Korean The Villain Needs a Carrot

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    Titles: 악당에게는 당근이 필요하다 , The Villain Needs a Carrot (MTLd Title)
    The Novel: No translation available yet.
    Novel Raws: https://page.kakao.com/home/악당에게는-당근이-필요하다/56656559
    Author: 유우희 (Yoo Hiu)
    Artist: 차누 (Chanoo)
    The artist of this novel is @love_chanoo on Twitter. Check their other works out, they are awesome!
    Serialization and Publishers: Kakaopage and Feelyeon Management
    Language: Korean
    Year: 2021
    Genres and Tags: Fantasy, Isekai, Romance, Shoujo, Comedic Undertone, Transmigration, Marriage of Convenience , Cute Story, Magic and Swords, European Ambiance, Aristocracy
    Status: 123 Chapters (Completed)
    MTLd Description:
    She was reborn as a female servant in a 19-year-old story.She was meant to lead a safe life, but somehow she ended up marrying the male lead on behalf of the heroine. Schwen didn't want to follow in the female lead’s footsteps.So she decided to tame her husband who would roll her around. How to feed carrots and sticks evenly when taming an animal.
    but Schwen, a coward, gave me nothing but carrots. 'You know you can't do anything without your wife.' But it's a little strange? The Mad Prince. Ethelian was fine enough to overshadow such modifiers. As if what Schwen knows is a lie. It's even useless...…?! 'Does the madness appear this way?' Schwen was convinced to see Esselian, who was finally completely mild. I succeeded in taming Esselian. Ethelian's mouth slowly went up. He rubbed his cheeks in Schwen's hand like a child. His red eyes, which raised their eyes at an angle, bent lovingly. 'Just give me a pat on the back, ma'am,' a very soft, loving voice chained Schwen.
    Reason this deserves translation:
    Cute story and it isn’t that long compared to other korean novels :blobpirate:
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    Carrot. :blob_plusone:
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    i accidentally opened a chapter :blobfearful: it’s just the prologue though

    A Villain needs a Carrot : Prologue.


    Ethelian Raniede was injured. The shock of the fact disturbed Shoo's mind.

    A sunny afternoon.

    It was a bolt from the blue for Schwen, who was enjoying a happy tea time while looking at the soft clouds.

    "Are you sure you're hurt?"

    "Yes, that's...…… yes."

    Over the years, Edward, an old butler who had wrinkles on his face, hung his mouth as if he were in trouble.

    "How, how, how, how did you get hurt?"

    "Merchely was hurt in his presence. I almost couldn't walk, so I put it on the bench first. I think you should go right away."

    "That's how serious it is...……?"

    Ethelian has been strange for a long ago. In fact, it wasn't the first time he'd been hurt.

    However, except for the fall, he wore a slight scratch, so no one but Schwen took it seriously.

    Ethelian acted as if what Shwey knew was a lie.

    Murder ear. Battle ear.

    These days, Ethelians have been so mild that such harsh modifiers are overshadowed.

    To the point of doubt.

    "Didn't you go for a walk with Mr. Merkel? How did you get hurt?"

    Schwen couldn't overcome his curiosity and hugged a rabbit who was enjoying tea time with him.

    "Ecel, let's go."

    A white rabbit with red eyes fell into Schwen's arms.

    Edward turned his troubled gaze into the air.


    When Schwen looked back at the butler, the butler began to explain the situation.

    "I don't know the details. I came right after I checked your condition."

    "……don't you know?"

    Butler doesn't need to know that?

    The butler added that he felt a look of distrust.

    "The Great Prince kept looking for the Highness, so there was no question."

    How serious is it to find me?

    Although Esselian was often hurt, he had never visited Schwen separately because he was hurt.

    Rather, Schwey was worried about him, so he picked up the first aid box and chased after him.

    And suddenly you're looking for me?

    That one too?

    "No way………."

    A flash of ominousness passed through my back.

    Do you have no choice but to call your wife, Schwen?

    So it's almost like a dough...….

    "Do I have to prepare myself?"

    Edward opened his mouth silently and closed again at a serious Schwen question.

    I felt at a loss for words.

    "If you say your mind is ready...……….”

    "The Great Prince...……… life is in danger………….”

    Schwen was speechless.

    Edward was dazed by a different response and quickly shook his hand.

    "Not to that extent. Never."


    "Yeah, not really."

    "Oh, that's a relief."

    If so, Schwen was going to run to Ethelian as he hugged the rabbit.

    "I don't think it was that serious. You won't have to worry too much."

    "Yes, thank you."

    Schwen entered the mansion, stroking the soft fur of a rabbit resembling Ethelian.

    The feet going up the stairs got faster and faster and faster.

    I was worried.

    Schwen tucked a tightly hugged rabbit into the room, almost running down the stairs.

    I was running without realizing it from the moment I entered the promenade with Ethelian.

    Every time I almost fell, I tightened my leg.

    "Your Highness………… Are you okay?"

    Ethelian had never been hurt enough to run to the butler.

    But the moment Schwen saw Esselian, he had to accept that something incredible had happened.


    Schwen approached Esselian sitting on the grass under the bench.

    Only then did the face of Ethelian look devastating.


    His body was in a mess, too.

    Blood flowed out from the cut, arm and leg.

    It wasn't just the body. Even his handsome face was scratched recklessly.

    It's been a lot worse than it's been hurt.

    "Vision Ha!"

    And a little further away from him was a seemingly fine Mercury.

    There was not a small scratch on the face of the man who called Schwen.

    The figure was very unfamiliar.

    'Why isn't she hurt...………?'

    Mercelli, Esselian's cousin, has been hurt all the time.

    It didn't happen even if there was no quarrel with someone.

    His clumsy personality was different from what I first thought, and he treated Shwei a few times because he was worried and sad that he was hurt every day.

    But she wasn't hurt.

    Ethelian appeared in a shambles.

    It wasn't just Schwen who was surprised.

    The same was true of their chivalry and servants.

    'Why is the master...……?'

    And Schwen had a similar idea.

    "Why is Ethelian so hurt?"

    Schwen opened the first aid kit, which he brought in a shuddering mood.

    " Your Grace, are you all right...………?"

    Esselian smiled faintly at a question that didn't sound like a question.

    "How did you get hurt like this.....?"

    Obviously, Ethelian said she would go for a walk with Merkel. Shu waved his hand to make friends with the two.

    But I can't believe you showed up like this.

    "Are you two fighting...…….”

    I don't think so.

    How old are you? You must have fought back.

    Schwen realized that I asked and asked meaningless questions.

    "If it was a fight, I'd have hurt her, too.'

    It wouldn't have been a fight, considering that Ethelian was hurt alone.

    "Did you get hit unilaterally?"…?'

    It was understandable to think about that day.

    Schwen's thin eyes drifted away and suspiciously scanned the approaching Mercelli here.

    But Schwen soon realized it wasn't time for this.

    "I'll treat you first. If you're sick, please tell me you're sick."

    Esselian's condition was serious.

    So instead of being told to come up on the bench, Schwen squatted down next to Ethelian himself.

    "It can sting."

    Carefully poured disinfectant into the torn wound.

    'Ugh, that must hurt.’

    Schwen frowned at the bubbling foam as if it were disinfection.

    I looked at Esselian's complexion, but he didn't frown if he didn't feel any pain.

    "Now I'm going to bandage myself."

    Ethelian looked at Schwen, who was frowning as if I had been hurt. The light emerald eyes were covered with confusion.

    Schwen frequently examined Esselian's complexion as he treated him.

    At that time, Ethelian was looking into space.

    With no expression on his face, I don't know what he's thinking.

    I hope you didn't hurt your head.'

    I was worried because everywhere I couldn't see was a mess.

    "Isn't there a patch on the top of your head?"

    Don't tell me...

    Schwen crept on the bench, worried, and looked down at his palanquin.

    Fortunately, the head didn't seem to be hurt.

    Chewen scoured the first aid kit, comforting his ominous beating heart.

    I took the plaster out of the first aid kit.

    The moment I smudged his face with my fingers,


    Ethelian groaned quietly.

    His eyes trembled slightly.

    "Are you sick?"

    Schwen unwinded his finger, which gently rubbed Esselian's face.

    The moment I turned my eyes away from his wound, my eyes met.

    Ethelian's mouth slowly went up.

    He rubbed his cheek against Schwen's hand like a child.

    His red eyes, which raised their eyes at an angle, bent lovingly.

    A very soft, loving voice enmeshed Schwen.

    "Please give me a lot of love. Madam."

    Schwen did not notice that earnest pleas were coercive orders.
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