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    Episode 24. Why should I forget?

    As if trying to bring up a difficult story, he hesitated several times. I couldn't even guess what it was about.
    His face was still red and his expression didn't look right, so I was nervous for nothing.
    Yeah. Why did you use the word 'confession' to make people misunderstand again?
    But she couldn't even tell him to speak quickly. I can only wait patiently.

    “At that time, it was about the bees.”
    After a while, his lips opened.

    Bee? What's this all of a sudden?
    I waited quietly for his words and fixed my gaze. Duke Henston looked at the carriage with his still red face, then turned to face me. For a moment, his heart pounded.

    "I mean, in the wine cellar."

    "What are you talking about...?"

    He let out a deep sigh as he was embarrassed. However, I had no idea where this nonsense came from.
    Duke Henston eventually began to flesh out the details.
    Seeing that he was rubbing his forehead while not speaking his words, he himself seemed quite embarrassed by this situation.
    However, he did not give up until the end.
    On the contrary, it was actually me who wanted him to give up when the talk of the drinking party came out of his mouth.

    "I wasn’t clear that morning. I couldn't remember what happened the night before, so that's why."

    After he finished speaking with difficulty, he looked a little relieved. I glanced over and spoke.
    "Is this the story you want to confess about?"

    A small sigh leaked out.

    I never dreamed that he would not have remembered the events of that day. It was me who really wanted the film to stop!

    Feeling cramped, he took off the robe he was wearing.
    "The thing that I chased you after asking to talk about what happened the day before, and that you did it this time, but that I can do it next time..."
    Talking until there, he coughed low again with his mouth closed. Somehow, I also felt that the inside of the carriage was hot and cramped.
    Neither more nor less, we are both as ripe as bright red apples.

    "Anyway, it's all about the bee. I'm sorry if I made you misunderstood."

    "N-no. Hey, we can just let it go."

    I was embarrassed and quickly waved my hand. I also wanted to end this quickly.
    Then he said no and shook his head.

    "I don't want to be seen as unscrupulous, even if it's just a little."
    Then, in a firm voice, he added:
    "Especially for you."

    "N-no! It was me who caused it in the first place!"
    My face heated up at his words, so I rubbed the windows that were not covered in dust for nothing.
    If it were me, I'd have just jumped over.
    If I dare to hear this story and experience shame again, that side would be better.
    Nevertheless, he said he doesn't want to be misunderstood because of his pride as a noble, right?
    He took his eyes off me and stared at the night street for a moment, then tapped the windows with his hand and whispered softly again.

    "And one more thing. I don't want you to avoid me in the future. That day, I felt really..."
    Without speaking up to that point, he hurriedly bit his mouth. But even for a moment, he soon added in a calm voice:
    “There are a lot of things we have to do together in the future, so it’s difficult if it gets awkward.”
    Unlike the ugly me, whose lips tremble when I think of that time, he looked calm. The shy look when he spoke at first had completely disappeared.

    I nodded vigorously.
    "Yes, I will."
    He must be a different person from me.
    It's not like I've never been in a relationship in my life either. But I was not used to the idea of kissing someone.
    On the other hand, maybe Abonim had so much experience that he couldn't even compare to mine?
    It's still before the start of the original work, and I don't know the circumstances of the nobles well because I possessed the body of a commoner, but I can roughly estimate it.
    There must have been countless rumors with countless noble girls.
    Because he's young and handsome, and he's not lacking anything when it comes to wealth, or power, he’s not missing anything.
    I closed my eyes slightly and moved my lips. For some reason, there’s a subtle feeling.

    "Anyway, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Please, forget everything that happened that night."
    I responded as naturally as possible, but a harsh voice came out of his mouth.

    "Why should I forget?"

    What is this tone?
    I lifted my gaze and looked at him. His expressionless face turned red.

    "It was my first time." (OMG MC TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!)

    For a moment, her head throbbed as if she had been hit by something.

    Wait. First time, what do you mean first time?
    N-no way. Did I hear it wrong? Everyone else thinks so, right?

    "keum keuheum."
    He paused for a moment to cough and continued to talk again, apparently embarrassed by my gaze.
    A face that was red enough to be clearly seen even without the light pouring through the window, filled both eyes.
    "I was so focused on raising children, I didn't have time for that. Isn't that so weird?"

    I didn't say anything, opened my lips and blinked my eyes.
    Of course, I do not know how difficult parenting is, as I have never experienced it myself. I don't even know half of what Abonim’s had been through.
    It must be true that he didn't have much time because he had so much love for Pieta.
    But he will turn 30 in a few years...
    To lead such an attractive man steadily into the path of wizards and fairies.
    Hyuk, don’t tell me this is also Bamsong’s scheme...?


    "Stop here. I want to walk for a while."

    When we arrived at the duke's mansion, darkness had already descended.
    As soon as Abonim’s words ran out, the coachman stopped the carriage. It was hot and I was fanning my hands, so it was good news.
    The air outside was quite refreshing, probably because we had spent all the time in the stuffy bar.
    The coachman drove the carriage away, leaving only the two of us. The tail of the colorful carriage glistens in the moonlight.
    He casually started to cross the garden. I also quickly followed suit.
    A cool breeze blew through the high fir leaves that stretched between the roadside.
    Breathing in the cool air, I stretched out my arms. Unconsciously, I yawned, then I heard a loud laughter from the side.
    "You must be very tired."

    Before I knew it, he slowed down and walk with me. Somehow embarrassed, I quickly got my act togethe.
    Oh, I decided not to be conscious of it.

    "What are you going to do now?"
    I quickly changed the subject. If we continue the conversation, I'll be able to care less about him being too close.

    "What are you talking about?"

    “The plan after calling the knights and disrupting the meeting.”
    I said sulkily. My lips in a pout.
    It was a protest against not keeping the promise that he will tell me everything so that I don't have to worry about it in the future.
    I was so nervous earlier, I thought we were caught by the guild members.
    If I had known that the Knights Templar would come, I would have gone a little more daring, such as using myself as a bait.

    "If I had told you that, you would have attacked without covering the fire."

    Are you a mind reader ······?
    My jaw dropped without realizing it. I realized I might look weird so I quickly changed my expression, but I think I've already been caught.
    Duke Henston clicked his tongue and continued.
    "Every guild member has been detained. For the time being, they'll be under strict supervision of the Knights templar."

    "Then the child...."

    "The guild leader and the child are already in safe hands. I'm trying to find out if there's any contact with Count Santorini in the past. We'd better wrap it up as soon as possible. There's nothing good in prolonging this."

    I thought about it when he put the Knights on standby, he really does a thorough job.
    But at the same time, when I think about it. How could such a person not remember what happened that night? Also because of drinking too much.
    Surprisingly, it feels quite human. It's not that bad somehow. No, it's not bad, it's even a little cute...

    hyuk, cute. That's a word that doesn't go well with Abonim.

    What I was trying not to be conscious of is overshadowed. My cheeks and the back of my neck kept burning.
    I shook my head like a man with bugs in his hair, trying to get rid of the thought.

    " What's wrong?"

    "It's nothing."
    When I heard his voice that seemed to be puzzled, I sobered up.
    I clenched my fists and quickly hid my expression.
    "I'll help too."
    As I immediately noticed when I heard the guild name earlier, if there is a connection between the past of the two, I will also be the one who finds it.
    "Oh, and there's one thing more."

    "What is it?"

    "You have to think about how you can tell Count Santorini about this. It's surprising to have a family all of a sudden, even a leader of a dark guild."


    He worried for a moment thinking that what I said had some truth.
    In fact, he was more concerned about the current Count Santorini than that.
    How will an elderly man over 80 accept the fact that he has a hidden daughter and grandson?
    He seems to be someone who doesn't tolerate injustice at all, and only knows anything but justice.
    Will such a person really want to admit a daughter, who is the guild leader of the Dark Guild, and takes care of all the dirty work?

    But... it's still the right thing to let him know. Because we can't hide the celestial wheel.
    (천륜을 moral laws of family relationships, (formal) filial piety, Relationship by blood between a parent and child, said to be made in heaven.)

    In addition, if recognized as the Count's bloodline, the child will be able to grow up in a much better environment than it is now.
    I have never met him, but when I think of the original story, I get a rough idea of how the child is growing. Obviously, it is not an environment conducive to education.
    If he becomes the Count's grandson, he will escape from the messy world and receive a good education, and then he will be far from the fate of becoming the guild leader of the Dark Guild.
    It is also said that the probability of getting involved with Pieta is also significantly reduced.
    Because in the original story, he, or to be more precise, a guild member who was ordered by him abducted Pieta, and the two met.
    "It can't be without any shock, but I think it would be better to deliver it in the least possible way."

    "As expected, we get along very well with each other."
    He said in a friendly voice. Embarrassed for some reason, I smiled softly at him.

    "I think so too, Abonim."



    "Call me Dean."

    Dean is definitely his name. But is it okay for a commoner like me to call his name rudely?
    This is a class-based society, and he is a duke with the second highest authority after the emperor.

    “Because I don’t want to be called “Abonim” anymore.”

    " However, to the Duke, how ·····.”

    "That's not good either."

    Contrary to my hesitation, he was just adamant.
    While I was standing still without saying anything, the wind carrying the scent of flowers messed up my hair once more and ran away.
    I barely answered in a crawling voice without even thinking of cutting off the hair that was stuck to the tip of my lips.

    Then his hand came to my lips. As if dealing with something precious, a very gentle hand gently brushed her hair.
    As she lifted her head slightly, she saw his face with an unprecedented soft smile.
    I'm sure he's trying to tease me if I'm eating my hair because there's nothing to eat. Yeah, I'm sure he will.

    "You've done a great job today."
    A friendly tone that is neither too excessive nor too light.

    My heart was beating faster than ever. The events of the day passed by like a flash.
    "Thank you for protecting me, ···· Dean."
    I replied humbly like a person biting cotton.

    "I like it."
    A low-pitched laughter erupted once.

    With the back of my hand holding down the hot cheeks, I quickly brushed away the hair tangled by the wind again.


    "Daisy is here!"

    "Aigoo, young miss."
    As soon as the attendants gathered in the hall to meet their master, someone ran like a small ball.
    It was Pieta, who stood guarding the front door on the first floor all day today.

    "Be careful, it's dangerous."

    But Pieta didn't care and slipped out of the servant's side.
    Through the window, she saw someone walking in the garden. Daisy and Dad who she had been waiting for so long.

    "Daisy! Dai······· Eup!"
    Small feet that were about to run out were hung in the air. Hardy suddenly appeared and lifted the child.
    "Eup! Eup!"
    In an instant, Pieta in Hardy's arms fluttered her limbs like a dragonfly. He had her face buried in his arms, so it was hard to tell.
    He wouldn't let me go despite the powerful flapping, and this time she twisted her body around.
    There was a crack in his arm that could not withstand the struggle of the child. Pieta, who had her head pulled out, exhaled and protested violently.
    "What is this, Hardy! Let go of me!"

    "Come on, miss. Wait a minute."

    "Why, why! Dai······ eum!"
    Hardy's hand interrupted another loud voice.
    He could only silently watch the pair of men and women in the distance, holding the writhing Bamsong.
    Then he caught sight of Duke Henston raising his hand and touching her hair.
    The tip of Hardy's lips rose smoothly upwards. He nodded his head with a confident look.

    "Hardy, I've already counted to twelve. Put me down before I count three more! I have to go get Daisy right away!"

    The only problem left was this little girl like a chestnut. But he is the most capable servant of Duke Henston.

    "Okay. Young miss, let's start the operation."


    Hearing Hardy's whisper, Pieta calmed down.
    The child stopped her writhing and asked, looking up at him with her twinkling eyes.

    "What kind of operation is this? Am I doing it too?!"

    "Of course. We are comrades."

    "Yes, comrade!"

    With a smile, he hugged Pieta and turned around.
    But behind him, it was soon full of people. Hearing the message, the employees gathered to meet Duke Henston.
    They looked at Hardy, who was standing still, holding Pieta in his arms in amazement.

    "You said the Duke has arrived? But why aren't you leaving?"

    "Ah, that's true. However..."

    Hardy scratched the tip of his nose and clouded the tip of his speech.
    But even before the excuse was ready, the chief of staff appeared and filled the ranks.

    "Come on, you're not going out, you're going behind the scenes!"

    The employees were busy in no time. If he left it as it is, they would probably go out of the mansion and say greet loudly.
    Hardy quickly lowered his head and whispered:

    "Young miss, this is our plan. Please stop those people."

    "Okay, got it!"

    As soon as Hardy put me out of his arms, Pieta responded with a strong voice and ran vigorously to the door.

    "Everyone, don't go out!"

    Then she stood in front of them with her short, chubby arms wide open.
    The valet's footsteps toward the door stopped.
    Although she is still a child, she is the daughter of the duke. She can't break her orders.
    The chief of staff spoke in a very polite tone.

    "Move out, miss, the duke has arrived, and we must go out and meet him."

    "Well, I can't!"

    Pieta shouted with all her might and glanced at Hardy.
    With a smile on his face, he gently touched her hair.
    It was a sign that she was doing very well.

    Episode 25. Maldives Guild and Alps Mercenaries

    Less than a day after that happened at the bar, a huge amount of information was gathered into the duke's residence.
    Bamsongi, who were always sticking with me like gum, fell in love with drawing today and skipped tea time. In the end, the duke and I sat down and had a meeting under the guise of tea time.

    "What? She used to work as a healer in a mercenary corps named Alps? The guild leader's mother?!"

    The Duke nodded and frowned incomprehensibly at my return.
    I was so surprised that I didn't even think of putting the empty teacup down.
    The name Santorini, Maldives Guild, now the Alps mercenaries!
    How desperately did my friend want to go on vacation?
    I was so moved by her great resolve. I wished in my heart for a moment that my friend could take a leave and go to any of those places.

    Dean took another sip of tea and continued.
    "Anyway, now the guild leader has lived alone with her child since her mother died."

    As soon as she heard those words, regret filled her heart again.
    However, complex concerns still remain.
    "Why are they living their lives hiding their existence from the Count? If she had told him, he might have been able to get help...."

    "Well, rather than hiding it, maybe they didn't know that they are a family?

    "No, the guild leader probably knows."

    "Why do you think so?"

    "Because that child... the male lead, who will become the guild leader in the future, introduces himself as 'Santorini Guild Leader' in the original book. He must have heard something from his mother."
    To say that the future male lead uses the same surname as the count means that he knows.
    So even if you don't know it now, you will know it someday.

    Dean asked, as if a little tired, pressing his temple slowly.
    “Then there is a high probability that she is pretending not to know because she has other intentions.”

    "What does that mean?"

    "Think about it. Count Santorini was awarded the title in recognition of his achievements. Usually, people from all over the country flock to him like clouds saying they are related to him."

    Like when someone you know won the lottery. Is it something like that?
    There is no difference between the original world and here.
    No wonder the inside of my mouth is bitter. I let out a deep sigh and set the cup down.

    "Basically, I don't trust people who have been involved in crimes. Especially if you belong to that kind of guild."

    Saying that, Dean reached out to the teapot.

    "Oh, I'll do it."

    Normally, there would be a maid serving tea, but since we have something to talk about, no one has come in on purpose. So, it was just the two of us in this room.
    I grabbed the pot one step ahead and stretched out my arm towards him.

    "No, not me."


    "I was going to pour for you."

    After that, I quickly looked down and saw that only my glass was empty.

    I pulled my hand back a little awkwardly.
    Actually, it's not a big deal for someone to pour you tea. Of course, only in the previous life.
    In short, not here. Here, when pouring tea, correct manners and some rules need to be followed.
    After all, Dean is a duke. I've never seen him do this to anyone except Pieta.

    Perhaps I didn't know, but I've never even seen tea pour in my own glass. (I have no idea who is being referred here, you and I are being interchanged in different mtls so just make your own judgement:blobsweat:)

    The Duke frowned slightly at me and asked.
    "Are you going to do it yourself?"

    "That's right."

    She ignored the heat on her face again and tilted the pot slightly. The fragrant orange-brewed tea poured into the glass with white steam.
    If possible, it would be better not to have hot tea, but to have cold tea with ice.
    I swallowed the tea quickly, enduring the burning of the floor.

    Abonim is... No, Dean didn't say anything more about what he was thinking.
    After the conversation was interrupted, a subtle worry crept into my mind again. Because of Count Santorini.

    “If you suddenly hear about an unknown family, you will be very surprised, right?”

    "I guess so."
    He nodded his head lightly.
    " But the good thing is, he like kids a lot. The first thing he did after receiving the title was sponsoring an orphanage."


    My eyes sparkled.
    He's been wielding a sword on the battlefield all his life, but behind that, is a caring grandfather.
    If so, maybe...
    Wouldn't the cutest kid in this house help?
    It didn't seem like a bad plan, so I thought about it a bit more, but suddenly Dean opened her mouth.

    "I have a question for you."


    "What does alps mean?"

    Ah, Alps. Come to think of it, I stopped talking for a second.
    Seeing him even frown and ask, he seemed to be quite curious.
    I had a smile on my lips.

    "Alps is the name of a large mountain range that crosses the continent. The top is covered with snow all year round, so the scenery is very beautiful. That is why it is a very famous tourist destination in the world..."

    As she moved her arms wide and passionately explained, she suddenly met the duke’s eyes.
    Seeing him quietly watching my big gestures, I immediately froze with a blank expression on my face.

    “…well, that’s what I heard. I've never been there either."
    Well, I’ve seen it in pictures.
    In fact, as much as my friend wanted to go on a trip, I also wanted to go. Unfortunately, I have never been on a boat let alone an airplane in my previous life.
    If anyone works more than three part-time jobs a day like me, they will never dream of traveling.
    However, it was also unfair. If I knew this would happen, I would have spent all my money and went somewhere.
    When I was a little depressed thinking about the past, the duke said something in a low voice.

    “…it also exist here. Shall we go?"


    “Such a destination exists here too. What do you think?”


    "I think we should go together. Let’s schedule it soon."

    Now to the Alps·····. Ah, it's not the Alps, but anyway, we’ll go to a similar place?
    Unbelievable, I blinked my eyes for a moment, and he added hastily.

    "I mean, together with Pieta."

    No, that's a given. It’s just······.
    I nodded my head with that in mind. And she considered his proposal.
    Trip. Traveling with him and Bamsongi. To a beautiful mountain range.
    Gradually, joy rose from the depths of my heart. The corners of my lips kept rising and my body became lighter.

    "Really, are you really taking me with you?!"

    I smiled wide enough that my lips were pulled. My heart raced like crazy at the thought of going on a trip for the first time in my life.
    I nodded my head at 90 degrees, barely suppressing my desire to cheer as I ran around.
    "Thank you very much!"
    Then, unable to overcome the excitement, I grabbed his hand, which was lying on the table, and shook it.
    "Can I go and talk to Pieta now?! She'll be really happy!"

    Then he looked me in the face and answered very slowly.

    As soon as the permission was given, I quickly got up and jumped out. Even Pieta's room felt so far away today.
    I kept laughing.


    Dean let out a long sigh and rubbed his face with both hands. It had been a while since Daisy had left.
    I asked myself not to be conscious, but I was most conscious of myself when I said so.
    Why the hell does her lips keep coming into his eyes?
    He couldn't believe himself. When he comes to his senses, he’s already looking at her lips blankly.
    He couldn't have done this unless he was crazy. I've never had anything like this happen in my life.
    'But I didn't know that a brightly smiling face could be so pretty. Just like a flower in full bloom in spring...'
    Pretty? What did I just say, no, is it a thought?
    At that moment, Dean sprang up with a face as if he had been beaten in the back of his head.
    Just then, a knock was heard outside.


    It was a familiar voice. He quickly returned to his seat, as if he had never been restless, and gracefully crossed his long legs. His expression had already changed to calm.

    "Come in."

    Then Hardy naturally went inside and said,

    "I'm here to clean the teacup."

    Instead of answering, Dean nodded his head lightly.
    It's not Hardy's job to organize teacups. He was like the duke's secretary in the first place, but there was no way he could do such a chore.
    But Dean didn't notice.
    The fact that Hardy's hands, which remove the glass, are unusually slow, and that he keeps glancing at his face with a smile on his face.
    After a long time, Dean opened his mouth towards his henchman, who was walking back and forth very slowly.



    “Are my official duties too heavy these days?”


    "You seem to be distracted by other things, I thought it was because of overwork."

    Hardy thought carefully and shook his head slightly.
    “To be honest, these days, I tend to take out a lot of official duties. Haven’t you been busy with other things all this time?”

    "·····I see."

    Dean answered briefly.
    In fact, it was a question I asked knowingly. How do you not know that there is a mountain of work to be dealt with? I just wanted to give an excuse to work.
    After a moment's silence, he asked again.

    "Where is Pieta?"

    She said she was going to Pieta, so she should be with the child by now.

    “Ah, she is burning her artistic soul right now.”

    "What are you talking about?"

    "It will be the thirtieth day since Miss Daisy has come to this mansion. She wants to prepare a gift herself, and the lady is drawing by hand."

    Has it been a month already? No, more than that...

    “A gift?”

    "Yes, it's a gift."
    Hardy replied dauntlessly to Dean who seemed to asked in a daze.


    "I can't believe I got to see my old hairstyle here when I was a mercenary."
    Loud laughter echoed through the mansion. It was Count Santorini.
    "But it's amazingly well suited!"
    As soon as he saw Pieta, he laughed his head off with a really cute smile.
    Every time he smiled, his shaggy beard and strong shoulders swayed back and forth.
    Thanks to this, Bamsongi, who was so scared, held on tightly in my arms and did not even turn her head toward the count.
    I smiled awkwardly at the Count, patting the back of the whining Pieta.

    Actually, it was a little weird.
    There are many cases in which a separate place is prepared for a formal dinner or business talk. However, it was seldom that other guests were simply invited to a family dinner.
    Except for relatives, close friends, or soon-to-be family relationships, this was very rare among the nobility.
    It is the nobles who work hard not to be blamed for each other at every moment, and fight for power under the water in various power struggles.
    How many guests can they comfortably invite to a family dinner? And how many nobles can respond to such an invitation?
    But fortunately, Count Santorini was not strict about that.
    He had just been given the title, and since he was originally a ferocious personality, he would have accepted this position without much doubt.

    In fact, this was an opportunity that I and Dean unanimously created.
    Rather than telling a shocking secret from the beginning, I wanted to focus on the story of the family while showing the natural appearance of Bamsongi and his father.

    "Thank you again for inviting me like this, Duke."

    "Don’t mention it, Count Santorini."

    "Seeing your daughter reminds me of the past. When a newcomer to the mercenary team came in, I basically shaved all my hair. The mercenary job was so hard that I couldn't even wash my hair properly for a few days, at worst, for over a month. It often happens.”

    "That's a real pain."

    When it comes to mercenaries, are you referring to the Alps mercenaries?
    I listened secretly to the conversation between the Count and Dean, hugging Bamsong with her head tucked into my arms.

    "But no one looks as good as the young lady.”

    Bamsongi, who understood the compliments towards herself, slowly turned her head.
    Then, when she made eye contact with the old man who was smiling at him, she sighed again and hugged me tightly.

    "Pieta, you have to be polite. Now, stop and sit straight in your chair."

    Dean scolded sternly, but the child stubbornly shook her head. She still didn't turn her head like before.

    "It's okay. She’s already brave enough not to burst into tears. Most of the children in the orphanage cry when I see them."

    Count Santorini chuckled, laughed out loud and stroked his beard.
    At that moment, Bamsongi's voice came out cautiously.

    "Is grandfather a sheep person...?"

    "Huh? Sheep?"

    "You have a sheep on your face..."

    What does she mean?
    That was when I put my ear close to Bamsong to listen a little more closely.
    The Count let out a big laugh. He seemed to have understood Pieta's words at once.

    "Haha, what an amazing young girl. That's right. But I'm not really a sheep..."

    He peeked out his white, voluminous beard to Bamsong.

    "I love sheep so much that I keep it on my chin and keep it secretly. Young lady is the first person to recognize this sheep at once."

    He was uncharacteristically friendly for a man who had a lot of distinguished military accomplishments in the battlefield. It was evident that he really liked children. It was a good thing.
    And on the other hand, I admired his quick-witted lies.

    "I was right. It’s a sheep...!"

    As we talked about sheep, the borders seemed to have loosened a bit, so Bamsong crept down from my lap. She must have been curious about the beard she saw for the first time.
    The child even approached the Count's side cautiously.


    A happy smile spread across the old man's face in an instant.
    He was a white-haired old man who dominated the battlefield, but seeing in this way, he was just an ordinary grandfather who couldn't help but feel cute when he saw children who can be as old as his grandchildren.
    However, Pieta, who was staring at the count, suddenly picked up the broccoli on her plate.


    Detecting anxiety, Deon's voice became strict.
    However, the Count was curious about the child's next move, so he bowed his head to the fullest and smiled at Pieta.
    Dean's prediction was not wrong.
    Bamsongi shoved the broccoli through the Count’s rich beard.



    Embarrassed, Dean and I jumped up at the same time.

    "What rudeness is this to a guest? Apologize and take a seat."

    “But the sheep also need to eat……”

    Bamsong pinched her fingers with a wronged expression.
    It was Pieta who secretly looked into Dean's eyes and said everything she had to say.
    Seeing this, Count Santorini once again shook his body back and forth.

    "Hahaha! Oh my gosh, how cute!"

    The wind blew green broccoli on his lap. It was kind of like a sign that it was going to be an enjoyable meal.
    I had a good feeling that everything was going to work out.
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    Episode 26. A sweet and warm voice

    "That was very nice. I don't know how to thank the Duke."
    Count Santorini was indeed different from other nobles.
    There was quite a lot of food prepared, but all were eaten without leaving any leftovers, and the alcohol was also drank in one breath.
    After drinking quite a lot of alcohol, his face slowly turned red.

    "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

    "It's fun. Maybe because I've been single all this time, I've never had a chance to have a place like this."
    There was a look of loneliness in his eyes as he turned the glass with his rough hand.

    "Family is a good thing. It's a luxury word for a mercenary like me, who had to wander around the continent..."
    The time we had been waiting for was getting closer and closer. And it seemed I wasn't the only one feeling it.

    “···I heard that the Count was a member of several mercenary groups. You must have traveled all over the continent."

    "It was a life that just comes and goes in a hurry. Well, I didn't have the personality to stick to one place. Even if I wasn't a mercenary, I wouldn't have been able to escape celibacy."
    Count Santorini laughed and poured all the remaining alcohol into his mouth.
    "Looking at the cute children, I think if I had had at least one grandson like that, I would have enjoyed the old life. Of course, it's too late to be greedy and silly now."

    Dean, who was silently watching his empty glass being filled with alcohol again, opened his mouth in a quiet voice.
    "The Count also has it."


    "An adult daughter and a cute grandson."

    "Pardon? What now...?"
    The Count looked at Dean with a puzzled expression, as if he had heard some nonsense.

    "When you were in the Alps mercenaries, the Count met a woman."
    Rather than beating around the bush, Dean seemed determined to speak out.
    In an instant, the hand of the Count holding the wine glass trembled.
    No, it was his eyes that shook more than that.


    For the nth time the iron door shook with a loud bang.
    "Damn it, I can't open this door right now!"
    She screamed her head off. Now her voice is almost hoarse, almost cracking up.
    But the only thing she could get in return from her screams were the sunlight pouring through her window and the stillness of silence.

    "Bring my son back right now!"
    Bloodshot eyes were filled with venom. An exasperated breath leaked out through the swollen lips. She bit her lips hard and doesn't seem to feel any pain.
    She was in a large room with a small bathroom. The furnitures are only a bed, a small table, and chairs, but it's a pretty comfortable and sanitary space.
    But she was already on the verge of going mad.
    Not long after she was brought in, a man suddenly appeared here, where you can’t even see any ant nearby, and said suddenly.

    'We have your precious son. He’s doing well, so don't worry.'

    The person who took care of her child was the most capable among the guild members. She arranged that on purpose in case of an emergency like this.
    So she thought it would be fine, but when she found out that even the child had been dragged, she went crazy.

    They said she’d be fine, but how would she know what they would do from behind.
    It's already been three days since 'that day' at the bar, and it's possible to know how things are still going.
    The guild members who had been with them for a while before being quarantined all agreed and said that they had seen the duke there in person. They looked as if they had seen a ghost.

    Why the hell is that higher up doing there?
    It was a question that could not be answered to the point of her losing sleep.
    He wasn't like the usual noble who makes various insidious requests like he’s just ordering something to eat, and he was a person I would have never thought I’d run into in my life.

    "You cheeky bastards, don’t you know who I am?! I'll kill you all!"
    She tried to kick the iron gate hard again, but it only hurt her feet.
    How many times have she repeatedly called and hit the door?

    Finally, footsteps began to be heard from the far end of the hallway.
    She stopped struggling and stood close to the door. A series of curses leaked out.
    After holding her breath and waiting for a while, the sound got closer and closer, and cut off in front of her door.
    Her eyes flashed with life, and she loosened the sash around her neck and wrapped it gently around her hand.

    Then the door opened.

    "You motherfucker!"

    She rushed right in without mercy. And without having time to check who it was, she threw her fist at the face of the unknown visitor.
    However, her hand was stopped by another figure who appeared from behind the one who opened her door.

    The grip strength was so ruthless that even she, who had rarely been pushed by strength, was unable to resist.
    Unable to overcome the pain, she frowned as she heard a threatening voice.

    "Stay calm. If you swing your fist recklessly, you'll be in big trouble.”

    It was a big guy who overpowered her.
    The sound of footsteps was only from one person, but there was a companion.
    With such a size, he must have completely hidden his presence. He must have been quite talented.
    But there was something else that surprised her even more.

    "You don't have to exert so much effort, you'll see your son soon. I'm bringing him over here.”

    It was the identity of the person who showed his face behind the man.
    Hair that shines like the sun, and eyes that look like a blue lake that has not been touched by humans.
    She blinked her bloodshot eyes, forgetting the pain she's feeling on her wrist.
    She's never seen him in person, but he's so famous that it’s impossible to not know him.

    He is Duke Dean Henston.
    He spoke with a face so expressionless that it was impossible to read his whole inner thoughts.
    "So I want you to calm down and talk to me."

    After a moment's contemplation, she nodded her head, and the big man finally let go of her wrist.
    The duke, who entered the room, dragged a chair and pointed his chin on the other side as if telling her to sit down.
    She looked at him with piercing eyes, vigilant.
    I heard he's not that old, but he was younger than I thought.

    “Should we start with the full name first?”
    The duke sitting on the chair slowly crossed his long legs.

    "The original name is Andi Neretta."
    The guild leader, Andi, broke her head and swallowed hard.
    She has been involved in all sorts of dangerous things in her life, but it was the first time she wanted to avoid it and her heart beats fast.
    But she couldn't be weak.

    "Bring my son first."
    She deliberately glared at Dean with all her might as she stood tall.
    Otherwise, she thought she would be really defeated.

    But he was still so carefree.
    "He's coming."

    "What the hell is the reason! Why did the knights raid us!? Why did you take my son?"
    In the end, she couldn't suppress her rising emotions and slammed the desk with her two fists.

    Despite her formidable momentum, Dean shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly again this time.
    "Does the Knights need a reason to catch an illegal guild?"

    "I won't say a word until I'm sure my son is safe. It'd be quicker for you to kill me."

    "I apologize for separating you with your son. I thought it would be better for the child to sleep in a more comfortable and nice place. But you can trust that he is safe and that he is coming here right now."

    "Come on, tell me your real intentions. . . . . . . What is the purpose of doing this to us? If you just want to capture our guild, there would be no need to take my son."
    A little bit of reason had returned to her voice. She had a child in captivity anyway, so it was difficult for her to act hastily.

    "Because you and your child will have a huge impact on my daughter's future."

    Her forehead wrinkled at the sudden words. But he didn't go into more details. He continued his words in a calm voice.

    "The child's mouth is rough. Contrary to how colorful his swear words are, he doesn't know the letters at all. Why it happened, you probably know better."

    Andi's face flushed brightly. She wanted to refute, but she couldn't come up with a proper word.

    No wonder, the child followed his mother doing her risky work, moving their home all the way through the back alleys. Besides, the only people they were close to were the guild members.
    Far from getting an education and making friends, he was a wandering kid all the time, with no room to attach himself to anyone.

    "Why didn't you send him to school? According to the laws of this country, he should have entered the school three years ago."
    Duke Henston's eyes were filled with sadness. But Andi, who was already so angry, didn't notice it.

    "School? That's the most extravagant thing I've ever heard."
    She laughed, short and sharp. It was because she firmly believed that he was speaking to insult herself and her son.

    Seeing her like that, he spoke to her in a low voice.
    "I know well because I'm in the position of raising my daughter. A parent can give up anything for a child."

    “…it’s an honor. The noble duke himself directly preaches to me.”

    "Do you really think it's the right thing to do as a mother to keep putting your child in that environment?"

    "Shut your damn mouth!"
    I couldn't take it any longer. Andi's neck is burning red.
    "A noble lord like you will never know! There are a lot of people in the world who just are not able to do more than what they want!"
    It is true that she has a rough job and has not provided a very good environment for her child. But she didn't want to hear these words from the one in front of her.
    From someone who sat at the peak of his power and lived an easy life without lacking anything.

    But it was then.


    From somewhere she heard her son's voice.
    As she raised her head in surprise, the child came to the door and stood holding the old man's hand.

    "My son!"
    Guild leader Andi hugged the child running towards her. And she looked at him to check right away. She must have been worried that he might have been hurt.

    But I'm pretty sure he's much healthier than he was a few days ago. The fever he was suffering from in the first place was also treated by the Duke's doctor himself. His clothes were changed to something much better.
    As she could see it with her own eyes, a sign of relief showed on her face.

    I was finally able to wipe my chest, which had been pounding like it was about to explode with tension.
    I was told not to come in because it might be dangerous. I only heard Dean and her talking outside, and I was so nervous.

    At that time, a man who had only stood still as hard as a stone, took one step at a time. It was Count Santorini who watched all this with me.
    "Is your name really Andi...? Neretta...?"

    It was an awkward trembling voice. Rather than speaking to his daughter, it was more like talking to a stranger he had met for the first time in his life. After all, the Count had never seen her before.
    "Then, maybe your mother is Celine Neretta...?"
    Count Santorini asked again in a cracked voice.

    Silence ensued for a while.

    Her eyes, which had been staring intently at the old man, began to tremble wildly.

    With trembling hands, the Count pulled out a necklace half the size of a palm that had been hidden from within his clothes. It was an old locket pendant as if he had been carrying it with him for a very long time.
    Inside ······ was a portrait of a woman who was heavily worn out.

    "This ······ what the fuck is this?"
    Anger flashed in her eyes.
    "Who are you to have a portrait of my dead mother?!"


    Then the count sat down as if he had fallen to the floor.

    "C-count Santorini!"

    Surprised, I quickly ran to him. In the meantime, his complexion was pale as if he had grown older.
    But in an instant, a cold voice stuck in my ear.

    "Just now... did you just say Santorini?"
    Guild leader Andi's face was terribly distorted.
    "I heard that name once before my mother died. Santorini, I didn't expect you to be a noble man."

    Eventually, Count Santorini knelt down on his knees and began to cry.
    "heu······eueuk, I really······yuk. I never thought······ I had a daughter······"

    "Shut up before I rip that mouth off!"
    The wooden chair crashed against the wall at the same time she let out her angry shout. Fragments of the shattered chair were scattered all over the place.

    The child burst into tears frightened by the mother's scary appearance, but she didn't care. She couldn't hear the cry at all because her eyes turned away.

    I was at a point where I don’t know what to do first, if I should appease the child, check the situation of the father and daughter, or look at the duke.

    Andi, who was wheezing, twisted the corners of her lips and said.
    "I was very curious as to why the high standing Duke is suddenly looking for us..."
    A sharp laugh spread as if she understands the whole situation now. And soon there was a deafening voice ringing all over the room.
    "You never looked for us all your life, what the hell are you doing now?! Why, even that handsome family line has come to a halt?! Are you going to take my son to continue your lineage!?"

    It was a voice in pain, as if she was vomiting out countless glass shards. The tears in her red, bloodshot eyes looked like blood.

    "Don't be ridiculous. I don't know a bastard like you. I forever don't want to know ! Do you think I'll forgive you for abandoning my mother, me, and, consequently, my son?!"

    No one was able to open their mouths in that sad mood. Count Santorini, and even Dean.

    But I couldn't stay still.
    Because I know what kind of life this little kid, crying in front of my eyes, will lead as a dark guild leader.
    “So, are you going to continue living in the guild with the child as it is now? What a stupid choice."

    "Who the hell are you?!"

    She growled and glared at me as if to eat me. It had the same momentum as a wild beast, but I did not back down, but rather took a step closer.

    "The Count didn't abandon you and your mother. He was a mercenary wandering the continent, so he had to leave for a while, and at that time your mother left!"

    "That's not an excuse!"

    "You said you've ever heard the surname Santorini? Think about it. Did your mother ever say anything bad about your father?"

    She paused for a moment. I didn't miss the opportunity and said.

    "Of course, I know how hard your life has been. I know how much you must have hated your father. But does that matter now? You've lived through so much trouble until now, what's the use of successful fathers?”

    "It's too late! My mother died after all her hard work, and now it's meaningless!!"

    "No. Stop your bullshit. Your mother would have wanted only your happiness until the moment she died! Because that's what my mother did, too!"

    One step at a time, I got closer and closer and fought back without losing. I was breathing hard and my shoulders were shaking.
    "And..., and if you keep doing this, you might not be able to see your child grow up!"
    In the end, something hot from my eyes started to wet my cheeks. My eyes kept getting blurry, but I desperately opened my eyes and stared at her.

    She opened her mouth for a moment as if in shock, then barely asked.

    I could also feel Dean's surprised gaze from the side. It was natural to be surprised because I didn't tell this story.
    But it was all true.
    The background of the guild leader male lead in the original was simple. An orphan who grew up struggling without a family.
    It is not known when or where he lost his mother, but one thing was certain.
    If she can't change her original work, Andi Neretta, who is right in front of her right now, can't even watch her child grow up, and she will die sooner or later.

    "You are the one who knows better than anyone how hard it has been to this day. Without parents to protect you, you have worked hard all the time.... But are you going to pass it on to your child? Is that what you want?"
    Eventually, I couldn't hold back the rising emotions and sobbed while gnashing my teeth. A lot of emotions were intertwined, and I couldn't hold on without crying. I just wanted to cry until I collapsed and the tears all over my body dried.

    Then the Count let out a cry of regret again. His eyes and voice were filled with only deep regret and remorse.
    "I'm so sorry, my daughter... it's me, it's all my fault..."

    That was then.

    "Why is my mother crying!"
    The child shouted at us. At those words, Andi hurriedly turn her eyes and opened her mouth.
    "Lanu, no!"

    But the child had already taken out a toy sword from his side and rushed to Count Santorini.
    He must have accepted his grandfather's words that it was all his fault.

    The little boy shouted loudly, slamming the Count's leg with a toy sword.
    "I won’t just stand still and let you bully my mother! I’m gonna kill you!"
    His eyebrows twitched wildly.
    Like Andi, there were countless scars on his face. Tears that flowed nonstop continuously wet the scar and wet it again and again.

    "... your name is Lanu."

    "If you bully my mom again, I'll keep scolding you like this! You hear me?"
    Thinking that the Count is in pain because he’s weeping, the child lifted his head in triumph.

    “·····You're still young, but you're so good at using a sword, yes. You look just like me.... you have talent."
    Count Santorini, who had rubbed his face roughly with his big, clunky hands, finally let out a loud cry out of his mouth.

    "heueueuk, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry..."

    Andi turned her body around as if she didn't want to see him anymore. But her shoulders, standing with her back to count, also began to tremble slightly.

    I couldn't stop crying either. I had no idea why my heart was hurting so much.
    Am I being overly emotionally involved? Or is it because I brought up the story of my previous life's mother for the first time here? It was like waves crashing in my head.
    I clenched my lips and rubbed the corners of my eyes.

    But then, someone gently held my hand.
    Soon, long, well-groomed fingers gently swept under my hot eyes.
    Tears welled up again at that gentle move. It looked like I was about to burst out crying again when I opened my mouth.
    I tried to avoid my face, but his hand grabbed my shoulder. Then he immediately pulled me into his wide arms.
    "······it’s okay."

    A sweet and warm voice gently landed in my ear. I did not move for a long time, leaving myself in that embrace. Until his shirt is all damp and wet.
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    Will she stay friend with the guy that put her onto this mess or no ? And is the guy only an idiotic parasyth (but harmless) or is he a manipulator set for a bad end ? Like he seem like a toxic friend but will he harm mc or no ?
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    I think they mean Polyp her guy friend in beginning of the story, the one she gave her necklace to
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    Oh thank you. Like hes gone after the first few chapters tho i completely forgot about him hahaha but yeah he's not really someone u can call a friend
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    Sorry for those who have waited! I got addicted binge watching IRL fluff on youtube. :blobsweat: has anyone heard of the reality variety show The return of superman? If you're into watching cute and funny kids and babies stressing their dads and vice versa, I totally recommend watching it! Its a big stress reliever, atleast for me. :blobxd:

    Anyways, here's ch 27 hope you like it!:blobsmilehappy:

    Episode 27. Who the hell is that?

    "What's this?"

    "A letter of admission to a knight training school,"

    Dean, who had been looking for me since morning, brought a few papers to her eyes.

    "If this is the case, I think the guild leader will change her mind, what do you think?"

    "Is it... for the child?"

    "Then is it for the Count?"

    Dean jokingly replied, but I couldn't laugh. It was because it was hard for me to understand why the guild leader male lead, the future villain, had to be sent to the Knights Templar instead of somewhere else.

    "It still seems far from reconciliation, but it looks like both the mother and child are doing just fine at the Count's residence. Naturally, the guild has been disbanded. The count seems to want to list both to the family registry and send his grandson directly to the academy······.”

    Dean said that, stood up and shoved his hand into his pocket.

    “I think it would be difficult to adapt to an academy full of noble children.”

    "Oh, that’s a possibility. Is the knight training school a little different?"

    Then he came over to me and took the front page of the document in my hand. And he recited the information in a soft voice.

    "It's a dorm system, a place where everyone follows control and learns orders. It’s a training school famous for its strict discipline because it is basically a place to deal with and learn swords."

    Then he gave it back and said,

    " But they're bond is stronger than anyone else, and it's a place where the friendship between seniors and juniors is strong. Of course, there are children of nobles there, but unlike the Academy, it's more about ability than about family."


    “It is said that he has the same talent as the count, so why not take this opportunity to walk the path of a swordsman?”

    Hearing it, it certainly seemed to be the best way for the child.

    Besides, as long as things go according to plan, there will be no connection with Bamsongi in the future. It's the perfect direction for each other.


    "If you look at the guide here, one of the documents that is absolutely necessary is a letter of recommendation from the commander of the knights, right?"

    "To be precise, it's a recommendation letter from a person with authority equivalent to or higher than that of the Knights Commander. And there are even knights under my command. What do you think? Would the Count and the Guild Leader accept this?"

    “What is not acceptable? This offer is more than enough for them to bow down more than a hundred times.”

    If it really goes like this, they will surely be happy someday.

    "Don't worry, the guild leader and the count will gradually get better. It's a matter that takes time, right?"

    Dean seemed to care that I was worried about them.

    "Guild leader, so Andi’s not going back to the guild again... is she?"

    "As long as the count has his eyes open, he won't be just watching it. Because he wants to make his daughter, whom he met with difficulty, happy by guiding her on the right path."

    He spoke slowly and repeatedly, as if not to worry.

    "I don't want to let go of this either. It's fortunate for us that the mother and son from the back-alley guild became a member of the count’s family. It's easier to figure out how things are going and where they are. "

    He leaned lightly against the desk, his arms folded firmly, and he looked very firm and reliable.

    Feeling overwhelmed, I looked up at him. And I opened my mouth carefully.

    "Hey, Duke..., no, Dean."


    A refreshing smile poured out as if he liked how I quickly changed what I called him.

    "Thank you very much."

    "What are you saying thanks for?"

    "... Just because."

    What should I say? My heart kept pounding at the unknown sensation.

    Because you saved the male leads who will have miserable lives due to the settings that me and my friends have written randomly? Or as the original author of this world?

    No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find any words to describe my heart.

    The first day I met him, I remembered myself trembling because I was afraid of what he would do to the characters who had not yet grown up.

    After I didn't say anything for a while, I could feel him also quietly looking at me. I ended up laughing quietly without saying any reason.

    Then, as if he had suddenly remembered something, he opened the drawer and pulled out a small cloth bag.

    "Take it. I should have given it yesterday, but I didn't have time."

    The cloth bag was much heavier than expected. When I opened it carefully, a golden light suddenly pierced my eyes.

    There was a slight twitch in the eyelids. I rubbed my eyes hard again.

    He said as I stared blankly into the cloth bag.

    "Salary. It's been a month since you came here."

    But even when she heard it, she still couldn't understand. She tightened the cloth bag again and held it out to him.

    "There seems to be some misunderstanding."


    "This is gold, not silver."

    When he first told her the weekly wage, she clearly remembered how much he offered her. She was already surprised back then, but now it’s just so shocking, it’s not making sense.

    The gold coins would be twenty times the amount they talked about in the first place.

    Actually, she don't really need to be surprised, right? It's definitely someone else's.

    But he clicked his tongue lightly and said:

    "You’re slow in counting."

    Then he pulled out the cloth bag again. She didn't notice because she was in a hurry before, but there was a small name tag stuck in the cloth bag. It was clearly her name written on it.

    "Oh, no. It can't be like this? I think it's switched with someone else's."

    "I said I'd give you ten times the weekly wage per head* if the job goes well, did you forget that?" (per male lead found)

    She didn't say anything and just closed her eyes slowly.

    Ah. Wasn't it just a word that was just thrown in the heat of the moment...? no, more than that. Didn't you mean to kill them?

    He seemed to have taken the word "bring the head" too at face value. But at the time, wouldn’t anyone think so too?

    She looked at him again with the cloth bag in her hands. Her lips parted openly.

    Dean's face turned red when he saw her like that.

    " You don't have to thank me. When I think of Pieta, it's actually me who should be thankful."

    He wiped his face and turned away with his back on me.


    'Oh, no. Daisy. I'm a little busy today...'

    At my suggestion that we go out and play together in the city, Bamsongi shook her head surprisingly.

    Of course, seeing her crying expression with her eyebrows drooping as if she was wronged, it seemed like she really wanted to go.

    Why is this little kid so busy?

    I could not help smiling. It was a little disappointing for me too, but if Pieta will not go with me, I’ll be more free to go anywhere.

    Haa, is this money smell really coming out of my pocket?

    I was sitting in a cafe, secretly checking and peering through some of the gold coins I had pulled out. I've checked it over ten times already, but I still can't believe it.

    It's rare to see gold coins in real life unless you're a noble.

    When I was working at a restaurant, I saw it used for payment from time to time, but… I can’t believe a day will come when I’ll have it too. Not to mention this much too!

    I can even spend time alone today. My body and mind are exceptionally light and refreshed. The only heavy thing is the pocket!

    "Okay, let's go."

    I took a sip of the remaining black tea in the glass and stood up bravely.

    It's best to spend money on payday. No one can stop me. I’m going to spend a lot today!

    For that, the first place to go has already been decided.

    "Welcome. Thank you, guest, for visiting again."

    As expected, the employees of high-end stores are very different no matter what. I've only been here once and I didn't expect them to remember my face so clearly. Somehow, I strengthened my shoulders.

    I opened my mouth with confidence!

    “Hey, umm….. Uh, I’d like to buy a present….”

    But I didn't feel the same way. I was still not used to this overwhelming old-fashioned style.

    As I hesitated, the sensible clerk smiled brightly.

    "Oh, are you going to give it as a gift? Who are you planning to give it to?"

    "A kid… I'm looking for a gift for a young child..."

    Then she took me to a room as if it should be talked about in private. It was like a small drawing room.

    "I have prepared a product that you will definitely like, young lady."

    She wore gloves, opened a small cabinet, and carefully took something out of it.

    "How about this?"

    It was a luxurious silk headband. There are various pumpkins made from kilts hanging around.

    "The headband is crafted by artisans. The part that touches the ear is treated with soft cotton for a comfortable fit, and the pumpkins made of quilt come in all different shapes and colors."

    hyok, it's so cute.

    I think this might have been really made for our Bamsongi.

    Come to think of it, Bamsongi never wore any of the common accessories. Common things like ribbons and bow-shaped headbands.

    Of course, even if Dean buy hundreds of it, she probably wouldn’t even look at it.

    But I'm sure she'll like this one. If she has a headband like this, she can easily wear it on short hair.

    Even if she run around and bump somewhere, she won't get hurt because the pumpkin is made of quilt, not jewelry.

    I seem to be lucky on my first shopping. I shouted joyfully to the clerk with a raised voice.

    "I'll buy this! I can't really afford not to. You have such a perfect taste."

    Yes, they probably know that Bamsongi like pumpkins. Because she's a VIP guest.

    You can tell from the fact that when she came with the duke before, they deliberately didn't receive any other guests.

    "I don't know when you'll be here, so I intentionally left out the only thing that came in. I'm very pleased you like it. In fact, there was someone who wanted this item, but I didn't sell it just in case."

    Hyok, I have a rival?

    I hurriedly put down the teacup and opened my parents' lips to the clerk.

    "Wr-wrap it now immediately!"

    "All right."

    She smiled at me as if she already knew.

    After that, I was given a one-on-one intensive care by the friendly clerk and looked at things leisurely.

    All of them were prices that would not have been possible for her to buy in the past, but the situation has changed. Besides, when I came with Bamsongi before, I didn't have time to look around leisurely, so this luxury I enjoyed alone was even more enjoyable.

    While I was stopping by, I also bought a present for Hardy.

    It was a sophisticated, versatile storage bin that could be hung from a belt or even from the inside of a cloak.

    It's made of silver, so it's a neat and practical thing, so I thought it would be helpful for him who always carries a lot of small notebooks and letter knives in his pocket.

    And all that's left is...

    "It's the most difficult gift to give. But don't worry. I'll do my best to help."

    As if noticing my worries and anxieties, the clerk opened her mouth fiercely.

    I really couldn't help but be impressed. The kindness that is not burdensome, the sense and the quick wit.

    It's not that I've never done a sales job in my previous life, but the world is still wide and there are many masters.

    "How about this. It is a product we bought directly from the continent of Del Sur."

    What she brought out to me was a fountain pen that was too luxurious to hold in her hand. The black and smooth pen stand was studded with dazzling blue lapis lazuli.

    "It is rare that lapis lazuli has such excellent transparency. Among the same products, it came out the most luxuriously. The price is a little high, but it's well worth it..."

    But her words came in one ear and went out the other.

    This is because the lapis lazuli engraved on the fountain pen really nailed the color of his eyes.

    "I’ll buy it."

    At my determined answer, the clerk smiled softly as if she already knows.

    Do you want me to be happy?

    As I watched the several employees come in with all kinds of packaging materials, my heart raced with excitement and half fear.

    No, aside from being happy, can I give it to him properly?

    Little worries clung to my head. When to give, what to say and how to give, and what to do if he’ll have a bad reaction...

    But I let go of all those worries, and just kept smiling.


    After spending quite a while in the store, it was still bright outside.

    The long afternoon sun fled past the large fountain in the square, leaving bright, dazzling streaks on my feet.

    There was only one place to go at this time.

    "Oh my gosh, who is this! Isn't that Daisy?"

    The one who greeted me with a loud voice was Mrs. Helen, the owner of the kitchen at Shanu Restaurant.

    "It's been a while, ma'am, isn't it a busy time yet?"

    Saying so, I glanced at the clock on the wall.

    There was still an hour left until the busiest dinner time, but I wasn't sure because it was such a popular restaurant. If they’re busy, it’s better leave before causing a nuisance.

    But fortunately, the kind-hearted Aunt Helen ran out, waving her hand.

    "Ayu, no matter how busy we are, do you think there's no place for Daisy to sit? The hall is quiet right now, so go ahead and sit down."

    Then she quickly grabbed my hand and dragged me out.

    Before long, a plate of large fruit tarts was placed in front of me. It was a seasonal dessert that Shanu Restaurant was proud of.

    "Are you now employed at the Duke’s? If it’s so, aren’t you very lucky?"

    I was about to fill my mouthful with raspberries and custard cream soaked in honey, but Aunt Helen asked questions one after another.

    "How is the job, isn't it hard? Is the Duke is also nice to you? Are the people working with you not territorial?"

    "Yes? Yes, yes...."

    I pursed my lips and nodded awkwardly. Just then, Aunt Helen looked around, and suddenly lowered her voice secretly.

    "But who the hell is that? Did Daisy not hear anything?"


    "The one who made the Duke fall in love!"

    ······Um? Love, what do you mean?

    "Have you heard of the Knights Templar's arrest of all illegal guild members a while ago? But, my God, the reason is that, well, the woman he loves was captured and the Duke went to rescue her or something!"


    I was so startled that I swallowed half of the fruit in my mouth with the cream without chewing it.

    "I don't know who she is, but they said she is a great beauty. People who were at the scene that day said that they felt she’s a beauty even when she was wearing a hoodie, so she doesn't look like a normal beauty."


    "There were people who said that she would be the most beautiful woman in the empire, but if it's Duke Henston, it's not surprising."

    I grabbed a napkin and covered my mouth. The shrill wind made me cough one after another.

    Without even looking at Aunt Helen's face as she handed her a drink saying it's okay, I bowed my head.

    What the hell are you talking about!
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