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    Could have sworn there was a spoiler thread for The Rise of Otaku though, if there is please link me to them and i will take down this thread.

    NU link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-rise-of-otaku/
    Zhou Yu, a reclusive otaku, who did not like to go out of his house, was one day forced out of his house by a series of unexpected events.

    it has been a long time since i have MTL this with google translate, burning brain cell makes my memory jumbled up
    could have sworn it is heretic as fuck
    MC can use his power to see other people talent
    martial artist become his adopter brother, becomes actor
    MC can be possesed by a 2d character, with his trained body, can use martial arts
    MC creates the perfect idol with a perfect rating of singing, acting, and even face
    all 2d entertainment want to make contract, even kidnap
    mc become the leading entertainment industry in the real world
    MC brings followers from all over the world
    trains them
    in a few years becomes as talented as MC says
    creates a "field" that can play real yu-gi-oh
    card game very popular despite only being able to play in mc amusement park
    do lots of stuff
    become talented
    he have npc child that is a bounty hunter, chef, director
    he also learn from them and others
    his technology can be produced in real world
    many science company want to steal his tech
    make a hologram field that makes them able to communicate with the npc world in that area
    some closer to him thought he makes his imagination comes true

    also big reveal on conspiracy
    MC have power because an npc organisation give to him
    says about a few hundred years in the past where the first human-npc world hybrid person

    later have npc seed
    he have 2 love interest
    some how can make use of the real human to make npc char child
    child goes to real world
    becomes human
    talented like the father(MC)
    people thought rich man, 2 wives
    even though never in relationship but close at heart

    later at age 48 MC will become NPC, IMMORTAL!!!
    mc reveal to the 2 love interest
    both want to follow MC
    MC makes an event
    show every one in the world
    and dissappear forever
    ok as you can see my brain is at its limit as my english language skills downgraded by A LOT
    and cant remember other things so... thats that folks
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    Oh WOW!! The ending is such a blast!! Definitely didn't expect that
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    I will include this on my blog:aww: