Chinese Tianwu's Notes 天吾手记 by Shuang Xue Tao 双雪涛

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    Name: Tianwu's Notes 天吾手记
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    Honestly, this looks like a very intriguing story of crime and mystery
    This is a best-seller
    Young Li Tian Wu was deeply attracted by the mysterious temperament his female deskmate, An Ge. In fact, the beautiful girl An Ge was also paying attention to Tian Wu all the time. One night after class, she "ran into" the desperate Tian Wu in a small secluded park. It turned out that they had both appeared in each other's dreams. The song that An Ge sang to Tian Wu was called "Little White Boat", and the story symbolized by the lyrics then started, because An Ge, who ran away that night, disappeared...
    The top student Tian Wu vowed to become an excellent criminal policeman, and the teachers who did not know what happened felt sorry that he had applied for the police academy. The high-spirited police academy graduate Li Tian Wu and old policeman Jiang Bu Fan were partners, rushing to the scene of a serious crime in a small northern town, searching for traces of An Ge, a girl whose whereabouts were unknown in the unsolved case. And the detective Jiang Bu Fan who is indeed " extraordinary ", and applies "the greatest respect we can give to the victim is to solve the case". Unfortunately, in a snowy winter, the master and the apprentice were accidentally sniped...
    In the dark, all the clues seem to point to the city of Taipei, which is thousands of miles away: the whereabouts of An Ge, the life and death of Jiang Bu Fan, and Xiao Jiu, a girl that they met in Taipei and could "evaporate" at any time.
    "Little White Boat" draws out an interlocking and interrelated story, and the details fit together in tenon and tenon, showing the author's imagination in constructing the story. Can Li Tian Wu, a young man from mainland China, who was hesitating by the Danshui River, get through his joints and finally solve all the puzzles?
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    Crime +++++
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