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    ATTENTION: If you’re planning to share this summary to other social media platforms, please ask for my permission or, at least, credit “Adar Terra” for this summary. Thank you.

    Chapter 766 - Karma (5)
    A loud explosion was heard. Mila, whose shield was the first in line, shook as her shield broke. Her body felt the recoil of her shield breaking, but she still endured. A force that could put such a burden on a dragon made her think of one word - despair, or the power to feel hopelessness. So she unconsciously glanced at Dodori who was also casting a mana shield. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Blood dripped from her mouth, and she thought ‘no’ as she knew that Dodori was a younger dragon and would receive a bigger shock. But she couldn’t speak because of the shock that shook her body. At that moment, Rasheel shouted to Dodori to stop and just support his mom. Dodori was hesitant, but when he heard his mother call, he withdrew his mana and rushed towards her. Mila’s shield was completely broken then. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Rasheel cursed and thought ‘Damn it. I should’ve just kept sleeping! Why am I here!’ He was annoyed as blood came out of his mouth, but he ignored the blood and focused. He could not help it. No matter how selfish he was, he saw how the humans fought. So he could not allow a group of mighty dragons to look weak in front of beings who were weaker than them (dragons). His pride as a dragon could never tolerate it. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    But his shield was broken too. He lasted a bit longer than Mila because he had a bit more power left than Mila who was at the forefront. His hands trembled, but he laughed when he realized that the explosions had diminished. Eruhaben told Mila and Rasheel that they did a good job. The only mana shield left that were made by the dragons belonged to Eruhaben because Dodori and Raon had withdrawn earlier. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Eruhaben said that they were the only ones left as he looked at Lord Sheritt who had a smile on her freckled face. Eruhaben smiled and said that sometimes, the best defense was offense. Sheritt nodded and said that he should do it and that she would stop (the aftermath) as much as she could. Eruhaben released his mana shield and turned his mana into gold dust. He turned his head to look at Alberu, Mary, and Cale one last time. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Eruhaben moved his hands as he nodded, doing whatever he wanted to do. He made his gold dust explode on the red explosions. A chain of explosions resounded and clashed towards the red explosions. The gold explosions seemed weak as the red explosions engulfed it, but Eruhaben persevered. The power of the red explosions made him feel despair, but he knew that ‘despair’ and ‘feeling despair’ were different things. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    CH supported Mary who staggered. He asked on what had happened, but no one answered him. Alberu and Mary were both sweating profusely as they used their dead mana. Alberu bit his lips as he continued to pour dead mana into Mary’s black lines. He knew that the power of the red explosions was decreasing. And knew that they would not last long. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    But he persevered. Perhaps because despair was usually associated with death, the dead mana withstood the explosions to some extent. The dragons’ mana shields were instantly broken, but their dead mana barrier held up better than expected. Or it could have been because Eruhaben attacked first. Alberu thought ‘It was like this. He faced such hardships.’ Cale’s allies were realizing the magnitude of the forces that Cale usually faced. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Alberu endured it because he had said that it was worth trying earlier. And that he wanted to make it less hard for others. CH helped Mary sit, and when he heard Alberu groan, he rushed to the prince and supported him. Blood began to flow from the lips of Alberu and Mary who were still using their dead mana. CH saw the dragons bleed, and thought that if it was a power that hurt dragons, the effects on Alberu and Mary would be greater. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Raon flew to them with Rosalyn and said that it was enough, and that they should stop as his mom would take over. Rosalyn nodded but Alberu pretended to not hear it. So Mary told Alberu to not overdo it and get hurt. She pointed to Cale, and Alberu eventually nodded. The two stopped using their dead mana. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Eruhaben continued his explosion frenzy. The pale-faced Cale sighed as he saw Eruhaben’s power. He realized that the power of the red explosions was gradually diminishing. All the aftermaths of Eruhaben’s explosions were blocked by Sheritt’s white shields. Thus, Cale’s shield did not even feel the aftermaths of the explosions. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    As the explosions continued, someone in the shelter opened the window. They saw the silver shield with wings still outside. A knight remarked that the sound of the explosions had diminished, and a mage next to him said that the shield seemed to be holding well (Silver Shield misunderstanding again… Poor Cale). They then saw Eruhaben and Sheritt doing their tasks. A knight sighed and tried to close the window, but a huge explosion surprised him. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Sheritt said that the power of a god was different. She added that the power seemed to have given up on targeting the city. As the huge red explosions set off, it swallowed everything in its way. Sheritt’s shields broke and disappeared. Watching everything, Cale calculated that only a third of the red power was left. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    Cale thought that it was his turn now as he took a deep breath. He used the ancient powers of WS to strengthen his shield and make it shine more. But Cale paused when he heard the dragons speak. Rasheel said that he could still do it as he cast his shield again. Dodori also spread his shield. Cale wondered ‘Aren’t these dragons tired?’ Rasheel even had something like a vial in his mouth. As Cale looked at them in bewilderment and concern, another loud explosion sounded. (Summary from: https://adarterra.wordpress.com/tcf-summary/)

    ---------Translation begins----------

    Cale shouted at the two dragons.


    But they did not listen.

    Rasheel and Dodori blocked it again to reduce the power. They then coughed blood.


    “Ugh. M-Mom.”



    Cale felt his heart sink for a moment.

    He did not even see the two dragons smiling happily.

    “I’ll do it too!”

    Raon then came next to Cale and assisted.

    “I will too.”

    Rosalyn, who came from the black castle with a bundle of high-grade mana stones, followed him.

    Alberu, who was drinking dead mana liquid, also intervened. Both had blood on their lips.

    ‘Hey, why are these people-!’

    When the face of Cale looked more urgent than before, Raon spoke brightly but courageously.

    “Human, don’t worry! You can rest now! No need to rush! I can do it! I’m a bit tired, but I won’t faint! Everyone thinks the same!”


    A sigh escaped the mouth of Cale.

    Super Rock sighed too.


    And muttered.

    -It’s karma. Karma.

    Cale caught everything in his sight.

    Eruhaben and Sheritt also reorganized and poured their remaining strength into it. Both were ahead of Cale and even faster. It was not easy for Cale, who had already spread out a huge shield and used his ancient powers, to move or release his shield, so he could not do anything to stop everyone.


    With a sigh, Cale stretched out his hand and grabbed Raon as he stood up.

    “Why, human?”

    “You stop.”

    But Raon turned his back.


    And finally, after several loud explosions again.


    Only a very small explosion remained, striking the shield of Cale.

    His allies bled or fell to their knees.

    Bathump. Bathump. Bathump.

    Cale felt his heart race.

    The things he had done in the past flashed through his mind.


    Raon widened his eyes in surprise.

    Eruhaben, Rosalyn, Mila, Rasheel, and Dodori. Those who were floating in the air through flying magic had now began to fall.

    They did not have even enough mana left to use. Those great dragons and the mage hailed as the next tower master were falling.

    In particular, the fall of Eruhaben was the fastest.

    “Raon! Flying magic!”

    At the time when Raon heard the shouts of Cale and reflexively cast fly magic on them to prevent them from falling.


    “…I should get some rest.”

    The figure of Lord Sheritt shook and faded as she headed into the black castle.

    “It’s okay, you can rest.”

    When Sheritt smiled gently at Raon and disappeared, Raon grabbed the hem of Cale’s clothes. His front paws were trembling.

    On and Hong looked outside the black castle, unable to hide their concern. All the children were looking at Cale.

    Cale, who had only fainted or collapsed after overdoing it, wiped his face with both hands and turned his head.

    Alberu and Mary had already collapsed and had their eyes closed. He did not know if they had fainted or fell asleep. But it was no laughing matter.

    It was as if Cale was looking at himself.

    “…Why go this far…”

    -Don’t say it as if you don’t know.

    Cale did not have anything to say to the words of Super Rock.

    He bowed his head.

    The shield that covered Puzzle City. Below it, people stuck out their heads one by one.

    The ominous red light disappeared from their eyes, and only a brilliant silver shield with two wings remained.

    And they could see Cale standing alone.

    Cale looked around.

    At the present moment, the only people who were conscious and could organize the situation was himself, Choi Han, and Clopeh Sekka.

    -Ah, by the way, Cale.

    Super Rock spoke.

    -What are you going to do with the temple?


    -It belongs to us now, no, to be exact, it’s yours now. Should we take it down?

    Cale looked at his own shield, which looked intact and quite holy, and at the temple that looked old-fashioned and mysterious even though it was broken. In addition, there was the mysterious and grand black castle. Finally, he looked at Choi Han and Clopeh who looked at him as if asking what they should do, and closed his eyes after looking at the children averaging nine years old.

    But his decision was quick.

    He spit out the thing they must do first.

    He gave instructions with a calm face to those who looked at him calmly.

    “First of all. Let’s begin with treatment.”

    Why did he close his eyes tightly?

    Because he was worried about the state of his colleagues.

    Though everything was over.

    Cale himself did not fall.

    He was not relieved though.

    The silent Sound of the Wind laughed and said in a hoarse voice.

    -Everyone learned from what they had seen you doing, kid.

    Cale had nothing else to say.

    And then, the shield that covered the city of Puzzle disappeared, and the cheers of the people were heard.


    WE LIVED-!


    The cheers were mixed with crying, joy, and relief, and many more emotions filled with passion.

    ------Translation ends--------

    Well, this is new. Everyone else but Cale had fainted....
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    STOPPP..IM CRYING:blob_teary:DODORI NOOOOO....MY POOR BABY:blobsob: "M-Mom" I CAN'T STOP CRYING:blob_teary:
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    Cale finally got a taste of his own medicine… To think that the might dragons all fell down… I’m super worried about Eruhaben-gramps tho. I think after he wakes up is the perfect time to use that jar like omfg we’ve all been waiting to see him be fully fine.
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    Cale, why do you sound like a surgeon? With Clopeh and CH as your nurse :blobsweat:

    Meanwhile, I feel Super Rock's helplessness while saying "It is karma." But also sounding like a lawyer dictating the inheritance that Cale should have.

    Super Rock: So Cale, you had a temple although a bit damage, it can be used. So how would you like me to handle it?:blobjoy:

    His group though, I like how they all recharge with their own "energy drink" Rasheel to some vials, Rosalyn to some highest grade magic stone, Alberu with dark mana drinks, Sheritt sleeping in her castle:aww: I just hope all of them be okay next chapter. Especially, Eru-gramps, he didn't even recharge, he needs the jar ASAP.

    Thank you for the chapter summary and part-translation, Angie-nim!
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    :blobcozy:Thanks for the summary:blob_plusone:
    :blobowoevil_horns:"Red Bull gives you wings..." XDXD:blob_coughblood:

    :hmm:Dr. Hous- Henituse??:blobxd: Jajajaja:blobrofl:
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    Thanks so much cant wait to see cale meeting zed
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    Thank you @angie_sash for the summary!

    I wonder what face Cale is making.
    We knew Cale's fear from the SG test. Everyone exhausting their mana and fainting was the nearest scenario to the SG test where everyone died from the war and he's the only one who lived. He must be frustrated.
    It's understandable that his first set of action is to prevent Raon, his son, from overspending his mana, secure the safety of his falling comrade, and treatment.

    People learn from you, KRS--Cale. So be careful how you live, there's still hunter arc ::blobcatsmile::
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    "I am someone who cannot forget" is what I remembered in this part.

    Others too cannot forget such things as their loved ones getting injured or dying but for Cale, it's like he is reliving that moment cuz his record replays unlike others who just remembers the incident.

    I don't want Cale/KRS to be hurt anymore, mentally, physically and emotionally!!!!...

    Thank you for the translation Angie-san <3
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    Goldie Gramps and Sheritt-nim please please please be ok :blobsob: Also Alberu you stuborn child

    I know we all loved it when Cale injured himself or fainted (eg. Calebab stans) but after this chapter I guess we all will start to think a little bit different. We can feel how sad Cale is, imagine his allies doing so numerous times before:blobsad: I really hope everyone will be okay

    What do you guys think will happen next? Cale new villa in Puzzle City aka former SG's temple, Zed Crossman spiting some valuable info and then explaing Alberu's mother death? Or Hunters attacking?
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    Thank you Angie for today's summary:blobangel:

    This chapter really shows everyone's bonds, faith in each other, and their overprotectiveness of Cale, as well as not being too reliant on Cale in finishing the job...... Cale's huge influence on all of them:cookie:

    Honestly Super Rock and Sound of wind is right.....
    - It's karma. Karma and it is karma for Cale for the longest time being dense to everyone's worries whenever he does something too dangerous and always fainting and everyone's a worried (angry) reaction:blobcry:, now he knows how they feel whenever they see him push himself to limits:sweating_profusely:, I hope he will more caution in taking care of himself for his allies not to worry too much!

    - Everyone learned from what they had seen you doing, kid.....yeah everyone learns from the master, seeing how stubborn they are of not letting go of the task at hand, persevering and pushing their limits, protecting what they must protect, and just like Cale they fainted:facepalm: I hope they won't do this frequently:sweating_profusely:

    Seeing such aftermath I am sure Cale will not let happen again and I hope this time he won't take everything by himself..... his greatest fear might happen:blob_teary: at least not all fainted Cale still need some backup from the others who know somethings that must not be known.....

    Since Alberu faints it only means Zed is going to make a move I wonder if Zed approach Cale or Cale will approach him after but right something important needs to be done, I hope maybe the WT will send a message to Cale on how to heal the dragons, I hope only those that trust the most would aid the dragons specially Alberu in case he changes to his elf form.....

    Cant wait for Monday will be interesting to see how Cale will deal with the aftermath and will Cale end up scolding everyone who fainted the same way as they did to him when Cale was one who faints:blobwhistle:

    Super Rock is like a worried parent to his beloved son:blob_grin: giving caring advice... Honestly, I love Super Rock said that the temple was theirs to saying Cale as the owner and then asking if they are going to destroy it... Cale personality of destroying things and looting the enemies possession is rubbing on Super Rock:blobjoy:

    We never know he might have some hidden medical skills as well:blobjoy: Cale is a jack of all trades but is too lazy to use all his ability:cookie:
    I seeing him order Zed around during this medical emergency:blob_grin:
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    Oh, Cale... how the tables have turned :blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn:
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    Its got already contracted with a publishing house ,great then :blob_sunglasses: TCF will entertain us fans for a long time then :blobpopcorn::blobpopcorn_cool:
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    Instead of comic, if this part was made into an animation...

    The heartache, the muted bg sound, vague explosions and continuous collisions, imagery silent scream, and Bathump Bathump, the beats resounding ever more clearly while Cale frowned, eyes wide focuses on his allies falling and bleeding with faint anxiousness and bewilderment, barely helding back his emotions that seemed to overflow otherwise, vague self-blame and recollection, still he tries to stay rational and takes in everything happening in his sight, not missing anything that could be detrimental...
    In the end, he composed himself with the self-control he was assured of, stoically give instructions over the scene...

    Safety comes first...
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    You know, as I read this, I realized how little everyone actually knows about Cale. I mean, not telling people that he's transmigrated is a huge part, but no one really knows why he acts the way he does.

    I mean, Alberu acts similarly to Cale in some situations, but for different reasons. CH also knows Cake's past, because of seeing CJS's memories, but even then, it feels like he doesn't really know anything about Cale. It feels like his first impression is really getting in the way of his understanding of Cale. Cale has also changed after LSH and CJS died. He became a bit more open, and acted a bit more honestly. He was also traumatized by their deaths, which CH would not be able to gather from CJS's memories.

    This is something else though, but in a way, Cale is arrogant. He doesn't believe that anyone can match his memory, which is true, but he doesn't believe that people can be affected to the degree that he is. That is partially why he would sacrifice himself before others, even if he dislikes sacrifices. Because he doesn't want another record where he failed to do anything.

    In the end, I just realized how alone Cale actually is. So many people are pushing him to be a hero, something that he despises, and he hardly gets any rest to view memories and move on. It's actually really sad.
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    So Cale got a hand-me-down temple.
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    Thank youu for the summary Angie-nim
    "Karma" indeed... At least he is not the last man standing since both Clopeh n Choi han are there with him...
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    And Raon
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    Karma is real, Cale!

    Tysm for the update angie!
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    Thank you Translation Angie Sash nim
    The ending of this chapter made me cry real tears :blobcry::blob_teary::blobsneeze:
    Oh man the words of the Sound of wind hits so hard :blobneutral:
    The ending was perfect ,Cale was left standing while everyone else had fallen uncounscious
    while the citizens cried tears of joy and relief as the threat was stopped ,
    the shield slowly disappearing and all the heroes bleeding on the ground while citizens crying in joy and relief is a great metaphor
    reminding all us that somebody has sacrificed something precious in order for all us to have peaceful lives :blobcry:

    On the topic of the temple , its Cale s, now , I remember in the last book of harry potter the deathly hallows harry becomes the owner of the elder wand ,Harry and his gang destroyed the wand in order to prevent it from coming in the wrong hands .

    There was nothing wrong with destroying the elder wand we all would have probably done the same in Harry s place ,But I don t, think Cale will be doing that to the temple , he will probably use the temple to create messes across the dimensions :blobparty:.

    His scope for his passion for saving the world has now upgraded to saving the dimensions :blobhero:

    Earth 3 and taerangs creater wait and watch a all new storm is about to be heading your way:blob_sunglasses:
    I am hundred percent sure cale will end up meeting his doppleganger the creater of Tearang ,They both would probably become BFFs considering their shared dream of Slacker Life:blobmelt:.

    I am also sure Cale will be picking up Earth 2 (SG test world Earth) Gang
    Lee Soo Hyeuk and Tsundere Park jin Tae are probably worried sick about Alberu and Cale , the last time we heard from
    them was when they had desperately called for a healer to treat Dark Tiger Alberu as he left the Tiger body.

    Also I think Cale will probably be paying a visit to Org Cale on Earth 1 to check up on whether he was doing his job propery or not ,
    Org Cale you better not be Slacking off ,:blobjoy:,Otherwise the wannabie Hypocritical Slacker will be making work for your life !!
    I also wonder if Cale misses Adult Kim Min Ahe and the rest of his old Team he would probably check up on them,
    Somehow I feel if he does end up going there he will propbably cause another big mess and his old Team will probably end up figuring out his identity by putting to and to together .Nobody who knows Cale can ever forget him.

    I am actually skeptical that Earth 1 gang accepted Org Cale as KRS ,if you look at it when the God of despair {now Trapped in the book SG }had disguised himself as Cale ,everybody saw through it immediatly ,I think Earth 1 gang is simply acting as if they accept Org Cale as KRS ,
    They aren t, saying anything because they are a hundred percent sure that with their bosses habit of making a mess wherever he goes
    and getting innvolveld in something troublesome as usual he will eventually find his way back to them in no time,
    I feel from Earth 1 gang s point of view getting Transmigarated in a new body is just another troublesome event their boss gets involved in as usual.

    I mean they have probably been around Cale for Ten years considering he became Team Leader in his early twenties and he transmigarated at 36, when you are around Cale for that long the unsually naturally becomes the usual.
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    This is so true :blobcry: ,Cale needs to tell his family about his trauma ,otherwise he will always keep it within himself,
    Also I do agree that Choi Han does not truly know the current Cale ,
    The Cale he in CJG memories was young Cale ,who was still a rookie in the support team,
    The current Cale is not young rookie Cale but Team Leader KRS ,
    He still is carrying his former identity of Team Leader KRS ,
    all the trauma and tragedy and strugglles as Team Leader KRS have carried over and shaped his identity as the current Cale.

    What Choi Han saw was the birth of Team Leader KRS
    The identity of Team Leader was born on the moment his secong family Earth 1 CJS ,LSH died ,
    In a way a part of Cale died on the death of his second family ,
    The naive ,rookie Cale who was happy he had a family ,the person he could call his sworn brother and the person he could call his mentor and probably even his new father died on that day , In his place a new KRS was born.

    Team Leader KRS himself has lost several more friends and comrades after the death of second family ,
    which probably why he never could find a third family ,
    People who became close probably kept dying and KRS haunted by the death of Second family which marked the beginning of Team Leader KRS never exposed himself to such pain and became numb and tried to be cold and emotionless, but since we all know that Cale has soft heart he continued to save people and continued to be hailed a hero.

    We actually know nothing significant Team Leader KRS except how he became Team Leader with the death of his second family,
    Cale s, curse would not leave him alone and he probably continued to experince such tradegies with other close friends and comrades,
    even his self destructive ability instant came into being after the death of second family when he became Team Leader.

    Also in the temple it was revealed that when he had just become Team Leader he had lost his first subordinate with whom he had a close bond with .Imagine seeing your first subordinate as Team Leader die right in front of yours ,probably in Cale s, arms, I am preety sure the guy laughed while he was bleeding and told Cale to tell his family that he loved them and probably told Cale that he was great Team Leader before he died in his arms , this happened when Cale was just a new Team Leader and also at a time when his capabilities were brought into question and doubted by everyone. God knows how many more tradgies he experienced in the next 15 to 10 years as KRS.

    All these tradgedies though partly because of the advant cataclysm were predominantly because Cale was unfairly impacted by the curse of the God of Death for no sin of his own,
    I probably think Choi han and co aren t, even aware that Cale was impacted by the curse of the GoD and suffered throughout his life.

    Cale is the ultimate and true survivor hands down:blob_catflip::justabotow::blobtorch:
    Cale inspires me and everyone who reads about him and spends time around him :aww::blob_teary:
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