Novel The Reincarnated Heroine Runs from the Plot (Chapter 13)

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    Chapter 8 - Outdoors class
    “For the fourth group…”

    The teacher takes a tiny folded paper from the bag.

    “Alexis” And another, “Sophia” And so on, “Matthew and… Tiane.”

    Tiane shows annoyance, “Teacher, do I really have to-“

    “Those are the rules. The groups for the outdoors class are to be drawn. That will be your team for the day. Now for the last group…”

    As in the game, us four ended up in the same group.

    Originally, the heroine would get lost and be found by a capture character, but now that there will be no events such as… as… no, I mean……

    Really, all I have to do is try my best!

    “Sophia, are you feeling well, you look flushed.” When I noticed, Matthew’s hand was in my forehead, “Don’t go getting sick before this class, weren’t you looking forward to it?”

    I hastily move a step backwards “I-I fine… Thanks for your concern.” Gosh, don’t scare me like that!

    And curse this imagination of mine!

    When all groups were formed we were ready to go. We are going into the forest just outside school to have a race. Each group will try to win the race against the others while protecting themselves from wild monsters; attaching other players is prohibited. Although, since is a physical activity, some people prefer to take it easy.

    Servants, who normally don’t come for their master’s classes are allowed to come this time, if the master so desires.

    I can feel my heart in my chest. We aren’t going to take our bags with us, so I left Christine in the forest beforehand. Not that taking her in the bag for so long would be a good idea anyway. I tied her to a tree with a thread I made by materializing magic particles. It is difficult for me to control my magic from so far away so if someone, or something, approaches her, I’m sure those threads will break in an instant. It does work as a safety measure, even if the monsters are only found deeper into the forest, so I guess it’s fine. I’m not happy with this set up, but it was the best I could came up with.

    Sometimes my face seems to hold no lies, but I can at least do this much.

    In this world, you call ‘materializing’ your magic when, by simply having a high percentage of magic particles, you can make your element take properties it wouldn’t have in nature. For example, if you want to make a slash of water able to cut someone, you make the edge have a bunch of water particles and position them like the sharp end of a knife. The process is a lot more natural than it sounds. There are people who can make whole weapons out of that, but it’s uncommon to see.

    Materializing isn’t actually the right word for it, but since the name was used since antiquity it just stuck. It was called like that because the particles took qualities similar to objects.

    However, I’m not very good at it. I can manage threads as they are very thin, but the control necessary to keep them from disappearing is a little messy. I wonder if it has to do with me having trouble imagining materialized light. Imagination plays a big part in magic control, and the idea of using light to touch things is odd. If the light was used to heal or to see things other people can’t see I would get it, but light users are actually supposed to be on the offense! At least light users have talent to evoke magic faster than others or I would be stuck as a lantern.

    I first materialized something when I was fourteen years-old. I was singing a song from my past life. It was basically about a spider using her threads to capture her prey, and I thought it would be interesting to do a golden thread. Would it look pretty or simply like a blond hair I thought. Making magic seem pretty is my delight, after all. The threads ended up being difficult to see at first glance, sadly. I don’t tell that to people though, as saying that I trained a spell because it looked cool would gain me weird looks.

    But really, I love that song. The lyrics are a little creepy and they are singed with a cute voice. It somehow just fits very well.

    No, I do not like spiders.

    We were getting near the decided place. Bit by bit, I start distancing myself from my classmates. After looking me around for a while I notice I can’t see some people, Tiane included. Did her group step aside to talk or something? I don’t have a good feeling, but I haven’t done anything so it’s not like I’m worried. As for the other people… Is it really all right for them to disappear just like that?

    After distancing myself enough, I step aside from the dirt road and keep going farther and farther from people’s eyes. I use my threads to check if someone is nearby. Sensing no movement I go to were Christine. I release her and she looks at me unsure if to go or to stay. I give her a smile I leave her in that place. Now I just need to be nearby to make sure Tiane is the one that finds her.

    Our strength isn’t that different, so she shouldn’t be able to find me if I lay low and don’t do anything.

    Gosh, why is this so much trouble?

    I climb a tree and wait there. Do nobles climb trees? They are missing out.

    After a while I see a group of girl passing by. This entourage is sorrowing Tiane.

    “Are you alright, Tiane? You seem tired.” The girl asks why she is in a bad mood, politely.

    “It’s nothing; I really shouldn’t worry about this. It’s no big deal.”

    This time, another girl steps in, “But I’m amazed, after all-“ She stops mid-sentence and turns around, “Do you hear meowing?”

    “Oh, it really is.” Other girl says

    I see Tiane’s eyes opening wide, but it’s gone in the next instant, as she simply follows the sound without saying anything.

    That should be enough. Let’s go join the others now.

    Back there, I see Matthew and Alexis talking.

    “Sophia, I didn’t see you for a while. Did you get left behind?”

    His concern seems genuine, but I see a glint of doubt in his eyes.

    “I got distracted with something and stayed out.”

    “I see, if you are fine... We were talking about the race.” He changes the subject, “You know, if we get a good place, us two could get a bonus in our… income.”

    I was hoping you would say it!

    “Of course!” I give a big smile.

    It’s time to recover from the hole Christine left in my wallet!

    Alexis sighs to the side with the grumpiness I expected from him, “Anything’s fine by me.”

    “Just great.” Tiane finally appears, “I wanted to get this done with fast!”

    The white cat in her hands surprises the other two. She passes it to a maid next to her, her movements beautiful and dignified.

    “Here, keep her until I’m back. If something happens… you understand don’t you?”

    The maid’s face pales and she obediently concedes.

    Good grief.
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    Thank you !!!
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    Chapter 9 - Team work
    The race starts.

    I was worried about our team not working well together, but it goes on without trouble and we manage a good head start.

    Even though we are still far from the deep forest we have already encountered some small monsters. One would think that with their size they would run away, yet they attack with force you wouldn’t expect.

    That much is normal, but they seem more agitated than usual. Maybe it’s already building up to the end game.

    Even if it were, there’s nothing I can do about that right now.

    I feel vibrations from one of the threads I have been leaving around, “From the right!”

    A small bat-like monster dives in our direction but, with a move of Tiane’s hand, it’s promptly trespassed by an icicle and drops dead on the ground. Its blood flows as its body starts to fade and green glowing spheres float away from its body. It’s as if the monster’s magic is being drained from it, and the body dissipates, leaving nothing where the bat once stood. However, if you look at the grass patch it fell on, you can tell something was once there.

    It is always like that with monsters. Once dead their body disappears, as if they were nothing but magic to begin with. Even though they bleed and breathe, their existence is different from ours.

    We continue on without much problem, reaching the deep forest. In the deep forest the number of monster increases, but they aren’t much more ferocious than before. Their size is still small too, which surprised me a little. It’s our first time doing this, so I guess it makes sense to be less dangerous.

    Not that it’s very dangerous to begin with, as we are being monitored.


    One of the bats seems to have made its way to me without me noticing it, but Matthew promptly burns it down.

    “More are coming!”

    I summon light and flash it in front of the bats eyes, making use of the blinding light to disorient the them. Then, I make a light spike the size of my finger appear next to my hand. The spike moves forward at great speed, in a straight line, looking like a ray of light was shot. The sharp edge hits the target and it falls to the ground.

    On a scale, light magic is the only type that can quickly and effectively propagate in a perfect line.

    Despite the fight in front of my eyes, I glance towards Matthew as he uses his dual-element of fire and earth. The original heroine didn’t lie, seeing someone using a dual-element is truly a sight to behold.

    But immediately after, a gush of wind passes near my face, killing a bunch of bats in front of me. This time, I glance behind me.

    “Please pay attention.” Alexis scolds me.

    Geez, I was paying attention.

    I let some threads snap. Various threads slash each bat all at once and the last of those fall to the ground.

    “… Your magic is so flashy.”

    “It’s light so it flashes with every use, I can’t help it. Oh, do you mean my attacks?”

    “Both, I guess. People always praise light magic, but it seems to be quite bothersome to use. Fighting at night without alerting monsters must be difficult.”

    “A little, but you can work around it. It’s similar for fire magic, although in a smaller scale. Am I the first light user you’ve meet?”

    “Pretty much.”

    “Hey.” Matthew approaches, “They are all dealt with. Let’s keep going.”

    “But I can’t believe we never saw the prince’s group again.”

    “Right.” Alexis continues, “They passed by us a good time ago, but I thought we would catch to them soon.”

    “What does it matter?” Tiane, who had staid quiet until now interjects. I notice a little of her usual calm is lost. After a pause, she continues, “I know you want to rest but finish the chit chat if you will. We still have a while to go.”

    By this point, the fatigue started to set in and our pace slowed. There weren’t many monsters around, probably the work of the group ahead, so we merely kept walking at a set pace. It’s weird how walking fells like resting.


    “Hm, Matthew?”

    “I was worried there would be complications today, but I’m happy I was just thinking too much.” He says in a low voice, almost a whisper, “Sorry, is that weird? We have only known each other for a few days and basically don’t know each other, but you were the one I talked to the most. In a way I… Ah, I mean… I should shut up.”


    Matthew raises an eyebrow, “What are you laughing at?”

    “Aha, it’s just…” I try to keep my voice low, “Your worry is appreciated is all. Either you're kind to me as a friend or a stranger, I don’t mind.”

    I really mean that. We, as commoners, are in similar situations. Much to my distress, I couldn’t talk to many people until now. As such, to say this worry being directed at me doesn’t comfort me would be a lie.

    “It would be good…” He pauses, thinking his words through, “If thing keep this calm.”

    “That’s called raising a flag.”

    “A flag?”

    “You don’t need to get it.”

    Because flags are to be broken, if I so chose.

    Soon we will reach the finish line, but I hadn’t expected this to be so tiring. Even if I hadn’t initially wasted my energy on keeping Christine I’m sure I would still be fatigued.

    I underestimated the difficulty level of this course. This disparity between my expectations and actual power annoys me a little.

    I want to pass out.

    I’m so tired.

    Ah, at least Alexis is exactly like me. I’m not alone! My head has a small moment of happiness, something primal enough my tired mind can make out.

    No, no, calm down. You need to use your remaining energy to seem normal.

    Ouch, I tripped.

    “Another group!” The teacher at the finish line says in a happy tone. “That was pretty good for your first time doing this. Well done.”

    Money, please. My compensation. My tired mind says.

    I have no voice anymore.


    I hungrily gulp down the water given to me. I can feel my brain’s normal functions coming back. It feels good. Feeling good feels good.
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    Chapter 10 - I cannot comprehend
    Tiane POV

    Recently, there is this girl that makes me mad.

    The best word to describe her would be… cute. While not a beauty, she is not bad at all. Her appearance gives a sense of comfort too.

    Her personality enhances the feeling her body gives. She looks meek at first sight, although if you observe her a little you will notice she is simply quiet, giving her a mysterious feel. She seems quite shy too, and doesn’t easily approach anyone.

    But despite having those looks she doesn’t leave a weak impression. She is overall very lovely, one could say.

    Allied to that, she has no one backing her. People that look at her will think she is easy to bully. And that’s what puts her in a precarious position.

    She always ignores whatever happens around her. If she ever attracts the attention of people who won’t bully her for her faults, but simply because they can, I wonder how she would deal with it. Or if someone ever takes her side, what would they do?

    It’s very interesting.

    It’s interesting and yet… It fells wrong.

    I don’t care if she is a good or a bad person, I would hate it all the same. Either her behavior is faked or honest that would not change a thing.

    It’s as if… she could effortlessly take everything I own. She makes my heart scream in danger. I can see it. It’s like she could be everything I don’t want her to. I can see it so well.

    Can other people not see the signs? Can’t they predict as much from looking at other human being? I wonder why…

    Sometimes I wonder if what I’m seeing is my own demise. Or am I simply looking at my own fears and projections?

    Maybe I can’t tell anymore.

    Maybe I can tell all too well.

    Maybe the answer is in the in between…?

    It pisses me off, it truly pisses me off. She pisses me off.

    That is why I need to observe her.

    But that girl… every time she acted out of my expectations.

    I could not predict her behavior.

    She does nothing of note and simply keeps to herself.

    If she notices my eyes on her she shrinks back. It’s not like she is completely unfazed, at least.

    The girls who are always with me are alert, but find no fault in her either. They tell me when they know someone important approaches her. But then the story stops there.

    No matter how much I look, I cannot comprehend what she is doing.

    And yet, I keep observing her. Have I found some form of entertainment in that?

    Today I got to observe her from up close. The girl I thought was soft and kind always attacked viciously and precisely.

    I understand my first impression of her was very off the mark.

    It’s interesting, so very interesting.

    Christine jumps from my arms to the ground and moves around. Well, its fine, she won’t go that far away from me anyway.

    My eyes widen to what I see next. Christine goes to that girl, Sophia, and rubs her face against Sophia’s leg. I love and know that cat very well. She lets herself be picked by anyone, but normally wouldn’t approach a stranger, much less give them affections.

    My cat, that I considered dead or lost forever, is back, in perfect health, completely clean.

    I could say that… No, but that’s impossible. It could never be.

    Why? Why must she enrage me this much?

    I get up and I approach that girl. My conflict is hidden behind a façade, my steps are unhurried and my behavior is nothing short of perfection. The girls that were with me simply exchange glances and follow behind me.

    A girl like her will misbehave eventually, but that’s alright; if she ever forgets her place I will remind her…


    … So I must keep her in check.

    “I will be on your group from now on. I thought I would let you know.”

    After I declare so she made an utterly stupid face. Her shock was just as expected. That’s right, she should move on the palm of my hand more often. Act inside my expectation.

    Is that how it should be…?

    ~Double release~
    I've been busy with exams lately :blob_coughblood: but felt like writing, so once I got some time I worked on these two. :blobmelt:
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    Interesting story :) looking forward to more ~ thanks for the updates
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    My yuri radar is blinking... Took it a while to catch the hints.
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    Chapter 11 - Nightmare
    I look around but cannot distinguish my surroundings.

    There’s a force weighting down on my neck and I struggle to fight it off, but find myself trapped. The air refuses to enter my lungs.

    I look up to find a girl on top of me, her hands wrapped around my neck.

    My hands immediately go to meet hers as I try to push her off.

    Who are you?

    Where am I?

    Who am I?

    … Who am I?

    “If it wasn’t for you, it would have all went accordingly! Why must you stand in my way? Why!?”

    The girl’s black hair rests on my cheeks making my surroundings appear darker. Her jewel-like blue eyes are fixated on me. I focus on her.

    “I could hurt you enough you wouldn’t ever want to meet him again. Who could ever believe you anyway, someone like you… haha, ha.”

    Aah, I know who I am. I know all too well.

    “Or I could just kill you right here.” Her grip on my neck tightens.

    And I know you too…

    … Villainess.

    My eyes shut open and I gasp for hair.

    The sound of the rain outside the window fills my ears. I slowly sit up and touch my neck. Nothing.

    I’m trembling. My heart beats painfully against my chest.

    What a dream, that’s a first.

    Well, well now…

    Back to sleep, I guess.

    After our outing in the forest things are slowly but surely changing.

    To say nothing about how Tiane greeted me this morning.

    I see the changes for my table neighbor as well. More people have been coming up to him, even though we used to be a little isolated. I’m happy for Matthew but it’s a bit lonely.

    A teacher comes in, out of breath, interrupting my thoughts, “Kids! Ah, still a good number here… uff. Ahem, the lab exploded so you won’t have your next class. Now, I, uff, will be out to tell the rest!” The teacher makes an exaggerated wave and sprints out. What an eccentric girl.

    I have the rest of the day free then.

    I walk calmly through the hallways in direction to the library. Outside of the window you can see puddles of water from the rain last night. The sky has already cleared up and the sun reflects on the wet surfaces, leaving a sense of tranquility.

    I open the door to the library.

    Since I have time I decided it’s a good time to look for that adult material I so like.

    Even though erotic material isn’t prohibited or heavily regulated, it’s not something this society is comfortable with. You can find erotic poetry very easily, but that’s more pretty than… you know.

    I even made up a plan this time. If I find what I came for (I don’t have my hopes up, but I’m already used to do this) I will rent that book and a normal book. If the staff so happens to know the contents of the adult book, I will pass, not as a pervert, but as a person with broad interests!

    Aren’t I so thoughtful?

    I go to the section I find the most appropriate and start rummaging the shelves, starting with the synopsis to reading bits of the book to see if it interests me.

    When I started gaining an interest in this sort of thing, I think the memories of my past life influenced me greatly. I started going through libraries and different merchants trying to find anything to read. Past me would have probably cried.

    When I take my eyes off the shelf I see someone I know.


    At that moment our eyes lock on. He starts walking to me, but from the way he moved it gave the impression he initially intended to pretend he didn’t see me.

    “Sophia. Good morning.”

    “Good morning.”

    “You’re on the library again. You’re so diligent.”


    After an awkward pause he continues, “The lab exploded, did you know?”

    “Yes. Now I’m having one less class.”

    “Oh, you were going next. Sorry about that, it was my group.” He says in a relaxed tone that betrays the subject matter.

    “What happened even?”

    “Don’t know, didn’t see. Something about a red potion and a blue potion. But don’t worry, it happens from time to time. Really that guy… He is so good at alchemy, but then it always… Isn’t safety a big part in a lab? Makes you mad a guy like that is so good... Sorry, I’m rambling.” He turns his head to the side looking uncomfortable, “By the way, about that thing with Tiane, what did you do? I never thought that ploy would turn out this way.”

    “That… It’s weird. I didn’t expect it, but I can’t say I’m surprised. This may be her way to mess with me. The fact she kept a pet was more of a shock honestly. She really seemed to like it too.”

    “You seem to understand her quite well. I never got the impression you talked much.”

    “It’s not like that.” I sigh

    It would me more correct to say that I understand her temper, to a certain degree.

    “I wish I knew what she wants from me though.”

    I was so careful not to raise flags and I think I did well. I shouldn’t have done anything that would make me her enemy. Strictly speaking, I did nothing. What is she so fixated on?

    “Did she find you out?”

    “She shouldn’t have… no, I’m sure I wasn’t seen.”

    “Maybe she didn’t, but her servants are another story. Her close aides are personally chosen by her father, the Duke. He is very strict with these matters.”

    “No, they weren’t there.”

    “How can you be so sure?”

    “In a place like that I would have known.”

    “You seem… very sure. Well, whatever. I never really understood her, that girl.” He shows a slight smile, “Isn’t it interesting.”

    “How so?” I say annoyed.

    “Anyways, good on you. Now you have the rest of the day free. I want someone to blow up the lab for me too. I have some stuff to do so I will get going now. Later~.”

    How does he know I have the day free?

    I don’t think I mentioned that. Does he know my schedule?

    He knew my class from before so I know he searched me up but…

    After I put myself together I go back to what I was doing. After a while I find an author I’m familiar with and take that with me.

    Later that day, I go back to the dorm. To my surprise, Tiane is the first person I see.

    “There you are.”

    Something soft moves against my leg and I look down.

    Christine? What is she doing on school?

    “Don’t mind her. She is pretty, right? I wanted to keep her near me. It was rather tiresome to convince the principal, but it paid off.”

    “I see… Is it really alright…? For her to stay here...”

    The ones who tried to get rid of her were students.

    “Yeah, she is here for everyone to see. Since it’s already like this they should properly take it in.”

    I tilt my head, uncertain of the meaning of her words.

    “Furthermore, if she goes missing, I know exactly who to blame. Ah I shouldn’t say that, my trusted aides here will properly take care of her. For now at least, I prefer it this way.”

    Her chuckle, that sounded very innocent, made me shiver because of the context of the conversation.

    This girl is dangerous, after all.

    “I was thinking how we never talked much. So let’s talk, yes? But not here... Somewhere quiet would be good. Somewhere like…”

    She looks down in thought and then glances at me. I doubt she hadn’t decided what to do before coming to me so her act looks theatrical to me. Still, I find it difficult to understand her meaning.

    Seeing me keep quiet she turns her head disappointed.

    “How about your room? Yes, your room will do.”

    She speaks with an intensity and authority that doesn’t allow me to refuse

    I really want to have a say in this though!

    Still at a lost I guide Tiane to my room. It would be good if I can use this as an opportunity to understand what she is planning.

    “Go in.”

    “Thank y…?” She trails off and doesn’t finish her words, “Is this how the rooms used to be?”

    Nobles normally remodel their room, she must mean that.

    “Did you not see how it was originally?”

    “I did not.” She says while looking around.

    “You can sit down” I say indicating my bed.

    Tiane does so. The teddy bear on my bed seems to catch her eye and she and looks at it curiously.

    Christine, who also came, sits down under my writing desk. Is it really alright to bring a pet into other people’s rooms like that…

    I discreetly give a look around the room to reassure myself there’s nothing bad on display and that everything is tidy.

    “Do you like red?”

    “Huh?” When I look at her again she has my bear on her lap and is inspecting the red bow on the bear’s neck carefully.

    “The bow of the teddy bear is not stitched to the neck, it was probably put there afterwards. You also always wear that red ribbon, so I thought you liked it.”

    “Ah, that. It’s my mom’s doing actually. She was the one who gave me the bear. She was also the one who taught me how to do my hair. She always goes on about how for a girl to be pretty she needs a well done hair and a good pair shoes. I much prefer pretty clothes myself. I do like red though. Of course, I have ribbons in other colours! For the hair, I mean, not the teddy bear...”

    She puts the bear aside and merely says, “I see.”

    “So, what did you want to talk about?” I try to go straight to the point.

    She looks around my room again, “… It was nothing, after all.”


    “Forget it, I don’t feel like it. I won’t bother you anymore. Let’s go Christine.”

    I understand as much as when she came in.

    Oh god…

    Please give some closure.
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    Chapter 12 - If love is war then friendship is…
    My father always told me to keep my cards very close to me.

    He always worried my reactions where too honest, and that even though I’m smart, I would be taken advantage of. But that sentiment seemed to fade away with time.

    ‘Good, good. Looks easy to read but actually is holding her cards out of sight, as expected of my daughter.’

    ‘She really comes after you dear.’ My mother followed with her polished smile. But somehow, when it came out my mother’s mouth, it didn’t sound like a compliment.

    From what he said, my reactions were easily misunderstood, because I tend to be lost in thought.

    Although I think this face of mine plays a part in that too, despite my honest efforts.

    When I told mother my grievances she enthusiastically told me how I could be a perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing, ‘Going from charming to pitiful so easily is amazing.’ She said. Needless to say, she didn’t see the problem at all and would be fine if I upped the fair maiden act to white lotus flower levels. Also needless to say, I was concerned.

    Dear father, mother has scary thoughts.

    That reminds me, it’s about time I send my parents a letter.

    The day had barely started when I was called to the teacher’s office. When I get there that one eccentric teacher tells me to sit.

    “So, how has school been going? Do you have anything that worries you?”

    So that’s what this is about.

    I don’t feel bullied, but it does beg the question.

    “Nothing, everything is going along well.”

    “Is that so... If you ever feel uncomfortable you can come to me. That’s what teachers are for!”

    … Where were you when the heroine was getting bullied?

    “Um, so, since she… hum…” The pauses to catch her words, “I understand how foreign being in this school must be, being nervous is completely normal.”

    “I’m fine, but I won’t say it isn’t tough.”

    “Right, but there’s one more thing…. Well, where to start. Would you be interested in joining the student council?”

    … No, spare me.

    That never appeared in the game!

    “I don’t think I’m right for the job.” I shake my head still in shock.

    I can’t be bothered!

    “That’s not true at all! The people on the student council are all excellent student, and someone with such broad knowledge of magic would fit right in. Furthermore, other teachers have told me you are very organized, and that you are a good choice when they need help with something.”

    “I… still don’t think I’m adequate for it. The new student council was recently formed and they seem to be doing a good job. I don’t think my presence would be needed. ”

    The teacher goes quiet for a bit, looking nervous, “Won’t you reconsider?”

    “I’m sorry, but thank you for the opportunity.”

    Our talk ended up taking my entire break, so afterwards I have to go straight to class.

    I should have eaten sooner.

    So hungry.

    However, even in class, our talk keeps repeating in my head, and the need to analyze its deeper meaning grows stronger.

    Entering the student council is no small matter. With something big as this, that hasn’t appeared on the game, I can’t help but be suspicious.

    The student council is made only of capture characters, is that the reason for this? Could the world be correcting itself and sending me directly to them?

    But something like this never happened.

    If not the world, then its people?

    Maybe the teachers are the ones that want me to spend time with the characters and resorted to this.

    Or someone else entirely?

    But what would they gain?

    Questions keep popping into my head the more I think.

    “Miss Andrews!” The teacher calls to me.

    I immediately take my eyes of the ground, “Yes!”

    The teacher appears to want to say something but just sighs “Go get a ball, we are starting the next exercise.” And I do as said.

    Could they want me close because of my magic type?

    It’s not impossible.

    But it was then that something hits my face.


    I first notice a sharp pain on my nose and a ball bouncing on the ground. After coming back to my senses I put my hands, that grabbed unto my face on reflex, away.


    On my hands I see red blood.

    I panic a little.

    My nose?

    I cover my nose with my hand. My nose really is bleeding.

    “Hey!” Tiane, who was the closest to me at the time, is the first to react.

    Then the teacher comes in a hurry, “Ah, are you ok?! It seems you only got a nosebleed, thank god. Tiane, take her to the infirmary!”

    Teacher, are you setting me up to die?!

    Tiane however, and much to my surprise, doesn’t make any retort and promptly leads me the way.

    In the infirmary, the doctor is missing, but since it’s just a nosebleed I’m comfortable taking care of it myself. Tiane gives me paper to put on my nose and I clean my face.

    “You were so spacy the whole class. It’s good a ball is all you got, do you realize? What were you even doing?”

    Her reprehensive and distasteful tone puts me on edge.

    “Did you bring me here just to tell me that? It was about something important to me.”

    She makes a complicated face, but doesn’t respond.

    “If you have something you want of me I wish you would just say it!”

    “You…” She slowly starts to lose her composure, “Do you know what happens to people who scream to me like that?”

    Could you not?

    But despite her threatening words, Tiane looked uncomfortable instead of someone in control of the situation.

    “Didn’t think about it!”

    “You should! Why I’m I so soft on you? It will get to your head!”

    “Ha! Maybe you have come to like me.” I say with a smile

    An argument starts to flare up, but in the heat of the moment I don’t care.

    “Aah? What is this? This sarcasm… not so kind anymore, huh. Are you finally showing your true colours? I did wonder what goes inside that carefree mind of yours.”

    “I’ve got nothing to hide, please don’t project. If you took a wrong assumption about me that’s on you.”

    “Humph! But maybe I’m right?” She smirks.

    “Do you hate me that much?!”

    She doesn’t immediately answers but makes a lost expression I have never seen on her “I don’t know! But because of you I don’t even understand anything anyone on this school is thinking anymore!”

    After she pushes these words out, we stop and just sit on the bed that was right beside us.

    Words, after said, will stay. That is reality. It’s a serious condition.

    Yet, after cooling off I feel a slight urge to laugh.

    “Pfff haha.”

    I do feel great, how mysterious, how stupid.

    They do say venting out is good for you.

    I genuinely feel like laughing, it’s weird.


    “W-What are you laughing about, there’s nothing fu…nny, ha…” Tiane gets influenced by my laughs but tries to fight it off, “Ahaha, pff ha, arg there’s nothing to laught at! Pff.”

    Tiane hides her face behind her hands, doing her best to stop laughing, and I fall back on the bed and try to muffle my laughs on the sheets just to remember that at this rate I will start bleeding again.

    When I manage to stop laughing I’m already tired and in need for air.

    I look at the girl next to me whose face is halfway crying and laughing.

    I understand Tiane is dangerous, but right now I’m not afraid of the girl next to me.

    What a peculiar feeling, like the calm before a storm maybe.

    “Let’s call a truce.”

    “Huh, truce?” She gives a dull response to my sudden comment.

    “Yes”, I got up and sit straight on the bed, “I’m fine with whatever you think of me, but let’s not go against each other. We are even in the same group, its counterproductive don’t you agree? And a real examination is coming up too.”

    Before I get to hear her answer my nose starts bleeding again.

    Gah, I had it coming.

    Concern appears once again on Tiane’s face as she pinches my nose almost immediately and reproaches me again, but this time something feels different.

    “See! I told it wasn’t funny… I dare you to keep laughing!”

    I wave her hand away and get up to grab paper to clean myself. Again.

    A while after, two people enter the room. For the first time I see the twins side to side. First enters Michael, and then Noah, the later looking visibly annoyed. Once again, I’m confused how the heroine could distinguish them by looks alone, they are identical, with the exception of their eyes.

    I remember my nose.

    Ah! I don’t want to be seen like this! I hold a clean paper to my nose to hide better.

    “What, you are here too?”

    “Tiane, it’s been a while. You’re still as beautiful as ever.” Michael addresses Tiane in a flattery tone very characteristic of him, “And the other girl…”He refers to me from across the room, “We have meet before, in the rose garden. Do you still remember me? Huh, did you hurt your face?” He takes a step forward in my direction, but Tiane puts herself in front of him.

    “She got a ball to the face, that’s all.”

    Tiane blocks his way to me, but I’m stuck wishing she would protect my dignity too.

    “Aha, no need to be so defensive, what am I even supposed to do?”

    The way he smiles reminds me of my mother for some reason. It’s a pristine smile that I’m sure gets him girls. It looks quite cool on him.

    No good, I need more paper.

    The placement of that last phrase looks wrong for some reason…

    “So, what happened to you two?”

    “I hurt my leg.”

    “You seem fine.”

    “Ah, thank you. It makes me happy you aren’t able to notice. It does hurts though.”

    “It was an ugly fall.” Noah continues, “If I were to kick him right now his scream would be proportional to his injury, but please believe his words alone.” He finishes with an inflammatory comment and moves up to me, seemingly with no more interest in that conversation.

    “Didn’t you say you weren’t friends?” He asks in a low voice.

    “Because of our friendship I’m bleeding again. Shut up.”

    “…Are you angry?”

    “And are you sullen?”

    “Aaa, alright, don’t glare at me like that.” He makes a complicated face, “I won’t ask anymore.”

    I keep my head turned to the side so he can’t look at me as I tend to my nose. He doesn’t leave my side, maybe unwilling to go back to his brother, so we spend a while in awkward silence.

    “Sophia”, asks Tiane by the door, “Did it stop?”

    “Eh? Ah, yeah, it seems so. Are we going?”


    “Ok.” And when I get close to her I whisper, “But go with me to the bathroom first.”

    I look back to the twins that are left alone in the infirmary room. Those two hate each other. I see them ignoring each other’s presence, being side by side by obligation alone.

    It’s rather sad.

    “Sir,” A man in black enters a well illuminated office, “We have received a report from the border. The monsters there have been getting even more aggressive lately. I fear we cannot hide this matter from the king anymore.”

    The other man, sit in front of the desk, plays with the pen in his hand.

    “And how is the experiment coming along?”

    “Everything is going according to the expectations, sir.”

    “Good.” He puts the pen down, “In time… once the pieces are all set, I will be sure to put then to good use.”
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    Chapter 13 - The villains are too intense
    Tiane keeps coming back.

    “Sophia, good morning.”

    “Sophia, let’s change class.”

    “Sophia, go get me a drink.”

    Fetch quest.

    “Sophia, since you hang out with that guy Noah, even though he has that sick hobby of pretending to be his brother, I want to know what’s so interesting about him. Oh wait, did you even know that? It’s not exactly common knowledge.”

    I don’t hang out with him!

    “I have to go meet my fiancé so take care of my cat for some minutes.”

    Why did you bring it to class!!

    I wanted us to ignore each other, dammit!

    After I sit down I notice Matthew staring at Christine.

    Worried again? Or maybe…

    “Do you want to touch it?”

    Now that I look at him better his hands are making slight grabbing motions. So obvious.

    “M-Me? No way…”

    He turns red and avoids my eyes.

    I pass the cat into his arms.

    I swear I heard gasping noises from my classmates.

    “A-Are you crazy?!” He says, looking too happy.

    “Tiane seems to have taken a liking to you.” Alexis casually brings his chair next to Matthew’s table. Were these two close in the game?

    He keeps talking without taking his eyes away from Christine. “Tiane and the prince always meet up from time to time, as is expected, being engaged and all. But just between us, I don’t think they like each other very much.”

    Back when I played the game I always thought that pairing a girl with a superiority complex and boy with an inferiority complex was a bad idea.

    Tiane’s feelings were always left ambiguous. Many times she seemed offended the prince didn’t acknowledge her, but either if that came from pride or love was up to your interpretation.

    In the prince’s route, Tiane was especially aggressive. It’s not like I don’t understand. Even if the prince never loved her, the heroine still took her fiancé. Yet, she blamed the heroine of everything bad that ever happened, and that’s where she lost the sympathy the readers still had for her.

    “A political marriage, huh…” Matthew continues, “I don’t know what to think of it. Do you have a fiancé too, Alexis?”

    “I don’t. A shame I don’t get to call the prince by name.”

    “What, you want to marry royalty?” Matthew jokes.

    “But, for me, the opposite is the most important,” Without much thought to it, words leave my mouth, “Someone referring to me by name would be where I find the pride at, not the contrary. It means people remember you.”

    “You can’t exactly forget the prince’s name... And to casually call a member of the royal family by name is indeed an honor.”

    “Perhaps... Honor, huh. But a relationship can’t be only based on honor.”

    “Sadly, a relationship isn’t all that is needed. Well, I dislike it too, honestly.”

    “I’m sorry for changing the conversation, but I had something I wanted to tell you.” Matthew lays Christine over his desk. “About our outing to the shrine after the exams, if you are going to be in Tiane’s group then we too will be there.”

    “We? First time I’m hearing it.” Alexis gives Matthew a look.

    “You aren’t against it so who cares.”

    “But I’m sure the vacancies will be filled by Tiane’s followers.”

    “They won’t.”

    “They will.”



    “All I have to do is ask them nicely anyway, they will be lenient on me.”

    They aren’t lenient on me at all. Fangirls are a scary existence indeed.

    Matthew, who seemed to notice the change on my face, raises his hands and gently pats my head.

    Are headpats supposed to feel this nice?

    I never knew.


    Are they?

    Every man should max out this technique, I understood.

    I never took Matthew as the big brother type though…


    Matthew takes his hand away, not flustered about what he did, as if it was the most normal course of action to make.

    Alexis shifts his attention to Christine and tries to pet her. The cat doesn’t refuse, but after glancing at him once, doesn’t acknowledge him again. Alexis’ cute face fixes into a frown.

    No good, it would be rude to laugh.

    “You think I don’t see you smirking?” Alexis sends me a cold glare.

    W-What is this feeling. I want to be looked at like that again. Is this how being a fangirl feels like?

    “Why are you smirking more, does your head work backwards?!”

    I am not a fangirl. I am not a fangirl. I am not a fangirl.

    “Are you even listening?”

    “So she can be like that even without a book…”

    “…I’m hearing you guys.”

    How rude.

    Since I had been talking to those two a lot more lately, I expected girls to come and bother me, but unexpectedly nothing happened.

    Could it have to do with Tiane?

    Either way, this sense of peace, especially with the exams coming, is greatly appreciated.

    In the afternoon, Tiane actually dragged me away somewhere. Apparently she invited Noah for tea. I really wish she had dropped that idea.

    She had her servants bring food to a stone table in the garden. The food looked so appetizing I almost lost myself looking.

    I have more self-awareness than that though.

    We sit on the round table. I want to start eating right away, but the tense atmosphere doesn’t allow me.

    I wish I could be air.

    “To what do I have the honor of being invited?” Noah sips at his tea.

    “How long have we known each other? I thought it would do us good to hang out once in a while.”

    He makes a smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, “And her?” He looks at me.

    “She is good company.”

    “I never thought I would hear that from you.”

    This cake is good.

    “Why would you think that?” She chuckles, “Well, I presume you won’t mind her either.”

    What is this cake even?

    “Yes, this is a rather interesting group, I wouldn’t pass the opportunity. Oh, right, how is studying going? Have you two got accustomed to the school. I’m a second year already so if you have questions be free to ask.”

    “Thank you, I will keep it in mind.”

    I gulp down the food in my mouth, “Nothing much, it’s coming along, more or less.”

    After a pause, Noah brings up a topic again, “Are these pastries from that one store? How is it called… The one with a blue front...”

    “Oh, that one in town?”

    What was it called again…?

    “Do you know of it?”

    “Yes, it’s quite famous. Although it’s very high class so I never went in.”

    “But you aren’t from the capital, are you?” Tiane asks.

    “No, but I’ve come here from time to time.”

    I keep digging at the cake. Nice cake.

    “I hope it’s not rude to ask but I’ve been curious. Why are you suddenly letting Christine stay in school?”

    I want to evaporate myself.

    Noah is the worst partner in crime I could ask for.

    “If I had to say anything, it’s because I can. Isn’t it fine to keep something you like close to you? It isn’t as simple as bringing a teddy bear I know, but just for a while… my servants can take care of her. I can also leave her with Sophia if needed. The Principal agreed anyways.”

    “Tiane, if you are too mean to her, she won’t like you anymore.”


    “Anyways, you’ve had her for a long time, now that I think about it. A birthday present, wasn’t it?”

    “Yes, from my mother. Sophia, that teddy bear was given by your mother too right?”

    That’s unexpected.

    “It's from both my parents, actually. My mother put the ribbon on it afterwards. I was surprised because my father is the type to give me magic books and such.”

    When you crack open a magic book walls and wall of text greet you. It looks boring at first, but there’s so many ways to use magic described in there!

    Some have beautiful pictures too!

    Aaaa~ and the covers look pretty on my shelf.

    “Magic books, huh. You like magic don’t you? Back in the forest you were focused on experimenting different attacks on those bats.”

    Geh, it’s that noticeable?!

    I pout slightly, “It’s not like I need to only attack in one way.”

    “But if you already know what kills them you can stick to it.” She nonchalantly gets back to her tea.

    “Hmm, so you are the type who likes fighting. You don’t look the part.”

    I want to retort but it’s actually true.

    A servant whispers in Tiane’s ear, “But back to the cakes.” She once again puts her tea cup down. “It’s amazing you can tell the store they came from just looking at them.”

    “Ah, that’s… I see these ones a lot.”

    He means the cakes his brother always buys, I guess. He didn’t even know the name of the store so that must be it.

    That reminds me, the fandom used to joke about Michael liking to stuff the heroine with cake.

    He was the type to always have gifts ready. Once he knew the heroine wasn’t the type to be amazed by jewelry he started giving flowers and pastries. And one day the heroine went: “I only have so much space to keep food and flowers, more than things like that I would rather have you (as in spend more time with him)!”, and blushed bashfully. It was cute. The next scene was nice too.

    Oops I’m getting sidetracked.

    “Do you like that store, Tiane?”

    “No opinion. I never went there myself either.”

    “Realy, I though this one at least you would have gone to.”

    “I have… never really been to town myself.”

    “Eh, really?” My voice reached a pitch I didn’t intend to, so I cover my mouth immediately after talking.

    Where’s the ‘I disguised myself and went to town teehe~’ event!

    “That’s a shame. Maybe one day you’ll have the opportunity.”

    “I heard the crisis at the border is getting worse.”

    Many times, in between countries, there are inhabited forests densely populated by monsters. But normally these monsters don’t leave the place. Lately these monsters have been acting weirdly and attacking people.

    “True,” says Noah, “My family is thinking of going there during the holidays.”

    “Must be tough. Ah, and wasn’t Matthew from the border? Hopefully the king resolves this soon.”

    It won’t be so soon…

    We spend a while talking until we finish. Tiane’s servants start cleaning up the table.

    “Until later then.” Tiane takes her leave.


    As I intend to walk away, my arm is caught and I’m pulled backwards. My arm is locked in Noah’s arm and he brings his head a little above my ear.

    “She may have ulterior motives, so don’t let your defenses down when with her just yet.” He releases my arm, “Later.”

    I brush the arm he touched with my hand.

    Too close.

    I’m not looking back at him.
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    This is really good. I binge read the whole 13 chapters. Can't wait to read the rest. Thanks for writing
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    Ahh~ This is too great. I really like the character interactions.
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    What a fun read, I'm already rooting for everyone~
    Looking forward to seeing more of your story.
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    Even though it's still early in the story, I already shipped Sophia and Noah.
    And I like it that Sophia seems really chill.
    Can't wait for more!!!