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    Title - Under the Moon's Halo


    Arcadia is a world where physics isn't the only thing in control and can dictate what happens. With gods, monsters, and magical beasts walking around, one miss-step could lead you to your doom. That is of course if you are a mortal.
    Ayra is an expert on such matters as she grows up in such a dangerous world. Though as a princess she's probably better off, than most unfortunate inhabitants.
    Follow her as learns more about herself in a world where gods, monsters, and magical beasts aren't just legends. To make matters worse powerful mindless beings known as god hunters are on the loose.

    Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai, School Life, Slice of Life, Supernatural

    Table of Contents

    I have been writing the novel on Scribble Hub click the link if you want, chapters will be more up to date there.
    The story is also on Royal Road the Link for that is here
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    There was nothing special happening that day. No flash sales, that I had to rush to. No dramas, that I had to rush home to watch. I was just coming home from a hobby class. So, why did I not look both ways before crossing? That way I would have seen the truck coming towards me. Then again have I ever really looked both ways before crossing? Does anyone other than good little children do that?

    “Ayra. Can you hear me?”

    I could hear an unidentified voice was calling me.

    “Well, it does not matter. I Will bring you here anyways.”

    Before I knew it, my surrounding had changed from the busy urban environment, to a much calmer garden with a variety of flowers in full florescence. Closing my eyes and taking in the sweet smell of the garden, I was feeling disconnected and a bit floaty. Then again maybe that is just because I am dead and literally no longer held back by my mortal body.

    When I opened my eyes again, I spotted a peculiar-looking flower in front of me. It was like small bright red flames were dancing to the gentle breeze. Feeling curious at the strange flower I reached my hand out to touch it.

    “I would not touch that flower or any of the flowers around here.”

    Again, I heard that foreign voice. Turning towards it I saw a motherly looking middle-aged woman in a green dress. Looking more closely while she looked like she was not that young anymore, she still looked extremely attractive with her healthy tanned skin and her long silky soft silver hair. She looked almost otherworldly.

    “Um, sorry. I was just curious.”

    “Oh, no I did not mean that you were not allowed to touch them, but more that they are poisonous, all the flowers here are. Like that flower in front of you commonly known as a flame lily, just touching its stem and leaves can cause skin irritations, if ingested it can be fatal for both animals and humans alike. In fact, they have been known to be used in assassinations and pest exterminations.”

    Afraid of the poisonous flowers I took a step back.

    “I will be extra careful then. But what is this place?”

    “Well, it is what people commonly refer to as a garden”

    “I know it is a garden, but who has a garden full of poisonous flowers. But that is not the point, was I not dead just then, ran over by a truck. I even floated around my own dead body earlier, like a ghost or am I just in a coma, dreaming about this random deadly garden.”

    “For your first question, I have a random deadly garden full of poisonous flowers. I am also sorry to inform you that you are in fact dead. However, on the bright side, you have another chance at life.”

    “Are you serious? Like can you bring me back to life, because I just paid a year’s worth of membership fee for my hobby class?”

    “I am afraid that will not be possible as that is not within the domain of my power.”

    “Well, I guess that's too bad then. I was looking forward to those classes. Then what can you do for me you mentioned that you could give me another chance.”

    The middle-aged woman studied me for a while and looked a bit conflicted.

    “You do not really seem sad about any of this. I mean you seem sad about not getting your money back, but after being run over by a truck, and dying you are taking this extremely well.”

    “Everyone has to die at some point in their life, some live to a ripe old age while some die young. I guess, I am one of those that died young. Not like I’m special or anything.”

    As I finished speaking the woman showed a playful smile as if she was a mischievous child that knew about something that I didn’t.

    “I am just an ordinary young woman that graduated from a prestigious university and became my own boss before I turn 25. Right?”

    With a giggle, the woman looked straight into my eyes as if she could really see something special.

    “I cannot tell whether you’re bragging now or being serious. Those achievements in themselves while not rare and unachievable they still demonstrate that you are highly successful. But that’s not what really makes you special, well to me at least. You see, believe it or not, I am a god. A high-ranking goddess from another plane to be exact. As a high-ranking goddess, I possess an immense amount of divinity. Usually, only gods, and powerful spirits of nature can possess divinity. And you, my dear, also possess divinity though only in small quantities.”

    Feeling unconvinced that the person standing before me while highly attractive was most likely not a goddess, but some part of me was telling me that I should listen to her and believe what she is saying. Maybe she’s a demon and she is charming me into believing her, a charm demon like a succubus?

    “Are you really a goddess, and not just some demon pretending to be a goddess? How can I trust you, I mean, I just met you? And this talk about me having divinity is just nonsense. I’m just an ordinary person if I really had divinity, I would not have died, being run over by a truck.”

    “While your understanding of divinity is misguided, you are not wrong in being mistrusting in me. There is nothing I can immediately do, to make you trust me. However, I can show you what I can do as a goddess and maybe gain a bit of trust along the way.”

    She turned her back to me and looked around the garden. Before speaking to me again.

    “You see gods, and spirits all usually have a domain that they oversee or have control over. My domain or domains so to speak include many things nature, life, war, and wealth are all part of domains. I am also the patron goddess of motherhood, wolves, warriors, farmers, and merchants. I guess, I am most known for my role as mother earth, and as the high goddess Karla.”

    As she finished saying those words, the whole garden became a sea of multicoloured flowers in full bloom. Turning back to face me. She looked every bit as gentle and motherly like my own mother. While my mother was practically a tiger mum while I growing up and she was highly fierce in some situations, but she was a great and caring mum. Thinking that I will not ever see her again, I could not help but start to cry.

    Without realising it, I had ended up in Karla’s arms and her appearance that had completely changed into that of my own mother. She just held me in her arms and comforted me for a long time. It was only when she finally spoke again, that I noticed and stammered out.

    “Why do you look and sound like my mother?”

    “I am your mother. I watched you grow, scolded you when you were naughty. Comforted you when you were scared at night. I have always been your mother. It is just that when I am in a mortal realm I have to suppress my divinity and take the form of an ‘ordinary’ person so to speak.”

    As she reverted back to her goddess appearance. She continued to explain.

    “This is my true form. Do you remember as a child you would ask me why your hair was silver while everyone else had different hair colours to you? At the time I told you it was because of your father but it was because you inherited my divinity that causes you to take on my original traits. Do you not think we look similar now?”

    Thinking back, I always thought it was strange that I did not look like my mother. I thought it was because I looked like my absent father, but now it seems that it was just my mother. But if my mother was a goddess who was my father? It can’t be that he’s a god too right. I mean I never met him so for all I know he could be one too.

    “Um, mum I can accept that you’re a goddess but what about dad? You always said he died in a was but what was the real truth. Who was he?”

    “Your father or biological fathers so to speak were a collection of young soldiers who died in wars, with regret of never have children or started a family. It was not like I had a fling with some mortal and became pregnant because of it. No, you were born from the collective ideal of what a child should be. And guess what most fathers want a cute daughter. That is the short answer of your birth, you were conceived through thought.”

    “Ok, I can accept that. I have lived my whole life only knowing you so if suddenly a father showed up, I would be highly uncomfortable with it.”

    “Now onto other business, I told you earlier that you had another chance. Usually, when someone dies, they are reincarnated in their own realm so to speak, but you as a child born from me a goddess, and one from another plane. You technically originate from multiple planes. Hence you have the opportunity to be reborn in the same work where I raised you, without your memories and have a completely new start or I can that you to my plane, where the gods are still present, so you can be reborn with all your memories. The choice is yours I will not force you to do anything, but I do hope you choose the second one. I do wish our parent-child relationship to continue.”

    It came as an easy choice for me to go with the mother who raised me, or go in blind and possibly fall into a uncaring family. While the world is slowly becoming a better place, there are still many issues going around the world. It is better to go with the godly parent that can help when things are difficult.
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    “Princess Ayra. Where has that mischievous child disappeared to? She is always so troublesome. I have no idea where her tomboyish nature even comes from.”

    The maids of the Lily palace were all running about, searching for the young princess Ayra. In their rush, they had overlooked her hiding place behind the thick curtains. Occasionally, peeking out from behind her hiding place the young princess thought that the palace maids were so stupid, she would always hide in such easy-to-find places, but they were never able to find her.

    Suddenly, the palace maids that had been rushing about, calmed down. Wondering what was going on Ayra peeked her head out from behind the curtain. There she a saw a young man in his early twenties with short blonde hair, standing in the hallway flanked by two royal knights talking with her personal maid Erika.

    “What is with all the commotion about. Where is my sister anyways?”

    “Reporting to your majesty, the young princess has gone on one of her adventures again and we have not been able to find her.”

    Looking around the young king spotted a little head that was sticking out behind the curtains watching what was going on. Pretending that he had not seen her he continued to speak with the maid.

    “Well, that’s a shame. I was thinking, I would take her out on a hunting trip around Beast Forest. Seeing as she missed out last time. I guess she just won’t be able to go this time as well.”

    At those words, the young princess hopped out from behind her hiding place and ran into her brother’s arms. Feeling excited about the prospect of going out she pulled on her brother’s arm indicating that she was here.

    “I’m here. Brother Claude I’m here. Can we go now. I’ve been staying inside the palace for so long and it’s so boring.”

    “Oh, there you are. Now, where have you been hiding all this time.”

    Completely clueless about the fact that her brother had long noticed her hiding behind the curtain. The young princess told the young king about what she had been doing recently, and about how the maids could never find her.

    Feeling that given the opportunity the young princess would go off on a tangent, the young king quickly and wisely distracted her.

    “Well, Ayra it's going to be late soon, if you want to go with me you have to start preparing now or I’ll leave you behind again.”

    Not wanting to be left behind, the young princess pulled on her personal maid's arms, as she urged her to help her get ready to go out. Seeing how excited she was, the young king told her, he would go to the stables to pick a horse first and that she should take her time as he would wait for her, before leaving.

    Erika, her personal maid quickly helped her change into her hunting gear which she received for her fifth birthday last year. While it looked like common cotton clothing, it was said to be a divine armour blessed by the gods and would grow along with her and will repair itself if ever damaged.

    Having been fully dressed she headed towards the stable where her brother was with her entourage following her.

    After arriving at the stables, she noticed her brother holding the reins to a get jet black horse with a small white patch in the shape of a diamond. Feeling excited she stroked the sides of the horse, as she was not tall enough to pat the head.

    “Brother will we be riding Lady Noir today.”

    “Yes, as you’re coming along today, we will be taking Lady Noir who is more docile. Now that you’re here hop on.”

    Claude effortlessly lifted Ayra onto the horse and swiftly got on as well, as he looked well-practiced. Looking towards the entourage that had followed the young princess here, he dismissed them with a wave of his hand. Familiar with the young king’s personality they quickly dispersed themselves and returned to the Lily palace, leaving only Erika who got onto her own horse wordlessly. Soon along with the two royal knights that usually follow his majesty, they departed from the walls of the capital and head towards Beast Forest.
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    Within an hour of leaving the walls of the capital, the young princess Ayra had already grown bored of the endless fields with hard-working farmers, tending to their crop and had long run out of topics to talk about with her brother. So, when they reach the cabin by the entrance to Beast Forest, she could not wait to enter it.

    With a hapless sigh, the young king Claude held on tightly to his sister in case she fell. He had no idea who she took after, their late parents were the calmest and most patient people he had ever seen, and as their firstborn, he also took after that. But it would seem that all the calm genes from the family had been used up by him, and his little sister while still young, was a complete tomboy with no patience at all.

    Seeing that the princess wanted to get down, Erika hopped down from her horse, giving the reins to one of the royal knights and headed towards the princess to help her down. Immediately after getting off Lady Noir, Ayra patted her and thanked her for bringing them here.

    “Ayra, we will take a short rest here then head into the forest by foot. Alec will stay back at the cabin to look after the horses. Erika and Gil will both be carrying our equipment, so, no one will carry you if you get tired later.”

    “What about you brother can’t you carry me?”

    Trying to act as cute as possible Ayra tried to persuade her brother to carry her later when she became tired. But sadly, it was all in vain as her brother just playfully messed up her silver hair and declined.

    After their short rest, they headed into Beast Forest, that was a known habitat for the rare magical beasts. Like monsters they had magical cores or crystals inside them, but unlike monsters they were often not as aggressive and some were even kept as pets by nobles.

    This time, Claude had brought Ayra to Beast Forest to see if there were any suitable beast that could become his sister's companion beast. While it was extremely rare for humans to possess the ability to contract beast, their mother, the late queen who was also a priestess of Karla, patron of their kingdom of Kar, had confirmed that Ayra had extremely high aptitude in magic relating to their patron. However, strangely enough, while Ayra could perform the contract magic perfectly she has never been able to successfully contract any of the beasts that had been brought, before her. Having tried countless times, Claude still believed that his mother was not wrong in her judgement. So, he had the idea to bring her on trips to the Beast Forest, in hopes that she will meet a beast that she would be capable of contracting.

    Suddenly, Claude who had been leading the way stopped, causing Ayra who was walking close behind him to walk right into his back. Ayra questioned why he suddenly stopped, but was cut off by her brother. Feeling wronged she was about to ignore her brother, however, he quickly explained himself, in case his sister started to hate him.

    After having walked into the forest for hours, he found it strange that they had not encountered any beast or animal. The forest was also strangely quiet as if it was holding its breath, there wasn’t even a slight rustle in the trees. Which was different from how the forest was in the past, where they would be able to find at least a few beasts going about their own business.

    See that her brother was not intentionally being mean to her, she offered her ideas on why they haven’t seen any beasts or animals.

    “Maybe they are all hiding at home because it’s going to start raining soon.”

    “Ayra you’re joking right, it’s been sunny all day. I take that back. We better find shelter quickly.”

    Knowing his sister and her uncanny ability to always forecast stage weather patterns, he decided to seek out shelter and avoid the rain.

    “Gil your familiar with Beast Forest where is the nearest shelter?”

    Dutifully Gil informed him of a nearby cave that was also the home of a lone Sky Wolf. Which was known for their ability to run into the sky as though they were run on land. They generally lived in large packs of around 50 wolves. To find a lone wolf was extremely rare.

    Thinking that they would be able to complete two objectives at once, he couldn’t help but praise Gil for his attention to detail and great memory and had him lead the way.
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    Having walked for hours Ayra, had started to feel tired from heading through the Forest. While Ayra was an active child that liked to move about and couldn’t sit still. She was still in the end a young child. Not wanting to walk anymore she pulled on her brother’s shirt indicating for him to carry her. Knowing that even though he said he wouldn’t, he could still carry her if she got tired.

    The entrance to the cave, that Gil knew about, was deeper in the forest. Here the trees grew closer together making it more difficult to walk. Claude had to be extra careful as he was carrying his sister on his back, who at this point was too tired to even speak. The gathering clouds above their heads covering the sun was also not helping.

    “Gil, how long is it until we reach the cave?”

    “It just ahead your majesty. We will get there well before it rains.”

    As they reached the cave entrance there were signs that a predatory beast lived there. There were bits of bones scattered around and a strong stench of blood could be smelled even in the open.

    Knowing that a battle may occur, Ayra tapped her brother on the shoulder for him put her down so he could fight more easily. Demonstrating that she was vastly more intelligent than the average 6-year-old. Looking into the cave noticing that it was quite deep as she could not see the end.

    “Brother, are we going into the cave?”

    Ayra asked her brother as they were just standing in front of the cave entrance without going inside.

    “We are going in. I was just getting ready.”

    Drawing his sword, Claude decided to lead the way, followed by Erika that had summoned a ball of light with her magic. With Ayra in the middle and Gil taking up the rear.

    Within a few minutes, they found the back of the cave and with that, they also found a giant wolf, wounded in multiple places. Having been so badly injured, it had not been able to move even though they were just metres away from it. All it could do was growl at them, which even then sounded more like a whimper.

    Ayra feeling a bit adventurous, moved forward next to her brother to take a closer look. Noticed that it was injured and somehow feeling its pain, she wanted to help it but had no idea how.

    Pulling on her brother’s sleeve she asked him to help the wolf.

    “Brother, Mrs. wolf is in pain you have to help her.”

    “I’ll do what I can, but I won’t be able to do much. It looks like Mrs. wolf has lost a lot of blood and won’t survive for much longer.”

    “That so sad, Mrs. wolf still has to look after her two puppies.”

    At her statement, Claude felt surprised, as he had no idea how his sister knew that there were pups. Think that she had just made it up, he just kept silent and went along with her. As he stood their and thought about his next step, now that the magic beast they had come looking for was injured.

    At that moment as he was distracted, Ayra had moved right in front of the wolf. Both Erika and Gil were unable to stop her.

    Seeing Ayra’s movement the wolf let out another growl, but strangely she didn’t feel scared and even brought her hand towards its head. She slowly stroked its head, trying to comfort it. Before long the wolf had calmed down, understanding that she meant no harm.

    It was a completely surreal and magical sight to behold, and one that Claude, Erika and Gill would fondly remember.

    It may have been that the mother wolf knew it was dying, because it moved its head from its paws to reveal two small puppies the size of Ayra’s small hands. Their size and the fact that their eyes hadn’t even opened yet, indicated how young they were.

    The mother wolf stared into Ayra’s eyes. As if in deep communication, they continued to do so for a whole minute. Until finally the mother wolf removed her gaze from Ayra onto her two pups. Giving them a lick, she nudged the two pups forward towards Ayra. Before resting its head back down.

    Understanding her intentions, Ayra slowly kneeled down and gently picked up the two pups into her arms. Looking at the mother wolf she firmly declared.

    “Don’t worry Mrs. wolf I will look after these two puppies.”

    As if giving her consent and understanding, the mother wolf gave a few blinked with her eyes and replied with a small whimper, before she closed her eyes one last time, never to open them again.

    Seeing the mother wolf die before her eyes, Ayra started crying. Although they had only just met and it had not been more than a few minutes, it seemed as if they were greatly familiar with one another. Having the mother wolf, pass on her puppies to her to look after, she only felt that their connection had deepened.

    Wanting to comfort his sister but not knowing how Claude just stood there as if frozen. But it seemed that his concern was unnecessary as his sister stood up on her own and turned towards Claude blinking the tears away.

    Holding the puppies closely to her chest. Once again, as firmly as she declared to the mother wolf, she declared to Claude.

    “I will look after these two puppies.”

    Giving a nod, still stunned by what his sister had just done, but feeling that it may seem too casual for such an occasion he gave a few words.

    “That you will. But if you are to raise these two pups, they will require names.”

    Looking down at the two pups she instantly thought of their names. Skoll for the one with the grey fur and Hati for the one with the black fur. She had no idea how she came up with their names, but she thought it was highly appropriate. Being Sky Wolves that would be able to run across the sky as their name’s sake, chasing after the sun and moon.

    “The grey one will be called Skoll and the black one will be called Hati.”

    At that moment, as if recognising that an important moment had happened, the two puppies opened their eyes for the first time. Looking at Ayra. This sight made her smile again. As she smiled at them she informed them of something important.

    “You guys just lost your mum, but don't worry, I’ll look after you. We’re orphans all the same, after all.”
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    Years went by, as the princess slowly grew up, and she finally reached the age of twelve, with many things that had happened, over the years.

    For starters, my older brother finally got married to Lady Ingrid, the daughter of a Duke, and now queen Ingrid.

    Next Skoll and Hati have got a little bit bigger. They are now the size of a large hunting dog, but according to Erika, they are still considered puppies and would continue to grow. Often, they could be seen either lying about, in the garden outside Lily palace or being trained.

    Oh, before I forget, the First army came back from their battle against the monsters. I had learnt about the news, from my governess and gone out with Erika to see the parade to celebrate their return. Having seen them I greatly admired them. Often, I would have my playmates Dorothy, Hilda, Anna, Louise, Caitlyn, Chandre, and Catrina march around the training ground, imitating the royal knights and guards as they trained. The keyword was imitating, without proper training we were just imitating the soldiers. Occasionally, some of the old soldiers would even give us some advice, but still, it made little difference. This persisted for four years until my tenth birthday.

    On my tenth birthday, my brother finally buckled and delegated an old general by the name of Harlow. He trained us in many things from blades like swords and knives, to polearms like lances and spears. He trained us to the point where we could fight both on foot and on horseback. Military tactics were obviously also part of the course. It was only much later that we realised the training he was giving us was much more comprehensive, than compared to ordinary soldiers and even highly trained knights. In two years, we went from children playing with wooden swords, to being able to evenly match the royal guards in sparring matches.

    Between the training with general Harlow and studying under my governess time quickly went by. On the eve of my twelfth birthday Claude and Ingrid both paid a visit to me. Having my schedule so packed, I could not even remember the last time I had a nice long and uninterrupted talked with the two of them, in the past two years.

    We had some small talk, nothing serious or anything, just our day-to-day lives. Claude asked about what I wanted to do now that I had completed my primary education with my governess. He asked me whether I wanted to become an adventurer and explore the lands or follow my brother into the royal courts and enter politics, or even becoming a knight. My brother completely denied the possibility of me becoming a common rank and file soldier.

    Different from other countries, The Kingdom of Kar was one of the most progressive in culture. Such that women have every right that men do. It’s probably due to our patron god being female, but it’s generally more common for a family to be under a matriarchy. In the royal family, I had the exact same right to rule as my brother, but as my parents died when I was too young, I wasn’t really seen as a viable ruler at the time. Not that I want to be the ruler of a kingdom as large as Kar. Seeing the stressed look of my brother had every day makes it highly unappealing.

    Females can also join one of the nine armies like their male counterparts or even becoming a knight. There are two knight main orders, the Royal Knight Order of Kar, and the Order of the Silver Wolf.

    The Royal Knight Order of Kar, more commonly known as the royal knights, is a small elite knight order of both highly skilled and educated people that can only be knighted by the royal family. Currently, there are only one hundred knights in the order, all of whom have received senior officer training, as they are required to command the royal guards who oversee the defenses of the royal capital.

    The Order of the Silver Wolf, commonly known as wolf knights on the other hand is more of a military order and is actually one of the nine armies of Kar and is not a pure knight order. While not as highly trained as royal knights, often they make up for it in experience and numbers. Many of the wolf knights are also skilled front-line leaders as they have received junior officer training with some completing senior officer training.

    While not true orders noble families also have knights, but under the kingdom's law, they can only have a limited number of knights according to their noble rank. Dukes can have up to a hundred, Marquesses can have up to seventy, Earls can have up to fifty, viscounts can have up to thirty and barons can only have up to twenty. There are always some exceptions to this rule but that’s how it usually is.

    If I were to join a knight order, I would like to join the Order of the Silver Wolf, as they see more action and are more often deployed. While the royal knights also get deployed regularly, they are often the last resort and don’t get sent out often.

    Now that I’m asked about it, I don’t really know what I want to do. I have exceled at everything I did. I finished my primary education that wouldn’t usually be completed until one turns sixteen I have no idea what to do next.

    Additionally, I have no other reference to go off, as my friend and playmates are also my study mates and are equally as clueless on this matter. Now that I think about it, we are a group of highly intelligent and lethal group of little girls, but we are still clueless about what we want to do, so aren’t just a few loose cannons. Is this why my brother wants to know what we want to do?

    My brother and sister-in-law sat in front of me patiently, while I thought of an answer. Well, if anything, I know I don’t want to go into politics, so that’s ruled out. I don’t want to become a scholar either so that’s also ruled out. I can only use certain magics, so I can’t become a mage. I like moving my body and excitement so maybe I can become a solder? Never mind Claude won’t let me, as my status as a princess prevents me from doing so, I can be a commander but not a common rank and file soldier. If it comes down to it then I might as well be a knight. So, becoming a knight or an adventurer are my only options really. Both seem like they can be interesting.

    “I’m thinking about becoming either an adventurer or a knight I’m not sure.”

    “You can become a knight, but I don’t agree with you becoming an adventurer.”

    I had expected my brother to allow me to become a knight, but I hadn’t expected my brother to limit me from becoming an adventurer. With a frown, I questioned my brother.

    “Why can’t I become an adventurer, it’s a respectable occupation, sister Ingrid was also an adventurer before she married you, why can’t I become one?”

    Realising he had been misunderstood, Claude quickly corrected himself.

    “No, no I don’t mean I’m not letting you become an adventurer. What I meant was you're not yet at the age where you can join the adventurer guild. You need to fifteen to join. Though I would feel better if you become a knight. As I would have more control over your situation.”

    Feeling embarrassed that I had worked myself up over nothing and forgotten that you could only become an adventurer once you become fifteen. I guess with my age my only option is to go to the academy and go through the normal route to become either a knight or an adventurer. Maybe I can go through the knight course but take some of the adventurer courses, I know that’s what my Ingrid did, and she was a highly skilled adventurer.

    In her short career as an adventurer of six years, she had discovered many ruins and artifacts. Her greatest achievement, however, was at the tower of gods, located in the centre of the continent in a neutral city where the gods’ trials are held. It is unknown how many floors there are in the tower but currently, Ingrid and her team hold the highest number of explored floors which is sixteen. It may not seem like much, but each floor is incredibly difficult to clear and deaths were not uncommon. However, the rewards are immense. Most adventurers that dedicate their life to clearing the tower only achieve five floors. Before sister Ingrid came along the highest floor conquered was nine.

    Even with one in ten people that head into the tower dying to it, adventurers still flock to it. Whether it's for the fame, materials from hunting the monsters and beasts, or artifacts for clearing each floor for the first time. For whatever reason people just continue to flock there.

    Having decided to go to the academy, or more precisely it being my only option, other than becoming a lazy princess that stays in her palace all day. I informed Claude and Ingrid that I would enter the academy, but I also told them that I wanted to talk to my friend about it first. They agreed with me as this decision also involved them.

    Ingrid noted that tomorrow was the perfect time to let them know about it, as we would be holding a ball in my honour at the main palace for my birthday. My friends and their parents would all be in attendance.

    As it was getting late Ingrid and Claude decided that I should rest early today as I had to wake up early and prepare for the ball.

    Thinking that I didn’t want to look like a panda, when I woke up tomorrow, I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, and hopped in bed. It was only when I was lying in bed about to fall asleep, that I started to wonder what a panda was, but decided to ignore it and think about it another time.
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    Having woken up at a much earlier time than that she was used to Ayra, had been feeling a bit groggy, essentially on autopilot. While Erika and her other maids tossed and dragged her around the palace in preparation for her birthday celebration this evening. As a highly competent maid Erika systematically prepared everything without the dazed princess' input.

    While having a highly attractive appearance, that was clearly well maintained, even when she had tough training out in the sun for long hours her skin while tanned was healthy and smooth without any blemishes. Her fingers weren’t even rough, from holding a sword all day. Her nails were unchipped and perfectly manicured. Her silvery long hair that reached her hips was always tame and orderly. If you never saw her training with a sword, you would assume that she was a cute, sheltered princess that had never for a second suffered hardship. That is if she keeps quiet of course.

    This constantly maintained look of perfection, could only be due to the hard work and nagging of her personal maid Erika. If it was left to the princess, she would turn into a feral child within days. While working Erika couldn’t help but admire the princess’ beauty and her hard work. She would never feel tired looking at the princess and only felt the more she looked the prettier she became. It was plain to see that once she matured, she would be a beauty that could cause nations to collapse. That, however, would still take a few years currently, the princess was still a cute-looking child.

    As they had long decided on the dress the princess would wear, a maid brought in the dress that the princess had chosen. It was a simple white knee-length lace dress with a few blue ribbons to decorate it and a big blue bow at the waist, as the princess liked to move about and disliked being restricted it wasn’t a long dress.

    In a well-practiced manner, she assisted the princess in putting on her dress. Erika as the daughter of the third child and youngest of a viscount had always wanted a little sister that she could play dress-up with but sadly that never happened. With the princess acting as her dress-up doll she felt that her childhood dreams were being fulfilled.

    While checking to make sure the princess was ready, she couldn’t help but feel sentimental. With the princess, all dressed up nicely and not moving all over the place, she could not help but feel that the princess had really grown up. No longer was she the naughty little princess that would hide from the maids, and run about the palace. she was now a prim and proper princess that was on the cusp of her teenage years, ready to see the world.

    Walking over to a maid that was holding a white box with a blue bow on it she handed it to the princess with a cheerful smile.

    “Happy birthday Princess Ayra. Congratulations on turning twelve. This is a gift from all the maids that work in this palace. We hope that the princess can achieve all her dreams in the future and always stay as the cheerful princess we know and love.”

    Feeling emotional Ayra could not help but let out a few tears as she received the gift prepared by the maid. Erika reached out her hands gently wipe the tears away.

    “Silly princess, why are you crying it’s a happy occasion. You will ruin your pretty makeup.”

    “They are happy tears. Can I open the gift?”

    “Of course, we hope you like it.”

    Taking it over to her dressing table, she tenderly removed the ribbon and opened the box to find two crystal hair accessories. They were in the shape of wolves, with a bunch of flowers in each of their mouths. She assumed that they were Skoll and Hati. Picking them up out of the box, they sparkled as the setting sun shone in through the windows. She handing them over to Erika, as she need her help put them on, with the intention of wearing them to her birthday celebration.

    Looking into the mirror and seeing how sparkly it was she couldn’t help but like it. As a bit of a tomboy, Ayra didn’t really like to dress up or look at accessories but with these hair accessories, she liked them very much.

    Looking away from the mirror she turned to face all her maids that had gathered.

    “That you everyone I really like it. I’ll always wear it.”

    She really did follow up on her word in the years to come by regardless of in battle or at important social events, the two crystal wolves would be seen decorating her hair, becoming a symbol synonymous with the princess.

    Looking out the red glow from the setting sun she felt that it was time to head to the main palace. She dismissed all the maids and told them to enjoy the party held separately for all the maids and guards that usually looked after her.

    Accompanied by Erika, who had also changed out of her usual plain maid uniform, into a crimson red dress that accentuated her mature and sexy body, we left lily palace and head to the main palace where the celebration was held.

    Along the way, we saw Skoll and Hati being feed and playing with some of the young maids that had help tidy them up for the occasion. They even had a blue bow around their necks that were the same as the one on my dress.

    As I walked past them, they greeted me as if wishing me a happy birthday. Look at them play they looked nothing like the proud Mother Sky Wolf that had left them in my care. If the Mother Sky Wolf saw these two silly puppies, I cannot help but imagine how depressed she would be.

    Everyone, we walked passed congratulated me on growing up to the age of twelve and wish me eternal happiness. Erika commented on how loved I was, and that if everyone continued to congratulate me individually, I would be an old grandma by the time they would be done.

    Reaching the ballroom at the main hall I split up with Erika, who went to look for her family. As the main character, I was supposed to wait until Claude and Ingrid had said their speeches, before I entered the room. It was only during these occasions that I could appreciate the benefits of being the sole princess of the kingdom. I could be late for these occasions, and not get in trouble for it.

    Having waited for a while in a resting room, a maid finally informed me that it was almost time for me to enter the hall. Checking the mirror for the last time to see whether my tiara was crooked. I followed the maid as she led me to the doors of the ballroom. Seeing my arrival, the guards at the door saluted me. Indicating them to be at ease they opened the large doors to the ballroom with one of them announcing my arrival.

    “Introducing the Star of the Kingdom her Highness Crown Princess Ayra has arrived.”

    As my brother did not have any children, I was still the sole heir to the throne and thus my title was the Star of the kingdom. My brother as the king had the title of the Great Sun, and Ingrid the queen had the title of the Moon.

    The loud hall instantly quieted down, those that were seated stood and looked my way. Ignoring their stares, I walked slowly and gracefully, like I was taught to. My brother and sister-in-law seated at the top of three steps on their throne looked on. Going up two steps I stopped, curtsied and greeted them.

    “The Star of Kar greets the Sun and Moon of Kar.”

    With a smile, Claude and Ingrid took turns congratulating me and when they were down, I took a seat on the throne beside my brother opposite Ingrid. But different to theirs that was made of gold mine matched my hair and was silver in colour. Having been seated It was now time for my speech. As a person that didn’t like to complicate thing, I just thanked everyone for coming and hope that everyone would enjoy themselves tonight. Finally, I concluded the speech with a wish for eternal prosperity for the Kingdom of Kar.

    Now, it was time for the moment I most dreaded. Gift time. It was when the guests would come and congratulate me, while leaving their gifts. Luckily for me because my brother was still sitting next to me only noble families above the rank of Count and foreign delegates could greet me. This wasn’t much of a bonus as there were still four Dukes, eight Marquesses, ten Counts, and three delegations I had to get through. On the bright side, families would do it altogether to stream like things only one or two representatives would speak.

    Funnily enough of the eight marquesses seven of them have daughters that were born within weeks of each other the coincidences also continue in that they were all the youngest meaning they didn’t have to inherit their family title, and it still continues in that because we all have similar personalities they ended up as my playmates and waved their wooden sword around from a young age. Like Erika, their parents, siblings, and maids also constantly nagged them to take care and maintain their skin, nails, and hair constantly worried that one careless move and they would be scarred for life.

    As they were my close friends, they congratulated me together as a group separate from their family. They went last after the other nobles and delegates as they knew that we would have a long chat with me and didn’t want to take up their time. After that, I led them to a side hall as I was tired. There we spoke about a great deal of nonsense and eat the snacks and food brought in by the maids as we were all hungry. We really looked like the princess of our families in our colourful dresses.

    Feeling a bit nervous about how to breach the topic on our future. I finally, decided to be like my normal self and just tell them I intended to go to the academy and that I wanted to become either a knight or an adventurer.

    They were supportive of the idea and agree to go with me to the academy. I don’t know why I was so nervous, my friends have always been highly supportive of me. As it was getting late, and we still had many things we wanted to talk about I had them sleepover at the Lily palace.

    We played until late into the night and thus my twelfth birthday once again ended on a happy note.
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    On the early morning after my twelfth birthday with the light shining into my face, I couldn’t help but hide under my soft blanket from the offending sun. I continued hiding under my blanket until I felt that it was too stuffy so I stuck my head back out finally sufficiently awake to know that if I didn’t wake up soon and head to morning training, general Harlow would only increase my training for the afternoon and evening. I had already missed out on a day’s worth of training yesterday if I miss out on it today as well his going to skin me alive.

    With Erika having already prepared everything for me I quickly got dressed and headed to training barracks only to find my friends training under general Harlow.

    Noticing my arrival general Harlow wordlessly pointed to the heavy armour stand. At that moment I knew my worst fears had come true. The only time we used heavy armour was when we were doing endurance training and heavy armour training. My friends weren’t doing either of those they were clearly sparring.

    Think about those traitors who woke up early and didn’t wake me up leaving me to face punishment alone I felt upset. Using my negative emotions to help give me the strength I needed to start my two-laps tour around the palace walls that separated the palaces from the busy city. This was the training routine that general Harlow had set us minus the heavy armour. With the wall being a total length of two km it was safe to say it would take me a while to complete this task.

    As I ran along the wall some of the guards that knew I was being punished for sleeping in joined that ‘sleeping beauty had finally woken up as I ran past them. Their jokes at my expense were not appreciated, remembering their faces I waited until my second lap around the wall to enact revenge.

    I acted naturally as if I was going to simply run past them but as I went past them, I gave each of them a good kick in the ass before running off laughing and shouting.

    “Punishment to all who tease this princess.”

    That should teach them to tease me. Feeling good about myself I started heading back towards the barracks at Lily palace

    After finishing my tour around the palace walls general Harlow immediately told me to grab a sword and to join in with the sparring without letting me rest and catch my breath. He really was an old brute.

    Taking off the heavy armour I faced my sparring partner for the day. Today my sparring partner was Anna who was even worst as she preferred the fire form an aggressive combat style and she was skilled at it too. Even when I’m well-rested, I find it difficult going against her as I was proficient in the wood form a calmer style that waited for the right time to strike, but often I would tire out before I could counterattack against her, leaving me in defeat. Seeing my frustration general Harlow hinted that I should not favour one form over the other but use all of them. So, recently I had started practicing the water form the best suited to combat against aggressive opponents, by using their aggressive nature against them. While I hadn’t mastered the style I was improving to a rapid degree.

    As we started to spar, I watch Anna’s preparing for her assault. Completely within expectations, she performed a diagonal slash from her left shoulder downwards towards the right. It was her favourite move. Ready for it, instead of parrying the sword like I usually would by binging my sword against hers I instead opted to try something new. Having to stop her sword in motion using a normal parry and knowing that she would then put more force into her slash I flicked my sword so that it was above her sword I lean my whole weight forward pushing her into holding her into an awkward position. Not wasting a single moment, I brought my training sword to her neck thus scoring the first point.

    Feeling a bit adventurous from my earlier success. I decided to that the initiative for the second round. Imitating Anna’s favourite move I slashed diagonally from my left shoulder down to the right. Instantly knowing what I was trying to do Anna easily stopped my sword and started to taunt me.

    “Using my favourite move against me is probably not your smartest move Ayra. As my favourite move not only am I familiar with how to use it I’m also familiar with how to counter it.”

    “I’m just getting started, Anna. See if you can stop this.”

    In a battle of strength, I would always lose to Anna who was taller and stronger, but I had the advantage of being more flexible. Dropping down into a front split and leaning to the right as she slashed upwards I narrowly dodged. Rolling onto my back I performed a crescent moon kick, kicking her sword out of her hand. With a diagonal front handspring, I knocked her onto the ground.

    Having watched what happened general Harlow walked up to me and brought his fist onto my head.

    “This is a sword sparring session, not a free combat session.”

    Feeling guilty I quickly helped Anna up and checked to see if she was ok. Shaking her head, she indicated that she was fine and joked that the kicks felt like soft taps. After that, it was safe to say I had was completely and utterly defeated by Anna without a chance to do anything again.

    Honestly, I think those kicks must have hurt and she was taking revenge on me. I continued to massage my sore arms as we walked back into Lily palace for lunch.

    Inside the dining hall, I found Erika serving Ingrid some beverage, which I assume to be a red tea of sorts. Seeing our arrival, she greeted us and informed us that she had something to tell us.

    “I’ll let you know after lunch seeing as you're all tired and hungry from your training. I might even join you girls later in your afternoon training. I haven’t been training much recently with all my duties. If only someone wouldn’t constantly make trouble for me. The guards told me that you almost kicked them off the wall for some unknown reason.”

    With a guilty conscience, all I could do was keep quiet and pretend like I hadn’t heard her.

    While I didn’t expect the guards to keep quiet about the incident from this morning, I also didn’t expect Ingrid who oversaw all the palaces and internal affairs so quickly. It goes to show she was getting swamped by every little thing within that happened in the palaces.

    While my dear sister-in-law was nagging my head off my bunch of traitorous friends looked on with interest with no intentions of stopping her. First, they didn’t wake me up in the morning and caused me to be punished, then they watch on as I told off again. I feel that my place as a princess in their hearts is becoming more and more displaced if not already completely shattered.

    Luckily for me, my trusty personal maid once again comes to my rescue by informing us that lunch is ready and asked whether we wanted it now. Ingrid being the person with the highest authority present finally stopped her nagging and indicated for lunch to be served.

    Soon plates of food started coming in with most of them being filled with meat. Noticing how unbalanced our diets were, Ingrid couldn’t help but comment.

    “You girls are completely carnivorous. All you do is eat meat all day. You need to have a balanced diet.”

    Does Ingrid have to always nag me about this and that? I know that she only does this because she cares but sometimes, I feel that it’s a bit too much. It may be because I’m not used to having a motherly figure in my life. Claude as great of a brother he is can often be insensitive and lacks the delicate touch that Ingrid has. This includes the lack of knowledge on many female-related issues. As if on cue she dropped another one of her great wisdom.

    “You know your all as flat as the training grounds because you do have a balanced diet you know.”

    As if to prove her point she indicated to ample chests. My friends and I gulped the meat we had in our mouths and started to fight for the little vegetables there were in the salad bowl. Trying to get more for myself, I threw out a few words using my rank.

    “As the crown princess, I demand that you let me go first.”

    Giving me a snort, they continue to fight with me. Catrina went a step further and directly took the whole bowl making herself public enemy number one.

    “I'm sorry my friends it's all fair game when it comes to food.”

    As she started to munch on the salad, I vowed that I will not share food with Catrina again. Unbeknown to us Ingrid has asked Erika to bring in some more so we could all have some. When the maids brought more in our checks couldn’t help but turn red as we were embarrassed by our earlier display. Ingrid reminded us that as good friends we had to play nice and talk it out, no matter the issue.

    Having finished with lunch Ingrid finally told us why she had decided to visit us. It had to do with our future enrolment at the academy and whether we still wanted to go. We confirmed our decision to go to the academy. She informed us that because it was close to the end of the year it would be better for us to wait until the year started before, we started to attend but we were fine to enrol anytime we wanted.

    She also told us that because we had already completed the general education, we could take a test and be exempted from those classes. She went through in detail both the adventurer and knight courses explain how they differed giving us advice on which were the best courses to choose.

    Next year there would even be a slightly different system where they would separate everyone into ability levels in the combat course with experienced instructors that match our that could further our abilities.

    From what she told us battle tactics and auxiliary training from the knight’s course, as well as beast & monster biology, scouting 101, and wilderness survival training from the adventurer would be the most useful to us as while general Harlow could teach us a lot, he couldn’t teach us everything. Ingrid also encouraged us to join different clubs individually to broaden our views and skillsets.

    Now that we were done with our talk, we headed back to the barracks outside Lily's palace. Not seeing general Harlow anywhere. Ingrid had an impromptu free combat session, where we all went against her. The results, let’s just say I don’t want to talk about it.
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    After general Harlow sent someone it informed us that he would not be able to teach us about battle tactics tonight as well as for the foreseeable future as Claude had sent him to be an observer in the war between our neighbour the Dukedom of Zenith and the intelligent monsters that had banded together in the tens of thousands under a vampire lord and intend to wipe out all life in Zenith.

    I hope that the situation is resolved quickly as vampire lords are different from the normal vampires that have many weaknesses, vampire lords don’t. Normal vampires are also unable to have children or multiply hence they are easy to handle, but vampire lords can procreate with both normal vampires and vampire lords creating more vampire lords that are extremely loyal to the original vampire lord.

    My friend decided to go home and inform their families about their future plains said their fair well. Seeing as it was only a few weeks until the new school year started for the academy and there wouldn’t be any more training sessions, we agreed to meet at the academy in the new school year.

    Feeling that there was no use continuing to think about the complex issues I had no control over I looked at the pile of presents that I had received yesterday. Thinking that I should start seeing sporting them and seeing what was inside just in case there were any perishable items.

    I decide to open the ones given to me by Claude and Ingrid first as it was the one placed on top of the pile and the one with the smallest box. Opening it I found a pair of silver bracelets with intricate motifs of flowers and a small note. The note explained that they were magic accessories that could change into a spear and a shield on command. The one with the Lilium longiflorum could form the spear and the one with anthurium could form a shield. Putting them on I started admiring them by the magic lamp. The gift showed the personalities of both Claude and Ingrid, the practicality of the gift probably came from Claude and the unobtrusive and simple but intricate design and nature of the bracelet made it a perfect gift for me. Looking at the back of the note it told of the maintenance needed by the magical accessory was minimal all I had to do was pour mana into them. Even if the sword or shield completely broke I just needed to pour magic into the bracelets until repair itself after a few days.

    Moving on to the next gift, I decided to go with the one from my friends. Which came in a much larger box compared to Claude and Ingrid’s gift. Opening the box, I found a flowering pot plant inside. Reading the note that came with it I found out that it was a serenity flower plant. Having it placed by your bedside would help you sleep better at night and wake up refreshed. Having one of the maids place it by my nightstand I continued to look through the gifts.

    I don’t remember when but as I was sorting the gifts, I eventually fell asleep. All I remember was that Erika carrying me to my bed. Unsurprisingly, with the serenity flower beside my bed, I had a great night's rest and even woke up early without Erika waking me up.

    Being free and unsure about what to do after my unusual training routine I decided to check on Skoll and Hati. Like always these two playful puppies covered in leaves looked nothing like the proud mother sky wolfs. Talking with the young maid that looked after them, I learnt that recently they liked to run into the piles of leaves that the gardeners kept for compost.

    Seeing them about to do it again I scolded them causing their ears to flop down and make whimpering sounds. They tried to suck up to me by rubbing against my leg.

    The maid commented on how it was unusual for beasts to be so obedient to their uncontracted owner. She asked me why I hadn’t contracted them yet. I told her that I would but just hadn’t had the opportunity to. She told me that I should do it soon because as soon as they develop their ability to fly nothing was stopping them from leaving.

    Not having realised that they would soon develop their ability to fly I decide that I would contract them today. I had originally wanted to contract them immediately when they were young but had put it off for a few years because I felt like it wasn’t right to do it without their consent. Thus, I had put it off for years. Now that they could understand words to an extent, I decided that it was finally time to ask them. Knelling down on the ground I scratched Skoll and Hati chins.

    “Skoll, Hati can you listen to me seriously. I know you two are smart and can understand me. I want to contract you so that I can summon you both wherever I am. Nothing will change only that we would be able to communicate more easily. I won’t force you into the contract and you can continue to live here even if you decline. So will you agree to the contract?”

    With a nod and a small woof, they agreed to me.

    “Great I’ll do the contract now.”

    Standing up I brushed off my skirt and asked the maid to help clean the leaves off their fur wanting to complete the contract while they were clean. Once they were clean, I decided to start the process.

    I was a bit nervous as I had never been able to succeed in contracting any beasts, but I was sure today was different. I was sure of it. Different from my six-year-old self that was both immature and possessed little mana. While I wasn’t the best at using different elemental magic, I had great control over my mana that had greatly increase over the years. While magic and mana have been around for far longer than humans could remember we still had little knowledge regarding it.

    Even the spell used to contract the magic beast that has been around for thousands of years, still little is known about it. Not the parameters that may affect the spell or the amount of mana needed. As I had perfect control over my mana from a young age it wouldn’t surprise me if the reason why I had constantly failed to successfully contract a magic beast was because of my low mana. If that was the case, I wondered why mages never found out maybe they did know but didn’t want to share.

    Placing my hand on both Skoll and Hati’s heads I started to channel the spell into their though my hand into their head. Unlike previous occasions, silver runes started to form around my skin all around my body indicating that the spell was working. Those runes grew denser and more started to shift around gathered on my arm than travelled to Skoll and Hati’s heads where they multiplied again appearing all over our body. With a flash, they disappeared only leaving one silver rune on Skoll and Hati’s head.

    Inspecting the silver rune on their head I was amazed as I had learnt that humans could only create runes are usually red, green, blue, and black never gold or silver which signified divinity.

    Shocked to find that I could produce silver runes, Erika quickly recovered order those present to never talk of this incident until further notice. They all agreed.

    Taking my hand, we went to find my brother bringing along Skoll and Hati. Finding Claude and Ingrid were both in their office talking seriously about the incident in Zenith they stopped when Erika and I barged in. Seeing how serious Erika was, Ingrid had Gil and Alec close the door to the office.

    Once the door was closed Erika narrated the whole incident about how I had finally decided to perform the contract with Skoll and Hati as well as the silver runes that appeared. Claude and Ingrid were amazed as they walked up to Skoll and Hati examining the runes. Ingrid who as an adventurer was highly proficient in the runic language indicated that these were not normal contract runes.

    Grabbing a piece of paper and pen from Clause’s desk she drew out a rune and followed on to explain.

    “This is what a normal contract rune should look like. It means contract in the magic language. But it's not the same as the rune on Skoll and Hati’s head. If my guess is correct, they look like divine runes that the gods and spirits use specifically female deities and spirits. In my travel of the tower of gods, I had the opportunity to witness a Dryad punishing some adventures for littering rubbish around her tree. The runes she cast were also silver, male deities can only produce runes. But I have no idea what they mean. No human has been ever capable of physically writing out divine runes before. You can recognise that they are divine runes but not ever write them out as person for would always forget what about the rune when they try to copy it.”

    Back where we started all we could do was sit in silence. Not understanding the issue with me being able to create divine runes I look at the adults present that were deep in thought. Claude as if having thought of something rushed out of his office saying he would be going to get something and would be back soon.

    We could only wait for his return as Ingrid brought me over to the couch to have a seat as she rubbed my head. It was greatly soothing, and I lend into her hands. Within a few minutes, Claude returned with a large wooden chest that was the size of Skoll and Hati. Placing it down on the table before me with a grunt I knew the chest must be heavy.

    “In her dying moment, mother instructed me to give this to you on your coming-of-age ceremony. As a priestess of Karla if anyone knows why you can use divine runes she would. However, now that she has gone this may be our only clue left. I’ve tried opening this box before, but I could never open it.”

    Demonstrating what he meant by being unable to open it Claude tried to undo the clasp on the chest but had little success despite using his whole strength.

    “I think it may be because it not being intended for my eye so it won’t open for me, but mother left it for you so it would only make sense for you to be able to open it.”

    Thinking about what Claude said made sense, but the expectation that I would be able to open the chest only increased the pressure.

    Psyching myself up I placed my hand onto the clasp that Claude couldn’t undo. With a gentle pull from my finger, the clasp undid itself. Unknowingly I had been holding my breath now that I could undo the clasp, I finally let out a sigh.

    I could run around the palace walls easily in heavy armour but undoing a small clasp had completely drained me.

    I wonder what mother had left me that required such a mechanism that only I could open. Not even my brother could open it. I thought of countless possibilities, but I had no idea what could be inside the chest. Unlike Claude who was sixteen when our parents passed away, I was not even a year old. I had no recollection of either of my parents. Everything I knew about them was from other people.

    Breaking away from my thoughts I once again brought my hands to the chest. Determined to open the chest in one go, I closed my eyes and lifted the lid. Unlike what I expected no runes were bursting out of the chest, no blinding lights nothing it seemed to be just a normal chest.

    As if to deny my thought my head started to throb and pulsate like I was being stomped on by a gang of elephants. Clutching my head, the pain was increasing with every throb. Soon I couldn’t bear the pain anymore and blacked out.
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    Waking up I found myself in both a familiar but foreign garden filled with colourful but deadly flowers. It was an extremely disorienting feeling. It was like multiple people were shouting instructions inside my head, one told me that I shouldn’t move, another told me to explore this strange place and the memories of two lives with a total of thirty-seven years being jammed into me all at once. All I could do was squat down and curl into a ball hoping that this feeling would go away.

    Finally, after a while, the feeling dulled to a minor annoyance. It was then that I noticed someone was stroking my hair. It was extremely comforting. Looking at her, I recognised her as both the patron goddess of Kar but also my mother.

    Throwing my arms around her and nuzzling into her chest I completely let out all my emotions. I started to cry hysterically, calling her a liar repeatedly. I told her how much I missed her. All those years of growing up without knowing the love of a mother. She said she would be there for me but that didn’t happen. I felt abandoned and unwanted. As if reading my mind, she stopped me from continuing with those negative thoughts.

    “I do love you and I didn’t wish to abandon you. I did everything I could to try to be by your side.”

    “But you weren’t there I didn’t even know you were my mother growing up over there. You said I would remember.”

    “That was the plan, but plans don’t always go as we wanted. My husband Aion chief of the gods found out about you and interfered. While I am the goddess of life what I was doing was essentially part of the domain of the dead. One thing led to another, and you were reborn into this world with both of our power. However, even as gods, we are not perfect, and your memories of earth were mostly sealed away to protect your fragile soul. I’m sorry for not being there for you in the past years.”

    Having lived for over twenty-five years in my first life and another twelve years in this life I found that I had completely regressed in my mental age in that while I hated the idea of having this father I never had met, I was also thankful to know I had a father figure in my life. I had thought that I had gotten over that period in my life where I would innocently ask ‘why I didn’t have a daddy’, maybe I haven't.

    “I forgive you mum you were just trying to keep me alive, but not him, not a father that I have never even met.”

    Removing myself from my mum I realised that I only reached her chest, compared to the last time I was here I was now in my twelve-year-old body. I wonder if this was the reason for my uncontrolled emotions because I was in a child’s body my mind automatically adapted itself to its host.

    Speaking of host will I be able to keep my memories when I go back? What was the world I currently lived in? what made it different from my past world? There are so many questions I want to ask. So, I did, only fools do ask what they want to know, communication is the key in any relationship.

    Starting from the beginning mum explained how Aion found out about my soul immediately after she started the process for my reincarnation. She also explained that we were both biologically and spiritually virtually identical save for my appearance because of the nature of my birth.

    This similarity also included my divinity and domain. While it didn’t matter back on planet earth it matters here on Arcadia the world where I now live. Due to my mother being a high-ranking goddess the fact that I would be sharing aspects of her authority and were also linked with her immortality was dangerous. In other words, I was leeching off her lifeforce if she wasn’t the powerful goddess of life, she would not have been able to support both of us. It was also the reason why she could even consider doing this.

    “But mum why would I be taking your divinity didn’t you say I inherited it and formed my own last time.”

    “Well, you see that time I gave birth to you, I did through normal birth in a human body as you were without a formed soul without memories. This time around because you had memories of a past life it required me to be in my goddess form making your body that of a god’s. With divinity needed to support your divine body, I linked it with mine or you would have simply died again without the connection. Aion didn't like that so we then thought of a different way where we would recreate your body together and merged our domains and divinity together to for a new one that wasn’t within the domain of any other gods and place your soul in it. The rest is history.”

    While what she was telling me sort of made sense to me, I could tell that it was probably just one part of the story. There were definitely many things she did not tell me. However, the part that attracted my attention the most was the part on having a divine body created by two gods working together.

    “When you said working together to create my body, did you mean you guys had sex? If so, you really should have said so why do you have to make it seem so complicated. I may look twelve but not actually twelve.”

    With a slightly embarrassed expression, mum cleared her throat and tried to think of an excuse or something to say but ended up just nodding her head.

    “So, in fact, I’m more of a normal person in this life than in my past life where I was born through parthenogenesis.”

    “That is true in a sense, but I think you’re missing the point.”

    “What I was created through gods having some fun times creating god babbies. Wait does that also make me a god?”

    “Took you long enough to realise. You are now a genuine god. One that is still young and still unknown to the world but a god nonetheless.”

    So that was why I could use silver runes, remember how this all started. Ingrid said that a Dryad had punished some adventurers through the usages of runes I wonder if divine runes can be used like normal runes for magic and spells.

    “Mum, can I ask you a question?”

    “Sure, go ahead, unlike the last time you were here you can stay for as long as you like.”

    “There’s something I’ve been wondering about for a while now who were the king and queen of Kar if you and Aion are my real parents?”

    “You shouldn’t call your father Aion by name. He is still your father even though you’ve never met him, but that’s a simple question to answer they are your foster parents. I left them to look after you as things have been a bit messy here in the divine realm shortly after I gave birth to you. Some creatures known as god hunters have been showing up in the divine realms and I didn’t want you to be here in case they targeted us.”

    “So, you didn’t just abandon me because you didn’t want me anymore.”

    “Of course not, you’re my favourite child out of my three children.”

    “For the goddess of motherhood, you sure don’t have a lot of children.”

    “As you said I’m the goddess of motherhood, not childbirth, do understand the difference? Any other questions you want to ask me while you’re here.”

    “I do, I’ve been wondering if it would be possible for me to learn divine runes and use them in spells?”

    “Certainly, as a goddess you can use divine runes, they should be second nature to you but because previously your memories were sealed it most likely was sealed as well. With your memories now unsealed you should be able to use them easily.”

    “So, when I go back later, I’ll have my memories? Will I be able to see you, or will I not be able to see you again?”

    “It would be unlikely that we will be able to meet often, but if you want to just talk, I will always be available through dream channelling. I’ll teach you how to do it before you go back.”

    “Why won’t we be able to meet often is it because of the god hunters? What are they and how can someone kill a god aren’t you supposed to be immortal as long as you have divinity?”

    “Ayra we are far from immortal; many beings and things can kill us. For starters anyone or thing with divinity can harm and kill us, spiritual being can harm and kill out, but the most dangerous thing to beings that possess divinity is pure single-minded intent, this is what god hunters are, biological beings without a free will with only their task of hunting down beings with divinity including gods, spirits of nature and even greater demons aren’t speared. You will do well to remember my words Ayra for you are also a goddess that possesses divinity. While you are currently still mortal as you have not been recognised as a true goddess you are most vulnerable to all attacks from god hunters and other beings that wish to harm you. I do not want to see you die again.”

    “Then how do I become recognised as a true goddess? If you are so worried about me, why do you still send me away? Would it not be better for me to stay with you mum?”

    “The divine realm is constantly being attacked I cannot risk having you here. The world below on Arcadia is a much safer place as there are little to no deities down there save for a few spirits of nature like Dryads.”

    We continued to talk for a long time, days in fact as time in the garden is separate from the rest of the divine realm and Arcadia. This allowed us to discuss about many things particularly about how I could become a true goddess. I also learnt a lot about deities. I learnt that gods, natural spirits, and greater demons are all categorised as deities as they all have divinity.

    A deity’s divinity comes from the belief that all beings have of them which was essentially their domain. Which makes deities extremely susceptible to focused and single-minded intent. It was also one of the things that I was missing to become a true goddess.

    This was the main thing I was missing was that I had not chosen my domain yet. Apparently, to make it so that I wasn’t weakening my godly parents by leeching off them constantly, they charged me up with a temporary domain filled with divinity acting as a battery that would be used up when I turned twenty. It was the reason why the chest that started all did was left for me to open during my coming-of-age ceremony. Now that I had pre-emptively opened it, I would have an extra four years before my coming-of-age ceremony even comes around.

    This issue of choosing my domain won’t be a simple thing as there are many things to consider, but apparently I only really need to choose one for now and I would take on more later one as long as mortals know about it.

    Firstly, I cannot choose a domain that another Arcadian deity has.

    Secondly, I don’t want to have a highly embarrassing domain. Like being the goddess of bathrooms or something like that.

    Thirdly, I could also pick multiple domains as my mother did, but it usually has to be linked. Nature, life, war, and wealth is a possible combination as they are all aspects that drive and define human life. Or Aion’s which involves, the sky, heaven, leadership, and time. So essentially, he was the god of politics and progress. Together they basically form human civilisation.

    Fourthly, I also wanted to have my domains semi-related to my parents as a way to pay my respects to them for giving birth to me and remembering my origin.

    Truthfully, I had sort of already decided what I wanted to be. I had found out from mum what domains my siblings had taken. Theias the eldest was the goddess of minerals, precious objects, wisdom, fire, and craft. Hyperious who was born next and the youngest until I showed up was the god of the sun, culture, and effort. All their domains were related to human life, while that may be the patron gods of other species like how mother was the patron of all wolves and Aion was to all winged creatures and Theias was to dwarves. However, in the end, they were all human gods.

    The domain I would that on as my main domain that would make the most sense was the moon. It was both a heavenly body that told the time as well as being related to aspects of nature and wolves. I could also take on the domains like rest, youth, and possibly immortality.

    While the domains of the moon, rest, and youth can all be under time and nature, immortality was a bit different. It wasn’t an aspect of an aspect that all the gods had but they were not invulnerable to death. In other words, the gods only have eternal life and won’t age but will still die if someone killed them. My wish was to become a backup of sorts for all the gods in the divine realm, but particularly it was for my mother. I didn’t want her to ever die. With how chaotic the divine was with the god hunters attacking the gods I wanted to become an assurance that would keep the gods safe.

    Once I thought out what I wanted to achieve with my domains I informed mum of my decision. She hugged me tightly and gave me a big motherly smile as if to say ‘this silly child’ when I told her my wish and thoughts to protect her and the other gods. While I had never met any of the other gods here, I felt my connection to them grew stronger each time mum told me something about them.

    Releasing me from the hug mum dropped an unexpected sentence while soft, seem to echo out in all directions.

    “By my name Karla, as high goddess of the Parthenon I hereby call an assembly of the gods.”
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    After hearing something about an assembly, I found myself in the centre of a large amphitheatre on stage alone. Looking around the amphitheatre, there were crowd seats that were aligned in a semi-circular shape in front of me, with twelve thrones aligned in a row behind me that were obviously better than the other seats. They seem to be made from various precious materials, different to the common stone slabs for seats that the masses were using.

    I noticed my mum was sitting in one of the centre chairs with a serious handsome middle-aged man sitting next to her that I assumed was Aion, mum’s husband and my father, I guess.

    All around me, more and more people or gods I should say, were appearing seated either on the common stone slabs or the more decorated thrones that mum and Aion were sitting on. I noticed that all the males were seated on Aion’s side with was to my left and all the females were located on my right.

    Within a few minutes, the whole amphitheatre and all its seats were filled to the brim. The gods of the divine realm had occupied all the seats in the amphithreatre, save for one throne that was left unoccupied on the far right. There were likely thousands of them. I really have no idea how it was possible that the domains I choose weren’t taken by some other gods. They were very basic concepts. Why hadn’t any of them chosen them?

    However, I didn’t have time to continue thinking as my mum had started to address the crowd of gods from her seat.

    “It seems all the gods have gathered now so I will officially start the assembly of gods. I would like first to thank everyone for turning up. This is the first time in seven thousand years that every god has shown up to the assembly. With the god hunters appearing more frequently I believe it was only time that someone would have called for an assembly. However, today I called this assembly for another reason.”

    Pausing mum stood up from her seat and walked next to me holding my hands, to help me stay calm. As a princess of Kar, I was used to the crowds, but the intensity I felt from all the gods present made me feel a bit nervous. Her actions in holding my hand greatly reassured me.

    I never thought I would say this, but I thought my mum was cool as she confidently addressed the gods as if it was unthinkable for any one of them to oppose or contradict her. She was completely different from how she was usually around me. She demonstrated this aura that you would expect from a seasoned general or a matriarch.

    “Firstly, I would like to introduce you to my and Aion’s youngest daughter Ayra and to bear witness as she claims her authority and domains.”

    The crowd of gods was shocked and started to clamour. From some of the words they spoke of, this was the first time in ten thousand years that a new goddess has been born. Even if this was true, many were still confused about why they needed to show up for the birth of a new goddess, even if she was the child of the head gods of the divine realm.

    It was only after Aion called for silence, that the crowd calmed down and mum declared that the ceremony would now commence. She instructed me on what I need to do.

    I ignored the crowd that was still whispering to each other about their thoughts. Concentrating on mum’s words I did as she said, as she guided me. As the ceremony progressed the more, I was able to feel and understand the divinity better.

    I could also feel the domains that I had chosen and their concepts consolidating within my mind. I could feel and understand everything about the moon and its effects. I could feel the dreams that people were having down in Arcadia. I could feel the wishes and thoughts of the children.

    The thing that shocked me most was that I could feel the life force of every god around me. I could feel their very existence, and they could feel mine too, but I had no control over them. It was more of a symbiotic relationship where simply by existing, I strengthen their immortality. While the connection I had with them, consolidated my domain and lifeforce.

    At some point, mum had stopped guiding me and was simply holding my hand to comfort me and let me know she was still there. Even still I knew instinctively what I had to do, as my domains continued from where my mum had left off, sending me into a trance of sorts.

    I don’t know how long the whole process took, but when I finally awoke from my trance, the sun that was high in the sky had been replaced by the bright full moon. I felt energised and empowered by the full moon in the sky. I also felt the authority and divinity I possessed was incomparable to most of the gods present. I felt much more powerful than many of them. I also felt that like I intended, my existence helped the gods consolidate their domain.

    We were all linked by this beautiful fountain that formed my very heart and the golden and silver liquid that flowed from it replaced my blood. Don't ask me how I knew what my heart looked like I just did. My once tanned skin became a slightly lighter shade that glowed in a way that was not dissimilar to the moon. Looking into a mirror that mum conjured up, my silver hair that was usually left draping straight down to the lower back was now done up with a half up half down braid. The two crystal hair accessories that my maid gave me were attached to both sides of my hair. My dress had also been changed into that of a flowy white summer dress.

    My mum feeling that I was ready and that it was only right to introduce me again after obtaining my domains. Just looking at her face you could tell how proud and excited she was.

    “It is to my pleasure that I once again introduce you to my and Aion’s daughter the Goddess of the Merciful Moon, Guardian of the Night's Rest, new Keeper to the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Immortality.”

    Feeling that it was right for this occasion I gave a small curtsy. Everyone present started to applaud as if they had just witnessed a great show, which I didn’t quite understand. Feeling a little shy and embarrassed, I moved behind mum's back to hind from the gazes. Letting me do as I please, she spoke of her plans going forward.

    “You are all aware the god hunters are increasing their activities in the divine realm. As Ayra is still young and inexperienced she will continue to live down in Arcadia. That is until the threat from the god hunters is eliminated or when she can defend herself from them. I hope all the gods here today can look after and guide her throughout her journey. This concludes the assembly you are all dismissed.”

    As suddenly as they came all the gods returned to wherever they were before the assembly. This assembly seemed a bit one sided to me but thinking carefully aren't all assemblies basically one person talking for the whole time.

    I remained on the stage with mum as two gods and a goddess move towards us. They were my father Aion, older sister Theias and older brother Hyperious. Unsurprising they had all stayed back.

    As they stood before me, they studied me as I studied them. Aion or I should say my father the leader of the gods had this aura that made you respect him, but he also wasn’t as fearsome as I thought he would be. He just looked like a handsome middle-aged father. I could feel that he did not dislike me.

    Moving on to Theias goddess of craft, my parents' firstborn, and my older sister. She and I had very similar appearances and characteristics like our facial structure and skin tone. A stranger would be able to tell that we were siblings if we stood next to each other. If it wasn’t for her hair that was crimson red with black highlights and overall serious expression you would easily mistaken her for my future self. She looked to be in her early twenties and was stunningly beautiful. Her skinny but lean figure was more like that of an athlete's than that of a model's. Not to say she couldn’t become a model with her looks and figure. I would say if she was a model on earth, she would probably be known as the most beautiful model to ever exist.

    Finally, was my older brother Hyperious who was my counterpart the god of the sun. He literally had a sunny disposition. When you look directly at him you could feel as if you were looking at the sun, because like me, he glowed as well, but he's was much brighter and harsher than mine. Must be easy finding your way in the dark, especially when you need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Like everyone else in this family, his looks were A+. The attractiveness of our family was seriously off the charts. That was all that was going for him because while he looked intelligent, I could feel that he was an idiot.

    As if rushing to prove my point, he started poked my cheeks and pat my head as I swatted him away. Undeterred he continued to do so until Theias pull out a chain from out of nowhere and bound him up, leaving him to roll around on the ground with a cloth in his mouth.

    “Apologies for the idiot rolling around on the floor. As you may know, I am Theias, your biological older sister you can call me whatever makes you feel most comfortable.”

    “Okay, then can I call you Thea? You can also call me whatever you like.”

    “How about I call you little sis? I hope you don’t mind us if we do anything strange. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a young goddess around here and your cheeks and hair seem soft and fluffy. I’ll make sure the idiot on the ground gives you space and doesn’t annoy you.”

    “That’s fine. Thank you for helping me.”

    “Don’t mention it I ‘ve always wanted a little sister but all I got was this idiot.”

    From the ground, the struggling Hyperious finally got the cloth out of his mouth.

    “I’ll have you know that I am not an idiot but in fact one of the smartest gods around. I am the patron of scholars you know. So, stop calling me an idiot.”

    “Just because your book smart doesn’t mean anything, you literally have no sensitivity. You’re the definition of an idiot.”

    Thus, the two divine siblings started bickering with each other. Dad once stopped them proving once again he wasn’t the god of leader for no reason those negotiation skills were A+. After his talk with my two older siblings, he started his talk with me making me a bit nervous. Unknowingly I had started to refer to him as dad in my head.

    “Ayra, you do not need to be nervous, I am not an unreasonable god by any means. I also would not do anything to harm you. Plus, you are one of my children, like Theias and Hyperious. Unless you are a naughty child like Hyperious, I won’t ever scold you for no reason. You’re not a naughty child, right?”

    I shook my head, acting like sensible and obedient child for some reason. With that, he patted me on the head.

    “Oh, it is as soft as Hyperious said. This can become dangerous I better stop while I still can.”

    The way he treated me, the way all of them did kind of made me feel like a young child, it was weird, having grown up to the age of twenty five on earth, but I didn’t exactly hate it. Thinking about it, to these gods that have existed for more than tens of thousands of years, I would naturally seem like a child. What difference can twenty odd years make? They could probably take a nap and wake up hundreds of years later.

    Mum finally took control of the conversation as it derailed into one about how soft my hair was. Under her lead, they all became serious, as we discussed in detail about how I would continue my life on Arcadia, while also being a goddess. We discussed whether I should let people know about me becoming a goddess. This was because while the people of Arcadia instinctively know that there is a new goddess that had appeared and those related to my domains may have even formed a slight connection with me, they still don’t know about my life on Arcadia. It was decided that I would only let those close to me know about me becoming a goddess and only fully take up my duty as a goddess and let everyone know once I was ready.

    Thus concluded my short but long trip to the divine realm and marked the start of my godhood.

    End of arc 1 Amongst the Gods
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    That's all I'm going to posted today. I'll continue posting one a day until I catch up to the other sites. If you cannot wait to read the other released chapters head to ScribbleHub or RoyalRoad. Currently there are 16 chapters released on those sites, with daily new chapters (release schedule is currently 10am AEST UTC+10).
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    CHAPTER 10 – ARC 2
    It seems like in recent times, whenever I wake up, something has either gone wrong or I’m about to find out that something has gone wrong. Waking up today the exact thing happened. Honestly, Aion had warned me that time works differently on Arcadia, mum’s garden, and the divine realm. Each has its own variation of time. A day in mum’s garden would not even be a second in either Arcadia or the divine realm, but an hour in the divine realm would be equal to a day in Arcadia.

    According to Aion, I spent sixteen hours in the divine realm, that makes it so that I had missed a total of sixteen days on Arcadia. So with that, you can imagine how shocked Erika would be, when she finds someone who has been passed out for the past sixteen days suddenly sitting up, while she was about to wipe down my body. I repeat while she was about to wipe down my body.

    She was so shocked that she accidentally poured a basin filled with water onto me. I was completely drenched, and so too was my bed. Guess I am not sleeping in that bed tonight. Hopping out of the now soaked bed, I tried to calm the overexcited Erika who was hyperventilating.

    She only calmed down when I told her that I was drenched, and that if I did not get a change of clothes soon, I would get sick. Pulling herself together Erika went to get a change of clothes while I went to my bathroom to clean myself up.

    Now that I have my memories of my life on earth back, I cannot help but compare how different but similar the two worlds were. While Arcadia was not technologically advanced in areas relating to physics and chemistry, they were fairly advanced in magical technology for military purposes and daily objects. Let’s take my bathroom, for example, when I turn on the tap to fill up the bath it functions completely the same as those back on earth. However, the difference is where the water comes from. Back on earth, the water would most likely be pumped through great distances using high pressure to reach our homes and out the tap. Here in Arcadia or at least for people who were not dirt poor and could not afford a monster crystal to attach onto their tap to produce water.

    Things like this water tap mechanism, were more advance than that of earth's technology in this regard as it means less of a reliance on public infrastructure that might I add were not always available. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, that would be impossible. I'm not sure why it is such to be exact, but I think it may be due to how convenient magic can be. While not everyone can be good at it, most people can conjure a spark to start a fire or a cup of water when they are thirsty. This convenience is why I believe that people don’t try to explore further as they see no need for it. They only have one rune array for many appliances. If they work, they won’t change anything about it.

    I am sure some people might have the heart of a researcher and attempt to change something, but that only leads to another issue, factions. People here are not willing to share what they know. Only leaving their knowledge down to one or two apprentices. This practice has greatly slowed down the distribution of knowledge.

    Even in schools like the academy magic is self-taught with an instructor overlooking everyone and occasionally giving advice. They don’t teach anything in the magic course at the academy it's more for show, unlike the adventurer, knight, literature, and history courses where they actually teach things.

    The bottom line is everyone knows the Standard Arcadian language and can count their own change so they do not get scammed. However, education was different, it was limited to the select few that can afford to go to the academy, which is also the only school in the whole of Kar.

    While I was lost in thought in the bath, Erika returned with my change of clothes noticeably, she was much calmer than before. To be honest, I didn’t need her to bring me a change of clothes. I just need to think about it, and I would be completely changed into the dress that had appeared on my body during the claiming of my domains. I would not even need to brush my hair or take a bath as it could automatically clean me up and change me into that form kind, it was kind of like a magical girl transformation in the animes I used to watch. However, I was trying to avoid it as according to Theias anyone that sees me in that form would instantly recognise that I was a goddess.

    When you are trying to calm someone who has known you for the greater part of your life, it is kind of counterintuitive when they find out they do not actually know you, and especially if you are a goddess. While I am not going to hide the fact that I am a goddess from her, and will tell her eventually now was not the time. I should wait until at least until Claude and Ingrid are here, it would be even better if my friends are present as well before I recount what happened. If only to spare me the trouble of telling this story to different people multiple times.

    Finishing off my bath, it was time for me to find Claude and Ingrid. I was sure that they knew that I have woken up and would come to find me as soon as they were free, so I might as well go look for them and stretch my body for a bit. Additionally, I also sent a few messengers to ask my friends to come find me in the main palace where Claude and Ingrid would be.

    Along the way I had Erika inform me about what had happened while I had been asleep for the past sixteen days. A few things had happened in time that I had been in the divine realm.

    For starters, my body had started glowing soon after I opening the chest and collapsed. Claude had seriously been blaming himself for making me open the chest. He felt that he had caused me to fall into a permanent sleep. Stuck with the guilt he became severely depressed getting worse by the day. He only pulled himself together when general Harlow sent news that the situation in Zenith was more dire than we originally thought. Knowing that the sooner I got to him the sooner he would feel better I decided to walk a bit faster, but due to the size of the palaces, it would still take me a few minutes to get there.

    Thus, Erika continued recounting the events that had happened. My friends have been taking turns visiting me and helping to massage and stretch my body, so that it would not be stiff when I woke up. Their actions were highly touching. On a normal day, they were all traitors the lot of them, and did not place my status as a princess in their eyes, but when it matters, they would leap at the opportunity to support and help me in any way they could.

    We finally arrived outside of Claude’s office seeing Gil and Alec standing on guard outside I wonder if there have been any updates on the situation in Zenith or if he was in a meeting.

    Gil and Alec were glad to find that I was up and well. Now that I think about it, they were also in the room when it all happened. As Claude’s most trusted knights I think it would be fine for them to find out as well. They could be considered my first instructors in the way of the knight, and they did watch me grow up.

    Claude must have informed them ahead of time as Alec let me in without knocking on the door. The first thing I saw looking into the office was a haggard but still handsome man in his twenties, along with a beautiful and heroic-looking woman by his side, and a common soldier. They were Claude and Ingrid as well as what I assume was a messenger from general Harlow army going by the winged emblem and the number three on his armour.

    The messenger stopped when he noticed that someone had entered the room, but Claude indicated for him to continue. While I hadn’t heard the whole story, it would seem that Zenith was still holding strong now, but would only for six months if they were lucky and three if more monsters showed up.

    While I was not familiar with large military manoeuvres and developments as general Harlow had not taught us about it yet, from Claude’s face, I could tell that it was bad. Claude leaned back in his chair as he massaged his temple thinking about what to do. Finally, he sat up straight again he voiced his decision.

    “Messenger hear my command. Inform general Harlow that due to the dire situation in Zenith he is to coordinate with the Zenith military. Additionally, I will also allow for the mobilisation of the third army under his command in support of the Dukedom of Zenith against the monster army under the control of the vampire lord. You are to go immediately, dismissed.”

    The messenger quickly saluted and rush to complete his task without a second to lose. With so many lives at stake, I don’t blame him.

    Sitting in front of Claude, I didn’t know what to say and neither did he. We just sat there in silence for a full minute. It was then that Ingrid standing beside Claude couldn’t stand the silence anymore pocked him in the waist. With a jolt, he quietly whispered as if any louder and I would be frightened or hurt.

    “You are fine now?”

    “Yes, I am fine, sorry for worrying you.”

    As if not completely believing me he showed a look of doubt. To prove to him that I was fine I got out of the comfy chair and jumped around for a bit. Only then did he believe me that I was fine.

    “Claude, I am really fine. You do not have to feel guilty about it. It was not even your fault to begin with. You had no idea that it would happen.”

    Ingrid completely agreeing with me was nodding along.

    “That is right Claude, it was not your fault. I kept telling you that you just did not believe me. See, Ayra is completely fine now.”

    “Claude, I think you should have a rest you look like some who has not slept in days.”

    Through my domain, I instinctively knew that Claude hadn’t been sleeping well in the past half a month. Even without it, you could easily tell.

    Giving a nod Claude got up and left his seat. Heading to the bed he had in a side room made for situations like this when he needs to rest while working. As he went past me, I grab his hand and channelled a bit of my divinity into him as I knew that it would help him sleep better. He looked a bit confused about my actions, but I masked it by loudly pretending to whisper in his ears that he should clean himself up. Because if he did not, Ingrid would leave him for someone that did not look like they had been through a warzone.

    Ingrid having heard what I said, giggled a bit but did not deny it either. Feeling scared that his beloved wife would leave him, he rushed to get himself cleaned up. I honestly felt that he was being silly it was plain to see that Ingrid really loved him and would not leave him for some superficial reason like his looks. I guess when you truly love someone you just cannot help but worry about these things.

    Once Claude left it, was Ingrid turn to fuss over me. She had only been acting like she was not worried while Claude was around, to not stress him even more. Now that he had left Ingrid started to check on whether I was fine.

    After half an hour of fussing, she finally let me go, when Erika informed me that my friends had arrived and were waiting for me in a guest lounge down stairs. We decided that I would go meet my friends first, while Ingrid would wait for Claude to wake up before we gather for lunch as I had something to tell them all.

    Even with seeing me awake and well my friends still bombarded me with their concern all the way until lunch.
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    As lunchtime drew closer, I started to think about how I would explain to everyone about my current situation. I could just straight up tell them I am a goddess. Alternatively, I could recount the whole story as I experienced it, with the latter one making more sense being more subtle. I did not want to shock them too much.

    Whichever way I do it, I have to decide soon, as lunchtime was near. As a person or goddess now, of my words, I must follow through with my decisions.

    While I was talking with my friends, I could feel that Claude had woken up, meaning a maid would soon come to call us for lunch. I still was not completely used to it, but I could feel who was asleep and who was not when I concentrated. It felt a bit creepy to me, so I tried not to think about it too much, but as I was consciously aware that my brother was asleep, it was hard not to think about it. I need to practice more with my newfound domains, before I accidentally find out too much about my brother’s nightlife.

    No sooner had I realised the negative aspects of my rest domain when a maid arrived to inform us that Claude had woken up and lunch would start soon.

    Thus, my friends and I started our way to Claude’s private dining hall. There were multiple dining halls in the main palace, as often, delegates from other countries would stay at the palace and it was often not suitable for them to always eat with the king, so there was a total of five private dining halls with one being located on each guest floor. The top floor which was the floor above us was Claude and Ingrid’s offices, their private rooms, a shared lounge, and the private dining room which we were headed towards.

    Generally, only people with business, either with Claude or Ingrid would be allowed up on this floor but, as Claude’s sister and the Kingdom’s only current heir, it was only right that I could wander freely on this floor. Plus, I did have business with both Claude and Ingrid.

    When we reached Claude’s private dining hall, the maids help pull out the chairs as we sat down. My friends continued to act as if they owned the place, as they had been eating with me daily since they were six and, in that time, often, we would be joined by either Ingrid or Claude, sometimes both, so it had reached the point where they were completely used to royalty. They were not like the extremely careful and scared six-year-old girls.

    But I like them the way they are now. I mean image talking we people who are supposed to be your friends, but they are constantly too scared to say or do anything in case they offend you. No thank you, I would much rather have friends that steal my food than a group of people that would just agree with me, even if I said something that was completely wrong.

    Looking at this group of girls that were complaining about how hungry they were, you would be fooled into thinking that they were a normal group of common little girls. But you would be wrong, these were the ‘noble’ daughters of our lovely kingdom. I wonder if this kingdom is safe having these little girls who are the potential, future leaders of our country. Completely ignored the fact that I often acted in the same way as these girls. I guess the kingdom is fine, as they are all the youngest in their family and they have siblings that have their act together and can inherit their family titles.

    While we were horsing around waiting for the food to arrive, Claude who was looking well-rested as well as Ingrid arrived. Joining us as we joked about silly little things. Once the food arrived, we moved onto a more serious topic about our enrolment at the academy.

    Claude wanted to know whether we wanted to stay at the academy and live in the dorms or travel daily from our homes to the academy as day students. We had already discussed amongst ourselves that we would live in the dorms. It was perfect for us as the dorms were split into small villas that could house eight students and their maids and servants. It was also by far the more convenient option for someone like me who liked to sleep in. While the academy was located near the palaces it was still half an hour by carriage to get there.

    Once we told our plans to Claude, he said he would make sure we were all assigned to the same villa so we could look out for each other. He also told us about his experience there at the academy and about which clubs and societies were good. But for whatever reason, he started to talk about how he met Ingrid there and how they got together. The detains were about to get spicy when Ingrid stabbed a knife into the table and glared at Claude telling him to stop or else there would be consequences. Knowing that he had gone too far he stopped.

    For the rest of lunch, we all ate in silence. Once we were done, I finally got onto the topic as to why I had gathered everyone. I asked that all the maids, servants, and guards leave save for Erika, Gil and Alec.

    When I saw that the doors were closed, I started retelling the story. From the very beginning, of how I was originally not from Arcadia. I told them about Karla raising me on earth and how I died there. They were in disbelief as they had watched me grow up here. I told them to wait until the end as I was getting to that part. After recounting the situation of my rebirth, I explained that when I was reborn, I had my memory suppressed. Because my young mind could not handle it. Going further, I even told them about the god hunters which led to mum giving the young me to the queen of Kar to raise after she had a stillbirth and that the chest was left by Karla and its purpose. With that, I finally reach the present, where I had opened the chest and regained my memories of the past life. As well as how I claimed my domains becoming a real goddess.

    They were stunned for a while after I finished but, Ingrid broke the silence by raising her doubts.

    “Are you even the same person with memories of your past life being back?”

    “I am still the same person, it is more like I can recall things from my past life. How I like to think about it is in this life I learnt how to gain knowledge from someone in the past. I am not any different to the Ayra from before save for gaining a lot of power. There is nothing I can do that can make you guys believe me all I can say is trust me.”

    Claude who had been silent finally told me that he believed me. Our previous banter from before and during lunch had convinced him that I was still the same person. Following that everyone finally accepted the idea that I was not and would not become someone else. They felt relieved that even with my memories, I was still the Arya they knew and loved.

    The one point they did not believe me, was about my abilities as a goddess. Feeling that the only way to resolve this was to change into my goddess form, I resigned myself to my fate of forever being remembered as a magical girl.

    With a thought, my body was covered in a blinding silver light caused by the divine runes covering my body. When they receded, I was no longer wearing the white shirt and plaided skirt from before. I was now wearing the flowy white summer dress that was weaved with my very divinity. My hair also changed into the half up half down braided look.

    Everyone that was looking at me instantly prostrated them before me.

    “Everyone get up what are you guys doing. I’m still the same Ayra don’t just suddenly prostrate before this isn’t what I want.”

    While they stopped prostrating themselves on the ground, no matter what I said, they would not look directly at me. Even if they tried, they could not because of this force I was emitting. Finally realising the problem, I released my goddess form, changing back into what I was wearing previously in another flash of silver runes.

    Once I had returned to normal, they were finally able to look straight at me. I think it was due to my divinity, as I had also felt pressure when all the gods were present, but unlike me, they did not have any divinity to protect themselves from the force. I decided to seal my goddess form for now, until I knew how to control it better or found a way to overcome its effects.

    I was glad that even with this show of power they still were not treating me differently, I guess they were too stuck into their ways and shocked to even start treating me differently. Through my rest domain, I was able to tell that everyone was physically and mentally drained because of this incident. I told everyone to rest even Gil, Alec and Erika, as they were no help to anyone with how tired they were.

    Before everyone went their separate ways, I channelled my divinity into each of them and informing them that it would help them rest better.

    While everyone was resting, I decided to go on a walk alone. With everything that had happened, I felt overwhelmed. While sixteen days had passed for everyone, to me only a few days had gone by. Three days in mums garden and sixteen hours in the divine realm. I needed some alone time to figure things out. Subconsciously, I had made my way to Skoll and Hati the two that had started all this to begin with.

    I found them sleeping by the garden at lily palace stroking their heads. I channelled some divinity into them as well. They instantly showed a comfortable appearance even in their sleep. Noticing that when I channelled divinity into Skoll and Hati silver runes appeared I tried to put more into them, as I felt that something would happen if I did. Following my gut feeling, I channelled my divinity. After a few seconds I stopped and stood back, as I felt that something was about to happen.

    Skoll and Hati still deep in their sleep started to grow from the size of a large dog. They had grew to the size of a horse than a camel before they stopped. All this while they continued to sleep, I could also feel that my connection to them had reached its peak. If I was alive, they too would be alive.

    I felt that was not all. If I so wish for it, they could grow and shrink in size. The fun also did not end there, thinking about how weapons and armour can be stored in accessories, I tried to store Skoll and Hati in my crystal hair accessories. That way we could always be together. I was not worried that they would feel uncomfortable as my instincts told me that it was better for them to be housed there.

    With a woosh of silver, they disappear from before me and had travelled into my crystal hair accessories. Taking them off, I had a look at them, and I could feel that they now contained a trace of divinity. Looking closely at them, there were even some small silver runes they were constantly moving around as if they were alive. I knew the runes read recovery, protection and hardening. So, they housed and protected Skoll and Hati that were inside, while also boosting their natural recovery. Additionally, the hardening rune made it so that the delicate crystal accessories were virtually indestructible.

    Putting them back on, I tried calling Skoll and Hati out in their smaller form that was the size of a large dog. They appeared seamlessly and were awake happy to see me. For the rest of the afternoon, I continued to play with them.

    In the future, I would fondly recall how innocent and carefree I was. Those days of just not caring about anything and just playing around were always so precious.
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    It feels like time always goes faster, when you are having fun. After my little trip to mum’s garden and the divine realm, I just enjoyed my days being with my family and friends. I was grateful that the rapport, we had built up over the years had not changed.

    Claude still treated me as a little sister, even when he found out we were not related. Ingrid still told me off for being unbecoming of my age and status. Erika was still fussy about how I maintained my looks. No scratch that she’s gotten worse. In her words ‘as a goddess, it only makes sense that I was always presentable.’ Gil and Alec still completely thrash me, when we spare, even when I can beat most of the other guards and knights for some reason, I just can’t beat these two.

    Finally, my childhood friends still treat me the most 'normally', and by that, I mean that they still constantly steal my food and are not afraid to bicker with me. Just yesterday when we were discussing about desserts.

    Hilda and I ended up in a heated debate about when was the best time to have dessert. I was on the pro after meal side while Hilda being Hilda would have dessert first. While Hilda and I were having our debate and the rest were distracted by our bickering.

    Catrina the food thief, once again stole all the dessert and stuffed herself silly. Does this girl not have anything to eat at home? Why does she always steal my food? It was only when we started to live together in the dorm, that I found out her family were highly strict on her diet, and did not allow her to have any sweets and snacks outside mealtimes.

    While I was distracted by my numerous thoughts, Erika had finished packing all the things I needed to head to the academy with. We were not taking much, just daily necessities and a few changes of clothes. The academy had its uniform that students were required to wear and everything else was provided.

    Worried that I would be late on the first day of school, Erika started to urge me to stop daydreaming and to head to the carriage that was taking us to the academy. I did not understand why she was in a rush as we had already enrolled a few days pier to the start of school, so we did not need to do that. The villa had already been allocated to us and I had explored it during enrolment, so I knew where it was. Classes did not even start today. There was just an opening ceremony and a little class introduction and that began after lunch. It was currently eight in the morning.

    However, all my protests were ignored, as Erika was simply following Ingrid's orders. Ingrid was going with us as my guardian this time round. I knew I should not have agreed for Ingrid to go with me. In every possible situation, she tries to have me act appropriately. While I love her, and I knew she cared for me as an older sister, but, sometimes it became pretty draining. At least she’s better than Claude, as he got older, he is starting to become more dorkish. I for one am glad he is not going with us today.

    Meeting Ingrid out front, who was already waiting for me on the carriage we set off to the Academy. This would be where I will stay and study for the next three to four years.

    The journey to the academy was completely uneventful. As we were traveling in a carriage marked with the Royal Emblem no one was dumb enough to get in its way. We soon arrived at the gates of the academy. Seeing the royal seal, they quickly let us through without any fuss, while everyone else was still waiting in line.

    Have I ever stated how much I enjoy the privileges of being royalty?

    The carriage driver was already familiar with where my dorm was located so he quickly led the horses in that direction. Arriving at the villa, that would serve as my home for the next few years, I found that none of my friends had arrived. Taking this opportunity, I decide to claim my room before the rest showed up. First come first serve, right?

    After organising a few things in the room with Ingrid and Erika’s help the other girls finally started to show up with their family in tow. However, as they appeared a bit late it would soon be lunchtime, and they still had not organised everything. Is this the reason why Ingrid had me come earlier? If so, you can just tell she has the inner mum all sorted out. Take it from the girl that has the goddess of motherhood as a mum.

    My friends still had not finished sorting out their things before the opening ceremony, so they finally just left it to their maids and headed out with me and Ingrid.

    As I had expected, nothing special happened during the opening ceremony. The various deans and faculty staff went up on stage explaining some things about their courses and classes. As you would expect most of the deans were old and their speeches just went on and on. The exception was this old lady who was the dean of runes and magic technology. She seems like an interesting person and despite her age was still going strong. Her speech was to the point and confirmed many of my thought about a future where information is more easily shared.

    With the opening ceremony, all finished it was now time for the students to gather with their homeroom teachers. There was a total of twenty homeroom classes, with some abuse of authority, my friends and I were placed in the same homeroom which happened to be first-year homeroom class one.

    As this was an academy where even if you’re in an unrelated related course you could join in on the classes that another course run. Some even stayed back after their course had been finished to learn from classes that were unrelated to their course but found useful. This was also what my friends and I were planning to do.

    Separating from our family as they went home, we headed to the main building that all the homerooms were located and easily found our homeroom as it was on the first floor and labelled clearly.

    Taking a seat at the front row as it was the only one, we could all sit together as other students had already taken the seats in the middle of the rows. As the students trickled in the first thing, I noticed was that the average age of the students in attendance to the academy as first-year students was sixteen. The youngest was around twelve and that was only because my friends and I were here, excluding us the youngest was thirteen.

    This was the case because usually the primary education nobles and wealthy families received was made to last until they reach the age of sixteen. At that point, they could do whatever they wanted. But my friends and I had a great governess that taught us efficiently without dragging things one, so we finished our primary education a full four years early.

    Many of the students here in our homeroom also appeared to be nobles. As they easily recognised us and had been glancing at us, for a while now. While I was use to it, Dorothy still did not like it, as the youngest and shyest person in our group, she often did not like being in the spotlight. Noticing her dilemma Caitlyn more commonly referred to as Lyn, being the oldest took it upon herself to tell everyone off, and that it was not nice to stare at people.

    Being told off by someone younger than them, some of the spoilt nobles could not stand it, but they stopped when their friends whispered into their ears while glancing at me. They were clearing being told of my status as the royal princess. Those that did not know about me and my friends, were most likely children of minor nobles or upstarts. While I had nothing against these people their arrogance really surprised me. They were almost as bad as my friends and I. That’s saying something as we were as high ranked in the food chain as one could be.

    Once the staring had died down a bit, the homeroom teacher finally arrived. He was fairly young to be a teacher, maybe younger than Claude, but his heavy eye bags and overall haggard and unkempt appearance made him seem much older. He introduced himself as Professor Ian, and the class he taught was monster biology as well as the Knight introductory classes.

    Taking out a class list, he went through all our names. When he reached mine there was a noticeable commotion. My full name was Ayra Asteri Kar. While the name Ayra was a common enough name, Asteri was only used in the names of the heir to the throne of Kar. Once I was named the heir, even if Claude had children, they would not be able to succeed him unless I abdicated from my position as heir. The last name of Kar was self-explanatory, I was a member of the Kar royal family end of story.

    They only got louder when I raised my hand, indicating I was present. Even the homeroom teacher had taken a few glances at me.

    When the homeroom teacher finally got through the class list by my count of fifty students, he had everyone get up and took us on a tour of the campus. Like a tour guide herding his tourist around, he showed us various places. While I had already been around the campus and had a look around, having a guide to tell you where everything was, its purpose and the best ways to get from A to B was much appreciated.

    However, the thing I was most interested in was the Clubs and Societies that he showed us. For an academy that did not even have more than three thousand students, having more than three hundred different clubs and societies seemed a bit overkill.

    When I asked Professor Ian about the issue, he explained that students could be in multiple clubs and societies at once. However, it is not without its limits. Clubs and societies must elect a leader or chair and there must be a minimum of five students in each otherwise the society would be disbanded. The minimum requirements for clubs was even stricter, and a minimum of ten students had to be regular attendees and they had to be active weekly or they would also be disbanded or demoted to a society.

    He further explained that the system was not perfect, but it helped to reduce the number of clubs and societies. It was done this way because clubs and societies receive recourse and funds to help them conduct their activities. Societies did not receive many funds but were officially recognised as an official program by the academy. This meant that they could use the facilities for their activities if no one else was already using them. Clubs had even more benefits in that they had their designated location where they could conduct their activities and had priority in applying for facilities, to conduct their activities.

    While it was impossible to go through all the clubs and societies, Professor Ian did take us to the most popular ones. The first one we visited was the Large scale warfare club which as you could guess was a gathering of students in the combat-related courses to practice large scale group combat. Most of the people in my class were also interested in this one as we were all part of the knight course. My friends and I were most likely going to join it as while we were experienced in one-on-one duels often battles and wars involve large scale conflicts. The experience we could gain here was invulnerable.

    The seconds one we visited surprisingly was not a combat-related club or society. If I had to put a name to it, I would call it a petting zoo, but they apparently called it the club for the weary student. I can understand where they are coming from with all the fluffy and cute animals and magic beasts, but surely, they could have come up with a better name. While I might not join as a member of the club, I could definitely see myself visiting it often.

    Moving onto the next destination we arrived at combat-related society, which was the hunting society. While it had many members the society was only active once a month as they usually had to travel around and it often involved staying overnight. So, their activities were limited to weekends as to not clash with classes.

    I preferred sleeping in a comfy bed than to going out and sleeping rough, so this one was not for me, but Chandre who was fond of hunting and the great outdoors was sure to join. I may go with her and keep her company, but I was still undecided. The same was true with the other girls.

    The last one we visited was not a real club, but the student council which oversaw promoting student welfare and hosting large scale activities. The current president was an easy-going girl in her late teens, by the name of Amelia. She explained that if we ever wanted something that the academy was missing, we could always come to the student council, and they can try to make it possible. She also encouraged us to join the student council if we did not want to join a club, even if we did, we could still be on the council while being in a club. I think I would pass on this one it did not seem like my kind of gig.

    We finally headed back into our homeroom after walking around all afternoon. Here Ian told us to elect two class representatives, he explained that anyone can nominate themselves or someone else. I could already see myself being pushed into the position and boy was I right.
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    As I predicted, even though I did not nominate myself I got chosen as a representative. Louise dug a pit for me by nominating me and guess what when it came to voting time who gets the most votes. Obviously, I dragged her down with me. If I was going to suffer might as well have the traitor suffer with me right. You know what they say, 'keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer'. She was both, so I guess she’s sticking with me. Guess what, Louise got the second most votes. So, my little revenge paid off.

    While being the two of the youngest in our class, we both ended up as the class reps. With all the business out of the way professor Ian, finally dismissed the class. Many students stayed behind to talk to their friends but because my friends and I were living in the same villa and we did not know anyone here, we did not feel the need to stay here.

    When we headed back to the villa, the maids had finished organising everything and prepared some snacks for us to eat. While eating we talked about the clubs and societies that we might join. After we returned to our homeroom professor Ian had handed out a list of all the clubs and societies. Having looked through it most of the clubs and societies were similar but were focused on different things like combat systems and various weapons or hobby clubs that included various board games and cultural clubs that involved many different customs from different countries. As diverse as they were I didn’t find anyone club or society that I particularly liked save for the large-scale warfare club.

    Different from me, my friends were interested in a few different clubs. I decided to check out the various clubs with them to see the clubs in action. As it was still early in the afternoon and there was still sometime before dinner, we started to have a look at the clubs that the girls were interested in.

    Starting with Dorothy's choice, we went to the tea ceremony class. The club room was fairly large, and members would change into culturally appropriate attires when they conducted the ceremonies. We found that it was a highly serious club that did not just consider their attires, but also how they presented themselves, how they got ready, how the room was laid out and the snacks that went with the teas, everything was considered. In the end, Dorothy joined as she was interested in these things, but Catrina also ended up joining, because of the snacks that they had. I hope they teach her some manners regarding not stealing other people’s food.

    Next, we went with Hilda’s choice, which was not just one club but a group of hobby clubs involving various board games. This seemed interesting enough if I was bored and had nothing to do, I might have a few games but considering the eight childhood friends I was now living with, I could just play with one of them. Hilda seemed to like the club though, maybe she was just bored of playing with us and wanted to play with other people for a change.

    We decided to stop here for the day and continue exploring after classes tomorrow. This was because we wanted to try out the food from the canteen. There was also a kitchen in the villa that we could use to cook. That is what we did for lunch, as we were eating with our family. Now considering we are eating by ourselves, we might as well try the food on offer here at the canteen. I had semi-high expectations for the food here. This was a school for the rich and influential after all.

    As we arrived before dinner there were not many people around, we did not even need to wait in line to order. We each ordered something different to try out as many things as possible. The person who took our order was not some ordinary canteen lady, but a professional waitress. With the service being up to scratch, I now had even higher expectations for the food. The food was also expensive, so I hope it was worth it.

    After taking our order we receive a table number and headed to a table that was in way from the entrance and the canteen ordering windows. While we waited for the food, hungry students started to show up. When another waitress brought our food on a food trolley.

    As Ingrid had often commented, we were carnivores, so most of the food we ordered was meat, but we made sure to order some veggies too. I know that it is not scientifically proven or anything, but this is another world. I may be the goddess of youth, but I do not want to have a flat chest for the rest of my life or eternity.

    After dinner, we played a few board games Hilda had brought with her before turning in early for the night. I did not forget to channel my divinity into them before returning to our rooms to help them sleep better.

    In the morning I was once again woken up, by Erika to get ready for the day. Running on autopilot, I got ready and had a small breakfast made by the maids and head to class with the other girls.

    Today was the first day of real classes. I was wondering if it would be different to the things I learnt with general Harlow. As this was the knight course, we were in we had to attend the core subjects in the morning and only in the afternoon did we had free time to attend the course of other classes or attend club and society activities.

    The very first class we had today was an introductory class on chivalry. To sum it all up it was simply just, do not needlessly cause harm to others, strive to do good, to respect others and those sorts of things. We had to pass the exam before we could start any official combat training. I could tell that some people in this class were not going to pass the exam next week. I found that it was a logical system, as it got the students to learn respect before they pick up a weapon and start hurting someone.

    The first day of official classes ended smoothly even though a few students had slept through the class, they did not distract anyone else. Hence, after having lunch in the canteen, we once again went club hunting. Anna and Louise joined a sword art technique research club. Lyn joined the petting zoo that had my seal of approval, I mean the ‘club for the weary student’ and Chandre joined two clubs which were the hunting club and the camping club.

    In the end, everyone but I found a club to join. While I was happy to join anyone of them to accompany my friends, it did not seem right for me to join a club that I was not going to attend seriously. I was going to join the large-scale warfare club, but that only ran once a week, and I would have nothing to fill in the gaps in my schedule for the rest of the week.

    It was getting late, but I was still undecided about which club I would join. I wanted to join a club before the chivalry exam next week as I would be too tired to go around campus club hunting after combat training started.

    Looking out the window, I saw the bright full moon in the night sky completely unobstructed by any clouds. Closing my eyes as I sat on the windowsill, leaning against the window. Throughout the past few weeks, I had found out that my divinity dramatically increased during the night and decreased again during the day. It was not as if I had no divinity when the sun was up, just weaken.

    As I sat there under the radiance of the moon, I observed an interesting spectacle. I could see a ring of light forming around the moon. In that instant, I heard the faint voice of a child speaking to someone.

    Focusing on my divinity, I tried to amplify the sound. Still unable to hear it too clearly, but it was better than before. I transformed into my goddess form as it was only then, I could freely use my divinity. I could finally hear what the child was saying.

    “Oh, merciful goddess of the moon, the patron goddess of children and all thing innocent, if you can hear me, please protect daddy. Monsters have been attacking more and more frequently, and daddy has been sent to fight the monsters. He has been gone for a long time now. I really hope he can be safe. Please goddess Ayra, I beg you keep father safe.”

    While it was the first time, I felt a prayer, I instantly knew what it was. Following the traces, I tried to find the child who had prayed to me, asking for help, with my divinity. From the voice of the child, I would assume she was four or five years old.

    When I finally located her against expectations, I found a young baby that was barely two years old sleeping peacefully in between a woman and a man I would assume were her parents. I was highly confused. From the prayer, this child had asked for help in protecting her father, but he was right there. Additionally, I could tell that the baby had been asleep for hours now. She could not have prayed to me.

    The more I thought about it, the more puzzled I got. Feeling more and more confused I decided to ask mum for help. Sending my divine intent to her, I asked her if she was free, and we whether we could speak right now. She confirmed and instantly I was able to talk freely with her in my mind.

    “Mum, I have a problem.”

    “What is it?”

    “I received my first prayer today, but the child who prayed to me was not old enough to do so and the prayer itself did not make any sense.”

    Unloading everything onto her, I spoke of how strange the prayer was. Hearing a laugh from mum’s end I became even more confused, but she didn’t keep me there for long and quickly explained.

    “If my guess is right, and I am ninety percent sure that I am. What you experienced was not a prayer. Or at least is not one yet. I think you may have unwittingly claimed the domain of prophecies from another god. Do not worry he is long gone now. He was killed in the struggles between the greater demons and the gods. It is a good thing if you ask me as it will strengthen your existence.”

    For the next hour, mum explained to me that it was common for deities related to the moon to have prophetical abilities. It is just that I took it a step further and became the goddess of prophecies. I found the ability interesting and wanting to experiment a bit with it. Mum stopped me as she warned me that it was a double-edged sword. While prophecies showed what could happen in the future in one of the many possible futures working against the shown prophecy could great disturbances to the world. These disturbances ranged from losing prophetic abilities for some time to world-ending apocalyptic events right out of a dystopian fantasy. Many worlds had apparently fallen due to working against prophecies.

    Knowing that even when I knew what would happen in the future, I couldn’t change it for the better left a bad taste in my mouth. While I wasn’t a self-proclaimed hero or anything I did try to be a good person. Hearing that the future prayer of a young child begging me for help but being limited in what I could do hit me.

    After my talk with mum, I continued to sit on the wall thinking about my past and present life. I thought about my actions and about whether I had strived to do good. I realised that in this life while I had never intentionally caused permanent stress or harm to anyone. I hadn’t exactly tried to help anyone either.

    Having experienced life on earth I should have known that simply being a bystander and not doing anything in a situation could often mean they were adding to the problem. I was a part of the problem. A problem that many people face every day but are either too busy with their own lives in their own world to care or not bothering to care in the first place. There are so many issues that the world faces but no one is willing to take the first step to help.

    That night I realised many things about myself and what I wanted to do with my life. I realised that I was in a position of power and what I did could make a lasting consequence. I confirmed that tragedy and misfortune were not something that should dictate people’s lives. Having my priorities straight I continued long into the night grasping onto an idea and an ideal that would one day grow and take form as one of the most influential organisations in the whole of Arcadia. For now, it would simply be an idea and an ideal in the minds of a young goddess.
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    I updated the cover what do you guys think?
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    The first week of school quickly ended without much difficulty. On this fine Saturday morning, I had woken up without the assistant of Erika for the first time in a while. It was because I was excited for the large-scale warfare that would be hosted in the aptly name Conflict Valley behind the academy grounds.

    My friends were equally as excited as me if not more so. We had been limited to only studying theory in class for the past week and itching to have a good all-out brawl. I was also hopeful that I could find out the average skill level of these students before the combat classes started.

    Summoning Skoll and Hati out I attached a custom-made harness to them and attached it to a large modified open-top carriage. Before leaving for the academy, I had specifically instructed some skilled craftsmen and rune mages to work together to make this carriage I had designed. I was intending for Skoll and Hati to pull us in the carriage to Conflict Valley. Think about how shocked some of the students would be when they saw the two large Sky Wolves coming towards them. Just thinking about it made me smile.

    Ignoring my derpy smile my friends silently got onto the carriage. As soon as everyone had gotten onto the carriage, I made a final check of the harness and equipment to make sure everything was safe. When I was sure that it was safe, I had Hati and Skoll move out quickly increasing the pace.

    As Skoll and Hati accelerated the wind was starting to mess up my hair so I remembered to activate the runes on the carriage that would put up a minor wind barrier that stopped the wind from blowing directly into us. Observing that the minor wind barrier had indeed been fully deployed I ask my friends if they had put on their seat belts.

    Confirming that they had secured themselves to the carriage I gave Skoll and Hati the command.

    “To the sky.”

    In complete synchrony Skoll and Hati leapt off the grounds and started running through the sky as easily as they had on the ground. As we passed the academy buildings many students on the ground had frozen in place as they saw us flew by.

    Sitting in the back my friends started laughing and point at the people on the ground who had minor accidents due to being distracted by our appearance. Urged on by my friends’ laughers I did a lap around the whole academy before heading back on course to our destination.

    Like the students back at the academy, a few of the senior students that had arrived early to Conflict Valley to prepare for the event were equally shocked at our appearance more specifically Skoll and Hati’s appearance.

    The student council president Amelia, who had come to supervise this event had even commented that if this was a real war and I showed up with Skoll and Hati the enemy would instantly have their morale lowered while simultaneously boosting my allies. She added it was sad that the carriage couldn’t be used in this valley and that it would be better if I had a war chariot made as well.

    Winking at her, I continued to disconnect the carriage from Skoll and Hati. Curious about what I was about to do Amelia wanted to ask but ended up not saying anything and just silently watched me. With the carriage finally disconnected from Skoll and Hati a few of the curious senior had gathered beside Amelia and my friends as they observed what I was doing.

    Standing at the right side of the carriage by the wheel I activated a few runes. When I designed this carriage, I had designed it so that it could be stored conveniently and be used in all situations and terrains as I was going to use it in battle and various situations. It was safe to carriages don’t belong on the battlefield as they were large and not particularly mobile. A war chariot on the other hand was much more mobile but could not usually move in rocky terrain. However, this was not an issue for me. I had Skoll and Hati who could fly. This was why I had designed the carriage to not only be used as transportation for groups of people, but also as a weapon of war.

    As the runes on the carriage took effect shining in a mesmerising blue colour the open-top carriage started to morph into the shape of a chariot than shrinking in size but could still carry two fully arm warriors.

    Fitting the now full transformed chariot onto Skoll and Hati. I turned to Amelia, I showed off my war chariot like a young child.

    “You were saying.”

    “I was saying that with this chariot your enemies would easily be crushed in a war but remember today you will be fighting a practice battle so make sure you grab a practice weapon from the stand. I don’t want you to hurt someone while you’re moving at high on that chariot.”

    Stating that I understood I headed to the stands and grab two practice spears with a cloth wrapped around the tip, bow and quiver of wooden arrows that were also wrapped in cloth. In these large-scale practice battles, they would often dip the weapon in paint so that they could mark that someone had been wounded without injuring someone, but as they still hadn’t allocated me to a group yet, so I had to wait.

    With the students slowly arriving at Conflict Valley I received many curious glances, but I guess it’s not as impactful when Skoll and Hati are on the ground. I’m sure they will be shocked when they start flying.

    When about half the students had arrived a member of the student council came and informed me that I had been assigned as one of the two commanders and was to oversee the blue legion.

    I had been expecting that I would be made a commander at some point as I was a member of the royal family, and it wouldn’t be appropriate if I was made a common warrior. But it was completely out of my expectation that I was instantly made the commander on my first time. I could understand making me an officer but being a commander was not part of my current skill sets.

    Now that it had been decided all I could do was accept it and lead the only way I know how, by example. I got onto my chariot and head to the base that had been allocated as the blue legion base. There was already about a hundred people that had gathered there when I arrived.

    Seeing them just standing around I started my plan of action. I had a group of ten people that were holding practice spears to guard the entrance to the base and inform those that came to gather where I was. I had gathered the people that were in the adventurer course to prepare and to head out and scout the area documenting things like how the ground was, visibility around various areas particularly blind spots, and available hiding places. I requested all the people that were experienced as officers to come find me as they would continue to serve in those roles. The rest were to distribute the paint to everyone.

    There were more than a few that didn’t like listening to the commands of a twelve-year-old but if the commander’s patch I was wearing on my full plate armour didn’t convince them my name as Princess Ayra Asteri Kar did. As the final group of people arrived here, I noticed that only Louise, Lyn and Chandre were in my group the rest were in the red legion.

    For today’s battle, it was a simple battle to annihilation where both sides sort to incapacitate the other’s legion to force a surrender. It was in no way a battle where both sides fought to the last person or to capture all targets.

    The senior with experience as an officer gathered around me explained how these battles usually were fought. I had an idea, but their words helped me confirm my beliefs. The first commander to take control over and prepare their legion would have an advantage over the opposing side.

    The group that I had sent out to scout the area had returned briefly after I had finish understanding how these battles usually were. Checking the map that was not to scale I found that various places would serve as good ambush positions.

    Now that I had an understanding of the battlefield, we were at I quickly started organising everyone into their preferred weapon and combat style. I had all the knight course students that were on horseback to gather separately as they would serve as the cavalry.

    Everyone else what split into crews of three to four-member with that included at least one student from the adventurer course to serve as a scout, at least one member from the knight course proficient with a sword or spear and at least one student proficient with a bow.

    In their group of three to four, they would make up a crew that was the smallest military unit Kar used.

    Three of these crews coming together would make up a squad that would be under an inexperienced officer. I had placed Louise, Lyn and Chandre as officers into these formations to give them experience as officers.

    Two of these squads would come together to form a patrol. And would be under an experienced officer.

    Finally, four patrols would make up a platoon and would be led by a more experienced officer. These platoons would be our largest infantry formation.

    I currently had five officers that had experience commanding infantry platoons. Four were allocated to command a platoon each the last one was left to command half of the cavalry, serving as the light cavalry while I commanded the other half serving as the heavy cavalry.

    With the legion having finally established a chain of command I started by sending out the light cavalry around the base to serve as scouts and early warning as to their main mission. They were also tasked with slowing down and harassing the enemy force with ranged hit and run tactics as well as any other skirmishing tactics at their disposal. Their main targets included strategic assets such as cavalry and ranged troops. However, if they were outmatched, they were to retreat immediately as their main role was still to serve as a skirmish force.

    I then boldly position two of my infantry platoons one on each side of the valley walls and had them wait on standby until the enemy showed up. Where they were then tasked to break off into crews of three to four and similarly adopt a hit and run tactic. These troops would serve as the main screening forces and would be set to support both the light cavalry that had been sent ahead and the main force that was still getting ready as well as to guard our flank.

    Our main force which was composed of two infantry platoons and two patrols worth of heavy cavalry were getting ready in front of our base it was a risky move as we would essentially be leaving our base defenceless in the event of a defensive battle, but this wasn’t a normal defensive battle but a battle of annihilation. This was why I was trying to use skirmishing tactics to disrupt the enemy’s main forces without tiring out my main force.

    If my forces were still overwhelmed, I still had the heavy cavalry. I didn’t have a lot of heavy cavalries, but they serve well as shock troops. Giving time for the main infantry force to reform itself.

    No sooner had we finished preparing and giving instructions to the main forces than a member of the light cavalry informed us that they had located the enemies’ main forces that were marching on us and had started to engage them with their bow and arrow. While they started the march of their main forces before us it could be seen that their commander wasn’t a very strategic-minded person. It was estimated that the enemy had suffered serious losses to their cavalry as they were not well organised and were just clumped together by their roles as archers, cavalry, light and heavy infantry which was the standard practice that was common to many countries including Kar.

    This gave us a serious advantage as the enemy now had a crippled cavalry. Hopefully, the light cavalry can keep this up, so it won’t even need to come down to the head-on collision between the main forces.

    As the battle progressed and messengers came and went it could be seen that the enemy had started to retaliate by having their archers mingle with their heavy infantry and pre-emptively firing their arrows before our light cavalry could reach them stopping their assault.

    Analysing all the information I had received so far it was safe to say that over that the enemy main force composed of around five hundred troops including all those that had been ‘killed’ this meant that there were still around two hundred troops specifically light infantry troops that were unaccounted for. It was most likely that like me they had been sent to flank us and were along the valley walls.

    Knowing all this I order for the light cavalry to retreat behind the main force and rest for now. I ordered for the main forces to start their march forward and that the two screening platoons were to be wary of the enemy flanking us.

    All my guesses on the enemy approach had come true. The flanks on both sides had engaged with the enemy’s light infantry troops that were surprised to see us. They really were underestimating me for being young. The two infantry platoons easily repelled the enemy’s light infantry.

    Before us in the open valley I could see the enemy main force approaching us it looked like the light infantry sent to flank us had re-joined their ranks and like us that had opted to not guard their bases as their numbers wouldn’t suggest it.

    When we were around two hundred away from each other both legions stopped and held their formation. A tall male in full plate armour with a commander’s patch riding on a horse move forward to stand before his troops with what remained of his cavalry forces. I could imagine what he wanted to do. He was most likely trying to go for an all-out final charge.

    However, it looked like I would have to disappoint them. Having Skoll and Hati move forward before the blue legion I was intending to use Skoll and Hati to disrupt their charge and I was more than seventy percent sure that it would work even if I was alone.

    When the enemy commander ordered the charge, I had Skoll and Hati also move out pulling my chariot along with them.

    Animals like horses were called animals because they did not possess the magic crystals or cores in their body. This meant that they couldn’t use magic. Unlike normal animals, magic beasts could use magic as they had magic crystals and cores in them. Today I would once again demonstrate the difference between magic beasts and normal animals.

    As Skoll and Hati charged at the enemy they let out a booming roar which caused the enemy horses to be worked up into a complete frenzy.

    Take this opportunity I place an arrow onto the bow and drew it to the limit aiming at the enemy commander. There were two ways to win in this battle the ‘death’ of the enemy commander or the enemy commander concedes. As I let the arrow loose, I quickly drew another arrow and prepared to fire it. As expected, the enemy commander was no slouch, he easily got his horse back under control and deflected the arrow. Moving onto my other targets I hit three other cavalry members before the enemy commander reach me.

    Throwing my bow at him, I grabbed my spear stabbed towards him. Slash my bow in half he continued to parry my swear. While I had the advantage in range with my spear it was clear that I was losing out in mobility fighting on the back of a chariot. Thus, I jumped onto Hati’s back and decisively cut the cord that was attached to the chariot to Hati. Leaving Skoll to pull the now empty chariot alone.

    Now that I was on Hati’s back I had regained my mobility and continued my duel with the enemy commander. Usually, a horse had better speed and endurance than a wolf. But that was a normal wolf, against Hati who was larger, faster and had more agility the enemy’s horse was also starting to tire out as it was carrying someone with a large build in full armour and itself was covered in lamellar armour becoming ever so slightly slower.

    I continued to rain down strikes on the enemy commander adopting the fire form that would make even Anna proud. Behind me I could hear the enemy cavalry trying to out maneuverer our infantry but were destined to be disappointed as we had adopted a clear chain of command, they quickly repealed the enemy.

    Encouraged by their success I renewed my onslaught of spear strikes adding in swings and slashes to limit the enemy’s movement. Seeing that he was at a disadvantage here he called for the charge of his main force. Similarly, I also called for my full force to charge including the two infantry platoons that had been guarding our flank to surround the enemy forces moving from their defensive role to that of an offensive role.

    After what seemed like hours but was just a quarter of an hour had passed the enemy commander and I were still in a deadlock, but different from the blue legion his forces had completely fallen into disarray. I reminded him that it was time to surrender as his forces had no hope of winning now.

    Unconvinced he push my spear away and charge me with his sword no longer holding back.

    Twirling the spear around using the force of his parry I smacked it into his head using the end wrapped in cloth knocking him off his horse and out cold.

    Someone from the blue legion had called out loudly causing the battle to end.

    “Commander Ayra has slain the enemy Commander Ryan. The blue legion has won!”

    Finally, I had won. Against a vastly more experienced enemy, I had won. Using tactics and strategies that I had never learnt if I had led the blue legion to victory. Overjoyed I cheered at our victory along with the other member of the blue legion.

    From this battle, I gained confidence and newfound knowledge of my ability as a commander. But I also started a legend. A legend that would be told for many generations to come.
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    It was now Monday morning, two days after my triumphant victory in the epic clash between the two legions.

    Word had been spread all over the academy, with newsof my victory and use of unconventional tactics. Additionally, someone had even gone around talking about how much of a beauty I was.

    Currently, there was still a few minutes before homeroom started. Nonetheless, there were people still gathered outside our door, looking into our classroom trying to get a look at the main character of the story. While I did admit that I was cute and could easily be considered attractive, but I was still twelve for goodness’ sake are these people all inclined to have weird thoughts about a twelve-year-old. I wanted to just hide in my bed, but we had our chivalry exam today. So, I couldn't just miss it.

    The students only left when Professor Ian shooed them away as class was about to start, but even then, he didn’t forget to congratulate me on my ‘fabulous victory’.

    As we had an exam to do he didn’t linger on the topic and started to take attendance. Everyone had shown up to the exam as you would expect for being such an important one that could determine whether they could pick up a weapon in this course.

    Professor Ian started to explain the rules under which we had to complete this exam. He also reminded us that if we failed this once we could try again a second time but if we still failed the exam after the second time we would be kicked out and would have to try again with the next cohort that started later this year.

    Once he had finished explaining what we had to do he called Louise and I up to help him hand out the exams as class reps. I was getting the feeling that the role of the class rep was essentially just helping the teachers do the odd tasks.

    Nonetheless, as a model student I performed the task that was expected of me and quickly handed out the exams to the participants and returned to my seat waiting for Professor Ian to start the exam.

    Overall, the questions in the exam were easy as they were multiple choice. But there were many questions that you had to do. In the two-hour exam, we were expected to complete all two hundred questions. That meant we had far less than a minute to complete each question. However, having graduated from a prestigious university in my previous life these types of exams weren’t too unexpected.

    After the exam, we were dismissed and informed that we would be told of our results tomorrow. While it was still early and only eleven o’clock, we decide to have lunch in the canteen now anyways as to avoid the lunchtime crowds.

    Some of the students had similar ideas as us as they followed us as we went to the canteen. Along the way, we often received curious glances. It was either because of my unusual silver hair or because of the rumours that had been going around. I would say, it was most likely a factor of both.

    Ignoring all of it, we just ordered our food and sat in our usual corner and eat while quietly talking about various things we would do after lunch. Dorothy and Catrina were heading to the tea ceremony club while Anna, Louise and Chandra were going to the sword art technique research club. This just left Lyn, Hilda, and I without anything to do. Hilda could have gone to the board game clubs to kill time, but she had already been there for the last couple of days, so she opted to spend some time with Lyn and I.

    Over the past week, I still hadn’t been able to find a club that I was interested in joining other than the large-scale warfare club. Rather than just joining a club for the sake of joining a club, I opted to take it slowly and just slowly find the right club.

    So today, I was going with Lyn and Hilda to have a look at the modern spear arts club. As I usually preferred the spear over a sword, I had looked at a few spear related clubs but they weren’t my style. I was hoping that this would be the one as it was the only spear related club I hadn’t been to yet.

    Arriving at one of the many training yards located around the academy I found the modern spear art club. They were training and experimenting with various techniques. They all seemed to be different from the other clubs.

    The moves they used however were flashier but also had less substance in them than in other clubs. I was already thinking that this club was also a mistake. However, I still decided to go up to them and see whether this was just them playing around or they really were all style and no substance.

    I don't know what I had been expecting.

    Five minutes later I left the training ground with Lyn and Hilda furious. Those morons from the modern spear art club had the nerves to tell me that I had no idea about their greatness after I confronted them. Even when I defeated all of them, they still insisted that it was due to luck. Is there seriously something wrong with their brain.

    I could see why they only had the bare minimum number of active participants. They were practically just a joke and probably formed the club so that they could have an area to themselves.

    Seeing how furious I was, Lyn led me to the club for the weary student. After bearing my face in the soft fleece of a magical beast that looked like a bright pink alpaca and screamed out my rage, I felt much better. The pink alpaca unconcerned with my behaviour continued to munch on the carrots that Hilda and Lyn were treating it to.

    After having experience, the power of the magical alpaca, I no longer thought of the name for this club as silly. The power of the alpaca is truly fearsome. But before long my attention had already been taken away by another creature.

    The creature that had caught my attention was this blue rabbit that sitting on the head of another magical alpaca that was sleeping. Noticing my gaze, Lyn explained to me that the blue rabbit was a dream rabbit. Like me, they could help other creatures sleep better. In the wild, they would protect themselves by making predators fall asleep, if they were trying to harm them.

    However, here at the club for the weary student they just help the other magic beast and animals sleep better as well as the occasional weary student.

    Having already arrived here for the rest of the afternoon Hilda and I played with, I mean helped Lyn and the other club member look after the magic beasts and animals. We only left late into the afternoon when the other club member started to leave. I could completely understand why people would stay here for hours on end. If we could turn their cutes into a weapon, all wars would be instantly over and won. However, these magical beasts and animals tended to be timid, so it wasn’t right to bring them onto the battlefield.

    When we finally got back to the villa everyone had already returned. After having a light dinner, we played a few games that Hilda had borrowed on the way back from her clubs.

    I wasn’t usually invested in board games but this one truly intrigued me it was that it was a game like chess, but it also heavily depended on luck. It was highly stressful for anyone who likes to be in control. The game was like chess was divided into different pieces and you could only move once per turn but unlike chess, you would choose a piece that could move and would roll a six-sided dice and that number would determine how many spots that piece can move. If any enemy pieces are in the way you could take it like in chess. If you reach the end of the board, you could also choose to stay there or start moving backwards.

    Playing this game, stressed me out but for people like Anna, who has a straightforward personality, that didn’t like to think too hard about things, it was a fun game.

    That night I had a dream about falling under the control of Anna like the pieces in the board game. But luckily for me, a pink alpaca came to my rescue. Saving me from the tyranny under Anna's abnormal luck.

    Another simple day passed by, uneventfully at the academy.

    The next morning Professor Ian was handing out the results for the exam we did yesterday. My friends and I all passed with flying colours. With none of us losing any marks and receiving two hundred out of two hundred. However, as predicted not everyone passed. Those that didn’t pay attention during class failed. He further explained the questions that people often got wrong.

    Once professor Ian was done explaining everything, he took away all the students that had failed and started remedial classes. A hardy looking man in plate armour showed up and took his place introducing himself.

    “Good morning, young prospective knights. I am Owen Lawson a knight under the order of the silver wolf. You may call me Sir Lawson. I am going to be your main knight training instructor and will be taking over from Professor Ian who taught you the introductory component of this knight course. Now I know all of you are excited about being able to finally be able to pick up a weapon and receive official knight training, but the weapon of a knight should be kept away at the best of times. You must all remember the things you have learnt under Professor Ian. If I ever find out that any one of you have worked against the chivalry code and acted in a less than honourable way, I will personally kick you out of this course and academy. The duty of a knight, first and foremost is to protect. If you cannot do this, then I ask you to leave now.”

    The room was silent, but no one got up to leave. Glancing around the room his eyes linger over my group for a bit but continued soon after.

    “Good all of you stayed if any of you left, I would have been disappointed. Class representatives stand up and report.”

    “Sir Lawson, Knight candidate Ayra Asteri Kar of class one reporting.”

    “Sir Lawson, similarly, Knight candidate Louise Adams of class one reporting.”

    “Good. Excellent posture and firm replies. This is the standard I expect. Even if you are a child of a high ranking noble or in knight candidate Ayra’s case, a princess here, you will be just a knight candidate. Your achievements won’t be from your birthright but from your hard work. Knight candidate Ayra I heard you performed wonderfully as a commander during club activities. You will become the commander of class one, do you accept?”

    “Yes, Sir Lawson.”

    “Knight candidate Louise you will serve as her vice commander, do you accept?”

    Louise similarly accepted.

    “Good. Now everyone follow me, I will now take you to the training ground that where I expect to meet you after homeroom every day.”

    After we headed to the training yard Sir Lawson grouped us into various ability groups and sent us to another instructor that would instruct us according to our level. My friends and I were placed in the highest level along with three other boys who were in their mid-teens. Our instructor was an old knight that had clearly seen better days, as he had scars all over his callused hands.

    Without batting an eye in finding he had eight little girls that weren’t even thirteen in his class, he asked us about our preferred weapon. He further told us to bring them tomorrow, as we would start training with them as we were well past the point of gaining experience using wooden training weapons.

    Soon after lunchtime arrived, we were dismissed for the day. That evening my friends and I were excited that we would finally be allowed to use our real weapons and armour for a change started to personally check on and maintained them.
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    After homeroom those who had passed their exam headed to the training groups where we would head off to train with our respective instructors. My friends and I went with the old knight. From yesterday who we still didn’t know the name of.

    While his name was still a mystery to us, we soon found out that his skills were no mystery. No matter which weapon he took up, he was as equally proficient in each of them. Different from a jack of all trades master of none, he was more of an omnipotent weapons master. Many of the flaws that were in our forms and habits were weeded out in a short morning’s time.

    My friends and I had a noticeable difference in our ability levels. While we had improved greatly under general Harlow’s training, he was in the end a general, in other words, he was an officer before he was a warrior.

    Our mysterious instructor on the other hand, could easily be identified as a warrior through his callused and steady hand from years of training and being on the frontlines. I was guessing that he must have been from the order of the silver wolf, because they were the ones that usually went to the front lines to fight while royal knights tended to stay near the capital and were only deployed when the situation was direr.

    Even when the royal knights are deployed, they usually serve as officers and rarely do they directly boost the ranks of our country’s forces. It was commonly known that royal knights were your choice in finding a commanding officer, and wolf knights were the way to go when you need to fight alongside someone in the front lines.

    Time went by, as we went to knight training in the morning and attended electives in the afternoon. Even though I wasn’t actively participating in club activities after classes I found that my time was being used up by various activities.

    Whether it was studying monster biology under Professor Ian or studying battle tactics under Sir Lawson, all of them gave so much homework we had to do. Even when we had a week to do them, I felt like I had gone back to my university days where I was free one moment and swamped the next with all my assignments due at the same time. The plus side was that because I only had these two electives for the first trimester and only had the one club to go to, I was still fine. I was busy for sure but not stressed in a bad way. Unlike some of the other students that I had gotten to know.

    Some of those students even stopped going to their club activities completely or dropped out of electives to find time to complete their allocated tasks. I help those that I could, by summarising notes and explaining parts that they couldn’t understand, but usually they were just so swamped and didn’t even have time to go through those notes.

    I guess this is why so many students stay back after their time at the academy is supposed to be over, because they still had things that they want to learn, but because it would cause them additional stress, they opted to defer those electives.

    As my friends and I were a few years younger, than the other students and couldn’t become a knight or an adventure before we turned sixteen under normal circumstances. We were working under a lower load as we were only taking a few electives at a time.

    Having just finished knight training with the mysterious instructor, my friends were getting ready to go to their clubs but because I didn’t have a club to go to, I opted to stay and train with the mysterious instructor until lunchtime.

    At first, because I didn’t know his name, I found it hard to call out to him and ask for advice but now it didn’t bother me anymore. I would just call him Sir instructor like all the other students, in my group. During these two months, he had been instructing us, he had identified that I was by far more agile and flexible than the others. He believed that I would benefit from unarmed weapon training, as I was able to enter through tight spaces easily, making me suitable for breach and clear operations where I couldn’t bring a weapon.

    I found the situation unlikely because of the spear and shield I received from Claude and Ingrid. However, he still believed that I shouldn’t blindly trust artifacts and magic accessories, as they could break at any time.

    If he keeps such a philosophy, would this be the reason why he's capable of picking up any weapon and using it to such a proficient degree because he doesn’t trust his weapon. He has trained himself so that he can just pick up some random weapon on the battlefield and use it.

    When I ask him if this was the case he denied it, saying it wasn’t the case. Explaining that while he trusted his weapon, at times, particularly during a war it could become damaged and fall into disrepair. The reason why he was so good at picking up weapons was just that the situation had forced him to become good or die. In war, time waits for no one. It's either you take up a weapon and survive or die trying, literally.

    It makes sense that during a protracted war, supplies and resources often run low and over-attachment to an unreliable weapon could cost you your life. Survival of the fittest doesn’t just mean those that are the physically strongest, but those that adapt and survive. This could come in any shape or form, but in his own words, knowledge and experience is what kept him alive.

    Now, he was imparting some of the things that helped him onto us, in the form of knight training. If his experience tells him that learning more unarmed combat skills, will keep me alive, why would I doubt someone with vastly more experience than me.

    Due to physical body limitations, I was not going to be as physically strong as a male that had received similar training. Even though I was a goddess I wasn’t a goddess related to combat so unless I was in my goddess form, I was just a normal human. While my mother was the goddess of war, what I inherited from her was not physical strength but mental strength. Over the weeks she had told me that my excellent strategic mind was what had inherited from her. So, all I could do was find ways that I could outmatch them. The first was way was to use my lighter and more flexible body, the second was to use more kicks when the other was using punches and third if one hit doesn’t two will, if two hits don’t work three will and so forth.

    Using such a philosophy, I started to form a combat style that I realised I had already started to use, even before I came to the academy.

    Remembering my match with Anna the last time we had trained under general Harlow. Anna could be considered someone physically stronger than me, in a front on sword duel I was not her match. I couldn’t beat her in strength, so I had thought of other ways to beat her. That time I had used both my higher flexibility and agility to out maneuverer her and guide her where I wanted before using consecutive kicks which could generate more power than my punches while also giving more reach.

    Like using the training weapons, what I need now was not some training dummy that couldn’t retaliate, but a good opponent. One that was both challenging enough, so that I could improve while, also not too challenging that it felt like some unsurpassable wall.

    Sadly, all those that fit in that category were busy at the moment, so I was limited to the highly skilled mysterious instructor. While he promised not to move from his position and would only pivot and move with his left leg only and not move his right at all it still felt like I was outmatched.

    As he stood before me completely relaxed, I felt more stressed as I had no idea even how to begin fighting against him. Under his urging, I finally launched a series of reverse roundhouse kicks that drew crescent arcs reminding me of the moon. As soon as that thought appeared like a persistent puppy it constantly followed me in my mind gaining more and more attention to itself as I performed more kicks.

    Before long I had completely gone into a trance, while I was completely aware of what I was doing I wasn’t really in control. It was like my body had a mind of its own. I performed kick after kick as they continued to rain down on my mysterious instructor. I don’t know when it started but my divinity started to appear in each of my kicks. Slowly, I was not limiting my attacks to pure kicks and physical strength. Each of my attacks was fuelled by my divinity and empowered by the hidden but ever-present moon.

    Until finally, I unleashed my full force as a goddess and sent the mysterious instructor flying into the air before crashing back down on the ground unconscious.

    This was when I finally broke out of the trance fully aware of what I had done. I rushed to the instructor and check if he was ok. I found that while his armour had become completely shattered, miraculously he was fine.

    His armour had taken most of the blow and had dispersed most of the energy when it shattered. While he would be sore for a few weeks from the looks of the bruise that had already started to form.

    The other good thing was that he had regained his consciousness before long. Assuring her that he was fine but would probably be out of action for the next few days. However, even then he asked her to explain what had happened.

    I didn’t hide anything as he has experienced everything firsthand and seen her transformation into a goddess and received the full force of one too. There was no use hiding it from him now.

    As if reciprocating the gesture for telling my deepest secret the mysterious instructor also told her of his name and history.

    He was born to two slaves and had the name of Frederick in a distant country where slavery was legal and in turn also became a slave, but different from his parents he had grown up to have a large build and strong body. Noticing that it was a waste to just leave him as a laborer, he was sold to a local noble and worked as a guard for a few years. But the noble he worked under was cruel and had fun making his life miserable.

    Until one day, on his twentieth birthday, he ran away, but not before slaying the noble that had caused him to become so miserable. Having not run very far, he was easily caught by the authorities that came to hunt him down. He was spared from being executed but was sentenced to a hundred lashings and subsequently sold once again as a slave. From there he was sold time and time again either as a meat shield in the worst of times or as a soldier during the best of times. Eventually, he was brought by a retired soldier that he had once saved, this soldier wanting to thank him and released him immediately.

    Now a free man, he decided to travel far away from his birth country that allowed for the cruel treatment of slaves. Working as an adventure, he moved from one country to the next. When he finally turned thirty, he thought it was finally time to settle down in the very country he was in. Which happened to be the kingdom of Kar.

    With no skills other than his fighting skills, he decided to join the army and eventually married the daughter of his senior officer, who thought highly of his skills. With the support of his father-in-law, he was knighted and transferred to the order of the silver wolf.

    Now that he was old, he had retired from active duty but still wanted to serve this country that actively fought against slavery. It was Sir Lawson that recommended he worked as an instructor at the academy teaching the next generation of knights.

    I didn’t know when I started to cry but I had tears and mucous running down my face. While Frederick thought that his early life was exhausting and cruel, he felt that because of it he could meet his current wife and while he and his wife couldn’t have any children, he thought of every student he taught as his children and grandchildren.

    As he wiped away my tears he asks if I the goddess of the merciful moon and patron goddess of children would prevent such things from happening to another person I naturally agreed.