LCD The Venerable Swordsman

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    C1-37: I hate power outages :(

    C38: The obvious translation errors just keep getting worse.

    "I only like men!" lol. I wonder how long he'll maintain that lie ;)

    C39: "But he felt wronged. Only God knows that there actually was someone in this place" Actually, it was pretty obvious that someone already owned the building. Using half a brain cell would have told you to knock first.

    Is it a quirk of the translation that Battle Skill and Spear Skill are treated as the same thing?

    "But I can't afford it!" Can he not sell those spirit stones, and maybe that formation ring?

    "I am also very handsome! You can watch me for free!" At this rate, he may never convince them that he's not gay... ;)

    C40: Ah, so this is why he'll get all the dead sword god's stuff. I was wondering since he had the key, but no reason to ever find the door.

    I assume that will also be where he gets his next sword.

    C42: "Ye Xuan looked at Ye Xuan" Did he bring a mirror to the dinner table?

    If they're so lacking in confidence, then why don't they just leave before the competition? It's not like the dean will even chase after them, and his granddaughter would be too busy losing the competition to do it for him.

    C43: "Ye Xuan went in with two of his coolies, Ye Ling, and Mo Yunqi. " His sister would never be treated as his coolie.

    If there's a black card, then why is his only purple?

    Its funny, but he can't really run with all of those carts. Since the carts belong to a major power that the college wouldn't want to offend, he should have just told the servants to deliver the goods to the school and then left without them.

    C44: "If you have the ability, you should kill me, or else I will fucking kill your whole family! You..." I've always felt that the people who say these things are morons.

    "men in back-which" what?

    "Zuo Li suddenly pricked up his long gun" Huh?

    "The Qi Harnessing Realm!" Wasn't this guy supposed to be one of the top five strongest people at Cangmu College? Why is his realm still the same as the base minimum requirement to enter the school? Shouldn't he at least be in the Ascending realm? Though, even if not, why is it said with an exclamation mark? There's nothing surprising or remarkable about his realm being that high. Or is the author also stunned by how weak he is?

    "The punch and the spear smashed together! " And the MC lost his hand, which was his own fault for punching the pointy end of a spear.

    Why isn't he using his sword? Its 20 to 3. Its well passed time to be holding back.

    C45: "I would rather die than be humiliated by students from Canglan College!" Well, the world is better off without someone that stupid in it I suppose. Though, if that's the standard of the top five of that college, then I can't really understand why the college is rated so highly.

    That aside, why didn't the MC kill him? It was totally out of character.

    "He took a look at those weapons and thought that they were not some ordinary items so he could sell them at a good price! " So, none of them were swords? I wonder what possible reason there will be for him to not exchange them for swords in spite of his desperate need for them.

    C46: So, was it a mistranslation, or is there still one student we haven't met?

    C47: "so the students from it were certainly not idiots." Sure they are, and so are the teachers. Its not their fault though. It's clearly a genetic defect common to the people of this world.

    That aside, why hasn't the MC left yet? The Sword God's abode was supposed to be opened in less than a month, his sister has at most a month to live, and it's probably going to take a week or two to get there.

    C48: What's the point in 3v3 if its just going to be 3 1v1s?

    "Was he conceited?" Yep.

    Didn't he need to upgrade the sword in his body if he wanted to advance his realm? And wasn't the only way to upgrade replacing it?

    If the goal was to kill the MC, even if they had to cheat, then why would those two hold back? If they went all out then they could have killed off the side characters and then ganged up on the MC and won without cheating.

    C50: "It is just the second layer." The first layer had a sword god. Wtf do you mean "It is just the second layer"?

    "My sister stays here. Could you please take care of her for me?" He's going to the abode at roughly the same time that his sister is scheduled to die. How the f' does he plan to get back in time, even if he picks something up immediately after stepping off the ship and comes right back without even bothering to go to the abode?

    "No rashness" Who are you talking about? It certainly can't be the MC.

    C51: I don't see how that would reassure him. She's not strong enough to kill the dean of Cangmu College. So long as that's the case, she can't guarantee her own life, much less his sister's.

    "who was opinionated!" So, women aren't allowed to have opinions? Or is this just a poor translation?

    That aside, why is she even on that ship? She's not qualified to be going to the same place he is, and her family shouldn't want her anywhere near the front lines when a war is about to break out.

    C52: "What on earth is the existence kept in this second layer?" I'm betting on a cat. Possibly a catgirl.

    I feel she may be a bad influence on him ;)

    C53: How would someone who represents a major power be in such poor condition? Or alternatively, how did someone without a major backer get in there without being killed by the older generation?

    C54: "Are you nuts? I was just asking and you actually told me your secret?" I like this princess ;)

    C57: "he ran toward the Sword Lord's Abode instead!" Wouldn't there still be people there?

    C59: "Anyhow he is a Sword Cultivator. He can't tell lies..." The only one a sword cultivator can't lie to is themselves...

    "He is just in the Qi Varying Realm, which is two whole realms below mine." Is the MC's cultivation being masked for some reason? And if so, then how is 8 - 5 = 2?

    "in Ye Xuan's left hand, there suddenly appeared another sword." All the bones in one of his hands are shattered, how is he holding a sword in each one?

    Also, why didn't he just use the formation ring? What was even the point in having him buy it if he's never going to use it? With this latest upgrade to his strength, I'm pretty sure the ring is actually weaker than his normal attacks. Buying it was a complete waste of money, and more importantly, page space.

    Furthermore, since he upgraded his sword, why didn't that upgrade his realm?

    You know, he could have just hidden in the tower for a couple of days while the princess gathered an army to come pick him up.

    C61: At this point, I'm rooting for the princess more than the destined winner An ;)

    C62: "In short, it couldn't be duplicated so it was a unique one!" Is there any reason a person couldn't just learn it and then make their own scroll? Or learn it and then sell the scroll?

    He really should take this opportunity to ask the princess to request a doctor for his sister. She should have access to the best in the country, and the nation owes him enough favors at this point that its extremely unlikely that she'd refuse even if she didn't like him.

    "Get yourself prepared. We'll have a nasty fight tonight!" So, is she planning to kill them before the auction, or see if they win the bid and then kill them to steal it back?

    C63: "Now you finally know how horribly high the price of the scroll you have thrown to me is!" He already knew though? She flat out told him it should be worth about fifty million.

    C64: And another one for the harem.

    C65: Rape is never justified. I really wish authors would understand this very simple concept :/

    C66: Why didn't he even try to ask her for the location before leaving?

    "Killing her proves that you are afraid of her. The greatest taboo of Sword Cultivators is fear. That you let her go proves that you are not afraid of her, or that you believe you can be stronger than her in the future, which is certainly a good thing." Shouldn't that mean that she already looks down on him for killing Ye Liang?

    "As a man, how can I be afraid of a woman?" Just how stupid is he?

    How was she suddenly able to guide him to the treasure? She clearly didn't sense it the last time they were there or there wouldn't have been a need to chase after the woman in the first place.

    "Predecessor... It is not a little bit of pain... The pain kills me..." When will he learn that "little bit of pain" means "excruciating agony"?

    C67: How stupid is he to let off a punch like that into the ground when he's in a tunnel so far beneath the surface? Was he trying to trap himself under a pile of rubble?

    C68: "Old man, stop me! Come on! Fucking stop me..." lol

    C69: "You are free from arrogance and rashness" lol. At least make your flattery believable ;)

    Sounds like someone has been keeping tabs on the MC.

    "Do you really say nothing when I told you so?" lol.

    He should have kept the gold and gotten a shopping list from her instead. With his purple card, they could have gotten 100m worth of goods out of Drunken Fairy Building ;)

    I wonder if the (probable) cat will save him, or if he'll save himself.

    C70: And this is precisely why he shouldn't have believed that his sister was safe in that school.

    C72: I'm betting its Ji.

    C74: "Mr. Ji would absolutely sacrifice Ye Xuan to keep the other students in order to preserve their strength for the future." What would have been the point in that? None of the others had the strength to survive the competition, and if he found any that could, Cangmu would just assassinate them. There's basically no point in holding back or trying to preserve anything under those circumstances. Its why intelligent generals always leave their enemies a way out if they're not willing to suffer truly massive casualties.

    Ah, so that was the trick. With that much on the line, even students from the Divine continent might be tempted. I just hope for the college's sake that they accurately disseminate the MC's info along with the request. Otherwise, they'll just be sending cannon fodder.

    C75: I keep wondering why he spelled out Cangmu instead of Canglan.

    Why isn't she demanding that her brother be allowed to come with her? She has to know that he'd want to, and that her status would prevent them from bullying him there. Given her personality, she shouldn't even be willing to consider being separated from him if she has any choice whatsoever.

    Wouldn't they be willing to associate with that branch again if the dean told them about the MC? His known powers and talents alone are enough to value him after all, and that's assuming that the dean doesn't know about the incident(s) with the Drunken Fairy Building.

    C77: How could they arrive so fast using something as slow as horses? shouldn't that take at least two weeks even if they were already at the border when they got the news?

    C80: "never would he become arrogant!" No need to become arrogant when you already act just as recklessly as any arrogant person ever could.

    "Little girl, those stones are your grandfather's wine money..." Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't already sold them.

    "However, he failed to take even one punch from Ye Xuan!" He took several though?

    "If he could solve the problem within one sword strike, he would never fight a longer time with others!" Well, that's blatantly not true.

    I wonder why he didn't loot the first corpse, and why he didn't check the second for a storage ring.

    C81: "Can all these items in exchange for two Spiritual Swords?" Has he already forgotten his 50% discount? Just the nine stones were more than enough to get two swords with more than a million gold in change.

    I really have to wonder why the college and DFB hate each other. You'd think that they'd have a symbiotic relationship.

    C83: "In the whole Jiang Country, only one person was on the list!" I clearly remember that there were two.

    There's a part of me that really wants his sword to be smashed, just to remind him of why its unspeakably stupid to be using that particular sword to fight.

    "They... are so poor. And they are so thick-skinned..." The two conditions are not unrelated ;)

    C84: I really have to wonder why its never occurred to him to learn how to make swords.

    C85: If they're going to throw away all pretense like that, then why not just murder the MC directly? It'd have the exact same effect as what they're doing now if their plan actually works. They're just making it needlessly complicated while destroying their own reputations and sowing ill will with numerous powers and anyone with a sense of righteousness.

    C86: "This is my own business. You don't have to get involved." Does he not understand that if he dies, then they'll all die too? They can't survive the competition with their own strength. If he's not there, then they might as well commit suicide.

    C87: Why is the queen of Ning reading intelligence reports in the imperial palace of Jiang?

    So, why isn't the local Canglang College helping him? They should still have a branch in Ning, right?

    C90: "With those great prizes, we'll no longer need to drift here and there. Moreover, we can get a chance to revive our family." And in what dream world are you living that you wouldn't be robbed and killed if you were actually unlucky enough to get those prizes without the backing of a major power to protect you?

    C93: "None of them was weak!" He oneshots people in the Ascending realm all the time. How are they not weak when their realm is the only thing being considered?

    "You are brave enough. Okay, now you pick ten!" lol.

    C94: Why isn't the woman who wanted to recruit his sister there yet? She should be more than capable of rescuing Ye Ling on her own. Or is she afraid of Cangmu?

    Why do these idiots think they have any right to quit when they don't have the ability to run?

    C95: "All of them are killers, very disgusting!" And exactly what do you think you are? You came for exactly the same reason, to murder for money.

    C96: I wonder if this will convince Cangmu to send its actual strongest people, regardless of age, all in a group. Also curious if it'll convince Canglan to get off their a**es and come help the Jiang branch.

    Why didn't he give the armor to his sister? Its not like you need to cultivate to use it, and she's in much more danger than any of the cultivators.

    "Congratulations! You have successfully killed geniuses and marvels from dozens of super forces. Haha..." And are you really stupid enough to think that none of those forces will blame you?

    C97: "You know too much!" lol. That's a very dangerous and unreasonable kind of shy ;) Though, thankfully, not at the tsundere level.

    It'd be nice to read a story without homophobia :/

    "Just now, he did not capitalize on your difficulties." The fact that he showed up at all shows that he's capitalizing on the MC's difficulties.

    "Little girl, you are so cute. Where are your mom and dad?" Is there anyone in this series that isn't an idiot?

    Seriously, why is she looking to go with the little girl without her brother? There's no reason she couldn't take her brother with her. The people targeting him are targeting her too, and will target her even more ferociously than him if they find out her potential. In terms of safety, him coming or not makes no difference. And if the girl isn't willing to take him too, she can just flatout refuse to go until the girl changes her mind, which really shouldn't take long given the talent the MC has shown so far. This just feels like the author forcing things that make no sense because he's tired of writing damsel in distress plots and has written himself into a corner where this is the only way he sees out, logic, good writing, and consistent characterization be damned.

    C98: "Although she did not like Ye Xuan" Why exactly is that anyway? Her original disdain was based on his perceived inability to cultivate, right? She was clearly wrong about that, so why does she still dislike him?

    "I know that you love her, but don't let this love become selfish!" He's not the one being selfish though? The one trying to forcefully separate them is clearly the one being selfish here.

    "she did not want Ye Ling to have anything to do with Ye Xuan." Why? Permanently separating them will just create a devil in Ye Ling's heart guaranteed to kill her in the future, or worse, cause her to turn against the clan and slaughter them en masse.

    "If you fail to reach Sword Lord before the age of 30" If sword lords are so meaningless to her, then she would never have delayed recruiting Ye Ling to explore a sword lord's abode. The author is clearly not even trying at this point :/

    C100: "I don't know whether or not my little girl had got used to her life there..." Its not even been a day yet. She probably hasn't even come close to reaching her destination.

    Ah, so that's the author's excuse for keeping the MC suppressed. I knew there was absolutely no chance of Canglan actually protecting him. Though, this does make me wonder if he'll wind up destroying Canglan after he's done with Cangmu.

    C101: "Life is more important!" So, protecting the MC is more important than protecting your children and grandchildren?

    C102: lol. That Ninth Floormaster is like a windvane ;)

    C104: And how is he supposed to deliver that message if Ji doesn't tell him the recipient's name?

    Why does he continue to insist on holding back? If he'd used the Earth Armor when attacking the dean, he wouldn't have been blown back.

    C105: "Forget it. An incredible person like me, I am afraid that there is no one else in this universe." lol.

    "It would be nice if you can understand it, but if you can't... Then you have to understand it! Don't disgrace me!" His master really is the best part of this series ;)

    I wonder why the third floorlord never showed up. Did the ninth not bother to report what was going on?

    C107: "Predecessors, thank you. I am going to rebuild the Canglan College." He's not qualified. He doesn't know anywhere near enough about cultivation. Sure, he can probably buy a bunch of resources, but that doesn't make up for his lack of ability to guide others.

    That aside, he really shouldn't keep the name Canglan. They abandoned him in his hour of need, and he's not the sort to forget such things.

    "Let's just wait and see if they will give up." Why would they give up? At this point, not killing him is the same as committing suicide. If they're going to die either way, then why not try to die together?

    C108: "After a while, he hung the wine gourd around his waist." By what right? His granddaughter is right there.

    Again, why keep the Canglan name? Especially if you're not planning to join with the main branch and actually want to suppress and surpass them?
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    Does it matter anymore? the chapters are paywalled now...sadnesss...