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    MC wanted to have breakfast the next day with ML but ML was summoned to the imperial palace.

    MC’s maid told MC that the heroine isn’t awake yet which made MC wonder why it’s taking so long.

    Someone came to visit MC.

    He was a noble and apparently came to deliver a letter to her.

    MC decided to have a meal with the delivery guy.

    The delivery guy stared at MC’s neck before commenting “I think you had a very
    frenetic night.”

    MC grabbed the candle holder beside her and threw it on the delivery guy with all her might.

    She thought that he was a nice and polite guy but who would have thought that he would dare to sexually harass her? She wished the candle holder broke his teeth.

    MC brought the invitation the delivery guy gave and tore it.

    “Get out.”

    “M-My lady.”

    “Aren’t you going to go out?”

    MC threatened.

    The delivery guy took a slice from the letter MC tore and left quickly.

    MC’s knight quickly came and guessed the situation from seeing the candle holder on the floor.

    Realizing that her knight was going after the delivery guy, MC stopped him.

    The knight was adamant on killing the delivery guy which made MC wonder when she realized that her wasn’t kidding, Why is this guy acting like ML? Is it that? The servant resembles his master? Is it why he and ML are similar??

    In the end, MC managed to stop her knight from going after the delivery guy to kill him.

    MC glanced at the broken candle holder and wondered if it can be used anymore? It looks expensive...


    ML told MC that the emperor ordered him to do something and he has to leave her for sometime.

    “How long?”

    “I don’t know exactly how long it would take but in the worse case I would have to cross the borders.”

    MC didn’t want to be separated from ML but she knew that ML had no choice since it’s the emperor’s direct order.


    In the end, ML left and MC went outside the mansion and met a noble.

    (This was pretty confusing, I think that the noble was the guy who sent the delivery guy to give MC the invitation.)

    The invitation’s sender kneeled in front of MC and apologized for the rude behavior of the delivery guy.

    At first, MC didn’t want to talk about it but the sender refused to raise his head unless MC forgives him.

    When MC said that she forgives him, he asked if it was alright to send her an apology gift and if MC didn’t accept it his heart would be uncomfortable.

    MC felt uncomfortable, it’s not as though they are close or that she cares about him and most of all, she didn’t want to make trouble by not accepting a simple gift so she ended up saying that it was alright.


    ML was using a magic tool (the one that acted like a phone.)

    He was hearing someone reporting to him.



    -Nothing happened until yesterday’s morning. At C city, Ineo Sileo (I’m not sure if this is the sender’s name since it’s translated ‘inner seeker’) touched her hand.

    “..... which one?”

    -The right hand.

    “Deal with it as usual. Make sure you do it quietly.”


    -Master, he bought two rings with similar designs at a famous jewelry store.

    It’s estimated that it was a pair of wedding rings.

    The mixed who was near ML shivered.

    ‘OMG! He is crazy!’

    The mixed was suffering from fright when he noticed that ML was silent for some time.

    Feeling curious, the mixed peeked at ML’s expression.

    The mixed felt that ML’s face looked very wicked.

    -Master, How should we deal with the rings?

    “Throw then away.”

    -reservations for jewelers?

    “Cancel them all.”


    The communication was disconnected.

    ML kept staring at the magic tool for sometime after the disconnection.


    After the sender sent her some flowers, MC placed them randomly at a place where she can’t see them.

    But that wasn’t the end.

    The flowers were just the beginning. Following them, he sent letters, perfumes, embroidery, sweets and tea.

    When MC received a gemstone necklace, she sent it back with a letter of rejection.

    The next day, the sender came to the mansion with a bandaged right hand.

    MC wanted to drive him out but stopped when she noticed his bandaged hand.

    ‘Is it broken? But he was right when I met him 3 days ago’

    Losing her chance to kick him out, MC asked if his hand was alright while wondering if he just wrapped it with bandages to make her lower her guard around him.

    “It’s a bit shameful.” He didn’t elaborate on the topic and asked “did you not like the gift I sent?”

    MC made it obvious that she only accepted receiving the flowers and asked him not to send her anything anymore.

    “.... I thought you liked jewelry.”

    “I don’t like jewelry. Even if I do, there’s no reason for me to receive them from you.”

    MC asked him not to come in contact with him any longer.

    As she was about to leave, he grabbed her wrist.

    MC tried to release her wrist from his grip but couldn’t.

    He apologized to her but she didn’t know what exactly he was apologizing for.

    Again, he apologized for what happened when he sent the delivery guy, he said that he will reflect and begged MC not to just cut their relationship like this.

    “Thank you for your sincerity and thank you for your feelings but I cannot accept them. I cannot meet you in any way in the future.”


    MC went to see a jewelry store and met the sender while waiting.

    He said that it was a coincidence but she couldn’t believe it.

    MC doubted that he might have chased her from the mansion to the store.


    The memory of the stalker from her past life suddenly floated in her mind.

    The image of the sender and the stalker suddenly overlapped in her mind. They look different. But they may be acting similarly.

    “Can you give me a chance?”


    “Do you dislike me?”


    The sender looked a little embarrassed at how MC affirmed that she didn’t like him.

    ‘I understand but I don’t want to understand. Because I don’t like it. Hateful! Disgusting! Stalkers, who unfairly push their minds on their opponent should all get burned. Only Ash can stalk me!’

    The sender hinted that MC’s knight was responsible for his injured hand.

    He even indirectly threatened her by saying that if he said they MC’s knight injured him then everyone will believe him since he is a noble.

    It was a trouble.

    The sender was a marquis.

    It’s normal to believe his words.

    The problem is that the knight who supposedly injured him must be handed over to him according to the law.

    But, what would happen to the knight?

    To make things worse, MC’s knight was a commoner so he might even get killed.

    If ML hadn’t left would this guy try to do something like this?

    “What do you want?”

    “You are finally asking. It’s trivial. There’s a theoretical play tomorrow and I want you to watch it with me. Of course, alone. You won’t be disappointed.”


    The sender kneeled in front of an old man.

    “I decided to bring her tomorrow, as planned.”

    “You did a great job.”

    “It’s an honor.”

    The sender thought to himself, at first, he thought that he can deceive his opponent easily with his looks but that didn’t work. He clicked his tongue, his pride received a blow because of that.

    It was his purpose and mission to tempt Lydia Weedgreen into coming to the place he wanted.

    He was quite confident.

    He was handsome and had good background.

    The plan was to purposefully be rude to her at first but ever since then, things got twisted.

    Moreover, his delivery guy was now missing.

    So, a part of the plan was crushed.

    But even so, he decided to continue the plan by himself.

    First of all, have a relationship with her.

    When he saw her enter a jewelry shop, he snorted.

    All women were the same. He believed that as long as he gives her jewelry she would end up falling for her.

    Am I the only one who feels that the story is getting a little boring?:(

    Two more chapters were bought.:cool:
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    i think it is that stage where people realized mc is powerful so they want to kill mc something like that. maybe more scenes like this will happen in the future ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    anyway, thanks for the spoilers~~~ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
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    One last kill before the end? Is this what's happening lololol
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    Thank you for the spoilers @Sara0jan !
    They make me want to read this story more and more :blobmelt:
    It's too bad translations are slow orz
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    Eh is it slow? 3/4 chapters a month seem like a pretty good pace to me
    Besides, think on the bright side- at least it's actively being translated *flashbacks to all the abandoned novels on my reading list*
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    Yea. One that breaks my heart is “Third Prince Elmer” it was completely abandoned by its original author.
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    ugh, don't remind me that one :blob_teary:
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    No, yes, you're right. It's not slow at all. I accidentally looked at the year wrong, I thought they were all updated last year in 2018 lmao. My mistake :blobsweat:

    God, I remember all the novels and mangas and manhwas that were abandoned and never picked up again, and it was always because some anti-fans had to ruin the fun and harass the translators :blobangery:
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    Actually in Prince Elmer’s case it’s that he felt no one was really reading and it wasn’t at that popular. Same case for My Death Flag’s Show No Sign of Ending. He was deeply discouraged until someone who was checking on his Twitter posted on our forum his Twitter account with the corresponding tweet. It was there fans of his work was able to reach out to him to encourage him to keep going. Which he did.
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    I think is because the novel is in the last chapters and this happening to the MC is overdramatic, it's like unnecessary drama when the main plor is already resolved
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    Why is the voice in chapter 7 familiar to MC?
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    Me too ahh I think it's because the overall plot has already ended and the author is sort of stretching it at this point? I'm happy there's still more and won't complain but I get where you're coming from and hope the story's ending will be good at least!
    As always, thank you so much for your translations
    I'm so glad I could enjoy the novel/at least know what goes on thanks to you!
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    I wanna see their huge wedding and their tiny yandere babies ala the kids from "Welcome to the Ballroom" running about
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    I really love this novel and yandere male lead:blobnosebleed:. I am falling for crazy psycho male lead.
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    The next day, the sender took MC to a temple. (She wanted to write his name in a death note since she really hated him:blobjoy: )

    Inside the temple, an old man was sitting.

    MC realized that the old man was from the temple of love.

    The old man takes out to clothes making MC shocked.

    There are 2 fascination clothes?!

    Turned out, the clothes weren’t made by the temple of love but by the temple of destruction.

    One cloth controls monsters while the other controls the the one who is controlling the monsters.

    In order to activate the characteristic to control monsters, one must have something like Devine aura.

    MC concluded that she had it because something remained inside her when the god of destiny reincarnated her soul in this world.

    The old man knew that she has the Devine aura so he wanted to use her.

    MC doesn’t look scared or even the least bit worried which made the old man wary.

    He asked the sender if someone tailed them but there was no one.

    He then tell MC that if she is relying on a teleportation scroll then it’s useless since magic doesn’t work inside this room.

    MC slowly took something out of her pocket.

    guess what is it?
    it was a bead!!!! :blobhero: (I kinda missed this)

    MC secretly thanked the Heroine for giving her this gift before leaving :)blob_teary:)

    The old man immediately realized what the bead was and shouted at the sender to stop her.

    MC broke the bead and returned to the day before.

    She was in the jewelry store talking with the sender.

    MC heard the sender threatening her and laughed.

    She then called her knight’s name out loud.

    MC’s knight entered the room.

    MC pointed at the sender.

    “Capture him.”

    Without any hesitation or even asking her why, MC’s knight moved to chase after the sender.

    The sender still managed to escape.

    MC was drinking tea peacefully when ML returned.

    They had ... ehem :oops:, a moving reunion.

    The empire was in a somewhat chaotic state since MC revealed the temple of destruction’s plans.

    Also, the news of MC and ML’s marriage were spread.

    He was an orphan.

    He lost his family because of war when he was still a baby.

    There was a man who took pity on him and decided to raise him, but he was robbed and murdered 5 years later.

    Being only 5 years old, he had no place to go and lived in the streets.

    The only thing that helped him survive was the fact that he was faster and stronger compared to the other children.

    One day, he killed someone by throwing a stone at their head.

    It was his first kill yet he didn’t feel anything.

    Already at that age he witnessed numerous deaths in the back alley.

    He gets kidnapped by a pig-like human trafficker and gets taken to a gambling hall where he has to fight.

    When he was 14 years old, the gambling house became incredibly famous.

    The fights got more intense.

    Time passed, he was now 17 years old.

    He no longer got injured while fighting.

    He killed the pig-like human trafficker.

    2 years passed, he was now 19.

    He didn’t escape from the gambling house.

    He can go out but there was no place for him to go to.

    One day, he got called by someone.

    Looking at them, he was surprised that it was a child probably only 13 years old who looked so beautiful like a doll.

    The boy was obviously a noble.

    He couldn’t help but mock the boy a little.

    They fought.

    He got beaten up and couldn’t even touch the boy.

    “Not bad.” The boy brushed off the dust on his clothes. “Rough, But it will be useful if trimmed. The natural talent is also acceptable.”

    Hearing the boy’s words he found himself laughing.

    That was the first time he received such a bad review yet the boy made it sound as if he was praising him.

    What was more absurd was the fact that he couldn’t say a word after hearing that.

    “What’s your name?”

    While lying down and breathing helplessly,

    “....Daberry.” (I don’t know if the translators would change it but this is how google sensei translated it. Also, the one who gave him this name is actually the pig-like trafficker.)



    “A funny name.”

    What was he supposed to say?

    He thought of making an alias but stopped.

    What is the use of doing that? After all, he didn’t know his real name received at birth.

    His parent died before he could even talk. The man who raised him for 5 years always called him ‘baby’.

    “Well, the name doesn’t really matter.”


    “Daberry, Do you want to become a knight? If you want then go with me.”

    He was still laying on the ground while looking at the boy. Even from below, the boy still looks like a doll without any imperfections.

    “There’s one thing I would like to ask of you.”

    “Say it.”

    “12 years ago, there was a robber who killed a 60 years old man named Hanson and burned his house in a village called Wilm. If you can hold him and give him to me as a present then I will go.”

    He thought that it would be impossible.

    That happened 12 years ago and the criminal was unknown.

    He didn’t want to belong anywhere.

    Many nobles coveted his ability and he refused them without looking back.

    Only this time, he was shocked by the boy’s skill. So, instead of directly rejecting like the usual, he said an impossible condition.

    The boy nodded.

    “I will catch him for you in a week.”

    “...... yes?”

    “Can I just bring the head? Or alive?”

    “Well, ah, it would be nice if he was alive....”

    “Good, I will bring him alive. If you are done talking stand up and follow me.”

    Later, he learnt that the boy’s name was Ash weedgreen.

    Weedgreen, one of the 3 ducal houses in the empire and the most prestigious of them.

    The boy, just as he said had captured the man he demanded within a week.

    It was exactly 5 days later when the boy came to him.

    “The confession is over, but you can interrogate him again. I left the vocal cords untouched.”

    “.....” (me: “....”)

    “If you need a place, I’ll lend you the underground dungeon, follow the butler.”

    The killed was now in his 30s. It meant that when he killed the old man 12 years ago he was just an adult.

    It wasn’t important. Daberry stripped the man of his skin while he was begging for help.

    The next day, the boy came to him.

    “I kept my promise now you should work.”

    “.......... just give me your command.”

    “Take the official knight admission test next week. I put a letter of recommendation in my name for you.”


    “The test will not be a problem. I will name you after receiving the oath.”


    “Sak. After the knighthood you are Daberry Sak”

    Daberry tried to keep his face expressionless.

    He found a defect in the boy who seemed perfect.

    “.... bad naming sense.”


    “It’s nothing, I’ll do my best.”

    As the boy predicted, the admission test wasn’t a big deal and Daberry became Daberry Sak.

    Daberry had some dissatisfaction with his name until then.

    Honestly, he never complained about it and decided to stay still.

    then Daberry thought for the first time that he has got a good sounding name.

    It was late spring.

    “Ah, sir Daberry.”


    “What’s your full name?”

    “It’s Daberry Sak.”

    “Should I call you sir Sak?”

    “Please call me as you please.”

    “Then I will call you sir Daberry, I like this more.”

    The girl laughed happily with her bright red hair under the sun.

    The only sister of the weedgreen duke, Lydia weedgreen.

    He felt it before but she certainly didn’t look like the duke.

    It is not that she wasn’t beautiful, it’s just that there was no resemblance between them.

    The girl offered him some tea but he refused.

    “Do you hate tea?”

    “No, it’s just...”

    He felt anxious as he replied.

    “You don’t have to be so good to me.”

    The girl has been kind to him ever since he came to the mansion.

    It was to the point that it was unreasonable and awkward and sometimes it was frustrating just like now.



    “So you don’t like tea.”

    “Yes? No! I didn’t mean that....”

    “I’m just kidding.”

    The girl laughed as he froze.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to tease you.”


    “Sir, why shouldn’t I be nice to you?”

    He wasn’t a good person.

    He couldn’t answer her with that because her amber eyes were starting at him.

    “The reason I’m nice to you is simple, because you are a talented person. In other words it’s because of your talent. All people with talent should be treated nicely.”

    “Have you ever seen me with a sword?”



    “Ash brought you.”

    The girl drank he tea.

    “Because Ash brought you, sir Daberry is a talent.”

    The sun light was too strong.

    He blinked his eyes as the girl looked so dazzling.

    He realized.

    The sparkling eyes weren’t for him.

    The brilliant trust wasn’t directed at him either.

    “Sir Daberry?”

    He recollected himself before replying to her.


    “What were you thinking about? Do you know how many times I called you?”

    “One time, you called me just once.”

    “How did you know?”

    The girl clicked her tongue as if it was a pity and he answered with just a smile.

    How can I miss your voice?

    He couldn’t be honest.

    They talked more as MC told him that he is already like a family to her and that she also likes him quite a bit.

    His heart jumped a little but he didn’t reveal it.

    He started wondering.

    When was it?

    He realized an emotion that he shouldn’t bear.

    It was the day he found out about her origin.

    It was as if someone removed the hand that was covering his eyes.

    Lydia isn’t related by blood to the weedgreen family so she and Ash aren’t siblings.

    It was then that the two people looked different to him.

    It was a cruel enlightenment.

    Wouldn’t it have been better if he didn’t know?

    No, it was better so that he could give up.

    On the day he had a duel with Ash and lost, he gave up.

    “Miss, are you happy?”

    “How do I look to you?”

    “You look happy.”

    “Then that’s it.”

    Lydia smiled. It was a shy smile at a glance but it was much brighter than the early spring sunshine.

    He had her in her heart for 6 years without realizing.

    He barely realized his feelings but decided that it was time to put an end to it.

    He looked at the sun which seemed less dazzling in his eyes.

    This was a story that he won’t let anyone find out about.

    He said with a smile.

    “Congratulations on your marriage, miss.”


    After MC’s marriage,

    The butler told MC that someone came to visit her.

    She went to the guest room to find the wizard who helped her before (the one who changed her face when she tried to escape and the prince’s friend.)

    She talked with MC and told her that she is no longer a palace mage.

    She wanted to make a magic tower and because of that ended up clashing with the people of the palace and quite her job.

    MC realized that the mage came here to ask for her help to build the magic tower.

    She looked quite frustrated until MC asked.

    “How much?”

    “...sorry, it’s quite a ridiculous amount.”

    “No, I was just surprised. Don’t worry I’ll listen to your request.”

    After talking a little MC tells the mage that she will lend her the money and after the tower is built, she can pay back the money.

    MC told the mage that she can make money with the other magicians by making scrolls.

    She also said that as more talent mages emerge, they would be able to make magic items.

    In other words, there were many possibilities.

    The mage was very grateful to MC.
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    I think that since he is working under ML she must have heard his voice somewhere before?

    :blobmelt: Thank you too!




    Somehow, there are more chapters? Extra?

    There’s also a new cover ಠ_ಠ

    Sorry for taking so long to write summaries :blob_teary: I was being lazy to mtl. :blob_zipper_mouth:
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    It's fiiiiine :blobmelt:
    Besides, you practically translated the chapter to us instead of summarizing which is pretty hardworking on your part. Nothing needs to be forgiven because you have done no wrong. So thanks for spoilers!! :blobsmilehappyeyes:
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    Ah this novel was so satisfying.
    Thank you so much for the summaries!
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