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    I translated chapter 18 and it took me a while. I tried my best and hope you like it! I will post chapter 19 tomorrow or after that when I finish fully translating it, so wait for it!
    Tic Tac. The sound of an hour»

    'Is what I heard yesterday true?'

    Have you ever dreamed of something I wanted to do?

    I don't know if it's a dream or a real thing, because I stole the heart of people I don't know.

    'I hope it's not a dream.'

    The problem is, I'm so happy these days that everything seems like a dream.

    'But, it might be a dream. Should I just ask in this case?'

    Why are you so honest and nice to me?

    'Do they think I'm annoying?'

    I sighed loudly in the early morning and hit the blanket for no reason.

    'I feel comfortable thinking it's a contract.'

    This strange feeling after the decade makes my mind vibrate.

    With these strange thoughts, I sat on the bed and waited for someone to come.


    "Honey, are you awake?"


    Oh, I was a little surprised because it was the first time my mom visited me first.

    My voice was surprised and unsteady, my mother laughed at my voice and wiped my face with a wet towel as Lennox had done before.

    "Have you ever had a good dream?"

    “... I don't know, I guess I didn't dream."

    I remembered last night that I forgot for a moment.

    'Those words that look nice and consider me like family.'

    Can I really believe that?

    This tenderness, with no restrictions or conditions?

    No, can I give up that kindness?

    I was only thinking quietly, but I don't know why my eyes were camouflaged.

    My eyes were filled with tears without me realizing it.

    When I tried to wipe it embarrassingly, my mother took my hand away and wiped it instead of me.

    "Schuo. Never mind. It's all right."

    That's it. Heck.

    My mother started to calm me down by holding me in her arms like last night.

    In the end, I shed the tears I was trying to hold back.

    I was able to see my mother's shoulder wet in front of me, but I couldn't stop when I tried it.

    "Oh, Mom, Lennox, Ricardo. Why are you so nice to me?"

    Oh, I didn't want to ask ...

    Tears are blocking my eyes, so I can't see anything.

    I was afraid to see my mother's reaction after I said those words.

    What if she doesn't like the question?

    I don't have to look pathetic.

    What or those loving eyes turned into a look of disdain.

    If that happens, I can't really take it.

    I buried my head in my mother's shoulder and tried to hold back my tears.

    It was just a slip of the tongue, I don't feel curious about it.

    I am satisfied with the current situation.

    I was going to say that.

    My mother didn't stop being raised on my back, saying, "It's okay."

    "Honey, I'm sorry. I have a gift for you.

    "Huh, what?"

    What do you mean a gift?

    When my eyes were full of tears, I couldn't help but ask.

    My mother kept pardoned on my back, so I went up to the second floor and went through the office and opened the door next to him and went in.

    "Honey, can you raise your head?"

    "No, I don't want you to see me cry."

    My mother smiled quietly because of my nose, hugged me again, and slowly started walking around the room.

    "Now, this new bed, it's yours."

    "Oh, what.?.

    I was surprised by the words, turned my head, and saw a big bed with a soft purple tender.

    "Ah ... A..."

    I stammered awkwardly, and the mother didn't stop.

    And this. A wardrobe full of clothes you'll be wearing in the future, so you can wear whatever you want."

    'What is this.?'

    "Now, what should I show you this time? I know it's too much, but I've made a dressing table, and I've prepared the dolls in case you want to.

    I just moved my head slowly around the room when I heard my mother's words.

    The warm winter sun came through the large window in the room.

    A room with bright sunlight, a bed that looks comfortable once you look at it, and many dolls on it.

    Large closet, small desk that fits my body, small tea table, chair, sofa, etc.

    It was clear that the place was decorated differently from where I slept before.

    'Yes, he said she was preparing me a room.'

    After that, tears flowed in my eyes, and I thought of what Lennox said about it was a secret.

    "Surprised? I made it secret. It's been a long time since I've decorated a room myself, so I enjoyed it.

    "I loved her."

    I was unable to speak, but I said words of thanks in my mouth because I really wanted to.

    "I loved her, I really loved her."

    I was so happy that I couldn't control my joy until my eyes were filled with tears again.

    "Why do you cry so much if it's good? If you keep crying, you're going to hurt your eyes.

    My mother's touch around my eyes was cooler than I thought.

    And yet, I touched my heart and felt warm. As I was trying to calm my eyes.

    "Why, why are you so nice to me?"

    "Why am I nice?"

    "You're so nice to me, I thought it was a lie. I just thought you could give me enough to live if you got all this. He's become more greedy.

    "So, can't I?"

    I nodded with my head lightly.

    My mom asked me after the gesture.

    "Why not?"

    "Because I am so greedy, what happens if you hate me, no, it's not now but ..."

    The more you think about it, the more I get attached to it.

    If this is the case, I prefer not to start talking at all.

    "Did you feel the pressure of being nice? Did you not like that?

    My mother's expressions became a little serious.

    I shook my head right away.

    "No, it was good. But it was the first time I had that. Honestly, I'm afraid to throw it away because I don't like it, and because I don't need it."

    I changed my mind after being thrown away.

    I'm not sure if I'm going to hold out if that affection disappears.

    I barely cleared my mind and buried my head on my mother's shoulder.

    "You need a reason to treat you like this."


    "There's a good reason. Well, I'm sure I can convince you. Daphne, do you want your child to live the same life as you do later?"

    I shook my head hard despite the sudden question.

    "No, not at all."

    "Right, and So am I."

    “... And my mom, too?

    "I really got to this position because I was clinging to it, to live. I went down a road hard enough to be rich. Am I going to want the child who's going to be my daughter to live the same life?"

    There was a seriousness in her mother's expression.

    "This is ridiculous. I don't want to give my children deficiencies. Whether it's affection or money or everything and anything.


    "You are my daughter, you are my child. I started this relationship, but it's my job to continue it as an adult, so all you have to do is accept it."

    "What should I do afterward?"

    My mother smiled because of my curiosity.

    "You just have to grow up, stay healthy, enjoy everything you want to do, enjoy everything you want to enjoy, and don't regret being happy."

    They were warm words I never dreamed of.

    "And to be able to achieve this, that's all you have to do."

    That was my mother's wish, and also my desire as her child.

    Those honest words made me feel that the door locked tightly in my heart was open.

    'Can't I believe it? That affection you're giving me randomly? And everything?

    They're the first people who treated me kindly, so if they say they're loyal, isn't it acceptable to believe that?

    They have goals, and I have targets.

    They were said to be on a journey together to reach their goal, and they said they considered me as their family.

    'I don't have to say no anymore.'

    And above all, I'm going to have to go back to my ass

    I've already noticed this kindness.

    I don't have the confidence to give up that kindness anymore.

    I lifted my head and looked straight ahead without avoiding my mother's eye.

    I have my first wish.

    "Really? I wonder what you're like to be a "good guy."

    The moment my mother's red-eye met with my golden eyes.

    I laughed gently.

    "Can I call you mom?"

    “... Is that your first security?"


    "It's a title you can call me whenever you want without the need for a wish."

    My mother wasn't happy with my wish.

    And yet, I didn't get rid of my club.

    "My first wish is to call you my mother.

    "Yes, as long as you want to. Well, I'll present it to you as your first wish.

    "And there's another one too."

    I thought I didn't know how to say my wishes right away.

    My mother seemed a little surprised, but she waited slowly to open my mouth.

    "I want to learn to write."

    "If the writing is. Of course, you should learn to write.

    "From my mother."

    Because of my words, my mother retreated and burst out of laughter as if she were enjoying it.

    "Is that true? Do you want to learn from your mother?


    I felt embarrassed, so I hugged my mother so hard and I was avoiding those eyes I was facing right now.

    My mother's heart was a little more troubled than ever.

    And my heart beats stronger than ever.

    I thought it would be great for my mom to be as happy as I am, and I embraced Chloe so badly, that she would be my new mom.

    "Are you willing to accept my desire?"

    "Of course. But, let's just say there was no second wish.

    "What? Why?"

    "Even if it wasn't a wish, I wanted to do this."

    Haha, the joy was penetrating my voice and my laughter.

    At some point, I saw Lennox and Ricardo coming after us.

    Ricardo was staring at us and laughing wide, and he ran and hugged me and my mom.

    "Our Daphne is so nice."

    He was smiling like that, so Lennox came next to him and hugged the three of us.

    "Daphne, it's okay if you're greedy. Because I'm the big brother.

    He coughed up Lenokash once as if he was shy and kept talking.

    "Because I can do it for my family, so don't worry too much."

    Lennox looked bitter and said he was sorry he couldn't respond correctly the last time.

    I lifted Lennox's gloomy mouth a little.

    "Lennox looks good and he smiles."

    Lennox showed an empty face at first and then smiled widely.

    And the nickname "Opa" is so embarrassing because I've never called it before. I'll call you when I'm ready."

    "Our little girl is so nice. What should I do?"

    Because of my words, Lennox hugged me tightly, smiling like Ricardo.

    "I'll try to be happy."

    I didn't scare my laugh, and not everyone tried to do that.

    The harsh winter was approaching, but I was convinced that this winter would be particularly warm.
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    Does anyone have the full chapter of 17 because only 17 part 1 was released before it was taken down
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    I finished translating Chapter 19! Here u go!
    From the day I cried among my mother's arms, my family didn't get much out of the house in the woods.

    It was because Ricardo thought I might be alone.

    Because of this opinion, my mother announced that if there was more work left for her, she would come home and finish it here.

    Of course, it was the same for The New Xandrics and Ricardo.

    My day hasn't changed much since I woke up.

    I wake up in the morning and say hello to my family.

    After I get Ricardo's treatment, breakfast, taking medication, saying goodbye to my family. I study the writings my mother commissioned me to do homework.

    My family didn't want to scare me on my own.

    My mother and Lennox alternated one by one to become each one of them recommended for a day.

    'I sometimes felt like they were arguing about it.'

    It was her turn today, but when she remembered Rikarda's face complaining about having to go to work, a laugh was drawn on my face.

    The end of my trembling mouth sounds awkward, but compared to the past, the laugh looks more natural, right?

    I looked in the mirror in the office and kept thinking, nodding to my head and focusing on my homework.

    It was already passing.

    'It's time for bed.'

    I've thought these days, and I'm writing letters.

    Lennox cocoa and ricoau coffee were side by side, so I was confused and drank coffee instead of cocoa.

    They were both scolded by their mother.

    Lennox was putting his coffee next to the cocoa, and Ricardo was unable to distinguish between cocoa and coffee, so he ate the power instead of cocoa.

    They both looked in an unfortunate state, but I was surprised when I found that my heart was opening quickly.

    'I almost went crazy again because he said he was going to give me the antidote.'

    When I think about these days, we were just happy, so if my mouth stops shivering.

    Of course, my heart continued to flicker because my body wasn't resistant to caffeine.

    After all, I couldn't sleep at night, so we were studying together in my mother's office until late at night.

    It's been a while since I rushed to d.C., saying she should go to the capital for a while.

    It's good to enjoy thinking, but I kept looking at my watch and then looking at my homework, which made me a little stiff.

    'Oh, that's puzzling. I'll ask her when she comes.

    I painted some stars on these confusing letters, yum wrote the following words.

    After spending a long time studying this way, suddenly the side of the clock began to shine.

    When someone arrives, the magic power set in the watch shines, so Of course, I thought my mother was back.

    "I'm back."

    But my words didn't last.

    It wasn't my mother who got out of the hour.

    A slender figure in a small black dress appeared.

    Now that I've understood the situation, I realize That I've forgotten the role I'm living in.

    This is the moment when the male protagonist appears in the second part of the novel.

    'And to you, why are there two people?'

    Thinking about it, I didn't know who the protagonist was because the hero in childhood didn't show up much.

    'Which one is it?'

    The lights in the room were turned off and the lights around the desk were on, so I couldn't recognize their face very well.

    'The boy's childhood appearance was so unusual that I thought he wasn't human.'

    No matter how long I rubbed my head, I couldn't remember the detailed look.

    'Because he was a mysterious person, I remember I was frustrated by the lack of a detailed description until the end of the story.'

    Wait, isn't this a dangerous situation?

    Of the two, I saw a tall man standing in my face.

    He was trying to run without hesitation, but he stopped, and when he saw me.

    'It is clear that the male hero was caught trying to kill his mother.'

    I also looked at them quietly, and I understood the situation and tightened my expression.

    In the meantime, they go back to see if they've finished organizing their ideas.

    'Is he the male hero?'

    When I saw him throw himself at the attack, I thought the story was true.

    Although the priority was to avoid an attack, I couldn't do anything.

    I've been shot in the leg and I can't move alone.

    If they decide to kill me and attack me properly, my death will be inevitable.

    'Why today?'

    Normally, this will be bedtime, but today was different than usual.

    Ricardo and Lennox made mistakes they didn't usually make, and my mother left in a hurry, unlike usual.

    It's as if the flow of the story is being forced.

    'Isn't there something strange?'

    But before I think about it more, someone came to me.

    The man grabbed me without giving me time to fight and even threw me to the ground.

    I fell to the floor.


    The man grabbed me by the neck and lifted me up, and then I felt a lot of pain.

    That's when I felt suffocated.

    "Who are you? Where's the president?


    Of course, I didn't mean to answer. But the man must have forgotten that he was holding my neck.

    I've been so deep-lying as if I'm forcing the air to flow inside me.

    And because I didn't answer, the man looked back with concern.

    There, a younger man was standing next to the other man who was looking at us quietly.

    At first glance, he looked like a tall boy.

    And yet, I couldn't see very well because it was dark. And I couldn't bear to look at him because my head was confused.

    "As a status."

    "Oh, my God! I'm going to kill you first.

    The guy who was carrying me started speeding and pulled something out of his arm.

    What he took out was shimmering because of the light of the lamp on the desk.

    Even in the midst of blurred vision, I could see what it was.

    Apparently, it was a sharp weapon like a knife.


    I wanted to scream right away, but my voice was refusing to go out.

    I choked and started to see a blur, and it seemed like my breath would run out right away.

    Once again, I'm starting to stop thinking about the feeling of death coming.

    When my consciousness disappeared, I saw in front of me a whiter place. I managed to see the little man moving away slowly.

    The one who was holding me fired his hand and looked relieved.

    I thought it would be the last time I shook my body as much as I could, and I'm suffering.

    "What, these ... This girl!

    The guy panicked and dropped his gun with me, he didn't think I'd revolt like that.

    The air that flows sharply on my neck was exploding.

    I screamed so hard when the man hastily extended his hand to bring me back.

    "Mom! Linux! Ricardo!"

    It's the first time in my life I've screamed like that.

    "Help me!"

    While I was talking to my mother and my brothers, and I was coughing, this guy lifted me up again.

    When he tried to press my throat tightly with both hands as if he wanted to kill me by strangling me in a hurry, he suddenly opened the office door.

    Ricardo came first, followed by Lennox.

    Maybe it was because of my throat, but I kept coughing.

    I could see the two of them dry when they were used to the sound of my cough.

    When he saw the two with his arm around my neck, he grabbed the gun again and backed off.

    "Go! Stay away!

    "What are you doing?"

    Unlike usual, Ricardo and Lennox's eyes were bloody.

    The man seemed so withering because of those bloody eyes that I couldn't express that expression.

    But soon he attracted me more and warned them.

    "I told you not to come near."

    'Is this the male hero?' That kind of bastard guy?'

    By the time I had doubts, a magic circle began to be formed by Lennox.

    The magical circle turned wonderfully spread, and suddenly his limbs were suspended in a prominent chain in the air.

    "What, what?"

    As soon as I freed himself from his arm and fell to the ground, Lennox came out and took me safely.


    At the same time as he was breathing a sigh of relief, the little man who was standing suddenly moved.

    Unlike the person who was holding me without hesitation, Ricardo rushed to him and made his little body floating in the air.

    Ricardo, who did not notice his presence, published inadly the magic circle and is stunned.

    Eventually, the little man was tied up in a chain and his limbs were floating in the air.

    "Heck. What's that?

    "Are you ok Daphne?"

    As Ricardo calmed down with his surprised hearted heart, he looked at Lennox with a disturbing expression.

    The moment Lennox touched my neck, his expression became as bloody as before.

    Ricardo approached us with a sigh, looking at the two handcuffed.

    "This is dangerous!"

    At this moment, the little man broke the chains that were tying him.

    It happened so fast.

    He stepped on the broken chain and started running to us.

    When I thought my scream was one step behind, he gently passed us out and cut off his handcuffed colleague immediately.

    The one who threatened me a while ago died easily.

    Blood was scattered on the floor and the man's life easily disappeared.

    The moment I couldn't scream, this scene was slowly passing like slow motion.

    After he killed his buddy, he turned over without hesitation and rushed to us without wiping the blood.

    Then suddenly, white smoke appeared in the air and he grabbed the man's neck and limbs and threw him into the air.

    "How dare you know this place and murderers like you come here?"


    Lennox and Ricardo realized and shouted to them.

    My mother arrived too, and everyone followed my stupid soul, so I had to feel comfortable, but the strange thing is that my body was trembling.

    This is the second time I've seen a body, but the moment someone dies, I didn't know it was too harsh.

    Noting that, Lennox took care of me and turned my head back.

    Only then did the body disappear in front of my eyes, and I was able to see that everyone was safe.

    My trembling body calmed down a little.

    I didn't breathe a sigh of relief until I confirmed that everyone was okay and that I was safe.

    I slowly lifted my head and looked at the man tied to the ceiling.

    The child's face was exposed to the smoke.

    The baby was closed-eyed, but his face was pale white and had distinctly contrasting black hair.

    I looked slowly down.

    I saw round eyes with slightly higher ends, maybe it was because of my theory. The child opened his eyes slowly.

    His face, his eyes, the teeth that were stiff without a single expression really caught my attention.

    I encountered his beautiful Argentinian eyes like violets.

    The place in his eye, which was supposed to be white, was black and strangely shiny.

    It was like a boy, but as if there was something on it, it had a really inhuman atmosphere around it.

    As soon as I saw those eyes, I was able to realize that I'm not going to be able to do that.

    This boy was the main hero of the story in the second part of it.
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    Thank you for translating this novel it's really appreciated :blobnosebleed::blobsmilehappy:
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    Your welcome! I might do more if I have spare time!

    I am almost done with chapter 20. so I might post it today or tomorrow. I worked on this series for a while so I think I will be able to post some more chapters so wait for it!

    well, I will post chapter 17 in a bit but it will take me a while! then let me know if I have the correct chapter!
    here is chapter 17! enjoy!

    "She barely slept."

    Daphne barely stabilized because of the nightmare.

    Only then did Lennox sigh and stop the lullaby.

    However, the chat did not stop and Ricardo laughed as he stared at this scene.

    "I've finished Hyung! Why didn't you do it for me, too?

    "I was already old, I was 10 years old."

    Oh, my God, i'm so sorry.

    Ricardo cried as if he were truly in pain of these words.

    "Can't you be nice to me too?"

    "Haven't I been nice enough?"

    "Oh, Ricardo from the past, you'll jump like a puppy when you hear this."

    Only then did Lennox smile and laugh.

    However, his expression was not good, so he asked Ricardo who was staring at Lennox.

    Hyung, what is it?

    "What happened...?"

    "I can only know from your face. Did Daphne tell you not to be nice to her?"


    His face was saying how did you know this Ricardo lifted the corner of his mouth and said this is true if

    "She said that to me too."

    "Did you feel the pressure?"

    "That's because she doesn't trust us."

    "You have to understand, I would have done this if I was Daphne."

    "I don't blame Daphne, I blame myself for not being able to say no."

    After Lennox's words, Ricardo seemed shocked and said, "Did you really do that?"

    "Oh, no..."

    "I'm disappointed, brother. You had to respond no immediately and be raised so you wouldn't feel the pressure.

    "I was about to tell her today. Please let me be nice to you."

    "Are you stupid? Are you just going to put it in words?"

    Ricardo said, "Not that way."

    Lennox was about to raise his voice to express his concern, but he soon shut up because he heard Daphne's voice turn around.


    Ricardo laughed at this scene, and Lennox gazed, but Ricardo um stopped laughing.

    "What? Don't you like your little brothers? I'd love our little girl, even if she was greedy.

    "Did Daphne say that?"

    "Yes, she's greedy and she doesn't want to lose our kindness."

    After Ricciardo explained, Lennox grabbed his head because he thought he was beating for some reason.

    'I didn't expect Daphne to think that way.'

    What about greed?

    I could have given her as much kindness as I could, and I am absolutely sure I will never take that kindness away again.

    She was already part of the family.

    However, Daphne, who didn't have a family, was unfamiliar with her, and she was afraid of those moments.

    'Just in case she's hated, she did it.'

    Lennox sighed.

    He felt uncomfortable because he could see Daphne trying to hide it.

    "This cannot be true, Daphne can be greedy. No, I hope she's greedy.

    "If you can say that, why didn't you say that like an idiot?"

    "Are you so rude towards your brother?"

    I wanted to argue that I never heard the question again because that's not what I heard personally. And he was obviously going to make fun of me again, and he asked me if I hadn't heard him either.

    After hearing his voice quietly, Lenuksh raised his lip quietly and laughed.

    "No, think about it, maybe the reason Daphne felt the pressure was because you were forcing her to be her brother."

    When Lennox laughed and began to blame Ricardo, he jumped to the ground as if in a state of anger.

    "No, why? I'm her brother!

    "Did you know that every time you focus on taking care of your sister, your forehead wrinkles?"



    Somehow, Ricardo's reaction was serious.

    When Lennox laughed at this expression he didn't know, Ricardo hesitated to sit down and grumble as if he were unhappy.

    "That's how it feels to be with your family."

    “... A family?

    "Yes, a family. Daphne doesn't know what she's calling us, I wanted to tell her That I was her older brother and a family member."

    "So if ..."

    'Of course, when I woke up, she seemed hesitant about what she was going to say to my mother.'

    Ricardo said with a sullen face.

    "When I was 10 years old I came here, before it my father was raising me, I hated it so much."

    It was the first time he heard of this, so Ricardo smiled sadly and Lennox seemed surprised.

    "My father always ignored me because I was useless. And not as much as Daphne, he was just giving me a little slap."

    "I didn't know ..."

    "Because I didn't tell you, that's why you don't know. I didn't do it because I was afraid you'd worry, because your heart was thin."

    Despite being his brother, Lennox didn't know what he looked like in the past and he heard it for the first time.

    "When I came to my mother, my older brother was older than me. But he didn't introduce himself to me first, and he didn't tell me to tell him, my brother.

    Ricardo came out of Ricardo's mouth with a sighing laugh.

    "That's why I wanted to tell her it's okay to call me my brother."

    Ricardo smiled and hid his anger.

    "I wanted her to know that this is okay because we are a family, but now I have to refrain from this because Daphne doesn't like this."

    "I didn't know you were thinking about it....ask Daphne later you might think the same thing."

    "Well, I must do this!"

    Ricardo smiled brightly as if he were never sullen.

    He was abused by his father when he was young, so Daphne's appearance was remarkable for him.

    Daphne's childhood overlapped with Ricardo, who struggled to survive.

    I heard about it late, but she said she came here to change her fate.

    'Like when I was a kid.'

    I didn't want to live like a slave under my father, I came to my mother's house ready to die.

    Ricardo was able to understand Daphne more than anyone else.

    Then he became happy to have her here, and he wanted to make this baby happy.

    Lennox has never experienced such a thing before, but he won't be able to fully understand Daphne.

    But he can see this point clearly.

    Ricardo, Lennox, and their mother, who came from work and stayed by her all night, were loyal to Daphne.

    It's normal for them to meet in this room after work.

    Strangely, if you keep pressing your eyes, you'll think it's fate and take care of it.

    If you open your heart in this way and become a family, you will be able to please each other.

    Lennox smiled at his mother, who was standing in front of the door, who had just returned home.

    As soon as Chloe and Lennox met, Daphne handed her her as if her arms were open as if she were waiting.

    He heard some sins from her, he was a little disappointed because he was waiting for his mother to settle down.

    "Did you take care of all the urgent things?"

    "I can stay home for a few days."

    There are black halos under her eyes, but her mouth is still smiling.

    Although she was tired, she seemed happy to see Daphne. So Lennox and Ricardo laughed after him.

    "This behavior doesn't look like you, Mom."

    At first glance, he seemed to blame her, but with a smile on his face, Chloe smiled and carefully put Daphne to bed.

    Then Lennox turned to the bag next to the bed and asked Chloe.

    "So, what did you decide to do with the seal? Are you going to take it separately?

    A strange seal was discovered while searching for Daphne's bag.

    Chloe was the first to find the seal, and after messing with it for a long time, she hated how to deal with it.

    When Chloe asked this and remembered, she answered as if it were nothing.

    "Daphne wanted her as her last resort, but we have to pretend like we don't know. It's great that she didn't give everything with her under the deal."

    "You don't look like my real mother, you're so nice! Where did you sell my mom?

    Lennox was surprised by Ricardo's loud voice and gazed at his mouth and said, "Shut up!"

    Chloe smiled as she saw her children complaining.

    She said, and there was still a smile on her face after Daphne covered the blanket up to her neck.

    "Did you know I'm not like you? Because my kids are really so sweet.

    "I want to be the youngest."

    "Me too."

    "Oh, my bad boys."

    Of course, it was heating up slowly and quietly.

    The room got warm.


    Daphne, who woke up while hugging Lennox, couldn't even wake up because she was listening to their conversation.

    'You really meant that.'

    My mother, Lennox, and Ricardo were really accepting of me.

    I didn't expect them to pretend they didn't know the seal was there.

    I didn't know.

    Knowing that both kindness and respect were honest, I felt a full feeling in my heart.

    Suddenly, i had in mind what my mother told me.

    'She said our relationship is different from that of other mothers to their daughter, but we're definitely going to have a better relationship than that.'

    Have they been opening their hearts to me slowly since then?

    Were you someone who deserved all this affection?

    I turned around and my mood turned into partridge.

    When I was flipping and turning around, I felt that touch that I was immediately raised. I felt somewhere invisible that I was loved.

    'I was pretending not to know kindness, I didn't want to know it.'

    My heart was already melting.

    Was it so warm and happy?

    Can I be a little happy?

    Is it acceptable to be happy because I'm the daughter of the evil?

    At some point, the things in my mind that I'm the daughter of the evil are gradually falling apart.

    I felt like I could write a new story in Daphne's name, not the sinister daughter.

    'I want to be happy. If that's okay. I want to be happy with them.'

    Even if it's a deal, it's with loyal people.

    I want to be happy.

    If I want to be happy ...

    If it's still okay, I want to convey these feelings to the people who will be my family, just like they do to me.

    It's the first time I've heard this comfortable whisper and the upbringing. The room temperature was warm and the keeper was comfortable.

    And my heart is full of happiness.

    All these things together, I think I'm going to get a good dream today.
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    I finally finished translating chapter 20 faster so here it is!
    "I don't know who this kid is, but we have to kill him right away."

    Lennox's voice hugging me was so strange.

    He held his anger as hard as he could while he was pressing his teeth.

    "There are marks of strangulation on Daphne's neck. I was thinking about killing them."

    He didn't turn his angry eye on me, but I felt my arm trembling as if it was conveying anger to me.

    "I agree. I don't care who's behind all this. Whoever targets us is there anyway, so I'm going to kill him right away.

    Lennox said this as he stared at the boy trapped in the corner, none of her words were wrong.

    Even in the looks, I could see, there was a sense of life.

    'Are they just going to kill him this way..?'

    The story can't flow that way.

    If the male hero dies, will the story be destroyed so easily after his death?

    Should I stop them?

    In the midst of the chaos in her head, her mother pulled the boy down and was tied in the fog.

    'Tell you, Mom won't kill you. You're supposed to be the caliph.

    The beginning of the story can't be so devastating.

    This story that you forced me into can't be destroyed in vain.

    "Killing shouldn't be easy because of Daphne's fear."

    But as if I was trying to break my expectations, strange words came out of my mother's mouth.

    Unfamiliar look, unfamiliar talk, and lack of familiarity. She's been showing me as the leader of Bendigo.

    While I was relieved as if the story I knew would end, I unwittingly looked back without realizing it.


    I saw a horrible blood-filled body.

    It reminded me of the moment my mother died.

    The moment this cold arm fell weakly, it was the moment she easily disappeared from this world.

    'I'm scared. I'm afraid anyone's going to die.

    I'm afraid it's going to be me.

    It's scary to disappear in a moment.

    I don't want to see the body...

    I put my head on Lennox's arm while I was holding his clothes.



    "You can't kill people. Life is precious ... And it looks like he's still a kid.

    It's not like that, life is not born to disappear in an instant.

    I don't want to lose this.

    I held the tears that were flowing while I was holding Lennox's clothes.

    I thought this revenge could end with someone dying.

    Whether it's my death or the death of someone else.

    However, after witnessing someone else's death in front of me, I regretted how stupid I was.

    In order to have the heart to kill someone, you have to be prepared to do so.

    I don't know how, but at least I'm not ready to do that.

    "We were not born to disappear so easily. Don't kill him. I'm scared.

    I made sure to hold back the crying and be a silly force.

    Like an idiot.

    Although it was a good opportunity to finish the story, I was afraid of dying so I took a step back.

    I can't help it if I'm mentioned as stupid.

    "Yes, I've said terrible things in front of you."

    I thought it was okay to blame me for saying this kind of.

    My mother hugged me crying, saying she had a little idea.

    Then She patted me on my back in a familiar way and said:

    "If you cry like that. Your eyes will swell tomorrow, and it's going to hurt.

    "I don't cry. I'm not a crying child.

    I was sad, but I didn't know why, so I heard a smile from the side as if he couldn't help.

    "Absolutely. My brothers must have been so scared.

    "Was Daphne scared? I knew Daphne's heart was so wide, but I didn't know it was that wide.

    Not everyone pushed me and said I was stupid, but they smiled at me saying it was okay.

    With this warmth, I did not wander for anything, and then I met again with the male hero who was behind my mother, the still young child.

    I felt chills because of his strange eye, and yet I felt the unknown inhuman power in it.

    "Mom, his eye is so weird. I feel like there's something written on his eye.

    According to my words, Ricardo approached the boy.

    After looking into the child's eye for a moment, Ricardo looked up and began to spread a magic circle on the child's eye.

    Many magical circles appeared at the same time, and each time the magic circles reveal and touch it. The boy was struggling with a sound of distress.

    A minute later, the magic circles disappeared and the boy's eyes became clear.

    However, the boy soon collapsed as if he had lost consciousness.

    "Daphne was right, there were hypnosis and hallucinations and it was terribly tangled in layers."

    "He was too young for a killer."

    My mother commented on Ricardo's words.

    "Where did they sell this thing?"

    I looked up with an idiot icing because of my mother's obscene words.

    My mother didn't feel my looks, so she made all the nasty words non-stop.

    "Every child plays with baby Pip Beep Pep Pep Beep Pip ... No, what am I saying?

    My mother's profanity stopped quietly.

    I looked at my mother.

    I deliberately covered my eyes without eye contact with me.

    "Say you haven't heard, they're not good words."


    "Yes," he said.

    My mother patted my hair once, and he told Lenox who was next to her.

    "You have a small prison in the woods?"

    "I've been trying to hunt wild animals, yes... Oh, I'm so sorry

    "Keep it there. Murderers remain murderers despite hypnosis, no harm in being careful."

    When Lennox heard this, he nodded in the head and said he would take good care of it.

    "Yes, then I will keep the magic of restraint. Are we looking for who's behind this?

    "I'm going to do this.

    "So, I'll leave it to you."

    He didn't kill anyone.

    I've listened attentively to what they're going to do in my mother's arms.

    'It's important that people work together.'

    When I looked at the three, I felt like everything was fine.

    Seeing how they handle things well and taking each other's opinions without bumping into me made me feel proud.

    'This is my family.'

    The family I made myself that cares about me!

    The touch on my back was so warm.

    The look I'm looking at myself is full of fears.

    'I don't want to disappoint them, and as much as I want to protect myself... I want to protect them too.

    The story I know wasn't too full and loose.

    The story of Benedict's sovereignty was not mentioned much and was briefly mentioned.

    I used to think that the male hero would be in a situation of impartiality because it is where he is a hero, but he is not.

    He could easily leave sovereignty to be happy with the female heroine.

    'I'll change my story to a happy one, let's not forget this pledge.'

    So the precious people around me are happy together.

    I thought about it, and I'm looking at the back of the boy who was hiding in front of me while he was going to arrest me.

    'To do this, I must twist the second part of the novel. Since we're uncertain of the killers, we're going to be nice to the protagonist.'

    The Duke and Eunice will prevent their daughter from becoming a happy heroine.

    I'm not going to let them stand still and live happily ever after.

    'For my happiness, to protect myself, to protect my loved ones.'

    It's still scary, but even though it's scary to be in this world, I'll do it.

    I'll definitely do it.

    On a night of fear, a new will appeared before my eyes.


    In a dark place, there was something chasing me.

    I managed to move my injured feet freely, and even my cheek disc didn't hurt me... So I knew it was a dream.

    The moment you run for a long time without knowing what's chasing you, and you fall for something while running.

    He grabbed me and opened my eyes, and I was shaking.

    "Heck, heck."

    My whole body was soaked in sweat as if I was actually running.

    "What is this?"

    What the hell is this nightmare?

    I raised my hand to wipe my wet forehead, and at this moment someone wiped my forehead with a soft cloth.

    Of course, I thought it was Lennox or Ricardo, but the shadow was different.

    The shadow was bigger than usual?

    With an embarrassing face, I turned my face and saw a man I saw for the first time.

    Opus, I think I surprised you.

    "Who are you?"

    "It looks like you haven't seen me since you woke up. You can call me Andy.

    "Yes, absolutely."

    "Please feel comfortable talking to me.

    When They forgot his head after those friendly words, I nodded my head to thank him.

    "The president has a lot of work to do from yesterday. So, I'll be by your side today."

    "Well, I get it."

    Well, it happened yesterday.

    When I nodded with my head saying I understood, Winson pulled a little tray in front of me.

    "Mr. Ricardo made the meal and went, should you eat?"

    “... I'm not hungry.

    "Didn't you make a promise to the president? I mean... Eat meals.

    “... Please."

    I tried to pretend I didn't know, but when did I make that promise with my mom?

    I lifted the spoon in front of me with my hands trembling.

    "I'm going to enjoy the food."

    "You should eat well."

    It tasted good, but early in the morning, there was no taste for food so I ate slowly.

    "I made warm water for you too."

    Smile and forget on the side and get what's needed.

    He put a glass of water in front of me, but his hand seemed embarrassed.

    'Something looks tough.'

    Winson covered his hand as if he knew I was looking at it.

    "You've never seen this before, have you? It can be a little scary to suddenly show you, it's called the artificial arm."
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    Just checked today, it's 192 chapters now and has been completed!
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    Why did the imperial family took part in ruining the life of Daphne's mom? Well, I do understand the reason why the duke and the ogfl had to bring down Freyr tho that's kinda obvs at this point. But I can't help but think that maybe there's more to Freyr's lineage and her fam like they might have some kind of influence that the imperial family felt threatened so they had to join forces with the duke or maybe I'm wrong??? :blob_plusone:
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    Umm, I am not sure about this information but that's what I know for now.
    Freyr / FL's mom had a very popular background and was a threat to the imperial family, also to add after marrying into the ducal family Freyr's influence grew. And the emperor knew that the Duke's family / FL's dad hated Freyr so he planned to make a deal with the duke on what to do with Freyr.
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    I totally disagree with this. 1. This idea that victims become their bullies by doing the same thing to them that was done to them is way overdone and overused. After all, it has only ever served to erase the responsibility of the bullies. The reason they are different is because one treats innocent people like sh!t without substantial evidence to support such treatment, while the other does not. It has *nothing* to do with the treatment itself. Plus there is the fact that even justice in the real world is hardly ever achieved. In fictional worlds like this where injustice prevails why should all the emotional labour and responsibility fall on the victim's shoulders in the process of proving their innocence and obtaining justice, with a result that's likely to come nowhere near to giving the bullies the same level of suffering their victims endured? It's a way to praise suffering as virtuous. 2. I'm ace. If my sexual orientation = whom I can fall in love with that means I can never fall in love with anyone. But I absolutely can. Sexual orientation = sexual attraction. That's it. 3. If I were in a harem novel as the villainess I think I would be completely 's*****' to pick a guy just because I like him. The characters have roles to play and realistically expecting the characters to change just because I want them to is something I would consider to be selfish as well as 's*****'. Bbb.
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    1. It doesn't matter whether the people the villians ruin are innocent or not. That's like allowing victims to retaliate against their attackers by killing them. It makes the victim the perpetrator which essentially makes the reason for retaliating moot. They no longer get the chance to be pitied or sympathized for what they did. As essentially they are cut from the same cloth. You can retaliate but within the confines of the law. If you get revenge by getting the person raped or ruining their family. You really are no longer innocent you are as disgusting as the person who wished to do the same to you. Also ruining a person's family means they are involving innocent people who have nothing to do with the assaliant aside from sharing blood. So that too makes them shit people. Which almost all protagonists do in CNovels, ruin families.
    2. I dont mean harem novels. I mean novels where the guy/girl likes a person but can't choose which one they want. -_- though they already have a favorite, Scumbags.
    3. Ace??? Well.. I dont know about you but if I knew the guy I liked was ONLY into guys.... I wouldn't bother trying to get his attention since I never heard of a gay/lesbians being converted unless they were scared/forced into hiding it. Understandable but morally I'd be a little miffed if I knew I was just used as a beard for my partner, after getting together.
    Personally I am pretty open with who I am attracted to, as long as I like the person I'm ok with dating. But I know more people who prefer to stick to their lane if you know what I mean. Unless they experiment.... then I don't know what's going on there.
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    Thank you so much for translating✨✨
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    ur welcome!
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    Really, this is really sad. I really want freyr to have her justice against that sh*tty peoples especially the duck and that homewrecker. That's why i never read any novel where the mc is the homewrecker. Because i think the first wife or fiance have the rights to do bad things to the point if she wants kills or torture homewrecker and useless husband/fiance.

    I said this to the legally one, legal fiance pr legal wife not lovers
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    so, how does the ML start to like MC? He almost killed her right?
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    I didn't translate for a while because I was busy but anyway here is chapter 21! enjoy! it may not be 100% accurate LOL

    It's not a good thing to see.

    It's Winston's hand. Why is she so bad?

    It was weird because it was the first time I saw her, but it wasn't scary.

    I looked away and started eating soup again.

    But the look on the side didn't budge on me.

    When I finished the soup, I turned my head to that very focused look.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?"

    "Ma'am, isn't that hand disgusting?"

    "It's not disgusting."

    "It's amazing. Kids usually say they don't like her when they see her in The New York Times." (I don't know why it said NEW YORK TIMES but okay lmao :blobjoy:)

    Winston's empty laugh forced me to make my eyes triangular.

    "Because I'm not a child."

    “... Is that true?"

    "Yes, I'm not a child. So that's not disgusting."

    "But adults too were disgusted?"

    He said this sentence while raising his eyebrows.

    "Because they're not polite."

    "Yes, you're right. They gave me that look without listening to my explanation of why I'm wearing that arm.

    "That's so mean."

    "If it's all right, can I explain to the lady why I'm wearing that industrial arm?"

    That's all of a sudden?

    When I opened my eyes so badly, Winston lifted the glasses he was wearing.

    Those smiling eyes behind the glasses looked very good.

    I don't know why, but I didn't think he'd say useless things, so I nodded my head.

    "It can be a little scary, though."

    "No, I'm not afraid."

    When my immediate answer, Winston laughed.

    He folded his sleeves to show off the artificial arm that reaches the wrist.

    "It's been a long time. Santo was still in the position of caliph. And when I was a show robber, i was like, "I'm going to kill you."

    It looks like it's bigger than I thought, and it looks like a dark story.

    'Is it okay to hear this story?'

    This story must be very special, but for a child like me....

    But these thoughts soon disappeared away.

    "At the time, Chloe was taking the test to become the next president. The test was to find the most valuable thing in this city.

    I suddenly became interested in these words.

    When my eyes sparkled, Winston laughed because he thought it was fun.

    He looked up and said "nothing" and continued his talk.

    I stole the president's wallet.


    "Yes, and then she chased me and fell into the waste."

    "Wasn't my mother at the time able to use smoke?"

    Winston shook his head with my question.

    "Of course not, I ran to death to avoid smoke."

    “... Great."

    I know more than anyone that my mother's skills are amazing because I've seen her abilities in front of me.

    No matter how old she is, she must have been so wonderful.

    'I don't think he was just a thief for exhibits.'

    He burst into laughter again when he saw my suspicious look.

    "You have the same eyes as the president. I looked at this kind of look and said ...."


    "Are you really just a petty thief? That's what she said.

    As expected, what I saw yesterday was just a lie.

    This rough mouth looks like my mother for a reason.

    "Then you forced me to go pay."

    "It was hard," Benston sighed.

    "She dragged me hard and told me if I knew how hard it was to make that money, I wouldn't do it again."


    "She gave me all the money in the wallet as a monthly fee, she told me to live a new life."

    He laughed, saying that he was very cheerful, and then he came back to his senses and coughed.

    "But, the police chief knew, pulled me away and said he was going to cut off the robber's wrist."


    These words made me naturally suld.

    Maybe that's why his hand was like this?

    He shook his head, saying that wasn't the reason.

    "He was trying to make me an easy prey because he was involved in a scandal."

    Winston changed at another moment and became more attractive.

    “... So?"

    "The moment he was about to pull me into the middle of the yard and cut my wrist, the president showed up and said that this money was a salary she paid me herself."

    I don't get it.

    What happened to his hand when my mom stopped them?

    Winston's expressions got a little worse when he finished this sentence.

    "But he didn't believe it, he said that this foreign girl didn't know the fear, and that it was the president who pushed her to do it."

    "My mother is not a foreigner?"

    "It's been a long time since she came back from abroad, so there was no way to prove it right away."

    I was frustrated to hear this situation that they didn't follow.

    That's when I hit my chest and gave myself a glass of water to calm down.

    "That wasn't enough ... So I made fun of the president, used my dirty mouth to say mean things. In the arena where a lot of people gather in The New York Times.

    It's as if Winston remembered the day, beating him lightly on the chest.

    "And I said if that's unfair, let me cut my wrist myself."

    "What is this nonsense?"

    "Unfortunately, the president didn't listen to what I said, but he was very angry."

    He was an ugly adult.

    I couldn't contain my anger.

    "He threatened to cut off the president's hand first. At that moment, I felt like I didn't want to.

    “... It's impossible."

    "I realized a lot of things because of her."

    Winston closed his eyes and smiled.

    "Because it gave me hope to live a new life. I don't want to see it treated like this anymore.

    Winston laughed.

    So I cut my wrist myself.

    Winston's story is over.

    "There must have been another way ..."

    "At the time, I've been thinking that I don't want to involve her in these events that have piled on."

    He said that while he was cleaning empty dishes.

    However, he did not stop talking.

    "When everyone who was standing up and closed their eyes screamed in shock, the president hit the chief of police with her fists on his face."

    “... With her fist on his face?"

    "Then a security guard came running from afar. And he's been stopped.

    I can't believe that's what happened.

    The world wasn't friendly with him.

    And yet, he smiled as if he were having fun.

    "Winston, don't you feel bad that you lost your sucker?"

    Was this event so much in the past that he got rid of his disathing?

    No, it shouldn't be too old.

    So, what the hell is it?

    "The president brought me a doctor and a priest from D.C. to heal me."

    Maybe my mom brought all these people and treated him right away.

    But his wrist wasn't good.

    "However, my wrist cannot be recovered. She handed me an industrial hand and apologized, even though it wasn't her fault.

    Get a little bodhie candy and put it in front of me.

    I wasn't embarrassed, and I opened the pudding cover nicely and ate it.

    "And she took me with her to the former president and said to him, "This is my most precious treasure in the city."

    “... Oh..."

    How did it go?

    When I grabbed the candy and looked at it with surprise because I didn't understand, he looked at me and smiled.

    "The person you can count on next to you is no greatest treasure."

    Then, did you pass the test?

    "It worked. Since then, she's hired me herself.

    Oh, this industrial party wasn't embarrassing and shameful for Winston.

    The beginning of his life had been chosen by himself.

    That's why he didn't feel unfair.

    "It's the first time I've seen you today, I just wanted to tell you personally, just in case you're a classroom?"

    Winston winked cheerfully.

    "That's why I don't feel sorry for her, and I don't feel sorry for the wound in your leg."

    Winston's words contained thorns.

    But it didn't hurt.

    "It's your own choice, and that's why you're here. At this moment, you're the one making your life.

    Speaking this way, he looked with anxious eyes at the candy I didn't touch.

    It may be cold words to say to a child, but I rather loved them.

    It seemed like he was saying he respected me.



    "I think I can fit in with Winston."

    "Oh, I think so too. Our hearts seem to be converging on The New York Times.

    Winston took the candy out of my hand with a smile.

    Then he fed me.

    "So, do we start our relationship with that candy?"

    "...Why does the story start here?"

    "I'm just giving you this according to the diet I've prepared, please help me do my job."

    If he says that, I have no choice but to eat.

    I couldn't help but open my mouth putting pudding in my mouth like he was feeding a bird.

    "You seem to like sweets, a light lunch is cocoa."

    I was staring at the pudding bowl that was empty and then I created a disgusting expression without realizing.


    "Obviously I heard your favorite drink was cocoa, wasn't it?"

    I nodded when I heard about this misunderstanding because of Ricardo.

    "Ricardo is the one who loves cocoa so much. I hate him because he's so sweet.

    "Can't you say that yourself?"

    "He seemed very excited when he was preparing it."

    Suddenly I sighed and turned my head like I was done with this world.

    Then he suddenly shuddered and turned his head slowly.


    "I just thought I'd give, but I'm fine now."

    Is he okay?

    I'm still trying to ask because I still feel like his body is trembling, but it's going to be easier for him to tell me first.

    "I've finished your meal. Where do you want to go?

    "Can I go anywhere?"

    "There's nowhere the lady can't go."

    "So, I want to go to the little prison in the woods."

    Winston stopped talking and asked me again with an honest expression.

    "Would you like to go there? I'm not going to do that

    "Yes, really. I want to meet him.

    Winston turned around without hesitation and took something out of the corner of the closet.

    It was a wheelchair with a bunch of unknown devices.

    "It's weird. It's obviously ready for you to use it, but there's no sign of it at all."

    "Everyone tricked me."

    It took a long time to build a wheelchair.

    But why does a wheelchair get out of there?
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    Thank you sweetie ❤️❤️

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    Riccardo's magical power to heal neither Daphne nor Lennox's chemical treatments worked, and she showed no improvement.

    So the only way to cure Daphne was to go to the temple to heal her with divine power.

    Axelius was a holy knight from the temple and he was a trustworthy man so Chloe asked him to take Daphne to the temple to be treated.

    The treatment will take more than a year because Daphne’s body greatly absorbs the sacred power and accumulates strength inside the body, so the saint must wait two weeks to pour her divine power back into Daphne’s body.The average person is treated in only about a week.

    Axelius is a friend of Chloe (Daphne's mother) and he fell in love with her at first sight when he was in his twenties.

    He confessed to Chloe several times but she rejected him saying she did not want to lose a dear friend of hers.

    Somehow (this part is not explained) they spent a night together before he went to the frontier since he is a knight.

    Axelius had been at the border for about seven years, and when he came back and saw Daphne he kept crying a lot, thinking that Daphne was his daughter from Chloe and that Chloe was hiding her from him.

    The reason for his belief that Daphne was his daughter was golden eyes. He also has golden eyes and white hair. Chloe has white hair as well.

    Akselius background: He is a noble and is the younger brother of the current emperor and is known to have a good relationship with his brothers.
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    Question: does Axelius get together with Chloe? And if they do, does he adopt the MC after knowing she's not really his daughter?

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    I still do not know. I am translating the novel, but not in English .. but I will put the summary of chapters starting from 36 here, so I think that all of this will be clarified in the coming chapters.