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    “In fact, I have one more will. The will states that it will transfer ownership of the jewels in the jewel room to you. If you ask the lawyers, they’ll confirm that it’s true. Nea knows it too.”

    When Haun looked back, Nea looked at Haun with her arms folded and looked as if she chewed a bug and nodded. From Nea’s reaction it was clear that the Duke’s words were true. She slapped me on the back of my head and handed over all her fortune to Riella, but now she suddenly wants to give it to me. What else is she up to? Haun was very wary and glared at Duke Herron in the video.

    “And where is the will?”

    “What if…”

    “In the deepest part of my jewel room. It was supposed to disappear after six months. I’ll tell you beforehand, but I don’t think you can open the jewelry room now. Because when I went in, I woke up all the jewels in it, and let them play at will. Not only ordinary people, but even a few jewelers would risk their lives if they opened it carelessly.”

    It was obvious. How many legendary jewels are in it? But I can’t believe you’ve let them all go. Then opening the door is a matter of life and death. Haun was speechless and laughed in vain. I’d rather put them in the middle of Neifanta’s lair, In the middle of a room of jewels that roam about on their own? It was like saying that I couldn’t take it.

    A grinding noise could be heard from Haun’s mouth. Then the face of Duke Herron, who had been smiling mischievously until now, changed. Even though the video was from a long time ago, Haun unknowingly took out his jewels and set his guard against the sight of Duke Herron staring at him.

    With a more serious face than before, Duke Herron said.

    “Try, Grand Duke Haun. So that you can get back what you should have received.”

    The video ended there. There were no traces left in the space where Duke Herron was standing. Haun stared blankly at where the video disappeared. Her serious expression and voice still lingered in his mind.

    Then I heard the door open. The moment I looked back to see who came in, Haun was frozen. The person who opened the door was Riella. The moment I saw her, I remembered the video Duke Herron had left a while ago. So Haun unknowingly approached her and uttered in a cold voice.

    “Everything named after Duke Herron would have been all mine.”

    It should have, but it all goes to someone else?

    “So I’ll get it back.”

    Do you think I’ll just watch?

    “Everything, including you.”

    Haun’s words made Riella’s eyes grow bigger for a moment. And Haun could not say anything for a moment.

    ‘Wait, what did I just say? Get what back?’

    Surprised by the unknowingly uttered words, Riella turned around as soon as Haun was about to say something again. Then she opened the door wide and bowed to Haun and said,

    “It was a pleasure meeting you today. Goodbye, Grand Duke Haun.”

    To Haun’s ears, somehow the words sounded like “Get out, you punk.”

    05. The Jewel Room


    With a loud shout, Riella lifted the pot. It was such a big pot that Riella’s body staggered for a moment. Riella staggered away and put the pot down in a better sunny spot.

    “Is this the last one?”

    Riella wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. When I turned my head to look inside the greenhouse, I saw dozens of flowerpots arranged neatly.

    “When you feel troubled, you move your body.”

    Said Riella, muttering; there is nothing wrong with the old saying.

    As I was moving around, the sun was rising in the middle of the sky. Perhaps Nea will pick me up soon. I’m done cleaning up anyway. Riella took off her straw hat and sat on a nearby bench. No matter how open the window was, the Greenhouse at noon was bound to be hot.

    Riella’s gaze, which had been looking at her hat for a while, moved.


    A long sigh escaped Riella’s mouth as she saw what was at the end of her gaze. I had forgotten about it for half a day, but as soon as I sat down, I remembered it, so it was wrong to completely ignore it.

    What Riella was looking at was a flowerpot with shining flowers.

    One day I brought it as a present for Duke Herron, and then now I threw it at Lord Haun. A pot that has been smashed twice. It was still sitting on one side of the greenhouse in good shape.

    After Grand Duke Haun left, I remembered that he had picked up the pot. So when she hurried back to the greenhouse, Riella saw the flower, a little withered, messed up in another pot, and placed in a sunny spot.

    “Why didn’t he take it?”

    Duke Herron had said that any jeweler who recognized the flower would never leave it alone. But Grand Duke Haun didn’t take it.

    “He’s a strange man.”

    Riella frowned and rested her chin on her hand. I remembered what Grand Duke Haun had said the other day.

    “So, I’ll get it back. Everything, including you.”

    The moment I heard that I got really angry.

    However, the main reason I didn’t get mad at him was because he was the Grand Duke, so I could only send him back by saying goodbye without harsh words.

    ‘I am not a thing.’

    Thinking about that time made me feel emotional again.

    “After all, the eyes of the Duke were right. She changed her will because she was that kind of person.”

    I remembered what Mr. Creighton, the lawyer’s representative, said.

    “You know what the Duke is like. To be honest, when we first heard about this will, we asked the Duke again and again. But the Duke’s will was firm. We are her lawyers, so we follow her, but also because we always respect her choices. For there was always a reason for Duke Herron’s wishes.”

    Having said that, Creighton looked at Riella with a serious face.

    “If such a person chose a young lady rather than the promised Grand Duke Haun, we think there must be a good reason.”


    The uncomfortable feeling of stealing what someone deserves did not disappear. Then Creighton explained many things. Especially about the jewelry room that I haven’t entered yet. Most of the Duke’s property was well organized, but the jewel room had no data. When asked why, Creighton replied.

    “Jewelers are reluctant to tell what jewels they have. So they put the jewels in a room and protect them with great force. The stronger the jeweler, the more terrifying the traps placed in the jewel room. The same goes for Duke Herron. So if you want to open the jewel room, you’ll have to ask a very strong jeweler.”

    With those words, Riella thought that it would be difficult to open the jewel room. ‘It’s a trap that Duke Herron has set!’ Unless you are a very strong jeweler, it will be difficult. At that moment, there was a person who went through Riella’s mind. It was Grand Duke Haun.


    When I remembered him, a groan came out of Riella’s mouth. No, not him. You are great, but your personality is bad. I don’t know what you would do when I enter the jewel room. So, Grand Duke Haun was eliminated.

    ‘Then who should I ask?’

    Riella thought of the names of the jewelers she knew. Grand Duke Haun wasn’t the only one in the newspapers. Jewelers who are often mentioned…



    At the sound of her calling, Riella looked back. I thought Nea would come, but another maid in the mansion was running.

    “Miss! I think you should go to the mansion quickly!”

    “What’s wrong with the mansion?”

    “Hah… Hah… The Grand Duke Haun…”

    “Is it him again? What’s going on again this time!”

    Riella clenched her teeth and ran to the mansion. I felt like I really had to say it properly today, regardless of whether it was Grand Duke Haun or not.


    Haun sat in the reception room of the royal palace with a blank look on his face.

    “Goodbye, Grand Duke Haun.”

    A voice that was colder than the wind in the middle of winter. I hurriedly tried to explain what I had said, but as soon as I saw Riella’s eyes, Haun realized. It would be best if I kept my mouth shut for now.

    When he left the mansion and returned to his palace, Haun found that he had brought the crystal of the remnant left by the Duke. Haun recalled the memories that remained in the remnant’s crystal again. But no matter how many times I tried, Duke Herron didn’t show up.

    “You put your jewel in it so you can only see it once.”

    The crystal of the remnant usually shows the moments I remember about ten times. However, no matter how much Haun called for the jewel, the video he had seen at that time did not come to mind. It was clear that Duke Herron had made it that way on purpose.

    ‘you’re like a dragonous human being.’

    Haun gritted his teeth and buried himself on the sofa. What should I do now? Now that he has the position as auditor, he can still go to Duke Herron’s mansion. But if I go? You’ll look at me coldly with your eyes that says why did you come.

    What should I do?

    Haun tossed and turned. Then, someone poked out and appeared from behind the sofa. A slightly thin woman with black hair and black eyes. She had an ordinary face with a little bit of freckles, but her eyes were very sharp. It was someone Haun knew very well.

    “What worries you so much, Prince Haun?”
    “Her majesty the queen.”

    Leticia, now his brother’s wife, and a distant relative with whom he had been close since childhood, was watching Haun. She still seemed to be good at hiding her presence as before. Haun got up from his seat and greeted her with courtesy. Leticia asked, receiving such a greeting from Haun.

    “On my way here, I heard the ministers concerned about the Grand Duke. Are you feeling well?”

    She seemed to know that words are going around.

    When Haun returned to the palace, documents were waiting for him. It was a document about the handling of the Northern Front, where everyone is now preparing to return. I don’t know how many times I sighed while reading hundreds of pages and signing them.

    “I’m okay.”

    “Then the problem is the head.”

    Said Leticia, pressing her finger against Haun’s head.

    “I already know what happened at Duke Herron’s mansion.”

    “I suppose so.”

    This is Leticia, who worked in a special department before she became queen. Her speciality was infiltration and information gathering. And even after she became queen, Leticia was a woman of her own business. So she must have figured out what was going on in the mansion.

    Haun remained silent, and Leticia said to him.

    “Marry Riella Tennier.”


    Haun looked at Leticia in surprise at the sudden name of Riella.

    “What are you talking about all of a sudden? Why would I do that with her?”

    “She’s a good girl, she has a low status, but she has a lot of things. If Herron’s fortune, which she owns, ever gets out of the country, it will be difficult. Especially jewels are the most problematic. If you marry her and the Grand Duke manages them together, they will never leave Cardia.”


    At Leticia’s words, Haun didn’t say anything. As Leticia said, there was a possibility that Duke Herron’s fortune would get out of the country. But the status would be lower than that. That would be even more important to Leticia.

    Haun remembered the reason why He didn’t go out into society.

    A long time, there was a young lady whom he talked to without much thought. Normally, the conversation would have ended with a short answer, but the young lady was a jeweler, and Haun only gave her advice as a senior. And I forgot about it. But the only thing He forgot was Haun.

    We only had one conversation, but before they knew it, she and Haun had a deep relationship, and her father spoke dangerously whenever he was drunk at various parties.

    The king and his wife have no children yet. If Haun marries my daughter and gives birth to children. Haun’s right to succeed has expired, but it doesn’t apply to his child. If anything happens, my grandson…

    Since then, Haun has not attended any of the parties. The same was true on the Northern Front. As much as possible, he did not form a team with a jeweler of higher status, he would move alone whenever he could.

    “I have granted her the name Lady, but Miss Riella is still a commoner. And as you know, the laws of the royal family…”

    “We do not grant succession rights to children born from marriages of common people.”

    “That’s it.”

    Leticia said so, and kissed Haun’s forehead as if he had done well. For the king’s secure future, the queen wanted to completely deprive Haun of his right to the throne.

    “What are you two doing?”

    At that time, the king entered the waiting room, saw the two of them, and made a fuss. Then he came to the queen’s side and touched his face.

    “I want it here.”

    “As much as you like.”

    Haun wiped his face and stood up when he saw Leticia turning the king’s face and kissing him deeply. The couple’s relationship was still in good shape. Whether his brother looked at him or not, the king hugged his wife and asked.

    “What were you talking about?”

    “It’s no big deal. Are you finished with your work?”

    “Yeah, I think I can go back today. Oh, that’s right!”

    The king looked at Haun as if he remembered something.

    “I thought the Minister of Finance was looking for you. What happened?”

    “Is Grand Duke Haun here?”

    As soon as the king’s words were finished, the Minister of Finance opened the door without knocking. The king and queen, who tried to blame him for his rudeness, but wanted to hear what was going on because the face of the minister of finance had turned white and had a cold sweat on his face. Haun asked the Minister of Finance.

    “What’s going on?”

    “Did any of the documents you sign refer to Duke Herron’s jewel room?”

    Haun thought of the documents he had signed. However, no matter how much he recalled his memory. It had nothing to do with Duke Herron.

    “No, what’s the matter?”

    The minister of Finance turned pale at Haun’s answer, he stuttered.

    “My daughter, or Camilla Redbury… said she was ordered by the Grand Duke… to go to Duke Herron’s mansion and open the jewel room…”

    Hearing that, Haun immediately stormed out of the waiting room door.

    ‘You’re going to open the jewel room?’

    I have to go to Duke Herron’s mansion right away. Riella was in danger. No, everyone there would be in danger.


    Riella ran towards the mansion.

    ‘I’m going to kick you out no matter what!’

    To what extent does he intend to be rude? The fear I had felt on the first day had already disappeared from Riella’s mind. I had never used the Duke’s money and power since I had inherited them, but I felt like I would have to do anything to stop Grand Duke Haun.

    As Riella entered the front door, a woman’s voice was heard in the lobby on the first floor.

    “I’ll show you right away!”


    I thought there was going to be Grand Duke Haun. The voice that was heard was that of a high, sharp woman. And it was a voice that Riella knew.

    “It’s difficult, Miss Camilla!”

    What the butler was desperately blocking was Camilla, whom she met on the first day she came to the mansion. A woman who had not been seen since she was thrown into the garden after fighting with Nea.

    After visiting the mansion, I heard about Camilla from Nea.

    Camilla Redbury. twenty-year-old. She has good skills, and her father was the minister of Finance, so she took over the powerful jewels of the family and became a strong jeweler.

    ‘And a jeweler who seeks jewels.’

    After agreeing to take the inheritance, Riella was escorted by lawyers and Nea to a room of jewels. Although it was called a room, it was actually close to an annex of a mansion. But that day, all I could see was the entrance to the jewel room.

    The lawyers said that the heir, Riella, and the jeweler she designated should go in there and see what kind of jewels were there. At that point, Riella said she would go in with Nea immediately.

    At those words, both the lawyers and Nea shook their heads with a troubled look on their faces.

    “Miss, for some reason, I can’t use any other jewels other than the moonstone that protects this mansion and the Healing jewel, unless I am authorized to do so. And the jewel room…”

    Said Nea, with her shoulders drooping helplessly.

    “I can’t handle it.”

    Recalling the image of Nea she had seen at that time, she approached Camilla.

    It wasn’t much different from when we first met. As if to let everyone know that she was a jeweler, Riella blinked for a moment as her eyes were dazzled at the sight of her wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings on each finger.

    “May I help you, Miss Camilla?”

    When Riella appeared, Camilla shook off the butler’s hand and held out the paper she was holding in front of her.

    “At last, there’s someone to listen to me.”

    Camilla looked at Riella with a gaze that looked like she was beating her subordinate.

    “You, take me to the jewel room.”


    Riella couldn’t understand Camilla’s dignified manner. What right in the world is she saying to guide her so proudly?

    “Camilla Young Lady has no right to access it.”

    “I do, look here!”

    It can’t be.

    Riella has been briefed by lawyers every day since she decided to inherit. All of them were related to the contents of the will and the laws related to the lawyers, among them, spent days explaining the jewel room with more effort.

    Among the many explanations pouring out, there was a fact that Riella definitely recognized.

    You cannot enter the Jewel room unless you or a jeweler is assigned by you. Other than that, the only person who has access to the jewel room was the auditor sent by the king. And whenever the Jewel Room is opened, Riella has to accompany them.

    Riella’s face was distorted as she took the paper Camilla had handed her. What she handed to Riella was a letter of appointment. A letter of appointment to appoint Camilla as the representative of the Grand Duke Haun. Seeing that Riella read it all, Camilla took the letter of appointment and put it in her arms.

    “As Grand Duke Haun’s representative, I will be opening the Jewel room from now on, so please guide me.”

    “No, Miss Camilla’s ability is dangerous.”

    It was Nea who intervened in the conversation. I thought she would be cocky, but Camilla replied in a serious voice.

    “I’m prepared.”

    Camilla’s face flashed a determined look on her face. The expression on Camilla’s face made Riella wonder.

    When I heard about Camilla, I thought she was just a greedy person who was looking for the jewel room. But now there was no such greed on her face.

    After receiving the inheritance, many people came to visit Riella in the mansion. The purpose of the people who wanted to meet was mostly obvious. They wanted to claim that Riella had their share of the inheritance she had received

    All of those people were dealt with by the lawyers, so Riella could not meet them in person. But sometimes She could see what kind of people they were through the door. Whether It’s a man or a woman, Old or young. Whether they shout or speak quietly. I could feel resentment and anger in their words.

    The injustice of being deprived of what they had been taken away. Therefore, the anger of taking it back.

    But I didn’t feel either way for Camilla, She felt nothing but desperation.
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    Guys the webtoon has finally been translated from 1-15. Also I am going to continue to translate just been busy lately but I’ll continue to upload Daily now:blobokhand:
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    loving it so far, keep up the good work
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    I’m hooked! The story is fun & manhwa’s art is pretty :blobsmilehappyeyes:

    The Queen is sus tho :blobunsure: What she said to Hann can be interpreted in many ways. It could be from what Hann really wants or it could be that she wanna put Hann in his place (?), I don’t know but the latter doesn’t feel good :notlikeblob:

    Tysvm to the kind Snowylicious, ELtein, and deaththek1d for your spoilers! Much love :bloblove:
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    Just one chapter for now but I’ll post more soon!

    Camilla muttered in front of the big, antique door. Her voice trembled.

    The instructions did not go smoothly. Lawyers staying in the mansion blocked Camilla first. However, they were forced to back down in the end when the letter of appointment was signed by Haun. Nea, who followed Camilla, continued to speak ill of someone in a voice that only Riella could hear. It didn’t have a name, but it was obvious who she was swearing at. It must be Haun, who stamped the appointment letter.

    When Camilla grabbed the handle, Nea stopped her again.

    “Think again, Miss Camilla. These are the jewels of Duke Herron. The Duke must have done something to protect them.”

    “I don’t care, What I want is not such a strong jewel…”

    Camilla quickly shut her mouth.

    “Get out of my way. I’ll go in here by myself.”

    “But I must also enter the jewel room too.”

    Camilla clicked her tongue in response to Nea’s words.

    “You think I’m going to steal the jewels, don’t you? Don’t worry, I’ll take off my jewels to show you if you want.”

    Camilla said so and grabbed the door handle. Then Nea spoke again.

    “If anything dangerous happens. I will close the door immediately, without considering Miss Camilla’s safety. Promise me that Ms.Riella, let alone anyone in the mansion, will not be responsible for it.”

    “I promise.”

    “You can’t just say it. Please sign your name.”

    “Ugh, you really are.”

    Camilla stared at Nea with annoyed eyes and shouted.

    “What are you doing Lawyers, get ready now!”

    Cried Camilla, knowing that Nea was deliberately wasting her time. Her voice grew more anxious. Riella was suspicious of her manner. Camilla was restless as if she were being chased by something. Riella approached Camilla, stomping her feet impatiently.

    “Camilla Young lady, I’m sorry, but can I see the letter of appointment again?”

    “What? Why? You checked everything earlier, didn’t you?”

    “I’d like to double-check it.”

    “Alright. Don’t bother me. Go away.”

    Camilla waved at Riella as if she were annoyed. She was convinced by Camilla’s manner that there was something.

    “I was the only one who saw it. I’ll have to show it to the lawyers again…”

    “I told you not to be bothered! Forget it! I’m going to open it now. Everyone back off!”

    Camilla pushed Riella away and grabbed the doorknob.

    “No! Get back, everybody!”

    Cried Nea at Camilla’s action. The lawyers immediately ran away without looking back. With a creaking sound, the door of the jewel room opened.


    Then came Camilla’s voice, who was delighted.

    As soon as the door opened, a strong wind blew from the inside. Riella looked at the place in surprise.

    A strong wind blew through the open door, and the decorations in the hallway fell to the floor and smashed. It wasn’t just things that shook. Riella also staggered and caught onto the heavy bronze statue in the hallway.

    ‘What the hell is inside?’


    For a moment, Riella thought that all the colors in the world were gathered there.


    I had no choice but to look at it as if I were possessed, forgetting what situation I was in. It was hard to look at it properly because it was so bright, but I couldn’t turn my head away. They were very beautiful and enchanting lights that could not be explained. Then Nea cried, covering Riella’s eyes with her hands.

    “Madam! You must get out of here!”

    “What about Nea?”

    “I’m closing the door! At this rate, the whole mansion will be absorbed!”

    As Nea said, the servants, who had already been unable to escape, were being pushed around by the wind, and the windows were shattered as they could not withstand the force of the wind. At that time I could hear people screaming.

    “Where’s Camilla Young Lady?”

    Riella looked at the jewel room with difficulty again. Surprisingly, despite the strong wind, Camilla was still hanging from the door. And she was taking a step into the stormy room.

    “I can’t take responsibility for her! Miss, come on!!”


    At that moment, Riella’s hand, holding the bronze statue, slipped. Nea tried to catch her in a hurry, but she missed it. Riella’s body flew into the hallway as if someone was pushing her.

    ‘I'm going to bump into it!’

    Riella curled up and closed her eyes, ready to roll on the floor.


    I heard a crash. But there was no pain. It feels hard yet soft. And warmth. Before she could open her eyes, Riella felt the scent surrounding her in her memory. It’s a memorable scent. This is obviously…

    “Grand Duke Haun!”

    Cried Riella, opening her eyes. Then I saw Haun’s face. I was in his arms as I was when we first met, but now was not the time to care about that.

    “Camilla Young Lady! Opened the jewel room!”

    “I got it. I’m going to take care of it.”

    Having said that, Haun’s hand grabbed Riella’s head and hugged her. Then, with a thud, he put strength into his hand.


    A short groan came from Haun.

    “Your highness?”

    Haun looked at his hand. Perhaps one of the flying ornaments hit me, but the back of my hand was torn and bleeding. But I didn’t let go of my hand holding Riella. As if I were going to stop dangerous things from hitting her.

    Said Haun, hugging Riella more strongly.

    “Hold on tight to me. And close your eyes.”

    At Haun’s words, Riella hesitated and closed her eyes tightly as she was told. Haun’s voice was heard between the sounds of the wind. Then I closed my eyes and felt a light flashing frantically enough to make me dizzy. Feeling the harsh winds of light, heavy noise, and storms, Riella clung to Haun. My ears were numb and I felt a shock to my body. What on earth is going on?

    Camilla’s scream was heard again with the strong wind.

    “No! Don’t close it!”

    Camilla’s scream, however, was quickly drowned in the sound of the wind and a louder vibration, and could no longer be heard. Soon the world became quiet.

    “It’s okay now.”

    Huan said so and let Riella go. When Riella opened her eyes, a terrible sight was in front of her.

    Everything was blown away, a messed up hallway and broken windows. The old-fashioned and elegant mansion a while ago seemed to have become a battlefield. While everyone was catching their breath, Nea grabbed Camilla, who had been laying down, and lifted her up. Then a paper fell from Camilla’s arms. Haun picked it up and sighed.

    “I knew it.”

    Haun looked at Camilla with cold eyes.

    “Do you know how serious forgery of a signature is, Camilla Redbury?”

    But Camilla did not respond to Haun’s words. Camilla was staring at the closed door like a spiritless person, without even wiping the blood from her forehead. At that moment, Camilla’s murmur was heard in Riella’s ear.



    The arrangement took place quickly.

    The servants of the mansion quickly cleared the ruined corridor. The broken items were moved out and the carpet was pushed back into its place. The pieces of glass were also carefully swept away.

    In the place where the decorations disappeared, potted plants that Riella had grown in the greenhouse were placed.

    Except for the glass windows that were still broken, the mansion regained its peaceful appearance as if nothing had ever happened.

    And at that time, Riella was sitting next to Haun.

    More precisely, on the same sofa as Haun. But Haun sat at the far right and Riella sat at the far Left, looking across from the Minister of Finance.

    Camilla’s father was older than I thought. When I saw his long gray hair, I would believe it if he was Camilla’s grandfather, not Camilla’s father. He was quietly bowing his head.

    Haun, who was looking at the Minister of Finance, spoke first.

    “I know you care about your late youngest daughter. But I won’t be able to quietly cover up what happened today.”

    Haun’s voice was quiet but heavy.

    “forging a royal signature. You know very well how serious this is.”

    An anger that could not be hidden was revealed in Haun’s voice. Riella, who was sitting next to him, flinched at the sound of Haun’s voice and moved a little further to the left. I felt like my throat was being cut in pieces just by listening to it.

    “The Signature is a problem. But Miss Riella almost got hurt. If so…”

    Riella trembled at the voice that became even colder than before. I want to go a little further to the left but why does the sofa end here? Riella glared at the armrests of the innocent sofa.

    ‘But isn’t it good for Grand Duke Haun if I get hurt?’

    With that in mind, Riella glanced at Haun. Even though his legs were so long his sitting position was so high that I had to raise my head. His height was also tall, but the body that I had just held onto was as hard as a stone.

    ‘I think he’s closer to a knight than a jeweler.’

    Short hair, a trained body, and even the force you could still feel. It would’ve been nice if he became a knight. Riella shook her head quickly, What are you thinking about now in this situation?

    The minister of Finance, who had been receiving Haun’s glare, struggled to speak.

    “I understand, the rumor about the Duke will be even worse. The Duke used a person to deliberately harm Miss Riella…”

    At the words of the Minister of Finance, Riella found out why he became sharper when talking about her then forging a royal signature. Nea said there were rumors circulating outside that Haun was threatening her. But what if I were hurt by something like this? No matter how fake it was, you would think that Camilla moved at Haun’s command.

    ‘That’s why you protected me so desperately.’

    Somehow, when I hugged him, he looked desperate. When he was trying to protect me was sincere. Although the directions were very different.

    Without knowing what Riella was thinking, Haun was staring at the minister of Finance.

    As soon as Haun arrived at the mansion, he heard Camilla’s story from the servants. And found that she had brought a letter of appointment with his signature which was evidently forged.

    ‘Why is Camilla so obsessed with the jewels of Duke Herron?’

    Haun didn’t understand it. Greed is the virtue of a jeweler. Even so, Camilla’s behavior was to blind.
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    Thank you so much for the TL @deaththek1d !! :aww:
    If this is Isekai you must be the saint :cookie:
    Most novels/ manhwas that I read are about isekai, reincarnation, transmigration, regression, etc. So, this kind of genre is actually feels like a breath of fresh air. I read the manhwa and immediately hooked up. I know I need to find the novel rightaway :blobcat_hyper:
    Bless you for spoiling us rotten :aww:
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    I knew that Camilla had been aiming for Duke Herron’s jewel room. Her name appears several times in Duke Herron's letters.

    ‘Lately, a young jeweler keeps coming to me asking me to show her the jewel room. It's cute, she’s coming with the treasurer’s jewels to win my favor. I have no intention of listening until She tells me the real reason.’

    At that time, I thought it was just a cute gesture of a young jeweler. But I didn’t expect her to be so obsessed with it that it would last 10 years.

    As Houn was wondering why. Riella spoke.

    “Is it related to her mother…?”

    The minister of Finance looked at Riella in surprise

    “How do you know that?”

    “After the door closed, I heard Camilla Young lady muttering that.”


    The minister of finance sighed and closed his eyes in agony.

    “You can guess why Camilla did this.”

    “That’s right.”


    At Haun’s order, the minister of finance struggled to speak.

    “What Camilla wants is not jewels.”

    “What does that mean?”

    “No, it’s true that she wants jewels. But not the jewels themselves, but the memories that remain in them.”


    ”That's right. In the jewel room, there are probably crystals that contain records of Duke Herron’s past dealings with Naifanta.”

    “Why does Camilla want Naifanta’s records?”

    “Because my wife's image remains.”

    The finance minister who talked so far, paused for a moment as if in distress. Then he told Riella.

    “I’m sorry, Miss Riella. You’re going to need some explanation. My wife died when Camilla was two years old. Camilla's older brothers and sisters remembered her, but not Camilla.”

    Riella nodded her head. If you lost your mother when you were two years old, you would hardly remember her.

    "Then Camilla found out that I take out a crystal once in a while on the anniversary of my wife's death and look at her. As you may know, crystal memories are not permanent. If you watch it over and over again, its power will disappear.”

    This time, Houn nodded his head. It reminded him of the crystal that Duke Herron left behind.

    “After she died, I’ve only looked at her like crazy. Though I am weak, I also have the talent of a jeweler. As a result, the remaining memories soon ran out. After realizing that, I chose one anniversary once a year, and it seems that I drank and fell asleep. And when I woke up, I found that the door to the jewel room was open and all the remaining crystals were gone.”

    The face of the Minister of Finance, who recalled the day, grew more and more painfully.

    “It wasn’t a thief. Then the other jewels would have disappeared too. The only thing that disappeared were the crystals. As soon as I realized it, I left the room screaming like crazy. The crystals were soon found. Because a maid said she had seen Camilla carrying it. I went straight to Camilla’s room. And there… I saw my wife.”

    Riella clenched her hand unintentionally. I could see where this was going.

    “It was like a dream. For there was the most beautiful figure of her in my memory. My wife was smiling and throwing a bouquet of white roses on the floor full of white flowers in a white dress. I looked at her blankly, forgetting what I was doing just now. And soon my wife disappeared. I sat down without knowing what had happened.”

    The minister of Finance paused for a moment and went on again.

    “In the meantime, Camilla grabbed the crystal again and said, “Dad, Mom won’t come out anymore.” I woke up and looked around the room. There was an empty crystal rolling in front of Camilla. That’s how I found out. The wife I saw a while ago was the last video left. Knowing that I…”

    The Minister of Finance bowed his head. As he trembled and couldn’t speak anymore, Haun spoke first.

    “Did you raise your hand?”



    “The servants of the mansion rushed to stop me, but Camilla had already been thrown into the corner of the room. I screamed madly at the terrified, weeping, trembling child. That she killed her mother in the world a while ago. Mad with anger, Camilla was sent to a distant relative’s house. Because I couldn’t afford to look at the child. It was in front of this mansion that I met Camilla again. The duke contacted me to take Camilla. When I arrived, Camilla was crying, holding the jewels she had gotten from her birthday, hanging from the door, crying to exchange the Duke’s crystals for her own.”

    Riella swallowed her saliva, thinking she could see it somehow.

    “My wife was a jeweler who fought Neifanta with Duke Herron and Lady Evelyn. All the crystals for Neifanta are permanently sealed in the royal palace. And all the remaining were left with Duke Herron. That’s what Camilla wanted. That’s the only way she can see her mother again.”


    Haun was silent.

    It was not easy to imagine how the child who had been driven away by her father would have gone to Duke Herron to ask for the jewels. For ten years on end, no matter how many times she kicked her out, she would come back. Thinking that she had erased her mother forever.

    “I know the story, but that cannot be the reason for indulgence.”

    “Of course, I don’t mean to ask you to make light of my sins, no matter how much I love my daughter… I’d like to ask Miss Riella, not the Duke.”

    “What? Me?”

    Riella was embarrassed when she was suddenly called. Although she is in the victim’s shoes in this case, we are not in the courtroom. As for Camilla’s punishment, she could not figure out what he was going to ask her, who was in a position where nothing could be decided.

    “I am not asking you to reduce her sins. No matter what I say, Camilla committed a crime. Forging a royal signature alone would be a very heavy punishment. But… Camilla won’t last long.”

    The minister of finance recalled his daughter being dragged away.

    “I want to save my daughter. For this is the only thing an ugly father can do.”

    His daughter, who was being dragged away with eyes that showed no will or strength, was like a puppet with a broken string. I could tell even if he wasn't her father. It won’t last long at this rate.

    After bringing young Camilla from the Duke’s mansion, he knew it was too late to ask for forgiveness. When he told Camilla that she killed her mother, Camilla also died.

    The reason why Camilla, who died that day, was still alive was to once again bring her mother back to life.

    The minister of Finance spoke to Riella desperately.

    “What I would like to ask you is a document.”


    Camilla sat down in the carriage. It was not her own carriage, but the carriage used by the Capital Knights to transport high-ranking prisoners.

    From the time I forged the signature of Prince Haun, I was prepared. So I didn’t feel sad or anything. I was just angry with myself. For my inability to take a step into the jewel room.

    ‘I wanted to give it back.’

    I remembered my father, who was holding onto the crystal and crying. My father was distressed because I had erased my mother. So I just wanted to give it back to my father. The last time I saw my mother smiling among the white flowers.


    The door of the carriage opened. Camilla didn’t raise her head. No matter who came in or what they had to say, it didn’t matter anymore. There was a sound of something falling at my feet, as well as a thud. Only then did Camilla raise her head and looked at what had fallen.

    “What is this…?”

    Camilla opened the envelope. Soon her eyes grew bigger. Then tears began to form in her eyes.

    What was in the envelope was a document on the transfer of ownership.

    The grand prize was the crystal of remnant related to Neifanta. The date of the relocation is the day Camilla returns to the mansion.

    “I don’t know when that day will be… But.”

    Camilla looked at the white flowers in front of her. It was full of scents that I couldn’t smell from the Crystal memory. My mother must have had the same scent in the memory.

    Camilla sobbed in the carriage.


    “Thank you for today.”

    Riella bowed her head towards Haun. In any case, Haun was not to blame for today. Moreover, he rushed to the rescue and saved everyone, especially myself, from danger. When Riella looked up again, she saw his hand. His blood-stained hands were bruised blue. Haun said bluntly, as Riella saw it and was at a loss.

    “You don’t have to worry about it. It can be cured.”

    Haun is also a human being, so there is no way he can’t get sick. Seeing Haun’s swollen hand made me worried. Although the wound had healed, the swelling did not seem to go down. Should I ask for an ice bag? Riella looked more closely at Haun’s hand.

    ‘It’s big.’

    Was it because he’s tall? I thought it was strange to see a hand that was bigger and longer than mine. And I also remembered that his hand had wrapped around my head a while ago. Then Haun raised his hand. So Riella stepped back without thinking. Haun stared at Riella and said.

    “Didn’t you say you were going to help me with anything a while ago?”

    “Ah, yes.”

    Are you going to ask to hand over the jewel room in exchange for this wound? Riella waited nervously for his words.

    “Well, then…”


    “I’d like you to arrange a room for me to stay here for today.”

    You want me to let you stay in this mansion?

    Before I could ask what that meant, the door burst open and Nea came in. Then she shouted at Haun.

    “Was it your head, not your hand that was hurt, what nonsense are you talking about?”


    That’s the Grand Duke over there. Isn’t it? What do you mean? You should be right if you talk nonsense! This conversations went back and forth between me and Nea.

    Riella looked at him anxiously, wondering if Haun might want to behead Nea right away. However, the person in question, Haun, didn’t seem to care much about such words. No, rather, it looks as if he knew it would be the case.

    I whispered to Nea, who kept shouting, “I feel the same way, so Nea should go out for a while.” it was true that I thought Haun’s head was a bit strange. After letting Nea go, Riella looked at Haun.

    “Well, I don’t understand why you’re suddenly saying that.”

    “Because it’s dangerous. I know there are moonstones guarding this mansion, and Nea can close the door of the jewel room. But it’s hard to stop intruders completely. Because Nea is not permitted to use jewels to attack. So I think it would be good to have a jeweler in this mansion to prevent intrusion.”

    He wasn’t wrong.

    “You’re right. But I don’t know why the Duke is doing this. Hiring other jewelers is enough…”

    As Riella was talking, Haun spoke.

    “Shining flowers.”


    “Can’t you grow them?”

    At Haun’s words, Riella's face turned white. Then she took a step back and moved away from Haun. Even if she took a step back she was about to run out screaming. Haun sighed at the sight of Riella, People would think I was threatening her.

    “It was said in the will that Duke Herron had left me.”

    “The Duke?”

    “If not, how would I have known all of a sudden?”

    “That’s impossible, Duke…”

    Riella muttered, still looking at Haun with suspicious eyes.

    ‘It’s obvious what Duke Herron had taught you.’

    At the very least, it is very dangerous if her abilities are discovered, so she must have taught her to hide it well. I didn’t have any complaints about that fact. Because it’s true. No, rather, I wanted to compliment Duke Herron for her hard work.

    What would have happened if she hadn’t realized how dangerous her ability was and went around without being aware of it? There would be a flock of jewelers here, and Riella may not be here right now.

    When I thought of that situation, Strength went into Haun’s fist. Do you think I’ll let them do that? Although Duke Herron had forced me to protect her, I didn’t plan on disapproving it.

    ‘It would be a great loss for the country.’

    That’s why, for that reason, I’m so concerned. How many times did Haun convince himself that for that reason he had to stay in the mansion.

    “The reason Duke Herron told me, at least, was because she was convinced that I wouldn’t threaten you and steal the flowers.”

    “Are you not going to…?”

    “I won’t.”

    “I heard that jewelers would want to have it all…?”

    “I want to have it, but I have no intention of forcibly taking it away. Instead, sell it to me, I will give you the right price.”


    As Riella hesitated, Haun spoke quickly.

    “If you promise me that, I’ll take responsibility and protect you until I stabilize the jewel room.”

    After having said that, Haun immediately added;

    “I can do that for the rest of my life if you want.”

    Then Riella said flatly.

    “No, you don’t have to.”


    Haun was somehow annoyed by the answer. I know it’s burdensome, but you don’t have to be so straightforward about it.

    Riella thought about it for a long time and spoke again.

    “Well, I want to keep my promise to listen to everything, but before that, I should ask the lawyers.

    The lawyers, including Creighton, were second to none in the world for being strict. People who came in with great momentum to meet Riella lost the fight with the lawyers and eventually left the mansion with their tails tucked behind their back.

    ‘I’m sorry, Lawyers, please!’

    Riella decided to borrow the power of the lawyers. They will be able to persuade Grand Duke Haun and send him back. I thought so.


    “I can’t believe Grand Duke Haun will do that. Thank you.”

    Creighton bowed to Haun.


    “I’m so relieved. But we were still thinking about what to do.

    Other lawyers, like Creighton, thanked Haun.

    ‘Isn’t this?’

    Riella looked at the lawyers with an expression of what the hell was going on. Creighton noticed the gaze and approached Riella, whispering in a low voice.

    “This is an opportunity, Miss Riella.”

    “An opportunity?”

    “An opportunity to end the jewel room problem. I don’t know when it can be opened, so we put it off for now.”

    As Creighton said.

    The jewel room was the most troubling part of the Duke’s will. The lawyers said they had to know for sure what was inside before they could proceed, but they couldn’t open it, so nothing could proceed. The Lawyers and Nea should leave it to a strong jeweler to open it, but Riella didn’t want to.

    ‘I don’t want to touch the Duke’s jewels.’

    Unlike other problems, not opening the jewel room is not a big problem. Then I thought it would be easier to leave it as it is. Even now, people’s interests are burdensome, but if you open the jewel room, you’ll get more and more attention.

    While Riella was talking to Creighton, Haun called a lawyer next to him and asked him a question.

    “Why didn’t you open the jewel room?”

    “Because we knew we couldn’t open it, and above all, Miss Riella didn’t want to open it.”

    “She didn’t want to open it?”

    “Yes, we persuaded her a few times, but she said that if you don’t need to open the jewel room right away, you can leave it alone.”

    At the lawyer’s answer, Haun looked at Riella. I couldn’t understand. The most precious and most valuable of the Duke’s property is the jewel room. But did you really want to leave it alone?

    ‘No, perhaps she was going to do it in secret.’

    There are several jewelers in the world who are not as strong as myself. Perhaps she was trying to ask them to do so secretly.

    ‘I need to open it quickly.’

    I had to get the will inside, but I also had to prevent anyone else from approaching her, if so, I should be here even more. Haun said to Riella, who had finished talking to Creighton.

    “I heard that the jewel room was left untouched. Do you know how dangerous that is?”

    “Is it dangerous?”

    “Yes, as you can see from the power of the jewels that day, they are all powerful. Thanks to the Duke’s inconsistency, these are jewels that can be carried around with power even without a jeweler. What would happen if one of them got out?”

    “But I don’t think there will be any problems if you leave it in the jewel room.”

    “There is no guarantee that the jewel room will permanently lock those jewels in. Even if it is made strong, it will weaken over time. If all the jewels in the mansion come out at once, not only the mansion, but also the capital, and even the whole kingdom of Cardia could be in danger.”

    Riella couldn’t say anything. It was because, as Haun said, It would be a really great risk.

    “I had to deal with the auditor’s work anyway… I think it would be best if I could open the jewel room right away and find a jeweler to organize the jewels inside. Don’t you think so?”

    “Well, yes.”

    “So we’re done talking. I’ll stay here from today and tidy up the jewel room.”

    Riella couldn’t find anything to say to Haun’s refusal to listen to objections.

    “I think you should change your clothes first. I’ll leave the details to the lawyers in a moment.”

    Nea grabbed Riella’s hand as she struggled to find a word to say to Haun. As the two left, Haun looked straight at the lawyers.

    “Well, then.”

    Haun approached the desk and wrote something on the paper and handed it to the lawyers.

    “What is this?”

    “Temporary No-Entry list.”


    The lawyers looked at the paper again. The half-torn paper was full of people’s names. But they were all names that were often heard a lot.

    “Aren’t they all jewelers?”

    “Yes, I wrote them down in order starting with the ones that looked dangerous, so let’s make sure that those on this list are strictly prohibited from entering.”

    The lawyers looked at the names on the paper. They were all strong jewelers. Also all young male jewelers.


    From the next day, the mansion changed.

    There were still people coming to the mansion who could not abandon their regrets about the Duke’s Legacy.

    “I’ll see Miss Riella today! And speak about my relations to Duke Herron!”

    Even this morning, those who came from afar made noise in front of the mansion. As usual, the maids would have immediately led them to the lawyer’s rooms, or sent them to the waiting room and handed out numbered tickets. But today was different.

    “Yeah? What is your relationship?”

    The baron, who came from afar, suddenly raised his head because of the man who blocked him. Why are you so tall? Do lawyers look at the height when they pick a lawyer? But what I saw was a man who, unlike the lawyers, did not wear a suit. His body was good enough to be a knight, but he wasn’t wearing a sword.

    The man wearing a white top and comfortable-looking bottom was not an ordinary man to anyone. The Baron, who had been hesitating from the unknown pressure, gathered all the courage he had and said.

    “What? Who are you?”

    “I’m Haun Arell Pendragon. Who are you?”


    Fortunately, Baron Lee wasn’t stupid enough to hear the name and ask again.

    “I have sinned to death!”

    Haun, seeing such a small Baron, said briefly, as if it was annoying.

    “If you know, get out.”

    “Of course!”

    So Haun quickly returned the first visitor. Then he looked around at those who remained in the waiting room.

    “Who’s next?”

    Those who were sitting on the couch quickly got up.

    “Oh, I forgot today is my daughter’s birthday!”

    “I forgot today was my 3816th wedding day!”

    “I forgot to feed my cat!”

    Everyone ran out of the waiting room shouting what they had forgotten. The waiting room, which was normally crowded until sunset, became a quiet space with no ants passing by. The servants who saw it put a large piece of paper on the front door.

    ‘Grand Duke Haun is staying. He’s very upset.’

    The effect was amazing. From that moment on, I couldn’t see the guests visiting the mansion. The mansion was able to spend a peaceful time after a long time.
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    We still don't know much about the Queen, but these kind of behavior kinda resemble how we present snake like characters in literature.
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    Right? So cunning! She already sounds like an amazing snake-like character. :blobuwu: And an amazing queen! Going for stability for the kingdom and family harmony in one shot. Damn, that was fast, precise, and wise.

    Let's hope Haun can make up his mind soon. Trying to marry his crush and end any possibility of being used against his brother seems like a goal to me.
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    06. What I’ve forgotten

    Riella ran to the room where the lawyers were.

    I fell asleep due to the major incident, and when I woke up, it was already lunch time. When I asked Nea, “Why didn’t you wake me up?” She said I was sleeping so soundly that she couldn’t help it. Normally, people who came to me in the morning would wake me up because they were so noisy, but I didn’t understand why I couldn’t hear much noise today.

    She hurriedly washed and dressed up, but Riella, who was late, stood at the door, hesitating for a long time, she opened the door slightly. Haun and the lawyers were seen talking in the room.

    “How did you deal with this?”

    “Since the budget for the event has increased little by little every year, we need to calculate the rate of increase and send it to the central bank…”

    “Then are you going to maintain the long-term lease without selling the land in the regions?”

    “That’s right, and now that Plenot is asleep, there will be a population shift there again, and accordingly, nationwide…”

    They seemed to have not noticed that Riella had come, for they were all attentive to the story. So Riella was able to see more of Haun and the Lawyers.

    ‘He’s a natural.’

    I asked myself many times, but I couldn’t understand them well. However, Haun never hesitated to ask, he understood it, and reconfirmed it again, like the rightful owner of everything.

    ‘Why did the Duke make me her heir?’

    After listening to Haun’s story, it was a question that Riella had been thinking about ever since he appeared.

    Of course, there were many problems, but anyone could see that Grand Duke Haun was a legitimate heir. Of course, aside from his personality, I didn’t think my personality was very good either. There would have been many people who would have been eligible to inherit the Duke’s property, even if it weren’t Haun.

    Looking at Haun and the lawyers, Riella stepped back quietly and closed the door. I thought I’d be in the way if I went in now. When I was walking helplessly down the hallway again, there happened to be a maid calling out to me.

    “Madam, These are the letters that arrived at the madam’s house.”

    “Thank you.”

    After receiving the letters from the maid, Riella checked them one by one. As expected, most of the letters were from relatives whose names I’ve never heard of.

    The contents of the letters were; ‘How are you?. I am also doing well, this is the first time I have been in contact with you since you were young. In fact, I was like this with you grandparents and parents…’ So it ended with a request for some money. Riella’s eyes widened as she turned over a letter.

    “Oh, this!”

    A letter came from an unexpected place.


    Riella immediately called for Nea and ran, I have something to do outside.


    “Okay, then let’s do this first.”

    After pausing the lawyers who continued to explain for a moment, Haun looked at the door.

    “Why isn’t Miss Riella coming?”

    I couldn’t figure out why she didn’t come even if we waited. It’s already lunch time, why? Why is that?

    “The maid told you earlier, but you must have missed it.”

    Of course, I didn’t care because it wasn’t Riella who came in. So?

    “She said she was going out with Nea for a while.”


    Haun sprang up from his seat.

    “You should have told me at once. It’s dangerous, but why did you send them outside?”

    The lawyers answered with a stiff face.

    “What do you mean? Isn’t the most dangerous person in front of us?”


    “Oh my god, how did I forget this?”

    The carriage was running fast towards Briggs street. And in the carriage, Riella looked at the letter in her hand over and over again. At the top of the letter were large red words.

    Warning Letter

    The moment she saw the letter, Riella looked at the front of the envelope in surprise, the sender was the country host of ‘Cardia Flower Festival’. Flower festival? What kind of warning did they send me? Riella hurriedly opened the envelope. The contents of the letter were simple.

    Participant number 477

    Name: Riella’s Flower Shop

    Participant: Riella Tennier

    It has been confirmed that your business has not been open for more than two weeks. We inform you that If it is confirmed that your business is not open on the inspection date to be carried out later, your eligibility to participate in the event will be forfeited according to the regulations.

    As soon as she had read it, Riella called Nea and rushed to the store at once.

    ‘I completely forgot about it.’

    I was clearly aware of the precautions when I applied to participate in the flower festival. These days, many people only register for participation tickets. It was said that the country host came out to check if they were actually doing business without prior notice.

    After Duke Herron passed away, I have been so busy with inheritance that I have not been able to open the shop. It seemed that they had come for inspection at that time.

    “Madam, we have arrived.”

    “Nea, as I said earlier, please.”

    “Don’t worry.”

    Riella and Nea nodded as they looked at each other. In fact, today is the first day of going out after entering the Duke’s mansion. Of course, this was my first time meeting people on Briggs Street since that day.

    Riella could fully imagine what would happen.

    When the carriage stopped and Riella got off, I heard the sound I was expecting.

    “Riella! It’s been a while!”

    “Oh my god, look at this carriage! You’re really the Duke’s heir now.”

    “Look how clear your face is!”

    I knew it. Riella smiled brightly and said hello to the people of Briggs Street who had gathered around the carriage.

    “Hello, it’s been a long time.”

    “Yes, it’s been a long time! We thought you’d never come back here again. How comfortable would you have been in the Duke’s mansion?”

    “Then shall you come back?”

    “He really can’t make any jokes. That’s what I’m saying.”

    Said Riella with a bitter smile as she looked at the smiling hat shop owner. No matter who heard it, he was serious, seeing that the words were longer than usual, there was definitely a little bit of sarcasm. I was prepared, but I couldn’t help but feel bitter.

    After receiving the inheritance, Riella continued to spend time in the mansion. I listened to the lawyers explain the inheritance and took care of the greenhouse and gardens, but compared to running a flower shop, there was still time left. So naturally, I read the newspaper Nea brought with her every day.

    At first, Riella was just curious because she had never received so much attention in her life. However, after a week and two weeks, my head began to ache.

    What Riella read was a speculative article about how she received Duke Herron’s inheritance. No, I think it would be more accurate to call it a novel than an article.

    ‘I was the hidden granddaughter of Duke Herron.’ “My grandmother and grandfather are fine themselves and my parents are fine. What nonsense are they talking about?”

    Rather, it would have been better.

    One newspaper wrote a malicious false article claiming that Riella had enjoyed dinner at the capital’s most popular restaurant by taking someone else’s reserved seat. I know it’s famous there. But, of course, I never took someone else’s seat, nor did I ever go there. Riella sighed and complained to Nea.

    “I wouldn’t feel wronged if I had done that. I’ve never been out of the mansion!”

    “That is ridiculous, madam.”

    Said Nea with a smile at Riella’s whining appearance.

    “Why should the madam go see them?”


    “I’ll show you how rich I am.”

    Nea, who said that, went to the lawyers with excitement. And the next day.

    “...Oh my god.”

    Riella was speechless as she looked at the outdoor restaurant in the garden of the mansion.

    “Hey… This kind of thing, doesn’t it cost a lot of money?”

    Nea smiled softly and said to Riella, who looked at her with a worried face.

    “Don’t worry, while the madam is eating, the Duke’s fortune is increasing.”


    She said that the land, mansion, employees, and many other rights that Duke Herron owned were still making money at this moment. She also mentioned that it increases after sleeping? I remembered that the annual income the lawyers showed me was always increasing.

    “No matter how many businesses you are investing in, there is not a small amount of money we can’t move for the lady. So, if there is anything you want to do, eat, or want, please tell us anything.”

    “Then I want to eat ice cream.”

    I wanted to say that I don’t need anything else, but I wanted to eat ice cream, which is popular these days.

    Riella was immediately seen piled up with an ice-cream tower of thirty-one flavors.

    Money was good.

    I thought so myself, but is it different from others? To be honest, it was good, so I couldn’t say anything to those who looked at me with envy.

    Riella stood in front of her shop.

    In fact, it was hard to call this a proper store. It’s a shop where you split the street corner shop in half and only receive one. Still, it was a steal, so another store had to pay for one side and I paid for this.

    Riella took the key out of her pocket and turned the stiff lock. When the door opened, She saw buckets and sign boards covered with dust. Riella tied up her apron and went inside. People were surprised at Riella’s appearance.

    “Riella? What are you doing?”

    “What do you mean? Don’t you see? I’ll have to get ready for business.”

    “What? Why are you? You inherited a lot of money!”

    As soon as the person spoke, Riella and Nea looked at each other. They were silent, but they looked at each other and nodded slightly.

    It’s important from now on. Riella said with a deliberately exaggerated pat on her shoulder.

    “You really think so? Do you really believe that Duke Herron let me inherit all her fortune because she looks so sorry for me selling flowers on the street?”

    “Then, no?”

    “It’s very complicated to say…”

    Saying that, Riella called the owner of the shoe store, looked around, and whispered.

    “I can’t tell you in detail now, but I’m just an heir for show. There is a real heir. Oh, well, what should I say? You know. It’s a secret matter of the noble people. Anyway, I received some, but that doesn’t mean I can spend my fortune recklessly. Oh, this is a secret, so you can’t tell anyone else.”

    What is a secret? The show store owner’s nickname is the megaphone on Briggs Street. Perhaps tomorrow morning everyone but the deaf will know the story. And in about two days’ time, The words will come out in a newspaper somewhere.
    It was as I expected. No, it was more than I expected.

    Even before half a day went by, the story spread on Briggs Street that Riella was a trick, and that there was a separate real heir due to the secret circumstances of the noble people. In the meantime, Riella diligently swept and wiped the dust that built up in the flower shop.

    At first, the eyes that expressed envy, jealousy, and vigilance turned into sympathetic eyes as the story spread.

    “At the end of the day, you put it up on behalf of someone, right?”

    “If you really had a lot of money, would you do something like that? If it were me, I think I would have taken everything out of the jewel room or whatever and sold it.”

    If you open it recklessly, your life would be in danger…

    Riella muttered to herself, and washed the bucket afterwards.

    I came here in a hurry, but I couldn’t open the store right away. It’s a flower shop, but there aren't any flowers.

    I can’t use the flowers in the mansion. They were very expensive flowers, and there weren’t popular flowers on this street. In addition, in order to be inspected, it was necessary to receive a receipt that I had made a transaction at the flower market.

    ‘I have to start working again tomorrow.’

    Riella turned her head and saw Nea talking to people.

    “You know you really shouldn’t tell anyone about this, right? The truth is that Grand Duke Haun was after Duke Herron jewels, but he was not very good-natured. I’m only telling this to the people here…”

    Seeing the constant chatter, Nea seemed to be excited.

    ‘I’ll have to start moving tomorrow morning.’

    The flower market opens at dawn. I had to go out at dawn, but the people of the mansion won’t just let me go. They said I have to eat breakfast, and it was clear that they would prepare a table full of breakfast. In addition, Nea had to move with me because they said it was absolutely forbidden to go out without Nea.

    ‘I can’t come out with Nea everyday.’

    Nea would say she was fine, but I feel sorry to wake her up every morning. That’s why I can’t help but go out. You never know when the country’s host of the event will come back for inspection.

    ‘As I said last time, should I find someone else to guard besides Nea?’

    Nea can’t always be with me. In fact, it was amazing to see Nea. Day, night, or dawn, Nea would always come running if anything happened. I wonder if you’re sleeping?

    ‘The more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m a really bad employer.’

    After all, I thought I had to find someone else besides Nea.

    In the meantime, things were finished organizing. There was only a little bit of dust, but there were no problems, so I thought I could start business again tomorrow.

    ‘Now that I mention it, I have to prepare the entries for the event.’

    I sighed when I remembered what I had forgotten. At first, I thought about delaying my participation in this year’s event. However, I wanted to participate in the flower festival. It was at that moment when Riella turned away with another long sigh.

    “Huh? What?”

    I couldn't see properly, so I stepped on a piece of junk that was rolling on the floor outside. At that moment, Riella’s body staggered and fell backwards.

    “Ugh… Ouch?”

    I felt someone holding my body from behind, which should have fallen to the ground. After standing upright, Riella looked back.

    “Are you okay?”

    There was a man I had never seen before. Jewels in the braids of the long hair. The buttons on well-dressed clothes are also jewels. Rings full of jewelry on his hands, wrist bracelets, and even necklaces. A man who was clearly a jeweler at a glance, stood there smiling.

    “Miss! Are you okay?”

    “Yes, thankfully I caught her and there were no injuries.”

    Nea, who was talking, rushed over and examined Riella’s body. In the meantime, the man stood quietly watching Riella. After finally calming down Nea, saying it was her fault for not looking properly, Riella bowed her head towards the man.

    “Thank you very much, thanks to you, I didn’t get hurt.”

    “I’m glad you’re safe, Miss Riella. My name is Lucian Morris.”

    It was when Riella was thinking it sounded like a name she had heard somewhere.

    “And I came to propose to you.”

    Unexpected words came out of the man’s mouth. At first, Riella thought she had Misheard him.

    “Madam, step back.”

    But when Nea wrapped herself around her and stared at Lucian, she knew she was not mistaken.

    “Hello, it’s been a long time. Nea.”

    “It’s been a long time, Lucian. But I think you just said something strange to my lady.”

    Riella asked as they greeted each other.

    “Oh? Do you know him?”

    “Yes, because he used to come to the mansion often. This person is…”

    “Stop. I’d like to introduce myself.”

    Lucian interrupted Nea softly and approached Riella, and bowed slightly to her.

    “I’m sorry to surprise you with the sudden words. I’m Lucian Morris. I am currently the chairman of the 26th routh table.”


    The moment the word roundtable came up, Riella remembered where she had heard the name.

    ‘He’s the jeweler who often appears in newspapers!’

    The roundtable was the name of the jeweler Association in Cardia. It’s a gathering of all the jewelers in the country. I knew that all the jewelers wanted to join the round table, because even if it was a coalition, they had to pass a very strict screening to get into it.

    ‘I didn’t know he was such a young man.’

    Duke Herron spoke of her youth and occasionally spoke of the round table. There are a lot of things that say this and that, so she just signed up and ran away, skipping meetings every day. That is why, In Riella’s mind, the round table was the image of experienced jewelers sitting down with serious expressions and talking seriously. By the way, the chairman was such a young man?

    Curiously, Riella looked at Lucian. His long hair was bright gold, and his eyes were green like mine. Not as tall as Haun, but quite tall and handsome. Unlike the overwhelming Haun, he gave a comfortable impression.

    It was amazing that he could have such a different impression even though he was a jeweler.

    “Miss Riella?”

    “What? Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve been staring at you too much.”

    “No, I’m more sorry for suddenly saying weird things. Since this is our first time meeting.”

    Riella nodded unconsciously at the words. Haun said he would get it back as soon as I saw him, and this person proposed to me. The impression may be different, but there actions are similar.

    “I must give you an explanation first. If you don’t mind, can we talk for a while?”

    After that, Riella looked at Nea. It is Nea who is by my side now. So maybe Nea’s consent is needed. At Lucian's suggestion, Nea seemed to think about something for a moment, and then gave a somewhat evil-looking smile.

    “I don’t think it’s a bad idea to hear what’s going on, Madam.”

    I heard Nea, who answered that way, muttered, “You need an ordeal.” As she looked towards the mansion.


    “What do you mean? Isn’t the most dangerous person in front of us?”

    Before he could answer anything, the lawyers spoke first.

    “You were always glaring at Miss Riella.”

    “No, I wasn’t glaring at her…”

    “You always monitor where she is and who she is with.”

    “What do you mean by monitor? I just…”

    I couldn’t think of anything to say.

    After that, Haun quickly left the room, leaving behind the talking lawyers. And as soon as he saw the maid of the mansion, he approached her and asked.

    “Where did Miss Riella go?”

    The maid answered cautiously, watching Haun with wary eyes.

    “She went to her shop on Briggs Street.”

    “Briggs Street?”

    Since he rarely stayed in the capital, Haun could not tell where it was even by the name. The maid, seeing Haun’s expression, hastily added.

    “It’s in the south of the capital.”

    Haun frowned at the words. The southern part of the capital was not a place of great security, even though the name of the city was unknown. To go to such a place.

    ‘No matter how much you say you’re with Nea, isn’t it too careless?”

    Of course, there were few people in the capital who could knock down Nea. But now Nea doesn’t have the jewels to attack. If something happens, who would protect you?

    ‘Do you know who will come?’

    Moreover, it is obvious what they want. They’ll all come after the Duke’s jewels. And it is clear that they would consider Riella’s heart before opening the jewel room. The thought of it made Haun suddenly Annoyed.

    ‘Besides, it’s dangerous!’

    I don’t know exactly how to grow shiny flowers, but If I go to a flower shop, the flowers in them may change. Even if I stay still, If something like that happens then the jewelers will stick to you.

    Haun ran towards the stable almost as fast as he could fly. Anyway, Riella was in danger. So I thought it would be better to have her by my side. That’s how you’ll be safe.


    When Riella was sitting in the dining room Listening to Lucian. Next to Riella, Nea was enjoying a parfait with ice cream and candy sticks on it.

    “Then you are proposing…”

    “Please don’t feel too bad about it. There are many people who are called the jewelers of the Round table, who do not care much about the method as long as they achieve their goals. However, in any case, since I am the chairman, I had no choice but to follow the decisions made at the meeting.”

    Lucian sighed briefly. After moving to Lina’s restaurant, Lucian explained why He suddenly came and proposed to her.

    Duke Herron used to lend her jewels free of charge to the magicians of the roundtable. However, a few months before her death, she contacted him and said that she had recovered all the jewels. Everyone thought that the Duke would check the jewels for a few weeks and then lend them back. However, Duke Herron did not lend back the jewels she had collected and passed away.

    Naturally, the roundtable was on alert. For there were many things that could only be done with the jewels of Duke Herron. Now, the roundtable had one goal. Find a way to rent the jewels in the jewel room again as soon as possible.

    “When I said I wouldn’t go, and the others said they would. I thought it would be better for me, the chairman, to come and tell you everything and ask for your understanding rather than letting them be rude.”

    Riella, who had been listening so far, had a question.

    “But why did you suddenly propose? Can’t you just ask for a loan?”
    “Oh, there’s a reason. Marriage is the easiest and most reliable way to get or share the ownership of jewels among jewelers.”

    Lucian grinned bitterly when Riella looked puzzled.

    “A proposal is like a greeting to a jeweler. Asking you to marry me is to have jewels. So Let’s share some jewels. That’s all You need to think about.”

    Lucian, who said that, raised his cup and said jokingly, “It’s not that I’m not interested at all, so It wasn’t just completely empty words.”

    “I really shouldn’t believe the proposal of jewelers”

    Somehow, I felt sorry for him. Marriage for jewels. No matter how important jewels were to them, I never thought they would consider marriage a means.

    “Then can I say no to you when you’re gone?”

    “Are you going to refuse?”


    Lucian smiles as he looks at the startled Riella.

    “If I’m rejected, I’m sure someone will come again. The jewelers are very greedy.”

    “Then, what should I do?”

    “For now, I would like to say that Miss Riella has withheld her answer. And I’m sorry, but I’ll come often for the time being. I have to look like I’m working on it for the other jewelers. In that sense, could you please give me your hand?”

    Riella was puzzled by Lucian words, but Riella held out her hand. Then he skillfully took Riella by the hand and led her towards him. Then it was the moment when he bowed his head and tried to kiss the back of her hand.

    “That’s it.”

    At that moment, There was a big hand holding Lucian by the shoulder. Riella, Lucian, and Nea looked at the owner of the hand in surprise. There stood Haun, with a terrifying look on his face that they had never seen before.

    If you could kill a man with just your eyes, you would be talking about Haun now. It was hard to breathe just by being next to him. All the people around them began to look this way with shocked eyes.

    “It’s been a long time since I last saw you, Grand Duke Haun.”

    Lucian greeted Haun, who appeared suddenly. However, Haun completely ignored his words and approached Riella. Then he bowed slightly in front of Riella, who was sitting on the chair, and said.

    “Riella Tennier, Please Marry me.”

    For a moment, a dreadful silence swept through the store.

    I heard a fork falling, and a cup breaking from somewhere. There was also a hiccup and the sound of coins falling and rolling. But no one moved and looked at Riella and Haun.

    “Wow, he’s crazy.”

    Even Nea, who was eating the parfait, was staring blankly at Haun with a small spoon. Lucian struggled to speak in the quiet but chaotic atmosphere.

    “I’m sorry Grand Duke, but I don’t think this is the right time…”

    Lucian’s back, who explained what the proposal meant to jewelers until a while ago, was flowing with cold sweats. He looked at Riella. Riella looked at Haun with a complicated expression, and opened her mouth.

    “Grand Duke, I understand your feelings very well.”

    “Really? Then right away…”

    Before Haun could say any more, Riella spoke firmly.

    “But I want you to propose to someone you really like.”


    Haun stayed up all night. No matter how hard I closed my eyes to sleep, Riella’s words kept ringing in my ears.

    ‘I want you to propose to someone you really like.’

    Haun couldn’t forget the expression on Riella’s face as she looked at him. She stared at him as if she was genuinely sad.

    I’d rather have said something if Riella was embarrassed or angry, but she was sorry and told me to marry someone I really like. I didn’t expect such an answer. So Haun was dumbfounded and didn’t say anything.

    Leaving Haun behind, Riella and Nea got up and went back to the flower shop. Even Nea, who would normally make fun of him for being ugly like last time. Shook her head and cast a sympathetic gaze at Haun. Long after the two of them disappeared, Haun couldn’t move. Lucian approached Haun and said.

    “Why did you say that at such a time? Beyond being unlucky, this is really…”

    Lucian shook his head with a mixture of sympathy and surprise. Then, He told Haun that He had explained what marriage meant among jewelers. Upon hearing that, Haun almost grabbed Lucian by the collar.

    ‘As soon as she heard such an explanation, I said that.’

    I understood why she had a sad face and said that I should propose to the person I really like, and that she would give me the desired jewels if he opened the jewel room.

    Recalling what happened yesterday, Haun got up from the bed. It seemed like falling asleep wouldn’t happen.

    ‘Why did I do that?’

    When I went to ask where Riella was, I saw Lucian trying to kiss the back of her hand. The sight of it made me guess what Lucian was trying to do. The moment I realized it, I ran towards them without realizing it.

    Haun wiped his face with his hand. I did it, but I didn’t understand it myself. It was only natural to get Lucian away. Because he is also a dangerous man too. But why did I bring up such a thing as marriage?

    ‘Is it because of Lucian?’

    Lucian is as black as Duke Herron. If such a guy approached Riella, the purpose must have been the jewel room.

    ‘He’s a persistent guy.’

    I remember Lucian’s words when I met him yesterday. After Riella returned, Lucian shrugged his shoulders and went away immediately. He will come to visit Riella again today. I think I should be guarding Riella’s side so that he doesn’t do any tricks, but it was clear that Riella would be reluctant. So how can I stay by her side?

    When Haun was lost in thought, He felt a movement in the hallway. The ghost owner was approaching Haun’s room. It was early in the morning when the sky was not bright yet. Who is coming to find me? As he approached the door on guard, he heard a knock on the door.

    Haun quickly grabbed his jewels.

    When I was on the northern front, I was observant enough to wake up right away to the sound of the wind, but after returning to the capital, I reflected on myself, who had become too lazy.

    Knock, Knock, Knock

    It was a quick tap trom before. At least it was clear that they had no intention of concealing their traces. Haun opened the door carefully, without letting his guard down. Then the person who knocked on the door said,

    “Grand Duke.”

    It was Riella standing outside.

    Haun stared at her for a moment. What? Why did Riella come to see me at this time?

    “What’s the matter?”

    “Oh, I’m so sorry to disturb you so early.”

    Haun quickly shut up as Riella backed away from his angry voice.

    At this time, I didn’t know why Riella came to see me. Moreover, Riella was wearing outing clothes as if she was going somewhere right away. After hesitating for a long time in front of Haun, who kept his mouth shut, Riella clenched her fists as if she had made up her mind.

    “It’s sudden, but can you please do me a favor?”

    Riella looked like she was about to cry now. What the hell is going on?

    “What happened? I’ll listen to it.”

    When Haun answered, Riella closed her eyes tightly and answered.

    “Please go to the flower market with me!”


    07. Flower Market

    Yesterday, after returning to the mansion, Riella visited the remaining lawyers and said;

    About how important the flower festival is for people who do things like me and how much I have worked to qualify for the event. That’s why I have to open the flower shop every day so that I don’t get any more warning letters.

    “It’s a bit…”

    The lawyers were troubled. Seeing that, Riella took it for granted. They were the people who continued to stay in this mansion and perfectly taught Riella about the execution of her will. It must be troublesome because it has been extended for a long time because of the flower festival. However, the words that came out of their mouths were different from what Riella had expected.

    “If that happens, then Grand Duke Haun will stay in the mansion for a longer period of time, won’t it be inconvenient?”

    The lawyers asked Riella with a worried face.

    “Well… I suppose it’s the Grand Duke’s side who’s more uncomfortable than I am.”

    Even if it’s for other purposes, he may think I’m rude because I cut off the proposal like that. There’s no way it would feel good to be rejecting someone as big as the Grand Duke.

    Fortunately, the Lawyers respected Riella’s wishes and asked her to accompany him whenever she went out. Naturally, I was planning to go to the flower market with Nea. When I asked before going to bed, Nea said that she was looking forward to going there for the first time.

    But when Dawn came and the appointed time came, Nea did not come.

    It was the first time that happened. To the extent that I thought she was sleeping, Nea would always look around her room late at night, walk around the mansion to make sure it’s safe, and come to Riella’s room before anyone else at dawn. She couldn’t have forgotten her promise.

    When I knocked on Nea’s room with worry, I heard her voice from inside.

    “I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well…”

    I heard Nea’s stuttering voice. And even a pressed sound of a groan. I knocked on the door asking if she should go to the hospital, but Nea answered from inside without opening it.

    “It’s okay. As long as I’m off today… I’ll be better.”

    I tried to open the door by force, but it was locked tightly. Inside, I heard Nea’s voice telling me to go. What should I do? I was worried about Nea’s condition, and the time for the flower market to open was getting closer.

    “I’ll call the doctor right away when the sun comes up…” “Don’t worry about me and go”

    Somehow, Nea seemed to want her to leave quickly, so Riella turned around without saying any more.

    The lawyers had made a promise with Riella. ‘I’m not saying anything about not going outside. But be sure to go out with Nea. If for some reason you can’t join Nea, go out with a jeweler of at least the same level’

    Except for Nea, there was only one jeweler in the mansion, as far as Riella knew.
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    The carriage carrying Riella and Haun ran along the road at dawn. In the shaking carriage, Haun spoke to Riella, who was sitting with a worried expression on her face.

    “Are you okay?”

    “What? Oh, I’m fine. You must be tired, but thank you for accepting such an unreasonable request.”

    When Haun called her, Riella came to her senses and looked at Haun. Wasn’t he sleeping? Haun had slightly bloodshot eyes and a tired look on his face. Perhaps that’s why he looked sharper than usual.

    “You don’t have to worry about that. Is Nea more sick today?”

    “Yes. It seemed to hurt a lot to hear her groaning without opening the door even when I knocked on it. When I walked out, I asked Mrs.Melda to call a doctor right away, but I don’t know if she’ll be okay.”

    “Nea is sick…”

    Haun muttered, and his expression turned serious. Riella bowed her head at him.

    “I’m really sorry. Because there were no other jeweler in the mansion…”

    In fact, I didn’t expect Haun to really go with me. Even yesterday, when I heard those words myself right away yesterday, I thought it would be nice if he didn’t feel offended when he saw me. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to ask for a favor, but Haun left the room without asking any questions.

    If he had to ask, why didn’t Nea join you? That was all.

    “I would put up with anything else, but one more warning will disqualify me from participating in the flower festival.”

    “Are you eligible to participate?”

    “I am eligible to participate in the flower festival that will be held in two months. I was eliminated in the lottery until last year, but I can’t give up because it’s my first time this year. When I return to the mansion, I will look for another jeweler to ask for security right away. There will be no more trouble for the Duke.”

    “Another jeweler?”

    “Yes, Mr.Lucian is coming back today, so I’d like to ask him to introduce some to me, the chairman of the roundtable Association. Oh, I’ll keep the flowers hidden, so you don’t have to worry…”

    Before Riella could finish her words, Haun spoke firmly.

    “You don’t have to look for one.”


    “You don’t have to look for one. I will keep going with you.”

    At Haun’s words, Riella looked at Haun with her eyes wide open as if she had heard something absurd, Haun spoke, looking at Riella’s expression.

    “So you don’t need to have another jeweler next to you.”


    The carriage ran nonstop and arrived at the flower market. I didn’t want to make a fuss, and Haun said that it was more convenient for security to go quietly, so I rode a carriage that you would normally see on the street instead of a large and flashy carriage.

    After Riella got off near the flower market, she gave the coachman the ticket she had received from the market, told him where to stop the carriage, said she would come by what time, and then pressed her hat down. She was trying to avoid anyone who might recognize her.

    “It’s been a long time.”

    I’ve been going through all sorts of things for weeks, and I’ve been distracted. The flower market remained unchanged. Flowers from all over the country were coming into the market in carts behind carriages. The flowers that had received the morning humidity took part and gave off a nice fragrance.

    A flower market doesn’t just sell flowers.

    If you have flowers, you need leaves, branches, or other grasses that are needed to give them a more beautiful appearance. Things called materials were also as important as flowers. Carriages loaded with materials were also entering the market like flower carriages.

    Besides materials, there are also carriages loaded with wrapping paper, ribbons, and other decorations, as well as carriages loaded with flowerpots and soil.

    In the meantime, people with quick hands were already unloading things from the carriage. The flower market was bustling with buyers, sellers, and people moving to deliver.

    “This way.”

    Riella grabbed Haun’s clothes, who was looking at her with a startled look.

    “Are you always this busy?”

    “Today is a particularly busy day. It’s the day when imported flowers come in. On days like this, rare flowers are auctioned off, so many people come to see them, even if they are not necessarily flower shop owners.”

    Riella also stopped by the flower market as much as possible on the days when imported flowers came in.

    The price was so high that it didn’t sell on Briggs Street, so all I could do was look around, but that alone reminded me of the scenery that I had never been to before. Throughout the year, there were various flowers, from flowers blooming in the mountains where ice doesn't melt and flowers blooming in deserts without a drop of water.

    “It's worse than the lair of Plenot.”

    Said Haun, who could not hide his astonishment as he followed Riella. Riella was curious about the expression on Haun. Haun said he spent a long time on the battlefield. Unlike other jewelers, he did not return much to the capital and continued to stay on the northern front to block Plenot.

    Now that Plenot is asleep, Haun stayed in the capital, but he was the one who had to leave again soon. I’m sure he’ll go and deal with dragons and monsters as he’s always done. Perhaps that’s why Haun wants more of Duke Herron jewels.

    ‘I think it’s right for the Grand Duke to receive the jewels.’

    Then someone pushed Riella inside. Because of the crowd moving at once, people were struggling to move at the entrance, keeping themselves close to each other. Riella, who was caught in the middle of the crowd pushing from both sides, clenched her arms and groaned.

    Seeing this, Haun lightly pulled her towards him. Someone next to Haun shouted, “Don’t get in the way and get out of the way!” At those words, Riella’s face turned white.

    ‘Sir, hurry up!’

    To the man who was screaming, Riella waved her hand with sincerity. Fortunately, thanks to the crowd, the shouting man was soon invisible, and Riella and Haun were able to get out and enter the market. Riella saw Haun standing next to her as she was organizing her crumpled clothes.

    “Are you… okay?”


    “Someone from a while ago…”

    “It doesn’t matter, it’s safer not to know who I am.”

    Is that so? Anyway, I was glad Haun didn’t care. At least he’s not so inflexible as to question someone's rudeness in a place like this. Riella, who was a little worried about Haun, looked into the market.

    The wooden pallets were piled high here and there, and on each of them a man in a green hat climbed up and shouted. The green hat was a sign that he was the broker in charge of the auction. In front of them was a bunch of flowers in a tin basket. It was like telling us what kind of flowers he was selling.

    The broker began to raise the flowers and shout. Then, seeing it, the people below waved their hands or raised their fingers, which was covered with a wooden board so that the people behind them could not see it.

    “This is the flower auction house. I’ll buy it as soon as possible.”

    Riella hurried up to the place where auctioneer’s were, thinking that she could not keep Haun in such a chaotic place for a long time. Haun followed her quickly.

    “First of all, rose, carnation, and freesia in three colors…”

    Riella mumbled the best-selling flowers on Briggs Street and walked up to the broker who sold them. She happened to see a red rose. Many people gathered because it was the best selling flower.

    When the auction began with the broker introducing the auction items, the hands of the people standing moved quickly. The same was true for Riella. Normally, it would have been enough to buy it at a store that doesn’t participate in this auction and receives flowers from this auction.

    ‘But I have to buy a lot today because I need a receipt to make up for when I haven’t opened in a while.’

    In order to participate in the flower festival, it was also necessary to prove that the store traded more than a certain amount of flowers. So I thought it would be better to do it directly at the auction house to buy a lot of flowers.

    After a while, the broker raised both hands and clapped his hands three times. Then the people standing next to him moved the wooden box containing the flowers. Riella quickly approached them and gave them the number of her carriage. Riella won three boxes of them. The carriers were going to carry these flowers straight to the carriage.

    “That’s enough roses, Next is, Freesia!”

    Soon the carriers left with a bunch of freesias full of buds. What should I buy next? Pretty one! Fresh one!

    Riella’s gaze stopped in one place, as she looked inside with twinkling eyes in search of the next prey.

    “Sweet Pea!”

    Sweet Pea, a beautiful mix of pale pink and purple, was placed in a nearby bucket of water. As I got closer, just like its name, I was greeted with a sweet, thick scent. Riella approached it as if possessed and examined the sweet pea. The stems were thick and strong, and the thin petals were fresh as well.

    In fact, the sweet pea wasn’t a good flower for Riella. The flowers tend to perish easily, making it difficult to store for a long time. And because they do not fit well with the soil of Cardia, all pretty varieties were imported overseas. Most of them were expensive because they relied on imports. Therefore, it is a flower that is bought only when there was a separate order or when the price went down a little.

    Riella looked at the busy broker’s hand. Sweet Pea prices remained the same. It’s expensive. Basically, pretty things are expensive. The smaller the quantity, the more expensive it is. In addition, the price was higher than usual because it was a high-quality sweet pea that hasn't been seen in a long time.

    ‘Even if I took it, it wouldn't sell out.’

    Riella looked at the flowers again in agony. The sweet pea in the bucket seemed to be talking to herself. ‘I’m so pretty. Are you going to leave?’

    In the meantime, the auction was in progress. In an instant, the remaining stock decreased. Everyone had the same eye for good things. Riella, who had been thinking for a while, raised her hand. I’m a person with money! Make some noise!
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    Kereta yang membawa Riella dan Haun berlari sepanjang jalan saat fajar. Di kereta yang bergetar, Haun berbicara kepada Riella, yang sedang duduk dengan ekspresi khawatir di wajahnya.

    "Apakah kamu baik-baik saja?"

    "Apa? Oh, saya baik-baik saja. Anda pasti lelah, tetapi terima kasih telah menerima permintaan yang tidak masuk akal seperti itu."

    Ketika Haun memanggilnya, Riella sadar dan mengungkapkan Haun. dia sedang tidur? Haun memiliki mata yang sedikit merah dan ekspresi lelah di wajahnya. Mungkin itu sebabnya dia terlihat lebih tajam dari biasanya.

    “Kamu tidak perlu khawatir tentang itu. Apakah Nea lebih sakit hari ini?”

    "Ya. Rasanya sangat menyakitkan untuk mengerang tanpa membuka pintu bahkan ketika saya mengetuknya. Ketika saya berjalan keluar, saya meminta Nyonya Melda untuk segera memanggil dokter, tetapi saya tidak tahu apakah dia akan baik-baik saja."

    “Ngga sakit…”

    Haun., dan ekspresinya berubah serius Riella menundukkannya.

    "Saya sangat menyesal. Karena tidak ada perhiasan lain di mansion…”

    Sebenarnya, aku tidak berharap Haun benar-benar pergi bersamaku. Bahkan kemarin, ketika saya mendengar kata-kata itu sendiri kemarin, saya akan lebih baik jika dia tidak merasa apa-apa ketika dia melihat saya. Namun demikian, saya tidak punya pilihan selain meminta bantuan, tetapi tidak meninggalkan ruangan tanpa mengajukan pertanyaan.

    Jika dia harus bertanya, mengapa Nea tidak bergabung dengan Anda? Itu saja.

    “Aku akan tahan dengan hal lain, tetapi satu peringatan lagi akan mendiskualifikasiku dari berpartisipasi dalam festival bunga.”

    "Apakah kamu memenuhi syarat untuk berpartisipasi?"

    “Saya berhak mengikuti festival bunga yang akan diadakan dua bulan lagi. Saya tersingkir dalam undian sampai tahun lalu, tetapi saya tidak bisa menyerah karena ini pertama kalinya saya tahun ini. Ketika saya kembali ke mansion, saya akan mencari perhiasan lain untuk meminta keamanan segera. Tidak akan ada lagi masalah bagi Duke.”

    "Perhiasan lain?"

    “Ya, Tuan Lucian akan kembali hari ini, jadi saya ingin memintanya untuk memperkenalkan beberapa kepada saya, ketua Asosiasi Meja Bundar. Oh, aku akan menyembunyikan bunganya, jadi kamu tidak perlu khawatir…”

    Sebelum Riella bisa menyelesaikan kata-katanya, Haun berbicara dengan tegas.

    “Kamu tidak perlu mencarinya.”


    “Kamu tidak perlu mencarinya. Aku akan terus bersamamu.”

    Mendengar kata-kata Haun, Riella menatap Haun dengan mata terbuka lebar seolah-olah dia telah mendengar sesuatu yang tidak masuk akal, Haun berbicara, melihat ekspresi Riella.

    "Jadi, Anda tidak perlu memiliki perhiasan lain di sebelah Anda."


    Kereta berjalan tanpa henti dan tiba di pasar bunga. Saya tidak ingin membuat keributan, dan Haun mengatakan bahwa lebih nyaman bagi keamanan untuk pergi dengan tenang, jadi saya mengendarai kereta yang biasanya Anda lihat di jalan daripada kereta besar dan mencolok.

    Setelah Riella turun di pasar bunga, dia memberi kusir tiket yang dia terima dari pasar, memberitahunya di mana harus melatih kereta, mengatakan dia akan datang jam berapa, dan kemudian menekan topinya ke bawah. Dia berusaha menghindari siapa pun yang mungkin mengenalinya.

    "Sudah lama."

    Saya telah melalui segala macam hal selama berminggu-minggu, dan saya telah terganggu. Pasar bunga tetap tidak berubah. Bunga-bunga dari seluruh negeri datang ke pasar dengan gerobak di belakang gerbong. Bunga-bunga yang telah menerima kelembaban pagi mengambil bagian dan mengeluarkan aroma yang harum.

    Pasar bunga tidak hanya menjual bunga.

    Jika Anda memiliki bunga, Anda membutuhkan daun, dahan, atau rerumputan lain yang diperlukan untuk memberikan penampilan yang lebih indah. Hal-hal yang disebut bahan juga sama pentingnya dengan bunga. Kereta penuh dengan bahan juga memasuki pasar seperti kereta bunga.

    Selain bahan, ada juga gerbong yang diisi dengan kertas kado, pita, dan hiasan lainnya, serta gerbong yang diisi dengan pot bunga dan tanah.

    Sementara itu, orang-orang dengan tangan cepat sudah menurunkan barang-barang dari kereta. Pasar bunga ramai dengan pembeli, penjual, dan orang-orang yang bergerak untuk mengantarkan.

    "Cara ini."

    Riella meraih pakaian Haun, yang menatapnya dengan tatapan terkejut.

    "Apakah kamu selalu sibuk ini?"

    “Hari ini adalah hari yang sangat sibuk. Ini adalah hari dimana bunga impor masuk. Pada hari-hari seperti ini, bunga langka dilelang, begitu banyak orang datang untuk melihatnya, bahkan jika mereka belum tentu pemilik toko bunga.”

    Riella juga sesering mungkin mampir ke pasar bunga pada hari-hari saat bunga impor masuk.

    Harganya sangat tinggi sehingga tidak dijual di Briggs Street, jadi yang bisa saya lakukan hanyalah melihat-lihat, tetapi itu saja mengingatkan saya pada pemandangan yang belum pernah saya kunjungi sebelumnya. Sepanjang tahun, ada berbagai bunga, dari bunga yang mekar di pegunungan di mana es tidak mencair dan bunga yang mekar di gurun tanpa setetes air.

    "Ini lebih buruk dari sarang Plenot."

    Kata Haun, yang tidak bisa menyembunyikan keheranannya saat mengikuti Riella. Riella penasaran dengan ekspresi Haun. Haun mengatakan dia menghabiskan waktu lama di medan perang. Tidak seperti toko perhiasan lainnya, dia tidak banyak kembali ke ibukota dan terus tinggal di front utara untuk memblokir Plenot.

    Sekarang Plenot, Haun tinggal di ibu kota, tetapi dialah yang harus segera pergi lagi. Aku yakin dia akan pergi dan berurusan dengan naga dan monster seperti yang selalu dia lakukan. Mungkin itu sebabnya Haun menginginkan lebih banyak perhiasan Duke Herron.

    'Saya pikir itu benar bagi Grand Duke untuk menerima permata.'

    Kemudian seseorang mendorong Riella ke dalam. Karena bergerak sekaligus, orang-orang berjuang untuk bergerak di pintu masuk, menjaga diri mereka tetap dekat satu sama lain. Riella, yang terperangkap di tengah yang mendorong dari kedua sisi, mengepalkan tangan dan mengerang.

    Melihat ini, Haun dengan ringan menariknya ke arahnya. Seseorang di sebelah Haun berteriak, "Jangan menahan dan menyingkir!" Mendengar kata-kata itu, wajah Riella memucat.

    'Tuan, cepat!'

    Kepada pria yang berteriak, Riella melambaikan tangannya dengan tulus. Untungnya, berkat kerumunan, pria yang berteriak itu segera tidak terlihat, dan Riella dan Haun bisa keluar dan masuk ke pasar. Riella melihat Haun berdiri di sampingnya saat dia mengatur pakaiannya yang kusut.

    "Apakah kamu baik-baik saja?"


    “Seseorang dari beberapa waktu lalu…”

    "Tidak masalah, lebih aman untuk tidak mengetahui siapa aku."

    Apakah begitu? Bagaimanapun, aku senang Haun tidak peduli. Setidaknya dia tidak begitu kaku untuk mempertanyakan kekasaran seseorang di tempat seperti ini. Riella, yang sedikit khawatir tentang Haun, melihat ke pasar.

    Palet kayu ditumpuk tinggi di sana-sini, dan di atasnya masing-masing seorang pria bertopi memanjat hijau dan berteriak. Topi hijau adalah tanda bahwa dia adalah broker yang bertanggung jawab atas pelelangan. Di depan mereka ada seikat bunga dalam keranjang timah. Itu seperti memberi tahu kami jenis bunga apa yang dia jual.

    Broker mulai mengangkat bunga dan berteriak. Kemudian, melihatnya, orang-orang di bawah tangan atau mengangkat jari mereka, yang ditutup dengan papan kayu sehingga orang-orang di belakang mereka tidak bisa melihatnya.

    “Ini adalah rumah lelang bunga. Saya akan menilai mungkin. ”

    Riella mencari tempat juru lelang, berpikir bahwa dia tidak bisa menahan Haun di tempat yang begitu kacau untuk waktu yang lama. Haun mengikutinya dengan cepat.

    “Pertama-tama, mawar, anyelir, dan freesia dalam tiga warna…”

    Riella menggumamkan bunga terlaris di Briggs Street dan berjalan ke broker yang menjualnya. Dia kebetulan melihat mawar merah. Banyak orang berkumpul karena itu adalah bunga terlaris.

    Ketika pelelangan dimulai dengan broker yang memperkenalkan barang lelang, tangan orang-orang yang berdiri bergerak cepat. Hal yang sama berlaku untuk Riella. Biasanya, itu sudah cukup untuk di toko yang tidak berpartisipasi dalam lelang ini dan menerima bunga dari lelang ini.

    "Tapi saya harus membeli banyak hari ini karena saya perlu kwitansi untuk menebus saya yang sudah lama tidak buka."

    Untuk berpartisipasi dalam festival bunga, perlu juga untuk membuktikan bahwa toko tersebut memperdagangkan lebih dari jumlah bunga tertentu. Jadi saya pikir akan lebih baik melakukannya langsung di rumah lelang untuk membeli banyak bunga.

    Setelah beberapa saat, broker mengangkat kedua tangan dan bertepuk tangan tiga kali. Kemudian orang-orang yang berdiri di sampingnya memindahkan kotak kayu berisi bunga-bunga itu. Riella dengan cepat mendekati mereka dan memberi mereka nomor gerbongnya. Riella memenangkan tiga kotak di antaranya. Para pembawa akan membawa bunga-bunga ini langsung ke kereta.

    “Cukup mawar, Selanjutnya, Freesia!”

    Segera pembawa pergi dengan seikat freesia penuh kuncup. Apa yang harus saya beli selanjutnya? Yang cantik! Yang segar!

    Tatapan Riella berhenti di satu tempat, saat dia melihat ke dalam dengan mata berbinar mencari mangsa berikutnya.

    "Kacang manis!"

    Sweet Pea, a beautiful mix of pale pink and purple, was placed in a nearby bucket of water. As I got closer, just like its name, I was greeted with a sweet, thick scent. Riella approached it as if possessed and examined the sweet pea. The stems were thick and strong, and the thin petals were fresh as well.

    In fact, the sweet pea wasn’t a good flower for Riella. The flowers tend to perish easily, making it difficult to store for a long time. And because they do not fit well with the soil of Cardia, all pretty varieties were imported overseas. Most of them were expensive because they relied on imports. Therefore, it is a flower that is bought only when there was a separate order or when the price went down a little.

    Riella menatap tangan broker yang sibuk itu. Harga Sweet Pea tetap sama. Itu mahal. Pada dasarnya, barang-barang cantik itu mahal. Semakin sedikit jumlahnya, semakin mahal harganya. Selain itu, harganya lebih tinggi dari biasanya karena itu adalah kacang manis berkualitas tinggi yang sudah lama tidak terlihat.

    'Bahkan jika saya mengambilnya, itu tidak akan terjual habis.'

    Riella melihat bunga itu lagi dengan dambaan. Kacang manis di ember sepertinya berbicara pada dirinya sendiri. 'Saya sungguh cantik. Apakah Anda akan pergi?'

    Sementara itu, lelang sedang berlangsung. Dalam, stok yang tersisa berkurang. Semua orang memiliki mata yang sama untuk hal-hal baik. Riella, yang telah berpikir, mengangkat tangan itu. Saya orang dengan uang! Membuat beberapa hal!
    terima kasih banyak, saya akan menunggu bab berikutnya
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    "It's over..."

    Riella looked at the market with a satisfied look on her face. She took the tickets handed over by the auctioneers, paid the price, and then received the receipt.

    "How many are these?"

    On the day when a store on Briggs Street opened and left flower decorations, buying 80 gilder worth of flowers was the most bought record so far. Today, however, I spent 150 guilders, including Sweet peas. Perhaps the moving wagon will look like a bunch of flowers.

    I was happy because I generously bought all the flowers I wanted to buy, but in the back of my mind I was worried that I might have spent too much money.

    ’If there's any left, I'll sprinkle some on the people. But if there’s any left, let’s take it to the mansion.’

    Riella walked up to Haun, who was standing behind her.

    "Is it over?"

    "Yes. I think we can go to the store now."

    In fact, I wanted to see more, and there were many things I wanted to buy, but since I came with Haun, I couldn't. As they moved a few steps back to the carriage, people rushed in from the other entrance next door.

    ’What's going on?’

    Riella groaned as she raised her heels to look over the crowd, and Haun kicked his tongue and looked over and said.

    "A man in a red hat is coming out with something."

    "What? Really?"

    The red hat was worn by auctioneers in charge of very rare flowers. Soon a man in a red hat came up on a tall wooden pallet. He held out a small pot in his hand so that people could see it well.

    "This is the red Elpian who arrived this morning!"

    The whole auction house became noisy at the words. People pushed each other at the word "Red Elpian" and tried to get closer to each other. Riella looked at the pot held by the auctioneer with her mouth wide open from a distance.

    "Oh my God, it’s a red Elpian!"

    The Elpian was a very rare flower.In particular, the rarity used to vary depending on the color, but among them, red was the most difficult to see.

    "Is it a precious flower?"

    "Yes! It's been a long time since I’ve been here on the market! I haven’t been here since last spring, but I think they found it somewhere!"

    Riella stomped her feet, unable to hide her excitement. She looked at it. Last spring, I saw it at this auction house. It was the first time since. How much was the auction price? A flower pot in bloom had exceeded a thousand guilders. But the Elpian in that pot, which came in today, had three flowers and two buds.

    Whether they can buy it or not, the faces of the merchants were excited at the thought of seeing an expensive deal for the first time in a long time. Perhaps that would be bought by merchants who own a large store and provide flowers to the nobles. And in a little while they'll be all over the magazine talking about whose flowers they belong to.

    When such an article appeared, all merchants looked at the broker with expectations as the number of customers who came to buy flowers increased for a while, even if it was not necessarily the flower. The broker cleared his throat and shouted.

    "The starting price is 5,000 guilders!"

    At that moment, Groans were heard from everywhere. The Elpian, which was sold for a thousand guilders last year, has also been on the rise for a while because of its high price in the mouths of gardeners. But 5,000 guilders at the start? No matter how precious and in good condition, no one will easily raise their hand at that price.

    While Riella was looking at the Elpians with that thought in mind, someone raised their hand and said,

    "10,000 guilders."

    At the sound of 10,000 guilders, people looked around for the owner of the voice. A man walked out from behind as if to answer the people. Seeing the person, Riella's shoulders drooped. Haun asked in wonder at the appearance.

    "Do you know him?"

    "Yes. I'm sure everyone here knows except you.That's Hayden, the owner of the largest florist in the capital, the Esnel Garden. And among the flowers on the special auction, he buys all the red flowers. Mr.Hayden also bought the Elpian flowers that came out last year."

    "But why do you look like that?"


    Haun's words made Riella guess what kind of face she was making. I'm sure I’ll cry. but I couldn't help it.

    ’Mr. Hayden never reveals the flowers he bought to others.’

    Usually, when people buy precious flowers, they hold events to show them off. But Hayden put the flowers in the greenhouse of his mansion and did not show them to anyone. Of course, it was a flower that he bought with his own money, but it was a pity for those who wanted to see a little more of the precious flowers.

    Hayden walked forward proudly amidst the sighs of the people. From the start, we bid twice the lowest price. Although these red Elpian flowers are precious, not many people bought them for 10,000 guilders.

    Even though the auction was not yet over, the Elpian flowers seemed to have already belonged to Hayden's, and Riella saw the flowers in the broker's hand.

    Last spring, when an Elpian flower smaller than that came out, I remembered the days when I couldn't sleep for a month or so after seeing it. Looking at Riella like that, Lina clapped her tongue, saying, "If you had fallen in love with a man, I would have dragged him. What kind of flower would have caused you love sickness?" Still, Riella sighed and recalled the Elpian flower.

    It was pretty. Really pretty. It's going to be beautiful. I envy you, Mr. Hayden....

    So when Riella was introduced to the Dukes’ greenhouse, she had high expectations. I hope the Duke will have Elpian flowers here too. But everywhere I looked, there were no Elpian flowers, so I carefully asked Duke Herron.

    "Do you have any Elpian flowers?"

    "The Elpian flower? Oh, that one?"

    "Are they here?"

    "No, I bought it a long time ago, but it didn't grow properly, so I sent it to Sir Morris, the chief florist of the royal family. Do you want to see it? Should I tell them to bring it back?”

    "No,that’s okay!"

    Sir Morris was the most recognized and respected florist in the country. How can I ask him to bring it back when he is in charge of it? Then Duke Herron smiled and said.

    “When the red Elpian appears at the next auction house, I’ll have to tell him to bring it. I think you’ll raise it well.”

    Recalling the past, Riella thought about how much money was left in her bank account. Then she sighed and shook her head.

    ‘It’s too much.’

    The Lawyers also said that Nea could use it however she wanted. Even if I work hard anyway, it won't show off. That's why I was so excited about buying flowers including sweet peas a while ago. I feel uncomfortable with 150 guilders, but 10,000 guilders. It was as if the reason inside me seemed to shout, ’Is being a beggar a dream?’ If there was Neah, she would have responded, ‘Do you think the Duke's fortune would be a beggar to buy a flower like this?’ But now Neah is not here to say that.

    While Riella was desperately trying to give up, someone else's voice rang in the market.

    “10,500 guilders!”


    A tall, thin woman raised her hand with her arms crossed and called a new price.

    "It's Melania Rohem!"

    Melania Rohem. At that name, people quickly moved away from her, unlike before. Melania was the most unconventional florist in the capital. The problem was that it was so extreme that it was hard to accept. Instead, people who liked Melania's style followed her enthusiastically.

    Hayden glared at Melania once and cried again.

    "11,000 guilders!"

    Melania didn't lose either.

    "12,000 guilders!"

    There was a moment of silence, and Hayden and Melania stared at each other and shouted fiercely. Two thousand five hundred, three thousand, three thousand five hundred....

    Hayden and Melania's faces were distorted as the amount went up by 500 guilders.

    "Are you going to give up, Mr.Hayden? It seems that your garden business is not going well these days, but you have to save it to make a good living."

    "Don't worry, Melania, my garden is working fine. You've been quiet for some time, but have your fanatics finally come to their senses now?"

    The people at the auction saw a flash of lightning between the two. The two of them, who were determined to defeat each other here today, raised their hands at the broker and shouted repeatedly.



    Looking at the two people who continued to raise prices, the people around them shook their heads. No matter how valuable the Elpian flower is, this price is ridiculous. Contrary to people's expressions, the broker's face was gradually smiling. The larger the transaction amount, the higher the commission will be.

    Riella said to Houn quietly.

    "I’d better go back now."

    I bought all the flowers I needed. There is no reason to stay here. Meanwhile, Riella turned her head and saw the Elpian flower in the broker's hand. Haun looked at Riella and said,

    "Shouldn’t we see the end of the auction?"

    "One of them will take it anyway."

    "I think you want it. Won't you buy it?"

    "How can I buy something so expensive?"

    And it's not mine, so if I look at it. My stomach hurts. Swallowing the words, Riella tried to turn around. Then Hayden Shouted.

    "20,000 guilders!"

    He doubled the first price he had called, and Hayden's expression looked upset. Melania, who had been raising the price without losing, also stepped back, chewing her lips as if conscious of the fact that it was 20,000 guilders. Hayden laughed. He was certain of his victory.

    The broker, who had a hunch that the auction was over, spoke.

    "Anything else? Then 20,000! I'll close the deal at 20,000....”

    "A hundred thousand."

    A dreadful silence covered the auction house. Riella slowly turned to the side. Haun, who seemed not very interested in this worship until a while ago, was raising his hand. in the silence Haun said again.

    "Didn't you hear me? 100,000."