Spoiler The Princess Doesn't Like Attention.

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    HertTitle: 공녀님은 관심이 싫어요, The Princess Doesn't Like Attention, The Princess Is Not Interested
    Official Raws: Author: 필 (sarah)
    Artist: 얏바리
    Year: 2019
    Status: 3 Volumes and 135 Chapters Complete
    Summary (MTL):
    "God, please let me have a peaceful day today."

    The Duke of Hertica, who boasts the highest power in the Treeman Empire.
    Money is money, honor is honor. Even Duke Hertica, who has everything, had something to worry about, and that was Eileen, the youngest daughter with a unique scale of trouble.

    It's basic to bring a bag of bees lured by the honey jar into a sack full of them and release them in the office.
    An option to create a giant monster and turn the craftsman upside down.
    Putting a spider next to the duchess bed is cute.

    One day, when the whole family was exhausted by Eileen's pranks, an unknown reason a fire cause broke out in the northern forest.
    And at the center of the flame was Eileen.

    Eileen shouts to her family to save her life in the fire,
    The family members who had been suffering from Eileen's mischievous pranks think it's a joke and turns around.

    The Duke's family, who lost their lovely youngest daughter, Eileen, in a single mistake,
    begs that they would sacrifice anything if they could get her back...
    "I pray earnestly that if I could get her back, I would give her anything"

    As if it was Eileen's who was miraculously revived, a second life, like revenge rather than revenge, begins.
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    I hope someone translates this.