LCD The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I’m Taking a Liking to This Life

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    On his way home from his office, the main protagonist drove and ran over a big dog. At that moment, he heard the sudden sound of a voice inside his head. ≪The monster has been subjugated, gaining experience points.≫ 「Eh?」 Before anyone knew, the world has changed. Monsters appear, this is a game-like world where levels, skills, and status exist. This is an adventure where the modern world becomes fantasy and where the main protagonist has to strive hard for his survival.

    So the girl in the new chapter gonna be the girl on the cover?
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    girl in the cover is the sniper girl, i think
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    so no one posted a link to this novel here?
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    Please add the novel page link also please make a merge request:
    Edit: Thanks.
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    The World Is Overflowing with Monster, I’m Taking a Liking to This Life
    Monster ga afureru sekai ni natta no te, suki ni ikitai to omoimasu...
    How the hell do those equate to what whoever put the title up on the site?

    "It became a world where monsters are 'abundant', so I'm thinking of living however I like"
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    Ooof. MC got chased by High orc-kun huh.
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    Translator's new site is really bad.
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    Ads? Use a blocker.:p
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    They really have gotten over used to the point that you pretty much need an ad blocker, and something to bypass the anti-ad blocker checks the sites use.

    Way to many sites out there with more adds then actual content.
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    The issue is actually Google's fault.
    All the practices that were illegal a few years ago are no employed by default unless the site owner turns them off

    1. Pop up ads
    2. Full screen ads
    3. Too many ads on a page. More than 3 use to be illegal on a page but now you can see 20
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    I found that some sites doesn't let you read the content if you use some ad blocker, but they can't say anything if you block JavaScript, so...
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    Already using ad blockers, so I've no clue if they have ads. But their javascript keeps changing the page I'm reading to something else.
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    As @ElefantVerd said, kill JavaScript. On iPad it’s easy. On pc, install a second browser for this site and kill java. :D
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    New fluffy pet appears!!!
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    So Aka's a Mimic Slime. Armor and Weapons.
    Fluff Boy 1 is attacking type, very powerful shadow and detecting skills
    and then Fluff Boy 2, a Carbuncle
    Likely defensive capabilities?
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    It has several buff magic, it buffs their Power, Vitality, Agility and Dexterity goes up.
    And... some bombshell ones. Haven't seen what it does yet.
    I guess the fox "Kiki" will use debuff skills.
    On another note.... Nishino sees Kazuto in his Friendlist.
    Looks like Lesser Carbuncle has "Reflection" which can reflect physical damage.
    Rikka and Ichinose also talked about Kazuto with Nishino and his possy.
    Once back in city hall, kazuto explains his situation to nishino
    Strategy talks on hwo to deal with the queen ant.
    The two female co-workers of Kazuto almost gets raped when they drank some Paralysis Potion from Inoue and another shitter.
    Kazuto saves them of course because he had alerts ringing in his ears in their general direciton.
    The two female co-workers join up with Rikka and Nishino towards the Queen Ant.
    Kazuto and Ichinose work together to take down the Golem. With Pilebunkers and An Anti-Material Rifle.
    Rikka&Nishino's group gets help from Fujita, the leftover SDF and the big melon girl from the school, + the twins.
    Queen Ant dies with this combination.
    Kazuto manages to kill the Golem, and becomes level 30, he can now become a higher race.
    Momo evolved into a Dark Dog.
    Momo evolved into a Creation Slime.
    Kiki evolved to next step, Carbuncle.
    So the town hall improvement went up (despite many losses when the golem attacked)
    Fujita seems to be Igarashi's father. .-.
    And Mayor Uesugi knows her.
    Anyways when Kazuto defeated Golem, he obtained a skill, that lets him type a question. and we get a few answers.
    The world they're in is a fusion of Japan and another world. They tried asking other questions, but couldn't get a definitive answer. So they'll be playing around with this.
    monster epilogue
    Schwarz has been watching the fight entirely.
    He wants Kazuto and Ichinose to become stronger, so its worthy for him to fight them.
    A Golem suddenly spawns near him, a different golem than the one Kazuto defeat, but essentially, a child of Titan.
    Schwarz just oneshots it.
    A Soldier Ant also comes to him, and surrenders.
    Schwarz just sorta upgrades it with Wolf Magic, and the Soldier Ant becomes a "she" and promises to create a new swarm for Schwarz.

    Zombie-kun and Ishikawa (Kazuto's Neighbor) form a party and enter the city hall protective zone.
    Titan was actually protecting a shrine, where a sword and mummy was in.
    Zombie-kun revives Ishikawa's husband, but, it ends badly for Ishikawa as she is crushed to death by the Husband's undead strength (also he bit her)
    Zombie-kun manages to get a sword out of it. And leaves.

    Other people epilogue
    They managed to get 120 people in the town and 100 monster cores. Fujita
    Rikka and Nishino are patrolling the new reclaimed area. Nishino plans on staying quiet about Kazuto's skills, as they're crucial. He also wonders how he could get those skills as well, to improve his "Commander" abilities.
    Ohno reappears again, he starts eating monster cores, and monsters. He becomes a Corpse Demon.
    He also gains "Jealousy" and the first mutation.
    New Arc
    Momo has now become a powerhouse. Just think preevolved Schwarz.
    Aka ate the Titan's Magic Stone and gained new skills because of it. It also wants to eat other slimes now. Has better elasticity.
    Kiki evolved, and gotten new "support" skills. Essentially, it can now weaken targets. The usage for skills are now efficient and better compared to Lesser Carbuncle. Has better fur.
    Kazuto's evolution tree looks like - High human, Elf, Dwarf, Giant, Demon, Werewolf, Foxman, Mermaid, Lizardman, Shadow Person, Arabito, Little Man/Hobbit.
    For Ichinose, she gets High Human, Elf, Dark Elf, Demon, Little Man/Hobbit, Amazoness, Foxman, cat beastkin, Cyborg, Arabito.
    They use the Question Authority to check the evolutionary lines.
    High Human - Increases effectiveness of Existing Skills. Varioust stat rise and level of existing skills increased by 2. Still looks like a normal person.
    Elf - Excels in Magic, Increases MP, Magic Power and Magic Resistance. Physical Strength is reduces. Ears are sharp and looks good.
    Dark Elf - Same as Elf, but you know, Dark Skin.
    Dwarf - Excellent Strength and Durability. HP, Physical Strength and Durability becomes higher. MP, Magic and Agility lowered. Short and muscular.
    Littleman/Hobbit - Has excellent senses, dexterity and agility. Agility and Dexterity greatly increases. HP and Physical Strength lowers. Height is very small.
    Giant - Has excellent Vitality. HP, Physical Strength and Agility are greatly increased. Magic Power and resistances are reduced. Become very big.
    Demon - Physical ability is enhanced, unique skills can be used. Increased HP, MP, Physical Strength, Endurance and agility. Horns grow when fighting or feeling really good. (????) SUCCUBUS?! Not that different from human beings.
    Werewolf - Five senses and physical ability are strengthened. Increases HP, Strength, Endurance, and Agility. MP is reduced. Ears grow out, a tail grows out, and hair becomes thiccer.
    Foxman - Five senses are strengthened, and unique skills can be used. Increases dexterity, magic power, and magic power. Unique ears and tails grow.
    Cat beastkin - five senses and physical ability increased. MP and Dexterity increases. greatly increases agility. Unique ears and tails grow.
    Mermaid - You can live underwater. Gills, scales and webfoot/fingers grow.
    Lizardman - five senses and physical ability strengthened, and unique skills can be used. Greatly increases HP, MP, strength and agility. Scales grow. Cold Resistance decreases.
    Shadow. - higher species of human (rare) - The five senses and physical abilities are strengthened and unique skills can be used. Increases MP, Physical Power, Dexterity, Agility, Magic Power, and Magic Resistances.
    Amazoness - higher species of humans (for females) - The five senses and physical ability are strengthened and unique skills can be used. HP, Strength, Agility are greaetly increased. MP, Dexterity and magic is reduced. Libido increases.
    Cyborg - Five Senses upgraded, Physical Ability ugpraded, Unique Skills can be used. HP, MP, Strength, Endurance, Agility, Dexterity, magic power, magic resistances greatly increases and are fixed. No need for sleep or reproduction, no fatigue either.
    Arabito - The five senses and physical ability are slightly strengthened, expanding the possibilities. Various stat increases slightly. Looks like a normal person.
    They joke about how Rikka would be perfect as Demon or Amazoness.
    Anyways. Both of them choose Arabito.
    And they blank out. System messages say that they could not learn unique skills, until they meet certain conditions.
    It also is expanding the "Chaos Frontier"

    Kazuto and Natsun go back to level 1.
    Kazuto levels up Ninja job into Shinobi (More powerful ninjutsu available, MP, Agility, Dexterous growth correciton.)
    He gains Advanced Ninjutsu, Create Ninja Tools, and HP Conversion (to increase his Physical Strength) and MP Consumption Reduction (because Ninjas are all about spamming skills wwwww)
    He also advances his Shadow Walker job to Raven Walker. He gains Shadow imitation and Shadow Cage.
    The maximum number of jobs he can take is 5.
    Natsun didn't change much. Her Hikkimori Job is Level 5, Sniper is Level 7 and Weaponcrafter is Level 3
    Rikka wanted to see Natsun w/ Cat ears. (Kazuto too)
    With that, they all live together in a house. (4 of them + 3 monsters.)
    Nishino cooks, Kazuto is the uncle, and the 2 jks are sisters. *chuckles*
    Kazuto, Momo and Aka are near the sea, where a massive amount of slimes are floating or rolling about. Aka just absorbs them all.
    Aka becomes Level 4 after eating 200 slimes.
    Then they encounter a giant Sea Slime. Aka's like "IMMA EAT THAT!"
    They use this opportunity to test out skills.
    Kazuto uses a fire whirlpool and water walking.
    Momo uses her special Roar, which shocks the Jelly Slime.
    Kiki (after shadow walking over from Natsun's sniper location) uses its Sabotage Debuff, making the Jelly Slime slower and hit less.
    Kazuto collects more Wave-Stopping Blocks.
    Aka uses Petrification on itself. Think of Kirby's Down Special. (Its from the Titan's Magic Core.)
    By using this with its transformation ability, it can literally become their strongest weapon.
    They also use this as a sort of Waypoint, for use with Momo's Shadowwalking.
    Going back to City Hall. Nishino finds out that there's waaaaaaaay too less people in their rural town. There were supposed to be 84,000 people there, but there's too few people.
    Nishino also finds out about Igarashi having Appraisal, so she knows that Nishino (and Rikka) have killed people to gain a level or two.
    Seems like she has her eyes on Kazuto and Ichinose
    Rikka levelled up, and finds Ohno fighting Goblins.
    Meanwhile, Kazuto/Ichinose party finds a Wooden Box. And they all deduce its a Mimic.
    But its the real thing. They find a Healing Jewel and an Agility Ring. Ichinose equips the Agility Ring (+30 to Agility.)
    They manage to subdue Ohno, but now the zombie-kun is targetting them.
    Zombie-kun attacks the temporary house they're in with a golem, and Kazuto uses Shadow Cage to get everyone else outta there.
    Zombie-kun has Appraisal. He manages to escape despite being overpowered by Kazuto and Ichinose.
    They all rush back to where Nishino is.
    Zombie-kun's plan is to eat the entire town. The citizens + the city itself.

    Right as they were questioning the trees, the number of residents, and was about to release Ohno near the outer perimiter of the Safe Zone; They see it.
    The monster that defeated the SDF who was doing a Military Exercise before the world shift.
    The big ass dragon lands in front of the safety zone, and immediately roars at the Safety Zone.
    Which clears buildings and debrees in a 100m radius. Everything was hot, despite not being a breath attack.
    The dragon then fires a giant fireball, which hits the barrier, and erupts in a blaze.
    Kazuto distracts the dragon with his kagebunshin, then Natsun fires on the Dragon's Eye.
    Kazuto uses his intimidation to scare the wounded dragon away. (It was a bit scared and angry)
    Because of the dragon attack, mass panic, of the residents and now they want to try to level up so they can defend their "new home"
    It looks like the trees are eating humans, and creating flowers off them, and the humans dont see it.
    The trees are monster trees, and they only attack unskilled humans. They're basically weed operators.
    And inorder for them to operate, they have sort of covert skills that make them hidden/obscure to those that experience them.
    Toka is currently using her brainwashing skills to get information out of the SDF Member(s), Toka notices the trees are doing it as well.
    The Hero Party (That's what i'm calling, Nishino, Rikka, Natsun and Kazuto now.) is aiming to kill the trees. (But only Kazuto and the monsters are out.)
    The Tree has become the holder for "GLUTTONY" and evolved into a massive treant.
    Kazuto uses Herbicide on a Treant and kills it with one shot. (PILE BUNKER SAIKYOU)
    Kiki eats the Treant's Middle Magic Core. It allows the party members to recieve a buff that invalidates Cognitive Inhibition.
    He finally manages to find a Treant with a Flower.
    When he defeats it, he gets materials. And finds Toka Igarashi. She begs him to not kill her.
    Kazuto immediately pours intimidation on the scared Toka. She basically gets threatened to kingdomcome here and she helplessly agrees. He made a small candy out of Aka and threw it into her mouth. (As insurance)
    Toka explains that she was out there looking for Treasure Boxes, for Skill Orbs specifically. She learned Appraisal through that.
    They get interrupted by the Mega Treant. They couldn't appraise it.
    He drops heavy machinery and wave-dissipating blocks, but they get destroyed instantly.
    They successfully escape, and Kazuto puts a tracker on the vines/tree.... but gets overwhelmed with its Gluttnous thoughts.
    Igarashi tries to butterherself up to become Kazuto's friend. And he immediately rejects her. She's no longer a threat.
    She actually has good Magical Power and a bunch of spells. she's basically Mage Tier.
    Seems like the Dragon and the Tree have been fighting.
    Kazuto explains what happened with him and Igarashi. Rikka calls him a devil. Natsun screams "EROGE PROTAGONIST IS HERE!" and Nishino just says "relentles... but..."
    The next day, they see the Ivies slamming on the Safe Zone's walls. Kazuto finds out that the huge tree from the neigbouring town starts moving its way towards the safe zone.
    When having a meeting, Kazuto's aiming for the Dragon as a Tame.
    After all, they needed FIREPOWER and STRENGTH.
    They talk about a way to tame the dragon, but Kazuto feels the Dragon's Anger, but not to the safe zone, but to the giant fucking tree.
    They notice the dragon's movements are awkward. That means the battle damage he sustained from Natsun is still there.
    The tree then sprouts multiple flowers and scatters pollen.
    Igarashi, Natsun, Rikka, Nishino and Kazuto are all there watching the battle unfold. Igarashi tells the team that the pollen has Paralysis, Confusion and Hallucination.
    For size comparissons

    Igarashi uses appraisal on the Blue Dragon.
    It has a blocked unique skill, its badly damaged from the previous attack.
    Its extremely fast, boasting 2500 AGILITY. and 2200 Magic Power.
    He manages to ask the dragon to become a friend, using Momo and Kiki.
    He uses a giant technique (fake) to get the Peony to attack the kagebunshin.
    The dragon and Kazuto fight for a bit.
    And finally the Dragon joins. He's level 38.

    The Blue Dragon
    She's a girl. When she was born, she knew she was strong. She also posses the title of "Dragon King."
    She became the pillar of the 6 kings of the land. The Dragon, The Wolf, The Bird, The Phantom, The Sea King and the Death King.
    She searched for Dragons who held the same title as her and destroyed them.
    First was a Red Dragon. But the Red Dragon fell in love with the Blue Dragon.
    The Red Dragon and Blue Dragon were about to head to a settlement, but was caught up in a black fog. This was Day 0 for Kazuto.
    She saw and felt that there were too many humans. The skies were grey and, overall the world was unpleasant to her.
    She flew around for 3 whole days, tarterred. Finally she finds her husband, who was fighting the Giant Tree.
    The Red Dragon protects the fleeing humans, but Peony catches the Red Dragon.
    The Blue Dragon wanted to save the Dragon King, but the Dragon King just asks the Blue Dragon to fly away. Before that, The Dragon King digs out his own Magic Core and throws it at Blue Dragon, and is absorbed, but cannot give the Blue Dragon because of Connection Errors.
    Afterwards, she kept fighting the tree for 7 whole days. She tried to poke on the humans.
    The Blue Dragon is actually pregnant here. This is the reason why she was sluggish, apart from her wounds.

    Igarashi is currently using her brainwashing skill to calm the residents. And he calls Kazuto a sadist.
    Anyways with that, they retreat back safely to the Safe Zone.
    The dragon actually knows telephaty so it talks with Kazuto.
    The Dragon talks in broken ass japanese. Kanji mixed with multiple katakana of normal words.
    The Blue Dragon gets named as Sora.
    Igarashi, Rikka and Natsun appear.
    Sora is basically a herbivore.
    Anyways, they appraise the dragon again. And they have more details now. (She's gained a 2nd Unique Skill.)
    As well as the other monster pets. have unique skills.
    When they checked, they actually got Unique Skills as well.
    Now then, Sora allocates SP around to modify her skills. She took the most dragon like things, her breath attacks, flying and nails have all been improved.
    Ichinose is now creating weapons.
    Sora and Kazuto are training together.
    Rikka and Nishino are picking up materials all over the place.
    Igarashi is commanding the low level squad to do support work. She's also turning into a yandere. somewhat. She wants to make Kazuto responsibility for what she had to go through.
    The twins are just "Uh oh."
    Anyways everyone's doing their best to prepare for battle in 3 days.

    Chapter 183 onwards.
    Sora now uses her breath like laser beams.
    Kiki is Supporting Natsun with her Monster Rifle.
    Sora is now spamming more of her breath attacks, thanks to it learning MP Consumption Reduction to Level 6.
    Sora, combined with Aka's Ability to multiply, allows Sora to "See" everything in the battlefield, and use that to her advantage. Think Pain from Naruto.
    Sora now comes back to safe zone and recovers her MP using Shibata's MP Potion created by Chemical Production.
    Anyways, they lure Peonie into the sea, and scatters oil and napalm bombs him.
    Back in the safe zone. Tanks, Military Choppers, and Missiles. All produced by Natsun. They're providing artillery support from the safe zone.
    They were all from the previous town. They were left untouched since they weren't nutrients for the tree.
    The tree finally goes berserk and releases a ton of seed into the air. This also drops its Auto Defense, so SDF continue to bombard the giant tree.
    Zombiekun is approaching the tree as well, to get the Gluttony Skill.
    Anyways, they shot multiple Aka bullets into the tree. And plenty of bombs in the subterrain mines.
    This completely cut off the roots of the tree, and it experienced pain on full.
    They lured the giant tree into City Hall, where the bombs are in place. The safe zone has also been moved.
    Sora was about to nuke Peony, but immediately falls as the baby becomes more active.
    Everyone else went to the SDF Base in the neighboring town.
    They're waiting for the cooldown to finish, but the monster seeds that have been attacking them, are actually the humans who was absorbed by Peony.
    Nishino's Commander's Unique Skill activates, but we don't know the effect. It affects all members of the current SDF Base.
    Kazuto manages to get to Peonie's core, and its a wooden doll. It manages to eat a bit of Kazuto's Shadow.
    Kazuto manages to kill Peonie, learning that it was a being from the other world. Human armies came to its forest and took a LOT of materials from it.... and it began eating and eating, and managed to get GLUTTONY out of it.
    Kazuto levels up, and his unique skill becomes "Heroic Hymes". He also unlocks more of Question Authority.
    Kazuto is in dire straights when zombiekun arrives.
    Nishino uses an Aka stone to kill one of the super seed monsters. But, a Golem comes along their way.
    He gets saved by Ohno.
    Kazuto is about to be killed by Zombiekun who was trying to trick him into giving the Seed of Peonie and its core. But Schwarz saves him.
    Ohno uses Jealosy on Tyran, and he gets debuffed immediately, as his stats plummet.
    And they all recieve levels from Kazuto.
    Rikka immediately evolves into a demon. Her Gyaru skin, becomes shinier, her overall physical status became extremely better.
    Dark Wolf threatens Zombiekun, by literally swalling the cityscape. He finally agrees to not try anything with Kazuto.
    Dark wolf then just disappears, afterwards Sora and Kazuto's party fly to the SDF Base.

    epilogue (Chapter 193)
    Sora evolved from Blue Dragon to an Ancient Dragon LV2
    The dragon kid's name is Shiro. Is also a girl. And is biting at Kazuto's hair. Wheeeeee.
    Kazuto uses Question Authority, and it has more details.
    Kazuto on the rooftop, then meets up with the "Death King", Liber Hertz. A woman with long silveryhair.
    I think that's all for now. Anymore is cliffhanger for me *sigh*

    Read up to Chapter 193 now. Not gonna read anymore cuz it'll be massive cliffhangers for me. Author is kinda releasing in an awkward schedule. 4 chapters a month is his normal routine.

    Right so, coming off the 193 chapter.
    we get into character introductions. It mentions a Sayaka, the Demon Master, to have a different roll in the Light Novel.
    The Death King (more like queen) starts talking to the Remnants of Humanity about the situation they're in.
    Their world, the otherworld of magic, was supposed to die within a few years. But they discovered a great magic, by Death King's Master that should allow them to fuse with another world, peacefully.
    However, inhabitants of the otherworld wanted land and slaves, so they tampered with the great magic, and the resulting effect is the Chaos Frontier that we have.
    The "invasion" is in 3 steps, 1 is the Monster Invasion, to clear out the "weak" and "unevolved" humans. The 2nd wave is "Continental Invasion" where they'll charge in with an advance army to check how things are, and the like.
    This 2nd step is coming in 6months. The 3rd step is a full course invasion.
    Death King wants to stop this fullcourse invasion, because of her master's dream.
    Her master died using the spell; so Death King wants to honor her request.
    For now the Remnants of Humanity are checking their options, evolving sooner would be extremely good.
    MC's Shinobi is now "God Shinobi" - He's basically turning into Naruto's Hokages at this point.
    - Master of Assassinations and Ninjutsu, can use more powerful skills.
    - He gains massive stat boosts if he's fighting in the night.
    - Greatly corrects MP, Agility, Dexterity and Magic growth.
    He also learns a skill that changes the current time of day into "Night time". He also gains Super Ninjutsu (Adv. Ninjutsu upgrade) and Super-Class Ninja Tool Creation.
    Gale Rush allows him to move on any terrain as if it was flat ground, and his ninjutsu skills gain power and accuracy while moving. Equipment Bonus while moving too.
    He also wondered why Death King doesn't have an "Occupation" under her stats.
    MC did get "Dragon Knight" and "Feller" from the previous battle, thanks to Sora and Peonie respectively.
    Feller gives bonuses when fighting against plants.
    Dragon Knight gives bonuses when you are riding a dragon.
    MC gains the 5th job "Silencer" - a job that specializes in imitating skills of others. DexUp and Magic ResistancesUp. (Its basically Sharingan lmao)
    Natsun upgraded her Gacha to Level 9, and got a "10x for 3SP" Last time, she can only turn 3 gacha rolls with 1SP.
    They wanted to test their skills, so they ride on Sora (Natsun+Kazuto), they spot a flock of Goblins/Hobgoblins and a King Goblin.... Kazuto and co was about to drop in, but Sora just nukes them. With a breath attack. Sora gets her Breath banned.
    Sora's actually quite irked that her child is basically super attached to Kazuto.

    Anyways they start to look around the area and manage to save "Satsuki" from a Metal Lizard.
    Satsuki is the child of the "Axer" guy in the SDF Base.
    Satsuki's a Thief, who was minding her business checking out a house for supplies. Problem is Sora's nuking of the goblins reached her.
    Satsuki and Kazuto approach the Campsite. Seems like Satsuki's Mom is also alive.
    Seems like when Kazuto killed Peonie, it released all of its "held" souls and revived them.
    Aiba, the leader of the camp, is actually a monster. A lot of them in the campsite are monsters.
    Meanwhile, Liber is training the remaining people in the SDF base. Rikka's the first to stand up after a massive beatdown, with her summoned spirit, Ifrit.
    Liber notices this, and looks to where kazuto and sora are, and she complains about something there that shouldn't be there.
    Aiba has the skill "Reproduction", its a skill that allows him to rewind time for certain targets. Even if its a cell/an arm, they are revied, but they are not completely "alive."
    More than half ot the camp's population is like so.
    Aiba is actually a different world person, he was already a monster before being sent into this world. And has been since before the Chaos Frontier was made.

    Liber shows up using Kazuto's shadow. Aiba's real name is Iver Raven.
    Aiba was actually a Deputy Leader of Knights, but retired.
    Curse arrow to the knee. MEME.
    He was supposed to kill everyone when he arrived, but because he's still an intelligent person, he didn't.
    Anyways, a Metal Lizard attacks the camp, and it wasn't detected by Kazuto.
    And then he suddenly gets hit, and High Orc is there.
    MC Attacks with a Water Dragon, but High Orc just blows it away with a shout.
    Titan also shows up.
    Ants show up.
    As well as a Treant with Flowers.
    Aiba's skills are going wild, its a rebound effect of having "reproduced humans"
    Lider aims for the Treants and the Black Ants with Ifrit.
    High Orc is literally just waiting for Kazuto.

    EDIT: Finally read up to Chapter 208. Motherfucker; just when it got to a really good point @_@
    I wonder if Aiba also reproduced Sayaka....
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    Who knew that back at the mall, the two women were going to be a trouble party?

    One tried to be a trojan horse, the other dumbly partied together with an enemy.
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    On the topic of sin skills, Zombie has one and Ono also has one and both unlocked theirs due to being first on something. I cannot remember if rival doggo Schwarz has Pride after he was the first peak-lvl to mutate.

    Considering our dear MC's Precocious was acquired as first kill, implying that you have to be early in order to get this...

    I say we are getting this 7DS as Slime Tensei-style, with seven virtue skills opposite of sin skills and Precocious being the opposite of Sloth.

    ...and I suddenly thought that Shut-In class turning someone to monster isn't good.