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    Welp, seeing how there is no spoiler thread yet, i am gonna make it and spoil some stuffs while waiting for the great translator dreaminthesea.
    Thanks again to dreaminthesea for translating this novel
    Will post spoilers soon based on my limited MTL(google translate)
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    The S-Classes That I Raised

    An F-Class Hunter.
    And on top of that, a F-class older brother who can’t even begin to catch up to the heels of his amazing S-class little brother.
    After living a life that fell to pieces and even destroying my little brother’s life, I got another chance by regressing 5 years back. I picked up the resolution:
    This time, instead of making those mistakes, I will quietly live my life leisurely .
    Is what I thought… but the S-Ranks are all kind of… weird and for some reason I can’t seem to be able to get away at all?
    (From Novel Updates description)

    Spoiler Table of Contents
    Outside links
    Chapter spoilers

    Explaining things spoilers

    Please edit this if there is something incorrect or if something is missing.
    Spoilers tagged and placed on this as of March 13, 2021, reaching page 14. If a spoiler was missed please add a link to this post.

    Others can edit be following the directions here

    Warning in between the pages there are thank you's, BL shipping, questions, and theories.
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    chapter 21
    MC cant contact Yu Myung Woo(crafter) by phone
    thinks he suicide(just a thought) because just finished college and in debt(?)
    panics thinking if its debt then i can pay for you
    MC calls Dohmin(information broker) to find out about crafter
    MC wants to go out, Kim Sunghan (brother's assistant) stops him
    MC bring him along
    go to loan shark place(?)
    asks about crafter
    loan shark talks about join this guild, he is d-rank, can get money, safety guaranteed but actually miner's contract
    MC just read through the contract, knows that it is just regular paper(not the special paper for Yerim(s-class ice witch)) and rips the paper

    chapter 22
    loan shark gets mad, punch the table
    MC thoughts "wow the table is tough"
    ^a very necessary translation(lol)
    Loan shark threatens MC
    Kim Sunghan comes to the rescue
    MC calls Kim Sunghan before shenanigans happens
    loan shark 1,loan shark 2,loan shark 3,loan shark 4 & loan shark 5 falls to their knees when realising Kim Sunghan is an A-class
    Kim Sunghan ask MC how he would like this to be handled
    Mc says an eye for an eye
    use the 'real binding contract' uses an s-rank binding contract(20 million won) on D-rank loanshark
    says if the does things contrary to the contract his fingers will fall off and if not enough, toes will also be cut off
    MC wants to throw all loan sharkies(11 of them) into the C-rank dungeon
    then threatens them again(?)
    crafter then cries saying thank you and how can i pay you back
    Mc thoughts 'pay me with your body'
    but says Kim Sunghan did half the work
    'he wouldnt move without you'
    'you are my hero'
    then stuff that i dont understand, Mc lends A-rank gloves that improve strength and stamina to crafter

    chapter 23
    MC and crew goes to crafter dormitory
    crafter goes to room, MC and Kim Sunghan stays at the parking lot
    Kim Sunghan then says he owe the MC and apology
    thoughts MC was just a block in the way of the guild
    Mc thinks yes, that is how i was before regression
    Mc say just buy me a drink or something
    Kim Sunghan seems to have a positive view on MC now,
    praises that if you were an S-rank you might even be better than your brother
    MC laughs it off saying dont say it to others
    MC brings crafter to his damn luxurious apartment room
    some explaination about the place
    Mc wants to hire crafter to become temp housekeeper
    "uh? Why-."
    "You are really good and good friends!"
    crafter hugs MC
    "Get off me! Good to see you. I can not afford you a salary because I do not have money! "

    and then
    Yerim comes to room

    Disclaimer: i liked the series because dreaminthesea translated this to novelupdates, and i dont think my poor mtl skills are accurate, for better translations please wait for dreaminthesea's translation
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    Are there more spoilers!?!?
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    +1 also can i ask who is that blond man i always see in fanarts from twitter?
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    nope, never seen any pictures before,
    i got the source novel from another thread in novelupdates forum so i have never known anything outside it
    can you post the pictures here so we can try to deduct who those characters are together?(based on circumstantial evidence)

    spoiler time
    chapter 24
    MC sees Yerim and monologue
    'It has a natural look and a charming look. It has a short shorts and a t-shirt with cool arms. The short hair with curls adds a neutral touch, reminiscent of the playful boy of Greek mythology.
    Perhaps it was decorated with emphasis on Hermes shoes skills. Apparently, it seemed like a young man who would fly away even if it was just a moment. It looks good, and it looks pretty.'
    ^directly taken from google translate, pretty decent huh
    '... The ice witch has completely disappeared.'
    yerim immediately went to MC side and ask 'what are you doing' with a rough voice
    crafter under the fierce gaze flinched
    MC calls yerim to sit down and behave in other's house
    yerim says "I thought I was going to show you how to change clothes, so I blinked(teleport)."
    Then MC compliments yerim dryly, and thoughts maybe in five years and you will be prettier
    yerim then satisfied then ask who crafter is,
    MC replies friend
    crafter then says he is gonna live here for a few days
    'why you dont have a house?'
    'no thats not it'
    'then why?'
    yerim voice rise slightly
    Mc stops yerim and said
    'both of you should get along nicely and will participate in the new hunter training'
    "I'll say it again, but both of you should get along. Both of you are valuable friends and custodians to me. "
    "Who is more important to you?"
    "Both are the same."
    "I like someone who is diligent and hard at work."
    "Let's go to the training room and relax!"
    Yelim said, rising up. Then, Yoo Myung-woo also raised his body.
    "Well, then I'll even ... prepare dinner!"

    Mc sees this laugh and is melancholic, thinking once yerim becomes a popular s-class battle hunter and crafter awaken his crafting skill, they will be surrounded by people and forget him

    Han Yuhyun(MC brother) contact him, says he doesnt want MC to use the hunter contract like that again,
    and says the way how MC force others with the unfair hunter contract is like a columbus' egg(outside the box thinking)
    MC says it is not a big deal
    and warn his brother that there is loopholes whenever there is a skill
    monologue saying dungeons have only been here for 3 years and once the confusion ends, abused loopholes and changes will accelerate even more
    MC think he can actually help the guild a lot(stocks, knowledge, information)
    but he decided not to
    because if the future changes a lot then the things that he know will not be true anymore and people's expectation off him is gonna rise, and once the future change, he is gonna be treated like shit, doesnt want to be arrogant and be like the him before

    but then he says something to his brother
    "If you really want me to talk, can I say one thing?"
    [Please tell me.]
    "I know there will be a new A grade dungeon bidding soon."
    [It's a 2,000-dungeon game.]
    "Yes. The dungeon is probably a slime, or a coastal environment. "
    Mc monologue that The slime was a costly monster that was used as a material for all kinds of products, as well as a manstone as a whole. There was a saying that if you had a slime dungeon of grade A, you would lose the worries of guild funds.
    another top 3 guild in the past profit
    [· · · · · Can you know that in advance?]
    "It's not clear yet, but there are some rules for dungeon creation."
    [The law?]
    "Yes. It depends on the order and location, and the surrounding environment. Of course, it is not accurate. This A-grade dungeon bidding is not so unreasonable due to the current leveling ability of the guild. Even if you do not believe me, you will not be hurt by bidding. "
    [... dungeon bidding is not my responsibility, but I will strongly recommend it.]
    [After the new A-class dungeon is over, can you listen to other dungeons?]
    "If possible. It's not easy to calculate yet. "
    The calculation method is quite complicated and I can not do it. It just depends on memories.
    "Please keep it a secret."
    [Do not worry. We will be able to protect you more than the guideline's personal information. I'll get back to you soon.]

    the pressure of the 3 great guild is getting worse, MC wants brother, crafter and yerim to be the pillar of the guild
    also another disclaimer is that i dont know a batshit about korean except it is some weird worm like writing and spoilers are purely from my own deduction and google translate
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    chapter 25
    MC and brother finally finished setting up for peace(baby horned flame lion) new house to Mc's living quarters
    with Clean glass walls, clean air and clean room facilities and wood shelter neatly enter the room, looks like a luxury smoking room rather than beasts. It was wide enough to occupy half of living room. It will not be so frustrating when left alone.
    crafter back to his dormitory to move stuff
    thinks peace and crafter shouldnt be left alone even though peace is currently at the size of a cat, it is c-class while crafter is f-class
    "our peace is so cute"
    how can Mc bear to starve Peace later(so can teach peace food = love, give food = i love you = skill activate)
    then Mc wants to teach Peace korean
    turn on TV
    reporter shows special broadcast on Korea's new S-class awakened
    even though it is still early there are many camera flashes and soon after, the tv zooms into Yerim's face until yerim walks out of the camera view
    yerim held a very confident face and even her attitude in the interview is well done
    'peace, look, that is sister yerim, you will be meeting her often in the future'
    mc held peace paws while waving at the tv
    'wait, what is the gender of peace?'
    but when Mc checks at peace, he couldnt see anything above the anus
    There is neither. What. Is it retractable. Was the mammal also a retractable type? Of course, you can not count on common sense because it is a monster.
    Whether a male or a female is strong enough to grow well.
    Now I'm ready to raise money for my old age.
    mc uses laptop while buying stocks for the pharmaceutical company that will invent the hair growth medicine
    the past world should have the company producing it 2 months later but MC is scared the future cant be 100% identical
    Peace bored began to hit the mouse and flatten it like a cockroach
    "Boredom can not break things like this. Dad is poor for a while. "
    after saying it MC proceeds to play with peace
    MC would like to use his skill without starving peace
    MC eat lunch
    thinking about maybe crafter will improve his cooking as his basic dexterity is high
    Tv talks about Yerim, and welcomes her as korea's 8th S-class awakened
    and korea is catching up to china as china have 9 S-class and Japan have 5 S-class
    China however have many S-class that conceal their identity because their family will he held hostage and they will be tied to the government
    As a result within 4 years, many S-class hunters and other lesser ones began to move out and China loses out on their credibility and fails to manage their advance dungeons
    MC thinks and want to smuggle/help/invite at least one person, an A-class healer and think can call broker to do the deed themselves(smuggle country/inviting)
    Kim Sunghan text MC, hunter training will begin tomorrow
    introduction about H-talk app, useful for hunters to find party and to view stocks

    Kim Sunghan guide MC and crafter to an eatery
    Mc think its too flashy, more suited for people in their 20s
    and realise HE IS IN THE 20s
    Sunghan says he is not familiar with places like this so he is recommended by Kim Min-jin, a B-class hunter,college student who is three years younger than MC
    MC praise this Kim Min-Jin, B-class hunter is a well paying job already, no need to go to school, even MC brother was a special admission candidate and have zero attendance rate
    Min-Jin actually looks 30 even though younger than MC(lol) and wear sunglasses in that occasion,it is like a gangster who came to collect money. Look at that, the kids who pass by are nervous and tight.
    "Do not you come in?"
    He looked back at me, hesitating. What to do. No, actually, I do not have a problem. It's awkward, it's twenties. If I went to college, I would have been like this.
    I swallowed the dry spit and moved my foot. It is good to see it once in a while. As I regressed, I enjoyed my youth.
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    That's Hyunjae, he's another S-Rank who's also the guild leader of another guild. Some of this info might be wrong since it's been awhile since last I MTLed this but, he's the strongest S-rank in Korea, and sometime in this 5 years he had died, which is also why during the past life, lil bro went up as strongest. Of course, Yoojin's doing something about it this time around, going behind the scenes to the administrators and their enemies. There's a few key people that these enemies specially took note of, and two of these are lil bro and Hyunjae. If you've seen the fanarts, then you'd know there's a lot of them shipping Yoojin and Hyunjae. His personality is the playful, teasing type but as always with S Ranks in this novel, there's a possessive, yandere, psychotic guy down there.

    @alexfilia don't think I didn't see that like muahahaha. I'll post the BL teasers for this novel (after I've fixed them up, I posted a lot on discord) later somewhere, won't spam here since this novel is not BL.
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    I forgot some of their names, but here's the description for them. This picture only covers until the Noah arc and there's a lot of others that isn't here.

    From the top, left to right:
    -Hyunjae, Yoojin
    -Yoojin, Yoohyun, Yaerim (she), Noah
    -Hyunjae, Myeongwoo, S rank guild leader (she)

    Character distinctions:
    -Hyunjae: Golden blonde/silvery blonde hair, a large coat draped over him which is actually a S/SS equipment, suits, chains, electricity
    -Yoohyun: Dark hair, little bro, with a red gecko tattoo somewhere on his skin which is an psycho fire elemental spirit that can manifest, if you search for his fanart, don't confuse his with Yoo Jonghyuk from ORV, sometimes drawn with one of his eyes red in color, that's due to the gecko, fire/smoke
    -Yerim: a tomboy-ish girl, drawn wearing a skirt but if it's waist up, she'll look like a guy, the earrings are always there, that's her equipment and later on got upgraded by one of the administrator, water
    -Myeongwoo: aprons be it household aprons (he cooks) or workshop aprons (he's a crafter/blacksmith), sometimes drawn with a tan skin color since his work involves smithing in his realm with his elemental
    -Noah: yellow hair, timid, yellow dragon, wings, young
    -that S-rank female guild leader I can't remember the name of: red hair, muscles, manly woman, half side of her head is shaved later on in the story but most draw her like this, spear
    -that S-rank association staff: short cropped hair, suits, muscle, rigid face, holsters
    -that S-rank Noah's sister: black dragon, wings

    Pets/small animals:
    -Peace: red fur, horn on forehead, fox/dog like, almost always with Yoojin
    -white fluffy small bird almost always drawn with Yoojin, not to be confused with Dokja from ORV who's drawn with a something similar but has horn
    -red gecko or red gecko tattoo on skin, a character distinction for Yoohyun

    There you go. Remember, these are all from MTL source, and the current translation is only at c20 so some info might change later on but you should be able to identify who's who with this.
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    Thanks for the pic, and explaination too

    chapter 26
    chapter starts with them ordering alcoholic beverage, food and so on
    then Kim Sunghan apologize for his rude attitude before
    thinking that MC will be rash and do a contract with illegal awakener broker
    mc reply "It was, in fact, a personal curiosity about awakener brokers. I have a lot of interest in awakening and dungeons. I did a lot of research and studying separately. "
    then they begin prasing the MC how he can get Yerim's trust easily, get the approval from guild master,
    also risking himself to rescue an old friend that he met
    comparing it with simply help someone fallen on the road and to draw someone away from the track on which the vehicle comes."
    MC get embarased

    MC ask Sunghan if he is the first batch of awakener
    it looks like half of the total awakener now was awakened from the first dungeon shock,
    fortunately, the first dungeons were only F-E rank and can be dealt with modern weaponry
    its also thanks to the monsters where many awakeners felt threat to their lives and awaken more offense and defense oriented skills
    but even in korea, there seem to be a million or so death from the first dungeon shock
    more likely for the rural areas where most elderly are there and less populated = less chance of awakened people
    fortunately Sunghan awakened as an A-class hunter and is treated as a neighborhood hero, sometimes he is still contacted to be given things
    then another sentence about how he was raised by his grand parents because divorce and father left to work overseas and send him money
    His grandparents died of sickness last year and thanks to Suk Simeyong(the guild manager) and seok chung(?) he was able to invite a special healer
    healer are not able to cure sickness but can give energy and pain relief without side effect, but nonetheless, expensive
    as the story goes, MC keeps on drinking without stopping,
    and he realise it is because of the passive skill that he cannot get drunk
    the mc mutters grumpily that he have never heard of anyone turning off their passive skil
    'But it would be nice if you could turn it on and off. How can I do it once now? I pretend to be drunk, and I do not want to talk to you with your mind. Turn off the poison resistance skill. Poison resistance skill off. '
    [Poison resistance (L) skill is canceled.]
    MC immediately bump his head on the table and gets drunk while blacking out...

    chapter 27
    this is more like in in Kim Sunghan's monologue
    Kim Sunghan looks at MC worriedly
    'are you okay?'
    Mc drunkenly said 'Mr. Kim Sunghan, there is something really important to tell you are you listening completely?'
    "If you do not mind, would you mind if you could take it seriously? I do not really want to do this. But now I must say this opportunity. "
    "Tell me."
    Kim Sung-han suddenly took his position. I'm sure he(MC) is drunk, but he is talking too well to be a drunk.
    Maybe he is trying to reveal something really important.
    Once in a while, he can be very secretive. Had it not been for the solid information of the brotherhood of the guild, it would have been suspicious. he knows too much for a person who has just completed an awakening and acted very well.
    Therefore, at this moment, when the prudence was stripped, I had to listen to him saying that he had to do it.
    "Mr. Seonghan Kim."
    Han Yujin's lip shakes a bit. He hesitated and finally he spoke out.
    "i Love you"
    Kim Sung-han has the most stupid expression in his life for 30 years. A word that is pinned down in the tympanic membrane does not connect directly to the brain, and it seems to be circling around.
    The emotions that followed burst out like fireworks.
    It was embarrassing, funny and funny. I felt a bit of a disappointment, but at the same time, I felt a sense of intimacy as if I could not help it.
    Overall, it was not bad. No, it was quite pleasant.
    "It was a drill to make a real confession."
    Kim Sung - han swallowed the laughing lately.
    "Did I say that I love you?"
    Finally, a laughing sound popped out of the picture seriously asking again. Kim Sung-han nodded with his crotch.
    "you did."
    "Really? This is crazy. No, I did not tell Mr. But did I say that I love you? "
    "Really? But why ... Oh, you were floating? When did you leave? "
    I do not know what I mean, and I laugh hahaha. Kim Sung-han looked at the appearance of Han Yujin, and felt a strange dignity.
    It is the first time to drink with him. It's definitely the first time, but it's not strange. It seemed to have seen the drunken figure somewhere like that.
    No, obviously.
    Kim Sung-han crossed his memory. It was not an old memory. I saw it about two years ago. Before that, even when he were young.
    It suddenly appeared. Kim SungHan breathed a little.
    His grandfather.
    When he is drunk, throws away his eloquence and tells his grandchild that he loves him.
    The wrinkled tree-like hand that glows over the head, or the back of the head, comes up clearly.
    '... I'm a little younger than I am. I was drunk. "
    Seeing seventy elderly people watching a young young man. There is a degree of misunderstanding.
    However, the strange sense of distance has quickly disappeared by force.
    Leaving only his deep feelings about the elderly who were his great protector.
    Of course, Han yujin(MC) was not the true grandfather of Kim Sung-han. he is someone else. I know very well.
    But it did not matter.
    What is important is that someone who can be trusted with confidence has come up with an occasional reminder.
    In a world where even the bloodshed is not easily believed, the existence of being perfectly safe seems to have been very tempting. And the reason for the temptation was removed.
    Kim SungHan smiled.
    "He was drunk."
    He raised his body and said. Han Yujin looked up at him silently.
    "... I'm sorry, but I have to say I love you."
    "You said it."
    "Oh ... i said that. i said? Damn, that's not it ... "
    Kim Sung - Han grabbed the arm of the passenger who laughed and stretched out the bullshit.
    Han-Yujin unexpectedly walked well without staggering. It was not enough to know that I was drunk, not just the eyes I tasted and love.
    "Sorry. I'm not doing this because I want to do it. "
    "I'll do just one more thing if you're okay."
    Just one word, and look up at the man who is seriously supporting himself.
    "I Love you."
    I(kim sunghan) tried to laugh again this time. But Kim SungHan suddenly came up.
    Unlike his childhood, he became a hard man who emphasized body image and thickened his head, that he had shed his alcoholic drink without an answer every time.
    "···me too."
    So I took out a word that I never had in my mouth since my teenage years.
    "I love you."

    back to MC first person view
    His head hurts like hell
    cant remember anything before blacking out
    then he remember that he turns off his L skill
    the he said turn on poison resistance skill but it didnt work
    the it did
    [Poison resistance (L) skill is activated.]
    As the message window came on, headaches disappeared like magic. The body, which seems to have a few pits, is lighter. Wow, it's good skill. I can fix hangovers. It is legendary.
    'But this, passive skill, you have to say two times to turn on and off?
    Like a kind of safety device. To check it, you should never turn the poison resistance ... and turn off the fear resistance skill.
    'Fear Resistance Turn off skills, fear resistance skills off.'
    [Fear Resistance (L) skill is canceled.]
    'But yesterday ... I do not think I was totally drunk.'
    I was worried when my mind became clear.
    This is my bedroom, which is actually a guild boarding room. And clothes are ... pajamas. Who changed it? Have you been sick?
    I picked up a cell phone on the bedside table. It has passed a day, and it is a little over ten o'clock in the morning.
    Please, I was mentally lost.
    Pray and open the status window, and checked my Brat skill.

    [My baby is the best (L) - Growth rate + 100%
    Duration 3 days
    Objects already inspected can be used without keywords
    Can not be duplicated to the same target
    Cooldown 30 days for the same target
    Keywords: I love you
    ※ Not applicable when target recognizes the effect of keyword
    Subject to completion of impression (4)
    Han Yoo Hyun (S), Yoo Myung Woo (F), Park Yeolim (S), Kim Sung Han (A)

    · · · · Hahaha, crazy.
    There is Kim Sung Han. Why not. System Binary. Please say an error.
    '······································································································································ However,'
    I sat up and turned on my cell phone again.
    'I have to check ...'
    then in the call it is revealed that MC says i love you 30 times while drunk
    He squeezed out his voice. It's crazy, real. Crazy. Han Yujin(himself) is a crazy motherfucker. I should have said it one time only .... damn.
    The neck is hot and hot with embarrassment . It feels like half already dead.
    "I'm really sorry ... I was really, really insane. I would be very unhappy, but I sincerely apologize. "
    [Fine. I was not uncomfortable at all.]
    The moment my head froze. Now, wait a second? You were not offended, what are you talking about? If I were you, It would not have kicked me, but he was not uncomfortable at all.
    · · · · · · Was it your taste?
    My spine has crashed. I'd rather be angry. Why is it okay? Please be angry. I want to hear the madman.
    "Well, well ... well, in that place too ... It must not have been nice ...."
    Kim SungHan laughed. Do not laugh, creepy.
    [Maybe it was annoying and unpleasant if it was other person. But.]
    But, but ... But what.
    I pushed the urge to throw away my cell phone and waited for his words to continue.
    [Well, I think this sounds strange.]
    · · · should i throw it now? This sounds strange ... what is it.
    [Why do I see Han Yujin, my dear grandfather comes up.]
    ······Yeah? What, what? Grandfather? grandfather?!
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    No prob. They're not official though. Most of the ones you'll find on the internet are fanarts but those indicators would help identifying who is who, regardless of artist or style.
    coughChrysanthemum Garden's discord channel has a channel dedicated to gheybaits where our current (has been going on for quite awhile, a month maybe) fad is Hyunjae and S-Ranks fanarts if any fujoshi out there wants to purify their soulcough
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    chapter 28 title : perfect caregiver
    'i am thirty.. no twenty'
    i dont have wrinkle and my hair is still black
    [I know. But I saw my grandfather in a drunken yesterday. My grandfather also said he loved me when he was drunk.
    "Oh so ..."
    its is still strange,so if a woman drunkenly says i love you then she is your grandmother?!
    Kim Sunghan then says i still feel like you are my grandfather, can you?, I will not tell to anyone else. It is enough just to say hello and see me occasionally. It's in the same guild anyway, so it will not be a hassle
    then MC gets confused
    Mc said the keyword when he was drunk and Kim Sunghan remembered his grandfather afterwards
    Not a parent, a friend, or a lover.
    The pieces of the puzzle are set one by one.
    I was reminded of Yerim who seemed friendly to me. I also remembered Crafter.
    And from the moment the skill was applied, my brother's attitude to protect me too much ....
    Then MC piece the puzzle and realize something,
    The perfect caretaker title, or the hidden effect of my Brat skill. If an inspired target makes me think of me as the best caregiver he knows,
    the Kim Sunghan ask again, Han Yunjin? if you do not like it...
    Mc: its fine, i still ahve a hangover and will take a shower
    Kim Sunghan ask again in a worried tone about bathing in warm water like being worried about a seventy something elder
    MC then think again once the keywords are said, then the effect will come to life
    in Kim Sunghan's case, his grandfather
    in Han Yuhyun's case, he is his caretaker after all so the feeling must have double to protect MC(remember his brother want to kept him in cavity for 3 years?)
    MC apologies to his brother in his mind for thinking he is strange

    then for Yerim.. he must be her late dad image... not as her mom... right?
    then he views the requirement for it again
    [※ Not applicable when target recognizes the effect of keyword]
    so this means the target may not know that he said he loves them so that they can grow, or it will be considered as a betrayal/ brainwashing and he will lose his qualification of a perfect caregiver.
    he thinks that his brother and crafter may understand even if he reveal it to them, but Sunghan and Yerim is trouble

    he then stuck a question, what if he will have a romantic relationship with a woman in the future?
    will the woman suddenly views him as her father(lol, Home~ Sweet~ Albama~)
    then he shed a tears after thinking what drama it would be if he is viewed as a different person or if his child will view him as the mom or something(???)
    'When I meet a person who i want to be together for the rest of my life, let's just cut the tongue.'
    'low grade skill is more convenient that this, at least there is no additional effect
    'is it even important to have this effect?'
    crafter then come to MC says piece have been missing you since yesterday
    he meet piece who is scratching glass and once they meet, piece comes and hug MC
    "You were surprised? It's okay, I'm sorry. It will not happen again in the future. "
    crafter give MC 4 different colored drink, says its for hangover from them
    MC choose his brother as he was the strongest man
    then as his title skill was still a half-guess, he ask crafter who he sees him as
    'do you have a bother like me?'
    'brother? No? I only have older sisters.'
    "Was your relationship good with your sisters ...?"
    "No, not at all."
    "Then with your parents?"
    crafter shows a bitter smile
    'if it is well, i would not have to stamp a slave contract, when he was young he rarely sees his parents figure and My sisters cut me off . I have not been contacted for a long time now.'
    if its not a family, who are you thinking of ? Relative? Teacher? Other townspeople?
    'well then who are you seeing in me?'
    "Are you the one who gave you the most help or dependence on you when you were alive? I think there might be one. "
    "Of course not."
    "Yujin its you."
    "Yes. Of course you. Who else would it be. Even when i work in the association, it's hard to come to rescue from the gangsters. My family would have pretended not to know. "

    ofcourse if there is no one to care for the title perfect caregiver might not work
    then crafter love me for who i am?
    Crafter: "Why suddenly you step back? You still have a hangover? "
    MC: "uh? Uh, a little ... "
    we should maintain proper distance for privacy and mental health.
    Then, in the end, there is one remaining.'
    Yoo Hyun is getting worse, I still think of him as his brother, so it is impossible to confirm, and Yeilim is left.
    ... Daddy, please be a Dad. I believe, Yelim. please let me believe your father, has a clear expectation of being homely.

    chapter 29
    after getting ready, the MC reminds himself
    1. Not to tell anyone the keyword effectiveness
    very few people can be trusted to keep it with their life
    2. Be very careful when using keywords.
    Now there are only four people, but if you continue to use the same keywords in the future, someone might notice. Above all, it is absolutely forbidden to use it in places where there are many people like yesterday.So if you have to say the keyword, you have to mix several words in a one-to-one situation.
    3. raise a monster, I need to get S class level masters to protect me as soon as possible.
    Five years later, there were no monsters that communicate with humans. So the piece and the monsters that will be received later are safe without worrying that the skill effect will disappear.
    You can rest assured that even if you put only two such S-class monsters near you, you can be relieved enough.
    4. Finally, do not underestimate the system. We can not know what kind of trap is hidden, so be careful.

    after that Yerim ask MC worriedly about is he fine after the hangover
    MC ask who she sees him as
    she said an next door teenager that she call uncle that is kind to her and looks sickly
    "And if I grow big afterwards, I thought I would protect Him because I will be stronger than That uncle ..."
    "Do you remember when you first remembered him?"
    "Yeah. At the meat house, after you gibberish. I think it looks similar to the way it looks. "
    Immediately after saying the keyword "I love you" if you are next to me.
    I am sure the effect of the keyword influence is also clear.
    "I'll be sure to protect you!"
    "Yes, thank you."
    Yerim was clinging as usual, but unlike usual, one side of the chest became cold. I think this is due to the skill too, I was a bit scary.
    the crafter comes and the crew goes to the guild's hunter class together
    room can hold 100 people but only 5 tables
    only one new comer except for them it seems(teacher, MC, crafter, Yerim, new guy)
    the teacher is a female in early twenties with round glasses called doctor white
    "I am called Stone White . I'm in charge of your theoretical education today. "
    Stone white! I remembered the name. Doctor White, an authority in dungeon science.
    Originally, she was a young genius who played a major role in researching dungeons and awakeners in Korea as a major in statistics.
    It was too young to be seen on TV so I could not see it right away. I remember older than me, and makeup and costumes are different.
    she then Ask MC if he is Han Yujin and says she hears a lot from her uncle/department head(Suk Simyeong - guild manager)
    "I do not know what you're talking about, but your team leader is overestimating me."
    "You are humble. You're not the kind of guy you should be overestimating. How tough it is. "
    The contents of her lecture were quite good. about The dungeon and is also very well aware of the awakeners, and the explanation is easy to listen to and easy to listen to. She was also good at using audiovisual materials.
    Even though it is a study about everything I know, I was concentrating on it. There were a few things that I knew was wrong. No matter how hard you studied, the data is only three years, so can not compared to eight years info.
    MC:"I was not short at all. The lecture is very good. It came in well with my ear and was easy to understand. "
    White:"Thank you for the praise, but you made the expression that it was not right in the middle of the lecture. I felt like I was going back to my undergraduate school. "
    So i did it
    "The first time was when I was talking about awakening. An awakening occurs mainly when you feel threatened, and the initial skill is to protect yourself. This part. "I notice it is fast and has good memory. I also have a genius title.
    I laughed with a smile.
    "It is not very wrong. Generally speaking. However, the initial skill of arousal is usually ... "
    Stone white opened her eyes. It is a look that urges the latter. You can shake it off like this. It is not very important information.
    "I think it is divided into quality and environment. There are a lot of skills that you can not use in combat immediately to protect yourself. "
    "But is not this the battle and battle aid most?"
    "Most, but not all. And most of the environment was awakening. If you look at it, you will see an increase in the percentage of awakeners with non-combat skills recently. "
    Of course, Because the situation is the easiest to wake up, fighting skills will still occupy the majority. However, the dungeon almost does not burst now, the rate of awakening in everyday life is bound to increase naturally.
    Not long ago, there was a man in the Hunter Association who had both sea fishing skills and earthwalking skills.
    The white stone closed his mouth for a moment, narrowed it, and nodded his head.
    "Okay, let me check. And the second time you smile ... "
    "Wait. Are you sure you will check everything? "
    "I do not have time, but I can make it.
    "It is not the time to write to the white stone."
    I made the look of what white stone should do.

    "... Do you have anything you want? Do you want to pay for research? "
    "I just want to rest."
    "I'll get you a 5 star hotel room. With a viewable suite. "

    Why do not you come out of the hotel. My room is good and comfortable.

    'What shall I do?'

    There's nothing wrong with being friendly. she will leave the US later ... Wait a minute. Maybe if I give a hint, can I find out the rules of dungeon formation in Korea? Well ... I do not have enough dungeons for that.
    The number of dungeons was proportional to population and land area. So Stone White had to go overseas to continue research on the dungeon formation laws that needed a lot of data. There are few places that allow foreigners to investigate dungeons.
    Loyalty was not a joke, but I'm sorry. How can I study in Korea?

    "I want to meet the goblin(?), I'll hang out for a while. I can not answer that. "
    "really? Thank you!"
    The stone white agreed
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    Reading List:
    chapter 30
    Yerim and co left
    MC and White is left alone in the hall
    "It's amazing how dungeon saturation can be estimated by calculating the shape of the entrance and the distribution of mana. Now it's a simple average calculation, and sometimes you have to start a hurry. The dungeon within three days of the occurrence is green, and the dungeon the day before the break is red is the index. "
    "It's just speculation. There is too much material to assure. Especially in Korea, the number of dungeons is not so much. "
    "Right! Too little. Oh, it sounds like I'm out of this world. But I'm afraid I can not go through more dungeons. "
    "Investigate a large number of dungeons, and if you look at the statistics, you might find something new."
    "I mean! I do not know why most countries do not allow foreigners to investigate. I do not mean to attack, I just look at it. Honestly, it is not the whole world to work together. Knowing more about dungeons can make people safer! "
    "This is the first time Yujin is a good person! I still think that dungeons are random unpredictable disasters. But I am sure that there is regularity and I will meet people who research and research. "
    She grabbed my hand and stared at her face. No, wait.
    "Will not you work with me in the lab?"
    "· · · I wont."
    "why? If we are both, we will surely do a great discovery! "
    then some arguement and
    "Because of the high school graduation, the academic ability is ..."
    "Does not matter. I am a professor. But I was thinking about building a new dungeon or arousal related department. I'll be the kindest professor in the world. I'll let you pass the paper! "
    "I'm sorry, but now I'm more interested in the other side, so I do not want to study dungeons and awakeners."
    "... the other side?"
    "Yeah. I'm going to study about monsters. "
    If you grow up, you will also be studying for the same purpose.
    The white stone, which mumbled miserably, was suddenly embarrassed.
    "I will cooperate with my lab and my laboratory."
    "There is no laboratory. There is no plan to raise. I'm just raising alone. "
    "Are you growing up? Already? And the researcher who is also beating himself! "
    It was when I was shaking my head that I had to get a stone white pattern/rythem.
    the i dont understans after this
    looks like black out, an awakened person does it
    MC forget to on his fear resistance
    the new guy have invisibility(?)
    new guy :
    [Awakening person - Yoon Yun/yun yun
    Current rating class B
    Awakening Stats Class B
    Optimization Initial Skill
    Who? (S) obtained
    Obtained a cloud step (B)]
    MC make a contract with him?

    chapter 31
    go to infirmary, visit white
    yerim and crafter want to go to dungeon to fight real monster
    MC think now he can use the exp up skill
    then also call Kim Sunghan to accompany them so he still can get the extra Exp doe 2 days(1 day have passed since 'i love you drunk')
    since it is his grandpa calling him to do it
    white awaken(so she fainted)
    MC wants a cooperation with white but not cooperation between laboratories. What I will provide is information, nothing else. "
    "Information, dungeon?"
    "Why dont you start by studying the laws of dungeon formation."
    "Dungeon Generation Law?"
    "Yeah. I have also studied a little bit. There seems to be some sort of rule in the creation of dungeons. It is possible to find out some of the information inside the dungeon mainly based on the generation time, environment and location. "
    In my words, the eyes of the white stone are more serious than ever.
    "If that's true, backtracking will predict when and where the dungeon will appear."
    "Yes? Well, perhaps? "
    some monologue about the future of the prediction is mostly accurate
    "So I'll get back to you next week. Let me tell you more in detail. Would you mind contacting me? "
    "Ah yes. Please let me know. "

    second day they fight with real f-class monster tooth mole
    crafter barely knocked it in 1 hour
    yerim just freeze the moles
    MC watching

    third day go to dungeon
    they can borrow equipment, lost or damaged need to pay
    MC try to use my brat skill on yerim
    [My Brat(L) Single Skill Growth Concentration applies to the target person!

    Untrained Optimization Skill
    Pale Rain (S)
    Frozen ground (S)
    Cold resistance (A)
    Horsepower up (B)

    Other recommended skills
    Strengthen ice properties (A)
    Flame resistance (A)
    Horse Power Up (A)
    Agile business (A)
    Good cold effect (B)
    Omitted below

    Other random random skill selection possible]

    MC feel strange to see the system
    Previously, and for the past five years, millions of people have studied hard about what a system is, but little has been revealed. It was a terrible thing that changed the world at once.
    Still, it was at least not omnipotent because it was a typo. I want to let the pawns claim to have their dungeons and awakenings made by their gods.

    'Let's write even the skill.'
    Once I had four optimization skills. I do not know what the difference from the initial optimization skill is, but the two S class did not have to wait long.
    Pale rain. That would be better. The frozen ground felt intuition that it would be better to obtain it after the cold resistance resistance acquisition. I can not explain, let's go safely at first.
    When I chose a pale rain, a message window appeared again.

    [The subject's pale rain (S) learning condition
    Level 10 achievement (progress 1/10)]

    If conditions were met, it could be learned. Conditionally easy.
    I usually get a new skill for every 10th level, so I only have basic conditions.
    Then he also wrote skills to craafter. There was such a miscellaneous skill, but there was only one SS, so there was nothing to worry about.
    I immediately selected the master skill of the Golden Forge, and a message window popped up.

    [Subject] The master of the Golden Forge (Yu)
    Achieved Level 10 (progress 1/10)
    10,000 blade cutting blade (progress 17 / 10,000)]

    · · · · · There is light at the end of the nose. We're fighting.
    (i think the blade cutting blade is either slash the blades 10,000 times or something, will clarify if i understand,
    others can try to help deduce it though)


    weapon grind 10,000 days(progress 17/10, 000)]
    may be this is it
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    Reading List:
    chapter 32-35
    i dont really understand but this
    But I did seventeen.’

    Scissors or Jack knife or knife-like Across never had one. I'm going a little harder.

    ‘If I could save my talent and do something like a blacksmith or something like that, he would have to fill the basic conditions.’

    It was an early step in optimization, so maybe you've kept your swing at the same time as your awakening. My cub skill effects as conditions eased there even early talent alive if the sword only, but go I did.
    If you were born before industrialization, it would have been easier to go your way. I still hope to find my talent, but if it wasn't, it would have been.

    ‘· * * I decided not to use keywords for people, but it sways again.’

    I just want to go to the movies and watch the movie. If you have a low skill level, like a thunderstorm, you'll be less likely to leave later. It's more than a Class C, so you don't have to worry about it.
    It's a very rare case, and it won't be a few people.

    yerim ask Mc whick weapon she should use
    If you are a combat mage, the main weapon is also good for magic stats. You have to reserve for a melee attack.
    crafter use high rank spear
    Han YuHyun came
    says it have been along time but not even a week
    then he says MC blocked him
    MC realize he havent unblocked his brother
    YuHyun also join the expedition
    seems like EZ game
    MC feels like back to work after vacation
    YuHyun explain dungeon gate is active for an hour, after that need to finish the dungeon or if all of the hunters are dead inside,
    items for escaping dungeons are very rare and expensive,
    "Currently there are only twenty-two in Korea and one-time use. So dungeons beyond their abilities should never be challenged. Even if you have found a dungeon that is in a state of saturation, do not think of time as your life. "
    then they went into the dungeon(D-rank)
    Mc feel calm
    not like the other world where he was chases by debt, pressure, his pride, etc.

    MC just want to level up to level 10
    says to Yerim the amount of exp needed per level for a S-class is 5 times as much and even for efficiency, S-class need to clear D-class dungeon twice alone to level up to level 10

    after killing, manastone will fall and can be exchanged for money
    then they continue

    chapter 33
    D class sub-rock zone dungeon.
    explanation about rock goat
    cant use skill often because of low rank
    frozen by Yerim
    Yerim bought goat to MC to be sacrificed to Cthulhu
    Yerim bought Frozen goat while YuHyun Bought goat steak
    they want MC to level fast
    MC thinks this group may be lacking a healer
    but healer are generally average 50 in age
    The stats were better at younger and healthier. Although there are no exceptions, most stat class S is less than mid-thirties.

    yerim and Yuhyun argue
    ice and fire
    MC stop them
    crafter is scared as F-class in the mid of 2 S-class
    Mc now level 9
    he thinks it will be like the past regression where he wont receive a skill at level 10 but at level 30
    crafter is frustated that he does not earn a skill at level 10
    but he doesnot know the next skill he need to get is golden forge and the hidden requirements

    and then suddenly
    Message window popped up ?!
    Then another message window appeared.
    [Aww, I'm sorry!]
    No, I'm sorry to blame you for that. error? Operator Chat Mistakes?
    Please wait. Let's have a conversation. Anything like a keyboard window? Why do not you have a one - sided conversation.
    YuHyun Hug MC to protect MC
    looks like he is out of it and many monster also a higher tier monsters pops out
    monster dead
    then explanation sometimes monster higher rank can come out

    chapter 34
    then some yuhyun fight
    Yerim amazed with fluid movement
    then they went out of dungeon
    most people ask about guild master and yerim
    MC and crafter background char 1 & 2
    Kim SungHan come and ask MC is he fine
    then MC think Sunghan is famous for his loyalty to YuHyun, will it not be strange?
    MC barely reached level 10 before the dungeon ends
    then something noticeable happens
    no new skill but the titile perfect care giver becomes red in color,its blinking(?)
    then the skill my brat is the best also change into red, but something imcomphensible happen

    [My Lamb is the best (L) - Growing rate of the affected object hearing the keyword +100% (/> ∀ <) / Fighting! ┕ (^ ㅁ ^ ┕)
    Duration 3 days
    Objects already inspected can be used without keywords
    Can not be duplicated to the same target
    Cooldown 30 days for the same target
    Keywords: I love you
    ※ Not applicable when target recognizes the effect of keyword

    Subject to completion of impression (5)
    (Standby) (Standby) (Standby) (Standby) (Standby) Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby (Standby) (standby) (standby) (standby) (standby) (standby)(standby) (standby)next](and there is 32 here?)
    based on the translated
    2 is filled and 30(next chapter its 50?) left
    so MC screams in his mind, you want me to catch 30 S-class???
    this evening the number of domestic S-class is not even 10
    then he check again
    There are definitely four people. I checked the skill window once again.

    [Target of impression completion (5)]

    · · · Why five people.

    chapter 35
    (standby) Standby) (standby) (standby) (standby) (standby)
    (Yoo Myung Woo-F) (Kim Seong Han-A) (Piece-C)

    Skill Growth Target - Park Ye-rim, Yoo Myung-woo]

    ······peace? Wait a minute, is that our real piece? I've never been infatuated.

    'Explain it. Please explain. Please explain. If you give me a detailed instruction manual, I will fill it up as much as I want, even if I do what I really want.

    But the thick manual did not come down from the sky with the light of the trumpet background. A shitty system.
    Let's roll your head calmly and calmly.

    'I'm sure the piece has been influenced by the keyword.'

    If not a system error.
    The title is the perfect caregiver, the skill name is my baby's best, and the keywords that should be inspired love.
    I used to think that it was the last room to put a lot of keywords in the list so far.
    But if I was a real caregiver, it would be right to express my love for my baby. Not once, not once.

    '· · · Was it a good use or was it something that I always told you that I loved you?
    I can not tell which is the right way. However, if you think about the caregiver's title, it seemed to be the correct answer to build up affection with steady love.
    'But it's definitely possible to raise monsters with this.'
    MC is scared when his plan of starving=love might not work
    Of course, it is not easy to fill 50 S class monsters. I have to have it once. It is extremely rare for middle bosses or boss monsters of S class dungeons to appear with their cubs. Besides, I had to catch it, so the difficulty of obtaining was really bad.
    'Even if you catch it luckily, if you can not grow it, it will kill you. Even after five years, little monsters have grown into adults. "
    then MC think that he can he a monster trainer which train monster for a price and so he can earn money by himself and his safety can be guaranteed (high reputaion al over the world) and YuHyun does not need to worry again
    he can take care of himself using his own skill

    the after back to the guild, crafter greets MC
    "hey Yujin"
    but in a dying figure
    looks like he is horrible depressed about not gaining skill at the 10th level
    Crafter looks horrible, says thank you and sorry for not reaching expectation, he really appreciate it and never forget the goodwill in his whole life
    MC is scared he will do suicide again, may be being grouped with the s-classes is one of the causes
    MC is hardpressed because he cant talk about the skill, his potential, effect or anything
    so he resort to lying
    "I do not intend to hold it. I just got good information ... but I just can not use it. "
    There is one really good information. It's a big hit.
    "uh. It's really useful information for you. But I see that you are getting tired ... I'm sorry I made you worse. Unfortunately, if you do not like it, I will not push you. "
    "Would you like to hear it once before you go? This is really precious information. So···."
    I lowered my voice to a whisper.
    "You know Dr. White? A few days ago, the lady who took charge of the theoretical education. She is a genius who has attained her professorship at her young age. I also had a lot of important information. "
    "She, yes? does she? "
    "Huh. I should not tell anyone else originally, but I got it specially. Do not you ever say you heard from someone? You just have to know. "
    I was nervous. "Only for you", "especially for you". It is a magic phrase that catches people.(true enough though, lol)
    "You have secondary weapons skills. Your grindstone. "
    "Uh ... why is that?"
    "I have such a skill that I can get a special skill that is very good for arousal."
    "Getting special skills ... training?"
    "Yes. Of course it is not easy. However, if you finish the training hard and fast, you will have a great skill depending on your luck. "
    "I do not have much luck ..."
    "There is not. Hey, just knowing this is a huge fortune. Plus, it's guaranteed at least C grade. If you are a C-grade auxiliary skill, I will eat it. Do I lose my tongue? "
    The SS class is too fraudulent, so it is suitable for class C.
    The light came back to the eyes of crafter. It's real. Trust me only.
    "Just because it is hard ..."
    "How hard is it?"
    "You know the cutlery? Like a knife or scissors. I have to grind it. ten thousand Times. "
    The mouth of Yoo Myunwoo(crafter) was opened.
    "Do you mean ten thousand times?"
    "uh. It will be hard. I do not want to see you suffer. "
    "Can only be opened? Really?!"
    He shouted like a cheer. His eyes are completely revived and I can not finish it. What, do you like Grinding?
    "···Yes. There's a lot more to it than that. "
    "No, not much. If you go one hundred a day, it's only a hundred days! "
    "One hundred each ...?"
    In a hundred days? To finish it that fast, it takes ten minutes for one, but I work sixteen hours a day for an hour and I have to eat and sleep for the remaining seven hours.
    "... slowly, slowly."
    Passionate things are good, but once a person is alive, they also use SS-level skills.
    "slowly? Can we do fifty or fifty? But then it takes more than half a year · · · Yujin It will be a long time for you ......... "
    "OK. Your rice is delicious. "
    It's real. Even more and more, I was expecting the future. Not cooking skills.
    "So do not worry. You're harder than me? It would be easy to go all day long and go to the sword. "
    "do not worry. When I was a child, I wasted the whole vacation and made a hansan model. I got a prize for it. I'm confident repeating all day in the house! "
    It was. Does this personality also have a bearing on skill characterization? I do not know if you get the blacksmith to take equipment like a factory.
    "Oh, I'll return the equipment in. Yujin, you go up first."
    "Yujin, thank you very much. I'll pay for everything. Eventually."
    Before turning around, Crafter, if you are so grateful, you can make me some good equipment later.
    the MC went home and some thing i dont understand happen.
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    Reading List:
    chapter 36 -38
    Chapter 36
    This chapter is hard to understand so i might just give limited summary
    the title of the chapter is monster tamer - 1
    peace is asking for the MC to carry it
    and MC thought he is gonna be larger than the MC one day
    he check Peace through his skill
    [My baby's best (L) growth effect is applied to the target piece for 3 days!
    Level 2 Unicorn subspecies - Elimination time of the soul of the flame horn lion pieces (365: 00) Effect duration (72:00)
    Dawn, the caretaker trained the subject,
    Reduce overall turnaround time
    You can grow without waiting.]
    so according to Google translate, and according to the system, he needs to bring peace to the dungeon for it to grow(with the skill)(should be)(perhaps)(aint sure too)(but based on how it goes in the chapter)(it is)
    MC send a message to his brother
    his brother said lets talk at home
    it looks like he seems to think his house is our home.
    then they talk with expensive liquor
    MC lied saying his 10th level skill is an S-grade skill
    used to train monster
    but his stats is still F-class
    saying monster usually grows when their parents raise them but with MC's skill, they can be trained(not normal knowlege at the moment)
    then brother allow MC

    chapter 37
    brother warns MC to be carefull in A-class dungeon
    then also say at the auction will buy some monster egg
    MC says he cant train a lot
    preferbly 3-5
    brother ask
    "It is not necessary to attack the dungeon, so you can grow slowly?"
    "It's not necessary, but if you do it, you get faster."
    "how much?"
    "S-class dungeon attacks by more than half as much as the criteria?"
    "What? Half? "
    "I had to walk a long time in the D class dungeon that I went to today. S class is more than that. It is also slower than the four-footed monster of the same class. So of course it accelerates in many ways. "
    "... Give me one right out of the training room. I've been using Skills for Peace. I have only two and a half days remaining in effect. We need to raise it as much as possible so we can have evidence to put on the negotiating table. "
    "now? It's late. "
    "It's been a long time. I'm going to have to take a break from the piece and I'll stick it with my eyes. "
    "But do not overdo it. You need recording equipment to record, too? "

    in the training room,
    a D-class lab manager is defense specialised and is a awakened because they are dealing with monster
    they have weakened the f-class tooth mole that it will lose to f-class even without equipment
    "Please press emergency call button in case of emergency. Please refer to this booklet for instructions on how to use the training machine. "
    After the explanation, the manager went out of my sight.
    As for the training, I had to keep secret until the negotiation with the big guilds, so I decided to borrow the training room instead of Peace. Class F rely on his younger brother, and he uses the guild training room all the time.

    "OK , piece. sit right here. "
    First, I put the tooth mole next to us to record the current piece status. Our front side was transparent, so we were able to compare the size of the two monsters.
    - Cruhlung
    Peace reveals his fangs with an interest in tooth moles. The tooth moles also waved their toenails with their toenails. It's stupid. I can not see your opponent.
    "No. Sit back. That's right. "
    I turned on the camcorder fixed on the tripod and recorded the picture of the piece.
    "Level 2 unicorn subspecies flame horn lion fluid, did not grow for two months after capture. Body length 41cm, weight 2.8kg. It is 11:21 pm on the first day of the application of the skill of raising rape. "
    After explanation, recording function turned off. I put the large clock with the timer function on the table and wrote the current time and the remaining growth time of the piece in the notebook.
    then they use the training room for an hour and use varing equipment, sandbag, stamina raising equipment, ball pitching, etc
    shake the sandbag occasionally, and it is more godly and it runs. It feels good. There is a feeling that the training efficiency is likely to be considerable.
    I finished the training for exactly 30 minutes and checked the remaining growth period of the piece.
    'Oh, I've cut it for over an hour!'
    The growth rate was about 2.3 times during training. If this is the case, you can become an adult only with the application of the third skill?
    If you train for 3 days all night, you can reduce the 15 days to less than 7 days. But it 's a little hard, and if you take 9 days, it will take just two months.
    "Okay, let's do something else!"
    - Puur!
    After 5 hours later
    I tried to train. The most efficient one was a threefold simulation battle, and it was a 1.7x laser point shake that saved me.
    "... I will die."
    - Tyrrell?
    Peace looked up at me, leaning on a long chair, and looked up at me.
    I'm sure my stats is higher, but why is he not tired? It is early recovery in childhood. Or is this the difference between Class B and Class B, which is S grade, and Class F, which is high class with equipment grade.
    The stats of an awakening are not just the five displayed. Awakening researchers have said that their stats such as resilience, endurance, durability, intelligence, luck, and various senses will be hidden.
    It was the evidence that the ability to do the same with the equipment equally and to use the skill without experimenting. Even though the stats are the same, the higher the original rating, the better in every way.
    So there was a limit to the equipment wash. sadly.
    "Still, my stats would be three times higher now. Monster is strong resilience Is it real. "
    - *peace noise!
    "No. Please do not play. Let's rest a little. "
    It would be nice to have a stamina potion, but it will take another year to make it. This is because the dungeon from which the material comes out appears a year later. It would be nice to take that dungeon, too, because it is overseas.
    'It was Japan.'
    - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    it started to wiggle around the pants of my pants. Dude.
    "it have been trapped in the house and accumulated a lot in the meantime. Peace, will you play with the mole over there? "

    I should try training with them. He made a heavy body like a cotton pad and went toward us. The tooth moles are fiercely revealing their front teeth toward me. Even without the equipment, it is weaker than me.

    - Kyaaak!

    Suddenly, the piece made a lot of hair and raised an angry voice.

    "Blood, piece?"
    - Cyan! Kyaaat!
    - kiang!
    As the piece rushes, the tooth moles are shouting against our door. Even our other moles began to join him.
    - Keiq, Kiii!
    Oh, this is a ruckus. Is it a monster figting a monster?
    "Just calm down. I'll take it out. "
    When we pressed the button above us, the door opened. And.
    - It's a chitchat!
    The tooth mole looks like it was torn by a blinking bird. OMG. Our peace... you're a little tough. The first time I saw it, it was a bit of glamor.
    - Crush!
    Peace was proud of his face. Then he looks at the worms of the mole and pushes them to my feet.
    "Yes, yes. Well done."
    I can not train against a monster. It ends too soon. However, it is dangerous to use a high grade monster.
    "Come here, polish your face."
    - Gareur,
    Guy, it feels so good shape. So grow up and get along with Yoo Hyun.

    Chapter 38
    On the second day of the skill application, the training of the piece was smooth.

    "Level 2 unicorn subspecies flame horn lion fluid. It is 4:39 pm on the second day of application of the current skill of raising a sword. We have grown to 41cm in body length, 2.8kg in body length, 51cm in body length and 5.6kg in body weight by shortening training time through training. "

    I turned my camcorder off and looked at the piece sitting on my chest.
    The cat who was about the size of a small cat grew swiftly in a day. If this is the case, if you finish all three training sessions, you will not grow up to a large dog in large-sized cats.

    'Sooner or later, I need to find a new place to stay.'

    I will be able to take you home by this month, but not next month. I can not even make the size of the tiger. I'm sorry already.

    'You can not show a grown up suddenly, so you'll have to sneak around.'

    We should borrow one, cover it with cloth and move it. I'm just nervous to go back and forth, so let's just stay here for two days. What do you need to learn more about the theoretical education?
    I told him to take my education and rest for two days. Yelim said that he will go into the dungeon right after class today so you do not have to worry about it.
    This time, I was planning to have a team so that I could get a C-class dungeon. It is the people who are above B grade and will be cleared in two or three days.
    'I will continue to grow well in the guild forever .... Yelim is now in my hands. "
    MC sleep for one hour
    MC eat crafter food, says it is good enough to be paid for(doesnt crafter can only cook instant ramen a few days ago?)

    Then MC seems to be speaking to a monster? goblin? they talk about the system and power of dungeon
    looks like the yoon yun/ yun yun guy is a goblin and is not an awakened
    he is 3 years old and his chief is 100 years old
    its possible for the goblin to teleport/portal(?)
    and then goblin just run away

    "Here is a recorded camcorder recording growth."
    I put my camcorder on a Suk Simyeong who could not cover his mouth. Yoo Hyun was not ready for the dungeon Suk Simyeong place, because the record was confirmed.
    "I can not admire the heart, I am impressed, Mr. Han YuJin."
    Simyeong said with a vigorous voice like a deep chocolate drink. The voice is really good. envy. It seems that you can end your marriage to marriage with a phone call only with your unfamiliar opponent.

    "I would like to apologize for falling down on what I did not see. I should have let him contract my contract three years ago. "
    At the same time, I still look at my fingers. No, I do not contract.
    "You might have heard from Yoo Hyun, but I think I will remain as an independent for a while."
    "Yes. He said he would sign a contract when he became the top guild in Korea. May I ask you to confirm one more time? "
    I did not try to say it but I asked my mouth. Something good.
    "· · · · Are you recording?
    "Oh well, it's not a bet anymore."
    Suk Simyeong laughed and turned off the tape recorder. This man is real. I'm going to skip thrice.
    "Turn it off?"
    "Recording is not essential when making contract adjustments."

    Even so, the Suk Simyeong quietly turned off the tape recorder.
    "Nothing else?"
    "There is no one for Han Yu-jin's trust."
    So do not record in the first place. Anyway, this uncle must have been a scimitarling frog in his previous life.

    "Negotiations on the number will be held at the meeting of the three Guilds and the Hunter Association. I will accompany you, but the main will be the guild leader. You do not have to worry though. I taught him well. "

    No, I'm more worried about teaching. Do not water our good Yoo Hyun.

    "This is a new dungeon without information, but it will not take long for the guild to join. If it is a Slime Dungeon, it will end in three days. "

    The weakness of slime is fire. However, if you burn it, you will not be able to use it as a material, but the new dungeon will focus on safety and information collection rather than material supply and demand.

    "If the negotiation is concluded safely, let's do the broadcast once."

    What do you want to appear?
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    Thanks for the spoilers
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    chapter 39-48
    "Suddenly, what do you mean by broadcasting?"

    I am shocked. But the frog beyond the table did not seem to think so.

    "I want to make sure your face is known."
    "... Isnt the opposite for my personal protection better?"
    "No. Anyway, less than a day after the negotiations, information about Mr. Yujinwill spread all over the world. It's no use hiding it. "

    I was expecting it, but I am afraid that I have heard it from someone else's mouth. The stats are low, and the crimes that are aimed at a Hunter with special skills that are useful are passing through my head in a row.
    How much for my ransom?

    "So it is safer to let many people know. It's much trickier than approaching the opponent who is paying attention to everyone. "

    It is true. If you look like a TV and get interest, it means you have more eyes to watch.

    "Even if you are kidnapped, it is likely that a witness will contact you. "
    "Yes. Guild members or general employees are all part of the same family. Han Yu-jin is also our family. "

    Again this man is tired to deal with.

    "It's the first time a cute-looking monster appears on the air so it's easy to attract attention. Besides, you know that Peace has many charms? "
    "Nice and cute and lovely."

    Now it 's pretty cool. There is still a young Cub, but the throat gets richer and the tail gets longer. The horn shines in gold.
    its very handsome.
    I smiled grinily, and I smiled at the same time. Why do you smile. It also saw me.

    "After the negotiations are over because of the confidentiality, we will be able to start the preparations, but we will make a thorough plan in advance. Believe it and leave it. "
    "Mr. Seo, it's your job. It's incredible. I will wait with peace of mind. "

    Of course, I only believe in work ability.
    In my words, the raven turned to look like a golden calf that he had put in his safe. I'm not curious what you're thinking.

    "If you have any questions or need, please do not hesitate to contact me."
    "Haha, yes."

    The Suk Simyeong will often be tied for a while. It's better than when I was torn on the tongue.

    "Our piece, how are you doing well?"
    - Gurung
    The piece that was lying on my bed jumped up and galloped.I moved the bed to my bedroom, which was the biggest in the house.
    The bed is full of hair. I'm glad I did not have allergies.
    "we will be free soon, so be patient."

    I hugged the piece in my arms and said. It is over three times heavier than the first, and both arms are heavy. Peace growth slowed down and on the third day it stopped at just 0.5kg more. The difference was markedly different from the increase of 2.8 kg on the first day and 3.1 kg on the second day.
    The grade is also still marked as C. The power is much stronger, so if it is the level of the C-level sub-dungeon monster, it will be the level of the C-level top dungeon monster.

    MC goes to guild
    search for crafter
    also reminded that duungeon can rarely level up
    worry for crafter safety
    open skill window
    [Cutting 10,000 knots (progress is 71 / 10,000)]

    While I was training the Peace, Yu Myungwoo shappened his knife in the kitchen. According to Mr. Woo, the sharpness buff of the grinding wheel was applied even though the skill was not used.

    [Awakening person - Lee Min Suk
    Current stat class C
    Awakenable Stats Rating D ~ C
    Optimization Initial Skill
    Obtain delicate soldering (B)
    Tap (C) Failed to acquire
    Achievement of physical strength (D)]

    there are other skill for him,but all are common skill

    crafter go to guild, use special grinding machine
    "Have you been there yet?"
    "Uh, look at it."

    Wait a minute, are you done already? I bought a lot of it?

    [Cutting 10,000 knots (progress 115 / 10,000)]

    ... I have gone forty forty, but how much time has passed. It will not happen again, but it will be within an hour. It may be faster than that. I thought it would take 4-5 minutes per machine to shorten the time with the machine.
    It is not something we went about, and the cutlery piled up in the north is shining like new products. It may be because of the skill applied, but it is not usually the job to play without first using the skill.

    "If you're at this speed, you'll end it in ten days."
    "Yeah. I like the machine. "

    He said without hesitation. Scary guy. You pretend to be ordinary and you are also a SS class skill holder.

    chapter 39
    MC is relaxing in his couch while peace is beside him purring without doing anything
    Yuhyun and yerim went to the dungeon
    Kim Sunghan also went to A-rank dungeon
    crafter did a thousand grind and now he cant move, so it seems that he compromise to grind 450 times a day
    MC open the fridge
    look at the dishes
    says something about crafter a scam for being able to cook so well while just coking ramen in the past
    after eating, peace stays in front of the door wanting to go out
    I was afraid I could not go out the next day after I finished my training. It was a sad appearance that I would be stuck at home all day.

    "Sorry. When the negotiations are over, I will go to the training room every day and play. "
    - *peace noise*
    I tried to calm down, but the piece turned around and sat in front of the doorway of the porch. The tip of the tail tilts down the floor disgruntledly.
    "Our peace, you twisted?"
    - Cute
    "You can not go out and get angry. Sorry."
    - Pitch
    I do not look back, but I have a full answer. It is shaped like a pinched.

    "So do you play ball?"

    The tails that stopped at the end of the ball stopped. The lying ears are grinning and I look down on my head.

    "Instead of being excited as the last time, I can not let TV fall. I have to play carefully. "
    - Poor!

    Peace responded confidently and jumped. I do not know if it is really careful or not. I'll buy another sleep. There is still a lot of money left to sell stones.

    It was when Peace was eating the couch instead of the TV.
    Piriri Rick
    The buzzer sounded. Have you already been here? It's too fast.

    [Suk Simyeong!]

    The answer came over the intercom. What are you doing here? His voice was also losing his temper.

    "Peace, wait a minute."

    I closed the middle door to make sure the piece did not come out and opened the front door. I could not get excited about the usual leisurely eating, and I could see the face of the Suk Simyeong. What, what's going on.

    "Why are you here?"
    "Han Yu jin!"

    Suk Simyeong entered the front door and said, "Shut the door. Then I draw me in. Is it a good name who wrote a poetry?

    "It's slime!"
    "Yes? Wow! "

    Suk Simyeong like me to rinse up and raised me. Wait a minute. Calm down.

    "Wait a second, evil, do not shake! Do not turn around! "

    Crazy really!

    "Oh my gosh! Where did this treasure appear? "

    I did not listen to my words with my ears, but laughed and laughed. Give me a break. It's a stat B class, Gertie! F-class I can not live without it!
    It was when I could not get out of the bad grip of the seasons and I was being lame.

    - Cyaan!

    The closed middle gate shook greatly and a furious cry came over me.
    "Just that -."
    "Let go! Peace, it's okay! "
    I'm surprised because she's loud! The Suk Simyeong were dismayed and let me go. As I open the middle gate, a piece of hair is piled up and covers my leg with my paw. Then the fangs are exposed wildly toward the Suk Simyeong.

    - Creur
    "It's okay, Peace! Calm down!"

    He hugged the piece in his arms and stroked the puffy mane.

    - Kohung, Gurung
    "Yes, yes. OK. he is not a bad person. "

    Not a good person either. The gray color will be on our side.

    "I've heard of it, but It really follow Yujin."

    The Suk Simyeong looked at the piece with an admirable eye. Now I feel a little calmer.

    "So, is the new A class dungeon slime dungeon right?"
    "Yes. Han Yu-jin's prediction was correct. "

    In this uncle 's eyes another madness begins to circulate. Calm down, calm down. Relax.

    "Do not do this here, let's go in."

    I should get cold water even if it is a little bitter, no.

    "Do you think the attack is over?"

    He handed ice water to the Seok-seok who sat on the table. My house also has an ice water purifier in its refrigerator. I only had one old man with a door.

    "Yes, I was contacted a little bit ago."

    The martial artist said, "Drink a glass of water. I looked at him as if he were watching me with his pieces sticking to my side. I do not like the spirit, and I growl little by little, frowning on my nose.

    "He said he was really a slime dungeon."

    I would have. As long as the future does not change.

    "Really, slime ..."
    "Drink some more water."

    Do not get excited. This time, the martial artist had a half empty cup. And he said.

    "Why do not you move it to a more secure location?"
    "This place is managed by a class A hunting center, so there is a lack of security facilities. Surveillance cameras are only at the entrance. And as long as you have a location tracker -. "
    "I will refuse."

    "Maybe Han Yu-jin does not know about his own value."
    "I know roughly."

    "It is also the ability to raise a higher number of seats and to predict the dungeon, which will bring a great wave."
    "It's not a big deal. Especially in the latter case, it may come from the country, not from the guild. "

    As the Americans did. It is information that can wield the world if it can be grasped in the hand. But.

    "Dungeon prediction is still uncertain. I did not discover the exact law, but half expectation of luck. "

    It's not really calculated, nor can I remember it unless it's a famous place like Slime Dungeon anyway. I do not have a dungeon and I remember how to do it.

    "After all, what I actually have is the skill of the monster keeper. You do not need excessive protection if you finish the negotiations well. "

    It is worth not only to raise the number of enemies, but it is weak compared to the law of dungeon generation. It is possible to prevail valuable dungeons, increase the stability of new dungeons, and prevent undiscovered dungeon brakes.
    Above all, if you hold that information in your hand, you will be able to stand alone with all your guilds on your feet. After several years of increasing percentage and number of superior dungeons, you can shake the country unit.
    It was very exciting not to be like this.

    "Even if it is a hypothesis, is it possible that someday it will become a law?"
    "Yes, of course, but I can not be honest with my strength. I have not been able to study properly. Instead, I have dr.white deal with Statistics."

    I do not need a long explanation. I nodded.

    "I think it would be a rule if you leave your research to Mr. I'd rather be able to get some more reliable researchers. "

    Let's take this to the Seok-ri. There is no ability to look for non-arousal scholars.

    "Do you support this at the guild level?"
    "That's good. The slime dungeon will not make you lose money. You create a research facility that includes dungeons and awakeners. In addition, I decided to provide the data for the dungeon. "
    "Is it provided?"
    "I will review the research facility positively."
    "Why do not you just take a look? Preemption is the best. I need to get started quickly so I can get the results quickly. "

    "If you take out a large guilds in a large number of facilities, I'll include it."
    "Yes? What did you rip? "
    "I can not raise the monsters here. Not one or two. I'm pushing the next building and trying to build a new one. Of course we will not spend our money. "

    The louse laughed and laughed. I'm sure there will be a lot of monsters to take care of here, but I thought it would be out of the way. Please fill out the sash. With that money.

    "may I? If you do not get the rebound ... "
    "Of course, the building owner will be Han YooJin."
    "Yes, it is."

    No, this is what it is. I got an extra income I could not think of. It does not look like a snake, but it looks like a flower snake. Of course, the serpent is also a snake.

    "I am thinking to put it into one of the negotiation conditions. Other guilds would be better off nearby, so you'll be able to tear it off without difficulty. "

    Landlord, that's also the owner of the new building. Come on, calm down. Let us not be so blunt.
    Then you can let him move to a new building. It is a place where you can do it right away without having to pay a commission to the association.

    "If you build a new building, it will take quite a while, so I'll have to set up a temporary place."
    "It is not. I have equipment for raising stats and stats. If you add secondary skills and dungeon byproducts, you can shorten the construction period anyway. "

    It is a tremendous amount of money to pour arousal and dungeon items into simple construction. The cost of land will be higher than the building value.
    It does not matter if it is my money.

    It's done. I will not be able to measure the amount of money that goes into a special facility in the place where it kills. There is only a word that you are mad even if you are attracted to your name and you are white, and that the value is really crazy. Of course I have.

    then YuHyun want to meet MC

    chapter 41
    they meet at the new building place
    YuHyun ask if there is anything MC is keeping a secret
    he says actually the awakening skill is A-grade(unlike grade-c if i remember he saying it to his brother
    I just confessed. The awakening person's emotional skill is the highest in class A even after five years, so it will not happen.

    Yu Hyun yelled at him. Oh what why. Others hide behind all the skills.

    "A grade, the words are completely different!"
    "No, the effect is similar."
    "... I know exactly what the expected level of arousal is. Up to the initial skill. There is no limit to the number of checks. "

    more or less then MC go to a meeting place for all guild meeting
    to promote his Monster training service
    there are 4 s-class here
    "My beloved customers, it is an honor to meet you."
    "If you have any questions, please feel free to ask."

    chapter 42

    a person use skill to aprraise peace
    - Kurur
    The piece, which was in good shape in his arms, suddenly revealed his fangs. Immediately after, the appraisers step back and say.

    "The average stat F class, agility and upskating skills are both E grade."
    "Did you feel the use of emotional skills? It is sensitive. "
    Hanshin Guild Chamber said with admiration.
    Hanshin Guideline, Park Min Kyu. This is a defense-specialized S-class Hunter, just like this year. Originally an ordinary office worker, he had a weak presence in the domestic S class. The Hanshin guild itself was also a top notch with no bounce.
    If it were unusual, it was bad with Kim Sung-han. To be precise, Park Min-gyu sees Kim Sung-han as one-sidedly like a ghost.
    I instinctively noticed the qualities of Kim Sung-han. If Kim Sung-han becomes S-class, he will be the only defense-specialized S-class Hunter in Korea.

    "Are you still immature at level C? Mr. Hansu(appraiser), please write your skill again. "

    Breaker, one of the three guilds. The guild was Moon Sung-ah, the only female S-class hunter in Korea. It is no longer the only one.
    A former tennis player in the late twenties, his main weapon was huge, so he was the most interested in the number. The guild with the most number of passengers in Korea at present is a breaker, and after two years, he has bought a large number of overseas passengers.

    - Cyan!

    When the appraiser used the skill again, the piece barked. This time the distance is further away, do you really sense it?

    "It's okay, Peace."

    "It's okay, Peace."

    As we were soothed with excited pieces, the eyes toward us became blunt.

    "I think this is real."

    The President of the Hunter was amazed and amazed.

    then some conersation between guild leaders
    some dark politic joking around

    and then back to the monster talk
    The life of the monster was unknown. for one, it will never be short. Lower-grade monsters raised for research have been well over seven years, and the higher the probability, the longer the life expectancy.
    So, it was obvious that I was going to start to lose my way to visit me in the next fourteen years. Demand is not going to go away, but it will be enough to make up to three or four in the year. If you have more than S grade or Tamer or similar skill holders, you may be able to work faster.

    "It is my dream that I will be able to retire half a year in a few years with a reduced number of requests for breeding."

    This is the truth without a lie. I need to hug a young monster and take care of the building. Oh, you can just think. It is a perfect life.
    If you do not have a keyword or you think of a lover who thinks your brother is a caretaker, it would be perfect.
    The main point of the negotiation proposal was this.

    Five guilds ensure the safety of me and my building.
    I receive the order of raising five guilds as a priority. However, the number of pre-emptables is limited to one per 2 guilds per guild.
    The construction of the building in which the breeding facility is to be built consists of investment of four guilds except the sea.
    I have ownership of the completed building.

    There were other minor points, but the four were important.
    And the thing that is most beneficial to me is that it guarantees the safety of my building.
    Of course, this one is limited to one place and the period is fixed. There was no provision that one should enter the building alone.
    In other words, anyone who is famous white or white, or the owner of the building, would be protected from the top five guilds in the country if I accepted them.

    Yoo Hyun, as well as other guilds, will not think I will ever dream. However, it is not an absolute loss for them, as they have to give priority, like the breeding.
    I play with you and I get the rent.

    So I put a seal on the contract and a few questions about the piece came to a close. There were not any difficult questions, and the members of the guilds, as well as the president of the association, were kind to me.
    No, it's kind of nice, and it's not that bad. Something made me feel sick.
    then end

    chapter 43
    looks like the monsters Yuhyun bought at the auction will be arriving by the sea
    monsters is still unable to be transported by plane
    the monsters are located all over the place
    hope it will arrive safely

    so talk with brother
    says something about other guild
    also says japan, most likely the government is pressing the guild to import all of the slime dungeon's drops

    and then
    "Han Yu-Jin's final arousal rating is determined by B."

    The Hunter Association employee said with a smile.
    F-class of 10,000 years jumped at B at once. Wow. If you reveal all the titles and skills you have, you will be able to do class A, but you are satisfied with this. If the stat is not at least B grade, you should buy your body.
    "If you have a complaint about the determined grade, please file the complaint and related materials through the reception center within 10 business days."

    When I have a lot of gaps between stats and skills like me, I've usually decided on two levels of awakening. It was through the grade of the dungeon that the target person could capture or the inside meeting of the association.
    Of course I was the latter. I do not have the ability to steal the F-class without the equipment. Even if you get the help of an S-class monster, class C and above are dangerous. It is a glass body that may leave the world on one of the fragments that have gone wrong.

    "B grade, is not it too low?"

    I was waiting for the re - issued Hunter 's license and turned around. Next to her is a class A hunter, Kim Ji-yeon. The two came for my protection.
    'the original rating is based on the survival in the dungeons'

    go into the broadcast entertainment HQ
    people on the way says peace is cute
    meet the breaker guild master Moon Hyun-ae
    talk about 'do you really believe in you brother?'
    you brother is not normal, blah blah blah

    think about you brother for a little bit

    chapter 44
    MC phone his brother infront of moon Hyunae
    says she gossip aabout you jokingly
    then they joke around?
    Moon Hyunae talk about her to be monster order(havent decided yet)

    he doesnt want moon hyunae to approach Yerim
    past world yerim join the breaker guild
    MC thinking of puuling moon Hyunae to his guild?
    MC drinking mana potion
    he say to restore mental health
    yerim shouls you should take care of your body, you are only an f-rank
    MC thinks arent i only fragile compared to s-class

    then two girls approach MC
    says can touch peace?
    and urge the MC to make an SNS account to post peace

    and then hansome man with a triple A-grade skill come near yerim ask for signature, say a fan of s-class

    chapter 45
    talk with goblin, call goblin(yun yun) to look at dungeons overseas

    then watch advertising on TV with Yerim, Crafter and Peace
    crafter brings "Scorched fries and butter potatoes."
    It seems to be delicious even if it talks. I and Yirim moved their hands almost at the same time. Each person takes a piece of fried rice cake and takes it to the mouth.
    And ... How exactly is so crisp. The amount of sugar sprinkled is also exquisite. It is the sweetness that saves the sweet taste, but not the sweet taste.

    "Hull, what is this? what? Did you make it yourself? "

    Yerim, who was angry with his eyes, forked butter potatoes. I do not think it's hot.

    yerim then called crafter brother after good food

    in the advert, the title is looks at the monster dad han yujin
    Yerim laugh
    not long later a phone call rings
    [you remember me? you used to work at the factory]
    "I'm sorry, I'm not sure."
    [Really? I'm sorry for this. Would you like to see us once? I am doing a business these days, and this is a really awesome item!]
    "I do not like it very much. I will refuse. "
    then yerim ask and he reply just a spam call

    MC goes to training room, a B-rank(from other guild?) guard him

    chapter 46
    mc training with peace
    MKC(?) bodyguard stand outside
    hope the law would change so can bring peace outside
    want to go though F-E rank dungeon, looks like it would be safe
    then door open, mkc bodyguard come it
    mc calls bodyguard name
    he just close the door without replying
    sprays a red powder
    peace sleeps
    surprised MC still awake
    Class C, Class D, Class E. people come
    mc sturggle
    all items taken away

    then as usual, bad guys talk plan to kidnapped
    says auction house is the one that want to kidnap MC
    In Korea, of course, I will not be able to sell me, and the neighboring countries that can go to ship are Japan, China and Russia. The two countries behind the one will be uneasy at the auction opening, so the only remaining choice is Japan.
    they break MC's ankle
    meet a caged lizard that have 6 legs and tentacles at the back of the head
    lizard scared
    MC thinks maybe lizard is farly related to poison dragon so is scared with his title

    "hi. Good girl. Do you want something delicious? "

    It is a Class C marble that is finely grinded and finely ground. Come on.

    chapter 47
    bad guy name Kim Woo Jae want to take the mark of owner from MC
    if sell peace can get money but with the mark, can sell for higher price
    Kim Woo - jae approached Han Yu - jin without thinking. Then he kicked his back, crouched down on his toes.

    "I know you're awake."

    Just then,


    A black tentacle protrudes and wraps around Kim's ankle. Kim woo-jae was scared by the poisoning poisoning the socks, pulling his legs back as hard as he could.
    The tentacle is cut off and Kim Woo-jae is staggering. Suddenly he looked back and saw the giant reptiles shaking the tentacles in his eyes.
    Kreke rushes towards Kim Woo-jae, shaking his body. It seems that the chains that are to be connected with the neckline are trivial.
    Kim Woo-jae picked up a hurricane shield from the inventory in a poisonous poison. It was then.


    Kim's wrist was stabbed in the ankle. It was exactly poisoned by the poison. At the same time, Kreke bumps into the shield.


    It was an unexpected raid, but an experienced B-class hunter, Kim Woo-jae, rolled sideways instead of falling helplessly.

    "Fucking things!"

    Kim Woo - jae crouched on his throat.
    I noticed Han Jae-jin moving. However, I could not imagine that the F-class of the attack skill of the attack skill which was sealed in the inventory was going to do it.
    Yeah, it's a C-class dungeon monster!"

    It is a combination of Class C and Stat F class though it had a great damage. Even if one leg is cut off at all, there is no problem.
    The big sword is pulling out in the hands of Kim Woo-jae. The skill is activated, and the thick black leather is divided at a glance under the blade.
    he black reptilian body grows with a lull without a pulse. Kim Woo - jae turned to Han Yu - jin, sitting in a blank stomach, throwing a breath in his anger.
    If it was natural, I would have put the youngster in it and put it in my inventory.

    "Damn it, you cocksucker! You can only grow teeming cub monsters. "


    bad guy;;even if he is a precious goods, its only important of he lives, i will break his leg
    bad guy feel pain in his whole body
    [Title] 'perfect caregiver' effect is demonstrated.
    Carer Additional Skills - Last Bo
    Monsters 'niggas' skills and abilities are transferred to double efficiency.
    Duration - 168: 00]

    A message window pops up informing you of the skill application. Successively.

    [Last Boon (L) skill effect doubles.)

    Raquitas' Enemy Skill application message window also appears. Before I could read it properly, the memories of monster had been conveyed.
    These are memories related to me as well as the last reward I had before.
    Less than half an hour short, short memories.
    The monster were scared of me, curious, and delighted with class C manastone powder for the first time.
    He liked my voice to say that he loved him. I thought the touch was warm. I felt instinctive that I could not win Kim Woo Jae, but I wanted to keep me.
    I was worried until the last minute.
    Really, it is better skill to not write.

    "... I'm sorry, monster."


    A guy who falls on the floor with a choked sound is beeping.
    Trap (D). Curse skill that binds and distresses opponent. However, if the mental stat class is two orders of magnitude higher than the skill class, it does not work.
    Originally, it is useless skill for Kim Woo-jae, who is class B, but now he gets twice as much double buff as it is B-class skill.

    'The amount of transferred memory is too small to adapt.'

    The more I remember about my opponent, the faster I am able to adapt my skills and skills. So Han YuHyun was able to use it as well as the party.
    I have doubled the skill effect, so I think I have pretty much passed the information for half an hour.
    I closed my status window and moved my gaze to the long black body.

    "... I do not like this skill either."

    I swallowed my sigh and approached the monster . It feels even colder due to the feeling of flesh that touches the palm.
    It was a skill that was able to bear thanks to the double buffs of mental stats, but even if I double twice as much, I feel like a spirit.

    But the last boon lasts seven days, which is good. Thanks to that, I had been in a drink for a few days.
    I walked up to Kim Woo-jae, who caused my body to stiff and stiff. It 's still alive to look at me by rolling eyeballs.

    "There seems to be no reason to keep you alive?"

    Above all, you have to stop your mouth in order not to catch your last bow skill. I could use a contract to shut up, but do I need to do that?

    "Oh, my ankle."

    It is not so much that I can not walk because the stat is up, but it hurts. I grumbled and opened the status window again to check the skills I had received from the niggas.

    [Trap (D) - Curse that paralyzes opponent and causes pain
    Duration 1 hour]
    [Sticky poison (C) - powerful poison from the skin]
    [The lizard on the wall (D) - Assimilate into the surrounding environment and hide its appearance]
    [Hulking (D) - Powerful claw attacks]
    [Extending tentacles (C) - Increasing tentacles with poison
    Maximum length 1 meter]
    [Detection of the weak (C) - Detecting stronger than yourself]

    The tentacles that touch the skin. The tentacles can be used even if the two are the same. Originally, it is a skill to wield the tentacles.
    I do not have any stretch in my body, but, um, If the maximum length is 1 meter, four times, four meters.
    ······I wonder.

    '· · Let's try a little.'

    Just lightly. Increasing tentacles.

    "· · · · · ·.

    The skill tentacle lifted his head from his wrist. It is different from the color of the skin, and it seems to be sticking to even a parasite.
    Although it may be useful to sleep at 4 meters, it is physiological dislike.

    'If it is the most powerful of the skill, it should also be sticky poison.'

    It is a Class C poison that received four times buff. It will be difficult to prevent even a few A classes. If there is no equipment related to poison resistance, I would be able to add poison even to grade S. Of course, S grade, of course, even if only A grade poison and curse resistance system will be basic.

    "Woo Jae Kim. I'm going to look for my kid and be nice here. "

    I was going to kill him right away, but I decided to keep it alive in case I could not find the piece. In my words, a good man can do everything in 30 minutes, so if you have four times, he will be compliant even if he is B grade.
    I searched his body and found the key to the bracelet that sealed the inventory. I peeled off my wrist bracelet and stuffed it on his wrist. I peeled his gloves and put them in my hand. It will be annoying if you leave fingerprints.

    "Then you'll have a good time."

    Throwing greetings and coming out and locking the door.

    How many people are in this building? It is regrettable that only the stronger sense of weakness is detected. Originally, the radius is short, but now it is quite wide. It meant that there was nothing to be embarrassed to encounter beyond level A beyond.
    There is no A class in this place.

    'Even in class A, if you use a lizard attached to the wall and raid with a poison, you'll be able to deal with it.'

    My stats are now between level A and level B on a level 50 basis. Class B is gum, but class A is a little bit tricky. However, the skill is quite good.


    He opened the closed door and broke the door knob. I have to adapt quickly, and this will increase my stats.

    'I have to hide for the next 7 days.'

    It is fortunate that there is no status window appraiser in the film. I wonder if I have been stuck in the room for a week after the abduction suffix excuse. I do not think there will be a big rider if I weakly use the lizard on the wall and make it blurred.
    This is also a problem.

    he then sneak around, find the other lizard species(?)
    found peace too
    but no key
    so he sneak around

    he them see other people
    If you're a sub-guild, you know where the keys are.
    Looking at the door that is closed,
    I kicked my foot and opened it.

    "Who is that?"

    "the victim of your abduction."

    chapter 48
    Class C defensive hunter Park Sang Hoon. He glances at me with his eyes wide open.

    "No, how-"
    "Where are our keys to the flaming horn lion?"

    Park Sang-hoon was surprised to see his face pouting ridicule.

    "If the stats F are released luckily, do not you think you will escape? I do not have an inventory seal bracelet, but it looks like an item. I do not know how to do it.
    "Where are the keys to the flaming horn lion?"
    "I'm just like my cub. It is in my inventory. What are you going to do? "

    I giggle to say that I will do it.
    Inventory is a key made of dungeon metal. I was bothered.
    Inventory is a space that can not be interfered with by others. It was only possible by the will of the Inventory Master to pull things out of it.

    "Once we get out of the key, why do not we talk?"
    "Why should I?"
    swung the tentacles and scratched his cheek. It was not addicted because it did not contain poison, but instead, there were signs of burning. Park Sang - hoon is confused and takes his hand to my cheek.

    "Bar, just what ..."

    Have you seen her? Then I'll beat another one.
    A rattling, a chair collapses, and Park Sang - hoon falls down and becomes like a fishing fish.
    monster, I really like your skills. Tentacles are really useful if you tolerate only the gross. I would be able to work well in my daily life if it is not a 7 day limit. You can lie on the sofa and bring a remote remote or open the refrigerator door without going to the kitchen.
    ... poor poor monster.
    I went out to Park Sang - hoon, who was exhaling once and squealing. I look up at me with a tearful eye. U ... I've seen snow.

    MC threaten bad guy#2 with acid that melts and pierce hole everywhere
    badguy#2 want to make contract for his safety
    "I'll give you the key to guarantee my safety."
    "What is security guaranteed. Do not write it down properly. I will not attack you for the next 24 hours. Take care of yourself. Instead of the flaming horn lion, take out our key from the inventory and do not spit out the information about me for the rest of your life. "
    It does not matter at least roughly, but you may be suspicious. Park Sang - hoon goes to write a contract with a relieved expression. He signed it first and I signed it.

    "Here's the key."

    He only believed the contract and threw the key at me. Horsetail also shortened. Once I put the keys into the inventory and waved the contract.

    "I'm really sorry to break hope."

    Grab both ends of the parchment paper and twist it slowly.

    "One of my hobbies is tearing the contract."

    I felt a little repulsive force. One can not resist the curse resistance of L-class, there would be a contract in the world.
    The curse that the contract has had will soon disappear like a bomb. The plain sheep split long and horizontally. It then completely melted away with poison.

    "Now it is your turn."

    then mc bring bad guy #1 and bad guy #2
    and melt both of them completely
    says even yerim's white carrass skill(the one take info from corpse) can only be used if there are 2/3 of the body left
    'If you look at it, you will think that Hunter with the poison and curse skills did it.'

    'I thought there would be no such thing as murder this time.'

    I've already killed two people. The kidnappers are wrong though. So why do you touch anyone who wants to live peacefully? Just let it go, get it.

    "... it makes me feel different in many ways."
    I turned my head and looked at the monster's body. It will be collected if it is seen by other people and it will be used as material. The carcass of polyps is useful. I did not want to leave it that way either.
    The monster body hardened hard and melted by poison. He was more resistant than Kim Woo-jae, who was a B-class person, but he did not last long.
    Of the small poisonous marsh that was made, stones such as red gems remained.
    It is a manstone.
    I looked it up for a while, picked it up, took out a bottle of flaky flour and put it in it.
    MC then say he wont be suspected
    the other 4 goons will be arrested
    mc pretend to sleep

    Park Yerim bite the end of her nails. It was a habit when she lost her parents and began to live at her uncle's house. After awakening one, she thought she would not have to bite her fingernails again and do not know what to do alone.
    I'm nervous and nervous.
    she feel like wanting to run away, but instead she opened up a status window and looked at the skills she had never tried before.

    [White body (S)]

    He lifted his hand and touched his finger as if it were touching his skill name.
    Writing was a reluctant skill. I did not want to write anything. But at this moment, I felt more satisfied than any other skill.
    At that time, Kim Ji-yeon's cell phone with her was short-lived. At the same time, her shoulders are slightly tense.

    "Im here."

    At the end of Kim Ji-yeon, Park Yerim moved away from the pale nerves and moved her footsteps.
    meet Han YuHyun
    YuHyun talk about the event on phone
    says thought korea will be safe
    MC is more inportant than they(criminal) thought
    the 5 guild agrement is not a joke
    the criminals must have thought they are able to do this business for around 2-3 years

    then they found the hiding place
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    thanks too, waiting for someone who can verify, and do a better summary + add missing infos
    my brain cells are dying though Google Translate~~~

    chapter 49 - 55
    chapter 49
    like loud sound waking you though a nap
    MC heard 4 big explosions
    The guy who is approaching now has SS class skill in the stat S class and the main attack aptitude attribute is flame.

    There are also Yorim and Kim Sunghan.
    When YooHyun became closer and closer, the sense of weakness became stronger. I do not feel like running away right now. At the same time fear resistance is okay, no problem and emits a soothing effect.
    He's a scary dog! VS is only S grade. Do not fuck! I guess. Of course the winner was the latter. It's a L-level skill.
    I hear the sound of the grating cracking. After all, there is a cracking noise.
    Now you can pretend to be awake. The piece is so quiet that I wonder if I wake up first. But if he is a dirty little brother, he will notice that I pretend to sleep.
    Let's just try to eat less.


    I hear a deeply subdued voice.
    See, should I pretend to be surprised? When someone came suddenly, I was afraid to listen to my brother 's voice.
    I turned my head slowly to the side and glared at my eyes. I feel a little scared yet.
    The face of my brother who is looking down on me comes into my eyes. You can make a smiling smile at this point. I have not slept a bit yet, and I also have the pleasure of sleeping.
    ... this is not easy either.

    "... Yoo Hyun-ah. You're right ...? "
    "Yes, brother. OK?"
    "Uh huh."
    I am helpless and a poor victim of abduction. Suddenly they are kidnapped and taken to a strange place and are trapped. It has also been awakened and has been living normal and steadfastly ever since with a stat F class.
    I am afraid of course, I am afraid and frightened, and my sister, who is coming to rescue me, is glad to be there.
    I am glad, I built the expression that I lived properly and hugged the small piece of the piece to see how much energy I had going on. Then,


    I forgot my ankle.
    Yoo Hyun, who was released as if he was trying to reassure me, his face hardens quickly. He was not the only one to respond.

    "What are you talking about? That's your voice, is not it? Are you hurt? Some crazy crazy! "
    "Are you injured? No, do not do anything to a frail person! I will call the healer immediately. "

    Yelim Lee and Kim Sung-han's voice also interrupted.
    Then my brother hugs me. Evil, hold on a second. It's a healer.

    he must have noticed i am stronger than usual

    When I left the door, I saw the healer Kim Sung - han brought. I am a westerner and I am not a healer of the Haidian guild because of the skill level. Is it supported by other guilds? If it is a Class A healer, is it a revelation? I was in the breaker, I do not remember.
    The healer healed my ankles and removed the medicine of the piece. But my brother still did not lay me down. If you are a class A healer, do not fix it, but fix it at once.
    I will bring my brother back. Park Yerim, Hunter Hunter, please check here. I think you know what you need to be aware of. "
    "Yeah. I'll be sure to handle it. "

    Are you going to use white bodies? Be careful not to let your skills be seen. I thought that she wanted to use the skill a little later. It was a very useful skill to keep one.
    Yoo Hyun Lee took the next seat and the car started. And then, where is this place? Outside Seoul?

    "Let's go from the hospital. I also receive a full medical checkup. "
    "I'm not hurt except my ankle."
    "And now, I want to go home ..."
    deliberately said in a weak voice. The hospital is not enough. Now, when I get a medical checkup, I get sick. I have to go up the stats as a whole, and I think examination will be different.
    "Can I just go home and take a break? I do not want to meet strangers anymore, and I would like to do an anesthetic to check ... I do not want to think about it for a while. "
    "sorry. My thoughts were short. Let's go home right away. You really are not sick? "
    "But you found it faster than I thought? I'm sure he will not know until the kidnapper stumbles. "
    "MKC guild chief gave me."
    "The MKC Guild Master? Was it relevant? "
    "It is not the back, but the management is not good. He said he was not the one who originally sent it. The MKC's internal command delivery system is a bit of a problem ... I would say it's a little bit different from the ones you sent from other guilds, "he said.

    so MKC guild fucked up in their management and to apologize give the possible location and help, should be like that
    then security will be tighter in the future, even though there arent large guild like MKC that did bad, they never know
    "But, brother, is it really okay?"
    "Are you okay? Why?"
    "No, um ... It's a little different from usual."

    I had a heartburn with a meaningful sound. I have not noticed that my stats have changed. I was fine. But the words that followed were unexpected.

    "Reptiles like fishy stuff."
    "No, I do not mean you smell ..." Did not you get a curse or a poison? "
    no if it does, MC say he would feel it
    then just some suspicion
    they arrive at YuHyun's house
    saying it is safer then the dormitory

    "Peace, we've finally come home."
    Let 's sleep early today. Would you like to go together for a long time?
    and then after opening the door, he saw someone familiar

    chapter 50
    'are you okay?
    he/she been crying all the time. The complexion is pale, and it looks like it is a paper doll that is dried with a lot of water.
    You look worse than me who was kidnapped.
    unknown"Are you okay?"
    ..... i am fine, there was no injuries
    there was nothing i could do
    then after calming him down, they eat dinner
    welp, maybe the crying guy is crafter
    after bathing peace they went to sleep

    MC thinks crafter stats F-class, but it will be safe because there is no need to attack the dungeon. If you get the skill, you'll be protected as much as I do.
    The remaining four do not have to worry too much. S-class Hunter, after five years of increasing difficulty in the dungeon, there was no one in the world who died while attacking only one. · · · YooHyun only you.... Anyway, it means that there is nothing to die unless you turn it around quite a bit.
    A-grade Hunter mortality rate was also very low. Lower Hunter Well, the number of deaths was as much as the number, and the intermediate Hunter surprisingly had a B-level mortality rate higher than the C-level. Unlike the C class, the B class was the reason for entering the advanced dungeon.
    'Even for my mental health, I'd like to apply keywords only to S grade, minimum A grade.'

    The higher the number of seats, the more valuable you will get.
    If not, I should turn the poison resistance off and borrow the power of modern medicine. When I was only drinking alcohol before returning, people suddenly appeared and took me to the hospital to get alcoholic treatment, but it was good.

    next day YuHyun called a key technician,
    and then talk with MC
    "Park Hye-ryun Hunter was under the curse of falling stat because of contract violation."
    'even though it is not his fault, a certain damage have been done to MC thus making the curse activate'
    "If the association is not in breach of contract, please contact me once, and the curse will be canceled by the cursed skill owner. The problem is that Parkhyeon Hunter is rejecting it. "
    "why not?"
    "he was not able to keep the contract, so he was going to pay for it."
    he sure is stubborn

    and then MC ask for permision to go to dungeon
    (his stats is now a battle hunter close to A class. In other words, it meant that i could attack lower dungeons alone.)
    Of course, the real purpose was not the dungeon, but the contact with the system maker.

    "Why? Why want to enter the dungeon? "
    "No, I want to go up to 30 levels. may be defense skills will awaken. "
    Mc pick f-rank dungeon
    they go outside and meet someone he have seen in his past life
    It is a face in memory. A fairy-like woman with dark blue eyes close to navy blonde with bright blonde hair. She looks at me with a big smile.

    "Hi! It's Jang Soo-young! "

    A grade Hunter of the. It is an Englishman who is not born in Korea but also has a Korean nationality. For the Hunters of grade B and above, dual citizenship was allowed without conditions.

    "Hello, this is Han Yu-jin. I would appreciate your help today. "
    "I beg you, please!"

    Yes, she is cute. It sounds like a good personality. A cheerful voice is heard, and a smile is made.

    "This kid is a piece. It's so much more cute than on TV! "

    Kang said in a tangled tone. Our pieces are cute. It is also a good girl.

    "Are you going to the training room?"
    She pressed the elevator button and threw her sparkling eyes. I'm a bit embarrassed because I look like a fan watching an entertainer.

    "I was really surprised to hear the news. I'm so glad you're so good. "
    "Thank you for your concern."
    "I am very sincere. really. Han Yu-jin is my only hope. "

    I hope. Jang Soo-young is elevated and nods his head hard.

    "In fact, I have a SS class skill."
    She kills the sound and says little. SS class skill? I have not heard from Jang Soo-young about that. I would like to use the cotyledon skill, but now I'm staring at me. Let's write secretly later.

    "If you do not mind, what skill do you hear?"
    "That's because ... Han-jin will know you anyway."

    The voice of Jang Soo-young became even smaller. Then whispers are heard.

    "It's Dragon Rider."

    Ah ... I deserve it. really.
    The most demanding monster to teeming is the polygon. Even Jang Soo-young is a class A hunter, so it would be a star picking up the sky to find the number of polygraphs that match his grade. You can not use it as a costly resource to get from the Captain, but you should have just missed a SS class skill.
    "You must have had a hard time."
    "Yeah. I can not explain it in detail, but it's really, really good skill. Only the number of polygraphs that match your grade. However, the polygraph, the minimum level of more than that ... how to get ... ·····. "

    I do not even say it. How aggressive Hunter was unable to use the SS class skills, how frustrating it was.

    "Even if it is a polyp, it would be hard to get from a young monster."
    "Do not worry! There is a place where a dragon's nest occasionally comes out of the S grade dungeon under the meteorological jurisdiction. However, it is not possible to come out only in the state of eggs and hatch, but this time I decided to wait until it is ready for natural hatching. "
    "... You have a lot of hardships."
    "But I hope I can get the best monster kitten. It's worth the trouble. "

    I arrived at the training room in a friendly atmosphere. But Peace did not think to come down from my arms. I loose my arms, climb up my shoulder and cling to it.
    "I think it was a big impact that the piece was kidnapped ..."
    "Oh, how about going to our guild building? I have a rooftop garden. It's spacious and well decorated! "
    "Roof garden?"
    "Unfortunately, I have a kidnapping, so I think it's hard to go out now."

    In my words, Jang Soo-young confidently opens his heart.

    "Do not worry. I'll make up for it and keep it perfect. Besides, there is a guild in the guild now. It's safer than that! "

    chapter 51

    sorry for troubling you
    Jang Soo-young: no problem, its for the sake of raising my child!!!
    "... That's not what you should be talking about. Others may misunderstand. "
    "It's okay. That's what everyone says. "
    "Everyone ...?"
    "Yeah. Hyun-ae sister, so the breaker guild leader said a few times, but it spread all over. "

    then some small talk
    contact YuHyun, he says want to meet with other guild

    arive at the rooftop
    many dungeon plants
    restricted entry to some
    peace plays here
    Jang Soo-young talks to MC says all kind of dragon is beautiful, even the one with spikes or with poison tails

    chapter 52
    then meet with another s-class Sung Hyun Jae
    talk to MC about YuHyun behavior too
    he is getting stonger
    then on the topic of MC, saying MC may be more important than S-class to be able to raise multiple S-classes rank monster
    then Sung Hyunja extended a small trunk with a certificate.
    t's a bribe. It is a S class item from the guarantee. Increases the magic power of the B-class shield has a skill effect. OMG. B class, but it is a skill effect item. Skill effect items are very rare now and forever. I opened the accessory case and it looked like a black fairy earring. Only the color of jewelry is red.

    "I'm a little burdened."
    "It is effective if it is burdened. And this. "

    What he took out of the inventory was a big wing bone. A piece of flesh is attached to a well-dried wing bone, and a piece peels off the ear.

    "Most Greater Meat-type monsters like dragon bones."
    It is the first sound I hear. The dragon wings bones that come out of the piece are pinched by a peace while panting. It looked like It was attracted by the fact that IT pulled my paw and pulled it.

    news about sucessfull buying/booking of F-rank dungeon, unpopular, extra booking money = deal
    its forest environment

    chaptter 53
    hard to understand chapter
    he went to contact the system
    kill some F-rank monkey
    It was then. Finally a message window popped up.

    [┖ ┣ Z Z □ ┻ ┻ ○ ○ ┣ ┗┃ □]
    · · · · · · · · Yes, well? Can not? Am I talking? It's not my fault? Suddenly what a bullshit.
    Then a new message window popped up. This time it was a proper character.

    [Wish Stone - Myth class
    It gives you one wish you want.]

    It was a wish list item description window. Why is this again ... without any fuss.
    Wait a minute. There are only two. It was originally three lines.
    · · ·?

    "The death of the dead is impossible!"

    Was not it ?! I do not think the system-maker is a fraud. Originally possible? uh?

    "Damn it, it was strange that somebody could not save a dead person by turning back time ..."
    You're deceived, you're deceived.
    I was pissed off for a while, but still calmed down.
    Honestly, it is better to save time now than to save Yoo Hyun. Not only to me, but overall.
    The fact that the results of the study of stone white are equally divided will be a much safer world than in the original five years. In addition to that, it was clear that it would change a lot in a good direction from the confusing original future.
    So, the deception itself was okay.

    '... it is not my fault.'

    The reason I came back to the past is that the system guy has deceived me, and that is not my fault.
    So this, so ....

    '· · · · · · · · · · · ·'

    I, uh, is this my fault? I have a problem to do, so I guess I'll let you know. You are very kind.
    So what's the problem.
    I waited a moment but the message window did not open. Let's get it sorted.

    I have been tricked by a system-under-the-knuckle and returned to the past. The system guy knows what happened before his return, like me. Regression will cause something to happen.
    There are three things roughly.
    And one more thing, I was sure that the system guy could not write normal characters when he was sending me a systematically irrelevant message. I looked it up when I wrote it.
    Within the dungeon, the constraints seemed to be less, but only indirectly. If you send a message directly, you get an error like last time.

    "So what the hell is going to happen? Speak properly! "

    I'm frustrated. Then a message window popped up again.

    [☞ '≠' ☜ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ ㅠㅠ (._.)]

    Draw a picture at all. I mean, I can not talk because I'm stuck in my mouth.

    "Even if I have a problem like this one, I can afford it now, so just say it!"

    The gate is in front of you and the wall lizard is already at its maximum. You can escape without a problem unless you can pop out like Lau Chitas.
    Shout like that and wait a while.

    [Oh my God, do not be mad. We know it's stifling. Yes, I want to tell you the truth, but it can not be. I need sacrifice for direct conversation. I need preparation. It's the only time you got the new-time back. Dungeons are separate. Stop trying to slow it down.
    There is. The more interference, the faster the detection. Related information. If a lot is known. danger. properly. Ready. one week. Dungeon.]

    A pawn message was poured out. Wait a minute. what?
    Time is back on our side and dungeons are separate. In other words, the original should be 5 years later, but it is about to slow down.
    · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
    Does it mean that it will be elevated quickly? crazy? What's catching up? Is there something else.
    I think it takes a week to prepare and come back to the dungeon. I have to say that I want to turn the dungeon to Yoo Hyun.

    At that time, the message window shook sharply and began to distort. It seems that the message was sent too.
    Even the background to the background is muddy like a midsummer haze. It's like there's something going on.
    Fortunately, the gate activation is not over yet and I am going to leave immediately without using the gate seat,
    It was white and round in air. It's like a doughy rice cake, but it rolls over and turns its beak upside down.

    - Pill!

    · · · · What is cute.

    - Pill!

    Cry again. The two legs in the air are floating. Dandelion A black and rounded bean-eyed fur like a single seed, a beak and a foot yellowish yellow ... a cub? The size is enough to combine two fists, so it is perfectly harmless to look at here.

    - I'm sorry!

    Padak Padak
    · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·. A little. What is it. Is that really what happened? I do not think so. Did not you just fall out of the tree nest?
    I used the skill of cotyledon with embarrassment.

    [□□□□□ - □□□ (fluid)
    Current stat class F
    Growable Stats □
    Optimization Initial Skill
    □ □ □ □ □ □ Learning after growth
    □ □ □ □ □ □ Learning after growth
    □ □ □ □ □ □ Learning after growth
    □ □ □ □ □ □ Learning after growth
    □ □ □ □ □ □ Learning after growth

    ※ □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□

    · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·. At present, there is no information available other than being a child in the F grade. However, as the number of initial skill is optimized, it seems that it is not an ordinary monster. Five.
    There were only a few pieces of A-S grade piece and Jealim. If you look at one square, it does not seem to be an SS or more, is it an S class? There is no guarantee that the number of letters matches the number.

    '· · · · What to do.'

    You can leave the error monster alone. But to kill, honestly ... I feel a lot of rejection.
    In the meantime, a successful young bird raises his body and walks around in the grass. I have not noticed my existence because of the wall lizard skill. Instead, he finds dead moss monkeys and approaches them.

    - Pager Pager

    What are you doing? He's addicted! If it is a stat F class, it just buy it!

    - It's you.

    I was surprised when I ran into it and picked it up for a while, then I tugged my little wing hard.

    - Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
    "It's okay, I will not hurt you."

    I quickly released the wall lizard skill. Fortunately, it does not seem poisoned. The black bean eyes blink, look up at me.

    - Pill!
    "Yes, yes. Good girl. I'm sorry. "

    It is very warm and warm. cute. What to do. Just go carry it. I can hide this size and hide it inside.
    If you ask me where I came from ... can not I just say I picked it up? I do not know.

    "Do you want a manstone? Want to eat? Class C manastones are too much for F-class stats. "

    It may come off. But I do not have a Class F marble. No, not at all. I looked up and saw a mossy monkey snuggling on the tree.
    I do not need to take it. Wait a moment

    chapter 54
    MC kill more monkey
    [S class title, 'Miracle rookie' granted!]
    "Miracle roki?"

    Stats and attack skills less than the level of F F-level items can be obtained by using only a small amount of dungeons can be obtained. The condition is really dirty. How to get this. I'll make sure you put your equipment in the pool.
    I got it.
    [Miracle Rocky (S)
    A stunning newcomer, Hunter, who has tackled the F-class dungeon alone with his weak stats.
    Double Dungeon Item Reward]
    feed the new f-rank monster pill
    meet brother
    go home

    chapter 55
    MC get mad at peace and brother(?) for throwing pill roughly
    eventhough their ranks are far appart
    after getting mad at them
    they made up

    broadcast where they want to build the monster training/breeding place
    [Aka 'monster daddy' Han Yu Jin with the skill of breeding mariculture and flame horn lion fluid piece.

    Aw, shit. It is also coming out with broadcasts taken before the material screen. Why do you keep showing me. If he keeps on digging, he removes his monster dad.

    - Pill!

    A joke shouted at the TV. Do you recognize me.

    - I'm sorry!
    "Hey, where are you going? That's not real. "

    Her hair is a bit ... bad. I can not compare it to a C-class piece because it's F-class. I heard a door open when a joke was spreading in front of the TV. You must be good.

    [Cutting 10,000 knots (progress is 8,266 / 10,000)]

    Now I have not really left. Four days will end.

    "Was the sword a thousand times over?"
    I was surprised at my words.

    "how did you know?"
    "On the first day, he had a thousand grinds and four hundred grinds after him. You told me that you had to go a few times today. "
    "But you were calculating it all ..."

    I had a touching face. I can not say anything real to this guy. I feel like I'm a cheater because I'm thrilled to be able to turn it over. I am not an altruistic human being.

    "On the last day, I will follow the studio. I was wondering what skills would come out and what I started to do, and by the end I should be with them. "

    I am thrilled again.

    "Whatever comes out, I will not forget your grace."
    "Thanks for that."
    "I'll pay for the real life."

    No, it's burdensome. I would like to make side dishes or sometimes. Good sweets. Or bread. Anyway, whatever.
    ... Damn it, let's just try to live together. For the next four days. My tears are all over me.

    "No, it's nothing."

    Black and white. I wonder if he will be like his two boys this time. It might be better to just sell it to you now rather than let it crash. Yeah, a little more. It is important to eat and live.
    I dragged a madman into his arms and held his mouth.

    "Later, when you are independent ... Can not you make some side dish? The kind does not matter, anything. "

    Please do not sing it.
    My stout was stiff in my words. Is it too unreasonable sound too?

    "Uh ... Well, I guess I should get out of it too, right? Sorry. I'm taking too long -. "
    "No, no. If I live together, it's good for me! "

    I do not know. After four days my table is going to hell in heaven, but I can not stand anymore.

    "I can not but eat what you make!"
    "So please give me a side dish ..."

    The one who stood idly by is staring at his mouth. Do not laugh. Do not laugh, though it will be funny.

    "It's not that hard! Okay, do not worry. I'll make it anyway. What do you want to eat? "
    "· · · · · Anything is good."
    "Yes. If you want to eat something, just say it! "

    It turned out to be very pleasant to the kitchen. But if you answer it like that, I'll do it when I get lost. Of course, I do not have to obey what I just said, but I'll take care of her personality.
    I am happy to be sold, sold and pierced.

    MC and peace go to training room
    and then go to e-rank dungeon?
    This E-class dungeon was an underground cave environment. I personally did not like it, but I was looking for a place where I could buy an exclusive pass at a short distance, so I had no choice.

    "Uh, it's damp."

    As soon as you cross the gate, the wet air, which seems to be a smell of mold, is hit. In the middle of the darkness, And.

    [('⟢ `) ؤ O? 9 (· ‿ ·)]
    "······Ah yes. Hi."

    Say something.
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