Chinese The Rose of the First Night 1 to 3 第一夜的蔷薇 by Ming Xiao Xi 明晓溪

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    Name: The Rose of the First Night 1 to 3 第一夜的蔷薇
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: Looks interesting.
    This is a novel of famous novelist Ming Xiao Xi, author of Summer's Desire,The Whirlwind Girl and The Flame's Daughter that were all adapted into dramas (twice in the case of Summer's Desire and also into a movie).
    This novel will also be adapted into a drama
    This book is about a dark story of love and revenge.

    As a top fashion designer, Qiang Wei’s father committed suicide, as a result, the world of this spoiled young girl has been completely overwhelmed by the conspiracy…….. As a young woman, she not only lost her favorite father, but was sent to the juvenile correctional institution.

    The story begins on the day she walks out of the juvenile correctional facility.

    She adopted her father’s designing talent and managed to become one of the top fashion designers step by step in the seemingly bright but cruel fashion circle based on her extraordinary perseverance and alertness. There is only one thing behind of all these–revenge.

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