Spoiler The Villain Discovered My Identity

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    idk but this seems so sus wth :blobunsure::blobpopcorn_two:
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    does the real celestin actually come back? when?
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    I think they bought it off the official website Kakao Page
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    he comes back around chapter 25
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    Thank you so much for the translation ^w^
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    Not sure if you still need this.. But how about :-

    The Irregular Empress

    “Do you want to live as Estella instead of Estien?” A member of the famous Arthur family that went into ruin, Estien. Estien hid his talent and lived as a regular knight but one day the crown prince offered something weird.

    I Choose The Emperor Ending

    Obsessed with medieval fantasies, Marina develops a revolutionary VR device that can bring fictional worlds to life. Her dreams come true when she transports herself to Lasnorok, the setting of her own novel. The problem is, she can’t get back out! Disguised as a runaway slave boy named Rino, she comes face-to-face with the main character she created, the ambitious Edward Allen Dihas. Can Marina help him overthrow the emperor and survive to make it out alive?

    I'm Stanning The Prince
    Idk if this fit your request, but I like this one.. It's kinda fluffy)

    Des :
    Angela’s fanfic became such a sensation that it even reached the Imperial Family, leading her to get arrested on charges of treason. Nevertheless, her fanfic improved the First Prince’s image, and his sister, the Princess, decides to take political advantage of this and keep Angela by their side. The heroine who can now fangirl to her heart’s content, and the Prince who doesn’t know how to act around her. As they bicker back and forth, they start growing closer…


    Ianna and Arhad had much in common. They both only cared about themselves, and were madly obsessed with each other. The difference is one wanted the other's warmth, and the other wanted submission. Though Ianna's life ended in a heated battle against Arhad, the Kingdom's emperor, she is reincarnated into the same life for reasons unknown. Two people who faced misery in their previous life now have a chance to meet again. Will the same tragedy repeat itself, or can Ianna change the course of history?

    Princess with Black Hair

    Caruel and Euricienne have a lot in common: they're both 16 years old, belong to royal families, and absolutely hate the idea of a political marriage! Both are determined to make the other beg for divorce. But enemies on the sidelines are also scheming to tear them apart and even threaten their lives! As Caruel and Euricienne overcome various obstacles together, perhaps they're more drawn to each other than they initially thought… Will they follow through with the original plans to end their arranged marriage? Or does fate have something else in store for the reluctant couple?

    Queen Cecia's Short

    The great queen Cesia of Valencia, the conquerer of 99 realms, has faced her biggest obstacles yet: Her strangling corset. Struggling with her burdening attire, she commands her most trusted right-hand man named Aenon Lionheart to find the most comfortable, awesome outfits in the history of mankind. When the search for such talent was on, something happened. A girl next door, Yuri, who worked day and night as a pattern designer in modern Korea, was teleported to the land of Valencia. After a brief moment of chaos and confusion, Yuri realizes that people of Valencia are in need of her service, making her disguise her gender and joins the biggest guild in all the continent as a fashion designer. Aenon's search for the perfect designer to his queen was over when he met Yuri. This the moment that Yuri was waiting for, what could she accomplish for the queen Cesia and Valencia?

    P.S : some of them may not related with your description..:notworthy:
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    I just found out that one of the Artist assistants made a twitch account recently and he has streamed himself coloring the web comic. You can see him coloring some panels from the new chapter below :aww:!

    I’m so excited to get little spoilers for the upcoming chapters this way!

    Both his twitter and twitch accounts are under: @ravenfox_ren
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    May I ask what happens to cellestine?
    Also, the heroine of the novel, Illia or something was her name...

    What's up with her? She feels a bit shaddy...
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    What chapters were the 6 or 7 chapters?
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    The MC is a fucking loser and has no dignity at all.
    I can't believe it, after that revelation he said like "don't let me see you again". And yet he is the one who looking for her. ‍♂️
    He even easily forgive her betrayal.
    Also MC is a btch, in the end she didn't tell him that she is actually a woman. She only tell him to save her family, not because she felt bad for deceiving him.
    What a fucking loser, I can't read this shit anymore. The author messed up with the revelation that supposed to be the best scene in the story.
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    Yes probably because he knew her father and the father only had a daughter. Maybe he noticed other things too but I think the primary reason is he knew about her family.
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    So that's why he was so touchy with her and doesn't even find it strange? It doesn't look like that though in the manhua...
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    Wait what? Are you sure that it’s true? Umm Selena and Celestine are twins, they are so similar to each other. I never heard that father had only a daughter.
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    They were talking about irregular empress here.
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    Sorry if I missed it but how was it discovered by the empress that Letio was her son? Is it ever said how he ended up away from her and in the slums in the first place?
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    Does anyone have access to the missing chapters?
    I want to know how everything happened
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    I had never thought one day I would read a story in English or Korean more than 100 pages, for both of them are not my native language. So my grammar may be strange.
    I came from the open comics. I was so curious about how does the plot develop, but I don't know Korean at all!! I could not even open the kakao page:cry:.
    Fortunately, I already know a little English, and I found this forum:giggle:. Then I spent 3 days and nights finish reading the whole 16 pages through the help of machine tranlater.
    I am very exiting, and I am twisted like a caterpillar in bed now, what a good story I have saw! How cute they are!
    Thanks the spoiler, @Tera44 ,@Sara0jan ,@Larne .
    Thanks for your hard work, thank you all so much!!!!
    I admire you all!!
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    As I was curious about the chapters 103 to 112, I mtled them, and I thought it would be nice of me to post it here. So it explains the meeting between Letio and the empress, some Selena-Ignis moments, and what happened with Celestine. I can already feel the hunt coming. :blobpeek:

    "My heart hurts so much". Ignis said, putting his hand on his chest.

    I really do different things. Rwan approached him while frowning.

    "Of course. It’s been only ten days since you were pierced by the word."

    "It hurts more than that."

    "It’s really not making sense. Stay alert."

    At Rwan's resolute remarks, Ignis raised his body. As if he was resentful, he looked at Rwan grimly.

    "Why are you so disagreeable.”

    “The work you are putting on me are more disagreeable.”

    “It’s too much”.

    “There’s more work.”


    Ignis bowed his head, pouting. He sighs.

    Rwan looked at him and sat down in front of him, shaking his head as if it could not be helped.

    "Is it different?"


    Ignis dropped his shoulders and lowered his head. In front of Celestine, he pretended to be fine and said, 'It's okay if you don't accept me', but that wasn't the case.

    It isn’t alright.

    If you hit something bad, you'll be the first in the empire. He was really going crazy. At the instant he confessed, it was tough. And when Celestine rejected him, he almost burst into tears. If it was the case, he would have been destroyed.

    What I couldn't cry at that time seemed to be coming. Ignis blew his nose, feeling useless sorrow and regret.

    "It's great because it was different. Why don't you give up neatly and focus on what to do?"

    "Give up?"

    Ignis opened his eyes wide as if it was a nonsense.

    "There is no giving up in my dictionary. If I step back from here, I am not a man."

    Only when I’ll succeed I’ll be a man. I wish I could recognize it when I first came to love him.

    Rwan couldn't spit that much, and he frowned as he swallowed his horse.

    "Don't say that there's no tree that doesn't fall after 10 shots. (T/N: Apparently, it's a korean motto, it means that no matter how difficult it is, there is nothing that can't be achieved if you try. It emphasizes not to avoid or be afraid of difficult things, but to work to the end.) It's a crime to approach him if he doesn't like it.”

    "...You seem to be trying to make me a criminal."

    "Because it is similar."

    Ignis was very upset, but he couldn't refute Rwan's words.

    "Think of Sir Evan's heart." Rwan said, raising his glasses.

    "You must have been thinking of your Highness as an irreplaceable friend and a lord that you respect, but then you received a confession out of nowhere."

    "...That's right."

    “He will be confused too. Moreover, because now is a difficult time ."

    Ignis was silent. In fact, isn't it? Every minute, every minute, every second is counted. The Emperor is unstable, and the Crown Prince's position is also empty. Moreover, it is also endangering Celestine. Ignis narrowed the eyebrows. The timing is not good. There’s that too.

    "Wouldn't it be possible for Celestine to accept me if I got the right place?"

    Ignis is a little hopeful. The right place. It would mean the throne.

    "Are you talking about when you get the throne?"


    Rwan rolled his eyes once, and soon nodded. "When that time comes...."


    "Even if you don't like it, it's still a position you have to take."

    Ignis frowned on his face.

    “You’re not calling this a crime?”

    "Isn't the emperor above the code?"

    Rwan smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Then he leaned forward and brought his face closer to Ignis.

    "I don't care what your Highness is doing. It's your Highness's choice, whether to chase him or take him by force. But. Focus on the job for now. Don’t forget the enemy is standing everywhere."

    I know. He knows how immature he is acting in such a dangerous situation right now. Ignis once again took hold of his heart. He removes all threats and then confesses again. Then, wouldn't Celestine be a little more moved? He struggled to erase the sadness.

    "What will your Highness do?"

    As soon as the story came out, Ignis's eyes sharpened in an instant. The wet eyes disappeared everywhere, and a refreshing coolness took place.

    "I will keep it still." He crossed his one leg and crackled his toe. "Anyway, you will be ruined on your own."

    "You seem to have a long life for that."

    Ignis shook his head straight away.

    "Don't you think the Empress is quiet?"

    “That’s right. Even after the case with the duke, I haven't shown a position to say anything like this."

    "It has to be." He said right away.

    “She hasn't found her child yet, so she’s at a crossroads of choice."

    Rwan listened silently. He seemed to be watching the Ignis he knew, and now he was relieved.

    "Would you like to just watch me ascend to the throne after eating congos next to the dog-like Giabi? Or..." (T/N: I really don't know what it means, and each site I used gave me something similar to this. But I guess Ignis is speaking about the Empress/Emperor/Letio as he is the hidden child when he says dog.)

    Ignis lowly ridiculed. His laughter, smelling fishy, was clearly bloody.

    “ ...Kill the dog and become the owner.”

    Could it be that the Empress could kill the Emperor? However, it is not very unlikely. Rwan took his breath and cleared up his thoughts.

    “If so, your Highness is also in danger.”

    "I've always been in danger."

    "It makes me sad when you speak so lightly."

    "Do not lie."

    Ignis shed his eyes, and soon crushed his lips.

    "The Empress reached out to Celestine."


    Rwan jumped up as if surprised and immediately asked, but soon regained his coolness. Ha, it could be. Anyways, isn’t Celestine rather famous? It is said that the reputation among the knights has improved these days, so from the point of view of the Empress, it would be beneficial for her to attract him to her side. Kill him if that's impossible.

    She will try. Looking at the reaction, it seems to be the latter. Rwan touched his forehead.

    "Put a shadow near Celestine's house and protect it."

    “I don't like it very much, but I will."

    Ignis slowly nodded, turning his gaze away. He slowly blinks as he looks at the empty space.


    And the throne.

    I will be able to have everything.

    As long as I move.

    Ignis clenched his fist.

    He said, "I'll go to the meeting from tomorrow."

    Rwan sharpened his ears. "Didn't you tell me from next week?"

    "Didn't you tell me to work?"

    "What's the occasion?"

    "I'm going to get rid of all obstructions."

    It was a nice sound while listening. Rwan smiled brightly and nodded his head.

    "Then, I can enjoy the rest of my life in peace with Celestine."

    In the end that was the purpose. It was difficult to respond now. Rwan shook his head with only a sigh.


    Ugh, my head.

    Selena hurried to step as she felt a tingling headache. It has already been an hour since she left Ignis and left the Imperial Palace, but only Ignis was present in Selena's mind.

    -If you like it for no reason...

    -It is called love.

    Damn it. Daily itches. Selena shook her head as she swept the goosebumps on her neck . It was endlessly embarrassing, but it was also a word that did not leave my mind. At the same time, the more I recall, the hotter my face becames. Throughout her previous and present lives, it was her first ever to be confessed by someone.

    What is this confession.

    I don’t even have friends.

    Thinking this way, it was a little sad that Ignis was my only friend and also the confessing person. That's why even more… I was so sorry that I lied, that I deceived him, and that even after several months had passed, I still hid it. I was sorry, so I had nothing to say. How would you say to someone who honestly confessed that he liked me, that in fact, I was cheating on you from the beginning?

    'What are you going to do in the future?' Selena feels frustrated over it. Let's take a break today. She thought so, opened her door and entered the house. It was then.


    “Oh my gosh !”

    Selena sweeps down her startled chest and glances at Celestine, which suddenly popped out.

    “Stop freaking me out right away !”

    "That's all you say to me? That's too much." Celestine immediately dropped her shoulders and murmured.

    But he comes to his senses quickly.

    "Did you end now? You don't have to go back to the palace today, right? "

    "Yes. Today is over. Why?"

    A big smile appeared on Celestine's face. Such a bright face was suspicious. Selena stepped back without knowing it.

    "You, did you get in trouble?"


    "If you had an accident, tell me now. Don't hide it until I can't fix it later."

    "How does Sister see me?"

    "The guy who ran away the day before enlistment."

    "Oh, that's!"

    Celestine makes a loud noise. Soon he closed his mouth and lowered his head.

    "I'm sorry, I..."

    I didn't like to see his intimidated figure. Selena shook her head and touched him with her elbow.

    "What's going on?"

    Celestine raised his head again. he was really weird with his smiling face today.

    "Come here."

    "So, why?"

    "Come quickly."

    Celestine pulled Selena's wrist. Why is he doing this, she wanted to refuse, but Selena silently followed him. Because I didn't want to argue anymore.

    "There's something good goind on."

    Celestine stopped her feet in front of her father's room.


    Really, no way.

    "Father is up."

    Over the open door, I saw Simon's face sitting upright.

    "Father ?"

    Selena walked into the room.

    It’s been a long time since Simon opened his eyes. It never happened since the time when she was with Ignis, before she went to Heath.

    But you're up like this.

    I couldn't believe it.

    It doesn't feel like reality, but it was real.

    Simon sat with his back upright. Then, he slowly turned his head towards her. Simon’s eyes widened. And soon the tears quickly appeared. I could see tears filling his wrinkled eyes. Selena ran straight to him without saying anything.

    "Are you alright? Are you feeling any pain? How is it now?"

    Selena couldn't even touch Simon and asked, trembling. But Simon didn't answer. He just smiles and looks at her.

    "He can’t speak yet." Said Celestine, who came after her.

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "There's no special trauma. Maybe it's because he's been lying down for a long time. Arash said it'll get better with time."

    Ah. Selena then nodded, letting go of her sighs. She looks at Simon. Although the disease was widespread, the face was better than before. He was thin but he looked much healthier than when he was unconscious.

    "He's gotten a lot better."

    Celestine said, recalling the note that Arash had written down.

    "Now whenever he wakes up like this, Arash says we have to help him walk a little. Since he’s been lying down for a long time, it will be difficult to walk."


    "Here, it's written, so you can look at it."

    He handed out a note, but Selena didn't even look. She just looks at Simon. Celestine stood behind her and wiped away his tears. As soon as Simon woke up, he was the one who burst into tears. How many things did he say in front of Simon, while he cried and cried for a long time?

    I thought my sister would do that too. But she didn't. She just grabbed our father's hands and looked at him calmly.

    "Father." Selena spoke slowly.

    "Well, do you remember?"

    Simon's clear eyes reached Selena.

    "You remember, right?"

    Simon nodded slowly. I saw the shape of his mouth. Selena closed her eyes tightly. She bury her face in Simon's lap and she grabs him.

    Do you know how hard it was. Do you know how hard it was to be alone. Do you know that I was frustrated in the face of the reality, whether I should hold out alone or how long I should stay like this?

    I wanted to let out the pain, but I wasn't that immature. She stutters, reaches and grabs Simon's scrawny hand. She holds her forehead with the back of his hand and takes her breath again and again.


    Selena swallowed her dry saliva.

    " I really care about my family."

    "I know."

    "Really, really, so much that you can't change it into anything."

    At first, Ignis was visible in front of her tightly closed eyes, but his shape was lightly scattered.


    Selena took her breath out. The assassins sent by the Empress, Letio's obsession, Ignis's heart. Everything was scary and burdensome. If she were alone, she would have tried to deal with it somehow, but she wasn't alone. There was her family. The family she must protect.

    "Let's leave the capital when our father is healed." Selena said, trying to erase the image of Ignis.

    "Let's live like that."

    Don't go through harder things. Selena repressed and repressed her own heart.

    * * *

    It was still time for the sunset to remain, but the basement without the sun was extremely dark. The vision that depended on the torch was incomplete, swayed, and timid. Therefore, people's movement was bound to shrink. Life and death, even in battle.


    With the sound of blood sprinkling, the battle was over. Not only the floor, but also the walls and ceiling, blood spots, sprawling pools of blood, people lying down, and groaning in pain. As if he had come to hell, there was a crying misery.

    And, in the middle, Letio stood.

    He lightly drew a red-stained sword, brushed off the blood, and put it back into the scabbard. He raises his blood-stained hand so that the skin color is invisible and sweeps his hair. Although his hair was black, the drops of blood on the end only stood out.

    Cough !

    A man lying under Rethio's feet vomited a bloody cough. Crouching and expressing pain.

    "Yes... why the hell is he...!" The man shouted with a face marked with betrayal and anger.

    It's already a slim face, but why does it look so desperate?

    "Can’t you tell ?" Letio laughed at him lightly.

    "Bring the guy who ordered to kill Celestine Evan." The man's eyes trembled. He didn't mean the 'why' he was talking about. He grabbed Letio's leg as if he was hanging.

    "Weren’t we colleague?"

    Letio and them were mercenaries who have been together for more than 10 years. It means that even though one day he quickly left, he spent 10 years with Letio. But, you annihilated everyone like this.

    The man couldn't believe it.

    "Weren’t we friends?"

    Letio laughed at him as he looked down. Cold but blazing eyes glanced at him.

    “This is a place only filled with memories of starving, locking, and hitting me as a child.”

    "Well, that's...!"

    The man's face was pale. He quickly denied.

    "My, it wasn't what I did. I didn't do it, the leader...!"

    "Being a bystander is also a sin."

    Letio cut off his words. Even so, the unpleasantness was great because memories he didn't want to remember came and scattered his mind. He could no longer show mercy.

    "Wasn't it enough to keep him alive?"

    "Oh, no. I didn't do it! Please save me. Please....!"

    "But why are you begging your life so miserably?"

    Letio pulled out the sword he had put in his scabbard. ‘Wait a minute!’ he heard a cry, but he didn't mind.

    "It’s not cool. A colleague who doesn’t know my name."

    Seeing him falling to the side of Degur with his throat cut off, Letio frowns.


    Letio kicked his tongue and curled his head.

    If you said you couldn't find it you would be disappointed, but he remembered Selena's face and Letio sticked his lips out. He wanted to help Selena. I was hoping she didn’t suffer any damage. So he came to this place alone. But he didn’t find anything.

    Letio frowned.

    I would rather attack the Imperial Palace. Then, can't you meet the Empress's associated brother? It was time to move my feet thinking so.

    "Aren't you Sir Letio ?"

    Letio quickly took a pose.

    I didn’t even feel the person. But suddenly. He glanced at the woman in front of his eyes, holding his sword as if he was about to rush. Looking at the clothes with the black new patterns, the teeth of the black new mercenaries were clear. Are you an assassination specialist? Letio didn't relax.

    "You're currently in the third unit, but why would you do that?"

    The woman, with her pink hair drooping, smiled lightly and looked at her Letio.

    She said, "You’re coming to such a place to commit a slaughter. Isn't that an act that violates military law?"

    "Who are you?"

    "Well, it doesn't matter anyway. They were those who stopped even if they died , and stopped even if they lived anyway."

    The woman grinned her eyes softly and shouted. Then, "The Empress is looking for you."

    She uttered words that might change Letio's fate.

    "Let’s go together."

    She, Sherin, laughed and dragged Letio. To go to the empress.

    * * *


    Upon returning to the room, Ignis unbuttoned his neck and buried himself on his sofa. The frustration hit the top of his head. An irritation over his head. The displeasure was obvious.

    "Damn it."

    Ignis raised his body like a bouncing. He looks around. There was nobody in the room except for the knight standing on the terrace. It isn’t time yet before Celestine come to work. I wish I had Celestine at this time.

    He sighed briefly and swept his head. Today, he attended the conference in over a month. He faced the nobles he didn't want to look at, and talked to the unlucky officials.

    -It's really a shame that the Duke has done so...

    -It must have been true that he has operated an illegal mine, so it seems reasonable to recover his property.

    The conversation went well up to here. But...

    - The fact that the Empress is involved... .

    - There's no evidence.

    Somewhat because they are just relatives…

    Disgusting guys.

    Even though he knows how close the Empress and the Duke were, they live like that.

    Proof, proof. His evidence was the problem.

    Even if the Duke didn't die, I could only hold him and interrogate him. Ignis shattered his head. He was a mess, but nevertheless, the flow of life remained unchanged. He had to associate this evil case with the Empress.

    That way, even the mines can be connected. But…


    We can't find any traces of the witch.

    Furthermore, if it becomes known that I can use the monsters... It's my defeat. I won't be able to stand up.

    ...I'll have to use a trick before then. Ignis bit his lip.

    It was at this time.

    I heard a knock on the door.

    “Your Highness. Are you inside?”

    I heard the voice of the servant.

    Ignis replied, tidying up his big hair. "Yes, what's going on?"

    The attendant carefully opened the door and entered. He bowed his head and looked at Ignis's eyes.

    “Lady Enoch want to visit you”.

    Ilea ?

    I would have met her normally, but not now. Facing her in such a complicated state would be more annoying. Ignis shook his hand.

    "Tell her that I will contact her later."

    "Actually." The attendant bent even more and said carefully. "She is in the reception room right now."

    Ignis narrowed the eyebrows deeply.

    "It's a bad joke."

    "Oh, I'm sorry."

    “Without my permission.”

    “That’s… !” The attendant added an excuse with a contemplated face. "I'm sure, must, today, you must see, I'm sorry... I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

    "Have you heard what happened ?"

    Looking at the face of the attendant, I felt like he hadn't heard of it.

    I can't help it. Ignis get up.

    "All right. I'm going."

    As he left the room, his face was full of displeasure.

    Ilea Enoch.

    She was a woman who couldn't keep her standards because she said she was so pretty.

    Aren't you being arrogant enough?

    Ignis opened the door to the reception room with a pledge to give her a good scolding today.

    And the next moment.

    "It's been a while, your Highness the Prince."

    Ignis smircked and laughed. It seemed that it would be okay to pass over for this time.

    It was because she brought Corneille, the witch.

    "It's the first time since I tried to kill you, right ?"

    Ignis walked into the room without answering. Then he sat in front of Corneille and Ilea. He crosses one leg and looks at them at an angle.

    "A criminal who tried to kill the imperial family proudly enters the imperial palace. Wouldn't it be fun if the guards knew it?"

    He stared at Ilea.

    "You will not be safe either."

    Ilea fluttered her shoulder with an unprecedented face. She, too, seemed to be in a restless seat right now.

    At this time, Corneille intervened between Ignis's gaze. She smiled and flicked her index finger.

    "Don't say that to my pretty child, because I asked for it."

    "Pretty child?"

    Ignis narrowed his eyes to look at Corneille and Ileah alternately.

    Corneille, Ilea.

    Corneille is smiling, Ilea is blushing in her cheeks.

    "Ah." Ignis nodded, as if he knew it only then.

    "I'm a little sensible. I got it."

    You aren't very sensible...

    Ilea made a loud voice, but did not spit out. It was because she thought she had to kill her temper as much as possible as long as she had Corneille next to her.

    "But in this situation, it doesn't matter what you're doing. You know, witch."

    Corneille shrugged. "You lived anyway. It's not what you're doing"

    "The Imperial Palace is surrounded by magic circles."

    Ignis broke Corneille's talk. He lightly ridiculed and looks down at her.

    "That means your damn brainwashing magic won't work."

    Corneille closed her lips and rolled her eyes back. She lifts up her eyebrows.

    "So you want to kill me?"

    "It could be."

    "It's scary."

    Ignis spat out a laugh.

    It's because it never seemed like she was really 'scared.' She must have made another strategy and came this far. If so, it means that she had to meet me while enduring such hardships. The corner of his mouth curves and rises up. He again threw his gaze at Ilea.

    "Lady Enoch."

    Ileah lifted her bowed head.

    "Could you leave. I have something to say to this witch."


    She looked at Ignis and Corneille alternately. In fact, it was she who had no idea what was happening. Suddenly she is asked to see the Prince, and then she tried to kill the Prince. And what, the witch? It was all confusing information. It was hard to accept.

    It was the part where you could know that you were in love without knowing anything. 'I have to ask later.' Ileah thought so and raised her body.


    Ilea quickly exited the drawing room.

    The moment the door is closed, Ignis opened its teeth like an old beast.

    "What are you up to?"

    Seeing his face changed in an instant, Corneille laughed out loud. After all, this little prince was an interesting human being.

    "Aren't you too aggressive for people who come in good will?”

    Ignis frowned.

    "It wasn't enough to try to kill me, so you put Celestine in danger. Then you took the empress’s hand and summoned the monsters. So this is good will. It seems different from the good will I know.”

    "You must have been angry. Seeing how long it's getting." Corneille spoke in a gentle tone that smacked Ignis. "I received money from the Empress. In exchange for calling the monster."

    Twisting her wavy hair, she sparkled her eyes.

    "Of course, I like money. I can do anything with money. Thanks to it, I have a house and I have everything I want."

    However, contrary to her words, her expression was dark. She bite her lower lip and lifted her shoulder again.

    "But, after doing that for 300 years, I was bored."

    Long hours passed by her eyes. I can't even remember what happened yesterday, which feels like a distant past, and hope for the future.. All of them, I was just sick of it now.

    The one on whose magic didn't work. The only person whose soul color was different. Wouldn't he be able to plunge me into my demise ?

    "Please bring your escort, your Highness."

    Her lips rose in a line.

    "Then, I'll testify that the Empress has summoned me to bring the monsters."

    It was not a day or two that the royal family fought in politics. It’s been more than 300 years. There was conviction that the Prince would not be able to reject her proposal. But…

    "I tried to hear what you're talking about, but it's just bullshit." Ignis frowned deeper in his eyebrows, swearing.

    "Get lost, witch."

    An angry look came to my eyes. He looked like a beast.

    "My escort can't be shown to anyone."

    * * *

    Selena looked into the mirror in the corridor of the Imperial Palace.

    Whether the jacket's collar is standing properly, the button is locked, the black is worn properly, and the knot in the boots is not untied. Everything is confirmed once, and she spits to breathe.

    Simon woke up, but it didn't last long. Shortly thereafter, he fell asleep again. However, his color looks better than before, and Selena sat next to him for a while and barely took her feet off.

    Father has woke up, and in the future, I had to gather money more desperately. That way, I can take my father out of the capital. If it's outside the capital, wouldn't it be okay with the money I have now?

    Selena thought vaguely and stepped back toward the reception room. I was told that Ignis was there.


    And that's the first time I’m meeting Ignis after he confessed.

    At the moment, my lips were dry. Swallow dry saliva and spit small cough. It was only half a day, but it seemed like a week had passed. This is probably because the time I was deeply worried was long and deep.

    I didn't know how to treat him. Either she should be as usual, or she should be a little more careful now that she knew his heart. It was hard to guess. But what was harder to guess than what was her own mind. She was the one who, of course, rejected Ignis's confession.

    She herself is lying to him. But what if I wasn't lying? So what choice would I have made? I couldn’t guess well.

    It was something she couldn't guess because it was something she hadn't been through, but in fact she couldn't have confidence in her own mind.

    To me, Ignis…

    'What are you thinking?'

    It seemed to me that I felt more emotional than that to be considered a simple friend. It seemed that there wasn't enough to say that she liked it.

    I don't know. I couldn't know anything. But that's why, she didn't want to think deeper.

    Anyway, she will be away from this place with her family. I'm going to get my feet out of this swirling battlefield.

    Being aware of her feelings for Ignis could have gotten in the way of her escape, and it wasn't beneficial to her.

    'Let's not think about it.'

    Selena pledged her hard work, distracting her thoughts.

    "Your Highness, are you in?" She said, knocking on the door of the drawing room.

    However, no answer was heard inside. Rather than the answer.

    A scream?

    Bang !

    Selena quickly opened the door.

    “What’s happening…!”

    With her sword out, she slowly lowered her sword.

    Then she stepped back.

    What she saw in front of her was Ignis on top of a fallen Corneille.

    * * *

    "It's a misunderstanding." Ignis said with an expression of real injustice.

    "It's really a misunderstanding." He said, covering his chest.

    He was the one who tried to get Corneille out, saying that it would be better to go out without saying anything. However, Corneille refused to go out, and she just fell down after pulling his arm to let her go.

    And at this moment, Celestine came in.

    Ignis once again looked at Celestine. As soon as he saw me, his stiff face made it difficult to gauge his mind.

    Don’t tell me, you're jealous…

    "Why is that crazy witch here?"

    There’s no way it is… Ignis kicked his tongue at the wrong guess.

    "Are you talking about me now?"

    "Then, who else is here besides you?"

    "That's also true." Corneille smiled and looked at Selena.

    Although her face is flawless, Selena couldn't smile like her. Her natural feeling of anger covered her heart.

    Because of Corneille, Ignis almost died.

    It means that he may have lost everything. Selena crushes her anger and grinds her teeth.

    "I'm here to do a fair deal with His Highness the Prince."

    "I want to kill you before a fair deal."

    "Oh, I'm scared."

    But Corneille treated her too lightly. Selena couldn't stand it anymore. She pulled up her sword.

    Chaeyoung !

    Corneille barely blocked the sword that reached her neck. Selena glances at her fingernails cracked by the blade.

    "Are you serious?"

    "If I’m not serious, I won't pull the sword."

    "Well, if I die like this, I will be resurrected again."

    Corneille struggled to avoid the powerful blade and kicked her tongue. Then she looks at Ignis.

    "What would you do with this guy?"

    Ignis shrugged.

    "Celestin is beyond my authority."

    Then he approached Selena and touched her side. It was the same attitude as usual.


    When I faced Ignis in a calm state, I felt a little less angry.

    "Then let's do this."

    Did she feel that kind of tenderness ?

    Corneille's words, which became even lighter, broke through.

    "I will testify about the Empress. About the summons of the monster entrusted by the Empress to me and the tasks the Duke entrusted to me."

    She spoke her words and looked at Ignis, then turned her gaze back to Selena.

    "So, please destroy my soul. With the knight's hand."

    What a nonsense. Selena stepped back in disgust.

    "No, there is nothing you hate so much, right?" Corneille said, squeezing her lips.

    But Selena didn't let her guard down. Of course, I could guess why Corneille was saying this.

    [If you define the life of Corneille, the witch of the North, you can express it in one word.


    Having learned the wicked black magic, she was cursed by God in return. For this reason, she had to live forever. Some may say it is a blessing, but it was a curse for her who has lived a long time. She wanted to die. Now she wanted end this life of her. But even if her neck was cut and her stomach was pierced, she survived the next day.]

    Selena looks at the woman in front of her.

    Corneille don’t die. She only lives for eternity et only takes care of eternal pain. So, contrary to this, Corneille in the original fell for Ignis. This is because he was a being who had the power she wanted, a being dotted with desires, and that was Ignis. But now Ignis...

    'There's no corner to be in love with.'

    Selena was relieved and wiped her chest. She couldn't figure out why this was reassuring her, but anyway.

    For this reason, it's natural that Corneille wishes to disappear. But why did that have to do with me? I didn't understand well.

    "Looking at your expression, you don't understand." Corneille read and said Selena's mind. "The knight wasn't caught by my magic."

    "Didn't you say it's because my soul is dirty?" It was very unfair then. Selena replied bluntly.

    Corneille said, "I thought it would be...."

    Corneille looked at her as if observing Selena, blurring her words.

    "It didn't seem like that."

    Certainly the color is different. It's so clear that it can't be compared to the prince next to it. Corneille's lips were raised.

    "How is it, knight? You originally wanted to kill me?" Corneille said tempting with her arms wide open.

    Selena felt even more uncomfortable and leaned back. Of course, it is true that she wanted to do this to Corneille with her vengeance. It is also true that I only hoped and hoped for the moon to tilt.


    "I don't want to do anything bad to you."

    If all she wanted was her death, she didn't want to do it. As much as she inflicted pain on herself, because she thinks she should suffer as well.

    "Do you know what you said so naughtyly now?"

    Ha, Selena breathed in vain, seemingly absurd.

    "It doesn't seem like you deserve to say that to me. When I'm polite right now, turn it off. I don't want to be with you anymore."

    "If you get angry, it seems that your speech is prolonged."

    Despite Selena's angry voice, Corneille remained unchanged. She still glanced at Selena leisurely and squeezed her fingers.

    "Come on, lift that sword."

    Selena's sword floated into the air.

    "Here. You can stick it in the middle of my heart."

    Corneille aimed at her chest. Selena frowned at her and snatched her sword floating in the air. Even if she speaks a hundred times, it is unlikely that she will listen to it. Selena shook her head and looked at Ignis.

    "Your Highness. Please help me."


    "Isn’t she a guest of your Highness."

    "She’s not really a guest."

    Ignis shrugged. Then he looks at Corneille.

    "Let's start with the testimony of the Empress." She replied, shedding her eyes. "What if you change your words after that?"

    "Then it can't be helped."


    Corneille was irritated, but soon remained calm again. Anyway, that man held what she wanted, so now she had to be patient.

    "Okay, okay. The person who's disappointed should get a tail off."

    She lowered her hands and clicked her tongue.

    "Call me when I need it. I'll talk to you then."

    "I will find it as soon as possible."

    "Is that so." Indifferent to Ignis's words, she faced Selena.

    "You, don't forget."

    Her bright red eyes ran across the face of her Selena.

    "I don't want to tell you what to pay for breaking a promise with a witch.”

    Her cold voice made me guess she wasn't kidding.

    Then, she flicked her hand. Immediately she disappeared. She must have been teleported. Ignis stared at the place where Corneille had disappeared.

    "There is a bounding magic."

    In the Imperial Palace, there is a magic circle that makes it impossible to use magic. Even light magic couldn't be used even if the magician of the tower came.

    Definitely strong.

    Ignis regretted the hostile relationship with her, and touched Celestine, who was standing blankly.

    "Are you okay?"

    Selena wakes her up only then.

    "Ah, yes, that's okay."

    Ignis, who was looking at Selena, tilted his head and said. "I don't know what the witch was talking about. Did you understand?"

    "I didn't."

    It is a lie that protrudes reflexively. Selena frowned again. If lies piled up like this, it would be a big deal. She folded her hands.

    "Anyway, I think that witch will give her testimony, so I can relieve myself. Still, it was difficult to clarify the connection with her Empress."

    Ignis, who didn't know Selena's mind, mumbled and chewed his lips.

    "I would have to go ahead with my work as soon as possible..."

    The impatience was great. Before the Empress could do anything bigger, and before she could find her child, I had a big mind to settle. What trick should I use? Ignis pledged and touched his forehead.

    Then, I look at Celestine again. He noticed the sorrow on his face.

    "What's going on?"

    "Oh nothing."

    "It looks like there is something."

    The answer that came out immediately was sincere and impatient. Ignis, who knew this well, asked again.

    "If you have work, tell me. I'm worried."

    Selena laughed low. You're worried. I have never received it outside of my family. Her heart felt warm again. She seems to be a little thrilled.


    Selena held her hands together and slowly opened her mouth.

    "My father awakened."

    Ignis's eyes widened as if popping out. He smiled brightly and grabbed Selena's hand.

    "That's great. That's great. Good thing. Really."

    The widespread joy he feels came close. Selena could feel her gratitude and a strange guilt at the same time because of her feelings without lies.

    Her heart tingled.

    "If that's the case, you didn't have to come today. Why didn't you talk through Arash?"

    "No. How can I do that. I am your Highness’s escort."

    "That's right, but right now, isn't the situation different?” Ignis said, frowning. "Sometimes it seems that you have a very strong sense of responsibility."

    "It's not too strong, it's natural. Your Highness is too soft."

    "It's because it's you." Ignis said with a fascinating laughter whether he wanted it all this time.

    "I don't want to be a boss so tight that I can't even look at your convenience."

    He grabs Celestine's hand a little harder. A hand with a raised bone joint gently approached.

    "Of course, I don't want to be such a lover that can't afford it."

    … This. Selena was silent. She couldn't figure out what answer she should give here. Rolling her eyes around, avoiding his gaze.

    "It's a joke."

    "Oh, did you."

    "Is that so?"

    Ignis glanced at Selena.

    "I'm hurt. That expression and answer." He mutters and frowns his eyes.

    Then he tramped on the sofa and buried his body. Selena looked around without being able to go. How did I behave normally. Did we sit together? Or was I standing. I couldn't figure anything out. I had no idea how to act.


    Ignis looked at Selena like that.

    "Are you awkward?"

    Flinching, her shoulder trembled. Ignis laughed.

    "Answer honestly. Are you awkward right now?"

    "Yes, a lot."

    "You're so honest."

    “Are you saying that?"

    "I'm glad there is someone who has similar opinions to me."

    “…Your highness is pretty tough."

    Ignis laughed at Selena's blunt response.

    "Yes. Do it like you do now. Like you normally."

    Ignis' laughter was without hesitation. So, Selena could feel her heart tingling even more.


    Nothing comes back after digging a tunnel alone. Let's treat him as in the past, as usual, as if nothing had happened. Even if I'm plagued with guilt.

    "I'll try my best."

    Ignis laughed again. And, like a bouncing, he jumped up.


    He gets closer to Selena. His gaze remained fixed on her face.

    "I will be different from usual."

    He snatched Selena's hand away. With their fingers crossed, he watched Selena.

    "I'll make you like me."

    He pulled her hand. Then he kissed her finger. But his breath also reached Selena. A hot breath filled with emotions. "You're won't block this, right ?"


    I want to block it.

    Selena swallowed a dry saliva, feeling her heart trembling like a bat.

    * * *

    Letio blinked slowly. Then he raises his hand and rubs his eyes a few times. But what I see hasn't changed. He squeezed his sweaty hands. The cold sweat did not show signs of stopping all over his body.

    The same was true of the Empress. She was looking at Letio without even moving. It seems that her heart is stopping. Her breath didn't go well. Her eyes trembled randomly.

    All of them must know.

    The fact that that boy is my blood and flesh.

    The first to come back to his sense was Letio. He loosened his stiff shoulders and slowly approached the Empress. He sits on the chair and looks at her. The Empress said nothing. No, she couldn't.

    I searched for him my whole life.

    Knowing that the Emperor, who was addicted to drugs, occasionally wields swords, and knows that the concubine was killed by the sword. So she secretly left the child to the nanny she had known well as soon as she had given birth. (T/N: Actually, I don't really know who is really killed by the Emperor here. In some translations it's the concubine (is there even a concubine ? I'm so lost right now), in others it's the children of the Empress... I kept the concubine dying, but take it as you want.)

    6 years to do that.

    Only then, taking her power as the Empress, she found her nanny, but the nanny had long been killed by bandits. And, she couldn't find the child.

    I couldn't find it anywhere. But I had to find it. By all means, I had to find it.

    Even when the desire to run away from the violent Emperor rose, and when she cried every day because he denied her existence, saying that she was a woman from a lowly foreign country, she stood firmly with the desire to find her child only.

    It has been about 20 years.

    I look at the man in front of me. I look at the child who broke up before weaning, the child who has not lost its shape at that time, but the child who does not have eyes as if looking at the mother. Tears filled up.

    "Don't cry." Letio said in an calm tone.

    "I think it will be more irritating if you cry."

    He bit his teeth.

    “I thought you would be an Emperor's concubine. The things that were all over her house were jewels with imperial emblems.”

    Letio breathed in, recalling memories of the distant past.

    "But a concubine is just a concubine. I only knew that she was such a poor woman who was driven out, ans she couldn't find her child.”


    "So I enlisted. I want to look for any traces of you. I want to know a little bit where my roots are."

    Letio clenched both fists.


    His lifted gaze was devastating. He looked at the Empress with a gaze that did not bury anything.

    "What is that?"

    He laughed in vain.

    "Even though you are in such a high position, you couldn’t found a child?"


    "It's Letio."

    I swallow a dry saliva. An unpleasant feeling came out of my mouth.

    "My name is Letio, which my adoptive mother gave me."

    The Empress chewed on her lips.

    I know. I couldn't even give him a name and left it to her nanny. She knows a billion. She couldn't forget. But she wanted to protest her resentment that she had to do so. The Empress looked at Letio with her wet eyes.

    "I couldn't help it. It was the only way to save you."

    "I'd rather kill it."

    However, Letio didn't show any fluctuation. He talked with a dull face.

    "If you know what kind of life I've been through, you won't be able to make a shallow excuse that you did it to save me."

    The Empress closed her eyes tightly. From the time he came in, the smell of blood that had been strong ever since he came felt even more disgusting. Her hands are closed.

    "I will give you everything." She said while trying to add a smile.

    "I will announce you as the prince tomorrow, and I will hand over this empire. To that end, I have endured so far. It will be done tomorrow."

    "I don't like it."

    What? The Empress's eyes widened as if they were popping out.

    "It's not what I want."


    "What did you endure for?"

    Letio grasped the truth behind her Empress's words.

    "It's not because of me, it's probably for your future."

    Letio noticed his mother's desire.

    "If you're a real mother, you should have asked how I've lived, if it was okay, if it wasn't hard, what I hoped for now. Not that."

    The true feelings that were caught are only ugly. Letio didn't believe in her motherhood. In the first place, such love was not enough to receive.

    "Isn't the throne what you want?"

    The Empress trembled with both hands. She wanted to shout that it wasn't, but she couldn't. Her tightly clogged heart seldom popped out.

    “When my head was barely open, I was dragged by bandits and lived there. Watching children dying every day, I lived in fear of dying like that. I chewed on the rotten water and the rubbed weeds and gave up."

    Lethio laughed and opened his arms.

    "So, in the end, it became something like this."

    As he moved, blood that hadn't been hardened dripped. Other people's bloodstaining on his face was just a bit of a rash.

    "It's not the throne I'm hoping for, and it's not the thin love you show."

    Letio clenched his fist again. It is true that he wanted to see his mother, but he did not want to see it this way. It wasn't that I was hoping for a tearful reunion, but I wasn’t hoping for an encounter filled with desire like this. What did I hope for? Letio spits out a vain ridicule.

    "And.." Letio woke up and said.

    "You ordered to kill the Prince's escort."

    He looks down at the Empress with a cold gaze.

    "If you touch him one more time, I will not stand it."

    This alone is satisfactory.

    Could I use my veins to protect Selena?

    This alone was enough.

    "Do you want him?"

    It was the cry of the Empress that held Letio's ankle.

    "Do you want to make him yours?"

    Letio slowly turned his head. He looks at the crying face of the Empress.

    "Then I’ll do it."

    The Empress cried out and raised the voice.

    "As long as you succeed to the throne, I will do whatever you want. So please!"

    Letio narrowed his eyebrows.

    The emperor, the emperor, make him the emperor.

    What is the importance of power like an illusion that cannot be held in hand.

    "It's like a human who doesn't have shame." Letio replied coldly.

    "If the emperor's seat is like that, you take it yourself."

    The Empress's eyes widened. It was only tears of sadness in the big eyes, but Letio didn't care.

    "Rather than using a child abandoned dozen years ago."

    I'll never see you again.

    … Again, I didn't want to meet.

    * * *

    Oh, damn it. Selena swallowed her swearings, glancing at Ignis.

    - I will make you like me.

    After making such a great confession, he had been sitting at his desk for hours and scouring his papers.

    I could guess that something wasn't working well by seeing the occasional narrowing of the eyebrows. But…

    Isn't it too much to say that you're seducing and tempting me and then let it go?

    Usually, I take it off and put it on well. Selena, feeling her untimely regret, noticed that her feelings were somehow strange at her moment. She wonders why she is sad. And why does she gives meaning to his words?

    I didn't understand myself well.

    After deciding to get away from him, I wondered why I wasn't expressing my heart more.


    Selena glancing at Ignis, gulping down a dry saliva.. She looks at his side face. A protruding forehead, hard eyebrow bones, concave eyes and high nose, and lips that open up each time you smile. Everything is a perfect and beautiful face like a picture.

    But it was strange somewhere.

    Because Ignis's face, who was silent and struggling, was different from the usual one.

    Obviously, it was like that when I first saw it.

    'It's changed a lot now.' Selena smiled unknowingly. Despite not having a long time together, Ignis have changed a lot.

    Ignis became more docile and he became more attentive. In the past, he was indifferent, irresponsible, and bystander. He turns to the good when he's by the side of a good person.

    Selena didn't recognize Ignis as a villain.

    No, maybe...

    ‘Is there really a bad guy in the first place?’

    It's a life where everyone lives in their respective interests. For oneself, this is good and that is evil. From the other person's point of view, it may be the opposite. For some, he could have been a wicked person.

    Like this, the boundaries between good and evil were blurred.

    Why didn't I realize this simple reason?

    Maybe I have judged everyone hastily.

    In the first place, I thought that there might not have been an original work. It was simply the same background, because all the characters living and breathing in it were different from the original.

    Selena smiled again.

    It’s something, because I feel free.


    At this time, Ignis suddenly turned his head. At first glance, his cheeks were stained red.

    "If you smile like that while looking at me...." He said slowly, closing his lips tightly.

    "I am not so excited."

    Then he scratches the back of his head. I could see redness on both ears. Selena laughed as she looked at him.

    Really, Ignis was an honest person. He is different from her.

    "It's good. Lord Evan finally awakened. Even if it's like me, you'll laugh all day long."

    Ignis put down his pen. He looks at Selena.

    "Go in early today. Aren't you worried about Lord Evan. There will be no one at home anyway."

    Ignis, who was talking, suddenly narrowed his eyebrows.

    There’s his fiancée (Rose) at Celestine’s house. Celestine met her for a long time.


    Ignis groaned and repressed her strenuous jealousy. It crushes his stuffy chest.

    "I'm fine. There may be more."

    "I'm not okay."

    His heart broke when he thought of Celestine being with his fiancée back home, but such jealousy was ugly. Celestine is someone's fiancé and at the same time Simon Evan's son. He didn't want to be a bad lord who would prevent him from keeping his father's side, which awoken from lying in his sickbed.

    "Go back today."


    "You can come out a little earlier tomorrow. It's late, so let's go back."

    Kindness lies in Ignis's determination. Selena slowly removed her body, which had leaned against her wall.

    "Thank you. I'll be two hours earlier tomorrow."

    "Okay." Ignis smiled as if he had thought it well and looked up.


    Then, he turned his gaze.

    "I'll see you soon."

    Tuk, tuk.

    He taps the desk with his fingertips and open his mouth.

    "Wouldn't it be time to say hello to Simon?"

    I’ll see his fiancée.

    Ignis laughed brightly, concealing his true intentions.

    Selena was walking along the narrow road with light steps. It was late at night, but it didn't matter. She was in a good mood right now.

    Although the meeting with Corneille was somewhat surprising, it was in conclusion beneficial to Ignis if she was brooding over her words.

    It would be very helpful if Corneille could testify about the Empress. Of course, there's a strange condition about destroying her, but why don't we just get tge testimony after we cover her with a proper lie?

    Selena thought so.

    As long as Ignis wins the throne, she will be able to leave the capital with her father. Then she won't have to live in the whirlpool anymore.

    Of course, leaving Ignis behind was a headache, but....


    Selena could feel a tingling sensation in the vicinity of the solar plexus.

    What's wrong with you?

    She pressed her steps with a frown.

    It was then.


    I could see Letio sitting down along the wall.

    Why at this late hour?

    Selena quickly approached him.

    "That's Lord Letio. What's the matter?”

    Letio, who went near him, smelled like alcohol.


    This guy?

    Selena opened her eyes wide in surprise.

    "I don't deal with drunk people. If you're drunk, go back nicely." Selena said, waving her hands.

    It wasn't until then that Letio raised his head.

    "I'm not drunk."

    His black hair was damp wet. When I looked closely, the neck and the hem of the clothes were wet. Where did he wash up? Selena tilted her head.

    "I'm really not drunk."

    Whether Selena's eyes felt suspicious, Letio said again and lifted his lips.

    The smile was bright.

    But it didn't seem sincere.

    This is because the eyes have calmed down.

    "What happened?" Selena said and squatted in front of him.

    Letio stared at Selena like that.

    Her red hair, like the sun, and her deep blue eyes, like a lake.

    "Am I… weird?"

    It came out after a long silence.

    "Am I really a weird guy?"

    He continued with a smile.

    "I've never thought about it before, but I feel it whenever I see Sir Selena and her brother. You're normal, and I'm not normal."

    "Is it because you have a family?"


    As soon as the word came out, Selena became visibly stiff.

    Don't tell me you met the Empress.

    Her heart cooled down.

    Then she became disillusioned with herself.

    Letio was telling her what was going on, and she was so disgusted that she was only worried about her future thinking about the original work.

    Pull yourself together again.

    "If someone says that Lord Letio not weird, he's lying."

    Selena looked straight into Letio's eyes. Look at the red eyes containing vivid blood.

    "But I can't say it's abnormal."


    "Because we're not completely human."

    As I thought, it was unreasonable to judge someone as a villain. Since she was not perfect enough to judge someone.

    "But I think it would be better to get a little closer to normal."


    Letio burst into laughter.

    It was a smile with real emotions now.

    "Am I weird?"

    "A little."

    "Sir Selena is very honest."

    "Sounds like a curse, are you mistaken?"

    Letio laughed again. His present expression was similar to that of the first time she met him. Like a big, innocent puppy, wagging its tail. Selena had a similar laugh.

    "Sir Selena."

    Letio reached out to Selena.

    "I like you."

    Then he buried his face on her shoulder. I couldn't breathe.

    "I really, really like you a lot."

    It wasn't a crying voice, but it felt like he was crying. So, Selena was only able to realize it now. The fact that she is lying to Letio as well as Ignis.

    Maybe I really became the villain.

    Selena laughed bitterly.

    * * *​

    "I'm tired."

    Ignis pressed his eyebrows and frowned.

    "It's not over yet."

    Rwan, who was still not letting go of the pen, replied without even looking at him. Ignis, however, grumbled, squeezing his chin, as if he had no intention of concentrating on his work.

    "What are they so unhappy about? They’re getting a lot of things."

    "So your Highness has to become an emperor and get rid of it."

    "Should I kill them?"

    Only then did Rwan's eyes fall from the document. He looked at Ignis and folded his eyes finely.

    "It's been a long time since you said something you liked. Yes, kill them all. You'd better burn the bodies so they can't even find them."

    "…Are you sick these days?" Ignis faltered and said. "It's getting weird."

    "You Highness is the same."

    "I'm in a very calm state right now. I became a peacemaker."

    "If that's the case, why don't you become a priest?" Lewan answered coldly. "Peace is a word that doesn't suit the emperor."

    Ignis did not answer. He just mumbled as if he didn't like it. He just grabs a pen.

    "Yesterday, that thing went back and forth, didn't it"

    That was what stopped Ignis from moving. He slowly turned his eyes away.

    "Are you talking about Corneille?"

    "Yes, that nasty little thing."

    "How did you know?"

    "I have ears, too." Rewan, who spoke calmly, suddenly raised his voice to see if he was angry. "Why didn't you call me? I could have killed it!"

    "She said she'd testify about the Empress."

    "I don't think I should kill it. Rejected."

    He gave up quickly. Then he pulled up the chair and approached Ignis' side.

    "What about the conditions? Didn't she had conditions?"

    “She asked me to kill her."

    Oh, my God.

    Rwan opened his mouth as if he were moved.

    "That's good. It's a very long-term condition. I didn't expect that to say such a pretty thing."

    Ignis let out a laugh and shook his head. Then touches his eyebrows.

    "But the problem is that I was asked for Celestine to do it."

    "What do you mean a problem?"

    "Celestine doesn’t want to kill."

    What nonsense are you talking about? Rwan replied with a frown.

    "Sir Evan is a knight. He's probably killed a lot of people so far."


    But Ignis was determined.

    "It is true that he was covered in blood, but he did not take any life."

    When he fought with the mercenaries in Heath, Celestine attacked them but did not kill them. He hurt them, but he saved their life. Ignis was the one who killed them.

    I could guess the values of Celestine because he would do such a thing even in a situation dangerous to his life.

    That's why he stubbornly refused Corneille's words.

    I wish you knew I thought of him like this.

    Ignis pressed both temples feeling that a headache is coming.

    "Since there is such a weak guy next to you, your Majesty is getting softer." Rwan's words passed by.

    I didn't really want to hear that.

    It was then.

    A small bird came in through the open window. Ignis skillfully grabbed the bird and untied the ankle-bound note.

    Ignis's eyes were shaking as he read the note.

    "There's someone in Celestine's house."

    In the note, another movement was detected inside Celestine's house. Ignis chewed the flesh inside his mouth.

    "It’s not an assassin, is it?"

    "Maybe I don't know."

    "It's when Lord Evan is at home anyway. Will Lord Evan not win?"

    "When did you say he was half a penny."

    Ignoring his words, Ignis raised himself up. He put down the glasses you were wearing and tidy up your clothes in order.

    "Why don't you sit down, your Highness. You have a lot of work to do."

    "I'll go see Evan, and I'll be back."

    Rwan looked at him without erasing his pathetic expression.

    "You're just wondering who Lord Celestine is with, aren't you?

    "There’s that too."

    "You know what I'm saying to someone who watches every move like that?"

    Hmm? Ignis asked back.


    His face frowns. Ignis stuck out his mouth and glanced at Rwan.

    "You seem to be very good at saying hurtful things."

    "I have learned from you."

    Rwan sighed and swept his head over. This immature prince seemed to never hear me. There is nothing I can do. Rwan think so and salute lightly.

    "Go ahead. While you're on your way, take some gifts. Try not to look like a criminal as much as possible."

    "You're so mean."

    "Please give my regards to Sir Evan."

    "You're ignoring me now."

    "Take a look."

    At the end of the sentence, Rwan took the pen again.

    Ignis, who was still looking at it, turned and left the room.

    * * *​

    Of course, he admits he's been distracted by Celestine these days.

    But isn't it too much?

    It's mean every day.

    Ignis frowned, feeling unfair. I wanted to be angry with Rwan, but I couldn't because I could guess how he felt.

    He wants me to go back to my original form.

    Even though I don't want to.

    But it's okay.

    Now that all the plates are in place, there will be no shaking in the plan. I become an emperor, and Lewan is satisfied.

    And Celestine....

    'You have to be a little better.'

    Ignis looked down at the pocket of the subspace he was holding and laughed. Inside, there are gold coins that Celestine will like, tea leaves and alcohol that Lord Evan has been looking for. This will be enough for them as a gift.

    Ignis, who arrived at Celestine's house, coughed in vain. And carefully knocked on the door.


    Then there was a moving sound inside.

    One, two... Three people?

    Ignis, listening to the sound inside, tilted his head. Is Lord Evan already able to move?

    While in doubt, the door suddenly opened. And the one who showed up had an incredible face.

    Ignis frowned unknowingly on the face in front of him.

    Why are you coming out of here?

    He is trying to resist the curse of leaving his mouth. It was because I was wondering if Simon would listen to it when he woke up.

    "You told the Prince." (?)

    Letio greeted him with a big smile.

    Are you smiling ?


    Ignis tightened his eyes.

    "Why are you at Celestine's house?"

    Letio tilted his head.

    Why are you here?

    Is it…

    "You slept here, didn't you."

    Ignis could see what it felt like to have a craving in the back. The back of my head is stiff.

    He grabbed Letio by the collar without even thinking about putting a distorted look on his face.


    Letio stared at the Ignis like that.

    When it comes to Selena, she doesn't care about anything. That's how big your heart is.


    You don’t know anything anyway?

    In this contest, the winner is of course me.

    "I don't know why you're angry."

    Letio looked at him with a triumphant face.

    Since they were not much different in height, the confrontation was angrier than ever.

    "Celestin and I are good friends. Is it so wrong for a friend to sleep at their friend's house?"

    Friend, friend. Ignis chewed his molar. I thought I was the only friend of Celestine. But I think this guy will remain. If I could, I wanted to kill him.

    …then Celestine won't like it.

    Even though the rage keep pressing him, Ignis released his grip on the collar.

    "Where's Celestine?"

    As soon as the words were over, I heard a banging sound on the second floor.

    It was Celestine in a messed-up clothing who came out of the door.

    "Your Highness!"

    Selena smiled down the stairs.

    Because she took off her coat as she was winding his chest with a bandage, she swept his hair with an unlocked button.

    "What's the matter with you since morning? Did something bad happen? Is there a problem?"

    Ignis looked at Selena and turned his head immediately.

    No matter how hastily she closed her collar, she couldn't stop the pale skin from being revealed for a moment. Ignis rebuked himself for feeling lustful under these circumstances and lowered his voice.

    "I came to see Simon."


    Crazy guy. You have to inform before you come. Selena shook her head, concealing her thoughts.

    "My father is awake now."

    "Do you mind if I go?"


    Celestine's in a corner anyway, so it'll be okay. Selena guided to the room thinking so. Ignis, who was trying to follow Selena, suddenly turned around and looked at Letio.

    Face him directly.

    Two blood-colored eyes, which are of the same blood line, met each other.

    "Be careful."

    Who should say that?

    Letio gazed silently at Ignis's back with a grin.

    Suddenly, the Queen's mother's words came to mind.

    - I will proclaim you emperor and hand over this empire.

    The Emperor.


    It's a sweet suggestion, but Letio wasn't a sweet tooth. That's why I refused. I don't intend to be an emperor, but I don't want to have that prince by Selena's side. If he becomes emperor, he'll definitely do anything to have Selena.

    - I'll give you everything.

    Letio's eyes glared low. He licked his dry lips and twisted the corners of his mouth.

    "Lord Letio?"

    It was Selena who interrupted Letio's idea. She looked at Letio with a rather worried look.

    "Are you all right? Because of the sudden arrival of his Highness."

    "That's allright. You don't have to worry."

    Letio laughed as he cleared the collar crumpled by Ignis.

    "I'll leave you alone."

    I look at Selena.

    Never as much as you.


    "I owe you a lot."

    It will not be taken away.

    Letio smiled brightly and said goodbye to Selena.

    * * *

    How long has it been? Ignis appeared when Celestine, who was trapped, began to murmur in frustration.

    Selena ran to him quickly.

    "Are you done?"


    Ignis bit his lips with his eyes down. It's definitely an action that comes out when you're lost in an idea. Selena looked at the Ignis like that.

    "What did you talk about? My father can't speak well right now."

    "A conversation doesn`t mean that everyone has to open theirs mouths."

    "That means you were talking alone."


    Ignis grinned and straightened his stiff face.

    "It looks so good."

    "Yes." Selena replied, pushing the teacup to Ignis.

    "Did the memories come back?"

    "Yes, me and… No, he recognize me."

    "That's a relief."

    Ignis replied with a sip of tea.

    "You've been waking up for a long time. At this rate, he said he could move within this week."

    “It`s all the more fortunate. I hope you get up as soon as possible."

    At the words of sincerity, Selena shook her head. She is also eager to do so. If that happens, I can get my father and Celestine out of the capital.

    And myself…

    Selena suddenly looked at Ignis.

    If I say I'm leaving the capital, what would you answer? I'm sure you won't like it. You will oppose it.

    But even so,

    ‘I can't stay next to you.’

    Unless you have the courage to reveal the lies.

    Selena was bitterly self-help.


    With a lower voice than usual, Selena glanced at him. Ignis with a stern expression was seen.

    "You can be more pleased."


    The meaning was unknown. Selena grinned, but Ignis replied calmly, as if it wasn't out of the blue.

    "I felt it every time I saw you. Why don't you express your feelings?"


    Ignis reached out over his table. And he stroked Selena's side hair.

    "You have to laugh when you are happy, and cry when you are sad."

    Selena looked up at him blankly. Ignis, with a clear smile on his face, was looking at her with all his heart.

    Without a single lie, like that.

    Selena consciously raised the corner of her mouth. Then, a forced smile similar to his face spread around her mouth.

    "Yes, like that."

    Ignis rallied his hands, essuffing his cheeks as if satisfied.

    "How pretty you are when you smile like that."

    Then, he shed his red eyes as if he were seducing her.

    As soon as Selena saw it, she could feel a prick in her chest.

    Why, all of a sudden?

    She frowns beyond detection.

    "Of course I'm annoyed right now. You know that, right?"

    Realizing that the topic was changing, Selena quickly calmed down. Take a deep breath and answer calmly.

    "I don't think you've been annoyed just now."

    "It's to please you."

    Selena smirked.

    "Why were you annoyed?"


    Why are you asking?

    Ignis made his mouth water.


    Of course, it's because of him.

    "I hate him so much."

    Ignis folded his arms and narrowed his forehead.

    "You seem to be hiding something. I'm sure I don't know something....”

    You have a new feel. Selena swept her arms feeling chills. If he find out that I hid the Emperor's son in addition that I was a woman, I'm really done.bIt was something to hide until the end of the world.

    "Whatever it is, I don't like it."

    Ignis is always like this. He always shows his mind like this and doesn't hesitate to express his feelings. The good and the bad are clear.

    That's how courageous he is. The courage to say good things, and the courage to reject things you don't like.

    How dare I look like this?

    Selena shook her head in her heart.

    "But I won't do anything because you don't like it."

    He leaned forward and put his chin on the table. He looks up at Selena.

    "You got nothing to say?"

    Something to say? Selena blinked her eyes.

    "…Did you do well?"


    Ignis bowed and stuck his head out to Selena out. Selena carefully raised her hand. And put her hand on his fluffy hair.

    "I'll just do what you like."

    The hand stroking his head, it stung. The degree of pain was too great to dismiss as static electricity.

    * * *


    The empress laid down the teacup with a slight breath.

    It's already been three cups in a row, but I couldn't remember what it tasted like. I couldn't tell what the scent was. I just drink unconsciously and put it down.

    Her head and mind were elsewhere.

    "Are you all right?"

    The witch's voice came in. The queen looked at her, frowning at her, as her voice was so loud.

    "What's going on?"


    The empress threw away the pretense she had and treated Corneille in her original form. Of course, Corneille had nothing to do with her or not.

    She said, "I found the child I was looking for, and the Prince is also working tomorrow, can I just expect everything to go well?"

    Corneille burst into a small laughter.

    "The stupid thing."

    The empress grinds her teeth and glances at her.

    "Look at what the Prince is doing. He is making his own gang by gently flirting with the nobles. At this rate, after the Emperor's death, the throne would be handed over to him...!"

    Corneille stared at the empress quietly.

    The desires of men are so unknowable. If you had power for more than 50 years, you should know how to give it to others. Did you think you would be in power for 1,000 years?

    It was so stupid. To the extent that we are not fit to be together. (?)

    "You must not have convinced the child you found."

    But Corneille didn't show her thoughts. She spoke sweet words in a shallow voice.

    "May I help you?"

    The empress's eyes shook for an instant. The witch's brainwashing magic can move Letio however he wants.

    … However.

    "No, no. I don't want to be hated for doing such a thing."

    As much as she is hated now, it was clear that if she did anything more here, she would not even see his face. The empress hoped for power, but at the same time wanted affection for her children.

    She sighed and pointed at her forehead.


    Corneille smiled at the queen's profile.

    "There's only one way."

    Corneille's red hair fluttered like a flash.

    "Do you want me to take care of the Prince?"

    Her white face was full of mysterious smiles.

    It was a few days after that.

    Selena was having a rather busy day. Simon, who opened his eyes, always looked for Selena and liked to hear what she said. If she wasn't around, he would call in Celestine to look for her. That's why I wanted to be next to him every day, but I couldn't.

    Ignis always looked for her, too. At the same time, he opened her eyes and paid full attention to her safety.

    Why on earth are they so worried?

    In the first place, being his escort is taking my life as collateral. Selena thought self-helpfully but did not reveal it to Ignis.

    Letio also often visited home. After talking with Celestine about this and that, he waits for Selena, and when she gets off work, he says bye and goes back.

    That was repeated.

    I wanted to ask you a pile of questions, such as if you had met the Empress, but I couldn't because of Letio's clear smile and cheerful voice.

    Because I thought I'd be caught knowing about the empress.

    I'm hurting you by telling lies like this and that. Her conscience grew bigger and bigger, but there was nothing she could do just because she did. It was an issue that cannot be revealed now.

    That's why I have to pretend I don't know.

    Anyway, there were no major problems now. My father woke up, Ignis was friendly and Letio was calm.

    Like this, the week seemed to pass without much difference.

    The problem arose that day.

    "You look great today, Celestine."

    "I know."

    It was time to exchange jokes with Ignis as usual.

    "Do you have anything to say to me?"

    "I’m not a praising system, so there’s nothing."

    "That's too much." Ignis said, his lips sticking out. "But it’s part of what’s cool about you, so I can't get angry."

    Selena burst into laughter. At first glance, Ignis was smiling similarly. There was a languid atmosphere today. I thought it would continue like this.

    Gwang !

    "Your Highness!"

    It was Rwan who opened the door and jumped in. He was clutching a piece of paper with a haggard face. He Looked around for Ignis.

    "What's going on?”

    Ignis treated Rwan like that with a grain of salt. It was not once or twice that he had jumped like this, nor was it surprising. Now, however, Rwan was different from usual. He came as fast as he could to Ignis.

    "There will be a banquet."


    There is always an annual event at this time of year.

    You mean that?

    Ignis tilted his head.

    "A banquet will be held under the leadership of her Majesty the Empress!"

    He unfolded the paper that was in front of Ignis. It was crumpled, but it was easy to grasp the contents.

    Ignis' eyes frown as he was reading it quickly.

    "What the hell is she up to?"

    The laughter she had just seen volatilized, and Ignis sharpened his teeth.

    The contents were clear. Two days later, a banquet will be held under the leadership of the empress in commemoration of the harvest festival. It was a festival held every fall, but it was usual not to participate in the palace.

    The harvest was sure to be an excuse.

    What's your plan?

    Ignis’s eyes flashed.

    "Two days from now, we'd be running out of time. Isn't it that you're not getting anything ready?"

    "It says that it's not extravagant because it's a harvest product, but rather a concept of using the original. Please read to the end of the end.…"

    "It's a branch."

    Ignis cuts Rwan's words.

    He pointed to his forehead. A throbbing headache came.

    "Look, there must be some trick."

    "That's what I think, too. I've tried, but...” Rwan sighed and frowned.

    "There is nothing special."

    Ignis clenched his fist and stretched it over and over again. Then suddenly, he looked at Selena, who was still thinking.


    Selena then looked up. She was also in a state of confusion with untimely news.

    A banquet led by the Empress?

    This is definitely...

    「 The Empress, Violet, prepared the final gift for Letio. It is to hold a big banquet to mark the end of Ignis von Patus. She decided to drive out Ignis, the evil prince, today. The plan couldn't have failed. 」

    The original came to mind.

    My lips have dried up.

    In the original story, the empress holds a banquet to invite all the high-ranking nobles and announces Ignis' misdeeds. The Emperor is alive, too. Can it be different from the original this time?'

    I tried to think, but the pounding heart showed no sign of subsidence. She took a deep breath again and over again.

    "Celestine, are you okay?"

    Ignis is calling again. Selena came to her senses and shook her head.

    "Oh, yeah, I'm a little surprised."

    "That's fair."

    She's the one who tried to kill you. Ignis murmured, narrowing the unpleasantness between the two.

    "So you'll be there, but don't be near me. It would be better not to attend in the first place, but wouldn't the Empress be able to do something strange again? I'd rather be in my sight."

    Selena blinked her eyes.

    What do you mean. I'm thinking for a while.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Wasn't the Empress after you? You'd better stay as far away as you can. It's better to stay separate than to avoid you.”


    Selena sighed. Ignis was overprotecting her too much.

    "I'm your escort."


    "Even if I get hurt, my role is to prioritize your safety. I can't do that."

    Ignis faced up to such a Celestine.

    I know what he's saying. And he knows how much what he said hurt his pride. But, nevertheless, he still do.

    "I don't want that from you."

    "Your Highness."

    "It means that I don't want you to protect me if you get hurt."

    I'll get hurt if you get hurt. I'd rather die than you die. Ignis could only judge like that.

    "So listen to me this time."

    Selena avoided his gaze.

    Ignis' poetry lines that looked straight at me, and Rwan's poetry lines that looked hard at me were all burdensome.

    * * *​

    Letio stood in a rather dark, closed space. He looked up at the palm-sized window high above the wall.

    "Come on, this should do it."

    The woman grabbed Letio by the shoulder and said, Letio then turned his eyes to look at her.


    Then she stared at the medicine bottle she gave him. A bottle as big as a finger was full of new red liquid.

    "You don't have to feed them, just open the cap in front of their eyes."

    She shook the bottle before Letio's eyes.

    Letio showed little interest.

    She frowned.

    "Do you know how precious this is? There's no human being who can make this. I can make it now."

    A human being. The word got on my mind and Letio narrowed the gap.

    He snatched her by the wrist.


    His red eyes faced her red-headed sword.

    "Why are you helping the Empress?"

    You don't call her mother until the end. Corneille looked at him with a sneer.

    "Why do you want to help the Empress kill the Prince ?" Letio answered by not avoiding the eye.

    "Well, I don't know."

    Corneille frowned and laughed.


    There is only one reason.

    "That's funny."

    Corneille shrugged up.

    "Original transactions require giving to receive. This is the only way I can do it because you don't promise me." She said with a big grin.

    If the knight had agreed to kill her, she wouldn't have gone this far.

    But he didn't say yes, and he didn't say no properly.

    In other words, he asked her to testify against the Empress while maintaining a dusky attitude.

    What's so incredible about that?

    So she decided to set a trap.

    That way, you can achieve your goals.

    She twisted her lips looking at Letio.

    "And you? What about you?"

    Letio's eyes narrowed.

    "You said you didn't want to be an emperor anyway, and you didn't want to live as a prince, but why...."


    As Corneille continued, Letio's face hardened. Because I could see what she was trying to do with this question. As expected, words quickly continued from Corneille's open lips.

    "Ah, it's love."

    Corneille held out the bottle again. And she put the bottle in Letio's hand.

    "They say there's nothing you can do in name of love."

    The cold sensation of not feeling the body temperature was so vivid that it was creepy.

    "Cheer up."

    Letio turned his head. And he looked at the window again. A very high place, a stuffy little window. This room can only see light through there. But the light doesn't come in.

    I can only see it, but I can't reach it.

    Letio slowly dropped his eyes.
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