:

    ...Mar quickly groans out “..daughter..”

    Lydia laughs and teases Mar more, “second?” :blob_pout:

    Mar who can barely pay attention to her question is thinking ‘second?’ He can’t fathom one child but now two?

    Lydia laughs telling Mar he’s too slow and moves her hand under his shirt to move her hands across his chest. This wrecks havoc on Mar and he quickly pulls her hand away from his chest. :blob_pout:

    Lydia looks up asking Mar, “Huh, you don’t know again?” and starts to giggle.

    Mar sighs telling himself he needs to take her upstairs to rest as he feels he’s crossing the line with a drunk person. :blobsmirk:

    But Lydia tells Mar, “Well, let’s try it then” and kisses Mar.

    Hot breaths and kisses are exchanged as Mar slowly pushes Lydia’s skirt up her thigh. Lydia groans and starts to touch Mar’s thigh and move upward. :blobnosebleed:

    Mar in full desire mode quickly thinks...drug...he hasn’t taken the drug yet as he groans and lifts up Lydia and takes her to their hotel room.

    Making their way in the room, Mar lays Lydia on the bed and leaves to rummage their luggage to grab the contraception potion. As he has the bottle and is about to take it, a voice comes behind him and asks him what is he looking for? :blobjoy:

    Panic Mar goes, “Oh, nothing.” and pockets the potion. Lydia, still intoxicated, tells Mar she wants to start again and pulls Mar into a deep kiss. They somehow make their way back into the bedroom and begin to make out.

    Mar is trying to find the opportunity to take the drug but it’s becoming increasingly difficult as a very aggressive Lydia makes him lose his mind by her actions. A hungry Mar thinks maybe it’s okay to skip this once, so he gives up and they end up making love for the rest of the night. :blobsmirk:
    It is the morning after at breakfast, Mar is serving Lydia breakfast in bed. He comments she shouldn’t drink anymore. As it’s not good for her. :blobsweat_2:

    Lydia laughs. She does recall she was drunk but not enough that she didn’t remember anything including asking Mar about children.

    As Mar is pouring tea for her, she asks if he remembers what happened last night? :blobneutral:

    Mar avoiding her question asks how she knew the elderly man that she met yesterday and why she was drinking? :blobamused:

    Lydia avoids answering his question by telling that she just felt like drinking. Lydia is thinking as yesterday she remembered everything.

    She remembered the eldery man who she believes Mar’s father and since Mar told her last night really didn’t think of his father and Mar’s father telling her he will live his current life of taking care of abandoned children she didn’t want to push her discovery on both. :blobcry:

    But her meeting yesterday made her realize she wants a family with Mar. She wants to provide their children the happiness that she did not have when they were young.

    Both then start to talk seriously about the cave, the suspected lycan that is paying mercenaries to kidnap humans and leave them by the cave every full moon cycle. Tomorrow was the full moon. Only certain mercenaries were allowed to take a secret route provided by ‘the client’ with their captives that they would drop off.

    The next evening, Mar and Lydia head to the cave with Mar’s men disguised as part of the human trafficked individuals. There is a confusion because Mar’s men are too rough and big looking and that the mercenary’s client preferred smaller humans and children. They decide the disguised men would follow from behind and Lydia would go with Mar with the mercenaries as captives.

    They make their way to the cave and the mercenaries along with the drugged humans who are forced to sit and await at the front entrance of the cave. Lydia puts on her hood and sits within the crowd next to Mar. :blobneutral:

    Suddenly a tall woman with silver hair hanging down to her waist emerges from the cave.

    Lydia’s body is on alert suddenly because the trace of the successor’s soul that resides within suddenly resonates when this woman approaches. :blobastonished:

    Lydia’s mind recalls the old hatred that resided in the blood, the Alchemist telling her he must take her back to Vittra to remove her ability and join the traces of the successor in the war.

    Lydia thinks if they take this woman down then the lycans will be affected and she must move quickly before all the other Lycans appear. Right now she doesn’t see any around them yet.

    The woman looks weakly and asks if “Lothbart” is here as she notes it has been hard to eat alone.

    Lydia wonders if Lothbart is the Alchemist and if this woman is the original successor whose soul was scattered.:hmm:

    The woman says she will wait until they come which tells Lydia the lycans are on their way. Mar’s men that trailed behind haven't arrived yet.

    The woman then becomes impatient saying out loud she can’t wait and needs to eat something that is easy and says. “Oh, there’s a little one over there.” Suddenly the woman is in front of Lydia. :blobfearful:
    Lydia is trying not to shake in fear as memories of when Lumel and the Alchemist tried to eat her emerge and she bits down on a scream.

    Mar makes a sound which distracts the woman’s attention onto Mar. She turns and bends down to look at Mar, noting out loud he must have awoken. He tells her yes in a strange dreamy state and turns to look at the woman. Lydia thinks there is something strange in Mar’s behavior as Mar and the woman begin to stare at each other. :blobunsure:

    The woman tells Mar he’s very handsome looking and if he’s alone here and she starts to stroke Mar’s cheeks.

    Mar replies “yes” as Lydia’s jaws dropped wondering what the heck is going on here! :blobconfused:

    The woman comments it must have been hard to capture a young man with such a good body or is he a slave? Mar nods as if hypnotized.

    The woman smiles telling Mar he’s good and bends down to whisper into Mar’s ears introducing herself as Odil as if she was seducing him.

    Lydia begins to glare at Mar hoping that Mar is pretending. :blobangery:

    The woman comments she needs to drink some blood but that would make a big hole in his pretty neck and he’s too good for that.

    Mar looks at her asking blood?

    The woman comments absentmindedly for Mar not to worry as she is a little sick so she needs to drink some blood. There are plenty around her so she can spare one at least.

    Lydia realizes Odil has revealed that she is somehow in a weakened state and might not have much strength. Then she sees Mar looking still dazed carefully move his hand quietly to his side to pull out his hidden dagger. :blobhero:

    Odils tells Mar she will need to hide him before Lothbart returns as he would be angry at her for hiding him. Mar pauses his movements asking more about Lothbart.

    Smiling slyly she caresses Mar’s arms noting with a smile how curious he is and it must be cute to tame him.

    Lydia is fuming.:blobtriumph:

    Odil then tells Mar that Lothbart and his servants are on their way and how he hates humans like Mar and will probably tell her to suck his blood tonight.

    She continues telling Mar how pretty his is and it would be a waste and then she asks Mar if he knows why it would be a waste?

    Mar doesn’t answer as she bends closer to Mar and tells him seductively it is because eating the flesh of a fresh and pretty kid like Mar gives her energy like blood but more delicious. :blobfearful:

    Lydia panics thinking “oh no!” as the woman brushes her fingers on Mar’s lips but Just then a bird flies overhead and drops a fruit on top of Odil’s head and disappears. :blobsweat:

    A pleased Lydia realizes the bird was obeying Lydia’s ticked off will and dropped the fruit.

    An irritated Odil looks up and Mar asks her when Lothbart is expected to arrive. She looks down asking if he’s afraid. Then she starts to pull Mar's face to hers licking her lips.

    Lydia is livid.:blobdevil:

    Suddenly a strong gust of wind brushes in between the two making Odil stumble back surprising Mar. :blobrofl:

    Odil looks around surprised and then returns to Mar telling him she wants a taste of him. Moving closer again. Lydia doesn’t want to think about why the wind suddenly appeared because she’s freaking out how close the woman Odil is with Mar and where the heck are Mar’s men?!?!

    Mar challenges her that she needs to answer him first.

    She smiles and bends back down to meet his lips telling Mar, “Tonight, we arrive before the moon rises.”

    Just before their lips touch a furious Lydia snaps up, “Hey! That’s my husband!” :blobdevil::blobdevil:

    Suddenly a bolt of lightning flashes and hits Odil knocking her out. :blobrofl:

    Lydia looks up at the sky going “Wh..what was that?” Dark clouds were there and suddenly they disappeared.

    As Mar stands up, they are surrounded by Mar’s men. They tie up the unconscious Odil and a Mar walks up to Lydia with a smile in his eyes, “What you said earlier about husband again--”

    Lydia interrupts Mar goes off saying that she knows he was trying to get information out of her but how can he do that with THAT woman and pulls him down and kisses him to remove all traces of that woman. Grumpily satisfied, she then asks Mar about the wind and then lightning. :blob_pout:

    She didn’t know she could affect nature. Mar speculates that her ability seems stronger with the lycan energy that is around the cave. Lydia thinks that’s fascinating and also comments she thought it was interesting that Odil saw Mar is completely human vs a half blood. :hmm:

    Mar throws the tied up Odil on his shoulders and everyone heads down the mountain.

    As they are nearing the bottom into an open field, Mar asks if Lydia is alright as they’ve been walking for a bit. Lydia asks Mar what he plans to do with that woman. Mar tells her he’ll use Odil as a hostage to control the lycans. :blobmelt:

    Just then Lydia sees Odil raise her head, she gasps stuttering to Mar pointing at Odil.

    Odil says “pretty” and tries to bite Mar’s neck. He quickly throws her down on the ground. :blobtriumph:

    Mar pulls out his blade and points it to her neck.:blobReach:

    Odil’s eyes are yellow as she suddenly says, “You’re here, Lothbart.” :blobfrowning:

    They are surrounded as lycans appear headed by the Alchemist. :blobfearful:

    “Surrender” Mar tells them as he shows the blade at Odil’s neck. :blobsmile:

    The Alchemist laughs and asks Mar if he plans to kill Lydia as well. :blobangery:

    Lydia is wondering what he’s talking about.

    The Alchemist proceeds to tell Mar that because Lydia has a piece of the successor’s soul, both Odil and her are blood connected. Kill Odil and you kill Lydia. :blobfrowning:

    He proceeds to laugh as the lycans cheer at their dilemma.

    Mar suddenly notices as weak Odil staggers and so does Lydia. Mar immediately removes his blade.

    Their soldiers pull Odil to the back of the guards to prevent her from leaving. Mar tells him to guard Lydia and the prison and then charges to attack the lycans.

    Lydia watches horrified as Mar is attacked from all sides but he quickly cuts them down much to her relief. Mar using both his sword and then his bare hands to kill them. Bodies of dead lycans start to pile up.

    She hopes the Alchemist will either surrender or run away but instead he begins to laugh again pulling out a bottle, “Because you’re a traitor of the clan.”

    Lydia, knowing what that bottle contains, screams out “No!” It contains human blood. :blobfearful:

    The alchemist chuckles telling Mar it would be interesting to see him rip Lydia apart. :blobangery:

    Mar coldly stares at the Alchemist telling him, he won’t survive. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    The alchemist threatens Mar if he doesn’t hand over Odil and Lydia then he will open the bottle and watch as he goes crazy and kills Lydia as well as his men. Right now his main priority is to reunite the successor’s soul pieces.

    Suddenly Mar bursts using his super speed to rush towards the Alchemist colliding into lycan bodies. He is able to get through to injure the Alchemist but is being pulled away by other lycans before he can finish him. A furious Alchemist screams, he’s waited a hundred years, he’d rather go down then surrender and proceed to open the bottle! :blobcurse:

    Lydia screams again as Mar’s soldiers watch in awe when a gust of powerful wind grabs the Alchemist and rips the bottle away. Lydia collapses as the soldier rushes to catch her and asks if she’s alright. Odil collapses as well.

    She feels her throat is burning as she looks up to see a familiar large eagle fly high above them and is holding the bottle of blood in its claw. Yurishina’s Uncle’s bird! :blobReach:

    Suddenly the beating sound of metal and horse hooves emerge and a familiar voice calls out “Your Majesty! Lydia!” :blobhero:

    It is Yusis leading Periland’s army as they surround Mar protecting him.

    The Alchemist rages in fury as the remaining lycans surround him like dogs ready to charge against the humans.

    Mar is concerned as the lycans are stronger than Yusis and his men but Yusis reassures him they are wearing solid iron armor which can not be easily torn by the lycans.

    The lycans rage loudly furious at their disadvantage.

    A voice commands the eagle to come to them. Lydia realizes it’s Odil trying to command the bird and wonders if it’s because Lydia is near that she can use Lydia’s ability as they are connected. She quickly overrides Odil’s command and tells the eagle to head to Yusis. The eagle obeys.

    Yusis reaches out his hand. As he grasps the bottle, the eagle’s claw penetrates between the gaps in Yusis’s glove cuts his finger. A drop of blood seeps into the air. :blobfearful:
    Suddenly the lycans rage spewing foam as the smell of blood makes them go wild.

    Mar staggers.

    Yusis moves his forces away from Mar to charge the lycans. Lydia, seeing Mar glance at Lydia, pulls away from his soldier and rushes towards him.

    Lydia concentrates as she’s running and the wind begins to move around her and is so powerful that it sweeps up a few soldiers away from the battlefield along with the stench of blood in the air. :blobsleepless:

    The lycans launch their attack at the same time and a battle rages around Lydia as she reaches Mar, crying out his name. Mar is trying to hold his breath as he tells he he afraid he will react to the human blood again.

    Lydia tries to see if she can pull a shaking Mar away from the carnage as she knows any moment someone a human will be cut or injured and Mar will go into a blood rage.

    She knows that all l that he has been trying to achieve, the peace, the happiness would be destroyed and Lydia doesn’t want to see that happen. :blobcry:

    Lydia realizes they are trapped as the battle rages around them. She glances over at Odil who’s still tied and on the ground. Odil didn’t seem to have much strength or power but had glowing yellow eyes as if controlling the lycans. Making a decision she sees the dagger that Mar has dropped on the ground and grabs it on hand telling herself she’ll never let him be called a monster again.

    She looks up at Mar telling, “You would have made the same choice as me.” and forcefully stabs her other hand as she wills in her mind the power to stop the hatred steeped in blood. She pushes the blade further into her hand as a stream of blood gushes out. Lydia collapses as her hands feel like it is on fire. :blobsob:

    A whirlwind (tornado) and the earth rumbles. Both lycans and humans tumble and collapse to the ground. Lydia watches as her blood burns and oxidizes as it is pulled into the whirling wind that starts to surround everyone.

    The earth shakes so violently that the ground cracks including the mountain side (where the cave is) as neither the lycans nor humans can move.

    Finally the whirlwind disappears along with the mountainside. :blobfrowning:

    In the battlefield the lycans suddenly are vomiting blood and seem to appear weaker than before to the surprise of the Perliand army. They back away from the lycans to reform their troops.

    Lydia is feeling strange and dazed. Her mind is buzzing when she feels someone holding her. She realizes she is lying on the ground and she looks up to see a pair of familiar ruby eyes. :notlikeblob:

    Lydia looks up to Mar’s face, she is happy that his eyes look so normal and that he is okay. She wanted to brush back his hair to tell him she’s okay but can’t seem to move her arm, so instead she smiles faintly. :blobsob:

    Mar tearfully pulls her bloody hand to his face. Her blood smears his cheeks. :blobpensive:

    A weak Lydia can’t barely speak and turns to observe her surroundings.

    She is happy that her plan worked. She recalled that Astrea’s soul moved every 30 years and by releasing her blood she was releasing the curse as well as the successor’s fragment of their soul. Since Odil was connected to her blood, by breaking her own body, Lydia was able to break Odil as well. The rage that Odil carried controlling the lycans is gone as Odil no longer has the glowing yellow eyes.

    Lydia feels tired and turns to Mar who pulls her into his arms shaking, “Please, no.” :blobsob:

    Lydia tells him weakly that she’s okay.

    Mar cries out her name as Lydia tells him, she isn’t leaving him, she is just tired and sleepy. Lydia just wants to close her eyes for a bit.

    Mar pleads for her to stay awake. She smiles at him telling him she’ll see him again. She can’t seem to keep her eyes open and murmurs how her beautiful husband even in his crying when the darkness consumes her. :blobtired:
    Lydia feels a bright light and she opens her eyes wondering where she is. The light surrounds her and images replay like a video of her life so far. Meeting Mar, Yurishina, her life at Lilly castle, etc. A voice calls Lydia to go with them together and that Lydia is nothing without them.

    Lydia is thinking, nothing? :blob_tilt: More memories flash. She feels some emotion of pain or loss as the voice again asks Lydia to disappear with them as it will be easy for Lydia to not feel sad.

    Suddenly Lydia sees the image of a battlefield where she is being held in someone’s arms. The man is crying in anguish and despair. :blobtired:

    She tells the voice she has to go back as the voice tries to reach out to her to not go and that she will be alone. Lydia tells the voice she is not alone and moves away from the voice. :blobok:


    Lydia opens her eyes trying to speak but she feels her throat is parched and dry.

    A red-headed woman’s voice appears in her vision and cries out “Lydia!”

    It is the princess Ella. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Ella gently hugs an injured Lydia who realizes she's lying on a soft bed. Ella helps Lydia down some water telling her she’s been unconscious for about a week.

    Lydia quickly asks Ella where her servant and Ella smiles awkwardly telling her well now the MPs (diplomats/lawmakers) have changed.

    Lydia doesn’t understand this statement when Mar walks into the room. Ella quickly greets the emperor and leaves the room.

    Lydia apologizes to Mar for being late as she recalled she would see him soon.Mar quickly with tearful eyes rushes to Lydia’s bedside and pulls her carefully into his arms. Lydia starts to cry with Mar.

    M: “L-Ly-dia.”
    L: “Yes, it’s me.”

    I didn't have the strength to embrace him yet, so I kept repeating it. As if he didn't believe it, he kept me in his arms and called me by my name repeatedly. Only after checking each other's warmth enough did we face each other.

    M: "I was afraid I'd lose you."

    I didn't have the strength to hug him, so I repeated the words without a doubt. I laughed bashfully, rubbing my cheeks in his big, hard hands.

    L: "Fool. Where am I going to leave you?"​

    Mar grins and then tells Lydia he’s called members of the empire of Heron in Vittra. Lydia is what?!

    Mar apologizes to Lydia that he didn’t keep her safe. :blobpensive:
    Lydia apologizes to Mar that she acted alone without explanation. :blobsad:
    Mar apologies it’s his fault because put her in that situation in the first place. :blobcry:
    Lydia tells him it’s not his fault. :blobtired:

    They go back and forth and try forgiving each other for their faults when finally she asks are we all done? :blobowoevil:

    Mar nods and gently lays her back to the bed to rest. He bends closer to Lydia and tells her how much he missed her and lowers his head to kiss her deeply. They stay in that state for a while. :blobmelt:
    There is a knock on her door as someone greets Lydia. It is the maid Mariana and she addresses Lydia as “Her majesty”. They are back in Heron.

    Mariana informs Lydia as she’s helping her dress that a Chairman Tywin will soon be here to meet with her. :blobwoah:

    Chairman Tywin bows to Lydia and comes to report her the details. He pulls out a scroll with some details of the map.

    Basically the humans won the side of the Lycan war. When Lydia released her blood she also released all the lycan’s curse of revenge, Now the lycans no longer being controlled or even hating humans have scattered throughout the continent.

    Because they had been controlled for so long they no longer had a sense of how to live anymore they began to appear in front of Heron seeking reconciliation to rejoin the human world. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    The lycans appear to be accepted as a member of the peace council alongside Periland and Herron.

    Currently the map is discussing the regions where the lycans can relocate to settle peacefully.

    Chairman Tyrin was the lycan representative and Lydia is the human representative as she seems to understand both sides.

    Though Lydia was able to clear away Astrea’s soul within her, she seemed to have still retained her lycan animal control ability.

    As Lydia is sipping a warm mug of liquid she teases Chairman Tywin that he should head to a warmer country such as Periland since it will be cold in Heron soon and she wants to head there as she’s feeling chilly and needs some warm weather.

    Lydia notes that lycans are sensitive to cold weather.

    The Chairman looks at Lydia puzzled as she mentions about being cold. He begs her pardon but corrects her that though lycan blood is thicker they have a lower body temperature but it is not due to sensitivity to the cold. :blobneutral:

    Lydia thinks that’s interesting and why she’s feeling more chills. She wonders if she’s getting ill. :hmm:

    A concerned Chairman Tyrin asks that Lydia ask for a medical examination, she agrees and tells Tyrin she would like him to stay a few more days. He nods, bows, and then exits. :blobokhand:

    Mariana later returns telling Lydia the votes are neck in neck. All the maids have been voting on between 2 wedding dress choices for Lydia’s coronation and wedding ceremony that is happening the next day. The dress is decided but Lydia feels tired.

    The next day just before the wedding, Charman Tyrin tells Lydia that she is pregnant!

    Lydia is ecstatic and so happy. She hasn’t told Mar yet as the coronation and wedding is starting.

    Dressed in the brilliant diamond white and glittering diamond jewelry, Lydia proceeds to march down the aisle where she sees Mar standing waiting for her dressed in elegant uniform and robe. :blob_pout:

    She sees her favorite smile on Mar’s face. :blobmelt:

    As she is next to Mar, he notes that he’s holding himself back with his arms at his side as he bends slightly lower to tell her how incredibly beautiful she is. :blobmelt:

    Lydia's eyes begin to glisten and she tells him he has to try to concentrate as she is also distracted by how handsome he is. :blob_pout:

    Mar whines that her he misses her since he hasn’t seen her for a few days as he had to plan the coronation and ceremony.

    Hearing his words Lydia signs and gives up he's too sweet. So she puts her hand into his arms as if to tease him. :blobcheeky:

    Mar looks down at her for a moment feeling her touch and then he turns to the coronation/wedding priest with a raised eyebrow at him.

    Suddenly the priest goes really fast on the vows and declares Emperor Marquez of Heron and Empress Lydia of Heron are now legally married. :blobrofl::blobrofl:

    Shouts and huge fanfare are heard as Mar pulls Lydia in front of everyone and gives her a very passionate kiss. :blobnosebleed:

    Lydia tells him, “I love you.” He whispers the same. Lydia whispers more in Mar’s ear when Mar looks down and Lydia says let’s get this wedding over quickly and they kiss again.

    The married couple are surrounded and cheered by all their friends.

    A joyful Lydia feels blessed remembering how at one time she thought she was some minor character in a book that was of little significance to anyone.

    Yet small characters like Ella was Cinderella who became princess to Pinot had a grandfather named Geppetto and he was Pinocchio.

    Mar was the real emperor who had no real lines in the original novel and she was just the 31st concubine. Yet they both prevented a war and helped to bring peace into the continent.

    She realizes that everyone can make their own story and she is filled with happiness as Mar and her walk down the aisle together.

    The End.

    For the side stories, there are about 13 chapters. I do have them. Apologies, as right now I need to to take a slight break since I've been translating every weekend for the past 2 months along with working more than full-time :blobconfounded:. I will return later to summarize all side stories if anyone hasn't yet.

    I may post in Eaten By The Tyrant I Raised 남주를 키웠다가 잡아먹혀 버렸다

    The first side story chapter was summarized by @the Legendary Frog located here → https://forum.novelupdates.com/posts/5702296/

    @Spoilme Yep it does reference "Mary had a little lamb" though there is a slight change with Lena who has a lamb name Mary :blobsweat_2:. Yes totally agree. I love all the fairy tale reference in this series.

    @ everyone. You're very welcome and thanks for reading with me! :blobhug:
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    Firstly, a VERY BIG HUG to our @limulimu for all of your spoilers :blob_pompom::blob_pompom:
    I've been following this thread since its very beginning (I didn't even have a ΝU account yet haha).
    Each week, I waited impatiently to read your summaries while fangirling in my room :blobmelt:
    Please take your time and be healthy ! :blobwink:

    I've translated the Epilogue (the last 3 chapters, and yes I'm sorry I was too lazy to summarize so I decided to translate the whole thing :blobsweat_2:), hope it would ease your work little bit :blobhero:

    Please enjoy!
    Ps: The 3rd part is very....:blobbunny::blobbunny:

    The only daughter of the emperor, Rumi, had been a matter of great concern to the continent from the moment she was born. She was the daughter of the Emperor, whom he loved more than his life since she was a baby.

    On her birthday, the whole continent was in a festive mood when the official succession was finally announced. All neighboring countries also set up a large number of congratulatory envoys and headed for the Heron Empire. Most of the members of the mission were members of the highest-ranking aristocrats who included royal families, and the countries which had close ties with the emperor couple, sent their next heir together, like Periland and Vittra.

    Lydia was really excited and busy preparing for the ceremony and the birthday banquet which would be held tomorrow.

    “Rumi? Where did she go?"
    And the center of the Sun Castle. Lydia peered her head and entered the beautiful garden. She had just finished her work early to pick out a dress for tomorrow. Of course, a dress for a cute daughter on her birthday to wear at the ceremony.

    Lydia was so eager to impress the main character, Rumi, that she had her mouth on fire. :blobtriumph:

    The dress picked up early for her had been put on trial.
    It was a gold-colored dress, shining brilliantly like the sun, with a soft blend of her hair color and eyes.

    Lydia went to Rumi's room but the daughter was not here, that’s why she went out to find her own daughter in the garden.

    Either the silver dress that matches Rumi's hair color or the violet dress that resembles her eyes had not been decided yet. The ceremony is tomorrow morning, so she must choose it by this evening! :blobhero:

    "Rumi? My baby, where are you?"
    When she imagined Rumi in a new outfit and smiling like a fairy, Lydia naturally stepped up.blobmelt_thumbs

    She gently called her daughter and walked deep into the garden full of flowers.

    * * *

    Sun Castle, inside the conference room.

    Likewise, the conference room was very busy because the government had to deal with various pending issues at home and abroad in advance.

    Marquez has been busy working with his lieutenants for a few days, but the piles of work showed no sign of ending.

    Eventually, Marquez, who had been impatient, put down the document with a solemn look on his face. Fortunately, urgent matters were on the verge of being settled.

    However, the deputies tried to capture the emperor with urgent votes. Since if they couldn't finish it today, they’d have to come and do extra work during vacations!

    "Your Majesty, look at this. “
    “Your Majesty! Look at this, too! It looks trivial, but it's very urgent!"
    "Your Majesty the Great Emperor, just a little more. Please don't neglect the affair!"

    Though he would have stormed out, Marquez, who had already become accustomed to playing the role of a great emperor, continued the meeting with a grimace. :blobconfused:

    His mind began to creep out into the room where Lydia and Lumi would be.

    "Lydia said she was going to choose a new dress."
    Last night, Lydia said that the dress was gold. It would have been better if it was a black dress, but it's not the color for the banquet.

    In Marquez's imagination Lydia in a golden dress appeared.
    His saliva went down and his heart rate went up while he was unconscious. Marquez crept up his lips, thinking of Lydia, who became prettier by the day.
    In fact, he was thirsty to see Lydia more every day. :blobbunny:
    When he was apart from her, he was so nervous that he wondered if she had done some magic to him.

    With a terrible possessiveness that he couldn't bear to reveal to her, Marquez unfortunately turned his mind.
    ‘Come to think of it, what kind of dress does Rumi wear? She’s still young, so she usually wears only one-skin socks, so it's her first time wearing a dress.”

    As Marquez handled the documents with his hands in a trance, in his head he slowly began to imagine Rumi in her new dress.
    Her face was a mirror of his own, but her personality was the same as Lydia's, so innocent and vagrant.
    Of course, there were times when she cried like a child, but she was so happy when she was soothing with a little warmth.

    When he saw Lydia holding Lumi and smiling, it was as if two suns were shining.

    Marquez seemed blinded by the brilliance every time. :blob_pout:

    When he was with his wife who was more important than his life and his daughter, he was filled with happiness.
    Finally, two women dressed in the same gold dress appeared in Marquez's head.

    Lydia, who was smiling so enchantingly that he was speechless, and then Rumi, who was in her arms, smiled with a smile that resembled her mother, shouted brightly in Marquez's head.
    “Daddy!” :aww:


    "Your Majesty! No!" :blobastonished:

    As soon as Marquez got up from the chair, people blocked Marquez's way like lightning.
    Marquez frowned.

    "An urgent thing happened. Let's call it a day." His quiet voice left the lieutenants half private.

    "Your Majesty, Your Majesty! You can't just go like this.”

    “Get out of the way.”

    “Didn't you say something urgent came up?”

    “Please, Your Majesty! What's the rush?”

    Marquez smiled inwardly. Then he laid down his voice softly, with a colder, more sleepier expression on the outside. “I have to feed my daughter's mama.”
    "Cough!" came the confused reaction back.

    At their half-mouthed, bewildered, Marquez thought his spout had worked.
    He took this opportunity to press them with a more dignified voice.
    "She says she's unlucky to be nervous about the bookshop. So I'm going to take care of my wife. Is there a problem?" (Marrr.. :blobrofl:)

    ".. I'm sorry, Your Majesty!" And the servants bowed their heads and opened the way for Marquez.

    Maybe they were scared, shivering, all of a sudden
    Being satisfied, Marquez strode out of the conference room

    “Poo-Ha-Ha!" Marquez left the room without looking back so he didn't notice that there was a burst of laughter in the thick door and in the room. :blobrofl:
    "Rumi? Rumi"?

    Maybe Rumi was in a glass greenhouse inside the garden.

    Lydia laughed as she thought for a moment: Rumi was Marquez's miniature, only the gender changed, but why did she look the same at him in everything?

    Both of them loved plants and animals. Rumi liked the garden and the greenhouse more than the playroom full of toys.

    "Oh, there it is.........” Lydia smiled gladly and tried to walk in.
    In front of the flower-filled flower bed were Mariana and Rumi, who were in the midst of something.

    It was a peaceful scene.
    “Let's play with me.”
    “No, with me!”

    Lydia heard the voices of two boys over the slightly open greenhouse door.
    One with dark pink hair and the other with brown hair.

    As if the young boys were having a hard time fighting, Rumi was making a bouquet of flowers.

    Lydia, seeing them who were too cute for children of their age, almost screamed happily and stopped her mouth.

    And quickly hid behind a big tree, looking at the strange boys with curious eyes.

    “Who are they?” Rumi had no friends of her age yet.

    Normally, the children of the royal family usually grew up to be friends with aristocratic children of their age. However, Marquez overprotected Rumi too much as if she was a sugar that melts in water.

    He hated the mere sight of other men looking at her before marriage. :blob_catflip:

    That's why Rumi only met with Tyrins, lawmakers and maids but not friends of her age.

    Although she was still young and had no problems until now, Lydia thought she should now let Rumi meet the outside world because she was growing up

    "I don't want you to fight." Rumi glanced at them.

    The boys followed quickly and sat down with a tingling look. They looked really good together.

    “Our Rumi is smart, as expected. You make friends on your own." Lydia smiled with pride and glistened her eyes :aww:, then realized something and exclaimed in a small exclamation. It was because she realized who the two boys were. “It's Ricard and Ernst!'
    The sons of Yurishina and Ella!

    Ricard, whose hair color resembles Yurishina and had his parents' appearance. He naturally flirted and begged Rumi to play with him, and his personality seemed to resemble his father, Jamie.

    "I'll give you a glass doll if you hang out with me," whispered Erenst, whose personality is completely Ella's miniature edition. He looks like Ella's husband.

    "I'm gonna do this." Rumi turned her head and she was eager to make a bouquet again.

    Erenst made a scene of crying, and Ricard was bursting with joy and sorrow. Lydia almost burst into laughter at the sight.

    The boys were really eager, even though her daughter was distracted and unintentionally ignored them.

    “Then will you go to Perilland with me later?” Ricard talked to Rumi gently. He was greeted with a quarrel by Ernst.
    "No, you're coming with me to Vittra!"

    Lydia watched the situation with great interest. When the two boys quarreled, Rumi seemed to stop them for a moment, hugged Mariana and stretched out her arm
    "Huh? Where are you going?"
    "To my mom and dad." With the finished bouquet in her arms, Rumi answered proudly.

    At the same time, the boys who were a little taller than Rumi seemed disappointed and drooped their shoulders.

    “Why don't you hang out with us?”
    “It'd be fun if you went to my house together.”

    When the two competing boys showed the same behavior at the same time, Rumi, who was hugging Mariana, blinked her eyes. Then, she seemed to be agonizing over it, and asked with naive eyes.
    “Do you want to play with me?”
    “Yes!” :blob_pompom: The boys answered the girl's question, who was younger than them.

    The three clear and clear voices were just as good to hear as the sound of music.

    Lydia, who was smiling, knocked on the tree with her lips clenched.
    “You're so cute! " :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    “Come to my house," Rumi buzzed at Ricard and Ernest quite seriously. “It's dangerous out there."

    "Then can I hang out with you if I go to your home?"
    "Yes." When Rumi nodded brightly, the two boys seemed to be agonizing for a moment, and rushed to ask if they could go.

    Lydia laughed silently at the innocent conversation of the children. Cute.
    Rumi who spoke without knowing exactly what she meant, but the princes took it seriously!

    Lydia thought her young daughter would be awkward with her friends because she had never met anyone her age. But now that she saw it, her unique naive and bright personality worked very well with people whom she met for the first time. The two boys could not take their eyes off such a Rumi for a moment.

    Before they knew it, the three of them sat together in front of the flower bed and chatted in earnest.

    ‘But where did you hear that? Is it dangerous out there?’ She was still a baby, so she couln't think of it alone. Moreover, Lydia had never said such a thing to her daughter. :hmm:
    Lydia thought. Then, suddenly, a hard arm appeared from behind and gently wound her waist.


    "What are you doing?" Just before the start of the startling scream, her body turned and her mouth touched with something.

    Lydia opened her eyes wide, pressing down on the pounding heart.

    “You surprised me!" :blobupset:

    Marr kissed her cheek again calmly. Lydia was dumbfounded and burst into laughter. Marquez smiled with folded eyes as he pulled his arms around her waist.

    "What are you doing here? I thought you were still working."

    "I missed you. I asked the maids and they said, you’ve been to the garden.” He whispered seductively and snatched her waist.
    “Hm." :hmm:
    Seeing that he was avoiding the question, he must be sneaking out the conference room again. Lydia was thinking about sending him back but decided to pretend she didn't know.

    The Emperor had to have time to lift himself up.

    "But why are you here?”
    Lydia smiled back and hugged him, she said without thinking,
    “Because Rumi is over there.”

    At the thought of passing by, Lydia suddenly grabbed her face and turned to Marr. "Ma, Marr!!!" :blobfearful:

    Lydia swallowed her saliva as she confirmed that his eyes were fixed on her as they were heading toward the greenhouse (Rumi and the boys haha).
    As Marquez hid her face, Rumi was barely meeting a friend of her age for the first time in her life. And now what if he saw Rumi and the boys playing together in that greenhouse???

    “I have something to say to you!”

    “Something? What..."

    " Come here!” Lydia ran with Marquez's hand without further thought.

    Having been dragged to the core, she looked like she had no idea what to say. Of course, Marquez walked at a leisurely pace compared to Lydia, who was running at a snail's pace.

    Lydia gasped a little, stopping near a trimmed wood bush that was far from the greenhouse.

    In order to avoid being noticed by Rumi and the boys who might come out of the greenhouse, she deliberately chose an invisible corne. :blobamused:

    Marquez looked at her wonderfully, as it was a place where he didn't usually go, though it was clean and soft.

    “What's the matter?”
    “Oh, well. What do you call it?”

    She pulled him in, but she couldn't think of anything to say, so she just grabbed his hands and picked them up.

    "This is my new dress! I'm going to put it on tomorrow, how is it?"
    "As expected. I saw it from the back and it was so pretty that I was blinded," Marquez immediately smiled affectionately. His hands were also warm as he stroked her cheeks preciously. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Phew, thank God. He changed the subject! With a sigh of relief, Lydia opened her mouth to take him back to the castle.
    But Marquez talked up first.

    “Oh, you said you were picking up a new dress, too?”
    “You're picking up Rumi's, too, right? The maids said they were both here.”

    In vain, he strode inward again. Lydia, with her mouth wide open, grabbed Marquez's arm and flung it away with one's back firmly attached to the bushes :blobtired:

    "No!" Lydia's weight was far from enough to hold him. But as she ditched and stooped, Marquez came back with a puzzled look on his face.

    “Ha, you're a senseless man!” Lydia explained to him in earnest, eventually, with a tearful face. "You can't go to the greenhouse! Our Rumi is doing a very important job."

    “Important work? What is it?”
    “Making friends!” :blob_pout:

    Sure enough, Marquez's smooth forehead frowned at once.
    She knew this would happen! Lydia sighed lightly and tapped her forehead with the rhythm of her hand.

    "What friend? Who dares enter the Garden of the Sun Castle?" :blobcat_hyper:
    “It’s the royalty’s envoys. It's just a garden. Kids come to see it. They're all our Lumi's age."

    When Lydia quickly sided with the children, Marquez wriggled his eyebrows as if he didn't like it.

    Lydia laughed and rode him. "You're so worried. She is not even sugar that melts in the water, so why are you so restless? She’s not going outside the Imperial City. She’s hanging out with people at her age inside. You're going to get told that you're out of their league."

    "I don't care”
    “It's true”
    Marquez wrapped her waist around Lydia, who had lost what to say.
    “Actually, I'm worried about you, too. What if you get sick after working so hard? You can just play all day."

    Lydia’s work was neither hard nor too busy, but her husband was always worried.
    “Phew, I thought I'd give up a little and only worry about my daughter."

    Lydia laughed absurdly and threw up on him.
    "I'm really fine! And it's time for Rumi to make friends. All the kids she is with right now are fine kids, so you don't have to worry. Yurishina and Ella's sons' education is very good...."

    "Boys?!!” The face of Marquez, who was displeased but still wondered if he would change his mind, became serious. :blobcat_hyper:

    “Come on, I said the wrong thing.”
    Lydia shut her mouth with a glaring face, but her husband didn't seem strange at all times.

    Lydia was forced to hug Marquez and sat down together on the lawn.

    "Oh, boys! What does that matter, boy or girl? I saw it for a second, and everyone seemed to have a very good personality. Especially, Ricard looked like Yurishina, and even though he is young, he is very friendly."

    Jamie became the Grand Duke of Alpensia when he married Yurishina. He was a man who couldn't take his eyes of Yurishina even before marriage.
    After marriage, he was always kind and attentive to his wife, who became a Queen delicately.

    So Lydia convinced Marquez that Ricard would have had no problem being Rumi's friend because Yurishina would have taught her son well.

    "Maybe he’s learned from the Grand Duke of Alpensia's glassy frames. The way he talks to Rumi was so soft, unlike a child......"

    Marquez gazed at her with a discontented look :blobunamused:. Lydia didn't know what was wrong, so she rolled her eyes.

    It was only as good as it used to be, but the relationship between Marquez and Jamie was still at a loss. It was not a feud, it was a bit of a backbiting past.
    Still, there were no major problems between the two men, as the external meeting took place by the monarch, Yurishina. So Lydia never mentioned Jamie at all.

    The red eyes that she faced burned up.
    "Don't praise the other man," his lips immediately engaged with a low whisper.

    Sitting in the cupboard with her back against the bush wall, Lydia panicked, receiving a hot kiss. A short but deep kiss.

    Lydia breathed hard as she looked up at Marquez blankly. He mumbled through his moist lips. “Because I'm jealous.”
    “What's wrong,”
    "You like him?"
    "Huh? No, you know I didn't mean it."

    Her lips were covered again before he could even say anything. Without realizing it, he pushed her into a corner, covering her face with his hands.

    A faint groan flowed sweetly through the tongue. Without realizing it, Lydia, who put her arm around Marquez's neck, gradually pulled up her knees, fearing that her new dress for tomorrow would have grass. (Ahhhh I'm fangirliiing :blobnosebleed:)

    Feeling the gap between them, Marquez took off his passionate lip. Breathing was exchanged between the hot lips. Lydia had a fever.

    Blinking her right eye, she tightened her arm around his neck just in case Marquez went to harm his daughter's friendship again.
    "Let Rumi get along with her friends, huh? She can't just sleep in our arms forever."

    When Lydia gave her eyes a little strength, saying she would be angry if he kept doing that, Marquez lowered his eyelashes and muttered as if he was making excuses.

    "It was because it was still dangerous for Rumi outside."

    “Was that what you said?” Lydia was stunned. It was the same thing that her daughter said! :facepalm: Marquez nodded to her with a serious red look. Lydia could read his determination that he would never give up his daughter in the harsh world.

    “No, someone's gonna think we're gonna kick her out! Don't do that from now on. We have to walk with Rumi, not to stand in front of her." :blobtriumph:

    She understood that he was nervous because he was his only daughter, but he couldn't keep his arms around hers forever.

    Even though Rumi was still young, she should learn how to go out into the world little by little.

    As Lydia repeatedly asked, Marquez soon nodded. His face is full of worries, but the thought that he was not going to just hide it made Lydia felt good.

    She kissed him briefly and said,

    "Okay! Then let's go watch Rumi play with her friends. Just in time, I have to pick her up for Dress. You know, they teased Rumi about it earlier. Ernst is a little mischievous like Ella, but Ricard is as soft as Alphensia."
    Lydia was buzzing excitedly, and brought up Jamie's story, which Marquez hated.

    Though her mouth was shut late, he folded his red eyes and leaned over.

    Under the sudden pressure, Lydia tried to step back, but the bushes in her back only stifled her breath.
    "Do you mean to say that I'm not as good as him?"
    "No! Mistakes, ······."

    Lydia stamped her feet as she was hit with a seductive penetrating lip. Before she knew it, a beautiful hand was sweeping down her neck and shoulders, and her body.

    The heat of his skill stirred her to death.

    "Yes, ah, no. My dress, ···· ."

    If she was weighed down like this, the grass would surely be there. How strange it would be if golden clothes had green grass!

    Urgent Lydia managed to shake her head, shoving his chest, but Marquez smiled and whispered in a flashy smile.

    "You have a purple dress, too. I think that would be pretty."

    The final gold dress was the candidate she was thinking about until the end. If she replaced it, he wouldn't mind ruining the gold dress she was wearing now. :blobbunny::blobbunny:

    Lydia hesitated and began to worry.
    “Oh, is that so?”
    “Oh, well, then you can wear the same color as me and Rumi”
    “That would be cute. Both you and Rumi."
    “I like it.” Marquez muttered as if he had been waiting and bit her earlobe. Before she knew it, a hard hand came down, burrowed beneath the luxuriant hem of her skirt.

    In an instant, one hand held her ankle, and the other hand patted her calf smoothly

    "Hey, not here."
    "I'd like to try it outside at least once.” (Marrr you...:blobbunny::blobbunny:)
    "Ahhhhh! Why do you remember that!”

    Lydia turned pale and covered his mouth with her hands.
    Her red face was burning and she felt like it was going to burst.

    Marquez still had the nerve to smile at her and gave her the palm of his hand. Surprised by him, Lydia took her hand off, and he held her by the wrist, raising the tail of his mouth as if he had waited.

    "Wasn't it a nit-fight operation? The one that made me sleep."
    "It's not true, it's not true."

    Lydia looked up at Marquez, who unwittingly swallowed her saliva and laughed dangerously. :blobamused:
    Then he slowly let go of her hand and neck, then lowered his head and looked for her lips.

    But when the frightened Lydia shut her lips tightly and refused to open them, he finally sighed and whispered. "I went out the back door a while ago and saw Rumi and the guys."
    "Oh? Oh? In the garden?"
    "Yes." Four of them”.

    Lydia let out a sigh of relief and drooped her shoulders, which had been strained. Then Marquez kissed right away lightly.

    Then, as if he had been waiting, he gently broke her legs and sat close between them.
    "You're right. From now on, Rumi's going out to meet people.”

    "Really? Good thinking!" Lydia didn't notice anything strange. Instead, she nodded gladly.

    Then Marquez grinned and hit her forehead.
    “And my wife, I'd like you to promise never to compliment another man.”
    “ It's not a promise. Because I want to be the only one on my wife's lips.”
    “Yeah, I got it. I promise you," said Lydia, nodding her head in a languid yet insistent voice.

    That jealousy that never disappears was honestly cute. Even when she casually complimented the guard, he stood right next to him and stared at him coldly.

    But in this situation, she just hoped it wouldn't get bigger.

    Lydia tried to lift herself up
    "Okay? Then let's go now. Let's try the Dresses!"
    "She seems busy playing with her friends. It'll be okay if it's a little late." :blob_blush:
    "What? Why?"

    The red eyes, facing the growing purple eyes, folded with a savage smile. It was a giddy smile that matched very well with a sculptural face. "I wish your head was full of me.”

    "Uh." While Lydia, who was dazed for a moment, blinked her eyes.

    "I always do, but isn't it my wife?"

    "No! Me, too!" Lydia, who didn't know it would be this long, quickly refuted it, but soon it became useless to her tight lips.

    A soft but possessive tongue tangled without giving her a little space, pushing her away.
    At one go the heat was high, and as she breathed, her eyes became hot. 'No, no, no, no,' Lydia hesitated and muttered.

    But for a moment, the hot, gentle touch disappeared without a trace of hesitation.

    “I love you.”
    “I love you, too.”
    “I love you so much that I'm going crazy.”
    (It's sooo cuuuute!!!!!!:blobupset::blobupset::blobupset:)

    Eventually, Lydia was tempted again and boldly pulled Marquez even more. As if falling into the sweet heights gradually, floundering in the ecstasy that comes upon it.
    Maybe it's because the place is an open garden, or because of the heat, it was much more persistent than usual.

    Eventually, Lydia lay on the soft grass, and with hot eyes, she looked up at him.

    Marquez, whose eyes sank, smiled in vain and kissed her feet, ankles and calves one after another.

    Coincidentally, it was a more breathtaking stimulus because it was a very meaningful part. "No, I'm proud," said Lydia, reaching out and pulling at Marquez's hem of clothing before she couldn’t afford to speak any more.

    Then he kissed her knees, thighs and slowly bowing down
    "I know you're already engraved in me. And Rumie is the proof of that." When he whispered in her ear as if he was telling a secret, her firm and flexible body became stiff.

    Marquez smiled briefly and murmured in a subdued silvery voice. "That sounds quite dangerous to me now, ..But I'm proud to keep fretting."

    Lydia pretended not to hear him, then snuggled up and kissed him on the back of his neck, and hurriedly stretched out her arms.

    Looking down at her with an expression of composure, Marquez did not hesitate any more.

    "I'll want you forever."
    "Me too, forever only you."
    Soft breeze, dazzling sun, fresh surrounding grass and flowers, a family tightly linked by love. This moment in which it all existed was precious and perfect. They couldn’t ask for anything more

    * * *

    “Oh, my Rumi is so pretty!” :blobmelt:

    “Woong, Mom.”

    “Oh yeah! Hoo-hoo, my Rumi is like you more.”

    “'Rumi. Dad's upset. Hurry up and go and give me a hug!"

    “No. Because Rumi's your daughter. You’re not upset”

    "Hoo-hoo. Honey, aren't you changing your face too fast? You like it so much."

    "..Mom, where are your shiny clothes?"

    "Cough! Huh?" :blobsleepless:

    "Mommy's clothes?"

    "Well, that's.... My clothes hurt today! So I’m coming next time to let Rumi see it?" :blobupset:

    “Why are your clothes hurt?”

    “Hey, Mariah! Help!" :blobsweat_2:

    "Hmm. Rumi, would you like to go see Daddy's clothes?Dad's clothes are shiny, too."

    "Woong. How do mom's clothes hurt?"

    "It's a little torn.." (Oh my what have you done :blobbunny::blobbunny:)

    "Oh no!"

    "Why?" :blobwoah:

    Like that, they were happy forever.
    The end!
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    OMG Thanks so much @mijikado ! I love the story about their kids!!!
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    Do they only have 1 child?
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    You are amazing! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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    thank you angel!!!!!!!!!! :blobhero::blobhero::blobpats::blobpats::blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed::blobmelt::blobmelt::blobsmirk::blobsmirk::blobpopcorn_cool::blobpopcorn::blobok::blobhighfive::blobamused::blobfistbumpL::blobfistbumpR::blob_patpat::blob_blush:blobmelt_thumbs
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    A very big thanks to @limulimu for spoiling this novel to the end:blob_pompom:
    I have been following this thread since the beginning and always waited patiently for your spoilers. Thank you very much for making time to do this. You really helped us a lot. You are an angel:bloblove::blobhighfive:
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    Side Story 1:

    The first SS has 7 chapters, and as @the Legendary Frog had already translated the first 2 chapters of the SS, I'm gonna just quote it here and put a mix of summaries/translations of chapters 3 to 7 :blobxd:

    Tyrins freaked out and told Marquez:

    “The normal signs of pregnancy suggest that the baby is healthy. But from now on, the baby will grow up actively, so you’ll have to be very very careful”

    Marquez beckoned that he had understood and ordered Tyrins to stay as the Empress’ doctor.

    Tyrins was still dumbfounded, but immediately answered the emperor's orders, opened the door and went out. He felt a hard and cool gaze was following him. Sadly, his plan to get out of the palace and live for a while failed. :notlikeblob:
    Come to think of it, Tyrins had never seen the emperor as “soft” in the absence of the Empress. The Emperor that the Empress saw was always with her. But somehow, the maids were all mouth-watering and praising the Emperor.
    Tyrins was very surprised as Marquez didn’t seem to be happy to have their first child.

    Anyway, he regretted knowing the excessive amount of information of their private life and hoped he would forget it quickly (6 times a day I’m still dead :blobrofl: )

    It was highly confidential that Heron's emperor was of mixed blood, and that the Empress had the energy of Lycan even though she was human. Even the Empress’ best friends didn’t know about it.
    Now, the peace agreement between man and Lycan was largely stable, but there were often disgruntled forces.
    Under these circumstances, if Heron's empress gave birth to a Lycan child, it would suggest the peace of the continent in the future.

    For the first time since ancient times, and for the first time since the curse was lifted, a creature with the blood of the Lycans would be born that would not harm humans.

    Tyrins took a flight of steps into the hallway towards the Empress's bedroom.

    * * *


    Marquez looked down at Lydia, who was digging into his chest, slowly pulled her closer and hugged her.
    It had been a long time since she was cold because of their child

    When he saw Lydia crouching at dawn, he readily began to warm her up with his body temperature.
    Before, he was cold and Lydia was warm, but now it was the opposite.
    ‘It’s not even winter yet, but why is she this cold?’

    Marquez stretched out his arm and gently pressed Lydia's back head to lean more on his arms, then sank into deep thought.

    “Mar! I'm so nervous. What do I do, I'm so happy!” :blobxd:

    When Marquez went back to their bedroom last night, Lydia ran and hugged him in her arms. Then she poured out joy and excitement in a higher voice than usual.
    She even asked with glistening eyes, noticing his slightly hardened face.

    “How about you?”

    Marquez hurriedly hugged Lydia.

    The truth was confusing, but the countless books and papers he read told him that he should be happy. Moreover, his lovely wife would be greatly disappointed if her husband did not be happy.He knew very well that Lydia had been secretly hoping to have a baby.

    “Thank you.”

    “Yes, me too!” :blob_pompom:

    Fortunately, Lydia seemed to think his strange rigid response was because he was so overwhelmed so she smiled happily and chatted in his arms.

    Lydia fell asleep first, while Marquez stayed up all night, holding his wife in his arms

    ‘What do you mean a child?’
    He was not ready yet. No, in fact, he never thought about it. However, the cause of the pregnancy was him.

    He was the one who didn’t take contraceptives in the midst of the excitement, so it was impossible to be disappointed with a child who would be born.

    He was not expecting at all because there had been no signs. When he heard the news of her pregnancy, he naturally decided to take good care of the child, but he was not sure if I could like it like Lydia.

    Marquez had never loved anyone but Lydia. Lydia was the first and only one he loved. How can you love someone else when you already have someone so precious and absolute? :notlikeblob:

    'What should I do?'

    Marquez, who had been confused all along for fear that Lydia might notice.

    He had never been loved by his parents, so he didn't know how to love his own child. But there was no other answer. He had no choice but to try.

    Fortunately, Marquez was quite used to pretending to be friendly to meet Lydia's expectations, as he constantly praised the maids for being kind and good.
    Thanks to her, his reputation in society has changed very positively these days. with some dull new nicknames, such as “Romanticist of the Century”, or “an ideal man's sample”. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Marquez prayed eagerly to his personality. ‘Please let me be a father who loves a child to be born’. Even if it was not love from the heartfelt love.

    * * * *

    “Yes!" Lydia nodded eagerly with a silver spoon in her mouth.
    Marquez, with a satisfied face, stood up, gently wiping the drops of soup on her lips while watching her enjoy the appetizer.
    It was Marquez who cooked for her, from appetizers to full-scale meals, and to desserts admissible by the biggest Chief.

    "I'll prepare the steak. You like it well-cooked, don't you?”
    He usually only made desserts, but he thought he'd need to cook her meals from now on because Lydia had to eat well.

    "Well, no. It's a little overcooked, but it's a bit stuffy."

    “What?” Marquez stopped there. :blobsleepless:

    In his surprised voice Lydia asked “why?’ with her eyes wide open.
    Marquez shook his head reflexively and gulped down his dry saliva.

    "Are you serious? You used to like it cooked to the core. You didn't want any blood left."

    “Yeah, I did, ..But I feel like eating something undercooked today. “

    Lydia thought it was also strange. Then she smiled brightly, saying, "Oh, my child changed my appetite."

    “So, you mean, medium-cooked?”

    “No, very rare”

    Marquez was struck with a throbbing shock.
    Now that she was pregnant, there was no problem with changing her appetite. But of all things, she wanted things that had blood left?

    "Can't you?" As he stood still, awkwardly firm, Lydia bit her sullen face. :blobconfounded:

    At that, Marquez came to his senses and reassured her.
    "No. I'll get it for you in a minute.” He hurried up and comforted Lydia with a big smile.

    Then Marquez rushed to the kitchen.
    "Get the chef right now.” He ordered

    "Yes, Your Majesty!"

    The chef, who was waiting with the steak meat, welcomed him.
    At first, the chef could not raise his head and was afraid, but when the emperor learned to cook from him for the empress, he was very happy and pleased. Thanks to this, it was the Chef who contributed a large portion to the Emperor's beautiful story after his maids these days.

    A plate of perfect rare steak was served with such an appetizing aroma.

    By the time Marquez had silently set up Lydia's favorite sauce, Tyrins arrived in the kitchen in a puff.

    "Your Majesty the Great emperor!”

    “The Empress has a problem.' Marquez beckoned the chef to serve the steak, and then said with a cracking voice.

    Tyrins opened his eyes wide and urgently asked, "What's wrong?" :blobscream:

    The chef, who was carefully moving the steak plate to the tray, quickly swallowed his breath.

    “The empress wants to eat the undercooked one," Marquez pointed at the rare steak in a mixed mood.

    Then Tyrins, who figured out the situation, looked blank.
    "This a very common symptom. It's not something you'd think seriously about."

    But Marquez opened his mouth seriously again.
    "The empress never liked being close to raw. But suddenly she was craving for the rest of the blood"

    "Yes. Her appetite has changed because of the baby." There was no sense of crisis with his calm voice.

    He himself was a Lycan and seemed to have no idea what the problem was. Marquez was holding back his urge to be angry.

    "If she’s craving bloody food during pregnancy, it doesn't mean the child wants blood."

    Marquez, who felt uncomfortable, answered coldly.
    "But what if it's because the curse?"

    "Well, it can't be. Surely because the curse of Lycan has been wiped out!" Tyrins jumped in contemplation

    Of course Marquez already knew. Since then, he has neither responded to human blood nor taken blood. But he couldn't help but worry that Lydia, who was fine, became fond of bloody food

    For Lydia's sake, for his own sake. With a complicated mind, he casually glanced at the pan where the steak was baked with all sorts of spices and rich butter.

    The juices of the undercooked meat remained with a savory aroma of edible jigsaws. It's obviously appetizing, but Marquez felt strangely sick as soon as he smelled it.

    'Is it because of the smell of blood?'
    Although he no longer craved blood, he did not know if his curse had disappeared or not. Anyway, if he's offended by the smell of blood, it was proof that there was no curse left.

    Then the probability of a curse remaining on his child would be low.
    Marquez took a deep breath holding the doorknob. He opened the door in a hurry, feeling relieved.

    Lydia, who was sitting at the end of the long table, approached him deliciously for rare steak and smiled at him.

    “Mar! Uh, Tyrins is here, too?”
    “I see the great Empress”' While nervous Tyrins bowed and greeted, Marquez smiled at her reflexively and moved on.

    He was relieved. Marquez only then felt a little more favourable to the child in his belly. It was more of a feeling than love.
    Anyway, his child was better than he was in his childhood, at least not putting his mother at risk.

    Marquez gave a secret sigh of relief and smiled brightly.
    Instead of sitting next to Lydia, he went behind her and buried his face at the nape of her neck.

    "What, now there's Tyrins," said Lydia, tickling, but Marquez took a deep breath of her flesh as soon as her sweet skin came into contact, he felt better again.

    “Oh!" Lydia was startled, but Marquez hugged her from behind

    “Ma, Mar, I'm going to get going.”

    “Well, I'm going to get going. Good time for you 2!"

    "Tyrins! You said you had something to report."

    "Sorry, Your Majesty! I was mistaken! I'll see you at the evening checkup!" Tyrins, who noticed the atmosphere was getting sticky, took the can and ran away like a shot. :blobflag:

    "Really! You made me embarrassed!" Lydia cried out as if she was resentful. :blob_pout:

    "Sorry," slowly, Marquez sat next to her. Then he held her chin and smiled affectionately.

    “tch, don't do that next time.”

    “Yes, I won't."

    Then Lydia, who had her lips sticking out, ate with a bright face again.
    Marquez glanced again at the steak, which was blood-stained, and turned his eyes again. In conclusion, he is perfectly cured, and he confirmed that there was nothing wrong with his kid.

    “Do you want some?”

    “It's all right.”

    Lydia's appetite had changed. Just as the rare steak, she liked raw vegetables too.

    “That's amazing, my taste is totally the opposite of what I normally like.”

    “If you want to eat, tell me. I'll make it all for you."

    "Really? Thank you, my husband is the best!" Lydia came hugging his neck, crying with touching eyes.

    The “Husband” title was always exciting for Marquez. He sat her on his lap as if he had waited, and shamelessly put on her fruit-flavored lips.

    Lydia laughed and tapped his chest with her arms.
    Marquez thought to himself that Lydia's meal had to be made by himself, for the next three weeks of marriage leave.

    Marquez went to bed with his lovely wife in a proud mood. And the very next morning, he realized that something was seriously wrong.
    Mar woke up earlier than Lydia to prepare breakfast.
    Today was the day which held the talk on a peace agreement with other countries who attended the wedding.

    Marquez scheduled the meeting early in the morning to save as much time as possible with Lydia.

    Marquez began to cook, focusing on non-stimulating flavors, to suit Lydia's changed diet. And at the moment when the chef was about to take the raw meat out. He felt nauseous so Marquez unwittingly backed away.
    Fortunately the chef didn't notice anything strange.

    What was that feeling? Was it because I smelled too much food on an empty stomach?But skipping meals doesn't make me weak.’

    The agony was brief as the symptoms disappeared like a mirage, and he was busy.
    Strangely enough, Marquez soon forgot the fact and turned round and headed for the conference room.

    Marquez looked at the representatives from Periland, Vittra, Takerion and Genovia as. He noticed Yurishina, who was standing with a slightly swollen belly.
    It was Yurishina, who led the class the meeting today. That's how the talks began with a sense of speed, and a number of issues began to be concluded without difficulty. :blobparty:

    Marquez was fanned by the enthusiasm for ending the talks before lunchtime. A few hours later, thanks to her, the talks were almost finished

    Around lunchtime, Tyrins knocked at the door, bringing some snacks for the guest.

    When the mysterious smell poked Marquez’s nose, the nausea popped out.

    “Your Majesty, Your Majesty?”

    “Your Majesty the Emperor?”

    A brief silence. And immediately everyone was in a consternation and buzz. :blobscream:

    As he was reeling, Marquez opened his eyes with his hands covering his nose.
    Tyrins, whose eyes were as big as a drop, was seen holding a tray of sandwiches.
    "Huaaa, Emperor? Uh, are you sick?!"

    Even in the midst of chaos, Marquez instinctively knew that there must have been meat in his sandwich

    Before they knew it, the atmosphere in the conference room was in turmoil, thinking a Lycan was trying to attack the emperor with a sandwich (I know it’s a serious passage but I laughed so much at this :blobrofl::blobrofl:)

    Then Marquez remembered that he was strange since yesterday when he started grilling steak. Marquez gritted his teeth and opened his mouth.
    "Whenever I smell the meat, Oouuug!"

    He just thought of an undercooked steak, but the symptoms were much worse. :blobdead:

    "Oh, my God! Your Majesty, I need to speak to the Imperial Household at once!”:blobscream:

    It was when Tyrins, whose complexion had turned white, was tearful when he heard Yurisina's interested voice breaking through the crowd.

    “By any chance, isn't it morning sickness?” :hmm:

    A few times heavier silence than before fell on the room. :blobneutral::blobneutral:

    * * *

    "What? How does a man get morning sickness?" :blobsleepless:
    Lydia asked in a startled voice. Marquez shook his head and pulled Lydia's hand.

    But Lydia, without turning her head, demanded an explanation from Tyrins.

    Marquez sighed deeply. It was embarrassing to make her run to the place where she had a good rest after making a fuss.

    In the meantime, as soon as he smelled Lydia's body, his stomach calmed down and he had nothing to say.

    "Hee, it's not common," he said with a big smile, but Tyrins was forced to put up with it as he sent a disapproving look at Lydia.

    "If you're very nervous and concerned about your wife's pregnancy, there's a case where your husband gets morning sickness. It's a psychological symptom that comes from a concern for your wife and children." :blob_coffee:

    Lydia, who had heard the kind explanation, looked back at Marquez with rabbit’s eyes. Marquez quickly closed his eyes and smiled, but Lydia began to weep with a moved look.

    "You were so worried? I'm really okay. It must have been hard......... ":blob_teary:

    “Oh, no. It wasn't that hard." Marquez quickly lied without salivating.

    Then he held her tightly in his arms and asked Tyrin
    “'So you're sure the Empress doesn’t have morning sickness?”

    “Yes, Your Majesty. The empress probably has no symptoms of morning sickness, given that the baby is growing briskly.”

    Marquez felt strange at the strange experience. There was no cure for psychological factors. So he was saying that he would have to keep going on until the baby was born?
    ‘Let's not think about it. You can't look ugly in front of Lydia.’

    Marquez clung to her neck, hugging her waist, and hurriedly sent Tyrins out.

    "Wow, Yurisina is really quick-witted. My Marr, you must be mad, aren't you?"
    Lydia, who was hugging him, raised her head and laughed.

    And Marquez wondered if it was better for him to have morning sickness instead of Lydia since it didn't make sense for Lydia to do such a hard thing.
    'That's a relief.' Marquez was so relieved.

    Then he thought of a book for a moment:

    It was about the general description of pregnancy. He vaguely remembered that it spoke passionately about morning sickness as a natural and rewarding symptom.
    'I'm gonna have to deprive the author of his degree. I can't believe he taught me the pain my wife might have suffered.’
    All useless things should be collected and burned down immediately. (Mar you must think about other pregnant women too :blobrofl:)

    Marquez twisted the tip of his lips and hugged Lydia more tightly in his arms.

    The, a good idea flashed through his mind. He immediately stepped down with a bright face.
    “Let chairman Tyrins take my place in the future.”

    “..EHH??” :sweating_profusely:

    “'Now that we have almost agreed on details, all we have to do is to monitor whether they are properly implemented. So, to solve the Lycan problem, I'm asking you to act as assistant manager at this time. Take care of it yourself and make a follow-up report. Now was the right time to make my wedding leave.” (more like a maternity leave haha)

    But Lydia gave out a little exclamation and shouted in an excited voice before he ran out to inform the doctor.

    "The baby just got full. I guess you can't wait to name it!"
    This chapter was soo sweet so I just put the whole translation here :blobmelt:

    “Are you saying it kicks?” Marquez sat in bed again bewilderedly, hurriedly examining Lydia. "Are you all right? Are you not hurt?" :blobdizzy:

    “Yes, I'm fine. It never kicked this hard, but I think it knows you are touching it."
    You're in a belly, and you recognize me?’ Marquez was in a strange mood and put his hand back on Lydia belly without knowing it.

    Lydia smiled and hugged him with her back in his arms.
    Before they knew it, they leaned against the head of the bed, sharing their body temperature affectionately, and only stroking Lydia’s stomach.

    "Um...What would be good…..What about “Luca”? I made this up in advance, and Tyrins says it means "Starlight" in the Lycan native language, or “As”? It's a word from you and me."

    With a jagged voice and a half-spirited stomach, Marquez murmured, smearing lips on the nape of her neck.
    "Everything's good. But why are they all male names?"

    "Yurishina and Ella both had sons. It's not that there's a basis, but I wonder if our baby is also likely to be a boy."

    Marquez snorted his head.
    "Then I'll take Luca. I love the meaning of starlight,"

    Lydia said proudly, stroking her belly with her hands superimposed on his hand. “Luca” :blob_grin:

    The tone was good and the meaning was good. Marquez nodded his head to show consent, and began to think about this and that.
    In the book, it was said that the most romantic thing to do was to pick a letter from each parent's name.

    "If it's a daughter, it could be ‘Luel’ or ‘Lumi’."

    "Oh, it feels like Luca. Great! That's a Lycan native language, right? “Lydia asked in an excited voice. :aww:

    It was the first time he had acted his way without copying the book, and fortunately the response was good. Marquez felt proud with relief as he put Lydia and his forehead together.

    "Luel means moonlight, and Lumi means light."

    When Marquez explained the second name, the belly was full of energy.
    Lydia and Marquez stopped talking at that moment and looked at each other with surprised faces.


    When Lydia sang it again as if she could not believe it, the part where they put their hands on it rang out as if to announce that it was not an illusion.

    "Wow, Lumi must like it," Lydia said playfully "I'd be embarrassed if you were a boy."

    Marquez, in an indescribable strange mood, gently stroked the area where the child had pumped.
    In his awkward yet mysterious half-nung, Lydia secretly encouraged him to sing it one more time. He slowly puffed his lips in a strange mood.

    "...Lumi." As soon as he sang softly, the belly shook as if excited.

    Lydia burst into laughter, whispering that the baby seemed to like its dad a lot.
    Usually, it was gentle and calm, but it becomes active as soon as his father called him.

    "Are you feeling a little comfortable now?"

    It was strange. They had never seen each other before, and it felt like they were getting closer in a matter of months.
    He didn't even know if he was a good father, but how could a baby like him?
    ‘I only gave you a name.’

    "Good for you. You can get close like this step by step. I can't wait to meet you!” a happy Lydia dug into Marquez’s arms and hugged him.
    With his eyes folded, Marquez raised Lydia's head and naturally overlapped her lips.


    After she was pregnant, there wasn’t a strong act of affection.
    Because of the ban (obviously :blobrofl:), Marquez expressed his love for her with a kiss.
    But then, Lydia pushed him away before he could even mix his tongue a few times (Marquez how thirsty are you? :blob_pout:)

    Seeing that she even opened her eyes, she seemed to have something to say. Marquez let her go, pressing down on the hot desire from below.

    "Do you want to change our title when the baby is born"


    “But you'll learn that naturally as it grows up.”

    Marquez liked Lydia to call him by his name, but he nodded because he wanted to listen to whatever she wanted.
    Then Lydia kissed him lightly on the chin and whispered.

    "My dear,"
    A sweet, rusty voice pierced into his ears. He felt a shudder coming from all over his body, and it felt pitiful.

    Marquez gave her a soft hug to the waist in an instant. And as he saw the surprised purple eyes, he quickly overlapped his lips.
    It was soft and slow, but the heat surrounding them was getting deeper and hotter.


    Lydia drew him a little more.
    Gladly taken, Marquez tried to keep the stimulus from going beyond its limits, rubbing the darker, dizzying sensations.
    Even though it was so hot that the glass wall nearby was faintly steaming.

    After the first communion with the baby, Marquez's morning sickness, which had been unusually severe, had completely disappeared.
    Lydia, who was full but had no special door to movement, became weaker and had more time to stay in her bedroom than her favorite garden and greenhouse.
    Tyrins diagnosed that the baby was coming out soon.

    Marquez took care of his wife more frugally than before.
    As Lydia was lacking appetite, Marquez has cooked more nutritious food than ever before, and has picked up flowers grown in greenhouses every day.
    If she suddenly shed tears or felt depressed for no reason, he held her tight in his arms and soothed her kindly for hours.

    Even though the maids told him to take a break, he would never leave Lydia's side.

    * * *
    One unusually cold winter day, the first snow fell. And the first child of Lydia and Marques came down to the world.
    "Your Majesty, you may go in."

    Marquez, who had been biting his lips to the point of bleeding from hours of screaming, jumped inside.
    After hearing that the Emperor was restless during childbirth, Tyrins smiled and closed the open door with a smile

    "Oh,dear " looking exhausted, but Lydia called him with a bright look. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    Marquez hugged her tightly, feeling choked.
    "I love you."
    He was glad, sorry, grateful, all mixed up with all sorts of feelings, and he could barely say that.

    But Lydia smiled, hugging him as if she knew everything.
    Marquez kissed her so many more times, muttering, "I love you."
    It just didn't look like it's going to end, so after Lydia slipped his chest out, he stepped back.

    "You have to see the baby," said Lydia, who whispered gently in his ear.
    Marquez slowly took himself off.

    His heart beat faster than when he confronted numerous enemies alone on the battlefield. :notlikeblob:
    He felt awkward and unfamiliar
    'I wish I could do well. Please act naturally like a normal father.’ Marquez prepared to bring out the personality in case. And he was nervous.:sweating_profusely:

    "Lumi," whispered Lydia, bringing the baby completely to Marquez.

    The little baby, which was purring as if sleeping, opened its eyes.
    A girl. With smooth silver hair, a red-eyed baby resembling the sun.

    "It looks exactly like you, doesn't it?" Lydia smiled brightly at a baby girl who looked just like him. :blobicecreamlove:

    Marquez had hoped it would resemble Lydia, son or daughter, but now he couldn't say anything. Her hair color, her eyes, her face, his daughter.

    "Lumi," Marquez whispered unknowingly.

    Then the baby began to babble, blinking his long silvery eyebrows. :blobxd:
    Lydia was delighted that the child already knew its name.

    After holding the baby silently for a long time, Marquez carefully laid the baby beside him when tired Lydia fell asleep. The baby, wrapped in a small blanket, snarled vigorously and soon followed its mother, yawning lightly and closing its eyes.

    Marquez looked at the two most tightly connected people in the world. And then he leaned down slowly, kissing Lydia's forehead, cheek and lips in turn. With repeated whispers of love in one's ears, Lydia's face lost its laughter as if it had been heard in her sleep.

    Marquez stroked her cheek carefully and then looked at the baby, whose eyes were glistening again.

    "Lumi Heron," he carefully called its name.

    Marquez reached out and stroked its soft, short silvery hair. Marquez stood there for a long time after his daughter fell asleep again.

    The flat snow piled up, until it finally whiteened his new world.

    Side notes :
    can be said as « Lumi » or « Rumi » (as ㄹ= R or L, and R is often used in the beginning of a sentence) . That’s why in the Epilogue I chose to use « Rumi » but after reading the side story, « Lumi » seems more appropriate. Sorry about that! :blobupset:

    If it's okay for you guys, I can also put on the translations for the 2nd SS (8 to 0) as well :blobsmilehappy:
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