Chinese Tyrant, I'm from MI9 ! 暴君,我来自军情9处 by Xiao Xiang Dong Er 潇湘冬儿

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    Name : Tyrant, I'm from MI9 ! 暴君,我来自军情9处
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    This is well noted on Douban
    It's from the same author who wrote The Legend of Chu Qiao: Division 11’s Princess Agent

    : (i translated this myself so this may be sloppy)
    She is a super agent from the 9th Division of the National Intelligence Agency, spying for informations, protecting politicians, and conducting assassination missions in enemy countries. She is proficient in everything. Shecan be called the first of the three thousand agents of the Intelligence Bureau.

    He is the tyrannical emperor of the empire, bloodthirsty, ruthless, ruthless in love, and a full-fledged war madman in the age of cold weapons.

    When the modern high-end special agent travels through time and space, and turn into a miserable little abandoned woman in the cold palace.

    When the ancient cruel and cold king, in the middle of the night, was pushed against the aorta of his neck by an icy dagger.

    Who destroyed who, who saved whom?

    "Tyrant! I'm from MI9 of the Ministry of National Security. If you dare to speak disrespect to me again, be careful that I'm cutting your neck !"

    She is entangled in the middle of two men who love her dearly, where will she go!