Spoiler The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion

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    Will there be another season coming talking about their modern day recarcination?
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    There is in novel. But we still don't know if that part will be turned into manhwa or not. Only the publisher and manhwa artist know.
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    Is the modern world side story ongoing or is it finished?
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    The novel itself already finish. 4 books.
    2 1/2 main story
    1 1/2 side story
    What we see in manhwa this far is side story from novel book 3.
    Novel book 4 consist of 1/2 reincarnation story and 1/2 mostly about Rae and Noah's child in current timeline.
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    Thanks. Hope they will adapt book 4 too.
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    Hey, so I'm kind of confused about the relationship between the king and Naomi. The king is in love with her, but how does she feel about him? Is it implied that she loves him because she stays by his side as an aid or is that out of obligation?
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    Hmm I think she is his aide coz she is smart, hardworking and ambitious. Has nothing to do with love. And tbh I don't think he loves her as well? Not only does he have a concubine + son from the said concubine, he also has slept with noble women multiple times. Naomi is the one who has had to wake up the king and shoo away his one-night stands/ temp lovers. Do u really think a strong, practical woman who knows her own mind, has self respect and dignity could ever fall for the king? Plus, even the king himself has admitted that he will only marry for the kingdom. Maybe in another world, in other circumstances where he is not a womaniser and can marry as per his wishes, he might have fallen for Naomi. But in this world, he might have stirrings of affection that is fortunately easily cut off by Naomi herself as well as his own practical nature.
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    Look at today's spoilers, possibility next side story will be the last one.


    I read it with Google Translate. If someone can read Korean, please inform if this is true or not.

    아담과 노아를 피해 가출 한 레리 아나. 그날, 히 이카가 본 미래와 노아와 레리 아나를 감싼 운명이 다다 르는 곳은-웹툰 <그녀가 공작 저로 가야했던 사 정> 대단원의 최종 장!

    Leriana runs away from Adam and Noah. On that day, where Hiica saw the future and the fate surrounding Noah and Leriana reached the final chapter of the webtoon <The situation she had to go to as the Duke>!

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    i really love this manhwa so much! Noah is just so freakin' hot!! and i love Raeliana's reactions ㅋㅋㅋ
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    Yeah just saw the latest raw, it says 'they lived happily ever after' at the end. I have read side spoiler stories in this thread somewhere, and i can tell that they might not be incorporated in the webtoon. So can anyone tell me if this novel is available in translated version as well??
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    does anyone know when they will translate the last few side stories in English
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    Can anyone tell me where can I buy the book? the novel one. not the digital but the paperback one.
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    One of my favorite couple,,, I love how the Ml so devoted to MC
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    I want to see the 4 book adapted to manhwa :blob_coughblood:
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    Raeliana Side Story Novel Book 4 - Part 2 of Reincarnation

    Please remember Korean is not my native. I use Google Translate as MTL and proofread as hard as I can.
    Please inform me if there are part need to be revised.

    7 A.M. Eun Ha didn't wake until the alarm cried for a long time. It was a weekday again. From ‘Why should a student go to school’ to ‘Why is a person tied to a family and a country?’
    [Sleep well?]
    Who. There is no one to text me like this.
    The dreamer barely opened her yes and checked the sender. Won.
    The "OO?"
    (I think she named Won's contact as OO or something like that. Sory I can't crrosscheck to raw, because I had delete them)
    Eun Ha burst into laughter and raised her body.
    [It's happening now.]
    Eun Ha noticed the sign of 5:00 AM next to the text saying whether she slept well, and then put out her tongue.
    [Are you not going to school?]
    [Of course, I'm going. Hands? Does it hurt?]
    [It hurts]
    [Don't be fooled. Are you going to the hospital?]
    [Isn't that tidy?]
    [So isn't it hurting?]
    [It hurts. A lot.]
    Look at the end of each letter. Eun Ha burst into laughter.
    [Kim Ju-heon. He said yesterday that it was still submerged.]
    Back to the backstage, but where Kim Joo-heon went was gone. Manager will almost cry. I seemed to be looking for him with the same face, but I was told that I couldn't find him in the end, and my aunt shook her tongue saying that there are people who are crossing her career.
    However, Won seemed not to be interested in the man's odor that had been put on hand. Instead, he asked questions about when Eun Ha's school was over and when it was going to be blank, and she burst into laughter asking if he didn't care if his hands were so laid out.
    As I fixed my gaze on the phone, I headed to the bathroom and bumped into something in front of me.
    "Hey, look around. What is it from morning? In fact, laughing. I feel bad."
    "Uh. Sorry."
    "What? Sorry?"
    As soon as Eun Ha says "I'm sorry," Dojin narrowed his eyes as she walked into the bathroom.
    At the end of the lecture, Eun Ha sitting in the cafe with two of her friends, checked the LCD.
    [Did you eat dinner?]
    [Not yet. Now it's 5]
    Eun Ha felt the vibrations that sounded again and pushed the liquid crystal to check the characters had sent. No matter how many texts were sent and received, the scrolls were not interrupted, and several photos were also left.
    I was 20 years old and didn't seem to believe that I was playing the musical instrument, Jang-gu, at school. Now, look, it's all 100% real!
    When I sent it, Won sent himself inside the company. As a secretary or a subordinate, it was enough to tell him not to send it because he had a lot of thoughts and faces to avoid. I think the cost of texts that I haven't used in my life will be significant, but I won't talk.
    As Eun Ha again writes a text, the sound of someone calling her through the head has been heard.
    "Eun Ha. Eun Ha. Park Eunha!"
    "Huh? "
    When she raised her head, Seo Hee was looking at Eun Ha with a strange expression. Mi Yeon, sitting next to Eun Ha, said pointing to her.
    "Isn't it weird? You're touching the phone all day today."
    “Park Eun Ha is a winner.”
    Eun Ha smiled awkwardly and wrapped the phone with both hands. Seo Hee raised her eyebrows.
    "Mi-yeon, look at her phone. Who are you talking to so hard?"
    "No, it's nothing -"
    Mi Yeon snatched the phone and confirmed the texter before Eun Ha even stopped.
    "What. Two-won."
    When Seo Hee and Mi Yeon burst into laughter, Eun Ha frowned with an embarrassing appearance.
    "Sum Nam?"
    When the two of the good fits started to drive, Eun Ha exhaled.
    "No, I'm not like that -"
    "What, or not."
    What to say.
    Eun Ha frowned.
    Friend? Absolutely not. To put it another way, I pull hard on it, and I push hard. Believing alone from the other side that it was between a previous life and a relationship. So just...
    "Just, who knows?"
    Eun Ha tilted her head to the side with a fat face.
    "Is it a man?"
    Then Miyeon said with confidence.
    Mi Yeon started to write a letter asking for confirmation. In the middle of Eun Ha's reach, Mi Yeon typed in an instant, and then the phone escaped from Eun Ha. She went to Seo Hee. When Seo Hee laughed and completed the transmission, she stared at the text that Eun Ha was white with.
    [I miss you.]
    What is this?
    My tears were ignoring.
    To die. Just die.
    And after a few seconds, the phone rang immediately.
    "You called?"
    "That's why I told you not to do it."
    Eun Ha cut off her neck and answered the phone.
    "Where are you?"
    "Where are you?"
    "Tom & Toms in front of the school here."
    "I'm going now. Wait."
    Coming here? Here?
    She remembered the days was she with him. Days when the eyes of the flower bloomed even if we were together. The café that almost came to go around with a video.
    And Mi Yeon and Se Hee right in front of her. Even at this moment, the quiet school life seemed to go away. Eun Ha staring with her trembling eyes swallowed the saliva.
    She barely took off her luck and packed the pack.
    "I think I should see him now."
    "Why? What is he saying?"
    "Already going?"
    "That's how it was."
    Mi Yeon suddenly grabbed her hand by the sudden attitude of Eun Ha.
    "Are you mad at us?"
    So Seo Hee hung in amazement.
    "Really? Oh, sorry, Eun Ha. Don't go."
    "I'm sorry, I was a little mischievous."
    It's okay, let me go. I have to go quickly.
    The ticking ticking time went by, but only Eun Ha's heart burned because of the hands that didn't let go of the apples.
    I will accept an apple or anything. Please let me go!
    And how many minutes have passed?
    She heard the sound of climbing the stairs of the cafe. The galloping gallop from the heel of the shoe slowly turned her head. There, a tall man in a suit stood on the stairs. The man's gaze, apparently looking for someone, wandered through the store and stopped in one place. She ran into the gaze of looking at the man with him. Eun Ha shook Mi Yeon and Seo Hee's hands and sighed and approached Won.
    "The letter is over there?"
    "Oh, how did you know?"
    Won breathed a little, sweeping his head.
    "Don't be surprised.”
    He smiled a bit, and he pressed Eun Ha's crown with his palm so as not to hurt.
    "When did I surprise you?"
    Eun Ha was blurry.
    He pressed the crown again and again.
    "Don't do it. I don't grow tall."
    When she asked to lift his hand, he asked, “It really surprised me."
    "I still haven't given up on the expectation that I shall be bigger? I think I'm going to throw it away at this point," replied Eun Ha with a bitter bite.
    "Some people have a growth plate open until the age of 25. I'm just 20 years old."
    "Oh, I thought you were closed at the age of 15."
    He pretended to measure Ein Ha's height, reaching his chest with his fingers, sneaking.
    This man, am I okay?
    In a moment, Eun Ha shrouded in mistrust and doubt opened her eyes.
    "Are you here for text?" said Won.
    "Because someone else is texting."
    "How did you know that?"
    He briefly opened his mouth with a short space.
    "With sense".
    "With sense"
    Won met her eyes with Eun Ha looking up at him. He covered Eun Ha's eyes with his palms.
    “Stop it now,” said Won, soothing and approached the table where his motives sat.
    As Won came closer to them, Mi Yeon's straw, staring at the two of them, fell off the table. Seo Hee asked Galactic carefully why.
    ".. who are you?"
    Won opened his mouth first while trying to find out what the "he" Eun Ha should introduce.
    "This is Lee Won."
    "That's Lee Won Ja."
    And when Mi Yeon inadvertently tries to reveal a serious secret, Euna Ha quickly approaches and closes her mouth.
    "I'm Lee Won. You are a relative of someone I know? Is Seo Hee's eyes wide open next to her," he said.
    Eun Ha rolled her eyes with a nervous look. Won sitting next to her continued to smile, and Seo Hee and Mi Yeon twinkled their eyes, asking him this and that. Age, height, occupation, etc. What's more, I noticed that I was messing with a stretched smartphone, and it seemed to me that I wanted to talk to a group chat room or whatever. The two seemed to be envious, but Eun Ha was a terrible face, with the bomb alone.
    'Please don't just ask that question. Please:'
    As I prayed, I raised my hands and muttered, and the question I was also concerned with came into the fastball.
    “Then how did you meet with Eun Ha?”
    Eun Ha opened her eyes.
    That's not enough. Whether it's love at first sight or a relationship from a previous life. No matter what you say!
    "We'll stop!"
    Eun Ha carrying the bag in one hand reached out to grab the wrist of Won to the other. Won, who found the hand of Eun Ha that was tumbling down the table, smiled and held hands. Eun Ha is wide open, and he puts a pod between her fingers. While hesitating because Eun Ha wasn't sure what to do with his big hand, Won looked at the watch and said softly.
    "I'm going to have dinner with Eunha. Today, I'll borrow her."
    It was a promise the party didn't know at all, but he stood up with the feeling that he didn't care. Then she moved her body by pulling the clasped hands in a very natural way. Eun Ha quickly greeted her friends and whispered down the stairs of the cafe.
    "Did you promise our dinner?"
    He took Eun Ha to his car in front of the cafe and opened the door.
    "You were supposed to accompany me,” he shook, showing the injured palm.
    As Eun Ha got into the car, Won unraveled his crushed hands with a sad expression and sat down in the driver's seat.
    "Park Eun-ha, it's crazy."
    "I didn't put it in my phone."
    "I'm not letting go."
    "Are you crazy too?"
    Mi Yeon and Seo Hee laugh and talk, but a man comes to the side of the table suddenly.
    "I have a few questions to ask you, is it okay?"
    "Who are you?"
    "I'm such a person. Are you acquainted with that friend?"
    The man handed out a business card to both of them. When Seohee picked up the business card, she asked again.
    "That friend."
    The man pointed to the man in the car under the window. Seohee who looked at the business card turned to the side of the man's hand.
    Eun Ha sitting in the passenger seat gathered both hands somewhat and fixed her gaze on the front.
    This is it. Date.
    Eun Ha tilted her head.
    We don't even date, but I say it's a date?
    After answering the question, I held my hands together.
    Twenty-year-old, first date..
    Eun Ha calmed her beating heart.
    It's nothing. It's nothing. Let's pretend it's nothing. Like someone who has done a lot of this.
    Meanwhile, Won sat in the driver's seat, holding the steering wheel and looking at Eun Ha. When Eun Ha, which had fixed het gaze on the front, asked why it wasn't starting, Won pointed over the shoulder. Eun Ha's head followed his hand.
    As Won approached and tried to tie the belt, the perplexed Eun Ha shook his hand.
    "Yes, I'll do it," and grabbed the belt and pulled it out.
    I was nervous and tried to pull it out quickly, so my seat belt didn't come out.
    Chin. Chin. Chin. Chin.
    Come on. Well done normally. Why not ?
    Eun Ha laughed and pulled out the belt and repeated. Won, who watched where she was trying to go, panicked as Eun Ha fell into a panic and the soul went out.
    He said,"If it breaks."
    "You have to pay."
    "In addition?"
    "And again."
    What are you going to do?
    "The car is a bit expensive."
    Is this a man or a devil?
    Eun Ha was released and released. The seat belt rolled up and went into place, making a clicking sound.
    Won smiled and asked.
    "Would you like it?"
    Eun Ha raised her hands over the navel, leaned against the sheet, and Won approached with a smile. As an overly handsome face approached, Eun Ha desperately turned her head to the spear.
    Please don't be overwhelmed.
    At that time, a ringing tone rang. Won circled his tongue small, and Eun Ha exhaled and asked.
    "Don't you take it?"
    Won returned to the seat and pressed the call button with a fluffy gesture.
    "What's going on?"
    "Director! Where so suddenly!"
    Won hung up right away. And after a while, the ringtone rang again and again. Won, who confirmed that the name 'Secretary Jung' popped up on the screen, hung up again.
    "Can I not take it?"
    "It seems like you're busy.."
    "I ended up early because I didn't have any work today."
    Won replied tenderly. Even at that moment, the sad character of the secretary was accumulating all the time on the smartphone LCD of Won. Please look back at the secretary's character to come back, and Eun Ha asked quietly.
    "Are you the one in the picture?"
    "You don't have to be nervous"
    Won smiled and turned off his smartphone. He set off shortly after tying his belt, and Eun Ha delivered a heartfelt apology to him who did not know his name.
    'Sorry. Secretary Jeong.'
    It was a huge hanok where it against Eun Ha's poor imagination of going to an Italian restaurant because of the date. After passing through the garden with trees and ponds, the two employees in the improved hanbok bowed down to greet them and guided them inside. It was a spacious room with glass folding doors to show floors and gardens. In a luxurious Korean restaurant she never thought of, Eun Ha sat down on her knees and turned to look from place to place.
    It will be expensive. I can't even take out what I say I will eat.
    As she thought of seeing the menu version of Eun Ha, she tried looking for the menu board, but only pretty flowers were placed on the table.
    "Are you not accepting menu orders in this place?"
    "I ordered it first."
    "Excuse me."
    At the same time, the door opened, and the staff started to leave the dishes one by one. Eun Ha stuttered while looking at the foods in the dishes.
    "What do I like, how did you know?"
    "I like it."
    "Oh, it's because you like it."
    "Yes, it's a coincidence," he shrugged, saying that he shrugged and tEun Ha was strange, but it couldn't be too.
    "I think our taste is similar."
    "I like Korean food and I like grilled fish."
    "What can't you eat?"
    "It's raw. It's like Yukhoe. Mr. Won?"
    "I also."
    Eun Ha laughed.
    "So I didn't order it."
    Eun Ha, with her narrow eyes, grins her head, and Won puts it on the plate in front of it. Eun Ha shook her eyes.
    What. Don't you eat this?
    As Won moved with the force of one early, Eun Ha bites the chopsticks and stares at the hand.

    It's like this. Are all men like this when dating, is this manners? Should I tell you not to be unfamiliar? No, don't do this, don't you do that? It's actually nothing, but if you overdo it, it's no longer. It's not that I'm dating for the first time. But my mom doesn't do this to me either. Of course, I'm not dating my mom.
    Eun Ha rolled her eyes back and forth. The picture is weird to eat that, and the picture is unusual even if you don't eat and eat another side dish.
    Is dinner so difficult? It was similar to the time when I was wondering whether to change the answer in the area of SAT repair. I pulled out the phone to ask my friends for help, but I repeated it to turn off after removing the logo on the LCD to see if the battery was dead. Let's eat. Just. So, through the worries, I picked up the early days that Won applied. Let's eat it quickly.
    Immediately into the mouth, the white flesh melted like snow on the tongue.
    Eun Ha, which was inadvertently infused with its fantasy-like taste, was suddenly insane.
    "Don't you eat?"
    "I'm eating."
    When Won finally picked up the spoon, Eun Ha woke up so cold that it picked up early flesh and put it all on the spoon.
    "Eat a lot."
    Won looked away, and Eun Ha was a little proud of herself. Then she smiled and saw if Won noticed something and chopped the ribs on the front plate. Then Eun Ha that ate it all and ate it like a crab's eyes put the ribs on the spoon in Won again. Then, when she looked elated with the face'Well, is this right?', Won turned his face and turned her face.
    "Why do you do that?"
    Replied that Won wasn't in a funny voice. Won was a very pleasant evening, but it was a bit of a struggle for Eun Ha. The evening was already over when she realized that he was making fun of it all in time to try to fit it all together.
    "Are you so bad in nature?"
    "Well, no?"
    That's right.
    Eun Ha thought alone and shook her head.
    On the way back home, Eunha engraved the characteristics of a person named Lee Won who is very, very, and very bad.
    After pressing the number key and entering the house, the lights in the sleeping room were all off, and for some reason only the sound of the refrigerator running was full.
    "Why don't you turn off the lights?"
    As Eun Ha looked for the stutter switch and pressed it, the fluorescent lamp flickered and shed an empty living room.
    After looking around the mother and brother's room one by one, Eun Ha that was looking for them lay down on the sofa and charged her smartphone.
    Did they go out for dinner together?
    When she tried to make a call, she turned on the phone without thinking, but the vibration began to ring unceasingly, as if it was waiting for her. Eun Ha was surprised to see such a cell phone.
    "What. This is all."
    SNS, of course, from text to messenger calls. All kinds of unconfirmed contacts were in a row. Because of this, the battery goes out. Yong Geon has already passed the topic of 'The Man' and 'What's happened'. There was also a message saying how far the rumors swelled and whether it was true that they were engaged by their parents' old ties.
    "They watched the drama too much."
    She shook her head and checked the phone and the vibration rang. It was Dojin's phone.
    "Brother. Where have you been with mom?"
    "Why don't you answer the phone?"
    "Oh, sorry. The battery is out. Where? Where are you with your mom?"
    "I'm down the countryside with mom now. Grandma passed away."
    Eun Ha woke up.
    "What's grandmother like?
    "Wait. I'll change to mom."
    "Mom! Grandma?"
    "It's okay. If you still don't know, I'll go up in a few days after seeing the condition in the hospital."
    In the meantime, I'm good at paragraphs, "Yes, is Grandma really okay?"
    "It's all with age. And you should contact me if you're coming late. Worry."
    Eun Ha responds calmly, but there is a voice from Dojin, who's clamoring beyond the receiver. That's because I'm doing that with my feet.
    "I'm not mother! Please change Park Do-jin."
    "What did you say? Do you have a man?"
    "Both are noisy."
    Do Jin and Eun Haa asked mother's resolute mouth.
    "Did you eat?"
    "Do not forget."
    "Yeah, okay."
    I said several times that I was good at the paragraph, and the phone hung up with the words saying that I should not forget to hit the curtains.
    [Call me!]
    It was a message from Seo Hee.
    [Eun Ha, today, a man called a reporter has found you, is there anything that you are pointing at?]
    [Why don't you answer the phone?]
    [My cousin was a reporter, so I contacted him, but there is no such person in his company. I didn't tell you about it, but what's going on?]
    [Eun Ha, call me when you get home.]
    [What !!!]
    Eun Ha frowned. There is no way for him to find her, but when Eun Ha presses the call button, Seo Hee answers the phone even before the dial goes once.
    "Eun Ha! You got a strange person!"
    "Self-proclaimed reporter!"
    "Why did the reporter find me? What did I buy?"
    "Isn't that me? No, but that person is weird. He's not a reporter. My cousin is a reporter there. I've been in contact, but there is no such person at the company. My older sister said that there were many people in the area, but she pretended to be a reporter and said that she was exploring people around her."
    "Among Heung So?"
    "Do you have any sense?"
    "Well, not at all? I wasn't mistaken? Did you say my name? Are he looking for Park Eun-ha?"
    I just said he wasn't that friend. If that was what it was like, just come and point your side with your finger saying you're not that friend.
    Seo Hee asked for a moment, and then she seemed to realize something.
    "Oh, is that Mr. Lee?"
    Certainly, it's not strange to say that you bought what you wanted from someone. Eun Ha shook her head. Seo Hee said carefully if she was already convinced that the suspicious figure was looking for Won once he was so suspicious that I didn't say much.
    "Please be careful anyway."
    "Yeah, okay."
    It's another day, and after finishing the call, Eun Ha looked around over the veranda. There were only a few pedestrians walking towards her house on the sidewalk in the darkened apartment playground.
    "No way."
    Eun Ha hit the curtain and texted Won.
    "Reporter Ra."
    Won annoyedly knocked on the desk. Hours have passed since he contacted Eun Ha, but he still do not get angry. He sighed as he saw the slight burn marks on his left hand. There is not much time.
    "Secretary Jung."
    “Are you good at taking pictures?”
    Jung Jeong looked at him with a confused face.
    "I'm Jung Min Sung, the secretary."
    Eun Ha blinked while receiving a business card. Then she looked back at the man who crossed his head straight with Sakaman Benz.
    "Oh yes. Secretary Jung."
    "Did you hear from the director?"
    "Yes, I'm coming to pick you up."
    As Eun Ha nodded, Secretary Jung opened the car door. When Eun Ha settled in the center of the back seat, Jung began driving the car.
    You must be quite busy. When you send someone to come to pick me up.
    Eun Ha asked around the car.
    "Well, where are you going?"
    "Department store."
    "Is he in the department store?"
    "No, he said that it would be difficult to meet today because there was a person who got along."
    "Yes? Then?"
    The secretary smiled once. Then he pulled the car and guided Eun Ha into the department store. The secretary said, passing the passage to Eun Ha and luxury museum.
    "He asked me to take a picture."
    "What picture?"
    "This is a picture of Eun Ha shopping."
    "That's what I'm talking about."
    Eun Ha distorted her face.
    " I know But what power do I have? Let's go."
    Jeong Jung said with a laugh. He said, "What's this, a remote date? It's so novel?"
    Eun Ha followed his back with an absurd streak.
    "What he pointed to was the yellow dress on the mannequin. Pretty," replied, looking at the tack on the mannequin, quietly telling him.
    "Secretary, Jung, there are so many zeros here."
    "It's okay. It's not my card."
    Jung secretly smiled as he pulled a card out of his wallet.
    "You can buy enough to rob all department stores. This is unlimited."
    "No, though."
    "Well, what should I buy to get the director's spine?"
    "Secretary Jeong!"
    Eun Ha was amazed, but the secretary smiled and said, "You're going to wear it from here. The staff asked me what the size would be."
    “What's the size?”
    Then Jung asked Eun Ha,"Small?"
    He took a blank picture of Eun Ha that he talks blankly at.
    "When Eun Ha stepped back, he laughed a lot."
    He immediately attached a picture of Eun Ha to the text he sent to Won.
    The size is small.
    Won seemed very satisfied. When Eun Ha came out wearing a dress, Jung did his job steadily. After taking a stretched photograph, he quickly teased his hand on the LCD to see if it was sent to Won. Eunha stood in front of the mirror according to the staff's command to look at the mirror.
    'It's pretty.'
    That's a burden. A lot. Moreover, there are no parties on the side.
    Said the secretary, who was fixing his gaze on the smartphone from the side,"Miss Eunha, you're torching that he won't laugh because of you."
    Secretary Jung said,"hat power will I have?"
    He laughed.
    Secretary Jung took a picture Eun Ha again with his cell phone.
    "You look good. Let's wear that next time?"
    Of course, I like shopping like ordinary people. From pretty clothes to bags, shoes and jewelry.
    'But it's not like this.'
    Eun Ha forced to lift her mouth.
    "Miss Eunha, please put your hand like this. It's torch that he can't see the bag because I can't take a picture."
    Eun Ha swept away and bite it.
    It was like this.
    "Miss Eunha, he is about to say why the shoes are still intact."
    "Miss Eunha, it's torch that your hands look empty."
    The remote date was very novel and annoying, and I couldn't even get in touch with them.
    A slightly burdensome Eun Ha sent a text directly to Won, but soon Jung couldn't even protest anymore by saying,'Miss Eunha, He is making a torch that you are burdened because of me.'
    The more I knew, the more I hated it.
    "Secretary Jung, can we go back a little bit? Now the department store deadline is over," said Gaeun, who was holding a little shopping bag from Jung secretary.
    He asked him to wait a minute and got permission from Lee.
    "What power would I have?"
    Jung said, "Miss Eunha, when you graduate, never become secretary."
    With a bunch of bags in both hands in front of the house, Eun Ha nodded.
    "I really appreciate it today."
    "No, please go in."
    Eun Ha turned with a disgruntled laugh. At that time, a small mechanical sound was heard standing far away.
    'Machine sounds?'
    When Eun Ha turned, his secretary turned and was filming her on the phone. He lowered his hand and greeted again.
    Don't let the two-year secretary die.
    Eun Ha turned again with a promise again.
    After returning home, She checked Won at 2:00 am and poked her eyes.
    Wasn't a reporter?
    She couldn't find the name of the reporter who wrote the impression or wrote it on the business card.
    Won sat on a chair and knocked on the desk with his index finger. Is there anyone in Korea who would approach him this way? Recalling some names, he threw a towel and picked up a smartphone. When he turned on the letter sent by Secretary Jeong, the first thing was to see Eun Has back towards the house with the text [She is entering the house.]
    Won smiled as he looked at Eun Ha with a bunch of shopping bags. Considering that she would not let him buy her this or take a picture if he followed, there is a harvest even if they don't meet. He heard some nagging saying that he should never do this again. Won smiled satisfactorily and saved the photo.
    While staring at the buffering of photos being transferred to the gallery, he suddenly caused an upper body.
    A picture of a middle-aged man on the corner of a photo was photographed. At the moment, he felt a strange feeling. He enlarged the picture to check on the man. Then he quickly turned over the picture. At the department store, Eun Ha now stops. It was a photo. Next to her, a man with the same face was reflected in the glass. He flipped the picture faster. A photo of Eun Ha walking in shoes and a man with a black camera on one side. Won circled Eun Ha with anxiety. It wasn't long before Eun Ha in the locked voice answered,'Hello.'
    Won said all in a hurry,"Are you home? Are you alone?"
    Is it still a dream?
    Eun Ha stared at the veranda, kneeling in the center of the living room. Beyond the veranda window was a man who should never be here.
    Am I still awake? Wake up, wake up.
    Eun Ha smacked the ball and stared at the veranda again. However, heterogeneous handsome men do not disappear in front of her eyes.
    "Mr. Won."
    On the porch, Won calling herself turned to her voice.
    "That person. Are you really following me?"
    Won that replied low closed the curtain. It was a familiar house that has lived for nearly 10 years. However, it felt quite heterogeneous that the man was standing. Won looked at the house from place to place with a long eye and approached Eun Ha.
    "Are there any straws?”
    As he approached and faced her face, the smell of a thick shampoo came from her slightly wet hair. Eun Ha blankly blinked her eyes and turned to the side.
    "I don't know."
    Don't worry too much.
    As he'll find out right away, Won she has spoken leaned up.
    "What is it?"
    'Why are you so conscious, Park Eun-ha! Let's wake up!'
    Eun Ha stood up.
    "What would you like? Even at the coffee."
    Eun Ha went into the kitchen with Won saying that it was okay. It seemed like it was just a short time after waking up that there was a mist in her head.
    I had to wake myself up.
    Eun Ha picked up and put down a stick coffee, picked up a tea bag and put it down, listened to a coffee she didn't know her mother had bought on a trip abroad, put water in the pot and looked at the ugly mug with smiley.
    She shook her head, a better cup, the best cup, she searched the cupboard for the cup of Port Merion coffee that her mom bought for the guest, and then she emptied the tired eyes from the cold. She heard it, but she heard the popularity of it suddenly, etc., and her hard chest hit her.
    Won that came back grabbed the cup of coffee from the cupboard and crossed it with his hand. Eun Ha, startled by sudden contact, screamed and released.
    "Um! Ma-ya-"
    At the same time, the cup slipped and fell vertically to the floor.
    Then Won accepted the cup lightly.
    "Saved," said Eun Ha, holding a cup and almost crying.
    "If it broke, I'm dead."
    "I won't let that happen," Won smiled and lifted the glass and put it on the sink.
    "How about coffee?"
    "I don't have to drink."
    He put his hand on her shoulder and turned to the living room. As a result, Eun Ha also returned to the body.
    "Where is the room?"
    "My room?"
    As Eun Ha glanced, Won nodded and pushed slightly. Accordingly, Eun Ha that moved with her feet raised her head.
    "Wait a minute. Where are we going?"
    "Yes? Who?"
    "In my room?"
    "Well, it's not, so don't expect too much."
    Eun Ha narrowed her eyes.
    "Oh, me?"
    Won shrugged. He pushed Eun Ha into the room. Then, while looking at the room for a moment, he wanted to stand still and took Eun Ha to the bed and sat down.
    "Now 2 am at dawn."
    "Stay calm, so go to bed."
    "Grow up."
    Won left Eun Ha and closed the visit.
    Eun Ha stood blankly in front of the closed door, and the door opened again. He laughed.
    "Locked the door."
    And after he locked the doorknob, he closed the door again. Eun Ha blew her bangs in front of the closed door.
    After closing the door, Won immediately contacted Jung. He instructed to attach a few people to Eun Ha and investigate the person in the photo. Won sat on the sofa and checked the report, and suddenly he shifted his eyes to the door. Won sometimes thought that he was acting unbearably stupid.
    When I was in the nursery, I wanted to dream a little more, so I couldn't sleep, but when I closed my eyes in the bathroom saying I would sleep. When I was stubborn that I would not go to the United States because I would not see her if I left Korea. When I went back and forth between Korea and the United States for years to find a crosswalk in my dreams, and. Now. Now I am in a strange feeling that I have a thin door in between.
    "Hoo-" exhaled Won with both hands.
    'It wasn't a bloody 18-year-old,' but he spited in and shook his tongue briefly.
    The living room was still. Won looked around the house. Three rooms. One bathroom. Kitchen in the corner. Veranda in front view. Several pots were placed on the veranda. Next to it,'Eun Ha, don't kill me'. There was a small flowerpot with a piece of paper attached to it. When I saw that it was a man's writing, it looked like Park Do Jin.
    Even that day, after taking Eun Ha and looking at the confirmation phone. On the shelf on the sofa was a family photo, a picture frame with a young Eun Ha and Dojin. It looked like a graduation photo from elementary school. While I was just wondering if I could ask for the brave, I heard the sound of a doorknob spinning behind me.
    Won puts the frame down and turns his head, but the door suddenly opens. Eun Ha, which opened momentarily, said with a head sideways.
    "The... to sleep."
    Eun Ha had pillows and blankets on both sides. The pillow goes down once, and Eun Ha walks slowly toward him.
    "I'll be with you until I sleep."
    Eun Ha opened her eyes and thought about something, adding an excuse,'I can't sleep.'
    Won laughed small.
    Was it anxious or awkward? Still, she's willing to be considerate of myself, so I knocked on the side of the sofa instead of saying why she ame out.
    Eun Ha sat at the end and stared at the end of his hair.
    "Hair.Still wet."
    As if it wasn't trivial, Won tangled his head. Eun Ha went into the bathroom and brought out the dryer.
    "Are you trying to dry it?"
    "I didn’t say that."
    "Who laughs like that?"
    "I am?"
    Eun Ha narrowed her eyes. When Won tried to get the dryer, Eun Ha turned at an angle. Then she shook her head asking to sit in front of the sofa.
    "It's a service. Today's gift, I got a lot of room bursting."
    I tried to check if I wrote too much, but it was completely disconnected, so I couldn't even check it. Well, that's it. If you look at the price tag, you'll only be nervous.
    As Eun Ha, gagging at his head, sat in front of the sofa, Won took his place.
    "I have to do a gift every day."
    "It might be picked up."
    Eun Ha said seriously and Won laughed pleasantly. Eun Ha asked, holding her mouth tight.
    It's not laughing. The fearsome enemy who wanted to draw Lee's back was very close, but he himself did not know. However, the perpetrator doesn't always know.
    Eun Ha bloomed the cord and swept the back of Won.
    Is it because the hair is thin? Or is it uses good shampoo?
    The hair wrapped in the hand slipped gently down.
    Eun Ha, unintentionally sweeping a few times, turned on the dryer and asked.
    “How did you dry it before with a sore hand?”
    She said seriously, asking his mouth as if she were worrying for a moment.
    "It's not dry."
    Even if I don't look at your face, it's obvious that you are lying. It seems to have dried very well with a sore hand.
    En Ha blurs her eyes, stroking the bangs of Won back and waving the dryer.
    "Somehow shameless."
    "If I'm not shameful, I can't be here."
    "Well, that's right."
    I nodded to admit, so I raised my head with a disgusted face.
    "It was a prank."
    He leaned over at the end of the sofa, looking at Ein Ha.
    "I'm afraid I came."
    Suddenly, when he met her eyes, Eun Ha aired his hair with a dryer.
    "Don't look here."
    Won who burst into laughter said he knew and pushed the dryer. Eun Ha rubbed her face with her empty hand. The smell of shampoo in her hand as she dried his hair tickled her nose. She roughly broke his hair and turned off the dryer. She pulled the cord, but Won touched the end of her hair.
    "Here is a place that is not yet dry.”
    It’s very crispy. Won came up on the sofa with a pillow and sat down.
    "I put a person. Even if it's a little uncomfortable, bear it."
    "A person? A person like a bodyguard?"
    Ein Ha opened her mouth. When he said, "It's about now," he glances at the veranda, and Eun Ha wakes up to the veranda. He approached. Won that came along suddenly rolled up the blanket from the top of Eun Ha's head.
    "I'm afraid you're cold."
    The smiled Won shrugged.
    "Are those people?"
    Eun Ha pointed to men in suits hanging around at the entrance to the apartment.
    The lightly replied Won folds his arms and leans his back on the railing.
    “You can't say no."
    The wind blew and head blew. Gazing at the on who said,'Okay?'
    Whether he liked it, he laughed and pushed Eun Ha's hair sticking out into the blanket. Eun Ha looked at Won's hand and blinked.
    It's an ordinary veranda with a few pots grown by mom and a pot planted by brother. I came out of a short-sleeved shorts and shorts in my pajamas.
    It's a daily routine that's all different from the usual, but only the person behind the poison was different. You are a handsome man living in a different world alone. Really unrealistic.
    Eun Ha laughed.
    Actually, I started to flutter little by little.
    "Let's go in."
    As Won reached out, Eun Ha moved with him. Won readily agreed to Eun Ha's proposal to watch the movie. He thought Eun Ha was actually a long sleep. Until Won chooses an art film that's also difficult to title. It's so artistic. From the video and the dialogue to the dog that appeared, thought it was very colorful and artistic. And in less than 10 minutes, Eun Ha's head began to move up and down.
    "Now stop. Sleeping."
    "I haven't slept."
    It can never seem like someone who can't watch an art film like that.
    Eun Ha opened her half-closed eyes.
    "You're dozing."
    "That's right."
    "Stop here. I can't concentrate because you got your head on and off next to me."
    She frowned when Won said softly.
    "I grow up everyday."
    "That's true. I keep closing my eyes and growing up, growing up-"
    Suddenly, Won took his back off the sofa and turned his head.
    " Did you say? "
    Eun Ha has rubbed her eyes.
    It was obvious that I had a feeling of deception.
    Won opened his mouth to say something and asked. And it replied a little later.
    Then did brother do that?
    Eun Ha, who said he must have been mistaken for being sleepy, smiled nicely and turned to the movie. On the screen, the female actor was humming with a husky voice. Soon after, Eun Ha's head began to lean forward again. Won leaned her head against the pillow.
    In the dark living room, the light on the TV flashed, illuminating the face of Eun Ha. Won made three counts with one hand. Soon laughing laughed out. Expectation was so cruel that it was like being pushed down the cliff for a moment.
    'Hmm,' he nodded as he turned over the bookshelf. His head was shaking. The bed was warm and warm. I moved my gaze to gold eyes and my mouth bitten on the date. I wanted to continue the story.
    'Did you see the article confessing?'
    'Look fast. It was really exciting.'
    The golden pupil has made eye contact.
    'Sit down?'
    'Because you're annoying.'
    As she frowned at the 'ah-' impression, he smiled and closed his eyes. In the dark, a voice of laughter was finally heard.
    'It's late. Sleep quickly.'
    My heart pounded because of the warmth that touched my eyes. So, I couldn't sleep for a while.
    When I opened my eyes, I saw a light gray sheet. Eun Ha pulled the quilt from the chest to the neck. What dreams continually touched my eyelids and eyebrows. The warmth that closes one's eyes is so vivid that it's hard to think of it as a dream.
    I'm familiar. Where did I hear it?
    Suddenly, another thought struck my head as I knocked on it.
    "Why am I here?"
    Eun Ha shook her eyes. The smell of food was coming from the door.
    "Mother has already come."
    Eun Ha woke up.
    How to explain. Anyone caught up with me? So he is the one who came to me because he was worried? Ask how we met. At the crosswalk. Hunting's
    Once I ran out to try to guess Won. However, when I went to the sofa, there was no trace of human lying down. Eun Ha looked over the porch and the toilet and said.
    "Mom, wasn't anyone at home? He, a tall, overly handsome man."
    Eun Ha entered Dojin's room. However, it is not seen here. After panic, she came back to the room and texted Lee,'Where are you?'
    The text “I'm at home.” is back.
    House? No? I stopped my finger trying to text what was talking about.
    Even your own house? Did you go back at dawn? No, the worst is that.
    'All dreams.'
    At dawn, I'm worried and the dream he comes to. The dream of attaching a bodyguard. Eun Ha that fell on the bed curled up.
    Somehow there was no realism. Probably not, because it is a dream.
    'How long is it I am?'
    The worst, Park Eun Ha. Die, die.
    Then a knock was heard. The visit was wide open as Eun Ha rose, saying it was withering.
    "What are you doing?"
    In the voice of a sudden man, Eum Ha was upset and raised his face.
    "Are you not hungry?"
    "Oh, right."
    He smiled and chuckled, stroking Eun Ha's outstretched head.
    "Who's that tall, overly handsome guy?”
    Eun Ha distorted.
    The first thought that Eun Ha saw at the table was,'He is clumsy?'
    One egg yolk and one scrambled egg. Here's the sausage that popped out because he didn't cut the sheath.
    How much was it flying around?
    One sausage was rolling on the floor. While Eunha was unpacking, she wrapped the sausage in a tissue and secretly put it in the trash.
    That's it. I have seen things that have been tried over and over.
    Crooked onions and carrots.
    'What is that?'
    Was there something like that in my refrigerator?
    As she looked at the debris of something she might not know, the moment Won turned, she sat down.
    "What time did you get up and prepare?"
    "Sorry,” Won shrugged.
    I don't think
    Eun Ha smirked with a chin on her palm and smiled.
    He has a surprisingly cute side. Not bad. Actually good. There was also a romance for a man who sets up a morning prize.
    'Where's it?'
    While Won was turning his back, Eun Ha ate the scrambled eggs invisibly.
    "What time are you leaving for school?"
    Said Eun Ha after swallowing scrambled eggs that she hadn't chewed.
    "I'm not going."
    "Why? Closed?"
    That's not it, Eun Ha said with a head.
    "Student itself?"
    Won put the rice on the table and asked.
    "The person."
    "I won't be bothered to follow you. I'm going to give you the way back and forth."
    "Well, I'm not going."
    Won leaned his head as if struggling for a moment. Then I said very much.
    "I haven't heard the bottom of the embarrassment of carrying them anywhere."
    Looks like, the little sighed Eun Ha shook her hand.
    "It's not-" was Eun Ha after swallowing a sip of water.
    "Looking like this, I'm trying to find the person today. He's following me."
    "So every time?"
    After a small sigh, Won opened his mouth as if to resign.
    "Come with me."
    "What about the company?"
    "I'm on vacation from today."
    The finger of the Won saying that was coming and going on the LCD at a high speed. And soon the vibration began to ring.
    "I don't think it is."
    It was like I had to apologize to the secretary Jeong.
    Won heard the cutlery saying that it would cool down as if it weren't a problem. Eun Ha bites the sausage with chopsticks.
    It's not cold!
    Eun Ha shook shockingly grilled sausages. Won sitting opposite was staring at Eun Ha. After chewing it quickly, Eun Ha admired it as if it were really delicious.
    "Well! It's delicious. I'll eat well."
    The ball-red Eun Ha bowed her head and moved the chopsticks again. After the shower, the towel was wrapped around the head and Eun ha shook her head, looking at Won.
    "What can't I do?"
    Won tilted his head while holding the dryer. Eun Ha narrowed her eyes. He rolled up the dryer line and arranged it, but I was waiting for the cord to be put on. When he said he would prepare, he was very ready.
    "You said it hurts, your hand."
    "Of course I'm patient. This is not enough."
    Why didn't he endure it yesterday? The pain seemed to come and go.
    Won't look at Eun Ha's absurdity or not, Won said, sit here and laugh softly. Then, as soon as possible, Eun Ha was pointing to the toilet. Won tried to disagree, but Eun Ha resolutely pulled the cord and pushed it into the bathroom along with the dryer. Won was pushed in with a little dark.
    It was Jung who brought Won's clothes. Secretary Jung handed some clothes from the shopping bag with a somber face.
    "Secretary Jung, you're in trouble.”
    He laughed bitingly over the paper bag.
    "What power can I have?”
    Secretary Jung secretly left the house, refusing to suggest a cup of coffee and going away.
    "Don't ever do secretary."
    Secretary Jeong said as if he was leaving his last job.
    "Yes," Eun Ha decided to engrave in mind.
    The two went out to the park to lure the man along. The guards said they would move inconspicuously, and Eun Ha began to walk in the park a little nervous next to Won.
    I thought I could find it soon. Until I go down three wheels in the park.
    'No,' Eun Ha roamed around.
    However, it was not a suspicious person, but rather a weekday, so few people could be seen. As soon as she thought she was exhausted, Eun Ha's pace slowed down. Won pointed to the bench.
    "Let's go rest."
    Do you have good manners or quick notice? No, is it both? It seems to be both. I knew he wasn't a bad person, but the more I knew, the more surprising it was. Really.
    A small smiley Eun Ha sits on a bench, and Won sits next to her.
    "Would you notice it? My acting is not so good, it makes me feel tired."
    "I don't think so, but the acting isn't good," Won said with a single smile, and Eun Ha decided to cancel all the thoughts it had just said.
    Lee Won was shameless and bad.
    "I'll buy you something to drink."
    "Yes, I'm going."
    Once Eun Ha pushed Won's shoulder to stand up and sat down again.
    "You don't know where it is."
    She stood up saying she was going to buy it. After asking Won what to drink, she turned around and disappeared. Won confirmed that the men who came to the guard station were moving along Eun Ha and crossed his legs.
    Is it because of myself that the man who caught up is not visible? Or is the reason now gone?
    I was thinking about some hypotheses.
    Someone came near Won.
    "Oh hm."
    He was an old man wearing a fluorescent vest to see if he volunteered for an environmental beautification in the park. Won avoided the seat sideways. Then the old man sat at the center of the bench, gazing at him. He spread his legs to his sides and circumcisedly with a flounder.
    "Oh, these days, young people only find comfortable things. I can't do it because I'm not covering things."
    "Youth unemployment is a social problem, a problem!"
    The old man turned to Won.
    "I'm not going to have to go out there and go to!"
    Won finally responded. He wandered around. There were no people visible except volunteers picking up trash everywhere. Won frowned. At that time, the old man began to move in front of Won's nose.
    "If you play here, what are you doing? A house is coming out! You have money!"
    It seemed to be myself. The 'unemployment' that the old man preached while running on the road.
    Eun Ha that pulled two drinks from the vending machine suddenly stopped walking. The sound of the noise is obviously the grandfather. Crazy presence, aka Mizon Grandfather, who is famous for being in town.
    'I guess who caught you again?'
    I don't know who is caught, but it's a painful feeling until I get home.
    So was mourning for the sacrifice of the day and was on the side of a tree.
    "Who doesn't work, don't eat! Don't you know?"
    Apparently there was a familiar man and a more familiar old man sitting on the bench she was sitting on.
    The small, spitting Eun Ha stopped. Then she stepped back and hid behind a wooden pole.
    What is it, a true story, I think I saw a scene I didn't want to see. It would be an illusion. Please.
    Eun Ha plucked her face over the wooden post. She was hoping to be mistaken, but in that way her face couldn't do it even if she wanted to be mistaken. It was definitely Won. And grandfather who is preaching aloud from the side.
    The eyes of Eun Ha shook like a ship in a storm. This is Lee Won. Lee Won is mistaken as a unemployment. There are a few things that the unknown grandfather hates, as Eun Ha knows. He was a trainee, a unemployment, and a handsome man. The old man's theory was that the more handsome he was, the less he could face. And, unfortunately, the handsome white-eyed man, who doesn't like every corner, sits in the middle of the park in the daylight.
    "Hello, Soon Ok. Where are you going at this time?"
    "Where are you going, go home? Is anyone next to you?"
    "What do you know! There are no youngsters who know me!"
    "Ah, unemployment? It looks ugly."
    The old man screamed, calling to the neighbors passing by.
    I didn't quite like it. It is shaped.
    Eun Ha swiped through Won. He had his arms crossed and his legs crossed, gazing at the other side.
    "But he was also very handsome."
    "He is unemployment!"
    Once again, the old man's crossing started. The toe of the left leg Won was blackened with the word 'unemployment'. Eun Ha looked at him with blurred eyes.
    'Are you angry? It's a reaction, I can't.'
    To save Won in crisis, Eun Ha stands up in a deep breath and then takes a quick step toward the old man who wants to start preaching again.
    As soon as Won, who was sticking to his frown, looked at Eun Ha, he released his expression. She asked Won to wait one minute and signaled him.
    "Are you here for service today? Please try this."
    "You don't study here and you don't want to study here. The trainees have to study and go to college!"
    Eun Ha touched her heart, biting her painful memory.
    "I'm at that college."
    "What? You got it? It's good, it's good. It's good to go anywhere and go to the streets. I can't wait to die because of my son, who lives next door."
    As the cry of my heart shook my hand towards Won in the back, I moved my hand up and down as I stood up.
    "Wasn't it Lan Sorin?"
    This reaction is already trying to get used to the second. Looking up at Won, it was just a better look to see if he was already comfortable just by holding hands with her.
    “Who knows?”
    When the eyes met, Won bowed his head and asked in the ear. Eun Ha whispered in his ear, and Eun Ha lifted and lowered her shoulder.
    "Yes, while serving at the welfare center," Eun Ha was blurry, but the old man looked around with a fat expression.
    "What is it?"
    "Oh, I saw it on my way here, but some guys from there dumped the garbage."
    "These children!"
    The old man screamed and turned,"Where? I can't see it."
    Ein Ha grabs the hand of Won and walks back together, she said,"Over there, the tree is right next to the stream."
    "Oh, yeah? Just catch these guys!"
    He waved his arms back and forth and jumped out like a run.
    At the same time, Eun Ha began to run with the hands of Won. Then she went back to the back of the bathroom building.
    As Eun Ha leaned against the bathroom wall and took her breath, the opposing Won grabbed her shivering shoulder. Eun Ha raised her face with tears.
    "Today, it's a good experience, you're doing it."
    Being a unemployment, Eun Ha who trembled and couldn't stand the smile. Won on the bottom of the face immediately laughed low. The face of Won in front of the nose was tilted towards Eun Ha's ears. Eun Ha that wiped out the tears pulled her body to the side of the sound of laughter in her ear.
    Won turned his head in a laughable voice, asking why and why the old man had been chasing.
    "No," Eun Ha hurriedly shook her hand.
    'It's close.'
    Eun Ha walked out of her body and walked around the park.
    "Oh, it's hot today."
    Then she shook her hand fan quickly.
    “I gave my drink to grandfather, but how about that?”
    She pointed to a stall selling soft corn and pupa. Then, suddenly thinking of it, she folded her index finger.
    "Ah, do you eat? Like that street food?"
    No, it was me who watched a lot of dramas.
    Eun Ha rolled through her eyes. Then Won leaned.
    "I sometimes don't know what you think of me."
    "Well, what do I think is-"
    I want to say, not only the young white man, but also the young adult?
    "Oh, that's it."
    "Is that?"
    Won laughed.
    "Excessively handsome-"
    "Well, what!"
    Eun Ha, with hier eyes wide open, closed Won's mouth with both hands.
    "That's not it, it's real," said Won, lifting his chin out of her hand.
    "What's not. Obviously too-"
    "Ah! Really!"
    Why are you so tall!
    Eun Ha desperately raised her heel and reached out.
    Eun Ha's slanted resources supported his back. At that time, Eun Ha closed the mouth of Won again.
    "It's a foul to say that with your own mouth."
    Won shook his head, who could not refute, with his mouth blocked while supporting his back.
    Won lowered his eyes and pointed at Eun Ha.
    “I did it?”
    He nodded, bending his eyes as if laughing.
    "Yeah! That! So...."
    I have nothing to say. What should I do? This was a word I took out this morning.
    Won was looking down at her with a hateful face saying, "Is there nothing to say?"
    I frowned and stared at him.
    "I'm not saying Mr. Won. It’s because I dreamed it. A very nice man came out of my dream, another man! "
    Won, who responded to the saying that he was another man, raised his eyebrows. Then he removed the hand of Eun Ha and asked.
    "Another man?"
    "I have. He is handsome, his hands is big. And, he is handsome," Eunha shortened.
    I have nothing else to say.
    What do you know about the man in my dreams? In a dream. I live.
    Won snorted.
    "There was such a handsome man in a dream."
    Won narrowed his eyes and met her gaze.
    "Than me?"
    When you say'than me?', you are very confident in the sky.
    Well, if I lived in the mirror all my life with that face, it would be no more.
    "Of course."
    "I have a big hand too," he said, shook his hand out.
    “It wasn't that much. It was much bigger. It covered my face."
    Eunha shook her head. With an unpleasant face, he gently lifted it with his palm over the face of Eun Ha.
    "It'll be similar," he said grumpy, pressing both cheeks with one hand.
    "No, how are you."
    "It's big. Look, it's all covered."
    He laughed badly and pressed the cheek again.
    "Oh my, go ahead."
    'That's because my face is small.'
    "No, my hand is big."
    'That's right! My face is small,'
    Eun Ha, who was involuntarily puffing her mouth, struggling hard and took Won's hand off.
    "Ah, don't get me wrong because it's not Mr. Won anyway. It's because I woke up less."
    Won folded his arms.
    "That handsome, big-handed man, do you know?" he asked seriously.
    Do you know he is a real person?
    Eun Ha said small, avoiding his gaze.
    "If anyone knows. What are you going to do?"
    Won shrugged as if it were a trivial thing.
    "To see once, is he really so handsome and have big hands?"
    "Why, do you think you'll beat him up because of jealousy?"
    Eun Ha frowned at him because he laughed at her.
    Even if I talk, I always hate him like that.
    "No, well, I didn't think it would."
    "It could be."
    What? Really?
    Eun Ha opened her mouth and looked up at Won.
    I don't know if the smiley face is joke or serious.
    Eunha, who couldn't get Won to fight the man in his dreams, finally confessed.
    "No, he's just a dreamer."
    “That’s it,” Won smiled.
    As a result, Eun Ha pushed his index finger in front of her nose.
    “Don’t be as good as that,”
    "Do not even lodge?”
    "Yes, it looks bad."
    “If you like,” Won shrugs.
    Eunha went back to Won and the back of the park, looking around the park.
    "I guess today is not the day."
    As long as the grandfather in question is waiting in the park, it is also possible to turn around again.
    "Are you worried?"
    Eunha shook her head.
    "It's good if it disappears like this, well. I'm going today."
    Eun Ha turned to the cafe opposite the park.
    As I sat on the terrace side of the cafe, Eun Ha pointed to the tree.
    "It's really pretty when it becomes cherry blossoms here."
    “Is that so?”
    Eun Ha, a former re-training student, stood up, saying that she should treat the unemployed. Raised both hands saying that Won is surrendering.
    "Two glasses of Americano ice."
    Eun Ha glanced at Won in the cafe waiting for an order. Won buried himself in a chair and turned his head toward the side of the street with his legs crossed.
    His profile was somehow cool. It's a really striking face, so that no one does not look at Lee Won as he passes. Still, it's calm. You don't really care about other people's eyes.
    Shamelessly, a woman, who had passed by the terrace after a sneaky swear, spoke to him.
    'Who is it?'
    Eun Ha slowly straightened her waist.
    It seemed that she was not someone he knew. When I see you hand over the phone, do you ask for the number? I can't hear the conversation.
    Unintentionally, Eun-ha looked into what kind of woman she was.
    She was a beautiful woman with a narrow nose and slim face. Somehow I felt nervous, so I put my two hands together and flicked my fingers.
    As if knowing the heart of Eun Ha, he turned his head lightly.
    The woman walked again with a trembling look. As if ice was dripping off, the cold snow turned into the cafe, and it bent tenderly when it encountered Eun Ha.
    Eun Ha turned her chin again.
    I hope you don't notice that my face is red.
    “Someone was talking to you earlier."
    Eun Ha brought coffee, and Won accepted the tray.
    Won was a friendly face with a smile again.
    Come to think of it, he always smiled in front of me, so I didn't realize it was such a cold impression.
    Eun Ha slowly goes back to the time she first met Won.
    'When I first met, I thought he was a bit crazy.'
    I was weirdly surprised by the unknown expression. So I took him to the cafe. I want to know why you made that look.
    So it turns out that I haven't even brought up that story since that day.
    Then a calm wind blew.
    Eun Ha frowns as her hair flutters and covers her eyes.
    Then Won swept her hair and handed it over behind her ear. Eun Ha blinked slowly once, and he smiled.
    Suddenly I thought it was now.
    Eun Ha opened her mouth.
    "You said something before."
    He turned his head.
    "What I said before?"
    Eun Ha paused for a while and then spoke.
    “Another world."
    Won solidified his expression. Eun Ha rolled the mug in her hand and said quietly.
    “Is that, were you serious? To say that we were together in a world like that, and that's why you came to look for me.”
    It was an unexpected story that came out of her mouth. Won tapped the end of the table with his index finger.
    It was a good day, a clear spring. In the park, there was a fresh smell of grass, Eunha laughed, and the joyful mood didn't seem to disappear. I didn't want to break everything.
    Won said in a sweet voice.
    "No, it's all a lie."
    Won skillfully vomited a lie. Then Eun Ha laughs, saying,'What is it?'
    At the end of that little laughter I think it's okay.
    As Lee Won, not Noah, he will remain the ideal man Park Eun-ha wants in this world.
    Wouldn't that be enough?
    "No, it's all a lie."
    Eun Ha blinked once.
    You mean "what is it" a lie?
    Eun-ha, staring at Won's face, burst into laughter. And said.
    Eunha stared straight at Won. She said in a laughable voice.
    "I didn't see it that way, Mr. Won, you can't lie too much."
    She pressed the corner of Won's mouth with her index finger.
    "So, I told you not to laugh like that. Because you look bad."
    Eunha knows her feelings very well. She had a crush on Won. It may not be enough to say that he still like her.
    'Every time you make fun, I don't like to admit it.'
    Up until now, he played with me like an adult who grew up badly. I was quietly courageous. Let me talk.
    "To be honest, I think I'm interested in Mr. Won right now."
    It's nice to see me as loving me very much. My heart was pounding.
    "No, it is a vague expression to say that there is, I have, I am interested."
    I have never been in a relationship, so I can not know the authenticity. A relationship that starts with hot love. No, I was told that all love comes from starting to recognize. Actually, I don't know who said it. It's always love, so I don't know if it's what Park Do-jin, who gives a Japanese speech with an animation.
    Eun Ha gathered arms.
    "I want to know about -Won."
    So I want to know. What does Won want to tell me, why he makes such a sad expression?
    Won slowly closed his eyes once and opened. Eunha stared at his face.
    'It's a stupid expression.'
    I don't want to get involved with him, so someday I run away. Doesn't it seem easy? Well, no way.
    Eun Ha sucked the drink with a straw and shook her thoughts. Won seldom opened his mouth for what he was thinking. Suddenly, the drink was bare. Won sees the last drink being sucked into Eun Ha's straw. He stood still.
    How no, where should we talk about? To be understood by someone who knows nothing.
    At that time,Eun Ha first floated luck.
    "Is it a past life? Anyway, do you remember that as soon as you were born? No way from inside the womb?"
    Like the movie'Butterfly Effect'. Eun Ha began a lengthy explanation of the protagonist who remembered past events in the womb.
    “I saw it too,” said Won, responding with a laughed voice, saying no.
    "I grew up in a nursery school -"
    Eunha nodded.
    "I know you know."
    "Because I searched. Oh, isn't that bad?"
    "No. You were interested in me."
    "Well, well," he said blatantly, and he said, "Is Eun Ha interpreted that way?"
    Won smiled and opened his mouth.
    "I was 7 years old."
    Before that, I may have had a rare thought. However, it was that day that was surely recognized.
    Won wasn't as cute as the usual parents want. People who visited the nursery with his pretty faces and smartness received many attentions, but they were mistaken for autism because he was blunt and talked little and did not respond properly to whatever they did. It was repeated several times like that.
    That day was the day I returned to the nursery school. I had a dream that day. I was sitting on the boat. The scent of the flower pricked the tip of the nose. And there was a woman smiling in front of me. Raised my hand to her. I remembers that day, the day I fell in love with her once again.
    Eun Ha, who was listening to the story, tilted her head. This is because some of the words he drew were slightly awkward.
    "Dream… Did you have it? "
    The dream continued. Then, at some point, memories poured in.
    Multiplied the words that Eun Ha cares about.
    'No way.'
    Eun Ha frowned in her brow.
    Let me tell you.
    "That dream, you know."
    Eun Ha was so sweet.
    Can I say,"I think I've changed it too?"
    The mysterious Won waited calmly and carefully until Eun Ha opened her mouth. Eunha slowly recounted her thoughts. He called herself'Leriana'.
    I had a dream of a man coming out. Isn't that the name I heard.
    It could have been that my unconscious was listening to him and reconstructing from my dreams. Is it correct to plant expectations with just one dream for such an unsure thing? Wouldn't that be very, harsh?
    "Tell me, why?"
    "Oh, no."
    Eunha shook her hands.
    If I have a little more confidence. Let's say it when it doesn't make you expect.
    Ice rattled down in the glass. The children burst into laughter inside the park. Eun Ha inadvertently turned to the park.
    Meanwhile, people got crowded into the cafe. As the vibration sounded, Eun Ha checked the text.
    "Mom, she's coming right now."
    Won woke up.
    "Let's go."
    I've had it.
    The two walked together at a reasonable distance.
    At that time, Eun Ha went into the apartment entrance, spinning around and entering the playground. As Eun Ha sat on the swing, Won followed.
    “I'm going to go in later.”
    Won sat across the fence across the swing. Eun Ha moved the swing back and forth with the tiptoe.
    In my head, I thought,'It was hard in the nursery, right?'
    No, it will be difficult. naturally.
    Since he was young, he had to live apart from his parents. So it's a real journal, it's just a memory of what might be a dream.
    Eun Ha stood up and stroked Won's head
    As Won woke up, Eun Ha reached up, but only the empty air was touched.
    "Aren't you in?"
    The playful Won stroked Eun Ha's head. Eun Ha shakes his hand and sits on the swing again.
    I can't look pretty. Really.
    "Oh, I have a question."
    "Does that look the same?"
    "Well, I'm not going to ask if it's prettier now or prettier last time."
    "I didn't have to say it, but even then, it's still rotten-"
    Eun Ha stopped by swinging with an impression.
    "Oh, I thought it would. So I was saying I didn't ask, but now don't answer me until I ask something."
    "Don't laugh freely, do you know not to say anything before asking?"
    "You should have lived so nicely.”
    Eun Ha kicked her tongue, and Won burst into laughter.
    "Then how did you know? If my face is different, can you just feel it?"
    "Because I read the book"
    "The book?"
    “There's such a thing,” said Won, showing a subtle nail on his face.
    "Then, do you write everything we meet now?"
    "Well, maybe not."
    "Wouldn't it be? I don't know? I read it," said Eun Ha, who at first glanced down, found that the laces of her sneakers were loose and bowed down.
    "Because I don't remember all of them."
    All I remember was in front of the school, that day, the crosswalk, and other than that, no matter how much I tried to remember it as if someone had cut it out.
    "All that?
    "Yeah, that's it."
    Won approached Eun Ha. Then he sat down with his legs bent in front, and instead tied her shoelaces, he said calmly.
    "So I had to wait. Continue."
    To meet the girl I saw in my dream.
    After the day he fell in love again, he lived for that day.
    The mother who adopted him was the one who seriously listened to his story.
    She said: The love that burns heart, and the pain caused by it, if can't meet the other person, it will eventually be silent and cool.
    My mother usually only said the right thing, but it didn't seem to work.
    I waited all the way. A month remembering the moment the fingertips touched. I remember laughing brightly for a year. Remembering the words you whispered that I love you, 20 years.
    "After all, I found you.”
    Won raised his head and made eye contact.
    The eyes of the person I wanted to see were dark auburn. She was short, laughed well, and when embarrassed, she chewed his lower lip like a habit.
    "Sometimes, I."
    He pulled out the lips Eun Ha was biting with his thumb. Then he said with a quiet smile.
    "I think I'm happy and I'm crazy."
    Eun Ha bite all over.
    My heart beats fiercely. It was dull, as if my head was jammed.
    Eun Ha put his finger on Won's bid.
    “Is it Eunha?”
    Then a familiar voice called her name.
    Eunha stood up.
    "Why are you here?"
    "Oh, that's-"
    "Why is your face so red?"
    "No, not red!"
    “By the way, who are you?”
    Eun Ha blinked.
    “Good to see you,” said Won standing next to her in the meantime.
    'Oh, that's right.'
    A strange expression came to mind on her mother's face, and Do Jin approached with his hands full of luggage.
    "Park Eun-ha, why are you here? Uh?"
    Do Jin gave the pin to Eun Ha, so she reduced it. Do-jin, who found the man in front, looked at Eun Ha and Won alternately. Mother's gaze, asking her to quickly explain who he is, struck Eun Ha's forehead.
    "Oh.. So. Mom, don't misunderstand. It's not a weird person.."
    "Miss Eunha left her cell phone and go."
    "Ah, ah, you're right. He's so painted, too."
    Mother nodded, slapping Eun Ha's shoulder lightly.
    "Thank you, are you a senior at Eun Ha's school?"
    “Oh, then.”
    He remember that Eun Ha was having a hard time explaining relationship with him, so Won looked around properly, but Eun Ha grabbed Won's hand.
    "He's not a senior."
    He turned to Eun Ha. Eun Ha took a deep breath and lifted herchin.
    "He's my boyfriend."
    I said unilaterally by myself. Is it okay?
    Eun Ha stared at Won with that kind of face. At that, Won smiled and broke her fingertips.
    Her mother opened her eyes like that, and Do Jin frowned. Then both said at the same time.
    "A hawker?"
    She don't know why Park Do-jin is making progress alone. Eunha narrowed her eyes.
    Joo Heon Kim threw a picture roughly on the table.
    “Is this all?”
    The photo shows a woman, 20 years or older, talking with friends and shopping.
    "Who said I wanted to see something like this?"
    Joo Heon threw a bottle at the manager.
    "Oh, no, Joo Heon-ah. It's not just behind the scenes, it's a normal college student."
    "Then, what the hell is it. What is G. Do you roll up my CF?"
    The appearance that used to be embarrassing was still good in front of him.
    "No, I guess I got a good sponsor."
    "Hah! Fuck. Well then, you're not going to take a picture that is worth taking if it spreads."
    "Hey, that's a crime. That's enough. Let's get out of work now, huh?"
    "I was just hit by a girl who was spawned. How do I do it because I was sold off!"
    In the papers, neither the influential family he had imagined nor the connections he had ever seen. Jooheon sharpened it while seeing the trickle that the name'Park Eun Ha' was written on.
    "Do you dare take me to the show?"
    "Park Eun-ha, give me a cushion."
    "Well, then, is grandmother hospitalized in a Seoul hospital?"
    Asked Eunha, who was sitting on the sofa and watching a TV program, handing a cushion.
    Do Jin, who was sitting under the sofa, replied after putting a cushion behind his back.
    "Yes. I thought it would be better to do some tests at a big hospital, so I brought her."
    "I have to go."
    “By the way. Grandma wanted to see you.”
    Then, in the kitchen, mother sat next to her holding a bowl of apples. Eun Ha picked up the fork from the tray and handed it out one by one.
    "Go tomorrow."
    It was then.
    Gang! Gang!
    I heard the sound of cutting the wind, and then I heard a series of sharp forks that seemed to be cutting the plate. Dojin and Eunha, who were laughing while watching TV, looked amazed and looked back.
    Mother was picking up an apple she had taken with a fork, with a slight momentum.
    "Who is it?"
    "That person. The man you introduced as a boyfriend.”
    Her voice was strangely sharp. Do Jin groaned an apple and signaled Eun Ha to speak well. Eun Ha nodded slightly.
    After saying goodbye and breaking up, mother was somehow quiet all the time after returning home. Like thinking of something.
    Didn't you like him? Why?
    I went with a polite greeting and sold the seeker that Lee Won was deceived. Apparently it looks good, but you've probably noticed the dark inside in a short time.
    Annual ring? Is it an annual ring?
    Eun Ha asked, a little nervous.
    "You don't like him?"
    “No, just…”
    Eun Ha strangled and waited for an answer.
    "So how old are he?"
    "Oh, 28 years old."
    Eun Ha shrugged and shrugged. Mother took a fork as if cutting an apple again. As soon as the words, "Twenty, eight?"
    "Eight? Huh."
    Eun Ha swallowed an apple and sat down with her back straight.
    Do Jin was quietly watching both of them.
    "Dojin, you're still."
    Dojin turned his head coughing in mother's eyes. As Eun Ha was crying, Do Jin shook his head with sad eyes, as if watching a dying comrade with a grenade at Eun Ha.
    "What are he working for?"
    "That Meyer & Rule, you know? He's a director there."
    Silenced for a moment.
    "Has he been following Eunha?"
    Brother and mom, and why don't they think that he first liked me and followed me.
    Eun Ha is fat, so she opened her mouth.
    "No, that's it."
    "How did you meet?"
    "In front of the school."
    "By chance?"
    Mother grabbed Eun Ha's hand.
    "Be honest. Are you okay?"
    "You're getting more and more awards, his parents? What are they doing?"
    "That's a bit complicated,” Eunha rolled her eyes.
    Can I tell you. Something comes out when I search.
    When the story of he was adopted abroad when he was a child, mother said with a slight softening.
    "Yes, he said he struggled a lot when he was young."
    "Oh, is he" said mother.
    "I'm feeding and sending dinner."
    "Yeah. Is it this?"
    Eun-ha's answer was awkward.
    I just went over and thought it was fortunate.
    I can't talk about my previous life.
    I remembered the playground at sunset. And even his dream story.
    How does it feel to wait for a person for so long?
    Eun Ha tapped her chest, which was still thumping.
    "Mom, do you think you have a previous life?"
    "Why was the previous life suddenly?"
    "Because your boyfriend is good, you think you saved the country in your previous life."
    Dojin intervened.
    “Mom, tell Park Do Jin to be quiet.”
    Eun Ha threw a cushion at Do Jin. Dojin picked up the cushion that hit his face again. Then he threw it back into Eun Ha. As the cushion flew in front of her eyes, mother put the fork down on the plate and said sternly.
    "Aren't you both quiet?"
    Eunha and Dojin replied, "Yes," and slightly lowered their hands.
    Mother shook her head again saying to be quiet and watch TV, and the two quietly turned their heads to the screen. Then Eun Ha opened her mouth again.
    "You know that. A family from a previous life. A lover. What are you going to do if such a person comes to you, mother?"
    "Well, I have to kick it out."
    "How do you believe that?"
    "If you believe it, you mean it."
    Mother stopped talking and fell into trouble for a moment.
    "I have to kick it out."
    "Finally, what if I'm not that person? Break up with'Oh, I'm mistaken'?"
    Mother and Do-jin burst into laughter.
    In the midst of that, only Eun Ha blinked without laughing.
    That's right. Maybe not.
    At that time, Eun Ha that bit the apple screamed briefly.
    "Why? Did you chew your tongue?"
    "Be careful."
    Do Jin tried to laugh, and mother slapped Do-jin on the back. Eun Ha frowned, sticking out her tingling tongue.
    "It hurts."
    I would have said I gave him a dream. No, was it better not to say it?
    'Can I not? '
    With a fat face, Eun Ha placed her chin on her lap.
    I wish I had one more dream.
    The next day, Eun Ha stood still in front of the door with a side dish in one hand.
    Why did this happen?
    Until the car stopped in front of the high-end residential area, Eun Ha was sitting with a blind look, all of which was mother's command. Mother got up from dawn and filled the side dishes with the momentum to sweep the refrigerator into all kinds of large side dishes. When Eunha asked what this was, her mother said he couldn't eat well because he lived alone.
    "Do not press?"
    When Do Jin raised the side dish in his hand and gave her a pincup, Eunha frowned.
    "I will press."
    "Because it's heavy, press it quickly."
    "Okay," said Eun Ha to be patient, taking a deep breath.
    And as soon as I tried to press the bell, my fingers stopped in front of the bell. That day, in the end, I didn't dream.
    Eun Ha wriggled her finger.
    Oh, why aren't you confident?
    Whenever I'm dealing with a crazy person saying it's a past life or anything, what, how, let's not think weird, I'm right over there, I just listen and believe.
    "Park Eun-ha, can't you even hit the bell?"
    Suddenly Do Jin rang the bell at will.
    Park Do-jin. It really doesn't help.
    Eun Ha was restless and cluttered.
    I'm not ready yet.
    I was trying to condemn what I would do if I pressed it freely, but the door opened as if he was waiting.
    Won, who had been contacted in advance and came out to the door, was wearing a white shirt. As he looked at Eun Ha, he smiled as if melting softly. For some reason, Eun Ha, who blinked her eyes for a while at the splendid appearance that seemed to be more eye-catching following today, hurriedly lifted a bucket of side dishes.
    "It's a side dish delivery."
    Won smiled and accepted the side dish.
    "Aren't you lost?"
    "A little bit."
    I was wandering a little while looking for the gate to the end of the wall.
    A small, smiling Won wrapped around her back saying to come in.
    "Did you have lunch?"
    "Yes. Mr. Won, did you eat?"
    Then Do Jin shook his hand from behind.
    "The atmosphere is nice, but I'm sorry, but I'm here too."
    "My brother is here too. He said he'll give me a ride."
    Dojin smiled with a face saying, “What will I do?”, and Won smiled and pointed at the house.
    “Come in.”
    When Won, who received the side dish, walked into the kitchen, Eun Ha said,'Excuse me,' and entered the living room.
    Do Jin, who was following, burst into excitement, saying that he liked the house.
    The spacious house was decorated with modern furniture. I glanced at Do Jin standing in front of the pillar-shaped fish tank in the center of the living room. He screamed every time the fish moved around. I am not surprised because it is so dynamic and surprised instead.
    "What do you do for taking so much?"
    “Ah, aren't there too many?”
    Eun Ha approached, saying she would help.
    "Just sit down."
    "It's okay."
    Won's tapping the head of Eun Ha in front of the refrigerator with his palm.
    "Eunha, I don't listen."
    "It's good that you don't speak."
    As Eun Ha grabbed the doorknob in the refrigerator, Won tilted his head and raised the waist of Eun Ha. In a moment, Eun Ha held in a tight arm took a breath.
    "Wait a minute, wait a second."
    "You want to surrender?"
    “Surrender, surrender!”
    Won sat Eun Ha in front of the Irish table next to the refrigerator.
    “Guests are sitting,” Eunha replied displeased, turning her sulky face.
    “Yes,” Won laughed slowly.
    "There was nothing special?"
    "It's one night, well."
    Eunha shook her hand, saying that he had no time for anything. Won said that it was okay and tapped the cheek lightly. Eun-ha rubbed the ball that Won's hand had touched.
    "I have something to ask."
    "The ... "
    "Why? Why? Why?"
    "Park Eun Ha! Let's go roughly. Oppa is busy today."
    Won's gaze at Eun Ha's face as if thinking for a moment and said.
    "Do Jin, do you like car?"
    Eun Ha descended underground, exclaiming admiration as she looked at the large parking lot. She looked back at her brother inadvertently, and then stopped with her mouth open in surprise. Do Jin looked as if he had just entered heaven.
    What should I do?
    Snow is loose.
    I was worried about Do Jin, but he was shot out into the center of the parking lot at the speed of lightning.
    "Is this all Won's?"
    Do Jin asked in vague voices between the sports cars on either side.
    Won smiled and nodded.
    "Please be comfortable with your words. Brother."
    Do Jin pretended to be cute, fluttering his tail, which does not even exist.
    'Who's the older brother' Eunha narrowed her eyes.
    Do Jin stuck next to the silver Ferrari like a child and made an excited voice.
    "Wow. I see this in real life."
    It's okay?
    Eun Ha asked Won in a small voice and pointed at Do Jin with a gesture of her head. Do Jin was running through the cars like a cat thrown between cat leaves.
    "Well, if it's okay?"
    Won tilted his head. Then he folded his eyes and rubbed the fingertips of Eun Ha.
    "That car was more expensive than it was then."
    His thumb and index finger squeezed and wrapped the ball with the other hand. Eun Ha glanced at Do Jin. However, Do Jin falls into a car so ignorantly that even if they disappear, there is a brother with a rearview mirror. He was taking a selfie. Eun Ha narrowed her eyes.
    "Did you show it on purpose to do this?"
    Won reached out, smiling inside. At that time, Do Jin, who had been taking an authentication shot in front of the car, called to Eun Ha.
    "Park Eun Ha, come over here and take a picture."
    Do Jin stood next to the car like a model and handed over the phone. When Eun Ha reluctantly took a picture, it seemed that he sent it to his girlfriend.
    "Would it be possible with that?”
    Then Won approached Dojin and whispered.
    "You have to drive to know the car."
    He lifted the car key in his hand. As if Dojin was possessed, he turned his gaze to the car key.
    "No way."
    "Can I dare accept this supercar?"
    "Of course."
    Do Jin received the keys of the car falling with both hands
    "... Brother."
    Eun-ha thought that Do-jin's voice, trembling with excitement and emotion, was truly spectacle.
    “The drive is fantastic."
    “How do I repay this favor?”
    Won tapped Do Jin on the shoulder, smiling smoothly with a politician-like face.
    "What between us."
    In that word, Do Jin was already broken. As if he was ready to dedicate his body, he jumbled to say that he would be loyal for life. And Eun Ha, who was watching this from behind, shook her head to Won’s training Park Do Jin. As Do Jin got into the car, Eun Ha followed the car.
    "Oh, brother! I decided to take grandmother today!"
    Then the door of the parking lot opened. Said Do Jin who lowered the window.
    "Please take Eunha home, brother!"
    "Park Do Jin!"
    Eun Ha opened her mouth as she watched Ferrari's back, leaving quickly. Won, who skillfully defeated the obstructor, turned around and laughed.
    "Do you need a knight?"
    "Let's go up," Won held hands.
    “I have to get ready to go out.”
    “Oh, well, yes."
    Ein Ha followed him up.
    Eun Ha, who was dragged into the room because he didn't let go of her hand, rolled only her eyes in front of the dressing room door.
    'It's big.'
    It was made of glass, and under it, watches and tie pins were neatly arranged.
    Won unwrapped the watch and put it in the drawer. When Eunha looked at the blue watch and made eye contact, he locked the button on his shirt and pulled out a tie. Eun Ha, looking at the sheep he was doing, folded her arms and tilted her head. Won asked with a tie on his neck.
    Eun Ha shook her head.
    "Not that."
    Won accepted as Eun Ha pulled out another tie. And the two stood far apart with eye contact.
    "I thought you were doing it."
    “No," said Eunha playfully and grabbed the tie.
    "But I really don't know how to tie it. Our uniform tie is a button type."
    "I'll teach you.”
    Won explained, saying,"Cut the knot first.”
    "Like this?"
    "No, this way."
    The grinning Won held Eun Ha's hand with his hand. Then he moved to tie a tie.
    He will do it anyway.
    As she grumbled inside, Won suddenly said.
    "If you're going to do this, you're thinking of doing it alone."
    "Wow, I hate the quick-witted man."
    He laughed and Eun Ha pouted.
    "Are you uploading it now?"
    "Yeah. As it is."
    Eun Ha slowly tightened the tie knot, looking up. Won smiled gently as she lifted her gaze along the smoothly rising knot. Eun Ha, who caught her gaze for a while on his beautiful face, avoided his eyes to wake up.
    "What I want to say, I think there was something."
    Oh, Eun Ha, making a short sour voice, blinked once.
    "Oh, that's it."
    Eunha rolled her eyes.
    Good to say something.
    Won looked up as if observing her expression of hesitation. He stopped when the staggering Eun Ha tried to open her mouth.
    “No, you don’t have to tell me”
    "Yes? Why?”
    Won turned around instead of answering. Confused, Eunha, who followed him, looked up at him, holding her wrist. A strangely subsided expression caught mind. Won silently filled Eun Ha's wrist with a watch. The loose rope hung the watch from her wrist.
    "I have to reduce it,” said Won in a low voice.
    "I don't need a watch, but more...."
    “I'll reduce it.”
    Won turned around smiling like a picture.
    “Shall we start now?”
    Eun Ha stood there looking at his back.
    Lee Won is somehow strange.
    “Hey, that.”
    If you put yourself out what to say.
    "The sky is clear."
    It was like
    I kept getting stuck and couldn't say anything.
    When he stopped the car in the hospital parking lot, the car of the bodyguards who followed also stopped at a distance. While Eun Ha looked at it in the rearview mirror, Won unfastened his seat belt and grabbed the doorknob of the car.
    “Come on, wait a second.”
    Eun Ha grabbed her arm.
    "I have something to say."
    "Go out and do it."
    If you go out,
    "I don't like it. Here."
    It's obvious that you'll either turn around or try to turn your mind to the other side.
    Won sighed a little. Eun Ha moistened her lips with her tongue and then chewed her lips with her teeth.
    'It's not this...'
    Eun Ha thought without hiding her restlessness.
    No, isn't it that I'm not anxious to talk at times like this, I'm hesitating and anxious to hear from over there, isn't it? Is this real practice? Is this a real relationship with a male person?
    For a moment, Won laughed while Eun Ha was in confusion, feeling the deep troughs of theory and practice.
    "Ms. Eunha."
    Eun Ha replied nervously, nervous. Yes.
    "I have to go see my grandmother."
    "I have to go."
    He grabbed the doorknob again by surprise.
    ”No, wait, wait."
    Eun Ha flew away. Eun Ha that climbed above him, almost hugging Won, grabbed Won's face.
    "Because I have something to say?!"
    Won's eye contact with an expressionless expression of what he was thinking. Eun Ha tilted her head.
    I don't know why this man is trying to avoid listening like this.
    Won asked with a firm voice, and Eun Ha said with a firm face.
    "That, it's me."
    Suddenly, it's embarrassing to say this in a pose like this. I feel the beating heartbeat, and Eun Ha is going down quietly. Won held firmly on my back.
    "Can I go to the next seat and talk?"
    "Huh, no "
    Eun Ha, who was dissatisfied with a frown at the tip of her nose, closed her mouth and opened her mouth again.
    "No, well, it's nothing. I tried to say I was a little nervous."
    "What are you nervous about?”
    His face began to fill with wonder.
    "That's why I don't know this well, so I'm."
    Eun Ha turned her head all the way and opened her mouth to gibberish.
    "So I am the person that Mr. Won is looking for."
    What if someone else does.
    Eun Ha added a little more, and the resource frowned.
    "Is that it?"
    "It's a very important issue for me."
    Why do you respond as if it weren't so big? It's great for me.
    Eun Ha narrowed her eyes and said in dissatisfaction.
    "I see."
    "Yea, I got it."
    Won buried the forehead on the shoulder of Eun Ha.
    There was a low laugh in my throat.
    Are you laughing?
    Eun Ha narrows the eyebrows with a sloppy face.
    "No. I'm not mistaken, so you don't have to worry about that."
    "How do you believe it. Just glance? It seems like it was written in the book? It's not even real."
    He raised his head. Then he raised Eun Ha's right wrist and pulled the sleeve upward.
    "This wound, you fell down in a stream when you were 12?"
    "Oh, yes uh, how did you know?!"
    "Because you told me in a dream."
    "Is it me?"
    "Yes, all the foods you like."
    "Oh, it was weird."
    You said that only foods you like strangely at the restaurant are prepared.
    As Eun Ha pushed his shoulder lightly, Won gave a light force to hold Eun Ha further into his arms.
    "I thought... You regret that you accepted me."
    “In one day?!”
    Eun Ha asked back, “Is it just because of that?” and bite her mouth like a shell.
    Is it the moment when each other's worries are trivial or you are you, Park Eun Ha.
    Eun Ha, who quickly captured his expression, patted Won's back.
    It was because I thought I was hesitant to the other side.
    "I don't regret it."
    Won burst into laughter.
    He said, tapping against Eun Ha's back.
    "I'm not mistaken."
    When we talk to each other like this, it really feels like nothing. It was a serious concern.
    Eun Ha, who laughed out loud, rolled her eyes and added a word.
    "In the future, listen to whatever I say."
    “And now release me”
    Won kicked his tongue briefly. Eun Haa forcibly released his arm and went down to the seat and opened the door. Then she approached Won getting out of the car and held his hand in a pod. As Eun Ha squeezed his hand sorely, Won smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist.
    As Won began walking, Eun Ha said quietly as he looked at the elevator.
    “Whatever the case, I'm realizing that telling everything is not as bad as I thought.”
    Eun Ha grabbed Won after checking in the number of rooms her grandmother was hospitalized in the lobby.
    "I'll go to the bathroom for a minute."
    Eun Ha shook her head and stopped at Won, who was trying to follow naturally.
    "I'm waiting in front of the hospital room for a minute. I'll have a chair in front of me."
    It's not a dog, but Eun Ha looked up at Won and narrowed her eyes.
    No, the dog is so cute. Is this man a more wild beast?
    Won said to her that he was coming soon, and asked her to contact her bodyguards if anything happened. Eun Ha, nodding her head, moved her footsteps opposite Won.
    I needed some time to organize my thoughts. I had something to say. I had a dream. All, honestly.
    "Aren't you going to see?" asked a nurse walking through the lobby with a chart.
    "I'm good. Park Min Ho was better than him. He said that the rumors behind him are not good."
    "Do you believe that? Everyone is a celebrity."
    Eun Ha, who was walking, raised her face unintentionally. Then the nurse who was talking to her said that she should stop now and held her arm lightly.
    Eun Ha smiled little as if she was fearless and asked the nurse.
    "Well, where is the bathroom?"
    "Oh, this is the men's toilet. The women's toilet is the other side."
    “Thank you.”
    Eun Ha nodded and turned around. The nurses laughed and passed the hall again. And as soon as the nurses left, a man sitting in a chair at the end of the hall woke up looking at Eun Ha.
    'I have to tell you clearly.'
    If you made me look forward to it, and the dream I had was different from his dream, it would hurt my heart. He walked through the corridor where Eun Ha was bent and touched the wall.
    'Should I ask first?'
    I only know the name Leriana for more details.
    'Let's try to match our dreams together.'
    Eun Ha raised her head.
    'Then, what the name said?'
    Eun Ha that was walking like that came to mind and dragged her foot for a moment. Then the sound of someone's footsteps from behind.
    I heard it wrong.
    Eun Ha listened.
    'Who's there?'
    Lowered her hand as she touched the wall. Then she put her snow down. As she moved her feet slowly again, alert, strange footsteps followed her in the hallway.
    Is that the man?
    Eun Ha rolled her eyes to the side. At the end of the field of view, the nose of an old sneakers was caught.
    Is it a man- I can't be sure.
    Eun Ha turned her head slightly, looked behind her, and quickly straightened her face.
    'Are you following me?'
    I moved my gaze to the sign of the women's restroom in front of me.
    At the end of the corridor, it is located a little remote. And, according to the nurse, the men's bathroom was clearly the other side.
    Eun Ha looked around unnaturally. Since the women's restroom is at the end of the corridor, there was no other place to see other than the door to the equipment warehouse. At other times, it might not have been regarded as insignificant. Then there was a sound of the man walking behind her as he followed her with a crackling sound.
    Eun Ha clenched and turned back in the middle of the bathroom. Man staring herself at the bathroom entrance. He stood in a staggered posture, as if confused by the appearance of Eun Ha he was looking at.
    "Why are you following me?"
    "What? Oh, no, I was then the two bodyguards came into the bathroom at once."
    "What are you doing now!"
    The bodyguard who overpowered the man asked Eun Ha.
    "Are you okay? "
    "Yes, yes. I'm fine."
    "Do you know?"
    Eun Ha looked at the man's face and shook her head. He was a middle-aged man with a blunt nose and slumped eyes.
    "No, I didn't know it was a women's bathroom!"
    "Wait, lady! You didn't follow her?"
    "How does this guy mistake it?"
    The man kept calling Eun Ha and flipping, and the bodyguard who overpowered the man was angry, asking why the man keeps calling her. On the other hand, the other bodyguard turned to Eun Ha.
    "I'll call you later when the police come, so go to the hospital room first."
    "Oh, yes."
    Eun Ha exited the bathroom, soothing her beating heart. The people who stood sparsely were looking at the man who was struggling and the bodyguards who were overpowering him.
    I heard a gossiping sound, saying, “It must be a pervert,” and Eunha also tilted her head, bleeding her eyes.
    Is it a pervert?
    When you see him chasing into the bathroom.
    Goose bumps from neck to wrist.
    First of all, it was time to contact Won.
    Someone grabbed her shoulder. The power of the hand was released and the smartphone fell to the floor.
    "What are you doing now-"
    Eun Ha bowed down and grabbed the smartphone. Someone turned back and stood in front of the chair and touched the wall. The first thing she noticed was the smell of alcohol from a man.
    "Ha! See you here."
    It was a familiar voice. Before Eun Ha even recognized Kim Joo Heon, he pulled it by the wrist.
    "Do we have anything to talk about?"
    He opened the door of the fixtures warehouse and pushed her inside.
    "Hey, bitch who broke my feet. Do you know what kind of shit I've been through because you sold some of your body?"
    Eun Ha frowned.
    Do you have any thoughts of repeating the stupid thing again, while you were struggling against me and being hurt?
    "Kim Joo Heon. Can you do this to me? Was it not enough to eat a roll of CF?"
    Kim Joo Heon burst into a pick laugh.
    "It wasn't anything but a good-looking director who fucks you with pillow head."
    "You don't know everything."
    Eun Ha felt like the pieces fit together.
    That's it, my back investigation.
    Eun Ha blows her bangs with the wind of her mouth.
    "Are you that way? The person who kept following me."
    Eun Ha passed her hand behind his back.
    "Yes, it's me. I want to know where the hell is the great family that rolled me up. But what, there's no cramp! Uh?!"
    "You have to speak straight. It was the help of the director who was being unfairly struck, and whatever you ate, it was all because of your conduct."
    Kim Joo Heon laughed.
    "You're good at talking. How long are you going to be so good? Try more."
    He took her hand out of his arms.
    "Hey, if that handsome face gets ruined, your director will love it a lot."
    He grabbed one of the broken broomsticks piled up on the side. Next to it was a bucket of chemicals used for cleaning.
    My head was full of tension, as if the alert was ringing.
    Asked Eun Ha, feeling her heart beating.
    "It's done?"
    Then I picked up my smartphone.
    Video shooting was in progress on the LCD, and Kim Joo-heon's face was being taken as it was.
    "What are you doing, Mr. Joo-Heon Kim. You're not saying hello."
    Eun Ha kicked Kim Joo Heon with her toes. Kim Joo-heon, who screamed in a single word "Evil!", grabbed his shin and fell.
    "Kim Joo Heon, did you think I would only listen stupidly?"
    "This! Hey! Are you crazy?"
    Ein Ha saved the video with her tongue kicking.
    "Be careful with your words, Mr. Joo Heon Kim. I'm really scared of social media these days. I'm still not good at back rumors. How can you handle it?"
    Kim Joo Heon's breathing sound wasn't unusual. Eun Ha quickly added before he hit her and tried to erase the video stored on the phone.
    "This and this is linked to the cloud, so it is transmitted immediately. It is useless even if you delete it."
    Meanwhile, Eun Ha pulled out of her body and hurried to the door.
    Kim Joo Heon grabbed her head. He was just trying to release his anger when he watched the bullying while threatening.
    "Hey, hey-what do you want, huh?"
    Eunha grabbed the doorknob.
    "Hey! Wait a second!"
    Kim Joo Heon followed her. When he tried to grab her wrist again, Eun Ha avoided with her hand tightly pressed against his chest.
    "Kim Joo-heon, don't get excited, think well. If you follow, you know?"
    And soon, his back went down and squatted in place.
    'I thought I was dying.'
    If he could go out of his mind and try to do anything.
    Eun Ha with both hands on the chest
    There was no deep breathing.
    'OK. Now it's okay.'
    A vibration rang in Eun Ha's hand. It was Won. The moment she saw the words “Binary” written on the LCD, a sense of relief came. Then she laughed at himself.
    'I haven't changed it yet.'
    At that time, when she heard Kim Joo Heon's angry shout from the door, Eun Ha jumped up.
    “Have you heard?”
    Eun Ha answered the phone and moved to where people were going. Won seemed to be contacted by the bodyguards first.
    "It's okay. I met someone other than that... Oh, it's right now."
    Someone's hand suddenly touched her back.
    The weight leaned down the stairs and tilted.
    I heard a voice over my ears asking what was going on from Won.
    As she turned her head, Kim Joo Heon, whose face turned red, stood with both hands out.
    The screams of people near the stairs hurt my ears. Someone even reached out for regret. Won's voice saying that he was going to go now was heard from the handset as if he had noticed something. I thought unintentionally.
    Oh, didn't this happen one day?
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    Will Eunha remember her life as Raelian and tell Noah / Won about it?
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    1. Does MC get her body back or does she keep Rae body? And what happens to OG Rae soul?
    2. They get married but is that in the mordern world or in current world they're currently in (aka novel world)?
    3. Does MC even returns to the mordern world? And who was the one who pushed her?

    Sorry for all the questions

    Oh and does anyone know what happens to Adam at the end of the novel?
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    Yes. I still work on editing MTL result that last part of reincarnation. Still one chapter again for reincarnation.

    1. Original Rae soul died, that's why The Goddess cast Eun Ha as replacement and The Witches offer Original Rae to possess Beatrice's body. The explanation by Iosa in Manhwa Chapter 125. Eun Ha choose to live as Raeliana in this timeline.

    2. They married in the current (novel) timeline.

    3. After her lifetime end in this timeline, she will reincarnated to modern world. The one push her is The Goddess, to cast her soul as Beatrice, to replace the died Ori Bea soul.

    Adam still act as Raeliana personal escort/guard, even she already has 2 childs.
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