Tomoe Gozen Reincarnates into a Fantasy World!

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    Title: Tomoe Gozen Reincarnates into a Fantasy World!

    Author: L. Elwraith

    Isekai, Mature, Fantasy, Romance, Historical

    Tags: Bad-Ass Female Protagonist, Reverse Harem, Dragons, Merpeople, Beast Kin, Reincarnation, Horse Riding, Swords.

    Tomoe Gozen was a fearsome 12th Century Japanese female warrior reknowned for her battle prowess as a horse rider, swordswoman and archer. What was unusal was that she served as a General of an army. She was famed for her ruthlessness and habit of beheading the Taira clan enemies in war. When her beloved Lord Kiso no Yoshinaka of the Minamoto Clan is killed in battle, she attempts to avenge him but fails. Desolate, she throws herself off the cliff...

    But in her afterlife, she meets Lord Kiso again. He tells her that it is not her time and that he had regrets. He wishes that she could have lived her life, fall in love and have a family. Tomoe is reincarnated by Lord Kiso into a different world. She must come to terms with this decision and reconcile her past life with what she has now.

    Cover illustration by Hallowie29.

    Word Count: 15640 words
    Available on Wattpad