Recommendations tragedy female lead meet cute positive sunshine male lead

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    I'm searching for a female lead who have tragedy related to romance, then she meet another male lead. I'm searching for the cute, pure and sunshine, dense, but if not dense then someone who is willing to learn and definitely loyal. Not tsudere or tyrant type but more like the respectful but a bit awkward type.

    the tragedy I mean:
    — broken engagement (either due to affair, or other kind of misunderstanding).
    — ex-boyfriend issues.
    — husband affair? issues.
    — broken marriage, neglect marriage.

    I honestly just want a sunshine male lead to make the tragedy female lead feel happy. If anyone know novels like this, please tell me, thank you. No harem. Reverse harem is em okay. Love triangle is okay too (with the previous man regretting). Plus point if the male lead is younger.