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    Spoiler? http://www.xxsy.net/info/253036.html

    chain of spiritual sources, a man who could not see the appearance of his face, urged Maple Cloud to enter a magical continent, the ancient continent. It is a completely unfamiliar world for the mainland to repair magic and cultivate cents.

    Her body was weak and she couldn't practice magical power, but she got a mystery man's marrow in a cave and he became a martial arts wizard. Along the way of the Wizards, she actually uncovered a mysterious secret that has been hidden for over a hundred million years!

    Who dominates the success or failure? Who is it who is responsible? What is heaven? What is land? Who is God? Who is the devil?

    Naland Kiyomasa: "The Valley of Refining Drugs," Lord Guru, is a rare all-rounder in ancient China. His identity is mysterious, but it is the first person in the world with the "Tianchi Lushan". When she was four years old, she was taken in by him and he hurt her like a bead.

    ★ Mysterious and mysterious cave man: For her, she washed my bones and bones, repeatedly appeared in mystery, and was inextricably linked to the chain of spiritual sources. However, I do not know the beginning of everything, it was just a fate along the path of destiny. Entanglement.

    ★Feng Jingye: The king of evil spirits, the evil spirits, and the ruler of the “Hill House”. An accidental encounter, he was rescued by her, from then on he would play chase game with her, is about to let her do after the demon domain.

    ★ Inkwell: The king of the blood family is in charge of the “sea rhyme” that is famous for producing crystal ore and refining equipment. She wants to eat her blood, who knows that she is backslied by her blood, and she will serve her as her slave.

    ★ Xiao Yan: The disciple of Tianchi Elder Elder, the Prince of Tianchi, had an occasional encounter and made him never forget her.

    ★ Desert Fox: This is the patriarch of the month and the month of the Fox family, come to the devil domain calendar learning, because of the occasion will be under her World of Warcraft, for life for her.

    ★ Thousands of years of disillusionment: The Magic Kingdom, the hidden door of the Nanshan leader. Because she was the woman of the cousin Feng Jing night and love, she had never thought of her. She was known to be in a bickering, dark and affectionate, and was tangled in love and not in love for a lifetime.


    Career setting:

    Magic power level: Initially one to ten layers of magical power; then it is the demon, the devil, the demon and the legendary demon, devil, and demon.

    Xiu Xian level: initially for the cultivation of the first layer to the tenth layer; then the immortal, the earth immortal, the real immortal and the legendary immortal, immortal, and immortal.

    Refining grades: one pharmacist to ten pharmacists, followed by pharmacist, pharmacist, pharmacist and pharmacist.

    Mixer grades: preliminary grades 1 to 10; then the holy grade, God level refiner division.

    Enchantment levels: 1 to 10, followed by Master, Holy, and God.

    Ratings: Grades 1 to 10, Grand Masters; Ancient Warriors.

    Holy code level: one to three realms, harps, imperial beasts, imperial objects. Each realm has six levels.

    World of Warcraft level: one to ten orders of World of Warcraft; one to ten orders of holy order of Warcraft; one to ten orders of orders of gods of Warcraft; one to ten orders of ancient gods and beasts; one to ten orders of ancient beasts.
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    This sound really good. I like reverse harem.
    Hope someone spoiler this
    @vsukio @ludagad
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    This sound good