Spoiler There Were Times When I Wished You Were Dead

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    Damn!! Ml is so disgusting!!! Does he want to completely shatter fl's soul? Was the mental torture he gave her in their marriage wasn't enough? If she was really the legitimate daughter of duke would he feel sorry towards her? He feels sorry because she was that girl who saved him and nothing else. His coward arse just do not want to face the reality, even now he wouldn't have felt bad it for betraying her if she was really duke's legitimate daughter.

    Yes, all we got was headache and anxiety!! This book gives very sad vibes....I'm just glad that I didn't read the book and just read the spoilers from here.

    Yeah he deserves stupid shoe's kinda ending..... stupid shoe is now a laughing stock in his own kingdom, all alone, he doesn't even have a child. And him seeing navier being happy with her husband and children makes him even more miserable.....lol
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    Gosh I'd gladly read this book if the ending was this satisfying but reality sucks:cry:
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    the whole book is fcked up
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    duh for the first time i wanna kill all characters in the book
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    *The first chapter of the book is about the treatment period for the empress and emperor.
    MC is learning to play, draw. She read books, and even her nightmares are less now, however she thinking increased about ML.

    *ML, on the contrary, spends the nights in the MC's room, and does self-talk to the point where Asher and Alexis thought he was gone mad.

    *A conference was held in which they would talk about magic with another country Mach.

    *Alex goes to see MC, he tells her that they are going to change her surname if she want, so she decides to take her mother's surname.

    *MC told Alex she found his diary and gave it to him, so he threw it into the lake.

    *After Alex returns, he spurs ML to go see MC.

    *ML went to see the MC and she did not know his existence, he saw that her skin looked better and she smiled with the countess, after seeing her smile he left.

    *MC left to Mach (The country which Kenya lives now) She went to her palace at the invitation of Kenya herself. 'Strange relationship'

    *Alexis knew about the MC going to Mach, so he pushed the Emperor to travel there. ML was not aware of her existence but Alexis' plan is to reunite them.

    *Then the MC and ML get to meet at a ball. Then they meet at a tea party. Then they prepare for a brutal game where ML is injured while defending the MC. Where King Mach was forcing MC to attend. This was because she was hiding her identity, but the king knew who she was, and it was an interesting time for him.
    After ML is injured, MC stays with him in the same palace, there are several meetings between them and then a confession.

    *They leave Mach together on the same ship and spend time together. The MC returns to Sorta, ML visits Sorta frequently and sends gifts to MC.
    ML tries to move to Sorta, everyone opposes him but doesn't care, after Alex tells MC this she tell him there is no need for this and she intends to return.

    And just like that the story end. No children mentioned just happy ending.

    I will associate MTL starting with book three where we left. :blobokhand:

    9. The empress does not know the emperor (1)

    Yvonne, who had fallen as it was, was hugged by Karloi and brought him to the bedroom of the empress. The bedroom was neat again to see if she had cleared the mess. The people of her Empress's palace were given a heavy command, and Yvonne's dedicated therapist Marlen resigned after her treatment with her depressed face.

    Standing next to Yvonne lying with her parisian face, Carloi touched my bloody lips. It is already the second time to see the fallen empress. It was only after some degree of irrational anger had passed that he could reconsider what had happened outside.

    It's a job to put his real father to death, but of course it won't be easy. Reminiscent of Yvonne, who seemed to be on the verge of her madness, Carloy swept her face several times.

    It wasn't that weird. Shouldn't it be enough to reject Karloy's offer with a single point if it's so painful? It was a miracle that Yvonne struggled with her to this extent.

    Objectively, the Duke of Del Rua's immorality, acknowledging numerous mistakes, and her subjective affection for her blood would be completely different. Is she that much she cared about me? Why the hell?

    As her head got complicated, her sighs spontaneously came out. Then she was doing to me motherfucker anything really to do. She knew with her head that she was such a bitch, but as she saw the results, she felt refreshed.

    She wasn't the only Yvonne that was her oddity. Carloi thought that myself was strange enough. From when did she start responding to Yvonne's every action? It seemed that she had to admit a little that the Empress was concerned, whether it was guilt, reward psychology, or whatever the reason.

    Because things that you don't know originally bother people's hearts. Carloi organized his mind and thoughts like that.


    After some time, Yvonne moved her body with her groaning. Yvonne's face, with her eyes blinking slowly a few times, turned pale. It was amazing that a person could get whiter in that state.

    “I’m lying down.”

    Carloy stopped her trying to get her body up in a hurry, but Yvonne raised her upper body out of her gear. Eyes met, but neither said anything. She seems to have drank quite a bit, but she wondered if Yvonne would remember her.

    “...... sorry for making the fuss.”

    It seems to remember.

    "I know I asked for a hard job, but."

    Carloi tried to find out what to say. But he didn't have the right words.

    She doesn't have to bother herself? You just need to bring your dad's neck instead of suffering?

    She knew that anything she said was inappropriate. So, putting aside all of the useless answers, Carloy asked instead.

    "Have you ever seen me before?"


    Yvonne's face was still insensitive, but her asking back was unnaturally fast.

    “Because I'm not sure why you're doing this to me, and why you consider me as one of my options.”

    She wondered if she had ever met Yvonne in the past she didn't know about.

    Yvonne closed her mouth for a while and looked at Carlo's teeth and bowed her head.


    I heard a short answer. It was the answer she expected. She wouldn't know if she had ever met her in the past. Stillness came again.

    She looked up at Yvonne, fidgeting with a blanket, and saw her face faded and worn out like a stone worn by her rain.


    Her voice, as exhausted as her face, stabbed Carlo Yi's weakened conscience.

    “If you promise me one more thing, if you do that… I can be Your Majesty's person. I'll help hit her father."

    In the expression'one more thing', Carloi remembered what he had promised in the rain. At the request not to lie about Lou, Carloi nodded desperately.

    Back then he had no idea. It was instinct. If I didn't answer that, the empress would have died on the spot.

    "Can you trust me?"

    She quietly asked Yvonne with a face that couldn't read any thoughts.

    “No matter what I say, no matter what I don't say, no matter what I do, no matter how much I doubt, can you keep trusting me.”

    The answer didn't come out as easily as in the rain. Her beliefs were different from how she felt about Yvonne. She was educated in her disbelief in Del Lua from childhood, and she instinctively felt that way.

    But theoretically hey, logically hey she's gotta take a boat like this zen, so I have to believe.

    Yvonne's face, crying with her whole body in her rain, her teeth scattered her hair. The empress and Yvonne were different from their father. Carloy nodded slowly, looking at her face in front of her, looking somewhere desperate. She had to believe that she was a different person.

    “No matter what?”

    "If you are only my person, of course..."


    Her re-inquiry seemed rather Yvonne not believing in Karl Roy. Without knowing the English, Carlo nodded his head again.

    “Never forget it. You promised to believe me.”

    Yvonne whispered with her dying smile. That's a very stupid, very stupid request, Carloy thought.


    Yvonne lay in her bed and squeezed her eyes. She had a lot to think about, and she spent two full days lying in bed. Carloy stubbornly insisted on staying next to her, but when Yvonne said she was tired, she left her without a word.

    <The Empress must also promise to stop doing this.>

    He said so with her subtly angry-looking face. She seemed to think that if she did not watch, she would be Yvonne and she would commit suicide.

    She might think that she's insane because she sees it.

    She was half-crazy and regretted showing offense in her rain, but after she decided, she was rather at ease with her. She said that until then, she couldn't do this or that, and she felt like she was trapped somewhere, but now she was anxious but not going crazy. Because she has things to do.

    If she thinks about it, she couldn't believe in herself either way or another. Whether he hits her back or not, he's equally wary of Yvonne. Although she shouldn't give me a reason to doubt it outright.

    “Lady Anssen.”

    “Yes, Your Majesty.”


    As soon as Yvonne got up from her seat, her first thing to do was to hand over the Duke Del Rua's vial to Ray Di Anssen. She had already delayed a lot, so she couldn't wait any longer.

    "Do you manage it yourself?"

    “Yes. He said that the Duke is a valuable medicine and should be treated well."

    It was difficult to guess where Lady Anssen knew just by looking at her bright face. Fortunately, she wasn't Lady Ruen. She was better than Ruen, who was quick to notice Ensen, who is roughly at work.

    However, her maid didn't even get into her car. She must have someone else take her medicine.

    “You should tell her maids well. You may spill it so hard."

    “Even if it’s not, he said that I have to watch closely. Don't worry, Your Majesty.”


    It was wrong to take the medicine, and should we refrain from seeing in the palace?

    “Oh, and they say you have to eat it once a week for it to work. I don't know how much you are telling me that you haven't eaten yet.”

    Lady Anssen's annoyingly lively voice cleared up the possibility. Once a week, it was like calling Karloi the Empress.

    "Is the amount enough?"

    "Well, a month or two would be enough."

    It would have been the time it took for the drug to kill a person. Until then, everything should be over.

    After Lady Anssen left, Yvonne quietly summoned her Mary Anne to hand out a vial smaller than her finger length. She stared at Yvonne with her face saying Mary Anne didn't understand her English.

    "Unknowingly, if this is poison, find out the antidote, Mary Ann."

    She didn't really expect. It must have been made by Bernie's wizard, so the antidote can only be made by him. Still, I had to try anything. But she said Mary Anne said she didn't think so and she quickly looked embarrassed

    ".....Your Majesty, I want to do that too, if I feel like it."

    "Mary Ann

    “If my daughter wasn't trapped in the Delua Tower, and my son wasn't stuck next to the Duke for 24 hours, I would have done so no matter what. It’s okay for me to die, so I would have done it.”

    Mary Ann, who had only been so sweet with her lips, spoke with her cautious attitude.

    “Even though I hold all my children like that, the Duke doesn't even believe me. It doesn’t even tell me what the maids are ordered.”

    “But Maryanne, even so, will the surveillance of you be less than me. And this is okay. I'm not even stealing it.”

    Mary Ann, who looked at Yvonne looking desperately with her guilty face, finally accepted her vial.

    “I can't give a definite answer either. Beyond surveillance, we don't have any connections here, so there's a good chance we won't find out.

    "It's okay. Just doing it is a big help to me."

    She thought she wasn't very polished, but Mary Ann suddenly started to shed her tears. She came to Mary Anne, amazed by the tears that were never ending.

    "why not......?"

    Mary Ann grabbed Yvonne's hands with her chubby hands, and she began to cry. Her tears fell to the back of Dudu Yvonne's hand.

    "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Your Majesty. My child is the only person who matters. I'm... I'm so sorry. When I'm so dry, it's hard.

    Yvonne quietly heard Mary Ann whisper her throat. She did not prematurely wipe away her tears. Yvonne knew best that Mary Anne wouldn't want it either.

    "Sorry. Even then, I just made them say it’s okay…”

    She is a middle-aged woman who sheds her tears without knowing what to do, and as she sees another victim, Yvonne rethinks her own decisions. She's reckless, but still she'd be better still hitting the back of the head of the Duke than to live the words of the bastard Duke.

    Yvonne grasped her mind as she recalled her Denise, who would be trapped in the tower, without knowing anything.


    Only after hearing Gorten's word that Alexis Dunya had come, Karloy stopped looking out the window blankly. All his thoughts were captured by Yvonne. On the rainy day he has been there ever since. Regardless of his own will.

    He was annoyed, no, worried about what else he would do when he wasn't looking. To the extent that it was annoying, it was upset.

    “Clyde Anssen has been making a secret contact with me saying he would like to meet.”

    So, when Alexis Dunya came, it was no wonder that for the first time in her life, Carloi was grateful to Dunya. I was grateful to die for just bringing her subject matter to drive her thoughts of Yvonne in her head. It was truly a timely appearance.

    "Are you trying to come over to us?"

    “It is not surprising, though. Clyde Anssen couldn't be sent to the war zone, so Count Anssen's deadly numbers were used up.”


    “For even minor injuries, I use metastases on Sir Clyde.”

    Metastasis therapy was a treatment that healed the disease by transferring the disease to another person. It was illegal a long time ago, and it was not used well because there were only a few healers capable of carrying out such treatment, but the nobles were often using it in secret.

    “Some time ago, one of the warlords rolled off the stairs and was about to die, but it was said that even that was transferred to Sir Clyde.”

    “It's severe. Isn't it inferior to the user?"

    “It's offensive. It seems like I want Sir Clyde to give up on his own and go to Mach.”

    “It looks like I'm leaving for Mach even if Clyde Ansen. Doesn't he have anything to gain by remaining in Croisen?"

    “You said it was an honor.”

    “Croisen is a country that does not allow even honor to his illegitimate children. He's also a human with a stiff heart in a very strange place."

    “But you have something to deal with, so you're asking to meet. Maybe we can ask for improved treatment of illegitimate children. His propaganda by Maha seems to have an effect on the atmosphere of Croisen. And what happened to Huang Hu?"

    "Why is the Empress?"

    Seeing Karloy asking back overly defensively, Alexis narrowed his eyes.

    “Did you come over to us? We don't have it yet, but we need someone who will go into the Delua estate and give a false testimony to Delua's aide in case we need to plant evidence of our inner pain with Bernie.

    Seeing the unanswered Karlroy, Dunya urged her to speak.

    “Besides, isn't it obvious that the brooch is also in the Delua estate. The one who will bring it is the Empress.”

    Carloy looked at Alexis, revealing the uncomfortable look of planting.

    He never said anything about brooches, but how he knew. There was only one possible route....

    "It's Roden."

    “It's a problem because I heard it from Roden, not your Majesty. If you have anything to hide from me, you can't.”

    Alexis, with a cold face, looked even more like Adelaide. But now it was okay to look at that face.

    Carloy turned the subject lightly.

    “Would there be any evidence that I had a relationship with Bernie?”

    “It is difficult to pinpoint the details of which of Bernie's magic was used and when.”

    Bernie's magic is better than the rest of the continent. It was a far superior level, so it wasn't easy to understand.

    “Because the magical stone that separates is not magical, it responds even if there is only one object with Bernie's magic.

    “Then, does it mean that it reacts even if it was a magic object 100 years ago? If you hit it like that, the magic stone will react in this imperial palace.”

    “Not that. Because it is a magic stone created immediately after the war, it does not respond to magic made before the war.”

    “So there is a problem. If Delua had never used Verni's magic after the war, it would be a little difficult.”

    He said he would be forced to plant if there was no evidence, but there seemed to be no way to come to mind as Alexis.

    Carloi tried to think as much as possible, leaning against his chair. Verni's item, the item in which Verni's magic was used immediately after the war.

    “How many humans were sentenced to life imprisonment for using Bernie's wizard? There must be at least one person living in prison.”

    “There was a way. I'll find out.”

    As soon as she recalls the room, seeing his nephew, who quickly turns into a free face, Alexis felt an unpleasant, ominous sense of desperation. Alexis realized that Carloy turned the topic so smoothly that he could hardly even notice it.

    "Did the empress come over?"

    Carlroy, who seemed to be thinking differently, only briefly replied yes, but Alexis' eyes were further frowned upon by a sharp cut-out answer.

    “Rather than abandoning my birth father, what are the conditions I want?”

    “..... there was no such thing.”

    “You mean you said you would do that without conditions? Roden said she thought the Empress had her Majesty in her heart... but for such a modest reason, she abandoned her father.”

    "He's more discerning than the Duke of Delua. He seems to know better than anyone that my father is the one who should disappear for everyone's future."

    Alexis laughed at him. It was the first time that the head of Dunyaga, who had more nobles than the royal family, showed this kind of blatant neglect.

    “How do you believe that reason? What kind of morality are you talking about driving blood and flesh to death?”

    "why not? Was it not because of that sense of justice that her mother decided to abandon her son, me? I wasn't even someone else, I didn't know you would describe it as'what's wrong.'

    As if speechless, Alexis stood still with a half confused face. Carloy, who had only told the truth without any intention of doing anything else, said nothing.

    “Even if everyone else can’t believe it, isn’t it that Taiwan should be trusted? The Dunya family is the one who can abandon blood and flesh for such things.”

    I felt tired from being alone with Alexis, which was getting longer than I thought. It was suddenly annoying that his dripping hair touched his forehead, so Karloy roughly swept his head.

    The clerical attitude that there is no sense of concern left in talking about the past was revealed throughout the body. There was no trace of a young child who cried out with a broken face asking why he was only treating him like this.

    Such a figure of Karloi was the one that Alexis and Adelaide had long been hoping for. However, he was strangely unwelcome. Are your feelings really dead or have you moved everything else?

    “Delua is different. She is that she is Dellua's daughter. Are you really going to believe it?"

    “What if you don’t believe?

    “It is a law that can be used without believing it. Never believe it.”

    “Yes, what. I will remember. I don't know what a person who is only in the empress can do to me."

    Alexis came one step closer to Karloi, who responded more and more dryly.

    “There are two reasons for His Majesty Carlos to be so. One was madness love, and the other was trust in Delua. If you do both, don't make such a mistake.”

    “Honestly that story, I'm bored now. Then, did I not name my grandfather after my grandfather, but rather something different?"

    Despite Karloi's screaming, Alexis did not nod. It was natural in a way that they inherited both of them.

    “I am regretting it if not. His Majesty, the predecessor, believed that your son would wash away the stigma of his name, and he would not have thought that he would follow the path.”

    “Oh, I’m so sorry for not being a good king.”

    "It's okay, I don't want that anymore. I just hope that you won't be the one who ignores history that clearly shows the future."

    Again, she ended her speech with her usual noble and graceful, but uninterrupted, human-like tone, and Alexis politely took a polite example.

    “Remember, Your Majesty. You can't believe in Delua.”

    Until the end, Alexis said that and left the office. Regretting that he was pleased with the appearance of Alexis at first, Karloi released Cravat's frustrating stance.

    I shouldn't talk to Alexis for more than 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, it seems that he cannot endure the story without bringing out his grandfather's story.

    “It's a miracle that there aren't any nails in my ears yet.”

    The cloth thrown by Carloy fell off the desk.

    If anyone hears, he will know that he will behave as if he will go to the empress and take out all of his gut. I'm trying to get the right distance.

    Carloi, who was closing his eyes to his fatigue, suddenly realized that he had just thought of himself the same as Alexis. He was the daughter of the father, and Del Lua didn't think she was Delua.

    ".....no. Not the same.”

    First of all, the Duke of Delua doesn't seem to die.

    A sigh flowed out of Karlroy's mouth muttering to himself.


    As soon as Yvonne heard that her body was getting better and she was now roaming, Carloi went to the palace of the empress. He had his own reasons. What if I throw it out as a caught fish and both go out again?

    After all, he did not find Yvonne just for emotional reasons. There were obviously political reasons.

    I thought so, but when I saw my delicate face, I said,'It was difficult to get the political subject out of my mouth. He thinks that the face he always thought was cool is now open, and he made up his mind to just talk about political affairs because he was ridiculous.

    “I don't change my words. Do not worry."

    Seeing the empress who hesitated and pulled out the subject first, he was speechless. Suddenly, I remembered the words of Alexis, who had rhymed with conditions. She really knows that this girl has nothing to expect of herself.

    “What can I do?”

    “...... Do you think I came to tell the story?”


    “So, to tell a story like this, as soon as the Empress gets up from her seat, she thinks she came running with her.”

    The word'deokdal together' was a bit outright, but her core contents were roughly similar to Yvonne's thoughts. Yvonne carefully tilted her head.

    "is not it?"

    I don't mean it. So it's not wrong. There was certainly one of the purposes for which Carloy came, but it was also a bit scary for the Empress to think of it as it was. His madman, Carloi, loves his personality throughout his life. He had never thought about it, but he had never thought about his personality as often as he did these days.

    Rather than an empress running around in the rain with drunkenness, he was a madman no matter how much he saw and went back and forth whenever he saw the empress. Maybe I'm not worried about Alexis performing.

    “......How is your body?”

    “She didn't even have a major injury. She had nothing to say because she was lying down the whole time after doing that.”

    “It looked like a lot of trouble to be miserable.”

    “...... It's a tough decision.”

    “Why do you like me?”

    Impulsively asking questions, Karloy wanted to hit me as soon as he saw Yvonne's shocked face.

    Yvonne opened her mouth after blinking her big eyes a few times.

    "I don't like your Majesty..."

    Her quiet answer sparked Carloy's ears red.

    “No, then, why.”

    Yvonne finally shed a little laugh as he watched Karloy spit out her words sporadically. Seeing that she was embarrassed like that, she felt a little cool.

    “I hate your Majesty. I hate and hate it."

    "The empress has a weird habit of doing everything special because of a person he doesn't like."

    Unlike Carlo, who is still sarcastic with her red ears, Yvonne replied calmly.

    She said, “I told you on the night of her wedding. She knows her Majesty's feelings toward Del Lua.”

    As he recalled that day, Karloy himself became awkward. At that time, she definitely wanted the Empress to disappear.

    “In other words, it means we all know what Del Lua did to her Majesty. That's it. I just know very well what kind of person my father was to your majesty."

    Does the empress sympathize with him? Carloi felt more weird than the eyes of Yvonne, who thought that her lifelessly cold.

    “My father made your majesty lonely, and I…… I was lonely in this imperial palace where no one welcomes me, and that’s all.”

    I remembered what Gorten had said before, out of sync with the situation. She said that if the empress had herself in mind, she said it might be because she is lonely.

    Gives a heart to anyone next to her that she's lonely?

    But it soon became funny. She is not in a position to talk about because she can't beat the Empress anymore.

    “Can I ask one more question?”

    “From when you got my permission.”

    ".....Hmm hmm. When I was poisoned, the empress called me a blade knife. No one except my father called me that."

    As soon as Yvonne recalled her childhood when Karloi introduced herself as a'sword', her mouth froze. She's like a damn Bernie's wizard.

    Yvonne muttered her curse into her and erased her thoughts.

    “.....I always wanted to call out my name.”

    “What is that.”

    “It's a secret.”

    She doesn't even open her mouth anyway.

    Carloy's ears were red again and he coughed. Yvonne remembered the customs of Croisen related to her nickname. Oh, that crush.

    When she saw her reddish face, she felt as if she had misunderstood even though she misunderstood. Do you think I've ever been in unrequited love for you? dummy.

    By the way, it was hard to hate Young Carloy, who looked stupid.

    "...... I really don't know the empress."

    This Vaughnne laughed lightly at the words that Carloy murmured. Maybe that was the problem. Carloi didn't know himself too much, and he knew him too well.

    Strictly speaking, she only knows part of his past, only the fleeting part of his mind, but she decides to believe that Yvonne is the essence of Karlois. Carlois Yvonne remembers has always been Carloi at her first meeting. He is someone who can tell someone else to run away while he is in danger.

    “It’s okay if you don’t know me well. You just need to know that I have become Your Majesty's man.”

    It was a quiet but firm voice. The voice seemed to blow my heart.

    Carloi didn't know the difference between being overwhelmed and stuffy. He just thought. She says seeing the Empress still makes her feel stupid.

    Gortendo Karloi's man, Asherdo Karloi's man. Despite the meaningless words, his alertness was blurred.

    You always wanted your side. Your family, your side. He seemed to hear hallucinations whispering to a child. Dunya's words came to mind as if it were a fight. Delua shouldn't believe it.

    “......It’s reassuring.”

    The answer came out, whether it was sincere or not. But when she heard the answer, seeing Yvonne's face brightening noticeably, she wondered if she was a losing business, no matter what.

    Karloi has always wanted to destroy the disgusting, rounding face of Duke Delua. The only time I could feel pleasure in a life full of fierce but meaningless endurance was when he succeeded in destroying the peacock's face. Anyway, I want to breathe and live.

    Yvonne's cold face was like the smiling face of a peacock. What I want to break, I want to break down. Let's see where and how long he could have such a face casually in front of me, Ha stimulated Ohgi.

    Now the face was changing in a very different direction from what Karloi had planned. They smile, cry, and laugh out loud.

    Nevertheless, it seemed that he had become a different person, who was not angry anymore, who did not feel any aggressive pleasure, let alone angry. So he got scared.

    “You have to trust me.”

    "I know."

    It is justifiable to hate Delua for him. If you deserve to hate all of Delua, it's literally deserved, but it didn't come as natural as breathing like before.

    When a young maid came with tea and tea gear, her inspectors drank tea first. After her inspection, the maid slowly put her car on the table. Yvonne looked around her unwittingly as her maid, who had put her car down, disappeared behind her again.

    Previously, Yvonne's maids didn't care about what they were listening to, but now Karloy ordered them to fall a little. So, the chief, maid, and maids were bowing their heads a little far enough that they could not hear the conversation between Carlos and Yvonne.

    If Lady Anssen only checks for an empty glass, she probably thinks that Roy drank her.

    Yvonne briefly glanced at Carlo Yi's face, which had become noticeably softer. She saw the face and felt good for one moment, and the next was an impulsive decision. Such a decision to behave before even thinking with her head.

    "Your Majesty, can you see that flower?"

    Yvonne glanced behind Karlroy, she asked. As Carloy unconsciously turned her head to look at the flowers, Yvonde slid her money and reached out her hand and swapped Carloy's cup and my cup.

    “Is it not a lily. Looking at the size, it looks like it was made with magic.”
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    Thank you for the spoiler! Does it mention how much time passed during this time period?
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    Just two to three months.
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    Were those months after the suicide attempt, or is that the span of which the happenings in book 5 all happened? Thank you again for providing spoilers!
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    It was after the suicide attempt. She headed to Sorta and spent about three months there. After that she traveled to Mach and there she met ML.

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    Thank you for answering!

    Mmmyeah, not a fan of that ending tbh. :blobpopcorn_two: So the FL still fell in love with the ML in the end? Welp. :blobunsure:
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    Carloy replied, turning his head again. An uninspiring face revealed dislike for flowers. I asked for a long time to distract me, but it seemed that Carloy didn't really know.

    “I moved all the flowers that your Majesty gave me the last gift there.”

    "Ah, that flower..."

    It was given by Gorten, so he has no way of knowing what he gave. Carloy picked up the teacup in front of the embarrassment and sipping tea. Looking at it, Yvonne stared at the teacup in question that was now in front of him.

    It's important for Carloy to drink anyway, so it doesn't matter if I leave tea. It's unlikely that the maids will care about the cups other than Karlroy's.

    “What's in the car?”

    As for Carlo I, Yvonne, who didn't pick up the car differently than usual, and looked down far away, came into her eyes, and it was a question that didn't mean much, but Yvonne's feet struck her, opening her eyes round and raising her head. I stirred it.

    She then took a sip more than she noticed. She won't die this much. Because the peacock drank more than this. For nothing, Yvonne kept sipping the tea from the teacup.

    When Karloy asked about that a few more times, the tension that the maids would look at spreads around her body. She left a mark. Being caught by her tail, she thought it would be better to drink it at least once.

    ".....There is not much for the empress. Can you guess where the brooch is?"

    Carloi, who was worried for a while to talk to Yvonne about the inner pain problem with Bernie, decided to shut her mouth on that part.

    It was still too early. If she went into the peacock's ear by mistake, she might have learned that the swift peacock would use Verni to hit her. She didn't have to tell Yvonne until she took that risk.

    “By the way, the brooch, wouldn't my father have already removed it?”

    “It's an indestructible object. I would not know if it disappears alone.”

    Then she wouldn't have been able to throw it anywhere, and the Duke would have kept it. Anywhere in the spacious peacock's residence, it could be stored. It could be the duke's bedroom or the duke's office.

    "Did you know your Majesty is looking for?"

    “Now you know. I told you to give it out once.”

    When she heard the answer, she had speculations rubbing Yvonne's head. Even if it was before that, it's clear that the Duke would want to put it in the safest place if she knew that she was looking for a Ka and Roy. Because he doesn't want to give him a single grain of dust, even though he wants one.

    The safest place in the Dukes of Delua. Where all the secrets of the peacock are hidden. There was only one such place.

    "Yeah. I think I know where it will be."

    There's nothing like the Delua Tower.

    “If so, would it be possible to go to the Delua estate and bring it?

    “If the father allows it...”

    Yvonne, who replied with her creeping voice, only after finishing her words knew that her answer had been bad. Where in the world is her daughter who needs to get her permission to enter her father's land?

    Carloy also showed a subtle wonder on his face whether he missed that point.

    "It's a peacock, my daughter is coming, so why don't you allow it? I thought my permission would be more problematic."

    “Oh, of course it is. I'll tell my father. I want to go down to the estate once."

    Yvonne replied calmly, but Karl Roy felt a sense of incongruity. It was a feeling of incongruity that couldn't help at all to a heart that couldn't easily trust someone.

    In the end, Asher couldn't find any evidence that Yvonne was her illegitimate child. However, Asher still has a strange relationship between Yvonne and the Duke. She was and she was insisting strongly. Why did Asher's words come to mind again when I saw Yvonne mentioning the Duke's permission to go to her estate.

    “......Do you have a bad relationship with the Duke?”

    Yvonne dazzled her lips at Carloy's question.

    Yes. A little. Don't be so pretty. Actually, it's scary sometimes.

    No matter what answer she thought of, her mouth could not open. She seemed to run out of her breath at Yvonne's frustration. She said the answer to all of her secret leak magic, she said,'The duke makes me pretty. Is it all?

    She rather kept shutting her mouth and thought of it. She said silently and unanswered that if she stayed still, then Karloy might realize that something was strange.

    But even after a few minutes, Carloi was staring at Yvonne as if time had not passed. She said Yvonne was unnatural enough to answer her, like someone she has no idea that she hasn't been for a long time.

    She was once a terrible wizard of skill. If she is a descendant of a princess who separated the two countries with blood and blood alone, it would be easy.

    Yvonne clenched her fiercely in her mouth that couldn't be opened, and when all this was over, she, please, wished that the day would come when she could punish the magician too.

    In the end, her answer was this, Yvonne sighed.


    She looked back at Yvonne, who was her short answer, to Karlroy's hand. Yvonne faced her without avoiding that gaze. She said that it was her best she could do.

    "i See."

    Even the short answer of Carloy, spit out without changing his expression, felt like the answer that Carloy gave with all his heart.

    Yes, anyway, nothing big is going on yet, and things aren't bad. Yvonne tried to poison herself.

    The bitter taste of the tea drank instead of Carloy left her mouth thick.


    After leaving the palace, Karloy headed straight to Kia Na's residence. Carloi did not neglect to visit the palace of the empress, even as her relationship with Yvonne progressed. It was a picture that should be shown to the Duke of Delua and to the nobles who came on his side.

    “It would be nice to keep coming to my palace like this.”

    Kiana, who always spoke with a bright face, was a serious face today. It seemed that her face gradually became muffled. After Roden, his father, he was only nodding his head, standing next to his daughter, as if he had no idea of a little.

    “That's right, Your Majesty. The power of the Duke of Duna is great, but it is also impossible to ignore the maintenance of her union as she is positioned as Empress Kiana. If Keana gets pushed here, things will be ambiguous.”

    “I know. The empress is alive and well to believe in the relationship between me and the empress after covering it as the dukes said.”

    Keana couldn't keep focusing. She was sitting alone with an irritated face, and she opened her mouth carefully.

    “She has completely passed over the Empress, right? I heard it from Dunya.”

    Carloi nodded her head lightly, but her Kia Na's face did not improve at all. By this time, even the indifferent Carloy couldn't help but notice the appearance.

    When and when she pushes her to the empress?

    "Why? Can't she believe in the Empress?"

    "Do you believe?"

    "She believes only enough to ask for a reasonable job."

    Kia I still blurs her answer with a serious face.


    ".....it's nothing. I want the Duke of Delua to leave me alone."

    Carloi thought that it wasn't her Kia Naga what she originally wanted to say, but she didn't ask any more. She hadn't seen Kia long enough, but if she thought she had to say, she knew she was the one to talk to.

    After Roden, the small side reassured his daughter, saying that in the tense situation as it is now, the peacock could not easily use his hand. Kia I heard her father's words in one ear and shed it in her ear.

    It wasn't the Duke that really bothered me, but the Empress. She knew from her intuition that Kiana had noticed the Empress's relationship to her self and her Clyde.

    She would never have asked herself about him if it were not. There is no evidence, but you don't know.

    She met the Empress twice because of the Arva Loop, and each time Yvonne del Lua kept looking at Kea me with her observing eyes. She didn't know what she meant, and she was choking.

    “Kiana, Kiana!”

    It was only after hearing the Marquis of Roden call her name again that Kia I escaped her anxiety. She looked suspiciously at herself, and Kia Na smiled at her casually to the emperor and her marquis.

    Yes, she says, if the empress comes over her side as her emperor said, she doesn't have to touch herself and Clyde. All of her were sensitive worries.

    She is Kiana and she will be fine. And Clyde too.

    She said Kia I had no idea that her anxiety she glimpsed had also affected Carloy.


    For a week, the Duke didn't even see a peep in the capital. Even if he tried to ask him to go to the estate, he couldn't ask because he couldn't see it. Yvonne was suspicious of the duke's absence.

    Hans del Lua was a man who did not tolerate her lack of confidence in the imperial capital. However, from some point onward, he stayed in the manor for a longer time.

    Dunya became the chief of the aristocracy, and the nobles are changing their minds several times a day. What is Delua doing in this situation?

    She never had a letter telling Yvonne that she thought she was consistently giving Karloi her medicines. Even Lady Anssen knows that, so it's not surprising that the Duke believes in irony.

    Only this week, Carloi visited the palace three times, and Yvonne drank the cup three times. Of course, I didn't change the teacup as clumsy as the first three times.

    When Lady Anssen left the Imperial Palace for a while to see my brother, Mary Ann brought her maid in her car to her Yvonne. She eventually failed to find out about her medicine the Duke gave, but it was easy to bring her maid.

    When her maid saw Yvonne, her face turned blue to see if she knew why she had been called.

    <You take the order of Lady Anssen and put the medicine in your Majesty's cup. >

    I just asked her one question, and the maid knelt on her knees. When she saw that, Yvonne was uneasy. Even when she was young, she was too, too young. Is she fifteen? Does that kid know that when my job is done, neither mouse nor bird will know.

    <But she said that it was also permitted by Her Majesty the Empress......!>

    You're letting me go. She expected it, but she heard it firsthand and it was darker.

    <Yes, I gave permission, but I want to change the name.>

    <Your Majesty is not allowed to kill me.>

    The maid is not allowed to drop her tears. She said and she said. She didn't even say exactly, but seeing that she said no, she seemed to think Yvonne would order her to quit.

    If she came out in such a way that she couldn't help it, it would be obvious. Maybe the peacock or the count is holding a family. She was even fed up now. It's a boringly effective and terribly despicable means.

    Such a child is also an obvious child. A good and poor child who is scared but cannot abandon his family. I felt like I was going to have a toothache because of the meanness as to how I only chose those people.

    <Is that not? After the emperor's bookkeeping ceremony was over, the two maids and one attendant disappeared without knowing either the mouse or the bird?>

    She replied that she knew her well while the maid shed her tears. He seemed to know well what they had done and the consequences they had afterwards.

    <Then do you know this? The poor dead people's family was also not safe?>

    Now the maid started to hiccup. Maybe she didn't know that.

    <In fact, it's a very natural result. It's important to get rid of traces completely.>

    Yvonne was talking to the maid, but she felt she needed the words herself.

    The families of the Sioux who were ordered were people who knew nothing, but the Duke did not want to leave a small trace. Can he say that neither himself nor De Nis are the'traces' of the Duke?

    Yvonne gazed with her sympathetic gaze at her maid, who was hiccuping her, crying over her shock.

    <I didn't tell me to stop riding it. We only have to change very little things, is that impossible? Lady Ansendo, it's so small that no one notices it?>

    At the sound of Yvonne whispering, the maid opened her eyes with her tears and looked at Yvonne far and far away.

    <You can keep taking the medicine as you are ordered. Isn't it your job to only take the medicine for one teacup? Is there anything more ordered?>

    <......No. That's it.>

    At the empress's soothing voice, the maid relaxed her tension and rolled her eyes back. Mary Ann received a handkerchief from Yvonne and handed it to the maid. The maid hesitated to wipe her tears and blow her nose.

    <You can put the cup of medicine in front of me, not your majesty. Lady Ansene is like you're burning, but see, you're not seeing you put it on the table?>

    <Yes? But.......>

    No one ever told the maid that it was poison, but it was obvious that I didn't even ask her to ask her to be prepared for her death. Seeing that the emperor hasn't died, it doesn't seem like a poison, but it won't be a good medicine anyway. But put it in your cup?

    <How, can you do it? Lady Ansendo, no one will ever know. You saw what your Majesty drank, and nothing changed after drinking. Even if I drink it, no one will notice.>

    As Yvonne's voice became more and more bearish, the maid squeezed her eyes, holding her handkerchief tight.

    <Tell me the name of the family and where they live. I will move it to another place at the appropriate time.>

    Yvonne also felt a little guilty when he said this. Because half was sincere and half was lying.

    If all of this was done in a month, she could have done enough with Karlroy, but if not, she couldn't bet. The maid also shut her mouth with her suspicious face.

    <I have no reason to touch you or your family. Because I didn't secretly feed other people. Besides, you have nothing to lose.

    The maid, fiddlingly looking down at the soft, textured handkerchief that Yvonne had handed over through Mary Anne, opened her mouth and closed her again. She smiled lightly by Yvonne.

    <If you're lucky, you'll be able to save the medicine in that vial before it runs out. Of course, if you do my favor.>

    Ellie, a young maid from the land of distant Ansene, blushed her cheeks with the smile of the Empress for the first time. She said it was colder than ice, and she didn't seem to be. She said it wasn't an order, it was a request.

    Her frightened, stiff body was relieved by Yvonne's quiet, quiet voice and her beautiful smile. She compared to Count Anssen and Lady Ansen, who were terribly intimidating, and she was more so.

    Besides, she was scared, but she wasn't going to lose money. In fact, Lady Anssen only watched the car ride with his axe-eye, and he did not care as if he had done his job. She watches as she gets in the car, just checks if the cup is empty at the end of tea time.

    The maid Eli stumbled and told her family names and where she lived. She wrote Mary Anne with a quivering face beside her.

    <Thanks, Ellie. You can go now. Don't worry.>

    She left the empress's bedroom as a maid frightened at the name she had never thought of. Mary Ann grumbled with her disgruntled face.

    <You are eating a very small child alone. Did you ask me for her name to do this?>

    <You are so timid enough to say that you are kind, and you have a young child do that. The more the peacock's dance goes on, the more it ends.>

    <If you drank it all in place of the emperor and your Majesty returns, will you be able to keep the promise you made to him?>

    Mary Ann seemed very disliked by Yvonne's decision to change the teacup. Yvonne touched the dried petals of De Nice on her table without any reaction.

    <I will not die. This fight will be won by Karloy, and I will live and return to her mother. If I live, that maid will live too.>

    No matter how small the possibility, it wouldn't be bad for her little maid to put the possibility in her life.

    <Anyway, I can't guarantee my life, Mary Ann. If you can't help more, just complain.>

    Only then Mary Ann bit her mouth. The maid's heart is actually very well known to her Mary Anne. She is Mary Ann's daughter Jane. She was also a much younger-looking child. Besides, she was taking a pretty big risk for Mary Ann closing her eyes this much.

    Yvonne called her therapist Marlon, recalling her maid her Ellie, who had listened faithfully to her for a week.

    “Is there anything more than anything?”

    "Yes. Are you in any uncomfortable places?"

    Marlon, the therapist who had swung her skin away with a healing magic, tilted her head at this Bonne question.

    "No. I just wanted to ask."

    "The Duke said that if there is Taegi, put it right away, but... I don't have it yet."

    Seeing that she gave Marlen her words, she seems to have said that what the Duke said about her pregnancy was very empty. Increasingly, she began to wrestle with the unknown peacock.

    Marlan seems to know that she cares about Yvonne's pregnancy. She left Yvonne to mistake him for that. In fact, I asked because I was worried that he would be addicted to poison.

    At the end of the tea time, Lady Anssen, who scrutinized the tables and floors, was annoyed and ended up drinking, so I was anxious. Still, for a few days now, she seemed to have to prevent Karloi from coming to the palace. You think you ate a lot in the beginning, so the peacock wouldn't care about this.

    This Bond, sitting in her parlor and organizing her thoughts, was called by Mary Ann.

    "Your Majesty, I ask for Lady Ansene to come back and see you, but you are not alone....."

    Lady Anssen appeared behind Mary Ann. Yvonne woke up from her chair where she was sitting, wondering if she had anybody to leave the imperial palace and bring it back.

    Count Ansene isn't the Duke, and he's not going to come to himself.
    A stray-looking man appeared behind Lady Anssen, bending his knees to be polite. He was the first man I saw. However, from the black hat to the clothes, the dark hair and the dark atmosphere emanating from the eyes were familiar.

    The man greeted with a wide smile.

    "Mister, no, your Majesty."

    When Bernie's sorcerer greeted and beckoned, Mary Ann and Lady Anssen, who had noticed, walked away. Yvonne looked through her frown to see what she saw for the first time in her life. She didn't have one or two to ask.

    “Is it your man? Last time, you came in disguised as her maid.”
    "I do not know. Because then and now are different.”
    What is different and how. When she is a maid, is she separate and when she is a man, is it a funny human. Yvonne swears only into her.
    She told Yvonne that she glanced at his neck, but only the line of her neck was visible and the center of her necklace was tucked into the shirt. Without that, would the damn wizard not be able to do those magic?

    “Why did you come here? It's not yet time for the magic to unlock. There must be a long time left.”

    "I came for a while because the Duke sent me. The letter said I couldn't be relieved."

    “You are so busy that you have work to do in the estate?”

    Fior folded his eyes and laughed, but the folded eyes seemed to be flashing for some reason.

    “It's not something your Majesty will be curious about even if you're busy. Anyway, the Duke said it was time to get rid of the empress.”

    "......How are you?"

    “Is it so watering? It's a natural order. If Hwang-Bi continues to be there while being loved, some humans cannot be relieved. Especially in the current situation, shouldn’t the empress disappear?"

    Fior, speaking in a friendly manner, took off his hat, knocked it off, and put it on his lap.

    “Since a long time ago, the Duke has spoken to His Majesty. Say? You have to put it away, have you ever thought of anything?"
    Yvonne bite her mouth. Fior shrugged his shoulders, as if he had expected even that.
    “Then it can't be helped. What should I do? You're often with the Empress these days, right? If you prepare something like an Arba loop, you will be able to do it naturally. I have to take the risk, but the way I am...”
    “There is one thing it takes, but I'm not sure.”
    Yvonne intercepted a little hastily. Also, if you kill someone and order something like this, you might get nervous breakdown.
    Fjord's black eyes were curious.

    "Please tell me where."
    "...It seems like the Empress has a separate man.
    "What is the evidence?"
    “What about your heartache?”
    “Almost sure.”

    It was all bullshit. Let alone evidence, there is no heart disease. Yvonne was just talking about what she thought to avoid the consequences of killing Keana.
    She thought Clyde and Keana was weird, but she couldn't find a single link between them, so she concluded that Yvonne was overly sensitive to herself.
    But she had to throw something as long as it happened. After she threw it, Yvonne also had a question.

    “It looks like that man, Ansenga man. Did Count Ansene ever talk about it?"

    “Ah, the half brother of Count Anssen? Countess never said anything about this empress. Hmm.”

    Seeing Yvonne's reaction and thinking it was a pretty credible story, Fiord alone nodded her head.

    “It's not bad, but if you do well, you can fly the marquis the same way. But what about the evidence?”

    Yvonne tried not to escape Fjord's eyes, and she rolled her head desperately.

    “….. there is an imperial palace party on the eve of Arba Loop.”

    Yvonne slowly spoke to her without stopping her thinking.

    “Then let the two of you be in one place…”
    “You're catching it on the spot? Hmm. It's classic. Not bad."

    Fortunately, Fjord took care of her words and ended her words. Yvonne nodded her head casually, as if that was my idea. Fior made a black pen decorated with Yu-ri, a blast of smoke in his hand.

    "Here. If you light the font you want to imitate with glass, it will be amazingly copied."
    “In order for the two to sing in one place, wouldn't anyone have to steal the font and call it out? That kind of secret lover wouldn't make it easy to be in one place?"


    “By the way, this Arva Loop will be a revamp? It's a rumor between the empress and another man.”

    He was a needlessly sophisticated guy. Yvonne looks convinced that she is convinced, and she accepts the sinister black pen.

    “I am helping you this far, and I believe you will succeed. By the way, when did our Majesty know this alone?"

    Even her peculiar friendly voice sounded gloomy to Yvonne.

    “There is no evidence. She talked to the Duke and tried to tell her if she succeeded because she thought she would get angry if she failed without evidence.”

    She laughed at Yvonne's response, tapping the hat above her knee with her fingers.

    “My lady, no, the majesty is pretty smart. It's quick to notice, is it because you lived on the street? I'm not stupid. It would have been okay if I was a little stupid, but I understand that the Duke doesn't believe.”

    Who do you say. It wasn't the sound of a human who thought to make a fancy pen as soon as he heard the story of Clyde and Keana.

    “Then I need to work on some secret magic now.”

    As she got up from her seat, again Fior, wearing a hat, said meaningfully. As she approached, she saw the fjord reaching out her gloved hand, and Yvon flinched, frowning at her impression.

    "You touched it last time."

    “Let's roll that clever head. I have something to add. There are medicines, and there are empresses.”

    Oh my god, if it weren't for the front of Fjord, Yvonne might have struck me hard. She thought it was a habit that she couldn't even think about it because it became a habit not to tell him what it would have been best to confess to Karloi.

    How stupid she was, she never thought of it. If she had known it would be like this, she would have spoken to her as soon as she got her doubts about Kiana. Her own stupidity was several times more desperate than the fiord who wanted to cast her memory magic again, so Yvonne couldn't even organize her expression.

    What am I not stupid. It's darkly stupid.

    “You look suspicious, my Majesty. Why, did you have a reason not to do it? Or, did you have someone you wanted to talk to?”

    "...No way. Why is it a secret if the drug isn't poisonous?"
    "I do not know."
    "Did you make it?"
    “Another, you're asking something useless.”
    Eventually, Yvonne had no choice but to let a wizard who wanted to kill as much as her peacock wandered my head as if it were a playground.

    "Sometimes it seems better than the last time, and it doesn't seem like..."

    Fior's voice muttered into my greasy head. After doing something for a while, Fjord released Yvonne. Her hair was complicated, and her sloppy face made her bloody attire as if she had done all of her work.

    "I'll go now."

    "Hey, just tell the Duke a word."


    “She wants to go to the estate once more, and she wants you to give me an answer by letter....... I am worried about her mother. It looked so bad last time.”

    “Denis? Rather, it seems that you are in better condition than last time? It was like that in the garden every time I went. You don't have to worry about that.”

    “Give me it though. It's not that hard.”
    “Yes, what. If your Majesty takes care of only the Empress's work, the Duke will accept that much easily.”

    The sorcerer nodded his head with a polite tone. Fior, who was about to leave the parlor, suddenly turned back and stared at Yvonne.

    “'Is it the emperor? Don't even dream of trusting him. Don't get me wrong, this is not a warning, it's advice. Advice for Your Majesty.”

    “That's nonsense.”

    Yvonne was grateful that her own voice was more peaceful than she thought. Her heart is beating, not knowing what to do, but I was fortunate that even her voice followed my will.

    No matter how much a sorcerer can get through her memory, what's wrong with her? Have you made any mistakes? She had tens of thousands of thoughts. Yvonne hid her trembling hands under her desk.

    Fjord just smiled.

    "Just. If you are stuck, it's easy to be friendly."

    “It's a useless worry. Is that the situation, am I now?"

    “Well or not. I've heard of this family in the past, and from generation to generation, there aren't any people that I can trust, but they're pretty cruel. Don't lose money by giving your heart alone.”

    “What's that going on?”
    “It’s nice to be cool. Then stay well until we meet again.”

    Yvonne stared at the back of the fjord leaving, desperately hoping that there would be nothing to see when he died. Only the story of Denise's getting healthy was a satisfying part of today's meeting.

    What would a human, possibly Bernie's royalty, do to help the alternate Duke? The man who was a royal family could not have run out of money, so it would be a lie to say that Bernie came because he was poor.

    She thought about her back and forth, and eventually Yvonne threw her pen that was half her nervously holding her. The pen made by Fior flew and fell to the floor.
    Nothing was easy.

    10. The empress does not know the emperor (2)

    Asher said. If the empress decides to abandon her father and join the emperor, that's what she says is proof that she is not the daughter of the duchess.

    Carloy thought alone. Is it so algebra to abandon her father?

    In my mind, I know it's hard work, but when I think about the case of me and my parents, I honestly didn't think it was such an unusual thing. Then, thinking of this, he again realized that he was a human being who had been firmly eaten somewhere.

    As the Carlois did not pretend, Asher now came right next to Carloy's ear and began to speak his words.

    “Asher, bring proof.”

    "Your Majesty has been chasing the peacock for 10 years. She hasn't found anything. How can I find it in a month?"

    It was surprisingly stern and rational. With nothing to say, Carloy shuts his mouth and tidy up the desk. After a while, I decided to see the Yvonne and Indoor Garden in the Entura Room, so I had to go out.

    Asher, looking back and forth following Karloi's hand, looked at a bottle of alcohol on the desk in the office and frowned on him. Carloy wasn't a drinker, and he wasn't the one who would put it in his office.

    “What alcohol is it?”

    "Nothing much."

    Simple Asher seemed to be worried about the words, then simply nodded and turned the subject back to normal.

    "The atmosphere of the butler in the duke's work was exactly that. It wasn't an attitude toward the precious young-ae at all."

    "So, where did your real daughter go?"

    “How do I know that. I'm right. She wasn't a favorite daughter, so she married Your Majesty.”

    “Even if that is correct, there is no way to confirm. How are you going to figure it out.”

    “Why do you need evidence? You said you came over the empress. Go ask! Her mother asked if she was the duchess, and now there is no reason to lie, so I will tell the truth.”

    At Asher's stubbornness, Karloi eventually raised a white flag. Asher pushes it to the end once you think about it

    There was a stubbornness to go out. He never bent. In fact, he didn't even know it was because his beastly "intuition" was never wrong.

    However, such a sense is used when distinguishing between enemies and allies or smelling blood, isn't it helpful when distinguishing who is an illegitimate child or not?

    "Okay. Go ask yourself and I'll make sure to let you know."

    "good. If I'm wrong, I'll give you a wish for inspiration.”

    He looks really confident. Gorten's wish is that Asher will be turned off. Carloy left the office with his tongue sticking out of the iron stub.

    Heading to the Entura Room, he thought about what to do when Asher's words were right. Actually, I didn't need to worry. Hiding the identity of an illegitimate child in Croisen is a felony, and it is a prison without reconsideration if the illegitimate child was pushed into the position of the imperial hostess. I couldn't send it to the guillotine, but it was an opportunity to shake the plate properly.

    So, in reality, what Carroy was worried about was whether to use the opportunity or not. That's an opportunity to blow this bond together, whether or not you use it.

    “Did you know that eating a lot of these petals makes people a little weird? When our Jane was young, she didn't know anything about it and kept eating it because it was delicious...”

    Carloy stopped at the door of the Entura Room. Mary Ann was holding a few flowers and talking to Yvonne. I don't know what the story was, but Yvonne had a faint smile on her lips.

    Yvonne is holding her bunch of flowers in her arms, and she sits spreading the hem of her dress on the floor of Entourum, looking up at her Mary Anne. Petals were scattered like embroidery along the folds of her dress. Sunlight from the glass ceiling enveloped the bond's platinum hair and the white face that it gently enveloped, and the fragrance of flowers full of Entura room lingered beside him.

    Leaning with his arms folded against the ornate door of the Entura Room, Karloi thought that the sunlight in the middle of the day would go well with the empress. He is buried in colorful flowers and laughs.

    As if bound by something, he couldn't move on the spot, and even if he closed his eyes, he had a foreboding that this image would remain like an afterimage in his eyes for a long time.

    Was he smiling like that when he wasn't next to him? There were other days besides the days when I was drunk and crying.

    Carloi couldn't forget Yvonne's appearance, shattered like raindrops falling from her rain.

    Her faint smile turned into a small sound of laughter, like bursting flowers. The sound of laughter quietly walking around the Entura room tickled Karlroy's ears. The sound of laughter knocked her heart down, and Karloy became apathetic again.

    It was unfamiliar with such a peaceful sight without any signs of misfortune and no glimpse of bad luck. The anxiety, which seemed to be taken away by someone immediately when he made a breath, further stimulated the cause of anxiety.

    “Oh, Your Majesty.”

    Mary Ann found Carloy standing and hurriedly lowered his head. Yvonne got up from her seat in surprise and her petals fluttered and settled around.

    Strangely, his neck became stiff, so Karloy loosened the Krabat. As they entered the Entura room, they made a glance to leave, and all the maids left.

    "I didn't have to stand up."

    "I didn't know you'd be coming so soon."

    On Yvonne's head were a couple of pink leaves of the flower Maryanne was holding.

    “The petals are on the head of the empress.......”

    "Here you go?"

    “No, not that way.”

    Yvonne looked up at Karloi and grope her head. She had a harmless look that seemed to not do anything bad to the person facing her, and that she would not even think that the other party would do that to her. Not avoiding her gaze, Carloy gently swept her Yvonne's hair with her fingers. Her petals fell to the floor.

    As I could see her Karlroy's throat trembling, her Yvonne face began to get a fever. Her hair was rubbed, but her tension put her body into force.

    “Ah, thank you.......”

    Carloy coughed and turned her side slightly.

    “I didn't know I would like this place that much.”

    “Because it is a beautiful place.”

    If you were here, you could even brainwash yourself that Carl kept his promises. Carl kept his promise, and I could easily twist my memory that I was in where he allowed, where he had promised, and that there was no misfortune in the meantime.

    As he looked down at the dancing turang flower swaying gently, Carloy asked abruptly.

    “Are you good at dancing?”

    It was a sudden question with no meaning.

    She couldn't dance. But she wasn't Yvonne, but if she had learned to fit anyone, she would have been a dancer.

    She had to change Yvonne from her head to her toes in order to become the daughter of the perfect Duke, so no one would doubt it, and all of those changes were accompanied by the violence of her Duke. She was hit by one every time she used honorifics by her users.

    “I can get out.”

    “A few days later, Arba Loop’s first party is there.”

    "By the way, why dance...?"

    Seeing Yvonne for not understanding her own words, Carloi felt a subtle guilt. It was only natural that she and the emperor danced at a banquet in the imperial palace, but it was also natural that Yvonne, who was ignored every time her existence, could not remember it.

    “Because you will have to dance with me.”

    Seeing a slow shock on her Yvonne's face, Carloi again stared at the innocent turang flowers. As she watched the yellow flowers move, she suddenly jumped in her head, Yvonne in a yellow dress, and she danced.

    At a strange picture that appeared without knowing the time, Karl Roy closed and opened her eyes once. Are you crazy? Because this Zen dream is not enough. From some point on, Yvonne dominated his dreams and reality.


    Yvonne said in a confused voice.

    “It’s been so long since I danced…”

    "It's not a difficult dance, so it'll be okay."

    “I don’t care if you dance with the queen. You don't have to dance with me on purpose.”

    Seeing Yvonne's sincere, casual suggestion for her, Carloi has been feeling stuffy. I feel like I'm going to keep going crazy even then. The answer came out more bluntly than I thought.

    “Don’t worry, you’ll dance with the Empress after dancing with you.”

    Yvonne saw Karlroy, who looked somehow tired, and she nodded her head without saying anything. It wouldn't mean much to dance with this person or that person.

    A faint breath of fatigue flowed out of Karloi's mouth. Yvonne held out the bunch of rosemary in her arms.

    "Would you like to take some?"

    “Why is this?”

    “I don’t know well, but they say that putting it around is good for fatigue.”

    Carloy was slowly handed over the flowers. Would you like to give yourself something like this?

    Karloi looked at Yvonne's green eyes, which seemed to be shining in the sunlight. My father decides to throw it away, but gives flowers to him who hasn't danced once.

    "Can I ask just one question?"

    Yvonne nodded her head, but Carloi couldn't speak her easily. The word illegitimate child only lingered around his mouth.

    “Asher said that. The relationship between you and the Duke A....... I am a little suspicious.”

    Carloy, who was lucky, looked closely at Yvonne's face. There was no change in expression.

    “I know this is a strange question too. Isn't the duchess ...... her real mother?"

    Yvonne's head turned white to a question he never thought of.


    The answer was reflective. She couldn't tell the truth because of magic anyway, but even if she wasn't magic, she couldn't have said it easily.

    She had to be prepared to be expelled if she admitted that she was an illegitimate Ara without revealing that she was Lirian Lu. She said that if she was kicked out, all that was left of Denise and herself was death.

    “It seems that the escort driver was mistaken. She said what the hell was she thinking she got to think like that?"

    The answer that came out calmly felt that only him was funny.

    Yes, it was really absurd. I don't have any evidence to answer the question why she thought so.

    “Because he’s so sensitive… I thought I would be mistaken. Never mind."

    But even more funny, she was relieved of Yvonne's answer. Carloi struggled to find the cause of the feeling, holding onto Yvonne's bunch of rosemary she gave her.

    It was regrettable that she only sent the Duke to prison for cheating on her illegitimate status. It was a waste for her to use Yvonne like that. Organizing her thoughts like that made her feel at ease. Only then could Carlos look roughly like a smile.

    "I'll keep the flowers well."

    Yvonne nodded her head, struggling to ignore her thumping heart. When all of this is done, Carloy will understand her situation.
    Yvonne kills her anxiety as she sees Karlroy accepting what she has given rather than rejecting it.


    Carloy looked at the rosemary flowers in a vase on the office desk. He regretted that it would have been better not to pick up those flowers. The purple color that she sees when she raises her head, the scent she feels when she lowers her head, everything makes me think of Yvonne.

    She might get rid of it, but in the end she hesitates. Yvonne's face hesitated when she heard that the flower she gave him was well enshrined on Karloi's desk.

    Yvonne laughed at her for nothing. She just said she put the flowers she gave on her desk. Her laughter increased to the point that she felt that the same person would be the same person who seemed to remain expressionless even if a person died until then.

    Still, that laughter wasn't big or frequent, but I only developed an unpleasant and unpleasant thirst. She seemed jjilkkeum minutes jjilkkeum the group at any distance to eat panting Sons received the falling water at all, and was not good at all.

    I shouldn't have gotten that flower...

    “If you don’t like it, I will remove it.”

    Gorten put her hand on the vase.

    "Did you say I hate it?"

    In her aggressive tone, Gorten retracted his hand and shrugged his shoulders. Doesn't it mean that people don't like it when they stare at the vase all week? Also, I wasn't surprised anymore by Karloy, doing things I didn't understand.

    After giving up the vase, Gorten reached out to take the bottle and cup next to him. Karl Roy didn't look for alcohol during his lifetime, but these days he used to have alcohol like this even if he went to his bedroom or office. I don't seem to work while drinking, but it didn't seem like a particularly good habit.

    "Leave that too."


    "It's often just for drinking, so leave it there."

    “.....What's going on in the fortress? Who doesn't like alcohol."

    At Gorten's question, Karloy suddenly laughed with blood.

    “Have there been times when nothing happened to me? It’s new.”

    It was a self-help speech, but it wasn't wrong. Gorten looked at the emperor, whom he had seen since he was very young, with a sad face for a moment and then cleared up his expression. He will hear a clear sound if he notices he has a face like this.

    “Then, you should stop looking at the vase that is in good shape and go to the venue.”

    It was Arva Loop's first party, eve. The capital was crowded with splendid veils hung all over the palace and nobles from the province. An excitement was surrounding the whole capital.

    “What about Asher?”

    “Today I have to escort your Majesty unconditionally. I let go of the whining. It will appear soon, well.”

    Gorten replied gruntly. When Yvonne told the answer that Yvonne was not her illegitimate child, Asher, with a shocked face, temporarily denied reality, and eventually took responsibility for what she had said. Exciting Gorten put Asher in a place where he could only do chores for a week saying that he would learn the concept of Sangmyung Havok this time, but today it seemed to be a party.

    As he walked toward the banquet hall, he thought. Just a little bit, he was just trying to be moderately good, no, he was just trying to pretend he was good, but he felt more and more troubled.

    "Oh, Her Majesty came first."

    The moment I saw the woman waiting for him standing at the door to the banquet hall, all complex emotions turned into thirst, stirring up Karloy.

    Yvonne in a yellow dress turns her head and makes eye contact with Carlo at the moment, his head is cleared and only a burning sensation remains.


    Even his voice bothered his ears. Karl Roy woke up and slowly approached his empress. As he reached out his hand, the little hesitant hand lay lightly over his hand.

    “Because it was the first time I entered this way…”

    Yvonne muttered in a tense voice. She always went in separate with Carlo, so she deserved it. She tried to answer something, but her voice did not come out, so Carloi lightly pulled her Yvonne toward herself.

    "Your Majesty smells rosemary."

    As Yvonne got closer, she looked up at him and whispered.

    Carloi seemed to have a glimpse of the reason for her asomnia. He felt like his feet were stripped without any shielding. He got closer than he planned, more than he thought, and he couldn't see anything to stop it.

    "...... also comes from the empress."

    “Oh, I guess it’s because I’m sleeping while I’m sleeping.”

    The attendant opened the door. Carloi led Yvonne's hand and took her heavy steps. The light from the splendid banquet hall dazzled. The eve began with the band's performance.

    It's half true and half false that I was nervous because it was my first time in a position with Karloi. The main cause of the tension was Keana, not you. Yvonne glanced at her Kia, sitting next to her.

    She had no idea what was going to happen, and seeing the woman smiling made her feel uncomfortable. But she would be better than dying.

    A few days ago, Yvonne found her Kiana's handwriting on her payment papers and copied my handwriting. She wrote down a simple message and place that she wanted to meet, and she wrote Kia My name. She was addressed to Clyde Anssen.

    Lady Anssen, in charge of delivering her letters, expressed doubts with her quivering face. He kept the letter secretly at his dwelling place, but insisted that he wasn't close to his second brother, but it was ridiculous that she had an affair with the empress.

    Whether it makes sense or not, it will be revealed at today's banquet.

    "The Duke of Delua may not have come today."

    Qia Naga whispered beside her.

    "Because you are not feeling well."

    While answering her, Yvonne did not believe it. The peacock is not a person who will get sick. Besides, I thought I would definitely attend today to see the scene where Clyde and Keana were caught, but he was the news. Anyone who was not attached to the estate has not come out of the estate anymore.

    However, seeing Count Anssen's face shining like a cold winter, he seemed to be well delegated to the work of the Duke. Yvonne was convinced when she saw Count Anssen's face, which seemed strangely excited. Clyde and Keana are certainly a relationship, and Count Ansene must have been aware of it.

    When the music of the court band was over, Carloi, who was sitting next to him, reached out. It was time to dance. Before entering the banquet hall, he looked weird, and now he even looks bad.

    "Would you mind if you dance with me?"

    She took Karloi's hand and came out alone, asking Yvonne. When the court band began to perform Jeonju, Carloi put her hand on Yvonne's waist.

    “Hands on my shoulders.”

    As Carloy pulled Yvonne's waist, she whispered. Yvonne, with her face heating up in the streets near her, carefully placed her hand on his shoulder.

    She looked down, and all she saw was his wide chest. She even felt embarrassed for some reason, so when she raised her eyes again, Carloy was looking down at Yvonne. The undisturbed gaze for a single moment turned to Yvonne. Her hand that touched her was numb.

    “You didn't answer my question.”

    As Carloy released her waist, she made Yvonne lightly one turn and she came into his arms.

    “Because this is a useless question.”

    Carloy's hard arms wrapped around his waist again. Carlo holding her Yvonne in the eye of her teeth, the sound of the music produced by her strings faded.
    Beautiful black hair that has been well combed, the beautiful lines from the forehead to the nose and the chin, the dark gold eyes that he was looking for, and the neckline that looks as hard as his arms.

    Oh, the knife really grew big. Yvonne's heart trembled as he ran through Carlo's teeth. She is too close.

    "If it wasn't okay, I wouldn't have been dancing."

    It was difficult to tell Yvonne whether his voice whispering low was impure, and whether she swallowed her breath at that voice.

    His heart pounded. Yes, Carloy said he would trust me.

    Yvonne followed him as if possessed. She put her hand on his shoulder, she clasped my hand, she held his hand, and she fell gently along his arm, and she again repeated her holding in his arms.

    She moved away from him and every moment she got closer, she was silent and silent. If she hadn't been dancing, she might have suspected that time was passing. It seemed that she couldn't even pass the time between Karlois, who was tightly attached.

    The dances Yvonne learned were painful, scary, and difficult. So..... She wasn't weird. Everywhere Karloi's touch touched, her senses sharpened and reacted.

    “…..The music must be over.”

    When her feet finally stopped, Yvonne barely muttered. Only then she began to hear the surrounding noise again.

    The court band took a breath and started a prelude for the next song. As the first dance of the emperor and the empress was over, a pair of other nobles began to enter alone.

    When Yvonne released Karloi's hand and tried to release it from his shoulder, he held his hand again.

    "You're starting again."

    Carloy's voice flowed into my ears with music. He began to irritate his back, hands, arms and eyes again. Yvonne knew he was wrong.

    How could this dance be meaningless? It's such a close, so hot dance.

    Maybe Carloy danced in this way with the women who danced before?

    “You have changed.”

    “......Because our relationship has changed.”

    Carloi decided to admit that he had changed a little. She hated Yvonne getting out of her arms and felt the moment she instinctively caught it again. Her own plan to pretend to be her good to her Yvonne is that her own plans are affecting not only her, but also herself.

    “If all this is over.”

    The woman who entered the product completely whispered, without any doubt about Karloi.

    She said, "I hope your Majesty will be comfortable too."

    Carloy gave no answer. That wasn't possible, so when it's all over, there's probably nothing left for him.

    My anxious mind and a burning sensation suddenly became calm. And the second music ended. This time, Karlroy let Yvonne go. What was close enough to reach her breath was as if it were a dream, and again fell away.

    Yvonne quietly gazed at her unanswered Karloy and returned to her own seat.

    I wonder if it doesn't matter, Carloi thought. Even if she cares about Yvonne, even if she tries to find Lou from Yvonne, even if he has changed a little, it would be nice, because all of this couldn't last anyway.

    If the end came one day, there would be nothing left for him anyway, and Yvonne was no longer a person to remain with him. She was a man who was not supposed to remain, and everything he intended or not meant to cease to exist.

    Carloi, forcibly smiling to his hardened face, took Kia Na's hand down alone. The meaningless dances continued.


    Kia I headed to her balcony, she stopped, her chest slumped down and stopped. Her trembling hands closed her mouth and let her breathe out of her startled. She's got someone she shouldn't.


    Clyde grabbed her Kiana's hand and held it behind a curtain that served as the entrance to her balcony.

    "you you."

    Kia I couldn't even speak to her because of her shock. The Empress, who consistently observes herself, came to check the attendants who were preparing for anything in the mood that she would catch her, but Clyde was alone.

    In a few moments, all balconies on the floor will be filled with nobles to blow up firecrackers.


    Kia Naga pushed her Clyde while she couldn't breathe properly. Her voice, whispering closely, contained only surprise, not welcome.

    “Did you not get the letter I sent? You said I'll explain everything when the time comes, and you should never meet.”

    Now Clyde has her face in shock. When she returned from a long war, it was absurd that she was the wife of someone else, but she called and pretended not to know.

    She said that the only person she wanted to see was asking if the first words to report her face in a year were crazy, and Clyde was truly heart-falling.

    "What are you talking about. You told me to come out to the west balcony at 9 o'clock tonight. Wasn't it what you called for today to explain that you're going to do it?"


    Clyde's letter was opened by Kiana, who had become contemplated, with her trembling hands. Her urgent touch broke the corner of her letter.

    “This, this is not what I wrote! You don't know me like that Not anywhere else, would you like to meet at the Imperial Palace banquet?"

    “Now when you're married to someone else, you don't know who you are now! Because you were the queen, I thought I could make nobody come. That's all your font.”

    “The balcony is a great place, but no one will come!”

    “But there was no one here alone.”

    Kia I crumpled her letter and handed it over to Clyde's hand. Apparently, it was his own handwriting, horrifyingly. It seemed that she was writing in bed. Her body trembled at the shock, but she didn't have time to flirt like this.

    "I don't know how it happened, but you shouldn't be doing this."

    The moment Kiana turned her back on Clyde, her curtains flipped. Beside her curtains I saw Count Anssen's sharp eyes. In those eyes, an emotion that looked like pleasure emerged.

    Count Anssen moved before his eyes even looked at each other. The Count snatched a blank paper from Clyde's hand before he could wake up.

    "Oh dear!"

    The louder Count Ansene's loud noise, the whiter her face Kia Nae. It was a trap.

    “Your Majesty the Empress! What is this about. It's a secret meeting, I can't!”

    Like a play where roles and lines were determined, when he started talking, the nobles began to appear one by one where they came from.

    When Keana and Clyde, who were trapped on the balcony, stood still without knowing what to do, the noise of the people began to grow louder.

    "marquis! Did you even know the marquis? The relationship between my'brother' and his majesty?"

    The Marquis of Roden, who came later than the others, looked at Keana and Count Ansene alternately with a stupid face.

    Kia I closed her eyes to stop. As soon as she saw her letter, she had to eat it, but Kia I opened her eyes, and she stared as if she would kill Count Ansene. Really, everything is, it's also failed bitch had killed two liras direct compaction.

    “Counter, can you take responsibility for your words now?”

    “No, am I saying something wrong? In the letter asking for a secret meeting, you are meeting together like this. Is there any other possibility?"

    “The letter was not written by me. Sir Clyde seemed to have come to know that I wrote it, so I was explaining that I was not."

    The head of Marquis Roden alternated between Count and Keana again.

    “You have to say it makes sense!”

    “Sir Clyde, you tell me. What did I say?"

    Clyde Anssen gazes at his half-brother for a moment, who has not been able to kill him.

    He slowly opened his mouth.

    “There seems to be some misunderstanding, and he only said that you have to leave because you have to play firecrackers here.”

    “He is bullshit again. So you don't know, but you got a letter and came back? Are you crazy?"

    “Brother, I just thought it was the Empress's masterpiece.”

    "It's all nonsense! I heard them whispering here for a long time!"

    In front of the western balcony, it quickly became noisy with people doing truth workshops. Before long, the emperor and the empress appeared at the back.

    Karloy saw Clyde and Keana standing on the balcony, and heard the gossiping of people, and he got everything.

    I thought that Clyde was the one Keana was talking about, so everything was set. There was a reason why Klyde said he would inevitably remain in Croisen, where he couldn't get anything, and that Keana was so angry about the treatment of mortals.

    Kia I shook her head finely when Carlo and her eyes met. Then Yvonne, standing next to Karlois, came into her eyes. In her expressionless face, Kia I read the feelings that were certainly irritating. It was a feeling of guilt.

    She's someone with imperial stationery, Keana Naga, someone who knows she will come out to the balcony this time, and she can conspire to work with Count Ansene.

    “This is a frame.”
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    Thank you so much for the spoilers. You saved me from wasting my time on this piece of shit novel. I'm altering the ensing in my mind where the "ml" continues to suffer in regret for the rest of his life and the mc heals and moves on from him. Saved me from a shit novel just like I was saved from wasting my time on abadoned empress and I don't want to be loved. :blobhighfive::blobhighfive:
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    I just want to share this excerpt. This is the last part of Ch14(Book 4 Part 1) where they met each other again after knowing that she's Lou. Vol4 is so painful tbh. I'm actually curious if he would regret everything he's done to her this much even if she's not Lou.
    Delois' power was poor. There was not a single commander who was fine. No matter how rural this side is, it was a ridiculously poor record. At least there was a well-organized army at the gate, but even he was easily penetrated. I thought it was a trap.
    "Where the hell is the rest of the army? Where's Delois and Angsen?"
    First, he hit the front and ran to the place where the Duke of Delois was, and Carlo muttered to himself.
    "The main power must be somewhere else. You never thought you'd come in here."
    It was time for dawn to dawn after the night. It was also time for Clyde Ansen to arrive in Markia.
    "We'll see the end of Delois in a minute.”
    Carlo's words somehow sounded nervous. Asher knew that he was obsessed with the Empress. That person is that person. The one that Carlo's looking desperately for.
    He recalled his past when he wandered through Bernie and Delois lands under the orders of Carlo. Right in front of us! It was a very futile thing to do.
    As he got closer to the duke, Carlo's face grew paler and paler. Unknown anxiety chilled his blood. As I approached the castle where the duke's residence was located, the anxiety became a reality. The noise that people were making as they were rushing around was annoying.
    "I think something's going on."
    Asher said with a frown. Soldiers threatened the people coming out and let them back inside, and soldiers were fighting among themselves. Carlo knew it was typical of where the commander collapsed. His heart beat uneasily.
    People screamed and ran away, regardless of soldiers and civilians, when they saw a small number of emperor troops rushing in.
    It was too easy to overpower the place where order has collapsed inside. Because there weren't many people who wanted to fight.
    Like a collapsing tower, Delois fell helplessly.
    When they grabbed a Delois soldier and asked, he answered with trembling.
    "I don't know. Now there's a rumor going around that the Duke of Delois is dead.…It's out of control."
    Carlo and Asher looked at each other at the same time.
    "Are you sure?"
    "I don't know. One of Delois's maids said it, but it hasn't been confirmed.….”
    Carloi pulled the reins of the horse and ran madly toward the duke's house. The soldiers were busy running away when they saw some fall brutally under Carlo's sword. Asher followed suit and cleaned up the strutting things.
    When he reached the duke's residence, it was noisy enough in comparison with the entrance of the castle. The people, who were trying to run away with their luggage, ran around screaming at the sight of the soldiers.
    While Carloi's soldiers skillfully controlled the entrance and captured everyone, Carlo continued to run to the Delois Tower. Intuition. Duke of Delois or Ludon would be there. Where Delois used all his magic to protect.
    He ran so fast to the tower that Asher was left behind.
    "Your Majesty!"
    Asher shouted from behind to tell him not to go alone, but Carlo ran like crazy. The ominousness was on the verge of eating him.
    No matter how much I climbed the tower, there was nothing to see, but the gloom became even worse. And when he finally reached the top floor, Carloi could see the cause of the darkness. At the entrance of the floor, an old man who seemed to be the butler was hanging on his neck and dead.
    Behind the man, he saw a door wide open and splendidly decorated. The step toward the door became nervous. Unable to breathe, Carlo entered the room and saw a huge glass tube.
    He breathed in when he moved a little further. The bodies were scattered around the glass tube. It was blurry, but it was definitely a human body.
    Carloi ran forward. Yvonne's name came out unconsciously first. He saw a woman lying down in front of the glass tube. Holding on to his shaky leg, he managed to get close.
    His voice trembled. I could only believe it when I saw the face that was lying down. Even in my head, I can't believe what you were doing was the truth. That Yvonne Delois is Lou.
    It was ridiculous to know now. So why, why is it so visible now?
    There was a lot of blood under Lilian's body.
    "Lou……. No, no."
    He laid Lou's body on his lap. It was too small. He blocked the place where blood leaked with trembling hands. I felt like I was going to choke on my blood.
    "Lou, please wake up...…It's all my fault.”
    No matter how much he shook, she didn't open her eyes. A great sense of fear overtook Carlo. I've never been this scared in my life.
    "Lou, please..."
    Tears came out naturally. Tears fell from Carlo's eyes on Lou's pale face. Then Lou's eyelids trembled weakly. When Carloi shouted her name a few more times, her eyes opened.
    Lou whispered in a cracking voice. Carloi hugged the body and buried his face.
    Crazy bastard. I didn't know when I heard that name. Can a person go crazy because he hates himself? Carloi just wanted to die.
    "It's all my fault. Please…. Lou…….”
    "Are you right? I think it's a dream. Because you can't recognize me...….”
    It was a weak voice that one couldn't hear well.
    "You can't die like this. You should at least curse at me for being a bastard. You'd rather kill me."
    Carloi cried out, sobbing wildly. It was so horrible. I managed to accept Lou's death with all my might.
    But not long after I found out that it wasn't that, she was actually alive and even next to him, I wasn't ready to lose her again. I really couldn't stand it this time.
    "Why would I kill you?"
    Lillian took a light breath.
    "Find my mom, Carl...…. I can't see where she is. Her name is Denis.…. It hurts a lot."
    Tears flowed from the white face of Lilian, whose blood had faded. Carlo didn't know what to do and wiped the tears off his face.
    "Okay, I'll come find you. Promise me, I'll do anything. I mean…."
    Lilian's eyes kept closing, wondering if it was hard to breathe.
    There was a weak resentment on the whisper.
    "Everything you say is a lie.”
    The repeated words were more strongly expressed.
    "You've never kept a promise. Your promise with me...…. You didn't keep them all.”
    Those words scratched Carlo's chest sharply.
    "You said you'd recognize me. You told me you'd protect me. But…."
    There was water on her weak voice. Whispering sounded like crying now.
    "You didn't even trust me. You promised to believe...…. I'm going to....”
    With a desperate face, Carloi only shed tears.
    "…...I'm sorry."
    "I hate you."
    "I'm sorry, so I'd rather...… kill me. Please...….”
    Lillian, who was struggling and gasping, tore through the product with his trembling hands.
    A brooch was handed over. As soon as Carlo received it, his weak hand fell again. In the meantime, when countless scars on her arms were seen, Carlo was more suffocating.
    "I told you, I told you. I'll bring it."
    As her voice grew weaker, he eventually held a brooch, buried his face in a dry body and sobbed.
    "It's my fault, please...…. I'll keep my promise. I'll do whatever you tell me to do. I'll die if you tell me to. So no...….”
    Not knowing what was not working, Carlo only repeated that. Lillian struggled to raise her hand and stroke Carlo's cheek.
    "Yes, I'm stupid. I'm a stupid bastard. So…."
    His eyes, which were positioned on a bloodless face, closed again. Carlo called Lou's name again with a face full of fear.
    "No, wake up. No, you can't."
    "I want to rest...….”
    "No, not now. Please, just a little...….”
    Lou shook her head.
    "It hurts so much. Seriously, it hurts so much.”
    The small voice snapped. At the words, Carlo shut his mouth with a faint face. I had nothing to say about it.
    "It's so hard, Carl...….”
    Wiping away Lou's tears, Carloi bit his lips with a troubled face.
    "I can't, it hurts. Let me rest...….”
    A biting voice begging him has been stabbing and tightening Carlo's chest with guilt. He couldn't tell her to rest or not to dare to rest, so he only shed tears and repeated the same words like a child.
    "I'm sorry, I hurt you...…. I'm sorry."
    The woman in her arms shook her head weakly. And it didn't move anymore.
    Carlo whispered in a frightened voice. But the answer didn't come back.
    "No…. Lou."
    Even if he shook her lightly, the reaction did not come back. There was Lillian's blood on his hands. Looking down at the hand in disbelief, Carlo began to cry out. A cry broke out like the sound of a beast crying. No matter how much I sobbed while holding onto the thin body, there was no movement.
    I couldn't send her like this. I had to say that everything I said I hated her and wanted her to die was a lie.
    Tears flowed down constantly.
    Actually, I didn't want that even when you were Yvonne Delois. I did it because I thought what you were showing to me was a lie. I just couldn't admit it all, and I'm sorry I'm such an idiot. I should say that, but there were so many things to say, but there was no one to listen to.
    The grim tower, filled with only death, echoed by a terrible cry of a grown man.
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    Well you can really see the market they are pitching this to here. Young girls that want to believe there is some wonderful spark in the a$$hole they are smitten with or that they are only brutal to other people . BTW, this behavior gives fathers everywhere ulcers.

    What's worse is that is building up to redemption and a happy ending for the couple.

    For her solution is alimony* and living as well as she can. Likely difficult as she is no doubt horribly messed up at this point, The whole regret thing for him is B.S. A couple of months time and a woman that will stroke his ego and he will be just fine. If you want to make him feel regret take away his title as emperor and force him into serfdom. That's regret, living with something that makes him miserable not having to remember he hurt people. This SOB didn't care in the first place.
    *Absolutely court ordered not charity or pity money
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    This really is painful to read, especially knowing how much the FL went through. But yes, as the comment above said, this kind of story is geared towards a younger audience who's mostly wanting happy endings. But if you think carefully--*ehemlemmeputmygrumpyoldpersonmode* this shit is so fucking disgusting and just toxic there's nothing romantic in it. At all. Anyone that isn't blinded by sweet uwu teenage romance can see something like this shit isn't something to be romanticized. If your significant other treated you like shit, leave! And don't look back! You're better off living and loving your life alone than having to cater to someone's whims just to please the other. Oh he's regretting now? Well tough shit, who told you to be a dick? The least he could've done was show some respect, and treat her better. He can go cry and fill an ocean for eternity.

    "Actually, I didn't want that even when you were Yvonne Delois. I did it because I thought what you were showing to me was a lie. I just couldn't admit it all"
    Well tough titty you dipshit, go cry some more.
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    Keana said again, looking straight at Yvonne.

    She seemed to be the one who could take advantage of herself noticing her empress's heart, and she was the one who could use the empress also my heart. Keana knew it too late.


    Purtu Palace was overturned by an untimely scandal. I went to and from Goseong for a few days, and Carloy was overwhelmed with his bursting ears and greasy head. The nobles of the Duke sect, including Count Anssen, raised their voices saying that the empress should be deposed.

    “Your Majesty is ignoring the plain evidence!”

    "Anyone can imitate font!"

    "Yes? Then let's try to imitate the handwriting of King Gong's Empress! I mean, let's do it!"

    The time spent in this fight was so long that other matters could not be discussed.

    His letter was the problem. Even if there wasn't much push written down, it was a handshake that called an outsider at an ambitious hour. Kia I insisted to the end that I didn't use it, but few people believed it.

    Carloi agreed to exclude Kiana from her official duties and restrict access to the Imperial Palace. This was possible because Clyde had been leaving for Mach for a year, and there was no other evidence that the two had met before.

    Count Anssen testified that he had witnessed more than once seeing his younger brother, Clyde Ansene, call the empress by drool, but that was it.

    “I really didn't write that letter! I would say I'm crazy!"

    In the presence of Karlois, Duke of Dunya and Marquis of Roden, Keana strongly insisted. Carloy believed that. Keana wasn't stupid enough to do something so dangerous.

    “I don't think the Empress wrote or sent that letter either. But it seems to be between Sir Clyde and some sort, isn't it?"

    At Karloi's words, Keana silenced the answer. The face of Marquis Roden was distorted at the same time as a difficult groan came out of Alexis' mouth.

    “No way! What is it! Because my daughter loves her Majesty, she has volunteered to become empress!”

    Seeing the Marquis of Roden knowing nothing alone, Karloi sighed.

    "Now you shouldn't know the Marquis, Empress?"

    Kia I looked at her ceiling as far as she couldn't tell her truth with her own mouth. Carloy took it as a signal to speak instead.

    The Empress loves me, so she doesn't become my Empress. She has no one to be empressed, and she comes to me in a troubled car.”

    "What the hell are you talking about..."

    She said, "She will be empress and cry for me to play the peacock, so she asked me to fulfill her condition. When I was done, she asked me to help me marry my loved one."

    It was breathtaking that the Marquis couldn't even breathe, so Alexis, who was next to him, gave a tip to the attendant to call a therapist.

    "I didn't have a reason to say no. Even if it wasn't, Marquis of Roden knew you were looking for a chance to get rid of Hositamtam."

    “No, Your Majesty. I am......"

    “It’s already past, so don’t make excuses. I understand that too.”


    The marquis, who kept trying to make excuses, lightly ignored.

    “I didn't ask about him because he didn't reveal his identity, but when I think about it now, that was the time when Maha wasn't doing well in the war of conquest. I didn't know when and how the soldiers would die.”

    The Mach empire, which became stronger as the days passed, decided to conquer other continents at last, and requested reinforcements from all the continents.

    Instead, other countries, who had no desire to become prey, were willing to send troops to Croisen and Lartua, and Count Anssen sent Clyde Anssen singing a song. Of course, except for Bernie, who was also busy rebuilding my country.

    “It would have required the emperor's order to get the illegitimate child out of the army, who should listen to the state of California.”

    Marquis of Roden fell to the floor. From his mouth came only short, chopped words that he spit out in a crackling voice. If you roughly put together words, how do you tell me, it was such a sentence.

    Kia Naga slowly opened her eyes, closing her eyes with a face that gave up all of Carloy's explanations. Keana's eyes shone so blue that she looked like a crazy person.

    “Clyde came back alive faster than expected, but I don't regret it. It was impossible for her father to defeat the marriage she had decided, because it wasn't possible to be a pair like the Emperor's Majesty.”

    "No, what is that spiritsik..."

    "Huh. It's better to go into the imperial palace with my feet to marry such a stupid and ugly guy."


    When Alexis gave his attention to the attendants, the poets caught the Marquis of Roden and raised them. As Karl Roygai nodded his head, the attendants slowly began to drag the Marquis of Roden out.


    "No, Your Majesty! What is this!"

    “Marquis, it's a pity, but let the heat cool off by yourself. I'm not in a situation to let you understand and comfort you right now. The situation is not good.”

    “No, Dunya Gong, you can't do this!”

    Under Carloi's acquiescence, the Marquis of Roden was taken out of the parlor. There was a heavy atmosphere in the parlor where Marquis Roden went.

    "It's the Empress."

    It was Keana who broke the silence. All that Yvonne might be involved in this case, she couldn't even think about, and the face of Carloy was subtly hardened.

    “There is only the empress. Someone who notices between me and Clyde, uses imperial stationery, and knows my handwriting.”

    Dunyado did not immediately believe Kia my words.

    “But, your Majesty, how did the Empress notice that even Count Anssen was shutting her mouth only because of a heartache? Even the palace wouldn't have said a word to Sir Clyde.”

    “....I don't know that. But the Empress knows clearly. He even asked me if he had met Sir Clyde.”

    "What? when?"

    Carloy asked without knowing. The sound of his throat was unusual, so Dunya looked at Karloi.

    "The day I had dinner with the soldiers who returned from Mach. It seemed like someone noticed something."

    Keana did not blame Yvonne. She just looked down on Yvonne and she was pathetic. She tried how to use the empress. She ate a shot like this, so she could hit it as a draw. However, she believed in the empress as it was and could not go with it. That was the way to lose, and losing Carloy meant that the well-being of himself and Clyde was in danger.

    As Alexis was silent, as if thinking about Kia's words, Carlo I, who was sitting next to her, shook her head.

    "She has no reason for the Empress to do that."

    “Why not? She explains all this if the Empress is still the Duke's man.”

    "She is over the empress."

    “She may pretend to be over. Where's the evidence she's definitely over?"

    "I don't think she's going to do anything to be suspicious of you right now. It could be the Duke or Count Ansene."

    "It's impossible anyway without internal help!"

    Carloy bites his mouth. Yvonne's voice as she said she would be her own was vivid. There was no trace of her lies in her appearance.

    But how did she look at me with Clyde and Kia, but didn't seem surprised at all? No, the Empress is a person who has no expression of emotions.

    Meanwhile, I remembered Kia Naga, who was worried about her empress again. Apparently at that time Kea I was suspicious of Yvonne. Tens of thousands of thoughts flooded Carloy's head.

    Alexis Du Nha, who had been thinking for a while, opened his mouth.

    "Your Majesty, did the empress say you'd bring the brooch?"

    She said, "I think she knows where she is, so I'll go down to the estate and bring it."

    “In the current situation, it doesn't really matter who the Empress is on the side. Anyway, the information we handed over to the empress is a brooch. It is not too late for her to judge by seeing what the Empress does.”

    “But Dunya Gong, the Empress is definitely...”

    "I understand, Your Majesty. But there is no evidence, and the Empress is a tile that cannot be easily thrown away. You will have to take risks, but if your Majesty does well, there will be no big backlash."

    Carlos looked at Alexis referring to himself with expressionless expression.

    “Your Majesty never believes in the Empress. Don't even tell me any more information. Especially for Bernie, the only thing the empress has to do is bring a brooch.”

    She remembered Yvonne who asked her to trust her no matter what.

    “I'll start with the Empress's job. I don't think she will give up on that side until she dethrones Hwang Bi.”

    Kiana and Alexis thought the same as they looked behind the scenes of Carlo Lee leaving the parlor with the words behind.

    Carloy avoided the answer. Delua's daughter, nobody else, Karl Roy Croytan, nobody?

    Anxiety filled the hearts of the Empress and the Duke.


    A third of the medicine in the vial was gone. It was weak, but I felt pain once in my chest. Just once, the pain passed, but I was anxious. And I was getting pressed by scissors more often.

    Yvonne gazed at the teacup in front of her eyes with anxiety.

    She said, "Has the Empress been told anything about this?"

    Carloy, who was sitting across the street, asked in an insignificant manner. Yvonne lifted her hand from the teacup and looked at him.

    “Yes, not at all. You didn't always tell me that.”

    "..... I see. Why did she ask the Empress if she ever met Sir Clyde?"

    “I asked you something like that? Oh, then... I didn't ask if I met you. I asked if you knew.”

    "is that so."

    “I don’t know well, but I think I’m a famous person that everyone knows. I wondered if the emperor knew, so she asked once. She obviously knows the meaning of'she didn't write it that way. She seemed to love her Majesty the Empress very much.”

    Yvonne did not blink her eye, and laid out half the false and half the truth. She actually thought that Keana and the Emperor still had some heart. So there were some things she wasn't sure about with Clyde until she broke the trap.

    But now that her relationship with Clyde is revealed, she is even questionable. What's the relationship between the Empress and Karl Roy?

    Yvonne was speaking of her without changing her expression either while she had a complicated thought.

    “Wouldn’t it be a frame. The Empress I saw seemed to have her Majesty in her heart. Besides, she said the letter was too dry for her lover.”

    "Wouldn't it be like that in case you might be caught."

    "Are you in danger of getting caught? Then you mean that the Empress and Lord Clyde are really between them?"

    Yvonne felt a sense of suicide at herself pretending she didn't know. Although she was originally good at lying, she didn't want to tell Carloy so much.

    But she herself was struggling. She said Count Ang Sen would definitely be able to finish it if Count Ang-Sen writes unfamiliar words on her stationery, but Yvonne didn't. Luckily, thanks to that, she wasn't immediately deposed to the Empress and how she was taking her time well.

    “..... she certainly seems to be in between.”

    Carloy replied slowly. Seeing Yvonne's reaction, she didn't seem to be lying. But I also bothered her Kia Na's reaction. Carloi remembered the anxiety he had when talking about her empress.

    While Clyde and Keana could have lied that they didn't know each other, Carloi impulsively told the truth. Testing her Yvonne felt as though she was testing herself.

    <Never forget it. She promised me that she would believe.>

    She said what she thought she was then. She thought that she was a stupid request. Carloy laughed at himself at that time. She is completely wrong. It wasn't her tongue.

    “How did it go down to the estate?”

    “Even though I didn't, I sent a letter to her father. It will come down sooner or later, and soon the answer will come.”

    "i See."

    Yvonne, seeing Carloy nodding her head, raised her chest a little. Carloy believes in herself. She felt that the fact that she was one and she felt like this, unfamiliar. He believes in me.

    Oh, my heart is beating.

    She was pathetic, and her tears seemed to come out, but she endured Yvonne. She didn't know for herself why she was going to cry.

    She is a person and she feels alive when she is beating her heart. She did. Since Lilian became Yvonne, this Bonne's heart has always been beating in fear. When she was terrified, she let Yvonne's heart know that she was alive. It was a life that she felt only when she most wanted to live.

    But now she could feel her life even though she wasn't scared. When Karloy's touch touched my body, I could feel the pulse under her skin. She could hear her beating heart when she looked into her not cold eyes.

    And he believes in me. Even if you don't love me, you don't doubt me anymore. Her heart beat weakly. Maybe people call this beat as hope.

    She thought that Clyde and Keana's work would cause her to be suspicious, but he didn't ask further, and even said the relationship was real.

    She also gave the command of the Duke to take on the Empress, so we can get permission to go down to her estate sooner or later.

    Little by little, my heart swelled in hope, and the teacup in front didn't feel too scary.

    “Are you okay with your majesty? The empress is another person...”

    Karloi watched as Yvonne couldn't finish her words and blur her words.

    She seemed to think she was Yvonne and she really thought she was between Kea and she shared her heart. She is a woman who asks if she is okay in this situation.

    “I’m fine.”

    The figure reminded me of a girl who had left him alone in the cave, and he swallowed her car with pain.

    “..... because she said that the empress becomes my person.”

    Yvonne's face brightened to her insignificant additions.

    Carloy sighed without knowing it.

    Lou was the only person in his life who had been on his side without anything. He decided to trust Lou, not Yvonne. The intuition led by Lou may be stupid...

    "I'm Your Majesty's man. That alone doesn't change."

    The woman who put him to the test also spoke to him with a face that made him feel frustrated, and with a voice that made him restless. As if her young green eyes were asking you to believe

    She did.

    Delua's daughter, who thought she would never become his person, says what she wanted to hear her whole life. I felt guilty for not knowing why I was just listening to it silently.


    Carloy hasn't thought about loneliness for a long time. There were days when he was young enough to remember his memories faintly. Purtu Palace was a harshly spacious place, and he was a very small child. It was not easy for him to withstand that grand desolation without human warmth.

    He changed after meeting Lou. He knew for the first time that the tenacity aroused by a set goal erased other emotions. He didn't even have time to feel lonely. Instead of loneliness, longing took its place.

    Strangely, however, Karloi's thoughts about the desolation of this palace have become increasingly common. Holding a glass of wine, he looked out the window of the office.

    Under the darkening sky, colorful buildings are lined up. Its gorgeous and beautiful. Even Um felt uncomfortable to him, but he believed that if only brought one person here, everything would change.

    Since the goal was gone, in reality he was running toward the end, but I kept getting the illusion that it would not be the end.

    Looking at the place where the Empress's Palace was located, he habitually consumed alcohol. He used to ask why he was drinking something like this, and he was just right to endure desolation. Is this the reason why Yvonne drank alcohol?

    “I heard that the fortress alcohol increased.”

    Suddenly Asher was in the office. Carloy turned around and frowned at him. It's all about drinking one or two a day, but I think Gorten made fun of it.

    “Would Gorten let you go around?”

    Also, seeing that he only rolled his eyeballs without saying anything, he must have escaped. Considering Asher's personality, he lasted quite a while.

    Now, not even thinking of sighing, Karl Roy sat down, leaning against his chair, without giving him a pinch. When there was no rebuke, Asher twisted her body as if it was more awkward.

    “What’s not going well?”

    "......not really."

    Carloy muttered roughly with her eyes closed.

    If you think about it, Asher was like his first person after Lou. When Mach bought Asher for an enormous amount, Asher decided to offer unconditional loyalty. Because he lived a hellish life at Mach. It was the first and last time I had seen Asher cry.

    Isn't such a relationship rather comfortable? Asher has nowhere to lean on except for himself, and it is difficult for me to trust anyone other than Asher and entrust anything.

    “What do you think of the empress, ah cell?”

    "I do not know."

    "Some people you don't know."

    Asher made a remarkable distinction between hostility and favor. It was also the reason Gorten continued to follow him despite such criticism. The fact is that Gorten knows he doesn't like him.

    But is she the empress? Asher thought of a strange empress. I know something is weird, but if that doesn't mean I felt hostility, that's not it again.

    “But I didn't think I would harm your Majesty.”

    Asher pondered for a while and gave an answer, but Carloy was still closing his eyes without saying anything. Asher tried to guess Carloy's troubles, but he was too difficult.

    "Your Majesty, I ask you to see Duke Dunya."

    Gorten came into the silent office and told him. He didn't speak, but looked at Asher standing far away and frowned, but Gorten said nothing. On the other hand, Asher became an uncomfortable face.


    Asher stepped out of the corner when he saw Gorten following him.

    Asher knows how to distinguish between hostility and favor. If Gorten was the one who grunted and favored him, the Duke of Dunya was completely different. Alexis du Nha said nothing to Asher, but he didn't like him.

    “What's going on at this time without prior notice?”

    “I have something to say, so I would like you to leave your seat.”

    "Asher is okay."

    At that, Gorten quietly left the office alone.

    Alexis looked at Asher for a moment with an expressionless face, but Asher avoided his glance. Looking at it, Karloy muttered in a tired voice.

    "Whenever it happened, the ball still does that?"

    “I didn't say anything.”

    "Please tell me what to do."

    Alexis didn't relate to the fact that Karloy bought Asher from Mach without consulting him. The relationship with Mach could be dangerous, and the amount was not too high.

    In addition, shortly after he realized that it was to find a girl in the countryside, Alexis died after his younger brother died.

    Alexis, who didn't respond much even after the death of his brother, the former Empress, raised a sword that day. Then he followed the Duke of Del Lua, killed half of the Duke's limbs in Purtu, and left Karloy.

    It seemed that all the anger that Adelaide had been holding back from the day he died.

    In a memory that felt as if it were a distant past, Alexis stopped looking at Asher and met Karloy.

    “Clyde Anssen was here.”

    "You said you have something to deal with even though the work has reached this point?"

    “Strictly speaking, it seemed that I came. But...”

    “Let’s listen to what you want. What do you want?"

    “When I am done, I ask for permission to marry her Majesty the Empress.”

    “It doesn’t matter because it was a deal with the Empress anyway.”

    “And he asked me to do something myself.”

    In this situation, there's not much Clyde Anssen's job to do except to fade away. Ka she thought of Roy indifferently as he tilted his glass.

    If she wasn't lucky, she would have to call Climax and question it formally.

    Carloi was even considering her plan to send Clyde to her Mach.

    “Your Majesty knows that he has been with Count Anssen after returning from the war.”

    "I heard that it is."

    "I heard that I overheard the story of her sister Ray Di Ang Sen and Count Anssen, her maid who is enshrining her empress ....."

    Alexis spoke slowly.

    “They said she said that the empress seemed to be the duke's illegitimate child.”

    Karloi almost missed the glass he was holding. She recalled Yvonne, who replied no to his question with an expressionless face.

    “I can’t hear anything else, so I’m not sure if there is evidence, but I will definitely come to find the proof…”

    Alexis, who was talking, stretched out his words and looked at Karloy. It was suspicious not to make a fine move. She was shocked and the reaction was ambiguous.

    Alexis inadvertently turned his gaze aside and found Asher. The two's expressions were the same.

    Alexis' chest was cold. It felt like the day I left Karl Roy.

    ".....Did you know?"

    No one had an answer.

    Asher was thinking,'Look, I can't be wrong,' but she knew that she shouldn't spit that thought out of her mouth. There was that much notice. Now was the time to shut up. And it was much easier to shut up in front of the scary dunya.

    "Your Majesty, did you know?"

    “.....I had a suspicion, so I did an investigation.”

    “But to me, he didn't say a single word, even though he knew about this kind of suspicion.”

    “It's just that I didn't say it because the evidence didn't come out in the end.”

    A breathtaking silence flowed. Alexis' face was calm without any change of expression, but neither Carloi nor Asher knew it was a face that calmed anger. Because I saw the same face 10 years ago.

    This time, Alexis did not raise the sword. Glad it was. 10 years ago, Carloi was in the spirit of holding Alexis to ask her not to leave, but now Carloi had a hard time holding onto her sanity.

    “There is only one reason your Majesty is hiding something from me. Because the purpose is different from me.”

    Alexis' voice was calmer than I thought.

    “Not 10 years evangelism....... I don't know why the purpose is different from mine in this situation, but I understand.”

    "That's yours. It's no different."

    "I'm not going to tell you all of Clyde Anssen's words as you don't know what else your Majesty will hide. I'll do this on my own."

    “What are you going to do?”

    “I will tell you when something like'proof' comes out.”

    Telling me more, it seemed there was nothing to gain, and Carloi gave up neatly. In fact, it was a little more accurate to say that he was more inclined to play.

    "This story shouldn't go into the Empress's ears yet. You won't ignore this request."

    Alexis, ending his speech so cold that he felt cold, left his office without looking back. Even after Alexis left, Asher kept his mouth shut. No matter how much I think about it, she wasn't the time to open her mouth.

    Karloi just sat down, as if stuck in the place, like an ecstatic person.

    Asher thought his expression was strange. Although he was familiar with the expression, it was not the one that the person who learned that the Empress was an illegitimate child would make it. That face was the one that Asher could see when he couldn't find what Carloy wanted.

    Why the hell are you sitting like that with that expression right now?

    "...... Asher, go out a bit."

    The voice that came out after a while was no different from usual. Asher noticed and eventually left the office.

    Carloi brought the cup he was holding to his mouth. Said. It was a half-thinking behavior. As the bitter taste of the liquor flowed down his throat and he felt the cold touch, his head slowly turned back.

    Since Alexis was a believable story, he must have brought Kahe to Roy.

    <It seems that the escort driver is mistaken. Somehow he came to think of it

    Yvonne in the Entura Room was snarled. Whatever the case, she was by no means a foolish, stupid request to trust Yvonne del Lua. She couldn't. It was the most difficult request that could be made to Karlroy Croytan. At that time, you don't know why you thought it was easy.

    No, she knew it. She knows very well that she thought it was easy, she was nerdy, and she thought it was nothing because she never intended to trust Yvonne del Lua.

    Believing in Yvonne was difficult even if nothing happened, and she was close to impossible if something happened.

    If it is possible, it would be a miracle or it would mean that Carloy is out of his mind. And Carloy was scared to think that he might be going crazy.


    His head was sore, Carloi spit out a clogged groan.

    Is this vast palace, its vastness, finally driving me crazy? I was afraid of even hoping that I would rather be drunk.

    On the moonlit night, Karloy eventually headed for the palace. Was it alcoholic or serious that came to Yvonne? Carlos still couldn't tell. Alone in her office, trying to clear her thoughts, but eventually her feet came here. What's left to check, what's left to hope.

    "uh? Your Majesty, the Empress is already asleep.......”

    Mary Ann, amazed at the Emperor, who visited the Empress's Palace late at night without her message, said in an abrupt voice. But Carloy didn't care. Maryanne was worried that Yvonne would barely wake up, but fortunately the emperor silently went into the bedroom without making any noise. Mary Ann couldn't understand her English, so she wandered around in front of the bedroom.

    After entering the bedroom, Carlos couldn't even get close to the bed for a long time. He stood by the door and looked at the bed, then stepped forward. One weak light was on.

    Yvonne's body was so small that she had to go right in front of the bed to see. He sat down by him quietly, even breathing.

    She doesn't mean this girl is cheating herself. She is trying to fool herself. She was dumb and said that she would be'my person'. She was shaken by the tears and the laughter of her.

    Carloy exhaled and buried his face in his hand.

    “… . sire?"

    As she lifted her head to hear her faint voice, she saw Yvonne with her eyes open. One eye blinked several times as if she was sleeping. She soon approached her slender hand, and she touched his arm and fell in amazement at her sauce. Maybe she thought it was a dream.

    "sire? Why are you here......?"

    Yvonne got her body up from her bed and got closer.

    Carlos couldn't answer. He himself did not know the answer. It would have been nice if she hadn't opened her eyes. She looked at those pupils and she became darker.

    "What happened to you?"

    Even if I moved her mouth to answer her, it still didn't come out.

    Yvonne stretched out her hand to see where she thought it was sick to Karlroy, who kept looking at me without making a sound.

    Her little hand touched Carloy's forehead. This bond leaned towards Karloy. She was the girl she wanted to be the farthest, without any doubt, she approached easily, and she touched him easily.

    "It smells like alcohol."

    I took her hand off her forehead, but I was worried about Yvonne's eyes, who still kept her face close to him. She was looking down at that face, so she seemed to go crazy again.

    Can a person show such feelings as lies? No, he did it himself, so of course he can. Even so, there should be no problems. If Yvonne only lies to herself, she doesn't care.

    But why.


    Carloy impulsively touches Yvonne's cheeks, bringing her face closer. She said Yvonne seemed a little surprised at her, but she didn't hide.

    “Are you my person?”

    With the voice of Carloy whispering, his mouth closed. I could feel my breath. No matter how close he gets, Yvonne doesn't push him away anymore. It didn't calm Carlo Yi's frustration.

    Yvonne looked into his eyes and answered quietly again.


    It was a voice that no one could doubt.

    "......Why not avoid it?"

    "There is no reason to avoid it."

    As soon as Yvonne gave her answer, Carloi laid her on her bed. Her dim light shone on her hair scattered over her bed.

    Yvonne was unscathed as she looked up at her carloi in an instant, holding her between her arms in her arms.

    Suddenly she wondered how far she would not avoid Kaka her loy.

    Carloy's hand touched her face, and his lips came to Yvonne's. Yvonne saw the face of a painful-looking man, as if she would kiss her at any moment, and she said again.

    "I am Your Majesty's man."

    With those words that felt like her witch's spells, Karloy's lips touched Yvonne's lips. When her touch on her lips had a slight gap in Yvonne's mouth, she didn't miss it and her tongue came in. The scent of her liquor came in.

    Carloi, with her lips slightly removed, buried her face on the back of Bonne's neck as if collapsed.

    “I'd rather damage…”


    “Tell me to stop, please.”

    Carloy begged. She would have been less distressed if Yvonne despised him and she pushed him away.

    Her hesitant hand touched his hair. The owner of the hand seemed to have no intention of stopping Karlroy.


    As Carloy lifted his head, his head pulled out of his hand, and he saw a distressed face.

    "It's okay."

    At the sound of Yvonne whispering, Carloi kissed her again, as if her reason was cut off. His tongue gently intertwined with Yvonne's tongue. The feeling that people's intimate parts touched each other was dazzling. The hot thing is the breath, but the body got hot.

    As if satisfying his thirst, Karloy became rough.

    What senses in the world can be so complicated? The scent of alcohol from Karloi felt like pain. Nevertheless, even though it has a bitter scent, might the kiss be sweet?

    Yvonne gently placed my hand on his cheek without my knowledge. My breath began to run out, and the tongue of Carloy, who was groping my mouth as if I couldn't do it, went out. Her lips fell slowly.

    “Why tears…”

    Karloi wiped her tears quietly flowing from Yvonne's eyes with her hands. Yvonne was sad because the hand was so sweet that it didn't match. She wanted to say that there were times when I wiped your tears away too. Tears came because her heart was about to burst.

    "I do not know."

    Yvonne replied in her voice. Carloi kissed her wet eyes.

    “It's weird, I think your tears are real. Even if everything about you is a lie, it doesn't seem like tears..."

    Looking at the tears flowing even after wiping and wiping, Karloy muttered.

    Carloy grabbed Yvonne's arm with her hand and buried her lips on her neck. The white and thin neck seemed to break even with a little strength

    The empress, who shed tears beneath her, was also crazy. It seems that loneliness can drive people crazy. The empress, who understands him because he is lonely, and himself, does this because he is lonely.

    "Have you ever lied to me?"

    Whenever Karloy whispered, the breath made this Bonne hot. The neck and collarbone that his lips touched were hot. Yvonne couldn't bear the heat and closed her eyes.

    This palace was terribly cold, but only Karlois was hot. I felt the tears continue to flow.

    ".....It's never a lie that I'm your Majesty's person."

    As if the words you said you could see Lyrian in me were not false. Instead of saying nothing, Yvonne only shed her tears.

    “When it's all over, you'll know when it's all over.”

    Until then, a little, a little more.

    Carloi put her face down on one side and put her back on her shoulders, and buried her face in Yvonne's neck. Yvonne closed her eyes and she touched his hair.

    “.....Don't suffer. It will be over soon."

    Who doesn't want to see and be troubled by a subject that can't even cry out loud?

    Karloi resented himself, smelling the scent of Yvonne.

    He too should have killed this woman. Shouldn't she have gone away? Was it a sin for her to be confident that she couldn't have any effect on me, such as Del Lua's daughter?

    <Your Majesty just had no chance to go crazy.>

    In the end, is Delua driving him crazy? She thought it would be because of Lou if she let her go.

    But she is the daughter of Del Lua who made herself this way. With that curse, I'm going crazy now, and I'm trying to replace Lou with Delua's daughter, not anyone else.

    “You have to trust me.......”

    For one reason this hell was so wide, and for only one reason, it was funny to yearn for warmth from the woman she thought was the coldest.


    Her own name, whispered by Yvonne, shook him. Carlos once again kissed this Bonne. She carelessly closed her lips by calling his name and telling him a lie.

    She scratched her lips, making him more hungry, and he regretted it. She said she must have killed her too before she called this girl my name.

    11. The emperor cannot hate the empress (1)

    Yvonne opened her eyes at dawn, just before morning came. When she opened her eyes, she felt a heavy feeling on her body, and only saw the man's bare chest. The feeling of the thick arms holding her body was unfamiliar.

    As he put his head to sleep, he put his head to sleep, and he saw Carlroy's face with his eyes closed. When I opened my closed eyes, I was afraid that the light of regret would pass through them.

    It was the first time that it wasn't cold, so I hope that Carlo will feel that way, but... it felt like greed. Even the smallest greed, the greed that no one will notice, always brought greater misfortune, as punishment for Yvonne.

    He is suffering, and he is struggling. Perhaps it was because of the Empress's work, Yvonne guessed.

    She touched his face with her eyes, and she couldn't stand Yvonne's fear of her and she eventually closed her eyes again. How long she was closing, somewhere between the conscious and the unconscious, when the mind was rich, the man holding her could feel the body moving.

    Carloy, who had been lying still for a while while moving his body, quickly got out of bed. Before he could even relax, the touch of the blanket was felt.

    It was only after hearing the sound of Carloy leaving the bedroom that Yvonne could open her eyes. The bed she always lay alone on was empty. She said she would have gotten closer than she was before, though, she comforted her mind by herself. So another day began.

    That afternoon, the Duke's letter arrived to Yvonne. She was a letter after a long time. The contents of her letter, which she opened with her trembling hands, shattered her expectations, which she had held.

    Her content was very simple, she said Yvonne said she shouldn't come down to the estate, and she said that the Duke would soon be brought up to the capital.

    "Mary Ann, did you have any reply to Jane?"

    Mary Anne also shook her head with her anxious face.

    While the Empress and the Marquis of Roden couldn't move because of a scandal, there would be no small profits.

    But, she couldn't understand why she didn't allow it. She doesn't have time to drag more.

    "Oh, Lady Anssen said that she had a chance to visit Angshen for a while."


    She thought it was good, and Yvonne brought her letter to the fire. She feels comfortable with just one eye to watch.

    Yvonne, who had burned the Duke's letter with her handwriting fading, suddenly felt her pain, and she stopped dropping her letter in the fire. Mary Anne approached in amazement when she heard her groaning in a single blazing fire.

    "Your Majesty! Where are you sick?"

    “No, no.”

    She clearly felt a sharp pain between her chest and her mouth. She wasn't severe, but she felt dizzy in her head in pain that was hard to ignore. She wasn't a frequent symptom, but the intensity was getting worse every time.

    “Give me a glass of water.”

    As cold water ran down her throat, her dizzying head calmed down. It couldn't be a good medicine for her body.

    How can I sit so blankly, taking her breath away? As she blew her eyes and cleared her mind, she made a fuss outside. She was Asher.

    Whether her personality was urgent or not visible to her, she had come to Yvonne's office at will, before her attendants even told her. Disregarding the embarrassing Mary Ann and Yvonne, Asher spoke with a distinct accent.

    "Your Majesty sent it."


    "Ask the Duke if the answer came. Can I go down to the estate."

    It was very timely. Why would she have sent Asher that she could come in person and ask, and Yvonne was bitter alone. She was also an unintended mistake last night, and she continued to hear the heartless heart that she made.

    The closer she was, the closer people became so funny. After she touches the flesh, she is disappointed with nothing. She learned anew that the warmth of men was as terrifying as the cold of the palace.

    "Even if it wasn't, I was going to tell you... The answer came, but he told me not to come."

    “You're not letting her daughter come? why?"

    Her sword-wielding self-government Gon Sun-Hadi immediately frowned on her seemingly gentle face. Her narrowly folded eyes exudes an unusual atmosphere that is the same as the look of the Duchess.

    Yvonne found her horse to wrap around her.

    “..... she also came to the manor, and she was worried that she would be caught as an empress. I think she doesn't want to be burdened with the Empress.”

    Still, Asher's face was full of blatant doubts. Although she wasn't saying to believe anyway.

    She said, “I’m coming to the capital soon, so I’m going to ask again.”

    Her expressions unchanged despite her comments, despite her suspicion that filled her face, she was not very hostile. Yvonne looked at Asher and asked unconsciously.

    "Do you doubt me?"

    "Yeah. It doesn't make sense."

    “You think I'm planning something that will harm Your Majesty?”

    “That’s not it.”

    Yvonne looked surprised when an unexpected answer came out, but Asher responded insignificantly to her.

    “I'm not sure either. Anyway, I will tell you the words.”

    I don't know if her Majesty would believe it, but the words Asher said as she went out sharply pierced Yvonne's chest.

    Certainly, there was a limit to relying on Karloy's beliefs. If she doesn't get down to the estate quickly, Carloy won't be able to trust her as she is now.

    Yvonne took out her stationery again to write her reply to her anxiety.


    When Dunya found Carloi, Carloi was usually in thoughts with that serious face. He seemed annoyed too.

    Suddenly, her gaze, staring at her nephew's face, which felt humane, touched the ears of different colors alone.

    “Why are your ears so red?”


    "Your Majesty's ear."

    Before Alexis Dunya told us, Carloi didn't even realize the condition of her ears. After holding Yvonne, it was obvious that he had been reddened by thinking about the night, so Carloy sighed.

    She didn't even think about going to Yvonne after that, but she didn't leave in her mind, so she was of little use. The sound of breathing lightly gasping, the skin that touched her own skin, and the scent that I felt every time I buried her face. Everything in her Yvonne dominated her own five senses.

    Throughout the days her memories haunted him. I couldn't sleep at night. She said that she even felt like a brave beast herself. Are you sane who feels such a sense in this situation? She didn't regret the day, but she couldn't go to see it again.

    Ignoring Karloy, who seemed to be smashing my head at any moment, Alexis said Yong-Geon with an indifferent face.

    “The Ambassador of Lartois brought strange news. We detected suspicious military movements in Bernie at the border of Lartua.”

    “What movement?”

    "It seems that the troops that were deployed on the border of Latua are moving to another place."

    The face of Karlroy, who heard an unwelcome report, came to light. Any other place is too, too obvious.

    Since Bernie is on the border with Lartua and Croisen, it would have been obvious that if he had moved his troops on the side of Latua, he would have moved it toward the border with Croisen, rather than disbanding the army.

    That wasn't just obvious to Karloy. That was obvious to Alexis Dunya, too, and it reminded me of another fact.

    The border between Croixen and Bernie was the Delua Estate.

    “When did the dear empress go down to the province?”

    The way he spoke of the word'Dear' was strange, but no matter what anyone saw, it wasn't true. Carloy couldn't answer right away because he remembered what Asher had said a few days ago.

    It was also strange that the Duke of Del Ruas opposed his daughter's coming down. At first glance, the word "not to give me an excuse to be caught" seemed burned out, but well, when did Hans Delua care about such a trivial gaze?

    I wondered if I would leave Karloi in the capital to monitor him, but Yvonne isn't attached to him enough to watch him.

    Instead of answering, Carloi asked Alexis.

    "You mean the story that the empress is an illegitimate child. How sure is this information?"

    "I do not know."

    Alexis dubbed whether he was still dissatisfied with Karloy. Nor did he not understand such Alexis, nor did Carloi ask more.

    Anyway, if there was evidence, Alexis would have ignored Jin, or herself, and struck Empress and Delua. Seeing that he didn't, it seemed to him that he had no evidence.

    “If she was an illegitimate child… I don’t think her relationship with her peacock would be very good.”

    It was a hypothesis that came as a result of his efforts to understand Yvonne for a few days, but when he heard the hypothesis by Karl Roy, Alexis' expressionless face subtly changed.

    "You're distracting her. She suddenly said she couldn't go down to her estate, right?"

    As the expression of how he knew it appeared on Carloy's face, Alexis laughed at it.

    It was very unfamiliar to see Dunya laugh at her. That kind of slanted laughter didn't suit her as straight as a tree that couldn't bend over, but Alexis did not look like her in matters involving her Del Lua.

    “It's obvious. It's so obvious, I think I can even fit your Majesty's current thoughts. Do you think the Empress may be being threatened by the Duke?"

    As if he were reading, he lost his words and looked at Alexis.

    "Shall we talk more? Is she crying for the Empress? Or does she beg for trust?"

    Unlike Alexis' speech, which reveals blatant ridicule, his face contained remorse that did not match the ridicule. The feelings seemed heavier than he thought, and Carloy couldn't open his mouth.

    “If not, did you have a relationship?”

    There was no fortune teller. It was so creepy.

    Even if no answer was heard, Alexis exhaled a bloody breath, sweeping his face as if he knew everything.

    “If I knew it would be like this, I would rather pamper Your Majesty and make it spoiled. I would rather make me become a tyrant, but I would have poured out my love so that I would not be dragged by others.”

    “It crosses the line. You have never been dragged by Jung.”

    "You are desperate to cross the line. He said he would only use it! But what is all this?"

    Dunya's voice slightly increased.

    "Mixing your body doesn't make you your Majesty's man. Who really knows this only by telling them about it? You know when you learn."

    It seemed to me that the tone of the child was as if it were a child, but Carloy was listening silently. Now, I wasn't happy with Dunya as an adult, but he was also overwhelmed by his own confusion.

    So did he hug Yvonne? He doesn't believe in Yvonne, so if he doesn't reject him, he'll be sure he's mine?

    Maybe it was this judo that couldn't go to see Yvonne again. Mixing your body as Alexis said does not create trust.

    It would be hard to even get farther away from the mercilessly narrowed streets, but you may be avoiding that you will see this lie of Bonne again.

    "You're curious how I know. But why don't you know? They're all things I've seen from the side. They're so the same, it's going to make you goose bumps."

    Alexis' speech became increasingly intense.

    “These are all the things that the Princess of Bernie did to Her Majesty Carlos, who remained alone after the delegation had left.”

    Alexis even clenched her teeth.

    "Lartois demands herself as her hostage, the Bernie royal family scares her, and her Majesty has been bewitched with special words."

    "Aren't you tired of talking about his Vernier?"

    “Aren't your majesty alive? Why do you make me say the same thing over and over again?"


    “No, do I need to say the same thing over and over again if I heard it right the first time I spoke? I must have decided to trust Delua's daughter.”

    Even when the empress concealed the fact that she may have been her illegitimate child, Alexis did not show this level of emotion.

    “Who else do you think has seen it all? It is none other than Delua."

    Right, by this point, not only Verni, but also Del Lua should have been told.

    “I clearly contained what kind of lies the princess was telling, and Delua watched all the details of how Her Majesty Carlos fell to the lies. Did you just watch? She encouraged me to believe what the princess said.”

    The war, which sprinkles innocent blood and takes innocent lives, could have any reasonable justification for it, but the war took place for a reason that wasn't even horse-like.

    Los Croitan, who could get me by defeating Lartua, was thinking about a first strike. Hans Delua persuaded the emperor who was worried.

    After losing his mind to a nervous war with Lartua, Bernie made room for invading Croisen. It was none other than Delua who saved Croixen, who was in a dangerous state of dealing with the two countries in the blink of an eye. The very Delua that sparked the war.

    Hans Delua, the Duke of Delua Territory, who is responsible for the change in contact with Verni, seemed to be a hero of the old country, unlike the Emperor who was in love with him by defeating Verni. The emperor, who fought to kill such a Delua, was confined after going through an abdication equal to that of a devastation because of his madness.

    Alexis Dunya, who remembers all of that clearly, feels a bit dazzled every time he sees a similarly old Carloi.

    "Your Majesty, think with common sense. If Duke Delua and the Empress are in such a relationship, why wouldn't the Empress tell your Majesty? It would be faster to tell your Majesty everything and get help."


    "look. She is someone who does not even want to tell you that she is an illegitimate child. I'm struggling so hard not to leave any flaws on my father.”

    The voice of Alexis, who was showing intense anger, gradually lost strength.

    "Your Majesty, please."

    His young, angry tone sounded like he was going somewhere and making a zen-like beg.

    “This is a sincere message to me by gathering all the remaining loyalty to me. Please, don't trust Delua. Don't repeat the same history. This is my desperate request."

    Alexis worked as coldly as usual. If it were, Carloy might have responded just as coldly as usual. However, at the desperate appearance of Alexis for the first time in his life, Carloy could not ignore the words as bullshit.

    Above all, Alexis Dunya is different from Hans Delua. Even if she didn't have any bonds with Alexis, she knew she wasn't a deceit like Del Lua. Although they did not understand each other, there was a degree in common with the experience of loss.

    "...... keep in mind."

    Alexis bowed his head deeply to see if the brief answer from Karloi was reassuring. Even in that movement, the begging seemed to come out, making Carlroy's heart heavier.

    There was still a rosemary from Yvonne on his desk. The flowers are still fresh, but he got worse and worse. He is not to anyone, but to himself.


    Within a few days, Hans Delua came to the capital. Whenever he came to the capital, the man who was scratching the inside of Karloi as if he were my country didn't even go to the Imperial Palace for some reason, so he had to call him.

    "It's been a long time."

    “I stayed in the estate for a while because I wasn't feeling well.”

    It was a face I saw after a long time. His face was much thinner and sharper than before, so Karloy looked down at him as if observing. It seemed to be true that I wasn't feeling well just by looking at my face, but that didn't make me look sick again.

    “Without even attending the nobles.”

    “Dunya's overexcited, so it’s not fun anymore. I think I have to go down again. There's nothing in this capital that I want, so won't your Majesty also like what I can't see."

    His poignant tone was the same as before. He was mixing horses with Delua, who had nothing to change, and Carlo Lee's whole body was cold as if he had been struck by cold water. It was as if I was struggling in my dreams without measures and then dragged into reality.

    I am a daughter of that son of a bitch doing? What were you doing?

    While Delua wasn't in the capital, while he got used to the invisibility of his disgusting face, the thoughts of what I was doing came up with goose bumps. The unpleasant thought climbed the scruff of his neck, not his head.

    "I heard that Bernie is moving the army on the border of Lartua to another place, do you know? It would be Delois if Bernie moved the army to another place."

    The face of the old man, who was smirking at Carlroy's question, changed for a moment. Seeing that he was trying to manage his facial expression, I thought it was a fact that even Delua didn't know.

    "Well, I didn't feel that. But."

    "What did you do without knowing that you were stuck only in the estate?"

    “It may be true that it moved, but it didn't come to Delua. If Bernie had moved the army towards us, I would have known.”

    “You can pretend you don't know if you know. You have a record.”

    "But he didn't hand over the country to Verni. I don't intend to do that. Remember, it was me, not Dunya, who drove Verni out of the land."

    "I use Bernie's magic, but not mine?"

    Delua just laughed at Karlroy, who seemed to be floating. Looking at that laughter, I remembered the scales of a snake he touched as a child.

    “The magic? It seems that you are doing the homework that Dunya gives you really hard. So, do you have any evidence?”

    “If I can't find evidence, am I going to keep doing something like that? Nothing of Bernie's should be brought into this country.”

    The old peacock, who seemed to have already brought much from Bernie, laughed obliquely.

    “You know well that Bernie is a country that uses all of that as a niche, but is he going to do the wrong thing again?”

    At that, the Duke of Delua smiled and glared at Carloi.

    "Your Majesty, do not blame me. The fault of the war lies with your majesty's grandfather, not me."

    The eyes of innocence flashed like a maniac. I felt that I really thought so, and I got goosebumps.

    “Yes, yes, I encouraged and stopped talking. But the choice was up to Her Majesty Carlos. The person who is deceived is wrong."

    Unlike his biting face, he was soft as if he were speaking a poem. His head thought it was bullshit, but there was anxiety in his heart.

    Delua encouraged him, and he stopped. The choice was up to Croytan. Isn't it a very similar story to your situation?

    While the Duke of Delua was not visible, Carloi considered Yvonne only Yvonne. He did, but now he didn't understand how he could do it. That she is the daughter of Yvonne Another Lua del bastard in front of me.

    "..... why didn't you allow the empress to go down to her estate?"

    When the Duke made a look that he couldn't understand at the question he hesitated, Karlroy's heart sank.

    “What kind of spirit is it? I have never done that, but what are you talking about?”

    If you really don't know, Del Lua even frowned on her face.

    “Is she talking about what came down last time? Your Majesty allowed it at that time."

    My heart was beating so fast that I was about to swell. Carloy, staring at Delua, barely stopped talking after a while.

    “......I asked because it seems that the Empress wants to go down to the territory again.”

    "That's a problem your Majesty will allow."

    Delua's reaction to being insignificant, Karl Roy really had nothing to say.

    So what the hell is Yvonne saying? Was it a lie that she opposed Deluah's coming down?

    Her head rang. Her thoughts were ignoring her head, and Carloy said.

    "..... she wanted to do that, so she asked, because she was curious. Because there is something in the hell, I want to do that."

    “It's a big thing to miss your hometown. I would be more comfortable with Deluir, who is treated as a princess, rather than a blood-dried imperial palace."

    She spoke as if she had treated her daughter as her best. Carloi became confused as to whether it was true that her illegitimate child had been cherished.

    “But it’s surprising. Even if my daughter misses the estate of Delua, is her Majesty's great man?”

    A fishy laughter oozes into Del Lua's face, having sarcastically ended her speech.

    “Ah, did you ever get along pretty well with my daughter?”

    Her laughter that she had everything she couldn't bother.

    “I think I can finally be treated as a craftsman. We will soon see the child who inherits my blood become the emperor of this country. She will have to live a very long time.”

    “Even if I rest in the estate, the senility does not seem to be cured, right?”

    Daeku did that, but Carloy doubted that it was me that was actually senile.

    I wondered how to trust such a human daughter. It shouldn't be rationally, but...

    <It is by no means a lie that I am your Majesty's person.>

    All of Yvonne's words, her expressions, tears, and breath were vivid. Could she be so vivid that she could be a lie? Even the sensation of kissing all of that was as clear as yesterday, but it was a sensation embedded in her head and body so that even if she avoided Yvonne to forget it, or even if she did not see Yvonne, she would not forget.

    Del Lua just smiled, whether he knew what Carloy thought or not.

    “I told you. "Your Majesty had no chance to go crazy, so before you worry about my senility, you worry about your Majesty."

    Could all those senses be a red lie? Like his grandfather, could he have gone so crazy that he couldn't tell the truth from the lie?

    Carloi, who was pretending to be fine until Delua left the office, barely swallowed the weights Chimi had as soon as he left. I felt like I was sick of it.

    She met Yvonne and had to confirm her.


    Gong, who ignored Yvonne's two letters in succession, casually appeared at the palace. She looked terribly carefree, so she said Yvonne was suspicious that her letter had not arrived at her Deloitte estate.

    Looking at it, she wasn't the only duke suspicious. She said something had happened to the family, and she went to Ang Sen-ryeong. She didn't see any sign of returning to Lady Ansend, who was coming.

    “......Were you very busy? He didn’t come to the capital, and there was no answer to the letter...”

    “I once said no, why do I keep asking?”

    Despite the cautious attitude, the peacock's attitude was sharp. His face was thin, so the impression became more scary.

    Yvonne shook her hand and grabbed the hem of her chita. The peacock asked Yvonne with her prickly face as he plunged across from her.

    “Are you taking the medicine properly? The emperor was so much the same as usual."

    Yvonne blew her eyes and asked again.

    “What should have changed?”


    She was even terrified to see her smiling. She wasn't likely to tell the truth, so Yvonne decided to ask what she needed right away.

    “Can't we just see her once and come? She really only needs a moment.”

    "Why do you hit it, and why is he suddenly a Deluaryeong Taryeong?"

    There was still a smile on the peacock's mouth, but the sharp question scared even that smile.

    "Is it the emperor? That's good... I guess it's because I want to go down to the province."

    "What does it have to do with what you want to do? Why, did you get along better?"

    “.....Yes, a little. Maybe I believe a little bit.”

    Lies aren't profitable anyway, and it's obvious that the Duke knows everything. He probably knows everything he has already slept in.

    The Duke wasn't surprised if he was right what he knew. However, he observed Yvonne with her mysterious face. It was refreshing because it was a truly mysterious look. Whenever I tell you to do that.

    "Because you're crazy about loneliness, I thought that if you stubbornly shake it, you'd be shaken... But he's quite the same as I thought. Is your face a normal one? Because you resemble me."

    The peacock muttered to himself. The person I want to kill the most in the world resembles me. When I said, I felt dirty.

    But Yvonne agreed with her words before her heart. The reason young Carloy gave so much to Lyrian's little favor may be because he was lonely, she did not understand then. Because Lyrian wasn't as lonely as Karlroy.

    After she came here as Yvonne, she had a glimpse of Karloy. Wasn't that loneliness the reason I couldn't give up the expectation that Carloy would recognize me even though I thought there was no hope at all?

    Yvonne asked impulsively, seeing the peacock sitting in front of him, which was likely to be bloody.
    “Aren’t you lonely, the Duke?”

    She looked at Yvonne, a man who wasn't likely to have loved anyone in her life, the only daughter she loved, and who was crazy about one goal. She thought she was going to get angry, but she said nothing unexpectedly, with a small expression. The finger hitting my knee stopped, and Duke's mouth opened.

    “It's something that only those who have the time to feel it. I'm busy with no way to do that.”

    It was surprising that they answered, but the content of the answer itself was not surprising. I don't think a person who doesn't need someone will be able to love others, so it's probably a natural answer, and the water himself was a fool.

    “Keep in the capital. When you get along, you don't have to go far. Your mother is fine, so get rid of unnecessary worries."


    "I'll let you see soon, so wait."


    “I will bring your mother to the capital, so you told me to wait here silently. Is there any reason not to do that?”


    The answer was, but her head was complicated. Capital? How the hell do you mean bringing Denise to the capital? If that was possible, why didn't you do that so far?

    With overflowing questions, Yvonne repeatedly opened and closed her mouth. The peacock shook his hand as if annoying.

    “So I'll have to hold on to it until I come back to the capital. I finished all of those drugs quickly."

    Yvonne nodded her roughly. After Lady Ansen descended to Ang Sen-ryeong, her medicines did not decrease. She has no one to watch anyway, so she wants to be okay, so the maid Eli also stopped taking her pills.

    She had no desire to take more of that strange medicine. Glad she was. She didn't even know what to do with her hair if she drank a little more.

    “You just follow my words, and you're holding on here. Then I can see your mother. Sooner or later.”

    The Duke stood up to see if everything had to be said. I couldn't think of any more words to hold onto, so I was staring at the back of the peacock on the way out, and I heard the voice of the attendant telling me that Carloi had come.

    Yvonde crushed her lips in her impatience. I can't even see myself, but at the end of the day, did I come at this time?

    Carloy's face hardened when he met the outgoing peacock. I didn't know why Yvonne's heart hurt with that expression.

    Because Carloy hasn't been looking for her for days? How many scorpions I put in courage because Carloy ignores all of them? Looking at himself over the peacock Because your eyes are just as cold as before?

    “I told you I had to go down to the estate and haven't you gone yet?”

    "When you go, even if you go, you have to look at the blood and flesh."

    The peacock pretended to be friendly with an unknown smile. The smile distorted Karlroy's face, feeling unpleasantly familiar. I had seen that expression. It was the smile that a human who had pretended to be kind all the time when he was a child, before kidnapping him.

    The Duke greeted him and stepped back first before Karloy could put more of his words on Moore. As the Duke went out, Karloy's gaze reached Yvonne. Yvonne kills her anxious mind, and she does not hide his eyes. It's still okay. And repeating.

    Carloy, who wasn't even seated, asked thoughtlessly.

    "What did the peacock say?"

    His speech was blunt.

    “Oh, there wasn't much to say... and he asked again if he could go down to the estate.”

    “What did you say?”

    "I can't... I think you want me to be next to your majesty."

    Carloy didn't ask more, nor was he puzzled. I just kept staring at Yvonne. His eyes, not knowing what he was thinking, made Yvonne more anxious. He came to her bedroom and ran to Yvonne, and he seemed to disappear without a trace.

    “But I will definitely ask again. You will be able to go down. If it doesn't work, you can go down once

    “Can you ever see the letter? The Duke answered that he did not accept it."

    It was an unexpected question. Not knowing the intention of her question, Yvonne raised her head in a daze.

    "No. I don't have it... I throw it away..."

    The Duke's letter was always burned out. Usually the font disappeared by itself, but the Duke was so thorough and wanted to burn it all.

    Seeing Karloy without an answer, he felt the need to explain further.

    "Oh, it's a habit to read and throw away..."

    Carloy's face still remained unchanged. Yvonne was unnaturally continuing to speak to her alone because it was hard to know what she was thinking.

    “Or shall I write again?”

    “No, it’s okay.”

    Karl Roy's short answer, which sounded so sharp that it was so neat, made her heart beat anxious. He knew he would follow the horse, but Carloi was still silent. She was looking at Yvonne but didn't seem to be looking.

    "If you haven't done dinner yet..."

    "No. I'm a little busy."

    Even with the words I tried hard, I heard a knife-like rejection. Seeing Karloy, who had become a completely different person from that night, Yvonne lost her words. She doesn't know what she knows, but she knows that this situation is weird.

    She was so close that she couldn't get close anymore, so she got close and spent the night where she shared her breath. Is it possible to get away again in an instant like this?

    Carloy turned around saying he would stop going.


    It was an impulse that urged Karlroy to leave.

    "Why is that night..."

    He couldn't ask why he hugged himself. However, Carloy stopped walking to see if he understood it.

    “That day... I think I was too drunk. Sorry."

    Words of sorry scratched his chest. While answering, I was blinded by the appearance of Carlroy who did not look back until the end.

    Look at this, I thought it would be. I would have been able to ignore this kind of treatment if it had been in the past. With no expectations, she wouldn't have been so unfair and sad. He ignored my words not to be good to him, narrowed the distance, weakened himself, and then voluntarily.

    Yvonne barely escaped her feelings of depression, as she thought that if she cried, she wouldn't do it.

    I didn't expect Karloy to trust him without any doubts. All you have to do is find something to do.

    However, no matter how much she pledged, her legs continued to loosen, so Yvonne was forced to sit in her chair as if to fall.


    Her body still often hurt. Karloi never visited Yvonne in the next seven days. Far from finding, she had no answer to her message. She seemed not to come out of her palace. Seeing that Alexis Dunya also lives in her emperor's palace, it seemed like something would happen to her.

    It was still the same as before the storm. Delua was quiet after returning to the estate, and Lady Anssen still did not come. Their absence made this quiet tranquility even more terrifying. Lady Ruen felt the same, and her face got darker as the days passed.

    Yvonne went out to the garden after a long time. Certainly she thought that after she got close to Carlo and her, she never wandered as if she was a person with no foot anywhere, she thought.

    She quietly spoke to her next to Mary Anne.

    She said, "Isn't it dangerous? Maybe you even suspect the Emperor's Majesty..."

    “No, half expected. However, it seems that she should go down to the manor, but there is no breakthrough unless she does. No contact from Jane?"

    Mary Ann shook her head with her crying face. All. It's been a while since she sent her letter to her daughter, and she still, she gave no answer.

    “What about Lady Anssen?”

    She said, “It has already been several days from the date she returned, and she is not coming. I really want to see what's going on.”

    “Even if I depart now, it would take quite a while to get to the capital.”

    “Elie didn't have any other instructions. She said it doesn't seem like she's entrusted anyone to watch for her... "

    Things were going very strangely. The Duke immediately descended to Delua as if he had hidden something again.

    It was clear that something had happened in the estate. So don't let it come. What seems to be happening in Ansene.


    As Yvonne began her speech in a slow tone, Mary Ann listened closely.

    She said, "Tell Ellie to throw away all of the medicine in the vial. Even if Lady Anssen comes back anyway, she won't be able to tell if she drank or threw it away."

    “But you don't know if Lady Anssen really put the watch on or not. What if she comes back and something big happens.”

    “I have to send Ellie to her hometown.”


    "If you come back and can't find it, it's okay. Anyway, I can't miss this opportunity without Ansene. I don't want Ellie to remain here for no reason."

    If things went well, she asked Carloy to get it out, but now that's less likely. She's fortunate if she can only see herself or her eyes in the current situation. Still, she was able to send Ellie down to her An Seine.

    “Give me some money, and let me out of the palace. I gave it to some of the gemstones that I have kept, and once I met her family, it would be enough to be damaged.”


    “If this is the case, you should go out right now, when the day is bright, because you don’t buy any doubts.”

    “Yes, I will export it right now. Something..... strange. I feel anxious. I think something will happen.”

    Mary Ann opened her mouth again, looking at Yvonne's gaze, sitting in her thoughts.

    "Do you have any guesswork?"

    "......I do not know."

    While her agile sensations offered some possibilities, Yvonne shook her head. surely. Was the Duke of Delua crazy enough to use that number? It's too reckless.

    “I must see your Majesty first tomorrow.”

    “But……you keep avoiding it.”

    "I can't help it. I have to go in to stop it."

    Slightly seeing Yvonne speaking with her trumpy determination, Mary Anne also nodded her head in her crouching.

    "I'll come after Ellie first."

    Yvonne pondered what to do in the future until Mary Anne returned. Once she announces that the Duke of Del Lua is somehow suspicious, she has to ask for someone to send him down to the Del Lua estate if she doesn't believe in herself.

    As she sits still, she hears popularity in front of her. She doesn't have Mary Ann, but she looks up to see why she feels popular, and she has Asher. First of all, Asher stared at Yvonne without talking about the subject that broke into her space.


    It was Yvonne who asked first, unable to withstand her uncomfortable gaze. But Asher tilted her head.


    “Why did you come here?”

    "I didn't find it, but I saw it while walking around."

    It was the answer that was running out of steam. Carloy's lieutenant, does he have time to go around the palace like that?

    Whether it was a lie to say that he had not come, Asher stared at Yvonne and was ready to go again.

    “Oh, your Majesty doesn’t believe it?”

    Then ask the question of selling people like that, whether on the way they were going. Yvonne turned her attention to Asher because she was nasty, without answering anything.

    "Why the hell do you keep lying?"

    "I never did that."

    "Wow, I do it again. I don't believe it because of that. Your Majesty is really awful once you doubt."

    Yvonne glared at the ruthless knight without an answer, but Asher did not give in and said what I had to say.

    "I'm never wrong. I'm not smart, but I don't feel wrong. You're really weird."

    "so? What does that great intuition say that bothers people so much?"

    “I'm lying, but there's nothing I can't believe...”

    Yvonne sighed at her collapse. It wasn't what Asher thought was important. The important thing is Carlo.

    As he felt strong that he would not deal with him, Asher didn't say anything more. But Asher looked at Yvonne even when she left her seat.

    Originally, he was a person who couldn't stand his curiosity, and he was a person who couldn't stand things that he couldn't understand with his common sense. His curiosity toward Yvonne was not answered, so he was frustrated.

    The empress who seems to be a lie in everything he does is suspicious, but the most essential thing is a person who does not seem to be false. To say that he became a person of Karl Roy was not a lie, so it was strange himself, and Asher tilted his head until the end.

    After confirming that Asher had disappeared completely, Yvonne exhaled a long breath. Carloy didn't believe me so much that I could feel it in the eyes of others. Even though the wind didn't blow, it was strangely cold. It felt like the bleak wind was passing through myself endlessly.

    In the midst of being overwhelmed with suspicion of yourself, what can you persuade Karloy? There is only one thing that I have lost, but even he can't show it all.

    Mary Ann returned as she fell in love without limit.

    “I went out safely. But your Majesty, the atmosphere is a little weird.”


    “The number of soldiers guarding the gates and walls increased by boat. The checkpoint seems to have gotten a bit worse, and it would have been bad if I had tried to go out at night as your Majesty said.”

    The defense would not have been strengthened for no reason. Yvonne put his hands on his anxious heart, feeling uneasy and nervous.

    "why? Where are you sick again?"

    “Oh, no. Like that."

    “Aren’t you supposed to go in now? You have been there too long.”

    "It just feels more frustrating when I go in."

    Seeing Yvonne speaking stubbornly, Mary Anne went behind her as if giving up. She understood her heart to be upset.

    I wanted to go in after a little more, but the surroundings were getting dark. She looked at the color-changed sky, and Mary Anne sneaked a slit cough, but Yvonne didn't think about getting in.

    No, she doesn't even know if she's thinking of something. She had no expression on her face above her small body sitting without motion. Now, really wanting to dry, she saw an In-young running through her darkness the moment Mary Ann opened her mouth.

    "Lady Ruen?"

    Instead of talking to Yvonne, Maryanne muttered as if surprised. Yvonne raised her head and saw Lady Ruen running with a contemplative face.


    At the same time, at night, Carloy was talking with Alexis Dunya. Surprised by the awakening of the story, Gorten couldn't do anything with her trembling hands and listened silently by her side.

    “I prepared the military as you commanded it. The defense of the castle was also strengthened to the highest level. I told the nobles about what they might not know."

    "What about the Delua estate?"

    “There are signs of the movement of the soldiers, but I think it could be that your Majesty brought up the story of Bernie's army. Originally, if Verni moved, then Delua moved.”

    “Other than that?”

    “Otherwise, it's quiet. If there is any change, you will be contacted. By the way... are you sure? Delua calms down.”

    Alexis took a breath. This is because it was a difficult word to say.

    "Do you think you're going to revolt?"

    There was doubt in the question. The doubts were also understood by Carloy.

    The Duke of Delua wanted to revolt. If so, it would have been a long time ago. When the force is stronger, when the force is stronger. However, Duke Delua's desire to swallow Croixen more completely prevented the choice.

    If it is difficult to predict victory, he should not revolt any more. The civil war wasn't a very good option for either Carloy or Delua. But the last time I saw Deluah's face, it didn't look like a person with such rational thoughts. He was thin, and his eyes only glowed blue, and he looked like a crazy person.

    Besides, a laugh that seems to have that kind of thing. He used to do reckless things at times. For example, kidnapping the Great Imperial Family. At that time, it was a young successor that he stole from Croytan, but now what is he trying to steal? Carloy couldn't think of an answer to that question other than'country'.

    "Other than that, the actions of the Duke of Delua are inexplicable. It's been quite a while since Count Ansène hasn't even been made up to the capital. Other dukes aristocrats disappeared from the capital two days ago.

    “In the first place, other nobles did not stay in the capital for that long. Delua had an unusual feeling.”

    “There is nothing bad about being careful. Even if it's not a rebellion, I'm sure you're up with something.”

    “But planning something like a rebellion... leaving the empress in the capital. It makes no sense.”

    When Yvonne was mentioned, the expressionless face of Karloi quickly changed. He wasn't pleased with Alexis for his unpleasant-looking, stuffy-looking face, but he decided to be content with that Karloi wasn't as close to Yvonne as he used to be.

    “Now it’s about here, don’t you even tell me? How do Count Ansene and Ray D. Ansene know that the Empress is an illegitimate child?"

    Alexis seemed to worry for a moment, then opened his mouth.

    “Do you remember the predecessor Count Anssen?”

    “That old old man. Didn't he write down what piece of paper he carries every day? He must have written my name several times.”

    “An old age… I was just a little peculiar person. I just wrote a whole diary, a little obsessive.”

    Dunya replied, as if scolding Karlroy, who calls the nobles as old men. Alexis thought that he might say that he is a senile old man.

    “Anyway, the predecessor Count Ansene was close to the Duke of Del Lua in his lifetime, so he had seen Del Lua's daughter often, and in his diary, he said that the daughter did not resemble Del Lua at all.”

    “Not a single place?”

    “Even hair color and eye tone difference. He said he resembled a princess. Clyde Anssen decided to somehow find the evidence at Anger and bring it back, but in the end he couldn't find it.”

    “Where is Clyde Anssen now?”

    “I have provided a place to stay, but I am still asking to meet the empress.”

    "Who do you meet in this situation?"

    “I keep ignoring the request, but it seems like it would be nice to have such a person in case of any situation.”

    “I want to hear from him in person.”

    “I'll call it tomorrow.”

    “But if the appearance was so different, then, would you have known?”

    “The memory of the predecessor Count Anssen is more accurate than I saw when I was very young.”

    “I didn't say that Delua didn't have many women.”

    "Your Majesty, just because there was no scandal, there was no relationship. I can't say it can't be determined. You could have seen a child in any woman."

    Karloi sighed as he rubbed the temple. I really don't know. He now has no idea of this Bonne. No, when I knew it was right.

    "She's also a strange empress."


    In fact, there weren't one or two oddities about Yvonne, but Carlos pretended not to ask.

    She would say that if the Empress was truly Her Majesty's man, she would have spoken right away from her birth. She would have been a weapon to attack the peacock. But she boasted about going down to the estate... . "

    Carloy also thought about it, but he had nothing to say back. In fact, because he wasn't sure of anything about this bond now, her feelings, thoughts, and anything else about Yvonne were not organized.

    The conversation was cut off, and a sound was heard outside the office where there was silence. Gorten, who couldn't breathe and just listened to the conversation, woke up and went out of his hustle and bustle. After a while, Gorten came in with a letter with a pale face.

    "This is a message sent by Jeon Seo-gu in a hurry."


    “This is a Markia change bag.”

    If Delua was in contact with Verni, then Marcia, next to Delua, was the border with Mach territory. Louisa Rutin, who was a mid-centre, was the one who joined when Alexis Dunya returned to politics.

    As he was reading the letter that Gorten handed over, Karloy's face was distorted.

    “Dunya, it is said that Del Lua moved his private soldiers to the border with Marcia and declared a military revolt.”

    “No, how suddenly…”

    Even if I prepared it, it was still hard to believe. In an instant, tension flowed into the office.

    Did Yvonne know that the Duke was going to revolt, or she didn't.

    Even in this situation, as Yvonne squeezed her head in, Carloy crumpled her letter out of her hand.

    “My madness is getting worse and I'm talking that I have to give up the Emperor, but when the morning is bright, it will spread to the capital.”

    "You mean madness? What kind of ridiculous words, just because there is no evidence..."

    "First, inform the nobles, including Marquis of Roden, and convene immediately."

    "We will also contact Latua."

    “Thank you for having Clyde Anssen. Go to him and tell him. Go to Mach right now and get the reinforcements.”


    “Because Mach is favorable to him, he will do it easier than others. If you ever get into this gap and move to Verny, it's dangerous as it is.”


    At Carloi's instructions, Alexis and Gorten were busy moving and giving orders. With a sore throat from tension and thirst, Carloy drank roughly from the water on the desk.

    When Carloy got up from his seat and tried to move, he opened the door of the office, which had been half-open, and the guard came in. The commander of the guard opened his mouth with a serious face, not giving attention to those who were surprised by the modest position.

    "Your Majesty, I think you should go to the city gate right now."

    “What is it?”

    The captain of the guard pondered with a very distressed face, as if finding an appropriate word.

    “Your Majesty the Empress…”

    The atmosphere in the office was sharpened by the mention of the person who could be the most problematic in this situation. The guard took his breath while talking to the face of Karlroy, who would not be surprised even if he had cut the neck of about twelve people right now.

    “I was caught sneaking out of the castle with the maids. You are currently being held at the gates. I know it's strict, but it doesn't look like a simple outing...”

    The glass shattered in Karlroy's hand, terrifying to the end, and the pieces fell to the floor with drops of blood.


    Lady Ruen swears that she didn't want to take on such a dangerous job. However, if one should remain in the capital and be next to the empress, the meal of Mehosh's own work, not the honor of the precious Ansenga, should remain.

    It is natural for him to bear the great risk, and Luenga of Mehosh was the loyal vassette and servant of Ansene from generation to generation.

    Until this day came, there was no big dissatisfaction with that fact. Although Lady Anssen was often cocky, he wasn't bothered. Ansenga, the 4th generation family, was good compared to the prestige of that family. Considering its prestige, it was rather strange that it was not imperious.

    It was a pleasure to behave well as Lady Anssen's mischief and become a maid of the Empress. Numerous children of nobles, who were older than Ruenga, could not ignore herself, the Empress's maid.

    Will it be just fun? It was easy in the world to keep the Empress Hu and Lady Anssen by the side of her father and brothers in Meho Si-ryeong. If I just get the two girls off the hook, all the other girls get along with me, so I get more. No, I thought so.

    But in the end, when this situation comes, only me is ruined. Gabrielle Ruen continued to bite his nails in his anxiety.

    “No, you have to calm down and tell yourself what to do. What do you mean, you have to go to your own city gate.”

    Yvonne, who entered the bedroom of the Empress's Palace from the garden in a fuss with Lady Ruen, asked sternly.

    Count Ansène told Ruen, she said that this day she had to go out to the city gates late at night before dawn with the empress. I spent a lot of time packing the Empress's luggage at the Empress Palace because it should appear to be floating in the capital. There is not much time left.

    Ruen was a little annoyed, and with an urgent hand, she put on a coat to this Bond and spoke.

    “I told you. Duke Delua said he had something to deliver at the gate. He says he can't come in more than that because of the eyes he sees.”

    “You must not sneak out to the city gate at this time. What the hell is this doing now?"

    “I can go secretly. You said that the peacock will do it all for you. And I really just have to get the delivery and come back."

    “What is this baggage?”

    "It's a few gold coins with my luggage to be sent to the estate. They told me to exchange them. They said they needed gold coins because they were doing a risky job."

    Lady Ruen, who answered dryly, now urges Mary Ann. But she stared at Lady Ruen with her stern face without Mary Ann giving her a nod. With her anxious sigh, Ruen took out a piece of paper from Count Anssen's clothes to prepare for this.

    “It's the Duke's letter.”

    “Why does my father write a letter to Lady Ruen, not me?”

    "It was sent to my father through Count Ensene. I got it today. I told the empress last time."

    Yvonne skimmed her letter. It was a short content that must come out through the gates on a fixed date and time.

    Ruen asked, putting her hand on her waist.

    "Right? It’s the Duke’s handwritten letter?"

    Yvonne nodded her head slightly and handed her letter back to Ruen, and the face of Mary Ann standing next to her changed seriously. This Bond nodded her head once again, looking at her Mary Anne's look as if she was asking if she really was.

    “The reason is not written.”

    "The Empress said he knew it."

    Yvonne scoured her memories while Ruen again nervously took care of her Mary Anne's outerwear. What does the peacock have to convey? Something came to the mind of Yvonne, who had been thinking for a while.

    Was this the saying she made de Nice, de Nice visible in the capital? Other than this, the Duke did not mention anything else.

    If he really brought Denis to the capital, he had to go to the city gate right now. Yvonne opened her outerwear with her trembling hands.

    “My father has everything ready, you said so?”

    "Yeah. He said that if you just receive it, it will take care of everything. If you put it in the palace, they come to solve it soon.”

    The answer was taken out as he practiced, but Ruen was puzzled inside. As Count Ansene told her, she was curious to see the Empress really move against Ye.

    When she was persuaded by the empress, Mary Anne also began to move slowly. Yvonne whispered something to Mary Ann, inaudible to Ruen, and she heard that, and her mind seemed to change.

    Leading her way, Ruen continued to swallow her saliva. It was spontaneously drawn to her tension. Thinking of her father and brothers, who would be with Count Ansene, Lady Ruen often turned behind her and stared at the empress anxiously. I don't know what the hell her empress is thinking of, but she looks strangely excited about the empress.

    Ruen hastened her steps and sighed. Wouldn't it be good to ride her rope? She said that in this situation she left only herself in her imperial palace. She was also responsible for her life as she was left with herself.

    She's got to cry and beg for alive, yeah, that stupid Lady Anssen can't do this.

    Ruenyi grinds this, she continued to think. Don't worry about his father, he never dies.

    Go, he said he was ready to get out of the imperial palace, but how do you know. Is it normal to leave the back management to yourself like this?

    When I went on the road as instructed in advance, I could easily get away from the palace because no one was blocking the road. The distance to the castle gate was a little, but there were no horses, so I had to walk for a while.

    "I think I'm almost there."

    Ruen whispered as he saw the gates and guards in the distance. Yvonne and Maryanne opened more coats and covered their heads.

    Her heart trembled at the thought that soon she might be able to meet De Nice, so Yvonne grabbed her Mary Anne's hand tightly.

    She said, “I told you to come out here…”

    Ruen mumbled as if to listen, turning her head back and forth. She said it's time for her to get caught. Eyes met Ruen, who was busy turning her head, and a soldier in the dark. Ruen instinctively recognized it. The soldier that he was planted b.

    I saw a soldier whispering to someone next to me, and soon someone shouted.

    “No, wait a minute!”

    Yvonne tried to speak to her because it was her moore, but Ruen took Napda Yvonne's hand and started running towards her gates. Surprised Yvonne was dragged along.

    “I have to run fast!”

    This skit she was doing while running was ridiculous, and Ruen heard her collapse.

    Not surprisingly, shortly after running they were surrounded by soldiers. Even Ruen felt Yvonne trembling because of the soldiers shouting who she was and to reveal her appearance. Ruen whispered quietly.

    “....I'll do it all on my own. Your Majesty is still there.”

    Maybe even if you don’t want to, you’ll be still,


    Yvonne could not comprehend a single series of situations that took place in the middle of the night. She said she confidently said as if Ruen had a corner she believed, she wanted to see how she could be released and what she was, she was detained at the gates.

    In the middle of the night, a soldier who confirmed that the person who tried to leave the city gate was the empress was confused and called the guard, but he could not come up with a particularly good way. When Ruen said that he wasn't going to leave the city gate, and Yvonne made a poor explanation, he told him to wait here and left.

    It wasn't funny. She is after the emperor of the country, and she says that she is still apparently a dear daughter of the peacock, and she cannot sit down and must stand among her soldiers. Besides, Denis may have been waiting outside the gates. She can't stay tied up here.

    “How long do I have to wait here? She wasn't really going out. I would have said many times that she did it because she had something to receive.”

    No matter how much he was detained, the empress was empress, and the soldiers gently noticed. In this way, if they made a mistake, would her neck be blown away? However, I noticed again, and what was suspicious was suspicious.

    "I'm really sorry. sire. Once the guard comes back...”

    "Can't you believe me?"

    "Well, if you weren't going to leave the capital, why don't you pack..."

    “Leave the capital? why me?"

    What surprised Yvonne's question was that her soldiers gave and received meaningful glances.

    Yvonne frowned on her and looked after her Mary Anne. She didn't understand why she thought she was leaving the capital. But she couldn't help her as Mary Anne got her earl missing as her Mary Anne.

    "Your Majesty, if so, can I check the luggage?"

    Yvonne nodded her head. When she left the capital, Mani seemed to be better off showing the inside of her bag rather than buying strange doubts. I'm sure there are Pee Lady Ruen's stuff and some gold coins anyway.

    With Yvonne's permission, several of her soldiers opened their bags and lifted them upside down. Yvonne's jewels and countless gold coins, gemstones, and clothes fell from her bag. It was the burden of people who had gone far away.

    The soldiers who held the luggage upside down lost their words and looked down at the floor.

    "Why is this..."

    Yvonne looked at Ruen, who was so embarrassed that her voice couldn't come out properly. Ruen looked away from Yvonne's gaze and looked at other places with her stubborn face.

    In her Yvonne ear, standing in her helplessness, she heard her voice that she never wanted to hear at this moment.

    “What is it?”

    It was Carlos. There was no mountain beyond the mountain. The soldiers opened the way when they saw Karloy appear with Alexis Dunya.

    Yvonne's objects are pouring out on her floor, and Yvonne is standing with her inconspicuous clothes puffed up. Carloy's face, looking over Yvonne, was still like that. Her chest sat down, thinking she had nothing more to sit down.

    She thought she had to say anything, but she was so embarrassed that Carloy's face was so scared that her mouth could not be opened. Carloi seemed to be able to poke Yvonne just with her gaze.

    "In the middle of the night."

    Carloy's voice was overly calm and calm, choking him.

    "Where did you intend to go."

    All the soldiers stepped back in the overbearing atmosphere of Karl Roy flowing just by standing still.

    "Where did you try to run away?"

    "Yes? No."

    In such a suspicious situation, her voice trembled and there was nothing good, but the words came out in a shaky voice.

    Yvonne's body trembled at her nonsense, her runaway.

    Yvonne was urgently speaking to her face, which could not find one of her human expressions.

    “No, your Majesty. She wasn't trying to run away.......”

    She was before Yvonne even finished her words with her stick.

    “Kill it, Your Majesty!”

    Suddenly Lady Ruen leaned on the floor and began to pray for her hand in tears.

    “I should have dried your Majesty more, but because your Majesty's stubbornness..... I was guilty of dying!”

    I couldn't understand what the heck Ruen was talking about. She said Mary Anne said what the hell she was talking about and she was embarrassed and she dried up Ruen, but she cried, Ruen kept crying.

    Carloi didn't give her a single glance to Ruen, but kept looking at Yvonne.

    "Aren't you trying to run away?"

    Hearing her quiet voice and soft speech seemed to soothe. However, the atmosphere of the words was not so.

    He knew the tone well. It was the tone of Karlois who treated Yvonne when he first entered the palace.

    Yvonne barely took her gaze away from Ruen and stuttered her words.

    "No, I wasn't trying to run away, but suddenly Lady Ruen had to go to the city gate..."

    "I mean, why?"

    "Lady Ruen said she has something to tell her father. Ask Lady Ruen. Really, Your Majesty."

    "The duke said he had something to tell....."

    As Yvonne finished her words, she felt her terrifyingly subsided mood on her skin. Her thin ice plate seemed to be no less breathtaking. She couldn't open her mouth because of the atmosphere of Alexis Joe Cha-Carloy.


    Karloi called Yvonne. As if Yvon de's name had never been called, as if he didn't know.

    I don't know if you know that the Duke revolted in his estate."

    Shocked Yvonne heard her breath in. However, I couldn't stand the sound of Carloy, because Chi was trembling. How much she deceives herself, and she pretends that she doesn't know until this moment.

    Alexis du Nha, who was trying to call Karloy, saw the cold face of Karloi and bite his mouth again. Everyone held their breath waiting for Karloy's command.

    Now looking at Yvonne shaking her head as she turned pale without speaking, Carloy slowly opened her mouth.

    “........ take her empress to her empress's palace.”


    In a voice that couldn't be heard, Yvonne whispered to him, but Carlo pretended not to hear her.

    "She doesn't let the empress move one step in her palace."

    Having finished his words, Carloi turned back without regret.

    Yvonne, who had not yet adapted to all this sudden, could not even call him.

    As Alexis Dunya glanced, the staggering soldiers approached Yvonne and Maryanne.


    Alexis came to Yvonne.

    “The situation is not good. Your Majesty's father, Duke Delua, raised a military force, and your Majesty was caught trying to escape the castle in the middle of the night.”


    "I think."

    Alexis lightly interrupted Yvonne.

    "It would be good for your majesty to return to the palace and prepare carefully. Be prepared to speak honestly about everything you know. The information provided by the empress will determine whether or not to take into account."

    Yvonne, whose legs were swaying, was held firmly by her soldiers.

    “And never think about what to do with Your Majesty the Emperor. The emperor had already promised me long ago that he would leave the disposition of the empress to me."

    Yvonne was taken to the palace of the empress without thinking of rebellion, struck by Dunya's cold words.


    The situation was so sudden that not so many nobles gathered. There were quite a few nobles down the estate. After sending a connection to the nobles staying in the estate, several nobles, including Dunya and Roden, gathered at Karloi and the Imperial Palace.

    "I will drive the military and push into the capital, so you have to stop it from below."

    “No, but does this make sense? What the hell is your Majesty's madness? No matter how much the cause is made up, is this a bright red lie going through?”

    The Marquis of Roden burst into anger, and the facial expressions of several others subtly changed. I quickly noticed the expression.

    "Have you ever heard anything?"

    "Oh, that's..."

    One of the nobles noticed and opened his mouth carefully. The nobleman was the last to join Carloi.

    "Well, it's no big deal.... Is your Majesty a sleep disease?"

    "What bullshit is that!"

    "No, that's why I didn't believe it either. There are rumors that your Majesty roams the Imperial Palace crying at night.... But it's not the same as your Majesty Carlos."

    "No matter who sees it, it's no shame!"

    “Oh, that’s why I didn’t believe it.”

    While one of the nobles hesitated and spoke, Alexis Dunya gleefully glanced at Carloy's face. It didn't seem like it was a sound that the expression had become obscure at all. For example, even if it wasn't sleepwalking, I would say that there was at least one time that I had walked around the Imperial Palace crying at night.

    But who would tell Delua that story? Dunya sighed. Yes, Del Lua can't do this all of a sudden. He must have worked underneath the capital, but it was his fault that he did not know.

    "Please tell me in detail."

    “No, I don't know well either. When I heard it, I thought it was useless and ignored it. There were quite a few nobles who believed in it."

    “You mean everyone believes in those rumors?”

    "Because I didn't believe it, he didn't give me more details, but I heard that he wasn't doing it without evidence."

    At those words, Carloy made an absurd face. How the hell he made the evidence of madness he didn't have.

    "There are quite a few people who have passed over because of Her Majesty's work, but there will be quite a few people who have joined after seeing it. There are so many people who remember the horror of the former Majesty Carlos."

    “You don’t know what the evidence is?”

    "Well. At first glance, it seemed to have something to do with Her Majesty... but I don't know."

    Eventually, the subject that everyone had covered came up on the water. Yvonne Delua, the daughter of the rebel chief who was the empress and the rebel leader, could not be passed without discussing the disposition of Yvonne.

    “It must be deposed.”

    It was surprisingly the Marquis of Roden who spoke first. When this rebellion completely covered up the Empress's affairs, it seemed a little bit alive again.

    “It makes no sense. The father rebelled and she said that she could sit in the imperial palace as empress. She must dethrone, then take her hostage and try to negotiate. No way would you abandon her daughter.”

    “She was in the capital where her daughter was in the first place, and it's also crazy that she rebelled. I think she has already abandoned it, but the negotiations won't work.”

    "Ah, because she didn't abandon her, she would have tried to get it out of her capital. There are rumors that the Duke left his people in the capital to get her daughter out."

    “Are you trying to get it out of the water supply?”

    “I was caught leaving the palace at night..... ah.”

    Marquis of Roden became angry as if their eyes were turned over when the nobleman, who had told the rumors of Karloi's madness, told another rumor.

    "I beg your pardon! He tried to get out of the capital. still? sire! Is this true?”

    Alexis Dunya sighed. He said it was a secret, but it seemed like a rumor had come from somewhere. When Carloi gave no answer to Marquis of Roden's anger, Dunya replied instead.

    “I don't know yet if I tried to get out of the capital. I was just wandering near the city gate at night.”

    "Duke! Are you playing puns? Yes, yeah, you only got a knife, didn't you try to kill it? Why do you even do that to the Duke. You shouldn't have to put him in jail right now!

    Karloy, who had been listening to the nobles roaring for a long time, quietly raised his hand.


    Everyone shut their mouths and looked at Carloy. I couldn't read any sense of urgency, displeasure, or any emotion from his expression.

    It was a calmness that didn't look like a man driven by madness, but it seemed even more bizarre. The cause of the calm was only guessed by myself. It's not a rebellion that's really angry, it's something else, so in this matter, it'll look so quiet.

    “All sanctions imposed on the empress are to be done without. Given the current situation, he could have been a Duke of Del Lua.”

    When her daughter's innocence was proved, she slightly relieved the impression that the Marquis of Roden had been crumpled, whether the painter had subsided.

    “And empress, I'll take care of it myself, so don't bother.”

    "Yes? But."

    “Do not worry, I will do it myself, because things like my pain will not make you dream.”

    Absurdity appeared on the faces of all the nobles who could not understand Karloi's words. However, because Karloy's face was so cold, he couldn't speak any more. Moreover, as Karloy smoothly moved on to other topics, everyone focused on the next discussion.

    After discussing the primary preparations, the nobles disbanded, and Karloy headed to the palace. Alexis du Nha followed him and pondered the disposition of the Empress.

    Until this time, I did not want to challenge Karloi's authority, so I stayed still at the meeting, but it was impossible to leave it without any disposition to the empress. Unless the Empress voluntarily shared all of her information, her demotion was natural, and she would have to go into prison.

    But will the empress open her mouth? Alexis denied the possibility with a controversial face. Even if she herself is an empress, she will not open her mouth in this situation. I don't know if it's her life-related personality, but if that's not the case, I wouldn't say anything that would hurt my father's tax.

    Nothing could be read from the back of Karlroy walking in front of him, so he only took a breath.


    Yvonne, trapped in the palace, was trying to figure out the situation. So, it means that he has wiped out Lady Ruen, who has her mouth shut with an unknown face even when he returns.

    She had never seen Yvonne yell at her even after her mouth. It didn't happen, I didn't have to. But at this moment, she had an indescribable anger. She wanted to whale and whale, no matter who hears or not.

    Karloi is completely misunderstood, and I can't believe it, no matter how much I hear that the Duke of Delua revolted, and above all, what happened to Denis. My heart kept beating ominously, whether it was really at the gate or not. There wasn't even one thing that could get a sense of substitution.

    She stopped her Mary Ann yelling at Ruen with her one hand, then she came close to Yvonne to her Ruen. As Yvonne looked down at Louen with her pale face, her hair ran down. Ruen glanced at her as her car robe couldn't stand the blazing gaze of anger, but she lifted Yvonne by her chin.

    “Ruen, you know that my situation doesn't make sense right now.”

    Her lowly voice fell right into her ear. The anger felt even in her calm atmosphere made Ruen shrug. The empress's expression of emotions, which she always seemed to have lived with, was unfamiliar and scary.

    “Even if you tell me everything, there is nothing I can do. No one will believe me. I can't do anything about you. I have no intention of doing anything.”

    The empress's hand, which held my chin, was not sick because there was no power, but strangely unable to shake the hand, Ruen could not swallow her saliva and looked into the eyes of the empress. The eyes of Huang Hu, who seemed to have no emotions, were as bitter as it is at this moment.

    “But if you don't tell me, if you don't explain anything, I can't stand it and I don't know what to do with you. What can I do to cry in this situation.”

    Yvonne's voice trembled slightly, and her hand in her tea robe rubbed Ruen's chin and gently touched her neckline. Lady Ruen shriveled at her cool touch.

    "So answer your questions. What was the Duke's delivery to?"

    “There was no such thing…”

    Yvonne's eyes narrowed at her response, which came out more than she noticed.

    "What? no?"

    "The only thing the Duke ordered was to bring your Majesty through the gates. I made up the word that there was something to be delivered. If your Majesty refused to come, it would make sense."

    “Then there was nothing in the gate from the original. Go?"


    Yvonne's hand fell off at Ruen's answer. The empress seemed strangely half relieved and half still angry.

    Yvonne came close to her Ruen again before Ruen could even take her sigh.

    She said, "Why did you try to drag me to the city gate?"

    “I don't know in detail either. Really."

    Ruen answered urgently. Half true and half false. She knew that the Duke had done so to hold her empress in her palace.

    But what Ruen didn't know was the reason. Why does she put such a burden on her daughter without giving any explanation? Besides, considering the rest of the work he had to do, he thought it was a hand to abandon the Empress.

    As if Yvonne didn't believe the answer at all, she again held Luen's shoulder with her angered face. But she couldn't ask more.

    “What are you doing?”

    It was because Carloy was present with Alexis. Ruen and her fuss with Phiudra, who couldn't feel the presence of him coming in, was frightened, and she hurriedly fell away from Ruen.

    “The situation looks pretty serious.”

    Even in Karloi's toneless tone, there was a feeling of empty silence. His hands trembled by his cold look. It was obvious how the empress was caught trying to exit the city gate, and the empress who caught her maid and became angry.

    As Yvonne tried to explain her situation, suddenly Ruen knelt on her floor and began to cry out loud.

    "sire! I'd rather go to jail. Please stay away from Her Majesty. The Empress asks me to testify falsely. scary."

    Yvonne and Maryanne looked down at Ruen, crying as she fell on the tip of Alexis' toe. It was a shocking sight, so I couldn't speak. A sorrowful cry, as if someone had died, kept hitting my ears.

    I usually thought that Lady Ruen was particularly quick to notice, but I never imagined that she would have such a talent for her tears. It's true that she scared her that she didn't know what to do, but when the hell said she demanded perjury.

    Carloy stared at Yvonne without showing any reaction to Ruen's cry. Yvonne opened her mouth with a trembling heart on her face, as if she had something to say.

    "Your Majesty, I swear I wasn't trying to run away. Really."

    “Yes, then why were you there at that time?”

    “Lady Ruen insisted on going. Her father told me to come out......"

    “The only thing the maid said was that that night she went to the city gate.”

    “I was holding her father's handwritten letter. She thought she had to go see what was going on.”

    At Yvonne's answer, Carloy looked down at Ruen, who was still crying. Lou Yen shook her head like crazy to see if she felt that gaze.

    “I don't know anything. It was just when Her Majesty told me to pack up that I had to leave the capital right away. It's a letter, I've never seen it!"

    Ruen's red lie really stifled Yvonne's speech. When a person is really embarrassed, the words don't come out, so I thought it was true.

    Mary Ann tried to step forward, screaming outrageously at her Luen's brazenness, but she was interrupted by a single gesture of Alexis.

    Yvonne again calmed her mind and opened her mouth.

    "I didn't lie. I was wrong to go out to the city gate, it's my absence. But I didn't mean to leave the capital."

    "In the middle of the night, she went out to get an object she didn't even know. She didn't even feel it was strange to her?"

    Yvonne paused for a moment and said calmly.

    “Because I have not sinned. And when I figured out what it was, they all tried to tell her Majesty.”

    Karloi slowly approached Yvonne. Her distance narrowed, and Yvonne's gaze turned upward. As she looked down at Yvonne, Carlo I asked quietly.

    "You mean the Empress never knew the Duke was going to revolt."

    "Really. I didn't know. I've told you before. You're not telling me that."

    Carloy didn't even move. It was right in front of her, but it felt so far that Yvonne looked up at him with her desperate face.

    "Your Majesty, please....... You promised me. Trust me, I have no reason to leave Your Majesty. Trust me this time, only once."

    Her voice whispered by Yvonne distracted Karlroy's face for a very short time.

    But for a while, she realized the influence her Yvonne's face and her voice had on her, and greater anger and disillusionment came. She has nothing to say even when she hears the sound of madness that she has a mind to shake.

    Does this woman know how many times she believed in Carloy herself? She even believed that she went over without even knowing herself.

    Carloi asked Yvonne, feeling as if he was testing himself. She put her hand on Yvonne's shoulder and she touched her hand on her neck as she went.

    "Then, I only ask one more thing. There was a sentiment that you were alive. Is that right."

    The change in Yvonne's face, her pause in her body, all felt up to Carloy. The moment he noticed it, he felt as if something in it had collapsed.

    I knew then. He knew that he wanted to find the only reason he could trust this woman up to this moment, even at this point, even just one small reason.

    "......Is that correct."

    Despite the tone demanding an answer, it sounded like a plea. Yvonne still had no answer. She said she didn't lie until now, and she doesn't answer these questions.

    Carloy decided to stop. She is right that she was crazy. It's my fault because he sees the unknown person as he wants.

    "....I don't know what else, but now I know one for sure."


    “You must be Delua's daughter.”

    It was the answer to a complete break. Yvonne, who read Karloi's anger anger, reached out her hand to grab him without my knowledge, but Carloi ruthlessly turned back. Even though it's been the number of times I've seen it like this, I still couldn't get used to it and it still hurt my heart.

    "Take all the people of the Emperor's Palace to the prison without missing one. After interrogating from this maid, receive the interrogation of the rest of the employees according to the contents."

    At Karloi's order, the soldiers went outside and began to drag people. Yvonne tried to dry it with her urgent face, but in the blink of an eye she began to be dragged out to Mary Anne.


    "Place troops at every door of the palace. I confine the empress here until all interrogations are over. Anyone who comes in and out without my permission may dispose of it on the spot. I put some of my servants in the palace."

    As Alexis moved the soldiers according to the command, everyone started moving. In an instant, the Empress's palace fell into turmoil. The sound of people being dragged out and the loud footsteps of soldiers filled the palace.

    Yvonne saw the sight and her legs were relaxed, so she stopped sitting on her floor. She didn't think she would trust it easily, but she didn't know she would turn so quickly.


    The voice trembled terribly, and it didn't come out properly. At the call, Karloy seemed to pause for a moment, but in the end he moved without looking back.

    While Yvonne was sitting and hesitated, her soldiers gathered and she began to stand at every door of the Empress's Palace. No tears came out.

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    Now the word "Kal" also means knife in korean so google translate it knife Instead of the short name "Kal".

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    12. The emperor cannot hate the empress (2)

    Carloy's steps outside the palace were so fast that Alexis had to walk almost like a run. He was fortunate that she now doesn't seem to believe in the empress, but she didn't even look good at being overly emotionally angry.

    "Your Majesty, if the maid testifies to that extent, then she's right to go to jail as well."

    He managed to catch up with Karloy and talk to him, but he didn't pretend to hear him, but just kept walking.

    “You have to dethrone it because you can't. She does not change the fact that the Empress is the daughter of the head of the rebels, whether she joined or not. Besides, considering that attitude, I don't think I will cooperate at all.”

    Carlos, who was walking earlier, suddenly stood tall, and Alexis, who was following him, also stopped.


    Alexis bite his mouth, feeling how much Carloy is holding with even a short call.

    Do the right interrogation of the people of the Empress Palace. The Empress will do it on my own after that.”

    Even Karloy himself could not understand. Coming up to this situation, he couldn't figure out what he was still expecting to put Yvonne in his place.

    He left Dunya and he couldn't even remember how he got to the office. Being alone, I felt like I could get out of my mind right away, so Karloy grabbed my head. Blood leaked from a cut on a piece of broken glass because he put so much strength on his hand.

    But even he was insensitive. All his senses were directed towards Yvonne. Anger, betrayal, and self-doubt. Even now, I want to go back to Yvonne and yell at her.

    Instead, he removed the vase from the desk. The vase shattered and shattered, and the flowers struck the floor without force.


    The silence flowing through the palace was eerie and gloomy. The only sound that I sometimes made was the sound of a weapon bumping as the soldiers moved outside. At night, the atmosphere became more daunting and crushed Yvonne. Being locked up completely disconnected from her outside was no easy task.

    Yvonne, sitting with her knees on her bed, bit her lips. No matter how hard I tried not to cry, tears squeezed and leaked out.

    She was stupid. She saw the Duke's strange behavior and she should have realized it earlier. She knows that she's the one to do even these reckless things.

    She was scared. The Duke revolted, and he was afraid that he was in this position one morning, and that Carloi no longer believed in him, but the most terrifying thing was.

    He was nervous about what would happen to Denise if he had rebelled in the estate. Even if Denise is safe, if Yvonde is suspicious here and dies of dogs, she will not see De Nice anyway. How can I go down to the estate in this situation?

    Even Mary Anne was not with her, so she would remain alone in an empty bedroom, so her thoughts continued to rush, shivering and tears from the lining of her fire.

    I buried her face in her lap and cried, and I heard the sound of the door opening. I looked up at the sound of the door ringing in the silence, and Carloy was there. She thought it would be futile because the dim light from the bedside light could not clear the darkness in the bedroom.


    Seeing Inyoung coming closer to the bed, it seemed like nothing was in vain. Before long, Karloy came close enough to see his face. There was a very slight smell of alcohol.

    Yvonne, who opened her mouth, looked at Carloy's face and took her breath lightly. Her deep bitterness suffocated her face on her face. I felt her tears flowing from her cold eyes and falling down her cheeks.


    A locked voice flowed from Karloy. In one short word, I could see what Karloy was trying to ask.

    “No, Your Majesty.”

    Her throat was thirsty because of her crying, but Yvonne began her speech with her stuttering.

    "Really not. I really didn't know."

    “As the interrogation begins….. more things will be revealed.”

    Carloy's hand came close and she swept Yvonne's eyes.

    “Tell me everything before that. All you have done.”

    Yvonne looked up at Karloi with her vague face. He didn't know that this was the last chance that Karloy had given him. I didn't know what he had endured and came up here to say this.

    But what can he say he can say? It's worse than a beast that can't speak.

    “Don’t just say no, rather.”

    With her bloodshot eyes, Carloy looked to Yvonne.

    If you told me that you were the duke's illegitimate child, that you knew the duke's rebellion, and that you had devised the empress's affair, it seemed that he could be free from this sense of self-destruction. He really wanted to beg Yvonne.

    Carloy grabbed her Yvonne's arms and buried her face on her shoulders. The smell of her liquor felt darker.

    “I'd rather be honest, please speak honestly at least once.”

    His voice, which seemed to be desperately longing, reached his throat.

    Yvonne sweetened her lips. It wasn't difficult. Even though she's seen countless lies, she's only told the truth at least once, at least once.

    “.....I am Your Majesty's man.”

    I could feel her tears running through her cheeks from the dry eyes. A dark and veiled silence like darkness split between the two.


    “Don’t call it that way.”

    Carloy replied sharply, and after a while, he made a hearty laughter. It was a sound close to ridicule.

    “Because it’s my person.… I’m sorry. That's the most useless thing to me right now.”

    As if all regrets were thrown away, Carlo Yi stood up.

    “It would be useful to me to be dead like before.”

    It was a murmur like a self-talk, but even the words were heard clearly in the quiet bedroom. Yvonne couldn't even swallow her breath, and she looked up at Carloy's insensitive face, blankly. Karloi spoke straight to me as he cleaned up his messy shirts.

    "I'll stop blaming the empress now. It's my fault to mistake you for anything useful."


    As if he wasn't going to hear any more, Carloy turned lightly, too lightly.

    Yvonne, who hurriedly lifted her body to catch Karlroy as she tried to leave her bedroom, fell to her floor as if falling from her bed. Carloi turned her head and glanced down at Yvonne, sitting on her floor.

    “I think I want to act like that even in this situation. Well, even illegitimate children won't be where the blood goes.”

    That was it. As Carloy left the bedroom, the heavy door sound rang in her ears. When the door was closed, everything was distant, and the view was blurred.

    So, as soon as Yvonne left my bedroom, she didn't know Karloi, who seemed to be distressed, using her face with her hand.


    About ten days later, Croixen visibly split. The news of the rebellion spread to the capital in detail, and the provinces near Delua, as well as some of the provinces that were quite close to the capital, were passed to the side of Del Lua, and the boundaries of those regions were all filled with private soldiers.

    Fortunately, Clyde Anssen succeeded in receiving Maha's reinforcements. After the rebellion was quelled by Mach, it was difficult to reach agreement by sending Clyde to Mach, but in any case, a large number of Mach reinforcements were ahead of the arrival of the capital.

    "It's not a job to send Lord Ansene to Mach, in fact. He doesn't have much regret with Croisen."

    Alexi S Dunya, who was reporting in Karloi's office, said in an indifferent tone.

    “The problem is that unless Sir Anssen is with the Empress, he is insisting that he will not go to Mach.”

    “That doesn't matter either. If there's a problem, it's Marquis of Roden. Because there is no way to allow it.”

    I didn't feel any emotion in Carlo's words that it shouldn't be a problem for him. She seemed to have no interest in remarrying another man when the Empress went to Mach. Even though she was a couple, no matter how formal she was, no, even though she was still married.

    I thought of Delua's daughter for no reason, after having an attitude that didn't seem to have any regrets. Compared to the feelings seen by Deluah's daughter, it's a world of difference.

    Alexis was bitterly alone, knowing that the reason Karloi's face was visibly emaciated was in the empress rather than in the rebellion.

    “But her Majesty has already told Sir Anssen that it is okay to do so.”

    “Regardless of whether Marquis of Roden gives permission or not, the Empress won't care at all, so she's okay with it.”

    Reports like this were rather easy. It was the kind of report that Karl Roy was dealing with perfectly.

    Alexis paused for a moment, wondering what to say about the next report. On the side of the rebels, the emperor was holding her empress hostage, and the situation was to propagate the empress. She said that the empress was being unfairly condemned by her emperor, and rumors had risen up to the capital that she was suffering from her madness.

    Not long ago, at the entire conference, a report was reported that the empress's handwritten letter containing such content was going around in public, and the conference hall was choked.

    When she showed her empress's handwriting to a Del Lua soldier caught near the border of the capital, the soldier responded confidently, saying that it must be the handwriting he saw. It was said that the letter wandering from Delua's side was also the handwriting.

    What is Karlroy's expression when he heard the answer? Alexis did not forget the expression.

    <These were letters written by the Empress to the Duke of Delua. Quite in detail about her Majesty's deeds......>

    Seeing her firmly bitten mouth and pale face, it wasn't just Alexis that was worried that Carloy would throw her things, even the soldiers stopped talking.

    Luckily, Carlos went on without showing anything, but Alexis decided to report personally about the empress in the future. There was nothing good about the story coming up at the conference because Karloi ignored the fierce protests of the nobles that the empress had to be tortured.

    “What is it that you are so excited about? Why, did she ever have the empress fall down again?"

    A keen voice disturbed Alexis' thoughts.

    “It's not like that. I do not tirelessly ask you to see her Majesty, but I am still asking .......”

    In ten days, Yvonne fell twice. She did not try to eat, so her attendants were forced to feed it. With the report, I was worried that Karl Roy would run to the palace at once, but Carloi coldly ignored it.

    He cautiously said that if he wouldn't be imprisoned anyway, it would be better to get a medical examination, but Carlroy's reply returned that he was a bit creepy about who he looked like.

    Alexis, who saw the empress's moolgol in her palace, didn't think it was acting, but he didn't dare to say that.

    Once more, the empress, with a hollow ball trembled, fell again when Carloy said that she would not leave Mary Ann alone if she bothered with'acting' like that one more time.

    Alexis decided not to say this either. That was three days ago.

    “I am not curious about the news of the Empress, so stop telling it, and do it yourself.”

    “Am I doing this chores on my own? What I want to do on my own is the disposition of the empress. It makes no sense to put her in the palace like that.”

    Carloi, who spit out words as if to do what she would do with her empress right now, and when the problem of her empress's behavior came out, she bit her mouth again, as if when she had done so.

    Now Alexis felt like, yeah, let's see how long it can be. I have to go to what report to cry for that frustrating attitude.

    “An assassin approaching the Imperial Palace was caught last night. I am not sure because he took his own life, but it is probably the limb of the peacock who came to get the empress. Considering that this is already the second time, the rumors that the Duke is trying to get her empress out seems to be real.”

    Carloy's face was distorted, terrifying to the end, but Alexis didn't say what he wanted. That's not enough.

    In the eyes of Alexis, Carloy was sane only in appearance. The response to the rebellion was fairly quick and efficient, but the response to the empress was surprisingly unwise and irrational.

    “And I am going to do an investigation into the palace.”

    “What research?”

    “It’s about the possibility of my relationship with Bernie.”

    In a moment, Carloy's face was dazed. It was obvious that I didn't understand what I was talking about.

    “Luenga confessed to her condition that her maid would save her life. She said that there were several times the Empress called Wizard Verni as her imperial palace.”

    "That doesn't make any sense......."

    Carloy's face turned pale.

    “The first round of verification has already ended on my line. I received the same testimony from the maids of the Empress's Palace. The time and number of visits to the Imperial Palace, and the description of the wizard's appearance, all coincide.”

    Alexis spoke with a sober attitude.

    “I'm a male sorcerer, and I have to find out if I'm in a relationship with Verni. It is said that the sorcerer lived quite in Delua.”

    Carloy's hand, holding the armrest of his chair, gave me strength, and I could see his blue tendon resting on the back of his hand.

    "I asked for a magic stone from the Society, so I'll be arriving at the Imperial Palace sooner or later. As I said before, I don't know what kind of magic I used, but I can figure out whether it's used and the approximate frequency."

    As if it were a stone, Karloy sat without moving. It was only at that moment that Alexis revealed that Carloy was her'nephew'.

    His look so imperfect and weak made him realize that he was the child of his younger brother whom he loved so much.

    I couldn't really understand that it was emotion. Strangely, Alexis is pathetic to him as before. I couldn't condemn it.

    “......If you get to the results of the magic stone, you won't be able to end up on my line.”

    It wasn't a bruise to wake up. Before that, it was advice to do some sorting. Alexis tried to capture the emotions as much as possible in an office tone.

    But he didn't seem to be able to hear anything from Karloy. With his sigh, Alexis left the office. He seemed to be left alone for a while.

    Even after Alexis left, Carloy sat still, stiff. Alexis' words stuck to his head like an afterimage. Inner Tong, Sa Tong, Man, Bernie, and fragmentary words messed up his head.

    And Yvonne, who always wanted to go, as if hiding something in Delua, soon all merged and turned into a terrifyingly strong sense.

    I hated Yvonne. No, I hated it. How much more do you take me to hell.

    When will the end be?

    Nevertheless, he wanted to kill himself, who could not hate Yvonne completely. I sincerely wanted to choke me.

    There was no stupid match. It was hard to understand why Alexis looked at herself pathetic during that time. A pathetic and stupid cub was beaten.

    She tormented him by the fact that no matter how harshly she treated Yvonne, Yvonne would not know half of my feelings. I wanted to make me feel this anger, this betrayal, this suffering.

    Instead of choking me, Karloy put a face of suicide on his hand. I can't see the end at all.


    The bedroom windows are all covered with wooden boards, so no sunlight or day or night can enter. However, the attendants with meals told me whether it was day or night.

    It's really weird. Yvonne, sitting on the bed, thought blankly.

    Why can't the day and night be distinguished well? Day looks like night and night looks like day. It's a room with no light, but sometimes the room seems bright.

    She was scared that she was going crazy. My head keeps hurting too.

    Is it night or day now? Was it lunch or dinner?


    She stuttered Yvonne blankly in her thoughts. She recalled her memory that it was only a while later that she seemed to have said it was evening. Then it will be night now. It's so weird. Why does it take so long to remember this one?

    I ate half of the dinner. She felt like she would fall again if she didn't eat it, so I was scared of what Carloy would do with Mary Ann. She wasn't feeling well.

    Yvonne struck her own cheek once. She was her last reason that she shouldn't be crazy as she is. She wasn't free to go crazy until she knew what happened to Denise. Now all that's left to you is... really Denise. As I felt her tingling pain, it seemed to lift her mind.

    She said,'We have to escape.'

    When her sanity came back, she flashed from this thought. She only needs to secure a way to go to the Marquee Dumbbell once she leaves the Imperial Palace. She knew how to sneak away from Marchia to the Buton del Lua estate. Because when she was young, she took Karlois to the place.

    Even then, she broke through the bloody Delu dumbbell border and went near Markia. But how does she get there. No, how do you get out of here first. There are several layers of soldiers in front of the door.

    I heard the sound of the bedroom door opening. Yvonne did not turn her head, and she thought blankly.

    Did she come to check if she's done? Or maybe it was day and I was mistaken for night. Or is Moonsori also hallucinations?

    It wasn't surprising. Not long ago, I even heard Denise crying. It's not even dreaming.

    “......Doesn’t it go to the castle by pretending to fall?”

    It was the voice of Carloy. Slowly raising her head, the blurred vision became clear, and Carloy's face was seen. As she looked at the face, it seemed that her mind was completely lifted. A face that can't stand anger.


    The voice didn't come out well. Yvonne said she could be sure that this is the night. Because she had a deep liquor scent from Roy again.

    Is she drinking because of herself? Her face also seemed to be in half. Without even thinking about my stupidity, this Bond continued to look at Carloy's face.

    Carloy, who watched it intact, was very angry. It felt like I was demonstrating as if I was doing this with a non-human scam.

    She was reminded that there were rumors that she was exploiting Yvonne. She just imprisoned, and why would she be in this shape even though she left the rebel's daughter favorably in my palace? She felt that the work involved in making himself as son of a bitch.

    “What is the reason you are doing this?”

    She was rather worried that she would have liked to think of it, and she was damn worried. She wondered if Yvonne was here to die from drying up like this, and as soon as she felt her own impatience, she found even greater anger.

    She said, "How much more funny do you have to make your job clear?"

    The voice went out more daunting than I thought. When she woke up, she held Yvonne's shoulder and was saying something. Her spirit flashed at her dwarfness, which was also felt on her shoulders.

    "..... her face hurt a lot."

    Yvonne muttered in her tearful voice. Forgetting that Carloy was upset with her at her unexpected remarks, she looked at Yvonne.

    Is she worried about me knowing what she is like now?

    "I understand it, so will I."

    Even her voice seemed to be dry, but at the end of the word, water was smeared. As if running away, Carloy took my hand away from Yvonne.

    “But once, only once, please send me down to the estate.”

    Her pleasing words cooled her body cold. To do this to me again. To make me funny again.

    She saw Carloy's face hardened and she held his hand as if this bond was hanging. She was also full of scars about what she had done with her alternate hand. Did you knock on the door like crazy?

    “Please, Your Majesty....... I can end the rebellion. I'll bet everything and come back."

    “What do you have? What to hang. I don't know.”

    “You promised. No matter what..."

    I was bored with the word gnome's promise. Carloy struck Yvonne's hand coldly with a distorted face.

    “It was a lie. How can I trust Delua.”

    Eventually, her tears fell from Yvonne's eyes again. It seemed that Carloy was going crazy. She seemed to get rid of those eyes that were staring at herself, or if she didn't die, she would go crazy and turn around.

    You did everything wrong, but why.

    “It's really great. How can I act like that?"

    Yvonne replied like a sword to the words that Karloi muttered as if they had collapsed. “No.” Even that, I was so sick of it. I was surprised that a person can be so terrible.

    “Until this situation. What on earth would you have thought while being hugged by me.”

    "That was serious."

    Yvonne's answer was so ridiculous that her laugh burst. It was funny, angry, wanting to take revenge, was because of the wizard who was in that territory, and I was going crazy when I thought about it.

    “That's fun. I wasn't.”

    Half of the mocking left over was blatantly buried in Karloy's answer. When she saw Yvonde's shocking face, she felt astonishingly cruel pleasure to herself. She decided to believe that her feeling of scratching her breasts was also part of her pleasure. She wanted to bother more.

    At the touch of Karloi, Yvonne easily fell to bed. As she climbed on it, his hand touched this Bonne's garment.

    “I won’t avoid it again. Because you said you were sincere.”

    It seemed that if she slapped her own on her cheek, her inside would be cool, but Yvonne only looked up at herself with her little eyes biting her bite. It doesn't dry, just keep it that way. Like she told me to do whatever she wants. I was angry because it seemed to me that it was sincere.

    Even though I was roughly unwrapped by half, this Bonne was still there. As she put her lips on her neck, her impulse struck. As she is, her urge to bury her face in the skin and let go of her mind, and her urge to hurt her more here alternately.

    I felt the water. Her Yvonne's tears were suddenly running down her cheeks and falling down her. In her only real tears, Carloi lifted her lips and looked down at Yvonne.

    Her exposed bare body was clearly visible even in the dark. Poorly lean body, sadly conspicuous collarbones, weak facial expressions, wounds on her hands, and tears, tears, and tears that keep falling.

    Her breath was choked, so she couldn't see any more. Carloy stood up as it was.

    ".....I can't do it anymore because it's disgusting."

    The moment he saw Yvonne's eyes, Carloy was convinced. She said that this time she succeeded in hurting Yvonne to her, and that she succeeded in making her feel even half of her feelings.

    I saw something in her fall in her eyes. But she was strangely not satisfied


    Her clothes, which she did not give back to her, were intact, sloppyly scattered around Yvonne.


    Yvonne called him in her dying voice. Carloi thought he wished he was deaf.

    “Please, please… Please trust me one more time.”

    It sounded the same as if I wasn't getting tired. Perhaps it was because of this that he remained still in the insults of Carloy. To tell him to send it to Delua.

    That del Lua, where you don't know what the hell is hiding.

    "I was wondering why did you stay here, didn't you run away to the estate earlier..."

    Carloy muttered as she got out of bed.

    “It seems like the peacock had ordered me so firmly that he was cheating and cheating on me until the last time.”

    It wasn't sarcastic. It was enlightenment. Despite the rebellion overturning the country, he came here in the middle of the night and is doing something like this. I wondered if even this was what Delua wanted.

    Yvonne tried to raise her body while shedding her tears to see if she had more to say. I could see my body trembling as if it was hard. It was obvious that she didn't even hear what to say with such a body.

    All of a sudden, Carloy got sick of all this. Watching Yvonne struggle, he said quietly.

    ".....I'll send the prison to the best place with the old jung."

    He turned away from Yvonne and turned behind her. She stepped forward, vowing not to see and hear anything. There seemed to be a blurry cry, but I tried to ignore it.

    And she got out of a terrible space. Let nothing go in or go out Oh, in a terrible space full of Rosie Yvonne.

    She felt like she was running away.


    The moment she heard the word prison, Yvonne had only one thought in her head.


    You have to escape.

    She said that if she got into jail, she would never dream of escape. If she only goes down to Del Lua, she can find de Nice too and bring that damn brooch or something.

    But how? How, how, how the hell. Her head was dizzy and seemed to be vomiting.

    Suddenly Yvonne recalled that this bedroom had a door leading to the moonlight garden. Perhaps Naha barely approached the door with her body staggering with anticipation. But there was a lock on the door.

    Yes, she can't be lame. With her dejected face, Yvonne stared at her door for a long time.

    Lock? Who is holding the key? No, if I know who it is, I can bring it.

    Yvonne didn't even blink in the dark.


    “I don’t think I am.”

    Alexis narrowed her eyebrows when she saw Asher spitting out words that had neither front nor back. Carloy didn't listen to me even if I told him to turn it outside.

    In addition, Asher seemed more enthusiastic, not knowing if he had hit the rebels once a while ago in a territory located just above the capital. Carloy replied without even looking at him, as if he was familiar with the appearance.

    “What is it not? The defense of the capital can be done at this point. At this point, we have to push into Delua. Even with all the Mach reinforcements.”

    Asher still doesn't like something. Was a face.

    "What is it? You don't have to worry about it, because Ensene will be responsible for it. You are in the capital now.”

    "Not like that. The Empress."

    Alexis moaned, not sighed. He swears to lupus, and he never groaned for a person. Because of the Croy Tan imperial men, I sighed all my life to let the ground go out, but that was the end. Asher was the first human to let his sighs come out without his knowledge.

    He didn't know that he was so good and had nothing to notice. The meeting with Karloi was going well, but pour cold water like that. Not surprisingly, Carloy's eyes gleamed bloody.

    Sometimes when he sees such a gaze, Alexis wonders where and where does the man's madness mean. If he talked about his feelings for Yvonne del Lua alone, Carloi would be maddened.

    “Why does the story suddenly come up? What is it not.”

    “I saw it in the garden that day. It didn't seem like I was thinking of running away. I don't think I'm on one side with the peacock."

    “What the hell are you saying wasn't the same? I even got caught on exiting the gates, but all I need is your guess?"


    Alexis couldn't know whether to marvel or to shout at Asher's attitude, which even made Carloy speechless. With a tough face, Alexis looked at Asher.

    “You're out a bit.”

    Asel, who was more uncomfortable with Alexis than Carloy, stood behind Carloy with a sullen face at the words. It seemed that he wanted to hear that he didn't have to go out to stare down at Carloy. It was a foolish idiot to look at Carloy's nerves and wishing for that.

    "Yes, I'm out a bit. You don't even take a break? I didn't smell blood."

    Asher pouted when he heard Karloi's annoying answer.

    “I was right even for an illegitimate child. Even then, there was no evidence to say something.”

    "I still have no evidence."

    "It's weird......."

    “So what do you mean? You say let it go? Take me to Youngji to meet my dying and dying father? Don't bother and get out.”

    "Can I meet the empress?"

    In response to clear Asher's question, Alexis touched her forehead. Are there any crazy guys like that? It was a law that I had a reason to say that this shape is the best.

    Although it was annoying, Carloy, who gave me the full answer, stared at Asher silently this time. Asher was always on his own.

    But I don't know why I'm so angry.

    First of all, she didn't like the fact that she showed such interest in the empress. Anything in between? When I open my mouth, I want to meet the Empress, the Empress, the Empress, and this Zen.

    The thought came to the Wizard of Verni, who bit his tail and once again went to and from the Empress's Palace. Another alternative is the maniac nugulkka. Is Yvonne like Kiana risk her life for Clyde?

    Seeing Karloi's face getting worse and worse, Alexis told Asher with a glance. You really want to go out now.

    Fortunately, this time, as if he felt a sense of crisis, Asel noticed her and left her office. It seemed that her gaze and degree weren't very missing. If she didn't have that sense, she would have already died in the war. To that extent, Carlos was breathing life.

    “This is what I am saying because I have spoken. just."

    Carloy still looked at Alexis with a disgust.

    “The prison is ready. I prepared it in the west tower, but since then, he hasn't said anything else.”

    "......soon. First of all, it won't be possible to send it after the body is a little strong.”

    “When he said it’s acting.”

    After last night, I had told Alexis that I was going to send her to jail, but I wasn't reluctant to see it. Even in the bedroom of the Empress Palace, where everything is done except for going out,

    I didn't know what would happen after I sent it to the tower.

    The lean body continued to torment Karlroy, and he eventually pulled Marlen, the therapist, who had been imprisoned with Maryanne, out of jail. And he made it possible for him to be on standby at all times in case of any situation he may not know.

    Because of Yvonne's constitution, a dedicated therapist is needed, so I don't believe what Duke Delua said, but I don't know.

    “......Continue with the story I was talking about.”

    I rather wanted to leave the capital and go down to the Delua Estate. Whatever I did here, Yvonne, Yvonne, was on the verge of turning away.

    “The situation is not bad, so I think I can proceed as it is. It was because the arrival of the Mach reinforcements was so early that the Delua side seemed to be very embarrassed.

    “What about Bernie?”

    “Werny keeps hovering around the border. But the internal situation looks a little weird.”

    "You mean the Duke of Delua?"

    "Because it's not like Delua, I know Delua would have been at the forefront of entering the capital.... It's strange that he doesn't go outside of Delua like a person with feet tied there."

    “I guess my life is a waste.”

    During a meeting in full swing, I suddenly heard Gorten calling. Gorten, who came in through the door, didn't speak right away and hesitated continuously.

    "Why, what's going on?"

    When the lesser Alexis asked, feeling frustrated, Gorten began to look at Carloy's attention. As soon as he saw it, Alexis had an intuition.

    "Ah, I......."

    Gorten, who was starting to speak, sighed loudly. He was like a man who prepared his heart.

    “The empress... was caught trying to leave the palace.”

    The paper on his desk crumpled scaryly for Gorten's words to end.


    Asher wandered around the Imperial Palace for nothing. As an aide who was favored by Karlois, he was able to freely enter and exit not only all over Croysen, but also in the Imperial Palace.

    However, during the confinement of the Empress's Palace, he was banned from entering. He couldn't get in and was just spinning around the neighborhood for no reason.

    His curiosity was now approaching lethality. He was on the verge of dying because he was curious. Since he was born, it was the first time he was curious and difficult. There was something very badly nonsense.

    If he had seen Yvonne on that day in the garden, he would have thought that he was as strange as himself.

    Then he found a maid who wandered around similarly to himself. It is me. Why is he hitting it?


    Suddenly, seeing Asher dripping from her tree, her maid was amazed and screamed at her and fell asleep behind her. How the hell does a person come out of here?

    Asher hisss, screaming and holding his finger. It was a big deal if I got caught by a soldier. The maid took her breath and opened her eyes.

    "What are you doing here?"

    "Yes Yes?"

    “If you get caught walking around here, you die. What are you doing?”

    Ji, the maid thought only into her.

    “Oh, no. I was worried about what happened to my friend who worked at the empress...”

    "lie. All the maids there said they had no friends.”

    "No, I do."

    “If you were a friend of dogs, you should have been caught too?”

    She rolled her eyes back, as if the maid was anxious. The young-faced man, staring at himself, didn't look scary, but he had too many questions. What do we do.

    “Then what is it?”

    "Yeah? What?"

    "What's hidden in your chest? Letter? Poison? Money?"

    The maid opened her mouth. She then realized that she was holding her chest openly like someone with something in her arms. Really what to do.

    “It would be better to talk to me than to get caught by a soldier. If you get caught here, you're a guillotine.”

    It was a lie. It wasn't just the guillotine agency, but Asher spoke blatantly anyway.

    The maid looked at Asher with her face turned blue. She looked. The maid, who hesitated for a while, asked carefully.

    “Who are you?”

    “I am Asher.”

    "No, that's not it... Is it your relationship with the Empress? Do you know Mary Ann?"

    "Huh. Close.”

    Asher's carefree answer brightened her maid's face. She was carrying a suspicious letter, and she was caught, so she couldn't be better off just giving it to this guy.

    I don't know how many days I've been holding this letter now. She's anxious and wants to tear it up, but she can't do that again because she remembers her friend Jane, who might even be on the Dumbbell Dumbbell.

    “If so, please give it to Maryanne. If you say it's a letter from her daughter, you'll know."

    "daughter? Is this a letter from Delua? How did she get it from whom? How can that letter come to the capital?”

    “No, I don’t know....... I’m just.”

    “There are more Delua people in the Imperial Palace? I think so. She couldn't be alone in the palace of the empress.”

    “No, not like that.”

    “Someone gave it to you, this? There must be among the soldiers.”

    The maid couldn't keep up with the insanely pouring questions. She's better than getting caught by the soldiers, but even if she answers all this, I think she'll get caught anyway.

    “Please tell me some of the Delua people left in this palace and I'll send it to you.”


    "Huh. But you also go out of this palace. I will deliver the letter.”

    "You want to leave the palace?"

    "Huh. It's better for you to leave the palace than for me to kill you. Delua people are not allowed to be here.”

    She suddenly kills Mani, and for a while she was horrified at her rhyme, and then she felt that the maid knew who she was seeing.

    She had heard rumors. A foreigner who came from Maha, said to have a pure face, poor speech, and sticking to the emperor. Even in this war, she said, he returned from building a tower with the necks of the people he had cut. I looked down and saw a sword in his waist.

    She handed over her letters as if a maid had lost all her ancestors and surrendered, and began to talk about everything she knew.


    Yvonne said she ran to the guards commander who was responsible for the border of the Empress's palace and pulled her key down and overlooked it, she said.

    When she asked why she went to the bedroom of the empress's palace, the chief therapist in charge of the empress was in trouble. She said she said she called herself. When she asked why the therapist was there, she replied that Yvonne called her because she was badly injured.

    When Carlo heard that, his head turned white, so he couldn't remember how he got to the palace of the empress. When he entered the bedroom of the empress's palace, he heard himself breathing wildly. It was running without my knowledge.

    Marlon, the therapist, was tied up and held by the soldiers, and Yvonne's clothes and hands were covered with blood. Carloi's heart went down and his legs almost relaxed.

    Carloy, who was yelling at what the hell would have managed to do, and how this would happen, fell out of energy as soon as he heard the story that Yvonne had deliberately stabbed himself. It was said that she purposely stabbed her arm to call her therapist.

    Again, anger rose. In addition! She herself freed her therapist like her madman, and she also wanted to yell her at Yvonne, which she used in this way.

    She said, "Are you really crazy?"

    She must have been really crazy. She told the guards that she thought she could take the key, she wasn't sane from that on Yvonne. She's crazy about running into something that isn't realistic.

    She did not know if she knew Carloy's inside, she Yvonne, she felt, and she looked straight at Carloy. Her expression, as if her soul went out, went somewhere and her eyes were shaped.

    "I told you she had to go to Del Lua," she said.

    She was familiar with Yvonne somewhere in this situation, where she couldn't be sane and just say my words. Carloi recalled her last seen Duke of Del Lua.

    Her feelings got dirty. She was great. Even if she thinks she can't be more doglike than this, she's done more than that every time Yvonde.

    "What are you going to do when you get down?"

    Carloy clenched his teeth and spit out.

    “You really want to say I'm crazy this time? Or is there another man in Delua?"

    Increasingly anger was carried in her voice. She hated Yvonne and couldn't bear it. She had forgotten her hatred for the Duke of Del Lua.

    “You said you were going to bring a brooch,” she said. Why don't you listen to people like this? I told them to bring it, so I'm going to bring it.”

    She even felt horror at the appearance of her muttering casually. The appearance of not denying any in the meantime made the person more miserable. As she was dealing with Yvonne, she felt as if she had lost her nerves somewhere.

    Carloi looked at Marlon, the therapist, who was bound with his knees down.

    “Is the treatment finished?”

    "Yes? Yes, yes....... I stopped bleeding."

    Marlan, trembling, barely answered. Karl Roy, expressionlessly, drew the sword of the soldier next to him. In the blink of an eye, a knife struck once, and Marlan fell bleeding. The sound of the servants and soldiers inhaling was heard. Alexis closed his eyes tightly.

    "Get rid of the body, take the empress to the west tower and lock it up."

    As I threw a bloody knife on the floor, the sound of iron bumps sharply scratched everyone's ears.

    “Don't put a single object in the prison without doing anything like this. If you don't want to get rid of this corpse, you'd better not listen to the empress.”

    Carloy, who quietly gave orders, did not even look at this Bonne.

    Her soldiers noticed and dragged her body out, while other soldiers approached to catch Yvonne. However, she said that Yvonne crouched and trembled, and her soldiers couldn't do anything, and she only circulated around Yvonne. She was shocked to see a person dying, and the soldiers guessed.

    “I hate the tower....... I hate the tower.”

    Yvonne muttered, but Carloi neatly ignored her and looked at her soldiers.

    “What did I say?”

    It was scary to see Karloy asking for someone else's blood. The soldiers who didn't want to be her Marlon caught Yvonne's arms.

    Looking at that, Carloy left the palace. She couldn't be confident of seeing with her eyes until Yvonne was dragged to her tower.

    She had earlier she should have done this.

    Karloi stood still for a long time. The price of a momentary shake is too high.


    It's like a normal prison, and it's a place where Asher can go in and out like eating, so meeting Mary Ann wasn't a problem. She never said not to see the contents, so on her way to prison, Asher opened the letter.

    The letter had nothing but polite content. Her mother said she wanted to see her, her brother said she was still busy helping her peacock, and nothing happened here. She looked around to see if there was a password, but it wasn't like that.

    Maryanne was locked up in a cell. It didn't make sense to see if she had been interrogated.


    She saw Asher suddenly appearing, and Mary Anne asked in a hoarse voice. Asher silently handed out her stationery. Mary Ann hurriedly picked up her letter if she had noticed what her stationery was.

    As she reads her letter, Asher looked closely at her Mary Anne's face. Her expression clearly changed. Asher realized that some everyday phrase she did not know had been used in the code.

    What is it about?

    Why, why did you deliver this to me right away?”

    She looked up at Asher as if she couldn't understand Mary Ann.

    "Just curious......."

    Mary Ann noticed her understanding of Asher's answer. She remembered Asher, who showed her extraordinary curiosity and interest in Yvonne.

    Unlike Carlo, Mary, realizing that she was suspicious of Asher's circumstances, sent her a letter to Asher with a desperate look.

    “It's all set. Me and Her Majesty have fallen into shame.”

    "Who's shaping? Why is the Duke shaping her?"

    "That's... we don't know. But we really didn't do anything. Please pass this letter to His Majesty the Empress."

    "To the empress?"

    "Then you'll know what's going on."

    Maryanne's words certainly drew Asher's taste. Asher accepted Mary Anne's letter again without her words.

    But how? The Empress's Palace, where Yvonne was confined, her guard robbery was so strong that she couldn't get in. Asher fell into trouble. Asher, who rolled his head in his own way, went to Alexis.

    After the revolt broke out, Alexis was living in the imperial palace, so it was easy to visit him. However, dealing with Alexis with a face that seems to be why he came was definitely a bit unreasonable.


    Asher hesitated and glanced at a piece of paper. Asher put the paper back in his arms before Alexis even checked the paper with the name on it.

    Alexis turned his head as if he wasn't interested.

    “If you're looking for someone to play with, go to Gorten.”

    "This is a list of the Delua people remaining in the Imperial Palace."

    Then the expression of indifference changed.

    "How did you find out?"

    "Somehow. You need it or don't you need it?"

    “What is the condition?”

    “I want to see the empress. She only allows you to enter the palace once. You are in charge."

    "Not anymore. She's because the Empress was trapped in her west tower. She was dragged in quite a fuss and she didn't see it, right?"

    As Asher opened his surprised eyes round, Alexis asked with suspicion.

    “Why do you keep trying to see her empress? She came to me knowing that Her Majesty would say no.”

    “Because I want to do an investigation…”

    "Isn't there a strange thing?"

    Whether Asher was offended or not, he made a rebellious expression, pointing his legs together.

    “Because I was the first to know that the Empress was an illegitimate child?”

    Alexis had to think for a long time about the answer to the question he was asked, and he is that smart, and that much loyalty. What does that mean? Or does it mean that you do the research well? Why do you answer this way?

    Alexis pondered for a moment and decided the answer.

    “Five minutes, no more. Don't talk to your Majesty for no reason.”

    "10 minutes."

    "3 minutes"

    "Okay, 5 minutes!"

    When the negotiations, somewhat dissatisfied by one side, were completed, Alexis was handed a piece of paper, and Asher headed to the west tower with Alexis's permit.

    She was the first time she had seen Yvonne after a night in the garden.

    The western pagoda was dark as the chill turned around, but it was also too high to give a feeling of fear. But that was all. Asher thought that this tower was nothing compared to Mach's crazy prisons and that of Deluir. There were many things that Croisen lacked.

    One of the soldiers who had to guide Asher was too weak, so Asher ran ahead and climbed the tower.

    The jail guard in front of the prison looked at Asher for a long time with suspicious eyes even when he saw his permit. It was because rumors that one therapist had died had surely spread to everyone. I didn't know that if I did something wrong, it would be the same.

    "I do not know?"

    The guard glanced at the self-conscious knight and nodded his head. Duke Duna is fine. It would be good if I said it.

    When I opened one or two doors and entered, the solitary room where this Bond was trapped came out. Even so, I thought I was worried about something like the Empress, but the chills and discomfort peculiar to the prison were not concealed.

    And there was something on the old bed. Asher realized it wasn't until he had fully approached the fact that it was Yvonne, not something. His body was crouching so much that it was hard to notice. It seemed that I couldn't even feel the sign of people coming. Asher lightly struck the iron fence a couple of times.

    "excuse me."

    Yvonne raised her head at a call that did not match her prison. After checking Yvonne's face, Asher's eyes briefly passed by. With a pale, lean face, she seemed to die soon.

    Even looking at her Asher, Yvonne's eyes didn't see anything. I didn't seem to be curious about how and why. Asher took the letter out of his bosom and pushed it through the iron bars.

    "It's a letter from Delois. It's Jane."

    It was only a moment that light passed by on her face, who was fascinated by her. Yvonne's face has changed so much that she wants to be the same person.

    The movements that caused her body looked overly arduous and slow, but her face was desperate. Asher has seen many such faces. Is there anything else left to keep for the Empress, in this situation?

    Yvonne embraced her stationery with her trembling hand.

    [There are a lot of flowers in the garden.]

    The moment she read the phrase, her hand was weakened and her stationery fell to the floor. It was a phrase she never wanted to read forever. Another tear came from Denise's eyes, which she thought was dry, hinting that her body was not feeling well.

    Why? She apparently said her mom was getting better and she did. Since when did she not like it? What happened to her now.

    Seeing Yvonne crying without breathing, Asher was embarrassed, so she didn't know what to do. She came to answer questions, but I can't ask.

    She heard the jailer ringing as the five minutes were over. Yvonne, who was crying for a long time at the sound, suddenly raised her head and looked at Asher.

    "Can you come in again?"


    Even her hand, holding her iron fence, was hard-to-bone. Nevertheless, Yvonne's expression was desperate to squeeze out all of her remaining power and connect her words.

    “Come here one more time. Without anyone knowing, by all means.”


    “I will tell you the truth, so you have to come. Remember, you owe me something.”

    With her tears flowing, Asher nods her head in confusion, not knowing how to say'No,' to the desperate speaker.

    He was a man who answered'no way' to the words'Please save me', but I wasn't used to this situation. If you think about it, he's not owed much, but he didn't even think of refuting it.

    When Asher didn't come out, the guard finally came in and dragged Asher out.

    Asher thought that Yvonne's last seen face resembled the faces of those sold at Mach's slave market. She looked just like people who never felt free.

    It certainly wasn't the expression that a person who was loved by the peacock could make. The empress had the misery that only those who were treated as objects could have.

    And that was a face that only Asher could recognize.


    A week after Yvonne was trapped in the western tower, her charter was in favor of Karlois.

    It was helpful to predict the rebellion and strengthen the defense posture of the capital in advance, and the early arrival of Mach's reinforcements. It was also helpful for her to know the situation in advance through close interactions with Lartua so that Bernie could not move easily.

    But besides these reasons, Delua's strange attitude also played a part. At any time when she rebelled on her own, her power was poor.

    After a big confrontation and defeat in Angsen-ryong, all the rebels gathered near the Delua estate. And the Duke of Delua never came out of a Delu dumbbell. I didn't even take the lead.

    Certainly, striking the home of the Duke of Delua was not as smooth as anything else, and the confrontation continued.

    Carloy, in charge of all this, looked pretty good. Looking at it, the nobles thought that they were different from Emperor Seonseondae, who made only nonsense orders and decisions even in the moment of crisis. Madness really seemed to be futile.

    Besides, the empress, who was now inexpensive, has not been locked in the tower. He, of course, couldn't do it without confinement.

    The day after the empress was imprisoned in the western tower, it was revealed that the empress had used Bernie's magic in his palace. According to the scholar's words,'I couldn't count how much I used it.

    Upon hearing the scholar's report, Karloy's face was silent. For some reason, the nobles shouted eagerly when they saw the emperor had little reaction to the empress's affair.

    "There's nothing more to see. It's the death penalty. Apart from the rebellion, it's a felony! It's unimaginable."

    Carloi, who had not been answered for a long time, had not yet received Yvonne and Mary Ann's testimony, so he gave an ambiguous answer that he would withhold more.

    When the nobles looked up at the emperor, who gave a ridiculous answer with a very common sense face, Karl Roy added an additional answer that he would look at it because he may have more sins.

    Oh, the nobles nodded for nothing, presuming to dry Delua's seed very much.

    Only Alexis, Gorten, and Asher knew that Karloi was fine because he behaved so well in this way. In the week after Yvonne was imprisoned in the tower, no one knew what he had changed except for them.

    "Why are you here again? For the time being, you might have told you not to go with your Majesty's side."

    Alexis, who came to the emperor's office to make a report, frowned when he saw Asher lingering in front of him. Asher pouted his lips for dissatisfaction. He looked as if he should have been self-respecting for a week.

    After seeing Asher, when she heard that Yvonne's condition had worsened, Alexis questioned her, asking what the hell did she do, but Asher smoked her every time.

    “I'm an escort of your Majesty, so of course I have to be there.

    “You just oppose your Majesty's planting.”

    “It's not about me. Your Majesty is just crazy.”

    Alexis quit because he was tired of worrying about pointing out Asher's word expressions. Because of the fatigue from his continued work, he couldn't be in a state to care about these things.

    Besides, thanks to Asher, it wasn't cool to catch the Delua spies in the Imperial Palace. Crazy Hans Delua, I'm sure you've planted so much.

    Alexis was generous for some reason, and only thought that when everything was over, he had to give Asher a Korean language teacher or not.

    "Your Majesty couldn't breathe last night."

    At the words Asher whispered, Alexis was amazed and looked at Asher.

    “I guess I had a nightmare. The therapist came and healed it, so I breathed again, but your Majesty told me not to tell anyone."

    “How do you know? I said don't even pretend.”

    "One must protect your Majesty. I was without your Majesty's knowledge."

    Should I rebuke him for being in someone else's bedroom without even knowing it, or should he praise him for his unique thoughts?

    While Alexis was thinking, Asher came close. I was always scared of Alexis, and it seemed that I had spoken a few times and now it is not. The monstrous adaptability seemed to apply to interpersonal relationships as well.

    "What are you looking for?"

    Seeing Alexis sighing without answering, Asher realized that it was Yvonne's affair.

    I really didn't understand, so she felt like she was going to die. I'm talking about why a person who looks so unfair is constantly coming out with such an endless backlash. It really kept coming out endlessly.

    I couldn't guess what was more serious than using the alternative Vernier magic. Is he wrong about Yvon?

    “More serious than Bernie?”


    Seeing Alexis on her stern face, Asher rebelliously slammed her eyeballs, like a teenage boy.

    Are you serious?”

    “.....If you're curious, go in with me. Also, if your Majesty goes crazy, I think there should be one more person anyway.”

    Leaving meaningful words, Alexis first went into the office. As soon as I entered, I heard that Alexis sighed once again in the sight he could see, even to Asher, who was standing behind him.

    Carloy sat still at her desk, while Gorten was wiping blood from his hands with an almost crying face. It was already the fifth time that Alexis had seen such a scene.

    Two days after Yvonne was imprisoned in the tower on the west side, in broad daylight, all of a sudden, Karloy casually stabbed his hand with a dagger. Alexis and Gorten looked shocked and looked, but Carloi replied, as if it were really okay. He said he was trying to wake up.

    He can't sleep at night and gasps for breath. During the day, there were days of doing crazy things with a healthy face. Even now, he seemed to have done that crazy thing once.

    "Why, what's going on?"

    Leaving her hand to Gorten, the face of asking was easygoing. On the desk was a map of Croysen discussing tactics. It's so normal... It's so normal that it's even more creepy.

    Alexis recalled Yvonne, who kept begging for Carloy to be called in prison. Hans Del Lua was an all too great son of a bitch. He was a human being who could make people crazy even though he was in the Delua estate far away.

    “Something seems like your Majesty is there. Why do you do that again.”

    "I'm not sure why you're making a fuss. If you stop bleeding, it stops in less than a minute anyway. I don't think a general like you thinks this hurts."

    After all, the words didn't work. Isn't it a matter of treatment and pain? Alexis said this report shouldn't be, and he fell into a serious conflict.

    Seeing such Alexis, Carloy laughed. Even the laughter looked weird.

    "Why, what else did the Empress do?"

    Asking with a shivering face like in the old days would have seemed more sane. Alexis hesitated and answered quietly.

    “The maid came to report her new testimony.”

    “What is it? Also, the first round of verification must have been done in your line, right? The empress and the maid-in-law are silent and silent.”


    "What the hell is this time?"

    Carlo Yi asked, placing the horse back and forth on the map. From the side, I heard Gorten whipping his nose from time to time.

    "According to the empress's command, it is said that his Majesty's teacup has been poisoned in the meantime. It is said that he does not die immediately.

    Carloy's hand, as he hurriedly moved on the map, paused.

    For the first time, Alexis half-understood Carloy's mind. He wasn't surprised at all because he was shocked when he investigated this.

    He didn't believe in Del Lua's daughter, but he didn't think he was going to kill Karl Roy. But it was more than I thought. She was also Deluah's daughter.

    "When I tried to find her maid who had put her poison in, it wasn't there already. The maid-in-chief sent it out of her palace."

    Even the empress and the maid-in-law seemed to be thorough to destroying the evidence. Her maid disappeared a day before the rebellion.

    "Even the old teacups were sent to scholars. The investigation takes a long time, so it doesn't seem like poison from Sun Kroissen."

    At the report of Alexis, Gorten stopped making a noise and shut his mouth, and Asher opened his mouth.

    He did such a scary thing? Asher was dizzy in his head. Was he the one who could even do that? But Yvonne in prison didn't look that way at all.

    Karloi again began to touch the map. But his words came out later than that.

    "okay? What did the empress say?"

    It was a soft tone without any pitch. Looking at the reaction alone, it seemed like a person who was not shocked at all.

    “I will not tell you until your Majesty comes. Go.......”

    “Doesn’t that person look like a good-headed person?”

    Suddenly, Karloy raised his head and asked. Alexis was embarrassed to answer a question that couldn't be read and had to ask blankly.

    “You use all these things well. amazing. Even though I've already caught it, I'm trying to use it by using it.”

    Not to be angry, but in a dry tone, as if simply saying a simple sentiment, Alexis couldn't find a reply.

    Carloi put his map aside, as if he had all his work to do.

    “I think we should send a message to Markia Byeonbaek.”

    As if he didn't even care about Yvonne's story, Karloi went back to the subject of the rebellion. Alexis also replied unknowingly, being overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

    “What should I say?”

    "I don't think Bernie will move any more anyway, so leave at least the minimum number of people to go to the Delua border."

    “All of it?”

    "I think there will be a gap when the entire military has a total attack there."

    "Ah yes."

    Upon hearing the smooth command, Alexis succeeded in coming up with the right answer. Carloy looked at Alexis and Asher with puzzled faces.

    "Why? Do you have anything more to say?"

    “Oh, no.”

    "The Empress will let me visit you later. Asher What's wrong with you?"

    Asher shook his head. He didn't know how to be scared even in the war, but only in this situation he had a fearful face. It was obvious to think that Carloi was really totally crazy.

    Alexis left the office without saying anything, dragging Asher and Gorten. Asher and Gorten continued to look at Carlo's teeth with anxious glances as they went out. He seemed to be worried that he would do it properly.

    But Alexis knew. Carloy won't do that now. Until he catches Del Lua, he will pretend to be in good shape, even if he is half out of his mind. It was a very fortunate misfortune.

    In the office where everyone had left, Carloy slowly leaned back on his chair, holding his hand in the pocket. In a dream, he had difficulty breathing because at some point he was sinking in deep water. He saw Lyrian's body there.

    I'm like this because you give your heart to something like that. Look at you. The body that opened his eyes whispered.

    From some point onward, even when I was awake, everything shook as if submerged in water, so I had to constantly remind myself that this is reality and that this place is not under the water. My senses were also ambiguous, so it was difficult to wake up without stimulation.

    When I was hurt, my mind returned. It was like that now.

    Yvonne tried to kill herself. Tried to kill me. I didn't really touch what I was talking about. He had to repeat himself a few times to understand what he said.

    However, no matter how many times he repeated it, he couldn't figure out what he was saying, and in the end he felt like his head was filled with water again. His heart is beating as if it is a storm, and his stomach is agitated. He realized that he had to see Yvonne to understand what he said.

    But Karloy was scared. I wasn't sure which one of the two could see each other without dying.


    Coming right in front of the west tower, all of a sudden, Carloi stopped. He knew what the West Tower Prison was like. He didn't want to come on his own...

    It was better not to look at it. When I wasn't looking, my daily life was possible. He couldn't pretend he wasn't a broken human.

    But looking at Yvonne, she couldn't. She felt awful every time she breathed how pathetic, useless, and wrong she was. She couldn't ignore the consequences of her own mistake of believing in Yvonne even for a moment.


    The soldier guarding the entrance to the tower was startled and called Karl Roy.

    "Is there anything special?"

    "no. No one came in. But... it seemed to me that the Empress kept saying that she was in a bad condition.”

    Upon hearing that, Karloy eventually entered the tower. He climbed the stairs and recalled the first time he met Yvonne. She wondered if she had come in from the beginning with the intention of killing me.

    I really didn't know that I drank Hwangbi poison instead, but I was mistaken.

    This is a lie, that is a lie, everything is a lie.

    When he reached Yvonne's floor, Carloi could finally come to an idea. She was able to conclude that Yvonne was not her fault, and that all her own faults were hers, and that she was my fault of appearing funny, my fault of acting funny, all the result of her own induction.

    It was also my fault not to make up my mind to kill Yvonne in spite of all those conclusions. All he could eat was a small pledge that he would surely bring Duke Delua in front of his eyes so that all the truth would be confessed with his mouth.

    "What about the empress?"

    “You keep getting worse. To be honest, I don't seem to be sane. Besides, I didn't stop tapping on her iron bars, so I tied her hands up .....”

    "When did you do that?"

    "It was originally bad, but since I heard the news that the Duke of Delua had been greatly defeated, it has become incomparably bad......"

    Carloy didn't want to show Yvonne even this triviality. Even she didn't want to be exploited.

    The guard opened the door to his head. Yvonne leaned against her bed and closed her eyes. She seemed to be less energetic than sleeping. Her breath was choked. I saw her bandaged hand, tied with a cloth to her bedpost.

    Why would she want to go so far while breaking herself up? Do you care for the peacock like that?

    As she watched Yvonne, the moist water that was encroaching on Carlois squeezed his throat.

    She slowly opened her eyes to Yvonne, and she looked at her ka-her-loy a while later. Even Carloy looked down at the Bond silently. The tear marks that cannot be ignored make him dizzy, and the fact that he cares about such things made him miserable.

    “I have to go to Delua.”

    Yvonne spoke slowly and slowly, in a clearer tone compared to her gloomy. It was a terrifying tenacity. There seemed to be nothing else in her mind.

    Carloy was really curious.


    I felt like I was less crazy to know the reason.

    "Because I can't stand the peacock because he's in a corner, or because he wants to see the sorcerer?"

    Yvonne's face quickly faded to Karlroy's back door.

    “Why do you say that? I told you to go sometime. I told you that if I go to Delua, I can finish the Duke.”

    "Because I didn't know you were the one who lied at the time with your mouth open."

    “I really don’t have time....”

    "Why? You haven't killed me yet?"

    Yvonne slowly blinked her big eyes. She thought the appearance was abominable.

    “I was curious what poison was in my car, and I was curious, so I couldn't even sleep. Is it a slow killing poison?"

    “I never did that. No, I can't do that to you........"

    It was also difficult to lengthen her words, and Yvonne took her breath and took her words.

    "Even if you bring the evidence in front of your eyes, it's not just Goman, it's creepy and disgusting to you."


    "I'm not going to tell the truth until I really see Delua's neck."

    Yvonne, who had her vague expression, glared at Carloy with resentful glances at her moment.

    “If you don’t believe it like this, why, why did you tell me to be yours? Why did you keep touching people?”

    The watery voice began to grow louder and louder. Yvonne began to strike her own chest with her untied hand.

    Seeing Yvonne yelling at her as if frustrated, she kept thinking that she was a red spot.

    “I asked you to ignore it..... I asked you not to be good. But keep going, keep going. You didn't leave people alone.”

    Yvonne did not scream at her and began to cough her. Karloy instinctively grabbed the trembling body and was shocked by the smaller size. And to the cold of his body.

    Yvonne looked up at her Carloy with her hand on her arm.

    “I know everything too. You pretended to like me to use me, pretend I wasn't disgusting, I knew it all.”

    Her words, whispering her unruly, sounded like her cries. Carloi, stabbed in his fault, lost his words and looked into the dark green eyes.

    “But you promised. No matter what I say or not, even if it's weird! I decided to believe it....... What did I bet on that, how?”

    At the end of my nose, a cry broke out.

    "You don't know... what I bet on. What made me regret when I chose you..."

    The word regret got stuck in her heart. Does it mean when you chose me without ever being my person?

    “It was a lie. I've never believed what you said.”

    Carloy muttered blankly.

    “Really... did you hand me over to Dunya? Before you make an appointment to me?"

    I was so grateful for asking. Carlo Yi replied with a cold face.

    “I told you to do whatever you want to kill you.”

    The inside was cool.

    “I told you I could see him. That shouldn't be a lie.”

    As Yvonne fell, she began to feel lean in Karlroy's arms. Carloy's breathing became painful. She had Yvonne eating him again.

    “That can't be a lie. Like I said, I'm going to be yours... That shouldn't be a lie."

    The words lifted Karloi's mind. It was because his feelings of self-disturbing struck him. Also, he almost went on like this. Carloi buried this bond out of his arms. I saw eyes with tears.

    “It was all a lie too.”

    Like it was a lie that you said you would be my person. Like I've never been my person.

    Carlos laughed. It was a ridicule that came out because it was really funny.

    “You can never be like him. When I saw him, I didn't have to put up with the weights I was putting on. Because I didn't even have to act.”

    Tears continued to flow from Yvonne's eyes. Always the tears seemed to be the only real thing she had. Even in this situation.

    Whether the tears shed in resentment or in despair, it didn't matter anymore. Those tears dont breathe.

    "lie. You keep telling me that you can see him...”

    "That's what Keana told me."

    Seeing Yvonne gasping for breath, Karl Roy finally succeeded in his revenge.

    “I told you that I hate you so much that it's hard to even see your face. I came up with that answer, Keana. Try to treat the person I had in the past, and then the empress will also be deceived.”

    It was only after seeing that despair entered without falling into his big eyes, Carloi could breathe properly. He wanted to feel firsthand how he felt when he found out that everything was false.

    "Look at how you've been deceived in the end. Keana is very smart."

    Yvonne stayed still with a wounded face for her long time. The inside was cool. Seeing Yvonne doing her, she couldn't even kill her and lessened the disgust of myself for keeping her alive like this.

    “I wasn't. That I'll be yours, I've never been fooled.”

    Yvonne's lie, which wasn't ridiculous, no longer allowed Karloi to feel any more.

    “If I go to Delua, I can prove it all. I swear. If you want, you can attach people, so...”

    “Wow, what's the use of the proof? The cost is nothing to me. I've never had anything to do with it.”

    He told Yvonne that all of him was a lie, but in fact, she thought, Carloi, that she would never have said as many lies as it is at this moment.

    “......I'll ask you last. Really, this is the last time.”

    Despite the face that looked desperate as if holding a broken string, Yvonne seemed to give Karloi a chance. She was absurd. Who is in a position to give someone a chance.

    “Is there a time when it wasn't a lie to me? I've never been sincere, at least once.”

    Yvonne again began to cough her. Karloy squeezed his hand. He did not forget his pledge before he came here. The pledge that he would not show even his own insignificance to Yvonne.

    “Of course you do, do you really not know?”

    In Yvonne's eyes, a faint hope shone in her way of thinking. Meanwhile, in Yvonne's eyes, she wondered if she had seen herself that way, and she thought that way.

    “From the moment I first saw you, there was always the sincerity I've been talking about.”

    She said how easy she was, how funny she was.

    “I would always have said I wish you weren't there, I.”

    Yvonne stopped trembling as if her body had been stiffened, and she stared blankly at Carloy. Looking at that, I was just giving it back, and that's all, Carloy said.

    For a very long time, Yvonne could not move her body or speak. Still, she didn't stop looking at Karlroy.

    Karloy was pleased with the fact that he could hurt this woman. She was at least the one who could hurt her, she would not have been hurt if she had been to Yvonne, and she had no existence.

    Her mouth opened as her tears ran down her cheeks of Yvonne.

    "If I don't go to Delua... I might die."

    The lowly voice sounded sad, but even Carloi felt as if it were threatening himself. She was initially disillusioned with Yvonne, who she thought it would be a threat to her, and she was upset with myself for what it looked like. To her that, her frustrating feelings, she unwittingly opened her mouth and her answers flowed out.

    "I'd rather be dead."

    As you wish me to die.

    “At that time, it would have been better to die when he drank poison instead of the empress.”

    She said she couldn't even tell if what she was saying was sincere or false. He was so exhausted and broken.

    Yvonne snapped her lips as if she was saying something, but she didn't open her mouth again in the end. But she kept looking at him with those deep eyes that he hated so much that she felt from the first time she saw him. She only looked. As always, he had nothing to answer to those eyes.

    Until he got up and left the prison, Karloy never looked back. It was scary to see what Yvonne was doing behind her.

    She felt like she was running away every time, and she thought that maybe he wasn't the one who should have died. He said he probably didn't know he should have died that day he was young.

    When she left the tower, the sun had already disappeared. The palace in the dark was still wide and quiet. Nothing has changed.


    When Asher visited the guard of the west tower again in the middle of the night, the guard looked at him with an annoying look. Asher's words that the former emperor, who left the tower, told him to go back to check something, is suspicious, so the guard cannot. And shook his hand.

    Then, the famous escort warrior in front of him tilted his head.

    “Don’t you know how you feel?”


    "If your fortress feels against your feelings, it's a guillotine."

    When the jailer frowned at the words that sounded like threats to reject him, Asher showed Alexis's permit again.

    "I already got permission once."

    The night was getting deeper and the shift time was approaching. The jailer yawned in exhaustion and glanced at his permit.

    The emperor's entourage is the Duke of Dunya and a foreigner in front of him. Dunya was also a western tower where you could come and go at will, and strictly speaking, Asher wasn't even a bargaining target. Isn't he a human being who is allowed to go and go everywhere in Croisen?

    The guard yawned and shook his head as if to enter. Asher casually entered the prison. It was all a red lie, but it didn't matter.

    Anyway, he had to see Yvonne. While the emotion in the meantime was curiosity, now half was confusion and half resentment. This strange woman made Carloy go crazy.

    As before, Yvonne was neither closing her eyes nor crouching her body. She sat with her back leaning on, and only her eyes were blinking. It was like a person who kept thinking about something, but Asher strangely thought it was similar to Karl Roy. Carloy sits comfortably at his desk, works and talks.

    "Your Majesty has become weird because of you."

    Even at Asher's words, Yvonne did not change his expression. She just looked at him with that innocent face.

    "Why, are you nervous? If that person goes like this, you will not have a place to stand here? Because you will be alone."

    At Yvonne's quiet question, Asher gave no answer. She was positive in her own way. She gave Yvonne a faint smile.

    "I know that feeling too......."

    She muttered to herself that the strange woman in front of her had not even asked.

    “Are you really trying to kill Your Majesty?”


    "So what's all that poison? What's all you did?"

    ".....Would you like to go find out?"

    The last words were almost like a whisper, so Asher thought he had been wrong. However, Yvonne was looking burdenfully at Asher without blinking her eyes.

    “If you go down to Delua, it's all over. I can fix it.”

    Asher thought she had Yvonne going crazy. Where are you going to go together now? Asher was embarrassed to the point that she couldn't find anything to answer, but Yvonne was alone in seriousness.

    "I swear to lupus. That would be better for Karloy. Will he be okay with the end of the rebellion?"

    She thought even in the estate of Del Lua, but this woman used to manipulate herself in unusual ways. Asher recalled Yvonne's behavior, which was also suspicious at that time in Deluir.

    “You can go together. The charter doesn't change if I go down alone, and I can't stand alone. Go and look directly with your eyes. Why did I do this."

    Yvonne calms down, as if she were ready, but she continued her words without a break. At first she thought Yvonne was crazy, but the more she heard it, it felt a little different.

    Everything that happened around Yvonne in the Imperial Palace was too, too well structured. A sense of deception afflicted Asher's sensitive senses.

    “If you think I'm weird, you can kill me anytime.”

    When Asher didn't answer, Yvonne's voice was a little nervous, whether she was anxious.

    “Please… please.”

    It's the face again. Asher thought she might have looked like this when she cried and begged Carloy to take her away from her Mach, please.

    He glanced at the jailer guarding the prison and turned his gaze to the tower's spear. It was a time of choice.


    As always, Karloy couldn't go to bed and was at dawn. When she closed her eyes, Yvonne's face, who was listening to her, came to mind, and she tormented him.

    The way to end this disgust wasn't killing Duke Delois or Yvonne. She thought it would end only when she died.

    But not yet. Without knowing exactly why not, he told himself that way. It shouldn't be until the lie is confirmed before his eyes.

    With the dusk of dawn, an unpleasant noise came from a distance. I felt an unpleasant hustle and urgency approaching. As his heart started beating anxious to the sound, Gorten came in with a knock on the door. He was a Gorten, hungry for exhaling how fast he had jumped.

    “What the hell is going on from an early hour?”

    "The Empress, Her Majesty."

    It was a boring name just to hear. He replied frightfully.

    “Something else? Are you making a fuss to call me again?"

    “No, ha, the Empress is gone.”

    At first, Carloy didn't understand what that meant. There was a limit to imagining what was not possible.

    "What the hell are you talking about?"

    “Because it disappeared from the tower! I escaped!"

    His heart started beating with anxiety, and Carloy clenched his fist. The answer came out late because of the excitement.

    “Escape, how was it possible to escape?”

    Strangely, Gorten seemed more difficult to answer this question than the escape itself. Carloy's anxiety intensified.

    "That's... Asher disappeared together."

    Ah. Carloy exhaled a rough breath.

    Yvonne Delois, the woman, without fail, succeeded in making him miserable again. She ran away, leaving only a terrible sense of self-destruction to him.

    13. The Emperor and the Empress (1)

    The emperor's palace therapist ran out of his pajamas and ran to the emperor's bedroom. It wasn't surprising now that I was called so suddenly at dawn.

    “No, if you're going to do this, you'd better just sleep in the bedroom with me. What is this like every day?”

    Following Gorten's steps, the famous therapist complained.

    “You hate someone, what should I do?”

    Gorten rolled his feet and opened the bedroom door. The therapist made an impression at the sound of Carloy's gasping, as he approached the bed. Fragments of broken liquor bottles rolled by the side of the bed.


    Carloi was distorting his face without giving an answer. Therapist clenched his hands

    I pulled out the squeezed glass first. As he truly used the magic, the sound of Carloy's breath was a little quiet.

    “… ..after."


    "Bring the empress."

    That's what everyone muttered in a hoarse voice. The therapist nodded roughly and gave the medicine without expression. It was because I got used to it now.

    Sometimes they say Lu blah, sometimes Empress, blah blah, and stupid emperor, but there were so many female names to call like this?

    Nope, the therapist inadvertently corrected his thoughts. In fact, the name of the empress is not called even when she dies, so strictly speaking, it is not that many'names' are called.

    Carlo Yi, who had a truly magical and truly medicated medicine, stretched like a wet cloth and leaned against the bed.


    Karloi found Gorten. Gorten approached Carloy while the therapist healed Carloy's hand.

    "Bring her, right now."

    “......The Empress is not there now, Your Majesty.”

    “So I don’t understand that.”

    Carlo, who was drunk with alcohol and drugs, spoke more and more.

    “It’s not there, but it keeps appearing. I keep crying loudly. She said she would keep listening and go crazy."

    The therapist rolled the cloth in Carloy's hand.

    “It was that person who lied.”

    As Gorten continued to be quiet, only Karloy's voice continued to spread in the bedroom.

    "But I'm like I'm crazy. I don't understand that."


    “It looks like it is. I've completely crazy chicks. "

    In a low voice, the swear words continued like a murmur.

    Yes, it turned completely. The therapist thought to himself and ended the treatment. The emperor's condition was classified, so he wouldn't go anywhere, but he was very worried about the state of the country because he was like that.

    When Carloy said no more, Gorten left the bedroom with the therapist.

    "...Please move to a place closer to where you are staying."

    The therapist muttered with a weary face. Gorten also nodded her head with a face in a similar condition. Even though the dawn didn't rise, it was still dark outside. A day has passed since the empress disappeared.


    The fact that Asher disappeared with Yvonne was confidential externally. This was because it was impossible to lose the few of Carloy's close associates for treason.

    That Asher helped Yvonne escape and disappeared together was a fact that only Carloi, Alexis Dunya, and Gorten knew.

    “But how can I escape from that prison… the empress alone?”

    The wise Alexis Dunya, who had anticipated the pouring of the nobles' doubts in advance, showed me a few of her blood-dried cut heads without saying anything.

    “These are Delua's spies who remained in Purtu.”

    Alexis was silent, so the explanation was replaced by someone else next to him.

    “Ah, yes… the spies……”

    There was no kind and detailed explanation, but the nobles no longer asked for a visual and brutal answer. I thought that the Delua's spies seemed to have helped the escape.

    "Within a week, all rebel territory other than Delua will be cleaned up. After that, all forces will be transferred to Marchia, and the commander will be..."

    As if the emperor was worried, he extended his words. The nobles stick out his throat and examine the emperor's mouth. It was because she did not understand the attitude that she had options other than Alexis Dunya.

    "Of course I have to be me, Your Majesty. You seem to be worried about my age, but you don't have to."

    Alexis Dunya was spoken sharply. There was only one person who read the insides of Carlos, so it was also dunya to end his words.

    “......If the ball is okay.”

    Although Karloi replied casually, Alexis did not stop looking at his nephew with suspicious eyes. Because it seemed obvious that he wanted to go down to Marchia right now. But it seemed to be visible only to Alexis' eyes.

    Even after the enormous incident of the empress's escape, the emperor appeared with a cold face as usual and delivered a reasonable and neat order.

    "And try to strengthen the checkpoints at each checkpoint."

    Carloy, who only took necessary measures, didn't look much different from usual. He might have noticed that, if he had a little bit of consciousness, he might have noticed that the emperor's calm had a strange insanity infiltrated, but he thought it wasn't a big deal because he was all about aggression and excitement in war.

    "Well, does Mahain, your Majesty's separate use, go with you to Markia?"

    Someone brought up Asher's story. Those who had confirmed Asher's power with their own eyes were secretly hoping that he would be with him.

    Karloi's sunken eyes flashed briefly at Asher's story.

    “..... Asher is practicing another man, so he doesn't have to worry about it.”


    “I left it to find the empress.”

    “Wouldn’t it be better to advertise nationwide. Like betting a bounty........”

    “Wouldn't there be no need to be ridiculous or morale by letting you know that? Don't worry, Asher will find it for you.”

    He didn't say anything anymore to the firm answer.

    Even at this moment, Alexis sighed alone as he watched Karloi hit the player in case Asher and Yvonne were caught alike later.

    His dislike for losing Asher is understandable enough, but he wondered if he really thought he would be able to catch the empress. No, I don't know what Asher was thinking in the first place.

    "Once I'm done here."

    As Karloi left the conference hall and headed for his office, Alexis du Nha again led the nobles and delivered detailed instructions.

    After finishing, she went to the imperial palace to meet Karloi in person, while Alexis pondered about the condition of Karloi.

    He was so fine. At least the moment she opened her eyes, Yvonne stopped doing self-harm habitually after she ran away.

    No, it wasn't fine. It was just completely turned away. When a person becomes strange properly, it is surprisingly difficult to distinguish it from a normal state.

    “How are you today?”

    Alexis asked when he saw the therapist and Gorten in front of the office. At Alexis's question, the therapist began to speak with a sigh.

    “You are still. If you can't sleep like that and can't eat properly for a longer period of time... You're already in a state where you can't even use medicine. Even now, it's actually a problem because it's overdose.”

    “But you’re in good shape during the day.”

    "So it's more of a problem. Isn't it so creepy that you can pretend to be my mind in that state? If you see your Majesty in the daytime at night, it's just... uh."

    The therapist shook his head violently, as if tired.

    "When you close your eyes for a moment, you can't breathe and you're in pain. When you're awake, what the hell do you think you can focus on, so can you pretend to be okay?

    Whatever you are thinking, I'm only thinking of holding the empress with my own hands. Alexis thought only to himself.

    “If you know so well, try something.”

    "I've done everything I can. It's stupid, but shouldn't we address the root cause?"

    After a few days, the lean therapist seemed to be bored, and hurried to leave.

    In front of Karloy's office, Alexis wiped his tired face. The root cause itself has disappeared. How can I solve it?

    Gorten pulled out her handkerchief and stole her tears. These days, his handkerchief never dried up.

    “What if it really goes like this.......”

    “From the momentum right now, you don't think you'll die until you catch the empress, so don't worry.”

    Alexis said coldly enough to sound wild.

    “How do you not worry? Aren't you worried about the ball?"

    “If you only endure the rebellion as you are now... aren't you doing all of your work anyway?”

    Gorten kicked his tongue with a face saying that he was tired of Dunya's words. It's not wrong, but there are times when it's nice to say something that's wrong.

    “Anyway what? The empress cares about her emperor? There wasn't any bullshit. Looking at it now, it looks like it's half the age. I didn't know what to do, so I got this shape.”

    "No way. You're betrayed, not to Asher, what the hell he did! Is he really possessed by the empress?"

    “......Do you really know anything about this?”

    “No, because you can't care for Delua without your Majesty's insane.”

    "No, Gorten."

    Alexis looked at Gorten with a face that he did not understand.

    “So, you were crazy.”

    After responding relentlessly to Gorten's crying words, Nya opened the door of the office and entered. Carloi was leaning against his desk, looking out the dark window.

    He was thinner than usual, so his face became much sharper, his eyes slightly reddened, and his hands and arms were scratched and covered with cloth every day.

    “Now stop calling the therapist. It's not really helpful."

    A harsh voice came out like the sound of iron.

    "Then you wake up or stop calling after you go to sleep. And stop getting angry without need."

    “How is things going?”

    "If Asher can be seen, I secretly sent a message to the lords to catch him at any cost, but... I just hope it arrives soon."

    There was no sound of bouncing with the Emperor's wife, so it was only conveyed.

    “I don’t know if the person who used to be Ganja in Bernie can easily be caught. Still, he's not alone, so he has a tail.”

    “Is the delivery speed really faster than Asher? There is no one in Croisen to stop him because I gave Asher his own wings."

    It wasn't a question, it sounded like a self-talk, La Dunya didn't dare answer. Besides, there weren't any specific answers to do.

    So, who told me to bring that guy from Mach and let him do what he wants? It was full of things I really didn't like.

    And what if there is no one to stop? It was obvious. Carloi is now thinking about taking Yvonne by himself by taking himself down to Del Lua. doing.

    “How about Bernie? Are you likely to join Delua?”

    “I'm not sure. The troops seem to be moving towards Delua, but... I wonder what's going on between the two.”


    “That's not what your Majesty will care about. That's enough for me.”

    Alexis replied as if he would not tolerate even a small gap. Carloy, with a slight nod to his head, beckoned to go out. Gorten, who did not want to go out, followed Dunya's resolute gaze and forced him to come.

    As soon as she was alone in her office, Carloi collapsed and hugged his face with both hands. I closed her eyes, but opened her eyes and it was hell.

    “Fuck it…”

    He started sticking his head against the wall like his madman. If she could get Yvonne out of her mind, she wouldn't mind if she was ovum and murdered with a knife. Rather, it will be less painful.

    Every step Yvonne left in his head was a sharp pain. The fact that she couldn't name her in this pain made him choke.

    Why Is Yvonne's Absence Painful? Why is she angry with her nets, too? Her unanswerable questions have her teeth wrapped around her neck.

    Muttering swear words, Karloy poured alcohol into an empty glass. If it weren't for alcohol, she couldn't even breathe.

    "....You have to find it."

    Lying on his chair, Carloi muttered. Only one thought made him move. He wanted to die, he wanted to disappear. He had spoken countless times, and his only reason was one of the contradictory thoughts that made him ridiculous.


    Yvonne opened her eyes to see some old ceiling. She blinked a couple of times, and suddenly a round face in her field of view popped up without warning. She had no energy, so she had no energy to yell.

    She said, "I thought she was dead."

    Asher muttered in his peculiar tone.

    Yvonne tried to recall her memories with her shallow groan. As soon as she leaves prison, she remembers that she fell, but she hasn't been since.

    "where are you?"

    “She has been out of the capital for a long time. Glad to come out before it gets bad. Even if it was a little late, it would be a big deal.”

    Yvonne barely raised her body and sat down against her wall, and Asher offered a large piece of bread.

    "You have to eat to be able to move."

    "How did I get here?"

    “I brought it. Pretend to be a corpse, heavy. My back hurts.”


    At her innocent accusation, Yvonne vanished, and she chewed the bread. She could feel the touch, but it wasn't real. Did I really get out of jail?

    Yvonne's face hardened for a moment as she slowly chewed her bread and tried to understand her situation. Denise.

    “I have to start right now.”

    "Eat that or all. I'm tired when I fall again after going."

    “I don’t know what will happen if I am a little late. I have to go quickly.”

    “Then let’s eat it quickly.”

    Yvonne nervously began to swallow her bread. Asher's help was absolutely necessary, so she felt like she had to listen to her. While she was eating, her head was full of worries. How the hell is Denise in a bad state?

    "What the hell is there in the Delua estate? That tower?"

    Yvonne nodded only her head.

    “What the hell is it?”

    “.....I can't explain it with words. You see for yourself."

    “I'll kill you right away if you're suspicious.”

    She glanced at Asher, who seemed to be speaking her terrifying words, and Yvonne nodded her head once more.

    “Why are you helping me?”

    “I want to bring the truth to Your Majesty.”

    Asher replied, blinking her big eyes. She even seemed to show her sincerity for her Carlois in her blue eyes.

    "Because that's the only thing that won't make you sick. I'll make you heal."

    “….. there was at least one good person.”


    Even with her bold answer, Yvonne nodded her head without objection. In the current situation, Asher was a good person to himself as well. He was no less than a savior.

    "I'm going to go to Mucha next to Ensenryong and enter Delua. In about 3 or 4 days, I will arrive at Mucha."

    "No. It takes too long to go back like that.”

    "I can't help it. Because of the rebels."

    “Let's go to Markia. All you have to do is go to Delan City in Marchia.”

    "No. There are too many Delua troops on the border, and it's dangerous because it's a close combat area."

    "The Delois army is dangerous to you. They won't try to kill me, so you can go each one at that time."

    "Not only Delua, but all of our troops are going to go down there, and then you get caught by your Majesty before being caught by Delua."

    “I know the way from Delang to the dark forest of Delua. Even the dark forest wouldn't have an army for magic. You just need to enter from Markia and you can get to Delua without interruption.”

    “How do you know that way?”

    Yvonne began to eat bread again without an answer. When Yvonne, who had her throat clogged, made a whacky noise, Asher handed the milk that was next to her.

    She received all of her greatest kindness that Asher could offer, but was not willing to give an answer, so she was a suspicious woman. Could she really understand this strange woman if she only goes to Del Lua. Asher shook his head.

    “When I finish eating, I change my clothes and wear a wig and come out.”

    "Where did you get all that stuff?"

    “The original thing I kept here.”

    Asher rummaged through the chest of drawers, packed full of his gemstones, and went outside. She said that she had sneaked into a house without people, and it seemed that it was the original Asher house. She goes all over the place. To do that, she would have needed a place to stay here and there.

    Suddenly I was thirsty for her familiarity in her old house. It was because I remembered Denise coughing in this old bed.

    Yvonne wiped her eyes dry after swallowing all the soft bread. She didn't even have time to cry. She still fell asleep as if she fell asleep, so she felt a little better.

    When she changed her clothes and went outside, she was already dark. Asher was holding a horse in front of her house.

    “There is only one?”

    “Usually, I don’t have to go with anyone. When they get better, I can get another one.”

    Asher, who replied profoundly, reached out her hand. Yvonne only got help from Asher and she got on her horse. It looked like her body wasn't good.

    “Can I just start like this?”

    "I don't have much problem. I have a pass."

    Asher, who climbed behind her, pulled out a hand of her and lifted it. With passing words, she seems to have been told that Asher can freely enter and leave the land of Croisen, which seemed to be true.

    "The problem is time. Your Majesty must have sent a message about me to each checkpoint. It should be faster than that."

    She could see that there was a possibility that she could be faster than a scorpion, and that the grandeur wasn't just rumors. It was the confidence that made it possible to see why Karloi was satisfied with just one Asher.

    Asher began to tie Yvonne to the horse and to her own body like a load.

    “If you feel like you're going to vomit, just do it there. I hate flying backwards, but I can't help it."


    “Because I don’t have time to stop.”

    Asher pulled the reins terrifyingly to the end.


    Since Yvonne's disappearance, Karloy's useless access to the gardens has increased. Without knowing why, Karloi wandered the garden alone at dawn.

    When he woke up, he was out in the garden. He just followed Yvonne. Is it now impossible to distinguish between dream and reality?

    "... I bastard."

    Karloi muttered swear words and plunged. This is why I have nothing to say even if I'm really mad.

    There was nothing in his eyes to see the splendid garden, so I wondered what the cursed woman had seen here, what she wanted to see, and whether she always stayed here.

    On the night of only one moon, Karloy sat amongst the flowers in full bloom. The scent from Yvonne one night in the flowers blooming in the moonlight and my head hurt.

    Crushing innocent flowers with his hands, Carloi spoke of swear words like a habit. The hand, nervously sweeping his face, smelled of damn flowers.

    In her mind, the words Yvonne had spoken sometime always wandered around randomly. Her words were less painful. When I remember the moments Yvonne touched vividly, even her touch, Carlo couldn't breathe. How awful his memories are gnawing on nerves .......

    <I have to go to Delua.>

    As soon as the figure came to mind, his chest became stuffy.

    What the hell was, there was no reason Carloy could think of except that damn magician who said he was helping Dellua.

    All Yvonne's tears in her Four Two, all of her laughter that she had seen for a while, who was it for? She said she would use it because she misunderstood it as mine, and she was funny and humorous.

    She wanted Yvonne to die. She hoped to disappear without a trace. With all her heart.

    But like this... it wasn't like this. It's not like this way now, leaving her mark everywhere in her breathtakingly, making people crazy and hoping to disappear.

    She had no place to go from the imperial palace, and it was crazy to say that a person who didn't walk much left a trace like this. The biggest and most doglike mark Yvonne left was Karlois myself. So he wouldn't be able to get out of this pain unless he killed himself.

    So I'm going to go to Delua anyway.

    Even with her eyes closed, Yvonne's appearance became clear. She eventually sat with her giving up, and her popularity was heard behind her.

    “You will continue to do this.”

    She was Dunya as expected. Carloy didn't even open his closed eyes.

    “It’s not like this in front of others.”

    “...... Yes, you are doing really well.”

    The emperor did not respond to the sarcastic words, so in the garden without the owner, there was only silence with nowhere to go.

    “Do you have any love?”


    After a while, the answer to the question of Hunya was quick.

    "No way."

    Carloi recalled his feelings about Lou. Compared to the feelings that were filled with just apologetic and sorrowful, longing, the feelings for Yvonne were inexorable. People cannot call this kind of love.

    "What will you do if you catch it?"

    "......I do not know."

    Dunya sighed. If she has a face that she wants to know like me, she doesn't even think of criticizing anything if she has a face like a kid who doesn't know English.

    “Did you find Asher?”

    “Even if it’s not, it’s because of that. She certainly thought she would go to Mucha and enter Del Lua, but she didn't even come there.”

    “Then how the hell get into Delua...”

    Seeing the self-enlightened Karlroy while speaking her words, Dunya nodded lightly in her affirmation.


    "If Crowsy told you to pass Asher, it would be right to go to Marchia. Seeing that there was one male companion, it seems that the empress was dressed as a man."

    "When did she pass it?"

    "It's dawn yesterday. I'm sorry, because I didn't think I'd be going there."

    "..... there is one way to go."

    Carloy muttered blankly. Suddenly, my blood started to cool.

    As a child, as the memory of her passing through the dark forest and crossing to Marchia on the path that Lou taught her, an unknown anxiety dominated her body. It was an instinctive ominous feeling and a sense of desperation that could not explain the reason.

    “I have to go myself anyway.”


    “I revise all the plans. There's a ball left in the capital and let me go to Marchia."

    “No, your Majesty needs to go directly to the battlefield…..”

    "Go in and talk. I have more work to do all night."

    Before Dunya could even dry anything more, Karloy jumped up. Whenever I was sitting like an enchanted madman, my eyes were shaped. Now I didn't even think of finding an excuse to go to Delua, even externally.

    As soon as he thought that he would go to catch the empress himself, he wasn't happy to show that immersion, but Alexis silently followed. Let's hear what he was saying. Alexis du Nha knew very well that conversations with his madman didn't work.



    Asher patted Yvonne on the back. It was already the third time. Yvonne often struggled with her breathlessness. There were times when she was on the road and suddenly fainted. When she cuts off a little sleep, she woke up screaming madly at her nightmares, so she had to let Asher look around her.


    But the worst thing was that Yvonne sometimes beat her on the cheek like her crazy man.

    “Ah, are you crazy? Do not do that!"

    As soon as her breath opened, Asher grabbed her hand, naturally rising to her cheek.

    “I can’t help it to be alert.”

    I don't know why the hell is so bad. Just because you are trapped in the tower for a few days and you haven't eaten, you wouldn't be like that. I was in a worse condition, but I was suspicious of whether I was holding it with my mental power.

    “If you go and die while doing that, it’s useless.”

    “It’s okay if I die.”

    If only Denis can see,

    Yvonne hesitated to sit and she muttered blankly.

    "Sound crazy. Drink water."

    Asher handed water and looked outside her quarters. Downstairs was a bar, but there were few people and there wasn't much noise.

    “This is very quiet.”

    Asher, running without knowing how to take a break, stopped her path for a moment with Marcia in front of him.

    The more she went up to the north, the stronger the atmosphere of war peculiar to the war. The place close to the capital was only a slight sense of tension in preparation for the situation I wanted, but as I got closer to Marchia, the general people felt impatient as well.

    It was Asher Duck that was able to easily come through such an atmosphere. When Asher showed me what he had or what he had, she opened the door as if he was familiar with the checkpoint and the gate.

    Rather, he seemed to open the door more easily because he was at war. Because Asher was the sword that Carloi used most often during this period.

    Even at this point, some of the nobles on the Duke's side surrendered, and the rest went to Delua, and there are no more people who are uncomfortable with Asher.

    She used to see Yvonne with her curious face, perhaps because of her traveling without her, but when she said that she was carrying out Karl Roy's command, she even lost interest.

    She never stopped making fun of her words, so that at first, the first few days she had seen her smothered or fainted. But now that too, she got used to it, so she could just sit on horses running at crazy speeds. Sometimes she even drove a horse instead of Asher.

    "Markia isn't easy," she said. "The change white Louis Jar Lutin will come to check it out for himself if he knows I've come down here."

    “Does Byeon Baek have enough room to care about you coming and going now?”

    Asher glanced at Yvonne, fiddling with her dagger, asking for a moment. To be precise, that dagger was the first Yvonne bought here. She asked where she needed it, and she answered Yvonne with her vague face, because she didn't know.

    Yvonne put the dagger in my arms as if he had noticed Asher's gaze.

    “Why is there no answer, is Byeon Baek so free?”

    “It’s the same time now. Even if I don't have it, I'm the one who will make it, and if that doesn't work, I will call me where I am.

    "But you... don't you listen to anyone other than Carloy?"

    Both Asher and Yvonne were surprised by the natural name, and silence flowed for a moment. Asher frowned at her, chewing on bread, which he did not know where he had bought again.

    “Can I just call my name like that?”

    “… ..”

    “He's a really weird person. By the way, why do you think the Duke of Delua is doing that?"


    "You don't come out of Deluir. You came out for a while at first, and now... If it's going to happen, what's the uprising?"

    “Is that much?”

    “If it’s this way, there’s no odds. Now, even though it seems to be able to block the attack of the Byeongsangbaek well, it will be over if it comes down to the upper military, but I don't understand that I prepared for the rebellion so poorly."

    Yvonne, who had no guess at all, bit her mouth. If there was one variable, it was Bernie's wizard.

    But she didn't know much enough to make a specific hypothesis, and all that could be expected was that the Duke of Del Rua's plan wasn't going well.

    "Isn't the change bag in Delang-si anyway? I'll have to face the change bag one way or the other."

    “You have to match the words. I wouldn't believe it if it was a simple companion. I don't need such a person.”

    It sounds unlucky, but it wasn't wrong. Yvonne thought for a while.

    "If I do it well, I think I can go to the dark forest comfortably without a doubt..."


    “He's just trying to check, he's not going to doubt you. I mean, it's not like checking to make doubts."

    "That's right."

    “I think it would be best to be called a magician... because your existence itself will verify your identity, and I will not think that you brought someone who is harming your premortal life.”


    "Don't you know that magic was used in Deluir, including the Dark Forest?"


    “I don't think it's credible to say you've come to investigate it. The capital also investigated whether to use Verni magic once. He must offer to investigate the dark forest."

    “There is no magic stone.”

    "It wasn't long since that magic stone was created anyway. Before that, it was all done with the naked eye."

    "And it means that he decided to meet Dunya after coming here to investigate. The magic stone was decided to come by Dunya after finishing the investigation of the capital."

    Asher chewed the bread with a confused expression. Asher, who had knocked on the desk and turned his head by himself, opened his mouth after a while.

    “Not Dunya, His Majesty.”


    “Let's say you decided to meet your Majesty, not Dunya. Then it will be more reliable because it is something that has been brought down to convey the changed plan.”

    "But didn't you say Dunya would come down as commander?"

    "That's before you escape."

    As if Asher wanted to eat, he pushed the remaining half of the bread toward this bond. Bonne, who had no appetite, broke the bread into small pieces. Denise's thoughts were captivated, so I couldn't afford such a desire. In the meantime, Yvonne continued to cough finely. Asher crossed over like throwing this thick fire.

    “If you notice that we are heading for Marchia, your Majesty will come here in person. You've probably noticed it by now.”

    "You and I come to this place in person to catch you. Go? It's not a place for the emperor to come. The charter is not unfavorable, and it's a level that can be solved just by Dunya."

    And above all, Carloy hates herself. I hate you. He had no reason to come to catch him in kind because he ran away.

    "If Bernie gets stuck, things can get worse."

    “Then I'll either go and come down at that time, or rather avoid it.”

    "Your Majesty is crazy."

    Yvonne looked up at Asher blankly at the spit.

    “I wouldn't think so rationally. Finally, if you had seen your Majesty, you would have thought like me.”

    Suddenly my stomach murmured at the thought of Carloy. He intentionally forgot, and his head was dizzy as the thoughts that had been pushed back in.

    I hated Karloi so much that I couldn't bear it if I thought about it, so I forcibly forgot to think of Denise. Because the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Karloy was his last words.

    <I'd rather have you die.>

    The face of the tea coat, the voice that seemed to sincerely hoped for me to die. She choked, so Yvonne laid down the bread she was holding.

    <It would have been better to die.>

    She was terribly sick, but couldn't tell exactly where she was.

    “Will you say you don’t know? Your Majesty is insane. because of you......"

    "I? Do you think I'm fine?"

    She suddenly saw Yvonne screaming at her and she was amazed as to see if Asher closed her mouth and opened her eyes wide.

    “Neither you, nor Carloy, do not know! You don't know what I bet for Carloy and I gave up! I'm crazy now too. I, I.”

    She screamed like crazy, Yvonne also gasped her breath to see if she couldn't breathe. As Yvonne fell on her bed and began to cry with her clogged breath, she knocked on Yvonne's back with Asher confused.

    “Why is there no magic in the dream?”

    Her sobbing words sounded terrible.

    “If you or Carlo could see my dreams, I would know what hell I am in right now….”

    Asher, seeing this for the first time, now stops tapping on her back and she stands still.

    "Mom, mom... what should I do?"

    Yvonne, who cried as she trembled, continued to say that. Called her mother.

    Is it what her dead mother wants to see? Seeing that she wanted to be with the dead corpse ......... Asher, who was thinking blankly, suddenly went and raised her dog.

    "Your mom isn't dead."

    Yvonne lifted her face, covered with her tears.

    “Dunya did that. Your illegitimate child, then the duchess, who is dead, is not your mother.

    Yvonne still had no answer.

    "Isn't your mother in Delua?"

    After a while, Yvonne shook her head. Asher frowned on her feelings of stuffiness.

    “What is it not? You are illegitimate."

    “...... No.”

    "Wow, you're crazy. You're not even here? Do you know that I can help you and get away with your neck? I thought I might not be able to talk to your Majesty! But you can't talk to me either?"

    "Then what to do if it's not! No!"

    Yvonne shouted into the red spot. Rather, she was stunned because her face was more frustrating.

    "No, it's not! Count Ansene said that. But! There was evidence!"

    Asher's excitement raised her voice to the best of her life.

    “If you really tell me correctly, where will it be? What is the reason for this? If you don't tell a lie, even if you're sick..."

    Asher stopped talking unnaturally. His round eyes were shocked, and soon there was silence in the dorm.

    "......Can't you speak?"

    Tears rattled down from Yvonne's eyes.

    "What? Threat?"

    Yvonne cried like crazy and shook her head.

    “No, if it's intimidation, it wouldn't be like this even without others seeing it. Magic?"

    Yvonne continued to shook her head, but Asher was already in his own guess.

    "I see a magician. When I see you can't answer even if you ask like this."

    Yvonne continued to shook her head, but her cry grew louder.

    “That magic is possible? Where the hell? how? Haven't you heard of it? There is such a thing in the world?"

    The wizard, who was the owner of Asher, also made quite a name at Mach, but I couldn't even hear this mental magic.

    Yvonde was now crying so badly that she couldn't control her, so Asher shut her mouth. If she asks anyway, she won't get the right answer.

    “It seems that you are not supposed to answer as you want anyway.”

    When Yvonne's cries were a little quieter, Asher said.

    "I have to tell your majesty my guess. The letter must have reached the capital before your majesty comes down here."

    Asher pulled out a piece of paper and picked it up. Yvonne seemed to be quiet, and she started crying again. Her weak cries continued as if to stop. There was an endless call to her mother.

    For the first time in her life, Asher felt compassion for others, not for Carloy.


    Everyone shook her head when Carloi said she would go down to Markia herself. No one felt the need for her to bear that risk. But Karloy was determined. The attitude of saying that I would go down was overwhelming and even threatening.

    “This war is like a battle for Delua to me, but if I don’t come down, it’s too funny.”

    “If you capture Delois, take him to the capital and execute him, no one will be ridiculed. The weight of the bee determines not whether or not to participate.”

    "Why I went ahead to curl the ball, I'll negotiate directly with the elderly that damn bastard? He said he was going to get rid of his neck this time.”

    Lean Carloy's face was so sharp that it looked terrifying. The nobles shuddered without raising a single voice because his eyes were shining black.

    “No, then of course I’ll dry it…… Don’t say anything.”

    Alexis Dunya, who seems to be the most objectionable, unexpectedly did not say a word. Last night, Carloi's appearance defeated Alexis' will. He was tired and didn't want to object.

    Carloi, who went into his bedroom from his garden last night, told him to give him a plan he had changed by himself, even in front of someone he never sympathized. In the meantime, he spoke well and was absurd.

    <Then, please ask for the capital. If it's a ball, you'll do well.>

    Then I told him to go out. Alexis didn't say a word, but as if he had done everything, he was a madman.

    His willingness to deal with him disappeared, and he was told that Alexis, who came out without a word, was informed that Carloy was in a riot within a few hours. There was only one beast who was going to report the plan with an easygoing face.

    <Off. I will bring it.>

    Gorten and the therapist grasped him, trying to leave the high balcony as there was an empress. Falling from that height was instant death.

    <Because it's Vicky, I'm going to go directly.>

    The therapist calmly used magic with expressionless expression to Karlroy, who was drunk and wanted to pick up the empress.

    <..... Then I, I will turn around. Go>

    Carloy, who was biting my head, got drunk and kept looking for Yvonne. Then, later on, he cried and kept calling only the name Lu.

    <I'm sorry........I'm sorry, I did it wrong. >

    It was terrible to see a large man crying while squeezing my head with his bloody hands. Alexis, who had to see it all, had only one thought. Have you already turned it properly and have more stones left? I couldn't see any more of that madman's rampage.

    He was so bored that only the thought of dying ruled Alexis. And he didn't want to admit it, but emotionally there was a change as well. He was poor. It was an unpleasant feeling. Alexis pondered that his sympathy might lead to wrong results. Like then.

    But still... His nephew was a terribly poor guy.

    "......If your Majesty wants to, do it."

    Alexis, who recalled the night before with an uninspired face, replied dryly. It was concluded that it would be good for everyone to go down to the middle of the battlefield to catch the empress while continuing to watch that form.

    And living day and night like that differently might really get mad.

    “Dunya ball!”

    “It's not that your Majesty hasn't seen the battlefield, and what are you so worried about? When he was the prince, he had been there for several months at Mach."

    “You were a prince back then. Besides, if your Majesty goes down, who is responsible for the capital?"

    Carloy intervened without hiding annoyance.

    “What did you hear about me earlier? Dunya is responsible for the capital. All my powers are delegated to Dunya.”

    “The Duke of Dunya is only the head of the noble chief. What did Dunya Gong say is that authority.......”

    “It's my mother's closest blood.”

    In response, Alexis raised his head and looked at Carloi. Even though the emperor had a face that it didn't matter.

    “And it's the closest flesh and blood left to me. Still not eligible?"

    The noise of the nobles' mumbles became less. "The blood of Croitan wasn't mixed." There was a sound from the back, etc. Carloy made a sincerely annoyed expression.

    "It doesn't matter if you hit it like that, if you hit it like that, it will run behind my blood."

    Before long, Carloi knocked down the chair with his fist. I was upset that I had to have such a useless conversation. He felt like he wanted to drain all of his blood, his blood, and my body's blood.

    “Delua is a far-off partner, but she said she was an imperial family, and she made a substitute for her, and your attitude is not as good as Verni. Where do you try to kill him and draw blood once? How similar my blood is.”

    Finally, the nobles were completely quiet. It was a sense of overbearing that if they did not agree, they would draw their own blood instead of Delua.

    “We start right in the morning.”

    It was four days earlier than expected, but no one objected. That's how the meeting ended.

    Even if all the nobles went out, Alexis did not go out and stayed still. In the end, it was Karlroy who stood up first. Carloy mumbled past Alexis.

    “Good thing. It will be an opportunity to show everyone that the ball is a great man who can take responsibility for this country.”

    Why do I have to show it myself? There is a separate emperor.

    Alexis, who remained alone, cheating on Karloy's words, finally grasped the meaning of the words and laughed at them.

    “Have you seen such a crazy guy?”

    The curse spontaneously came out. My nephew, who decided to leave the country, was really a human without an answer.

    <It's my mother's closest blood..>

    <The remaining flesh and blood closest to me.>

    It was nothing new, but I remembered it again. And I just said to go to Delua,


    The beautiful voice that called for himself.

    <Look. Don't you resemble me? This kid will be more proud than anyone else. >

    I remembered the shining face that was talking while holding a newborn baby.

    Why didn't Adelaide not know. Adelaide was enough to say that I was most proud of Alexis.

    She does, too. Maybe it wasn't necessary to make Carloy like that and make it like Dunya.

    "....I'm old too."

    The peacock, who had endured the loss for a long time, muttered.

    <continued to volume 4>

    END OF BOOK 3.
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    The 4th Book:

    14. The Emperor and the Empress (2)

    Asher's prediction was correct. As soon as he stepped into the Marcian estate, he was told to come to Delansi. The good news was that Louis and Lu Teng supported the wagon so that he was able to go to Delang City comfortably.

    “But you’re a magistrate?”

    Rutin's men who were riding with him asked Yvonne with a curious face. Where she got her glasses, put on her beard, and Yvonne nodded her roughly.

    "It was true that Delois used the Vernis magic. But what do you know?"

    "......Magicians usually have a weak magic power that can only judge whether or not they use magic."

    “Oh, it’s the first time I've seen a magistrate.”

    "That's right, because the magistrates are concentrated in the religious academy."

    “There was such a land next to Markia where the Vernier magic was used. What's creepy. It is said that the Vernis use evil magic.”

    "You'll have to investigate the details, but... In the dark forest, there's a high probability that Bernie's magic was used with high intensity."

    Asher stared at this vonne, lying without blinking her eye, with her meaningful face.

    She was awesome once with the guts. No one would think she was the one who was excited by the heat until the day before. Delua must be the source of the tenacity that made people that way.

    "Im here."

    Yvonne got off her carriage and was surprised to see Louis Zaroutin. She was a woman smaller than herself. I thought she was like Alexis Dunya, but she was normal.

    "Nice to meet you. She came to investigate?"

    Her brunette woman reached out her hand. Yvonne suddenly grabbed her hand and shook hands.

    "......Yes. Morris is each other."

    "Once we go in and talk. By the way, Sir Asher. I haven't heard that you're going to come all the way here to Markia."

    Asher, who couldn't concentrate, moving her head back and forth constantly, turned her head as if surprised by Louisa's call. When Yvonne noticed her by her unnatural appearance, Asher responded naturally, looking at her Louisa.

    “Because scorpions always arrive late in Markia. I am the fastest than any other scorpion.”

    Louisa shrugged her shoulder.

    “But there is a way to get it delivered even if it's about the basic plan. In the capital, I thought that Dunja Gong and Clyde Anssen were enough? We have all the tactics in place.

    “The basic plan hasn't changed, so you don't have to worry.”

    "Yes? So, the capital army must have already departed from the capital at least four days ago. According to the plan we had at that time.”

    Oh my god, it was four days ago. Asher sighed inside. Carloi would not be able to read his letter.

    “Dunya won't come down.”


    The blunt woman suddenly raised her voice.

    “Your Majesty has decided to come down with Clyde Anssen.”

    “No, why?”

    "I don't know that. Anyway, he told me to go down first, and he even asked me to investigate the magic."

    Louisa, who seemed to be overly regretted that Dunya was not coming down, sat up with her appetite.

    “Exactly where are you?”

    "It's a dark forest, Count."

    The lieutenant who came in the carriage whispered.

    “That doglike dark forest!”

    Louisa was tempered.

    “It's so much easier if it wasn't for that crazy forest! Even the Delua army didn't go into it, and there's magic at all? I just thought it was a no-go magic.”

    Yvonne nodded her head.

    “If that’s the case, what do you leave the forest for? Crazy new shit. The senile cub.”

    The words seemed to be a bit rough.

    “But how do you go in and investigate where Delua County can’t even go into it?”

    Yvonne put her small bottle ready on her desk. She didn't want to do this and seemed to believe it should be.

    “Is it human blood?”


    It wasn't. It was animal blood from a restaurant.

    “It's bloody magic, so I needed Delua's blood, so I brought the empress's blood from the capital.”

    “Oh, that famous empress! I'm in jail now. Right? They say Del Lua uses a dragon to get her daughter out.”

    What kind of rumors come out so ridiculously. Yvonne struggled to keep her look.

    Louisa didn't seem to have any doubts. When she saw it, she realized that Asher had a high level of knowledge of her magic. Asher didn't believe when Yvonne talked about her blood in the Del Lua forest.

    “Then, can I enter with it?”


    I was so embarrassed that Yvonne asked quickly. Louisa frowned her eyebrows.

    “No, I'm curious what the crazy guy wants to stick there and do that shit.”


    “Why or not?”

    “No, I can. If the Count wishes, it is okay to accompany you."

    Louisa nodded her head eagerly.



    “I cannot guarantee the safety of the change bag in case of dangerous magic. If you agree to this, you can go together."

    “You say you’re a magician?”

    "Yeah. It means I'm not a wizard.”

    Yvonne's resolute demeanor regretted Louisa's appetite.

    “No. I can't do that, but you know, my role is this role, so I can't take that risk.”

    "Then, go once after the war is over, because then it will be after the Delua Estate is cleared up."

    While Louisa nodded her head, Asher couldn't breathe and heard Yvonne's lies.

    "Then when would you like to go?"

    "I'm going to start right now."

    "Is that so? Then take our lieutenant with you."


    "If there is nothing wrong with Sir Asher and each other after entering, please let me know through the deputy."

    "Ah. Why....?"

    “It’s a waste to leave it as it is. We might be able to let our troops in through a place where Del Lua is not even entering. Of course, it looks like you don't have enough blood to enter the military.”


    Reluctantly Yvonne nodded her head. As he glanced at Asher, Asher shrugged his shoulders, as if there were no problems at all. Does it mean that at least one can be killed without even knowing about a mouse or a bird?

    Louisa stood up from her seat with a cheerful smile. He seemed to be thinking of seeing him off. It was kindness that I wasn't happy with.

    “The coachman...”

    "I do not need it. I will do it."

    Asher quickly got on the perch.

    “It’s comfortable for me to do it.”

    As soon as Yvonne and Louisa's lieutenants got inside, Asher moved his words. Louisa stared blankly at the back of the wagon running at a crazy speed.

    “What is so urgent?”

    A soldier ran to Louisa, who was suspiciously staring at their departure.



    "I heard a call from the city gate that the emperor's scorpion will arrive in Delang city soon?"

    "What? What scorpion? Those people were scorpions.”

    “I don’t know that? It just arrives soon. Goman.......”

    “Are there any changes? It's weird......”

    The face of Louisa, who had been thinking for a while, frowning, darkened.

    "If you don't know, take some people and catch up with them."

    "Yeah? How many?"

    “After a few people have gone, it's not possible to that Mahain anyway, so take it appropriately. I can't go. You might do something suspicious, so go ahead and see it.”

    Louis Za's speculation that he was going to do something suspicious was so accurate that Asher stopped his carriage and dismissed after some distance from Louis Za's view.

    "uh? Is there any problem?"

    His lieutenant got out of the wagon that had suddenly stopped and expressed doubt. It was a face that he did not know why he separated the horse from a fine carriage. obviously.

    Asher climbed on his horse with a calm face and tilted his head.

    “It’s a little weird.”

    "What is it? There was no problem with the wagon?"

    “Is there any Vernier magic from here? It's a bit weird and I feel like it."

    "Werny magic?"

    Louisa's lieutenant looked at Asher as if he didn't know the English.

    "Mr. each other, come and see. It's kind of strange because we're getting closer to the dark forest."

    At Asher's call, Yvonne got out of the carriage and approached Asher. His heart beats with tension. It was because he noticed what Asher was trying to do.


    As Yvonne approached her horse with her vague expression, Asher sneaked out her hand.


    At the same time as Louis Ja's lieutenant spoke a question, Asher pulled Yvonne over her horse.


    It was too late when the lieutenant's question changed to exclamation. As soon as Yvonne was put in front of her, Asher drove her horse like crazy.

    "excuse me!"

    Ignoring the lieutenant's pathetic cry, the horse ran away.

    “Can I do this?”

    Yvonne shouted over her horse.

    "I don't know when your Majesty's scorpion will arrive. And the wagon is too slow. Please tell me the way."

    "What if they come after people?"

    "If you go into the forest anyway, you won't be able to pursue it because of magic."

    "Go all the time. To the market."

    At the same time as Asher nodded her head, the sound of a horse screamed loudly.


    Carloi, who said he was leaving at dawn, changed his words and said he would leave early in the evening. He said that he couldn't go quickly if there were a lot of them because he wasn't enough.

    "...Isn't that the level of the escort, not the army?"

    Dunya asked.

    “Strictly speaking, it’s not the first group. But it's not someone else's land, it's not my land, and you don't need much."

    It was obvious what he was thinking, and Roy replied with a dismay.

    “No, leaving that…. In that case, it looks like you've given Clyde Ansen a too big position…”

    "There's a mix of Mach-kun anyway, so Clyde Ansene can do well. Besides, it doesn't matter because it'll follow right behind you."

    I guess I don't care alone. The thoughts were kept on the inside, and Alexis Dunya nodded his head with an unmotivated face.

    So the soldiers who went with Karloy experienced hell. The emperor behaved like a man who was likely to die if he did not go down as quickly as Marchia. I ate once a day, and I hardly slept. The soldiers were forced to follow the emperor's time.

    Even after the moon rose, the soldiers who barely stopped marching sighed. It had only been two days since I left the capital, but I had already been there for more than half.

    "You have to be very careful. If you carelessly, you will be seriously injured someday."

    The therapist, who was brought together to the battlefield, spoke to Karloy in a weary tone. A fairly optimistic personality and a competent therapist, he has been treating Carloi for the past few months and has become a decent person. Overwork made a person do that.

    "It won't fall like this."

    “When people who say that usually go, they go away very quickly.”

    I was so tired that the emperor didn't care even though I said a little arrogantly. He looked at his unfocused eyes, and he seemed to have fallen into his mind.

    After leaving the capital, Carloy had fewer nightmares. So he couldn't sleep for two or three hours. It was a tremendous development. The therapist alone speculated, perhaps because there was a goal and something to catch.

    “Indecision only makes a person more distressed.”

    When he heard the therapist's quiet words, Carloi turned his gaze.

    “It is only possible for those who admit to throwing away. How would you throw away what you never admitted to?”

    "I don't know what it is."

    “The daughter of Duke Delois has a heart. If you admit it, it means that nothing big will happen. Would the country collapse by just admitting the heart, would a man die?"

    The therapist laughed faintly as Carloy stared silently.

    “I have something to notice.”

    The closer I got to the empress, the more I had to call the therapist, but it was hard to know as I came. It would have been even more strange if Dunya and Gorten were not aware of all the eyes, sighs, and words exchanged.

    “Unlike the dunya gong and the chief of staff, I am not very ignorant of this field.”

    “You're talking quaint. So, there's no one who shouldn't be in love, do you want to say something like this?"

    “No way. There are certainly people you shouldn't love in your personal opinion. Because of wrong love, the country is ruined and people die. I just needed to admit it for myself.”

    Karloi was silent again.

    "What will you do if you catch the empress?"

    I do not know. Even Karloy himself couldn't figure out what to do. Why does he have to be upset about why he lied? Should she kill her as the traitor's daughter? Or should it be locked up?

    "Look at that. There is no answer."

    But there was one thing for sure. No matter how much I hate Y-Bond, no matter how much I want Yvonne to die, I can't let it be somewhere other than his own. That her Yvonne's absence drives herself crazy.

    “…Everyone said that His Majesty Carlos was crazy because of love.”

    When the story of his grandfather came out, Karloy's face was noticeably bored. Her boredom was revealed outright.

    "It's not wrong."

    "Is that so? I think Carlos-nim was more troubled by denying it."

    "You mean negative?"

    "Because he thought that the princess of Bernie used magic. He said that he had never loved the princess, he was just enchanted. Did you hear it for the first time?"

    “.....Before I was born. I heard you say something about the magic of the princess.”

    Karloy recalled the princess's necklace depicted in the portrait.

    "Everyone didn't listen seriously. It wasn't so good, and... where is the magic that controls human emotions? No matter how Vernier is."

    One way or another, isn't it true that you were crazy, thought Carloy. Well, I'm not in a position to talk to others right now.

    "But, he said when he was keeping the last of Carlos-sama. He said that he loved the princess so much and that he was sorry and that he wanted to see him one more time. How comfortable it is to see him ending it!"

    The story I heard for the first time slightly distorted Karlroy's impression.

    “I've never heard such a word from anyone.”

    “What a good word would everyone say? Everyone talked bluntly about his madness and the end."

    “So, you know, I’m similar to my grandfather, so what can I do to tell you something like that?”

    The therapist blew his eyes.

    "Well, I've never really thought about that. He doesn't look alike. If your Majesty had seen him, he would have thought so. Ah, compared to him, his majesty is an angel."

    After hearing the therapist's words of compliment or insult, Carloy became an ambiguous face.

    “If you want to choose…… Your Majesty is more like Adelaide-sama. They have very similar personalities.”

    The therapist said with a serious expression.

    “But these days, your Majesty is similar to Carlos-nim. I'm worried about it. So if he doesn't want to be crazy about self-denial like him, then he stops harassing me.”

    Without a slight euphemism, Kagérloi lost nothing to say and looked at the therapist at a direct speech that came in. I saw.

    "When you meet the Empress, let's have a sincere conversation. The answer will come out. Is it someone you can love or not?"

    It was really boring advice.

    ".....Useless words are long. I'm not a therapist, so I can say a teacher."

    “Did you not know? I used to be a professor.”

    The therapist, who had nothing to say until the end, woke up from the seat alone with a weak face.

    "Today, let's take a break, organize your thoughts, and close your eyes."

    Somehow it sounded like a childish tone. The therapist, who again became a bloody face, left before Karl Roy could say anything. Carloy thought of the therapist's words, half-leaned against the wall.


    What self-denial am I doing? It is true that Yvonne was resentful and thought it would be nice if it disappeared. However, if I don't see it right now, I feel like I'm going to die at the same time. Absurdly. So, in reality, killing yourself was like a collision with the self-assist.

    And Marcia was getting closer.

    "...... Yvonne Delois."

    Karloi muttered like a spell. It was the first time I tried to capture it after the night we spent together. It was weird. Because none of the letters are the same as her name.

    “Yvonne Delois.”

    She said once again, she said. She was surprised by her name she called, and a woman trembled in her memory.


    No matter how much I called, something wasn't filled. The organization just got complicated. It would be fortunate if she had only gotten complicated, but as soon as she called Yvonne's name, she groaned like her reflexes. The name seemed to give her pain just by calling it now. Countless figures of Yvonne scratched him again. His head rang.

    Carloy held up with a leaking groan with a clenched tooth, looking for the medicine.


    Eventually, a groan flowed through my mouth when I was drinking the medicine. He was warned not to overdo it, and only after insanely inhaling the drug Carloi took a breath again. His body became drowsy.


    As his whole body relaxed, the front of his eyes became blurred. But his head didn't do it at all. Strangely, Yvonne's face became more and more clear, making her neck feel like burning.

    Tormented by that fierce thirst, Karloy eventually closed his eyes. He prayed for him not to call his name even when he was sleeping.


    The Dark Forest was a fairly large forest spanning much of the Delua estate, starting from the border between Delua and Marchia. There really wasn't a single baby ant in the forest. If I made the Duke of Delua into a forest, it would feel like this, so I felt uncomfortable for nothing.

    Yvonne recalled Karloi very briefly when she saw the cave at the entrance to the forest connected to Delansi.

    "why? What's in that cave?"


    Should she regret helping Karl then? Yvonne thought about her. Since she was imprisoned, she has regretted hundreds and tens of thousands of times. If she hadn't met Carl... yes. If all this would not have happened.

    But that regret didn't feel so convincing. On the one hand,'If it weren't for Karloi, Denis would have died sooner?' Because the thoughts of doing things continue to intervene.

    She was obvious when Denise died early and didn't see the Duke, when Denise was contemplating which of the two would have been better. In Yvonne's world there was only De Nice from the beginning, so that her absence was not a concern even in her imagination.

    Yvonne, a foolish man, cursed himself. She honestly didn't believe she was still saying that she was going to bring Carloy himself. Puck will do it too.

    It seemed that her loud horseshoe could be heard from her distance. Yvonne and Asher realized that Louisa Routine had noticed. Realizing that she really was the difference between her intent, goose bumps, Yvonne stroked her arm.

    “What is that?”

    Asel asked, looking at Yvonne's arms exposed under her clothes.


    “On the arm.”

    Asher grabbed Yvonne's cuffs and raised her arm.


    She hadn't received the healing magic for a long time after the therapist Marlon died and she was imprisoned, and her chest was rising.

    “I think this was right for you. I have a lot of these things too.”

    Yvonne shook her arms and pulled her clothes down again.

    “It's not like that. It doesn't hurt now. Only ugly remains.”

    "Is this the peacock?"


    "Wow, the magic is terrible."

    Yvonne agrees, but she couldn't express it in words.

    "Is this forest magic also the wizard's?"

    Yvonne said nothing because the answer was now meaningless.

    “It’s uselessly wide.”

    Asher grunted. Her words were so exhausted that Asher and Yvonne were walking for a while. It was too much for the Count to say.

    Five days have already passed since I left the capital. It took too long than I thought, but it was even more delayed when I went through the forest because all the stones fell off. Even though I went half a day, I still haven't come to half of the forest.

    “You have to go quickly.”

    Yvonne got nervous. It took so long that I was worried about her de Nice's condition. Even now, Delua is on display.......

    "How much longer do I have to go?"

    "More than half of it remains."


    Contrary to her words that she had to go fast, Yvonne's pace continued to slow. It seemed that her body was all different to the limit. Asher wasn't particularly surprised at that. With that body, it is the mental strength that has endured the strong march of the last five days, not the physical strength.


    Yvonne stumbled and fell to her floor. Asher squatted next to him.

    “What can you do with a body like this? Isn't it that the craft is rather trying to kill it?"

    Asher's words seemed to be heard from a distance, and her head was dizzy. Her chest pain was now familiar. Yvonne, who was breathing deeply, exhaled once and raised her hand.

    "Oh, don't do it."

    When Asher noticed Yvonne was about to slap her on the cheek, Asher lowered her hand again.

    “If you try that way, I'll go hook later.”

    “It doesn’t matter.”

    “I guess you've got a really terrible weakness. Is that Bernie Wizard with Duke Delua right now?"

    "Yes, I will."

    Yvonne, who responded unconsciously, looked at Asher after a while with her eyes in her astonishment.

    "Why? What?"

    "I'm talking about it..."



    "What is Mom?"

    Her heart pounded so much that her mouth couldn't open.

    “..... Mom, she's trapped in a tower. Her body is not good.”

    When she finished speaking, Yvonne was shocked and closed her mouth with her hand. Asher also widened her eyes.

    “The magic is gone.”

    "Was it just disappearing like this?"

    "No... it won't work until the wizard or the peacock dies."

    She was really relaxed. All of her words came out smoothly.


    I didn't even feel the joy. She was worried about what the hell was going on in the Delua estate, so she could have unlocked the magic at this time. She was and she was only to collapse. I thought that the magic that was unlocked without my knowledge drove my life into hell.

    Asher raised Yvonne, who was sitting blankly, and put it on her horse.

    “Even if her horse falls, we have to ride. If the magic had been unlocked, the magic of the forest here would have been unlocked as well. Then the Marchian army will come in here.”

    Yvonne, who had become pale, barely nodded her head.


    The capital and the Palace of Purtu were all done naturally, under the responsibility of Alexis Dunya. Everything changed in preparation for the war was lightly managed. People newly realized that Alexis was not only an outstanding general, but also an administrator.

    Alexis wasn't the only one responsible for Purtu. Externally, Kiana, who is still Hwang Bi, was with us.

    "If it's really war, I'm sick of it."

    Kia Naga with her teacup mumbled as she looked out the window.

    Inadvertently spending a lot of time with her empress, Alexis learned that this woman was a very smart person. She wasn't empress, but she almost became empress, even though she was empress.

    She said, “She became an empress to protect him, but she didn’t have anything to do with it.”

    Although he doesn't seem to be interested in it.

    "The war will soon end. The chances of losing are slim. It's a matter of time."

    "Croisen's war is over, Clyde's war is not over."

    The elegant woman from the marquis seemed to have lost some weight.

    “Since Mach asked for him in return for reinforcement, I'll keep sending him to war,” she said.

    “Maha won't go to war for a while. And isn't she better off going to Mach anyway? She wouldn't be able to be with you in Croisen.”

    “Because it is. Why do I have to go to Mach? Other people don't have to leave the country just to make love.”

    “You are still an emperor.”

    Seeing the peacock telling her to be careful with her words, Kianna smiled faintly.

    “I know why the emperor delegated authority to the gong.”

    “Is that so?”

    “Because he is no longer interested in the job. If he doesn't die after work, he's fortunate. The boring face of living because you can't die! To be honest, every time I see your Majesty, I wonder why he doesn't die right now."

    "Your Majesty is also true......."

    "By looking at my face, I think I've already invested in the river, but since I'm alive, I'm not even curious. Now you know why."

    Dunya also knew so well that she responded with a sigh.

    “Because you are such a person, of course you would want to pass that place to the ball.

    “I don’t want to receive it.”

    "I don't know. If the ball gets this country, I'd like to change the law a little. I don't want to live anywhere else with my me."

    “It's unfortunate, but the creation of a law does not change perceptions.”

    “It will be slow. But it's better than waiting forever for your perception to change. I think my Tao creates awareness."

    Thinking it wasn't going to happen, Alexis didn't answer. The momentary silence between the two was broken by the beginning of the entrance to the parlor.

    "A letter has been sent to your Majesty the Emperor. But you are not here.... The message is from Sir Asher?"

    Four eyes widened at the name of the fugitive who came out of nowhere. Alexis Dunya took a letter from the attendant. Inside the envelope was Asher's brown hair.

    “What is it about?”

    Seeing the increasingly serious face of Alexis, Keana asked anxiously. Alexis handed out the letter without answering. Kia I quickly swiped through her stationery, turning into her astonished face, closing her mouth with her one hand.

    “No, how are you...”

    Keana muttered in a voice she couldn't believe.

    "Gong, do you think this is true?"

    "Well. It's the first time I've heard that Bernie can use such a mind-control magic, so I don't believe it. It's too flimsy. But, if it's true..."

    “It's so cruel. No matter how much she lives in her world, but her self, her real daughter, she threatened her mother with Bill Miro like this.......”

    It was then that Kiana understood the appearance of the empress, who had nothing to live with. The shock of the letter did not go away, but another attendant rushed in with a hurried step.

    "Duke! The maid of the Empress is suddenly in a riot to confess everything..."


    It was Mary Ann, the maid of honor, who denied any questions and answered silently. The changed attitude did not make sense, so Alexis frowned on his face. Even the attendant who conveyed the words was a stupid face.

    “She said she couldn't speak because she was hooked on magic, and now the magic is unlocked. Isn't it crazy because it's been locked up for a long time?"

    Alexis and Keana exchanged eyes again.

    “I go myself. I need to re-examine."

    Alexis Dunya had intuition that something would happen to shake Purtu and Karloi.


    By the time Karlois arrived in Marchia on a crazy hard march, Louisa Routine's surprised face greeted him.

    "No, are you really Your Majesty?"

    "what? Did you already know that I would come down instead of Dunya?”

    Although Asher said that, when I realized that Asher and his companion were full of lies, I thought it would be false to say that Karloi, not Dunya, would come down. As soon as he saw Louisa's confused face, he knew.

    Asher is here.

    “It was an intermittent difference. After they left, the message that the Empress Yah had fled from the prison with Mahain arrived, and that person must be the Empress...”

    "You should have thought it strange that Asher came."

    “No, who would have known so much would happen in the capital in five days?”

    "Asher said I'd come down?"


    Carloy sharpened his teeth. Damn Asher, that way, I was so quick to notice.

    “What about the empress?”

    "I came as a magician as a male figure. I went to investigate the dark forest..."

    The Dark Forest was a place that couldn't be entered except for Delua's blood. Carloy barely endured the swear words coming out.

    “I sent some people, but I can’t get in more than a certain point, so there’s no way to do it.”

    Carloy swept his face with a tired breath. How on earth did Yvonne Delua know the way? The road that I knew only when Carloyd Lou told me. She's Luya, she lived there, and she's a quick guy about it, so I understand, but what's the reason why Del Lua's daughter knows that way?

    Again, an ominous sensation came upon him.

    “But how the hell did the Mahain come to help the empress escape? Is it chijeong or not?"

    It was not until Louisa Routine, who seemed to have no intention of retelling his sensitive words, realized that he had come to Marchia. Byeon Baek was still there.


    "of course? Is she on the side of Del Lua?"


    “Then what is it, the hell?”

    “I don’t know.”


    Louisa Routine didn't hide his ridiculous expression. But Carloy really couldn't even guess the inside of Asher. Why did you do that? He had no choice but to meet and ask.

    “I don't have time for this. I'm going to go into a gun attack right away.”

    "Yeah? It was planned for two days later.”

    “What are you waiting for? The fall of Delua is in front of you.”

    "No... Will your Majesty go in too? No way to the top?"

    “Because I did not come here to play.”

    After 14 years, the emperor was very different from the days of the emperor. Look. Also, unlike then, his face was sharp. Somewhere, looking impatient, I felt the precariousness of thin glass on the verge of breaking.

    Sounds a little crazy? Louis Ja Lou Teng, who had seen many similar faces, tilted her head and thought. It would be enough if the stillness, which was a blind eye, even caused a rebellion.

    However, the atmosphere of an unnecessary handsome face was the same as when I was a child. It was the same as when he was ordered to take him to the capital without shed a tear even though he was alive from death.

    "......The personality is still the same."

    "That's not what Byeon Baek would say."

    As he replied, he approached the table with the map unfolded.

    “In two days, Clyde Anssen will pick up Army 2 and arrive. All forces will arrive in four days. In terms of number alone, the second army alone is actually more than the Deluah army.”

    “In fact, wouldn't it have to have asked Mach for reinforcement.”

    "I don't know how Bernie will come out?"

    “They were continuing to rustle at the Delua border. I am worried that when we enter, it will come in at that time. But the Delua army is a little weird. I have bitten some soldiers at the Marcia border.”

    “I was bitten by a plate that would be insufficient even if I drove more?”

    “A thousand or so… Maybe it’s senility, Deluah? Honestly, I don't think I'm sane. If you were sane, would you have rebelled with that power?”

    When Delua revolted, he was like a madman, but now the rebellion has become the most rational thing he has ever done. To that extent, I didn't understand what followed. He asked how many provinces he would get, and then he was recaptured quickly, and that doesn't mean he's going to attack more.

    “I also have to get into Delua as soon as possible. If me and Bae Baek attack head-on with the 1st Army, Clyde Anssen will join within two days.”

    "Okay. Then get ready...”

    Louisa Rutin's words couldn't be finished. One of his lieutenants came in suddenly, shouting like crazy.

    “What is it, is it so fuss? Are there any changes in Delua?"

    “No, no, that's not it.”


    “One of the soldiers I sent to the Dark Forest has now come.”

    "By the way?"

    When the story of The Forest of Darkness came out, Carlo Yi's face hardened.

    “There the magic is unlocked now! The barriers are gone. They just say it's just going in!”


    "How do you go after Mahain and the Empress?"

    There was a sense of tension in an instant.

    "Your Majesty, second to catching the Empress and Asher, it's dangerous if the Dark Forest is open. Delua troops know better than us. Are you thinking of sending troops through there?"

    “It seems like you and I should be separated, but I know the path a little, so I lead the class and go into the dark forest.”

    “Then I will take the rest of the army and go in front.”

    Louisa Rutin summoned the other generals and began a meeting. Everyone seemed to be embarrassed for a while at the sudden change, but the situation was so right that they quickly calmed down. On the other hand, Karloy's heart continued beating. He couldn't tell if it was because of the ominousness or the trembling.

    After going through the woods, Yvonne Delua is there. Carloi was obsessed with the idea until he took his troops to the entrance to the Dark Forest.

    “Uh, that's a cave!”

    At the cry of a soldier, Karloy found a cave in which he once had stayed for a while. In an instant, guilt drove away all other emotions and wrapped him around.

    Suddenly, when he thought of a man who couldn't bring him there, he suddenly suffocated and Carloi took a breath on his horse for a while. It was absurd that I couldn't find anyone who couldn't keep my promises, and that I was crazy about other people.



    It was a forest that came back after 14 years. Even the sound of a rustling leaf being stepped on by his horseshoe was audible. It wasn't a place that gave off this ominous atmosphere, but the forest was different.

    The soldiers withered in the darkness emanating from the forest. However, everyone had to keep pace with the insanely blasting forward of Karlroy. The emperor's eyes were similar to that of a madman, and so was his speed. I was able to cross the forest in half a day thanks to the forest where it took a full day to pass.

    However, the more I went toward Delua, the more strange the atmosphere was. I thought the soldiers would be waiting even if they didn't come into the forest right away, but the Delua army couldn't be seen as much.

    "Your Majesty! Someone in front of you..."

    “Are you a Delois soldier?”

    When I felt strange, the reconnaissance team I had sent in advance returned and reported.

    "No. That's..."

    A familiar person appeared behind the blurry reconnaissance army. It was Asher. Asher wasn't surprised when he saw Karloy, and there wasn't a change in his expression. Carloi didn't have a special expression as he watched Asher approaching me. Instead, Carloy pulled out his sword. Then he put it on Asher's neck.

    "It'll have to be an explanation I can convince."

    Even with the cool touch that suddenly touched, Asher didn't blink a single eye.

    "What about the empress?"

    “It's a little bit like to say here. I have to say it separately.”

    Asher said, looking sideways at the soldiers.

    The soldiers who were commanded by Karloi to camp and stand by sighed of relief. I finally got a chance to take a breath.

    "Say it."

    In a low voice, Karloi's shallow patience was revealed.

    “Why did you help the empress?”

    "There are a lot of strange things, so I want to find out."

    "Without my permission?"

    Asher licked his big eyes.

    "I did it for your Majesty. The only thing that will make you sane is the truth. I want to believe it, but I can't believe it, so I suffered."

    Carloi laughed at the words of blatantly treating him as a madman.

    "So, did the empress tell you the great truth?"

    Seeing Karloi's grotesque attitude, Asher made up his mind that he had to get to the point immediately.

    "The empress was enchanted."

    It was really absurd.

    "What do you mean?"

    “Werny's sorcerer has put on a secret anti-disclosure magic. So he said he couldn't speak."

    Carloy openly distorted his face.

    “What are you talking about, where is that magic in the world? It makes sense.”

    "You haven't seen the magic in the dark forest unlocked?"

    Of course, because I saw it, it came to this inside. Karloy quietly shut his mouth.

    “At the same time, the magic that was on the empress disappeared. I don't know what it is, but something must have happened to the peacock or the magician."

    “What the hell is this…”

    With a tired face, Karloy rubbed the temple. Suddenly, I couldn't understand what it was talking about.

    “The illegitimate child said he was right! I said all the tricks because the magic was released.”


    In the meantime, it was annoying to hear from Asher.

    "The Duchess' daughter died 14 years ago with the Duchess. And she said the Empress would continue to go to Del Lua."

    Asher constantly talked about whether he was afraid that Carloy would stop speaking.

    "The peacock is holding her biological mother hostage at the Tower of Del Lua. She was being blackmailed."

    Suddenly, too much information came in. Carloy's head rang. It was because Yvonne's past words came to mind at once. The appearance of Yvonne who kept repeating that she had to go to Del Rua.

    <If I don't go to Delua... I might die.>

    What did she say then?


    Asher screamed frustrated at Karlroy's muttering to himself.

    "That's right! If you saw the empress crying while talking about it, you wouldn't say it wasn't that way!"

    Asher seemed angry for some reason.

    "...... you cried?"

    “Then you must have come with a smile, all the way? You know what escaped with me, you went out to play, what?”

    It was a voice full of irritation.

    “I cry every day, every day. Even for some reason, I'm not feeling well. It's not strange if you vomit, faint, fever, and die right now."

    Reminiscent of his appearance in prison, Karloy was choked.

    “While there, he couldn't say anything until the strange magic was released, so he said that he would hit his chest and hit his cheek to get his spirits up. It was very frantic.”

    Her heart seemed to be beating and vomiting fast.

    “You still can't believe it? Even if I was weird before then, I didn't even pretend to hear what I said!”

    Yvonne ruled in Karlroy's head.

    <No matter what I say, no matter what I do, no matter what I do, no matter how much I doubt, can you continue to trust me.>

    <No matter what.>

    <Please trust me this time, only once. >

    The look that looked at herself. Her head was dizzy and her heart beats ominously.


    Ka, who seemed to have been struck by even one in her back, sang again, as if Asher was impatient.

    "It's ridiculous. That can't happen."

    At Carloy's murmur, Asher firmly shook his head.

    "No, so that everything will work."

    Barely exhaling, Karloy asked with a choked throat.

    "So, where is the empress right now?"

    "I went to the Delua Tower. I got a letter saying that my mother who was trapped in the tower was not in good health."

    "..... you are?"

    “I was in danger of being in the estate of Delua, and I asked you to wait here because you might need your help.”

    Karloi just stood still with a confused face.

    “Now do you believe?”

    Despite Asher's question, he couldn't answer easily. If all this is true... Then.

    The feelings of anger and despair that were all over the body even before meeting Asher, now combined with confusion, turned into an unknowable feeling. I really didn't know how to take it.

    She was not that he was son of a bitch hit her the second she too was terribly sorry. She didn't care if she was that kind of thing, but she did if she didn't live that way. That's funny, but it was. She didn't want Yvonne to live that kind of life even when she was endlessly hateful and resentful.

    She wanted to let her know what she was feeling, she wanted to hear the truth in her mouth, and she didn't want to bring any other misfortune. I never wanted to live like that.......

    She was better off being the beloved daughter of a vicious peacock who betrayed her. I rather hoped it was her lie. It seemed that she wouldn't be upset even if she had used herself. No, it seemed that she could have given up everything and died alone if she would rather be a lie.

    “And neither Yvonne nor Delua is the real name of the empress.”

    Asher's words suddenly sparked goosebumps. She was the unpleasant premonition that had haunted him all the time. When I heard what she said behind her, it seemed like something terrifying would happen.

    “I said Lilian Lou, her own name. I said to her Majesty.”

    At the moment, her eyes turned white. It felt like the floor was going off.

    "I've been wanting to talk about it from a long time ago....... Your Majesty?"

    Asher approached her with amazement to see the pale face of Carloi, but Carloi seemed to be stuck in the spot, and there was no motion.


    “No, no. It can't be.”

    Karli, whispering like a mad man for a long time, quickly swept his pale face.

    "no. Luga... it can't be.”

    Karloi grabbed Asher and shook it.

    "No. You must have heard it wrong. You can't."

    "......Yes. I said Lirian Lou."

    It doesn't make any sense. This is not possible. Lou said he was definitely dead. How could Lou be the illegitimate child of the Duke, her head was crazy dizzy.


    But, is it really impossible? What is the feeling he keeps feeling from Yvonne?

    At the moment, all the questions were put together in a very cruel way to create an answer. All of the doubts and feelings that Yvonne Delua had, passed through the name Lirian Lou, and suddenly became the answers that intertwined.

    On a rainy day, the question Yvonne asked while weeping broke into her head.

    <Did you really mean that you can see someone in me?>

    <You said I could see that person. That shouldn't be a lie.>

    No. Her breath was choked. He stabbed him with everything he had said to Yvonne. Every time I cried, I felt dizzy because I remembered the little hand that was striking my chest like I couldn't speak and seemed frustrated.

    <You promised, no matter what I say, even if I don't, even if it's weird! I decided to believe it... what did I bet on that, how...>

    I couldn't stand it when I remembered the appearance of being trapped in the west tower and shed tears with a terrible moll. No sound came out when he opened his mouth. Karloi stumbled for a moment.


    This shouldn't have been true. The truth couldn't be so cruel. But as soon as I thought Yvonne was Lou, everything was all put together like a broken piece. Everything made sense to be creepy.

    <I'd rather have you die...>

    He vomited a blocked breath. The words he had said were now returning to him and holding his breath.

    Carloy started to nauseate like crazy. His groan flowed as if cut off from Carloy.


    Carloi breathed with his pale face. He had to find it right now.

    “Explain everything from start to finish.”

    Asher couldn't hide his surprise and barely nodded.


    So Asher was riding Yvonne and her horse through the forest. Yvonne got worse and worse with her. But she refused to take a break.

    "Mother's health is not good."

    “How do you know?”

    "She wasn't good at all. But the letter you gave me from prison ...... it said that her mother was urgent."

    At the end of her words, she was young. But Yvonne did not cry. She probably seemed to have no energy to cry.

    "The peacock wasn't curing her mother, but instead of using it, she didn't know anything."

    “What happened to your real daughter?”

    “.... she died 14 years ago in a heavy rain. She walks through the dark forest with the Duchess and is crushed by a landslide. That's why the peacock hates this forest.”

    The more she listened, the harder her life was. Ahsel thought that her family is worth such a thing. She herself was free, at least in that way. Nobody could have tied me up with something like that.

    "But why did she decide to be on your side? Dangerously. Do you really like your Majesty?"

    Yvonne, who answered everything she asked, strangely asked Carlo, and when asked about this, she bit her mouth firmly. She couldn't have any magic that hadn't been solved yet, and she seemed quite unwilling to answer.

    “…..We’re almost there.”

    When the witch's tree was seen, Yvonne and Asher rolled the horse faster. Yvonne's voice was too small to hear well. But as her end came, her gaze changed from where her replacement power came from.

    "But it's really so weird... I didn't put anyone here in the first place. But it's still at war....."

    “Wouldn’t it be possible to go out here?”

    "I don't think so."

    As she reached the witch's tree, she paused.


    "..... I think you better stay here."

    Asher's face was noticeably sharp. What did I have to do with this!

    “Ah, what is it. I'm curious. I want to go too. I want to go to that tower. I didn't know everything yet.”

    Yvonne squeezed a little at the sound of a childish sound.

    "Do you think the Delua army will leave you alone? You are safe here."

    "You just have to say that you took me captive. It's a hostage."

    “So you want your neck to be cut right away?”

    Asher muttered her words he couldn't understand. She wondered maybe she was Mach Yok.

    “I’ll go alone from here. Say no to pick me up, you wait here."

    “Ah, what are you doing here alone.”

    "If you know that the magic is unlocked here, Markia-kun will come through the woods. If you say, Carloy will come."

    The emperor's name also naturally flowed out of Yvonne's mouth. She's as if she's a person she's known from before.

    “Wouldn't it still help him to have you? Please stay by your side."

    Well, Yvonne del Lua may not be her real name.

    “What is your name?”

    "Lian Lou."

    It was a familiar name somewhere. Asher rolled her eyes. Where did you hear this name?

    “Tell me, to that person. My name is Lilian Lou, and I've wanted to say this... from a very long time ago.”

    While Asher chewed on Yvonne's words, Yvonne moved her words. She said she had already left Yvonne by the time Asher remembered where she had heard her name and where she heard it.

    It was the name Karloi called in his dream.


    Even after Asher's story was over, Carloy couldn't say a word. As he staggered and fell again, the soldiers watching from a distance were startled and tried to move.

    "It's okay?"

    When Asher asked, Carloy continued to be enchanted like an inaudible person. No, it was a bit difficult to see as a person. Asher felt frustrated when he saw Karloi, who was doing nothing like the empress. What is all this about.

    Carloy started to nauseate again. What I did until the end was that I was worried about myself, so I thought I was going crazy. He would have been better off listening to Duke Del Lua's words and killing himself. Why the hell is a baby like me....... I was so disgusted with myself that I was going crazy.

    "But I had a lot of scars on my arm. I think the peacock hit it."

    Everything Asher said without thinking passed by mercilessly scratching Karlroy's heart.

    "I try to hide such things with magic, and the peacock looks like a real madman."

    Carloy had no answer.


    As he barely rode the horse, Carloy was fascinated. If Asher hadn't told him to be considered in the middle, his horse would have hit a tree or fell into a nail.

    His hand in the reins continued to lose strength. His eyes kept dark. He did something that would not be forgiven even when he died. Yvonne, Ani, Louga, were able to wake up because of an anxious mind not knowing what would happen.

    "Your Majesty, even though you are out of the forest now, you can't see any of the Delua troops. I don't think we don't know if we attack the Del Lua estate like this."

    Asher seems to be saying something from the side, but he didn't come in well.

    How could that be? I wanted to hang his neck and die. How could he not have recognized Lou. Everything was explained from his first meeting. The way he looked at himself. She must have seen it like that to ask for a look.

    The harsh words she said to the poor man constantly remembered the image of Lu, whom she saw in prison the last time, and her breath was choked. He couldn't go and get down on his knees to pray. She was very short. Even if this bond cut his throat, he had nothing to say. No, she grew up even if she cut her own.

    And on the one hand, anger against the Duke rose. Doglike pups. Grab a gear nose. Even if he tore his limbs and kill the peacock he used that way, he didn't seem to be relieved.

    "It shouldn't happen......."

    Carloy muttered inadvertently. It soon became funny. It is myself who drove Lou to this place. I'll send it to you. Trust me one more time. He thought he was tricked anyway, he would have been tricked one more time.

    After belated regret lingered around with nowhere to go, he fell heavily on his chest. I missed you, but I had no face to see it.

    "Your Majesty, there."

    Asher called Carloy and pointed to somewhere with his finger. At the entrance to the city, there were not many, but not a few, soldiers.

    The cavalry that followed, also noticed, and began to regain heat.

    “I will turn the road as far as I can. We have to go to the Deluah mansion as quickly as possible."

    Asher made a statement that seemed to be behind him, but Karloy quietly ignored it. It was a waste of time for him to fall behind.

    As Carloy lifted his sword, he heard the sound of his sword pulling out all the way behind him.

    After Asher blinked his eye, Carloi was already popping forward. As if not cutting people, but removing stumbling branches, Carloy swung his sword lightly, but mercilessly. It seemed scary and bizarre, and the soldiers of Delua collapsed into a sloppy look and a dazzling face.

    As he joined Asher, his power declined, and the morale of Croixen's army increased. But Carloy's face didn't look happy at all. Running like crazy with an impatient and impatient face, he seemed rather chased.

    In the face of Karlroy, who finally escaped and exhaled lightly with his blood covered in other people's blood, there was only a feeling of despair that seemed more awful than the corpses fell by the sword.


    Even after leaving the forest, no one could be seen for a long time. It was only when I entered the city entrance that I could see people walking around. Even though it was little, everyone passing by was terrified, and the houses all covered the windows and locked the doors.

    Yvonne took off her wig and glasses and threw it on her street. As we reached the castle, a soldier guarding the entrance came out and asked for an ID.

    "I'm trying to see the Duke."

    Yvonne struck the player before the soldier, who looked as if he was in the hell, opened his mouth.

    “Yvonne Delois, the daughter of the Duke.”

    The soldier looked at the other soldiers standing next to him with his eyes wide open. The duke's daughter is in the capital prison, right? A whispering sound even heard Yvonne.


    As if to confirm, another soldier went somewhere.

    “Please wait a moment. I need to confirm.”

    But she said for a while, and no matter how much time passed, her soldiers did not let Yvonne in. When Yvonne couldn't wait any longer and tried to drag her horse into her, a carriage came from afar.

    "Oh, it really was!"

    A familiar face came down from the wagon and trembled. It was Lady Anssen.

    "No, I thought it was a lie, and you said, "What kind of person has the guts to impersonate the empress."

    On her bright face without speed, Yvonne lost her words and she looked at Lady Anssen quietly.

    “How on earth did you get out? Everyone said there was no hope? Oh, let’s get on and talk about it.”

    Rivera Ansene dragged Yvonne's arm, standing in her soul, and put it in her carriage.

    "How did you come out?"

    Yvonne did not respond to Anssen who asked with her curious face.

    “What can I do. Only our Gabriel became pitiful.”

    Unfortunately, Yvonde didn't feel sorry for her tongue before Lady Ruen. Rivera Ansen smiled brightly when she saw Yvonne's ferocious expression.

    “Ah, your Majesty is also true. Maybe because you wanted to say that it was him? Now look, you can't even guarantee her life.”

    She said, but she wasn't sorry at all.

    “No, neither was we trying to abandon her without a case. I was trying to get Gabriel, but it was very difficult because there weren't a few Duke's people in Purtu. Are you all caught?"

    "......do not know."

    “Anyway, it’s so strange that Purtu is like that, but your Majesty is also ruined.”

    Regardless of Yvonne's facial expression, Lady An-Sen made a great voice alone. She was a great person. Even her war couldn't change Rivera Ansen's unnoticed personality.

    "But, you know, Your Majesty. Because we are on our own. Your Majesty really isn't the Duchess's daughter? You didn't mean the Duchess... because Lux keeps talking like that."

    Lux was the name of Count Anssen. Yvonne was still silent.

    "Why aren't you so silent? You must be so tired. Well, how far is it!"

    She was so irritated that she couldn't seem to think that she wasn't talking.

    “Well, that’s great anyway. The duke's condition was weird, so I wanted to have his Majesty also exist. I don't know why you are doing this before the war.”

    It was only after hearing her words that Yvonne reacted for the first time.

    “Why is the peacock?”

    "No, don't come out of the duke! I don't know how angry Lux is because he's stuck in the Del Lua tower. And he keeps delaying the attack.

    As Yvonne struck her, Anssen's voice grew to see if she was excited.

    “It's been about a week. My God, two days later is the day we decided to march to the capital, can you believe it?"

    No, I couldn't believe it.

    “No matter how much you would like to see her daughter, right? Lux would have been like that. If Her Majesty is right, she tells me to bring her back quickly.”


    "Yeah. Let it dry a little. No, I don't like it, I don't like this, I don't like that, even if I want to borrow the Vernis military! Do you just want to die.”

    "Where is Count Ansene now?"

    "It's in the book of the duke. You said that the Delua Tower can't be entered unless you're a Delua clan? It's just rolling, well. If you lose the war..."

    Rivera Anssen trembled his body. In case you don't know, Lux Anssen has a way out to Mach. I was really glad to think about it now. Who would have known that Angsen-ryong would be taken so easily!

    But ...... she looked at the woman, who seemed to have extinguished all her souls, with Anssen sitting in half by her side. She will never run away for Del Lua and Del Lua's daughter. With her comforting sympathy, Lady Anssen looked at the empress she had enshrined.

    “When you arrive, be good at convincing you. It doesn't mean that neither the Duke nor your Majesty can survive until we win the war.”

    Y-Bond bite his lips in anxiety without answering. The presence of the sword hidden in her arms felt heavy. She just hoped she had nothing to do with the knife.

    It was already a dark night when the wagon arrived at the Delua mansion. Count Anssen, who became very sensitive with irritation, greeted them.

    “No, it really is!”

    It was Count Anssen's first words when he saw Yvonne.

    “How on earth?”

    "I don't know."

    “No, no matter how it is. How the hell is possible.......”

    “I don’t have time to explain the phrases.”

    "Oh, yes. It's better! The Duke will still meet his daughter. The tower can't be entered, so won!"

    Lux Ansene, who knows only Yvonne is her illegitimate child, and who doesn't even know how the Duke treats this Bond, said Lux Ansene. It seemed that he didn't even know that the magic of Verni's magician had all been unlocked.

    Yvonne pondered for a moment. There were quite a lot of soldiers not only in the castle but also in the Deloirs. And the existence of her brother and sister Ian Senga was very annoying. She could not be comfortable with the Duke or De Nis as long as they were there.

    "The emperor has advanced the plan. It will come in today."

    "Yeah? Is that true?"

    “The emperor himself decided to drive the entire army.”

    "Where is it through?"

    "Of course you're Delford. We'll have to send more troops there."

    Count Ansene opened his mouth with a shocked face.

    "You're going to do a frontal attack?"

    “Then where did you think you'd come?”

    “No, of course I thought it would be Delford, but it would come so quickly…”

    "Where's the Bernie Wizard?"

    "I do not know. Because he only meets the peacock. Come to think of it, I can't see it from a few days ago. What the hell are you doing. No, it seemed like he was working on only one of those weird guys, but he doesn't have him, and he doesn't have a duke. But a head-on attack in Delford City!”

    Yvonne nodded her roughly. It seems that Count Anssen didn't even know that the magic had been unlocked in the dark forest.

    “In a little while, the emperor might come into Delford. I think it will be soon. I think you should be there. When I left Marchia, the army had already started."

    Count Ansene turned pale, and he continued to spit out words of God. After all, he wasn't the commander's vessel. If it were a peacock, Yvonne's words would have been confirmed first, but he couldn't even think about it.

    It wasn't a bowl. If it were a peacock, Yvonne's words would have been confirmed first, but he couldn't even think about it.

    Yvonne hoped that Karloi's soldiers could enter through the dark forest without blockage.

    "I heard that my father isn't in command of anything, so I'll go in. Come on, take the soldiers and go to Delford."

    With a face of Hornbibaeksan, Lux Anssen nodded. Even in the midst of her disappearance, it seemed that the two of them had something to do with holding onto my sister and letting them do something. Looking at it, I guessed the reason why your Delua-kun was in this shape.

    After seeing the brothers and sisters Anssen disappear in her carriage, Yvonne headed to the Del Lua Tower. No, she ran. She, oddly enough, didn't see any of her employees near the Del Lua Tower. Her mind became more anxious. Even at the entrance to the tower, while she ascends, she couldn't see anyone. I was so trembling that my legs fluttered.

    Yvonne took her breath when she finally got to the floor where she had Denise. She always didn't even see Jane, who she was guarding the place.

    "No no......."

    When she opened the door, muttering insanely, this bonne eventually slumped on her floor. She didn't have de Nice.


    Yvonne's face, as she whispered, ran out of her eyes. He stood up, grasping his fluttering legs, and scoured the room. She still had no one. Her ominous premonition struck her all over her body.

    Eventually, Yvonne awakened her mind, and she went up the tower like crazy. She said only the Duke would know where Denise was. And she was clear where she would be if the Duke was in the Tower of Del Lua.

    The room with the real Yvonne's body.

    It was on the verge of losing reason. Yvonne could not stand her anger from her whole body. She suffered for a few weeks and she felt that her body, which was terribly ruined, was at the limit, and at the same time she was emotionally fed up with all of this.

    As she reached the top of the tower, she saw the owner of the house standing in front of an ornate door. Her butler saw Yvonne and her face turned white as if she had seen her ghost.


    "I have to see the Duke. Right now."

    “How the hell.”

    The head of the butler couldn't even finish her statement, whether it was shocking or not.

    “Because you need to inform the capital situation, get out of there.”

    At the aggressive remarks, the butler stuttered her words, turning her way out. Yvonne said she did not hesitate and she opened the door of the room with the peacock. When she heard her boss closing the door, Ivonne walked inside and locked her door.

    The Duke of Delua sat leaning all over the glass tube. He seemed to be staring at the body in the glass tube.

    When doubts about whether he was alive, his head, bowed down, turned. Yvonne, seeing her face, almost collapsed, screaming at her. She never looked like a human face. Her cheekbones were exceptionally raised without any flesh on her face. Her dark eyes looked like bloody blood, so she was grieved.

    The Duke opened her mouth long after seeing Yvonne.

    “How did you come here? Now I see hallucinations. Damn Verny."

    She wasn't talking to Yvonne, it sounded like it was to herself. It was a terrible voice as if in a hurry to sin.

    “…..Where is mom.”

    The peacock's eyes widened for a moment. She seemed to realize that Yvonne was really here.

    “Where did my mother put it, you're a new dog like this!”

    Eventually she cried out Yvonne, impatient. As Yvonne approached her peacock, she felt something stuck in her own feet, and she looked down at her inadvertently. The moment she realized what it was, she screamed briefly as Yvonne stopped and she sat down on the floor.

    She was a human leg. As the gaze rose on her legs, she saw a familiar face.

    "..... fjord?"

    Yvonne whispered. Bernie's sorcerer was dead, and blood was growing around him. It was a corpse. Seeing it, Yvonne closed her mouth and trembled.

    “......The madman was giving me the medicine.”

    The peacock muttered with her out of focus eyes.

    “They said he was thrown out of Bernie, it was a lie.... He used me, he! He was the son of that damn princess! It was a baby from Bernie.”

    Her annoying voice grew higher and higher.

    Yvonne trembled and she approached Fjord's body. As she put her hand on his neck, she was horrified by the cold touch. With her trembling hands, she unwrapped the purple neck from Fjord's neck and placed it in his arms.

    "To encourage me to eat this country! Dare the bernies take advantage of me!"

    I didn't understand what I was talking about, but it didn't matter.

    "I'm going to move their young to come ......."

    The peacock continued to mutter alone. Yvonne, scouring Fjord's body, found the sword's brooch in his pocket.

    Why the hell does Fiord have this?

    As Yvonne looked blankly with a brooch, he heard Duke of Delua groan and laugh.

    “I took it for breaking it, and it must have been a pure lie!”

    Yvonne also put the brooch back in her arms. She didn't know there might be anything to write. Because Carlo I is looking for it.

    “Where are you going to use that stuff? You're done with this Zen too.”

    Ignoring the whimsical peacock's voice, Yvonne approached him. Unwilling to fall from the glass tube containing the body, he seemed to have completely turned away.

    “You ruined my plan for four years. You think you're going to bring that brooch to that cub of Croitan, too?”

    The peacock whispered angrily.

    "You wouldn't have given that medicine either! Even if you take this much, people will turn around, but the croitan cub is so fine."

    Only the skull was visible in the glass tube. When Verni's wizard died, the magic on the body disappeared.

    "Where's mom?"

    "If your mother was so precious, it would have shown use. What do you want on the subject of the military as a nerd after passing over to that baby? There is no conscience."

    Eventually Yvonne exploded at her attitude of reciting her conscience. Yvonne grabbed the peacock's fat and shook her at random.

    "Where is Mom!"

    I heard the butler knocking on the door from outside.

    "Only your mom is dead, she's been dead for a long time."

    The peacock replied with a voice without emotion. Yvonne's heart fell.

    "no. She is not dead.”

    Yvonne screamed at her, shaking her head like crazy.

    “Don't misunderstand. I didn't kill your mother. What am I going to do."

    "Don't lie. She couldn't have killed her mother."

    What was funny, the Duke even giggled and laughed.

    "Denis jumped off the tower. He couldn't save it!"

    Tears flowed constantly from Yvonne's eyes.

    "You're lying... Mom can't do that."

    Because of her cry, her speech was cut off. Yvonne cried out, not grabbing the peacock's fat.

    "It is a lie. It can't be that my mom left me.”

    “What is dead? My daughter has also been dead for a long time.”

    “If you say it's a lie... I'll listen to you again. I'll do everything you ask. There's no way my mother could die. It is a lie."

    Yvonne fell on her floor and cried, she prayed. She shouldn't have been true. She couldn't really have done that to her mother.

    “I definitely dried it up. I really don't listen to anyone. You or your mother!"

    Yvonne's cry grew louder.

    "Her body got better and I was nervous from the time I wandered outside. You must have heard where I was threatening you with yourself."

    “No....... Mom. Mom."

    “I don’t understand. She doesn't mean I'll leave you alone just because she's dying. Not what you can tell! What I haven't learned is that I can't help it... neither you nor your mother...”

    “Where is Mom.”

    “I don't know where she is. I told her to bury it somewhere, but the next day she disappeared with Mary Ann's daughter.”

    The peacock continued to bleed with laughter, then fell over the glass tube.

    "My mistake. Your mother and daughter are a mistake in my life. Because of you, I'm like this now. I had to kill them instead of using them. You're getting that price now........”

    Then the peacock began to cry. I fell on the skull and started crying and calling my daughter's name. That appearance cut off Yvonne's last name.

    People couldn't do this. She drove a person's life into hell and held accountability without hesitation. People couldn't do this.

    The only mischief that Yvonne and Denis had was the duke's existence. Yvonne, feeling her breathless and sobbing, stopped crying and looked at her peacock. I pulled out her dagger from her arms and lifted it up.

    “It's terrible that I have your blood on my body.”

    And she stabbed the peacock in the chest. The peacock, lying face down defenselessly, poured out his blood. Still, if the peacock was a peacock, he pulled the sword from my chest and tried to stab Yvonne right away. The sword forcelessly stabbed Yvonne at the waist and fell.

    Her pain also felt like someone else's. Her tears continued to flow from Yvonne's groaning eyes.

    Yvonne picked up her sword and struck her craft one more timelessly. The peacock laughed faintly while spilling his blood. Its appearance was terrible.

    “I honestly…”

    He gasped and opened his mouth.

    “I don’t know what you are blaming.”

    Every time he opened his mouth, bleeding.

    "If it wasn't for me...... Denise loses, he's dead. If it's not me...

    The peacock coughed like crazy.

    “You, even in the seat of the empress, did not rise, you did not. You crab......”

    Yvonne laughed out of nowhere.

    "Geuttan going, I do not ever wish, my asshole."

    And she stabbed the peacock in the neck. She didn't listen deeply to see if she had less power.

    Yvonne, gazing down at her painful groaning peacock, bowed her head and whispered.

    "I know that? Your daughter would have been better off dying early too. She said she was rather fortunate that she died that way early, and she died well at a young age.”

    The peacock glared at Yvonne with bloody eyes.

    “If I knew that a human like you was a father... Your daughter would have jumped off the tower as well. No, she would have cut her neck with her knife. Because you are terrible.”

    Yvonne's tears fell over the peacock's face. But, on the other hand, she couldn't stand her laughter. Her laughter continued to flow.

    “You knew it, too? That your daughter will never love a baby like you as her father... she's just like you killed.”

    The peacock tried to answer something, but instead of his voice, only blood poured out.

    As if Yvonne was angry, she stabbed his arm and chest. The blood she had hated all her life continued to flow, so she dipped Yvonne. The peacock screamed painfully at her merciless hand, but she didn't care about Yvonde.

    “What did you end up with? What you have, you don't have anything.”

    Yvonne gathered the last remaining power and put a knife in his neck. Her blood spurts like a fountain

    She climbed.

    “She never stops in love with that daughter, even if she dies, she will never meet.”

    Before long, the peacock's breath was cut off. But this Bonne did not stop. She stabbed his body for a while, as if she did not know that the peacock was dead. Her sharp knife cuts the peacock's flesh and digs it up with her mouth, and her blood spurts, and the knife is pulled out again and again.

    She waited for a while, but Yvonne realized that she couldn't even feel the duke's misalignment and stopped her hand. The peacock's body turned bloody and red.

    He glanced at his two hands covered in peacock blood. She fell to Yvonne on her floor. She has to stand up and see De Nice, but her body didn't even get too hard. She was so dizzy. Her whole body hurt like crazy. Her pain seemed to make her body scream.

    She said, "I have to go looking for her mother..."

    The ceiling turned round and round.


    Yvonne sobbed. Denise could not have died. There's no her body either. The peacock must have lied to upset him.

    But why is it so scary?

    Half down, Yvonne kept crying. As she cried, she became more and more dizzy. Everything seemed to be a dream. Her mood became weird. It seemed that she could just take a break like this.

    Maybe all of this is a terrible nightmare? I'm still twelve years old, and when I wake up from this dream, my mom might hug me asking if I had a nightmare. What kind of dream she had, she would laugh.....

    Before long everything became blurry.


    Delua's power was poor. There was no commander who was fine. No matter how far this is in the countryside, it was a shameful power. There was a well-organized army at the gates, but even he was easily penetrated. I thought it was a trap.

    “Where are all the rest of the army? Where are Delua and Anssen going?”

    Carloy muttered to himself as he ran out of the front and ran to the place where the Duchess of Delua was.

    “His main power will be elsewhere. I wouldn't have imagined it would come in this way.”

    Now it was time for dawn to come after night. It was also the time left after Clyde Anssen arrived in Marchia.

    “I'll see the end of Delua in a few moments.”

    Karloy's words sounded somewhat anxious. Asher knew that he was obsessed with the thoughts of the empress. That's why that person was that person. Karloi was looking for it anxiously.”

    Asher recalls his past wandering around the estates of Bernie and Delua at the order of Karloi. Leave it right in front of you! It was a very futile thing.

    As he got closer to the duke's residence, Karloy's face became more and more pale. An unknown anxiety made his blood cold. As I approached the castle wall where the duke's residence was, the anxiety became a reality. The noise that people made whispering around was annoying.

    “I think something has happened.”

    Asher said, frowning in his eyes. The soldiers threatened those who came out and sent them back inside, and the soldiers were fighting among themselves. Carloi knew it was typical of the place where his commander fell. His heart beating with anxiety.

    Seeing not a small number of emperor troops coming in, soldiers and civilians alike screamed and fled.

    It was so easy to overwhelm the place where order was broken inside. Because few people wanted to fight.

    Like a collapsing tower, Delua collapsed.

    “What the hell is going on?”

    He grabbed one of the Delua soldiers and asked him, and he replied with trembling feet.

    "I do not know. Now, rumors are spreading that the Duke of Delua is dead... so I can't control it.”

    Karloi and Asher look at each other at the same time. saw.

    "Are you sure?"

    "I do not know. One of Delua's maids said, but the facts have not been confirmed...”

    Karloy pulled the reins of the horse and ran madly toward the duke's residence. The soldiers were busy running away, seeing some of them fall savagely by Carlroy's swords. Asher followed him and removed the stumbling blocks.

    When we reached the duke's residence, it was noisy enough to be incomparable to the entrance to the castle. The peasants who were trying to run away with their luggage saw the soldiers and screamed and ran in all directions.

    While Karloi's soldiers skillfully controlled the entrance and captured everyone, Carloi ran constantly to the Delua Tower. It was intuition. Either the Duke of Delua or Ludon would be there. Where Delua used all the magic to keep it.

    He ran to the tower so fast that Asher fell behind.


    Asher shouted out from behind in order not to go alone, but Carloy ran like crazy. Ominousness was on the verge of eating him.

    No matter how much I climbed the tower, I couldn't see anything, but the gloomy got worse. And when he finally got to the top floor, Carloi could see the cause of the gloomyness. At the entrance to the floor, an old man, who appears to be the owner of the house, was hung from his neck and died.

    Behind the man, I saw a wide open, ornately decorated door. His steps toward the door became impatient. He couldn't breathe and went into the room, and Carloi saw a huge glass tube.

    As he moved further, he took a breath. Bodies were scattered around the glass tube. It was hazy, but it was definitely a human body.


    Carloy ran forward. Yvonne's name came first unconsciously. I saw a woman lying down in front of Yuri Hall. After grasping his limp, he managed to get closer.


    His voice rattled. It was only then that I could believe when I saw the face that had fallen down without a limp. Even in my head, the truth is that what I was saying is true, that Yvonne Delua is really Lu.

    It was ridiculous to know now. So why, why the hell is such a thing visible now?

    Blood ran under Lyrian's body.

    "Lou....... no, no."

    He laid Lu's body on his lap. It was too small. His trembling hands blocked the spillage. It seemed to be suffocating with the clear blood.

    “Lou, please wake up....... I did everything wrong.”

    He didn't open his eyes no matter how much he shook. A great sense of fear struck Karloy. In his life he had never been so scared.

    "Lou, please......."

    Tears spontaneously came out. Tears from Carloy's eyes fell onto Lou's pale face. Then, Lu's eyelids trembled slightly. When Carloy shouted his name a few more times, his eyes opened.


    Lou whispered in a choppy voice. Carloy hugged him and buried his face.

    Crazy chicks. Even when I heard the voice calling that name, I didn't know. Could a person go crazy with his hatred for himself? Carloy just wanted to die.

    “I did everything wrong. Please....... Lou.......”

    “Are you right? I think it's a dream. Because you can't recognize me......."

    It was a weak voice that I couldn't hear well.

    “You can’t die like this. He ought even to me motherfucker York La. I'd rather kill me."

    Carloy cried, sobbing insanely. I was so scared. He barely accepted Lu's death, and accepted his death with all his might.

    But that's not it, and her facts were alive and well, and she wasn't even ready to lose her again shortly after learning that she was next to him. This time, I really wouldn't be able to endure it.

    "Why am I killing you."

    Lirian took a light breath.

    “Find my mom, Karl... I can't see where she is. His name is Denise... and it hurts a lot."

    Lilian's bloody white face ran out of snow. Carloy didn't know what to do and wiped the tears.

    "Okay, I'll come back. Promise me. I'll do anything. So...

    Lilian's eyes kept trying to close because it was difficult for her to breathe.


    Weak resentment was buried in the whispering sound.

    “Everything you say is a lie.”

    The feelings became stronger in the words I repeated once more.

    “You have never kept your promise. You didn't keep all the promises you made with me.”

    Those words sharpened Karlroy's chest.

    “You said you would recognize me. You said you would protect it. By the way......"

    Her weak voice was wet. The whispering sound now sounded like weeping.

    “You didn't even believe in me. I promised to believe in you..."

    With a desperate face, Carloi shed tears.


    “I hate you.”

    "Sorry. So I'd rather... kill me. please....."

    Lyrian, gasping for a hard time, wandered through his arms with his trembling hands.


    A brooch was handed over. As soon as Carloy received it, his helpless hand fell again. Carloi was even more choked as he saw countless scars on his arm.

    “I told you, I. I'll bring it."

    At the end of the fading voice, Carloy sobbed his skinny face while holding a brooch.

    “I was wrong, please....... I will keep all of my promises. I'll do whatever you ask. If I die, I will die. So no......."

    Not knowing what couldn't be done, Karloy repeated that. Lyrian raised his hand and stroked Carloy's cheek.


    "Yeah, I was a nerd. It was stupid motherfucker. So ......."

    Both eyes, which settled on the bleeding face, closed again. Carloy called Lou's name again with a fearful face.

    “No, get up. No."

    “Will I take a rest......”

    "No, not now. Please wait a little..."

    Lou shook his head.

    “So, it’s because it hurts. Really, it hurts so much."

    The small voice cut off. At those words, Karl Roy bite his mouth with a glaring face. I didn't really have anything to say about it.

    "It's so hard, Carl..."

    Wiping off Lou's tears, Carlo bite his lips with an afflicted face.

    "I can't, it hurts. Let me rest........"

    A watery voice, begging him, poked and squeezed Carloy's chest with guilt. He couldn't say to rest or not to dare to rest, so he shed tears and repeated the same words like his child.

    “I'm sorry, I made me sick....... I did it wrong.”

    The woman in her arms shook her head weakly. And she didn't move any more.


    Carloy whispered in a terrified voice. But the answer didn't come back.

    "No....... Lou."

    Even if I shake it lightly, the reaction did not come back. Lyrian's blood was on Karlroy's hands. As he looked down as if he couldn't believe his hand, Carloi began to cry out loud. Like the sound of a beast howling, a cry broke out. No matter how much we sobbed holding on to the lean body, there was no movement.


    He couldn't send it like this. He had to say that all he said to hate and wish to die was a lie.


    Tears continued to flow.

    In fact, even when you were Yvonne Delua, I didn't want that, I thought that what you were seeing to me was a lie, I just couldn't admit all this, I'm so stupid I'm sorry, I have to say that, but there's so much to say. There were many, but no one to listen to.

    In the gloomy tower, where only death, there was a terrible cry in the big company.

    15. The empress hates the emperor (1)

    The first sight he saw when he arrived at the top floor of the Delua Tower after clearing up all the non-threatening soldiers was unpleasant at all. At the entrance of the door, the owner of the house was snaring with her neck on her neck, and as she walked inside, she saw Carlo I crying with the empress in her arms.

    And next to him was a man in a black robe, and behind him, a Duke of Delua, with a familiar dagger on his neck, was dead with his eyes open.


    Asher called Carloi, but Carloi just hugged her empress's body and kept crying. Asher, who had never seen Karloy cry so terriblely, spoke with a confused voice.

    "Your Majesty, wake up."

    "..... bring the therapist here right now."

    "From here? I think it would be better to go somewhere else........"

    It didn't seem like an appropriate idea to heal anyone in a corpse.

    “You went by yourself.”

    Karloy, with wide open eyes, said hoarseness.

    “Because you are the fastest. Pick up the healer and bring him here to the duke's residence."

    As he couldn't say he didn't like it, Asel exited the Delua Tower.

    Asher wanted the empress not to die. She didn't know that if she died, Carloy would also die. No, I was sure. And Croisen, without Karloi, wasn't very meaningful to Asher.

    It was noisy outside, but it seemed to be roughly organized. Duke's people were lined up like prisoners. Somewhere in the distance, the rising smoke made the sky hazy. The fall of Tellua was as vain as the smoke.


    When Asher brought the therapist back to the Duke's residence, Karloy's condition remained the same. The difference was that he was rubbing the limbs of the empress, but it was like crying and calling her name Lu.

    The therapist, who seemed surprised by the sight of the body, soon began skillfully examining the condition of the empress at the place of death.

    "The hidden is stuck."

    The therapist, who had stopped bleeding in first aid, opened his mouth. It's an ominous nuance, as Carloy could see.

    "What does that mean?"

    Seeing the emperor appearing to be insane, the therapist felt both pathetic and compassionate. I wondered if I was so unfaithful just by getting hurt.

    "The wound is not deep, but the body is too weak to withstand this wound. I don't know when to become conscious."

    “Then how...”

    “For now, I have no choice but to wait. And we have to move to the capital as soon as possible.”

    Carloi nodded his head, fascinated.

    "And there are traces of this scar... Healing magic. I guess I have received the magic to make the scar invisible. I heard that there was a dedicated therapist, so this was the reason?"

    The therapist tilted his head as he couldn't understand why the hell had such a scar on the daughter of the duke duke. Only Carloy's heart was depressed.

    Asher spoke carefully to Karloi, who was just shed tears.

    “I heard while coming, that Count Anssen took all his troops and there was Delford City. However, the power was poor, and Clyde Anssen arrived faster than expected and joined Byeon Baek.”

    When Karloy heard Asher's words, there was no reaction. He continued to sit down, hugging Lyrian.

    Nothing came to life. He can't believe that Lyrian, who he thought was dead, returned, but that he had been in front of him until now, that he fell in my arms like this, everything was like a lie. The truth that came suddenly was too heavy.

    "Your Majesty, you have to wake up."

    The therapist quietly called Carloy.

    “I don't know how the situation is going, the more it is at times like this, but I do know that something happened between Her Majesty and the Duke of Delua.”

    “To find out what happened, your Majesty must be alert. Even for the Empress... I think that would be good."

    At that moment, Carloy nodded shortly at his head. After he saved Lou he had to know the truth. And I decided to find her mother.



    “Go and tell the soldiers. Go through every house and find a middle-aged woman named De Nice, and she's probably not feeling well.”

    “Is that the end of the clue?”

    “Send a scorpion to the city of Delford. Search all over there and find it.”


    “And here, everything in the Duke of Delua is taken to Purtu. I don't know what evidence is there.”

    Asher lifted his head and began to move quickly. Carloy grabbed Lyrian's hand and muttered insanely.


    Without knowing who he was talking to, he cried. The therapist looking at him sighed and looked around him. It was a really unpleasant place. If the emperor woke up at least a little, the empress would have to be moved to a better place. I don't know if she'll wake up.


    It took just two days for Delua to be completely captured. It collapsed so easily, so quickly. The Duke was dead, and Count Anssen was a man who did not know how to fight with all his power. It was initially impossible for such a person to withstand both Louisa Routine and Clyde Anse.

    Clyde Anssen returned with the neck of the half brother who persecuted me. The sight seemed like a natural consequence. Del Lua laid her throat to her that her daughter, and An Seine to her brother.

    Everything seemed to end with a smoothness that didn't go well with the war, but not as much as one.

    “The woman? She is dead. I jumped off the tower.”

    “I didn't even know that people were living, but suddenly people fell from the tower. who? I don't know, I was the first woman I saw. when? It's been more than ten days.”

    “I don’t know where the body is.......”

    The duke's employees gathered their mouths to testify that Denise was dead. Karloy fell into despair. The fact that he couldn't keep even this promise drove him crazy.

    The fact that he could or couldn't do anything to Lirian struck him every time he breathed. No, I'd rather be glad if I had nothing to do with it. Didn't he keep harassing her?

    He wanted to find a corpse, but he couldn't be left here. Lyrian's consciousness did not return, so he had to go to the capital as soon as possible.

    “Wouldn’t it have been burying the body? I don't think I can find anything already buried in the ground."

    Asher muttered.

    "Then there are no ones who buried it. It seems that a maid named Jung Hwang-sang's maid, the daughter of the chief, disappeared at the same time. You know something."

    Carlos looked at Louisa Routine next to him.

    “Look more closely while organizing the Delois. I will definitely stay here."

    “Yes, well… I see.”

    Louis Zae replied, as to what was still going on. Delua's daughter killed Delua? Why? Byeon Byeon-baek's consciousness situation remained at that question.

    And why is the Emperor Ji-Shaped? I thought I would be happy that Lua was easily captured, but when I arrived, I saw only humans who were crying and holding onto all the dying futures. Even now, I didn't shed tears, just looking at her face looked like she had suffered a terrible wound.

    Even if not, everything is confusing. Now, the Baek Baek is brief, but he had to manage the estate of Delua.

    Half of the troops descending to Delua remained in Delua to prepare for the invasion of Bernie, and the rest headed to the capital with Karlois.

    Carloy got into a carriage with Lyrian and the therapist. He didn't try to leave Lyrian's side tolerantly. Look big house next to the revolving like a son of a bitch who lost the primary to cheoryanghae had seen.

    “Why the hell isn’t there so much difference?”

    Looking at the emperor's face, asking impatiently, the therapist told a hypothesis that he had been thinking alone for several days.

    “......I'm not sure, but I wonder if it's poisoned.”

    "You mean poison?"

    "Otherwise, because there is nothing else that can explain this physical condition. Or, is it true that the Duke said that his daughter was weak? If you had such a fragile body, staying in a capital prison would have ruined your body very well."

    Carloy put my face in Lyrian's hand. The more I heard it, the more I knew it, the more painful it was. Thought he didn't deserve to suffer, he was still in pain. In his mind, everything he said to Lyrian was constantly repeated. There was no regret.

    “......Please, Lou, I can't just let you hear those words. only once."

    The emperor buried her face, holding her hands tightly. There was a deep cry in his voice. However, Lyrian didn't wake up until he arrived at Four Two.


    With Mary Ann's confession, Purtu turned upside down. Mary Ann's statement coincided with the empress's story that Asher wrote in her letter. Her maid, Lady Ruen, who had been imprisoned with her, was denied, but when she heard of Del Rua's charter, she eventually accused her of everything, subject to commuting.

    All Purtu was in shock and people turned upside down. Bernie's magic was beyond the conceivable range of the imperial man, and scholars debated eagerly. All of Delua's daughters were false, and all the nobles raised their voices.

    The truth was a disaster for Alexis, who was in charge of Purtu. When the Empress was an obvious enemy, nothing was difficult except for Karloi's feelings. But now, the existence of the Empress itself was full of contradictions.

    “I'm an illegitimate child. An empress from an illegitimate child, this is not possible in Croisen."

    "Yes. She is an illegitimate child because she is not enough to be Del Lua's daughter!”

    Many aristocrats knew the truth and opposed it, but it wasn't that easy for Alexis.


    “What is it?”

    "Is it possible to make such a knife-like decision even though the circumstances of betraying Del Lua and helping her Majesty have been revealed?"

    Keana was a little harder than Alexis. She claimed that she had no reason for the Empress to retire from her current position.

    “Yes, she could save her life if she takes that credit into account. But the Empress is nonsense.”

    “I even drank poison instead of Your Majesty. What can I do more than this?"

    “There is an easy way. Her Majesty just needs to be the Empress. It is not that there is no history of becoming an empress from an empress."

    “Stop the nonsense.”

    Even before her words were over, she saw Kia me cutting cold, and Alexis guessed. She said that Keana would not have only her emotional reasons for defending her empress, and she said that Del Rua's daughter sitting in her empress's seat gave her Keana her many benefits. It will be done.

    “She doesn't make any sense that she's sitting in the empress's seat anyway. Even if she died by being stabbed instead of by a knife, not by poison.”

    Despite the lukewarm reaction of Keana and Alexis, the public's opinions seemed to be gathering together, but variables soon emerged. In Del Lua, news arrived that it was her Empress who killed the Duke with Victory.

    Porto's debate has become sharper than before. Because everyone knew well that the reason Delua's fall was easy was because the head of the Duke died.

    Now, the Empress is not the daughter of the rebels who fled from Purtu, but the brave who went to kill her own father, even making her escape.

    “Yes, well, it’s a great ball, no matter how well you look at it, it’s even the empress. Anyway, the Duke's daughter is a daughter.”

    “Don’t your ancestors betray the same side in that way in the war and get a place for lords with their credit?”

    “No, what do you say! It's not like that and this, I'm not an illegitimate."

    "Oh my, sometimes I say it's a problem because I'm a daughter, but even if I'm far away, it's a problem because I'm not a true daughter."

    "Because the words came out, it's time to change that attitude. Look at Clyde Ansene."


    "What's right? They're making funny sounds."

    “You have already built a lot of balls and are recognized by Mach. How embarrassing is it to be sent to another country because Croisen could not be treated properly.”

    The debate flowed out of control as the minority nobles, whom Keana had secretly embraced, offered progressive opinions.

    "Why doesn't the ball say anything?"

    Keana quietly asked Alexis, who didn't give any opinions despite all the fuss.

    “...... I don't know.”

    Alexis answered honestly. Problems with the empress's behavior, or Croisen's illegitimate child, these things seemed a little vague to Alexis.

    What I felt more directly was upset. The past and the empress's strange fate, which the emperor blamed for thinking that he contained a person he should not have in his heart, wandered in Alexis' head at the same time.

    Yvonne del Lua was the daughter of Del Lua, but she was not. Could it be that the person who received such treatment from her father could be her daughter?

    “But you can't say that you don't know the ball forever. Other nobles, not me, will ask for your opinion. I think you'll use the age as a weapon to represent the custom.”

    By the time Keana's notice of pressure was felt on her skin, Karloy returned to Purtu. With the victorious army and the dying empress...


    The emperor's position was not the same as before, when he returned from destroying his strong silence. The rebellion was also an opportunity for purge.

    However, he did not seem to be victorious, but rather as a man suffering terrible misfortune. And the emperor did not leave for a single moment next to the empress. The people of Purtu were puzzled by the appearance. He didn't know when he had died like that and couldn't live like that.

    When the conditions were in place to be healed, Karl Roy told the therapist that he would bring Lilian back to life at all costs. The therapist was a tired face, but his head nodded anyway.

    Mary Ann, who was crying while holding the dying empress, was also in a different way because she was in prison for a long time.

    "I'm sorry, my Majesty. What should I do ...... I wanted to see her mother, but how do I do this ......"

    Worries about her missing daughter lost her presence in front of the unfortunate empress, who suffered so much loss.

    “So I will send it to you when you ask for it to be sent only once. You've only believed it once!"

    As Mary Anne cried, she shouted at Carloy. Now Mary Ann had nothing to see in her eyes.

    She had nothing more.

    Even after seeing her maid in front of her emperor screaming in front of her emperor, Carloi said nothing, with her face buried in Lirian's hand. She wanted to if she could save De Nice's life when she died.

    <Thank you, Your Majesty. Thank you very much.>

    When she said she could go to Del Lua, she had to think about why she liked it so much and why she laughed so brightly. I should have wondered why I'm so happy with something else, something trivial.

    “Lou....... please.”

    With a hoarse voice, Karloy constantly begged. No, he should have recognized it in the first place. After meeting the swamp was deep and dark. There was no end to fall, and more and more things to regret. It should have been like this. No, it should have been more. No, no, she should have done that much more before. The regret that he couldn't give any answer only choked him.

    <I cry every day, every day.>

    When I looked into Lyrian's closed eyes, Asher's words came to mind. When I thought about how much I would have cried in front of myself, how much I would have cried when there was no one in front of me... I really just wanted to die.

    <It was very frantic if he said he would hit his cheek to get his mind up.>

    When I looked at Lean's lean cheeks, I remembered the words. I don't think there are any corners left to hit, but how...

    If I try to guess the feeling that he should have gone down to Delua while doing so, he wanted to disappear from the world even though he could guess very little anyway.

    Then what about Lillian, who should have accepted this pain as it was, not that little. With this thought, it seemed he knew why he was closing his eyes like this. It seems that I can still hear Lyrian's voice whispering for a rest because it hurts so much.

    Would she be okay if she took this life herself? No.

    His time was constantly wandering through the dark past, where only mistakes exist, and returned to the present, where only terrible consequences remain, and during all that time, Carloi hated himself and thought of Lyrian.

    As her therapist was examining her empress with her serious face, Mary Ann cried out in a crying voice.

    “How do I start with that poison?”

    When her therapist first opened her eyes, as if hearing it for the first time, Mary Ann vomited crying at Carloy instead of her therapist.

    She said, "Did you not know yet? I was drinking poison instead of His Majesty!"

    Karl Roy, who thought he couldn't be more pale, turned pale.

    "They drank the poison that the peacock gave him to feed his majesty, and he drank it for him. I was foolish! I thought this would be..... I thought that was useless. No one would know it. I did it.”

    Mary Ann is now starting to cry. Carloi, who had been vacant for a moment, soon recalled the people who had testified that the Empress had tried to poison the emperor.

    <I never did that. No, I can't do that to you........>

    And Lyrian, begging for no, ...... Ka He, Roy, vomited a short groan. His swaying gaze ran into Alexis Dunya. It was a peacock who didn't seem surprised.

    “When the hell were you going to say it?”

    At a quiet question, Alexis looked away for a moment.

    “......After your Majesty calmed down a little, I tried to tell you. He has only been back one day. I didn't even sleep."

    Karloi's hand holding Lirian's hand trembled. Dare, can I reach you? With what qualifications, I couldn't let go of his hand, and I couldn't fully grasp it.

    I couldn't figure out what the hell he had drank such poison. How could I....... How could he, who is not someone else, make himself so painful to Lu? What were all the promises made in the cave?

    Life always meant little, wasn't friendly to him, or gave him nothing, so it was natural that he lived without knowing the meaning of unhappiness. Even when I thought Lou was dead... .. It was painful, but I thought it would happen to him. Because he can't be given what he wants.

    But now I thought I knew what was called unhappiness. What if it was not unhappiness that made the only meaning to be ruined with my own hands, myself, and without a gap?


    Gorten quietly summoned the Emperor who only closed his eyes and cried quietly, but Carloy didn't answer. He was just terrible. His own foolishness, Lirian's misfortune, all this.

    As he subsided into unbearable self-doubt, he felt fine movements in his hands.


    The eyelids of his pale face, lying without motion, were shaking very weakly. Even thinking that he wasn't deserving of holding his hand, Carloi grabbed Lyrian's hand and hung up for a while, as if holding a line of life.

    "Lou, please."

    His closed eyes opened very softly to see if he had heard his call.

    “… … knife?"

    The voice was so small that it was hard to hear even when it was very close. Carloi tried to answer, but his throat was choked and no voice came out. Lirian, who had blinked his eyes a couple of times, exhaled hard.

    "Mom is......?"

    The embarrassment and regret ran over the faces of everyone present. Carroy couldn't give any answer. I made numerous promises, but nothing I kept.

    "Mom is."


    “You said you were looking for it.”

    Tears from Karloi's eyes ran through Lyrian's hand.

    "why are you crying. It wasn't that my mom couldn't find it. Mom is alive.”


    Lyrian's face was distorted when he heard Karloi's whispers.

    “Okay, the peacock said that her mother was dead, but that's a lie, Carl.”

    When Lyrian had finished his words, he coughed badly, and Carloy was surprised and looked over his skinny body. The therapist and the maid erected the empress's body slightly so that he could cough.

    "Tell me a lie......."

    Lyrian gave strength to his hand holding Karlroy. But even that was a very weak force.

    Carloi shakes his head. He couldn't see the face.

    "No. No... not all."

    Lyrian shook his head like crazy and soon coughed again. The coughing sound was not so severe, and blood leaked from the wound that had not healed.


    At the same time as Carlos yelled in surprise, Lirian fell again.

    "No. No, Lou......”

    Carloy hugged Lyrian's fallen body and cried. Everyone turned their eyes to the terrible scene that could not be seen with their eyes open.

    “Please....... If I die, I will die. I will do everything you ask.”

    Even Mary Anne, who was pouring out resentment at Carloy, saw her and dripped her eyes to see if she had lost her words.

    "It's my fault......."

    If this were a punishment, nothing would be more effective. It was because there was only one person to blame and the only one who wanted to kill himself. However, he is still not completely punished, as he has a useless life and Lou cannot.

    Carloi cried until there was no voice and made a mistake. But no one punished him. He refused to open his eyes, as if the only one to condemn him would not be able to bear his existence. Even punishment was too much for him.


    It wasn't long before a poison of no idea what was found in the Delua estate was discovered. The poison in the small vial from the corpse of the wizard Bernie had the same composition as the medicine left in Duke Delua's tableware, and it looked like a medicine that the empress drank instead of the emperor.

    Scholars and healers from the capital gathered and began to study Bernie's poison. Even sorcerers came from Mach and Lartua to investigate the necklace of the wizard Verni.

    The emperor's healer did his best to heal the empress with all this data. He did everything he knew. She was not for the empress, but for her emperor. She said it was unlikely that the emperor would wake her up unless the empress was awakened.

    All her work was entrusted to Alexis Dunya, and the emperor stood next to the empress. He became more and more like a crazy person. Her eyes did not leave the empress.

    "But the more you stay like that, the more public opinion doesn't just get better...? There are still quite a few people who say that you have to destroy the empress."

    “The humans of Purtu have no affection. Terrible humans.”

    Gorten clenched his teeth as if he was trembling. Apart from thinking about what Karloy's feelings would be, isn't it pitiful for the empress's spooky circumstances? She said that.

    "What are you talking about?"

    Gorten jumped in surprise at Karlroy's voice suddenly heard. I didn't seem to care about this, so I was whispering, but I couldn't even think that it would have been heard.


    “You ask what you’re talking about.”

    The attendant, who was already standing next to Karlroy's face, was on the verge of fainting. This is because the appearance of the fortress Karl Roy was more terrifying than the war demons.

    Gorten replied with despair.

    "It's the way you heard it......."

    The voice crawled in, but

    Cool anger filled Karlroy's face. Gorten worried that his bloodshot eyes might burst.

    "Call Dunya."

    The emperor, who did not take a step from the empress's bedroom, gave the order.

    Soon after, Alexis Dunya arrived, suffering from various public affairs and bullshit from nobles. Alexis' face looked as tired as Gorten.

    “What is it?”

    "Are you letting go of that bullshit?"

    Alexis didn't really ask if a capable peacock had the ability to know what he had cut back and forth.

    "I'm not saying that the people of Kroisen would do it. Still, it's a good level. It's because I'm only asking for decommissioning without any other decline in status."

    “By cutting his throat or confiscation of his property, he makes no other noise.”

    Despite the overbearing voice, Alexis didn't respond much.

    "Well. Those are the only ways to inspire backlash. The civil war has not been over. A more certain way is to wake up with His Majesty."

    Alexis replied, rubbing his eyelids as if tired.

    “Now, when Delua has also fallen, your Majesty's asylum is most effective. You'll be afraid of reason rather than your Majesty's feelings.”

    "Would it be more effective than having a throat cut?"

    Alexis sighed briefly, looking at a face that was about to slaughter a person with a knife at any moment.

    "Your Majesty, remember that you are the only one who has a strong heart to protect the empress in this Purtu. Don't think of Ammon. Don't be like someone who doesn't have tomorrow. Think about the future."

    The emperor, who groaned for a moment, quickly sat down on his chair, covering his face.

    ".....I know that the ball wasn't wrong."

    Alexis realized again that pain could be felt even in his voice. The pain that had soaked in moistly came out of the joints.

    “But without Lu, there is no need for tomorrow..... I have always lived with that kind of mind, but now what….”

    If it weren't for Lou anyway, it was a life that would have ended a long time ago. If there was a regret for the extra life she had earned from her luck, she was no longer with it. For those who can't even feel my work right away, the future was a luxury word. It was just another meaning of hell.

    “I don't know what to do. I can't let it die, but I can't even ask for alive.”

    The emperor's shoulders began to tremble as if he was speaking to himself.

    “That's why I am, that person is like that. I tell you to die..... to disappear....... to say that.”

    Carlos began to cry out loud, then leaned over to Alexis standing in front of him.

    “Because it’s okay for me to die… I want to turn the time. No, I just want to disappear. I shouldn't have been born."

    Alexis lost his words and looked down at his nephew. He had no one to hang on to, so he was begging himself to be difficult to say of his family.

    “That was right. That I'm a useless human being... my mother was right, and I was just right.”

    Alexis was so embarrassed that he had a face that didn't know how to do it.

    “The ball is smart. It's dunya. There will be some way. Please...... How do you say... Then I will do whatever I tell you to do, even now......."

    Does he know what he is asking for? Not to a wizard, but to a general.

    Karl Roy, who didn't cry that much even in childhood, cried young and muttered like crazy.

    “There is nothing I can do. I didn't know there would be anything like this. I can't even beg for doing it wrong.”

    As his distressed voice began to tremble, Alexis hesitated and laid a hand on his shoulder.

    “....There are quite a few traces of the Wizard of Verni found in Delua, so scholars are investigating it together. I'll figure out anything soon.”

    Soothing or comforting someone was harder than I thought. Alexis herself was awkward.

    “What can I do. You have to wake up... you can ask what you want. And since Byeon Byeon-baek is constantly looking for the whereabouts of his mother, even if it's a body soon...”

    Alexis couldn't finish his words. It was because the empress's face with no blood was caught in his eyes. Duke Roh, who witnessed too much misery and suffering for one person, had a complex heart.

    “I think my very existence is... torture to that person. It might be better for me to die now.”

    Carloi seemed to have never realized his facts as Alexis, whom he was talking about who had so wished. To that extent he didn't seem sane.

    “After that, what will happen to the empress?”

    Still, whether he could hear what the other person was saying, or whether he was awakened to the empress's comments, Carloi stopped talking to himself, which sounded like weeping.

    Maybe Lilian, who needs to retire from the Empress's position, can take care of one of my bodies.

    “...There will be a maid.”

    “The person may feel his own affection or responsibility to the empress, but... not the empress. The maid won't make much sense.”

    "Is it meaningless?"

    “...Hate or resentment is also strength.”

    Carloy didn't answer. Is it good to make Lirian live his life with feelings of hatred or resentment? It wouldn't be.

    However, when he sees Lilian, who is still breathing in front of his eyes, he is clinging to him without his knowledge. He didn't mindlessly, disgustingly, one day telling Lyrian that he was disgusting.

    Carloy started crying and making a flattering laughter.

    He went crazy and spit that out. It was so ridiculous that he had spoken such words on the subject, the most disgusting human being, without even knowing the subject. All the words he spoke to Lyrian, everything he did, was not a formless past. All of it was tied and wrapped around Lyrian's neck like a rope, and the weight of his memory crushed him.


    Alexis called for Karloi, who seemed to be insolvent, but he didn't stop laughing. He laughed so he was disgusting. Even his own tears shed his own stink.

    Carloy laughs, cries, and becomes nauseous. Go, I thought before long. He says that even if he doesn't take his own life, maybe this disgusting stench will suffocate himself.


    While Karloy withered and dried up like fallen leaves stomped in the empress's bedroom, scholars and therapists analyzed much of the magic and poison.

    There wasn't much difference to the naked eye, but the emperor's therapist said that the empress's condition was slightly better than before. It wasn't a few days later that the words weren't false, and the Empress was awakened for a very short time.

    But even after she awakened to how weak her body was, it took another long time for a voice to flow out of her mouth.

    Her empress Carloy, who sat next to her like an invoice, responded like a madman to her empress's call.


    "Here it is. Just say anything. I will do everything I tell you.”

    Carloy replied, terrified, as if he would fall again anytime soon. Lilian blinked. Her eyes were blurred.

    “.....I have a request. Just listen to one.”

    Still, the voice seemed to go out, and there was no power. Carloy's eyes were sore and he bit his teeth. Still, he was grateful that he was asking for a favor.

    "I will do anything. Anything..."

    Lirian looked at Karloy for a while without an answer. Her eyes seemed to blame Carloy, who had never kept her promise.

    “I will do what you tell me to do.”

    The emperor ran to the empress like an insane man.

    "I'm a little....."

    Lirian whispered.

    “Kill it.”

    For a moment, his head rang, and Carlo looked blankly at Lyrian.

    "Please... kill me."

    Fear encroached on Karloy. He couldn't say anything and hardened in the spot. Lyrian's face was blurred as if he thought his reaction was rejection.

    “Please, please…”

    With a pleasing voice, water from his eyes flowed from his face.

    “It’s because it’s so sick. I can't do it anymore... I can do this much. please......"

    Lyrian, who was sobbing, closed his eyes as if distressed. Pain flowed constantly from his closed eyes. Those tears struck Karlroy's chest. He was sincerely asking for a request that he could hardly be given.

    If I had told him to die, he could have done it. But how.....

    To Lirian, who asked for something he couldn't do, Karloy couldn't give a positive or negative answer.


    He ended up saying things he had repeated countless times.

    "Sorry. I......"

    Lyrian shook his head hard to see Karlroy, who couldn't speak.

    “If you're sorry, listen. You can do this one, too.”

    I told Lyrian that the only thing her Carloy could do was kill her.


    Carloy cried like a child. Like a child who had erred and cried wider, he saw no way to turn back the mountain of false past.

    “I'd rather me, I'd rather me.”

    Lyrian shook his head when he saw Karloi, choked by the cry of penance, and couldn't keep up with his words.

    “It doesn’t mean I won’t be sick if you die… Please, Carl. I can do this much

    You know."

    How can I think of that? Carloi felt like an endless punishment.

    “How do I.......”

    How do you think I can kill you

    The thought did not come to the end. Because a terrible enlightenment struck him.

    He has already killed her many times, her countless times. I wish I died so, I'm directly into my mouth.

    My stomach was rumbling and a terrible weight came up. That death piled up, and now Lyrian was like this. He himself was the one who could kill her to her Lyrian.


    I closed my mouth again. There was nothing he could say. It was none other than Mary Ann who stopped the meaningless conversations filled with pain and tears.


    Mary Ann, who was listening to her empress's words blankly, came close at some point and hesitated at the feet of her bed and cried.

    “I haven't even found Denise yet. Your Majesty... No. You still have to see Denise. So just a little...”

    It was not known how far the words reached, but Lyrian stopped begging for his death. Instead, he sobbed and looked for Denis. Then, not long afterwards, it was quiet again when the energy was exhausted.

    Scared of the silence, Carloi wanted to call Lirian's name, but he couldn't come out of his mouth. Not doing this or that, the therapist carefully informed him that he had only fallen asleep to Karloi, who was only looking at Lyrian.

    But even when he heard that, Carloy didn't respond. He just sat still and watched Lyrian Bay. For a very long time.

    He has Gorten rushed to him and he is waiting. It didn't move until the time to deliver the news of Redun.

    "Your Majesty! A scorpion came from Marchia."

    Finally, I found Denis.


    Mary Ann's daughter Jane was found in her countryside in the corner of the Deloitte estate. In her first few days, she didn't know what was going on outside, and in the next few days, she had fallen down because of her runaway. She was stunned, and after her soldiers found and treated Jane, she was identified.

    She found De Nice's body, once buried by Jane, and a message arrives stating that she is coming up to the capital with the two.

    “I'm glad though. Find her body ......”

    Even at Gorten's murmurs, Karloy was quiet.

    Is it fortunate? I wasn't fortunate about anything that happened to Lyrian. What will Lirian do after checking Denise?

    Seeing Karloy as if his soul had disappeared, Chiryo-sa hesitated and opened his mouth. She wondered if what she found out would cheer up the emperor.

    “Well, Your Majesty. The poison analysis is complete."

    Carloy looked at the therapist with her dimmed eyes.

    "It's a poison that causes hallucinations and delusions, and it's a poison, but once a lethal amount is not inhaled... And now that proper treatment is possible, you don't have to worry too much. It will take a little longer."

    “Can you treat it?”

    "Yes, I don't know the cause now. But it seems to cause chest pain, but it seems that the lungs are not getting better, and if the treatment takes a long time, this part will be a little difficult."

    "When do you think the pain has been?"

    When asked an unexpected question, the therapist leaned his head for a moment.

    "Well, I think it's been a while."

    "..... you must have been so sick from a long time ago."

    Carloy muttered blankly.

    "I drank such terrible poison... and what I had to drink..."

    The therapist was confused and speechless when the news he had given for comfort caused the opposite result. Carloy, who kept muttering on his own, suddenly raised his head.

    "You know?"


    “You said you know the cause.”

    The appearance of only the eyes shining from the shaggy face looked a little bizarre.


    “Then use transition magic. What the pain is real can be translated.”

    "Yes? It's illegal and... Who are you saying to move it then?"

    As if the therapist's question didn't seem to be understood, he replied to Cahe.

    “Who are you. You said it was the poison I should have drank instead.”

    The therapist's face turned blue, understanding what Carloy's answer meant.

    "no no. what. no!"

    The therapist, shocked, spit out words randomly. The screams of Gorten from the side were added together, and the empress's bedroom was quickly filled with noise.

    “What nonsense! no! You cannot die.”

    It was crazy. Still, there was a lot of talk about using illegal treatments on the emperor and not to anyone else, even if his throat was blown away, he had nothing to say. If it were to heal the emperor's illness, it would be impossible to transfer it to the emperor.

    “You won't die with that remedy. But if I don't use it, I'll die."


    “I am going to die.”

    Unlike Carloy's face, he spoke too calmly, and it sounded as if he were talking about everyday life. Gorten suddenly ran out of the bedroom because the shock was so great. Still, Carloy didn't nod.

    “A therapist of your size doesn't know how to do it. I wouldn't do it. Anyway, I use transition magic. Isn’t it possible to move all of them?”

    "Because you still can't. No one will agree!"

    “Then I can't do anything to the Empress. If I can't take back the pain I should have suffered, I'd really better die.”

    Karloi got up quietly from his seat. A feeling of despair flowed out of his face, as if he was about to hang himself or stab him with a sword, so the Chiryo-sa took the emperor without his knowledge.


    Seeing Karlroy, who seemed to be asking why he caught it, the therapist couldn't speak. What should I say to hear this crazy man.

    It was Alexis Dunya's appearance that saved the poor therapist. Gorten, who thought he was stunned by Carloy, seemed to have gone to call for Alexis. Alexis, who came in with Gorten, was a tired face. Karloi had a terrible feeling that made him forget his sympathy as well.


    "Don't make it noisy for no reason. All you have to do is finish the treatment quietly."

    “This is not something you can do as you please. If you say your Majesty is wrong now, what about Croisen?"

    "Just because I moved it, it won't cause any major abnormalities in my body."

    Even.... I couldn't help her with the pain of loss she suffered. Only a fraction of the pain Lirian was going through was he could bring.

    Carloy turned to the therapist.

    "You tell me. Honestly. Does the use of magic make my condition worse?"

    “..... Of course, her Majesty's life is not suddenly jeopardized. If you ask that way, of course I have nothing to say. But the pain won't be small, so it will definitely affect your mind.”

    “It’s okay.”

    “Besides, there may be other unexpected pains due to the uncertainty of the transfer magic itself. Is there a crazy country in the world that takes that risk?”

    “It doesn’t matter!”

    Carloy yelled. A shout full of fury shook the bedroom. Even the servants outside the bedroom were startled and fluttered.

    “There are people who drink poison because of me and die.”

    The emotions that Karloy suddenly burst out were so intense that no one was willing to respond.

    "But don't tell me that pain is going to be a problem at all. She's dying, and I'm dying and I'm not going to die even if I move it all. What is that, what kind of dog is it? I mean!"

    But everyone knew. In fact, it is not them that the emperor is so angry with, but the emperor himself.

    "...Again, don't ever say that I'm in danger or that it's bad for me. The more I do, the more I want to stab my neck."

    Carloy squeezed his head and hesitated.

    “Fuckable… There’s only one thing I can do for you. I am now."

    The emperor continued to swear at himself. No one could easily open his mouth when he reached the limit.

    Gorten and the therapist glanced at Alexis. Looking for an answer, Alexis rubbed his eyes with a tired look.

    Before long, her gaze reached upon the empress, who was lying dead. In that image, Alexis recalled the empress, who lived as if he were dead in Purtu, and the empress Bill Dunn who, when imprisoned, asked him to go down to Delua. And he told him many times not to believe in Del Lua to Carloy.

    Even if he goes back to that time, he will not believe in the empress. I'll do the same. It was unavoidable. But that said, the reason why he couldn't help it, the reason he didn't know, is what he did to that woman is nothing.

    “......Do whatever you want.”

    A long time later, the words he gave to Karloy were the answer to his questions. At that time, if he couldn't help it, he was just doing what he cant do now.

    “It is better not to inform the outside world. It will only be noisy."

    At Alexis' words, the therapist frowned and shook his head only. It was a gesture of resignation to this crazy situation.

    Carloi nodded his head without looking at Alexis.

    “And.... Stop calling me now. I'm busy. Gorten, you just do what your majesty asks.”

    “No, but…”

    Without hearing Gorten's hesitant answer, Alexis left the bedroom. The irrational emperor, the therapist who was left behind, and the chief of staff exchanged eyes without knowing what to do.

    “What are you doing? Do it right now."

    When the emperor, who only swept my face, finally opened his eyes and asked, there was no option left to obey them.


    After the transfer treatment was over, Carloy could feel that Lyrian's breathing was much easier.

    ".....How did you endure this?"

    Karloi, who was holding Lilian's hand, muttered. He said his chest pain was secondary, but it was more frequent and intense than expected. Sometimes he had to hold his breath for a while because of his pain. As for this, it was just terrible to think he was going through that long time.

    After feeling such a terrible feeling, I remembered Lirian's deception, who had been trapped in the tower without fail.

    Even herself, who was cruelly ignoring it, came to think of it, and it seems that someday Lirian's face was getting worse and worse.

    "I should have noticed it earlier..."

    The therapist said that soon the empress would wake up. I'm going to wake up soon thanks to the magic.

    And Carloy was scared. Because after Lyrian wakes up he has no expectation of what to do. No, in fact, because the prediction has gone.

    Soon after, Denis and Jane will arrive in Four Two. If he found out that Denise was dead, he was afraid that he would try to harm himself if he confirmed it. But will you be entitled to stop it?

    “I don’t know what to do.”

    There was no answer. There was no way to make mistakes unless you turn back the time.

    “I hope you... don't bother anymore, I know. I don't deserve to say this. I know....."

    Karloy, who mumbled alone, eventually buried his face.


    I'm used to not hearing the answer. Every day, he recited the same words of atonement as if breathing. So he was amazed when he felt the slightest movement in his hand.


    Obviously the hand moved. Hearing the urgent cry of Carloy, the therapist and attendants ran. Lyrian's eyes opened while the therapist was examining the condition.


    When the therapist called in amazement, the empress frowned weakly. Upon the therapist's instructions, the servant brought water and medicine. When the empress's body was slightly raised and the medicine was poured in, a weak cough came out.

    The whole process of Lirian's wake up was watched with an impatient face. He didn't know what to do, and just standing, he looked more like a poor fool than an emperor.

    “How are you? Are you okay? The pain in the body has disappeared a little, so you will feel a little lighter.....”

    The empress only nodded very weakly. It seemed that he wasn't happy that his body had improved. The therapist checked the condition once more and withdrew, and now only the emperor and the empress remain.

    Carlos couldn't open his mouth. When Li Lian woke up, he couldn't rejoice blindly. It just felt like his breath was stuffed with his chin.

    Lirian's eyes, who were closing his eyes for a moment, looked at Carloy before long. The moment he looked into the eyes, Carloi sat down without knowing, kneeling at the foot of his bed.

    He once thought that face was cold. It was all mistaken. Compared to now, that face was full of emotions. There was no sensation on the little face looking at Karl Roy. His eyes were empty enough to doubt whether he was really seeing something.

    “I’m sorry… I, I’m all…”

    Tears, not even shy, filled the words. The emperor, hanging at the feet of the empress, made atonement that seemed untouchable at all.

    “I should have recognized it. No, I should have believed what you said.”

    Lirian still had no answer or fine action.

    "What do I do... If you want to kill me."


    A quiet voice interrupted him. I couldn't miss it even though it was a voice without power.

    “Why do you keep saying that?”

    It was a speech without an accent.

    “There’s something good for me because you’re dead.”

    Lyrian, muttering exhausted, turned his head and stared blankly at the other side of him.

    “What else are you willing to do while saving me?”

    It was a speech without a single sign of resentment, but rather, it made Karloi even more painful.

    “I can't give you back time, but you can't...”

    His voice, which had no emotions all the time, shook as he referred Denis. Lyrian turned his head back and looked at Karloy.

    “My mom really is.”

    For the first time, I could see emotions in my eyes.

    "Really... is she dead?"

    Unable to answer that eagerness, Karloy felt himself like garbage. He himself is not really worth living. He may not have been worth the price to save Lou in the first place.

    "......Sorry. Now with Jane.. I'm coming to the capital.”

    Lyrian closed his eyes as if tormented.

    “I should have known, but when I riskly choose you, it will be like this.”

    Seeing tears dripping from his closed eyes, Carloi thought he would rather have his chest stabbed. The pain he carried to him was no less painful than this.

    “I don't even need to blame you. I do it. I made her mother that way."

    He cried out as his body, which had become so small that he was saddened by the illness, shook patheticly. He wanted to hug his tough-looking body, but Carloi couldn't even touch Lyrian. His trembling hands hovered near the crying woman.

    "no. It's not your fault. This is all mine.......”

    I'm stupid. Is it because I'm bastard. Only stupid confidence would find out because you were a jerk cubs.

    The cry a little louder with the call to her mother. As he heard that cry, Kahe had the same idea as Roy.

    Please I wish I could turn the time back. Go, I wish I could go back to that day when I was young, and then Lou would pluck my food before saving her, and she would do that so that Lou could never meet humans like her.>

    He couldn't do that, so Karloy repeated the same words. It's not your fault, it's because of me.

    But, as Lyrian said, now nothing of the word was of use.


    Her therapist said that her empress was conscious of her, or nothing else, but her diagnosis was overwhelming, and she could not find any traces of her mind. There couldn't be any kind of mind that would work properly for someone who seemed to be resting reluctantly even her breath.

    Even after her empress wakes up, the emperor, who was indispensable to her, raised her body to her empress's short word.


    Judging by the weary voice, it seemed boring to hear the bruising nagging around Karlroy telling him to return to his daily routine.

    “......I'll be back soon.”

    Even after seeing the emperor hesitating and talking, the empress did not respond much. In the first place, the empress was not very interested in the existence of her emperor. All she did was stare at her window blankly all day long.

    Sometimes, following the end of the gaze, Carloi became scared. There's nothing outside the window, why? She fell from the tower's window and died.

    Recalled Denise. Lilian was also worried that she would keep thinking about it.

    Carloy stood up to go and looked at the empress for a long time, unable to easily leave.

    It's been that way all the time. All of his nerves were in the sound of the Empress's breath, and he noticed even the slightest gesture. Not being able to speak to her or to reach out to her, he only hovered around her next to him.

    Lirian's head did not move once until he came out.

    “Good. At this time, do some tidy up your body and "

    Gorten muttered, sweeping up and down the terrible sulgols of Karlois.

    “Dunya Gong said that his Majesty has a lot of things to see in person, and once you shine on your face, you stop making bullshit.”

    Leroy thought the same thing.

    Please I wish I could turn the time back. Go, it would be nice if I could go back to that day when I was young, and then I would take my powers before Lou saves herself, so that she can never meet humans like herself..

    He couldn't do that, so Karloy repeated the same words. It's not your fault, it's because of me.

    But, as Lyrian said, now nothing of the word was of use.


    Her therapist said that her empress was conscious of her, or nothing else, but her diagnosis was overwhelming, and she could not find any traces of her mind. There couldn't be any kind of mind that would work properly for a person who seemed to be resting reluctantly for her breath.

    Even after her empress wakes up, the emperor, who inevitably kept her place, woke up at the empress's short word.


    Judging by the weary voice, it seemed boring to hear the bruising nagging around Karlroy telling him to return to his daily routine.

    “.. I'll be back soon.”

    Even after seeing the emperor hesitating and talking, the empress did not respond much. In the first place, the empress was not very interested in the existence of her emperor. All she did was stare at her window blankly all day long.

    Sometimes, following the end of the gaze, Carloi became scared. There's nothing outside the window, why? She fell from the tower's window and died.

    Recalled Denise. Lilian was also worried that she would keep thinking about it.

    Carloy stood up to go and looked at the empress for a long time, unable to easily leave. I saw.

    It's been that way all the time. All of his nerves were in the sound of the Empress's breath, and he noticed even the slightest gesture. Not being able to speak to her, nor to reach her hand, he only hovered around like that by the side.

    Lirian's head did not move once until he came out.

    "It's great. Do some tidy up your body at this time."

    Gorten muttered, sweeping up and down the terrible sulgols of Karlois.

    “Your Majesty Dunya Gong says there are a lot of things you need to see in person, and you have to shine your face to stop making bullshit.”

    At Gorten's quietly speaking, Karl Roy crumpled his face. The sorrow I saw in the bedroom was everywhere.

    "You're still spinning?"

    Gorten shrugs his shoulders.

    From the time the empress wakes up, she naturally talks to her emperor, and rumors such as the emperor calling the empress by another name were already spreading little by little in the palace. Few people knew all the stories, so the emperor and the empress knew more than the details, and it seemed to be spreading to a degree.

    “There's no reason not to? Besides, you seem to be wondering what your Majesty and Empress were between, the nobles. If there has been anything since the past, it would be like your Majesty's notice to chase the empress to sleep.”

    Carloy exhaled full of irritation. But irritation was annoying, and I had to do something to do.

    He wanted to check the brooch in question. Originally, he should have been right after he returned to the capital, but when Lirian was down, he couldn't afford to worry about it. In fact, even now, the heart was with Lirian. He was very anxious to leave him alone.

    “Tell Dunya that I need to look into Croitan's eyes now. To my office."

    The loyal chief of staff practiced the order. Shortly after calling, Alexis Dunya came to Karloi's office with an elderly magician who seemed to be aged.

    "What are you doing? I thought you'd live there forever."

    The peacock's first word did not seem to be sarcastic, unlike the content of the words. Because I was really surprised.

    “Because I have to check.”

    As Karloy shook his head towards the brooch, the scholar came up with the brooch.

    “If the magic had been the same, it would contain everything from the period that fell, but now that's not the case, I don't know how much it will be recorded. There is probably a part in the middle that is cut off.”

    The scholar who confirmed the emperor's face that it didn't matter, fell into the water of a glass bowl with a brooch. When Carloy held out his arm, the scholar cut his finger slightly, took the blood, and sprinkled it on the water.

    As the red color mixed in, the shape began to be drawn in the flowing blue. As the figure settled on the water enough to be recognizable, Carloi became dark in front of her eyes.

    It was the Duke of Lirian and Delua. Whether the water has been shown since recently, Lirian yelling at the Duke of Delua came out from the top floor of the Delua Tower.


    Carloy closed her eyes for a moment without knowing it. Lirian's pain reached him beyond time and space. As I watched that desperate cry and expression, I felt the pain in his chest, which I thought was now used to it.

    What happened with the wizard of Verni, and what happened with the wizard of Verni, and what happened in the manor, did not even come to my eyes.

    The appearance of Lilian's despair and begging as if to the Duke did not leave his mind. Even though I felt irrational anger at the peacock, who had died so easily, the guilty feeling that he had even made such a situation crushed the anger.


    When Carloy groaned with difficulty breathing, Alexis checked his condition.

    “…Shall we continue?”

    Karloy barely nodded.

    From some point in the past, the place illuminated by the brooch changed from the Delua Tower to the Duke's Room.

    A peacock who makes all sorts of noises at Lirian, a peacock throwing things ...... A peacock who threatens with his mother, and even Carloy's cold treatment blames Lirian.

    I felt a fishy taste. He had bitten his lips so much that he was bleeding.

    "Stop....... Absolutely, more."

    It was only after the scene of the Duke playing a hand at Lirian as if he was surrendering. I couldn't see any more.

    Carloy's breath, who couldn't finish talking, grew harsh. The scholar, who looked at it anxiously for a moment, shook his head.

    “Once it starts, it's difficult to stop.”

    Lyrian's cries softly roamed the room. Carloy opened his closed eyes. He didn't even deserve to avoid.

    The water ran into the past without rest, showing young Li Lian being trapped in the tower.


    Carloy didn't understand why Alexis called him that way. It wasn't until Alexis lifted his hand that he realized that his fist had been clenched so tightly that his fingernails had squeezed through.

    He knew it was longer than that that his cracked lips were bleeding.

    As the water showed Lirian, who was smiling wide before finally meeting the Duke, Carloi began to cry, breathing hard. Alexis quietly let the scholar out. He wasn't necessarily seen by many people.


    The emperor didn't make a sound and just cried.

    "Are you okay."

    “I screwed it up.”

    It was too harsh for a human voice.

    "I just screwed up her life."


    "You've seen all the balls. How can a person break. Because of me."

    Alexis simply thought fate was terrible. Would you have known that things would be like this when the two children met that day? The empress, she wondered if anyone could have known that she was the child the emperor was looking for so much.

    After all, who would have known that she was Del Lua's illegitimate child. And, by the way, who could have predicted that Delua would find it? She doesn't even believe in herself yet, but the person concerned is going to be ugly.

    In the first place, to find the source of the error, it was Deluah. Alexis regretted that he did not kill Del Lua quickly. Leaving that life for a long time so that only those victims increased.

    “I don't know what happened between you two in Purtu, but it's not your Majesty's fault when you were a child. I was just not lucky.”

    "As a result, the ditch was laced me motherfucker for me."

    "It's not your Majesty's fault."

    As he said that, Alexis finally realized with his heart. Adelaide's death was, of course, not Karloy's fault.

    "Wouldn't it be useless to regret anything that wasn't your Majesty's fault?... Even in Purtu, for not believing in the Empress, I should ask for forgiveness, but it's also my fault. ”

    “I am not an adult representing a child, and don’t do that. He'll only suffer more from that person. It's me that I couldn't believe anyway.

    When Alexis didn't answer, an enemy loomed in his office.

    What bothered Carloy the most was that the brooch didn't show all of the past. Even though I showed some parts, there were too many misfortunes in Lilian. It is enough to eat the part and become the whole.

    "It's my fault. I hate that Delua's daughter who comes into my mind all day long... I shouldn't have made any promises I couldn't keep, but I shouldn't have said I would believe because I wouldn't believe it."

    Even the voice of Carloy got quieter. The emperor and the duke were immersed in their own regrets.

    Breaking the silence was a reminder from beginning to end. Denise arrived in the capital.


    When Karlois arrived at the annex with Alexis, the news was quickly heard, and Lyrian was already there. Even from a distance, she could see a woman lying face down on the platform and crying. The maids around her did not know what to do and watched Lilian anxiously beside her.

    Each step as she approached Lirian was heavy, as if it was watery. Seeing her after seeing all of her past with her brooch was close to her torture.

    "Mom, she didn't believe in the truth. She thought it would be better if she couldn't find her. Like this... I hoped she wouldn't see it. Then she didn't need to believe it. She just ran away where she was. To think that you are living by hitting it."

    Carloy's heart crumbled as she heard the sorrowful throat flowing through her cries. Even if she collapsed and collapsed, there was something else left to do. It was weird.

    “Because I don’t have to think that I made it this way.”

    De Nice's condition wasn't good at all, but she was still enough to find out who the wizards had taken minimal measures as a temporary measure.

    Lyrian touched the face of De Nis, who had no trace of her life, and she whispered constantly.

    "Okay, I was bad. I was so lonely and cold that I thought that. I guess that's why Momma went so fast."

    Lirian, who spoke to her unanswered body, eventually hugged her body and began to cry out loud in her voice.

    "Mom... Mom. I'm sorry. I wouldn't do that."

    The growing cry sounded like a scream.

    “Don’t do that. I shouldn't have chosen that kind of thing, I. What can a kid like me do? And....."

    The man who was the choice was just standing behind him. He couldn't get very close, but he couldn't get far.

    As Lirian was exhausted, she felt like she was going to fall down, and then Karloy came closer. A small body that couldn't grasp one of his center fell into his arms. The man who didn't know what to do only whispered that he was sorry.

    “It's my fault. It's not your fault.”

    His face was full of resentment as he looked up at Karlroy, who barely speaks in a locked voice.

    “I hate you. you......"

    Lyrian, who couldn't finish speaking, burst into tears and punched Carloy's chest. It was too weak to be hit, so Carlo couldn't do it again.

    “Why did you make a promise that you wouldn't even keep.”


    Lyrian, exhausted from hitting Karloy, breathed a little and buried his face in his chest.

    "No, I was stupid. I believed in you..."

    Lyrian lost consciousness while whispering the words in a voice that couldn't be heard. Karloi, who became Lilian's most regrettable choice, sat still, holding Lilian in his arms.

    If there is something that a person cannot repay by death, how should he repay it? As Lirian's body was light, his mistakes and regrets were heavy.


    The words I'm sorry couldn't continue. He hugged Lyrian's shoulder with his trembling hands.


    Jane handed out her letter to the empress who got up after a full day.

    "Because you kept learning to write. You practiced it all day long."

    She couldn't speak to Jane and let her tears fall. She didn't like Jane's face either. I couldn't know where Jimmy, her brother, the Duke of Del Lua was carrying, so I couldn't tell her whereabouts, but neither Mary Anne nor my India expressed that kind of expression at all.

    “How did mom know.”

    Lirian, who had even dried up her lips, asked.

    “While walking....... I heard the story of the Wizard Verni and the Duke... I'm sorry, I had to be careful.”

    Lirian bit her lips, as she couldn't even tell her it wasn't your fault.

    The Duke would not have expected that Denise would jump off the tower. De Nice showed only beautiful things, so the surveillance wasn't too much. Denise could look out the window if he wanted, or he could go out of the tower, but his body just couldn't afford it.

    “But it was weird. The wizard knew that Denis was listening, and it seemed that he had deliberately brought it up... but I don't know why."

    Now it was all useless. It was a little obvious. In the first place, the intention of the work was different from that of Fjord. The Duke has become obsessed with gaining profit by using himself as a hand with Denise. Or maybe Denise misunderstood that anything would affect the Duke.

    Anything had nothing to do with it anymore. It wasn't even known. But why did my mother have to die so immediately? I'm still alive.

    Why so right, without even thinking of listening to my story.

    Lirian's hand grabbed the letter and trembled. Seeing it, Jane carefully spoke to her.

    "Your Majesty ....... Denise wasn't that happy. Of course, your Majesty would have been, too, but he wasn't strongly hoping to live."

    Lyrian's eyes with tears flickered.

    “It was only a very short time that my body got better... and the reason I held up with a body that didn't move as I wanted was because I had your Majesty. Because Your Majesty wants it.......”

    “If you're trying to make my mind easier, you don't have to.”

    Jane shook her head.

    "No. How can these words ease my mind? However, because I have seen the pain by my side for a long time.”

    Pain, yes, Denis would have been as painful as Lirian. Lilian didn't even know.

    How does it feel to be so bad that people cannot move? Lyrian was bound by his mind, while Denis was bound by his body.

    "It's just..... It's De Nis, who was alive because your Majesty really wanted it. He must have been a lot of shock that he was the reason to intimidate you."

    So how the hell would he have been good for him and his mother? Lirian couldn't know.

    “It's not your Majesty's fault. It's just the situation, it couldn't be helped."

    Jane left the bedroom, holding Lirian's hand firmly for the last time. Li Lian, who was left alone, had been holding his stationery for a long time. I can't even open it up.

    When he barely made up his mind and opened the letter carefully, he saw neat handwriting. Last time I saw it, I was crooked...

    His tears flowed helplessly, so he wrote a letter. He was worried that the text would be smeared with tears and the contents of the letter could not be seen, so he roughly wiped his eyes.

    <You know. When I named your name, what did everyone else say? It doesn't suit you very much. But I wanted to give you that name. A name that wouldn't suit a child born to Denise.>

    It was right there without the formal'to' phrase. Even though he wiped his eyes, the tears continued. Even poor spelling mistakes were sad.

    <It rained when you were born. Honestly, it was hard....... Do you know how much you hurt me? Of course I don't know! It was raining and it seemed to me that my body was sore. I regretted it for a while.

    But later, I hugged you and listened to the sound of the rain, and I liked it. I've never liked Croisen's rain, but it was weird.

    At that time, I first knew if the sound of the rain was good. The rainy scenery is pretty beautiful. You cried so loudly, but......>

    It was a story that everyone knows. Whenever it was raining, Denis had said this while holding Lyrian. It seemed that I could hear the voice right now.

    <You think the same thing again, right? However, some stories are good to say a few times. How much I felt happy when you were born, how much I love you, something like this.

    My love, my life, Lou.

    You made me love rain No, I made it so that I could love my life after that day. How big a thing you've done... You should know.

    But actually, I regretted it a little later. I named your name that way. You couldn't give it that kind of life just because you made it that way. If it doesn't help, you shouldn't be burdened, but it hurts...

    Why did I have to get sick Without a reason, I can't be lucked out. I thought this way. I don't think so now.

    Like this unhappiness in the world's coincidence, there is also luck. Because you have a lucky coincidence that you were born as my daughter.

    Anyway, you made me happy back then, would I have made you that way? I had such doubts.>

    The front of my eyes turned cloudy again, so I had to wipe my eyes. I'm not an idiot and how can I doubt that?......

    <I met the Duke and finally thought I could give you that kind of life... But that wasn't it, all those last 10 years... How stupid mother I am.

    How ill you must have been. I didn't want to let you know only pain and misery.

    Maybe you blame mom, my choice. But I keep thinking about it strangely. In other words, I had to do this a long time ago.

    And actually it hurts a lot and it's hard. There are times when my mom wants to take a break too. You know. Why, even when I was sewing, I had to rest for a very long time at least once.

    But this time, I haven't been resting for too long, so it seems a little difficult. Mom is just going to rest. Really.>

    I cried so much that I ran out of breath. Lirian struggled to save her stationery.

    <And I wish you were too. I want you to know that there is something other than pain and unhappiness. There's nothing more to hold you down.

    Go to Machdo, go to Lexem Sorta, meet a lot of people, and there's something you can't do. I really... wish you were.

    There will be many warm places besides my arms. I wish I wasn't your prison... please. I really can't stand it......>

    How could he think he was Lirian's prison? I was angry.

    <Ah, my love, my sweetheart. I loved you so much that I was greedy. With that greed, no, with that love, I've been living and able to see you.

    Never forget that I love you forever I must... live while doing what I want to do.

    I'm sorry to ask you until the end. But please listen. No matter how much I miss you, you have to come to see me after a very long time.

    Don't forget it. How happy you made me, how much I love you. I am not at all unhappy.

    I love you, I love you, I love you again. I'm glad I could write these words myself.

    Lirian cried after reading the word'I love you', which was used a lot. I hit her chest. She screamed.

    She didn't make sense. If I had loved myself so much, I wouldn't have left so easily. She couldn't believe she used it so long for her nonsense. No matter how much she screamed, her heart hurt and her despair did not fade. I wanted someone to kill me.

    At the sound of Lyrian's cries, Karloy entered the bedroom with an urgent face. Her three breasts were wet as she embraced Lirian, who was crying without being able to lie down. Her pain was felt with her skin touched, her whole body, and he bitten it.

    “I did something wrong. Why do I have to go through this.”

    Her swaying body subsided, and her crying throat muttered. At that, Carloi shook her head vigorously.

    “It's not your fault. Everything I am... I am not good at everything.”

    Lirian, who had no answer even after hearing that, raised his head from his arms and pushed it slightly after a while.

    "Yeah. I wasn't meeting you in the first place."

    Lirian muttered with an unfamiliar look. Looking at him, he didn't seem to be looking.

    “Whatever you do, you shouldn't have cared about it.”

    “… ..sack"

    Lilian's expression turned fiercely at the name he barely brought up.


    Now he didn't even call his name. One short word contained countless emotions, and Carloy easily recognized that most of them were hatred for him, and, after countless times, they were different names of hate.

    “Don’t call me by that name.”

    It was contained in every single word. It was painful that he couldn't even resent him, and that the crying period was half mixed. I wanted to hold a knife in her hand. Stick whatever you want.

    “Now come and don’t sing it like that. Don't put the name my mom called me in your mouth.”

    Carloy couldn't answer anything. It was terrible that those words were the worst words she could say. That she couldn't even swear because she couldn't. That she can't even die.

    Soon Lirian turned his head. She comes to him.

    “.....Please go out.”

    A dry request fell.

    “It’s a pain to see your face.”

    Hearing that, Carloy couldn't be left in the bedroom. Because he has already caused so much pain to Lirian.

    As soon as I left the bedroom, I heard Lyrian's cries faintly again. Carloi hesitated and covered his face, as if falling at the door. Without falling a little in front of the door, he heard all of it. A weak cry that doesn't stop.

    He lived by forcing his life, which no one wanted, and he became Lirian's pain. He lived in debt to her, so it was only that he became. It was something like that. The woman's pain.

    <What did I do wrong.>

    He listened to Lyrian's cry and thought about it again. His presence in her became her fault. If it had been a useless life, it would have been better.

    Carloy laughed without fail.


    “I don't want to return to government anymore. Take medicine properly."

    Even after seeing the face of Alexis Dunya, who had become half-hearted, Carloy felt no guilt even though it was dawn that Alexis had barely had a break. I know he's doing what he has to do, but I see, but this offended, I had no idea.

    “......What do you do by taking medicine or not returning to government affairs?”

    It was pure curiosity, but Alexis distorted his face as if he had heard the stupidest question in the world.

    “Gorten, you didn't say it was so serious.”

    Alexis' bruise gave Gorten a somewhat dissatisfied face. Before Gorten could even clarify anything, Carloy spoke indifferently.

    “I'm not crazy, so don't look like that.”

    "You have to take medicine. The therapist said that because of the metastatic treatment, there are severe pains and side effects. If you leave it alone, you don't know what will happen later."

    “I’m eating.”

    "Do you even lie, now? Besides, if you vomit all you have eaten, is that what you eat?"

    “Is the ball nagging you more because you’re old? You've been so worried about me since when."

    “I am not worried even now. You're saying what you deserve.”

    I was wondering if I was listening. As she stared at the soulless emperor's face, Alexis sighed annoyingly.

    I don't know why he can't go into the empress's bedroom and camp out outside, no, actually, I can't guess. Even so, he didn't even know in a dream that he would turn his attention to everything other than the empress. Pathetic guy.

    When I think about it now, the previous thing was amazing. Going crazy at night and pretending to be fine during the day.

    ".....no. Really, do you intend to abandon the Hwang-wi?”

    Carloy just glanced at Alexis and looked back, which made it even more upset. Even from a momentary glance,'If I can, why can't I do it?','Did you still not know that? This was because the above thoughts were read.

    Crazy guy. What do you believe in a human being who doesn't know how to do anything except the emperor? He wasn't particularly well-grown, and he thought of that kind of ease.

    Of course, I'm a Croitan, and I can play with plants, but I can handle swords just because I went out a few wars when I was at Mach, but I'm not better than the emperor anyway. Alexis kicked his tongue.

    “I don’t even greet you anyway. Why are you doing this here?”

    Carlo bite his mouth. He had never answered a question he didn't want to answer anyway before, and he didn't even have time to take medicine because he didn't know what would happen to Lyrian.

    It was a pretense that I couldn't be far away just because I was told to turn it off without being visible. Especially, knowing that Lilian sometimes cries every other day in the middle of the night.

    When Mary Ann couldn't handle it, and I called Karloy, she saw a woman crying and tormenting me, as if breaking my body. She told me to go off, but when Lyrian looked at Karlroy, she hung in her arms and cried. That's because it's Carlo. Gibo Dan .... She looked like it because she needed someone to hang on to and someone to blame.

    She was terribly poor. The fact that Lirian was going to hang on her left only a human like him.

    So he hovered here day and night. I'd rather hope Lirian hit me, and she wants to swear at herself.

    I heard Mary Ann scream her inside her bedroom, terrifying to think of her. What was scarier than that was the speed of Carloy's reaction.

    As she entered the bedroom, she saw a broken back on the floor. And the open side door inside the saliva. Mary Anne, who couldn't chase after the Empress, stood in vain with medicines and bandages.

    She said, "While he was sleeping, he suddenly got up and broke his back and went out, but he didn't know he broke it.

    As soon as he saw the situation, Carloy, who grasped the situation, snatched up what Maryanne was holding, stepped on the glass roughly, and ran out to the garden through the open door. Shortly thereafter, I saw a barefoot woman wandering the garden in a white pajamas.

    “It’s cold, but why did you come out.”

    Lyrian, who was walking without hesitation, stood in front of me and stared up at Karlroy, who was blocking her with her body.

    “Because her mother called.”

    Carloy, who had lost her words, was only sweet in her lips.

    “But I don’t know why I can’t see it. I love flowers, so I'm sure I'll be here.

    Lyrian, whose view was blocked by Karlroy's upper body, stretched his head and pushed him slightly.


    Yvonne would now be her nightmare name for her, and her Lou is her unauthorized name, so there was only one option left for him.

    “What if my mom ran away because of you.”

    As I stared at him, I couldn't figure out what to answer. I couldn't see that flawless face, so I looked down and saw a bloody tooth.

    "First, let's go in and start treatment. My hands are bleeding..."

    "I? It's you, that's...”

    Suddenly, he looked down and found his feet bleeding. It looked like he stepped on the glass.

    "You said you shouldn't leave the injured as it is, why do you always leave it as it is?"

    He was so thirsty that he couldn't answer, and Karl Roy sat Lyrian on the fountain. The powerless body was pulled so easily, sadly, as easily as he led.

    "Oh, well. My mom will be uselessly worried if it bleeds. My mom spends a week worrying about me."

    Barely swallowing his pain, Karloy knelt on the tip of his toe and examined his hand. I saw the glass stuck in it.

    "But why drop your hands like this."

    Lirian asked indifferently. That indifferent idiot, too, felt undeserved by him, and his neck burned. He felt like he had received something he shouldn't have received.

    Even if she didn't want to shake her hand, just touching her couldn't be her subject, so he paused her hand movements for a while. The sound of the water dropping from the fountain was distantly heard.


    When the glass was removed, a weak groan was heard. Reflexively, Karloy raised his head to look at Lyrian's face. When the green eyes that did not resent him touched him, he stopped.

    Lyrian's expression, who looked at Karlroy's face for a long time as if seeing a strange thing, began to change slowly. At first, doubt, then enlightenment, and finally, suffering. All of those changes struck Karlroy's heart.

    “Let this go.”

    A cold voice was heard.

    “Let me cure this. please......"

    “Did you listen to me when I beg like a dog for please?”

    Carloy pauses his hand while moving for a moment. He was a tortured thing to hear that the analogy was not anybody in the whole world as his bastard Lyrian me this himself.

    “If I get hurt a little, there’s nothing different about it now.”

    Lyrian did not remove his hand. He seemed to have no energy to do so.

    “I just told you. Saying that your mother isn't dying already, don't do anything stupid."

    Only Lirian's voice was heard in a horrifyingly quiet garden without anybody.

    “I didn’t see all the funny things, I just said that you’re a crazy bitch.”

    “It wasn't funny. How do I."

    "Hey, if you look at me like this and even make fun of it, you're too trash."

    Lyrian's speech contained no emotions, so he didn't sound like resentment. Already thinking it was too trash, Carloi slowly began to bandage Lyrian's hand with a trembling hand.

    "I don't even like gardens."

    Lirian, staring at the garden blankly, muttered like a word to herself.

    “It was about halfway out to come. I wonder when you're going to keep your promises, no, I just want to think you've kept them. It's stupid when you think about it now. At that time, I wasn't expecting one more thing to lean on here, and in fact, it would be preserved.”

    What promise was he bit the lips of Carloy, who knows better than anyone else.

    “What am I a crazy bitch? I hate going to the garden so much. Without pride.”



    I was really tired of it.

    “I, what am I?”

    Lillian relentlessly cut Karlroy, who followed the stuttering horse.

    “What can I do?”

    As if he was really worried, Lyrian had no answer.

    “What can you do for me… you really don’t know?”

    He looked up at Hirian, who had gathered the courage without Karloi. An expression that was more envious than I thought was looking down at him.

    "Either you die or are invisible to my eyes."

    That was what he said one day. Lyrian's face, looking down at Karloy, quickly became expressionless.

    “How would you like to remember all these words. You must be a terrible woman.”

    "No. Absolutely."

    “By the way, Carl.”

    The name I heard after a long time was worse than not being called.

    “I don't remember... Really, it's not like that. If you forget it, it will only repeat itself. In my dreams, in my head.....”

    Carloy's face was filled with despair without a gap.

    “So I'm annoyed with your face. If you say I want you to die, your face is really dying right now.”

    “Yes, you will die anytime I wish. I would die so easily. I would take that easy way. It's too difficult for me... It's easy to throw my life away and you're even so easy.”

    Tears eventually fell from Lyrian's eyes, who was talking violently.

    "So don't die. You're comfortable."

    It wasn't like that. Karloi just thought that what he saw would bother Lirian too much.

    He thought. She's not dying easily, what's the hard way to die, and Lilian doesn't even need to see my insignificant killing her life... in a place she can't see.

    As if he had read the thought, Lyrian quietly put his hand on his cheek. It wasn't until he saw her hands getting wet that Carloi realized that he was draining again disgustingly.

    “If I don’t like suffering, Carl...”

    It was a soft tone as if I was really asking for a favor.

    “You can kill me. You know."

    Carloy's heart fell heavily.

    “I sincerely… thank you. I'm not saying I'm trying to harass you. Really.... I'm not saying this just because I hate you. There's no one who can do my favor anymore, but you're not.”

    It was desperate that the only time Lyrian didn't hate him was when he asked him to kill himself. It felt so well that it was true that Carloi eventually buried his face on his Lilian knee and begged. I'm sorry, I can't do that much.

    Listening to all those words, Lirian used his hair slightly as a habit. As if it doesn't mean anything.

    Karloi was so terrified of Lyrian's attitude that changed from time to time to him because he was cold and friendly. I thought she was going so badly.

    "okay. I think it would be absurd. You can die on your own, but you want to borrow your hand to die.”

    I was so scared that there was nothing I could answer for my weak voice.

    “I didn't listen to my mother so well... and she wasn't such a nice daughter. Weird. I haven't heard her mother again and again. But again. By the way."

    Lyrian's voice gradually subsided.

    “But it’s too difficult to ignore my mother’s last request with my own hands… Yes. It's so hard to live and I want you to help you cowardly... I'm not trying to harass you.”

    The words of cowardice and harassment weren't appropriate for Lillian.

    Why does she make this woman even say that? No matter how much I felt her self-doubt, I didn't get used to it.

    “No, I don't know. Sometimes I hate and hate you so much that I want to harass you. I want to kill the person who chose you, so I want to hurt you that much... Even that thought is so painful.”

    Like a complaining, her words ceased. As she went and lifted her dog, she saw a face that seemed to be completely exhausted. Lyrian didn't show any rejection to Karlroy's hug to see if he was really powerless. She just covered his neck and muttered.

    “You must be hard right now. But my job, maybe the day after tomorrow."

    It was scary to hear what was behind her.

    “Maybe you can kill me.”

    Then Lirian's face touched his neck. It fell as if she had finished all her words.

    I couldn't understand. Everyone says that Lilian is getting better, she tells her to take medicine, but she doesn't look that way at all. No matter how much I look at, it seems like Lilian is all about going crazy and getting sick more and more.

    Alexis, who saw the expression of Carloy coming in with the empress, seemed to say something right away, but in the end, she didn't say anything. It was a face that seemed to be useless no matter what I said.

    As Alexis disappeared with a cluttered look, Karloy carefully laid Lyrian on the bed. On the bed, there was Denise's letter that he must have read worn out. He couldn't even touch it.

    Looking at his bloodless face, he made this swearword in the last minute. To yourself.

    Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow will be possible? Killing Lyrian? It was something I could never do.

    He didn't even move until the sky outside the window turned bluish, looking only at Lyrian. No matter how much I looked at, I was nervous and scared of even blinking my eyes in fear of disappearing when I closed my eyes.

    Everything Lyrian said in the garden bothered him. I wasn't trying to do it because taking my life was the easiest option. It was because there really seemed to be nothing he could do for Li Lian.


    A light groan was heard, then Lirian's eyes lightly opened. It always has. Although she fell asleep as if she fell asleep, she couldn't sleep for a long time. It was painful when I remembered that in her dreams, all the time Carloy had said that the things he had done were repeated.

    Having seen what was awakened, he thought that he should be turned off in front of Lyrian's eyes, so he woke up carefully.


    Even then, my footsteps stopped at a small voice calling for myself. She apparently seemed to be calling herself, but Lirian's head was facing out the window.

    Again. Looking at nothing like that. Even looking out the window, I couldn't figure out now whether I should be fortunate enough to not throw my body over there, or whether I should consider it unfortunate.

    "I think I have to let her mother go."

    After a while, the voice was surprisingly calm. Denis was still in it, which had been raised to the capital.

    “I feel sorry to keep it in a place like this… I am sorry. Like that…”

    I'm sure you're talking to Denise, but Carloy felt heartbroken for nothing. She thought that she was holding Li Lian here.

    "Okay. I'll prepare."

    When Karloi gave the answer, Lirian said no more. As if he had done everything he had to say.

    <It's a pain to see your face.>

    Remembering the strenuous words, Carloy took a step. Lyrian's head, which seemed to look out of the window forever, returned to its place only after Karloi left. No, a little more than in place. The gaze paused at the door where Karloy had left.

    Lilian himself didn't know what he wanted to do. As a result of his backlash against De Nis, who left first, there were times when he wanted to throw himself or hang himself, and there were times when he thought about De Nis and wanted to endure it.

    There are times when he wants to kill Carloy, and there are times when he wants to be by the fact that he is left alone.

    When I see him, my anger suddenly rises and I want to say the most violent words I can say, but when a beggar-like reason comes up for a while, yeah, it wasn't really my fault. I wondered if it could have been from Karlroy's point of view. The bad guy is the peacock, and he sometimes thought so.

    His head was dizzy and ache because of the changing thoughts he couldn't get away with.

    But in the end. So what? It's not just Carl's fault or anything. What did I do wrong to die? I even committed a great crime in which Denise had to be lost. What do I do, I know.

    It has now been concluded that it has nothing to do with it. I was tired. He didn't want to think about anything. De Nisado comes out in a dream, but he didn't have long.

    No, this is good, even if one luck but instead the Duke de Nice, came that son of a bitch. In such a dream, Lirian utterly swung something to kill the peacock. Whether it's a knife, hand or anything. Yes, it was only terrible.

    He stabbed the peacock many times with all his might, and the ball did not die. The peacock continued to laugh even though his blood was overflowing and a disgusting smell stabbed his nose. There is nothing that can be done or that it is good for you.

    Lyrian closed his eyes again.

    16. The empress hates the emperor (2)

    Lirian didn't even want to officially hold Denise's funeral. I didn't want people who didn't even know Denise to come and talk about it. That doesn't mean I'm in good shape enough to go somewhere far away. He had to do it without getting the attention of others moderately in the Four Two.

    "What's happening. I didn't expect anything."

    Alexis asked stubbornly when he saw Karloy sitting in the office.

    “It'll be funny if you don't know anything at the political meeting a little later.”

    "Are you coming?"

    Carloy nodded roughly. In Four Two, nothing could be obtained without a price. Anyone.

    The best way to keep Lyrian's job from making any useless bullshit was to do some of the work he demanded.

    "Thank you to the ball."

    A quiet appreciation flowed from Karlroy, who was reading the papers in full swing. Alexis didn't show any surprise because he doubted my ears.

    “But honestly, I think you've enjoyed the ball quite a bit. Gong doesn't count on the sex of anyone else but yourself. It would have been easier to do it myself.”

    "It's not fun."

    "It's not a joke, but it doesn't have to be fun."

    It was even more annoying that it wasn't very wrong. I was tired, but, as Carloy said, there weren't any parts that were comfortable. In this way, he didn't want to be obviously spotted.


    Alexis slowly observed Karloy muttering as he read the things he had made. He said differently from the therapist's worries, and said that his body also looked pretty intact. The impression was still too sharp, but I wouldn't reveal it even if it wasn't good. A strong guy.

    So I was worried about what kind of crazy guy was going to be. Because every time I pretend to be fine, I do crazy things. What else is coming to the office to do this?

    “The princess's illegitimate child did it at will, so he doesn't know at all ...... He doesn't know who he is? I wish it was very comfortable."

    A report written by Alexis, based on the conversation between the peacock and Bernie's wizard, as seen by the eyes of Croitan, also included a notarization of the magistrate who had read the record.

    Details were not known, but it was known that Verni's magician was the princess's illegitimate child, and was preparing to attack Croysen through Delua.

    When I sent the report to Bernie, a pretty blatant answer came back, which was what Karloy was reading.

    “It must have been a good tile to use. In fact, it seems that he has never been treated as a vein by the royal family of Bernie. As a sign of regret, I offered some compensation, but... Anyway, this is not a random expression of the book."

    "The bastard Rua del Bernina group did nice things. But is not responsible for the military to move indulgent. Contact Lars Mantua ambassador?"


    "Because he violated the terms of the contract he had at the time of the ceasefire, he will ask for compensation with Lartua, to Bernie."

    "Okay, I'll get in touch right away."

    “I am sorry that the record left in Croitan's eyes is not as detailed as I thought. Anything from the Dukes of Delua?"

    “I'm still looking for something useful... because the body of the maid's son, who was attached to the Duke of Delua, has not been found.”

    Carloy stamped it inadvertently. Carloy's hand stopped handing over the papers. It was Keana's request for divorce. It was said that the rumors between Clyde Anssen and the rumors had damaged the dignity of the imperial family, and that he wished to resign from the emperor's position in recognition of its responsibility.

    She was belatedly admitted to be embarrassing, but it wasn't that she didn't know my mind as she wanted to deal with her divorce quickly, as she returned to Kroysen until Clyde Anssen.

    "Did the Marquis of Roden accept it?"

    "No way. But... what does that matter? You won't even care about your Majesty the Empress anyway."

    "The reputation would be reduced."

    "If that's the problem. He said what's the use of Croisen's reputation in the game where he had to go as if he was being kicked out to Mach anyway."

    It was easy to change this much since we are getting closer these days.

    “I have to give you more money.”

    Carloy flips the divorce request aside. He did well as a partner in the contract, and because he was trying to take responsibility for the divorce alone, he seemed to have to do that.

    “She is asking for the title of Clyde Anssen, not the money she is passing on.”

    “Ansenga cannot remain the same as its name. There is only an extinction gate.”

    “I wouldn't know, so I'm just asking for a new title. Anyway, isn't it going to have a new name in the Angsian estate.”

    “I think I was going to Mach anyway.”

    “Well, I'm sure I'll be back someday.”

    I wondered if it wouldn't be difficult, so Carloy suddenly changed her mind, who was getting a little bit tired. The change in Clyde Anssen's treatment did not change that one treatment. The position of the illegitimate child in Kroixen was changing.

    “Let’s do something.”

    I wasn't trying to pledge the future of Lirian. However, I don't know what will happen in the future. If Lirian had to live anyway, he hoped that he would not get caught up in the duke's illegitimate child. Even though I knew it was a belated, trivial worry, I couldn't help it.

    "And after three days, I hope to empty all 3 halls of Donggung."

    “Even the employees?”

    "Anyway, the number of people working there is the least."


    “I was thinking about having Denise’s funeral.”

    Hearing that alone, Alexis was able to grasp the situation roughly. Why this guy, or the emperor, was in the room, and what kind of funeral the empress wants.

    “I will make sure there are no inconvenient points.”

    Just grasping him didn't mean he could object to it, but in fact, he didn't even intend to object.

    I know all the changes in Alexis' heart. As if it were, there wasn't much reaction to Karloy. However, he only naturally moved on to the next issue.

    “There are too many people to deal with than I thought.”

    "These are the people I found in the records seen through the eyes of the Croitan. There are people who are lined up in other subtle ways, even if they haven't participated directly in the rebellion."

    As Croitan's eyes showed the past on the water, Carloi captured everything the Duke of Delua had done to Lyrian, and Alexis Duna captured all the renovations Duke Delua had done with whom.

    "Delua's body is still fine."


    He could not say it is not easy ah could not kill that bastard directly. Carloid, Alexis, and so much more than them, no, I thought it was because the most deserved person killed him.

    But death was death, and the work after that was another thing.

    "I wish I was alive at least five times. I don't think I can get rid of it even if I kill it again."

    Karloi muttered the swearword and finally stamped it.

    “I agree, but there is no punishment as great as being deprived of the future.”

    It meant that the Duke of Delua was satisfied with just being behind. When he heard that, Carloi remembered the woman he had left at the desolate palace.

    Is there the only one who deserves the punishment, the Delua Duke?

    <So don't die. To be more comfortable.>

    Lirian's voice in pain echoed in her ears, so Carloy closed her eyes for a moment. Someone could have a hopeless future.


    Denise's funeral was held the day after the Duke of Delua's neck was hung in the middle of the capital.

    Hans Delua was cut off in front of people. And each of those limbs was cut into pieces and became food for the beast. The only lump leftover was hung high in the middle of the streets of the capital and was drooled by people. It was really insignificant words.

    The raindrops started to fall from the new wall that day. The drizzle came down so that it wasn't loud. A funeral was held at the backing of a small chapel located in Donggung. The only people were Lirian and Carloy, and Mary Ann and Jane.

    Carloi, he doubted if he could be in this position, but told Lyrian to remain. As if he was criticizing if he was going to run without seeing this, Carloy had nothing to say, so he stood next to Lyrian.

    Lirian wanted makeup. I don't really want Denise to get buried in Kroissen. Even when she saw Denise coming out of white powder, Lirian did not cry. He was just twisting.

    Carloy, who was next to him, reflexively wrapped Lilian's waist. The light smell of alcohol irritated his nose.

    "You, drink..."

    Carloy whispered in an anxious heart, without knowing it. I'm not feeling well.... I glanced at Mary Anne, but she avoided his gaze.

    “If you drink a little, you won't die.”

    With a grim response, Lirian looked up at Karloy. His eyes seemed to say,'So, please kill me.'

    When Carloy didn't answer anything, Lyrian pushed him out of his arms.

    “I don’t have any teeth because it’s raining even on a day like this…”

    The murmuring voice was sad.

    The sound of the rain at dawn was unbearable, so I had to drink. I was upset when I thought of Denise's letter saying it was raining. Even the weather seemed to admit Denise's death. Will you drop your favorite rain on the way?

    It became irresistible that in this world only Lyrian himself was angry at de Nice's death. I was so angry that laughter continued.

    I reached for a man who was standing in front of a painter who had lost his place to go. To Karloy, who looks more ugly than the rainy sky.

    "I don't want to look at it."

    Although he knew he had asked him to stay, Li Lian took my umbrella from Mary Ann and threw it at Karl Roy. When I threw it, it was a much smaller umbrella than Carlo's, so I struck my chest and fell.

    Even if it was struck by the rain, there was no feeling of it. But I wish there was no angle of thinking. She regretted not drinking more. I also wanted to be washed down like this.

    He walked casually in the rain, and suddenly something fell on him.

    "I'm sorry. But don't rain."

    Right behind me, I heard Karloi's soft voice.

    I don't know what stimulated it. Is it Carlo Yi's anxious voice, an apologetic tone, or a cautious attitude? Maybe all of this.

    A sudden, hard-to-know anger enveloped Lirian. As he turned around, he couldn't even look at him, and he looked down to see Karloy.

    “Now come.”

    I was so angry that it was difficult to connect the words.

    I do not know. Is all of this to Karlroy's fault? No.

    However, there was only one person who was expecting something, and it was a natural result that only one person to blame was left.

    Lyrian was angry as he threw the umbrella he was covering him with with his hand.

    "Now come, don't do anything like this."

    While you're going to accept your own existence so easily, why the hell.

    Carloy picked up an umbrella and covered it while listening without saying anything.

    The rain kept falling and the sound seemed to make people crazy. He was sick of it. Lirian bites his lips and avoids the umbrella again, as if he stayed like this, he was going to be really crazy and screaming. He walked casually as he could see. The inside was stuffy, so I couldn't think of it properly.

    “Lou, please. Then I get hurt.”

    As Carloy's hand touched his wrist, Li Lian turned around and screamed.

    "Don't sing like that!"


    When I saw the man bowing his head as if he had done something wrong, anger rose even more. He couldn't handle it, so his body was sore. The way the rain was getting him wet, he hated to see.

    “What are you? Call me like that!”

    Lyrian screamed like crazy, throwing the umbrella back at him. Still, he wasn't relieved, so he struck Karlroy's chest with his fist.

    “You're fucking people, what?”

    I couldn't speak well because I was out of breath.

    “Now come and do this, I will.”

    No matter how much he screamed and punched, he didn't seem to get hurt. It was fucking big and he was hard. I'm ruined like this.

    As his fist passed through the ornaments of Karloy's clothing, a weak skin was injured. Carloy, who had been still all the time, squeezed Lirian's hand.


    His hand was shaking terribly.

    “I'd rather be, I'll hit you. You hit everything like this.”

    "......So, what the hell does that matter now?"

    Carloy's gaze did not fall from the wound on Lyrian's hand. I don't even care about my body injury, and then Lirian reacts that way to the injury. That's why Lyrian was funny and angry. When I saw that distressed face, I felt like my reason was cut off. It was a strange feeling. I feel refreshed and frustrated at times.

    "Why can't you see me hurt now?"

    I wanted Karloy to know this feeling of despair.

    "Before that, you watched well. You said you wish I died. But now, can't you stand it?"

    I wished him more pain. I was so scared and angry that I was bothered and crazy alone.

    Lyrian took off his coat, threw it on his floor, and took off his shoes. With his bare feet, I stepped on the floor and hit the rain. He got dirty with a thin coat on the branches, and he began to spoil.

    If I could, I wanted to wake up and stab his body without any reason. If his body was destroyed like this and died, if he was wiped out by the rain as it is, and even the traces disappeared.


    It seemed to me that I could hear the voice of Karlroy calling from behind, and suddenly he was standing in front of me again.


    Karloi took off his outerwear and covered it with Lyrian. Lyrian thought he wanted to tear it apart.

    "do not be like this. Don't bother you, just hit me.”

    "Who do you like it?"

    “I'd rather bother me......”

    "You're doing it now."

    Carloy's expression was dazed by those words.

    "You say you can't see me doing this, and you act like you're going to die in pain."

    Carloy's face distorted in the rain.

    "Now ....... TT, TT said that downsized or goerowoo motherfucker? Let bothering me motherfucker like, now."

    "okay! I want to stab myself in front of you if I can. In front of you!"

    Carloy's face turned pale.

    “Now come and you are like this! I wanted to do that. It's annoying and funny.”

    Carloy, who seemed to have lost her words, just stood still. He did so for a while like someone who doesn't know what to say. The rain wetted him mercilessly.

    He slowly collapsed. In the middle of his muddy water, he sat down as if kneeling on his knees and lowered his head.

    “I did everything wrong.”

    Carloy's shoulder trembled as he spoke in a trembling voice. Carloy, who couldn't even lift his head, carefully gripped Lirian's wrists.

    “So please. I'll beg you... Don't bother you even you.”

    Her clothes covered by Karloy were too heavy, so Lirian wanted to sit down. As she watched Carloy kneel down in her rain with the wind of her shirt, she hesitated to sit down and she wanted to cry.

    Her begged Karlroy's forehead fell on Lyrian's waist.

    “You already hurt a lot because of me. Even if you don't do this.”

    He prayed as if making a confession.

    “Even if you don’t bother you like this, I’m already in every moment…”

    Carlo couldn't finish her words. She couldn't say that she was bothered in front of Lyrian. With what qualifications.

    “Don’t do that… Lirian. Bullion rophi cubs like me sleeping like this. please......"

    Her heartbreaking begging broke through the sound of her rain and tormented her ears. Her clothes were soaked in the rain.

    Lyrian closed her eyes tightly. What the hell is this doing? She herself was pathetic. Her thoughts and her moods came and went.

    But one of her was sure. She wanted to cry. As her child hesitated on her floor, Lirian began to cry out loud at her. She cried as she sang de Nice.


    Now I wanted to ask if I was satisfied. I asked if it was comfortable to go away like this, but this is hell, but if you want to leave me alone?

    She cried so much that her breath was choked. Her body trembled like crazy. As Carloi put her clothes back on, she felt pulled into her arms, so she cried and raised her head.

    I could see her golden eyes full of suffering. Beautiful eyes even at this moment. Did you get a sword because of that eye? I think I thought so one day. It's the proudest thing in my life to have a boy with that eye alive.

    But it turns out like this. Life is satisfied with how doglike you need to be

    “Don't bother.”

    Karloi whispered, and his fingers swept Lirian's lips. It seemed that his blood was biting enough.

    "Never mind."

    "I can't do that."

    Carloi, muttering painfully, buried her face on Li Lian's shoulder.

    “Even the moment I thought I hated you the most, I couldn't help but care about you.”

    In a split voice, Karloi said sparsely.

    “Even the moment I believed that I hated you… I couldn't help thinking of you.”

    Somehow, my body was so painful.

    “......So, I'm sorry.”

    Listening to Carloy's voice, Lyrian closed her eyes. If Karloy had truly hated her, she might have suffered less.

    Her tears might stop, but it didn't.

    <There is nothing to hold you back.>

    Denise wrote that in her letter. That was right.

    Mom, it really has been that way.

    There was nothing holding Lirian in this place, so there was nowhere to rest her heart.


    Alexis quit soon, asking Mary Ann to say a word to Mary, asking if the Emperor and the Empress couldn't stop him from hitting Lee in the rain. First of all, after being freed from using an innocent frame, it was because it became difficult to say something to Mary Ann, and it was because the atmosphere of Mary Ann was very harsh these days. I wondered who would stop them both.

    Anyway, it was raining so much that it wasn't unusual for the emperor or the empress to be sick. It wasn't unusual to hear bullshit in the heat. But it was strange that only one of the two was and the other was not.

    The empress's fever boiled and she kept making bullshit, so the therapist was attached, but Carloy was sitting there, guarding her side. From the mouth of the empress, short words such as hate, no, etc. broke out like a moan.

    “No, what if you let it rain like this? Just because your body is getting better doesn't mean you can overdo it like this.”

    As the therapist examined Lirian, she nagged her not knowing who she was talking to.

    “The rain was hit together, are you okay?”

    Alexis asked, but Carloy didn't answer. I wanted to ignore this guy again, so I watched with my eyes narrowed, but the condition was a little weird.


    I couldn't hear it at all or there wasn't a fine move.

    “Move to me.”

    All of the words spoken in a hoarse voice weren't answers, and they were absurd.

    “What do you mean?”


    The therapist, who was just rolling his eyes for what he meant, finally understood the meaning and frowned.

    "Isn't you talking about metastasis treatment right now?"

    Seeing there was no answer, it seemed right.

    “Is it easy to do it once? Anything like this should be treated as a metastasis... Why, oh, you change your body.”

    “I think it’s okay to see you say it as if it’s nothing.”

    “It's not much. Besides, I obviously know that you were in a bad condition because of the last metastasis treatment.”

    "Is that right? If it's right, why is that person still so sick?"

    “What should I do with my weak body? You’re not eating properly, and you’re not eating properly anyway, and you don’t cough anyway. Now. The mental part needs treatment for a while. Secondly, poison is so dogs. Because human pain is great......"

    The therapist added more than Carloy's notice of darkening her complexion.

    “But it’s a good thing that I didn’t go until I had a hallucination because the inhalation wasn’t much. If that was the case, I wouldn't really have been able to cure it.”

    “Okay, so this time, move it properly.”

    “Oh, well I can't. Everyone's body is different, so even if they move the same thing, the pain is all different...”

    "Because I'm not dying, just do it. That person is sick because of me."

    Without permission, the therapist suddenly placed his hand on Karl Roy's forehead. The therapist's face was frowned and distorted.

    "You're also not sane. When a person has a fever like this, it's all sane. Get medical treatment."

    Humans were now disgusting. The heat boils down, but it was very creepy to sit down pretending to be fine.

    “I’m not crazy and I’m not spitting out anything, so do what I tell you to do.”

    Usually, the therapist barely endured to see this condition and say that he was crazy and that he had turned back and forth from the end of his neck. Instead, the therapist looked at Alexis. However, despite the hopelessness, the Duke seemed to have no intention of stopping the mad emperor. It was a face that looked tired and tired.

    The therapist sighed. What the hell is this going on in the later years? I'm going to die from overwork and stress.

    "Then, there is a condition. After the metastasis treatment is over, please return to your Majesty's bedroom to see me and promise to take a little rest. I'll do that."

    Carloy was silent.

    "Wow, then just kill me."

    Stretching with life was something that a healer could do, not just the emperor.

    "Okay, so fast, please do it fast."

    Carloy muttered with her dry face. I couldn't see Lyrian's sick anymore. He couldn't help it even though he said that he was good at sleeping as Lirian said. Even when he wasn't sick, he had nightmares, crying and suffering, but he couldn't hurt his body. Hardly.

    The therapist, who glanced at the distressed emperor, finally raised his hand with a reluctant face.

    Even so, I received a word from the emperor that I would take care of my body a little, so there was something to gain me.

    In the midst of the treatment, the therapist continued to look at Karloy, but he did not respond much. As the pain would move, it was possible to flinch, but there was no reaction at all, so the therapist suspected that he was not doing it properly.

    After the treatment was over, the therapist knew that the treatment was successful only when she saw that the Empress's breathing became much more calm and the fever went down.

    Carloy's condition looked bad, but he didn't have a bigger blow than expected because he didn't look similarly good before treatment anyway. Both the late therapist and Alexis thought so. Until Karloy got up from his place.

    After confirming that the Empress was all right, Karloi, who got up from her seat, suddenly stumbled. When the therapist and Alexis were surprised and tried to support, Carloy shook his hand nervously.


    It was a voice that wasn't good at all. However, I didn't stumble again as I walked from Huang Hu's bedroom to my bedroom, as if I wanted to look fine even if I died soon. It was really awful.

    And as soon as he arrived in the bedroom, pretending to be okay with that flag, Carloy fell.


    Even after opening her eyes, Lirian was lying down for a while. It was because the afterimage of Duke Delua in his dream remained terrifyingly clear. Apparently, he had torn his limbs and died, but he didn't know why he still felt like he was alive. If you keep coming to your dreams like this, you might have been better off killing yourself.

    “Are you okay?”

    At Mary Anne's question, Lyrian nodded her roughly. It was weird to be okay, and I was annoyed. She said that she was struck by the rain. I wish she had died, but if she didn't, I hoped that she could get sick of her mind, but nothing happened.

    Mary Ann put her hand on Lyrian's forehead with her worried face. She was still told she couldn't find her son Jimmy, but Mary Ann didn't express it at all. She would feel like she couldn't even express herself in front of Lyrian.

    Lyrian was just tired and distressed. His mind didn't even get used to what he could think of. She didn't have the energy to do that. He's more able to let go of his mind so that he can't even think about it.

    It would be nice if he was, but that wasn't again. Whatever it was, it always bothered people.

    A weak gaze reached her strange necklace in the cabinet next to the bed. A small silver sphere with jewels sparkled.

    “It contains a little of Denise's remains.”

    Mary Ann said in a small voice. Lyrian looked at the necklace, then quickly turned her head and looked out of her window.

    Looking at her necklace, I couldn't figure out what to feel. I don't know what to think when I see Denise's only traces of being in such a small necklace.

    Lyrian, lying in her heart, soon realized that something had changed. She felt annoyed, and she realized that it was a long time agony about what she was. She was in the absence of Karloy. She couldn't see Karlroy, who was always making people angry by her side with her face, saying that she didn't know what to do.

    “I, His Majesty the Emperor…”

    "done. Don't talk about the knife. Don't take it out."

    She tried to tell her what Mary Ann was quick to say, but Lirian firmly stopped her. She was sincere. It was hard for her to hear the story of Carloy. Whatever it is, whatever it is, it hurts people, and Carloy did exactly that.

    As always, I no longer Ido oysters bastards who make trouble.

    Maryann thought when she saw Lirian's face, which seemed to be no more bad. I was good at not telling you that the neck hung was also made by Carloy.

    And as for the metastasis treatment, the empress was ordered not to even mention both of these treatments before. Seeing her Lilian's reaction, she thought it would be better.

    “I’m sick of it.”

    The empress muttered in a weak voice. Mary Ann remembered the emperor as she saw Lyrian, who didn't look that way even if she was alive.

    The emperor said that she couldn't wake up for the second day and was sick. She kept her mouth shut because she never let Lirian know, but she suddenly became curious about Mary Ann.

    If she learns this, will the empress be happy or angry? She couldn't guess at all.


    If the nightmare was forgotten, it again haunted Lirian. Once every two or three days, the Duke of Delua came into a dream and killed Denise.

    In the dawn of a week, I woke up to see her holding a piece of glass in the garden. Maryane was seen holding her sharp piece in her hand, holding her own arm and neck and staring with her terrified face. She was confused.

    "It's okay. It's okay, Your Majesty... The peacock is dead."

    Mary Ann whispered in a trembling voice constantly as if to appease her child. Her glass fell weakly from her hand. Mary Ann said she decided that this time she would remove anything that could be a weapon from the Empress's bedroom. She didn't know that she would be a weapon, even to a vase.


    "Your Majesty, it's okay."

    “Isn't the peacock alive? It's not like this....... You can't come to torment me like this.”

    "It's dead. I saw the body."

    "I should see it too."

    “I can't. All of them have already become prey for the beast."

    Her legs were relaxed, so Lirian sat down on the floor.

    “It sounds like a lie. Maybe Carl is lying again. He didn't kill him, he killed him... because he always lied to me."

    “No, Your Majesty. Really."

    As Mary Ann cried, she whispered.

    It wasn't until Carloy's name was put that his father-in-law touched. She thought about it, and she didn't show her for a week.

    “Where is the knife?”

    "Oh, that's..."

    Mary Ann was visibly embarrassed.

    “Oh, I see.”

    Lirian laughed as if self-help. The sound of her powerless laughter sounded real.

    "I'm tired and I'm falling out."

    "No, not like that......"

    “You have already run away.”

    "No... it's really not."

    Mary Ann rolled her feet. Whether to say her or not. Lirian seemed to be subtly insane, so she did a little bit of telling the truth. Behaving more than this unexpectedly made her difficult for Mary Ann to handle.

    Because of this and that thought, Lirian suddenly stood up from her seat, seeing Mary Ann changing her face every minute.

    “Yes, if Maryanne doesn't tell me, I have to go to her.”


    Lirian dressed in a negligee and started walking towards the Imperial Palace.

    "sire. First, go in and go to bed today, and go find my job. Yeah?"

    Lyrian walked without even answering. Mary Ann shouted, confessing, she was desperate.

    “You’re inconvenient!”

    Lirian paused at the words.

    “Because I'm not in a very good condition right now... Anyway, it is.”

    She confessed with the feelings that it would be okay, but Li Lian had no answer.


    “A lie again.”

    Lyrian's expression, pretending to be her lie, was cold.

    "What's the reason she's sick?"

    That guy also turns around and torments my body...

    Suddenly, the emperor became a'nome' in Mary Ann's heart. Anyway, Mary Ann swallows her saliva and she barely succeeds in not saying it. Even if I became a guy in Nim, the order was an order.

    “That’s it, I don’t know, but anyway. The emperor is crazy about your majesty now, but what will you run away from? I felt like I wasn't really feeling well.”

    Li Lian started walking again with an expression that seemed to be listening to all of her bullshit. She was terrible mistrust. Her judgement was so twisted that she couldn't handle it on her own. I hoped that Carloy was as harassing as she was, but she didn't think she was as harassing as me in any way.

    But Lirian walked, feeling pathetic to her self, thinking something like this, that it hurts somewhere.

    The people of her emperor's palace seemed surprised to see her empress's outfit or the time of day she visited, but she didn't stop at all. Gorten, who was standing in front of her bedroom, tried to let her know that the Empress had come, but she told Lilian that she couldn't even do that.

    As a quiet voice was heard from the side of her veiled bed, Lirian walked over, killing her steps.

    "It means you can move now anyway."

    "No, that's not it. Don't keep listening to me distorting what you want...."

    “I never did that.”

    "Since you keep lying saying that you're fine, your treatment is slow. I tried to go to the empress four days ago because I was overwhelmed, but I would have been much better if I didn't."

    “But it’s really okay. Now, the voice comes out.”

    "no. You have to take another week off unconditionally.”

    Was she really sick? As soon as Lilian heard that conversation, everything got tired, so he stopped going any closer. There was nothing particularly good about seeing Carloy feel sick. It only increases the saltiness.

    “You keep thinking casually, but you are not thinking lightly. Her Majesty's condition was quite serious, but metastasis treatment caused the pain...”

    “Yes, I know. It is said to deepen it, but there are times when it eases.”

    "This is not the case with your Majesty. Besides, you don't even take medicine and ask you to treat metastases."

    Lyrian, who was about to return, stood at the word. Metastasis treatment?

    “People don't die just because they have a little bit of a cold.”

    "Yes. He wasn't dead, so he couldn't get up and get sick for a week. The more I ignore the disease, the more I just grow it.”

    At one point, Li Lian remembered that the pain in his body had disappeared. He thought how the therapist would have healed, but had metastases. Go? Even after the rain, I somehow wanted my body to be finer than I thought.

    Again, he was filled with anger enough to hurt his head.

    "What are you talking about?"

    Suddenly, the therapist screamed in surprise when he saw the empress appearing from behind.

    "What are you talking about, you've been transferring someone to whom."

    It was because he wanted to believe that he had heard it all and wasn't asking for it. Carloy, whose face was shaky, was staring at Lilian with a face full of frustration. That face made the person more angry.

    "You....... did you really transfer my bottle to you?"

    His voice trembled so much that he hated to hear it.


    Carloy came up with a surprisingly blatant answer.


    “I never did that.”

    "I just heard it here."

    "I only offered to do it, I didn't do it. You tell me."

    Sadly, the therapist wasn't as shameless as Carloy. He fluttered with a face that was confused by anyone, and just nodded his head.

    Lyrian picked up the book from the table next to Napda and threw it at Carloy. The book that had flew without power fell in front of Carloy.

    “I treat you as stupid.”

    Carloy casually put the book aside.

    "I'm not treating it that way."

    “Why are you like this, then. If you didn't take my bottle, why are you doing this!"

    The book Lilian threw this time exactly hit Karlroy's chest and fell off.

    “Throwing is fine, but throwing something light. My hand and neck hurt.”

    All of Carloy murmured in a hoarse voice.

    "No. Then I won't get sick. Have someone else tell me to throw it. I'll get a nose smack in sleep."

    Crazy guy. The therapist bites his lips and swallows his thoughts. He certainly thought only inside, but if he couldn't hide his expression, Carloy looked at the therapist for a moment.

    “You are out.”

    I was grateful. I didn't want to be in this madness scene. The therapist left the emperor's bedroom as if waiting.

    Lyrian was so angry that he couldn't breathe well.

    “What are you!”


    Seeing Lyrian's condition, Carloy got out of bed and tried to approach. However, he was struggling, and for a while, he touched his forehead and muttered insults.

    Lyrian, who was looking at such a carloie, came close. And a not so small hitting sound rang in the room. Carloy's head shook slightly.

    He was sad again. It wasn't because he was slammed by Lyrian. I couldn't feel the power even hitting it, so if I hit it, I would hit it hard and hard. I'm looking at him with a broken face.

    What does he feel that regret for hitting a guy like himself?

    “Heat more.”

    “What are you doing? What are you and live me the way you want.”


    "Did you think I would thank you if you did that?"


    For the first time, Carloy looked straight at Lyrian.

    “It's because I'm a bitch. I was like a dog, so I couldn't see anything I didn't want to see, so I did what I wanted.”

    The attitude was amazing.

    "Why do you want me to do what you want. Why do you do everything you want while not accepting my requests?"

    Lyrian's voice trembled as he went back, but the last words were hard to hear.

    "Do not cry."

    “You don’t have to bother me. How can you do it until the end....... I want to make it harder for me to resent and hate you."

    At the end of his words, the water was young, and tears fell from Lyrian's eyes. Even with that drop, Carloy wanted to die. His mouth felt dry.

    "Because I'm a cocksucker My Suit. So continue to hate."

    I was even more angry when I said something like that. As I stood still, losing words to say, I felt a cold touch on my lips.

    “Don’t bite.”

    His long finger rubbed his lips carefully.

    "Do not touch."

    At one word, the touch disappeared as if when it had been.


    "Stop saying sorry!"

    Eventually, Lirian sat down on the bed and screamed. A fist that didn't hurt very much hit his chest.

    “I will always do this. Until how long you'll be harassing people like this.”

    There was nothing to say to Lyrian, who was crying like a scream. Because she forbidden the only thing she could say.

    “You just have to kill me....... Why do you make it so hard by saving people as you please?”

    "Even if I die, I can't do that."

    Karl Roy's face, having a hard time talking with a split voice, fell on Lirian's shoulder, unable to hold up any more. His shoulder was hot, touching his forehead to see if the fever was still severe.

    Crazy chicks. pup. Lirian scolded.

    "Yeah, me son of a bitch right. So that's also given up for you. For it gives them absolutely not."

    “I hate you. If a person could die just by hating someone, he would have died. I hate it that much.”

    “That's okay. It's okay if you hate me.”

    Every time he spat out a word, a hotter breath tickled his skin.

    “I’m not okay with it.”

    I was silent for a moment.

    “It means you felt it all. While you're feeling this pain, I've done nothing."

    His shoulders got wet.

    “......It means nothing, nothing.”

    I really couldn't understand why Carloy was doing this.

    "So it's me who has to die."

    Now, I wondered what this was all about, and I was angry and unhappy, so I kept tearing up. Karloi shouldn't be as bothered as he himself, he was upset because he seemed to be bothered. Bad kitten and taking it to my pain. The water on his shoulder was painful because the heat was so vivid.

    Carlo couldn't say more about losing his consciousness. Lyrian left the bedroom with him buried, throwing him on the bed. He approached Gorten next to Mary Ann, standing with an impatient face.

    “Tell me not to do anything near me. When I come, I'll hang up and die."

    With a depressed look, Gorten nodded and replied.

    As I turned back, a face that had not existed before was staring at Lirian. He was Asher. He was the first to see it after returning from Del Lua. The feeling that I could be angry with anyone in sight quickly became aesthetic. Anyway, he was a benefactor, but he couldn't be angry.

    “If you have nothing to say, get out of the way.”

    Seeing that he didn't talk but didn't go away, there seemed to be something he wanted to say. It seemed that he wasn't talking about what he thought or noticed, or whatever.

    However, Lirian frowned at the strong opinion that seemed to be felt even in his silence. I felt it from a long time ago, but Asher seemed to die and not live if it were Carlo.

    “I am grateful that I am grateful to you, but don’t talk to me about Carloy in front of me.”

    Soon, a grimy face turned away. A cold wind was felt from the Empress leaving the Imperial Palace.


    Carloy got sick for three more days before getting up. He ignored the therapist's words that he should have a few more days off. He had long been a situation that had to be ignored.

    He first concluded the divorce proceedings with Kiana Roden and abolished the emperor system. After Roden, he even cried in front of the small nobles, but there was nothing he could do. As always, Keana Roden was cold with her father.

    Then a man who claimed to be Mary Ann's son appeared. According to her maid, Jean Mary Ann, the son was the one who had been stuck with the Duke of Del Rua all the time, so there was a high possibility of knowing details.

    The political situation is the situation, and even privately, he subtly disregarded the words that he should not go near the empress.

    Instead of going to the bedroom of the Empress's Palace, he went from time to time to the garden connected to it. It was because he wanted to. When something happened, she came right out and asked her to find herself, and Mary Anne sighed and nodded her head.

    As soon as she recovered Jane's body, she went into the palace of the empress, and she felt that Mary Anne alone couldn't afford Lirian.

    “How is it?”

    "It's just the same. I have nightmares, go around in the middle of the night, cry.... I feel like I'm getting better, but I'm struggling again for a moment. It's because I can't eat properly. ”

    Rua del fucking dying chicks also wonder why bullying Lyrian.

    After Carlo had brought Del Lua back to life, it seemed that he could even give him his life if he could kill him as brutally as possible.

    “But there's nothing serious about putting all the dangerous things away. So your Majesty is also here to stop.”

    The emperor had no answer. The emperor and the empress were very the same for not answering the words they didn't want to hear.

    “I think my son will arrive in Purtu in a little while. Would it be okay if I didn't meet you first?"

    "I'm alive, but it would be a big deal if I met him a few days late. You can see it later."

    There is also a law that would want to quickly meet a son who had never been able to know where he was, but is it because of guilt or sorry.

    So, Mary Ann's son Jimmy was the first to meet Carlos and Alexis. He was a good-looking man who resembled Mary Anne, but her body was out of sync.

    "I see your Majesty."

    "You're lifting your legs."

    “I was injured while exiting Delua, but it’s not that much.”

    It was a wound that looked pretty weird, but neither Carlo I nor Alexis was buried.

    “It seemed like I had escaped a long time ago. Why is it so late?”

    “I do not know that my younger brother is in the capital, and I look for it. Is late. He gave up thinking that he was dead, but fortunately he was alive.......”

    Alexis said, flipping the pile of papers.

    “If you confirm a few things, you will see your mother and younger brother right away, so please cooperate.”

    The healthy-looking man nodded with a determined expression.

    “How did the Bernie Wizard and the Duke get to know each other?”

    “I don't know that. But the wizard first came to Delua 14 years ago.”

    14 years ago, he was the first time he met Lyrian. Carloy hardens his face.

    “Yvonne brought her back a few days after her death, and she wanted the Duke to take care of the employees she knew was dead. Quite a number of them were used as test targets for wizards and went crazy and died on the streets without knowing who they were..."

    All of the content spit out in an unassuming tone was grotesque and cruel.

    “I just killed the rest and dumped them in the dark forest. And my lady, no, she brought her Majesty the Empress now, and the sorcerer casts magic in the dark forest.”

    "What in return?"

    “I received the money…… I don’t know exactly. He said that at that time, he was expelled from Bernie. Oh, and I gave some Dokdo.”

    It was a saying that I could guess who was the back ship of Duke Delua, who actively attempted to poison at that time.

    “And he gave me some gemstone to use when he had a job to contact him, but I remember that the Duke probably just threw it in the dark forest at that time.”

    “You discarded it?”

    Alexis answered Karloi's question.

    “I told you. Because Delua doesn't like to get involved with Verni. I would have used it because there is only one person capable of magic at the desired level."

    "What do you want to cover up with crazy cubs?"

    Mary Ann's son fluttered for a moment at the emperor's swear words.

    “And when did we meet again?”

    “After her Majesty and Marriage were decided. She was looking for that gemstone, and she turned the dark forest upside down..... She found it anyway and cast a leak-proof spell on the employees who hadn't died 14 years ago, and Li, or the Empress. I hang on the tower"

    The secretary brought in by Alexis frantically dictated Jimmy's statement. It was only next to me all the time, so the memory was detailed.

    “How did Tellu know that the wizard Bernie was trying to get in the back?”

    "The suspicion came pretty quickly. I've been suspicious from then on because the sorcerer insisted that he should continue to receive military aid from Bernie."

    “The military power is not overwhelming, but it would be better because it caused rebellion.”

    "It's because of that. It's true that the peacock became nervous and rebelled, but the wizard persuaded him that it was possible to continue.... The rebellion caused him to keep telling the story of Bernie's aid, as if waiting."

    “It's amazing that he had the pride of someone who didn't borrow Bernie's hand from him.”

    Carloy muttered, but Alexis wasn't surprised. Perhaps the only one who knew Hans Delua best in Purtu was himself. He actually vaguely guessed why he had rebelled with such poor power.

    Hans Delua did crazy things twice. One was when Karloy was kidnapped, and the second was this revolt. Both times, it was when Dunya ruined his plans. He's deserving of that personality.

    And Delua, as Alexis Dunya knew, was by no means a human to receive Bernie's military power. Delua's power came from his confrontation with Bernie, who always used him in the proper line, not wanting to give the initiative.

    "Later, he also followed me to a wizard. I suspected that he was poisoning. I heard hallucinations and said that... And from then on, the Duke really wasn't sane. It seemed like a crazy guy... ..”

    "Did you find anything out of the tail? Evidence that you received an order from Bernie."

    “There is no evidence that I can say... Just before the wizard died, I confessed.”

    "confession? Have you been tortured?"

    Alexis raised his voice long ago.

    "Against the wizard? No way. The wizard said that he wanted to get Verni's aid, and he asked if he could get it, and he said that he could bring the soldiers with confidence."

    Now the scribe was also making fun of his pen because his eyes were round.

    “So, the peacock took off the hour hand, but how would you believe the words of a wizard who fell like you?… Now that the military aid of Vernis is so important, he needs confidence.”

    Carlos and Alexis, who are familiar with Delua's acting skills, nodded without me knowing.

    “Then he hesitated for a while and said that he was the son of Princess Bernie. He said that if only a few pieces of land were handed over, Bernie would provide military aid and Del Rua would be king. Go.......”

    “The wizard also volunteered to die, I would never say that in front of Delua.”

    At Alexis' words, Jimmy tilted his head.

    "is that so? The peacock just laughed a lot. As if you were satisfied. He's the land and he can only give it to him if he becomes the emperor. And finally, when I asked for evidence that he was the son of Princess Bernie, he handed me a necklace.”

    “Purple necklace.”

    "uh? Yes. And I just killed it. Really in the blink of an eye. It's also scary, but Yvonne's body is decaying.

    As if the thought was terrible, Jimmy screamed.

    "Then he screamed like crazy to ask me to find another wizard..."

    “How did you escape?”

    “It wasn't that difficult either. Not only was the Duke out of my mind, and the magic of the magic hanging in the Delua mansion was all unlocked... After Denise's death, the surveillance was no different. I didn't even care if Jane disappeared. Oh, and this."

    Maryanne's son took two books out of his arms. One was old and the other was relatively new.

    “The old one is the diary of the former Count Anssen, and this is the record left by the Duke of Delua.”

    When Alexis was handed over his notebooks, he decided that he would reward this young man at all costs. Jimmy said a few more and then stepped back. The anticipation and anxiety that he would see his mother and younger brother soon became apparent, so Carloy didn't hold on any more.

    "Contrast this record with what I saw in Croitan's eyes, and pick whoever helped Delua a little bit. Organize it and hand it over to me."

    “Is such a troublesome thing? I'm lightly thinking about deportation, but even if it's not, they say that there is a shortage of slaves in Mach. Confiscation of property or dismissal of position is not bad either.”

    “Try to think about it.”

    I wasn't happy with what Karloi thought was. What else to do,

    “Can't you please tell me?”

    “Think about that too.”

    “Yes.... And three days later, Her Majesty the Empress, no. Well. Lady Keana leaves Purtu.”

    “Tell me thank you instead. See off."

    “You don’t really want anything like that from Your Majesty…”

    "When is Macharo leaving?"

    “They said they would send someone from Mach within a week. Maha seems to really like Sir Anssen. Before she left anyway, she asked if she could go after seeing the empress."

    “.....I don't think it's up to me to decide. Ask Lirian directly through the maid."

    “When you do something like metastasis treatment, you don’t ask at all.”

    The Duke lightly avoided the emperor's gaze.

    "Take good care of your health. What would happen if the Bernie guys knew that your Majesty was in this state."

    “You can’t do anything to plan your life. Maha was very upset because of the fact that he hid the manifestation of his mental magic. You might be bored because the war for conquest is over, but you might think that it was good.”

    "Don't say anything else, please."

    The emperor looked at the peacock for a moment with an unknown expression. But there was no answer until the end.


    “…You weren’t taking drugs?”

    Mary Anne asked in a trembling voice when she saw several bottles of pills in the chest of drawers next to the bed. Lirian turned her head instead of answering. She thought it was fortunate. Mary Ann couldn't find the dagger she hid in her pillowcase. She didn't bring it up to do something. Just ....... she was scared and anxious.


    “I haven't eaten a few. I won't go over it."

    “If you don’t eat this, you don’t die. Only your mind will be more painful.”

    “Then Maryanne can kill me.”

    It wasn't a big deal, but Mary Ann's answer wasn't heard. She was nervous, and looked up to her side, and she found Mary Ann couldn't even make a sound and she was weeping.

    "I'm sorry......"

    As Lirian looked up in confusion, she muttered Mary Ann in a fading voice.

    "If you see me and die... you can die right now. Really. But......."

    "Why do everyone say that to me? There's no such thing as a bad taste to see others die."

    “I don't have such a hobby. So how can I kill Your Majesty, I.”

    "Mary Anne and I aren't the same. She has a daughter, a son, and it turns out she's been told she found Jimmy, don't you have to spend some time together?"

    "They were all grown up to eat and live well without me."

    Mary Ann whispered.

    "like that. I guess I'm still less. She says she doesn't have a mother, and she feels pathetic. My mother is so pitiful, she says, but she hates her so much.”

    Suddenly, Mary Ann hugged Lirian without her words. The warmth of her wide arms was awkward. It was too wide, too warm, and Denis was too thin. Her tears fell. Why do I keep tearing like this broken? She was pathetic.

    Mary Ann hugged her trembling Lilian's shoulder stronger.

    “I'm not pathetic at all. Not even one...... It is me who is pathetic. Sorry. Your Majesty is brave and smart.......”

    "What do I do. My mom tells me to live... I don't know how to do it. I don't know. I really don't know. I want to listen too much because I'm sorry for my mother, but I really want to do that. But, it's very hard... "

    As her Mary Ann patted her back, her weeping grew louder. Mary Ann opened her mouth only after her crying, which had grown so louder, calmed down.

    "First, let's start with the medicine little by little, huh? It's not saying to live... What will you do with that nightmare?"

    Mary Ann's voice softened endlessly, as if tying her little child. Like her wet cotton, Lyrian leaned blankly in her arms.

    “It’s so painful to dream every night. Don’t say everything… just a little bit, okay?"



    "Yeah....... But now, not today, from tomorrow... I am very tired today."

    "I see."

    The patting touch on her back was smooth and regular. The empress, who had nowhere to lean on, quickly fell asleep. It would be nice if she hadn't had a nightmare this time, but Mary Ann carefully wiped Lirian's eyes, and she laid her in bed and covered her with a blanket.

    Suddenly I fell asleep. She didn't express it, but it was because of her Jimmy coming to the capital that she was too long and worried that she couldn't sleep for a few days. Mary Ann put her hands on her empress's hand and began to doze.


    The Imperial Palace garden still had nothing to see. But now I know. What makes Lillian always be out there in this stupid place? Carloy sat down and thought through the past. The times when there is nothing that is not terrible,

    I have regrets that are of no use at all, but at some point, I felt popular. Carlos held his breath. Maybe Lirian came out. Scared of what would happen, she was here, but she didn't want Lyrian to find herself.

    But she doesn't have Mary Anne, why does she come out alone? As he looked closely at In-young as he was getting closer, Carloy got up from his seat in surprise. She's a cliche, but I really thought her heart was falling.

    The glitter in Lirian's hand looked like a small sword. The sword swung in the air seemed dangerous. Lyrian cried out and screamed at her and sat down on her floor. That's it.

    She wouldn't be surprised if she stabbed herself.

    It would be nice if she could get close and pull out her knife. With her head down, she saw Lyrian muttering something on her own, and she hoped that she would be able to do it.

    Asher appeared from behind Lirian, as if he was even monitoring Karlroy. Carlo shook his head to Asher, who looked like he would defeat Lirian with force right now. I was anxious because I knew better than anyone what Asher's priorities were.

    As soon as Karloy was almost on the side of Lirian, Lilian's head suddenly lifted. Carloy held his breath. Her dark green eyes flickered a couple of times.


    As she quietly called her name, Lyrian's face slowly distorted.

    "Go away. Die. Die."


    "Why, why aren't you dying."

    "The peacock is dead. It's okay."

    Carloy whispered without looking away, trying to get the knife out of Lyrian's hand. Suddenly he felt pain in his side, and Carloi momentarily grasped the cause of the pain. Lyrian stabbed him in the waist with a knife. Carloy clenched her teeth and held back the groaning. Then he grabbed his knife and pulled it out.

    "Why... I won't die. It won't end."

    Lirian sobbed. At the same time, trying to swing his sword once again, Carlo reflexively grabbed his blade. With the thought that Ririan had to get rid of all this sloppy sight before she woke up, he took the knife out of her hand. And threw it behind himself.

    As Asher approached with a shocked face, Karl Roy shook his head again.

    Lilian was about to fall, and he was about to move to the bedroom, but at that moment, Lilian raised his head and looked at Karl Roy.


    No, but as he watched his eyes gradually focus on, he felt desperate. She tried to hide her bloody hand behind her, but Lyrian was faster.

    "What is this.....?"

    “..... I was hurt earlier.”

    I thought I was fortunate to wear a dark outerwear. The night was dark, so Lirian wouldn't see the wounds on his back.

    “I, am I?”

    Lyrian, dressed in thin clothes, began to tremble with a shocked face, and Carloi unwittingly hugged him with one of his arms.

    "no. Not really.”

    “I must have stabbed the peacock.”

    "no. I was injured by mistake. While practicing swordsmanship. Asher stabbed it. I'm sorry, I should have been doing the treatment. I made you turn around for no reason.”

    Scared of Lyrian crying, Carloy began to spit out anxiously anything he said. By the way, he really didn't know he would drain out of water and die. Despite his efforts, she couldn't even breathe properly. Her body continued to tremble.

    "What do I do... I want you, you."

    “No. Please believe me. I'm called stupid hurt a kitten notgodo far. I was supposed to listen to you, but I didn't hear you and I came all the way here. It's my fault."


    And Lyrian spit out the words. The words Carloy didn't want to hear rather than die

    "Stop it."

    “I'm sorry....... I'm sorry, I.”

    "Please. Don't say that."

    Carloy strengthened the arm holding Lirian.

    “You can swear at me, you can do whatever you want.”

    At the moment, I was crying and I couldn't speak well. He said frantically, burying his face in Lyrian's hair.

    “But that said, damn it.”

    I thought that a person could die even with a sense of self-destruction.

    "Don't say that. Please don't tell me you're sorry.... How can I make you even say that?"

    I thought there would be swearwords, so Karloy screamed.

    “……Rather, rather curse.”

    Lyrian couldn't speak and started crying. I had to move to the bedroom, but it was difficult to get up. Karloi glanced at Asher, who was standing in a trance. Only then Asher came to his senses and came closer.

    “You don’t want to touch me, so I’ll have Asher do it.”

    At that, Lirian lifted her face. As soon as he saw his tearful eyes, he felt a terrible pain in his chest. Now Carloi couldn't tell between his heartache and his heartache because of metastatic treatment. He was equally terribly ill.

    The thought of ringing Lirian every time struck him. He never made him laugh at ease. He was in pain. He couldn't even guess what the hell would do to get out of this.

    “... please, it's not your fault. Really."

    Asher quickly hugged Lyrian as if he knew that Carloy had reached the limit. When Asher looked like Asher and watched Lyrian's struggling and screaming neatly and running toward the bedroom, Karl Roy relaxed his body.

    His stabbed wound didn't hurt. He didn't even feel it. Just what Lirian said, constantly rang in his head. I'm sorry. He couldn't bother and eventually made him say it. She had a woman who should have nothing to be sorry for herself to say that.

    Carloy sat in the garden and cried. He himself was terrible. He seemed to be better off dying.


    After taking the sedatives and medicines, Lyrian ceased to speak her words and barely fell asleep. Mary Ann turned her face white when she heard of what had happened while she was sleeping.

    “This useless old body. Go to sleep or go to bed"

    Asher sighed as she saw Mary Ann swearing and swearing at herself. I was tired of everything in this Purtu. I felt like I was suffocating in this atmosphere without any sane person. The time is coming when she will think that Maha is better after she has lived.

    Asher now regretted helping Lirian to go down to Delui. He thought that if he only knew the truth, everything would be fine.......

    There is magic on the continent, but Asher thought, I don't know why people can't be magically happy.


    “Where did it end like this? He even had a wound on his back because of the previous treatment, but he was injured again......”

    The palace, which was overturned by the emperor who returned bleeding last night, became a little calm after a long time after treatment.

    She said, "She's a woman with no power. She can't stab it deeply when she stabs."

    “If I’m not strong, the knife is not a knife.”

    “I think the empress's condition is serious, is it being treated?”

    “You seem to have skipped the medicine a few times, but if you continue to take it again, it will be better than that.”

    "You mean you didn't even know you were skipping the medicine?"

    The therapist stared at Carloy far away.

    “Would you well know that I was your Majesty the Empress, an incompetent healer who doesn't know whether your Majesty takes medicine or throws away?”

    Now, the therapist sincerely spared his life. Really... As a professional, I definitely did my best with pride, but why was this result only... sad?

    Carloi turned his head to see if he had anything to say.


    Alexis, who had never said a word, quietly called him. Alexis' face even looked a little pale.

    "Don't think about it anyway. Absolutely not."

    Carloy exhaled a heavy breath.


    Alexis' voice trembled. Carloy thought Alexis was great. How did he notice? At this moment, that'huh-ton' impulse is holding the strongest.

    "I know. I know it well....... I can't know that it's a position that I shouldn't think about without measures. It was grown in Dunya's hands."

    But really, it was the limit now. His disgust for himself was lethal.

    When Alexis was trying to say something else, Gorten intervened.

    “I, Your Majesty… Your Majesty is here.”

    "What? With that body?"

    “You came with the maid, but…”

    I really didn't want to see Lyrian right now. If Lirian said that again..... he would want to die. But Carloy felt he had no right to avoid.

    “.......Everyone go out.”

    Everyone hesitated and went out with an unwilling face. After leaving the emperor and the empress, I was now scared to see what would happen again.

    Lyrian came in with a bloodless face. He looked at the face and felt terribly ill again. Lyrian sitting by the bed was silent for a while.

    “Come here to do something.”

    "...... I remember."

    Carloy's chest sank.

    “I'm a peacock, no I have never stabbed your hand........”

    Lirian muttered in a faint voice.

    “I stabbed her in the stomach.”

    "It must be like that in a dream. You never stabbed me. I accidentally caught a knife."

    Lillian stared at Carlo, who inevitably continued to tell the obvious lies. The resentment in his eyes caught him and couldn't avoid his gaze.

    “I know that, but if you lie like that, you feel more angry because you seem to treat people as stupid. Know?"

    Carloi shut his mouth with a stupid look.

    “In my mind, I think that you all invited yourself, and I didn't do anything wrong.”

    “That's right. Because I was lingering again for no reason, so it was in this shape. There's nothing wrong with you. Never... never.”

    "But why."

    I felt tired from my slow speech.

    "Isn't that in my mood."

    Carloy was scared of what to come next. I wanted to stop it, but I couldn't figure out what to do.

    “I don’t want to do something like I thought, but since yesterday…”

    "Do not say."

    “I guess I should be sorry.”

    "No, please."

    "No, I think I'm sorry."

    The words continued ruthlessly. Carloi briefly closed and opened his eyes.

    "What do I do, I won't say that, my feet... Don't tell me you're sorry."

    But Lirian didn't even budge.

    "Is it because I didn't dream like that. I just keep thinking that way. Yes, because you didn't know. Because you hated the peacock as much as I. You were hard too. That's what the situation was..."

    Carloy begged. If you asked me to stop and told Lirian to say this, I was really trash without floors.

    “When I think of that, what I do to you feels like annoyance.”

    "no. You know... I invited everything myself.”

    Lyrian suddenly stopped speaking, and Karloy raised his head. As she followed Lirian's gaze, she saw her bandaged hand. After looking at it for a while, Lirian muttered.



    “So I hate you so much. The bad thing is you, but I'm sorry....... I hate you.”

    Seeing tears growing in Lyrian's eyes, Carloy unwittingly swept her eyes with his hands.

    “It’s so hard because of you. You only make me hard. It makes me feel only feelings like this."

    “…..In the future, the only thing I can give you is pain, right?”

    Lyrian nodded, feeling a soft voice.

    "If you look at me, you'll only be bothered."

    Again his head nodded.

    "Then I'm so mad. I hit him. But you know it's cheap. Even if you kill me, you know I've done so wrong."

    There was no answer this time. Carloy asked in a trembling voice.

    "You keep me like kittens or, like me nomhan Te so, I be sorry?"

    After a while, Lirian nodded slowly. Not making a single sound, then Carlo E. Croitan decided. Again, he said he had to die, and he had no reason to live, who couldn't even be the target of anger.


    After taking her medicines, the Empress had significantly lessened her nightmares. I was less likely to feel ups and downs or crying and shouts were also reduced. It just became terribly quiet. The emperor did it again. He no longer went to the palace. He appeared to be working quite well.

    There was a strange peace in Purtu. Meanwhile, Keana Roden visited Lyrian. She was curious that she did not refuse to visit. I have nothing to say to each other, but I'm curious about why they're coming.

    The young lady, who still had a bright atmosphere, started from the apology with a voice that contradicted the atmosphere. I'm sorry.


    I couldn't really know, so Lirian asked.

    “I said that to the emperor for nothing... for no reason...”

    Lyrian, who was wondering what he was talking about, understood the word after a while. It seemed like he was telling Karl Roy what he told him to use Lyrian. It was Li Lian himself who passed on even if he knew it obviously. I was stupid even when I thought about it again.

    "I'm sorry......"

    Lyrian is now tired of apologizing to him by people who haven't done much wrong. The one who really did wrong died in vain without apologizing.

    So is that? Now, every time people saw Lirian, it seemed that they had a disease if they didn't apologize.

    “If I knew I was an illegitimate child, wouldn't I have suggested that? That's not it either.”

    “If you knew that your Majesty was the victim of the Duke, of course.”

    In response to a cautious answer, Lirian looked at Keana quietly.

    “Then what about Lord Anssen, who dies and can't live...”

    “.....Of course, I was crazy about him, but... I don't have to make a person like this while making love. I would have found another way.”

    The word'so far' seemed to know how he looked.

    “I shouldn't have thought that it would work out because I was so lazy. Anyway, your Majesty shouldn't have said that he would live well.... I shouldn't have thought of using someone else's life.”

    The apology was so sincere, that Lirian was in a strange mood. I don't think Keana's behavior has affected her that much.

    “It's all happened already.”

    “If there is anything I can help you with, please tell me anytime, anytime.”

    It doesn’t seem like you've done something big enough to do this,

    "You said you're going to Mach, what do you mean to help you?"

    It wasn't intended, but the words went bluntly. Keana didn't seem to care much.

    “I'm not going to Mach as a hostage. I'm going to be tingling in my own way, but there's something I can do for you."

    Lirian muttered involuntarily at Keana's characteristic light tone.

    “It's not like I can spare her mother.”

    I really want to stop talking like this, but I don't know why I always talk freely. With her sighing, Lirian thought that she would say that Kiana, like her others, would say sorry again.

    "Of course not."

    However, a firm answer came in her soft tone.

    “I've tried everything before, but it didn't work.”

    Before? As Lirian blinked her eyes, Kia I smiled gently.

    “My mother also died when I was a kid. Her father killed her inner-boy and passed away with her neck tied.”

    She couldn't believe that the Marquis of Roden had killed a man. Does the pulpit work only in such a place?

    She said, “She cried and cried because she was young and asked for return and life, but she didn't do that. People who went because they wanted to go don't look back.”

    “...... How did you endure it?”

    Keana showed a modest smile.

    “I just lived because I hated her mother. She hates so much that she is alive. I hate her mother and I want to bother her father, and I'm not a different temper than her majesty, so I ate it, so I resemble my mother. She bought it because she wanted to see it anyway.”

    At the end of her words, there was even her laughter. Li Lian wondered how much time had to pass before she could be like that.

    "Hmm, but my father really bothered me. I'm one of my children, so I'll live alone forever. That's good. Well, it's half the blame for my being so crazy about love."

    Saying that, Kia I, she looked really hard, so she was in a state of wonder now. As if I had noticed Lyrian's thoughts, Kia I picked up her smile from her mouth.

    She said, “I think you're curious, I don't dare understand or guess your Majesty's pain, or she didn't think that way. Just because what happened is similar, the pain cannot be similar. It must have been harder than me."

    Kia I hesitated, and for a moment she put my hand lightly on Lirian's hand and released it.

    “If you have anything else to help with, please tell me.”

    Lirian nodded quietly.

    “By the way, I've been looking for it all the time, but I didn't know even if I left it right next to it.


    "Yeah? Your Majesty.”

    When Lyrian didn't respond, Keana looked confused. It was because she didn't know exactly what was going on between Lirian and Carloy.

    “Don’t you know? There is a thing that he came into as the empress of the temple that he was looking for his Majesty, whom he met when he was a child.

    "The crazy guy."

    "Yeah? What is it?”

    Kiana asked amazed, but the Empress shook her head slightly with a subtly annoyed face.

    "Well. Crazy... even if you're like a person, what can I do..... People have lived thinking only of that. Don't mind. Now, I've found the Empress, too. "

    Lilian did not respond much because it was a carefree word that only those who knew nothing about the deterioration of the relationship between the emperor and the empress.

    “Now take a break. I caught the sick person and made a lot of noise.”

    As Lirian nodded her head, Kia I hesitated and handed her a book.

    “I don’t think I’m feeling well, so I think it’s inappropriate to give, but if you’re here alone, I’m bored.”

    No book was titled. Lilian put the book on the side of the cabinet, sorely.

    “It will help you get rid of your thoughts.”

    At the end of that, Keana left the bedroom. Lirian sits blankly for a while. She pulled out de Nice's letter that she had left under the pillow.

    <I want you to know that there is something other than pain and unhappiness...>

    Is it possible? Lirian recalled Kia Me, who talked about her mother's death calmly.

    I do not know. It became so vague that Lirian closed her eyes again.


    Carloy pondered days and days. How can we disappear from this world so that it will not leave a trace and have no effect on Lirian?

    The thought of having to die once and for all dominated his head with remarkable strength. It felt like I was just finding the right path and doing the right thing.

    He would have been better to believe he was missing than to be dead. If he thought he had run away, he would hate himself. Then he shouldn't have died in Purto....... How to get out of Purto. In order not to find a body, where does he have to die? I really wondered if I had to go to Lartua and die.

    And Asher, I had to put Asher apart. Unless Alexis does something urgent, it's always hovering around me.

    In the meantime, he had to do something else to finish, so he constantly thought of death with his head while doing something with his hands.

    “Will the laws related to illegitimate children be repealed within this month?”

    At Carloy's question, Alexis nodded with expressionless expression.

    ".....Yes. It would be easier than I thought because your Majesty threatened some of the nobles. There is something that Lady Keana has done, and change of perception is another matter."

    “A threat. Couldn’t all of them be deported because of their mingling with Delua? Troublesome. I just gave you one more option.”

    "Yes, you will. I don't know how you're doing this to deal with such humans."

    "There is no nobleman who will be on the king's side forever anyway."

    The Duke of Delua's record was second, and the power of the diary of the former Count An-Sen was great. He deserved to be called the murderer. It was terrifying to hide its existence from his children. There were even polite things written on it, so it was a fault if there were a lot of content, but there were many useful things.

    The young emperor, who overpowered the rebellion, worked fine these days without any rumors that he was crazy because of the empress, and the momentum was not scary. Many people stopped pounding the cubic child against the empress at the pressure given by the past as a reminder.

    The Empress abandoned Delua's castle. It is known that the Duke's victim, which was also the most severe victim, has reduced the number of people using words like this.

    “Do you need to give me a new surname? This is my Creutan anyway.”

    “...It would be better to have a name that doesn't have to be tied to me. If this is the king, then with the title.”

    "It seems to be unreasonable. It would be best to go somewhere as a foster daughter, because both the status and the last name are resolved immediately."

    As Alexis stared at the emperor who had no answer, the emperor looked away. For a few days, Alexis took care of herself as if he was observing it like that.

    He even thought about whether he noticed what he was thinking, but it couldn't be. Considering Alexis Duna's personality, he would have bruised him if he had known Karloi's plan.

    “Then, I ask the empress and do whatever he wants.”

    "....Do that."

    “Aren’t you going to the fortress?”

    “Because it helps that I can't see. And I wish I had some sort of La Sortio organized. So that there is no discomfort even if anyone stays."

    "I knew."

    Carlos looked up for a moment to see if it was amazed at Alexis, who gave an answer without asking why.

    “And I think I have to look at the Bernie border...”

    Karloy lengthened his words. There was no expression on Alexis' face, so it was difficult to read what he was thinking.

    "Are you saying you're going to Delua? Byeon Byeon-baek is a competent person."

    “It's not because I'm suspicious of Byeongbaek, but because I think it's better to keep it in at least once. Secondly, the place where the rebellion took place, and also look at Bernie.”

    "Okay, take Asher."

    Is it the end? Thinking he'd be nagging more, Carloy looked at Alexis for a while. However, Alexis was only ready to leave the office.

    “Do you have anything else to say?”


    Even after Alexis left, Carloy looked at the vacant seat for a while. But he immediately shook his head and let his thoughts go away.

    The important thing now was the contrast. He's ready for the back after he's gone. It was also important that Croisen should run without problems, but above all. Lirian had to be able to live without difficulty. If you are going to buy it.

    There was only one regret left for him. He said earlier that he should have done this. That he should have died earlier.


    It was the first time that Alexis visited the Empress alone. He wanted Mary Ann to pass it down, so I wondered how great he would say, but Alexis was silent.

    "Isn't it because I have something to say?"

    In the end, Lyrian first opened his mouth. Even when asked, Alexis had a sweet lips for quite some time. When he saw that, it looked similar to those who visited him for a while, and Lilian sighed and turned his head.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, if you're going to do it, don't do it."

    The apologies of others other than Hans Delua's apologies were meaningless. Besides, what exactly did Alexis do to him? He didn't even want to remember it, but even remembering it didn't seem like anything else had happened.

    It was difficult for him to feel free to accept, knowing that he was a similar victim. I'm more sorry that only the victims are left, was I a little better off, and how much of a feeling is the situation where it's easy to talk to me. Rather, the Duke of Delua, who had died, was the most comfortable.

    “.....Don’t do it, so I will quit.”

    I certainly didn't apologize, but it felt like I had received it.

    "And I think you will need a new surname, what do you want... There is also a way to enter the step-daughter. And......"

    Lyrian suddenly stares at Alexis, and Alexis blurs the end of his speech.

    “Is that urgent?”

    ".....No, it's not like that."

    “It doesn’t matter. It's bothersome to think about, and it's meaningless."

    As she listened to the empress's voice without an accent, Alexis looked at her face. Compared to when I was serious, I think my body has definitely improved...

    However, the pale face seemed somewhat breathtaking to think that he had improved his mind. It looked too calm.

    “I.... I want to leave this place first. I hope you can do that."

    Alexis recalled the emperor's words to keep La Sorthio in order. Did you ever notice that when the Empress wakes up she will think of leaving her?

    “La Sorthio from Lexem Sorta is empty. I will prepare it as soon as possible.”

    Lexem Sorta. At the moment of listening, a sharp pain passed through his chest. The place Denise wanted to go, the place he told me to go.

    Lilian nodded, wondering what the hell was going to be. She thought Kia My words that she lived because her mother hated her.

    She sees what her mother asks, and if she does what she asks, does this hell really make you flesh, I don't think it's at all. I'll see you even if it's coming. Had an idea.

    “Before I go there… I want to go to Delua.”

    “If you are doing this because of a memento... I will have someone else bring it. It's hard to touch it, so I left it as it is, but I'll take care of it and bring it."

    "No... rather than that."

    Even though I thought that I would never want to see it again because it was a terrible place, I also thought I wanted to see the place Denise last breathed. It may seem like you are stupidly looking for traces that weren't left, but I wanted to do that for the sake of organizing.

    It was obvious what Alexis was thinking, who looked at herself with her unusual expression, and Lyrian shed a grim smile.

    “Do you think you'll go that far to die? If I would have died, I would have already died here.... I would have died here a long time ago.”

    “......La Sorthio is too bad in Delua.”

    “If you're worried about my body, you don't have to. I feel like I'm getting better because someone heals without permission."

    It was Alexis who had seen someone a while ago.

    "I think the emperor is going to visit Delua anytime soon, will you be okay?"

    "I do not care. If you don't go with me, you still don't know, so I'd like to keep it a secret. I want to go as quietly as possible. Is it possible?"

    It wasn't easy, but it wasn't something you couldn't do. It seemed like I had to do this, but I wasn't curious about why the emperor was going to Delua.

    Alexis pondered for a long time. He continued all the way to the palace of the empress. He knows whether to tell this story to the empress or not.

    Karlois Croitan was preparing to die. He seemed to believe that he was secretly preparing well, but it was clearly visible in the eyes of Alexis right next to him.

    The idea was overlooked when he was preparing to give the Empress a new life, preparing to clear up Croisen's problems, and preparing to demand an enormous reward from Bernie. It was because I realized that what I didn't dry was useless in my experience. I didn't mean to let it die, though.

    The easiest way was, though. If the empress told me not to die, she said she probably wouldn't die. Another issue is whether to live sane.

    However, it was difficult for Alexis to know what the empress was thinking about the emperor.

    “......The emperor will hate you a lot.”

    Without knowing, he had to ask.

    “I'm tired of blaming him now.”

    An answer that was drier than I thought came back. But isn't that dryness more serious than hate?

    “If I die, will my heart feel better?”

    "Now... Are you asking if Carl dies, will my heart be okay?"

    It seemed that there was a bit of anger at the words spoken slowly. In any case, Alexis was planning to hide Karloy's crazy plans if the Empress said that.

    “Why the hell would that make my mind okay? No matter what he does, how can I be okay?"

    The Empress's answer was more ambiguous than Alexis expected.


    But even though it was an ambiguous answer, it sounded like he wouldn't care if Carloy died. Alexis decided not to speak to her empress. She would rather tell Asher.

    "Do you need anything more?"


    Alexis left the empress's bedroom in the same way as usual. Lyrian couldn't hide his shy expression and looked at the place where Alexis had left.

    I understand. What do you know. Why did you ask for that? Carloy wouldn't die anyway. Not a fool, he would have thought of dying because he would not have been sane when he was not sane, but he would have set up this castle now.

    Besides, he's not another person, he's an emperor, and he's not in a hurry to give up his life.

    Lirian stopped lying in bed again. I want to get away from all this. I want to leave.


    Three days later, the empress left Purtu. Hearing the decision to go to La Sor Tio, the emperor did not respond, as expected. Of course, Huang Hu and his party were not going to La Sorthio, but to Del Lua first, but no one other than Alexis knew about it.

    Half of her party, following her empress, was supposed to go first to La Sor Tio, and her half headed to Del Lua with the empress. Even if it wasn't, the small group was split in half, so it was noticeably reduced. Mary Ann and Jane were with the Empress, but Jimmy still had a lot to check, and she remained in Purtu.

    Alexis did his best. He kept the emperor's and empress's schedules as close as possible. Even if a few days overlap, the Emperor would stay with the Baek, and the Empress would stay at the Del Lua mansion, so she could pass without meeting. Although Alexis couldn't understand his desire to look back at that dark place.

    Although Karloi was anxious, thinking about being bullshit, Alexis believed in Asher. He believes, although Ragien Alexis is not a person who easily believes in anyone, and he wasn't exactly what Asher was trustworthy. But one love for Karl Roy was trustworthy.

    Rather, it was the empress's side that was more worried. She has no intention of dying, but her face doesn't look like that at all. She has a maid in front of Asher on the side of the empress, so she doesn't have any special masks.

    With this perfect preparation by Alexis Dunya, Lyrian was able to easily, comfortably and quickly descend to Delua. He was admirable for the ability of the duke.

    The only thing that bothered me was my body, which often got tired. However, he only had a feeling of fatigue, but the pain disappeared. Thanks to him, he poked into his head so easily that he would not think ...... I have an idea, who the pain went to.

    “The crazy guy.”

    He was a curse that came out without his knowledge. Mary Anne, who was sitting in front of her, flinched, and she swept her lips once in a whim.

    Crazy guy. No matter how deeply she swears, her heart was empty. What the hell am I to me.

    She tried hard not to do that, but when her focus was gradually returning, she recalled the past when she was bored. How Carloy found himself ...... How he cried ...... How did he cry and harass him? The past that doesn't help anything like this.

    Whenever I felt sick or wanted to die, I felt sad about it because it was worth living.

    "I think I've arrived."

    Mary Ann whispered, watching Lirian's eyes.

    Even if the peacock died, I thought the unpleasant gloomy was still there, but it wasn't. Lilian was confused for a moment at the mood that changed more than he thought. It seemed to be quite a big influence that the gloomy employees were changed to the courageous employees of the change bag Louisa Routin and the duke's items disappeared.

    “The Delua Tower is said to be free after your Majesty leaves.”

    Well, it would be better to get rid of that tower, as it would be nasty anyway.

    Lirian went into the tower without a word. And consolation, consolation, more consolation, a small, beautiful, but terrible room where even a little trace of Denise will remain.

    The room was the same. Furniture, windows, everything.

    The only difference was that there was no Denise, and that instead of the warmth, there was only cold.

    “I should have brought it properly… I’m running away in a hurry.”

    At Jane's words, Lirian shook her head slowly. She was grateful for just bringing the letter

    “......I want to be alone.”

    Mary Ann and Jane exchanged eyes with embarrassing expressions.

    “I can’t do it again, right? Even if you have no intention of dying, you must believe it.”

    “No… I’m just worried.”

    Lyrian, sitting carefully on the bed, swept the sheet.

    “......No dust.”

    It seemed that she had been cleaning up. Lyrian lay down slowly and buried her face on her pillow. Because she wants to smell.

    "Strange. When I lived here... I just liked that my mom wasn't sick. She believed that her mother would be happy too. The bed is soft, the room is spacious and pretty, and the medicine is constant.."

    Lirian touched her pillow.

    She said, "But now I don't know. Why did she think she would be happy when she locked her mother in this small room... in this one room?"

    Mary Ann took tears, but Jane replied quietly.

    "Don't feel like everything is meaningless just because the end....."

    Jane has been with Denis for the longest time after Lyrian, and she knows de Nis very well.

    She said, “You spent a lot of time with Denise until you became empress. Was it all unfortunate?"

    Lirian shook her head slowly in response to a cautious question.

    “When your Majesty reads a book, when you show off your new clothes, when you eat something delicious, as if Denise was happy... When Denise laughs, when Denise is taking a walk, when you hug your Majesty. I remember, Your Majesty laughed too, as long as it was on a lie.”

    Actually, she was even older than Jane was Lillian, but she was more like her older sister following today.

    “We were together. Denise too... I would have been happy that time. No, I was happy. That memory of her allowed her to survive the time without her Majesty.”

    Worried that Lirian would cry again, Jane carefully looked over her face on her pillow. However, there wasn't a big change in the face except that it was a little sad.

    “Thanks, Jane. For staying with her mom.”

    “No… Did you do anything special, I’m going…”

    There was a moment of silence in the room. Lilian is fiddling with her pillowcase and she discovers that she is weird. There were piles of paper stuck between the pillowcases.

    "What is this?"

    "What? What is it?"

    Some papers looked like they were torn from a book, and others looked like Denise himself wrote them down.

    "uh? This is my font, was it a memo?"

    Jane muttered over the stack of papers. There wasn't much content.

    In a novel, a woman playing the piano, traveling, learning a foreign language, or marvelous flowers blooming only in Mach ripped from a history book, famous foods of Solta and Milte.... Denisna Tourist attractions written in Jane's handwriting... The content was Junggu Heating.

    "Ah.... That's why you asked me to write it."

    Jane muttered in a moist voice.

    “If I read anything, I always said that it would be nice to try such a thing as well, but the Duke was regretting that she only raised the young lady in the mansion.”

    Lilian, who tried to turn the papers with a trembling hand, couldn't see everything until the end, and quickly buried it on the pillow again.

    How to do this. How do I do this by myself I would only be bothered because of my mom's thoughts.

    The words that could not be spoken were buried in the cloth and disappeared. When will the pain of this loss disappear? It was terrible. Silence came to the room again.


    It was dawn when I opened my eyes. The sky from the window was dark. She stood in the room and couldn't leave Lyrian alone, who would sleep on this bed, and Mary Ann was sleeping on the sofa next to her.

    Lyrian got up from bed, leaned against her window and looked out. its sillent. It was breathtaking, far below, and Denis threw a spring out of the sphere. Suddenly, the impulse of Chimi gave Liri-in strength to the hand that held the shim frame.

    Easy blood ...... Mom doesn't know, someone whispered in her head.

    Whether I listened to her mother and lived sick of her, she wouldn't know where she's dying anyway. All of these things that would make no sense at once.....

    Certainly she didn't come to die, but as she sat by the window she felt a terrifyingly vivid and vivid impulse. Lirian was blank for a moment, and she looked out the window.

    But why do you hesitate? It felt stuffy as if something was stuck in her neck, or even her chest.

    <I wish I wasn't your prison.>

    Denise's voice seemed to be heard. If he dies this way, will Denise really think he was a prison? He would have liked it if he hadn't read the letter, but he hated Denise and hated Denise.

    On the bed, you read, but there were piles of papers on you. While touching the papers with one hand and her window sill with one hand, Lirian eventually buried her face by the window.

    No. I can't.

    She couldn't even die. Eventually she was in tears. Her chest was pounding and her eyes were cold.


    She hugged Lirian, who was eager to see Mary Ann wake up.

    “It’s okay, it’s okay…”

    She wasn't okay at all, but not at all, but she understood the words.

    She had to be okay. I can't make the time I spent with Denise like nothing. It should be okay. He couldn't make De Nice like a meaningless person.

    Early that morning, Lirian left De Nice with her heart.

    Hello mom.

    Lirian said her greetings in the heart. I love you too, say I love you,


    Louisa Lou Tang, who saw the face of Carloy, made no effort to hide his surprise.

    “No, what's going on with Purtu?”

    He surely heard that he was cooking the nobles around with excitement, but looking at his face, it was very bad. It was no different from the time of the uprising.

    "not really."

    The short answer as always came back. Why is the voice that shape again?

    "You don't look good, but for some reason... I wasn't so hot."

    "It's not like that, so don't go far."

    I felt tired from my clerical tone. Byeon Baek recalled the message of Duna who received it a while ago. The Empress is in Deluard, but the Emperor doesn't know it, and tells you to keep it a secret.

    What the hell is it? But I didn't vomit because it was Dunya's words.

    Byeon Byeong-baek thanked that Saesam himself was not a monarchy. Louisa Routine never liked Sudo.

    "I'm here to see the Bernie border."

    "Werny? It's been a while since you were bitten by all of the soldiers. You've been crawling very closely right now."

    “Because I don't know what else to do. I won't give up like this.”

    It wasn't wrong.

    "Hey, I'm going to do that shit all the time right before I get rid of it on the map. Besides, I can't control it because of the magic."

    "right. I wouldn't be surprised how Bernie killed me. Because the more there is no way, the more people become reckless. Again, it was reckless enough.”

    Louisa frowned at the words spoken carelessly. Soon, Asher, who had a similar expression, made eye contact.

    That Mahain was that fat face all the time before he set foot on Markia. There seemed to be only serious fire, but the emperor didn't seem to care much.

    “What would you do so far? His Majesty is striking the border, so he will not be able to touch a single finger.”

    "okay? I'm relieved. There's nothing to delay, so I'll see you tonight.”

    “Is it at night?”

    “You’re going to see something great in broad daylight.”

    “That’s the case…”

    The young emperor was still difficult to understand.

    Honestly, what more will Bernie do to this game? Bernie has already touched not only Croisen, but also the planting of Lartua and Mach. The reason other countries have left Bernie's territory still is because the barren and cold land is really useless.

    However, if Bernie continued to behave like that, things would change quite a bit, so he would have been silent for a while. The emperor would not know all this, and Louisa shrugged his shoulders. What do you have in mind.

    “I'm a little tired after coming a long way. I have to go in and rest.”

    Seeing the emperor who seemed to be truly tired, Louis Ja Rutin guided him to the place he had prepared his best.


    It was unexpected that Asher came to Delua. He asked Dunya to keep it a secret, so of course, Carloi's subordinate Asher shouldn't know. But why.

    "Are you here to die too?"

    Is it like this unexpectedly appearing and making bullshit?

    Originally, he was going to start right away for La Sor Tio, but his body got a little tired, so he pushed it back a day. In the garden, the things Denise liked were in their eyes, and Asher appeared among the flowers.

    Lirian asked with a wide expression while holding a bouquet.

    “How did you know I was here?”


    "I asked you to keep it a secret."

    Asher rolled his eyeballs. It was a familiar expression.

    “You're not listening to something dunya. What else are you breaking?”

    Asher pouted his mouth with a soft bruise.

    Alexis Dunya held Asher for two days before leaving for Delua and trained him to be bored. Carloy is going to do a crap, so you have to stop it, but don't do what you want, do what he tells you, blah blah.

    I was bored and thought I was going to die, so Asher yawned and asked. I just asked her if I could simply ask her empress, and now the emperor would listen to whatever the empress was saying, she would listen to whatever it was, but why would I go back to my best way.

    At best, I said it, but Alexis looked at Asher full of criticism.

    <If you hear such a word, how will the empress feel? I'm not talking about it right now. Without the empress knowing, we have to take care of it.>

    How do you feel? Asher didn't know that. It's unlikely that the Empress would be sad that Carloy is dying. What's your feeling? This isn't a difficult request, so why don't you accept it?

    “What else to do.”

    Asher, momentarily locked in his impatient rebellion against Duna, lifted his head to Lyrian's voice.

    "Would you like your Majesty to die?"

    Ha. Lirian sighed. Asher's question is, Asher's actions have always been sudden. There was no context.

    "take no interest."

    It doesn't seem like a very good answer, but Asher's expression brightened.

    “I hate dying. Yes?"

    "It's not like that."

    No, first of all, I was upset about why everyone thought Carloy would die. He hasn't even died of his own car, but why does Karlois. How do you mean he could die without permission.

    Asher, who noticed for a moment when she saw Lirian's expression turned negative, hesitated, said.

    “…..I remember saying you were going to pay me back.”

    That said, Lirian was bound to be generous. After all, Asher was the one who helped him. Lirian nodded her head small.

    "Then, you have a place to go with me tonight."


    "Well. First of all, Marchia.”

    “Would you please explain me properly. Don't make people stuffy.”

    "If you explain, I don't think you'll listen....."

    "I'll listen. Promise me."

    Asher looked into the air as if thinking for a moment.

    "Well. I think his Majesty will die.”

    Flowers fell from Lirian's hand.


    “You don’t have to come because Byeon Baek said that he would be with you.”

    It was a lie. He told the Bosian Baek that he would only look around Asher and Markia and come. He was tired and wanted to see the border well in a few days.

    Asher admired Alexis when he saw Karloi speaking exactly as Alexis had expected, but outwardly nodded.

    Alexis told him to nod at what Carloy was saying. He told me to pretend to listen to the order, and to pretend to listen and stop at the scene because if he obstructed it tinkeringly, he might think of another number for nothing.

    But do you know what's going to happen? It was hard to stop someone trying to die. So Asher prepared a sure way. Although he was very hard to prepare.

    That way, the Empress might never have moved if he hadn't raised favor.

    "..... why are you so compliant today?"

    “I always did.”

    I became more suspicious. However, Karloy-received doubts and checked the plan again.

    He wanted to die completely. So that no traces are left. So that nothing of himself torment Lirian anymore.

    You can't hide from Alexis or Asher that you've given up on your own, but when you'll find out anyway, it's after he's gone.

    They too would use Karloi's death in a way that would benefit Croixen as much as possible. Above all, is Alexis Dunya smart?

    To do that, if only the body was not found, it was enough. And he knew the best place to do that.

    “Do not useless accidents and stay still.”

    At the moment, Asher's face became sharp. Who is going to buy an accident... Who is suffering from that... But I couldn't express myself, so I just shut up.

    Carloy ran through the gates and ran. He had to hurry to get from here to the depths of the dark forest.

    The dark forest is a place where the corpse feeds on nutrients and grows, where the first human beings of Croisen were born and the magi is strong. This place mixed with the Vernier magic, and numerous bodies piled up, and the tone became stronger. From the moment my breath fell, the corruption would take place quickly.

    There was no hesitation on the whole road to the forest. He knew well that if he died, everything would not go back. He just felt like he was doing what he had to do.

    After he had done he left late in the evening, and it was dawn when he entered the woods. The moonlight was brighter than I thought, so Carloy felt strange for a moment. Because he wanted to die where no one would ever see. He wanted no one to know. Even the gaze of the moon was unpleasant.

    Leaning against the base of a tree on the black ground, holding a breath for a moment, Carloy pulled out the vial. I would quit my life without regrets like this, what is this.... I smiled without any regrets.

    If there is one regret, if there is only one thing, I wanted to see Lilian last. So how lucky he is. Because I can't see Li Lian. It would have been the end that was too undeserved.

    In his head, he could hear Lyrian crying and whispering that he was sorry. After that day, he suffered a terrible headache. It was the most painful and saddest word I heard from Lyrian.

    Why should I be sorry? you. When I heard that thought, the regret that I had had disappeared. Carloy inadvertently opened the lid of the vial. As soon as I tried to bring it to his mouth, something suddenly struck the vial from above. Liquid poured Kahi over Roy's lap.

    It was Asher's sheath. Asher hung on the tree and hit the vial. Then, with an easy-going expression, he lifted himself up and sat down on a branch.


    It wasn't surprisingly surprising. Somehow, I thought I was too grieved.

    “I know why you are doing this.”

    When I thought I was going to get angry, Carloy was a calm voice. Asher looked down at Karloy, unable to hide his doubts.

    “You are now safe in Croixen even without me. So there is no need to do this.”

    Asher blinked. He wasn't even aware of it. Without Carloy, he wouldn't have to go back to Mach himself. But.......

    "......Asher. If you pity me a little, if you thank me a little, just leave it alone."

    Asher was confused by the voice she heard for the first time, and looked at Carloy without knowing what to do.


    The orders were familiar, but the requests were not. Rather, the order could have been ignored, but the request was the first. Carloy who said that seemed so painful... Asher really got confused.

    Carlo I, who watched Asher's confusion, pulled the vial out of his arms at some point. Before Asher could do anything, Carlo opened the lid and held it in his mouth. When I felt the liquid flowing through my throat, suddenly something struck the vial again. This time the vial rolled and broke.

    Carloy looked up blankly while swallowing what was flowing. Lyrian stood in front of him with a pale face. It's not a drug that has hallucinogenic effects. Carloy thought, vomiting a cough.

    "You. How are you."

    Hearing the voices, it really seems to be there, but I couldn't understand why the Lyrian, which should be in Lexem Sorta, is here. His head was dizzy.

    match. With a sharp sound, Karloy's face turned. Only then did his mind flash. Karloy raised his head and looked up at Lyrian standing in front of him with trembling eyes.

    “What the hell, how. You are here."

    From his burning throat, Karloy's voice broke off. Then Asher, who was sitting in her heart, quickly stepped out of the tree and bounced off somewhere.

    "You.... Are you really trying to die?"

    I couldn't believe it. Even when Asher said that, he was brought here without believing it all. Even when Carloy was holding a bottle of medicine, it was no wonder. surely. Will Carloy do this at this time?

    However, there was no regret, no hesitation, in all the movements of inhaling poison. Then Lirian knew. Carl really was going to die, because he had a plan.

    It was goosebumps. The fact that if I hadn't been confident, I really, really would have died like this.

    "Why are you here. Why are you."

    Carloy messed with his head as if it was plucked. A cub like a life-size. I was showing this form because I couldn't even search properly. I was sick of this suicide sensitivity. He was bored of himself.

    "Why are you really doing this?"

    Lyrian, who asked in a trembling voice, finally sat down in front of Carloy.

    “I can’t die, so I live like this! I'm doing this because it's so hard to die, but what are you doing?”

    Unable to bear his anger, Lirian grabbed and shook Karlroy's fat. If I could, I wanted to hit the cheek even more.

    Vials fell from Karl Roy's body, which was shaking as Lirian shook. Seeing the jars of poison that were rolling and rolling on the floor, Lirian let go of his hand from holding Karloy.

    As he tried to pick up the rolling bottle, Carloy grabbed the hand. With a hand too weak to snatch, a hand too trembling.

    "No, don't touch it. It's dangerous."

    “How are you doing this to me. How to end....... torment me till the end."

    Carloy didn't even hold Lilian's hand for long. He did, but he couldn't even let go. His trembling hand rested on Lyrian's finger, barely one of his fingers.

    "I'm sorry... I can't think of a way other than this."

    On one finger, the big man cried widely.

    “I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Lirian. I think this is the best. I am alive because it is too much pain for you and for you. I tried to die so that I wouldn't hurt you. I did... I'm sorry."

    Everything he said was amazing. It was an insane kittens.

    “I didn’t want to make you say sorry to me or even say I’m sorry…”

    You wanted to die just because you heard one saying that you're sorry. I met him here and saved him, and now he was about to die here.

    Lyrian realized instinctively. That Carlo I regrets surviving that time as a child. At the moment of realization, all kinds of emotions came to me like pain.

    “......There is nothing in your life except me? What am I to you What you know about me, how long do you know, how long you've known me, I mean you. Apart from me, there is no reason to live, no reason to die?"

    Lirian's voice grew higher and higher. Carloy's body trembled without ejaculation. I thought that was the answer.

    “Why are you really doing this…”

    In the end, Lirian was young at the end of her words. This bad guy made her sad. How, how, if she lived, she wanted to shout, “How could she be a human being like herself, one person could be the only meaning?”

    “Why did you live so poorly? Why do I live so unhappy that I can't even hate you any way I want.”

    Lirian sat down and wept. Whatever it is, anything in the middle of it hurts a person. And it wasn't Karlroy. It was always Lyrian. It was always Lyrian's heart.

    A heart that cannot kill him or save him. A heart that can neither love nor hate him.

    My own midst was the most painful.

    “How do you do this. Why live like this so I can't even get mad at you...

    At those words, Karloy raised his head. He wiped Lyrian's tears with trembling hands.

    ".... no. I lived happily and well. I ate well and lived well. There was no such thing as misfortune. I just lived well when you were hard."

    The appearance of using her flag and trying to lie further broke Li Lian. As Lyrian's cry grew louder, Carloi raised his hand with a painful face.

    "Lian, please... Really. I lived well. I lived with all that I would enjoy in a good place. I was happy. There is no reason not to do so. So, I am full."

    I felt like I was going to die from this nerd who only lied in the bullshit saying that I would try to comfort myself. Every word he uttered, every lie made Lyrian sick. In fact, he knows that he has never lived well for a single moment and has never been happy for a single moment.

    “So you can hate it. You can be angry.”

    "Bastards ..."

    “Please, Lirian, don't cry. That's right, I did it wrong. I'm all... So don't cry, please."

    His hand, which had no place to go, finally wiped away Lyrian's tears again clumsy. Lilian thought of how much he had wiped away his tears from that painful Furtu.

    He is the one who wants not to cry while making himself cry every time.

    Lyrian realized that it was time to really finish all of this.

    17. Lilian and Karloy (1)

    Carloy passed out on Lyrian's shoulder, coughing and nausea severely. Instead of Lirian, who couldn't do anything with shock, Asher came with medicine from somewhere, fed him, and made him vomit, and took him to Deluiser.

    Lirian could breathe only when Asher said that he hadn't drunk very much and that he would not die. After confirming Lyrian, Asher went to pick up the therapist again. Although he looked the most fine of the three, Asher was also a stupid expression.

    Lyrian stared for a very long time at the face of Carloi lying on Denise's bed. He who was saved one day became a man who grew up like this.

    In this room, Lirian struggled with Denise. It was time to send Karloy. While the new wall was brightening, Lirian thought of Karloy.

    After a while, Lilian stroked the face very carefully. Why did this have to be so difficult? When I reach out, I can reach you.

    The transparent light of the sun rising at dawn shone on a shaggy face. I look down on that face for a while. Lilian muttered more.


    There was no answer. Lirian whispered without hesitation.

    “You probably don't know. If a person eats and sleeps, if it is too hard to eat and live... the thoughts disappear. But I don't know if I don't have any thoughts."

    A calm voice spread throughout the room.

    “This is different from unfortunate….. Because I don't have time to do what I mean. That's why it must have been. It was so strange that you told me to run away.”

    Li Lian thought long after she broke up with Carl on a young day. Maybe he wasn't in love with Roy at first sight at that time, and he was so pretty, so different.

    “I knew this when I was saving you. I can think about it. Helping bad things, stealing, getting something to eat and living with my mom..... I had no idea. There is no need to think about it, and there is no time.”

    Carloy's eyes seemed to tremble slightly.

    “But when I saved you and saved you, when I came to you, I knew then. There are ideas about people's lives, and there are things that are worthwhile..... Mom meant to me, but you were... rewarding.”

    I remembered what Carl said when I was younger. He went back alive and said he said he was hell. Now I understood the words, so Lirian felt heartbroken.

    It would have been nice if he didn't know himself, or Carloy, or anything like that, but maybe he had obtained a knife at random.

    "So even though it was hard... I didn't regret meeting you or saving you. It's stupid, and I'm so proud of it... Because it's the brightest and best thing I've ever done."

    And because you were alive.

    I felt like I was going to tears, but I was patient. Now it was time to stop crying.

    “When my day feels like nothing, when I think of it, it's really funny... it makes me feel better. You'll be alive somewhere. But the knife... now..."

    Lyrian touched the cheek of the sword with his trembling hand.

    “I regret it now. Everything that met you, saved you, everything. That's why you're so... poor. really sorry. So it hurts when I see you. Now... it's so hard."

    “..... I don’t have to.”

    The answer came for the first time. Still with closed eyes, with a voice all cracked, Karloy replied.

    “I'm not sorry, and you don't have to be sorry.”

    "It's weird. You should have had more than me. But I hate and resent that you are the only one left in your life, and that you give me all that you have so easily. But Delua made you that way." Crab...... My heart hurts.”

    I saw Carloy biting her lips. Lyrian slowly put his finger on the lips and gently swept it. It was rough.

    "Kal, don't die."

    There was no answer.

    “Do not die, live. Now it's useless to regret saving you. If you die, then what remains in my life? What made me save you. For what reason... I lost my mom.”

    Carlos still didn't open his eyes. As if you couldn't see Lilian.

    “Even if it's regrettable or difficult, so you have to keep living. Don't make my life meaningless. I... so I won't regret it anymore."

    Maybe it was because I was so nervous, the words trembled.

    Tears flowed from Carloy's eyes. Lyrian carefully covered Karloy's eyes with one hand. A sore bite soaked her hand.

    Lirian whispered quietly.

    “Cry. But you know. Cry a little. Just enough to not hurt too much....... Just a little. Because many of you have been sick too much. So just a little”

    Carloy clenched her teeth, but seemed to hear a faint groan-like cry.

    "You haven't kept my promises so far. You can keep all of this."

    His hands were wet. There was no answer.


    “… .Huh."

    “I will live.”

    “.....I will.”

    “I can’t live roughly. You have to live hard."

    There was no answer for a while. After a while, the answer came out slowly, as if squeezed. I'll do that. Only two words came out so hard. With a sore throat.

    "I'll cry a little bit. I'll get sick a little bit."


    “... then that’s it.”

    Carloy's body seemed to be trembling. Lirian grabbed his hesitant hand and put it on my hand. His hand covering the sword's eyes. Even the touch it touched was cautious.

    “If you continue to live like that, I will have meaning too. Someday you will find a reason. There may be times when you don't regret it. Maybe... I'm not confident either.”

    Carloy couldn't even hold Lilian's hand hard.


    That one word came out in a locked voice, as if bursting out of Carloy's impatience.

    Karloy had told Lyrian not to say he was sorry. Lyrian thought that now Kahe should stop Roy. I hoped that I would stop saying that in such a painful and difficult voice. Carloy's hand continued to shake, so Lirian buried his face on it. I felt Carloy's whole body stiffened.


    “Yes, I know. Know......."

    Lyrian buried his face in Karloi's hand and whispered constantly. I know everything. Carl didn't say anymore if he understood that it was saying stop sorry. However, Karloi's tears were still on Lyrian's hand.

    "......Cry a little. I haven't been watching it already."




    Karloi kept calling only Lyrian's name. He tried not to cry, but a very little tear came from his voice.

    Just as Carlos couldn't ask if he could meet again, Lyrian couldn't even say to see him again. Too many pills already made them sick.

    "Hi, Carl."

    Lyrian greeted her with what she had until the end, the only thing that remained with her until the end. In order not to break it. To make sure it doesn't break Lilian.

    Lyrian asked Karloi to promise one more last time. He asked him not to open his eyes until he left, and he said that he would be so sad if he thought that Carl was looking behind him, and he still hated Carloy, but he was sad that he was having a hard time even though he did not like it, so he told him not to open his eyes.

    If he keeps his promises like this one by one, Lirian said, he may be able to stop hating even if he can't get better.

    Carloy didn't even want anything like that. He doesn't like him or likes him ....... Such things ....... But Carloi didn't want to make Lyrian sad anymore. He didn't want him to be sad because of it. I didn't want any emotions to be wasted on him. So he nodded his head.

    Carloi kept his eyes closed with his arm on his forehead until the warmth that had reached his hand disappeared, the sound of Lyrian moving, and the sound of the door closing could be heard. Finally, when Lilian was completely gone, he opened his eyes only after he disappeared, as if he had never been with him.

    There was no trace. He was bright in the dawn, and he made Lee stand out more. Carloy couldn't move and cried for a long time. He thought he wasn't deserving of crying, and he even asked him evil, but to no avail.

    Because he lost the only valuable thing in his life, the beautiful thing. But soon he thought. He actually said he never had.


    Lexem Sorta was the main territory of the former kingdom of Solta. It was merged with Croisen more than 200 years ago and became the Grand Duchy of Solta. When almost all of the royal families died, it was transformed into a general estate. The different intensity of sunlight indicated that Lexem Sorta entered the most fertile and fertile land.

    “How is your body?”


    Mary-Ann carefully asked Lirian as he got off the wagon. Contrary to worries, Lilian's voice was calm.

    Worrying about, Lyrian didn't say a word while leaving Delua to Lexem Sorta. He wasn't making any noise, his face wasn't distorted, he wasn't crying, he just sat still. As she touched her necklace, which contained De Nice's remains.

    It was the first time I walked away from Delua that the neck hangings matched Lirian very well, making Mary Anne's mood strange. Can this sad neck hook be so beautiful?

    Anyway, Lirian came to Lexem Sorta like that without much agitation. Still, Lirian looked sad. She shapes people with sorrow. She seemed to look like her Lilian cotton.

    “This is Solis Hill, the Duke of Duna said that a person would be greeted over here.”

    Lirian closed her eyes for a moment. The sunlight was very warm. The warmth surrounding her body was awkward. No, it seemed to permeate, not to embrace.

    “When you stand here, you can see the Delfinan River and Lexem Sorta at a glance. They say that it is famous for plantain, wow, Your Majesty!"

    First, Jane, who was up the hill, exclaimed. Lyrian slowly climbed the hill.

    “Look over there. Looks like that's the La Sorti Palace.”

    Purtu was gorgeous, and Delua was grand. I saw things that were beautiful enough to feel overbearing. But Lexem Sorta was completely different.

    Lirian briefly loses her words, and she looks down at the scenery beneath the hill. The setting sun was beautifully hung on the elegant spire of La Sorti, and the sunlight spread like a wave, enveloping the beautiful stone buildings hanging on either side.

    She knew for the first time that even in the sunlight, there was a sparkle like moisture. The shimmering, shimmering scarlet light spreading softly and naturally connected with the waves of the Delfinan River, where the sun was about to sink.

    Green land spread out over the river, and small buildings decorated with large and crude decorations peculiar to Solta were gathered.

    “..... is it pretty?”

    Mary Ann whispered. Lyrian barely nodded with her throat chopped. Lyrian thought of Denise, looking down at the city of the twinkling sun. Tears tried to burst out, but Lirian gave his eyes strength.

    Denise was right. There were certainly other things in this world besides suffering and unhappiness. Things Li Lian never saw, things she didn't know.

    Aside from Denis's arms, there must be a warm place. Even though Denise was so missing from the world, the things that existed were still there. So beautifully..


    “How on earth did La Sorthio become a mad man sanatorium, Won.”

    “You have to learn to watch your mouth first, Becks.”

    Bex, the master commander, who thought there was no one, and flirted alone, was surprised by the soft voice of Rio from behind.

    "People say that it tastes good to go to Lupus without your skill in your food? You know that skill is good, but you make fun of it. You will go to Lupus from the beginning."

    “Ayu, my wife said such a terrifying word... But I thought she would come a little late. With His Majesty the Empress."

    "I stopped by for a while on the way. People like you can join us for a while."

    Olivia Donata, the wife of Count Solis, the lord of Lexem Sorta, was an old lady with her grayish hair curled up gracefully.

    Olivia, who was only born and raised in her Lexem Sorta, and a sideline to the former Solta royalty, had the tranquility and laid-back peculiar to her Soltain, but her graceful dignity she had made her look like a neatly ordered person.

    "No, well......... I would never say that if I knew who was there. And the Duke of Dunya lived half-mindedly a while ago, and her Majesty also said what was it, he was sick. I'm worried. I said it because of this.”

    "Hmm. Wrapping horses isn't as good as decorating a cake.”

    With the bruises given like a joke, Becks simply raised his gaze. Anyway, I didn't say anything wrong.

    What does it mean that the imperial healer first arrived in La Sorthio, and even Nya did not come to La Sorthio with the healer after he was always looking at the lake.

    Olivia Donata and Chef Becks were the people who lived in the Count's book, but when the Empress stayed in La Sorthio, she took over the administration of the palace.

    “This place is different from the Count's work, so be careful with such self-talk now. When I'm worried about that, I try to regain the appetite of Her Majesty with her skill.”

    “Oh, of course. By the way, when is La Sorthio beautiful to see? Actually, I'm happy to be here.”

    Vex's cheeky face turned red with pride. Olivia nodded her head as she gazed for a moment at the palace that her ancestors had built in the past.

    She said, "It would be better if the Empress liked her too."

    The story of her empress from Alexis Dunya was a story that she would not hear without her tears. Olivia is a man who doesn't have much tears, and when she heard the story, she cried in as many as 20 years.

    She wasn't unaware of Del Lua's tyranny, but, as always, the capital's work felt a bit far from Lexem Sorta. However, her empress's circumstances were sad enough to close her distance at once.

    Olivia Donata, she set out on her path, wondering how to comfort her sick empress here.


    Upon first seeing her empress, she thought Olivia. She said comforting this woman would be terribly difficult.

    "It's an honor to meet your Majesty the Empress," she said. "It's Olivia Donata. I'll take you to La Sor Tio so you don't feel comfortable."

    “The Countess Solis.”

    "Please call me Olivia."

    The empress slightly nodded her head, and she didn't call her name. It was rather easy to deal with people who express their emotions violently. Like the empress now, she was more difficult to be a calm person on the outside.

    She was by the way, she was a great beauty. Her body is bad. She was high, she heard, and she thought that if she had a complete illness, but that degree ...... When she was healthy, the Solta painters would not stop worshiping them, she thought inwardly of the Countess.

    She was also a face that made Hans reminiscent of Dellua's youthful enemy. No one knows that she is as crazy as that human beauty, and that she is just as crazy as her personality. When she saw that face, she thought that Huang I was pretty tough.

    When she thinks of Del Lua, she doesn't seem to have a good relationship, but when she sees hundreds of orders to take care of the empress, she doesn't seem to be either.

    Even in her carriage, the Empress didn't say much. Her hand-in-law and the women who appear to be hand-in-law were busy watching the empress's notice. She seemed to be worried about the empress.

    “How about Lexem Sorta? Do you like her?”

    At Olivia's tender question, the Empress briefly looked into her eyes. The old lady had a very good voice.

    “...It looks like a beautiful place.”

    Whenever I heard it, I was satisfied and proud. Olivia smiled lightly.

    “Oh, your Majesty's therapist is arriving first at La Sorthio.”

    “The therapist? what......"

    “What was your name. I think it was Amos Wright, but I think he was the healer sent by the emperor, but he thought that his Majesty would arrive first.”

    It was Karloy's therapist. Lirian's face darkened for a moment. Carlos even drank poison....... How do I send the best therapist to me?

    But soon he erased that thought. Because Karl Roy made a promise this time. He said he would live, and he finally arrived in La Sor Tio, so he was able to drive away the idea of a job. No, it seemed correct to say that La Sortio was so beautiful that it made it impossible to think about anything else.

    Obviously, the size was smaller than the Furtu, and it was not as flashy as the Furtu. However, the finely painted decorations on the buildings made of pale reddish bricks were elaborate and beautiful enough to catch the eye. Even the ivy climbing the wall of the building matched well.

    "Are you okay?"

    Mary Ann carefully asked Lirian, who was looking at La Sor Tio without saying anything.

    ".....Huh. It’s beautiful.”

    Above all, there was a sun in La Sorthio. The sun seen in La Sorthio was just like the last decoration painted by the artist for La Sorthio. As long as the sun rose, no place could be more beautiful than this palace.

    A light smile spread over Olivia's face again. With a satisfied expression, the Countess briefly introduced the employees.

    “Should you eat dinner, right?”

    “I’m a little tired after coming a long way. I can't do it today.”

    At the words of the Empress, Chef Becks cried as if the world had collapsed. Olivia Donata did not vomit and immediately led the empress into her bedroom.

    Outside the bedroom, a therapist who had seen boredom in Purtu was waiting for Lirian. The therapist watched Lirian drink her medicine all the way with her axe eyes open.

    “I have told you many times, but you should never neglect to take it. Because poison is not cured in a short period of time, you need to eat it firmly, but not too nervously.”


    "How about a headache?"

    "Similar to usual."

    "What about a nightmare?"


    The stem was reduced. More than frequency. The nightmare before that was so vivid that it was difficult to distinguish between dreams and reality. He seemed to hear hallucinations even after waking up. The nightmares I had after taking the medicine were usually at the same level as I had always had. Those things that the peacock had been working on even before he died.

    “It's my first time seeing such a poison, so it's difficult to cure it quickly, but I'll be able to make better medicines over time. do not worry."

    "Is it okay if you are here? The capital would be more comfortable."

    "My family came with me, and I think I'm on vacation. In Purtu..."

    As if the therapist shuddered, the words were blurred. Seeing the shabby empress in front of me, I wasn't so unnoticed that I was in trouble.

    I wasn't worried about the emperor, but he couldn't refuse the order, and it would be okay because he was good at Insu-in.

    "You'll be fine for the emperor. Don't worry too much, take a rest."

    Lirian nodded her head. As far as her therapist left the bedroom, the neat room became quiet.

    There was a warmth in La Sorthio. No, there seemed to be warmth everywhere in Lexem Sorta. It was hard to feel in Purtuna Delua.

    Lirian touched her necklace. If she had lived in a place like this, she probably wouldn't have been sick of de Nice. Although she is a useless family.


    Contrary to the idea of A Moss Wright, Karl Roy's new therapist was blaming her predecessor as if it were going to kill. He said he had everything organized, he said he would just do what he did.

    Despite the conviction of his predecessor, the emperor was poisoned somewhere and returned to Purtu. Mahain, who was next to him, said that the condition wasn't so bad, but it suddenly deteriorated on the way up. Where the hell came this poison, I picked it up and ate it.

    What if it was a poison that he didn't know about, or if the Huang had swallowed a lethal dose? Go, my throat would have blown right away.

    Sweating next to the emperor who was making bullshit with high fever, the new therapist swears inside. Some of them were in Lexem Sorta, and others were staying up all night from the first day of work.


    In the morning, the Empress had no appetite, so she was once again disappointed by the maid-in-law's request for a simple preparation. The cold-impressed empress gives off an atmosphere that his appetite for a lifetime will never return, but he wonders when he will be able to show his skills.

    But he knew how to make a difference even in small dishes if it were a true chef. The people of Lexem Sorta praised Lupus for the skill of Vex, but if you don't know, you want to hear from the monk at least once. Especially if he's not just a capital city, but a Purtu's man. He was the empress!

    He sent the mushroom-filled onion soup made with all his might, bread lightly moistened with meat gravy, and fresh asparagus and celery, along with fruits, to the empress's bedroom.

    “I don’t have a taste for it, so maybe I can eat lunch for the first time…”

    Lirian muttered weakly, but Mary Anne didn't even move. Olivia Donata, who was watching her, decided that she seemed to be a person with a pulpit in the area where she needed a maid.

    “Take three mouths. Then I won’t really bother you.”

    The small number moved her heart, and the Empress carefully lifted the spoon. The hot soup ran over the dry lips of the empress. Lirian blinked her eyes for a moment.

    “......It's delicious.”

    There is no chef like Becks anywhere in the world. Olivia, who believes it, thought it was a very stingy compliment, but her maid-in-chief's face was brighter than the sun of Lexem Sorta.


    It was the taste of the food that felt really fresh, so that the taste itself was absurd. A light appetite bloomed from under the stomach. Lilian ate the soup five times, ate about two bites of bread, and emptied about a third of the vegetables.

    At her heinous meals, Olivia looked at the empress with her anxious face, but her maid-in-chief and the maid, who seemed to be her daughter, seemed to be on the verge of crying, overwhelmed by her emotions. As I watched it, I got a rough idea of what the Empress in Purtu was like.

    "Is it because the place has changed? I think her face has become a little okay."

    At the words of the maid, Olivia again glanced at her empress's face. That her face has improved....... Her expression of Olivia was also blurred, wondering how the hell empress had been with Four Two in the meantime.

    However, Lirian agreed to some extent with her Mary Ann. It wasn't until she came to La Sor Tio that she realized how hard it was for Purtu.

    "Is there anything else you want to do? Like something you want to see."

    At Olivia's question, the empress quietly shook her head.

    "Hmm. Then, would you like to take a break and take a look at La Sorti during the day? There are many beautiful places in the palace. If you are unwilling, you can see it next time."

    Olivia's way of speaking had a side that made it difficult for people to refuse. I didn't know if it was due to the specific accent of Soltain, her sluggish speech, or because of her pleasing voice.

    “Would you like to see the lady and the maid?”

    Jane, called Lady, blushed her cheeks. Eventually, Lyrian nodded her head small. Seeing that, Olivia smiled at her.


    The emperor woke up after suffering four days and nights. His third day was a hump. Alexis Dunya agonized over the next with a pale face.

    After how the hump passed safely, he was exhausted while trying to appease Asher. I've never seen that idiot cry, but he cried very sadly.

    From self-study that he hesitated like an idiot, and to the question of whether he was not wrong when he was going to find a therapist and fed it from a drug that made him vomit because he thought he was going to die. Till.

    Alexis was shocked and barely calming Asher, spitting her words out like a crazy man, and inspected Karlroy's condition.

    “Would you really be okay?”

    “Yes... I think I can feel relieved now, yo. It seems like you've been in this area after holding on with your mental strength.”

    The therapist, who had been exhausted for days, replied with a weak voice. He only understood why his predecessor's complexion was getting worse day by day. That's right, I'm going to take over that everything will be fine.......

    “Because you are not in good shape… you must take good care of yourself. There is no good place.”

    The therapist blamed his predecessor, who had left this trash-like body unprepared and ran away.

    "Wright says you are the smartest of his students. I believe."


    "The emperor often refuses treatment, says it's okay if it's not okay, and he has a habit of lying that he took medicine without taking any medicine, so you should always be careful."

    The more I heard it, the more catastrophic it was, and it seemed that it would remain in a book as an example of the most difficult patient to treat. Instead of crying, the therapist only sighed.

    Contrary to the Duke's concerns, however, the emperor was healed silently after waking up. He explained the condition well, and he also said exactly what treatment he wanted.

    One flaw was that he didn't seem to have any intentions to relax. As soon as he was able to move his body, the emperor began to roll his body. To work.

    Alexis expressed anxiety as he watched Carlo Yi cling to work as if he would change the country from corner to corner.

    “Even if a person suddenly changes, it’s scary.”

    “You should take a break too. I'm old, but I rolled too much.”

    With a look that he couldn't get anymore, Karloy muttered.

    Why should I talk about his age so bored? At the end of the day, Alexis herself, much older, looked 500 times healthier than Carloy.

    "After you said so, and where else to die, I guess what you wanted to get from Bernie for your majesty's disappearance, but what kind of nonsense is the idea... no matter how crazy he was."

    "It doesn't happen anymore."

    Unbelievable, Alexis narrowed his eyes and looked at Carloy.

    “...... Because Lirian told me not to do that.”

    In one word, Alexis cleared his doubts. no wonder. Alexis realized that Asher was right again. He said the empress was the easiest and fastest way to do it.

    "Well with the Empress......."

    Alexis struggled with his words. Are you releasing, reconciling, or talking? None of the words seemed appropriate. The relationship between the two was too complex because it was expressed in neat words.

    Carloy answered silently to see if he had understood the broken question.

    "..... he'll leave if he gets a little better."

    "You're leaving, where are you going? Do you want to go somewhere else?"

    "The empress's seat."

    Neither Lyrian nor Carloy told exactly what, but both knew.

    Lyrian would not have returned from La Sorthio. He's exhausted now and has no time to think about anything else, so he would have gone somewhere to avoid him as soon as possible, but if it was okay he would probably leave forever.

    La Sorthio would be a place to prepare to leave. He won't have to be with him, so he won't even need an empress.

    Again, he felt like his chest was falling somewhere.

    "No, then..."

    Alexis couldn't continue his words this time. What is he going to say? There was nothing to hold the empress.

    "Stop the ball. It's been a while since you haven't been to the duke's house."

    Even though the Duke me, there weren't any waiting or greeted people, but Alexis nodded his head. Even if there were no people, there was fatigue.

    It wasn't until alone that Carloy stopped doing what he was doing and sat blankly. He has to live. It was difficult. It's easy to die originally. The difficult thing is to live.

    <Don't make my life meaningless. My go..... so that I don't regret any more..>

    <If you continue to live like that, I will have meaning too.>

    Even to live so that someone does not regret it. How difficult is that. How do you be a human like yourself.

    He was too hard to breathe quietly, but he wouldn't mean anything to just breathe and live. He didn't want to make you think he saved useless humans. Lilian's request was too cruel and heavy, and was infinitely undeserved.

    He was once again alone in Purtu.


    Olivia Donata was a great storyteller. In the old story of Sol Ta, who walked around La Sor Tio and slowly released it one by one, Li Lian noticed that he had walked longer than usual, and only after his leg broke.

    “This is Lake Mexus. Isn't the location very exquisite? It just shows up when you want to sit down and rest.”

    The hand leading to the lake couldn't have been more natural. The clean water of the lake shone in the sunlight.

    Looking at the calm lake, Lirian thought that he could really love the sun of La Sorti, even if he didn't know anything else. I got less depressed when I went to a place where there was sunlight. And just that much I wanted to see Denise.

    Seeing the Empress blankly looking at the lake, she spoke with Olivia in a friendly voice.

    “It is said that deep in Mexus live mermaids who speak to the dead in Lupus. Of course it's a legend."

    "Is it in?"

    Asked Jane. Jane was already hooked on Olivia.

    "The white wolf made those who couldn't die properly because of the people left behind even after death, and they said they went back and forth with lupus and on the ground," she said.

    Denise lived a good life, so he must have gone to Lupus. Then, are you looking at Lyrian right now? If so, he didn't want to show anything like this. She wants to show a good figure....... enough for Denise to be happy.

    “But you know what? Perhaps that is why there is a legend that when you talk to Maxus, the person you want to see that night will come into your dream."

    “Oh, so...”

    Mary Ann muttered like a self-talk. As Olivia opened her eyes round, curiously, Mary Anne laughed lightly.

    "Oh, it's not a big deal....... I heard that the Duke of Dunya was only looking at the lake every day when he was here."

    The story of Alexis, which came out of a sudden, caused Lirian to escape from her thoughts. It was only after hearing her words that Lirian remembered that she was the predecessor empress, where Alexis' younger brother died. In no time, Olivia's face filled with sorrow.

    “Because he ate meals here. If he hadn't been outdoors, he probably would have slept here even he slept. Did she always look at the lake, talk to her, and keep her journal.”

    "I think her sisters were very special."

    “Because the former Duke and his wife went early to raise her younger brother. This was also the place that the Empress Sun was particularly fond of.”

    Lirian only knew one thing about Adelaide Croitan. She was insulted by Carloy, and in the end she gave up on him.

    “What kind of person was the empress of the predecessor?”

    “He was a good person.”

    Lirian's expression for a moment became ambiguous at evaluations contrary to what she knew. Olivia gently added her words to see if she had noticed the thought.

    “.....To other people. As the empress, he treated others kindly.”

    Well, I couldn't find anyone else in Croysen who didn't like Adelaide Croytan.

    “He was infinitely cold to his children, but he must have believed that he should think bigger....... It is a miracle that the current emperor actually lived like this. He was afraid to let his parents die, too, followed by endless attempts to kill.”

    Olivia was the victim of the Duke Lirian. She only knew the facts, and she didn't know anything about Lyrian's relationship with Carloy.

    “You must have been in trouble because someone was trying to kill him. Adelaide-sama's blame for that is also big. It's a little bit more to say that he was a friendly person. Still, he wouldn't have said he didn't love him.”

    Hearing her words reminded me of her blurred memory. Karlois so easily believed she would have given him poison to kill him.

    At that time, what was the look of Carroy looking at herself. It was definitely a memory I didn't want to remember, and it was a memory I had forcibly erased, but strangely, I remembered clearly now.

    At that time, I didn't care much about Carloy's expression. When I think about it now, it's more like a wounded expression than a contempt for myself.

    It hurt a little. He always breaks the heart. The people who say they love him to Karloi suddenly change at some point and aren't surprised even if they poison him?

    “I guess Purtu is a place that makes people that way.”

    At Lirian's quiet words, Olivia kept her silent for a moment, then responded carefully.

    “Hans Delua made Purtu that way.”

    Lirian looked at the lake again without any answer. Olivia got up from her chair and got her dress in order.

    “I’m going to give the maid and the lady a little tour of the garden, but your Majesty will do more of the lake view?”


    Mary Ann and Jane hesitated to leave Lirian alone, but Olivia led them with that unwavering smile of her politeness.

    Lirian, who is left alone, touches her lips for a long time, and ends up with a small voice.


    Even though I thought I was too stupid, I couldn't stop somehow. It seemed to me to know why Alexis was here.

    “Are you listening? Or..... I must be too stupid.”

    Once she opened her mouth, her words flowed out as if waiting.

    “Lexem Sorta is really pretty. Her mom knows why she sang her song like that.”

    I really wish Denise was listening. She thought.

    "I'm still sick because I miss my mom... Will this get used to it over time? But if I get used to it... I think it will be sad as it is."

    The lake did not return the answer. It just flowed and flowed through the water. The consistency was somewhat comforting.

    And that night, Denis appeared in his dream. In her healthiest appearance, and she shuddered at all, saying she had seen Lexem Sorta.

    Even in her dreams, Lirian knew that such a de Nice look was what she had made. But she was fine. It means that even in her dreams, Denise remains clear in Lirian's memory, so that she can make Denise like a living person.

    Lirian didn't lose Denise. She never did that. As if her Denise never lost her.

    Lirian quickly realized how much her Denise loved her. Whoever you love, not losing that person is harder than dying, no, more than living,


    It rained in Purtuen. It wasn't surprising, but the sound of the rain was sick on that day. Carloi, who was sitting in the office, buried him in my hand, crumpling his face in the constant falling rain.

    Every time I watched the raindrops fall, I thought of Lilian. Lyrian was dying in Purtu. Her memories were brutally clear, reviving each of Lirian's facial expressions in his head.

    On a rainy day, when I saw Lyrian looking out blankly, he said something.

    <Is not in good health, what can I do?Why do you take a walk without needing while frying people every day?>


    He kept muttering swear words. Crazy new talent... It was a punishment to have to breathe and live even with all these memories.

    <It was better then. When you treated me as a person without me...

    After hearing the voice of Lyrian, who was crying badly in the falling rain, Carlo couldn't stand it and picked up the bottle. The sound of the rain made it seem that time had gone back to that time.

    You will hear that. If you couldn't believe it, I'd rather let it stand still at that time, and belated regret lit the memory like oil.

    The therapist never told me to drink alcohol, but he could hardly survive this memory without alcohol. He wanted to dig his ears. Even though he breathed half a bottle like a madman, memories kept flowing into his head.

    All he thought was that he wanted to see Lyrian, but that didn't mean that he wanted her to come to life vividly.

    Drooping with alcohol, Karloy leaned against the chair and breathed. He seemed to be helpful or not at all. Feeling miserable, he heard the sound of the rain blankly. The glass shook dangerously from his clapping hands.

    That's why Lirian drank in Purtu?I couldn't stand it without alcohol, so when Lirian, who was sitting in a messy bedroom drunk, came to mind, Carlo closed her eyes. Of course, winding was no use.

    Ah. He realized that Lyrian was right. He didn't remember. It was only repeated. In a dream, in the head. It was terrible that Lyrian also felt this feeling.

    As he heard the sound of the rain that never stopped, Carloi thought. It was really fortunate that Lyrian left himself, and he was fortunate to go to a place where he couldn't see himself.

    Carloi wanted him to disappear from her memory at all so that he could not repeat himself in her head. He wouldn't die here, but in Lyrian's memory he hoped to die.

    There seemed to be a sound of glass breaking through the blurred consciousness.


    It was about a week after her arrival that she realized that there was no rain in Lexem Sorta.

    “Aren’t it raining here?”

    Unlike Croisen, where it rained when bored, Lexem Sorta's sun never knew it would be cloudy. Olivia, who used to read next to her, nodded.

    “It doesn’t come well. I tend to come a little during the rainy season, but... not even that often.”

    For Lyrian, there was one more reason to like Lexem Sorta. If it's rain, I'm tired of it.

    Olivia looked closely at Lirian, who seemed to be in her condition. The empress, who had been fine for about a day or two, woke up in the middle of the night on the third night and wandered around the palace. While weeping, the maid of honor skillfully sootheed the empress and took it back to the bedroom, perhaps familiar.

    Then she slept like dead for two days and didn't get out of bed, and yesterday and today looked okay again. Today I even emptied the morning for the first time.

    Although her condition was unstoppable, it wasn't that she hadn't seen anyone improve that way, so Olivia watched the empress calmly.

    “If you’re okay, how about having lunch at a restaurant today?”


    "I'm so sorry that the chef couldn't serve up the right food. If you're tired, it's okay to go next time."

    Strictly speaking, Becks wasn't much to regret. He was left with more than half each time and saw the food returning, and his pride was tattered.

    Olivia was comfortable with her suggestion and waiting for her reply. Lirian replied while looking at the woman who gave off a relaxed atmosphere with her whole body.


    Olivia Donata certainly didn't talk much about her. She mostly listened or watched. When she first took her Lirian to the lake, she seemed to have spoken to her a lot, not like her.

    That's why she felt like she should listen sometimes when she talks. In addition, Olivia's distinctive way of saying that she can do this and that she can do that makes her answer a bit like that. Yes, yes or no.......

    And I was curious about the food. She said the food she was putting up was delicious enough, but it wasn't the right food.

    It's not if the food she ate in Purtu was tasteless. The cuisine of the capital imperial palace would be like that. But now, I didn't even remember, and at that time it didn't seem like I ate while feeling anything.

    “Vex will be happy.”

    The old lady smiled and started reading the book again. His long fingers peacefully flipped over his bookshelf. After holding that book for a few days, it seemed that the page was running out.

    “The book looks very interesting.”

    "Hmm? Didn't your Majesty read it? It was a book brought by the maid. I was reading it because I recommended that the maid and Lady Jane be so fun to read."

    Lirian frowned for a moment and looked at Olivia at the book above her lap. Come to think of it, I was used to something like a book, and that there was nothing written on the cover. It was given by Keena Roden. Even after she received it, she had forgotten it, but it seemed that Mary Anne had taken it.

    “If your Majesty is bored later, please read it. That's not bad."

    Another Olivia's habit that Lirian found out was the way she used to evaluate her. When Olivia wasn't involved in Solta, the evaluation was always that way. It's not bad. She seems to be okay. She doesn't compliment or swear, and always stays in the middle.

    Seeing that such a person praised the chef's food skillfully, it seemed that the chef was either a Saltine or a specialty of Salta food.

    “Then, I'll walk around Mexus and go to the restaurant.”

    Olivia didn't say she'd go with her empty words. She laughed and said she would go pick up when she was ready. When Mary Ann and Jane tried to follow, she even stopped Olivia lightly.

    Lirian went to see Lake Mexus almost every day. Since her first day, she hasn't seen Denise appear in her dreams, but just seeing her has helped hold her time.

    She, as always, leaning against a tree by the lake, suddenly noticed a small hole in the tree trunk. There seemed to be something inside. Raising her toes as far as they can go and putting her hand in, something caught her. Lyrian gave her strength to pull something out of the hole. She was a book.

    She leaned against a tree and opened her inside to see her cursive writing. It wasn't a book, it seemed to be someone's notebook. Only one sentence was written on the first page.

    <Adelaide is not dead.>

    Upon reading this sentence, Lirian realized who this was. Her heart thumped and again covered her bookshelf. It wasn't a moral thing to see someone's private diary, even the most sensitive part.


    I heard Jane calling from a distance. Lyrian calmed her amazed heart and put her diary back where it was.


    Chef Becks gave everything for today. Perfect ingredients, perfect recipes, and perfect supplements. It was truly a perfection worthy of the beauty of Lexem Sorta.

    Today's lunch, Vex's skills would be evaluated coldly by the royal family. The Saltines tended to overestimate Bex's nose. It wouldn't be surprising if one day his nose turned sharp like a Lartua. He wanted an objective evaluation. Everything from soup to meat and poultry, vegetables and desserts and drinks was perfect.

    Becks waited for the Empress's reaction with an impatient face. The empress entered the restaurant with the usual expressionless expression. Vex swallowed his saliva in a sense of tension in his face that seemed to have no gaps. The empress, who carelessly looked at the long table, opened his mouth, pointing to the badger dish.

    "Is that an operim?"

    "Ah yes! Yes. Have you ever tried it?"

    “.....No, I heard that it is a famous traditional Salta food.”

    The Empress's voice was as calm as Lake Mexus. However, there was a trembling like a wave. Suddenly, Becks thought the Empress looked sad. When I looked closely, it was a face that was depressed rather than being cold.

    Ignoring the order of the meal, the Empress said that he would eat it from the opera. The servants put the dishes on the empress's plate. The empress chewed food very slowly for a long time. After swallowing it all, the pride of Vex, who had already become sloppy because there was no reaction to this or that, was about to hit the floor.

    "sire… "

    Tears fell from the empress's eyes. Becks lost his words in shock. Are you saying it doesn't taste so good? Well, there must be a reason for the food to come back more than half every time.

    The maid, who was sitting next to her, held out her handkerchief with a confused face. Tears didn't stop in the empress's eyes.

    “Do you have anything inconvenient?”

    Instead of the chef in a panic state, Olivia asked the empress instead. The empress shook his head.

    “No, it’s delicious........”

    Why did that word sound so sad?

    "It's really good..."

    The empress roughly wiped the tears with a handkerchief, and then took another bite. There were still tears in his eyes.

    “I see why it is famous. People..... Why do they want to eat it that way?”

    Becks had pride in his food, but it was delicious enough to make people cry. He didn't think. Besides, the empress said it was delicious, but he also left about half of the lunch. There were many foods that I couldn't even touch.

    Nevertheless, Becks knew. It was the first time in his 40-year life that the Empress's words were sincere. It was the saddest compliment he ever heard.

    Becks sincerely wanted to provide delicious food to the Empress. Food that the sick empress can eat without spilling water. Becks knew the power of food. He might have a hard time making a person cry, but he could have made him live for a while.


    Because of Bernie's magic, delegates from each country on the continent decided to gather at Croixen. Since Karlois has funded a huge amount of research funding for Croisen's Magic Society, he will find out more than he is now, and he needed to share it in order to take countermeasures and demand responsibility from Verni.

    Watching Karlroy seem busy with the problem, Alexis thought he was like a living invoice. He ate well, received treatment regularly, worked fine, and didn't look fine at all. It was only creepy.

    “Fortunately from Mach, the emperor, not the brother, is coming. You can relax your mind. That emperor wasn't so tricky to beat up.”

    “Would you be able to meet the mission in such a state of mind.”

    Carloy, whose eyes were pitted and a scarier impression than before, looked at Alexis.

    “Have I ever had a problem recently? I'm fine.”

    The therapist didn't say that. Your Majesty needs time to rest. I'm not going to overdo it.”

    “I have a lot to do.”

    "Because you do everything you don't have to do. You can have me do this."

    “Dunya, please.”

    The expression remained the same, but the end of Karloi's words trembled. Alexis glanced down at the crumpled paper from Carloy's hand.

    “Let me do the damn thing.”

    Carloy paused for a moment as he couldn't breathe.

    “..... please.”

    When it came out like that, there was nothing else to say. Overall, there was no answer. I pretend to be living fine now, but I was wondering how long it would last. It means whether the body will accept it.

    It seemed like I was drinking once or twice, but I haven't been drinking anymore. Of course, it's better not to drink than to get drunk and break something like last time, but I was wondering how to endure Purtu without alcohol and without an empress.

    “I don't have any problems, so let's do the ball. I won't die and I won't live like a dog.”

    It was like that I would rather have let him die at that time.

    "...Okay. Just do this today and go in and take a rest.”

    Knowing that it was Dunya's greatest concession, Karloi sighed and nodded. Carloi, who was looking around the constellation to greet his envoy for the last time, suddenly stood on the spot.

    Following Karloi's unnaturally stiff gaze, Alexis turned his head. Karloi was staring through the colorful Lituna decorations on the wall.

    "sire. Are you okay?"

    Carloy had no answer.

    “Now no one can get close to Lituna, so it seems to be used as a decoration. Shall I get rid of it?”


    He barely got an answer.

    “......I'll go first.”

    Carloy's back looked so precarious that Alexis almost caught him without my knowledge. But Carloy walked out without hesitation. He didn't stumble at all. That point made Alexis anxious.

    Carloi couldn't show anyone his disorganized appearance. If even one person saw such a figure ...... He seemed to be a trash with no meaning. Lyrian's promises, or failing to keep them.

    He only took his breath out of the garden where no one could see him. Li Tuna, who begins to bloom again in Four Two, vividly proved Lirian's complete absence, and she proved so intensely that she could not be turned away.

    As soon as she saw the white flowers in full bloom, her memories began to flock. Lilian was lying sick because of her Li Tuna and her ....... And her words to her at that time were constantly repeated. His relationship with Lyrian ended disastrously, but his memory had no end. Everything in Purtu brought to life Zero Lirian, his memory.

    Nauseous and forced to eat dinner, Karloy sat down as if toppled on the statue.


    He closed his eyes and quietly called out a name that he would never reach again. Names that make you want to die just by calling them, but he will not die. He won't even cry.

    It felt like a beast drowned in water that couldn't even breathe. When I try to live, all that comes out is empty bubbles.

    I didn't mean to do that, but in the end it was. Lyrian fiddled with Alexis' diary hidden under the pillow for a long time. Obviously, I know that I shouldn't see it, but without my knowledge, I took the diary from the lake again.

    It wasn't because of curiosity. I was just curious. How the hell is Alexis overcoming that loss? For Lirian, the method was desperate.

    At some point, it was okay, but at other times, I suffered from longing. Whenever I eat something. I didn't want to be captivated like a fool whenever I saw something. I was so frustrated how I could overcome this sadness, so I thought I wanted to take a look at someone's diary.

    After her Lyrian took her medicine well, her Mary Ann also left her alone, so there was no one in her bedroom. Li Lian, who hesitated for a long time, ended up pulling out his diary and opening his second chapter.

    <No, Adelaide is dead. It is a fact that does not change no matter how hard I try. The boy died. So no matter how much you think about it, there is no reason to live for me. Everything has lost its meaning.>

    There was no special content. Lirian turned to the next chapter.

    <Adelaide is cold and often cruel. She didn't know. Rather, I even loved that aspect. But she is now and she makes it bother me. She told me why she asked me to live, why she asked me to stay next to her son.>

    Is the expression of someone who has lost someone so similar or similar in nature? Maybe it is because there are no words in the world to properly express the feeling of loss.

    Alexis' diary was nothing new. Anger for Delua, vainness for death, skepticism for meaningless life, duty for maintenance... all were things Lirian knew. Even if I changed Adelaide to Denise, I didn't seem to have any discomfort in her tongue.

    While reading Alexis' diary, feeling remorse, Lyrian realized one thing. Alexis has never overcome the loss. That.

    <I am the only one who fully remembers Adelaide.>

    It was just living with her memory, getting used to it, and holding on to it. She didn't have the answer to search for so much, but her mind was relaxed. It made her feel a little lighter to learn that she wasn't the only one who was so stupid.

    It was because of Karlois that it was not so easy to break down. Alexis' diary was like what Lirian was feeling, but the only difference was Carloy.

    In Alexis' diary, resentment against Karloi appeared as often as his feelings against Delua. The resentment and expectations were too harsh for the child who had lost his parents, so Lirian had to hold his breath several times.

    His heart continued to ache. Every time I read such a sentence, I remembered a boy who was trapped in a dark forest and said that no one would find him.

    He <Maybe it should have been Carloy, not Adelaide.>

    From the word Carlo at the end of the sentence, a black line was drawn several times. He wondered if he felt guilty even when he wrote it.

    Lirian covered her diary and pondered for a moment. She has full memories of Denise and Alexis of Adelaide. He allows even loss to endure. Then Karloy, who does he have?

    Is it because I read the past of Karlroy, which I could guess, in too specific a way. Her heart was bright. It wasn't until he got this far away from Carlo that he had to guess a little bit of his mind. In vain.

    In that day's dream, it was not Carloi who was hurting herself, but Carloi, who cried in the garden one night.

    <Lou, Lou......I did it wrong, Lou......>

    <I killed it.>

    Carloie said he was very sorry.

    Without a whole person or memory, I wondered what the hell he was thinking about 14 years. Soon Lirian realized. That he couldn't hold up and collapsed like that.

    Lyrian is now suspicious of whether he can really "save" Karloy what he did that day.

    <continued to volume 5>

    END OF BOOK 4.

    I will upload the last book soon. Be around. :cookie:
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    Nvm the raw. I found a mtl site that tled it, though it only has 21 chs (around 5 vol?). But the site marked it as finished? Isn't the novel around 140ish chs?
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    18. Lilian and Karloy (2)

    Except for the fact that I can't feel anything about the vitality that should be felt in humans, this is what Alexis Dunya really wanted from Carloi.

    I don't know what I'm doing when I'm alone, but in front of others, Karloy never reveals his condition or feelings. He doesn't do self-harm, and he doesn't drink alcohol like any other time before.

    Work has also been smoothed out. Delua must be gone. He took advantage of his position and did what he wanted to do.

    Carrots and sticks were also given to the nobles, and as they received them, they were dragged insanely and forgot whether they had to fight back or not. She said that the Empress wasn't in good shape and she went to La Sortio for recuperation without a promise, but she said no one vomited.

    There was still a time when he sharpened his words like his habit, but his toneless tone and no expression on his face at all gave him a sense of overbearing rather than being sensitive.

    It was a great progress compared to the time when I was preparing for a crazy and ridiculous suicide. He definitely had to be satisfied. That was what I was hoping for.

    “Is there anything you don't like? Of course, you would think that it would be better for the two to solve it quietly than to stimulate Bernie.”

    But why don't you like it? I keep thinking that this is not the case.

    “But I don’t even have to open my mouth until there is public pressure.”

    "no. Fine. It seems more appropriate to do your Majesty's will."

    At the innocent answer, Carloy looked up at her desk for the first time. There was no sign of flesh on his face.

    Alexis glanced at the refreshment plate on the desk in the office. It was nothing but an ornament, as Carloy didn't even touch it. He even told me to remove the peach from the back of the horror, which he had been looking for, so he couldn't see it.

    “If so, I don’t know why you look at me like that. You look at me like that when you have a complaint, Gong Eun.”

    "......no. By the way, Amos Light also decided to attend this conference."

    When the name of the therapist in La Sorthio came up, Carloi's hand holding the pen paused.

    "Academics will be publishing the results of a study on Verni's magic and poison, but I called it because it seemed that it would be helpful to cure the empress."

    "......I thought it would be better to send the results separately. If the therapist comes here."

    The emperor's lips were sweet, but in the end, the name of the empress was not included.

    “How do you do the treatment.”

    “The Empress is very stable in her condition, so she says she may be free for a few days. She seems to be good enough to be the chief maid and the countess.”


    At the same time, he felt relieved and tried to hide his horror. After all, it was clear that it was none other than myself that hurt Lirian. Lirian was the one who could make her happy as long as she was away from herself.

    Seeing the emperor trying to pretend to be fine, Alexis asked without me knowing.

    “Is it meaningful to live like this?”

    “My meaning is not that important.”

    For an answer that didn't hesitate, Alexis realized that he wasn't the one to blame. I don't think this is what I should say to myself, not to Karl Roy.

    I did it to Karloy someday. He said he would grow up spoiled or rather spread love and raise it. At that time, it was a sarcastic word in the meaning of Hilnan, but now I was sincere.

    Karloy was different from me or Adelaide, and they had neither the right nor the qualifications to let him live such an empty life. I couldn't say anything now that I was hanging on to the meaning of the one remaining in my life. I invited everything. The regret of getting old was a little bit more bitter than the anger of my youth.


    I didn't want to go out for some reason these days. The therapist said he was getting better and told him to give up a little more energy, but the nightmare was still there, my head was still dizzy, and how much medicine was left. La Sortio did enough to see, and, like a whim, everything became gloomy.

    As much as La Sorthio is beautiful, as much as I know more about it, I feel sadder. I didn't want much. It would have been nice if Denise saw at least one of these.

    I thought everyone was going through this and tried to comfort themselves, but it didn't work much. Neither Kiana's mother nor the Adelaide that Alexis lost was as unhappy as Denise.

    She wandered next to Lirian, who wasn't thinking of getting out of bed for three days, with a face full of worries about Mary Ann.

    “Then, I have to organize the private room a little, but it's a garden. The gardener will take care of it, but I don’t think it would be better for me to manage the arrangement of musical instruments and paintings. Could the maid help?”


    “It’s okay if you don’t feel like it. The old man just needs to take a break by himself.”

    Mary Ann couldn't refuse her Olivia's words, and she was dragged away. Olivia had no way to dictate what she wasn't even worried about Lilian. She liked it pretty much.

    She remained alone, lying blankly, and Lirian's eyes saw a book next to her bed. She wanted it to be clear that Olivia Donata had posted it, and her invitation was also true to her.

    Lirian turned over the bookshelf without her title on it. In the first chapter, the title “How to deal with death” was roughly written. It felt overly explicit comfort. She seemed to be her book to soothe her. She expected the obvious, and she flipped a page.

    <I definitely killed his father neatly. No, I believed so. Until the body disappears.>

    Even though it was far from what was expected, Lirian, confused as the story unfolded, looked into a few more chapters. Maybe this is also the protagonist burned Mall del Lua-based journal that son of a bitch like Duke by her father.

    Less than a few lines after reading, Lirian learned that it was her naive illusion. Not at all. My father in this novel was a fine person. But only my father is fine. The content is completely...

    Even without reading a few chapters, I could see that the content was too frivolous and stimulating. There was no likelihood as much as an eyeball. The protagonist fell in love with his stepmother brought by his father and killed his father.

    It didn't make sense at all for Lyrian. Compared to Delua, Lilian continued to read the book because he was angry at the protagonist who did not know the fountain for such a nonsense reason for such a common-sense father.


    The more I read, the more popular and inferior it was. There were scenes that were unfamiliar to see in broad daylight. What was Keana Roden thinking about giving this book as a gift?

    Lirian, the first reading of a book like this, was shocked by a level far below expectations, and kept flipping her bookshelf. She obviously swears and flips it over, but soon the longevity is short.

    “No, what is this…”

    My father's body disappears only at the very end, where the book ended. Even her stepmother went missing as well. She collapsed.

    "What is this."

    It was the first time in my life that I felt such an annoyance because of a book. For Lirian, books have always been boring, difficult, and scary. Her memory of her violence was retained when the Duke of Del Ruah trained her in her Buryaburya. Even after she entered Four Two, she didn't even want to look at books.

    “What's going on...”

    It was the first time that a book that caused annoyance in such a different way and even aroused curiousity. Suddenly, she became pathetic and tried to put down the book, but Mary Ann and Jane came in with their eyes bright.

    "Oh, Your Majesty. Did you read that book?"

    "Isn't it too exciting?"

    Lirian nodded her head reflexively as her mother and daughter asked eagerly at the same time.

    "Aren't your majesty curious about the next volume?"

    "Do you have the next volume?"

    "That's... Actually, Lady Roden gave her a copy of her book from Purtu. If your Majesty wants to read the next book of this book, be sure to send it...."

    Suddenly, Keana's voice came to mind.

    <It will help you get rid of your thoughts.>

    Keana Roden wasn't wrong. She really said her thoughts disappeared while she was reading that book. Who can think or do something like she reads such a book?

    “…. So she brought the whole book to Lexem Sorta?”

    “Because you don't know....... But Lady Roden is also saying that the medicine is not me or Jane, but your majesty.”

    Mary Ann's words were a subtle request to Kiana to send her full script. Lirian nodded her head slightly, as if reluctant. Olivia Donata, who was watching all these sights behind her, laughed out loud.

    "Your Majesty also loves reading. There is a library in La Sorthio that has a large collection of books, so take a look at it anytime. If you like."

    It was a speech that you don't like if you don't like it, but Lirian knew that he would go to the library soon. It was expected.

    Lyrian, who shook his head as if giving up, felt something awkward in his thoughts. As she struggled to find out the awkwardness, Lirian realized. That La Sorthio's life became predictable. He himself was adjusting to this life.


    When she got a little depressed after sending her full text to Keana, Lirian read the book again. It was a shocking book anytime I read it. I remembered Olivia, who was handing over the book gracefully as if it were a liberal arts book.

    “I wonder what you thought of reading this book.”

    Olivia, who was putting flowers in a vase, raised her head to the voice of her empress. The Empress has not yet called her by name.

    "Well, I thought it was like a book from the capital..... I'm not saying that it was bad. It was fresh."

    "Is Lexem Sorta's book a little different?"

    “Oh my God, yes. Solta's writings are beautiful. Because they are people who love beautiful things.”

    The subtle heat of her pride was felt in Olivia, who had always been in her calm atmosphere.

    “It would be nice to see it yourself. I'd like to show you the three of La Sorthio, but I have a job today.”


    Come to think of it, there must be something that Olivia is also her private life, but she didn't feel any doubts even though she was stuck here every day. Lirian realized that she was indifferent and she was embarrassed for a moment.

    Seeing her empress of her granddaughter, Olivia looked just a smile.

    “She decided to meet her grandchildren on the Delphinan River,” she said. She asked for a canoe repair, and she said she would bring it today.”


    "Because today is a great day to enjoy the scenery by boat in Delfinan. I wish I could express the beauty of the scenery in words!"

    “If you are grandchildren.......”

    “I am the child of my son. When she grew up and got married. I am still newlywed.”

    “I am going, but I see my son and come.”

    Olivia replied, arranging all of her flowers, trimming the hem of her dress.

    “I would like to, but my son went to Lupus a little while ago.”

    Lirian, momentarily embarrassed, responded after a while.

    “......I'm sorry.”

    "What. It was too long ago.”

    Olivia simply laughed gently.

    She said, “She died in her last local battle with Bernie. She wasn't fortunate even though she had the least number of casualties in the war.”

    While Lirian couldn't answer her because she couldn't find a word to comfort her, Olivia turned the subject lightly as if talking about her weather.

    “I just boast that the Delfinan River is beautiful, and I'm too conscientious to go alone. Would you like to go with your Majesty? You can go with the maid or Lady Jane."

    Lyrian, who was regretting that she had brought up her son's story, was forced to nod her head. I can't comfort you, so I might accept it instead

    When he was told he was going on an outing to the Delfinan River, Chef Becks brought snacks and wine in his basket. Even though the Empress wasn't allowed to drink her alcohol yet, it was replaced with juice in the Countess' pincup.

    Lirian, who came out, stood still for a while before getting into the carriage.

    "What are you doing?"

    “Because the sunlight is good.”

    Lexem Sorta's sunlight didn't pass through Lyrian, so she stayed for a long time and soaked in, so I liked it.

    For a moment, a cold Purtu and someone who would be alone there came to mind.


    Lirian tried to shake his thoughts and got into the wagon.

    The Delfinan River is not far. Arriving upstream and getting out of the carriage, two people who appear to be Olivia's grandchildren stood.



    A big, bright smile emerged from Olivia's face, who lightly hugged her grandson. Lirian thought she looked good. Olivia's grandson and his wife were amazed to see Lirian descending behind her and took a polite example.

    “Is it okay to enjoy Delfinan with Her Majesty?”

    "Speak for granted. Delfinan is proud no matter who you show it to."

    At Olivia's question, Constance laughed and nodded her head. The laughter resembled her Olivia.

    Ririan, who was riding the canoe for the first time, was awkward in everything. A ship that is not very large, a height that seems to fall if it is somehow hard, and an uneasy posture.

    But it's beautiful to offset all that awkwardness. There was um in Delfinan. On a canoe slowly descending downstream, Lirian captured everything about Lexem Sorta. She constantly fiddling with it to see if her necklace is properly worn.

    On the land overlooking the river, there were quite a few people on the picnic. There was also a sound of laughter.

    “It’s so beautiful.”

    She looked at Jane whispering admiration, and Olivia looked happy. There was a life like this, a life that was so peaceful, and nothing happened.

    Lilian's gaze as he watched her river ripple beautifully came to her newlyweds. The two constantly looked into each other's eyes and whispered a push at some point, even when they noticed the other person. Holding each other's hands tightly.

    Suddenly, I remembered the night I had spent with Karloy. A night that wasn't all that sweet. No matter how close she was to her and herself, there was sadness in the gap. At that time, she did not think deeply about his suffering. What kind of feeling pushed her out that night even though she knew her, and hugged her again.

    The gesture that she wished she would push herself away rather than her. A voice constantly checking to see if her own person was right... Now I think about it, he was clinging to Lyrian at that time.

    The moment her touch and her voice invaded her thoughts, suddenly her own throat burned, and Lirian again turned her gaze into a peaceful landscape.

    “… The emperor will also like this place."

    Mary Ann was surprised at the sound of the emperor coming out of her Lillian's mouth and sat back.

    Olivia tilted her head.

    “The emperor? Because he is not interested in this place at all. He's never been there."

    "why? It’s so beautiful…”

    Jane expressed her doubts.

    "Hmm. When you come, you'll be reminded of Adelaide-sama, but you don't want to come. Also, wouldn't Purtu have its own charm?"

    Olivia, who is unlikely to appreciate the charm at all, replied fairly easily.

    "is it? I think Lexem Sorta is better than the capital. La Sorthio rather than Purtu......”

    Lirian replied unconsciously. The three Soltaines who were there at the words of the honest empress

    'S face brightened. It was very easy to be loved by the Salta people. All she had to do was love Solta.

    “I thought about it even before that, but the Empress has a really noble taste. Croisen's dignity also improves when there is such a person."

    Olivia's words were full of her sincerity. She said that she couldn't find as much as her eyebrows as a pretense, and the words of truth were cute and funny, so Lilian stopped smiling lightly. She couldn't even remember the smile she had built after a while. Seeing her appearance, Constance's new bride blinked.

    “I think the Empress is the most beautiful person I've ever seen.”

    The smile disappeared from Lirian's face, embarrassed by the words. But she was laughing at what was fun to everyone except Lirian. Listening to the faint sound of laughter, Lilian again captured her scenery. Because she has to look at the other person's share more.

    In time, her thoughts reached again at a man who was alive but did not know these things. The most beautiful Entourum in Purtu, and La Sorthio, the pride of Lexem Sorta, did not inspire him and existed only as bad memories.

    When I saw it next to me, I was so annoyed, but now when I am bored, I dig into my thoughts like this. Maybe it's possible because I'm not next to you...

    Lirian thought she wished that if she left La Sor Tio, Carloi would see this place at least once. This sun, a river, a beautiful city, there were so many things in the world that we hadn't seen, and I wanted someone to pass on to him instead of Lilian.

    Upon returning to La Sorthio in a canoe, Lilian emptied all of the food served for dinner for the first time. He was hungry after a long time. Mary Ann shed tears when she saw that, and the restaurant became desperate, and Lirian became embarrassed again.

    “Is Vex’s food really good? I really don't think there's a chef like Becks."

    At Olivia's words, Becks pretended to be humble and shook his dog. Of course, the Empress emptied all the food for the first time, but he must have been hungry because he has been outside for a long time.

    “Ayu, the Countess and Her Majesty were in Four Two.”

    "Well, I think it's more delicious than Purtu, but to be honest, it's the most delicious food I've ever eaten."

    I hated to think of Delua's food, and I couldn't remember Purtu's food. I just felt like I would always pretend.

    There was no fuss, bright tone, or bright expression that would usually be used to compliment, but Lirian's dry tone was sincere.

    A laughter spread all over Vex's cheeky face. The appearance that the butcher's owner would look like better became softer with one laugh. He told Lirian to tell him if he wanted to eat, and Lirian nodded his head awkwardly.

    La Sorthio's life was so peaceful. People around me laughed and enjoyed it for nothing. It was very difficult in Purtu.

    As Lirian learned from day to day that La Sor Tio was better than Purtu, one side of her heart became somewhat heavy. Remembering what she left behind in Four Two.


    The king from Lartua and the Grand Duke, the brother of the Emperor Mach, came to Croixen as representatives. The first day was a brief welcome banquet, and the second day was a conference to present the research results. And in Bernie, it would arrive on the third day, and it would be more appropriate to call the interview that day a hearing.

    "Why can't you show the Entura Room again? I wondered if I could see it this time."

    When no one was listening, Blaze, Emperor Mach's younger brother from Mach, asked Karloy in the familiar Tu and Maha language. Carloy replied with no expression.

    “It's being repaired.”

    "Do not lie. When I got here, I asked where you were, and they said you were in the Entura room.”

    “To check if the repair is going well.”

    Blaze smiled at the bleak answer. He was a light attitude for someone who was evaluated as being able to become a crown prince.

    “What's happening? Your top plate is bad. And I hate it for flowers.”

    Instead of answering, Karloy drank. It was difficult to deal with all the Maha people. Especially in this state.

    It was correct that he was in the Entura room, but it was not being repaired. It was fine there. Even after the only person who had been in and out of the place disappeared.

    Even Carloy didn't know what he was doing and he was always going there. When I went there, I remembered Lyrian, and although I was only in pain, I stepped toward it.

    On days when I couldn't sleep, I would spend the night there. When I was awake, I remembered Lirian, who was laughing in the Entura room, and it was painful because of the longing that could not be resolved, but it was better. When I sleep, I only see myself hurting Lirian.

    “I think I know something roughly. There is no cub, who had two of her wives, and one is sick in Four Two. G, the other is at Mach with another guy.”

    Carloy drank again, pretending not to hear. I thought Blaze would be easier to deal with than Emperor Mach, but it was a mistake. He said Blaze was too interested in the privacy of others. He forgot the fact.

    “Isn't your second wife eating the Maha socialite? It's not an ordinary bet. She even ate our sister.”

    “......I'm not a wife, so I just cover up my words. And she said she might be the crown prince, shouldn't she care a little bit?"

    "Do you really think she'll give it to you? Sister? No way. Don't tell me, is the empress really sick? Didn't she run away because she was tired of you?"

    It was half a joke, but seeing Carloy's face visibly grimy, Blaze bite his mouth.

    Carloiwa was acquainted with his face when he came to Mach as a prince. It hasn't been a long time since I've even seen how to pretend to be a half coat, but Carloy hasn't changed anything. Even when he was a prince, Karloy wasn't interested in the surroundings. The only thing that could deal with her brothers and sisters who turn Mach upside down every day was such indifference, so the predecessor Maha emperor liked Karloi quite a bit.

    "Let your face loose. I'm going to hit one. I know you'll like it if it hits you."

    The Empress was the daughter of the famous Hans Delua. It must be a great beauty for you, but it was unfortunate for Blaze because I couldn't see it.

    “But can I keep Delua's daughter as empress? He said he was thrown into a rebellion, and he's not a crazy guy either.”

    "... She is not the daughter of that son of a bitch."

    For a moment, surprised by the swear words coming out of Carloy's mouth, Blaze tilted his head. What do you mean.

    Karloi said, rubbing his temple in fatigue.

    “At the conference, I will know the details, so please shut up now.”

    “...While I couldn't see it, the horse became rough. So it turns out that I also drink....... Did you drink so much?""

    At the moment when Carloy was trying to say something about the limit, Alexis approached.

    “The Grand Air Majesty.”

    “Oh, peacock. Long time no see."

    Alexis naturally brought up a political story, taking Blaze away from Karloy. Carloi sighed and went out to the outdoor garden.

    The banquet was more difficult than I thought. It took a lot of energy to treat people pretending to be fine while everything reminded me of Lirian.

    At a banquet he almost turned away because he kept reminding him of how he had treated Lyrian. Why the hell do you have so much to remember?

    I drank too much today. I felt like I had to restrain myself now. Alcohol helped him to forget his suffering, but he stopped drunk from one day. The dose of medicine was increasing, but as I drank alcohol, it seemed that the taste would go away if I let go of a little tension. And I feel like I shouldn't live that way.

    Even though he had no idea how to live or how it would fit, he obsessively thought that he would keep his promise with Lyrian. I want to protect this, even once.


    He sat on the fountain and muttered blankly. He couldn't understand himself, so he thought about it. As Lirian said, as Alexis said, I wondered why the only thing that was meaningful to him became Lirian.

    But he couldn't figure out why even thinking about it. Just 14 years ago that day, he himself followed Lian like a duckling. And when her Lilian is Yvonne, he hates her, and she hates her so much that she only loves that much. No matter how much he hated it, the only thing he had left was her, so it was her force majeure.

    It was painful, so I would rather have someone kill him. He has no confidence to give up his promises, so he makes him so cowardly. I wondered if Lyrian was like this when he said this.

    Carlo emptied his last drink and made his mind again. I have to hold on.


    Before the conference began, therapist Amos Wright came. She was the face she saw after a long time.

    “Are you okay with the new therapist?”

    "not bad."

    “It would be difficult at a not bad level. Now seeing your Majesty's condition..."

    As expected, the ability to pretend to be the best of Croisen or Karl Roy didn't work well.

    “Are you still severe chest pain? I couldn't make a drug that would effectively cure that part.”

    "not really."

    The therapist shook his head at the habitual emperor's lies. I knew it would be like this.

    “After today's conference, we will be able to make more useful drugs. Don't worry."

    "How about the empress...?"

    “You are better than you think. Surely Lexem Sorta seemed to be helpful. Countess Solis is also a friendly person.”

    My anxiety about the therapist's answer was calm. That's it. That's all for Carloy. Lirian is okay.

    “It seems that you are still suffering from headaches or nightmares... but I think it's because you suffered from the Vernier magic for a long time. It would be great if today's conference would help."

    Her reassured heart quickly faded. It couldn't be okay right away.

    "...... Thank you very much."

    At the words of a request that flowed from the emperor's mouth, Chiryosa was amazed for a moment, then woke up and nodded sincerely.

    At the conference, there was a brief explanation of what was studied with the wizards of Lartua and Mach, led by the Society of Croisen. Vernier's necklace, brooch, and traces left on Delua were investigated.

    “First of all, this necklace looks the definitive magical power that was made about 100 years ago. The attribute seems to be a mental magic that has been passed down by oral tradition because it existed for a while in ancient times, but we have not been able to grasp how it suddenly appeared."

    Blaze, listening to the explanation with a serious expression, leaned over and whispered to Karloy.

    “Was there mental magic in ancient times?”

    It was the first time that Carloy heard it. Scholars continued to explain without caring about the ignorance of ordinary people.

    “The crystal stone itself is a form that was seen in the early days of the continent as a method of preserving and handing over magic that cannot be inherited, and the principle of operation is the same. If so, it will probably only react to certain people, and it is presumed that magic would be impossible without crystal stones.”

    The scribes of each country quickly wrote down explanations. All of what was written would be used as a question at my meeting with Bernie tomorrow.

    “In the case of secret-disclosure magic, strictly speaking, it is a method of controlling the memory of the head, so it is close to the control magic, but the lasting power seems to be temporary like any other magic. However, unlike other magic, it can put a lot of pressure on people if used frequently.”

    Carloy's chest tightened more and more as explanations of the way to perform magic and side effects, which were speculated based on the examples of Mary Ann and other victims, continued. Lyrian's pain seemed to be recreated from the front. Lirian, who was striking his chest as if frustrated, came to mind.

    The dog-like wizard died in vain with Delua, and there was no way to dispel his anger. So there was only one place for those feelings to return. Karl Roy myself.

    However, there was one thing that was stronger than the self-loathing of suffering. It was longing. I really wanted to see Lirian again at least once.


    As Lirian had expected, Olivia Donata soon showed her the study room very naturally. Solta's books were as beautiful and interesting as Olivia said. Although she felt a little too much of the overly gorgeous Solta-specific rhetoric, she didn't tell Olivia that way.

    All of this was fascinating to Lyrian. Unlike Purtu, who spent time meaninglessly, at La Sor Tio, a day had passed after doing something. It was different from Pourtu, who couldn't get away from Denise's thoughts or thoughts of his painful past.

    She opened the door of her library's bookshelves, revealing her private room, which Olivia was so proud of.

    "Isn't it beautiful?"

    Lirian quietly nodded her head. In the middle of the indoor garden in full bloom, there was a tea table, and next to it was a beautifully occupied place with musical instruments. As if someone would play it anytime soon.

    And beyond the glass door, there were green plants and canvases on her teeth. On the wall were harmoniously hung paintings that Olivia would have chosen.

    "Isn't it a little different from Purtu's paintings?"

    Lilian, who is not very well-versed in art, looked closely at the landscape and portrait paintings on her wall. I can't really explain, but the feeling was completely different. She felt like she used the material differently.

    She said, "It's been a while since oil painting has been popular in Solta. I'm not interested in Four Two."

    Lilian was the first to even hear the word oil painting. The Duke couldn't afford to teach Li Lian deeply to the noble areas such as art. He was also busy learning the art trend of Purtu, but he could not know the paintings that were only popular in Solta. Instead, he assured that no one would ask Lirian for anything else.

    "Have you ever drawn a picture?"


    Olivia glimpsed her through the glass door.

    “Would you like to draw it? In case you are interested. It's because it's a one-time quick thing to do.”

    Lirian, who had never had a proper appreciation of her work, let alone listen to her brush in her lifetime, simply looked at her blankly at her Olivia's question.

    “Of course I know. In Purtu, they say that painting is not a hobby that nobles can do. Especially, the materials like oil paintings are a little more difficult. I have no idea why."

    Olivia began to walk toward the glass door, explaining more about what Lilian's expression was interpreted as.

    "But this is Lexem Sorta."

    It was the attitude that everything should be explained, as if that was it.

    “Nothing separates humans from beasts like art. And even apart from that…”

    Sunlight came in as the door opened.

    “If you only care about people, life will be difficult.”

    Not like Olivia, it was a little firm tone.

    “I think I can take root in my life if I give my heart to the things that will continue to be there.”

    It was like speaking to Lirian, but it was also like speaking to Olivia herself. I felt faint from the look at the canvas.

    Lirian didn't give any specific answer, but she said Olivia was already naturally putting her old clothes on de les and unpacking her paints. Lirian quietly watched Olivia do her. The smell of her oil irritated her nose.

    "Of course, it doesn't mean that everyone can give heart to those things, but... I know that I'm lucky."

    Olivia handed Lirian a brush dipped in her paint.

    "Even the empress..... Now is the time to be lucky."

    Unconsciously accepting her brush, Lirian chewed on Ollivia's words. Her words of taking root in her life sounded strange. Because she always felt like she was barely touching her feet.

    Lirian wondered if that would be said to wield a brush. He said he didn't know too much about life anyway, and he didn't have a chance to know it properly, so there was no harm in knowing it once. If you fail, you won't lose anything.

    When the report on the Vernier magic was over, scholars began to report on the Vernidogk, which they analyzed with therapists. It was the same that it was as painful as before.

    I had to hear what the damn magic was inflicting on my head, and now I had to hear what the poison caused Lyrian to suffer again. How difficult it is to treat.

    Pretending to be fine and sitting at the conference was exhausted, but afterwards, I had to attend a banquet again.

    “Come to Mach. How did she not come once after she was crowned. I have to talk deeply, hoping for my sister too.”

    To attend a banquet meant that you had to deal with blazes that were terrible, and blazes with alcohol.

    “Because I was crowned.”

    "How many days do you fail here?"

    The more I listened, the more surprisingly light I spoke. Obviously, whenever he said that, it seems that Emperor Mach beat me up and blazes, but he still speaks like that. Violence didn't seem to be the way to solve everything.

    “It wasn't long after the rebellion was over.”

    “I know so obviously, but would you like to lie? They said it was easy to crush, and thanks to that, the national treasury was also full. Vernier tasted too, and Croisen's situation changed, so we'll have to talk about taxes again. What about the military story."

    What bullshit is it? Karloi thought alone. It wasn't easy at all. In the process, he himself lost the only thing left to me.

    His suffocation was choked, so Carloi unconsciously held the wine glass he had been holding to his mouth.

    "I'm sending Dunya this year."

    “Oh, you're too far away again. You are inviting us to talk comfortably in the old days. And my sister doesn't like that man very much....... Ha long, it's better than the life-heads I spent before."

    Among them was the Marquis of Roden. It seems that he is now in the midst of the sadness of the loss of his daughter.

    “But when will the Empress of Croixen come back from Solta?”

    His curious look and speech quickly made Carlo feel dirty. Because he became his wife, he should be the subject of his curiosity. He didn't even get the treatment he deserved.

    It wasn't worth an answer, so Carloy just looked at the Blaze. When I opened his mouth, it seemed that an unclassified language would come out.

    "Hey... you're really going to kill someone. I can't say anything..."

    Blaze took a step back and muttered. She's a daughter of Del Lua, so she says she's like dogs.

    I didn't know if I reacted that way. Her face became a little sharp, so the expression was terrifying. It was like her crazy guy that made her goose bumps.

    Even looking at her body size, Blaze wasn't the size to look ridiculous. Blaze guessed that if she hadn't been Mach's Grand Duke, physical punishment would have been inflicted by Karloi immediately.

    "Okay. I'm not talking about your wives anymore, that's okay."

    Tired of saying they weren't wives, Karl Roy ignored Blaze and drank. Soon after, Karloy regretted the choice. Alcohol stimulated the idea of Lilian. No, rather than encouraging her, it felt as if she had closed it with all her strength.

    The round-table conference already drove him to his limit. Carloi escaped his villa with a bottle of liquor in a tumultuous gap.

    He was unfamiliar with the way to the palace of the empress. After Lyrian's departure, Carloi never found it. He didn't want to confirm with both eyes that Lyrian was absent. It was obvious that a huge palace would show without mercy what was missed with my own hands and how big it was. But today, oddly enough, his feet moved freely.

    Carloy paused in front of the bedroom. Even here, the memory of hurting Lirian came to mind. To those who have already suffered all the pain,

    <If there is only one thing I want from you, this is the only thing. What you're missing. What I can't see in front of my eyes.>

    I don't remember why I did that, but the action itself was still clear.

    The most distressing thing is that they cannot be reversed. It wasn't. I was afraid that such a memory would be clear to Lyrian as well. It's so vivid to himself, but there's no way he wouldn't do it to Lyrian.

    The bedroom I opened the door was as flat as I had expected. Even though it wasn't a single wind blown, Carloi felt his heart open.

    There was a necklace on the bed that was neatly arranged so that no trace could be found. Karl Roy sits carefully on the bed and fiddles with the necklace. It was the wolf's tears.

    Lirian left everything connected to him here and left. While staring at the neck with no good memories, Carloy lay in bed.


    I wished for the scent of Lirian, but even that seemed undeserved for him.

    One of his arms was drooping, barely holding a bottle, and the other armlessly covered his eyes.

    “......Just watch today.”

    Drooping with alcohol, Karloy muttered. Even though there is no one to stop by.

    “I'm trying to keep my promise. Until now, continue. I stopped crying like a life-size....... Drinking... just for today.”

    Suddenly, I felt the familiar pain in my chest. I was used only by pain, but the memories that this pain reminded of were still painful. The words at the conference were mixed and hovered in his head.

    “I don’t know how to live… I’m not trying to live a full life, but no, whether I’m doing it.”

    Words came out without hesitation. When I said this, I felt like I was really there. Like a fucking nerd, it did, was to become a feel yourself like crazy chicks.

    "But today... it's too hard. Just look at it for a day..."

    Suddenly I remembered the day I held Lirian here. On this bed, Lyrian constantly shed tears under him.

    Little swearword flowed out of Carloy's mouth. He would have thought about the meaning of those tears at least once. At that time, she was crazy that she wasn't pushing her away, so she couldn't think of it drunk because of the desperate desire that she might be sincere with her too.

    That must have been the way Lirian spoke to him. Maybe that's why he fell in love with Lyrian's eyes like a madman.

    But now, just remembering that transparent bubble broke his heart. If you cut the body, it may have disappeared even traces.

    “I don't have you, but I don't have it.... Only you who are the most painful."

    Well, even saying that it hurts the most has a word. Carloy thought self-help. Lirian must have always been sick in Purtu.

    “I'll do this only today. Again from tomorrow. I'll live somehow, properly... because I said I would keep my promise.”

    Anyway, I was fortunate that there was something left to keep.

    "So once, but I do not give me even in dreams ..... I know, that'll be a lot of crazy chicks deserve."

    Carloy carefully squeezed the wolf's tears next to him.

    "But anyway ...... do a little bastard son of a bitch oughta even more. It would be okay to see you in a dream.”

    He closed his eyes again. In this place where she stayed, though, maybe...


    <I didn't know you were going to La Sorthio. Lexem Sorta is a really beautiful place. I like Croissen the best, but isn't it? Even if you go here and there, there seems to be no place like Croisen.

    Anyway, I've spoken to Roden, so soon the book will go to La Sortio.>

    Lyrian was sitting by Lake Mexus, reading Kiana's letter. Maryann and Jane were embroidered next to them, and Olivia was painting. On the table was a cake made by Becks. The appearance was so beautiful that I was suspicious that a piece of Vex's soul might have entered. Of course there was also a taste.

    “What does Lady Roden say? Are you sending me a book?"

    Mary Ann and Jane's fervent interest, Lirian nodded slightly.

    “I have a woman named the stepmother and her father. I think.”

    “Ah, no. Something must have happened. Her father's side did Hakoji.”

    Lyrian, who watched the mother-daughter's confrontation, thought that the end of the debate was more curious than the end of the book.

    <.....Maha is an interesting place. I can say this with confidence. But Jung doesn't go. All of the Maha people are so... I can't explain with words.

    But it seems to be a place worth visiting at least once. If you have any plans to come, please let us know. The residence here is fine, so I don't think there will be any flaws in your time.>

    Kia My letter contained her affection for Four Two. Mach didn't seem to like it. Lirian If it were me, it would be nice to have a place other than Purtu.

    "I haven't been to Maha before. It's a fun place to hear."

    Said Olivia, who was painting. Lyrian thought to himself. If she were Olivia, she wouldn't have seen it, but she wouldn't have seen it.

    “...... It’s beautiful.”

    When Lirian said a word when she saw Olivia's painting, she looked at Olivia just laughing.

    "Your Majesty is overly praised."

    But she was serious. Lyrian was learning this and that from her fortress Olivia, the more she learned that she was a great person with a lot of talent. She drew well, and she handled instruments, including lutes and viols, and played them well to Lirian. Olivia said that the Soltains deal with the degree of Dai, and she said humble words with a haughty attitude.

    On the other hand, Lyrian himself was not very talented in music. His instrumental performance was interesting, but his footsteps were slower. But he was different in drawing. She may have praised Olivia for her talent and praised her so much that she may be, but she didn't seem very bad to Lirian.

    If Denise knew she would really have been proud of her. It's good if she does anything good at least a little.

    And she really took her hard work so that her misconceptions would be forgotten. These days, while learning portrait painting, I was drawing Denise in my memory, and the storm of my mind that often happened at that time was also ruined.

    Is that why? The more my mind and mind were organized, the more often a person came to mind. In these days, instead of a nightmare, Karloi often came to sleep and fell asleep.


    Obviously I remembered the time Denise called my name, but at the end, there was always a superimposed on Carloy's voice. Was it because the only people who called the name were Denise Su and Karloy?

    Carloy's voice, who was calling the name, was always desperate. He seemed to die if he didn't call it, so he would vomit, but he acted as if he had sinned just by spitting out his name.

    <Rather honestly, please speak honestly at least once>

    Her obviously thought that his words were only meant to hurt her, but Carloy's voice in her memory was always so desperate.

    She apparently thought that only herself begged him, but in the flashy memories these days, Carlo was always clinging to her.

    She buried Yvonne that she had never overlapped Lou, but when she was Yvonne and her Lou, he collapsed and prayed in front of her with the same look and voice.

    Soon Lirian shook her head. It was painful to see Karloy and ran away, but somehow I thought of it more often. Now what...

    Even herself, who had lost Denise, was slowly adapting to this life. Carloy would also be fine by now.

    “Looking like that, last time, your Majesty said you wanted to learn Maha, so I tried to save some people.”

    Olivia's voice pulled out Lirian, who had been thinking of Carlo.

    “Because his wife Lux is Mahain. She's married to her own, and she's been living in Lexem Sorta for quite some time, so she's good at croissants, so she'll be fine.”

    Lirian quietly nodded her head. She didn't have to learn to speak Maha anyway, unless she lived under her Mach anyway, but she wanted to get busy. And Lirian realized that learning something was the right way to get busy.

    Besides, it was impossible to live as an empress in La Sorthio forever. She wanted to know a lot about her, as she would never know.


    Bernie's king Dante Riccio appeared with an arrogant expression that did not match his poorly colored face. However, after seeing him and checking out the seated Karlroy, his expression quickly faded.

    Even then, the king of Bernie said the answer several times in a hurry. It was when he didn't hide his determination to survive the war when he didn't even start talking properly.

    “If I just did not know Bernie's mind like this, wouldn't I be able to choose a comfortable path?”

    "No, I'll say it."

    “If you buy a country you don't know what you are lying next to, it's better to erase that country from the map. It will be safe.”

    I was told that it wasn't long since the rebellion was put down. I looked at the young Emperor of Croixen, who said that he could not afford to wage war with other countries, but that was the most convenient way, with the face of King Bernie's grief.

    "Dear Bernie's King... I don't seem to understand."

    Unlike his sober face, the emperor of Croisen spoke in a soft tone.

    “Why do you think Bernie's doing this would have only stimulated Kroissen. Of course, if you're a sane country, wouldn't you consider Bernie anxious? He did this not once, but twice.”

    Only then did Bernie's king see the delegates gathered there.

    It was the rugged Macea Mountains that blocked the two of Lartua's refusal to war against Verni. The reason Mach didn't invade Verni was because Croisen in the middle didn't give way, and Croissen...

    “I am different from Delua. Delua shouldn't have a virtuity with Verni, so he wouldn't have partnered with Mach, but I'm not interested in that. Of course, the land of Bernie, which has nothing to see, is equally uninterested...”

    Carloy, speaking in a dry tone, pointed at Blaze with a glance.

    “But the Mach is a little different. Bernie is also a country that believes that there is a place to use it, so it seems that he is interested in it, isn't it, Grand Duke?"

    Blaze really laughed and nodded his head.

    “Oh, our emperor is very interested.”

    “So, why don’t I think this way. Let's make a way to Bernie through Milte and open it to Mach..... well, this is the thought. In return, I got some rewards from Mach.”

    In the long run, it was better to pay that amount to live with a country like Bernie next door.

    “You can do it yourself without going far. The rat inside was also dead, but now I have nothing to worry about... it will get rid of you guys. If you do, Lartua will be grateful and will support you."

    Watching the king of Lartua nodded his head up to him, Dante Riccio lost his motivation. As he read it, Carloy said.

    “It's a form that allows mental magic to be manifested through the veins, but since the last wizard, the son of the princess, has died, isn't there any need to hide it? Anyway, there will be no other guys because it's hard for them to appear in the same generation anyway.”

    From the face of Bernie's king, realizing that Carloy knew more than he thought, to his last will disappeared. Dante Riccio is quite docile and he confesses what he knows. Anyway everything went back to failure.

    It is said that it was first manifested in one's superiors through a crazy intimate marriage...

    According to the king, what Bernie's princess was mainly doing seemed to be a kind of mental magic that manipulated emotions. In the meantime, he drew a line saying that he had no relation to Bernie's wizard, who was called the Fiord, but Carloy decided to move on to this level because the scholars and therapists who attended had obtained a lot of useful information.

    “Are you thinking of leaving Bernie alone? It must be like that.”

    Just before returning to Mach, Blaze asked Karlois. Carloy didn't answer much, but Blaze read the answer in the face.

    "You... It was a lie to say that if I told the truth, I would pass it over."

    Carloy still had no answer. It was an expression hoping that the blaze would go out quickly.

    “Why, why, how are you going to do it? What are you thinking? You really have to come to Mach once. I think you need a deep conversation. My sister is also a subject to change.”

    “I hope you stay safe, Grand Duke.”

    At a heartless goodbye, Blaze stuck her tongue out. Perhaps this year, I thought I had to give up seeing him on Mach.


    Completing Denise's painting is more than I thought. It took a long time. Despite the small size of the canvas, he completed the paintings only two months after spending time at La Sor Tio.

    Lyrian is now able to play basic musical instruments, and even a little bit of Mach. He has read quite a few books. Including Keana's strange book. Painting has become a daily hobby.

    I don't know if I wanted to live because of these miscellaneous things. But thanks to that, I found that living wasn't just that difficult.

    Lyrian felt instinct, realizing that he couldn't cry even when he saw De Nice laughing on the canvas. It was now time for her to leave La Sor Tio. He wanted to go as far away from Croisen as possible.

    The frequency of headaches and nightmares was also noticeably reduced. When the therapist made a new medicine, it certainly worked better than before.


    Olivia's voice came behind Lilian, who was looking at the canvas at Lake Mexus.

    “A guest came from Purtu.”

    At that moment, her chest fell. She couldn't figure out why she sat down.

    When she learned that the guest was Alexis Dunya, Lirian could see why. As soon as I knew, her head went blank. She was a little disappointed when she saw Alexis, so the reason her mind settled down was probably because of her anticipation.

    Lilian met Alexis du Nha at the lake, grasping her pathetic feelings. She went to the parlor and offered to meet her, and Alexis said it was okay and came to the lake in person.

    "What's up to here......."

    “I have something to tell you and I have something to explain, so I've come to see you.”

    When I looked at Alexis' face, the verses in her diary wandered in my head for nothing. On the one hand, I was curious. Do you still hate Carloy?

    “Some of the property recovered from Delua was vested in your Majesty.”

    “Why to me...”

    "It's not that surprising. You don't have the ball that killed Delua."

    Lilian still expressed the expression that he did not understand. She wasn't killed with a great purpose, and even then, the fact that she was an illegitimate child of Del Lua was not erased.

    Alexis knew Lyrian's question, but he didn't answer obscenely. I didn't want to say that Carloy had acted like an imposter against the nobles to do that.

    “Besides, your Majesty is no longer a Deluah legally. If you are willing to enter another family's foster daughter, I will."

    “No, that's okay. I've been thinking about it, but if you really need a last name... I'm thinking of using her mother's name as the last name.

    "...... I will handle it like that. Then"

    Alexis briefly explained the type and size of the property vested in Lyrian. He was confiscated from Del Lua, so he was worried that he would receive something from the Del Lua estate, but he wasn't.

    When the explanation was over, there was nothing left to say between the Duke and the Empress.

    “Do you need anything more?”

    Lyrian, who habitually looked up at Alexis' question for the first time, stopped moving.

    “I wouldn’t say what to say after receiving this,”

    “You don’t have to think so because you have to go back.”

    Lirian said quietly.

    “I will be leaving La Sorthio soon.”

    "Then where are you going to go..."

    “I will probably go to Mach right now. You will have to think about it after that.”

    If you left Lexem Sorta and go to Maha instead of Purtu, that would be obvious.

    “So I won't be the empress anymore.”

    At the words of the empress, who seemed to have cleared her mind, Alexis recalled her nephew who was left behind in Four Two. Karlois obsessively leading his life with his soul half-dead.


    Lyrian was not surprised by Alexis' innocent answer. That day, he would have known that the last day he said goodbye to Karloi, it would be the same for Karloi. Anyway, that place has never been his own.

    Lyrian hesitated for a while when he saw Alexis leaving 20 thousand seats when he had nothing to say. Akabu

    Lyrian eventually opened his mouth because of the weak guilt he felt while watching Ter Alexis.

    ".....I read the Gong's diary. The diary that was here."

    Lyrian took the diary out of the hole in the tree and handed it to Alexis.

    “I'm sorry. I knew I shouldn't take a peek, but... I wanted to know. How the hell did you endure it all?”

    Alexis looked down her diary.

    “It wouldn't have been of great help. It's full of shameful hearts.”

    “Anyway, the ball is alive, and it’s alive….. That alone showed me something.”

    Alexis wrote the diary with his hand, as if trying to flip through the diary, and then stopped beckoning. He picked up the stone under the tree, untie the string that tying his hair, and tied it with a diary. Then Alexis quietly plunged his diary into Lake Macxus. The diary sank down without a sound.

    At the sudden action, Lirian lost her words and looked at Alexis.

    “It's because it's something I don't need anymore.”

    Alexis looked somewhat sloppy.

    “Now Adelaide is dead without being angry. I can admit that. Let her go because I've been tied to my feelings for so long. It was also time to give. Because of the emotions that poured out there, he did things he wouldn't want..."

    Alexis, who was obscured by his words, soon took a courtesy to Lyrian.

    “I dare hope that the Empress will be okay at least someday someday.”

    It was an attitude that seemed to apologize for some reason.


    Lyrian impulsively caught Alexis trying to leave. He was so impulsive that he was surprised by himself and forgot what to say next.

    "Oh, that's..."

    I couldn't say anything. It's scary because I don't know what answer you'll hear.

    Alexis replied more quietly to Lirian.

    “He's okay. So you don't have to worry.”

    Lirian squeezed her mouth in an answer, as if she knew exactly the question she wanted to ask.

    That's right, you're okay now.

    For some reason, I felt like tears would fall. Glad it was. When she thinks of Lloyd, she always feels like she's getting watery, feeling a little bit lighter.

    “Gong is now, doesn’t he hate him?”

    Alexis looked at the question as if pondering for a moment.

    “I don't hate it. Watching it makes my mind complex, but I don't hate it. In fact, unlike Your Majesty, I am not entitled to hate.”

    Alexis left the last word and left La Sorthio.

    Lyrian sat in a chair by the lake and stared at Denis on the canvas for a long time. As she thought about Alexis' words, she wondered whether she was still angry with Denise's death and how she felt when she thought of Carloi. What kind of mind is it that he is wandering my head out of nowhere?


    When Lirian heard that she was about to leave La Sor Tio as well as her empress, Carloi did not respond. He just accepted it as if he had expected it all. So for the first few days.

    Carloy's face, which is becoming more and more like a return market, has become a point that cannot be seen. It would be better if he cried out, saying he would fall or die, but even with that knowledge, he lived unchanged. He wakes up at the same time, eats at the same time, works at the same time, and says he is in front of others.

    Croixen's old Reformed monarchs wouldn't have done this much, but without Carloy, they started doing it. He told the nobles to stay in Purtu, and forcibly tied them where they could see them, and turned over the estates one by one.

    At first, Alexis didn't want to say anything. He wasn't a nagging human, and he had nothing to say. He goes around and he works hard on the country, but he has nothing to say.

    But a few days later, through Asher's narrative, Alexis witnessed Karloi lying down like an invoice in the empress's bedroom in the middle of the night and talking to someone like a self-talk.

    ".....What would you say you've come again. I've been patient for a long time, but it's been a month."

    He couldn't listen.


    Karloy opened his eyes and looked at Alexis for a few seconds. Soon he brazenly even closed his eyes again.


    "Just get out. I wasn't crazy."

    I don't know how he knew what to say, but he thought he was hitting the player in advance, so yes, he wanted to be very crazy.

    “If I don’t do this, I’m really going to go crazy. Pretend you don't know and get out. After that, it will be okay again.”

    "I'd rather come see it once."


    “It means to go to La Sorthio and look at your face. Don't be pathetic.”

    Carloy had no answer.

    "Why do you do that. Because you didn't say that the empress can come to see you?"

    Seeing him still, he seemed right. Alexis lost his temper for a moment and almost squeezed Carloy's head.

    “I didn’t even tell you not to come to see me. Who's going to go talk to, get him? It means to go and just look at your face.”

    He gave him the last reason and treated him to the emperor, but the more he said that Alexis was also human, his voice increased. Himself a place not to worry about these crazy chicks [Bob wanted to empress one hit instead.

    “If you don’t see it this time, you may not know when you will see it.

    “......Can I do that.”

    Don't be stupid, but get up to the end of my neck, and I was urged to kick the bed with his feet, but Alexis endured.

    "If you don't go, I'll go to the Empress and tell you about your Majesty's condition."

    Instead, they threatened. At those words, Carloy woke up in bed. His face was cold and stiff.

    "I will prepare it."

    Alexis left the bedroom and started getting ready before Carloi said something. He first gave Asher a letter to deliver to Mary Ann and started Asher first. To block the mouths of the people of La Sorthio in advance so that Karlois can enter quietly.

    She wrote that she wished Mary Anne that she would bring the Empress to Lake Macxus in the morning. She's a carefree request, but she even wrote a request to help save a person.

    As he was wondering if he could go, he laid out the plates, and with a surprisingly shameless face, he left Purtu at a fast pace. His heart seemed to already have La Sor Thioe, so he didn't even want to say anything.


    When Karlois arrived in La Sorthio, it was only after the morning sun had risen. The bleak sun of Sorta was shining every corner with a bright light.

    “The maid said he took the empress. I won't go close to the lake, so I'll see you here."

    Asher seemed excited by herself, not to match the atmosphere. He was arrested by Alexis these days and took a semi-forced private class, and it looked like he was excited to come out after a long time.

    Near Lake Mexus, Karloy wandered with an impatient face. He was crazy about something, so he ran to this place, but when he came, he became nervous. Maybe Lirian will find herself. Then I'm afraid it will hurt her again.


    Asher whispered, grabbing Karlroy. From a distance, I saw several Inyoung. Among them, only Lyrian was seen. As soon as he recognized Lyrian, his heart jumped. It's overwhelming.

    "Wow, my complexion has improved though. That's right."

    Asher muttered brightly. Carloy could also know. The Lyrian now looked much healthier than the last Lyrian I saw in Purtu. Although she still seemed too skinny.

    Carloi gazed at Lyrian like the grass that broke his neck into the sun. Lyrian standing in the sun went well with the light.

    When she spoke to the woman who seemed to be the Countess of Solis, she looked at Lyrian with a faint smile. The moment I saw that smile, Carloy's heart sank. She does not cry Lilian. She goes beyond not crying and even laughs. With her fucking, her eyes became sore.


    "Yes? Already? You haven't seen a while."

    "It's done now."

    Carloy left Mexus with Asher, confused.

    Lyrian said she wasn't next to him anymore, and he wasn't next to her, which made her cry every time, so she could laugh at her. That alone was okay with Carloi. That's it.

    Her forever, she won't be able to see her, but... she was fine though. Because Lyrian doesn't cry. She felt that she shouldn't have confidence in the whole space. She did not want to ruin her world by her own existence.

    "......It's okay?"

    In her carriage, Asher looked at her and asked.

    "I'm fine."

    Carloy replied quietly. The light from the sun of Lexem Sorta entered the carriage through the window. I have never liked this place, this light, but today I was here, so I thought it was good.

    So, Karloy was okay.


    Kia I happily invited her Lirian to her own mansion. She even ranted her rant saying that she would make her Mach caliber properly. She said that she owns the complete book of the strange book, so when she arrives at Mach, she will lend it to her, but she did not know how far in the world she had expected.

    Mary Anne and Jane insisted that she follow Mach. She said she didn't have to do that anymore, but she was grateful for Lilian in her heart. She would be better than alone.

    She regretted leaving the beautiful La Sor Tio, but she was thinking she would leave someday anyway. Besides, she had two months and she stayed longer than expected.

    It was not a shame that tormented Lirian until the end. It was a conflict in my mind that was neither big nor small.

    She wanted to see Karloy one more time. She didn't want to do anything great. I just..... wanted to make sure he was really okay. The last time she saw him, because he was so vivid that her heart was sore. The better she got, the better she got, the stronger she came to see him.

    But in the end, Lyrian stopped thinking about it. Even if, at last, Carloy was fine, but she was worried that she would see herself for no reason and she would be struggling. Besides, judging by the rumors that were being heard, Karloi seemed to be okay.

    Seeing that he was working around Croixen with a solid state treasury, and seeing the story coming to La Sorthio, he seemed to be keeping his promises well. It was a little bit painful to hear that he was particularly focused on improving the treatment of illegitimate children and children, but .....

    He didn't even have to change the law, so he was trying to improve his awareness of each province. Explicit discrimination was forbidden, and young children were still protected by the country. It was said that less and less unfortunate children like me would be.

    As I was trying to figure out what he was thinking about and doing those things, my heart squeezed without help.

    <Besides, this year is a good harvest. The newly developed cultivation magic was effective. Even Bernie, who is weakened, is quiet, and nothing went wrong.>

    Recalling Mary Ann's words, Lirian worked hard to clear up her impulse.

    Yes, if he were so okay, he would have been better off not seeing Karloy. He didn't want to pick him up.

    Besides, Lirian was afraid of myself. I don't think I'm resentful about Carloy right now, but I'm afraid that if I see him again, his memories will pop up and I'll hate him again. In Purtu, the two had a hard time just seeing each other.

    After asking for a sleep that doesn't come, Lirian finally took hold of his mind, turning back and forth.

    The morning came without fail, and it was time for Lyrian to leave. Chef Becks, the brash chef, cried, saying that there were many foods he had not yet served. In two months, what kind of affection he heard so that he would cry... Lirian briefly regretted that he would have eaten Vex's food a little more deliciously.

    On the other hand, Olivia Donata did not cry at all. Her eyes didn't blush, and she was still resolute. It looked the same as usual.

    “I’m sorry. If you come to Lexem Sorta anytime, please find me."

    “I will do that.”

    Olivia asked.

    “Can I hold my hand...?”

    Lyrian nodded his head awkwardly. The old lady carefully held Lirian's hand and patted it lightly. I felt the warmth like the sunshine of Solta.

    “Your Majesty is really brave and smart. He could feel it in a short time.”

    It was a strong expression, not like a person who always makes lukewarm evaluations. Lirian knew that she had been undeserved of affection as much as Ollivia's undeserved evaluation.

    “It’s not your Majesty anymore.......”

    “And you have a noble taste.”

    Olivia said like a joke to her.

    “Look at as many things as possible. Your Majesty's heart is broad, so you will be able to hold that much.”

    “Thank you, I really mean it.”

    Lirian hesitated for a moment and added.


    At her first name, Olivia briefly opened her eyes wide and then smiled. It was only at that moment that Lirian realized that she had liked the smile quite a bit.

    The people of Sorthio were people who had no contact with Delua. There was a point that reminded Del Lua of Denise, who is in love with him, Carloy, who is entangled with complex emotions, and even Mary Ann, who remains next to him. However, the people of Solta were the first people Lirian had ever met and had nothing to do with Delua.

    “Goodbye, Empress of Sorthio.”

    After receiving the love of Sol Ta and filling her heart with her, Lilian left. It contains the sunlight of Solta, who fell in love even in her short time, and she thinks about De Nice so that even if her heart is empty, she can bring out that affection and see it. She thinks of Carloy so that even when her heart is cold, she can bring out the sunlight again.

    19. Carl and Lou (1)

    Carloy couldn't figure out whether he should think he was good at seeing Lirian at La Sorthio that day, or regret it. To see that Lyrian is getting better.

    It was good. Lyrian didn't see him, so I thought it was all good.

    However, the face I saw for a while was stuck like a thorn and tormented him. The desire to see more properly and closer shook him without reason. In between these gaps, Carloi dries up like a harmony, like a scentless and splendid Lithuanian harmony.

    People who don't know thought he was becoming increasingly impeccable, but in fact his kernel was dead.

    The compulsion to survive, the instinct to end it rather than dying, and the reason that I shouldn't see Lyrian and the longing for wanting to see it, I thought about Lyrian's smile when I was really going crazy after spending each day in between. Lyrian is fine now, so he remembered that he had to live too.

    Nothing erased his regrets about why he couldn't be him who made Lillian laugh, but when he thought that this life would go on endlessly, it was just far away.

    Karloy struggled to erase his thoughts. He forcibly pushed Lirian, who ruled all of him, and tried to focus on Alexis in front of him.

    “I think I've got a new land, I think I want to sell the conquests to us, but I don't have to sell them. Apart from being suspicious of quality, Mach looks so impatient."

    “The war of conquest is more expensive than I thought, so Maha Shim wouldn't make sense. So, are you saying you won't take it at all?"

    “These are things you don't need in Croisen. Isn't it an exotic luxury anyway? I think Mach is bored, but it would be better to return some attention to Bernie. You will be able to make a good discussion on your own."

    “Even if it wasn't, I was going to tell you…… I think it's hard to go to Mach.”

    The answer came back for the first time for Karloy to raise his head. Mach kept asking for his visit, so tired that he tried to send Alexis instead.

    “Any reason not to go?”

    “It’s difficult because I’m old.”

    For some reason, I felt like I was getting back what I had said. Carloy frowned.

    “Are you telling me to listen?”

    "Really. It's not too far to get to Mach. Shouldn't we even get on a boat?"

    "If it's not you, then..."

    "I wonder if your Majesty should go. This time, there is some change in the topic price of the conference, so it would be better for your Majesty to go in person."

    Even if it wasn't, Carloy's face looked more tired. Carloy didn't like Mach. Alexis, feeling sorry for a moment, soon changed his mind. Anyway, Carloy didn't really like anything in the world. He wasn't even refreshed.

    He thought that it would be better to honestly say that there is Lirian in Mach, but he thought about it, but it was better not to do it. He also got tired of telling him he didn't deserve to go.

    Karloi knew that Lyrian was now staying with a sister-in-law in the countryside of Salta. He didn't even ask exactly where. He only told me to help me in moderation and only let me know when something happened.

    Alexis realized that he would rather not know Karloi. If you know, will he think that he will go to the empress without knowing it?

    "Please come and go once."

    With a slight skepticism about why he was even playing this way, Alexis insisted on his stubbornness. Still, it was because I wanted this crazy guy to get better if he looked at his face. I don't want to wait for a great reunion.

    It is said that the therapist is injecting all kinds of drugs into Carloy, but in Alexis' view, the drug was just a material that made Carloy's body move, nothing more or less. I might become a druggist. You need to hear from the therapist that you are drunk and call the empress's name at night.

    Day by day, the new therapist was being shocked by Carloy's condition. He was always learning anew about how bad a man can be mentally, and how desperately he can hide that condition of a mad man.

    If such a thing could be called growth, yes, it would have been its own growth. Any patient will be easy after going through Karloy. Alexis quietly kicked his tongue without Carloy's knowledge.

    "...... Yes. It would be better to go once. If you go this time, you will be quiet for 5 years."

    With a suspicious look, Karloy finally nodded.

    "Take Asher with you."

    “Asher does not go to Mach even though Bernie goes. The ball has it."

    Asher, who shoots around the world with a thunderbolt, did not want to go even if he died as much as Mach. It was because he remembered the terrible slave life.

    “You seem to follow the ball well anyway.”

    Even if it wasn't, he always thought that he had to teach the Korean properly when he saw Asher, but thanks to Carloy these days, Alexis was spending a lot of time with Asher.

    "I do not know. You might say you're going to go to Mach because you're with me... but I know."

    Alexis glanced back as he left the office. Carloy, sitting at her desk alone, looked lonely. As always. Since he was very young, he always looked like that.

    Suddenly, the empress came to mind, standing on the shore of Lake Mexus and asking for Karloy's health. It seemed like it would fly away in the light wind and disappear. It looks the same as Carloy right now.

    Come to think of it, it was time that he had arrived at Mach by now and met Kea Na Roden. Alexis wondered if a woman who seemed unlikely to win would be able to withstand Mach.


    Lirian had never been on a boat in his life. No, he had never really seen the sea. So she didn't know. He is so sick of seasickness.

    The sea was beautiful for exactly 10 minutes. It was only a moment when Lirian, who was admiring the blue color that made her eyes sore as the sea breeze of different scents and strengths hit her face, became sick with motion sickness.

    She was fiddling with her necklace in her feeling of breathlessness, she thought of De Nice, and she was holding on tight, fearing that she would now run out of her necklace within a few minutes.

    "Are you okay?"

    At Mary Ann's question, Lyrian barely nodded her head.

    “Please be patient. She says she's really almost there now.”

    “Usually, if you receive treatment to calm motion sickness, it will be okay, but I think your majesty is toxic.”

    She said with embarrassment A Moss Wright, the therapist who followed up to Mach. Lirian said she couldn't take her good-looking head to Mach.

    However, that was the only request from Karloy to her through Alexis.

    Her therapist came to Mach and seemed completely unhappy. Even if she didn't, she had something I wanted to do research at Mach. And he added meaningfully. She said it was unlikely that your Majesty would have been at Mach for that long anyway.

    "Even if you are not your Majesty anymore."

    Lirian muttered in her dying voice.

    "But, because there is no specific title to call her ...... Isn't that all officially accepted yet? You're abolished until then."

    Alexis said it would take some time to process her without noise. She said that she went to recuperation with Sorthio, but her body did not get better, so she decided to resign herself.

    Lirian was very frustrated at the thought of what her future life would be like. However, the seasickness caused by the fierce waves cleared up the troubles in her head. Thank you. What to do. Mary Ann quietly patted on the back of her disgusting Lyrian.

    “Almost all arrived! Come out. It’s so amazing.”

    Jane, who was on her deck, came in and raised her voice with a slightly excited face.

    “How do you get out? Your Majesty is so hard even if you just sit down......."

    "OK. I can go out for a while. And how do I really call it? Even if you go to Mach, if you sing that way, you have no choice but to draw attention.”

    "By the way, your Majesty's appearance is from your gaze... You're a very typical Croisen. Then, I'll call you a baby."

    “It would be better to pretend to be married than to be single. Just call me your wife."

    Lyrian barely got up and went out towards her deck. The moment she stood by the railing, she could see what Jane had called him for.

    I saw Kirok, the port city called the entrance to Mach. And a wolf made of water droplets was running around in the air above the sea surrounding Kirok. Wolves and water didn't match at all, but it was just that amazing sight.

    “Isn't it great? I've only heard of Mach's maritime magic, but it's the first time I've seen it like this."

    Mary Ann whispered with admiration.

    As the ship got closer to the kiro, there were small decorations made of water. Things like water droplets that pop up like a fountain in the middle of sea water, or water columns that rise up. As if to show that he was the ruler of the sea, Maha was gorgeous from the entrance. But there was one thing that was more intense.


    It was the smell of the sea.

    "Oh, lungs, no, ma'am, are you okay?"

    Lirian nodded her head. She had a foreboding that she would never forget Mach's first impressions of her. Suddenly, if De Nis also got on the boat, she wondered for a moment whether she would have had severe seasickness like herself. She was still heartbroken with questions she couldn't solve forever.

    But she was fine. I felt like she could say she was okay. She said that one by one, because time will pass if she wonders. Then if she meets de Nice, then she can ask all at once.


    Asher suddenly changed her mind the day before going to Mach. She said she wouldn't go until Maha became a corpse, and now swarmed to ask for it.

    “What are you trying to do? I'm not in danger at Mach so just stay here. It's obvious what will happen to you when you arrive at Mach, but that state doesn't help me that much.”

    Despite Karloi's pressure, Asher stubbornly shook his head. There was no way to know what the hell was going on in that little head, so Carloy gave up.

    On the ship to Mach, Karloi thought of Lyrian. The countryside of Solta is also not close, but if she is in Mach, she will seem to live with a very different sky from Lilian. Even if it doesn't, there is nothing I like about Maha, but one more reason was added.

    As I was lying down, the headache seemed to get worse, so Carloy came to the deck. The strong sea breeze hit him in the face as if he was going to wake up.

    Carloi vaguely looked up at the blue sky. He looked down at just that much blue sea. The sea was transparent, but it was so deep that the end could not be seen. Just like yourself.

    His hand, holding his handrail, trembled. Intense sea. The color seemed to be sucking up Karloy. It didn't catch my eyes other than blue. It felt like his head was also filled with water. That's why I felt a fresh blue urge.

    I want to fall like this. If living is no different than being submerged anyway, I would rather sink deep into the sea and disappear. It seemed to be more comfortable to breathe.

    <Carl, don't die.>

    Suddenly, a faint voice intervened between the impulses that controlled the whole head and body. At that moment, Carloy took a breath and leaned against the railing, letting go of blood.

    Carloi, resting on the railing with his trembling hands, took a few breaths, leaned against the railing as if he had lost strength. Constantly muttering his swear words, Carloi hugged his head.

    Crazy kittens ...... He was swearing to himself without number. I don't know what the hell was he just trying to do. No, he knew the truth. He said he was a little hard and he was just trying to give up everything. But he couldn't. He has no right to do so.

    Can't cry, so Carloy just trembles. He repeated his swearing.

    "I followed it knowing it would be like this."

    Asher's characteristic fierce voice was heard from above.

    “......I'm not dying.”

    “I don't know, what. I don't know what will happen if a person goes crazy. Of course I've never seen it like that."

    Listening to Asher's innocent self-talk, Carloi recalled Lyrian.

    When do people want to take my life? I remembered one day in Purtu when Lirian had no hesitation in drinking the poison that had to go to Keana. How did you do that?

    Carloi eventually buried his face and was forced to mutter his curse once more. He couldn't really die.


    Kia I had come out to greet her with her key. As soon as she saw Lirian getting off the boat, Ji-Lian waved her hand so brightly as if she had seen any family member.

    “You have had a hard time coming! Oh my, you must have severe motion sickness."

    Lyrian, who had no power to speak, barely nodded.

    “I was going to go to the capital right away, but Kirok is also a very famous city, so maybe your Majesty...”

    Kia Naga tilted her head with her confused expression as Lirian took her index finger to her mouth and made her gesture to be quiet.

    “Madam, wife.”

    As Mary Ann whispered her words, Keana gave a slow exclamation as if he had noticed.

    “Ah, yes. Maybe your wife... might want to see Kirok as well. She even had a place to stay. What should I do? If you don't have mine, you can go to the capital right away.”

    "I don't think it's bad to look around Kirok."

    As soon as she hears Lyrian's answer, Keana waits. As if she had lost, she carried Ririan and his companions in a carriage and took them to her quarters. Contrary to the expectations of Li Lian, who thought she would be the right place, when she got out of the wagon, a mansion was seen.

    "You're staying in a place like this?"

    “Yes, Emperor Mach gave me one to use at will.”

    “A mansion like this?”

    "There are several other places besides Kirok. Your Majesty can use the entire third floor."

    Kia I replied profoundly if she wasn't happy at all.

    "I guess he's a person who enjoys giving."

    “It won't be. I must have liked it.”

    Mary Ann muttered while looking around her mansion.

    “Lady Roden would prefer Mach? She has been loved enough to receive not one, but several such mansions.”

    "Is that so? The maid, no Mary Ann, please stay at Mach once."

    Kiana replied with her meaningful tone.

    "How about Lord Anssen?"

    “That person is a little busy. He will be there by tomorrow. And it's not Ansene, it's Milona now. She is because Her Majesty gave her a new castle and title.”

    “Is the Emperor Mach?”

    Kiana opened her eyes round and looked at Lirian.

    "no? Of course, she was given the title of Mach as well, but she was speaking of former Majesty of Croisen anyway... A scorpion came after she arrived at Mach. Most of the former Anssen land was also received by Clyde. Don't you know?"

    Lyrian couldn't tell what Carloy was doing and what he was doing. Lirian shook his head blankly at the presence of Karlroy, who just popped out suddenly.

    “So it turns out that Her Majesty sent me? I thought she would come with me.”

    The moment she realized that she had a lot to explain to Keana, the fatigue that had endured Lirian's body came to her.

    "I'll explain it slowly."

    Lyrian quickly realized that this place was far from Karloy. It is a very different place, far from Solta. Maybe you're breathing different air at all.

    Lirian held his breath as soon as he remembered the image of Carlo Lee, who was hanging on to him in distress. He used to invade himself like this at unexpected moments. There was only a difference in feelings at that time, and this habit, which was not even tried, was still there even after leaving Croixen.

    “You must be hungry, but go straight to the restaurant. The food is ready.”

    At Keana's words, Lirian pushed Karloi's thoughts back to the restaurant.

    “The chef here is from Mach. If I had lived in the capital, I would have been able to eat the food that the chef I brought in..... Please understand.”

    Before eati