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    My first love since I was young.

    I gave him all my years.


    "Eunsaem, what do you think about the song you're listening to now?"

    Chae-hyun turned her head diagonally and looked at me.

    "Joe, that's nice”

    The sound of the performance gradually diminished as the song was ending.

    "Why are you stammering when you say you like it?"”

    Chaehyun looked at me as if to say it again.

    I thought it wasn't the skin that was hurt, but something else that flowed in it.

    Something fluctuated wildly in the invisible.

    "Do you really like it?"

    "Good. Really."

    Chae-hyun, who was staring at me, raised her mouth and turned her head.

    "I thought you'd like it.”

    I liked everything you gave me then. It was a moment that only you could make.
    Background/Field of Study: Modern Romance
    *Work Keywords
    #Daily Man #Innocent Man #Ordinary Woman #Innocent Woman #Straightman #Double Love #Daily Romance #School Water #Campus Water #Contemporary #First Love #Waiting for Free #Ripple #Healing Water

    *Male Protagonist : Nam
    Chae-hyun, Eun-sam's best friend's older brother. He seems indifferent, but friendly to those around him.
    As he goes to the same high school as Eun-sam, whom he first met at the age of 13, he gradually begins to feel that the child is coloring his world.

    *Female protagonist: Eunsam Yoo
    She fell in love with her friend, brother, whom she first met when she was 11 years old, swayed by
    the fickle feeling of wanting to quit even though her heart seems overflowing . * Look

    at this time: When you want to see a soft and warm love story .
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    He nodded his head, putting the finished ketchup vinyl aside.

    "Do you know Ahn Yooheon in class 6?" I heard he said you were his favorite during the truth game.”

    It was a fact already known. The reason why I can't help but not know is that the day after the retreat, the children in class 6 booed me openly when I entered the radius of Ahn Yoo-heon even a little.

    "I heard so."

    "Actually, he asked me. Is there someone you like? You said you don't know, so I asked you to know. No, he's going to ask. Why do you ask me?"

    Park Chan-sung, who was full of complaints, smiled and held a hamburger.

    I held it with both hands and opened my mouth wide, and I saw a person walking on the sidewalk across. From a distance, the hair is shiny, white and smooth, and long straight limbs. My eyes grew round.

    "Then can I tell her that she doesn't have it?"

    Park Chan-sung said. Whether or not, my mind was across the street.

    There was him in the middle school uniform nearby. I was standing in front of the crosswalk waiting for the signal, but I felt like I was taller than the last time I saw it.

    It was quite cute to see him wearing a big doll on his side, whether it was a claw machine or a gift on the street.

    "Are you listening?"

    Looking at me without an answer, Park Chan-sung asked once more.

    He nodded to mean he was listening. At the same time, his eyes remained across the street.

    The man was wearing a summer school uniform. There was a big tree next to the crosswalk, and the shade covered him obliquely. As each leaf of green fluttered in the wind, the sunlight pouring over it shook the shade. It felt like green was pouring.

    There was Nam Chae-hyun underneath.

    Standing still, I recalled the glittering ripples I saw in the sun-burning sea.

    "Oh, I got a message from Ahn Yoo-heon.”

    Park Chan-sung held out his cell phone in front of me as if to look.

    "Did I ask you?" I'll answer that I don't like anyone”

    I opened my mouth looking at Nam Chae-hyun, whose school uniform shirt fluttering in the breeze.

    "No, just say yes."

    "Do you have a crush on someone?" Can I do that?"

    I nodded at Nam Chae-hyun looking down at her phone without knowing that the traffic light had changed.

    You looked great in your summer uniform. As an elementary school student, I felt like a person who was far away from me just because he wore a school uniform that I couldn't wear.

    "Oh, I'm not good at lying. It won't show, right?”

    Park Chan-sung said, I didn't respond. I've never told anyone, but I have a crush on someone.

    a boy in uniform with a doll on his side

    That's my friend's brother, whom I secretly like alone.

    It was when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school that I saw Chae-hyun in summer over the glass. Time passed and I became a middle school student, and I still like him.

    * * *

    It was a rainy day that was not in the forecast. Children who didn't bring umbrellas called home, and those who didn't have anyone to pick them up immediately picked them up at school, picked up umbrellas with protruding umbrella fat, or ran away in the rain.

    "Hey, Park Chan-sung. Don't you have an umbrella?”

    It was when I came down the stairs with my bag. Nam Seo-yeon asked Park Chan-sung, who was standing in front of the old building's front door and looking up at the cloudy sky.

    "Yeah. You don't look like you either”

    Park Chan-sung said, looking through Nam Seo-yeon's empty hands. Then Nam Seo-yeon wrapped her hand around my shoulder.

    "I have Yoo Eun-saem.”

    Nam Seo-yeon, who does not have an umbrella like other children, smiled at Park Chan-sung.

    "Let's go, Eunsaem."

    Then I crossed my arms. I just took an umbrella out of my bag and pressed the button to open it. When I lifted the opened umbrella over Seo-yeon and I, I saw Park Chan-sung pushing his head with the thought of how he could share it.

    "Hey, where's your head? Aren't you going away? There's no room for you!"

    Nam Joo-yeon pushed Park Chan-sung's body and walked quickly. I walked quickly on the road, which was muddy by the pouring rain, led by Seo-yeon's hand. It is always questionable why Namseoyeon loves this stinky weather so much.

    "Hey, do you really like rainy days?”

    "Yeah. The weather is really nice the next day after the rain." Then you hate it when it rains. Why do you hate it so much?

    "It's humid and wet. I don't want my legs to get wet because of the rain, and I don't want my shoes to get wet. You fold an umbrella and when you get on the bus, it keeps rubbing against other people's umbrellas. I hate that.”

    Your opinion is so clear, and you two have different opinions. Seo-yeon and I burst out laughing at the comment that was so contrasting.

    "But it's amazing that you have an umbrella in your bag every time it rains."

    "I just carry it around 365 days because I don't want to get rained on.”

    "Why in winter? It doesn't rain in winter."”

    "I don't know. It's just a fixed price.”

    Seo-yeon giggled at my words.

    Since Namseoyeon doesn't have an umbrella, our destination naturally became Seoyeon's house.

    "It's raining, so let's order tteokbokki.”

    "Okay, let's add noodles and order hot dogs and seaweed rolls"

    "Got it."

    I closed my umbrella and got on the elevator. Both looked in the mirror silently and smoothed their damp bangs as if they had squeezed and hit them.

    "CHANSUNG, did you get rained on?"”

    Looking in the mirror, Nam Woo-

    "Then why didn't you look at me when I shaved my head earlier?"

    Looking in the mirror on the other side, I answered.

    "How can three people use one umbrella?"

    "If you're so worried, go now. If it's Park Chan-sung's personality, I think he'll definitely be waiting instead of going

    "No, it's not that bad. He must have gone well on his own."

    I turned my head and looked at Seo-yeon. Seo-yeon was looking at the instrument panel as if it was time for the door to open.

    "You like Park Chan-sung."

    Seo-yeon, who was looking up at my words, opens her eyes wide and looks at me.

    "What are you talking about?”

    "Oh, look at his voice getting louder. That's right."

    "No way!"

    "What do you mean no?"

    The elevator door opened.

    "Hey, you're so ridiculous."

    Seo-yeon, who got off in a hurry, pressed the door lock password and said.

    "I don't like Park Chan-sung. I hear all sorts of things."

    The front door opened. As I walked inside, I smelled the familiar Seo-yeon's house. I took off my sneakers and listed the abnormal behavior of Southwest Yeon on my radar.

    Nam Seo-yeon, who confirmed the assignment of the second-grade class in the past, found that Park Chan-sung and my name were in the same class, and said, "Ugh! Why are you in the same class?' he grumbled.

    However, when the class split in the third grade, he showed signs of regret, and whenever he had a break, he came to the classroom where Park Chan-sung was.

    Park Chan-sung is curious whenever he eats something, and he doesn't have a personality to ask others for something, but he always takes Park Chan-sung's one by one, saying, "Give it to me, too."

    "Because of that?"

    Seo-yeon said, taking off her bag and throwing it on the floor.

    "Yeah, it's not like you at all. Do I see you once or twice?"

    Seo-yeon responded with silence to my words. Looking at her lying on the sofa, I asked teasingly.



    "I have your ID picture when I was in elementary school."

    "Oh, Yoo Eun-saem."

    Seo-yeon, who was lying down, jumped up and sat down. Then he came down from the sofa and looked at me.

    "Where are you?"

    As if to reveal everything I have now, I couldn't help laughing at the thief-like attitude.

    "You like it."

    "Oh, yes, I like it. Chansung is so cute and funny. So give me that picture. Or make a copy for me. Where are you? Let's take a look."

    Words poured out of Nam Seo-yeon's mouth like a shotgun. Park Chan-sung seems to be pretty good.

    "Do you think you have it now I'm at home. I'll give it to you at school tomorrow.”

    "Wouldn't school be too dangerous?" What if someone finds out? Chansung should have been suspicious just by bringing an elementary school president!"

    Seo-yeon closed her eyes as if she didn't want to imagine.

    "Bring it in secret."

    "All right."

    "I'll buy the tteokbokki for the increase."

    Nam Seo-yeon took out her cell phone with a grim look and ordered tteokbokki.

    "Don't forget the hot dog. "Dried laver, too."

    "I didn't forget to add noodles, so just wash your hands."

    I woke up and headed to the living room bathroom as if I couldn't beat Seo-yeon's push on my back with her feet. I was foaming and washing my hands, and I saw electric toothbrushes side by side.

    One belonged to Nam Seo-yeon and the other belonged to her brother Nam Chae-hyun.

    I looked at his toothbrush as I washed my hands in the running water. Then, I suddenly remembered Chae-hyun standing here and brushing his teeth. My heart was pounding at the sudden imagination.

    "Crazy, crazy.”

    He shook his head and locked the water.

    "Did you order?"

    I asked while looking at Seo-yeon, who was leaning on the sofa and pressing the remote control.

    "Yes, I did."

    Seo-yeon, who was holding a cushion with one arm, turned her head and pointed to the kitchen with a remote control in her hand.

    "Wait! There's a macaron in the refrigerator."

    In other words, open the refrigerator and bring macarons. With the logic that I'm more like a refrigerator when I'm standing.

    "Where's the fridge?"

    "There, in front of the table."

    There were two refrigerators in Namseoyeon's house, one next to the counter and one in front of the table.

    "How many do you take?"

    I opened the refrigerator door asking like that. And I lost my words.

    "As much as you can eat? It's up to you."

    A colorful box filled the fridge. Looking at a few, there were quite a lot of cakes, puddings, scones, and chocolates

    "Wow… what is all this?"

    I packed a box containing 12 macaroons neatly and went to the living room.

    "What's wrong with the refrigerator?" "Did you win the lottery?"

    At my question, Nam Woo-yeon picked up a macaron and stiffened her expression.

    "No. It was his birthday a few days ago.”

    If it's blood to Nam Woo-yeon.

    "It was Chaehyun's birthday?"”

    "Yeah. I packed a lot that day. I don't know who takes care of that jerk like that.”

    Nam Seo-yeon put macarons in her mouth and smiled happily.

    Oh, no. A look of regret flashed across my face.

    It's one of the few days I can contact Nam Chaehyun publicly. Let go of that opportunity now

    It's one of the few days I can contact Nam Chae-hyun publicly, and I missed that opportunity now.