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    Full Title: I’m Tired of Being too Over-Powerful! So, I Will Try to Live a Carefree Life Instead

    Genres: Original, Mature, Gores and Blood, Killing, BL/Yaoi, Interdimensional Traveling, OP-MC, Game-Elements.

    Written By: Lunnear Wind Ying

    CHAPTER ZERO: Prologue
    Hello, everyone. My name is Tokugawa Shinichi. I am a full-pureblood Japanese, male. Age eternally at 21 years old. Born in the year of 3545 in the Galactic Calendar. Okay, why am I talking to myself again? Ah, that’s right. I’m telling my story, right...

    Bel-chan, why do I have to do this? Really? Okay, fine.

    Okay, first of all. I am a pureblood Japanese- which are very rare nowadays due to interracial mixing- but that doesn’t mean that I have grown up in Japan, okay?

    I grow up in the USA and England since the age of 3 years old, interchangeable due to my parents' jobs. So, my view of what a traditional Japanese male should be or do was-still is- very different, even after watching a countless amount of anime and reading a bunch of different genres of manga. My view was still more western with a dash of Japanese here and there.

    Secondly, I am gay. A 100% gay. I appreciate women but I cannot get it up for them nor do I want to hold them. My parents knew that I was gay long before I even notice it. My grandparents were slightly surprised when I told them but they supported me all the same. My two older brothers were both married but also divorced due to emotional stress so they understood me when I told them that I am gay- since they are too- for each other. As the youngest in the family, I am dotted on like there’s no tomorrow. Good thing that along with all the dotting, there was also a strict teaching so I didn’t turn arrogant like some rich young master out there in the world.

    Thirdly, my lucks was... is out of the world. Like, seriously. There’s a lot of things that I can change in my life, including my personality if I wanted to, but the only things that I cannot change were this far too great lucks of mine.

    My mother and father said that I have a great deal of luck. And that, I believed.

    When I was only 5 years old, I picked up a lottery ticket on my way to my pre-school and won $100,000.00 Galactic Credits, that's enough to buy a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house and a small 4-person hover car. From then on, every time that I did something, it would always result in some sort of extremely good thing for me and my family. When I was 7 years old, I have to resort to staying home 24/7 due to not wanting to effects other people too much. So, I started playing virtual games with my cousins online, even then, it also affected online, too.

    I got item drops that are all over the top, all rare and legendary. When I roll or play any games for drops, I will always win with little to no efforts. When I guessed at a test, it will always be correct, even though I knew that it was correct too.

    Whenever my mother or father wanted to go somewhere safe and fun, they will always ask me first and have me chose the location for them. As a result, I did countless check on the internet, even to the point of hacking the -whatever- country’s government files just to make sure that the location is truly safe. And I wasn’t caught, even till now. What else can I say but that my luck was far too great, because I know my own skills enough to judge that there’s no way I’m that good at hacking and leaving untraceable marks behind. I probably left a bunch, too.

    Maa, let’s just say that I have lucks so high that it makes the Lady Luck’s cry in jealousy and astonishment.

    And that was why, countless years later, I am here. Still looking like I was when I was 21 years old, with the same name, same identity, and yet keep living in different worlds. It was all due to LUCK!

    So, it wasn’t a surprise that I am OP as hell in this world, too. I had been very powerful even before this world so such thing was just another tip to my power.

    Just... I am really tired of it. I want to struggle to survive! I want to know what it feels like to work hard for something I want! I want to know how it feels to be jealous of other people for their lucks! I don’t want someone to like me or hate me for my lucks! I want to use my wit and fight for my own survival!

    ‘Sigh’(▰︶︹︺▰). It is not possible. Because I am a Tokugawa, Tokugawa Shinichi.

    The Beginning and End to All Lucks.

    The Truth and Lies of Worlds.

    The Creator of Ends and Beginning.

    If only my birth was that simple.

    I wouldn’t have to isolate myself from others.

    If only humans aren't so greedy, I might actually use my knowledge, power, strength, and wisdom to help them. Too bad, such peoples are 1 in a billion.

    And so, I shall continue on living and having a carefree life...
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    Table of Content: Chapter 21-30

    • Chapter 21
    • Chapter 22
    • Chapter 23
    • Chapter 24
    • Chapter 25
    • Chapter 26
    • Chapter 27
    • Chapter 28
    • Chapter 29
    • Chapter 30
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    Table of Content Chapter 31-40

    Chapter 31
    Chapter 32
    Chapter 33
    Chapter 34
    Chapter 35
    Chapter 36
    Chapter 37
    Chapter 38
    Chapter 39
    Chapter 40
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    Table of Content: Chapter 41-50
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    Table of Content: Chapter 51-60
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    Table of Content: Chapter 61-70
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    Table of Content: Chapter 70-80
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    Table of Content: Chapter 81-90
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    Table of Content: Chapter 91-100
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    Chapter 1: Bel-chan and the World of Cidetal
    This world of Cidetal was a world of myth, magic, and swords. No, not Citadel. Cidetal. Ci-De-Tal. Pronounced Ki-De-Tel.

    This world is my 27th worlds/times that I had entered/transferred/moved into. To be honest, after all these times, I still don't understand why I can't stay in one world and die in that world. Therefore, as of now, I won't be bothered to ask why anymore.

    The first time that I had experienced being 'throw' into another world was at the end of my life on Earth, when I was only 21 years old at the years of 3566 of the Republican Galactic Calendar, as I had just finished my second year of college in New York City, and was already transferring to another college in England’s University of Cambridge to continue my Chemistry there, where I majors in Toxicology and Bio-Chemical Engineering.

    Meaning that I helped and researches new drugs, chemicals, agents, and other substances on living and non-living organisms. You know about the Bio-Energy that the hover cars now used instead of the Biograde Fuel? That's one of the things that I had accidentally discovered while researching new pills. And then, you know about the Psy-Fertilizer that can help grows foods- vegetables and plants only- within a time range of only 3 days? Well, that's another accident I had caused when I was in high school. If that wasn't enough, how about the cure for Arrhythmia? There was already medications that could help with Arrhythmia but to totally cure it? Without surgery or implantable? Well, this was why all kind of college are fighting for me. Because I had helped create a cure for Arrhythmia. Not only does this medication work for Arrhythmia- without causing a whole lot of side effect asides from sleepiness- it also works for atherosclerosis. This kind of things was what I was supposed to be researching for... Initially. But- well- part way through my second years, the Government had made a deal with the school for me to research on other things instead.

    That's why I was majoring in Toxicology and Chemical Engineering, and not Energy Biomass-Chemical Engineering.

    Anyway, moving on. Where was I? Oh right. This world-traveling thingy- this was not something I had chosen, okay?

    Honestly, I didn’t think that this would happen, either. I don’t want it to happen either!
    (╬ Ò ^ Ó)

    Even though I didn’t die and wasn’t reincarnated or anything like that, I still left the Earth that I born in, near at the end of 36th Century, in the 3rd Millennium of Mankind.

    I didn’t get transferred into a game either. It would have been much easier if it was a game that I transferred/entered to.

    For me, it was just a case of going to a walk in the park and misstep on a rock that sends me to that world. That world isn't this world, Cidetal, but it was a similar world.

    It was a world called Woruim. It was a world that’s similar to the 18-19th centuries of Earth. The only exception was that there was magic in that world. A rank B world right of the bat!

    I had to stay in that world and survived for 41 years before I was literally slipped out into another world with no warning whatsoever. Leaving behind trusted friends, new families members, a boyfriend that I was still dating- and was planning on marrying when he proposed, which shall be the next day on the day that I had literally slipped into the next world.

    Just.... (ʘ言ʘ╬)

    Really, just... (╬ ʘ皿ʘ ╬)

    Okay, calm down, Shinichi. It has already been long ago. You don’t need to be so mad anymore. Sigh, okay. Deep breathe, out, in, again... Okay.

    When I said survived, I didn’t mean struggling against life in general, okay? Due to my... over-powerful brain and imagination, it was extremely easy for me to learn magic. So, yes, by the time that a mere 41 years passed by, I was long made the Supreme Magician, The Prime Sage, in that world.

    Hmm? Yeah, I didn’t age in that or this world at all. I still looked like my 21 years old self, except that my personality has maturer. And, my naivety had started to play hide-and-seek with me.

    The second world was also similar to Woruim.

    It was a world called Parsthania. Except that this world was like the First and Second World War on Earth, COMBINED. War and death were everywhere. There was so much more dead that it make Adolf Hitler look like a small kitten comparing to the people of that world.

    There were no such things as peace.

    Why? Because of the System called Judgement and Execution.

    This world of Parsthania was a world that defied humanity itself and yet won’t accept Death. It defied any morals and sins to the last line.

    They did all sorts of dark and ugly things to humans and nonhumans alike, to the point that humans and non-humans were nearly extinct.

    In this world, I learned all sorts of dark and light magic spells and evolves the already strong spells that I learned from Woruim.

    Spells like {Darkness Ascend, Gate of Hell, Overlord of Life, Death Ascend, ETC.} Spells that are from the Dark Element Branch of Magic. Curses, assassin skills, and all kind of things like that.

    If that wasn’t enough, this world’s history died along with me wiping off all the people who have dark-magic elements and erased all traces of it off the History from the World’s Memory.

    Why? Because this world needs it.

    It was necessary if I wanted to save that world.

    When I was there for the 342 years, on the eve of the 343rd years, I was pulled into my third world. Literally, pulling.

    A shadow had pulled me to the third world. And I can’t do anything about it.

    The third world was a world of doomsday.

    It was an Apocalyptic world.

    It was very similar to the Earth that I was born in but in a different dimension. An Alternative Earth, I'll said. The times were around the 23rd Century, 13 centuries before I was born. Officially, at least.

    That world was like the zombie apocalyptic games that I played with my cousins, My Days to Die, The Dark Within the Light, Run for Your Life, Left to Survived, The Last Man on Earth, Rush of the Deads, all combined together and make it a reality.

    It even has a lore that was similar to games! In this world, you can say that I live a life filled with all sort of competitions and dodging conspiracy from other people since I have too much power.

    In this world, zombies weren’t the scary thing. No, it was human themselves. Since I can use magic even in that world, you can say that I was the biggest pie dropped from the sky by the gods for them who were starving. Literally and figuratively. How? Because I have Bel-chan with me.

    After that world, I gave up trying to go home since it was obvious that I cannot go back to the Earth that I was born in anymore.

    *Cry* I still resent that! ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ!!

    The fact that I cannot watches the shows that I love anymore, see the pretty boys from Korea, Japan, China and all over the world via the Internet anymore was very... bitter.

    I wanted to watch The Mask Singers of the Century! I want to watch My Gods and Goddess of Immortal Songs! What about my favorite of all, I am The Supreme Singer?!!!*Crying* (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚

    I still fucking damn resented the world for... slipping me out of the world without any warning whatsoever.

    I don’t know if it was because my luck was far too much for my original world to handle that it slipped me away or because I was needed in other worlds. Both views aren’t what I was looking for either!

    I am very much still resenting my former world. (ノಥДಥ)ノ︵┻━┻・/

    After all, I even went thru the trouble of learning Japanese- which I had already known how to speak of but not writing, Korean, Thai, English, French, and a lot of other languages just so that I can watch and understand the shows from those countries. Do you know how much stresses I went through trying to convince my parents and brothers to allow me to learn different languages?!

    What uses would the languages that I learn to do now?!!! Well, I did use English, Korean, French and German in my previous worlds before so I won’t be too bitter. But still, I haven’t seen a world that had entertainment programs like those from my original life at all. *Sniffed*.

    I’m bored, okay?!!! Utterly bored! Arg, I’m so damn bored that I am tempted to start world-conquering if not for all the damn paperwork that I will get if I do. Me plus paperwork equal disaster, okay? So, don’t give me any paperwork... well, fine. Just a little is still okay.

    So, here I am. In my 27th world traveling experiences. In a world called Cidetal. Like I had said before, this world is a mythical, magical, and swords world.

    As in, really game-like literally mythical, magical, and flying swords, all that, world.

    Fighting took about 70% of what this world consisted off as its foundation and development.

    Well, they have to do so if the people wanted survives in this world. After all, there were varieties of wild, mutated, and savage beasts of all kind out there in this world.

    Let’s not mention Magic Beast. That’s a whole new pie that I don’t want to go thru right now.

    There was even Corrupted beings that are alike to zombies and Dark beings like wraiths and reapers that eat souls. This world was worse than the third and ninth worlds that I been too. The ninth world was a world filled with radiation of all kinds, so imagine how people live there. It was a Rank SSS world, after all.

    This world wasn’t a Rank SSS world but it was a Rank A world. Cidetal is a Rank A world. And yet, the dangerous level in this Rank A world was even higher than that Ninth World that I went through.

    Four suns, and three moons.
    Each sun rotated at the interval of 24 hours, thank you gods and goddess of this world. There are eight moon phases for each moons, thank gods. Otherwise, the tides in this world would have been a natural disaster, too.

    So, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 5 weeks are considered a month, a year have 60 weeks total since there’s still 12 months in a year.

    On certain months of the year, it was extremely hot, enough to cook raw meat to well-done within a minute.

    On another certain month, in a certain part of the world, it was freezing all over. Way below Zero-Degree celsius. On another part of this world, it was eternality springtime. Some location is in Autumn years round, while others are eternal, figuratively, springs. Strangely enough, the time was the same as Earth. Only, the gravitational force and gravity itself was a lot stronger than the Earth that I was born in.

    During the First Sun, Solius Sun, the temperature in a certain region can increase or decrease up to 20 degrees on average. And then, the Second Sun, Solus Sun, the temperature will always decrease by 20 degrees or so. Lastly, the Third Sun, which was called the Suntur Sun and the Fourth Sun, which was named after the Behemuturs God, The Behemutur Sun, will always bathe the both the Southern-Eastern and Souther-Western Spheres in either 35 Degree higher or minus 35 degrees lower.

    In other words, Summer and Winter Sun are the Behemutur Sun’s Rotation.

    As for the Moons, the first moon was named after the goddess that controls them.

    How many gods and goddess are being worships in this world? Too many.

    Honestly, I was tempted to just let the beast here kill me and send me off to my next world, if not for the fact that this world has some really adorable animals.

    Just because this world’s animals are all beasts doesn’t mean that there are no docile animals. Sheep, rabbits, house-cats, and a couple of normal animals are all docile animal and can be tamed. I was even thinking of taking a couple more... Well, that is if I can without having a certain someone getting jealous.

    Animals/monsters like Yeti, Griffin, Centaur, Mutated Panther, Mutated Boars, Savage Bargesh, Wild Nidgos, Corrupted Ice Imp and Fire Imp, Savage beast Balrog, all the way to animal/monsters like Goblin and treants can be found in this world. And yes, even Pegasus and unicorns. Majority of them are passive-aggressive, meaning that if you leave it alone then it will not attack you.

    However, there are corrupted and aggressive beasts like the Dark Panther and the Mutated Panther that will kill anyone on sight.

    Or try to, anyway.

    Asides from that, there were the magic beasts... the beast that has the affinities to use magic and can use magic the same way as a human. These? Are another whole new level that I really don’t want to talk about.

    Dragon is one of the magic beasts race. Daemon is another. No, not demi-human. Daemon. As in another race from the other side of this world. Real Daemon. Not the elf, dark elf, beast-race, or dwarves.

    Real daemons like the devils.

    I haven’t met them yet but I heard from the World’s Core that Real Daemons don’t like to interact with demi-human and other races. Since they live far longer than elves and will literally eat any races as a food source, no one wanted to live near the border of this side of the world as the result.

    What do I mean by this side of the world? Well, literally that.

    This world was literally [Divided] into two Spheres. The Northern- Eastern Sphere; where the Daemons, Vampires, and Spirits Beings lived. The Southern-Western Sphere; Where the Human, Elves, Dwarves, Demi-Human and Fairy lives. Both Sphere of the world has Beasts, Monsters, Savage Beast, Corrupted Monster, Mutated Beast or Monsters, Magical Beast and Spiritual Monsters so nowhere was safe.

    This world of Cidetal has only about 60% of the world are land... The rest are Sea-water filled. There are a countless amount of small island in this world but lands large enough to be call Continent, there was only 6 of them. On the Northern-Eastern Sphere, there’s three continents and countless amount of islands. While on the Southern- Western Sphere, there are also three continents.

    The Northern-Eastern are the Daemon Continent, The Magic Continent, and the Unknown Yet Continent.

    The Southern-Western are the Arciors Continent, The Moltenils Continent, and the Themosis Continent.

    If you said that this world is large then it is large, but it was also small too. Comparing to other worlds that I had been through, Cidetal ranked in the Fifth Place as the largest worlds that I been through.

    Asides from this, according to the World’s Core, this world had just been through a War between The Good Gods and the Not-Good Gods about 50000 years ago so the world was still recovering from it.

    Sigh. Just thinking about it cause my head to hurts. What now? Do I have to continue living in this world now that I am here?

    Here, being, the City of Karnosh. In the Kingdom of Bahamut. In the Continent of Arciors. In the world of Cidetal.


    Fuck my life!

    Why can’t I just lived in one world and died there?!!!

    No, the question is; WHY CAN’T I DIE?!!!
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    Where can we find this? It sounds interesting
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    Hello :D

    I write this novel. This novel is mine~ I will be uploading it to the site in a couple minutes so refresh the page often okay?
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    Chapter 2: The City of Karnosh
    Edited as of 9/17/18
    Honestly, I really don’t have to do anything to survive in this world if I don’t want to. Why? Because I have the Beginning of All Lucks and Ending of All Lives System, Baleal system for short or nickname Bel-chan, with me.

    Bel-chan is an Alive System that had gathered all kinds of soul, energy, lucks, life, and data from all sorts of universes and dimension. And no, Bel-chan wasn’t from the Space-Time Controller Dimension.

    No, Bel-chan is Far above those admins from the Space-Time Chaos Dimension.

    Bel-chan is the only system that can record and stores everything that I been through. Even during the times that I had spent in all of the worlds (that I was send/kick/slipped/pull/whatever into, including the records of the knowledge that I had learned and researches about) - to all the money/currencies that I had earned for myself. Bel-chan helped me manage them.

    To know who or what was Bel-chan, you would need to go back to my Second World but that was so long ago. So, to shorten it, Bel-chan is an Alive System, created by me as the Controller of my Power. Before Bel-chan came along, there was already a previous System from the Chaos Space-Time Management Realm that got bounded with me. However, after Bel-chan came and absorbed that System into him, Bel-chan’s relationship with me was as a Creator and the System.

    So, Storing was just one of the many functions that Bel-chan has.

    That’s one of Bel-chan’s ability, anyway. And Yes, Bel-chan is different from my other space abilities. S/he is directly connected to my Internal Space within my Soul- where the majority of my powers and abilities resides in. S/He has half control over my external space ability- such as my Inventory Space, my Space Dimension Homestead, and my Internal World Space- which is different from my Internal Space by how the times run in it.

    In other words- I have more than three different kinds of [space].

    External Space are the Inventory Space [Ability] which was granted by a gods from my first world, the Space Dimension Homestead [Skill] that a Demon God has granted me on my fourth World, and my Internal World Space- which was an Ability that I gained from destroying one of the worlds that I went through due to my uncontrollable- magic at that time. This Internal World Space was made from that World's Core- which was why it is an External Space for me.

    Internal Space is space that was bound directly to my Soul. Their Time Ratio is different from the External Space that I has. Those are my own Soul World Space, which was where Beleal lives in now. My Magic World Space- where I store 99.99999% of all my mana and magic. And my Spiritual Dimensions- where 99.9999% of my life-forces is in. All of these space abilities are now sealed with only the Internal World Space and the Inventory Space open.

    The other ability of Beleal was that it allows me to move from one world to another at the cost of my energy. Although, I can only stay for one hour at most in another world if I used this ability. Which was why I barely used it. It wasn’t like I can go back to my original world with this ability, either.

    The third ability of Bel-chan was that Bel-chan is a Living Space-Time Paragon System, after he had absorbed my previous System. Which mean that Bel-chan controls anything that has to do with Space and Time. He can stop the time, increase the time, reverse the time, and reflows the time anyway he wants to. Of course, that is if he has my permission. This ability is now Sealed. For forever, if I can help it.

    If that wasn’t enough to tell you that Baleal/Bel-chan is a fucking damn cheat, then the fact that I can hoard, plants, stores, and change anything using my internal space, which was apart of Baleal due to him living in there, should do more than tell you.

    What? Did you guys forget that I learned Toxicology and Chemical Engineering? Ahem, of course, I can change the base of the things that I store inside Bel-chan. I have done it and I still do it whenever I want to.

    The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh abilities of Bel-chan is now on Banned. I cannot talk about it. I cannot mention its name. Nor could I tell anyone about it. The Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth abilities of Bel-chan was not something that I want to think about. Period. So, good luck trying to find what it was.

    So, yes, in this world too, I am very powerful. Too Powerful. in fact.

    I don’t even have to move if I didn’t want to. I could just hire someone to cook, clean, manage everything for me- if I want to. I have the money for it. It not, I can just create a puppet to do it for me instead, which would have been easier than hiring someone.

    No, more than just having the money for it. I have TOO much money for it! Millionaire? No, Billionaire? Nope. Then, am I a trillionaire, Hell no. I don’t even know what digits my money is in, much less how much money I have, exactly! No, seriously, I am so rich that the number of digits was just a digit to me.

    What? Don't you believe me? Okay, fine. I will show you, instead.

    “Baleal, show me how much money do I currently have,” Just this one command was all that I need for Bel-chan to wake up and tell me how much currencies I have.

    All the money or currencies that I had earned from the previous worlds are all accumulated inside my Inventory Space and can be used in my next world. It will automatically change into the current world that I am staying's currency if I want to. Like I say, Bel-chan is a fucking damn cheat.

    [Master’s Loot of Currency as of today: 999,999,999,999,999,...999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,994...]

    This weird and long number came up whenever I asked for my wealth. Now, you know why wealth was but a digit number for me?

    The number was so long that I can’t even see how many digits it truly has. It was to the point that even if I took out 999,999,999,999,999 Trillions of it out, that number wouldn't change. It hasn't changed even since my tenth world. And it probably won't change ever again.

    The storage houses that I had to built for storing the currencies that I earned inside my Internal World Space was already about the sizes of twenty Metrodome, already. Let’s not mention about the money that I had inside my Inventory Space. It would only make me depressed. Yes, too much money can caused depression. I am the living proof of that.

    The amount of money does change as I use the money inside the system but with this much money, I honestly don’t even notice how much I originally have anymore. And what was with the ellipse in the middle and end?!!!

    In the last world, I had used about 100,000 Billion Immortal Gemstone to buy a whole continent of beasts and transferred it to one of my External Space- the Space Dimension Homestead, where the majority of my pets resides in. And yet, that number of currency up there didn’t change at all.

    Even though I have this much money already, I can’t seem to stop making more. I honestly don’t even know why I can’t stop making more money, either. Maybe it’s because of my brother’s influences?

    As I used more money, the incoming money was also far higher in ratio too. Why? Because I got bored easily so I always start doing businesses in whatever world I went through.

    What? This was Bel-chan’s power only and not mine?

    No no no, you misunderstand.

    Bel-chan was created to surpass and restrain my power, okay? Not the opposite.

    I originally didn’t have Bel-chan. The first System that I had was from the Space-Time Controlling Administrator within the Chaos Realm of the Deep Space and Time. However, that system cannot handle my power and vanished even before I left my first world.

    How did she vanish? She got absorbed by Bel-chan.

    Why? Because Bel-chan was looking for me. Me, who’s Luck was so damn high that it absorbed Bel-chan’s Source of Luck.

    And yes, Bel-chan was trying to kill me. Not only was he unsuccessful, his very Core and Origin got absorbed by me, instead. So, now, I and Bel-chan are linked for forever.

    And as I continue to grow stronger, I turned Bel-chan into a Restrain Origin Heart that restraint not only my power but also my soul- Which was why and how s/he could control my Internal Space such as my Soul World Space, my Magic World Space, and my Spiritual Dimension. Why? Because I don’t want the worlds that I passed through to die, of course. I had already destroyed a couple of world by accident because of my unstrained magic and power. I don't want to destroy other worlds again. Not without reason at least.

    So, you can imagine what would my knowledge interface might looks likes. Don’t even mention the knowledge interface, I don’t even want to open the interface for my Titles and Accomplishment, not to mention my status profile.

    Sigh. I guess I will have to show you guys what I mean when I said that I am tired of my O.P.ness.

    Unless you see it with your own eyes, you won’t believe me when I say that I am very OP.

    “Baleal, show me my Status Profile and Succession,”

    A screen of black, white, grey, blue, green, and red letters shows up. It was a simple and yet futuristically design.

    [---Master’s Profile---]

    [First Name: Shinichi, Last Name: Tokugawa (Shirin)]
    [Age: 21 (Eternity)] [Status: Sealed]
    [Level: 99,999,999,999+ (Max: 100)]
    [Health: 999,999,999,999+][Mana/Qi: 999,999,999,999+]
    [Physical Damage: 999,999,999,999+]
    [Spiritual Damage: 999,999,999,999+]
    [Magical Damage: 99.99% Accuracy]
    [Health Regen: 5,000,000/Sec][Mana/Qi Regen: 4,000,000/Sec]
    [Essence Regen: 5,000,000/Minute]
    [Movement Speed Max: 100,000 AU Light Year/Sec]
    [Carrying Capacity: Limitless, Growing Type Internal Space, Limitless Inventory Space, Growth Type III Space-Time Paragon Dimension]
    [Classes: Demon Hunter, Holy Priest, Prime Warrior, Holy Shadow Rogue, Shaman Prince, Hunter of Beasts, Divine Dragon Tamer, Mage of the Four Elemental, Hero and Demon God, World Saver, God of All Luck, Tower Creator, Dungeon Master,...Hunter of Food]
    [Profession: The Lazy Traveler, One-Person Army, Creator of Magic, Dragon Priest,... God of Cooking]
    [Resistance: All Elements, All Mental Resistance, All Physical Resistance, All Spiritual Resistance]

    Title and Achievements
    Taming of All Beasts
    Mastery of Weapons
    Mastery of Stealth
    Mastery Unarmed Combat
    Mastery of Blacksmithing
    Mastery of Crafting
    Mastery of Enchanting
    Mastery of Luck
    The One You Wish as Your Husband/Wife
    Lady of Luck’s Son
    The Wish Granter and Wisher
    Saver of Worlds
    Legacy Achiever
    Dungeon Creator
    Master of All
    Mastery of Armed Combat
    The Knowledge Base
    The Archive Log Creator
    The Puppeteer Master

    The list goes on and on.

    Now, you see?

    I have been like this since my 6th world. It was to the point where I have to Lock up all of my Titles, except for one. The weakest that had nothing to do with combat. A CURSED one.

    If I used the other functions of Bel-chan, then, not only would my status would change again, it would also unseal the Seal that I put on my soul, body, spirit, and control.

    Yet, even Sealed, I couldn't stop getting stronger.

    I would only be getting stronger and stronger each time that I got pull/push/whatever-it-was- to other worlds. This was especially true when I use Bel-chan.

    This was why I am not going to use the other abilities of Bel-chan. The normal functions like scanning, storing, taking out things, and examining? Fine. The functions that came with his other ability? Like communication to other world and traveling to the said world?

    Fuck, no. Just, no.

    It was because of these two other functions that my levels increased this high. By the time that I noticed it, my level was far too high already.

    Oh? You are worried that I will have a problem with controlling my strength?

    I understand. I would worry too if I were you.

    Still, don’t worry about it since I have more than enough experiences with controlling my strength, and even when my size changes, I will still be able to control my strengths flawlessly. After all, I don’t want to destroy another world because of my strength... it happens before, okay?!!! So, I put on A LOT of efforts into suppressing my sources of strengths and controlling it. Even during the fighting against other Gods.

    Besides, Bel-chan will also help so there’s no trouble even if I meet more than a thousand gods at a time.

    In fact, I have this on my current status too. In this world, it would look like this. Not the above information.
    Name: (Shinichi Tokugawa) Shirin
    Level: 36 Class: Adventurer Class C
    Current Status: Self Cursed, Self Restriction, Self Restraint
    Unarmed Combat Rank SSS [Conceal]
    Armed Combat Rank SSS [Conceal]
    Magic Combat Rank SSS [Conceal]
    Affinities of the Four Gods [Conceal]
    Earth Magic Rank SSS [Conceal]
    Water Magic Rank SSS [Conceal]
    Wood Magic Rank SSS [Conceal]
    Air/Wind Magic Rank SSS [Conceal]
    Fire Magic Rank SSS [Conceal]

    Chef of the World [Reveal]
    --- Ability---
    --- End of Ability---

    Of course, my card as an adventurer would only show [Chef of the World] as my only ability or skill. Since the ability to control Fire, Earth, Wood, and Water was already a part of my Ability as a Chef of the World.

    If I say that I have what other skills, then no one can say that I don’t have it. Since, as a chef, people have various different skills, so it’s not really a lie.

    Anyway, that’s not what I am worried about. What I am worried about was something else. In this world, my strengths aren’t what was worrying me. No, it was something else.

    A man named Tian Yuanle has been following me to and from the last couples of the world. And he’s here in this world too.

    Okay, fine. He’s been hitting on me, okay?!!! He wants me to marry him! But I don’t wanna!

    I might be gay and cannot love women but I sure as hell don’t like people like Tian Yuanle. I don’t hate him but that doesn’t mean I liked the Chinese man, okay?!

    I might be Asian but I grow up in the USA and England so I don’t act like a typical Japanese male at all. So, Tian Yuanle’s pursuing of me was a little scary and creepy. He was a stalker, okay?! A damn powerful one, too!

    Just because I had sex with him a couple of times and went on a couple of dates with him doesn’t mean that we were lovers, okay?!

    I already told him that when we first met. That it’s was only a “One-Night-Stand”! He agreed to it and yet here he was, in this world, still stalking me, again.

    As the Prince of this Kingdom.

    Like seriously. The last time, he was the second son of the Jade Emperor, and before that, he was the Sage of Wisdom, and the time before even that, he was The Magician of Fire and Water, and now he’s the Prince of Bahamut?! Just what in the world does he want with me?!

    Okay, fine. I know exactly what he wanted but nope, not happening. So, for now, I am ignoring him until I can’t anymore.

    Let’s go back to the topic, shall we? We shall ignore that man for now.


    This city, Karnosh, had existed for hundreds of thousands of years already. Built upon the Old City, its foundation was strong and magical veins was abundance, making life easier for all the citizens. Currently, the city was being led by the Feudal Lord Flavius Kendal-Sutcliffe, Lord Flavius. Karnosh City was a prospering city of 45.7 million households and counting. It is one of the major city in this part of the Kingdom.

    Yep. This world is a Sovereign govern world, like the first, third, fifth, tenth, and other worlds that I been too.

    From the Highest authority to the lowest; Emperor, King, Archduke, Grand Prince and Grand Duke/Duchess, Prince/Princess, Duke, Sovereign Prince, Marquess/Marquis/Margrave/Landgrave/Count Palatine, Count and Earl, Viscount, Baron, Baronet and Hereditary Knight, Knight, Esquire, Gentlemen, and lastly, Slaves.

    Lord Flavius from the Kendal-Sutcliffe House is a Viscount House emblem.

    To be honest, after all these times, I am still not used to worlds that have Slavery. The 36th Century of the Earth that I was born in doesn’t have Slavery.

    There is Maid, Butlers, and Servants but there was no such thing as slavery in the 36th Century due Humanity Rights laws and protections. I mean, why would you want to have human slavery when you have automats and intelligent machine to help you? And even with automate and A.I. machines, we never treated them as slaves.

    It was just not done since the 23rd Century. After all, those A.I. have learning capabilities of their own, if we don’t treat them right, then soon enough, humanity would have been enslaved to automats. The Laws of Protections for A.I. and Automates are even above the laws for humanity protections.

    It was a good thing that in this world, Slavery was just a temporary Contract and isn’t permanent, unlike some of the other worlds that I had been to. Unless, of course, if you are a criminal then- too bad, it is a lifetime.

    And yes, Slavery is a hereditary title. That means that if you are a slave and birth a child when you are a slave, then your child will be a slave. However, that child had more options on how to free themselves too, so it wasn’t a lost cause. Those are called Second Generation Slaves. If you are a Third Generation Slave, then the contracts were shorter and can be bought within 10 to 15 years.

    First Generation Slave, if the slave was a criminal then it is a Forever Contract. They don’t have the privilege to leave any child or offspring behind. However, if you are a First Generation Slave that isn’t a criminal and have a good to okay track records, then the slave contracts are up to 40 years at most.

    Second Generation Slaves are the children of the First Generation. They have more work to do and can earn more. They also have the qualification to learn trades skills such as cooking, alchemy, dismantling beast, and the likes. The third Generation has even more options because they can learn to read, write, counts, and do basic maths.

    As for Gentlemen, they are free-men. The commoners of the kingdom. The merchants, peasants, and farmers are all within the gentlemen class.

    Esquire is a courtesy title for men of higher social rank; Law-holders, Government of villages, town or sometimes landowners.

    The rest was similar to how Earth’s Royalty, Noble, and Chivalric ranks in Earth.

    As for me? I am a Free-Men. A Gentlemen.

    Within this social class, I am an Adventurer. A mercenary in a way, you can say. So, I have more rights and way more freedom than a normal Free-Man has.

    Of course, being a free-man have its own advantages and disadvantage.

    The only difference between me and the other free-man of this Kingdom was the fact that I am not a citizen of this Kingdom. I am only a visitor. A temporary Visitor. So, I don’t have some of the free-man’s advantages and I don’t get a lot of the disadvantages that free-man has in this Kingdom.

    For example, I am an Adventurer of Class C, who are required to at least take one Class C mission once a year. I don’t have this requirement as I am a Visitor. And as a Visitor, I cannot take a mission that is above rank A. Of if I take it, it gots to be requested personally by the client itself. The Adventurer’s Guild cannot serve as the mediator for me. The disadvantage was that I had to listen to order within a limit by the royal family. Which was why I stay in this City in the first place. Because of the order from that damn prince.

    I came into this world 5 months ago, within the forest to the South of Karnosh. To be honest, I had already made myself a wooden house there and was living pretty relaxing life there. I wasn’t bored since I can play with the animals in the forest, plants my farms, take care of my house, and doing whatever I want there with nothing to worry about. When I got bored, I would come to Karnosh and trades, buy things, and be listening to talks in the bar or the Adventurer's Guild.

    However, because of Tian Yuanle, no, his name in this world was “His Highness Prince Yui Lexial Bahamut”, found me and force me to come here with him. He ordered me to come here with him. Since he cannot force me to go with him to the capital cities, I must stay here and wait for him.

    Why was he able to force me? Easy, because that man was far stronger than I am. After all, he was a High Primal God, whose free to come and go into any world that he wanted with no consequence. Of course, I was the only one that knew this. Same as he’s the only one that knew my strengths and powers. And my tendency to being pulled/slipped/transferred to another world at no notice at all.

    Because I refused to go with him to the Capital, he left me here with a warning to not run away. Because it is useless too. That man can find me even if I died in this world and went to another world, there was no way that he couldn’t find me in this world if I went into hiding. It is effortless for him to find me if he wishes to.

    That’s why I am here, currently staying in the inn Cats-Eyes. Of course, I pay for it myself.

    There’s no way that I will let him pays for me and give him the excuse to stay here or make me come with him.

    No way.

    The currency in this world was really like a game. It was very easy to understand. And there’s a reason for that too.

    Majority of the reason was the fact that it was extremely hard to get the resources to manufacture/create the currency.

    The other reason was that this will make life easier for commoners. As a result, the Kingdom is safer toward humans, fewer bandits to worry about that way.

    There are Copper Coin, Small Silver Coin, Large Silver Coin, Small Gold Coin, Large Gold Coin, Platinum Coin, and Magic Essence Coin/shard.

    You need 100 copper coins to be the equivalent of 1 small silver coin. Which mean that 100 copper coin is worth around $10.00 on Earth, in Galactic Credit, of course. Not Federal Money, but Galactic Credits.

    1 Small Silver Coin= $10.00
    1 Large Silver Coin= (10*10) =$100.00
    1 Small Gold Coin= (100*10) =$1,000.00
    1 Large Gold Coin= (1,000*10) =$10,000.00
    1 Platinum Coin = (10,000*10)= $100,000.00
    1 Magic Essence Shard/coin= (100,000*10)= $1,000,000.00

    The sizes of the coins itself are very similar to how Earth’s the United States coins currency. Copper is the smallest at the size of a dime, Small Silver is the size of a penny, large silvers are the size of a nickel, and a small gold coin is the size of a quarter. The size of the large gold is slightly larger and thicker to the quarter coin, while the platinum is about the three times larger and thicker than a nickel.

    A low-income commoner household with family members of four only needs around 8 to 10 small silver coin per week to survive. At worst, 5-7 silvers coins was enough to guarantee a good life for a family of four to five members for a whole month. They will live below the poverty line but at least they won’t be hungry.

    The commoner people only know that there are platinum coin above gold coin and Magic Essence Shard/coin above platinum coin. They had never seen how it looks like before, except books and pictures which have only the smallest necessary details only, and not the whole looks.

    The reason why the currency was easy to understand and was made out of copper, silver, gold, platinum and magic essence shard was that in this world, it has mythical and magical beasts.

    A lot of mythical and magical beasts.

    This made it extremely hard for people who aren’t able to use magic to survive, so mining resources for making currencies was not an easy job.

    Still, money wasn’t a problem for me so I don’t really care much about it. What I want was a relaxing life, okay?

    Since I cannot do anything else that would make me struggle for my life, the only choice left was to live a relaxing life.

    The last time that I try to struggle for my life living in a Forbidden Continent in one of the previous worlds that I keep getting pull into, I got turned into the Demon God of that world. And, damn it was it frustrated. I never wanted to do that again. Whoever says that a God of a race/world is the most powerful being, have the most freedom, was clearly lying!

    Currently, I am in my room at the inn, organizing the things that I need to do to live comfortably in this city.

    Let’s see. I still need a house to live in, which mean that I have to go buy a land for myself. Building a house for myself and furnished it myself. Why? Because I don’t want to waste time. And, because I don’t know how long I will be living on this continent for.

    If I made it myself, I can customize it to however I like. If I bought the furnishes from other people, the designs might not be my taste. One great thing about buying from others was that it helped the economy and relieves the commoner’s financial stress. The bad thing was that their skills aren’t even my liking. Much less their tastes in the subjects.

    At this rate, the pros and cons are equal.

    Let’s see, buying land would be handled by the Commerce Guild. So, let’s go!

    But, before that. I am hunger. So, I should cooks and eat before going. Since I eat a lot, I made at least 50 people portions. This is for my breakfast only. As for lunch and dinner, I will have to cook again when I come back.

    Hm? No, I cooked inside my room inside the inn. Of course, with a protection formation in place. It wouldn't be good if they smell my cooking.

    The Commercial Guild in this world was just like how the Wholesale companies and Supplier works on Earth. Except that it handle more things, like property and merchant’s law. Of course, there’s law to make sure that merchants don’t cheat the people off their money.

    Going into the Commerce Guild, I didn’t bother looking at the interior since I don’t care and just go grab a number. Since it was very crowded in here, I have to wait a couple of minutes for my numbers to be called. I could have just gone straight to the clerk front desk but Nah.

    “How may I help you, Master Shirin?” The clerk lady asked politely. Well, of course, she’s going to be polite. The last time that I was here, on the first day that I came to this world, I brought over a hundred wild boars carcasses and another fifty wild wolves carcasses to the commerce guild. So, they know me pretty well. Ah, by the way, in this world, I am called Shirin. The only nobleman or people high in the social ladles have the last name so I don’t have one in this world.

    So, yes. Blame me for scaring the poor girl.

    “Hey, Liz. I want to buy a plot of land for building my house. Is there any plot available for sale to Visitors?” I asked her, trying to not scare her. No, I didn’t smile at her because I knew that it would only frighten her.

    I’m a pureblood Japanese but that doesn’t mean that I look like a superstar or an idol from Japan, okay? I am normal. Just normal...

    My looks are normal... right?

    I really don’t know since my sense of beauty is a little... off, as I been told by my parents and brothers more than once.

    Oh, I do know that the pretty boys from Korean, Chinese, Japanese all looks good and cute, but that’s pretty much it. I can’t really tell which parts were good, which parts look handsome, or which parts make me thinks that they are adorable... In another word, anyone who’s a male will appear to me as their personality does and not their looks. When I see innocent Korean boys, I will think that they are cute. When I see bishounen from Japanese Drama, I will think that they are beautiful... That’s it. I’m not really picky.

    “L-land plot? Yes, there is a couple of plots of land for sale. Please wait a minute,” Liz, a young human girl between 20 to 25 years old with short red hair and Western-like features, said as she went to the back and come back with a couple pieces of paper.

    Like I said, my sense of beauty is off. I cannot tell if this woman is a beauty or not. I only know that she has a Western face and a skin tone of a Caucasian. She does look good in my opinion but that’s not really reliable when it comes to my sense of beauty, involving humans.

    “There are five locations available this month for sale. Normally, they aren’t allowed to sell it to Visitors but since you have His Highness Prince Yui’s backing, it was not a problem. There are two small size land plot, one middle and two large plots. The small size land cost 50 large gold coins while the middle size land cost 120 large gold coins. As for the last two large lands, one of them cost 350 large gold while the other cost 370 large gold coin. Would you like to see the paper?” Asked Liz, trying her best to not be scared.

    It’s not like it can help. Even without doing anything, my aura was naturally a little intimidating for normal people like her. Oh well, she’ll get used to it soon enough if she keeps interacting with me.

    “Yes, let me take a look at the paper,” I replied as I take the paper from her hand.

    Looking thru the papers that show the land and its surrounding, only the last two large land are close enough to the Adventurer’s Guild and the Alchemy Guild. The rest was farther away, more toward the center of this city, where the richer civilian and nobleman lives.

    I choose the one that’s the largest since I need the land for gardening and storage.

    “Liz, can someone show me this plot of land?” I said as I handed the rest of the paper to her and keep only the one that I wanted, temporarily.

    “Yes, please hold on a second. Millin, can you show Master Shirin to Lukia-sama’s plot of land?!” Liz yelled across the room, toward a boy in his early teenage years, who was serving a couple people some drinks.

    “Yes, please hold on a second!” The boy called Millin shouted back as he put away the teapots on his hand.

    Mirin, the son of this guild’s Master. He’s 14 years old this year, I believe. And, he was an apprentice magician. A beginner magician you can say. With short red hair, inherited from his mother, and gentle looking eyes, from his father, Millin was a very adorable boy for his age. Responsible and gentleman. No no no, if I look at Millin like that, that damn idiot prince will be jealous and cause trouble for the boy.

    A couple of minutes later, Millin shows me the plot of land and I decided to buy it. We came back to the Commerce Guild and finalized the paperwork.

    Same as Liz, Millin was pretty scared of me so we didn’t talk much. All I do was listen to the history of this land and why it was so cheap even though it was a large plot of land, while Millin explains it as best as he can without pissing his pants. Half-way thru, my stomach grumble from hunger so I took out my lunch and start to eat while he shows me the rest of the land. This had surprised him somewhat because I ate a lot.

    There’s not a lot of formality that needs to be done since I have my Adventurer’s Card with me. I could have used the card that the Commerce Guild gave me the last time I sold the beasts carcasses to them but I decided not to. All I have to do was gave my Card to Liz and she will place it above the Magic Crystal Ball along with all the paperwork that needed to be filled, and then we’re done.

    Since I wanted to build my own house, I will also need to gather the materials myself.

    Of course, I could have used ordinary woods like oak, perch, or maple but why bother when you have a free forest filled with natural magical trees?

    To the South of Karnosh City was a large and dangerous forest filled with all sorts of wilds, mutated, and savage beast.

    This forest was called the Green Amber Forest due to the kind of trees that’s native there. The Green Amber Trees. This forest was the forest that I first step foot onto when I came to this world five months ago, at the outskirts of the forest.

    The Green Amber trees are a kind of magical reinforced trees that have magic essence shard inside their core. It is very strong and very tall. Royalties and Nobleman love to furnish their houses furniture and stuff crafted from these trees. It was a very famous and popular goods that are in high demand due to its ability to let the mind sleep calmly and nightmare-free. But with little supply to its demand.

    The magicians and warriors of this world especially love these trees woods. It doesn’t even have to be crafted into anything. They just want a small piece of it on their body to help them train better without distraction from their mind. Or to sleep with it for a nightmare-less dream.

    For my house, I want it to be built with this wood. However, since it is far too eye-catchy, I plan on using Red-Autumn Wood as the exterior and the Green Amber wood as the interior. Why would I want to use this wood? Obviously, because I sometimes have nightmares, and when that happens, my restrains over my powers tends to loosen, this caused all kind of abnormal things to happen so I am taking precautions. This way, if I have nightmares, it wouldn’t go outside my bedroom or house.

    The Red-Autumn trees are also another kind of magical reinforced trees but it wasn’t as strong or in high demand as the Green Amber woods due to it been easily obtainable and its light-weightedness.

    The Red-Autumn trees grow extremely fast and it was extremely easy to plant so the majority of the commoners’ house’s foundations are made out of this wood. I will also need a couple hundred ton worth of stone too. But that can be bought easily so it isn’t a problem.

    “Okay, now all that’s left is to rent a Storage Backpack from the Adventurer’s Guild.” I murmured to myself as I made my way to the guild. I could just put the materials into my “Internal World Space” or my “Inventory Space” but I don’t want to. Once I put something into my either Space, it sort of replicates that item’s material makeup and make it possible for me to plant or create that item inside my Internal Space or Space Dimension Homestead. However, doing so require a large amount of energy. And doing so will always cause my levels to increase so I really don’t want to do it.

    Due to my somewhat small build, when I first went to the Adventurer’s Guild with Prince Yui, I nearly got into a fight with a couple of the adventurers there. Of course, I didn’t show them my power because I didn’t need to.

    His Highness Prince Yui was the one that stopped them. Since then, no one in the guild wanted to offend me because they all knew that I am someone who the Prince was currently... courting.

    By the way, this was very normal in this world. Polygamy was something that this world needed for the survival of humanity. After all, humans were only a small 10% of the world’s population. So, no one stopped people from having multiple wives or husbands since the fatality rate was so high in this world. 90% of the mortality rates in this world was from beasts, the rest were from human and sickness.

    Since the normal people of this world only live to be around 60-70 years old, pleasure and sexual enjoyment was something that they seek daily. To live to their lives to the fullest, no one wanted to be abstinence from sex. It was just not done for the people of this world.

    In every towns and city in this world, there will always be multiple places that have a brothel for both genders. Some people who don’t want to be a slave will choose to enter the brothel business. However, doing so will also cut off many of their paths for the future too.

    Even if this world doesn’t look down on people who work in the brothel business, doing so for some people was very humiliating since the majority of their clients are people who had not married and or doesn’t have wife and or husband. This made it hard for them to marry in the future.

    So, it wasn’t strange that the Prince, not the Heir to the Kingdom, is courting a male. Even the Emperor of Bahamut Kingdom has male consorts, let’s not mention other princes and princesses. Much less the Empress of this kingdom.

    By the way, His Highness Prince Yui is the Third Prince of this Kingdom. He has two older brothers, two older sisters and one younger brother from the same mother. He has five step-siblings from his father consorts and his mother’s male consort. There was also another two step-siblings coming soon.

    So, it wasn’t strange that he, as a male, was courting me, a male.

    The only thing that’s weird was the fact that I keep rejecting him. To the shock of the surrounding people.

    What? He has the looks, the personality, the strengths, the power, the money, and the backing of the royalty. Who would want to reject someone like that? Who can? I can. Since I was just a Visitor to this kingdom and not a citizen, I am not obligated to marry the people of this Kingdom. Such was the rule of this continent.

    Thank goodness for that.
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    Chapter 3: The Green Amber Forest

    In the Green Amber Forest, there are five layers, area, the total of circulation, regions, that made up this forest. The outer two layers are where the majority of the beasts are. It is also where the house that I built is located at. However, by now, that house was probably torn down since no one was protecting it.

    The third, the middle layer, was a large body of rivers that divided the inner and outer part of the forest away from one another. Inside the river, large voracious beasts like the mutated piranhas are very common. The ecosystem inside the river was very brutal and harsh. So, unless you are very strong, no one was willing to go cross it. Much less going near it.

    This, I have no problem with.

    The strongest Green Amber Trees are in the inner part of this forest so I must go in deeper into the forest even if it’s far more dangerous than that.

    I passed by all kinds of beasts, from small ones to large ones. From a family of three to a horde or group of 20 or more. From weak ones like a normal wild beast to savage beast that had hide, fur, skin or leather made out of metal. From Magical Beast to Savage Beast, there are literally billions, if not trillions, of them in this forest.

    The Green Amber Forest was a huge region of land that expanded for more than 900,000 sq. miles. It looks endless. Every human and intelligent beast alike views the Green Amber Forest with a revere and respect, along with a large amount of fear. No one wanted to make a joke of this forest.

    Why? Because Mythical creatures live here too.

    Literally, from mythical creatures such as unicorns to four-winged birds that have fired over their wings, all live there within the Green Amber Forest... All in all, the majority of the beasts that were ranked very dangerous are living within the Green Amber Forest.

    However, there are also a lot of cute and adorable looking magic beasts here, too. For now, I will leave them alone. I don’t want to tame any of them yet.

    Whenever I got bored, I might come here to play with them for a while but for sure, as of now, I cannot tame any of them. I still need to learn more about this world before I do that. I don’t want to cause trouble for the citizens of this world if I did something wrong. I had learned my lesson the hard way, so now I want nothing to do with being a Demon God or not, again.

    When I got to the area that has the most amount of Green Amber trees and yet with the least amount of beasts, I let out a small bit of my aura to scare them away before cutting the trees for myself.

    On some of the trees, there were a couple birds nest for the White Silver birds. A kind of magical birds that are very intelligent and fast. Royalty likes to tame and breed these birds to use as messengers. However, it is very hard to take care of them since these birds are carnivores.

    They have red crystal eyes that can see the magic veins within a living being. So, they would mostly target the veins once they are hungry to quickly kill their prey. This was why it is very dangerous to tame these cute, smart, and yet dangerous birds.

    These cute, smart, and dangerous birds are the first to fly off once I let out my aura. A couple of them flew towards me, as an offering of themselves so that I won’t kill the rest of its kind but I just shoo them away. I don’t need any of them.

    As the White Silver birds flew off, I start to cut the trees that I liked. I only needed around 20 of them for the interior construction of my house but since I plan on making office desks, furniture, floors, and walls with it, I best cut at least 50 of them. What? Interior design costs a lot of materials!

    The Green Amber trees are very large and tall, so just 50 of them should be enough to make a house and all the furniture that I need and want. Still, cutting 50 trees in a dense area was too much so I only cut a couple here and a couple there. To make sure that I didn’t leave a large space of nothingness behind like a blank spot on the back of a horse. By the time that I finished cutting 50 trees, it was already lunchtime. So, I hunted a couple savage fishes, a couple Fires Boars and collects some herbs to cook them. After finishing eating my lunch, I continue on.

    Of course, I didn’t forget to cut another two extra trees to use as the joints for the house and the furniture. What? My house will be a traditional Japanese jointed style house. Not Western style. It will be a Japanese Style jointed House with a very traditional aspect. Using wood joinery techniques that I learned from one of my master in one of my previous world, who’s a master at building constructions using wood joinery techniques due to the location that he lived in. What? He lived on a large island that had three to ten earthquakes at a time per month. So, of course, his house building technique will be very effective due to all those experiences that he got.

    This part of the world doesn’t have an earthquake that I knew of since Karnosh City live far to the south of the continent but I still wanted to stay in a more Japanese influences house.

    Anyway, as I make way back to the city, I came across a horde of mutated goblins and a group of Black Foxes fighting. Judging from the fur and features of the Black Foxes, the foxes are a kind of Savage Beast.

    What’s a group of Black Foxes doing this close to the river wasn’t something that I care to find out. As for the mutated goblins, these monsters are all over the place so I wasn’t surprised that they are here, too.

    The difference between a mutated beast or monsters was the fact that mutated beast has more cores inside their brain, resulting in them to going mad, while a savage beast or monster that had successfully merged the two core inside their brain during their process of turning into mutated. Once the two cores merged together and synthesized, it turned into a crystal stone called the Magic Shard, and it is no longer call a core.

    The reasons why a Magic Shard is also the rarest form of currency in this world was also because of this.

    Once a mutated beast or monster successfully turned into a Savage beast or monster, their size also increases from 10-1000 times larger than their previous size.

    It’s toughness increase by at least 500 times, vitality by 20-300 times, intelligence by at least 100 times, and some gains the ability to even turned into human form. However, they also lost the ability to give birth or have offspring, too.

    When this happens, the majority of the times, human cities around that particular area are wipe out clean. However, this doesn’t happen for no reason- since the majority of the savages beast was very lazy. One of the reasons why the savage would rage war on humans city or town and village was due to the actions of the human themselves.

    Savage beast makes a great pet and ally to anyone in this world. They understand the human language and are very royal once it was tamed.

    Not only that, once you tamed one, it’s offspring- not the blood offspring one as they could no longer give birth- will be royalty to you too. It was like a the goose who lay the gold eggs. Only in these case, it is a hell-goose who’s more than happy to hold grudges. And its revenges has more consequences than humans can take.

    Yet, nobleman and royalty will always want it despite knowing the consequences of doing so.

    So, it makes sense that Savage Beast and human are blood-enemies-kill-on-sight.

    Still, such a thing was not a problem for me. All I care about was that the black foxes pelts look utterly sparkling and soft.

    I want it. The pelts.

    The goblins? Their meats are edible but it doesn’t taste that good compared to normal pork and chicken. But still, since goblins are monsters in this world, their meats have a ton of nutrition value and was very popular with the commoner. Which, mean that I can use their meats or sell it to the commoner for cheap.

    Okay. Let’s kill it.

    Since I don’t want to damage the fur of the Black Foxes or grind the goblin’s meat into a paste, I have to use magic spells that won’t cause too much damage. Which mean that I have to use little to no mana at all for those spells.

    I have a lot of spells that don’t require much mana but those spells were more or less far too dangerous to used them in this part of the world. So, that meant that my options are limited.

    The spells that I would have to use would need to be very fast so that it doesn’t give time for the black foxes and the mutated goblins to reacts. And mutated beast has very fast reaction times. Their reflexes aren’t something that a normal human in this world would want to face without any kind of plan or protection.

    Well, any spells are fine to use on the goblins but for the black foxes, it is best to use something like “Air-Restriction” to kill it slowly. If not, something like “Grasping of Heart” was okay too. Quick and easy so that the fur/pelt will not be damaged.

    Within a second flat, I snapped my finger and the horde of mutated goblins all collapse while all the black foxes stop first before frozen in the spot and collapse too.

    Green blood was spilling out from the mutated goblin’s nose, mouth, ears, and eyes. While the black foxes eyes were bright red with blood, telling me that their brain and cores had been shut down by me.

    I didn’t use Air Restriction since that takes a couple of seconds for it to take effect so I used Grasping of Heart to erupted their heart internally while shutting down their cores and brains synapses while I was at it... Killing it fast and as painless as possible. Well, I didn’t forget that the Heart of the Black Foxes is ingredients in certain alchemy recipes but since I had already erupted it, it is no use crying over spilled milk.

    The horde of mutated goblins has a total of 335 bodies that aren’t poisonous while the black foxes are all good. There’s a total of 350 total since there were only 15 black foxes. I was hoping that there might be a White Fox within the Black Fox group but oh well.

    Still, with this much furs, it should be enough for me to make a couple of blankets and carpets with.

    Fufufufu, I can’t wait to sleep on it. I thought as I collected all the bodies into the rental Storage Backpack that I rented from the Adventurer’s Guild(AG).

    When I get to the AG, I will let them dismantles the bodies for me. This way, not only would the people in the guilds have jobs to do, it would also help out the commoners that have dismantling skills. The guilds do charge a 10% fee for the processing but in exchange, their skills were all very carefully trained to make sure that any hide, pelt, furs, or skins from the monsters/beasts were 100% processes and damage was minimal.

    On my way, I also collect any herbs, spices, or cute and adorable looking flower that I found. This way, I can make my own small garden with the natural herb, spices, and flowers from this world right in my own backyard.

    Although I plan on changing the composition of some of those spices and herbs, I still plan on using it as a condiment for food. Salt? I have no problem with it since this country have a couple of mines that currently are being mined for rock salt. Salt is very cheap in this world, so no problem there. Sugar? Sugars can be created easily and it can also be mine. Yes, there’s a mine for sugar mining too. Both salt and sugars were the main used ingredients in this world so it is very cheap.

    I am very interested in how in the world did that Sugar mine formed but I won’t ask since it’s bothersome.

    Now, all I have to make are condiments like Mayonnaise, soy sauce, vinegar, ketchup, sauces, and etc.etc. This world does have vinegar but it wasn’t ones that I like to use in cooking. It was mainly used for disinfecting wounds and agent in alchemy and potions.

    What? Even if I grew up in U.S.A. and England, I am still an Asian, okay?

    Of course, I will like to eat Japanese food, too. I love both Western and Eastern Asian cuisine. I have no problem eating sushi and no problem with eating near raw steak.

    Although, there are a couple of dishes that I hate from both side of the cuisines. It was only a couple dishes that have to do with my taste.

    When I came back to the Commerce Guild, Liz was still there waiting for me, as I had promised her to collect some rare herbs before I left.

    Liz’s mother, Elin, and her father, Joshua, was both normal people without any ability to use magic. His father was one of the carpenters in this town, while her mother Elin work as a Bakery assistance in the shop near where I will be living. Her two younger brother and sister were old enough to be an apprentice. Liz’s younger brother Amon was an apprentice in the Adventurer’s Guild as a clerk and while her younger sister, Sina, was the apprentice for a chef in one of the restaurants near the Adventurer’s Guild.

    “Welcome back, Master Shirin,” Liz said with a small timid smile on her face.

    “Just call me Shirin. No need for all the formality, it’s a pain in the ass. So, here, the Moonlight Herb and the Goldvein Herb,” I said as I pulled out the rare herbs that Liz wanted from the Storage Backpack that I rented from the Adventurer’s Guild.

    The Storage Backpack was an enhanced ‘magical’ backpack that can store up to 10,000 pounds of things without it weighing 10,000 pounds. Even if you store it all the way up to 10,000 pounds of things and or objects, it would only weigh 10 pounds at most.

    Because of this, the Adventurer’s Storage backpack was very famous. However, since the enhancement was only to use up to 5 days at most without the Guild’s constant replenishment of mana into the enhancement, no one wanted to steal it. Besides, there was a tracking enhancement on the Storage backpack too so if you don’t return it on time, the Adventurer’s guild will send people after you. Unless it was a life-and-death situation, no one would want the Adventurer’s Guild(AG) on their tails.

    Trust me, this world’s AG is no joke.

    The Adventurer’s Storage backpack was created only 20 years ago. And I have a feeling that I knew who created them. There are five sizes available to choose from. Mine was the largest and most expensive one. It required a minimum rank of Rank C Adventurer for it to be able to rent this size. So, yes, it was slightly expensive.

    “Thank you, Ma-Shirin-sama,” Liz thanks me gratefully. Well, I guess that’s the best she could do. Telling her to call me with just Shirin would literally make her break down in nervousness so I won’t.

    “Oh, right. Sigh the Request Form, too.” Since Liz requested me to help find her the rare herb herself and wasn’t through the AG, the fees that she paid for me was more or less on target, if not slightly expensive... All she has to do was fill out a Personal Request Form and gave it to me. When I finished the requirements stated in the form, I will give it back to her to sighs and then I will also sigh it before giving it to the staff member or clerk at the AG.

    Liz sighed it happily as she put away the rare herbs. She’s probably going to use it on her younger brother and sister.

    The Moonlight herb was probably for her sister, while the Goldvein herbs are for her brother.

    The Moonlight herb will help her sister as an aesthetic way, making her skin more beautiful so that she will have a better future or husband while supporting her woman’s ‘place’ for birth, while the Goldvein herb was to make her brother stronger.

    Well, those herbs aren’t that common so it is a little expensive for common people like her. Liz probably uses at least two to three years of her saving wage for this. She got a pretty good pay for working in the Commerce Guild.

    Giving me the fee for the request, which was 28 small gold coins, Liz happily sends me off.

    Next, I will be building my house.

    As of 9/17/18, this chapter is edited and proofread. but if error found, please let me know.
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    Chapter 4: My House and Gardening Projects
    As of 9/17/2018, this chapter has been edited. But if error found, please do let me know.

    The plot of land that I bought was about three times the size of a football field, more or less.

    164 meters wide and 350 meters in length respectively, about 57,400 sq. meter.

    There was already a tall stone wall reaching the heights of 10 feet tall and 1 foot wide surrounding the land. The only reason why this plot of land was so cheap was that it has five histories of fire-breakout within the past 100 years.

    So, the nobleman who owned it wanted to sell it out for a long time now as he believed that it was cursed. No one wanted to buy it because of the history of this land but such a thing wasn’t a problem for me. In fact, it was so damn cheap that it cost me nearly nothing to buy this land. Had the nobleman knew that this land was a treasure stove, he would regrets until his guts turn green. But by then, it was far too late.

    With the amounts of people that had died here, there was a bit of dark miasma here but after I purified it, the lands turned into a rich soils land, filled with all sorts of nutrition for plants.

    This was why I said that the nobleman would regret selling this piece of land so cheap.

    Yet, had it been for everyone else asides from me, this land would have been a nightmare.

    This was only possible because I have the Holy Purification XXX, a purification spell ranked at the highest rank, enough to purified even a demon-king into heaven. So, purifying this small piece of land was like flicking a finger for me.

    Although I said that it was a traditional Japanese house. It also wasn’t a Japanese house either that I wanted to build. Since, well, traditional Japanese house only have one floor and an attic, at best. But the house that I am going to be building will be a Japanese house but also won’t be. As it needs to be similar to the houses in this world.

    It has a stone foundation and stone pillars. It will be a three-story house in a Japanese Style-influence. The first and third floor looks exactly like a traditional Japanese house or inn found on Earth during the Heian period. But the second floor was more western hotel style.

    From the Earth that I came from, Historic Buildings like traditional houses were expensive as hell. But, it was also very beautiful, comfortable, and strangely elegant that the majority of the rich businessman or family preferred it. It is a sign of power, wealth, and affluence.

    The first floor of my house has a large kitchen, a living room large enough to accumulate up to 100 people, a guest room for receiving guests, and a general storage room. The second floor mainly has sleeping quarters and a couple of crafting rooms, such as alchemy, tailoring, the opened library, and another storage room. The third floor has my research rooms, my private library, my bedroom, a couple more bedroom for in case that person came because I refused to share my room with him, and a room for when I feel like playing music. Of course, me being me, I also make sure that every floor has at least two bathrooms and a large bath-showering room.

    After deciding the architectural design of the house, which has turned into a freaking damn mansion/castle in the making, I process to cut the trees that I brought back into planks, pillars, bars, stone bricks, and all sort of lumbers for buildings.

    I made the holes, the arches, and everything else on the wood planers, pillars, arches and everything else. After that, I level out the area that I would use to make the basement and built the foundation and walls for supports.

    Using Earth Magic, I condense and compressed the earth underneath to form into solid blocks of earth, rocks, sand, and gravels. And then, using Water Magic and Earth Magic, I manipulated the earth underneath to formed into a hard block of mixed earth, making it as strong as concrete and cement. In fact, it might be even stronger than the concrete in my original world due to the magic mana within those blocks.

    This only takes me a minute to do and finished it. I double check to make sure that it was sturdy enough so there was no problem. After that, all that’s left was to build the house/mansion itself. Well, after designing and making the basement, of course.

    The next part takes longer.

    Although, it only takes me an hour to build everything from the button up to the roof, and the basement. It does take some time. No, sorry. It only takes me ten minutes to build it but since I was quite indecisive about the interior designs of the windows, table counters, chairs, beds frames, closets, and those things, it takes me a full hour to finished everything.

    After that, I made a couple of water wells using Water and Earth Magic in my backyard and one in the middle of the plot of land where my farms/gardens/greenhouse will be surrounded it.

    Yep. Now, all I need was to start with gardening/farming/aeroponic/hydroponic/aquaponics...

    Okay, for now, just a greenhouse capable of holding twenty aeroponic gardens are fine. After that, building a natural bio-aquaponic for fishes of all kind- the edible kinds, I mean. That plan would have to wait for when I find the appropriate fishes.

    As for the plants, well... let’s see... the spices in this world are pretty expensive so I can just plant that; Black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, fennels, mustard, cayenne pepper, arils, saffron, turmeric, galangal, chili peppers, etc.etc. Well, these are the normal version, at least.

    With the aeroponic gardening methods, it will be enough to plant at least 10 plants of each. The cinnamon and bark spices will have to be planted outside. Plants like basil, bay leaf, parsley, celery, and peppers are fine planting inside the greenhouse. But plants like carrots, radish, and cucumber will have to be planted outside or in a hydroponic garden instead.

    Since this part of the world doesn’t have a cold winter, it is fine to plants fruits outside also.

    The question was, what kind of fruits are native to this world that wouldn’t cause suspicious if I plant them. Spices are fine if I said that I got the seed from other countries, but fruits? No way. It will have to slowly grow to prevents suspiciousness.

    The Answer: Apple, Peach, Orange, Apricot, and Grapes.

    Fruits farmer in this world have fruits that are surprising alike to the fruits of Earth. Although, their looks are a little bit off. The apple in this world shapes was more like mango and pear. While the orange are long like banana. The apricot was veining growth like grapes and grapes are like cherry instead. This had at first cause me to be very surprised but oh well, at least their tastes are still the same.

    For now, though, it was best that I only planted apple, peach, and orange to test what the citizens in this city will acts. Especially the nobles...

    After that, if the nobles don’t act like a bunch of idiots looking for death, then I will also plant other fruits trees.

    Looking at my house/mansion/castle, I feel a satisfaction that came with a contentment from doing the work myself. The looks, the aura, the structural, everything, gave me a feeling of being satisfied with it. Good enough. This mansion only has three floors but it was pretty huge for my standard. Next, is a Hot-Spring. Now, where should I build that at?

    I guess at the back will be enough. Since to the two sides of the mansion are where the farms and greenhouse are at.

    Making the earth harden, creating water, making Fire-Rocks, making sure that the temperature wasn’t that hot, and making sure that the water itself has more than enough minerals in them. Since this isn’t a natural hot-spring, it was best if I am careful when creating this hot spring.

    In the meantime, for now, I wanted to continue working as an adventurer. I plan on going into business soon but only after getting a good idea of this world. So, before that, I am going see the orphan house and hired a couple orphans to help me with the farm.

    Things like watering, weeding, controlling the pest so that my fruits trees won’t die, will have to be handled by the people of this world. If I handle it myself, the trees will grow too fast and bear too abundantly due to my ethereal presences. This will cause a lot of trouble in the future, so let’s not let it infested with my presences for now.

    It was best to take things slow when you want to live a carefree life.
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    Chapter 5: The Orphan House of Karnosh City

    As of 9/17/18, this chapter has been edited and proofread. But if errors found, please let me know.

    The orphans in this world are both very pitiful and common. With situations like the beasts in this world, kids that were once happy kids and yet, in a blink of an eye, turn into orphans was very common.

    Far too common, in fact.

    For the common people, being an Adventurer was a job that will never go out or down. The payment was great but the risk was always high too. And yet, for people of this world, being an Adventurer was something that everyone wanted to be.

    Either that or being a government official or workers likes soldier, knights, and scholar.

    However, for commoners who cannot read and write, the most they can be was a soldier. They can never be a scholar. So, instead of being a soldier for the nobles, the majority of the people would rather be a hunter, another way to call Adventurers who focus on low-rank hunting and collection quests.

    Which mean, the majority of the orphans in this world were from parents who are both or one-sided hunters before they died.

    Which was why the children in this world would start working at the age of 10 years old- even younger if they are orphan, rather than 12 years or older like the previous worlds that I had been thru. No, this doesn’t count my original world. In my original world, you have to be 16 years old to start part-time working. Well, this was in the U.S and England. I don’t know about other parts of the world.

    In America, there are no Orphanage house but rather a Foster Care system, which was a government-funded program, there aren't a lot of foster children in the 36th Century. Since on Earth, there aren’t such things as wild beast, dangerous mutated beast, or savage creatures, the rates of children’s who are homeless, or orphan is like heaven compared to here.

    Especially in America. I won’t say that the Foster Home in America are the best since each one is different. I won’t even say that the Foster Home in America is one of the best, either, since it is clearly just my own opinion. And I myself doesn’t’ even believe that American’s Foster Care system is one of the best.

    I had been to a couple Foster Homes for my college researches before, and I can only say that those foster care in the States had met the requirement for a healthy, well feed, caretaker. Foster care center was not homes for the children there but it is more or less is their home. They eat well, sleep well, educated well enough, and yet, I can only say that there was little that I can do for them.

    Back then, I was only 17, freshly graduated from high school due to a skipped grade and starting my college earlier than planned. So, with my part-time jobs, earning $39 per hours, 20 hours a week, I had put out 50% of that as a donation to those houses that I had visited. The rest of my earning was more than enough for a college student like me to use for so I am not stingy with my earning. Sometimes, whenever I could take a break from college and my part-time jobs, I would go play with those kids. And yes, I notice. That those foster care home sometimes lack better staff members and empathy workers for the kids.

    Hmm? No, my majors aren’t to work with kids. This was for my general study class only. I was researching about the rate of kids who was able to safely leave the Foster Care system once they turned into adults with and without any traumas experiences.

    Still, that was the best that I could do since I cannot and will not be able to take responsibilities for the kids, I cannot do any more than this. Just because my lucks are great doesn’t mean that I relied on it to take care of the kids. I can’t do that, anyway.

    The best that I can do was bought books, materials for schools, and go play with them occasionally...

    I did that to a lot of the orphans houses that I passed by too. In other worlds.

    You know what, that was how I met Tian Yuanle, too. I was volunteering to teach the kids how to read and write, helping them learn how to be self-sufficiency like farming and gardening, and how to decrease the rate that they would get sick by introducing them to what is Clean Water. I taught them to wash themselves using clean water from the well or boiled water from rivers banks.

    That’s how I got the attention of Tian Yuanle without even wanted it. Since I wasn’t helping the orphans because of something like kindness, I really don’t see why in the world did that man find me so interesting.

    What? I am not kind, okay? If I was kind, I would have adopted all the orphans that I can already. I would have taking responsibilities for them already. I am not kind so I won’t do that. I have both the times and resources for it but I didn’t, because I am not a kind person.

    The orphans in this city were located near the edge of the city, far to the east of this city, where the slum used to be located. The slums was demolished and a lot of compact houses were build there for the poorer commoners instead.

    The director of the orphan was a man called “Alli”. A very girly name, I know.

    He was a man in his 40s, with grey hair and wrinkled face. His clothes are in poor conditions like the kids and his hands are full of blisters from overworking. Alli used to be a hunter but he quiet since his wife died. So, now, he and his daughter help each other ran the orphans. Alli’s daughter, Tyla, was a full grown 17 years old woman, already. She was married to a hunter named “Kevin”, the son of Alli’s former party member.

    Since the orphan was funded by the Lord of this city via taxes, you can say that they have enough to feed the child without them going hungry. However, without going hungry doesn’t mean that they are full.

    “Hello, director Alli,” I greeted the man. This man had already known about me since this was the second time that I came here. The first time was when I first got to this world and was asking for direction. He was the one that pointed me toward the AG and the Commerce Guild, as payment, I had left the man a whole carcass of wild boar as thanks. And yes, I knew that this was the orphan when I first lay eyes on it.

    “Hello, Shirin-san. How is your day? Did you find the Adventurer’s Guild okay?” Alli asked with a kind smile full of wrinkles on his face.

    As we exchange pleasant, I asked him if there are kids here who are looking for work. The answer was yes, everyone that was old enough was.

    “Since my gardens are too large and I need a couple kids to help me water my gardens among other things, would you ask them if they wanted to help me? I will pay them a salary of 50 coppers per day, and lunch and dinner are included. It will be from 8 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon,” I asked.

    Alli looked surprised before he brightened up and called for the kids.

    What? I have a sense of money, okay?! Don’t make fun of me! Even if I am OP as hell, I still have the common sense from my former life! I might be eternally 21 years old but that doesn’t mean that I am not mature!

    I might pay the kids a little bit more than other people but this was my way of saying that the works will be very harsh and tiring. Those kids are only at most 12 years old, there was no way that they are strong enough to bear harsh works like carrying waters for the whole days. That’s why the salary is 50 copper coins per day, per person. They don’t need to worry about lunch and dinner too since I will be cooking for them.

    Director Alli brings back 12 kids, all around 10 years old to 15 years old. Those kids aren’t in a starving state but their growing bodies all stop because of lack of nutrition. Not being hungry doesn’t mean fully eaten. Lack of nutrition and vitamins...

    The wild boars that I gave them last times were to last for a whole month it seems. They had probably turned a large portion of it into jerky so that it will last longer. Just how many children had eaten to their fullest so far?

    “Hi, my name is Shirin. I am looking for some helper, around 5-6 of you, to help me water my gardens. It is a full day job with lunch and dinner available. The payment is 50 copper per day, every day except for the day off that I give you weekly. Do you guys and girls want to help me? Do note that this job requires you to draws water from the well so it is a very harsh job, okay? The time limit is, let’s see, this whole week for now? How about it?” I asked the kids.

    As someone of a full Asian male, my height was pretty short compared to the male of this world. But since I am only talking to the kids who don’t have experiences dealing with monsters or experiences like Liz, who meet all kind of people daily, they aren’t able to feel the natural intimidating aura from me. This was a good thing because I don’t want to make kids cries for no reason.

    All the kids nodded with eyes glittering in gratitude. Seeing that all 12 kids were all looking forward to the jobs, I change from 5-6 kids to all the kids. Well, it should be fine. Since my gardens are huge. And the aeroponic and hydroponics gardens need a constant source of water. So, with all 12 kids, four to each garden should be fine.

    “Okay, here, this is a Personal Request Form, please signs it,” I gave the form to Alli and have him put down the names of all the kids into the form. That way, I can accurately pay them via the guilds so no problem will raise.

    After that, I took the kids to my home, to show them the place. And how I would like them to do their works. The rules that I enforced within my home and my farms.

    “Here is the water well. You guys will have to use this lavage to draw the water into this two large barrel for twenty minutes before you can move the water into the watering can. See that red letters on the barrels? You will have to fill it up with waters so that it turns green. After that, you all have to wait for it to turn blue before drawing water from it into the watering cans. And then, after that, you can start watering the plants. Each plant has a different amount of water that it needs per day. See this, this dedicate that in the morning, it will need this much water. The watering cans have labels that shows you how much water are currently in the watering can so you can just water it until it gets to his mark. And these plants require more water so you guys will have to water it with more water. Some plants need water once a day while other needs water once every two days. There are marked on the plants to dedicate if it needs to be water today or tomorrow, you can confirm that by touching the dirt to see the moistures within the soil,” I continue to explain and shows the kids where certain tools are and how to water the plants without killing it with too much water.

    The water barrels, about 500 gallons each, are enhanced by me to make all the waters have a certain amount of nutrition in them for the plants so the kids cannot drink water from the barrels.

    They can drink it from the well but if they put the water into the barrels already, then they cannot drink it. Because it is slightly poisoned in the human's body. With the two water barrels being that large, it will take the kids a couple of hours to even fill it up. This was why even 12 kids might not be enough.

    After that, I show them the inside of my brand new built house. Their faces when I show them the inside was priceless.

    “When you guys came in, make sure to use these white towels hanging here to clean your hand, face, arms, and legs. Take off your shoes here and clean your feet with these blue towels before going to the kitchen. In the kitchen, you all must wash your hands before seating,” I instructed them as I watch the kids doing it.

    “Now, come here. This door leads to the kitchen, where all of your foods are already prepared for you. The other door over there is the washroom. If you need to use it, follows the instructions writing on the inside of the door. Don’t worry, I know that some of you don’t know how to read so I write it in pictures, that way, you can understand it without the needs to read. And after using the washroom, you must wash your hands like how the pictures show you before coming out,”

    All the kids continue to follows me as I show them around the house and the area that they are to work in.

    “Each day, you guys will have three breaks, it means free time. The first one is when you are eating lunch at 12:00. That’s when this clock rings. That signal the end of your morning shift so you all must stop working and clean yourself up for lunch, understand? Good. The next break will be at 3:30, that’s when this clock rings again, that means that you can stop working and get some break. Drink waters, relax your bodies a bit so that you will have strengths to work in the afternoon. And no, this is the rule here. You all must take this break. There are wooden chairs underneath the shades of the trees outside for you guys to rest on. This break last 30 minutes. The clock here will ring again after 30 minutes so you all must not fall asleep during then. After the second break, you all will be working until 6 in the afternoon, that’s when the final rest will be. Dinner will also be served here inside the house so you all must clean yourselves and come inside to eat. After that, you guys can go back to the orphan. Understand? Good,” I nodded in satisfaction. The kids were very obedience.

    “Okay, let’s see. Let’s go outside and practice coming in. Pretends that right now is lunch time since it is lunchtime now. Alright. All of you, outside now. Show me what you would do when the clock rings.” I said as I watched the kids going thru the process of cleaning themselves.

    They hurriedly clean their hand, face, neck, arms, legs and put away their shoes as they clean their feet before coming inside the house and to the kitchen. They all seat downs obediently after washing their hands in the sink. I nodded my head.

    “Good job. Hold on a second,” I said as I went to the counter and opened the refrigerator hidden behind it. Inside was the kid’s lunch that I had made after coming back from the Green Amber woods.

    The kids were shocked stiffed as the looked at the so-called lunch in front of them. Aged wild boars soaked in some kind of fragrance sauce that makes their mouth salivates, freshly baked bread that smells of yeast and something sweet, a salad of fresh vegetables of some kind, soup of simmered meats and vegetables that looks very good and smell even more divine. There was some kind of dessert, too... It looks far too high class...

    The kids all looked at the foods on their tables with shock.

    “M-master Shirin, this-this is far too much food...” A boy named Mirk, a demi-human with light brown hair and brown eyes, of around age 12 years old... with small dog ears. Well, at least that’s what he looks like. However, the boy might be older. He might only look this small because of lack of food and nutrition.

    “Hm? No, this is the right amount. It’s not too much,” This much won’t be enough for my own lunch since I ate a lot but it is enough for all the kids. Right now it is lunch for the kids but honestly, it was already time for dinner.

    What? I’m a big eater, okay? I eat ten times the amount that a normal male my age should. So, I always cook more than enough. Sometimes, I cooked a whole feast and put it into my internal world space or Inventory space so that I can eat it later. It wouldn’t rot in my internal world space since the time there are slow down to a ratio of 1:525,600. Which mean that one day in the real world is a whole 525,600 days inside the internal space.

    Like I said, I am very OP. Far too OP. o(╥﹏╥)o

    This was one of the reasons why I don’t go inside my internal world space too much, asides from putting away important stuff. If I stay in the internal space for too long, my body will turn kind of weird.

    The reason why I had sex with Tian Yuanle in the first place was caused by my staying inside the internal space for a ten year, meaning ten days in the real world, causing my hormones to be a bit... weird. It caused my hormones to increases so much that I keep getting the urge to do it... Which was how I had sex with Tian Yuanle that first time... Had I know how much problems it was, I would have gone to another bar instead of going to that one.

    “B-but, this much must have cost more than our salary right?” Mirk said with an uneasy expression. Even though he’s also drooling...

    “Hm? Oh, you don’t need to worry about that. Since the foods are procured by me so it only cost my time and effort. If I want money, I would had sold it to the Commerce Guild or the Adventurer’s Guild. Just eat it, don’t talk to much,” I said as I start eating.

    The kids all looks hesitate but their stomach starts crying out loud so they start to dig in too.

    “So-so good!” Mirk was so surprised by the taste. “M-master, this is very good!” Mirk says before he too started to dig in.

    “Yummy!” The kids half shout half yelled as they started to really dig into their foods.

    Good, I nodded. If the food I cooked wasn’t good enough then I waste all these time going from one world to another for nothing.

    Afterward, I took the kids home. Since today was only for showing them what they need to do and how to do them, I let them go home for today and come back tomorrow early morning to officially starts their work for this week.

    Next, was creating a couple of tools for farming. The paper pot transplanters and paper chains plot for flat planters, large barrels for hydroponic and aeroponic farming, different barrels with a different enhancement for planting different plants, making magic tools for cutting magic plants, and etc.etc.

    One good thing about being thru a lot of worlds was that I have a lot of things accumulating inside either of my spaces, Inventory Space or Internal World Space.

    Things like gardening tools, supplies, seeds, and the likes, had already accumulated inside my Inventory Space for who knows how long from various kind of different worlds.

    The majority of the seeds, those that aren’t in a protecting vacuum package, had already seeded and waiting to be planted. So, I have a lot of different plants seeds from different kinds of worlds waiting for me to come back to take care of.

    Next, all I need was to transfer a couple tens of small sturgeons from one of my External Space, the Space Dimension Homestead. What? I have a whole world worth of fishes inside my Space Dimension Homestead. What? The size of my external space? The Homestead?

    Don’t ask me something like that! I don’t want to know! The last time that I checked, back in my 12th world shifting, my External space, the Homestead, was the size of Australia! I don’t want to know what’s the size it has increased to it now! Nor do I want to know if the resources inside had increased or not!

    Hm? What is the fish used for? Ah, for the aquaponics, of course. I need about fifty sturgeons so that means that the water tank for the source of water will have to be away from the water well. I don’t want to kids to come anywhere near the fish tanks. Since the aquaponics is a self-serving system, the kids don’t need to water it. So, the door will be closed for the kids. I don’t need them to see what kind of plants or greens I am planting in there. Not yet.

    Even though it was just spice and herbs with a couple other rare root rhizomes and slightly rare fungi, it was still something very rare in this world. What? Oh, it’s just a couple plots of high-grade White Truffles.

    Since they can only live inside trees roots, I had planted it with the cinnamons trees inside the greenhouse that I made especially for it.

    Usually, truffles can only be grown in French soil with a large amount of oak and hazelnut trees, but because this world isn’t Earth, such facts are just an opinion here. So, as long as I purified and enhanced the soil, it is relatively easy to farm and cultivates truffles, both Black ones and the extremely rare White ones.

    On Earth, truffles are mainly harvested by well-trained dogs and only around mid-to-late autumn. However, here, I can harvest truffles once every two months. And the harvesting yield was around 10 pounds per tries too for this greenhouse's size.

    After harvesting it, I just needs to replenish the soil with a lot of acorns and hazelnuts. This way, it will make the soil’s composition and the rate of fungi formation faster and safer. I doubt that this world has truffles but just in case, this greenhouse is protective by a large amount of array formation and enhancement.

    What? Selling truffles? Sure, why not. As long as I can get the protection from the Commerce Guild, made into a contract that promise of making me stay hidden, even in the eyes of the Emperor in this Kingdom. I have no doubt that if truffles were ever made known to the high-class and all the nobles, it will sell like hotcakes in the middle of winter. These little fungi will be something that is even rarer than Green Amber Woods.

    With Green Amber woods, the commonly stated are that demand is 10 times higher than the supply. However, with the truffles, it would be “The demand is 100 times higher than the supply”.

    Hm? Didn’t it take 7-10 years for the mycorrhizal network of the truffles to develop? Yes, on Earth. This isn’t Earth.

    Okay, moving on. After paying the kids their salary for the day, which surprised them all because today was only a third of what they were suppose to do. What? This was just the carrot and the stick methods okay?! Don’t look at me like that! I am not nice!

    I turned away from the shining eyes of the kids. It was slightly uncomfortable with the way that they look at me...
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    Chapter 6: Hunting Quest and Mission
    As of 9/17/18, this chapter has been edited and proofread. But if errors found, please let me know.
    A week past by with no problems from the kids. I watch and taught them for a week just in case they need more help and have some more questions, but it wasn’t necessary. The kids are very diligent and hardworking. So, after a week, I can leave them alone to tends to the gardens. Hmm? How many gardens? Five gardens. Each garden was divided by a walking plank platform and each garden was about 38 meters wide by 9 meters in length. All sorts of vegetables and grains are planted on it.

    Two of the gardens are raised bed garden, and they are longer so the kids have to do more walking around it. The others size was about 32mx7m.

    Asides from the gardens, the kids also have to take care of the fruits trees so it was a pretty large farm altogether. That’s why, even if they work every day of the week, it would have barely covered all the plants that need to be watering, and so, I had asked for three more kids. So, in total, there are 15 kids. All above the age of 12. I won’t allow kids under the age of 12 to work at my place even if the kids really wanted too. After all, this is my policy. Instead, I will have the other kids sell out my vegetables instead.

    Alicia, the oldest girl in the group of 15 was the one that looks after my vegetable booth.

    In Karnosh City, it was relatively easy to get a commercial license for selling things. No, it wasn’t just in Karnosh City, it was this whole Kingdom.

    Since I had a Rank C Commerce Card already, it was even easier to set up a booth for selling vegetables. All I have to pay was the tax for the spot of the booth, the tax on selling, and the cost of the booth’s license plate.

    The booth are selling orange-color carrots, blue-color radish, long and straight cucumber, cabbages that have stripes of red color surrounding it, red and green tomatoes, garlic, parsley, potatoes that look more like yam, and ginger that was a bit too large.

    Since fresh vegetables in this world are pretty common, the radish, cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes are sold pretty easily. While the herbs and the carrots are sold not as fast due to it being spices and herbs. What? The carrots in this world are seen as a herb too. I can’t do anything about it.

    Still, since the booth was only going to be open during rush hours in the morning and rush hour before dinner, it was something that was sold out easily.

    Everything was sold out by the end of the day with no problem.

    Hmm? No, there are no people who came looking for problems since the booth had a tag that dedicates that my Commerce Rank is at rank C. There’s no one stupid in this city that would come looking for trouble with someone of a Rank C Commercial merchants.

    While the kids are watching and looking after the booth, I myself am looking at the quest board inside the Adventurer’s Guild (AG).

    Quests to subjugation, hunting, collection, helping, escort mission, requests from people, etc. etc.

    There was a quest to collect the hides of a Melithar, a bear-like creature that was more alike to a fox than a bear. The Melithar are a horde mammal, meaning they live in groups of 20-30 per colony.

    Other quests would be subjugation of monsters like wolves, bears, foxes, goblins, ogres, trolls, etc. etc. All the way to wyvern and even dragon, which admittedly, was very rare and required a high rank. Something that I don’t want to do.

    Since Karnosh City was far to the south of the continent, nearer to the deserts land and the swamp, monsters like wasps, bugs, and insects are abundant. So, the majority of the quest all have something to do with subjugating swarms of flying monsters.

    Karnosh City was near to the 5 Forbidden/Dangerous region in this part of the continent.

    The Amber Forest was the nearest, with only about 5-9 hours of traveling away. It was the safest out of the 5 forbidden grounds. In term of numbers of monsters, beasts and everything else, the Amber Forest was the lowest and safest.

    The Swamps was farther away, about 16 days of traveling away, farther to the southwest of Karnosh City.

    Then to the west of Karnosh City was the former territory, a city that used to call Surielsa City, ruled by a prince about 500 years ago. Except that now, that city was a dead city, ghost, ghoul, zombies, death knights, and all sorts of dark and sinister class beasts and monsters reside in that former city, making it one of the forbidden regions in this part of the continent.

    After that, to the Northern of Karnosh was the Ice Range, the Ice Mountain/Snow Mountain Range that snows 24/7- year round. It located a little farther up north from the Northern Mountain Range.

    I heard that the temperature there was so low that boiling water froze in second.

    Next to that was the forbidden region where the previous Savage Beasts Horde rampage thru. I don’t know where that location at because it is Forbidden Knowledge, restricted by the all the guilds in this world and ordered from the Emperor himself to seal it. There are other forbidden ground in this continent but those were too far away from here.

    The Ice Mountain Range was about a month of traveling away from Karnosh City, maybe even farther away. While the Surielsa City takes about half a month away.

    One of the quests was both a collection quest and a subjugation quest, requesting honey from the Hive of the Xilra Wasp. The reward was from the Lord of this city, and the request was made from his daughter, Lady Luciana.

    A reward of 100 large gold coins was giving if the proof of subjugation was bought back along with three buckets of honey. So, 100 large gold coin per three buckets, about one-gallon worth, of honey, is a good reward.

    Honey is a medicine in this world. It is a very precious good so 100 large gold coin was high enough for even high-level Adventurer to go out.

    This quest was a rank B quest, meaning that someone like me who doesn’t have a party and is ranked C, cannot take it.

    Well, I am not going to take it anyway. I have no use for wasp monsters as of yet. And yes, the body of a wasp can be useful, especially in Alchemy and Weaponsmithing. Since wasp in this world was Huge, after burning it into ash, the ash can be very useful as an agent in alchemy and weaponsmithing.

    As for the honey, if I came across it, I will collect it for my own use. Other than that? Nope.

    Too bad, I have no use for it for now.

    I have my own weapons that I had crafted from my previous worlds so I don’t need to make a new one in this world. Well... not really.

    One of them was named Seeker, a dagger that was made from Trillium and Dark Iron, and then enhanced by myself using the Orb of Eternal, making Seeker a dagger that could and would kill a god.

    This was my weakest weapons. Although I said that this is my weakest weapon, this dagger was strong enough to one-hit kill anyone below level 800.

    And that, was the level that the majority of the gods and goddess, including the so call Chinese Immortal Practitioners, are at.

    Hmm? No, I’m not a god or an Immortal since my fields of cultivating aren’t in the Chinese Immortality Cultivation like Tian Yuanle.

    Although, my HP and MP was so much higher than those Chinese immortals... Yeah, even higher than some gods out there.

    I know exactly what this weapon was capable of so I hadn’t taken it out from my Internal World Space, yet. However, If I am going to participate in these large subjugation quests that involve a lot of wasps than maybe I should create a new one, one that was not subject to being a soul-weapon... Or make a new weapon to make it easier for me to kills those bugs and insects monsters. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up crafting one.

    Yet, for now, I won’t since I don’t have any iron ingot or bar from this world. I need to go buy some first. After all, I want to create a swords that won’t draw that much attention if I use it on normal monsters.

    Since I won’t be making another weapon soon, I also won’t accept this kind of quest either.

    Instead, I am going to accept the quest for collecting the Spiderworm. Like its name suggested, Spiderworm was a kind of docile monsters that eat leaves and make webs as a spider does, only those threads of the spiderworm are mainly used for fabrics.

    The quest requested a collection of 100 bundles of thread created by the Spiderworm. The payment is 30 small golds upon completion and an additional 5 large silver if there are any bundles of rare thread, per bundles. The so-called rare threads are the thread from the spiderworm that was already reinforced with mana, making it a great material to use for crafting magician’s hats and belts. It is also very useful for enhancing clothes for better quality and durability.

    What? You think that this quest was boring? No no no, you don’t understand. My goals were to live a carefree life, okay?

    I don’t need to do quests or missions that are troublesome and involving the nobles. I know that there are both good and bad nobles but since I had already gotten known by the nobles because of His Highness Yui, I don’t want to take big quests that will bring even more nobles to my door.

    And besides, this quest wasn’t as boring as you think. First of all, the Spiderworm was a very adorable creature that looks nothing like a spider nor a worm. It looks more like a mouse and a spider rather than a spider and a worm. It still has a body similar to a mouse, but with eight legs and a long tail that created threads. If I were to say anything about it, even their habitat were different from worm and spider. They don’t eat their mate.

    Meaning that they are hermaphrodites, having both male and female reproductive organs within themselves. They will reproduce once every three years and their offsprings are all in egg-form until hatches two months later.

    And they don’t take more than one spouse/partner at a time. Since the female worm had the tendency to create more magic reinforce thread, their ratio was lower to the male. Male produce thread faster but thinner and not as strong while female produce smaller thread but stronger ones and sometimes, even reinforce threads.

    In another word, the spiderworm are a race of insect/mammal mixed. The only reason why they have the word worm in their name was that their waste was very useful in fertilizers, like how a worm inside the earth makes the earth healthy for planting.

    They are pretty damn adorable, if I might say so myself.

    And another thing, spiderworm tends to attract the wyrcats because of their sweet smell that was more or less alike to silver vines for a cat. Which mean that if I take this quest, I might get to see a couple adorable wrycat myself.

    What? No, this wasn’t the main reason why I take this quest! Serious! Wrycat aren’t demi-human so they don’t understand human language so it didn’t matter if they make a great pet or not.

    “Enitha, I will be taking this quest and these two collection quests,” I said to Enitha, the lady clerk of this Adventurer's Guild that works here. Enitha, a brown hair brown eye half demi-human half human, between the werewolves and a hunter, age 15, female, personality calm and collected with a good head on her shoulder, smile professionally at me as she processes the three quests that I have accepted.

    As a Rank C Adventurer, I can accept up to five collection quests or three hunting quests at the same time. Since the three collections quests that I had accepted are all within the rank of a ranked C quest, Enitha didn’t stop me from getting these three quests.

    Before leaving, I went to the Commerce Guild to see if there’s any request near the area that I will be going.

    There’s two mission. One of them was an escort mission while the other was a transporting good one.

    Since the villages that look after the spiderworm were about ten days of walking away from here, the number of times that they travel there to replenish their supplies aren’t that often.

    This was why they would make a frequently request to the Commerce Guild, not the Adventurer Guilds. Things like salts, sugars, spices, and everyday essential products. Small merchants love quests like this. However, at this time of the year, the merchants preferred going to other towns and villages, where the villages are larger and have a higher population.

    So, quests like this were left alone at the Commerce Guild for lower rank merchants. I am not a merchant but my Commerce Guild rank was at rank C, so I can take quests like this with no problem.

    The escort quest was for a rank D merchant, the Therius Merchant Group. The group had already contracted to a party of five Adventurers whose party was a rank C party. So, with the addition of me to the list, there are a total of 15 people, total.

    There are four wagons filled with crates and six small sturdy horse. Two of the four wagons was a King size wagon while the other two are small size ones. According to the smell that comes out from these wagons, those are healing potion, salts, sugar, herbal medicines, stock for alchemy and something that smell oddly like vinegar mixed with rice wine.

    Fusion agent? This smell... yep, fusion agent for potion making and fabric proofing.

    And then, there were the presences of magical tools, tools which are imbued with magic such as Magic Lighting Ball, use for lighting in the same way as how lights were used for on Earth.

    So, this escort quest will probably go all the way to or near the villages where the spiderworm are located at.

    ... Will this escort quest be okay with my presence here?
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    Chapter 7: Escort Quest and Dangerous on the Road
    This chapter has been edited and proofread. But if errors found, please let me know.
    Marcus Til Therius, the owner/president/boss of this merchant group. A low-rank baronet with a land of a small town to the east of Karnosh City.

    Sir Marcus Til Therius was the oldest son of Madame Jewel Til Therius, the head of the household. His younger brother, Sir Lean Til Therius was a Knight to the Order of Red Knighthood directly under the fourth prince, at the rank of a Captain, commanding 100 troops, of four platoons. Sir Lean Til Therius was stationed at Krantirosh City, a city about 30 days of traveling to the southwest of Karnosh City. Near to where the Swamps are located at.

    So, this trip was both a business one and a family one. Sir Marcus was going to one of the towns that Sir Lean’s platoon was in charge of. It seems like the topic was for Sir Lean to come home for his younger sister’s wedding day and for his other sister’s engagement party.

    Which was suppose to take place in another three months, plenty of times for Sir Lean to notified his superior.

    I found all of this out from asking Liz. She had a lot of connection so this was naturally something that she would know.

    Hmm, interesting.

    By the time that I made to the meeting place, everyone else was already there. The merchants were transferring their merchandise into the wagons and tying it up securely.

    The party of adventurers has two women and three men. One was an archer, one mage, one healer, and the other two are warriors. Both warriors were swords users. One of them has a longboard sword while the other warrior used heavy swords that look to be a claymore.

    Both of the warriors were in light leather armor mixed with iron plates. It seems like they are the speed type of warrior that specializes in heavy weapons. The archer has a longbow and two large quivers filled with steel arrows. The mage has a wand made out of some kind of magic wood, probably the Elder Listhristle wood, and the healer have a small short wand. The only thing that’s missing in this group was someone who specializes in assassin and poison and someone who specializes in scouting. Even if the hunter can see pretty far, his specialty doesn’t seem to be scouting.

    Two warriors, one mage, one healer, and one archer. A pretty damn balance team. Well, balance enough to make it into rank C as a team. I don’t know about individual powers but as a team, this team pretty damn balanced out.

    “Hello,” I was greeted by the lady healer.

    Huh, strange, why does it seems like the two warriors are glaring at me?

    “Hello, nice to work with you guys this time. I hope that we will get along,” I said without even twitching.

    Seeing my nonchalant looks toward the two women on their team, the men all relaxed a bit while the healer who had greeted me look surprised for a second.

    She hesitated, seeing like she wanted to ask me something.

    What? Was this girl hitting on me? Sorry, woman, I am gay. I’m not interested in women that way. So, it is better to get not their hopes up.

    If I was going to be interesting in someone, then the archer was more of my type... although, he was a bit too tall for me. What? The archer was 6 feet 6 inches tall!!! As a full Japanese descendent, my height was only 5 feet 7 inches!

    I am pretty small compared to the men in this world...

    However, if you underestimate me because of my height, then you are in for a world of pain. (。•ˇ‸ˇ•。)

    “I’m the captain of this party. My name is Uris,” The warrior with the claymore introduces himself.

    “I’m Kirash, I handle heavy melee combat in this team,” The warrior with the board sword said with a nod.

    “I’m Joel,” The archer said as he waved his long bow to dedicated that he is an archer.

    “I’m Mariel, a water wage and I specialize in Ice Magic,” The woman in the magician robe said with a small smile on her face as she leans toward the captain, Uris. Oh, they’re married...

    “I’m Lindari, the healer. I can handle up to tier 2 healing spells,” The healer introduce herself with a seductive smile on her face. I nodded, totally ignoring her suggestive manner. What the hell was wrong with this woman? Is she looking for death? Don't she know that if that man found out about her actions, there will be hell to pay?

    Tier 2 healing spells included Light Healing, Searing Wounds, Blood Restoration, Heaviness and Lightness. Light Healing will cure light wounds, Searing Wounds will sear up bleeding wounds, blood restoration was for increasing the rate of red blood regenerates, and lightness was to make sure that during combat, the combative doesn’t get cursed by slow spells. While Heaviness was a curse spell to make enemies slower and heavier. It atrophies the muscles of a target enemy for 10 seconds.

    All of these spells was pretty basics for a healer. It was very useful during combats so healer were people who were never short of jobs. However, I do wonder how many times can this healer used those spells in a day?

    How large was her mana reservoir? I am pretty sure that she can only use those spells at most three times each, in a day. That would mean that she had around a mana reservoir of 150 as the base. Her stamina and natural talents with using mana will impact how much mana she will use per spell.

    Still, she was pretty useful in this team so they ignored her behavior. Although, it seems like Kirash and her relationship might not be so innocent.

    “I’m Shirin. I can use healing magic, the three common magic elements, swords, and I specialize in scouting,” I lied without a care. If I don’t lie at least this much, then there will be problems. It was for the best that I don’t hide this during the mission. They will probably spread this knowledge after the mission but I really don’t care about it since I have the strength to protects myself and those that are working for me with no problem. Besides, once my farms and gardens started to mature, people will notice it anyway. Either way, hiding this will not benefits me in any way.

    All five adventurers look utterly shocked and their jaws were opened wide in disbelief.

    “W-what tier of healing magic can you use?” The healer, Lindari asked with hesitation and curiosity. Her hand holding on her short wand tightened, making her knuckles turned white in nervousness.

    “Up to Tier 4. However, I will be reserving my mana and concentrating on melee so I will leave the healing to you,” I said. I don’t want to cause the woman to hate me or make her lose moral during this mission.

    Lindari’s eyes widen in shocked at my answer. She wasn’t the only one.

    “W-what three common magic elements are yo-you talking about?” Mariel asked with both fear and curiosity in her eyes.

    “Wood, Fire, and Earth. Up to Tier 4,” I answered with no hesitation.

    “E-eh?!” Mariel shouted in astonishment as he eyes widen in disbelief.

    “... How good are you at melee combats?” Uris and Kirash both asked at the same time, causing them to look at each other in awkwardness.

    “How good? Hmm, I would say good enough? I had never actually test my melee skills against a Swords Master so I am not sure,” I replied back, not sure how to measure my strength and skills. Since I had already held back a lot, even so, my skills will probably one hit kill any Swords Master in this world. As for Grandmaster Swordsman? There are none in this continent that I know of, even after reading all the information inside this city. Still, Prince Yui might be a Grandmaster Swordsman since that man was damn strong.

    Uris and Kirash both exchanges look.

    “Any other question?” I asked, intending to get this over with.

    “You said that you specialize in scouting but what do you really can do?” Joel asked with an impressive face. He’s pretty calm. He was the one that got back his senses the fastest after finding out about me.

    “I can use Earth magic to sense upcoming monsters within the range of 15 kilometers. I can also use Fire magic to sense the heats within the monsters that are in the air and underground up to a certain height and depth. So, you can leave scouting to me,” I said.

    All of them looks relief at that.

    “Should we go now?” I asked as I tilted my head toward the merchants who had just finished putting all their items into the wagons and securing it to the wagons.

    The captain nodded.

    “Ah, by the way, you guys will probably have to do most of the works in this mission while I take care of all the scouting details,” The team can take care of those that they can, I will take of those that they can’t.

    The captain nodded. Thinking that I will probably use a lot of mana during scouting. I have no intentions to correct that thinking.

    After introducing ourselves and our roles to the merchants, we set off.

    The escort mission for this merchant group was going to be from Karnosh City to three other small villages and then two other small towns. The first village that they will be stopping by was a small village without a name.

    The village only has about 50 households and the majority of them are farmers. So, they could only afford normal goods and very common magic tools that already have a magic store inside. There was only one person out of the whole village that can use magic tools. So, we had only stayed there for a couple of hours before we left.

    Before leaving, I had ordered from the village some of their milk. The milk from this village has a natural taste that would make great cheese, as the fat content was oddly high. So, I want to order enough milk to make at least 50 pounds of Mozzarella cheese and a couple of types in smaller quantity.

    Since this was a request for my personal uses, I asked the merchant group to order it via their channels. Which mean that I have to pay taxes, but not much handling fees.

    Because of my order, the village will be busy for the next two weeks. This was good for them in a way as they provide everyone with something to do. And since the pay was good, they are more than happy to do it.

    The next small village that we stop by was about a day away. However, this village had problems with goblins attacking their farms and animals so they were more than thankful that we stopped by.

    When we got there, we were all surprised and alert to notice that the wood structure they call their village wall was all torn down. Some parts were burning. There were traces of old blood all over the place and majority of the people there were all hiding.

    Sir Marcus, who keeps telling everyone to call him Marcus, was not looking good. His face was pale and I can clearly see that he was thinking of the worse.

    Before the man can panic any further, “Marcus, calm down. There are still villagers hiding in their houses,” I called out to the man.

    He looks at me with hopeful eyes as he nodded.

    It didn’t take long for Marcus to take control of the situation and found the villagers.

    However, to the shock of everyone else, there were no adults among them.

    Kids. All kids. Ranging from newborn to 14 years old kids. All looking fearful and starving.

    Marcus was pissed as hell. He was enraged and yet there was little he can do.

    After we gathered up everyone and did a head count, there were two newborns, a boy, and a girl, two kids around the age of 5, three around the age of 8, one is at 12 years old, and the rest was either 14 or 15 years old. In total, there was 15 kids total. All without any adults to look after them.

    “Little girl, can you tell me where your mom and dad had gone?” Marcus asked the girl holding on the newborn kid.

    The girl looks weary at Marcus as she hesitates to answer. I don’t need to listen to know what had happened to the adults of this village. I already know what happened to them. The blood that was smeared on the ground and the smell of it was the blood of the human.

    There’s only one thing that could have happened.

    The girl’s words proved me right, again.

    “Papa died two weeks ago when a horde of goblins and ogres came by our village. Mama was taking three days ago. Mister, can you help my mama?” The girl asked with tears and hope on her eyes as she clenches onto the small baby girl on her arms.

    “...” Marcus’s eyes were hopeless. He’s only a merchant and not a knight.

    Seeing the looks on Marcus' face, I must say, this man was pretty used to sights like this. No matter how much he wants to help this girl, as someone who has children of his own, he knew himself well enough to know that’s suicide.

    This was what this world has in offer for a powerless human.

    Seeing the looks on Marcus’s face, the little girl looks down. She knows that her request will never be answered. This man wasn’t an adventurer. He was just a merchant. Yet, if no one helps her get back her mama, who’s going to look after them? Her little sister was just born three weeks ago. Ever since the goblin took away her mama, her sister had been drinking the sheep milk that was saved underground. And herself was eating preserved food that her mama and papa had made three months ago.

    She knows that soon, she will die from hunger and her baby sister will soon follow. Yet, as an older sister, she was going to stay strong and protects her baby sister with her life. She will not go before her.

    I must say, this little girl’s very sensitive and strangely positive.

    Fine. If Marcus cannot help this girl, then I will. I hope that this won't lead me to disappointment.

    “Little girl, what is your name?” I asked the girl.

    She blinks her eyes a couple of time before she answered, “Novelle, my name is Novelle.” She softly answered.

    “And you little sister? What’s her name?” I asked, trying not to be intimidating. Since this little girl was very sensitive, she might feel the natural intimidating aura from me.

    “Her name is Annabelle, she is three weeks old!” The girl brightened up so fast that it cause Marcus to widen his eyes in shock. We both can tell that Novelle loves her baby sister very much. The fact that this girl was still this good-hearted, it’s a miracle. All the other kids were all affected in a way that causes their heart and nature to turned slightly dark. Yet, Novelle’s heart was still pure and bright.

    “Alright, Novelle, do you want to form a contact with me? If you do, I will help you find your mother, and kill all the goblins that took her away,” I asked the little girl. Marcus’s eyes widen so wide but he hesitates to stop me.

    I know that I took this mission as an escort for him so he has the right to stop me but he didn’t. Yep, like I thought.

    This man doesn’t look down on commoners even though he was a noble. A low-rank noble but a noble nonetheless. So, there are nobles like this man too and not just wicked-sinister-manipulated nobles. If only every noble are like Sir Marcus and not power hunger, look down on people, then I admit that I would probably tie myself to a house.

    “What kind of contact? A slave contract? But both me and Annabelle are so small. We can’t help you with works,” Novelle looks confused as she replied.

    Yep. The common sense in this world was a little too strong. Even little girls like her understand what Slavery Contacts was. But no, what I am planning for the two girls wasn’t slavery. After all, they both are too small for any manual labor works that slaves normally do. Not to mention, I have no need for manual labor since the kids at home had already done all that I need. Even though they aren’t slaves.

    “No, this isn’t a Slavery Contact. It is a Live-In Employee Contact. Your mother’s good at making small iron threads right?” I asked. I had noticed that the house of this little girl was in were protected by wires. Small piano like wires that will do more than stop any goblins passing by.

    The little girl nodded, confused as to why this mister was asking about her mother.

    “That’s great. I want to form a Live-In Employee Contact with you, your little sister and your mother once I saved her. This contact is for you, as the older sister who had requested for your mother’s rescue, and for your sister, to live in with me to work for me for 10 years. The salary is 25 coppers per day. Food and board are included. For your mother, it will be 35 copper per day with boarding only. If you accept this request, I will fill out the paperwork and had Sir Marcus witness it.” I asked the girl. Explaining to her why she has the power to control the initiation of this contract.

    Both Marcus and the little girl’s eyes widened so wide that it makes both of them look like idiots.

    “Well?” I asked with a tilt of my head.

    The girl startled and nodded so fast that her heads look like it was going to snap off.

    “Okay,” I nodded as I take out the Personal Contract Form from the Adventurer’s Guild and start writing on it. Afterward, I give it to Marcus for him to sign as a witness and then have Novelle drop one drop of her blood onto it.

    A small tattoo like insignia formed on her wrist in the form of a small star. This signified that the contacts are now formed and intact. Since it is an Employee Contacts with a time limit of 10 years, and a salary of 25 copper coins per day, this isn’t a Slavery Contract. Although there was a couple restriction placed on her and her sister, she will have the rights of a Free-Man, and not a slave.

    If they found themselves wanting to end this contracts, then they will have to pay me 10 large gold coins for each of them.

    This was this kind of contract.
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    Chapter 8: Eliminating the Goblin’s Hideout
    As of 9/19/18, this chapter has been edited and proofread. But if errors found, please let me know.
    I had said this before and I will say it again. I am very tired of being over powerful... Maybe I should ask Prince Yui to make me another restrainer since he’s far stronger than me at making restrainer- the restrainer that he made was way stronger than the one that I had with me.

    It didn’t take me ten minutes to eliminate every goblin, monsters, animals, wild monsters, magical beasts, and etc, etc, from the surrounding area. Even though I held back a large portion of my strength and mana, I still one hit kill any monsters, animal, wild beast, etc. that I came across. Well, that might be because I always used headshots so it would always hit the cores inside the beast, monsters, etc.etc. Killing them instantly.

    White Wolf, Black Wolf, Savage Rabbit, Fire Foxes, Black Foxes, Stone Tigress, Crystallized Moths, Goblins, Ogres, Trolls, all sorts of monsters.

    When I came back, my Storage Backpack was filled to the brim with all sort of carcasses. Ranging from small ones like the Savage Rabbits to trolls and wyverns, you can say that I totally get rid of all the monsters within the range of 15 miles from this village.

    I haven’t been to the cave that was the Goblin’s hideout yet. But, according to my reading of their presences, there’s at least ten hordes worth of goblins inside. Ten thousand normal goblins, a hundred ogres, fifty trolls, two variant trolls and someone who should be the chef or leader. And, a magical being presence.

    And then, there was a section of the cave where I believe was where they hide the human girls at. However, some of them were very weak in their presences- that their pulse barely beats anymore. If I don’t hurry, I will be too late. Well, it was already too late to save the girl’s from traumatizing experience but at least they are still alive. Barely.

    When I came back to the village to drop off all the carcass inside my Storage Backpack and to inform Marcus of my finding, he asked me to take the healer and the mage with me. I agreed, only because they are women and they can help out the women inside the cave in a way that I can't as a man.

    As a man, I will only cause them more fear- both due to my own intimidating aura and my presence as a male toward their mental psychology aspect. And this is an insurance, to make sure that none of the women inside will fall for me even if and when they found out that it was me who rescue them. It will only cause them more pain later on if they fall for me. It happened before because of my own carelessness. So, this time, I will make sure that none of that happens.

    Unnecessary kindness will only hurt someone else if you don’t intend to take responsibility for it. This was the truth.

    At the cave Entrance

    “Shirin-sama, this is the cave right?” The mage, Mariel, asked with a doubtful face on. Ever since finding out that I can use more than just one elemental magic, and the fact that I am also a master swordsman, Mariel, and her husband, Uris, had started to call me “Master Shirin”, which was stopped by me so now they can only call me Shirin-sama, as their form of respects.

    Since there was nothing that I can do about it, I let it go. As long as they don’t spread it to the point that even the merchants would start calling me that too, then they can call me whatever they want. I really don't care much about how and what they call me by.

    “Yep, this is the cave. Since you’re a mage over water and ice, you should be able to feel the emission of the water elements inside the cave, right?” I asked, completely expressionless at the girl.

    “E-eh? Oh, yes. I can feel a faint trace of water element inside the cave about 2 kilometers from here, a little to the west in that direction.” Mariel said with a tense look on her face.

    Oh? She could only feel a small trace? There’s a huge ass pool inside the cave, large enough for me to be able to tell the depth of the pool, all the way to the size of the fish inside it. Not to mention, the large amount of mana emitted from within that pool might be the cause that increases the number of goblins and monsters in this area. And she could only feel a faint trace of it? Like I thought, this girl's sensitivity toward her own elemental magic was very bad.

    If the pool inside really was what I think it is, then, this problem wouldn't be in my control anymore. As this will turn into a National Problem that the Royal Family need to act on.

    If not taking care of properly, the surrounding villages, towns, and cities near here will turn into dead settlements, overrun by beasts and monsters of all kinds. And then, soon enough, this aura will also turn into another Forbidden Region- something that I really don't want it to happen. Why? Because of the other villages that specialize in those high-content fat milk that I had ordered from. Not to the mention, this region has a lot of specialties that I am looking forward to finds and research.

    Asides from that, I could also sense the humans inside too. They are getting weaker and weaker due to the fear of their surroundings, and not having anything to eat- along with being forced on by the goblins. The mental, physical, and spiritual pain that they suffered was not to be underestimated.

    “Well, then, let’s hurry.” I lead the two women inside. Whenever I passed by, groups of monsters would drop dead on their own. Causing the two women to be so shocked and frightened that their mouths stop closing altogether. If they swallowed flies, it ain’t my fault. Not that this cave has any flies due to the coldness in here.

    Just because I have a large Storage Backpack doesn’t mean it can fit all the monsters carcasses- so for now, I am ignoring them. On our way back, we will loot everything that we can, afterward.

    When we got to a crossroad, I made the two women stop. The right pathway smell of blood and something disgusting that could only be from goblins feeding on each other. The left smell of humans- but, there's also smells of something else too.

    “What are you doing? Why are we stopping?” Mariel asked nervously as she looks at me questioningly. Lindari had already stopped shaking from the fears earlier but now, she’s started to shake again. As a healer, she wasn’t a damage dealer- she has no damage dealer weapon at all. She can only heal, so she’s pretty much useless until they rescue all the women.

    I didn’t answer. Instead, I place my hand on the earth underneath my feet and start chanting.

    “Spike of Earth, strong as steel, sharp as swords, obliterated my targets!”

    Within a second, screams of pain and terror shouted from the two ends of the crossroad, causing the two women besides me to shivers in fear as their expression paled and sweat dripping from their forehead. I can even hear their heartbeats beating erratically.

    I won’t bother letting the monsters in this cave go. After all, even if they are tameable, they still are not very cute. Not to mention, this race of goblins aren’t the kind that will be loyal to you even if you had successfully tamed them. I have no need for monsters that will not be loyal to me, much less monster that will sooner or later cause harm to others. Not to mention, I already have a lot of different variety of Tamed Goblins inside my Space Dimension Homestead. They are loyal, strong, protective, smart, faithful, and not stupid. Even though they are just Goblins.

    Mariel’s eyes were shining as she looks at me.

    What? Oh, the spell? It’s just an Earth spell. Once your sensitivity toward the Earth's Elemental Magic was high enough and your control of mana are efficient, then this spell can be very easy to caste and very deadly toward any enemies that you sensed.

    I then lead the two women toward the sector of the caves that was holding the human women’s prisoners. Once the two women who came with me seen those women, they didn't need me to tell them what to do.

    I left them to their jobs as I continue toward where the Boss of the goblins was at... another two miles away from here, toward the pool that I can tell has some kind of Spirits beings or Magical beings in it. This leads me to a large underground cave filled with lightning stones and purple stars mushrooms. Inside this large underground cave, there was a large pool of blue water in the middle. And right next to the pool of blue water- which I could already tell was filled to the brim with mana- was a walkway leading into the pool itself.


    There’s a huge ass goblin sitting on a throne made of bones, holding a large mace. Although, the throne was placed in a not-normal place...

    The throne was on that bridge or walkway going into the pool. And from what I can see, inside the pool was a large...mermaid. A mermaid with long golden hair, whose head was on the so-called Goblin Boss’s lapse...

    What the hell? They’re a couple?! What's with this messed up picture?! Even someone like me who has a messed up sense of beauty could tell that this picture was not normal! That mermaid was huge, okay?! Larger than the goblin himself by at least four to five times easily!

    The Goblin Boss’s hand was gentling petting the mermaid's head. The atmosphere can only be called Lovey-dovey... Okay, I know that my lucks wasn’t something that can be decreased but for real? How many times was this already?

    I can feel my mouth twitching in annoyance.

    “You finally here,” A deep voice call out. My eyes meet with the Goblin Boss and I feel like pulling my hair out.

    Not again! A sentient monster! A monster who had gained his own sense of personality and self away from the control of the world's conscious!

    “Fuck.” I cursed. Not this situation again.

    “What do you want?” I asked, completely annoying. I have been in situations like this already in my previous worlds. More times than I care to count for. Arg, goddamnit. The last time, it was with a Dragon and his mate, and this time, it's a goblin and his wife.... fuck my life.

    [Master, please don't suddenly killed off this sentient beings.]

    Bel-chan's voice called out sleepily from within my Internal World Space- where s/he was taking a nap. What was s/he doing in my Internal World Space? Shouldn't s/he be in my Spiritual Dimension, taking care of my Tamed Dragons Beasts in there? Wasn't the Goldblood Dragon Queen's giving birth to her 1930th's eggs right now? Why is Bel-chan in my Internal World Space and not my Spiritual Dimension?

    [Master, Queen Voreenana had already given birth ten minutes ago.]

    Ah, so that's why.

    “Can you take Ariel back to the Sea after I die?" The goblin asked, bringing my attention back to him. "Ariel got lost into an underground cave that used to connected to here thousands of years ago. So, not knowing that this place doesn’t have sea water, she starts to live here. Now, her magical innate ability has caused the water in this cave to turn into a manatized water- a large mana pool, causing all the monsters in here to get far too strong. I tried to kill off those that are weaker but as time goes on, my level got locked by the God of the Goblin, causing me to stay as a goblin for the rest of my life." The goblin said with his tone full of sadness and yet resignation. His face was very sinister looking but his eyes were full of innocent.

    "This also makes my authority over the rest of the monsters in this cave non-existent. The only reason why they cannot come over here to this part of the cave due to the fact that this is Ariel’s territory. As a higher being with more mana and stronger than the goblin race, all goblin instinctually feared Ariel. That's why none of them come down here. Because Ariel is my wife, I gain the ability to see the future and I know that you will be the one to kill me." Here the Goblin paused as he smiles down at the mermaid on his lapse. Please, dude, your smile is creepy! And hey! Miss Mermaid, don't just smile innocently at your husband! You're not helping his image!

    "So, I can only request for you to let Ariel go back to the sea. She hasn’t done anything wrong. She doesn’t eat the food that I bought, much less human. So, she’s pure,” The Goblin Boss was strong enough to know the human language and communicate with me.

    Oh, fuck this situation. Not one of these situations again! The last time it was with Voreenana and her husband. This time, it's this goblin and his wife?! I don't need another Tamed Beast that was a Goblin okay? I have a whole continental worth of Tamed Goblins already!

    Which mean that this goblin can only be a Slave for me. Ahhhh- I hate Slavery!

    [Master, please don't kill that sentient monster.] Bel-chan asked again. This time, his/her voice was pleading.

    Okay, okay, I get it.

    “If I don’t kill you, will you swear to be my slave? If you do, I will take you both to my home and make sure that you both are protected there. Also, I will also create a teleportation point for your wife so that she can go back and forth to the sea shall she wish,” I asked. Since this Goblin Boss was strong enough to not even fear me and can communicate with me this much, his intelligent and wisdom willpower be a great help as a slave for me. Not that I need slaves but it was better than killing him.

    After all, this Goblin’s soul was so damn Pure that it makes the surrounding area brightened up. No wonder Bel-chan plead me to not kill this monster. S/he would love to teach this monster. Bel-chan love to train pure soul like this monster. The purer a soul is, the better it would absorb Beleal's teaching.

    This Goblin hasn’t even killed a human before. I bet that his the boss of this race only because he’s stronger than anyone else. Even though he has never done anything that he should as the Boss of this Cave of Goblin should.

    His far too naive and innocent, this goblin. Killing someone like him would only leave a bad taste in my mouth and conscious. Not that I care about it much. By the end of Beleal's teaching, this pure and innocent soul wouldn't be so unsullied anymore but it also won't be disgusting dark like the other monsters too.

    The goblin looks at me with his eyes wide open in surprise as hope flashed by his face. For a split second, he was very happy. However, the shine in his eyes dimmed as he shook his head.

    “I cannot. Even if you don’t kill me, I will still die soon. Inside my body, the Goblin God has put a Cursed Magic Shard inside of me. I will die today from exploding due to the cursed magic shard or die from fighting you. Regardless of what you will do, I will still die.” The Goblin Boss calmly explains to me as he continues to pet the mermaid in his lapse.

    Although it seems that the mermaid cannot understand what he said, she was sensitive to the atmosphere here enough to worried about the Goblin.

    “A cursed magic shard?” I nearly laugh out loud. “If I can take the shard out of you, will you be my slave for the rest of your life?” I asked, completely confident that he will agree if only he knows how lamed a cursed magic shard was.

    This Goblin Boss might be the Boss of the goblins in this Cave but his level was very low. Only a level 10 Goblins. And because this Goblin has never killed any monsters from outside of the cave before, his strengths are oddly high while his level was oddly low.

    The Goblin’s serene and calm eyes started to shivers with emotions. “Really? Can you really take out the cursed magic shard inside of me?” The goblin was oddly cute... His eyes were larger than normal, so it makes him look very adorable- in a very sinister way. Even as a monster, this Goblin Boss doesn’t look or feel like one.

    The aura around the goblin was closer to a small innocent and sensitive kids rather than a monster.

    Yep. This is my luck, alright. ┐( ˘_˘)┌


    “If I take it out, will you be my slave for forever?” I asked, completely knowing and taking advantage of this monster. Since this Goblin Boss was so intelligent, I am sure that I can make use of him. The Goblins boss looks straight into my eyes as if he was trying to see if I was lying or not. What he found in my eyes caused his eyes to deluded in fear and awe.

    The Goblin Boss nodded his large head so fast that it causes the wind surrounding him to change.

    Afterward, I turned the goblin into a Summoned Stone along with the mermaid so that I can take them with me without causing panic. If anyone notices that my house have a Goblin Boss inside, I could just say that he was a Summoning Beast, to serve as my Slave. After all, Summoning Magic was very rare in this world so no one will question me if I said that I can summon monsters to serve as my minions. Especially as a chef, this excuses would be very interesting.

    When I went back to see if Mariel and Lindari had finished helping the women, they both look utterly exhausted and weary. All the women that were rescued were all pale and weak. A couple of them had already lost hope in living. Their eyes are hollowed and blanks while other look so miserable that it cause Mariel and Lindari to cry for them.

    Ignored them for now, I called out to whom I was here for specifically.

    “Which one of you is Novelle’s mother?” I asked, making sure to imprinted my voice with mana so that all the women would have no choice but to hear me.

    A woman with pale skin, long brown hair, and green eyes raise her hand. Her face was dirty from sleeping on the floor while her clothes were torn over someplace. Yet, her figure doesn’t look like she was forced, yet.

    So, I made it in time.

    There’s 45 women total, ranging from teenager to women in their 30s. A couple of them looks newly captured while the rest seems to be here for a couple of years already.

    Two of the blank faces girl had traces of giving birth to monsters before, while three of the younger girl had signs of being pregnant. The rate of pregnancy in this world was the same as Earth if both parents were human. However, monsters in this world have a far higher rate of birth and a much faster time during pregnancy. Within two more months, the three women with signs of pregnancy will give birth to the halfling, half human half goblins. Three to four of them, at once. If those two women were lucky, the halfling would have a human appearance instead of a goblin appearance.

    Looking at the pregnant women, their eyes had already told me that they want to die. As women, they have no hope for living now that their body has been tainted by monsters. And yet, such things won't be easy either. Why? Because, instinctually, those two women were protecting the babies in their stomach with their mana already. The instinct of a mother was that they would unconsciously protect their children- even if those children in their stomach might not be human.

    As long as those two girls still have a heart, then they won't kill themselves. As for the last girl, her stomach was already large enough to tell me that in a couple more days, she will be giving birth. Luckily, I can see that the baby will be human and not a goblin. It seems that this woman's bloodline was pretty strong. Strong enough to dominate the genes of a Goblin with no problem.

    Ignoring the three women for a second, I turned back to Novelle’s mother. “What’s your name?” I asked, causing the woman to look hesitated.

    “Mayfill. My name is Mayfill,” She answered after a couple seconds of hesitating.

    I nodded my head. “Mayfill, your daughter, Novelle, had officially requested me to come to rescue you as with the condition that if I succeed, she will be my employee for 10 years alongside your baby girl. And of course, you are also on the contract. For more information on the contract, please ask your daughter when we're going back,” Since I am far too lazy to explains.

    Mayfill looks both confused and fearful at what the contract could include. After all, there are cases where it was originally an Employee contract but it soon turned into a Slavery one because of certain conditions stated in the contract. But I guess, for Mayfill who had already thought that she will never be able to see her daughters again, this was both a good thing for her.

    I don’t care. The contract was only for 10 years Employee. I specifically made it so that Novelle and her mother will be the one working for me. What else could it be if not for making metal wires? Well, not exactly metal wires since it is for musical instruments. Like Piano Wires, Guitar Strings, Violin strings, etc.etc.

    What? This world doesn’t all the musical instruments that I like to use, okay? There were a couple somewhat traditional musical instruments like herpes and plucked musical instruments but more modern ones like piano, violin, viola, and a couple Chinese Instruments aren’t known in this world. I just found that out when I was reading the books I bought from the bookstore in the city.

    After that 10 years, Mayfill might need to find somewhere else to work for because I don’t plan on having her renew the contract. And besides, I might not be in Karnosh Town by then... Just a feeling that I have.

    “Shirin-sama, what about all the monsters carcasses?” Mariel asked, feeling hesitating to leave them as it is.

    “Collect them. As much as you can carry, toward the entrance of the Cave and I will make something to transport it. For now, we have to inform Sir Therius of what is in this cave.” I answered.

    “What is in this cave? Didn’t you kill all the monsters already?” Lindari was both fearful and curious.

    “A Mana Pool,” I answered as I narrowed my eyes dangerously.

    All the girls pale and started to panic. Some of them collapsed on their feet and starts shivering in fear.

    “Enough, calm yourself down and help me transfer the bodies to the entrance,” I said coldly as I started to collects the nearest bodies into my Storage Backpack, causing both Mariel and Lindari to snapped out of it. Everyone here knows what a mana pool is. They don’t need me to tell them how there was a huge increase amount of monsters in the surrounding forest once they heard me mentioning about the mana pool.

    Since I had already turned both the Goblin Boss and his wife, the mermaid, into summoning stones, I had also erased all trace of them in the cave. Even if the Emperor sends people to investigates this cave, they will find nothing that will say that there are beings living right next to the mana pool. Not even looking back in time would tell them such things.

    Me, Mariel and Lindari started to go back and forth into the cave to transport all the carcasses of monsters toward the entrance of the cave while the women were eating the foods that I made and passed out. This was to make sure that they won’t be too weak to walk back... or never mind. I’m just going to create a wooden wagon and make earth golem to pull them all.

    It didn’t take us that long to transfer all the carcasses since we all have Storage Backpack in varies sizes. The storage backpack that I had rented was the largest, capable of 10,000 pounds carriage. Mariel’s storage backpack was only capable of 2,000 pounds while Lindari’s storage backpack was 3,500 pounds, as she’s the one that cooks for their team- so her storage needs more space to hoard all the materials.

    The carcasses all weighed from a minimum of 120 pounds to 180 pounds for each of the goblins. The ogres are larger so they weight from 300 pounds to 450 at max weight, per ogres. The trolls weighted from 600 pounds to 750 pounds each. Other monsters vary from 100 pounds to 500 pounds each.

    As a whole intact body of monsters, their weight also included everything in their body. To make sure that it was easier to transfer them, I have cut all of them into 4-pieces carcasses, not including the head. This bled out the blood in the body, decreasing theirs weighs even more. If that wasn’t enough, I also separated their internal organs and froze them using water magic. So now, Mariel was in charge of transferring the organs while Lindari and I take care of all the other part of the carcasses.

    I had already sent one of my summoned animal to informed the merchants of what was in the cave so it shouldn’t take them long to come here. In that meantime, I and Mariel, alongside Lindari will finish transferring all the monsters parts to the front of the cave for easier assess.
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