Chinese The Sword Cultivator Male God's Face-slapping Journey [Quick Transmigration]

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    Name: Sword repair male deity's face slap road [Quickly wear] 剑修男神打脸之路(快穿)
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    Why It Should Get Picked Up: QT Male MC, No CP, A protagonist with a brain

    Xuan Yuan, the great master of the cultivation world, was about to ascend to be an immortal. Who knew he soared wrong, he accidentally hit the main deity space and became the host of the system 0617.
    Xuan Yuan, who was not under the control of the Lord deity, began his journey through thousands of worlds.
    The Transmigrated concubine of the bleak protagonist in the article, the "affectionate and single-minded" emperor's stand-in, the younger brother attacked the villain in the article, the gentle male partner in the president abuses the heart, the family son who was abandoned by the woman who was framed, and the teenager who was framed and died The general, Bai Yueguang's predecessor... He passed through into a sad and hard-pressed person, and began to abuse the scum and face.
    Since then, every world Xuan Yuan has traveled... has collapsed.
    This is the story of a man who is overbearing by force and becomes the host, and travels through different worlds! ! !
    pass: Although the protagonist used to be a sword repairer, he will no longer cultivate.
    Shuangwen, face and abuse scum, Su Busu doesn't know~\(≧▽≦)/~
    The characters in the plot have emotional scenes, and the protagonist of the single arrow may have. [That's right -> No CP]
    Content tag: Travel through time and space system fast travel Shuangwen

    Search keywords: Protagonist: Xuanyuan ┃ Supporting role: 0617, many ┃ Others: face-slap, cool text, unlimited flow

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    Wedge: Soaring

      Cultivation world, Ling Tianshan.
      Lingtian Mountain is as high as a thousand feet tall. It stands proudly, towering into the clouds, and its peaks are straight and sharp, like a javelin piercing the sky. This mountain is the highest peak in the realm of comprehension. It is extremely steep and dangerous.
      The top of the mountain was pressed down by a thick black cloud, and the thunder gleaming with purple light wandered through the black cloud. The thunder cloud was all over the sky, as if it was about to overturn, so that the entire mountain was collapsed.
      This is the robbery cloud of the thunder tribulation, which represents someone crossing the robbery here, and it is not difficult to see from the intensity and scale of the tribulation cloud that this is the soaring thunder thunder. Another monk in the cultivation world is about to ascend again. This is a grand event for the entire cultivation world.
      On the top of Lingtian Mountain, under the robbery cloud, stood a monk with astonishing momentum like a javelin. He was wearing a black robe and carrying a long sword. His face was handsome but cold, and he stabbed like a sharp sword under the purple lightning. Skyrim.
      He is Xuan Yuan, the first sword cultivator in the realm of cultivation, and the cultivator who survived the ascending thunder tribulation today. He is handsome and beautiful, with a high level of cultivation. He is the first person in the sword sect of the first sect in the cultivation world. He is a strong man in the entire cultivation world, and he is the existence that many cultivators look up to.
      The heavy dark clouds that crashed down on the top of Ling Tian Mountain and the roaming Jie Lei couldn't bring any damage to Xuan Yuan at all. He stood calmly under the Jie Yun with a cold expression, but seemed to disdain the Jie Lei.
      He is too strong. Even the Flying Thunder Jie Lei couldn't help him at all. Facing the Jie Lei that blasted overhead, he was calm and cold as if only a gentle breeze was oncoming.
      "Today I will save the thunder calamity." When the robbery cloud was brewing before the thunder robbery was about to begin, Xuan Yuan on the top of the mountain suddenly raised his eyes and said, his eyes pierced like a sword at the monks waiting for him to cross the calamity around Lingtian Mountain.
      As the number one powerhouse in the cultivation world, the power of almost the entire cultivation world in Xuanyuan has come, because before him, no cultivator in the entire cultivation world had successfully survived the ascension disaster for thousands of years.
      As for whether Xuan Yuan can successfully overcome the catastrophe? All the cultivators present, and even the cultivators of the entire cultivation world, had no doubts and firmly believed that Xuan Yuan would be able to succeed, because he was already strong enough to make them look up, making countless cultivators feel that the soaring thunder catastrophe was no more than a joke for him.
      Even if it prevented hundreds of millions of cultivators in the cultivation world from flying ascension for thousands of years, in the eyes of many cultivators, it was impossible to cause any harm to Xuanyuan. This is not how one or two people think so, but the whole cultivation world thinks so.
      Lei Jie finally brewed to the point where he started to lower Jie Lei, Xuan Yuan’s extremely handsome face showed a sense of determination. He raised his head to look at Jieyun above his head, with a trace of yearning in his eyes. He had been the first person in the cultivation world for too long. No challenge, he is extremely looking forward to flying into the new world.
      The thunder thunder finally smashed down, one after another, one after another, thicker and more terrifying, and these thunder thunders, which were powerful enough to destroy a mountain peak, dissipated under the sword of Xuan Yuan, and no more traces remained.
      In the face of Jie Lei, Xuan Yuan didn't even move his figure, even the long sword behind his back was never unsheathed. He just used the sword as a sign to stir up a few sword intent, and he broke the terrifying thunder tribulation.
      When the Shen Chenjie cloud dissipated and the bright golden sunlight shining down, Xuan Yuan stood on the top of Lingtian Mountain with his hands in his hands, the long wind was blowing, and his clothes were flying. He finally looked at the great rivers and mountains of the cultivation world from the highest peak of the cultivation world. The last trace of nostalgia was also cut off.
      "I... go!" He let out a long and clear whistle, and a beam of light suddenly fell from the sky, like a heavenly step welcoming him to leave, Xuan Yuan followed the beam of light straight into the sky, his voice getting farther and farther, his figure Getting smaller and smaller.
      When Xuan Yuan disappeared into the realm of cultivation with the beam of light, it meant that he had successfully ascended, and Ling Tianshan was instantly plunged into a dead silence. All the monks who had watched Xuan Yuan's understatement and survived the ascension were speechless, only one piece remained. Silent.
      Although it has long been known that Xuan Yuan is the number one person in the realm of cultivation and the strongest, but he has survived the thunder calamity so easily, it is still incomparably shocking.
      Silence has been spreading around Lingtian Mountain for a long time. Finally, I don’t know which cultivator was the first to speak, and he said fortunately: "Master Xuanyuan finally ascended..."
      This sentence was like stabbing a hornet's nest, followed by countless words. A voice full of rejoicing, relaxation, and joy sounded: "The Great Demon King who is pressing on our heads has finally risen."
      "Finally ascended to harm the monks in other worlds." Some monks even cried with joy.
      Xuan Yuan is indeed the number one person in the cultivation world, but as a sword repairer, his cold and tough behavior has caused the entire cultivation world to tremble under his sword during the years he has been in the world.
      Because as a sword repairer, Xuan Yuan pursued to kill and stop Ge. What should I do if there are disputes in the cultivation world? One word, kill! He used his sword to sort out the entire cultivation world in Xuan Yuan's mastery of the cultivation world, very neat and regular.
      But now, this sword repairman, who surpassed the entire cultivation world, and crushed the entire cultivation world trembling with his own strength, finally survived the ascension and broke through the air.
      Congratulations, congrats.
      When he was in ecstasy on the cultivation world, the profound abyss that soared along the beam of light came to a dark and chaotic space. There is no distinction between time and space, there is nothing but darkness here, and there is dead silence.
      This place is like the origin of everything and the place where everything ends. The chaos is unclear, and the world is undivided.
      In such an environment, Xuan Yuan's handsome face was still as cold as ice, and he was cold and tough, like Xuan Bing who had guarded the top of an iceberg for thousands of years.
      "Get out." Xuan Yuan slowly pulled out the long sword he was carrying behind his back, raised his sword eyebrows, and shouted in a cold tone. There was no chaos where his sword pointed, no different from other places, but he was sure. The sword held the opposite, his sharp eyes seemed to have penetrated the unidentified chaos.
      Silence spread, abruptly, a ray of light suddenly lit up in the chaos that Xuan Yuan was referring to, and the light spot of the silver white machinery suddenly appeared: "Are you bound to System 0617?"
      Xuan Yuan raised his eyebrows, but Without saying a word, let this weird thing alone sing a one-man show.
      It’s just that the light spot of this silver-white machine is not a human being. Before Xuanyuan really opened it, it had only mechanical stereotypes: "Do you want to bind System 0617? If you refuse, kill!"
      Because Xuanyuan hasn’t responded for a long time, this machine When he spoke again, he said one more sentence, and the word obliteration at the end of the words was mechanically cold and unshakable.
      Xuan Yuan laughed dumbly in his heart, if he could take his life, just try the sword in his hand. He had planned to ignore it, but he didn't know what he thought of, his eyes flashed, and he nodded: "Yes."
      Xuan Yuan thought in his heart, if this is the world after the ascension, could he meet a stronger existence? In other words, all the ascending people must be bound to such a...system?

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 1

      After Xuan Yuan nodded and bound, he immediately noticed that his soul had established a connection with an existence, and a bridge was built between the two. However, Xuan Yuan estimated that this connection was nothing more than the connection between a magic weapon and him. He wanted to disconnect it anytime.
      "Hello, host~~I am System 0617~~" Just when Xuanyuan sensed this connection, a cheerful voice suddenly sounded, and the source of this sound was the silver light that made the cold, inorganic sound before. point.
      As if he understood what Xuan Yuan was surprised, the cheerful and lively voice replied shyly: "Oh, what the host was facing just now was my subsystem, which is very rigid. Only after you bind me can I wake up and be truly Communicate with you!"
      "You are my first host~ We must get along well in the future! Right, yes, do you have any unfulfilled wishes for the host? Will be absorbed into the main god space, the host must have Unfulfilled wish!" 0617 said lively and cheerfully, very familiar, and didn't care that Xuanyuan didn't respond at all.
      But Xuan Yuan keenly grasped the two words, during his lifetime. Eyes, such as stabbing sword white light group, determine their own is still very alive and strength more powerful than before the soaring Kai Xuan Yuan lips, cold spit out two words:. "Interpretation"
      ? "Ah
      After a stick of incense, Xuanyuan finally understood the current situation. First of all, this system that claimed to be 0617 was a member of the main god, and Xuanyuan was the first host it bound. As for the main god, 0617 said it was ten thousand The supreme existence of the thousand worlds.
      Xuan Yuan was very interested in this main god, because he did discover that there was a more powerful existence hidden behind 0617. At present, the strength of that existence was stronger than Xuan Yuan, which made him faintly alert.
      Secondly, 0617 binds him to his purpose, which is to take him to various worlds to complete tasks, respond to the demands of the supplicants, and reap rewards. And some of these rewards will be taken away by the main god, and some will be left to Xuan Yuan, enabling him to strengthen himself and exchange various needs.
      I'm still very interested in going to the profound abyss of multiple worlds, because ascension means going from the cultivation realm to other higher-order worlds? As for the latter, Xuan Yuan dismissed the point of strengthening himself through the power he harvested.
      The real powerhouse never advances by any external power. Power can only be seized by himself and by the sword in his hand. What others give is only the poison/medicine wrapped in honey. Xuan Yuan has already seen the poison/pill hidden under this sweet coat, the main god...?
      And the last point is the main god store that 0617 solemnly introduced. It is said that everything in the world can be found here, whether it is sword art, medicine, exercises, or even strange blood, holy clothes, mechas, and magic. , The Lord God Store has everything, as long as you have enough points, you can exchange for these.
      And the points are the rewards and rewards given by the Lord God after Xuan Yuan completes any rewards. Through these rewards, Xuan Yuan can continuously strengthen himself and at the same time can exchange for anything he wants to exchange.
      0617 This silly Baitian thought that Xuan Yuan was absorbed into the main god space after death, and also tempted Xuan Yuan to resurrect him and return to his original world, so as to tempt Xuan Yuan to let him complete the task.
      0617 The misunderstanding of his origin is actually based, because before Xuanyuan, almost all hosts who came to the main god space were absorbed after death.
      However, System 0617 didn't know that Xuanyuan's original cultivation world had broken off the immortal stage leading to the immortal world, so Xuanyuan ascended...flew to the wrong place.
      Everyone in the realm of comprehension cried and begged: No! Don't let the big devil come back and continue to harm them!
      Xuan Yuan was noncommittal about this, his face was expressionless, and no one could tell what he was thinking from his face, but coldly said: "Take me to the first world." He wanted to see the other worlds. What was it like, what was going on after he ascended.
      "Does the host start the mission so soon? That's great~" 0617 flew around Xuan Yuan lively, then pulled Xuan Yuan out of the chaos main god space and entered the world where the mission was.
      It stands to reason that the host should be unaware when taken by the system to the world where the task is located. 0617 is the first time to bind the host. He also naturally thinks that Xuanyuan is the same, but Xuanyuan's powerful strength makes 0617 take him there In other worlds, he still stayed awake.
      "It feels the same as when I was flying." When 0617 took Xuan Yuan to break through a world, Xuan Yuan's heart suddenly flashed this thought. He was sure that he had come to a new world that was completely different from the realm of cultivation.
      His body suddenly lightened. In Xuan Yuan's perception, his soul suddenly left his body and attached to an unfamiliar, lifeless body, and his own body belonging to the Mahayana ascended cultivator was swallowed by the main god space before being swallowed by Xuan Yuan. At the juncture of his life, he was hidden in his own soul.
      new world? What does it look like? 0617 said that the object of his possession is the task initiator who made the request, and his purpose is to complete the object of the task and realize his wish.
      "Host host, are you awake? This is our first mission. We must complete it well." In the mission world, System 0617 can't show the entity, but it jumps out of the sea of knowledge in Xuanyuan, with unlimited vitality.
      Xuan Yuan opened his eyes. Although the body now does not belong to him, the powerful spirit is enough to allow him to control this body perfectly. The original owner of this body has died, and Xuan Yuan took over this body just to fulfill his wish.
      What you can see is an antique gauze tent and bed curtains. Xuanyuan sleeps in the center of the carved pear-wood bed, with a cold and hard jade pillow resting on his head, hands clasped on his chest, his posture is serious.
      0617 didn't seem to notice that Xuan Yuan was awake, thinking that he hadn't been able to wake up from the first time he traveled through the world, so he had been croaking in the sea of knowledge trying to awaken Xuan Yuan.
      Sitting up on the luxurious and exquisite bed, Xuan Yuan frowned, "Shut up."
      "Host, you finally woke up! 0617 called you for a long time, we have reached the world where the first mission is, I will pass the mission of this world to you, we must work hard together!" 0617 is excited and full of anticipation voices It sounded, and then, a series of information was transmitted to Xuanyuan's sea of consciousness.

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 2

      For ordinary people, the massive amount of information is nothing to the monk. The world information passed by 0617 is like a book spread out in front of Xuan Yuan and let him look through it.
      This is a person’s story, and the information passed by 0617 includes this person’s life, from his anticipated birth and beloved childhood to a sensitive and studious teenager, and finally to his death in a dishonorable manner. Time's youth.
      This is a story about the desolation of Hou Men's sons, and also a story of a concubine's counterattack. Xuan Yuan's body was named Lin Xuanzhu, and he was the eldest son of the Luoning Marquis Mansion who was inherited from the Great Wei Dynasty for a hundred years.
      His father is Luo Ning Hou, his mother is Mrs. Hou Mansion, and he is the eldest son. After he was born one year old, he asked to be named the eldest son. Lin Xuanzhu was very intelligent since he was a child, and he was highly valued in the Hou Mansion, and he was even more of a talented young man in the capital of the Wei Dynasty.
      The young and talented Lin Xuanzhu should have a happy family and a great future, but with the appearance of an out-of-house brother at the age of 20 and the year he was crowned, Lin Xuanzhu's life has plummeted.
      The concubine Lin Yingjie was seventeen years old. Suddenly he was a blockbuster in the Great Wei Jing during the year. He was named the champion of the gold medal list. However, Lin Xuanzhu, who entered the exam in the same year, was only twenty seven. Although his score was good, he was three years younger. Compared with his younger brother, he is too inferior.
      Since then, Lin Yingjie quickly became a prince of the spring fashion master of the Jinke champion, and later recognized his ancestors and returned to the clan, and officially became the son of Luoning Hou’s Mansion, and his biological mother was also referred to as his wife by Luoning Hou, and he officially moved in. House.
      After becoming a concierge, Lin Yingjie won the favor of his majesty and the prince, and from then on, he became a powerful official in the Great Wei Dynasty Hall, and made suggestions for the prince, and became the confidant of the prince.
      But when Lin Yingjie was proud of the spring breeze, Lin Xuanzhu’s life seemed to have fallen away, suddenly becoming difficult and obscure. First, his brother fell in the scientific examination with his brother, and later it was even worse because of the royal disgust, but the title of the gold list was not. No official position.
      Not only was the official career unsuccessful, Lin Yingjie’s mother became a regular wife, and even when Lin Yingjie became the lord, Lin Xuanzhu’s mother had to salute Lin Yingjie’s wife, Princess Chaoyang. These two things made Lin Xuanzhu’s mother unacceptable and seriously ill. After one event, it turned out to be muddled.
      At the funeral of Lin Xuanzhu’s mother, Lin Xuanzhu, who was guarding her mother throughout the night, was designed to insult a maid on the mother’s hall. After that, the maid deliberately attracted everyone, and then committed suicide in the hall. The incident was raging and everyone knew it.
      Such scandals occurred at the funeral of his biological mother. Lin Xuanzhu was completely disgusted by Luo Ning Hou. At the same time, he was accused of unfilial piety and inferiority to pigs and dogs. Then he was taken as his deceased son and sent to Chuangzi in the suburbs of Beijing. In the end, he was poisoned by food, and passed away less than a month after being sick.
      What Lin Xuanzhu hated most in her life was that she could not save her mother's life. Instead, she was designed to make a scandal in her mother's mourning hall, which humiliated her mother's mourning hall and made her unable to rest in peace after her death. He paid back the price of his soul, praying to find the man behind the scenes to avenge their mother and son. At the same time, he hopes that his ambition can be realized and become a pillar of the country.
      "What am I going to do?" Xuan Yuan asked indifferently after watching Lin Xuanzhu's short life. Xuan Yuan has been in the realm of cultivation for many years, and he also climbed up from a humble body step by step. The ugly things he has seen are too numerous to mention. Although Lin Xuanzhu suffered pity, it was not enough to make him pity.
      The weak are not worthy of sympathy. For Xuan Yuan, who came out of the realm of cultivation that pursues the weak and the strong, Lin Xuanzhu has fallen to this point only because he is stupid and he does not have enough strength or influence.
      "Host, don't worry, I haven't passed the plot to you yet!" 0617, the silly Baitian thought Xuan Yuan was asking how to avenge Lin Xuanzhu, and quickly added.
      Xuan Yuan frowned lightly: "Plot?"
      "Yes, this world is a small thousand world derived from a novel, so it has a main storyline~" 0617 yelled cheerfully and prepared to turn The story of this world was passed to Xuan Yuan.
      Xuan Yuan's face was expressionless, Xiao Qianjie understood it, but the novel and the main storyline, as a sword repairman--Xuan Yuan asked coldly: "What is a novel?"
      "Huh? Uh... Uh host, you ask me what the novel is?" 0617 hesitantly, suddenly felt that there was a problem with his circuit, and he seemed to be bound to a fake host. Since the soul is absorbed into the main god space, shouldn't it be? Modern people?
      Wait... 0617 recalled the appearance of the host's soul that he had seen before, and immediately thought about it with fear, and couldn't help but tremblingly said: "Host, are you from ancient times? Uh, you don't understand, forget it. Do you know the
      storybook ?" Xuan Yuan frowned and nodded slowly. Although he hadn't read the storybook, he had heard it mentioned before, but he just wrote down fantasy and false stories. Combined with the words before 0617, Xuanyuan already understood the current situation.
      It seems that the world he is in now, which is not in the realm of comprehension, evolved from a story, and the Lin Xuanzhu he possessed is probably a character in the story. He died tragically because of the development of the story. Only unwilling to make this trip to Xuanyuan.
      Although he had not received this story from 0617, Xuan Yuan couldn't help being a little disappointed, who had already figured out what was going on in the world he was in. The reason why he agreed to bind 0617 is because he was attracted by what it called "traveling through other worlds."
      After all, the Xuanyuan Departing Thunder Tribulation and Ascension were originally meant to ascend to other worlds, to pursue the unknown world and the future, in order to become stronger!
      But after being bound to 0617, it was different from what Xuanyuan originally thought. In such a weak world, how can he become stronger? It seemed that he hadn't gained much from this experience, and sure enough, he had risen to the wrong place.
      However, Xuan Yuan was still puzzled. He should follow the immortal step and leave the realm of cultivation after the ascension thunder tribulation. It was strange enough that he had come to an inexplicable chaotic world. Now this self-proclaimed system exists. The little thousand world that came with him is even more strange.
      "I won't do this task." After clarifying the current situation, Xuan Yuan said indifferently, useless meddling, he never wastes time.
      0617 was dumbfounded: "Why?" Its tone was full of grievances. As a system bound to the host for the first time, he knew that the host would be unwilling to do the task?
      "It doesn't make sense to me." Xuan Yuan replied coldly. He sat up from the bed. He lifted the bed curtains and sat on the edge of the carved wenge wood bed, preparing to forcefully break away from the contact with 0617, and tore the little girl. The space mezzanine of the world leaves.
      0617 yelled: "How can it be meaningless, you can get everything you want when you complete the task, don't you want to be resurrected? Don't you want to be prosperous and wealthy? Don't want... Uh, don't want..." It
      didn't take long for 0617 to boot , The experience is pitiful, but at this time I want to seduce Xuan Yuan, but my words are poor. After thinking about it for a while, he said, "You don’t want to appreciate a different world, a different life, and a different experience? You don’t want to change. Strong? As long as you stay to complete the task, these are all within your fingertips!"

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 3

      "So Lin Xuanzhu's enemy is Lin Yingjie? The main target of his revenge is also Lin Yingjie?" Xuan Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise after scanning the plot from 0617.
      Xuan Yuan will accept the story of the storybook and ask about 0617 missions, precisely because he has decided to complete these missions. Although with Xuan Yuan's strength, it is easy to break away from the system and these small worlds, but he has to admit, 0617 there was a word that touched him.
      He wants to experience different lives, see different landscapes and different worlds, and even more wants to become stronger. Perhaps it is also an experience for him to cruise in one world.
      This story of Xiaoqian's evolution is based on the story of a concubine who suddenly learned astronomy and geography after he woke up (Xuanyuan suspected that he was seizing the house), and successfully passed the number one prize, married the princess and became the official minister. s story.
      In Lin Yingjie’s life of success, power, wives and concubines, and prosperity, Lin Xuanzhu and his mother were nothing but a small stone blocking his road to success. Lin Yingjie kicked them away with a single kick. .
      "Yes, the main enemy is Lin Yingjie, but the other accomplices can't be let go!" 0617 yelled in the sea of knowledge of Xuanyuan, "If you want to achieve a hundred mission completion, then these people can't let it go!"
      Xuanyuan said no. Nodded with a change of color: "I see." Since these people are Lin Xuanzhu's enemies, and he has taken his body and assumed his cause and effect, he will naturally pay for Lin Xuanzhu one by one.
      As for whether these people are innocent, is it right to retaliate against those who have not done harm to Lin Xuanzhu? In Jian Xiu's mind, what is justice? The sword they hold in their hands is justice.
      At this time, Lin Yingjie was just taken away from home, half a year before he got the number one in the blockbuster test, 0617 also felt that there was enough time, and seeing that Xuan Yuan had a good heart, he was satisfied with a roll in the sea of knowledge and waited for Xuan Yuan. Lin Yingjie successfully slapped her face.
      "Come in." At this time, when Lin Xuanzhu got up on weekdays, Xuan Yuan called in a deep voice. Two maids in emerald green dresses opened the door and walked around the screen. One of them approached. Holding a basin in one hand, and washing supplies in one hand, they are the two close-knit maids who serve Lin Xuanzhu's daily life.
      Xuan Yuan frowned, and said coldly as the two approached: "Let down things, step back!"
      "Shizi..." The two maids exclaimed at the same time, but they were light under Xuan Yuan's eyes that shone with cold light. Trembling, didn't dare to violate his words, and quickly put down the things in his hands and left by himself.
      After Xuanyuan finished washing, he thought a little, and then headed towards the main courtyard of the Luoning Hou Mansion, where it was the residence of Lin Xuanzhu's birth mother, Li's. Lin Xuanzhu made three wishes, one is revenge, the other is filial piety to his mother, and the third is to realize his ambition.
      Since he decided to complete the task, he must do his best. This is Xuan Yuan's attitude.
      "Second son, you are here." Just stepping into the main courtyard, Aunt Yun, wearing a blue silk and satin skirt, came to greet him. This is Li's dowry aunt, who has been with her for many years and she trusts her very much. people.
      Aunt Yun took Xuanyuan to the main courtyard with a look of joy: "Madam is thinking about her son, so you come to see her, but mother and son are really connected."
      "Zhu'er." Sitting at the table in the main room. With a gentle and loving smile on the face of the graceful and luxurious beautiful woman, she beckoned to let Xuan Yuan pass, "My mother is about to have breakfast, you have not eaten it today, so I happened to be with my mother." The
      Li family gave birth to Lin Xuan. Zhu Shi lost her body, and only Lin Xuanzhu was the only son under her knees, not even a daughter, and her motherly heart was all put on Lin Xuanzhu, saying that she regarded Lin Xuanzhu as the eyeball and the flesh of the heart. It's not an exaggeration.
      Xuan Yuan had been an orphan since he was a child, and he had never felt the unreserved love from his mother. At this time, Li treated him so lovingly, which inevitably caused shallow ripples in his heart.
      Refining your heart... He has a vague understanding of what Xuanyuan has grasped in Mingming. He feels that if he continues to stay here, he might gain something if he continues to do so. There is no difference between living and completing tasks in place of another person. Thought about it.
      Xuan Yuan patiently accompanied Li for a breakfast, imitating Lin Xuanzhu’s usual gentle but arrogant and introverted temperament, but Li did not notice that it was wrong. The mother and the son had a good time and the atmosphere of the courtyard. Very harmonious.
      After having breakfast, Xuanyuan, who was supposed to go to the study to study on the trajectory, looked at Li for a moment and said softly: "Mother, I am going to leave the house today."
      "That's good, my son is studying hard in the house these days. It’s really thin, so it’s okay to go out in the spring to relax." Li has always been obedient to Lin Xuanzhu, no matter what he asks, he will try his best to satisfy him. In Li’s heart, Lin Xuanzhu is the best in the world. Son.
      Xuan Yuan's expression was faint, but the corners of his eyes and eyebrows carried the warmth left by Lin Xuanzhu. Lin Xuanzhu's appearance is very good, like Li, but more delicate and beautiful than her facial features, and a bit more gentlemanly masculine, at this time Xuan Yuan's expression is indifferent, and his temperament is dusty, and he is more and more indifferent. The son of a jade-like man came here.
      "It's not a trip out of the house, I plan to go to Moxiang in Dongcheng District." Xuan Yuan is willing to tell Li about her itinerary. She loves Lin Xuanzhu sincerely, which is unprecedented for Xuan Yuan. Have had the experience.
      So when Li asked, he was also willing to confess his plan. Whether Li knew it or not, it would not affect his plan.
      The expression on Li's face suddenly changed. There was a sharp look in her eyes, and her eyes were a little angry. This was not directed at Lin Xuanzhu, but to those who failed to control her mouth and told Lin about the scandal. Xuan Zhu distracted him.
      After taking a breath, Li suppressed his anger, still looking at Xuan Yuan lovingly and tenderly, and asked in harmony: "Why is Zhu'er going there? But there are confidants here, so I went to visit?"
      "Mother, you I know why I went there." Xuan Yuan shook his head slightly, and said such a sentence like a mummy.
      Lin Yingjie and his mother outside the room were placed by Luo Ninghou in a mansion in Moxiang, Dongcheng District. Lin Xuanzhu may not really know this matter, but Xuanyuan knew that the Li family must be. Very clear.
      "That place is very dirty, why should I go there?" Li's heart was annoyed by the person who secretly told Lin Xuanzhu the news. She didn't care that Luo Ninghou kept the outer room outside, and she would not threaten it. To her, but he didn't want his son to have anything to do with people in the outside room.
      Xuan Yuan smiled slightly, a sharp touch appeared between his eyebrows, and only said: "Naturally, I will meet my concubine."

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 4

      No matter how surprised Li was when he heard Xuanyuan say that he was going to see Lin Yingjie in Moxiang, he even wanted to stop him, but Xuanyuan finally left his house and went straight to Moxiang in the east of Kyoto, and he was leaving the house. Later, Xuan Yuan sent the entourage who was following him, and walked towards Moxiang alone.
      "Host, what are you going to do? Are you going to find Lin Yingjie now?" 0617 slapped in the sea of Xuanyuan knowledge, and asked lively. It didn't take long for it to turn on, which is equivalent to just being born. It is for everything. When full of curiosity.
      Xuan Yuan was dressed as a scholar, wearing a lun towel on his head and a Confucian robe. The Confucian robe with a wide robe and large sleeves flew with his hands, bringing out a chic and unruly temperament.
      Regarding the problem of 0617, Xuan Yuan looked calm, and only replied in his heart: "Go to the mission." From Luoning Hou Mansion to the Eastern Regions, you have to cross the most prosperous avenue in Kyoto. The liveliness did not squint, and the prosperous world did not reach his eyes.
      0617: this bullshit? Can you talk well and fall off!
      "Can you find out when today is in the original plot?" Xuan Yuan stopped and asked as he stood at the entrance of Moxiang. He looked deep into the depths of Moxiang. The courtyard in this alley was mostly gorgeous. Exquisite, it is a place where many dignitaries live.
      Luo Ning Hou placed Lin Yingjie's mother and son here, indicating that he still had feelings for them, but it was only because of the elders and the Li family that they did not take them back to the Hou Mansion.
      "I will inquire now." 0617 responded resoundingly. This is the host's first mission. It must assist the host well and successfully complete the mission!
      But for a moment, 0617 responded: "Host, today should be the third day after Lin Yingjie was crossed. At this time, he should still be recovering from a cold after staying up all night for several days!"
      0617 explained to Xuanyuan After the current situation, I suddenly thought of something, and couldn't help but asked nervously: "Uh, do you know what crossing is the host..."
      Xuan Yuan really didn't know what traversal was, but comparing it with the plot from 0617, he understood that the traversal mentioned by 0617 was the real meaning of Lin Yingjie being taken away by others.
      "Then it just happened." Xuan Yuan's eyes flashed, and he strode into the Mo Alley. It was only surprising that Xuan Yuan had passed by many people in the Alley along the way, but no one would pass by. Looking at him, it seemed that Xuanyuan didn't exist at all.
      0617 said he was still dumbfounded, he didn't even know why Xuanyuan came to Moxiang to complete the task? Which task to complete? Revenge?
      But if it's revenge, shouldn't it be that the imperial examination after half a year's imperial examination blockbuster beat Lin Yingjie, and then desperately hit Lin Yingjie in various ways, all kinds of face and scumbag?
      What did the host run over to find Lin Yingjie? 0617 silently flipped through the "Best Collection of Face Slaps and Scumbag of the Year" just downloaded on the Raiders Forum, and felt that it was time to show this book to the host and let him know what the real aesthetics of revenge is.
      Although he just woke up, he learned after visiting the Raiders forum that the real revenge should be to stand higher than him in the area where the enemy is most proud of, and hitting his self-confidence severely makes him lose confidence and cannot stand up. It should have kicked him to hell when he was so proud that his success was in his hands!
      The host is really inexperienced!
      When 0617 was anxious and wished to take the place of Xuan Yuan, Xuan Yuan had already strolled into the mansion where Lin Yingjie and his son lived. When he entered the mansion directly from the gate, 0617 finally found out that something was wrong: "Wait, host. ?, how the porters who have not stopped you, "
      Xuan Yuan walked toward the house backyard strode past, heard only faint said:." because they did not see me " ,"
      how could you now is a big living, how they will Didn't see you?" 0617 first retorted loudly, and then thought that Xuanyuan swaggered in before that no one saw him. He suddenly couldn't help but wondered, "Su, host, what's going on?"
      No answer 0617. The question is, Xuan Yuan has found the room where Lin Yingjie is staying, and with a creak, he directly opened the door and walked in.
      It was the morning when the sun was strong, and the sun outside was shining bright and unusual, but Lin Yingjie's bedroom looked very dim, and a bitter herb smell permeated the room, making the room look a little gloomy.
      Lin Yingjie was suffering from a cold, so the windows of the house were closed tightly, no wind could pass in, and the natural medicine smell could not escape. The smell of medicine in the room was extremely heavy and the air seemed very dull.
      "Who?" Lin Yingjie, who was lying on the bed, suddenly came to his senses. He raised his head and looked at Xuan Yuan in surprise and suspicion, with a look of surprise in his eyes, "Where are you from, just enter other people's rooms and tutors? Your mother didn't teach you!"
      Lin Yingjie cursed, and the tone of the words was very strange. Xuan Yuan glanced at Lin Yingjie indifferently. He didn't even mean to say a word to him, and strode directly into Lin Yingjie's bed.
      "Eh, eh, eh, host, what are you going to do?" 0617 looked at Xuan Yuan aggressively, and couldn't help being dumbfounded. The host looked a bit fierce!
      When Xuan Yuan approached Lin Yingjie’s bed, Lin Yingjie suddenly realized something and shrank to the foot of the bed, staring in shock and anger: "What are you going to do?!"
      "Kill you." Xuan Yuan's tone was flat. It was announced that he only informed Lin Yingjie, only notified him, but did not require any response from him.
      Whether Lin Yingjie accepts it or not has nothing to do with him.
      A bright light flashed in his eyes, and the next moment, Xuan Yuan's right hand probed out and directly pinched Lin Yingjie's neck. Then, as Lin Yingjie's horrified and hated gaze, Xuan Yuan's right hand broke his neck directly.
      With a soft click, Lin Yingjie's neck tilted to the left. The bones wrapped under the flesh had broken and could no longer support his head. But when he rolled his eyes, the light in his eyes slowly dimmed, and the whole life was cut off.
      He died, causing Lin Xuanzhu's mother and son to end up miserably in the original story. Lin Yingjie, who was supposed to become a powerful figure in power, simply died in this way.
      "Su, host, you killed him like this?" 0617 jumped in the sea of knowledge in Xuanyuan, the whole system was not good, what the host was doing!
      Unlocking his neck, Xuan Yuan stood straight by the bed. He looked down at Lin Yingjie's corpse in the corner, and asked coldly: "Has the first task been completed?"
      "Huh?" 0617 He didn't react in time, and only made a sigh of relief.
      Xuan Yuan was silent, waiting for 0617's answer. After a while, 0617 finally reacted, jumping angrily and said, "The first task is revenge. Why did the host kill Lin Yingjie directly?"
      "Lin Yingjie is Lin Xuanzhu's enemy. I will kill him for him. Lin Yingjie, isn't it revenge?" Xuan Yuan asked indifferently.

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 5

      0617, 0617 found that he was speechless. He felt that his host made sense. Isn't it revenge to kill his enemy? Of course that is the best revenge.
      Lin Xuanzhu was once killed by Lin Yingjie, and today he died in the hands of the host possessed by Lin Xuanzhu. But, but... I always feel that something is wrong.
      Looking at the "The Best Collection of Face Slap and Abuse of the Year" that I just downloaded in my hand, 0617 found that my host really did not take an unusual way. It is really a peculiar style of painting. It is completely different from other hosts who pursue face and abuse and torture their enemies from the soul. Different.
      "So, has the task been completed?" Xuan Yuan frowned when he was thinking about it in 0617, and asked indifferently.
      0617 stunned for a moment before hurriedly checking: "The first revenge task is half completed!" How easy it is to complete half of it? Can the mission be achieved in this way? Do not have to fight the enemies from all aspects, do not abuse their hearts, just abuse their bodies?
      At this time, 0617 no longer doubted the host’s ability to complete the task. He felt that the "Best Collection of Face Slap and Scum of the Year" that he had just downloaded was weak, and the host could not use this kind of thing at all. Little World completed half of the first task on the first day!
      But in fact, Xuan Yuan chose to kill Lin Yingjie directly. It was not a simple matter, but after some thought, it was obvious that when Lin Yingjie was taken away, everything began to change. The reason why those who calculated Lin Xuanzhu united Because of Lin Yingjie.
      Now that Xuan Yuan directly drew salary from the bottom of the cauldron to kill Lin Yingjie as the source, then will Lin Xuanzhu be calculated and framed after that? Can Lin Yingjie's mother stay in the Hou Mansion to persecute the Li family?
      Obviously it is impossible. Lin Yingjie as the source is dead. Naturally, none of this can happen again. Without Lin Yingjie’s sudden emergence, Luo Ninghou would not abandon the Li family and Lin Xuanzhu, and the royal family would never abandon Lin Xuanzhu. He is still the most brilliant young talent in Wei Jingjing.
      But Xuan Yuan didn't even tell 0617 a word about the plots in Xuan Yuan's heart, so the silly 0617 thought that Xuan Yuan came here for the first task, which was to avenge Lin Xuanzhu.
      In fact, the difference is huge.
      "Eh, wait." 0617 suddenly thought of something, and his tone fell in tears, "Host, you choked Lin Yingjie to death. Wouldn't it be discovered that there is a problem with Lin Yingjie's death?" If this matter is not handled well, it is also Trouble!
      After all, Lin Yingjie is the protagonist of this world. After he dies, this little world will not collapse, will it?
      Xuan Yuan looked down at the corpse lying crooked on the bed, and said lightly: "No one will find that I killed him. Lin Yingjie died of a cold."
      0617: ... It's not like opening your eyes and telling lies. , Host, you can't hide your ears and steal the bell. You said he died from a cold. Do the doctors and Haosuo who inspected the body say the same?
      No matter how tangled and speechless in 0617, Xuan Yuan didn't intend to waste time here anymore. Although he was a sword repairer and not an illusionist, he was more than enough to fool a mortal who hadn't even set foot on the path of repair.
      When Xuan Yuan was about to leave, he suddenly noticed a special fluctuation, and suddenly looked at Lin Yingjie's body with a bit of surprise in his eyes.
      "Oh, Duo She's body is dead, but the soul is still alive?" Xuan Yuan raised his eyebrows and said, suddenly probing his hand, Xuan Yuan's right hand seemed to grab a handful of air and closed, but there was a sorrowful sound. Wailing and spiteful curses show that this is not the case.
      Seeing all this, 0617 shivered, and the small animal-like intuition made it feel a chill from behind it, and stammered: "Host, host, what did you catch?"
      "The soul of the looter. "Xuan Yuan replied briefly. He glanced sideways at his right hand, and the waves in the narrow and long phoenix eyes flowed, and a sharp cold light appeared.
      Xuan Yuan’s attitude towards seizing homes is very common. This is not a taboo thing in the realm of cultivation, but this soul is the culprit who caused the miserable end of Lin Xuanzhu’s mother and son. It is his true mission goal, so Xuan Yuan does not intend to release it. Over.
      With the soul of "Lin Yingjie", Xuan Yuan turned and left the courtyard, just like when he came, no one found the trace of Xuan Yuan, he was like an invisible and invisible wind blowing through, no one looked at. To his existence.
      After leaving Mo Alley, Xuan Yuan did not return to Luoning Hou Mansion, but instead headed towards Li Mansion. The Li Mansion from the Li family was a scholar of generations. The father of the Li family was an official to the first-rank Hanlin scholar, and he was also a third-rank scholar in the Ministry of Rites. And Lee's brothers also serve in the middle of the DPRK, each in power.
      Li’s ability to hold the position of Madam Hou’s House firmly in Luoning’s Hou’s Mansion is inseparable from her natal power. Lin Xuanzhu has often visited Li’s Mansion to listen to the teachings of his grandfather and several uncles since he entered school. , Very close to them.
      In the original story, because of Li's family and Lin Xuanzhu, Li's house was also implicated and removed by Lin Yingjie's tricks. The father of the Li family was a thorough royalist, and there was a lot of stigma with the prince's party. Lin Yingjie used the power of the prince/son/party to attack the Li mansion.
      Since the last wish left by Lin Xuanzhu is to be fulfilled, the prince and Princess Chaoyang who helped Lin Yingjie deal with their mother and son cannot be let go. Especially the existence of the prince is not only related to the last wish of revenge, but may also be the third to Lin Xuanzhu. There is interference with the last wish to realize the ambition.
      After Xuan Yuan entered the Li Mansion, someone familiar with him led him to the study of Grandpa Lin Xuanzhu. And Master Li, who had already returned home from the next dynasty, saw the most proud grandson coming. He was first happy, and then he was surprised and angry when he saw him alone.
      "Why did Zhu'er come to the Li Mansion alone today? What did the servants of the Hou Mansion do and didn't send anyone to follow you?" The old man with white beard and hair patted the table with anger. He has been an official for a lifetime. Not angry, fashionable and majestic, and now angry is even more impressive.
      Xuan Yuan said, "I sent them away. There are some things I want to discuss with Grandpa today."
      "Oh?" Because of Xuan Yuan's words, Master Li's anger finally dropped slightly, and his expression was profound. He looked at Xuan Yuan and said with a smile, "Zhu'er is worried about the imperial examination in half a year? Zhu can feel at ease. With your knowledge, the first one dare not say, but the second one is stable. "I
      have to say that Master Li is very clear about the level of his grandson. Originally, Lin Xuanzhu had passed the second-tier exam.
      Xuan Yuan did not comment on this, but said, "I came to see Grandpa today. It was not for this." Before Master Li could continue to question, Xuan Yuan's eyes flashed past, and a ray of sharpness appeared in the corners of his eyebrows. "The main reason is to be with Grandpa. Talk about the prince/child/party matters."

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 6

      Xuan Yuan and Master Li talked in detail in the study until the evening, and they returned to Luoning Hou Mansion only after they stayed in Li Mansion for a meal. After returning to the mansion, Xuan Yuan first asked Ann Lee.
      Regarding Xuan Yuan’s return to the mansion to greet her, Li was very happy. She refused to mention what Xuan Yuan had said about going to Moxiang this morning, but only asked about Xuan Yuan’s daily life and gave him a new call. The maid and the small servant who approve the rules and rituals.
      As for the personal maids who had served in Xuanyuan's room, after being beaten by the Li clan for a while, they had been kicked out of the main courtyard, and they were not allowed to stay in Xuanyuan's courtyard.
      She had never found out who had leaked the Moxiang incident to her only son, so she would rather kill the mistake than let it go. As long as it is the people around Xuanyuan, they have all been carefully investigated and beaten.
      Xuan Yuan had no objection to Li's disposition of the servants who had served in Lin Xuanzhu's courtyard. In the original story, Lin Xuanzhu would have ended up in such a situation, and it was precisely because there was a gangster around Lin Yingjie.
      He just said: "Mother, the people around you also need to deal with and investigate. The hand stretched over from Moxiang is too long." In the original story, the reason why Li would linger and die prematurely, except for the oppression of Lin Yingjie and Princess Chaoyang, It also has a lot to do with Lin Yingjie's mother, the Xiao family.
      The Li family didn’t put Xiao and Lin Yingjie’s mother and son in their eyes, and they took advantage of them. Now that "Lin Yingjie" has been killed by him, Xiao can’t keep it, so Xuanyuan picked this matter out and let Li go. Deal with Xiao's.
      After leaving the main courtyard, Xuan Yuan returned to Lin Xuanzhu's courtyard. 0617 asked in his sea of knowledge: "Host host, what are you going to do next?" Now 0617 is full of trust and admiration for its host. It believes in the host. The problem must be completed perfectly.
      Xuan Yuan passed through a moon gate, bypassed the corridor and entered his courtyard, before faintly said: "Naturally, I have studied the Four Books and Five Classics."
      "Uh? Uh, uh?" 0617 was dumbfounded again, feeling that he could not keep up with the host. In other words, his host simply does not take the usual path.
      Xuan Yuan calmly stepped into the study, and after the book boy lit the candles, studied the ink, and settled on the desk after laying the white paper, he only said lightly: "Lin Xuanzhu's third obsession is not to show off his ambitions and become a pillar of the country. "He still has to take part in the scientific expedition after six months.
      There is no such thing as scientific research in the cultivation world, and the Four Books and Five Classics are unheard of. If you hadn't read Lin Xuanzhu's memory all over, Xuan Yuan wouldn't know that this Little Thousand World had such "tortures".
      0617 Shame
      , I am ashamed that I did not expect this. He is really not a qualified system, and it can't help the host QAQ " Hey , host, I can scan these four books and five classics, and I can do your scientific examinations. Tell you directly what is recorded in the book!" 0617 finally thought of a way to help the host, and said quickly.
      Xuan Yuan looked indifferent, and only after he waved back from the book boy, he said, "No, I will never forget." He is an ascending monk, and his soul has grown. For him, these four books and five classics can be remembered only by sweeping his spiritual sense. 0617 help.
      0617, 0617 suddenly felt that he was so useless QAQ, his dignity as a system was shattered, and his host was ruthlessly stepped to shatter. A system that can't help its host is too incompetent. 0617 doesn't want to be the kind of system that only knows to win.
      However, 0617 suddenly thought of a suspicious point with grief and indignation. A light bulb lit up in front of his forehead and asked: "Since the host can remember it after reading it, what else do you study hard for?" It's just messing up!
      Xuan Yuan didn't speak, but just raised his right hand. In the brightly lit study room, a dark green light suddenly appeared above Xuan Yuan's right hand. It looked strange and strange. Xuan Yuan raised his hand and directly moved the palm of his hand. The green light was thrown onto the white paper that was spread flat on the desk with a paperweight.
      "Who are you? What is your origin? Who is your name?" Xuan Yuan looked down at the green light, and he could see a dark and dirty soul. What surprised him the most was that there was a stain on this soul. The breath of death.
      This means that the body that this soul once possessed has died twice. In such a situation, this soul has not been annihilated, but it is still solid, which really surprised Xuan Yuan's heart. Even a cultivator's soul with a successful cultivation base may not have this solidity.
      "..." Xuan Yuan listened attentively, but this soul was silent and refused to speak. This made Xuan Yuan raise his left eyebrow slightly and said lightly, "0617, is he useful to you?"
      "If it's useful, just eat it. . "
      0617 was taken aback:"?! eat, eat, eat what the host, which is the soul ah, how I eat I am a kind, sweet, gentle good system, devour the soul of this evil thing that I Don’t do it!” In fact, it can’t swallow QAQ,
      but this does not prevent 0617 from slandering: Why is the host so cruel, and what kind of host is bound to it, always feels that it has become the great ideal of the number one system... more and more away from it. It's far!
      "This is a great tonic, you can't swallow the soul?" Xuan Yuan was slightly disappointed. He originally thought that he could take him to and fro the small thousand worlds. 0617 should be a monster with the talent to travel through time and space.
      Monster beasts can swallow flesh and blood and grow souls, so Xuanyuan asked this, but I didn’t expect 0617 to even be able to swallow souls. It’s too weak. The thing that can provide it for growth will not be the place where the heart is obsessed. Isn't it the strength of the left?
      Judging from 0617 that he must do the task, and that he must be paid to do the task, Xuan Yuan thinks his guess is good. If this is the case, the vigilance of 0617 can be lowered by another level, after all, it can only digest the low-level power of willingness.
      "Since this thing is useless to you, and he refuses to explain his own history, then send him to life." Xuan Yuan raised his right index finger and tapped gently on the desk, giving this "Lin Yingjie" an understatement. It's the ending.
      The green gloom falling on the white paper suddenly skyrocketed, and then a voice suddenly sounded, with horror and begging: "Please don't kill me!"
      "Kill you?" Xuan Yuan pulled the corners of his lips with an expression. Leng Li, he said freely, "You are dead, but I have accumulated merit for sending you to life."
      0617 Silently shrank to a corner of Xuanyuan Zhihai, the host is so cruel, can't afford it!
      "I, I have no grievances with you, why do you want to kill me, are you, aren't you afraid of retribution?" The green flame trembled more fiercely, and he screamed, "What right do you have to deprive me of me? Aren’t you a traverser like me?”
      Xuan Yuan narrowed his eyes: “It’s interesting.” He smiled.
      0617: ... trembling.

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 7

      "The Traverser...0617, maybe you should explain what happened? In the story you passed on, it was not said that Lin Yingjie was taken away by the Traverser." Xuan Yuan's tone was light, and he couldn't hear the joy or anger.
      0617: Is this still an explanation? Anyone who has read through novels doesn't know! How does it know that it will bind an old antique host, eh, can't scold the host, or what if he is sent to die?
      "So the protagonist of this story is actually not'Lin Yingjie', but this soul?" Xuan Yuan used his thumb and index finger to shake the green ghost fire soul, and asked with interest.
      Xuan Yuan's attitude towards this soul has changed from dispensation to solemnity: "Is this story about what happened after he seized his home and became Lin Yingjie? But is there always a reason why he is the protagonist of the story? A world of heaven. The one you love can't be without reason."
      Yes, the reason why Xuanyuan's attitude suddenly changed was because of the word "Qiyun". Qiyun is a mysterious and mysterious existence, and those who are loved by heaven are all With great fortune in the body, it is detrimental to do everything in his life.
      "He is a traverser. He knows a lot of knowledge that is thousands of years ahead of Wei Wei. With this knowledge, he can certainly shine in Wei Da and become a winner in life!" 0617 answered Xuan Yuan's question without hesitation.
      Xuan Yuan came down silently. After passing through the plot he had received before, he realized that the plot actually developed in this way. In that case... the
      corners of his lips were raised almost invisible, and Xuan Yuan looked at the blank paper. The faint green on the top said lightly: "This seat can give you a chance to see if you are willing to take it."
      The soul that was scared to move by Xuan Yuan's lightly saying " Send to life" suddenly fluctuated with his tone. Excitedly yelled at the doglegs: "I'm sure! I'm sure! Adults, if you have anything to do, you can do it for you, but I will do it for you!"
      "For my use, use the knowledge in your brain to help Lin Xuanzhu realize his ambition "Xuan Yuan said in a calm tone, "If you can do it, ten years later, I will send you to reincarnation."
      The green soul suddenly skyrocketed, with an angry tone: "Reincarnation? Will I still be me after reincarnation? Wouldn't I still be dead?"
      "Or you choose to break your soul and not enter the reincarnation." Xuan Yuan was not moved by his anger. It's just that the tone is more indifferent to say another way.
      The green soul suddenly fell silent, trembling faintly, and he deliberately yelled out: You have the ability to strangle me! But he couldn't lose his heart, although he had no memory after reincarnation, it was equivalent to the death of him now.
      However, such death is different from being unable to reincarnate with the broken soul! Is he really going to pay for the reincarnation behind him for this?
      "I, I promise you." The green ghost fire jumped for a few times, and finally agreed to Xuan Yuan's conditions. In fact, he didn't have the opportunity to choose from the beginning.
      He hooked his lips with satisfaction, and Xuan Yuan's right hand was gently closed, and the ghostly green soul that had originally fallen on the white paper was held in his palm and disappeared.
      Seeing that this panicking soul finally disappeared, it was only in 0617 that he recovered his original vigor, and finally dared to speak: "Host, are you really going to do this? Are you going to let him go?"
      Xuan Yuan Weiwei Nodded, and said lightly: "Yes."
      "But the host... he is Lin Xuanzhu's enemy." Issue 0617 Ai Ai said.
      Xuan Yuan lowered his eyes, and his expression was very cold: "So what?" Without waiting for 0617 to continue to say anything, Xuan Yuan said indifferently, "Since this little thousand world is derived from a book, you think the protagonist is dead. Now, can this world continue to exist?"
      0617 suddenly reacted, and said in panic: "Host, host, you mean, the reason why this world has not been destroyed is because the real protagonist of this world is still Are you alive?"
      Xuan Yuan didn't speak, just reached out and lifted up a piece of white paper that was spread on the desk with a Qingtian stone paperweight, and then started to fold this rice paper flexibly with his fingers.
      See Xuan Yuan did not answer, on 0617 Hang Hang Chi Chi said: "? Although the main character does not kill, but it places the main keep him, sending him to reincarnation, will not complete the first task ah ' '
      he He is dead, and only his soul is lingering. This is not revenge? Besides, after I killed Lin Yingjie, the first mission was half completed." Xuan Yuan's slender fingers dexterously folded the rice paper in his hand, and the final shape turned out to be a It looks like a villain with a head and limbs.
      It's just that this little man is made of white paper folded, and there is no facial features and so on. It looks a bit weird and eerie.
      Shaking the index finger of his right hand, a faint green light flashed, the next moment the white paper figure in Xuan Yuan's hand was suddenly stained with a green light, and the next moment his limbs moved slightly, as if he had come back to life.
      0617 Watching the white paper villain break free from Xuan Yuan, he jumped down and walked back and forth on the table covered with rice paper. The whole system was frightened: "Su, host, what the hell is this?" Since getting to know the host, the fright has gotten bigger and bigger. QAQ
      Xuanyuan glanced at the white man who was jumping back and forth like crazy, and said lightly: "I attached Lin Yingjie's soul to it. "
      Xuan Yuan's voice fell, and the little white man who was still jumping suddenly stopped: "Who are you? You know this...this strange method? You are the same as me." Have you traveled from modern times? Are you the Shanxi corpse
      chaser ?" 0617: Actually, I want to ask too, but I dare not...
      Hear nothing of what the little white man said, Xuanyuan He just reached out and threw the white paper man into the corner of the desk, and then picked up a copy of "The Doctrine of the Mean" on the desk.
      Although he has no interest in in-depth study of these four books and five classics, Xuan Yuan still intends to take a look. Anyway, he also knows what the imperial examinations will be in the next six months. After all, Lin Xuanzhu has a wish to realize his aspirations. .
      Suddenly there was a loud noise from outside, and there was no end to the noise. I don't know what happened. Xuan Yuan's hand that was turning over the book lightly paused, but after a while he still turned the page over.
      0617 Seeing that he continued to read if he heard nothing, he secretly scanned the place where the noise was happening outside, and suddenly said in surprise: "Host, this Luo Ninghou is angry in the main courtyard! He smashed a lot of things in the main courtyard and cursed.
      It's so fierce!" The main courtyard is the courtyard where Li lives, Xuan Yuan's face sinks slightly, he put the book in his hand and stood up, preparing to go to the main courtyard.
      As long as the news of the death of "Lin Yingjie" came, Luo Ninghou suspected that it was Li's hand!

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 8

      Xuan Yuan strode towards the main courtyard where the noise was constantly coming from, and just walked to the door of the courtyard, he heard the crisp sound of the porcelain being smashed on the ground, and there were bursts of crackling noises. , Is an angry roar.
      "Li, please tell me clearly, did you kill my son Yingjie? Yesterday the doctor said that his condition improved, why did he suddenly go today?" Luo Ninghou's angry questioning followed the sound of smashing in the main courtyard. Sounded in the middle, the tone was undisguised hatred.
      A gleam of cold light flashed through Xuan Yuan's eyes. He strode towards the courtyard. All the way, he saw the maids in the main courtyard who were in charge of chores and other things shivering with fright. They shrank under the corridor and did not dare to go to the main room to touch Master Hou. Moldy.
      The coldness in his eyes was even worse. Xuan Yuan passed through the carved vermilion corridor, and saw the main room door open. Luo Ninghou, wearing an official uniform, stood angrily at the main room door, angry at Li, and there were a few scattered inside the main room. All kinds of porcelain fragments in the ground, the interior is in a mess.
      Li's expression was as cold as frost, her hair, makeup, and dresses were intact. She was supported by Aunt Yun and stood opposite Luo Ninghou, opposite Luo Ninghou, looking at him. Her eyes were indifferent and slightly bored. Ninghou didn't react to the irritation expressed by words.
      In front of Luo Ninghou who was furious, and in the mess, Li was still graceful and calm, as if the chaos in front of him did not exist. She gave Luo Ninghou a cold glance, and said indifferently: "Hou Ye is drunk. Now, send him back to the room."
      "Yes, madam." Li's confidants who were scattered on both sides of the main room responded calmly, and soon a maid came out of the main room and found her to shrink at the door. Luo Ninghou's servant, who dared not speak next to him, wanted to send Luo Ninghou back to his room.
      Pushing away the courageous young man who came to help him, Luo Ning Hou suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Li directly: "Don't pretend to be a fool. If you don't give me an explanation today, this matter will be fine. Don't think about going over."
      "Poisonous woman! Did you kill my son Yingjie!" Luo Ninghou asked harshly, seeming to hate the Li family deeply.
      Xuan Yuan's eyebrows were cold and he was about to step forward to stop him, but he saw Li standing in front of Luo Ninghou raise his hand and caress the sideburns slowly, his tone was flat and light: "Master Hou is too gaffe, can you still Is there any manner to speak of? By the way, the concubine body is a little bit unable to understand
      what Hou Ye said." Li's exquisite makeup face showed a cold and ridiculous smile, and only said lightly: "Luo Ning Hou has no name. Yingjie’s people, Master Hou could have forgotten that you only have one
      concubine and two concubines, but none of them are called by this name." "Master Hou was too drunk today and talked too much nonsense. Concubine will send you back." Li stood there in time, saying that he wanted to give it away, but he didn't even move his footsteps.
      When Luo Ninghou was trembling with anger, Li turned his head to look at Aunt Yun who was supporting her, and said in a calm tone: "A Yun, take a post from the Hou Mansion to invite a doctor to come back, and say Master Hou has drunk too much, and is a little bit distressed. Now he is talking nonsense." The tone of speaking to Aunt Yun was gentler than that of her husband.
      0617 In the Xuanyuan Sea of Knowledge, the eyes are full of little stars and sighed: "So handsome! Host, your mother is so handsome and amazing! Look at that Lord Hou, you know how angry you are blocked because you can't say a word. You have to tremble, it’s like a goat’s madness!" A
      smile flashed across Xuan Yuan’s eyes, but it was fleeting. He strode into the main room, and walked past the trembling Luo Ninghou, stepping on Broken tiles from one place walked up to Li, and bowed his head and asked, "What's
      wrong with my mother?" As he said, he stood in front of Li without a trace, preventing Luo Ning Hou from suddenly breaking out to make a move towards Li. Possible.
      The arrival of Xuan Yuan stunned the couple who were still arguing. Luo Ning Hou frowned for Xuan Yuan’s arrival. He suddenly became angry after hearing Xuan Yuan’s question of Li’s question and his actions. He is really your mother's good son, but protects her! Do you know what vicious things your mother has done?"
      Xuan Yuan turned to look at Luo Ninghou with brows and eyes, in a light tone: "What did the father say? Mother virtuous Generosity, good housekeeping, and a model of a worldly woman, I don’t know why my father is drunk today to make such nonsense?
      Luo Ninghou was angry: "Benhou is not drunk!" He pointed at Li, who was blocked by Shen Tianbai, and said bitterly, "Your mother, the poisonous woman, killed your brother today. What kind of magnanimity? , I bah!" The
      expression between Xuan Yuan's eyebrows became more and more indifferent, and he only said: "If the father is talking about the person in Moxiang, the father doesn't need to blame the mother, but it is my hand."
      Luo Ning Hou and Li cried out at the same time. No matter what Luo Ning Hou, whose complexion changed and intertwined with each other, thought, Li slightly frowned and glanced at Lin Xuanzhu. His eyes were quite irritating. When Li wanted to come, regardless of Lin Yingjie’s Is death related to Lin Xuanzhu? He shouldn't get involved.
      In Li's eyes, Lin Yingjie's death is not a problem at all. What is Lin Yingjie? But it's an outer room that doesn't even have a genealogy, but what if it was really removed by Lin Xuanzhu? How can Luo Ninghou treat her and Zhuer for an outside room?
      Zuo just vented his anger, just like a mad dog screaming, just ignore it. Compared to her husband's anger, Li cares more about whether his son will be scolded by Luo Ninghou for this matter, and whether he will feel sad.
      Xuan Yuan took the initiative to admit that it was his hand that had harmed Lin Yingjie. Instead, the anger in Luo Ninghou’s eyes dissipated. He knew the eldest son’s temperament, and he was protected by Li so well, it seemed a bit naive and soft, besides. With Li's character, he would never let him come into contact with things like the outer chamber.
      "It's really not you?" Luo Ninghou believed that his son didn't do anything, but he didn't really believe in getting a wife. After all, he knew what kind of temperament a wife was, so he was still a little skeptical.
      Xuan Yuan shook his head and stood in front of the Li family: "I did it. Father doesn't have to doubt the mother. I..."
      "Master Hou really thinks that your son has something worthy of me to deal with, but in an outside room, I If I can bear him for eighteen years, can't I bear it anymore today?" Xuan Yuan hadn't finished speaking, she was pushed aside by Li, and she faced Luo Ninghou directly, with a slight sneer and disdain in her tone.
      After tearing off the gentle mask, Li looked rather cold and cold: "In an outer room, I have never looked down on it. I am afraid that Lord Hou is a little confused today, I am afraid it is not time to get a good rest when he is old!"
      After being stunned so unceremoniously by Li, Luo Ninghou's anger fell instead, and his wife knew the people he had placed in Moxiang. He knew that, and so was it. The wife tolerated Yingjie's growth. , It's not that at this time you can't bear to secretly resort to tricks.
      "Really it's not you?" Luo Ninghou asked again, but his tone became much softer, no longer doubting, but sighing instead.
      0617:? ? ? Did the host admit it? Why didn't he doubt it?
      Doubt about life.jpg

    The concubine counterattacks the concubine through the text 9 (catching insects)

      Luo Ninghou rushed into the main courtyard angrily, and then left desperately. After the anger dissipated and returned to his sanity, Luo Ninghou didn't dare to stay in the main courtyard for a while, so he turned around and left in a hurry.
      As for his questioning about the death of his son Lin Yingjie, Luo Ninghou had already skipped it. It was not that he had forgotten about it, but that the suspicion of having his wife and son in his heart had been reduced to a minimum.
      After Lin Yingjie's death, Luo Ninghou thought that either his condition had deteriorated or it was caused by others-for example, the other concubine rooms in his mansion, they are the ones who really have conflicts of interest with Lin Yingjie!
      He knows Li's character and methods. If it is really for the title of the Marquis of Luoning and the property in the mansion, she will directly attack him instead of Lin Yingjie. After all, with his wife's proud temper, I am afraid that he is not too lazy to be insignificant. People do it.
      A cold light flashed across Luo Ninghou’s eyes. After returning to the hospital where he lived, he made up his mind to investigate the truth of the matter. Except for his son, Lin Yingjie is his most beloved son. Now he is dead, Luo Ninghou no matter what. A result must also be investigated.
      "Why should Zhu'er take care of our affairs? You can concentrate on reading, don't let these things mess up your mind." After Luo Ninghou left, Li's cold and frosty face suddenly softened, with a bit of anger. Said lovingly.
      Xuan Yuan smiled slightly, supported her with Li's hand, and only said: "My mother is embarrassed by my father, how can I just ignore it?" Lin Xuanzhu did not say in his wish that he would be filial to Luo Ninghou, and he did not treat him. Counting the enemy is already caring for the love of father and son.
      "Your father is the thunder and the rain, I don't have to worry about it." Li said indifferently, and didn't see Luo Ninghou in his eyes at all. "My son has been studying so hard? It's not early. Zhuer, you have to rest earlier and keep your spirits up."
      Xuan Yuan responded with a smile, and went back to his yard under Li's urging. His own maid came to wash things, and Xuan Yuan didn't need others to wait and bathe by himself. The bidet changed into a thin coat and leaned on the carved chicken wing wooden bed.
      0617: "Host, you only said that you were going to Moxiang in the daytime, but in the evening you sent back news saying that Lin Yingjie was dead. This is a mess at first glance. Why didn't Lin Xuanzhu's mother
      ask anything ?" " What did she ask? Why did she ask?" Xuan Yuan raised her eyebrows, "It doesn't matter if she knows that I killed Lin Yingjie, she will wipe off my tail and cover it carefully. Besides, this matter is not a big deal at all."
      Don't I feel that Li and Lin Xuanzhu were suppressed by Lin Yingjie in the original story. I think Lin Yingjie is something that cannot be dealt with. Before Lin Yingjie's fortune, he was just an outside room, without power and influence, and Li looked down on him at all. , Too lazy to spend time on him.
      Later, if Lin Yingjie wasn't the co-horse who upheld the princess and became the Chaoyang princess, if he didn't collude with the prince to frame Li's mansion, how could he help Li and Lin Xuanzhu? But at this moment, everything hadn't started yet, Lin Yingjie was just a small outside room, and Xuan Yuan killed him, and it was really impossible to cause the slightest disturbance.
      Because Li Mansion is still there, Li's family is powerful and powerful, and she has a son, and her position in the mansion is stable. Luo Ning Hou dare not treat Li Clan at all. This is also what she can do in front of Luo Ning Hou. The reason, she didn't bother him at all!
      "The host, what are you going to do next?" 0617, after listening to Xuan Yuan's words, was stunned before asking. He didn't know how much he understood Xuan Yuan's explanation just now.
      Xuan Yuan loosened his hair, and a long, dark hair slipped down and fell on the snow-white single clothes, draped on the bed: "What can I do? Naturally, I study hard from time to time to prepare for the imperial examination in half a year."
      0617: "... …Host, do you really plan to study hard to make progress every day?"
      Xuan Yuan didn't understand 0617's nonsense, but he didn't care much, just chuckled, "Guess me?"
      Because Xuan Yuan was not happy Someone approached, so the handmaid had been swayed back by him long ago. There was no one in the room to watch the night, Xuan Yuan's fingers flicked lightly, and a strong wind passed by, extinguishing the candle in the house.
      Although the Xuanyuan cultivation base has entered the transformation realm, there is no need to sleep and rest like a mortal, but the body he uses at this time is Lin Xuanzhu, but he can't sleep endlessly. After all, his soul can withstand it, but his body can't. He still needs it. Daily life.
      Next, due to the sudden death of Lin Yingjie, Luo Ninghou suspected that the concubine and concubine in the mansion had something to do with him, but he caused a lot of accountability in the mansion. .
      Fortunately, the housekeeper of the Li family was very strict. Although the house was noisy, he didn't show the outside of the house at all, and it didn't cause any disturbance.
      In the days that followed, Xuan Yuan seemed to be suddenly replaced by Lin Xuanzhu. He only stayed in Hou’s mansion all day to study the Four Books and Five Classics. I didn't even go to the banquet that Hua was out for. It seemed that it was really hard to study for the upcoming imperial examination.
      Regarding Xuanyuan’s calmness and inaction, 0617 was anxiously spinning in the Xuanyuan Sea of Knowledge, urging Xuanyuan to complete the mission every day, for fear that their first mission after opening would end in failure: "Host, you Why are you so calm! Why are you still wasting time! Hurry up, time is money, hurry up to complete the task!"
      0617 was so anxious that he almost changed two hands to hold Xuanyuan tightly. The shoulders are shaking vigorously and become crazy. As a system with lofty ideals, 0617 always strives to become the best performing system. Therefore, for Xuanyuan’s "passive sabotage", 0617 really hates iron but is not steel and is about to be angry. died.
      "What are you worried about, I have plans for these." Usually, Xuan Yuan would not pay attention to 0617's clamor, but if the magic sound is too noisy, he will also say a few words, which is considered relief.
      0617 is a fool, this has been very deeply realized in Xuanyuan in the past six months of getting along. So Xuan Yuan could fully understand what 0617 had been by his side but didn't know what he was doing.
      In fact, how could Xuan Yuan just study hard in the mansion? In addition to Lin Yingjie, Lin Xuanzhu's enemies are the Princess Chaoyang and the prince, but Lin Xuanzhu cannot do it in his capacity to deal with them.
      Therefore, Xuan Yuan can’t come forward to deal with them now, so I can only let Lin Xuanzhu’s grandfather Li, in the original story, destroy the mansion in the hands of the prince, and have a lot of grievances with the prince. Although Li is loyal to the emperor, it does not mean that It is the most suitable to be willing to take the lives of the young and old, and let him deal with the prince.
      As for how to make Lord Li believe that the prince has great malice towards the Li family? Xuan Yuan smiled and hid his merit and fame deeply, he naturally has his methods, even if he can only rely on the power of the soul to have some mysterious methods, it is extraordinary that people can imagine.
      In another few months, the three-year imperial examinations of the Great Wei Dynasty finally arrived as scheduled, and Xuan Yuan also entered the Gongyuan to participate in this imperial examination.
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    Sword cultivator nor repair.
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    There’s no bl, right?
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    male god also means prince charming so try to guess.
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    No CP = no couple = no BL
    I think in jjwxc No CP is also no harem -- correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Wait wait, let me TL this synopsis & title, it appears to be lightly edited MTL right now. (it's just for fun, don't mind me:blobtongue:)
    Name: The Sword Cultivator Male God's Face-slapping Journey [Quick Transmigration] 剑修男神打脸之路(快穿)

    A shuangwen about the Sword Cultivator Male God host face-slapping scum.
    Xuan Yuan, the great master of the cultivation world, was about to ascend to be an immortal. Who knew he ascended wrong, he accidentally hit Lord God's space and became the host of System 0617.
    Xuan Yuan, who was not under the control of the Lord God, began his journey through thousands of worlds.
    The transmigrated eldest son* who had a bleak end in the story, the "deeply affectionate and single-minded" body double of the emperor, the senior brother in the junior brother's counterattack story, the gentle supporting male character in an abusive president novel, the transmigrated abandoned son of an influential family, the young general who was framed and died, the white moonlight's predecessor... He transmigrated into many poor and sad people, and started on his scummy, face-slapping journey.
    Since then, every world Xuan Yuan has transmigrated to... has collapsed.
    This an overbearing and powerful person's story after becoming a host and traveling to different worlds! ! !
    pass**: Although the protagonist used to be a sword cultivator, he will no longer cultivate.
    Whether it's Shuangwen, face slapping and scum abuse, or Mary Sue***, I don't know~\(≧▽≦)/~
    The characters in the plot have emotional scenes, and the protagonist of the single arrow may have. [That's right -> No CP]
    Content tags: Time travel, system, quick transmigration, shuangwen
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Xuan Yuan ┃ Supporting role: 0617, many ┃ Others: face-slap, cool text, unlimited flow

    *for some reason google tells me 嫡子 means prostitute. It doesn't. It's an archaic term for the eldest son of the main wife.
    **this was in the raws.
    ***literally: 苏不苏, Su or not. 苏 is a Chinese transliteration of Sue, I think(?) it's used to denote irrationally charming characters or qualities, or...something like that.

    BTW: This novel is completed. It's got 908 chapters in total.
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    The protagonist either
    1- doesn't have any romantic relationships at all and never thinks about having one.
    2- Has romantic entanglement with others, but for reasons such as:

    a) being rational, perfectionism or a natural scum they can let go of the relationship and move on, either into a new relationship (which won't be their last) or choose to be a lone wolf as being in a relationship doesn't bring them satisfaction [Aka in this situation the problem is from protagonists themselves] [For example, there was a male protagonist that due to his character back story had a tendency for true love, for that reason he truly did try to have a loving relationship, and when he saw women who were deeply in love with scum and willing to sacrifice a lot for them, he went and helped them move on from that love and shadow, and in the process he did truly loved them and admired them for their deep love. But he truly couldn't continue with those women when they could move on as he was inherently suspicious, if the woman could move on from that relationship, what gave him the confidence that they couldn't let go of their love for him. (he did try a lot, damn it for 25 lives, and even erased his memory twice but at the end, he had to accept that the problem was himself and there was more to life than a simple love of men and women, he became a lone wolf, but not a depressed one, a lone wolf who moved on achieved great things and doesn't truly mind having a relationship in the future, but he won't force, only accepts it if love truly comes naturally. Male with a high position, kicking the male lead [fast wear]] [Another situation is the natural scum protagonist, they are not annoying (like those players and cheaters) on the country they are serious and responsible in each of their relationships but the problem is their love dies as quickly as it comes, and when there is no love, they don't see a reason to continue the relationship, they try to minimize the damage for their lover, and they never hide, their nature from the start. (Look if the love interest can't symphysis with them and start a relationship with a scum, why should a scum who at that point is truly interested in them, let go of the relationship?] But they also know that a forced relationship is more harmful than a clear break]

    b) Their love interest(s) have problems either scum or villain, meaning there is no love interest suitable for a serious relationship. In this stories, protagonists clearly know their wants and needs, and the importance and factors of a healthy relationship, they are mature and sensible, and don't mind having a relationship but won't force it
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    All the above themes have the No CP tag, as at the end there is no absolute couple
    And the protagonist of this story is type 1 -> doesn't have any romantic relationships at all and never thinks about having one.