Spoiler The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Rabbit and the Black Panther

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    Chapter 71 - Meeting continuation. Ahin also realized that Vivi overheard his conversation with Ivrin in the dungeon. Avon thought of forcefully bringing back Vivi again while there's still a chance.
    • "If Sir Manians didn't hide the rabbit and carried her around none of this would have happened."
    • "Don't get me wrong, she was the one who asked me take her."
    • --they continued to bicker--
    • Gossip was drawn in the minds of the rabbit territory nobles who were watching at the two growling wild beasts alternately. In their minds, it was a love triangle.
    • Alain Amon found it hard to arbitrate. In the end, he pounded on the desk and coughed in an attempt to silence everyone and gather their attention.
    • Rune, who ignored the harsh pounding, spoke bluntly, "If Sir Grace had given her faith in the first place, the rabbit would never borrow my hand."
    • Ahin clenched and opened his fist under the desk. Rune's words became sharp arrows, reconfirming Vivi's feelings.
    • Anyway, their bickering continued to deepened. The rabbit territory aristocrats watched tensely and silently.
    • Alain Amon slammed the desk again to get everyone's attention. "The first thing to do is to determine the cause of the fire. Second, the rabbit shapeshifter will be treated as a distinguished guest of Grace-sama and Manians-sama. I ask that you enjoy a comfortable time at the Amon family."
    • As long as it was suspicious existence, then this meant that Vivi would not be able to leave the mansion until the case of the explosion was revealed.
    • Ahin, who had heard the rest of the matter with one ear, looked out the window. Rune claiming Vivi as a dancer was not bad either. As long as Rune and Ahin were involved, the nobles of the rabbit territory won't be able to arbitrarily make trouble with Vivi.
    • Suddenly, Ahin remembered the prisoner he killed in the dungeon. The prisoner's gaze was looking towards the ceiling when he was talking to him. Was Vivi riding Queen at that time? Ahin realized that Vivi overheard his conversation with Ivrin in the dungeon. So that explained why she was crying under the bed when he found her.
    • Ahin tapped the desk and exchanged glances with Alain. Alain concluded the meeting and said that today's matter should be kept confidential.
    • On Avon's end, she was thinking that there's nothing worse than having Vivi fall into the black panther territory. If that happened, everything would be over.
    • Most beasts complete birth registration around the time of humanization. Because of that Vivi was not in the family register. Therefore, Avon had no excuse in bringing her back once they crossed the territorial boundary. She might not be able to see her again. She thought that she must take her forcefully.
    • On Vivi's side, she was thinking about the explosion. She felt a pheromone energy so she told Ahin that it was not an accident.
    • 'Something was clearly there, but what?'
    Chapter 72 - Ahin liked Vivi's different facial expressions when she's in her human form. Ahin wanted to send Vivi and Ivrin back to the Grace mansion first. Vivi learned she was a dancer?.
    • I will dive straight into the middle of the chapter here. Ahin and Vivi were together, but she was sleeping as she fainted earlier in the chapter (?) Russell was also there and Ivrin was all tied up.
    • Ahin thought that the reaction Vivi had when she was a rabbit was interesting. However, the human Vivi was amazing with all her different facial expressions. Maybe it was because Vivi was still not good at managing her facial expressions. Ahin hoped that Vivi would not be able to control her expressions for a long time.
    • "Ivrin, get ready to go back with Vivi to the Grace tomorrow."
    • "Can we leave the mansion already?"
    • "I'll take care of it so do it. I'll stay for a few more days."
    • "Then I'll put the carriage on standby. Excuse me, but would you mind loosening my arms and legs?"
    • Russell's complexion grew pale as he heard the two of them talk. He didn't know the details, but he could infer the fact that Vivi would be leaving him soon.
    • "Are you going to--?" Russell, who immediately grabbed Ahin's hem, showed his twinkling eyes.
    • "Because we have to go defend the black panther territory." (Note Russell has a warrior/knight fantasy)
    • "Ahin-sama, I can't move because of my limbs."
    • But Ivrin and Russell continued to ignore him. Ivrin struggled but was able to get up. He stumbled, but luckily, he quickly regained his composure and jumped like a kangaroo.
    • "Ugh!" Ash pushed Ivrin hard.
    • In the meantime, Vivi who was already awake chose to close her eyes again after looking at the unfolding spectacle of the guest room. They were black panthers who never had a quiet day.
    • The ball was cancelled due to a fire, and the mansion was still in a cluttered state. Thanks to this even her presence as a baby rabbit was found out. Vivi was prepared for a serious interrogation.
    • "I don't have to see the chief?"
    • "Hmm."
    • "The lion identified you as a dancer."
    • "Why as a dancer…"
    • It seemed to be because she looked like she was dancing as rabbit in front of Rune. (I didn't include this in my previous spoilers but she was with Rune (and in his room) in her rabbit form at that time. Then she smelled Rune's pheromone. She was going to turn into human any time, but she had no way of telling Rune about it. Therefore, she tried different gestures which in the end looked like she was dancing.)
    • As she recalled the scene in which she shook her butt, an untimely shame flooded in.
    Chapter 73 - Ahin was pondering over marriage, an interracial one. Yuan, Ahin's exclusive servant, was formally introduced.
    • As Ahin is the next head, he will get married someday and have children. Since it had been a long time since the coming-of-age ceremony, it wouldn’t be strange if he had fiancee soon.
    • Ahin raised the rabbit on his lap and faced it. Like a child who had gained weight, it was quite heavy.
    • Marriages between different clans were not uncommon. However, like the wolf beast that infiltrated the Grace mansion, there were cases where the color of the eyes and the true form did not match.
    • He had never heard of a marriage between an ordinary herbivore and a predator let alone with a chief's son.
    • Not understanding Ahin's anguish, the rabbit just licked his sleeve.
    • "Vivi."
    • From the beginning, the picture of a rabbit and a black panther is a little different. It was ironic to imagine a beast with purple eyes and fangs.
    • "Vivi?"
    • Hearing Ahin's call, Vivi suddenly turned her head.
    • "Ah."
    • Ahin, who was covering his mouth, made an impression when his fingertips brushed his cheek. It was the part where Vivi accidentally scratched while they were wrestling in the morning.
    • "Does it sting a lot?"
    • He didn't answer. Because of the twilight, the jewel-like red eyes were dyed with a dull color. At first glance, it seemed to reflect a different emotion from the longing he had seen last night.
    • "It stings. Heal me."
    • ---I cut some scenes but they seemed to be playing with other rabbits and Vivi being a rabbit herself didn't seem to understand them well--
    • "I find it difficult." Vivi commented.
    • "Me too. It was craxy that I couldn't read the little rabbit's expression more and more."
    • "But when you're human, you have a wrinkled face. It's nice to see."
    • "Hey."
    • "It's exciting to look at it."
    • "But I don't think it really matters. Be it a rabbit or a human."
    • "Instead, don't disappear any longer."
    • "I'll try hard not to disappear too."
    • Ahin then began to shed pheromone weakly. It was to remove the scent of Rune he mentioned in the morning.
    • As Vivi was wrapped with the dominant pheromone, she began to release her own healing pheromone. The scratches on Ahin's cheeks faded and disappeared.
    • "I don't know how you coaxed Queen to come to the dungeon."
    • 'You knew.'
    • "Now the smell of the dirty lion is gone." He mumbled contentedly as he put his nose in a handful of hair.
    • "it smells like roasted sweet potatoes."
    • 'For Rune it is butter.'
    • ---cutting the rest of the chapter but note that even though Alain said to keep the content of their meeting confidential, rumors still spread like wildfire---
    • Also, Yuan, Ahin's exclusive servant was introduced.
    Chapter 74 - I posted the whole MTL. I just edited it a bit. Vivi wanted to go back to Grace mansion with Ahin. Rune also said he'd be sad if Vivi went back to Grace because they won't see each other for long.
    Only then did Bibi bounce back steadily towards the fireplace. Ahin's conviction that he would not eat her was separate from his primal instincts. Ash, who ran at the same time, sat down with Vivi with his back curled as well.

    Although it was a moment, Yuan's eyebrows went down gloomily due to Vivi's fierce eyes.

    Ahin: "Yuan."

    Now I will be treated with contempt by Rabbit-sama, just like Evelyn-sama. Yuan's cheeks turned red with water.

    Ahin: "Yuan, it's overflowing."

    Yuan, who had poured a lot of tea because he was immersed in thought, rushed to fix it.

    "I'm sorry. This mistake..."

    "That's enough."

    Ahin slowly crossed his legs and looked at Vivi through the newspaper. It was a cunning rabbit. She's been like that ever since she found out that her back rather than her tears worked for him.

    "Yesterday, we finished talking about returning to Black Panther territory. Why don't you like it?"

    Ahin sounded a little relaxed.


    Vivi, who had only looked at the blazing bonfire, turned her head. Her face was burning hot from the fire.

    "So what if we're leaving this afternoon? Ahin even said he would stay."

    "There's no reason to stay here long."

    “I didn't even manage to say goodbye to Professor Ganna and Russell properly. Can you give me at least one more day?"

    “It’s no good to remain in another territory with an awkward status.”

    To put it bluntly, Bibi's hometown is rabbit territory, but Ahin emphasized other territories as if imprinting them. (Ahin is brainwashing Vivi)

    Eventually, Vivi, who raised herself in front of the brazier, wore a cloak with a hat. No matter how many complaints she had, departure can't be delayed. Soon she stood in front of the door and calmly notified.

    "I'll be right back, Ash, please."

    "Where are you going?"

    "I have to say goodbye to Professor Ganna. She helped me a lot."

    Ahin, anxious about Bibi's behavior, picked up his frock coat.

    “I'd rather call her here or come with me.”

    "Don't come, I have something to say between herbivores."

    "Then I'll take you there."

    "The guest room is just downstairs anyway, and no one can treat me recklessly. It's okay because there are knights in every hallway."

    Bang, the door closed firmly which meant not to follow.

    Ahin, alienated, stood in a position where he had neither worn nor taken off his frock coat. Vivi was quite good at remembering what she saw and heard, perhaps because of her years as a rabbit.


    The capable Yuan understood Ahin's intentions by calling his name.

    "The black panther is blind when he closes his eyes.-”

    “It’s a system…you can't attend the meeting of herbivores.”

    Yuan, who avoided the heavy gaze, carried out his opinion. He couldn't bring himself to deny the race.

    "I need to pull out all my fangs."

    "…I'll help you get dressed."

    The moment Yuan, who ignored Ahin's self-talk, decided to be faithful to his role, the door opened again with a click. The hem of the cloak crept in through the crack in the door.


    "It's me."

    Vivi, who came in with only half of her body, murmured. Seeing that she could not speak easily and only biting her lips, Ahin waited with a thousand years of patience.

    "I'm sorry I was mean.…actually, I wanted to go back together with Ahin because we came separately."

    After a simple confession, the sound of footsteps faded away.

    Ahin heard the noise of the door closing and the sound of something cutting off inside.

    Yuan, who alternated between a hardened Ahin and a closed door, somehow could not erase the ominous feeling that Vivi seemed to have made a mistake.

    Last morning, Vivi called Ahin with a determined face, judging that it would be better to talk about things she couldn't tell. Because she know he's not the one who'll hurt her any more.

    Frightened by the wretchedness, he installed a pillow in the center of the bed. It's a measure to prevent rabbits from becoming more sinister day by day.

    It was unfair, but there was nothing to refute, so the conversation continued to be divided like that.

    Ahin did not say anything rude for some reason and accepted the conversation. The physical condition related to pheromones, the reason why she followed him here, and the fire explosion.

    Even the theory that using the dominant pheromone won't turn her to a rabbit, and that it doesn't seem to cause much pain when turned from a rabbit to a human.

    She didn't fully disclose everything, but when she revealed most of the facts, she was rather relieved.

    The only problem is, he didn't say a word about the fire and pheromone attacks in the banquet hall, which she was the most curious about.

    She was suspicious of his attitude to send her back as soon as possible, saying that there was something left to deal with, and there were many things that felt uncomfortable to go back as it was.

    'Pheromone attacks....'

    He've been in so much pain.

    On the way, she even checked if Ahin had stopped breathing. But she can't talk or ask questions due to his position.

    'His grandfather seemed to know something.'

    Recalling that her current status was a dancer, she tried hard to walk lightly but fell to the floor.

    'Yes, of course.'

    If you do something you don't normally do, your feet will get tangled like this.

    The cloak was worn out in a dress that dancers could enjoy, adding to the inconvenience of the cloak because of the chilly weather.

    After removing the garment, Vivi stopped heading to Professor Janna's guest room. The sound of two footsteps seemed strangely interlocked in the same beat. It was the same when she moved and stopped again.

    'Someone's following me?'

    Vivi turned around, but only security guards and employees were seen everywhere. The sunlight coming in through the window brightened the ivory-colored hallway.

    "Is it my imagination?"

    Imagination or whatever, there was no harm in being wary of the dangers in peace. Most of all, she believed in a great coward's sense.

    Vivi stopped and turned her ankles to loosen the muscles. It was fortunate that Professor Janna's room was just around the corner, and it was not deserted.

    Vivi ran.

    As soon as she turned into a corner, her body was pulled by someone's arm. The viciously shaken vision soon turned into a familiar sight.

    It was the warehouse room Ash moved to when hse turned into a human. Forgetting how to breathe, she reflexively threw down her hand as if I were swinging her front foot. A fluffy thread was caught in the grip.

    "Oh, my hair, that's my hair."

    "Rune Manions?"

    Vivi immediately removed her hand, but there were already several strands of pink hair tangled between her fingers. Rune, who carefully touched his unruly curly hair, muttered.

    "That's too much. Do you tear off the hair of someone every time they see you?"

    "It's you."


    Rune covered her mouth faster than lightning. It was a posture that only fugitives normally do.

    Rune, looking down at Vivi breathlessly, bent down on his knees.

    "... do you know what it is and hide?"

    Hissing, Vivi bit her lips and shook her head awkwardly.

    “There was an escort behind."


    She remembered Ahin's words that she heard in her sleep. He said someone would be escorting her as soon as possible. He's an acquaintance and could be useful.

    'Someone I know...'

    Isn't it just Rune in front of her? It was one of the best connections. Lil is too soft to be an escort knight.

    'Or was it the guard who saw me in Katar?'

    Was his name Mio? She tried to think, but she couldn't think of anyone else but him.

    "Well, I'm sure the escort is already searching for you. You're going back to the Black Panther territory today."

    She was engulfed in thoughts and shuddered.


    “How does Rune know that?”

    "Ivrin had the carriage on standby, so it was obvious considering Ahin Grace's temper."

    Rune, who was crouching with her face to face, took her chin.

    Why do we have comfortable postures and but are uncomfortable? Vivi recalled what she wanted to ask Rune.

    “More than that, why a dancer?”

    “Aren't you?"

    He was speaking in a teasing tone on a subject he knew for sure.

    “You also danced the traditional dance of the rabbit territory, was it like this?” (huh?)

    Rune waved her hand to the side of her dazed face.

    "Are you having fun?"

    'Don't say any more.'

    After washing her face dry, she spread out her palms and took the place of the doctor. (Huh?)

    One could want to die when one's shame reaches its limit. The only thing she could do was stare at him when her ears were burning.

    "Anyway, if you go back to the Grace family, we won't see each other for long. I thought I'd be disappointed."

    "…why will you be sad?"

    Rune opened and closed his mouth, unable to immediately answer her sudden question. A difficult feeling crossed over his face that had been released indolently. He then went red from his neck to his cheeks, visible to the naked eye.


    Watching the three-step change, Vivi guessed that the curiosity he had for her might have developed into a likability, or something like that.

    'Why me?'

    It was an unfamiliar response. Why is this lion reacting so candidly? The man who didn't have a lot of expression was desperate with a red face and cried out, making her feel even more strange.

    That's why she feel like a bad person who makes fun of innocent lions. She just looked down at the floor. A very uncomfortable silence passed.

    "In the beginning,"

    A soft voice tickled her ears. When she looked up, Rune's face was still red.

    "When I saw Ahin Grace carrying a baby bunny around, I finally thought he was going crazy. He'd been a come-and-go guy since he was a kid.”

    He spoke indifferently and circled his index finger around his temple. Vivi couldn't help but nod her head. However, she was also seriously curious about Ahin's childhood.
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    Thank you for your hard work! I’ve been wondering, in this world, are there any interracial marriages (before Ahin x Vivi, specifically between herbivore x carnivore)? If someone asked/pointed this before, sorry I must have missed it.
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    Going by what we have in ch 73, it seems interracial marriage does exist, one example is the (wolf x black panther) maid that attacked Bibi. Not sure if it was a result of interracial marriage or simply interracial s*x though. xD

    But interracial marriage seems pretty common only for carnivore x carnivore or herbivore x herbivore but rare to unheard of for herbivore x carnivore

    - Lt. Dan
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    It was mentioned after Ahin and Bibi got married, it became common for carnivores and herbivores to get married. Cause Lil also married a carnivore.

    From side story:
    Lil said to Bibi:
    "After the announcement of the marriage between you, a rabbit, and the chief, the whole continent was in turmoil. Since then, the marriage between predator and herbivore has become quite common among people."
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    Omg they became game changers!!! Amazing!!! And thank you!
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    Okay, so I think I found out if Izer is a boy or a girl.
    Izer always calls Zenia with "누야" (nooya) but I think he means "누나" (noona). This is why I never like mtling a child talk cause it's so confusing to interpret:blobsweat: so yeah, if he means noona then he's a boy. I'll fix my previous spoiler, sorry for the incovenience, cause I'm not an expert:blobdizzy:
    Both hands holding Edith’s portrait began to tremble. (Edith = Ahin’s father)

    Yes, let’s meet again.

    I remembered the moment when I shook my front foot while giving an unpredictable answer in my mind.

    Lil and his children looked at Bibi crying and asked what’s happening.

    “Ah… No, this is not crying...”

    Tuk, Tuk Tuk. Tears overflowed and wet the portrait.

    “Lil, do you know where Ahin is?”

    “Why are you looking for the chief all of sudden?”

    “I want to meet Ahin. No, we have to meet.”

    “Well, that’s fine. You went on a field trip with me a while ago, so I think you may be in the office or the gymnasium by now.”

    “Thank you.”

    “Hey, rabbit! Be careful or you’ll fall!”

    Leaving behind Lil’s call, I ran.

    The hand that grabbed the hem of the dress turned white.

    As I was running non-stop, a conversation I had with Ahin a long time ago came over.


    ‘I just feel like I’ve met a Black Panther before meeting Ahin for some reason.’

    ‘Wasn’t I the first black panther you met?’


    ‘What is the name of the black panther you met first and what is your impression of him?’

    ‘Well. So far I can remember…’

    ‘Think carefully, so I can find enough clues.’

    I almost fell for the whispers tickling my ear, so I took a step back, being wary.

    ‘Wha-what are you going to do when you find him?’

    The gentle smile that had remained on Ahin’s face quickly disappeared.

    ‘Remove him.’

    ‘Oh my gosh…’

    As I was running, I stumbled in an instant. Her limbs were rubbed on the floor, but she didn’t even have time to use the healing pheromone.

    I want to meet you right now.

    I had to meet you to confirm.

    As if he had just arrived at the gym, the man who had been relaxing his body by turning his shoulders turned his head towards me.


    After a while, I stopped in place and stared blankly at my hair fluttering in the wind. I felt as if time had stopped.

    The familiar silver hair was dyed red in the setting sun just like one day in the past.


    The boy’s hair, swaying in the wind, was dazzling silver.


    Ahin’s eyes widened when he saw me staggering. He hurriedly supported my body and grabbed my waist as I was about to release my strength.

    “Why is that, like someone who has seen a ghost”

    As I was talking, Ahin hid me behind my back in an instant. As he put his hand to the scabbard, he seemed to have decided that I was being chased by something.

    No, that’s not it.

    “Even if you’re not being chased!”

    Despite the desperate cry, Ahin turned around only when he was convinced that there were no signs around.

    “Otherwise, why are the limbs like this?”

    He scoured me, and he had scary eyes that he had never seen before.

    After discovering the ripped limbs, I realized that I had fallen belatedly. The scratch on the floor is now bitter.

    After looking around the wound, I quickly grabbed the hem of Ahin’s robe.

    “It’s nothing. Ahin, what I want to ask is,”

    “First of all, the wounds. Huh?”

    His attention could not fall from the bruised wound.



    It was only then that I decided that a conversation would be impossible, so I used a healing pheromone. The scars disappeared without a trace, just like a sandcastle crumbled by the waves.

    After confirming that there were no wounds on my body, Ahin breathed a sigh of relief and met his gaze - the red eyes that stood on me barely found their color.

    Ahin asked Bibi why she was running like that, and Bibi answered she wanted to meet Ahin right away.

    “You said you ran to the point where you fell to meet me?”


    “You fell just to find me.”

    “Stop it. How many times are you asking me?”

    “...It’s more exciting than what I would’ve imagined. Do not lie.”

    “I’m not lying.”

    Bibi told him she wanted to ask something.

    “Perhaps…Did you ever go to rabbit territory with any grown-ups when you were young?”

    Ahin blinked puzzledly at the unexpected question.

    “maybe? Why all of a sudden?”

    “Answer me.”

    “I must have gone with my father a few times when I was very young.”

    “when? How old were you?”

    “Probably four or five years old. Because my father was close with Chief Amon (Chief from the rabbit territory). But why are you talking about rabbit territory all of a sudden?”

    It was as if he had realized why I had asked such a question.

    A few seconds passed that felt like hours in the silence.

    I could only remember the boy’s smiling face, waving his hand, as blurry as a painting on water.

    Ahin, who was looking down at me, made a sound of a wind leak after a while.

    “That’s why father bought you a rabbit doll.” (referring to Ahin’s father who bought the rabbit doll for Ahin.)

    Slowly, as soon as I was sure, my legs relaxed and I sat down on the grass. Water filled my eyes so much that my vision was blurred.

    It was only now that I understood the true nature of the sense of disorientation I often felt when I saw Izer. It was because Izer looked like Ahin on that day.

    “What is this… How, how could this be... “

    How is it possible to notice an encounter from the past so late?

    With tears in my eyes at an important and moving moment, I pounded on the floor sadly.

    “Why didn’t you recognize me right away?”

    I held Ahin’s collar with both hands and only let out a pitiful resentment.

    “How could you forget me? Ever since I first picked it up, you’ve been trying to put me in your mouth…”

    “I’m sorry, I must have been crazy.”

    Ahin, who held me in his arms, wiping my tears with his sleeve, said grimly.

    “I should have just kidnapped you back then.”


    “I thought about it for a moment.”

    I was held still, and I trembled at the unknown chill I felt for an instant. Although it was a moving moment, Ahin’s atmosphere was strangely strange.


    As I struggled to get out of my arms, Ahin hugged me tighter.

    “Ahin, look at your face for a second.”

    “No, because I can’t control my expression right now.”

    “Why? What do you look like?”

    “Not very pretty.”

    I am crying because I am so moved, but Ahin was burning with unexplained anger.

    At that time, it was evident that he regretted not getting me out of the Rabian family.

    Taking a deep breath, I just buried my forehead in Ahin’s arms.

    “Yes, Ahin. Can I ask you one more thing?”

    “Yeah, whatever.”

    “You told me back then, let’s meet again. I wonder why you said that.”

    “Mother!” They suddenly heard Izer’s voice.

    “Mother, Sister.. Please stop sister.”

    Rarely panicking, Ahin hugged Izer, who was crying like the protagonist of a tragic story.

    Ahin and Bibi asked what happened.

    “Sister.. Sister picked up a lion.”

    “That’s right. Because he’s abandoned by his uncle.” Zenia’s voice, who did not know when she came, was heard.

    Our gaze, which moved at the same time, passed through Zenia and stayed on the boy standing next to each other. He was a beast with the appearance of a prince from a fairy tale.

    “I want to get engaged to this lion. He’s pretty, isn’t it?”

    “no. My dad is prettier, and of course you’re not even engaged.”


    I sat down in line with Zenia’s gaze and whispered quietly.

    “Didn’t you promise to put your engagement on hold for the time being?”

    “That’s right, the more men you meet, the better.”

    “But why…”

    I turned my attention to the boy standing in a neat posture.

    The boy whose eyes met at the same time responded with a smile.

    ‘That kid?’

    Direct lineage of Leona Manions, Eind Manions.

    He must have been part of the Lion Territory delegation that had just arrived today.

    Bibi can guess Eind probably only pretended to fall in front of Zenia cause she knew his mother wanted a healing pheromone shapeshifter.

    “Because it was difficult for me to reject each marriage letter. Hmmm, isn’t it ok with these conditions? Although he is weak for a lion.” (Zenia)

    “ ...weak. Do you know who this child is?”

    “Oops, I forgot to ask for his name. What is your name?”

    “Call whatever you want. You picked me up.”

    “Is that okay?”

    “Yes. I’m yours.”

    ‘It looks like Ahin will take care of everything.’

    “No way. Zenna, you are only six years old.”

    “Dad told me yesterday that I was all grown up, General Rabbit. Are you talking two words with one mouth like Evrin? I hate you, Dad!”

    “You… hate dad?”

    Suddenly, a messenger bird that flew from the sky dropped a letter.

    I smiled vaguely when I checked the brief transcript.

    [Dear Bibi.

    I hope that Eind whom I sent will be liked by Bibi and Zenia Grace. We’ll see you formally to discuss the engagement soon.

    • Leona Manions.]
    Come to think of it, I didn’t get Ahin’s answer to the question of why I said we should meet again.

    “Hiik, you! Quickly get away from my sister...!”

    “Izer, don’t push my lion away. He is a weak kid.”

    Bibi covered her ears seeing the quarrel and said to Ash.

    “Ash, shall we have a generous dinner tonight?”

    Ash, who understood the word “dinner” like a ghost, rushed in.

    Leaving behind the chaos that erupted, Bibi and Ash went out to the garden. As the sun went down, the light of the lamp lit up the way back to the mansion.

    Grace’s mansion was going to be noisy today and in the future.

    * * *
    They stopped by at Rabbit territory market to buy dolls. Edith eventually reached for Ahin lying on the floor.

    “Ahin, wake up. Your clothes get dirty.”

    Ahin, who snapped off a large hand, said sternly.

    “I’m not going. I decided to be a rabbit here.”

    The body expressed its unwillingness to return to the Black Panther territory even if it died soon.

    “What’s wrong with you two?”

    Evrin, who doesn’t know why, took a bewildering turn at Ahin and Edith, who were fighting a war of nerves.

    “Why does Ahin want to be a rabbit? You’re more like a black panther than anyone else.”

    “Evrin, mouth.”


    For a moment to gauge the composition of power, Evrin, who tilted the scale toward this disc, pulled Ahin’s ankle. It was also the job of a sprout aide to prevent deviations from his superiors.

    “Now, Ahin, who wants to be a rabbit. Let’s get back to Black Panther territory. What does the rabbit say when you have fangs?”

    “Don’t point it out!”


    Evrin, who was dumped by Ahin, fell like a paper doll.

    Edith, who was shaking his head in a difficult way, suddenly looked around. Passers-by were glancing away from Edith.

    The emotion that came to their purple eyes was fear for the beast.

    Edith turned to a toy stall just a short distance away.

    “If Ahin don’t like, I can’t help it. Father will just buy a rabbit doll. Evrin, do you have any toys you want?”

    “I’d rather be a Valence's aide than a toy. You have to take the first step well.”

    “Such an enterprising talent.”

    “It’s part of a great home education.”

    Edith has already moved to the stall, dealing with the ambitious Evrin. Soon after, I heard the footsteps of Ahin, who had become quiet.


    When Ahin and Evelyn arrived at the stall, they were busy choosing toys. Even if he pretended to be mature, he was still only a four-year-old child.

    Edith, who was smiling, looked at the black panther doll at the end of the stall.

    Edith, who naturally picked up the Black Panther doll, was in agony. His arrogant expression, unlike a doll, resembled someone he knew.

    “Mom doesn’t like dolls very much.”

    Ahin, who came near, gave a lecture.

    “Especially if you give me such an ugly doll, I’m sure I’ll throw it in the fireplace.”

    “I’m sure you are you’re right, aren’t you?”

    “But she will be glad it’s my dad’s present. Because my mom loves my dad.”

    Edith, who paused, shook his head.

    “I don’t think so. I like Valence even more.”

    “No, you said that last time, if you like a person, they makes you laugh. My mom told me to keep a straight face, but whenever she saw you she turned around and smiled secretly.”

    “Was it…”

    “Yes, my shoulders are shaking.”

    That is probably a mockery. Edith, who vaguely blurred the end of his words, blushed his ears slightly. Thanks to Ahin, the fact that I learned quickly shook my heart.

    Valence was rather difficult to read inside as the time went on together.

    After years of thinking that she had built up some trust, she took the attitude that she could throw Edith away at any critical moment. What a woman to the bone.

    After erasing Valence, who occupies his head whenever he has time, he turned his attention to the rabbit doll Ahin held in his arms.

    “Do you want that?”

    “That’s enough, let’s go back to Black Panther territory. Come to think of it, I made a promise with the rabbit I met at the mansion.”

    “Promise? What promise?”

    “See you later. She wants to do that, too.”

    Ahin’s attitude, which he had been struggling with a little while ago, was too calm.

    Edith, strangely disturbed, asked carefully.

    “Is there a reason why you have to see the rabbit again?”

    “Yeah, then I’ll eat... …No, I’ll take her to my house.”

    “You were just going to say you were going to eat her.”

    “No, she might get hurt because she is weak.”

    Ahin hand-picked the rabbit doll into the best.

    Faced with Ahin’s bulging belly, Edith was speechless and had only his lips dangled.

    Wouldn’t it be a problem to take the rabbit before worrying about it getting hurt? It was a complicated feeling.

    “Ahin, again, you must not eat. I promise, put your pinky on the line.”

    "Don’t raise your toes.”

    Edith couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going terribly wrong. Please, I just hope the rabbit gets away with the huge trap of Ahin.

    Ahin, who didn’t even know how he felt, lifted the rabbit doll high.

    “If I don’t meet her, I’ll come visit her.”

    Long after that, the Black Panther Forest of Territorial Boundaries.

    In the basket, Ahin picked up a white cotton ball that looked less than a bite away and lifted his eyebrows. I didn’t know why Edith, who was sticking out her pinky with a stern face, looked overlapped.

    Whatever. Ahin, who didn’t care much, said the first word.

    “a young rabbit?”

    THE END.
    That's the end:blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    Ahin tells his grandfather that he changed involuntarily after Bibi bit his neck in her sleep (she has terrible sleeping habits). His grandfather was shocked, because only a stronger pheromone can force transformation, so it meant that Bibi's pheromones were stronger than Ahin's. Ahin also brags about Bibi slapping his ass for teasing her too much.
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    Oh he's a boy that's why Bibi said that Izer is Ahin's mini me! And thank you for your work, You are the Best :)
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    Tell you the truth, I like characters with colorful hairs. IRL we don't have such natural colors. And I think it would have been fine if the ML had Silver hair color same as the FL. And honestly, I hope that they didn't change it because of the reason 'they look like siblings' kind of thing because it's kind of stupid.
    My SIL has black hair and so do I, does that make us siblings? Course not. Anyway, I'm kind of sad about this. To me, it kind of felt like they took away a part of the story. I'm hopeless, aren't I?
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    they changed it bc it doesn't make sense for panthers, that are generally black, to have silver hair.
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    I can see the logic, but that does not mean it is valid.
    It kind of does, but only when the hair color is very rare for that population/area, and the appearances are not radically different otherwise.
    Hair is a large part of how we distinguish others appearances after all. It is one of the first things we see and can drown out other details when it is outside norms.
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    Glad to know it's not some stupid reason.

    True but I still think we should not judge on the color base. I mean some hair colors are rare and they happen to belong to different hair color families. I have cousins, who have copper-red hair. But their parents have black hair. The color which they inherited is from their grandmother, and I can't believe it, but people actually said that the kids were adopted.:blobunamused: I'm mean seriously, can they not see how the kids look exactly like their father besides the hair that is. anyway, this the reason why I think people should be judged by the base of their hairs.
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    I mean, I don't see how it isn't valid. It makes more sense logically since big white cats are basically always albino. I don't think it's a big deal personally.
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    Thanks for the spoilers! They've been a comfort while waiting for manhwa to update... (The expressions and actions of the characters are awesome, and hilarious!)

    Tried to read the mtl before, but Korean MTL, as it turns out, is on a completely different level from Chinese.
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    True, I spend half of my brain power just trying to figure out who’s doing or saying what because the pronouns are all messed up
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    WHITE-haired ML feels awkward for a BLACK panther