Chinese The Spare Tire Went OOC [Quick Wear]

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    Novel Language: Chinese

    Name: 备胎他人设崩了[快穿]
    Alternative Name: The Spare Tire Went OOC [Quick Wear]

    Author: 猫八先生
    [Same author as {The Villain Becomes The White Moonlight} and {How To Die As Heavy As Mount Tai}]

    Raw Link:

    Type: Web Novel(CN)

    Genre: Yaoi

    Chapters: 239 Chapters + 1 Extra

    Cheng Muyun is a bamboo god who serves as a spare tire to enter the crossing system. But he didn't have the heart, and the spare tire should also let himself go, enter a world and collapse another world. The planning team was furious. Cheng Muyun was thrown into the world of punishment and worked as a dog licking for three years before regaining his memory. If he wanted to leave, he had to go back to repair the broken small world. Cheng Muyun had to go back and fill in the big hole dug for the protagonist and himself. At the bottom of the pit, the protagonist is sharpening his knife and hoping day and night for his return. Don't even think about running away when you come back.

    World One: Wearing a book as a substitute, he came back to take care of the aftermath. Cheng Muyun is a substitute, the president's best choice. The double has a secret, he is a book wearer. He had a dead boyfriend before wearing the book, who looked a lot like the president.
    The president said: You don't look like him when you smile.
    Cheng Muyun stopped smiling. He also felt that except for a face, the president looked like a boyfriend. But it doesn't matter, he can transform the president. Take what you need, perfect. One day, the president's White Moonlight came back, and Cheng Muyun revealed the secret of using the president as a stand-in. He ran away in an airplane crash and the world collapsed. So he was forced to come back to deal with the aftermath.

    World 2: The sick and weak master, he has come back to take care of the aftermath. Cheng Muyun is in the realm of comprehension. He cut open the chest of his disciple for the sake of the natural Dao body, and fell into the demons in public. The power of the Demon Realm was booming, and when the righteous path was weak, he slaughtered ten Demon Realm sects one by one, and finally died as a martyr. From that day on, his direct disciple began to cultivate the ruthless Dao and became the Sword Sovereign.
    Jianzun: I don't hate him or love him, but I don't want to see him again.
    Cheng Muyun: You are the male lead harem hero, how can you cultivate the ruthless Dao? It's okay if you don't want to see me, I change my shell and come back to deal with the aftermath.

    World Three: Disliked the poor and loves the rich, the former boyfriend has been set up by others. Cheng Muyun is the gloomy reason for the gloomy and disabled big man in the sweet pet article. He abandoned him and left when the big man's life was low, and asked for reunification when the big man returned to the peak. It's a pity that the big brother at that time already had a little sun beside him who wanted to spoil him. Cheng Muyun said that it didn't matter, and backhanded and took the big brother's family business together with his nephew. After the car overturned, Cheng Muyun was imprisoned by the boss, ran away, died, and the world collapsed. After he came back, he decided to worship money and never let himself go. This time, however, it was the handicapped guy who was letting go.

    Edible guide: 1V1, the attack in each world is the same person. Content Tag: Travel through time and space system. Search keywords: Protagonist: Cheng Muyun┃ Supporting role: Duo┃ Others: One sentence introduction: He broke the spare tire. Purpose: Treat people sincerely to get what you want

    jjwxc Rating: 9.0

    Personal Rating: *****

    Personal Review:
    The story starts as how usually the typical system-based world hopping novels start. The twist though is that our MC, Cheng MuYun, doesn't want to be a spare tire and has already broken several small worlds, after deviating from plot line greatly. Having been in the punishment world for 3 yrs moreover as a spare tire without memories, Cheng MuYun very much wants to leave this world but he still has to be a spare tire to repair the broken worlds. But Cheng MuYun discovered a loophole - Results matter, Process doesn't. As long as some major plot lines are completed, it doesn't matter how are they completed. But while Cheng MuYun works hard to fix the broken worlds, the male lead (ML of the story too) seems to be a little different. But oh well as long as the result is gained, what if the male lead is a little different.
    The main point of this novel is its unique arcs. In each arc (i.e., 9 small worlds), MC has a negative attribute (eg., Jealousy, Skin Hunger, Absolute Rules) which define his character in the small world to a great degree. MC has top-notch acting skills too. He fits in the role he's given (cause he lived that role without any other memory for a particular time). ML is one of the male leads in each arc, or one can say that a particular male lead from each small world make up the ML complete. It's written such that one can read any arc without needing to read the ones before it. They are complete little stories on their own.
    My personal favourite arcs are ("Muppet Meow" vs "Golden Retriever"), (Wise vs Brave) and (Redemption vs Tyrant).
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    The correct translation of the title is something like:
    "The Spare Tire Has Gone Out of Character"
    "The Spare Tire has OOCed"
    "The Spare Tire Went OCC"
    "The Spare Tire Has Broken Character" etc
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    I second The Spare Tire went OOC

    it's rare to see such a complete pick up request!
    but please take off the aggregator site link
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