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    I'm confused, I've being reading the Manhwa translated by Immortal Updates, and I came here trying to gain an understanding of the prince that the original lady threw herself in the lake because she loved him, but... is it really just that? if it is haaaaa... I really dislike how authors use that plot device... the prince then is just there to create conflict and is completely unrelatable huh... I was expecting something with a bit more characterization and portrayals but he's just an A-hole... and she was not that smart

    Unless something went over my head... there is no real justification other than "he's a bad person, she was a spoiled brat" is there?
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    Yeah I'm still waiting on that, as well. I mean I was told that Khalid was the silver haired dude and that he had a noble title in both countries but it doesn't clarify if 'the silver haired dude' refers to either the guy on the cover and thus means he is the second in command or just to Khalid being the white haired guy who stabbed her, so doesn't definitively answer the question of whether he and the second in command who works beside the ML are one and the same. He could be a brother of that guy and so also have white hair after all. The eyes of the guy on the cover also look pink while the second in command's look purely purple so that could slso cast doubt on that guy on the cover being the second in command.

    eleftheria, agreed. Especially since she already proposed a way out and was willing to sacrifice herself. So he was definitely more concerned about her pureness than her, herself. I love yanderes myself and this proves it. His reason for what he did is not specifically related to being a yandere after all, since his actions are more commonly associated with the abusive archetype of 'tough love'.
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    What happened to the real lucy? Did she really dissapear?
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    Yeah, I guess she just died. :(
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    "Maybe if this guy had met Luana before he got married, he could have been with her. There was a comment from the author, "I will leave it to the reader's imagination about what kind of relationship Luana and Jed's father was like." If this person hadn't confessed love, he could have remained a friend....."

    Hi I'm new here and I don't really know how to make a comment so I hope this posted right. I read the spoilers but I was a bit confused so can someone please explain it. Count Aidin, Luana, and Duke Heint were in a love triangle.
    • But did Luana marry count Aidin because she loved him or because she couldn’t be with Heint?
    • Who did Luana love more, and if it was count Aidin why was their relationship hard?
    • Also what does the author mean by "I will leave it to the reader's imagination about what kind of relationship Luana and Jed's father was like", was it like an obsession?
    Anyways thank you!!
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    I like this manhwa but I have trouble deciphering the spoilers posted at #6.

    Is this series unpopular as it doesn't have many spoilers posted here?
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    Well l read what will happen next in the manhwa the fl lead well kick the crown prince and laugh on him because she got mad about what happen to the girl she took her body l forgot her name ....
    What happened to her (the girl she took her body) the crown prince asked her to jump in the lake to prove her love to him and she jumped when she breathed her last breath the crown prince was been laughing on her... That's why she got really mad ....
    About the ml ml followed the fl he thought that she and the crown prince meet secretly when he come and saw what happened to the crown prince and he got a shock and asked why the fl do that she stared at him and told him you won't believe me then she told him what crown prince do for her and she done this to get revenge from him and he started laughing ....
    They together come to ball and have a beautiful dance the fl and ml smiled like a new couples and fl tries many time to step on ml foot.....
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    Where do you read the spoilers or raw? Also, thanks for the summary. I thought that she will get raped until the ML came to save her...
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    Seriously? Now, I am so looking forward to see that! Serves you right, stupid crown prince! :blobrofl::blobpopcorn_cool::blobjoy:

    You mentioned them dancing while smiling like a new couple, I take it that they fake smiles but the ones who are watching them thought they're smiling happily? I thought that's the case considering Estelle/Lucipella is trying to step on his feet.
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    Is there any reason why the duke cares so much about MC when he hates the very idea to marry the used good?

    In the manhwa, he went to find her immediately after he heard that the crown prince might be secretly meeting MC somewhere in the palace.
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    He doesn't hate the idea of marrying used good per said. He 1. Was forced into this marriage and 2. What he dislike are MC reputation and attitude. He doesn't like the fact that she is someone who care so little for her life and ready to throw her life away for some play boy prince + he think she just another spoiled rich lady (which she kinda was).

    He goes after the MC when he heard that the crown prince might be secrecly meeting MC is to try and preserve the MC, the royal family and his own reputation. Imagine what the general public will think of a prince having a secret affair with someone fiancee.
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    The newest manhwa scan is out, but too bad thr chapter is too shirt. It ended after Estelle saw Lucipella's memory when the prince told her to jump to the lake.
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    I pretty sure the chapter is longer, it end at the point Estella dumps the prince and run out into ml
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    I will! Thank you!
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    The coachman, no, the swordsman, humped in the carriage carrying the victims and searched for a suitable place.

    His favorite place was a river with a tree located in the middle of the city.

    This was a place that only coachmen knew because it was a place to wash the horses and wagons, and it was the most remote place in the city.

    Water for coachmen to feed their horses, and a place to wash the wagons. And at this point in time, it was okay to assume that no people were there because all the wagons were eager to carry customers.

    At first, when I just killed a person, I was complaining that I didn't pay my wages, but I accidentally killed it.

    The night was dark, and the people were quiet without a single person. He was very lucky.

    He hated the women sitting on his wagon with sleazy makeup.

    He was annoyed and unbearable that if he barely decorated his face, he could live a better life than himself.

    He makes money for him to ride his horse every morning and get his ass crushed.

    However, the women I meet all the time know that he is a noble lady, and he ordered him this and that. He once slapped him for not opening the door. Each time he did, his anger piled up.

    On the subject of women, like women. When he barely has a half face, he is on the subject of living comfortably unlike himself... … !

    He had never dated a woman.

    Short, skinny body. Even though his father inherited three carriages, the women hated him.

    He didn't even know how to talk to a woman, and when she put it on, he did something that women would hate.

    He thinks it's a romantic act, and he goes to a woman's house for a day since he met, giving flowers, the cheapest flowers, or going to restaurants, men's and pubs that he usually only likes.

    The woman rolled her eyes anxiously among the men who talked about obscene words, and she refused to meet him and her.

    She wanted another woman to respond a little, but she was thrown coldly by another coachman who had five wagons.

    Why does a woman not only see personality, but rather wealthy?

    He hated women.

    At the time of his first murder, he trembled, but on the other hand he felt pleasure. Like this, this pleasant thing happened!

    The woman grabbed her throat with her blood flowing, staring at him and breathing.

    Eyes full of fear. He had the illusion that he was going to be anything.

    This is a judgment. It is a fair judgment! He finally realized what he had to do.

    Since then it has become his daily routine.

    At first he was afraid of being discovered. But he couldn't stand the impulse.

    Thus, the second time, a detailed plan was made. It was to come down from an empty place and attack an unprotected woman.

    Then, at a time when the wagon was busy, she rode in the wagon and put her body down near the area where the woman was going to ride.

    The wagon where the body was dropped could be mixed in with the wagon's procession and disappeared.

    Of course, he didn't put the body in the middle of the wagon.

    The chairs of the private wagon were empty inside, serving as a warehouse, and the lid could be opened and closed, making it perfect for putting the body of a woman with a small body.

    A coachman who rests with a wagon on the street was so common that no one doubted him.

    No, their daily routine was too busy to doubt.

    Even if he waited for a time when he wasn't there, people thought the coachman was waiting for the customer or repairing the wagon.

    His own dwarf physique and short stature further raised his vigilance.

    There was even a time when the garrison just let him go. Without knowing that the inside was stained with the blood of a corpse.

    The stupid guys knew they were just to show off. Everyone was acting stupid.

    Of course, there was also a show off. However, writing letters with blood was also caused by anxiety that someone would notice it.

    The reason I put the body down next to the downtown area was that it was the easiest place to hide.

    Ah, I must have laughed so much when I heard that the Hwangseong Guardians were investigating the guides who were very fond of the guards. This was the greatest joy in his life.

    He couldn't stand the stimulus more and more. He couldn't stand it, so he kept looking for his victims.

    Although he had to wash the wagons alternately throughout the night, he was no longer tired.

    The always hazy self became stronger, and his helpless spirit was cleared. Because he found the goal of his life.

    People were afraid of swordsmanship. Newspapers also reported about swordsmanship.

    He was rumored to be a demon or a demon. The coachman, who no one cares about and ignores, has become an incarnation of horror that feeds even the emperor with yell.

    When he said that the Imperial Knights had begun an investigation, he was nervous. But soon his confidence rose even more to the tip of his head,

    Eventually, knowing that the Imperial Knights had properly stooped, he grabbed the boat and giggled like crazy.

    It's like a poor Ulsa guy! He's finished he's in the capital and puts all the sins upside down!

    Even the nobles were stupid.

    Ah, life is so fun. How would he react if he put the woman he is riding on near the murder square?

    The swordsman thought of the time zone where people were the least crowded near the plaza.

    Okay, that won't be bad either. All troops will be concentrated there, so the defense of the central square will be weak.

    The swordman who drove his horse turned around and laughed at the victim of the day.

    She was a woman standing somewhere stupid. When she asked where she was going, he asked to go northwest where Liam Hirka was located.

    He also wanted to see the great Duke of Heint, who pointed to Liam Hirka as the culprit and ran away, but his life was precious.

    Her coachmen wouldn't take her unless she was out of her mind, but she was trying to save her carriage, whether she was innocent or stupid. When I looked closely, her face was also pretty.

    The swordsman tasted his appetite again. How nice would it look if that face became horrified? How thrilling it will be.

    She knocked on her door as if asking her to stop her carriage from before. But he ignored it. From the moment he drove the wagon, nothing could stop him.

    Apparently, she was a bad girl who could act as a lover of a handsome man with a smooth face. Please let me have a fair judgment.

    Before long, the swordman took his sword and opened the door of the carriage. He confirmed that he had no human beings.

    “Guests, we are all here.”
    The woman quietly looked at her coachman and smiled.

    She looked back and she was a pretty girl. Her body is also small, and her face looks good. Her face was bright and her eyes were big. He saw this pretty face for the first time while driving a horse.

    He waited for her to get off her wagon. When he got off the wagon and approached the door, he chose to attack from behind. But she didn't get off the wagon.

    If he doesn't go according to his own plan, he feels anxious. She said with a very embarrassed expression.

    “It’s difficult to get up because the hem is caught in the gap between the armrests of the chair,”

    “I can help.”

    "Oh, thank you."
    With her stupid face, her laughing and swearing into her at her, he went into her carriage.

    But soon he changed his mind. He didn't have to pull him out of the wagon, he wanted it better to just kill him.

    There will be a lot of blood in the wagon, but there is a river nearby, so you can wash it once.

    He approached her, putting one of her hands in her pocket and fiddling with her sword, and her one hand extended to the place where the garment had been caught.

    When she was giving a gaze to her hem, he pulled her knife out of her pocket and tried to attack her. However, the situation was different from his “expected” as he always thought.

    A sharp pain was felt in his arm. When I saw the source of his pain, there was a dagger stuck in his hand in his pocket.

    I knew that women carry daggers for self-defense. But she is the first woman she has ever seen to use it.

    As he tried to scream at her sharp pain, the woman quickly moved her body and ran out of the carriage.

    He pulled out a dagger and spit out her swear words. It was so deeply embedded that the strength did not go well into the hand with the knife. He shouted in anger.

    “Four years are caught and killed. I will kill it unconditionally!”
    He sharpened his teeth and ran out of the wagon. If the knife doesn't work, I'll kill it even by hanging my neck.

    He ran into her forest where she had disappeared.


    What Lucipella felt strange was the smell of a strangely groaning carriage. Well, this wagon might not smell fragrant, but this smell was weird.

    She didn't care about her for a while because she was thinking about Liam, but as soon as she concluded that she was inadvertently smelling her blood, she stopped her complicated thinking.

    Isn't she the smell she's been accustomed to smelling? In just a month, she met only the fragrant, the good, and forgot this thick smell.

    As soon as she smelled the blood, the first thought that came to mind was that she had to get out of the wagon right away.

    This wagon was a wagon driven by dangerous people.

    However, the window to the coachman was closed.

    When she put her hand on her knocker, thinking that she had to open the carriage door, she realized that the door was locked from the outside. This was certainly not a normal situation.

    She smiled with a twist. The story of a serial killer told by the maids came to my mind.

    No way, could she be so lucky? No, it would be more correct to say that she was optimal for being the target of a crime, rather than that she had no luck.

    Even if she wasn't the madman, she could have been robbed, and the young woman's body was also dangerous.

    She was so insensitive because what she had acted as Estelle remained, and she had the confidence that she could handle anything on her own.

    She was too vigilant. She admitted that she was stupid.

    Even though she knew that living as a different person did not change only the surrounding environment, she stepped her foot in danger. Of course things were worst enough to get her enlightenment.

    Her spear was small enough for her to shout for her help and ask for her help, and she already felt that she had entered some realm.

    The river that crosses the city, and the river around it forest.

    Before long, the carriage stopped. She was wondering what to do, but first of all, she decided to wait for the carriage door to open.

    Then he decided to find out what purpose this man was driving this dangerous wagon.

    The coachman, who stopped the wagon, pulled out a dagger hanging from his neck and waited for him to approach him.

    She intended to stab a vital spot in his throat, but the man wore a thick handkerchief around his neck, whether it was for wiping sweat or something else. The odds of failing to stab his neck were too high.

    At that moment, her sense of life forced her to attack the man's left arm, which seemed to be fiddling with a weapon in the lane.

    Then she ran into the forest recklessly. With no chase for her, she assumed the worst.

    She may be on the verge of being caught and killed by her madman, who herself kills only her girl.

    If you were a robber, there was a lot of risk for one person to prepare everything. There was a group of her around her, who deserved to hold her right and fulfill her purpose.

    In addition, I felt a life that was too strong to take on a woman's body. In other words, her purpose was to kill herself.

    I don't know how much my chances of surviving, but the first priority was to ride a horse.

    You cannot get out of this place with just two feet. However, the problem was physical strength, this woman's physical strength. She has to do what she calls “hide and seek,” but she has no stamina.

    Besides, the forest. The horse is a forest, with only twenty or so trees planted. She didn't have a place to hide. If you go to the plains, she will immediately catch up with her slow running speed.

    She hesitated what to do. The attacker was following her. A cold sweat ran down her forehead.

    She ha, and exhaled her sigh.

    The end is death at best. She was prepared for her death anyway, even when she was Estelle, although she died unexpectedly, and she even thought that she might lose her life when she went to find Liam.

    She lifted the tail of her mouth and laughed. It didn't suit her before her death, but Estelle, her knight, always laughed that way.

    And her laughter always brought victory.

    “If you just come out, I’ll kill you finely.”
    The voice of murder was already drawing closer. To kill me nicely, who knows how to kill me nicely?

    The man who just met him was indeed a dog.

    Estelle hated that guy the most. They chatter and joke as if they all won because they had the upper hand. It seemed that the person who had just slit his arm was Lucipella, which he hadn't even entered in the head.

    First of all, it seemed that I had to feed that baby one shot to get the job off the ground. Lucipella's eyes lingered in a cool light.

    The swordman chased her girl.

    Geography this way he knew better anyway. What caught her now was her crap.

    He thought about how to kill her. I will strangle her and kill her. Although I didn't have the grip to break her neck.

    Relaxing and enjoying the touch until you stop breathing, that wouldn't be bad either.

    She's a woman, she's under her, she'll die in despair that no one can help. She then she will realize how much of a mistake she has made.

    "If you just come out, I'll kill you nicely, come out!"
    He shouted. The woman did not stand out.

    But she will soon become noticeable. This place was narrow, and there was a river behind it, so there was no place to go back unless you jump in.

    In addition, the river was also shallow, so if you entered it, you could quickly notice it with a sound. She wore a skirt, so she could jump in and get it right.

    “Mister, come out quickly. I don't have much patience.”
    He said effortlessly. But this unfortunately smart woman didn't even hold her head out. Couldn't have gone far, where did she go?

    Then he was mad at the carriage he left behind. It was obvious that the fugitives thought. Securing the vehicle right away!

    He got out of the woods. Then he ran to the carriage.

    Then he saw the woman running with the horse of the carriage.

    Oh, I almost missed it. 정말 쥐새끼 같은 계집이 아닌가!

    Excited by her joy that he had captured her prey though, he pursued the very woman.

    Luck must follow him. Even the stupid girl ran away and fell down.

    The prey couldn't happen for a while, whether it was a hard fall.

    “Now I got it.”
    He chases right away and kicks her woman's belly once. Without her power, her tummy bent and crouched, she lie down, showing her tummy.

    He climbed onto her body, slap her in the cheek, and strangled her.

    He always regretted that he wasn't her hand that he used, but there was enough power to kill this woman.

    "You thought you could run away?"
    As her hands were tight, she shook her body. He gave more and more strength. With that struggle, the hem of her smack rose.

    “Four bitch stabbing me? How dare you, an insignificant girl like you?”
    The man was concentrating his warmth on stopping her breath. He thought it wasn't bad to choke him either.

    The movement of struggling because I couldn't breathe was clearly felt with my fingertips. He muttered in joy.

    “How, are you scared? You're scared to die? You will die.”
    The woman looked at the killer with silver-blue eyes.

    It was awkward that those big eyes, which seemed somewhat dull, were pointing at him, but he gave her hands more strength. His mouth smiled and drooled.

    He made fun of his mouth without knowing what he was talking about.

    “I enjoy killing bitches like you. Huh? You've always ignored men for their pretty looks, right? It's better in the world that I kill girls like you who fart very guys and raise their heads upright like this.”
    Dirty bitch, dirty bitch.

    He said everything he could do and how he had killed women.

    He wanted to show off and he wanted to show off.

    He laughed and gave her hands more strength, hoping that a woman strangled in her own hands would end her life with fear of her pretty face.

    But he wasn't the left hand he always used, so he didn't feel well.

    However, if this also caused pain to the woman, he would be willing to endure this time.

    Then he felt a stabbing pain in his back.

    “… … Ahhh!”
    He screamed in great pain. The back seemed to be burned.

    Something stabbed himself and was pulled out. The hot thing ran down my back. It was blood. It hurt so much. What the hell happened to you?

    The knifekeeper couldn't help with her pain and continued to scream.

    “Ahhhhhh! My back, my back!”
    He didn't know what had happened and tried to put his arm back, but his hand did not reach the area of his wound.

    Lucipella, barely able to escape from the man's bottom, coughed, coughing, and touched the ground with his arm. Then it happened at once.

    Even then, the swordsman didn't seem to understand what had happened to him.

    "I thought you could kill, and you have a bastard?"

    She said, staring at him.

    Even in the midst of the pain and pain of the swordsman, the voice was creepy.

    He raised her head and looked at her face and screamed, uh, screaming. Her silver-blue eyes were burning bright blue. It was snow that he had never seen since he was born.

    He was overwhelmed by her momentum. As I glanced over her with her swaying gaze, she held her bloody dagger in her hand.

    He realized that it was a dagger in her hand that attacked his back. She said, after, and inhaling her breath.

    “I tried to get her throat and she failed again. I'm not used to this body yet.”
    It was only then that the swordsman knew it was she, not herself, who had sold her trap.

    She used herself as her bait and she fell on purpose.

    He realized. In the first place, it was that woman who disabled this arm. I was too vigilant.

    The woman has always been his prey.

    Being hunted by a prey was not in her head, who was so clever and overconfident. Now she is literally her prey.

    “Gye, girl… … !”
    He reached out with fear and humiliation, reaching out for her hand, but she was very accustomed to swinging her sword and attacking the wrist outstretched.

    Blood poured out of the blow.

    “Oh, wow!”
    Lucipella frowned on her face. Her vision was blurred because of the aftereffect of her throat, so she couldn't stab her vital spot again this time. However, this pathetic man jumped in pain with just that.

    He was worried about his thick clothes, but he had a deep stab in his back and bleeding so he could easily end his life with Lucifera.

    I was fortunate to buy one and hide it in his thigh, as the dagger on his neck wasn't so hot.

    First of all, he disabled one hand, so he couldn't use weapons such as a crossbow or a bow standing alone.

    If he does not give up on her killing her, he will eventually have no other choice but to approach her to her.

    Moreover, she possessed a very powerful weapon besides the dagger she had tied to her thigh, so she was confident to win.

    She spit on her.

    “Yes, it’s a bitch. The girl you've been able to easily kill in the meantime.”
    There were countless enemies who were ignored as a girl with a sword.

    However, her most powerful weapon, along with the contempt, was her opponent's vigilance.

    Because she was a woman, people were so easily off guard. And her carelessness has brought her her victory over and over again. like now.

    It wasn't easy to speak out because of her sore throat.

    But she couldn't stand wanting to say her.

    This is because she was so unhappy that she was strangled with saliva from the man's smelly mouth and gave a glimpse of the murder.

    It was a very unpleasant experience to see that viciously distorted face up close.

    “Did you say you enjoy killing girls like me? It's a hobby that I don't understand.”
    She said once again, spitting.

    “I enjoy defeating someone stronger than me.”
    To be precise, it was ‘enjoyable’. My body was complaining of its limits and almost fell.
    If gold falls, she dies. Holding a dagger, she said, looking into the man's gap.

    “I call people like you losers.”
    The swordsman, no, a man with a small and dwarf physique, figured out that the woman was stronger than himself. The shift was quick.

    The man began to take his back steps.

    But he bleed a lot. My back hurt so much.

    His legs were relaxed. As it goes, he will not run away and will be caught.

    That woman was different from the other women. She will kill herself without hesitation.

    “Ahhhhhh! Oh, please save it! Help me!"

    “… … .”

    "Help me!"

    “The dead women must have told you that. Didn't you even remember that the women were sick?”

    “Please save me. sick!"

    “The dead women must have also been sick. I intend to do the same for you.”

    He crawled into his knees, pissing to see if he had loosened power from his leg, panicked.

    She slowly chased after the man she ran away.

    She wanted to kick it with her feet right away, but she was very cautious because it was a big deal if that man grabbed that foot and knocked it over.

    He was really disgusting.

    It's fun to kill a woman. Why do they murder, and is it fun to kill “women”?

    You must have been ignored by men as well, but why is being ignored by women more memorable and angering women?

    “The filthy baby.”
    The answer was too simple. Because women don't have power. Because he was a poor guy who didn't even have the courage to be angry with the same guys.

    The guy who couldn't even throw it away. I thought I would cut off that middle leg.

    She approached to end her disgusting life.

    It was then. Suddenly, the cry of words filled the surroundings. Lucipella looked at the place where he could hear the cries of words.

    Jansgar's knights were running here.

    Her expression was wrinkled. There will be no point of view that is so bad.

    She said she wouldn't have been a schoolboy like this at least if she had come when she was chased by a killer.

    Or if she had come after she finished her job and disappeared to find Liam on her horse, well, yes, I could forgive that much. But what is this timing that is neither me nor this?

    The knights who got off her horse alternately looked at her and the man who had fallen in front of her, and looked embarrassed.

    She said, looking at the man in front of her, her own fiance.

    “You're coming very soon, Sir Heint.”
    She laughed so much.

    The Duke of Heint looked at her, as if he could not understand the situation, and saw the man lying under her.

    Then her gaze turned to the dagger in her hand.

    It seemed that he understood the post-war situation only then.

    She approached the Duke of Heint to ask about Liam.

    He said he would complain about this bad timing. At the same time, a feeling of relief spread over her tense body. At that moment, she felt excruciating dizziness.

    Is it because I'm relaxed? Did anybody really fall out of tension?

    And she couldn't believe it was herself.

    She said she was relieved of tension in the world. She said that there was a weak human like a falling sheet of paper. It was she who cursed her, but she fell like this? In front of that man?! Nonsense!

    As she lost consciousness, she couldn't understand until the end that she would fall, and her body collapsed.

    At the same time, I felt someone supported me.


    “Oh my God. You are a great lady.”
    The Duke of Louise looked at Lucipella in Zed's arm.

    Unlike her lady, the fallen woman in her maid's suit was twisted, her hair was matted, and blood splattered on her face.

    Still, what's funny about her is that while she fell, she didn't let go of the dagger.

    “I heard it from Lord Chris. You said that it was that serial killer that Aydin Young-ae met during a runaway runaway? That's terrible luck. Heint will also have a lot of hardships.”
    Even with the poking words, Jed said nothing. He was counting her time until her carriage came to put her on her.

    “Louis the ball, you missed Liam?”

    “You're welcome, that person wasn't Liam Hirka. He was just some sort of resemblance.”
    Louise grinned. Jed stared at him.

    No one didn't know that his sword had cut off the neck of the "person who said he looked like" at once.

    The members of the 2nd Knights also put their tongues out in the coldness of dealing with him differently from always smiling faces.

    Since Liam didn't exist in the first place, the 2nd Knights joined Jed. Because I heard that Jed discovered a hint about the killer.

    Several of the 1st Knights pursued Lucipella, who pursued the killer.

    “But it’s really amazing. Heint can't hit the ball either. How did he figure out he was the killer? After all, there was too little blood on the body, right? The bloody name seemed to be a moderate smoke screen.”

    "you… … .”
    Ruyrck knew what Jed had discovered. But when he found the same thing, he chose to go after Liam.

    Bat-like cub. Jed sharpened his teeth.

    There were only three tops in the private wagon business, and private wagons must be registered at the top and paid for a fee to be recognized as a formal transportation business licensed in the country.

    This is because it is possible to replace horses owned by the coachman in the stall installed at the top at each intermediate point, and to provide food and water to the horses.

    Thus, the list of people with two or three wagons was about twenty. I picked out the old man, so the rest are open.

    Then, as a result of tracking the movement to the place where horses were replaced, watered, and troughs were given, there was the owner of the carriage showing a similar movement to the day of the murder.

    It was a rather plain and short name.

    It seems so common. Nevertheless, the feeling of that resonance was somehow terrifying.

    At the same time, I was told that Jack was wearing thick clothes. Thus, Jed pursued Jack.

    He noticed that around noon he had water from the southeast.

    He knew that Lucipella had disappeared from the southeastern sector.

    And with her knights who had been chasing her Jack and ordering her to find her, he knew that when he encountered her, her perhaps worst outcome was waiting.

    And what was waiting for them was the fallen Jack and Lucipella standing there. She said that she was Lucipella and she said she was too late with a dagger and she fell.

    There were vivid red marks on her neck of Lucipella.

    When I investigated her carriage, a dagger with a string attached to her neck appeared.

    It seemed that she first stabbed her arm with that dagger, and then attacked the man again with a dagger that did not know where it came from. She could see how desperate it was for her.

    It's true that she ran out of her way, but that didn't make Jed enough to blame everything on her Lucipella.

    He really thought he should have gone a little faster. Still, the luck was that his nasty personality was also exerted when he was faced with a killer.

    awhile. Jed thought he was weird. Is there no hesitation in wielding a dagger for an ordinary noble lady?

    He recalled the scars suffered by a guy named Jack who had been captured.

    The sword stuck in his wrist, and the sword stuck in his back, somehow, had a very slight sense of incongruity.

    Is that usually for granted? Or was it even the last power that was exerted in the face of death?

    He stabbed his hand, neutralizing his hand, and attacked the man's back with a dagger.

    Is it easy for a gentle noble lady to make such judgments?

    What he knew about Lucipella was that he was a stupid man who couldn't forget the prince while he was clinging to the prince and trying to commit suicide by jumping into the lake of the imperial palace when he was rejected.

    However, seeing this unexpected appearance, he had to change his thoughts of Lucipella.

    “To survive there, it's really better than most men. I really mean it.”
    Louisrc approached and tried to observe Lucipella. Jed hugged her deeper into her own arms, frowning her face.

    That guy wasn't his fiancée to look at.

    “Does your clothes look good?”
    Khalid smiled and looked at Estelle looking in the mirror. His face was delicate and beautiful like a work of art carefully crafted by the goddess.

    Khalid sat halfway down on the sofa in an unwrapped position.

    He had opened and closed the dagger sheath in his hand, but his face was facing Estelle.

    Compared to Khalid's appearance at the peak of beauty, Estelle's appearance was mediocre.

    If she puts on makeup and looks good, she could stay at the level of being pretty, but Estelle didn't intend to do that.

    Currently, she was looking at her long mirror in front of her, with Estelle making her unpleasant look. She was annoyed with her clothes she was wearing now.

    At that time, her eyes met Khalid's eyes over the mirror.

    The gaze was somehow offended, and she squeezed her face, and she threw her shirt she had just worn into Khalid's face.

    Khalid skillfully grabbed her clothes and put them finely.

    “If I look at it one more time, I know the dagger will fly next time.”

    “Ah, sorry, sorry.”
    At Estelle's chilling warning, Khalid raised her hands and waved playfully in a sign of surrender. Yet he did not take his eyes off Estelle's appearance.

    It was still unpleasant, but it didn't feel as dirty as men usually do, so Estelle was just satisfied with her warning and turned her head back into the mirror in front of her.

    She could see herself in uniform.

    Her uniform, a mixture of dark blue and white, was engraved with gold thread on her left chest, a five mang star born by Astra, the star goddess of Ulsha, and Ha-zohar, one of the twin stars.

    She smiled with satisfaction as she stroked the protruding part with her fingers.

    It's a knight. Became a knight.

    She finally made it possible for her to defend her country with her best swordsmanship. She could even dream of honor.

    She, who was from her back alley, lives here as a knight. What a joy it is. Her deceased grandfather will also rejoice. Her mother will also be happy.

    Estelle tidyed up her brittle hair of her own.

    Later, as she exhaled her and she looked down at her own clothes, frowning her face at the discomfort felt in her chest.

    Because of a part of her body, her uniform clothes were short, so the waist was slightly exposed.

    Just because her dreams of her most desire for her have come true, it does not mean that the discontent she feels now will disappear.

    The cause of her irritation was in the uniform of the knight she so admired.



    "The chest."
    At that, Khalid laughed and laughed.

    Eventually, when Estelle pulled the sword of the dagger on the table in front of her mirror, Khalid raised her hands again, as if surrendering.

    “Since there has never been a precedent for a woman to become a knight, it seems like the tailors just brought the right dimensions.”

    "Oh yeah. Well, it would be very unpleasant to say that a woman is a knight among commoners. You can't ask for tailor-made clothes like the nobles. I knew it would be like this.”
    She sighed again, sweeping her head down with her hand. He got up and approached Estelle's back behind her.

    His gaze lingered over her mirror and in what part she said was stuffy.

    Estelle complained about how she could make her look more comfortable, even though she knew her gaze.

    She said, “I think I can ask for a bigger one, right? It's too stuffy now.”
    She wasn't on the side where her chest wasn't curvy, but her clothes were taut and her waist looked short. Khalid's eyes were slightly frowned to see if Estelle agreed.

    “When I think about it, it sounds very erotic. She has big breasts, so she wants to wear something one size larger. It's a thing to cheer when men hear it.”

    "This cub."
    As her hand went back to the dagger on the tabletop, Khalid laughed and held her hand.

    “I mean, don't go around talking about that.”
    Occasionally, his remarks crossed the dangerous level. Do you need to kick even a vital spot with a hind kick to wake up? But she wasn't a great man who would fit it the way it was, so she had to be patient.

    “If you wear something one size larger, your arms will be long, so it looks like a child was wearing it. The shoulders are also stretched more than this, and they are not tacky, so either side will be in front of the king.
    Estelle sighed at Khalid's advice.

    “I have no choice but to take it off again and tie her breasts together.”

    “Yes, do it. Although you will be frustrated.”
    Khalid whispered. He laughed and touched her short gray hair.

    "Hey. I told you to stop touching it.”

    "excuse. It's just a pretty color, so I wanted to touch it.”
    Estelle, who was well aware that it was her Khalid's habit to tie her hair, sighed,'If you touch it, touch it. I will go my own way. When did you take my permission and touch it?” she grumbled and pulled down the button of her uniform.

    As soon as he completely took off the sloppy top on her shoulder, Khalid said, frowning again on her face.

    “No matter how much in front of me, it’s not too much. First of all, I am also a man.”

    "What is he saying now. Have you first seen a woman's breast?”
    Estelle shook her head as if annoying, removing Khalid's hand from her hair.

    Is it because of regret? Khalid's fingers fluttered in the air and then descended. He seemed to be hesitant, and then he moved his lips.


    “Uh, tell me.”

    “It’s okay in front of me, but it’s a favor in front of other people, so I want you to be careful.”

    “Yes, I will.”
    It's annoying, but it's not difficult. Estelle nodded her head.

    If Khalid said anything to her, at least it was because of her, so she mostly followed him.

    Estelle looked over her mirror and looked at her Khalid standing behind her.

    His face was slightly reminded, and he was rolling his eyes back and forth, as if he didn't know where to put his gaze.

    Then I met my eyes in the mirror. Estelle laughed at Khalid's purple eyes. A warm gaze came and went.

    I don't know what kind of heart the two eyes had.

    To Estelle, it was as deep as the night, as quiet as a forest, and deeper than that, there was a strange sparkle.

    But she was somewhat strange. This was her usual expression that Khalid had made, but it was an expression that he could never, never give to her again.

    At the moment Estelle realized. This has already happened. She is dreaming of her now.

    It was a thing of the past. Khalid always looked like that.

    But she said Estelle, and she didn't really care about that strange face. The reason is, of course she wasn't interested. Khalid was just her good friend.

    But now, Estelle, who fell in memories of this past, wanted to ask. She tells him in this past that it will never happen again.



    “This is a dream.”

    “… … .”
    Khalid said nothing. The smile that had previously been between them disappeared.

    “Why did you kill me?”
    Khalid's face is distorted at once upon hearing the question. I saw a deep smile and my shy expression disappeared everywhere.

    Bhajeok, jjjeok.

    The mirror in front of her began to crack. Khalid's face wasn't fragmented.

    Khalid disappeared when she looked behind her.

    Lucipella barely opened her eyes. Where the field of view was located, I could see a lower ceiling than I expected.

    She tried to turn her body, but she knew that she was now lying in a very narrow place and she was lying still. Because she guessed where this place was.

    I hear the sound of the wheels spinning along with the crackling, regular horseshoe sound.

    She was now in the wagon, where she was lying on the wagon's chair.

    “Seeing the appearance of waking up calling another man's name seems to have the spirit of dreaming.”
    Hearing her familiar voice, her gaze turned to where the sound could be heard. On the opposite side were the Duke of Heint and Jedder Keith Hein, sitting with arms folded.

    Seeing that arrogant face, Lucipella's stupid spirit began to return.

    Why am I here now? Oh yeah. She tried to chase Liam. She tried to chase Liam, but she was unfortunately caught by a serial killer. And after everything was over, the man came here.

    She opened her mouth and tried to say something, but she only came out coughing. It seemed like that because I was strangled.

    She coughed painfully for a long time. The Duke of Heint looked at her, frowned on her face, and gave a mana bit of advice.

    “You know that she was strangled by her throat, right? It would be better not to say it now.”
    But she neatly ignored it and asked her voice.

    “Is Liam Hirka caught?”
    Seeing her openly ignoring Lucifera, seeing her feeling dirty, the Duke of Heint remained silent for a while.

    To rush her answer, he looked at the Duke of Heint, and he frowned slightly and was sarcastic.

    “If Liam Hirka was so scared, wouldn't it have to be a major accident like this?”
    Lucipella thought about what the hell was this man talking about.

    Suddenly he got up from fainting, so his head didn't turn properly. Are you afraid of Liam Hirka? I? Said the Duke of Heint.

    “The guy who attacked Yeong-ae wasn't Liam Hirka.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Liam Harka wasn't a killer, and the guy who attacked Yeong-ae was the real killer.”
    Isn't it natural? What obvious things are you talking about?

    Ah! Lucipella realized where this conversation had gone wrong.

    That guy was thinking he considered the nasty guy to be Liam. Lucipella Aydin would never have seen Liam.

    I wanted to ask the real Liam Hirka, not the bum, but I wanted to ask the pretending to be, but Lucipella was patient. She didn't have to buy suspicion by saying something suspicious.

    “Then did Liam Hirka really get caught?”

    “No, the tip was wrong. He was just a resemblance.”

    “… … .”
    She sighed in her relief. Fortunately, the report was false, so it seemed that he was not caught.
    Perhaps he misunderstood the meaning of the sigh, said Duke Heint.

    “Well, there is nothing for Young Ae to worry about now. The killer was captured, and Liam Hirka didn't exist in the capital in the first place.”
    It was the most warm and friendly word he had ever said.

    My God, listening to such a word from Jedder Kyre Heint!

    Life was full of unknown things. But she did not have time to purely admire that life was amazing.

    She raised her body. Of course, the Duke of Heint didn't help her whine and wake her up.

    In fact, she also didn't want her help, so there were no big complaints.

    Irrespective of the distraction of her long hair, Lucipella looked out of her window.

    The sky was already dark, and the moon and stars were floating. Streetlights with luminescent stones passed by, and the appearance of the city glimmered. The capital here was very wide as well.

    “Do you know how many knights were mobilized to find Young Ae? I hope you don't do anything without thinking like this next time. Because I don't exist to do the processing of you either.”

    “… … .”

    “If you continue to act that way in the future, I'll tell your dad that I'll restrict you from wandering outside.”
    Lucipella nodded her quietly. Jed was rather amazed at her innocent acceptance. Jed was suspicious of the woman suddenly coming out softly.

    “Let's keep it in mind. It must be true that many people, including you, suffered. I was too conscious of my position.”

    “… … .”
    Jed felt remorse for her Lucipella's innocent reflection.

    In fact, he was in the field because he was chasing rats. Strictly speaking, he wasn't looking for Lucipella.

    He had to correct this misunderstanding, but he worried for a moment. However, according to the words that followed, the feelings disappeared.

    “In the future, you don’t have to do my post-processing. I'll take care of my work.”


    "Ah… … I'll tell you, too, so I'll never ask you for help again. It was too rude.”
    I will never ask for help again, I wasn't saying it in the sense of cutting it out so far, but Lucipella was determined.

    Jed stared at her face. What stood on her face was her sword-cut decisiveness.

    She seemed to feel upset that she had been entangled with herself this way.

    “Is there anything I did wrong with Young-ae?”
    She was cool. Jed wondered once again if he had done anything wrong with that woman.

    But he didn't even think about it again.

    Did he notice that gaze? Said Lucipella.

    “At least, if I had considered getting engaged, I wouldn't have thrown it to the other seat like this on a sick day. Shouldn't you have a conscience?”

    "This… … .”
    As soon as Jed knew her, she annoyed her and put her down in her carriage.

    If they were usually engaged, no, no, even if they weren't in a relationship or lie on her knees, she had to at least provide protection from falling on the chair of a rolling carriage.

    But when she learned that she was safe, Jed crossed her without hesitation, put it down in her chair, and when she woke up, she was observing her face.

    Come to think of it, it seemed a bit severe.

    He pointed out his conscience, so his conscience was a bit stabbed. But Lucipella had the ability to wipe out the guilt that came up through her mouth.

    “Well, she didn't have any expectations for her dirty humanity, so you don't have to reflect on this part. I think I'm very dissatisfied with my engagement, but if I try to limit where my two legs go, just because I'm engaged, it's difficult, Duke Heint.”
    The lights of the street lights caught in her eyes. The lowly warning words were so petty and unpleasant. So, instead of answering, Jed smiled.

    Lucipella Aydin was a very strange woman. Jed thought of the woman's sudden behavior.

    She was called Lucipella in the imperial palace, and she was not this type of woman. She was one of those people who were only pretty with her stereotypical face. Was she shivering so well on her ego?

    Then, Lucipella looking at her window looked at a point and she fixed her gaze there.

    Then she immediately lifted her face and shook her head. As if it couldn't be.

    “What, do you know anyone?”
    Is it because of her actions beyond her thoughts? Jed suddenly became curious about that person.

    Thus, Jed seldom opened her mouth on his side first.

    But Lucipella ignored the question. Jed tried to say something to him, but she soon bite her mouth.

    It is because there was a strange sadness on her face covered with bluish light in the wagon with a deep blue light.

    Jed could not deny that this woman was curious.

    It wasn't her good meaning, but Jed couldn't take her eyes off her.


    The man wearing a hood over the woman's voice turned his head. His gaze was fixed on a four-wheeled carriage passing at a slow pace through the streets.

    “What, why is that?”
    When the hooded man couldn't take his gaze out of the carriage, naturally, one of the men's gaze turned to the carriage.

    “Gorgeous wagons.”

    “Yes, it’s very flashy. You must have burnt a great nobleman.”
    If the size and design of the carriage symbolizes the dignity of the family, that would be owned by a high-ranking aristocrat among the central nobles.

    The horses that pulled the carriage were of the highest quality enough to be shiny even in a dark view, and they were splendidly crafted and flashing.

    “Shall I destroy it?”

    “Crazy guy. It was a woman who was riding there.”
    The man in the hood replied with a frown on the other party's whimsical words.

    “Oh, it looks like it’s weak for women. Mr. serial killer said she only kills women.”
    To the giggled joke, the man, Liam, said in a subdued voice.

    “If you call it like that one more time, it breaks her neck.”
    At that, another man giggled and laughed. Liam turned her head.

    “The time when I was unfortunately on the green hill was when a madman was running around. Oh, it feels dirty.”
    A murder case occurred while Liam was in the capital, and Liam took all of the crimes.

    He was the worst to see his face, so his portraits appeared throughout the capital. Everyone was eager to catch him. Thus, as soon as he came to the capital, he decided to leave.

    “I have another chance.”

    “Yes, there will be again.”
    He looked up at the sky.

    Among the innumerable stars engraved, the stars of revenge, Ares, were twinkling red as if they were eating blood.

    They did not forgive the one who took their morning star, Ishtar.

    The man grinds his teeth and says.

    “Khalid, as long as the baby is alive.”
    The stars of revenge were also shining in the man's eyes.

    When Lucipella returned as Countess, the Count had not yet returned to find her, and all the employees were out with white, tired expressions.

    They seemed to have already heard that she was about to die.

    As she tumbled, her waiting lawmaker ran.

    The butler looked around and seemed to be looking for someone. He seemed to be looking for Duke Heint. Lucipella, who noticed it, said, clearing her voice.

    “If you were looking for your sir, then you went.”
    On the butler’s expression, “I’m still a fiancee… … '" passed by, but Lucipella did not make excuses for the Duke of Heint.

    In fact, it was because of her that he returned. She tried to get her carriage into the mansion, but Lucipella refused.

    She even asked her support from the escort driver who resided in her mansion, not from the Duke of Heint.

    Her face was distorted by Lucipella's strong rejection of her insulting, and the Duke returned home as it was.

    “Is Louisa?”
    Her Lucifera asked, lightly swaying her legislator who supported her. First of all, it was not Louisa, but Royza, but the butler didn't dare point it out.

    Her Roiza was her attendant maid with her. However, Lucipella ran away, and she was predicted of severe corporal punishment.

    “First of all, I locked them in a room to punish them… … .”
    She was the child to be kicked out anyway, but it was a pity to receive her Lucipella's cruel anger.

    No matter how much she says her character has become unhealthy these days, she will not have her mercy this time.

    However, it was true that she had neglected to serve her master because her spirit was sold in the dress, so she deserved punishment. The butler sighed at this situation.

    “Guide me.”

    Don't you usually tell me to bring it? The butler was worried.

    Although the room to lock up the patrons was located inside the mansion, she was a place that Lucipella had never visited. If you want to visit such a room, wouldn't you have any other thoughts?

    “Girl, first of all, the body… … .”
    At the words of the butler, Lucipella quietly raised one hand to stop him.

    That short hand gesture was somehow more powerful than her angered, tearing voice. The butler quietly followed her, feeling her unknown overbearing.

    The staff's discipline room was located in the most secluded place behind the mansion.

    It was dark and narrow because it was intended for confinement, and it was a dark and humid place that was not suitable for the ornate count.

    “What happened to the escorts?”

    “All the hired knights were fired. You must be being punished too.”
    Lucipella nodded her head. She then looked at the door at the end of her corridor and shook her as if to open it.

    The servants opened the door.

    There was little light in the room. In the room, I heard the cry of a woman squatting and weeping.

    When the door opened and the light leaked in, she was frightened, looking behind her, and looking at Lucipella standing, she looked terrified.

    Lucipella took a look at her room and then approached Baroroiza.

    All of her thought that her Lucipella would do her anger on her.

    To the employer, the employee's anger was natural.

    Isn't it also the fault of her maid who took a glance at her dress this time? Besides, this house lady was almost killed by a serial killer.

    “Ah, lady, I’m sorry, I’m wrong!”
    As Roiza cried, he put his hands together and prayed.

    As Lucipella reached out her hand, Royza shrugged her body. Lucipella raised her hand and tapped her on the shoulder.

    "wake up."
    why? Will she get up and slap her?

    Roiza wanted to ask, but he woke up, trembling, knowing that if he didn't listen, he would be scolded further.

    Lucipella looked at Royza's face and she asked the butler standing behind him.

    “I don’t think I did the medium separately, right?”

    "Yes, it is… … . I have to wait for the disposition of the master and the lady.”
    The butler replied with an expression saying, "I'm finally here."

    Lucipella nodded her head, then sighed of her relief, she looked back and forth in her face.

    "I'm glad."
    As if Roiza understood the words, "I'm glad no one touched me until I touched it," her complexion turned blue.

    She didn't even dare guess how much she would be punished.

    She glanced at her as if Lucipella was asking to follow.

    What? Is she going to punish her room? Then why does she come and take her herself here?

    The question was young in the faces of the users.

    The servants simply thought that Lucipella would thrill all of her maids, so she never dared to guess that Lucipella simply acted in her good faith toward her maids.

    When Roiza saw the car butler in fear, the butler shut up and Villa glanced unconditionally.

    Roiza was so afraid of what would happen in the future.

    At that time, it was obvious that her dress was out of her mind. I was vigilant that the lady had become docile. But she was unfair to herself, and who would have known that she would run away.

    No matter how arrogant she was, she was a lady who hated to step on her feet because the dust on her streets was dirty.

    Shall she whip? She thought that this might cut her wrist. Either she or she might have been kicked naked.

    The butler tried to follow into the room, but she raised her hand to stop it. The butler was surprised that she stopped at one of those gestures.

    Lucipella, who entered her room, lowered her head and raised Roiza, who knelt on her knees.

    “You must have suffered a lot because of me.”

    “… … Yeah?"
    Amazed by her friendly voice, she lifted her head and found Lucipella looking at herself with her anxious expression.

    Isn't she trying to do something with her gentle face again? Like she was then when she ran away.

    Looking at her Royza's face, Lucipella tapped her shoulder with her hand, expressing her regret. Roiza was so surprised by him that she almost screamed.

    "I'm sorry, it's because of me."

    “Oh, no. My, I mean, I should have had better surveillance, no, no, no… … .”

    “I decided and ran away, how would you know?”
    Up until now, it was Roja, who was regretful with such thoughts, but when someone who didn't expect too much correct words said it, it became more scary.

    “Tell me that I took care of the bee. You must have been scared a lot, but go in and take a rest. Even moderately telling the butler that I was punished. If you say you're not scolded, you're more scolded.

    “… … miss?"

    “Do you have anything else to say? If you want to be angry, I like it. I deserve it.”

    “… … !”
    Can a person really change like this when he dies, comes alive, and even loses his memory?

    There was always a day, and Lucipella, who was unconditionally angry, was showing a sincerely sorry expression.

    “If you have nothing to say, you can go out. Go and call the lawmaker.”
    Then it turned out that there was a black handprint on her neck.

    Roiza saw it and really realized that this lady died and she came back alive. And she knows how lucky she is now.

    Roiza shed tears.

    I don't know why this lady changed, but with this behavior she freely thought that she was a good person from the beginning.

    Still, she wasn't without her fault, but she was more upset with her generous disposition.

    Lucipella was embarrassed to see her maid bursting her cries and doing her uh huh.

    She clearly said that when she first saw Roiza she felt like a quiet and professional maid, but she said she burst into her cries like a child for one of these things. Besides, Lucipella was weak against the crying person.

    “Louis, don’t cry. Don't cry, Louisa.”

    “Oh, my lady, I was wrong! I won't do it again, black! It is! Black!”

    “Yes, yes.”
    Lucipella didn't know what to do, so she approached Roiza again and patted her shoulder.

    Royza, who was crying lightly, thought. Oh, how can there be such an angelic girl?

    “And this is Roja, my lady. It's not Louisa, black black!”

    "Oh sorry. Roiza. So I was sorry.”
    Roiza had a simple personality, and when the lady she attended showed her kindness, the sediment that almost remained in her heart melted away and disappeared.


    The second emperor of the Jansgar Empire, Yi Ozhif, smiled wide.

    He was in good shape, but his appearance was obscured by thick black glasses and was not properly marked.

    "brother. My god. What have you been doing here?”
    Right in front of him, the prince, Temir, was here at the Empress's Palace.

    Temir was sitting at a tea table in the garden of the Empress's Palace and chatting with Empress Prisilda.

    She said with a bright smile of the empress.

    “Come on and sit down, Lee Ojif.”
    Unlike the smiling face of Io Jeep, the prince frowned on her face as if displeased.

    Either way or not, Lee Ojif sat next to the empress, screaming. It seemed that I could not help it because I liked this situation.

    “It’s nice to see you two after a long time.”
    The empress smiled and said kindly.

    “If you look so good, mother, I think I should see you often in the future.”
    The empress's hand, holding the teacup, trembled. Lee Ojif said with a smile.

    “Brother, you must be busy with the Prince's affairs, are you visiting? If so, then the rumors that her and her brother aren't going to get along will disappear. Abamama will also be happy.”
    Temir's face frowned at him. It was evident that she was reluctant to hear rumors that she had a good relationship with the empress, even by joking.

    The current Empress was the 2nd Empress, and the Prince was not her 2nd Empress Resuscitation.

    Her former empress Lucrecia died of illness when the prince was five years old, in which she became her empress, Priscilla, her empress, who at the time gave birth to Io Jeep, and became the hostess of her imperial palace.

    It was when Te Mir tried to say more with her unpleasant face.

    “By the way, what are you talking about? Is this a story that my brother can listen to?”
    There was a deep smile on Temir's face.

    “I was talking about this fall banquet.”

    “Autumn banquet?”
    Jansgar holds a big festival every year after the fall harvest.

    This was the same with the Imperial Palace. They held a large banquet to celebrate the harvest festival.

    The largest banquet since the emperor's birthday, small and medium aristocrats Most of them attended.

    As the land of Jansgar was dyed with golden waves of harvest, the streets of Green Hill were filled with flashing gold wagons of nobles.

    “Is there any problem?”

    Te Mir shook his head with a face that seemed unable to control his laughter.

    “Because there is someone I want to invite. I came to make a personal request to Her Majesty's Majesty.”

    “Oh, who? I am also curious.”
    Temir chuckled again at the innocent question of Eojip. The sound of laughter was shallow, but neither Lee Ojif nor the empress was frowned on.

    “The Count Aydin.”

    “If it’s Count Aydin, isn’t it that you should invite it, Prince?”

    "no. Not only Count Aydin… … .”
    The prince closed his mouth while turning the teacup on the tea table with his hand.

    “Lucifella Aydin. I want to see Count Young-ae.”
    As a result, the face of the empress became pale.

    No one knew that Count Aydin Young-ae, eager for the love of Prince Temir, jumped into the Imperial Palace Lake.

    “Please give me a bit of strength from Irma Mama who is in charge of the banquet. I want to meet you too, but I don't have a chance to meet him. Isn't it impossible to visit the private residence?”

    “Prince, Count Young-ae's body hasn't been healed yet. And you know? It is said that she is not feeling well again because she is caught up in the incident that littered the capital city last time.”
    Count Aydin. No one laughed openly thanks to the group he was close to, the Crown Prince, but the woman, Lucifer, had a different story.

    The incident was less than two months old, and the mockery and contempt that Lucipella would face was beyond imagination due to the harsher social nature of women.

    “That's why I'm so worried. I don't think my worries will go away until I see him walking around again. Will you please do my favor, sir?”

    "Prince, that's in trouble."
    Then he threw the teacup he was holding at the white statue next to the tea table.


    The red water of black tea soaked the statue. I felt the faces of the maids standing next to him stiffen.

    The empress was also surprised. Temir said with a smile.

    “Excuse me, Her Majesty. Is there a crack in my mug? I think I should punish the maid in charge of her.”
    At Temir's glance, her knight in a purple uniform grabbed the arm of her maid, who was serving her car right next to her.

    Her terrified scream came out of her maid's mouth, struggling with her casual expression.

    “The prince!”
    He smiled as the empress called her prince as if he was relentless.

    “Isn't there any way you could have made me deliberately bring out this kind of teacup? I don't think the Empress's Majesty hates me.”
    Despite the bizarre confrontation, Eojiff drank tea with ease.

    “The Count Aydin will be in trouble. It is said that her daughter had an accident, but she wants to show up so quickly.”

    “Count Aydin is the one who stays out of my office. How can Dang-suk feel sorry for me?”
    As the escort driver squeezed her maid's hand back harder, a scream came out of her mouth again.

    She was well educated, so she didn't cry outright or begging for her mercy to be spared, but tears were already dripping from her eyes.

    There could be no such thing as gold in the teacup she gave to the prince. The prince was forcing her to hold onto her and telling her to accept her request.

    “You do that, mother.”
    At that time, I heard the soft voice of Eojiff.

    “You want to see your brother, but there is no reason not to listen to it. Your brother is the one who will become the emperor of this country. Even Count Aydin wouldn't mind.”

    “… … .”
    Temir smiled satisfactorily at Eojiff's Dudun.

    Eojif was a pretty docile younger brother to Temir. His brother said so, and the empress had no reason to refuse.

    “I will do that.”

    “Thank you all the time, awesome.”
    Temir smiled brightly.


    It was serious. It was very serious.

    It wasn't what Lucifera was saying, it was a public conclusion of others.

    It happened two weeks after the talkative and debilitating incident took place.

    While that happened and the vigilance toward Lucipella was strengthened, for some reason, the attitude of her maids was more relaxed than before.

    It was because Lucipella got into the ears of her employers because she apologized and exempted her from Royza's punishment.

    It was natural that the reputation of the young lady who even apologized for her own fault, saying that it was her own fault, rather than getting angry at her, even though it had gone right before her death.

    In addition, as if she was reflecting on her, Lucipella listened to the staff very quietly without being annoyed even while lying down.

    If you ask to eat it, you eat it, if you ask to walk, you walk, and if you ask to wear it, you wear it. She almost died a few times, and she became the ideal owner of the crew.

    But she also had a very serious problem with her. The problem was that she had lost her memory and welcomed the change in her personality, but the problem was that she had forgotten everything except words.

    First of all, she was mainly lying in bed, and her maids didn't care about her, saying that she was sick of her, even though her gait was weird when she got up and walked from time to time.

    The same was the case when my speaking tone was masculine.

    'I'm almost dead, too, because of the aftereffects of her waking up. She even tried to think, "She hasn't even eaten for a few days." However, it was just trying to avoid the serious situation.

    Her gait was clearly different from that of the common people, but it was not the easy steps of the ladies. That is to say... …

    “It’s not just the girls, it’s like the steps of soldiers. It is also a proud step on the march... … .”
    The count was shocked at the butler's words, and his face turned white.

    This was the final conclusion reported by the mansion butler, who was most sensitive to Lucipella's change.

    “It seems that the aftereffects are a little serious because the lady has lost her memory anyway.”

    “No, what the hell… … .”

    “It will be one week until the Imperial Palace banquet. I guess I have to find a way somehow.”

    “How to do this… … . How can this happen... … .”
    Well, I put all the stars in front of people.

    Lucipella was listening to the conversation between the butler and the Count, drinking her tea. The Count's face turned pale when he saw him sipping tea.

    Estelle was of commoner origin, but at a young age she was raised in the Duke of Gabrain and learned swordsmanship.

    She lived in the mansions of the nobles, but the Duke of Gabrane did not care about her education other than teaching her swordsmanship, and she was neglected because the housekeepers thought it was unreasonable to teach the commoners the manners of the nobility.

    However, she was used to the way she treated her patrons, and she was familiar with Khalid's teaching, which was less than her dining etiquette.

    When I recalled the name, her hand, holding the teacup, ran into strength. But she shook her head and tried to erase the name.

    Her name, Khalid, was still important to her.

    But when she thought about him, she almost fell into so-called human mistrust and melancholy.

    Still looking for Khalid would be okay a little later.

    If it is known that Lucipella, who doesn't know Khalid, is looking for him, she may be suspected of being guilty or by the people around her. She put off her thoughts about him that way.

    Anyway, she said that Estelle hadn't learned the manners of a nobleman at all, and even if she saw and learned to some extent, it was the manners of'men', not the manners of'lady' at all.

    The fundamental solution to this problem was to say,'Can I not go because I'm sick?', but it was rejected at once.

    The empress sent an invitation directly. She said no one could turn down her invitation she wrote in her handwriting.

    Lucipella, who doesn't know that her prince and empress are not bloody, seems to be firmly upset by her empress to degrade the dignity of her own son. She thought she would be embarrassed, so she thought unintentionally.

    "It's the first time you're going to socialize after the announcement of her engagement, so you'll definitely have to dance with Duke Heint."
    Oh, that was just fine. Lucipella laughed as she thought of putting on heels and snapping his feet down.

    It was fun just imagining what the expression would look like. But she said the count's face was dying, so the run was just imaginable, she said.

    “You can learn.”

    “In a week? Absolutely not. Even though our Lucy is smart, we can't.”
    Once speaking, knowledge, or common sense, he wasn't confident, but if he was dancing, he was confident what to do. Isn't he using his body anyway? He was confident that he was wearing the body.

    Lucipella yawned her with her relaxed face. She gave the countless glances that the count was dissatisfied with her appearance, but she didn't care.

    Re-teaching manners to a noble woman over 20 years old can be a big fault in the social world. No matter what happened to that noble Young-ae.

    Thus, the teacher the Count saved was not a famous courtesy teacher, but Mrs. Erene, who was famous for teaching courtesy to commoners.

    Mrs. Erene was a prestigious homegrown family, but the death of her son made her virtually a commoner as no one could succeed her.

    For almost all of her life, her family, where she had established itself as the hostess, died only because there were no men in her household.

    She had little fortune to live a splendid life as her own wife.

    However, as long as her self-writer was old, she was faithful to the manners, and this was the most coveted element of the wealthy commoners who longed for the lives of the nobles but had no access to them.

    So, Mrs. Erene refused the help of her friends with whom she was acquainted, and was paid for educating her children, and she managed to make a living for her. Then she was called by Count Aydin.

    Count Aydin was not an influential family, but it was the so-called Crown Prince family, which was connected with the first Empress, the queen of the Crown Prince, and the bloodline.

    She was curious about who she should educate in such a family, and she was surprised to learn that the subject was her Count Young-ae.

    She said, first of all, if she was Count Young-ae, she would have been educated from a young age by her great teachers, even if she wasn't herself.

    On the one hand, she was also worried.

    Although she had long been around since Mrs. Erene hadn't been in her social circles, she knew that she had connections with nobles and that she wasn't as good as her character compared to Count Young-ae's beautiful face.

    She also knows what she did at the last imperial banquet.

    It was a big blame that she received her pay. However, no matter how much she taught the commoners, she had her own pride.

    If Count Ai Dean's daughter was rude to her, she was thinking of going back right away. However, Count Aydin was rude if he was rude, polite if he was polite, and an unknown person.

    “I lost my memory in an accident,” she said, “and inevitably I was taught by her wife.”
    When she heard the circumstances, she said that she had lost her memory due to the aftereffects of “the accident”. She lost her memory, so of course she forgot her manners too.

    But she did not despise herself as an anti-aristocrat who had lost her title, and for her polite request for her teaching, Mrs. Erene thought she was a better person than she thought.

    But she thought about it for a while. Her child, Count Dean, Her young-ae followed her well, but she was good to follow. Her learning was slower than she thought.

    “How many times do I have to say. It's not just to take her steps lightly, it should look moderately heavy. The light dancing gait makes a person look frivolous.”

    The footsteps of walking while walking in a cumbersome skirt this time drooped like a lead. She seems oddly knacked, but she didn't seem to have learned the concept of “elegance” correctly.

    In the eyes of Mrs. Erene, she didn't seem to understand why she had to learn this. From time to time, she grabbed the hem of her chita and shook it back and forth as if it was stuffy.

    If she doesn't understand what she learns, her learning speed will naturally slow down.

    She did it to a certain extent about how much of the manners she had learned remains in memory, but she was far short of attending the imperial banquet that was held this time.

    “Mister, do you not understand what I’m saying.”

    “Elegantly, if it looks too light, it looks frivolous. Like that.”
    He is listening. Nevertheless, her position of teaching in her frustrating appearance was a little exhausted. She thought that the enthusiasm for learning was better for common women girls.

    “Sit down, lady.”
    As she pointed to her sofa as if to take a break, she walked and leaned on the sofa. Her wife Erene's face frowned at him.

    “My lady is definitely smart. But she looks like she's not motivated.”
    At that, Lucipella sighed. Lucipella was exhausted.

    “It’s because I don’t understand.”

    “What is it?”

    “What is the standard of elegance? Why is it so important how to hold the hem of the hell? No, I don't understand the dress either. Why do I have to wear a heavy skirt? There are a lot of comfortable clothes. Why are you talking about it? If you have something you want to say, can't I just say it right away?”
    It was a question that the commoners didn't even ask. The commoners followed the nobles saying, ‘I want to do that.’

    “That's what aristocrats should do.”

    "You're welcome. Men don't turn around. Male nobles just laugh even though their gait is a little awkward. Even if their behavior isn't elegant, it's not that big of a flaw. It seems that only women are criticizing that.”

    “You're talking as if you've been hanging out with them, lady.”
    At that, Lucipella bit her mouth. Her old lady Erene found at once that she had a corner that Lucifera was hiding.

    In fact, Lucipella wasn't wrong. When a man wasn't in good manners, it became just a light ridicule. She has even been hailed as an informal and free spirit.

    However, she said that if a woman was awkward in her manners, her women criticized her and did not put it into her group. So manners were more important to women. Mrs. Erene said calmly.

    “Men and women are not the same.”
    At those words, Lucipella's face hardened.

    In fact, even as Lucipella, she was too hard to accept this situation, but she thought it was someone else's work, and she was spending more than she imagined in learning the so-called “lady's culture”.

    When she was pointed out what she was doing naturally, even her steps, she was annoyed at her, no matter how simple she tried to think. She would not have thought of this if she had threw her sword to practice swordsmanship.

    That men and women aren't the same is what she said of her as her estelle, which she so fed up with.

    She said that was natural even for Ulsa, a monogamous woman whose human rights are not low, but Jans Garr, who is allowed to have multiple marriages, would add. Even though I knew it, it was bitter when I checked it.

    Erene's wife was what she said.

    “This manner of etiquette is obviously ineffective in terms of behavior. Inefficient behavior is deliberately intended. Because it shows that nobles have that kind of space.”
    Is that kind of room? Lucipella tilted her head. She noticed it was her words by Mrs. Erene.

    “Will the commoners have time to relax? Would it be as uncomfortable as a noble woman wears the hem of them, who always have to work?”
    It is natural. How can the commoners, who always have to be busy, wear the skirts of the cumbersome nobles? Lucipella did not understand what Mrs. Erene said.

    “The difference between the common people who are always busy with their lives and the nobles above them is the margin.”
    As a result, Lucipella was shocked as if she had been struck by a blow in her head.

    In a way, it was because it was a word that penetrated the essence of etiquette. She never thought of her with such a point of view.

    “And it is not just women's vanity that women's manners are more strictly applied.”

    “… … .”

    “The education of aristocratic women symbolizes the prestige of the family. The prestige of the state of California.”
    Upon hearing that, Lucipella had a question.

    If so, is a woman the same as a family accessory?

    For'Estel', who was a commoner but half aristocrat, and almost as a man, the part of women's courtesy was the most difficult to understand.

    “It's the same for men… … .”

    “No. Men have much more to reveal their prestige than education. He's not just etiquette, but learning and swordsmanship. But unlike men, all women can do is show. Because there are only wrinkles on the hem of the chimat and the meticulousness of words.”
    Mrs. Erene gave a simple and clear answer. Lucipella lost her words to her to say to her.

    The only thing that women of the aristocracy could reveal was “showing”. Because they became part of the family.

    Following the courtesy of the nobles, she did not think about the luxury and vanity peculiar to women.

    Lucipella reflected on that when she was Estelle, she thought inwardly that she had a disrespect for the "Ladies." In a way, she was a woman who was never given a chance to show anything.

    Even before they could protect themselves, they forced them to protect themselves, and the class like Estelle who escaped from this was treated as men, not women.

    She knew that she was the one she was penalized because the woman held her sword, but she forgot it.

    She sighed and looked at her ceiling. This also has its own circumstances. They weren't just idiots who only cared about clothes.

    If revealing the prestige of the family was armed with a fancy dress and a steel tongue, then they deserved respect for their way of life as well.

    It's funny to think about it.

    The attitude of the men who made nothing to do in the first place and laughed at the women's luxury and politeness was ridiculous.

    Those who were sneering at holding a sword were even more funny. Well, since I was one of them, I have nothing to say.

    Mrs. Erene thought she thought that the words had hurt Lucipella's planting.

    She loses her title because there are no men in the house, and when her class was substantially demoted, she said, Mrs. Erene, that she only thought about this.

    What is the difference between a man's role and a commoner and a nobleman.

    She was curious about something similar, and she responded to her attitude without knowing it.

    "i See. I was convinced.”
    After a while, Lucipella said with a smile.

    “If this is their method, then you have to follow their method.”
    She stretched her waist and rose gracefully from her seat. Her stiff movements and free spirits that she didn't know were gone.

    “Then, shall we try even a banquet?”
    Mrs. Erene agreed that she said that Lucifera was beautiful. However, it was only her assessment of her appearance.

    As her nickname, which was called the morning star of Jansgar, her silver eyes are a different place.
    Rum was shining brightly. Because of her eyes, both eyes, Mrs. Erene felt her true beauty.


    “Do you have any concerns?”
    At the words of Io Jeep, the Empress lifted her head. In the warm sunlight, the Empress stood in front of a golden cage, listening to the canary singing. It was one of the things she did when she was full of worries.

    “Three days later is a banquet.”

    "i See."
    Io Jeep nodded his head.

    “I'm talking about Young Ae, Count Aidin, I’m worried about that Young Ae.”
    At the empress's words, Lee Ojif looked at the empress with a gentle expression.

    “There are things that Aidin Young-ae is in trouble with. Her mother doesn't have to bother like that.”
    He spoke softly, but the content was cool. The empress said with her bitter smile.

    “The prince seemed to be trying to make a difference between Count Aydin and me.”

    “Is that so?”
    She sent an invitation directly in the name of the empress, so from the standpoint of Count Ai Dean, she was almost certain to resent the empress.

    The prince was not on the lookout for his younger brother, the Empress, but the housekeeper of the palace, the Empress. At least he must be wary of when he becomes emperor and empress becomes empress.

    "I don't need to do that."
    She sighed, placing her hand on her forehead. Her bangs were lifted, which made her look younger than her age, revealing her forehead. Then he saw a scar on his forehead that couldn't be covered with makeup.

    “I think it’s just because my brother’s bad temperament was triggered.”

    “Do you think so?”

    “Aren’t you familiar with your brother’s personality?”
    At that, the empress nodded her head. They were well aware of Temir's sadistic and fierce character. Io Jeep approached the empress and looked at her cage.

    “If I had been thinking about it, it wouldn't have been this way.”

    “Why do you think so?”

    “Did you not offend Jed?”
    Jeddah Kyre Heint was engaged to Count Aydin's Young-ae. Bringing out and mocking her fiancée, who were flawed in her many ways, was also directly linked to the duke's honor. It wouldn't be a pleasant thing.

    “Unlike Count Aydin, Jed would have noticed right away that it was his older brother, not his mother, who invited Count Young-ae. Because he hates his brother's personality.”
    Io Jeep took off his spilled glasses and rubbed it on his hem.

    “But it's just a little offended, will the Duke of Heint pretend to be the prince for her fiancée? It wouldn't even be insulting if you thought it wasn't related.”

    “I know Jed's personality very well. Even if it looks like that, he's not a bitter person. Well, except for anything about me.”
    Io Jeep folded his glasses finely and put them in his pocket. Then the sharp eyes that were covered by his glasses were revealed.

    “I am a fiancée, even if it is flawed and forced. Inviting her fiancee there to insult her is an obvious insult to Jad. Jed will not forget this.”

    “… … .”

    “I wouldn't have given me the incentive to turn Jed into an enemy.”
    The green eyes of Lee Ozif, who took off his glasses, were sharply shining. There was a ridicule on his face that was different from the kind laughter he had previously embodied.


    Lucipella did the best she could to master her manners. Thus, on the eve of the banquet, she was able to act somewhat like a noble young-ae.

    She did not fully learn the noble family tree or the basic culture and speech of the country, but she succeeded in making her seem plausible outwardly anyway.

    “I'm surprised, but because of what she was doing, she wouldn't have anyone wanting to talk to her.”

    “Because of the stupid thing that jumped into the lake to beg the prince for her love?”

    “That's it. Still, she knows well what she has done.”
    She was praised, but somehow felt bad. At Lucipella's expression, Mrs. Erene sighed.

    “You will definitely be ridiculed in the banquet hall.”

    “There’s really the easiest way to go, but I couldn’t do this… … .”
    I thought that I would have a hard time because I accidentally entered this body, but it was correct to start thinking about why I did that high school student in Ulsha when I started doing such a new setaryeong.

    If I had to attend a banquet anyway in the future, it was better to just do it for a day sooner. Estelle wasn't a runaway personality.

    'It's a banquet.'
    She is acting as Lucipella, but she hasn't had a sense of reality yet. She dont know when she sees the Duke of Heint she was Estelle and she herself is strongly aware. She seems to have somehow floating around her own life now.

    “It seems like you are dreaming.”


    “No, just. Just.”
    Lucipella laughed bitterly.

    If she doesn't accept that she's dreaming, she still won't understand what's happening to her.

    How would you accept that Ulsha's knight became a lady and she attended Jans Gare's banquet.

    It was natural that she wasn't afraid of dream-like non-realistic things.


    On her banquet day, it was not she, but her maids, who made her busan from the morning. From the morning she had to soak in a bath water filled with scented bath products.

    Seeing the maids adorning herself with a strong spirit from now on, she thought blankly.

    She thinks the day will come when she will wear this dress. When Liam sees her, she can't laugh at her belly button, so she'll faint.

    She thought blankly as she waited for clothes.

    “Are you ready, lady?”
    Her maid Louisa, standing next to her, said. Lucipella nodded her head and she almost fainted. Is it such a tremendous thing to be called a corset?

    “Stop- suck!”
    It wasn't the skill of putting her corset once or twice to tighten her feet against her wall. Wouldn't it be bad if the waist of a person with such poor strength was tightly tightened?

    If there is a reason for the politeness of the women, what is this corset? Is it killing a woman? Or is it to deliberately weaken the existence of a woman?

    "Louis, have you accumulated a lot of things on me?"

    “Ah, it’s not. How can I be angry with the young lady~ Give me more strength.”
    Now, in a different sense, women were on the verge of respect. If looking pretty is a kind of job, they've always lived fiercely.

    “Louis, I did it wrong!”

    “It’s Roiza.”
    When she misused her name again, Roiza stepped her feet against her wall and tightened her corset even more.

    After her embellishment was over, Lucipella looked at her in her own mirror. She was definitely pretty.

    “It’s pretty.”
    Lucipella's overly uninspiring appreciation severely hardened the faces of her maids. She is, of course, her own face standing here in her, but she was uninspired to decorate as she was also her face of Lucipella anyway.

    Her long hair was twisted up and pinned, and her pale face seemed to do something with the scented powder brought by her maids (then she was closing her eyes) and then turned alive.

    Her face, which she originally thought was a pretty face, was transformed into even more beautiful when she was dressed up.

    What did he say? Like the morning star of Jansgar.

    She is truly compared to herself, who was called Ulsha's morning star. In the first place, Lucipella and Estelle were very different when Lucipella assigned herself to her character.

    She was called Lucipella and she saw her dress that she was wearing. She was a navy blue dress. In a way, it was the dress she wore "for the first time." It was this color of her uniform that she received when she became her knight.

    She remembered a dream she had had a while ago.

    She dreamed of becoming a knight and wearing a uniform that did not fit her body. Unlike now with an uninspiring face on her dress, then she was a little more excited.

    She can do something with her sword. Something can get you to a great position. She was happy to be able to protect the people and the country.

    She vowed to dedicate her allegiance to the country, who gave herself the chance to fight with a sword, a commoner.

    And then she tried to calm her down when the man standing next to her came to mind, but Lucipella shook her head. I am Lucifera. She decided to live as Lucipella.

    She opened the door and went outside. As she went down to the lobby on the first floor, the Count, who had suffered a recovery, was waiting. Her Count looked at her and seemed to be fascinated for a moment, then her wife smiled brightly.

    She carefully squeezed the hem of her chita to prevent her wrinkles.

    “You're so beautiful, Lucy.”

    "I think so."
    The count burst into laughter at the casual words.

    “It seems like you're getting your memories back. It's a very good sign.”
    Lucipella seems to have been a person who was very confident in her own appearance. She was convinced that she wasn't baseless confidence.

    The Count was very stylishly dressed. It is not only her words that Count Ai Dean is a rich family, and even she sees, her clothes were of different materials.

    Lucipella involuntarily reached out her hand and touched the clothes. The count laughed.

    “I’m sorry.”


    “No, I was forced to go to the banquet.”

    "It's okay."
    What, refreshingly. How many great nobles have gone to reject the Empress's invitation?

    At Lucipella's refreshing response, the Count looked confused, then carefully put his hand on her head and stroked it.

    Lucipella felt the affection of her count. It was strangely a warm feeling tickling her breasts. However, somehow, a bitter agony spread in the corner of her heart.

    “I hope you don’t make the same mistakes as the first time today. It's something that your Majesty will be in trouble.”

    Lucipella replied, grasping his arm, and the Count headed for the carriage.

    But he wasn't sure how well he would react when he looked at the favored Jans Garin.

    She only said she would live as Lucipella, and she had no intention of getting an accident, so she didn't tell a lie if she answered like this.

    As the Count's hand led him to get on the wagon, the wagon started running towards the Imperial Palace.

    She took it easy, but as she got closer to the imperial palace, she began to get nervous.
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    this is totally unrelated to the story and isn’t a spoiler
    but I suddenly realized something after staring at the artwork of this manhwa for 2 minutes (don’t do this btw it’s bad for your eyes), and the thought shocked me so much I had to come ask about it here :blobsleepless:
    Why does the artwork of this manhwa remind me of the artwork of ‘This Lady is a Little Too Wild’?!?!
    Am I just shocked and in denial because I miss that series?!
    EDIT: Yeah I went and searched for it, apparently the artists for both manhwas are totally unrelated and I’m just assuming things because I miss that manhwa.