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    that's too fluffy it's adorkable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt::blobmelt::bloblove::bloblove:blobmelt_thumbsblobmelt_thumbs
    thank you so much and awaiting the next spoiler!!!!!!! :cookie::cookie::blobpats::blobpats::blobhero::blobhero::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn_cool::blob_patpat::blobhighfive:
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    Dear! Thank you very much for your spoilers
    All those fluffy moments are filling my heart:blobnosebleed:

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    a deja vu? From lucia to here i found 3 male leads getting worried about the baby kicking XD
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    Side Story 2: A story no one knows
    Bwaaa it was so sad :blob_teary::blob_teary:

    Caien was a strong man. He was the strongest amongt the Lycan mixed-race group that were raised together.
    With light hair, he was born with a strong physique and strengh, but also with a severe thirst for human blood. He reacted more violently to human blood than anyone else.

    The Lycan mixed-races were divided into different roles, from assassins to mercenaries, the stronger they were, the higher they climbed.
    That's why Caien was ordered to go to Heron, the most powerful country in the midst of an endless war, and his role was to become a knight of an aristocratic family, to go to the war and to kill as many humans possible.
    Growing up for only this reason, Caien accepted the mission and left for Heron.
    Thanks to his good looks and strenght, he became firstly a mercenary, then an apprentice of an old knight and finally a low level knight of an Ancien Duke family.
    Caien became the first commoner knight to enter the war and thrashed his thirst on the battlefield as he wished.

    "What's your name? No one knows your name. Can you tell me?"
    Elysia was the Duke's second daughter.

    Their first meeting began with him who gave her a piggyback ride. She was a naive young girl who enjoyed romantic novels, and was excited to meet the most popular and famous knight in society. She chattered with him constantly, with her on his back.

    "You’re even cooler up close. But don't you have a real fiancee? Why not?"

    “'No need.”

    “Oh, you're lying. Do you happen to have a girl you like? You gave up early because now you are so high."


    "Hmm, you must be real. Then what about me?" Whispered in his ear, it was a half-hearted, half-curiosity prank.

    Caien thought she was a very cool girl who spoke quite aggressively. He came back without a reply, but from that day on he felt a faint curiosity about her.
    Women liked him, but they found him difficult. Maybe it was because she was still young, but Elysia was the first woman to approach Caien without hesitation.

    But Caien was still young, and he had to go to war without a break.
    So many years have passed. The curse grew more and more.

    After three years of fighting on the battlefield due to the war of conquest, he finally returned to the Duke family. Unfortunately, the curse became worse day by day. When rumors circulated that he was suffering from an insanity for murder, the rush of marriage stories disappeared.

    Nearly 10 years have passed since the duke's first daughter became the empress but she did not have children. Because of his political relations with the ancient duke family, the emperor was unable to destroy the empress’ family.
    And in the end, out of anger at the empress and greed, the emperor wanted the duke's second daughter as a new wife.

    The duke was reluctant but he had no choice but to save his first daughter and family. Eventually, Elysia decided to become the concubine of the emperor, her sister's husband, on Caien’s return.

    The cheerful woman lost her smile.

    It was the night after Cayenne returned to the Duke that she was reunited with.

    While strolling through the deep night garden by chance, he found Elysia stabbing herself with a poisoned knife. Caien immediately reacted to the blood, and when he came to his senses, Elysia was crying in front of him.

    He was surprised to see her alive. It was because he was not very thirsty since he had just come back from the war.

    Moreover, he even sucked all the poison that was mixed with her blood. Caien saved Elysia, who was about to commit suicide.
    “Oh, why did you save me?”

    “Not that.”

    “I'm responsible.”

    She tried to die, but he saved her, so she insisted on taking responsibility.

    Caien, who has been caught drinking human blood since he lost her reason, was relieved that she was mistaken. However, the only person the unfortunate girl, abandoned by her parents and sisters, could rely on, coincidentally, was her lifesaver.

    With less than a year to go into the Imperial City, Elysia chased Cayenne, with her affection directed at him.

    Caien dodged her in embarrassment, but Elysia hovered around him, taking the secret of drinking blood hostage.

    So one reunion, two, three, four. The meeting between the two continued.

    Caien was originally indifferent to everything. However, he was getting tired of the battlegrounds, which were full of screams and death, and felt empty in the situation where everyone was scared and hungry.

    One day, the emperor, who was curious about his younger sister-in-law (who you wanted to take as a concubine :blobangery:), came to the duchy with the empress.

    And when he saw Elysia, who was as beautiful as the sun, he gave the present and went back with great joy. With the words,

    "I'll only wait for the day you enter the palace next year.”
    That night, Elysia came to his bedroom.

    “Sleep with me,” she threatened, “or I'll die.” She'd rather die than be a concubine, tormenting her sister.

    "I like you, Cayenne."

    When he saw Elysia, who was shedding tears with a face of no hope, he realized that he couldn't live without losing her.

    For him, who lived a bloody barren life, Elysia was a resting place. He loved her. He wanted to be her hope. Instead of taking her life away, he'ld take it.

    That night, Caien embraced Elysia. Standing on the brink of death, she regained her reason to live on his warmth. The two became more and more deeply connected. As she kept secret from people's eyes, he checked his mind and went out of warmth.

    Elysia relied on him and gave him life, and Caien was comforted by her and guarded her.

    But the peaceful rest period soon ended. A war would soon begin. Naturally, the mansions increased in number, and the secret relationship of the young lovers began to leak out a little.

    No one dared to make a rumor by weaving the Duke’s daughter, who would become a concubine, and the famous knight, but the Duke, the father, vaguely noticed the strange relationship between the two, recommended that Caien fight for the last time.

    "It's a very important battle. If you come back with a victory telegram, I'll give you the top."

    The Duke made an offer he couldn't resist.

    "If you become a nobleman, you will have rich wealth and comfortable resting places, so it will be easy to start a family and protect them."

    Although his reputation was higher than any other aristocrat due to his performance on the battlefield, his status was Caien, a commoner knight. The common people were always forced to obey the nobility.

    He thought that he should take Elysia and flee to the countryside.

    No one would interfere with his estate as a war hero, and no one would be interested in his private life thanks to his notorious deeds.

    The Duke demanded that he leave immediately tomorrow. Caien accepted the duke's offer and went to visit Elyshia.

    "Don't go, please. I don't want to be apart from you."

    "I'll be right back. When I get back, I'll be honored, and I'll take you to the outskirts immediately. Until then.."

    “I had a child.”

    Elysia clung crying. Like the first night she threatened to die if he didn't sleep with her. Cayenne was surprised at the news of Elysia's pregnancy, but he was not agitated and sweetened her. If he had a child, he’d need a title even more.

    Even if they ran away together right now, the status of the aristocrat, who had the right to autonomy and inviolability of the common people to be summarily disposed of if caught, was much more likely to resist. Elysia cried all night in the arms of Caien. She was already attached to the child, and couldn’t push it to die.

    She also knew the need for the aristocracy title, so she had no choice but to have a bright morning.

    Elysia was also present at the scene of seeing off Caien and the soldiers who were going to the war. She couldn't hold him anymore because of other people's eyes. Only a handkerchief handed down to the knight leading the army was put into his chest as a ritual. But she could not easily leave his presence.

    The lovers left without making eye contact.

    Elysia walked into the mansion pretending to be calm, but broke down crying. All the people from the duke family who witnessed the sight knew the secret rumors were real.

    Caien thought the war would end soon. The Duke tried hard to push him to every limb.

    He was stronger than ever, with a good reason to go back. He did not sleep, but defeated the enemy.

    The day before he finally entered the final battle, one Lycan mixed-blood who grew up with him as a child, came to see him. He said he would join the battle as a mercenary, praising the whole clan for being satisfied with Caien's brilliant performance.

    Caien had no intention of continuing Lycan's fate any longer, but it was a little pleasant for the family to meet after a long time. And without any doubt, he drank the drink he gave to him.

    And when he got his reason back, it was five months after that.
    Cayenne couldn't believe himself in captivity in a cave that he grew up in as a child. The leader, Lothbar, appeared and restrained him.

    "Your performance was excellent. You destroyed every human being in the area. Now that you have done so perfectly that human blood forms a river, your radiance in human society is over."

    What he drank was an amplifying drug. Even if one's body is damaged to the point where one's muscles are cut off, only one's instinct for revenge ran wild. After taking the medicine, he broke thousands and tens of thousands of bones and drew blood, but couldn't recover his reason with the lingering thirst.

    After brutally trampling on enemy troops, allies and nearby villages and kingdoms, he was brought to the clan after being manipulated for his death. The Lycans used Caien until the very end.

    It is said that it is a duty for outstanding seeds to be preserved and handed down to future generations. At birth, Caien did not know that he had been selected for such a task. Angry Caien knocked Lothbart down and escaped.

    Normally, if he took the medicine, he lost his reason for a year, so none of the careless Lycan could stop him. Although the muscles have melted and broken, and most of the old strength is gone, he was able to squeeze out enough strength and went back to the Heron Empire.

    There was only one thought in the head of Caien across the border.

    ‘Please, let Elysia and the child be safe.’
    But the Duchy he visited was depressed. With Caien's performance, the Duke built more wealth and fame, but lost his second daughter

    "She gave birth to a child and died."

    Shortly after Caien's departure, Elysia confessed to the Duke and her sister about her pregnancy and begged them to bring him back. The frightened Duke and Empress collaborated to hide the fact that she had a child.

    If the Emperor found out, they'll all be executed. Fortunately, Duke thought it was the best to make Alysia's child the child of the empress. If the empress gives birth to a child, the concubine is not necessary.

    Elysia was troubled, but there was nothing she could do. While the Caien was constantly ringing the news of victory, the Empress “became pregnant”. She lied and stayed as her father's duchy.

    Unusually, Elysia's child grew up fast. She gave birth prematurely.
    On the day the news of her death, Elysia gave birth much earlier than scheduled. And her son, instead of breast milk, drank his mother's blood.

    Elysia, weakened by a sudden premature birth, could not resist the child’s asking for blood, and died quietly alone. :blob_teary::blob_teary::blob_teary::blob_teary::blob_teary:

    On that morning, the Duke was frustrated without knowing the truth, but only the empress, who had heard the secret of her sister's lover, remained calm.
    She held her sister's funeral in secret, and returned to the Imperial City, secretly feeding the infant the blood of beasts. Elyshia's death became known to the world only after the foolish emperor declared her child the Crown Prince.

    The Duke who lost his second daughter was rapidly decrepit. He was so weak that he looked helplessly at Caien. He secretly let his daughter's lover back to her palace.

    "You are not qualified. If you really loved my sister, you shouldn't have been so irresponsible then."

    The empress, who didn't know Caien was in a Lycan mixed-race trap, misunderstood him as having changed his mind and left her.
    But he couldn't make an excuse. Elyshia was as good as dead because of him.

    "Fortunately, the child has silver hair. I have silver feet, too. It had already become my child and had been crowned the Crown Prince. It will only grow without a hitch. So you must forget this child cleanly,"

    The cold-hearted empress froze the child in her arms naturally. The baby's sucking bottle was filled with a mixture of milk and blood. Caien stared blankly at the Empress and slowly looked at the child. A boy. Silver hair and red eyes. Overall, he and Elysia were cut in half. Its hair, eyes, and nose were his, but its lips and cheeks were hers.

    The wriggling fingers were hers, too. He could tell it was their child by looking at it for a moment like this. It was pensive enough to pick out each and every resemblance to her.

    But the empress ordered him to leave now. She reminded him that if he is caught, not only the two of them but also the child would die.

    "......Let me name the child, please"

    "The child is the future emperor. It will inherit one of the names of its predecessors."

    "There is a name that I chose with her"


    The name was given by Elysia. At dawn, the very next day, when Caien heard about her pregnancy. Of course, it was a Lycan native language, but Elysia wanted to name it that way because she didn't want the child to forget its father.

    It meant ‘love’.
    "Grandpa, have you heard the rumor?"

    When Caien sold the sheep and turned around, Lena, excitedly shouting in the market floor, ran and pulled on the hem of his clothes. Caien smiled faintly and stroked her head and asked affectionately.
    “What rumors?”

    “About Heron's Emperor!” Cayenne hesitated.

    But soon, he got rid of the ticket and walked holding the child's hand. It was no wonder. As the war ended and Heron made peace first, his son was constantly rising from all over the continent.

    It was not a sad and miserable story like before. As the name Elyshia gave him, his son at last grew up to be a loving man who cared more about his wife than for his life.

    'That's enough.' Even though Marquez didn't know about his existence, he was satisfied even if he didn't see him for the rest of his life.

    Miraculously, just as he was released from the curse, his father was also released from the curse of blood. His guilt, which was not only Elysia, but also leaving her child unhappy (it was not your fault :blob_teary::blob_teary:)

    Caien was thinking of living in the hope of the child's happiness for the very near future of her life.

    "Why, what else did the emperor give the empress?"

    Some remembered the blood-stained past, but Marquez’s reputation gradually changed as the emperor compensated for the damage of the war and went crazy to the general public. The rumor of a devoted husband was a very good topic of conversation, playing a big part in the emperor's changed reputation.

    Thanks to this, not only Heron but also everyone in the Great Land these days were envious and amazed by their stories.

    “No, not the gift! A few days ago, a princess was born. So they're going to give gifts to all over the continent soon to celebrate her birth. Uncle Hans said he could take us too!"

    The princess.
    She was a granddaughter to him.
    He really became a grandpa. Caien was dumbfounded by surprise.

    Even though he’d been treated as an old man because he looked much older than his age. But now that he had a granddaughter, he felt really old.

    ‘How happy would she be when Elishia heard this?’

    Thinking that he should quickly go to her grave and tell her (this got me right in the feels :blobsneeze:), Caien returned home with the excited Lena, in a small house in a small, peaceful, secluded field where he grew crops and raised livestock.


    By the time Caien had just arrived along the trail with Lena, the children who had been out of the house in a roar somehow rushed to shout out to him.

    Caien approached with surprise, wondering what was going on.

    “Why are you all out?”

    “Hurry up! Come on!”

    The children's faces were all red. Fortunately, it didn't seem to be a big deal, but the children dragged him around without any explanation.

    Caien, puzzled, was led into the house by several hands. And what he saw was a package of gifts with his house full. Clothes, toys, and oddities that children might like. Highly delicious foods.

    “What's going on?”

    “Some old men came by the day and left! They said it was a gift for my grandfather and us! Here you go!"

    The children, who shouted as they had managed to hold Caien back,cheered. And each of them got noisy choosing what they wanted.

    Cayenne was still dumbfounded and looked around. He couldn't understand what was going on. No one had ever given him a gift like this without any parents or brothers. Maybe it was a mistake. Worried about so many great things, he took the bread off from his hand and quickly opened the luxurious envelope.

    "Wow! Grandpa, who gave me this?”


    “Is this my birthday present? But Mr. Hans said earlier that he hadn’'t given it to me yet!" Excited Lena hugged the teddy bear and clung to his leg.

    Caien, who read the whole enveloppe at once, slowly sat down in his chair and held the letter tightly in his arms. It was just paper, but it was warm enough for him.

    "The woman who caught Mary on the street sent it to us. The one who had blond hair and purple eyes. She's a real princess.”

    Lena glistened her eyes on his lap. Lena often broached her words after that. She used to mutter to him that the woman must be the princess, saying she was the prettiest and softest person she had ever seen.

    Caien laughed, saying she might. But he had no idea what her present status was: an aristocrat or princess, judging from the mere happiness and full-feeling of her appearance.

    The letter was full of familiar energy.

    ‘ It's a gift for your granddaughter. Nobody knows about this except me, so I hope you don't have a problem. I would like to provide you with a new house and gold for an orphanage so that you can take good care of your children as you like.

    The empress. ’

    When they were reunited here, he thought it was a strange fate, but he never knew it would be so closely connected.

    Well, for some reason, because of the familiarity, she told him a personal story, in addition to her own story. Maybe it was because she was her son's companion and his son's love. He wished they could meet again someday.

    It must be hard, right? But he hoped they were always healthy. He hoped they were always happy from afar. It was him who had defeated the traces of Lottwart and his successor and removed the old vengeance. He unraveled the terrible curse Caien had handed down to his son, which had made him lose even his mother and become alone. He had driven the miracle of true peace to this land, defeating the everlasting madness and hatred.

    The baby's name is Lumi. The full name is Lumines Heron.

    ‘Lumi…’ He understood the meaning of the name at once. The name of the son, which Elishia had named, and the name of her granddaughter also contained meaning and warmth. He was thrilled.

    Caien smiled at Lena, who was jumping, and the children who were elated. and slowly grasped the letter paper full of love and warmth in the heart.

    After losing his lover, he felt a new flesh coming up from the wound in his heart that had been torn apart.


    The light of the world. Every time the name was in his mouth, the distant feeling came back to him and covered him. Like magic, Lumi really brought light to his world.

    With the children full of life, Caien laughed as happily as ever. It was happiness that he felt after a long time.

    One SS left and the novel will be completed! :blobhero:
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    THIS IS SOO.................BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Third Side Story: 'Toward the Stars' Backstory

    In case you're confused, the third story is more like a "What if" story.
    In this timeline, the Lydia we knew was in Odil's body while Odil was in Lydia's body.

    Odil looked into the mirror and was appalled. :sweating_profusely: The figure in front of her was not a Lycan, but a human girl with purple eyes and blonde hair.
    Disgusted but she realized the next day that the body was that of Lydia Odette, the future 30th concubine of the Emperor.

    There were hanging signs of her neck. Odil understood that the young girl had committed suicide because she didn't want to become a concubine. The moment the soul died, she seemed to have caught the body.

    Odil changed her plan. It would be mory interesting to become the emperor's concubine, seduce him, then unleash an endless war between nations. :blobthinkingsmirk:
    'It would be an easy and fun way to get people kill themselves, 'she thought

    The ballroom became silent, the music stopped, people shook and shut their mouths.
    Marquez just cut off a woman throat and immediately left the ballroom.

    "Your Majesty, did you have a problem?" Jamie, dressed as the emperor was running. :sweating_profusely:
    The dead woman was the 30th concubine
    "She had an Astra"
    "Yes?" :sweating_profusely:
    "I hear she's a woman who's been constantly pushing for trouble among concubine. Do you know why she has Astra in her hand?"
    Seeing Jamie's face, it seemed like he didn't know anything.

    Marquez didn't care much about the concubines, but he knew that the Astra flower was only grown in Periland. Seeing the 30th concubine entered proudly into the palace with the flower, he just pretended to be naive and asked her
    "It none of your business!" :blobangery:
    It was clearly a reaction from someone who knew Astra.

    Marquez then sneaked into the palace disguised as a servant in order to watch over the woman.
    The 30th concubine tried to lure the Periland's princess into the balcony and secretly arguing with her.
    Mar knew for sure that she was a psy to wanted to use Astra to destabilize Heron Empire. He took off his blade and struck her neck.

    Marquez knew that Periland pretended to surrender and would later rebel against Heron Empire, as they knew how to deal with Astra poison. He decided that as soon as he had extracted the Astra's secret, he would wipe out Periland out of the map.

    Jamie was used to approach Periland's Princess, Yurishina, and dig out her inner thoughts. However, Marquez saw that Jamie began to have feelings to the Princess.
    But Jamie was in his palm, and it would not be hard to get rid of Jamie and Yurishina when he finally knew the secret.

    However, the man in love was more courageous than expected. Jamie had been digging up Astra's information steadily and decided to use the poison on Marquez, disguised it as a 'cure for fatigue' (No whyyy Jamie agaiiin :blobdizzy:) After Marquez died, Jamie would then become a real Emperor.

    In an unknown village, Marquez 's vision became blurred, he collapsed helplessly and lost his mind :blob_teary:

    Meanwhile, a man and woman in white wedding robes were kissing.
    Yurishina smiled, and even the emperor's lips curved gently. Now the 2 were married and united forever.

    The emperor whispered in her ear: "I'll make you happy forever"

    It was a love that overcame many hardship. No future would have been more glorious.
    Yurishina smiled happily and kissed the emperor again.
    A loud shout rang out.
    Finally, it was an era of love and peace.

    It was the end of 'Toward the Stars'.

    Far away from the Heron empire, a girl was shouting in a crawling voice to sell some flowers (You can already guess who she is haha :blobxd:). It was her first time selling flowers !
    Today's business seemed to go well.
    "I'll come out again tomorrow!" :blobhero: She covered the flowers in the basket with a net and quickly left the market

    She went toward the mountain, where there was a house where she lived here alone.
    "Ha, I hope Lothvard didn't come back."
    Before that, she had to save money and run away. (our MC really had a thing with flower and running away :blobxd:)

    It had been since she came into the world of this novel, in the body of a strange woman.
    Her real name was Seo Joo-in. She was burned to death in her sleep (Oh my that's so sad :blob_teary:), and when she opened his eyes, she was a woman of great beauty . A new being with silvery hair, amber eyes, and a goddess-like atmosphere.

    Her strangers surroundings fondly took care of her and taught her a lot. The name of the woman with a beautiful and ecstatic appearance is Odil. So she knew that she had become a Lycan and their queen.

    After months of inactivity, the owner has no choice but to accept the reality.
    (From now on we'll call her "the owner" :blobxd:)

    Fortunately, the owner is not envious of others at the moment. Everyone called her successor and supported her like a queen, and took good care of her.
    But there was still discomfort: Lothbard, second only to her status, always talked about the old vengeance.

    Luckily, Lothbart didn't live with her. He visited her only twice a year on a regular basis, so it was generally a comfortable life. The owner originally lived in a cave with her servants. But when she asked to have a place of her own, the servants built her a house and moved to the village below the mountain.

    Thanks to them, now the owner was enjoying a quiet and pleasant life alone, except for visits by servants who procured household supplies once a week.

    'But I can't live here forever.'
    'And I hate eating blood.' :blobcry:

    The Lycans had to drink human blood regularly. Originally she was supposed to kill, but she freaked out when she heard the story.
    The owner hated this grotesque habit, but if she didn't eat blood, she was sick and tired. Once, she barely survived when she didn't drink blood for a very long time.
    Still, drinking blood was very unpleasant, so she used to compromise by drinking blood of new animals.

    The Lycans had taken it extremely strange since three years ago when she refused to murder humans . She didn't have the courage to explain, so in the end she decided to leave them.
    To sum up, the owner was trying to escape from the mysterious act of eating blood and the burden of expectations.

    She found beautiful star-shaped flowers in the flower bed behind the cave. I
    Whenever she, who didn't have any friend (aww :blobsneeze:) was bored, she would often go to the flower bed and spend her time talking to the flower.

    But strangely enough, when she told them good and pleasant stories, they all grew up and were more lively. The owner soon named the flowers "Star Flower" and began to grow them in earnest.
    She thought she would grow it a lot and sell it to the village to raise money.
    "Huh? What is that?" :hmm:
    She already kicked out her servants, saying she liked to be alone, and there was no one around her residence.
    But she saw a strange object near the road to her house. The owner snorted her head and pressed her steps.
    A man who seemed to have lost his mind was lying down.
    It was a beautiful man, tall, and build, solid body knotted with muscles. And above all, his FACE caught her eyes! :blobjoy:
    The owner, swallowing his saliva, approached him.
    "Hey, are you all right?"
    "What am I supposed to do, are you dead?!" :blobdizzy:
    She shook him an realize that he was a Lycan.

    She decided to take care of him for a while. Since he seemed to be sick, the owner brought him the blood she had accumulated without eating it and fed him.
    It was because she was told that human blood was more effective than any medicine.

    The more blood she fed, the more he unconsciously moved his neck to swallow the blood. The owner was so happy that she fed him all human blood. :blobhero:

    "Okay. I'll just get a good night's sleep, right?"

    It was early in the morning. The owner woke up after fainting at dawn. And then she saw a pair of red-eyes looking at her.
    "Argh!" :blobastonished:

    The man who woke up looked at her with a fine face :blobxd:. She was so surprised that she only looked at him with her eyes wide open :blobsleepless:.
    He had a handsome and cool face, but she was afraid that he was about to attack her.

    "Me, I'm not a bad person. You're Lycan, right? So did I!"
    At the owner's words, the man glanced around.

    He seemed to have noticed that she had saved his life when he saw the leftover bloodstains.
    When the man's fear had diminished a little, the owner spoke to him in low joy.

    "Hey, why were you down alone? Hehe, are you okay now? Yesterday I tried to save your life." :aww:

    "That, you raised it?"
    The man pointed out something out of the blue. The owner, who was friendly, automatically saw the tip of his finger pointing.

    Then she nodded thoughtlessly.
    "Oh, yes. That's a star flower, a flower that I raise" :blobphone:

    "What's your name?"
    "What? It's the owner."
    "It's a unique name."

    The man's face, which seemed cold and chilly, contained a soft smile. It was a rapturous smile that captivated the clumsy owner at once in a while. :blob_pout:

    His first impression of the womman was mistaken, and she was very friendly and naive.

    The man, whose name was Marquez, asked her to let him live with her because he had no place to go because he was betrayed by his friend.

    "I'll listen to whatever you say. Can I live with that you?" :aww::aww:

    "Yes, good!" the owner gladly accepted the request with his innocent red eyes. :blob_pompom::blob_pompom:

    In fact, as she lived alone, she became more and more lonely. The run-up man who can share her daily life like a close friend, not a burdensome relationship like Lothbart or her servants.

    Thanks to him, the owner was satisfied with his daily life and quickly became accustomed to it.
    And the man was interested in flowers, and was the most passionate during the time of taking care of flowers in his daily life. Their daily routine was very peaceful and ordinary.

    That day she taught Marquez how to raise a star flower. He had been there for a long time.

    He looked at her in the eyes. :aww:
    "What, such a look. We're on the same wavelength, aren't we? "
    We knew each other was Lycans, but Marquez never made a burdensome demand to his owner. The owner, who was always under pressure and lonely, became increasingly dependent on Marquez, who was always nice to her.

    Her heart was pounding when he stared at her with calm eyes.
    The man seemed to really think of her as a cohabitation and friend, so sometimes it hurt her.
    Still, for fear of breaking up the tranquil and peaceful relationship, the owner happily enjoyed her time with him, pretending nothing was wrong. And then, one day.
    "Marr, Marquez"."

    She didn't drink human blood for a long time. There wasn't much left when Marquez drank it
    Marquez wiped all the remaining blood and fed it to her, but it was far from enough in an emergency that seemed to kill her at any moment.

    'No. I don't want to die like this again. I don't want to break up with Marr. I was finally getting happy!' :blobsob:

    She struggled to live when she thought about the only method to get power instead of human blood was...
    "When you get the energy of a man,...."

    But right now, she couldn't bring back a human being.

    The owner said goodbye to Marquez, regretting that she had put herself to death with an unwarranted insistence.
    "Good-bye, ·····."

    "Who's going to die at will?"
    Just before she was out of breath, an earnest voice reached her ears. As soon as the owner looked up at him with a faint glance, delicate, hot lips swallowed her.
    'Oh, ····'

    Marquez kissed the owner. :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    As soon as the breaths were mixed and each other's tongues met, unconsciously, the master dimly realized.
    To Marquez, who is of mixed blood, the blood of man flex from him and she could get the energy from him. The two were more tightly intertwined.

    The kiss overran the crisis, but Marquez didn't fall away from her. The owner also didn't want to quit. Because she liked him. Even with this excuse, she wanted to be loved by him and become one. (Gyaaaa :blobnosebleed::blobnosebleed:)
    The master dug his greed into Marquez's arms. That night, the two mixed hotly. :blobbunny:
    In the end, as soon as the owner opened her eyes, she was sobbed with guilt that she had eaten his innocent friend (Well, I don't think 'innocent' is the exact word :blobxd:).

    Then next to her, the lying down Marquez crumpled his face and pulled her waist in.
    "Who's your friend?"
    "I did eat you, didn't you know?"

    The next day the owner, who misunderstood (Lydia again?? :blobrofl::blobrofl:) Marquez's words, packed up and ran away, but Marquez chased her and took her away.

    After the love fight, the two finally became lovers.
    "I love you."
    "I love you, too."

    Friends to lovers loved passionately. They were perfectly focused on each other, and they were a reliable source of energy for each other.

    Also, because the owner still had a hard time drinking human blood, the couple's heat was never cooled down in the cozy house, in heaven where time seems to have stopped :blobbunny::blobbunny:

    Before they knew it, the secluded mountains were filled with sweet routines like newlyweds.

    Then one day, Lothwart visited the house.
    Once he snuck in and hit Marquez, the owner heard a sound like a bolt from the blue.
    "The time has come. The foolish king of Periland was deceived by us into starting a war. Soon, the continent is where humans kill each other."
    "All we have to do now is enjoy the self-destruction of the humans with Astra." Lotbart smiled grotesquely and said he would come back to pick her up after a while.

    As soon as human beings would be destroyed, that revenge would be fully achieved only when she joinned.
    "Oh, what should I do?" :blobtired:

    The owner couldn't believe her ears. The novel 'Toward the stars' ended at the Emperor and Princess Yurishina wedding. So when she heard about the destruction of human being, she was shocked :sweating_profusely:

    "Ma, Mar, what do we do? I never imagined a war would break out"

    Marquez just seemed to think for a moment and said with ease.
    "Let's go. "
    "Huh? Where?" :blobdizzy:

    The red eyes were smiling. Then Marquez grinned lightly on her forehead.
    "You said you didn't like war. That, let's go stop it." :blobwink:
    "What? How do you know about the war?"
    "Because I'm the emperor." :blob_sunglasses:

    He sounded arrogant and confident. The owner opened his eyes wide with an incredible face. But her lover never had he lied to her.

    Then she thought about her memories, Marquez was clumsy in his daily life, but was especially sharp when it involved Heron.

    She was speechless.

    Marquez smiled low.
    "Don't worry. If you disappear, their whole plan will be ruined." :blobamused:
    "Oops, wait! I don't get it..."
    "The time has come for me to regain my place." Marquez kissed the owner hand and immediately took her away.

    A few days later. Periland, trapped in the Lycan trap, started a war. Heron's emperor was reeling from an unheard-of confusion.

    An omninous energy apparead

    "How dare you!" :blobcat_hyper:
    Appeared the real Emperor, who was called the god of war, in front of the terrified emperor and the people. :aww::aww:

    With a companion who would be the future Empress.

    "True Emperor!"
    "The Emperor is back!" :aww:

    A new story had begun.


    And that's the end of all the Side Stories and the end of The Planned First Kiss novel! :blob_pompom::blob_pompom:

    Thanks everyone for reading in this forum !

    And special thanks to @limulimu. Without you, we wouldn't have discovered this awesome and fluffly story :blobparty::blobparty:

    Now I'll just camp here and hoping for the manhwa to be released one day :blobcozy:
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    I hope we can find another fluffly novel like this one. I'm with you, I really hope they will release a manhwa for this. It is such a gem!

    I'm seeing many novels I've been following seemed to be releasing manhwa like crazy such as:
    My Husband Hides His Beauty/남편이 미모를 숨김.
    Under the oak tree
    The Maid and the Vampire
    Vampire Flower 뱀파이어의 꽃

    I hope they release manhwa also for these following as well:

    Now that you've tasted it, gulp/swallow it! 맛본 김에 꿀꺽!
    In the Name of Your Lion 그대 사자의 이름으로
    I've become the male lead sister 남주의 시한부 여동생이 된다는 건
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    everyone is so cute, but i really love their first kiss under the tree.
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    I wonder if he do all of that himself or he have a tricks in his sleeve.
    Oh my, what falling in love can do to a man like himself will do in the name of love.
    Thank uuuuuuu soooo much for this spoilerrr
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